android-m-preview-1 to android-m-preview-2 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

10e5ea9 : Visit declaring class of methods on call stack
ea34b40 : Optimizing String.Equals as an intrinsic (ARM64)
bf81547 : Ignore OOME in ThreadStress Daemon threads
df3f822 : Adjust art::HTypeConversion's side effects for MIPS64.
7da072f : Structure for String.Equals intrinsic
6cff09a : Intrinsics recognizer returns kNone for MIPS, MIPS64 instruction sets
efa8468 : Small optimization improvements.
5116837 : Wait for GC to finish in ThreadList::~ThreadList
57b81ec : Add support to indicate whether intrinsics require an environment
af31802 : ART: Add correct -inl file
f10b6e1 : ART: Change UninitializedThis tracking in the verifier
e4275c0 : Visit class roots from ClassLoader::VisitReferences
e2a0a20 : Don't allow GC to start if the runtime is shutting down
e8a6944 : Delete AllocationTimer
3887c46 : Remove unnecessary `explicit` qualifiers on constructors.
78e3ef6 : Add a GVN dependency 'GC' for garbage collection.
a4f6af9 : Some heap cleanup
c0fe56a : Address some comments
cfa410b : [optimizing] More x86_64 code improvements
2f2f173 : ART: Fix Quick's DCE+GVN
8c0676c : ART-Optimizing: Fix the type of HDivZeroCheck
8dbf0cf : Revert "Revert "Pass the verified method to the inlinee DexCompilationUnit.""
b58474e : ART: Change UnresolvedMergedType merge
def3fcd : Add daemon threads to 004-ThreadStress
2f90b34 : ART: Fix reg_type_test
3ee25bb : Do read barriers on native roots in CopyClassVisitor
750f7c2 : ART: Change UnresolvedMergedType internal representation
2ea7b70 : ART: Add complex UnresolvedMergedType test case
fc8156a : [MIPS] Avoid using odd numbered fp registers
f297581 : Fix a bug in the register allocator around pair allocation.
3a35714 : ART: Clean up unnecessary ArtMethod**
067f1ed : ART: Remove TODO in BitVector
eb3bd88 : Fix C++14 bitrot.
6b06953 : Add class table field to class loader
f25b661 : Revert "Pass the verified method to the inlinee DexCompilationUnit."
a215b95 : Tighten default inlining settings when using the space filter.
8158f28 : Ensure coherency of call kinds for LocationSummary.
08624c5 : Pass the verified method to the inlinee DexCompilationUnit.
115b53f : ART: Fix the simplifier for add/sub
5e2c8d3 : Introduce arch-specific checker tests.
46e857a : Fix image loading in interpeter-only mode
3901bbc : Fix DDM reply buffer deallocation
54d220e : Move ArtFields and ArtMethods to be a length prefixed array
4d2ef33 : ART: Extend ISA features option for (host) run tests
5eb0d38 : ART: Wire up DexToDexCompiler without extern
d82e89e : Fix mod-union logic for native roots
9867bc7 : Have constant folding be more flexible.
c90bc7c : Add constant folding for long unary operations in opt. compiler.
4382f1e : Revert "Revert "ART: Use bionic TLS slot for thread-self""
90ef3db : Address some comments and clean up
50832b6 : Revert "ART: Use bionic TLS slot for thread-self"
b1d8c31 : Revert "cleanup: Replace pointers with out-parameters and fix-up formatting"
4af48fc : Update expectation.
9644ab4 : ART: Use Clang default integrated assembler.
cb1c055 : ART: Move exception clearing into own instruction
e0d7cff : ART: Fix arm32 assembly for Clang
9ca2571 : ART: x86_64 RoundDouble/Float intrinsics should initialize out value.
611d339 : ARM/ARM64: Implement numberOfLeadingZeros intrinsic.
3fd0e6a : Added repe_cmpsq instruction to x86_64 assembler
ff7b114 : ART: Fix stub_test
aabdf8a : Revert "Optimizing String.Equals as an intrinsic (x86)"
c2abe2f : Fix ambiguous phrasing in tests comments regarding $opt$.
a315f5c : cleanup: Replace pointers with out-parameters and fix-up formatting
bc1d78d : runtime: cleanup class_linker out-parameters and formatting
40c8141 : Revert "runtime: cleanup class_linker out-parameters and formatting"
8ab7bd6 : Optimizing String.Equals as an intrinsic (x86)
0de694e : runtime: cleanup class_linker out-parameters and formatting
07e0e6b : Revert "ART: Do not allow RETURN_VOID_NO_BARRIER outside constructors"
e93505f : ART: Do not allow RETURN_VOID_NO_BARRIER outside constructors
c0da7ac : ART: Remove unique-numbered labels from arm64 assembly
970abfb : Added repe_cmpsl instruction to x86, x86_64 assemblers
109c89a : ART: Change stream output kNone intrinsic
5f684fd : Don't dump stack when deleting an invalid local ref
fb326cf : base: replace raw pointers for out-parameters with safer out<T>
124b392 : Added disassembler support for repe_cmpsw instruction in x86, x86_64
dbf5d75 : ART: Fix gtest after GraphChecker CL
b618ade : ART: Store and check exceptional predecessors
c60e1b7 : ART: Use __ANDROID__ instead of HAVE_ANDROID_OS
7a08fb5 : Optimizing: Add Non Temporal Move support for x86
9097981 : Optimizing: Replace x86 xchg use with xor sequence
028aec2 : Do not use -DUSE_*MALLOC for host build
eb837eb : Clear temporary class arrays before linking the new class
51d135f : Take into account that we might end up with unresolved classes.
0941b9d : Fix gtests.
ec74835 : Allow for fine tuning the inliner.
e0671ce : Clean up class visitors
2e76830 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Use the object class as top in reference type propagation""""
d60a1af : Run intrinsics on inlined code.
b815358 : ART: Use bionic TLS slot for thread-self
cc5ebdf : Split the class table for each class loader
6e18dcb : Parallel Move Resolver: Perform Stack/Stack first
4a2aa4a : Optimizing: Use more X86 3 operand multiplies
1aee900 : Add read barrier support to the entrypoints.
f874d59 : Temporarily suppress TimeZoneTest.testAllDisplayNames.
a5ae3c3 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Fixes and improvements in ReferenceTypePropagation""""
e344a80 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Fixes and improvements in ReferenceTypePropagation"""
b734808 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Use the object class as top in reference type propagation"""
be2aa44 : ART: Relax IsInstantiable check
ef4afe9 : ART: Print out hex for NewStringUTF failure
3908912 : Add remembered set functionality for native roots
3152c82 : Bugfix: Java char is 16 bits, can not be treated as boolean.
71311f8 : Added repe_cmpsw instruction to x86, x86_64 assemblers
80caa14 : Revert "Revert "Use the object class as top in reference type propagation""
00e3b38 : Revert "Revert "Fixes and improvements in ReferenceTypePropagation""
718493c : HDeoptimize should hold values live in env.
f7746ad : Exercise constant folding of int & long mul, div and rem.
6a92a03 : Cosmetic changes in ART run-tests.
b65eb50 : Fix & add Checker assertions in 442-checker-constant-folding.
825570c : ART: Abbreviate interpreter-access-checks
0c7c55c : Register signal handler to kernel if not claimed
c621106 : Fix gcstress tests
695a273 : ART: Make warnings into errors in InitZygote
dd67125 : ART: Change the stack dump format to be in line with debuggerd
222223a : Revert "runtest: Have gcstress tests skip 955-lambda-smali"
da7c650 : Visit class native roots from VisitReferences
6738ed9 : Add checker ability to 525-arrays-and-fields tests.
676ff8e : Enable art host static builds only for checkbuilds.
ed8990a : Add some more uninterruptible annotations
71cef23 : Fix alignments in quick_entrypoints_x86_64.S
d29e848 : ART: Fix Quick/Optimizing suspend check assumption mismatch.
80fb394 : Disable Checker for tests that don't invoke the compiler.
5bdb655 : ART: Fix missing role definition
88b6b05 : Fix hash set memory leaks
4e2cb09 : Add uninterruptible role
ef3119e : runtest: Have gcstress tests skip 955-lambda-smali
9044347 : Move to newer clang annotations
53fcd0f : ART: Add VerboseMethods to optimizing compiler
8f08f9e : Replaced CHECK with EXPECT in tests.
7733bd6 : Revert "Use the object class as top in reference type propagation"
9b0096b : Revert "Fixes and improvements in ReferenceTypePropagation"
ca80ecc : Fix and extend the documentation of art::Thread's fields offsets.
94f5bda : More diagnostics for flaky oat file assistant test.
74e1cc0 : When a Checker assertion cannot be parsed, display it.
1c4ccea : Delete extraneous prefix `SideEffects::` in `nodes.h`.
663c934 : ART: Fix Thumb2 literal fixup.
3f307f3 : Added unit tests to LICM.
6bd980c : interpreter: Add tests for move-result after invoke-lambda
4d7b75f : verifier: Skip verification of methods when seeing experimental opcodes
754a445 : Prefer 32-bit host executables on Mac.
891dfaa : ART: Fix UninitializedReference handling
4360be2 : ART: Remove some of the Mac craziness
3fabec7 : Use the object class as top in reference type propagation
b0d5fc0 : Fixes and improvements in ReferenceTypePropagation
34c3ba9 : Fix broken tests.
e2facc5 : runtime: Add lambda box/unbox object equality
854a02b : Improved side effect analysis (field/array write/read).
2639e8e : Add more checks to diagnose flaky oat file assistant test.
5f946da : Fix bug in OatFileAssistant::GetBestOatFile.
7c0fe5e : Don't check code pointer for proxies in ArtMethod::GetQuickFrameInfo
76914b0 : ART: Fix arm32 quick_invoke_stub CFI
ef76c3f : Get non proxy method for StackDumpVisitor
7617abd : runtime: Add -Xverify:softfail and ART_TEST_INTERPRETER_ACCESS_CHECKS
14c3bf9 : Change intern table to not use WaitHoldingLocks
5ef7994 : Extended test with "cross-over arrays".
6b756b5 : Improve Thumb2 branch/load-literal fixup performance.
9523a3e : Revert "Revert "Use the quickened metadata to compile -QUICK opcodes.""
432bf3d : Reduce space filter threshold to 128.
8ab9a90 : Revert "Use the quickened metadata to compile -QUICK opcodes."
d141f45 : Test on (in)variant static and instance field arrays.
c952ac9 : ART: Fix System.arraycopy
d6c201e : Disable test while investigating.
4515a67 : Use the quickened metadata to compile -QUICK opcodes.
0a5cd12 : Make oatdump see the new vmap table generated by dextodex.
b016c6d : ART: DCE should know that array-length can throw NPE
1c1da43 : Improve documentation of memory layouts in stack_map.h.
108ceb4 : ART: Boolean simplifier fix
14d9057 : Use (D)CHECK_ALIGNED more.
e48a169 : Move MarkObject to
0f2fd32 : Enable ASan annotations in ART based on macro setting.
8118781 : Address some GC comments
b19ccb1 : Use SuspendAllInternal for FlipThreadRoots
d139bb7 : Fix the documentation of all-run-test-names.
747e536 : Clean up after verifier changes wrt. conflict/undefined reg.
d780c00 : Use art::MemoryRegion::{Load,Store}Bits more in art::CodeInfo.
fab6788 : Fix FieldGap priority queue ordering bug.
ffee3d3 : ART: Build SSA form when try/catch is present
c04c800 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Make dex2dex return a CompiledMethod after quickening.""""
55978b8 : ART: Fix mac build
d71795b : Change phony targets to set dalvik.vm.usejit properly
9750995 : Clean up GC callbacks to be virtual methods
093f1b4 : Add ART_TEST_DEBUG_GC to help with debugging gc.
345f93e : Avoid unexpected conversions to ArrayRef.
3031c8d : ART: Remove art_quick_invoke_interface_trampoline
19af117 : Fix mac build
068361a : Refine the canary pattern in RedZone
4abf451 : Disable ASan on Thread::InstallImplicitProtection.
1e13374 : Generalize Valgrind annotations in ART to support ASan.
1d4184d : Add an option to run art tests with strace.
eac4424 : ART: JNI thread state transition optimization
0b71357 : Thread-local mark stacks for the CC collector.
9f5e1d9 : Fix cfi information for x86.
ed6195a : Revert "Revert "Revert "Make dex2dex return a CompiledMethod after quickening."""
6a8df53 : ART: Fix DexFileVerifier try_items OoO validation
7f63c52 : Revert "Revert "Fuse long and FP compare & condition on ARM64 in Optimizing.""
9b1eba3 : Fix baseline for arm64.
f075879 : Revert "Revert "Make dex2dex return a CompiledMethod after quickening.""
d553b43 : Remove the --compiler-backend option from script.
c3f73f7 : Re-enable run-test 449-checker-bce on MIPS64.
8f1e08a : ART: Don't nest indenters in oatdump.
327c5ed : Revert "Make dex2dex return a CompiledMethod after quickening."
3d1e0c9 : ART: Fix arm32 assembly stub CFI
5662383 : ART: Add Thread start VLOG
72156e2 : Fix proxy handling in FindDeclaredVirtualMethod
f182085 : Add VMDebug.countInstancesOfClasses
22a07b9 : Change VisitNativeRoots to use unchecked get for method arrays
1de19d0 : Fix race condition for method root marking in VisitNativeRoots
7a4d015 : Change JIT code to use optimizing.
2e7cd75 : [optimizing] Don't rely on the verifier for String.<init>.
bed50d2 : Revert "Fuse long and FP compare & condition on ARM64 in Optimizing."
6920703 : Make dex2dex return a CompiledMethod after quickening.
5cfe61f : Fuse long and FP compare & condition on ARM64 in Optimizing.
c1a03d9 : Remove unused WorkStealing thread pool
3cf2253 : Clean up some includes
e0021c5 : ART: Improve the symbolize script
97a1ff3 : ART: Change merges with Undefined to Undefined
4e14960 : Enable multi-dex content per file in dexlist/dump.
7135ff0 : ART: Fix test
0e26f46 : Fix makefile test against host os.
72783ff : ART: Fix bug in GraphBuilder
3a49232 : ART: Add regression test
3853628 : ART: Allow to set and copy conflicts in the verifier
882a4f3 : Have test-art-host-dexdump specifically depend on the host binaries.
22c26f5 : Revert "Make Art dexdump/list the real utilities."
38ba3fe : Use trap + async timeout for tests
41656de : Fix potential bugs in allocation tracker
d10ee1c : Make Art dexdump/list the real utilities.
6cd788f : Address small comments in HGraphBuilder
bff7503 : Revert "Revert "ART: Ignore try blocks with no throwing instructions""
efe374d : Revert "ART: Ignore try blocks with no throwing instructions"
beba930 : Revert "Use the object class as top in reference type propagation"
575422f : ART: Release inputs in Long.reverse intrinsic in x86
8f8ee68 : ART: Ignore try blocks with no throwing instructions
19ac027 : Support compiling run-tests with jack
6fcaf3f : Fix oatdump after ArtMethod change.
4fa13f6 : Fuse long and FP compare & condition on ARM in Optimizing.
7bf2b4f : Revert "Revert "Remove interpreter entrypoint in ArtMethod.""
20e6071 : Use the object class as top in reference type propagation
7070ccd : Revert "Remove interpreter entrypoint in ArtMethod."
fa2c054 : Remove interpreter entrypoint in ArtMethod.
3e40f4a : Migrated dexlist from Dalvik (libdex) into Art (libart)
2e8bf55 : Initialize pDeoptimize quick entry pointer for Mips.
6852942 : Accept 0xFFFFFFFF as dex debug info offset.
c470193 : Fuse long and FP compare & condition on x86/x86-64 in Optimizing.
890da29 : ART: Avoid soft- after hard-fail in verifier

+- Project: platform/bionic

61d9ae5 : [MIPS] Invalidate cached pid in vfork.
a40a211 : Fix test steps for 64-bit bionic
3fe1515 : Add missing include.
5341691 : Move up to C++14.
bf830ad : Omit comment when reading --gtest_list_tests option's output.
5891abd : Invalidate cached pid in vfork.
17379d2 : Cherrypick upstream fnmatch.c fix.
516fcb2 : name the arc4random structure mappings
9101b00 : add a fortified implementation of getcwd
0acb15e : [MIPS] Link .dex or .oat code lacking .MIPS.abiflags segment
c46c0e9 : Sync current upstream fnmatch.c.
4c43aac : Revert "add a fortified implementation of getcwd"
89a121d : add a fortified implementation of getcwd
9f03ed1 : Stop sending SIGPIPE to debuggerd.
b447440 : Prevent buffer over-read in linker.cpp's parse_path.
36443fd : Remove PAGE_SIZE from <limits.h>.
9bbb5a7 : Bionic: Add a TLS slot for ART for Thread self
5390173 : Don't transitively include <limits.h> from <sys/user.h>.
820a86f : Remove PAGESIZE.
afab3ff : Move PAGE_MASK into <sys/user.h>.
667dc75 : deprecate TARGET_USES_LOGD
d2a9fb3 : Add a regression test for a fixed strnlen bug.
7656d0c : Add one simple thread local storage test.
8264cbb : Remove pushes from memsets (krait/cortex-a9).
f0a7347 : name the atexit handler pages
ec83a61 : Restore protection flags for ifunc during relocs.
189394b : Use AT_PAGESZ for sysconf(_SC_PAGE_SIZE).
fed2659 : add fortified implementations of fread/fwrite
795a8e3 : Make all labels local.
1661125 : Don't abort when failed to write tracing message.
c4786d3 : Add getgrgid_r/getgrnam_r.
10726d5 : libc: arch-x86: implement kernel vdso time functions
361d4b4 : We don't have CXX_BARE any more
d294863 : Use a less misleading name for the code that sets up the main thread.
95fd031 : Revert "Stop libc from cross-referencing unwind symbols"
613f814 : Revert "Revert "make vdso function pointers read-only at runtime""
3fef96f : Fix dt_runpath test.
1946856 : Revert "make vdso function pointers read-only at runtime"
a7a87dd : <sys/time.h> should include [most of] <sys/select.h>.
2cc41d3 : Add all the glibc one-line "synonym" header files.
df1a3c6 : make vdso function pointers read-only at runtime
e5cfafe : Fix potential race condition on dlopen
70b6e1d : Add support for non-zero vaddr in maps.
0875ba3 : Add timespec/timeval conversion helpers.
730ed9d : Add constant for zip separator
d11c3e5 : Replace spaces with tabs in a Makefile.
d640b22 : A special linker for ASan executables.
91ce715 : Add test for an Android kernel bug about prctl.
dda4fd4 : Update to v3.18.18 kernel headers.
3a40a00 : Do not hold hash table lock while backtracing.
a20a35f : Prevent user-defined basename_r from breaking basename(3).
4d44675 : Use delete[] to de-allocate pointers from new[]
609f11b : Fix memory-leak on soinfo_free()
e551514 : libc: Add sys/fcntl.h for compatibility.
e1e434a : Replace bx lr with update of pc from the stack.
0cdef7e : Respect caller DT_RUNPATH in dlopen().

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

c754792 : Use unique_ptr and unique_fd to manager FDs.
b02e90f : Use CPPFLAGS instead of CFLAGS.
faa7500 : Fix recovery image build.
e6aa332 : updater: Clean up char* with std::string.
1b7d9b7 : Fix potential crash
dc39226 : udpater: Call fsync() after rename().
abb8f77 : recovery: Allow "Mount /system" for system_root_image.
187efff : updater: Hoist fsync() to outer loop.
1ce7a2a : applypatch: Fix the checking in WriteToPartition().
abba55b : applypatch: Support flash mode.
7cf50c6 : uncrypt: Support file level encryption.
ba8a678 : updater: libapplypatch needs libbase now.
aca8e89 : applypatch: Refactor strtok().
71dc365 : recovery: Switch fuse_* to C++.
dd4d981 : Clean up LOG functions.
ba9a42a : recovery: Switch applypatch/ and updater/ to cpp.
9c67aa2 : Revert "Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD"

+- Project: platform/build

2922411 : Link librt on the host when using sanitizers.
bb625d2 : Free the stash after its use in BBOTA v2.
df3fd1d : Never allow -w.
f39a25b : Include the okhttp.jar when compiling against internal classes
92026f2 : Revert "Use repeatable timestamps"
13ba6e0 : Use repeatable timestamps
09c4b68 : Don't build otapackage on Mac.
c7d307d : Bump the default C++ standard up to C++14.
9a17568 : Allow custom recovery resource dirs.
575d68a : Change the cache partition size check into warnings.
ec224d5 : build: Load makefiles in the same order with Make 4.0
7ba582a : Dedup system shared libraries.
46ed1e8 : Disable transitive symbol resolving for mips64.
d983a29 : Docs: Rename content-footer-text plus remove whitespace.
54e92d0 : Remove LOCAL_MODULE from generated DBus header path.
62bd479 : build: Support packaging for system_root_image.
7a5bf8a : releasetools: Support packaging for system_root_image.
4aedea9 : Ignore .*.java files when collecting .java files.
0a0e6ea : Build static ckati on Linux.
eadaa95 : Fix writing in the first build.
d3a803e : build: switch over to file_contexts.bin only
a65637d : Update to support file_contexts.bin
3e3d7b5 : Don't prepend CC_WRAPPER to CLANG.
7b82656 : build: core: Fix issue in recovery
e6853b0 : Add support for system images that contain the root directory
59156a6 : Add
515ab1e : Add system/core to the PYTHONPATH.
bc2be46 : Add build rules to generate native DBus interfaces
5c28bda : Build 64-bit host tools in Linux/Mac SDK build.
4271a9b : Replace Browser with Browser2 and BookmarkProvider
be46a54 : build: Fix "adb shell" in recovery for system_root_image.
f9a5ae5 : Docs: Add Google Feedback link to the footer for SAC pages.
a6311b7 : Make TSAN easier to use.
7f80a9e : Remove the now-empty darwin AndroidConfig.h.
61c9425 : Remove global Windows __BEGIN_DECLS/__END_DECLS.
47b557a : Don't define S_IRGRP in AndroidConfig.h.
1de24c7 : Remove HAVE_WINSOCK.
d1123ff : Update mac_sdk_versions_supported.
45e2a12 : Remove OS_PATH_SEPARATOR from AndroidConfig.h.
dd24da9 : Read fstab from the source build.
bb1da5e : Use unmodified MAKECMDGOALS in
b15b512 : Remove HAVE_WINDOWS_PATHS.
f2cffbd : Support systems that use a full copy of recovery image.
8a3dd24 : Remove $(DEX2OAT) from DEX2OAT_DEPENDENCY when USE_DEX2OAT_DEBUG is set.
cd5875f : Remove unused "host/Directories.h".
ef3e7cf : Disallow LOCAL_CXX_STL with LOCAL_SDK_VERSION.
97ba885 : Bump generic_arm64 system partition size to 1200 MB.
a518480 : Fix mmma uses like "mmma ./external/apache-harmony"
3b324cb : Build with kati+ninja when USE_NINJA=true
1a71f95 : Remove unneeded aapt dependency
c3596d6 : Add build subprojects to .gitignore
0633273 : Create OUT_DIR before writing build_number.txt.
bbd4755 : Cleanups.
57d9060 : Split [CC|CXX]_WRAPPER from [TARGET|HOST]_[CC|CXX]
14da142 : Do not update when there is no change
d37b540 : Auto-clean host tools when switching between apps_only and platform build.
4b396e4 : Disable relocation packer in SANITIZE_TARGET mode.
84e7568 : Override properties that point to out/ directory.
f37b455 : Read BUILD_NUMBER from file in rules
b6da589 : Move @echo to first command in rules
df2620a : file_contexts: Label /dev/ttyS2 as console_device
7055791 : Enable verbose output for add_img_to_target_files.
8dcf738 : Assert the stash size when generating OTAs.
8f5e67a : Use a different linker for ASan binaries.
ff7a781 : Disable detection of bugs on global variables.
23a298b : mgrep: add output to environment commands
2a41058 : Fix the permission in common.ZipWriteStr().
2c15d9e : Pack file_contexts into target_files zip.
e9b6191 : Zero out blocks that may be touched by dm-verity.
ba2f676 : Remove HAVE_WIN32_IPC.
3d949bb : Remove mkbootimg from the pathmap.
b248bf8 : Remove entries for libc.
5dbf4ea : Stop polluting the namespace with HAVE_MALLOC_H in AndroidConfig.h.
9f0c8df : Scan all init.*.rc files for flash_recovery service.
011ea06 : Add compressor options for squashfs system images
686a557 : Revert "Revert "Hide unwinder symbols in each binary.""

+- Project: platform/cts

12fbf6a : cts/tests: increase deadlines in
ae3bab6 : Be explicit about using C++11.
a69540f : SELinuxHostTest: Switch to file_contexts.bin.
b9ee1f9 : Manual cherry-pick of "Remove not relevant browser tests"
9d4dd0b : increase tolerance in RSResizeTest test bug:22357417
43fcd6b : Fix a typo in some function names (Squre -> Square).
7ece452 : CTS: Fix VM-tests new-instance VFE7 test
62aaa30 : Lose some deprecated test annotations.
5f58c08 : Test that modifications made by kernels to input arguments are not reflected back in the Allocation.
a73d499 : RenderScript cts: Fix issues related to concurrency.
a03e24d : Add tests for C++ vector reflection in RenderScript.
e7deec4 : Switch libcoremathtestcpp back to using libRScpp_static.

+- Project: platform/dalvik

1a65052 : Revert "Remove libdex (including dexdump/list)."
48a66c5 : Remove libdex (including dexdump/list).

+- Project: platform/development

cb994dd : Remove the mingw package check
487b1de : AdbWinUsbApi.dll: fix race condition crash in WinUsb.dll
fca8234 : Switch to 64-bit host tools in Linux/Mac SDK build.
ef3f1e2 : Warn if you're trying to use gdbclient without "adb root".
f5da1f2 : Remove references to Browser tests
4efdec6 : Fix gdbclient to work with emulator builds

+- Project: device/asus/deb

4a93a41 : RazorG: Reduce the journal size to zero.

+- Project: device/asus/flo

b6858c8 : Conninit: Check fread return value

+- Project: device/asus/fugu

a6dfe14 : Define BOARD_CACHEIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE for fugu.
0eb2ed4 : Switch to C++ updater.

+- Project: device/asus/tilapia

0f3e75d : updater: Switch to C++ and fix the build.

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

b77d62b : Lose HAVE_ANDROID_OS in goldfish.
4a7e93d : opengl: Fix QemuPipeStream::readFully reading beyond end of buffer

+- Project: device/htc/flounder

48f5839 : BoardConfig: deprecate TARGET_USES_LOGD

+- Project: device/lge/hammerhead

5a81fdc : HH: Minimally refactor
6c1af60 : hammerhead: Reduce the /system journal size to zero.
d0d223e : selinux: label mac address in sysfs

+- Project: device/moto/shamu

cae0a4c : Lose HAVE_ANDROID_OS in device/moto/shamu.
3b71e98 : restorecon /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive.
6dc99be : selinux: label mac address in sysfs
7342e18 : Revert "selinux: label mac address in sysfs"
ce721a5 : selinux: label mac address in sysfs

+- Project: device/sample

55e7b66 : Proxy IP and port removed from Simobil Slovenia internet APN

+- Project: device/samsung/manta

cea24ef : updater: Switch to C++ and fix the build.

+- Project: platform/docs/

bdfe0ba : Docs: Remove hard coded width from image
54db070 : Update build numbers for LMY48J
a5864b5 : Docs: Rename pages to match their purposes
5ae9507 : Docs: Remove extraneous files from repo
fa4876b : Update build numbers for LYZ28J (For T-Mobile ONLY)
818830e : Docs: Removing CTS manual additional steps reference
242a058 : Docs: Add 4.4 package links
2c79e1f : Update build numbers for LMY48I
62acf6e : Docs: Replace old contributor grants with links to latest agreements
a2a25c5 : Docs: Fix minor typo, an extra "an"
145269a : Docs: Updated diagram with a changed path, and edits to main BT page
61fe852 : Docs: Restore deleted contents
44b42e7 : Docs: Adding init help example for clarity
c54ec3b : Docs: Adding Headset requirements and testing in new section
a920941 : Update build numbers for LMY47Z
a8ecb2f : Update build numbers for LVY48C
48f0d83 : Docs: Add videos in Audio section to home page
5b7c17f : Audio latency updates
d6020bf : Docs: Remove ToC, add period
1ca936e : Docs: Add 5.1 R2 packages to site
fb7b90f : Docs: Adding missing files for pdf creation, generating new cdd pdf Adding main cdd pdf file to compatibility (both as 5.1 and unversioned)
23fc059 : Docs: Clarify adaptive playback requirement for video codecs
5213163 : Calibrate previously too strict file seq. write requirements
ad0616c : Fix typos
3917383 : Docs: Update memory requirement for missing 280dpi & 64-bit VGA class
8e40abe : Docs: Correct escaping characters and other typos
0790cb6 : Docs: Correct wrong Mozilla version name in webview UA string
cee2fb7 : Docs: Adding missing superscript tags
6dd6673 : Docs: Adding CDD_README.txt to compatibility directory
9e09e6e : Docs: Updating 5.0 CTS links to R3
2956d76 : Miscellaneous audio updates

+- Project: platform/external/aac

f170f89 : build: wildcard isn't guaranteed to be sorted

+- Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

0d3a487 : JDWP: remove unecessary feature checks in tests
565ac82 : Delete some obsolete harmony tests.

+- Project: platform/external/boringssl

bd9957e : Handle RDRAND failures.
e0846be : dsa_pub_encode: Write out DSA parameters (p, q, g) in addition to key.
98856d4 : Fix for CVE-2015-1789.
56d2503 : Fixes for CVE-2015-1791.

+- Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

65581d2 : GCM: fix mode and padding set

+- Project: platform/external/cblas

d639809 : Make cblas able to build for API 8 (RS Support lib)

+- Project: platform/external/chromium-trace

c394dbd : Changed how pre processing commands are issued & added fix_tgids opt.
ced05db : Update to latest trace-viewer (a7f1c1b3)
5b094e3 : Enable Systrace to be used during boot.
81baa5e : add unit test for --from-file option

+- Project: platform/external/clang

1d910ea : Changes to kernel attribute: 1) Recognize an optional string argument. 2) Ensure the attribute is only applied to functions.
8b9a50c : Remove unnecessary patches/ directory.

+- Project: platform/external/compiler-rt

c044a2f : Put back the non-VFP soft float implementations.
6c5b3a5 : fix error typing of LOCAL_SANITIZE.
be1b933 : Add build of tsan on linux x86_64.
78c814d : Install ASan runtime library on /system partition.
b6376a7 : Remove broken vfp_alias.S implementation.

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

dbdd143 : GCM: set default tag size to 12 bytes
363ec65 : GCM: return the correct AlgorithmParameters
6e2618d : OpenSSLX509Certificate: use OID if alg name unavailable
134dc92 : external/conscrypt: control binary-field EC with OPENSSL_NO_EC2M.

+- Project: platform/external/deqp

ca5d0d7 : Enable clang compilation for mips.

+- Project: platform/external/dnsmasq

f161783 : Properly initialize struct irec pointers after malloc()

+- Project: platform/external/doclava

80e1849 : Workaround for breaking change in OpenJDK 8 javadoc
6e18d24 : Correctly handle method javadoc with type parameter tags.
59a2088 : Fix handling of @link / see tags referring to varargs methods.

+- Project: platform/external/eigen

1ba7f85 : Make eigen and libblas able to build for API8 x86 target.
9267631 : Make eigen about to build for API 8 (RenderScript support lib)
68f0304 : fix eigen crash on fugu when executing ZHEMV with SSE instructions.

+- Project: platform/external/expat

dbe9f41 : Stop using LOCAL_COPY_HEADERS in expat.

+- Project: platform/external/gtest

aa6755e : Add RTTI support to libgtest and libgtest_host.

+- Project: platform/external/guava

1bc0641 : Backport Java 8 compile time break workaround.
85993cc : Update the contents of the file to match the latest code
42e70d2 : Added Closeables.closeQuietly(Closeable) back
6bde63a : Replaced usages of Unsafe in UnsignedBytes with standard Java
9dd1484 : Replace usages of Unsafe.compareAndSwap(Int|Long)
3ecfa41 : Upgraded Guava to unmodified v18.0

+- Project: platform/external/hamcrest

715e07a : Revert "Delete obsolete hamcrest-hostdex rule."

+- Project: platform/external/icu

ad99b7b : Android patch: Work-around for ClassNotFoundException.
6a776c3 : Revert "Tidy up the ICU4J build rules"
d4d4826 : Tidy up the ICU4J build rules

+- Project: platform/external/iproute2

de7bf23 : IPRoute2/ip: Disable unused-parameter warning

+- Project: platform/external/iptables

7856df5 : build: wildcard isn't guaranteed to be sorted
3b20fc7 : extensions: libxt_socket: add --restore-skmark option

+- Project: platform/external/jdiff

0860aaa : Adjust jdiff to be able to read both Doclava and "regular" Jdiff API xml files.

+- Project: platform/external/jemalloc

6dd9e7d : Revert to first-best-fit run/chunk allocation.
6ff2aaf : On 32 bit systems, force huge allocs on arena 0.
7d5bbc9 : work around _FORTIFY_SOURCE false positive
35d78ee : Fix an integer overflow bug.
8eb4855 : Fix an integer overflow bug in {size2index,s2u}_compute().
836515c : Revert "Fix chunk size check."
3fb6bb0 : Revert "Temporarily return for bad free."
2025af3 : Revert "Remove error message for now."
a9c83f5 : Make sure the arena cache cannot be reused.

+- Project: platform/external/junit

a87382f : Add host target to support vogar-run tests

+- Project: platform/external/libavc

2eaba5e : Encoder: Fixed an issue in handling FPS greater than 60
c858165 : Support for level greater than level at init in Decoder
90bd045 : Decoder: Fixed issues shown by Valgrind
aad4587 : Made gops closed
5696adb : Validate the u4_entropy_coding_mode field
b7d5bb5 : Fixed issue in cost computation for BIPRED ME
9c6a2f7 : Cabac optimizations
0fee948 : Use INT_MAX as i4_max_sad in ih264e_evaluate_bipred
8e78e30 : Make sure that apv_bufs[0] and u4_is_last always are set
08e68e8 : avcenc: Initialize avg_time
cc58d3f : Check the width/height and adjust level used for RC
f080d51 : Fixed encode of single frame
9fbffcf : Don't declare variables after statements
a77fc52 : Don't use side effects in the macro PUT_BITS_SEV parameters
17c7e8e : Always do recon of 4x4 intra blocks
4d35438 : Fixed encode of trailing B frames
18e2568 : Remove the now unused stride field from the set dimensions struct
75b967a : Don't set -mno-avx
91d2783 : Mark arrays of pointers as const
76cdaed : Remove double semicolons (empty statements)

+- Project: platform/external/libcxx

1f3befa : Build and test with C++14.
2ea6337 : Revert "Revert "Hide symbols from the unwinder.""

+- Project: platform/external/libcxxabi

96d7ecd : Update for the unwinder's new home.
8e51add : Build with C++14.
d8093df : Update to new
7beb57c : [libc++abi] Allow use just compiled clang++ for tests
52cf98b : [libcxxabi][mips] Correct float_data::mangled_size for all ABI's.
52fddff : [libcxxabi] Add -funwind-tables to the test compilation options.
5a8986b : Remove include directive for the unused libunwind_ext.h.
1cef559 : fallback_malloc: silence conversion warning (NFC)
bd32d95 : fallback_malloc: silence qual-cast warning (NFC)
5013d7c : Implement uncaught_exceptions() to get a count, rather than a bool. Update the libc++abi version. Reviewed as
088a71b : libcxx: Switch to use __gnu_unwind_frame() for libunwind.
3b8762a : Make sure !empty() before calling String::front().
f662666 : LIBCXXABI_LIBUNWIND_INCLUDES is already set before calling find_path, and find_path will not update it. So cmake will throw error "include_directories given empty-string as include directory". Use other variable name for the include path and do not find the default libunwind.h in the system path.
f273775 : Typos
c509660 : Fix "TODO" and provide the configure-time options to find libunwind. This is done the same way as we're looking for libc++
b979db1 : Disallow conversions from function pointers to void*.
3641403 : Fix syntax error in CMake created when a variable is not defined.
722df3e : libc++abi: work around layering violation
352f134 : libc++abi: try harder to force the LLVM unwinder on ARM
e399cfb : libc++abi: enable LLVM unwinder by default for ARM
b2cceca : libc++abi: remove unused variable
0f111c2 : libc++abi: clear up some -Wqual-cast warnings
2493be6 : libc++abi: silence some warnings
561567f : libc++abi: remove build infrastructure for unwind
b877159 : libc++abi: move tests back
ee8031b : libc++abi: remove the duplicated unwind content
3943f43 : Declare __cxa_new_handler as extern "C", or it declares a new variable
554d59a : [libcxxabi] Disallow Base to Derived conversions for catching pointers to members.
0cb62d1 : [libcxxabi] Fix multi-level pointer conversions and pointer to member conversion detection.
c20d836 : Revert r228351 - Dont install header files.
f780f7d : Also use dl_iterate_phdr() on CloudABI.
196cbd7 : Don't print debugging messages to stdout.
28ca89d : Let libc++'s LIT configuration setup our linker paths and env.
9ac9cdd : add option to tell LIT where to find the libc++ library when built out of tree
7c79ceb : Update copyright year to 2015.
fdd39fd : Remove unneeded const_cast in readPointerHelper. Pointed out by jroelofs
89ea9ad : [libcxx] Fix PR21580 - Undefined behavior in readEncodedPointer()
fd4c54b : Unwind: define more interfaces more often
78a8988 : Unwind: always define unwind APIs
968ed8a : Unwind: remove unnecessary check
39ead49 : Unwind: tweak register handling for AArch64
faf34fb : Fix build with GCC: - GCC doesn't support #pragma mark, only Apple GCC and clang. Wrap the pragma mark's in #if 0 to make gcc ignore them but xcode still see them. - Wrap a bunch of "#pragma clang" lines in #ifdef __clang__. - Pacify gcc's -Wparenthesis in a case where it's quite reasonable.
d95080e : [libcxxabi] Build both static and shared versions of libc++abi by default.
0bc1a0f : Unwind: make it build on Darwin again
87116c1 : Add .eh_frame_hdr search to Linux unwinder.
60df040 : Add remote testing support to the lit config
4cab028 : Unwind: clean up some GCC warnings
b9bde57 : Add .fpu directives to ARM unwind save & restore functions.
75a7bf6 : Add temporary workaround for missing symbol __cxa_throw_bad_new_array_length on OS X.
ae158ea : Do not add -fno-exceptions without -funwind-tables
1ac9904 : Moar post-commit review.
bda7842 : Address post-commit review comments
c394610 : Make the unwinder build on thumbv6-m with the integrated assembler.
d5539c8 : unwind: always export unw_local_addr_space
905cde8 : unwind: use sizeof() instead of hardcoded sizes
031128a : Don't use bzero() and strcpy().
944a766 : unwind: use explicit memcpy for register saving
e281edd : unwind: move exported APIs out of header
16e33fa : unwind: tweak inclusion ordering to work around GCC
ad1d968 : unwind: clean up some -Werror=return-type warnings
b7e3b27 : unwind: clean up more -Wformat warnings
b19a495 : unwind: clean up straggling -Wundef warning
b357c3f : unwind: silence -Wconversion warnings
200599c : Fix libcxxabi's library and object root for tests.
2af79a5 : unwind: improve compilation on Linux with gcc
1736c46 : unwind: clean up some stray semicolons
7fa9cf1 : unwind: clean up -Wundef warnings
d3aa445 : unwind: fix -Wformat warnings from gcc
b047f54 : Unwind: hoist placement delete into base class
ffa0d78 : Unwind: replace pure virtual functions with aborts
a32df7e : unwind: use -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -funwind-tables
7940f19 : Fix build for apple machines.
8906bdd : Fix build.
b177939 : Revert "indicate tag type in C"
8414c5a : [libcxxabi] Fix -Werror build for 32-bit non-ARM.
da5a6b1 : Formatting fixes.
8d776e7 : Fix compilation of unwind on Darwin-x86_64
4210260 : Silence some -Wundef warnings
4f0882b : Silence warning about loss of precision
4963ea3 : indicate tag type in C
d2056af : Install header files
29bfe89 : Some more -Wundef issues.
a1fce46 : Enable -Wundef.
3cbecdf : Whitespace cleanup.
cc8269f : Make test require 'linux' instead of 'linux2'
ff417a5 : Adopt CMake policy CMP0042. Set MACOSX_RPATH on by default.
9a9e939 : [libcxxabi] Teach CMake better ways to find the libc++ source directory (and misc cleanup).
390b5cb : Enable backtrace_test for ARM.
1c5ae13 : Add -funwind-tables to CMAKE_C_FLAGS.
045a7c8 : Force unwind frame with user-defined personality.
f20383c : Fix _Unwind_Backtrace for libc++abi built with libgcc.
083506f : Allow libc++abi to be built without unwinder.
ad3ce5d : Remove _Unwind_{Get,Set}{GR,IP} from ARM EHABI build.
ac68492 : Merge libc++abi's lit configuration with libc++'s
c0b4808 : Rename all of the tests in preparation for merging lit configs with libcxx
d2a72c4 : Fix abort_message.cpp for the NDK.
2389ece : LIBCXXABI_TARGET_TRIPLE won't always be set.
0b4f9d2 : [libc++abi] Add support for cross compiling.
f79ad2e : Update PACKAGE_VERSION to 3.7.0svn
65c0869 : Fix some formatting I messed up in r225187.
1f22bd5 : Make the Unwinder -Werror clean.
b71d76f : Typo.
343559e : [cmake/multilib] Teach libc++abi's CMake build to support multilib libdir suffixes like 'lib64' or 'lib32'.
f7d86f4 : Silence warnings in libunwind.
41baec6 : [libunwind] improve x86_64 comments in compact_unwind_encoding.h
96a6ac2 : [libunwind] fix comment in compact_unwind_encoding.h
efa37d1 : [libcxxabi] Add __cxa_thread_atexit for TLS support on Linux.
b14b13a : Use the newer python syntax for exceptions
cce8ade : Fix comment on end of #endif to match #if
59872ce : Use lit.util.executeCommand instead of our own version
d872a69 : [libcxxabi] Refactor building and testing libc++abi without threads
30ad829 : [libcxxabi] Refactor test timing logic and disable by default.
1b4ddb1 : [libcxxabi] Delay adjustment of pointer to prevent referencing invalid memory.
389d697 : Ensure llvm-sanitizer is found by the tests when using sanitizers.
6e50cba : [libcxxabi] Cleanup memory in tests to placate ASAN.
2466b99 : Remove accidentally commited line in commit. Sorry
a11d962 : Add support for LLVM_USE_SANITIZER=Thread to test suite
c365bb5 : [libcxxabi] Refactor CMakeLists.txt's handling of compile and link flags to suppress warnings.
7393166 : Add -g -fno-omit-frame-pointer when compiling tests with sanitizers
ce9ff0a : Make sure only NEON enabled devices save/restore D16+ registers
efd4e49 : Move ARM failure from FIXME to XFAIL
f3de7d8 : Add support for UNSUPPORTED tag to lit
0d57ac7 : Disable backtrace libcxxabi test on ARM
b2843c3 : Fix unicode chars into ascii in comment lines.
d3bc4b1 : Change uses of `sys.platform == 'linux2' to `sys.platform.startswith('linux')
0b6b281 : Only link the tests against -ldl on linux
87fe84e : [libcxxabi] Add support for running libc++abi tests with sanitizers
6013249 : Add an .arcconfig for libc++abi.
ffe1ba2 : [libcxxabi] Document the standalone build's requirements on llvm-config and llvm sources.
3a67a2d : Correctly export _Unwind_[GS]et(GR|IP) for EHABI.
5660f75 : Use __atomic_exchange_n instead of Clang's __sync_swap
40213fe : Support Cortex-m0
68fcfa1 : Adding ABI support for __cxa_throw_bad_array_new_length.
a9fe4b0 : ARM Unwind syntax
1fc3f50 : Implement post-review comments for r216730
6d653d4 : Remove an unused typedef from __class_type_info::search_below_dst to fix the -Wunused-local-typedef warning.
3340fde : Use correct __ARM_ARCH macro
239a032 : s/LIBCXXABI_SINGLE_THREADED/LIBCXXABI_HAS_NO_THREADS/ for consistency with libcxx
a69d4d9 : Allow LIBCXXABI_SINGLE_THREADED to be defined by build scripts
a3a836a : Add missing include to a test case.
1469090 : Make _Unwind_Backtrace() work on ARM.
66ffcf8 : Remove strict dependency on llvm-config.
5252205 : Add baremetal ARM support to libcxxabi/libunwind
3ac101d : Improve logging of aborts for Android.
d223dfd : libcxxabi must link to dl if using bundled unwind
95272d2 : Fix the CMake build on Mac when setting MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.6
48092cc : Update CREDITS.txt with the list of folks who worked on ARM EHABI support
196f7d6 : Fix a copy-pasta in r214573
a09f807 : [unwinder] Tell the assembler that functions are functions so that the linker knows how to link them.
f2cd08a : libcxxabi cmake: Use HandleLLVMOptions.cmake, don't manually add -std=c++11.
db8f335 : Fix for libc++abi when using -Wl,--as-needed.
3110ea3 : Support LLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX.
000b3c9 : Add support for building and testing the unwinder.
f198219 : Make cmake cxxflags match those in lib/buildit.
fd961bd : Add lit configs for libcxxabi tests.
e11c1a7 : Add a cmake build system.
c80d814 : Fix a warning about undeclared call to abort().
818a2e9 : Revert the LSDA change to scan_eh_tab.
e575ebb : Silence the implicit signed/unsigned conversion warning.
fac040d : Silence unused variable and parameter warnings.
d8d58d9 : Fix linux build.
533c796 : Add missing header for _LIBUNWIND_LOG().
1796d14 : Fix building for iOS
298baa3 : Minor libc++abi changes to make things build better with gcc.
d6e2336 : Update libc++abi to use the ARM EHABI unwinder from its libunwind.
b9e4316 : Land support for ARM EHABI unwinding for libunwind.
55d99b7 : Start landing support for ARM EHABI unwinding.
c9d6b42 : Add a FAQ section, with a question about why the std::exception class destructors live in libc++abi
e53a8f3 : Add test case for inherited exceptions
13584a6 : Add EH test case checking that handlers in noexcept functions can still unwind
0f6a54f : Add EH test cases corresponding to C++ ABI # 15.3.3
2b683fb : Let libc++abi compile with gcc.
0fd027b : Fix typo in comment.
24ecd09 : PR19091: Track whether we're demangling a function template specialization to determine whether we get a mangling for a return type, rather than trying to figure it out based on whether the mangled name ended with a '>'.
05d51bc : Implement ARM EHABI exception handling.
4856a67 : Check exception specification with __cplusplus.
8b547a3 : Fixes more incorrect #ifs for SJ/LJ exceptions
c8b4d8d : Fix broken build from r208135
f7a83f7 : Make libc++abi use the implementation of __numstr from libc++. No functionality change, just removal of duplicated code.
c285efa : On single threaded systems, turn mutexes into nops
5db9aa4 : Try harder to get the compiler to use float registers in different places to increase the chance of messing up any preserved registers.
68d6403 : Don't use bash features.
041b6ba : Add unwind test case that checks restoring of float registers (such as on AArch64)
a2ce2f9 : Fix cast warning
ea66a55 : Use return address register from CIE. Move DwarfInstructions::lastRestoreReg() to Register::lastDwarfRegNum().
e30cf2a : No need to specialize DwarfInstructions::getCFA(). It is the same for all archs
bdd8d78 : Properly sign extend delta in compact unwind info
19963e9 : Fix one missed use of DW_EH_PE_omit in r203626
b1a7492 : Remove unused/obsolete ARM64 constants
b3f7ed1 : Fix virtual class with non-virtual dtor complaint
674e99d : Fixes incorrect #ifs for SJ/LJ exceptions
6daf050 : Fixes type of dyldInfo for glibc/bionic systems
7c6ded5 : Replace bzero with memset
6ec9ca1 : Properly sign extend sdata2/4 in unwinder. Patch by Patrick Wildt
61002ef : Properly conditionalize DwarfFDECache<A>::dyldUnloadHook. Patch by Patrick Wildt
7d987c1 : Code cleanup and re-indent cxa_exception.hpp
53138de : The content of .eh_frame may be misaligned, so use memcpy. This is seen in the wild on SH3.
b11e9e8 : Include stdlib.h for getenv when !NDEBUG.

+- Project: platform/external/libhevc

e420018 : Align pic_width_in_luma_samples and pic_width_in_luma_samples to 8
9663ae2 : Few bug fixes in loop filter

+- Project: platform/external/libmpeg2

afc9ebf : Fixed few issues seen in CTS tests

+- Project: platform/external/libnfc-nci

4f50c67 : Fix conflict vendor proprietary Protocol and Discovery technology definitions
e20dc18 : Add Peer-To-Peer priority mechanism
3e24831 : ISO-DEP presence check workaround
a1ce313 : Memory leak and NULL pointer check fixes
add40f6 : T1T HR0 and HR1 parameters missing in tag dectection
ddbdaf2 : Update customized settings to eeprom after firmware download
ea8730a : Avoid routing table update if nothing changed.

+- Project: platform/external/libselinux

8221629 : libselinux: fail hard on invalid property_contexts entries
a4b36fa : libselinux: fail hard on invalid file_contexts entries
727421b : libselinux: support context validation on file_contexts.bin
660f5fa : libselinux: test for file_contexts.bin format
8b40b9c : libselinux: add selabel_cmp interface and label_file backend
25f659a : libselinux: switch to file_contexts.bin
6c8be56 : libselinux: support specifying file_contexts.bin file path
bcd374d : libselinux: support file_contexts.bin without file_contexts
be86166 : restorecon: do not set security.restorecon_last on ramfs and tmpfs
6d0b91b : libselinux: Enhance spec file support

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind

3e09257 : Libunwind: Remove unused function
4036eb5 : Libunwind: Remove unused variable

+- Project: platform/external/llvm

7f8039d : Just bundle everything for building libLTO.
ed8720f : Add support for building in LLVM.
e3344d5 : Remove unnecessary patches/ directory.
e33c5fa : Prepare for the removal of HAVE_MALLOC_H from AndroidConfig.h.

+- Project: platform/external/mesa3d

c5276e7 : mesa3d: expat now exports its headers.

+- Project: platform/external/mksh

96b4363 : Upgrade to mksh 51.

+- Project: platform/external/mockito

3b95ffa : Change mockito-api-host to hostdex
fb96376 : Disable jack for mockito-api-host temporarily
c06cd48 : Add host target to support vogar-run tests

+- Project: platform/external/objenesis

47f1ab3 : Add hostdex target for dalvik host tests

+- Project: platform/external/okhttp

34d6cda : Allow HttpEngine to retry connections on timeout / interruption.

+- Project: platform/external/pcre

086b507 : Export C Includes
6998f8c : Stop building static libpcrecpp libraries.
c2d39e9 : Build libpcrecpp.

+- Project: platform/external/protobuf

51cac91 : Set LOCAL_EXPORT_C_INCLUDE_DIRS for shared and static libs.

+- Project: platform/external/selinux

0222ca0 : add prebuilt seinfo
f332987 : Move python libraries to prebuilt directory

+- Project: platform/external/sepolicy

031e5ce : Cleanup GENERAL_*_CONTEXTS variables
6aabc1c : drop polluting variables
13b6b7e : checkfc: add support for comparing two file_contexts files.
c2d0191 : Update to support file_contexts.bin
bc2a49f : Don't assume ordering of $(wildcard ...)
3d32817 : Add SELinux settings to support tracing during boot.
1de9c49 : auditallow w_file_perms for mediaserver
e45cad7 : Do not allow apps to access network address file
db7bc4b : Revert "Do not allow apps to access network address file"
2dabf17 : Do not allow apps to access network address file
e6b6744 : Add support for building without ramdisk
e244f2d : Allow init to mount filesystems on properly labeled folders
d218558 : Add support for BOARD_SEPOLICY_M4DEFS
29a463d : Use build fingerprint from file
8540253 : drop duplicate spaces
354710e : Prevent appdomain from creating globally readable symlinks.
8e16deb : Add /data/vendor/lib as a library location under ASan.
f2c4e12 : neverallow service_manager / service_manager_type
2b0b829 : Allow domains to read tmpfs symlinks.
26cd912 : Give /proc/iomem a more specific label.
ffc86be : Correct local variables for file_contexts_asan
af16c40 : allow procrank to write to bug report
7028bdc : neverallow: domain execute data_file_type

+- Project: platform/external/strace

c74d2af : Fix mips64 build.
1d246ce : prctl: decode Android-specific PR_SET_VMA
0e4b1f2 : mips: fix stub files
4e3ded3 : tests/bpf: fix build with incompatibly old linux/bpf.h and/or gcc
52b6f98 : Fix mips build.
ec5954c : Update generated files after strace sync.
3456bcc : Implement sched_getattr and sched_setattr syscalls decoding
95b84ea : Implement memfd_create syscall decoding
e465343 : Fix builds where HAVE_MQUEUE_H isn't defined
afa10d8 : tests/restart_syscall: skip if nanosleep looks uninterrupted
7c22101 : Implement execveat syscall decoding
4ff687b : execve: fix support of personalities with different word size
ddb53dd : Implement bpf syscall decoding
3691562 : prctl: fix decoding of unrecognized commands
f8b4913 : Macroize -m32/-mx32 configure checks
04fcb99 : tests/uid: import uid overflow check from tests/uid16
ae61067 : sh64: fix inotify_{add,rm}_watch syscall entries
1e0efbb : microblaze: fix several syscall entries
be547c1 : hppa: fix several syscall entries
d00eb1f : ia64: fix getpagesize syscall entry
76c9f0e : avr32: fix fstatat64 syscall entry
ecabdcf : alpha: fix 2 dummy osf syscall entries
82841f7 : alpha, arm, ia64, mips, sh64: fix semop syscall entries
ece9ce6 : m68k: fix getpagesize decoding
f1548d9 : tests/ip_mreq: skip if basic setsockopt operations fail
95eaf19 : tests: use -lpthread instead of -pthread
ce93bbd : mips o32: fix utimensat syscall entry
ba8b955 : linux/mips/syscallent-compat.h: use designated initializers
a3eb3b4 : linux/mips/syscallent-compat.h: fix initalization of empty entries
716fb20 : Remove unused parsers of getmsg and putmsg
fa6c087 : sigreturn: make use of RVAL_DECODED
eebb561 : or1k_atomic.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
57ae04e : Update openat parser for the RVAL_DECODED change
d9e8792 : bjm.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
0b2eabe : access.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
8aa2a81 : affinity.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
a52375f : affinity.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
07eaf50 : aio.c: enhance io_* syscalls decoding
4b6fc98 : cacheflush.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
bb16ee1 : cacheflush.c: use printaddr
ff33aac : capability.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
c70da7c : capability.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
474083a : chdir.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
a4d4572 : chmod.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
10e407d : clone.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
cbabaf9 : Alias sys_epoll_create to printargs_ld
df0c18c : desc.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
e6019fd : desc.c: do not use xmalloc, use umove_or_printaddr and printaddr
d4b3f6a : xlat/ add default values
3ef5021 : dirent.c: do not use xmalloc
7e56b4e : execve.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
ad18132 : execve.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
429c677 : fadvise.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
5dcf3b1 : fallocate.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
a3a7ffe : fanotify.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
f891bb4 : fchownat.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
b6d80ff : file.c: use umove_or_printaddr
b582109 : futex.c: enhance futex syscall decoding
a9183c3 : get_robust_list.c: use printnum_long
bc863e9 : getcpu.c: use printnum_int and printaddr
071193f : getcwd.c: use printaddr
aa9f687 : getrandom.c: use printaddr
3aced79 : hostname.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
3f08e2d : hostname.c: use printaddr
fe3cdfc : inotify.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
1f255fd : io.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
dd5f0ce : Use printnum_int64 instead of print_loff_t
43b5a1f : io.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
a58ad74 : ioprio.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
2370d53 : ipc.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
2f444dc : kexec.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
4eef291 : keyctl.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
5f6ca3d : keyctl.c: use printaddr
583526e : ldt.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
79a4594 : ldt.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
4e33965 : link.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
ed88a50 : lseek.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
7db808d : lseek.c: use printnum_int64
85813ce : mem.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
2c389f6 : mem.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
c15dd41 : mknod.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
ef08ed1 : mount.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
5935850 : mount.c: use printaddr
771c2a4 : Alias sys_connect to sys_bind
219b3a7 : net.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
6c277da : net.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
10020ae : tests: add sigaltstack.test
b1c448c : bootstrap: delete personality test directories beforehand
0e946ab : defs.h: do not include <signal.h>
1e08a16 : resource.c: move printrusage and printrusage32 to a separate file
d62d8fd : open.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
ada8432 : personality.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
a528eb5 : printsiginfo.c: use umove_or_printaddr
210a6b6 : prctl.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
7c53e98 : prctl.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
14446eb : process.c: use printaddr
684c9e9 : process_vm.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
66a344c : process_vm.c: use printaddr
307945d : reboot.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
0564623 : Enhance quotactl decoding
8ef8a4c : readahead.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
8e0a18f : readlink.c: use printaddr
fe62e33 : renameat.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
2b15a58 : resource.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
7cc79b4 : resource.c: use umove_or_printaddr
10c408a : sched.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
f8bf1d5 : sched.c: use printnum_int and printaddr
8277ec9 : scsi.c: use printaddr
1252d26 : seccomp.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
931ebbf : seccomp.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
401295e : sigaltstack.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
0e45b50 : signal.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
735843e : signal.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
490d58c : sram_alloc.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
fd55b54 : statfs.c: use umove_or_printaddr
9afb4d0 : swapon.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
63bae23 : swapon.c: move fallback definitions of swap options to xlat/
69c1c4e : sync_file_range2: fix typo in flags decoding
d6ed794 : sync_file_range.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
5717e7a : syslog.c: use umove_or_printaddr and RVAL_DECODED
be6d791 : sysinfo.c: use umove_or_printaddr
279df2c : syslog.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
aa06f46 : syslog.c: use printaddr
040de57 : sysmips.c: cleanup
034f98e : sysmips.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
76c8f66 : time.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
7117835 : time.c: use printaddr, printnum_int, and umoven_or_printaddr
9f70273 : sprinttv: do not fetch data in case of syserror
927f026 : truncate.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
ff235c8 : umask.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
c1f37f6 : umount.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
c9a1992 : utimes.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
8ef5439 : tests/uid.test: adopt for alpha
1427862 : uid.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
288a870 : uid.c: use printaddr and umoven_or_printaddr
fdd0fce : ia64: wire up utimensat syscall
e5fe140 : decode_utimes: enclose timespec array in square brackets
9809e3a : uname.c: use umove_or_printaddr
d27ccca : tests: add utime.test
8d51f43 : utime.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
cec41dd : utime.c: use umoven_or_printaddr
90cfe8f : wait.c: use printaddr and umove_or_printaddr
f6026b6 : wait: move fallback definitions of wait options to xlat/
b60b2a5 : tests: add xattr.test
6156d81 : xattr.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
105c35b : print_xattr_val: do not fetch data in case of !verbose || syserror
8ae9c09 : print_xattr_list: use printaddr
d45548d : print_xattr_val: remove unused argument
7a9ec12 : print_xattr_list: remove redundant address check
b10ae62 : ipc.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED
61b7989 : umoven_or_printaddr: do not fetch data if not in verbose mode
850ba4b : Change printnum_* printers to honor syserror
fd3cdc0 : term.c: enhance tty ioctl parser
483c15f : Change comparisons with function pointers to comparisons with SENs
28e32df : Add unique syscall entry numbers (SENs)
140ecf8 : Introduce SEN macro
3d0e1f3 : scsi.c: enhance SG_IO ioctl parser
317d19e : ptp.c: enhance ptp ioctl parser
eddefd6 : mtd.c: enhance mtd and ubi ioctl parsers
b93c110 : sock.c: enhance socket ioctl parser
a0beac1 : block.c: enhance block ioctl parser
1dbe683 : blkpg_ops: add BLKPG_RESIZE_PARTITION constant
3cfabeb : loop.c: enhance loop ioctl parser
97317d9 : rtc.c: enhance rtc ioctl parser
b679508 : Use printpair_int
69127a3 : Add several generic integer pairs printing functions
c88163e : Add two generic integer printing functions
332a326 : Add address printing functions
204c2bc : Implement RVAL_DECODED flag
746db06 : time.c: move rtc ioctl parser to a separate file
8c3e8e7 : term.c: fix typo
34bd4d2 : Do not include sys/filio.h
4f63c11 : ioctl: prepare ioctl_decode_command_number for future changes
802c942 : ioctl: simplify ioctl_decode signature
2803e75 : ioctl: consistently use name "code" for ioctl request code
044eef2 : Move ioctl syscall parser to ioctl.c
e10b4f0 : ioctl: remove obsolete registry of ioctl characters

+- Project: platform/external/svox

efad69b : external/svox: libexpat now exports its headers.

+- Project: platform/external/toybox

ede3a45 : Regenerate generated files.
0549978 : Fix more date bugs.
7f6bb3d : Bugfixes from Elliott Hughes: debug code got checked in (oops) and uninitialized trash in struct tm fields could segfault glibc's strftime().
0fb4651 : Different tools have different ideas about what human-readable output looks like. dd uses "7 MB" where du uses "7M", for example. this patch adds flags, similar to the BSD humanize_number. most callers will pass 0.
11d2ff5 : First pass at proper bunzip2 command line handling.
3501e10 : Fix ls -l user/group field ordering.
8a30303 : More Android roadmap updates.
9bfd2cf : login: execl() requires a path, not a file name
b73f894 : Isaac Dunham pointed out that SIGINT's handler was set twice in init.c.
79191b6 : scripts/mkflags.c: add missing unistd.h, ctype.h
d5258b4 : modprobe: use -q to silence
8f1f8ef : modprobe: use basename_r()
da8ad27 : modprobe: delete perror_exit() that makes no sense
430bf37 : Fix switch_root implementation.
5fb2766 : Teach date @unixtime[.fraction], switch -s to be -D (matching busybox and not stomping on gnu's "an extra argument tells it to set the time so let's add -s to do the same thing" extension).
400dacd : Reject invalid dates in date(1).
97809c2 : Regenerate generated files.
1203ddf : Detect swap partitions, inline loop_partitions(), various cleanups.
671ce0c : Initialize uninitialized variable. (Oops.)
9ce9399 : Adjust xexec() exit code to be 127, and tweaks for nommu friendliness.
6898647 : Make multiplexer's "command not found" exit 127.
42b7d4b : I've added support for running blkid without specifying a partition (so it scans /proc/partitions).
802642a : Minor tweak of reboot.c
a12eec7 : reboot: signal init, add -f option to call reboot(); init: use SIGINT, use xsignal()
5f225ca : Cosmetic tweak: newline at the end of "make change".
31ff1f2 : Switch nbd_client to xconnect() and make xconnect() try all returned addresses before failing.
35dafc7 : Tweak xconnect: socket can be a string (ala "ftp") from /etc/services.
ea75e75 : Factor out xconnect(), plus some other small cleanups to telnet.c.
7a3f53b : Mark command-local functions static.
3aa1d18 : Long-overdue cleanup on login.
5c6766a : Replace xcheckrange() with atolx_range()
7cc95a7 : Move strlower() from find to lib.
ce4188f : '!' replaces '/' in the sysfs paths of older drivers, so properly reverse that to get correct paths. While we're here, reduce the duplication of initialization.
39f2e91 : Whitespace.
15e54ce : Check in the note about rebuilding the source tarball.
d073e1c : Promote fsync.
b9fb306 : Promote hostid.
441d1ce : Attached are new toys. tftp - Client for tftp daemon. hostid -Print the numeric identifier for the current host. fsync -Synchronize a file's in-core state with storage device.
e1937bd : Release notes for 0.6.0.
2699cad : Fix llvm build break.
8d6cbd4 : Tweak version number.
dce8d62 : Add xxd.
ccec4d8 : Produce an error message for "cat /mnt", not just return code.
fbc81a1 : Commit rss feed.
ba55580 : Fix 32-bit bionic toybox build.
f8b41e8 : Fix 32-bit bionic toybox build.
718f34d : Regenerate generated files after upstream sync.
6292beb : Add a basename_r() and use it in names_to_pid() to avoid basename() overwriting itself on some inputs. (Which makes killall really impolite. Bug report from Nicholas Noury via Elliott Hughes.)
68771c0 : More explanation of TOYBOX_DEBUG for option string checking.
1e7b49e : Move comment about TOYBOX_DEBUG to start of file so it's more obvious.
f380d13 : ifconfig MAC addresses should be lowercase.
60cdc06 : I added dhcpd -6 option.
d1a577f : find: add -inum option
747e748 : Rename a function to be more obvious, and factor out a repeated calculation the compiler was almost certainly retaining in a register anyway.
78beadd : Promote hwclock.
fd4b56a : Fix hwclock -w.
666b89d : There is a typo in mkfifo.c for __Z__ option.
29b0a2e : Fix ionice.
3487bd3 : Avoid integer overflow with insane input data.
cc585db : Save failure reason for each make change .bad file.

+- Project: platform/external/vixl

5ee436a : VIXL Release 1.10

+- Project: platform/external/vogar

f76a1e9 : JNI check flag in Vogar.
9aaf1e8 : Use platform mockito instead of prebuilt
fca99ba : Experimental support for jack on host mode. This includes adding a --toolchain={jack,jdk} option which chooses what to compile sources with. Currently only works with host mode and pending on b/22382563 to be able to properly compile code with dependencies on the surrounding package. This depends on the prebuilt jack jar file in AOSP.
6373ab6 : Drop support for legacy modes: DEVICE_DALVIK, DEVICE_ART_KITKAT, HOST_DALVIK, HOST_ART_KITKAT.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

c471785 : MPEG4Extractor.cpp: handle chunk_size > SIZE_MAX
308f392 : frameworks/av doesn't need to support the long-dead simulator.
e1fdfd0 : h264_enc: Add test
044c6ae : h263_enc: Add test
98ec7d4 : Add test for AMR-WB decoder
3c6813d : AMR-WB Encoder: Enable sample app
ab44ed5 : AMR-NB encoder: Add test
3508d77 : Add test for mp3 decoder
28af4c3 : Don't use `register`.
2b50b7a : MPEG4Extractor.cpp: Add check for size == SIZE_MAX
13d36a7 : SampleTable: fix integer overflow checks.
55e47ec : Fix several ineffective integer overflow checks
9a3cbe4 : Detect allocation failures and bail gracefully
0b572f5 : Fix integer overflow during MP4 atom processing
0a279c2 : Fix integer underflow in ESDS processing
4427653 : MPEG4Extractor: still more NULL dereference fixes
86aa153 : Fix null-pointer-dereferences accessing the SampleTable
2c184d8 : Fix multiple division-by-zero conditions in MPEG4 parsing
9ad0311 : Prevent integer overflow when processing covr MPEG4 atoms
f6dda8d : Fix integer overflow when handling MPEG4 tx3g atom
7c6f217 : Prevent integer underflow if size is below 6
4ec8ab4 : Fix integer underflow in covr MPEG4 processing
1760fbf : Prevent reading past the end of the buffer in 3GPP
07a9e54 : Use errno correctly.
242b400 : frameworks/av: libexpat now exports its includes.
f3a5cf2 : SoftAVCDec: fail gracefully in onQueueFilled
dae006d : Fix global-buffer-overflow in voAWB_Copy.
3f0aae6 : Don't include ithread.h in decoder omx wrappers
c884adf : SoftAVCEnc: Stop using the u4_strd field in the set dimensions struct
8246d1d : h264dec: Use intptr_t when a pointer is treated as an integer

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

ba3fe56 : Lose HAVE_ANDROID_OS from frameworks/base.
1fd6758 : SELinuxPolicyInstallReceiver: Switch to file_contexts.bin.
68eb3b2 : animateNoDamage failed to remove from current frame list
d538d30 : hwui: add extension to support unpack operations in OpenGL ES 2.0
05f648e : Clean up AssetManager::scanAndMergeZipLocked
957c237 : Let findSupportedAbi and hasRenderscriptBitcode scan only relevant files
114beb2 : Add a trace constant for PackageManager
2e47a6e : Add ICU as a java library for docs.
ccfe873 : Idle Job Start During SCREEN_ON or DREAMING_STOPPED
705ffd1 : Distinguish user-requested shutdown from power-related ones
98bfb34 : Fix NPE in JobStore when jobs.xml is empty.
59cbe8d : Use _WIN32 rather than HAVE_WINSOCK.
9ec96f9 : Move frameworks/base/tools/ off AndroidConfig.h.
98c11b5 : Use _WIN32 rather than HAVE_WINDOWS_PATHS.
bd6b7e0 : ActivityManagerService: delete unnecessary mkdir
1f105a6 : Frameworks/base: Hand fingerprint to ART
50fb02d : Add phony source target in the generated dependency file of aidl.
b48adad : aapt: expat exports its header files now.
06e04f7 : Use build_number from file
36eb1f7 : RenderScript: implement a Script entry point for calling a reduce-style kernel.
37e1d0c : [RenderScript] Add docs advising users about dstAtop bug.
c9659ea : Add a flag to the API to specify -O0 on the bcc command line.
3ef2041 : fix BNNM docs
c21739a : docs: Add an explicit dependency on libcore/
e64f3e3 : Fix NativeCrashListener
b27b305 : Migrate to use ICU4j drectly.
ba7e659 : Revert "frameworks/base: libexpat now exports its headers."
d288a26 : Change conditionallyCheckInstanceCounts to use countInstancesOfClasses
2f31b66 : frameworks/base: libexpat now exports its headers.
a7f7c24 : Switch shutdownInput / shutdownOutput to using Os.shutdown.
85bdaae : Delete some obsolete test code.
e1b190c : Remove @ToBeFixed from knowntags.
c1eaeb9 : Switch LocalSocketImpl.accept() over to using Os.accept()
7ee9a4e : Fix a bug disappearing installerPackageName info of packages after reboot.
c64df29 : Android always has <malloc.h>.
e9d5375 : Switch from InetUnixAddress to UnixSocketAddress
4fa438e : Move listen() over to using android.system.Os

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/libbcc

fe0de78 : Lose HAVE_ANDROID_OS from frameworks/compile/libbcc.
adfbff4 : build: All paths are TOP-relative
9296edc : Fix alias metadata issues.
5aefc98 : Clean up Compiler::runPasses().
999d924 : If the host supports it, build libbcc as an LLVM loadable module.
efb3af3 : Fix missing call to setLinkRuntimeCallback() from compat path.
947064f : Do not specify FORCE_CPU_VARIANT_* for host build
083ef3c : RSForEachExpand: Improve getelementptr instruction generation.
a6485fc : Revert "Change libbcc so that it compiles as an LLVM loadable module (try 2)."
90d862c : Add libLLVM to LOCAL_LDLIBS so that the mac build can link correctly.
b58df0c : Change libbcc so that it compiles as an LLVM loadable module (try 2).
d856316 : Avoid cpu mismatch to ARM during cross compiling
1895ac1 : libbcc: Add support for reduce kernel metadata.
a2bbdcd : Revert "Change libbcc so that it compiles as an LLVM loadable module."
0eb3c42 : Change libbcc so that it compiles as an LLVM loadable module.
656325b : Stopped bcc from ignoring optimization level
28c1799 : Fix rs_kernel_context_t type mismatch in call to kernel.
d96c9fa : Fix a bug where kernels could modify the input allocation.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/mclinker

fda4bbd : Cherry picked debug info fix from upstream MCLinker.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/slang

ef43084 : Change the name for the new rs_context parameter.
2770d0e : Enhance diagnostic options.
c0c5dd8 : Add initial support for validating and exporting reduce kernels.
9534de1 : Move frameworks/compile/slang off AndroidConfig.h.
21c94c9 : Add "-MP" support to llvm-rs-cc.
45de075 : slang: Add the name of the metadata node for reduce kernels.
dabd246 : llvm-rs-as: Wrap bitcode with the RS bitcode wrapper.
19879e8 : Fix C++ reflection of vector types.
bd0a7dd : Update llvm-rs-cc version to 23 for M.
68e562f : Added in change to ensure file name is passed through debug info

+- Project: platform/frameworks/multidex

606af94 : Use Context.getFilesDir as a backup dex location

+- Project: platform/frameworks/native

6071da7 : Lose HAVE_ANDROID_OS from frameworks/native.
8b7acac : More O_DIRECTORY | O_NOFOLLOW changes
7fd6467 : installd _delete_dir_contents: add O_NOFOLLOW
01e111b : Add a trace constant for PackageManager
e70efa6 : Native/opengl: Remove unused variables from test
e3c4df9 : dumpstate: add logcat -b all -S
f0b5396 : dumpstate: remove unnecessary mkdir
5041a4e : Installd: Add a swap override flag
4d2f4bb : Binder on Windows? Unlikely.
c2466e6 : With SANITIZE_TARGET, load EGL libs from the instrumented path.
46c51fb : Enable atrace to read categories from file.
ae47336 : Tracing for binder locks/transactions

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/wifi

86b0aaf : Fix memory leak in WifiNative

+- Project: platform/frameworks/rs

4324eec : Rename ctxt to context.
b93407a : Fix build break due to ctxt->context rename.
e5e18cc : Lose HAVE_ANDROID_OS in frameworks/rs.
47a5881 : Add AllocationCreateStrided to support lib CPU driver
d614fe9 : Move frameworks/rs off AndroidConfig.h.
a673fb0 : Ensure that SSE-specific functions get built separately for debug runtime.
39a9d9b : Add a ScriptReduce API entry and a stub function rsi_ScriptReduce().
b74514d : Remove dead code related to using a non-local FIFO for message passing.
f502980 : Add a flag to the API to specify -O0 on the bcc command line.
5d70cb5 : Fix GetCpuInfo() routine to correctly check the cpuinfo file to make sure we don't miss SIMD path if there is one.
223231f : Update eight_bit_int_gemm call after gemmlowp rebase and provide non-optimal path for armv7 without NEON.
e941f18 : Making libRSSupport able to optionally bundle libblas(V8) through dlopen and dlsym.
99d0e81 : Update the BNNM cpu reference implementation with NEON friendly gemmlowp.
66d9447 : [MIPS32] Use version of rsGetAllocation() that returns a pointer
11fd9ec : CPU ref: Fix potential buffer over-read / uninitialized memory access.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/support

f103525 : Modify the interface of TransportMediatorJellybeanMR2 to fix build issues
e536825 : [RenderScript] Adaptive alignment of allocation for Incremental Intrinsic Support.
3cf9bc1 : [RenderScript] Add Multi-input Kernel support in RS Support lib
086772f : [RenderScript] Add docs advising users about dstAtop bug for support lib.
a2f577b : [RenderScript] Work around for older devices with problem dlopen libblasV8.
044225e : [RenderScript] fix BNNM docs for support lib
faf0d90 : [RenderScript] Making libblas optional for support lib.
c31788b : [RenderScript] Update the build rules to incorporate optimized BNNM driver for compat lib.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/volley

d3207be : Process response bodies only when present

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/utils

31fd294 : hardware/intel: libexpat now exports its headers.

+- Project: platform/hardware/invensense

46d30ac : 65xx: Minimally refactor

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

ca6ccd9 : Lose HAVE_ANDROID_OS from hardware/libhardware.
1fd3618 : libhardware: sensors: update multi hal to support 64bit builds
3d3a479 : Fix extern "C" guards.

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware_legacy

accf5b4 : Remove unused systemTime() and include utils/Timers.h.
df3845a : Stop being silly.

+- Project: platform/hardware/ril

75f10b8 : Use _WIN32 rather than HAVE_WINSOCK in librilutils.

+- Project: platform/hardware/samsung_slsi/exynos5

4710b05 : Lose HAVE_ANDROID_OS from hardware/samsung_slsi/exynos5.

+- Project: platform/hardware/ti/omap4-aah

611be8f : Stop being silly.

+- Project: platform/libcore

3ff37c4 : Convert ByteBuffers to byte[] correctly.
b4af0b5 : Properly restore errno if NET_FAILURE_RETRY fails.
b7dc698 : Revert "Fix annoying (but non-fatal) java doc error."
304152b : Add class table field to class loader
efe4293 : Clean up some dead code.
0517aff : Remove libcore AlphabeticIndex and references. This has been replaced by ICU4J's library.
6c9dd0d : Fix FileUtilsTest.testCreateSubFile for Android One devices
9dcac82 : Migrate IDNA2003 implementation to ICU4J.
ab7b1a4 : Delete unused fields in class
3e2415c : Minor tweak to DeflaterOutputStreamTest.
55d6814 : CipherTest: add assertions about GCM parameters
837aeb3 : Fix broken Zip64 extended info size checks.
17552b6 : Remove Transliterator wrapper class.
2664be0 : Use __ANDROID__ instead of HAVE_ANDROID_OS.
c167fce : Get rid of dex-host.
8d7307a : Revert "Convert IDN to use ICU4j instead of ICU4c."
9fe4436 : Convert IDN to use ICU4j instead of ICU4c.
32e6338 : Change mockito-api-host to mockito-api-hostdex
f591462 : Late binding: add Cipher#init checks
f7cae39 : Late binding: add more Cipher tests
18d5ad8 : SignatureTest: convert first test to mockito
72aeabb : Add mockito for tests
b131e0c : Ensure the SignatureImpl overrides all methods
32563bc : Remove NativePluralRules since we are using ICU4J directly.
49bd5fa : Use O_DSYNC instead of O_SYNC when opening a file with mode="rwd".
37dd239 : Transition the Normalizer class to call ICU4j.
85d1800 : Late binding: add tests for init-time rejection
2faa3c3 : Fix mistake in reflection documentation
fab575d : Remove a couple of bogus test cases from SecureRandom2Test.
a0f58d5 : Repurpose SHA1PRNG_SecureRandomTest.
04270c6 : Remove harmony provider and default SecureRandom impl.
bf1ac91 : Add tests for alg name aliases
d2f1d51 : JarEntry: test that certs/signers are null until the entry is read.
9ec2565 : Rewrite testInterruptTest.
e6637b9 : Delete some unused cruft from OldAndroidMonitorTest.
cff384f : Get rid of as much of dalvik.annotation.* as we can.
bf7fbb3 : Add isInstance performance test to ReflectionBenchmark.
5a0bc3d : Make isAssignableFrom not cast iftable entries to class.
07fedcf : Add testInterfaceProperties() . Move Ethernet verification out of testLoopback().
2492e43 : Add tests for unlink
a90630d : Add VMDebug.countInstancesOfClasses
b63760e : libcore: libexpat now exports its headers.
2550a25 : Fix sockaddr_un length calculation
8157603 : javax.crypto.Cipher: try less specific Cipher/Mode/Padding combinations before throwing InvalidKeyException
a02da73 : Fix KeyPairGeneratorTest.
cfef2bb : Add EUSERS to OsConstants.
5e8f82f : Add Os.unlink
0ab1a26 : Rearrange how AF_UNIX sockets are handled for accept()

+- Project: platform/libnativehelper

6c5be19 : Libnativehelper: Fix unused result warning
6887571 : Use __ANDROID__ instead of HAVE_ANDROID_OS.
4ebb967 : Replace InetUnixAddress with UnixSocketAddress

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Camera2

6e53788 : Use build number from file

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Mms

2189ed6 : Add permission to update message status
f8fd79b : Fix a NPE when update message status

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Nfc

3113a3f : Fix conflict vendor proprietary Protocol and Discovery technology definition
ced053f : Fix peer-to-peer server register error if RF discovery is started.
37199ec : Reset P2P flag in de-initialization.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

e92cc80 : Lose some deprecated test annotations.
fde3074 : brightness status not refresh in powercontrol widget

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/BookmarkProvider

52f5c3b : Manual cherry-pick of "Remove authority"
a87b7e2 : Manual cherry-pick of "Remove bookmarks provider..."

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/ContactsProvider

599753c : Use ICU4J transliterator directly.
6553bea : Switch to use ICU4J's Alphabetic Index.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/android-emulator

3ddead9 : Emulator prebuilt binaries update (esp. MIPS64-related)

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/clang/darwin-x86/host/3.6

34cb3f7 : Add shebang lines to analyzers.
3ebe1ab : Add the NDK analyzer scripts.
ebaecb9 : Copy in static analyzer tools.
5a85110 : Add step to copy static analyzer tools.
c3692ab : Update clang darwin prebuilt for kernel attribute change.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/clang/linux-x86/host/3.6

178e7ea : Add shebang lines to analyzers.
873f613 : Add libtsan.a to prebuilt.
d72960d : Add the NDK analyzer scripts.
e313b11 : Copy in static analyzer tools.
c0077e3 : Add step to copy static analyzer tools.
2d3e3b1 : Update clang linux prebuilts for kernel attribute change.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/gcc/darwin-x86/aarch64/aarch64-linux-android-4.9

e821c64 : Update gold to build #2098274.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/gcc/darwin-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.9

8318930 : Update gold to build #2098274.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/gcc/darwin-x86/x86/x86_64-linux-android-4.9

c0371ef : Update gold to build #2098274.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/aarch64/aarch64-linux-android-4.9

94cc923 : [linux-x86] Refresh gcc 4.9 prebuilts for aarch64
fb6bdd0 : Revert "[linux-x86] Refresh gcc 4.9 prebuilts for aarch64" We need up wait a bit so the changes could be submitted simultaneously for linux and Darwin This reverts commit 5790e77d6baa5ff3fd6a349f43fefb51edbf648d.
5790e77 : [linux-x86] Refresh gcc 4.9 prebuilts for aarch64

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.9

a70724f : [linux-x86] Refresh gcc 4.9 prebuilts for arm
cfe296a : [] Fix an internal error in do_print_to_mapfile on Arm.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/x86/x86_64-linux-android-4.9

c1a39dd : Update gold to build #2098274.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/misc

6352769 : Update perflib prebuilt.
1322027 : Perflib: Give perflib-prebuilt standard module stem

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/python/darwin-x86/2.7.5

cadc82c : Fix python sed rewriting for Darwin.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/python/linux-x86/2.7.5

2f2ac65 : Fix python sed rewriting for linux.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/qemu-kernel

4574201 : Upgrade 3.4 kernel images to 7fda5cc
cfd38f4 : Merge "Upgrade 3.10 kernel images to d73b037"
9d256bb : 3.10 kernel prebuilts updated to commit 2bd93d4
f3aafc5 : x86 qemu-android: added binaries for new x86 emulator
011961e : Use 4.9 gcc by default for mips
6fbbc33 : Upgrade 3.4 kernel images to db8c560
cb4671b : Upgrade 3.10 kernel images to d0f220c
2a5ba61 : Upgrade 3.10 kernel images to 1758d0d
ce46736 : Upgrade 3.10 kernel images to c2b95821
a95ab5f : Use GCC 4.9 automatically for Mips64 build.
676e82a : Fix Mips64 build and --cross option handling.
b3ca3f9 : Add mips64 kernel
43e00a0 : Add script
2cd41c7 : Upgrade qemu kernels to support multinetwork.
c79e428 : Update ARM and x86 kernel 3.4 images.
cae265b : arm64: Add new kernel image.
80af939 : new 3.4 kernel prebuilts
31157da : x86_64: new kernel prebuilt
9c113cf : x86: Update Goldfish kernel (3.4)
29ed3c6 : arm: Update Goldfish kernel (3.4)
1959891 : x86_64: new kernel prebuilt
2d843ac : x86_64: new kernel prebuilt
77439df : move x86_64 kernels to fix build
b030448 : add x86_64 kernel
0f0b0b7 : Update x86/mips 3.4 kernel from 6dff53caa619cef08ef4cfae48d3f186b0568a0f
ed84634 : Update arm 3.4 kernel from 6dff53caa619cef08ef4cfae48d3f186b0568a0f
38bc13c : update mips kernel
d214d3c : update x86 kernel
457325d : update arm kernel
1d8f0ba : update arm kernel
2104205 : update arm kernel
eb4c2db : update prebuilt from commit 14329967c6b3b93cb55f143fbe9559a519e7dd74
384a196 : chage default kernel to 3.4
5145627 : update 3.4 kernel from commit fb3ea4fef3826fdcea5df2e9918d6e221d66bea7
069bf90 : update 3.4 kernel for ARM and X86
c6bcdb7 : update 3.4 kernel, ARM
2b41ab7 : update 3.4 kernel for ARM, X86
e2a1f0a : add emulator 3.4 kernel binaries for ARM and X86
34ffead : Update MIPS kernel-qemu
f1b132a : arm: update kernel for iptables
9920399 : Update location of prebuilt kernel path
0310151 : MIPS kernel-qemu
e038472 : Move devtools prebuilts out of prebuilt/
a0628ce : update vbox kernel
f84f474 : Update qemu kernels to latest variant.
3681bfd : Move emulator kernels to a separate project.
e331f84 : empty commit
682a1b3 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/sdk

6d52547 : Update darwin RS prebuilts for the kernel attribute change.
c16ef1b : Update linux RS prebuilts for the kernel attribute change.
2015251 : Update linux prebuilts/sdk for kernel attribute change.
bc152e5 : Update darwin prebuilts/sdk for kernel attribute change.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/tools

bd81661 : Update TightVNC prebuilt.
580edb1 : Add TightVNC binary distribution.
74d5f82 : Add NOTICE files for databinding dependencies.
db1665a : Add 1.3.0 prebuilts to the offline repository
0c6360d : Data binding maven dependencies
9fc458c : Prebuilts: Add trove
1fcddac : Add Square's haha library.

+- Project: platform/sdk

8642cd7 : adb tab completion: remove extraneous state

+- Project: platform/system/bt

30b30d3 : Restore LOG_NDEBUG condition on verbose logging.
aa9e17b : service: Allow manufacturer data to be set.
2d5b1df : service: Fix permissions/properties argument order.
f520952 : service: Introduce a command-line client
b2286f3 : service: Add IPCHandlerBinder
61f2f36 : service: Add IBluetooth interface definition
4161eb6 : build: fix missing include
8f24725 : build: fixes for breakages on tilapia
49a8670 : build: LOG_TAG consistency, include order, build fixes
2fc0eba : test_vendor_lib: Implement event loop with libbase
b2d45eb : test_vendor_lib: Use base::Thread
a7077ee : test_vendor_lib: Use libbase's CHECK/DCHECK
5f8a46a : test_vendor_lib: Dummy inquiry result
e0d08c9 : service: Clean up IPC shutdown and add unit tests
f8881fe : service: Add Mock support for Daemon and CoreStack
80caab2 : Drop obsolete libpower dependency.
145cf57 : Compile libbtcore and libosi for host
3c0ea3e : test_vendor_lib: Use EPOLLOUT
06500ff : bluedroidtest: drop obsolete libhardware_legacy dependency.
f3b1820 : test_vendor_lib: Initial commit
c6760d8 : Provide --android-ipc-socket-suffix.
fe65fb7 : service: Refactor IPC and singletons
fd8fdca : service: Add null initialization for new scan cb.
1b3a3d8 : Add GN files for vendor_libs
98a9641 : build: Eliminate cutils/str_parms dependency from system/bt
fbbd225 : Only build bt_service_unittests for linux
081cba0 : Add HCI user channel based bluedroid vendor adaptation
065d0f7 : service: Introduce a global Settings object
f2d6434 : gn-build: Add bluetooth-service target
fd4745e : service: Some fixes from end-to-end/user testing.
115c6b1 : service: Remove local copies of base and modp_b64
0ca9905 : gn-build: Add BUILD files for libchrome

+- Project: platform/system/core

d8b48a6 : adb: On Mac, clear both host and device endpoints at startup
bdab59a : libbase: logging fixes
c307b5b : Revert "init: add LOCAL_SANITIZE := integer"
f18fc08 : adb: start-server and kill-server error output
87e97ee : adb: win32: fix shutdown deadlock
cd1d99e : Added file permissions for binder tracing
d4093f1 : adb: Fix PTY logic for non-interactive shells.
42ae260 : Always include the adb version in the log.
155159c : adb: make stdin/stdout/stderr redirection errors fatal
aea73db : init: add LOCAL_SANITIZE := integer
bf7c605 : adb: improve network error info
af9ba4d : Add missing includes.
62ab0fd : logd: sizes > 1M prune in smaller batches
7430916 : adb: call android::base::InitLogging even when adb tracing is disabled
661327e : Remove confusing variable HOST.
83cd266 : Ignore adb/*.pyc files
0a94a3b : metricsd: Only define the targets on linux.
e8606c8 : Remove watchprops.
8715c93 : metricsd: Remove unused Chrome OS specific files.
52e5b99 : metricsd: Relicense as Apache 2.
ed6ca6f : metricsd: Add
e1746fd : Remove the USB vendor id whitelist from fastboot.
da21ac0 : metricsd: Rename metrics to metricsd.
fec4d2c : metrics: Add a CLI flag to disable dbus.
bae5dcc : metrics: Enable for non-official builds.
8bafb3d : crash_reporter: Fix initial compile issues with Android toolchain
c8b7414 : crash_reporter: Remove Chrome collector, CrOS build files, DBus
475dfa6 : metrics: Remove send to autotest.
bd3505e : metrics: Consolidate constants in constants.h.
4ad60fb : init: replace strdup() in parse_config()
52e1d55 : metrics: Cleanup the system profile setter.
eeb7ef0 : metrics: Disable stat collection.
129bea5 : crash_reporter: Fix header include paths
5c398d2 : adb: win32: write ACK to separate pipe instead of stdout
5db66c3 : metrics: Don't use the policy file.
4b915ae : metrics: Fix import paths for headers.
9f2d1a9 : adb start-server: Use a separate fd for sending initial OK
2ae8d2e : More Mac fastboot failure debugging.
bac3299 : Create Service and ServiceManager classes
cbf26b7 : win32: adb_test/libbase_test fixes
6e02c24 : Include the error code if GetPipeProperties fails.
5be6b37 : Stop being silly.
71635bb : adb: fix killing of old version of adb process
c0822e8 : Enable to install APKs before measurement.
f3d0d42 : Fix incorrect exception handling in
43c4d99 : check 2 more event logs by default
59d32a7 : Fix to exit by Ctrl+C.
595003a : rootdir: Create symlinks in
31a4faf : Skip mounting /, just mark block device as ro if needed.
bfa7c7d : Fix a comment typo.
e801cc0 : ignore tags not listed in /system/etc/event-log-tags
3841a9f : Leave the evidence lying around if an adb test fails.
22191c3 : adb: fix mkdirs / adb pull with relative paths, fix win32 issues
cf168a8 : adb_test/libbase_test: win32: get some tests working
b6c66dc : warn if dm-verity is disabled
40d0c7a : libbase_test: win32: get some tests working
da106ad : Add a trace constant for PackageManager
8df9032 : adb: win32: call SystemErrorCodeToString() from more places
e347c1d : adb: win32: define UNICODE/_UNICODE, Unicode error messages, misc
a5b06b0 : adb: win32: fix USB device hang when resuming from sleep/hibernation
16d79c7 : Remove adb's unused get_my_path for Windows.
96f6731 : init: use std::vector<std::string> for argument passing
c321155 : adb: win32: file descriptor reliability improvements
0e2c194 : adb: poll for emulator connection.
b93b9d4 : Reserve new UID range for OEM.
cf4ff64 : adb: win32: Unicode path names, env vars, some console support
048b27c : Clean up -p handling slightly.
5200c66 : adb: win32: initial IPv6 support and improved Winsock error reporting
6264129 : Make clear of the data length sent by write_packet.
0658440 : init: Adding header guard to tokenizer
5c74270 : More adb cleanup.
47d67c9 : Write mkdirs in more idiomatic C++ style.
fa0c21c : init: Create classes for Action and Command
3294ad1 : Toolbox: Disable unused-const-variable warning
220ca84 : init: Add C++ tokenizer.
9113b47 : Add top level sanitize options for ADB.
9b828ad : Use __ANDROID__ instead of HAVE_ANDROID_OS.
f393831 : bionic no longer sends SIGPIPE to debuggerd.
3e7feda : adb/ fixes for win32 and no use of ANDROID_SERIAL
ab37983 : Add a script to record Android boot time.
bb50a39 : Fix Win32 <ziparchive/zip_archive.h>.
adbf442 : Use _WIN32 rather than HAVE_WINSOCK.
a6b340a : fix adb {forward,reverse} --no-rebind
1f8bc86 : Move libutils off AndroidConfig.h.
f93db4b : Introduce a mechanism to trace boot sequence.
45f59d6 : crash_reporter: Add license information.
0296345 : metrics: Add license information.
acb1ddf : healthd: logd: add timestamp to kernel logged battery messages
e2b4a5f : Fix AndroidDevice.get_prop, add tests.
e24e9a5 : Move sdcard off PAGESIZE and onto PAGE_SIZE.
93f65fa : Document the current MAX_USBFS_BULK_SIZE situation.
514243d : liblog: deprecate TARGET_USES_LOGD
cb41e36 : logd: deprecate TARGET_USES_LOGD
3e7048c : Fix const-ness of strrchr callers.
a9f0a80 : Adf: Remove unused variable
6454a04 : Remove gpttool.
c6e93fe : Set mode bits for /system/etc/recovery.img.
8e1fdd7 : Create adb Python package.
f13b1b3 : init: Adding support to import directories
d75564f : Logd: Handle unused variable and fields
c2ea70a : init.rc: mkdir /data/anr 0775 system system
eabe8af : Fix socket_network_client_timeout error check.
8fea1ed : Turn on warnings for libcutils, fix a bug.
ee53006 : init: expand_props for onrestart commands.
614e0a4 : Add a simple test for using non-ASCII paths with adb.
00ede7d : init: do expand_props before calling the builtins.
4f1d7b5 : Fix Win32 adb build (for the second time today).
812f030 : Clean up the locking in usb_linux.cpp.
d48dbd8 : Fix Win32 adb build.
74edcea : init: Let property_get return std::string.
381cfa9 : Report getaddrinfo failures correctly.
c95440e : metrics: Import protobufs from Chromium.
61ee830 : Don't limit Windows USB reads.
3d2904c : Increase size of the the adb packets sent over the wire
12df1e1 : init: use init's property expansion code for mount_all
618d0de : logd: refine is_prio
f93d429 : Stop calling fsck on shutdown by default
34c20bb : Show "(reverse)" in "adb reverse --list".
636b1eb : init: Fix logging stutter
692abc2 : init: Add additional logging levels
19d80b8 : "adb tcpip" should require a numeric argument.
3d5f60d : Recognize IPv6 addresses for "adb connect".
8d8126a : adb: logging: newlines, thread ids, error code overwriting
64d303a : Fix adbd/adb server confusion in an error message.
0f8f70b : Fix the Mac libcutils build.
04b2022 : Fix N9 boot.
94ae418 : Switch libcutils from gethostbyname to getaddrinfo.
f7b8cae : Add a "dbus" AID for running dbus-daemon.
947cb3e : Remove subproc events when ADB_HOST.
cf0ca50 : Added shell permisisons for memreclaim tracing
4800dbf : init: refuse to start process if domain transition not defined
1421614 : Move mkdirs to adb_utils.
0df0827 : Use fsck.f2fs -a instead of -f for faster boot
2f42554 : Update partition.*.verified even with ro.boot.veritymode set
9136f38 : init: Fix bootchart trigger for emulator
86b151c : rootdir: Create cache folder in
c686fd3 : Remove superfluous legacy DBus includes
a29c012 : libsparse: Wrap sparse_crc32.h to be C++ compatible.
dc86589 : metrics: replace "Logging.*" with "Platform.*"
cef898f : Allow native bridge to work without a code cache
456abba : Dump memory going from unreadable to readable.
286bb6d : Revert "Turn on -Wformat-nonliteral."
837eff2 : Use delete[] to de-allocate pointers from new[]
459df8f : Turn on -Wformat-nonliteral.
095307e : Replace HAVE_WIN32_IPC with _WIN32.
64dffd3 : Remove creation of root directory folders
bbe796d : libcutils: fs_config: Add folders normally created in init.rc
58458b6 : rootdir: Create folders in
d79f2be : New property that determines when to wait for gdb.
d6eba89 : Fix "adb remount" for when the root directory is in system.img
b36b592 : Replace all _LOG error calls with ALOGE.
1eea161 : platform2: Fix issues with new version of libchrome
323d70d : init: fix typo and prevent startup error
ef31bec : metrics: Add a check for abnormally small messages to prevent crashes
b7dfb79 : adb: win32: fix exec-in and exec-out to use binary mode
8a59e11 : crash: do not call list-proxies if it does not exist.
f3caa5a : crash: Point to canonical org.chromium.SessionManagerInterface.xml
f17a838 : crash: update OWNERS file
ba08992 : libchromeos: Switch http Response to use streams
eba8a01 : Revert "metrics: Fix the import path of protobufs."
6db436a : metrics: Fix the import path of protobufs.
e97b741 : platform2: Switch over to libchrome r323904
92c0eef : platform2: Explicitly use base:: namespace with CommandLine
6aa551e : crash-reporter: add support for device coredump
538e209 : metrics: add TPM.EarlyResetDuringCommand CrOS event.
7458089 : delete __STDC_{FORMAT,LIMIT}_MACROS
732fe21 : delete __STDC_{FORMAT,LIMIT}_MACROS
9340842 : metrics: make metrics library also use /var/lib/metrics/uma-events
3b88766 : metrics: tell what file we can't open on error
5672f8b : metrics: move sample file from /var/run to /var/lib
e4fa61e : metrics: don't upload metrics when metrics are disabled
040dffd : crash: Convert list_proxies to chromeos-dbus-bindings generator
067ec8b : metrics: Disable uploader on non-official build.
f5767af : crash: Fix session manager D-Bus call service name
7e238f3 : platform2: Switch over to using base64 functions from libchromeos
6e13952 : crash: Remove glib from crash_reporter
efa91c0 : crash: Shorten crash-reporter project alias.
731da33 : crash-reporter: Use chromeos::KeyValueStore.
5a6ac9c : metrics: fix -Winconsistent-missing-override warning
d257ea1 : crash-reporter: Clean up testing code.
7e3b76d : crash-reporter: Add session_manager logs to Chrome crashes.
ae4bdc4 : metrics: Fix upload_service to work with base::MessageLoop
8f5546a : crash-reporter: Attach Chrome logs to crash reports.
1c5533d : crash-reporter: add a sanity check for kernel dmesg records
a8bcc18 : metrics: generate app_version from standard lsb-release fields
3d41d45 : libchromeos: Cleaned up HTTP utilities
8ab89c5 : metrics: Fix metrics_daemon Meminfo callback interval
e86591e : metrics: Convert Metrics to DBusDaemon
859ee45 : Update libchrome to r307740 and fix build errors
73b40b4 : Update libchrome to r307740 and fix build errors
788d3b6 : metrics: fork metrics sources from Chromium source base
554c898 : crash-reporter: disable device coredumps in verified mode
7845a57 : Include the implemented header first in all projects.
8e5340a : crash-reporter: accept kernel dmesg records with no ramoops header
d78f3df : libchromeos: void OsReleaseReader.Load()
cac74e1 : metrics: use TimeDelta for upload_interval
71a62ef : metrics: add support for other product id
d6169a2 : crash-reporter: remove gflags dependency
67906c6 : metrics: remove gflags dependency
e812249 : metrics: protobufs need to be uploaded as binary
52d9edb : metrics: 'Send' method crashes on NULL ErrorPtr
6f891c5 : crash-reporter: fix pstore detection
dfea2f8 : Remove '../platform2/' from platform2 relative paths in gyp files.
c764139 : crash-reporter: Clean up angle brackets in template types.
dc1ef3c : metrics: read /sys/class/block/*/stat correctly
f27140d : crash-reporter: log notification for chrome crashes
262d798 : crash-reporter: Replace NULL with nullptr.
0be0f73 : metrics: Add more log messages to uploader
eb815be : metrics: Fix metrics_uploader on VMs
732bd3b : Revert "crash-reporter: Attach Chrome logs to crash reports."
55cb40a : crash-reporter: Attach Chrome logs to crash reports.
c8cb4ac : Revert "crash-reporter: Replace the crash_sender script by a service daemon."
8e77457 : crash-reporter: Replace the crash_sender script by a service daemon.
51bf92a : Update code to include base/files/file_util.h
ab6cc90 : Update code to include base/files/file_util.h
37595f8 : Update to build against libchrome-293518.
b63e528 : Update to build against libchrome-293518.
43bee50 : metrics: Document uploader functionality
4bcffd3 : metrics: add bsimonnet to OWNERS
ec991df : metrics: Switch uploader to use http_utils from libchromeos
652d697 : metrics: Include base/macros.h instead of base/basictypes.h
895fa5d : crash-reporter: Include base/macros.h instead of base/basictypes.h
e2c2d89 : metrics: fix memory leaks in unittest.
f290e98 : crash-reporter: Include powerd logs with crashes.
ef3aebe : metrics: Activate the uploader for embedded boards
1459503 : platform2: Replace NULL with nullptr in minor components
b1640ee : metrics: fix memory leaks in unittest.
f3811f5 : crash-reporter: Replace scoped_ptr<char[]> with vector<char>.
ea3941f : crash-reporter: Fix overzealous crash purging in guest mode.
0b8cc1c : metrics: Improve metrics_client usage docs.
84c28d3 : platform2: Remove legacy inherit-review-settings-ok files.
8c56c5e : platform2: Remove legacy inherit-review-settings-ok files.
e8a8e30 : metrics: Replace 'OVERRIDE' with 'override' and fix linter
0dfc9ce : platform2: Replace 'OVERRIDE' with 'override' and fix linter
334b1ae : crash-reporter: crash_sender: strip dashes from clientids
efec0b3 : crash-reporter: Use C++11 override specifier.
eaf060c : platform2: move --std=gnu++11 flag to common-mk/common.gypi
f05ab40 : metrics: Use integer types from stdint.h
f84ea21 : crash-reporter: Use integer types from stdint.h
4e59634 : metrics: fix remaining linter issues
7589aff : crash-reporter: fix linter issues
3c6b82c : crash-reporter: Fix C++ style issues in KernelCollector.
120c675 : crash-reporter: Add MIPS support for KernelCollector.
f7ad519 : Remove the dependency of platform.gyp to crash-reporter
e6cfd64 : metrics: fix lint warnings
5984b21 : metrics: remove unused constant
d83ca80 : metrics: Use the new serialization mechanism in libmetrics
346c43b : metrics: fix unittest
ae88303 : platform2: Remove redundant LICENSE files.
46b49da : Add an uploader to metrics_daemon
4a6c942 : metrics_daemon: fix parsing of zram sysfs
9769dc8 : Update gyp files to depend on metrics' standalone ebuild.
6a26a0d : clean up licenses/urls after merge
0d4b551 : metrics: Create a standalone ebuild for system_api
04661e3 : crash-reporter: Create a standalone ebuild for system_api
7e77690 : crash-reporter: Fix coding style and cpplint issues.
4764f52 : metrics: Migrate libchromeos to its own ebuild
f7181df : crash-reporter: Migrate libchromeos to its own ebuild
9636019 : metrics_daemon: add zram stats collection
cb373dd : crash-reporter: Update gyp files to use libchromeos from src/platform2
a756f7e : metrics: Update gyp files to use libchromeos from src/platform2
38f6bfa : metrics: Update gyp file to use src/platform2/common-mk
6f970ed : crash-reporter: Update gyp file to use src/platform2/common-mk
1412996 : crash_sender: delete redundant logic for parallel runs
a5db220 : metrics daemon: create /var/run/metrics/uma-events earlier
47785c0 : crash_sender: re-order send_crashes() logic
0e31ecb : crash-sender: set timeout to 4 hours
f30c641 : crash-reporter: Update to build against libchrome-271506.
52178b4 : libmetrics: remove version 242728
a39667d : crash_sender: ignore missing files to prevent upload failure
8c3cd41 : metrics: Update to build against libchrome-271506
65dd4c6 : libmetrics: Add support for building against libchrome-271506
3029e6f : crash_sender: add 30sec holdoff for fresh crashes
31cda98 : metrics library: complete switchover from /var/log to /var/run
369af35 : crash_sender: remove obsolete is_on_3g(), improve comment
9895096 : crash_sender: fix orphan logic, prevent deletion of *.log.tar.xz
960e0e1 : metrics library: move event file location from /var/log to /var/run
f1a5014 : use IGNORE_EINTR w/close
8fce285 : UserCollector: only create meta file if payload write succeeds
41c5450 : metrics library: convert to proper C++/libbase
3e8a851 : use IGNORE_EINTR w/close
618b579 : crash_sender: include verbose curl output in error logs
e5883fa : metrics_daemon: restore correct meaning of Logging.DailyUse.
254d22e : metrics_daemon: log to syslog
f9f7807 : Add crash-sender's init script to crash-reporter
d884a2e : libmetrics: add pkg-config file
9b1f300 : crash-reporter: Write out a magic string for Chrome crashes.
553e28c : crash-reporter: Remove libbase_ver override in gyp file.
0d97a47 : libmetrics: remove version 180609
cc43be1 : Remove unused variable in
c83975a : metrics: Clean up user-active code.
e5c7eb1 : metrics_daemon: store persistent counters in /var/lib, not /var/log.
ebad658 : Add crash reporter's init scripts
5ef2e39 : metrics_daemon: report cumulative daily use.
a5f4fe6 : metrics_daemon: fix harmless confusion in writing persistent integers
d8abf55 : metrics client: add basic sanity check for numeric arguments
042c3d4 : crash_sender: log product info in new list format
4f05c0e : Add OWNERS for metrics.
0446aab : crash_collector: Disable kernel task state collection for chrome crashes
dffc8ce : crash-reporter: Update OWNERS file to set 'noparent'.
6c32006 : metrics: add PersistentInteger unit test.
ba0c65d : metrics: add per-version daily stats reporting
bfdf4a8 : user_collector: use %P instead of %p
49fb1ad : metrics: use abs() for integer only.
2fd51cc : metrics: refactor counters
fd15829 : metrics: Make implicit MetricsLibrary d'tor explicit.
d24164e : Use GOOGLE_CRASH_ID as the default crash report id
9f52040 : crash-reporter: convert number to int before calling abs()
371a613 : Add init scripts for the metrics package
325a2e3 : crash reporter: avoid repeated warning collection
859b3f0 : metrics: add per-version cumulative counters
c5a9234 : metrics daemon: change location of flag files
b20c9ef : Push full warning signature instead of its hash only.
46465a7 : Remove unused Makefile.
82deea8 : Update metrics dependency to use slotted libmetrics library.
2e6543d : Update to build against libchrome-242728.
f1a557d : drop unused makefiles
09a15fa : Added a metric for tracking non-zero TPM dictionary-attack counters.
a557c11 : update to libbase-242728
01ca40d : convert list_proxies to base::CommandLine
1646eb8 : add platform2 support
8563d20 : Replace deprecated scoped_array<T> with scoped_ptr<T[]>
83ce73e : remove unused gflags includes
754dc92 : add printf attributes to printf func
1c5708f : metrics_daemon_test: drop unused vars
a59b3df : Append function name/offset to kernel warning signature.
b2c56e1 : Add -fvisibility=default to metrics library
f4c39b0 : crash_sender: upload oldest crashes first
0d9a9c9 : Fix out-of-bound index and clean up code.
d399bed : metrics: fix global-buffer-overflow
33a1bae : Add passive_metrics USE flag to platform2
e8fd968 : Add two more charger states to Platform.CrOSEvent.
9f3bf88 : warn_collector: fix building with newer flex
e57398a : Define UMA events for interesting power adapter situations.
130265e : Copy in new
62b0c42 : crash-reporter: Remove unused constants reported by clang.
d2db5ff : crash_reporter: clarify chrome crash ignore message
d9cd842 : Rewrite git/gerrit/gerrit-int urls to googlesource
a569da0 : build: respect CFLAGS when building warn_collector.l
55a515c : crash_sender: use more random tmpdir
8a17bb9 : crash_sender: add support for command line options
49a7c92 : Append all crashes to Chrome's crash log
c3f7973 : Adding a lock mechanism to crash_sender.
86830ba : Added cros event name for attestation metric.
4b8aebb : Add additional stats for swapping from /proc/vmstat
2aa552a : crash_collector: Collect kernel task states for chrome crashes
8ec93fa : crash_collector: Handle compressed i915_error_state for chrome crashes
6e55c11 : Define cros event names for chaps database failures.
9c9e1c4 : crash: Remove references to low-battery state file.
8b05c32 : crash_collector: Collect i915_error_state for chrome crashes
33dfd47 : Add error logging and fix uploading for chrome crash reports
32f827f : crash_collector: pedantically document hashed string for warn_collector
6f59842 : Remove unnecessary call to the deprecated g_thread_init().
4c9f576 : : correct kernel message pattern
5f23bbb : Add support for sending Atmel TP/TS error message
72e7271 : Update chrome crash reports to require the exe name
fc6bafa : crash_sender: disable uploading on test images
37843a9 : crash_collector: add /crash to the user crash path
20980d7 : Fix initialization of kernel_crash_reporter objects.
d92d18c : Fix wrong sysfs pathname.
0672655 : metrics: Creates |Pause| and |Resume| methods for timers.
f19b518 : add support for multiprofile
b3fe6c3 : Replace some LOGs with PLOGs
44054a0 : warn_collector_test: make it actually work
77bd156 : warn_collector: handle non-fatal signals
426fcc0 : Handle Chrome crashes
e6fcdab : metrics: fix clang syntax checking error.
fb3a821 : Collect CPU frequency thermal throttling stats
3ebadf8 : Add metrics GYP file
5eb471c : Hash only warning "file:line" in warning collector.
6fdc0b4 : Collect and report kernel warnings.
a7ebeb3 : Add sparse histograms to the metrics library and metrics client.
40f2573 : metrics: Listen to session manager for screen lock/unlock signals.
6844c06 : metrics: Add Cras.NoCodecsFoundAtBoot event to CrosEvents
4b5164b : metrics: add HwWatchdogReboot to CrosEvents
1bc9ce0 : metrics: Fixes a comment for |TimerReporter::ReportMilliseconds|.
3268422 : Add generic "event of interest" enumerated histogram.
9f90aca : Replace FilePath declaration with file_path.h include
1a8780d : update to libchrome 180609
9a7ce9f : use volatile markings in crash test
e10b548 : [metrics] Update metrics to build against libchrome-180609
942cbab : Modify swap metrics to be more useful.
570dd0c : crash-reporter: Updating to ToT to enable profiling
1c57e9e : crash-reporter: Remove some dependency on /proc
3ccca06 : Add meminfo swap metrics.
d605a00 : Make policy reloads explicit.
916fcd9 : update OWNERS
76c4ac1 : Revert "crash_sender: Temporary hack to increase MAX_CRASH_RATE to 100 for Link"
ebb86ae : crash-reporter: Add rule to collect touch event log
836353a : crash_sender: Temporary hack to increase MAX_CRASH_RATE to 100 for Link
0b78311 : crash-reporter: Add rule to collect touch noise logs
ed61be6 : crash-reporter: Collect i915 error state for chrome crashes
b1b91a5 : crash-reporter: Add a new Chrome thread to ignore
bbda078 : crash-reporter: Add udev rule to collect cyapa trackpad logs
20cb7cc : Construct signature and exec_name from udev rules
d9067dc : Get the real extension if log file is gzipped
8e95fa9 : crash-reporter: Add "boot_mode" key to crash reports for dev mode
bc2d7dd : crash-reporter: Don't send dmesg output with internal crash_reporter reports
a1cc383 : crash-reporter: Add a missing Chrome thread to ignore
65682f9 : crash-reporter: Add "image_type" key to crash reports for dev builds
9cd8b8c : Add missing gthread-2.0 linkage.
2f3ed03 : crash-reporter: Also ignore renamed Chrome threads
7c22757 : fix -I flag paths when building out-of-tree
acc7938 : Create separate udev collector class
34f543b : crash-reporter: change kDumpFormat to make it compile with gcc 4.7
6f03549 : Put send metrics code into common function
564c69f : Add unisdt.h to make gcc 4.7 compile it
b8ff769 : crash collector: compress udev crash logs
ee173fb : crash-reporter: Re-enable CollectBadDirectory unittest
1e09a84 : crash-reporter: Move disabling of GCC warning into source file
7672bfb : crash-reporter: Convert Makefile over to using
f040f13 : update to newer libbase, and allow setting via env
87a4950 : crash-reporter: Fix unclean_shutdown_collector_test to work by itself
57b261c : update to newer libbase
f70060c : Add udev event-based crash reporting
e1b21e9 : crash-reporter: Send "error_type" field for crash-reporter errors
fff57db : [crash-reporter] add OWNERS
b873759 : Better support 64bit x86 kernel crashes.
557bf45 : Update crash_reporter_logs.conf to collect log files for cros-installer.
f06d7b1 : clean up build & convert to SLOT-ed libbase
c55dbfd : clean up makefile and convert to SLOT-ed libbase
71ebf98 : include base/stringprintf.h directly
6e709a1 : Improve error diagnostics in UserCollector.
8b8dd20 : touchup pkg-config/library handling
2076b90 : Fix KernelCollector code and unit tests.
1135355 : Update metrics_library.h to find scoped_ptr.h in <base/memory>.
5825d5a : Remove collected crash report from pstore
d3ac796 : [crash-reporter] Move flag files to /var/run from /tmp
4b37d0e : [crash-reporter] drop unused crontab fragment
4abef11 : [metrics] use libchromeos.pc
91ad60a : [crash-reporter] use libchromeos.pc
b3121a7 : Revert "[crash-reporter] use libchromeos.pc"
f53e106 : Revert "[metrics] use libchromeos.pc"
8df4995 : [metrics] use libchromeos.pc
758e166 : [crash-reporter] use libchromeos.pc
ec7d783 : crash-reporter: Read core from stdin even if proc files are unsuable.
f13bb58 : crash-reporter: Validate proc files and log the state of crashed process.
f640099 : Use hung thread stack for watchdog panics.
294d5d1 : crash-reporter: Change layout for the container directory of procfs files.
9ee1f5f : crash-reporter: always write kernel crashes for dev builds
ce9556e : Switch away from /dev/mem to new ramoops pstore interface
df3e452 : Sends metrics to Chrome even when user did not consent to send stats.
5bd764f : Add page fault statistics.
b1ac89b : Revert "crash-reporter: Activate updated BadDirectory test"
ae33866 : crash-reporter: Activate updated BadDirectory test
65b4c1e : touch up 64bit build cleanliness
e2c1b17 : Add HWID information for ARM via crossystem
1ea8abe : crash-reporter: Update crash-reporter to work with ramoops
e3bdf0f : Fixed wrong method signatures in TimerReporterMock.
be388f3 : Added a timer-based report to the metrics library.
4fe30db : crash-reporter: Dump crashes outside of cryptohome during autotests.
0e5debf : Fixed a test where a method was expected to be called but it wasn't.
70b7abd : Respect the metrics file if no policy value is set (for legacy migration).
4bd4da2 : crash-reporter: disable CollectBadDirectory
538ecbf : Don't ignore chrome crashes when autotesting.
b2f1709 : Revert "Revert "Make the metrics library respect the policy settings instead of the consent file.""
a3df284 : Revert "Make the metrics library respect the policy settings instead of the consent file."
ff3eb19 : Make the metrics library respect the policy settings instead of the consent file.
ec380e8 : Revert "Make the metrics library respect the policy settings instead of the consent file."
a2ce30f : Make the metrics library respect the policy settings instead of the consent file.
9f1a774 : Determine guest mode status for metrics collection
4fdcf19 : Determine guest mode status for metrics collection
8accd33 : Add memuse stats and fix disk I/O computations.
b7780ce : Remove obsolete hardware_class script.
8a68c7c : [crash-reporter] bad merge broke the build
3ba6c5b : [crash-reporter] rolling to libchrome 87480
817016a : [metrics] Roll forward to new libchrome
8032dd0 : metrics: Fixed compile-time warnings due to unused variables.
543eee3 : crash-reporter: Make use of list_proxies to send crashes via a proxy when appropriate
57a942f : crash-reporter: Create a list_proxies command
29c7ef9 : Add meminfo UMA collection.
c046f57 : Revert "Revert "crash-reporter: Don't send ps command lines with crash reporter""
1e6b8bd : Strip MAC addresses from dmesg sent w/ kcrash files.
d74cc09 : Add ARM support
c7dcf3f : Revert "crash-reporter: Don't send ps command lines with crash reporter"
ec951c7 : crash-reporter: Don't send ps command lines with crash reporter
5d3a1a2 : crash-reporter: keep ignoring chrome crashes even on dev builds
1652fb2 : Modify crash-reporter to collect crash information for unofficial builds.
a324932 : crash-reporter: Use standard logging and new libchromeos Process code
f92f4ca : Revert "Modify crash-reporter to collect crash information for unofficial builds."
0f132bb : Find device-dependent disk stats file, and skip disk stats if not available.
604f5c0 : Modify crash-reporter to collect crash information for unofficial builds.
8d3305e : libmetrics: Support partial writes.
8842c8c : libmetrics -- release the shared file lock when closing, handle EINTR.
c88e42d : Collect some disk statistics.
d49d362 : crash-reporter: when exe symlink read fails send diags and still ignore chrome crashes
1b8fe01 : crash-reporter: Add diagnostics to help diagnose failures in the wild
1d3c304 : crash-reporter: Send systemwide stability information up to Chrome
be2e13b : metrics: Send ability to notify chrome of system crashes
6c35d7c : metrics: Update comment about adding user actions.
c4e01cc : Change path from /home/autotest to /usr/local/autotest.
ca90d8b : metrics: Add SendUserActionToUMA() to MetricsLibraryMock.
ed82485 : Add support for user actions to the metrics library and the metrics clients.
c49dbd4 : crash-reporter: Capture and send recent update_engine logs when it crashes
3f7ed5d : Collect suspend and resume info from power manager
814ef46 : crash-reporter: use HTTPS when sending crashes
2105b49 : crash-reporter: Ignore Chrome crashes, relying on Chrome breakpad
b9b05e6 : metrics: Update tests to send user in session state change.
a5118a9 : crash-reporter: add missing header file from last commit
9b34647 : crash-reporter: Avoid writing through symlinks.
c6a58e0 : crash-reporter: add filtering to make crash tests resilient to crashy builds
7f2830e : crash-reporter: fix bug where we were sending "undefined" as all stack signatures
207694d : crash-reporter: write conversion failure diagnostics into fake dmp files
afcf808 : crash-reporter: Generate kernel crash signatures for server-side grouping of similar crashes
0096b43 : crash-reporter: avoid deadlock if dbus-daemon is hanging
133983b : crash-reporter: Fix race between test code and rsyslogd
2953c3a : crash-reporter: Avoid using system to invoke core2md
c909b69 : crash-reporter: send payload sizes to help diagnose corruption
30c9762 : crash-reporter: fix race condition between cron crash_sender and test invoked
44973b0 : crash-reporter: detect guest mode and defer crash sending
eafbbdf : metrics: Add guest mode detection to metrics library and client
fd55798 : Metrics: Update README to reflect recent changes.
dd6a8db : Remove blank tracking script.
ee849c5 : Add meta files to crash directory, enabling OS version at crash time.
563d08b : Fix build break.
cd71405 : Revert "Add call to logging::InitLogging() during startup to write to stderr."
9dc2fbf : Add call to logging::InitLogging() during startup to write to stderr. There's no need to write to a file since we only log messages for commandline parameter validations (ie. usage errors).
da5db7a : Increase number of enqueued crash files, sending rate, and fix minor bug.
e4fb0af : Deprecate libcrash.a
6fba658 : Fix Unexpected crash_sender stdout/stderr when testing Official image
f174fc0 : Fix collection of kernel crash into /var/spool/crash
239b826 : remove TimeToDrop support
023e207 : Fix problem with crash_sender being able to run multiple times concurrently.
4c5daa4 : Add weekly crash counters, refactor metrics_daemon, respect opt-in in library.
04ec10f : Limit the number of crash reports to enqueue at once
0340316 : Collect and send kernel crash diagnostics
479b148 : Hard fail immediately in crash_sender if /usr/bin/find is not installed
ccd84c0 : Add # daily crashes metrics and separate kernel crashes out.
7ac7a70 : Move leave_core where similar files exist
3fd7474 : [metrics] Fix tests after libbase roll broke them
f9322f7 : Update to new libchrome APIs
9ce4fa3 : Add LICENSE file
0e6037c : Add LICENSE file
777484c : Start invoking core2md to implement full system crash reporting
6c0260a : Link libcrash conditionally.
07ae1f8 : Remove generate_logs since it's been moved to workarounds in issue 2861045
6993256 : Fix crash-reporter test build
091993c : Send client ID in crash report
1c2b4c8 : Use the HWID from the firmware as the hardware class, if available.
d2f284b : Add crash reporting to metrics_daemon.
38d5cb0 : Log active use time between kernel crashes.
c7f8528 : Notify metrics daemon of kernel crashes.
cd8c317 : Readability review.
c2bf95f : Update libmetrics docs to cover some recent questions and issues.
522c061 : Change include paths to reflect new directory.
32e1df9 : Update the README to mention that a C API is also available.
10b301d : add C wrapper for libmetrics
69e3720 : TBR: Adding petkov's patch committed today in other repo
e4a8603 : Initial commit of crash reporter repo
1bb904e : Measure and report time between user-space process crashes.
f1e85e4 : Implement a persistent storage aggregation counter class.
99c64a0 : Recommend including "Chrome OS" in the histogram description.
53faeb0 : Fixed KDBusMatches bug.
3fec7f6 : Update Watchlists
6bf6e25 : Update metrics daemon to use new power manager signals for locking (4 of 7).
55188f5 : Setup code review inheritance
3b3add5 : Cleanup style nits in metrics daemon.
e334840 : s/org.moblin.connman/org.chromium.flimflam/
f27f036 : Update metrics_daemon to use base/time.h instead of time_t directly.
f1172ff : Add script to collect logs, dumps and other relevant information.
51a83db : A script to print the hardware class (e.g., hwqual ID) of the device.
11b8eb3 : Add metrics library tests. Some metrics daemon API cleanup.
c80dd92 : Per kmixter's suggestion, install metrics headers under /usr/include/metrics.
21cd2c5 : Remove the deprecated static metrics APIs.
fc91b42 : Start transition the metrics library to non-static API. Use gmock in tests.
4fd6d3f : First draft of the metrics doc.
e579d66 : Add tests for the D-Bus MessageFilter.
2ccef01 : Add some basic tests for metrics_daemon.
41e0623 : ... will look into some unit and integration testing for all metrics code next in a separate CL.
703ec97 : Log time between network drops -- from online to offline.
5b7dce1 : Add support for linear/enumeration histograms.
c2526a1 : Update the libmetrics API to match the new Chrome interface.
4fcb2ac : metrics cleanup and fixes.
65b0146 : Unify metrics_collection and metrics_daemon into metrics.

+- Project: platform/system/extras

019954a : Add missing include.
918e4b7 : Add missing includes for pid_t.
fa5185e : Add <endian.h> back and stop building one tool for the Mac.
3adbe0f : Another go at fixing the Mac build.
9ad61ac : Fix Mac build.
38e573e : Simpleperf: add filters to report command.
04c70a6 : Simpleperf: don't check for empty build id.
c42867e : Simpleperf: support caller callgraph.
f825889 : Simpleperf: fix the process of parsing records.
5872ac6 : Simpleperf: correct the event type name printed in stat command.
cf27ba9 : Use __ANDROID__ instead of HAVE_ANDROID_OS.
8ddd3b9 : Tests for candidate source address restriction
5f2a170 : Simpleperf: work around unexpected (pid, tid) pair.
73d8078 : Simpleperf: use ThreadTree when getting hit files in record command.
60a0ea9 : Simpleperf: separate ThreadTree from SampleTree.
ba50c4b : Simpleperf: load symbols from dso file only when necessary.
6bf8ca0 : Simpleperf: dump thread comm/mmaps for selected threads.
8ca8ae8 : Simpleperf: fix build on mac.
ca7b9e7 : Simpleperf: fix build error on mips.
39d3cae : Simpleperf: support --vmlinux option in report command.
7d056b4 : ext4_utils: Wrap wipe.h to be C++ compatible.
76769e5 : Simpleperf: Support dwarf callgraph recording.
c8ffe57 : Simpleperf: remove unnecessary std::move.
2180d74 : Simpleperf: Fix unused parameter
c5b535e : Add switches for compressor
638c558 : Simpleperf: check build id in report command.
bc275f5 : Fix lint errors.

+- Project: platform/system/keymaster

f2441b9 : Implement delete_key and delete_all_keys in SoftKeymasterDevice.
faa9a1b : Check overflow in authorization set deserialization.
3897f69 : Don't enforce authorizations on public keys.
5fccf9d : Fix enforcement of block mode and MAC length on AES ops
9e7d723 : Allow any padding mode to be used with keys with KM_PAD_NONE.
b542243 : Support creation and use of HMAC keys with KM_DIGEST_NONE
d811c0f : Mark the message about invalid unversioned blobs informational.
8c46a91 : Add authorization enforcement to AndroidKeymaster.
cfd289c : Use wrapped keymaster0 device's value of KEYMASTER_SOFTWARE_ONLY
31eaa48 : Fix missing delete_keypair and delete_all

+- Project: platform/tools/external/gradle

1b6417f : Add