JDQ39 (4.2.2_r1) to JWR64 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Note: JWR64 was not released as a build to the public, but is the common ancestor of the two 4.3 branches (4.3_r1 and 4.3_r2), and so can be used to see the changes from 4.2.2 which went into both branches.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

Project: platform/bionic

738370d : Don't fail to run DT_INIT and DT_INIT_ARRAY constructors if a shared library has DT_PREINIT_ARRAY constructors.
262b738 : Adjust PC value in ARM stack trace.
389b5c1 : Upgrade to tzdata2013c.
ccaa0fa : sound: Add ALSA compressed API headers
7b4d77e : Make abort messages available to debuggerd.
9b84824 : Prevent name conflict for eventfd.cpp and eventfd.s when building libc.a
a69103f : Fix the SYSCALLS.TXT documentation and remove a dead script.
1fe1137 : Stop using unreasonable numbers of map entries.
e919b11 : Update getaddrinfo to RFC6724
96449b3 : Extra logging in pthread_create.
c01274c : resolv_cache: hide some libc private functions
ce636ca : Update processed linux/fs.h header file
e6ddfc5 : Remove some dead script code and fix a script comment.
65a8eb6 : Clarify the dlmalloc USAGE_ERROR.
0c973d7 : libc/arm: add cortex-a7 cpu variant
3198850 : Unhide __set_errno for backwards compatibility.
1b91c6c : Stop generating <sys/linux-syscalls.h>.
cda6209 : Use the correct names for the __ARM_NR_* syscalls.
890c8ed : Fix builds where _FORTIFY_SOURCE is off.
d74a0ff : Update processed linux/fs.h header file
8794ece : Replace unnecessary ARM uses of <sys/linux-syscalls.h> with <asm/unistd.h>.
56d161b : Replace unnecessary MIPS uses of <sys/linux-syscalls.h> with <asm/unistd.h>.
4cdde5f : Replace unnecessary x86 uses of <sys/linux-syscalls.h> with <asm/unistd.h>.
5c2772f : The SYS_ constants should cover all __NR_ values.
a41ba2f : Fix pthread_setname_np's behavior on invalid pthread_ts.
9724ce3 : Don't #define SYS_ constants unless they make sense for the current architecture.
8f7120b : Drop unnecessary execution permission for .cpp/.c/.h
a6cc67c : Drop magic number in strrchr and strchr
8ecf225 : Provide glibc-compatible SYS_* aliases for the __NR_* constants.
17a8b0d : Expose wait4 as wait4 rather than __wait4.
31dea25 : Create arch specific versions of strcmp.
ce53272 : Hide various symbols that shouldn't be exposed.
8f2a5a0 : Clean up internal libc logging.
744df77 : am 2e7b8d63: am f861bc5c: Merge "Don\'t search off the end of the index for bad Olson ids."
2eb44c5 : Remove useless workaround for HTC RIL bugs.
af7f2f2 : Fix a bug in ZoneCompactor that meant the zonetab offset was wrong.
306a353 : Remove unused arm defines.
e0175ca : Don't search off the end of the index for bad Olson ids.
9aceab5 : Use the kernel's MAX_ERRNO in the syscall stubs.
04954a4 : Break bionic implementations into arch versions.
cb2069b : Support large errno values on ARM.
ca0c11b : Use more types than just 'unsigned' in the linker.
fa8c05d : Use Elf32_Addr instead of unsigned in linker
4a05bef : Cache the most-recently used timezone for mktime_tz and localtime_tz.
cdb27f2 : Upgrade to tzdata2013b.
b6e2248 : Let bionic use the correct definition of ssize_t.
0493a6f : Regenerate NOTICE files.
6b3f49a : Upgrade to current NetBSD popen/pclose.
2d4b9b7 : Fix typo of DT_NEEDED for DT_NULL
642331b : Fix debug malloc.
5e2492e : Fix TIMING/STATS/COUNT_PAGES dynamic linker build
43cc7f7 : Fix MIPS linker build
650be4e : More linker cleanup.
d4ee82d : Minor linker cleanup, primarily to use Elf32_Dyn
69af6e6 : Upgrade to tzdata2013a.
eb93ebf : Switch to upstream-freebsd for the unmolested wchar code.
f077784 : Move realpath.c to upstream-freebsd.
947b3ab : Remove unused arm defines. DO NOT MERGE
1428300 : Add stack unwinding directives to memcpy.
6524d3c : unistd.h: don't include sys/capability.h
eb149e9 : Adding strcmp tuned for Cortex-A15.
5b349fc : Adding memcpy tuned for Cortex-A15.
7c83a1e : Break bionic implementations into arch versions. DO NOT MERGE
730da15 : Avoid changing the C++ ABI with ssize_t.
e255642 : Avoid changing the C++ ABI with ssize_t.
7c0dd55 : libc: create sys/capability.h
701bec2 : Reimplement scandir(3).
6f1b7a6 : Fix <memory.h> to be a synonym for <string.h> like in glibc.
cf820d7 : Add the glibc-compatible names to <sys/endian.h>.
b22a684 : libc: add sys/signal.h for compatibility
bfe0640 : Don't pass pid to dnsproxyd
a6b24b7 : gethostbyname: fix crash
538f6fc : Stop advertising rindex(3), which is both deprecated and unimplemented.
11ebbc8 : libc: remove bcmp prototype
fae89fc : Fix raise(3) so it works in signal handlers.
818b142 : Fix mako builds. Do not merge.
c641caf : use architecture-specific ssize_t definition
9d23e04 : Fix pthreads functions that should return ESRCH.
aa772a3 : Update linker README.
61ba9b5 : stdlib: atexit: include <sys/cdefs.h>
081318e : dalvik is big enough and ugly enough to handle System.arraycopy itself.
40eabe2 : Fix the pthread_setname_np test.
7fd803c : Fix the stack protector death test.
fb7eb5e : Simplify __stack_chk_fail, and fix it so we get debuggerd stack traces.
0276656 : bionic: Add securebits.h
dc5ec07 : Turn on -Werror for ssp.cpp.
a261afb : fix compiler warning.
26a13bc : Stop using the local gcc.
d254704 : ffs was not being built for x86.
6719500 : Add a bunch more missing ENDs to assembler routines.
73964c5 : Everyone has CLZ.
d8213bb : Update getnameinfo.c, remove dead code, and fix error reporting.
d3b9d11 : Add a test that getaddrinfo works when hints are NULL.
b603251 : Fix __pthread_clone and __bionic_clone error handling on x86.
91a9925 : Everyone has a TLS register.
5227663 : Put the right number of Ls after 64-bit constants.
9701d4b : Give up trying to build the pthread_setname_np tests for glibc.
4b4a882 : Clean up pthread_create.
6d33918 : Simplify pthread_create, using more public API.
9f878c2 : Really set errno if __pthread_clone fails.
3e89847 : Revert "Revert "More pthreads cleanup.""
6f94de3 : Revert "More pthreads cleanup."
ba342c1 : Fix MIPS build.
bdff26d : Use ENTRY/END in custom x86 assembler too.
d7a3a40 : Use ENTRY/END in ARM __get_sp.
5e3fc43 : Fix __pthread_clone on ARM to set errno on failure.
f94fd3c : Clean up ARM assembler files to use ENTRY/END.
2a1bb4e : More pthreads cleanup.
44b53ad : Revert "Revert "Pull the pthread_key_t functions out of pthread.c.""
6260553 : Revert "Pull the pthread_key_t functions out of pthread.c."
ad59322 : Pull the pthread_key_t functions out of pthread.c.
d3920b3 : Switch to using AT_RANDOM for the stack guards.
170dbe2 : Add a few more missing libm long double stubs.
b184d3b : update xattr.h
cd6780b : Remove dead code from gensyscalls.py.
646e058 : Fix x86 build, remove void* arithmetic.
e4ccf5a : __progname should be const char*, not char*.
42b2c6a : Clean up the argc/argv/envp/auxv handling.
c63e590 : dns cache per interface iteration 2
7582a9c : Switch x86 syscall stubs over to the ENTER/END style of the ARM stubs.
926a307 : Add a missing logbl stub.
9edb3e0 : Improve benchmarking tool, add a few math benchmarks.
ef545a2 : Remove the currently-unused i387 assembler to make way for the new.
d2b1a73 : Remove partial implementation of MIPS non-PIC support.
428f556 : Remove bogus extra alignment from sbrk.
24fad01 : Document the mallinfo struct, add missing attributes.
b16b722 : Add basic tests for posix_memalign.
3fac8f7 : Regenerate msm_ion.h.
9c81892 : Don't claim there were no leaks if we weren't even checking.
9b05df3 : Make sincosl call sinl and cosl.
322c7ed : Remove MSM headers
d65bd84 : Update the libm/NOTICE file after the upgrade.
a48e1b2 : Restore bionic's <linux/elf-em.h>.
a0ee078 : Upgrade libm.
1d12d57 : Say explicitly if there were no leaks.
c95eb57 : Clean up trailing whitespace in the kernel headers.
6fe67c3 : Fix valgrind build.
d070df4 : Fix x86 build to use <elf.h>.
448080d : Bring the NOTICE files back up to date.
a6a3ac5 : Use the NetBSD <sys/exec_elf.h>.
35b621c : Don't collect useless stack frames; do demangle C++ symbols.
41b3179 : Unit tests for formatting code, fix %%.
239e7a0 : More debug malloc fixes.
c16961b : system_properties: do more checking of file
3eaa03d : bionic: update processed msm_vidc_enc.h
8e70b0d : prctl.h: include sys/cdefs.h
472fdc9 : am b8726037: am e7d937b5: am b3351f12: Merge "libc: use more secure system properties if available"
32417fb : libc: use more secure system properties if available
848247a : Don't free anything when reporting leaks.
84f8b5f : Disable leak checking for mksh; it's way too leaky.
f278747 : Revert "libc: make system properties more secure."
2b47307 : Our strcoll(3) is no different from NetBSD's, so take exactly theirs.
c51cd76 : Avoid overflow in memccpy.
ce4cf90 : Use the new non-allocating logging for dlmalloc failures.
6b8e321 : Clean up debuggerd-related logging.
abc21c8 : bionic_auxv.h: fix #define conflict
8897a95 : Revert "libc: make system properties more secure."
f90b95e : Add missing extern "C".
f373b11 : Add const for first argument of sigismember for fit POSIX spec
1e980b6 : Fix the duplication in the debugging code.
b002a2f : Revert "dns cache per interface iteration 2"
f10c5a2 : libc: make system properties more secure.
4df577f : Revert "Filter ANDROID_PROPERTY_WORKSPACE"
bf1d225 : Revert "Filter ANDROID_PROPERTY_WORKSPACE"
a44e9af : FORTIFY_SOURCE: optimize
a864c2c : Add functionlity to the scripts to replace tokens in kernel headers based on architecture.
d89ce40 : linker: add -Wl,--exclude-libs,ALL to LDFLAGS
36bd371 : Revert "stack protector: use AT_RANDOM"
b989c9c : Revert "DO NOT MERGE Revert "Add the libcutils localtime_tz and mktime_t extensions to bionic.""
e3a49a8 : stack protector: use AT_RANDOM
f193b9f : Fix signalfd for MIPS.
faa0fdb : arm syscall : for eabi call_default don't use stack
acb907f : Revert "DO NOT MERGE Revert "Add the libcutils localtime_tz and mktime_t extensions to bionic.""
6060589 : fix strerror_r test
35f5385 : Add __aeabi_idiv to the dummy reference list.
a67e4de : headers: update auxvec.h from Linux kernel
a4e964d : Add __aeabi_idiv to the dummy reference list.
99c3205 : Fix my git mistake.
cf23905 : [MIPS] Set DT_DEBUG dyntab entry if it is writable
9fb48ac : libc_init_static: apply relro earlier.
8921060 : Name anonymous mmap mallocs.
2c5153b : libc: add getauxval()
f1464ff : dns cache per interface iteration 2
07564f2 : add factory property file definition
dcab1b2 : Add stack canaries / strcpy tests.
a12c544 : Fix unused warnings in pthread.c
e6e6006 : glibc 2.15 treats errno as signed in strerror(3).
c5d028f : Only have one copy of the kernel_sigset_t hack, and add more tests.
a4b2dc0 : Add signalfd call to bionic
19dd156 : Revert "Add signalfd call to bionic"
0c11611 : Add signalfd call to bionic
78851f1 : Cache negative DNS results.
a43e906 : Don't test GNU-style ELF hashes on MIPS.
fb5e5cb : Fix an off-by-one error in the sigset_t function error handling.
d199017 : [MIPS] Rewrite fenv.h for Android
d73c0b3 : Add AF_CAN and PF_CAN (and other missing families).
db492b3 : Fix debug malloc.
7cbff41 : sysconf.c was renamed to sysconf.cpp (and modified)...
a55f630 : Define _POSIX_MONOTONIC_CLOCK and implement sysconf(_SC_MONOTONIC_CLOCK).
eababde : Fix format_number.
cade4c3 : Support System.loadLibrary for libraries with transitive dependencies.
45288c5 : Fix x86 dynamic linker build.
e66190d : Check for unknown flags passed to dlopen(3).
4fa35d8 : Fix <endian.h> and <sys/endian.h>.
d8a5a6f : Use pthread_kill() in raise()
03e1ebb : Added audit.h from the kernel.
5787475 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: remove memcpy overlap checks
8b6fea5 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: fix up previous commit
326ea54 : clean up FORTIFY_SOURCE handling.
9a4d305 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: fortify strrchr
da73f65 : Add argument checking to sigemptyset(3) and friends.
049e583 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: fortify strchr
4a9e837 : Reduce the exposure of the __set_errno implementation detail.
20c4a3a : Replace .S version of x86 crtfiles with .c version
3975cec : Remove (near-)duplicate definitions of size_t and ssize_t.
58aaaa7 : [MIPS] Fix the MIPS getsid system call
285b025 : Verify architecture neutral syscall numbers
f27b7fb : Define DEFFILEMODE and friends
f61e502 : msm_mdp: Update header for 4 layer support
b15c58b : Clean up _BYTE_ORDER definitions for better x86 portability.
20a2440 : Do not include '\0' when writing error messages to stderr
5d2ef87 : Upgrade to tzdata2012j.
a437bff : Bug: __WINT_TYPE__ and wint_t reference to different types
635df85 : mmap: Remove madvise() workaround
c5db969 : We should use load_bias. This patch fixes MIPS NDK device exception test failures.
83697b8 : Temporarily address gcc 4.7 breakage.
ac3de8d : Support GNU_RELRO for static executables.
6f3222e : Add search domain to dns interface data.
884e4f8 : Add optimized version of memset for Cortex A9
fbe44ec : Add a memmove(3) benchmark.
6d0bcdc : Add optimized version of memcpy for Cortex A9
7be369d : Simple google3-compatible benchmarking.
6e33b02 : Fix dlopen_library_with_only_gnu_hash_Test.
036154b : Tests for string routines.
9c94fc9 : Tone down some of the overly-verbose linker logging.
e3063f4 : Upgrade to tzdata2012i.
90e10d4 : Rewrite <fenv.h> for ARM.
61a9ccb : Make dynamic linker debugging always available.
0894b2c : Cleaning the linker environment as we initialize it requires less API.
c77c434 : Adjust symbol lookup for DT_SYMBOLIC case
6971fe4 : Allow dlopen("egl/blah.so").
4f251be : Don't corrupt the thread list if the main thread exits.
d23736e : Keep the dynamic linker's soinfo pools mostly read-only.
1a69616 : Stop defining our own PAGE_SIZE and PAGE_MASK, and test dlclose(3) too.
ba98d92 : Dynamically allocate soinfo-structs in linker
124fae9 : Reject .so files with no sysv hash table.
0f7809d : Start cleaning up libm.
5ae44f3 : linker: handle R_ARM_COPY relocations in a proper way
18a206c : More dynamic linker cleanup.
58b5754 : Clean up the <libgen.h> implementation a little, bring in tests.
10ce969 : Fix bug in pthread_join, pthread_exit, pthread_detach
14f1959 : Fix the pthread_join on self error case.
ae8eb74 : Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference in _init_thread().
c30396f : libc: Fix alphasort() signature (and implementation).
f93fc10 : Upgrade to tzdata2012h.
063cfb2 : Clean up the implementation of the <dirent.h> functions.
49271d8 : Fix recovery: don't assert if there's no tzdata.
ad88a08 : Per-thread -fstack-protector guards for x86.
20aa6c0 : Workaround g++ 4.7 compfail
ab44f52 : More upstream NetBSD upgrades.
e8bcca3 : Upgrade more functions to the current upstream NetBSD copy.
29c7f0b : Move setlocale(3) and the wchar stubs over to .cpp.
ce45fea : Add missing BEGIN_DECLS/END_DECLS for FORTIFY_SOURCE stdio prototypes.
6fa26e2 : Clean up warnings in stubs.cpp.
4035b7a : Move the FORTIFY_SOURCE helpers over to .cpp.
2393535 : Support zone.tab in bionic, and remove the file format version.
1c29572 : Make bionic look in /data/misc for tzdata updates.
5b1497a : Change ZoneCompator to generate the single "tzdata" file.
4612763 : Update generate-NOTICE.py to know about tzdata.
8af5412 : Track the tzdata2012g update in the new file format.
c2c2a48 : Upgrade to tzdata2012g.
328a484 : Do all the zoneinfo.* file generation in Java.
eb06129 : Switch bionic over to using libcore's copy of libcore.util.ZoneInfo.
8b95404 : Fixes x86 build.
914d8d4 : Make bionic's dependency on the tzdata explicit.
d23af23 : Pull bionic's time zone data from the new single 'tzdata' file.
fb018a2 : Put all the tzdata in one file.
ead7819 : Remove obsolete CHANGES.TXT and ISSUES.TXT.
c1b44ec : Revert "libc: Provide ucontext_t/mcontext_t/<sys/ucontext.h>"
c124baa : libc: Provide ucontext_t/mcontext_t/<sys/ucontext.h>
5419b94 : Make dlerror(3) thread-safe.
f8a2c51 : LONG_LONG_MIN/MAX: Move declarations to <limits.h>
e7e274b : Fix realloc(3) when chk_malloc debugging is on.
22d6292 : Make the dlfcn mutex static.
3b297c4 : Fix dlerror(3).
4e75c4b : Fix perf_event_open syscall for x86 and mips
e5d5f7f : Fix two comment typos.
156da96 : Fix a getcwd(3) bug and make our tests run correctly under valgrind.
b04598a : Set up the private variables.
1db6f2d : Test flags before using "info"
857fed5 : Fix MIPS build.
7d56ccb : Always take GCC's definition of NULL.
a89864a : Move non-upstream code into the libc/bionic directory.
0cc0d25 : Remove useless #defines and incorrect claims from header files.
31a1060 : Upgrade seed48 too.
774c7f5 : Upgrade to the current NetBSD rand implementation.
422b6ef : Define ssize_t if necessary.
eac9eb4 : Add getdelim(3) and getline(3) to bionic
ac184b2 : Fix several compiler warnings.
91875dc : Fix tmpfile(3).
8e15b08 : Simple tests for dladdr(3).
f680b0f : Set up the private variables.
cd58770 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: add umask check
0e77287 : Replace __unused in kernel headers with __linux_unused to avoid conflicts with __unused macro in sys/cdefs.h
e6dc2a6 : Revert dl_fbase initialization to the address where the shared object is loaded.
bfeb8a9 : Add the cleaned kernel headers
d769826 : [MIPS] Removed the unused header
c1993ca : Fix dlsym and dladdr to use load_bias instead of base
9c3449e : bionic: linker: Need update the map->l_addr for execution.
c97c5fc : Split out LOCAL_ASFLAGS.
761ba27 : Merge "FORTIFY_SOURCE: revert memcpy changes."
3ebd31c : Add optimized version of memcmp for Cortex A9

Project: platform/bootable/recovery

da1ebae : recovery: save logs from the last few invocations of recovery
7c3ae45 : recovery: turn on text display for install errors in debug builds
4e21482 : Add liblog
6fd59ac : more font improvements and cleanup
55a36ac : recovery: change font for menus to be an image
05aa743 : minadbd: remove unnecessary header files.
e729bac : Add a CleanSpec for bootable/recovery
f35d1ce : Move to using the new unified fstab in recovery.
c560a67 : add optional overscan compensation to recovery graphics
bb01d0c : add NextCheckKeyIsLong() and EnqueueKey() methods
c86f22c : Pass the correct pointer to munmap on failure.
6c249f7 : move key loading to verifier code
bf80f49 : reduce some recovery logging
7eb7567 : Remove HAVE_SELINUX guards
e709c24 : Use the static version of libsparse
f47ae6a : Multiple modules with the same name are going away.
fc417fc : host modules don't need LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS

Project: platform/build

8c5d8a6 : "JWR64"
b63470a : "JWR63"
c41c56b : JWR60E
99ffbcf : JWR60D
57bb5d4 : JWR60C
12c23b7 : JWR60B
6f1fdcc : "JWR60"
e8d58c4 : JWR59C
e8eaac4 : JWR59B
e2e9f61 : Fix signing process for SELinux file_contexts
af44e90 : add renderscript to support library javadocs
1e61071 : "JWR59"
293deac : JWR58C
262d805 : JWR58B
e796456 : "JWR58"
ca175af : "JWR57"
00f6b9b : "JWR56"
23b0797 : JWR53F
058ea7d : JWR53E
e30590f : JWR53D
e4f52fb : JWR53C
2803c67 : JWR53B
9eb9f2d : "JWR53"
6f0c461 : JWR52B
73e3226 : "JWR52"
45fc413 : JWR51B
94c03ac : "JWR51"
69a1b28 : JWR50B
277a46a : "JWR50"
6290bbd : "JWR49"
9f734d4 : JWR46C
2e619b7 : Revert "Add the sepolicy.version file to the root directory."
5745351 : Split out proguard_basic_keeps.flags
3061af8 : JWR46B
0a88057 : "JWR46"
f91381b : JWR45B
ef95aa7 : "JWR45"
e5862e8 : Doc change: css for distribute links.
0b2db16 : add 'go-link' style for "next" style arrows w/o the javascript effects
490f39d : "JWR44B"
9bfcd73 : adjustments to developer notice style
3226bb7 : "JWR44"
d2af6d2 : add styles for crosslink from design to develop docs
8e0567a : Don't build librs.*.so in bundled branches since we'll use native RS.
83f646a : Add the sepolicy.version file to the root directory.
b84a270 : "JWR43"
5e59fa5 : JWR39D
4350270 : JWR39C
6229565 : JWR39B
f5e8dcd : "JWR39"
d458f0a : fix links
d82417d : JWR38B
3c9f182 : sepgrep -- function to grep SELinux policy files.
e4520cc : "JWR38"
c942e87 : fix sac search
3c15bf4 : "JWR37"
9b6a02c : JWR36C
02984c0 : JWR36B
06947a8 : "JWR36"
0b026ce : Update cs file to use devsite-compatible lowercase lang ids.
5250761 : JWR32E
1474751 : JWR32D
0eb3562 : Add extra libgcc.a only for unbundled build.
2bb1419 : JWR32C
3095dd7 : DO NOT MERGE: Change build id to JB_MR2
c6e89b9 : JWR32B
0e76e7e : provide search suggestions for api guides, training, etc. also: - demote deprecated APIs in suggestions - focus search bar with / and exit search with ESC
231f096 : "JWR32"
6dc6996 : JWR31B
c147461 : "JWR31"
278bbf1 : Don't concatenate the NOTICE file for a single module.
31c46b9 : "JWR30"
0e9cb06 : JWR29B
9491905 : "JWR29"
f22c739 : JWR25C
2dc245b : Clean yacc version check
fcf2a11 : Add v7 support libs to path map.
ab9dfeb : JWR25B
8aa725e : re-add styles for xml definition lists. used in manifest reference pages and was lost during switch to DAC2
45e5344 : "JWR25"
e747e52 : JWR24B
d78ec24 : "JWR24"
b1f1013 : Remove DBUS from make files
5356786 : "JWR23B"
8292769 : "JWR23"
6ef2890 : JWR22B
3bad554 : Here lies JB MR2: In with a whimper, out with a bang.
099c8b3 : "JWR22"
7d2bda0 : JWR18C
e289542 : JWR18B
dbfc4bb : sac template fixes
4279aa7 : "JWR18"
fec4c43 : JWR17B
edc92a0 : "JWR17"
b9267c6 : Augment ANDROID_DEV_SCRIPTS with prebuilts/devtools/tools
1709f39 : JWR16B
9165c3f : "JWR16"
547d9e9 : Doc change: css for checklist more resources blocks.
d6b1d61 : Do vendor check on modules installed by LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES
4c7ab87 : JWR15B
920ac04 : "JWR15"
9ab7e95 : JWR11G
f17a203 : JWR11F
cfe9beb : JWR11E
b70ec9e : JWR11D
3ebe68c : "JWR11C"
bec1429 : Doc change: css for policy docs.
90baef4 : DO NOT MERGE. Fix build by removing old file.
e31a2fd : JWR11B
3099d89 : "JWR11"
3e55609 : Support to dist unbundled files for bundled build
a1b904a : JWR10C
fea1ffe : Get rid of the liblog hack.
c04a828 : Revert "Get rid of the liblog hack."
f1a7e13 : JWR10B
604ffe9 : "JWR10"
7636578 : Get rid of the liblog hack.
8c431c1 : Add liblog
cd3190a : Revert "Add liblog"
8722580 : Add liblog
bd1b6ab : JWR09C
a4d2d0e : s.a.c templates
b36d303 : JWR09B
ce37594 : "JWR09"
eacd415 : JWR08B
8db145f : "JWR08"
dd75a03 : Fix the win_sdk build.
854be68 : Switch to prebuilt bison
4acd27d : Add new media command to build.
34145be : JWR04C
05cd2f8 : JWR04B
cfddab2 : "JWR04"
0860d95 : JWR03B
bde274e : Add a "nano" option to LOCAL_PROTOC_OPTIMIZE_TYPE.
8d47f1f : "JWR03"
4981e54 : JWR02B
0646fda : Fix SDK build.
577e518 : "JWR02"
f614554 : load google API navtree ondemand (remove request from <head>). Also move the code for highlighting the sidenav into a separate method that we can call at a later time, such as after the gms reference is loaded into nav.
6f59ed8 : JWR01B
dd24337 : apicheck: Suppress certain changes in final qualifier.
e75ce26 : JWR01
6221e8a : JWQ87E
387e522 : JWQ87D
ddfb58b : Switch Indic fonts to Noto
bb999c4 : JWQ87C
2b94d4e : JWQ87B
3b4856e : find pdk platform.zip from full_ directory as well for aosp_ products
60b9efc : Do not disable factory build under PDK
2986991 : JWQ87
8db4cce : Link RS compatibility files with libc and make bcc_compat a regular dep.
68f6cc9 : JWQ86C
476c4c4 : JWQ86B
25e7300 : load the navtree javascript on demand; don't try setting up the tree until it's loaded
1495b13 : JWQ86
dc6757a : Added local variable info output to javac command for host build.
0abb0fd : Default install path of shared Java library with tag tests
a8b3d54 : Add sepolicy and mac_perms to installclean
7716c2a : Fix build - Add missing backslash
324c123 : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
ba71aba : Allow to run Proguard on static Java library
1e71487 : JWQ85
de29527 : add javascript action events to search suggestions and search results. Allows us to track and compare the success of suggested results and results from Google
9ea3ce1 : JWQ84B
a0febe5 : Support to build vendor.img
9213a5f : JWQ84
bdbd716 : core: combo: arm: use appropriate mcpu flags for cortex-a7
4d06341 : We have to use := instead of +=
9b93f37 : Delete icu4j from pathmap.mk
f2c6ad6 : JWQ80C
01a2545 : docs: update templates to remove global content for devsite builds
0456082 : JWQ80B
4a131b8 : JWQ80
a230345 : add 64-bit variety NDK packages to download table. Use same naming convention as SDK packages for consistency.
3cf2cf0 : JWQ79B
b225d8b : JDQ39E
9b8ce9c : JWQ79
e0fdbf1 : JWQ78B
24790db : fix indentation style for nested lists
8725b94 : Duplicate libgcc.a in front of *so
1935014 : JWQ78
1be8428 : JWQ77B
6c7bc55 : Link libgcc.a before shared libraries (especially libc.so).
44f38bf : JWQ77
6aaf589 : Include clatd in device builds.
bd73dac : JWQ73C
d7321d3 : Skip userdata.img only if partition size is not give for extfs.
4ac826b : Don't build userdata.img if no partition size
d9b0e80 : add camera.goldfish.jpeg to emulator targets and mini targets
164e483 : JWQ73B
ea871a0 : Link libgcc.a before shared libraries (especially libc.so).
a910a31 : JDQ39D
056e58a : JWQ73
19dd77c : JWQ72B
8a2b770 : Build SDK using prebuilts/devtools.
bc92c0f : JWQ72
408733b : We need to use the ARM EABI to pass vector registers properly (i.e. float2).
9625f16 : JWQ71B
25fd33a : JDQ39C
a1fece0 : Add LOCAL_APK_LIBRARIES argument.
5018ef2 : JWQ71
6a27f43 : JWQ70C
13cde96 : JWQ70B
fe30957 : reflect the migration of emulator hal to device/generic/goldfish
2d967c6 : tweak jspane width property to ensure bg color for highlighted item is full width
71f8b24 : Don't try to group static libraries on mac.
800750e : JWQ70
eb73384 : Fixed whitespace and env pollution issues in pez
f0d08eb : pez: colored SUCCESS/FAILURE indicator
5020025 : Support gdb wrappers
9597f74 : JWQ66E
301bbad : Function to grep AndroidManifest.xml files.
cfe0969 : Utility to dump stacks from arbitrary processes.
50b61e9 : Function to grep AndroidManifest.xml files.
9f66959 : Mips needs to be marked little-endian explicitly.
fa9746c : JWQ66D
079a102 : JWQ66C
512b962 : Remove nonexisting module names.
6103fd7 : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
534ad32 : Add fr_CA to l10n builds Bug: 7579865
e3f8d24 : JWQ66B
d082d67 : Add fr_CA to l10n builds Bug: 7579865
196a4a2 : JWQ66
1a6f09a : Add support for multiple architectures with RS compat lib.
e129732 : recovery: choose between available fonts based on device density
e45b77b : JWQ65B
af21f7c : Stash TARGET_CPU_VARIANT and print it in dumpvar.
a07be8e : switch code font to pure monospace (sans serif). also add proper margins for elements nested in lists
2e65cd5 : Don't install all host modules by default.
79cef11 : JWQ65
d6e63b3 : remove reference of emulator vold.fstab which is no longer necessary
b4b6330 : JWQ64B
c3eb68c : pull goldfish specific stuffs from emulator.mk
9b3a95e : JWQ64
aace202 : Support build rules which generate .o files.
e8f5406 : Move emulator.mk out of full_base.mk
f151d37 : Install a unified fstab in the emulator image
1c2fa25 : JDQ39B
349a249 : JWQ63
534fcd7 : Allow to call dist-for-goals multiple times for the same file
ef11e5f : JWQ59D
d8eb27b : Add pseudolanguage codes to l10n builds bug: 8299925
4cca3b5 : JWQ59C
962d06e : Add module names to emulator PRODUCT_PACKAGES.
232edaa : JWQ59B
11a62ab : JWQ59
65307c0 : CTS: work around ClassLoader limitation
e4a045e : Install a unified fstab for the sdk image
45150f8 : Fix function call syntax error.
6a42a25 : Run e2fsck only when building images with the target files.
087d4ee : Switch target java library dependency file from javalib.jar to classes.jar
ab67891 : JWQ58
9ac9b53 : Reduce RS build verbosity.
f833345 : Revert "docs: move loading of google ref into doc load event to prevent error during load"
35a6b4f : Specify -msse3 on host as on target.
578d644 : docs: move loading of google ref into doc load event to prevent error during load
9f2971d : docs: fix suggestions due to file name change for js files
7e447ed : docs: update search suggest with google services apis including some optimizations for loading javascript resources
04291e4 : JWQ57
f7084ca : Run zipalign after classes.dex is removed from the apk
4472b01 : JWQ56C
370fa67 : Build rs_compatibility_jni_libs into product-specific dir
7f7d4d9 : Run zipalign after classes.dex is removed from the apk
d6d2f7c : JWQ56B
1823c52 : JWQ56
304f519 : Fixed error message for using OpenJDK.
50e52fa : Don't run cleanspecs if you are using mm/mmm.
44ca831 : JWQ52D
6d7c03b : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
44281a1 : Add unified fstab support to release tools
9485a57 : Untwist the target/host shared library dependencies.
09d232e : Revert "Remove ping."
514cc4d : We shouldn't use temporary variable in the build recipe.
b8a256a : We shouldn't use temporary variable in the build recipe.
650a2da : JWQ52C
31ce31f : Start producing target files using the unified fstab.
3b07cf1 : Add unified fstab support to release tools
a7d360c : JWQ52B
6800702 : Remove ping.
d6cb8fa : docs: fix padding for left-figure class
48dd7f2 : docs: add image frame style and left-float figure box
7d3e010 : JWQ52
dae7b52 : Revert "support differently named lists.js files"
30f504e : JWQ51C
54056be : fix android build number in footer of gms and gcm reference
68ae27a : JWQ51B
a6043f7 : support differently named lists.js files
9c3aa05 : Order-only deps on LOCAL_C/CXX and BCC_COMPAT
fa79809 : build: update fs_config calls for capabilities change.
2f755ae : JWQ51
6cc0c33 : [MIPS] Update build rules
f582437 : Utility to dump stacks from arbitrary processes.
d3aab73 : Use BUILD_PREBUILT to install the cmds.
6238f17 : JWQ50B
ad1862c : Include Email in emulator system image
d1f4e18 : Fix duplicate build rule warning.
1638ffb : Add new "wm" command.
576a2fa : JWQ50
ec02b4f : Switch to librs.FOO.so instead of libFOO.so to prevent collisions.
3f96494 : factor core.mk product definition
1272b78 : [MIPS] Use mksh for /system/bin/sh
3a966a3 : JWQ45B
03d2aa4 : Remove more always-true ARCH_ARM_HAVE_ flags.
672abc2 : JWQ45
d054249 : Nothing uses ARCH_ARM_HAVE_CLZ or ARCH_ARM_HAVE_FFS.
1ef049b : JWQ44B
4404433 : Remove dependency on libcompiler_rt.so for RS compatibility.
4a2f173 : Dont' write out the clean_steps.mk if
769a5d8 : docs: re-add dev-docs css because it's needed by diff reports
8392284 : Disable LOCAL_RENDERSCRIPT_COMPATIBILITY for non-arm builds
d20edf3 : JWQ44
316eb7e : JWQ43B
ac2aef5 : docs: switch templates to dynamic tab highlighting; prep for devsite template migration
90397c1 : Add deps on LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES for prebuilts.
79e3f77 : Allow user to override the linux host toolchain.
471f851 : Build libstagefright_soft_vpxenc.so by default
8e93a8a : JWQ43
6adffc1 : Remove libcompiler_rt.so dependency for RS compat lib.
32a73ac : JWQ42B
1f98681 : New "Shell" apk is required for all builds.
d44c377 : docs: udpate JS bundle URL for dac devsite
7b3c71d : Add libcompiler_rt.so as a JNI dependency for RS compatibility.
ba9dfac : JWQ42
b607f7b : mma and mmma
9fdf671 : Add LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_HTML_DIR to clear_vars for devsite docs builds.
1d3f06a : Include Chromium resource overlay.
d72feb7 : JWQ38C
695fee3 : For the current MIPS compiler __builtin___clear_cache() generates synci instruction only with -msynci option So, add -msynci to all mips32r2 makefiles. Also add msynci to the list flags not recognized by clang.
9853752 : Copy RS compatibility libraries to /system/lib/ for bundled builds.
4d7e82f : JWQ38B
90a94b4 : Build RS compatibility library apps with libcompiler_rt.so too.
c8dfc16 : Fix libcompiler-rt. Use the official name libcompiler_rt.
c1e9b82 : JWQ38
3b0fa10 : Copy RS compatibility libraries to /system/lib/ for bundled builds.
f792a43 : remove frameworks/base/opengl/include from default include path
1ae0bc0 : JWQ37
1151ef4 : Fix droiddoc builds for second htmldir.
1ccce90 : JWQ36
7cae0a4 : Doc change: remove scss file to fix build.
fa72a60 : Add -f option to make for m, mm and mmm
79d5109 : pdk: fix build error on mac
319b07e : JWQ35
aa8c295 : You would not believe how much we all love jelly beans.
a83d778 : JWQ32C
99b060f : Attempt #2: libclcore.bc comes from prebuilts/sdk for unbundled projects.
6b001e0 : JWQ32B
5f724fb : JWQ32
f05c4f7 : Resurrect generic_armv5
3f90600 : Drop official SDK 17
0f489c8 : JWQ31
5a8d345 : Check build even if a module it's built against SDK.
1d977e3 : Refactor calculation LOCAL_CHECKED_MODULE
ef1a961 : Revert "Refactor calculation LOCAL_CHECKED_MODULE"
ba99e69 : Refactor calculation LOCAL_CHECKED_MODULE
8850a7c : JWQ30B
b6457c2 : Don't fall back to host $(CC) if the target gcc is not checked out
c03ca27 : JWQ30
ef4d82f : Umbrella build targets to help engineers verify build
90d93dc : JWQ29B
4efcf9c : JWQ29
4b8459d : No html_dir_files if no LOCAL_DROIDDOC_HTML_DIR.
c3ccfee : Build libcore without a dep on aapt.
554a0ad : Delete frameworks/base/voip use voip-common from frameworks/opt/net/voip
eda6ac2 : Use += to append to target-specific PRIVATE_CLEAN_FILES
c9eb12a : JWQ28
357a51c : Fix depreciated -faddress-sanitizer. Use '-fsanitize=address' instead.
2988a09 : Remove HAVE_DLADDR from AndroidConfig.h.
ba37043 : Remove references to llvm-rs-link, which is unused.
44ec8b1 : JWQ25
b49194b : JWQ24B
c3885af : JWQ24
ffcf3a0 : JWQ23B
8f199b0 : Revert "libclcore.bc comes from prebuilts/sdk for unbundled projects."
63e56a6 : JWQ23
f7f1523 : JOP40G
ba6a7e1 : libclcore.bc comes from prebuilts/sdk for unbundled projects.
0ce817a : JWQ22B
a6e0410 : JWQ22
e9beb6c : Update build for LLVM merge to r171906.
8276653 : JWQ21
9541f58 : Build RS compatibility objects with libcompiler-rt.a.
71fe1b2 : JWQ18
383ecfa : DO NOT MERGE: Support LOCAL_EXPORT_C_INCLUDE_DIRS for prebuilts too
eaa3d0e : JWQ17B
44a30c1 : Move Dialer app from core to telephony product target.
cdb0a8a : JWQ17
3b7d7b4 : Add audio-route to pathmap.mk
7e0d75a : JWQ16B
634409b : JWQ16
7028f5e : Stash TARGET_CPU_VARIANT and print it in dumpvar.
4c49372 : Support to switch between prebuilt and buiding from source
533aa27 : Use -mcpu=cortex-a15 for gcc arch dependent compilation.
4fb71d3 : AAQ14
2ce71aa : Add new LOCAL_PROGUARD_ENABLED option "nosystem"
b8b91af : AAQ11
ce84cb4 : AAQ10B
b8201e7 : AAQ10
efcea6c : AAQ09B
00160b3 : AAQ09
55cde70 : AAQ08
15df835 : Change Email2 reference back to Email
b9d9535 : AAQ07
fa61ff0 : core/Makefile: Allow specification of file locations
c1eeef9 : AAQ04
29706d1 : SignApk: perform the whole file signature in a single streaming pass.
c5d83b6 : AAQ03
b14c976 : add multiple key support to signapk
b91b6f7 : AAQ02
8fda53c : AAQ01
9864370 : AAP92
57c8984 : AAP89
df7910a : AAP88
e895b9b : AAP87
d19abc5 : AAP86
3158a7c : AAP85
6dace23 : AAP82
098a596 : Switch to GCC 4.7 for X86 and MIPS
878b791 : AAP81
5f4cb60 : AAP80
0cdaab4 : AAP79
f692513 : Clean up libRSSupport.so and libclcore.bc dependencies.
80b35ea : AAP78
63d94fa : Build from source or prebuilt
50adb4b : AAP75
7d6ec71 : Add -nostdlib to RS bc->so linker command line.
9cd1764 : Use "\cd" to disable alias temporarily.
ec4caba : Enable lunch command to pick up new toolchain version.
4dcb05f : AAP74
914f7fd : Enable lunch command to pick up new toolchain version.
e719f28 : Build rules for Renderscript compatibility library.
cced518 : It's a new version!
f87b98a : AAP73
5011dd8 : Refresh ARM toolchain to GCC 4.7 / binutils 2.22.
054ffd2 : Define TARGET_GCC_VERSION in target specific make files.
a54f60c : AAP72
1526670 : Export TARGET_GCC_VERSION as an env variable.
5fb6703 : AAP71
40febca : x86: enable FORTIFY_SOURCE
899368b : AAP68
b073970 : AAP67
83a00ed : AAP66
19cc22b : Move numeric api files from frameworks/base to prebuilts/sdk
f8b5707 : AAP65
fe3f62d : Support LOCAL_EXPORT_C_INCLUDE_DIRS for prebuilts too
96aa714 : Autoadd core-hostdex if LOCAL_BUILD_HOST_DEX is true
d6c8045 : AAP64
573e5a2 : AAP61
9153eb5 : AAP60
229b137 : Add emulator modules to PRODUCT_PACKAGES in full and sdk products
b173253 : AAP59
a7c8f72 : Use the correct size key
69e9b4d : Run e2fsck on built sparse images.
6fdc219 : AAP58
aa1c9b5 : Put ANDROID_BUILD_PATHS before the system default PATH
2fa132a : AAP57
5f9a3ec : AAP54
1526566 : AAP53
9362c7f : Establish explicit dependency on selinux file_contexts.
fdbd9cb : Establish explicit dependency on selinux file_contexts.
32c7b6c : AAP52
9712735 : AAP51
4e3f44f : Skip userdata.img if no size is provided when building images from target files
c447949 : AAP50
6d49297 : build_id: change to OPENMASTER
8bc4c43 : [ARM] Extend the usage of TARGET_GCC_VERSION for gdb and arm-eabi-*.
61d9c48 : AAP47
8af4115 : Add gsm codec to the build
32b8ce9 : AAP46
1946bec : AAP45
31df068 : Additional certificates support for an apk.
144ca2e : AAP44
85e8cda : Remove the obsolete comments and change the misleading var name.
e2e28f6 : Use prebuilt gcc for MacOSX
4d44029 : AAP43
20c136a : Improve gdbclient pid handling
752270d : AAP40
dde4fc1 : Version number for AOSP master - do not merge
1dcca61 : Revise checks for MacOSX to build emulator
95221ca : Collapse multiple --extra-packages into one.
f6ee661 : AAP39
52c3007 : AAP38
07a6db8 : Remove manual WITH_JIT setting from build/.
bf1d05b : AAP36
a1712ee : Disable factory build under PDK
d7ecca7 : AAP33
13d6950 : NOTICE file only module
a7aa800 : Add support for RS in C++.
5577e77 : AAP32
92cd50c : Remove nonexistent modules from PRODUCT_PACKAGES
5be57b2 : Move the host tools from target/product/sdk.mk to sdk/build/product_sdk.mk
0e50d89 : Add jobb and fat32lib to sdk PORUDCT_PACKAGES.
b239177 : Make the base product depend on webview indirectly.
b89f5aa : AAP31
5e6447b : AAP30B
af9040f : AAP30
9a6a326 : Fix broken dependencies with the layers.txt files.
47c4d6d : Fix broken dependencies with the layers.txt files.
84da5c5 : Filter out the overridden packages before doing required module expansion.
d9a88d5 : Split to multiple bash commands.
daf5e22 : Add new embedded target for a super minimal android build
f394016 : AAP25
63afdc1 : Use GYP instead of NONE as the module class for gyp.
2e5d317 : make packages respect LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES
8858d2a : Add a tool to let you enforce layering between packages in a java module.
4f2f16d : x86: add --warn-shared-textrel
077007e : arm: turn on -Wl,--fatal-warnings
942167d : Revert "arm: turn on -Wl,--fatal-warnings"
3ab011b : arm: turn on -Wl,--fatal-warnings
e250ea2 : Remove tzdata from core.mk, now we have explicit dependencies.
0eccce9 : Add a tool to let you enforce layering between packages in a java module.
39ca24f : Add new tzdata and tzdata-host to default product build
4dc7816 : Revert "arm: turn on -Wl,--fatal-warnings"
92ca019 : Remove HAVE_SELINUX guards, part 2
b5f1d8b : add multiple key support to signapk
edfee72 : arm: turn on -Wl,--fatal-warnings
f9f6084 : Respect LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES for host java libraries.
71c0d68 : Respect LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES for host java libraries.
2244cd3 : Remove HAVE_SELINUX guard
0a0e4a6 : update pdk build templates
c22207f : fix pdk docs build
91fd123 : Support to build executables against the NDK
e37c3dc : Build only modules required by the current product.
0c4eb41 : Load only the current product config makefile.
e113fb1 : Run clean steps in only given paths when using mm/mmm
f435739 : Follow symlinks when using find
d0244b3 : Remove build variant "tests"
5a88269 : Build only modules required by the current product.
6a68e77 : Support LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES for java
157a5e1 : Load only the current product config makefile.
f1e4df7 : [MIPS] Makes a build system use PIE flag
478a380 : Rely only on NDK libs if built against the NDK.
6ea58cb : Run clean steps in only given paths when using mm/mmm
c6ffc00 : Support to build executables against the NDK
b301817 : Don't install all host modules by default.
fab7605 : Clean up intermediate files for adbd and init in installclean.
6c7341c : Adding OneTimeInitializer to build.
e1d27e2 : Split out ASFLAGS from CFLAGS in Clang config.
1703f31 : Adding new dialer application to core.
ce7731a : Add BOARD_CUSTOM_BOOTIMG_MK for custom bootimg building
c31be8f : Make error a warning for now
175f2e0 : Automatically install all host modules.
3d48122 : Make the error message for usless tags a little more helpful
c7d6f1c : Move the old user tagged modules over to base.mk so mini and core both share them.
8815542 : More product debugging.
8d0847e : build system changes for jb-aah-dev merge
e213944 : Fail when a non-vendor product references a vendor module.
6a185e4 : Remove support for user tags in the build system.
3445f8f : List the user modules explicitly, and we can get rid of the support for the user tag!
f93f5be : Dump the user tagged modules.
35f74c4 : host modules don't need LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS
918ee31 : Don't give the user tag to host modules automatically.
10649c6 : Add a phony "nothing" goal that reads the makefiles but doesn't try to build anything.
8967523 : Add tool to parse make dependency info from new --deps flag.
b5318d1 : Use a more modern -j flag.
8b46e30 : make product-graph now filtered
fd1eb13 : pdk templates for docs
da19eaf : Support to build emmap_mata.zip in unbundled builds.
fe1bfe7 : Force out LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.
848020f : Retire LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.
65d7852 : Don't pass LOCAL_CFLAGS when compiling assembly code.
e4ba06c : Allow full_x86 and full_mips in unbundled build.
f0dd858 : Adopt the new prebuilts/ndk/<number> paths.
8548062 : Automatically add Java resources carried by static Java libraries.
b27a5d9 : Remove libastl and libastl_host from the grandfathered list.
6d72249 : Remove the obsolete bin2asm tool.
721449e : Allow Java resource in apk.
cdaa234 : AAO25
53bf65a : AAO24
999b7f0 : AAO23
69ae2b6 : AAO20
dc65407 : AAO19B
83a07bd : AAO19
bc357cb : AAO18B
6a21efb : AAO18
7728e6e : AAO17B
83680cb : AAO17
881dc5b : AAO16D
9bbb01c : AAO16C
eb8d384 : AAO16B
ce76f37 : AAO16
04fe0dc : AAO13
fcdad02 : AAO12
5723e3b : AAO11
ec2b9d9 : AAO10
1c57320 : AAO09
2375c03 : AAO06
0592d4e : AAO05
75a1026 : AAO04
864c7a2 : AAO03
20b9c8c : AAO02
d443ded : AAN90
ece340f : AAN89
21d48fe : AAN88
591744b : AAN87
9288923 : AAN86
a5910aa : AAN83
3d8f770 : AAN82
8dab539 : AAN81
9cbd068 : AAN80
aaa023f : AAN79B
13f4bda : AAN79
eb59a00 : AAN75
2740176 : AAN74
6b03d5a : AAN73
9a91197 : AAN72
d991e15 : AAN68
d510298 : AAN67
74319e7 : AAN66
0b55455 : AAN65
f48fbd3 : AAN62
5dd0c99 : AAN61
7af3175 : AAN60
a1a3682 : AAN59
37654e2 : AAN58
c6564a8 : AAN54
2a25ead : AAN53
f5e0344 : AAN52B
9162545 : AAN52
214013a : AAN51
4c4dc51 : AAN47B
be289b9 : AAN47
67c2e93 : AAN46
276eb14 : AAN45
ed6215f : AAN44
c298a8b : AAN40
0852eb8 : AAN39
4539fe3 : AAN38
ce17525 : AAN37
9b3819a : AAN33
114e025 : AAN32
0257605 : AAN25B
d3950cc : AAN25

Project: platform/cts

f8c9b76 : Whtelist for ug b/9106968 modified: permission/src/android/permission/cts/FileSystemPermissionTest.java
9b010dc : Add GFX char devi to the whitelist modified: permission/src/android/permission/cts/FileSystemPermissionTest.java
4412060 : increase margin to 30%
3683e41 : change testLoop to create its own Looper in a separate thread
2f2c304 : Whtelist for ug b/9106968 modified: permission/src/android/permission/cts/FileSystemPermissionTest.java
5f47b4a : Add GFX char devi to the whitelist modified: permission/src/android/permission/cts/FileSystemPermissionTest.java
3b72758 : increase margin to 30%
e8cb084 : change testLoop to create its own Looper in a separate thread
566fbff : Bail out early in case of error
5c06748 : Fix coordinate count
7770321 : add polling check to GridViewTest
3f278c3 : Fix coordinate count
a75616f : add polling check to GridViewTest
24ee917 : WebView tests are failing with a timeout failure.Added timeout for the polling check. modified: webkit/src/android/webkit/cts/WebViewClientTest.java
addcfe9 : Bail out early in case of error
47e3548 : add polling check for focus / dialog
9956428 : Fix check for current EGL context
4bc6b4f : lessen fail criteria for openglperf
020e86f : camera tests: handle configurationChanges for orientation ourselves
f5cf633 : add polling check for focus / dialog
ae50151 : Fix check for current EGL context
5d654b5 : lessen fail criteria for openglperf
cb2349d : Loosen tolerance slightly in EncodeDecode and DecodeEditEncode tests
48d27f0 : camera tests: handle configurationChanges for orientation ourselves
c6c3ab8 : DO NOT MERGE - remove dns test from MR2
4138b21 : FileSystemPermissionTest: allow /dev/hw_random
1e5e03e : FileSystemPermissionTest: handle non-standard mounts
17ff2b4 : check window focus before move into next steps
4594468 : check window focus before move into next steps
2727405 : Removed ack check for TMUS modified: src/android/telephony/cts/SmsManagerTest.java
a73be49 : adjust audio parameters
0f5386c : adjust playback spectrum pass level
743dd79 : check focus before going into the next step.
0d8f293 : check focus before going into the next step.
49b8b9b : ignore orientation change which can happen due to replica island
431889a : FileSystemPermissionTest: Whitelist Mako char devices
84b0210 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Whitelist Nakasi char devices
bb628a1 : AccessibilityServiceInfoTest#testAccessibilityServiceInfoForEnabledService failing.
e01baa0 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Whitelist Mako char devices
2cfd70e : FileSystemPermissionTest: Whitelist Nakasi char devices
ade7470 : ignore orientation change which can happen due to replica island
5f4f4c4 : Fix bug #8632205 android.widget.cts.RelativeLayout_LayoutParamsTest.testStartEnd
43a5b27 : Fix bug #8632205 android.widget.cts.RelativeLayout_LayoutParamsTest.testStartEnd
46bd645 : DO NOT MERGE - remove dns test from MR2
03adeb8 : DO NOT MERGE remove pts
799156a : short-term fix for flaky CTS tests that need focus
b5c6ba6 : short-term fix for flaky CTS tests that need focus
8ae9670 : Adding a widget to perform a few basic tests of the widget framework
c89d97c : Add exceptions.
5a3b595 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Distinguish between block and char devices
128694b : Make EncodeDecodeTest aware of crop rects.
41e2200 : improve audio client: unlock keyguard and ignore orientation change
025ef75 : improve audio calibration
f428b3d : Change --screenshot-on-ui-failure to --screenshot-on-failure
7bdfb9b : rename monkey package to run it last.
88a4a1c : Adjust timestamp scale
0485071 : fix window focus race in BaseKeyListenerTest
673b317 : fix window focus race in BaseKeyListenerTest
1cf51f0 : add more checkes for too small disk space
65beb2e : call sendStatus only when there is a result
84e7dd1 : SecurityFeaturesTest: Verify PR_CAPBSET_DROP
59087e4 : Fixing the accessibility text traversal in extend mode (CTS).
56c756f : Use real sizes for display metrics
110c8e3 : Fixing build - left an import in.
1a5280c : Add negative tests for KeyPairGeneratorSpecTest
2db3175 : fix TextureViewTest
f32bcbc : AndroidKeyStore and AndroidKeyPairGenerator tests
82786f4 : Implemented a glow scene and using Native Asset Manager to load content.
4c5983a : don't retry immediately, wait a bit.
a948d73 : Verify PR_SET_NO_NEW_PRIVS is enabled
f2445c7 : Fix build
0348b86 : Added test for new UiSelector#resourceIdMatches
6d6ddb4 : camera: Fix NPE in FOV test
427f976 : fix eglClientWaitSyncKHR timeout
981dfaa : add more data integrity tests for NotificationListenerService.
47e257d : Fix directory recursion in FileSystemPermissionTest
b6e2a7b : Clean up test files and db entries
420bb3a : Ignore orientation changes during VideoViewTest
aa0e7ac : Clean up test files and db entries
28cb27c : Add option to set preview size per camera explicitly.
f102e54 : create CTS verifier for NotificationListenerService.
55249a4 : remove reference of warning-head from octane benchmarking
66bd2d3 : update SDK to 18
34c833a : Add resolutions for all cameras to the drop-down.
03b1ff9 : Ignore orientation changes in EGL test activity
6ba2100 : ignore uiMode change as well
f70b794 : reduce workload for random update into half (512MB to 256MB) as it takes too long in some devices.
461ba3c : Ignore orientation changes in EGL test activity
cdd5270 : reject outlier for install time measurement
27117f2 : ignore uiMode change as well
567f12f : Add CTS test for encoder and muxer interaction.
67ae4d5 : reduce workload for random update into half (512MB to 256MB) as it takes too long in some devices.
82a0262 : add log to check how much file system benchmarking was done before timeout
8e41af8 : Ignore orientation changes during VideoViewTest
071937f : eglPresentationTimeANDROID moved to EGLExt from EGL14
73e3f96 : Support OpenGL ES 3.0 in OpenGlEsVersionTest
4fbe9cd : add log to check how much file system benchmarking was done before timeout
d131fea : Adjust bit rate based on resolution
2b0fca5 : reduce result fluctuation for memory and cpu tests
758fb61 : Updating cts version numbers.
32aaf55 : Update MediaDrm exception handling
f7d24c7 : add retry for checking logcat - 10ms sometimes is too short, and test fails - also remove file size check as it is not guaranteed.
63e8b42 : Work around a Time design flaw.
47888ec : Adding cts tests for delta api account removal cases.
693215a : add retry for checking logcat - 10ms sometimes is too short, and test fails - also remove file size check as it is not guaranteed.
8613911 : Ignoring activity config changes.
0175345 : Fix EmojiTest threading issue.
be5e399 : Adding capability request for the helper accessibility services.
1e53386 : Add debug logging.
47c27a3 : Check behavior at EOS, verify timestamps
4237363 : Adding capability request for the helper accessibility services.
7eda9b7 : Add debug logging.
9f9704c : Fix EmojiTest threading issue.
b647a5a : Move accessibility CTS tests to UiAutomation and fixing all broken ones.
bca3ec5 : Fix SampleTest test bug.
dcc9282 : Fix issue #8148289: android.content.res.cts.ConfigTest#testVersions...
78c2301 : Add more MediaCodec.flush() related tests
348867b : overload network location provider with mock
ed0d899 : overload network location provider with mock
2f2138b : Update GlobalSync test to handle invokable->kernel verification.
6cd9268 : Fix bug #8656546 API REVIEW: android.text.bidi / android.text
4cce46a : Fix for bug 8629392: Failing cts tests on MR2
4e9123b : EAP API CTS tests
da51d28 : Test new larger StatFs methods.
7efe60d : Fix for bug 8629392: Failing cts tests on MR2
a1d23fc : Add tests for the RS debug context.
77b9d92 : Update CTS tests to be consistent with MediaDrm API review update
cc49e3b : Added CTS test to complete MediaDrm offline API change clarification
60f4b34 : Adding CTS test for secure stop APIs
6ab525c : Part of fix for bug 8629392: CTS test failures
fe2fb18 : Fix for bug 8631592 android.widget.cts.TextViewTest#testGetFocusedRect
d8b9db9 : Add test for invoke/kernel synchronization of global variables.
5dafd50 : Fix android.text.format.cts.DateUtilsTest.
0d0d2b4 : Adding cts tests for contacts data usage.
26a17a5 : Add CTS tests for ConnectivityService
cc49d09 : CTS tests for Contactables api
0f2f794 : MediaExtractor.setDataSource is now properly documented as throwing
8912af7 : Refactor DecoderTest
16f2181 : Add CTS tests for MediaCodec.flush()
c67f78d : Native side of Reference Benchmark.
edcc988 : Fixing accessibility CTS tests.
f3fce1b : Update of holo resources.
fde5af6 : Add CTS tests for new Trigger Sensor APIs.
ad1899b : Update of holo resources.
752eee1 : Add liblog
da520be : Test RS Script creation/destruction for large global variables.
7721f56 : fix plans which included other packages
acf560e : Add a compute test for BaseObj.
1b08aab : Add character devices to the insecure devices test.
a5d1958 : Adding CTS tests for new contacts delta api.
0af1bed : Fix dependency on internal API.
0a312e2 : Start of Reference Application Implementation.
7b7cef9 : just skip the file system benchmarking if there is not enough space
4fc16d1 : add M-Audio FastTrack to supported device list
1a8352f : fix AlmostFullTest: prevent reinitializing ref-counter
e5d043c : Split RS CTS into RS and RSG.
8391e6f : Fix CTS tests for AudioTrack.setPlaybackHeadPosition()
c19c9a9 : Use assertEquals instead of assertTrue
c767cba : merge adb unit / stress tests
2fe00f3 : Add CTS tests for async event callouts from drm plugin to Java app
a730c73 : DO NOT MERGE nuke libcore.java.util.zip.ZipFileTest#testDuplicateEntries
49cc00e : added stand-alone test app for nativeopengl tests
240d584 : DO NOT MERGE verifier to R6
50f3ccc : revise Linkify.PHONE_NUMBER CTS
5a3b371 : upgrade verifier version to R5
480d489 : Revert "Changed the size of MockView according to resolution."
30c3695 : CertificateTest Update
71df0d4 : Add CTS tests for MediaDrm API update
0ce7d5e : DO NOT MERGE Allow writable files in /sys/fs/selinux
5dc9df7 : disable reboot for emulator
e5c0ac8 : Revert "Allow writable files in /sys/fs/selinux"
e49cd68 : If Display ratio (Height/Width) is 1.7, the button which is generated dynamically is longer and catches the input event. The mockview’s onTouchEvent is not called and causes test failure. We set the height of button as 1/3 of mockview’s Height to avoid to block the event delivery.
7017bd2 : Changed the size of MockView according to resolution.
f01930f : Allow writable files in /sys/fs/selinux
b54be88 : Small fixes in tools.
0b58653 : version up to R4
3a72f58 : Update Holo Reference Images from build number 621493.
efa794f : change mechanism to report performance results
01e9193 : Add case with DisplayMetrics.DENSITY_XXHIGH to cover fullHD resolution and adjust the bound of condition.
394e419 : More test providers support opening files.
011010e : Fix permissions on SqliteJournalLeakTest.java
73420b6 : testNoLoadableModules: use correct kernel option
4d9520f : Improving context switch test.
b352c50 : Fix bug #8480245 ViewGroup layout margins can be wrong in RTL mode
5427abe : TrafficStats are always supported, tag tests.
d173bbc : change jank calculation
689a962 : make report generation more robust
e242178 : Add CTS test for MimeUtils mp3 handling.
3929036 : check access before read
7e2497c : Add cts to test quotes on ssid in WifiInfo
4bb35d0 : fix broken apache-harmony tests.
acfab8b : lock TestDeviceSetup to one SDK to allow running PTS for older systems
0163c07 : Analysing Benchmark with SysTrace, added tracers.
de51946 : exclude media stress from PDK plan to save time and settings
a83f8d8 : Exceptions for world writeable selinuxfs files
6a601f8 : Fix bug #8437358 Clean any ICU related code from TextLayout / Paint and their dependencies
e0e57f5 : Revert "Allow writable files in /sys/fs/selinux"
9e0e27e : Revert "require seccomp"
9de4863 : Revert "fix copyright date."
3eee222 : Revert "SeccompTest: add note about kernels between 3.5 and 3.8"
425c9eb : Revert "Remove extra newline."
54e3247 : AudioManagerTest: modifications for fixed volume
5af0e1e : Adding CTS tests for the MediaDrm APIs
e794137 : Refactor CtsTestServer for WebViewTest.testLoadDataWithBaseURL
7b32a82 : Add logging to WebViewTest.testLoadDataWithBaseUrl
ce9362e : Fix SeedTest for landscape no auto-rotate screens
9776f67 : Fix bug #8335710 TextView can't clear CompoundDrawables
d4cedfa : Fix CTS for UiAutomator device orientation in tests
b9e510b : Teach the DateFormat test that we've deliberately broken 'k'.
87c0dc2 : Add the orientation hint test.
2f584ee : Holo reference image update.
eec6c3a : Refactor WebViewTest#loadDataWithBaseUrl
5367baa : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Version to 4.2_r3
4db6d90 : DO NOT MERGE Update JB MR1.1 Holo Test Assets
0dec405 : add pts to PDK plan
2538971 : Log color component error
3ee3143 : Implementing Shader Perf Benchmark as a fractal.
70e7f31 : Revert "Clean Paint.mBidiFlags as it is no longer used"
b3a770e : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Version to 4.1_r3
ab5678e : DO NOT MERGE Update JB Holo Test Calendar Assets
59acf8f : MediaMuxer CTS test
1f37585 : Modify testcases testCpuAbi for x86 devices
c88c34c : Allow writable files in /sys/fs/selinux
0b50df0 : Remove extra newline.
663a13c : Revert "Add CTS tests for new Trigger Sensor APIs."
5a9864f : SeccompTest: add note about kernels between 3.5 and 3.8
a90b0b3 : Automatically pulling data in for the grapher
3d440ca : Add CTS tests for new Trigger Sensor APIs.
13b922a : fix copyright date.
fa79c10 : require seccomp
c271127 : Add tests for InputMethodSubtype. DO NOT MERGE
5f72216 : Add tests for InputMethodSubtype. DO NOT MERGE
e294127 : Add unit tests for DateFormat k, h, K, and H.
a021688 : Add Camera FOV manual test for LightCycle
87ad110 : Add a unit test for a DateUtils bug I already fixed.
ba38238 : Reinstate the CTS tests for the DateUtils year 2038 bugs.
744c195 : Fixing watchdog timer and test results on failure.
d2dc4d2 : Remove duplicate test case
a1e7377 : Split a single large test into two smaller tests.
29d7417 : Add CTS tests for android.text.format.DateFormat.format.
3372dbb : Split a single large test into two smaller tests.
2e964fe : Added tests to CTS to check permissions are enforced.
5464e08 : Added tests to CTS to check permissions are enforced.
1238404 : Show expected values in log
952b560 : Changing the make files to only build the tests on linux.
e9bce35 : Add tests for InputMethodSubtype. DO NOT MERGE
701e1ba : More DateUtilsTest tidying.
668b3b7 : Improve DateUtilsTest.
813027d : Rename COLOR_FormatAndroidOpaque
637ade3 : Changing benchmark structure.
ba971d4 : Refactor WebViewTest#testStopLoading
545d0e0 : Added more MediaCodec tests
3e91a6d : Increasing the timeout to see if that makes the test not flaky on the bot
9743498 : Tests to verify writing of Uri grants.
f3a5f85 : Pass PTS through the MediaCodec tests
030dcef : DO NOT MERGE Version fix modified: tools/tradefed-host/src/com/android/cts/tradefed/build/CtsBuildProvider.java
5404ff9 : DO NOT MERGE Version fixes modified: apps/CtsVerifier/AndroidManifest.xml modified: tools/tradefed-host/src/com/android/cts/tradefed/build/CtsBuildProvider.java
19c4de9 : Fixup TrafficStats test wrt mobile vs total vs loopback
be8a59a : Added video edit test
7b2ebcc : Fix the failing cts test
813ae3a : Provide a test for clearSslPreferences API
cb2e0a9 : Benchmarks can be rendered onscreen or off. Also added a script to plot results.
2cfe63d : Update test historyURL in WebViewTest#testLoadDataWithBaseUrl
6f42948 : Refactor WebViewTest#setNetworkAvailable
4f0537e : Fix up WebViewTest#testLoadDataWithBaseUrl. DO NOT MERGE
7856008 : Fix WebChromeClientTest#testOnProgressChanged DO NOT MERGE
00e166b : Ensure that console messages are printed in WebView CTS tests.
cbd9614 : Remove testDatabaseEnabled
2994c16 : Tests to verify writing of Uri grants.
274642f : DO NOT MERGE New CTS test cases for Emoji glyph (b/6966511).
936fe7d : Moving to Frame Buffer Objects.
abd927d : Modify RO mount test to check different processes
e7aa76d : Add --logcat-on-failure to cts.
107b997 : Fix calculation for swipe margin of error
0fd2a86 : Fixing a timeout issue, added a target workload and FullPipeline benchmark.
3716057 : Fix bug #8196984 android.widget.cts.ToastTest failures
4dfaac6 : CTS tests for UiAutomator API Level 18
fe1b639 : Update WebViewTest#testSetPictureListener.
03f8f2b : blacklist android.provider.cts.CalendarTest#testEventColors DO NOT MERGE
e7ff70e : update holo DO NOT MERGE
40846b3 : Update SamplerTest for recent changes.
33196c3 : add more debugging message
6bbd2c3 : Attempt to deflake WebVie Gelocation tests.
a1f6b09 : FileSystemPermissionTest: assert /system mounted RO
ccaee25 : Add instancing test for Renderscript.
2aee05a : increase reboot timeout to 10 mins
4e6910c : FileSystemPermissionTest: suppress testReadingSysFilesDoesntFail()
8669cac : Revert "Add CTS tests for WebSQL database."
26cf940 : Add CTS tests for WebSQL database.
d5f2338 : allow automation of holo reference images
b1f274b : Add Dns CTS test.
7929a71 : Update cts test to accept origin with and without trailing /
8ad1550 : Basic verification tests for VPX encoder.
bb2483b : Add tests for secure USB debugging
3f6180d : Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'goog/master-chromium' into 'goog/master'" DO NOT MERGE
6d4810c : Add --screenshot-on-ui-failure option to CTS.
f97783c : black-list holo test - There is no point in updating reference images while UI is still changing - should be re-enabled after code complete with updated references
d8c93c1 : Fixing build, removed declarations in header
f0359a3 : Change ResultType#getXmlString to use name()
4e4502a : Native side of OpenGL performance benchmark and tests.
d0de47e : Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'goog/master-chromium' into 'goog/master'" DO NOT MERGE
e92f07b : Add --screenshot-on-ui-failure option to CTS.
d27f11f : black-list holo test - There is no point in updating reference images while UI is still changing - should be re-enabled after code complete with updated references
9f3fc7e : Add BidiFormatter utility
c32b344 : Clean Paint.mBidiFlags as it is no longer used
1de065b : Add CTS tests for WebSQL database.
5c98d0a : Updating CTS tests.
d8b7010 : Remove unused imports from some PTS filesystemperf tests
965d191 : sort xml and plan to guarantee the same execution order
b091794 : add chrome specific setting to CtsRootDeviceSetup
6f98787 : Replace 2D pointer reads with rsGetElementAt().
82e57f5 : Fix cts uiautomator XML generation.
35b85b2 : let it pass when decoder changes color format in the middle
f79f408 : Fix cts uiautomator XML generation.
e95d25a : change memory bandwidth summary to MBPS rather than FPS
c62a6be : Adding CTS test for setting accessibiltiy cursor in non-text views.
b8535e5 : Update CTS for renamed APIs.
af5e402 : Update a CTS test due to API rename.
77e3dbf : Adding CTS tests to verify new APIs behavior.
b0b51d1 : Changes needed to roll Skia to r7527.
c0d5764 : Add CTS Tests to Verify EVENT_COLOR columns in Entiry Iterator
f492738 : Refactor VideoRender
bd239d5 : Send TAB instead of DPAD down to move focus
a486878 : Improve EncodeDecodeTest
da5e0cf : Add setElementAt tests to CTS.
2fa8597 : Java side of OpenGL performance benchmark
cf0d42e : Include the libcore native library for tests
7b68ff2 : Add missing mkdir to fix build.
f60bbda : BuildDalvikSuite: Remove the unused scanner2
35f992c : Add accessibility actions for text editing - CTS tests.
5a3302a : Add tests for InputMethodSubtype
215341a : Use resource overlay
6b1f74a : Test encode+decode of AVC video stream
62cd9f5 : Add missing features of JELLY_BEAN and JELLY_BEAN_MR1 to feature summary list
6c01b20 : Delete frameworks/base/voip use voip-common from frameworks/opt/net/voip
17f50c7 : add video encoder / decoder perf
eef4c57 : chage browser bench to device only test
ac9dd6c : Fixing some broken and flaky CTS tests.
d44af65 : Add a cts test case for MediaPlayer's getTrackInfo().
fbbfe59 : Update to follow IContentProvider change.
ad1e164 : fix cyclic dependency by removing ptshostutil
2a730f3 : test Location.isFromMockProvider()
fedb402 : Add '+' as acceptable character of DigitsKeyListener
95ddc8b : Assert mean and stdev of update deltas
5a62fa4 : New CTS test for WorkSource class.
33b4133 : add WARNING to ResultType
96b6e21 : Remove cts tests for deprecated APIs
d93d0d1 : merge PTS into CTS package
fb57986 : Remove testSaveAndRestorePicture
21c5e3b : Minor fix
3b044af : Fix RS CTS tests for DataKind.PIXEL_YUV.
22376ce : Updating the View CTS tests to check behavior not implementation.
51b6171 : permission: add xt_qtaguid file permession checks.
ca9ebf6 : testPreviewFpsRange: Throw FPS measurement asserts in main test body
55c0e89 : Fix CTS test for ViewFlipper Bug #7733318
a15f67a : Remove WebSettingsTest.testAccessUserAgent
a7212de : Remove WebSettingsTest.testAccessNavDump
e8be94e : Style fixes for GeolocationPermissions tests
47fd95a : Relax the findAddress test cases
ed0cd10 : Refactor and improve coverage of HttpAuthHandlerTest.
4f0d3b9 : Test video decoder EOS behavior.
08de11d : CertificateTest Update
7e8aea6 : Tweak MediaCodec decoder tests
0f29424 : Relax LocationVerifier assertions.
50418e9 : add memset benchmark
1665af1 : change native time to double to allow sub-ms resolution
b88600e : add optional target attribute to Summary
ec84c91 : Test that MediaCodec reconfiguration works
e46f257 : Less incomplete CTS test for DateUtils.formatElapsedTime.
50db466 : Remove focus check in WebChromeClientTest#testWindows
86530cd : Fix for WebChromeClientTest.testWindows failure with Chromium WebView
0235daf : Remove no-op cts test
d5b84bc : change XML format to accomodate both CTS and PTS
80909fc : Add extra conditions to test HeaderListViewAdapter isEmpty
13455de : This CL reverts the behavoir of the AvoidXferModeTest back to it's previous implementation which is correct with respect to the documentation of the class. This change is necessary to ensure that updating to a more recent version of Skia (r5967) does not break CTS.
8d3706b : Update/refresh RS version tests + add 17 support.
8438627 : Add a proper test for an RS target API that is too high.
c79f0f0 : Add a test for a dalvik interface cache bug.
0c91f01 : add robohornet browser benchmarking
03465a8 : Fix helperCreateFromBitmap bug in AllocationTest.
384e859 : Update testSetDownloadListener for WebViewChromium
39332f8 : Add new CTS project for the Daydreams.
57aa58f : Use PRODUCT_OUT in makefile
93f2f89 : add PerfResultType to the summary report
4aa7c69 : Revert "add isHigherBetter flag to the summary report"
9ac0269 : add isHigherBetter flag to the summary report
87f4451 : Add UiAutomator test skeleton to CTS. (manual merge from jb-dev)
0528d85 : Bug #5386716. GridLayout is missing some CTS tests.
8f84783 : Remove useless code.
7993485 : Add more tests for restricted broadcasts.
f1d0857 : frame interval measurement
117dd12 : add simple cpu benchmarking
de672f1 : add suite attribute to TestResult
5dda26a : KernelSettingsTest: assert no /proc/config.gz
f2cfdf5 : KernelSettingsTest: Make sure loadable kernel modules are disabled.
9f85be0 : Fix WebHistoryItemTest for webviewchromium
f436e60 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Expand block device tests.
98297a3 : Adding a WebView cts test for Geolocation
27c4ef1 : Check that _data uniqueness is enforced
b5b1850 : Use unique entries only, clean up
7d5981e : PackageSignatureTest: detect devkeys.
12ddb76 : Fix media provider CTS tests
1235d08 : (MIPS) NX test should not fail on MIPS hardware.
96bc825 : BannedFilesTest: Detect devices vulnerable to the cmdclient privilege escalation bug.
a8e522f : CTS tests for android.view.Display
7e0ac86 : Remove usage of WebView.setCertificate
3fb1b91 : Revert "Add clipped kernel tests to CTS."
1060c8d : Add clipped kernel tests to CTS.
ade1953 : Revert "Add resize2D and copyFrom(Allocation) tests to CTS."
af35088 : Remove unnecessary logging in ScriptGroupTest.
8d13f3f : Add resize2D and copyFrom(Allocation) tests to CTS.
5181e71 : BannedFilesTest: fix formatting mistake
b1e0780 : BannedFilesTest: add more info when test fails.
cb9ae0d : Add ImageProcessingTest to CTS.
d97c2b1 : Move numeric api files from frameworks/base to prebuilts/sdk
40b6405 : Fix WebSettingsTest.testBlockNetworkLoads for webviewchromium
249fe05 : Remove CacheManager related tests
ec2a9fc : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add /data/fics/...
08fa9e7 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add /data/vpnch
fa5295b : CertificateTest Update
6ee4dbe : Add case with DisplayMetrics.DENSITY_XXHIGH to cover fullHD resolution and adjust the bound of condition.
b5385a6 : New CTS test type for GLES tests
4d7a471 : Clean up WebView.getTitle checks in webkit CTS
abf3ab5 : Update CookieManagerTest.
b131a03 : Refactor WebViewTransportTest so @UiThreadTest works.
521d0c6 : Remove spurious test case: CookieTest.testParse
804ff8e : This module doesn't actually install any files.

Project: platform/dalvik

826faa0 : Add systrace tracing for GC and thread suspension.
f85b49f : Fix JIT initialization race
c6df50f : Fix dx.bat to match the new SDK structure.
4b724cf : Fix dx to match the new SDK structure.
c26c129 : Fix dx.bat to match the new SDK structure.
514eabb : Remove spammy logging from 8470684 investigation.
739bb12 : Work around a dalvik JDWP/GC deadlock.
9442265 : More native stack dump hardening.
7964f9c : Harden the native stack dumping decision.
5f4b7d8 : Add liblog
1b4500f : Dump native stacks for all threads in native code.
547a2b2 : Revert "Tiny optimization for complier templates for arm."
4afb260 : Revert "Tiny optimization for complier templates for arm."
87bc798 : Tiny optimization for complier templates for arm.
0dcf6bb : Fix a leak in Dalvik_dalvik_system_DexFile_openDexFile
e3b363d : Fix a minor leaks caused by failed initializations.(typo)
f0b2389 : Fix a minor leak in handleVM_CreateString
ed2876e : [x86] Fix errors with WITH_JIT_TUNING defined
82c80de : [x86] Terminate trace if SGET/SPUT have unresolved fields in codegen
4427245 : [x86] FPU stack needs to be reset after double conversion
cc76e3f : [x86] Disable Method-JIT for x86 target
cbe8d43 : Fix a cast in JniEnv::NewDirectByteBuffer.
30165bd : Track libcore's DirectByteBuffer <init> change.
91b8b13 : Extra log information when pthread_create fails.
bf34831 : Track 64-bit nio changes.
9a58f1b : Track libcore DirectByteBuffer cleanup.
34a00d7 : pthread_create doesn't set errno.
cb9dfa1 : Fix dx to match the new SDK structure.
9247f67 : javac should have matching -source and -target flags.
ae3f95e : Fix a Field.isAnnotationPresent crash.
3a7af00 : Check JavaVMAttachArgs::version in CheckJNI.
edd7890 : Don't crash if the dmtracedump -d file doesn't exist.
b64e9cb : Zygote: set PR_SET_NO_NEW_PRIVS
9b16684 : am 6e2d46fd: am 03a938bc: Merge "Fix -Xjitthreshold (for real this time)."
0954697 : Fix -Xjitthreshold (for real this time).
9907ca3 : Zygote: remount /system nosuid/nodev
160c756 : Revert "Zygote: remount /system nosuid/nodev"
ba858f9 : Remove CAP_NET_RAW from zygote
7033bed : Zygote: use proper header file.
c89d83e : Fix -Xjitthreshold.
2d37f9a : Zygote: remount /system nosuid/nodev
b091981 : Abstract methods aren't implementations.
0a682b1 : Zygote: replace set?id() with setres?id()
58c22af : Expand test 004-annotations to cover package annotations.
7436394 : Added missing initialization of modLock when DvmDex structures are allocated.
869cd7c : Move the arraycopy implementation out of bionic and into dalvik.
daa97a1 : Zygote: address comments from previous review.
c0ecb5b : Zygote: limit the bounding capability set to CAP_NET_RAW
3599cdd : Remove stray references to non-existent opcodes.
6eb3af4 : Revert "Zygote: limit the bounding capability set to CAP_NET_RAW"
921e9ae : Zygote: limit the bounding capability set to CAP_NET_RAW
c1757a6 : Fix JIT bug related to immediate doubles
20f12f4 : Use execv from Libcore
9fb1be8 : Fix a tracked reference leak in dvmGenerateProxyClass.
22cf4ac : Remove dead instruction in common_exceptionThrown.
eb17034 : dvz: remove dead code.
7a451b0 : rTEMP gets clobbered in the JALR macro. Use t9 instead.
977e390 : Fix DDMS crash
22d8dba : fix DDMS crash
f1aa871 : DexDump: Leak in FieldMethodInfo.signature
855a7de : Fix a forecopy/forcecopy typo.
483eedc : Add JNI statistics to the SIGQUIT output.
ebad130 : Support System.loadLibrary for libraries with transitive dependencies.
85e8913 : Change NewDirectByteBuffer to allow NULL if capacity == 0.
c4119e1 : Optimize dvmHash Loops.
f61171f : Remove possilbe leaks in dalvik.
a344588 : Reclaiming attribute obj after pthread_create
0a752f0 : Fail if the new index is out of range.
bbe8cb5 : Remove dead code.
889344d : Fix handling of annotations whose classes are missing at runtime.
a5e0812 : Possible leak in dvmAllocRegion
a4cc696 : Optimize opcodes to avoid bubble in pipeline.
b456134 : ExceptionInInitializerError should wrap only non Error exceptions.
333155b : Don't cache failures in the interface cache.
3d20456 : Remove dvmFindInterfaceMethodInCache2.
5605832 : Print the locker thread when waiting on an object
c83353b : JIT: Performance fix for const doubles
c812991 : JIT: Performance fix for const doubles
17b732e : Use ALOGE rather than SLOGE for mountEmulatedStorage failures.
c0f355c : remove duplicated call to dvmJitCalleeSave()
6e3967d : [MIPS] Fixing FP registers fs0 and fs1 corruption bug.
46abe70 : [MIPS] Fix DDMS(profiling) bug.
b1cafe0 : [MIPS] Fix several profiling issues caused by incorrect register saves
a067ce1 : Fix x86 JIT log spam.
272a54f : Always build WITH_JIT for the target.
fae95cc : Fix dalvik's use of readdir_r(3).
c09ec65 : Push to AOSP
6b63e6c : Revise previous patch based on feedback.
5b9e7ce : Zygote: don't inhibit randomization on non-arm platforms
613f8ed : Remove HAVE_SELINUX guards
825d1f4 : Handle MAX_INT case in packed-switch
266f45f : Add dx option to always generate const-string/jumbo.
813d934 : Remove Jumbo opcode support
ca427a7 : Remove (one last?) __sh__.
4b3f78e : Don't disable inlining for ARM.
a5fbd70 : MIPS: Missing zero-checks in JIT compiler.
bab2237 : Log if dlopen(3) fails.
138b7a2 : Disable ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE for 3.4 or greater kernels
cb6487f : Unnessary LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS
e016e80 : We are avoiding LOCAL_CFLAGS when compiling assembly code.

Project: platform/developers/build

2b1169e : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/developers/demos

a725454 : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/developers/docs

c0b835d : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/developers/samples/android

2e8e52d : Added universal gitignore file to facilitate clean sample repos
294829c : add samples/android/common directory
4f88da1 : Add input/Multitouch/BasicMultitouch sample code.
e5d87fa : Add "BasicNotifications" sample.
acb22b9 : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/development

998bd11 : Update media router API.
39ffbcc : Generalize support library tests.
28b127e : New DevBytes animation demos
247fe6d : Remove Toggle System UI options from Support7Demos
5ef7114 : more redirects for deleted files
ff342b4 : Update media router API.
42ba057 : redirect obsolete publishing files, as per removals from I715362c1dc7022581faf8653ec49da49b3c6ed4a
8b25a68 : Update media router API.
69abf61 : Add redirects for edu urls.
5d41beb : Update media router API.
739532e : DO NOT MERGE. Example code for FileProvider.
9cac156 : Move support lib to 13. do not merge.
138f3a3 : add nav drawer sample
4df667f : Add devsite-compatible lang ids to whitelist and add a redirect for the old uppercase ids.
952b2a0 : add redirects reflecting changes from Icbcb0f042ac5f05d17d42be4c5c122316e93b866
cb8739c : Debugging help for issue #8734824: WATCHDOG KILLING SYSTEM PROCESS
299f3fd : Add redirect for new location docs path.
8942438 : Update Support7Demos for MenuInflater change:
04c8633 : Update Support7Demos for action bar compat API changes.
a7d5ca6 : Stop errors being logged erroneously on event predispatch
9851ff9 : Fix bug #8656546 API REVIEW: android.text.bidi / android.text
f59ea3b : Add Android KeyStore API demo
e14dfaf : appcompat: Add samples for options menu usage with fragments.
74c5bcf : Update to follow TransportMediator API changes.
98c5d4a : Add Support4Demos examples for DrawerLayout and SlidingPaneLayout
d86ea2c : DO NOT MERGE Deferring new collections widget apis. Revert "Updating WeatherListWidget to the new collections widget api."
55cadb0 : Changes to handle restrictions API change
041bfcd : Fix issue #8520788: Add WakefulBroadcastReceiver
1259eff : add redirects for removed files from I1b17e4eca17e69169002fc617180beb2ac83f67a
84dc1f0 : Update media router API.
7cf29a7 : Update for java docs.
d7fc587 : add redirects for some orphaned docs.
0ceb4bb : Remove OptionalPermissions demo.
5c9ba33 : Fix some crashes in the sample
904e050 : Issue #7341342 API request: way to determine current orientation...
8a0799f : Add Trigger Sensor API Demo.
63c613c : Add liblog
0a010ae : Adding example of querying for contact changes.
1abc050 : Update media controller sample.
9b4e96d : Improve TransportController demo.
e5d6809 : Move media key handling to here.
e808a4b : Update after API refactoring.
8ad2a3a : update include paths and symbols for eclipse
73c1230 : Add host bin modules for explicit dependency
447d1e3 : App limits sample
97e5ad6 : OptionalPermissions: fix call to buildPermissionRequestIntent
2ad812d : Initial checkin: optional permissions sample code
3ccf4f2 : Deprecate __set_errno; Add #include <stdint.h> in elf.h
521bcfb : [libportable] Add fenv support.
2904594 : Remove reference to <root-path>.
063f035 : Fixes AppCompat build location
fbe0890 : Rename methods of RouteController.
de817c9 : Fix ExpandableList1 sample
d265527 : Add TransportController API demo.
9ca69cf : SDK: Generate build-tools package.
fbb2b11 : SDK: Build/Platform-tools revision 17. DO NOT MERGE.
d59536e : SDK: Build/Platform-tools revision 17.
ef19629 : SDK: Place platform-tools NOTICE file in proper directory.
bc7c8c5 : SDK: Generate build-tools package.
d49fbdb : add support library JAR to sample
34fd8af : Add support library SDK dependency.
84e6be0 : Add action bar support library samples.
63c90a5 : Add grid layout support library samples.
bda0c73 : Move media router samples to new Support7Demos project.
3221bcd : Update appcompat support lib atree rules.
a00f2f6 : Update gridlayout support library atree rules.
cc8a21a : SDK: Generate build-tools package. DO NOT MERGE.
2f6ae26 : Fix build >= JB
0d92cf5 : ndk: Fix potential event handling issue in android_native_app_glue
3917ab0 : Clean up unnecessary wrap functions.
78175cb : Don't use errno directly
ddd7ea4 : Adding dialer to test_defs & coverage_targets
45b42d6 : Remove dead code that's keeping other dead code in frameworks/base alive.
bc1a645 : Contacts Provider Training Class - Sample App Initial Commit This is the sample app for the Contacts Provider Android training class. It's a basic master/detail view with a list of contacts in the master and contact name, photo and mailing addresses in the detail. This sample app is backward compatible to API level 7 and also optimized for all screen sizes.
6433ec2 : Use linker -Wl,--wrap=symbol
da6181c : Use H rather than k in date/time formats.
228a227 : Fix X86 sigsetjmp and siglongjmp
65e58fe : Fix #8185319 Need to put Android BidiFormatter into the Support Library
1d1bc52 : Fix OpenSLES_AndroidConfiguration.h to be usable for C code
c4e201a : Added struct Elf32_auxv_t and Elf64_auxv_t
645a29c : Build SDK using prebuilts/devtools.
a54d53a : Revert "Add Trigger Sensor API Demo."
8052dc3 : Make libportable.a compile on host
fd5a3f3 : Samples for media router support library.
f0ed2f9 : More include paths
50435d3 : Add Trigger Sensor API Demo.
8536493 : Add InteractiveChart sample code for update to Gestures training class.
8f48506 : Update ApiDemos to use new input source check
6420ac2 : Connectivity: Add Wifi Scan test
e39f0b3 : move emulator HALs to device/generic/goldfish
01ae453 : Example code for FileProvider.
654f51a : Add API demo for a custom layout.
55128d1 : [ARM] Add unwind portable header adaptor.
3de0bf9 : Add API demo for WindowInputToken.
75ac6f2 : "debug" in those modules is discouraged
a28de3b : Add new action bar demos:
7ddc46b : [MIPS] Allow errno safe logging
858086e : [MIPS] Fixed mmap_portable()
d540e6e : Add demo for rotation animation.
168241e : Clean up of system UI flag demo, doc markup for overscan demo.
8227c14 : New overscan API demos.
87cfef9 : Make query in FileProvider demo respect OpenanbleColumns.
5f51b7f : Bitmapfun Sample: Add some docs and clean up some method naming.
183963d : [MIPS] Portable versions of setjmp, sigsetjmp, ...
860342e : [MIPS] Added support for STDIO sflags().
9985488 : [MIPS] Fixed a bug and improved fcntl_portable.
b7b5e9d : [MIPS] Extend Signal Mapping to include RT Signals.
c684613 : [MIPS] Added support for file descriptor related system calls.
dbbf004 : [MIPS] Fixed LTP Tests 9 and 20 of getaddrinfo_01.
a89a549 : [MIPS] Added missing _NR_* system call support and cleaned up.
6732a91 : [MIPS] Add Real Time Signal Functions and minor bug fixes.
4977f77 : [MIPS] Unify around a consistent *_ntop/*_pton style.
2928edf : [MIPS] Tighten up code to fit within 100 characters lines.
8930ac5 : [MIPS] Expand TABS and remove redundant return parenthesis.
ec4b4c4 : Bitmapfun Sample: Add additional sample images.
1ee9d5e : Add option to toggle the new overscan mode.
748e9da : Remove swing-worker.
a057987 : Fix glShaderSource parameter constness
b92e9cd : Make software vp8 video encoder available to MediaCodec on emulator
3b7f23f : bitmapfun: Add support to use inBitmap option
7b7aca6 : Move rev for 2 for API 17 and 12 for support. do not merge.
dd5b61c : Clean up classpath - bye bye Camera
6e263d5 : clean-up sensor emulation code.
862ae1e : Adjust sdk to new prebuilts location.
c21a505 : Fix warnings in sample detected by NDK_ANALYZE=1
2aca583 : Remove MailSync demo
6b16feb : Update to follow activity manager protocol change.
bbbc646 : EmulatedCamera2: Fix metadata symbols: DO NOT MERGE
28ecf8d : Revert "Camera2: Selectively re-define master metadata symbols: DO NOT MERGE": DO NOT MERGE
7dedc1f : Update voip in classpath
fdc98b7 : Correcting 2 FC's in Dev Tools
00fc93c : Refactoring due to removing some private APIs.
e26f9f9 : Fix SDK build: use repository XML schemas from new prebuilts.
b28878a : Updating WeatherListWidget to the new collections widget api.
74497f3 : First set of demo apps for DevBytes videos
8af005c : Update eclipse .classpath for current master config
68ade37 : Camera2: Fix segfault when control fields were omitted in metadata: DO NOT MERGE
74d45ce : Camera2: Fix a potential race condition in the readout thread: DO NOT MERGE
04ff9ec : Camera2: Fix a deadlock when closing the camera: DO NOT MERGE
95f1b7e : Camera2: Test: fix deadlock in isStreamInUse: DO NOT MERGE
50a86be : Camera2: Return -ENODEV for camera indices out of bounds: DO NOT MERGE
0bddddb : Camera2: Turn off 3A when android.control.mode == OFF: DO NOT MERGE
52f92fa : Camera2: Selectively re-define master metadata symbols: DO NOT MERGE
bbff7fb : Sync stddef.h
dd2ab66 : Remove unsupported BrowserPlugin.
ec20b2d : Fix san-sangeles warnings with clang 3.1
253d234 : Sync MIPS fenv.h
75d889e : Sync sys/limits.h and sys/sysconf.h
d693e84 : Sync fenv.h
54e2794 : Add binaries to bootstrap GCC build with OpenMP
7c9e2c6 : Fix wint_t in android-3 and android-8 to be consistent with android-9
7980acf : Remove duplicated definitions of size_t and ssize_t
2c0ee4a : Camera2: Fix segfault when control fields were omitted in metadata
572a086 : Camera2: Test: fix deadlock in isStreamInUse
09167dc : Camera2: Return -ENODEV for camera indices out of bounds
9ca4e48 : Sync pthread.h and resolv.h
6d305d0 : Camera2: Turn off 3A when android.control.mode == OFF
c4464b7 : Revert "Camera2: Fix a potential race condition in the readout thread"
d30385f : Correct typo
ab13dd0 : Fix <endian.h> and <sys/endian.h>
4374190 : SDK: fix sdk_repo build.
4dd755b : Remove outdated FontLab app since Skia no longer uses it to tune gamma values.
6edd7ab : Camera2: Fix a potential race condition in the readout thread
0825f8b : Camera2: Fix a deadlock when closing the camera
0e72fe1 : Update HelloCompute to use separate output bitmap.
4ba2dd5 : Fix warning compiling samples with clang3.1
ef48154 : Fix a ENOTUP/ENOTSUP typo
7361c3c : Refresh endian.h
8197f7d : Add "cts-dreams" to testrunner.
c45fca2 : Add missing SL_IID_ANDROIDBUFFERQUEUESOURCE in android-14 for ARM/X86
fdc3519 : Fix stack tool to find the correct toolchain
328bdf9 : EmulatedCamera2: Fix metadata symbols
4db52ad : Update Eclipse CDT include paths
47e30d7 : Update TextClock sample code
02327e1 : Bug: __WINT_TYPE__ and wint_t reference to different types
6162d4e : Correct typo
28464f3 : Check the presence of __STDC_VERSION__ in <sys/cdefs.h>
279fe06 : Refresh header byteswap.h and dirent.h
2eb9332 : Fix limits.h to include page.h which provides PAGE_SIZE
6cebef0 : Add gsm decoder to media codec list
a103fc1 : Cleanup eclipse .classpath for Gallery2
3cab674 : Add video for VideoView demo
18fc718 : Fix return type of glGetAttribLocation and glGetUniformLocation
b69d09e : LunarLander: Fix race condition causing crash on exit
616e8f9 : Make runtest handle inner instrumentation class names.
f0afa30 : Change runtest --path to only run first instrumentation found.
2c9e934 : Let users could query cpu features on device.
db5a5ad : ndk: Remove LONG_LONG_MIN/MAX hack from pthread.h
ed7dac0 : Remove obsolete LOCAL_NDK_VERSION
d168123 : [ndk] Fixed sample SanAngeles to properly pause/resume
e8e0e4b : Add ActionBar support library to SDK build
bf03a1b : [MIPS] Add support for waitpid.
79d4220 : [MIPS] Add Support pthread library functions.
fbedea8 : [MIPS] Add Support clone.
9ea8cc7 : [MIPS] Updated support for statfs and fstatfs.
2c4605a : [MIPS] Updated support for stat.
e3e0db1 : [MIPS] Updated support for socket and added support for socket_pair.
b10b6f2 : [MIPS] Update Support for fcntl.
9b350a5 : [MIPS] Add Support for syscall.
0d05107 : [MIPS] Add Support timer_create.
79b607b : [MIPS] Add Support signal.
25cabbf : [MIPS] Add Support errno, Added Logging, sorted Android.mk files.
36ffaf5 : Replace __unused in linux/sysctl.h with __linux_unused
c6427a7 : Update NDK headers
cb5b723 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c6c0faa : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
01844b1 : Fixed runtest to work with python != 2.4
fbb5fc3 : Windows USB Driver for generic, rev 7
c9533ad : Windows USB Driver for generic + Q, rev 7.
d67ccf4 : Adding new packages to classpath.
fa8f42a : Retire LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.
ac0a18e : Adding new script to generate Intellij projects.
52f848f : Remove the astl tests from testrunner.
c1a8cc2 : supported multi-touch scripts and line-by-line mode in monkey, fixed some format issues

Project: device/asus/deb

fb091a7 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/asus/flo

45d57ac : Remove apns from flo build .
b0ca5bd : Add specific AEC effect descriptor
db45b90 : wlan: Disable DFS channels for non-default regulatory.
ecdedf2 : Flo: NFC: Remove NFCEE-related files.
40b5c04 : Set autobrightness mode on by default
103648a : Fix NFC & Camera
3f7eb24 : Fix NFC & Camera
e458852 : Flo: NFC: Move HAL to device-specific makefile.
d09056a : flo: fix recovery code
d3e52de : Allow deb to inherit it's own camera library.
0870f9f : flo: fix recovery code
8d28466 : Audio: Fine tune recording quality for ASR.
ee4ed67 : Allow deb to inherit it's own camera library.
19b3094 : flo: adjust auto-brightness curve
0fa5983 : auto-generated blob list
708ee89 : flo: adjust auto-brightness curve
5dde0d6 : Break out flo and common makefiles for deb support.
8166a50 : flo: fixed recovery.fstab
e0fbcb4 : turn on bluetooth pan nap
f1f07ae : flo: fixed recovery.fstab
c034509 : Add property and mixer path for device rotation
f5e8fc8 : auto-generated blob list
873c52e : Flo: NFC: Disable UICC discovery.
7b5bd63 : Revert "TouchScreen: Modify the IDC file for cluster report (DO NOT MERGE)"
6d7c024 : disable DFS channel scanning, set country code priority
7e9320e : wlan: Improve W-Fi data transmission stablity.
988924c : wlan : Enable 5G HT40 for increasing Wi-Fi throughput at 5G bands.
75712bf : flo: Stop PP daemon when SurfaceFlinger is stopped
d3cd8ec : flo: auto-start mm-pp-daemon
6ec2052 : disable DFS channel scanning, set country code priority
b1e3008 : wlan: Improve W-Fi data transmission stablity.
3443431 : wlan : Enable 5G HT40 for increasing Wi-Fi throughput at 5G bands.
6217141 : flo: Stop PP daemon when SurfaceFlinger is stopped
e7f69ca : flo: auto-start mm-pp-daemon
f4b95ca : flo: Enable postprocessing service
76b6c52 : flo: Enable postprocessing service
d8f96ba : TouchScreen: Modify the IDC file for cluster report (DO NOT MERGE)
af282f3 : init.flo.rc: Enabling ondemand multi-core performance optimizations
79260cb : init.flo.rc: Enable frequency synchronization on thread migration
2b03305 : kernel-headers: Update msm_cam_sensor.h exported header
0d97014 : add transport_names support for hsic bridge.
09a0eea : backlight: enable cabl by default
4ae203c : Change group id to be net_bt_stack for flo for Bluetooth services and devs
d841eee : audio: fix mic selection when speaker is active.
64a72d6 : kernel-headers: Update jpeg and camera isp kernel headers
1c90ddd : audio: fix mic selection when speaker is active.
42afa06 : Revert "Turn tethering off in Flo"
46319cc : NFC: Updated LPTD_CFG and PREINIT_DSP_CFG to improve the reading range.
e0286af : flo: increase config_screenBrightnessDim to 5
6e91c10 : Add word-wide region support for deb and flo.
c2c7d66 : wlan: Update DFS and BlueTooth co-existence parameters
350c371 : wlan: Enable ARP Offload
6b54e7c : flo: update cleanspec
98a54fd : flo: enable USB host support DO NOT MERGE
d513683 : auto-generated blob list
ff0acea : device.mk: enable sensors SMD by default
29226db : device.mk: enable sensors SMD by default
d0760d4 : Turn tethering off in Flo
4ad2abd : NFC: Modify the firmware patch access location for BCM20793B5 chip.
b87ff3c : auto-generated blob list
fb3f5ed : Default config_voice_capable, config_sms_capable to false.
dc7f0a0 : Flo: Set disable_scan_offload=1 in wpa_supplicant overlay file
7b7b1c0 : Do not copy apn table
117f650 : hall sensor: add lid control for sleep
4e276a8 : add confiurgation for FLO Bluetooth
67c63bc : FLO Bluetooth configured as Nexus 4
3de0c3f : Camera: Disable ZSL mode until support is ready
5038519 : Add bluetooth_le hardware feature
3587edf : Camera: Disable ZSL mode until support is ready
241fd72 : flo: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps.
9f02634 : Camera: Disable ZSL mode until support is ready
c45d0c0 : flo: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps.
25d6f75 : Add bluetooth_le hardware feature
2c395a1 : flo: delete camera.msm8960
d468af5 : (HACK) flo: decrease video bitrate for 720p to handle low fps
6779708 : flo: Update camera header files from AU221 to AU281
af09a40 : Add clean step to regenerate build properties
9a44f2b : Restore product properties on Flo Bug #8868752
0824a30 : Restore product properties on Flo Bug #8868752
839f4ba : Fix BT rev-tether iface name.
f5c0b67 : Enable multiple users in flo
5683986 : Enable ARP offload for Wake on Wireless.
4b0a161 : Conigure libhwui for a 1080p display
c3b3a9e : flo: Enable prerotation
d187816 : Flo wants more heap.
78bd2af : wlan: modify service wcnss_init permission for security concern.
6d867b5 : Audio: set heaphone analog gain = -4.5dB.
c3d6491 : Audio: add 150Hz high pass filter for speaker.
e746530 : USB: change VID/PIDs for Flo & Deb.
92d9c43 : add tablet characteristics to flo
4b85be6 : Correct the file name for NFC chip specific configuration.
2f3b628 : flo: Fix up NFC config files.
d396ec6 : dumpstate: dump logs of ks_bridge
2ed9df5 : flo: increase the lower backlight limit
0954cca : Remove wifi_p2p network.
fb697b9 : init: fix client group id in sec_config
c05bb44 : flo: Enable MDP composition
56d9d67 : wlan: creat init.flo.wifi.sh prevent wifi turn off fail caused by timing issue.
9c257a1 : audio: fix left and right speaker inversion
92030d5 : device.mk: add sec_config used by irsc
1cb3858 : init: Execute IRSC utility during initialization
b3ec41b : set preferred network mode: LTE>GSM>WCDMA
81901cb : flo: use supplemental overlay files
2262782 : Actually make Flo output stereo
4aa8cb6 : Update camera header to AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_MR1.
b964a06 : wlan: update cal file for deb
50000b2 : wlan: separate cal file for each project.
3ed3ea0 : Enable stereo for Flo
f820490 : Upload recovery.fstab to support bootloader update fail-safe
f04a899 : Camera: Include Camera HAL for compilation
1cd06b5 : flo: wifi: Update WCNSS_cfg.dat for QCT prima driver
1c27b50 : flo: wifi: Update NV file for QCT prima driver
c08e2f4 : auto-generated blob list
9755472 : flo: Create wpa_supplicant.conf from hardware/qcom
e8888a3 : Remove the ext4 discard mount option.
bbb3406 : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
2d6646b : Add /radio mount to fstab.flo
b6b935a : Add liblog
fd02cfd : audio: enable on board mic in voice search and camcorder cases.
a2f2348 : auto-generated blob list
fcad9ec : audio: enable on board mic and set digital gain to 17dB.
1da4be5 : flo: camera-specific kernel headers
cdde89b : camera: Add new libraries for camera 3.0
fd7a251 : auto-generated blob list
968d7f7 : NFC: Remove nfc firmware patch files and disable pre-download firmware for BCM20793B5 chip.
39be7dd : Before this change, kickstart will possiblely be launched at two point:
cd5ea9a : auto-generated blob list
9e2c9e5 : mako: update WCNSS_cfg.dat
8aec05e : mako: remove unused BoardConfig.mk variables
92ec6d5 : auto-generated blob list
95ab972 : auto-generated blob list
6ab2c3d : Increase system image partition to 840MB
3c1d831 : Bluetooth: Remove permissions for smd port
07fe8f2 : fstab: change persist partition permission for sensors
9ed2b2e : audio: enable loading ADSP image during bootup
37f43a5 : auto-generated blob list
faea6fc : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
525a74f : wlan: update WCNSS_cfg.dat & WCNSS_qcom_wlan_nv.bin
b4b8732 : Increase system partition size to 640MB
bbcf9dd : audio: add mixer_paths.xml
8808688 : Update recovery.fstab for partition name and size
9d16edc : Launch netmgrd for the device with modem
700e54a : Enable NFC using bcm2079x.
7e93891 : Bump apns version to 8
f0749e5 : Removed setup_fs and mount persist as read-only
40e0db3 : Bump apns version to 8
f5f918e : Kickstart: launch kickstart by ks_checker
0daa891 : Not set Diag as the default USB function and update the temporary VID/PID for MTP, PTP, and ADB.
e0de530 : Use dumpstate directly for bugreports.
39caf03 : auto-generated blob list
71d505d : auto-generated blob list
f1fab41 : auto-generated blob list
f5be9f1 : flo: avoid radio mount error
d73a278 : flo: add boot and recovery to fstab
1e5cfd0 : flo: compile some tools only for flo
4ffa22b : device/asus/flo: initial commit
aae218a : Initial empty repository

Project: device/asus/flo-kernel

09f2b0a : flo: prebuilt kernel
8307221 : empty kernel file
528c290 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/asus/grouper

76c39b1 : nakasi: Update kernel prebuilt
ab548ac : Take care of remaining denials.
1ef9289 : Mark all domains permissive.
c80dc0c : Add compatibility.te.
a1bfe4b : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
5838c8f : Clean up bluetooth le feature file
028cd7c : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
f1e7d0d : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
b3f3407 : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
b1b64e0 : Add bootup policy for grouper.
37a3179 : Adjust asus/grouper SELinux policy due to shell -> init_shell.
ffc60d8 : Add /dev/diag support in policy.
98c4d99 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
83f6919 : DO NOT MERGE Update SELinux policy.
9574c23 : Remove wifi_p2p network.
74e1586 : grouper: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
bb67b08 : grouper: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
1313be0 : Remove duplicate definition for SELinux policy.
2698c5f : Revert "Move type to general policy."
1e2b1aa : Move type to general policy.
50e0c82 : Copy android.hardware.bluetooth_le.xml permission file
2a8330f : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
aa5a339 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
9c5718e : Remove the ext4 discard mount option.
380d01b : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
bfdf085 : Removed vold.fstab from grouper build.
91d2ae5 : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
d5bd3b6 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
097a9e6 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
50db150 : Revert "Revert "Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.grouper.rc.""
17def49 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
339e253 : Revert "Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.grouper.rc."
43b4d37 : Revert "grouper: update kernel prebuilt"
6226ea0 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
9fdeec8 : Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.grouper.rc.
39a788f : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
4d9d633 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
02dc71e : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
6caef4c : grouper: wifi: Remove obsolete path to P2P FW
65e61bc : Remove unused asus/grouper ARCH_ARM_HAVE_TLS_REGISTER.
f2ec916 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
3cffb33 : Remove unneeded ARCH_ARM_USE_NON_NEON_MEMCPY value.
0f99f77 : Use dumpstate directly for bugreports.
c304182 : bluetooth: nakasi: Don't need btmacreader binary, it only for Nakasi ER-stage. (2/2)
4bc78d6 : auto-generated blob list
6e01ad7 : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
456ceb2 : Grouper: NFC: Enable NFC provisioning for EDU.
a589ef7 : Remove unneeded ARCH_ARM_USE_NON_NEON_MEMCPY value. DO NOT MERGE
fae4451 : Separate the fstab file between grouper and tilapia
fcc78da : More reformatting for uniformity
d962471 : Re-format for uniformity with other licenses
11081d2 : Reformat licences to a uniform 77-column format
ad05105 : Updated self-extractors for JDP39
cad8844 : Move keymaster files to the Open Source side of the world
ba28601 : Factory images for JDP39
918ee2c : Update unified fstab.grouper to support recovery
d18be78 : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
c03ca7b : Remove unnecessary lines in PRODUCT_PACKAGES
c837db2 : Make software vp8 video encoder available to MediaCodec on Grouper
1663999 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
e8d35a7 : Handle ASUS proprietary binaries
c622165 : audio: factor out audio_route into a separate library
829187c : Packages for JDP82
5175d7c : Fix BT rev-tether iface name.
b7eeecc : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
2f39199 : JOP40D factory images for Grouper
0c4aef3 : Run fastboot oem unlock before flashing
f98d2a5 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
7caad26 : Add gsm decoder to media codec list
182bf25 : SELinux mods to init file.
2598a87 : Grouper factory images for JOP40C
7b797c3 : Grouper self-extractors for JOP40C
a78ca9b : Grouper binaries for JOP40
5bf7778 : Grouper factory images for JOP40
5903c3a : Grouper factory images for JOP39B
6232c64 : Grouper self-extractors for JOP36
3580910 : Update grouper self-extractors for JOB32B
0f4b393 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
d86e666 : SELinux policy additions.
ecf1f7b : License for NXP binaries
30c3dba : auto-generated blob list
734bf8a : Distributables for JZO54K for grouper
6e8b4c2 : Factory image for JZO54J
f83c38f : JZO54I factory images for nakasi
175482c : auto-generated blob list
ed73899 : auto-generated blob list

Project: device/asus/tilapia

a2e79fa : Remove wifi_p2p network.
0f04d2d : tilapia: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
a0631b2 : tilapia: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
971306d : Remove the ext4 discard mount option.
10ad0b8 : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
a651849 : Revert "Revert "Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.tilapia.rc.""
7c71b76 : Revert "Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.tilapia.rc."
f8044e6 : Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.tilapia.rc.
9a8c10a : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
6dc0a30 : Use dumpstate directly for bugreports.
e870c17 : auto-generated blob list
1393483 : Tilapia: NFC: Enable NFC provisioning for EDU.
70140fd : bluetooth: bach: Don't need btmacreader binary, it only for Nakasi ER-stage.
39999ab : Actually include the new fstab.grouper file. Oops.
68f6a13 : Separate the fstab file between grouper and tilapia
1bc257c : More reformatting for uniformity
189e1c7 : Re-format for uniformity with other licenses
cada890 : Reformat licences to a uniform 77-column format
0024595 : Self-extractors updated for JDQ39
b9895db : Factory images for JDP39
17f041c : Files necessary for AOSP support of tilapia. Yay!
6065a2c : auto-generated blob list
e945e22 : Packages for JDP82
80a56c0 : Fix BT rev-tether iface name.
d753822 : JOP40D factory images for Tilapia
35155fc : Run fastboot oem unlock before flashing
4059680 : Tilapia factory images for JOP40C
e8169fc : Tilapia factory images for JOP40
a9f0674 : Tilapia factory images for JOP39B
fc4fd42 : First cut at generating factory images for tilapia

Project: device/common

170977f : Revert "Add robustness against vendor dependencies"
783e265 : Add robustness against vendor dependencies
8a9017d : Improve generation of lists of proprietary blobs.
af1d81e : move libbt to hardware/broadcom/libbt
8743cdb : Add liblog
bb652fd : Add support for blobs for experimental devices
c1bc4b2 : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
801131c : Remove special-case - do not merge
9f8c7e1 : Fine-tune device list
efe9004 : Clean up the cleanup code
46bb832 : Add extra devices
36812ce : Full list of devices for blob lists
348fb65 : Add tungsten back
a0a63e6 : Script to generate a skeleton for new devices
17bc864 : Remove qualcomm-related directories
a705531 : Add the ability to unlock the bootloader before doing anything else
51f84ba : Only build phantasm in this branch - do not merge
dbb3175 : No special-cases any more
d13c504 : Remove phantasm for now
dfff601 : Allow the radio to be specified as a standalone file.
241b668 : xloader is optional, only copy it when it's there
f5f56fa : Use the right variable name for the xloader file
2466e5e : Handle devices with two bootloader copies
8422277 : Handle xloader in addition to bootloader
ef9493c : Add phantasm
fdec704 : Handle radios in separate files
e47e97d : Add master-only projects back

Project: device/generic/armv7-a-neon

0b24d24 : Remove unused generic/armv7-a-neon ARCH_ARM_HAVE_TLS_REGISTER.
9de9b97 : add TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to PDK ARM target
993e411 : add TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to PDK ARM target

Project: device/generic/goldfish

30717de : camera3: Make front cameras limited mode, back cameras full mode
4a0a02b : camera: Fix availableMaxDigitalZoom property to be float
ec38324 : Gralloc/Camera3: Support new HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_YCbCr_420_888 format
c53a7a7 : Release the video frame buffer to fix the memory leak issue on emulator
303c7c2 : Various bug fixes to make ZSL work.
7407f20 : goldfish: fix gralloc module
57ac67a : Camera3: Add asynchronous JPEG
4e8dfb1 : Camera3: Add shutter notification
7c38b54 : Enforce READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE on emulator.
ccb311d : Add liblog
899e892 : Camera: Handle AF state transitions
199f602 : Camera3: Allow register_stream_buffers while requests are in flight
e0400c6 : Camera3: Trigger IDs now received from framework
5e936df : Camera2/3: Improve fake handshake
03a28bb : Camera3: Support for still capture
2de81ad : Bare-bones emulated fake camera for HAL version 3
4dc85ef : Camera: Hotplug support as if it was sysfs
0f079ec : Bump apns version to 8
5bb902b : Bump apns version to 8
c86ea2b : introduce camera.goldfish.jpeg to allow building emulator camera HAL in PDK
a27863d : rootdir: goldfish: mount debugfs on boot time
8a94683 : migrate opengl and system from development/tools
a76102f : move goldfish specific stuffs from system/core/rootdir/etc
77cd23c : Add unified fstab.goldfish, needed for the sdk
1f644ac : audio: get rid of legacy audio HAL.

Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-armv7-a-neon

40683ac : mount debugfs
b7e7ab9 : migrate to 3.4 kernel
e6ad81d : remove duplicate egl.cfg which is no longer used.
ffad43b : reflect the migration of emulator hal to device/generic/goldfish
120d476 : extract mini-emulator common stuffs to mini_emulator_common.mk
d548fd0 : pull init.goldfish.sh and ueventd.goldfish.rc
4301610 : initial work for pdk emulator
39ee398 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-mips

0eeb3d3 : kernel path clean up
5a721ac : update BoardConfig
a98660f : initial configuration for min_emulator_mips for mini mips emulator support
1664876 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-x86

e695166 : migrate to 3.4 kernel
56e5fa5 : update BoardConfig
35d4cca : initial configuration for min_emulator_x86 for mini x86 emulator support
a0a2ab1 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/lge/mako

7a7464a : mako: wifi: Update NV file to disable DFS channels
0696907 : Revert "Revert "mako: disable DFS scan, enable country code from SIM""
05db334 : Revert "init.mako.rc: Enable ondemand multi-core performance optimizations"
02f212f : Revert "init.mako.rc: Enable frequency synchronization on thread migration"
46d2d11 : Update mixer paths: add "speaker-reverse"
1ce8f03 : Revert "init.mako.rc: Enable frequency synchronization on thread migration"
a0cee8e : Revert "init.mako.rc: Enable ondemand multi-core performance optimizations"
ff84a33 : Revert "Revert "mako: disable DFS scan, enable country code from SIM""
b86d150 : Revert "mako: disable DFS scan, enable country code from SIM"
e9bdff5 : Revert "mako: disable DFS scan, enable country code from SIM"
351e8b7 : auto-generated blob list
dc4304f : Camera: Invalidate snapshot buffers after allocation
a1b2923 : mako: disable DFS scan, enable country code from SIM
0b56dab : mako: disable DFS scan, enable country code from SIM
f61c2dd : init.mako.rc: Enable ondemand multi-core performance optimizations
d7ddd78 : init.mako.rc: Enable frequency synchronization on thread migration
2facd52 : Take care of remaining denials.
da986ad : mako: wifi: Update NV file for QCT prima driver
f795db2 : wlan: Update DFS and BlueTooth co-existence parameters
3c31883 : Move domains to permissive.
a8c3777 : auto-generated blob list
b41bcb7 : camera: Set the maximum fps to 30.
78ae7c8 : Add compatibility.te.
e1919b3 : added voice processing library
72de552 : Mako: Set disable_scan_offload=1 in wpa_supplicant overlay file
07accf9 : SELinux policy: let SurfaceFlinger read /data/local/tmp
caeede5 : SELinux policy: let ueventd search SDCard dir
c27b7bb : SELinux policy: let qcks search /data/local/tmp
78d57b3 : camera: Do not use content protected heap for camera
d5aacd9 : Mako: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps.
1e1dcb8 : Mako: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps.
b9fd377 : Allow read access to the fds handed out by ashmem.
a3f5ef8 : Camera: Add GRALLOC_USAGE_HW_CAMERA_WRITE usage flag
71d4942 : Remove logwrapper calls to fix SELinux denials.
9817eeb : Allow wpa_supplicant to write to devpts as well.
39f2005 : Last occam denials.
93bbc93 : Resolve remaining occam denials before boot.
591967c : Add policy for kickstart.
58565f2 : Revert "mako: temporatily remove kickstarter's old root files"
387e7a0 : SELinux policy for accessing audio firmware files.
9fa6d52 : SELinux policy to permit mediaserver to create sockets.
5030f9b : Widen SELinux policy for Qualcomm MSM Audio ACDB device.
1c05c0f : SELinux policy for /dev/mediaN devices.
aae5b5e : SELinux policy for Qualcomm QMI QMUX sockets.
fcebeb3 : SELinux policy for Qualcomm MSM Audio ACDB device.
a8ab977 : Add the /dev/diag file context.
72021bb : Add bcm2079x_device policy.
de2a035 : Add the ability to write to the /dev/socket/qmux_radio for rild.
10076f7 : Add policy support for the qmux sockets.
c6b54b7 : Camera: Correct the Heap ID used for preview buffer allocation
e65bf8d : Add policy support for /dev/diag
b00f6d0 : Add policy to handle errors encountered in testing.
2b37050 : Remove wifi_p2p network.
de39f33 : audio: Correct analog gain mixer control values
8413264 : Grant Keystrore and DRM services access to /dev/qseecom.
c6442fe : Allow ueventd to read from the sdcard.
92f8201 : Add msm_rotator to graphics_device.
1fc9172 : SELinux whitelist for GPU (/dev/kgsl-3d0) access on mako.
bb3ca8d : Add base device-specific SELinux policy.
bff49e5 : [Canada WIND] max MMS size needs to be changed for WIND as well
8f85d83 : Fix build.
b2162cb : Copy android.hardware.bluetooth_le.xml permission file
168c5f8 : mako: start using supplicant overlay configs
03d80e0 : mako: add supplicant config overlay
4ed4f74 : Camera: Report error when multiple camera instances opened.
50a68e4 : mako: wifi: Update WCNSS_cfg.dat for QCT prima driver
831113a : mako: wifi: Update NV file for QCT prima driver.
7351977 : diag: Dont leave /dev/diag as world read/write
a9be30e : Device supports OpenGL ES 3.0
f5e6f16 : Camera: Call cancel_buffers on min undequeued buffers
1071172 : Camera: Invoke led flash in CAF mode
667172b : Fix hsic data events source for dumpstate
5b77f99 : qseecom: Drop world rw permissions for /dev/qseecom
9e8dccd : [Canada] max MMS size needs to be changed for some Carriers
be1c02d : auto-generated blob list
381f608 : Add msm_pm_stats and hsic control & data debug buffers to dumpstate
b52f3f7 : camera: restarting caf after liveshot
d147163 : camera: add Morpho DNR support
3e639d7 : camera: Don't run continuous autofocus in startPreview2.
9b8d42f : device.mk: enable sensors SMD by default
4316d58 : mako: Create wpa_supplicant.conf from hardware/qcom
23b8260 : camera: updating correct exif data
8a2375f : mako: camera: update exif header for new exif member
9c49626 : camera: updating correct exif data
0e50d0f : Remove the ext4 discard mount option.
d6fce4d : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
ee1e118 : Add liblog
221b6c0 : Revert "diag: Drop world rw permissions for /dev/diag"
4d9784f : Revert "qseecom: Drop world rw permissions for /dev/qseecom"
731f9bc : Revert "diag: Drop world rw permissions for /dev/diag"
5579443 : Revert "qseecom: Drop world rw permissions for /dev/qseecom"
d9b7d9a : qseecom: Drop world rw permissions for /dev/qseecom
dea94d4 : diag: Drop world rw permissions for /dev/diag
82d7681 : Mako: NFC: Set delays for power on and reset.
a5d58bd : usb: acm: add hsic transport name as serial_hsic
c42d154 : mako: remove unused package alsa.msm8960
ece042e : Disable device specific camera.
3d4d689 : Revert "Disable device specific camera."
98536c6 : Disable device specific camera.
a37ae04 : auto-generated blob list
6d01645 : mako: move camera HAL from hardware/qcom/camera, DO NOT MERGE
eeba217 : Mako: NFC: Modify config file to work with new stack.
6f47866 : audio: enable loading ADSP image during bootup
029165f : auto-generated blob list
2cbcbb4 : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
70c04fb : wlan: Enable ARP Offload
fbfec6b : wlan: Enable ARP Offload
658692e : mako: camera: featuring fast autofocus
e66d72e : mako: update WCNSS_cfg.dat
13e5cd1 : Remove unused lge/mako ARCH_ARM_HAVE_TLS_REGISTER.
52e510e : mako: update WCNSS_cfg.dat
c08d651 : mako: disable LGE's fast AF temporarily
75efd29 : init.mako.rc: switch to new kickstarter driver
f359467 : DO NOT MERGE JAPAN(440,441): 110,118,119,112,911
fba17b7 : mako: wifi: Channels blocking in no service - do not merge
ce736bd : DO NOT MERGE JAPAN(440,441): 110,118,119,112,911
c72cb7b : Use dumpstate directly for bugreports.
1b6572f : mako: wifi: Channels blocking in no service - do not merge
9628dd7 : auto-generated blob list
397221c : Mako: NFC: Enable UICC_IDLE timeout feature.
fa0d649 : auto-generated blob list
a66cdbd : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
dbbbe19 : audio: fix mixer path for speaker
9d9d2ce : auto-generated blob list
e19f091 : wlan: Update WCNSS_cfg and NV that corresponds to RIVA 1.2.4
5197d28 : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
7421f91 : Mako: NFC: Enable polling for Kovio technology.
e1ff4e6 : fix build
03e0c19 : audio: Add mixer paths to support audio capture from bt-sco
ca1d9a3 : audio: Add support for TTY feature
7edbad5 : Update unified fstab.mako to support recovery
0e48b70 : Self-extractors for mako
2906dfe : audio: fixes for dual mic capture
7dacf65 : audio: Add support for Dual MIC feature
906da2a : Use the cleaner LOCAL_POST_INSTALL_CMD to install symlinks
5f37900 : Factory images for JDP39
1eee589 : mako: switch to the new tinyALSA-based audio HAL
542aceb : audio: Fix the device switch delay issue during voice call
715268d : Remove unnecessary lines in PRODUCT_PACKAGES
6f9f2eb : Make software vp8 video encoder available to MediaCodec
c4af08d : audio: add mixer_paths.xml
60c5716 : Add BOARD_USES_LEGACY_ALSA_AUDIO, set to true
65bcadc : Fix BT rev-tether iface name.
e90e48d : mako: wifi: Change WiFi NV for Japan
798123e : mako: inherit hardware/qcom/msm8960 product
2f35d8c : mako: tidy up init script for on init
afed426 : mako: direct connection of MDM and PC modem port
5f7b5e1 : mako: Fix the exit code in bt init script
6b1fe8b : mako: mount cache and userdata with discard enabled
e9c52d4 : Remove outdated and unmaintained file
e1d91b1 : mako: reduce the power consumption in off-mode charging
ad4941c : mako: allow device to sleep in off-mode charging
c9baf37 : audio: added dual mic capture device.
65837dc : mako: reduce the power consumption in off-mode charging
1ef9227 : mako: allow device to sleep in off-mode charging
bc78e2d : Add overlay for config_speed_up_audio_on_mt_calls
3205556 : Add gsm decoder to media codec list
cd2df7d : Mako factory images for JOP40C
36c6e1f : Mako factory images for JOP40
99c66a2 : Mako factory images for JOP39B
27509a3 : Occam factory images for JOP32B
e23992a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
db93ea7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
17b2312 : Mako: NFC: Disable listening for Nfc-B on eSE.
3fc29c4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
464b64d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d176f36 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0bc3fef : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
662a5fe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6377021 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: device/lge/mako-kernel

2015078 : mako: prebuilt kernel
9181796 : mako: prebuilt kernel
0adc161 : mako: prebuilt kernel

Project: device/sample

52ce1d0 : Remove unnecessary Softbank APNs
3bd2d27 : Revert Iab225226ab18b9e7c9ea614f58c8ba2ef0bad519
42ddaee : Enable overlay for NLP, FLP and Geocoder in sample location config.
52e540d : DO NOT MERGE Added Japanese MVNO APN settings.
feaae96 : Add liblog
51dd2c2 : Update ATT apn
7d1a087 : create MVNO config file and verion up
a4290a2 : Adding Softbank APN for SIM unlocked device for jb-mr1-dev
1055385 : DO NOT MERGE Adding Softbank APN for SIM unlocked device for jb-mr1.1-dev
d9bd5e7 : New apns settings for Everything Everywhere (new UK operator)
f995d2b : DO NOT MERGE Adding Softbank APN for SIM unlocked device for jb-mr1.1-dev
e197189 : DO NOT MERGE Adding Softbank APN for SIM unlocked device for jb-mr1.1-dev
41d67aa : Change apns-full-conf.xml for APN updates.
c101d99 : Adding Softbank APN for SIM unlocked device
e8cfabc : Updated APN setting for Bulgaria VIVACOM.
5bfb4b0 : Added Japanese MVNO APN settings.
fbf3803 : Add new APN values for a new operator (Hot Mobile) in Israel. Signed-off-by: tal <talkarliner7@gmail.com>
7232b92 : am 03f6c4ba: [sample] change apns-full-conf.xm in the ASIA/MEA countries
c3a6a01 : Add VZWINTERNET for bearer type of 6, 7, 8 and 12.
3e96eef : Revert "Add VZWINTERNET for bearer type of 6, 7, 8 and 12."
782a46e : Add VZWINTERNET for bearer type of 6, 7, 8 and 12.
dffd5d8 : Added new APN values for a new operator (YouPhone) in Israel.

Project: device/samsung/maguro

b40835e : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
c1142ce : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
bb955f4 : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
490d6c7 : set ro.bq.gpu_to_cpu_unsupported properly
769e3ad : Self-extractors for JDQ39
70fe736 : More reformatting for uniformity
acb3b61 : Re-format for uniformity with other licenses
191cfb4 : Remove stray whitespace
c32db18 : Reformat licences to a uniform 77-column format
caad00e : Factory images for JDP39
3cc162a : Packages for JDP82
42d1c34 : JOP40D factory images for Maguro
3c82b2c : Maguro factory images for JOP40C
60cb8be : Maguro self-extractors for JOP40C
d1af22a : Maguro binaries for JOP40
0cd370c : Maguro factory images for JOP40
1dc08fb : Maguro factory images for JOP39B
3fa5d72 : Maguro self-extractors for JOP36
d1d3683 : Update maguro self-extractors for JOB32B
8bc8d92 : License for NXP binaries
4c1e796 : auto-generated blob list
0f2c53e : Distributables for JZO54K for maguro
fb853a6 : JZO54I factory image for yakju
e62b9f8 : JZO54I factory images for yakju

Project: device/samsung/manta

6e84a8b : manta: update kernel prebuilt
e4956a0 : Add compatibility.te.
57cd2bc : prebuilt kernel (fix for perf_event_open)
8e3d297 : ARM: exynos: Manta: Change gps binary & xml for clearing a buganizer#8911981
509991a : manta: Disable logging by gpsd in /data/gps/logs
20c90bc : manta: update kernel prebuilt
744a823 : Clean up bluetooth le feature file
5784bc3 : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
4e7fe45 : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
843d19e : prebuilt kernel (extra lowmemkill debug, fix sleep in DataAbort())
89f737a : prebuilt kernel (extra lowmemkill debug, fix sleep in DataAbort())
3908b72 : new kernel prebuilt
6683e28 : new kernel prebuilt
ef9c97f : Remove wifi_p2p network.
907a69a : manta: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
27e83bd : manta: prebuilt kernel (cpufreq governor spinlock init, missed idle timers)
6ff9455 : manta: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
d58d10c : prebuilt kernel (fixes: OABI sleep with no IRQs, ion shrinker)
e247ee4 : manta: kernel prebuilt
d0a02f6 : Add the ion chunk heap debug file to dumpstate
641f4cc : Manta: NFC: Increase power-on delay to 300ms.
8256417 : new kernel prebuilt
fc540a1 : Copy android.hardware.bluetooth_le.xml permission file
17337fd : manta: kernel prebuilt
4f1aece : audio: fix SCO issues
63ca209 : prebuilt kernel (erratum 79818)
16c261e : New kernel prebuilt
87d6cc0 : manta: kernel prebuilt
715cc3e : Report device as OpenGL ES 3.0 capable
c97552f : new kernel prebuilt
633e8df : Fine-tune manta extractors
1a40bd3 : Package binaries for JB MR2
d89367b : prebuilt kernel (nfc fix, sysrq-t fix)
f4b5c42 : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab.
534b99c : new kernel prebuilt
25305b9 : Add liblog
faba44d : prebuilt kernel (stable mergedown 3.4.39, security fix for CVE-2013-0914)
0bceb2d : Manta: NFC: Set delays for power on and reset.
5602f59 : auto-generated blob list
3948fda : audio: implement mute on hdmi multichannel
efbf21f : new kernel prebuilt
370defa : manta: update kernel prebuilt
f654b08 : manta: wifi: Use another universal locale with better A-band support
4336ad2 : Give adbd search permission for ffs.
679b652 : Label the .gps.interface.pipe.to_jni pipe with gps_data_file.
c11ac44 : Manta: NFC: Re-enable UICC idle timeout feature.
f81ccfe : manta: wifi: Disable spuravoid feature in FW
b9d27dd : new kernel prebuilt
49737d1 : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
1f7068e : manta: treat iowait as busy for cpufreq interactive governor
b505295 : manta: wifi: Remove obsolete path to P2P FW
4855484 : Remove unused samsung/manta ARCH_ARM_HAVE_TLS_REGISTER.
dfa60f1 : manta: prebuilt kernel (interactive governor iowait etc., tracing options)
1e9d695 : Rename texture cache flush rate property
74c9380 : Update cache sizes for the new unified path cache
e91f66a : Revert "Manta: NFC: Enable UICC_IDLE timeout feature."
58b4ca0 : Revert "Manta: NFC: Enable UICC_IDLE timeout feature."
313e670 : Use dumpstate directly for bugreports.
52cba5d : Manta: NFC: Enable UICC_IDLE timeout feature.
1b4fecf : prebuilt kernel (3.4.5 to 3.4.35; strace fix; async ion_free)
b744e7c : new kernel prebuilt
f50d9f2 : prebuilt kernel (nf LOG, SELinux enable, binder security hooks)
6b0fd41 : Add TARGET_CPU_VARIANT := cortex-a15 for Manta.
2b3a51b : Manta: NFC: Enable NFC provisioning for EDU.
bef56ee : prebuilt kernel (mmc sec erase, ipv6 def router, gpu trace event)
29a3aa8 : prebuilt kernel (serial irq leak, hiddev, wm8994 asoc merge)
2a4b1b7 : prebuilt kernel (heap reduction)
4244bab : new kernel prebuilt
a10e7b3 : new kernel prebuilt
60c5c68 : Manta: NFC: Enable polling for Kovio technology.
0a86e03 : new kernel prebuilt
b6965f5 : prebuilt kernel update (revert emmc packed write)
0701eac : Update unified fstab.manta to support recovery
bdb0cba : prebuilt kernel update (jpeg clock)
212946d : Self-extractors for JDQ39
95fc9c8 : More reformatting for uniformity
131fbd4 : Re-format for uniformity with other licenses
b289540 : Reformat licences to a uniform 77-column format
8cde435 : manta: prebuilt kernel
5cb8c43 : Factory images for JDP39
611f374 : manta: prebuilt kernel
a5dd790 : Remove unnecessary lines in PRODUCT_PACKAGES
73502c1 : Make software vp8 video encoder available to MediaCodec on Manta
756c990 : Define a max size for the render buffers cache Bug #7146141
223659c : auto-generated blob list
a89527f : manta: power: interactive governor param updates for performance
56f40bf : auto-generated blob list
6fb4d37 : new kernel prebuilt
fced51f : manta: give mediaserver access to g2d
7bd2473 : prebuilt kenerl (qtaguid lo, bcmdhd 1.28-27, mali, sync)
668c139 : manta: power: interactive governor params update for power
80ad7a2 : Fix BT rev-tether iface name.
c968999 : manta: power: interactive governor updates to boost performance
b03f793 : new kernel prebuilt
64975f7 : Prebuilt kernel update (ignore EDID, fix therm throttle, qtaguid stats)
10f2a07 : prebuilt kernel (ext4 extra security attributes)
759c6f0 : audio: factor out audio_route into a separate library
b52afc8 : audio: added support for dual mic capture.
4886499 : New prebuilt kernel
939ce33 : Add TARGET_CPU_VARIANT := cortex-a15 for Manta.
53de4ec : New prebuilt kernel (thermal throttle, battery gauge, cpufreq, qtaguid)
cacc750 : ARM: exynos: Manta: Change gps binary to lastest version
86853cf : New prebuilt kernel
89867a1 : manta: prebuilt kernel
4bdcbe3 : ARM: exynos: manta: Change gps binary to resolve bug7315567
6874c73 : Packages for JDP82
2983dc2 : libsensors: remove unused incorrect sensor defines
3d96702 : sensors: support Invensense MLP 5.1.2
87fb569 : manta: prebuilt kernel
f3e6a67 : manta: power: interactive governor params update
a2b7634 : manta: prebuilt kernel
7049f69 : kernel prebuilt (iio/mpu support 2nd DMP image)
f4172d5 : new kernel prebuilt
3dbc47f : wifi: Use XY/9 locale with improved Tx power
e3a6981 : Initial security policy.
b8af714 : Enable wifi display source functionality on manta.
9eb4931 : Generate fixed JOP40C factory images
e904f14 : JOP40D factory images for Manta
3ccb979 : Add gsm decoder to media codec list
6128aa9 : manta: kernel prebuilt
6e7d185 : Updated Manta self-extractors for JOP40C
7642f2b : License/Copyright for Audience
6bf09d3 : Manta factory images for JOP40C
f0373bb : Manta self-extractors for JOP40C
b4990ba : Manta factory images for JOP40
33ecace : Manta self-extractors for JOP39B
4896af4 : Manta factory images for JOP39B
6308687 : manta: prebuilt kernel
429f24d : bubble level: protect against sensor init failure
117069a : Manta self-extractors for JOP36
fbd9633 : Update manta self-extractors for JOB32B
50535ff : Mantaray factory images for JOP32B
df6d049 : Switch to new fx library API
fdb7671 : audio: initialise linked and value[0]
dbd5dd5 : auto-generated blob list
f68dc92 : auto-generated blob list

Project: device/samsung/toro

13178b2 : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
21e74b6 : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
5bc0917 : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
a095e9a : set ro.bq.gpu_to_cpu_unsupported properly
15cc85a : Generate factory images for JDQ39
758d6f7 : Fix typo - include CBR in AOSP builds
f3f7b55 : Self-extractors for JDQ39
a3160ee : More reformatting for uniformity
cf05408 : Re-format for uniformity with other licenses
ceef5bb : Remove stray whitespace
8cb3a04 : Reformat licences to a uniform 77-column format
1ded293 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e18db0b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8e81693 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fd5bf4e : Toro: Add overlay to use network mode 7 for cdma/lte
da91356 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bf96331 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e319c13 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
410daae : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bc7c6c2 : Packages for JDP82
8415b83 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5dc333d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ce54838 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
017a9ed : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a07b220 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
59e02ba : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a3b3075 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
dbad9d1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9ee9ff1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7632903 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
96955cb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a6d8d18 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
543ec0a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9c4f3b4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4f4a93b : Toro self-extractors for JOP40C
e2efbfd : Toro binaries for JOP40
07b9db8 : torospr got renamed as toroplus
75cdcad : Toro self-extractors for JOP36
e5527b0 : Update toro self-extractors for JOB32B
8d722ee : License for NXP binaries
a735e3f : Distributables for JZO54K for toro
0d59f72 : auto-generated blob list

Project: device/samsung/toroplus

0839ae9 : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
509af63 : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
d8f789c : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
2ed1ced : Bump apns version to 8
bb4da9f : Bump apns version to 8
292d712 : New date code
f32ec4c : More reformatting for uniformity
365a408 : Re-format for uniformity with other licenses
0d24a14 : Remove stray whitespace
b765499 : Reformat licences to a uniform 77-column format
7fbcd5d : Generate new set of toroplus binaries
d0a87f3 : Toroplus self-extractors for JOP40C
03f010e : Fix build - can't override a variable that doesn't exist
e16f1ef : 1) Using Sprint-specific apns-conf.xml (/system/etc/apns-conf.xml)
452d9e3 : Generate toroplus factory images
d86b4d3 : auto-generated blob list

Project: device/samsung/tuna

2a9b101 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (perf_event_open security fix)
12e7bf5 : Clean up bluetooth le feature file
d07ee45 : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
55272b3 : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
4e81ea7 : Add label for accelerometer device
d297c27 : Move rule for dsscomp to its own section
0d195ae : Label dsscomp as graphics_device for tuna
ae3c9e2 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (shutdown hang, SELinux)
a78e8bf : tuna: require bootloader PRIMEMD04
9b0105a : Remove wifi_p2p network.
8f0096d : tuna: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
34c1414 : tuna: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
463af46 : Move dsscomp out to main selinux policy.
0ac7484 : Copy android.hardware.bluetooth_le.xml permission file
979ad23 : Override HDMI rotation when undocked.
5328940 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (bt debug)
9acc966 : tuna: dumpstate: dump bluetooth kernel state
4fa1e33 : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
4d7eae5 : Add liblog
ecdda61 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (fix shutdown hang)
33f25df : tuna: prebuilt kernel (fix shutdown hang)
62ab5ec : tuna: prebuilt kernel (stable 3.0.72, security fix for CVE-2013-0914)
1668152 : audio: implement mute on hdmi multichannel
a99064d : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
f827431 : tuna: prebuilt kernel
3493f53 : tuna: wifi: Remove obsolete path to P2P FW
00e2ce6 : Remove unused samsung/tuna ARCH_ARM_HAVE_TLS_REGISTER.
0ed3c0c : tuna: prebuilt kernel
1313db1 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (3.0.68 stable merge, CVE-2013-0871 fix)
62eee8e : Use dumpstate directly for bugreports.
e507337 : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
8910e16 : prebuilt kernel (ipv6 def route, bcmdhd pm2 mode)
4f70d39 : Update unified fstab.tuna to support recovery
af9c941 : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
27a00c7 : Make software vp8 video encoder available to MediaCodec on Tuna
d1b3cb4 : prebuilt kernel (qtaguid lo)
ecbfdf5 : Fix BT rev-tether iface name.
5b393a2 : tuna: power: interactive governor params update for performance
79a52b3 : tuna: power: interactive governor target loads update
6ace321 : prebuilt kernel update (xt_qtaguid, bcmdhd)
b79a526 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (ext4 security)
b660312 : audio: added support for dual mic capture.
6eae029 : Include specialized copy of libskia for playback of Saved Webpages.
e6d911b : tuna: power HAL: interactive governor param updates
0548be8 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (stable merge, interactive governor rollup)
459ae55 : Remove unnecessary lines in PRODUCT_PACKAGES
fad4571 : Add gsm decoder to media codec list
cafc805 : SELinux mods to init file.
2724702 : SELinux policy additions.
abccf84 : audio: increase toro media speaker volume +2dB

Project: device/samsung_slsi/arndale

2a4eeeb : auto-generated blob list
9ad3f81 : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
fa03dd5 : Add TARGET_CPU_VARIANT of cortex-a15 for arndale.
a785676 : Initial commit of a skeleton
5ce9729 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/ti/panda

6c7d339 : Remove wifi_p2p network.
9d0ac7b : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
53afcbc : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
c7ac95a : Remove unused ti/panda ARCH_ARM_HAVE_TLS_REGISTER.
031d734 : Use dumpstate directly for bugreports.
473489d : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
5a29033 : Add dummy entries for /boot and /recovery to unified fstab
0f6e8e0 : Fine-tune license for uniformity
2500aa7 : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
d847220 : Update unified fstab.omap4pandaboard to support recovery
bbccd6d : Re-format for uniformity with other licenses
e778fdd : Remove stray whitespace
3a394fe : Reformat licences to a uniform 77-column format
a3b3df4 : Make software vp8 video encoder available to MediaCodec on Panda
224d695 : New PandaBoard kernel
9cb16b9 : Panda: Add hci_tty permissions for panda
5b1e672 : Panda: Show navigation bar for panda
88aee82 : Panda audio: update the audio API definition for Panda
77c246b : New PandaBoard kernel
52d4508 : New PandaBoard kernel
f78e5d2 : Panda: Add media codecs for Audio
d5b5040 : Panda: Change graphics init binary name

Project: platform/docs/source.android.com

8b9585b : docs: Moving the favicon and link to top dir. Bug: 8984501
07c3d64 : docs: Adding missing open bracket in loop example. Bug: 8981302
f965cd7 : docs: Fixing broken links, altering text Bug: 9188232
c325dae : Updated testing_circuit.jd to images in subdir.
4fe3ba4 : Add testing circuit
dbffc2b : Add audio terminology
45a4bde : Add audio latency design
80715c9 : Add "Avoiding priority inversion"
001b1d4 : fix typos
9b1407f : Audio edits.
33d8cd6 : security: update SELinux section.
971895f : fix devices toc
07e7d42 : docs - fix typo
5b218c2 : clean up pdk references in s.a.c
027a187 : Fixed typo modified: devices_toc.cs
cb4c927 : Add 4.3 security documentation.
ab29c8e : Fix security documentation
db5c419 : Fixed img name modified: legal.jd
963fd95 : Add audio terminology
c0c342b : Add audio latency design
98afa53 : Add "Avoiding priority inversion"
7f5d7e1 : Fix up the "more help" links at the end of the tutorial
ca1cad9 : Fix up "TF Overview" page usecases
081b2be : Stop referring to the removed sections
45e4cf5 : Update the end-to-end tutorial
06f9001 : Disable the role-specific sections until they are complete
72caad4 : fix typo
4f8c374 : more fixes for s.a.c
46bdf0d : Bring TF docs up-to-date and make them useful
40e3b6d : merge in old CLs to new jd files
93c0b9c : Update the Tech Storage doc for JB-MR2.
9ca4369 : add back security doc updates
cb13d16 : docs: fix audio
110d652 : fixes to audio doc
c0f3f33 : Fix typos around inverting axes
35f2fda : s.a.c. redesign, first checkin
b1e5e4a : Fix typo in old build number
abdc840 : Add documentation on shared libraries.
879c456 : Fix broken link
30dee1c : Document CBR makefile typo as known issue
2e8ee35 : modified: downloads.md
6172f61 : Copy the CDD to the root location. The directory/docs needs to be fix (TODO) modified: android-4.2-cdd.pdf
28f3ed8 : CDD updated for JB-MR 1.1
b4951d5 : Do not generate the extra output files index-intro.html and index-news.html.
1a09403 : Docs updated and JB-Mr1 CTS update modified: index.md modified: sidebar.md modified: ../compatibility/contact-us.md modified: ../compatibility/downloads.md
3929a34 : Request mksh patches to be submitted upstream.
ec76107 : Add a SHA-1 checksum for repo 1.19
5f4014c : Fix the front page building issue on Ubuntu 12.04
bfeb31f : Fix typo
7188642 : Update s.a.c for 4.2.2
0fa60bb : JDK cleanup
76b1a6f : Update key layout docs to include `key usage` syntax
62cfdee : Update CTS Verifier Versions
4213178 : Add information about upstreaming LLVM patches.
33726ab : Fix community link
ab4d407 : Fix contact us page
b260dd3 : Update CTS Verifier Versions
b27d7b7 : Remove mentions of Nexus 4 in AOSP
3bb5eb3 : Updated Contact-us section modified: contact-us.md
0a32985 : CDD update to include sensor lang.
66701fb : Changes for 4.2.1
ea0b544 : Changes for JB MR1 CDD and doc updates
8b726cf : Mention that NFC works on Galaxy Nexus
7175398 : Update for JOP40C
e80b8d8 : Add USB VID/PID for new devices
a4f6f9b : 4.2 will be JOP40
5955ba5 : Update s.a.c for 4.2
badb8a2 : Replace git with git-core in Ubuntu 10.04
5168660 : Use git package instead of obsolete git-core
8015c84 : Drop support for Python 2.5
af8a190 : security overview: link to developer best practices
794f482 : Update to match latest releases
0e1841c : no 4.1.2 for Nexus S on release day
60a47f3 : Add fastboot instructions for phantasm
c6dd102 : Update s.a.c for MR0
03fbc41 : docs: Adding Android Open Accessory Protocol content to s.a.c
7d585b4 : Update the instructions on how to run CTS
79ce12b : Adds link to JB to Platform Overview
b977ad0 : Modified CDD, the changes are * Wifi and Wifi direct concurrent requirement modified from "MUST" to "SHOULD". * Audio: -- HE-AACv2 decoder is now required. -- HE-AAC encoder is required; and HE-AACv2 encoder is *now not* required

Project: platform/external/aac

03a143b : Remove a bionic workaround.
1d24ddc : Remove a bionic workaround.

Project: platform/external/android-clat

cd70b35 : Support translating ICMP errors.
ee80ca6 : Improve checksum calculation and address checking
d908418 : Pass around packet data instead of fds
5cc877d : Treat the options as part of the TCP header.
f110707 : Add liblog
f913fe4 : Slightly improve dumping packets
0278627 : Pass in the length to pseudo checksum functions
3ca0302 : Configure the interface before bringing it up
41e758e : Don't add the IPv4 default route in clatd.
f2d2abd : Remove debug tag, as clatd is now built by default
678a9b4 : Remove code to copy the default route.
1373eac : Stop setting accept_ra, now that netd does it.
baf6299 : Make clatd a bit more robust when started by netd.
2edb756 : clatd: use correct header file.
d6ef91b : Change the IP addresses used by CLAT.
4f3d786 : Ensure netlink messages come from the kernel.
f68200a : Don't compile packet dumping code by default.
70aba57 : build and include for debug builds.
a45056e : android clat service

Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

151192e : ICU 49.2 upgrade.
bf158e3 : Fix three harmony tests that failed on Android and the RI.
55b505d : Fix three harmony tests that failed on Android and the RI.
371f9bf : Fix build warning.

Project: platform/external/apache-http

e2fbfeb : Simplify makefile.

Project: platform/external/apache-xml

ee8fda0 : Simplify makefile.

Project: platform/external/arduino

d06daf9 : Fix round() macro conflict between math.h and wiring.h

Project: platform/external/bison

beeadda : Don't set PKGDATADIR to an absolute path
0543663 : Upgrade bison from 2.3 to 2.7
a640ceb : Use full path for PKGDATADIR to be able to use bison from any dir

Project: platform/external/bluetooth/bluedroid

77d1cb6 : Fix for AV lockup on local and remote start collision
5ae72cf : Media profile drop on ending the outgoing video call and music is heard locally
48ebe2c : Preload timeout and retry mechanism (1/3)
ebef476 : Added available size check to fix zero byte data available issue
5fd74f0 : Stability fixes for a2dp hal control path
11ade82 : Solve compilation problem when BLE/GATT/SMP features are false
67e4077 : New call-in/-back functions for Controller to do vendor-specific shutdown (1/2)
fc4b2f1 : Solve compilation problem when BLE/GATT/SMP features are false
ed049d7 : Remove role adjustment logic from Conn busy/idle handler
3b045bf : Fix a bug on jv and stack port handle conversion
95664a9 : Fix for SDP data structure leak during pairing
2154e12 : BT problems in Acura MDX
2d41fe1 : LE: Disable L2CAP connection parameter update during pairing
12c3f49 : LE: Fix shared ACL buffer allocation
f8f30c2 : HDP fix for Single SDP record
c9053e6 : Proper management of controller ACL buffers.
72c864d : Audio glitches while playing songs over MOTO S305 headset
977b854 : LE (2/3): Add application ID to connection callback
2e5a95d : Change the log display API called in the BT PAN call-out functions
24c0f58 : Audio glitches while playing songs over MOTO S305 headset
33af35c : Fix for Nyko playpad
d309022 : Make host side of Read Local/Remote Extended Features more reliable
9d140a9 : Make host side of Read Local/Remote Extended Features more reliable
260b515 : Add liblog
c2bb2c1 : Read the extended feature after ACL channel creation
2f338f2 : BT: JV rfcomm socket sniff support
7ffe896 : Proper handling of HCI command status event
4af5f3e : Fix typo around BLE_INCLUDED inclusion bug 8566685
946c681 : Fix LE background connections not adding device to white-list.
4c433be : LE: Avoid LE connection to a non-LE device
0082e02 : Fix LE buffer size for 0 length buffers
b88fc6c : Add support for PLAY_POS_CHANGED
841e5b5 : Reject element attribute request if count is 0xff
3bfd7b7 : need free the buffer to avoid memory leakage when send Avrcp packet
081d6e5 : need send reject response to unsupported Avrcp 1.3 command
3aa6054 : Parse LMP features to enable LE support
9adddf4 : Initial version of Stack for AVRCP 1.3
ca22ac4 : LE fixes
51c0e99 : Remove bluedroid configuration warning
034f086 : bluedroid: use correct header file.
ead3cde : Initial version of BLE support for Bluedroid
e17bf00 : Cancel device search before starting SDP
ebb1d75 : Fixed unpair and reconnect issue with certain non-pointing hid devices
45f5f90 : Resolved partial uipc channel read issue
6ff9944 : fix bt_hc_worker_thread() sometimes transmit more than num_hci_cmd_pkts
d70b7a8 : fix too small buffer
9ac641d : fixed rfc resouce leaking and multi-session issue

Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

57c3bb5 : Revert of DERT61String change from 44021512997b337e6079e46fd4230ce979c20b6f
b4d3d29 : Make ECDH KeyAgreement reject AlgorithmParameterSpec.
129e192 : Tracking libcore change to use longs instead of ints to store pointers in OpenSSL binding
200c44f : Fix CertPath APIs
70c8287 : bouncycastle 1.48 upgrade
e1142c1 : bouncycastle 1.48 upgrade
aea1f12 : Restore PBE Cipher wrap and unwrap support from upstream
ff0245c : Add getIssuerAlternativeNames() to JCE API
d118b0f : Fix patch generation timestamps
28d5991 : Add certs to blacklist.
4402151 : Add getSubjectAlternativeNames() to certificate JCE
68e990b : Simplify makefile.
9912a9c : Fix non-BC EC private key usage
9f494d8 : Fix non-BC EC private key usage DO NOT MERGE
ee1cdde : Allow CipherTest to run on RI

Project: platform/external/bzip2

e0bb1cf : Retire LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.

Project: platform/external/ceres-solver

0ae28bd : Initial import of ceres-solver 1.4.0
e9e9be9 : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/external/checkpolicy

0d73ef7 : Free allocated memory when clean up / exit.
ba8e992 : Update to checkpolicy 2.1.11. Requires libsepol 2.1.8.

Project: platform/external/chromium

5c6008a : Add liblog
872788f : Fix for bug 8192440, enabled parsing of ICY headers
cacfd1f : bionic now defines _POSIX_MONOTONIC_CLOCK.
cbfca5f : Remove base/file_util_android.cc

Project: platform/external/chromium-trace

18bb528 : systrace: fix pipe reading
3090923 : systrace: update to trace-viewer rev 256
8678103 : systrace: update to trace-viewer rev 253
553ec56 : systrace: add kernel function tracing support
06db268 : systrace: update to trace-viewer rev 252
4849cea : systrace: update to trace-viewer rev 243
b9a5fc8 : systrace: plumb the -a flag through to systrace.py
88448d9 : systrace: update to trace-viewer rev 237
9623f13 : systrace: fix CRLF handling
340d772 : Fix systrace when parsing from a trace file
fe4c594 : systrace: add support for the new atrace interface

Project: platform/external/clang

af42246 : Update Clang for merge to r177345.
abc0bea : PR15539: Record "evaluating if/elif condition" flag in the right place
e4d6112 : Update testcase for r177340.
62ba4ba : [frontend] Initialize the diagnostic client before loading an ast file.
c7f8116 : Add missing diagnostic for a nested-name-specifier on a free-standing type definition. Bump some related diagnostics from warning to extension in C++, since they're errors there. Add some missing checks for function specifiers on non-function declarations.
0378433 : [PCH] Fix assertion hit related to enum decls inside templated funtions.
4882fe0 : This code works around what appears to be a bug in another part of clang. I have filed http://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=15538 against clang. This code is safer anyway because "cast" assumes you really know that it's okay to make the cast. In this case isa should not be false and dyn_cast should not return null as far as I understand. But everything else is valid so I did not want to revert my previous patch for attributes mips16/nomips16 or use an llvm_unreachable here which would make a number of our tests fail for mips.
f72663f : Add a linebreak. Linebreaks are cool.
71434a8 : C++11 status: mark 'extended integral types' as N/A, since we don't support any, and add a note that we cannot treat __int128 as an extended integral type.
07b0fdc : Bring inheriting constructor implementation up-to-date with current defect reports, and implement implicit definition of inheriting constructors. Remaining missing features: inheriting constructor templates, implicit exception specifications for inheriting constructors, inheriting constructors from dependent bases.
5b22205 : Centralize the recording of which tools have been constructed.
4b94f4d : [analyzer] Warn when a ‘nil’ object is added to NSArray or NSMutableArray.
51be73d : Objective-C modern translator. Don't put line info into the pre-preprocessed file to be passed to modern translator when compiling in no debug mode. // rdar://13138170
f326056 : Use early returns when checking if we already constructed a tool and when delegating to Generic_GCC::SelectTool (it already updates the tool map).
26adbe4 : Remove unused argument.
af370e6 : Pass an ArgList to every toolchain constructor. Remove the useIntegratedAs argument.
7ce8d82 : Inline ShouldUseIntegratedAssembler and move the documentation to useIntegratedAs.
5470cd2 : Refactor a bit of duplicated code to useIntegratedAs.
e5dce30 : Remove unused argument.
d532018 : Remove unused argument.
cf6d76a : Fix clang-format segfault.
74c8b79 : ObjCDictionaryElements are pod-like.
b234e74 : Make sure to use same EABI version for external assembler as for integrated as. Patch by Andrew Turner!
367989b : Generalize a few debug info test cases
7cd84ba : revert r177211 due to its potential issues
a8d937e : [analyzer] Model trivial copy/move assignment operators with a bind as well.
6aa240c : Remove -Wspellcheck and replace it with a diagnostic option.
1efffab : [analyzer] Separate graph trimming from creating the single-path graph.
c996313 : [analyzer] Eliminate InterExplodedGraphMap class and NodeBackMap typedef.
9a9fe40 : [analyzer] Don't repeat a bug equivalence class if every report is invalid.
2710ed8 : Exploit this-return of a callsite in a this-return function.
70e82dc : Improve template diffing handling of default integer values.
0621c45 : [analyzer] Address a TODO in the StreamChecker; otherwise the output is non-deterministic.
74c0d69 : [analyzer] Use isLiveRegion to determine when SymbolRegionValue is dead.
f510f5c : [analyzer] BugReporterVisitors: handle the case where a ternary operator is wrapped in a cast.
f8ba81e : [analyzer] Address Jordan’s review of r177138 (a micro optimization)
316dd54 : Fix buffer underrun (invalid read) triggered during diagnostic rendering. The test would overflow when computing '0 - 1'.
9cc3ed4 : [modules] Don't record the macros from the predefines buffer.
4a18c3b : <rdar://problem/13426257> Introduce SDKSettings.plist as an input file dependency for PCH/modules.
9de5094 : Simplify print logic, per feedback from Jordan Rose.
7adf3a9 : Enhance -Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare to include the name of the enum constant.
2f13eb1 : [analyzer] Make GRBugReporter::generatePathDiagnostic iterative, not recursive.
cc08ca9 : [analyzer] Collect stats on the max # of bug reports in an equivalence class.
05cb2eb : [analyzer] Include opcode in dumping a SymSymExpr.
6a15f39 : [analyzer] Look through ExprWhenCleanups when trying to track a NULL.
62bbe07 : Add some assertions to appease the static analyzer.
454d5b3 : Remove unnecessary default in covered switch over enum
e738fc5 : [AST] Add a fast path to ConstantArrayType::getNumAddressingBits().
1fd8d46 : c: perform integer overflow check on all binary operations. // rdar://13423975
8e694d2 : Refactor template diffing to store an enum that records which type of difference is stored inside a DiffNode. This should not change any diagnostic messages.
ad7e160 : ClangTool output cleanup
c90cc93 : Revert "Remove a pointless assertion."
6b6a9b3 : Force column info only for direct inlined functions. This should strike the balance between expected behavior and compatibility with the gdb testsuite. (GDB gets confused if we break an expression into multiple debug stmts so we enable this behavior only for inlined functions. For the full experience people can still use -gcolumn-info.)
a30bab4 : c: Also chek for integer overflow for '%' operator.
2cd889d : c: add the missing binary operatory when checking for integer overflow. // rdar://13423975
b7e86be : Take in account the triplet 'powerpc-linux-gnuspe' for PowerPC SPE. Done for the port of Debian on this arch. More information on: http://wiki.debian.org/PowerPCSPEPort Patch by Roland Stigge
7e0786f : Remove a pointless assertion.
3af59ce : Improve formatting of chained calls.
1fdd8b3 : Indent all lines in a multi-line comment by the same amount.
e310b1a : Fixup for r176934. More careful setup of path to llvm-symbolizer
810169e : [analyzer] Refactor checks in IDC visitor for consistency and speed
dc9c160 : [analyzer] Teach trackNullOrUndef to look through ternary operators
d922779 : PR15290: 'this' is not permitted in the declaration of a friend function, therefore references to members should not be transformed into implicit uses of 'this'. Patch by Ismail Pazarbasi!
e462c60 : Silence anonymous type in anonymous union warnings.
96db329 : Diagnose about extern "C" functions returning c++ objects on first declaration only. // rdar://13364028
57f8da5 : Don't try to typo-correct 'super' in an objc method.
503836a : Add a testcase for r177118.
a4bb4f6 : [analyzer] Change the way in which IDC Visitor decides to kick in and make sure it attaches in the given edge case
bea407c : Always declare the .block_descriptor parameter, not just the local copy. Un-breaks gdb's invoke-block behavior.
7f99d5c : [PR15513/<rdar://problem/13409707>] Template arguments in diagnostics aren't always known at compile time.
836e7c9 : Allocate stack storage for .block_descriptor and captured self at -O0. This way the register allocator will not optimize away the debug info for captured variables.
4a374f9 : [analyzer] Fix scan-build's -stats mode.
374516c : Implements memoization for ancestor matching.
f753615 : Multi-line comment alignment
bfa1edd : Slightly improve formatting of longer pipe statements.
923ebef : Basic support for formatting asm() statments.
23219da : Documentation: improve formatting
f37b1e2 : [ASan] Update docs for -fsanitize=init-order option
7ac415b : [ASan] Make -fsanitize=address imply -fsanitize=init-order (if the latter is not explicitly disabled).
8f0d1f0 : Fix an unused variable warning from Clang by sinking a dyn_cast into an isa and a cast inside the assert. The efficiency concern isn't really important here. The code should likely be cleaned up a bit more, especially getting a message into the assert.
d3cf17b : Fix dereference formatting in for-loops.
96cead5 : Add support for the 'endian' attribute for OpenCL.
8ef19a2 : Improve formatting of trailing annotations.
c3ae583 : Update GCOVProfiling pass creation for API change in r177002. No functionality change.
e34db6b : Flag that friend function definitions are "late parsed" so that template instantiation will still consider them to be definitions if we instantiate the containing class before we get around to parsing the friend.
faf01f0 : [modules] Don't write the UnusedFileScopedDecls vector to the module file.
975d353 : [modules] Check for delegating constructor cycles when building a module and don't write them out to the module file.
2d1b096 : Avoid computing the linkage too early. Don't invalidate it.
aa778f1 : Really fix the MIPS test.
7c527e4 : Attempt to fix test.
4159f05 : Have these attriubtes set to 'true' or 'false'.
55ea75b : [Modules] Don't eagerly load and associate all the module header files.
c1d2239 : [Modules] Resolve top-headers of modules lazily.
ad4b8b4 : Cause the mips16/nomips16 attribute to be passed to LLVM from Clang in the LLVM assembly language output.
6022c4e : [analyzer] BugReporter - more precise tracking of C++ references
1b12566 : Remove stray space.
c5b9c8b : [analyzer] Handle Objc Fast enumeration for "loop is executed 0 times".
6a365aa : Fix incorrect cast identification.
3258d4b : [analyzer] fixed the logic changed by r176949
b38b3cd : relax check to allow for attributes (fix buildbot for elf-ppc64)
6050a1e : Fix comment indentation before labels.
8d0d19a : Fix formatting issue with builder-type calls.
e74de28 : Added AnnotatedToken::isOneOf + a few other refactorings
bb36995 : Refactoring: + Individual Report* method for each bug type + Comment improved: missing non-trivial alloca() case annotated + 'range' parameter of ReportBadFree() capitalized + 'SymbolRef Sym = State->getSVal(A, C.getLocationContext()).getAsSymbol();' shorten to 'SymbolRef Sym = C.getSVal(A).getAsSymbol();'
8eb3022 : Documentation: formatting fixes
c45df06 : Reverting r176944 until Author fixes test failure.
eea6a13 : ClangTool output cleanup
1d5b1b3 : Add llvm-symbolizer as test dependency.
6f21a98 : Fix formatting of new arrays of pointers.
e0d5c86 : Set symbolizer path in the test environment.
99c6418 : Remove trailing comma in enum list.
5b07e80 : Tighten up the rules for precise lifetime and document the requirements on the ARC optimizer.
365bc03 : Test for LLVM r176911
1d0d2fe : Objective-C: In my last path, also check for existence of user setter before issuing the warning about non-synthesizable property. // rdar://13388503
054d047 : Make modules.m test portable, now that autolinking is dependent on whether or not the target uses the integrated assembler.
5ca58a0 : Eliminate backend dependency in CFE testcase.
4c1adcc : [driver] Only enable -fmodules-autolink if we are using the integrated assembler.
2d9e883 : Whitespace cleanup.
00df5ea : Force column info to be generated for call expressions so we can differentiate multiple inlined call sites on the same line in the debug info.
61d16c1 : Driver: -ccc-install-dir should affect cc1 -resource-dir
327a6d9 : Revert "Revert r166370 and r166540 now that Xcode 4.6 has been available for a while."
896e42d : Make C++11 status page more consistent: we mark entries as "done" if we implement correct functionality, even if it's not optimal. On this basis, mark "data dependency ordering" as done. Add footnotes for cases where our implementation is known to be suboptimal.
82aaebe : Add an interesting testcase we already handle correctly.
6114a3c : Objective-C: Issue warning in couple of obscure cases when property autosynthesis does not synthesize a property. When property is declared 'readonly' in a super class and is redeclared 'readwrite' in a subclass. When a property autosynthesis causes it to share 'ivar' with another property. // rdar://13388503
c812c3a : Move the extern "C" sema tests to a new file.
a29e0fa : Revert r166370 and r166540 now that Xcode 4.6 has been available for a while.
6d1cb5c : Objective-C: Fixes a comment.
c06fcdf : Revert "Disallow using -fmodules with -no-integrated-as."
024c119 : We already reported an error for
3fd9ccd : Implemented formatting of rvalue references
4ad07bd : [docs] Add rtags to the external examples.
e96bc52 : Modify comment in user test.
77e430d : Correctly compute linkage of decls forward declared extern C.
10b1d1c : Error if an extern C declaration matches a previous hidden extern C declaration.
6c18af2 : Remove a bogus assert so we don't crash in
4ba9bfd : Remove bad space after "default".
e8a1efc : Remove driver support for Hexagon V2 and V3
212d19a : [docs] Add SourceWeb as external example.
6fc9e7a : Objective-C: When using super.prop, property should be looked up the current class's super class. // rdar://13349296
77b7223 : [analyzer] Look for calls along with lvalue nodes in trackNullOrUndefValue.
ebf0f43 : Disallow using -fmodules with -no-integrated-as.
ebbd7e0 : Improve the caching of debuginfo Objective C interface types. Generate forward declarations that are RAUW'd by finalize(). We thus avoid outputting the same type several times in multiple stages of completion.
d4bf760 : Add -Wc99-compat warning for C11 unicode string and character literals.
f96df90 : Partly revert "Move clang tests that depend on llvm/ADT/Statistic.h to a subdir".
695bbea : [docs] Add ellipsis.
5256c1f : [libclang] Fix a test and a warning on windows.
44abff7 : Add a test case for the 'vec_type_hint' attribute that was introduced in r176686. I missed this file in the previous commit.
3521c49 : PR15480: fixed second parameter types of vec_lde, vec_lvebx, vec_lvehx, and vec_lvewx according to AltiVec Programming Interface Manual
0354253 : Driver: do not strip file extensions when printing diagnostics.
d436c99 : Fix indirect byval passing of records in address spaced memory. Allocate memory on stack, and memcpy the actual value before the call.
11fd5b1 : www tweaks to embiggen up our near-complete C++11 and C11 support.
0093e12 : When lexing in C11 mode, accept unicode character and string literals, per C11 and 6.4.5/1.
0b91cc4 : Handle _Pragma on a u8, u, or U string literal per the C11 specification. Also handle raw string literals here. C++11 doesn't yet specify how they will behave, but discussion on core suggests that we should just strip off everything but the r-char-sequence.
7cb583d : Remove unused diagnostic.
2c39b06 : Make helper function static.
0415998 : [analyzer] Make Suppress IDC checker aware that it might not start from the same node it was registered at
80412c4 : [analyzer] Rename AttrNonNullChecker -> NonNullParamChecker
6cc4e25 : [analyzer] Add test case for reference to null pointer param check
9fe09f3 : [analyzer] Be more consistent about Objective-C methods that free memory.
41d0164 : Adjust the special non-C++ enum block return type inference so that it looks through certain syntactic forms and applies even if normal inference would have succeeded.
83972f1 : Add TagDecl::hasNameForLinkage(), which is true if the tag is non-anonymous or is defined in a typedef of itself.
b421b56 : Documentation parsing. Some refactoring and code improvements per Dmtiri's comments. // rdar://12379114
0183768 : [analyzer] Look for lvalue nodes when tracking a null pointer.
8c84707 : [analyzer] Don't rely on finding the correct return statement for suppression.
6f09c3d : [libclang] Change clang_findReferencesInFile and clang_findIncludesInFile to return an enum, as suggested by Jordan.
e4743be : <rdar://problem/13170740> Be a little more careful when instantiating 'this' expressions.
325de0c : Move clang tests that depend on llvm/ADT/Statistic.h to a subdir.
0918989 : Sema: Preserve attributes on parameters in instantiated function templates.
c61361b : <rdar://problem/13094134> Don't try to wire up typedef names for invalid anonymous tag declarations encountered during template instantiation.
bea522f : ArrayRef-ize ASTContext::getFunctionType and Sema::BuildFunctionType.
303b96f : <rdar://problem/13140795> Transform the scope type of a pseudo-destructor expression within the object scope.
f8f373f : [PCH] When complaining that a header from the PCH was modified, also mention the filename of the PCH file.
389dc56 : [libclang] Modify clang_findReferencesInFile and clang_findIncludesInFile to return a value.
aa62d0c : Fixes breaking of string literals.
c2ac68e : Remove unused variable.
37453b9 : Add support for the OpenCL attribute 'vec_type_hint'.
ee2d5fd : [libclang] Introduce clang_findIncludesInFile, that can be used to retrieve all #import/#include directives in a specific file.
029c8f3 : [libclang] When calling the function of CXCursorAndRangeVisitor, don't forget to stop visitation if it returns CXVisit_Break.
b70e7a8 : [libclang] Add Logger::operator<< overloads for CXCursor and FileEntry.
480760f : [driver] If we're just linking, don't report --param X as unused option. PR15327 rdar://13372628
28c1cd2 : HeaderDoc: Support more of HeaderDoc documentation commands; top level tags such as @interface and their 2nd level tags such as @coclass, etc. // rdar://12379114
0689863 : Add code completion for @import <rdar://problem/13344306>.
1344e94 : Improve LLDB's implicit cast-to-id to work with C++11 auto and any Objective-C object type <rdar://problem/13338107>.
6cda3e6 : When possible, move __block variables to the heap rather than copying them.
9eda3ab : Promote atomic type sizes up to a power of two, capped by MaxAtomicPromoteWidth. Fix a ton of terrible bugs with _Atomic types and (non-intrinsic-mediated) loads and stores thereto.
fafaaef : Move the atomics code into its own file.
9d232c8 : Change hasAggregateLLVMType, which conflates complex and aggregate types in a profoundly wrong way that has to be worked around in every call site, to getEvaluationKind, which classifies and distinguishes between all of these cases.
372fe78 : Add CharUnits::alignmentAtOffset.
1723f63 : Evaluate compound literals directly into the result aggregate when that aggregate isn't potentially aliased.
76ecdfc : Remove temporary std::vectors that ca be replaced with ArrayRef's magic.
f302354 : Remove unncessary whitespace when triggered on empty line.
f4b4804 : Adding lvalue and rvalue reference type matchers
f3ddf63 : Add 'e' to the SPIR data layout - SPIR is little endian for now. Add 32/64 bit specific target defines for SPIR.
b9aa673 : Minor refactor of how we get compilation phases.
9789d0d2 : Fix build with clang, this was supposed to be part of r176617.
0f815f1 : Add flags for additional control over coverage generation. Pick the version string to be emitted, and two properties about the files themselves.
018e9aa : [analyzer] Warn on passing a reference to null pointer as an argument in a call
cf048a8 : Don't duplicate function names. Thanks to Jordan Rose for pointing it out.
531db82 : Add a hasExternalLinkage helper. No functionality change.
3778300 : Add a hasExternalStorageAsWritten helper. No functionality change.
58bd77f : Fix typo.
c236b73 : [analyzer] Check for returning null references in ReturnUndefChecker.
962fbc4 : [analyzer] Clean up a few doc comments for ProgramState and CallEvent.
4919de6 : Ensure that DIType is regenerated after we visit an implementation that adds ivars to an interface.
42773d6 : [analyzer] Pass the correct Expr to the bug reporter visitors when dealing with CompoundLiteralExpr
713e075 : [analyzer] IDC: Add config option; perform the idc check on first “null node” rather than last “non-null”.
9e8bf2c : Only build libclang.so in bundled branches.
398253a : [PCH] When pre-validating the headers from the PCH, only validate non-system headers.
ed3802e : [PCH] For HeaderFileInfoTrait, hash the key using size & time of the file.
36592b1 : [PCH] We don't need to instantiate HeaderFileInfoTrait in ASTReader more than once.
8bd50b1 : [PCH] Remove a couple of fields from serialization::reader::HeaderFileInfoTrait that are not used for anything.
26facfa : Spell Objective-C correctly.
88f070f : say objective-C in the warning and streamline several diagnostics into one. // rdar://13094352
f2e7c35 : Driver: add support for new style multiarch in Ubuntu 13.04
6a19a97 : New ASTMatchers and enhancement to hasOverloadedOperatorName
7e73f94 : [Sanitize] Don't emit function attribute sanitize_address/thread/memory if the function is blacklisted.
bd3aca0 : Update build rules for Clang merge to version 176138.
360355d : revert r176531 due to clan-native-arm fails
3cdbbdc : PR15390: If a function returns a pointer to a function, that function type can't have default arguments even though it's a parameter-declaration-clause in a function declaration.
eed55e6 : After issuing a diagnostic for undefining or redefining a builtin macro, continue parsing the directive rather than silently discarding it.
75525c4 : objective-C: don't crash after diagnosing using object subscripting without declaring objectForKeyedSubscript: // rdar://13333205
b4e8245 : Remove unused static variable.
cf2c2e9 : Preprocessor: don't keep comments under -traditional-cpp.
46a2290 : PR 11326: Lack diagnosic message when ABI conflicts on ARM
eb8f69f : fix a missing check in my last patch. // rdar://13094352
693fdfa : Preprocessor: don't consider // to be a line comment in -E -std=c89 mode.
99a7057 : doc. parsing. Improve on diagnostics on my last patch. // rdar://13094352.
f32e11d : Remove outdated claim that GCC builds without a C++ compiler from compilers comparison.
23742cd : Use ASTContext::getDeclAlign(<Field Decl>) to get the alignment of the first field to be memcpy'd, rather instead of ASTContext::getTypeAlign(<Field Type>). For packed structs the alignment of a field may be less than the alignment of the field's type.
44f65a5 : [libclang] When logging a CXTranslationUnit that came from an AST file, print out the filename.
ca76bf8 : Fix this checkin.
bca9788 : doc parsing. Add @method and @callback for checkings and few other refactoring/cleanup. // rdar://13094352.
9710230 : Mips specific inline assembler constraint 'R'
7e6f23a : Make LibASTMatchersTutorial code match text
ba6efd3 : Documentation: use code highlighting
ebed32c : Add a test that we are passing the -fobjc-default-synthesize flag for Apple and non-Apple platforms.
3c5cd15 : Don't emit calls to virtual [[noreturn]] functions as noreturn; overrides of a [[noreturn]] function are not required to also be [[noreturn]]. We still emit calls to virtual __attribute__((noreturn)) functions as noreturn; unlike GCC, we do require overriders to also be noreturn for that attribute.
4b02dff : Add quotation marks to template names in diagnostics.
e09b8c4 : scan-build: explicitly say "No bugs found" if there are no reports.
41f3f3a : Silence a number of static analyzer warnings with assertions and such.
2a268f2 : doc parsing. We want to issue a strong warning when an @function comment is not followed by a function decl. // rdar://13094352
5aff3f1 : [analyzer] Don't let cf_audited_transfer override CFRetain semantics.
808383d : Comment parsing: refactor handling of command markers in AST
2503ebd : Add ARM v6m, v7m, and v7em architectures for Cortex-M series processors.
fc55345 : Tidy up lists of Cortex-A series processors, adding entries for A7.
532f5a9 : Fix confused use of llvm::StringSwitch for armv7r architecture.
d2ab6d3 : Mips specific inline assembler constraint 'R'
1c1508b : [PCH] In HeaderFileInfoTrait::EqualKey(), use FileManager::getFile() to compare two filenames, instead of llvm::sys::fs::equivalent().
8cc9c9d : Comment parsing tests: move a test into a group of similar tests
c932009 : [comment parsing] source fidelity for tparam command too. // rdar://13066276
0090591 : Make sure to not split string literals at the first character.
151b2ac : warn-documentation.cpp: reorganize tests
66f6c24 : comment parsing. Missed a case of referring to original command in diagnostic. // rdar://13066276
aec89ac : hasQualifer() matcher should return false if there's no qualifier
fd07591 : R600: Use the GPU type to determine the correct DataLayout v2
1eee6c4 : Format a line if a range in its leading whitespace was selected.
e3a2b81 : Make the tutorial easier to compile by adding in some of the details.
2f8845f : Correction to r176432: the bug actually fixed was <rdar://13025708>.
48f9042 : Centralize and refine the __unknown_anytype argument rules and be sure to apply them whether or not the debugger gave us a method declaration.
0353a7b : Fix the emission of the copy-initialization of a block capture from a lambda capture when the capture is not trivially-copyable.
68f94db : Check for warnings in a bunch of the linker invocations, and add one with both -static-libgcc and -static on the commandline.
7a534b9 : Perform non-overload placeholder conversions on the operands to a subscript operator.
0074d38 : Beef up the testing of our 'ld' invocation on linux to cover static linking. About to fix a bug here and there was no good test case.
d0d6f64 : Add an idea for a cpp11-migrate tool: TR1 migration
b00150a : Remove unused check from test.
7298c0b : [docs] Spelling
72c1dba : Improve C11 atomics support:
5b9f5cc : Default to enabling default-synthesized ivars on all platforms
e7259ae : [docs] Use vim code-block instead of console.
65611bf : Process #pragma weak only after we know the linkage of the function or variable we are looking at.
b88d948 : CommandLineArgumentParser: handle single quotes.
cc5dbda : [analyzer] Simple inline defensive checks suppression
8536fa1 : Some refactoring in my patch on document command source fidelity. // rdar://13066276
15e05e9 : LLVM API changes.
549a292 : CMake: -Wno-nested-anon-types for Clang.
067e968 : [analyzer] Update open source checker build to checker-272.
d764e20 : [analyzer] Special-case bitfields when finding sub-region bindings.
c98e913 : comment parsing. Keep the original command format in AST for source fidelity and use it in diagnostics to refer to the original format. // rdar://13066276
fc09336 : Fix typos: [Dd]iagnosic -> [Dd]iagnostic
9abf1b4 : [analyzer] Suppress paths involving a reference whose rvalue is null.
516fb31 : Remove whitespace at end of file.
8a5d7cd : Correctly format arrays of pointers and function types.
9b5b659 : [PCH] Remove building a SmallPtrSet that is not actually used for anything.
2484971 : Normal indent for last element of builder-type call.
812c045 : Remove trailing whitespace of line comments.
bc30c71 : Implements breaking string literals at slashes.
af31fd7 : Implement fallback split point for string literals.
2fbe92c : Perform the receiver-expression transformations regardless of whether we already have a method. Fixes a bug where we were failing to properly contextually convert a message receiver during template instantiation.
b2381b1 : Attempt to not place ownership qualifiers on the result type of block declarators. Document the rule we use.
df53919 : [analyzer] Reword FAQ Reword the FAQ to stress more that the assert should be used only in case the developer is sure that the issue is a false positive.
838a920 : Add one more sanity check in SourceManager::getFileIDLoaded().
8504b7b : [PCH] Enhance InputFile to also include whether the file is out-of-date.
7db4bb9 : In SourceManager::getFileIDLoaded(), add some sanity checks to make sure we don't enter an infinite loop.
4a68c7b : Restore order to placate test. I had no real reason to switch them.
ed38313 : Re-use bit from superclass and extract stuff into a local function. Serves a patch we're kicking around out-of-tree.
d1084f6 : Fix warning text of my last patch. // rdar://13158394
be9e8bf : Add more of the command line options as attribute flags.
ced0e65 : objective-C: clang, following gcc, warns on use of stand-alone protocol as type and uses id<proto>. Modify warning to say what compiler is doing. // rdar//13158394
bd7370a : Use the actual ABI-determined C calling convention for runtime calls and declarations.
280b956 : ClangFormat.rst: Fix two small typos
8ddfb0b : Fix a problem where 'clang' is ambiguous in MSVC builds.
809d1f1 : Add comment to my last test.
b98f7af : objective-C code completion. Property accessors may not have their own code completion comments. Use those in their properties in this case. // rdar://12791315
25e81b2 : Reduce penalty for splitting after "{" in static initializers.
8ed4100 : Dont break between (( in __attribute__((.
de38cb1 : Improve property metadata generation with the GNUstep runtime.
9c3c7b3 : No spaces around pointers to members.
ff9a010 : First step towards adding a parent map to the ASTContext.
a4d4621 : Improve formatting of #defines.
b6f02f3 : Fix bug when formatting "A<A<A>>".
3a39ac7 : Fix incorrect recognition of bin-packing.
807809c : Fix spacing after binary operator as macro parameter.
16cda86 : Fix global overflow in types::lookupTypeForTypeSpecifier.
e33d852 : [analyzer] RegionStore: collectSubRegionKeys -> collectSubRegionBindings
a19dc41 : [analyzer] Mark the root SVal class as isPodLike.
f583a5e : Add a test case, to make sure there is no crash on IRGen when using PCH
f553c8d : Update build rules for windows.
717ff54 : Avoiding flamewars
c0cedbe : PR15360: nullptr as a non-type template argument to a function type non-type template parameter
98b879a : Add test coverage for array to pointer decay in non-type template parameters.
f71d14a : Add support for building a host libclang.so.
c661e12 : Add config manager to open projects
854e755 : [analyzer] Fix test for previous commit.
6f41608 : [analyzer] Teach FindLastStoreBRVisitor to understand stores of the same value.
a11f22f : [analyzer] Turn on C++ constructor inlining by default.
4c4df45 : [driver] The failure of any phase (e.g., preprocess, compile, assemble) for a single translation unit should prevent later phases from executing. Otherwise, this generates lots of noise in build systems. This a fallout from r173825. Patch by Matthew Curtis <mcurtis@codeaurora.org>. rdar://13298009
e9616a4 : [Mips] Add two new aliases for MIPS ABI names 32 (means o32 abi) and 64 (means n64 abi) to improve compatibility with GNU tools. Patch by Jia Liu <proljc@gmail.com>.
1d4fff5 : Better support for constructors with -cxx-abi microsoft, partly fixes PR12784
0cc798f : Make the negative test of recordType depend on a specific record.
9c65b06 : Fix formatting of multiplications in array subscripts.
8614304 : [Sanitizer] Change driver behavior when linking with -fsanitize=thread and -fsanitize=memory. TSan/MSan also provide their versions of new/delete and should use the same strategy as ASan. Share the code that sets linker flags for all sanitizers.
faab0d3 : Enable bin-packing in Google style.
79525fb : Add missing dependency on ARMAsmPrinter.
f4086eb : Update clang for LLVM API change. No functionality change.
a2bb892 : Don't cache the visibility of types.
5e8577e : Use the correct alignment for POD-member memcpys where the first field is a bitfield. CGBitField::StorageAlignment holds the alignment in chars, but emitMemcpy had been treating it as if it were held in bits, leading to underaligned memcpys.
f127eb8 : Rename methods to comply with the LLVM Coding Standards.
18895dc : Change Type::getLinkageAndVisibility to return a LinkageInfo.
2beda12 : Move LinkageInfo out of NamedDecl so that it can be used in Type.h.
da89105 : Update template diffing to handle template arguments that are declarations.
b3a49f5 : Add a test to make sure __has_include works from inside a macro.
10b4df7 : Temporarily revert r176116 for compile-time performance regression.
b7a3f74 : [analyzer] Add stop-gap patch to prevent assertion failure when analyzing LLVM codebase.
1ebefc7 : [PCH] When deserializing an IdentifierInfo, call IdentifierInfo::RevertTokenIDToIdentifier() only when it's not already an identifier.
664e860 : comment parsing: Properties are considered like methods, and people think of them as having return values that may be computed. Don't warn when using @return in their comment. // rdar://13189938
714b509 : Don't crash when diagnosing path-constrained protected access to a private member to which we have special access.
8992457 : Reapply r176133 with testcase fixes.
deb8f5d : [analyzer] If a struct has a partial lazy binding, its fields aren't Undef.
2564f81 : Refine SourceManager's isBeforeInTranslationUnit() cache to have more entries.
b58f810 : Use existing macros to simplify the test a bit.
d9365d2 : Temporarily revert r176133 until testcases are modified.
c3af679 : Fix testcases to not rely upon target-* attributes.
2693c32 : Don't set the -target-cpu and -target-features attributes just now.
bcf73c2 : No need to initialize these variables.
9db0fe9 : doxygen command. Add 'attention' command to list of similar doxygen commands. // rdar://12379053
34b0adb : Fix assertion failure when a field is given an address space.
5509f37 : Fix initializer for variables with attribute address_space set.
58c7903 : Ensure that DIType is regenerated after we visited an implementation that adds ivars to an interface. Fixes rdar://13175234
4238f41 : [analyzer] Use 'MemRegion::printPretty()' instead of assuming the region is a VarRegion.
9016bb7 : Warn on dropping the return value from a warn_unused_result function, even in macros.
d3b2f0a : Use the most recent decl in getExplicitVisibility.
d7a60ad : Be more careful in applying pragma weak. Fixes pr14974.
518ee34 : Fix bad line break decision.
d79f1f3 : Allow dash before "ld" in android driver test.
84a1a63 : In range-based for-loops, prefer splitting after ":".
1ef81d5 : Only keep empty lines in unwrapped lines if they preceed a line comment.
0fb382b : Only break string literals as a last resort.
863fb35 : Define CMake option CLANG_INCLUDE_TESTS *before* traversing into tests/ subdirectory. Otherwise, while configuring the build tree for the first time, Clang unit tests could avoid being added to 'check-clang' command, and thus avoid being built and executed.
85aee96 : Unify clang/llvm attributes for asan/tsan/msan (Clang part)
d8be0ab : Update tests to do a full match against printed C++11 attributes.
eafb5c6 : [analyzer] Don't look through casts when creating pointer temporaries.
a0e6e6d : [analyzer] StackAddrEscapeChecker: strip qualifiers from temporary types.
bb60fc6 : [ubsan] Emit single check for left shift.
db061e4 : [analyzer] Restrict ObjC type inference to methods that have related result type.
6f8e9b6 : [analyzer] Recover all PreStmtPurgeDeadSymbols nodes with a single successor or predecessor.
742d9e7 : Various additions to ASTMatcher library:
c283311 : Revert "Add more attributes from the command line to functions."
42f2309 : [analyzer] Address Jordan's code review of r175857.
fbdbed3 : [analyzer] Handle reference parameters with default values.
59c9003 : Add a front-end test case for r176036.
6980f17 : Fix empty declaration printing.
6dc5c33 : [analyzer] Base regions may be invalid when layered on symbolic regions.
df779d3 : Add forgotten testcase.
9c3e71a : Re-add hack that caused regression.
3abf778 : Adding hasDeclaration overload for TemplateSpecializationType
b45083d : Support in hasDeclaration for types with getDecl()
1b354b8 : Reverting r176019. Corrupt patch.
0b6f23a : Support in hasDeclaration for types with getDecl()
c7093d9 : Update generated documentation after recent matcher addition.
f3197e9 : Add matcher for AccessSpecDecls.
6c5038c : [analyzer] Relax assumption in FindLastStoreBRVisitor that the thing we are looking for is always a VarRegion.
4e9c085 : [analyzer] add the notion of an "interesting" lvalue expression for ExplodedNode pruning.
d620e09 : Add more attributes from the command line to functions.
0a8dead : Documentation: add an idea for a (weird) clang tool
c1d0af1 : Update Clang for a minor DIBuilder breaking change.
f9067c6 : Moving initialization into the initializer list and correcting capitalization, as suggested by Chandler.
824ed0c : Documentation: add an idea for an automatic refactoring
3c08a81 : Allow breaking between a type and name in variable declarations.
960876c : Add the testcase from PR13573, this used to crash.
43b82b8 : [analyzer] tracking stores/constraints now works for ObjC ivars or struct fields.
0dd15d7 : Add "KnownSVal" to represent SVals that cannot be UnknownSVal.
026cd1a : Add regression test for serialized diagnostics for notes without locations.
5956bcc : PR15338: Don't assert if -fsanitize=bounds sees array indexing on an incomplete array type.
c515978 : [preprocessor] Use MacroDirective in the preprocessor callbacks to make available the full information about the macro (e.g if it was imported and where).
82a29af : Add comments for the MacroDirective & MacroInfo classes.
afda905 : In Sema::InstantiateStaticDataMemberDefinition, pass the var decl to the consumer just using ASTConsumer::HandleCXXStaticMemberVarInstantiation(), don't pass it with ASTConsumer::HandleTopLevelDecl.
237d4c1 : Better formatting of conditional expressions.
04ea68c : Reference the canonical commit (r175462) in the value casting release note.
a62e561 : Document the value casting API changes.
c5139a9 : Prefer 'and' over '&' in comments.
f3f6231 : Shrink SmallPtrSet. It gets swapped a lot which copies the whole small part.
b063ef0 : Add streamed versions of getQualifiedNameAsString.
c4cca7b : Remove data member MSAsmStmt::AsmLoc, wrongly hiding AsmStmt::AsmLoc.
37eff83 : Don't recognize unnamed pointer parameters as casts.
3a20441 : Allow splitting between string literals and identifiers.
a8f7a97 : Implement __builtin_eh_return_data_regno() for ARM and MIPS.
884f0a7 : clang/AST/Decl.h: Add "raw_ostream.h" to appease msvc.
a0a628f : ubsan: Emit bounds checks for array indexing, vector indexing, and (in really simple cases) pointer arithmetic. This augments the existing bounds checking with language-level array bounds information.
1c8278b : Test that attribute(availability) doesn't override private_extern.
b078054 : Remove the CFGElement "Invalid" state.
02fb50d : Remove the hack that avoided mangling static functions in extern C contexts.
7728cdd : Revert r175912, "Add support for coldcc to clang" at John's request.
ff971d7 : Propagate the split dwarf file information through into the backend and through to the debug info in the module. In order to make the testcase a bit more efficient allow the filename to go through compilation for compile and not assemble jobs and turn off the extract for cases where we don't create an object.
fdf5706 : [libclang] Fix assertion hit when code-completing inside a function macro with more arguments than it should accept.
f799ae1 : objective-C arg: provide fixit support when c++'s named cast need be replaced for bridge casting. // rdar://12788838
5bb033b : Update tests so that we don't test for function-only attributes on call sites.
efc5b67 : Driver: Pass down the -march setting down to -cc1as on x86 too.
93e4bff : Make sure we apply attributes to correct places.
8019039 : Split out the command handling for split debug info, we're going to want to propagate some information through the module into the back end and so need to pass it through to codegen.
ae7396c : [analyzer] Don't canonicalize the RecordDecl used in CXXBaseObjectRegion.
4c67aa9 : Add support for coldcc to clang
0b849d3 : [preprocessing record] Have the MacroDefinitions map point to the MacroDefinition object instead its index in the preprocessed entities vector.
f512ace : Replace some typically large vectors with SmallVector.
4c8cba8 : Make sure pragmas don't attach visibility attributes to auto variables with internal linkage.
f23546a : Suppress -Wswitch to unbreak the build.
684aa73 : [Sema] Semantic analysis for empty-declaration and attribute-declaration.
5dd8f28 : Use raw_ostream::indent, update comment.
7e9f060 : Push the raw_ostream through the template diffing code.
1249b0f : Streamify FormatASTNodeDiagnosticArgument.
5eada84 : Streamify getNameForDiagnostic and remove the string versions of PrintTemplateArgumentList.
6ebf091 : Comment parsing: add CommentOptions to allow specifying custom comment block commands
9d4df46 : StmtPrinter: Directly print types to the stream instead of taking a detour through getAsString.
33b52ad : Fix MergeFunctionDecl implicit CC for static methods.
9672b90 : scan-build: Remove debug print.
1441632 : C++11 status page: * Mark attributes as done in SVN. * Downgrade alignment support from 'Clang 3.0' to 'SVN', now that we actually implement the rules. * Upgrade 'Dynamic initialization with concurrency' from 'No' to 'Clang 2.9' -- all that is required here is the ABI-mandated locking for the initialization of static locals.
4da0903 : Don't crash if we try to apply 'alignas' to a variable declared with an incomplete type.
672edb0 : Don't accidentally and silently accept C++11 attributes in decl-specifier-seqs in C++98.
4e1125f : Update to use references to attribute groups instead of listing the attributes on the call/invoke instructions.
68ea3ae : Per the grammar in [dcl.dcl]p1, a simple-declaration can only have attributes if it has declarators. We were missing the check for this in a couple of places.
f6565a9 : Handle alignas(foo...) pack expansions.
745af1c : In LookupResult::resolveKind(), when handling multiple found declarations, ignore invalid declarations.
d5668a2 : When a parameter list in a C function has an error, recover by forming a K&R function, instead of a non-function type.
28965bf : Don't crash when applying an alloc_size attribute on a K&R function.
150d853 : Don't skip '_Alignas' when disambiguating 'final'. '_Alignas' can't appear here, and we used to assert if it did.
425663a : Teach -ast-print how to print trailing-return-types.
b04a238 : [analyzer] Implement "Loop executed 0 times" diagnostic correctly.
671b321 : Implement C++11 [dcl.align]p6-p8, and C11 6.7.5/7. This had to be split out of the normal attribute-merging path, because we can't merge alignment attributes without knowing the complete set of alignment attributes which apply to a particular declaration.
1f12c47 : [libclang] Fix a crash with invalid code, while skip function bodies is enabled.
d9bd83e : Decl.cpp/mergeTemplateLV(): Tweak a description. [-Wdocumentation]
637619b : Only suppress instance context if a member is actually accessible in its declaring class; otherwise we might fail to apply [class.protected] when considering accessibility in derived classes.
8dadf15 : [analyzer] Place all inlining policy checks into one palce
9e738cc : Add -fbracket-depth=N, analogous to -ftemplate-depth= and -fconstexpr-depth=, to control the check for the C / C++ [implimits] restriction on nesting levels for parentheses, brackets and braces.
5e5440b : [analyzer] Make sure a materialized temporary matches its bindings.
f08740b : Fix regression in modeling assignments of an address of a variable to itself. Fixes <rdar://problem/13226577>.
5704d34 : Make sure we only use the output file as a base for debug splitting if we're compiling.
f0b1a0e : objective-C arc: Diagnostic can not say to use bridge casts with c++ named casts. Change notes to say use bridge with c-style cast instead. // rdar://12788838
87193da : [analyzer] Fix buildbot by not reusing a variable name.
c7d1ca5 : Preproceessor: fix #if skipping under -traditional-cpp.
025b3d4 : Make logic smaller.
644367c : Added a footnote to the documentation for objc_storeStrong that makes it clear that a __strong object of block type is a valid argument to objc_storeStrong but that an objc_retain and not an objc_retainBlock will be emitted.
c908896 : Removing has_getDecl (added in r175532). It cause a build break for MSVC, and was not yet being used in the codebase. If we start using std::enable_if, we can look into resurrecting the idea in a more portable fashion.
94236e7 : Apply the 'nobuiltin' attribute to call sites when the user specifies `-fno-builtin' on the command line.
0c67fc9 : Make for x86 to stop it failing on ARM buildbots.
168c96d : Grammar.
9f1d541 : [analyzer] Make sure a temporary object region matches its initial bindings.
3892d02 : Ignore visibility from enclosing template arguments for explicit member specializations.
df1f94e : Simplify code to use castAs rather than getAs + assert.
3c16431 : Fix copy/paste to refer to the relevant type (ProgramPoint instead of TypeLoc).
1c885a5 : clang/test/Driver/qa_override.c: Appease gcc-driver.
b83a5d8 : Fix typo 'with with' in diagnostic.
e130014 : Add back implicitly dropped const.
be5f1be : Fix formatting and tabs in file.
f870e12 : Don't pass -split-dwarf= to the backend unless we're on linux for now.
59320e7 : Remove the SplitDebug action and replace with a set of commands in the compilation setup. Note that this doesn't currently work for -no-integrated-as.
7a95de6 : Replace ProgramPoint llvm::cast support to be well-defined.
94f3f54 : Remove superfluous null pointer check. The pointer is used prior to this check.
4216ee1 : AST dumping: dump template instantiations only once
1c1303b : Remove accidentally introduced no-op line.
63631bd : Teach serialized diagnostics about notes without locations.
f11a705 : Consistently put {} onto the same line for empty functions.
fdf6a27 : Replace CFGElement llvm::cast support to be well-defined.
05f8ff1 : Patch for debug info of qualified-id types is 'id' By Adrian Pranti.
51d1095 : Try to fix the test for cmake builds, where clang is called clang-3.3.
47135fe : [scan-build] Add quotes around clang executable name to handle path withs spaces. Fixes <rdar://problem/13254727>
478bbf3 : Try to get buildbots to pass these tests.
c73dcba : [scan-build] fix xcode version parsing to handle dot releases. Fixes <rdar://problem/13265300>.
79165b8 : [driver] Handle the processing of the QA_OVERRIDE_GCC3_OPTIONS and CCC_ADD_ARGS before the DiagnosticsEngine is instantiated. Otherwise, warning options are not handled correctly. rdar://13254743
6aad4a3 : Preprocessor: preserve whitespace in -traditional-cpp mode.
649aa6a : [driver] Add a dump method for ArgList.
7d81281 : Allow breaking between type and name in for loops.
3aada3c : Add MSan to the list of targets in Makefile-based builds.
ff04dd4 : Add a 64-bit triple to these tests, to fix 32-bit bots.
b965d8b : Fix an OpenCL test case. Pointer arguments to kernels must be declared with the __global, __constant or __local qualifier.
52e933b : Add support to Sema and CodeGen for floating point vector types in OpenCL.
4d8fe83 : Correct spelling of 'enumerator'.
0adb175 : Avoid implicit conversions of Optional<T> to bool.
6d35b41 : StaticAnalyzer/Core: Suppress warnings. [-Wunused-variable, -Wunused-function]
79741c4 : Whitespace.
4411b42 : [analyzer] Record whether a base object region represents a virtual base.
0cd3142 : [analyzer] Add another reinterpret_cast behavior test.
472b061 : [analyzer] Tidy up a few uses of Optional in RegionStore.
4a3012d : CIndex.cpp: Appease g++-4.4. "if (Optional<unsigned> Minor = In.getMinor())" did not work as expected.
9f6e910 : libstdc++'s <cstdalign> #includes <stdalign.h> and expects it to guard against being included in C++. Don't define alignof or alignas in this case. Note that the C++11 standard is broken in various ways here (it refers to the contents of <stdalign.h> in C99, where that header did not exist, and doesn't mention the alignas macro at all), but we do our best to do what it intended.
c245723 : Use order-only deps from clang to arm_neon.h.
75f6a66 : Respect -fno-canonical-prefixes when deciding where to generate .gcno and .gcda files.
66874fb : Use None rather than Optional<T>() where possible.
65124fe : Rename TypeLoc's isType to isKind
11f0cae : [analyzer] Tighten up safety in the use of lazy bindings.
943f909 : Strip 'llvm' from 'llvm::Optional' uses.
e40b562 : Remove commented out code.
41a6a3e : objective-C arc IR-gen. Retaining of strong arguments in function prologue is done with objc_StoreStrong to pair it with similar objc_StoreStrong for release in function epilogue. This is done with -O0 only. // rdar://13145317
e2e1fa2 : Mark unimplemented function with LLVM_DELETED_FUNCTION
4640118 : Doxycomment SVal's getAs/castAs.
90a7820 : Revert "intmax_t is long long on Darwin, not long."
d6d864f : MCParser: Update method names per coding guidelines.
dc84cd5 : Include llvm::Optional in clang/Basic/LLVM.h
9e85b29 : Remove redundant Optional type in favor of llvm::Optional
0b9c328 : Use op-> directly rather than via Optional<T>::getPointer.
3bc7b6b : Rename SVal::isType functions to SVal::isKind
1927ae9 : Use order-only dependency on $(CLANG_TBLGEN).
30f2a74 : PR15311: Finish implementation of the suggested resolution of core issue 1488, which allows grouping parens in an abstract-pack-declarator. This was already mostly implemented, but missed some cases. Add an ExtWarn for use of this extension until CWG ratifies it.
3bba3ef : Attempt to clean up tests for non-X86 platforms.
6b3d3e5 : Process and handle attributes on conditions and for loop variables. Process and diagnose attributes on alias declarations, using directives, and attribute declarations.
2ec6cfc : [ms-inline asm] Remove this test while I investigate why eax isn't being clobbered.
e9a6226 : Fix regression in string literal alignment.
b56b6d1 : Fixes bug in string literal alignment.
c4615b7 : Don't remove blank lines within unwrapped lines.
8092a94 : Implements breaking of string literals if they stick out.
2f98ad3 : Remove target-specific features.
f7a9da0 : Modify the tests to use attribute group references instead of listing the function attributes.
5251abe : Replace SVal llvm::cast support to be well-defined.
a905c4f : intmax_t is long long on Darwin, not long.
d4c3d66 : Add a new 'type_visibility' attribute to allow users to control the visibility of a type for the purposes of RTTI and template argument restrictions independently of how visibility propagates to its non-type member declarations.
975d52c : Don't repeat the function name in the comment.
9818a1d : [preprocessor] Split the MacroInfo class into two separate concepts, MacroInfo class for the data specific to a macro definition (e.g. what the tokens are), and MacroDirective class which encapsulates the changes to the "macro namespace" (e.g. the location where the macro name became active, the location where it was undefined, etc.)
206f499 : [analyzer] Account for the "interesting values" hash table resizing.
0532140 : PR15300: Support C++11 attributes on base-specifiers. We don't support any such attributes yet, so just issue the appropriate diagnostics. Also generalize the fixit for attributes-in-the-wrong-place code and reuse it here, if attributes are placed after the access-specifier or 'virtual' in a base specifier.
65f991c : [analyzer] Don't accidentally strip off base object regions for lazy bindings.
03628b8 : Add missing clang-format null pointer check..
0be5e56 : [modules] Const'ify some functions of ModuleMap.
21a0004 : [modules] Refactor code from ASTReader::makeModuleVisible() into a new function, Module::getExportedModules() so it can be reused.
cc9bdcb : Use MapVector::pop_back() per LLVM r175538.
d918613 : [docs] Rename to permit wider variety of content.
298422d : [docs] Revise content on ExternalProjectsUsingClang page.
34511fb : Correctly format macro with unfinished template declaration.
5238060 : Support in hasDeclaration for types with getDecl()
3b41a10 : [docs] Introduce ExternalProjectsUsingClang.rst
24697b0 : [Sanitizer] If -fsanitize-blacklist= option is not explicitly specified, make Clang look for the default sanitizer-specific blacklist in the resource directory.
aad3fa6 : Add the missing 'static' keyword to the test
d789670 : Fix bug in LineState comparison function.
98654c9 : More grammar.
6637b06 : Fixing a typo where FixIts was accidentally self-assigning instead of assigning in the parameter Fixits. This fixes several failed assertions with MSVC debug builds.
a880b19 : Add support for -fvisibility-ms-compat.
0b5a483 : Use the actual class visibility for the ObjC EHTYPE global, not the global visibility mode.
3f5fcd2 : Temporarily revert r175471 for more review.
ea9cde6 : Add a 'no-builtin' attribute if we do not want to simplify calls.
9ef9b85 : Use LLVM_DELETED_FUNCTION rather than '// do not implement' comments.
39e6ab4 : Replace TypeLoc llvm::cast support to be well-defined.
9ba7627 : libclang: don't store nul-terminated strings as StringRefs, if the nul-terminatedness property is important for clients.
5be093c : Clean up last use of dyn_cast on TypeLoc in ASTMatchers
9352a62 : Test for my last patch. // rdar://13178483
91d243b : Add include guards for CommentVisitor.h
0dc4ff2 : Prevent crash on multiple user errors (which I cannot reproduce in a small test case). // rdar://13178483.
3b1a40f : CodeGenFunction::CurFuncDecl can be NULL; fix crash introduced in r175386.
aa94590 : Ensure that the identifier chains have the most recent declaration after module deserialization.
82282dc : Improve indentation of builder type calls.
515f65d : Improve formatting of builder-type calls.
2933316 : Reformat lines if they were "moved around".
d0f349b : Correctly determine */& usage in more cases.
6a93c86 : AArch64: add atomic support parameters to TargetInfo
66d19bd : Always break after multi-line string literals.
cf5767d : Prevent line breaks that make stuff hard to read.
6b8f37a : Update test cases to account for DIBuilder type changes.
724cfee : Disable dead stores checker for template instantations. Fixes <rdar://problem/13213575>.
f110a9c : Fix up grammar a bit.
6c7db89 : Unify some "kernel or kext" conditionals.
3fcdea7 : Add a comment.
cfc01e4 : Clean up comment.
d4440c2 : Grammar.
0798b69 : Unify some code. No functional change.
e50e91d : Test ivar-invariant.m: use a more idiomatic RUN line and tighten the test by matching the function name first
e95036b : Remove block names from test case to unbreak release builds.
6c31f7c : Documentation: use \brief and don't duplicate the name of the declared entity at the start of the doc comment.
49d7111 : Documentation cleanup: fix a typo ("////" for "///") and suppress Doxygen's automatic link generation for "file:", as it's not used as a URL here.
56c00c4 : Re-apply r174919 - smarter copy/move assignment/construction, with fixes for bitfield related issues.
28a2cec : [clang] fix test execution command
961f570 : [CodeGen] tighten objc ivar invariant.load attribution
97e948e : Fix for ARM: functions don't have extra attributes there, so {{.*}} is ""
959dc84 : Use trailing documentation comments properly
6ba52aa : Use the correct type to hold enumeration values
c34464e : Documentation cleanup: make a \brief be brief, and fix a bad use of \see.
1216015 : Documentation cleanup: use \brief, and don't repeat the identifier being declared.
12e0c13 : libAnalysis: Add a case for TypeAliasDecl in CFGRecStmtDeclVisitor.
cb6bcf1 : libclang: remove reinterpret_casts by using SourceLocation::getPtrEncoding
0076ea6 : Remove unused forward declarations
896c7dd : Don't warn on conversion from NULL to nullptr_t
b4127a2 : Emit vtables for an extern template class as available_externally, not as linkonce_odr. Emit construction vtables as internal in this case, since the ABI does not guarantee that they will be availble externally.
7640b02 : [PCH] Deserializing the DeclContext of a template parameter is not safe until recursive loading is finished.
8f2fcd3 : Remove unused forward declarations
5a758de : Rework the visibility computation algorithm in preparation for distinguishing type vs. value visibility.
a6e0a0d : Add test case for r175312.
c0dcc2d : Add the 'target-cpu' and 'target-features' attributes to functions.
ae03d8e : libclang: add clang_getTypeSpelling(CXType CT)
17c1a2e : objective-C: Fixes a compiler crash when encoding an ivar of type pointer to a typedef'ed object. // rdar://13190095
4a544e5 : Recognize < and > as binary expressions in builder-type calls.
3285c78 : Fixed diagnostic nondeterministic order bug (pr14901).
dc2efa1 : Done break between 'operator' and '<<'.
db546fa : Fix crash-on-invalid where a ParenListExpr shows up as a message receiver while trying to do error recovery.
820b23d : When a statement is dropped from the AST because it was invalid, make sure we don't do the scope checks otherwise we are going to hit assertion checks since a label may not have been actually added.
b130a54 : Re-enable ConstructorInitializerAllOnOneLineOrOnePerLine option.
2e85e74 : Sema: Unnest early exit and remove an unnecessary bad cast.
0f9827f : Abstract out emitting the vdtor calls and do it properly when using -cxx-abi microsoft; also fix vdtor calls for the ARM ABI
a574c89 : Make helper functions static.
7878a7b : Prevent only breaking before "?" in conditional expressions.
c1ea4b9 : Update testcases due to Attribute sorting improvements.
ada0d22 : [analyzer] Don't assert when mixing reinterpret_cast and derived-to-base casts.
bc40386 : Re-apply "[analyzer] Model trivial copy/move ctors with an aggregate bind."
28743b0 : [analyzer] Cache the bindings accessible through a LazyCompoundVal.
ef9e6d6 : [analyzer] Scan the correct store when finding symbols in a LazyCompoundVal.
fcfcd80 : [analyzer] Tweak LazyCompoundVal reuse check to ignore qualifiers.
0a0f130 : [analyzer] Use collectSubRegionKeys to make removeDeadBindings faster.
9d688e2 : [analyzer] Refactor RegionStore's sub-region bindings traversal.
ae6133f : Make this test determinstic for my last patch. // rdar://13192366
cfaed8d : objective-C: synthesize properties in order of their declarations to synthesize their ivars in similar determinstic order so they are laid out in a determinstic order. // rdar://13192366
62d0f56 : libclang: remove reinterpret_casts by using SourceLocation::getFromPtrEncoding directly instead of casting a pointer to an integer
2620229 : objective-C: When implementing custom accessor method for a property, the -Wdirect-ivar-access should not warn when accessing the property's synthesized instance variable. // rdar://13142820
697a685 : [analyzer] Try constant-evaluation for all variables, not just globals.
33ace06 : [arcmt] Make sure the function has an associated parameter for the argument before checking for its attributes.
83dece5 : Mangle extern "C" functions whose names are not simple identifiers.
9fc56f2 : Fix counting of parameters so that r175162 works as expected.
fc75908 : Reduce penalty for breaking before ./-> after complex calls.
68a932d : Remove a const_cast by propagating constness to called functions
6530390 : Remove an unneeded const_cast
e252a89 : Remove const_casts by making spec_begin()/spec_end() const
c78c6b3 : Remove the trailing whitespace of formatted lines.
c5cfa49 : Get less confused by trailing comma in Google style.
31672fb : Remove accidentally committed empty test.
6cabab4 : Align superclasses for multiple inheritence.
b9316b3 : Revert accidental commit.
e1092df : Pass the target options through to code generation.
747836e : Partially revert r175117 so that we don't break assumptions about how static functions in extern "C" contexts are mangled. Should fix the bootstrap.
d2fdd42 : merge hasCLanguageLinkage and isExternC. Keep the shorter name.
950fee2 : Add a getLanguageLinkage method to VarDecls and FunctionDecls. Use it to fix some cases where functions with no language linkage were being treated as having C language linkage. In particular, don't warn in
d3b4f0e : When marking derived classes' virtual methods ODR-used in order to trigger instantiation in order to permit devirtualization later in codegen, skip over pure functions since those can't be devirtualization targets.
544450e : Teach ccc-analyze to pass on -iquote with no spaces between it an the argument.
3a09444 : Actually fix rendering of the example code block!
7cdc311 : Some grammar fixes to 'Format String Checking', and reorder the text slightly to try to make the final code block actually get rendered.
6f48819 : Document Clang's support for [[gnu::...]] attributes.
8c42a67 : [docs] The stat cache has been removed from the PCH, update the docs to remove mentions of it.
2c5d845 : objective-C: Make order of ivars which are synthesized in the course of property synthesis deterministic (ordered by their type size), instead of having hashtable order (as it is currently). // rdar://13192366
8ab612d : Remove outdated performance.html webpage.
d8d7f5f : [ms-inline asm] Add test case for r175083.
c764830 : ubsan: Add checking for invalid downcasts. Per [expr.static.cast]p2 and p11, base-to-derived casts have undefined behavior if the object is not actually an instance of the derived type.
a03ab10 : Allow breaking after the return type in function declarations.
778749a : Use 'RC_XBS' instead of 'RC_BUILDIT' to catch all times when it's built in the Apple way.
42f458d : Fix comment alignment close to the column limit.
8206421 : [libclang] Fix annotation of a range where the begin or end location is inside a macro argument.
ba8fa0c : ... and now fix the +Asserts build
4745345 : Fix the microsoft-abi-structors test expectations to match both Release and Release+Asserts builds
62a48fb : Pull search state out as class members.
32a2fd7 : An attempt to make the search algorithm easier to understand.
59660c2 : Emit virtual/deleting destructors properly with -cxx-abi microsoft, PR15058
e0dc7c7 : Formatter: And more cast tests (these don't pass yet).
6fa7e74 : Formatter: Add more cast tests.
37d6931 : Formatter: Refactor the cast detection code to be a bit more readable.
4c2cc60 : Formatter: Detect ObjC method expressions after casts.
a46961b : Change this comment to helpfully explain why it's there.
38f68ef : [analyzer] Use Clang's evaluation for global constants and default arguments.
04870ed : [analyzer] Use makeZeroVal in RegionStore's lazy evaluation of statics.
74992c4 : [ms-inline-asm] Test cases to ensure the AsmRewrite list is sorted (r175021). Part of rdar://13202662
2cbd427 : Order the methods in the global method pool based on when they become visible, not when they become deserialized <rdar://problem/13203033>.
b0112e1 : Replace 'signed' with 'int'. 'signed' is not typical for LLVM style
064d88e : [preprocessing record] Add some sanity checks for the preprocessed entity index to make sure we don't crash on release if the index is not valid.
7243b0f : [ms-inline-asm] Add test cases for the align/emit directives. Part of rdar://13200215
ddf117e : Add a test for r174980, that we used to accept
89a0daa : Fix crash for incomplete labels in macros.
be8e36c : [ms-inline asm] Update test case now that we are correctly parsing __emit directives.
468e399 : Fixing the MSVC compiler warning a different way; removed use of static_cast and instead used a signed integer parameter.
9c504e9 : Typo.
8e70b00 : [ms-inline asm] Add a few test cases for the parsing of hexidecimal integers.
be9f420 : Removing a signed/unsigned mismatch warning triggered in MSVC 11.
1b9e8f7 : Accept over-qualified constructor in MSVC emulation mode
9ece2bb : Fix bug in the adjustment to existing lines.
95e8e46 : Formatter: Correctly format stars in `sizeof(int**)` and similar places.
7f43fcf : Adding more overloads for allOf matcher
6c9dccd : Rename -constructors test to just -structors as in fact it tests dtors too. Also, fix a minor typo in the test.
9efe057 : Attempt to fix this test on i686 targets.
3c86a5c : The meat of this patch is in BuildCXXMemberCalLExpr where we make it use MarkMemberReferenced instead of marking functions referenced directly. An audit of callers to MarkFunctionReferenced and DiagnoseUseOfDecl also caused a few other changes: * don't mark functions odr-used when considering them for an initialization sequence. Do mark them referenced though. * the function nominated by the cleanup attribute should be diagnosed. * operator new/delete should be diagnosed when building a 'new' expression.
0609858 : Properly assemble PHIs after a null-checked invoke of objc_msgSend. rdar://12046763
ad0e27b : Fix a bug reduced from a crash when trying to use modules with libc++. We check the linkage of functions and variables while merging declarations from modules, and we don't necessarily have enough of the rest of the AST loaded at that point to allow us to compute linkage, so serialize it instead.
43ced74 : + specified progress information
7eae669 : + centered progress cells + added progress information for several checkers
66b2277 : Call __cxa_begin_catch with the current exception before calling std::terminate(). rdar://11904428
629df01 : Change some CGF parameters to CGMs.
63a9514 : Remove an assert which triggers when a decl context in a module hits the 'has lexical storage but not visible storage' case in C++. It's unclear whether we even need the special-case handling for C++, since it seems to be working around our not serializing a lookup table for the TU in C. But in any case, the assertion is incorrect.
a2905ea : Perform placeholder conversions on the controller of a _Generic expression.
9dd74c5 : Diagnose loads of 'half' l-values in OpenCL. Patch by Joey Gouly!
c2808e7 : Backing out r174919 while I investigate a self-host bug on Takumi's builder.
72dcecc : In ARC, emit non-peepholed +1s within the full-expression instead of immediately afterwards.
35be402 : Split a couple of tests out into their own file.
5310859 : When generating IR for default copy-constructors, copy-assignment operators, move-constructors and move-assignment operators, use memcpy to copy adjacent POD members.
6e8dfc7 : Timing data was removed years ago. Remove these links.
8896339 : Don't bother reconciling external visible decls against our current set of declarations if we didn't have a lookup map when the external decls were added.
a09cd81 : objective-C modern translator: Fixes a mistranslation of @throw statement by finding location of the ';' correctly. // rdar://13186010
f4e955b : [Modules] Cope better with top-level declarations loaded after being declared in the current translation unit <rdar://problem/13189985>.
c2e6d2a : Formatter: Detect ObjC message expressions after 'in' in loop
3f4535e : Get rid of manual debug output, now that the test runner supports it.
729a743 : Fix invalid formatting with spaces before trailing comments.
a28fc06 : Fixes handling of empty lines in macros.
2d000d3 : Update test to not fail with attribute groups.
2b4c924 : Fix formatting of overloaded operator definitions.
06b247f : Do not use VariadicDynCastAllOfMatcher where VariadicAllOfMatcher works.
8c7f38c : Formatter: Remove now-unneeded code for formatting ':'s in ObjC method decls.
0ac717b : Formatter: Add a test for multi-line ObjC dict literals.
e626200 : Formatter: Add another ObjC literal test.
d74fcdb : Formatter: Initial support for ObjC dictionary literals.
f0c5456 : Use -mno-implicit-float by default for kernel/kext code. <rdar://13177960>
48559ba : Delete an extra blank line.
7a9e91a : Recognize -mno-implicit-float option for x86 as well as ARM. <rdar://13180731>
0ff4f8b : Use static functions instead of an unnamed namespace
2afbe52 : Reformat formatter code. No functionality change.
051860e : Formatter: Detect ObjC array literals.
b7b2565 : objective-C: Fixes a bogus warning due to not setting the "nonatomic" attribute in property redeclaration in class extension. Also, improved on diagnostics in this area while at it. // rdar://13156292
7728057 : Formatter: Add test for default arguments.
8448e1a : FileCheck'ize tests
559b7fa : FileCheck'ize a test
a2f138a : Remove unreachable statement
bf88144 : Comment parsing: use CharInfo.h
ae50a5b : libclang: use CXCursor getters to simplify code
223f0ff : Remove some stray uses of <ctype.h> functions.
a4475a6 : QoI: -Wreadonly-iboutlet-property should have the warning's location on the property.
992c592 : Release notes: mention support for Unicode and UCNs in identifiers.
6bd9929 : Ensure that type definitions present in just-loaded modules are visible.
f07e815 : clang/lib/StaticAnalyzer/Core/BugReporter.cpp: Appease old msvc in std::pair(0, 0).
ed9c59f : Properly validate UCNs for C99 and C++03 (both more restrictive than C(++)11).
d523df6 : [analyzer] Invalidation checker: move the "missing implementation" check
adecec3 : [analyzer] Move DefaultBool so that all checkers can share it.
722cd9e : [analyzer] Split IvarInvalidation into two checkers
2b174c3 : [analyzer] IvarInvalidation: refactor, pull out the diagnostic printing
26db7db : [analyzer] IvarInvalidation: add annotation for partial invalidation
1256434 : objective-C: don't issue bogus warning about "auto-synthesized may not work correctly with 'nib' loader" when 'readonly' property is redeclared 'readwrite' in class extension. // rdar://13123861
799f3c1 : CharInfo: Add missing "using namespace clang::charinfo" in .cpp file.
3f6f51e : Excise <cctype> from Clang (except clang-tblgen) in favor of CharInfo.h.
4a04d44 : Simplify logic for avoiding concatenation after numeric constants.
6d4f734 : StmtPrinter: Write large char values using \u or \U.
9893902 : Pull Lexer's CharInfo table out for general use throughout Clang.
e22cef5 : Note that checker-271 is newer than the analyzer in Xcode 4.6
8580c7e : Update open source checker build to checker-271.
2d1ece8 : Always keep highest identifier, selector, and macro IDs when we've read another one, just as we do for types.
ea14a87 : Never cache the result of a module file lookup.
52635ff : Fix indentation-detection at indent level 0.
8185674 : Teach BugReporter (extensive diagnostics) to emit a diagnostic when a loop body is skipped.
5a56e1b : [libclang] Add a test to make sure annotation works fine in the presence of 'override' on the method.
19df705 : Remove stale instance variable.
9ffd1ae : objective-C modern translation: Fix another random translation bug involving property getter expressions on rhs of property setter. // rdar://13138459
547d5db : Takes the context into account when re-indenting regions.
bfaa111 : objective-C modern translator. Fixes a trivial rewriting bug where #ifdef ended up on the same line as the attribute declaration.
087387a : Fix handling of fake parenthesis during formatting.
29f123b : Implement a tiny expression parser to improve formatting decisions.
ce3d1a6 : Avoid unnecessary line breaks in nested ObjC calls.
026ce82 : Improve filechecking of volatile test.
6bbaa77 : CMake: Include Clang unit tests in check-clang target in standalone builds.
63eb156 : Fix test failure by making sure this file isn't identical to any other file included in the same test. Clang gets confused about whether it's already built a module for this file, when running on a content-addressible filesystem.
3092d9d : CMake: Optionally allow running the Clang unit tests in standalone builds.
a69a589 : Fix conflict between r174685 and r174645 (rename -fmodule-cache-path <foo> to -fmodules-cache-path=<foo>).
a86b37e : [libclang] Attribute visitation happens out-of-source-order, make sure we annotate properly when there is an attribute and not skip type specs if the attribute is after the declaration.
f21107b : Use the target address space value when mangling names.
2bb07c1 : Fix stack overflow and improve performance when a module contains many overloads of a name by claiming that there are no lookup results for that name in modules while loading the names from the module. Lookups in deserialization really don't want to find names which they themselves are in the process of introducing. This also has the pleasant side-effect of automatically caching PCH lookups which found no names.
ada7191 : objective-C modern translator. Generate #line info in the translated code under -g only. // rdar://13138170
1b58c74 : Teach subframework header lookup to suggest modules <rdar://problem/13176200>.
8135886 : [analyzer] Remove redundant check as per Jordan's feedback.
1c32b81 : [analyzer] Fix typo.
118aa75 : [analyzer] Report bugs when freeing memory with offset pointer
233e26a : [analyzer] Add pointer escape type param to checkPointerEscape callback
2b68761 : [analyzer] Don't reinitialize static globals more than once along a path
250172a : Form the default -fmodules-cache-path= properly.
31c4a4b : objective-C modern translator. More fixups for modern meta-data abi translation. Still wip. // rdar://13138459
daf1a15 : clang-format: Don't put useless space in f( ::g()).
882090e : Add missing header from r174648
7666b03 : Retain all hidden methods in the global method pool, because they may become visible <rdar://problem/13172858>.
90b5ac6 : libclang: reduce CXString abuse
953a61f : Rename -fmodule-cache-path <blah> to -fmodules-cache-path=<blah> for consistency.
ed4330b : Thread safety analysis: make sure that expressions in attributes are parsed in an unevaluated context.
b30c038 : Testcase for r174477.
6959acd : Enable overloading of OpenCL events - this is needed for the overloaded OpenCL builtin functions.
51dbecf : FileCheckize volatile test
e8d3cf0 : Only check for volatile memcpys in test.
5024bf5 : Add AArch64 wchar definition to test
8fa36ea : XFAIL test that's inappropriate for AArch64 ABI
55f0593 : Permit ABIs where the caller extends the result (test change).
cbe50cc : Documentation: fix typo: stdard -> stdarg
1142b2a : Documentation: add information about builtin includes to FAQ
775bb8a : libclang: CursorVisitor::VisitBuiltinTypeLoc(): Add OCLSampler. [-Wswitch]
fa37c5c : Implements equalsNode for Decl and Stmt.
21f18c4 : Add OpenCL samplers as Clang builtin types and check sampler related restrictions.
f5a6aef : Apply the pure-virtual odr rule to other constructs which can call overloaded operators.
bbcd0f3 : Fix handling of module imports adding names to a DeclContext after qualified name lookup has been performed in that context (this probably only happens in C++).
3646c68 : Simplify FindExternalVisibleDeclsByName by making it return a bool indicating if it found any decls, rather than returning a list of found decls. This removes a returning-ArrayRef-to-deleted-storage bug from MultiplexExternalSemaSource (in code not exercised by any of the clang binaries), reduces the work required in the found-no-decls case with PCH, and importantly removes the need for DeclContext::lookup to be reentrant.
878d0ad : -Wimplicit-fallthrough: fixed two cases where "fallthrough annotation in unreachable code" was issued incorrectly.
cd3b036 : objective-C modern translator. Fix up the translated metadata to handle ivar bitfields. This is wip. // rdar://13138459
4a19052 : AST dumping: indicate the previous declaration for a redeclaration, and indicate the semantic DC if it's not the lexical DC. In passing, correct the ascii-art child marker for a child of a FriendDecl.
005d51b : Be a little more permissive with -fmodules-ignore-macro= by removing everything after the second '=' if it is there.
d46b7ec : Add a *San + modules FIXME.
2a06085 : Introduce -fmodules-ignore-macro=NNN to ignore a macro when building/loading modules.
712f5b3 : Formatter: Move ObjC literal tests to its own test case.
8bf778e : Detect when we end up trying to load conflicting module files.
474e462 : Fix bug in the alignment of comments.
4e8a7b4 : Become a little smarter with formatting long chains of pipes.
415514d : Cleanup of ASTMatcher macros and adding support for overloaded matchers.
15417ef : Align trailing block comments like trailing line comments.
eb54aa5 : Remove unneeded test. We have plenty of subgroup relations between warnings, and for those we care about we should have a general way of testing them.
1975c17 : Accept and ignore the -fextended-identifiers option.
8e31d06 : Eliminate a race condition with the global module index.
4ed7f3e : Formatter: Correctly detect ObjC message expressions preceded by a comment.
b3507cd : Fix handling of comments in macros.
7fc2db0 : Much semicolon after namespaces.
9e9e6e0 : Fix formatting of ObjC method calls.
b8b1ce1 : Parse record declarations with token pasted identifiers.
36ba0ff : Fix a formatting bug caused by comments in expressions.
8ff690a : Optionally derive formatting information from the input file.
6b5ba8b : Fix an issue with the formatting of stars in default values.
cf87bff : Adds a convenience function selectFirst to simplify matching.
4e77809 : Handle nested ObjC calls.
e8a9798 : Formatter: No space after & and * in front of ObjC message expressions.
ce6a10e : Don't check whether a friend declaration is correctly formed when instantiating, we already checked it when parsing.
5e25301 : Use a dyn_cast to avoid a crash when the TypeLoc is not a ConstantArrayTypeLoc. rdar://13153516
1fc271c : [Headers] Use standard builtin defines instead of typeof trickery.
30c07af : Added test for r174461 that checks that the desired behavior also occurs in ObjC++ alongside ObjC.
b98c6fe : [analyzer]Revert part of r161511; suppresses leak false positives in C++
40a94e2 : Adding armv7l default to cortex-a8
8f98bf9 : Changed CGObjCMac.cpp to add the marker externally_initialized to SELECTOR_REFERENCES in both the fragile and non-fragile API.
b1855de : Add note why we used a switch.
ed03c9f : Minor tweak to install docs
5846720 : Change subexpressions to be visited in the CFG from left-to-right.
9b0e9ed : Remove an uninteresting note
beca02f : [analyzer] Teach the analyzer to use a symbol for p when evaluating (void*)p.
ef95aea : [analyzer] add comment
087f407 : [analyzer] Fix typo, better doxygen as per Jordan's feedback.
eaf9c74 : [analyzer] Add a doc describing the internals of RegionStore.
ed351e6 : [arcmt] Make sure the objc migrators work fine when used with a PCH.
3ad86fd : [frontend] Don't put a PCH/PTH filename into the set of includes in the preprocessor options; since only one of them is allowed in command-line, process them separately.
ee0feec : Formatter: Detect ObjC method expressions after unary operators.
63d7ced : Initial support for formatting ObjC method declarations/calls.
d399bff : Fix some linebreak decisions in Google format.
5b7e7b0 : Fix formatting regression introduced by r174307.
8fcbb8d : Fix typo in comment
77163bc : TextDiagnostic.cpp: Suppress a warning to use ptrdiff_t on i686-clang. [-Wsign-compare]
c706c8e : Driver and option support for -gsplit-dwarf. This is a part of the DWARF5 split dwarf proposal.
4f4e2af : Spaces instead of tabs.
cc972ed : Revert "Remove sparse text on diagnostic options. These are not really documented anywhere, and they really aren't for normal users."
4fd83a3 : Remove dead code related to the now defunct PCH stat cache.
7cea148 : Test for virtual instead of pure here. It has the exact same effect, and John claims it will improve performance.
afbcab8 : PR15095: Use more correct source locations for the InitListExpr we fake up for vector initialization. Patch by John Stratton!
7305e8c : Remove sparse text on diagnostic options. These are not really documented anywhere, and they really aren't for normal users.
a4dc51b : Add some missing diagnostics for C++11 narrowing conversions.
152ea0e : Implements the convenience matcher findAll.
7387673 : Add an eachOf matcher.
cda1650 : Improve handling of trailing block comments
fa543ac : Improve formatting of stream operators.
2752ff3 : Improve handling of trailing block comments.
8159d2f : Fix an error in formatting of for-loops.
0178673 : Restructuring of token annotation for formatting.
22c0cbe : clang/Analysis: Fix r174245, a valgrind error in AnalysisDeclContext::getBody(bool &IsAutosynthesized), to initialize IsAutosynthesized explicitly.
93aa2db : DeclPrinter: fix CXXConstructExpr printing with implicit default argument
f408d1d : Drop value names from test to get -Asserts builds back to green.
ae3f760 : CodeGen: Implement hint values for dynamic_cast as described in the Itanium C++ ABI.
922cec2 : CodeGen: Remove unnecessary const_casts. No functionality change.
6bd0232 : Fix bug in formatting of nested initializers.
4c494f4 : Comment to XML conversion: replace string comparison with command ID comparison
21f6b39 : CodeGen: Mark the runtime function __dynamic_cast as readonly & nounwind.
f8c1214 : Remove unneeded const_casts
f06faad : libclang: wrap CXString implementation into 'namespace cxstring'
aca3e56 : libclang: remove 'using namespace cxstring'
361d79c : libclang: migrate IndexingDeclVisitor to ConstDeclVisitor
8d0eb2f : libclang: remove unneeded const_cast
b35cc2d : Constify ASTContext::getObjContainingInterface
e414cc1 : libclang: migrate USRGenerator to ConstDeclVisitor
a376f87 : libclang: remove unneeded const_casts
95f3636 : clang/test/CodeGenCXX/debug-info-class.cpp: Tweak to unbreak test for a few targets.
2a3fe34 : Revert "[analyzer] Model trivial copy/move ctors with an aggregate bind."
5595ded : libclang: introduce cxstring::{createRef,createDup} for StringRefs
3fa3fea : PR15132: Replace "address expression must be an lvalue or a function designator" diagnostic with more correct and more human-friendly "cannot take address of rvalue of type 'T'".
821b93e : Correctly classify T{} as an array temporary if T is an array of class type with nontrivial destructor.
9d9f254 : Add some horrible Perl code to teach scan-build to recursively walk a directory for HTML files.
802e226 : Don't forget to run destructors when we create an array temporary of class type.
975f253 : Revert "Update checker build to checker-271."
cfe18a1 : Fixed another whitespace issue... *sigh*.
db99e8b : Fixed whitespace.
554b07d : On platforms which do not support ARC natively, do not mark objc_retain/objc_release as "nonlazybind".
a7f8da1 : Update checker build to checker-271.
c8c2427 : Revert r174246, accidentally committed.
9ceca75 : Sentenc-ify comment added in r174206.
083b90d : Generalize DebugInfo tests by avoiding explicit metadata numbers
1513eb9 : Basics
453cb85 : [analyzer] Always inline functions with bodies generated by BodyFarm.
a5245a5 : [analyzer] Print Inline mode with -analyzer-display-progress.
135d0fe : [analyzer] Fix typo.
b7e5eec : This patch makes "&Cls::purevfn" not an odr use. This isn't what the standard says, but that's a defect (to be filed). "Cls::purevfn()" is still an odr use.
0c4394c : libclang: introduce cxstring::{createRef,createDup} for C strings
f5cfc89 : Merge "special" types from different modules in the AST reader.
288c755 : clang/test/CodeGenCXX/debug-info-class.cpp: Fixup for -Asserts.
9484c1d : Const'ify Preprocessor::getPredefinesFileID.
54596b9 : Unbreak Makefile build after r174216
af01bed : Comment parsing: improve the fidelity of XML output for many block commands
2821e18 : Add some missing PPC cpus
41f7b1a : objc: Provide correct fixit instruction when two mismatched nsstringis are compared without. // rdar://12716301
8c888b1 : [analyzer] Explain why we have system-header-simulator*.h files.
5500fc1 : Re-apply "[analyzer] Model trivial copy/move ctors with an aggregate bind."
978aeac : [analyzer] Reuse a LazyCompoundVal if its type matches the new region.
0a0f93c : Fix exception handling line table problems introduced by r173593
3c6aaeb : Add -mqpx and -mno-qpx feature flags to toggle use of the PPC QPX vector instruction set
75dbc71 : [driver] Don't try to generate diagnostic information for dsymutil crashes. Part of rdar://13134273
a5236b9 : Micro change: moved '{' for better readability (+don't confuse -Wimplicit-fallthrough)
d9a9f19 : Fix indent
d82e2c1 : Fix comments: these are not trailing comments
15a2aa0 : libclang: document the purpose of createNull()
17c1a24 : libclang: add comments for CXStringFlag
8b136d8 : [modules] Introduce ModuleFile::DirectImportLoc which is the source location where the module was explicitly or implicitly imported in the local translation unit.
5ebcb20 : For ModuleLoader::makeModuleVisible() also pass the source location where the module import occurred.
95d912c : Introduce SourceManager::PredefinesFileID, to allow each checking of whether a source location came from the predefines buffer.
4ba2508 : Add check for @foo
81c9b2a : Fix a string not seen without asserts
0162b83 : Fixed segmentation fault when a CFGBlock has NULL successor.
57dab71 : Fix PR14881 by implementing conversion rules between int and complex int.
d123dc6 : Revise unit testing for -fno-altivec, -mno-altivec.
dc66adb : libclang: itroduce cxstring::createEmpty()
dad4c1a : libclang: introduce cxstring::createNull()
60969f5 : Re-design the convenience interfaces on MatchFinder.
ae54121 : Use const visitors in ASTDumper. http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D355 Patch by Philip Craig!
6758194 : Hopefully fix windows build due to non-standard pair implementation.
68ef0df : Revamp of the basic layouting algorithm in clang-format.
5f838aa : Fix diagnostic for bad alignas use: it can't be applied to functions.
cd0655b : Add a new -Wundefined-inline warning for inline functions which are used but not defined. Fixes PR14993!
be507b6 : Implement [dcl.align]p5 and C11 6.7.5/4: alignas cannot underalign. Also support alignas(0), which C++11 and C11 require us to ignore.
5ccd3d0 : Add PPC A2Q core and BG/Q preprocessor definitions
074cae0 : Destroy arrays and ARC fields when throwing out of ctors.
1031884 : Don't do delayed exception-specification checking on an invalid class. Fixes <rdar://problem/13017229>.
199402b : Enable -fno-altivec, -mno-altivec for PowerPC.
a31f65b : [Sema][Attr]Fix alignment attribute printing.
a55e3ff : Consistently format sample diagnostics on this page.
6307be3 : clang/test/Index/headerfile-comment-to-html.m: Try to unbreak libxml2-less hosts to eliminate "CommentXMLValid".
e1ebedf : Comment parsing: add more comments to CommentCommands.td
17d15f3 : Escape backslash in the comment.
5e31474 : Update the tests.
f843a58 : [Comment parsing] Add support for recognizing \headerfile command and representing it in an xml document. Patch reviewed by Dmitri Gribenko. // rdar://12397511
0217b1d : [analyzer]RetainCount: Fix an autorelease related false positive.
e36d81b : [analyzer] Don't track autorelease pools created by +new.
0ed4394 : Lexer: Don't warn about Unicode in preprocessor directives.
98b21b9 : Preprocessor: initialize member introduced in r173881.
b450161 : Reverted unintendedly-committed file.
d226744 : Micro-change: moved a brace for better readability
33e83b6 : Revert "[analyzer] Model trivial copy/move ctors with an aggregate bind."
ce76d65 : clang/test/Index/skip-parsed-bodies/compile_commands.json: Mark it as XFAIL:mingw32, for now.
bd04f2a : Never break inside something that was a preprocessor directive.
f343cab : Several improvements to the formatting of static initializers.
335078b : Attempt to fix Windows build breakage.
4d0e9f5 : Move commonly useful code for AST testing into MatchVerfier.h.
c264e16 : Add support for AArch64 target.
903ef04 : Revert r174043 and tweak the comment wording so I'm (hopefully) not confused by it again!
8c84028 : Added outer template parameter lists to friend type AST nodes.
a8d3904 : [msan] Run more optimizations after MemorySanitizer pass.
5917e22 : Remove incorrect warning signs from QualType::getUnqualifiedType(). These statements were only true for 65 CLs after they were introduced two years ago.
378e1e7 : When we're emitting a constructor or destructor call from a delegating constructor, retrieve our VTT parameter directly. Fixes PR14588 / <rdar://problem/12867962>.
29805ca : Improve 'failed template argument deduction' diagnostic for the case where we have a direct mismatch between some component of the template and some component of the argument. The diagnostic now says what the mismatch was, but doesn't yet say which part of the template doesn't match.
626799b : When code completing in a statement, parenthesized expression, or Objective-C message receiver, the user is as likely to want to write a type name as any other declaration, so give types the same priority as other declarations. Fixes <rdar://problem/12480600>.
d1f09b4 : Allow the computation of the base priority for a declaration code completion result to consider the completion context
0efa62f : Replace "failed template argument deduction" diagnostic with something useful in the one case where we've already factored out a reason code.
995e26b : Remove elements from Sema.UndefinedInternals as functions are defined. Also filter the elements before emitting them into a PCH. No user-visible functionality change, except that PCH files may be smaller?
869709c : Fix grammar in comment.
f270519 : Clarify the diagnostic for -Wnested-anon-types.
0e450cb : [analyzer] If a lazy binding is undefined, pretend that it's unknown instead.
f499b34 : When comparing two template template arguments in the template differ, consider them the same if they are actually the same; having the same name isn't enough.
95f97bf : Fix -Wcovered-switch-default and -Wunused-private-field warnings.
e8d4119 : Add indents to AST dumping and removed parenthesis from AST nodes. Indents were given the color blue when outputting with color. AST dumping now looks like this:
4ceaf33 : Fix ODR-use of a MemberExpr to check before marking a pure function used. Remove a workaround for this bug from the -Wundefined-internals warning.
5255f27 : [analyzer] Fix a bug in region store that lead to undefined value false positives.
7ba96ae : Sometimes ld is just ld.
1166723 : When comparing two templates in the template differ, consider them the same if they are actually the same; having the same name isn't enough. Fixes <rdar://problem/12931988>.
c4c62fd : Make sure that the Attribute object represents one attribute only.
3e55e3e : Fix unused variable warnings in -asserts build
40f56e5 : Reinstate r173952, this time limiting it to exactly the form
91165e7 : Diagnostics: Clarify name of line-length-limiting constant in r173976.
566f063 : Changed to static_cast, due to post-commit review.
8f1fa25 : TableGen backends: use emitSourceFileHeader() to emit the warning about file contents being autogenerated
825648a : Cast to remove the narrowing conversion error in c++11.
f6e74a3 : Diagnostics: if a line is longer than 4096 characters, don't print it.
1a1c82e : Revert "[preprocessor] Don't warn about "disabled expansion of recursive macro""
877761c : Handle passing non-Qualtypes to %diff better. Instead of asserting, fall back to printing the default case. This is a fix for PR15023.
7564bcc : Add OpenCL error that a kernel function must have void return type. Includes a test case.
1b6b31d : Fix comment in test/Lexer/utf8-invalid.c for updates in r173959.
20afc29 : Fix r173881 to properly skip invalid UTF-8 characters in raw lexing and -E.
ac3a3e7 : [analyzer] Make shallow mode more shallow.
6bbe144 : [analyzer] Use analyzer config for max-inlinable-size option.
86ff12c : [analyzer] Move report false positive suppression to report visitors.
ce32890 : [analyzer] Remove further references to analyzer-ipa.
1afc201 : scan-build: When using Xcode 4.6, use build settings for doing proper build interposition.
16bdd3b : Hoist retrieval of Expr* into caller. No functionality change.
8d3f613 : [preprocessor] Don't warn about "disabled expansion of recursive macro" for "#define X X".
baa7ca1 : [analyzer] Model trivial copy/move ctors with an aggregate bind.
7414959 : Documentation: fix escaping in JSON example
d96d949 : Documentation: add a link to Bear, a tool to help with JSON DB
19e448d : Documentation: fix link to ExecuteAction(), which was previously typoed as "ExecutionAction()".
f494e48 : Comment parsing: fold named character references test into other HTML tests
5bd1e5b : Comment parsing: resolve more named character references
b1c760e : Revert unintended change
3862d76 : Index/special-html-characters.m: mark this as XFAIL for valgrind
cb5620c : Move UTF conversion routines from clang/lib/Basic to llvm/lib/Support
e1ac4ae : Also promote fp16 types to double when they're anonymous variadic arguments.
afcbd85 : Don't generate no-op replacements.
31aa577 : Add "instancetype" as a code completion result for the return type of an Objective-C method. Fixes <rdar://problem/13069990>.
5824b80 : The instance methods of the root class of an Objective-C hieararchy can be messaged via the metaclass. Provide code completions for this case. Fixes <rdar://problem/12560296>.
48cb74a : C11: Provide the missing half of <stdalign.h>
e6738d8 : Fix test failure from previous change.
7586a6e : Semantic analysis and CodeGen support for C11's _Noreturn. This is modeled as an attribute for consistency with our other noreturn mechanisms.
4874a81 : Don't warn on fall-through from unreachable code.
e28f6ab : Unresolved lookups can have using declarations that refer to unresolved using declarations. Fixes PR14768 / <rdar://problem/13030296>.
74c2498 : Don't warn about Unicode characters in -E mode.
d9bf418 : [Sema] Constrain test added in r173873 with expected-error-re
1d87fba : Provide a fixit for constexpr non-static data members.
7adf417 : c: When checking on validity of sizeof passed as size of argument to be memset, check for its type to be complete before calling Context.getTypeSize(PointeeTy) to prevent crash. // rdar://13081751.
9cd90a2 : [Frontend] Factor AddUnmappedPath() out of AddPath() and simplify.
59fd635 : [Frontend] Remove HeaderSearchOptions::Entry::IsInternal, which is unused.
e87edbd : clang/test/Driver/asan-ld.c: Try not to mismatch temporary file, like "tmpkcfdld".
d09436c : [Frontend] Remove actual ImplicitExternC member variable.
ef84554 : [Frontend] Add an ExternCSystem include entry group.
4b1a0e4 : Removed couple of html named character references in my last patch.
c33c9f7 : [Frontend] Make the include dir group independent from the "use sysroot" bit.
f85541c : [Frontend] Rename a member variable to clarify its intent.
49ffaef : [Frontend] Factor out helper function, for clarity.
8425a54 : [driver] Clear the FailureResultFiles when initializing clang diagnostics. Also, minor cleanup.
658a115 : [Doc parsing] Patch to parse Doxygen-supported HTML character references to their UTIF-8 encoding. Reviewed offline by Doug. // rdar://12392215
78d85b1 : [ubsan] Implement the -fcatch-undefined-behavior flag using a trapping implementation; this is much more inline with the original implementation (i.e., pre-ubsan) and does not require run-time library support.
13e42fb : clang/test/Index/getcursor-preamble.m: Formatting.
3832fbb : clang/test/Index/getcursor-preamble.m: Tweak for win32. env(1) is required to change variables locally.
a367e9d : Move -Wstatic-float-init fixit into a note & don't recover as if constexpr
6933e3b : Don't fixit/recover from -Wstatic-float-init when it's not an error.
32d28ee : Move the token annotator into separate files.
fcf8960 : [Preprocessor] When checking if we can concatenate two tokens, check if they were already concatenated in source using the spelling locations even if they came from a macro expansion.
a16355c : [driver] Refactor the driver so that a failing commands doesn't prevent subsequent commands from being executed.
d4f2c2e : Improve formatting of code with comments.
3d207e7 : Mark a struct definition in an objc container with the TopLevelDeclInObjCContainer bit.
f157960 : Allow all parameters on next line for function calls in Chrome.
f40fb4b : Split ">>" in "A<B<C> >" in Chromium style.
b3109e3 : Fix uninitialized error caused by r173801.
a52d278 : Fix a crash in OpenCL code by using the proper (RHS) bit-width.
adc6aba : Calculate the split penalty upfront.
1a1ce83 : Fix a comment and reformat clang-format with clang-format
2e60377 : Initial support for multiple variable declarations.
98f988d : Add a diagnostic for an OpenCL kernel with a pointer pointer argument. Also refactor the surrounding code a little.
e702ff3 : Test update missed in r173789.
a0109e2 : Produce a diagnostic if alignas is applied to an expression. Neither C11 nor C++11 allows that.
d03de6a : Downgrade 'attribute ignored when parsing type' from error to warning, to match the diagnostic's warn_ name. Switch some places (notably C++11 attributes) which really wanted an error over to a different diagnostic. Finally, suppress the diagnostic entirely for __ptr32, __ptr64 and __w64, to avoid producing diagnostics in important system headers.
93384a9 : Reverting changes from r173785 (removing empty lines before "}").
8df364f : Remove empty lines before "}".
4cd81c5 : Implement C++11 [dcl.align]p1 and C11 6.7.5/2 rules for alignas and _Alignas.
52a9250 : C++11 status: * Mark 'sequence points' as done now we have a warning for unsequenced operations * Mark 'memory model' as done now we correctly model bitfield operations
8f3aacc : Propagate the spelling list index for an attribute across template instantiation.
8338a9d : PR15017: A '>' can appear after a type-specifier in a template-argument-list. It turns out that there's no correctness bug here (because we can't have a type definition in this location), but there was a diagnostic bug.
353299a : Add a test case for attribute print.
f0f7fa0 : Modify the tests for the (sorted) order that the attributes come out as now.
485b312 : PR15100: look through type sugar when determining whether we have one of the forms of 'main' which we accept as an extension.
2f83694 : Fold tests for C++ 'main' into a single file.
cae4a5c : Test that we print MS keyword attributes without a __declspec(...) adornment.
33f04a2 : Treat alignas and _Alignas as keyword attributes. This allows us to pretty-print them properly (modulo the more general badness in alignment attribute printing).
cda7968 : Actually remove the hack which was blocking the Borland-style attributes from working, and add the missing attribute spellings. This brings _pascal, _fastcall, _stdcall and _cdecl to life in -fborland-extensions mode.
f727e1c : Don't crash while printing APValues that are lvalues casted to a decidedly non-reference, non-pointer type. Fixes <rdar://problem/13090123>.
5cd532c : Replace AS_MSTypespec with AS_Keyword, for representing any attribute spelled as a keyword. Rationalize existing attributes to use it as appropriate, and to not lie about some __declspec attributes being GNU attributes. In passing, remove a gross hack which was discarding attributes which we could handle. This results in us actually respecting the __pascal keyword again.
a438b2d : Abstract the behavior of when to use base-class tail padding.
3a2b7a1 : Finish semantic analysis for [[carries_dependency]] attribute.
319d8fc : FileCheck'ize tests
fc60fbd : FileCheck'ize a test
13bdfcd : Migrate a test to -verify
4738f2d : [driver] Revise this test to remove the dependency on the integrate assembler.
03efd9d : FileCheck'ize and merge tests
bde67cf : Undo my re-wording of the "ARC forbids Objective-C objects in ..." error. Jordan is right.
4581d45 : Forbid the use of objects in unions in Objective-C++ ARC. Fixes <rdar://problem/13098104>.
20c6f2e : Enable the global module index by default. Introduce the -fno-modules-global-index -cc1 option to allow one to disable the index for performance testing purposes, but with a 10% win in -fsyntax-only time, there is no reason a user would do this.
894719b : ASTReader and profiling statistics indicate that implementing a method pool in the global module index is not worthwhile. Update comments to limit the scope of the global module index to identifiers.
e953172 : Tests: remove disabled llvm-gcc invocations
95fb36e : Add some more ASTReader statistics for global method pool lookups.
8094bac : PR15067 (again): Don't warn about UCNs in C90 if we're raw-lexing.
a522987 : Fix comment.
94b309e : FileCheck'ize and merge tests
1407b49 : FileCheck'ize test
7522318 : Fix a bug that would lead to bad line break decisions in for loops.
531b47c : Back out r173689. It doesn't matter when we're building with Clang anyway.
d3cf5fb : Eliminate memory allocation from most invocations of ModuleManager::visit() by keeping a free list of the two data structures used to store state (a preallocated stack and a visitation number vector). Improves -fsyntax-only performance for my modules test case by 2.8%. Modules has pulled ahead by almost 10% with the global module index.
d75ff64 : Don't put a function's return type on its own line in Google style.
b7551f7 : Note that SrcMgr::SLocEntry's are POD-like, so SmallVector can do a better job with them. Shaves off 0.7% of -fparse-only time for a modules test case. Sure makes you wonder...
83f25ba : Let clang-format break after a function's return type.
02b771e : Make continuations in constructor initializers consistent.
3b9a8fc : Initial support for formatting range-based for-loops.
bfe6fd4 : Improve formatting of conditional expressions.
ae8699b : Several small changes in formatting decisions.
5f2173e : Improve indentation after breaking at nested name specifiers.
986e17f : Avoid confusing identations for multi-parameter functions.
3e335c1 : Print warning instead of error if optional ASan features are enabled w/o specifying -fsanitize=address
b8d2441 : Fix a typo in the name of a tooling unit test
43bb45d : Fix the indentation of the first line of preprocessor output
23d5b09 : Since ObjCARC has been refactored into its own library with its own declaration header, we need to include the declaration header alongside Scalar.h in BackendUtil.
d98f708 : Tests and a minor bugfix for [dcl.attr.depend]p1 (C++11 [[carries_dependency]] attribute).
c5f7d6a : Add a -pedantic warning: an anonymous union within an anonymous union is not permitted in standard C++, despite being silently accepted by many (all?) major C++ implementations.
c37b183 : Comment parsing: fix test in r173626 for -fms-extensions -fms-compatibility
5250e2b : Decl printer: fix CXXConstructExpr with implicit default argument
d1e5c0d : Comment parsing: attach any tag type's documentation to its typedef if latter does not have one of its own. // rdar://13067629
bfec916 : PR15067: Don't assert when a UCN appears in a C90 file.
1df0837 : [CMake][Lit][unittests] Deprecate CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE in each build directory for unittests.
06b5ea6 : Revert r173586 (and r173587) , "Attach any tag type's documentation to its typedef if"
b263bdf : Use the AttributeSet instead of AttributeWithIndex.
7d47053 : Add the missing line return to align parameters of printPretty.
9c48d16 : libclang: refactor CXStringPool: make it a class
a650485 : PR14566: Debug Info: avoid top level lexical blocks in functions
8c718e7 : libclang: type safety for CXTranslationUnitImpl::CIdx
337ee24 : libclang: type safety for CXTranslationUnitImpl::FormatContext
e42e578 : libclang: some type safety for CXTranslationUnitImpl's internals
e3fac33 : Fix comment.
87611cd : Attach any tag type's documentation to its typedef if latter does not have one of its own. // rdar://13067629
5694feb : libclang: factor out the frequent pattern static_cast<ASTUnit *>(TU->TUData) into a getter cxtu::getASTUnit(TU)
404628c : libclang: make getCursorParentDecl() return 'const Decl *'
7d91438 : libclang: change getCursorAttr() to return 'const Attr *'
a8a908b : Migrate tests to -verify
9677eb8 : Added ASTContext methods getIntPtrType and getUIntPtrType.
adeb782 : <limits.h> includes <linux/limits.h> on Linux, no need to special-case it
ff74f96 : libclang: make getCursorStmt() and getCursorExpr() return const pointers
9eca9f7 : Specify non-GNU-ARM triples for key-function test.
7d9f077 : Constify getOptionalExplicitTemplateArgs()
d615f88 : Constify some getters of DesignatedInitExpr
1a1b3ab : clang/test/Misc/diag-template-diffing-color.cpp: Symbolize color sequences in FileCheck.
db84e7a : [libclang] Introduce clang_getFileUniqueID which returns a struct for a CXFile containing device/inode/modification time.
4e4d7ce : clang/test/Misc/ast-dump-color.cpp: Symbolize color sequences in FileCheck.
07c52d2 : [analyzer] C++ initializers may require cleanups; look through these.
db55c04c : Give a more informative error message when the dot or arrow operator is used on a type. Currently, it gives a generic "expected unqualified-id" error. The new error message is "cannot use (dot|arrow) operator on a type".
98bfbf5 : Fix mismatch between pointer and pointee type when diagnosing an incorrect object argument type for a member call.
6723472 : Fix test case by being more lenient on what to accept as a path name.
8782761 : Remove function that is newly dead as of r173538.
a9cd3d8 : Hopefuly unbreak buldbot.
7ba443a : Highlight various parts of the AST dump with color. Colors are controlled by -f(no-)color-diagnostics. In addition, dumpColor() function calls are added to force color printing. No structural changes to -ast-dump.
44ec3f0 : [analyzer] Track null object lvalues back through C++ method calls.
dede2fd : [analyzer] bugreporter::getDerefExpr now takes a Stmt, not an ExplodedNode.
aeca2cc : [analyzer] Add 'prune-paths' config option to disable path pruning.
7ee8906 : [analyzer] Rename PruneNullReturnPaths to SuppressNullReturnPaths.
a7db6a2 : Fix up the test. for // rdar://11861085
713b7c0 : Since we're stuck with realpath for the header <-> module mapping, factor the realpath calls into FileManager::getCanonicalName() so we can cache the results of this epically slow operation. 5% speedup on my modules test, and realpath drops out of the profile.
25cf8ab : Revert r172285 (suppressing a 'redundant' -Wc++98-compat warning) and add a testcase for a situation it caused us to miss.
1044256 : Comment parsing: actually check for a block command after "\param x"
01a4114 : Preserve Sema::UndefinedInternals across PCH boundaries. Fixes -Wundefined-internal warnings with PCH.
3ac83d6 : patch for PR9027 and // rdar://11861085 Title: [PR9027] volatile struct bug: member is not loaded at -O; This is caused by last flag passed to @llvm.memcpy being false, not honoring that aggregate has at least one 'volatile' data member (even though aggregate itself has not been qualified as 'volatile'. As a result, optimization optimizes away the memcpy altogether. Patch review by John MaCall (I still need to fix up a test though).
b2274d6 : clang/test/Index/annotate-comments-typedef.m: Remove CommentXMLValid in CHECKs. Don't assume libxml2 here.
f3bbb15 : ARM says that the array cookie should always be eight bytes. ARM is not thinking about over-aligned structures. Overrule ARM in both our generic-ARM and iOS ABI implementations.
96fcde0 : Move the decision about the kind of CGCXXABI to make inside the family-specific files.
188bdcd : Improve coordination between the module manager and the global module index, optimizing the operation that skips lookup in modules where we know the identifier will not be found. This makes the global module index optimization actually useful, providing an 8.5% speedup over modules without the global module index for -fsyntax-only.
59273eb : clang/test/Preprocessor/iwithprefix.c: Tweak default includes not to use /usr/include.
856e06b : [utils] Kill another no-longer-useful utility script.
23799e3 : simplify code by removing excessive bracing.
41170b5 : Attach enum's documentation to its typedef if latter does not have one of its own. // rdar://13067629
d5617ee : The standard ARM C++ ABI dictates that inline functions are never key functions. We did not implement that rule for the iOS ABI, which was driven by what was implemented in gcc-4.2. However, implement it now for other ARM-based platforms.
b8b2c9d : First pass at abstracting out a class for the target C++ ABI.
d07865b : Optimize ModuleManager::visit() by precomputing the visitation order and limiting ourselves to two memory allocations. 10% speedup in -fsyntax-only time for modules.
3d115cf : Remove useless 'XPASS: *' from tests
69bb7f6 : Temporarily disabling ms-asm test
d086068 : This test actually passes, just add the missing expected-error
ff3e102 : Migrate test from grep to -fdiagnostics-parseable-fixits
a5b8e19 : Remove empty directories.
cd856ae : [utils] Remove the OptionalTests subdir no one runs.
7771467 : [utils] Remove C++Tests that I don't think anyone uses anymore.
c6dcea9 : Silence unintended fallthrough diagnostic on a case label preceded with a normal label.
f282e72 : FileCheck'ize tests
8b127d3 : Migrate tests to -verify and merge them
7f5c343 : [tests] Force a triple to ensure /usr/include is one of the entries.
fd426dc : [tests] Add a test for -iwithprefix.
909df54 : Add space after ';'.
78c28be : Improve diagnsotic further on integer overflow.
e992ed1 : Don't suggest to insert [[clang::fallthrough]] before empty cases. Fix for multiple case labels.
3499dda : Fix some alignment and line break decisions.
b6c08a6 : Lexer.cpp: Fix a warning with ptrdiff_t on i686. [-Wsign-compare]
7d56bfe : clang/test/PCH/modified-header-error.c: Disable it again. It had been problematic on win32 for while.
63f0036 : Allow breaking after "::" if absolutely necessary.
ae04222 : ConvertUTF.h: Suppress a warning with ptrdiff_t on i686. [-Wsign-compare]
643728a : clang/test/Driver/output-file-cleanup.c: Add arm and powerpc to XFAIL.
de72f10 : Add missing InGroup for this warning.
d7e87b2 : clang/test/Driver/output-file-cleanup.c: Mark it as XFAIL:*-mingw32, ppc, for now.
dddcc57 : clang/test/Index/crash-recovery-*.c: Drop 'REQUIRES:shell". "test !" is available on Lit win32 since r173421.
a6cd5cd : clang/test: Drop "REQUIRES:shell" in three tests. They can run on win32.
e095c65 : clang/test/CodeGenCXX/debug-info-static-member.cpp: Appease targetting msvc to add explicit -target x86_64-unknown-unknown.
33eb9b5 : Create clang/test/Driver/lit.local.cfg.
b4b1d69 : Sync 'in class initialization of static const double' extension up with GCC, and split it out of -Wgnu into its own warning flag.
eab6652 : [Frontend] Remove another IsUserSpecified member variable that is now unused.
5c4e34c : [Frontend] Drop the isUserSupplied argument to InitHeaderSearch, it is unused.
f3fc21f : [Frontend] The -iwithprefix option belongs in the After category, according to GCC docs. - Found by inspection.
1ea6bc0 : [Lex] Remove DirectoryLookup.UserSpecified, which is unused.
1d32133 : Serialization/GlobalModuleIndex.cpp: Fixup r173405, <cstdio>
1a49d97 : Implement the reader of the global module index and wire it into the AST reader.
f575d6e : Rename the -cc1 option "-generate-module-index" to "-fmodules-global-index" and expand its behavior to include both the use and generation of the global module index.
e169807 : Track the number of lookups and hits into the on-disk hash tables for identifiers within the AST file reader.
ae82c2b : Clarify comment: "diagnose" is better than "warn" when emitting an error.
d4497dd : Clean up: since we have FunctionDecl::IsInline, make it store the right value for template instantiations, and use it to simplify the implementation of FunctionDecl::isInlined().
57e2a16 : FileCheck'ize test
5c9e20f : FileCheck'ize test
b8ccd43 : [analyzer] Fixup for r173385 and r173386 - initialize the members.
057519d : FileCheck'ize test
45f1fa9 : FileCheck'ize test
a7972a0 : Fixes text of diagnostics in integer overflow patch.
0a04cbd : FileCheck'ize test/SemaCXX/qualified-names-print.cpp and merge it to other -ast-print tests
d130140 : [analyzer] Add "-analyzer-config mode=[deep|shallow] ".
bfa9ab8 : [analyzer] Replace "-analyzer-ipa" with "-analyzer-config ipa".
73f0563 : [analyzer] refactor: access IPAMode through the accessor.
33e9500 : scan-build: Add a --keep-empty option for better testing.
75c12bf : FileCheck-ify some debug info scope related tests.
8f62847 : removed duplicated comment.
ad48a50 : Patch to check for integer overflow. It has been commented on and approved by Richard Smith.
6c23bd2 : Move 'convertUTF8Sequence' helper into the C++ section of the header file.
4055cfc : [mips] Do not emit i32 padding if target ABI is O32. This was causing backend to pass floating point arguments to be passed in integer registers.
dcceacb : Test fix-it ranges for Unicode characters.
b87672b : Add a fixit for \U1234 -> \u1234.
fc12060 : As an extension, treat Unicode whitespace characters as whitespace.
c7629d9 : Handle universal character names and Unicode characters outside of literals.
5209e2b : Unify diagnostics for \x, \u, and \U without any following hex digits.
8b33265 : Fail these tests in a way that doesn't cause unexpected successes, per Daniel's suggestion.
872a6f6 : Temporarily XFAIL this test; the compiler will segfault if the target-specific parser is not included in the compiler. Thanks to Renato for discovering the underlying issue.
ae07378 : [ms-inline asm] Add an error when trying to compile MS-style inline assembly for an unsupported architecture. rdar://13063988
9d71863 : [driver] Associate a JobAction with each result file. This enables the driver to delete result files for only those commands that fail. Part of rdar://12984531
51d8c52 : PR14922: when printing an attribute, use the real syntax of the attribute (GNU, C++11, MS Declspec) instead of hardcoded GNU syntax.
68bb7a6 : Fix a non-conformant OpenCL test case. Program scope variables must be declared in the constant address space and are required to be initialized.
ec07557 : Properly remove this test file, that I copied over to test/SemaOpenCL in r173352.
627b463 : Fix an OpenCL test case that was OpenCL conformant. It had program scope variables that were not in the constant address space, make them to be function scope variables instead. Also move the test to the SemaOpenCL directory.
d2db16f : clang/GlobalModuleIndex: Don't open the same file twice. Use raw_fd_ostream(fd, ...) instead.
35ae832 : clang/test/Modules/global_index.m: XFAILing on win32 when investigating for now.
bcac91a : Give warn_redecl_library_builtin a flag name: -Wincompatible-library-redeclaration.
9b7ea0d : Start checking nonnull (as well as format and argument_with_type_tag) on overloaded binary operators.
5d9484d : Fix some wonky formatting, remove spurious emacs major mode marker. No functionality change!
4ea6a64 : Micro cleanup: use an array of const char, rather than an array of char, as the type of the string literal implicitly used for a raw user-defined literal call. No test; this has no semantic impact.
2f169f8 : Don't check lines beginning with '#', since they could contain a path with the unexpected word in them.
ee64b81 : Don't check lines beginning with '#', since they could contain a path with the unexpected word in them.
0e697aa : The diagnostic is now a warning instead of an error. Also don't check lines beginning with '#', since they could contain a path with the unexpected word in them.
5100135 : Fix for case-sensitive file systems. Ugh
a6b00fc : Implement the writer side of the global module index.
38878aa : Add a test case for 'analyzer_noreturn' on category methods.
7a334d9 : Always process an index.html file if we have HTML output. Patch by Justin Bogner.
b33349e : Add missing null check. Not sure why my tests passed before.
a5b6469 : Honor attribute 'analyzer_noreturn' on Objective-C methods.
e438bac : Add extra indent for nested calls inside if's.
630f4bb : Implement -Wvla correctly
479633c : Factor the trait for lookup into the on-based hash table of identifiers into two parts: the part that involves dealing with the key (which can be re-used) and the ASTReader-specific part that creates the IdentifierInfos. While I'm at it, StringRef'ify this code, which was using pair<const char*, unsigned>. No functionality change.
440285c : docs: clear up ambiguity
0c06cbc : [PCH] Temporarily disable the "ambiguous macro" warning that is currently bogus with a PCH that redefined a macro without undef'ing it first.
cc12f8d : Documentation: add a note that -cc1 options are not guaranteed to be stable
e22339c : libclang: change return type of getCursorDecl() to 'const Decl *'
89cf425 : Use 'const Decl *' throughout code completion in Sema
8441fff : Add constness for NestedNameSpecifier::Create parameter
f39c885 : Don't try to align builder-type continuations on assignments.
b76d971 : Constify some getters in RedeclarableTemplateDecl
e4ea879 : Remove uneeded casts
13cb7c2 : Don't try to do a hanging ident after assignments.
7ccbc21 : Fix handling of macro definitions.
a32a7fd : Fixes layouting regression and invalid-read.
20d3583 : Fix the formatting of pointer/reference types in range-based for loops.
7006e7e : Removing the penalty for breaking after "=".
4bfc65a : Fix another regression for pointer types.
19dbb20 : Add a new LangOpt NativeHalfType. This option allows for native half/fp16 operations (as opposed to storage only half/fp16).
218b6df : Fix regression in formatting pointer types.
836b58f : Fixes incorrect handling of the declaration context stack.
092a2c7 : Fix segfaults in the formatter.
8f4bd7a : Add option to allow putting all parameters onto the next line.
70b03f4 : Allow us to better guess the context of an unwrapped line.
6965266 : Explicitly cast away the const-ness instead of doing it implicitly.
ccdfdd7 : Explicitly cast away the const-ness instead of doing it implicitly.
89530e4 : Remove the last of uses that use the Attribute object as a collection of attributes.
3edf387 : Make __attribute__((nonnull)) use the general expression evaluator to search for nulls instead of limiting itself to the language-defined "null pointer constant".
d069c3d : clang/test/Driver/output-file-is-dir.c: This requires shell due to 'cd'.
6ea3a2a : [Driver] Don't remove non-regular files that were outputs.
18f43a6 : Documentation cleanup: fixing documentation for FrontendAction. * Fix a typo, s/BeginSourceAction/BeginSourceFile/, so that the documentation for FrontendAction::BeginSourceFileAction links correctly to BeginSourceFile; * Add some basic \file documentation for FrontendAction.h; * More use of "\brief" instead of repeating the name of the entity being documented; * Stop using Doxygen-style "///" comments in FrontendAction.cpp, as they were polluting the documentation for BeginSourceFile; * Drop incorrect "\see" markup that broke Doxygen's formatting; * Other minor documentation fixes.
909b6de : Use the AttributeSet when adding multiple attributes and an Attribute::AttrKind when adding a single attribute to the function.
3cc6277 : Fix compilation on Linux, which defines PATH_MAX in a weird place, from Saleem Abdulrasool!
bce9205 : Add a triple, per Ben's suggestion.
bd00bdb : Second attempt to fix ppc bots.
80d38eb : Add x86 requirement to hopefully fix ppc bots.
b0fc94c : PowerPC: fix __builtin_eh_return_data_regno return
b2e2157 : [ms-inline asm] Remove the -fenable-experimental-ms-inline-asm flag. MS-style inline assembly can be enable with -fasm-blocks or -fms-extensions alone.
d6ec473 : Split "discards qualifiers" warnings of -Wincompatible-pointer-types into subgroup.
68c4146 : Update docs: nullptr conversion tool landed
3548068 : Small code change to improve performance in my last patch, suggested by Argyrios.
48f3cc2 : objectiveC (take two): don't warn when in -Wselector mode and an unimplemented selector is consumed by "respondsToSelector:". // rdar://12938616
c666cf4 : [ms-inline asm] Remove a warning about ms-style inline assembly not being supported.
e0d2066 : Make getDefinitiveDeclContext() actually return a DeclContext, as one would expect, and clean up the return/break inconsistencies. Thanks, Sebastian!
3a344f9 : Fix a bug in VarDecl::getSourceRange() for static member arrays with an element type with an implicit initializer expression.
f5ecfa5 : Formatter: Remove a fixme klimek fixed in r173168.
86721d2 : Implements more principled comment parsing.
3298327 : Let the formatter be more restrictive for breaking around . and ->
ffee171 : Fix "*" formatting when creating arrays of pointers.
9ec55f2 : Switch to APFloat constructor taking fltSemantics.
6a94c1e : [ASan] Fixed darwin-sanitizer-ld.c to match the flags after the switch to the dynamic runtime.
454028e : [ASan] Link with the dynamic runtime on OS X This patch changes the behavior of the -fsanitize=address flag, making it use the dynamic runtime library (libclang_rt.asan_osx_dynamic.dylib) instead of the static one. It also drops the CoreFoundation dependency, since the dynamic runtime doesn't need it.
6f7eeb9 : libclang: Update comment about USEDLIBS in c-*-test/Makefile.
b62faef : Use the correct field to copy/dispose a __block variable.
614323c : clang/test/Index/comment-to-html-xml-conversion.cpp: Mark this as XFAIL:valgrind, for now. Working in progress.
cc128e9 : clang/test: [CMake] check-clang doesn't require llvm-dis any more.
a7246da : clang/test/CodeGen: Nuke llvm's opt and llvm-dis, and FileCheck-ize two tests. -O1 is sufficient here.
146254f : clang/test/CodeGen/2006-01-13-StackSave.c: Nuke llvm's opt and llvm-dis, and FileCheck-ize.
9627bb6 : clang/test/CodeGen/blocks-seq.c: FileCheck-ize.
821627e : Remove "incorrect" aligning of trailing comments.
ed01f84 : Have AttributeSet::getRetAttributes() return an AttributeSet instead of Attribute.
f11ccc1 : objectiveC: don't warn when in -Wselector mode and an unimplemented selector is consumed by "respondsToSelector:". // rdar://12938616
a37ce61 : Make AttributeSet::getFnAttributes() return an AttributeSet instead of an Attribute.
c3c9d17 : Revert to prior ARM ABI behavior on Android.
cd376b6 : Update Clang for merge to r171906.
cc71dbe : Give ModuleFiles an index, so that we can use indexed vectors rather than DenseMaps and SmallPtrSets for module-visitation data. ~2.6% speedup for modules.
b892d70 : Eliminate Sema::CompareProperties(), which was walking over a pile of lexical declarations looking for properties when we could more efficiently check for property mismatches at property declaration time. Good for ~1% of -fsyntax-only time when most of the properties we're checking against come from an AST file.
05bf827 : Formatter: Set MatchingParen for [], to match <>, (), {}. No functionality change.
3f29fbb : Formatter: Rename LSquare to Left to make parseSquare() more consistent with the other paren parsing methods.
308232c : Fixes various problems around enum parsing.
aabd094 : Eliminate the oddly-named Sema::ComparePropertiesInBaseAndSuper, which did a redundant traversal of the lexical declarations in the superclass. Instead, when we declare a new property, look into the superclass to see whether we're redeclaring the property. Goot for 1% of -fsyntax-only time on Cocoa.h and a little less than 3% on my modules test case.
eb8fc58 : [ASTUnit] Unlike LoadFromCommandLine, LoadFromCompilerInvocation causes a crash if Precompilepreamble is set to true because there is no FileManager at that point.
141b90c : [analyzer] Fix test for r173067.
0dfe23c : Replace some unnecessary O(N^2) lookups for properties with DeclContext lookups. The performance win is negligible in my tests, but it's the Right Thing To Do (TM).
187f8bd : [analyzer] Show notes inside implicit calls at the last explicit call site.
125eb3e : ReadSourceManagerBlock is skipping over records that can contain Blobs. Not passing in a StringRef to bind to them forces them to be unpacked into the Record as individual bytes. This is wasteful, but not likely to be measurable in this instance.
8222b89 : Revert r173056; it breaks one of the CodeGen-with-PCH tests.
c44cc01 : When loading an identifier from an AST file solely for the purpose of forming the identifier, e.g., as part of a selector or a declaration name, don't actually deserialize any information about the identifier. Instead, simply mark it "out-of-date" and we'll load the the information on demand. 2% speedup on the modules testcase I'm looking at; should also help PCH.
2f1ac41 : Fixes formatting of empty blocks.
9cfdc03 : When deserializing a declaration, don't look for redeclarations if its kind indicates that it can never be redeclared. Good for a 1% speedup, and redeclaration searching drops off the profile.
5a04f9f : Introduce a fast path for the ASTReader's name lookup within a DeclContext. When the DeclContext is of a kind that can only be defined once and never updated, we limit the search to the module file that conatins the lookup table. Provides a 15% speedup in one modules-heavy source file.
032f253 : Fix parsing of templated declarations.
d19dc2d : Fixes indent in linkage specification blocks.
9c8c40e : Fix bug discovered by valgrind.
0fbe008 : Add regression test.
6de6aab : AST/VTableBuilder.h: Suppress a warning. [-Wunused-private-field]
3a3408c : Fixes detection of class template specializations.
649c731 : First step towards vftable generation with -cxx-abi microsoft PR13231
445743d : Add a fixit for _Noreturn main, add tests for fixits removing static and inline from main
d24c9ab : CGDebugInfo.cpp: Fix a warning. [-Wunused-variable]
7f5b025 : Allow for nested name specifiers in record declarations.
c44ee89 : Fix parsing of return statements.
2cb3d30 : Port r172856: 'Include ubsan runtime even when building a shared library. We don't require executable to be linked with UBSan.' to Mac
4b12be6 : PR14472: Preserve qualifiers while unwrapping types for debug info
d9e26f5 : Prune unused diagnostics.
4867b1b : clang/utils/valgrind/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu_gcc-4.3.3.supp: Add /usr/bin/cmp.
eedba1d : Add bitreader to LINK_COMPONENTS in users of libclang, c-arcmt-test and c-index-test.
4bdc604 : Add top-level Clang flag -f(no-)sanitize-address-zero-base-shadow that makes AddressSanitizer use bottom of the address space for the shadow memory. On Linux it can be used with -fPIE/-pie to improve performance.
e6b9d80 : Implement OpenCL event_t as Clang builtin type, including event_t related OpenCL restrictions (OpenCL 1.2 spec 6.9)
b3ce357 : update to use the new BitcodeCursor readRecord that takes a StringRef blob parameter, and adopt "advance" in more places.
d47afb9 : Nuke SetUpBuildDumpLog.
d2ff76b : Fix what appears to be a copy-paste error.
a89701b : The last of PR14471: Debug info support for inline in-class initializer for float static members
0116a40 : Fixed trailing whitespace.
e4e4a88 : add back a #include needed on some builders.
8f9a1eb : finish converting the normal cases in ASTReader to use the new BitstreamCursor APIs.
bba99ad : [cindex.py]: Use spaces instead of tabs
99a5af0 : convert some more stuff over to use new cursor APIs.
4918c53 : Actually update the test, fixup for r172923
c934dfe : Use llvm::hexDigitValue in comment lexer
44a3ddb : Comment parsing: add more tests for html character references
88bde50 : switch a bunch of ASTReader to use the new BitstreamCursor::advance* methods, which hide a bunch of private details of the cursor from clients and simplify their code. More to come.
e485f07 : random tidying
2b9de0b : [analyzer] Don't show "Entered 'foo'" if 'foo' is implicit.
e8d7514 : Emit the function type of member function pointer types the same as member functions.
e38c339 : libclangSerialization also depends on the bitreader.
2815bc9 : update header comment.
3a5fa03 : fix the unit tests too.
5975b67 : these now depend on the bitcode reader too.
ac179ca : this depends on the bitcode reader, since it is using it.
69a8552 : [cindex.py] Add cache for CompletionChunk spellings
eca36d1 : [cindex.py] Replace CachedProperty with our own implementation
e43d386 : [cindex.py]: Speed up lookup of the completion kind
b1ba0ef : Re-sort all the headers. Lots of regressions have crept in here. Manually fix the order of UnwrappedLineParser.cpp as that one didn't have its associated header as the first header.
6ee777d : Move an input header file under an Inputs directory to be consistent with other auxilliary test inputs and simplify the identification of inputs to tests.
39371b8 : Reapply r172878 with test case.
ba65f50 : Fix five more cases of tokens which can legally follow a type specifier.
dc1088f : [PCH/Modules] Revert r172843, it caused a module to fail building.
1dfebd9 : [analyzer] Suppress warnings coming out of macros defined in sys/queue.h
f305279 : Whitespace.
6adfff1 : Revert r172878, "Reword warning about using a *static* variable within its own initialization."
1bdac1d : Reword warning about using a *static* variable within its own initialization.
77fd3c0 : -Wuninitialized: warn about uninitialized values resulting from ?: that evaluate to lvalues (in C++).
299adab : Remove windows line endings.
8dc3c80 : Remove unused variable
728bb4c : Adopt llvm::hexDigitValue.
cd6bfd0 : Fix mismatched #endif.
22eaced : Once we've collected the template arguments for a partially-substituted parameter pack in a template, forget about the partially-substituted parameter pack: it is now completed. Fixes <rdar://problem/12176336>.
0ecc2e9 : Thread-safety analysis: ignore edges from throw expressions in CFG.
79188ae : Include ubsan runtime even when building a shared library. We don't require the executable to be linked with UBSan.
dbee949 : [mips] Enable inlining of atomic ops on mips32 and mips64.
e67e4c9 : Use the AttributeSet query method instead of the Attribute method.
f953276 : [PCH/Modules] Re-apply r172620 and r172629, now with 100% less infinite loops!
55fc3a7 : Fix parsing of class specifiers before '\n' 'operator'.
e02be97 : [analyzer] Special path notes for C++ special member functions.
dc47c9a : [analyzer] Do a better job describing C++ member functions in the call stack.
ba287dc : Fix comment.
4c12812 : Fixes issues around pulling in the next line in simple if statements.
ea8bca7 : clang/test/CodeGen: Suppress a couple of tests on win32. It seems -fsanitize-blacklist doesn't accept DOSish pathnames.
525fe16 : Fixes problems with line merging in the face of preprocessor directives.
b8238b6 : clang-check: Introduce llvm::sys::PrintStackTraceOnErrorSignal()
4f45bc0 : [ubsan] Add support for -fsanitize-blacklist
c79afda : Reduce penalty for splitting between ")" and ".".
7d1185d : Also align trailing line comments in include directives.
dcc2a62 : Let the formatter align trailing line comments where possible.
94fb729 : Formatter: After case blocks, "break" goes on the same line as the "}", PR14907.
5dfe9b4 : Formatter: Enable @encode test.
d3b036e : Revert Clang r172620 and r172629, which caused a hang when building complicated modules (<rdar://problem/13038265>). Unfortunately, this un-fixes <rdar://problem/13016031>.
6a21a55 : Formatter: The contents of @selector() should be formatted as a selector.
f373c5d : When checking the parameter types of an Objective-C method, don't decay the parameter type immediately; let CheckParameter() do its job. Fixes <rdar://problem/12071218>.
96bd14b : [ms-inline asm] Test case for r172773.
92d1387 : One can override an Objective-C ARC ownership qualifier that came from a template parameter; make that also include one that came from 'auto'. Fixes <rdar://problem/12078752>.
ba57183 : Some builtins do not evaluate their arguments. Teach EvaluatedExprVisitor not to visit them.
02dd798 : In Objective-C ARC, completely ignore ownership qualifiers on the return type of a function by canonicalizing them away. They are useless anyway, and conflict with our rules for template argument deduction and __strong. Fixes <rdar://problem/12367446>.
fa2b53c : [analyzer] DirectIvarAssignment: allow suppression annotation on Ivars.
1a2dcd5 : Defer checking for unsequenced operations on the RHS of && and || in order to reduce stack usage and hopefully bring back the linux x86_64 buildbot.
cdbe1e0 : Format strings: don't ever convert %+d to %lu.
de03c15 : Parsing support for C11's _Noreturn keyword. No semantics yet.
995e4a7 : -Wunsequenced: if the LHS of an &&, || or ?: is not constant, check for unsequenced operations in the RHS. We don't compare the RHS with the rest of the expression yet; such checks will need care to avoid diagnosing unsequenced operations which are both in conditionally-evaluated subexpressions which actually can't occur together, such as in '(b && ++x) + (!b && ++x)'.
0234179 : We want the dwarf AT_producer for assembly source files to match clang's AT_producer. Which includes clang's version information so we can tell which version of the compiler was used.
17d481f : Do not pass -pie flag to linker if -shared specified. This matches the gcc driver and makes it possible to add -pie to $CC or similar and have it apply in the right places.
205ecf0 : [ms-inline asm] Updates and test case for r172743. Part of rdar://12576868
b8b5cbc : [ms-inline asm] Extend the Sema interface to get the size and length of a VarDecl. Part of rdar://12576868
242ae3d : Format strings: correct signedness if already correcting width (%d,%u).
c8145bb : Convert test/FixIt/format-darwin.m to use relative line numbers.
617bb31 : Add some semantic checks for OpenCL. Variadic macros, VLAs and bitfields are not supported.
5096a44 : Formatter: Get bit tests in ifs right.
21937c6 : Documentation: formatting
60ca75d : Allow breaking after the trailing const after a function declaration.
df96e02 : Add initial rough support for synthesizing linker options when passed -fopenmp in the link step on Linux. There is probably more tweaking that will need to take place to get good support for linking the relevant libraries on all Linux distributions and/or on other platforms, but this get's the ball moving and allows Clang to build programs which contain OpenMP pragmas that can be safely ignored by a compiler that doesn't implement them, and yet makes direct calls into the OpenMP runtime.
2c6cc48 : Improve handling of comments in static initializers.
ee000bb : Improve -Wreorder to handle cases of anonymous class member ordering
334111d : clang/test/Index/code-completion-skip-bodies.cpp: Check stdout and stderr individually, rather than mixed output of stdout and stderr with 2>&1.
aab6005 : Revert most of r172140.
93c8617 : ArrayRef-ize some ctor initializer related APIs
72190da : Remove some unnecessary casts
459455b : Add test for PR12938, fixed by Richard Smith in r172691
87b73ba : Suppress all -Wunused-value warnings from macro body expansions.
6987e8d : Add a comment for Daniel
dca97dd : Test that we correctly handle reversion of line splicing etc in raw string literals. As suggested by Sean Silva.
e5096c8 : Attempt to work around bug in older GCCs to fix buildbot.
f9d03c1 : [IRgen] Update modules autolink metadata to use module flags (as now specified in the LangRef).
cd8ab51 : Implement C++11 semantics for [[noreturn]] attribute. This required splitting it apart from [[gnu::noreturn]] / __attribute__((noreturn)), since their semantics are not equivalent (for instance, we treat [[gnu::noreturn]] as affecting the function type, whereas [[noreturn]] does not).
6c3af3d : Add -Wunsequenced (with compatibility alias -Wsequence-point) to warn on expressions which have undefined behavior due to multiple unsequenced modifications or an unsequenced modification and use of a variable.
4637d18 : clang/test/Modules/compiler_builtins.m: Mark this as XFAIL:win32 for now. Investigating.
0f9b9f3 : Treat hidden Objective-C protocol definitions as if they were undefined, and don't find methods or protocols within those protocol definitions. This completes <rdar://problem/10634711>.
a6f9707 : Implement a fixit for -Wmain-return-type
90a2d39 : objC block layout: Patch reorders block layout to produce more inline layout metadata. // rdar://12752901
1c23975 : Fix a typo introduced in r172665.
a44b970 : [objcmt] Rewrite a NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjects:forKeys: to a dictionary literal if we can see the elements of the arrays.
4d8a33b : Delay linkage checks when validating the weakref attribute.
afb7ce3 : Fixes crash when illegal function definitions are deleted or defaulted. Fixes PR14577.
2df0df8 : Simplify code. No functionality change.
0a3cbd0 : Remove unnecessary initialization i Added in r172668.
41a5fc5 : Readd an open paren that was lost while reformatting code.
4944606 : Fix -Wreorder warning.
2a5bb50 : Check for internal weak decls after merging.
4f918ae : PR14964: intrinsic headers using non-reserved identifiers
d329724 : Rework the traversal of Objective-C categories and extensions to consider (sub)module visibility.
804381d : Use getProcessTriple in clang-interpreter.
f109afd : Add raw string literal versus C preprocessor test, suggested by James Dennett.
04c226a : Fix recent test for more diverse environments.
c4a0401 : Correct order of operands forwarding NEON vfma to LLVM fma
214ea9d : Move initialization of ParsingIfOrElifDirective down next to the macro initializations to fix Wreorder warning.
c3ad100 : Add testcase missed yesterday. Patch from Paul Robinson.
f5a45ea : Adding verbiage to the Language Extensions document about __has_include and __has_include_next only being allowed within preprocessor directives.
31672b1 : No longer crashing with an assert when __has_include or __has_include_next is used outside of a preprocessor directive. This fixes PR14837.
f0e0004 : Teach global selector lookup to ignore hidden methods, which occur when the methods are declared in a submodule that has not yet been imported. Part of <rdar://problem/10634711>.
d7bf4a4 : [libclang] In clang_reparseTranslationUnit_Impl, move the check whether TU is null before using it.
f7f1264 : [PCH/Modules] The iterator may become invalidated because a new macro can be added while deserializing a macro, make sure to copy/move what we need from it.
7dfd182 : First step in implementation of mips16 and nomips16 attributes. Waiting for new llvm attribute code for the next step.
93cf969 : [libclang] In clang_getCursorType, don't crash if the translation unit is not set on the cursor; return a null type in such a case.
1661824 : Fix a bug where we would move a following line into a comment.
3684547 : [preprocessor] Call the MacroUndefined callback even when the macro was not defined.
1f2b078 : Fix parsing error in conditional expressions.
7f69b1a : [PCH/Modules] Change how macro [re]definitions are de/serialized.
48bd7b7 : Improve understanding of unary operators.
df3736a : Disable inlining of short ifs in Google style.
0df6acd : Add option to avoid "bin-packing" of parameters.
ca547db : Add debugging support for split penalties.
8fa3799 : Use standard llvm Debug.h support for debugging output.
51c23fa : Clang Format: A couple of tests for the trailing stuff case
d881875 : Clang Format: Handle missing semicolon
a40548c : Fix uninitialized bool flag access in SanitizerArgs parser
3f8cdbf : Calculate the total length of a line up to each token up front.
cbb6c41 : Change the datastructure for UnwrappedLines.
6b825c2 : Never merge < and ::, as it produces different tokens.
55b08e7 : Remove errors were if statements were incorrectly put on a single line.
05a10ff : clang/test/Driver/darwin-sdkroot.c: Suppress this on msys bash, to introduce the feature "shell-preserves-root".
d7b1d24 : [analyzer] Add an annotation to allow suppression of direct ivar assignment
79ccd56 : [analyzer] Fix warning typo.
64eb070 : [analyzer] Refactor: parameter rename.
f43b721 : Add -fmodules-autolink/-fno-modules-autolink (defaults to on) so that users can explicitly enable/disable modules autolinking.
0395de3 : Collect both normal and static data members of a class in source order. Describe static data members to metadata using new interfaces.
44a1efe : Documentation: fix typo
52fb37a : Document the redeclaration and overriding restrictions on the availability attribute.
72daa3f : One can have an unavailable method overridden by an available method, but not vice-versa. Fix bug introduced in r172567 and noticed by Jordan, thanks!
b9df75f : Apply adjustment to function- and array-typed non-type template parameters (per C++ [temp.param]p8) when computing the type of a reference to a non-type template parameter. Fixes <rdar://problem/13000548>.
ed6355d : Fix signed/unsigned Compare
cc41a94 : Avoid unsigned Compare to int
f4d918f : When checking availability attributes for consistency between an overriding and overridden method, allow the overridden method to have a narrower contract (introduced earlier, deprecated/obsoleted later) than the overriding method. Fixes <rdar://problem/12992023>.
041e6aa : Fix Casting
3cfa532 : Fix Casting
527ce9f : Fix Casting
61eacf0 : Fix Casting
16303fc : Fix Cast
6444483 : Fix Casting
5ba58a1 : Fix Const Cast
3f7b3a7 : Fix Cast
c23e69d : Fix Cast Code
6b716c5 : Typo correction; no functional change.
3214254 : [driver/Darwin] Adjust SDKROOT handling code to not generate "-isysroot /".
ef8e498 : Add a test for -Wsemicolon-before-method-body fixit
1913230 : Do not traverse the break-state when we know we cannot break anyway.
407a31a : Fix formatting of preprocessor directives (incluces, warnings & errors).
b369c2c : Improve operator kind detection in presence of comments.
47ea7f6 : Fixes various bugs around the keywords class, struct and union.
51ccafd : Resolved merge error with r172323 (llvm::X -> X)
02d65ee : Don't crash when binding a reference to a temporary pointer created from resolving an overloaded function reference within an initializer list. Previously we would try to resolve the overloaded function reference without first stripping off the InitListExpr wrapper.
a121eb3 : PR14950: Fix out-of-bounds function parameter access in literal operator lookup.
d3e723e : PR14918: Don't confuse braced-init-lists after template variable declarations with function definitions.
50a70cd : Add -fopenmp -cc1 option and wire it up to define _OPENMP, from Alexey Bataev!
5c52166 : Fix behavior of [[gnu::]] function attributes. Per g++'s behavior, these attributes appertain to a declaration, even though they would be much more naturally modelled as appertaining to a function type. Previously, we would try to distribute them from the declarator to the function type, then reject them for being at an incorrect location. Now, we just distribute them as far as the declarator; the existing attribute handling code can actually apply them there just fine.
08e79d2 : [driver] Warnings for warning options are handled by the frontend. The driver needs to process the warning options to setup diagnostic state, but should not be emitting warnings as these would be rudndant with what the frontend emits. rdar://13001556
714911f : Document that we should recognize attributes supported by gcc with C++11 [[gnu::...]] syntax
4195637 : Refactor to call ActOnFinishFullExpr on every full expression. Teach ActOnFinishFullExpr that some of its checks only apply to discarded-value expressions. This adds missing checks for unexpanded variadic template parameter packs to a handful of constructs.
7c9dbb7 : Multiprecision subtraction builtins.
858afb3 : Topologically sort the link options generated for modules based on module-import dependencies, so we'll get the link order correct for those silly linkers that need it.
3baad29 : When forming the link options for an imported module, also include the link options for the modules it imports.
bdc691f : [analyzer] Add ProgramStatePartialTrait<const void *>.
469e730 : [analyzer] Fix cast-away-const warning by using const_cast.
14a372b : [analyzer] -drain is not an alias for -release.
5d75ea7 : Switch autolinking metadata format over to actual linker options, e.g.,
8767dc2 : Infer "link" lines for top-level frameworks. Essentially, a framework will have a shared library with the same name as its framework (and no suffix!) within its .framework directory. Detect this both when inferring the whole top-level framework and when parsing a module map.
19f8e85 : This patch addresses varargs processing for small complex types under the 64-bit PowerPC ELF ABI.
b6cbe51 : Implement parsing, AST, (de-)serialization, and placeholder global metadata for linking against the libraries/frameworks for imported modules.
2c7739e : Fixes formatting of nested brace initializers.
6f5bb2c : Make single-line if statements optional.
fd0ca97 : Fix a bug in the line merging.
2b9c10b : Fix bug that would lead to joining preprocessor directives.
e0b15ea : Put simple preprocessor directives on a single line.
d3e8074 : Turns out there is a simpler way of getting a set difference in bash than parsing diff output.
feb18f5 : Put short if statements on a single line.
acd356e : Dump comments in -ast-dump. http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D269
fe1d594 : clang/test/SemaCXX/cxx11-gnu-attrs.cpp: Add explicit -triple x86_64-unknown-unknown, or it doesn't work for targetting win32.
995e820 : Refactor datastructure used in clang-format.
4abbb53 : Improve understanding post increment and decrement.
a4ae9f3 : Custom DiagnosticConsumer parameter of reformat() + silence diagnostics in unit tests.
1b6f4bd : Adds some more tests for * and &.
d6e7fae : Add extra tests for [[gnu::...]] attributes, missed from r172382.
714fcc1 : Fix regression in r172376. Don't try to detect missing 'constexpr' specifiers on redeclarations, since that makes us pick wrong prior declarations under some circumstances.
f7a0527 : Accept [[gnu::*]] for all __attribute__((*))s which are: 1) Supported by Clang, and 2) Supported by GCC, and 3) Documented in GCC's manual.
efaddc0 : Formatter: Add a test for bitfields.
21c8fa8 : PR12008: defer adding the implicit 'const' to a constexpr member function until we know whether it is static.
7b19cb1 : *this is const in a trailing-return-type for a constexpr member function.
05756dc : libclang: remove a few const_casts
b395847 : Constify argument of Preprocessor::getMacroInfoHistory and propagate to callers, removing unneeded const_cast
0446f51 : Remove an unneeded const_cast
1c030e9 : ArrayRef'ize Sema APIs related to format string checking
b4b970f : Document behavior of -Wformat-nonliteral, it is different from GCC
487f64b : Stronger respect the input codes line breaks wrt. comments.
a5bec29 : Fix LLP64 build.
1774603 : Format unions like structs and classes.
700d4e4 : Refactor the x86 CPU name logic in the driver and pass -march and -mcpu flag information down from the Clang driver into the Gold linker plugin for LTO. This allows specifying -march on the linker commandline and should hopefully have it pass all the way through to the LTO optimizer.
563fb90 : CGBuiltin.cpp: Fix abuse of ArrayRef in EmitOverflowIntrinsic().
4e9008a : Always put a space after ",".
8134e1e : Don't put spaces around hyphens in include paths.
4981bd0 : Improve identification of c-style casts.
377b8c6 : Updated documentation to reflect new multiprecision builtin functions.
ced7fdf : clang/test/CodeGen/builtins-multiprecision.c: Enhance for each test to run on theree targets, i686, amd64, win64.
e7c588a : Fixed spelling of test name: builtins-multipercision.c => builtins-multiprecision.c.
5a808c0 : Added a triple to the test builtins-multiprecision.c.
0cf07bc : Added builtins for multiprecision adds.
a4fa900 : Remove some duplication in the handling of __attribute__((ext_vector_size(N))).
cd45833 : Formatter: Don't insert a space before unary operators after selector names.
6292dd4 : Formatter: Add a test for @selector in an ObjC method expression, which happens to work already.
ea86563 : Formatter: Remove debugging junk I accidentally landed in r172333.
e8ccc81 : Formatter: Prefer breaking before ObjC selector names over breaking at their ':'
d147f8f : Add a comment to test to clarify the intention here
1b65fe5 : Prune an unused diagnostic, detected after improving the script in r172330
145494a : Speed up find-unused-diagnostics. Now runs in less than a second instead of more than a minute.
6c5d631 : Remove unused diagnostics
cfa88f8 : Remove useless 'llvm::' qualifier from names like StringRef and others that are brought into 'clang' namespace by clang/Basic/LLVM.h
9cd506b : Fix spurious output in JSONCompilationDatabase
9946fc7 : Add missing includes and forward declarations so that headers don't depend on other headers included before them.
6dcea67 : comment
508276c : bar
b14d1ca : Remove unused private field.
b312314 : Fix incorrect comparison operator causing loooong formatting times.
f681fa8 : Formatter: Remove an always-false condition.
774b973 : Formatter: Remove a redundant CurrentLineType check.
838dc59 : Disable caching of visibility.
bcfdd26 : Formatter: Initial support for formatting Objective-C method expressions.
5e9f91c : Formatter: * and & are binary operators before ( and [.
2355ceb : Formatter: * and & are binary operators after ) and ].
cc191d1 : Formatter: + and - after { are unary operators.
1a4191d : clang/unittests: Fixup corresponding to r172290.
7a525ac : Fix a regression from 171193: main cannot be overloaded. Thanks Eli Friedman for noticing it.
ca2ab45 : Provide Decl::getOwningModule(), which determines the (sub)module in which a particular declaration resides. Use this information to customize the "definition of 'blah' must be imported from another module" diagnostic with the module the user actually has to import. Additionally, recover by importing that module, so we don't complain about other names in that module.
7d37b8b : Formatter: add a test for :? in []
193649c : Only produce one -Wc++98-compat warning when initializing a reference from an init list with multiple elements.
013539c : Add a test from pr14898.
c3cd6f7 : Fix -Wunused-comparison for comparisons in arguments to function-like macros.
c328d9c : comment parsing: when property accessors don't have comment of their own (or are syntheszed), use prperty's comment. for them. // rdar://12791315
9195caf : Refine analyzer's handling of unary '!' and floating types to not assert.
2246823 : Fixed a bug that caused the AST importer to erroneously import incomplete definitions for RecordDecls and then mark the resulting definition as complete.
e358fd5 : libclang: use C++ casts in CXString.cpp
689d747 : libclang: constness for CXString
707a865 : Correctly propagate uninitialized values within logical expressions.
e8b61cf : [PCH] Make the const_cast explicit to silence a compiler warning.
e274828 : [libclang] Add some constness in CXSourceLocation and CXSourceRange.
814b51a : [libclang] In ASTUnit::getMainFileName() Invocation may be null because the ASTUnit came from loading a PCH/module.
f64c18a : Set process return code of 1 in set-xcode-analyzer when Xcode needs to be quit. Fixes <rdar://problem/12983031>.
67015ed : Formatter: Format ObjC static and instance methods consistently, add a test for that.
3315618 : libclang: remove unneeded casts
67812b2 : libclang: change CXCursor to store 'const void *' pointers for const-correctness, and update all users
06d8c60 : Constify parameter of clang::getCursorKindForDecl
294ddc6 : Reject incompatible redeclarations of extern C symbols.
4d8efb4 : Improve diagnostic per Richard's suggestion (which may yet change if we move the diagnostic outside case value).
46f9252 : libclang: use getCursorTU and getCursorASTUnit instead of explicit casts
6eca03f : Fix crashes in UnwrappedLineParser on missing parens.
d5688cf : Fix single-line optimization for ObjC.
d465843 : Fix crash on invalid.
606e07e : Fix parsing of initializer lists with elaborated type specifier.
517e894 : Implements pulling simple blocks into a single line.
319437f : Add -std=c++98 to the test and minor improvment in addition.
d088a5f : Allow RefactoringTool to write to memory instead of always to disk
088dab5 : Correct spacing around new and delete.
276a209 : clang-format: a bit nicer error message.
65bd4ac : Enable the new (more C++-like, less broken) EH model when targeting the GNUstep Objective-C runtime 1.7 or greater.
601e6e8 : Fixed an assertion failure triggered by invalid code.
7d19bc2 : Improve handling of trailing declaration annotations.
7e9bf8c : Improved formatting of constructor initializers
67d472c : Test commit.
604eb4c : Refactor IndentState into two classes.
ebf0fa8 : Pass false instead of 0 since isStar parameter of getArray has type bool. No functionality change.
253de1f : Fix spelling error and remove the part about CMake having experimental Ninja support since 2.8.9 has been released some time ago.
c2345a9 : Revert the line ending mess I made.
81e84e5 : Fix spelling error and remove the part about CMake having experimental Ninja support since 2.8.9 has been released some time ago.
6de7daa : [analyzer] Rename the warning: state the issue before the hint of how it can be fixed
b8f6678 : [analyzer]Recognize ivar invalidation protocol even if it was redeclared
ae81e17 : [analyzer] Ivar invalidation: track ivars declared in categories.
0214b99 : Revert "tg-fixits.td: fixup for Linux"
acbe4ba : Replace more usages of __func__ with LLVM_FUNCTION_NAME
8153b5a : libclang logging: fixup for MSVC, which does not have __func__
e930ff5 : Improve on my last test for patch for // rdar://12897704
a03cc72 : tg-fixits.td: fixup for Linux, which does not have a correct implementation of llvm::sys::locale::columnWidth()
5ea6ef4 : Truth in advertising: LocallyScopedExternalDecls actually only contains external declarations with C language linkage.
6503255 : [analyzer] Allow IvarInvalidation checker to suppress warnings via assertions.
c2316db : c++ IRGen. In trivial cases that object is going into static storage and thus is implicitly zero-initialized, no need to do C++11 memory model. This patch unconditionally detects such condition and zeroinitializer's the variable. Patch has been commented on and OKed by Doug off-line. // rdar://12897704
8e2999c : Formatter: Remove a fixme, Jordy says @synthesize is good as is.
cd52bda : Formatter: Put spaces in ObjC method decls in the right place for Google style.
664566c : [analyzer] Fix non-determinizm introduced in r172104.
ca1ad50 : ToolChains: Minor touchup to use correct type, avoid truncation.
b0ed986 : Declare +new instead of -new in test.
3731a41 : [ms-inline asm] Add test case for r172121. Part of rdar://12991541
3973f28 : [ms-inline asm] Extend the inline asm Sema lookup interface to determine if the Decl is a VarDecl. Part of rdar://12991541
7084823 : Formatter: No spaces around '=' in @property lines.
b1fc673 : [analyzer] Add more checks to the ObjC Ivar Invalidation checker.
c5362d9 : In my last patch use InGroup<Switch> (per Dmitri's comment).
f6e65cc : Provide a better warning when case value overflows. // rdar://11577384
d5bfae6 : Formatter: Land header change I forgot to land in r172099.
e0fd429 : Formatter: Add test for template and protocol parameters in ObjC method declarations.
5f500df : Formatting: In @implementation etc lines, put a space before protocol lists.
f9ea2ed : Refactoring the outermost structure of the formatter.
fb8e82e : [libclang] Address some coding style issues pointed out by Dmitri.
81ed2f1 : Formatter: Don't put a space in ObjC number literals like @+50
75dcea5 : ccc-analyzer: Forward -msse* options to the compiler.
ed91bba : Formatter: Add space before '(' in @implemenation, @interface, @protocol lines
94fc6f1 : Pull calculation whether a line fits one level up.
6a3c70e : objectiveC++: When throwing c++ exception of an objectiveC object, use objc_exception_throw to raise the exception. // rdar://12605907
d8d9b84 : [libclang] Add missing header file
c6f5c6a : [libclang] Enhance logging capabilities of libclang.
30f3b45 : Diagnostics: name all implicit groups used more than once.
98e7369 : Error if an anonymous DiagGroup is referenced multiple times.
3f8c7f3 : Pulling formatFirstToken one level up.
c8c8a47 : Fixes layout of right braces.
3048aea : Basic support for diagnostics.
2851c16 : Fixes formatting of function calls etc inside an initializer list.
36fab8d : Do not add newline in empty blocks.
46ef852 : Improvements to function type and ObjC block formatting.
e1d792f : [Mips] Pass a combination of +soft-float and -mips16-hard-float flags to the backend if hard float ABI is selected under -mips16 mode.
bb42bf1 : Fix layout of blocks inside statements.
5cf7cf3 : Improve clang-format's understanding of casts.
a2d37a5 : r172047 lacked a test (due to incomplete OpenCL support in clang). Use a modified version of a test by Joey Gouly to use attributes to materialise the unsupported types and test vector shifts.
7266cf6 : Enable intel_ocl_bicc for x86_64 target only. Remove fix from 171969 that enabled this extension for multiple targets.
4c60fc6 : Introduce a define to switch on debug output.
700e710 : Do more error checking for '{}'.
f20318f : Testing with a full OpenCL compiler (based on clang) reveals r71734 missed difference between type widths of a vector and the width of one of its elements in the case of vector shifts. Use correct witdth in the vector case.
f9c2166 : clang-c/Index.h: Clarify empty argument with (void) for C89.
b8a8be1 : Be more careful about updating the failed-modules set
f91cbd5 : Don't assert in codegen on static data members which have NoLinkage. Fixes PR14825!
7005b90 : Rework the realpath nonsense for framework lookups to deal more uniformly with symlinks between top-level and embedded frameworks.
880e538 : Formatter: Remove unused @-formatting code.
b530fa3 : Formatter: @optional and @required go on their own line.
50767d8 : Formatter: Add support for @implementation.
d017e42 : [PreprocessingRecord] A macro expansion can be reported out-of-order in cases when there are macro expansions inside macro arguments where the arguments are not expanded in the same order as listed; don't assert that all macro expansions are in source order.
34983d5 : [utils/ClangDataFormat.py] Don't use lldb.frame directly, get the frame from the value.
a18e70b : Issue warning when case value is too large to fit in case condition type. // rdar://11577384. Test is conditionalized on x86_64-apple triple as I am not sure if the INT_MAX/LONG_MAX values in the test will pass this test for other hosts.
73189fb : ClangTools.rst: spelling and formatting
ee1230c : ClangFormat.rst: improve formatting
898dd70 : Remove the unused Parser::ParseTranslationUnit function
6d5b57a : Add documentation for clang-format.
049c447 : Formatter: Make parseObjCUntilAtEnd() actually work.
1abe6ea : Formatting: Add support for @protocol.
fa49c18 : Fix test after r171995.
27d1367 : Formatter: Add support for @interface.
ccdb2a5 : unwind.h: Add include guards and don't mess with visibility if HIDE_EXPORTS is specified.
beac9e3 : Do not model loads from complex types, since we don't accurately model the imaginary and real parts yet.
719e53f : Suppress GCC -Wreturn warning.
abe75ef : Handle static functions being redeclared in function scope.
526ed11 : Enables layouting unwrapped lines around preprocessor directives.
35eb8c3 : Enable intel_ocl_bicc for x86_64 target. This was missed in r171056.
3fc0bb7 : Only align after assignments on the top level.
ceb99ab : Don't simply give up when exceeding 80cols, choose an "ok" option.
d64f738 : Correctly format wrapped function call parameters in templated functions.
41df16e : Fixes dump_ast_matchers to parse all matcher macros and updates the docs.
043835a : Allow comments in the middle of statements to be on their own line.
886568d : Fix ObjC block declarations.
9c837d0 : Improve formatting of conditional operators.
727d0d0 : Don't mention -fno-diagnostics-print-source-range-info in manual.
4a5984c : [ubsan] Make static check data non-const so it can be used for deduplication.
086cc83 : Make sure clang puts tokens from different files on separate lines in "-E -P" mode. <rdar://problem/12774044>
a0f2d02 : Make __has_include a bit more resilient in the presence of macros. <rdar://problem/12748859>.
7dc80e1 : When name lookup for a redeclaration finds declarations that are known (because they are part of some module) but have not been made visible (because they are in a submodule that wasn't imported), filter out those declarations unless both the old declaration and the new declaration have external linkage. When one or both has internal linkage, there should be no conflict unless both are imported.
e178e70 : put back diagnostics when flexible members are captured in lambdas.
080dc52 : Removed extra "`" from ARC documentation.
6949ab1 : [ms-inline asm] Add a test case for the offset operator where the operand is a global variable.
b20eb10 : Fix typo (again).
4b3040f : Remove lambda from my last patch.
456cfc0 : Fixes typo in comment.
9c0816f : objectiveC blocks: It is impractical to capture struct variables with flexiable array members in blocks (and lambdas). Issue error instead of crashing in IRGen. // rdar://12655829
6a502c4 : PR14855: don't silently swallow a nested-name-specifier after a type name.
d130fd2 : Clear LV cache when dropping availability attributes.
51be6e3 : Tighten types a bit. No functionality change.
8c4222a : Don't crash when trying to apply the availability attribute to a block.
0777cf5 : Tighten types a bit. No functionality change.
fc35cbc : Tighten types a bit. No functionality change.
27fdea9 : Remove on-by-default warning from -Wmost.
3a2673e : Formatter: More tests for already-passing ObjC bits.
41748f7 : [analyzer] Bump down the max size of functions being analyzed.
2db356d : Don't break after unary operators.
a6d2020 : Move loop variable update. Thanks to Dmitri Gribenko for the suggestion.
b9725cf : Mark all subsequent decls used.
cb4d690 : Formatter: Format @ literals better. Array and dictionary literals need more work.
f7fd799 : Various tweaks and updates to the analyzer website.
6dfb960 : [analyzer] Only include uniqueling location as issue_hash when available
c31689a : Formatter: More ObjC tests.
d1d9df6 : [libclang] In clang_equalCursors, clear out the "FirstInDeclGroup" part in a declaration cursor before doing the comparison.
7cdc457 : Use Decl::getAvailability() rather than checking for the "unavailable" attribute when determining whether we need to see an implementation of a property. Fixes <rdar://problem/12958191>.
cf4a79c : Formatter: Add tests for some ObjC bits that happen to be formatted correctly.
409474f : Repost checker-270, which for some reason got deleted.
7bb7fb6 : clang-format can now format #defines.
765561f : Don't put spaces around ##.
a879a16 : Add missing spaces. This doesn't cause problems in practice because we only warn about _Static_assert with -pedantic.
ef3c694 : Clear the LV cache when setting the instantiated from link. Fixes pr14835.
26f7e78 : Change the data structure used in clang-format.
f8a6cb1 : CodeGen/compound-assign-overflow.c: include stdint.h in freestanding mode
8c19d39 : docs: "clang tools" are not a different interface.
d63b19e : Clear the LV cache when merging the availability attribute.
2fcadfe : Add a test to make sure that vector output happens for debug info.
cbb99ef : Don't warn about undefined varargs argument behavior in unreachable code.
b9d61ca : Add [artificial] debug info annotation to test matching r171826
4ce831c : [arcmt] Follow-up for r171484; make sure when adding brackets enclosing case statements, that the case does not "contain" a declaration that is referenced "outside" of it, otherwise we will emit un-compilable code.
aa46d51 : Move ref qualifiers from Type bitfields into FunctionProtoType, stealing two bits from the number of parameters. This brings the bitfields down from 33 bits to 32 bits, reducing the size of Types by 4 bytes on 32-bit systems.
97bfb55 : [analyzer] Include the bug uniqueing location in the issue_hash.
c1c6a49 : [analyzer] Plist: change the type of issue_hash from int to string.
9da34f9 : [analyzer] Extend the Representing Values section of the dev manual.
6647986 : clang/test/CodeGenOpenCL/shifts.cl: Fixup for -Asserts.
774d8b4 : PR14838: When a member reference is bound to a temporary, don't forget to perform the semantic checks associated with the destruction of that temporary. It'll be destroyed at the end of the constructor.
3c7236e : Back out my no-op change from r171783.
c117f39 : Correct OpenBSD profiling test
9c78f9b : Extract the instance-method case for debug info out into a separate function.
3c4e481 : add a triple
822023a : [ubsan] Use correct type for compound assignment ops.
67f8b5e : Simplify computing debug info type for static member functions.
a65e076 : Converted Block-ABI-Apple.txt => Block-ABI-Apple.rst.
9987ce2 : docs: Fix inconsistent titles.
7ce3170 : docs: Copy Block-ABI-Apple.txt to output.
cc5a28a : Minor refactoring of my last patch related to // rdar://12958878
546dbef : [docs/analyzer] Test commit (for auto-update).
e3fc097 : [docs] Fix an inconsistent title level, and a sphinx warning. - We don't need any static files currently, so drop that dir.
a6a87f1 : [docs/analyzer] Convert existing debug-checks document to Sphinx and link into doctree.
7520fca : Test case for r171784.
57cbb14 : Use the C++11 POD definition in C++11 mode to determine whether one can create a VLA of class type. Fixes <rdar://problem/12151822>.
0b1de54 : Use getter. Fixes the build from a bad merge.
8e721b7 : Add support for attribute((mode(unwind_word))). Patch by Nick Lewycky. Fixes pr8703.
32b94be : objective-C: when searching for declarations in protocol list of classes, etc., make sure to look into protocol definitions. // rdar://12958878
3453bf7 : [libclang] When annotating preprocessor tokens, if we are in a macro definition, check if the token was ever a macro name and annotate it if that's the case.
c059f89 : [libclang] Simplify annotation of preprocessing tokens and remove the AnnotateTokensData DenseMap and the lookups associated with it.
e9de485 : [libclang] Make token annotation of type/storage qualifiers accurate.
664b06f : [libclang] When getting the cursor for an identifier inside a macro definition, check if this was ever a macro name and return a specific CXCursor_MacroExpansion cursor in such a case, instead of the generic CXCursor_MacroDefinition.
8169b67 : [PCH] (De)serialize the end location of MacroInfo.
d93335c : Pull the bulk of Lexer::MeasureTokenLength() out into a new function, Lexer::getRawToken().
0b67c75 : [analyzer] Fix a false positive in Secure Keychain API checker.
5879fb3 : [analyzer] Fix a false positive in the ivar invalidation checker.
975b120 : Fixed a number of -Wcovered-switch-default diagnostics in tools/clang/include/clang/AST/AttrDump.inc
6092d4e : Formatter: Support @public/@protected/@package/@private.
27c2cb2 : Comment to XML conversion: no, we don't want to print instantiations for the <Declaration> tag
de76854 : Fix parsing of variable declarations directly after a class / struct.
c3cd2b0 : Implement Attr dumping for -ast-dump. http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D234
07fc1ba : Add fixit hints for misplaced C++11 attributes around class specifiers.
589dae7 : updateOutOfDateIdentifier() can cause the identifier table to be rehashed, invaliding the iterator walking through the identifier table. Separate out the identification of out-of-date identifiers from updating them.
7a83421 : Scalar shifts in the OpenCL specification (as of v. 1.2) are defined to be with respect to the lower "left-hand-side bitwidth" bits, even when negative); see OpenCL spec 6.3j. This patch both implements this behaviour in the code generator and "constant folding" bits of Sema, and also prevents tests to detect undefinedness in terms of the weaker C99 or C++ specifications from being applied.
a9ccdd1 : Formatter: Add tests for try/catch. Let 'throw' start an expression.
d0af4b4 : Formatter: Don't put spaces betwen @ and objc keywords.
4a293a2 : Test all @keywords. Turns out some of them are not formatted correctly yet.
581f557 : Slightly expand the @ test to cover whitespace between @ and keyword.
6a0ff17 : libclang/Makefile: Reorder USEDLIBS along driver/clang.
da92771 : Small refactoring of the formatter code.
efcfe73 : Add a test that checks that the formatter doesn't discard '@' with ObjC1 set.
decf7bc : Fix typo.
f0ab0a3 : s/parseStatement/parseStructuralElement/g in the UnwrappedLineParser.
cd16238 : Reformat clang-formats source code.
9cda800 : Prefer not to break after assignments.
7ad4eff : Add style option for number of spaces before trailing comments.
7160751 : Do not break before "0" in pure virtual function declarations.
dd5b101 : Fix incorrect FIXME.
dac6252 : CFG.cpp: Fix wrapping logic when printing block preds/succs.
c3d0c82 : Remove outdated FIXME and add explanation for error handling strategy while parsing #define's.
f39f6ff : Remove outdated fixme.
d544c57 : Do not ever allow using the full line in preprocessor directives.
6cf5814 : Fix layouting of single-line-comments preceded by an escaped newline.
9541938 : Fix layouting of tokens with a leading escaped newline.
46a46a2 : Put a higher penalty on breaking before "." or "->".
0028ee3 : PR14759: Improve/correct support for debug info for C++ member pointers.
d938e87 : Switch to asking the target machine to add any relevant analysis passses rather than doing it ourselves. This reflects the API changes in r171681.
4a2ef80 : Simplify. No behavior change.
2626a2a : ClangTools doc: add ideas for new tools in clang-tools-extra to ensure that these ideas don't get lost
a5342db : Fixes handling of unbalances braces.
1834a04 : Clang docs: add some information about the difference between 'clang' and 'clang -cc1'
b171852 : Prepare for the upcoming version of Debian (jessie)
8da06bb : use early returns to simplify and de-nest
f6fd00b : Fixes parsing of hash tokens in the middle of a line.
c37b4d6 : Fixes PR14801 - preprocessor directives shouldn't be indented
9ef1518 : Fixes a breakage in dejagnu++ test suite where it included <objc/Protocol.h>. Caused by my recent changes for various builtin declarations of objc_msgSendSuper variety. // rdar://12489098
6b6bd10 : Make checking for 'protected' access in debug info more legible.
6f8424b : Fixes PR14811: Crash when formatting some macros
d8180cf : PR14573: Unnamed parameters in debug info, Part 2
3de93c8 : FileCheck-ize test/CodeGen/inline.c.
d826f11 : Companion patch to r171621 which changed the interface for creating TTI passes to a create-pass function instead of a direct constructor call.
1b15e85 : Fix set-xcode-analyzer to only modify the ExecPath for the analyzer when using --use-xcode-clang.
436653b : Emit debug info for unnamed parameters.
5f2bd16 : Change test/CodeGenCXX/debug-info-method.cpp an IR (rather than asm) test.
42368b5 : FileCheck-ize test/CodeGenCXX/debug-info-method.cpp
390a70f : [mips] Fix data layout string. Add 64 to the list of native integer widths and add stack alignment information.
6acc4bc : Assert that redeclarations have the same linkage.
ba3c9ca : In my last patch initialize the destination to null (with a simple store) before doing a storeStrong to it. // rdar://12530881
df0be6d : Fix testing case for Release build (r171493)
e695677 : Update checker build to checker-270
d4397b9 : Various fixes to clang-format's macro handling.
7a77f19 : objective-C arc: in copy helper function for __strong __block variables, perform objc_storeStrong on source and destination instead of direct move. This is done with -O0 and to improve some analysis. // rdar://12530881
e3b2988 : Fix indent and remove parameter with a matching default value.
7ac928b : Style fix: We don't use lowercase-and-underscored template parameter names. Thanks for dgregor for noticing it.
9bb0d28 : Correctly format dereference and address of in array parameters.
2b721f5 : Fix typo. Thanks to dgregor for noticing it.
c792d6d : Unqualify the parameter type. This fixes a regression from 168895.
aa60f9c : realpath'ify the mapping from header includes to module imports.
34b3366 : Update CMakeLists.txt
e4057c2 : Add __has_feature support to detect if clang supports the explicit "atomic" keyword for ObjC properties.
e756b65 : Require set-xcode-analyzer to run with Python 2.7 or later.
a620bd8 : NSErrorChecker: remove quoting the parameter name in the diagnostic until we actually include it's name.
a4a1759 : Tighten code. No functionality change.
c9c3907 : Add the module name to the 'incomplete umbrella header' warning.
1f42f11 : Let the formatter ignore UnwrappedLines containing errors.
463b383 : Add file added in r171484 to CMakelists.txt.
3c7a0e1 : Debug Info: fix the line location for cleanup code of a block function
f799213 : Fix up various builtin declaration of objc_msgSend families to match those foung in objc.h an avoid spurious warnings. // rdar://12489098
2d5c133 : [libclang] Introduce clang_getFileLocation.
20bcd4e : [arcmt] Allow removing an -autorelease of a variable initialized in the previous statement.
ea2224d : [arcmt] Adds brackets in case statements that "contain" initialization of retaining variable, thus emitting the "switch case is in protected scope" error.
81cc2f1 : Move the common source locations of CastStmt & DefaultStmt into their base class, SwitchCase.
af1c08f : [arcmt] Don't error if an autoreleased variable is returned after the -autorelease.
86ebd03 : Remove -Wmodule-build; it was a dumb idea anyway. <rdar://problem/12957525>
fd5ac0d : Fix fieldNo usage for lambdas. No behavior change since the field number was 0 anyhow.
6769ccb : Warn on unused auto variables.
da844b3 : Use early returns to reduce indentation.
5d2faa4 : [arcmt] Rewrite uses of Block_copy/Block_release macros.
bcde478 : Fix capitalization of Objective-C in diagnostic.
c37fad6 : Make MallocChecker debug output useful.
89e19b4 : Don't assert/crash on reference variables in lambdas bound to a static local variable from the parent scope. PR14773.
344c77a : [analyzer] Rename callback EndPath -> EndFunction
589ddc2 : Add docs/README.txt to point to llvm/docs/README.txt.
0f48f9d : analyzer: add initial Sphinx configuration
bdaeb8a : Exclude docs/analyzer/ from the default Sphinx build.
d829379 : [python bindings] Expose cursor.referenced (clang_getCursorReferenced).
f5e208c : hexagon-target-basic.c test: add REQUIRES line for hexagon target
35abfcd : DiagnosticIds: Fix offset/ID calculation, no impact outside this code.
28c1f75 : docs: Mark ReleaseNotes as "In-Progress"
e132c89 : docs: Take advantage of extra level of headings.
1a090f1 : Correct Hexagon DataLayout string. Fixes bug 14744.
ee3d9f0 : Type safety attributes: add tests for enumerations (users are actually doing this, ensure we don't regress)
55d3f94 : docs: Curb excessive table-of-contents depth.
a0c392d : docs: Reorganize landing page.
6fad575 : docs: Fix spelling error.
1b46ead : Remove the anonymous namespace from lib/Sema/TreeTransform.h
060143e : Fixes multiple formatting bugs.
5eda31e : Don't allow line breaks after template parameters.
ba3d307 : Format */& as binary operator if followed by a unary operator.
a080a18 : Fixes use of unescaped newlines when formatting preprocessor directives.
ef5b9c3 : Correctly format pointers and references in casts.
1f0754b : Understand unary operators after "return" and "case".
9a64fb5 : Prefer splitting after "template <...>" and fix indentation.
723f030 : Prefer to break after operators over breaking after "(".
41f6935 : docs: `3.2` -> `3.3`
8cbdac6 : docs: Remove useless discussion.
159cc9e : docs: Fix up HTML links to proper reST links.
9cc4c39 : docs: clang-format is coming down the pike, mention it
aaf575b : docs: Reorganize landing page.
e30561d : remove random spaces
13b5e11 : docs: Change title.
112f778 : docs: Decrease toctree depth on landing page.
f267ff7 : docs: Sphinx conversion is "done"
4e24f0f : s/CXX0X/CXX11/g, except for __GNU_EXPERIMENTAL_CXX0X__, and update a few nearby 'C++0x' comments.
3b844ba : Rewrite #includes for llvm/Foo.h to llvm/IR/Foo.h as appropriate to reflect the migration in r171366.
80ad52f : s/CPlusPlus0x/CPlusPlus11/g
b99083e : Re-sort #include lines using the llvm/utils/sort_includes.py script.
5d33440 : Understand * and & in ternary expressions.
4dc41de : Don't break after pointer or reference specifier.
62a833e : Convert an if that never happens to an assert.
0b22708 : Simplify vector splat code. No functionality change.
7ff1e45 : Update the copyright coredits -- Happy new year 2013!
6cc2a68 : Silence some warnings and allow passing down some feature flags to the linker. Patch by Brad Smith.
8c6fe14 : Fix minor copy-pasto. No functionality change.
d32b94d : Remove some remnants of OwningExprResult / OwningStmtResult.
d11f435 : Simplify. No functionality change.
87b8127 : Don't warn on unused member functions that are extern because of a typedef.
1f94f2b : Formatter: parse and format inline namespaces like regular namespaces
2d382d1 : [ubsan] Recover by default, use -fno-sanitize-recover to disable.
de210a5 : Use hasCLanguageLinkage when warning about non C return types.
aa7dbaf : Comment lexing: replace manual comparison with StringRef::find_first_of
9f0c692 : Don't get confused if a extern "C" builtin function is redeclared without the extern "C".
01ad954 : Remove the Function::getFnAttributes method in favor of using the AttributeSet directly.
9f40954 : Don't warn for undefined but used decls that are external because of a typedef.
07cf58c : ArrayRefize CXXTryStmt.
d36aa35 : ArrayRefize a CompoundStmt constructor.
5ba0c8e : Fix a typo that caused a few standard library implementations of sort to get the wrong answer. Wasn't caught by my implementation sadly...
f175765 : Try to re-structure the GCCVersion comparison routine to make it easier to read and tell that it is a SWO -- we now descend through the components and return a result at the first inequal component.
2464e96 : Removed duplicate logic.
20af49a : Minor cleanup.
78eeba8 : Reject overloading of two static extern C functions.
ceb59d9 : Replace magic numbers in CheckICE with an enum.
9b403c5 : PR14729: Fix typo in CheckICE for BinaryConditionalOperators.
0f46e64 : Improve diagnostic wording for when an implicitly-deleted special member function is selected by overload resolution.
e8c0322 : Add proper support for -fsanitize-blacklist= flag for TSan and MSan. Clang part.
ebf75d7 : Change this to an IR test instead of an assembly test (as per comment in r171134).
f42755e : Simplify typeid 'potentially evaluated' check.
e57e3d3 : Implement dcl.link paragraph 5.
66c0899 : Update test for backend change.
137d662 : Fix a regression from the previous commit. Template instantiation can set the canonical decl to used after subsequent decls have been chained, so we have to check that too.
485458a : Use the most recent redecl to decide if it is needed.
a57b3b4 : Produce an actual error before attempting to attach notes to it when bailing out due to FORCE_CLANG_DIAGNOSTICS_CRASH=1. Also add a test for that env var.
65d7831 : Fix for PR12222.
3898008 : Add intel_ocl_bicc calling convention as a function attribute to clang. The calling convention is already implemented in LLVM.
140aadf : Add 171048 back but invalidate the cache of all redeclarations when setting the body of a functions. The problem was that hasBody looks at the entire chain and causes problems to -fvisibility-inlines-hidden if the cache was not invalidated.
eaf5ec4 : Revert r171048, "Cache visibility of decls."
dfb3166 : Cache visibility of decls.
a73d3db : Simplify RUN lines. No functionality change.
d7610b8 : Let clang-format format itself.
a4974cf : Penalize tokens with a lower parenthesis level than the start of the line.
cf225b6 : Align RHS after assignments and return statements.
f6aef6a : Fix formatting over overloaded operators.
34ef11b : Support -fsanitize-memory-track-origins.
cc6456c : CGClass.cpp: [PR14335] Remove comma-separated \param, for now. [-Wdocumentation]
2f82c78 : clang/AST/VTTBuilder.h: Prune one description in three methods, VTTBuilder::AddVTablePointer(), VTTBuilder::LayoutSecondaryVirtualPointers(), and VTTBuilder::LayoutSecondaryVirtualPointers(). [-Wdocumentation]
0a6b708 : CGDecl.cpp: Prune three descriptions in two methods, CodeGenFunction::pushIrregularPartialArrayCleanup() and CodeGenFunction::pushRegularPartialArrayCleanup(). [-Wdocumentation]
14f9b5d : DiagnosticRenderer.cpp: Prune one description in DiagnosticRenderer::emitMacroExpansions(). [-Wdocumentation]
0481e54 : CGValue.h: Update one \param to Addr in MakeBitfield(). [-Wdocumentation]
fa6efa8 : test/Index/preamble_macro_template.cpp: Tweak for win32.
e2c7acf : Take operator precedence into account when splitting lines.
029e70c : Documentation: PTHInternals: use correct adornments and fix typos
184e1c4 : Documentation: fix a syntax error: empty line required after code-block::
5c0de4c : Documentation: add MemorySanitizer to the toctree
debc018 : docs: Convert ReleaseNotes to reST.
00d5a04 : libFormat: Teach the *& usage heuristic that "return" starts a rhs too.
e6bb76c : Move a declaration closer to its use. No functionality change.
9dbdfb8 : Clean out release notes for clang 3.3
bb06b50 : [libclang] Fix crash when code-completing a macro invocation that reached EOF and did not expand the argument into the source context.
ac50456 : [libclang] Don't try to translate diagnostics from the precompiled preamble to the code-completion results, the SourceManager state may be slightly different when code-completing.
772e713 : [libclang] Check for the 'LIBCLANG_NOTHREADS' environment variable before creating a separate thread for code-completion.
19e0d95 : PR14695: Fix assert from bad cast<>. Not every namespace is a NamespaceDecl; it might instead be a TranslationUnitDecl.
a734a0e : Add back -Wduplicate-enum which I mistakenly removed.
a05d274 : Fix typo: objc_no_direct_instance_variable_assignmemt => objc_no_direct_instance_variable_assignment.
4b6bb40 : [analyzer] Convert SimpleStreamChecker to use the PointerEscape callback
3351536 : Use a safe default width for template-diff'ing integral arguments, in case we can't find an exact width to use. Fixes crash in <rdar://problem/12456626>.
9b3f02c : Adding to FormatTest.cpp test for a very long ObjC method declaration requiring formatting of wrap-arounds.
d3292c8 : Tweak Sema::CheckLiteralKind() to also include block literals
0a19ee8 : Insulate this test from the whims of the random number generator.
67a0f6e : Add comments back that were accidentally removed in r170933.
a193e3b : Fix a warning due to an extraneous comma.
22aa690 : Remove unused arguments and rename to conform to coding standards.
f530ff7 : Change checkUnsafeAssignLiteral() to use the new Sema::CheckLiteralKind().
3ee069b : Hoist logic for classifying Objective-C literals into Sema (proper) for use with other diagnostics.
96e12a2 : Switch FrontendOptions to using an initializer list rather than initializing the values in the constructor. The constructor implementation is trivial beyond the value initialisations. Patch by Saleem Abdulrasool!
d4ae653 : Fixes couple of friend declaration -ast-print bug found by running -ast-print on all-std-headers.cpp which caused it to go into infinite loop. Now -ast-print prints all declarations found in all-std-headers.cpp.
ccbb402 : Indent.
9cab1c9 : Remove unnecessary checks.
e63a603 : Use descriptive enum instead of raw integers for checkUnsafeAssignLiteral().
b29b30f : Sink call to checkUnsafeAssignLiteral() into checkUnsafeAssignObject().
eb4c01e : Fix indent.
30f102b : [analyzer] Don't perform an expensive assertion in release builds.
b23ae0c : format: Handle #import as include directive too.
d29b455 : Add a testcase for ARM cortex-r5 subtarget
cd1a32b : clang-format: No spaces around directory specifiers
ab13751 : Add ARM cortex-r5 subtarget as available mcpu
08165d8 : [analyzer] Fix typos.
bd80231 : [analyzer] Re-apply r170826 and make the dumping of the GallGraph deterministic.
95f38f6 : Sort the includes according to the coding standard.
5f04ef5 : Fix typo.
87aa2fb : Remove duplicate includes.
a324a0e : Basic support for formatting for-loops.
bb6a7e0 : Update comments.
9c10d61 : Temporary fix of tests to make buildbots happy.
583acae : Slight rewording of -fsanitize=memory docs.
cc603e9 : User manual chapter on MemorySanitizer.
675d2e3 : Use OperatorPrecedence.h in clang-format
98e6b4a : Formatting fixes for PR14680
7f5e76b : Remove the working that ThreadSanitizer is *experimental*.
5cf1589 : Fix regression in r170489: when instantiating a direct initializer which is a CXXScalarValueInitExpr (or an ImplicitValueInitExpr), strip it back down to an empty pair of parentheses so that the initialization code can tell that we're performing value-initialization.
9d08401 : Extend checkUnsafeAssigns() to also handle assigning an object literal to a weak reference.
b1ea510 : Refactor checkUnsafeAssigns() to avoid code duplication with while loop.
0dbe2fb : Reinstate r170806, reverted in r170835, with a fix use i1 instead of i8 for a value-initialized bool!
98ab776 : Revert r170806, "Fix some bugs where we would sometimes use 0, not -1, when emitting a null constant of type pointer-to-data-member."
f1e5b15 : [libclang] Follow-up to r170824, provide the correct number of arguments for a not-fully-formed macro invocation during code-completion.
1655bcd : [analyzer] Address Jordan's nitpicks as per code review of r170625.
6d42f4d : Revert r170826. The output of
0db661e : Don't eagerly emit a global static merged with a local extern.
e34e193 : [analyzer] Traverse the Call Graph in topological order.
4f858df : [analyzer] Add blocks and ObjC messages to the call graph.
cd0fd18 : [libclang] Make sure we can code-complete inside a macro argument even though the macro invocation is not fully formed.
f50b8f0 : EditedSource.cpp: Appease msvc, to add <cctype>.
f3a1ff3 : docs: Convert ObjectiveCLiterals to reST.
72958b3 : docs: fix Sphinx toctree warning.
0a7d2fe : docs: Convert DriverInternals to reST.
d8af340 : Fix some bugs where we would sometimes use 0, not -1, when emitting a null constant of type pointer-to-data-member.
bf85d9d : Revert r170801, which breaks the mingw build.
d672bae : Eliminate errors when running the 'PrintFunctionNames' plugin, from Li Qun!
904a326 : Revert "Warn if a __weak variable is initialized with an Objective-C object literal."
5964df1 : Use some heuristics so that when a fixit removes a source range, we try to also remove a trailing space if possible.
7c44106 : Warn if a __weak variable is initialized with an Objective-C object literal.
7b00b84 : Documentation: use monospaced font in BlockLanguageSpec, and fix a link to this document
16f90bf : Use the MaybeParseMicrosoftAttributes function.
65548b3 : Remove namespace qualifier that lead to build breakage.
9096102 : Move operator precedence calculation to new header
154120c : Add objective-C style formatting to clang format and use it to format xml declaration tags. // rdar://12378714
bbf4d53 : Update RetainCountChecker to understand attribute ns_returns_autoreleased.
5810f5c : Attribute 'cf_returns_autoreleased' doesn't really exist.
72390b3 : Rename llvm::Attributes to llvm::Attribute.
ad017fa : Revert r170500. It over-zealously converted *ALL* things named Attributes, which is wrong here.
a367a02 : Fix Generic_GCC::GCCVersion::operator<
aee388b : c-index-test/Makefile: Add clangFormat to USEDLIBS for libclang-unavailable hosts.
02db365 : c-index-test/Makefile: Reformat.
c939453 : Minor coding style issue: NULL -> 0
5c70ef4 : Add __has_feature(memory_sanitizer).
ad7bb36 : ASTDumper coding style fixes. http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D226
30fd671 : clang/test/Driver/warning-options.cpp: Appease MSYS bash.
6c3e180 : clang/test/Misc/ast-dump-decl.c: Add triple. __thread is not supported on all targets.
76f98b6 : Updated link in LanguageExtensions.rst to point to BlockLanguageSpec.rst instead of BlockLanguageSpec.txt.
3714e75 : Changed UTF-8 emdashes to --- ala Dmitri Gribenko's comments.
a894790 : Fix another uninitialized bool member bug found by -fsanitize=bool. This one appears to currently be benign (we happen to test the flags in the right order, so we never depend on the uninitialized value).
3624e9e : Robustify the @encode code and add support for _Atomic.
5b9268f : Fix code that attempted to produce a diagnostic with one DiagnosticEngine, then produce a note for that diagnostic either with a different DiagnosticEngine or after calling DiagnosticEngine::Reset(). That didn't make any sense, and did the wrong thing if the original diagnostic was suppressed.
88d158c : Provide couple of DeclPrint tests for my last patch.
d538ed9 : Implement AST dumper for Decls. http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D52
bf53dfa : [analyzer] Add the pointer escaped callback.
b29740a : [preprocessor] When "merging" macro argument tokens into one SLocEntry chunk, make sure they came from the same kind of FileIDs.
6b248db : Typo.
d7dfd98 : [driver] Have -isysroot warn on nonexistent paths. rdar://12282267
40902d8 : Audit DeclPrinter with -ast-dump on Cocoa.h and fix any bad objectiveC syntax coming out of DeclPrinter. This is on going. Also, introduce a new PrintPolicy and use it as needed when declaration tag is to be produced via DeclPrinter.
ca40f30 : [PCH/Modules] In ASTReader::completeVisibleDeclsMap, make sure to visit all modules when getting the decls for a namespace or translation unit.
0bd9e72 : Documentation: UsersManual.rst: some cleanups after semi-automatic conversion
277076a : objective-C: Don't warn of unimplemented property of protocols in category, when those properties will be implemented in category's primary class or one of its super classes. // rdar://12568064
0e704ed : Forgot to remove trailing whitespace when I converted the BlockLanguageSpec.txt => BlockLanguageSpec.rst. It has been eliminated.
822dd4c : Converted BlockLanguageSpec.txt => BlockLanguageSpec.rst.
89d852a : Change test to dump Filecheck output to an intermediate file. This makes it easier to update this test.
ca57ccd : Fix PR14591: Windows newlines in doxygen comments cause failed assertion in TextDiagnostic
d7ebf3e : Add a missing 'else'. Found by grep '} if'
eb34db7 : Comment parsing: add a missing 'else'. Found by inspection.
4547fb5 : Improve on header comment suggested by James Dennet.
094dbf9 : Rename the 'Attributes' class to 'Attribute'. It's going to represent a single attribute in the future.
4b6ebe3 : Attempt to clarify a vexing-parse diagnostic.
cd6d5f4 : Fix assertion failure in self-host (and probably bogus template instantiation too). When instantiating a direct-initializer, if we find it has zero arguments, produce an empty ParenListExpr rather than returning a null expression.
c83c230 : PR13470: Ensure that copy-list-initialization isntantiates as copy-list-initialization (and doesn't add an additional copy step):
9fcc2ab : Pass AnalyzerOptions to PathDiagnosticConsumer to make analyzer options accessible there.
6ee225c : Simplify logic to use SourceManager::getFileLoc(), per Argyrios's feedback.
e3ec31a : fixes a doxygen comment.
240c6ff : test/Index/preamble_macro_template.cpp: Suppress this probably due to Lit/win32 issue. Investigating.
3bc93e3 : Change DeclContextLookup(Const)Result to (Mutable)ArrayRef<NamedDecl*>, as per review discussion in r170365
8a68da1 : Increas number of iterations before a new libclang format object is created to 1000.
e538d48 : Make sure CodeGen uses a value of the correct type as the result of of assignment to a bool bitfield. PR14638.
7c10683 : Some code refactoring per Dimitri's comment.
1850ac6 : Fix a crash in diagnostic printing when a template class type is diff'ed against itself. PR14489.
0f6ef28 : Enable the loop vectorizer in clang via -fvectorize
4d5b68b : Fix the fvectorize testcase
d9b8777 : Have clang_getSpellingLocation() use the same logic as DiagnosticRenderer for plowing through macros.
88b9521 : This is the libclang patch providing minimal API to use clang's formatter. Currently, formatter is used to format declaration tags for xml comments. Since formatter is in flux and its change will break several of the clang comment tests, only a single tests is formatted using this facility. Doug has reviewed and approved it for check-in.
813bc7f : Be defensive when printing module import locations; the diagnostic printer needs to be robust
e77372a : Similar to 170440 - fix build warning with gcc
8bfb700 : Add tests to check recent changes to some builtins.
1321eb5 : Better support for constructor initializers.
08cc03f : CodeGen: Expand creal and cimag into complex field loads
e35ec2b : Make the format scrambler understand line comments.
a34173e : CMake: Make sure to detect LibXml2 when Clang is built standalone
6bd1203 : Fix a compilation warning with gcc 4.6
b13621d : Re-commit r170428 changes with Linux style file endings.
7f92f2d : Revert changes from r170428, as I accidentally changed the line endings of these files to Windows style.
736104a : Add OpenCL images as clang builtin types.
15cc355 : Remove obsolete FIXMEs.
a490670 : test/Misc/dev-fd-fs.c: Mark this as XFAIL:freebsd (since r169831).
90f6926 : Inline hasAtomicCopyHelperAPI.
a7a2f2a : Merge storage classes even when contexts don't match.
853c370 : Now that the uninitialized variable has been fixed in llvm, add this test back, but remove unneeded options and fix the comment.
c92384f : Fix typo (thanks to Jordan for spotting it!).
2fcff83 : The underlying type for an enum should be an integer type, not another enum. (This change only affects ObjC.)
b52cc89 : docs: Nuke AnalyzerRegions.rst.
8a0086c : When warning about a missing prototype because a function declaration is missing 'void', insert a fixit to add the void.
adff43a : More conservative fix for <rdar://problem/12847524> (a crash printing diagnostic ranges). I'm not really happy with this fix, but I'm confident it's correct.
a6f8a6e : Use the correct return type (size_t) for these builtins. <rdar://problem/12646344>
13d288b : Add an expected parameter for the size of the destination. <rdar://problem/12622659>
27e2b98 : Add support for passing the main file name down to the assembler for location information.
073fec9 : Rein ubsan's vptr sanitizer back a bit. Per core issue 453, binding a reference to an object outside its lifetime does not have undefined behavior.
372df45 : Fix isThisDeclarationADefinition for extern following tentative.
d566df6 : Fix PR14625 by teaching the driver to detect PWD for assembly files.
2bff7e5 : [c-index-test] Fix warnings about unused results from chdir(). Patch from Edwin Vane!
6e48a2e : Just use begin()/end() instead of "&Vector[0], &Vector[0]+Vector.size()".
8302767 : Don't include the header outside the include guards, it defeats the purpose of the include guards.
7d033b2 : [parser] Push a semi token for recovery only when it is actually missing.
39cf781 : [analyzer] Tweak the NumFunctionsAnalyzed stat so that it's more useful.
7959671 : [analyzer] Implement "do not inline large functions many times" performance heuristic
d397cfe : Reapply r170344, this time without forgetting to commit the header changes.
e315cb3 : Revert "Added support for new property helpers (GNUstep runtime)."
648dd82 : Added support for new property helpers (GNUstep runtime).
9a0b494 : Add basic support for splitting before function calls if it can't be avoided.
61dde19 : tsan: correct llvm libc++ name
05b1ac8 : Fix several formatting problems.
728e212 : tsan: add __has_feature(thread_sanitizer)
c092cba : tsan: update docs
2df1658 : Clean up a small (messy) section of Clang's release notes for 3.2.
9e6111a : This patch fixes PR13624, which notes a 64-bit PowerPC ELF ABI incompatibility with how complex values are returned. It is sufficient to flag all complex types as direct rather than indirect.
355a166 : IdentifierResolver: Remove an unnecessary include and an unused parameter.
24ee6ea : Documentation: add a missing word
4f35f74 : Clang ReleaseNotes: add information about documentation comments support
b22acbb : Documentation: AutomaticReferenceCounting.rst: use CSS section numbering. This enables us to use the same document structure as in other files.
d53c2d3 : Don't use SourceLineCache in getColumnNumber if LastLineNoResult is past the end of the cache. Fixes PR14570.
b34b805 : docs: Fix completely broken adornment structure.
97555a1 : Documentation: random cleanups. Use monospaced font where appropriate, highlight console output with "code-block:: console", etc.
5cc0580 : Documentation: convert InternalsManual.html to reST
1228d66 : Documentation: LanguageExtensions.rst: convert link to :doc: style and fix up heading underline.
1bdbe4d : [ubsan] Emit branch weight metadata to hint towards common case.
3115f5b6 : Docs: redirect "static analysis extensions" section to the analyzer site.
2d3bad7 : Remove old description of analyzer internals from public docs.
d743243 : fixed line endings
2bfa166 : added post-statement callback to CXXNewExpr and pre-statement callback to CXXDeleteExpr
4ae711b : Don't hit an assertion failure when calculating the __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ of a member function with parenthesized declarator.
12b3e31 : [analyzer] Propagate the checker's state from checkBranchCondition
b467051 : [analyzer] Refactor: Store visited Decls instead of CallGraphNodes.
b1f67db : Style and Doc fix for CommonOptionsParser
0ee8de7 : [preprocessor] For errors at a function macro invocation, also include a note about where the macro is defined.
af0e889 : [CMake] Move libxml2 stuff from clang to llvm/cmake.
b707a47 : Don't require a space between the two ">" in "vector<id<protocol>>" in objc++11.
e72f4d9 : Targets.cpp: [cygwin] Add the predefined macro "_X86_", according to newer version of cygwin/w32api.
a9990e8 : Have Sema::ActOnStartOfFunctionDef return the declaration that was passed it.
3abc768 : Remove code from Sema::ActOnStartOfFunctionTemplateDef that duplicates what Sema::ActOnStartOfFunctionDef is already doing.
f5e9d03 : fix another spello
001397e : fix spello
457d65a : clang/test/CodeGenCXX/lambda-expressions.cpp: Relax expression for -Asserts.
b0abacf : Refactor dump methods to make RegionBindingsRef printable in the debugger.
877efce : Make the test less sensitive to the inline threshold.
50f089a : Make sure the __invoke function for lambdas returns properly. Per bug report on IRC>
c9a9177 : Debug Info: Emit vtables pointer members as artificial.
5e24f2d : [PCH] Make the new PCH format (control block) backwards compatible and don't crash when loading a PCH with the older format.
de39d17 : Add support for current Ubuntu Quantal and the upcoming Raring. Patch by Martin Nowack.
5bdbc11 : Revert 170049 because it fails with an assertion on one of the spec2000 workloads.
45397f9 : [analyzer] Fix doc error (wrong param name) in ObjCSuperCallChecker.
68f22af : Update CMake build corresponding to r170135.
fc2929f : Dont use/link ARCMT, StaticAnalyzer and Rewriter to clang when the user specifies not to. Dont build ASTMatchers with Rewriter disabled and StaticAnalyzer when it's disabled.
702baef : Documentation: add AutomaticReferenceCounting.rst to the toctree
94b21a1 : Documentation: convert AutomaticReferenceCounting.html to reST
40b66a00 : Rename StmtDumper to ASTDumper. Patch contributed by Philip Craig!
8a03357 : Remove little endian specification from SPIR data layout - SPIR doesn't define endiannes in the data layout.
2dce7be : Point a hyperlink back to where it was before it got reStructured.
463b48b : ubsan: Add -fsanitize=bool and -fsanitize=enum, which check for loads of bit-patterns which are not valid values for enumerated or boolean types. These checks are the ubsan analogue of !range metadata.
cdc2e82 : Simplify. No functionality change.
27fa236 : Initial support for FreeBSD on ARM. Patch by Andrew Turner.
e14999e : [analyzer] Generalize ObjCMissingSuperCallChecker.
6febf12 : Using CanQualType::getAs<ArrayType> is unsafe; fix the code currently using it, and make sure additional uses don't get introduced. <rdar://problem/12858424>.
93ca021 : docs: More reST conversion.
1812652 : [analyzer] Fix a self-init checker false positive.
0c252fa : objc: DOn't complain if a (SEL) expression is typecast to (SEL). Fixes // rdar://12859590
206491d : Add missing check for error return from DefaultLvalueConversion. Fixes <rdar://problem/12857416>.
0fdcd1e : More hacking on mapDiagnosticRanges to make it handle more cases. This still isn't quite right, but it fixes a crash.
3872b46 : docs: Convert some docs to reST.
b34ae9b : docs: Another test commit (sphinx autoupdating).
74061ee : docs: Test commit (sphinx autoupdating).
1c6ee67 : docs: Initial Sphinx setup for Clang.
489feee : [arcmt] When capturing ARC errors, have a sanity check to make sure the diagnostic has a valid location.
135aa60 : [objc] For the ARC error that is emitted when a synthesized property implementation has inconsistent ownership with the backing ivar, point the error location to the ivar.
9b629fc : [ms-inline asm] Test case for r170037.
a923c97 : Rewrite calls to bitcast unprototyped functions when emitting a definition.
b2c0887 : [driver] Don't warn about an unused -flto option. rdar://12851905
4f69eb4 : [analyzer] Don't crash running destructors for multidimensional arrays.
df76f1e : Marking the objc_autoreleaseReturnValue and objc_retainAutoreleaseReturnValue call sites as tail calls unconditionally. While it's theoretically true that this is just an optimization, it's an optimization that we very much want to happen even at -O0, or else ARC applications become substantially harder to debug. See r169796 for the llvm/fast-isel side of things. rdar://12553082
21fa5d1 : PR14581: Make SourceLocation::printToString work, or it will always return an empty string.
acaf110 : Speeds up parsing of global declarations in cases where the warning is switched of by about 0.8% (tested with int i<N>).
04ee66e : clang/lib/Driver/Driver.cpp: Split COMPILER_PATH according to llvm::sys::PathSeparator, that is ';' in Win32 hosts.
1fbf6fb : Don't warn about disabled macro expansion if we see the name of a function-like macro which isn't immediately followed by '('. FreeBSD's stdio.h #defines foo(x) to (foo)(x), apparently.
b94b62c : [libclang] Make sure tokens from preprocessor directives are annotated as such, even if the directive is inside a declaration.
7533eba : Fix line ending is tests. No functional change.
0faaa16 : clang/test: Suppress two tests on win32 for now, since, not sure, in r169829 to r169831.
f19b5c0 : Try to fix Win32 failures
299c22f : Don't use 'touch' in this test; it may be the cause of Windows-related failures.
1b257af : Use @import rather than @__experimental_modules_import, since the latter is rather a mess to type.
bd5da3c : Add SPIR32/SPIR64 targets to Clang
443c999 : Add -fslp-vectorize to enable bb-vectorize
34db84f : objective-C blocks: Check for record type when deciding if byref variable requires extended layout info. to prevent a crash involving arrays declared __block. // rdar://12787751
86f6cf6 : Don't complain about incomplete implementations for methods that are unavailable due to availability attributes. <rdar://problem/12798237>
a07b59e : Speed up looking up static diagnostic infos.
10b5fa2 : [driver] Add the -ftree-vectorize flag as a alias of -fvectorize to maintain compatibility with gcc. rdar://12839978
379ffe4 : Fix a copypasto bug. Also rename the parameter in question to not shadow the 'file' builtin, and fix up a docstring a little.
c04d093 : [driver] Add the -fvectorize flag to enable the loop vectorization passes. rdar://12839978
21c8b19 : StmtDumper coding style changes
d5bc359 : Rename StmtDumper::DumpSubTree() to dumpStmt()
e5d30e3 : Extend stat query APIs to explicitly specify if the query is for a file or directory, allowing just a stat call if a file descriptor is not needed.
f64d25c : [PCH] Remove redundant stat call when validating the input files.
a89b618 : [PCH] When writing out the list of input files, avoid emitting duplicate entries of the same file.
acb2b8d : clang/test/Driver/linker-opts.c: Fix XFAIL that I removed win32.
cfe7c28 : clang/test/Driver/debug-options-as.c: Fixup not to use prefix=S. I didn't know "REQUIRES:" would match --check-prefix=S ...
5e4ccb4 : clang/test/Driver: Introduce the feature "clang-driver", set if gcc driver is not used.
007c44c : BackendUtil.cpp: Add #include "llvm/TargetTransformInfo.h"
0aeb40f : Add tests for a corner case of when to relax all instructions:
1d28caf : PR14558: Compute triviality of special members (etc) at the end of the class definition, rather than at the end of the definition of the set of nested classes. We still defer checking of the user-specified exception specification to the end of the nesting -- we can't check that until we've parsed the in-class initializers for non-static data members.
c2cca23 : [analyzer] Don't generate a summary for "freeWhenDone" if method is inlined.
39450d0 : Remove until I can fix this.
d56f403 : Add support to Darwin for the -export_dynamic' flag to the linker.
41bde8c : Use correct flags for this test.
26df84a : Fixup test case from r169755. These are driver options, not frontend options. Also, add the -S option.
44dfff6 : Return true from HeaderSearch::isFileMultipleIncludeGuarded if the file was #import'ed.
44f4a2d : Specify if `-mno-red-zone' was used when creating the GCOV instrucmentation pass.
8b39c66 : Addi formatting tests for pointer template parameters.
23add33 : Remove unneeded typedef and volatile
56e49c5 : Clang-format: error recovery for access specifiers
31bdf07 : Clarifying comments for the MatchFinder and matchesNames matcher.
ec33b6f : Adding tests since when I was asked whether this works I wasn't 100% sure.
29573b0 : Unbreak the clang build after r169712.
fff3248 : Virtual method overrides can no longer have mismatched calling conventions. This fixes PR14339.
baab683 : Add a triple to this test. It depends on little-endian bitfield layout.
b50d7a3 : Cleanup and fix an assert that was mis-firing.
5588a69 : Add a test case that I've been using to clarify the bitfield layout for both LE and BE targets.
ef8d516 : Fix the bitfield record layout in codegen for big endian targets.
2801d9a : Fix overload resolution for the initialization of a multi-dimensional array from a braced-init-list. There seems to be a core wording wart here (it suggests we should be testing whether the elements of the init list are implicitly convertible to the array element type, not whether there is an implicit conversion sequence) but our prior behavior appears to be a bug, not a deliberate effort to implement the standard as written.
afee0ff : PR14550: If a system header contains a bogus constexpr function definition, don't mark the function as invalid, since we suppress the error.
569cdc8 : PR14549. Don't assert if we see an incomplete decltype specifier at the end of the file.
0f58464 : Escape % in the TextDiagnosticBuffer so they aren't interpreted twice when fed into the diagnostic formatting machinery again.
6e399b4 : long double should be 64 bits on FreeBSD/MIPS64. It possibly should be on Linux too, as I think we inherited it from there. The ABI spec says 128-bit, although I think SGI's compiler on IRIX may be the only thing ever to support this.
bc2a35d : Finish implementing 'selected constructor' rules for triviality in C++11. In the cases where we can't determine whether special members would be trivial while building the class, we eagerly declare those special members. The impact of this is bounded, since it does not trigger implicit declarations of special members in classes which merely *use* those classes.
5579865 : Remove some remnants of the assumption that there is at most one of each flavour of special member.
93699d2 : Thread-safety analysis: check member access on guarded non-primitive types.
ac71351 : Properly compute triviality for explicitly-defaulted or deleted special members. Remove pre-standard restriction on explicitly-defaulted copy constructors with 'incorrect' parameter types, and instead just make those special members non-trivial as the standard requires.
5f5250b : [libclang] Resolve a cursor that points to a macro name inside a #ifdef/#ifndef directive as a macro expansion.
61c1c8e : [Preprocessor] Enhance Ifdef/Ifndef/Defined preprocessor callbacks to also pass a MacroInfo object if the identifier was a macro name.
d5be2b5 : Add a FIXME.
d5bc867 : Implement C++03 [dcl.init]p5's checking for value-initialization of references properly, rather than faking it up by pretending that a reference member makes the default constructor non-trivial. That leads to rejects-valids when putting such types inside unions.
0ee69cc : Currently when AST record layouts are dumped with -fdump-record-layouts, the following:
785b778 : s/AttrListPtr/AttributeSet/g to better label what this class is going to be in the near future.
12f37e4 : Fix analysis based warnings so that all warnings are emitted when compiling with -Werror. Previously, compiling with -Werror would emit only the first warning in a compilation unit, because clang assumes that once an error occurs, further analysis is unlikely to return valid results. However, warnings that have been upgraded to errors should not be treated as "errors" in this sense.
422daa1 : Appease -Wnon-virtual-dtor
e1c2c20 : [libclang] Declarations inside anonymous namespaces have internal linkage so their USR should contain a location.
60c4612 : [analyzer] Rename the option help to reflect better what it does.
75f31c4 : [analyzer] Optimization heuristic: do not reanalyze every ObjC method as top level.
8784b03 : AST matcher tutorial (Part I)
afa7cae : [analyzer] Fix r168019 to work with unpruned paths as well.
18f860e : Reduce conversions between Store <-> ImmutableMapRef in RegionStore.
0c312a9 : Add helper method to convert from a RegionStoreRefBindings to a Store.
3d8d422 : Hexagon TC: forward appropriate args to assembler
2a907f8 : Driver/ToolChains.cpp: Add the name CentOS5 32bit gcc44 (aka i386-redhat-linux6E).
469a21b : Clang-format: extracted FormatTokenSource from UnwrappedLineParser.
1dbaef5 : Hexagon TC: add cc1 defaults for hexagon-gcc compatibility
c74e279 : Small tweaks to clang-format.
bf25fb1 : Cache queries to lookupPrivateMethod() within ObjCMethodCall::getRuntimeDefinition().
e56bb36 : Fix the required args count for variadic blocks.
8fda1ab : clang/test: Remove "REQUIRES:LP64" in two tests. Each of them have explicit triple.
23dca7d : Further reduce analysis time by 0.2% on a heavy Objective-C example by avoiding over-eager canonicalization of clusters.
75191fd : Unbreak the GCC (4.4 & other bot) builds from r169571.
6492c79 : Add file missed from r169574!
5046439 : Per [dcl.fct.def.default]p1, don't allow variadic special members to be defaulted.
29f5ccd : Change RegionStore to always use ImmutableMapRef for processing cluster bindings.
5204d9e : [analyzer] Remove possible pessimizations from r169563.
de780d4 : test/Index/skip-parsed-bodies/compile_commands.json: Remove XFAIL on cygming.
0a6e09f : [analyzer] Avoid ProgramStateRef copy constructors.
c57d158 : Revert r169557. It seems that the test is too restricted and will break the build on buildbot.
2a06447 : [libclang] Add a test to make sure we skip bodies properly from "#pragma once" headers.
cd15652 : Add i686-linux-android for gcc toolchain detection.
850532c : Add extra truthiness.
c35fac1 : Fixes Makefile for Format unit tests.
5705141 : hexagon-toolchain.c now passes on win32
803ebf1 : relax hexagon-toolchain.c even more to accomodate mingw32 targets
a64d703 : relax hexagon-toolchain.c CHECK to accomodate mingw32 targets
b283da2 : Simplify PDiag's move assignment overload a bit, the self-move check isn't actually necessary.
fb4f3a2 : Make sure to initialize the HasSkippedBody bit.
838eb7e : [libclang] Introduce a new indexing mode where we skip function bodies that were already parsed in the same "indexing session".
1449149 : Revert "[analyzer] Aggressively cut back on the canonicalization in RegionStore."
407a82f : Add move semantics to PartialDiagnostic, which can be very expensive to copy.
2ab3b6d : Un-XFAIL hexagon-toolchain.c test for mingw32
35f3f36 : Add a bit on FunctionDecl/ObjCMethodDecl to indicate if there was a body that was skipped by the parser.
c39f9fa : [analyzer] Remove isa<> followed by dyn_cast<>.
9428723 : [analyzer] Remove unused fields from ExprEngine.
e9cd031 : [analyzer] Remove checks that predate the linearized CFG.
4ee1c55 : [analyzer] Simplify RetainCountChecker's handling of dead symbols.
4ecca28 : [analyzer] Use a smarter algorithm to find the last block in an inlined call.
fbe4d36 : [analyzer] Speed up ExplodedNode::Profile by avoiding copy constructors.
6960d08 : [analyzer] Use optimized assumeDual for branches.
426cc12 : [analyzer] Aggressively cut back on the canonicalization in RegionStore.
7affe15 : [analyzer] Remove bindExprAndLocation, which does extra work for no gain.
1575731 : Clang-format: IndentCaseLabels option, proper namespace handling
762661a : Fixes a typo in this test.
a3a2b3a : Clang-format: detect unbalanced braces.
33c95f1 : Hexagon TC: Add/improve support for small data threshold, pic, pie
c709c8a : Fix hexagon-toolchain.c test to handle versioned clang executables.
5fdf350 : Hexagon TC: Reimplement Link::ConstructJob to call linker directly
4242740 : Sema: Don't emit a warning when __func__ is used in a lambda outside of a function.
112aff1 : test/Driver/hexagon-toolchain.c: Unbreak XPASS. Cygwin can be treated as unix-like system.
30ace37 : Implements multiple parents in the parent map.
6781415 : Hexagon TC: Move getHexagonTargetCPU from Tools.cpp to ToolChains.cpp
d56a737 : Improve clang-format's handling of unary operators.
4a29065 : Disable hexagon toolchain test on windows targets
b3489a0 : Hexagon TC: Update toolchain to add appropriate include paths
8fd7f67 : clang/test/CodeGen/2008-01-07-UnusualIntSize.c: Add triple x86_64. It doesn't assume 32-bit target, for now.
72d2dab : Rework the bitfield access IR generation to address PR13619 and generally support the C++11 memory model requirements for bitfield accesses by relying more heavily on LLVM's memory model.
3b5943f : "<<" alignment for clang-format.
b929f66 : Use the BlockDecl captures list to infer the direct captures for a BlockDataRegion. Fixes <rdar://problem/12415065>.
e3ce2c1 : Only provide explicit getCapturedRegion() and getOriginalRegion() from referenced_vars_iterator.
24570c4 : Pull logic to map from VarDecl* to captured region using a helper function. WIP.
e0c6c67 : Use 'getOriginalRegion()' rather than going through the logic to recreate it.
030a664 : Fix http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13521163
d5e8394 : Don't use dyn_cast on a Type* which might not be canonical. Fixes an extremely obscure record layout bug.
c213262 : Disable clang/test/Preprocessor/macro-multiline.c for now, while investigating lit.ShUtil.parser.
5c6ae4b : more test of template declarations in a <declaration> XML tag. // rdar://12378714
5e0ea19 : More C++ testing of declarations embedded in <declaration> tag of Comment XML and fixing DeclPrint of templates along the way - wip. //rdar://12378714
4fb10d1 : [driver, ms-inline asm] -fms-compatibility enables -fms-extensions, so this should enable the AsmBlocks language extension as well. rdar://12808010
e23fbf1 : [driver, ms-inline asm] Have -fms-extensions enable the AsmBlocks language option. MS-style inline asm can now be enabled by either -fasm-blocks or -fms-extensions. rdar://12808010
95d8255 : Looks like lit on Windows can't cope with parens here, and in any case, we shouldn't need them after r169441.
ddb2968 : In DeclPrint add printing of '= default' in constructors.
9867eba : More workarounds for PR10867.
65bcdab : In DeclPrint add printing of 'explicit' constructors.
ca95228 : Fix an egregiously broken test. This pattern doesn't work:
d10682f : [c-index-test] Introduce '-index-compile-db' which accepts a compilation database file and does an '-index-file' for all compile commands in the database.
5e45385 : Fix name. The array is unboundED.
15490fd : [driver, ms-inline asm] MS-Style inline assembly is controlled by the -fasm-blocks flag, not the -fms-extensions flag. rdar://12808010
a3064c3 : fix comment.
02a2e5a : Testing C++ declarations embedded in <declaration> tag of Comment XML. Added DeclPrint support for constructors and fix tests accordingly. This is wip. // rdar://12378714
e0c0196 : [ms-inline asm] Add more tests.
2cd3440 : Format strings: offer a cast to 'unichar' for %C in Objective-C contexts.
17ddc54 : Format strings: add more expression types that don't need parens to cast.
448ac3e : Format strings: a character literal should be printed with %c, not %d.
ff7be48 : Format strings: the correct conversion for 'char' is %c, not %d or %hhd.
dfbb319 : Remove bad and useless enum to bool conversion.
2e97cfc : Clang-format: parse for and while loops
33182dd : Indentation fixes for clang-format.
720ffb6 : Follow-up to r169286, addresses comments in http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D164#comment-4 : comments and a method rename
99469f7 : Reuse an existing diagnostic for tsan/msan needing -pie error. Add a diagnosting for -fsanitize=memory conflicting with other sanitizers. Extend tests.
9ec98f2 : test/Modules/build-fail-notes.m: Tweak to unbreak Win32 hosts to relax expressions, for now.
37ec8d5 : In C++, if we hit an error in the class-head, don't try to parse the class body. Our error recovery path may have made the class anonymous, and that has a pretty disastrous impact on any attempt to parse a class body containing constructors.
5b10af7 : PR14049: Don't say "expanded from macro 'foo'" when 'foo' just happens to be the LHS of a token paste. Use "expanded from here" instead when we're not sure it's actually a macro.
98cffc6 : Minor reorganization. No functionality change.
aacadfe : Add missing virtual destructors reported by -Wnon-virtual-dtor.
112fb27 : Small tweaks to automatic formatting.
ac31c83 : Simplify slightly by seperating out the responsibility for emission of a caret diagnostic from the emission of macro backtraces. Incidentally, we now get the displayed source location for a diagnostic and the location for the caret from the same place, rather than computing them separately. No functionality change.
d515e62 : This test used to fail forever if it failed once, because it does not clean up after itself if it failed.
88a8fa3 : Driver.cpp: Restore clang/Config/config.h to be included at last not to prevent llvm-config.h.
6788392 : Simplify diagnostic emission. No functionality change intended.
91e2061 : Thread-safety analysis: check locks on method calls, operator=, and copy constructors.
39a62fc : [analyzer] Implement an opt-in variant of direct ivar assignment.
47715cc : Thread Safety Analysis: refactor to make more methods accept const pointers, adjust checkAccess. No change in functionality.
8920eb7 : Testing C++ declarations embedded in <declaration> tag of Comment XML and added support for friend declaration printing. This is wip. // rdar://12378714
fb4afc2 : Thread safety analysis: Add a new "beta" warning flag: -Wthread-safety-beta. As the analysis improves, it will continue to add new warnings that are potentially disruptive to existing users. From now on, such warnings will first be introduced under the "beta" flag. Such warnings are not turned on by default; their purpose is to allow users to test their code against future planned changes, before those changes are actually made. After a suitable migration period, beta warnings will be folded into the standard -Wthread-safety.
1d15398 : Add -whole-archive around the ASan runtime archive in the link command.
79762d3 : Alphabetize source files, just like they have been before.
9d05986 : Use the 'count' attribute to calculate the upper bound of an array.
45b2738 : Currently, with -fsanitize=address, the driver appends libclang_rt.asan.a to the link command. This all works fine when the driver is also responsible for adding -lstdc++ to the link command. But, if -lstdc++ (or libstdc++.a, etc) is passed explicitly to the driver, the ASan runtime will appear in the link command after the standard library, leading to multiple-definition errors for the global 'operator new' and 'operator delete'. Fix this in a painfully simple way, by inserting libclang_rt.asan.a at the start of the link command instead of the end.
3e2fe86 : Testing C declarations embedded in <declaration> tag of Comment XML and fixed a missing block literal printout as result of the testing. // rdar://12378714
accb0b0 : Add missing destructors found with -Wnon-virtual-dtor.
441d9f7 : Adapt to LLVM commit 169291 which streamlines the usage of NaCl/NativeClient in the triple.
c2ef5ad : additional test for declaration tag of a class extension. // rdar://12378714
cff563c : Error recovery part 2
ff685c5 : objective-c blocks: Consider padding due to alignment after the fixed size block header when generating captured block variable info. // rdar://12773256
393b008 : Clang-format error recovery part 1
02c1b86 : c-index-test.c: Make C89-compliant.
1eb6082 : libclang: Add a function to libclang for retrieving the bit width value
2040915 : Make parenthesis counting and aligning a bit saner.
a166e73 : Enum formatting implementation
8cb9bf5 : Fix spelling I ran over while proof-reading tests.
5542635 : ToolChains.cpp: Fixup r169260, clang/Config/config.h needs to be listed *last*, or llvm/Config/llvm-config.h could not be read in header files.
987c2f5 : Fixes crash in isDerivedFrom for recursive templates.
8822d3a : Small fixes to unary operator recognition and handling of include directives.
00a3ccc : Autotools has the same include guard for both Clang and LLVM's config.h. Shuffling order causes the wrong one to win.
e0b8997 : Update matcher documentation with script.
36e29d6 : Add parameterCountIs() matcher.
a88bb45 : Replace workarounds with correct fixes.
30bc63f : Sort the #include lines under utils/...
7cc315c : Really sort the #include lines in unittests/...
1050e8b : Sort the #include lines for unittests/...
e0c6e93 : Sort the #include lines for examples/...
f59edb9 : Sort #include lines for tools/...
30a2e16 : Sort #include lines for all files under include/...
55fc873 : Sort all of Clang's files under 'lib', and fix up the broken headers uncovered.
d031c6a : ASTTests, ASTMatchersTests: Move clangEdit before clangAst in USEDLIB.
bf5bc4c : Untabify (in USEDLIBS, Makefile(s)).
b331b5e : clang/Lex: [CMake] Update CMakefiles since r169229.
c4475ee : Don't test for ASM output but for IR output.
37ed127 : Refactor recording the preprocessor conditional directive regions out of PreprocessingRecord and into its own class, PPConditionalDirectiveRecord.
df1059c : In the PreprocessingRecord, to identify the different conditional directive regions use the SourceLocation at the start of the respective region, instead of a unique integer.
9f9e0d2 : [libclang] Avoid copying the CompileCommand related strings when wrapping them to a CXString.
7e96bfb : Introduce CompilationDatabase::getAllCompileCommands() that returns all compile commands of the database and expose it via the libclang API.
1fec8fc : clang/test/CodeGenCXX/debug-info-zero-length-arrays.cpp: Add explicit triple, x86_64-unknown-unknown. It was incompatible to i686.
003ec23 : Add a 'count' field to the DWARF subrange.
5c5eaa8 : Document the existence of -fsanitize=bounds.
60ef8b7 : clang/test/Index/comment-objc-decls.m: Try to fix r169193, to add x86_64-darwin.
482b4fd : Testing objective-C declarations embedded in <declaration> tag of Comment XML and fixed a missing declaration of ivars private to @implementation as result of the testing. // rdar://12378714
cdeb7d5 : Have clang use LLVM IR's fast-math flags when in FastMath or FiniteMathOnly modes. Test cases included.
9dce4b3 : remove trailing whitespace
e0af843 : clang/test/Driver/fsanitize-blacklist.c: Mark it as XFAIL:cygming, due to PR12920.
73593eb : Fix test failure when building Clang with g++4.7 -- don't use a Twine temporary after its lifetime has ended!
0be4b36 : Fixes a compile warning and crash in the tests.
91ecfa6 : Add Clang flags -fsanitize-blacklist and -fno-sanitize-blacklist. Make this flag usable for ASan. Blacklisting can be used to disable sanitizer checks for particular file/function/object.
12feb12 : libclangFormat is not libclangTooling, but it depends on it.
96a6639 : Fix PR14474: don't emit debug info for interface types in -gline-tables-only mode.
bac016b : Initial version of formatting library.
189f2e4 : Make hasDeclaration work for enums.
09ccf39 : Add -fsanitize=memory.
ad95481 : [ubsan] Add flag to enable recovery from checks when possible.
c2b914f : Make helper classes anonymous. Make helper functions static instead of private members so the anonymous class doesn't leak out.
bda07ac : [MIPS] Add -mxgot/-mno-xgot command line options to enable/disable support of GOT larger than 64k.
9d5a78d : Add raw_ostream include to pacify MSVC.
8b9ed71 : Update unit tests not to rely on transitive includes.
a93d0f2 : Include pruning and general cleanup.
9852f58 : Don't include Type.h in DeclarationName.h.
1bf43ca : Make ASTVector.h standalone without including all of ASTContext.
2fa67ef : Pull the Attr iteration parts out of Attr.h, so including DeclBase.h doesn't pull in all the generated Attr code.
ac55865 : Fix a test that was redefining FileCheck variables while referencing old ones.
4247d9c : Switch to using -### as mentioned by chandlerc.
acb860f : Add -emit-llvm to test/Driver/fsanitize.c to stop this failing on the ARM bot. Approved by d0k.
78d289a : Add .arcconfig to the repository. Useful if someone wants to use phabricator's command line tool.
1f19c76 : Fix a typo in comment.
b087248 : Make these functions more clearly express the test they are performing. No functionality change.
e5411b7 : Consistently use 'needsImplicit<special member>' to determine whether we need an implicit special member, rather than sometimes using '!hasDeclared<special member>'. No functionality change.
19c8ce0 : Try to make the source location information for token pastes a bit more consistent.
0565037 : Remove restriction on combining ubsan with asan or tsan. This has worked for a while.
464a01a : Fix the determination of whether a capture refers to an enclosing scope when dealing with nested blocks. Fixes <rdar://problem/12778708>.
6e6330c : Don't emit a warning with an input/output parameter. We assume the user knows what they're doing here.
5a98f1d : Fix test for Windows path separators
14afab3 : Teach the serialized diagnostic writer to clone() itself, sharing state so that all of the various clones end up rendering their diagnostics into the same serialized-diagnostics file. This is important when we actually want failures during module build to be reported back to the translation unit that tried to import the not-yet-built or out-of-date module. <rdar://problem/12565727>
e2dbaa9 : Don't warn if the input size is less than the register size. Also don't warn if the output size is greater than the register size. No truncation occurs with those. Reword warning to make it clearer what's the problem is.
d87de7b : Make -Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare behave sanely for enums with a signed fixed type. <rdar://problem/12780159>.
4565e48 : Rename ModuleBuildPath -> ModuleBuildStack. Thanks, Dmitri!
6c32543 : When we're emitting a diagnostic with a source location in an imported module, provide a module import stack similar to what we would get for an include stack, e.g.,
bbe89d5 : Fixing a precedence issue with my previous commit.
99ecd9f : Fixing an MSVC warning about an unsafe mixture of Boolean and unsigned types in a logical operator.
e74dc19 : Comments: no need to escape any characters in \code ... \endcode.
fafd101 : Support for #pragma region/endregion for MSVC compatibility. Patch thanks to pravic!
87e2cfc : Actually keep track of the source locations at which particular module files are loaded.
830ea5b : When an error occurs while building a module on demand, provide "While building module 'Foo' imported from..." notes (the same we we provide "In file included from..." notes) in the diagnostic, so that we know how this module got included in the first place. This is part of <rdar://problem/12696425>.
7f2d480 : Allow matchers to access the ASTContext.
683b70c : Update to reflect the change of macro name in r168993.
ecdc8d3 : Fix the computation of highlight ranges so we produce something sane when the beginning and end of the range are in different macro arguments. PR14399.
7d04d3a : Refactor to reduce duplication in handling of special member functions. No functionality change.
e5965df : Add a test case for the new cortex-a5 switch
dcd42fb : Use the new LLVM_LVALUE_FUNCTION to ban two getAs() calls on rvalues.
7dff05b : Fix unit tests for ModuleLoader change in r168961.
463d909 : Keep track of modules that have failed to build. If we encounter an import of that module elsewhere, don't try to build the module again: it won't work, and the experience is quite dreadful. We track this information somewhat globally, shared among all of the related CompilerInvocations used to build modules on-the-fly, so that a particular Clang instance will only try to build a given module once.
db748a3 : Fix a small calling-convention bug for x86-32. PR14453.
74632aa : Add ARM cortex-a5 subtarget
9c196ac : Remove out-of-date comment.
398b8e8 : Revert commit revision r168953, to change the commit message, which was empty
b3233f5 : git-svn-id: https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/cfe/trunk@168953 91177308-0d34-0410-b5e6-96231b3b80d8
4d1a6e4 : This patch exposes to Clang users three more sanitizers are experimental features of ASan: 1) init-order sanitizer: initialization-order checker. Status: usable, but may produce false positives w/o proper blacklisting. 2) use-after-return sanitizer Status: implemented, but heavily understed. Should be optional, as it significanlty slows program down. 3) use-after-scope sanitizer Status: in progress.
2ec5f55 : Make the test less sensitive to DWARF emission implementation details.
6716d94 : Make sure that we put the rest of the sanitizer libraries on the link line before libstdc++ like we do with ubsan.
1fadc0e : Use newer command line option here.
4f000c3 : Remove duplicate test run lines.
b282920 : Now that the underlying problem has been fixed, add r168411 back. Original commit message:
8b8a09e : Merge function types in C.
96794f1 : ASTTests/StmtPrinterTest/StmtPrinter.TestMSIntegerLiteral: Remove i128 stuff. Conditioning-out in macro argument was not accepted on MS cl.exe.
3b16477 : ASTTests/StmtPrinterTest/StmtPrinter.TestMSIntegerLiteral: Suppress i128 according to r168856, for now.
53c61c5 : [-cxx-abi microsoft] Also spill the argument-back-references context when mangling templates
8426890 : Reject uses of __int128 on platforms that don't support it. Also move the ugly 'getPointerWidth(0) >= 64' test to be a method on TargetInfo, ready to be properly cleaned up.
bba91b8 : Fix sentence construction-o.
a70779f : Fix crash-on-invalid. <rdar://problem/12765391>.
afb4918 : The declaration of a special member can require overload resolution to be performed, to determine whether that special member is deleted or constexpr. That overload resolution process can in turn trigger the instantiation of a template, which can do anything, including triggering the declaration of that very same special member function. When this happens, do not try to recursively declare the special member -- that's impossible. Instead, only try to realise the truth. There is no special member.
a431770 : Change SValBuilder::getConditionType() to return BoolTy in C++. Fixes <rdar://problem/12772656>.
9c04666 : Correctly handle IntegralToBool casts in C++ in the static analyzer. Fixes <rdar://problem/12759044>.
586a061 : [driver] -mkernel implies -mstrict-align; don't add the redundant option. rdar://12771737
52b501c : Implement C++11 [dcl.attr.grammar] p4: If an attribute-specifier-seq appertains to a friend declaration, that declaration shall be a definition.
b15c898 : objective-C blocks: Make sure that identical logic is used in deciding a copy/dispose field is needed in a byref structure and when generating the copy/dispose helpers. In certain cases, these fields were being added but no copy/dispose was being generated. This was uncovered in ARC, but not in MRR. // rdar://12759433
a70c3f8 : Per C++11 [except.spec]p2, rvalue references are not permitted in exception specifications.
21173b1 : PR14388: An array or function type in an exception specification should be decayed to a pointer type. Patch by WenHan Gu, with a little tweaking and additional testcases by me.
060f34d : ABI: comments from Eli on r168820.
f51c61c : ABI: modify CreateCoercedLoad and CreateCoercedStore to not use load or store of the original parameter or return type.
f641166 : PR13098: If we're instantiating an overloaded binary operator and we could determine which member function would be the callee from within the template definition, don't pass that function as a "non-member function" to CreateOverloadedBinOp. Instead, just rely on it to select the member function for itself.
2cbdd7d : [analyzer] scan-build: Don't forget to close our temp file for Clang's output.
501be13 : [analyzer] scan-build: Treat '.C' files as C++.
3325b16 : Refactor -fsanitize, -f*-sanitizer arguments parsing. Provide a more careful diagnostic for invalid sets of sanitizers
11c9a6e : [asan] Split AddressSanitizer into two passes (FunctionPass, ModulePass), Clang part.
037dbda : Remove obsolete comment missed by r162937
30cddae : Teach Lexer::getSpelling about raw string literals. Specifically, if a raw string literal needs cleaning (because it contains line-splicing in the encoding prefix or in the ud-suffix), do not clean the section between the double-quotes -- that's the "raw" bit!
acf796b : Store on the CXXRecordDecl whether the class has, or would have, a copy constructor/assignment operator with a const-qualified parameter type. The prior method for determining this incorrectly used overload resolution.
3881866 : Remove workaround in RegionStore in r168741 since it is handled more generally by r168757.
2a82ca2 : Introduce ASTUnresolvedSet, an UnresolvedSet-like class, whose contents are allocated using the allocator associated with an ASTContext.
9d29543 : Don't return a pointer to an UnresolvedSetImpl in the CXXRecordDecl interface, expose only the iterators instead.
b8abff6 : C++ core issue 1344, PR10618: promote "addition of default argument makes this a special member" diagnostic from warning to error, and fix the cases where it produced diagnostics with incorrect wording.
1994e39 : Fix another false positive due to a CXX temporary object appearing in a C initializer.
84c7519 : objective-C arc: Underline the selector when issuing arc specific diagnostic on the selector. This is objc-arc part of // rdar://11303469
831fb8d : docs: [CMake] Add Xcode to the list of project formats CMake can generate.
0dffb7b : clang/www/get_started.html: s/cmake/CMake/
bd8a11e : Provide stop-gap solution to crash reported in PR 14436.
82c458e : objective-C arc: load of a __weak object happens via call to objc_loadWeak. This retains and autorelease the weakly-refereced object. This hidden autorelease sometimes makes __weak variable alive even after the weak reference is erased, because the object is still referenced by an autorelease pool. This patch overcomes this behavior by loading a weak object via call to objc_loadWeakRetained(), followng it by objc_release at appropriate place, thereby removing the hidden autorelease. // rdar://10849570
7aa7eb9 : [libclang] Remove WorkingDir field from CIndexer, it has been rendered useless. No functionality change.
f88836d : Move PrettyStackTraceParserEntry to ParseAST.cpp
d1bac8d : Allow an ASTConsumer to selectively skip function bodies while parsing. Patch by Olivier Goffart!
d0adeb6 : Simplify checking for whether we should implicitly declare special members and add some assertions. No functionality change.
f8fc627 : Remove an extra semicolon.
9d8b5fc : Fix examples.
17c874a : Remove some dead code. CLANG_IS_PRODUCTION is now just a build flag and is not used in any #ifdef.
b854036 : Add -fsanitize=integer for reporting suspicious integer behaviors.
5e7b43e : Remove outdated FIXME; should have removed that in r160782
93308b9 : clang/test/lit.cfg: Disable dev-fd-fs on cygwin for now.
55f6c33 : Test for r168674.
6902e41 : Fix the definition of the vfork() builtin on Haiku. PR14378.
c9715fc : This patch addresses an incompatibility relative to the 64-bit PowerPC ELF ABI.
3fa3c44 : scan-build: Respect TMPDIR on all platforms, not just Darwin (PR14438).
6e99f9f : [analyzer] Fix test to work on non-LP64 systems.
ec351f1 : Add a testcase that r168411 would break.
8272be5 : Revert r168411 for now.
4b98b2b : Duplicate some common owners between Clang and LLVM.
f18dd8e : Move Clang code owners list from llvm/ to cfe/.
acf3612 : Frontend: Create a virtual file for named pipe inputs. - This ensures we see the right buffer size for the file.
2e39713 : Improve diagnostic on C++11 attribute specifiers that appear at wrong syntactic locations around class specifiers.
f582499 : Add missing "break". Thanks to Craig for spotting it.
9e4bafc : check that always_inline attribute works with -fno-inline
7bd51ea : [analyzer] SATestBuild.py: allow make builds to disable parallelization
dac6cd5 : [analyzer] Fix a crash reported in PR 14400.
f419a85 : MSPGCC renamed ISR vectors from vector_<address> to __isr_<number>. This patch makes Clang reflect this scheme. Patch by Job Noorman!
79b7cc5 : Fix PR14413 - incorrect mangling of anonymous namespaces with -cxx-abi microsoft
73ed67c : PR14428: When instantiating a 'new' expression, if we had a non-dependent initialization, don't rebuild it. Remove a couple of hacks which were trying to work around this. Fix the special case for one-argument CXXConstructExprs to not apply if the one argument is a default argument.
8dbf697 : Add r168519 back, but with a fix to also merge the used flag in variables.
1c80b52 : Add a basic testcase for the "variable is not needed" warning and one that regressed in r168519.
1059653 : Fix test case for linking with sanitizer opts added in r168428.
6df81a9 : Revert r168519, "Merge used flags so that we don't have to iterate on isUsed. With this change"
f9cb0be : Make err_module_expected_semi consistent with all the other expected_semi diags.
63b6ebe : Sema: Provide a valid source location when instantiating templates based on a CXXDefaultArgExpr.
919b7e6 : Merge used flags so that we don't have to iterate on isUsed. With this change "clang -cc1 -fsyntax-only" on the preprocessed output of
385e1d9 : Remove redundant check.
4875bf2 : Check that we don't warn on this testcase. This is basically a test that Decl::isUsed checks the attribute. If the function had a body just the check is DeclMustBeEmitted would be sufficient.
8548908 : PR14306: Move -fbounds-checking to -fsanitize=bounds.
66b8a66 : Reapply a subset of r167567 to clean up Darwin-specific code for invoking gcc.
4d9f4e5 : Make helpers static/anonymous.
746619a : Fix regression in r168477. Use canonical decl when looking for base class specified as a qualified name.
f62c690 : Fix CXXRecordDecl::forallBases to not look through bases which are dependent and defined within the current instantiation, but which are not part of the current instantiation. Previously, it would look at bases which could be specialized separately from the current template.
1a6c43a : Test that we correctly deal with multiple copy constructors when detecting non-trivial special members for varargs calls.
a6b2581 : Fix the '-fuse-init-array' option to actually be an option.
39ad0f0 : SemaCXX: an enumeral type can be of character or boolean type in a C++11 enum class. Make sure we create a literal of the right type.
21261f4 : Test commit: Remove blank line.
803dd9e : Try to fix test from r168428 on mingw bot
3ffa91a : clang/test/Driver/x86_64-nacl-defines.cpp: Specify filename generated.
69b77d7 : [Sanitizer] force linking with static sanitizer runtimes on Darwin even if they are not found in resource directory. Add test checking sanitizer linker flags on Darwin.
0061fe4 : Use color for -ast-dump-filter only when it is supported
16c8cf1 : Remove redundant code.
5175861 : Remove redundant code.
289994c : Don't walk a linked list twice in the same function. On my machine this takes "clang -cc1" on a file with 10k repetitions of extern int no_such_variable; from 1.434s to 1.133s.
dd85159 : Update method calls to the new interface re r168354.
0c5d005 : Fix some trailing whitespace (on a blank line) to cycle/test bots.
1a5bd5d : PR14381: Never skip constexpr function bodies when code-completing. We may need them in order to parse the rest of the file.
728948f : When adding a NamedDecl to a correction, add the underlying Decl (via getUnderlyingDecl()) so that derivatives of CorrectionCandidateCallback::ValidateCandidate(...) don't have to worry about being thrown by UsingDecls and such.
529a73d : Add -ldl for non-static libgcc in Android.
18c2842 : Enable -fuse-init-array for Android X86/MIPS.
7a29070 : clang/test: Suppress two tests on LLP64 target, Windows x64.
7ce816a : Completely re-work how the Clang driver interprets PIC and PIE options.
72511f3 : Remove a no-op 'const' from a by-value return type.
86256af : RecursiveASTVisitor.h: Rework Doug's r160404, "Eliminating the GCC_CAST hack, take two."
898a7a2 : Remove redundant (duplicated) check.
bf823c0 : clang/test/Sema/warn-documentation.cpp: Try to fix up the testcase in r168277.
36cbbe9 : Documentation parsing: propely handle a lone '\endverbatim' and emit a warning.
d9ffa0c : Fix Doxygen comment start sequence.
6d534d4 : Clean up code according to coding standards
5fa6676 : objective-C: Do not issue deprecated warning about implementation of a deprecated method in original class (or category), only in overrides. // rdar://12717705
6d926ae : Fix crash on end-of-file after \ in a char literal, fixes PR14369.
3f03b58 : Prevent premature macro expansion in __has_builtin, __has_feature, __has_attribute, __has_extension, making them behave more akin to conventional macros.
97f8461 : Made the "expected string literal" diagnostic more expressive
02a1768 : Refactored duplicate string literal lexing code within Preprocessor, into a common LexStringLiteral function. In doing so, some consistency problems have been ironed out (e.g. where the first token in the string literal was lexed with macro expansion, but subsequent ones were not) and also an erroneous diagnostic has been corrected.
b9971ba : Fix handling of invalid uses of the __has_warning builtin macro
7baa711 : Enable inlining of 4 byte atomic ops on ppc32, 8 byte atomic ops on ppc64.
48a7345 : Remove copy ctor that provides no value over the default.
eba76a4 : Further reduce "-fsyntax-only -Wuninitialized" time on sqlite3.c by another 2.5% using intelligent pruning of blocks during the final reporting pass.
c160258 : Switch -Wuninitialized to use a reverse-post order traversal as an initial baseline for enqueued blocks, but use a simple DFS stack for propagating changes quickly up back edges.
faf3538 : Add missing features for misc x86 CPUs to CPU feature translation. Patch by Jung-uk Kim.
612db2a : Clean up X86 target feature translation code slightly. No intended functional change. Patch by Jung-uk Kim.
7db16db : Typo.
c35f908 : Revert r167799. It's not really correct, and it doesn't fix the problem that it was intended to fix.
e60729a : Testcase overriding-ftemplate-comments.cpp: use [[@LINE]] to make it less fragile.
ecf1626 : [driver] Add the missing TY_PP_ObjCXX_Alias case to the isCXX function.
95f6190 : StmtDumper: remove incomplete support for limiting the maximum dump depth. There are better ways of limiting the amount of information if there is a need for that.
5f684e9 : Fix partial-match-bind-behavior with forEachDescendant() matchers.
58782be : [analyzer] SATestBuild.py: fix broken string concatenation
9ecf642 : Make libASTMatchers link its dependencies. libRewriteFrontend depends on libRewriteCore.
75fcb19 : UBSan: enable proper linking with UBsan runtime on Darwin. Turn on building ubsan on OS X in 'make' build system. Patch by Jean-Daniel Dupas.
4a9e60f : Store this Decl* as a Decl* instead of a uintptr_t. No functionality change.
3a4c8cf : clang/unittests: Fixup corresponding to Doug's r168136.
49a8754 : Since CreateTargetInfo is taking ownership of the target options, pass it as a pointer.
8149a98 : Remove unused diagnostics
10310e2 : Revert r168132, "clang/test/lit.cfg: Suppress the feature 'dev-fd-fs' for now." I missed Daniel's r168095 by my accident.
7fdc8fd : [libclang] When caching code-completion results, pass the CachedCompletionAllocator to the CodeCompletionTUInfo that is going to be used to get the results.
03e1f76 : clang/test/lit.cfg: Suppress the feature 'dev-fd-fs' for now.
2a9be3e : CPP Output: Do not emit an enter file marker for the main file.
8f50b24 : Take into account the zero sign bit for positive numbers when computing the bit width of an enum with negative values in IntRange. Include a test for -Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare where this had manifested.
0bbf1c6 : Fix PR14321, a crash when Clang is built with GCC 4.7 at -O1 or greater.
426391c : A step towards sorting out handling of triviality of special members in C++11.
40b48a1 : Mention the lldb formatters in the clang wiki under debugging.
fc0eb2a : [ClangDataFormat.py] Add summary for QualType.
84fd6df : Make sure CodeGenTypes correctly reconverts function types. Fixes PR14355, a crash in IR generation.
6f9a445 : PR9903: Recover from a member functon declared with the 'typedef' specifier by dropping the specifier, just like we do for non-member functions and function templates declared 'typedef'. Patch by Brian Brooks!
f002496 : [analyzer] CmpRuns: move the clang_version info into the run (out of report)
e8b5db4 : Comment to XML conversion test: correct filename.
f55a9e5 : [analyzer] SATestBuild.py: correctly add -j option for projects using make.
61322bc : Split annotate-comments.cpp into a fragile (that uses hardcoded line numbers) and a non-fragile (that uses [[@LINE]]) parts.
0278f1b : tests: Mark the /dev/fd test as requiring Darwin until I can test on other OSes.
596be93 : [utils/ClangDataFormat.py] For invalid source locations just return "<invalid loc>" for summary.
5564e6c : tests: Check that we can output to /dev/fd filesystem.
84e1513 : [analyzer] Fix a use-after-free introduced in r168019.
0b95bd0 : tests: Add a test for reading from named pipes.
71f49f5 : If an excluded header does not exist, just ignore it
63bc186 : [analyzer] Report leaks at the closing brace of a function body.
f34a579 : [analyzer] StreamChecker: Remove now-unnecessary check::EndPath callback.
7f82bc8 : [analyzer] MacOSKeychainAPIChecker: Remove now-unnecessary check::EndPath.
65d4bd6 : [analyzer] MallocChecker: Remove now-unnecessary check::EndPath callback.
84c4845 : [analyzer] Mark symbol values as dead in the environment.
3d145f6 : block extended signatur option. Change previous option to a cc1 -fencode-extended-block-signature and pass it to cc1 and recognize this option to produce extended block type signature. // rdar://12109031
992d917 : [modules] Use a memory buffer directly as input for the module includes, instead of messing with virtual files.
958bcaf : [modules] Setup the import location of a module file and use it as the include location of the main file of an imported module.
b164af6 : Comment to XML conversion: convert some tests to use the new [[@LINE]] FileCheck feature. This will hopefully make tests less fragile.
2a68314 : Remove unused diagnostics from TableGen files.
8fd8ee9 : Simplify code. No functionality change.
1b48633 : Do not cache a pointer to ExprEvalContexts.back().
c4a7790 : Use empty parens for empty function parameter list instead of '(void)'.
e0d80f1 : [UBSan] Add support for building ubsan runtime library on Linux with 'make'. Clang part.
621ba4f : Teach the uninitialized field warning about anonymous structs and union members. Fixes PR14073!
931c083 : Make -ffp-contract a codegen option, rather than a laguage option. This makes more sense anyway - it determines how expressions are codegen'd. It also ensures that -ffp-contract=fast has the intended effect when compiling LLVM IR.
5bab9ae : Revert r167567, restoring the ability of clang to run gcc in cases where it can't handle the input file type. This resulted in PR14338.
5d1cf4f : Fix an off-by-one error by switching < to <= in -Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare and added test case.
278057f : Do not use data recursion in ASTMatchFinder.
5d23eea : [analyzer] Fix test case broken by previous commit.
368f3b0 : [analyzer] Make sure calls in synthesized functions have valid path locations.
350aea7 : [PCH] Reading expressions from attributes should be done using ReadExpr(), not ReadExpr().
5b64e77 : Fix a trivial bool-related bug I spotted while skimming David Fang's current list of powerpc-darwin8 failures.
8a3e578 : Add link to cfe-users mailing list.
d653701 : Per [basic.lookup.classref]p3, in an expression of the form p->~type-name, the type-name is looked up in the context of the complete postfix-expression. Don't forget to pass the scope into this lookup when the type-name is a template-id; it might name an alias template which can't be found within the class itself.
ebbcd1d : Fix DiagnoseBitwisePrecedence so it doesn't cast "-1" to the type BinaryOperator::Opcode. This is bad form, and the behavior of the static_cast in this case is unspecified according to the standard.
3dfb3fa : objective-C blocks: make cc1 flag -encode-extended-block-signature the default. // rdar://12109031
924d5c9 : Make template diffing handle integral expressions of various widths correctly. PR14342.
62221b1 : Add -cc1 option -fno-diagnostics-use-presumed-location, a handy mode for working with preprocessed testcases. This causes source locations in diagnostics to point at the spelling location instead of the presumed location, while still keeping the semantic effects of the line directives (entering and leaving system-header mode, primarily).
1a03b26 : [utils/ClangDataFormat.py] Add data formatter for StringRef.
29a67e8 : [utils/ClangDataFormat.py] In the summary of SourceLocation, include whether it is local or loaded.
06cffc0 : objective-C blocks: under cc1 flag -encode-extended-block-signature, generate expanded signature encoding to include types as we already do this for protocol method lists. // rdar://12109031
1fc9a64 : [analyzer] Fix test in previous commit.
318fd66 : [analyzer] Add a test case for printing a path note at a PreStmt point.
526e627 : Improve -Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare by taking into account type conversion between integers. This allows the warning to be more accurate.
1cef459 : Teach the AST importer to merge enumerator constants. Fixes <rdar://problem/12676166>, and tested on the LLDB side of the world.
f5bf912 : When evaluating variably modified types for function parameters, dig out the type as written from the ParmVarDecl; it's unclear whether the standard (C99 6.9.1p10) requires this, but we're following the precedent set by gcc, and hopefully nobody will ever ask about this again.
825d386 : Remove the cellspu port.
5a95d46 : ParseTemplate.cpp: Prune obsolete descriptions in ParseSingleDeclarationAfterTemplate(), for now. [-Wdocumentation]
25691f6 : [analyzer] Ensure that CmpRuns recursively walks the output directory.
b6ad9b1 : In ExpressionEvaluationContextRecord manage LambdaMangle with a shared pointer, otherwise we will double free it when ExpressionEvaluationContextRecord gets copied.
70cd619 : The ObjC++-to-C++ personality trick is only necessary on NeXT runtimes, which is not coincidentally the only place it works, either (because of how it tests for EH_TYPE symbols).
7d4b9fa : fixes a buildbot failure.
ccf57ea : Fix 80-column violation.
3ca23d7 : objective-C blocks: Provide layout map for byref variables captured in a block. // rdar://12184410
accaf19 : s/tranform/transform/
2b07dd3 : Move some GNUStep-specific code out of CGObjCGNU.
93af2b8 : PR14279: Work around this major miscompilation by treating move operations as non-trivial if they would not call a move operation, even if they would in fact call a trivial copy operation. A proper fix is to follow, but this small directed fix is intended for porting to the 3.2 release branch.
4a03022 : When we have a MemberExpr referring to an overloaded static member function, and we resolve it to a specific function based on the type which it's used as, don't forget to mark it as referenced.
38c5d0a : Code cleanup: Remove trailing whitespace in unwind.h.
08db94f : Remove debugging assert.
49193c7 : SemaTemplateDeduction.cpp: Prune two obsolete descriptions. [-Wdocumentation]
384d3fc : ParseTemplate.cpp: Doxygen fix in AnnotateTemplateIdToken(). [-Wdocumentation]
4fa4b48 : Suppress elided variadic macro argument extension diagnostic for macros using the related comma pasting extension.
66cff72 : Provide the correct mangling and linkage for certain unnamed nested classes.
0aabf93 : Use consistent spelling of 'behavior' in a C++ warning.
ad8070b : This function isn't called SaveFiles any more.
35a2b79 : Fix an assertion failure printing the unused-label fixit in files using CRLF line endings. <rdar://problem/12639047>.
8c88953 : Remove another questionable use of hasTrivial*. The relevant thing for this test was whether the /selected/ operator= was trivial, not whether the class had any trivial (or any non-trivial) operator=s.
b8a8de3 : Accept and pass arguments to __unknown_anytype in argument positions of Objective-C methods.
6f0b00a : Fix typo
0c949ef : Revert "Use the 'count' attribute instead of the 'upper_bound' attribute." temporarily since it breaks the gdb bots.
25f071e : Don't try to save the assigned value in a Objective-C property assignment if the type of the value is a non-trivial class type. Fixes PR14318.
0a26d76 : [ms] Make mangleIntegerLiteral less aware of exact type of the literal.
97c81bf : For classes that have the warn_unused_result attribute, don't apply the attribute to the class' methods even when they return an instance of the class (e.g. assignment operators).
2ccecfa : [analyzer] Address Jordan's code review for r167813.
6e64973 : Revert r167801, "[preprocessor] When #including something that contributes no tokens at all,". This change broke External/Nurbs in LLVM test-suite.
e5afdcf : Simplify function try/catch scope handling.
b55c67d : Fix AST-matcher descendant visiting for Types, TypeLocs and NestedNamespecifierLocs.
b12ecd3 : This patch makes the behavior of clang consistent with the behavior of gcc 4.6 in cases where both -fPIC and -fPIE is used.
dd81731 : UCNs in char literals are done (in LiteralSupport), remove FIXME. Expand UCN FIXME in LexNumericConstant.
8682b93 : Copy the decls returned by DeclContext::lookup_result to a new container so we can safely iterate over them.
cbf5f60 : Add a test that shows that reporting a leak after failure to free is tricky.
4141e4d : Fix a Malloc Checker FP by tracking return values from initWithCharacter and other functions.
30305be : Use the 'count' attribute instead of the 'upper_bound' attribute.
8187c7e : Fix IR generation for bool on PPC (and any other target where bool is not 8 bits in memory).
4d10b40 : [preprocessor] When #including something that contributes no tokens at all, don't recursively continue lexing.
3185d4a : In Lexer::LexTokenInternal, avoid code duplication; no functionality change.
a50059e : Disable accelerator tables when compiling with LTO.
044c8aa : Fix some wrong-code bugs in implicitly-defined assignment operators: - In C++11, perform overload resolution over all assignment operators, rather than just looking for copy/move assignment operators. - Clean up after temporaries produced by operator= immediately, rather than accumulating them until the end of the function.
d449c79 : A couple of small fixes to r167783
bae930d : [analyzer] Address Jordan's feedback for r167780.
8f81acf : Fix bad CFG construction bug when handling C++ 'try' statements.
d05df51 : When filtering the list of associated namespaces so that we don't suggest people add functions to namespace 'std', also filter out namespaces with '__' anywhere in the name.
51ceb7b : Enable C++11 attribute syntax for warn_unused_result and allow it to be applied to CXXRecordDecls, where functions with that return type will inherit the warn_unused_result attribute.
d51db49 : [analyzer] Follow up to r167762 - precisely determine the adjustment conditions.
e7ce709 : Factor duplicated implicit memcpy call generation code out of copy/move assignment generation. This incidentally avoids reusing the same Expr* across multiple statements in the same object; that was generating slightly broken ASTs, but I couldn't trigger any observable bad behavior, so no test.
6ceb377 : Finish reverting r167761, it's causing test failures.
882995b : Remove duplicated line.
3a9fefe : Fix more try scoping bugs introduced by r167650.
41296e8 : That's causing an error.
e7ad14e : [analyzer] Fix a regression (from r 165079): compare canonical types.
5ece32e : Don't test for incomplete types.
5f9a7e3 : Remove abuse of hasTrivial*, and fix miscompile wherein global arrays with internal linkage, no uses, trivial construction, and nontrivial destruction were not emitted.
5af8de8 : If we encounter a fatal error, exit with status 70. For BSD systems this is defined as an internal software error. This notifies the driver to report diagnostics information. rdar://11951540
3078353 : Per discussion on cfe-dev, re-enable suppression of -Wimplicit-fallthrough on C, but also include dialects of C++ earlier than C++11.
ba541d3 : Update testcase to show that we don't emit an error for sizes <= 32-bits.
b0afe83 : If we encounter a fatal error, call the interrupt handler to ensure any temporary files are removed. rdar://12282296
731de31 : 80 cols & unnecessary braces from r167736.
383ec17 : Correct printing of nested anonymous type member accesses.
f634bdf : The register constraint could mean a 16- or 8-bit register.
68fd608 : Check that the input size is correct for the given constraint.
c6b82c3 : Remove calls to getMostRecentDecl. The case they were added for in r117526 are now covered by attribute merging.
538fb98 : In Sema::MergeVarDecl we handle merging of storage classes and visibility attributes. In cases where the merged declaration is fully equivalent to the two original ones, some of the code was getLVForDecl was duplicated.
778dd4a : [NVPTX] Fix const modifier on builtins
11c9877 : Fix binding of nodes in case of forEach..() matchers.
18f2368 : Remove unneeded includes from IdentifierTable
03e67fb : Delete comment reference to non-existent method
bb23628 : s/BCPLComment/LineComment/
a6600a3 : FileCheckize test
879c92c : Fix a typo which Matt pointed out.
a97d2ec : objective-C blocks: Change BLOCK_HAS_EXTENDED_LAYOUT to be 1<<31. lower 24bit is currently being used.
229d47a : Rework my implementation of circular-reference finding to not use CXXRecordDecl::forallBases, which does *not* do what I need. Fixes the failure introduced in r167651.
463eb89 : Add clang support of RTM from TSX
e59188b : -momit-leaf-frame-pointer is a -m option, not a -f option.
3e77351 : Revert "Disable -Wimplicit-fallthrough when not using C++.", pending further discussion on cfe-dev.
6c801b6 : Add a few more test cases for verifying -fno-builtin.
6e3ceb5 : Disable -Wimplicit-fallthrough when not using C++.
4e674f7 : [analyzer] When invalidating symbolic offset regions, take fields into account.
3d512d8 : Handle redeclarations of catch variables in catch blocks.
d777e28 : Diagnostic circular inheritance involving dependent base classes. We would have diagnosed this at instantiation time anyway, if only we didn't hang on all of these test cases. Fixes <rdar://problem/12629723>
c4027c8 : PR14296: function parameter name collisions in function try/catch
75e8efe : Make __LDBL_MAX__ etc. have the correct type on targets where long double/double/etc. have the same format. PR14285.
87da0b7 : -Wobjc-literal-compare: look through implicit casts.
d1542c2 : [NVPTX] Add __nvvm_* intrinsics as Clang builtins
da2d2c7 : Document -W in clang --help. Also make the help text more consistent (don't end descriptions in periods, use | to separate possible values).
028eb65 : Don't include the help for -mips* in clang --help. These are just aliases for other options, and not common enough to be worth including here.
0f3edc5 : -Wlarge-by-value-copy may be awesome, but it really shouldn't be the one and only -W flag which clang --help lists.
a67d503 : PR13788: Don't perform checks on the initializer of a dependently-typed variable. Previously we didn't notice the type was dependent if the only dependence came from an array bound.
6af1405 : Remove leftover code.
e9d417d : Add lldb data formatters for clang classes, starting with SourceLocation.
762d15d : Remove --help text for deprecated sanitizer options, add --help text for -fsanitize=.
f1eaab1 : PR14303: Add a NoDriverOption flag to those options which are not accepted by the driver (the options defined in CC1Options.td) and exclude their help from "clang --help".
b328ee5 : Add string to try and fix build from r167629.
9410928 : Add a SourceLocation::printToString() that returns in a std::string what dump() writes to stderr; for debugging purposes.
ecd27bf : Add a FileCharacteristic parameter to SourceManager::createFileIDForMemBuffer for completeness and use it in CompilerInstance::InitializeSourceManager if the input is a memory buffer.
8616f9a : Turn FrontendInputFile into an immutable class and have it also accept a memory buffer instead of only a filename.
8e1fbbc : Make CompilerInstance::InitializeSourceManager accept a FrontendInputFile, no functionality change.
d96d82e : Don't use so many bits.
485577d : Implement -mstrict-align using '-backend-option -arm-strict-align' as this saves us from having to make any backend changes.
ed193ba : Add test case for r167619.
7e29327 : [driver] Add a -mstrict-align compiler option for ARM targets. rdar://12340498
02f0022 : Improved support for removing the comma preceding __VA_ARGS__ where __VA_ARGS__ is empty in a variadic macro expansion. This fixes a divergence in support for the ", ## __VA_ARGS__" GCC extension which differed in behaviour when in strict C99 mode (note: there is no change in behaviour has been made in the gnu99 mode that clang uses by default). In addition, there is improved support for the Microsoft alternative extension ", __VA_ARGS__".
1a52a4d : Use isInvalidDecl() instead of isStatic() as suggested by dblaikie.
e0ff690 : Don't crash on calling static member overloaded operator, PR14120
377e5c1 : Remove old driver code to grab the iOS simulator version from the -D option.
c8e78b2 : [ms] Implement int64_t version of mangleNumber() in terms of the APSInt version.
e95b46b : [Windows] Fix mangling of number literal '0'
458871a : Remove more code related to invoking llvm-gcc. <rdar://problem/11991320>
c2fc67e : Fix a source range regression in C++ new expressions with call initializers.
45a37da : Fix a bug I found while preparing my devmtg talk: When passing NULL to a function that takes a const Foo&, where Foo is convertible from a large number of pointer types, we print ALL the overloads, no matter the setting of -fshow-overloads.
c449703 : llvm/ConstantFolding.cpp: Make ReadDataFromGlobal() and FoldReinterpretLoadFromConstPtr() Big-endian-aware.
4f056ac : LiteralSupport: Don't overflow the temporary buffer when decoding invalid string parts.
5d704fe : LiteralSupport: Clean up style violations. No functionality change.
23700f0 : Allow to pass from syntactic form of InitListExpr to semantic form (just as viceversa). No functionality change.
88adb98 : Avoid to write function name in comment. Thanks to Dmitri Gribenko.
eae859a : Readded line removed by mistake.
4c5750e : Fixed converted ConstantArrayTypeLoc range. Added a missing testcase for ConstructorDecl source range.
13fd684 : Fixed range of implicit MemberExpr.
ef7bcea : Set TLSSupported to false on Haiku.
d2a527e : Driver/Darwin: The -arch argument values aren't exactly the arch names from a triple.
85b7f7d : Rip out a bunch of code for invoking gcc from clang.
64c4f29 : Remove code to fall back to llvm-gcc for i386 kexts.
e81b43b : PR14284: crash on ext-valid returning NULL from a void function
e938536 : When deciding whether to convert an array construction loop into a memcpy, look at whether the *selected* constructor would be trivial rather than considering whether the array's element type has *any* non-trivial constructors of the relevant kind.
d3aa6c5 : Force C89 for c-index-test.c
da05df7 : [Driver] Fix -Wp,-MMD pr13959
7b89ab7 : Reduce nesting. No functionality change.
910515b : When template deduction fails on a derived class, try a template deduction on the base class. If the base class deduction succeeds, use those results. If it fails, keep using the results from the derived class template deduction.
1da01d6 : objective-C blocks: bring back the CharUnit patch for captured block variable layout meta-data. No intended change in functionality.
b578aee : PR12713 - crash on invalid due to unmatched parens in decltype
3b45ca9 : objective-C modern translator. Start the line directive on a new line.
7cdd281 : When loading a module fails because it is out of date, rebuild that module in place. <rdar://problem/10138913>
5a78985 : Test for source location range of new expressions fixed in r167507.
0fe4d40 : [analyzer] Check that the argument to CFMakeCollectable is non-NULL.
c686004 : Fix the Objective-C exception rethrow from cleanups (GNU runtimes). Note that a bug in the inliner still causes the wrong thing to happen at -O2 and above (PR14116).
964490c : [analyzer] Add some examples for the common REGISTER_*_WITH_PROGRAMSTATEs.
65bc653 : [analyzer] Enhance docs for checker callbacks (esp. processRegionChanges).
8fcdea5 : Add -Wmismatched-return-types flag for existing warning on conflicting return types.
eaa6b12 : Add -Wmismatched-parameter-types flag for existing warning on conflicting parameter types.
ce2661f : PR11851 (and duplicates): Whenever a constexpr function is referenced, instantiate it if it can be instantiated and implicitly define it if it can be implicitly defined. This matches g++'s approach. Remove some cases from SemaOverload which were marking functions as referenced when just planning how overload resolution would proceed; such cases are not actually references.
43f4f1e : modern ObjC translator. Insert line number for @synchronized statements.
b68ec6b : Add missing check to warning for packed attribute. PR14259.
cb7b45e : Create helper functions in StmtDumper for outputting the indentation, newlines, and brackets.
5305641 : PR13552: Fix the end location of a CXXNewExpr.
70a0189 : Fix assertion failure with auto and nested initializer list; PR14272.
9e60371 : Tease out the routine that reads the control block of an AST file from the validation of an AST file against a specific set of options.
7745786 : Put something sane in the DWARF offset field for bitfield ObjC ivars. This is useful because unnamed bitfields can have effects on the offsets which are not otherwise reflected in the DWARF information.
f616ae2 : objective-C modern rewriter. Insert line numbers in translated code where new code makes the lines be off. This is wip.
ba529a9 : RewriteModernObjC.cpp: Use Lexer::Stringify() on the file name of #line directive to escape Win32 path separator '\\'.
4179ddd : Implement codegen for init_priority attribute properly - make sure it works between the modules. No functionality change on Darwin/Windows. This fixes PR11480.
e5b4666 : Back out 167431+167437+167487; I didn't realize how incomplete our test coverage of this code is.
03c6076 : clang/lib/Driver/Tools.cpp: Fix abuse of StringRef.
4d9eff5 : [libclang] Add some comments about the version constants for the libclang API.
1307120 : Fix a silly mistake in r167437.
17b00a4 : clang/test/Driver/fsanitize.c: Speculative fix to improve test on win32, not to mix emissions into stdout.
b7ac5ac : Remove C++11-isms I just introduced in r167482
82e5237 : Introduce inferred framework modules into the module map file, allowing a module map to be placed one level above the '.framework' directories to specify that all .frameworks within that directory can be inferred as framework modules. One can also specifically exclude frameworks known not to work.
f64231e : Teach Clang parser to reject C++11 attributes that appertain to declaration specifiers.
fd9d0e1 : Updates to user's manual and release notes for -fsanitize= options.
090b136 : [c-index-test] When building with BUILD_CLANG_ONLY=YES, include c-index-test. It is part of libclang and has other uses besides running the clang tests.
cb489dd : Cleanup: 80-column violation
be6318b : Use the -fsanitize=thread flag to unbreak buildbot.
975a949 : Add unit tests for source locations of AST nodes.
9620596 : Modern objective-C translator: Start adding line info to the translated source where it is needed. wip.
6a1f494 : Basic: Windows doesn't define S_IFIFO.
e246d90 : Use -fsanitize= flag in docs for ASan/TSan
bb1071c : Follow-up for r167411 to un-break ASan on Mac. Move SanitizerArgs to a header file and use it on Darwin toolchain.
3d615b2 : Remove completely irrelevant code from USR generation.
164fcd0 : Delete an outdated comment.
885ad69 : ARM byval: when type alignment is bigger than ABI alignment, instead of disabling byval, we set realign to true.
35d4a09 : [analyzer] Add symbol escapes logic to the SimpleStreamChecker.
d1ad5e5 : [analyzer] Remove isWithinInlined. It's been replaced with inTopFrame().
8cb809a : Propagate CharUnits through CGObjCMac.cpp.
a2f9d21 : Minor fix to ObjC layout bitmap metadata. Found while I was trying to refactor the code.
c54e25f : Classify the INT_MIN/-1 check as -fsanitize=signed-integer-overflow, not as -fsanitize=divide-by-zero.
fc1b1bb : [c-index-test] Do install c-index-test because it's not just for tests, it's also setup as 'INTERNAL_TOOL'.
38ad4f4 : Propagate CharUnits into ObjC CodeGen. No intended functional change.
04fd382 : Per discussion on cfe-commits, treat -faddress-sanitizer, -fno-address-sanitizer, -fthread-sanitizer, -fno-thread-sanitizer, and -fcatch-undefined-behavior as deprecated: produce a warning if they are used pointing to the corresponding -fsanitize= option. In passing add the missing '-' to some diagnostics.
23de7ce : [PCH] Take into account the 'include' source location of a SM_SLOC_BUFFER_ENTRY.
4f11234 : [PCH] Write out the ClassTemplateDecl::Common::InjectedClassNameType type reference instead of relying on computing it.
c7be102 : Have the parser initialize Sema before it consumes the first token. This is important because the first token could actually be after an #include that triggers a module import, which might use either Sema or the AST consumer before it would have been initialized.
3043175 : Split the instrinsic header wmmintrin.h into AES and PCLMUL parts, so that we can model them as separate submodules.
ce36ecd : Frontend: Add support for reading named pipes as the main file.
95b66fc : Delete comment I forgot to delete in my last change.
776b7ac : Use Richard's BE_THE_HEADER trick to simplify a test. No intended behavior change.
fd1ba91 : ARM byval: when type alignment is bigger than ABI alignment, we can't guarantee the type alignment of the byval argument. This patch will disable byval in this case, it also increases the size threshold for turning on byval.
d6396a6 : Use the individual -fsanitize=<...> arguments to control which of the UBSan checks to enable. Remove frontend support for -fcatch-undefined-behavior, -faddress-sanitizer and -fthread-sanitizer now that they don't do anything.
c4dabad : Add -fsanitize=<sanitizers> argument to driver and frontend, and add -fno-sanitize=<sanitizers> argument to driver. These allow ASan, TSan, and the various UBSan checks to be enabled and disabled separately. Right now, the different modes can't be combined, but the intention is that combining UBSan and the other sanitizers will be permitted in the near future.
ca1b62a : Rename LangOptions members for address sanitizer and thread sanitizer from *Sanitizer to Sanitize* in preparation for later patches.
6db024c : Fix module map for SSE4a builtins
a65c5a3 : Make cpuid.h actually work with -std=c99 <rdar://problem/12552716>.
984e2eb : Hash the various compiler version, target, preprocessor, and header-search options into the module hash. We're just using ADT/Hashing.hpp for this, which isn't as cryptographically strong as I'd like, but it'll do. If someone contributes (say) and MD4 implementation, we'd happily switch to that.
71c0dcc : On PowerPC64, integer arguments and return values need to be sign- or zero-extended to 64 bits. This information is currently provided to the back end by setting "signext" or "zeroext" attributes. However, this is done only for integer types *smaller* than i32, not for i32 itself. This causes clang to generate code violating the ABI, which results in a failure of the tramp3d-v4 test case (due to calling a system library routine without ABI-required extension).
bd8fa30 : Tests for 32bit version of block ivar layout metadata.
40d8551 : [analyzer] Move convenience REGISTER_*_WITH_PROGRAMSTATE to CheckerContext.h
d096acc : Our style for diagnostic messages is to not include a trailing dot.
4b7631b : Put the usage-directive inside the nearest namespace or TU decl. We don't want to have UsingDirectiveDecl inside anything other than those two.
c441cd3 : Fixes liftime of captured block variables in mrr mode, per John's feedback, as well as couple of tests which were not being excercised because of TYPOs.
3f320aa : Test case for r167363.
191db6d : only truncate source lines in text diagnostics when the ellipsis is shorter than the text it replaces
a60d21d : Support interleaving of other pragmas with FP_CONTRACT at the beginning of a compound statement.
b57ce4e : Address review comments for r167358: explicitly check for CK_BitCast instead of checking against a blacklist.
9cffb4a : don't step into the middle of multibyte sequences
eaa5a2b : fix bug in SourceColumnMap::startOfPreviousColumn
7164095 : Escape trigraphs in unittest.
5a24980 : Handle CK_NullToPointer casts in -Wtype-safety properly. Fixes PR14249.
1e905da : Remove a const_cast by propagating constness to the member function.
0a591c2 : StaticAnalyzer/Core/ExprEngineCallAndReturn.cpp: Appease msvc.
9cb1c3d : Add a proper algorithm to compute accurate source ranges for diagnostics with caret locations and source ranges in macros. Makes ranges more accurate in some cases, and fixes an assertion failure.
8501b7a : [analyzer] Run remove dead on end of path.
fadcd5d : [analyzer] add LocationContext::inTopFrame() helper.
b355be8 : [analyzer] Refactor: Remove Pred from NodeBuilderContext.
085b76c : Simplify these tests again, now that we're past the version skew.
0c396d6 : [analyzer] Convert SimpleStreamChecker over to CallEvent.
1f03a8a : [analyzer] CheckerDocumentation: Change examples for PreStmt and PostStmt.
2f3017f : [analyzer] Add some convenience accessors to CallEvent, and use them.
d624607 : [analyzer] isCLibraryFunction: check that the function is at TU-scope.
70ae122 : Emit debug info for C++ struct definitions as DW_TAG_structure_type (instead of class_type).
61fc02c : Avoid version skew by making ObjC strict metadata tests resilient to new field.
44fcff9 : objective-C mrr block. Block variable layout metadata in mrr mode.
e50904f : When code-completing don't disable the preprocessing record if modules are enabled.
161db02 : Thread safety analysis: Fixed ICE caused by double delete when late parsed attributes are attached to function declarations nested inside a class method.
eacff03 : Fix test cases I broken when fixing grammar in diagnostic message.
d730705 : Fix grammar of diagnostic message.
765029b : [analyzer] Test SimpleStream on the buildbot.
edd07f4 : [analyzer] Factor SimpleStreamChecker pulling out isLeaked().
9417b05 : Fix debug tag type of forward declarations of struct/class in C++.
715852c : Improve x86 android support: * -Bsymbolic must be added for x86 as well. * Default CPU name also set to 'core2' for x86 android. Patch by Edwin Vane.
710392d : Add test for link flags added by -fcatch-undefined-behavior.
eb52aed : Add -lpthread when building with Ubsan on Linux, in preparation for making libclang-rt.ubsan pull in sanitizer_common, which in turn depends on pthreads.
faa2bd6 : Update test case.
28e9cf1 : Move -Wimplicit-retain-self to be off-by-default until we can evaluate more how noisy it is.
9b1a48a : clang/test/CodeGen/bitfield-promote.c: Add explicit triple for now. It has been failing for big endian targets, for example, ppc.
36db2d8 : clang/test/CodeGen/bitfield-promote.c: FileCheck-ize.
92f9bb3 : Delete lines which do nothing from DiagnosticGroups.td.
ce25492 : [libclang] Correct how the index inside the local preprocessed entities array is getting converted to a global PreprocessedEntityID.
19ebeb7 : Add missing diagnostic group to format string warning.
5b4379f : analyzer-plugin/MainCallChecker.cpp: Fixup corresponding to r167275.
466224f : [analyzer] Convert some of the harder cases over to ProgramStateTrait macros.
166d502 : [analyzer] Use nice macros for the common ProgramStateTraits (map, set, list).
785950e : [analyzer] Rename 'EmitReport' to 'emitReport'.
80a8eb7 : Tweak wording and add diagnostic groups to misc diagnostics.
cef3a7b : Change diagnostics for enums with fixed underlying type so in C++98 mode, we cite C++11.
e579328 : Insert interception point onStartOfTranslationUnit.
919b955 : When finding a '(' after '::', emit error with hint to remove '(' and matching ')', if found. Don't crash. Fixes PR11852.
aee56fa : Update the front end to use minsize attribute
7edf9e3 : Simplify: replace getContext().getLangOpts() with just getLangOpts().
da082f1 : Clean up misapplication of diff.
cc30561 : Split emission of -ftrapv checks and -fcatch-undefined-behavior checks into separate functions, since they share essentially no code.
bb12243 : Remove divison-by-zero checks from -ftrapv. These checks were incompatible with g++'s -ftrapv, failed to call the -ftrapv overflow handler, and are still available under -fcatch-undefined-behavior.
54c4545 : Fix the template type diffing to handle integral template arguments.
00a8541 : Silence -Wformat on platforms where uint64_t is unsigned long.
f22ae65 : objective-C block meta-data. This patch completes meta-data generation for captured block variables in arc mode. This includes inlined version of the meta-data when it can be done. It also includes severat tests. This is wip. // rdar://12184410.
cfa1caa : Make the FilenameRange of the InclusionDirective callback more accurate, preserve the macro location of the range end if the filename came from a macro.
ef4b666 : Fix an incorrect assert, the LHS can be an LValue.
292d67b : -fcatch-undefined-behavior: Start checking loads and stores for null pointers. We want the diagnostic, and if the load is optimized away, we still want to trap it. Stop checking non-default address spaces; that doesn't work in general.
b03b57d : [clang.py] Add Cursor.get_arguments()
1d489cf : Remove first argument from Arg::getValue; it's been unused since r105760.
7c3f8b3 : Remove CompilerInvocation::toArgs and clang -cc1test mode. These were untested and apparently unused (and since they are untested, they're presumably also broken).
e4a990f : [libclang] Introduce clang_Cursor_getReceiverType which returns the CXType for the receiver of an ObjC message expression.
3cdd843 : clang/include/clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/PathSensitive/ConstraintManager.h: Appease msvc.
baf7640 : [analyzer] Optimize assumeDual by assuming constraint managers are consistent.
b2ed96a : [lit] For the "case-insensitive-filesystem" make sure to create the test temporary file in the test output directory.
79a29eb : [analyzer] Fix typo in r167186.
bef17f9 : clang/test/Index/code-completion-skip-bodies.cpp: Add XFAIL while investigating.
32f38c1 : [analyzer] Minor cleanup in SimpleStreamChecker's class definition.
ec8d420 : [analyzer] Rename ConditionTruthVal::isTrue to isConstrainedTrue.
889b99e : Correctly reject gotos in function-level try blocks. PR14225.
bbb751a : [analyzer] Fix a bug in SimpleStreamChecker - return after sink.
1cd46de : [driver] Remove an extra space with the -iprefix option, so that matching works correctly. Part of rdar://12329974
4182ed6 : [PCH] Remove the stat cache from the PCH file.
724e65b : [clang tests] Added require ppc64-registered-target to Headers/altivec-header.c to ensure it only runs on ppc64.
967f3f0 : [driver] Remove an extra space with the -internal-externc-isystem option, so that matching works correctly. Part of rdar://12329974
710c517 : ARM AAPCS-VFP: fix tracking of allocated VFP registers.
66fb028 : [driver] Remove the -ccc-host-triple alias. This has been replaced by the -target option. rdar://10692880
cfed828 : getArchTypeForDarwinArchName is only used in the clang driver, copy it there. I will remove it from llvm in the next commit.
3028038 : Fix for -ast-dump-filter
c91b41a : [driver] Completely rework how superfluous options are stripped out of the crash diagnostics script.
60c158a : Add "static" to some functions in altivec.c where it was missing.
5d1ae38 : This patch removes the XFAIL for powerpc for test/CodeGenCXX/member-alignment.cpp. The test succeeds for powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu. If other flavors of powerpc are shown by buildbots to still be broken, we can adjust the test at that time.
81939a7 : If skipping bodies is enabled outside code-completion, just skip the body directly without using tentative parsing.
25893e0 : Decouple code-completion for the SkipFunctionBodies frontend option and add a test to make sure code-completion skips bodies.
c45bb4d : [analyzer] Let ConstraintManager subclasses provide a more efficient checkNull.
bfd452e : Fix if-else braces layout accordingly to the style guide.
e015754 : Extend -Bprefix functionality and make it closer to gcc. If the "prefix" is not a directory, Driver::GetProgramPath() routine does not try to append the program name as a "path component" to it. It just joins the "prefix" with the program name and checks the resulting path existence.
986af6f : Remove empty directories.
32133cf : [analyzer] SimpleStreamChecker - remove evalAssume and other refinements
af6f612 : Remove really old benchmark data.
8c610b0 : Remove the -ccc-no-clang option.
3719ed2 : [analyzer]Don't invalidate const arguments when there is no IdentifierInfo.
e63aedd : Address Jordan's review: comments, spaces.
399f2c4 : add test for r167063
31ba273 : isLegalUTF8() was giving the wrong answer
e6c3458 : Remove ccc-no-clang-cpp, which is also dead now.
82c6dc7 : Handle string encoding diagnostics when there are too many invalid ranges.
b3fa55f : ARM AAPCS-VFP: fix handling of homogeneous aggreate.
89aa2ce : [driver] Older versions of ld expect '-L<dir>' not '-L <dir>'. In Xcode4 and later, '-L <dir>' is allowed, but rewrite these in the driver as '-L<dir>' to maintain backward compatibility. The same is true for the -I option. rdar://12366753
c6abe9e : objective-C arc/mrr: Another patch for the new captured block variable layout meta-data. It is currently off (so no tests). This is wip.
356d9cc : Change ForceSizeOpt attribute into MinSize attribute
d1ce3c1 : Implement descendant matchers for NestedNamespecifiers
0d1e645 : remove duplicate data array
c6a2f6e : fix calculation of end pointer
c39a2b0 : Update test case.
ecf7cc1 : [asan docs] explain why asan exits on the first error
4a131e1 : Change -Wcompare-distinct-pointer-type to -Wcompare-distinct-pointer-types, as the warning is about comparing different types (plural).
19948ac : Trim #includes.
bdbb17b : [analyzer]SimpleStreamChecker: add a TODO for better leak report.
360b29c : [analyzer] Fix a bug in REGISTER_MAP_WITH_PROGRAMSTATE
942fbdd : Remove leftover const.
eafaad2 : [analyzer] Warn about reallocf with an allocation size of 0, like realloc.
3cf9a72 : [analyzer] New checker for missing super calls in UIViewController subclasses.
ee1ea80 : Don't crash on bad atomic operations. PR14176.
848bc3a : getOriginalSourceFileName and getOriginalSourceFile can return a StringRef. MaybeAddSystemRootToFilename doesn't need to return anything, it modifies its argument.
33e1576 : [PCH] The diagnostic state points can refer to previously created diagnostic states; make sure the ASTReader sets the diagnostic state properly instead of always recreating it.
d2d4d68 : In the past "production" clang builds would not be used for c++, and we had the -ccc-clang-cxx and -ccc-no-clang-cxx options to force them on or off for testing.
bf69d71 : [libclang] Bump the version number of the libclang API.
2902829 : Remove a bit of dead code.
badb3f6 : Move getOriginalSourceFileName inline. Patch by Laszlo Nagy.
ca9805a : [libclang] Introduce a version constant for the libclang API.
5445870 : [analyzer] Malloc checker cleanup/refactor
d65e55d : [analyzer] Add SimpleStreamChecker.
5ac1df3 : [analyzer] Add checker helpers to CheckerContext.
8e68ef0 : Revert commit r166946
9568f0c : Partially roll back r166898; it exposed a bug in the standard.
ba927d9 : Make forcesizeopt attribute available to the end user
c0e4445 : -Warc-repeated-use-of-weak: allow single reads in loops from local variables.
6a329ee : [analyzer] New option to not suppress null return paths if an argument is null.
09f7bf1 : [analyzer] Use the CallEnter node to get a value for tracked null arguments.
dbaf4bc : This patch adds alignment information for long double to the 64-bit PowerPC ELF subtarget.
e6b3dba : Handle '*' and '#' asm constraint modifiers.
452abbc : Fix ASTMatchersTests to not create an overloaded-virtual warning.
a267cf6 : Implement has(), hasDescendant(), forEach() and forEachDescendant() for Types, QualTypes and TypeLocs.
b201e93 : Remove spurious mode marker from .cpp file.
76dd1d9 : Add missing emacs major mode marker.
6cd2bf8 : Fix name of this file.
eb86dcc : Add missing emacs major mode marker.
5bffbe5 : improve highlighting of invalid string encodings
c36e359 : Revert functional part of r166896 and just suppress -Wunneeded-internal-declaration for reference types for now. This needs more work; the cases we currently miss are a bit random.
1432a43 : When determining whether to try evaluating the initializer of a variable, check whether the initializer is value-dependent rather than whether we are in a dependent context. This allows us to detect some errors sooner, and fixes a crash-on-invalid if a dependent type leaks out to a non-dependent context in error recovery.
623ef4b : In -Wunneeded-internal-declaration, suppress the warning for variables which might have been used in constant expressions, rather than suppressing it for variables which are const. The important thing here is that such variables can have their values used without actually being marked as 'used'.
644e90a : Fix invalid jump scopes again. This time without trying to find out if an incomplete type has a destructor or not.
1a7b2e9 : Add a testcase from the previous bootstrap problem.
e1bb329 : Fix crash on missing namespace name in namespace alias definition -- PR14085.
c46b435 : objective-C arc/mrr: Patch for the new block variable layout meta-data. It is currently off (so no tests). This is wip.
2b970e9 : Currently the initial value of Tok is dependent an the stack contents and could cause the Parser to crash on the first ConsumeToken().
a92afb6 : Revert 166876 while I debug a bootstrap problem.
ff8f967 : Reapply 166855 with an early exit on null QualTypes.
286d623 : Reverted back the changes made in 166868 and in 166869
68de140 : Feature: OpenMP support.
f3b5231 : ------------------------------------------------- Feature: OpenMP support in CLANG:
6a65662 : Removed an extra blank line.
3954d39 : Add a reduced testcase of the last bootstrap failure.
029d284 : Revert r166855. I can reproduce the bootstrap failure and have a testcase to reduce.
b21c11d : Add a test case for the stack overflow in rdar://12542261
76b5d24 : Fix cases where we were not producing an error when a computed goto could jump over destructor calls. Fixes pr13812.
0a7dd83 : Move two helper functions to AST so that sema can use them.
034653c : Refactor some code into a new findMaterializedTemporary function.
582e185 : Refactor some code into a new skipRValueSubobjectAdjustments function.
ecccc1e : Delay codegen to after collecting all SubobjectAdjustment so that the collection can be refactored and used in Sema.
7b82cfc : Fix typo.
3d7c780 : Add missing safety check to an optimization for do-while loops. PR14191.
8c7a185 : Fix indentation.
1e58469 : In Parser::ParseDecltypeSpecifier, make sure the end location it returns is at the end of parsed tokens when an error occurs, otherwise we'll hit an assertion when trying to annotate the decltype tokens.
aa01466 : Don't crash synthesizing an ObjC property with an empty struct type. <rdar://problem/12547611>.
f596760 : When an externally-supplied record layout has a size that clearly doesn't include padding up to the alignment of the record, take this as a cue that the alignment of the record should (conservatively) be set to 1. This is similar to other the other cues we use to determine that the record has a lower alignment, e.g., that the externally-supplied layout places fields at lower offsets than we would. Fixes <rdar://problem/12582052>; test case in LLDB.
107dae4 : Add comment for my patch in r166809.
3b33403 : This patch is a follow-up to r166805. As suggested on-list, a check was added to ensure no extra alignment code is added in the future.
7b5209c : Remove BLOCK_BYREF_LAYOUT_BYREF flags from list of flags for __block variable meta-data.
c1868e5 : objective-C IRGen: for @implementation nested in extern "C", its method definitions must be IRGen'ed before meta-data for class is generated. Otherwise, IRGen crashes (to say the least). // rdar://12581683
ccb428b : [driver] Before applying the working directory check if the input path is absolute.
485717e : This patch addresses a 64-bit PowerPC ELF ABI compatibility issue with varargs parameter passing.
a049bbb : [options] Fix mishandling of aliased options that was introduced in r166444.
34f8597 : tests: Tweak unprintable.c to try another character which is hopefully even more unprintable.
0adc4d2 : [ms-inline asm] Add test case for r166792.
da5c3b7 : [ms-inline asm] Test case for r166790.
11ce5fe : Match up anonymous structs/unions in the ASTImporter. Previously, we'd only actually get the answer right if there was only a single anonymous struct/union at that level. This is part of <rdar://problem/11904570>; the test will go into LLDB itself.
3800165 : Add comments for RemoveRedundantMsgs, rename it to removeRedundantMsgs() per Jordan's feedback.
47395d9 : Eliminate some longstanding FIXMEs regarding variadic templates in the ASTImporter.
347f64f : In the ASTImporter, don't try to emit a diagnostic if we're not allowed to complain about a failure.
ea33b3f : Remove clang-fixit from tools page as it is currently not planned as a separate tool.
dd6e106 : These tests require an actual x86 registered target, so mark them as such. Tested on ARM.
681b898 : Fix grammar-o.
c01526e : Fix test suppressed in r166683 on 32-bit Linux
3dac20a : Declare type of flags to be used in a __block (byref) variable descriptor captured by a block.
9046768 : Oz optimization level sets ForceSizeOpt attribute for each function
f0e97db : X86 SSE Intrinsics: update header for sqrt_ss, rsqrt_ss and rcp_ss.
50d46ca : Recommit Eric's code to validate ASM string's constraints and modifiers.
d6f8330 : Fix the other occurrence of the problem fixed by r166731.
40effbb : Changing name of enum for block literal flags to represent what it is meant for.
ca53087 : LLVM's hashing routines produce a size_t, and thus generate different values for 32- and 64-bit host compilers. This really needs to be fixed -- the IR generated should not depend on the host -- but this change will get the bots green again. Proper fix to follow.
b85cce0 : TrackConstraintBRVisitor and ConditionBRVisitor can emit similar path notes for cases where a value may be assumed to be null, etc. Instead of having redundant diagnostics, do a pass over the generated PathDiagnostic pieces and remove notes from TrackConstraintBRVisitor that are already covered by ConditionBRVisitor, whose notes tend to be better.
0848333 : Add a more direct test for r166661.
d2e7d20 : [ms-inline asm] Add a test case for r166723 and r166724.
802f937 : [ms-inline asm] Add support for field lookup in the SemaCallback. Patch by Eli.
e11dba8 : Add some new types in preparation of encoding of captured block variable layout meta-data work. wip.
6b2b897 : Don't require exception handling for clang-tblgen.
ebcb468 : Move the input files for test/PCH/badpch.c under test/PCH/Inputs/.
c3f1742 : When capturing 'this' in a lambda, make sure to update the set of array-index starting values for the 'this' capture. Fixes <rdar://problem/12426831>.
7c98499 : Comment to XML conversion: avoid memory allocation while pretty-printing the declaration.
3304c43 : CommentDumper: reorder members and add a comment.
af879c0 : Provide comment describing what buildBlockDescriptor does.
38859ee : Don't throw exceptions in clang-tblgen by switching to PrintFatalError. Add locations in a number of places, where they are available for free.
956a5a1 : Cleanup some clang code to use new type functions instead of using cast<>.
37c94bf : clang/test/CodeGenCXX/debug-info-thunk.cpp: Suppress it for now with XFAIL:*, due to failing on i686-*-*.
a0d5878 : Correct test inovocations to use %clang_cc1 rather than direct invocation (so that it can have additional options set when trying to debug issues causing regressions).
b16abb1 : Modify the targets to set appropriate calling convention defaults and C variables when using a gnueabihf or aapcs-vfp target.
34b41f8 : Initialize debug info for special cases of functions that lack declarations and are generated by Clang (global initializers/destructors, thunks) . Fixes PR13942.
d9a2d5b : unittests/ToolingTest.cpp: Suppress newFrontendActionFactory.InjectsEndOfSourceFileCallback on Win32 for now. Investigating.
9fb6b27 : Adds the possibility to inject a callback that's called after each translation unit is processed.
8e1cee6 : -fcatch-undefined-behavior checking for appropriate vptr value: Clang CodeGen side.
1cb7142 : Take into account that there may be a BOM at the beginning of the file, when computing the size of the precompiled preamble.
986819a : Update warning-flag test
c6cd9af : Revert r166647 to rethink the patch...
0ca6e27 : Remove the old predefines-buffer diffing code completely. It's been replaced by the more efficient, cleaner preprocessor-option version that occurs earlier in PCH validation.
a9b8da4 : Fix computation of predefines buffer from the preprocessor-option checking, and disable the old predefines-buffer-diff'ing code path.
465e89e : When we're devirtualizing a method call, make sure the method has the correct IR type.
4399890 : ASTUnit doesn't actually care about the predefines; don't record them.
8769924 : The the preprocessor option validator to compute suggested predefines. We're not quite ready to cut over to these suggested predefines yet, however.
a0b9ce0 : Add some support for diagnosing possibly mismatched constraint, type size and modifiers. (From an idea by Eric...) <rdar://problem/12284092>
53aec2a : 'constexpr' and 'friend' are both declaration specifiers. Teach the parser this, for better error recovery.
e925322 : PR14171: Don't crash if we hit one of the paths where GetFullTypeForDeclarator rebuilds a function type, and that function type has parens around its name.
4c0c7e8 : Teach the PCH validator to check the preprocessor options, especially the macros that are #define'd or #undef'd on the command line. This checking happens much earlier than the current macro-definition checking and is far cleaner, because it does a direct comparison rather than a diff of the predefines buffers. Moreover, it allows us to use the result of this check to skip over PCH files within a directory that have non-matching -D's or -U's on the command line. Finally, it improves the diagnostics a bit for mismatches, fixing <rdar://problem/8612222>.
3584972 : c-index-test.c: Split a format string. [-Woverlength-strings]
f742727 : [ms-inline asm] Test case for r166632.
39e1776 : Fix false positive in -Wunused-variable when a ctor call make involve cleanups.
9dd686d : Update regression tests for r166617.
a45451d : Don't print scope qualifiers for references to a type defined locally in a function. Patch by Grzegorz Jablonski.
6c8b649 : Add an additional test for namespaces and -Wmissing-variable-declarations. Move C++ test into SemaCXX.
a71a7d8 : (De-)serialize the preprocessor options, including macros defined, -include'd files, etc.
946fa65 : Add a test showing that nodebug is accepted in methods too. Patch by Paul Robinson.
11db182 : [libclang] Add "-index-file-full" option that recursively indexes any imported modules/PCH files.
b512a14 : Explicitly specify C++98 when building the C++ precompiled header for this test, so that the test will work on Windows.
1bed9b7 : [ms-inline asm] Add test cases for r166451.
36a1649 : Teach the preprocessor to hold onto the preprocessor options.
4224255 : [ms-inline asm] Add test cases for r166592. The test cases only works if the source operand is a register.
14e71f0 : Move PreprocessorOptions into the Lex library, and make it intrusively reference-counted.
bbf3831 : (De-)serialize header search options.
b0985c8 : Update unit tests for HeaderSearch change
c042edd : Move HeaderSearchOptions into the Lex library, make it intrusively reference-counted, and hold a reference to it in HeaderSearch.
04d25fc : Undef SEMANTIC_VALUE_DIAGOPT appropriately
1b2c3c0 : (De-)serialize the file system options.
5f3d822 : Serialize DiagnosticOptions to the AST file.
6e347bc : Removed an extra blank line.
3e2aa99 : Adds the possibility to run ASTMatchFinder over arbitrary AST nodes.
403f2c6 : Add a simple test involving decltype on Objective-C properties and ivars
aafd111 : Remove the HiddenWeakTemplateVTables CodeGen option. It's currently unused.
19baf06 : Pass LLVM_ANDROID_TOOLCHAIN_DIR if set.
5c51fc4 : Update docs about TSan availability in CMake build
adea517 : Fix some wordings in AddressSanitizer docs.
9230997 : A number of test cases assume that an "int" parameter or return value will be represented in the IR as a plain "i32" type. This causes the tests to spuriously fail on platforms where int is not a 32-bit type, or where the ABI requires attributes like "signext" or "zeroext" to be used.
04631c3 : Revert r166541, "clang/test: Add appropriate requirements as REQUIRES, corresponding to r166532."
129369d : Clang now attempts to create a TargetMachine whenever a triple is given. Many of our tests specify triples that are not built into clang. In this commit we allow clang to fail loading the triple if we are only using clang to emit llvm ir.
045d707 : clang/test: Add appropriate requirements as REQUIRES, corresponding to r166532.
c89fd3a : Add a test for -Warc-abi as requested by Fariborz.
e4aeeaa : Add padding inreg registers to cause llvm to skip ecx when needed with the x86_fastcallcc calling convention.
b693269 : Add inreg markers with the x86_fastcallcc calling convention.
6d919fb : Address feedback from Eli Friedman on r166522.
fa60be0 : Change EmitAssemblyHelper to create the target machine early and use it to initialize the TargetTransformInfo analysis pass. We need the TTI information for the loop vectorizer.
603513d : [analyzer] Handle 'SomeVar.SomeEnumConstant', which is legal in C++.
4d9e497 : [analyzer] Replace -analyzer-no-eagerly-trim-egraph with graph-trim-interval.
e72faf6 : [ms-inline asm] Test case for r166526.
82573e3 : [ms-inline asm] Update the triple to test r166523.
c7db84d : Don't emit -Wunused-value warnings from macro expansions.
f27762b : Tweak include order
dc7b641 : Use a .def file for most of the diagnostic options.
6a6bb28 : Objective-C: check that when a category method is being implemented, method type in cateogry matches the implementation. // rdar://12519216
99eb4a7 : Buildbot debugging is fun
16a4abf : One last unit-test fix
3aeb34f : More unit-test fixes
35d516c : Update clang-interpreter example
8e02361 : Fixup unit tests for DiagnosticOptions change
02c23eb : Make DiagnosticOptions intrusively reference-counted, and make sure the various stakeholders bump up the reference count. In particular, the diagnostics engine now keeps the DiagnosticOptions object alive.
340d0d3 : CMake: Fix public header search for generating Xcode/MSVC projects.
a7a38cb : Fix pretty-printing pseudo-destructor calls. Patch by Grzegorz Jablonski.
2e2d03c : Delete junk that snuck into r166498.
e4851f2 : Add a new warning -Wmissing-variable-declarations, to warn about variables defined without a previous declaration. This is similar to -Wmissing-prototypes, but for variables instead of functions.
4cdad31 : Switch CodeGenOptions over to a .def file, like we do with LangOptions.
713c287 : When rebuilding a DependentScopeDeclRefExpr, perform a lookup into the scope even if it's dependent, in case it now names a member of the current instantiation.
4d5dd7c : [ms-inline asm] Update for r166433.
3667bbe : Handle -pthread, -pg and -shared correctly on bitrig. Patch by David Hill.
ab48268 : Fix some mdoc nits
c711af2 : Make hasDeclaration() matcher work inside the memberExpr() matcher.
ac2153e : clang/test/PCH/pch-dir.c: Update a comment for msvc. msvc(*-win32) implies -std=c++11.
70b9db9 : Implements the thisExpr matcher. Patch by Gabor Horvath.
129dd54 : clang/test/PCH/pch-dir.c: Mark it as XFAIL:msvc. It doesn't fail (virtually xpass) on msvc.
674b227 : clang/test/PCH/pch-dir.c: Relax expressions of path separators for Win32.
27ffa6c : If the precompiled header named by "-include" is actually a directory, check each of the files within that directory to determine if any of them is an AST file that matches the language and target options. If so, the first matching AST file is loaded. This fixes a longstanding discrepency with GCC's precompiled header implementation.
84c3b97 : Fix -Wunused-value to not warn on expressions that have unresolved lookups due to dependent arguments.
28f3a0e : [libclang] Add an environment variable to disable thread background priotity, for testing
5f1385b : [ms-inline-asm] Add handling for errors coming out of the backend.
5f14fcb : Don't try to use inreg with 0 sized structs. Thanks to Eli for reporting the regression.
bb53170 : [Options] Fix two options I mistransformed.
b5b37d1 : Ugly ugly hack for libstdc++-4.6 and libstdc++-4.7 compatibility. These libraries have an incorrect definition of std::common_type (inherited from a bug in the standard -- see LWG issue 2141), whereby they produce reference types when they should not.
4ec429d : Handle implicitly-included PCH files the same way as implicitly-included PTH files during initialization, delaying the mapping down to the "original source file" until after later in the initialization process.
38295be : Allow clients of the AST reader to specify what kinds of AST load failures they know how to tolerate, e.g., out-of-date input files or configuration/version mismatches. Suppress the corresponding diagnostics if the client can handle it.
8b53d14 : Collapse ASTReader::ReadSLocEntryRecord() into its only caller, ReadSLocEntry(). No functionality change.
4825fd7 : Distinguish the various kinds of AST file loading failures: file corruption, compiler version mismatch, target/language configuration mismatch, out-of-date AST file. No functionality change yet.
c635710 : [Options] Add prefixes to options.
6b8194e : ASTReader.cpp: Fix a warning. [-Wunused-variable]
293e2eb : Testcase change for r166440.
97bc3d5 : Fix for PR13334. This prevents crashes that result from badly formed expressions involving __has_include
5a12aca : [ms-inline asm] Test case for r166433.
4d3ee9b : Fix pre-commit refacto failure.
849289e : driver/Darwin: Follow up to last patch, M-class CPUs are AAPCS but not EABI.
a930dc9 : Eliminate the redundancy between source-file information in the source manager block and input-file information in the control block. The source manager entries now point back into the control block. Input files are now lazily deserialized (if validation is disabled). Reduces Cocoa's PCH by the ~70k I added when I introduced the redundancy in r166251.
2e4e110 : driver/Darwin: Default to AAPCS for M-class CPUs.
c99a3ad : Implement hasParent()-matcher.
03e6fda : PR14141 (part of DR1351): An implicitly-deduced "any" exception specification produces an exception of 'noexcept(false)' and is thus compatible with an explicit exception specification of 'noexcept(false)'.
87234c8 : Fix typo, make test case slightly more reabable. Thanks to Dmitri Gribenko for the suggestions.
6592c77 : Silence warning about && in ||.
f4bd329 : Add support of MIPS n32 ABI to the Clang driver. The fix builds correct library/object files paths and passes appropriate command line options to the linker if user provides -mabi=n32 option.
efeeccf : Unrevert r166268, reverted in r166272, with a fix for the issue which Nick found: if an overloaded operator& is present before a template definition, the expression &T::foo is represented as a CXXOperatorCallExpr, not as a UnaryOperator, so we didn't notice that it's permitted to reference a non-static data member of an unrelated class.
860022c : When used in a compound expression FP_CONTRACT should proceed all explicit declarations and statements. Emit an error if the FP_CONTRACT is used later in a compound statement.
c6f84cf : Move private classes into anonymous namespaces.
aa9a8ce : DR1473: Do not require a space between operator"" and the ud-suffix in a literal-operator-id.
444d384 : Rework implementation of DR1492: Apply the resolution to operator delete too, since it also has an implicit exception specification. Downgrade the error to an extwarn, since at least for operator delete, system headers like to declare it as 'noexcept' whereas the implicit definition does not have an explicit exception specification. Move the exception specification for user-declared 'operator delete' functions from the type-as-written into the type, to reflect reality and to allow us to detect whether there was an implicit exception spec or not.
ed1d5d8 : Accept -Wno-arc-abi without warning for a while.
b687f3b : Fix __builtin_va_arg assertion failure in ARM AAPCS.
b59b580 : [analyzer] Assume 'new' never returns NULL if it could throw an exception.
5016a70 : DR1472: A reference isn't odr-used if it has preceding initialization, initialized by a reference constant expression.
0872a06 : When associating file ranges of macro arguments with their macro expansion ranges, make sure to check all the FileID entries that are contained in the spelling range of the expansion for the macro argument.
9fe4856 : [ms-inline asm] Update test case for r166357.
b0850b3 : [ms-inline asm] Test case for r166349 and r166352.
91e06da : [Options] Make Option non clang specific.
e4151c5 : [Options] make Option a value type.
e62cec2 : remove noreturn attribute from __builtin_debugtrap
362b18c : [ms-inline asm] Update testcase for r166316.
25bc47e : [ms-inline asm] Revert accidental commit. Sorry for the churn.
e1aebe1 : Pretty-print a ParenListExpr in a variable initializer correctly. Patch by Grzegorz Jablonski.
793c405 : [ms-inline asm] Set the SemaCallback in the TargetAsmParser.
1f432ee : tests: Fix two tests to just use -triple instead of XFAIL+XTARGET.
ca082d0 : tests: Stop mangling '-vg' into the triple, we don't use this currently. - Also, lit is going to get a valgrind feature, instead.
cbbe2c0 : IRgen: Initialize TargetLoweringInfo with a triple.
ef933ca : add __builtin_debugtrap
5f531a4 : Clarify wording of -Wshift-op-parentheses.
cf81cd2 : [ms-inline asm] Set the MCTargetAsmParser as paring MS-style inline asm.
8cfabf2 : Remove const_casts by propagating constness down to called functions.
535a5d0 : Allow objc_requires_super to be used to check class methods as well.
266dba3 : Change VerifyDiagnosticConsumer so that it *must* contain at least one "expected-*" directive. As a result, for test-cases that are not expected to generate any diagnostics, an additional directive "expected-no-diagnostics" has been implemented which can then be included in such test-cases. This new directive may not be used in conjunction with any other "expected-*" directive.
8e8fb3b : Prior to adding the new "expected-no-diagnostics" directive to VerifyDiagnosticConsumer, make the necessary adjustment to 580 test-cases which will henceforth require this new directive.
4a529d2 : Fix directive parsing in VerifyDiagnosticConsumer so that it ensures that "expected" is at the start of the word and will no longer accept typos such as "junkexpected-*" as a valid "expected-*" directive. A very few test-cases had to be amended to adhere to the new rule.
79cf161 : Revert r166268, this fix for a crash-on-invalid introduced a rejects-valid. Richard has an unreduced testcase to work with.
460e7a2 : [asan] update asan docs to explain more about linking and to mention full support for i386 Linux
820e9a7 : DR1511: A const volatile global does not implicitly get internal linkage like a const non-volatile global does.
80ddc31 : PR14124: When performing template instantiation of a qualified-id outside of a class, diagnose if the qualified-id instantiates to a non-static class member.
0b4cc95 : Fix handling of the regparm attribute in the presence of classes with copy constructors.
d9cad40 : Teach getColumnNumber to use the line cache to get the start of the line if its on the same line as the last call to getLineNumber. Prevents needing to scan backwards for the new line. Fixes PR14106.
25030c4 : Reintroduce the TargetTransformInfo to the clang pass manager.
71197a3 : clang/test/Index/annotate-comments.cpp: Relax the expression to be matched to -fms-compatibility. Then XFAIL can be removed.
bacc2c5 : ASTWriter.cpp: Fix a warning. [-Wunused-variable]
5f75068 : Handle diamond inheritance in -Woverloaded-virtual.
a1a4c03 : Fix typo in comment.
c337fef : Describe the new input-files block and its record, for llvm-bcanalyzer.
745e6f1 : Move the set of files to be validated in an AST file into the control block, so the input files are validated early on, before we've committed to loading the AST file. This (accidentally) fixed a but wherein the main file used to generate the AST file would *not* be validated by the existing validation logic.
ae8273a : clang/test/Index/annotate-comments.cpp: Mark this as XFAIL on msvc. Investigating.
f385233 : Revert r166223 and the subsequent commits that depend on it, r166230 & r166235.
25dfaac : Fix up comment and invert order. Most simple check first.
25c9bc1 : Use the type as written when pretty-printing C-style casts. Patch by Grzegorz Jablonski.
da3301e : Add a new option for and disable column number information as there are no known current users of column info. Robustify and fix up a few tests in the process. Reduces the size of debug information by a small amount.
5b341da : Remove trailing comma.
69e1608 : Move OriginalDir from ASTReader to ModuleFile.
262e60c : [doc parsing] use getParamName to access parameter for current(rewritten) comment and getParamNameAsWritten to access param name coming with \param marker.
d2deb91 : [Options] Make Option non clang specific.
caed060 : Move the "RelocatablePCH" bit from the ASTReader to the module file.
11407b8 : Move information about the "original file" from the ASTReader into the module files.
eafa9d4 : Remove check which incorrectly suppressed printing an identifier in type printing. Patch by Benoit Perrot.
d03ef04 : Fix AST pretty-printing for C++ new expressions with placement arguments with default values.
97b8fd9 : [Options] make Option a value type.
c337d14 : [ms-inline asm] Add a size argument to the LookupInlineAsmIdentifier() callback, which will be used by the asm matcher in the near future.
9a14db3 : Fix Objective-C implicit property synthesis for C++ classes so we use valid source locations in places where it is necessary for diagnostics. By itself, this causes assertions, so while I'm here, also fix property synthesis for properties of C++ class type so we use so we properly set up a scope and mark variable declarations.
4ca3abd : Emit diagnostics in chunks even when we're trying to print colored template diffs.
d052ebf : [ms-inline asm] Have the LookupInlineAsmIdentifier() callback function return a *NamedDecl. In turn, build the expressions after we're finished parsing the asm. This avoids a crasher if the lookup fails.
c3c26b7 : [analyzer] Ivar invalidation: identify properties declared in protocols.
b36ea37 : Factor CollectClassPropertyImplementations out of Sema into AST
a7a68b6 : Patch for decl printer test of objective-c methods. Patch by Dmitri Gribenko.
0ec56b7 : From Vassil Vassilev: enable Sema to deal with multiple ExternalSemaSources.
39c497b : Collapse the original file name and original file ID records into a single record.
7ae467f : Collapse the "version control revision/tag" AST file record into the metadata record, which already had other version information. Clean up the block info block along the way.
7ae5717 : Fix more documentation comments in Comment.h
168425c : Expand the comment for DeclInfo::CurrentDecl.
ee097c1 : Split the target options out into their own record within the AST file's control block.
b1502bc : DR1442: In a range-based for statement, namespace 'std' is not an associated namespace.
a9b1aa5 : [ms-inline asm] Remove accidental commit.
4a7c6eb : Improve comment in couple of fields of DeclInfo.
7ba2b45 : Fix this test to match recent addition of declaration tag.
3d5cf5e : PR14021: Copy lookup results to ensure safe iteration.
7fd00b1 : [ms-inline asm] Move most of the AsmParsing logic in clang back into the MC layer. Use the new ParseMSInlineAsm() API and add an implementation of the MCAsmParserSemaCallback interface.
d77a051 : Fix typo (test commit)
6b2d7c7 : Un-XFAIL some tests for comment to XML conversion. This reverts r166151 and fixes the tests for builds without libxml2.
278eafa : Fixed some corner cases due to implicit int TypeLoc and simplified the logic.
49c67c4 : Put used="1" on all used declarations in the XML dumper. This allows us to start seeing the bit so that we can find bugs and write tests for it.
1d9d989 : Start factoring the on-disk records for an AST file into a control block, which stores information about how the AST file to generated, from the AST block, which stores the actual serialized AST. The information in the control block should be enough to determine whether the AST file is up-to-date and compatible with the current translation unit, and reading it should not cause any side effects that aren't easy to undo. That way, we can back out from an attempt to read an incompatible or out-of-date AST file.
7c00881 : Revert svn r165741 "Add TargetTransformInfo to the clang driver."
922fbc4 : libclang/CXComment.cpp: Fix abuse of StringRef.
6678a05 : Tests for DR1507.
8d7a24e : [libclang] Invoke a ppIncludedFile callback when indexing implicit module imports.
ff9c9e1 : [libclang] Add a test for annotation of module headers
bd2f1f0 : Update comment to match DR1502.
9be36ab : DR1535: only potentially-evaluated typeid expressions are disallowed in constant expressions, not *any* typeid on a polymorphic class type.
76398e5 : Fix -Woverloaded-virtual when the using statement refers to a base declaration of a virtual function.
d654f2d : DR1528: C++11 doesn't allow repeated cv-qualifiers in declarators after all.
07c90ed : XFAIL these tests until I can figure out what is going on on other platforms.
bea52da : Adds couple of missing warning flags so warnings can be turned off. // rdar://12501960
5ba49c0 : Add -std=c++1y argument, for *highly* experimental C++14 support.
1bfb00d : [Doc parsing]: This patch adds <Declaration> tag to XML comment for declarations which pretty-prints declaration. I had to XFAIL one test annotate-comments.cpp. This test is currently unmaintainable as written. Dmitri G., can you see what we can do about this test. We should change this test such that adding a new tag does not wreck havoc to the test.
20d9281 : [analyzer] CmpRuns: cleanup APIs, allow processing of plists with no clang_version, fix the compare routine.
d4ce811 : [analyzer] When binding to a ParenExpr, bind to its inner expression instead.
f1e67d7 : [analyzer] Create a temporary region when accessing a struct rvalue.
485841a : Move -Wint-to-pointer-cast from -Wall to -Wmost to group it with more things.
9556b39 : Revert r158009 since there are some uses of artificial functions in debug info.
1802daf : Fix tests, which accidentally matched implicit code on specific platforms to make buildbots happy.
86ce8f5 : Remove an unneeded flag from the bitrig driver tests.
ce62007 : First version of matchers for Types and TypeLocs.
64fe36e : Update test FIXME: The '[]' in 'delete []' is never part of a lambda.
b03527a : Set a special flag in class metadata when an Objective-C class has ivars that require destruction, but none that require anything except zero-initialization. This is common in ARC and (when true throughout a class hierarchy) permits the elimination of an unnecessary message-send during allocation.
621915c : Organize and rename the magic constants for class flags. No functionality change.
015f33b : At -O0, prefer objc_storeStrong with a null new value to the combination of a load+objc_release; this is generally better for tools that try to track why values are retained and released. Also use objc_storeStrong when copying a block (again, only at -O0), which requires us to do a preliminary store of null in order to compensate for objc_storeStrong's assign semantics.
5708c18 : Implement C++ 10.3p16 - overrides involving deleted functions must match.
193646f : "'Might as well make it static const.' -- John McCall" -- Michael Scott
07f8cf4 : Fix the handling of target options in our unit tests.
16de3db : Move test to a more appropriate place.
915c07d : Fix pretty-printing for variables declared in a condition. Patch by Grzegorz Jablonski.
57016dd : Serialize TargetOptions into an AST file, and make sure that we keep target options around so they can be accessed at any point (rather than keeping them transient).
708f69b : DR1492: In a definition of a destructor, the exception specification must be explicitly specified iff it was specified in the declaration.
2eb9a95 : PR13684: Emit vtable entries for deleted functions as __cxa_deleted_function.
2e2f9dc : ARM ABI: fix testing case arm-abi-vector.c by using [[VAR]]
263366f : Add pnaclcall convention to Native Client targets.
3f784bf : XFAIL this testing case to recover buildbot
e54cba1 : [ms-inline asm] Move some logic around to simplify the interface between the front-end and the AsmParser. No functional change intended.
4d283e1 : Test pure virtual vtable entries in the Itanium ABI.
d954ab4 : Note deleted functions when dumping vtables.
9337102 : ARM ABI: fix ABI alignment issues in varargs.
68aa3a9 : [analyzer] Expose clang_version in CmpRuns
e0c50fa : [analyzer] Ivar Invalidation: track ivars in continuations and @implementation.
97f8157 : ARM ABI: passing illegal vector types as varargs.
d105e73 : ARM ABI: fix ABI alignment issues when passing legal vector types as varargs.
9b29f4f : Implement GCC's -Wint-to-pointer-cast.
4695f91 : When using a symbol with attribute weakref, search for it first and don't try the normal GetOrCreateLLVM. The latter could drop the weak atrtibute on the second reference, if there is no explicit declaration of the aliasee.
1c9a2da : Minor tweak to last patch along with a test case. // rdar://12491143
9f5933a : fixes an objc crash involving objc bool literal on hopelessly poorly written code after spewing several errors. // rdar://12491143
891dac7 : GNUstep runtime version default to 1.6, generate correct property attribute metadata.
a240df2 : Transform pattern: if (CGM.getModuleDebugInfo()) DebugInfo = CGM.getModuleDebugInfo() into a call: maybeInitializeDebugInfo();
a637556 : Use the Attributes::get method which takes an AttrVal value directly to simplify the code a bit. No functionality change.
bc9e5ff : [analyzer] ObjCContainersASTChecker: minor cleanup and an extra test case.
8176557 : [analyzer] CmpRuns - cleaned up the API, added relative path getter
f238aa4 : [analyzer] Embed the analyzer version into the plist output.
51431dc : [analyzer] Enhance the error message.
625ce08 : [analyzer] Do not warn on direct ivar assignments within copy methods.
7a0c064 : Un-revert r164907 and r164902 (+ follow-ups), 10.6 build fix to follow.
6cf7d7d : Fixed CXXNamedCast right paren location propagation to instantiations.
ac70278 : Fixed LabelDecl source range.
b2e8001 : Fixed ClassTemplateSpecializationDecl source range.
ac8ea05 : Fixed FunctionTypeLoc range for trailing return type.
88d285c : Fixes location of overriding declaration with no comment of their own.
dc0d4e2 : Revert r164907 and r164902 (+ follow-ups). They broke building on 10.6.
0d58339 : Move the Attributes::Builder outside of the Attributes class and into its own class named AttrBuilder. No functionality change.
d9b56ed : [ms-inline asm] Rework the front-end to use the API introduced in r165946.
6553c68 : structured document comment: patch to provide comment for overriding function template when comment is comming from overridden declaration. // rdar://12378793
9a022bb : Teach TargetInfo to hold on to the TargetOptions with which it was created.
ba1f040 : [asan] make AddressSanitizer to be a FunctionPass instead of ModulePass. clang part: for FunctionPass we need to run asan at a different point, otherwise it will run before inlining
3d21078 : Only report first error when no compilation database is found.
75d37b4 : Use enum values instead of magic numbers for indexing into the attribute list.
2b49d1f : Introduce the notion of excluded headers into the module map description. Previously, one could emulate this behavior by placing the header in an always-unavailable submodule, but Argyrios guilted me into expressing this idea properly.
50e6b18 : Attributes Rewrite
802cd5b : At -O0, emit an @llvm.trap() call at the end of a value-returning function which fails to return a value, to make debugging this issue easier.
a2e9489 : Make sure temporary files are deleted when recovering from a crash when compiling modules.
ac447fc : Delete temporary output files when an error occurs during PCH reading.
10be5ba : Simplify code. No functionality change.
4d68ed5 : Remove operator cast method in favor of querying with the correct method.
e91e9ec : Use the Builder to create the stack alignment attribute.
2784453 : "Implement" codegen support for __noop().
4308581 : Simplify. Suggestion by Sean Silva.
e5a934d : [analyzer] Remove the "direct bindings only" Environment lookup.
42e95ac : [analyzer] Remove unneeded 'inlineCall' checker callback.
67bd78f : Update for r165858.
de31b28 : [ms-inline asm] Remove a bunch of parsing code from the front-end.
6505a29 : Add TargetInfo for r600.
5f608ae : Make -mms-bitfields behave consistently.
b2aa66c : -fcatch-undefined-behavior: Trap undefined behavior due to conversions to or from a floating-point type where the source value is not in the range of representable values of the destination type.
7461682 : Move assertion to not crash tests.
d0f3d71 : Silence static analyzer issue by documenting that in this context that a DeclRefExpr can never return a null decl. We possibly should hoist this into getDecl() itself.
5a8fc88 : Silence null dereference warnings by documenting context-specific invariants using assertions.
7642b9a : Further harden checking that scan-view isn't serving up pages outside the server root.
441ee1d : Fix potential crash in ObjCContainersChecker by properly validating the number of arguments.
186ec9c : Silence dead store warning. It is conceptually possible we will add more code that references SourceFile, so removing the dead store doesn't seem appropriate for the long term.
507d106 : Fix potential null deference in CFG printer.
857f568 : Remove dead store.
106ddc1 : Update for r165833.
a143a9d : Fix -ast-print for uses of operator->.
6c500b1 : Fix warnings introduced by r165826.
3ce9fae : Thread-safety analysis: support multiple thread-safety attributes on declarations.
fba3fb9 : [ms-inline asm] Remove a bunch of parsing code from the front-end, which will be reimplemented in the AsmParser where it belongs.
c8b2a86 : Add missing header from 165821
8b48e08 : Sanitize the names of modules determined based on the names of headers or directories, to make sure that they are identifiers that are not keywords in any dialect. Fixes <rdar://problem/12489495>.
8b799f3 : Remove XFAIL,fix test
cfe9f32 : XFAIL pending further investigation
6952c01 : Fix typo correction of one qualified name to another.
b1f5fe0 : This patch addresses PR13948.
44cbe67 : Have scan-view guard against serving up pages outside the root directory.
47fcbba : Change (!ptr != 0) to (!ptr) to make the code more readable. No functional change.
f4deaef : Handle a "#pragma options align" inside a class.
71793ef : Add dump support for comments coming from overridden symbols. OK'ed off-line by Doug. // rdar://12378793
3c5527e : c-index-test.c: /* Use C style comment. */
be9edce : clang/test/Index/index-module.m: Tweak expressions to fit Win32 paths.
ab21005 : Remove unused variable.
716c8df : [PCH] We only need to record C++ overridden methods once for the canonical decl.
5dbd990 : Conditionally use an integral cast for BodyFarm support for OSAtomicCompareAndSwap if the return type is not a boolean.
54c8a40 : Track which particular submodule #undef's a macro, so that the actual #undef only occurs if that submodule is imported.
6ec69c3 : Remove dead code introduced in r165751.
749ace6 : search for overridden methods with comment when overriding method has none of its own. Factor in Doug's comments. // rdar://12378793
b43d87b : Remove pointless classof()'s.
d680b98 : Add missing classof().
abeadfb : Provide a fixit when taking the address of an unqualified member function.
80eed72 : clang/test/Index/index-module.m: Move XFAIL. It was line-number-sensitive.
6eefeee : clang/test/Index/index-module.m: Mark it as XFAIL:win32 for now.
55cbb79 : clang/test/Index/index-pch-with-module.m: Tweak expressions for win32 pathsep.
90a76e5 : [ms-inline asm] Remove a bunch of parsing code from the front-end, which will be reimplemented in the AsmParser where it belongs.
3440415 : [ms-inline asm] Lookup the IdentifierInfo using the Idents table and remove the now unused static helper function.
e8219a6 : Diagnose the expansion of ambiguous macro definitions. This can happen only with modules, when two disjoint modules #define the same identifier to different token sequences.
42adacb : Remove OSAtomicChecker.
48fa136 : Switch over to BodyFarm implementation of OSAtomicCompareAndSwap and objc_atomicCompareAndSwap.
41c1f21 : Teach GetBaseType() about BlockPointerTypes.
2916831 : Add TargetTransformInfo to the clang driver.
0ef983e : [libclang] Make sure the index_data.main_filename field is initialized in c-index-test. index_enteredMainFile is not invoked when indexing a module file.
1d20e82 : [libclang] Remove this test while I investigate why it is crashing on release+asserts.
0234bfa : Add null check for malformed code.
8003fd6 : [libclang] Add tests for indexing modules and PCHs using modules.
90da80c : Fix build failure from r165722
3ab50fe : Introduce a simple "hint" scheme to eliminate the quadratic behavior associated with deserializing macro history for an identifier.
e9652bf : Make the deserialization of PendingMacroIDs deterministic.
cadaf4b : Add in the first iteration of support for llvm/clang/lldb to allow variable per address space pointer sizes to be optimized correctly.
f1c1ba0 : -Warc-repeated-use-of-weak: fix a use-of-uninitialized and add a test case.
7da46f9 : Properly factor Native Client defines to support NaCl as an OS with x86/ARM architecture
0142f0c : Handle gnu_inline in c++ in a gcc compatible way. Original patch by Tobias Grosser.
b5cd122 : -Warc-repeated-use-of-weak: Don't warn on a single read followed by writes.
7fffce7 : -Warc-repeated-use-of-weak: Check messages to property accessors as well.
900ab95 : [libclang] Improve AST serialization done by ASTUnit::Save().
50d2b26 : ObjCMethodDecl::findPropertyDecl: bail out early if not an instance method.
babaf31 : Make X86_64ABIInfo clean for ABIs with 32 bit pointers, such as X32 and Native Client
a2cdd4d : clang/test/CodeGenCXX/microsoft-uuidof.cpp: Fix for -Asserts.
c5f8046 : Add codegen support for __uuidof().
e861dd9 : Add prologue text for list of potential checkers.
9573c3a : clang/lib/Headers/CMakeLists.txt: Add f16cintrin.h.
146e5a4 : X86: add F16C support in Clang
4145228 : Remove the ASTDeserializationListener's MacroVisible() callback, which is no longer necessary, as well as the little bit of infrastructure in the AST writer that used it.
7097be9 : Remove an unused bit from the serialized IdentifierInfo
6c6c54a : Deserialize macro history when we deserialize an identifier that has macro history.
8b03277 : Teach set-xcode-analyzer that the new default value for ExecPath is CLANG_ANALYZER_EXEC.
df75b0c : Minor cleanup for r165678; no functional change.
2edcde8 : Make sure we perform the variadic method check correctly for calls to a member operator(). PR14057.
786e620 : Reapply "[analyzer] Treat fields of unions as having symbolic offsets."
3ea19c8 : Fix a crash-on-invalid when parsing a reference to an invalid auto declaration
b9966bd : objective-C IRgen: When sending a method to 'super' in a category class method, don't read 'isa' pointer. Instead, save the desired OBJC_METACLASS_$_ClassName in __DATA,__objc_superrefs and read that without reading any isa pointers. // rdar://12459358
8ceb837 : Temporarily Revert "[analyzer] Treat fields of unions as having symbolic offsets."
bc0a925 : Revert "[Options] make Option a value type."
0464fd5 : [Options] make Option a value type.
cf9030e : [analyzer] Treat fields of unions as having symbolic offsets.
831339c : Make -Wshift-op-parentheses a subgroup of -Wparentheses
dbd9197 : tblgen: Build clang-tblgen without RTTI.
1ab4632 : tblgen: Use LLVM-style RTTI in clang-tblgen
bf967be : [Doc parsing] This patch searches overridden objc/c++ methods looking for documentation on a particular base class inherited by any method that overrides the base class. In case of redeclaration, as when objc method is defined in the implementation, it also looks up for documentation in class/class extension being redeclared.
4eff6b5 : [analyzer] Don't run non-path-sensitive checks on system headers...
469ba55 : [analyzer] Fix typo: s/HandleDeclsGallGraph/HandleDeclsCallGraph/g
c88f8ef : -Warc-repeated-use-of-weak: look through explicit casts on assigned values.
04bec39 : Move Sema::PropertyIfSetterOrGetter to ObjCMethodDecl::findPropertyDecl.
9a1f7d8 : Change Sema::PropertyIfSetterOrGetter to make use of isPropertyAccessor.
1e4691b : Rename ObjCMethodDecl::isSynthesized to isPropertyAccessor.
b5e4ace : Fix stack overflow when trying to create an implicit moving constructor with invalid code.
ff2fb96 : [CMake] clang/tools/extra may be included by LLVM_EXTERNAL_CLANG_TOOLS_EXTRA_SOURCE_DIR.
f82232c : Apply the same fundamental fix for PR14048 as was applied for PR11905.
603571a : Remove the final bits of Attributes being declared in the Attribute namespace. Use the attribute's enum value instead. No functionality change intended.
eae5a820 : Fix PR 11709: Change the definition of va_list to meet AAPCS requirement
d34eca2 : Place temporary LTO files into their own subdirectory.
fac6310 : Have 'addFnAttr' take the attribute enum value. Then have it build the attribute object and add it appropriately. No functionality change.
93cd6e8 : Disable the preprocessing record when indexing a source file and modules are not enabled.
62288ed : When indexing a module file, for the ppIncludedFile callback give an invalid location if the location points to the synthetic buffer for the module input.
2a85718 : [modules] Consistently construct a buffer as input to build the module. This means the main file for modules will always be a virtual one.
bf43f2f : Tidy up formatting.
930c05c : -fcatch-undefined-behavior: catch a VLA bound which evalutes to a non-positive value.
0a94068 : Fix test broken by r165572.
1be7939 : Revert "Use a special path to place the .o files in."
dc47bdc : -fcatch-undefined-behavior: store the type name directly at the end of a type descriptor. 5% binary size reduction due to fewer relocations.
196f35e : Add extra vim swap file pattern
a8235d6 : Rework the (de-)serialization of macros, as stored in MacroInfo*. Instead of simply dumping an offset into the current file, give each macro definition a proper ID with all of the standard modules-remapping facilities. Additionally, when a macro is modified in a subsequent AST file (e.g., #undef'ing a macro loaded from another module or from a precompiled header), provide a macro update record rather than rewriting the entire macro definition. This gives us greater consistency with the way we handle declarations, and ties together macro definitions much more cleanly.
8b2bfdd : People put pragmas in crazy places; add more handling. PR14046.
6c2fd0d : Initialize the end loc in ObjCInterfaceTypeLoc.
238b6a9 : The clang driver has a fairly fancy support for executing gcc instead of clang itself. This dates back to clang's early days and while it looks like some of it is still used (for kext for example), other parts are probably dead.
bc0a2bb : Simplify the code using SmallVector::append(), as suggested by Benjamin Kramer.
96a6eb9 : [driver] Remove redundant cases due to overlapping commits between Ted (r165531, 165532) and I (r165534), but leave the test case in place.
4def70d : -fcatch-undefined-behavior: emit calls to the runtime library whenever one of the checks fails.
d372a70 : [driver] Remove the -W[no-][int-conversion|constant-conversion|enum-conversion] options when clang invokes cc1plus for i386 kexts. rdar://12459188
2c3d8fa : Don't forward -Wenum-conversion to cc1plus.
28e2aff : Don't forward -Wint-conversion to cc1plus.
26a9438 : Create variable for warning group -Wshorten-64-to-32.
740ae67 : Move the functionality that looks for ObjC overridden methods from ASTContext to the ObjCMethodDecl, and have the more generic ASTContext::getOverriddenMethods() use the ObjCMethodDecl::getOverriddenMethods() function.
ce12d2f : Make the order of visitation of the pending bodies in the AST reader deterministic.
5456b0fe : When we load a function or method body from an AST file, we check whether that function/method already has a body (loaded from some other AST file), as introduced in r165137. Delay this check until after the redeclaration chains have been wired up.
f288d22 : Fixup for r165097: build 32-bit ASan compiler-rt library on 64-bit Linux only if just-built clang can build simple 32-bit executables
3644d97 : If a macro has been #undef'd in a precompiled header, we still need to write out the macro history for that macro. Similarly, we need to cope with reading a macro definition that has been #undef'd.
f5b132f : Clearing a SmallPtrSet is still expensive, split it out from OverloadCandidateSet::clear and don't do it on destruction.
5c3e4ca : We use the enums to query whether an Attributes object has that attribute. The opaque layer is responsible for knowing where that specific attribute is stored.
de7c001 : CXXMethodDecl::isConst() and CXXMethodDecl::isVolatile() can be const methods
21c3607 : Move the logic that searches for overridden methods from libclang to ASTContext so that it can be widely available.
38eb1e1 : When storing the C++ overridden methods, store them once for the canonical method; avoid storing them again for an out-of-line definition.
3ef38ee : Make sure we allow "#pragma options align=mac68k" in function-local contexts. <rdar://problem/12453134>
7716a6b : Add regression test to check if -Wenum-conversion is a subgroup of -Wconversion.
d69f31c : In VarDecl::getSourceRange() make sure to check that the source location of the initializer is valid before using it.
635dc3a : Actually add the -Wenum-conversion group to -Wconversion as r165361 seems to have intended.
fc80b79 : Sort the subgroups of the diagnostic group for -Wconversion. No functionality changed.
8e6881d : Make Bitrig's clang understand -stdlib= correctly. With this patch Bitrig can use a different c++ library without pain and within the normal commandline parameters.
09655fc : Use a special path to place the .o files in.
3201da3 : CompilationDatabaseTest: Fix another Windows path issue.
8a5e8c3 : CompilationDatabase: Use //net paths for tests, as they should be considered absolute on all platforms.
d7ee194 : Don't emit double parentheses in __clang_version__.
61a50ad : Hopefully appease Windows buildbot with Japanese (?) error message.
2dbe2fa : FileNameMatchTrie: Use StringRef instead of Twines where possible.
25a6a84 : Move TargetData to DataLayout.
d3420c9 : Support symlinks and relative paths in complilation databases.
6b34c17 : Use a single note diagnostic for all the precedent/parentheses warnings.
0bea863 : StringRef-ify Binary/UnaryOperator::getOpcodeStr
6988666 : Python bindings: fix typo.
724d0dc : Python bindings: Add missing availability kind.
64f7ad9 : Use getArch instead of getArchName + string compare.
a4a809e : Use getArch instead of getArchName.
09fa33b : List of potential checkers: smart pointer checker: actually, unique_ptr<T[]> will do the right thing for new[] allocated memory. Thanks David!
b4e4529 : Clang static analyzer docs: fix a couple of HTML markup issues and non-UTF-8 characters.
9074fbe : List of potential checkers: more C++11 details for the smart pointer checker.
d190057 : Expose __builtin_bswap16.
0b06e33 : Place warn_impcast_different_enum_types in a new warning group, -Wenum-conversion, that is a subgroup of -Wconversion.
e3af20d : Add link to potential future checkers.
41c1c71 : Add list of potential checkers. Provided by Anton Yartsev!
b1368c8 : [analyzer] Tweak test to run the retain-count checker even on non-Darwin.
1e5101e : ParentMap: Restore the ability to update an existing map.
cf4ce93 : [analyzer] Handle implicit statements used for end-of-path nodes' source locs.
d29245c : [libclang] Fix the comments, as suggested by Dmitri.
53d6ded : [libclang] Don't disable the preprocessing record while indexing so as to not mess up with module building.
cbeda89 : Fix another spot where this test varied for a Release build.
74112be : Make test resilient to Release build temp names.
c857ce8 : Propagate calling convention for aliases and weakrefs.
26994a1 : FileCheckize test
ef2388b : Thread-safety analysis: allow attributes on constructors to refer to 'this'.
efdfc1d : Add color output to 'diagtool tree' to show what warnings are enabled by default.
54db324 : Changing line endings from Windows to Unix. No functional changes.
4d1499d : Add intrinsic of MULX in BMI2 header
abd5fa2 : Added forgotten break.
e6b39bc : Make sure to generate the right kind of MDNode for enum forward declarations. PR14029, clang part.
c969e6a : Workaround for libstdc++4.6 <atomic> bug: make comment more explicit about what's going on, per Sean Silva's suggestion.
b3f55c5 : Implement -Wshift-op-parentheses for: a << b + c
134d1e8a : [libclang] Now that we have a CXModule object, pass it to the importedASTFile indexing callback.
5d04b1a : [libclang] Introduce new C functions that provide information about modules:
c7782d9 : [Modules] Introduce Module::TopHeaders which is a set of top-level headers that are associated with a (sub)module.
f03b888 : [preprocessing record] Have PPEntityID be independent of the size of the loaded entities vector, otherwise its meaning will change when a module is imported and the vector size changes.
6a01012 : [libclang] Introduce CXCursor_ModuleImportDecl cursor kind, used for a module import declaration.
76dd249 : Test case for r165275.
36ef0d5 : If we flow off the end of a value-returning function: - outside C++, return undef (behavior is not undefined unless the value is used) - in C++, with -fcatch-undefined-behavior, perform an appropriate trap - in C++, produce an 'unreachable' (behavior is undefined immediately)
c339393 : libstdc++-4.6 needs the same common_type fix as libstdc++-4.7. Other than that, Clang can now cope with its eccentricities in C++11 mode.
d1a55a6 : Egriegious hack to support libstdc++4.6's broken <atomic> header, which defines a non-inline namespace, then reopens it as inline to try to add its symbols to the surrounding namespace. In this one special case, permit the namespace to be reopened as inline, and patch up the name lookup tables to match.
59c0a81 : Fixed FunctionTypeLoc source range.
635311f : Fixed instantiated operators source range.
03a4005 : Fixed friend decl source range.
16467f2 : Fixed ParamDecl source range for implicit typed k&r parameters.
3645056 : Fix the CodeGen/ppc64-varargs-struct.c test case to tolerate release builds.
61e404e : Add a test case for r156143, which enabled general varargs support for the 64-bit PPC SVR4 ABI.
e20e508 : Driver: Link crtfastmath.o if it's available and -ffast-math is specified.
45bed13 : Fix scope location when parsing GNU attributes.
763794a : Revert 165129
cbdc1a3 : Prefer StringRef::startswith to the strncmp/strlen contraption.
429fce9 : Fix typo in comments.
351dbbe : Fix r165005: The lexical DeclContext is not the right place to make a decision about whether we need to call tryAddTopLevelDecl or not. That call should be made when the DeclContext's redeclaration context is the translation unit.
acf0bb4 : Add missing comment for mangling.
ff4ae6d : Fail early with a clear assert if an operation with multiple uses somehow ends up being contracted during codegen.
eddb00a : Test file-scoped FP_CONTRACT pragma.
9595c7e : Permanently end the whole "pragma got handled by the parser too early" mess by handling all pragmas which the parser touches uniformly. <rdar://problem/12248901>, etc.
731a262 : Add an explicit -object_path_lto flag during linking with a uniquified temporary file name if building Apple-style.
5904c9c : use ';' instead of '-' in the note part of my last patch.
36d0676 : Update test case for r165174.
de3832b : tblgen: Migrate clang-tblgen to new TableGenMain API.
2ceac2d : Remove the directory that these are already in.
3da76bf : [libclang] When indexing, invoke the importedASTFile for PCH files as well.
37f2f52 : [libclang] Simplify indexing of module imports by handling implicit imports via ImportDecls.
1a71112 : PR14004: Fix typo in documentation.
2df1bd4 : Fix invalid reads by memcmp.
ddc5733 : Always initialize FPContractable.
9b7dcdb : [Options] Store the owning OptTable in Option so it can construct Group and Alias.
fc44e88 : Remove useless parameter "WantFile" from Driver::GetProgramPath(). This parameter is useless because nowhere used explicitly and always gets its default value - "false".
2fc107f : This patch enables general varargs support for the 64-bit PPC SVR4 ABI.
5b82073 : Fix a typo in my last patch reported by Erik Schwiebert.
3021475 : Remove ASTReader::needPendingInstantiation(), introduced in r164993, which is neither correct nor necessary. The use of this routine was eliminated by r165137.
8d45c2b : Add some FIXMEs to the ASTReader code
e5fa3c2 : Revert most of the functionality in r165001. Instead, make sure that the ASTReader doesn't attach a body to a function that is already defined elsewhere.
3f001ff : objective-C arc: Warn under arc about a use of an ivar inside a block that doesn't have a 'self' as this implicitly captures 'self' and could create retain cycles. Provide fixit. // rdar://11194874
f8d9bd5 : Implement Adnroid MIPS toolchain support: 1. Add mipsel-linux-android to the list of valid MIPS target triples. 2. Add <gcc install path>/mips-r2 to the list of toolchain specific path prefixes if target is mipsel-linux-android.
f2a2dae : Fix failure of newly added test, by using %clang instead of %clang_cc1 and by specifying a target.
d73ea0b : Adds a test to verify that Clang does the optimization to use a fast div/rem instruction (for Intel Atom).
ff63227 : Revert "InlineObjCInstanceMethod.m: Remove lines introduced in r165079."
1215057 : clang-check: Add clangRewriteCore.a to the Makefile build to make it link again.
72a91dd : Matching block names with FileCheck requires asserts.
7b2f93c : CodeGen: Fix a silly typo when emitting subs of block addresses.
385b91f : When mangling an APSInt with the ms abi, make sure to look at all nibbles.
5e5f726 : As opposed to the clang-fixit tool described on http://clang.llvm.org/docs/ClangTools.html, this adds -fixit option to clang-check. Thus, clang-check can become a general-purpose tool to run clang capitalizing on the info stored in a compilation database.
bd59a01 : Fix typo in comments.
7d9c975 : Comment to XML conversion: escape XML special chars correctly; use correct regex for version tuples.
2bf8980 : The top-level clang Makefile is #included into other Makefiles. (sigh) So we can't have the logic here to add in the 'tools/{driver,libclang}' directories, because they will be added in for ALL Makefiles which #include the top-level one. Place the logic into the 'tools' Makefile.
4f0b2d1 : Add the missing backslash-newline which was causing make errors.
2985cbc : Make sure 32-bit ASan runtime is available on 64-bit Linux platforms
c950bc9 : While I'm here, resync a %select with the enum definition it selects on.
2225556 : Move expression mangling in the microsoft mangler to its own function.
88a374a : Replace a default: with an explicit list of cases. No functionality change.
4b70070 : Update the block specification for some long-settled subleties.
d09074f : InlineObjCInstanceMethod.m: Remove lines introduced in r165079. It broke some builds, on FreeBSD, Linux and Windows.
bebae7c : [PCH] Fix serialization of an ImportDecl.
d64c26f : Set the file entry for a Module* that was created during deserialization of a module file.
50e71f1 : Add a FIXME.
d3d9816 : Introduce ASTConsumer::HandleImplicitImportDecl() callback that is invoked when an ImportDecl that was implicitly created due to an inclusion directive.
95c579c : Some renames to use the 'visitor' nomenclature, no functionality change.
6880f49 : Improve C++11 attribute parsing.
48314cf : [analyzer] Adjust the return type of an inlined devirtualized method call.
aa66b08 : [analyzer] Push evalDynamicCast and evalDerivedToBase up to Store.
041ce8e : Teach getCXXRecordDeclForPointerType about references.
6b2cc42 : Change how the SelfReferenceChecker handles MemberExpr. Instead of treating each one separately, process a stack of MemberExpr's as a single unit so that static calls and member access will not be warned on.
3d3f1f7 : Revert 165058, per Jim request. This requires further discussion.
7c83896 : Added a test for C++11 statement attributes serialization.
8da68b8 : [Doc parse]: SUpport for message in deprecated/unavailable attribute going iinto XML document.
86e7b7e : Silence -Wunused-value warning.
3329ad1 : [ms-inline asm] Rewrite the symbol references as wildcard MCParsedAsmOperands. A Sema lookup is used to determine the size of the variable, which is in turn used during wildcard matching.
a2ea4d9 : [PCH/Module] Change the map of file-level DeclIDs to use a FileID as key instead of a SLocEntry pointer. This allows the array of file sorted declarations in a PCH/module to be deterministic.
2093e0b : [libclang] When indexing an AST file, only deserialize the file level declarations of the current primary module.
ac9289d : [ms-inline asm] Fixup test case to be valid ms-style asm. Fix whitespace.
48d05e6 : Refactor clients of AnalyzerOptions::getBooleanOption() to have an intermediate helper method to query and populate the Optional value.
94bb74c : Tweak AnalyzerOptions::getOptionAsInteger() to populate the string table, making it printable with the ConfigDump checker. Along the way, fix a really serious bug where the value was getting parsed from the string in code that was in an assert() call. This means in a Release-Asserts build this code wouldn't work as expected.
9e28fe6 : Change AnalyzerOptions::mayInlineCXXMemberFunction to default populate the config string table. Also setup a test for dumping the analyzer configuration for C++.
2a46533 : [Doc parsing]: Add available and deprecated attribute info to XML output. // rdar://12378879
180d9d9 : [ms-inline asm] Enhance the isSimpleMSAsm() function to handle operands with pointer size directives (e.g., dword ptr [eax]).
ad90d10 : Fix test for r165028. It only generates that flag for source files now. <rdar://problem/12401423>
6acf8b4 : During LTO, we call 'dsymutil' when we compile source files. This necessitates clang specifying a temporary file that it later cleans up so that it can survive the linking stage. However, when we compile object files during LTO we don't call 'dsymutil'. That's done at a different stage (if at all). We rely upon the linker to specify a unique name for the temporary file it generates. <rdar://problem/12401423>
865cc14 : Convert to FileCheck.
ef3f6ff : No need to call the InitializeAll* functions.
438daee : FP_CONTRACT: Fix two tests for -Asserts.
632dcc9 : [libclang] When indexing an AST file, only deserialize the preprocessing record entities of the current primary module.
8dd927c : Add info in the preprocessing record whether an inclusion directive resulted in an automatic module import.
3fe9778 : [libclang] Even though we disable the preprocessing record during indexing, make sure that it gets enabled for when a module needs to be created.
2c3e05c : [libclang] Implement the importedASTFile indexing callback to provide info about imported modules.
d44e43e : Splitting this test case into two because the behavior for the calling convention code is target-specific.
82bfa19 : Allowing individual targets to determine whether a given calling convention is allowed or ignored with warning. This allows for correct name mangling for x64 targets on Windows, which in turn allows for linking against the Win32 APIs.
2ec1d13 : Silencing an MSVC warning about */ being found outside of a comment.
bb2011d : Add redecls into their lexical DeclContext: this is what they assert on, and the merging should have set it correctly. This is especially relevant for templatedDecls that might be injected (and thus have their DeclContext set to) somewhere completely different.
1ecf0e6 : Enable programmatic provisioning of virtual module.map files (instead of writing out actual module.map files). Opens up the wonders of clang::Modules to tools - though they remain as experimental as before.
38c3bb4 : Only those InterestingDecls that got added to the AST should be passed to the ASTConsumer.
f88cd53 : -arch is a darwin-specific driver feature, use a triple instead in rewriter test.
e50d4f6 : Force triple in test to unbreak it on non-darwin platforms.
39d26c3 : Merge pending instantiations instead of overwriting existing ones. Check whether a pending instantiation needs to be instantiated (or whether an instantiation already exists). Verify the size of the PendingInstantiations record (was only checking size of existing PendingInstantiations).
b7bafa9 : Use an environment variable instead of what's in the make cmd goals.
3ba17ee : Tweak diagnostic text to indicate that __weak on a local variable is only allowed for ARC. Fixes <rdar://problem/12407705>
be9af12 : Add FP_CONTRACT support for clang.
d13eff6 : Check if an IdentifierInfo* is null when the FunctionDecl isn't a simple C function.
0fabc18 : Re-enable this test to reflect re-enabling the new SROA pass.
66360e2 : -Wformat: Don't check format strings in uninstantiated templates.
d625056 : clang/test/Index: Fix two tests. Both %S and %t are expanded to absolute paths.
3034d88 : [ms-inline asm] Use the convertToMapAndConstraints() function in the front-end. Rework the logic to account for the fact that we no longer create a MCInst.
7cf0cd3 : [clang-tests] Changed relative paths to absolute paths in run command for annotate-macro-args.m, get-cursor-macro-args.m, import_self.c.
ec0df93 : Modern translator test. Breakup test into two and skip the x86_64 version for mingw32 and win32.
fdcc289 : Rename a test I just added.
88b6c4b : objective-C modern translator. Test for producing both 32bit and 64bit version of modern translator. // rdar://12189793
01cad02 : Fix treatment of case which came up on std-proposals@: 'void' is permitted in core constant expressions, despite not being a literal type.
c4a8391 : PR13978: A 'decltype' DeclSpec has an expression representation, not a type representation. Fix crash if it appears in the return type of a member function definition.
bbff82f : Move isObjCSelf into Expr.
b9733ac : [analyzer] Address Jordan's review for r164868.
0209abf : Add xml test for availability to comment-xml-schema.c
e606e3d : [analyzer] Allow ObjC ivar lvalues where the base is nil.
75c5e6d : [analyzer] Add a test for PR13927 "offsetof replacement flagged as null deref"
d27a368 : Revert "[analyzer] Check that a member expr is valid even when the result is an lvalue."
faab561 : availability in structured documents. Takes care of comments by Dimitri and Doug.
622b6fb : Have AnalyzerOptions::getBooleanOption() stick the matching config string in the config table so that it can be dumped as part of the config dumper. Add a test to show that these options are sticking and can be cross-checked using FileCheck.
43e8ef0 : Add checker debug.ConfigDumper to dump the contents of the configuration table. The format of this output is a WIP; largely I'm bringing it up now for regression testing. We can evolve the output format over time.
0504a59 : Reapply "[analyzer] Handle inlined constructors for rvalue temporaries correctly."
568f785 : Cleaning up the self initialization checker. -Allow Sema to do more processing on the initial Expr before checking it. -Remove the special conditions in HandleExpr() -Move the code so that only one call site is needed. -Removed the function from Sema and only call it locally. -Warn on potentially evaluated reference variables, not just casts to r-values. -Update tests.
ca5d78d : [analyzer] Make ProgramStateManager's SubEngine parameter optional.