android-5.1.1_r4 to android-m-preview AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/abi/cpp

52c919b : Don't hide C++ STL choice from the build system.
45b6545 : Fix include ordering.

+- Project: platform/art

15efde2 : Reset libc targetSdkVersion
81d804a : Bring Reference Type Propagation to NewArray
0d37cd0 : Rename VisitCondition's argument in code generators.
3b45ef2 : ART: Fix VerifyObject runtime verification
0396ed7 : Improve art::CodeInfo dumping.
33bf245 : [optimizing] x86: Prefer add over lea if possible
5b09ea0 : ART: Use kBadFprBase on mips64 and arm64.
5ae1325 : Fix another source of undeterministic inlining.
8ea18d0 : Pass the dex method index directly to interface trampoline.
ea216b3 : Add missing oatdump test dependency
19510f0 : Add oatdump test
f898087 : Split .oat_patches to multiple sections.
72133ad : Fix alloc-dealloc-mismatch (new[] vs delete) in tests.
0eb4251 : Fix mac build: cast fpr callee save addresses.
ce39200 : Fix mac build: include <sys/time.h> in .
679b1cf : Fix for potential moving GC bugs around proxy class.
80afd02 : ART: Clean up arm64 kNumberOfXRegisters usage.
6530baf : Move the catalog after the stack maps.
f39c9eb : Fix a few literals and assertions.
d026143 : Make inlining deterministic.
c7af85d : ART: Update graph's exit block field if removed
de48aa6 : JDWP: fix breakpoint on catch statement
ae0d7de : Log the process memory maps on host SIGSEGV.
650f0c4 : Revert "Switch to using ELF-64 for 64-bit architectures."
d5111bf : Do not use dex_compilation_unit after inlining.
d56376c : Revert "Revert "Introduce a NearLabel in thumb2.""
e12997f : Return an invalid StackMap when one cannot be found.
388d286 : Generate just single ARM mapping symbol.
9bd88b0 : ARM64: Move xSELF from x18 to x19.
3c651fc : ART: Sometimes even empty methods take forever to verify
4437219 : ART: Blacklist CFI test for Heap Poisoning
a0629d5 : Update failures
3a75e9d : Update libcore failures
aaf143d : Switch to using .debug_frame for CFI.
1f277e3 : Revert "Introduce a NearLabel in thumb2."
b176d7c : Also encode the InvokeType in an InlineInfo.
24128c6 : ART: Rename graph dump file name to 'graph.cfg'
7114119 : ART: Implement next-line assertions in Checker
6423cf5 : ART: Refactor and simplify matching in Checker
39b6c24 : Intercept JNI invocation of String.<init> methods.
540cc3d : ART: Use v2 version of NativeBridge struct
2debd80 : Fix a cts crash around proxy class fields.
0ae3bf8 : ART: Fix gtest dependency
aab9f73 : ART: Blacklist CFI test for JIT
3f1dc56 : ART: Fix RegisterNative order
e1bbed2 : ART: Blacklist CFI test for non-compiled run-tests
799681b : ART: Refactor UnstartedRuntime for testing
7381010 : ART: CFI Test
db0bbab : Introduce a NearLabel in thumb2.
9099ef7 : Add tests for InstanceOf's and CheckCast's MustDoNullCheck
0ba218d : Remove unnecessary clinit checks
2b79984 : Revert "Add test for Change-Id: Ied0412a01922b40a3f5d89bed49707498582abc1"
0f675d8 : Add test for Change-Id: Ied0412a01922b40a3f5d89bed49707498582abc1
dbad6e8 : ART: Add missing Checker file
c4de943 : ART: Immutable `variables` dictionary in Checker
d126ba1 : [Optimizing] Thumb2 assembler: use 16bits branches when we can.
7ea6a17 : Don't hardcode the location of the caller.
dc50823 : ART: Fix broken Checker test
a3a49fe : Switch to using ELF-64 for 64-bit architectures.
4e9aac1 : ART: Stricter matching of Checker lines
90688ae : Fix build - large frame size of ElfWriterQuick<ElfTypes>::Write.
3cd4fc8 : Eliminate redundant constructor barriers when inlining.
ad5fa8c : Support generation of CFI in .debug_frame format.
0de1133 : Fix debuggable compiler flag detection for secondary dex files
2b846ed : Fix the size of a StackHandleScope in art::CompilerDriver.
f3d1f94 : ART: Add verbose:deopt logging
a4f5bf6 : ART: Change huge-method warning in verifier
d0c8412 : Print more info on mark sweep invalid ref crash.
49b7134 : Enable tlab by default for the read barrier config.
07276db : Don't do a null test in MarkGCCard if the value cannot be null.
8909baf : Mark CheckCast's and InstanceOf's input as !CanBeNull if used before in a NullCheck
67ff7d1 : Test and fix bug checking status of secondary multidex files.
f1a9ff7 : ART: Mark constructor 'explicit'
c7a2485 : ART: Revert change to LiveRange::Dump
57f6161 : Stack walking of inlined frames.
7fe79ff : Revert "ART: Revert change to LiveRange::Dump"
d56dd2b : ART: Rephrase test comments, update Checker README
294a050 : ART: Revert change to LiveRange::Dump
57c54b8 : Fix libcore buildbot failure.
b1d0f3f : Support InlineInfo in StackMap.
84daae5 : ART: Removed redundant Phis as part of DCE
8826f67 : Callee/caller save logic in register allocator.
3f68e38 : Don't emit bkpt, takes extra space for nothing.
57f91e8 : Add new style String operations during compilation init, part 2
c57397b : ART: Print C1vis lists as [v1,...,vN]
6a887d6 : Stop wrapping close(2) with TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY in art.
c666710 : Opt compiler: Speedup div/rem by constants on arm32 and arm64.
9f99d92 : ART: Fix a minor lint error
c2c48ff : ART: Change Checker syntax for variables
c746528 : ART: Refactor GraphVisualizer attribute printing
90bcbd5 : In hprof, use an address within string for char array of empty string.
1c9e61c : Add new style String operations during compilation init
8c638bc : Fix non-range String init calls
0ce4353 : In hprof, set string class instance size to that of an empty string.
0a4c61d : Remove doublequoted command to adb sh -c.
eb2baaf : Print field info on mark sweep invalid ref crash.
9cacef6 : Quick: Fix marking high words in DCE.
a8b85b2 : Fix minor checker bug
958fa02 : Revert "Revert "Remove junit from our core image.""
f4ff1d4 : Revert "Revert "Do not pass junit.jar to vogar.""
3fc9903 : ART: Do not relocate app program headers in patchoat.
5bf24f3 : Revert "Do not pass junit.jar to vogar."
fd11470 : ART: Fix unused return-value in test
7028d59 : Revert "Remove junit from our core image."
ea6e2df : Revert "New failure due to a junit/vogar difference."
203a555 : New failure due to a junit/vogar difference.
4e06778 : Also print class for NoSuchFieldException
e82549b : [optimizing] Fold HTypeConversion of constants
0ad65a3 : Remove junit from our core image.
3185c8d : Do not pass junit.jar to vogar.
261bc04 : JDWP: more GC safety
06f08e4 : Silence unused result warnings in art.
b6cee94 : Undo arm64 workaround.
b43390c : Hold heap bitmap lock in Heap::GetObjectsAllocated
ade58e1 : Quick: Fix DCE, clear high word flag in RemoveChange().
da3749e : Add test for String init called from unresolvable class.
36bce58 : Add notes about fast JNI calls.
581f4e9 : Fix bug in removal of *.flock files.
83d46ef : Quick: Fix DCE to mark wide register overlaps correctly.
2c27f2c : ART: Split Checker into smaller files
2588023 : Revert "ART: Split Checker into smaller files"
a490be5 : ART: Split Checker into smaller files
ba6fdbc : ART: arm indexOf intrinsics for the optimizing compiler
1d8b49f : Revert "Add new rule to the graph checker."
a4b8c21 : ART: Rediscover loops after deleting blocks in DCE
dacf601 : ART: Enable Checker annotations in smali files
6f3f6c7 : Update test expectations.
983f1b2 : Re-enable 098-ddmc for the read barrier config.
21030dd : ART: x86 indexOf intrinsics for the optimizing compiler
9d50775 : Add new rule to the graph checker.
db30566 : Remove unused StackHandleScope
f7f798c : Fix typo in VLOG message.
f16d572 : Add more diagnostics info to flaky oat file assistant test.
8e5bd18 : Add a flag to StackVisitor for inlining.
0a23d74 : Add a parent environment to HEnvironment.
ba56d06 : [optimizing] Improve 32 bit long shift by 1.
70f7d98 : Don't allow JIT to compile native methods
0456881 : Fix stub_test for Mips64
50030ef : Check IsReferenceVReg during deopt
17a924a : ART: Merge entries with same name and protect in MemMap dump.
3b55ebb : Simplify floating-point comparisons with NaN in Optimizing.
b550582 : ART: Fix debug output for bad reused MemMap.
678e695 : ART: Refactor 082-inline-execute
1cc71eb : Insert a read barrier in the JNI bridge.
b361d94 : Fix typo in comments.
92e83bf : [optimizing] Tune some x86_64 moves
0462c4c : Support multiple instrumentation clients
5446254 : Remove unused InvokeWithShadowFrame
4ef69be : Add stub_test implementation for mips & mips64
e299f16 : Quick: Abolish kMirOpCheckPart2.
f60715c : Quick: Fix DCE to rename SSA regs for degenerate Phis.
8508e37 : Fix broken checks in IsValidPartOfMemberNameUtf8Slow.
8c0c91a : Use a growable array instead of an environment during SSA.
db216f4 : Relax the only one back-edge restriction.
d90957f : ART: Fix mips64 jni bugs.
a412964 : In quick compiler, force string init invoke to be fast path.
6b45fd2 : No need to relocate the core image for the art script.
d5f1005 : Quick: Inline synthetic accessors generated by jack.
472b00c : Bump jdwp timeout to 12 minutes.
51a9098 : Re-enable JDWP tests on volantis.
27a4a9d : Fix instrumentation exit stub for arm64
e7755e7 : Fix Mips64 utils.h typo
1d85823 : Temporarily suppress 098-ddmc for the read barrier config.
896e32d : Small correction in Optimizing's ARM64 code generator.
fbda5f3 : Find better split positions in the register allocator.
df2bb1f : ART: Fix double-free in oatdump
f307f8c : ART: Emit debug info when app is debuggable
241a958 : Fix mismatched new[]/delete.
e1a0153 : Delete invalid DCHECK
5c02d6c : Improve JNI registration failure logging
0b063d9 : Fix NanoSleep and add test
7394569 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "[optimizing] Improve x86 shifts""""
3130cdf : Add some more DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN
5a1b2bf : Let the map function compute the relative pc.
e3d623e : ART: Fix max build
0ae9899 : Request full/partial GC type from VMRuntime.requestConcurrentGC().
8223b80 : Fix mips64 bugs.
91ddd0d : Re-enable clang for Mips/Mips64 targets.
033d745 : Add binary search table to .eh_frame_hdr
d38ec80 : Print memory maps on GC crash.
175746a : Change invalid root from LOG(ERROR) to LOG(INTERNAL_FATAL)
6d73c9d : Do not write CFI and symbols for deduplicate methods.
702d260 : Skip compilation when falling-through out of method code.
5d7b7f8 : Update the remaining input index of phis after deleting an input.
b0a962c : Move .eh_frame to the end of ELF file.
bc90fd0 : Major refactoring of ElfBuilder.
2af2307 : Revert "GVN final fields even with side effects."
7817336 : GVN final fields even with side effects.
0cba004 : ART: Allow oat files with duplicates classes in corner case
9651d9b : Restore interpreter check during DoCall removed by string init.
c5adebc : Only print IRT remove local warning if CheckJNI is enabled
5790260 : Add synthesize uses at back edge.
69a2804 : ART: Fix loop information after dead code elimination
9d6bf69 : JDWP: properly combine location events
657318c : Add dependency on libbase.
ec525fc : Factor MoveArguments methods in Optimizing's intrinsics handlers.
b81e1cd : Fix missing transaction abort error message
2d27c8e : Refactor InvokeDexCallingConventionVisitor in Optimizing.
2a7a1d7 : Revert "Revert "Revert "[optimizing] Improve x86 shifts"""
5c8bb7e : Bugs have been fixed, so run the tests.
9b95a05 : Revert "Revert "[optimizing] Improve x86 shifts""
d687e37 : ART: Move dex2oat watchdog output to LogLine
e0705f5 : Fix for incorrect encode and parse of PEXTRW instruction
90e3404 : ART: Remove multidex limit
4a24858 : Fix possible null deference in Throwable::Dump
67aea0a : Change ddmc run-test to make new objects instead of strings.
2bee20b : Quick: Fix crash on fall-through out of method code.
e48b29b : Prevent undefined behavior in RosAlloc.
81aa012 : Fix some compaction bugs in string allocation
0c5bbc1 : Minor refactoring of ElfBuilder.
2d2f2a9 : Fix constructor access check through reflection
e85e123 : ART: Add FOUR_ARG_DOWNCALL macro for MIPS64 entry points.
a3c3827 : ART: Fix MIPS entrypoint downcall macros.
3e3d733 : Have HInvoke instructions know their number of actual arguments.
69bdcb2 : Fix java_lang_Class newInstance for strings; also quick entrypoints.
8208bdd : ART: Fix constructor access checking
848f70a : Replace String CharArray with internal uint16_t array.
8365a99 : Switch the default read barrier type to a Baker one.
0d22184 : Revert "Revert "[optimizing] Replace FP divide by power of 2""
8a35405 : Fix mismatched malloc/free delete/new.
2c9bd22 : Fix clean-oat
4ed947a : Dissociate uses with environment uses.
769c9e5 : ART: Simplify Ifs with BooleanNot condition
f725550 : Quick: Avoid unnecessary GVN work in release builds.
f213e05 : Add support for caching float and double constants.
c7508e9 : ART: Fix removing a Phi with RemoveInstruction
2967ec6 : Add InsertInstructionAfter in HBasicBlock.
a5e69e8 : Quick: Rely on inferred types in GVN/LVN/DCE.
9d750ef : BCE: don't add deoptimization if the loop has early exit.
206d6fd : Deoptimization-based BCE for unknown loop bounds.
067cae2 : Revert "[optimizing] Replace FP divide by power of 2"
e34a42c : ART: Fix Trace types, check minimum buf size
c4013ea : ART: Fix addpd opcode, add Quick x86 assembler test
b15be57 : ART: Test for GVN skipping
24d65cc : ART: Fix missing dependency between GVN and other passes
f36cb5f : Move Class.newInstance to native
3c1c05a : Disable Quick's GVN-based dead code elimination.
399ff77 : Mark the test as failing while investigating.
03b9ee4 : ART: Refactor utils/assembler test
dd3208d : ART: Fix DBG_START_LOCAL verification.
94329d3 : ART: Duplicate-classes cleanup
99dbd68 : [optimizing] Handle x86 const length BoundsCheck
00bb878 : ART: Add GENERATE_CFI to the ZygoteHooks debug flags
1152c92 : [optimizing] Rename HasArrayAccesses and check it
f99bcd2 : ART: Do not log non-swap usage
0379f82 : Fix DCHECKs about clinit checks in Optimizing's code generators.
b28412e : Guard against name == null in ShortDump
20e8d43 : [optimizing] Ensure FillNewArray sets array access
5f02c6c : Reduce the number of explicit clinit checks for static invokes.
b9aec2c : ART: Check for duplicate classes when loading oat files
1c533c1 : ART: Fix gtests broken by dead block elimination
4c0eb42 : Ensure inlined static calls perform clinit checks in Optimizing.
2d7352b : ART: Dead block removal
7cc56a1 : Debugger: Remove support for setting values in optimizing.
33e1f8f : Don't use 'sh' on the host.
06801ff : Use 'sh' explicitly when invoking the art script.
4f7fdd2 : Make tests assume ANDROID_ROOT is not /system.
5ea536a : Remove ArtMethod* parameter from dex cache entry points.
da40309 : Opt compiler: ARM64: Use ldp/stp on arm64 for slow paths.
60f63f5 : Use the lock word bits for Baker-style read barrier.
a61894d : Fix reflection handling and test flakiness
4f46ac5 : Cleanup and improve stack map stream
ad67727 : Quick: Fix and enable DCE and improve GVN/DCE cleanup.
8cbab3c : Linear scan: split at better positions.
af88835 : Remove unnecessary null checks in CheckCast and InstanceOf
917f9ab : ART: Run BooleanSimplifier after inlining
084f7d4 : Quick: Fix out of temp regs in ArmMir2Lir::GenMulLong().
c416d33 : Move stack map stream implementation to its own cc file.
0a025d2 : Skip known broken tests for ARM back ends on ARM as second arch.
edad8ad : Remove ActAsNullConstant
5384919 : Mul simplification should expect zero operand
c91df2d : Revert "Revert "Quick: Rewrite type inference pass.""
1b717f6 : Revert "Quick: Rewrite type inference pass."
bfdcdc1 : ART: Fix re-throwing failures of non-convention errors
8a813f7 : Do not mention x86 floating point numbers in CFI.
2cebb24 : Replace NULL with nullptr
e490b01 : Quick: Rewrite type inference pass.
533c207 : Simplify template parameters of Elf classes.
7fd8b59 : Fix X86_64 assembler REX instructions
943136f : Remove warning when we do too many simplifications
c3d743f : ART: Update last_instruction when adding Phis
862aaef : [optimizing] Name the last DCE pass.
fac1070 : Quick: Remove broken Mir2Lir::LocToRegClass().
8f20bdb : Run DCE again after all the other optimizations have run.
641547a : [optimizing] Fix a bug in moving the null check to the user.
f7c7fb4 : Propertly quote arguments after latest adb/vogar changes.
4dcfc43 : Fix tlsPtr_.long_jump_context == nullptr check failure.
5988547 : Class.forName(..., ..., null) fixes - Add test for Class.forName(..., ..., null) - Simplify VMStack.getClosestUserClassLoader based on new behavior of Class.forName(..., ..., null)
fc58af4 : Add AbstractMethod, Constructor, Method
70bef0d : ART: Add compiled-methods
26684c0 : ART: Extend run-test 068-classloader
297ed22 : Write 64-bit address in DWARF if we are on 64-bit architecture.
40741f3 : [optimizing] Use more X86_64 addressing modes
527c9c7 : Generate .eh_frame_hdr section and PT_GNU_EH_FRAME segment.
0774307 : Do not look for prebuilts on architectures other than Arm.
b29ea8c : Revert "fix optimizing gtests"
7d27537 : ART: Update loop info of all nested loops when inlining
0cdf6d3 : Revert "Run DCE again after all the other optimizations have run."
69dcf64 : fix optimizing gtests
7a9c885 : Run DCE again after all the other optimizations have run.
2be39e0 : Use --dump-stats to dump optimizing compiler stats.
b330664 : [optimzing] Fix codegen bug and improve type propagation
3e52aa4 : Move GetAndroidToolsDir to common location.
1ba1981 : Linear scan: Use FirstUse instead of FirstRegisterUse.
d9b9240 : Fix another mistyped location.
a446d86 : Improve performance of HashSet
b1fcead : ART: Change image_classes and compiled_classes to unordered set
fdee2c0 : ART: Fix wrong parameter in JIT
b0bd891 : [optimizing] Replace FP divide by power of 2
339dfc2 : Incorrect transformation of (sub,neg) to (sub) for fp
0d13fee : ART: Simplify more bool operations
71affb5 : Disable tests for volantis.
97833a0 : Opt compiler: Minor object store optimizations for ARM64.
232ade0 : Revert "Revert "Optimizing: Fix long-to-fp conversion on x86.""
0c25d10 : optimizing: fix gtests
b2a5847 : Minor improvements to 458-checker-instruction-simplification.
d921d64 : Opt compiler: ARM64: Block VIXLpools when recording the pc.
09a9996 : Opt compiler: ARM64: Follow other archs for a few codegen stubs.
27df758 : [optimizing] Add memory barriers in constructors when needed
2fa194b : ART: Extend list of instructions accepted as boolean inputs
acc0b8e : Fix lint error.
88c13cd : Opt compiler: Correctly require register or FPU register.
5da2180 : Fix codegen_test for long multiplication.
2781f40 : Run jdwp tests now that localhost issues have been solved.
c8980de : Add sanity check for large object allocation
fa8429b : ART: Re-add dlopen
8693fe1 : RecordPcInfo() in GenerateStaticOrDirectCall() is misplaced on x86.
c50358b : Fix access past end of args array.
c9d185d : Fix undefined behavior in hash calculation.
f4eb9ae : ART: Fix a failing gtest
3fc992f : ART: Improve range search caching in LiveInterval
c08675c : ART: Fix incorrect last range when adding high interval
ad4450e : Opt compiler: Implement parallel move resolver without using swap.
3192540 : Cleanup unnecessary test conditions in ssa builder.
00e466d : Fix build
f903680 : Fix value used for shift in quick_cfi_test.
c7df66e : Remove transitive dependency on <cutils/atomic.h>.
241a486 : ART: Replace expensive calls to Covers in reg alloc
de48692 : Don't call ComputeEagerResolvedStrings
a4f8831 : Remove duplicates phis created during SSA transformation
3d23357 : ART: Fix whitespace in test
f1c6d9e : Fallback to quick in case of soft verification errors
f4687e7 : ART: Adds a regression test for an inliner issue
05144f4 : ART: Hot fix for an inliner issue
43af728 : Split safepoint positions to avoid calling Covers.
13b4718 : ART: Remove DCHECKs for boolean type
4a3faec : ART: Don't duplicate null/int/long constants when inlining
40da286 : ART: Streaming trace mode
10d6886 : Disable parallel GC by default
f776b92 : Remove dead blocks for the blocks_ array.
e14590b : Revert "[optimizing] Improve x86 parallel moves/swaps"
0d9f17d : Move the linear order to the HGraph.
9021825 : Type MoveOperands.
66d126e : ART: Implement HBooleanNot instruction
a978d43 : Revert "Add a check in the location summary."
009e2a6 : Do not deduplicate code if --debuggable is set.
5588e58 : Refactor safepoints in register allocator.
95bf754 : Add a check in the location summary.
5d4bb1d : ART: More nullptr checks in unstarted runtime
799b8c4 : Split .debug_info section to compilation units.
f3f2a7a : Remove suspend point from field loading
7848da4 : ART: Store classpath information into oat file
f865ea9 : ART: Make the PathClassLoader fast-path recursive
44fe8b3 : Fix test 104 for --relocate --no-patchoat
9086b65 : Fix valgrind tests
bf4d3af : ART: Add a null-check to unstarted-runtime
f778eb2 : ART: Add Security cutout to unstarted runtime
69a5030 : ARM64: Remove suspend register.
5f4886a : Fix a bug in type propagation.
1561e1b : Revert "ART: Turn of native stack dump on x86 on-device"
d3ed9a3 : Fix DCHECK failures from Class::VisitFieldRoots
a1c9f01 : getRuntimeStat() support (ART).
626a166 : Append [DEDUPED] suffix to all deduped methods in the symbol table.
7c869b3 : Move the file which defines DWARF enums.
c2055cf : Add test for x86-64 DWARF register mapping.
8dc7324 : Add --include-cfi compiler option.
0a18601 : Exercise the x86 and x86-64 FILD and FISTP instructions.
3481ba2 : ART: Clean up includes.
031af41 : Revert "Fallback to quick in case of soft verification errors"
af58780 : Remove duplicated dex2oat usage message
386ce40 : Revert "Optimizing: Fix long-to-fp conversion on x86."
2d45b4d : Optimizing: Fix long-to-fp conversion on x86.
7f49e67 : Remove the --gen-gdb-info compiler option.
9d8606d : Whitespace cleanup in DWARFReg helper functions.
c34dc93 : Move 'ret' instruction generation inside GenerateFrameExit.
2f6cdb0 : Relocate DWARF using .oat_patches.
48ee356 : ART: Ignore result for exception-case JNIEndWithReference
e598e04 : ART: Add Array.createObjectArray to unstarted runtime
e9b160e : ART: Fix failure-log script
c785344 : Move ArtField to native
f9aac1e : Revert "[optimizing] Improve x86 shifts"
c2bcafe : ART: Refactor CompileOptimized
c136312 : Avoid using dex cache array pointers in libart.
c751d37 : Fallback to quick in case of soft verification errors
3773cd0 : ART: Remove WriteElf from Compiler
188d431 : Opt compiler: Instruction simplification for HAdd, HNeg, HNot, HSub.
a5c19ce : [optimizing] Improve x86 parallel moves/swaps
222fcf9 : [optimizing] Improve x86 shifts
39dcf55 : [optimizing] Address x86_64 RIP patch comments
7441769 : Fix checker tests in 458-checker-instruction-simplification.
b19930c : Follow up of "div/rem on x86 and x86_64", to tidy up the code a little.
55501ce : Optimizing x86: Fix VisitArraySet for FP value
3b9d57a : Move DWARF related code in ElfWriter to its own file.
b536247 : Extend the DWARF library to support .debug_info section.
46325a0 : Fix memory leaks in the CFI tests.
8f486f3 : ART: Fix indent in Mips backend
0df9e1f : Remove duplicate of DexFile::DecodeDebugInfo.
d0ad2ee : Add support for nested method verifiers
e3712d0 : ART: Use canonical location in dex2oat
691184d : Fix build - the stack frame is too large.
97e2f26 : Refine erratum 843419 check for linker workaround.
b952ac3 : Fix Mac compile error in debug_frame_writer.h
3f5881f : ART: IRT refactor
f9a627f : Add test cases to make sure GenDivRemLit() handles 16-bit constants correctly.
23cedd2 : Test DexOptStatus enum values match DexFile values.
c6b4dd8 : Implement CFI for Optimizing.
f55c3e0 : [optimizing] Add RIP support for x86_64
0f88e87 : Speedup div/rem by constants on x86 and x86_64
1961b60 : Quick: PC-relative loads from dex cache arrays on x86.
403e0d5 : [MIPS] Refactoring code for disassembler
d23840d : x86_64: Fix the rex prefix for movzxb, movsxb, movb
dd97393 : Implement CFI for JNI.
87b7c52 : Quick: Clean up temp use counting.
1109fb3 : Implement CFI for Quick.
6920639 : JDWP: fix thread_list deadlock
4388dcc : Opt compiler: ARM64: Use TBZ and TBNZ in VisitIf.
c7399c8 : ART: Remove LLVM cruft
7fa6e27 : Fix GenDivRemLit() for Mips.
3c54b00 : ART: Fix 64-bit ELF file support
8c57831 : Remove the old CFI infrastructure.
cc23481 : Promote pointer to dex cache arrays on arm.
e5c76c5 : PC-relative loads from dex cache arrays for arm.
3477307 : Quick: Use PC-relative dex cache array loads for SGET/SPUT.
4809d0a : Fix CC root visiting bug
62e074f : ART: Print C1vis header only if visualizer enabled
d875064 : ART: Remove unused variables.
733840f : Remove fuzzer build-time dependency on core image.
4af147e : Exercise art::arm::Thumb2Assembler::StoreToOffset for word pairs.
ca068b2 : Ignore not yet loaded classes during hprof
bd4e6a8 : Fix for incorrect parse of PEXTRW instruction
58d25fd : [optimizing] Implement more x86/x86_64 intrinsics
48cc32c : Revert "ART: Fix noreturn for Mac"
6622266 : ART: Turn off missing-noreturn for Mac
79dda42 : ART: Fix noreturn for Mac
720e71a : Add more logging for debugging possible deadlock
48699fb : Prevent verified method from being deleted by compiler driver.
75c40d4 : Fix JNI compiler for mips64
9b14dc3 : ART: Fix gtests for missing-noreturn
017d16c : ART: Make unknown variant "mips64r6" go away
ba1ff84 : ART: Fix no-return in sigchainlib
65b798e : ART: Enable more Clang warnings
758a801 : ART: Enable Clang's -Wdeprecated
d2c80c4 : Fix address formatting in Mips64 disassembler.
bb87e0f : Refactor and improve GC root handling
588e8e1 : Build 32-bit version of the disassembler as well.
189ae82 : Proper fix for issue 20051601 - arm actually means thumb2.
ca71458 : ART: Add Clang's -Wused-but-marked-unused
de194bf : Delete missed ClampGrowthLimit CHECK
e90db12 : Add missing RecordPcInfo's for intrinsics_x86.
2f0751e : ART: Turn of native stack dump on x86 on-device
24a05f4 : ART: Add support for "silvermont" variant
02d2f29 : Fix the read barrier builds.
95abd04 : Rename isDexOptNeededInternal and add kSelfPatchOatNeeded
34a0c20 : Delegate SIG_DFL on sigaction to libc.
45b1597 : Use va_list argument to abort transaction
3dcd58c : Fix a bug when creating a HDeoptimization instruction.
9415886 : ART: Avoid obvious segfault in arm & x86 fault handler
64db239 : Revert "ART: Workaround for b/20019689"
2fd7e69 : Use specific exception class to abort transaction
7bf5a26 : Explicitly specify the C libraries that have mallinfo(3).
f6a780a : ART: Move trace options to a struct
7de85ca : Remove version-script option
b207e14 : Pass linker patches around as const.
934d754 : Fix for issue 20051601 - ARM instruction alignment.
71b0ddf : Split RelativePatcher::ReserveSpace() into two.
ddac423 : Fix race with Heap::ClampGrowthLimit and GC
3f311cf : Add tests for Arm64RelativePatcher.
07b3c23 : Store OatDexFile instead of OatFile in DexFile.
760d8ef : Opt Compiler: ARM64 goodness
fc3ee8f : Revert "ART: Valgrind hotfix for VIXL 1.9"
c5a5ac6 : Exercise art::arm::Thumb2Assembler::StoreToOffset for words.
2c3e77a : JDWP: clear exception when allocation fails
4d23c9d : Add tests for Thumb2RelativePatcher.
1ec46bc : Update dexfuzz after optimizing default selection.
b163bb7 : Refactor RelativePatcher out of OatWriter.
812c141 : Move the "huge method" test into its own test case.
dc56cc5 : PC-relative loads from dex cache arrays for x86-64.
b4524fd : Switch to shared libcutils on host to fix odr-violation
0c365e6 : CanThrow() of HNewArray should return true.
aacc25d : ART: Fix unstarted runtime
328dd44 : ART: Workaround for b/20019689
d43b3ac : Revert "Revert "Deoptimization-based bce.""
06fbd65 : Fix test 421-large-frame.
a3164b9 : Fix formatting
aef17ec : ART: Regression test for condition materialization bug
0534beb : ART: Materialize constants on environment use
fb8d279 : [optimizing] Implement x86/x86_64 math intrinsics
6f71589 : Write .debug_line section using the new DWARF library.
4e5b208 : Fix JDWP race at runtime shutdown
75fda57 : ART: Valgrind hotfix for VIXL 1.9
9106e52 : ART: Set default prune counter to 10
2be4869 : Clean up some RecordPcInfo in x86 slow paths.
faed995 : Only GC the first time we call PreZygoteFork
461687d : Visit image roots for hprof
5aab7cb : Fix lint error.
d8126be : Fix locations at environment uses.
c74658b : Cortex-A53 Erratum 843419 workaround in OatWriter.
a2d15b5 : Fix wrong assumptions about ParallelMove.
1b49872 : ART: Same skip-compilation heuristic in both backends
42514f6 : [optimizing] trivial x86 explicit null check fix
15c1975 : Revert "Revert "Add small library for writing of DWARF data.""
82e52ce : ARM64: Update to VIXL 1.9.
896f8f7 : Use variable encoding for StackMap.
1ded5be : Revert "Add small library for writing of DWARF data."
b765683 : ART: Inline MemoryRegion operations
a552e1c : Use unique location catalogs to encode Dex register maps.
bdba92d : Ensure MemoryRegion::Load & MemoryRegion::Store are word-aligned.
930ba1c : Tests still failing on buildbot's devices.
75c3d61 : Add small library for writing of DWARF data.
2846b68 : ART: General-case negation in boolean simplifier
20f8559 : Fixed layout for dex caches in boot image.
a2c1861 : Workaround for network issues: use
f96e8bd : Fix 099-vmdebug and 802-deoptimization art tests for Mips.
cbaf496 : ART: Don't fail on unsupported conditions in boolean simplifier
3efe979 : Fix oat_file_assistant_test's ReserveImageSpace().
c986d6a : Disable host testing for now.
5978690 : On host, say the debuggee needs to be run through bash.
b51cdb3 : ART: Arm32 optimizing compiler backend should honor sdiv
d06dc9c : Please vogar by not giving a vm-command on host.
12be74e : [optimizing] Only print full stats in VLOG(compiler)
5b168de : Fix user-build on fugu.
12bca97 : Opt compiler: Fix move from constant.
9620b9d : Tweak test script while investigating failures.
3d329d7 : ART: Adds a help message for parallel compilation
bb9c6b1 : ART: Refactor callbacks_ in common_runtime_test
ca239af : Fix some reflection errors
7e7e0f4 : ART: Use enums in Trace
daaf326 : Add AccessibleObject and Field to mirror
4585f87 : ART: Some runtime cleanup
e488566 : ART: Use instrumented Alloc in Class-Linker
81c6f8d : ART: PathClassLoader for compiler
3e90a96 : [optimizing] Do not inline intrinsics
f01d344 : Implement a proper solution for temps.
512e04d : Fix typos spotted by Andreas.
5852991 : Re-enable test.
1095793 : [MIPS] Refactoring code for quick compiler
abbabc8 : JDWP: more checking for StackFrame commands
a0466e1 : GVN HClinitCheck nodes.
0624a27 : Include pid in trace metadata
572f07c : Update clean-oat-host after latest oat location changes.
d75948a : Intrinsify String.compareTo.
f646810 : ART: Fix IsInt when N==32, add tests
79829cb : Fix run-all-tests script when --always-clean is used
356a181 : Quick: Finding upper half of kMirOpCheckPart2 should passthough empty blocks
09ed1a3 : [optimizing] Implement X86 intrinsic support
16f149c : ART: Change RETURN_OBJECT verification for arrays
d856545 : Fix ClassLinker::MayBeCalledWithDirectCodePointer for JIT
d6c1ec5 : New localhost failures....
96cd87a : Add a script to run jdwp tests on the chrome buildbot.
807f178 : Adds host execution to dexfuzz.
74fc513 : ART: Define IsInt when N==kBitsPerIntPtrT
8d5b8b2 : ART: Force constants into the entry block
7904129 : Use the original invoke type when inlining.
6343411 : Store odex files in oat/<isa>/ directory.
51b1f7b : Mark the tests as failing for now.
0a38a0e : Make sure localhost is enabled on testing devices.
9437b78 : Revert "Revert "Inline across dex files.""
6ae7096 : Share dex register maps between stack maps when possible.
b2bd1c5 : ART: Formatting and comments in BooleanSimplifier
6e07183 : Quick: Fix "select" pattern to update data used for GC maps.
ab4a2f5 : Forbid the use of shifts in ShifterOperand in Thumb2
dc62c48 : Make subs and adds alter flags when rn is an immediate
fd18f5a : Inline long shift code
e16dad1 : Emit 4 byte UTF-sequences in place of encoded surrogate pairs.
e5fed03 : Support relative encoded dex locations in oat files.
10f56cb : ART: Fix crash in gtests
579ea7d : Share the runtime arena for faster compile times.
46e2a39 : ART: Boolean simplifier
6a816cf : Revert "Inline across dex files."
da4d79b : Unify ART's various implementations of bit_cast.
eb07669 : JDWP: Optimized single step during debugging
f6737f7 : Quick: Clean up Mir2Lir codegen.
0ba6273 : Revert "Deoptimization-based bce."
e295e6e : Deoptimization-based bce.
5305672 : RTLD_LAZY is not supported, use RTLD_NOW instead.
bce416f : Add code cache test
785049f : Add paths to apk!lib/<abi> to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
7e4c350 : Inline across dex files.
b4e1808 : Fix a bug in AddToCodeCache
3296f4c : Host dex2oat and patchoat require libcutils.
36540cb : Implement a space filter for optimizing.
0e07125 : Update script now that optimizing is default.
935e01a : Fix interpreter to allow 0 size sparse switches.
9ccd151 : Fix verifier handling of empty switch as last instruction.
cd8f637 : Remove some spammy logging
3d900a7 : Fix the mac build.
027f0ff : ART: Add Mips32r6 backend support
6ced409 : Enable more direct code for JIT
767c752 : Quick: Create GC map based on compiler data.
1445dd3 : Change "no-","no" test prefix to n
0b40ecf : Quick: Clean up slow paths.
a7d38fc : ART: Fix expectations for instruction-set-features string
3d12ead : ART: Change the isa defaults for Mips
e01a520 : Assembly TLAB allocation fast path for x86_64.
79bd2bf : Make it possible to enable tlab with a build parameter.
e86deef : Add verify-at-runtime compiler filter
004c230 : Compress the StackMaps.
1412dfa : Revert "Revert "Use optimizing for apps.""
c0365b1 : Remember whether a method was worth inlining.
706cae3 : Revert "Use optimizing for apps."
5b783e6 : Fix 003-omnibus-opcodes flaky failures with GSS GC.
455f67c : Fix JIT options with late init
e84e4f7 : Remove the GCC-only source files hackery
47f867a : Clean up hash set
e934df2 : Improve dex2oat --dex-file and --dex-location usage info.
22fe45d : Quick: Eliminate check-cast guaranteed by instance-of.
d2d62d1 : Add a script to be run by test device on buildbot.
aec8f93 : StackMap: Always load and store unalign.
3dbf234 : Fix oat_file_assistant_test32 flaky failures with GSS collector.
f3b4aeb : Revert "Inline long shift code"
2dae78c : Revert "Make subs alter flags when rn is an immediate"
b7f2be9 : Revert "Forbid the use of shifts in ShifterOperand in Thumb2"
522e224 : ART: Fix condition for StoreNeedsWriteBarrier
09895eb : Inline long shift code
6eff38d : Add JIT zygote hook
e730729 : Unbreak checker.
216eaa2 : Fall back to Quick when Optimizing cannot compile.
8de00e3 : Make subs alter flags when rn is an immediate
68e1500 : PREOPT compiles using dex2oatd so don't emit debug instructions.
f3251d1 : Use optimizing for apps.
850cd16 : ART: Fix build for counting arena allocations.
2d35d9d : Opt Compiler: Materialise constants that cannot be encoded
6d340c4 : ART: Faster implementation of GVN's hash table
a3d90fb : [optimizing] Use baseline when debuggable is set.
4633343 : Update test expections after network changes in kernel/libcore.
eeefa12 : Update locations of registers after slow paths spilling.
f2674ea : Fixed maybe used uninitialized
987ca8b : Add more info to GetSFields DCHECK
a878082 : ART: Change logging strategy in run-tests
6c77292 : Revert "Disable jit for ARM 64 bit"
921d6eb : Fix 32 bit loads of 64 bit direct code pointers
bf9fc58 : Add more info to who called SuspendAll
0b7fcf9 : ART: Fix missing Erase() in error case
8711d1f : Fix valgrind heap_test.
12d625f : Change method verifiers to be thread local roots
bf9026d : Disable jit for ARM 64 bit
fead4e4 : [optimizing] Don't record None locations in the stack maps.
056ed4a : Update expectations for libcore bug.
3f6c7f6 : [optimizing] Improve x86, x86_64 code
db1c9ac : Exercise Heap::PreZygoteFork() in a test.
2435a43 : ART: Add entries_ lock for race condition
a8ac913 : Refactor code in preparation of correct stack maps in slow path.
8e6c3fd : ART: Fix arraycopy in Unstarted Runtime
ede7bf8 : Align CodeInfo regions instead of their inner subregions.
29ba1b0 : Fix the computation of the size of the stack maps region.
15b9d52 : API change in StackVisitor::GetVReg*.
e50b8d2 : Disable inlining in Optimizing when --debuggable is set.
a4d120c : Fix build breakage.
6eb987d : Fix copy/paste documentation error.
dd9d055 : ART: More cutouts for unstarted runtime
e2b6997 : Improve 080-oom-throw-with-finalizer.
9a44f87 : Add missing patchoatd dependency for oat_file_assistant_test.
9ac0e4d : Force word alignment of Dex register maps.
d7f8d05 : ART: Save work-line for pending runtime failure
c6201fa : Add way to select arena type at runtime
915b9d0 : Tweak liveness when instructions are used in environments.
c0bbc88 : ART: Allow multiple invoke-with for art script
3ccb90c : Fix style error in runtime/
a2d8ec6 : Compress the Dex register maps built by the optimizing compiler.
20e7d60 : Fix art_quick_instrumentation_exit stub for x86_64
d335083 : Run the natural loop recognizer before building SSA.
3ce57ab : Revert "Opt Compiler: Materialise constants that cannot be encoded"
4f1a384 : Give an expected type to phis created for multiple returns.
60e2716 : ART: correct native bytes allocated in RegisterNativeAllocation
d04495e : Fix CC collector boot.
4460a84 : Rosalloc thread local allocation path without a cas.
0f7e3d6 : ART: Fix finalizable class in Unstarted Runtime
068b0c0 : ART: Fix AbortTransaction in Unstarted Runtime
091d238 : Fix incompatible class change error for JIT stress mode
4d57ecf : Properly compile multidex for tests when using Jack.
b59dba0 : Fix a bug in the SSA builder.
758c2f6 : Opt Compiler: Materialise constants that cannot be encoded
02e5f16 : Fix sampling profiler race condition
9b5cba4 : ART: Missing include
b2fd7bc : Opt compiler: Basic simplification for arithmetic operations.
bada8b0 : Forbid the use of shifts in ShifterOperand in Thumb2
2969bcd : ART: Refactor unstarted runtime
234d69d : Revert "Revert "[optimizing] Enable x86 long support.""
dc03426 : art/test/100-reflect2: change incorrect expectations.
a473f51 : patchoat: DisableAutoClose when patching in place
9c8d961 : Fix dex2dex logic
64d69ab : Test uses, so can't be run NDEBUG.
3afca78 : Fix tests now that the SSA builder is pruning more phis.
05dd8a6 : Use quick compiler to generate odex for oat file assistant tests.
892fc96 : Revert "Turn on logging for oat file assistant tests."
e0fe7ae : Make the SSA builder honor the debuggable flag.
7d9e5a9 : ART: Relax test 703
6ad40cd : [MIPS64] Fix GenInlinedPeek and GenInlinedPoke functions.
f45599d : Turn on logging for oat file assistant tests.
0aa50ce : Remove ThrowLocation.
a4885cb : Add way to print JIT related info at shutdown
66d874d : Create OatFileAssistant class for assisting with oat files.
9b34b24 : Trim arenas for JIT
869c2df : ART: Fix init-failure graph tool
ee07703 : Use the current Java stack instead of the ThrowLocation.
1558b57 : JDWP: allocate DebugInvokeReq only when requested
155bef4 : Fix run-test with JIT enabled
43c162f : Revert "Revert "More Makefile fun for --debuggable.""
6aad0b7 : Revert "Fix braino in Makefile."
9728a93 : Revert "More Makefile fun for --debuggable."
64657d2 : Fix braino in Makefile.
14691c5 : Compute the right catch location for the debugger.
e2be653 : ART: Allow arraycopy with int[] in unstarted runtime
dfe3083 : Only allocate collectors if we may use them
6ea651f : Initial support for quick compiler on MIPS64r6.
15f345c : Fix failing hprof DCHECK
ff38c04 : Fix byte and char Get32
bd648cd : More Makefile fun for --debuggable.
a11a34c : Do not dump memory usage if driver was never created
154552e : Revert "[optimizing] Enable x86 long support."
2ed20af : Opt compiler: Clean the use of `virtual` and `OVERRIDE`.
b4ba354 : [optimizing] Enable x86 long support.
d737ab3 : ART: Enable the use of relative addresses in the arm64 disassembler.
2682699 : ART: Fix Cmdline Parser test
6cf49e5 : ART: Add option to abort dex2oat on hard failure
1972a8e : Rename -Xjit / -Xnojit options to -Xusejit:<boolean>
184c9dc : Fix some incorrect IsCompiler instead of IsAotCompiler
c5e3ab2 : Follow up 137982
df45205 : ART: Fix test breakage
12baf47 : Extend compiler/optimizing/
9a9ab61 : ART: Optimize iteration of safepoints
5f87418 : [optimizing] Use callee-save registers for x86
4d4eff7 : ART: Fix compile-time-init fail
0b3ed3d : ART: Report zip opening error
627f917 : Include what we use.
d37f919 : ART: Do not produce CFI when not asked for
7b2f09e : ART: Add debuggable compiler flag
729699d : ART: Fix missing handles
f60c90b : [optimizing] Improve x86/x86_64 bound check code
6775ba5 : Fix bce gtest.
b1add75 : Update run-test 031-class-attributes
de0eb6f : Fix arm64 build.
c57ad20 : Switch from memalign to posix_memalign for Mac build
085b733 : ART: AddVectorReduce should store result in memory carefully
e4335eb : Make BCE a no-op if there is no array access.
e15ea08 : Reserve bits in the lock word for read barriers.
91e5669 : Wait for threads to finish unregistering
8928cab : Add a change that should be part of "enhance gvn for commutative ops."
ee8b04d : Remove old build options from .gitignore
dc5ac73 : Opt compiler: enhance gvn for commutative ops.
94e9172 : Fix build lint issue.
7642cfc : Change how we report exceptions to the debugger.
126d659 : Fix generic JNI stubs to not discard the Java native frame.
bd9cf9f : Follow-up 128393
9729e52 : Revert GetThisObject change.
d845fd0 : Tests use, so does not work on ndebug.
7cde48c : Stack support for Optimizing compiler
f3c7ba6 : Remove ART_SMALL_MODE ifdefs.
4559f00 : bce: handle a pattern for circular buffer
caa0a87 : Fix bad variable expansion
deebb99 : Fix AddCurrentRuntimeFeaturesAsDex2OatArguments jit handling
f0e128a : ART: Allow more operations in unstarted Runtime
5c42c29 : Add support for .bss section in oat files.
09b8463 : [optimizing compiler] x86 goodness
5b8e6a5 : ART: Cache last returned range in LiveInterval::Covers
579885a : Opt Compiler: ARM64: Enable explicit memory barriers over acquire/release
4f0be4d : ART: Fix off-by-two whitespace
1d00add : ART: Allow dex2oat for apps only with image
00a1f5b : Revert "Revert "Re-enable one thread dumping the native stack of another.""
1cd2790 : ART: Fix Mips disassembler for some floating point instructions.
dce71f3 : Change JIT to not use PIC
e2a12c0 : Change JIT tests to use interpreter image
721f3a8 : Fix jit tests
28a3588 : Fix JIT direct call to interpreter bridge
4858a93 : Change card cache mod-union table to use bitmaps
e4d9987 : Add standard gc log for transition collections.
965fd02 : Don't require three-character extensions for dex locations.
3fc1b12 : Add missing JIT stuff in make files
e501f77 : Update expectations for volantis.
335c555 : ARM: Fix LIR flags in encoding map.
3e78162 : Fix method_verifier_test with the SS collector.
71ef044 : Change already inline error to warning
2d873b6 : [MIPS] Fix mips32 trampoline problem.
c0d5f89 : Fix JIT for vmdebug test 99
f58c11c : Fix argument register allocation for mips32.
32f500d : ART: oatdump enhancements
813b960 : JDWP: fix thread state on event suspension
714e14f : ART: Nano optimization of LiveInterval
b60c58f : ART: Update description of failing libcore tests
a6dfdae : ART: Print maps directly to log
324b9bb : ART: Move DexFile vector to Java array
c801f0d : ART: Fix "unused parameters"
7e6a233 : Delete bad DCHECK
9db831a : Print thread name for attempting to unregister unattached thread
7c3952f : ART: Add -Wunused
57e0475 : bce: add support to narrow two MonotonicValueRange's at the same time.
e5f13e5 : Revert "Revert "Add JIT""
3d7e0c8 : ART: Disable libcore crypto test failing on target
e4266c5 : JDWP: assert no pending exception when using JNI
ee027c0 : ART: Fix run-test 118
d8ef2e9 : not-int can also take non-int (byte and short) instructions.
817bce7 : Fix inlining in the presence of multiple returns.
18c776e : ART: Disable one more libcore test failing on hammerhead
4cd7dfd : ART: Enable more libcore tests (crypto)
830d16e : ART: Disable libcore tests failing on bots
61d544b : [optimizing] Add if-context sensitivity for null popagation.
e2f28ad : ART: Enable more libcore tests (harmony package)
598b220 : ART: Enable more libcore tests (libcore.* package)
a5ca888 : Revert "Add JIT"
7656ce0 : Delete bad DCHECK
992b353 : ART: Strip error message in run-test
2535abe : Add JIT
05d1461 : Only detach shutdown thread if we attached it
24e04aa : ART: Allow the execution to stop if the compilation fails via an option
9e47bfa : Avoid unaligned accesses (SIGBUG/BUS_ADRALN) in IRT.
8c8bad8 : More checker tests for BCE.
794ad76 : ART: Introduce NO_RETURN, Mark DoLongJump noreturn
433be7f : Optimizing: Remove redundant hash set copy in GVN
3173c8a : [optimizing] Fix float addition on x86.
1abb419 : Optimizing: Speed up HInstruction use removal
776b318 : Each primitive kind now spills to different locations.
4de86d0 : Handle another untyped dex CONST issue
5a2be3f : Implement a simple count based boot marker.
8df91ac : ART: Add VALGRIND_LIB for gtests
f360ad0 : Make UseTLAB a bool flag.
ac19516 : Revert "Do GC for alloc for unstarted runtimes"
fef16ad : ART: Fix RosAlloc Valgrind code
5569328 : ART: Some conditions should be stricter in GenInlinedMinMax()
6535703 : ART: Silence some run-test configurations
d7a5e55 : Fix core spill mask for x86 special suspend.
b1498f6 : Improve type propagation with if-contexts
3c0bb31 : ART: Use Valgrind from tree
def194e : ART: Do not read from JavaVMExt* after DestroyJavaVM
6c8b49f : ART: Check image size when opening
c0a7e2b : Do GC for alloc for unstarted runtimes
1de0f5c : ART: Make error messages for StackOverflow WARNINGs
f52857f : ART: Ensure order of field gaps
80b96d1 : Replace a few std::vector with ArenaVector in Mir2Lir.
b666f48 : Move arenas into runtime
6ce3eba : Add suspend checks to special methods.
acf735c : Reference type propagation
d6138ef : Ensure the graph is correctly typed.
442b46a : Display optimizing compiler's CodeInfo objects in oatdump.
aa9b7c4 : Have the opt. compiler set the size of "empty" frames to zero.
f551d1b : Fix art_quick_instrumentation_entry for x86
675eed3 : ART: Fix run-test 099-vmdebug for device
9cb65bc : ART: Blacklist run-test 802 for tracing
ab1eb0d : ART: Templatize IsInt & IsUint
22c7f5b : Distinguish FP and integral constants in LVN.
37e05bf : Quick: Disable DCE until we fix FP/Core reg mismatches.
dc23d83 : Avoid generating jmp +0.
0d5fd49 : ART: Promoted register may be wrong after the load of zero fp constant
e4301ff : ART: Make run-tests more verbose
6d25419 : Default to 64-bit for tests of methods with varying ISAs for valgrind.
b3b173b : Follow up 129144
7a01dc2 : Dead code elimination based on GVN results.
2798da1 : art: Fix bug in VariantMap::Set
9341546 : Opt compiler: ARM64: Optimise floating-point comparison with 0.0.
a3ec394 : Opt compiler: ARM64: Fix blocking fp registers.
f2fdc73 : ART: Rewrite ThreadStress for easier extensibility
d8ca52e : ART: Add more details to LinkageError
2e04bb2 : ART: Allow class-loading during deopt
d532f00 : Add tests for wide constants in LVN.
ffe8a57 : Optimize double/float immediate loading on arm.
e4fcc5b : Clean up Scoped-/ArenaAlocator array allocations.
47d2e48 : LVN handles const-wide/32 incorrectly
da02afe : Support hints for register pairs.
a78ef44 : ART: Fix InsertCaseLabel to return boundary_lir always
a5afcfc : Be more lenient with 4 byte UTF-8 sequences.
227dfb0 : Fix false alarm on thread suspend timeout
a48aef4 : Fix ImageWriter::ComputeEagerResolvedStringsCallback().
f7a0c4e : Improve ParallelMoveResolver to work with pairs.
862f43c : Fix HasSameSignatureWithDifferentClassLoaders().
6a8946b : Quick: Rewrite Phi node insertion.
d18e083 : Fix a compilation error for Mips64.
72f53af : ART: Remove MIRGraph::dex_pc_to_block_map_
2bcf9bf : ART: Arm intrinsics for Optimizing compiler
0304e18 : Improve bce so that more bounds checks can be eliminated.
b97b39c : Fix null check tests
4af0b08 : Fix gcstress tests.
a1c9665 : Support map data in the backtrace data structure.
748f140 : x64 goodness.
c0572a4 : Optimize leaf methods.
2bf93f4 : JDWP: update thread synchronization
c7d1188 : Handle variable size of methods properly between 32 and 64 bit.
3d087de : Opt Compiler: ARM64: Enable Callee-saved register, as defined by AAPCS64.
a0acc2d : Revert "Revert "Allow preopted apps to have sharpened calls for non-x86 architectures.""
60d77c6 : art: Fix broken cmdline_parser_test
809658e : ART: Fix crash when timing method failing to build
3be6e9d : Read JDWP options from runtime
8f4ee5c : Disable test, it fails on target and read-barrier config.
1c80bec : Fix transaction aborting
c38c5ea : Clear thread local freed bits in RosAlloc::Run::InspectAllSlots
eb6c7c2 : art: Try to fix parsed_options_test on the build server
446ba4b : Fix broken volantis build
aaebaa0 : art: Refactor RuntimeOptions/ParsedOptions
3ad5d5e : ART: Fix old run scripts
3a958aa : Fix incorrect static const
be31ff9 : Fix a bug in the inliner.
bb7a28a : ART: Dump environment to cfg file.
5e8b137 : Create HGraph outside Builder, print timings
82f3449 : Fix a bug in combination of intrinsics and kNoOutputOverlap.
18c219b : Fix test after register allocator changes.
829280c : Finally implement Location::kNoOutputOverlap.
9914386 : Fix occasional long ThreadSuspendSleep
98a26e1 : ART: Pass Options should be strings instead of integers
276d9da : Inline methods with multiple blocks.
4c204ba : Use a different block order when not compiling baseline.
3d1e788 : Fix build by putting ATTRIBUTE_UNUSUED.
51fdf43 : Fix thumb2 assembler's ShifterOperandCanHold.
ef87c5d : Allow nested inlining.
a34e760 : ARM/ARM64: Dump thread offset.
40e7f0e : Go back to -O2.
67f65ea : Revert "Revert "ART: Make 074-gc-thrash more OOME tolerant""
dd9943d : ART: checkpoint mechanism optimization
ed8b53d : Revert "ART: Make 074-gc-thrash more OOME tolerant"
7b7e524 : ART: Fix assembler_thumb_test
2f6046e : ART: Make 074-gc-thrash more OOME tolerant
513ea0c : ART: Fix thumb2 utils assembler
b3cdf93 : ART: Fix to X86Mir2Lir::GenReduceVector
2fd6aa5 : Fix broken gtests after SuspendCheck optimization
7403503 : ART: Fix run-tests for emulator
852eaff : No SuspendChecks when branching to return block
ea39216 : AdvanceMIR does not know how to passthrough the empty block
f26e1b3 : Check for null class of class
14247b6 : Revert "Allow preopted apps to have sharpened calls for non-x86 architectures."
6461d19 : Add Mips64 art_quick_proxy_invoke_handler assembly.
d25f842 : Clean up enums in RegionSpace.
cc7c39d : ART: Add Mips64 resolution trampoline assembly
1675f2c : Disable clang optimization to boot up on arm64.
02c5f4d : Remove some unused cutils/properties.h references
cb1b00a : Use the non access check entrypoint when possible.
31fb260 : Add options for building/testing with coverage.
3e6a3bf : ART: Change x86 long param ABI (Quick/JNI/Opt)
82091da : Implement LICM in optimizing compiler.
f36df54 : Remove cruft.
542361f : Introduce primitive type helpers.
10e244f : optimizing: NullCheck elimination
0a299b9 : Fix bad rebase.
1cf9528 : Small optimization for recursive calls: avoid dex cache.
5bdab12 : Clean up pass driver
878d58c : ART: Arm64 optimizing compiler intrinsics
e4a91bb : Force set resolved method for static invokes
4c10110 : Print lock level in ExclusiveUnlock
7c8d009 : [optimizing compiler] Support x86 hard float ABI
9c46208 : ART: Even more Quick cleanup
685fbe4 : ART: Clean up some build flags
966c3ae : Revert "Revert "ART: Implement X86 hard float (Quick/JNI/Baseline)""
1e3dfff : Allow preopted apps to have sharpened calls for non-x86 architectures.
b86e779 : Checker: Allow don't-care output on a line
ea55b93 : ART: Further refactor use lists
031b00d : ART: Fix x86 disassembler
3cf4877 : run-test: enable checker in dev mode
949c91f : Revert "ART: Implement X86 hard float (Quick/JNI/Baseline)"
0e92f4f : ART: More Quick cleanup
a2e18ed : ART: Fix inlining of Mir2Lir
779e705 : Fix 114-ParallelGC.
0b9203e : ART: Some Quick cleanup
f80b641 : Add missing EndTiming in CompileMethod
597c4f0 : JDWP: allocate single step control only when active
3ef69b4 : ART: Take apart stream output
f601d19 : ART: Fix assembler labels' usage in macros for Mac.
ed59619 : Optimizing: Speed up HEnvironment use removal
827eedb : Move code around and address growable_array comment.
96ba8dc : Refactor register access from StackVisitor
bc50334 : Fix Mac build.
e6f1715 : Fix build breakage after GVN change.
86dde16 : Introduce a SideEffectsAnalysis class.
34eda1d : ART: Fix asm literals for Mac builds.
00ca847 : Quick: Fix range check for intrinsic String.charAt() on x86.
aedc328 : Fix a bug in the liveness analysis.
e636228 : Fix lint error and typo.
a0bb2bd : Fix codegen_test.
4add3b4 : ART: clear dirty cards of alloc space for MS/CMS partial and full GCs
cb535da : Change AtomicStack to use StackReference
4dee636 : Support callee-save registers on ARM.
6c08a45 : ART: Fix new[] / delete mismatch
c23f0d8 : Make it possible to enable read barriers at build time.
8f1fa10 : ART: On shutdown, only warn on mutex contention
2cd334a : More of the concurrent copying collector.
4597b5b : Fix valgrind error.
4c4d609 : Fix compaction bugs related to IdentityHashCode
3d2c8e7 : ART: Implement X86 hard float (Quick/JNI/Baseline)
aa8dd2f : Fix makefile error.
fe380a7 : Mark test as failing for optimizing.
270a0e1 : Fix exception handling during deoptimization
0407196 : Fix BitVector::IndexIterator::operator*() to return uint32_t.
27e28d3 : Implicit stack overflow checks and null checks are the norm now.
d97dc40 : Support callee save floating point registers on x64.
3befba4 : ART: reduce UpdateModUnionTable time for partial GC
9d4c517 : Fix 116-nodex2oat to use arguments in custom run script
4936159 : Fix compaction unsafe DescribeWait
a26369a : Fix lint error.
727b294 : ART: clear dirty cards of alloc space in pause phase
6c957c5 : ART: Rewrite ParallelGC test
6f61141 : ART: Refactor common ELF->InstructionSet code
ff87d7b : ART: Fix GenInlined functions
9d3165b : Clean-up 116-nodex2oat unit test
5c3d3a9 : ART: Fix stub_test
9889396 : Enable core callee-save on x64.
0ada95d : ART: Replace NULL to nullptr in the optimizing compiler
fa93b50 : Do not use HNot for creating !bool.
a10aa37 : Follow up on CL 123650
6c2dff8 : Revert "Revert "Fully support pairs in the register allocator.""
77520bc : Record implicit null checks at the actual invoke time.
da82d29 : Update expectations after test change.
c399fdc : Revert "Fully support pairs in the register allocator."
5c4405e : Improve error messages in art::GraphChecker and art::SSAChecker
41aedbb : Fully support pairs in the register allocator.
24f2dfa : [optimizing compiler] Implement inline x86 FP '%'
582f541 : ART: Fix arm64 backend
dc84301 : ART: Make ProcessStrings less noisy
8d295f8 : ART: Curb dex2oat verbosity
0c8c303 : Clean up the locks around Heap::VisitObjects().
93edf73 : Use CompilerOptions for implicit stack overflow checks
f681570 : ART: Make some helpers non-virtual in Mir2Lir
d500b53 : ART: Some Quick cleanup
d426a8f : Fix register allocator test.
123c5e9 : ART: Run Checker with Python >2.6
3747b48 : Address review comments.
a8a697f : Update instrumentation stubs on resolved classes
4846d13 : ART: Invoke Checker from run-test scripts
aecbd26 : Ensure HCondition nodes on objects are either HEqual or HNotEqual
ddf05aa : ART: Fix compiler warning at arm/
9ee6618 : Constant fold after inlining.
a8eef82 : Do not use STMP, it conflicts with the calling convention.
3f7dce8 : Checker cleanup
7380c31 : Fix infinite loop in GenerateIdentityHashCode
066f9e4 : Quick: Clean up optimization pass order.
cd6dffe : Add implicit null checks for the optimizing compiler
f914706 : Add --no-clean to checker (keeps the generated files around)
42d1f5f : Do not use register pair in a parallel move.
6450d14 : Remove test that is now invalid.
dd8f887 : Fix a bug in the register allocator.
1a5c406 : ART: Mips64 runtime support
8dcde23 : Increase default timeout
e34fa1d : Print more info in MarkSweep::VerifyRoot
57b3429 : ART: Allow to compile interpret-only mips64 files
32beaff : ART: Remove compiler invocation from Checker
941c551 : ART: Only run addr2line in abort thread dumps
3c43f8d : Fix comment referring to nonexistent ElementDeleter
71fb52f : ART: Optimizing compiler intrinsics
f85a9ca : [optimizing compiler] Compute live spill size
ee576fa : ART: Increase run-test 114 Java-level timeout
369810a : ART: Allow scoped adjustments to log verbosity
8c9200a : Disable test for NDEBUG, it uses
fcf81d8 : ART: Mac build fix for unused constant
cbfded4 : ART: Host timeout Mac build fix.
7cca5df : ART: Logging levels for Checker
fd9eb39 : ART: Simple structural class check
038bb22 : ART: Dump all threads on test timeout
8ebdc2b : ART: Fix indentation in Mips backend
65bec69 : ART: Clean assembler_test disassemblies
1e4b0ca : ART: Change ternary location for timeout
48c310c : Remove constant moves after emitting them in parallel resolver.
53f1262 : Implement ParallelMoveResolver::Swap for doubles on arm.
071e48e : Fix false alarm on thread suspend timeout
ee5e273 : Fix wide volatile IGET/IPUT on ARM without atomic ldrd/strd.
af2c65c : Remove whitespace.
df179cb : ART: Fix mips typo
c5a3ea7 : ART: Introduce Mips32 R6
89866b7 : ART: Only give Clang warning when Clang is active
fbef44d : Use unique_ptr to track ownership of dex files.
55f6534 : JDWP: fix deadlock with GC
866c031 : ART: dex2oat flag for HGraphVisualizer dump file
e6c143f : Fix bootclasspath string initialization
8d36591 : ART: Use jalr instead of jr for Mips
312baf1 : Follow up on CL 122665.
6e73272 : Revert "ART: dex2oat flag for HGraphVisualizer dump file"
69c15d3 : Skip r1 on arm if first parameter is a long.
54953df : ART: dex2oat flag for HGraphVisualizer dump file
3a91309 : ART: Hprof cleanup
c6d8672 : Fix refs_and_args callee save order for Mips32.
3096bc5 : Fix error in JobjectComparator
0f9b03c : Revert "ART: Implement hard float for X86"
59b9cf7 : ART: Implement hard float for X86
425f239 : Fix handling of long argument spanning register/memory.
12df9eb : Move code around in OptimizingCompiler::Compile to reduce stack space.
4a3d19b : ART: Increase dump checkpoint timeout on the host
a233e03 : [WIP] Fix a rosalloc verification crash.
0a18df8 : Clean up some #ifdefs.
00bd2da : ART: Fix prefix issues in Addr2line dump
ad466ad : Change hprof to use streaming
48942de : ART: Added comments, fixed typos in Checker
bef89c9 : Fix HandleScope with wrong thread error
8e1cb91 : ART: Use addr2line on the host for DumpNativeStack
f9d233d : JDWP: allow VirtualMachine.Resume on partial suspension
bdcedd3 : Don't overwrite a register input.
1286549 : ART: Relax java_vm_ext test
379d09f : Add clamp growth limit
be0cc08 : ART: Refactored regex code in Checker
21df889 : ART: Fixed subsequent CHECK-NOTs Checker bug
9387c72 : ART: Fix Mac build
36cf095 : ART: Fixed formatting in HGraphVisualizerPrinter
c275259 : Remove back-door bootclasspath option from Runtime
3e0acf6 : Add VerifyObject to StackHandleScope::SetReference
2e15cd2 : ART: Improved fail reporting in Checker
628a61a : ART: Pass ucontext to Backtrace in Stack Dump
840e546 : Implement double and float support for arm in register allocator.
86bb22e : Do not use clang for mips target.
ed95754 : ART: Print INTERNAL_FATAL Log messages immediately
bdeb9b7 : Re-enable ParallelGC test for gcstress mode
50c138f : Fix signal test to work with gcstress
a2cfee3 : Fix valgrind imgdiag test failure / memory leak in runtime
bced67d : ART: Fix Clang CFLAGS inclusion
68427b1 : ART: Add copyright to Optimizing's Inliner test
c01683b : Fix sigchainlib's implementation of sigaction
e6a8eec : Fix frequent gcstress ThreadStress crash
df64950 : ART: Fix leak in codegen_test
4306ef8 : Don't allow suspension from FindLocksAtDexPc
9851595 : Mute common case DexFile.isDexOptNeeded log spam
cfe71e5 : ART: Fix divide-by-zero for ARM
7e49992 : ART: Remove LowestSetBit and IsPowerOfTwo
140c2c7 : ART: Remove unused parts of x86 assemblers
55d7c18 : Improve Thumb disassembler for LDR/STR/PUSH/POP/BKPT.
02d81cc : Opt Compiler: ARM64: Add support for rem-float, rem-double and volatile.
3416601 : Look at instruction set features when generating volatiles code
b8f2f63 : Implement LogLineLowStack() properly.
9a6f20e : ART: New types of Checker assertions
1cc7dba : ART: Reorder entrypoint argument order
b7e4a06 : ART: Refactored VisualizerPrinter visitor pattern
5c19607 : Update oat version to 053.
c93b8b5 : ART: Add imgdiag_test test dependency
cee97e5 : ART: Cut filename for DumpCFG
a2d0afc : ART: Fix common_compiler_test assumptions
7e541c9 : ART: Fix verification of constructors.
edb157f : ART: Mac build fix
bed520b : ART: Do not compile swap file functionality on Mac
e21dc3d : ART: Swap-space in the compiler
a876307 : ART: Do not JNI abort on nullptr GetObjectRefType
d2abbc9 : ART: Use interpret-only for vmSafeMode
a5eae69 : Add heap task processor
bfe400b : Fix running out of temps when storing invoke-interface result.
1c6ea44 : Move two members out of MIRGraph::temp_::ssa.
341e425 : Clean up dead loops before suspend check elimination.
315cc20 : Clean up MIRGraph::CanThrow().
ffda499 : Clean up post-opt passes, perform only those we need.
10c9cbe : Fixed CanBeMoved for field access
52c4896 : [optimizing compiler] Add support for volatile
94c41df : Pass the real capacity to CreateRosAlloc.
23f6e69 : Only dump suspend all histogram if we have samples
784cc5c : Fix braino in x64 assembler.
ac0341e : Fix Thumb2 Emit16BitAddSub() to keep full immediate.
5b4b898 : Revert "Don't block quick callee saved registers for optimizing."
6004796 : Don't block quick callee saved registers for optimizing.
5bc561c : Fix Thumb2 assembler to emit 16-bit add/sub SP, #imm.
259136f : When inlining, also look whether we can allocate registers.
107e757 : JDWP: do not report start/end events for thread without peer
e4b7c89 : Use correct handle scope offset from StackVisitor
c24f399 : ART: Fix oatdump
a1b94c6 : Fix a race condition during the rosalloc verification.
6c170c9 : ART: Punt to the interpreter for VerifiedMethod errors
e2c2f6e : Fix concurrent GC ergonomics
70a596d : Add thread suspend histogram
f0dc8b5 : Add systrace events to monitors and thread suspension
942a378 : Now that GraphChecker has a state, don't re-use it.
abe93e0 : JDWP: fix setting multiple breakpoints in the same method
ee690a3 : ART: Added Checker, a pattern matching test engine
ee3d0bd : Test sometimes timeouts with vogar.
7c5367b : Fix ids and remove invoke when inlining.
6427df1 : Explicitly compile core.oat with the Quick compiler.
4e44c82 : Revert "Small optimization for recursive calls: avoid dex cache."
390f59f : Small optimization for recursive calls: avoid dex cache.
7d95565 : Cleanup JDWP event matching
475cfd8 : Fix typo bug for Mips32.
c85cdeb : Delete gc request lock
3774335 : Add a new imgdiag tool to diff against a process
53d9da8 : ART: Create a RemoveBlock method
e34652f : [MIPSR6] Adjust assembly routines for MIPS R6 isa
3eb21e5 : Remove obsolete PRODUCT_DEX_PREOPT_.*_IN_DATA
6a0b920 : Fix crash in x86 disassembler.
487c1c9 : Don't add or remove verifiers if aborting
eb0a179 : Add more logging to Mutex::ExclusiveUnlock
82a800d : Decrement suspend count if thread is shutting down
079101a : Move GC daemon locking logic into heap
e53798a : Inlining support in optimizing.
bc689b7 : Clean up debugger
8683038 : ART: Do not inline elf writer debug symbols
e5eb706 : ART: Break up x86 disassembler main function
2bcb3b2 : ART: Show invalid oat header cause in error message
959ffdf : Adds the dexfuzz fuzzing tool to ART.
d64ba38 : Use WaitHoldingLocks in ReferenceProcessor::MakeCircularListIfUnenqueued.
6f5f5d0 : ART: Implement FP packed reduce for x86
905f591 : Add regression test for deadlock caused by Thread.getAllStackTraces
d289348 : Remove a dependency on AndroidConfig.h.
9e2094f : Add ReferenceQueue test
a692866 : ART: More logging on GetAccessFlags failure
6419752 : Some enhancements on BCE.
956af0f : Remove portable.
d0e0d4c : Disable HomogeneousSpaceCompact for GSS collector
e099a61 : Un-break --perf option to the art art script.
4808846 : Save all registers in native to Java stubs.
eb54d85 : AArch64: Fix incorrect use of preceding LIR.
12b3dd7 : Remove proxy logic from GetCodeItem
6fc59ab : Fix alloc-dealloc-mismatch failures in dex2oat.
a1e6d9a : Increase default allocation stack size
38078c6 : ART: More ELF and oat file safety measures
95a505c : Increase default allocation stack size
36b58f5 : Add verifier support for dequickening
a696c0a : ART: More ELF and oat file safety measures
72e70a3 : Add another failing test.
0ccef6d : Update expectation file from what is runnin on the bot.
76bd880 : Revert "Revert "Ensure void type is resolved when running without image""
a262f77 : ARM: Combine multiply accumulate operations.
912430c : ART: Extend run-test 015
7ccf48e : Don't use the version script for executables.
fe382b5 : Revert "Ensure void type is resolved when running without image"
ffc605c : Add missing iget quick for bool, byte, char, short
3138584 : Ensure void type is resolved when running without image
cef50f0 : Stop daemon threads in runtime shutdown
48c2b03 : Add more compilation stats to optimizing
010cf91 : ARM64: Enable Optimizing compiler image generation.
3e69f16 : Opt compiler: Add arm64 support for register allocation.
be6fa5e : Fix verifier bug caused by confusing ArtMethod::IsDirect vs ArtMethod::IsStatic semantics.
376b2bb : Ensure stack maps are 4 byte aligned.
db97871 : Revert "Tidy gAborting."
a836bc9 : Support proxy method in StackVisitor::GetThisObject
550b748 : Test now fails on amr64/optimizing after float rem changes.
6d7839e : JDWP: avoid crash on unsupported modifier
486cc19 : Explicitly mask constants in shift operations.
8b858e1 : Quick: Redefine the notion of back-egdes.
838debd : Fix reference table sorting
ca54134 : ART: Ensure FP GET/PUT doesn't use Core register
a28ff0f : Revert "Fix VM-less builds."
b0d22f1 : Make it possible to enable heap poisoning via make variable.
4099b78 : Re-add missing read barriers
38ebea4 : Clean up ReferenceTable::Dump
d2ec87d : [optimizing compiler] Add REM_FLOAT and REM_DOUBLE
cb873d8 : Quick: Kill unreachable blocks instead of just hiding them.
93df9f9 : Test has been updated, does not fail anymore.
717a3e4 : Re-factor Quick ABI support
b218c85 : ART: Clear use count for unused VRs.
7522c74 : ART: Fix DDM client hang transmitting native heap dump with MALLOC_IMPL=dlmalloc
a89d7ed : Add pointer size logic to InitFromImageInterpretOnly
245ee00 : ART: Fix string data leak in image writer
0a7993e : ART: Fix typo
edfdaf3 : Revert "Re-enable one thread dumping the native stack of another."
9af6929 : Quick: Fix code layout pass; don't terminate too early.
70a998c : Make script suitable for vogar use on device.
4c0b61f : Add support for double-to-int & double-to-long in optimizing.
4a4dd70 : Make dex2oat 32bits when HOST_PREFER_32_BIT=true.
e652b62 : Re-enable one thread dumping the native stack of another.
015b137 : Tidy gAborting.
faeda18 : Revert "Revert "Rewrite ImageWriter's merging of String char[]s.""
0418b5b : ART: Fix linting errors
e4d4d32 : ART: Add SparseSwitch support to the optimizing compiler
27dee8b : X86_64 QBE: use RIP addressing
d0a0b3e : Fix arm unwind data for art code.
95b033b : Remove dex2oat watchdog warning
5567c11 : Make Barrier robust against spurious wakeups
5e4d513 : On arm64/optimizing, compile the boot image with interpreter.
d881df5 : ART: Add PackedSwitch support to the optimizing compiler
72c25a9 : Temporary disable the test.
5d672a6 : Build core.oat without flags.
4c964de : Revert "Rewrite ImageWriter's merging of String char[]s."
8964e2b : Add support for float-to-double & double-to-float in optimizing.
624279f : Add support for float-to-long in the optimizing compiler.
c73743c : Rewrite ImageWriter's merging of String char[]s.
aed3ad7 : Quick: Use fewer insns for ARM LDR/STR with large offsets.
6963e44 : JDWP: fix breakpoint for method in the image
088b16e : ART: Wire up a valgrind-wrapped dex2oat run
ab972ef : Remove method verification results right after compiling a method
f384f88 : Bounds check elimination.
a650e70 : ART: Fix unclosed files in dex2oat
14317f0 : Remove unused headers.
005f697 : Don't re-use arttest when calling loadLibrary.
3389ca7 : Call ProcessStrings() in ImageWriter, fix prefix check.
c9338b9 : Explicitly give compiler options to test scripts
a29f698 : Implement InexpensiveConstantInt(., opcode) for ARM.
3f8f936 : Add support for float-to-int in the optimizing compiler.
fc600dc : Fix a compiler bug related to a catch-less try-finally statement.
c3837e4 : Update libcore script and add a new expectation file.
62753c4 : Fix VM-less builds.
e3a650a : Fix mac build
1a10218 : Remove MethodHelper.
b5fb207 : Remove MethodHelper::HasSameSignatureWithDifferentClassLoaders.
49285c5 : Print memory usage in dex2oat shutdown
00f1527 : Fix artQuickResolutionTrampoline.
f224751 : Remove MethodHelper::HasSameNameAndSignature.
a048560 : Move GetClassFromTypeIdx to ArtMethod.
08f1f50 : Remove FieldHelper.
6c7cdc5 : Don't force color diagnostics.
dc8b63c : ART: Build fix.
e0a02da : Move FindDexMethodIndexInOtherDexFile into ArtMethod.
92a6ed2 : Fix new-instance node.
e94652f : Remove MethodHelper from the interpreter.
c0a8a80 : Add a way to pass GDB commands
72267f9 : Fix build
3ac90da : Fix OOM throwing if it happens in finalizer reference (take 2)
48c60f2 : Add a branch to ensure the test is compiled.
f537012 : Treat SSA transformation special, as we may have to bailout.
c7c8fe2 : [optimizing compiler] Fix invoke-direct
43a539f : Add some heursitics for compiling, close to Quick's.
446f9ee : Try normal allocation if large object allocation fails
0310da5 : Fix growth limit / footprint limit problems
37b55eb : Don't run optimizations after baseline.
91a6dc4 : Set dex_cache_strings_ when we call Class::SetDexCache
2f340a8 : Quick: Fix neg-long on ARM for overlapping regs.
01fcc9e : Remove type conversion nodes converting to the same type.
5976857 : Fix insertion of parallel move when connecting siblings.
3cdf818 : Don't walk the libcore tree when finding tests.
4586fb6 : Print the right default for the compiler backend.
3bcc8ea : Don't use CanHoldArm in the code generator.
b2e7e24 : Add a script for running libcore tests.
7ab2fce : Refactor handling of conditional branches with known result.
02164b3 : Opt Compiler: Arm64: Add support for more IRs plus various fixes.
32f5b4d : Vixl: Update the VIXL interface to VIXL 1.7 and enable VIXL debug.
dbca6fa : Fix a bug in GVN.
6d0e483 : Add support for long-to-float in the optimizing compiler.
199f336 : Wrap long lines in the optimizing compiler.
32b2a52 : Fix Move64 by using ParallelMoves.
271ab9c : Ensure opt. compiler doesn't get core & FP registers mixed up.
5368c21 : Fix neg-float & neg-double for null values in opt. compiler.
ddb7df2 : [optimizing compiler] Add CMP{L,G}_{FLOAT,DOUBLE}
647b9ed : Add support for long-to-double in the optimizing compiler.
6af8206 : ART: x86 specific clearing higher bits when converting long to int
3abf4d6 : Revert "Trim reference tables when we trim the heap"
abf9edc : Revert "Add missing thread state change to kWaitingForCheckPointsToRun"
6785702 : Revert "Revert "Add missing thread state change to kWaitingForCheckPointsToRun""
12e2928 : Revert "Add missing thread state change to kWaitingForCheckPointsToRun"
91c2f0c : Trim reference tables when we trim the heap
7443c9a : ART: Avoid a recursive abort
dbfe254 : ART: Print initialization failures to file
cd195fe : Add a way to change the IMT size
46fbaab : Fix a bug in the linear scan register allocator.
e8469c1 : Optimizing: Use 16-bit Thumb2 PUSH/POP when possible.
91debbc : Revert "[optimizing compiler] Add CMP{L,G}_{FLOAT,DOUBLE}"
fd86124 : [optimizing compiler] Add CMP{L,G}_{FLOAT,DOUBLE}
174636d : Quick: Use 16-bit conditional branch in Thumb2.
9d5c25a : Quick: Use 16-bit Thumb2 PUSH/POP when possible.
acd0339 : Fix bogus assumption for live registers at safe point.
799f506 : Revert "[optimizing compiler] Add CMP{L,G}_{FLOAT,DOUBLE}"
cea28ec : [optimizing compiler] Add CMP{L,G}_{FLOAT,DOUBLE}
a1785c5 : ART: Use Overwrite instead of Put
ef048f6 : ART: Add some thread abort logging
95c51b3 : Add a missing SHARED_LOCKS_REQUIRED(mutator_lock_).
eace458 : Move dexCacheStrings from ArtMethod to Class
3115877 : Fix oatwriter code deduping
6489d22 : Quick compiler: handle embedded switch data
a3c00e5 : Fix tests now that dead phis are removed when building SSA.
7ae063b : ART: Check that boot image classes are verified
ae214ee : ART: Fix inline dependency
3159674 : Fix a bug in the type analysis phase of optimizing.
ce41062 : Revert "ART: Remove wrong DCHECK"
9f612ff : ART: Fix unused variables and functions
743b98c : Skip null check in MarkGCCard() for known non-null values.
957ca1c : Delete ArtMethod gc_map_ field
8829bec : Fix the list of arm64 broken optimizing tests.
a8eed3a : Revert "Revert "Fix the computation of linear ordering.""
e50fa58 : Revert "Fix the computation of linear ordering."
321b987 : Further cleanup using dex_instruction_utils.h.
8c3961a : Fixed missing "//".
9aec02f : [optimizing compiler] Add shifts
26e7d45 : Eliminate suspend checks on back-edges to return insn.
90675a7 : ART: Avoid recursive abort
acb0138 : ART: ELF symbol table lookup is fixed
75deec0 : Increase run-test output on error.
e8b547d : Avoid some recursive aborting.
24a5a30 : ART: Wrap AllocThreadUnsafe in Valgrind wrapper
c7a77bf : ART: Fix NullCheckElimination, BBCombine, and SplitBlock
da96aed : ART: Generate switch targets from successor blocks
e095114 : ART: Add div-zero check elimination to LVN/GVN
f41b92c : Fix possible array access issue
6b9356c : ART: GenLongArith has to clobber same operands for 2-op instr
cad2f0a : test: Fix assember_arm_test to compile on gcc
b72c723 : ART: X86 vectorized reduce may use incorrect extract index
af6925b : Rewrite GVN's field id and field type handling.
a7dd038 : Fix oatdump to use OatHeader pointer size
f585e54 : Clean up MIRGraph pass temporaries.
3054a90 : Fix the computation of linear ordering.
ab65c67 : ART: Fix uninitialized value in arm32 assembler test
8205c77 : ART: Fix arm32 assembler test.
6c36a8b : Restrict FDO to only apply to target build.
5e2b874 : Fix fault handler invoked before vm running.
f5b4c50 : dex2oat: Pack likely-dirty objects together when generating the boot image
849cc5e : ART: Assembler_arm_test
3f3c6c0 : Tune rosalloc buffer sizes.
83597d0 : Re-enable DumpNativeStack.
46ae618 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Unfortunately, the test still hits too many run failures."""
10e477d : ART: Split image and non-image case in dex2oat
bf535be : Add card mark to filled-new-array.
99891d6 : Update arm64/optimizing expectations.
3242729 : Avoid JNI call with pending OOME.
7247af5 : Fix zygote space and non moving space map names
88f21ca : Fix transitive equality error in set.
a44bd82 : ART: Flush and close boot marker
8366ca0 : Fix the last users of TARGET_CPU_SMP.
87d0376 : Fix safepoint bug when computing live registers.
dd11d2a : Fix a memory leak in jni_internal_test.
28bc987 : Prune image cache if the boot marker is still in place.
5e6916c : Use HOptimization abstraction for running optimizations.
e3a16db : Remove file added after bad cherry pick.
4ee71b2 : ART: X86Mir2Lir::OpRegRegReg should expect kOpMul for r_dest == r_src2 case
f392879 : JDWP: only deoptimize when it is required
e8f74e5 : Quick compiler: fix x86 special identity
86a8d7a : Consistently use k{InstructionSet}WordSize.
4179cc1 : Use cross-compilation helper.
4303ba9 : ART: Track Flush & Close in FdFile
130914e : Fix no relocate host tests
4a962e5 : ART: Build fix
2d72101 : Change 64 bit ArtMethod fields to be pointer sized
920506d : Do not try to sharpen super calls to abstract methods.
5680ba9 : Fix typo.
67555f7 : Opt compiler: Add support for more IRs on arm64.
f18b92f : LSRA: Fix X86 shuffle flags
65420b2 : AArch64: Addressing Cortex-A53 erratum 835769.
20ed5af : Enable the hspace compaction on OOM by default.
d9df670 : Add denver64 as a known ARM64 variant.
9c7d8bc : Change IsZygote test to !IsCompiler
fd04b6f : Combine image string char arrays into single array
a8d6729 : Fix ordering of fields with the same name.
ca45725 : Fix LinkFieldsComparator.
bc58ede : Don't call AddImageStringsToTable or MoveImageClassesToClassTable if running imageless
fe32907 : Add stress test for field offset assignment sorting.
21cc798 : Fix a bug in the type propagation phase of optimizing.
7895946 : Change 512 to kLocalsMax.
41da596 : Fix reference leaks in ToReflectedMethod and ToReflectedField
e2dc6fa : Don't fall back to Quick in optimizing.
7a7c1db : Fix ordering of fields with the same name.
cff1374 : Add support for int-to-float & int-to-double in optimizing.
32b12f8 : Fix art_quick_instrumentation_entry stub for x86/x86_64
8315ee0 : Fix DCHECK in artInstrumentationMethodEntryFromCode
3cfb0d3 : Revert "Revert "Unfortunately, the test still hits too many run failures.""
bacfec3 : [optimizing compiler] Add REM_INT, REM_LONG
847c8db : Revert "Arm64: Use the debug version of VIXL for debug builds."
900f6eb : Fix lint error.
1ed097d : Fix failure in --no-dex2oat invocation of 425-invokesuper.
98b8bcf : Up the stack size limit for SANITIZE_HOST.
8e1f4f8 : Avoid abort in malformed dex code.
195c576 : Arm64: Use the debug version of VIXL for debug builds.
d577748 : Fix LinkFieldsComparator.
2431452 : AArch64: Small improvements.
01a8d71 : Add support for int-to-short in the optimizing compiler.
af07bc1 : Minor object store optimizations.
981e454 : Add support for int-to-char in the optimizing compiler.
76649e8 : Keep original order of fields in Class.
72a122c : ART: Fix last lpae occurrence, Arm64 generic
851df20 : ART: Multiview assembler_test, fix x86-64 assembler
d582fa4 : Instruction set features for ARM64, MIPS and X86.
4bf3ae9 : ART: Compiled-classes list for compiler-driver
4545d77 : Disable DumpNativeStack.
f8069a2 : Revert "Unfortunately, the test still hits too many run failures."
1a28fc4 : Exercise the generation of SBFX on ARM32 & Thumb-2.
fcdae6e : [optimizing compiler] Add 014-math3 to the list of arm64 broken tests
51d3fc4 : Add support for int-to-byte in the optimizing compiler.
225ff81 : [optimizing compiler] Rename dex_offset to dex_pc in the builder
a21f598 : [optimizing compiler] Fix Move for instruction with constant output
9c3617a : ART: Implicit null check should break def tracking
e08785b : Quick: Fix arm64 AGET/APUT to use 32-bit index.
002aaa1 : And another failing test on optimizing/armv8.
05b6570 : Unfortunately, the test still hits too many run failures.
2750354 : Use correct register class for refs
4ad5cd3 : Modify the behavior of thread suspend shootouts.
d6fb6cf : [optimizing compiler] Add DIV_LONG
f97f9fb : [optimizing compiler] add HTemporary support for long and doubles
70e59ad : Mark test as failing for optimizing/armv8.
3fcd220 : Add a --method-filter option to oatdump.
f0e3937 : Do a parallel move in BoundsCheckSlowPath.
dd1e0f8 : Fix bad OOM check in Thread::CreatePeer().
4451205 : Fix bad OOM check in Thread::CreatePeer().
9574c4b : Implement and/or/xor in optimizing.
36cc29b : More armv8/optimizing test failures.
b7baf5c : Implement monitorenter/monitorexit.
2a52b33 : Update list of armv8/optimizing failing tests.
0d8db99 : Implement invokesuper in optimizing.
57a88d4 : Implement checkcast for optimizing.
fd84f66 : The libc++ gtest is being renamed to libgtest.
ad11e7a : Don't try to handle nested SIGSEGV inside fault handler.
f4d4da1 : Allow JNI AttachCurrentThread to fail if not enough stack.
e73a064 : Use the new name for the libc++ libbacktrace.
421e9f9 : Remove HTemporary when building the SSA graph.
e07fd17 : Add null check for thread name creation
946e143 : Revert "Revert "Add support for long-to-int in the optimizing compiler.""
2f022bd : Add jni_internal_test for GetArrayLength(NULL).
3adfd1b : Revert "Add support for long-to-int in the optimizing compiler."
5ad0582 : Fix lint error.
29b5535 : Revert "Use correct register class for refs"
647b96f : Add support for long-to-int in the optimizing compiler.
5c25554 : Use correct register class for refs
d4812a9 : ART: Fix clobbering low part in 32-bit version of X86Mir2Lir::GenNegDouble
08794a9 : Fix CombineBlocks optimization
e0b46a7 : Fix x86 art_quick_set64_instance quick entrypoint
53463ea : Use CommonRuntimeTest::boot_class_path_ in DexMethodIteratorTest
c35cda8 : Fix parentheses, tidy code.
10fc34b : Update dependency after libgtest_libc++_host renaming.
8db9dcd : ART: Prune links in the dalvik cache
5f9a954 : Delete unused imtable field
fc19de8 : Opt compiler: Add arm64 support for a few more IRs.
a89086e : Opt compiler: Add arm64 support for floating-point.
666c732 : Support Java conversions from char to long in opt. compiler.
96d9c0d : Failing test on armv8/optimizing after interface support.
52839d1 : Support invoke-interface in optimizing.
d24c934 : ART: GenNegLong incorrectly handled register overlap for x86
c1dea4a : Fix ld_library_path now that a target can be 64bits only.
896df40 : ART: Fix possible soft+hard failure in verifier
7947b54 : Fix thread pool test valgrind flakiness
b28c1c0 : Tidy RegStorage for X86.
aaf29b3 : Tidy some uses of IsCompilationEnabled.
677c12f : Tidy x86 disassembler
13407c5 : Fix dump-oat-core-*
e7c9a8c : Add hash map, reduce excessive hashing
91356c0 : ART: Use std::vector in GraphChecker
dadf317 : Silent cpplint on dex instruction switch.
a99013f : Revert "ART: Missing EndTiming()s in dex2oat"
4e59651 : Opt compiler: Fix HNot on ARM64.
5dffc05 : Fix codegen_test: HNot has only one input.
6f5c41f : Implement instanceof in optimizing.
fb4e5fa : Opt compiler: specify that inputs and outputs don't overlap on arm64.
f43083d : Do not update Out after it has a valid location.
64dea7e : The test now uses, so fails in ndebug mode.
52e832b : Support floats and doubles in fields.
26f72df : Fix build.
a0b3451 : Fix thread priorities for unstarted threads.
40d3518 : ART: Fix crash with unreachable void check-cast
7372b76 : Support TARGET_ARCH=64 with no 2ND_TARGET_ARCH.
88ec7f4 : ART: Refactor dex2oat
d757632 : ART: Fix valgrind
c2e2062 : Add hash set
d6d7c3b : Mac host doesn't define ART_USE_FUTEXES.
729c1cf : Move include of system headers outside namesapce.
0f00db7 : Fixed BuildCheckedDiv signature
0deac2f : 421-large-frame fails on optimizing/arm64.
865fc88 : [optimizing compiler] Add DIV_INT_2ADDR
de58ab2 : Implement try/catch/throw in optimizing.
3dbcb38 : Support float & double negation in the optimizing compiler.
55dcfb5 : Add support for not-long on ARM64 in the optimizing compiler.
943826e : ART: Fix warnings in memcmp16 for arm32
cd2de0c : Fix failures after div support.
d375fab : Fix build.
d0d4852 : [optimizing compiler] Add div-int and exception handling.
fc8b5f2 : Add more int-to-long tests for the optimizing compiler.
44b819e : Don't use R4 for suspend check.
ed9b195 : Fix ART build issues.
6fb4ef5 : Fix typo in test name.
db3dae9 : Mark 703-floating-point-div as failing on optimizing/arm64.
8ba17f6 : Don't enable ARM_R4_SUSPEND_FLAG.
675e09b : ARM: Strength reduction for floating-point division
dff1f28 : Support int-to-long conversions in the optimizing compiler.
080dd41 : Clean up arena objects in Mir2Lir.
1250861 : Fix RI testing.
5bae9a2 : Fix dependency from phony targets to real files to remove need for m or mma
93d6ce5 : Restore run-test TIME_OUT feature
e179456 : ART: Fix some redundant declarations
02c637e : Fix LoadValue{Wide} to free temp when reg classes are not matched
c4f990e : Add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED to unused parameters.
277ccbd : ART: More warnings
8409ec4 : Make thread dumping more tolerant of broken invariants during abort.
5ac814a : Add a test for SafeMath.
4bb1404 : Fix unused parameters for the Mac.
7dc9c81 : Fix build.
de2db52 : Fix mac build.
3eaa852 : Don't define DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN if already defined.
775ef49 : Fix store instructions to large frames in ARM opt. compiler.
e6ac4fd : Try to fix mac build.
03e68d5 : New failure on optimizing/arm64 after CONST_CLASS support.
424f676 : Implement CONST_CLASS in optimizing compiler.
4b420e7 : miranda multidex test fails on optimizing/arm64.
d77ac7e : ART: Fix unused parameter warning on Mac
575e78c : ART: Replace COMPILE_ASSERT with static_assert (runtime)
785d2f2 : ART: Replace COMPILE_ASSERT with static_assert (compiler)
9d9cfa8 : ART: Fix unused parameters in libsigchain
6a3c1fc : Remove -Wno-unused-parameter and -Wno-sign-promo from base cflags.
296bd60 : Some improvement to reg alloc.
da82344 : ART: Add missing test dependency
207a37d : Check null this pointer for direct methods in FindMethodFast.
2b0fa5b : ART: Add miranda checking
eb175f7 : Add image strings to intern table
b688611 : ART: Remove unnecessary includes
130bd1b : Remove generated file if compiling the image failed.
08d5e28 : Add missing $() when testing TARGET_ARCH.
70be1fb : ART: Discard generated image in a low-memory environment
735b855 : Add JNI trampoline for mips32.
f322c4c : Fix FindDeclaredVirtualMethod(DexCache...) for miranda methods
56e8e60 : ART: copy dalvikInsn back on throw instruction processing
eb441dd : Fix armv8 testing with default ANDROID_ROOT.
53c42b6 : More armv8 failures now that optimizing supports CONST_STRING.
2810f92 : Disable kNoOutputOverlap optimization.
b5f62b3 : Support for CONST_STRING in optimizing compiler.
a136ab5 : Only use Quick for optimizing on arm64.
f72a11d : Add math routines with defined wrapping behavior for the interpreter.
bbcd30b : Avoid signed integer overflow in identity hash code.
9f3629d : Add hash table to link virtual methods
8f41dc3 : Avoid signed arithmetic overflow in UTF hash functions.
5a2e4cc : Fix mixed signed/unsigned arithmetic in BitVector.
7d4ecd5 : Avoid signed integer overflow.
96e8393 : art: Fix classlinker and nopatchoat test for PIC case
99f84c4 : Remove bogus compiler flag from libart-compiler.
872dd82 : Tidy and reduce ART library dependencies on the host.
020ac03 : 419 fails on optimizing/arm64.
7c03810 : ART: Do not abort on most verifier failures
0a6c459 : Fix for long parameter passed both in stack and register.
96a6345 : Fix gtest dependencies.
32607a1 : Update list of failing tests for arm64/optimizing.
96a37c8 : Another ART_TEST_ANDROID_ROOT fix.
7b76ec4 : Also use Quick for target boot image.
f973455 : ARM: Generate $t mapping symbol to indicate thumb2 code
bf03e84 : ART: Fix no-image run-test dependency
9eb4074 : Support gtest with ART_TEST_ANDROID_ROOT.
68e25eb : Fix combination of prebuild/no-image.
5f70c79 : X86 QBE: Mark kX86StartOfMethod as defining reg 0
42d641b : Opt compiler: Add ARM64 support for the Mul IR.
70587a2 : ART: Fix multi-image testing
8eedb47 : Set ANDROID_ROOT correctly for host in test script.
c8f23fc : Provide an option to run run-tests with a local dalvikvm.
19a19cf : Add support for static fields in optimizing compiler.
a37d925 : Improvements to the ARM64 disassembler.
6b14d55 : Move GetNameAsString out of MethodHelper into ArtMethod.
ded66a0 : Move MethodHelper::GetReturnType to mirror::ArtMethod.
e9105f7 : Work around relocated boot.oat corruption
c23c9c9 : ART: PIC testing
05d89ee : Fill resolved static fields during class initialization
37628b7 : Remove double space in messages
6786a58 : Remove ResolveString from MethodHelper.
63fc30e : ART: Create and use multiple core images
03b6eaf : Tidy MethodProtoHelper.
7c4954d : [optimizing compiler] Add division for floats and doubles
fb311f8 : Remove useless suspend points from arm/arm64 AGET/APUT.
3c03503 : Follow-up CL after hard float changes.
4677476 : ART: Add support for patching and loading OAT files compiled with PIC
8ae6c27 : Remove extraneous fprintf args
7ba6496 : ART: Add pic flag to oat header store
2f1e15c : Remove on failure to create
d035c2d : Fix 64 bit build
602fbcd : ART: Typo fix
5c11490 : ART: Fix test 089
2d2621a : Optimize method linking
13738bf : Add gp initialization to the art_quick_imt_conflict_trampoline() function.
d9ad27d : Extra debug output in run-test.
7056643 : Add long bitwise not instruction in the optimizing compiler.
1ba0f59 : Support hard float on arm in optimizing compiler.
b0f370e : ART: Change boot image class update
66c6d7b : Rewrite class initialization check elimination.
0d235e1 : Fix the DW_OP_breg* constants.
50f2e9a : ART: Fix ImageSpace error message.
dc8aa69 : ART: Fix leak in bit_vector
4af77b7 : Do not use ld instruction for Mips32.
5667fdb : ARM: Use hardfp calling convention between java to java call.
8fe0e35 : ART: Prevent float inference back to SSA in-regs.
2c4257b : Tidy logging code not using UNIMPLEMENTED.
41bb331 : Add more environment variable to control test granularity.
b5de00f : Fix encoding of imul in x86_64 assembler.
44a3506 : [native bridge] Add test to verify code_cache existance.
2e07b4f : Revert "Revert "Implement long negate instruction in the optimizing compiler.""
aa756f3 : ART: Remove old LOG(INFO)
51d212e : Make out-of-line mutex contention dependent on ART_USE_FUTEXES.
eafdb96 : ART: Use static_assert in down_cast
3283820 : Add missing SHARED_LOCKS_REQUIRED attibute.
8d6ae52 : Fix wrong unsigned to signed conversions.
30ca3d8 : Revert "Implement long negate instruction in the optimizing compiler."
08cef22 : Fix concurrent start bytes race
9273074 : ART: Add basic tests for materialized conditions.
a4426cf : Quick: Fix wide Phi detection in GVN, clean up INVOKEs.
66ce173 : Implement long negate instruction in the optimizing compiler.
096cc02 : [optimizing compiler] Handle SUB_FLOAT/DOUBLE nodes
560b5ac : Use test's `-d' option when checking for a directory.
1135168 : [optimizing compiler] Add float/double subtraction
e2d628b : Make ObjectRegistry::InternalAdd GC safe
5319def : ART: optimizing compiler: initial support for ARM64.
039b6e2 : Remove obsolete TODOs from codegen tests
07d83c7 : [native bridge] Make sure we always unload the native bridge
e49e195 : More use of WellKnownClasses for debugger
f1fd898 : Use the shared smali test infrastructure for 800-smali.
1cc5f25 : Implement int bit-wise not operation in the optimizing compiler.
cf7f191 : C++11 related clean-up of DISALLOW_..
ef32b8f : Use the passed-in 'name' param to create a MemMap.
c7dd295 : Tidy up logging.
9228b2a : Fix make file comment
48dee04 : Minor fix in codegen tests.
0ff20d5 : Fix arm64 bug introduced by refactoring.
b5bfa96 : Add multiplication for floats/doubles in optimizing compiler
83cae42 : Fix typo in Makefile.
a3d05a4 : Implement array creation related DEX instructions.
a65c1db : X86 Long Min/Max: Avoid calling SRegToVReg with -1
b556761 : Fix bug in UnionIfNotIn.
b762d2e : Various fixes related to integer negate operations.
deb48a0 : ART: Print args in case of run-test build failure
ee0ebc8 : ART: Fix common_build CFLAGS
6c480d6 : Fix Mac build.
f4c15a1 : Fix a DCHECK failure IsResolved() || IsErroneous().
b5cb18a : Avoid strict-aliasing problems with Handles.
1428dce : Const-ify functions/variables in trampoline entrypoints.
e55ff0e : ART: Fix test 089 to ignore debug lines
253fa55 : Fix JDWP Virtualmachine.Resume command
f6930a8 : ART: Fix run-test script
1f897b9 : Fix register_allocator_test after reg alloc changes.
c8147a7 : Fix off by one errors in linear scan register allocator.
f38b7dc : Fix m test-art-host-run-test-001-HelloWorld.
102cbed : Implement register allocator for floating point registers.
a4a3f40 : Enable generic JNI for x86 and ARM when interpret-only.
4f55ff6 : Clarify a confusing error message.
9240d6a : Constant folding on unary operations in the optimizing compiler.
88cb175 : Implement int negate instruction in the optimizing compiler.
8e3964b : Remove the notion of dies at entry.
bd2c63c : Support running run-test in ndebug mode through make.
e49a4f6 : Link libsigchain.a instead of sigchain.o
1d8cdbc : Refactor quick entrypoints
2beeb82 : Shut down FaultManager after shutting down threads.
aa98061 : Add perf option to art tool
e14f2b3 : Fixed ArtMethod::GetQuickFrameInfo() for proxy methods
dfafeef : Fixed debugger for threads attached from JNI
c42893e : Just depend on TARGET_CORE_DEX_FILES.
6c82d40 : Have HInstruction::StrictlyDominates compute strict dominance.
75be283 : Revert "Revert "Introduce a class to implement optimization passes.""
415ac88 : Quick: In GVN, apply modifications early if outside loop.
37c92df : Rename arm64 `Register` to `XRegister`.
a304f97 : Rework arm64 register codes and fix Arm64ManagedRegister tests.
2eebc99 : Fix error message to match the code.
34bacdf : Add multiplication for integral types
d7a11bc : Fix dex2oat cross-compilation.
e5e365b : Disable some instruction set tests due to Linux kernel bugs.
50fe6da : x86 build fix.
ad69bcd : Fix Mac build.
b144fce : Tracking change to make Class.getDeclaredFields/Methods public
d4c4d95 : Some code clean-up.
667ab7c : Some additional verbose logging for DexFile_defineClassNative
6f3dbba : Make ART compile with GCC -O0 again.
d000480 : Add way to ensure we are at the front of the sigaction chain
61634ce : Renumber 122-missing-classes to 124-missing-classes
d6dee67 : dex2oat: Add a --compile-pic option
c959695 : Add -no-integrated-as at local level.
9dc0ced : Add OOME try catch around gc-thrash dive logic
92a73ae : Don't use assembler classes in code_generator.h.
a78e66a : Quick: Handle kMirOpNullCheck in LVN/GVN.
c5ef693 : Stop using |instance_| in Runtime::InitNativeMethods.
acbb308 : Fix UnimplementedEntryPoint initialziation.
2fdeecb : Rosalloc should print unreachable page map type
abbf242 : Remove test dependencies on phony targets.
312eb25 : Quick: Improve the BBCombine pass.
d424d08 : Fix oatdump for no image
bbb5479 : Add more logging to finalization test
7baa6f8 : Rewrite null check elimination to work on dalvik regs.
aa7b8a3 : Quick: Avoid node iteration for passes that don't need it.
423b137 : ART: NullCheckElimination should converge with MIR_IGNORE_NULL_CHECK
e094b87 : Store exiting thread ids and names while tracing to output later.
8b5b698 : Fix mac build (second attempt)
3d434d4 : Add tests for missing classes
b23eab1 : Add VLOG(class_linker) for clinit errors
da4442e : Use exit(1), not exit(-1)
1d74e57 : Fixing mac build
6e88ef6 : Change MemMap::maps_ to not be global variable
5c5676b : ART: Add div/rem zero check elimination flag
8508a43 : Untie gtest executables from LD_PRELOAD
633021e : Implement default traversals in CFG & SSA graph checkers.
a8069ce : Improve art::SSAChecker::VisitInstruction.
e161a2a : Do not remove NullChecks & BoundsChecks in HDeadCodeElimination.
3a3fd0f : Turn constant conditional jumps into unconditional jumps.
12b479c : Revert "Adjust the suspend check interval to 16."
cecc2d9 : Make gc-thrash able to handle OOME
8cb0306 : Make finalization test more robust
dc0f40e : Adjust the suspend check interval to 16.
7cd01f5 : Add regression test for null check elimination.
cb46ee1 : Revert "ART: fix NullCheckElimination to preserve MIR_IGNORE_NULL_CHECK"
fef019c : ART: ARM64: Fix instruction addresses in the disassembly.
5eaff90 : Handlerize throw location in DumpJavaStack
986c6fb : ART: Stash any exception before dumping a stack
7223d44 : Switch to C++11 style [[noreturn]].
8fda9f2 : ART: Add smali-based run-test
4c69d7f : Hold mutator lock in DdmSendHeapSegments for all spaces
c4b2f16 : Don't call dlsym from signal context in signal chain
59c0706 : Work around ICE bugs with MIPS GCC and O1.
58920cc : Disable 114-ParallelGC for GC stress testing.
647b1a8 : Fix 2 new sets of clang compiler warnings.
3d2ec35 : Fix ScopedArenaAllocator::Reset() for Create()d allocators.
71175b7 : Cleanup baseline register allocator.
fc787ec : Enable -Wimplicit-fallthrough.
6cdedf0 : Fix object header size for baker read barrier.
1373595 : stdint types all the way!
cdc1aaf : Simplify instance reference offsets.
fec72f4 : Fix race in thread list destructor
ec1694d : Fix ARM64 build.
3b37073 : Fix arm64 build: move macro usage after definition.
46a6fc5 : Restore valgrind-test-art-host
d8c3e36 : ART: X86: GenLongArith should handle overlapped VRs
476df55 : Use Is*() helpers to shorten code in the optimizing compiler.
611e1db : Makefile cleanups.
033aabf : Only watch location for BREAKPOINT event
cee7524 : ARM64: Update code after the VIXL 1.6 release.
0279ebb : Tidy ELF builder.
5229cf1 : Quick: Reduce memory usage and improve compile time.
67c72b8 : Quick: Separate null check elimination and type inference.
360231a : Fix code generation of materialized conditions.
56b9ee6 : Stop converting from Location to ManagedRegister.
b57f1c7 : Disable kEnableJavaStackTraceHandler
832336b : Don't copy fill array data to quick literal pool.
5869a2c : Dump mutator lock for thread suspend timeout
7e70b00 : Header file clean up.
9344568 : Fix and improve static evaluation of constant expressions.
33c1702 : ART: Fix issues with SplitBlock
baf9102 : Really fix --gdb when running tests on target.
f57874d : Remove libsigchain from LD_PRELOADS
01ef345 : Add trivial register hints to the register allocator.
7fb49da : Add support for floats and doubles.
191c4b1 : Inserting a node must also update its inputs users.
b6e7206 : Fix movw on x86/x86_64 to accept any 16bits immediate.
7adfcc8 : Do not use kDiesAtEntry when inputs must be in specific reg.
a21f81e : Allow std::function<return_type(arg_type)> patterns in cpplint.
288a4a2 : Merge reference-run-test-classes and run-test-jar.
504b788 : ART: fix NullCheckElimination to preserve MIR_IGNORE_NULL_CHECK
86891cd : Fix a merge error in cl 108991.
24555ad : Add way to warn about missing JNI_ABORT
1a58b7f : Merge host-run-test-jar and push-and-run-test-jar.
26a25ef : Add a prepare for register allocation pass.
5ad97da : Handlerize methods across some GC points.
9ae0daa : Add support for inputs dying at entry of instructions.
1ffa074 : Make which dex2oat version to use configurable.
9944b3b : Fix to MirGraph::GetSSANameWithConst()
cc8cc7c : Propagate optimization flags to kMirOpCheck.
88c0569 : Respect USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD for art builds
1b4e252 : Make host-run-test-ar take --no-prebuild.
8c52a3f : Add some missing TEMP_FAILURE_RETRYs around unlink(2)
01afdba : Add test for getDeclaredClasses of with missing class
7c02e91 : Quick compiler: Fix ambiguous LoadValue()
62d1ca3 : ART: Prepare for ELF64.
7c2ad5a : Implement method calls using relative BL on ARM64.
5fd18ba : Merge push-and-run-{prebuilt}-test-jar files.
74d6a82 : Revert "Fix OOM throwing if it happens in finalizer reference"
27cc093 : AArch64: oat patches should be 32-bit ints.
0db7ad3 : Revert "Rename registers in arm64."
a3cf6ce : Fix test-art-(host|target)-run-test(32|64) targets.
d642a91 : Colorize warnings when building with clang.
ff0ac47 : Remove all uses of MIR_INLINED.
6d7729d : Fix OOM throwing if it happens in finalizer reference
8ac41af : ART: Fix SelectKind to work with nullptr
e94e2d4 : More native bridge tests
e767f6c : Fix build_all_egdes in MIRGraph::ProcessCanThrow().
fa23645 : Quick: Fix LVN/GVN handling of acquire operations.
1ddbf6d : Revert "Introduce a class to implement optimization passes."
a9f36ee : ART Runtime: Add movb $xx,yy fault handling
bf9cd7b : Introduce a class to implement optimization passes.
11daa0a : Rename registers in arm64.
31d8f52 : Add VMRuntime.isBootClassPathOnDisk
0714083 : Enable -Wunreachable-code
f889267 : Fix x86_64 assembler LoadRef to use movl.
6f4dcae : ART: Allow overridable calculation of basic block dataflow
35c68e3 : ART: Fix typo
3d56be8 : Disable ThreadStress.
8ddb00c : Improve detection of lifetime holes.
2549478 : Remove selinux dependency.
fa888d0 : Revert "Enable computed goto interpreter on the host"
db0cccd : Code cleanup.
4163c53 : AArch64: address some outstanding TODOs.
c8ccf68 : ART: Fix some -Wpedantic errors
b88f0b1 : Get heap poisoning working in 64-bit.
c0d8229 : ART: Better IllegalAccessException message
7503597 : ART: Deprecate CompilationUnit's code_item
584cc79 : Reduce scope of MIR analysis attributes.
ae9f3e6 : ART: Fix movnti assembler
5ca2054 : ART: More verifier error output
cb3c08f : ART: Do a pre-pass for monitor_enter dex pc search
740475d : Fix a bug in the insertion of parallel move.
fd680d8 : Fix test now that instructions can die at instruction entry.
7690562 : Register allocator: refine instructions liveness.
7643327 : Optimize get/set reflection performance
9ef78b5 : Fix broken runtime SetStatsEnabled logic
b5594ba : Fix make test exclusion bugs.
8f0bbd2 : Only include test targets if test-art* or build-art* is being built.
268ea6c : Change heap base address
5f09be9 : Fix verifier crash in GetQuickFieldAccess().
53cec00 : ART: Fix GenReduceVector and GenSetVector
51be0a7 : Fix CallStaticVoidMethodA for testEverything
7a53653 : ART: Fix mac build
02875c5 : Fix some more pedantic compiler warnings.
6b604a1 : Fix Class::IsInSamePackage to not read beyond the end of a StringPiece.
f0edfc3 : Some optimizations for the array alloc path.
4838d66 : Reduce IndirectReferenceTable memory usage
5daf8e1 : ART Runtime: Add movw $xx,yy fault handling
f4da675 : Implement method calls using relative BL on ARM.
e7d6662 : Make the script bash because it uses PIPESTATUS.
9ebc72c : Make suspend checks note have side effects.
5799fc0 : Optimizing compiler: remove unnecessary `explicit' keywords.
3c04974 : Optimize suspend checks in optimizing compiler.
6b46923 : Optimizing compiler: check inputs & uses definitions in CFG.
9bc6199 : ART: Reject branch/switch/throw to move-result.
e8e3989 : Restore kReasonLogging for kDexoptNeeded and kPatchoatNeeded
10f0ca2 : Fix "const-class v0, I" for
cc67607 : ART: Refactor elf_writer_quick for elf section order
4f694ba : dex2oat should truncate files opened from file descriptors
a6da74e : ART: Update for split native bridge initialization
590c6a4 : ART: Reset bb id to the last list mir
e39c54e : Deprecate GrowableArray, use ArenaVector instead.
3bca0df : Support for saving and restoring live registers in a slow path.
66d9bdb : Enable computed goto interpreter on the host
18efde5 : Fix code generation with materialized conditions.
7e53b41 : Optimizing compiler: ensure loop header dominates loop's blocks.
6b879dd : Add loop- and phi-related checks in the optimizing compiler.
724c963 : Also remove environment links to removed instructions.
145f0ca : Fix a bug in the handling of moves in register allocator.
b7e9e32 : Elimination of redundant instructuion
8009f39 : Optimize JDWP stack local values access
a9aa0ff : Fix JDWP crash when reporting exception
4d1e9ab : Do not hold breakpoint lock when running the verifier
2366f4e : Dump kernel/native stacks of pure native threads.
2d5f39e : Add ScopedAssertNoThreadSuspension
d31cf3d : First optimization in new compiler: simple GVN.
28a42c1 : Add adb root to test-art-target, required by adb remount.
3c13a79 : ART: Only allow the zygote to create the global boot image
b7fc629 : ART: Fix instruction flags of kMirOpCheck and kMirOpCheckPart2
c83d441 : Fix a lint error and update a test after the phi fix.
556c3d1 : Initiate a constant propagation pass in the optimizing compiler.
6995c60 : Update JDWP event filtering to avoid useless ids
ce71ae7 : It can be that no method has been compiled.
f272af4 : Move spammy logs to JDWP verbose mode
00b25f3 : ART: Allow oatdump to verify oat file
b09aacb : Small fixes to get the boot image compiled in debug mode.
ba17fb0 : Add missing read barriers to intern table.
e349c5e : Reconcile whitespace diff from aosp/master introduced in 4cf00ba324f5f6884059796a6ba41937f32e1844
5db9b01 : Revert "Use homogeneous space compaction if proper flag is set."
0036cd4 : Remove MethodVerifier whitespace diff from aosp/master
c5bfaaa : Revert "Quick compiler: disable GVN DO NOT MERGE"
64bb5a9 : Revert "Disable load/store elimination. DO NOT MERGE"
6e5251e : Remove MethodVerifier whitespace diff from aosp/master
0ba1fed : Add missing read barriers to intern table.
25fe3d5 : Reconcile whitespace diff from aosp/master introduced in 4cf00ba324f5f6884059796a6ba41937f32e1844
890da84 : Revert "Use homogeneous space compaction if proper flag is set."
6b2352b : Use homogeneous space compact by default if not low memory.
7f590e2 : Restore some aosp/master changes lost in cherry-pick 7c438b19b71932ac8a44eff44f20744a01559c8d
1b636c6 : Add allocation rate tracking to systrace.
497d62e : ART: skip compilation of huge methods.
1780dab : Revert "Quick compiler: disable GVN DO NOT MERGE"
965240f : Revert "Disable load/store elimination. DO NOT MERGE"
b2f5dbb : ART: Avoid recursive abort on thread dump
33cb94e : ART: Sync oat file to disk before patching
69dbec6 : Avoid suspending for alloc trace enabling when already suspended.
72bceff : Initiate a dead code elimination pass in the optimizing compiler.
ccc07a9 : Add CFG and SSA form checkers in the optimizing compiler.
f9f0ed4 : ART: Overflow of bound check in ArrayCopy intrinsic
604c6e4 : Ensure the first predecessor of a loop is the pre header.
20d3eae : Update comment about disabling vmap dump.
88157ef : Add the "time" compilation filter and output compilation stats.
b0b0b49 : Avoid crash in StringReference.Value JDWP command
48a8961 : Fix lint error.
e982f0b : Implement invoke virtual in optimizing compiler.
0a1174e : X86 QBE: Make some X86 routines virtual
58553c7 : Add allocation tracking allocators to ROSAlloc
2dbe627 : Add runtime options for large object space
a2af5c7 : Only log an error if an unattached thread is unregistered.
5cbcde2 : ART: Fix method verifier dumping
984fb79 : ART: Fix verifier flags for quickened IPUT
2cbaccb : Avoid printing absolute addresses in oatdump
61ff009 : ART: Check for exceptions from unresolved classes
cefcea8 : Don't call dlsym from signal context in signal chain
fbc695f : Revert "Revert "Implement suspend checks in new compiler.""
a06430c : Check for errors in ThreadGroupReference JDWP commands
aac0f39 : Fix a bug in the register allocator.
1127b12 : ART: fix highest PC values removal in SrcMap.DeltaFormat()
be8d99c : Fix sput-wide verification flag.
9ef2b6c : ART: Do not unlink unreadable ELF files
daab38c : ART: Make elf loading not abort
5a4b8a2 : ART: Rename Handle hierarchy
2ed8def : ART: Allow quickening in the boot image
441336c : ART: Update host run test script
5182932 : ART: Change access flag behavior in verifier
7e3652c : Revert "Implement suspend checks in new compiler."
ad1977f : Revert "Add tests for IF_EQZ for suspend checks."
58bdd18 : Add tests for IF_EQZ for suspend checks.
6fbce02 : Implement suspend checks in new compiler.
741c02c : Add 5 minute time out to host run tests.
a5a53ef : Add native support for FinalizerList.makeCircularListIfUnenqueued
2156ff1 : Add time out to dump check point.
ecaebd3 : Remove dex file index building mutex.
844506b : Pass current thread as argument to alloc instrumentation.
7c438b1 : Fix stale root error in verifier
c80605d : ART: Consider clinit elimination for inlining
7b078e8 : Compile time performance improvements focusing on interpret-only.
af4edbd : Fix and re-enable FreeList large object space for 64 bit
98cb689 : Quick compiler (arm64) Fix inline Math.round()
5f16c88 : Add a test for our NPE checks.
ab0ed82 : Add fast path to VMClassLoader.findLoadedClass
bb0c7f6 : ART: Fix preverified setting in VerifyClass
2e15893 : Delete pin table
b4fffc7 : Print the command line and ABI in stack dumps like debuggerd.
0624965 : ART: Fix preverified setting in VerifyClass
3c821c6 : Add DumpClass context on CacheField and CacheMethod failures
f397866 : Fix cpplint issue.
3437531 : Use WellKnownClasses in ThrowStackOverflowError to reduce changes of further stack overflow
b30e0c6 : Fix crash when connected to DDMS
f1d9b04 : Fix crash when connected to DDMS
4849859 : ART: Correctly make methods preverified
a870bc5 : ART: Address three issues with x86 assembler before enabling load store elimination.
a1c22c1 : Fix builds on archs the compiler does not support.
070f732 : Fix deadlock in VirtualMachine.AllThreads
4537c41 : Don't hold any lock when visiting classes from JDWP
8a16d97 : Fix valgrind errors.
52be37c : Move EnsurePreverifiedMethods to take ConstHandle to reconcile with AOSP
589e046 : Slow path should break def tracking
e2d596e : x86 fault handler does not know about movb
9863daf : AddIntrinsicSlowPath with resume requires clobbering
655b445 : Revert "Workaround Darwin ContainedWithinExistingMap issue"
1ee99e3 : Revert "Disable Clang internal assembler."
928f72b : ART: Fix things for valgrind
5441091 : Re-add read barrier to roots in the verifier.
d8f69b0 : Revert "Add read barriers for the roots in the verifier."
46f0e97 : Add some comments for retired class.
faff0f0 : Remove reference_static_offsets used for iterating through class static fields.
75bcc37 : ART: Fix variable formatting and CodeLayout's multiple visits
8165fda : Ensure class is linked before resolution
1a465ca : Ensure class is linked before resolution
194321c : Add proper cfi directives.
aa4497d : Improve dex location canonicalization-related performance.
2a877f3 : Fix bug in register allocator.
e6c96d1 : Fix misuse of ArenaAllocator.
13b9f43 : Increase dex2oat timeouts for debug builds
b5477f0 : Fix kThumb2Vldrd definition to set correct flag.
8a74117 : Address read barrier issue with cl/106467
d619cab : Disable Clang internal assembler.
cd48f2d : Change Reference.get() intrinsic to Reference.getReferent().
87bb26f : Remove art-* targets in favor of build-art-* targets.
8cf89c4 : Change 099-vmdebug test to use File.createTempFile.
cbe15be : Disable tracing if enabled by default for new tracing test.
df96098 : Temporarily disable LOS on 64 bit
d063d91 : Change when sampling thread is reset during shutdown to prevent races.
c48b206 : ART: Better error reporting on broken oat file
c7376ca : Fix monitor visit for class initializer
a464466 : x86: evaluation destination should be after load of source in RA
376fa68 : ART: Fix unchecked register index validity
c580e04 : Fix darwin run-test problems
6bcae8f : Add fast path for FindClass using the type dex file.
30cbbee : Ignore heap trim requests if we are the zygote
b272855 : Revert "Fix heap trimmer daemon sleeping."
ec61aea : Ignore heap trim requests if we are the zygote
bccf123 : Add test for hashCode and System.identityHashCode.
58e5e5d : Add CallNonvirtual test
30c2e1b : Small error reporting fix in class linker.
065bf77 : Add (simple) side effects flags and equality methods on nodes.
f63a0a5 : Clean-up and make the art script usable on target.
3946844 : Runtime support for the new stack maps for the opt compiler.
90a21f8 : Quick compiler: Fix handling of unused returns
eacc5f0 : Fix Thumb2Stm, ldm definition of EncodingMap for arm
54fc26c : ART: Refactor elf_writer_quick, add symbolizer
007a065 : ART: Make the dominator bitvectors expandable
1f0437e : Delete double finalization hack.
306db81 : Fix numerous issues with DdmVmInternal allocation tracking
52ed9ad : ART: Fix host test failure (assembler_thumb_test).
621962a : Avoid recomputing the dex checksum during class loading
a8c55ae : Remove unreachable code from
3a91f44 : ART: X86: Improve multiply in div/rem by literal
871bfdc : Revert "Revert "x86: Fix art_quick_instrumentation_exit""
62aa66f : Revert "x86: Fix art_quick_instrumentation_exit"
5324dc8 : x86: Fix art_quick_instrumentation_exit
3a5fa5e : Add test case for runFinalization.
8be44cf : Fix arm64 build warning (promoted to error).
1d9aa4d : ART: Fix host run-test script
6be67ee : ART: Change ART for new native bridge sequence
d81877c : Fix heap trimmer daemon sleeping.
23d683f : Fix heap trimmer daemon sleeping.
0c2894b : Make nested signal more generic
68caf9e : Fix stack overflow and duplicate methods while tracing.
3f51e7d : ART: Fix x86_64 GenSelect case when destination is Ref
6dccdc2 : ART: Reduce LockCallTemps usage
faf9f0d : ART: Allow oatdump to print vr stack locations
fbebc69 : ART: Only call CalculateBasicBlockInformation once
805bab1 : ART: Fix computation of frame size for direct proxy methods
8ec31f9 : Fix native allocation watermark clamping.
f4f3843 : Add exception check to AllocateInternalWithGc
dbf3be0 : VisitClassesWithoutClassesLock isn't safe if classes move.
c0542af : Remove abuse of mirror::Object* to reference special values.
b3a84e2 : ART: Vectorization opcode implementation fixes
1a7e292 : ART: Fix StubTest Interface Trampoline test
e03df65 : Fix native allocation test.
0848745 : Change native allocations to use growth limit.
de0b996 : ART: Fix read-out-of-bounds in the compiler
d4ae41f : ART: Tighten verifier list reading and offsets
c2bda53 : Add missing read barriers to intern table.
aa839cc : Fix SetupResourceMasks to pass correct parameters
40e1912 : Disable SignalTest with GC stress.
f77e977 : Quick compiler, aarch64: Insane sanity checker
70c71ab : Change intern table to unordered set.
6355745 : Pre-allocate the NoClassDefFoundError to be thrown for boot classes.
cdfd39f : Change intern table to unordered set.
98172a6 : Change heap transitions + hspace compation to use VLOG(heap)
b061cc1 : ART: Fix typo
ed2be17 : Reduce lock contention when debugging
31a7a0c : ART: Fix dex file verifier type-list handling
68b5685 : Reduce and speed-up class def searches.
f9b87b1 : Revert "Revert "ART: Prepare for ELF64.""
7eebd95 : Revert "ART: Prepare for ELF64."
bad0267 : Add native memory accounting through custom allocator.
2c2426c : ART: Fix accidental "1"
18a49cc : Fix frame size issue with 64-bit
313f403 : ART: Initialize fields of ParsedOptions
cd4380c : Fix master-art-host build by removing flakey test (temporarily)
3868009 : Fix mac build and signal test
500c421 : Fix mips build for nested signal handler
7adb7ac : Fix segfault if running without image.
45b8f1a : ART: Prepare for ELF64.
e5beb18 : ART: Address issues with kIntrinsicMinMaxDouble for x86
1500e6f : ART: Update CFG dumper to handle extended better
debdda0 : Fix Mac build
e1cb298 : ART: Check for no gaps only when we will have an immune region
91a8366 : Fix signal chain to allow for signal() call to be used
1291e9b : Fix incorect variable name.
ba32de4 : Fix issue with Thread.setName hanging after Thread.start
0517f4d : Honor the read barrier option in IRT::Get().
7895d55 : Fix an assert failure in art::DumpNativeStack().
3a65807 : Quick compiler: Fix MIPS build
2539613 : Change /dalvik-cache to be owned by root.
381e4ca : Filling hole between subclass and superclass.
524507a : Prevent exception bugs in class linker
839cc30 : Move the glibc unlimited stack hack into GetThreadStack.
6d3fc56 : Actually ask the pthread implementation for the stack guard size.
60ed7da : Avoid null pointer dereference when sending JDWP packets
ae94e35 : Ensure proxy constructor is in dex cache
2ddd175 : Add numerator check for integer divide and modulo
992f1e7 : Fix gcstress and gcverify test targets
8ce6b90 : Handle nested signals
1ef4ce8 : Really fix tests.
86df3ac : Various run-test makefile fixes.
ddfe779 : Fix builds where dist_goal is defined.
9fcaa4b : Fix test build targets.
8d0d03e : ART: Change temporaries to positive names
03a112d : Add run-test support for running without a working patchoat/dex2oat
bd25d4b : ART: Add capability for a pass to have options
09321df : ART: Added dirty flag to optimizations
84d7605 : Support booting without functioning boot.oat/art patchoat.
f5c44b3 : Use loops to build combinations of run-tests.
8e219ae : Reduce interpret-only compile time.
d04f113 : Map heap maps at a lower address.
b5bce7c : ART: Add non-temporal store support
e4927f6 : Fix race condition in TransitionCollector.
d9efea6 : ART: Improve error message on oat writer failure
48160e7 : Fix usage of literals within a macro.
c44ce2e : Map heap maps at a lower address.
df73375 : ART: kSuper also has IncompatibleClassChangeError
8f252e6 : ART: Fix IncompatibleClassChange check for ArtMethod
88a6b41 : Quick compiler: fix DCHECK
898fcb5 : CheckAndClearResolveException should allow LinkageError
91c2f71 : Reduce GC log spam.
e8817b2 : Fixed typo in entrypoint stub.
8850011 : Remove an intermediate field array in ClassLinker::InitializeClass.
33ac819 : ART fix oat debug source map operations
fb0ea2d : ART: Extending FlagsOf
6c4da4e : Fix GC memory overhead accounting.
37f05ef : Reduced memory usage of primitive fields smaller than 4-bytes
b6cabc1 : Reduce log spam by changing a LOG(INFO) to VLOG(startup)
a5a3ac9 : Fix GC memory overhead accounting.
64ad14d : Support running without a boot image.
bf99f77 : Clean up Handle usage.
53c913b : ART: Clean up compiler
6a7824d : Add fallback for non moving space being full.
d04d309 : ART: Support MIRGraph constant interface
65282b2 : Using the correct time for wait_start_ms when lock contention logging is enabled
695c598 : ART: Reject field accesses to non-reference vregs.
dc37617 : Handlerize MethodVerifier::mirror_method_.
0deeb81 : Fix testing wrong variable for non zygote.
a68629e : Always setup the native bridge library
ba9388c : ARM64: Avoid the duplication of condition codes.
c0e3660 : Fix signal test build
0ff21b1 : ART: Add dex dependency for gtest
67ef46a : Avoid handle-less fields in ClassLinker::InitializeClass()
60ffbca : Fix host 64-bit ISA string
9660918 : Make a couple of map checks debug only.
b89c3da : Make a couple of map checks debug only.
8d98ac6 : ART: Remove GOT setup from x86 assembly where not needed
1f8ef6f : Fix fault handler to unregister on shutdown
49ddae7 : Add supported architectures to signal test.
69f22cf : Remove profiler log line
8e70519 : Check pending exception result in AllocObjectWithAllocator.
6644521 : Fixed wrong field usage in Instrumentation::RemoveListener
0f3e498 : GetDalvikDisassembly should work even without SSA info
f588b50 : ART: Remove a BasicBlock's fall_through pointer in Hide()
20c8930 : ART: Relax GetInstructionSetFromString
e77493c : Make common BitVector operations inline-able.
323aa86 : bionic has always had gettid.
09ae022 : ART: Fix frontend to allow possibility of multiple code units
7642324 : ART: Implement kMirOpNullCheck
9a8a506 : AArch64: Improve MIR to LIR translation for abs
e4cab17 : Enable large object space for zygote.
5d13f12 : Quick compiler: fix Arm64 inline locking code
216cf23 : Workaround problem reading main stack on intel devices.
b090a18 : Merge stack usage reduction for overflow checks
6e49869 : ART: Fix ARM invoke stub, run Generic JNI in jni_compiler_test
8ed2e70 : Fix OOM test case to handle more optimizations
deb6fe2 : Really fix target gtest dependencies
3ea69c0 : AttachCurrentThread should only warn on missing thread name if CheckJNI is enabled.
9dcc457 : Make apps able to run with a failing patchoat
29b3841 : ART: Set default visibility to protected
907b699 : ART: More failure output on run-test
5680277 : Check for constructor first when installing tracing stubs.
d35326f : Fix heap corruption and verification.
78480ec : ART: Fix verifier fail message.
2d2365c : Improve GVN performance when merging null-checked values.
4361bef : Fix bug introduced in
c6345ef : Fix JDWP event races
5d7cdec : AArch64: Add tbz/tbnz and tst.
74de63b : X86: Fix alias info in GenInlinedIndexOf().
a1e78fa : Add null check to CheckVirtualMethod
ca1d06c : Optimized instrumentation listener handling
e98c889 : ART: Avoid expensive class lookup in compiler driver
9bdec88 : Check that we don't accidentally invoke compiled code when -Xint.
956a522 : ART: Do not recursively abort when visiting locks in a bad state
41369d2 : Avoid handle-less methods in ClassLinker::LinkInterfaceMethods().
a4962aa : Make Monitor::Wait more robust to spurious Inflate failures.
ee5618b : resolved conflicts for merge of 549c9b17 to lmp-dev-plus-aosp
e3ea838 : ART source line debug info in OAT files
0ef3bd2 : Tidy up monitor comments.
d338ae0 : Make gdb fixup work with multiple DWARF Compilation Units
d57a84a : Update ziparchive usage to the new API.
db8a664 : Prevent stubs from being installed in java.lang.reflect.Proxy.<init>.
08f8d4c : [MIPS] Fix the code generated by GenSelectConst32
c842352 : [ART] Move to system/core native bridge library
ffe18b5 : Fix the THREAD_ offsets for MIPS.
43c69cc : Make Monitor::Wait more robust to spurious Inflate failures.
b038ba6 : Revert "Revert "Reduce stack usage for overflow checks""
44bd8c1 : Use homogeneous space compaction if proper flag is set.
2d0b18f : Revert "ART: Fix mac build"
4cf00ba : Revert "Reduce stack usage for overflow checks"
06839f8 : x86_64: Use RegClassBySize() for field accesses
2d5a21c : Use homogeneous space compaction if proper flag is set.
ab9a0db : Revert "Reduce stack usage for overflow checks"
5a586cc : Mark ParallelGC with gcstress failing.
d8481cc : ART: A couple of checks were missed in class LockWord
649278c : More efficient stack walk in exception throwing.
7b1bf42 : ART: Fix mac build
eff0f5d : ART: Fix class-linker handling
a5f90b6 : Fix intrinsic Math.abs(double) for ARM.
c24a1e0 : Ensure alternate signal stack is minimum size.
3cd86d6 : The image for writing needn't be in low 4GB.
0d334ce : ART: Fix another potential N-th visitor issue
718ac65 : ART: Tolerate shallow call stack in VMStack_getCallingClassLoader
22e4bb0 : Use homogeneous space compaction for non low memory devices.
38eecb0 : Use handle in one case that spans a gc-point.
76ab347 : Fix art build script
1ff3c98 : Avoid use of std::string where we have const char*.
eb0ab9e : ART: Fix mac build
6a3f8d9 : Initialize art::Atomic's value to 0.
9ac5602 : Fix crash in VirtualMachine.AllThreads JDWP command
f40f890 : Implement inlined shift long for 32bit
4ab6f50 : ART: Inline implementation of min() and max() for long in x86
97b52f8 : Make OatClass and OatMethod immutable once more.
3a12cfe : ART: Fix run-test in case of relative TMPDIR
4fcdc94 : Execute an application even when dex2oat crashes.
648d711 : Reduce stack usage for overflow checks
181211d : ART: Don't leave rex_ & length_ uninitialized
8c914c0 : Implement GenInlinedReverseBits
aeb5f81 : AArch64: Fix art_quick_string_compareto.
c30a725 : Prevent merge conflicts.
e7873ec : Added --gcstress and --gcverify shortcut flags to run-test
54accbc : Fix bugs in the x86 and arm versions of generic JNI.
dd162fb : Change FreeMemory and TotalMemory behavior.
aab0f86 : Revert "Revert "Remove GCC atomic workarounds.""
093ef21 : Move explicit GC after we are done initalizing all classes.
f1770fd : Fix missing operation in CombineBlocks
bc678bb : Make method tracing deoptimize on startup.
85fa796 : Fix more of the Mac build.
626a246 : Revert "Remove GCC atomic workarounds."
62ddb32 : AArch64: Fix art_quick_string_compareto.
a29ffd5 : Remove GCC atomic workarounds.
2cfa5f1 : Add gcstress top-level make rule, eg test-art-host-run-test-gcstress.
8bd698f : x86: A couple of minor changes for String.indexOf() inlining
90223cc : Fix missing operation in SplitBlock
90c5879 : Fix the Mac build.
c991107 : Remove clang detected warning on tautological comparison
13f8a16 : ART: Do not check interface being subclass for member access
58bea4a : Proper fix after -Bsymbolic change.
376fc3c : Check pause histogram sample size.
3ed4c54 : Add tests for getDeclaredConstructor
564db52 : Use the right instruction set for checking dex-cache staleness.
6b93218 : Fix performance regression in OatFile::GetOatDexFile().
e70f179 : ART: Fix two small DumpLIRInsn issues for x86_64 port.
c4a7acf : ART: Fix wrong command line parameter
54e15de : ART: Make assembler_test less chatty
68d8b42 : Wire up check JNI force copy mode.
104fa0c : Guard pause histogram with lock.
202d1f0 : Use the right instruction set for checking dex-cache staleness.
3f5838d : Fix performance regression in OatFile::GetOatDexFile().
c1276c8 : Fix a SIGSEGV at background-to-foreground collector transition.
47e2e95 : Clean up card table test.
947717a : Add arraycopy intrinsic for arm and arm64.
f6e206c : Support x86_64 stack overflow checks in opt compiler.
dfd3b47 : Add implicit checks for x86_64 architecture.
61281dc : Fix GetDexCanonicalLocation test for relative paths.
6400683 : Fix target and host gtest dependencies.
4fc7853 : Fixed build breakage due to incorrect class TypeId.
421b646 : Get the native bridge library from the framework.
3bed41c : Workaround for test failures after Bsymbolic fix.
d842648 : Revert "Fix build without -Bsymbolic."
bae21bb : Fix build without -Bsymbolic.
4b0d2d9 : Make patchoat use the sht_entsize when patching.
d5c78f4 : AArch64: Implicit StackOverflow/NPE/Suspend checks.
a2069c7 : Revert "Rename openDexFileNative to openDexFile."
836572a : Check for a NULL pointer, do not call Build.
05d2ab2 : ART: Build fix for dex_cache rework
3ac17fc : Fix SsaDeadPhiElimination in the presence of dependent phis.
58a5af8 : ART: Add guards to the dex cache and its shortcuts
7927380 : ART: Rework CFA frame initialization and writing code
e7f82e2 : Added support for patching classes from different dex files.
b9dbab6 : Revert "Temporary fix for bad LIR generation in GenInlinedGet."
de7b436 : ART: Skip compiling redefined classes in apps
5a79fde : ART: Use TMPDIR for test directories
48971b3 : ART: Generate chained compare-and-branch for short switches
547cdfd : Emit CFI for x86 & x86_64 JNI compiler.
7747c8d : ART: Remove test files after test
689c3bb : Make tools/art non-executable
eb1e929 : Implement TLAB fast paths in artAllocObjectFromCode.
68b539e : Add test for equals and hashCode in ParameterizedType
f0a3f09 : Fix proxy tracing and enable tests that now work with tracing.
adc73cb : Fix checks for kLiteral in local optimizations.
e1fa1dd : Fix analysis_attributes_ to update missing definitions.
03f92f4 : Fix art build script.
cd21f85 : ART: Fix verifier mishandling erroneous array component types
320299b : ART: Bump oat version for embedded vtable
95e1558 : Fix build, missing spaces around =/<.
0e7f37d : Set vtable in class object to null after linking.
1c46a24 : Fix main space memory leak and add checks.
a1b730c : Fix dangling pointer bug when transitioning to background.
c5c8258 : Fix stale remembered sets error.
5995216 : Avoid race in single thread suspension.
bf40ddb : ART: Turn on dex2oat watchdog on target
c029c98 : Update maximum number of reachable blocks in last step

+- Project: platform/bionic

79fd668 : Add functions to provide target sdk version
1011e1a : Fix unit tests, and extend for other architectures
41c99cd : Remove LOCAL_CONLY_FLAGS it is no-op.
b96ac41 : Fix RTLD_NEXT lookup for the local_group
b0c6f2db : Fix pthread_attr_getstack__main_thread failure on glibc.
c05554e : Fix error handling for negative size in ftruncate.
40a8f21 : Hide rt_sigqueueinfo.
9185e04 : Apply work around b/19059885 to x86
4e8ef69 : Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close in bionic.
e77e335 : Fix regression in crash reporting
9333324 : Remove -z global workaround for target x86
0346ad7 : ScopedFd: Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY() with close()
c217373 : Fix unused result errors in bionic.
697bd9f : Improved dlsym tests and fixes to linker
f58ac87 : Update NOTICE files (the second time today).
7e54c76 : Update NOTICE files.
c69ace8 : Simplify three copyright headers.
33f3351 : Use unified syntax to compile with both llvm and gcc.
ec738d9 : Fix various bugs in the check-symbols script.
4e8cda6 : remove rootdir build.prop
88e777d : Switch libc/libcstdc++/libm to hash-style=both
ce16a53 : Add definitions of Elf32_Sxword and ELFXX_R_INFO
2957cc5 : Remove pthread_detach_no_leak test.
ded34ce : Apply same URL workaround to clean build.
7c2c01d : Revert "Fix volantis boot."
6f0d700 : Revert "Fix clang build."
f920f82 : Revert "Try again to fix clang build."
e543c76 : Properly align init/fini_arrays for crtend.o
3edb918 : Use realpath for log and error messages
5624a6a : Move pthread_atfork_dlclose test out of static lib
406d996 : VersionTracker: Ignore libraries without soname
dbe26fd : Fix protected symbol lookups for mips
4637f3d : Do not adjust PT_GNU_STACK segment
f39cb63 : Lookup version info when relocating mips got
7e4bbba : Refactoring: move VersionTracker to link_image
31b408d : Refactoring: extract lookup_version_info(..)
18c935c : Adjust DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP2 value
0373d4f : Fix mips relocation to use load_bias as intended
c3f4c96 : bionic: fortify comments in _system_properties.h
11331f6 : Add float support to binary event log.
f8093a9 : Fix LD_PRELOAD for dlopen()
b4e5067 : linker: initialize system properties
62d6533 : Do not pack relocations for
a85bcc2 : linker: use libc's environ variable to store envp
e0905c9 : cortex-a9: Fix reference to __memcpy_base_aligned.
520cbf5 : Update to tzdata 2015d
b293969 : Reduce p_align for program header to page size.
2ea504f : Remove outdated warning
bfd6527 : bionic: add __system_property_area_serial()
f327fae : Include pthread_atfork.h to mips64 crtbegin
d1aea30 : Fix POSIX timer thread naming.
e91e66f : Use bfd linker for x86/x86_64 targets
ea295f6 : Unregister pthread_atfork handlers on dlclose()
6612d7a : Enable dlsym_df_1_global test for arm/arm64
b0b9338 : Exit normally when relocations are already packed.
6f88821 : Define char16_t and char32_t to make gcc 5.1 happy
d217740 : Update to tzdata 2015c
094f58f : Revert "Unregister pthread_atfork handlers on dlclose()"
adfcb97 : Exit normally when packing relocs saves no space.
0a93df3 : Fix opcode to compile with both gcc and llvm.
7280e50 : Remove jemalloc.a from libc_nomalloc.a
3391a9f : Simplify close(2) EINTR handling.
6df122f : Unregister pthread_atfork handlers on dlclose()
18870d3 : Always use signed leb128 decoder
f15ceeb : Always use signed leb128 encoding
7592008 : Update the search path for
2a63421 : Statically link libc++ for prebuilts
6fb8e96 : Allow building libc long double code with clang/llvm.
bb25bbe : Adjust DT_VERSYM/VERNEED/VERDEF dynamic sections
3d7bea1 : Add library name to error message
3244d9f : add a fortified implementation of realpath
72a6fdc : Fix bug in app_id_from_name in stubs.cpp.
4ae7736 : add fortified memchr/memrchr implementations
21988a3 : Also send bionicbb logs to a file.
d3fe4f1 : Merge the two bionicbb services into one.
4228188 : add fortified readlink/readlinkat implementations
2a81536 : Support symbol versioning
a932513 : Fix clang build.
a4061cd : Clean up "logging".
e7e1c87 : add fortified implementations of pread/pread64
95f1ee2 : Change on handling of SIGEV_THREAD timers.
c0f8928 : Update the number of jemalloc reserved keys.
163ab8b : Call __cxa_thread_finalize for the main thread.
66aa0b6 : Hide emutls* symbols in
940d312 : Fix addition of extra arg to cfi_restore.
605ee81 : Add missing cfi directives for x86 assembler.
5ddbb3f : Prevent using static-allocated pthread keys before creation.
a0ecd5b : Skip merge-failed messages from Gerrit.
d032378 : Don't build any changes that touch bionicbb.
ef25592 : Fix dl* tests to run-on-host
c0e7dbb : Add Elfxx_Ver* types
aba687a : Upgrade timezone data to 2015b
4d3abcb : Update tool to generate ICU4J data jars
41efc92 : Use assembly memmove for all arm32 processors.
76615da : Provide writer preference option in rwlock.
1dce3ed : Fix x86_64 build
cd13b14 : Stop libc from cross-referencing unwind symbols
dadac10 : Reject changes with cleanspecs.
aae859c : Add realpath for soinfo
694fd2d : Add a test for getdelim(3) on a directory.
f796985 : Fix bug for recursive/errorcheck mutex on 32-bit devices.
45c5713 : Add libdl dependency for target libraries
dffd3c5 : Try again to fix clang build.
0975a5d : Fix clang build.
76e1cbc : Fix volantis boot.
76ac1ac : Look into local group on dlsym with RTLD_DEFAULT
119cb55 : gtest_repeat should allow negative values.
b0cf928 : Remove _memset16 and _memset32 from mips/mips64 bionic.
e69c245 : Refactor pthread_mutex to support 32-bit owner_tid on 64-bit devices.
8fdb341 : linker: never mark pages simultaneously writable / executable
d6bf3d5 : Don't export new/delete from libc shared libraries.
56be6ed : Revert "Remove text-relocation support for lp32"
0ad256c : Fix ftw tests when run as non-root.
d3d018b : Update for running tests on the host.
cb00add : Remove text-relocation support for lp32
56b2768 : stubs missing include for string.h
e01d32f : Upgrade kernel headers to 3.18.10.
20d89cb : Fix long lines and replace macros with functions.
6170693 : Make ThreadLocalBuffer a class rather than a macro.
ef11500 : Revert "Revert "add guard pages to the internal signal stacks""
a3125fd : Revert "add guard pages to the internal signal stacks"
3925f32 : Revert "Fix clang build breakage ("arithmetic on a pointer to void")."
16c7721 : Fix clang build breakage ("arithmetic on a pointer to void").
595752f : add guard pages to the internal signal stacks
e001ca3 : linker_environ: clear MALLOC_CONF when AT_SECURE=1
402d199 : Fix hash-style.
947aded : Add test for thread_local keyword.
797bffb : Explain why we need objcopy for the linker
220b99b : Revert "Cause Fatal error when invalid pthread_id is detected."
569a752 : Fix comment drift in assorted relocation packer modules.
df79c33 : Initial implementation of __cxa_thread_atexit_impl
17393b0 : Hide internal of pthread_mutex_t.
799cb35 : Fix in error handling in pthread_create.cpp.
0332478 : Cause Fatal error when invalid pthread_id is detected.
28e69f7 : Add O_APPEND flag for __libc_write_stderr.
d2bd573 : Remove unused/unusable relocation packer files.
2495851 : Use ALIAS_SYMBOL for assembler aliasing.
1f95ffe : Changes to re-enable overrides for tz data
fa5faa0 : Make use the ALIAS_SYMBOL macro.
d165f56 : Replace fixed arrays with vectors
7d57623 : Convert result of a call to JSON.
673b15e : Let g_thread_list_lock only protect g_thread_list.
84c10c2 : RTLD_LAZY is not supported, use RTLD_NOW instead.
c889f13 : Work around a bug in the Jenkins queue API.
b584572 : Add test for pthread types alignment check.
a2db50d : Fix alignment error for pthread_internal_t/pthread stack.
e631f91 : Limit soinfo compatibility fields to arm32
bbb0432 : Return EINVAL when calling pthread_detach for joined thread.
aec2bb5 : Fix two errors in pthread_detach.cpp.
52393a5 : Move open from zip tests to dlext
2f836d4 : Make __get_thread inlined.
618f1a3 : Implement lookup by DT_SONAME
fa495d5 : Hide statfs/fstatfs' ST_VALID flag from userspace.
e44fffd : Fix library lookup for filenames with slash.
1101962 : Fix _PATH_DEFPATH to correspond to the actual default path.
ee7649c : set errno to ENOENT in getauxval per glibc 2.19
dc93db2 : Change name of rwlock benchmark.
ecbfb25 : Fix build: pthread_mutex/pthread_detach.
aef7195 : Support loading shared libraries from zip files
b5cd3c7 : Fix build: align pthread_cond_t to sizeof(long)
eb8b122 : Add alignment to opaque types.
9e6c7bc : Fix atomic_load on const variable in pthread_cond_t.
cb0443c : Remove obsolete test_isolated wrapper function
b1ada3d : Fix typo
19656ce : General purpose memory allocator for linker.
32651b8 : Hide content of pthread_cond_t in pthread_cond_internal_t.
3e87c78 : Revert "Revert "Moving StringPrintf to libbase.""
d2dad2b : Revert "Moving StringPrintf to libbase."
6e86146 : Fix typo in alias symbol.
995b813 : For libm, use a macro for aliasing symbols.
7ed5fa1 : Moving StringPrintf to libbase.
2fabea4 : Hide content of pthread_rwlock_t in pthread_rwlock_internal_t.
2e16d2c : Switch libc and libm to sysv-only hash style
c94c7ff : Add some GNU specific elf constants.
64a9c4f : Make gtest_main exit 1 when some test are failed.
5b8e7cd : Remove duplication in pthread_mutex.cpp.
58cf31b : Make pthread join_state not protected by g_thread_list_lock.
c4a586d : syslog.h: missing LOG_MAKEPRI definition
ba87fe5 : Add the UMOUNT_NOFOLLOW flag to <sys/mount.h>.
600bc3c : Rename LinkerAllocator and LinkerAllocatorPage
c9ce70d : Refactoring: rename linker_allocator files
1156508 : Generate gnu hash for arm only
4a55c46 : Generate sysv hash for libc, libstdc++ and libm
c6e5874 : Loosen fchmodat AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW test on symlink.
3597b80 : Store fields for gnu_hash separately
5d4f0e6 : Add the optimized implementation of 18 math functions for x86 and x86_64 respectively
6bb01b6 : linker: Allow an app to update it's own LD_LIBRARY_PATH
18a6956 : Add support for packed relocations.
45789b6 : libm: Add hardware sqrt, ceil, floor and trunc for x86 & x86_64
fa26eee : Refactoring: introduce reloc_iterators
f8ff6b1 : Generalize compression tool
87a0617 : Import relocation packer from chromium repo
f7e3b3e : Use pthread_once for g_uselocale_key creation.
24e8871 : Rename fortify_sprintf_warnings.cpp to fortify_compilation_test.cpp.
d964759 : Fix fortify compilation test in x86_64.
94545eb : Fix fortify compilation test on x86.
f3bd305 : Fix fortify compilation test on mips.
08ee8d2 : Switch pthread_rwlock_t to stdatomic.
4a2891d : Better control of pthread keys used in bionic.
c78fa26 : libm: arm: add arm specific sqrt and sqrtf
20f2268 : Add fortify compile test.
32936c8 : Add aarch64 instructions wherever possible
5e2bd71 : Refactor pthread_key.cpp to be lock-free.
c09268a : bionic: deprecate _PATH_MEM
cc9ca10 : Fix fread returning bad data.
f623747 : Make bionic gtest main be compatible with gtest output format for cts test.
ce751b3 : Lose bionic_atomic stuff.
b8b5a72 : Make getgrent deprecated.
9b4f77f : Make tempnam/mktemp deprecated.
52d7f1a : Move endpwent to ndk_cruft.cpp.
339ac37 : Allow wildcards to match arg values.
7fb680b : Move getusershell/endusershell/setusershell to ndk_cruft.cpp.
ea9c933 : Make all output of child test go to parent process in gtest_main.
3577825 : Fix "faccessat ignores flags"
b8ce474 : Switch system_properties.cpp from bionic atomic operations to stdatomic.
be52e65 : Fix dup2 in the case where the two fds are equal.
daf8911 : [MIPS64] Fix mips64 build.
567bfb3 : Fix 64-bit benchmark build
4c5891d : valgrind can't find syscall because we didn't put it in <unistd.h>.
df4942c : Refactor the benchmark code.
3cfb52a : Add GNU extensions mempcpy and wmemcpy.
3da136a : Modify test to avoid race condition.
2c678e6 : Parameterize use of clang in libc_ndk.
913fcb2 : Make gets() deprecated.
68dc20d : Implement _FILE_OFFSET_BITS (mostly).
a6395e1 : Update NDK compatlib for 4.1.2.
9a9ea3a : Update the NDK compatlib for 4.4.4 and ToT.
784de4e : Revert "Move use of __warnattr to __deprecated."
4645c4f : Move use of __warnattr to __deprecated.
62533de : Change getgrent error declaration message to proper style.
be6a445 : Fix sysconf for _SC_CHILD_MAX and _SC_OPEN_MAX.
92b9c6f : POSIX says flock is in <sys/file.h>, not <unistd.h>.
094a8ae : Update tzdata to tzdata2015a
e1f9dda : Regression test for NDK bug 80199.
41ef902 : Fix memchr overflow.
c6292ea : Fix: DT_DEBUG was acting as DT_REL on mips64
13ed3f0 : Add missing SHT_LOOS/SHT_HIOS values
c9d0943 : Declare getgrent/setgrent/endgrent as missing.
56b2b29 : Accuracy tests for libm
e09ab2c : Make section type SH_NOTE
3a629af : libm: arm: Add arm specific floor() optimization
5d06446 : bionic: benchmarks: Add BM_semaphore_sem_post_sem_wait
24958ae : Remove no-op sed step when compiling crtbrand.o
b6d301f : [MIPS] Fix setjmp signals
3d535d2 : [MIPS] Fix Mips64 build of libm
7f92509 : Fix our ftw tests.
2d8f9b5 : Define MAXHOSTNAMELEN explicitly in source files.
7e50fb2 : bionic: benchmarks: Add BM_semaphore_sem_post
e5f816c : Switch pthread_cond_t to <stdatomic.h>.
d40d1a0 : Cleanup the libm makefile.
4216085 : Remove stray log line.
05d2621 : Display errors instead of running infinitely.
d7db594 : Switch kernel header parsing to python libclang
91b403c : Use LOCAL_C_INCLUDES instead of LOCAL_CFLAGS for include dirs
6e54c3e : Use the libcxxabi __cxa_demangle.
aba6f71 : Apparently, logd does need the NULs.
ead0814 : Add path separator in bionic-unit-tests program path.
1d4c780 : Add signal handling in bionic gtest main.
5b869c0 : Use LOCAL_LDFLAGS_64 instead of enumerating 64-bit architectures
a6b6ed5 : Fix typo in cpu variant makefile depenendency for arm64
7dc502d : Remove libc_static_common_src_files
1742a32 : Share LP32 makefile settings between arches
8e55381 : linker: Use load_bias to adjust search address in elf_addr_lookup
5e52226 : Stop including <linux/param.h> in <sys/param.h>.
f4fe693 : Fix poll/ppoll fortify test to avoid hanging in failed fortify clang test.
bdd8452 : Set INCLUDE_UNI_CORE_DATA=1 when rebuilding ICU4C time zone data.
a3d97da : Switch sem_t from bionic atomics to stdatomic.h.
140f367 : Add test about pthread_mutex_t owner tid limit.
00490ae : Ensure raw fchmod/fchmodat syscalls are hidden.
86fc96f : Switch pthread_mutex_t from bionic atomics to <stdatomic.h>.
1ed337d : Clean up SEEK_SET definitions.
3cbc6c6 : Add fchmodat(AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW) and fchmod O_PATH support
42084a2 : Small logging cleanup.
d036e94 : Explicitly check that the reason fortify tests abort is fortify.
30fbf5f : Fix clang build.
0662c3e : Fixes to the tool
4674e38 : Fortify poll and ppoll.
b6e3e80 : Add the fortify tests back into the glibc tests.
cb0e703 : Include <malloc.h> for struct mallinfo.
4dcfccf : Remove unused CONFIG_SECONDS.
5038b19 : Break two incorrect transitive includes.
466dbe4 : Put back inline definitions if using an old API.
6ac4dd8 : Add primitive CPPLINT.cfg.
6a3ff01 : Rewrite __cxa_guard.cpp with <stdatomic.h>.
05fc1d7 : Add missing includes.
8ea53fa : Only one crashing thread should contact debuggerd.
86d2fee : Modify MIPS64 stat structure to match a generic one in AOSP.
11c4353 : Add --gtest-filter as synonym for --gtest_filter in bionic gtest main.
db3078d : Fix mips64 build. Replace explicit cast with static_cast
80e6d6d : Switch pthread_once_t to stdatomic.h.
0bc4e96 : Fix parse of gtest_filter in bionic gtest main.
e609909 : Fix mips build.
1edfd9e : x86 has an assembler bcopy implementation.
4a82ede : Rename "TIMEWARN" to "SLOW" in bionic gtest.
87dd503 : Add a test for float registers across setjmp/logjmp.
941a1a1 : Do not build host benchmark code on macs.
657b1f9 : Support --gtest_ouput option in bionic gtest main.
dbaab26 : [Arm64] Fix overlapping fp fields in jmp_buf
76f8916 : Clean up <stdlib.h> slightly.
b8a8cf0 : Add <error.h>.
82d7504 : Update kernel headers to v3.18.3.
616344d : Make bionic compile even if resolver debugging is enabled.
6e9e6ad : Fix coverage build after adding clang coverage.
14152b9 : Remove obsolete BUILD_TINY_ANDROID.
c5dc02a : Reduce <stdlib.h> namespace pollution.
6466292 : Reduce <signal.h> namespace pollution.
d309877 : Say "Bad file descriptor" rather than "Bad file number".
e6bb5a2 : Fix optimized fread.
279a22f : Minimize calls to mprotect
4ce907d : Allow make to set a timeout for the host tests.
611f956 : Add a log message to make the transition from linker to user code clear.
306ea7e : Add comments about the -shared flag.
1649e7e : Enable -Wold-style-cast warnings for linker
62284dd : There's no such thing as LOCAL_CXXFLAGS.
0ed7e08 : Fix the stdio.fread_EOF test.
bcb378d : Fix fread_EOF test name.
c56af08 : Use a more specific return type for app_id_from_name.
9c3fd59 : Add a basic NDK compatibility library.
8b5df39 : Turn on -Wold-style-cast and fix the errors.
169eb66 : Add
8c4994b : Implement __fsetlocking.
2b87351 : Report 404 errors from Gerrit and continue.
151da68 : Contact proper debuggerd when crashing.
e69e645 : Fix signed/unsigned comparison that was upsetting clang.
8885dcc : Add TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY to stdio's low-level read/write functions.
a6a0949 : Fix build error when XLOG is enabled
75b9938 : Optimized fread.
516eb53 : Remove testcase time printing in bionic-unit-tests.
6104eb9 : Add target libbionic_gtest_main for cts test.
1cf32f8 : Add a benchmark for using stdio to read a file in /proc.
df8f1a4 : Improve <stdio_ext.h> testing.
4853f40 : Make sys_resource test more robust.
8bb020e : Use SI prefixes throughout the benchmark output.
e48f533 : Use a vector of benchmarks and new for loop syntax.
a763504 : bionic benchmarks: limit benchmark run time to 1s real time
7b9df19 : bionic benchmarks: export benchmark library
19e246d : Fix possible leak in pthread_detach.
114ff69 : Refactoring: move mips reloc to separate method
bcc04d0 : Refactoring: unify relocate function
9d9ebc5 : bionic: libc: Added path to root ramdisk build properties file.
a35cd8c : Test that ip6-localhost exists in etc/hosts.
01abeac : Sync with upstream OpenBSD stdio.
1b69469 : Refactoring: use generic reloc constants
d338aac : Revert "Refactoring: use generic reloc constants"
265a60a : Refactoring: use generic reloc constants
b406033 : Check the committer rather than the Gerrit owner.
ad248b7 : Guard against
f988da4 : Oops. Fix dict key.
29be129 : Only build changes that come from
64390f9 : Add support for building other architectures.
3471fcb : Clean up paths.h.
c02df47 : Make indentation match the style guide.
8a15a4e : Use relative imports.
eb85ff0 : Add JSON files and oauth storage to .gitignore.
691e809 : Make service URLs configurable.
79b9830 : Markdown-ify 5137db3.
7c78d24 : Check in bionicbb code.
cefef7d : Refactor soinfo::relocate
0b1de06 : Add our LP32 ABI defects to the readme.
6f40a8a : Revert "Must use Clang assembler for mips target."
a137f53 : Add ARM_IRELATIVE relocation
be83736 : Make bionic-unit-tests default run isolate mode.
c62a4b5 : Fix freeaddrinfo(NULL).
917d390 : Make pthread stack size match real range.
bfa15e4 : Set linux 32bit personality for 32 bit processes
6718125 : Print error when prelink fails for main executable
1b8f467 : Remove outdated list of abi bugs
30e59c4 : _Unwind_Context is a struct.
e247e1c : [MIPS64] Add correct mcontext_t for 64-bit MIPS
6a7aaf4 : Reserve enough user request stack space in pthread_create.
40360b3 : Remove bogus transitive includes.
64d8382 : Ensure <fcntl.h> defines the S_* constants from <sys/stat.h>.
1b18aff : Fix nan output in the printf family.
998f2d5 : Remove more BSD cruft from the public headers.
a2177c6 : Move gethtnamaddr.c to net/ subdirectory.
246bcb1 : Remove t->tls==NULL check in pthread_key_delete.
8cf1b30 : Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t
7069256 : Support gethostbyname_r_ERANGE.
6881572 : Add support for DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP2 tag.
6f96d58 : Must use Clang assembler for mips target.
6b2b585 : Update bionic NOTICE files.
9257c47 : Fix the types of some of the struct stat fields.
0c92e8c : Remove bogus #include <endian.h> from <sys/stat.h>.
1c52e6c : Fix struct stat member types for x86-64.
7874f1d : Split the shared group data from the shared passwd data.
da19478 : Disable ASAN for more of our libraries.
58d33a5 : Sync with upstream for gethnamaddr.c.
bfa88bc : Add another test for weak-reference
badd7e1 : Fix <net/route.h>.
1ef6ec4 : Move the generic arm memcmp.S into the generic directory.
f92cc30 : Remove arm assembler not referenced from any makefile.
294d1e2 : better gtest runner for bionic
6c238f2 : Fix pthread key num calculation.
50a3c69 : [MIPS] Add sgidefs.h for mips64
562ae1e : make stack_protector_DeathTest work for gcc4.9
9773fa3 : Clean up DNS proxying.
1510a1c : Fix the setjmp tests for mips.
3f61f89 : Fix missing symbol for debug malloc.
51f5d83 : Fix arm64 clone stack handling.
c3d1728 : Use the stmdb instead of str to save the fn/arg
fa343e6 : fix runtime issues for scripts
db49903 : Use machine/timespec.h to separate timespec definition.
a381fe8 : Fix ptsname(3) and ttyname(3) to use TLS.
824f914 : Move BSD stuff together in <sys/endian.h>.
a7feda3 : <net/route.h> should include IPv6 too.
1ec05b7 : Sync <net/if_types.h> with upstream.
7257560 : Change _POSIX_CPUTIME macro to make it compitable with glibc.
6348160 : support _POSIX_REALTIME_SIGNALS
56e0173 : Simplify our endian.h implementation.
d27ae2f : Merge mips setjmp/longjmp family.
2fecbfa : Switch arch-mips64/include/machine to a symlink.
9fa2cfb : Use 64-bit units in the aarch64 setjmp implementation.
7509622 : Switch arm and arm64 over to the x86 style of jmpbuf.
1c0c0ed : Fix signal mask save/restore for x86-64.
7b78e81 : Fix signal mask save/restore for arm64.
8d4c55c : Clean up the x86-64 and x86 setjmp families.
b393299 : Clean up arm setjmp family.
9fb536d : Clean up the arm64 setjmp.
1f40be9 : Add cache related sysconf queries
42804c4 : Restore symbols from <arpa/nameser.h>.
0393221 : Make the missing symbols script more useful.
5afae64 : implement posix_madvise
1309dcc : Code using neon uses ARCH_ARM_HAVE_NEON.
cb4c615 : Remove __ARM_HAVE_VFP.
65f0df7 : Implement <pty.h>.
efbb6fb : change argument type in madvise
c7cbde3 : Fix warning: overriding commands for target
12f35ad : Switch x86 and x86-64 to __builtin_bswap*.
1de2548 : Switch aarch64 to __builtin_bswap16.
5ae82cb : Fix soinfo_unload
6651aa6 : Remove __ARM_HAVE_LDREXD.
b514026 : Kill <machine/exec.h>.
06b1b8c : Extract bionic-prepare-run-on-host to inc file.
6c1e3f6 : Remove unnecessary #undefs from AOSP.
20841a1 : Avoid pathological behavior in OpenBSD's fread.
20463e3 : Fix mips build
a55126f : Create /system/lib(64)? symlinks for host tests.
ab972b9 : Count references for groups instead of instances
8574a06 : Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t.
e323e99 : restore sigprocmask in setjmp/longjmp test.
e831433 : Resolve "unused DT entry" warnings for DT_VERNEED and DT_VERNEEDNUM.
212e0e3 : Build our benchmarks against glibc too.
47dc7c9 : Benchmark fread/fwrite both buffered and unbuffered.
f2bb57c : Fix running the bionic benchmarks on the host.
aad1a39 : libc: Fix headers to allow direct inclusion.
ce46f55 : Specify .cpu cortex-a15
3638a83 : Add error-check when mapping socket to fd
1b66f6e : Move a private x86-64 header file out of the limelight.
9fea409 : bionic tests: add setjmp/_setjmp/sigsetjmp tests.
d5c6527 : support _POSIX_CPUTIME
5b8ceff : Revert "Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t."
3a47863 : [MIPS] Rewrite of setjmp/longjmp for mips64 and mipsr6
cc5f654 : Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t.
2818279 : Sync with upstream OpenBSD fts.c.
1c19194 : flesh out sysconf(3) and the _POSIX_* constants
ee369fb : Bring our <machine/endian.h> files back in sync.
4ae178f : Mips: remove arch-specific atexit.h
e3e8d15 : Mips: Remove unused files
c619603 : Mips: Reuse atexit.h from libc/arch-common
75ef63d : Move some pthread functions to signal.h.
f664034 : Revert "<sched.h> should offer both __sched_priority and sched_priority."
0864d8b : Rename test_forked -> test_isolated
00e3781 : Add test_forked() option
63bd43b : Make the ftw(3) tests a bit more thorough.
c48c3e4 : Fix flockfile(3) and friends for stdin/stdout/stderr too.
7699d13 : Yet another relocation test
a04c79b : fix shared gid support in getpwnam/getgrnam
a254705 : Fix jump to unmapped memory on atexit
6e50cb4 : libc: Move <sgidefs.h> to libc/arch-mips/
bfbf7a4 : Remove remaining bionic support for TARGET_CPU_SMP being false.
32fea14 : Add getaddrinfo(3) tests for NULL arguments.
01f1ff2 : Allow asan for glibc tests.
154e202 : libc: Fix mktime returns an uncorrect time in empty TZ case
bc64476 : bionic/test: migrate sysconf tests from system/extras to bionic/tests
9d93986 : Add functions in sysinfo.h.
b5e581a : Increase support of pathconf options.
60d84af : sysconf(3) returns long.
168667c : Add non-macro stdin/stdout/stderr too.
9df4b13 : Fix host build for arm/arm64
b335677 : Add test for --hash-style=sysv
047b593 : Rename soinfo methods and fields
5c7d958 : Add missing function prototypes wcpcpy/wcpncpy.
e3c4acf : Fix our <mntent.h> implementation.
55293c1 : Don't receive structs containing pointers over sockets.
68d98d8 : Assume glibc >= 2.15.
fb50057 : Fix glibc 2.15 build.
8894091 : Fix mips build
95f197f : Allow stdatomic.h to be included from mingw prebuilt.
e66d57f : Add documentation about checkbuild.
ec18ce0 : Add support for hash-style=gnu
2f954ba : gethostname.c: change to report ENAMETOOLONG error when buflen is less
d94e7f0 : bionic tests: migrate gethostname test to unistd_test.cpp from system/extras
2e7145c : Add 64-bit slm optimized strlcpy and srlcat.
b11d8e0 : Upgrade bionic to tzdata2014j.
2c2463b : Fix tzdata update tools for 'backzone'.
71d220c : bionic: libc: Added path to vendor build properties file.
00bbc7f : Bionic: Make DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN conditional
8c79b4e : Add the <dirent.h> feature macros glibc uses.
1468765 : Add align/overread tests for strlcpy/strlcat.
e6ac9bb : Remove temporary compatibility hack.
0ac0df8 : Fix struct stat to match POSIX 2008.
b86a4c7 : Add sethostname(2).
5ca4a9e : implement missing seekdir and telldir
b20c244 : Implement all the POSIX _l functions.
274afe8 : Add POSIX lcong48.
b8ee16f : Fix our <complex.h> support.
9df7040 : make all bionic death tests not dumpable
6370aed : Add support for listing missing POSIX 2013 symbols.
7e0d0f8 : Fix newlocale with a NULL locale name.
1b37ba2 : Improve math tests to allow a specific ulp bound.
16f7f8d : check invalid file offset when loading library
e4ae96f : Revert "Fix dlsym() to take into account RTLD_GLOBAL/LOCAL"
d84897d : Revert "Add RTLD_NODELETE flag support"
189ac9f : Revert "Fix relocation to look for symbols in local group"
8bf7353 : Revert "Remove unnecessary lookups during relocations"
8b952f5 : Revert "Fix mips build"
86fdf8f : Revert "Fix symbol lookup order during relocation"
b9f21a0 : Revert "Fix arm64 and arm builds."
dc6599e : Fix warning of missing field initializer.
ca564e2 : Revert "Revert "Fix arm64 and arm builds.""
0416d88 : Revert "Revert "Fix symbol lookup order during relocation""
1c09577 : Revert "Revert "Fix mips build""
a42dfda : Revert "Revert "Remove unnecessary lookups during relocations""
c343cac : Revert "Revert "Fix relocation to look for symbols in local group""
7ca96a0 : Revert "Revert "Add RTLD_NODELETE flag support""
68a555b : Revert "Revert "Fix dlsym() to take into account RTLD_GLOBAL/LOCAL""
62b7279 : Make host tests depend on /system/etc/hosts.
6a03abc : Ensure we initialize stdin/stdout/stderr's recursive mutexes.
9fb216f : Revert "Use local copy of the library name on dlopen"
4e446b1 : Fix arm64 and arm builds.
da8e591 : Use local copy of the library name on dlopen
d225a5e : Fix symbol lookup order during relocation
0589777 : limits.h: add define for HOST_NAME_MAX
39cd0fa : Remove an unused file.
89aaaff : Extra strtod/strtof tests.
69377b8 : Fix merge-induced makefile error.
a39f939 : change unsigned int to uint32_t for api arc4random/arc4random_uniform
e24bf5d : Disable tzdata in $ANDROID_DATA.
50321e2 : [x86,x86_64] Fix libgcc unwinding through signal
ed29e85 : pthread_setname_np appears in glibc 2.12.
095636e : Fix *tests-run-on-host target
e03950f : Fix the type of u_ar0 in <sys/user.h>.
5b1111a : POSIX says pthread_mutex_trylock returns EBUSY, not EDEADLK.
4199695 : bionic tests: migrate test for mutex type from system/extras
c9d1658 : Remove unnecessary reinterpret_cast
b086298 : Disable clang compilation due to lack of ifunc.
1e8ebdc : Make the netdb unit tests work on the host.
f485547 : Use mxcr_mask instead of mxcsr_mask to match glibc.
ca8e84c : Add mkfifoat(3).
90b74fb : Fix mips build
e47b3f8 : Remove unnecessary lookups during relocations
cfa97f1 : Fix relocation to look for symbols in local group
ba81112 : Migrate system/extra getaddrinfo test, and fix a bug in getservbyname(3).
4912fc7 : bionic/tests: migrate gethostbyname bionic test from system/extra to bionic/tests
62d84b1 : Fix race condition in timer disarm/delete.
a05c2a2 : Update bionic to tzdata2014i.
c89ee27 : Replace ambiguous cmp operator with cmpl.
a6c1279 : Rename library_offset to library_fd_offset
5ba672e : Never use ASAN.
a371750 : Add -no-integrated-as at local level.
7123d43 : Fix generic __memcpy_chk implementation.
4a9e193 : Correct way to specify additional dependencies
3ce0769 : Only use <atomic> for C++11 and newer.
e91d9cd : Don't use an STL for libm.
ea6eae1 : Ignore DT_BIND_NOW (0x18)
4544d9f : Fix misleading comment.
a7c2e0b : We don't actually need all of libc++ here.
1816025 : Add clock_settime and clock_nanosleep.
a6bee4d : Add glibc alias for NT_PRFPREG
fee09e5 : Return total footprint, not high water mark.
90a29db : Use LOCAL_CXX_STL to select libc++_static.
472cce5 : Fix some formatting so GitHub displays it nicely.
efee1ce : Improve documentation for testing and coverage.
14538ca : Catch up on upstream's round/roundf/roundl.
78ba823 : Add back symbols to fix Greed for Glory franchise.
488268b : Sync libm with upstream.
9afb2f2 : Fix pthread_attr_getstack under valgrind.
f183f95 : Re-add dlmalloc for 32 bit.
ca75f9c : Use snprintf(3) instead of sprintf(3).
667853d : Build dlext_testzip as custom module.
cfd8c45 : Replace uses of sprintf(3) with snprintf(3).
51166d3 : Fix mma build: 'cd bionic && mma' case
75129ae : Don't silently return EINVAL for a NULL sem_t*.
3ea4d56 : Use ln(1) rather than cp(1) to set up host /system for testing.
b4b15c6 : Fix compile-time tests for LP64.
2fbb1b6 : Add basic compile time tests for sn?printf.
658727e : Inline helpers need to be exported unmangled.
3d77327 : Revert "Work around a bug in Immersion's"
7d3f553 : Work around a bug in Immersion's
b0fd556 : Use snprintf instead of sprintf.
75d66dd : Fix 2nd arch prefix application
6869d26 : Force export symbols on all x86 variants in libc.
1aaa178 : cdefs.h: add artificial attribute to FORTIFY_SOURCE functions
f04a8bc : Add compile time test infrastructure for bionic.
513e29e : Resolve "unused DT entry" warnings for x86_64
07e5bc1 : Add file_offset parameter to android_extinfo
884a3de : Revert "cdefs.h: add artificial attribute to FORTIFY_SOURCE functions"
b84f667 : further cleanup memcpy fortify implementation
9b543ff : cdefs.h: add artificial attribute to FORTIFY_SOURCE functions
48be71d : string.h: remove unused variable
8d0b2db : Reimplement clock(3) using clock_gettime(3)
bbf86e6 : Fixes to linker code after the conflict resolution
2cd77d3 : Undo the bad work of Automerger
145372b : Revert "L-MR1 specific fixes"
1b20daf : Add RTLD_NODELETE flag support
7d849ac : Add stpcpy assembler version.
76ac4d0 : Make memory_order_acquire visible in global namespace
0c8fb51 : Update bionic to tzdata 2014h.
f8896c6 : Fix to rebuild icu4c .dat file.
12e3f22 : Add coverage flag for libm.
31e072f : Update our FreeBSD realpath(3) to upstream head.
ecf532f : Fix mips build
c4bcc75 : Clean up the pthread key tests.
6cdeb52 : Fix unused DT entry warnings.
3a5aeba : Switch benchmarks and tests to libc++.
d9898c5 : Ignore multiple symbol definition errors.
b0c0037 : Remove arch-mips64/bionic/__get_sp.S
c8bd2ab : Cleanup arm assembly.
96bc37f : Return has_DT_SYMBOLIC flag.
188d093 : Static libc++ is being renamed libc++_static.
e93be99 : Fix gdb could not get shared library list issue
690211f : Make __aeabi_*() symbols weak.
a4ed64d : Add a dummy libdl.a.
8cf61da : Add __memcpy_chk assembly for 64 bit.
055a59c : Prevent benchmarks from being optimized away.
abefc93 : Re-expose more stdio implementation details for LP32.
528ad74 : Fix sys_stat.mkfifo when not run as root.
af12924 : Sync with current upstream getopt_long.c.
5a69da8 : Switch to OpenBSD fopen/fclose.
c08c25b : Sync with upstream findfp.c.
c2d3908 : Coverage configs for bionic.
9a05e38 : Add a dummy atexit(3) to the linker.
a71b4c3 : Switch to OpenBSD flags.c.
2169e17 : Remove the unnecessary generic-neon code.
31165ed : CLOEXEC support in fdopen, freopen, and mkostemp/mkostemps.
3c5037f : Fix incorrect parameter types for locale funcs.
b05ec5a : Pull in upstream fixes to reject invalid bases.
49eed7d : Switch to OpenBSD insque/remque/killpg.
08dc9d8 : Sync with some upstream OpenBSD #include cleanup.
0dc39f9 : Fix a couple more cases of missing CLOEXEC.
34c987a : Test pthread_cleanup_push(3)/pthread_cleanup_pop(3).
a186b2e : Clean up fpathconf(3)/pathconf(3).
60452a2 : Unit test for abort(3).
c296e4f : Use the uapi fs magic in <sys/vfs.h>.
04303f5 : Add semaphore tests, fix sem_destroy.
6fe376d : Remove references to MALLOC_LEAK_CHECK.
8e4d371 : Add greg_t for arm64.
653676d : Move to v3.16.3 kernel headers.
7553185 : Fix lgamma_r/lgammaf_r/lgammal_r for -0.
9969481 : Fix an unintended difference between aosp/master and lmp-dev-plus-aosp.
c189ffa : More cases where libc should use O_CLOEXEC.
411ff42 : Hide ScopedTrace.
d0be539 : Revert "Revert "Added a bionic systrace class and tracing to pthread_mutex.cpp.""
90be6c5 : The nextafter functions use the wrong next representable value
bee1993 : Stack unwinding unit tests.
ba8d4f4 : Update kernel uapi headers to v3.16.1.
1b77423 : Temporary disable DL_WARNs for unused DT_*
bf50e26 : Add Android*.mk files to additional dependencies
8fa377e : Fix an unintended difference between aosp/master and lmp-dev-plus-aosp.
2ad11a9 : Fix some 32-bit-isms in <stdio.h>.
e2d86fe : Pull input.h from v3.16.1 kernel headers.
21ce3f5 : More cases where libc should use O_CLOEXEC.
ebb6b4a : Hide ScopedTrace.
9e87f2f : Revert "Revert "Added a bionic systrace class and tracing to pthread_mutex.cpp.""
3ec67de : Exclude libstdc++ from linked libraries.
f240aa8 : Fix 64bit build
7c02d94 : Clean up the architecture-specific makefiles.
4a6e9a8 : Fix some unused DT_ warnings
b1a6c31 : No arm source refers to SOFTFLOAT.
1cff9a8 : Use the kernel's sa_restorer for aarch64.
8f61d99 : Remove has_DT_SYMBOLIC flag
148dff3 : Fix 32-bit arm unwinding through signal frames.
837a962 : Add benchmarks for pthread_rw_locks
e8ba50f : Fix dlsym() to take into account RTLD_GLOBAL/LOCAL
36f451a : Fix signal trampolines.
eb27bba : Add dlfcn_test to glibc test suite.
2214a1c : Fix filename in comment in cmath
5c2264a : Update NOTICE files.
5681fe8 : Remove an unused file.
26a8eb5 : POSIX says <signal.h> gets you ucontext_t.
f83c208 : Explain why clock(3) isn't broken.
c729d4f : Get new coshl, sinhl, and tanhl implementations from upstream.
8fb639c : Add a test for pthread_gettid_np.
460ad74 : Sync libm with upstream.
0f001b6 : Remove "private/bionic_pthread.h".
6abf624 : Reformatting
a6ac54a : Fix unload of recursively linked library
5f35710 : Expose __swsetup for LP32 binary compatibility.
9aea164 : Add IFUNC support for arm64 and IRELATIVE reloc
a4831cb : Add pthread_gettid_np and re-expose __get_thread for LP32.
9990b39 : Fix mips __fadvise64.S build failure.
b587f33 : Add posix_fadvise(3).
bce18c9 : When comparing DNS server configs, also compare number of servers
d9ff722 : Refactoring: C++11 style DISABLE_ bionic marcos
011e111 : Ensure __set_errno is still visible on LP32.
cf5fc80 : Don't expose non-standard basename_r and dirname_r in LP64.
14669a9 : Load libraries in breadth-first order
fc82973 : Add arc4random_addrandom binary compatibility.
f903558 : Add dlmalloc_usable_size for 32 bit arches.
498eb18 : Revert "Load libraries in breadth-first order"
f9e147b : Use LOCAL_POST_LINK_CMD to insert the objcopy command for linker.
b2a30ee : Fix order of soinfo links (repairs libcxx tests).
b58db8b : Enable clang compilation with libc but not linker.
7b956ed : Reset enviroment for math_tests
27a9aed : Fix pthread_attr_getstack__main_thread.
aa13e83 : Fix mips signed/unsigned signal_test.cpp build breakage.
4b41555 : Revert "Register __libc_fini as early as possible."
f0d8970 : Revert "Fix arm64 build"
afe58ad : Don't mask out SA_RESTORER from sa_flags.
356a624 : Disable Clang, due to x86 LDBL_MANT_DIG errors.
fc8974b : _GNU_SOURCE implies _BSD_SOURCE and the latest _POSIX_C_SOURCE.
5c1a7fd : Fix arm64 build
5dea472 : Add back a dummy arc4random_stir for compatibility.
e880c73 : Register __libc_fini as early as possible.
a3ad450 : Load libraries in breadth-first order
69fb9f3 : Don't fail a test just because we aren't root.
319356e : Add some missing dlclose(.)
6676a7d : Start math tests with a clean fenv.
1d53ae2 : Prevent a few test pthread keys from leaking.
296895f : MIPS64 syscall() arguments
29bbc9d : Encapsulate soinfo_link_image and soinfo_relocate
9685c30 : Upgrade bionic to tzdata2014g.
a492605 : Implement LinkedList::visit()
0cd83eb : Introduce size-based r/w allocators
c204894 : Look into ld_preloads before current library
4bea498 : Erase elements in LinkedList::remove_if
3242960 : Make stdatomic.h work with gcc4.6 host compiler
e0c56ef : Use __GNUC_PREREQ rather than __GNUC_PREREQ__ to match glibc.
851135b : Replace NULL with nullptr
f6824b2 : The host prebuilt glibc is 2.11, so remove workarounds for 2.9.
416d7dd : Add GNU-compatible strerror_r.
b6b5cb5 : Ignore all __weak_alias in OpenBSD libC.
20dc3f8 : Replace snprintf calls in linker.
052fa3a : Replace snprintf calls in linker.
15b914c : Fix strlen function type for mips.
9e4ffa7 : Have pthread_attr_getstack for the main thread report RLIMIT_STACK...
857fa6b : Replace ambiguous cmp instruction with cmpl.
a2c6ae6 : Add missing type casts before comparison.
b78e60e : Use the default unwind code.
a40fdbd : call uselocale() before freelocale() to make sure that g_local_key has a valid locale.
cc7e5f4 : Switch to OpenBSD <err.h> implementation.
e505517 : Switch to OpenBSD daemon(3).
f73183f : More cases where libc should use O_CLOEXEC.
3e4a009 : Undefine _Atomic before redefining
c674edb : libc should use O_CLOEXEC when opening files for its own use.
608217e : Remove unnecessary calls to LinkedList::clear()
1424140 : Enable __cxa_atexit && __cxa_finalize for linker
57b7a61 : Fix pthread_getattr_np for the main thread.
ae558d6 : Add standard throw() spec to delete operators.
00aaea3 : Fix, generalize stdatomic.h; improve test.
0d15094 : Bump soinfo version
ef619cc : Fix dlmalloc build.
4caa1f0 : Implement malloc_info(3).
2b3b2ec : Fix unistd.getpid_caching_and_clone.
9598b8c : Run constructors before resolving ifunc functions
47793d6 : Remove _flush_cache(2) for mips64.
2320b02 : __gnu_basename(3) is accounted for.
6b841db : Add POSIX-2008 fmemopen, open_memstream, and open_wmemstream.
0e7f8a9 : Simplify _ALIGN_TEXT.
1e8587a : Work around atomic_load(const T*) issues.
35d226e : Add in_port_t and move it and in_addr_t to the correct header file.
2b021e1 : Add <stdio_ext.h> for elfutils.
09c39d6 : Implement the GNU basename(3) in addition to the POSIX one.
f4c948a : Move the meat of <features.h> into <sys/cdefs.h>.
f800969 : Remove unused defines from <features.h>.
b810462 : Fix _BSD_SOURCE/__USE_BSD.
02aa705 : Revert "Add support for protected local symbol lookup."
2cfb4e8 : Improve <sys/cdefs.h>.
a0108ac : Fix leak_realloc, copy entire allocation.
c4a1de1 : Regenerate "services.h" from /etc/services.
dc1fb70 : Clean up some of our python scripts.
3a25ab9 : Missing #include <sys/cdefs.h>.
ce6b1ab : Expose android_set_abort_message().
5d9e145 : malloc_usable_size returns the original size.
6d40d34 : Fix leak_realloc, copy entire allocation.
fd5ee9a : Hide C++ stuff in libc. Put it back in libstdc++.
5f5cc45 : Fix <features.h> (_BSD_SOURCE and _GNU_SOURCE).
4571f31 : Add atexit test for attributed c-tor/d-tor
019d395 : Have stdatomic.h punt to C++ atomic when possible
1467dfe : Make string tests check all alignment combinations
ad5e8b5 : Keep symbols for linker
224ff04 : Change name of MB_CUR_MAX implementation function.
76212ee : Add more functionality to glibc symbol checker.
042426b : Optimize symbol lookup
b3aaf39 : Hide __libc_init_vdso().
891ec7a : Move mtctxres.c to libc_dns.a.
f2c1e7e : Hide ScopedTrace.
edd81faf : Hide __libc_malloc_dispatch.
ca5b6a7 : Fix our x86 PIC_PROLOGUE.
51a22a1 : Label pages mapped by linker_allocator
b5e0854 : Add a way to disable backtracing in malloc debug.
30214b9 : Add memory ordering constraint, convert to C11 atomics
c5a13ef : Added test for ifunc support in dynamic linker.
bc9f9f2 : Make __set_errno hidden in asm.
3726f9c : Revert "Fix incorrect relocations for x86."
88a1f52 : Add a way to disable backtracing in malloc debug.
01bd32e : Create a distinct temp directory for each run.
512bc52 : Fix incorrect relocations for x86.
6b6364a : Android is all-PIC/PIE.
51fde5b : Upgrade bionic to tzdata2014f.
13bab43 : Fix the tzdata update tools.
651a068 : Remove misleading arm/arm64 PIC_SYM.
e380960 : Do a second key cleanup in pthread_exit.
1628eb1 : Explain how wcswcs ended up in ndk_cruft.cpp.
9d2a05a : Revert "Add a hack to <stdlib.h> until we can fix libvpx."
df85f50 : Add an obvious comment to <stdio.h> for fixincludes.
9eae840 : Fixes build.
6a91887 : Revert "Replaces vfork() implementation with fork()"
28285f8 : Workaround b/16818336 which fails build under aggressive inlining.
1aec7c1 : Proper MB_CUR_MAX.
1183762 : Use libunwindbacktrace for debug malloc code.
e03e1ea : Fix memchr with a zero length.
40a5217 : Only wipe TLS for user-supplied stacks.
b6cc8e0 : Fix mbsrtowcs(3) src param for finished string.
aa0f2bd : Fix dlsym(3) to do breadth first search.
861c0ef : Use libunwindbacktrace for debug malloc code.
4916706 : Fix linkage of grantpt(3).
f4c1a36 : Remove declarations for things that don't exist.
a406ee6 : Added a bionic systrace class and tracing to pthread_mutex.cpp.
ed48534 : Fix mips/mips64 build
3e424d0 : Implement twalk(3), add unit tests.
21972b6 : syscall(3)'s return type should be long.
f1e83cc : Use vsnprintf(3) in syslog(3).
905e6d5 : Start hiding "private/bionic_time.h".
39d903a : Remove localtime_tz and strftime_tz.
1abb8bd : en_US.UTF-8 is also supported.
4151ea7 : Fix global variable initialization for linker
7931099 : Implement <sys/fsuid.h>.
f183737 : [MIPS] Fix atomic_is_lock_free test for mips32. On 32-bit MIPS, 64-bit atomic ops are achieved through locks. So allow the test to fail for atomic_intmax_t on 32-bit MIPS.
4514aa6 : HACK: remove %m support from printf.
0caf70e : Fix belated review comments on syslog change.
bc5a3ec : [MIPSR6] Use C-coded string ops on mips32r6/mips64r6
be0e43b : debuggerd: if PR_GET_DUMPABLE=0, don't ask for dumping
dd37251 : [MIPSR6] setjmp supports mips32r6 and FP64A/FPXX reg models
afe6360 : Fix belated review comments on syslog change.
efe1383 : Fix 'adb shell /system/bin/linker' crash
ba23bd0 : [MIPS] Drop soft-fp targets
ca70453 : Remove the unused swab.S.
5d2f86f : Fix generate-NOTICE to cope better with BSD __COPYRIGHT macros.
f541650 : [MIPS] Allow united mipsel and mips64el gcc toolchain
3758a24 : Fix a couple of bugs in generate-NOTICE and regenerate the NOTICE files.
0f7d882 : Switch to OpenBSD res_random.
2b67d7d : Use upstream OpenBSD's arc4random.
ee7f1b5 : There is no _MIN for unsigned types.
841c633 : resolved conflicts for merge of b5bef263 to lmp-dev-plus-aosp
3ad8ecb : Rewrite syslog(3) to use Android logging.
97e31de : __libc_fatal should print a newline to stderr.
6b55ba5 : Fix mbsrtowcs(3)'s handling of len parameter.
9c07aee : Clean up some misinformation around prctl.
6425327 : Use the mmap/munmap for allocation routines.
8a3d1ca : Remove SIOCKILLADDR from <sys/socket.h>.
9f165d2 : Remove PR_SET_TIMERSLACK_PID from <sys/prctl.h>.
2f9c6e3 : Fix private/bionic_name_mem.h build breakage.
d745386 : Remove non-standard prctl constants from <sys/prctl.h>.
8b00236 : Define atomic_charN_t only if charN_t is supported.
98b088d : ptrace(3) should be varargs.
625993d : Use VDSO for clock_gettime(2) and gettimeofday(2).
53531cc : Make sure not to construct illegal property names.
ea271fd : Add gen syscalls step to instructions.
3fa60e1 : Regenerate the syscalls list after the uapi update.
27047fa : Fix BIONIC_ROUND_UP_POWER_OF_2 for 64 bit.
e612add : Remove isascii_l(3).
76c241b : Implement rand/srand in terms of random/srandom.
53c3c27 : Upstream atexit
4f0b67a : Sync upstream-openbsd.
a167eef : Fix visibility for a bunch more symbols.

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

7523863 : Clean up the sleep()'s after poking init services
e5ce2a5 : recovery: change the way of rebooting when using power key combo
4e92ba4 : Revert "recovery: change the way of rebooting when using power key combo"
074c1c2 : recovery: change the way of rebooting when using power key combo
e49a9e5 : Stop using libstdc++.
b47afed : Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close in recovery.
f2bac04 : Add error and range checks to parse_range
4fd3446 : init sets the default PATH itself, better.
cc08a90 : Fix build following adb change.
c049163 : Add an alternate screen for viewing recovery logs.
381f455 : uncrypt: Switch to C++
fb4ccef : uncrypt: package on non-data partition should follow the right path
921431f : Track adb_thread_create API change.
bef3971 : Keep multiple kernel logs
785d22c : Turn on text display for debuggable builds
dbb20c4 : Fix mips64 minadbd_test build.
3e7d82c : Fix minadb_test build breakage.
4039933 : Move minadb over to new API.
7bad7c4 : Check all lseek calls succeed.
ba45ddf : Stop using adb_strtok, and check argument validity.
6f76dd5 : Revert "Revert "init re-execs to set its security context now.""
c819dbe : Revert "init re-execs to set its security context now."
c57453d : init re-execs to set its security context now.
43b748f : Don't remove existing explicitly stashed blocks
0a5cb0c : Don't use typedefs that hide *s.
c68bd34 : imgdiff: Avoid infinite loop if inflate fails
8fd86d7 : Move the menu header out of the menu.
e46066f : Add missing \n after "Mounting /system." message.
985022a : Remove unnecessary globals.
300ed08 : Treat KEY_ENTER the same as KEY_POWER in the pager.
95fc63e : Rewritten file pager.
f012432 : Revert "Append kernel logs to last_log file"
2ec803f : Append kernel logs to last_log file
b07e1f3 : Update the comments for package installer commands
4af215b : Auto-detect whether to use the long-press UI.
20531ef : Switch minadb over to C++.
07cfb8f : Switch minui over to C++.
642aaa7 : Fix ScreenRecoveryUI to handle devices without power/up/down.
ec28340 : Move "Mount /system" to the main menu.
0713819 : Add ev_iterate_available_keys to minui.
bb78d62 : Move the recovery image version out of the menu header.
9e7ae8a : Move default implementations into Device.
42c1230 : Remove some commented-out code.
8de5207 : Move file paging into ScreenRecoveryUI.
018ed31 : Enable printf format argument checking.
aa0d6af : Remove the fixed screen size assumptions.
9ad9d66 : Remove a couple of unused inlines from minzip/Zip.h.
682c34b : Rotate logs only when there are actual operations
0e5356a : DO NOT MERGE Revert "Erase PST partition if its marked to be erased."
e39a9bc : Refactor the codes to call wipe_data/wipe_cache functions
c277762 : Revert "Erase PST partition if its marked to be erased."
c679f93 : Add support to enter sideload mode directly
30694c9 : Factor out the "yes/no" menu and use it for "Wipe cache" too.
145d861 : Factor out option variables from int to bool types
59156bd : Remove support for Cupcake kernels.
01a4d08 : Fix recovery image text rendering.
4ec58a4 : Fix wipe command when using sideload in recovery
e853e96 : always use volume mount option when mounting a partition
fc06f87 : Make the recovery menus wrap.
1fdd452 : Always use strerror to report errno in recovery.
c51ac89 : Add "Apply update from sdcard" to default recovery image.
b2f9459 : Remove unused libutils references.
5b9defe : updater: Check the return value from ApplyImagePatch / ApplyBSDiffPatch
2196a3e : Install the recovery binary directly to the recovery image.
18f371d : updater: Check the return value from ApplyImagePatch / ApplyBSDiffPatch
5a50b1b : Install the recovery binary directly to the recovery image.
e57c62a : Remove more dead code from minzip.
9c0f5d6 : Remove more dead code from minzip.
ffd6c31 : Add tests for read_block_adb.
1909771 : This read accidentally got turned in to a write.
fee324f : Drop hardcoded LOCAL_C_INCLUDES from minui/
432584f : Fix readx/writex names.
3e91f69 : Bump up max_map_count value.
017db6d : Fix LP64 build for minadbd.
2404370 : Remove _(GNU|XOPEN)_SORUCE makefile cruft.
8f6eb5c : Fix build from implicit declaration.
d84b055 : Fix a printf format warning.
3e700cf : Delete unused functions from minzip.
f3a5726 : Kill of most of the remainder of minadbd.
9a894b7 : Move adb_main to its own file.
3efa676 : Remove dead code.
1ddd350 : Use headers from adb.
2b2a14f : Remove unused code.
8f1bfea : Lose USB transport code to libadb.
d808d21 : Add extern "C" to all the headers.
1df64d3 : Initialize stashbase even stash_max_blocks = 0
fd778e3 : Fix Droid and animation color in recovery mode
07d9627 : recovery: Handle EV_SW events
9905f3a : recovery: Generate libminui dynamic library
f14af80 : recovery: Properly detect userdebug or eng builds
4e8e93b : Remove dead/unused code and realign some of the comments to make it more cleaner and easier to read
8a9014d : There's no GPL code in 'updater'.
9022120 : Support resuming block based OTAs
cd3c55a : Add missing includes.
26dbad2 : Add missing includes.
3ed8ef0 : Fix the v2 descriptor handling.
9e3cce5 : adbd: Support for new f_fs descriptor format
e01d9de : Add missing <string.h> include.
6ed899a : Remove superfluous OpenSSL include paths.
a382e2b : Use getmntent when accessing /proc/mounts.
d4d4c24 : Fix missing #includes in bootable/recovery.
7279f97 : Remove an uninitialized value.
8002104 : Add O_CREAT option for open
4c3c7a9 : Fix recovery image build for 32p
a01ce3a : Start losing code to libadb.
acf47db : Add support for tune2fs file operations
32f9fe7 : Global C++11 compatibility.
678f7d4 : kill HAVE_FORKEXEC
3cd669f : Fix build when TARGET_USERIMAGES_USE_EXT4 is not defined
b5b4304 : adbd: Support for new f_fs descriptor format
13f21c2 : More test makefile cleanup.
f420f8e : Revert "Copy epoll(2) changes to minadb."
db8c959 : Copy epoll(2) changes to minadb.
1d30c2f : Use the correct fuse_init_out structure size.
52ae67d : support for version 2 of block image diffs
f9bc2a5 : create block map for all update packages on /data
adad8ec : remove code for original block OTA mechanism
f2127b6 : fix two bugs in block image updater
66f5ce3 : installer for new block OTA system
64be827 : change uncrypt to static linking
d29f641 : Auto create parent directories for rename support

+- Project: platform/build

663127d : Use zipalign -p to page align .so files
9773465 : Fix the permission setting in common.ZipWriteStr()
f09e59e : [DO NOT MERGE] Compile using Jack.
33dca80 : Allow goldfish-setup to put the emulator in WiFi-only mode
4783467 : Label /dev/ttyGF* as serial_device
a5053e6 : Label /dev/goldfish_pipe as qemu_device
7c0bcfb : Explain __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO.
84b983a : Add tzdatacheck to image
80ae308 : Remove unused #include <selinux/android.h>
b2b6646 : Add libbenchmark's new dependency on libbase.
7dd8ec1 : Revert "Revert "Turn on _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 for the host.""
e27b214 : Revert "Turn on _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 for the host."
ff77781 : Add support for clobbered blocks
3dfd20a : [MIPS] Temporarily disable Mips shared-textrel errors
852a5b5 : Add bootsigner path as an option
214a171 : Remove libc++ from prepackaged shared libs in cts.
224806d : Turn on _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 for the host.
cccc901 : Update device to use set_prop() macro
2a4a023 : Fix using libc++_static in dynamic binaries.
0e0259c : Revert "Revert "Enable linker -fix-cortex-a53-843419""
2ed665a : Wrap zipfile.write(), writestr() and close()
39b9b69 : Add task to print transitive dependencies and their license files.
e24b6f7 : Do not pack relocations for executables
13761c4 : Build: Update Mips64 generic build for ART
0a93b56 : Remove stlport from global package list.
3a360a7 : Disallow using stlport.
0ad5bd2 : Cleanup libc++ configuration.
dc94137 : Make Windows a non-multilib target.
e76bb83 : Fix JDK check for USE_MINGW=1.
392569c : Fix mips build
88a8ce6 : Select the correct target STL with USE_MINGW.
216ecac : Fix prebuilts for target builds with USE_MINGW=1.
9003661 : Upgrade x86 gcc to 4.9 and disable devirtualization.
86bd653 : Pack module before making symbolic version
a990534 : Add support for squashfs
8387d99 : Revert "Revert "Pack relocations for mips64""
cb2b3d4 : Revert "Revert "Pack relocations for mips""
6399dcc : Revert "Pack relocations for mips64"
d05fd6f : Revert "Pack relocations for mips"
21ebc21 : Define BOARD_SEPOLICY_DIRS for 64-bit emulators.
9dc5808 : Add float support to binary event log.
5619dbe : Don't pack ASAN executables.
1f0d530 : --no-as-needed needs -Wl.
8a31153 : Make asan more closely match clang behavior.
9f17655 : Fix bad variable names.
f0b15e1 : Fix AddressSanitizer link order and multilib setup.
ae1d4b0 : Fix a trivial comment typo.
100acd1 : host compiler: enable compiler hardening flags
8bd30fe : Pack relocations for mips64
64762c3 : Do not pack relocations for prebuilts by default
9dc1a73 : Pack relocations for mips
1d4804c : Pack relocations for x86
e09d096 : Check partition hash before resorting to block_image_verify
3b51f20 : Disable packed relocations for NDK builds
4c2d1a6 : Pack relocation tables for dynamic executables
1eca10f : Revert "Pack relocation tables for all dynamic executables"
e7a1b8a : Pack relocation tables for all dynamic executables
17412c8 : Add lib dirs to cts distribution.
43078aa : Add support for full radio option
4eb120b : Remove unsupported *_COMPRESS_MODULE_SYMBOLS
5aa0223 : Support LOCAL_PAGE_ALIGN_JNI_SHARED_LIBRARIES for prebuilt APKs
b5b2ffe : Add support for a partial ubsan build.
4c92a68 : Fix misuse of my_sanitize_host.
94b5791 : Make use of sanitizers without clang an error.
27ccb75 : Clean up sanitizer configuration.
29f529f : Calculate max_stashed_blocks correctly for block OTA v3
f623a80 : switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs
a8cf30e : "LMY47Z"
1efbc89 : Fix bookmark title
37e931d : Revert " switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs"
6024069 : build: fs_config_generate must open file in binary mode
c628500 : switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs
06b91b9 : fs_config: Add fs_config_generate
073a9eb : fs_config: use libcutils and libselinux shared libraries
dff3755 : Move package signing after file stripping
4f2b898 : "LMY47Y"
c506e74 : disttools: add liblog, libcutils and libselinux shared libraries
3e99e66 : Don't use libunwindbacktrace for non-ARM.
32e1689 : Revert "Enable linker -fix-cortex-a53-843419"
9668a7a : Add host tool fastboot to every build.
299d3f4 : Add --include-cfi compiler option.
793c7e3 : "LMY47X"
b992bfc : Use -Wno-format-pedantic to disable overly aggressive format string warning.
6c55a8a : Dump fingerprints into recovery log
30a9c35 : Use libcompiler_rt-extras on the host too.
aaf9a5b : Remove ancient ranlib workaround on Mac OS X.
54b22a5 : Enable linker -fix-cortex-a53-843419
62925a9 : Remove unnecessary confusing use of $(intermediate).
08cca28 : Add support for ubsan.
abbc911 : Fix the font size selection for recovery mode
c45a47b : Better way to package up the otatools-package.
9b44afb : AndroidConfig.h: ensure HAVE_MALLOC_H always has a value.
9d59f41 : Change the default multilib for host libraries to "both"
76db86a : "LMY47W"
27ac7a9 : fs_get_stats: add logging
5f478fe : fs_config: add logging
a9c8e58 : "LMY47V"
b931956 : Convert bc depfiles to .P files.
98ff711 : There's no such thing as _THREAD_SAFE.
8a11491 : Remove HAVE_PRINTF_ZD.
cddece6 : Move the inclusion of depfile to where it's generated.
15760a8 : Include vendorsetup scripts in order
8f06d8a : Remove HAVE_STRLCPY.
9205bc1 : Filter out gcc flags that are not recognized by clang.
1c5f19e : fs_config: move fs_config to libcutils
8efa6d3 : fs_get_stats: move fs_config to libcutils
36b039a : Fix typo.
ed1158e : Don't fail build of otatools if there are no device certificates
343ed67 : Use prebuilt libclang_rt.profile.
b2bc140 : "LMY47U"
0c1374c : Return non-zero if can't locate top of the tree in m/mm/mmm.
391d4e9 : Add explicit dependency on tzdata_updates_intermediates for CTS
d95e9fd : Add support to sign bootable images with vboot_signer
5036729 : Add unwinder linking to STL setup.
dd06352 : Verity support for flashing non partition spanning fs
91f713a : Revert "Revert "Fix the libgcc/libatomic link order.""
3892a6c : "LMY47T"
e53cf41 : Bump generic_mips64 system partition size.
ebb19aa : Fix up a few callers of GetTypeAndDevice.
60c5a09 : "LMY47S"
9ef1170 : DO NOT MERGE - Bump version to 5.1.1
454bcff : Add back Java resources to apk without Java code.
a2292c9 : Support to build image of root file system with /system and ramdisk combined.
56128c5 : Addition of a CTS suite for tzdata update code
eb745aa : Fix: exit code is 0 even when fails
33045be : "LMY47R"
f680021 : Don't warn on definition of possibly reserved identifiers.
c9d2952 : Revert "Switch x86 and x86_64 to 4.9. Attempt #2."
4da7071 : Don't use -Wl,--fix-cortex-a8 for Cortex A7, A9, A15, Krait or Denver
a24a9a8 : Allow -mcpu=cortex-a15 for clang
cab6699 : MKBOOTIMG override were missing in two places
8b72aef : Make releasetools pylint clean.
d6d1beb : Run ZipFile.testzip() during zipfile tests.
eaf885b : Fix the computation of basefilename
6701db8 : Allow system images larger than 2GiB, pt. 2
3910ebf : Fix the syntax error in the edify script generator
cc61059 : "LMY47Q"
6c194cb : Bump generic_arm64 system partition size.
2cd8a74 : Clearly explain that 32-bit x86 is not supported
62a7cac : Change eng builds from interpret-only to verify-at-runtime
54dfc3f : Revert "Replace legacy Browser with BookmarkProvider"
779e9cc : Bump generic_mips system partition size.
6fb735b : Switch x86 and x86_64 to 4.9. Attempt #2.
b8c8717 : Make the generated OTAs repeatable
8e0178d : Allow system images larger than 2GiB.
7955bf0 : Static binaries with libc++ need libs c, m and dl.
fadee10 : Remove VoiceDialer from PRODUCT_PACKAGE list.
8b11285 : Revert "Rename dalvik.vm.usejit to debug.dalvik.vm.usejit"
6169022 : Replace legacy Browser with BookmarkProvider
820fe32 : Store odex files in oat/<isa>/ directory.
f123057 : Revert "Switch x86 and x86_64 build to use GCC 4.9"
caa45d6 : "LMY47P"
3abfcfc : Rename dalvik.vm.usejit to debug.dalvik.vm.usejit
f3124b3 : Remove netcfg from the list of base modules.
f738b3b : Load cts/build/ after build/core/
533c7aa : Switch x86 and x86_64 build to use GCC 4.9
dd2a589 : Restrict the verification in block-based incremental OTAs
c1729f3 : Strip prebuilt shared library by default.
0e2d00f : Switch NDK libraries to 4.9 for x86_64 and mips64
d791463 : Support "LOCAL_FDO_SUPPORT := always".
95a543c : Set up environmental variable PATH before calling releasetools scripts.
b2cdb1c : include oem.prop files in otatools_package
f749b4b : DO NOT MERGE: Bundle into otatools-package.
0c6c032 : add otatools-package target
910b005 : Do not use block_verify on target-files where feature is missing.
bb5196e : [Renderscript] making be packed with apks when v8.renderscript is needed, even for bundled apps.
2a2a030 : JIT default opt-in
357778d : Update x86_64 minimal ISA instruction set
1ac5b83 : "LMY47O"
437e43b : Use "rsync -a" to copy over $(TARGET_ROOT_OUT) to $(TARGET_RECOVERY_OUT)
f25838a : Support modules to be installed directly to recovery.img
7b985f6 : Fix the error that free_string is not defined.
dd67a29 : Change transfer list format to include block hashes
3713ded : Increase system and userdata partition sizes.
fb22a42 : Contain obj of ../ source files in their intermediate dir.
128bb23 : "LMY47N"
c7ca617 : Build only 64-bit odex for system server jars.
fe1e5c3 : Support .asm being compiled by yasm targeted for x86_64.
4278529 : "LMY47M"
4522f41 : "LMY47L"
9de4d5e : Make sure DEX2OAT_TARGET_CPU_VARIANT is not empty.
06d86e9 : Build: Fail preopting apps when there are verifier errors
bd5479c : "LMY47K"
78df832 : Filter out unsupported flag: -fprefetch-loop-arrays
bfc4369 : Reorder lib paths in transform-bc-to-so to avoid build race condition.
5a0b3c7 : "LMY47J"
d666bb1 : Fix the mac build.
d61ef57 : "LMY47I"
b97746e : Allow flashing a squashfs system image
b5eb905 : Catch more cases of static host executables.
4f2afde : (Hopefully) fix the Mac build.
8bf4cc9 : Fix building static host executables.
73e734b : Disable tail call optimization and use -mstackrealign to boot up on fugu.
8d5f0f9 : "LMY47H"
16eea6e : LMY47G
e0b8d19 : Fix zipalign README file and usage strings.
dcd9083 : Use a less freqent dummy file name: zipdummy
bc0d368 : Remove unused variables.
13e5965 : Store native libs aligned to PAGE_SIZE
be9ec01 : "LMY47F"
d1ea5fb : mips64 should avoid common LP64 errors just like arm64 and x86-64.
0c91fa8 : Make some warnings impossible to override.
7b2e9f0 : LMY47E
f5e204b : Turn on -Werror=implicit-function-declaration for arm64.
b97d8c7 : Turn on -Werror=implicit-function-declaration for x86-64.
2fad00c : Remove references to __CYGWIN__ and HAVE_WINSOCK2_H.
2fc439c : Restore AOSP-style version numbers - DO NOT MERGE
9ef2e96 : "LMY47D"
c0a4083 : "LMY47C"
37a9ed2 : "LMY47B"
ef863cb : "LMY47"
6a85377 : "LMY44"
617be5e : Remove the unsets for removed gdbclient functions.
f9631fd : Remove gdbclient from envsetup.
d95c7f7 : Consult tput about color control sequence support
916da20 : "LMY43"
7bb75e4 : core: remove dependencies on genext2fs
9f874ac : "LMY42B"
dd94073 : "LMY42"
7b4a69a : qemud: remove permissive_or_unconfined()
25a150c : qemu_props: remove permissive_or_unconfined()
063b6b8 : goldfish_setup: remove permissive_or_unconfined()
de78c27 : goldfish_logcat: remove permissive_or_unconfined()
206cbdb : Increase BOARD_SYSTEMIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE to 900MB for mips64.
33be60e : "LMY41"
085a0ce : Add version strings from android-info.txt into build.prop
e8a60f5 : "LMY40"
150507d : "LMY36C"
ef11433 : "LMY36B"
a09f2f4 : Add system/build.prop dependency on vendor/bootimg
0c41b95 : "LMY36"
65d4186 : Remove mkyaffs2image references.
c00dedb : Make sure we keep building grep now it's broken out from toolbox.
38df101 : Fail even dev build when property value exceeds length limit.
14cc23d : Remove support of factory ramdisk/bundle.
72a42e0 : "LMY35"
a610104 : "LMY34B"
624ef02 : Disable transitive dependency library symbol resolving for mips.
1587fa3 : "LMY34"
9a93327 : "LMY33"
798c65e : LMY29F
7041bb4 : "LMY29E"
747b9f1 : Add target recoveryimage-nodeps.
5dbaf43 : "LMY29D"
9c88976 : : add help text for sepgrep and mangrep commands
7ecc76a : Support dpi specific aapt flags.
a83b3c8 : "LMY29C"
b8c634f : "LMY29B"
cc93f0c : Add new build flag LOCAL_DONT_DELETE_JAR_DIRS.
7a31d48 : "LMY29"
7419722 : Remove unused property.
f9f468b : "LMY28C"
8e18941 : "LMY28B"
6f9bcea : "LMY28"
e27f7d9 : "LMY27B"
0d1f0f8 : Kill HAVE_PTHREADS.
ff1fe68 : Allow to build "winsdk-tools" alone.
5c3d75f : Remove platform/bootable/bootloader/legacy from pathmap
4a9f9a3 : "LMY27"
1dd5a53 : "LMY26B"
0757768 : Build hostdex on only Linux.
bdd2b68 : "LMY26"
e481e7d : Fix comma in $(if ...).
2c03e04 : Allow coverage with clang.
43e128a : Enable host coverage.
69b1fe6 : Add -static to static link command, for clang.
b5547a9 : "LMY22E"
3d8dbb5 : "LMY22D"
71095ef : "LMY22C"
14d02a3 : Add dependency of import_includes on LOCAL_MODULE_MAKEFILE
14e0e8e : "LMY22B"
dfff170 : gdbclient: Improve error handling
a45c583 : "LMY22"
48d4838 : "LMY21B"
07acdbf : Running jarjar on Java resources.
dd4f77f : "LMY21"
567ea28 : Revert "Add the default local_time hal implementation to builds."
65ced61 : Remove phone from frameworks/base subdirs
a8f5b8d : Fix missing parenthesis.
a73ac1e : "LMY20B"
bd6b04a : "LMY20"
9696b6c : "LMY19"
580d39c : "LMY15E"
975a5b2 : "LMY15D"
1a07487 : [MIPSR6] Adjust prebuilts/ndk libraries for mips32r6
baf3eb9 : Add ro.product.locale
33e478c : "LMY15C"
734de7a : Emit unique linker buildid in all binaries.
bc032f5 : "LMY15B"
82ff232 : "LMY15"
2306635 : Add as a required executable to
41d06ef : "LMY14B"
4fc5132 : "LMY14"
9c820f8 : Add build.prop to root ramdisk
bd36192 : "LMY13B"
7b3d19e : "LMY13"
5877c21 : Remove HAVE_SYMLINKS.
9b2908b : Make bcc-compat able to pick the right mtriple flag for Renderscript Compat Lib.
ead232b : "LMY12B"
a3b7a4a : "LMY12"
a2cef5e : "LMY08F"
d7e6a0b : Remove HAVE_POSIX_CLOCKS.
bb9be91 : "LMY08E"
7349823 : Remove HAVE_PRCTL.
cf2f649 : "LMY08D"
93a24c0 : Remove HAVE_SYS_SOCKET_H.
ec27a89 : Add build rules for libRSSupportIO (Usage_IO lib for RS compat lib)
680f071 : Move installed module dependency setup after proto handling.
e4359cf : Add build rules for 64bit Renderscript Compat lib.
b1055a1 : Update protobuf library from 2.3 to 2.6.
2ece687 : "LMY08C"
cd907b7 : "LMY08B"
0ef07a0 : "LMY08"
3cf3d78 : Make TARGET_CPU_VARIANT the same as TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT for Mips.
44203f3 : Fix whole static lib handling of duplicate names.
f9ed01d : "LMY07B"
1ab8b63 : "LMY07"
30adf15 : Stop defining HAVE_UNWIND_CONTEXT_STRUCT.
65f4c61 : "LMY06B"
934cb16 : "LMY06"
25b8bb3 : Remove unused PRODUCT_TAGS
8c346f6 : Fix incorrect name for x86 platform's gdb
8ed01f3 : build_image: Set file system labels on disk images
117230d : "LMY05"
e5b1b8b : "LMY02"
800bf2e : "LMY01"
e18b498 : "LMX92"
82badea : "LMX91"
df1c386 : "LMX90"
b1f2739 : "LMX86"
2d6cd62 : "LMX85"
5f92d8b : "LMX84"
a57aaa3 : [MIPS64] Set ART base address for mips64
6e6300d : "LMX83"
b538136 : emulator: Include the ranchu sensors library
cf6f808 : Disable transitive symbol resolving for arm64.
64d88c6 : "LMX72O"
b41ec58 : "LMX72N"
64f49d3 : "LMX72M"
c132889 : "LMX72L"
97bcbab : LMX72K
aed7150 : "LMX72J"
01bf793 : Revert "Remove libstlport from PRODUCT_PACKAGES."
7e0934a : "LMX72I"
d54520a : Remove libdvm support from the core build system.
2bc1901 : Remove obsolete PRODUCT_DEX_PREOPT_.*_IN_DATA
ce8efb5 : "LMX72H"
1f2977f : Remove HAVE_SCHED_H.
1386992 : "LMX72G"
da22594 : Remove unused OS_SHARED_LIB_FORMAT_STR.
e938ffb : "LMX72F"
72ce3c9 : "LMX72E"
4267d4f : "LMX72D"
7aff6e6 : "LMX72C"
0af08a0 : "LMX72B"
84b9197 : "LMX72"
6377b19 : LMX71C
95a5d38 : "LMX71B"
df3793c : "LMX71"
1ac57d7 : "LMX70B"
7c40fb9 : disable Krait for Mac builds to avoid assembler issues
2e12c4e : "LMX70"
8cc1071 : LMX69C
90fe601 : "LMX69B"
8a1c368 : "LMX69"
4ae5d4b : Add a SANITIZE_HOST flag.
eb063f1 : "LMX65F"
b58fb4a : Let clang decide ASan linker flags for the host.
c8e899d : "LMX65E"
a374769 : Darwin has never had a 32-bit off_t.
2c93d80 : bionic doesn't implement _FILE_OFFSET_BITS.
bf8346e : Upgrade gcc compiler for arm build from 4.8 to 4.9
f5d159e : LMX65D
4b57e51 : Remove ARCH_X86.
ff4ea2c : Remove ARCH_ARM.
69297cd : "LMX65C"
69105e9 : LMX65B
d15fbc9 : "LMX65"
433f161 : Switch to Clang 3.6.
5ad50f9 : "LMX64B"
6bbaee0 : Rename core/combo/arch/x86/ to core/combo/arch/x86/
05d71e7 : "LMX64"
48764c1 : "LMX63C"
0cc244a : "LMX63B"
d134f25 : Fix a preprocessor warning exposed by -Wundef.
42e9acf : "LMX63"
a11cf4d : Don't set up the prebuilt apk rule twice.
1568029 : Add more support for GLOBAL_CONLYFLAGS.
18acbf6 : "LMX62"
d2fa96d : Fix a typo in my_cppflags assignment.
27f32d9 : "LMX58"
eabc912 : "LMX55D"
c6d435f : Remove HAVE_SYS_UIO_H.
b35ef25 : Remove unused HAVE_STDBOOL_H.
9ed0cd5 : Kill unused HAVE_WRITEV.
ffefd33 : Revert "Use PRIVATE_POST_INSTALL_CMD to simplify"
d9770f7 : LMX55C
bf0426f : Make gnu++11 the default standard version.
29f0a48 : Use PRIVATE_POST_INSTALL_CMD to simplify
19070e1 : "LMX55B"
3da4f32 : Remove TARGET_CPU_SMP.
2e9f18c : "LMX55"
626d3f0 : Ensure the base system includes toybox.
0196119 : Make cgrep check .hpp files as well.
3029c93 : "LMX51C"
50994fb : "LMX51B"
e440c3c : Revert "Fix the libgcc/libatomic link order."
c2e4dd6 : "LMX51"
1acc2a1 : kill HAVE_PREAD
9a6afb8 : "LMX50C"
df63709 : "LMX50B"
a60edd1 : arm: Support qemu-android on generic arm targets
c22ab44 : "LMX50"
16ccc03 : kill HAVE_MADVISE
4826625 : "LMX49B"
96a5220 : Build: Support for compiled-classes file
97f28c6 : core: Use WITH_DEXPREOPT_PIC=true to have dex2oat build pic oat files
bce40c3 : Remove another unused definition.
436c739 : Kill unused ARCH_* defines.
634f799 : Use ALL_MODULES.$(m).INSTALLED in modules-for-tag-list
49c2a05 : "LMX49"
ef8a940 : Remove libdvm dex preopt support.
7dabd32 : "LMX48C"
a16825f : kill HAVE_TERMIO_H
ef11722 : Remove libstlport from PRODUCT_PACKAGES.
4f58f65 : "LMX48B"
3424e69 : Fix PDK build.
0c9b3ba : Install preloaded-classes as a standalone configuration file
90369c1 : "LMX48"
e23e808 : Add -Wl,--hash-style=sysv flag to rs: transform-bc-to-so for compatibility lib.
b59995d : Colorize build success/failure message.
eb78416 : "LMX44E"
d3d894d : Disable gnu style linker hash for NDK builds.
89720ea : "LMX44D"
741b36e : Fix the libgcc/libatomic link order.
8cde528 : Fix device detection and path to tapas
39bf012 : Clean out *.prop files due to dex2oat instruction-set flag change.
7f99917 : "LMX44C"
e088c0d : Refactor transform-o-to-* definitions.
179685c : Switch --hash-style to gnu
e9ae59b : kill HAVE_LOCALTIME_R
17759d4 : "LMX44B"
40ea40b : "LMX44"
0e3a0fc : Remove HAVE_SHORT_ENUMS.
e9680c2 : kill HAVE_FORKEXEC
a41a44b : "LMX43E"
593a88c : "LMX43D"
483a163 : "LMX43C"
efe29c4 : "LMX43B"
7a85190 : "LMX43"
d083f0b : sign_target_files_apks: fix recovery patch generation
8914f71 : Remove logic for platform stlport gtest.
954b5bd : Make modules depend on their makefile.
576330c : "LMX42B"
c3031c7 : Use platform protobuf unless building with NDK.
3b9d876 : kill HAVE_POSIX_FILEMAP
c79379d : "LMX42"
a3850a9 : Remove unused variables from
70af4d3 : remove __linux__ in AndroidConfig.h
01878e9 : "LMX41B"
e8e5e99 : kill HAVE_INOTIFY
07793e1 : Remove HAVE_DIRENT_D_TYPE.
4120e83 : kill HAVE_STAT_ST_MTIM
772034b : kill OS_CASE_SENSITIVE
1199f73 : Fix building on modern versions of Xcode and OS X.
264a8f9 : "LMX41"
55e51de : LMX37E
a056eb6 : LMX37D
f79a03b : "LMX40"
57f11d0 : LMX39B
ea93ae6 : Remove logic for libstdc++ gtest libs.
a18a283 : Pass instruction set variant to dex2oat.
89ac6e4 : Remove more namespace pollution (HAVE_TM_GMTOFF).
e5e26e2 : Remove more namespace pollution (HAVE_FUNOPEN).
b63a7c0 : Remove more namespace pollution.
b0a3a28 : "LMX39"
7337a82 : Cleanspec for libc++ migration.
93766b2 : Make libc++ the default STL.
2ad87eb : Fix error of PRIVATE_LDLIBS introduced by de36cd72.
9a1f47c : Update build ID to AOSP
5cab04f : Missed a dependency on pthreads.
2fbeb6e : "LMX37C"
ae3535f : "LMX37B"
3be11c6 : Upgrade host tool to x86_64-linux-glibc2.15-4.8
82b6f21 : Switch qemud to permissive_or_unconfined().
2318696 : "LMX37"
dda0ff0 : "LMX36B"
9c7fc4b : Remove stale dexopt flags.
2d06a98 : "LMX36"
9febf89 : "LMX35C"
c064379 : "LMX35B"
afcec32 : "LMX35"
c141b85 : Use automatic color option with the latest clang.
87c6f8d : "LMX34"
e9dd9f2 : Add support for prebuilt AARs.
2001fe1 : "LMX33"
bcf8683 : Revert "Add support for prebuilt AARs."
ed4fa87 : "LMX32"
9b8e4b3 : Replacement for gdbclient
7909ea9 : Never use ASAN for acp.
50c53ed : LMX30D
2ef5bf7 : Label goldfish block devices with their own types.
968ce56 : Mark qemu_device as a mlstrustedobject.
2305f3f : LMX30C
c7d1a97 : Add -fcolor-diagnostics to global clang cflags.
a7eedcf : LMX30B
6eac00b : "LMX30"
51e55c1 : Revert "Continue to use march=i686 before fix of g++ ICE."
f567292 : Add support for prebuilt AARs.
f70f009 : Continue to use march=i686 before fix of g++ ICE.
01d264b : "LMX29"
e270873 : Specify -mcpu=krait for clang.
388c04d : look for in device/*/build also
2b75a73 : "LMX28"
a69822c : Force colorsheme to SVG, since darkblue doesn't exist on X11
a75d4d7 : "LMX27"
4d5baee : "LMX26"
c828adf : "LMX25"
e38716a : "LMX23C"
22b6c5c : Add unknown flag to CLANG_CONFIG_UNKNOWN_CFLAGS.
7dbaace : "LMX23B"
04eead7 : Don't sort shared library link order.
b8ddd55 : Pull in latest protolib when using LOCAL_PROTOC_OPTIMIZE_TYPE.
6b30630 : "LMX23"
960f22c : Add OpenJDK 8 experimental support
4ac049b : Restore AOSP-style version numbers - DO NOT MERGE
c248fa3 : Raise x86 arch requirement to prescott.
e098408 : "LMX22B"
57c8a15 : Set default to Clang integrated assembler.
cd08a5d : "LMX22"
46e00ea : Remove Java 6 build support
85f24a4 : Reset LOCAL_2ND_ARCH_VAR_PREFIX before referencing it.
b3bec88 : "LMX21B"
12f25bc : "LMX21"
24e0336 : Add -Wno-unused-command-line-argument to clang cflags to enable ccache.
37b0f69 : "LMX20B"
4ffe3f5 : We also need -rdynamic for host ASAN.
2daceaa : Add support for ASAN in host modules.
84ec89b : "LMX20"
035493a : "LMX19"
3d9bdcb : "LMX18"
781094f : Remove unnecessary 10.8-specific build rules
403ab71 : Fix breakage for x86_64 static executables.
93e8cf7 : Use libstc++ for the name of bionic's STL.
6825e3c : Add LPAE to dex2oat ISA feature list.
b49987e : Never use stlport on the host.
0c02d1c : "LMX16"
311384f : Fix Java detection on some Linux distributions
63e551f : Move definition of -D__ARM_FEATURE_LPAE=1 cflag to top-level.
406b1b2 : "LMX15"
e1b17e7 : Link compiler-rt in the correct order.
f89fe4a : "LMX14"
52c402b : "LMX13B"
ae2d47a : Remove "-mstackrealign" option from all x86 builds.
6582df8 : "LMX13"
2d617c1 : "LMX12"
2c2160c : "LMX11"
cd28c8c : LMX09B
68aef74 : "LMX09"
4c12c03 : LOCAL_NATIVE_COVERAGE should imply -O0.
ce6300a : Add -fPIC as default Clang mips ASFLAGS.
20ebd2e : Introduce per-product per-module dex-preopt config
82db6d7 : "LMX08"
75e8fcb : Apply LOCAL_CXX_STL to also prebuilts.
b99339c : "LMX07"
4c0c390 : Fix typo.
75c08b2 : Make which dex2oat version to use configurable.
a8fd668 : Remove unused my_compiler_dependencies.
ec1b90f : Stash original values of CC and CXX.
825633f : "LMX06"
4430e00 : "LMX05"
51ea679 : "LMX04"
fbdac37 : Docs: Making headers match those of
024d7ed : "LMX02"
2251ea4 : Remove HAVE_(GNU|BSD)_QSORT_R from AndroidConfig.h.
c3a766a : "LMX01"
00fa757 : Update prebuilt RS clcore location.
78b6cea : Clear all LOCAL_CLANG_*FLAGS*.
f4197ee : "LMW92"
8260562 : java_alternative_checked_module takes precedence.
6c1d1cc : Don't modify LOCAL_CHECKED_MODULE.
894aaf4 : Remove obsolete libffi
dc2c42d : "LMW91"
34db377 : "LMW90"
2554120 : "LMW90"
0cda5b0 : "LMW89"
619fdb8 : Add local Clang+target specific flags.
683c392 : Fix detection of C++ STL for tests.
f008966 : Remove unnecessary CLANG_CONFIG_EXTRA_*_C_INCLUDES variables.
850a4cb : Test __GLIBC__ is defined before using its value.
e6ef6fc : "LMW87"
8affa16 : Use new variable LLVM_PREBUILTS_VERSION to simplify path construction.
3c613ef : "LMW86"
6c330e6 : "LMW85B"
4bbc6c7 : Add option for generating coverage info.
8fe8dc8 : Remove unused HAVE_OFF64_T.
76ab00f : Remove the unused IPC macros.
9c226d1 : build: remove HAVE_OOM_ADJ
9b7472b : "LMW84C"
704744a : Add domains for goldfish services.
bf5cd35 : "LMW84B"
a401da9 : "LMW84"
850ca0d : Use "$@" to preserve argument word breaks
8b244b3 : Remove PinyinIME from target config - DO NOT MERGE
67839a5 : Remove unused HAVE_EPOLL.
85d56eb : Enable dalvik.vm.lockprof.threshold on eng builds in addition to userdebug
b05f2ca : Move selection of C++ STL into the build system.
d9e4b52 : Docs: Replacing s.a.c. Android logo to match other sites.
7c02ec9 : Fix recovery image build for 32p
96c2af0 : Enable multilib odex only if TARGET_2ND_ARCH is defined.
2e9f639 : Support to build apk odex for both arch.
0a97d0d : "LRW77"
e0ad949 : "LRW76"
b8a7925 : "LRW73M"
dc85adb : "LRW75"
6b1f10f : "LRW73L"
a421c71 : "LRW73K"
8dd9706 : "LRW73J"
5649cef : "LRW73I"
ecd61a0 : "LRW73H"
0ff3aba : Fix mma/mmma by making gettop canonicalize TOP when set
a2d5f2b : LRW73G
6666d9e : "LRW73F"
6aedfc0 : "LRW73E"
65f173c : "LRW73D"
285d035 : "LRW73C"
5a514a8 : "LRW73B"
8f67084 : "LRW73"
ee6e6f0 : "LRW72E"
bfbd41e : Missed one part of removing the vbox target.
e7a0452 : "LRW72D"
61329bf : "LRW72C"
de21059 : Remove the vbox target from the build system.
3fc1d7a : "LRW72B"
e37c18c : "LRW72"
a6f38b3 : LRW71C
eb83af7 : select default search_path by platform
637250a : "LRW71B"
388dce3 : Refine TARGET_GLOBAL_CFLAGS for x86 and x86_64:
ec536ff : "LRW71"
828f710 : "LRW70E"
546b2b6 : "LRW70D"
f8c523e : "LRW70C"
9a04396 : Add support library to all builds
02e7fa7 : LRW70B
0ce4a50 : "LRW70"
5814e87 : "LRW69"
4ff5429 : "LRW66J"
a1b3db0 : "LRW68B"
8deadec : "LRW68"
6b43a32 : "LRW66I"
8b34769 : Add LOCAL_POST_LINK_CMD.
aa9529f : "LRW66H"
26e6041 : "LRW66G"
919a0f9 : "LRW66F"
9aa69a6 : Add LOCAL_CLANG_*FLAGS for clang only flags.
bdecf4b : "LRW66E"
8e864eb : "LRW66D"
c9556ce : "LRW66C"
d5f4621 : LRW66B
fe6de87 : "LRW66"
8db1024 : "LRW65D"
595d0db : Add LOCAL_NO_FPIE.
6b43136 : "LRW65C"
b757f75 : "LRW65B"
88c5a13 : Add debug.atrace.tags.enableflags=0 to /default.prop.
a48bc25 : "LRW65"
5c72544 : Fix build breakage due to incorrect bcc_compat RS_TRIPLE.
10326b3 : [MIPS64] Modify the default MIPS64 build to MIPS64R6.
7ba7d7f : Default host module to 64-bit except for SDK builds.
3b8ec29 : "LRW64C"
297240d : "LRW64B"
fc035b4 : "LRW64"
0474fec : "LRW63"
6eeacd3 : Remove webviewchromium from PRODUCT_BOOT_JARS for real.
98cee3b : Remove webviewchromium from PRODUCT_BOOT_JARS.
551ba60 : "LRW62"
0824d0d : "LRW58P"
7770ba8 : "LRW58O"
9503518 : "LRW58N"
8403285 : "LRW58M"
536e273 : "LRW58L"
c18b0a8 : LRW58K
56be347 : "LRW58J"
a4331e3 : Add --no-include-debug-symbols to avoid bloat in user builds
c331791 : "LRW58I"
cc55084 : "LRW58H"
75c1524 : "LRW58G"
88b7b83 : "LRW58F"
c75b506 : "LRW58E"
ba2b330 : "LRW58D"
9ec2815 : "LRW58C"
49ffe21 : "LRW58B"
c783b50 : Make sure that ro.dalvik.vm.native.bridge is always set.
753f88f : "LRW58"
d712c0c : "LRW57D"
fb482c6 : Clang rejects -Wno-old-style-declaration flag.
4d12b57 : Clang does not recognize -Wno-literal-suffix.
82c3ea4 : "LRW57C"
c49d846 : "LRW57B"
68b2464 : Push ISA features into system properties
7346cdc : "LRW57"
0278174 : Add GCC only flags to clang .mk files.
fbd0b76 : "LRW56C"
36501d3 : LRW56B
b98bfd0 : "LRW56B"
87ba559 : "LRW56"
e344e29 : "LRW55"
8942946 : "LRW54"
74aa562 : "LRW52G"
29ba709 : "LRW52F"
46299f5 : arm64: Fix the sdk_arm64 build products
d3e8cb7 : arm64: Fix aosp_arm64 system image.
bd76056 : "LRW52E"
df3d4ee : "LRW52D"
4dda144 : "LRW52C"
ddf0972 : "LRW52B"
2dee34c : "LRW52"
0fa6a40 : HAVE_FUTEX is unused.
6f54657 : "LRW51C"
31c667e : HAVE_OPEN_MEMSTREAM is no longer used.
00ed163 : "LRW51B"
e0f44ac : Performance improvement for whole static libs
cb8203c : "LRW51"
cfb1701 : "LRW50E"
1d256fc : "LRW50D"
f684e6e : "LRW50C"
3f9b7a7 : "LRW50B"
9ebfe63 : "LRW50"
1c3c89a : "LRW49C"
8d1f967 : LRW49B
4602d35 : "LRW49"
63f171b : "LRW48C"
ec01088 : "LRW48B"
d73e174 : "LRW48"
a5c53cc : "LRW45K"
032ac32 : Remove unused entries from AndroidConfig.h.
db905e7 : Strip my_clang on assignment.
1ac1401 : Remove HAVE_GETTID.
09bb0ce : "LRW45J"
a879f48 : "LRW45I"
c15103f : Add compile time check for statically linked libc
635d3de : "LRW45H"
d7a1f3e : "LRW45G"
a6eaca2 : LRW45F
801e72b : "LRW45E"
4f9ff0c : "LRW45D"
92e88cd : "LRW45C"
2347a3b : BuildBootImage: Add secondstage image support [DO NOT MERGE]
60433bb : "LRW45B"
12c28a3 : "LRW45"
0d3049d : LRW44E
e394dd6 : "LRW44C"
72a239a : "LRW44B"
bfd6516 : Apply TARGET_GLOBAL_LDFLAGS to transform-bc-to-so
b5367f4 : "LRW44"
75a3e9c : LRW43F
744b5e1 : "LRW43E"
085ef34 : "LRW43D"
06659bc : Add flag to enable default clang builds--USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD.
5bac962 : Fix HOST_LIBRARY_PATH.
b454ca1 : "LRW43C"
a6dcaa1 : LRW43B
1a1375d : "LRW43"
a98f11d : "LRW42D"
a73e8e2 : "LRW42C"
8eca3db : "LRW42B"
440cc76 : Add a WITH_DEXOPT_BOOT_IMG_ONLY configuration option.
c63ab6a : "LRW42"
3f697e6 : "LRW41"
9e7b9b9 : wrap make and print success/failure message, more later
b68b319 : "LRW40"
f309eb5 : "LRW38I"
0595e15 : LRW38H
85e6fad : LRW38G
6803069 : "LRW38F"
9221ce6 : Add SignTos tool
de5c1fd : "LRW38E"
82b8424 : "LRW38D"
394f13e : "LRW38C"
bda807d : Track bouncycastle upgrade to 1.51
16ff1e0 : LRW38B
594a10a : Consistent use of USE_MINGW
95994de : Fix Windows SDK build.
4803ce2 : Fix uses of -fPIC and -fPIE.
7692975 : "LRW38"
8141150 : LRW37C
b6bb71b : Inhibit implicit -Bsymolic in -shared.
b83e597 : "LRW37B"
af3aa4a : "LRW37"
c28d2b4 : "LRW36B"
ce090d3 : Make system use patchoat to relocate during runtime.
6ba37fa : "LRW36"
2d645ab : Add missing flags to x86 (both 32- and 64-bit) arch variants. Delete as we don't support 64-bit on old Atom.
3223c3e : "LRW35"
185c082 : "LRW34"
280c024 : "LRW33"
28dac35 : "LRW29H"
13066a8 : [MIPSR6] R6 target options for clang
58c1090 : LRW29G
2f94575 : "LRW29F"
b74d135 : "LRW29E"
4d30e5e : Move from dalvik.vm.image-dex2oat-flags to dalvik.vm.dex2oat-filter [build]
fb9076d : BuildBootImage: Add secondstage image support
ad27969 : "LRW29D"
0ad0d19 : SDK targets should inherit from
be7449b : Add SDK product for arm64, x86_64 and mips64.
3381a52 : Remove the unused
4cac873 : "LRW29C"
dad2ab4 : Add PROP_NAME_MAX validation
bf3ed12 : "LRW29B"
1b0fc43 : Revert "Revert "Introduce CC/CXX/JAVAC_WRAPPER to wrap the calls to clang.""
44ee341 : Update host linux toolchain to gcc 4.8
bfcdf06 : Allow LOCAL_ASSET_DIR point to nonexistent dir
6e469d1 : "LRW29"
5e2ebcb : Use hermetic host toolchains.
7d2a12a : "LRW28B"
97717dd : "LRW28"
31f185c : "LRW27"
2231160 : "LRW26"
495630f : Don't fail the build for dangling module names.
97eae62 : Fix 64 bit emulator booting (again).
c0a149f : "LRW24G"
44e0bc5 : "LRW24F"
9118efb : "LRW24E"
2ae182d : "LRW24D"
f3ca3d5 : fix build
5ca1dc1 : Fix Windows SDK build to not use clang.
f6e46dc : "LRW24C"
c5a59ea : "LRW24B"
6bab974 : [MIPSR6] Add mips64r6 and mips32r6 targets
b7db98f : "LRW24"
f846a4e : "LRW23C"
237ee05 : "LRW23B"
6670e24 : [MIPS] Unite mipsel and mips64el 4.9 gcc toolchains
41ca444 : [MIPS64] Enable mips64 clang
a4f84fd : Revert "Introduce CC/CXX/JAVAC_WRAPPER to wrap the calls to clang."
5679e35 : Fix doc target for multidex support library.
92d79cb : Switch host builds to use Clang by default.
7092c79 : Refactor FDO support code to ensure arm64 can also be built with FDO.
9bdcfec : "LRW23"
e81afcb : "LRW22B"
721b1fa : "LRW22"
b106db6 : LRW21D
d22b381 : "LRW21C"
21d5d0d : "LRW21B"
79342e4 : "LRW21"
940db26 : "LRW20"
c201f00 : "LRW19"
1b50a12 : Default to "prescott" as our baseline i686 host build architecture.
faec895 : "LRW17D"
4f946d9 : "LRW17C"
36067d1 : "LRW17B"
b2be5ff : Remove linker64 and debuggerd64
100aba5 : Put only src in FRAMEWORKS_SUPPORT_JAVA_SRC_DIRS for multidex
b094cdb : "LRW17"
22717f9 : hide the password
87f0d00 : Vary non-image Xmx for dex2oat on MIPS.
7d70f83 : Fix the MIPS build.
8a3ebf5 : "LRW16B"
4cb1d09 : Move multidex support library
7e228a4 : "LRW16"
06fe5d1 : Stubs of android-support-multidex-instrumentation.
10713dc : Generates SDK stubs of android-support-multidex
e019dfd : Support dx generating multiple dex files.
4cabdf1 : LRW15D
5ea3b0b : "LRW14D"
cbecaee : LRW15C
ac34efd : "LRW15B"
44eee61 : "LRW15"
d28feb0 : Revert "Fix Java detection on some Linux distributions"
60cbf9d : "LRW14C"
01e6853 : Add bcc into /system/bin.
176b0d3 : Remove bcc from
14d38eb : "LRW14B"
09040dd : Fix Java detection on some Linux distributions
3a8d2bf : Fix PIC default to be -fPIC
3b7a4d8 : Introduce CC/CXX/JAVAC_WRAPPER to wrap the calls to clang.

+- Project: platform/cts

f05b377 : Fix RenderScript warnings.
22cfb0a : Fix RenderScript warnings in CTS
3570d4d : [DO NOT MERGE] Allow to compile with Jack.
9146351 : Patch to get devices with 4K canvas pass
8a13023 : Add test for banned file for system command socket
64c494a : Remove CTS tests which require MODIFY_PHONE_STATE permission.
d62cb01 : Fixed hidden export button due to small screen by making buttons stack on small screen.
ead62f5 : Fix NVMAP_IOC_FROM_ID test
1c2aca4 : camera2 CTS: Wait for session close callbacks before teardown.
01d939e : camera CTS: Fix RawConverter to handle stride.
9093599 : Select common codecs for MediaCodecTest.testException
ae1b0a0 : check decode cap before runing mediastress playerTest
695af1f : Update low ram device test for new memory requirements
e4db5e3 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Fix typo in function name
94f1533 : CTS tests for ScriptGroup2 API
b2f7f8a : Fixed the order of parameters passing
b53672c : DO NOT MERGE - bump CTS version to CTS 5.1_r1
15f3d2d : Adding DENSITY_280 memory requirement per CDD
44204f6 : Amending testcase to support updated memory requirement for L.
6ac85e0 : Amending testcase to support updated memory requirement for L.
1632b40 : Add a test for null valued collection handling of Bundle#hasFileDescriptors
f5fc7f7 : check decode cap before runing mediastress playerTest
809ce1f : CameraITS: fix wrong fixed focus lens logic
4c4a94d : Fix bitmap filtration tests to be more stable
d31f26f : cts: Optimize check for /dev/mem and /dev/kmem
e0def61 : cts: Enforce turning off /dev/mem and /dev/kmem
70e9c11 : CameraITS: fix wrong fixed focus lens logic
a6c2160 : Track CLDR 27 changes to Date & Time data for en_GB
29df814 : Camera: adjust test_exposure pass threshold
0408b17 : Fix keystore CTS tests broken by removal of DSA.
4559951 : Clarify how to select location mode in verifier test
3f65b7a : Enable loading of host-side shared libraries in cts.
080e3f1 : Skip AudioTrackTest#testPlayStaticData if no audio output found
480e7a5 : Camera: improve precision of frame drop logic
4b7f7c0 : Update low ram device test for new memory requirements
921b0f3 : Use smaller display size for secondary display test. (DO NOT MERGE)
c25c983 : Add DENSITY_280 to the list of allowed densities.
9fd4e24 : TIF: added query test cases in TvProviderPerfTest.
fa71d40 : DO NOT MERGE Add UiAutomationTest#testWindowContentFrameStats to knownfailures
d724a4b : CTS test for SubscriptionManager
5e94d94 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera: move YUV burst framerate check from ITS to CTS
8a94950 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera: disable AE/AWB lock test on legacy devices
2024fae : DO NOT MERGE: camera2 CTS: Actually close Images in StillCaptureTest.
411022f : Disable BLE offloaded scan batching test
d615d64 : Disable test to verifying BLE offloaded scan batching
efbda48 : Skip tests that depend on system resources and assets..
055ca5b : ConsumerIrTest: add the right permission for some test case
34c9182 : Add Lollipop MR1.1 version code 5.1.1
7488863 : Move details of variable printing out of the generated code (CTS).
af6ddd9 : Disable Notification Package Prior item for the watch feature
8264309 : SensorTest must unregister sensor event listener after each test case done.
cc9af6e : Add cts test for testing launcher version.
fc60c4c : CameraITS: improve ITS user experience
3dd9f1e : Fix testPageScroll by not using waitForIdleSync.
93679cb : CameraITS: fix fixed focus lens check
07ac5f8 : Camera: move YUV size check
dda7bf3 : Relax resize test to allow acceleration.
597ed6f : Fix bionic cts test build bug.
223cfb4 : Add a CTS test for Debug.getRuntimeStat().
ab72ce1 : Hide BLE scanner test if BLE advertiser test is hidden.
44f69fb : Camera: add missing FULL level expectation
8a4314b : Cleanup comments.
566b949 : Don’t run on devices with no audio output.
9811ede : Bump CTS versions to r0.95 to sping another release candidate
c3829db : On-change sensor should not use 0 as sample period to calculate report latency
c64d80f : Timestamp synchronization must use 64-bit long to avoid overflow.
331b3fd : SELinuxTest: Add a few more cases to testFileContexts.
d270a25 : Temporarily disable the test. CL/142797 causes CTS to stop completing the testing.
cf9f034 : Camera: fix recording test for legacy mode
c8dd803 : Camera: use time stamp diff to check frame duration
97b3288 : Addition of a new CTS package for tzdata update code
2f7a2f9 : Fix assumption that tests are centered on screen
6f42063 : CTS Verifier on TV does not display menu
37e7086 : DO NOT MERGE: camera: WAR for rounding width
c3a556b : Don’t run the tests if the devices doesn’t have a sim card.
6dc462e : Don’t run the AppWidget tests if the devices doesn’t have the feature.
35434ce : SELinuxTest: Add file contexts tests.
0b80c79 : CameraITS: update test_capture_result
5b7f583 : Fix ConcurrentModificationException in sensor related test.
5adf9dc : Shorten the names of the generate files (& related changes).
4d131d8 : CTS: Add test for JNI class-loading
4449a6b : SELinuxHostTest: Add domain tests for logd and lmkd.
8873e2c : SELinuxHostTest: Check that each executable has the expected domain.
7fd0637 : Fix possible race condition in Sensor CTS framework.
96123ba : fix KernelSettingsTest#testXattrInKernel
8505f13 : Fix method name for doNvmapIocFromIdTest
9f96dcc : Add CTS test for ASLR for
140c299 : CTS for Strequent projection
09f887f : Rename autogenerated tests to avoid confusion.
f1f3017 : Restore CTS_TESTCASES_OUT to before commit a5c060.
3467361 : fix incorrection assumption due to DST
7c0c05c : Replace getContext with getTargetContext.
ff4e829 : SELinux: Verify that CTS is in untrusted_app ctx
a5c0605 : Allow CTS packages to be built with mmm rather than just mmma
542c284 : media: update vp9 360p test clip with tile columns and frame parallel mode turned on.
2334575 : SELinuxHostTest: Add testMLSAttributes test.
29dfebf : SELinuxHostTest: Add tests for other AOSP *_contexts entries.
7270fdb : CTS should expect official lollipop mr1 release version
590472d : Enable hardware scan filter test on device which supports the feature.
fee78e2 : Advertise 31 bytes in BLE advertise tests.
4788000 : SELinuxHostTest: Add a test for the AOSP seapp_contexts entries.
d4e1e04 : SELinuxHostTest: Validate other SELinux configuration files.
ea811ae : Implement SELinux no-booleans test as a hostsidetest.
45e42f9 : SELinuxTest: Remove test that assumes unconfined init.
d5af3fa : DO NOT MERGE - bump CTS version to CTS 5.1_r0.9
a3857a8 : update EncoderVirtualDisplayTest to use very long i-frame interval.
ab98ada : CameraITS: various ITS improvement
446a369 : Remove hardware scan filter test, and re-enable BLE advertise/scanner test.
976f010 : cts: Enforce turning off /dev/mem and /dev/kmem
c2b00d8 : More cts-verifier tests for profile-aware Settings.
582410f : Use bionic gtest main for android.bionic cts test.
1357a23 : Add test for checking max users > 1 if managed users feature enabled
a68a0e4 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Eliminate tests which access /proc/1/mounts
cc8bdfa : Add android.hardware.cts.SensorTest#testBatchAndFlush to knownfailures
313b053 : Check that androidboot.hardware is set on the kernel command line
ba89396 : Disable screen pinning test on watches and tvs. DO NOT MERGE
b33ec9d : Add CtsVerifier test for Screen Pinning
1ce5d79 : Add CTS test to test Setup wizard Nfc config.
d96ac26 : Disable screen pinning test on watches and tvs.
2b6c049 : CTS test for GSM decoding
69efaa1 : Add android.hardware.cts.SensorTest#testBatchAndFlush to knownfailures
080be6f : Add caller-id cts test cases
479d72c : Differentiate device feature checking across Device Policy tests
b483257 : Update Android CTS bandaid urls that use test_key1 to a new key
04c96bc : Use ICU for relative time formatting
33a0adb : [Renderscript] Add CTS test for rsYuvToRGBA_float4(). Especially for arm64 devices, due to the bug attached.
9c18f7d : Add test for CVE-2014-5532
ed954f9 : media: added data check to ImageReaderDecoderTest
5a2e1e8 : media: add flexYUV statistics methods to CodecUtils
62019fe : media: allow test to continue waiting for complete if there's new encoder output
174b7db : Add missing include.
3bba9c7 : media: limit ImageReaderDecoderTest to consume only 1 image
561ecee : media: handle unsupported sizes in arbitrary VideoEncoderTests
4b52d48 : camera2: don't read past last pixel in last row for flex YUV data
37be509 : Add missing includes.
9169d2f : Fix a CTS assert of Element.DataType.values().length
3ba1b8f : Fix DebugContext test by ensuring that messages make it through the driver.
bbd4436 : Fix for VisualizerTest running in silent mode
712bb78 : Move SELinuxDomainTests to hostsidetests.
99701b5 : Add missing <string.h> includes.
dc49b49 : Fix missing #include.
3b40b84 : Tests for new revisionCode attribute.
28917ac : camera2: Update RobustnessTest timeouts.
bb85099 : Provide default implementation for new interface method
d0451e4 : Tweak Alarm Manager tests
ed80c0e : Exception in TestAccessHistory tearDown
2d8190d : Accept more than one SD in NsdManagerTest
ea84f6a : Fix JobScheduler CTS tests
4ab2d63 : Add test for 4x4 by 3x1 multiply
d4dac73 : Add HttpResponseCacheTest as a CTS test
e67c4e0 : ResetPassword("") works again, thus enabling password DPM tests
550c2dc : fix AudioManager.testVolume()
423d934 : Wait for DocumentsUI ANR timeout; expand drawer.
944cd7e : media: VideoEncoderTest: fix bug introduced when setting input buffer size
b235917 : media: VideoEncoderTest: set input buffer size for playback
9b61575 : Update python depdency and remove obsolete selinux xml gen code.
0656d23 : Fix missing #includes in CTS.
3f07b50 : Fix missing #includes in cts.
5ce12f9 : Test using getOutputImage for reading buffer contents
e7a211f : Skip tests that depend on system resources and assets..
c10b378 : Unify parameter naming of the math functions (CTS part).
5d45f40 : Prepare CTS for the future where toybox has fully replaced toolbox.
9b58eca : Change of variable names to keep pace with doc change
047c2df : media: fix vp9 decode test stream
6f0bee4 : Track changes to Posix.* API.
58d8a20 : Fix testCameraManagerListenerCallbacks for 0-camera devices
c67b198 : Fix a failing CTS test.
d04b428 : Remove TARGET_SIMULATOR checks
247db5d : Remove ineffective sock_diag cts test.
c7038be : Use dynamic allocation for non-POD arrays.
ff79fa2 : Expect "jpg", not "jpeg", in testGuessFileName
ec08871 : Use more accurate result for signature mismatch.
3c5b4bb : Update CTS for more specific exceptions thrown from ViewGroup#addView
fe1a5a6 : Test for failing encryption using AKS Key
a44c966 : Fix CTS - Test plans not generated.
63b95e3 : Fix CTS build on AOSP/master
3ed2915 : Fix bugs regarding ShortCodeTest that fails without "112" in ECC List.
d7a758a : Our <pty.h> tests need -lutil for glibc.
d21c32c : Modify cert convert script
b34ae0b : Split SELinux neverallow rules test.
7b48863 : Bionic tests require
1ae46fd : Fix build warning.
941117a : Make headers C++11 compatible.
80ac271 : Fix build breakage due to SSLDefaultConfigurationAsserts rename.
e8b5f96 : Remove tests based on Settings.System.DATE_FORMAT.
d512cb5 : Fix RS test STLs.
4fa31cc : The gtest library is being renamed.
dfc7f52 : Modify the CTS resize to support Float32.
e4c3fb7 : Add IntrinsicResize test to CTS.Renderscript.
a7324be : Use the new name for the libc++ gtest libs.
f8e3192 : Fix build breakage.
39db84b : Change SELinuxHostTest to new sepolicy-analyze args.
d8f368c : Change SELinux neverallow tests to be sepolicy-analyze based.
eb23950 : Change SELinuxHostTest to new sepolicy-analyze args.
1e4bf61 : DO NOT MERGE. Change SELinux neverallow tests to be sepolicy-analyze based.
74096da : Move this test over to clang so ASAN_ALL works.
fae9f3e : Move CTS to libc++.
d75d6e3 : Fix SELinuxHostTest package structure.
85053cf : Create SELinux hostside test to check all domains are enforcing.
d1301be : Remove loop filter test.
f28c1d0 : Fix SELinuxDomainTest testSdcarddDomain()
703a5f1 : Use libc++ for bionic tests.
a87fd89 : Don't manually link stlport.
efb774a : fix broken GPL build
304f0c7 : StorageManagerTest: assert that the contents of mounted OBBs are readable
86d9264 : Need to handle INFO_OUTPUT_BUFFERS_CHANGED in an encode test
6cd9716 : LocalSocketTest.testAccessors: fix the *SendBufferSize* test
6ca6123 : Skip encoding tests for unsupported resolutions.
e8bf3df : Fixing TimeTest
16ea5e5 : CTS: Fix & amend VM tests
618aa72 : Add new static library dependencies for bionic-unit-tests-cts
a688755 : media: use proper input timestamp in VideoEncoderDecoderTest
eefec81 : Switch from racy notify()/wait() to using a proper semaphore.
01873ce : Added C++11 option to libcoremathtestcpp
3f2de25 : Update vm-tests to ART behavior
462e053 : Generate selinux_policy.xml as part of CTS build.
64f58ed : Suppress libselinux logging during CTS tests.
00c565b : Fix CTS tests precision issues.
be5faaf : Uncomment code in TimeTest / fix comments
fa9aec4 : CtsVerifier: add dependency of android.test.runner
c132d41 : More tests for the CTS TimeTest
875bccc : Test for required ARMv8 features in /proc/cpuinfo
cec784c : Test for required hwcaps on ARMv8
4b66a97 : SELinuxDomainTest: change test for debuggerd and zygote domain
caf25cf : improve TestVirtualDisplayRecycles to reduce memory usage
b057014 : Fix CTS Verifier for BLE: Reliable Write Fail
8690551 : Update to refactor basic statistics helper functions to be accessible to host-side tests. This is a precursor to host-side power tests which will use these helper functions. There should be no code changes other then moving existing code out of one class and into another that is more commonly accessible. Added an additional dependency in ont file to account for change Change-Id: I0feefcc181ad21a0f11965953754167514539f00

+- Project: platform/dalvik

5d71a6d : Fix a couple of unused parameter warnings in dexdump / dexlist.
a06ce75 : Add a libbase dependency for dexdump/dexlist.
d024c06 : Fix potential dex index overflow in dx
7d97556 : Bump dx version to 1.11
8f9fb34 : Descriptor references are direct references
dd140a2 : Support --num-threads with --multi-dex (take 2)
c8b036e : Revert "Support --num-threads with --multi-dex"
f261992 : Removing dalvik/hit, replaced by tools/base/perflib
7736e8f : Don't discard directory entries in jar files.
ff76246 : Fix printf format specifiers.
a4a5e98 : Allow to disable forced keep of annotated
845d9d0 : Support --num-threads with --multi-dex
bb404aa : Do not keep the DexFile field in Main between runs
893795f : Keep annotated classes in main dex list
5907fbc : Use gnu++11 instead of c++11.
50e2a58 : Clean up some dead dalvik cruft.
2f99a0c : Keep --input-list order.
6dff1dc : kill HAVE_POSIX_FILEMAP
ef1de42 : Command line option for disabling warnings
684bc40 : Fix dexlist build
dc43b33 : Make the rest of libdex and dexdump LOCAL_32_BIT_ONLY
3ead225 : Fix dx test 113-old-style-inner-class
48d6fd7 : Fix dx test 118-find-usages
2541a80 : Fix dx test 124-multidex-option-no-overflow
70df3df : Bump dx version to 1.10
914f226 : Fixes command line too long error on Windows
8863d0f : Replace == between class constants by ".equals"
2e2f03c : Update ziparchive usage to the new API.
63649af : Remove references to the simulator.
26a4440 : Do not align 64-bit registers during instruction expansion
e7a2fc0 : Fix dx test 127-merge-stress
f15dafe : Do not generate empty dex in multidex.
d3fb688 : Renumber dx test multidex-option-overflow to 128.
32631e6 : Fix bad debug info due to 64-bit registers alignment
4577895 : Remove LocalEnd since it is not used
9892ad2 : Bump version to 1.9.
4ec4dc5 : Make a better detection of index limit in multidex.
705a198 : Keep all annotation in main dex.
9cda6d3 : Fix detection of main dex overflow in multidex
432bad3 : Fix mainDexClasses with obfuscation.
ec66b53 : Improve the new ClassReferenceListBuilder API.
a6182fc : Fix public API of ClassReferenceListBuilder
781153c : Add public API to ClassReferenceListBuilder.
20a1f93 : Add DexMerge stress test
f9d446f : Add tests about dx multidex options.

+- Project: platform/development

c7931cf : Fix fegetenv and fesetenv for arm
ae55796 : Fix sys/ucontext.h for mips64
ece719c : Fix end pointer size/alignment of crtend_* for mips64 and x86_64
29fe2de : Fix mips/mips64 headers
ba9952c : Remove libthreads_db
5521841 : Add mips64 to stack tool
8981aee : Add a conditional removal of \r\n from adb output.
59f328a : Build the neon intrinsics for arm64-v8a and x86_64 as well
cfaf1bf : [DO NOT MERGE] Compile using Jack
73cd247 : Delete dbt command for dalvik
c90758f : Modify ctype.h headers to test for non-GNU inline semantics correctly
1a96b4d : Use the right variable for evaluating 'windows'.
f6b7816 : Remove unnecessary theme attribute for Sync Test
951836c : Fix ActivityNotFound Exception in Dev Tools
87f0108 : Update prebuilts path.
f1d27e2 : Allow acov --prep to succeed in a clean build.
512cc91 : Development/scripts: Update gdbclient for native bridge
6941c57 : Fix build - support new systrace file structure
08857b6 : Remove reference to libzipfile.
23c2bb5 : Allow libbase to be used on Windows.
d4a1f06 : Fix SDK library paths for Windows and Darwin too.
b712562 : Fix library paths for SDK tools.
e3e13c3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ee5bd86 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fcc638d : Fix the build
28f76a9 : Make adb_api.h safe to include first.
cdf349c : Add missing <stdlib.h> include to the native app glue.
33937e0 : Remove elftree.
bfe6908 : Use the exported elfutils headers.
3dbc29e : Clean cruft out of the elftree makefile.
a624edc : Add gdbclient as a real script.
f3e48a7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7a59805 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
91e4714 : Fix build (again).
4fe8988 : Localize Strings in SupportDesignDemos
501302f : Remove usages of FloatMath
f212598 : Add new SupportDesignDemos sample app
4ef10da : Mips system image also supports gpu.
68279ec : Add missing includes.
f12f658 : Default to using clang compatible gcov for host.
57d28da : Add sample for nested scrolling
42e327a : Add button bar dialog sample
c08fb7e : Fix mips64 struct stat64
b6549fd : Update the winsdk-tools prerequisites.
563eac6 : Add FAB Sample to Support7Demos
35bdfca : Add design support lib to sdk.atree
f16e0fd : Include <string.h> for memset.
72324d8 : Add support for host coverage.
cf347cc : Add `acov --clean` and `acov --prep`.
743aa0d : Add some samples for AppCompat's styled widgets
0bdce30 : showcase of updating DetailsOverviewRow parts
5366c30 : SortedList demo activity
a06fa01 : Fixup typo and disable debug message
166f5da : Refine libportable signal.h on mips.
3598d53 : Drop clang version check for __builtin_isinf and __builtin_isnan
58bf5b9 : Update Support7Demos with Dialog and Preferences samples
f1cfecc : Change Support7Demos to use android:theme instead
6313a60 : Add aday, which converts build numbers to dates.
15b31c8 : Remove hardcoded ICU include paths.
2202e94 : Use define for drm property keys instead of defining as char pointers
d7120d4 : Header/symbol for unknown arch.
6aff78a : misc header changes for r10d
c16f22a : Explicitly use an older C++ standard.
24f5368 : Remove uses of stlport in testrunner.
b6f18db : Fix headers to be included alone
d3ab539 : Change sysconf(3) to return long
e4b2a1a : Made development/scripts/stack work on Mac.
5661570 : Do not call art-on macro by default.
187be4a : Add support for debugging ART to the dalvik.gdb script.
72d9822 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5fd0e38 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
add39df : Cherry-pick: Only use <atomic> for C++11 and newer
21922de : Add posix_memalign to API16's, and to stdlib.h for API 16, 17, 18, 19
d8338a7 : Add asm/a.out.h to arm64/mips/mips64
c810b3c : Remove macros putc*/getc* from API<21 stdio.h to use
2437e14 : Change sample native-codec's minSDK to android-21
1b2269b : Make memory_order_acquire visible in global namespace
da84168 : Rename android-L to android-21
13af1d8 : Add missing function prototypes in time.h
dd4697d : Remove dependencies on FloatMath
a045a37 : Refresh android-L headers (WW40)
70319d4 : Add posix_memalign to for API 17,18,19
3dbef8f : Bump up clang vesion accepting __builtin_isnan __attribute__((pcs("aapcs")))
7d133d2 : Silence lcov existence test output.
98e2c64 : Add acov for coverage gathering/reporting.
9eac1b6 : Added sys/ucontext.h and sys/user.h to all API levels.
797351f : Add missing posix_memalign function in x86 (See
e257b56 : Bugfix for libportable to make compile happy.
0fd7f83 : Refresh android-L headers/libs (WW37)
57c928a : Add support for x86 to hello-neon sample
f41962c : Android SDK Windows USB driver: Project Tango pid
05467d3 : Update revision of Android SDK USB driver for Windows
bce5ab4 : libportable to adapt L header functions.
65df8d6 : Remove __signalfd4 from 32-bit ABIs; remove basename_r and dirname_r from 64-bit ABIs
c6d393c : Fix build with sensor.h
2db7f63 : Fixed atexit()
83fb2f6 : ptrace(3) should be varargs
6c2d94d : Add __gnuc_va_list in stdio.h to stop gcc from generating include-fixed/stdio.h
09532ff : Add back arc4random_stir for 32-bit android-L
f6d2ae9 : Add required permission to sample code
3f53b6f : Refresh 64-bit headers/libs (WW36)
c3c8619 : Make 'stack' able to find toolchains regardless of lunch.
c7f04c3 : Update android-L/include/android
73ae6d9 : Fix RS samples to prepare for 64-bit compilation.
00b44e5 : Use arm64 kernel-qemu in sdk-android-arm64-v8a.atree.
7f3f83e : make_key: reduce raciness of password input
b4ddea1 : Refresh 64-bit headers/libs (WW31)
653fe8e : Add the protobuf compiler binary to the Windows SDK build.
4ff22dc : Fix the name of the native app glue lib in a header comment
8641638 : new installation path of apks.
22359ed : Add APP_ABI for module-exports sample
cc101e0 : Refresh 64-bit headers/libs (WW29)
6fee567 : Move multidex support library
b16fd5a : Add res folder to multidex SDK projects.
ef0e4f5 : Add multidex ADT project to SDK.
96dc8db : android-support-multidex-instrumentation in SDK.
604bf1f : Include android-support-multidex in SDK libs.
36dea38 : Fix gl3stub.h
ba5926e : NDK media codec sample
22d9591 : ndk: Add GLES 3.1 and AEP extensions to NDK
5c939bf : Update OpenSLES_Android.h for API L
d10a35f : Update mipsel and mips64el multilib lib* and lib-bootstrap
8b4f433 : Remove symlink ndk/platforms/android-L/arch-mips64/lib
7a2be75 : getSampletime -> getSampleTime
cf8a4a6 : Media NDK files
15142f7 : Stack tool 32/64 bit compatibility fixes.
be4de46 : Add the arm64 pstate register to the stack tool.

+- Project: device/asus/deb

7b803ee : Whitelist device for stlport.
2a17be3 : deb: misc SELinux changes.
adf3935 : delete service asus-dbug-d
7578b9a : remove useless attempt to chmod /system/bin/ip
d294906 : move /data/tombstone creation to system/core
14558e4 : Really enable jemalloc.
d59de2d : Indicate this uses dlmalloc.

+- Project: device/asus/flo

ca0d893 : Update device to use set_prop() macro
726cc24 : Whitelist device for stlport.
a290950 : mediaserver: allow loading shared library with text relocation
54ea776 : camera: allow loading files with text relocations from /system
fd58583 : flo: updates for SELinux
71812b9 : delete service asus-dbug-d
654be83 : flo: label boot block device
4526f47 : Camera3: Ensure postprocessor is stopped during teardown
91ce294 : Allow init to rm /dev/diag
c05a522 : flo: Disable diag device in normal mode.
d4b569e : remove useless attempt to chmod /system/bin/ip
ccd3951 : move /data/tombstone creation to system/core
8584220 : Add missing includes.
4c29f19 : Add missing includes.
b025830 : Add missing <string.h> include.
55adee0 : Camera3: Override AE state for front camera during precapture trigger
df7652d : Camera3: Override AE state for front camera during precapture trigger
5ca5f56 : netmgrd: give explicit read access to /proc/net
b3a738d : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
1630a3f : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
2ee17d6 : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
f59aa09 : Suppress benign clang warning,
e1fd99c : Remove flo cruft.
c67f675 : Remove flo no-op.
d820e0b : flo: increase vmalloc size by 100MB (240MB-->340MB)
d38e50e : Assign specific type to metadata block device.
cd87a3e : Assign specific types to system and recovery block devices.
f4f6b1f : Label /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand and its files.
10b77eb : Assign specific types to userdata and cache block devices.
ac6453b : Remove checks for conditions that can't happen
8633c28 : Revert "wlan: Disable channel 12,13,14 in default regulatory for new FCC rule."
f1ddc69 : Revert "wlan: enable DFS channels."
47f4612 : Update selinux rules for rmt_storage
023162b : Update selinux rules for rmt_storage
342bc9a : Indicate this uses dlmalloc.

+- Project: device/asus/flo-kernel

c82449c : flo: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
eb86fde : flo: update prebuilt kernel
feb29fc : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e6d2dd0 : Revert "flo: update prebuilt kernel"
f1bb184 : Revert "flo: update prebuilt kernel"
3c6da1b : flo: update prebuilt kernel automerge: 32c4820
32c4820 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
768bc2f : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d9174bf : flo: update prebuilt kernel automerge: a200888 automerge: dc22f95
a200888 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
66b2293 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
864b1f4 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
90beb9d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
433ffd1 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
25dec22 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
699b48e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4ff9ec7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4d78831 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
a91f8a7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cec64b1 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
13c708f : flo: update prebuilt kernel DO NOT MERGE
9cf2fe3 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3aea4c8 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
308c824 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0207dec : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3cba77c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
29e1545 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ede3437 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e021510 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
8c4ebbb : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6739088 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0070698 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
77cc3b8 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
130f05e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
8290d0b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
a289905 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0d8314a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c7a37e7 : merge goog/lmp-preview-dev
465826a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
28bd914 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f814d78 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d662eab : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3d042f1 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4431565 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6d74123 : flo: update prebuilt kernel - DO NOT MERGE
59be74f : flo: update prebuilt kernel - DO NOT MERGE
bdc21ea : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c68818e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0b4d997 : flo: update prebuilt kernel - DO NOT MERGE
e26517c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
92199ad : flo: update prebuilt kernel
de64dcd : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c3c813d : flo: update prebuilt kernel (selinux fix)
dacee3f : flo: update prebuilt kernel
09ca46f : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cea55c4 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
11b2ba5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5213d23 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5406860 : Snapshot to 9723339b192f08787605d21df3ae929486b9d9af
ac4734a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
049cf92 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d2b64da : flo: update prebuilt kernel
fdbc4c2 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
897ad00 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
1530124 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5d07b4c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
dec2c9b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e601f61 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0c28782 : Snapshot to 13e5589cbc51c005d308eff94b559fb575acf0ce
7bbdeed : Snapshot to a36c0057604f329f8e602098ac7c3f796eb4dd30
1da525b : Snapshot to 3a6737e79e3e84736e744a7e0dd26ebed1f09112
c5a2f8e : Snapshot to 0cd744a1ef6c60872b4e74e1cc52d73f27dd883b
968060b : Snapshot to 6eb7a6f5b582a8650918ec054465f3396c3b7185
bc5b751 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
33b4dfd : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f3ac451 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ba5bcb3 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
8a63bad : flo: update prebuilt kernel
21b0f89 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c22936e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
661b1ec : flo: update prebuilt kernel
29af6a6 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c6707f3 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bd3e2e2 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
7a80e28 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
161c7be : flo: update prebuilt kernel
90773f9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d62db70 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
07bcc9f : flo: update prebuilt kernel
edd58c0 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
570480a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e47c5d9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
279fc38 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3460462 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
47575d0 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
25e8cab : flo: update prebuilt kernel
7a5b4fa : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d10bcb6 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ca1a0fe : flo: update prebuilt kernel
a8a98fa : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cd00665 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0cd744a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
a7e5442 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
77b2746 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c785284 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f153f0e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
a6f4aaa : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f2ef085 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c8a29b5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ca47f4b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bc37a74 : Snapshot at SHA1 c40b86d0aa9f4eb18a915258a5aa53f56dea6f99
3bbde21 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
dde2299 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
aa15a1b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
1774053 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
c87e747 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c40b86d : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
20f4a52 : update prebuilt kernel
3b03ab0 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
dd9b616 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9100e5c : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
79816e3 : flo: prebuilt kernel
09f2b0a : flo: prebuilt kernel
ca6c51c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d265ac4 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f98c898 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d010c09 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
7141362 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
ba005a1 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
c0dcdaf : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e680564 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
b79fe6e : flo: update prebuilt
b8510f7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e058d8b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
017e869 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
1ca3b75 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
d8e120b : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
9ff63d1 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
4845ed2 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
bd6a7b4 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
8bcfce7 : flo: udpate prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
dd508d4 : flo: udpate prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
c453c1f : flo: udpate prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
306ecdd : flo: udpate prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
1be91f5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
24e9609 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
2f57680 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ab547a7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
4865892 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
c5fe6cc : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3a80a86 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
6f5f452 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4c7a054 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4755fe7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9fec60c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f0cb014 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3525648 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
148ba02 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9915681 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ceec108 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
752280f : flo: update prebuilt kernel
eacb8f3 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3617f60 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
2d61b2f : flo: update prebuilt kernel
7dc2e7d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e8c263b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b2d02f8 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b1d2891 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f22a912 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bb5f98e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0c4bf85 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6a7f1ae : flo: update prebuilt kernel
00bb558 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c7ace57 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cd8a7db : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d2e71c5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6b15b98 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bf47aff : flo: update prebuilt kernel
08f8257 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
85c2b56 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
97e0136 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
7354e4d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bdf6ae4 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
a025e6c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
7fb16a9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cbad2d5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
65961f9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
8307221 : empty kernel file
e146765 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3134f31 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
801c9f7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
fc5f634 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4d0d6a3 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0e19f51 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
72bc5ce : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4723749 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3d7dae2 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
71c8299 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c25fe9c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
129bf11 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
72ebcb6 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
1d9b745 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
758a198 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
01983eb : flo: update prebuilt kernel
be3f66a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9c30f82 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
06a56f9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e852de5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b1daa3c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6d78de9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f1c1b8c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b356903 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
8f9708b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9f25861 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4c22dea : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cb0e492 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3e5adcd : flo: update prebuilt kernel
eb27b06 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5b097ae : flo: update prebuilt kernel
736a823 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
2984f89 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d32bcbf : flo: update prebuilt kernel
da75438 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5e945ba : flo: update prebuilt kernel
960e7ce : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f844c92 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
243dba9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
674c277 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ceeae95 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4b99024 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
2bca187 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6cdf812 : flo: update prebuilt kernel -- beef!
21a21fa : flo: update prebuilt kernel
7254a27 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
20aa74b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5caa5a3 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b98b2b6 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b957365 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0a29163 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ffafd03 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cb5a7f9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c64658c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c0683d8 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b29313f : flo: update prebuilt kernel
fab06ad : flo: update prebuilt kernel
71a2f82 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4f92e5e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ec2609d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
951b09d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0047a8a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5fb1f0a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
55b9a72 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f213be7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
99bb3de : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c0618a9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bed250a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
a8734e5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
46d081e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0aaa1f8 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e1f2910 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
46e4122 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d8075f3 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5a1fb78 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
89d3b07 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ad23581 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9a4cd9b : flo: udpate prebuilt kernel
62b13fb : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4b2fb0b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e9cfe64 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
57e732d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3390d12 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bf7e961 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6bd4345 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e3e77e5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
96ccb67 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cd7b9e1 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d5ff04d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
98189b2 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
16eae73 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
37910c9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
74b55af : flo: initial prebuilt kernel
012a6da : flo: initial prebuilt kernel
528c290 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: device/asus/fugu

4543b1a : Revert "Label real time clock on fugu."
d13d29f : Label real time clock on fugu.
45d02db : Update device to use set_prop() macro
db66263 : Whitelist device for stlport.
378bc94 : Allow mounton and write to binfmt_miscfs.
cd586dd : The recovery image now automatically provides a long-press UI.
228d41c : The default recovery image UI now handles long presses.
02977ce : Remove unused variables.
6e2f813 : "Mount /system" is moving to the menu.
deaaf79 : Share more code with the default recovery image.
e15572e : Assign system_api_service to RemoteControlService and fix build.
2e0706f : Clean up the fugu RecoveryUI subclass.
76732a7 : Move remote_control_service to tmp_system_server_service
caf1452 : Give some breath to fugu's system image.
865ef28 : recovery: Add option to view recovery logs on Fugu
f87d64d : recovery: Add option to view recovery logs on Fugu
3d0eb81 : Properly label mmc block devs.
45e73d3 : Correctly label mmc block devs.
73154de : fugu: label boot block device
a1c7402 : fugu: label /system, /cache, recovery, and /data block devices
c532197 : Fix "error: 'memset' was not declared in this scope".
086cba6 : Fix "error: implicit declaration of function 'strerror_r'".
71b920f : move /data/tombstone creation to system/core
ba9d34b : fill in media_codec.xml(final version)
8ba3ca9 : Temporarily disable GPU Renderscript IntrinsicResize
ee118cf : Fix "device/asus/fugu/recovery/recovery_updater.c:181:101: error: 'errno' undeclared".
3f15f5a : Fix "device/asus/fugu/recovery/recovery_ui.cpp:89:86: error: use of undeclared identifier 'errno'".
b2a2d79 : Fix "device/asus/fugu/power/power.c:47:20: error: 'errno' undeclared".
21886e5 : Suppress clang warning gnu-designator.
f8a8567 : Change heap sizes for fugu
5fd08d9 : Power: Remove unused variables
9e9e2ef : Update VP9 decoder support for DDK 1.4 ED3259435
e031819 : enable adaptive playback for hybrid vp9
ec3476d : Remove asus/fugu no-op.

+- Project: device/asus/fugu-kernel

d7069f8 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
f2c23e3 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
eaa7467 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel automerge: 13814b0
13814b0 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
96c6df0 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
85a4718 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
70fb16f : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
3dd6b4a : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
816818e : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
3140f99 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
d7ac068 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
dbdab08 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
92aed50 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
02121b5 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
045d25b : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
e35bf2e : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
f461714 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
24bd026 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
06c5783 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
f340555 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
acb666b : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
59f2807 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
2f85787 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
bd01a30 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
71b3cc1 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
6b0d0a3 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
cd08edf : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
aeac983 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
98ddbea : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
4b468dc : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
3fc3180 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
ac08638 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
6dbdf89 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
858e730 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9d104d9 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
7ca9a8a : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9ea2460 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
cc30d55 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
087c3e8 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
f705953 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9e572c6 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9706d23 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
5c56090 : fugu: update prebuild kernel
1cf82e3 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9a51ec0 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
ee6cb88 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
24e77b9 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
cc9dffd : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
89132f0 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
cfed396 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
5a7a3e9 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
57e87d9 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
c4f5870 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
d496cca : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
5d8251b : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
d804004 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
7728e93 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
0cc05b8 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9e6d0db : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9cfd5bd : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
ab81abb : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9eaa25f : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
3fdcf73 : fugu:update prebuilt kernel
0d512e0 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
be403d0 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
1918b75 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
dc9a1db : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
c16579d : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
a15d18d : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
0bd6ea2 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
4de6138 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9d4ca43 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
dcce824 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
00b9650 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
b246014 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
b3ef58b : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
01aa4ed : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
f7ee1f4 : fugu: Initial prebuilt kernel
c128bb7 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: device/asus/grouper

d509a73 : Clean up Keystore compilation
b5ed292 : grouper: label boot block device
a34d62f : Separate keymaster0 and keymaster1 HALs.
ef364b7 : setup_fs: remove permissive_or_unconfined()
72c2817 : Delay GPS startup until /data mounted
ce91dfe : Delay GPS startup until /data mounted
d3959cd : Remove superfluous OpenSSL include paths.
1d294e7 : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
3dfdf07 : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
0e82537 : grouper: Add dhcpcd.conf to the project
4485513 : Push wpa_supplicant modules down to the leaf product config.
b792a15 : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
a1658b8 : Remove check for TARGET_SIMULATOR
68464ab : Create touch_fw_update SELinux domain
aecf6d5 : Remove grouper no-op.
c014f58 : Allow recovery to create device nodes and modify rootfs
2673732 : DO NOT MERGE: resync to AOSP
f2ea2ed : Create touch_fw_update SELinux domain
5f220ac : Assign specific types to system, recovery, and metadata block device.
90ae5a0 : SELinux: Grant radio related app corresponding SELinux capability to logging baseband log
eb355dd : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
26f199d : Add domain for setup_fs.
2de025a : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
d248c1a : Indicate this uses dlmalloc.
dc2c8d8 : Rename sdcard_external type to vfat.

+- Project: device/asus/tilapia

ab6e8d5 : Whitelist device for stlport.
bf5b346 : Separate keymaster0 and keymaster1 HALs.
5bb8217 : Remove superfluous OpenSSL include paths.
363b5f6 : Ensure /radio directory exists in recovery
276bfd4 : Use
c525839 : Indicate this uses dlmalloc.

+- Project: device/generic/armv7-a-neon

1f7de2b : Remove unused property.
8abef2b : Remove unneeded PRODUCT_RUNTIMES.

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

4dea174 : Fix glVertexAttrib issue in dEQP test
239cd0e : Fix glActiveTexture incorrect return value
458d3ae : Fix one bug for glGetString unaccepted parameter input
fd22ea7 : Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY with close in goldfish camera.
d94fa29 : Checking parameters for glCreateShader in guest
b3f642f : Fix inconsistant results for some cts tests.
53640b5 : Fix sdcard mount flag for goldfish device
72c36ec : Fix implicit function declarations in goldfish.
bd588a4 : Proper comment on the usage mode in gralloc_alloc
5a50ac8 : guest system gles fix: Enable screen capture with gpu on
3a69f40 : Set proper error code for glShaderBinary function
dde8f23 : opengl: Regenerate GPU emulation encoder sources to fix NULL parameters in some gl functions.
e0355ef : sensors: Add ranchu support.
8b63ce5 : sensors: Fix thread-safety + cleanup source code.
b59d047 : Fix missing #includes for the goldfish vibrator.
14035f0 : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
bb548cf : Suppress clang warnings on c++11-narrowing.
dcbf442 : Add shader version to glGetString
8a44ff6 : Add parameters validation to glShaderSource() API
2e74d05 : Fix a missed function override in GLEncoder.cpp
585a4b0 : opengl: Fix pixelDataSize() ambiguity.
4f9ec39 : Fix eglDestroyContext and glTexImage2D
2c71ccd : handles glGetBooleanv when value is nonboolean
4a01a64 : Properly initialize GLClientState's m_states
5fa1722 : Unbind buffer when buffer is deleted
622970b : opengl: Fix 64-bit build.
b7837c3 : opengl: Regenerate GPU emulation encoder sources.
c1a9151 : Fix build which is due to a poor merge
223a765 : opengl: Remove compiler warnings.
a4d0e1c : opengl: Remove accessor functions from encoders.
1da62b8 : opengl: Fix a few function name typos.
1c9492d : Fix GPU emulation crash.
ebe80e4 : Handle empty data parameter in glTexSubImage2D_enc
f2f04f4 : Guard against negative buffer size
691e021 : Guard against negative width and height
4aad46d : Allow glGetProgramInfoLog_enc to have empty length
972291a : Handle empty buffer in QemuPipeStream::writeFully
40a674e : Fix emulator crashes on glDrawElements command
fe2c5be : Use more appropriate type in cb_handle_t::validate.
e3e6865 : ranchu: Fix goldfish_pipe definitions.
58ab34d : Upgrade goldfish sensor HAL module to 1_0
d0fead3 : ranchu: Add ARM64-specific root/ramdisk config files.
7a2929c : Remove display initialization from eglGetProcAddress API
3f62b50 : Make the size of "cb_handle_t" same for 32/64-bit

+- Project: device/generic/mips

a96bf54 : Remove generic/mips no-op.

+- Project: device/generic/qemu

03e5084 : Remove unneeded PRODUCT_RUNTIMES.
3f0d50b : Add toybox to the base qemu image.
403ae22 : Remove stlport from PRODUCT_PACKAGES.

+- Project: device/generic/x86

92df4f8 : Remove generic/x86 no-op.

+- Project: device/google/atv

81ca502 : switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs
28a2672 : Revert " switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs"
9f2ef6b : switch to new H264 and MPEG2 software codecs
3093cac : Include clatd on Android TV as well.
448346c : Add voice recognition feature to core tv.

+- Project: device/htc/flounder

536f981 : Update device to use set_prop() macro
bb98e64 : Whitelist device for stlport.
cc75b4d : Camera: SE linux rule to allow connection to the sensor service.
78cb63c : Update required bootloader for MR1
2fadd4e : DO NOT MERGE: disable image signing
fff9310 : Add factory-images directory for flounder
b78b9be : Set androidboot.hardware on the N9 kernel command line.
0ebc017 : BoardConfig: fixup include order of BoardConfigVendor
222535a : board-info: migrate BL version to vendor/...board-info.txt
02931a8 : flounder: require bootloader
c9f037f : flounder: require bootloader
5c65ec1 : Add a missing dependency to fix the AOSP Volantis image.
7d2296f : flounder: label boot block device
07f30fa : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
47584c7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b0e8654 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
84d1ead : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
26d2f65 : drop execute from radio data file
b8a1f42 : Revert f4ec2100 so we can use adb early in boot on AOSP devices.
2697dc6 : Add missing includes.
553ada8 : Add missing includes.
4218fee : netmgrd: give explicit read access to /proc/net
e69ac87 : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
1011d5e : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
2c3d063 : Assign specific types to block devices.
4bfe392 : label block devices
d6293c0 : label zram as a swap device.
4f2eea4 : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
da47e81 : Remove unneeded PRODUCT_RUNTIMES.
08ae92e : Add aosp_flounder-userdebug to lunch comb
dbb6d76 : Remove htc/flounder no-op.
70527b1 : Revert "flounder: require bootloader"
47a076d : Revert "flounder: require bootloader"
c1ec92a : flounder: require bootloader
b6ad035 : flounder: require bootloader
ccc4e44 : Revert "Re-enable NV RS driver for MR1"
aba35de : flounder: remove obsolete binaries
211e052 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1fa83cc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ebfea4a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
508f8ac : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
275adb6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9a030d4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6e26b34 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
dbe2f5a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f9c9878 : Revert "Revert "flounder: enable zram""
7c62e67 : flounder: require bootloader
68fca97 : Revert "flounder: enable zram"
cec19dc : flounder: audio: Modify TFA configure mechanism
5212036 : audio: reduce log spew
e129342 : Revert "ARM: tegra: flounder: Enable BRCM GPS log DO NOT MERGE"
213eb48 : Set io_as_busy to 1 which will count IO time towards cpufreq busy time
516c6cf : flounder: turn off verity for all targets
1914163 : selinux: Add policies for QXDM logger.
eb7fd5b : sensor_hub: Pass correct timestamp
1e9e508 : sensor_hub: Correct timestamp to elapsedRealtimeNanos
b164e6c : flounder: Enable GL preloading
fe9fe04 : flounder: require bootloader
7505130 : Reverting previously changed cpufreq governor parameters.
d7b56ac : flounder: require bootloader
eb63971 : RIL: change partition number due to re-mapping
4d01390 : flounder: require bootloader
c0b764c : flounder: increase system partition size
e5d4e54 : flounder: require bootloader
6f629e3 : Revert "touch: synaptics: initiate firmware check/update on fs mount."
aa7b558 : Temporary workaround for boot failure
1054655 : Update BoardConfig to turn on h space compaction for only this device.
76537a0 : flounder: audio: fix mixer path xml file
a726284 : audio HAL: remove unneeded HDMI audio
fc3071b : healthd: add update time check and fix voltage value

+- Project: device/htc/flounder-kernel

6d24a66 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
b532953 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (Bug 19423463) [DO NOT MERGE]
870d917 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (eMMC timeout debug) [DO NOT MERGE]
195e4cd : flounder: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
4ab1878 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE] automerge: 5a3e6d0 -s ours
3cf3b24 : flounder: Update prebuilt kernel. automerge: bcadd76 automerge: fee53ed
bcadd76 : flounder: Update prebuilt kernel.
1fa692c : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
6354096 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
8b4f893 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
bea7587 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
c72b741 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
a1562f7 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
029d428 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
d3318cd : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
ad4cd0f : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
39fa2db : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
01f873a : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
095578e : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (thermal, staging, video)
34a09f6 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
11ea31e : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
ffdb2ad : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
a252f88 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
b30b0f2 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
e129952 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
67e90f2 : flounder: update pre-built kernel
4233e3f : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
bb8c47a : flounder: update pre-built kernel
69c8246 : flounder: update pre-built kernel
92958f1 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
e68a024 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
d19f1c9 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
cec5c9e : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
da1a7eb : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
1335335 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt [DO NOT MERGE]
8fb463a : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
033095a : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
87dc806 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt [DO NOT MERGE]
b339cfc : flounder: Update kernle prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)
d3b96ad : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
a4ff28a : flounder: update kernel prebuilt [DO NOT MERGE]
1e25696 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt [DO NOT MERGE]
8966016 : prebuilt kernel (mmc clk fix) [DO NOT MERGE]
4cd7546 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
5600aa9 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
7e62326 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
4de182f : kernel update (mmc timeout fix, f2fs panic on error for real) [DO NOT MERGE]
e4fc4f5 : Revert "kernel update (mmc timeout fix, f2fs panic on error for real)" [DO NOT MERGE]
dc24a4a : kernel update (mmc timeout fix, f2fs panic on error for real)
4219313 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (f2fs remount, power, codecs)
e059daf : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
e68d15e : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
9c37a39 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
3a5d6dc : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
0451a47 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)
f92c21e : prebuilt kernel (lmp-mr1: seccomp, usb, trusty,...)
53c1949 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
99fae09 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)
9c8317c : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)
3e17721 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
94c3bf2 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
a0ece65 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
81e4fea : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
50d46ea : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
79fccb1 : kernel update (fix cdma_stop panic)
6f82976 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
902b169 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
f04bdc7 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
186ec12 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
f9f288e : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
e34a441 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
5044132 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
aab5881 : update prebuilt kernel (eMMC sanitize, LTE SAR power backoff)
868a949 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
f05486e : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
43c5fec : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
0c9336a : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
08979cb : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
cecddc1 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
2f71b2d : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
bcb4cae : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
6c7c49a : flounder: update pre-built
ebef788 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
2ad44a8 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
5935c8d : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
33e4d20 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt (SW_CAMERA_LENS_COVER)
94b5096 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
9023756 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
f5785f5 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
68ff065 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
3000b95 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
778191c : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
f5f50e6 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
ef0dee7 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
6368be0 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
74ee242 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
bfb032a : Revert "flounder: update prebuilt kernel"
dc3dde9 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
8104513 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
2421bf5 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
758455c : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
441ffe5 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
5cba090 : prebuilt kernel (vpn fix, gpu pmu fix)
7c4b769 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
bf544f6 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
0ef54e1 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
e680247 : flounder: prebuilt kernel
635043d : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
6c64125 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
c7278d8 : prebuilt kernel (ARM v8 crypto, sensor debug)
7e8b423 : prebuilt kernel (ARM v8 crypto, sensor debug)
f655310 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
03100d3 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
12c272d : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
c938c70 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
32c1a68 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
602731f : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
f1f6e19 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
067c40d : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (sensor_hub cts fixes)
d87ab83 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
4ad339c : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
5b5a6e9 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
38e4257 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
2518d95 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
7edfb97 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
a3cb65f : Flounder: update prebuilt kernel
e27fff5 : Flounder: update prebuilt kernel
239f3f4 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
8480c59 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
0586e25 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
25a7b2c : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
de40dc3 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
f4e152f : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
2b76103 : flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
c6f418f : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
d13f80d : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
74d536b : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (CwMcuSensor stops)
544e172 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
3957b54 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel (CwMcuSensor overhead)
f744464 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
dd154ae : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
f34b6d0 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
463eeed : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
5a28c25 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
09f77bf : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
811738f : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
c93ea69 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
7103557 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
5986459 : Fix booting into recovery (revert kernel)
8a3ab2d : Fix booting into recovery (revert kernel)
9b208eb : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
52ffee1 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
c7ab0b1 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
0b23e34 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
95ed34b : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
55b326b : flounder: update pre-built kernel (sensor timestamp accuracy)
4097a86 : flounder: update pre-built kernel.
8690604 : flounder: update pre-built image.
82d176c : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
a3366f4 : flounder: update pre-built kernel
d87190f : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
b800527 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
9ee06f8 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt (sar logspam)
05c4cb5 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
ab9e556 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
3903ce0 : flounder: prebuilt kernel
f65628d : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
67e1d91 : prebuilt kernel (futex fix, fwmark, sensors, touch,...)
c097226 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
56307e6 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
fa49883 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
35644ee : prebuilt kernel (TLK/OTE driver, bq2419x, ...)
bddad07 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
de4919f : prebuilt kernel (f2fs, imx219, sensor wake gesture, framebuffer)
d70244a : prebuilt kernel (fwmark, sound)
c33e5ff : prebuilt kernel (f2fs, imx219, sensor wake gesture, framebuffer)
d1978de : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
f853988 : prebuilt kernel (tty fix)
2694b5d : flounder: Update prebuilt kernel
a8eb35a : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
ed44bad : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
576233a : flounder: update prebuilt kernel for IIO
e34f2e7 : prebuilt kernel
9b4ee87 : prebuilt kernel (FIQ, Trusty, selinux, video, McuSensor,...)
ae1f84c : kernel update (F2FS, qcom diag driver)
2036ca4 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
4b41efc : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
2993181 : flounder: prebuilt kernel
7e66efe : flounder: prebuilt kernel
f850acc : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
a168b25 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
a29f421 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
05cc869 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
91be9a3 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
6153177 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
a4c78dc : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
7b92db4 : update prebuilt kernel (F2FS)
318c197 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
c3313aa : prebuilt kernel (dm-verity, mergedown, emmc, sensors, cpufreq)
e96c115 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
e930cbe : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
5f0728b : flounder: update prebuilt kernel for EVT1-2 support
02bff65 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
206a062 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
87d45b4 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel and dtb
b96bb74 : Revert "flounder: update prebuilt kernel"
a3925d6 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
faae633 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel and dtb
b766dc7 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
7e974ea : flounder: update prebuilt kernel and dtb
af14f3e : flounder: update kernel prebuilt and dtb
ef96c25 : Store tegra132-flounder64.dtb on the build server.
288f5df : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
ab17cce : flounder: make aosp_flounder a t132 device
0997919 : add flounder64 prebuilt kernel
6885acb : flounder: prebuilt kernel
8e439e9 : prebuilt kernel (build fixes(ion, binder), selinux, idletimer)
3d134d7 : prebuilt kernel (ping fixes, sound, leds, ...)
091c978 : flounder: prebuilt kernel
5c4149d : flounder: prebuilt kernel
5f68708 : flouder: prebuilt kernel
41ebb43 : flounder: prebuilt kernel
0115ab3 : flounder: prebuilt kernel
fe39c41 : flounder: prebuilt kernel
344d987 : flounder: update prebuilt kernel
03a7afe : flounder: prebuilt kernel
b28f09a : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
6090a06 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
2ec6b3b : flounder: prebuilt kernel
1e83c78 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
00bd53f : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
2391912 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
4dd6a2d : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
742e36c : flounder: kernel prebult
f90b767 : flounder: kernel prebult
73309b1 : flounder: remove obsolete kernel
1a6dcb7 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt
4b2cd30 : Initial flounder kernel
f80e8a2 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: device/lge/hammerhead

60f466f : Remove device-specific rtc labeling.
381397f : Update device to use set_prop() macro
1bc9ef5 : Whitelist device for stlport.
993196a : Fix build: add parentheses for multiline string
797e347 : Add support for full radio option
b4782ac : radio: allow text relocation from /system/vendor/lib/
a3cd9d6 : mediaserver: allow loading shared library with text relocation
84761e2 : camera: allow loading files with text relocations from /system
5e1dad8 : mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts
337054f : hammerhead: label boot block device
cd5b1e8 : Allow init to rm /dev/diag
9be31f3 : Remove /dev/diag node on user builds.
89f239e : move /data/tombstone creation to system/core
2d581c3 : Add missing includes.
4eb6b0f : Add missing includes.
79317d2 : Add missing <string.h> include.
d826e17 : netmgrd: give explicit read access to /proc/net
5863c48 : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
a6c363a : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
4bb80d9 : Suppress trivial warnings from clang compiler.
5ef6ba3 : hammerhead: switch back to dlmalloc
33a9834 : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
9fcf60e : Hammerhead camera: Fix unused variables
35c5def : QCamera2: Increase number of buffers for a stream
f1bd467 : Use __typeof__ for C++11 compatibility.
69dbadf : Remove lge/hammerhead no-op.
9f23644 : Use standard syntax to initialize fields.
ac13678 : Assign specific types to system and recovery block devices.
a21ec1f : Assign specific type to metadata block device.
6cb1bd9 : Make time daemon a mlstrustedsubject.
78a6704 : Assign specific types to userdata and cache block devices.
d9173ef : Remove misleading comment.
ea36b64 : restorecon /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand.
017cc26 : Indicate this uses dlmalloc for svelte.
0675e9d : move vss into enforcing.

+- Project: device/lge/hammerhead-kernel

57d5b6d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
51cf2e5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel automerge: 89d522b
89d522b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ec93ed3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
980d8f9 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
fd2bbe5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
4a3c121 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f16b78c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
52652c2 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
8c72a58 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
57babaa : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
824f1e6 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
4f39d63 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e4905c6 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
1b915d9 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d5d8612 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d28f67d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
3a6d064 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f397680 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
eb1343d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6b639ce : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e89b6f8 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f0d05b6 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e3af308 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6ffa98a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5f4899b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f5f67ce : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
1ff07ab : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
442da42 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
bde1b0d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
71b167e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
10961ed : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b751c51 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
70b71c8 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
10040ae : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e45f640 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c346297 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f8d685b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5e783d0 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
592923f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
cdee378 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5a71015 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f656f03 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
db861ae : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d6106ba : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
185623c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0291433 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d0d4727 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
12b57e1 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d2b9697 : hammehread: update prebuilt kernel
0c7676e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
7750d90 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5096f7d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
ac5ce77 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
94e53ee : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
159b04b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d99201a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
8ab36d3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel.
bc9ca73 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
d12034d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
adc4ac4 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
999d3d7 : Revert "hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel."
91ec0ac : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel.
382a542 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9b1c4c5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0ace48d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
1323ac5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
47535d9 : Revert "Revert "Revert "hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel"""
c9cb9e2 : Revert "hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel"
a36a8be : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d432ae9 : Revert "Revert "hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel""
631bd85 : Revert "hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel"
41abe4f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
81cbeba : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
81d7905 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
3a26e68 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
267874d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
96249d3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0fff088 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ffb09b2 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
20e6e78 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ec2f507 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2534901 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a1dc58b : hammerhead: update vmlinux.bz2 file [DO NOT MERGE]
8dfce04 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
1e32fd8 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
eb220c3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
46356c5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
318a114 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ebc8a75 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
a5e6f8e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5044491 : hammerhead: updated vmlinux [DO NOT MERGE]
764ed8e : removed vmlinux file.
0d9cb6a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
af1ba9b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
77e4596 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
8659b54 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
e971ee3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c0aa728 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c78fc75 : hmmerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
5bb3cd6 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6e00e07 : hammerhead: remove vmlinux.bz2 from PDK ZIP
1ef952b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernal
eaa925c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
3b7cb8c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
dc30040 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b990698 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
361366d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e414b48 : prebuilt kernel (rwnd, IDLETIMER)
4b8aa1a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
511e2ff : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a9ea537 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
6dfbf67 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
21d7f31 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
56e0413 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
26f1d4f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b3407d5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
11ebfb3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
8066ab4 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d80393b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
8b392a3 : Snapshot to fc777b6d3b2b20ba7270059dd2df284c94844abf
790f887 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a475890 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c792b8d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
bbb69a3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c28c27b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0388648 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
af2c2e2 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
294ba33 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
334c518 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
5d948c6 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
caab43d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b4eb128 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
a5bc88d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6e63164 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
d8b1cca : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
0fcd6d6 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
e1fac78 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
ea4f392 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
ea0eb5b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
7ef3b84 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
74760cd : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
cbe0028 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ef1ac87 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
bdab02a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
38f5ee3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
1592011 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
c43cd69 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2d10aa9 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
4c0561f : Snapshot to 741c11301fbd695d5788978f72e89da7287f7cda
2fad5b3 : Snapshot to 3e5c98c2910626f9b6b5dddfe29ac1684b414b26
b953868 : Initial empty repository
734c421 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
592e0b3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e95182c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d097991 : Manually merging CL with this sequence sdu device/lge/hammerhead-kernel git checkout 21b7a669ed50b1ff0423167f7fad8c9aedbc8c02 vmlinux.bz2 git checkout 21b7a669ed50b1ff0423167f7fad8c9aedbc8c02 zImage-dtb git commit -a
96022b7 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
1db5c3a : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
fa19fd1 : Revert "hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel"
21b7a66 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5b0e6dd : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
17a6148 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
494203a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a3af3a7 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
010379e : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel (kk 0day)
ef0021c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
7a39e35 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
689414b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
343c59a : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
48ef870 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9574758 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
14003d8 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a4f3ee8 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2f1c532 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
907e893 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
fbf885d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
dcd9cff : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9a0a74b : hammerhead: update kernel prebuilt
00b9f60 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a163e7f : hammerhead: update kernel prebuilt
e95c782 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
4e593fe : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9fdbfb3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
46e2899 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
eb4b2cf : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
1f12f44 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
17a2c30 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f16b3bf : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c83ac38 : hammerhead: update kernel prebuilt
abafb06 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a7e20a7 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b8ac870 : hammerhead: update kernel prebuilt
a564c7b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ccd6768 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e1f426f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
47ff21e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
24add30 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
807bbff : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
cd6efe2 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
99f3cfd : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d33a334 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
938d9a1 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2735c9f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
3ff5737 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b1b6369 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5cad834 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
55c1789 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2a075a5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b4cc40e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
78ad45c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
fddcb50 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
626e7fb : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
148ddfe : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
abb0e1a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0c9e827 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
7200d44 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d7cc479 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6b9ba8d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
042b595 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b54e00f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d8bbcbb : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a8fefc4 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c02af5f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
031bd89 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9c53e70 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
7406fe2 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f4cf0c7 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
935d1b1 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
05b3cfc : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
4728456 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
19506f1 : Revert "hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel"
fae2264 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
fce7fa8 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a10ca95 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
76aa294 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f3b4c99 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d22e1b9 : merging in
10e2c2f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
7e719bb : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
930f086 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
21aaafe : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
7c4ec21 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2b773eb : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d8c676f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ae69611 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
8400577 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5fe822b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f036e09 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
83b5aa1 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ecc217d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
894ae52 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d97de2c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
acc044b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
80f5bd2 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
56dbf46 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
3315b9d : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
d70e274 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
66cdef2 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
565027f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
40ee3e7 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
cf471e4 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
7343995 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
24f003c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel:
1da5688 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a6c0aee : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b5b4f38 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ce96ff8 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
4d53308 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5992b39 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
0eb458c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
984f590 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6964343 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
46135df : hammerhead: update kernel prebuilt
4f47880 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6707b5b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a800036 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
40b932a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
eef6e9b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2289677 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a3890c6 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
01b95e7 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c19027f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ff71dcc : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5e9e0b1 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c336f54 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
66972c5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
683328a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
d26b2d3 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
94ab76d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
800ac84 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
48cc253 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
3c8ac5a : hammerhead: update prebuilt image
4a8614e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
8153c90 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
7251f45 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0129aae : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e007237 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a1eb401 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6b49a29 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9a55513 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9ed31e1 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
90f3672 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
88058a1 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a5c1f55 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
4820a74 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c1efce9 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
802ce29 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9a193f9 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
4750885 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
dbac2f3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a819d0a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e1c8c39 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f69df92 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
301a12e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b72f878 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
50832cb : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c479e47 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
22475ad : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
cbe4f28 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
84eff65 : hammerhead: update prebuilt image
69b636e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
98e79e5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt image
79edf6a : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
6c5d7c5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6144e87 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b48f94f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2286f13 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
4088972 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
add0c28 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
e07c697 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
8ded370 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a46d6c9 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
791ea16 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
66100cd : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
50857b6 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
62b5426 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
3ca9c43 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ab78db4 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0d1fa0c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c47722f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
4ecea37 : force cherry-pick 9911e311
9911e31 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
da6e958 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a44f3c8 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
8cdfb13 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
31e5b2d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a4f6212 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
1c73788 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e6eb7dd : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c21ed1f : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
033a621 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c22221e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
fbb81ca : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
a8a1b01 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
496fa74 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e043063 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
aa61c9a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a917049 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
1fdee7a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
09252a5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a12f1b4 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0d6ac0c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
1873306 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6983a20 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
087f7a2 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
649d975 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
223e1b0 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9046e86 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ceadbbb : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
6b92615 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
48aad02 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2e132a4 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b2f52c4 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c705813 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f7229ff : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b322214 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
fbb7256 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f6ad0f3 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
3288865 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
c198ba0 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
3ba8fcc : Empty kernel file
71a6caf : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2f66406 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
142aed8 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
cf8ed0c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a21ece4 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
7519986 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0941ad1 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
00b45ac : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
33a9e8a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5b5e1fd : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
01547fc : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0ab8662 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
4969089 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0e3349a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9fa3e8a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9eb7c03 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
ca94dae : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
987d9e9 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
78133f5 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
01da213 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
bf60652 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0aff30e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
dbcf49c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
9c636ed : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
43d6eab : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
6e9bd72 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
bb0372a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0dc6f83 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
845433f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
72f46f1 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
796da57 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
28d784d : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
79f438b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
021c436 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
042e087 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a922f24 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f97536a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0471412 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
724c381 : hammerhead: update prebuilt image
419fed7 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
641b0b0 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ef1828b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b835394 : hammerhead: rename kernel to zImage-dtb
66f1d21 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
433758a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
5e08a13 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
b9fa9db : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0f6bb00 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
499532b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a2d1c0e : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
e89ad6c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ba0f2c5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
779b513 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
a340f17 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
87ac8cb : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
a323c9d : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
a60b8a3 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
47f941e : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
a8c0c73 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
c949c80 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
c507c1c : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
4f55c24 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel
b59c5af : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
2361360 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f9af2ae : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
0c29e48 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ba39695 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
ea09915 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
bce3fb5 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
b4570a9 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f54fd7c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
bde7589 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
bf37d9b : Hammerhead - initial prebuilt kernel
e70196b : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
916e8e0 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
67dd340 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
f382ebd : hammerhead: Update prebuilt clean kernel
c52f0fe : hammerhead: Update prebuilt clean kernel
9ae9671 : hammerhead: Update prebuilt clean kernel
456da1b : hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel and adsp modules (DO NOT MERGE)
16da69c : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
b8a154d : hammerhead: initial prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
e99c046 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
7e14f68 : hammerhead: initial prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
c225ea8 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: device/lge/mako

c20f1b7 : Update device to use set_prop() macro
7682c3b : Whitelist device for stlport.
bbefb08 : mako: label boot block device
cbfaafc : remove useless attempt to chmod /system/bin/ip
7f14924 : Allow init to rm /dev/diag
3ac5654 : remove /dev/diag node
96c8194 : Fix "implicit declaration of function 'strerror'".
3503ca8 : netmgrd: give explicit read access to /proc/net
eb494fe : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
496da82 : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
ade7c50 : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
c8e0a59 : Fix clang -Wc++11-narrowing warnings.
b487a59 : Conn_init: Fix unused variable
8bc5d60 : Remove lge/mako no-op.
6e2b3be : Fix build with clang
639bca2 : Assign specific type to metadata block device.
e337c3d : Assign specific types to system and recovery block devices.
41ff843 : Label /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand and its files.
956021d : Assign specific types to userdata and cache block devices.
00e4ca6 : Indicate this uses dlmalloc.

+- Project: device/lge/mako-kernel

6693a83 : mako: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
8d682a6 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c72fb5f : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e180c33 : mako: update prebuilt kernel automerge: 0e02f9e
87cc39a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
01f9450 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
0b2b447 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
494f8f7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
bf0d279 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9c9f1ea : mako: update prebuilt kernel
bce8ae1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6bd0294 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
36789ca : mako: update prebuilt kernel
79bdad4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
7fb7235 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f0eec87 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
cdaa07b : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9001520 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
a64c607 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b48907a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
63217a2 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d8a3738 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
5ea80d4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6803029 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
bcc7299 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6d7314a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
db2e192 : merge goog/lmp-preview-dev
6eb2a03 : mako: update prebuild kernel
570d06d : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f638c44 : update prebuilt kernel
c87631b : mako: update prebuilt kernel
3c61817 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
a203e55 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b7de901 : mako: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
42bca28 : mako: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
9c3d114 : mako: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
b152c93 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e019ca9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
a0fc2df : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e5edca7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
cf1be48 : mako: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
7c92281 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c4240a9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
3826769 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
38ba40a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
91b3cfc : mako: update prebuilt kernel
04d38cf : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9bf33be : prebuilt kernel (rwnd, IDLETIMER)
4a9477a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
5643b2d : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d589d95 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f462800 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
5fbe3eb : mako: update prebuilt kernel
07ef280 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
1a11fc5 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
0e165b9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
67f99bb : mako: update prebuilt kernel
59b4aaf : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9724fa8 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
daa4984 : Snapshot to 3d209bd5b1ec95655f2f5681c586c5c177b30915
9f98c40 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9a50c10 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b9b8409 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
aa4b167 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
95a6890 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
90b55a1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f86f62a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
7c9fd98 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
3014370 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
636953f : mako: update prebuilt kernel
54d6649 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
39b8802 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
daeebae : mako: update prebuilt kernel
2c28705 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6be22c8 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
4bf5354 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
14012d0 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f661bb7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
7e8aaaf : mako: update prebuilt kernel
ae30ae2 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
620917d : mako: update prebuilt kernel
261f1e5 : mako: update kernel prebuilt
2769c4a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c3aa2f2 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e6d2107 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d01d275 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
41e275f : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f8e4557 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
235fcff : mako: update prebuilt kernel
885fae4 : Revert "mako: update prebuilt kernel"
2b7f71d : mako: update prebuilt kernel
22c3b54 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f3add48 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
93b3fc4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
59e65ce : mako: update prebuilt kernel
57ecc5a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6a82022 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6bd2558 : take c4e1bc4b kernel
c4e1bc4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
14f2b83 : prebuilt kernel update
91f8984 : mako: prebuilt kernel
2015078 : mako: prebuilt kernel
9181796 : mako: prebuilt kernel
59585ed : mako: update prebuilt kernel
337103c : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c8f6e55 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
36a041c : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f0fcb24 : Revert "mako: update prebuilt kernel"
1d9dab4 : Revert "mako: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE"
5a22d8f : mako: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
21924bb : Revert "mako: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE"
11105b5 : mako: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
c43e3dc : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9425d61 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
0cc9cef : mako: update prebuilt kernel
4a6bc3b : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c43b49e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e21bea1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
382082e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
1dc1e99 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
49a43c0 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
12ae83e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
24fe630 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
12fcaa6 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d51218b : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c1743e2 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
27087f1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
82d8910 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
83c3e23 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f782365 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
93b4011 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
2ecb5be : mako: update prebuilt kernel
5e121ef : mako: update prebuilt kernel
767bc99 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
199d449 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
21f5805 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
7bbd58a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
94613ab : mako: update prebuilt kernel
03bcb29 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b2033b6 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
ba16f20 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
4386b91 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
526949c : mako: update prebuilt kernel
13d05bd : mako: update prebuilt kernel
538a9b2 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
df9bea5 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
61aa371 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
03067e7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
ca6366f : mako: update prebuilt kernel
7d06547 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
8b22eb4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e11ad31 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d4a7e83 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
bfa7b64 : mako: update prebuilt kenrel
1b27ee1 : Mako: update prebuilt kernel
7a7e673 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
bad7b4d : Mako: update prebuilt kernel
53fe30a : Mako: update prebuilt kernel
3491b6e : Mako: update prebuilt kernel
2084302 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
beb2473 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
bd608b1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
3d363b7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
7629870 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b109eb3 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
17fa357 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
559bda1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
0adc161 : mako: prebuilt kernel
ac561a5 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
3d3f123 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f7c0307 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9bba015 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
3e41924 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9f624f9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
40cfce0 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
95e7925 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
976ec4c : mako: update prebuilt kernel
96749cf : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e92ae78 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9110659 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
7024fdc : mako: update prebuilt kernel
4076001 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
27cec03 : mako : update prebuilt kernel
b029d48 : mako : update prebuilt kernel
6259ead : mako: update prebuilt kernel
78ca4c1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
8f73c39 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
885a7b2 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
37e5362 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d37e1ee : mako: update prebuilt kernel
95e9cf4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
0f5e4b9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e442782 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
febd7e4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
1563e5e : mako: update prebuilt kernel - do not merge
0cb4a72 : mako: update prebuilt kernel - do not merge
0f070b7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
23e56bd : mako: update prebuilt kernel
8846ff2 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
154afff : mako: update prebuilt kernel
10dfa13 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e2c4457 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6b0a01e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
0f991ef : mako: update prebuilt kernel
8ff15d6 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f4f2c56 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e55c3b7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
52dc196 : mako: prebuilt kernel
39b7f0d : mako: updat prebuilt kernel
12c92cd : mako: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
97587c4 : mako: prebuilt kernel
a183402 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
87882cf : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9e0f833 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e8a297a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
7fe73cf : mako: update prebuilt kernel
37a63ed : mako: update prebuilt kernel
a2c8146 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
024d55f : mako: update prebuilt kernel
551bb5e : mako: update prebuilt kernel DO NOT MERGE
6271f76 : mako: prebuilt kernel
3773112 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d16993a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
00d3330 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
43b952f : mako: update prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE
5f77933 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b9fedd5 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
67ee8a7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b0c81d5 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b608b5b : mako: update prebuilt kernel
078bf3c : mako: update prebuilt kernel
fc29265 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
37c67e9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
8dc528a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
2022928 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
42cb5a9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f1fe617 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e45b3b9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6b98d36 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
86872ad : mako: prebuilt kernel
3ce7705 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
49ef2c1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
114c47b : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d9ce042 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6ff8110 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
3156e65 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
070677e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
36d8f1a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d8c4b67 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
095a025 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
215d6ac : mako: update prebuilt kernel
5f7dd46 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
591e6f0 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
ae19f6b : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b6cb84e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f331da7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
1ddcef8 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
ab5fadc : mako: update prebuilt kernel
dcc2944 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
78c4ac1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
746f452 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
1a6c871 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
ab3848c : mako: update prebuilt kernel
115f3f1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
95fc90b : mako: update prebuilt kernel
43afb17 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6d7e76e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
db83b8a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b4ef0a4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f7fc4c1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f7095b4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
dd827d9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
30bacb3 : take 42f1b5b3cc232470ebc5077e5e1abfa3d761ede7
b4ded0d : revert kernel back to c8cc174
7ad8da2 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
2f520af : mako: update prebuilt kernel
5e4a796 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b39af10 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
60ebdfa : mako: update prebuilt kernel
271f351 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9df1b89 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
a777b87 : take c0cfed39f2f0e503f974e340ad34ad87b0a3879d
1e8b94d : mako: update prebuilt kernel
11540ab : take c8cc174e62d0c23627fcc1869e4a0a302887e868
79c2127 : take 42f1b5b3cc232470ebc5077e5e1abfa3d761ede7
42f1b5b : mako: update prebuilt kernel
2b0a2a7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c8cc174 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c0cfed3 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
0267fac : mako: update prebuilt kernel
2d120cf : mako: update prebuilt kernel
604cf5d : mako: update prebuilt kernel
77b6e3a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6598b57 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
4e72e7c : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c9f322a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
02d4f3e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
5566069 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
93a08bd : mako: update prebuilt kernel
3484df2 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
179c48e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
bc48f62 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
86415df : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e2ae676 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9c4cdb1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c2075ae : mako: update prebuilt kernel
64e3970 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
1f89334 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
8b168b3 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
aadb889 : mako: udpate prebuilt kernel
be43ca8 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e274b5c : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c0248f0 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f012162 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
ea9855d : mako: update prebuilt kernel
1984423 : mako: update prebuilt
1931ffa : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d845661 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
c1ae535 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
34cd156 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
6582c07 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
4e7218f : mako: update prebuilt kernel
d9bb8a9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b6c03d7 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
223622f : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e93d521 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
df4b797 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
61c2265 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
b3b6d23 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
7297bea : mako: update prebuilt kernel
5487b27 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e22f4cd : mako: update prebuilt kernel
0f108aa : mako: update prebuilt kernel
3de5e4f : mako: update prebuilt kernel
25d7754 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
966f5d1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
ae7b15e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
fec1684 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
a42b4a9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
aebaa14 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
cda94f1 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
53d31e9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f7f525c : mako: update prebuilt kernel
bfc06f8 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9ae7933 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
82a8f5a : mako: update prebuilt kernel
02480b4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
5573ea3 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
9273f23 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
5b928ce : mako: update prebuilt kernel
ced849e : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e84ae1d : mako: update prebuilt kernel
21c50ad : mako: update prebuilt kernel
59d0c08 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
f2715bf : mako: update prebuilt kernel
98da664 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
8c5d287 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
347c4b8 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
1371a48 : mako: update prebuilt kernel
e18769c : mako: update prebuilt kernel
65b7d83 : mako-kernel: wlan.ko is no longer a module
a2d07bc : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
8bb847c : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
fcb1331 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
b603457 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
46c99b4 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
74e3634 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
313f346 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
2efce2a : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
e064b7a : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
edab203 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
de5b387 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
259acbd : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
a1245f3 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
2366ab8 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
9ad10c0 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
cb53ce8 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
78a0ecf : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
acbf474 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wlan
12ff8ae : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wlan
364a2d6 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
051fb39 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
612487d : cherry pick c818e9f72c92ac66fbf636eefb6f314030c25afc:
c818e9f : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
6724038 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
a2a63eb : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
b56cbcc : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
4017fc9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
c3c9381 : mako: update custom prebuilt kernel + wifi
c867bb5 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
cb0228c : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
3390a45 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
7393171 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
633e232 : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
0849682 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
e469c58 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
337a4e6 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
a9ea463 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
7dbd443 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
c330aed : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
8f6b399 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
926f41b : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
779f03a : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
0809792 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
4e332a9 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
fd1d3ca : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
a32a421 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
61671cc : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
b9de8ed : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
35e1857 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
9c42baf : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
0178f8e : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
6e5e1b8 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
59a87bf : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
c0796f8 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
427fa50 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
d7e5aed : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
664c59d : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi
cf1b57a : mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi
effc539 : mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi driver
cb8cf4a : mako: prebuilt kernel and wlan.ko
25d698d : mako: prebuilt 3.4 kernel and wifi driver
4f14671 : mako: update kernel prebuilt
4a82baa : initial mako kernel & wlan
d4bde0c : Initial empty commit take 2
3c0b863 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: device/moto/shamu

2f86d53 : fstab: persist partition does not need trimming
2dd238b : Remove device-specific rtc labeling.
cb0eff7 : Update device to use set_prop() macro
c13dd95 : Whitelist device for stlport.
2033918 : Fix build: add parentheses for multiline string
f64d195 : Add support for full radio option
d811272 : change adspd to from late_start to main.
92bbf08 : fstab.shamu: Mark cache and userdata as "formattable"
2569591 : camera: allow loading files with text relocations from /system
2512496 : DO NOT MERGE: mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts
8766777 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera3: Increase retry count when opening camera
26bf7ca : fix build
bf809bb : Remove unused selinux policies.
6538ea6 : shamu: label boot block device
ef20c56 : Make /dev/ttyHSL0 a console_device
18e6008 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
67822a9 : Don't look in /data/local/tmp
5554b12 : Allow adspd sysfs_mmi_touch:file r_file_perms
e567e14 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6a84d92 : New SELinux domain for
b148b1a : label /persist block device and allow fsck access
5e0f935 : QCRIL DB File path change for getting operator type family
5181b7b : dontaudit sensors self:capability net_raw
d7b910c : sensors.te: add capability selinux rules for QMI Service
3671f7f : Allow init to rm /dev/diag
bb49416 : move /data/tombstone creation to system/core
0faef9d : Add missing includes.
82ebfb5 : mixer_paths: work around loss of BT call audio
fb7d5e6 : Add missing includes.
cccde2b : Camera3: Add missing RAW10 in min_duration switch case
9ababa2 : Add missing <string.h> include.
80d46f6 : Remove IPC event logging
e3caaae : netmgrd: give explicit read access to /proc/net
87223ae : Disable presence-based provisioning.
73eca2b : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
ad19e15 : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
35ee37c : Change to add eri.xml for 204/04
0c48d46 : Removing spnOverride entries of European carriers
37e37ef : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
478b544 : Add shamu-specific service_manager access.
058a837 : Add SELinux Policy for RILD to access FSG partition
ee16f0e : shamu: Allow rild to parse through procfs
e790837 : Assign specific types to block devices.
f44b99f : Reduce IMS logging
97ffd89 : Change to add config overlay for VZW for flag config_LTE_eri_for_network_name.
d37c706 : Camera3: Reset postproc state correctly during stop
5eeac3d : Camera: Remove Remove unused variables & functions
cf7b99f : shamu: disable HW crypto, hopefully temporarily
456dab2 : achievement unlocked: revert the revert for great justice.
f299008 : Suppress Clang compiler warnings.
bd7e39d : Revert "Enable hardware backed disk encryption"
e1c4626 : QCamera2: Increase number of buffers for a stream
c9b2a70 : Enable hardware backed disk encryption
e432c1f : shamu: Add support for HW based full disk encryption
8ebf4fb : Remove moto/shamu no-op.
21b6285 : shamu: Allow diag log collection during voice calls
a3e1fda : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b625944 : Configure MICs on 2 codec dial for APQ/MDM.
65368e9 : mixer_paths: fix speaker+headphones dual route
bebbfa5 : enable rotation for audio
3c780d4 : init.shamu.power.rc: remove wrong settings for cpubw_hwmon
09a81b4 : Initial support for "safe speaker" path on Shamu
ceb6c16 : Revert "Disable voip by removing permission file from make file."
d5ca912 : init.shamu.rc: start thermal-engine for charger mode
96cdd85 : Update XPlay UA and UAProfile for VZW and USC temporarily
f95c17a : Allow rild to connect to the time daemon.
09a6325 : allow system_app to connect to time daemon
c997c1f : mixer_paths: disable spkr protection for handset device
7347916 : Change TCP Buffer Size Change for TMO
eb45537 : Settings: disable wifi display on shamu.
0f330d4 : Revert "Move sensors into enforcing."
3c99bbd : sepolicy: Fixup path for mdm1hob, mdm1dhob, efs*
3065c58 : Camera3: Fix buffer management for non-reprocessing case
f7036ea : shamu: fix QXDMLogger on encrypted devices
3d308da : Add config_valid_wappush_index to overlay to fix invalid WAP push msg issue.
a991d86 : Shamu: NFC: latest config changes from BRCM.
1f47b23 : move FSG reload properties into /persist/mdm
7d2caf6 : Revert "Enable encryption by default on Shamu"
bb7aa8c : Move thermald into enforcing.
2db5934 : Move radio.te under selinux/
c5805ad : Allow radio access to qmux sockets.
eface1f : Allow QXDM logs access.
92c717e : Declare mpdecision to be in main class
ff8182f : mixer_paths: enable top speaker only for speaker phone in voice calls.
a7f3e9b : shamu: add hwui configuration properties
f7ab69d : Config the initial properties for feature of SIM based FSG loading
48f3336 : shamu: Avoid soc restart on subsystem restart failures
b3f2fcf : fstab: Fix bad metadata partition name
a4eef99 : shamu: support for xxxhdpi display
8b4c004 : Set new DPI for Shamu QHD panel
7cb68d1 : shamu: Do not power down the SIM in airplane mode
b856484 : Revert "Shamu: Enable SystemUI doze mode in config overlay."

+- Project: device/moto/shamu-kernel

de59fb2 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE] automerge: 9feac4d -s ours
9feac4d : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
b4be8a5 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE] automerge: 46cf2c2 -s ours automerge: d0d54d7 -s ours
46cf2c2 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
291a816 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel DO NOT MERGE
04b6357 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel DO NOT MERGE
4ee31a9 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
bee1121 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
ad0745e : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
5c46945 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
591c395 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
80d0b7f : shamu: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
5904e24 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
4ba8422 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
e253ad9 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
b6c0310 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)
92b73d5 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
697b707 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
459c8d1 : shamu: Update kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)
83fad84 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
6c50c5f : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
c8086d1 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
995915c : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
f940c30 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
1686572 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f651ad6 : shamu: upate prebuilt kernel
666058e : cherrypick/merge 6604d94
6604d94 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
e8eccfb : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
0dd9039 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
4f877fa : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f6e4ccb : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c5fadfe : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
549b056 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
be4ced6 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
ab9fae3 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
b8e29e6 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c108efc : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
ce7bd15 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
8e98b97 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
d9c5513 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
7d4429e : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
5859833 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
5f5c748 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
2c913fa : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
78c8099 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
9248ef4 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
5dd4256 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c6eba0d : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f687ab1 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
085898c : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
def2071 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
4e696c8 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE
f2eb96d : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
3e019be : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
78c6a1b : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
db114dd : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
1223822 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
938b667 : shamu: update prebuilt image
beff4c9 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
4e7cb81 : shamu: update kernel prebuilt
d79025a : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
721e462 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
6fcf166 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
3e97ed4 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
8be8bda : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
83f54fb : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
fd36968 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
1390663 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
7a5d9c2 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
80defac : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f3cdb22 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c3a5c6e : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c431867 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
eb0690b : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
2540c89 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
da8f71c : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c0d4791 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
76185e3 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
a7a0669 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
78eaec1 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
ce5b26c : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
5ff48a7 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
8346f7c : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
d4a2ff7 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
9c95b40 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
4f1147b : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
ff9b051 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
bc566ee : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
083db58 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
6536456 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
b6199e1 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
51f1e7f : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c7a9981 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
3d96e61 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
8ab6632 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
6749f10 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
ace6bee : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
86d8710 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
bc525b0 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
49e2d92 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
02b7ca3 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
7fdad74 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
6e3529f : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
71b6e18 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
62f910f : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
b67caa2 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
849dfa4 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f6df705 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
9d78a97 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
84b09fa : shamu: update prebuilt
d21a67d : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
348edb8 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
a312b81 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f4b51cf : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
7451e26 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
e15e776 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
19fd8ed : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
51db7a2 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
faa7456 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
1a88975 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
0a0d085 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
254415d : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
15df57d : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f885da4 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
dd373fa : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
4664d8f : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
51e5ceb : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
be57242 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
663ae1f : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f00080d : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
5ca574e : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
be32135 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
722a459 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
36404d7 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
73cb6a7 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
0421c09 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
a377dd4 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
cbb5eeb : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
855f195 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
7b8ff15 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
addab92 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
0927b02 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
fa227ef : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
2e73308 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
0506eab : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
d1d3735 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
12d379d : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
2ec7230 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
8c6bada : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
4b72428 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
49303bf : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
9483be6 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
8959001 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
4f7d52e : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
88aaed1 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c86d1be : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
400cbd9 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
797ab72 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
a87fca6 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
9dcca58 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
cbef806 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
963bc2c : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
b1b0bd5 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c956682 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
6cfd4e3 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
69a6f6c : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
95c8839 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
2d80391 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c162100 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
a278c32 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
62cceee : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
70e6b29 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
66f639b : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
6a43bc5 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
1ccbe8e : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
19207c2 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
20c0c0b : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
6b83319 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
ed7b773 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
a272796 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
0157d46 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
19d2501 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
0f2cfdf : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
607c840 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
82a1b85 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
9cca4d6 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f55c654 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
099dc95 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
ac8ef27 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f3658ff : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
5ef927f : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
9941a34 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c302a2e : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
a6e7f65 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
658bbbc : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
1add5e5 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
fedb663 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
becd149 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
2d29e91 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
5df16e0 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
0b906a4 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
3ce6f8d : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
c1a69d0 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
df751e1 : shamu: update kernel prebuilt
cbdb5f1 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
429a19a : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
a1d0bca : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
f95836c : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
84d8fc8 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
b038a6c : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
312198f : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
1b37b74 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
e08560a : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
1371988 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
64b81b7 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
22db86a : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
76c2faa : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
a11243d : Initial empty repository

+- Project: device/sample

7a0d99c : Add authentication to "MVNO NL" APN's
6a9816f : Fix launcher widget alignemnt
8573e5e : Signed-off-by: Celine Rostand <>
b4c280c : Update E-plus APN connection name
af1ea54 : Add agms for specific Truphone customer
ee31cf2 : Add 3 MVNO for O2 Germany
883f70f : Add two new dutch MVNE (Voiceworks Mobile BV) APN's
a076683 : Update Movistar Argentina APN settings
b664e4a : Change Buffer Size for TMO
1ef6ed1 : Test APNs
e7f7384 : Fix duplicated classses in sample addon doc

+- Project: device/samsung/manta

4fbe21d : Whitelist device for stlport.
10299be : manta: build libmllite from source
017ed8f : manta: update prebuilt kernel
7ec773a : manta: label boot block device
d9cb9e3 : Add missing include.
e1cc0e1 : Fix "error: 'strerror' was not declared in this scope".
85d9dff : Fix "error: use of undeclared identifier 'memset'".
118a121 : Change Exynos.H263.Encoder alignment to 4x4.
fdb7a75 : Change Exynos.H263.Encoder alignment to 4x4.
7f69656 : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
3d08a21 : Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
9b6b4e3 : Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
ba03cfa : Revert "Add default property to manta that allows bootup directly from charger mode"
6915f2c : Remove samsung/manta no-op.
bcf0737 : Assign specific type to metadata block device.
a174e87 : Assign specific types to system and recovery block devices.
a8d74a0 : Assign specific types to userdata and cache block devices.
0f3854a : manta: Update prebuilt kernel (reset watchdog) - DO NOT MERGE
744b4d5 : Indicate this uses dlmalloc.

+- Project: platform/docs/

ecfa803 : Update build numbers for LMY47E,M,Z and LYZ28E
1c7cdd3 : Docs: Adding Verified Boot Improvements to home page
1894c98 : Docs: Removing <p> tag from <td> to fix bizarre meta tag description Adding bug id for S.A.C Copyedit bug to ensure we track page edits
72688da : Docs: Moving community up one level, updating nav and links Changing relative links to docRoot links
e25f9da : Docs: Remove VERIFIED state, make related updates
66f2eff : Docs: Increasing disk size requirements
1d5f8fe : Docs: Add tables of contents to pages where needed
f59416d : Docs: Adding new diagrams for Accessories/Headsets Also edit to .jd file to clean up tables headings, etc. Combine sentences with semi-colon
b12ef50 : Updates to Building for Devices page, b 20670305
e4f51a0 : Docs: Tweaking home page droid graphic
ae83aab : Add Nexus 9 latency measurement
f27e752 : Update build numbers for LMY47X Nexus 9
20981a8 : Docs: Adding new images for security section Updating framework images with feedback
3bb4b8f : Docs: Updates to style of "Note: " Bug: #19015769
ff5b4b7 : Docs: Adding new camera diagrams Reworking 2 images with feedback posted in bug Adding 2 new images (pipeline and ops flow) Adding 4 new images (crop ratios) Updating diagrams with feedback Adding text intro change for image on index page Adating diagram with feedback
f681554 : Docs: Create 5.1/versions page, publish 5.1 CTS downloads
3054a36 : Update build numbers for LRX22L volantis/volantisg
0a670b0 : Don't hardcode the path of the out dir.
929f39c : Docs: Adding CTS pages to home, fixing broken link to Downloads
468ba57 : Docs: Converting CTS manual to pages, adding ToCs and images
fa783d8 : Docs: Rewrite/abbreviate home page introduction
c3ea371 : Update build numbers for LMY47V Nexus 7 and 10
46b3862 : Docs: Adding HAL updates to home page
fe5a49f : Docs: Removing "Viewing" from Network entry in nav
009dadd : Docs: Adding Dumpsys, Power, and Audio Latency entries.
501d162 : Fix build numbers
9cb839d : Docs: Updates for reporting security bugs Bug: 20139905
d019133 : Update build numbers for LMY47V Nexus Player
b5bc14b : Revert "Fix build numbers"
4eb8a31 : Fix build numbers
6c2924d : Docs: Adding 2 images (code-lines and life-of-a-patch)
52c19b9 : Docs: Basic edits, 80 char column, consistent phrasing Adding feedback
e9519aa : Update build numbers for LMY47O N4, N7 (deb/flo)
c64b992 : docs: Add article on batterstats, create power dir.
f3902ab : Add audio latency measurements
61e55ad : Docs: Add netstats article and tech/networks directory.
83132e7 : Docs: Basic edits, 80 char column, consistent phrasing
a848162 : Docs: Basic edits, 80 char column Made changes based on feedback
3c34234 : Docs: Adding new graphics images Correcting misspelling (missing C)
ce71d2c : Docs: Add article for procstats, create RAM section.
61657ea : Update build numbers for LMY47D tilapia
3251785 : Audio latency cleanup
759ebd8 : Docs: Adding Initializing, SELinux, Dumpsys, and BTHCI
3c0df24 : docs: Fix formatting in devices_toc nav.
af51a9f : Adding more names
4a645af : Docs: Emphasize need to set power_profile.xml
ba472e9 : Docs: Additional updates to build environment instructions 1. Add configuration instructions for ccache on Mac OS. 2. Move ccache instructions to new section, since setup applies to build environments on both Linux and Mac OS. 3. Make Mac OS references consistent. 4. Format branch tags, system paths and commands with <code> tag.
3bd2eaf : Update SELinux documentation.
314cc4e : Docs: Fixing awake/active confusion and named anchors in headers
fc78853 : Docs: Update to main BT page Bug: 19988353
ec90276 : Docs: Adding new audio-related diagrams and cropped photos
bf880eb : Docs: BT and BT Low Energy requirements document
7fb86e2 : docs: Add gen. dumpsys article, rename and update input.
4988013 : Update build numbers for LMY47I shamu
b493fb6 : Docs: Swapping out waving droid images for no-droid versions Minor text changes for flow around image
f2bcbe8 : docs: Updated app.yaml for Python 2.7.
c7b31bd : Docs: Adding link to dm-verity
7ab2aee : Docs: Deleting old, redirected PDF
5b36e03 : Docs: Adding OTA, verified boot, and graphics testing to home page
a97e349 : Docs: Repairing link to renamed verified boot docs
5173785 : Disambiguate Lollipop versions
e42ff9e : Docs: Renaming "Secure Boot" as "Verified Boot"
65c5ab4 : Add some missing apt-get packages for 14.04
1c5c926 : Docs: Reverting bufferqueue image rename, removing old pipeline
f902a28 : Docs: Provide HTML version of deqp guide.
8933e8b : Update build numbers for LMY47D fugu
4ddf3ad : Docs: Adding images and code formatting, removing table captions
40a9083 : Docs: Adding 2 new graphics images for bufferqueue and data pipeline. Updated ape_fwk_all.png.
70ec4de : Docs: Adding general OTA content, new images Updating with comments from google doc (tbao and xi zhao) Adding reference to options for ota_from_target_files Adding feedback changes Adding 2nd set of feedback changes Adding 3rd set of feedback changes Adding 4th set of feedback changes Breaking content into multiple files, adding block ota, adjusting toc Renamed .jd files, update TOC and document links Adding in dougz's feedback on recovery images, split out 5x vs 4x and earlier Minor text tweaks Fixing merge conflict Adding in dougz's comment Setting 80 column width in all files Adding feedback, moving up one level Adding ota mailing list, cropped localized text image, teaser blub on tech/index, mailing list to community page (includes several edits to meet 80 character column limit) Update mailing list verbiage, added feedback to builtin functions from tbao (in google doc)
18ce828 : Docs: Add diagrams and repo rebase fix to home page
b840b6f : Docs: Replace "git rebase master" with "repo rebase"
1e7b8b7 : Docs: Adding new diagram images Adding new images for TV and HAL components. Minor edits to adjust image float/flow. Adding new images for DRM. Minor edits to correct orphans. Adding changes to audio diagram
40ee207 : Update build numbers for LMY47D shamu
fcf8f18 : Docs: Splitting Secure Boot contents into subpages
ddd0218 : Docs: Adding API level 22 and LMY47D build tag to home page
34e6116 : Update build numbers for LMY47D
00fa4e2 : Docs: Replacing android-partnerships@ with form
e13f731 : Starting 2015
bc8a22a : Docs: Porting new verified boot contents from Security team
d11708c : Docs: Fix mistake in binops destination folder
5ae59ac : Docs: Finishing addition of Dalvik constraints to site
da4e785 : Docs: Converting header and file extension to match actual contents
43729fd : Docs: Adding missing half of table of contents
ddffdfc : Docs: Add Help this Site section and recent updates
761ee0a : Docs: Add documentation for 64-bit builds.
14031e9 : Docs: Adding link for Deqp PDF.
0d4125a : Docs: Add Camera 3.2 version information, move to versioning page
cb18098 : Docs: Adding Dalvik constraints content from repo.
8ff52ab : Docs: Adding new project section header and link to Community page
b90c975 : Docs: Fixing outdated step.
d95a71f : Docs: Replacing 12.04 Ubuntu with 14.04
18e0e46 : Docs: Adding source files for older PDFs to ease diffing
a7ccc7d : Docs: Fixing broken closing link tag
3da74fe : Docs: Removing extra lossless entry and fixing conflict
c9ea000 : Docs: Fixing updates from the Audio team, renaming funplug to loopback
e064b46 : Move periods inside quotes per earlier review
e158b8e : Update audio terminology
eaed599 : Rename audio loopback dongle
60ae100 : Kernel features for USB host mode audio
628654f : HD terminology
d9c196e : Docs: Updating home page for past few weeks of changes
1b060d9 : Docs: Uploading version 10 of the cts manual
ca92401 : Docs: Adding missing word
8dc6c77 : Docs: Adding reverse-engineered XHTML variant of CDDs from Docs
2dff7ac : SELinux implement: Improve documentation.
49fb6ce : SELinux validate: Improve documentation.
3605f11 : SELinux index: Improve documentation.
60d86f3 : SELinux customize: Improve documentation.
f410f65 : SELinux concepts: Improve documentation.
3c9f31c : Docs: Publish CTS 5.0_r2
e489ce6 : Adding more names to acknowledgements
cb789ba : Docs: Updates Mac OS build environment instructions
4d8e6da : Update build numbers for LRX22G deb/tilapia
b59afd7 : Docs: Adding GMS contacts info to site
2122a97 : Docs: Fixed broken tag
dbf5d5c : Docs: Replacing version with 1 to serve new staging instances
0deea37 : Docs: Removing replace option, adding help header and variable formatting
0ffba8d : Docs: Adding ART, Audio and build numbers to home page
2cf6611 : Docs: Adding ART configuration guidelines
7351200 : Example audio_utils FIFO and round-trip latency code
88168f3 : Update build numbers for LRX22G flo/manta
1c5ebd7 : Docs: Finish clarifying AOSP build instructions
d530252 : Clarifications of AOSP build instructions based on personal experience setting up. Also, correction of a wrongly constructed sentence.
e066161 : Docs: Fixing small error on the home page
cdab9c5 : Docs: Adding 5.0 CDD and Hammerhead kernel fix
6db243f : Docs: Adding 5.0 CDD
c3b3587 : Docs: Fixing instructions for identifying hammerhead kernel version
b808be7 : Docs: Adding audio changes to home page
978bec8 : Update s.a.c documentation
8c6cac3 : Docs: Adding 5.0.2
a87cc9f : Update build numbers for LRX22G
600617b : Docs: Re-order Platform Codenames table
6815166 : Docs: Fixing tiny tag errors
1b77cc2 : Docs: Add figure captions to images
4aa22e8 : Docs: Adding software stack image to home and source landing page
2de21e8 : Docs: Updating or removing disk space requirements, replacing OS X with Mac OS
1136d2c : Update build numbers for LRX22C
41021ae : Docs: Adding Mac OS JDK to home page
d9e172f : More Hall of Fame entries
7921f8d : Update build numbers for LRX22C
22a2604 : Docs: Adding disk space increase to home page
c79a20f : Docs: Increasing required file size
a8270e8 : Docs: Update build numbers for LRX22C
d3c0e30 : Update build numbers for LRX22C
82779c2 : Docs: Adding master and lollipop OS X environment details
f41d922 : Docs: Fixing my silly mistakes in links.
bb696e5 : Docs: Adding Block-based OTAs and verified boot to index, nav
0d59668 : Docs: Adding verified bootloader doc.
06fe099 : Docs: Fixing table of contents headers
f2a8d5e : Docs: Fixing broken link and improper escaping
cc8fda5 : Docs: Add new devices to building documents
b8249cb : Docs: Fixing broken images and link from recent file moves and deletions
f1a1512 : Update build numbers for LRX22C
ef7a724 : Docs: Adding latest config file needed by App Engine
bfa6aef : Docs: Fixing bad merge.
0ddab12 : Docs: Sorting out remaining files in Devices tab
714cd07 : Docs: Moving Audio files into dedicated subdirectory
8aa3ad2 : Docs: Restructuring Security contents
656d092 : Add master and lollipop OS X environment details
a51ef5a : Fix id attribute on h3 tag for 4.2.x and earlier instructions
4a98dc4 : Docs: Remove references to .netrc
15ba1a0 : Docs: Update Wired audio headset specification
6c2619f : Docs: Add trustzone references to Encryption document
cd3a957 : Update build numbers for LRX21O shamu
1ca7ce8 : Update build numbers for LRX21V
483aad3 : Update build numbers for LRX21R
e7817ff : Docs: Adding CTS 5.0_r1 .zip files
4fe905b : Update build numbers for LRX21T
c9cf7d0 : Docs: Cherry-picking internal 586450 and adding missing bracket.
c3c5ccf : Update build numbers for LRX21O/P/Q
84c8fbc : Docs: Replacing "Developer" with "Manufacturer"
1b26e86 : Docs: Adding CTS media files to home page
604eb17 : Docs: Adding 1.1 CTS media files
d703622 : Docs: Adding back brands form, including funplug
b53ec72 : Docs: Finishing cleanup started by Audio team.
ff257d4 : Minor audio cleanup
9f5130c : Add FunPlug
2e2f67d : Docs: Adding links to headset spec and host mode article
2cd5009 : Docs: Fix a Typo in Intro to ART Document
261d6e8 : Docs: Fix a link in Android Security Overview
71ba82f : Docs: Updating the favicon
c23b901 : Add instructions for Ubuntu 14.04
e3ae396 : Docs: Revising Graphics page and adding related images.
84c2b53 : Update build numbers for KTU84P deb
96bf349 : Docs: Removing Widevine-specific entries. Bug: 13360446
5a7dc7e : Docs: Adding DRM and other highlights to home page.
95017df : Docs: Categorizing issues and making minor updates
e7a98c1 : Docs: Updating 4.4 version strings with 4.4.2-4.4.4
a770873 : Remove ro.hwui.fbo_cache_size docs
9f8699a : Docs: Adding location setting step to CTS manual.
00f6eb0 : Docs: Making the fix to the JDK path more clear. Bug: 11446354
39019bd : Docs: Removing last external-link icon.
dc85c74 : Docs: Removing targets and external-link icons from hyperlinks
74a4dcc : Docs: Fixing many, small issues in the Source section.
3a7af3a : Docs: Fixing text in Devices section of site.
54a6187 : Docs: Fixing broken links Bug: 16547437
85edaa0 : Security Acknowledgements
b80378c : Adding the next set of security acknowledgements
ed461fa : resolved conflicts for merge of faacd24c to master
1e3d092 : Docs: Fixing Telstra typo
af5de68 : Update build numbers for KTU84Q
ced17ca : Fix tag name for KRT16M
62fc041 : Docs: Adding Nexus 5 and cleaning up the list
f39aea8 : Docs: Adding Java 6 link for Mac.
9a60700 : Docs: Adding recommendation for fast SD card to pass tests.
f911865 : Adding security acknowledgements

+- Project: platform/external/aac

09f1d04 : Do not include genericStds_linux.cpp.
355baa7 : Use gcc for the AAC decoder
bb1e78a : Fix checks for {Front,Side,Back}ElementIsCpe
d52f374 : Move back to C++98.
3c4c8d6 : Move Clang only flags into LOCAL_CLANG_CPPFLAGS.
9428e08 : Ignore Clang warning on checking address of arrays.
5c51a58 : [MIPSR6] Skip assembler code using MFHI/MFLO on mips32r6

+- Project: platform/external/android-clat

6ea3734 : Remove unused variables.
4945481 : Make the raw socket and the tun fd nonblocking.
9353be2 : Switch the receive path to memory-mapped I/O with PACKET_RX_RING.
2008e14 : Cleanup: Remove unused "ipv6_local_address".
418109e : Add missing include for IFF_BROADCAST to fix build
b20719e : Add a microbenchmark for tun write performance.
6b2007a : Move send_tun into tun.c as well.
ff6f7fe : Move tun functions to a new tun.c.
fee9afb : Android-Clatd: Remove unused variable
89f49ae : Simplify and always retry DNS64 prefix discovery.
05ff508 : Remove unused variables.
1892171 : Remove unused #include.
787ea96 : Fix implicit declaration of function 'prctl' in clatd.

+- Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

42ff922 : JDWP: test breakpoint on catch statement
3c04099 : Revert "Revert "Refactor code to please vogar.""
12f6650 : Revert "Refactor code to please vogar."
dc25170 : Refactor code to please vogar.
216cddd : JDWP: fix CombinedEvents002Test
f071b0d : Use a public API for getting the loopback.
ea82049 : Use to avoid DNS lookups.
05d155f : Test exception handling during deoptimization
af59357 : Add new test for VirtualMachine.Resume command
06db7f3 : JDWP: fix flaky test StackFrame.GetValues002Test
29c4fe1 : Remove -encoding UTF-8, it is now the default
40b8281 : JDWP: add more stack frame tests
b5c108b : JDWP: fix failures in CTS
2bb476a : JDWP: run tests with debuggable flag
3e35c96 : JDWP: more exception tests
72f0592 : Update makefile for JDWP tests
4a932e7 : Fix flaky test ThreadStartTest
e8c8e4a : JDWP: check thread state on event suspension
2d5d534 : Fix flaky test ThreadStartTest
5a379ab : Stop building harmony / jdwp tests on mac os.
1683842 : JDWP: remove thread-related tests for Count modifier
43b7ede : JDWP: test multiple breakpoints
32e3e8d : Test StackFrame.ThisObject for proxy method
eb5230c : More tests for VirtualMachine.Resume command
684d91e : Test event requests with LocationOnly modifier other than breakpoint
be90604 : Maybe fix flaky test
49e8fdc : Test single-step through reflection
24da531 : Fix OwnedMonitorsStackDepthInfo JDWP tests
e970697 : Ensure we have root permissions to run JDWP tests on target
5105c8d : Test errors for StringReference.Value command
8017bfd : Test errors for ThreadGroupReference commands
d672532 : Fixing serialization compatibility tests for beans tests
98c8aff : Fixing serialization compatibility tests for beans tests
6a68248 : Fixing serialization compatibility tests for sql tests
87819c0 : Fixes for apache-harmony logging tests
15d1c07 : Fixing serialization compatibility tests for sql tests
67efd52 : Ensure device is started before running JDWP tests
388ac74 : Remove prefs tests from external/apache-harmony.

+- Project: platform/external/apache-http

317c0a4 : Start handshake before calling hostname verifier
23c78a7 : Honor NetworkSecurityPolicy regarding cleartext traffic.
7fa8bfc : Fix @link annotation in documentation for hyperlink generation
9447bd5 : Remove apache-http host build.

+- Project: platform/external/apache-xml

f6f0ed1 : Remove -encoding UTF-8, it is now the default
8d8793d : Stop building apache-xml on Mac OS.
4eec0bd : Adjustment to patch for secure processing for CVE-2014-0107 by Ryan Berg based on feedack from Emmanuel Bourg.
4df2280 : Commit patch to handle secure processing. Thank you Ryan Berg.

+- Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

c5a7ff0 : Set default EC key size to 256-bits
4046cd0 : Change default GCM name to AES/GCM/NOPADDING
ac2a575 : Change Bouncycastle default AES key size to 128
fa0ac9c : bouncycastle: throw exception in failure expecting PKIX parameters
028ab6e : bouncycastle: upgrade to version 1.52
e87e402 : Remove -encoding UTF-8, it is now the default
cc0dc62 : Build bouncycastle-hostdex only on linux hosts.
1853e9a : Revert "Put the CertBlacklist in a NoPreloadHolder"
7a21b9a : Avoid things that cause CertBlacklist to be preinitialized
883cbda : Put the CertBlacklist in a NoPreloadHolder
d001700 : Upgrade to 1.51

+- Project: platform/external/bsdiff

05af24a : Add NOTICE file

+- Project: platform/external/bzip2


+- Project: platform/external/cblas

57de99c : Add NOTICE and MODULE_LICENSE files
81253e9 : Add CBLAS library.
3fc7142 : Initial empty repository
dbe15b1 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/external/ceres-solver

d5069fa : Add MODULE_LICENSE and NOTICE files

+- Project: platform/external/checkpolicy

6da07fc : Move to common directory versions of selinux tools
d33fe17 : dispol: display operations as ranges.
62ec721 : dispol: Extend to display operations.
f6d78c1 : Add ioctl command whitelisting rules
8edab60 : checkpolicy: Fix precedence between number and filesystem tokens.
83acf0d : checkpolicy: Minor fixes for
1c0495b : checkpolicy: Add a file.
565861a : Update to checkpolicy 2.4.
3e36170 : Allow libsepol C++ static library on device.
9e08c51 : Clear errno before call to strtol(3).
c24d01d : Global C++11 compatibility.
9961167 : Add MODULE_LICENSE and NOTICE files

+- Project: platform/external/chromium-libpac

03b2599 : Start using libv8 rather than WebView V8.
01990a9 : Remove unsed check for simulator
e6933f5 : Start using libv8 rather than WebView V8.
d438de8 : Cast from char16_t to uint16_t where appropriate.
62aae4f : Statically link chromium's ICU.
9ae4ac5 : Match renaming of ExternalAsciiStringResource.
4cd643d : Match renaming of ExternalAsciiStringResource.
2c02f90 : Revert "Revert "Statically link chromium's ICU.""
28c1c84 : Don't manually link stlport.
f6e8110 : Revert "Statically link chromium's ICU."
a6faf75 : Statically link chromium's ICU.
e80b5fa : Build fix in chromium-libpac.
2780f4b : Build fix in chromium-libpac.

+- Project: platform/external/chromium-trace

35472c7 : Update to latest trace-viewer, bcdf739e
8dab727 : More robust error handling for calls to adb.
990bbf4 : Added --no-compress option.
c0555cc : Added python version check.
6975e31 : Add comments and reformatting to get rid of lint warnings.
977b6ae : Fix traces generated from an async invocation of atrace
26c92f4 : Sync to latest trace-viewer
2397639 : Improve robustness of thread name fixing
a01d0af : Fix adb shell argument construction
1983215 : Update to latest trace-viewer
5b5f146 : Set default tracing categories
beca7ae : Update to latest trace-viewer
64a222c : Added ability to import traces from multiple tracers.
9206244 : Escape double quotes in trace contents
b122baf : Update to latest trace viewer

+- Project: platform/external/chromium_org

1a3396f : Roll V8 submodule.
8543a70 : Update v8 for ubsan shift fix.
1ec638c : Fix build with prebuilt webview
5342cdd : Update submodules to latest versions.
a975c1e : Update ref for third_party/libjpeg_turbo.
d46b6c3 : Cherrypick: Don't send extra text changed AX events on Android
cebcd4c : Cherrypick "Allow universal access from file if flag is set and url is file scheme."
86ae9e7 : Cherry-pick: gpu: Allow virtual context for in-process gpu thread
6e04f72 : Roll submodule rev for third_party/webrtc.
1616e00 : Cherry-pick: Fix canvas to webgl sharing in android webview
141411b : Cherry-pick: Don't schedule more invokeFunctors than necessary.
83109aa : Remember user's decisions on SSL errors.
2705cc6 : do not send traffic to localhost through proxy for android
1b000d8 : Update volantis workaround to cover L MR0.5 (5.0.2)
8cd9c14 : Add submodules.
c64ad5c : Cherry-pick: [Android] Java Bridge: handle requests from Java Script on the background thread
64a9273 : Update the code dealing with scoped_ptrs and scoped_refptrs in JavaBridge
83eff50 : Cherry-pick: [Android] Fix a subtle issue in Java Bridge regarding interfaces removal
da33251 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.95
78901d1 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.95
ac06a41 : Temporarily disable -Werror in Chromium.
ee3a239 : Minimise logging in release branch.
175bb26 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.93
f453b36 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.93
48eef54 : Cherry pick: Attach ImeAdapter in CVC initialization.
27bf38b : Cherry pick: Detect if we're using browser composior in RWHVA
c856517 : Fork: Clip a layer when its render target's render surface is clipped.
a62aef3 : Cherry pick: Preserve IME state when clearing the selection
239f71c : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.90
e425631 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.90
82266bf : Cherry-pick: aw: Workaround qualcomm driver bug
435c566 : [WebView] Set back button to exit fullscreen.
0253910 : Enable using system proxy resolver for android webview
b9856a2 : Update volantis workaround to cover L mr0.1
8b70b82 : Cherry-pick: Workaround NVidia eglWaitSyncKHR bug
8fd8763 : Cherry-pick: gpu: Use egl client wait if server wait not available
3c9a4a7 : Disable channel id
692aa67 : Cherry-pick: Reland [Android] Mark posted UI thread tasks as asynchronous
7a4903d : Cherry-pick: Revert of [Android] Experimental sync barrier detection for tracing (patchset #6 id:100001 of
d9512fb : Cherry pick [Android] Override text handle visibility when the view is detached
5154ef9 : Clear the selection when hiding the handles
757e6d3 : Cherry-pick: cc: Add invalidations when shrinking piles
c016285 : Cherry pick [Android] Stop temporarily hiding selection handles
f66cc3b : Cherry pick [Android] Support unfocusable container views.
e578b2d : Cherry-pick: Pass the size to the RenderView on creation.
be0db61 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 03655fd3f6d7
1850ca9 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 03655fd3f6d7
ed88037 : Implement support for SmartClip in AwContents.
53975c7 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.59
29b820f : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.59
42a0b51 : Do not ignore proxy bypass settings
02e351d : [WebView] Build chromium against SDK 21.
97e4075 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.53
5b89232 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.53
e9e1f65 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision db3f05efe0f9
31cddfd : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision db3f05efe0f9
17d4663 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.44
ab8f6f0 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.44
93b3e63 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.38
5b62eb5 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.38
d89a76b : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 614f7b807940
0b0f963 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 614f7b807940
3d8539b : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.37
1675a64 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.37
b985a51 : Use system resources for share and websearch action bar.
02b31a7 : Update WebView user agent to reflect M39.
4ccfafb : Cherry-pick "[android_webview] Hardcode the default text encoding to UTF-8."
38bde6d : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.26
3468057 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.26
83bd27e : Cherry-pick "[android_webview] Hardcode the default text encoding to UTF-8."
aa5de85 : Cherry-pick "[android_webview] Hardcode the default text encoding to UTF-8."
83605d3 : Fork: Use visible_rect_for_tile_priority_ where appropriate
ec5c0e8 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.102
1e8032a : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.102
afe83fa : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.101
75232fc : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.101
56ba477 : Cherrypick "Handle bionic's strerror_r in an ABI-compatible way."
0d20ee5 : Cherrypick ac38465: Handle bionic in safe_strerror_posix as well as glibc.
35a176b : Fork: Use visible_rect_for_tile_priority_ where appropriate
12b909b : Allow disabling DRP programatically.
048aebe : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.83
b0ad7d3 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.83
f8689de : Cherry-pick: [WebView] Create PowerSaveBlocker for fullscreen video.
490652a : Disable flywheel if authentication fails repeatedly.
2d6d878 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.80
0cf6611 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.80
fb2ce50 : Cherry pick: Android WebView: fix missing an invalidate
bc179a5 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.74
53cd59d : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.74
fcd38f0 : Cherrypick "Don't include TargetConditionals.h when building for android."
647e5a2 : Cherry-pick: Fix RemoveFromScrollTree and RemoveFromClipTree
0adbe62 : Cherry-pick: [Android WebView] Fix crash in M38 WebView.
67cbb46 : Cherry-pick: Fix threading issue in StreamTextureProxyImpl
0178b90 : Cherry-pick: Fix typo in media context restore
dc1dfbb : Compile fix for cherry-pick
eefdd1b : Cherry-pick: Handle context loss in WebMediaPlayerPlayer in-process
257f9d8 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.69
21a33e9 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.69
0142be8 : Remove an unsued mipmap resource from Chromium sources.
7a872e4 : Have dedicated IPC message for pause/resume video capture stream.
afd2a9f : Cherry-pick: Fix threading issue in StreamTextureProxyImpl
afd3921 : Cherry-pick: Fix typo in media context restore
87e2af3 : Compile fix for cherry-pick
d8024ab : Cherry-pick: Handle context loss in WebMediaPlayerPlayer in-process
ce087a0 : Allow V8 to be built even when chromium is prebuilt.
862bd77 : Cherry pick: Cleanup comments, unit tests and unnecessary early out.
092c5f0 : Cherry-pick: Call MakeCurrent in in-process idle work
81c983d : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.57
03be8d5 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.57
8e5c3cb : Cherry-pick: aw: Invalidate view on hardware teardown
603707b : Revert "Crash intentionally when requestTiles with invalid key."
2970d1e : Cherry-pick: aw: Skip hardware onDraw when visible rect is empty
adf667e : Update makefiles after merge
22aa641 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.117
f7a18f9 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.117
d74b8cc : Cherrypick "Handle bionic's strerror_r in an ABI-compatible way."
f6db837 : Add missing makefiles.
a3be64c : Re-generate .mk files after JNI generator changes.
7d196dc : Cherry-pick "Refactor lazy JNI registration support."
fdeb2de : Cherry-pick "Make class lookup lazy in jni_generator when using lazy method lookup."
1f29a64 : Cherry-pick "Don't register JNI methods for the android_webview."
d30b861 : Re-generate .mk files after "Cherry-pick: Revert "Merge 281715 "[Android WebView] Terminate execution of stuck JS ..."""
101e658 : Cherry pick Android WebView: clean up the AwContentsClientBridge webcontents userdata.
a648f0a : Cherry-pick: Revert "Merge 281715 "[Android WebView] Terminate execution of stuck JS ...""
81be6ff : Crash intentionally when requestTiles with invalid key.
7e059cd : Use system resources for share and websearch action bar.
c1b5f47 : Use system resources for share and websearch action bar.
8001123 : Cherrypick "Don't include TargetConditionals.h when building for android."
522d1de : Cherrypick ac38465: Handle bionic in safe_strerror_posix as well as glibc.
ebf434c : Allow V8 to be built even when chromium is prebuilt.
014d573 : Cherry pick "Cache pending JS bridge sync IPC replies, and send in case of RenderFrame deletion."
c1942b1 : Merge WebP at 0.4.1-rc1, plus MIPS build fixes.
a0301ba : Cherry-pick: aw: Ensure fallback tick unsets |block_invalidates_|
b86c312 : Cherry-pick: cc: Report only on active tiles in tracing.
fa0bf6f : Cherry pick "Fix strict mode violations in Android."
8728ef9 : Clean cherry-pick: Fix a crash reported by monkey tests.
afd6f82 : Clean cherry-pick: [aw] Fix crash when "misbehave" app exits fullscreen.
3c71a2a : Cherry pick "Include tile manager state in lthi state dump"
74a4665 : Cherry pick "Add source frame number to LayerTreeImpl::AsValueInto"
ffe8627 : Cherry pick Add gpu_memory_usage to Tile::AsValue
ef8900b : Cherry-pick: cc: fix content_to_screen_scale in UpdateTilePriorities.
8d85fdd : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.24
f7ee355 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.24
005ed73 : Cherry-pick: cc: Always perform analysis to detect solid color tiles.
612621e : Cherry-pick: Only set accessibility focus on page load for browser tabs, not web views.
5b5755f : Amend merged revisions to deal with chromium transition.
c2bc7c7 : Cherry-pick: cc: Remove tiles from recycle tree that were deleted on active.
deeaef6 : Cherry-pick: (Reland) cc: Remove recycled tilings when active tree removes them.
30f9339 : Remove Channel ID feature from Webview
2a6da4f : Cherry-pick: aw: Avoid uncontrolled video context destruction
0cc939e : Cherry-pick "Fix spurious 1px scrolling."
9f2ae45 : Cherry-pick r291100 "Amend 289844 "Simplify android_webview wrap_contents mode."
c28b6a9 : Update mk files with FDO support.
305ac12 : Cherry-pick: cc: Avoid redraw for missing tile outside visible rect
430bbd9 : Cherry-pick: Do not request vsync on touch if using synchronous compositor
429d488 : Fork: Limit async upload memory to 6MB
5b54dd0 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.95
929504d : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.95
49f41a8 : Cherry-pick: aw: Reset parent draw constraints on tear down
b32d232 : Cherry-pick: [Android WebView] API to enable fullscreen.
d5b30db : Cherry-pick: Propagate disallow_fullscreen_for_non_media_elements to renderer.
f0d22c2 : Cherry-pick: aw: Use async upload by default
7352873 : Cherry-pick: Enable async upload egl with mailbox synchronizer
2902654 : Cherry-pick: aw: Improve idle task scheduling
a2eb93e : Cherry-pick: gpu: Avoid unbounded idle queue in in-process context
9798278 : Cherry-pick: aw: Track UI request GL separately from other threads
5f9c8de : Cherry-pick: Remove GLInProcessContext::CreateContext()
a4bd948 : Cherry-pick: aw: Fallback to idle upload when zero copy disabled
589aedc : Cherry-pick: aw: Flush idle queue on hardware teardown
0ed8eb4 : Cherry-pick: Android Webview: Skip managed resources in mailbox sync
5b6dcb9 : Cherry-pick: Android WebView: Fall back to idle uploads if draw functor table not set
b6c6d70 : Cherry-pick: Android WebView: Perform idle gpu service work
feacb0f : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.76
d7582f3 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.76
7396bf7 : Cherry-pick: Don't use webmediaplayer to FullscreenController about fullscreen change
e649150 : Cherry-pick: Fix ContentVideoView to support a ContextWrapper.
b82e5f8 : Adds LOCAL_FDO_SUPPORT to libwebview.
476b387 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.68
9a3a4bc : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.68
1ca5aae : Minimise logging in release branch.
9cd59af : Attempt to fix the multi-arch webviewchromium build.
c2d8e69 : Cherry pick [android_webview] Fix android_webview_resources dependency.
1081061 : Cherry pick [android_webview] mmap the .pak file for the correct locale.
b5ac2c9 : Cherry pick Add LINKER_INITIALIZER marker to MemoryMappedFile::Region::kWholeFile
0c426db : Cherry pick Make it possible to find locale pak files in the Android apk.
8d8c7bb : Cherry pick [android_webview] Do not extract webviewchromium.pak
815df48 : Cherry pick [android_webview] Remove custom package specifier from resources_config.
963ec06 : Cherry pick [android_webview] Don't unconditionally add pak files to system image.
adf47cd : Cherry pick Add support for loading pak files from arbitrary file regions
94e03d8 : Cherry pick [android_webview] Introduce AwAssets to reference assets inside the apk.
f4933c2 : Tile priority in Android WebView
4f36274 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.52
8f6e4bd : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.52
0c52c36 : Cherry-pick: aw: Add and use DrawGL kModeSync
de56b4a : Cherry-pick: aw: Release hardware onTrimMemory(MODERATE)
a0fbf40 : Cherry-pick: aw: Release hardware onTrimMemory(MODERATE)
b011bc8 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.34
08fd224 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.34
86e749a : Cherrypick: [Android] Cache injected Java objects' methods info on renderer side
3867ff5 : Cherrypick: [Android] Use Blink UTF8<->UTF16 strings conversion in Gin Java Bridge
5b236bc : Cherrypick: [Android] Switch to Gin Java Bridge implementation
36b6013 : Cherrypick: [Android] Move content/browser/{renderer_host => android}/java/*
d4eceaf : Cherrypick: [Android] Java Bridge with Gin: implement Java Bridge dispatcher
88109bf : Cherry-pick: Pass resourceless software mode in SetExternalConstraints
a0c07e2 : Cherry-pick: gpu: Always use EGL_KHR_fence_sync with mailbox sync
6ad0c95 : Cherry-pick: gpu: Expose GLFence impls
d404477 : Cherry-pick: Add common GLFence::IsSupported() check
8767d32 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.21
bee9932 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.21
0d47996 : Revert "FORK: QC driver bug workaround"
1ec8777 : Cherry-pick: base: Default android version to 4.4.99
3ade1bb : FORK: QC driver bug workaround
15bdbee : Cherrypick: [android_webview] Fix module dependencies.
612d2de : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.10
2f22f03 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.10

+- Project: platform/external/chromium_org/third_party/WebKit

97ac789 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.95
c697e19 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.95
9dfed19 : Temporarily disable -Werror in Chromium.
3331909 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.90
018c2aa : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.90
042939c : Cherry pick: Partially revert r181835 to fix link highlighting
e867532 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 03655fd3f6d7
04b5e0e : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 03655fd3f6d7
d7f75b9 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.59
a372c30 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.59
9e4f975 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.53
f542a0e : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.53
627124f : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision db3f05efe0f9
91eb1d8 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision db3f05efe0f9
28cfbf0 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.44
fdbb120 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.44
6276c39 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.38
e407fbf : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.38
db3b40a : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 614f7b807940
bb5fa6f : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 614f7b807940
7bfecb8 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.37
697ef0c : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.37
1ea32df : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.26
2fb29a0 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 39.0.2171.26
e754041 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.102
229afe9 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.102
a12707d : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.101
f2db76b : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.101
20e637e : Cherry-pick: Don't extend delete selection from zero.
f54f2a1 : Clean cherry-pick: Handle deleting non-single-word characters at end of input.
6dc92c4 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.80
0c35383 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.80
c681aaa : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.74
30bcdb3 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.74
158e53b : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.69
0d49372 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.69
947e1c2 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.57
4419a19 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.57
f1c5443 : Update makefiles after merge
42d5bc4 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.117
c6f9147 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.117
6fb2484 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.24
fd71128 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 38.0.2125.24
feb6977 : Cherry-pick: Hide video controls after touch from hideMediaControlsTimerFired.
63c1dee : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.95
e65d17a : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.95
f3f515d : Cherry-pick: If the media controls are visible they should always grab clicks
f993d1d : Cherry-pick: Fix segfault reported by ClusterFuzz.
bb8b0ae : Cherry-pick: Set fullscreenEnabled to false when fullscreen is not supported.
1f93d9b : Cherry-pick: Webkit setting for embedders that do not support fullscreen.
3374ac5 : Cherry-pick: Hide fullscreen button when fullscreen not supported.
5ebcb5f : Cherry-pick: Don't show video fullscreen until DidEnterFullscreen() is called, and disable fullscreen for non-media elements for android webview
b254040 : Cherry-pick: Find the current fullscreen video element rather than the one on top of stack
b14edf6 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.76
37fa872 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.76
a768ab6 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.68
c4de969 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.68
a687dc5 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.52
112db3b : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.52
3bf1427 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.34
81c961c : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.34
f5ef167 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.21
c664b83 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.21
e668ac8 : Record Chromium merge at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.10
08e7c75 : Merge from Chromium at DEPS revision 37.0.2062.10

+- Project: platform/external/chromium_org/third_party/angle

c2a9a94 : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 39.0.2171.95
aa50775 : Temporarily disable -Werror in Chromium.
04ab0eb : Fix memory leak with default Framebuffers.
074b357 : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 5a645aa13b82
a401d3d : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 2d0da5605d75
f9d25a6 : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at a99b7ad25d02
b9918aa : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at a41c404b1c7f
0aa2eb1 : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at b210e2d62956
4de44cb : Change ShaderLang APIs from c style to c++ style.
f108df2 : Revert "Changes gl::RenderbufferStorage to rx::RenderbufferImpl"
2111670 : Fixed comments around choice of C runtime.
9ad5584 : Fix angle_unittests failures.
091540d : Changed feature macros to reduce accidental enabling/disabling
db9b40b : Reject shaders of a version that the compiler doesn't support.
9fc51d9 : Changes gl::RenderbufferStorage to rx::RenderbufferImpl
ede1844 : Updated Image9 to use gl::Errors for staging texture manipulation.
922a9fb : Use D3D11 Debug Annotations when D3D9 is unavailable
409078f : Remove ShGetVariableInfo() and related code.
1a8a7e3 : Moving Uniform handling into ProgramD3D.
8becd0c : Updated Image11 to use gl::Errors for staging texture manipulation.
06ecf3d : Updated mipmap generation to return Error objects.
2a51727 : Fix an issue with separate invariant statement.
fe14d45 : Add ANGLE_ENABLE_DEBUG_TRACE_TO_DEBUGGER, to output trace to debugger window
73b8de7 : Fixed D3DDisassemble function dynamic GetProcAddress failure on WinRT
84bcabe : Fix build failure on WinRT due to missing Sleep definition.
fc14391 : Only use the Windows 8.1 SDK for WinRT configurations.
d2a67b9 : Fix precision tracking for built-in function return values
a1a6a16 : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 82ca3b654cda
e2fecdd : Fixed some configuration data not being added to 64-bit builds.
9ae396b : Remove getData from BufferImpl.
c751d1e : Support compressed textures with unpack buffers.
55d611e : Fix ASSERT failure in XFB test.
39eab03 : Add robust D3D11 SRV state tracking.
2f1cd4a : Defer the creation of textures in TextureStorage9 and use Error objects.
553c6be : Defer the creation of textures in TextureStorage11.
5ca4105 : Remove build_angle.gyp.
2221f47 : Compiler flags and macros added to shader debug report
2335970 : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 9ef958e74e13
7fa245c : Use a new class name for each window.
b5e1775 : Get rid of use of "static const std::string".
30bc2ec : Regenerate public projects.
0783efd : Fix initialization sequence translation bug.
70a0b2a : Fix varying interpolation parsing.
fc532b9 : Delete the ShaderImpl on gl::Shader object destruction.
95fe0d1 : Change the C runtime from static to dynamic.
c8d297a : Remove last uses of gl::error in the Buffer classes.
f900413 : Always include precision in interm output if it's available
d2f756b : Use windows_sdk_path for the 8.0 SDK path and windows_8_1_sdk_path for 8.1.
7c1cfd6 : Make ShBuiltInResources comparable with memcmp
710e577 : Make commitRegion a base method of TextureD3D.
e76bdda : Restrict use of TexStorage more in CopyImage.
5af475e : Fix typo disabling NPOT on AMD D3D9
4a20480 : Fix missing include of common_defines.gypi.
94ac7b7 : Invariant related processing.
f99b0cf : Remove getNativeTexture from TextureImpl.
dd3bf52 : Remove getSamplerStateWithNativeOffset.
10ef215 : Move Texture Serials to the base class.
6948e30 : Use immutable level count in gl::Texture.
88d3b8c : Added IInspectable EGLNativeWindowType and ICoreWindow support
63837d5 : Defer the creation of Blit9's geometry and return Errors if it fails.
cbc7f05 : Use a constant for the number of faces in a cube map.
739f8ec : Removed declaration of getAttachedShaders() without implementation.
64f23f6 : Update the getRenderTarget functions to return gl::Error objects.
433bfd3 : Merge the copyToStorage methods.
e020bed : Revert "Added IInspectable EGLNativeWindowType and ICoreWindow support"
756aebf : Added IInspectable EGLNativeWindowType and ICoreWindow support
ec6de4e : Fix TextureD3D::setData for depth-stencil textures.
24e8319 : Fix CopyBufferSubData validation.
0661fce : Add c++0x flag to cflags on non-win platforms.
bab1a7d : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 89b463ddd92b
8e92923 : We managed to disable NPOT textures on AMD. Reenable them.
8858cf0 : Revert "Added IInspectable EGLNativeWindowType and ICoreWindow support" due to build failures on Chromium FYI bots.
406a3be : Added IInspectable EGLNativeWindowType and ICoreWindow support
97049c6 : Enhance shader debug output
5e0c80a : Use attributes to avoid unrolling and flatten conditionals.
24d4a3c : Update Renderer11::packPixels to return Error objects.
9d6d498 : Refactor TLS management.
caa549c : Split FenceImpl into FenceNVImpl and FenceSyncImpl, and refactor.
7c9e216 : Fix compile error on 32-bit builds.
5dce5e2 : Updated TextureStorage11 to use Error objects for D3D11 object creation.
edbeae5 : Update the TextureStorage calls to associate textures to use Errors objects.
39e081e : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 6e9c84566c9f
993d08d : Added test to ensure ProgramBinary saving and loading works correctly
2a89563 : Fix PBO missing unmap in some edge cases.
964df49 : Fix a crash with the WebGL conformance test suite.
7865b70 : Fix D3D11 Hazard warnings in Debug.
de1e00e : Implement support of unary operator "+" in translator.
9ad2ab3 : Improve the TextureStorage11 SRV cache.
1f8532b : Refactor Texture::storage methods to use gl::Error objects.
ef7b016 : Refactor Texture::copy*Image methods to use gl::Error objects.
4119ed3 : Make OSWindow a non-static member of ANGLETest.
91f2911 : Add workaround for Unicode compile error.
2ff18fb : Remove perf tests dependency on gtest.
fc63152 : Use Chromium perf bot output style for perf test.
98f87eb : Import the testing/perf module from Chromium.
67ea190 : Use GL_APIENTRY and EGLAPIENTRY instead of __stdcall directly.
1ce845d : Refactor libGLESv2.gypi to allow libANGLE to be built on all platforms.
2629856 : Updated Renderer::sync to return Error objects.
fa41aa0 : Perform short-circuit unfolding on separate declarations.
d974db4 : Split combined declarations into separate statements.
882033e : Updated the FenceSync and FenceNV objects to use Error objects.
ed13636 : Add type comparison, type retrieval, original name retrieval to ShaderVariable.
e0a2d1c : Add needed static_casts to GLenum for compilation on Linux.
9aca059 : Enable TexSubImage workaround on D3D11.
6b51c1a : Use ImageIndex in copyToStorage.
c8d1384 : Use mTopLevel in getSubresourceIndex.
1ea5350 : Fix image index iterator unit test.
ba6bc95 : Use ImageIndex as a parameter to TextureD3D::setImage.
f8f18f0 : Make blit extension check for internal format mismatch.
dcd8f13 : Revert "Enable TexSubImage workaround on D3D11."
2d337ce : Enable TexSubImage workaround on D3D11.
468b26b : Use COM object dynamic cast for RT resource queries.
82bf0c5 : Use gl::Rectangle as a param to Image::copy.
00e5452 : Accept a second form of WARP Test renderer string.
94203b3 : Restrict the tests that use ClearBuffer to ES3.
448ac90 : Updated authorship and contributors for Borbitsoft/Tibor den Ouden
b543aff : Update Program, ProgramBinary and HLSLCompiler to use Error objects.
e61209a : Add option to support EXT_draw_buffers with NV_draw_buffers
955f5c0 : Add TextureStorage::setData.
e6b6da0 : Use the virtual commitRegion in TextureD3D::subData.
7cb2b9d : Introduce new method commitRegion to TextureD3D.
86ffde5 : Fix building angleutils.cpp on Linux
d8111ba : Fix typos in caps generation method names.
8299bb0 : Store XFB buffers in a vector in State.
f3acaf9 : Use a caps-dependent sized vector to store Uniform Buffers
23e0500 : Change mVertexAttribCurrentValues from fixed-size array to STL container.
1a96548 : Vertex management functions can take a State reference instead of pointers to attrib data.
2df6a60 : Remove context pointer from State
bee59e0 : Disable broken D3D9 GLSL Varying tests.
49f9dd4 : Don't run the DrawBuffers tests in D3D9.
aabecf8 : Fix D3D9 varyings limits.
5ac124b : Fix a bug in MaxTextureSizeTest.RenderToTexture.
5a0c45e : Accept RenderTargets as parameters to Image::copy.
9a2e6ac : Roll gyp dependency to 1987
a5521de : Fixed mingw compilation.
ac7556f : Freed temporary info log buffer and removed explicit destruction of char[]
ff39bd8 : Add check for size before setting buffer data.
95966a5 : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 764425441131
b4fd0c9 : Replace usages of std::vector::data in most cases.
18b931d : Configure Google Tests to run against multiple renderers/GLES versions
3269bcb : More TextureD3D cleanups.
135570a : Clean up ensureRenderTarget().
716915d : Fix d3d9 copyToStorage dirty flag.
98553e3 : Remove copyToRenderTarget methods.
3a61287 : Moved the responsibility for releasing the dest surface out of copyToSurface.
b534833 : Refactor Texture::compressed*Image methods to use gl::Error objects.
8376cea : Merge the various TextureCube::setImage* methods.
1ba6b8d : Refactor Texture::setImage and subImage to use gl::Error objects.
b60fe31 : Fix the ANGLE_ENABLE_TRACE build.
ae5122c : Updated the PixelTransfer class to use Error objects.
7acae0a : Add a centralized workarounds module.
c4dbcf1 : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 9c6ac85c45fa
57f2089 : Revert "Add a centralized workarounds module."
815a1dc : Add a centralized workarounds module.
4aa79e1 : Reduce code duplication in generateMipmap.
cb83dc1 : Add TextureD3D::getIndex.
ef4ac5b : Add ImageIndexIterator.
e611b06 : Fix gyp linux build.
a1a7492 : Remove include of util.gyp from all.gyp.
eb99436 : Moving Shader Executables into ProgramD3D
eeb1f53 : Added SurfaceHost to enable additional hosts and abstract access for EGLNativeWindowType.
9e3f24f : Update Renderer::copyToRenderTarget to return Error objects.
431cbc8 : Benchmark point sprites test with several varyings.
ea0e873 : Add a point sprite benchmark.
e8356bb : Update Renderer::copyImage to return Error objects.
6483915 : Update blit calls to return Error objects instead of calling gl::error.
f7ed705 : Move the code that writes the temporary shader file to the shader compiler.
3935e51 : Refactor HLSLCompiler to use stl objects and encapulate workarounds.
18bd410 : Removed the last references to Renderer from ProgramBinary.
b5af678 : Use a D24S8 format to back GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32_OES in D3D9.
10ac404 : Rename GN public variables.
44151a9 : Removed the last references to DynamicHLSL from ProgramBinary.
abce762 : Fix some texture support queries ORing extensions instead of ANDing.
d87878e : Remove the requirement that a format must be texturable to be renderable.
c77e8c3 : Update the draw calls to return Error objects.
3110ffd : Updated the swizzle generation functions to use Error objects.
950cb60 : Create test configuration include guards
8eee38b : Update makefiles after merge
f4126d2 : Fix nameless struct handling.
75551cf : Avoid D3D11 primitive restart index using 32-bit indices
3e3b057 : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 37.0.2062.52
c333af9 : Use on Windows, and handle missing git.
0d62e88 : Update makefiles after merge of Chromium at 37.0.2062.21
ebba7d3 : Fix HLSL compiler error with else-rewriting in functions.
9093114 : Add a new TIntermRaw node type to translator.
5ec99a7 : Fix not rewriting else-if blocks.
b3319df : Fix npot Texture level 0 validation.
a1bb2d5 : Restrict the size of shader arrays.
ea77ce2 : Fix buffer overflow error on buffer resize.

+- Project: platform/external/chromium_org/third_party/boringssl/src

817ec34 : Rename example_sign to evp_test.
8fb1921 : Allow PKCS#8 in d2i_AutoPrivateKey.
dfc2948 : Call RtlGenRandom directly in RAND_bytes.
0e2a3cf : Remove KSSL_DEBUG.
cf2d4f4 : Test renegotiation with BoringSSL as the client.
ec48af4 : Make SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY the default.
8cfd8ad : Remove unused EVP_PKEY_ASN1_METHODs and flags.
029a779 : Remove BN_LONG macro.
2a0ee11 : Remove remnants of EVP_MD_FLAG_PKEY_METHOD_SIGNATURE.
a0ca1b7 : DTLS1_AD_MISSING_HANDSHAKE_MESSAGE does not exist.
be700c6 : Remove remnant of MS SGC second ClientHello.
2ae77d2 : Test server-side renegotiation.
8b1d900 : Fix unused variables in bn/generic.c
bc786a9 : Build with yasm on Win64 as well.
eee7306 : Get bssl tool building on Windows.
f44aa68 : Fix standalone Win64 build.
e92fc18 : Remove remnant of SRP.
fd617a5 : Port ssl3_{get,send}_server_key_exchange to EVP_Digest{Verify,Sign}*.
e6def37 : Remove ERR_LIB_PKCS12.
03a739d : Build Win32 with Yasm rather than MASM.
3e700bb : Get MASM output working on Win32.
2a0f342 : Fix standalone bio_test and v3name_test on Win64.
5f51c25 : Add -cipher option to bssl client.
8f1ef1d : Fix double-frees on malloc failure in ssl3_get_client_key_exchange.
93d67d3 : Refactor ssl3_send_client_key_exchange slightly.
2af684f : Add tests for ECDHE_PSK.
491956c : Fix ECDHE_PSK key exchange.
48cae08 : Add tests for PSK cipher suites.
b06711c : Move the X509_NAME typedef into x509.h.
e167976 : Make EVP_DigestVerifyFinal return only zero or one.
3cac450 : Add SSL_SESSION_to_bytes to replace i2d_SSL_SESSION.
773bb55 : Fix build (broken by removal of key_arg from SSL_SESSION parsing).
eb380a4 : Fix build on Windows.
aeb8d00 : Add less dangerous versions of SRTP functions.
7001a7f : Don't bother accepting key_arg when parsing SSL_SESSION.
3b73c18 : Fix "integer constant is too large for 'long' type" errors.
7571292 : Extended master secret support.
89abaea : Reimplement i2d_SSL_SESSION using CBB.
83fd6b6 : Reimplement d2i_SSL_SESSION with CBS.
fbe6f49 : The empty contents are not a valid ASN.1 INTEGER.
b5b6854 : Add CBB_add_asn1_uint64.
9f2c0d7 : Remove T** parameter to ssl_bytes_to_cipher_list.
2a39eae : Don't condition on another header's #include guard.
751e889 : Add SSL_SESSION serialization and deserialization tests.
d7a76e7 : Remove key_arg and key_arg_length from SSL_SESSION.
a19fc25 : Move ECC extensions out of SSL_SESSION.
4a67415 : Set the IV length for AES-ECB to zero.
721e6e1 : Don't read past the end of the string in BUF_strndup.
b698617 : Add CBS_peek_asn1_tag.
7f7882f : Remove obsolete TODO
a650e05 : Fix pqueue_test.c memory leak.
3831173 : Fix memory leak when decoding corrupt tickets.
88333ef : Fix switching between AEAD and non-AEAD in a renegotiation.
0248889 : Don't mix and match libraries and errors.
7ea8481 : Add generic OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED error code.