android-5.1.1_r26 to android-5.1.1_r28 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

227dfb0 : Fix false alarm on thread suspend timeout
a1e6d9a : Increase default allocation stack size
38078c6 : ART: More ELF and oat file safety measures
a8d6729 : Fix ordering of fields with the same name.
ca45725 : Fix LinkFieldsComparator.
dd1e0f8 : Fix bad OOM check in Thread::CreatePeer().
c4b2f16 : Don't call dlsym from signal context in signal chain
0624965 : ART: Fix preverified setting in VerifyClass
f1d9b04 : Fix crash when connected to DDMS
8165fda : Ensure class is linked before resolution
df96098 : Temporarily disable LOS on 64 bit
ec61aea : Ignore heap trim requests if we are the zygote
d81877c : Fix heap trimmer daemon sleeping.
70c71ab : Change intern table to unordered set.
d04f113 : Map heap maps at a lower address.
6c4da4e : Fix GC memory overhead accounting.
9660918 : Make a couple of map checks debug only.
a4962aa : Make Monitor::Wait more robust to spurious Inflate failures.
2d5a21c : Use homogeneous space compaction if proper flag is set.
ab9a0db : Revert "Reduce stack usage for overflow checks"
aeb5f81 : AArch64: Fix art_quick_string_compareto.
564db52 : Use the right instruction set for checking dex-cache staleness.
6b93218 : Fix performance regression in OatFile::GetOatDexFile().
cd21f85 : ART: Fix verifier mishandling erroneous array component types
320299b : ART: Bump oat version for embedded vtable
95e1558 : Fix build, missing spaces around =/<.
0e7f37d : Set vtable in class object to null after linking.
1c46a24 : Fix main space memory leak and add checks.
a1b730c : Fix dangling pointer bug when transitioning to background.
c5c8258 : Fix stale remembered sets error.
5995216 : Avoid race in single thread suspension.

+- Project: platform/bionic

023c327 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE - bionic: resolver: exclude a range of ports from random_bind in DNS
3da136a : Modify test to avoid race condition.
e4ae96f : Revert "Fix dlsym() to take into account RTLD_GLOBAL/LOCAL"
d84897d : Revert "Add RTLD_NODELETE flag support"
189ac9f : Revert "Fix relocation to look for symbols in local group"
8bf7353 : Revert "Remove unnecessary lookups during relocations"
8b952f5 : Revert "Fix mips build"
86fdf8f : Revert "Fix symbol lookup order during relocation"
b9f21a0 : Revert "Fix arm64 and arm builds."
20dc3f8 : Replace snprintf calls in linker.
a0108ac : Fix leak_realloc, copy entire allocation.
b5e0854 : Add a way to disable backtracing in malloc debug.
1183762 : Use libunwindbacktrace for debug malloc code.
4514aa6 : HACK: remove %m support from printf.
0caf70e : Fix belated review comments on syslog change.

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

ee67c24 : Track usage of Vector / SortedVector from libutils DO NOT MERGE
e6fd45c : Track usage of Vector / SortedVector from libutils DO NOT MERGE
0e5356a : DO NOT MERGE Revert "Erase PST partition if its marked to be erased."
c94fa0b : DO NOT MERGE Revert "Erase PST partition if its marked to be erased."
5b9defe : updater: Check the return value from ApplyImagePatch / ApplyBSDiffPatch
18f371d : updater: Check the return value from ApplyImagePatch / ApplyBSDiffPatch
3e91f69 : Bump up max_map_count value.
8002104 : Add O_CREAT option for open
f9bc2a5 : create block map for all update packages on /data
f2127b6 : fix two bugs in block image updater
64be827 : change uncrypt to static linking

+- Project: platform/build

22a3719 : "LMY48Y"
b207b88 : "LYZ28N"
2064ebc : DO NOT MERGE - Backport of ag/748221 - Security Patch Level in Settings CL#2/3
b620b89 : DO NOT MERGE - Backport of ag/748221 - Security Patch Level in Settings CL#2/3
c814f4a : LMY48X
1dd05bd : LMY48W
a531281 : "LMY48V"
cd811c3 : "LMY48U"
c845e59 : "LMY48T"
5f48454 : "LYZ28M"
57677bf : LYZ28L
d2a49a4 : LMY48S
12fe3d4 : LMY48R
5b1e35c : LMY48Q
cad7d3a : LMY48P
53fcd13 : "LMY48O"
41c0eab : "LYZ28K"
09787c9 : "LMY48N"
3b9e3a3 : "LMY48M"
f165cfb : LMY48L
1daf507 : LYZ28J
a3ebc82 : "LMY48K"
857091b : "LYZ28I"
c445cc3 : "LMY48J"
fa943a9 : "LMY48I"
1124c59 : "LYZ28H"
c24f878 : "LYZ28G"
5a71557 : "LMY48H"
40be6ec : "LMY48G"
13f696e : "LMY48F"
546a5aa : "LMY48E"
e6e0508 : LYZ28F
f28d2f5 : "LYZ28E"
38deeee : "LMY48D"
bca602e : "LMY48C"
52e6cd1 : "LYZ28D"
dc9faaf : LYZ28C
31bd690 : LYZ28B
11d7d44 : "LYZ28"
0ce1110 : "LYZ27B"
ae2a6c6 : "LYZ27"
5008b9c : "LYZ24B"
b638614 : "LYZ24"
dcece82 : "LYZ23"
a87306b : "LYZ22"
e113a54 : "LYZ21"
23d521c : "LYZ20"
9704040 : "LYZ16B"
0b02dd4 : "LMY48B"
25799ca : doc: Add Korean version of DAC/distribute/ page.
aa9fbd8 : Doc change: increment metadata for updated Distribute landing page content.
a8cf30e : "LMY47Z"
cd9a163 : "LYZ16"
4f2b898 : "LMY47Y"
c096f93 : "LYZ15"
8747eae : "LYZ14"
a586392 : docs: add new style elements for Material Design cross-references
26b6006 : Increment metadata files for new families pages.
7c22c9a : skeleton structure for NDK site
793c7e3 : "LMY47X"
b2373fb : "LYZ13"
cccdfc8 : Deleting or modifying files in new templates-ndk directory.
53b7c75 : Cloned templates-sdk to create baseline for templates-ndk
fd16d09 : Revert "Cloned sdk-templates directory to create an ndk-templates directory for production use."
84520ab : Cloned sdk-templates directory to create an ndk-templates directory for production use.
d6ee811 : "LYZ09B"
28b8959 : "LYZ09"
626d99a : "LYZ08"
76db86a : "LMY47W"
dfc3eb2 : "LYZ07"
a9c8e58 : "LMY47V"
1c619e3 : "LYZ06"
a695065 : "LYZ02C"
efbcf1b : "LYZ02B"
52776a9 : "LYZ02"
b2bc140 : "LMY47U"
02eb1eb : "LYZ01"
3892a6c : "LMY47T"
a117fb5 : "LYY90"
6d84b9a : "LYY89"
6859665 : "LYY85C"
60c5a09 : "LMY47S"
9ef1170 : DO NOT MERGE - Bump version to 5.1.1
a14b24a : "LYY85B"
7f47ecb : "LYY85"
1c3bf5c : DO NOT MERGE - Bump version to 5.1.1
33045be : "LMY47R"
f086fec : "LYY84"
1b9104f : "LYY83"
ad54a4d : Add selinux and verity support to custom image generation.
3bf1cbd : "LYY82"
cc61059 : "LMY47Q"
058dc07 : "LYY78B"
12f670b : "LYY78"
02060b7 : Bump generic_x86_64 system partition size - DO NOT MERGE
5cdb002 : "LYY77"
44182da : "LYY76"
caa45d6 : "LMY47P"
182ec74 : "LYY75"
ae61f50 : Support to configure and build multiple custom images.
daebaa6 : Restrict the verification in block-based incremental OTAs
e0c3076 : "LYY71"
1ac5b83 : "LMY47O"
5624c45 : "LYY70"
128bb23 : "LMY47N"
394055b : "LYY69"
06047ce : "LYY68"
4278529 : "LMY47M"
4522f41 : "LMY47L"
bd5479c : "LMY47K"
2c595ea : "LYY64"
5a0b3c7 : "LMY47J"
85d27f0 : "LYY63"
d61ef57 : "LMY47I"
a8898c0 : "LYY62"
8d5f0f9 : "LMY47H"
fecbe12 : "LYY61"
07475e5 : "LYY57B"
16eea6e : LMY47G
bf56536 : Use ALL_MODULES.$(m).INSTALLED in modules-for-tag-list
0e36bfe : Use ALL_MODULES.$(m).INSTALLED in modules-for-tag-list
b4e7683 : "LYY57"
be9ec01 : "LMY47F"
dbb2ce9 : "LYY56"
06260a3 : "LYY55"
4bff044 : "LYY54"
31d0c91 : "LYY53"
7b2e9f0 : LMY47E
98e6410 : "LYY52"
025cf46 : "LYY51"
c646bbf : We shouldn't use temporary variable in the build recipe.
741d29d : Fix build id on lmp-mr1-wfc-release branch
9ef2e96 : "LMY47D"
c0a4083 : "LMY47C"
37a9ed2 : "LMY47B"
ef863cb : "LMY47"
6a85377 : "LMY44"
916da20 : "LMY43"
9f874ac : "LMY42B"
dd94073 : "LMY42"
33be60e : "LMY41"
e8a60f5 : "LMY40"
150507d : "LMY36C"
ef11433 : "LMY36B"
0c41b95 : "LMY36"
37c84ae : doc: Add Japanese version of DAC/distribute/ page.
72a42e0 : "LMY35"
a610104 : "LMY34B"
1587fa3 : "LMY34"
9a93327 : "LMY33"
798c65e : LMY29F
7041bb4 : "LMY29E"
5dbaf43 : "LMY29D"
a83b3c8 : "LMY29C"
b8c634f : "LMY29B"
7a31d48 : "LMY29"
f9f468b : "LMY28C"
8e18941 : "LMY28B"
6f9bcea : "LMY28"
e27f7d9 : "LMY27B"
4a9f9a3 : "LMY27"
1dd5a53 : "LMY26B"
bdd2b68 : "LMY26"
b5547a9 : "LMY22E"
3d8dbb5 : "LMY22D"
71095ef : "LMY22C"
14e0e8e : "LMY22B"
a45c583 : "LMY22"
48d4838 : "LMY21B"
dd4f77f : "LMY21"
a73ac1e : "LMY20B"
bd6b04a : "LMY20"
9696b6c : "LMY19"
580d39c : "LMY15E"
975a5b2 : "LMY15D"
33e478c : "LMY15C"
bc032f5 : "LMY15B"
82ff232 : "LMY15"
41d06ef : "LMY14B"
4fc5132 : "LMY14"
bd36192 : "LMY13B"
7b3d19e : "LMY13"
ead232b : "LMY12B"
a3b7a4a : "LMY12"
a2cef5e : "LMY08F"
bb9be91 : "LMY08E"
cf2f649 : "LMY08D"
2ece687 : "LMY08C"
cd907b7 : "LMY08B"
0ef07a0 : "LMY08"
f9ed01d : "LMY07B"
1ab8b63 : "LMY07"
65f4c61 : "LMY06B"
934cb16 : "LMY06"
117230d : "LMY05"
e5b1b8b : "LMY02"
800bf2e : "LMY01"
e18b498 : "LMX92"
82badea : "LMX91"
df1c386 : "LMX90"
b1f2739 : "LMX86"
2d6cd62 : "LMX85"
5f92d8b : "LMX84"
6e6300d : "LMX83"
64d88c6 : "LMX72O"
b41ec58 : "LMX72N"
64f49d3 : "LMX72M"
c132889 : "LMX72L"
97bcbab : LMX72K
aed7150 : "LMX72J"
7e0934a : "LMX72I"
ce8efb5 : "LMX72H"
1386992 : "LMX72G"
e938ffb : "LMX72F"
72ce3c9 : "LMX72E"
4267d4f : "LMX72D"
7aff6e6 : "LMX72C"
0af08a0 : "LMX72B"
84b9197 : "LMX72"
6377b19 : LMX71C
95a5d38 : "LMX71B"
df3793c : "LMX71"
1ac57d7 : "LMX70B"
2e12c4e : "LMX70"
8cc1071 : LMX69C
90fe601 : "LMX69B"
8a1c368 : "LMX69"
eb063f1 : "LMX65F"
c8e899d : "LMX65E"
f5d159e : LMX65D
69297cd : "LMX65C"
69105e9 : LMX65B
d15fbc9 : "LMX65"
5ad50f9 : "LMX64B"
05d71e7 : "LMX64"
48764c1 : "LMX63C"
0cc244a : "LMX63B"
42e9acf : "LMX63"
18acbf6 : "LMX62"
27f32d9 : "LMX58"
eabc912 : "LMX55D"
d9770f7 : LMX55C
19070e1 : "LMX55B"
2e9f18c : "LMX55"
3029c93 : "LMX51C"
50994fb : "LMX51B"
c2e4dd6 : "LMX51"
9a6afb8 : "LMX50C"
df63709 : "LMX50B"
c22ab44 : "LMX50"
4826625 : "LMX49B"
49c2a05 : "LMX49"
7dabd32 : "LMX48C"
4f58f65 : "LMX48B"
90369c1 : "LMX48"
eb78416 : "LMX44E"
89720ea : "LMX44D"
7f99917 : "LMX44C"
17759d4 : "LMX44B"
40ea40b : "LMX44"
a41a44b : "LMX43E"
593a88c : "LMX43D"
483a163 : "LMX43C"
efe29c4 : "LMX43B"
7a85190 : "LMX43"
576330c : "LMX42B"
c79379d : "LMX42"
01878e9 : "LMX41B"
264a8f9 : "LMX41"
55e51de : LMX37E
a056eb6 : LMX37D
f79a03b : "LMX40"
57f11d0 : LMX39B
b0a3a28 : "LMX39"
2fbeb6e : "LMX37C"
ae3535f : "LMX37B"
2318696 : "LMX37"
dda0ff0 : "LMX36B"
2d06a98 : "LMX36"
9febf89 : "LMX35C"
c064379 : "LMX35B"
afcec32 : "LMX35"
87c6f8d : "LMX34"
2001fe1 : "LMX33"
ed4fa87 : "LMX32"
50c53ed : LMX30D
2305f3f : LMX30C
a7eedcf : LMX30B
6eac00b : "LMX30"
01d264b : "LMX29"
2b75a73 : "LMX28"
a75d4d7 : "LMX27"
4d5baee : "LMX26"
c828adf : "LMX25"
e38716a : "LMX23C"
7dbaace : "LMX23B"
6b30630 : "LMX23"
e098408 : "LMX22B"
cd08a5d : "LMX22"
b3bec88 : "LMX21B"
12f25bc : "LMX21"
37b0f69 : "LMX20B"
84ec89b : "LMX20"
035493a : "LMX19"
3d9bdcb : "LMX18"
0c02d1c : "LMX16"
406b1b2 : "LMX15"
f89fe4a : "LMX14"
52c402b : "LMX13B"
6582df8 : "LMX13"
2d617c1 : "LMX12"
2c2160c : "LMX11"
cd28c8c : LMX09B
68aef74 : "LMX09"
82db6d7 : "LMX08"
b99339c : "LMX07"
825633f : "LMX06"
4430e00 : "LMX05"
51ea679 : "LMX04"
024d7ed : "LMX02"
c3a766a : "LMX01"
f4197ee : "LMW92"
dc2c42d : "LMW91"
34db377 : "LMW90"
2554120 : "LMW90"
0cda5b0 : "LMW89"
e6ef6fc : "LMW87"
3c613ef : "LMW86"
6c330e6 : "LMW85B"
9b7472b : "LMW84C"
bf5cd35 : "LMW84B"
a401da9 : "LMW84"
0a97d0d : "LRW77"
e0ad949 : "LRW76"
b8a7925 : "LRW73M"
dc85adb : "LRW75"
6b1f10f : "LRW73L"
a421c71 : "LRW73K"
8dd9706 : "LRW73J"
5649cef : "LRW73I"
ecd61a0 : "LRW73H"
a2d5f2b : LRW73G
6666d9e : "LRW73F"
6aedfc0 : "LRW73E"
65f173c : "LRW73D"
285d035 : "LRW73C"
5a514a8 : "LRW73B"
8f67084 : "LRW73"
ee6e6f0 : "LRW72E"
e7a0452 : "LRW72D"
61329bf : "LRW72C"
3fc1d7a : "LRW72B"
e37c18c : "LRW72"
a6f38b3 : LRW71C
eb83af7 : select default search_path by platform
637250a : "LRW71B"
ec536ff : "LRW71"
828f710 : "LRW70E"
546b2b6 : "LRW70D"
f8c523e : "LRW70C"
9a04396 : Add support library to all builds
02e7fa7 : LRW70B
0ce4a50 : "LRW70"
5814e87 : "LRW69"
4ff5429 : "LRW66J"
a1b3db0 : "LRW68B"
8deadec : "LRW68"
6b43a32 : "LRW66I"
aa9529f : "LRW66H"
26e6041 : "LRW66G"
919a0f9 : "LRW66F"
bdecf4b : "LRW66E"
8e864eb : "LRW66D"
c9556ce : "LRW66C"
d5f4621 : LRW66B
fe6de87 : "LRW66"
8db1024 : "LRW65D"
6b43136 : "LRW65C"
b757f75 : "LRW65B"
a48bc25 : "LRW65"
3b8ec29 : "LRW64C"
297240d : "LRW64B"
fc035b4 : "LRW64"
0474fec : "LRW63"
551ba60 : "LRW62"
0824d0d : "LRW58P"
7770ba8 : "LRW58O"
9503518 : "LRW58N"
8403285 : "LRW58M"
536e273 : "LRW58L"
c18b0a8 : LRW58K
56be347 : "LRW58J"
c331791 : "LRW58I"
cc55084 : "LRW58H"
75c1524 : "LRW58G"
88b7b83 : "LRW58F"
c75b506 : "LRW58E"
ba2b330 : "LRW58D"
9ec2815 : "LRW58C"
49ffe21 : "LRW58B"
753f88f : "LRW58"
d712c0c : "LRW57D"
82c3ea4 : "LRW57C"
c49d846 : "LRW57B"
7346cdc : "LRW57"
fbd0b76 : "LRW56C"
36501d3 : LRW56B
b98bfd0 : "LRW56B"
87ba559 : "LRW56"
e344e29 : "LRW55"
8942946 : "LRW54"
74aa562 : "LRW52G"
29ba709 : "LRW52F"
bd76056 : "LRW52E"
df3d4ee : "LRW52D"
4dda144 : "LRW52C"
ddf0972 : "LRW52B"
2dee34c : "LRW52"
6f54657 : "LRW51C"
00ed163 : "LRW51B"
cb8203c : "LRW51"
cfb1701 : "LRW50E"
1d256fc : "LRW50D"
f684e6e : "LRW50C"
3f9b7a7 : "LRW50B"
9ebfe63 : "LRW50"
1c3c89a : "LRW49C"
8d1f967 : LRW49B
4602d35 : "LRW49"
63f171b : "LRW48C"
ec01088 : "LRW48B"
d73e174 : "LRW48"
a5c53cc : "LRW45K"
09bb0ce : "LRW45J"
a879f48 : "LRW45I"
635d3de : "LRW45H"
d7a1f3e : "LRW45G"
a6eaca2 : LRW45F
801e72b : "LRW45E"
4f9ff0c : "LRW45D"
92e88cd : "LRW45C"
2347a3b : BuildBootImage: Add secondstage image support [DO NOT MERGE]
60433bb : "LRW45B"
12c28a3 : "LRW45"
0d3049d : LRW44E
e394dd6 : "LRW44C"
72a239a : "LRW44B"
b5367f4 : "LRW44"
75a3e9c : LRW43F
744b5e1 : "LRW43E"
085ef34 : "LRW43D"
b454ca1 : "LRW43C"
a6dcaa1 : LRW43B
1a1375d : "LRW43"
a98f11d : "LRW42D"
a73e8e2 : "LRW42C"
8eca3db : "LRW42B"
c63ab6a : "LRW42"
3f697e6 : "LRW41"
b68b319 : "LRW40"
f309eb5 : "LRW38I"
0595e15 : LRW38H
85e6fad : LRW38G
6803069 : "LRW38F"
de5c1fd : "LRW38E"
82b8424 : "LRW38D"
394f13e : "LRW38C"
16ff1e0 : LRW38B
7692975 : "LRW38"
8141150 : LRW37C
b83e597 : "LRW37B"
af3aa4a : "LRW37"
c28d2b4 : "LRW36B"
6ba37fa : "LRW36"
3223c3e : "LRW35"
185c082 : "LRW34"
280c024 : "LRW33"
28dac35 : "LRW29H"
58c1090 : LRW29G
2f94575 : "LRW29F"
b74d135 : "LRW29E"
ad27969 : "LRW29D"
4cac873 : "LRW29C"
bf3ed12 : "LRW29B"
6e469d1 : "LRW29"
7d2a12a : "LRW28B"
97717dd : "LRW28"
31f185c : "LRW27"
2231160 : "LRW26"
c0a149f : "LRW24G"
44e0bc5 : "LRW24F"
9118efb : "LRW24E"
2ae182d : "LRW24D"
f6e46dc : "LRW24C"
c5a59ea : "LRW24B"
b7db98f : "LRW24"
f846a4e : "LRW23C"
237ee05 : "LRW23B"
9bdcfec : "LRW23"
e81afcb : "LRW22B"
721b1fa : "LRW22"
b106db6 : LRW21D
d22b381 : "LRW21C"
21d5d0d : "LRW21B"
79342e4 : "LRW21"
940db26 : "LRW20"
c201f00 : "LRW19"
faec895 : "LRW17D"
4f946d9 : "LRW17C"
36067d1 : "LRW17B"
b094cdb : "LRW17"
8a3ebf5 : "LRW16B"
7e228a4 : "LRW16"
4cabdf1 : LRW15D
5ea3b0b : "LRW14D"
cbecaee : LRW15C
ac34efd : "LRW15B"
44eee61 : "LRW15"
60cbf9d : "LRW14C"
14d38eb : "LRW14B"

+- Project: platform/cts

7036a0c : test if libFLAC is patched against CVE-2014-9028
51ddad9 : CTS: check non-zygote apps are not debuggable
8e1c005 : test if libFLAC is patched against CVE-2014-9028
4d75179 : CTS: check non-zygote apps are not debuggable
f5fc7f7 : check decode cap before runing mediastress playerTest
809ce1f : CameraITS: fix wrong fixed focus lens logic
4c4a94d : Fix bitmap filtration tests to be more stable
70e9c11 : CameraITS: fix wrong fixed focus lens logic
29df814 : Camera: adjust test_exposure pass threshold
080e3f1 : Skip AudioTrackTest#testPlayStaticData if no audio output found
480e7a5 : Camera: improve precision of frame drop logic
4b7f7c0 : Update low ram device test for new memory requirements
921b0f3 : Use smaller display size for secondary display test. (DO NOT MERGE)
c25c983 : Add DENSITY_280 to the list of allowed densities.
9fd4e24 : TIF: added query test cases in TvProviderPerfTest.
fa71d40 : DO NOT MERGE Add UiAutomationTest#testWindowContentFrameStats to knownfailures
d724a4b : CTS test for SubscriptionManager
5e94d94 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera: move YUV burst framerate check from ITS to CTS
8a94950 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera: disable AE/AWB lock test on legacy devices
2024fae : DO NOT MERGE: camera2 CTS: Actually close Images in StillCaptureTest.
411022f : Disable BLE offloaded scan batching test
d615d64 : Disable test to verifying BLE offloaded scan batching
efbda48 : Skip tests that depend on system resources and assets..
055ca5b : ConsumerIrTest: add the right permission for some test case
34c9182 : Add Lollipop MR1.1 version code 5.1.1
af6ddd9 : Disable Notification Package Prior item for the watch feature
cc9af6e : Add cts test for testing launcher version.
fc60c4c : CameraITS: improve ITS user experience
3dd9f1e : Fix testPageScroll by not using waitForIdleSync.
93679cb : CameraITS: fix fixed focus lens check
07ac5f8 : Camera: move YUV size check
ab72ce1 : Hide BLE scanner test if BLE advertiser test is hidden.
44f69fb : Camera: add missing FULL level expectation
566b949 : Don’t run on devices with no audio output.
9811ede : Bump CTS versions to r0.95 to sping another release candidate
cf9f034 : Camera: fix recording test for legacy mode
c8dd803 : Camera: use time stamp diff to check frame duration
2f7a2f9 : Fix assumption that tests are centered on screen
6f42063 : CTS Verifier on TV does not display menu
37e7086 : DO NOT MERGE: camera: WAR for rounding width
c3a556b : Don’t run the tests if the devices doesn’t have a sim card.
6dc462e : Don’t run the AppWidget tests if the devices doesn’t have the feature.
0b80c79 : CameraITS: update test_capture_result
7fd0637 : Fix possible race condition in Sensor CTS framework.
8505f13 : Fix method name for doNvmapIocFromIdTest
140c299 : CTS for Strequent projection
3467361 : fix incorrection assumption due to DST
7c0c05c : Replace getContext with getTargetContext.
542c284 : media: update vp9 360p test clip with tile columns and frame parallel mode turned on.
7270fdb : CTS should expect official lollipop mr1 release version
590472d : Enable hardware scan filter test on device which supports the feature.
fee78e2 : Advertise 31 bytes in BLE advertise tests.
d5af3fa : DO NOT MERGE - bump CTS version to CTS 5.1_r0.9
a3857a8 : update EncoderVirtualDisplayTest to use very long i-frame interval.
ab98ada : CameraITS: various ITS improvement
446a369 : Remove hardware scan filter test, and re-enable BLE advertise/scanner test.
c2b00d8 : More cts-verifier tests for profile-aware Settings.
1357a23 : Add test for checking max users > 1 if managed users feature enabled
cc8bdfa : Add android.hardware.cts.SensorTest#testBatchAndFlush to knownfailures
ba89396 : Disable screen pinning test on watches and tvs. DO NOT MERGE
b33ec9d : Add CtsVerifier test for Screen Pinning
1ce5d79 : Add CTS test to test Setup wizard Nfc config.
d96ac26 : Disable screen pinning test on watches and tvs.
69efaa1 : Add android.hardware.cts.SensorTest#testBatchAndFlush to knownfailures
080be6f : Add caller-id cts test cases
479d72c : Differentiate device feature checking across Device Policy tests
b483257 : Update Android CTS bandaid urls that use test_key1 to a new key
9c18f7d : Add test for CVE-2014-5532
ed954f9 : media: added data check to ImageReaderDecoderTest
5a2e1e8 : media: add flexYUV statistics methods to CodecUtils
62019fe : media: allow test to continue waiting for complete if there's new encoder output
3bba9c7 : media: limit ImageReaderDecoderTest to consume only 1 image
561ecee : media: handle unsupported sizes in arbitrary VideoEncoderTests
4b52d48 : camera2: don't read past last pixel in last row for flex YUV data
bbd4436 : Fix for VisualizerTest running in silent mode
3b40b84 : Tests for new revisionCode attribute.
28917ac : camera2: Update RobustnessTest timeouts.
bb85099 : Provide default implementation for new interface method
d0451e4 : Tweak Alarm Manager tests
ea84f6a : Fix JobScheduler CTS tests
e67c4e0 : ResetPassword("") works again, thus enabling password DPM tests
550c2dc : fix AudioManager.testVolume()
423d934 : Wait for DocumentsUI ANR timeout; expand drawer.
944cd7e : media: VideoEncoderTest: fix bug introduced when setting input buffer size
b235917 : media: VideoEncoderTest: set input buffer size for playback
047c2df : media: fix vp9 decode test stream
58d8a20 : Fix testCameraManagerListenerCallbacks for 0-camera devices
c67b198 : Fix a failing CTS test.
ff79fa2 : Expect "jpg", not "jpeg", in testGuessFileName
ec08871 : Use more accurate result for signature mismatch.
3c5b4bb : Update CTS for more specific exceptions thrown from ViewGroup#addView

+- Project: platform/dalvik

33a371c : Ensure deterministic multidex partitioning
0f6f6f4 : Ensure deterministic multidex partitioning
b3ee08c : Bump dx version to 1.11
635aecf : Fix potential dex index overflow in dx
bd3b381 : Support --num-threads with --multi-dex (take 2)
90fcf35 : Don't discard directory entries in jar files.
dff33a1 : Do not keep the DexFile field in Main between runs
e345a35 : Command line option for disabling warnings
008da7d : Descriptor references are direct references
45e4d87 : Allow to disable forced keep of annotated

+- Project: platform/developers/build

4de32d4 : Update sample prebuilts
ed7fc0f : Update samples dependency versions for GMSCore P release
47d9436 : resolved conflicts for merge of 5c8cae0b to lmp-mr1-dev
c115419 : Fix sample-create script
525b558 : Update androidtv prebuilts from GitHub
ababd38 : Update prebuilts for Android samples
3688161 : Bump Build Tools version to 21.1.2 for compatibility with AS 1.1.
c544aef : Fix broken comment
afa6342 : New consolidated GitHub script and removal of old ones
deaaa10 : Base template: Enable Wear dependencies when has_handheld_app=true
afcddda : Wear template: Use explicit matching for has_handheld_app attr
73bf080 : Refactor basebuild / allow apps without Application module

+- Project: platform/developers/samples/android

ef0be24 : NfcProvisioning: Add EXTRA_PROVISIONING_LOCAL_TIME
ad9ed1c : New BLE Advertisements Sample
c200987 : Updated minSdk version
0a4e12c : Fix <group> tag for NfcProvisioning sample
cbe529d : Fix broken tests for P2PDirect sample
eb6c6fa : Fixes build issues with sample content/documentsUi/StorageClient
97b2cfe : Update master build.gradle to include latest sample changes
06bba8d : Update BeamLargeFiles/build.gradle to fix null output dir
1ffa1ec : Fix the launcher_icon name to unbreak the build
435f82f : Updating metadata for Hdr Viewfinder sample
20ae756 : Android Flashlight sample: Update metadata.
4139bf4 : Handle invalid voice search
9dc0347 : XYZ Tourist Attraction wear sample - address bug bash feedback
e77f873 : Port WifiDirect P2P sample to template system.
e96a75d : Add metadata for ActionBarCompat-Styled sample.
99e644e : NfcProvisioning: Fix NPE on devices without NFC
b0201e8 : NfcProvisioning: Add a new sample
487c6fe : Update MediaBrowserService with latest from uAmp
801f699 : DeviceOwner: Add a new sample
72a5ab0 : Add missing package name to BeamLargeFiles tests
ed5c50b : Add connectivity/nfc/BeamLargeFiles to top-level build.gradle
efe4602 : Add missing package name to CardEmulation tests
49728ff : Use UiThreadTest annotation
c3c76f5 : Fixes the broken tests for AppUsageStatistics. Update the UI in the UI thread.
1c8d8da : Fixes the broken Interpolater tests. Follow up on this CL
dd37043 : Fix feed update in SyncAdapter
3a8fbd0 : Wear notification-only samples: Remove :Wearable dependency
6d4a36d : Fixes test code that don't compile. - Removed the double license. - Removed non-existent classes such as ?????Fragment or ?????Activity which seemed to be created through the template but haven't been executed. - Changed the wrong index of the Fragment from 1 to 0. - Fixes the targetPackage name consistent with the application package.
a9d5d9d : Updating samples that should not have the Application modules
3df6a88 : Update wearable samples to use new base-build template
58fdb78 : Updating the sample to use the Main thread for showing a Toast message
d1fc86a : Fixes the AndroidManifest.xml in tests to remove duplicate elements for android:label. Fixes the targetPackage for Interpolater
aa79bf2 : Remove double license for AndroidManifest.xml in tests
19dc508 : XYZ Tourist Attraction wear sample - minor bug fixes
0fc6724 : Update XYZ Tourist Attraction sample template params
2f8e62a : Update XYZ Tourist Attraction sample template params
37a12f4 : Initial commit for XYZ Tourist Attractions Wear sample.
cd87842 : escape Aporstrophes in template-params.xml Fixes the build error (e.g.
a1f82aa : Remove duplicate "xmlns" attr in admin samples
b3bf56e : Refactor basebuild / allow apps without Application module
90afa45 : Updating metadata for TextSwitcher sample
951a335 : Updating metadata for the StorageClient sample
ac6deae : Updating metadata for NetworkConnect sample
071c619 : Android RevealEffectBasic sample: Update metadata.
84c91ec : Android RecyclerView sample: Update metadata.

+- Project: platform/development

13b1589 : Update sample browseables
951e728 : Fix browseable category for NfcProvisioning sample
77b5d39 : Update sdk.atree and samples/browseable for lastest samples release
d9e9e60 : Update build tools version to 22.0.2. DO NOT MERGE.
4ea9bca : Update build tools to 22.0.1. DO NOT MERGE.
06f472a : Update SDK Platform Pkg revision for API 22 to 2. [DO NOT MERGE]
aeb400d : Reset support version to <API>.0.0
d927351 : Update version of the build tools to be 22.0.0
fcc638d : Fix the build
18c5fb7 : Fix the build
4c7a7e9 : Bump revision number for all system images
5e44138 : Bump revision number for all the system images
33bd8cb : Bump revision number for system images
f8ac5e3 : back port gles fix to api 17
8641638 : new installation path of apks.

+- Project: device/asus/flo

4526f47 : Camera3: Ensure postprocessor is stopped during teardown
2f4dba9 : Camera3: Ensure postprocessor is stopped during teardown
55adee0 : Camera3: Override AE state for front camera during precapture trigger
df7652d : Camera3: Override AE state for front camera during precapture trigger
d820e0b : flo: increase vmalloc size by 100MB (240MB-->340MB)
8633c28 : Revert "wlan: Disable channel 12,13,14 in default regulatory for new FCC rule."
f1ddc69 : Revert "wlan: enable DFS channels."

+- Project: device/asus/fugu

03f64c6 : fugu: change to INTEL_HWC_MOOREFIELD_HDMI [DO NOT MERGE]
f87d64d : recovery: Add option to view recovery logs on Fugu
95c122a : recovery: Add option to view recovery logs on Fugu
ba9d34b : fill in media_codec.xml(final version)
8ba3ca9 : Temporarily disable GPU Renderscript IntrinsicResize
f8a8567 : Change heap sizes for fugu
9e9e2ef : Update VP9 decoder support for DDK 1.4 ED3259435
e031819 : enable adaptive playback for hybrid vp9

+- Project: device/common

fa589b6 : Put privileged apps under system/priv-app/ directory

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

c3b67d3 : Fix sdcard mount flag for goldfish device DO NOT MERGE
39bd285 : Fix sdcard mount flag for goldfish device
aa028a3 : back port gles fix to api 18
52667f5 : Port back gles bug fixes and rotation fix

+- Project: device/google/atv

3093cac : Include clatd on Android TV as well.
448346c : Add voice recognition feature to core tv.

+- Project: device/htc/flounder

78cb63c : Update required bootloader for MR1
969b542 : Update required bootloader for MR1
2fadd4e : DO NOT MERGE: disable image signing
401ca7f : DO NOT MERGE: disable image signing
02931a8 : flounder: require bootloader
c9f037f : flounder: require bootloader
640809d : flounder: require bootloader
70527b1 : Revert "flounder: require bootloader"
47a076d : Revert "flounder: require bootloader"
c1ec92a : flounder: require bootloader
b6ad035 : flounder: require bootloader
ccc4e44 : Revert "Re-enable NV RS driver for MR1"
aba35de : flounder: remove obsolete binaries
f9c9878 : Revert "Revert "flounder: enable zram""
7c62e67 : flounder: require bootloader
68fca97 : Revert "flounder: enable zram"
cec19dc : flounder: audio: Modify TFA configure mechanism
5212036 : audio: reduce log spew
e129342 : Revert "ARM: tegra: flounder: Enable BRCM GPS log DO NOT MERGE"
213eb48 : Set io_as_busy to 1 which will count IO time towards cpufreq busy time
516c6cf : flounder: turn off verity for all targets
1914163 : selinux: Add policies for QXDM logger.
eb7fd5b : sensor_hub: Pass correct timestamp
1e9e508 : sensor_hub: Correct timestamp to elapsedRealtimeNanos
b164e6c : flounder: Enable GL preloading
fe9fe04 : flounder: require bootloader
7505130 : Reverting previously changed cpufreq governor parameters.
d7b56ac : flounder: require bootloader
eb63971 : RIL: change partition number due to re-mapping
4d01390 : flounder: require bootloader
c0b764c : flounder: increase system partition size
e5d4e54 : flounder: require bootloader
6f629e3 : Revert "touch: synaptics: initiate firmware check/update on fs mount."
aa7b558 : Temporary workaround for boot failure
1054655 : Update BoardConfig to turn on h space compaction for only this device.
76537a0 : flounder: audio: fix mixer path xml file
a726284 : audio HAL: remove unneeded HDMI audio
fc3071b : healthd: add update time check and fix voltage value

+- Project: device/lge/hammerhead

5e1dad8 : mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts
f07bf6e : mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts
5ef6ba3 : hammerhead: switch back to dlmalloc
35c5def : QCamera2: Increase number of buffers for a stream

+- Project: device/moto/shamu

82ed1fc : change adspd to from late_start to main.
d811272 : change adspd to from late_start to main.
60e64a9 : change adspd to from late_start to main.
fcc932c : Camera3: Ignore Pic Channel native PP mask for reprocess
781d094 : Camera3: Use ZSL size for Picture Channel override
09d760a : Camera: Add module init placeholder
af71c6c : Manual f/w merge from mwd due to path change: go/pag/210358
5f97396 : Enable dm-verity on shamu
72e2ca7 : Camera3: Match input stream size to larget output size
92bbf08 : fstab.shamu: Mark cache and userdata as "formattable"
7fdfe20 : Fix build: Remove LENS_POSITION, OPTICAL_AXIS_ANGLE
0afba91 : fstab.shamu: Mark cache and userdata as "formattable"
c5eaac4 : Camera3: Add reprocess static metadata
e63988f : Set low latency audio buffer size to 4 ms
91d78cc : Camera3: Add support for reprocess parameters
79c401b : Update QXDM configuration files
887df08 : Camera3: HAL 3.3 Reprocess: Opaque/YUV to JPEG
2925fa6 : Revert "camera3: Use JPEG size as ZSL stream size"
bbd073a : Reduce fast track multiplier for Shamu
29cc1d8 : shamu: Fix BOARD_MKBOOTIMG_ARGS
13ea3f1 : Temporary disable WiFi Calling
b964305 : Camera3: Add support for conflicting_devices and resource_cost
2569591 : camera: allow loading files with text relocations from /system
dcf64bf : QCamera2: Add flash device name info
2d8ebd8 : QCamera2: Add HAL support for flashlight
d3ff8da : Fix trivial format argument error.
c214f76 : Updated external storage configuration.
ddce1b5 : Enable MIDI support
2512496 : DO NOT MERGE: mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts
8766777 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera3: Increase retry count when opening camera
8d7000f : DO NOT MERGE: mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts
b207591 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera3: Increase retry count when opening camera
d992ac1 : shamu: bt: Move BT FW (BCM4356A2_001.003.015.0038.0059_ORC) from vendor/
9382274 : Remove unused metadata
fbede91 : QCamera2: update for torch mode API
6dc36b4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e190ccb : mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts
a12693c : Camera3: Increase retry count when opening camera
907fb3d : init.shamu.rc: enable ims_rtp_daemon for VT bringup
305ff7e : Camera3: Implement dynamic buffer un-mapping
60fbade : reverting do not merge changes
c3f932a : Adding vendor specific overlays
26bf7ca : fix build
bf809bb : Remove unused selinux policies.
b6fbad9 : Remove the Ethernet configuration on shamu
ab80c82 : Remove the Ethernet configuration on shamu
fa4618e : QCamera: HAL2: Remove deprecated enum for RAW_SENSOR
0032161 : Add "m_shamu" to the lunch menu [DO NOT MERGE]
076612a : DO NOT MERGE Add sl4a as a standard build component
6538ea6 : shamu: label boot block device
ef20c56 : Make /dev/ttyHSL0 a console_device
d838dec : Add m_shamu build target [DO NOT MERGE]
18e6008 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
67822a9 : Don't look in /data/local/tmp
dd16eef : Adding policy for IMS and WPA for VoWIFI
49ad5b5 : Enable imsdatadaemon/imsqmidaemon for Wifi calling need it.
fa0f61e : Add sepolicy rules for cne and netmgr daemons
2214fb9 : WFC configuration: enable for Shamu.
990172e : Config change to not show swap button after merging calls into Cdma conference.
5554b12 : Allow adspd sysfs_mmi_touch:file r_file_perms
e567e14 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6a84d92 : New SELinux domain for
b148b1a : label /persist block device and allow fsck access
5e0f935 : QCRIL DB File path change for getting operator type family
5181b7b : dontaudit sensors self:capability net_raw
d7b910c : sensors.te: add capability selinux rules for QMI Service
3671f7f : Allow init to rm /dev/diag
acc98da : init.shamu.usb.rc: Add support for USB MIDI function
bb49416 : move /data/tombstone creation to system/core
0faef9d : Add missing includes.
82ebfb5 : mixer_paths: work around loss of BT call audio
fb7d5e6 : Add missing includes.
cccde2b : Camera3: Add missing RAW10 in min_duration switch case
9ababa2 : Add missing <string.h> include.
80d46f6 : Remove IPC event logging
e3caaae : netmgrd: give explicit read access to /proc/net
207cde5 : QCamera2: update for torch mode API
87223ae : Disable presence-based provisioning.
73eca2b : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
ad19e15 : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
35ee37c : Change to add eri.xml for 204/04
0c48d46 : Removing spnOverride entries of European carriers
d08bb68 : Add shamu-specific service_manager access.
37e37ef : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
478b544 : Add shamu-specific service_manager access.
058a837 : Add SELinux Policy for RILD to access FSG partition
ee16f0e : shamu: Allow rild to parse through procfs
e790837 : Assign specific types to block devices.
f44b99f : Reduce IMS logging
97ffd89 : Change to add config overlay for VZW for flag config_LTE_eri_for_network_name.
d37c706 : Camera3: Reset postproc state correctly during stop
5eeac3d : Camera: Remove Remove unused variables & functions
cf7b99f : shamu: disable HW crypto, hopefully temporarily
456dab2 : achievement unlocked: revert the revert for great justice.
f299008 : Suppress Clang compiler warnings.
bd7e39d : Revert "Enable hardware backed disk encryption"
e1c4626 : QCamera2: Increase number of buffers for a stream
c9b2a70 : Enable hardware backed disk encryption
e432c1f : shamu: Add support for HW based full disk encryption
8ebf4fb : Remove moto/shamu no-op.
21b6285 : shamu: Allow diag log collection during voice calls
a3e1fda : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b625944 : Configure MICs on 2 codec dial for APQ/MDM.
65368e9 : mixer_paths: fix speaker+headphones dual route
bebbfa5 : enable rotation for audio
3c780d4 : init.shamu.power.rc: remove wrong settings for cpubw_hwmon
09a81b4 : Initial support for "safe speaker" path on Shamu
ceb6c16 : Revert "Disable voip by removing permission file from make file."
d5ca912 : init.shamu.rc: start thermal-engine for charger mode
96cdd85 : Update XPlay UA and UAProfile for VZW and USC temporarily
b51487a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b73c7dd : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f95c17a : Allow rild to connect to the time daemon.
09a6325 : allow system_app to connect to time daemon
c997c1f : mixer_paths: disable spkr protection for handset device
7347916 : Change TCP Buffer Size Change for TMO
eb45537 : Settings: disable wifi display on shamu.
0f330d4 : Revert "Move sensors into enforcing."
3c99bbd : sepolicy: Fixup path for mdm1hob, mdm1dhob, efs*
3065c58 : Camera3: Fix buffer management for non-reprocessing case
19fb654 : use BlockDifference to do the patching for shamu radio image
f7036ea : shamu: fix QXDMLogger on encrypted devices
ce1610c : Revert "Enable qrngd to add entropy from rng hardware to /dev/random"
3d308da : Add config_valid_wappush_index to overlay to fix invalid WAP push msg issue.
a991d86 : Shamu: NFC: latest config changes from BRCM.
1f47b23 : move FSG reload properties into /persist/mdm
f2030ea : Enable WITH_DEXPREOPT on devices where it is possible
7d2caf6 : Revert "Enable encryption by default on Shamu"
bb7aa8c : Move thermald into enforcing.
2db5934 : Move radio.te under selinux/
c5805ad : Allow radio access to qmux sockets.
eface1f : Allow QXDM logs access.
92c717e : Declare mpdecision to be in main class
ff8182f : mixer_paths: enable top speaker only for speaker phone in voice calls.
a7f3e9b : shamu: add hwui configuration properties
f7ab69d : Config the initial properties for feature of SIM based FSG loading
48f3336 : shamu: Avoid soc restart on subsystem restart failures
b3f2fcf : fstab: Fix bad metadata partition name
a4eef99 : shamu: support for xxxhdpi display
8b4c004 : Set new DPI for Shamu QHD panel
7cb68d1 : shamu: Do not power down the SIM in airplane mode
b856484 : Revert "Shamu: Enable SystemUI doze mode in config overlay."

+- Project: device/sample

8a72d4f : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Adding profile_id to dun APNs for CDMA carriers.
9803ae9 : Update TMO MMS APN
6a9816f : Fix launcher widget alignemnt
b600888 : Fix launcher widget alignemnt
b664e4a : Change Buffer Size for TMO
1ef6ed1 : Test APNs

+- Project: platform/docs/

f1b1d2e : Docs: Adding css for cdd, updating cdd html to match new css No content changes, only struture and tags Links fixed, new files for footer, cover, and pdfs Adding readme.txt for html to pdf procedure
df9fb7c : Docs: adding CHANGE#22 for Android automotive changes to cdd Initial cap for Automotive, streamlined intro sentence.
6160724 : Docs: adding CHANGE#1 for Android automotive changes to cdd Update: removing feature reference, adding link to UI TYPE CAR, adding link to Resources Updated to "implementation refers" and 80 char column length Cleaned up text so it really says implementation refers Initial case for Automotive.
43b1cc7 : Docs: adding CHANGE#16 for Android automotive changes to cdd
aa55a67 : Update CDD to allow for 280ppi density
d1ac9fe : Update referrals to Android 5.0 with Android 5.1
bca2749 : Create files for Android 5.1 CDD from 5.0 CDD
e9744c1 : Docs: Converting header and file extension to match actual contents
6fc5b8e : Docs: Adding missing half of table of contents
0e4e408 : Docs: Adding reverse-engineered XHTML variant of CDDs from Docs

+- Project: platform/external/aac

7a8a72a : Fix crash on invalid channel config
6ae3a48 : Fix crash on invalid channel config

+- Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

4a932e7 : Fix flaky test ThreadStartTest
d5d6209 : Fix flaky test ThreadStartTest
d672532 : Fixing serialization compatibility tests for beans tests
6a68248 : Fixing serialization compatibility tests for sql tests

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

1390fe5 : OpenSSLX509Certificate: mark mContext as transient
edf7055 : OpenSSLX509Certificate: mark mContext as transient
8f703d4 : NativeCrypto: empty data content for PKCS7 container
05234c0 : OpenSSLCipherRSA: add new reason to exception mapping

+- Project: platform/external/deqp

e087b93 : Remove tessellation.user_defined_io.per_patch cases from MR1 must pass.
9252e81 : Remove tessellation.user_defined_io.per_patch cases from must pass.
cb37437 : Remove fragment_out tests with too strict thresholds from mustpass
f9ccead : Remove invalid atomic image compare swap tests from mustpass.
fded626 : Remove invalid atomic image compare swap tests from mustpass.
ca037a0 : DO NOT MERGE: Remove io_blocks.match_different_member_interpolation test from mustpass.
fcc8d1a : DO NOT MERGE: Remove io_blocks.match_different_member_interpolation test from MR1 mustpass.
a83f8e5 : DO NOT MERGE: Apply fix for tessellation fractional even test verification.
e5fc2a8 : Relax fma() verification in builtin_functions.common.fma
310f18e : Remove broken line interpolation tests from MR1 must pass.
05c555b : Remove broken line interpolation tests from must pass.
2cd1e17 : Relax mediump interpolation accuracy requirements and clarify thresholds

+- Project: platform/external/dhcpcd

d8db511 : Remove set but not used variable
ab76087 : Fun with buffer overrruns.

+- Project: platform/external/doclava

26333ca : add hdf variables for ndk tab docs
fb76810 : Added NDK docs-build rule to Doclava.
74512be : Fix a NPE in the type parameter checking in stubs
22ddcbd : Add error for when method return/parameter type has type parameter that is hidden

+- Project: platform/external/flac

30c7436 : Add macro definitions for clang/llvm.
ce4ad0e : libFLAC: merge master from Xiph
02bdb9d : Add macro definitions for clang/llvm.
fe03f73 : libFLAC: merge master from Xiph

+- Project: platform/external/iptables

84e5e86 : extensions: libxt_TEE: Trim kernel struct to allow deletion

+- Project: platform/external/iputils

3d35289 : Fix socket mark parsing.

+- Project: platform/external/libhevc

d445726 : Align pic_width_in_luma_samples and pic_width_in_luma_samples to 8
f17d126 : Align pic_width_in_luma_samples and pic_width_in_luma_samples to 8

+- Project: platform/external/libpng

dd0ed46 : Restore a width check that was removed from png.c (CVE-2015-0973)
1a173d9 : Backport of fix for CVE-2015-0973 to libpng 1.2.
481d525 : Revert "Fix buffer overwrite in png_build_index" DO NOT MERGE
7be36a0 : Fix buffer overwrite in png_build_index
36c9013 : Fix buffer overflow security vulnerability (CVE-2014-9495)
bea4e6d : Restore a width check that was removed from png.c (CVE-2015-0973)
6b38063 : Fix buffer overwrite in png_build_index
41cf547 : Incrementally increase the index size based on when the data structures are allocated.
30cb953 : Fix buffer overflow security vulnerability (CVE-2014-9495)

+- Project: platform/external/libselinux

6608a18 : DO NOT MERGE: handle newlines in file names
ed841ac : DO NOT MERGE: handle newlines in file names

+- Project: platform/external/okhttp

9359e12 : Avoid a reverse DNS-lookup for a numeric proxy address
4f61132 : Fix NPE in Connection#close when socket == null.
fe04538 : DO NOT MERGE Revert "Remove workaround for *"