android-m-preview-2 to android-n-preview-1 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

6973100 : Only visit app image classes in class loader
26329cd : Query declaring class before querying IsNative.
96530d3 : ART: Update arm assembly to use current syntax
fee8556 : Ignore 145-alloc-tracking-stress failures in interpreter with CC.
2ed15b6 : Cache DexRegisterMaps when writing native debug info.
0274240 : Re-enable CFI test for compressed symbols.
80d9c85 : Make sure we keep adb logs on buildbots.
9abb297 : Fix very rare bug around JIT code cache collection.
98c38e3 : Suppress ArrayDequeTest#testForEachRemaining temporarily.
d3d0da5 : ARM64: Implement SystemArrayCopyChar intrinsic.
0c6e334 : Move back the boot image to debuggable.
457413a : Fix lint issue.
9775934 : MIPS32: Highest/Lowest One Bit Set:
4464a3e : ART: Fix UTF test and monitor pool old chunks
bbb2ebe : MIPS32: Improve TrailingZeros
edc1645 : MIPS32: Implement bitCount intrinsics.
9ea02c4 : Add ScopedGCCriticalSection to Trace::StopTracing.
9a3be98 : ProfilingInfo roots should be visited by the declaring class.
7211aa6 : Add systrace to VerifyClass
2714fe6 : MIPS32: Implement isInfinite intrinsics.
d204ba5 : Move some default-methods tests to Java from Smali.
bcd94c8 : Refine statistics around the JIT.
49924c9 : Integer.bitCount and Long.bitCount intrinsics for ARM64
7ba9966 : ART: cleanup exit_block_ in graph if exit block is removed
eeed32c : Ignore 145-alloc-tracking-stress run-test failures with CC.
700347e : Add a PassScope for PrepareForRegisterAllocation
0b8b4a6 : Delete alloc tracking map outside of critical section
145c31a : change image in
40f1f0a : Revert "Disable test after libunwind change."
6cba74b : Disable 577-profile-foreign-dex temporarily.
5b83050 : Fix potential linear alloc memory leak
511e41b : Clear inline caches if a ProfilingInfo gets revived.
2f9fcc9 : Simplified intrinsic macro mechanism.
3512244 : Revert "Revert "Use the interpreter as a heartbeat for the JIT.""
0f73bda : Improve Checker error messages
00b53b7 : Fast ART MIPS64 interpreter
c03d7b6 : oatdump: Add option to print just the header
40e4ba2 : Fix one more Checker test after switch to Jack
f02c3cf : ART: Switch Checker run-tests to Jack
0c65939 : Revert "ART: Allow unwinding unattached threads"
18047e4 : Disable test after libunwind change.
c8705a7 : ART: Enable JitProfiling for x86_64 Mterp
fa8598d : Remove references to $(ACP)
9198976 : Revert "Disable flaky 130-hprof test."
eebc3af : Fix allocation tracking race
3f52306 : ART: Fix overlapping instruction IDs in inliner
9e927f5 : Lower JIT thread priority
f728672 : ART: Allow unwinding unattached threads
a96917a : Revert "Use the interpreter as a heartbeat for the JIT."
034eb1a : Revert "Fix bogus interaction between code cache and instrumentation."
591ad29 : Standby list for dyn bce in potentially infinite loops.
e9924b7 : Fix bogus interaction between code cache and instrumentation.
c94ff12 : More run-test with Jack
1e7da9b : Do a TryLock when allocating a ProfilingInfo from the interpreter.
7273a5d : Use the interpreter as a heartbeat for the JIT.
25e0456 : Give the JIT its own arena pool to avoid lock contentions.
2a524bd : Dump more information to diagnose problem.
897338d : x86 Fast Interpreter: Fix CFI
6cbe081 : Revert "Revert "Fast ART x86_64 interpretator""
4866794 : Revert "Disable symbolizing traces on volantis."
2f0d3bc : Disable flaky 130-hprof test.
b6347b7 : Fixed bug on incorrectly revisiting same block.
032c005 : Revert "Revert "Improve immune spaces logic""
42ad288 : Fix the signature of the IndexOf entry point.
cc3839c : Improve documentation about StringFactory.newStringFromChars.
4f97a21 : Cleanup polymorphic inlining to the same target.
a1d8ddf : Bug fix for polymorphic inlining.
20adf27 : Optimizing: Do not depend on sharpening in test 577
95303c6 : Disable symbolizing traces on volantis.
07dbbca : Revert "Improve immune spaces logic"
17b8bce : Improve immune spaces logic
bc4d218 : ART: Add unstarted-runtime functions
c5dd319 : Add and use loaded class profiling
942dc298 : Simplify LoadNativeLibrary()
e9d2ca2 : Add JNI tests for lambdas
2a6aad9 : Implement fp to bits methods as intrinsics.
a1de918 : Optimizing: Reduce memory usage of HInstructions.
c4a575f : Revert "Fast ART x86_64 interpretator"
200f040 : [MIPS] Add Fast Art interpreter for Mips32.
25abd6c : Optimizing: Add ARM and ARM64 intrinsics support for StringGetCharsNoCheck
a6e81ed : Add lz4hc image compression format
7e1ce28 : Assembly TLAB allocation fast path for arm.
31317c3 : Add a decompression scoped timing for image loading
481352d : Revert "Revert "ART: Support interpreter switching in x86 mterp""
fc07555 : Disable test 097-duplicate-method for investigation
9c1c06a : Add StrictMath.round tests for large integers.
4a28e1e : Support new JDWP InterfaceType.InvokeMethod command
358af83 : Recognize for (int i = 0; i != x.length; i++) loops
9ff0d20 : Optimizing: ARM64 negated bitwise operations simplification
1bbdfd7 : Verify encoded stack maps in debug builds.
7dc1178 : Implement << operator for DexRegisterLocation::Kind.
f1dcacc : ART: Profile all branches for on-stack replacement
a14bf44 : Revert "ART: Support interpreter switching in x86 mterp"
fcdd729 : Dump the number of OSR compiled code.
bef5eba : Split 530-checker-loops to please our run-test file size limit.
4a0dad6 : Revert "Revert "ARM/ARM64: Extend support of instruction combining.""
c66577e : Revert "Preload public libraries on Runtime::Start()"
45bdb25 : Revert "Disable test due to toybox update."
ea9fc5b : Preload public libraries on Runtime::Start()
6ab903c : Avoid single expensive test in 530-checker-loops.
4429b11 : ART: Support interpreter switching in x86 mterp
0ccfe2c : image: Allow methods with code in another oat file to work correctly
97412c9 : Use range analysis for better trip count analysis
83723ae : Add MapAnonymous handling for null error_str
e530539 : Make sure constantIndexing2 is optimized with DEOPT.
6d3d9bb : Don't make this script fail a buildbot run.
b0d2208 : Forgot to initialize JIT memory use fields.
fb7fc7b : Fix indentation of copyright headers in some ART run-tests.
e53bd81 : Remove unreachable code paths in constant folding.
970e191 : Made art/runtime/arch/ compile with -O2 again.
c257da7 : ARM: Implement Reverse bits and bytes intrinsic.
dad095a : Add a script to symbolize buildbot crashes.
944da60 : ART: Allow method references across oat files for multi-image, 2nd attempt.
9cd6d37 : Associate slow paths with the instruction that they belong to.
c7098ff : Remove HNativeDebugInfo from start of basic blocks.
2de973d : ART: Enable JitProfiling for x86 Mterp
7ea5747 : Show battery level fo devices on buildbot.
6ea1a0e : AOT compile framework code as non-debuggable
3612149 : Make JNI work correctly with default methods.
bf3f1cf : Improved instruction + offset hunting.
16e51be : Fix allocation tracking race
32ae802 : Revert "Compile checker run-tests with Jack"
5c7e260 : Please Clang with respect to stack frame limits in dex2oat.
de4fb63 : Fix profman path for the gtest.
fbeeb47 : Compile checker run-tests with Jack
8d37250 : Introduce partial code cache collection.
cedd4f2 : Re-enable tests that were causing TimeoutExceptions on x86/x86-64.
7ca4b77 : Don't allocate mspaces of less than a page.
2e2db78 : Revert "Revert "Add profman tool: responsible to process profiles""
8a7ef10 : Add regression test for alloc stack trace and unloading
a7deef9 : Visit stack trace roots
3da7468 : Revert "Add profman tool: responsible to process profiles"
906ae5d : Fix class_linker_test for valgrind.
b74353a : MIPS32: Implement intrinsics from java.lang.Math:
20a0be0 : Fix CC collector thread flip and JNI critical section deadlocks.
633750c : ART: Add Class.getEnclosingClass() to UnstartedRuntime
dccd675 : Fix static dex2oat build
ed00978 : Optimizing/x86-64: Use MOVL in Load64BitValue() if IsUint<32>().
6ad2d8b : Revert "Force Jack to consider multidex annotations"
6caefd9 : Add profman tool: responsible to process profiles
ae83792 : Track libcore change b5d045f7e4023c0ba9a42fb95efad4c30dfc085f
65b83d8 : Add a new kReservedCapacity to decide when to start GC code.
d8aa503 : Revert "Workaround JDWP failures"
bbf1f28 : Ignore GZIPInputStreamTest#testLongMessage failures with CC.
69564bb : Use adds instead of add to set the N flag.
9fb0ac7 : Enable bytecode tracing in ART FI
901e070 : Support image classes filtering in image writer
66a5539 : Add VLOG(collector) to reduce log spam
c3b4c6e : ART: Enable JitProfiling for Arm Mterp
1fdabe6 : Revert "Do not build art with clang for mips64"
8af4d1c : Workaround JDWP failures
38ea9bd : Track memory usage of code cache.
fd522f9 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64""""
ca76a1a : Dex-wide ArenaPool scoping for AOT compilation
b52de24 : Fix braino in single frame deopt.
5351da0 : Use image oat file instead of image header for immune spaces
e8bf134 : Don't pass in oat file name to NativeLocationInImage
5496f69 : Disable read barriers in GC VisitReferences calls.
b5e31f3 : Fix rosalloc issues with valgrind.
1fe26e1 : Fix build aflter conflicting changes got in.
38e9e80 : Add statistics support for some optimizations
e4084a5 : Small inlining improvements.
916cc1d : Implement polymorphic inlining.
5b82d33 : The JIT does not need VerifedMethod nor CompilerCallbacks.
98e6ce4 : Remove string init map.
c669beb : Fast ART x86_64 interpretator
ff8579e : x86 ART FI clean-up
8ffc1fa : Set bias on != comparison for isNaN.
fcea56f : Fix issue with copied methods not being checked.
75a38b2 : Implement isNaN intrinsic through HIR equivalent.
92d4f0e : Add Math.round tests for large integers.
8817760 : Clean up register line
91edc62 : Only visit pointer arrays once during image relocation
1252e97 : Implement Optimizing's constant folding as a visitor.
45724f9 : Revert "Allow method references across oat files for multi-image."
32ca375 : Fix uses of art::HCompare::IsGtBias on MIPS32 and MIPS64.
6065402 : Allow method references across oat files for multi-image.
6705dab : Build jdwp tests with Jack in vogar
31dd3d6 : Extend constant folding to float and double operations.
b88d59e : Be a bit smarter with JIT code triggering deoptimization.
a9b9131 : We also need to delete osr entries when deleting ArtMethod.
361e04a : Add custom arena deleter for RegisterLine
c7f7712 : ahat: annotate char[] objects with their string values.
55bd749 : Refactor the inliner.
8659e84 : X86: Allow long compares to stack operands
9779307 : HInvokeStaticOrDirect may not have a special input.
6b9508d : Remove some outdated comments in art tests
0c5b18e : Support CMOV for x86 Select
aaa779a : Remove usages of jill.jar, use jack instead
c0b2796 : Follow-up to OSR change.
eda4dfa : Remove code cache check from native bridge run-test
28b7574 : Fix test by checking if we're using JIT.
99b87eb : Change how DWARF detects end of prologue.
b396c73 : Add simple deduplication for .debug_ranges.
d186dd8 : Re-enable OSR.
ac06b6d : Temporarily disable compressed CFI tests.
da571cb : Optimizing: Use range-based loops in BCE.
dd5e5e9 : Revert "Revert "Make it possible to enable native debugging through debug flags""
8e73ac3 : Fix broken tests
4fb3a42 : ART: Fix ArenaStack::AllocWithMemoryTool().
03bf174 : Let the CFI test communicate via stdout rather than arbitrary sleep.
6dd10fa : Fix lint error
a73280d : Add an option to disable native stack dumping on SIGQUIT.
5e08e36 : Expect less in the presence of a string init call.
8428bd3 : Optimizing: Remove unnecessary And before TypeConversion.
b52bbde : Optimizing: Simplify consecutive type conversions.
c0b601b : ART: Implement HSelect with CSEL/FCSEL on arm64
dee1b9a : X86_64: Allow HSelect to generate CMOV from memory
dd9473b : dex2oat: Show memory usage values in bytes
0095d88 : Add MODULE_LICENSE_GPL.. for art/runtime/openjdkjvm.
badd826 : ART: Run SsaBuilder from HGraphBuilder
e866213 : Disable on stack replacement for now.
dec3a12 : Don't call IsNative if the declaring class can be null.
6eb6a39 : ART: Simplify patchoat
4a2c8fc : Fix bug with verification of constructors
1d23982 : Generalized "dom-based" dynamic BCE to symbolic base + offset.
abdac47 : Add X86/X86_64 support for CMOV from memory.
bd064ea : Fix app image memory leak
6dbecf4 : Fix run-test
17fccfb : Be less extreme on the iteration in 570-checker-osr.
980027c : ART: Treat throw with non-reference type as hard failure in verifier.
6e33252 : ART: Remove HTemporary
b8300fc : Switch the tests to using Jack for compilation
31708b7 : Fix compiler driver gtest.
34900cc : Store relative paths in the profile file
d9994f0 : Re-enable OSR.
8650378 : Fix x86-64 Baker's read barrier fast path for CheckCast.
3e6232e : Make run test 572-checker-array-get-regression gcstress friendly.
5d03317 : Revert "Revert "Revert "ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64"""
3acee73 : MIPS32: peek*/poke*, and String.charAt intrinsics.
50cf600 : ART: Fix arm mterp shadow handling
bfd26cd : Fill some gaps in .debug_loc.
8cdbc2a : ART/Thumb2: Disassemble SBFX/UBFX.
821e66b : Fix run test 572-checker-array-get-regression on 32-bit archs.
354efa6 : Try to substitute constructor chains for IPUTs.
c9f0ba1 : ART: Give better error messages in dex-file verifier
9687f24 : Revert "Revert "ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64""
6c37e9a : openjdkjvm: Don't leak the results of JVM_RawMonitorCreate.
ca0bf03 : Fix ARM64 Baker's read barrier fast path for ArraySet.
44ba97e : openjdkjvm: clean up verbose logging.
40bcb93 : Some clean-up for the handling of HSelect in LSE
6edb9ae : Check pages are readable after mprotect for SEGV_ACCERR diagnosis
3a98aae : Revert "Make it possible to enable native debugging through debug flags"
64fdc80 : Default methods should not be found by getDeclaredMethod
c5bfa97 : Split to several files.
4fda4eb : Move code related to debug info generation to its own directory.
c94a61f : Make it possible to enable native debugging through debug flags
05dfaaa : Mterp: Fix and restore mac host build
4d9b10a : Disable osr while investigating flakiness.
ef40446 : Always visit ProfilingInfo, the counter could be reset.
119a885 : Fix AllocateBlockedReg.
9fcfb8a : ART: Curb lock-verification-failure spam
d9bc433 : Point fixes after OSR change.
7ba5a67 : ART: Better InitWithoutImage error messages
a61347b : Address missed amend
7ed9c56 : Use 8-byte increment bracket sizes for rosalloc thread local runs.
8405bfd : Disable kDebugStackWalk
bf36918 : Fix moving GC bugs in
a19616e : Implemented compare/signum intrinsics as HCompare (with all code generation for all)
b331feb : Revert "Revert "Implement on-stack replacement for arm/arm64/x86/x86_64.""
bd89a5c : Revert "Implement on-stack replacement for arm/arm64/x86/x86_64."
9f98025 : Extend De Morgan factorisation to `HBooleanNot`.
1530f2e : Revert "Disable test for now."
370339c : Do not emit DWARF debug info if there are no methods.
32d39c4 : Add some more tests to those breaking since move to OpenJDK
891bc28 : Implement on-stack replacement for arm/arm64/x86/x86_64.
0c4572e : Generate mini-debug-info on separate thread.
ae5d273 : Change the method which generates DWARF mini-debug-info.
95717f0 : Revert "ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64"
0a57b45 : Disable test for now.
61d2b2d : Use GC critical section for adding and removing app images
12b8c9d : Newer kernels added SEGV_BNDERR.
34ed3af : ART: Avoid uninitialized padding in LinkerPatch.
8c4f041 : madvise away app image dex cache arrays
d3e7c6c : Don't use native bridge for non zygote-spawn processes
8d1da85 : runtime: Cleanup comments for kAccSkipAccessChecks
2f10a5f : Revert "Revert "X86: Use the constant area for more operations.""
6157a5d : Make test 971-iface-super smaller to prevent gcstress timeouts.
3ece5e0 : Ignore ZipFileTest#testZipFileWithLotsOfEntries failures with CC on N5.
582b68f : Use correct requested alloc space begin for CC
3aec1d1 : Ignore DeflaterOutputStreamTest#testSyncFlushEnabled failures with CC.
d70dc9d : ARM: Add direct calls to math intrinsics
7c0b44f : Support CMOV for x86_64 Select
a0a1610 : ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64
6fe28c0 : Re-enable some MIPS/MIPS64 run-tests
579942f : Reduce the size of native debug info generated by JIT.
a211a02 : Test 565-checker-doublenegbitwise applies to all architectures.
274b455 : Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol on aarch64
97590cc : Strip image-format arg in dex2oat
42d511d : Fix class_linker_test to take into account default methods.
df707e4 : runtime: Don't skip verification for -Xverify:soft-fail
3f1a8be : Fixed bug on premature DCHECK. With fail-before/pass-after test
a57ee9d : Avoid read barrier for UpdateEntrypoints
1fc3afb : Minor improvement on static BCE analysis.
2aba7cd : Implement first kind of polymorphic inlining on MIPS.
ca0e3a0 : Revert "Revert "Optimizing: double-negated bitwise operations simplifications""
1c4aeb4 : Write DWARF strings inline and remove .debug_str section.
24868a1 : Share DWARF .debug_abbrev sections.
7770a3e : Assume fp operations can also take a constant on x86.
674f519 : ART: Enable multi-level instruction inlining
e5c71f9 : Handle HSelect in LSE.
b08f305 : Prevent crashes if boot images fail to load
9b1c9b7 : Fix updating string dex cache array for no class table case
dfe02f6 : Fix remaining read barrier issues in image relocation
6af5348 : Use SS/GSS collectors in dex2oat if they are the default.
e362740 : Fix DCHECK compilation error.
e3d4ff5 : runtime: Update Proxy to assume 1 less direct method
0d4909e : ART: Fix rounding up in DexCacheArraysLayout constructor.
9f35ccd : ART: Fix bad manual rename of local variable.
df187e4 : Revert "Revert "reflection: Add new 1.8 AnnotatedElement methods and tests""
f1b4c41 : runtime: Fix field resolution with access checks (runtest 073)
9f95ba7 : interpreter: Fix proxy method invocation with access checks enabled.
623a7a2 : MIPS32: Fix codegen register dumps.
3b0b4b9 : Revert "Revert "ART: Mterp for arm64""
ba70200 : Add MIPS floating point register mapping to DWARF.
69a0405 : ART: Clean up strings fixup for app images.
88b29f3 : Optimizing: Re-enable checker tests disabled for multi-image.
17fb893 : Optimizing: Do not depend on sharpening in test 449.
c7eecf9 : Avoid re-declarations of base classes in DWARF.
fa5ec2b : Use more compact encoding for DWARF flags.
7138d45 : Optimize DWARF namespace encoding.
fb50270 : ART: Add test case for Select implementations
02fc24e : ARM64: Add direct calls to math intrinsics
0d11ffe : Optimizing: Do not depend on sharpening in test 569.
43f3fb9 : Revert "ART: Mterp for arm64"
1aa8ec2 : Fix up dex cache strings stored in classes
e7f75f3 : Add read barrier option to UpdateEntrypoints
e0c269e : ART: Mterp for arm64
bb24bd0 : Implemented signum() on ARM64.
1ed4449 : ART: Fix test 117 after OatFileAssistant change
1355495 : ART: Release DexFile in OatFileAssistant
3243026 : Ensure instruction cache is flushed in compiler tests with Clang.
ce4b0ba : Ignore image checksum for ExtractOnly oat files
0dd8c39 : Track libcore change aa517a356a38b8cd6764667e1edd735aaf5978e9.
03196cf : Be on the safe side: emit an environment for runtime calls.
68b5c0b : ART: Disallow uses of uninitialized references
2d7c8ea : Revert "Disable test after failing test was pushed."
14567fd : Clean up UpdateOatFile for app images
b4961db : Regression test ensuring unresolved classes are not put in dex cache.
9ff8460 : Add oat checksum check for app image loading
5a55986 : Fix issue with exception type resolution during linking.
2e5de78 : Add a comment on ReadBarrier::Mark() about ALWAYS_INLINE.
7b56502 : Implement compare() on ARM64.
d967266 : MIPS64: Remove unaligned memory access from art generated code
d8904a5 : ART: Do not reopen oat file in ImageWriter::UpdateOatFile().
fd82520 : Disable test after failing test was pushed.
c26f128 : Re-enable test 566-polymorphic-inlining.
560297f : Re-enable test 496-checker-inlining-and-class-loader with CC.
adda435 : Optimizing: Use dex pc 0 for pattern substitution-generated IGET.
28a2a18 : Revert "reflection: Add new 1.8 AnnotatedElement methods and tests"
04d3e87 : ART: Do not use AT register in MIPS DSS<->RP swap
b0171b9 : Do not use atomic increment in allocation as fence.
d6b48db : ART: Fix single-step interpretation for mterp
734f3aa : Fix "Never Interpret" option for all interpreters
fedd91d : Optimizing compiler support for directly calling interface methods
c4695df : Always use pendingNext to test enqueability of references.
369c851 : ART: Dump full exception on re-init failure message
1cdee57 : Disable test for now.
49c9333 : Remove ALWAYS_INLINE from ReadBarrier::Mark().
c68e77b : Fix image test with GSS
784bb09 : Clear image file in image writer
c5d4754 : Implementation of integer intrinsics on x86_64
60bc39c : Remove some more read barriers in image relocation
a60e220 : Doh. Forgot to ensure it's compiled.
be10e8e : Optimizing: Try pattern substitution when we cannot inline.
a94d54b : Stop verifier ResolveClass from putting unresolved classes in dex cache.
cc0f311 : ART: Add missing swaps to MIPS codegen
9e49ab1 : Add a comment to oatdump for 0 size symbols
b11b072 : ART: Fix gtest after liveness CL
a42363f : Implement first kind of polymorphic inlining.
74eb1b2 : ART: Implement HSelect
b3e773e : ART: Implement support for instruction inlining
eb2c741 : Do not enforce deterministic compilation with read barriers.
f0615a3 : Don't crash if the perf map creation failed
7f3e0db : Change log to avoid polluting logcat.
ad4ed08 : Revert "Revert "Lift the spill at each irreducible loop block restriction.""
1bbfab6 : Pass template args down
d329a3b : Fix pointer conversion error in SetElementPtrSize
ace0dc1 : ART: Add option to ensure deterministic compilation
1277108 : Fix issue with IMT dispatch.
4a6a67c : Remove unused DMB code paths in the ARM64 Optimizing Compiler
c167ee9 : reflection: Add new 1.8 AnnotatedElement methods and tests
3a2bd29 : ART: Make sure dex files are verified in the compiler
76ce917 : Move heap trim outside of zygote creation lock region
2e4afe8 : Clear dalvik-cache before running test on host.
47496c2 : ART: Allow --no-inline-from to specify multiple dex files.
8f75c45 : Emit symbol names for trampoline symbols in oatdump
8edb521 : Re-enable some run-tests with CC after mterp fix.
982a9a8 : Rosalloc fast path in assembly for MIPS64
05d2415 : Add option to never interpret.
2e50ecb : Fix ARM & ARM64 UnsafeCASObject intrinsic with heap poisoning.
7d1fbf3 : Optimizing: Lazy creation of Handle<>s in RTP.
f4b3dba : Cast method pointer to uintptr_t before uint64_t
4a26f17 : Remove GetImageRoots read barrier for image relocation
7617216 : Convert to UTF8 before doing dex file location comparison
522d51b : Factor out common code for SetPendingNext.
5cbd8c3 : Blacklist new test due to so loading problems.
37ba27a : Temporarily use -fstack-protector for the read barrier config.
6e74fa9 : Implemented checker/unit test for various operations.
a9d82fe : Use mutator lock to guard adding and removing heap spaces
9724c63 : Enable interface default methods by default.
59c9454 : Recognize common utilities as intrinsics.
09e8d5f : Some minor simplifications in code and tests.
2818dbc : Revert "Lift the spill at each irreducible loop block restriction."
8697355 : ART: Remove another unnecessary mutator lock annotation.
b0659e6 : Disable interpreter run-tests occasionally failing with CC.
b4eddd2 : Add profile support for apps with shared runtime.
79e9f43 : Lift the spill at each irreducible loop block restriction.
5e974a6 : Change the order of functions in .debug_frame to save space.
5288611 : Do not write full method signature in mini-debug-info.
5b1c2ca : Revert "Revert "Add option to generate compressed backtrace info.""
f39745e : ART: Remove some unnecessary mutator lock annotations.
d112827 : Add dependency on liblzma.
78ebe4a : Disable run-tests causing occasional timeouts with CC.
d817560 : Fix non-Linux builds.
a2c97a9 : [WIP] ART Mterp: fix for hidden gc roots
e778fc7 : Reduce app image log spam
fbc3108 : Revert "Revert "Load app images""
966f533 : Only create non-moving space at fixed address if zygote
3cbad24 : Improve gethostbyname_r use in art::JDWP::JdwpSocketState::Establish.
8546cc9 : Revert "Add option to generate compressed backtrace info."
4f50ee2 : Generate DWARF line numbers only for points with dex register map.
737c0a9 : Revert "Optimizing: double-negated bitwise operations simplifications"
cf8d1bb : Revert "X86: Use the constant area for more operations."
1bc977c : Revert "Load app images"
3c44893 : Disable the CC collector verbose log.
f8df1f2 : Temporarily disable some libcore tests for the CC collector.
0870770 : Bump image version
f7fd970 : Load app images
dc00454 : X86: Use the constant area for more operations.
3220a6d : Use dlmalloc from external/dlmalloc instead of bionic/.
4694e82 : Raise ulimit for run-test 961.
5fdcc3c : Add option to generate compressed backtrace info.
1a5baaa : Show registered native allocations in ahat.
9b3607d : Generate unique ID for each type during native debugging.
9679849 : Optimizing: double-negated bitwise operations simplifications
91cb54e : Create helper class for DWARF expressions.
8ed1826 : Fix MIPS64 booting problem
788f2f0 : Revert "Revert "Inline methods with loops.""
d4aee94 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Change condition to opposite if lhs is constant"""
95e7ffc : Improve documentation and assertions of read barrier instrumentation.
4401586 : Revert "Revert "ARM64 Baker's read barrier fast path implementation.""
04eb70f : With irreducible loops, we can have a null destination.
836f7ee : Disable flaky test.
69fd1b5 : Revert "Some minor simplifications in code and tests."
6b5afdd : Revert "ARM/ARM64: Extend support of instruction combining."
884e54c : Revert "Revert "Change condition to opposite if lhs is constant""
715d06b : Fix cpu-info/cpp-defines mismatch.
2a94607 : Allow x86 memory operands for 64-bit popcnt on x86.
7c58bd4 : Revert "Revert "Fast ART x86 interpreter""
c39dac1 : Support for x86 popcnt.
28a2ff0 : Revert "ARM64 Baker's read barrier fast path implementation."
ba6af71 : Revert "Revert "run-test: Add tests for 1.8 reflection implementations""
cf22658 : Add attribute to fix build.
81f0f95 : Move backward branch instrumentation to all branch.
15f9b27 : Improves recent changes to art::JDWP::JdwpSocketState::Establish.
6a52d29 : Revert "run-test: Add tests for 1.8 reflection implementations"
9bdf108 : Revert "Revert "Write dex files to oat file early.""
0502c44 : Fix JDWP host tests on Trusty.
debeb98 : ARM/ARM64: Extend support of instruction combining.
3f67e69 : Implemented BitCount as an intrinsic. With unit test.
086d27e : Fix missing case in ARM64 codegen.
1376bdf : Invoke all other registered handlers only for generated code
bf03fcd : Some minor simplifications in code and tests.
7268d47 : Add a METHOD_SUPER to the MethodType enum.
59a8c0b : Use current pid not tid to create a backtrace map.
c9cd7ac : Add stack trace info to hprof completion message
932a051 : Relax the time interval the profiling data is saved.
451ad8d : Revert "Inline methods with loops."
fee4e2e : Revert "Fix gtests after loop inlining support."
919f553 : Revert "Write dex files to oat file early."
0e342cd : Fix gtests after loop inlining support.
c047d94 : ART: DCHECK still too strong for String NewInstance
cc6bb93 : Let Art tests use the default jack version
c8f1df9 : ARM64 Baker's read barrier fast path implementation.
bc9ab16 : ART: Cannot assume String.<init> called on NewInstance
82fc9bb : Inline methods with loops.
14306b8 : Disable MemMapTest.MapAnonymousExactAddr32bitHighAddr on MIPS32.
47c83ea : Make sure that OfflineCompilationInfo is set to nullptr when needed.
2d093a1 : Revert "Fast ART x86 interpreter"
54c4e0d : run-test: Add tests for 1.8 reflection implementations
b4fb701 : Remove dex_file_verifier test of newly allowed behavior.
28b1cf7 : Change space base test to use parameters
99229c7 : Fast ART x86 interpreter
877fd96 : Improve profile processing
8d02644 : mem_map_test: perform null check before dereferencing a pointer.
91d65e0 : Fix various typos in ART's comments and string literals.
e3f43ac : Some read barrier clean-up in Optimizing.
09aa147 : Disable DCE when there are irreducible loops.
65902e8 : ART: Optimize out redundant NewInstances of String
0a52223 : Keep track of number of JIT compilations.
a866ccf : Disable reanmed test due to python3.
38f64d3 : ART: Public classes never require access checks
7d11ee5 : Ignore OldAndroidZipStreamTest#testZipStream failures with CC.
dba4fe7 : Pass --generate-debug-info only when --perf is passed.
58282f4 : ART: Remove Baseline compiler
9f9d48c : Rename test case to avoid test filename too long.
7c0f2e5 : Do HFieldGet first to avoid explicit null check.
fffbee4 : Report types loaded during init to the native debugger
03c941f : Emit some additional debug info for java.lang.String
160e6df : Report loaded classes to native debugger.
e0013c7 : Ignore more test failures with CC.
d6e069b : Optimizing: Improve floating point comparisons on arm and arm64.
c903b6a : Move --dump-cfg and dump-cfg-append to CompilerOptions.
87a5575 : ART: Change merge(uninitialized, null) to produce conflict
cd3d0fb : Do not use HArm64IntermediateAddress with read barriers.
4b07a6e : Add oat location to oatdump.
91c9116 : Add value parameterized test support for runtime tests
745f3cd : MIPS64: Fix stub_test in a proper way
625a64a : Write dex files to oat file early.
0b8cdfa : ART: Fix CompilerDriver::AreInSameOatFile().
97f3f7d : Disable Homogeneous space for dex2oat
51e5591 : JIT: Fix incorrect CHECK
40f9252 : New failures due to linker issue.
bb6e726 : ART: Mterp - remove redundant null check
30af8dd : Add test for bad linkage of overriden package-private method.
966878d : Revert "Create parent class loader for dex2oat"
436183f : Allow multi-image dex2oat to tolerate missing dex files.
812dd36 : Yet another python3 dependency.
3fdb3fe : Don't allow thread suspension in ProfilingInfo::Create
9612a70 : Revert "Disable mterp for the read barrier config."
6de1938 : ART: Remove incorrect HFakeString optimization
c3fec4c : Fix braino in parameters passed.
15bd228 : Implement irreducible loop support in optimizing.
a83c675 : Fix lint error.
3c36f66 : Ignore 141-class-unload failures with JIT and CC.
34b6b39 : Ignore GZIPOutputStreamTest failures with concurrent collector.
bb9863a : MIPS32: don't use R2+ instructions (mthc1, mfhc1) on MIPS32R1 or with 32-bit FPUs.
baf60b7 : MIPS: Improve conversion between ints and floats.
fc7acf9 : Add test for calling into destroyed JNI env
0d9150b : MIPS: HRor clean-up
76833da : ART: Mterp read barrier fix + minor cleanup
55b14df : Fixed bug with hoisting/deopting in taken-block instead of preheader. With a fail-before pass-after regression test.
86e4278 : Add DWARF type information generation.
0e7fa6b : Also print to error stream.
a25dce9 : Support --perf with jitted code.
5cc349f : Report DWARF debug information for JITed code.
780aece : Update `ValidateInvokeRuntime()` and HDivZeroCheck.
1cde058 : HDeoptimize can also trigger GC.
dc2388f : MIPS64: Fix stub_test
1af564e : Set side effects to HNullCheck and HBoundsCheck.
42249c3 : Reduce code size by sharing slow paths.
80c0d79 : Sort output of a find command in makefile
705ad49 : Support directly invoking interface default methods
afeb309 : Correct value_type for some TrackingAllocators.
64320f9 : Disable mterp if unstarted runtime
7ca9557 : Revert "Disable flaky test on host."
987e44e : Disable mterp for the read barrier config.
1c4ae8c : Disable tests while investigating.
62597d1 : Add sleep in SuspendAllDaemonThreadsForShutdown
7e3059a : Ignore ZipFileTest and ZipInputStreamTest failures with CC.
a3eca2d : Do not leave intermediate addresses across Java calls.
3e09eeb : Disable --generate-debug-info by default in all cases.
a05cacc : Revert "Change condition to opposite if lhs is constant"
f9f196c : Change condition to opposite if lhs is constant
4bedb38 : Fix memory fences in the ARM64 UnsafeCas intrinsics.
e693ba1 : Ignore failures with CC.
1452bee : Fast Art interpreter
afd6f9e : Isolate concurrent collector related libcore failures.
5d55d9a : Remove ElfFile::GdbJITSupport
712c59d : Rosalloc fast path in assembly for MIPS32
6cd7767 : Fix brainos in makefiles.
6a58d44 : Fix "check" file, and mark test as failing on device.
b7070a2 : Generate Nops to ensure that debug stack maps have distinct PC.
72f7236 : Disable flaky test on host.
68f6289 : Don't use std::abs on INT_MIN/LONG_MIN, it's undefined.
57e863c : ART: Do not build Checker tests with `dx --no-optimize`
bfc5087 : Revert "Disable test while investigating."
6aa95a5 : Suppress jsr166.LinkedTransferQueueTest#testWaitingConsumer.
ba098ba : Revert "Revert "Reduce sleep duration in SuspendAllDaemonThreads""
4d87df6 : Improve handling of daemon threads after runtime shutdown
acd7a6a : Fix general multi-image TODOs.
e467cea : Fix image writer for generation of app images
10edbb1 : ART: Use libopenjdkd
012fc4e : Don't encode a DexRegisterMap if there is no live register.
1c58d69 : Disable test while investigating.
80e6709 : Small implicit null checks refactoring in the ARM codegen.
1407ee7 : Add a missing implicit null check in the ARM codegen.
c928591 : ARM Baker's read barrier fast path implementation.
1f47b67 : Re-enable class table for image writer
18e9c37 : Add libstdc++ as a target for buildbot builds.
998c216 : Perform profile file analysis in dex2oat
8cc049c : Force Jack to consider multidex annotations
0243a74 : The ArtMethod is a long on 64bits.
7ea4c09 : Emit an error message when looking for String#offset.
0580d96 : Fix a crash with unresolved classes.
bc34a7e : Revert "Reduce sleep duration in SuspendAllDaemonThreads"
adef5bd : Reduce sleep duration in SuspendAllDaemonThreads
fb6db4c : Add systrace output to runtime shutdown
205b762 : Address some intern table comments
a06ba05 : Remove gaps between images
2d124ec : Get rid of shadow maps for images
ea0831f : Re-enable adding intern table to image
d4291d6 : Disable tests while investigating.
744a1c6 : ART: Don't set initial RTI for BoundType if input untyped
15693bf : ART: Resolve ambiguous ArraySets
f555258 : ART: Create BoundType for CheckCast early
ad29df7 : Update expectations after push of apache-xml and other fixes.
8ab17b2 : Revert "Add new test expectations after enso move."
1c1a342 : Fix multi-image TODOs in class linker, runtime, and oat file.
059e627 : ART: Add large object allocation to ThreadStress
fd2140f : ART: Make opt inliner a little bit cleaner/faster
c7d4a58 : ART: Use non-stripped core jars in gtests
103992b : ART: Move ThrowStackOverflowError to common_throws
cf66271 : Add apache-xml to the device & host boot classpath.
3e9be99 : Disable test due to toybox update.
92d9060 : MIPS: Implement HRor
0d2af30 : Fix multi-image TODOs in patchoat.
068131c : Remove unused reference to MALLOC_IMPL.
5e2b971 : Assume the profile file was created before saving.
07f3564 : Add a fence to ensure other threads see the correct data.
d87f3ea : ART: Use Primitive::Is64BitType in SsaBuilder::TypePhiFromInputs
0b9112d : Add 002-sleep as timing sensitive.
5949fa0 : Revert "Revert "Tweak inlining heuristics.""
ac9e66e : Revert "Temporary disable linker-namespaces"
152408f : X86: templatize GenerateTestAndBranch and friends
b35302b : Remove bogus DCHECK in induction analysis.
295abc1 : ART: Set RTI of HArm64IntermediateAddress
4833f5a : ART: Refactor SsaBuilder for more precise typing info
7929a48 : ART: Fix JDWP GetClassLoader command
7a62fea : Revert "ART: Fix JDWP GetClassLoader command"
684cf25 : Temporary put -DAG back to fix broken test.
8994a04 : Revert "Revert "ART: Fix up some multi-image cases""
5d75afe : Improved side-effects/can-throw information on intrinsics.
de38b79 : Revert "ART: Fix up some multi-image cases"
376756d : Add new test expectations after enso move.
6ce0173 : On x64, cmpl can never take a int64 immediate.
93e8edd : Fix bogus logging statement.
40144cc : ART: Fix JDWP GetClassLoader command
7f59d59 : Fix code generation for String.<init> on x64.
288b1e9 : ART: Fix up some multi-image cases
a7f46cb : Don't duplicate the menu in the help page for ahat.
50be66f : ART: Remove core-junit from test boot classpath
e6d0d8d : ART: Disable Math.round intrinsics
095b1df : Revert "Make Math.round consistent on arm64."
e2307b4 : Remove duplicate entry in expectations.
40041c9 : Make Math.round consistent on arm64.
d895961 : Tweaks to get vogar runs working after enso move.
c525604 : Tweaks to get run-test working after enso.
4d77b6a : Save profile information in a separate thread.
dcdc85b : Dex2oat support for multiple oat file and image file outputs.
0cf4493 : Generate more stack maps during native debugging.
ef9230b : Clean up SwapSpace.
5f7b58e : Rewrite HInstruction::Is/As<type>().
18d2095 : Override notice file for OpenJdk based modules.
05b9125 : Ensure Jack server is running before any use
ac6ac10 : Optimizing/ARM: Fix CmpConstant().
2ddc6bf : Treat thread state kWaitingWeakGcRootRead as kJavaRunnable.
2994605 : Fix lock ordering violation
95bbf62 : Fix multiple image space handing for SS collector
9865bde : Rename NullHandle to ScopedNullHandle
28ee8db : Update header for
c5d2905 : Do not use $? in recipe
d5bbadf : Use shared namespaces for bundled apps
ba257bc : art: use -O1 to compile tests with clang for arm64
1cab143 : Re-enable optimization for clang arm64 art builds
803cbb9 : For LSE, further optimize stores for singleton references.
0041acf : Disable jsr166.LinkedTransferQueueTest#testTransfer2 again.
e0febdf : Move debug symbol writing code to
ecf52df : ART: Fix bug in LSE
6ca77ec : Separate into its own shared library.
391b866 : Disable the UnsafeCASObject intrinsic with read barriers.
51a64d5 : Make use of new method iterators.
299a939 : MIPS64: Fuse long and FP compare & condition in Optimizing.
67feb17 : Move JIT debugger interface code to its own file.
986f650 : Use shared namespaces for bundled apps
a00f012 : ART: Refactor CommonRuntimeTest::SetUp
b17d1cc : Revert "Tweak inlining heuristics."
f3e0ee2 : Revert "Revert "ART: Reduce the instructions generated by packed switch.""
f5c09c3 : Optimizing/ARM: Fix AddConstant() to adhere to set_cc.
3e3e4a7 : Fix braino in parallel move resolver.
fcb7613 : Tweak inlining heuristics.
6280ef8 : Fix typo in LOG_TAG.
4aaa1d3 : Change DCHECK into CHECK to diagnose sporadic crash.
66f5523 : Pass down to the runtime the application code paths.
901c55e : ART: Recognize cortex-a53.a57 for ARM features
17077d8 : Revert "Revert "X86: Use locked add rather than mfence""
e050c8f : Ensure that ClassTable has correct alignment in image.
5c7aed3 : MIPS32: improvements in code generation (mostly 64-bit ALU ops)
e64300b : Revert "Revert "Combine direct_methods_ and virtual_methods_ fields of mirror::Class""
cc78f3f : Fix (non-intrinsic) UnsafeCASObject for the read barrier config.
0da3b91 : Revert "X86: Use locked add rather than mfence"
698fa97 : Remove spurious references to kEmitCompilerReadBarrier in MIPS.
caad53d : Disable LinkedTransferQueueTest tests failing on the CC.
64daedd : Make the 008-exceptions test print everything to stdout
e217fee : Adjust tests blacklisted for heap poisoning and read barriers.
a28267f : Update to INFO to not confuse adb logcat readers.
f5f64ef : Detect phi cycles.
a22cd2e : Add test case for bad arm code generation.
b4c1376 : Revert "ART: Reduce the instructions generated by packed switch."
f45c3f8 : ART: Compile run-tests with Java 7.
dce90b9 : Revert "ART: Set RTI of Arm64IntermediateAddress"
68289a5 : Revert "ART: Refactor SsaBuilder for more precise typing info"
cd7b0ee : MIPS32: Fuse long and FP compare & condition in Optimizing.
2efb0aa : Revert "Combine direct_methods_ and virtual_methods_ fields of mirror::Class"
ae358c1 : Revert "Combine direct_methods_ and virtual_methods_ fields of mirror::Class"
7b3e4f9 : X86: Use locked add rather than mfence
7d57d7f : Various induction/range analysis improvements.
8f27951 : Remove reference of deleted file.
aee2156 : Add some dumping when SIGQUIT for the JIT.
ab54190 : Remove test given its flakiness.
b06e28e : Refactor DexFile::DecodeDebugInfo.
18c12bb : Fix --inline-max-code-units option.
0675bec : Lower jitthreshold for jit profile test.
e722d29 : Revert "Make the JIT the default in ART."
1e7f8db : x86-64 Baker's read barrier fast path implementation.
7c1559a : x86 Baker's read barrier fast path implementation.
e6465bc : Remove references to dlmalloc specific functions
9539150 : Combine direct_methods_ and virtual_methods_ fields of mirror::Class
6286a97 : Combine direct_methods_ and virtual_methods_ fields of mirror::Class
34021dd : Increase the sleep time in 554-jit-profile-file
7f57579 : Temporary disable linker-namespaces
c44edf6 : Disable 554-jit-profile-file for the READ_BARRIER mode.
ef885cd : Print more info on why the code_cache test fails in 115-native-bridge.
e36ae94 : ART: Set RTI of Arm64IntermediateAddress
d9510df : ART: Refactor SsaBuilder for more precise typing info
5d3fa25 : ART: Rename ROR test to a shorter name.
50a2f8d : Get DCHECK back to EncodedStaticFieldValueIterator
5366f5c : Fix call to LoadNativeLibrary
3e38172 : Port isolated namespace changes over to
44409d3 : Use isolated namespaces for app native libs
97b1135 : ART: Weaken dex file verifier abstract check
226501b : Revert "Revert "Enable profiled guided compilation in dex2oat""
351dddf : Optimizing: Clean up after HRor.
40a04bf : Replace rotate patterns and invokes with HRor IR.
d66c862 : Special case system_server to not create the JIT code cache.
2306ae0 : Revert "Enable profiled guided compilation in dex2oat"
0a9b682 : Make the JIT the default in ART.
76e5eab : Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol
0ec6a11 : Ensure Jack server is running before any use
7d2b04c : Skip DumpForSigQuit if debugger is active
f5a3099 : Use isolated namespaces for app native libs
0b8f1bf : Skip DumpForSigQuit if debugger is active
1f12e28 : Make 'dexdump2 -l xml' include whether each class is an interface.
8ab1d64 : For LSE, add a few non-aliasing cases due to pre-existence.
42ef8ab : ART: Stash a resolved method late in the verifier
c96205e : Revert "ART: Check invoke-interface earlier in verifier"
67ad20e : Address some comments in image writer
49b0f45 : Refactor and clean up OatWriter and Dex2Oat.
ceb07b3 : Revert "Revert "Add support for LZ4 compressed image files""
a4f1220 : Optimizing: Add direct calls to math intrinsics
500c9be : Enable profiled guided compilation in dex2oat
917d016 : Don't generate a slow path for strings in the dex cache.
f71b3ad : Get source mapping table from stack maps.
41844e5 : Fix braino when resolving an invoke-super.
04ff4e8 : ART: Fix bug in DCE not removing phis from catch phi uses
8c55712 : Set DW_AT_comp_dir for each compile unit in dwarf
ea6f8d8 : Fix the build-art-multi-executable Make function.
3045cfe : Fix imgdiag build rules.
83d4d72 : Revert "Add support for LZ4 compressed image files"
53e32d1 : ART: Refactor verifier callbacks
82863f0 : Output static field values in dexdump
4d98c84 : ART: Make trampoline compiler pointer-size-safe
da9b763 : ART: Make trampoline compiler pointer-size-safe
c6f41b5 : Add support for LZ4 compressed image files
996ed0b : Add local variables to DWARF.
5096e66 : ART: Add FdFile::Copy() to copy data from another file.
64fff41 : Clarify --boot-image help message
ce025fa : New regression test in 042-new-instance
4b467ed : Simplify and rename IsLoopInvariant() test.
59f054d : ART: Reduce the instructions generated by packed switch.
dae2414 : ART: Check invoke-interface earlier in verifier
ca023a3 : Fix test-art-target-sync when ART_TEST_ANDROID_ROOT is used.
8993caf : ART: Enable all optimizations except LSE under try/catch
67c5ddd : ART: Instruction dumper should handle out-of-bound index for const-string
75d5053 : Replace proxy class names with deterministic ones for test output.
204e966 : Revert "Disable tests causing random failures with Enso and read barriers."
da30904 : Revert "Fix the ART Buildbots using the master-art manifest."
88b2b80 : Allow initializing runtime with parsed options.
f138928 : Fix the ART Buildbots using the master-art manifest.
bf84a3d : Annotate Boolean literals more uniformly in Optimizing's intrinsics.
bc7f808 : Replace proxy class names with deterministic ones for test output.
41dc8ce : Combine class sets when writing a class table
7735306 : Make test 100 not depend on undefined ordering.
131980f : Add ElfWriter::GetStream().
73be1e8 : Inline monomorphic calls.
b9f8119 : Fix art::x86::IntrinsicLocationsBuilderX86::VisitUnsafeGetLong.
b738d4f : Step-wise improvement of range analysis with outer loop induction.
208a5cb : Store class tables in the image
ddd2172 : imgdiag: Fix rarely flaky imgdiag_test.
b8c4f03 : ART: Add test for DetachCurrentThread monitor behavior
801fcc4 : MIPS64: Enable StringCompareTo and StringIndexOf stub tests
9fdb129 : Revert "Enable profiled guided compilation in dex2oat"
51f01a2 : Revert "Fix test path in"
07f78c8 : Revert "Disable 554-jit-profile-file for unsupported test modes"
3250180 : Revert "Fix the order in which profiled methods are dumped."
216848a : ART: Fix Makefile
74f07b5 : ART: Fix Mac build
fd5c599 : ART: Fix Mac build
4adc26e : ART: Fix Makefile
33bcb07 : Disable 554-jit-profile-file for unsupported test modes
226b91e : ART: Support dlopen for a PIC boot image
049cff0 : ART: Refactor oat_file.h/cc for better maintainability
1d2760b : Fix the order in which profiled methods are dumped.
95f51a7 : Fix test path in
27e17fd : Enable profiled guided compilation in dex2oat
e523423 : Revert "Revert "Don't use the compiler driver for method resolution.""
fe86070 : Revert "Revert "ART: Do not eagerly type LoopPhi [null, ...]""
f64242a : Optimizing: Add checker tests for sharpening.
5f3fb18 : Revert "ART: Do not eagerly type LoopPhi [null, ...]"
4a34277 : Dynamic BCE (based on induction range analysis)
c88ef3a : Revert "Don't use the compiler driver for method resolution."
3a738bf : ART: Do not eagerly type LoopPhi [null, ...]
4db0bf9 : Don't use the compiler driver for method resolution.
1acc729 : Remove unnecessary workaround to vogar escaping issue
ad54338 : Clean up optimizing compiler stats
fb337ea : Move PC-relative addressing bases to a better position.
b4536b7 : Optimizing/ARM: Implement kDexCachePcRelative dispatch.
e16ce5a : MIPS32: Bit rotation intrinsics
8682960 : MIPS32: int java.lang.*.numberOfTrailingZeros
e384547 : MIPS32: int java.lang.*.numberOfLeadingZeros
1ed1a13 : Revert "Change LoadNativeLibrary to use GetOrCreateAllocator"
70014c8 : MIPS32: java.lang.*.reverse
ebe2dfc : Support null error_msg for select MemMap functions
6c8467f : Make debugger support default methods.
2d902b9 : Change LoadNativeLibrary to use GetOrCreateAllocator
610a142 : Do not build art with clang for mips64
67f0261 : Test case for getting annotations of renamed enums.
10c1356 : Refactor oat file writing to give Dex2Oat more control.
3dd7e5a : Temporarily omit MIPS floating point registers in DWARF.
4d44e53 : MIPS64: Fix stub_test implementation
c6e043c : Remove section related to enso failures.
9729079 : Disable tests causing random failures with Enso and read barriers.
5784621 : No need merging bulk free list again when revoking thread local runs
ec4d160 : Enabled 070-nio-buffer
945c1c1 : Fix circular dependencies for ContainsBootClassLoaderNonImageClass
2c6ca2b : Fix jit profile saving flags.
f60c7e2 : ART: Clean up ordering of dex cache arrays in image files.
8626b74 : ARM64: Use the shifter operands.
e3bbc3f : ART: Improve utf_test for unpaired surrogates.
0fd295f : Add stack locations to DWARF parameters.
7e99e05 : MIPS32: Improve integer division by constants
31f2c15 : Save jit profiling info to file.
2073369 : Revert "Fix 030-bad-finalizer & 059-finalizer-throw."
42e372e : Optimize HLoadClass when we know the class is in the cache.
13c7449 : ART: Fix SafeMap::Put()/PutBefore() rvalue overloads.
3108daf : Add backward branch instumentation to the switch interpreter.
d9dc6f4 : A few more optimizations on avoiding HClinit.
73a4265 : MIPS32: Record missing implicit null checks
22ccc3a : ARM64 read barrier support for concurrent GC in Optimizing.
464595f : Enso ThreadGroup.groups is an array not ArrayList
888d067 : Revamp art::CheckEntrypointTypes uses.
a7a4759 : Revert "lambda: Add support for invoke-interface for boxed innate lambdas"
1646d7a : Optimize some commonly used utf8 functions by:
eb0c7d8 : Add another test for wide stores fix in optimizing.
3a09092 : Revert "lambda: Add support for invoke-interface for boxed innate lambdas"
4f6b0b5 : Clean up read barrier related comments in Optimizing.
f2a5c9c : Disable JDWP tests with read barriers.
3ddd593 : Further fix for class deduction for ctor access checks
b8bce05 : Manually close the JNI libraries
0d1caa5 : Optimizing: Avoid a PrettyMethod() call per compiled method.
809d70f : ART: Fix wide stores in Optimizing
6f58cb8 : Temporarily disable compiler_driver_test.
8e1ef53 : Do not change to the access check entrypoint when inlined.
e44bf3e : Disable 070-nio-buffer and 955-lambda-smali.
1fdb696 : Fix jni_internal_test
0871cd7 : Switch init order of WellKnownClasses and NativeMethods
317f9ce : Fix lint error.
5c00485 : ART: Fix uninitialized variable
e34648d : Revert "Add stats support for existing optimizations"
06241b1 : Add stats support for existing optimizations
a0e87b0 : MIPS64: Support short and long branches
3fc7f35 : Accept synthetic phi nodes and general names for blocks.
d59c706 : Revert "Dynamic BCE (based on induction range analysis)"
53fc75a : Make target-sync work with verity.
0b5849b : Dynamic BCE (based on induction range analysis)
457e874 : lambda: Add support for invoke-interface for boxed innate lambdas
d297b55 : Fix null pointer in processing of enum annotations.
729645a : Explicitly add HLoadClass/HClinitCheck for HNewInstance.
a166bbb : Kill stale dalvikvm processes at the end of the jdwp test.
a246347 : Fix --jvm on run-tests 960 and 961
689a700 : Pass DexPathList.Element array to openDexFileNative
f652917 : Simplify boolean condition compared to 0
04b0526 : Encode function signatures properly in DWARF.
f9d741e : Optimizing/ARM: Improve long shifts by 1.
418318f : ARM64: Add support for multiply-accumulate.
38db785 : Opt compiler: More strength reduction for multiplications.
6fd0ffe : Optimizing/Thumb2: Improve load/store for large offsets.
1532476 : Use arc4random when available to select delta for image relocation.
732f016 : Revert "Use arc4random when available to select delta for image relocation."
7ecbd49 : Use arc4random when available to select delta for image relocation.
d37d364 : Create parent class loader for dex2oat
ed70b4a : Relax CAS in some uses of Object::AtomicSetReadBarrierPointer.
295a596 : Fix cmdline parser test.
b2d38fd : Allow NullConstant to be untyped in GraphVisualiser.
13ca74f : Fix 030-bad-finalizer & 059-finalizer-throw.
c53c079 : Clean up the special input in HInvokeStaticOrDirect.
5678229 : Rename options for shorter names.
fbb184a : Fix ClinitCheck pruning.
0a3be16 : Increase code cache after 1 full collection.
8332cda : Add jack as a build target for the buildbot.
3db9c5d : ART: Change Init{From,Without}Image to return bool
763a31e : Add immune spaces abstraction
0ff7afc : Fix an assert in lse.
fb8464a : Revert "Revert "Enable store elimination for singleton objects.""
3f8bf65 : MIPS32: Miscellaneous bit manipulations routines:
055b5f3 : Remove incorrect iterator increment
a94596d : Fix 003-omnibus-opcodes
3927c8b : Opt compiler: Arm64 packed-switch jump tables.
e091582 : Fix caller class deduction for constructor access checks.
879ca67 : Fix 082-inline-execute
d7b3c7f : Rename native library.
472cb6b : Add core-oj to the host/target classpaths for jack.
ba69a51 : Fix bogus DCHECK and rename DidForkFromZygote.
787ae8e : Remove DEBUG_JIT from Zygote flags.
3b359c7 : ARM read barrier support for concurrent GC in Optimizing.
38f9eba : Annotate root objects and show their types.
52503d8 : Implement common super type in reference type propagation.
0debae7 : ART: Refactor GenerateTestAndBranch
9d157e4 : Fix bogus DCHECK and rename DidForkFromZygote.
3778c87 : Partially fix 046-reflect.
741e206 : Update test expecations for 100-reflect2.
d50687e : Fix a few art-test related issues.
51147f2 : Fix 137-cfi.
636b925 : Support deoptimization only to set vreg
0968744 : Fix StackVisitor::GetVReg for reference in shadow frame
4b00d34 : Refactor some patching logic
1eab4a8 : Mark kQuickReadBarrierForRootSlow as direct entry point on MIPS.
cad4205 : Update test expectations for 063-process-manager.
58c02f7 : Fix 055-enum-performance.
9515b51 : Fix oat_test
336eee4 : Update expectations for 034-call-null / 038-inner-null.
32580eb : Update expectations for 031-class-attributes.
68d8ff4 : Move arrayCopy / identityHashCode from OpenJdkJvm to System.
ff633e2 : Increase the size of Class class
56e03f6 : Remove implementation of Unsafe_getAddress.
67ef2c9 : Add libxxavacore to the list of run-test dependencies.
0d5a281 : x86/x86-64 read barrier support for concurrent GC in Optimizing.
c07d66d : Add ability to skip run-tests with ART_TEST_RUN_TEST_SKIP.
04302db : Fix class unloading with the CC collector.
972d6d7 : MIPS64: Add java.lang.String.equals intrinsic.
9b0f516 : Disable test 964 with gcstress since it often times out.
74974ab : ART: add kryo to a53 #835769 & #843419 erratum exception list
3f382ae : Implemented control of "export only" feature in dexdump.
04e983a : Revert "Revert "Add missing null check to String::ToCharArray""
bc36a0f : Build libxxavacore library for gtests
0f042e0 : Remove DEBUG_JIT from Zygote flags.
b52a39c : Revert "Add missing null check to String::ToCharArray"
952d608 : Add missing null check to String::ToCharArray
6484b80 : Fix bug with test 964.
b190d94 : Add class loader argument to openDexFileNative
6dc0174 : Minor fixes and cleaning of arm64 static and direct calls code.
347647f : Silence "No verification for method calling String.<init>"
dcf1b59 : Fix Constructor#serializationCopy
925ef34 : Revert "Fix another source of undeterministic inlining." DO NOT MERGE
b780289 : Remove bogus reference to HAVE_POSIX_CLOCKS.
6c0ea27 : Sprinkle attribute unused / noreturn wherever necessary.
0fd5812 : Revert "Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol"
0f7dca4 : Optimizing/X86: PC-relative dex cache array addressing.
f32e832 : Add Android System#arraycopy fast specializations.
c20327a : Fix runtime/mirror/
3b73dd7 : Fix class_linker_test
5c0cf12 : Fix build, missed one method name change.
5b8e6e3 : Fix for gtest missing core classes, attempt 2
be26f77 : Revert "Fix for gtest missing core classes."
136781e : Fix for gtest missing core classes.
0787f9d : Rename native library.
de95c87 : RosAlloc fast path inline in assembly for x86 32bit.
073b16c : Image space cleanup for app images
328c5dc : Get class loader to remember interrupts
00580bd : MIPS64: fix calling conventions in LoadClass and field accesses
273baec : Make test 968's name shorter
92d662e : Revert "lambda: unit test for lambda expressions at Java Language source level."
b851b49 : Stream DWARF debug section directly to disk.
5f5509a : Move .debug_line before .debug_info.
fda0432 : ART: Add comments to Scoped-/ArenaAllocator.
152ee55 : lambda: unit test for lambda expressions at Java Language source level.
f83e733 : Move the trace file out of the profiles folder.
7500193 : ART: Fix arena allocation for valgrind.
7a16adb : Change roots view to "rooted".
617bd92 : Ignore NullConstants when computing the type for Phis.
13c86fd : Optimizing: Clean up constant location handling.
a0cf5a6 : Fix cpplint issues.
b02d9b7 : Add missing JVM_IsNaN function.
36379fd : Remove signal handling stubs.
efea1fc : Fixed arm64 string compareto&indexof asm code.
7b4ca39 : Fixed x86 art_quick_string_compareto asm code.
5c40422 : Fix sun.misc.Unsafe#(get|set)(Float|Double)
3c183ce : Fix asm for String#indexOf/compareTo intrinsics
13ceeb2 : Re-add intrinsics for String#charAt/isEmpty/length
e7132a9 : Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol
cdfed3d : Revert "Revert "Run type propagation after inliner only when needed.""
32f7a16 : Ignore failures of WeakHashMapTest#test_keySet in libcore tests.
33ad10e : Optimizing/ARM: Improve shifts of long values by a constant.
9139e00 : Correct exception behavior for default methods
16d29f8 : Don't use fixed addresses in mem map test
6be4f2a : ART: Fix leak in Heap
040db34 : Optimizing: Clean up Equal/NotEqual constant folding for nulls.
d8ef0c6 : ART: Remove unnecessary helper method from GraphChecker
d26a411 : ART: Refactor iteration over normal/exceptional successors
9e23df5 : Optimizing: Improve constant folding + DCE for inlining.
59a850e : ART: Improve comment about inlining into try/catch
81e479e : ART: Fix critical edge checks in GraphChecker
dc0d1eb : ART: Add clarifying comment
8a7c0fe : Revert "Revert "ART: Update DCE to work with try/catch""
8cd63ab : ART: set growth limit to heap size when it is larger.
21e3325 : Delete flaky DCHECK
11cea0c : Fix mac build
86c3f48 : Rosalloc fast path in assembly for x86_64.
42bddce : Add low_4gb support to MapFile and MapFileAtAddress
337a396 : Some cleanup for tests 960-965 build scripts.
f1f1049 : Class Linker: Implement default interface verification ordering.
ec6e6c1 : ART: Rerun the verifier for compile-time failures
a808bac : Add more image writer comments and clean up
daf11eb : Revert "Revert "Revert "Use Jack lang dev version for compiling art tests"""
391d01f : Optimizing: Rewrite search for common dominators.
6f6f359 : Fix mip64 build: hide current method input only if it exists.
4d247f7 : Fix build: lint error in elf_builder.h
0a97fc6 : JDWP: default implementation of Method.IsObsolete
903ac27 : Use offset in sun.misc.Unsafe#copyMemoryTo/FromArray
67d39ad : Implement JVM_FindLibraryEntry
5abc6f9 : Add Object::Get/SetField methods for 8 and 16 bit fields.
84dcb99 : Update layout of Class.class.
29f33e6 : A few more string related changes.
b7a35e4 : Return false from GenInlined** for intrinsics that we don't implement.
3a7cf8e : Revert "Combine image string char arrays into single array"
e6cd3b5 : Track renaming of a couple of fields.
90f397e : Update class_linker_test to account for annotationType.
88f423f : Remove native registration of a new classes.
3ef5f48 : Add an implementation of Constructor.newInstance0.
8e73ea4 : Implement some more of sun.misc.Unsafe.
c16a50f : Track changes to the layout of java.lang.Throwable.
87bd212 : Update class layout for j.l.ref.Reference.
c712250 : Update the layout for Class.class.
63cb74b : Temporarily disable StubTest.compareto.
8a89433 : Update runtime to work with the OpenJdk String.
2c22f2e : Temporarily remove intrinsics code.
8d9b6d6 : Update the size of Class.class.
3b021bf : Update the number of direct methods in j.l.reflect.Proxy.
8c145b9 : DirectByteBuffer: Track renaming of field.
d7fcf6e : Unsafe: Add native implementations for new methods.
44095a1 : String: account for the hash32 field.
8ca9077 : Load libopenjdkjavacore in addition to libjavacore.
df0b17a : Add an ART implementation of jvm.h
db51efb : ART: Fix critical edge splitting under try/catch
8ccbd27 : Remove unused variable.
6d8c8f0 : Rewrite ElfBuilder to make streaming directly to file easier.
9450c6c : Remove thread suspension assertion for SuspendAllForDebugger
a4c98f2 : ART: Fix return-object verification
6c7aae9 : Revert "Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol"
5c75ffa : MIPS64: small improvements in code generation
c857c74 : MIPS64: Improve integer division by constants
b554b5a : Optimizing: Remove unused ArtMethod* input from HInvokeStaticOrDirect.
9bc4361 : ART: Fix simplification of catch blocks in the presence of dead code
5caf652 : Mark __jit_debug_register_code as a unique symbol
a6017d8 : Revert "Revert "Use Jack lang dev version for compiling art tests""
795e341 : ART: Fix potential integer overflow in JNI.
16ba2b4 : MIPS32: java.lang.String.equals
a5891e8 : Fix interaction between JIT and instrumentation.
62ce656 : Add core-oj to the list of boot libraries.
8148937 : Improve X86 handling of constants to Field/Array Set
751beff : Revert "Revert "Introduce support for hardware simulators, starting with ARM64""
4ca1037 : Change test to .art
53afca1 : MIPS64: Implement virtual intrinsic slow path
da5b28a : Revert "Revert "Add basic image writer support for app images""
07ddb6f : Fix elf writer to properly handle empty text sections
ae35c37 : Use _exit instead of exit after exec fails
81819db : ART: Fix ignoring duplicate fields when loading class.
0f7c933 : Minor cleanup of Monitor::VisitLocks
ea5af68 : X86-64: Split long/double constant array/field set
b8b9769 : Fix conditional jump over jmp (X86/X86-64/ARM32)
a3e1377 : JDWP: fix returned tag for ClassType.NewInstance
19fcbda : Move .dynsym ELF section after .text
63e47f4 : Fix flake around instrumentation.
629e935 : Properly delete the jit thread pool.
d28b969 : Code cleanup to avoid CompilerDriver abstractions in JIT.
a5a79b6 : Revert "Use Jack lang dev version for compiling art tests"
4b01856 : Revert "Add basic image writer support for app images"
ff2f2ad : Fix continuous build
cb08695 : ART: Change behavior for rethrowing init failures (2)
c033474 : Add basic image writer support for app images
2bd4c5c : Revert "ART: Implement DeadPhiHandling in PrimitiveTypePropagation"
99babb6 : ART: Change behavior for rethrowing init failures
1749e2c : ART: Implement DeadPhiHandling in PrimitiveTypePropagation
389b3db : Finalized all components of range analysis needed for dynamic bce.
55fed87 : Use Jack lang dev version for compiling art tests
10ef694 : Delay emitting CFI PC adjustments until after Thumb2/Mips fixup.
41f10bc : Fix test in case we run the ART_TEST_TRACE tests.
5a23d2e : Fix TODO on instrumentation and add some more DCHECKs.
934808f : Fix mips32oc ArraySet null constant assignment
1af86f1 : ahat: limit default number of results shown.
b357730 : Annotate References with their referent.
91de25f : Make things generally quieter.
514a616 : Fix broken handling of instrumentation lists.
56d5e50 : JDWP: fix java.lang.String creation
6262340 : Fix deadlock with the JIT code cache.
30c475a : lambda: Minor capture-variable/liberate-variable clean-up after post-merge reviews.
fb552d7 : Revert "ART: Update DCE to work with try/catch"
723e6ce : Minor improvements for the CC collector.
ce52901 : ART: Update DCE to work with try/catch
a90c772 : Add application image dex2oat options
22cf3d3 : Fix tests flakiness with jit when using Proxy classes.
60989d2 : Fix stalled comment from last commit.
d930929 : Fix inlining and lse bugs with unresolved access.
cdcd000 : Remove package on which we cannot revert.
a190645 : Remove extra space at end of line in output.
9517798 : ART: Enable inlining under try/catch
7cffc3b : ART: Arm32 packed-switch jump tables
d1eaf0d : Keep list of dex files for oat file in CompilerDriver.
9f51f26 : X86: Add support for ucomis[sd] reg/memory form
703c282 : A generic jni method can be instrumented.
fca90a1 : Fix compile-time error.
b8703d6 : Add a few instructions to
abbb0f7 : Refactor code so that JIT can parse compiler options.
701566a : MIPS32: Create infrastructure to support intrinsics
6a439bc : Made run-test 960-964 support being run with jack compiler.
771e5cc : Revert "ART: Enable more passes under try/catch"
9507fa2 : Change a few places to use string version of GetTypeId
73f1f3b : Move loop invariant utility to more general place.
b56200b : Add comment for RunCheckpoint and clean up ThreadList a bit
96709f1 : Simplify unsigned comparisons against zero (with unit tests).
39fabd6 : ART: Enable more passes under try/catch
d9786b0 : Implementation of fast lookup table to search class_def by descriptor
55d02cf : Revert "Enable store elimination for singleton objects."
10d2508 : Change Checkpoint API to return total number of checkpoints
efc3f02 : ART: Fix deopt from optimized code under inlining
0db36b3 : Fix minor problems with interface verification and default methods.
41af5e5 : Store method as ArtMethod* instead of jmethodId in Breakpoint
22f0587 : Generate taken-test during trip-count analysis.
fadfee9 : Fix up run-test.
6aa1370 : ART: Fix PACKED size of tls_ptr_size.
4e915fb : Tune heuristics a bit.
709b38e : Adjust jit code cache on ThreadStress to avoid timeouts.
8d10e45 : We still need to provide an image.
49e4396 : A native method may be running and have the resolution stub.
fa02285 : Fix test failure due to wrong runtime arguments.
26705e2 : Add support for collection ProfilingInfo objects.
9518655 : Fix script after image changes.
c89715c : Do not assume the dex cache is already populated.
e87a718 : MIPS32: added support for unresolved classes
0775dba : Remove obsolete comment and option.
7f43a3d : Enable store elimination for singleton objects.
562ff44 : Revert "Remove DCHECK that does not work for gtests."
7d32dbc : Remove DCHECK that does not work for gtests.
a3bb720 : Added format 25x to dexdump(2).
35831e8 : Reduce memory used by CompiledMethods.
bd425fa : Remove stalled DCHECK.
7596996 : MIPS32: Move code from RA to T9 in longjump
3642749 : MIPS64: Add "Compare and Swap" intrinsic support.
c9e94f3 : MIPS: Support register pairs in CodeGeneratorMIPS::AddLocationAsTemp().
0f8e072 : Use HashMap for DexFileVerifier
6f6244a : Rosalloc fast path in assembly for arm64.
8327cf7 : Use --oat-fd instead of --oat-file when calling dex2oat.
1dad3f6 : Support garbage collection of JITted code.
05ff5a4 : Make dchecked_vector C++11 compatible.
c482d38 : Add HashSet::Reserve
e2725c5 : Move jdwp and libcore testing to jit.
77ff54b : Limit summary string lengths to 200 characters.
8a0e033 : Cleanup some of the run-test system
8d44725 : Trim arena maps during heap trim
de40d47 : Use arenas for the verifier
1a87837 : MIPS32: Fix loading address in GenerateStaticOrDirectCall
85f645d : MIPS32: Remove tests from list of broken tests
2717436 : Revert "Run type propagation after inliner only when needed."
d63c799 : Revert "Mark 2 libcore tests as failing."
19eab40 : Make the mark stack expandable for the CC collector.
e9d6e60 : Disable store elimination on singleton object.
784e790 : ART: Support trivially-destructible arrays in ArenaUniquePtr
7b05e17 : Add ArenaUniquePtr
e5d80f8 : Move ArenaBitVector into the runtime
6cff48f : ART: Speed up thread stack tracing for ANRs
751ceba : Fix dependencies when not building with Jack.
4e5dd52 : Run type propagation after inliner only when needed.
cbec6d9 : Disable two tests that require IPv6.
dc151b2 : Optimizing: Determine invoke-static/-direct dispatch early.
985ff70 : Disable the ARM & ARM64 UnsafeCASObject intrinsic with heap poisoning.
8df69d4 : Revert "Revert "load store elimination.""
f652cec : MIPS: Initial version of optimizing compiler for MIPS32
3385650 : Do not run the verifier when deopting optimized frames.
b488b78 : Fix heap poisoning in UnsafeCASObject x86/x86-64 intrinsic.
fed3e2f : Relax some CASes for the CC collector.
8128437 : MIPS64: Clean-up intrinsics code
e2aa326 : Use binary search for FindDeclaredInstance/StaticField
3048698 : Fix art-run-tests dependencies
358bcaf : JDWP: fix possible JdwpEvent memory leak
d9486f9 : Mark 2 libcore tests as failing.
1e7de6c : Remove the magic 32 constant and ensure alignment.
97da02a : enum operator<<() script fails with do { } while cond;
0c3c266 : Use DlMallocSpace for the JIT code cache.
5295bc2 : ART: Disable Clang for arm
58554b7 : ART: Fix left-shift of negative numbers
214bbcd : Inliner: make sure the returned value is in the outer graph.
98a73e1 : MIPS64: Add tests for rotation, and shift instructions
4d3a8be : Fix typos.
8d148c9 : Disable test 961-default-iface-resolution-generated with gcstress
c237b39 : Release ahat version 0.2.
cfea7d5 : Disable the x86 & x86-64 UnsafeCASObject intrinsic with heap poisoning.
307dac9 : Fix destruction order in Dex2Oat.
ab60b68 : New attempt at fixing mac build.
b937a44 : Fix mac build.
524e7ea : Remove ArtCode.
27cfad0 : Fix induction_var_range_test.
7d4152f : MIPS64: Disassembler support for rotate instructions.
0f8f864 : MIPS64: Add intrinsic support for bit rotation
aec3cce : Added ability to generate induction range code.
00310e0 : Keep dex files live in class table
bb245d1 : Generalize codegen and simplification of deopt.
722fa98 : ART: Replace an "ALWAYS_INLINE" with "inline" to fix build.
06d7aaa : Clean up OatFile.
9aebff2 : MIPS64: Add intrinsic support for bit rotation
0646da7 : MIPS64: Add intrinsics support for trailing zeros
e6dbf48 : ARM64: Instruction simplification for array accesses.
0d6f026 : Block signals before invoking special or user handlers
1360ada : MIPS64: Implement intrinsics from sun.misc.Unsafe:
740eec9 : Change dex_location_ from const char* to std::string.
54d8f4b : Fix in reference type propagation
97a2181 : Fix mips64 cfi test
1261759 : Fix in reference type propagation
32cc9ee : Change hash table load factors
0e09cf6 : ART: Fix Mips64 JNI Calling Convention
77da9c3 : Merge test 539 into test 538-checker-embed-constants.
b69fbfb : ARM64: Better recognition of constants encodable as immediates.
ddb2a98 : Parse runtime compiler options for JIT
085fc87 : Parse runtime compiler options for JIT
dc412b6 : Revert "Revert "Implement rosalloc fast path in assembly for 32 bit arm.""
4b8f1ec : Use ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED more.
895bb5f : ART: Add simple null alias tracking for lock counting
09d0943 : ART: Use .bss section for dex cache arrays.
d57d454 : Allocate dex cache arrays in their class loader's linear alloc
8030c41 : Revert "load store elimination."
589dac7 : load store elimination.
cf91c7d : Revert "Implement rosalloc fast path in assembly for 32 bit arm."
8069d9f : Allow changing the optimization level of a build with env variable.
80b37b7 : Fix structural class checks
dedcba2 : Make the run-test makefile check if we have python3
e9f3760 : Added support for unsigned comparisons
0a67a9c : ART: Fix build
56a40f5 : Cleanup interface initialization code to create fewer scopes
fdccbd4 : Do not attempt to unregister null oat files
9499107 : Move x86 constant area code to its own file
805b3b5 : X86 jump tables for PackedSwitch
e6e3bea : Revert "Revert "optimizing: propagate type information of arguments""
9c86b48 : X86_64 jump tables for PackedSwitch
d2b4ca2 : Improve Thumb2 bitwise operations.
0ccb383 : Fix braino in arm assembler.
8c34ec1 : Fix MIPS64 boot
ec00b7e : Disable tests requiring python3 for dist builds.
24a0fc8 : Add some missing comments
e58991b : Revert "Revert "Unload oat files""
eb7c144 : Add initial default method support to Art
e631694 : Implement rosalloc fast path in assembly for 32 bit arm.
6bec6b2 : Fix braino in ArtCode refactoring.
2758318 : ART: More lenient lock merging in the verifier
9537ba2 : ART: Rewrite stub-test inline assembly
5bd05a5 : Implement System.arraycopy intrinsic for arm.
2d096c9 : Fix moving GC bugs in MonitorEnter and MonitorExit
245c11a : Fix mips64 build: Add missing "=".
c05aca7 : Revert "optimizing: propagate type information of arguments"
6bc4374 : Add an abstraction over a compiled code.
72da5e7 : Revert "Unload oat files"
f015c2f : ART: Add missing GetInterfaceMethodIfProxy
0524aeb : Switch ahat test to use
6cfc2c0 : Avoid visiting find array class cache as roots
18656fe : Unload oat files
2c1ffc3 : optimizing: propagate type information of arguments
b2feaaf : Revert "Revert "Fix instrumentation frame check with inlining""
655e585 : Optimizing: Move GraphChecker memory allocations to arena.
dbc2337 : Optimizing: Avoid string init register set copy for debuggable.
4e2a557 : Assert that referrers class should not need access check.
e3e2fe5 : Revert "Fix instrumentation frame check with inlining"
ee3cf07 : Intrinsify System.arraycopy.
10cd86b : Fix race in ART 079-phantom
03ec930 : ART: Lock counting in the interpreter
f9c6fc6 : Add OatFileManager
d48708d : Add test to check that unverified methods are not inlined.
a9a306d : Add a clarifying comment on HLoadClass::InstructionDataEquals.
cff8cc7 : Don't check for optimizing test marker on unsupported ISAs.
1f49764 : ART: Use arena allocator with HashSet/HashMap.
2602aa8 : ART: Decrease dex2oat watchdog timeout
22e0ce3 : DO NOT MERGE Add locking to prevent races between setting class methods and marking
df1ccff : Revert "Disable clang optimization to boot up on arm64."
4b1d4ec : ART: Do not abort on exception in CreatePeer
4bf9012 : ART: Do not include endian.h on Mac.
386062d : Make sure classes with different access checks are not GVN-ed
3054704 : Mark a new Checker test broken for MIPS32
5cc343d : ART: Checker tests for --debuggable
b95fb77 : Optimizing: Clean up after tagging arena allocations.
ec7802a : Add DCHECKs to ArenaVector and ScopedArenaVector.
3079e28 : Fix instrumentation frame check with inlining
eaa4609 : Fix monitor contention logging to support negative line numbers
0ccc341 : Move dmtracedump from dalvik to art.
e53fb55 : Don't remove type checks if we need to perform an access check.
09b1d6f : Enforce optimizing test marker for verification errors.
cde4d27 : Fix x86_64 round intrinsic duplicate load
3cfa4d0 : ART: Remove interpreter entrypoints
7532401 : ART: Change asm test logging
7bda3b6 : Revert "Quick: Work around large frame sizes for x86_64."
d4cf1e4 : Quick: Work around large frame sizes for x86_64.
12be662 : Fix lint issues.
a83a54d : Add support for intrinsic optimizations.
4b29f38 : The move to jack forces us to explicitly give the jar path.
d26101c : Disable class unloading test for CC
a6b1ead : Mark breakpoint roots
5141763 : MIPS64: Additional assember tests:
c90d7c7 : Revert "Optimizing: Disable -Wframe-larger-than= for CompileOptimized()."
580b609 : Fix location summary for LoadClass
9701c2e : MIPS64: Implement intrinsics from java.lang.String:
f3e0706 : ART: Add more error logging to assembler tests
b5c4693 : Assert we don't store an invalid dex_pc in the stack maps.
154746b : Remove dex_pc's default value from top level HInstruction
67f784e : Optimizing: Disable -Wframe-larger-than= for CompileOptimized().
8c434dc : MIPS: Assemblers changes needed for optimizing compiler
98893e1 : Add support for unresolved classes in optimizing.
c13f13a : Fix another Makefile typo.
1e085f0 : Use optimizing's pic boot image in art script.
24cc1b3 : Fix style issue in stub_test.
dbce0d7 : MIPS64r6 Assembler Tests
7778b88 : Disable class unloading when tracing is active
4adeab1 : Refactor the alloc entry point generation code.
831b1cc : Fix test 087 for interpreter
1d7d7f1 : Delete DexFiles in closeDexFiles
aa51682 : Add exclusion between instrumentation and GC
5f4a09a : ART: Add CheckJNI lock checking
0dfc9bc : ART: Add more deopt tests
ecf680d : Block callee save fp registers in debuggable.
7701d10 : Fix typo from previous commit.
75d5b9b : Revert "Don't use floating point callee saves in debuggable."
6e399ac : Add aarch64 and mips64 support for testing 64 bit field set.
9ccf051 : Perform write barrier on declaring class when adding instrumentation
2e28775 : Make it possible to change the read barrier type as build config.
b5bba59 : Perform write barrier on declaring class when adding instrumentation
2a19678 : ART: Do not abort on exception in CreatePeer
470d54f : Change IllegalAccess/IncompatibleClassChange order.
51c6c18 : KNOWN_BROKEN/FAILING does not work for gtests.
da3a55b : Don't delegate to Quick anymore.
481303b : Fix lint error.
b2ae66a : Test fails on mips.
ccc6197 : Do more inlining when JITting.
872ab3f : Fix x86_64 gtest.
07380a2 : Enable compilation of members with access check failures.
e460d1d : Revert "Revert "Support unresolved fields in optimizing"
8ac9c91 : Make SetStateUnsafe run checkpoints before going to suspended
fa75518 : Improvements for table lookup read barriers.
4843bd5 : Change DecodeWeakGlobal to DecodeJObject for class unloading
72f9075 : Move getPublicFieldRecursive to native JNI
dabdccc : Add more error printing to TransitionFromSuspendedToRunnable
1450082 : MIPS64: Code cleanup.
a8a0fe2 : Fix another poisoning problem.
3524472 : Generate an hprof file to test ahat.
9f389d4 : ART: Fix a static_cast int32_t -> uint64_t bug.
409e809 : Don't force the boot image to using quick.
61b1dbe : Fix poisoining bug in arm64.
bac76b4 : Mark one more Checker test broken for mips32
cbc96b8 : Revert "Revert "ART: Remove unnecessary SHARED_REQUIRES in ArtMethod""
9d96bd6 : ART: Decrease dex2oat watchdog timeout
0b15f67 : ART: Fix test
44f1019 : Fix a sign-extension bug in JValue.
31bf42c : Use free lists instead of bitmaps within rosalloc runs.
89df7bf : ART: Refactor libarttest C++ code
00d597a : Tidy up spelling
88a95ba : Don't use floating point callee saves in debuggable.
e0395dd : Optimize ArraySet for x86/x64/arm/arm64.
910e827 : Revert "Revert "Keep internal stack trace methods declaring classes live""
9401f53 : Implemented trip-count safety information.
2a408a3 : ART: Mark deallocated arena memory as inaccessible.
44368e8 : Make libcore timeout the same for all runs.
73b6cdf : ART: Mark Checker tests broken for mips32
1920c10 : Revert "Revert "Enable optimizations with --debuggable.""
45a8522 : Revert "Keep internal stack trace methods declaring classes live"
566fc92 : Keep internal stack trace methods declaring classes live
38b8287 : Revert "ART: Remove unnecessary SHARED_REQUIRES in ArtMethod"
5233f93 : Optimizing: Tag even more arena allocations.
a23b468 : Fix a mutator lock violation in the generic JNI end sequence.
6dd3329 : ART: Remove unnecessary SHARED_REQUIRES in ArtMethod
b7d27a5 : Revert "Enable optimizations with --debuggable."
a661d7d : ART: Use an iterative way in DoDFSPreOrderSSARename()
4f81907 : Add deoptimization test.
43855cc : Enable optimizations with --debuggable.
39becb9 : Revert "Fix another source of undeterministic inlining." DO NOT MERGE
b11fc61 : Fix a bug in DeadPhiHandling around conflicting phis.
aadc986 : CUSTOM_TARGET_LINKER is set by the buildbot already.
452c1b6 : Optimizing: Simplify UShr+And, Shr+And.
97a87ec : Quick: Avoid shifting -1 left (undefined behavior).
225b646 : Optimizing: Tag arena allocations in code generators.
6e7455e : Use dominance information for null optimization in write barrier.
c3fcd41 : Address some code comments
639bdd1 : ART: Single-frame deopt
cc07760 : ART: Clean up less in dex2oat
cffb747 : Don't unload shared libraries for null class loader.
49e5539 : MIPS64: Implement intrinsic java.lang.Thread.currentThread()
853a4c3 : ART: Run arch specific Checker tests on host
cdaf477 : Use make TARGET_LINKER= instead of overriding linker flags.
1d0a03c : ART: Fix DeadPhiHandling creating >2 equivalents
3b9f304 : Address HPackedSwitch issues raised after merge
6918bf1 : Revert "Revert "lambda: Experimental support for capture-variable and liberate-variable""
7bbb80a : Revert "lambda: Experimental support for capture-variable and liberate-variable"
42fbf49 : Disable class unloading test for tracing tests
0b7ac98 : MIPS64: Implement intrinsics from java.lang.Math:
b721234 : lambda: Experimental support for capture-variable and liberate-variable
4450d92 : Fix tests 116 and 118 for no-prebuild
36c0136 : Fix bug in WaitForCompilationToFinish
a50f9cf : Fix JIT for class unloading
dbf056d : ART: Move code from RA to T9 in Mips64 longjump
598302a : Call JNI_OnUnload when class loaders get collected
70fb1f4 : MIPS64: Implement intrinsics from
5469d34 : ART: Reject PackedSwitch with overflowing keys
430c4f5 : Optimizing: Add comment on DCE's packed-switch value check.
071cd9d : ART: Fix misleading error message in method verifier.
211c211 : Optimizing: Rewrite DCE's MarkReachableBlocks().
2aaa4b5 : Optimizing: Tag more arena allocations.
d0180f9 : ART: SsaBuilder clean up
d7558da : ART: Preserve loop headers with try/catch
05aa4d3 : Enable class unloading
b302592 : ART: Use unique_ptr for alloca-ed ShadowFrames
5ed8b2d : dexdump2 won't be optional when it replaces dexdump.
1f8695c : Optimizing: Rewrite HGraph::FindBackEdges().
d76d139 : Optimizing: Rewrite HGraph::ComputeDominanceInformation().
0b6e283 : ART: mprotect() bottom page of ThreadPoolWorker stacks.
cd26feb : Minor cleanup in range analysis.
f475bee : Various improvements in finding induction variables.
aab5b75 : Replaced INT_MIN/MAX with modern-day limits.
22cbec4 : Fix falkiness in 117-nopatchoat
29c8680 : ART: Refactor run-test 482-loop-back-edge-use
14a3160 : Don't use ninja to build targets.
14f8b13 : Add benchmark for jobject functions
84a7903 : ART: PathClassLoader test
5550c56 : Clear allocator in image writer
1ac1c2b : Some clean up for mark sweep files
017ed0b : Fix CreateLinearAlloc bug
951ec2c : Revert "Revert "Add one LinearAlloc per ClassLoader""
b3365e0 : Various improvements in range analysis.
3039e38 : MIPS64: Implement miscellaneous bit manipulation intrinsics
37cf51f : ART: Fix destruction order in Runtime.
7de5dfe : Revert "Add one LinearAlloc per ClassLoader"
abfcf18 : Further refinements to checkcast/instanceof.
f6010ec : Fix static build when libbacktrace links llvm libraries.
8a159fd : ART: Use JIT image for JIT run tests
356412e : Add one LinearAlloc per ClassLoader
9edb5b1 : Revert "ART: Skip image visitor in OatWriter for VerifyAtRuntime"
bb3d505 : MIPS64: No call if ArraySet does not need a type check
9f0dece : ART: Print short register names with MIPS64
b701315 : ART: Fix bug in DeadPhiHandling
3d6b470 : ART: Show the previous failure type in init rejection
7856835 : Fix locking on string init map (again).
fe57faa : [optimizing] Add basic PackedSwitch support
666dd65 : Fix braino in new build targets.
5e0199b : Remove adb from host build in buildbot.
4686c52 : Fix locking on string init map.
72e36d8 : Handle OOME during threadstress finishing message
3f30e12 : ART: Clean up less in dex2oat
85c7bab : Revert "Revert "Optimize code generation of check-cast and instance-of.""
eead071 : ART: Optimize catch phi creation to save memory.
46fe065 : Fix x64's cmpw.
3eaa32f : ART: Delete catch phis for undefined vregs.
540138a : ART: Decrease dex2oat watchdog timeout
b15fea2 : Make run-{libcore,jdwp}-tests work with OUT_DIR set.
a2c3864 : Add lock around interpreter string init reg map.
85b62f2 : ART: Refactor intrinsics slow-paths
d5ce6a8 : ART: Skip image visitor in OatWriter for VerifyAtRuntime
33ddb74 : asan: update condition to work with multiple SANITIZE_TARGET values.
6958e4f : ART: Fix two allocation/deallocation mismatches.
498b160 : Allow null self only in DecodeWeakGlobalDuringShutdown().
7537437 : Revert "Optimize code generation of check-cast and instance-of."
99170c6 : Deoptimization support in optimizing compiler for setting local values
b7d8e8c : Optimizing: Do not use range-based loop when inserting elements.
76c92ac : Optimizing: Allow storing value objects in containers.
e6f49b4 : Revert "Support unresolved fields in optimizing" breaks debuggable tests.
64acf30 : Optimize code generation of check-cast and instance-of.
23a8e35 : Support unresolved fields in optimizing
175dc73 : Support unresolved methods in Optimizing
5d01db1 : BuildInvoke refactor: extract String.init in its own code path
0389cd5 : Use arc4random_buf instead of getauxval(AT_RANDOM).
740667a : ART: Skip compiler-driver compile loop for VerifyAtRuntime
71bf809 : Optimizing: Tag arena allocations in SsaBuilder.
8f8926a : Implement StringGetCharsNoCheck intrinsic for X86
2d55479 : X86/X86_64: Intrinsics - numberOfTrailingZeros, rotateLeft, rotateRight
fa6b93c : Optimizing: Tag arena allocations in HGraph.
bd8b6af : Use clang for building mips32r2_fp.
c7ae55d : ART: Make dex2oat timing a bit more granular
bcee092 : Add X86 bsf and rotate instructions
22af3be : Use induction variable range analysis in BCE (statically).
c895082 : Clean up mod union table
d2bb5ba : Expect null referent in DequeuePendingReference().
1147b9b : Use image pointer size for profile info
f1fbd52 : Rename parameter in ArtMethod::ToNativeQuickPc
72f7b88 : ART: Fix 004-ReferenceMap run test
c5b4b32 : Use $ for f registers to please clang.
87000a9 : Add option to append to the cfg dump.
77a48ae : Revert "Revert "ART: Register allocation and runtime support for try/catch""
baf89b8 : ART: Fix bug in reference type propagation
94ca9af : Temporarly disable SSA creation in try/catch/debuggable.
26f7286 : Cleanup thread access in StackVisitor
659562a : Revert "ART: Register allocation and runtime support for try/catch"
3faa581 : ART: Fix mac build
563e984 : Convert ART benchmarks into caliper benchmarks
d472066 : Revert "Revert "Re-enable Clang's -Wpessimizing-move""
b022fa1 : ART: Register allocation and runtime support for try/catch
a852a5b : ART: Build tests in checkbuild
0600cdc : Remove unnecessary std::move from test_dex_file_builder
70c08d3 : Fix the DequeuePendingReference crash.
4a37953 : Revert "Re-enable Clang's -Wpessimizing-move"
8f5d2d8 : Re-enable Clang's -Wpessimizing-move
68cad90 : Remove unnecessary std::move from variant_map.h
4f55e22 : Add and use ScopedSuspendAll
4b1e0f4 : Add benchmark for ScopedPrimitiveArray
5550ca8 : Record profiling information before Jitting.
f794ad7 : Be very patient with the emulator.
9ee23f4 : ARM/ARM64: Intrinsics - numberOfTrailingZeros, rotateLeft, rotateRight
1a97357 : ART: Narrow parameter types.
e6215c0 : ART: Move access flags checking to dex file verifier
501fd63 : ART: Fix Quick-style LR vs PC core spill mask bug
2fadd7b : Additional MIPS64 instructions needed by intrinsics code.
dcf0d4b : Increase the run-test timeout for the read barrier config.
d14c595 : Induction variable range analysis.
520633b : Support deoptimization on exception
a646aaf : Add extra options to tools/
e806732 : ART: Add missing GetInterfaceMethodIfProxy
3ecfd65 : Add dex_pc to all HInstructions in builder.
bfb5ba9 : Revert "Revert "Do a second check for testing intrinsic types.""
acd20ca : Allow null current thread in jni weak ref decode during shutdown.
0616ae0 : [optimizing] Add support for x86 constant area
6058455 : Optimizing: Tag basic block allocations with their source.
637ee0b : ART: Add some utilities for working with containers.
449b109 : ART: Clean up Thumb2Assembler's AddConstant().
471a203 : Simplify loop invariant operations during induction analysis.
5264148 : Remove framework start from script.
5a98822 : Don't stop framework when testing.
f80967c : Fix the read barrier config build.
e609b7c : Further development of induction variable analysis.
9b1c71e : Make class loaders weak roots
d630fd6 : Increase the run test failure output diff line count.
e7049ca : Fix art_quick_alloc_object_tlab
c77f3ab : Clean up formatting in class linker
e87c1cd : ART: Fix 466-get-live-vreg for read barrier.
305ff2d : ART: Abort if malloc() fails in SwapAllocator::allocate().
de286fd : Address some leftover comments
f1d666e : Add ScopedThreadSuspension
fc1ccd7 : lambda: Infrastructure to support capture/liberate-variable dex opcodes
736b560 : Reduce how often we call FindDexCache
788b21e : Pay attention to string offset and count fields.
fdbd13c : Some fixes for the CC collector.
c21e4e6 : Make format args explicit in DocString.
05792b9 : ART: Move DexCache arrays to native.
145acc5 : Revert "Optimizing: Tag basic block allocations with their source."
91e11c0 : Optimizing: Tag basic block allocations with their source.
2a7c1ef : Add more dwarf debug line info for Optimized methods.
f54cde6 : Increase max stack frame for sanitizers to handle x86.
fc8d247 : Fix native annotations returning TypeNotPresentException.
f9f6441 : Optimizing: Tag Arena allocations with their source.
b40808e : ART: Remove unnecessary include of linear_alloc.h.
738c4c9 : JDWP: attempt to fix failure on closed connection
1f039c4 : Use the 64-bit linker for target mips64r6 in
b2872da : Document the `--debuggable` option in dex2oat's usage.
ca33089 : No longer lock WeakGlobalsLock in FindDexCache
30b5e27 : Enable lockless decoding of weak globals
c3fdf90 : Add JNI state change performance test
db00eaf : Add GC coverage test for moving GC
c823eff : Disable the GDB-based test timeout dump in 32 bit.
2a5892f : Move more Class annotations to native.
6ffb9cc : Use GDB to dump threads in test timeouts, if available.
ea556cd : Revert "More cyrpto failures..."
a63f0d4 : Optimizing: Improve String.equals() thumb intrinsic.
73cf0fb : ART: Add 16-bit Thumb2 ROR, NEGS and CMP for high registers.
673ed3d : Revert "Revert "Change dex caches to be weak roots""
2e1c16d : JDWP: check object is assignable in ArrayReference.SetValues
ebb503a : More cyrpto failures...
c515f21 : ART: Weaken size check in hprof
e4cf589 : ART: Weaken size check in hprof
cf7792d : Test HashSet lookup by alternate key type.
ed15000 : Fix some HandleScope bugs and add corresponding checks
b1b45be : Make Art's dexlist the real one!
9393c69 : ART: Add mising ScopedObjectAccess in ref type propagation
81a9087 : Revert "Change dex caches to be weak roots"
f86a085 : Revert "Move mark stack lock up in ordering"
6d87eba : Fix test 088
ac8f439 : Keep dex files live for duration of oatdump
deaa183 : Move mark stack lock up in ordering
031768a : Add non debug version of libarttest
76f55b0 : Synchronize JNI critical calls with the CC collector thread flip.
a727e37 : ART: Balanced locking
5a6cc49 : SlowPath: Remove the use of Locations in the SlowPath constructors.
5af9106 : Re-add location check for FindDexCache
ecc4366 : Add OptimizingCompilerStats to the CodeGenerator class.
4ab0235 : Use CodeGenerator::RecordPcInfo instead of SlowPathCode::RecordPcInfo.
c2b35d2 : ART: Add zero-padding to allocation request for String.
aae9e66 : ART: Fix the simplifier for NEGATE add/sub
0760a81 : ART: Propagate verifier failure types to the compilers
fd28541 : ART: Fix run-test inline assembly
4ef5226 : ART: Include zero-padding in String::SizeOf().
30efb4e : Induction variable analysis (with unit tests).
0c9497d : X86: Use short forward jumps if possible
73f455e : X86: Assembler support for near labels
0747466 : Revert "Revert "Fix deoptimization with pending exception""
23c1e50 : Change JNI calling convention for mips
3ae6b1d : Change dex caches to be weak roots
66c2d2d : Address some comments for class flags
13e748b : Revert "Revert "Move annotations to native.""
23f02f3 : Minor changes to art::arm::Thumb2Assembler::StoreToOffset.
d9cb68e : ART: Add (Fpu)RegHigh stack map location kinds
b730b78 : ahat - An android heap dump viewer. Initial checkin.
ad238ce : ART: Add option to retain lock levels in verifier
8283109 : ART: Additional ceil/floor/rint test cases
ff73498 : Revert "Revert "[MIPS] Use hard float calling convention for managed code""
6e2d574 : Revert "Fix deoptimization with pending exception"
aa50d3a : Add missing field init in constructors
54b6248 : Fix deoptimization with pending exception
7db6dd7 : Revert "Move annotations to native."
31decb1 : ART: Add VLOG printing of SetStatus(Error)
a14b9fe : Revert "Do a second check for testing intrinsic types."
b995c0a : Update instrumentation stack after exception event
0042c6d : Move annotations to native.
3835acc : Correct for signal, native bridge test hard-coded signal handling values
6306921 : Add a missing reader barrier in entrypoint stub
7fee84c : Revert "[MIPS] Use hard float calling convention for managed code"
52a7f5c : Add class flags to class to help GC scanning
6fab9d1 : Stop framework on buildbot devices to avoid lowmemorykiller.
2e92bc2 : Fix TrySplitNonPairOrUnalignedPairIntervalAt.
a29449d : [MIPS] Use hard float calling convention for managed code
4daa0b4 : Do a second check for testing intrinsic types.
c147410 : ART: Special form of lock aliasing
48ffe06 : Made CheckJNI check varargs when possible
b8b9356 : Add a `--showcommands` option to ART's
b4edcf3 : Fix indentation in reference type propagation
8ff495e : Fix formatting comment in Checker
599262c : Fix extra parantheses
0eedd7e : Fix BuildInvoke
4dff2fd : ARM64: Minor optimization for conversions from long to int.
68ad649 : Refactor BuildInvoke.
b34c35e : ART: Expression evaluation in Checker
e418dda : Be more flexible on the code unit size when inlining.
05f2056 : Add support to indicate whether intrinsics require a dex cache
289cd55 : Optimizing String.Equals as an intrinsic (ARM)
0037082 : Use thread-local is_gc_marking flags for the CC collector.
bbd733e : ART: Enable basic optimizations for try/catch
5815501 : Revert "Revert "Optimizing: Better invoke-static/-direct dispatch.""
ec16f79 : ART: Refactor try/catch block info, store exception type
f5cdc41 : ART: (Partially) fix lock aliasing
44b9cf9 : Put in place the ARM64 instruction simplification framework.
77b022d : ART: Revisit users in phi elimination
b2c431e : Revert "Optimizing: Better invoke-static/-direct dispatch."
9b688a0 : Optimizing: Better invoke-static/-direct dispatch.
9859620 : Remove extra calls to `RecordPcInfo()`.
4cd27d6 : Revert "Introduce support for hardware simulators, starting with ARM64"
059ef3d : Always visit object class from VisitReferences
9d3c3fc : Guard thread exited message by try-catch in ThreadStress
50fa993 : Svelter libart-compiler
6e9cc39 : Fix some global constructors and destructors
17ff917 : Fix codegen_test.
93aa210 : Manually unrelocate odex files generated for test.
29fc008 : ART: Revert storing of exceptional predecessors
c2e1a5e : Introduce support for hardware simulators, starting with ARM64
a52f2f9 : Fix and improve reference cache mod-union table
2a5c468 : ART: Some header cleaning around bit-utils
99e7df6 : ART: Dex2oat lint fix
3996c89 : Correct for 115-native-bridge hard-coded x86/x86_64 signal handling values
151ab8d : Revert "Revert "ART: DCHECK zero case for CLZ/CTZ""
53de99c : ART: Follow-up fixes
bc0d79b : Only apply aarch64 clang WAR to the target.
9ec5e22 : Refactor art::Dex2Oat::ParseArg.
1463285 : ART: Rename ArtMethod's size and alignment methods.
d589767 : Implement CountLeadingZeros for x86
cf36d49 : ART: Compress LengthPrefixedArray on 32-bit targets.
b47bad5 : Force Clang aarch64 builds to -O1.
ebf850c : ART: Fix verifier dumping, add hard-fail dumping
eb9d1f7 : ART: Relax verifier aput checking
4bf4c78 : ART: Relax verifier aput checking
0eb76d2 : Make patchoat match offset when given a patched image
4318d91 : Revert "ART: DCHECK zero case for CLZ/CTZ"
f8cfb20 : Optimizing String.Equals as an intrinsic (x86_64)
b18e827 : Change SS to use MarkObjectIfNotInToSpace for roots
8ae3ffb : Add 'bsr' instruction to x86 and x86_64
6bc53a9 : Support X86 intrinsic System.arraycopy char
b9c4bbe : Add rep movsw to x86 and x86_64 instructions.
51db2c2 : ART: DCHECK zero case for CLZ/CTZ
d7138c8 : Revert "Revert "Optimizing String.Equals as an intrinsic (x86)""
5073fed : ART: Add utility function to dump dex CFG
7be7ab6 : ART: Add correct -inl file
e682a02 : ART: Change UninitializedThis tracking in the verifier
6aec9da : [MIPS] Avoid using odd numbered fp registers
da2b254 : Fix a bug in the register allocator when allocating pairs.
0d9982d : ART: Fix Quick's DCE+GVN
168387d : ART: Change UnresolvedMergedType merge
f695a00 : ART: Change UnresolvedMergedType internal representation
6e9c66e : Fix a bug in the register allocator around pair allocation.
d333389 : Tighten default inlining settings when using the space filter.
f2ea71c : ART: Fix the simplifier for add/sub
ce4b132 : ART: x86_64 RoundDouble/Float intrinsics should initialize out value.
c548ae7 : ART: Remove unique-numbered labels from arm64 assembly
2ada67b : Don't dump stack when deleting an invalid local ref
8f96df8 : Allow for fine tuning the inliner.
681652d : HDeoptimize should hold values live in env.
af50e41 : Bugfix: Java char is 16 bits, can not be treated as boolean.
242ae94 : ART: Change the stack dump format to be in line with debuggerd
d021e16 : ART: Fix Quick/Optimizing suspend check assumption mismatch.
6c8d596 : Fix art-run-tests dependencies
bfbb72e : Don't check code pointer for proxies in ArtMethod::GetQuickFrameInfo
3387f39 : Get non proxy method for StackDumpVisitor
40bceaf : Revert "Fix art-run-tests dependencies"
2a39d9c : Fix art-run-tests dependencies
030f2af : Reduce space filter threshold to 128.
22552df : ART: Boolean simplifier fix
3b7660d : ART: DCE should know that array-length can throw NPE
9f66589 : Fix cfi information for x86.
811cfdd : Re-enable run-test 449-checker-bce on MIPS64.
b5aeab1 : Initialize pDeoptimize quick entry pointer for Mips.
dbda04f : Return an invalid StackMap when none can be found.
9976738 : Fix proxy handling in FindDeclaredVirtualMethod
25e1af5 : ART: Change merges with Undefined to Undefined
c08e0c7 : ART: Fix test
6f0a9c3 : ART: Improve the symbolize script
15144b8 : Add -Wno-pessimizing-move to Clang flags
5ee9454 : Support compiling run-tests with jack
c2bf125 : ART: Allow to set and copy conflicts in the verifier
a3cd834 : ART: Avoid soft- after hard-fail in verifier
a0b23bb : ART: Release inputs in Long.reverse intrinsic in x86
db05e31 : ART: Fix opsize in LoadArgDirect
d4032e4 : JDWP: remove suspend count check on invoke
ccbbda2 : Add implicit null pointer and stack overflow checks for Mips.
3abd437 : Do not create a HBoundType when the instruction is non-null.
9b39188 : ART: Symbolize all oat files in /data folder.
c4e75e2 : ART: Fix data loss when symbolizing oat files.
e54cd64 : ART: Remove bad FindSymbol call
52f0aeb : ART: Unlink target oat file before compiling
fecc465 : Do not replace a live phi with a dead phi.
b7a4790 : Revert "Revert "Do not update the type of something we already know.""
e7d876a : ART: Fix CFI annotation for art_quick_aput_obj
a10c713 : Quick: Disable GVN, DCE and LVN for type conflicts.
3ae8da0 : ART: Fix invalid access and DCHECK in verifier
e290896 : Require mutator lock for DeleteLocalRef
ae0c62f : Revert "ART: Bail out immediately on try/catch"
b91205e : ART: Fix streaming tracing issues
1ff04ab : ART: Bail out immediately on try/catch
a1935c4 : MIPS: Initial version of optimizing compiler for MIPS64R6.
ad80568 : ART: Only print stripped dex2oat command line
88802ca : ART: Fix kEverything compiler filter
6415013 : ART: Reset runtime_throw_failure flag
005deb0 : ART: Set methods to preverified in verify-none
9206789 : Hard-fail get-/put-object to a non-reference field.
20d60dd : Only do some checks when compiling against the core image.
559b1cc : [MIPS64] JNI Compiler: Sign-extend int function arguments
71e46c1 : Fix force copy
844fb67 : ART: Fix arm32 instrumentation exit stub
0b95bf1 : Fix imt conflict trampoline for mips64
94e7c05 : Increase alt signal stack to 32K on host.
2867634 : Use a flag from the verifier to know if we should compile.
b5171ff : BCE: don't assume a bounds check always gets a HArrayLength.
cb44b11 : Do not try to compile resource-only dex files.
0fd292d : Fix codegen_test after DCE fix.
18b236e : Recompute dominator tree after DCE.
574cce1 : BCE: Narrow instead of unconditionnaly overwrite the range.
310b0f5 : Fix another case of un-verified dead code.
e7c7d8e : Adding optimizing compiler test case for String.<init>.
a497d1c : ART: Follow-up to 507cc6f83bf6379728f2dd20391f2ed5fbfe6371
c94c6a7 : Fix field ordering for String in hprof
dd32833 : Make dex file verifier check that indexes are increasing.
ad3359e : Do not overwrite an input register in shift operations.
bad9c7b : New experimental GC stress mode
37fd527 : Change GC to allow strings to use large object space.
38fafa1 : Make large string use large object space.
4c67a6a : ART: Allow checking RETURN_VOID_NO_BARRIER on unresolved classes
6e80460 : Fix another miranda method moving GC bug
421e495 : ART: Don't do pre-linked calls to the interpreter bridge.
a6efe5e : ART: Disallow classes that are abstract and final
8859311 : Revert "Revert "Add support for inlining already sharpened interface calls.""
ee39360 : Revert "Add support for inlining already sharpened interface calls. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE"
042fd00 : Revert "Revert "Use IsAssignableFrom instead of IsSubclass for robustness.""
c48c7e6 : Use compiling class instead of outer class for access checks.
7d59309 : Use compiling class instead of referrer for access checks.
1e256bf : Be careful with predecessor/successor index.
be43861 : Don't check the return type in the builder.
0bc614d : Do not expect 0 or 1 only when comparing a boolean.
39d40af : Verifier: check an aput, even if we know it will fail.
a04e7b7 : Run a simplification pass before code generation.
753f1fb : Bailout from compilation if an invoke is malformed.
7d4cc8c : Fix wrong DCHECK in bounds check elimination.
25fde61 : Fix a bug in optimizing when the null constant has been DCE.
ff82263 : Fix String Change baseline compiler errors.
7257ece : Use signed encoding when using relative CFI addresses.
673b430 : ART: Check for expected args for instance methods
cbf5d89 : ART: Check var-arg count earlier in method verifier
38fad46 : ART: Fix BCE lint issue
1626b91 : Fix GC map generation edge case
31fa4b5 : Remove bogus DCHECK in BCE.
bca381a : Fix premature deoptimization if the loop body isn't entered.
3e91a44 : Fix case where block has no predecessor for StringChange.
e7738e8 : Quick: Handle total high/low register overlap on arm/mips.
9f7687c : Quick: Fix optimizations for empty if blocks.
dd3c7d2 : ART: Remove old DCHECK that trips Baseline
e0a9a53 : Fix StringChange for optimizing compiler.
a26cb57 : ART stack unwinding fixes for libunwind/gdb/lldb.
6e82168 : Fix moving GC bug in DoFilledNewArray
dfc5db6 : Fix moving GC bugs in proxy stub for X86/X86_64
bf1fa2c : Follow up on CL 151605
ef484d4 : Fix nested deoptimization.
07c6f5a : Quick: Don't expect move-exception in every catch block.
e71eb1d : Fix some java_lang_Class related moving GC bugs
df75bca : ART: Allow PackedSwitch instructions with zero targets
6ecc296 : Quick: Fix marking unused registers in DCE.
a8b4100 : ART: Fix reporting initialized classes by CompilerDriver.
c362782 : Add support for inlining already sharpened interface calls. DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
23fad47 : Fix reference comparison after redundant phi elimination.
a3b9d4e : Add missing EndAssertNoThreadSuspension
afe9e13 : Set default visibility on art_sigsegv_fault.
9ad40fd : Change mips64 lwu to ld for loading caller ArtMethod*
4998374 : JDWP: update handling of 8-bit and 16-bit fields
6ba35b5 : JDWP: asynchronous invoke command handling
00fd8c2 : Add cortex-a53 as a valid instruction set variant for arm64.
b89a8c6 : Fix compaction bug in Class_getDeclaredMethodsUnchecked
95456e4 : Revert "Let classloader provide correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
fac3a39 : Move image intern table into image
fff047f : Fix build breakage in dwarf_test.
618fdff : [MIPS] Fix method tracing for mips64
9a7fffb : Reset GC performance stats at zygote fork.
8117250 : Let classloader provide correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH
21cb657 : Quick: Fix LoopRepeatingTopologicalSortIterator.
59bc214 : ART: Add SetSpecialSignalHandlerFn to version-script.txt
3b532d7 : Use runFinalizationWithTimeout for native allocations
3ae250c : More LOW_4G optimizations
7fabaa6 : Add atrace calls to runtime start and heap create
1c8bef4 : Add optimization for LOW_4G allocator
b7fd412 : Revert "Quick: Create GC map based on compiler data. DO NOT MERGE"
c8d000a : Revert "Quick: Fix "select" pattern to update data used for GC maps. DO NOT MERGE"
c991403 : Fix valgrind large_object_space_test
0fc16a0 : Revert "Revert "Turn off duplicate-classes checking""
8f23620 : Add a way to determine if a large object is a zygote object
520abbd : ART: Refactor Thread::Init
fad2cbf : Quick: Fix "select" pattern to update data used for GC maps. DO NOT MERGE
7cc8f9a : Quick: Create GC map based on compiler data. DO NOT MERGE
0adc90e : Emit instance fields for java.lang.Object in hprof
44905ce : ART: Prune FindArrayClass cache in image writer
d40bcc4 : Fix tracing
ff6d8cf : Add more info for attempting to delete non-JNI local reference
77be663 : Add a way to SuspendAll for a long duration
2791d5e : Add clear cache for JIT
519fd54 : Update IMT for stale miranda methods
3d21bdf : Move mirror::ArtMethod to native
bd7eef1 : Fix another source of undeterministic inlining.
2653149 : Fix another source of undeterministic inlining.
0bcf9fd : Fix test 115-native-bridge for Mips.
8ee2145 : ART: Add support for special handlers in sigchainlib
93de952 : ART: Use v2 version of NativeBridge struct
73a9377 : Add unstarted runtime test for String.<init>.
a2ea740 : Fix double-exception in super-class method validation.
f60cb1f : ART: Add Mips o32 callee-save registers to SaveAll frame
7be8302 : Add JNI String.<init> test for global and weak global refs.
1309ba2 : Fix single-step in native thread
1a302fb : Fix updating of JNI references for String.<init>.
1a1e77f : Fix valgrind includes
86a5b0e : Reset libc targetSdkVersion
3b74e27 : ART: Fix wrong hard-failure handling in verifier
e0cc299 : ART: Use kBadFprBase on mips64 and arm64.
2b3f42e : Add missing oatdump test dependency
c930980 : Add oatdump test
61833c5 : Fix mac build: cast fpr callee save addresses.
f2383d6 : Fix mac build: include <sys/time.h> in .
41b175a : ART: Clean up arm64 kNumberOfXRegisters usage.
54d6573 : JDWP: fix breakpoint on catch statement
4fa04a6 : Make inlining deterministic.
08d1b5f : Fix for potential moving GC bugs around proxy class.
8110447 : ART: Sometimes even empty methods take forever to verify
18a1827 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE ART: Turn off duplicate-classes checking"
99ca40c : ART: Refactor UnstartedRuntime for testing
15e9ad1 : Intercept JNI invocation of String.<init> methods.
48b7918 : ART: Fix gtest dependency
a56ce5e : Fix a cts crash around proxy class fields.
aafcfca : DO NOT MERGE ART: Turn off duplicate-classes checking
8256609 : ART: Fix RegisterNative order
f177dd6 : ART: Change huge-method warning in verifier
094ff2c : Fix debuggable compiler flag detection for secondary dex files
a5a1c13 : Test and fix bug checking status of secondary multidex files.
6650075 : JDWP: more GC safety
2501595 : Undo arm64 workaround.
1e1a472 : Print more info on mark sweep invalid ref crash.
a02e391 : Add new style String operations during compilation init, part 2
577d24c : Stop wrapping close(2) with TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY in art.
a32474e : In hprof, use an address within string for char array of empty string.
a298e6d : Add new style String operations during compilation init
788a0a1 : Fix non-range String init calls
039ab3d : Remove doublequoted command to adb sh -c.
c99b900 : In hprof, set string class instance size to that of an empty string.
375a29a : Print field info on mark sweep invalid ref crash.
3b0ee6f : Quick: Fix marking high words in DCE.
a36098b : ART: Do not relocate app program headers in patchoat.
3beb245 : Also print class for NoSuchFieldException
e8ff50d : ART: Rediscover loops after deleting blocks in DCE
cc61340 : Quick: Fix DCE, clear high word flag in RemoveChange().
368010a : Add notes about fast JNI calls.
a395c0a : Hold heap bitmap lock in Heap::GetObjectsAllocated
325ec9b : Fix bug in removal of *.flock files.
ce7d005 : ART: arm indexOf intrinsics for the optimizing compiler
8db2a6d : Quick: Fix DCE to mark wide register overlaps correctly.
f450cf6 : Add test for String init called from unresolvable class.
56869c1 : Don't allow JIT to compile native methods
f00baf5 : Check IsReferenceVReg during deopt
dd5a4d0 : ART: Merge entries with same name and protect in MemMap dump.
8ee43e3 : ART: Fix debug output for bad reused MemMap.
5eae455 : Support multiple instrumentation clients
c3cde2c : JDWP: properly combine location events
c96d5c8 : Quick: Fix DCE to rename SSA regs for degenerate Phis.
f80552b : Quick: Abolish kMirOpCheckPart2.
0b49f02 : Quick: Abolish kMirOpCheckPart2.
3ba8671 : Fix broken checks in IsValidPartOfMemberNameUtf8Slow.
5c8fe30 : In quick compiler, force string init invoke to be fast path.
f7083ed : Quick: Inline synthetic accessors generated by jack.
a538eff : Fix instrumentation exit stub for arm64
ba52e13 : Delete invalid DCHECK
3c683c5 : Revert "HACK: Disable native stack trace dumping for tetra. DO NOT MERGE"
a6ce5b2 : Improve JNI registration failure logging
46578a4 : Fix NanoSleep and add test
414369a : Add some more DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN
8484d23 : ART: Emit debug info when app is debuggable
d45c843 : Request full/partial GC type from VMRuntime.requestConcurrentGC().
332ef32 : Let the map function compute the relative pc.
3bf2d47 : Print memory maps on GC crash.
732e886 : Change invalid root from LOG(ERROR) to LOG(INTERNAL_FATAL)
6db49a7 : Update the remaining input index of phis after deleting an input.
8b83b55 : ART: Allow oat files with duplicates classes in corner case
61d7ca8 : ART: Whitelist DexPathList$Element constructor
c263bf8 : Only print IRT remove local warning if CheckJNI is enabled
395086f : ART: Fix loop information after dead code elimination
dd17bc3 : Fix for incorrect encode and parse of PEXTRW instruction
19ad582 : ART: Move dex2oat watchdog output to LogLine
471b7cb : HACK: Disable native stack trace dumping for tetra. DO NOT MERGE
626ecd0 : Fix possible null deference in Throwable::Dump
32c26b8 : ART: Remove multidex limit
22c2d74 : Quick: Fix crash on fall-through out of method code.
be8f57d : Quick: Avoid unnecessary GVN work in release builds.
c71d921 : Fix constructor access check through reflection
c6e7845 : Quick: Rely on inferred types in GVN/LVN/DCE.
0dd76cd : ART: Fix constructor access checking
2b1c622 : ART: Fix removing a Phi with RemoveInstruction
0cab5e6 : Visit image roots for hprof
0d2ac18 : Fix 32 bit loads of 64 bit direct code pointers
66cdcbe : Fix incompatible class change error for JIT stress mode
783f9f3 : ART: Do a pre-pass for monitor_enter dex pc search
2ff8da6 : Fix byte and char Get32
73ffc3e : ART: Check image size when opening
c4448f4 : Fix incorrect static const
68d1bfc : Add clamp growth limit
677cd61 : Make ART compile with GCC -O0 again.
f6b0d41 : Tracking change to make Class.getDeclaredFields/Methods public

+- Project: platform/bionic

389e28e : Enable test with clang aarch64.
9296460 : libm: rename LIBC_PRIVATE to LIBC_DEPRECATED
a80ddc8 : Fix x86-64 __memset_chk.
81d6a18 : Add x86 __memset_chk assembler.
a27d8c3 : Update Android.bp with recent *.mk changes
0c3655a : Add a checksum to jmp_buf on AArch64.
a4c6913 : Add a checksum to jmp_buf on ARM.
bed110a : Clean up bcopy cruft.
01d5b94 : Remove optimized code for bzero, which was removed from POSIX in 2008.
61c95fe : Mandate optimized assembler for x86-64 __memset_chk.
7846093 : Mandate optimized __memset_chk for arm and arm64.
98cdef3 : libdl: Rename LIBC_PRIVATE to LIBC_PLATFORM
e97d8ed : Do not add linker the _r_debug.r_map on link_image
ef925e5 : Fix getifaddrs' handling of point-to-point interfaces.
d17a377 : linker: print "not accessible" error message to the log
3c6016f : Improve diagnostics from the assembler __memcpy_chk routines.
62e5964 : Improve diagnostics from the assembler __memset_chk routines.
375a915 : Update libgcc_compat.c file for mips32 arch
bf97770 : Rewrite ifaddrs#getifaddrs_INET.
879cec2 : Update Android.bp with recent changes
0967fc7 : Copy the entire zero-separated DNS seach domain string.
0f67d5f : Create logging sockets with SOCK_NONBLOCK...
b83d674 : Improve FORTIFY failure diagnostics.
549e522 : Move hard-coded values to constants.
f86c449 : If you're going to use memset...
2c6c953 : GCC doesn't like {}, and clang doesn't like {0}...
6bd5cf6 : Fix a structure initialisation in pthread_exit().
19acb69 : [MIPS] Add __popcountsi2 to libgcc_compat.c
92057af : Update timezone data to 2016a
0e2a026 : Fix wrong guard values for 64 bit.
f499dc9 : Fix incorrect size of array.
64955c8 : Remove unused libm_clang variable.
9f0a695 : Improvements to dynamic linker messages
d75d4be : malloc_debug: reread /proc/pid/maps when entry is missing
2c75991 : Add backtrace_string and export to libmemunreachable
2d4721c : Export malloc_backtrace
869691c : Export malloc_iterate and friends
6b788ee : Move gdb support functions to a separate file
0fa5410 : Revert "Move gdb support functions to a separate file"
97b6e13 : Fix cfi directives for memmove/strlcpy.
de84e51 : Fix cfi directives in small strncmp case.
f8d051c : Move gdb support functions to a separate file
f3064e4 : Use insert_link_map_into_debug_map for executable
7dac8b8 : Fix scope ids for link-local IPv6 addresses from getifaddrs(3).
6400129 : Update a comment for init_linker_info_for_gdb
aa9cb26 : Revert "Revert "Split out liblinker_malloc static library""
8d22dd5 : Initialize linker link_map for gdb directly
e687d06 : linker: remove soinfo::entry
3bbeca7 : Revert "Split out liblinker_malloc static library"
71766c2 : Add a memcpy(a, a, n) test.
72df670 : Fix the default alignment of the allocations.
7a28a3c : malloc_debug: reset TrackData mutex after fork
cac2908 : Fix regerror(..., nullptr, 0).
a805643 : Split out liblinker_malloc static library
884f76e : Add tests for zero-sized allocations.
01b85d5 : Set x86 TLS limit to 0xfffff, not PAGE_SIZE.
63fedd7 : Enable clang for x86_64 after fp128 fix in clang-2577113.
b4931ce : Update NOTICE files.
ca6af7f : define pw_gecos to pw_passwd for LP32 systems
8200e55 : Add a test for a possible overflow in *printf.
05d08e9 : Updated to v4.4.1 kernel headers.
43f7c87 : Add a test for snprintf on a PTHREAD_STACK_MIN-sized stack.
4bc739a : Add check for pthread_self() when looking up a thread
3e62171 : Update Android.bp
0c485da : Add in6addr_any and in6addr_loopback symbols.
5f26c6b : Really add adjtimex(2), and add clock_adjtime(2) too.
f226ee5 : Add fopen64/freopen64/tmpfile64 aliases.
2d5e21f : Fix ifaddrs#getifaddrs_INET flakiness.
e4fa6e9 : Expose ftello64.
6b45d57 : use GNU C89 extern inline semantics for __size_mul_overflow()
f68dcbe : Fix our fortify tests for global -Werror.
701bb65 : Remove the unused TrackHeader structure.
88f5111 : linker: Change the library search order
c7ca8f3 : socket.h: update AF_* constants
7993b80 : Add better free tracking.
3f3f6c5 : Add adjtimex
3bcf094 : Tell kati about generated dependencies around crt
166c853 : Add min/max values for config values.
1b84afc : linker: mark library .bss pages with anon:.bss
ffaa216 : Hide '__moddi3' symbol for x86 and mips
aa2fd0f : Hide '__isthreaded' for lp64
2fc7f9d : Remove unused file.
955426e : Fix a sign extension bug in stdio.
d9d6a84 : Unify names for pages allocated for small objects
8352475 : Replace snprintf() with __libc_format_buffer()
03e65eb : Implement funopen64.
97cb4fb : Move android_ network functions to LIBC_PRIVATE
d4ae54f : Fix lockf for LP32.
33697a0 : Factor out the waiting for children in bionic tests.
5704c42 : Implement POSIX lockf.
9677fab : Support _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 for most of <stdio.h>.
ca48274 : Revert "Revert "Make sem_wait able to return errno EINTR for sdk > 23.""
1e185a5 : Fix gcc test issues.
6d51085 : Revert "Make sem_wait able to return errno EINTR for sdk > 23."
f2b67b8 : Fix build for gcc.
892b61d : Make sem_wait able to return errno EINTR for sdk > 23.
20322c2 : Include libz for new libelf.
e70e0e9 : Move internal FILE flags macros to "local.h" from <stdio.h>.
63860cb : Malloc debug rewrite.
0ac0cee : Remove dlmalloc.
023c307 : Add _seek64 to FILE.
b877601 : Put struct FILE back how NDK-built apps expect it.
71288cb : Add another stdio test.
bba3954 : Revert "Temporary apply LIBC version to __pthread_gettid"
7f54348 : Loosen up sys_time.gettimeofday.
90d2dae : libc: hide fake_gmtime_r and fake_localtime_r
1a8732c : libc: hide __signalfd4 symbol
3edc5c4 : linker: align allocated blocks to 16 bytes
2704bd1 : Simplify fseek/ftell.
f45b0e9 : Do not unmap reserved region on dlclose
c0ffcec : Remove dependency on zipalign.
6dcab28 : Update Android.bp to match
021335e : Move stdio implementation details around a little.
923f165 : Make FILE*s less usable after fclose(3).
8ce38af : Update Android.bp to match
b43ee65 : Switch libc default to clang.
d1293fa : Fix GCC build breakage.
ed57b98 : Implement if_nameindex(3)/if_freenameindex(3).
d07c443 : Add more fortify symbols to the expected differences from glibc.
506c6de : Sync with upstream OpenBSD.
9c9aa74 : Align Soong builds closer to Make
e8efb96 : Add comment for [p]select_smoke tests STDIN issue.
64b481c : Add more tests for getifaddrs(3)
e4f486c : Fix Soong mips builds
dd926b5 : Fix select failures when STDIN is ready.
09a9964 : Escape failure messages in XML test output.
13f26a7 : Add method to run fortified versions of funcs.
4031cbe : Fix Soong x86 builds
e1078a9 : Revert "Move __system_property* to LIBC_PRIVATE for lp64 libc"
701b545 : Fix Soong x86 atom builds
9361ad3 : Fix <sys/sysmacros.h>.
c23aeb8 : Rearrange build files to support USE_SOONG=true
592c7b4 : Explicit binary op order for both gcc and clang/llvm.
5d84373 : Add a getifaddrs(3) debugging tool.
a3f9fca : Update Android.bp for changes to
588213a : Add basic tests for <net/if.h>.
fdb2963 : Handle AF_PACKET in getifaddr(3).
6d142bc : Move __aeabi* symbols to LIBC_N version
42d949f : Defend against -fstack-protector in libc startup.
e97ce31 : Revert "system_properties.cpp: special case ro.* properties"
2489161 : Temporary hack to avoid stack protector crashes.
bc02fb9 : Temporary move __udivdi3 back to LIBC for x86
76dfa6e : Remove mktime_tz.
6f72fde : Fix gcc+arm builds
d90d067 : Export public __aeabi* symbols as LIBC_PRIVATE
6134ed8 : Deprecate bzero
40c2bf6 : Fix a broken link in a comment.
c5fd81a : system_properties.cpp: special case ro.* properties
63fbb23 : Tidy up KernelArgumentBlock::getauxval.
9b59acc : libc: Update Android.bp with recent changes
bb5730e : Move __aeabi_ which are not in libgcc.a to LIBC
09f4651 : Replace MALLOC_IMPL with MALLOC_SVELTE.
116b569 : Clarify which linker we are.
0ef1d12 : Temporary apply LIBC version to __pthread_gettid
c8bb96a : Revert "Temporary apply LIBC version to __pthread_gettid"
eb90e91 : Temporary apply LIBC version to __pthread_gettid
ff14fb5 : Move __system_property* to LIBC_PRIVATE for lp64 libc
eac1d37 : Move ndk-cruft symbols to LIBC_PRIVATE
9cddb48 : Revert "Revert "Implement getifaddrs(3)/freeifaddrs(3).""
bd4d45d : Add tests for /proc/self/fd and /proc/self/task/TID/fd access
76814a8 : Revert "Implement getifaddrs(3)/freeifaddrs(3)."
788a2bc : Make some of unwanted symbols LIBC_PRIVATE
5ce79b0 : Make symbols exported via libgcc.a LIBC_PRIVATE
7331fe1 : linker: implement shared namespaces
0945ed5 : Implement getifaddrs(3)/freeifaddrs(3).
59fc2e8 : Improve the 32-bit ABI documentation.
0b13f29 : Fix missing parentheses.
9cf99cb : linker: add dlvsym(3)
dd586f2 : sem_timedwait with a null timeout doesn't mean "forever".
ad33ebe : Fix bug in dlmalloc's version of calloc.
bc2e88a : Revert "Revert "Remove remaining ndk_cruft from LP64 platforms""
d31d4c1 : Add a few missing pthread tests.
23af25b : Revert "Remove remaining ndk_cruft from LP64 platforms"
b1d0a2a : Remove remaining ndk_cruft from LP64 platforms
585e959 : Generate libc version-script for brillo
a3dd076 : Revert "Don't verify version scripts on 32-bit Brillo"
61cf963 : Fix personality test for mips32r6
31951b7 : Don't verify version scripts on 32-bit Brillo
2f01987 : Remove __bionic_libgcc_unwind_symbols from version script
b417169 : Reset access to system properties on reinitialization
4a2c5aa : Move dlsym and dladdr implementation to linker.cpp
46e2ead : Do not set properties in bionic_systrace
284ae35 : Add permitted_when_isolated_path to linker namespaces
db43526 : Revert "Ensure that readlink has access to /proc/self/fd"
40728bc : Revert "Add /odm/lib to shared lib search path"
9da687e : bionic: Build Breakage
6c54ddd : Fix -fstack-protector-strong for x86.
89a50fe : constexpr constructor for atfork_list_t
d51a0b0 : Base bcopy on memmove rather than memcpy.
cfd5a46 : Make all of ndk_cruft.cpp one big extern "C".
29ee639 : Fix stdio static initializers to make both clang and GCC happy.
bb46afd : Revert "Revert "Remove __sinit and __sdidinit.""
22840aa : Allow dlopening public libs using absolute path
c8bae05 : Revert "Remove __sinit and __sdidinit."
21eadee : Do not create prop files for ctl.* properties
8766edc : Fix GCC build.
939a7e0 : Track rename from base/ to android-base/.
870f165 : Add monotonic logging for bionic
6ed51c0 : add checks for initialization for system properties
a29ed0b : libm: Use LOCAL_SRC_FILES_EXCLUDE_{arch}
304348a : Clear pthread_internal_t allocated on user provided stack.
a32fc86 : Don't use StringPrintf() in gtest runner.
845e24a : Remove c++14'isms from system_properties
a2ead18 : libm: stop exporting __muldc3
4371961 : Remove __sinit and __sdidinit.
d4c9b9d : Improve unit test runner.
b905551 : Re-add putw for LP32
49a309f : Separate properties by selabel
a5e183c : Explicitly disallow default c-tor
9b687dc : Enable using clang to build __cxa_thread_atexit_impl.
d68c9e5 : Init stdio in __libc_init_common.
f688c5d : Add bionic-unit-tests-gcc{32,64}, compiled with gcc.
83f314f : Consider $(use_clang) when building libc_thread_atexit_impl module
952e9eb : Don't use __thread in __cxa_thread_finalize().
bff87d1 : Remove cflags and ldflags from crt defaults
1ffec1c : Introduce anonymous namespace
6ab8f89 : move arch variant structs down a level
3c52481 : Handling invalid section headers
76144aa : Change _stdio_handles_locking into _caller_handles_locking.
84bab5a : Move some utility functions to linker_utils
b76123f : Improve error message for files with no sections
b4bc156 : Disable clang for mips/mips64 libc.
ee67dd7 : mmap: fix calculation of is_private_anonymous variable
284068f : Fix tsan abort for lake of __libc_auxv initialization.
a35d23d : Update libc/Android.bp to match libc/
2feb9dd : Fix test build break.
c9a659c : Use FUTEX_WAIT_BITSET to avoid converting timeouts.
c22a7de : extend the PTRDIFF_MAX size check to mremap
ff35b1e : Do not depend on host bits to get the right size to write.
fe3a83a : Implement pthread spin.
f74b041 : Add /odm/lib to shared lib search path
3cc35e2 : Ignore target sdk version for the public namespace
0307eee : Avoid tsan warning about pthread_mutex_destroy.
a36158a : Fix pthread_test according to tsan report.
fbfba64 : Remove the warning about empty LD_LIBRARY_PATH
e7c2fff : Implement pthread barrier.
d9b08a0 : Fix arm64 and x86 builds
1e79540 : Enable clang to compile more tests.
42d5fcb : Introducing linker namespaces
d1c28a3 : Improve libc time zone fallback behavior.
a9cac4c : Fix strftime if tm_zone is null.
2ed1b29 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: make sure gcc unittests are compiled with gcc
c04647f : Still cannot compile with clang on arm64.
5058a00 : Enable clang for modules failed with TLS.
615f3aa : Add 100 column limit to .clang-format.
f208361 : Clean up pthread_gettid_np test.
de12462 : Fix potential race condition on CTS TC pthread_gettid_np
2fb0265 : libc_init_common.cpp: Clarify when environment stripping occurs
926ebe1 : Refactor prop_area into a class
09fac86 : Fix test failure.
dc6b0a7 : Update Android.bp with latest changes
fb994f4 : Add fileno_unlocked to support thread sanitizer.
4200e26 : fix the mremap signature
fd7a91e : linker: cleanup solist after unsuccessful read
7a9311f : Fix linked_list::remove_if()
eb9b925 : Fix GNU/POSIX basename headers.
50c21ab : Use cc_defaults
9e6f98f : Update Android.bp with arch-specific version scripts
706186d : fix PTRDIFF_MAX check in the 32-bit mmap wrapper
384ffe3 : Fix comment to reflect the actual reality.
bc75047 : Generate per-architecture version script
1721cd6 : Make _signal hidden in all cases.
38eca07 : Remove <sys/shm.h>.
9978a9a : Move __set_errno to ndk_cruft.cpp.
4151db5 : Add prlimit to LP32.
c176440 : Fix mips and x86 builds
e85fb58 : Fix LDFLAGS for arm and x86
284b468 : Generate per-architecture version scripts.
d7c7daa : Remove the legacy endusershell/getusershell/setusershell stubs.
6331e80 : Implement scandirat and scandirat64.
126af75 : Implement load at fixed address feature
9216a64 : Fix <utmp.h> declarations.
bf4c32d : Remove swap16/swap32/swap64 header pollution.
fa77529 : Fix arm64 fenv warnings, and make warnings errors.
a818445 : Rename LIBC64_HIDDEN to LIBC32_LEGACY_PUBLIC.
d26e780 : Use bionic lock in pthread_internal_t.
4f7a7ad : Implement Library Load Order Randomization
cf1cbbe : refactoring: introduce MappedFileFragment
268a673 : Switch to LOCAL_SRC_FILES_EXCLUDE
747d30e : dlfcn: update ifdef around old_name_
b24d743 : Remove deprecated use of ldm/stm in ARM setjmp.
055a66c : Sync with upstream NetBSD lib/libc/regex.
beb6e08 : Sync with upstream NetBSD lib/libc/regex.
77f91c6 : Fix R_AARCH64_ABS/PREL relocations
4e50d02 : Ensure that readlink has access to /proc/self/fd
9a9572d : Sync with upstream NetBSD lib/libc/regex.
cf92738 : Ensure that readlink has access to /proc/self/fd
cd92787 : Update timezone data to 2015g
fae39d2 : Log dlopen failures caused by text relocations
5dce894 : Replace auto -> const auto&/auto&&
f32b689 : Log dlopen failures caused by text relocations
6f2d310 : Correctly resolve realpath for absolute paths
b28ffc7 : linker: Switch to clang
3c8fc2f : Move malloc dispatch table to __libc_globals.
fb8fd50 : Opt Brillo out of the ndk cruft.
f0141df : Make struct FILE opaque.
8ab433d : Fix stdio read after EOF behavior.
7b77cb3 : Fix inet_aton on LP32.
fe9d0ed : Move setjmp cookie to a shared globals struct.
93c0f5e : Move VDSO pointers to a shared globals struct.
68af0ad : utmp.h: add more ut_type defines
0478666 : Fix inet_addr/inet_aton/inet_network.
9fb22a3 : Sync with upstream tzcode (2015g).
8068786 : Remove textrels support for platform libs
31740bf : Update timezone data to 2015g
1b519c0 : Implement setjmp cookies on MIPS and MIPS64
697e261 : Fix bionic_coverage for kati.
a828a2f : linker: don't pass dlextinfo to dependent loads.
8dbf02d : Add missing register preserve in x86/x86_64 longjmp.
a1feb11 : Make dt_runpath work for libraries opened from apk
bc6379d : Remove the workaround which fixes JOB_COUNT in CTS test.
a0f187b : Fix linker tests
0b2acdf : Use const auto& in for loops.
d057894 : bionic: tzset running hot
a5d5d16 : Use foreach loop to match setuid unsafe env vars.
7e03993 : Fix the comment
8f8308c : Add a no dwarf version of assembler macros.
1d0268c : libc: krait: Use performance version of memcpy
b482750 : Optimize dlopen from a zip file
cb6f599 : Fix the way to count online cpus.
23360cc : Remove invalid left shifts of -1.
298d176 : Pass -q is zip for test
4032d34 : Turn common INFO messages down to VLOG(1)
808602a : Fix file-check-cxx to handle quoted arguments
280d546 : Fix bug number for linker related workarounds
93a91f0 : Force cts to only run one test at a time.
840be7c : Force non-color output for bionic FileCheck tests
b67afb3 : Add .PHONY for phony bionic test targets
daaaed1 : Force cts to only run one test at a time.
fdfcfce : Fix over read in strcpy/stpcpy/strcat.
54ee040 : Add cortex-a53.a57 target for 32 bit big/little.
01030c2 : Increase alternative signal stack size on 64-bit devices.
7660a08 : Remove libpagemap include hack.
0aa96ae : Prevent the build system from hiding our ABI.
15dfd63 : Fix another duplicate maps parser.
0dec228 : Clean up /proc/<pid>/maps sscanfs.
a39e301 : Add preliminary OEM UID/GID support.
44ddb31 : Remove some <sys/cdefs.h> cruft.
f8a2243 : <netinet/udp.h> should include <linux/udp.h>.
33ac04a : Increase alternative signal stack size on 64-bit devices.
c6043f6 : Define WIFCONTINUED()
d75abb9 : Fix SOCK_* flag definitions
1af434c : Add a hint about using --no-isolate for GDB.
6048173 : Import scsi headers.
d12c332 : Add support for manually modified kernel headers.
35e91a1 : Update Android.bp for setjmp cookies
dccc408 : Fix mips FP abi bug in the linker.
2342e64 : Implement setjmp cookies on x86_64.
85c14fb : Implement setjmp cookies on x86.
54db0df : Implement setjmp cookies on AArch64.
7fda8d2 : Implement setjmp cookies on ARM.
208ae17 : Add Android.bp for libc/libm/libdl
5693332 : Fix the way to get main thread stack start address.
26a8322 : Move several FreeBSD functions to OpenBSD.
71927a8 : Sync with upstream NetBSD lib/libc/regex.
5ca6652 : make mmap fail on requests larger than PTRDIFF_MAX
268af26 : CMSG_DATA should return an unsigned char*.
af4713e : Unify unistd.h.
a6435a1 : Use attribute availability.
efc134d : Only close stdin/stdout/stderr for debug malloc.
915bf81 : Update to v3.18.21 kernel headers.
edfc9f6 : linker: don't pass dlextinfo to dependent loads
32bf43f : Rename debug_stacktrace to debug_backtrace.
767fb1c : build bionic gtest runner on mac.
44ead71 : Regenerate NOTICE files.
8cff2f9 : Sync with upstream FreeBSD libm.
adf5c72 : Fix regoff_t for LP32 and _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64.
6f4594d : Add preadv/pwritev.
83380b5 : Add test cases for __emutls_get_address.
b72c9d8 : Fix the 16 bit/32 bit instruction check for arm.
7ac3c12 : Add strchrnul.
cc64618 : Don't re-export libunwind_llvm.
03f2246 : Add the missing aarch64 user structs.
8291194 : Update timezone data to 2015f
6e7bc70 : Update timezone data to 2015f
f9f4a43 : Revert "Revert "Use compiler builtins for fabs.""
c5deb0f : Revert "Use compiler builtins for fabs."
d76f169 : Use compiler builtins for fabs.
06b3f70 : Add exported __popcount_tab for libgcc compat under compiler-rt.
8258cd7 : Improve .clang-format.
6e68c07 : Add a .clang-format file.
ac77536 : Move tzdata scripts from bionic to external/icu
3d01422 : Revert "fix incompatibility with -fstack-protector-strong"
afdd154 : add fortified implementations of write/pwrite{,64}
93ce354 : Fix a mistype in segment overrange checking
224bef8 : Modify ip to get the instr being executed.
aa23b2e : Add a TLS slot for TSAN.
d1afa66 : Don't attach linker_asan to linker in module definition.
2926f9a : libc: remove bcopy from memmove on 64-bit architectures
5930772 : Add optimized cortex-a7/cortex-a53 memset/memcpy.
b662280 : Use __builtin_* in <math.h>.
8d95950 : libm: ARM: reorganize a bit to match ARM64
bf572d9 : Fix flaky test time.timer_settime_0.
de0fb39 : Restore protection flags for ifunc during relocs.
b8320b8 : Don't abort when failed to write tracing message.
aa55e7a : Add support for non-zero vaddr in maps.
9d11a70 : We don't have CXX_BARE any more
d7ce900 : Revert "Stop libc from cross-referencing unwind symbols"
96dd2b6 : fix incompatibility with -fstack-protector-strong
9fee99b : Do not hold hash table lock while backtracing.
a5bb841 : Fix memory-leak on soinfo_free()
65dd858 : Fix alignment after variable-length data.
f643eb3 : Improve personality initialization
ae02a0a : Update timezone data to 2015e
754f669 : Pass around struct android_net_context for better behaviour
f7d5bf3 : Lock on dl_interate_phdr
06700b2 : Fix crash when trying to load invalid ELF file.
fb3357e : Revert "[MIPS] Support FR=0 emulation on FR=1 64-bit FP registers"
40d9e7b : [MIPS] Support FR=0 emulation on FR=1 64-bit FP registers
2b028f5 : Fix bad merge of 64e9e71cdb7d88397e510e1986d494b797ed3b45.
96ebdcd : Remove libdl* tests from bionic-unit-tests-static
410c1ad : Fix flaky test of timer_create_multiple in L.
34e8e47 : Add flag that makes linker honor min(p_vaddr)
1d824c3 : [MIPS] Add optimized string functions
28154f5 : Improve library lookup logic
4d0d314 : Add versions to symbols
1eba2f4 : Revert "Improve library lookup logic"
d49850d : Fixes for building gdbserver (and gdb) out of the box.
ea4ef52 : Improve library lookup logic
c34df8b : Add support for cortex-a53 in bionic.
4205746 : Add version to symbols
929be68 : Hide accidentally-exposed __clock_nanosleep.
f1c8541 : Avoid name collision with user_fpsimd_state in <asm/ptrace.h>.
cce405a : Add a sys/procfs.h.
7051c0f : Fix two accidentally leaked mips64 symbols.
3e6f780 : Remove text-relocs support for apps targeting M+
64e9e71 : Define nonportable pthread mutex macros with the _NP suffix.
38263dd : Fix l_addr for the linker
25ac753 : Add process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev.
79b3877 : Fix application_sdk_versions_smoke test
66c3b2d : Statically linked executables should honor AT_SECURE.
07f4f5f : Check if strtab exists before using it
511cfd9 : Allow NULL in pthread_mutex_lock/unlock.
524f1f1 : Make path to apk compliant with jar url format
26e663d : Fix Mac checkbuild.
e49af9b : Export two dlmalloc functions everywhere.
7a799f2 : Fix a few libc makefile mishaps.
c534603 : Hide __atexit
5edb0f4 : Reorder DIR structure due to bad apps.
34de7f8 : Strip version info when extracting symbols
04f7e3e : Backward compatibility for dlsym(RTLD_DEFAULT, ...)
e7ece90 : Make sys_resource test more robust.
38c37d6 : Work around for libraries without dt_soname
c92f9f8 : libc: Add O_PATH support for fgetxattr / fsetxattr
c4ebe60 : Fix dlsym(handle_of_main_executable, ...)
c5e02ee : Cleanup ftruncate negative test.
5f3e19d : Fix error handling for negative size in ftruncate.
ca10ac6 : Improve some of error/warning messages
4a7c3af : Work around incorrect dt_needed entries
d8ead18 : Add functions to provide target sdk version
15309fd : Fix RTLD_NEXT lookup for the local_group
7490c5c : Hide rt_sigqueueinfo.
2b5c228 : Remove pthread_detach_no_leak test.
69a5fb9 : Apply work around b/19059885 to x86
43850d1 : Use unified syntax to compile with both llvm and gcc.
22c21c6 : Fix opcode to compile with both gcc and llvm.
fa7ba62 : Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close in bionic.
ff40780 : Remove -z global workaround for target x86
d7ad443 : Fix regression in crash reporting
2a44cfb : ScopedFd: Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY() with close()
4bac6ea : Improved dlsym tests and fixes to linker
9cde1dc : Update NOTICE files (the second time today).
dd57029 : Simplify three copyright headers.
f0bd92d : Update NOTICE files.
5c0996a : Fix timer flaky test in lollipop-mr1-cts-dev.
f7009f4 : Switch libc/libcstdc++/libm to hash-style=both
6b27e6e : Revert "Fix volantis boot."
20db140 : Revert "Fix clang build."
6accf55 : Revert "Try again to fix clang build."
f41ed6e : Add definitions of Elf32_Sxword and ELFXX_R_INFO
d3cea87 : remove rootdir build.prop
af7e806 : Properly align init/fini_arrays for crtend.o
b3c01d0 : Use realpath for log and error messages
a60fd09 : Move pthread_atfork_dlclose test out of static lib
8264afb : VersionTracker: Ignore libraries without soname
456afe2 : Fix protected symbol lookups for mips
064a980 : Do not adjust PT_GNU_STACK segment
dc145b5 : Lookup version info when relocating mips got
f92a417 : Refactoring: move VersionTracker to link_image
114bd83 : Refactoring: extract lookup_version_info(..)
62075bc : bionic: fortify comments in _system_properties.h
3a7ed8f : Update to tzdata 2015d
126b5ef : Adjust DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP2 value
0b9e1c6 : linker: initialize system properties
e97d519 : Fix mips relocation to use load_bias as intended
53ba663 : Fix LD_PRELOAD for dlopen()
66fd2a2 : Add float support to binary event log.
123927d : bionic: add __system_property_area_serial()
452742d : Do not pack relocations for
62a0a63 : linker: use libc's environ variable to store envp
17b602c : Update to tzdata 2015c
7936fa6 : Reduce p_align for program header to page size.
b3ac214 : Fix build: align pthread_cond_t to sizeof(long)
4c1dbb4 : Revert "Revert "Moving StringPrintf to libbase.""
4379016 : Revert "Modify test to avoid race condition."
79a49c9 : Fix build error when XLOG is enabled
62c69c2 : fix the build
1c5bb20 : debuggerd: if PR_GET_DUMPABLE=0, don't ask for dumping

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

d80a998 : Fix the improper use of LOCAL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES.
26112e5 : recovery: Handle devices without /cache partition.
6bcc8af : Restore labels on /postinstall during recovery.
b66f047 : Remove dumpkey build guards after completing code move.
03b72b0 : Move dumpkey tool to the recovery repo.
6629655 : Surpress warnings in minzip/Zip.c
39c1b5e : Control fault injection with config files instead of build flags
53e7a06 : recovery: check battery level before installing package.
7d626df : Fix minui cleanup path on error.
f3e05f5 : applypatch: Add libimgpatch.pc
cc07b35 : minadbd: update for adb_thread_create signature change.
fa4f1b7 : imgdiff: don't fail if gzip is corrupted.
d6c93af : applypatch: use vector to store data in FileContents.
4425c1d : Fix some memory leaks.
a7b9a46 : IO fault injection for OTA packages
696692a : applypatch: Add a Makefile to build imgdiff in Chrome OS.
d5a14c6 : Change on-device directory for recovery test data
e1a16af : verifier_test: Suppress the unused parameter warnings.
d483c20 : applypatch: fix memory leaks reported by static analysis.
64be213 : updater: fix memory leak based on static analysis.
4329186 : Refactor existing tests to use gtest
c48cb5e : Switch from mincrypt to BoringSSL in applypatch and updater.
2d46da5 : uncrypt: add options to setup bcb and clear bcb.
71e3e09 : recovery: Refactor verifier and verifier_test.
25dd038 : uncrypt: generate map file by renaming tmp file.
8b0db11 : Fix build.
0cce9cd : applypatch: Compile libimgpatch for target and host.
12f499e : edify: accept long string literal.
bd82b27 : Change BCB to perform synchronous writes.
cdcf28f : recovery: Fork a process for fuse when sideloading from SD card.
c5631fc : uncrypt: avoid use-after-free
c8abc4e : Rename .l/.y to .ll/.yy
57bed6d : updater: Add a function to check first block
0779fc9 : imgdiff: skip spurious gzip headers in image files
b723f4f : res: Embed FPS into icon_installing.png.
d3cac34 : updater: Use O_SYNC and fsync() for package_extract_file().
3b010bc : updater: Output msg when recovery is called
612161e : update_verifier: Track the API change for isSlotBootable().
b8df5fb : uncrypt: Suppress the compiler warnings on LP64.
740e01e : update_verifier: Log to logd instead of kernel log.
7197ee0 : Add update_verifier for A/B OTA update.
baad2d4 : updater: Replace strtok() with android::base::Split().
4b166f0 : Track rename from base/ to android-base/.
f2448d0 : Remove the building rules for applypatch_static.
9f4fdb3 : Track name change from adb_main to adb_server_main.
63b089e : We can use fclose directly in std::unique_ptr.
cc4e3c6 : uncrypt: remove O_SYNC to avoid time-out failures
f683512 : recovery: Depend on mkfs.f2fs only if needed.
1fdec86 : updater: Bump up the BBOTA version to 4.
0a7b473 : Error correction: Use libfec in blockimg.cpp for recovery
c8a3c80 : minadbd: use strdup() to create argument for sideload thread.
6a47dff : updater: Skip empty lines in the transfer list file.
b15fd22 : updater: Use android::base::ParseInt() to parse integers.
5701d58 : Suppress some compiler warnings due to signedness.
7c913e5 : minadbd: move from D() to VLOG().
04ca426 : recovery: Add timestamps in update logs.
9a7fd80 : recovery: Remove redirect_stdio() when calling ShowFile().
1107d96 : updater: Fix the line breaks in ui_print commands.
612336d : updater: Manage buffers with std::vector.
ec63d56 : Track usage of Vector / SortedVector from libutils DO NOT MERGE
34847b2 : updater: Replace the pointers in LoadSrcTgtVersion[1-3]() parameter.
a91c66d : imgdiff: fix file descriptor leak
c3d4d53 : minadbd: update service_to_fd() signature.
daa6d04 : move uncrypt from init.rc to uncrypt.rc
8e9c680 : recovery: Fix the bug that truncates menu entries.
d85ae79 : Add slot_suffix field to struct bootloader_message.
0940fe1 : updater: Clean up C codes.
9739a29 : updater: Remove the unused isunresumable in SaveStash().
337db14 : recovery: Factor out wear_ui.{cpp,h} into bootable/recovery.
a6153df : GOOGLEGMS-749 Fix integer overflow while applying block based OTA package
2a5a49d : edify: Switch to C++.
be19dce : udpater: Call fsync() after rename().
0d4e002 : recovery: Switch fuse_* to C++.
6e9dda7 : uncrypt: Support file level encryption.
90c75b0 : Change init sequence to support file level encryption
392879e : Revert "Change init sequence to support file level encryption"
98c1a3d : Change init sequence to support file level encryption
1a92c44 : Add drm support to minui
0ddfa32 : Allow mounting squashfs partitions
7125f95 : Revert "Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD"
c3dddce : More accurate checking for overlapped ranges.
cb9450e : Use f_bavail to calculate free space
c35f3ce : Allow sideloading without authentication.
0005f89 : Split WipeData into PreWipeData and PostWipeData.
b65f027 : Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD
6abd52f : Revert "Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD"
604c583 : Zero blocks before BLKDISCARD
2c2cae8 : uncrypt: Write status when it reboots to factory reset
b5dabd2 : Really don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY with close in recovery.
92eea1b : Handle BLKDISCARD failures
158e11d : Separate uncrypt into two modes
1857a7f : Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close in recovery.
df52e1e : Add an alternate screen for viewing recovery logs.
3e8d28b : uncrypt: Switch to C++
8853cb2 : uncrypt: package on non-data partition should follow the right path
93cec9a : Keep multiple kernel logs
6d820f2 : Turn on text display for debuggable builds
4cf34d5 : Fix mips64 minadbd_test build.
1593192 : Move minadb over to new API.
87ec73a : Fix minadb_test build breakage.
2f5feed : Check all lseek calls succeed.
f7466f9 : Stop using adb_strtok, and check argument validity.
c94fa0b : DO NOT MERGE Revert "Erase PST partition if its marked to be erased."
0374446 : Revert "Erase PST partition if its marked to be erased."

+- Project: platform/build

2fdafd2 : Delete relics left behind by commit 86e6b7ed51dab3e .
f0cb397 : Small fixes.
08800fd : Speed up lunch/tapas/etc. shell utility functions.
ea04f82 : Align up java-lib-files and java-lib-deps.
1bb5a18 : releasetools: Fix one missing case for --oem_no_mount.
432bdaa : Add JarJar support to BUILD_HOST_JAVA_LIBRARY
df9acac : Do not apply GLOBAL_CFLAGS_NO_OVERRIDE to host *.S
273e910 : Enable LOCAL_POST_LINK_CMD for non-static executables.
e5ecdc9 : Get gtest includes from the exported headers.
ce7ea68 : Clean generated source dir if .proto/.rs is gonee.
6efe88b : Support arch specific variants of LOCAL_STRIP_MODULE/LOCAL_PACK_MODULE_RELOCATIONS
08420cb : Ensure prebuilt executables are executable
60899ed : Tell soong about MALLOC_SVELTE
7f01615 : Remove unused dependencies on $(ACP)
f1a98af : Replace some uses of acp with cp
ee57268 : Use Jack to check build
d4390d3 : Remove unused config variables
3545eeb : Remove destination before copying file
7574cb5 : Remove special cases in installclean
746f402 : Adding a brillo_tests task.
8d772e2 : Check LEGACY_USE_JAVA7 before using 1.8.
3cb10bb : delete recovery policy on changing build types
1c6dc5b : Remove USE_NINJA=false
8608cde : releasetools: Add --oem_no_mount option.
db47d66 : Change the default for LOCAL_JAVA_LANGUAGE_VERSION from 1.7 to 1.8
f451116 : Link everything in libpthread.a to ckati
5ae31dd : Add a global define for non-external code.
42d5c29 : Use new clang scan-build script.
41d6678 : Don't ignore LOCAL_INIT_RC if LOCAL_INIT_RC_32/64 is used.
bdfeb3e : Mark the cortex-{a7,a53,a53.57} chips as supporting LPAE
5d18256 : releasetools: Support generating downgrade incremental OTAs.
352bccb : Update to use the latest clang-2629532.
593eb7b : sandybridge setup: no AES_NI, AVX, MOVBE
a65f1ae : Make multiple rules to generate a file an error
6f60f02 : Warn more clearly when there are duplicate copied headers
c9e3d16 : Add profman to the build scripts
86e74b9 : Make sure my_src_jar is set up properly for host prebuilt jar
eb295fc : clang now supports -fdebug-prefix-map=.
505dafb : Add support for testing obfuscated app with Jack
665110e : Include Brillo's cannonical .clang-format file.
97dd58a : Switch to production constant for v2 signing scheme ID.
c155d7d : Add new package: java.util.function
c6e194f : Define a class for renderscript bitcode files
765c1ea : Use newest clang static analyzers.
3124af3 : Makefile: Add the missing library in
78626c4 : fs_config: error on multiple specifications of android_filesystem_config.h
d7da0ff : Clear logd intermediates
dbf0792 : Remove debug statement
2cfd1d1 : Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible.
6a8781a : Fix metadata location when file system doesn't span the partition
ccfa5c6 : Remove usages of jill.jar, use jack instead
2d2dd15 : improve performance of blockimgdiff
d6e3b84 : Tell Soong about HOST_CROSS_*
f735851 : Use Jan 1 2009 as timestamp in OTA update ZIPs.
fdf89cd : Disable java when JAVA_NOT_REQUIRED is set
86c8ebb : Revert "Do not diff .odex files"
d8d14be : releasetools: Add two new entries to metadata.
9ecbf83 : Add 64-bit windows cross-compiles
d8f0d68 : makeparallel: unset MAKEFLAGS and MAKELEVEL
19241c1 : ota_from_target_files: Include the payload properties.
481cc5a : Don't build otatools for PDK
444c323 : Fix unused src tracking for generated .o files
e2b8f68 : Build .toc when building a module by name
cdb52b5 : Fix LLVM_RTLIB_PATH for new prebuilts.
6dc7147 : Remove USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD in
c4438d3 : Do not diff .odex files
8c915ee : Diff now that it is deterministic
2428bfe : Allow java targets to support 1.8 source / target
6ef329e : Switch to clang-2577113.
5709bd5 : Fix typo
62f2e56 : Track ObjC object mapping
6b66fcf : Move PDK selection into
734d78c : Diff .art/.oat/.odex files now that they are deterministic
52a1d6c : Use dependency files generated by llvm-rs-cc for Java
5f50ea3 : Revert "Use dependency files generated by llvm-rs-cc for Java"
061289c : Revert "Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible." This is breaking CTS.
3d8bf29 : brillo: Remove dependency on java for Brillo
6c41036 : Use Jan 1 2009 as timestamp in APKs and OTA update ZIPs.
c2a36af : Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible.
4c47461 : Use dependency files generated by llvm-rs-cc for Java
2a0d1fe : Use .KATI_DEPFILE for files generated by aidl-java
3bb168f : Order objects based on LOCAL_SRC_FILES and LOCAL_GENERATED_SOURCES
dfce8ad : Support code coverage with Jack
a80a808 : Revert "Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible."
8f7d4b7 : Doclava template changes associated with default methods
1326f65 : Write with multiple commands
92cfd6f : Place the META/ dir first in the
74df828 : Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible.
2e45fd0 : Use dependency files generated by llvm-rs-cc
1429d5e : Revert "Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible."
1f495b8 : Revert "Revert "Make OpenJDK 8 the default""
85bddfd : Revert "Make OpenJDK 8 the default"
4495f6a : Make OpenJDK 8 the default
49b6953 : Add an RS_CLANG variable as well for RenderScript.
f3e7204 : Error out if MALLOC_IMPL is defined.
96d2a8c : Add clang rules for RS_LLVM_* tools.
6b10089 : CleanSpec: Clean up $(PRODUCT_OUT)/recovery/root/sdcard.
bc5dc64 : bootstat: Add bootstat to the embedded target to support logging boot time across devices.
23c3db9 : Makefile: Fix the location for payload signing key.
de5bc04 : Sign APKs using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 when possible.
38812d6 : Makefile: Add the payload public key into system image.
d3f3ab7 : Set flag when using sdk tools in place
dd910c5 : Make signapk sign using APK Signature Scheme v2.
9b54a56 : Command-line flag to disable signing with APK Signature Scheme v2.
087f327 : Separate aidl dependencies from compiler dependencies
257796c : Keep aidl generated C++ inside the generated folder
c098e9e : Generate OTA packages for A/B update.
6d8a8cc : Makefile: Pack brillo_update_payload and shflags into otatools.
45d38c0 : Pass the arm/thumb cflags to assembly files
8dd69d9 : Set USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD to default true.
79a6f53 : Remove synchronized from the public API docs
ebe39a0 : Fix print error of numbers of blocks
bb86e1d : Adjust the size limit for splitting large files
dbd4384 : Don't force color diagnostics outside of ninja
3f60c4b : Allow building kati & makeparallel with soong
625e715 : Switch to Vista instead of Win2K.
d1baa0f : Remove -Wa,noexecstack from unsupported arm clang flags
c2c49ed : Unconditionally use SHA-256 when minSdkVersion is 18 or higher.
8502937 : List SHA-1 digests of APK entries' contents in .SF files.
3f56a33 : Fix mounting /sdcard under recovery.
b43f809 : Docs: Shorten feedback button text.
64088f2 : Generate .c for .y and .l
2862458 : makeparallel: print path on exec failure
861ab99 : Ignore files with USE_SOONG=true
a8f28ff : Move "include"
69035cd : Remove special case handling of "ro." properties
eff0611 : Add -Werror=date-time to target builds
58408f6 : Remove libsqlite_jni from all product configs.
261bb08 : Docs: Changing text on Feedback button. Bug: 26452230
2b0caa3 : Have symbol versions in .so.toc files
bbde936 : Docs: Encode URL input to search box Bug: 26287939
a4f00d7 : Replace MALLOC_IMPL with MALLOC_SVELTE.
636c1c4 : Clean up Mac OS hacks in acp slightly.
c407052 : CopyFile: Remove bogus reference to HAVE_VALID_STAT_ST_INO
f8e6fbe : Build delta_generator for A/B update.
676799f : Fix compiler warnings on Windows in CopyFile.c
982e1f2 : Fix unused parameter warnings in CopyFile.c
cdc3d5a : Revert "Temporary workaround to build bouncycastle / nist-pkits"
3006881 : Temporary workaround to build bouncycastle / nist-pkits
5aabca2 : Build: Build changes for multi oat/image support.
76c7d68 : Allow modules to override the default NOTICE file.
fa257cc : Track introduction of libopenjdkjvm.
20de4fa : Allow for 5200 words in dump-words-to-file
436d0c1 : Update the package whitelist for the boot image.
052a00f : Use core-oj alongside core-libart wherever required.
18a141c : set for user builds
4594d0e : Makefile: Clean up the condition for RECOVERY_RESOURCE_ZIP.
8b9a464 : Default LOCAL_MULTILIB:=both for HOST_NATIVE_TEST
40ef35b : Allow building recovery as boot.
bbd944a : Remove RPATH for AddressSanitizer.
9cb7692 : Do not use $? in recipe
93b8a12 : Prevent changes to COMMON_GLOBAL_C(PP)FLAGS
fc3422a : Check block0 for remounting partition R/W
4a06004 : build_image: don't call append2simg for FEC
ff914f5 : build_image: remove an unnecessary call to append2simg
09ee66e : Do not set Jack source version, use default
d78cba1 : Disable goma/ccache with USE_XXX=false
ccaeb65 : Add libc_malloc_debug to the always build list.
de6494b : Define __BRILLO__ only for target modules
16e7e0f : Move __BRILLO__ to the core build system
8abec03 : Set -Xdoclint:none
8cc3a9e : Docs: Replace custom search engine Bug: 25778395
c9219c2 : make USER limited to 6 characters when generating BUILD_NUMBER
b2a555e : Make squashfs sparse image generation optional
5f38f9b : Tell soong that it is embedded in a make build
3ebb2f7 : Combine soong builds into make builds
493205e : Remove unneccessary TARGET_BUILD_APPS conditional
a79e132 : Remove the prebuilt tools cleanstep logic.
c01f2dc : Disable .toc optimization for host modules.
fe7c1e5 : Move signapk sources to src dir.
2c3b926 : Re-enable gold linker for aarch64.
09ba4c8 : Turn on stack protector for mips64.
b9b89e9 : Turn on stack protector for mips.
505e4ec : Be smarter about stack-protector on the host.
2747fa8 : Enable -fstack-protector-strong for arm64.
c8cc919 : Enable -fstack-protector-strong for arm.
5324c3c : Enable -fstack-protector-strong for x86-64.
8ebc4d6 : Enable -fstack-protector-strong for x86.
ae316d2 : Enable -fstack-protector-strong for the host.
f972a4a : Reduce unnecessary rebuilds of .dex files with restat=1
7a0c88e : Revert "Change USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD default to true."
445bc2f : Use lib64 for mips64 as well.
9667b18 : Make signapk use Conscrypt.
36a76ec : sepolicy: Fix 'avc denied' issues for the emulators
3c8036d : Change USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD default to true.
db4883c : sepolicy: drop -- marker
41ac44e : Rename libext2 host libraries to standard suffix.
8dca15f : Fix the mips build.
0e2e71d : Add support for LOCAL_NDK_STL_VARIANT := none.
ee629c9 : Build NDK binaries with --hash-style=both.
9214a26 : Always start jack server before first call to jack
eb756d7 : Do not run zipalign when re-signing APKs.
b8c4a6f : Revert "enable -fstack-protector-strong"
4f2f195 : Set -bootclasspath to "" if LOCAL_NO_STANDARD_LIBRARIES
03b6e8b : Fix TARGET_ASAN build.
8765b10 : enable -fstack-protector-strong
427f8c4 : Gmake doesn't like newline in macro expansion result.
5b826ac : Do not run zipalign when building APK (except prebuilts).
c29172c : Sanity check LOCAL_SRC_FILES_EXCLUDE
a8b8968 : Remove extra definition of AIDL
da9c00d : Enforce linker version-scripts are valid
924a683 : Make signapk align .so entries to 4096 bytes.
fd08247 : Use prebuilt tools in place
f87e971 : Provide path to mainDexClasses
269d785 : releasetools: Always use recovery mount options.
c386890 : releasetools: Abort the update on apply_patch failures.
6fa82b5 : make USER limited to 6 characters when generating BF_BUILD_NUMBER
8f2968f : Remove warnings from ijar/
6b9bddd : Make export_includes a restat rule
a04fca3 : Stop packaging obsolete OTA tools.
d62c603 : releasetools: Allow logging the diff for incrementals.
b15149c : Use libstdc++ for ijar
80876a6 : Build ijar for apps build
89b255a : Use .KATI_RESTAT to reduce unnecessary rebuilds of .jar files
3ae7f66 : Revert "Use .KATI_RESTAT to reduce unnecessary rebuilds of .jar files"
ea2da50 : Revert "Build ijar for apps build"
39cca23 : Revert "Use libstdc++ for ijar"
718bab6 : Use libstdc++ for ijar
9084705 : Build ijar for apps build
699a322 : Fix generated-sources-dir-for for COMMON
5dd9a2c : target_files_diff: Allow writing outputs to file.
6cce402 : Fix typo.
3be52e6 : Don't delete META-INF in jack-java-to-dex when packing resources.
c218d3e : Clean up compiler warnings in signapk.
4dcd769 : Move mips64 target to clang by default.
990407e : Move mips target to clang by default.
02bcb27 : Increase droiddoc -J-Xmx to 1600MB.
48550cc : releasetools: Fix the bug with TARGET_NO_RECOVERY.
2d91c61 : Fix race in C++ AIDL file generation
c7e936f : Export generated AIDL headers
91e012c : Use sensible default locations for Java
6a378a3 : Prevent from traversing copies of $(OUT_DIR)
c1f5d9c : Use .KATI_RESTAT to reduce unnecessary rebuilds of .jar files
bf45029 : Rename AArch64 ASan target runtime library to match upstream convention.
2d6d5c6 : Really allow overriding the LLVM prebuilts path.
bb16dcf : Include to PRODUCT_PACKAGES
ea20915 : Switch to using kati env script
d6f3892 : Support LOCAL_ACP_UNAVAILABLE for prebuilts
cc2001f : Remove unnecessary inheritance layer between aliases.
a0421cd : releasetools: Pack updatable images into IMAGES/ for A/B update.
8b1d177 : Allow overriding the LLVM prebuilts path.
8f22e2a : Write AB_OTA_POSTINSTALL_CONFIG to META/postinstall_config.txt.
21a18b7 : Use GOMA_HERMETIC=error for USE_GOMA=true build
fd8c722 : Make not having Jack non-fatal.
52831d1 : Allow globally disabling the relocation packer.
cf1c15c : Set WINVER as well as _WIN32_WINNT.
94f86f8 : Sort dex and static lib resources
cb4abef : build: Remove check_prereq.
5c64b4e : Make uncompressing jni libs in prebuilt APKs reproducible
65c7b5c : Revert "Enable gold linker for aarch64."
9bc6bb2 : releasetools: Support generating verify packages.
8ae4984 : Create reproducible NOTICE collections
767e3ac : releasetools: Refactor
4afc2c0 : envsetup: fix for provision to work on zsh
59bdffa : Add suffix .so to use directly
e8119e9 : Switch from clang 3.6 to new clang repository (with 3.8).
b463fcd : build: Add LINUX_KERNEL_COPYING license file
0517540 : Let qemu_props service set system properties in ro.emu and ro.emulator
9956862 : Add tool to diff two target files packages
324ffb2 : Tag "tests" alone doesn't prevent including emma.jar
4044b38 : Add the build type to META folder in target
f0972f7 : Allow missing SONAME in .toc files
a7f68ee : Enable gold linker for aarch64.
41bc424 : Use explicitly sized types in zipalign/ziptime
5d88770 : Don't run ziptime on host zip files.
7890fc4 : selinux: Grant all processes the domain_deprecated attribute
0e7587a : Use .KATI_RESTAT to reduce unnecessary rebuilds of binaries
a25ddad : Don't use ziptime with unbundled builds
7fcd2f9 : Don't check the host JDK tools when build/core/ is called from
48a621c : Remove changing uids/timestamps from zip/jar files
c13f9c9 : envsetup,product,ninja: enable symlink traversal
67c2ed3 : Support build targets with no installable apps/packages
04ba312 : build: Add extra build customization for /product
455f6f4 : build: Add support for defining products in /product
2a0522b : Docs: Add Security tab to top
b589ae4 : Revert "Remove changing uids/timestamps from zip/jar files"
3c2c064 : Remove changing uids/timestamps from zip/jar files
f0a7c76 : Error correction: Use block_image_recover in block OTAs
21ec03d : Add _asan suffix to for ASAN builds.
67132ba : Fix "make product-graph" and "make dump-products".
a174261 : Normalize the product makefile path in inherit-product.
42470e9 : Remove use of .INTERMEDIATE
db45efa : Honor TARGET_NO_RECOVERY flag.
cf67f13 : Move arm64 target to clang by default.
557fa2f : Move arm target to clang by default.
e4256f5 : Revert "Enable gold linker for aarch64."
227cdd0 : Strip LOCAL_MODULE before referencing it.
da63739 : Drop GCC back to C++11.
ec1b561 : Add dummy description for GET-INSTALL-PATH
112753c : Error out early on nonstandard JDK directory layouts
4d68879 : Normalize java source file paths before running "sort -u".
fb6985e : Make sure R.stamp is always created
eba409c : Bump up the BBOTA version to 4.
b9774f3 : Move x86_64 target to clang by default.
19eec07 : Update security string to 2015-12-01
6575d4a : Update security string to 2015-12-01 - DO NOT MERGE
0a20c94 : Bump Android to 6.0.1
5e47973 : use `find -exec ... +` everywhere
127d110 : Enable gold linker for aarch64.
21b37d8 : Fix calculation of stashed blocks.
4fcb77e : Fix the script error for BBOTA v1.
ce10626 : allow qemu_props to set opengles.version
f7dbab1 : Revert "Switch from clang 3.6 to new clang repository (with 3.8)."
6528ea3 : Remove LOCAL_JACK_EXTRA_ARGS
8998d57 : Allow control of jack used for compilation
b2c5558 : Clean call-jack and its callers
466ea35 : makeparallel: prepend flags to ninja command line
88dc18a : Put NINJA_ARGS last
f0ba2e9 : Move x86 target to clang by default.
3934192 : Typos in
847b00b : Build: Fix DEX2OAT_TARGET_CPU_VARIANT setting
0f1512b : Update security string to 2015-12-01
2df75d1 : Invoke the aidl-cpp compiler to generate C++
a72a6e7 : envsetup: Show error when supplied dir isn't present with mmm
a04abc8 : Add support for LOCAL_SRC_FILES_EXCLUDE
e09359a : DO NOT MERGE Pass source's info_dict to vendor's
aac4ad5 : Fix the build.
3203bc1 : DO NOT MERGE releasetools: Always write the last block if it's padded.
d358f82 : Use direct dependency on the JNI so files.
7da1b68 : generic_x86: delete system_server execmem
3a562a9 : Use @arg-lsit-file for jar in add-carried-jack-resources
6a66a88 : Stop encoding absolute paths in symbols
425e019 : Export include path to D-Bus headers for multilib builds
3bfecc8 : Revert "Use @arg-lsit-file for jar in add-carried-jack-resources"
22d624a : Add the Product ID to
f99b531 : Error correction: Append codes to verified partitions
58fbd69 : Disable verity metadata for eng builds
74ccefb : Let get-prebuilt-src-arch return empty if the input is empty
539c740 : fix merge of all-named-files-under
16f93d5 : Use @arg-lsit-file for jar in add-carried-jack-resources
16b1b05 : Allow to build against Mac OS X SDK 10.11.
6f0b219 : Pass source's info_dict to vendor's
57a64e0 : Add all-named-(dirs|files)-under and related
7a74e5e : Add all-cpp-files-under
76a89d3 : Sort all files found via $(shell find)
ab4d859 : Switch from Calculator to ExactCalculator
92f5fcc : Add all-named-(dirs|files)-under and related
338da60 : DO NOT MERGE: Only use a fixed timestamp when packaging.
e8304ef : Fix for Java 8 toolchain builds
3d59345 : add unique ID to each windows download link. These IDs are necessary for the TOS wall to identify which link should be applied to the download button.
4af7259 : Add the product version to
7fbbc5d : Use libgcov OR libclang_rt.profile, not both.
7fa65ee : Remove duplicate local_time.default
ecea601 : Stop passing --gen_all_phony_targets to kati
f8c63cb : Ensure dump-words-to-file creates the target
124a59a : Reverting Android Security Patch Level string back to 2015-10-01
48e49f5 : Exclude OTA/bin tools when using A/B OTA updater
12adaf5 : Fix gcc color diagnostics
8925d33 : Pack META/ab_partitions.txt when using the A/B OTA updater.
1332828 : Switch from clang 3.6 to new clang repository (with 3.8).
f225742 : Use $OUT_DIR/filelist when OUT_DIR is set
822f584 : Only use a fixed timestamp when packaging.
b4a4278 : Have all targets in
7c3e3f8 : Sort more instances of wildcard and find
445e87b : Remove old grandfathered ALL_PREBUILTS
ebf32c2 : Move ninja files to $(OUT_DIR)
1b126ff : Add 'provision' function.
70067ac : Pack the update_engine_config.txt when using the A/B OTA updater.
8f26a45 : makeparallel needs global CFLAGS now
80e46c7 : Move the dist-as-droid handling from make to ninja
379f9f9 : Add all-cpp-files-under
5b08efb : Don't fail build of otatools if there are no device certificates
cb31a53 : Dist the otatools package.
173219d : add otatools-package target
8f9f01b : Revert "Have all targets in"
52b697a : Revert "Pass all goals to kati when "dist" is in goals"
393c625 : Really include drawables for all densities.
d3701e9 : Pass all goals to kati when "dist" is in goals
92bbf56 : Have all targets in
d11c18a : Fix RS NDK usage so we always pull from "current" instead of NDK 8.
f6d8302 : Pack into
a4447e8 : Don't add dependencies on Makefiles when using ninja
92f8348 : Use zip -q for adding shared libraries
8b08f3a : Reland: Only put PARSE_TIME_MAKE_GOALS into KATI_TARGETS
fe5e689 : Set BUILDING_WITH_NINJA flag when parsing makefiles for ninja build
aa0aca6 : Remove "preparing StaticLib" messages
052ae35 : Use a fixed timestamp in the generated image.
50c7c5a : If a console doesn't exist, read password from stdin.
b7c9f32 : Make linker configurable through environment.
09295a8 : Use gomacc even for FDO build
dfbab49 : Package breakpad symbols in target files zip
309b420 : Fix windows build
c53d6b9 : Remove checkbuild and test from parse time goals
ac30b88 : Remove the unnecessary rs_compatibility_jni_libs install rules.
3a0a891 : Link libgtest_main before libgtest
cb7ff77 : releasetools: Update the fingerprint when signing.
63e3b02 : Enable color output from gcc and clang
5ff665d : Revert "Only put PARSE_TIME_MAKE_GOALS into KATI_TARGETS"
737cc70 : Revert "disable Krait for Mac builds to avoid assembler issues"
cb2e67f : Generate breakpad symbols
61cd884 : Substitue "/" with "-" in the MODULES-IN phony goal names.
eb3e3fa : Use exported includes for libc++.
561b4c1 : Set mcpu targets based on cpu variant.
7cc88b7 : Turn shared library multilib warnings into errors
173615d : GPU: add gralloc.ranchu library
ce2843f : The pattern %tests is too broad.
09c255d : Remove more of the pathmap.
c1cba69 : Make it possible to change the number of remote jobs
d8f268e : Allow USE_GOMA=true without explicit USE_NINJA=true
c339398 : Remove trailing / for HOST_TOOLCHAIN_FOR_CLANG
caeaa08 : Re-implement mma/mmma using make goals.
3ad3549 : Don't add CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS
b77aedb : Revert "Default to hiding libgcc symbols in each object."
31927f7 : Revert "Don't apply --exclude-libs for the host."
4d66adf : Sort all files found via $(shell find)
84a8ca3 : Revert "Only put PARSE_TIME_MAKE_GOALS into KATI_TARGETS"
1576da2 : Don't apply --exclude-libs for the host.
5a2f585 : Restore AOSP-style version numbers - DO NOT MERGE
021b765 : Default to hiding libgcc symbols in each object.
127da9e : Use md5sum as the filename suffix if the suffix gets too long.
5e70468 : Add as a requirement for as well.
446ae75 : Add as a requirement for as well.
bd2d024 : Don't build if we don't build the ota package.
1a78a8e : Updating PLATFORM_SECURITY_PATCH to 2015-11-01 for Nov OTA
b79e877 : Don't add build number to apps' version name for platform build.
5408ff7 : Revert "Don't re-export libgcc symbols from every object."
d75d893 : Don't add build number to apps' version name for platform build.
f77030b : Make USE_NINJA=true the default
af6c071 : Pass --ninja to makeparallel for ninja
69047fa : makeparallel: improve support for wrapping ninja
f5caa3d : Move python-adb to development/python-packages.
74b32b8 : Add support of SANITIZE_TARGET='address coverage' for fuzzing.
6a2f285 : Add the common directory back to kernel headers.
e92d25f : Don't re-export libgcc symbols from every object.
dd86e5a : build: support compiling .mm on host
59f4ff1 : Add verity_signer and verity_key flags to add_img_to_target_files.
47ef4c3 : DO NOT MERGE - Backport of ag/748221 - Security Patch Level in Settings CL#2/3
4c710cb : DO NOT MERGE - Backport of ag/748221 - Security Patch Level in Settings CL#2/3
eb1e18e : Use $(OUT_DIR)/ninja_build to mark ninja build.
8da19e3 : Generate installed-files-vendor.txt
a1fcaf8 : Add an option to include a full bootloader in incremental OTA.
1e7f6f7 : Fix build.
17aa06f : Fix build.
1d4ad51 : Revert "Add an option to include a full bootloader in incremental OTA."
750396d : Remove legacy kernel build toolchain PATH setup in
9ee993f : Add ethernet permission
cb1bd11 : kati: Handle MAKECMDGOALS modifications
f7ca64f : Use makeparallel to propagate -j flag to ninja or kati
a555448 : Implement makeparallel
46d5efc : Add an option to include a full bootloader in incremental OTA.
265d9ae : releasetools: Update the fingerprint when signing.
d1d68b1 : Fix `LOCAL_CXX_STL := none` for Windows.
0b6c348 : Update the build system doc
7728817 : Don't build windows modules with clang, fix flags
b32d56e : releasetools: Fix the expected total blocks.
057aaea : Add HOST_CROSS_OS
d762bca : Use the same for normal make targets
42206c3 : releasetools: Don't write empty groups.
00f3c89 : Remove the obsolete comment line.
28f6f9c : releasetools: Always write the last block if it's padded.
a187fb5 : Fix name for NDK protobuf libraries.
7589e96 : releasetools: Always write the last block if it's padded.
909e7f4 : Use $(BUILD_MODULES_IN_PATHS) as a part of ninja suffix
ff82e82 : Move part of logtags stuff back to
a77d41e : releasetools: Fix the bug when deleting files.
05bd7f3 : move init.trace.rc to frameworks/native
39c322c : releasetools: Fix the bug in symlink deletion.
84006ea : releasetools: Fix the bug in symlink deletion.
b83e171 : Add AddressSanitizer linker flags for x86.
447d696 : Clean up Javac a little bit.
a8a4a93 : Include init.usb.configfs.rc into rootdir
bfd0187 : Set --ninja_suffix based on make/mm/mmm targets
4d03467 : Set the Security Patch level with Oct 1 for MNC
3351178 : Cleaned the outdated incrementaljavac.
b601d4b : Show error message when resource limit too low for USE_GOMA=true
4ffdc8f : Fix bug that caused table of Studio links to result in "stand-alone" tools instructions. bug: 23570662
956dccc : Move Java stuff out of
7324f30 : Add ahat to runtime_libart product.
79735a6 : Use the basename of file_contexts from the info dict.
4314611 : Remove AndroidConfig.h.
85ac8d2 : Add support for LOCAL_SRC_FILES_(host)_(arch)
7a54985 : Add _(darwin|linux|windows)
e8f7561 : Fix the bug in monotonic check.
873a15e : Add unit tests for
7540c08 : Revert "Temporarily use blockimgdiff v2 for OTA."
937847a : Split large files for BBOTA v3.
1fc6763 : Revise stash for BBOTAs when needed.
d47d8e1 : Assert the stash size when generating OTAs.
9a5caf2 : Split large files for BBOTA v3.
8d77197 : Don't fail build of otatools if there are no device certificates
fc028e5 : Dist the otatools package.
75770de : Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed.
0bb3145 : Set the Security Patch level for MNC
267e957 : Dist the otatools package.
32bf3f3 : add otatools-package target
2df35ae : remove TARGET_PROVIDES_INIT_RC
ac9eea9 : Fix Linux host checkbuilds.
73042ea : Revert "Fix Windows SDK build."
f0c04c7 : Stop defining WIN32.
9fe15ac : Support LOCAL_INIT_RC.
e31dfe9 : Kill host Linux AndroidConfig.h.
0823ad3 : Also -DWIN32 to keep llvm building.
b8dd176 : Fix Windows SDK build.
f8241b4 : Remove Windows AndroidConfig.h.
9b17dea : Change .dbus.xml extension to .dbus-xml
ee482fd : Use goma when USE_GOMA=true is set
4c40141 : Fix sanitizer choice for global vs module.
ed7e864 : fix a few bugs in the studio download button behavior: - make button text always white (avoid blue on blue during hover) - revise logic to add the platform name to download button to avoid weird duplicity bug on small screens - remove the animation script when clicking download before agree because it reloaded the page (unkown cause) depends on:
7c4c6f5 : Divide NONZERO blocks into groups.
19fa841 : Stop defining HAVE_MS_C_RUNTIME.
974b822 : Fix DBus proxies to use all definitions
529f176 : Generate DBus proxies and adaptors separately
1ca3b70 : Blacklist libc++ from windows host builds
cbc6dc2 : build: Don't call make_recovery_patch if there's no recovery.
f050c2f : Rename libnanopb-c-2.8.0 to libprotobuf-c-nano.
b28ed23 : Consolidate the nanopb-c and regular protobuf build rules.
dae7961 : Increasing all emulator system image sizes
956e469 : Increasing MIPS emulator system image size and user-data image size
a05e222 : Set up dependency on ADDRESS_SANITIZER_LINKER
36b6f04 : Add BUILD(_HOST)?_FUZZ_TEST.
6c124d2 : Replace HAVE_MS_C_RUNTIME with _WIN32 in build.
145ae32 : Remove legacy windows platform build support
1b2187d : Don't filter on a non-existent variable.
aa6c1a1 : Add an option to include a full bootloader in incremental OTA.
82c4798 : Revise stash for BBOTAs when needed.
5b6b6bb : Add two flags for the latest ckati
6a8f88c : adjust image placement for m hero on medium screens.
bc171e3 : DO NOT MERGE Revert "D.N.M. Revert "Add the ability to display annotations in the generated docs""
4796a8c : Include target api version in build system for rscpp.
083da20 : doc change: Add hero image for m and css for landing pages.
45249ff : Revert "Revert "Switch from Calculator to ExactCalculator""
53c5891 : Revert "Revert "Switch from Calculator to ExactCalculator""
b916a5b : Make sure only AppCompat (not it's tests) are in the docs
e593e5c : Fix issie #23116383: Include security patch level in Settings
f29b5bd : Include new AOSP messaging app in base AOSP telephony builds.
018500e : Revert "Include new AOSP messaging app in base builds."
68c62e7 : Removing VisualizationWallpapers as it does not comply with API 23 rules
ccc933e : Use repeatable timestamps
007979e : Add support for clobbered blocks
2d20e3d : DO NOT MERGE Revert "Add the ability to display annotations in the generated docs"
a8b0905 : Include new AOSP messaging app in base builds.
4e0d34c : Increasing arm(64)? emulator partition sizes to 1.5GB
a18c502 : Final SDK, set PLATFORM_PREVIEW_SDK_VERSION to 0
5394e8b : Increasing x86 emulator system partition size
a764287 : Add the ability to display annotations in the generated docs (cherry-picked from commit 87c44d8a11d6f9e94c90197e7f8adf430c949c86) Bug: 8440225 Change-Id: I41c1c7909b283832b818b8860ffe370cd4328f20
852b8de : releasetools: Fix parameters for vboot_signer
e8c2122 : vboot_signer: Add kernel subkey required for signing kernel keyblock
66c8e8c : Don't prepend CC_WRAPPER to CLANG.
0e14dcc : Add support-customtabs to the doc build.
c8b469a : Add support preference libraries to docs build
cce673b : Read fstab from the source build.
307631b : Remove M codename, version number is 6.0.
a11f6c2 : [RenderScript] Only upgrade RS target API for compat build.
302e944 : [RenderScript] Set RS_PREBUILT_LIBPATH for 64bit targets.
215959e : Revert "Revert "Hide unwinder symbols in each binary.""
c671a7c : Split [CC|CXX]_WRAPPER from [TARGET|HOST]_[CC|CXX]
a584135 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE. Add data binding to built javadoc.
7ac6cb8 : Add LOCAL_NO_LIBGCC.
1f8964d : Don't uncompress/page-align the jni libraries in apps_only build.
358da0c : Revert "Temporarily use blockimgdiff v2 for OTA."
5349e7d : Add data binding to built javadoc.
6b74f21 : oem_image/custom_image: fix missing new parameter to
d07bfc5 : Temporarily use blockimgdiff v2 for OTA.
2fd2c9b : Zero out blocks that may be touched by dm-verity.
74a81e6 : fix device specific fs_config on build server
2d5a50e : Add -mfpu=neon-vfpv4 if cpu is krait
aee6585 : Update js/css versions and add pt-br.
610754e : Scan all init.*.rc files for flash_recovery service.
0b9e204 : Support matching unicode characters in suggestions by changing match(regex) to indexOf(string).
4dacce9 : DO NOT MERGE Fix the syntax error in the edify script generator
41bcf3e : Fix build.
1aa1af0 : Don't write empty map groups.
16401ad : Revert " Don't write empty map groups."
7f9470c : Don't write empty map groups.
19eeccd : Allow init to create /mnt/sdcard symlink.
36e792b : Build "secdiscard" for securely discarding data from flash devices.
c7a6f1e : Retry adjusting the size computation for reserved blocks.
2384d01 : Revert "Adjust the size computation for reserved blocks"
a425516 : Raise API level to 23.
78d1cba : Fix conflict resolving error in ef5dc90bba179f774bee0c7e479965cef12091de
742f583 : Raise progaurd library to platform libraries even for "current" SDK.
ef5dc90 : Add img2simg in host and ota packages
353265b : Add img2simg in host and ota packages
648e40e : Make sparse squashfs images
fa6c8a9 : Make sparse squashfs images
7371a7a : Add hid command to base build
2b4ff17 : Fix the error in
efbb5d2 : Adjust the size computation for reserved blocks
bebd3cf : Use fstab in the source build
f86e7ee : Add compressor options for squashfs system images
92eb570 : Add BUILD NUMBER into oem image.
ab13975 : Pass --no-generate-debug-info to dex2oat.
c997cf9 : Docs: Fixing disappearance of the left-navs in NDK minisite.
1b74805 : Add support for squashfs
cade49d : Allow flashing a squashfs system image
5aa6832 : selinux: add tools to dev path
b6b20af : Add support for cortex-a53 variants when building 64-bit.
548eb76 : Support SELinux context label when mounting
6784cae : Switch build to stricter aapt symbol generation
cf46998 : Add new variable SCAN_EXCLUDE_DIRS; specifies directories to exclude when searching source tree.
601ddea : Allow custom boot_signer and verity_signer.
b5cd1f0 : Add missing shared libraries to dist tools
cf7fbcd : Remove duplicate CTS tests from libcore cts packages.
726b7f3 : Fix the broken signing script
a1e1d9c : Add 'adb shell telecom' command to packages list
9f8e1e1 : goldfish: rename goldfish_logcat.te to logd.te
94871b9 : goldfish: logcat -Q in logd domain
94c1826 : docs: Add styles for embedded videos to match DevSite
5fcaaef : Add post-install verification for BBOTAs
226eb92 : Uncompress .so files before signing the apk.
1fb0152 : Don't extract jni from prebuilt apks.
d760d46 : Revert "Revert "Enable linker -fix-cortex-a53-843419""
4fe7bfd : Add $ORIGIN/lib[64] to host binary's rpath.
ad2494b : Remove gcc 4.9 workaround.
81e39c3 : increment metadata versions.
11d3d48 : Increment css versions for appengine's benefit.
5b2c6e2 : Add support for RMTYPEDEF with Jack
52d8d3d : docs: Increment all JS resource references to force refresh
6e46b31 : Add download button disabled state to sdk css.
1d8b270 : Include fingerprintd on emulator images
e819398 : Both ext4 and f2fs binaries for adoptable storage.
899717f : Add huawei to vendor owner whitelist [DO NOT MERGE]
825c1aa : Highlight Essentials tab for distribute/tools content.
a2eccba : Bump x86_64 system image size to fix build
abb9708 : update logo icons for sdk/ndk.
903186f : Use zipalign -p to page align .so files
ed6b635 : Uses SDK specific feature lists for SDK system images
9b2323e : Replace Launcher2 by Launcher3 for SDK system images
cbe032f : Sync style changes from external (sync3).
cf7a3b9 : Highlight "Preview" subtab on preview pages. Support templating for ndk files within templates-sdk.
ed9edb9 : Revert "Replace Launcher2 with Launcher3"
b222b6e : Add recommendation suport library to build
bdd5e8e : Initialize
d79778f : Replace Launcher2 with Launcher3
a9d5cf7 : DO NOT MERGE Remove RecyclerView tests form pathmap
ab93772 : Add design support library docs
58c1b96 : Fix the permission setting in common.ZipWriteStr()
a1ea202 : Add task to print transitive dependencies and their license files.
589e8c5 : Use TARGET_DEFAULT_JAVA_LIBRARIES instead of just framework.
0f54ada : Allow goldfish-setup to put the emulator in WiFi-only mode
c434f71 : Update device to use set_prop() macro
70b67ac : Don't exclude GPL binaries from the emulator system image
e9ec053 : Label /dev/ttyGF* as serial_device
f1d32a1 : remove gatekeeper software module
b6bfb58 : Save Jack default extra args in a file
a8bbfca : Change "M Preview" tab to "Preview", change "monetize" subtab to "Earn". Highlight preview subtab on preview pages. Change "About" link to latest version of Android.
a48c74f : Improved/clarified license guidance for GPL code.
ed1710e : README: Update docs
b23b5cc : Label /dev/goldfish_pipe as qemu_device
7d18a68 : Add tzdatacheck to image
f97b2ef : Style and template updates to support responsive layout, mobile nav, email signup, updated styles (sync2).
5ece99d : Add support for clobbered blocks
49b362d : Remove libc++ from prepackaged shared libs in cts.
8788add : Add locales sq_AL, gu_IN, and pa_IN for mnc-{dev,release} Bug: 21095280
302e2f9 : Docs: Modified .cs page to reflect removal of 32-bit Darwin as NDK download option.
0ed694f : DO NOT MERGE - Change PLATFORM_VERSION from MNC to M
dea2272 : New "sm" shell tool to call StorageManager.
bdd8ca0 : --no-as-needed needs -Wl.
6708b6c : Fix AddressSanitizer link order and multilib setup.
eebb800 : Make asan more closely match clang behavior.
480a9bb : Keep Throwable's constructor that takes a String argument.
8c97e17 : Add percent library to support libraries build.
901d792 : Define BOARD_SEPOLICY_DIRS for 64-bit emulators.
f3282b4 : Wrap zipfile.write(), writestr() and close()
b8876e1 : [versionitis] pull image id from recovery into props
90598cb : Cleaned the outdated incrementaljavac.
884738e : Revert "Fix and cleanup."
c6355b9 : Remove stlport from global package list.
0a4122a : Disallow using stlport.
b4b767a : Fix Mac build.
f28bad5 : Fix and cleanup.
f55c5a5 : Do not pack relocations for executables
455ffaa : Revert "Switch from Calculator to ExactCalculator"
a9d796a : docs: Add navigation heading for Develop > Preview
fa358f7 : DO NOT MERGE Remove RecyclerView tests form pathmap
64434af : Revert "Build docs for android-support-media-protocols.jar."
29e9343 : Swap templates-sdk and templates-sdk-dev files to enable redesign builds by default.
0ba68ba : Upgrade x86 gcc to 4.9 and disable devirtualization.
4f5d0e6 : Raise SDK version for ProGuard processing when app links support library.
032a494 : Doc change: css/js, assets for landing page, header/footer designs.
a417909 : Remove RecyclerView tests form pathmap
ff233cc : Doc change: remove deprecated templates-sdk-dyn files, add new development files based on production templates-sdk.
258b29c : Pack module before making symbolic version
97dfa31 : Revert "Don't extract jni from prebuilt apks."
3797466 : Don't extract jni from prebuilt apks.
95e74c1 : Add support for squashfs
03b107c : docs: update masthead template for Preview docs
069f1f8 : Deference symlinks when copying LOCAL_PICKUP_FILES.
ffe376b : Fix jack transformation on prebuilt AAR.
5924f14 : Revert "Revert "Pack relocations for mips64""
53b9876 : docs: fix sticky header hiding RenderScript reference headings
0cabfed : Revert "Revert "Pack relocations for mips""
d896883 : Revert "Pack relocations for mips"
3e037e3 : Revert "Pack relocations for mips64"
7f2ceab : Add float support to binary event log.
8f168d1 : Add design support library docs
22f1bc5 : Bump sdk arm system image size to 750M
40af438 : doc: Add Korean version of DAC/distribute/ page.
25799ca : doc: Add Korean version of DAC/distribute/ page.
846505d : Switch from Calculator to ExactCalculator
aa9fbd8 : Doc change: increment metadata for updated Distribute landing page content.
3dd39b0 : Adding the new CarrierConfig app to the system image.
77cbe10 : Use Jack launcher
036b53b : Auto-clean host tools when switching between apps_only and platform build.
c63c3e3 : Docs: improve the highlighting of definition lists (<dt> and <dd> elements)
bc7fc60 : "MIZ14"
a586392 : docs: add new style elements for Material Design cross-references
26b6006 : Increment metadata files for new families pages.
7c22c9a : skeleton structure for NDK site
4dc10e0 : "MIZ13C"
0742b33 : "MIZ13B"
7261670 : "MIZ13"
cccdfc8 : Deleting or modifying files in new templates-ndk directory.
53b7c75 : Cloned templates-sdk to create baseline for templates-ndk
fd16d09 : Revert "Cloned sdk-templates directory to create an ndk-templates directory for production use."
84520ab : Cloned sdk-templates directory to create an ndk-templates directory for production use.
3b21699 : Adding libsonic to
635198e : "MIZ09B"
4972d19 : Remove ancient ranlib workaround on Mac OS X.
ca927f2 : "MIZ09"
bf72f67 : Track renaming of org.apache.http.legacy.jar
bee9a2a : "MIZ08B"
f9c9266 : Omit ramdisk from boot.img if building without ramdisk
8a0d53e : Rename libnanopb-c-2.8.0 to libprotobuf-c-nano.
3a260d6 : Add StatementService to the build
8827702 : "MIZ08"
8b3f08b : Separate boot and recovery image signing from dm-verity
abee3a9 : Don't call Jack directly, use the script instead
faeb693 : Consolidate the nanopb-c and regular protobuf build rules.
fe4b3b1 : Add hyphenation patterns to
30884d2 : "MIZ07"
d2c9d45 : Add gatekeeperd to build
f886fee : Add GateKeeper to core build
622b9ee : Remove Lohit fonts from the build.
94ff54d : "MIZ06"
93dda7c : Add the new audio include path on the list of default includes
249c173 : "MIZ02"
0c651c5 : Add BluetoothMidiService to
a30a61f : "MIZ01"
6c46e0b : Show annotation documentation on class details
c9914fe : "MIY90"
a3fea1d : "MIY89"
08cc99f : "MIY85E"
ee8323b : Fix bad merge.
8b27d18 : Add back Java resources to apk without Java code.
e4f3956 : Remove mms-common from tiny and minimal builds to fix the pdk build.
49b3b63 : "MIY85D"
6e44a4b : "MIY85C"
1b2637e : Add required projects to pdk build on master.
c2400c3 : Add classes.jack to the pdk build
d8e3b5e : "MIY85B"
17be3d3 : Add support to sign boot images with vboot.
a2005ae : Add fingerprint HAL to emulator system images
fae98a4 : "MIY85"
1c3bf5c : DO NOT MERGE - Bump version to 5.1.1
7e34c67 : "MIY84"
0eabd4f : Support to build image of root file system with /system and ramdisk combined.
44fe755 : Remove special x86 flag that disables tail call optimization.
954668b : "MIY83"
ad54a4d : Add selinux and verity support to custom image generation.
7d51a40 : Add selinux and verity support to custom image generation.
4e915ba : "MIY82"
91fbe4d : "LKY80"
7a8c35d : Bump generic_arm64 system partition size.
ec46a3b : Turn off Jack warnings by default
d578fc0 : "LKY79"
7e44d7f : Filter out gcc only flags.
7d5716e : "MIY78"
539a396 : "LKY78"
2c92413 : Restrict the verification in block-based incremental OTAs
02060b7 : Bump generic_x86_64 system partition size - DO NOT MERGE
d7bf504 : "MIY77"
4568ab2 : "LKY77"
76a5e0b : Use java -jar ... instead of java -cp ...
8445b5e : "MIY76"
dbf0141 : "LKY76"
1a97c05 : Revert "Switch x86 and x86_64 build to use GCC 4.9"
e9f0226 : Apply jack redirection flag to also custom ANDROID_JACK_EXTRA_ARGS
f528e13 : Make Jack use tmp dir specified by TMPDIR
562f7bc : "MIY75"
db175c8 : "LKY75"
56a3b76 : "LKY73"
ae61f50 : Support to configure and build multiple custom images.
5fcf109 : Support to configure and build multiple custom images.
c76d99d : Redirect jack warnings to stdout
879a3e3 : "MIY72"
d5b7ed6 : "LKY72"
0694eab : JIT default opt-in
daebaa6 : Restrict the verification in block-based incremental OTAs
bcfe6fa : "MIY71B"
44500cf : "LKY71"
597cfdb : Add support for PB_ENABLE_MALLOC in nanopb-c
83a1934 : Use "rsync -a" to copy over $(TARGET_ROOT_OUT) to $(TARGET_RECOVERY_OUT)
042d4dc : nanopb-c
f7fb0e5 : Add the correct dependency when the full version of the protocol buffer library is requested.
f2ad552 : "LKY70"
3752614 : Support modules to be installed directly to recovery.img
1ec82b7 : "LKY69"
1dab37b : "LKY68"
89829b4 : "LKY66"
386fa73 : Add Call Log backup to basic telephony spec.
ed1dcf4 : "LKY65"
5793ad8 : added broadcast radio service
afa958f : Allow variable overrides in mmm and mmma
9cc8d22 : "LKY64"
801f2c4 : Allow to pass arguments to Jill
d28ceb1 : "LKY63"
6894695 : Allow flashing a squashfs system image
312a1ee : "LKY62"
7ca20d1 : Fix the error that free_string is not defined.
3b22a9c : LKY61B
a96cc59 : Use Jack by default
8b9adcb : "LKY61"
1a306ca : "LKY59"
ab5ee54 : "LKY58"
e25b398 : Improved nothing-to-do-build
bf56536 : Use ALL_MODULES.$(m).INSTALLED in modules-for-tag-list
ea0068a : Add rcgrep for searching init.rc style files.
0e36bfe : Use ALL_MODULES.$(m).INSTALLED in modules-for-tag-list
4999085 : "LKY57"
3ab85e4 : Add Roboto fonts
5cde42f : "LKY56"
fb3e148 : "LKY55"
d073104 : Remove inputflinger binary from builds.
b9051da : Add IntentFilterVerifier to the build
aa438dc : Include sgdisk in all device builds.
2794e7b : Check values of LOCAL_JACK_ENABLED
e6d5486 : "LKY54"
9436b05 : "LKY52"
aebd9cc : "LKY51"
c646bbf : We shouldn't use temporary variable in the build recipe.
557bada : add additional optional args to building CTS.
adafbf8 : "LKY50"
b821391 : Allow global overriding LOCAL_JACK_ENABLED
95573d5 : Enable jack multithreading
06744f6 : Package dpi specific resources when Jack is enabled
d2a76c1 : Change built module of static java libraries
8d2a26e : "LKY49"
b34979a : "LKY48"
d5ba03a : "LKY47"
ca274c9 : "LKY45"
bacf5f8 : Load cts/build/ after build/core/
1cf30e2 : "LKY44"
c919b0b : [Renderscript] making be packed with apks when v8.renderscript is needed, even for bundled apps.
e66d7c1 : Support LOCAL_PREBUILT_JNI_LIBS in unbundled build.
9d18819 : "LKY43"
cad78c1 : Do not use block_verify on target-files where feature is missing.
5139ce4 : Split the build of the CTS infrastructure from the tests.
e204868 : Add bootsigner path as an option
63b89fa : "LKY42"
22a1064 : "LKY41"
2011e89 : Temporarily add org.apache.http.legacy to the boot classpath.
9d252e1 : Set up environmental variable PATH before calling releasetools scripts.
d44fa00 : "LKY40"
b91d95b : "LKY38"
d4f93be : "LKY37"
a514472 : Split up android.policy into framework.jar and services.jar 3/3
c6b44d4 : Force make to check date of classes.jack after Jack run
272339e : "LKY36"
37c84ae : doc: Add Japanese version of DAC/distribute/ page.
8708cda : "LKY35B"
37822c4 : Engage Jack incremental on demand
2809666 : Simplify handling of ANDROID_JACK_* variables
6bcc01a : Allow to build resource only Java module.
cac671a : Change transfer list format to include block hashes
f9a27f4 : Fix host_dalvik_java_library with Jack
c421abf : Update version to MNC.
833b427 : Explicit dependency on hostdex classes.jar.
33360dd : Running jarjar on Java resources.
c1ed979 : Revert "Running jarjar on Java resources."
1402747 : Running jarjar on Java resources.
0fbc9ff : Revert "Use Jack to check build"
6b3097b : Add the apache-http library to all product configs.
83d5d04 : Add clean targets removing jack and dex files
5dd3e1d : Don't exlude META-INF resources when building with Jack
8bc90fd : Use Jack to check build
138768c : Remove some useless depencies
2a52f5c : Fix default locale issue
f1db7e2 : Support to build AAR for static Java libraries.
f7daa92 : DO NOT MERGE: Bundle into otatools-package.
22c3fa6 : Adapt to Jack and Jill Brest release
85fd624 : update to sdk page template for Android Studio downloads
b4c49cb : Compile using Jack.
2644d37 : Add support for tuning partitions
a9c580f : Docs: Updating the PDK for the L release.
72d90eb : Change verity key formats
627f711 : docs: sdkpage update
36fd476 : Revert "Add support for prebuilt AARs."
be971fc : Continue to use march=i686 before fix of g++ ICE.
45d0143 : Support "LOCAL_FDO_SUPPORT := always".
da3b972 : Store in apps_only build.
2fee3a8 : Allow to build libcore in PDK build.
629c7cc : add support for the 'fill' chunk type to sparse_img
7c87739 : Apply LOCAL_CXX_STL to also prebuilts.
c7ed00f : Add global option filtering for FDO builds.
286d0ef : Fix handling of emulator prebuilts path.
fabd383 : Switch NDK libraries to 4.9 for x86_64 and mips64
7c939fb : explicitly check the superblock for differences
7b0ddf5 : fix transfer list for full OTAs
9a75132 : add unit tests for rangelib
cf4fda7 : generate version 2 blockimgdiff files
82ba98d : store supported versions of blockimgdiff in misc_info
bfb52a2 : Strip prebuilt shared library by default.
c50f835 : refactor BlockDifference into common
bfcc4cf : remove unused xdelta3/xz utilities
ce43bc8 : include oem.prop files in otatools_package
d0206e4 : Add fpc to vendor list
e47ff32 : fix build
724fb89 : new block OTA system tools
f22b0f4 : add otatools-package target
94919cd : take bootable images from target_files if present
700a9ed : Fix HOST_LIBRARY_PATH.
87e70bc : Remove webviewchromium from PRODUCT_BOOT_JARS.
5895dd1 : Switch NDK arm64 libraries to 4.9.
f8387bb : Fix incremental builds for SDK. [DO NOT MERGE]
4a4b398 : fix build id for master branch
1bb19d3 : Add bcc into /system/bin.
1949a41 : Include cts-junit target for cts tests.

+- Project: platform/build/blueprint

9c4e050 : docs: Allow propery structs to contain non-struct ptrs
0aa6a5f : Catch panics in build logic
ea59954 : Colorize errors
4c00085 : AppendProperties: Replace *strings instead of appending
a481ae2 : Add AddNinjaFileDeps to PackageContext
8c602f7 : Add ModuleSubDir to Context and SingletonContext
036a1df : Allow primary builder to handle missing dependencies
7f50740 : Add optional_subdirs variable support
d79f1af : Add build wrapper to do stage selection before ninja
265d92c : Add SingletonContext.Failed()
aeffbf7 : Allow wrapping of PackageContext
5a9f4d1 : docs: support embedded anonymous property structs
9d1469d : Support embedded anonymous property structs
83cedbe : Fix ZeroProperties bug on nested interfaces
a259945 : Use context builddir for removing abandoned files
6d529f0 : Make removing abandoned files optional
0173930 : Allow multiple calls to ctx.SetBuildDir
fce63d3 : Add common implicit deps to Rules
24ad587 : Add variant methods to SingletonContext and Context
ca38171 : End removing directories on ENOTDIR
a2cd698 : Update travis to use go 1.5
9c1cbb4 : Add blank line after build rules, for human readability.
fcc6739 : Support comments in build rules.
7fcb7b0 : Don't rely on deps property position
045a597 : Print useful error for self-dependency
8d8a7af : Sort reverse dependencies
8d22233 : Add OtherModuleName and OtherModuleErrorf to mutators
a2ca92c : Improve PropertyErrorf
e4b0d35 : Add proptools.TypeEqual
8011768 : Add property support for pointers to bools and strings
ecca05e : Fix unpacking empty list
f72ef50 : Fix bugs in CloneProperties and related functions
8169500 : Move CloneProperties to clone.go
0bc7e07 : Add helpers for extending properties to proptools
763b6f1 : Deprecate EarlyMutator and DynamicDependencies
f995846 : Added test for walkDeps.
222e245 : Add walkDeps to context and module_ctx.
c7697ce : Add a test runner
991f760 : Stop using bootstrap.bash -b for separate builddir
fdeb724 : Implement plugins for bootstrap go modules
4d6af1f : Fix bootstrap and separate buildDir ninja cleanup
b9103ef : context: Changed singletons to execute in order.
e4a8450 : bootstrap: Added phony rule for bootstrapManifest.
4904c8a : Add new line to fatal error messages in bootstrap
34d3fe9 : bpdoc: Cache property struct docs by full package path
c20adea : Support go 1.5
6d8780f : Fix bugs related to local vs. inherited variables
735873d : Fix bootstrap package build stage default
f0ca901 : Support a separate build directory
852191d : Switch bootstrap.BinDir to a StaticVariable
efd2de7 : Use three stage builds
91a657e : Enhance bootstrap stage selection
f04c551 : Add test suite for bootstrapping
8cc6d75 : Switch to custom-built ninja v1.6.0
4ba7307 : Migrate to container-based travis infrastructure
187a9bf : Fix running travis on forked repos
21b6f37 : Require ninja 1.6.0, remove workaround
958b3ac : Don't print module header if nothing is defined
7ccc2c2 : Fix a sub-Blueprints deps bug.
38b0630 : Add deep Copy() for parser types
23d7aa1 : Refactor parsing to allow reuse
2108971 : Add convenience methods to Comment objects
4572edd : Add self-documenting support
4adc819 : Support filtering nested structures by tag
87ba294 : Add option to build and run tests during bootstrap
30a80c3 : Create internal bootstrap Config struct
7d2ee0d : Fix glob dependencies when initial non-wild path does not exist
2527cc6 : Support bootstrap regeneration with different filename
6a5825e : Add CreateLocalVariations to BottupUpMutatorContext.
fe7f7c4 : Fix insertion to Context.moduleNinjaNames
802e975 : Add proptools.CloneEmptyProperties
8948623 : Add support for "far dependencies"
5d6d4c7 : Add GlobWithExcludes to pathtools
7bac3c6 : Add recursive glob support to pathtools.Glob
2939422 : Support subname= to change name of sub Blueprints files
4b793e5 : Rewrite pathtools.Glob to track partially-matched directories
1fef536 : Add support for build= variable
63d5d4d : Fix formatting
4b9a051 : Adding a builtinPool type
5bdb4ca : Set GOMAXPROCS to number of CPUs
8c1c6c0 : Pre-allocate ninjaString slices
7bf6f62 : Replace ReplaceExtension regexp with manual string operations
8ac0a81 : Optimize ninja_writer
c798825 : Always update deps after bottom-up mutators run.
1ec4453 : Add support for arbitrary globs in subdirs
418d5c5 : Add function to return list of globbed file
c4d07d8 : Make WriteDepFile escape spaces and special characters
0d44125 : Fix makeUniquePackageNames
b247893 : Fix misparsed $ after variable name
8848940 : Indent code block in doc.go
0e4607e : Fix cycle printing
aefb657 : Add .travis.yml to configure CI
6cafc2c : Update import paths to include github
96e5670 : Allow parsing Blueprints files without evaluating
85398a9 : Simplify printer whitespace and newline handling
f4d18a6 : Add error checking for calling CreateVariations with no variants
21e078a : Document subtle behavior in createVariations
da78a71 : Fix same typo in doc.go
72bd193 : Fix a bug in spliceModules and add tests
ed5c21b : Add file
7fdf32b : Fix typo
f5e34b9 : Split "variant" terminology into "variant" and "variation"
65569e4 : Add early mutators
ab6d790 : Move build actions into modules
7addea3 : Iterate through modules directly
e7daa22 : Rework the way variant names are stored
ed342d9 : Move values from moduleGroup to moduleInfo
6134a5c : Relax module naming restrictions
10b54db : Fix panic when dependency cycle includes the first module visited
62e681a : Fix bug when copying slice to itself
969c703 : Fix whitespace in parser/parser.go
174ae05 : Report variant errors instead of panicing
cb7b9ad : Go back to the old Blueprints file format
d9d92cb : Print names of files deleted by cleanup phase
542fd55 : Allow adding maps
c7ffa30 : Add VisitDirectDeps to module context
b274e6c : Support += assignments
9a103c0 : Modify printer to be stricter about extra newlines
8900e9b : Exit early from generateModuleBuildActions on error
93ef72d : Don't fail cleanup when a file has turned into a directory
11e3b0d : Fix deadlock when there are no modules
e7a26ff : Add overall Blueprint documentation
dbde35c : Initial empty repository
9e5fe0a : Initial empty repository
c4b691f : Add an initial
f5bd828 : Run bpfmt -w . to reformat Blueprints file
8e0c511 : Add license headers and LICENSE file
3e8e74f : Move blueprint/* up a directory
6bb4af9 : Update parser and printer to use new Blueprint format
a434b3f : Keep dependencies in order
3793062 : Rebootstrap for changes to any bootstrap go binaries
41c397a : Initial bpmodify tool
5ad47f4 : Initial bpfmt tool
d1facc1 : Return comment and position information from parser
691a60d : Parallelize GenerateBuildActions
7ad621c : Parallelize Blueprints file parsing
1455a0f : Remove pregenerate pass
80ad04d : Add FinalModule and VisitAllModuleVariants to ModuleContext
82b7d51 : Add support for simple expressions
c0dbc55 : Add basic variable support
c902848 : Add support for Mutators
11a114f : Allow properties to have unsettable int and uint fields
bbfa51a : Module groups to support variants
f77510c : Fix CopyProperties on interface to pointer to struct
be1a9a1 : Rename DynamicDependerModuleContext to BaseModuleContext
573a2fd : Store a sorted module list
fea2b75 : Fix gofmt
e4cfdf9 : Optimize parseNinjaString
6e2b232 : Make Ninja string evaluation more robust
0bb5d8a : Fix predicated visitors.
b2e7b5d : Add a PreGenerateBuildActions pass
c4ed709 : bootstrap: Fix abandoned file removal.
df935ac : Make Context.AllTargets() evaluate variables.
9e2a4c2 : bootstrap: Don't export the script-substituted Ninja vars
42cad4b : Add pathtools.ReplaceExtension
46f8d18 : Pipe the Optional flag from BuildParams to the build definition
aa847f2 : Add support for Optional parameter to build definitions
701fbad : Add the ability to check if a property is present
b6a5039 : pathtools: Fixed absolute path bug in Glob.
af43556 : Add support for removing abandoned files.
debef53 : Add a Glob func that returns dirs searched
daf6499 : update golang build rules for go 1.3.3
5e3594f : Add dependencies on golang tools
535434a : Move cgofilter to be built by
add65dd : Sort variables by name when writing ninja files
fbb27fe : Add a utility function for writing depfiles.
61e27fe : Wrap a line in the docs
9914aeb : Allow the multipass workaround to be disabled
30d8a3a : Fix a string parsing bug
68540da : Fix the context parse test
8762292 : Add support for unpacking properties into nested structs.
b9cbdae : Add the blueprint/proptools package.
1174c69 : Revert "Add support for targets in Blueprints."
6736ec3 : Add the offending character to the bad-ninja-name error message.
2fb2095 : Stop determining package names from the call stack.
0c35b2d : Ignore subdirs starting with a '.'
b9e87f6 : Add support for dynamic module dependencies.
c15544d : Sort various things for deterministic output.
b282d5c : Fix a bug that allowed duplicate module names.
7d5b2f8 : Simplify module and singleton registration.
2852965 : Add support for targets in Blueprints.
2476f81 : Add support for map properties
5f7ef51 : Add support for raw strings
ae4430c : Stop processing modules when one fails.
6a40c19 : Add some ModuleContext error functionality.
0ed63ef : Fix scoping logic to respect the caller's package.
3159cb7 : Added extra ninja file dependencies (optional) to Main
5b8477d : add support for module generated ninja-file dependencies
d4c53d8 : A few minor changes.
310794f : add ReplaceExtensions to pathtools
e98b8a9 : Add support for singletons to walk module deps.
48aed8c : Add more Build/Rule/Pool params validation.
71bd58a : Improve Ninja string parse errors.
7330a23 : Clean up the bootstrap script a little.
d4e1018 : Document most of the blueprint package APIs.
ec70128 : Fix a variable name
04f106f : Don't export the EOF constant.
0453c75 : Fix some typos.
6eb4d24 : Remove the blueprint.Config type.
7ab5f3c : Document the bootstrap process.
86179fe : Sort modules and singletons for output.
a22f3e5 : Fix a logic bug in a check for matching files.
b931456 : Add the blueprint/pathtools package
598fe76 : Change the bootstrap dir to .bootstrap
28a63fb : Add the blueprint.VariableConfigMethod function.
cbc6f86 : Fix a re-bootstrapping issue.
1ebd3b8 : Make independent of the build dir.
1bc967e : Initial Blueprint commit.
2ec08c8 : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/build/kati

3835aca : [C++] Update Android.bp
505d0d2 : Revert "Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream'""
4a88802 : [C++] Honor string length in FindEndOfLine
0140629 : [C++] Finish FindEndOfLine at NULL characeter
0755047 : [C++] NULL terminate the buffer of files
086b176 : Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream'"
8380fb8 : [C++] Use C++11's threading library again
3388e69 : Remove kati target from default targets
03ce239 : [C++] Fix
71f5813 : [C++] Remove a clang warning
c9b9e5e : [C++] Associate global variables with Symbols directly
a67fba3 : [C++] EscapeShell in SSE4.2
3727d21 : [C++] Refactor DepBuilder
0325b16 : [C++] Remove Rule::is_default_target
a5ac4d9 : [C++] Refactor handling of special targets
8f813fe : [C++] Change the type of DepBuilder::first_rule_
94dc4c7 : [C++] Remove --gen_regen_rule
422179d : [C++] Escape $(SHELL) in ninja
348a960 : [C++] Handle multi-word SHELL in $(shell)
3deff5b : [C++] Use emplace instead of insert+make_pair
ad21a45 : [C++] Use SSE 4.2 in FindEndOfLine
92a4738 : [C++] Add a fast path for interning lhs of assignments
121165e : [C++] Compare last 8 bytes first in StringPiece::operator==
0a6e2a4 : [C++] Fix
6ba7964 : [C++] Ignore suppression rules for RCS/SCCS related rules
54a3d53 : dep stats
e643831 : [C++] Rename mutex related classes
1a444a8 : [C++] Set CPU affinity
7373ee2 : [C++] Use per-task buffer for EmitNode
a81301e : [C++] Run EmitNode in parallel
f9350dd : [C++] Introduce NinjaNode for two phase ninja generation
545b6a2 : [C++] Use TLS for Stats again
2d353a0 : [C++] Always use std::stable_sort
deb9290 : [C++] Fix DO_SORT_AND_UNIQ_AT_ONCE
edb665d : Remove run_integration_test.rb
dbd74a1 : [C++] Temporary disable sort-and-uniq-at-once mode
4b351ab : [C++] Remove all warnings from clang
1443689 : [C++] Use LCP merge sort for $(sort)
5d17287 : [C++] Skip the first isSpace in WordScanner
0b544c5 : [C++] Ninja: Detect and drop mkdir -p $(dir $@)
90e52ce : [C++] Remove unnecessary allocation for SimpleVar
499e1db : [C++] Stop using TLS in Stats
d18c427 : [C++] Make it possible to check the thread-safety of Symtab
ac50ff4 : [C++] Report no-need-to-regen message to stderr
f3c9bbc : [C++] Reduce unnecessary Intern from CallFunc
772ff7f : [C++] Reduce the number of Intern call a bit
e100d2e : [C++] Do not delete Var twice
7a2659e : [C++] Stop using shared_ptr in eval
bdfa4da : [C++] Remove EvalResult, which is unused
220cdef : [C++] Remove Evaluator::in_vars_
a09a79d : Update Android.bp with latest Makefile.ckati
096bb4e : [C++] Optimize WordScanner with SSE4.2
9e6e930 : [C++] Make WordScanner faster by not using isspace
cba1fb4 : [C++] Add a benchmark for WordScanner::Split
7eac665 : [C++] Handle multiple implicit patterns properly
88150d4 : [C++] Fix a minor typo
844ff75 : [C++] Add a target which builds tsan-enabled kati
fcc7c3a : Revert "Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream'""
702befc : [C++] Re-invent C++11-ish thread library
ed8db98 : Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream'"
6ca9cfe : [C++] Use thraed_local keyword on linux again
c8154bd : [C++] Fix a race in
12f41b6 : [C++] is passing
ceedf3f : Do not use implicit wildcard in prerequisites
fcbadb2 : [C++] Trim leading ./ in output patterns
7cf1935 : [C++] Show an error message when exec in RunCommand fails
271c580 : [C++] Fix target specific variables in implicit rules
4197da6 : [C++] Fix Mac build by using pthread's TLS
6bbf9e2 : [C++] Run the regeneration check in parallel
8ef0ce5 : [C++] Move NeedsRegen from to
23a0c47 : [C++] Make kati stats thread safe
9588ae9 : [C++] Do not calculate stats without --kati_stats
85e5ed0 : [C++] Introduce .KATI_DEPFILE again
1134716 : Revert "[C++] Introduce .KATI_DEPFILE target specific variable"
bee26c1 : [C++] Introduce .KATI_DEPFILE target specific variable
55f9d6d : [C++] Add #include sys/time.h back
19edaf1 : Allow building Kati with Soong for Android
2d0ebbf : Revert "Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream'""
70f882d : Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream'"
347e06f : Stop using dynamic_cast
b91fb6f : Show the location of unsupported automatic variables
cbb801c : Revert "[C++] Do not fail by $(shell) in functions for now"
5a5a7f6 : Force regen if ninja file is missing
b552df3 : [C++] Fail early for unsupported automatic variables
29e4570 : [C++] Regenerate when PATH was changed
bb28730 : An attempt to fix failures on Travis-CI
b25f8ab : Show the failed reason in
ea54976 : [C++] Fail for semicolons without a rule
97d8f1d : [C++] Fail for newlines in expanded rule statement
42ce87c : [C++] Do not fail by $(shell) in functions for now
9dce444 : [C++] Never specify non-positive -j value
b8517f7 : Add
28da237 : [C++] Explicitly disallow $(shell) in other make constructs
77be80d : [C++] Warn about unsupported builtin targets
cbe9f49 : [C++] Add a minimal support for .SUFFIXES
3de9ae0 : Add
1ce0d14 : Set local_pool after a command with gomacc is found
189ce7e : [C++] Do not crash when .kati_stamp is missing
433ad99 : [C++] Add a warning for undefined user functions
82e2009 : [C++] Warn about weird expressions
bbe5548 : [C++] Add a fast path for $(eval) which starts with #
644d6b9 : [C++] Add --warn flag which produces extra warnings
f23ae8c : Add --no_ignore_dirty flag
27df531 : [C++] separate ninja shell script into two
4e3b421 : [C++] Remove gen_all_phony_targets flag
b67a299 : [C++] Fix a CHECK failure
7d261aa : Fix a misuse of "dependent" in
d573ec6 : Fix typos and do some cosmetic changes for
40127c2 : Add the first version of
9f127b2 : [C++] Show the number of interned strings with --kati_stats
748969f : [C++] Do not trim trailing spaces in variable assignments
760f959 : Add two testcases for previous change
d236eb0 : [C++] Let ifdef allow trailing spaces in a variable name
4421dda : [C++] ifdef should fail when there are multiple variables
407d8d4 : [C++] Resolve symlinks in the top directory
31505ba : [C++] Fix find -name for symlinks
f2d3172 : [C++] Fix a memory corruption
6ce977d : [C++] Regenerate ninja files when symlink was changed
9c5ec1d : [go] Mark and as FAIL
b717561 : [C++] Make FindEmulator's symlink support better
14ea0f1 : [C++] Fix NormalizePath("../../foo")
bd3bb23 : [C++] Fix FindEmulator for paths in symlinks
c58db99 : [C++] Make the fast pass of EscapeShell consistent with the rest
5de5826 : [C++] Do not escape ! in a shell script
71cf60b : [C++] Stop using realpath(1) to handle $(realpath) in recipe
cb4724e : [C++] Fix realpath implementation for multiple parameters
34556cc : [C++] Do not find first Makefile when -f is specified
171dc82 : [C++] Make the output of find_test compatible with find(1)
680e98b : Exit 1 in runtest.rb
9fe05bf : Install realpath
9d918f8 : Remove
212b7a5 : [C++] Fix a off-by-one error in StripShellComment
d0251f7 : Change the shell in Travis CI to bash
0613e01 : Revert "Always use SHELL=/bin/bash in our test"
a73e93b : Always use SHELL=/bin/bash in our test
b7be8f1 : [C++] Fix for -c -n
3c60c12 : [C++] Fix
e3c6231 : Install ninja-build on Travis CI
6ff74ce : [C++] Fix target specific variables with --gen_all_targets
867fb12 : Add a test to check if the first target is the default target
8562057 : [C++] Test --gen_all_targets on travis
af2b7c6 : [C++] Always set is_default_target
675ecf3 : [C++] Speed up set<Symbol> by using integer value of Symbol
df11044 : Fix ninja tests if NINJA_STATUS is set
3ac2a09 : [C++] Add .KATI_RESTAT builtin target
b248caa : Use ordered containers to prevent changes to ninja files
a62b02a : [C++] Do not have multiple default statements in a ninja file
5b26db3 : Add support for default targets in ninja output
9c5e60c : [C++] Always emit default statement in ninja
f9869fc : [C++] Use g_flags instead of passing flags to
0475669 : [C++] A minor style fix
7223e7b : [C++] Add --gen_all_targets flag
85c74a2 : [C++] Remove a confusing message for a missing include file
138c4d8 : [C++] Show a warning for mismatched output patterns
53ffb07 : [C++] Fix merge of rules with output patterns
645cca7 : Rename value.* and ast.* to expr.* and stmt.*, respectively
319b649 : [C++] Unconditonally checks --generate_all_phony_targets
170e8b3 : [C++] Do not stop parsing until parens are matched
0850f7d : Write .kati_stamp file atomically
a7984ad : [C++] Correct the implementation of $*
36b6582 : [C++] Fix for multiple output patterns in a rule
7f3a870 : A typo fix in runtest.rb
5b69ad7 : Do not use local_pool when goma is not enabled
07a6ebf : Add build status to
27be051 : Give up container-based Travis CI
9f230af : Set CXX=clang++-3.5 in .travis.yml
aa87a4b : Do not use libstdc++-4.8-dev package on Travis CI
33b773c : Use container-based Travis CI
1a02eec : Try to use clang-3.5
221a16b : Add -v flag to runtest.rb
883cf2c : An attempt to use Travis CI
00496aa : [C++] Fix
003d06e : [C++] A global refactoring for command line flags
b6a0454 : [C++] Fix for non-ninja mode
91571ac : Make it possible to write tests for submake
2055fa5 : [C++] Handle DT_UNKNOWN properly in find emulator
3c509d9 : Add for easier manual testing
2093cba : Add hashimoto@ to CONTRIBUTORS
564e7a4 : Fix to build kati when GOPATH is empty
d1578d5 : [go] fix and
875bd5f : Update the documentation to mention USE_NINJA=true
cdcd419 : [C++] Define MAKE=make -j cpus/2
91d1249 : Correct the priority of initial variables
358cda7 : Support building out of a non-git directory
5bd069d : Add --gen_all_phony_targets flag
3ba69dd : [C++] Stop restoring environment variables with --ninja_suffix
dfb3096 : [C++] Fix ckati with no arguments building all phony targets
f3a4ced : [C++] Fix ninja EmitNode early exit
e5d7506 : Fix error reading .kati_stamp when wildcard matches have changed
ecababb : [C++] Do not die for incomplete .kati_stamp file
3faa60f : [C++-ninja] Fix phony rules not always running
e6f6858 : [C++] Fix newlines in $(info/warning/error)
fcd7a98 : [C++] Fix testcase/
45c49cc : [C++] Fix ninja multiline_arg testcase
fa58327 : Remove hardcoded skip in runtest.rb
8741741 : [C++] Regen ninja file if ckati arguments change
4822117 : Remove ninja shortcuts
1d92d8a : [go] fix
4b9a795 : Add Dan to CONTRIBUTORS
ae8fc80 : Fix line continuations in multiline variables
2e76229 : Store the ninja log and deps in ninja_dir
de58461 : [C++] Introduce --remote_num_jobs instead of KATI_NINJA_NUM_JOBS
64eb42e : [C++] Correct parameters for GetStampFilename
4cb8a6f : [C++] Use remote pool even without --goma flag for gomacc
e978a89 : [C++] Fix warnings for clang
2966958 : [C++] Linux build fix for clang -static
346b20a : Do not emit "out" target for Android
05a7e62 : Add testcase/
e4ee8ea : [C++] Fix ckati -f
dffe16b : [C++] Call GenerateEnvlist after GenerateNinja
db559f5 : [C++] Make EscapeShell faster
fb415ad : [C++] Remove all shared_ptr<string>
5081c71 : [C++] Stop using shared_ptr<string> in SimpleVar
180b409 : [C++] Store command results with no output
4db9edc : [C++] Run most $(shell) to check if regeneration is necessary
90db541 : [C++] Update the timestamp of .kati_stamp
e67d54e : [C++] Add --ignore_dirty flag
ad62e17 : [C++] Fix a wrong message
e3c4360 : [C++] Always glob wildcards in stamp file
2c6eff6 : [go] fix - "cd xxx && find ."
5995660 : [C++] Allow an expected message from
89e0c4f : [C++] Handle 2> /dev/null in find command
9a802b0 : [C++] Check testdir before chdir
f6df334 : [C++] Add --kati_dump_stamp flag
3498f34 : [C++] Reduce unnecessary shell invocations
b3591ed : [C++] Improve NormalizePath
6801397 : Add a few more test cases to
612e086 : [go] fix
f8e4baf : [go] fix
b446796 : [C++] Fix automatic variables in nested $(call
f6671e4 : [C++] Do not check the timestamp of empty directory
ede1f2f : [C++] Prepend cwd to read direcotries
a8e903f : [C++] Add performance stats for --regen
81958cb : [C++] Add --regen_ignoring_kati_binary flag for development
5a71a8b : [C++] Re-run commands only when certain directories are updated
a696024 : [C++] Sort the result of
e7a6822 : [C++] Add findleaves support to FindEmulator
48d6e8c : [C++] Don't sort find/ls results
a06bee9 : [C++] Warn potential parse errors
5622786 : [C++] Delay parse errors until they are actually evaulated
c9b0aca : [C++] Re-generate ninja file when a file is added/removed
3997031 : [C++] Better find command detection
0876e09 : [C++] Move FindCommandParser to outside FindEmulator
25489ef : [C++] Automatically set -j based on the number of CPUs
0547db6 : [go] implement find emulator
d1f8fb5 : [go] don't emit regen envlist as C++
daf492c : [C++] Add sleep back in on Mac
a69cc2c : [C++] Fix Mac build
36eeb75 : [C++] Use nano seconds for timestamp check
e6ec118 : [C++] Fix Mac build
2f6078b : [C++] Add io.h and
a5a5ef6 : [C++] Expose FindCommand struct
ed883ef : [C++] Store original environment variables in .kati_stamp
7e70801 : [C++] Regenerate ninja when unset environment variable was set
f9e1524 : [C++] Report time spent for regen check
a87bd13 : [C++] Delay find emulator initialization
b2f96ed : [C++] Test more regeneration cases
a88c1c2 : [C++] Fix for --regen
a09ed28 : [C++] Regenerate ninja file when $(wildcard) is changed
a4bb774 : [C++] Update ninja file only when necessary
b58bb4b : [C++] Re-generate when ckati is updated
09796ef : [C++] Add a test for ninja re-generation
92ee7da : [C++] Do not re-generate based on env var changes
3f18690 : Fix warnings reported by clang
3f86300 : add testcase/
8a1110d : [go] fix ninja and
fc14d5f : [C++] Fix
865597b : [C++] Fix for ninja
f65e572 : [C++] Fix
4dd62de : [C++] Fix
a4dfe75 : [C++] Fix line concatenation for ninja
48ac8ae : [go] fix ninja colon_ws_in_{file,target}.mk
03e9ea6 : [go] fix ninja
60f92c0 : [go] fix ninja
b0ede7d : [go] fix test
786846d : fix - normalize error message
5af212f : [go] fix ninja
b816ffb : [go] fix ninja phony
53c880d : [go] fix ninja
73b0b24 : [go] fix ninja
b6adb39 : [go] fix
66c4ee1 : [go] fix
82b9efd : Unexport A in
822f74a : Run mkdir in for GNU make
20cee83 : [go] cleanup TODO
651a82d : [go] backport [C++] Fix for ninja
17c8575 : [go] remove unused code in wildcard
e5bf758 : [go] backport [C++] Fix info, warning, and error for ninja
3f978ea : Add, contributed by ccross
cecc358 : Fix
bfabe63 : runtest.rb: add TODO mark go-ninja and c-ninja
65dce54 : [C++] Fix for ninja
86e1133 : [C++] Fix info, warning, and error for ninja
7409aee : [C++] Run $(wildcard) at generation time, not ninja time
f90f73c : [go] ignore export environment variable of space in name.
9021659 : [C++] Add and add a comment
be9104d : [go] fix in ninja generation
4a2b927 : [go] fix wildcard in ninja generation
701b0e0 : [go] fix $out replace in ninja
ab722ba : Add
6a49292 : [C++] Let runtest.rb -c -n pass
383cfe0 : [C++] Make FindCommandLineFlagWithArg easier to use
dbefa65 : [C++] Remove NinjaGenerator::cmd_buf_
6ea81bd : Add a test for 30ff384
d557026 : [go] fix ninja
39837dd : runtest.rb: use to handle export
580cc1f : [C++] support function variables beyond $9
d4a016e : [go] backport [C++] ninja file regeneration rules
41957e0 : [C++] Use --ninja_dir in .kati_*
2e04d30 : [C++] A few cosmetic style changes
d556e62 : [C++] Add --lunch flag to m2n
8bd580e : [C++] Set generator=1 to regen_envlist
3ed6148 : [C++] Add a TODO about dependencies to directories
a6e06f8 : [C++] Regenerate ninja file when an environment is updated
998ccf7 : [C++] Add a rule for ninja file regeneration
82c4ad4 : Initial empty repository
9c2f98c : [go] handle raw wildcard in prerequisites. #10
3dae804 : [go] ninja uses $in, $out for $^, $@ in command, or rspfile_content.
6addc2f : [go] fix
7c8b0ae : add
510db8d : [go] ninja export variable's value should be quoted.
861c9f2 : [go] fix ninja*.sh when -ninja_suffix given
9862d95 : A typo fix in new Makefile
65b44b0 : [C++] Allow overriding the Makefile paths
f479d54 : [C++] Namespace all the variables in Makefile.ckati with KATI_
43767ff : Split makefiles for C++ and Go versions
c7629e0 : [C++] Add chdir back if --ninja_dir is not specified
8ea37a1 : [go] revert wildcard avoidIO's case
d81f9b9 : [go] cleanup wildcard cache
cf6c6c2 : [go] backport [C++] ninja: Add $SHELL support
26e8381 : [go] backport [C++] Add and fix for --ninja
f830e3b : [go] backport [C++] Use -j500 with goma by default
b8b8050 : [go] fix ninja generation for ckati
b92f028 : [go] backport detect Android's command detection in ninja generator
5131db1 : [go] fix --ninja
4b3a7dd : [go] fix
bb2bba1 : [C++] ninja: allow specifying output directory for ninja files
e890a91 : [C++] ninja: Add $SHELL support
a630cc2 : Add
753c812 : [C++] Add and fix for --ninja
6d7c7b7 : [C++] Use -j500 with goma by default
d416e61 : [C++] Fixes for depfile detection
26b2199 : Update AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS appropriately
2ee6ca1 : [C++] Detect more Android's command descriptions
09e0839 : Introduce --detect_android_echo flag
4ed0b06 : [go] fix
a43b96f : [go] fix
7466359 : [go] ninja: \\\n should be emtpy in command line
2dc2c17 : [go] don't emit short name tfile for tdir/tfile and tfile
3857a24 : [go] emit phony for leaf nodes that has no command and doesn't exist.
08db53a : [go] backport [C++] Change directory to Android's code root in
68e712b : [C++] Evaluate "echo $((XXX))" at generation time
ba2ccdb : Revert "Revert "[C++] Fix Symtab on MacOSX""
af9887a : [C++] Change directory to Android's code root in
eb0e5f9 : [C++] Update the comment for commandlines' size limit
ddf796b : Revert "[C++] Fix Symtab on MacOSX"
f77417e : [C++] Fix Symtab on MacOSX
f24ed14 : Fix struct-vs-class discrepancies
d749b93 : Set CXX=c++ on MacOSX
40c856e : Do not run a few tests which depend on GNU find
03e03af : Do not read non-capital makefile on MacOSX
e457469 : [go] build specified targets or first target if not given.
b79b290 : [go] backport [C++] Have all phony targets in
2e032ba : [C++] Convert initial echo command into ninja description
415e4a1 : [C++] Don't treat # as a quote during ninja generation
8ac8171 : Add a way to run tests with ninja
f6f1cf4 : [C++] Fix ninja generation of backslash before special character
10bb4ab : [C++] Fix shortcuts generation
6b1167f : Recommend users to specify their targets at ninja time
43defe0 : [C++] Have all phony targets in
08c1e94 : fix
1ed9437 : fix
f5b916d : [go] fix
09fcd52 : [go] implement vpath directive
7655f18 : [go] simpleVar has []string to make append faster
7fd162b : [go] logging target specific var in V(1)
5fdab74 : [go] fix panic with --ninja
43b5666 : [go] backport [C++] Do not strip words which do not start with '#'
53eaaf8 : [C++] Do not strip words which do not start with '#'
af35826 : fix for go build
8a97a88 : [go] backport [C++] Remove *_WRAPPER automatically
9dd48a9 : [go] backport [C++] Record kati's version in ninja file
92956cd : gitignore: add
b5612a8 : [go] backport [C++] Record environment variables used
1713c6f : [go] backport [C++] Handle command lines with ccache
964d58d : [C++] Remove *_WRAPPER automatically
d821f6d : [C++] Record kati's version in ninja file
5163e04 : [C++] Record environment variables used
2c9fcbe : [C++] Handle command lines with ccache
e08e9ee : [go] backport [C++] Automatically generate shortcuts
923b128 : [go] backport [C++] Emit "deps = gcc" in ninja file
f7889e9 : Fix a typo
ab84a77 : Add me to CONTRIBUTORS
15fe11d : [C++] Remove a warning
deb7656 : [C++] Automatically generate shortcuts
0ce1b79 : [C++] Fix m2n --mmm mode
7196641 : [C++] Emit "deps = gcc" in ninja file
491df33 : fix go_test if doesn't exist in GOPATH
6450d0f : use
04fc309 : add ninja_test in .gitignore
43a8f49 : fix runtest.rb -s
3a8cca1 : kati -m2n also respects GOMA_DIR environment variable.
67f30a6 : Add
5f0f663 : Update m2n to respect the GOMA_DIR environmental variable
a4a0225 : use sync.Pool for evalBuffer and wordBuffer
ba408a2 : change API
1394d10 : minor improve findLiteralChar performance
c54e025 : fix
2a2deb3 : fix run_integration_test android case
f76eac8 : fix
c252c6b : fix
56531c1 : fix
bcb3b4b : fix
201df42 : fix
9a17717 : remove TODO in
32687c3 : [C++] Remove string_pool
95ff760 : fix
cdf55a0 : fix
cba36c9 : fix
fc02d67 : fix
a1d6852 : fix
1826250 : introduce wordBuffer
b44b12d : introduce evalWriter
c8b4b1c : [C++] Add and fix
baf2c38 : [C++] Fix Expr::DebugString for empty expr
76c208e : A typo fix in
0f39c52 : [C++] Skip EmitNode only when both deps and order-onlys are empty
1d2c92d : fix
8f4be41 : fix and
91608db : fix
4cb507f : fix
c0ded23 : fix
b97be67 : refactor parser
20d21d4 : Add
c986791 : [C++] Bypass -j from m2n to ckati
087cecd : [C++] Make it possible to specify the number of jobs
8bddb46 : Make it possible to generate ninja for specific target
3f2cf1e : [C++] Emit nodes referenced as order-only
183dbb9 : [C++] Order only should not be an attribute of node
ebcc849 : Allow users to pass target names to m2n
c6ac0b9 : [C++] Add and fix
93cbb33 : Now release package has ckati binary
71161a3 : Use C++ version by default from m2n
5af931d : [C++] Fix $(subst) with an empty pattern
802ef96 : [C++] Show the number of files in FindEmulator
18287f0 : Remove para
0e3873a : [C++] Fix
0541651 : Correct the TODO comment for
415a9b1 : [C++] Fix
631a9f8 : [C++] Re-parse command when it turns out it is not actually a command
10612c2 : [C++] Remove a TODO in
94d6f2a : [C++] Fix
fda7943 : [C++] Fix, so it checks timestamps properly
cbd34cd : [C++] Rename time.h to timeutil.h
0f7af70 : [C++] Fix
663a35b : [C++] Fix
99e4326 : [C++] Change the default number of jobs from 64 to 32
54b93ba : [C++] Generate
9facae2 : [C++] Add --goma_dir flag
388e858 : [C++] Remove STRING_PIECE macro
a90adb0 : remove unused types/func
8d50301 : [C++] Suppress warnings
fad83c5 : Add a license header for
29e6592 : Add a license header for doc.go
e9f7e67 : [C++] Emit depfile lines from NinjaGenerator
3103ffc : [C++] Suppress and
dd058ff : fix, add
fe00294 : [C++] Initialize Evaluator::avoid_io_
4e950e6 : [C++] Make FindEmulator optional
9c874e6 : [C++] Correct BNF in
62b16e7 : [C++] Use vfork and exec instead of popen for $(shell)
e1113eb : TODO works
31e4a1d : add
e9aa380 : fix
914fed3 : fix
2142617 : fix
fb1fb2c : [C++] Do not find same entries twice
d45a09d : [C++] Implement -maxdepth for find
c6d572b : [C++] Suppress and failures
5f57a99 : [C++] Introduce FindEmulator to speed up find command
8c8358d : [C++] Show the count of Stats::Start
b123fe5 : [C++] Report particularly slow shell commands
6b1a11a : [C++] Show parse time
37cdaba : fix runtime panic with
38c46a7 : fix and
bbb0db5 : fix TODO in
b64400e : fix TODO(go) in and
a70b4ea : factor out execContext from executor.
0d8e79b : [C++] Add a way to retrieve stats
24d7a4a : [C++] Fix for GNU make 4
82aeb27 : [C++] Give fixed symbol IDs for 1-character variables
c916ea2 : order only is not attribute of dep node.
65489db : [C++] Introduce SymRef
e799275 : [C++] Introduce Symbol
94d7a61 : [C++] Implement --ignore_optional_include
4d15183 : [C++] Fix handling of "\\\n"
3b6c1e8 : fix findleaves mindepth handling regression
f79ca53 : [C++] Emit quotes
4212e38 : [C++] Do not emit $$ for quotes
d40b6fe : [C++] Implement .PHONY
f4820de : [C++] Use || instead of | for order-only dependencies
fe97c41 : [C++] Sort the result of $(wildcard)
5590685 : Fix $(dir /foo) for both C++ and Go
1310834 : [C++] Fix abspath
f772b17 : [C++] Fix
df1fc8b : [C++] Implement the first version of NinjaGenerator
5f86e1a : [C++] Split CommandEvaluator from Executor
2a04789 : [C++] Use trie to pickfind implicit rules
250c040 : Remove an unspecified behavior from
e2309af : fix android:java_resource_file_groups
1a570f6 : fix findleaves mindepth handling.
b4969af : [C++] Show numbers in DepBuilder
54e52dd : [C++] Add an option to show timing stats
64cd806 : [C++] Fix -c flag and add -i flag
e36dd56 : [C++] Reduce memory usage of DepBuilder
4d77b84 : [C++] Fix
d953332 : Trim leading ./ when kati includes a file
6f04aed : [C++] Do not log by default
60d4a81 : fix --ninja
d128d7a : kati m2n mode
2b4005b : fix regression at 328a8163e053be4a6889b1863257801ce0ed3360
531c5d2 : fix deadlock when error
65c7233 : fix panic based error reporting
480bca5 : Remove go_src_stamp by make clean
64cf891 : [C++] Fix backslash handling in func
6aeab2a : [C++] Handle "else ifeq"
df066c3 : [C++] Fix again
b8a2bb1 : [C++] Fix
36b326f : [C++] Fix
5d53bc7 : [C++] Fix parameter evaluation for $(call)
0f9cd97 : [C++] Fix
a0315fc : [C++] Fix for a function name immediately before a backslash
08808d3 : [C++] Add -c flag
2bed770 : [C++] Fix
b4f83db : [C++] Mark related tests as failure
0d4deb6 : [C++] Fix
d2c0fe1 : [C++] Fix
ce6eadc : [C++] A small typo fix
e947f4e : [C++] Fix
2e23e4a : [C++] Fix
485f912 : [C++] Fix
2bb8f37 : [C++] Do not crash for overwriting automatic variables
45a0c76 : [C++] Implement export and unexport
0ea9e91 : [C++] Fix
f62e9a7 : [C++] Define VarOrigin
420f775 : [C++] Parse override
e919d00 : Support C++/Go specific suppression and use it
f72e024 : [C++] Fill index_out in ParseDollar
7fb82b0 : [C++] Fix
a483ec0 : unexport LookupVarInCurrentScope
49599e5 : unexport LogStats
5c85040 : unexport EvalCommand, DumpDepGraphCache
4bb4cd5 : add LoadSaver for JSON, GOB
1c448b1 : [C++] Fix
14bb279 : [C++] Fix
5e9def3 : [C++] Fix
70bbc4d : [C++] Fix
a4d0ecb : [C++] Fix
b3af68b : [C++] Fix
8f46458 : [C++] Fix multiline concatination
2b674c4 : [C++] Fix NoLineBreak
ff4584d : [C++] Fix
6d0d74d : [C++] Fix
704e4fe : [C++] Create dependency for order only inputs
a056059 : [C++] Fix auto variables in pattern rules
65657d9 : [C++] Fix priority of suffix rules
0998b88 : [C++] Skip empty command
5e3e3d2 : [C++] Fix
dca79a3 : [C++] Fix
e646984 : [C++] Fix
c195f40 : [C++] Escape line break in orig_rhs for
87586e5 : LoadOpt to LoadReq
07cf121 : unexport Logf, LogAlways, Warn*, Error*
08eda65 : unexport Makefile, Parser and EvalResult
adc1444 : unexport Rule
c9ff91b : unexport DepBuilder
55c8fa9 : unexport Func and Expr
3ec25b5 : unexport NinjaGenerator, DefaultMakefile
0af4452 : unexport ReadMakefile and FileState
dfb518b : unexport worker
ff4e580 : unexport Para
91ed5d7 : unexport ast
a045ccb : unexport serialize/deserialize
7bf992d : unexport *Var
b9b80a9 : unexport Auto*Var
a78fce0 : fix TestPara
744bb2b : go gettable for
44ae8cf : add -shell-date flag to specify time for $(shell date)
2928f46 : [C++] Implement ; in rule
3c785c7 : [C++] Fix
ffc52c3 : [C++] Let target specific variable have its own scope
9042b99 : reduce reading makefiles.
1d545aa : Add Apache license header to recently added files
784b995 : [C++] Implement target specific variables
b74b890 : [C++] Implement $(MAKEFILE_LIST)
c22fdb4 : [C++] Implement origin and flavor
81699be : [C++] Fix
9db4cb8 : [C++] Fix
0e74c54 : [C++] Fix
861bd64 : [C++] Make pass
66bd7bc : [C++] Fix
47898a8 : [C++] Improve handling of linebreaks and backslashes
e30b3be : [C++] Merge explicit rules
52dbb60 : [C++] Bug fixes for suffix rules
0562c30 : [C++] Implement suffix rule
4a71131 : [C++] Implement pattern rules
9b16bda : [C++] Parse all kinds of rules
9d959c3 : improve wildcard
77411fb : reduce allocation in funcPatsubst
ce14acb : reduce ssvWriter allocation in funcSort
9e0c68d : add stats for funcbody
a6a17a4 : [C++] Refactor pattern functions in strutil
fdb56dc : [C++] Do not build the same target twice
22fede4 : [C++] Implement AutoSuffixXVar
7154e8d : [C++] Implement AutoVar
bef3060 : [C++] Fix
76ff983 : [C++] Fix
eafd052 : [C++] Introduce FindOutsideParen
3064f1f : [C++] Implement call
cf0cd68 : [C++] Implement foreach
0ec7dac : Add
85ad631 : Add a testcase for
fead3b7 : [C++] Implement if, and, and or
80456fb : [C++] Implement eval
a44b766 : reduce allocation in funcStrip
cc8d0cd : WIP
b60f91f : para_test uses t.Logf instead of fmt.Printf
9967de1 : reduce runtime.concatstrings in SimpleVar.AppendVar
145598a : reduce string -> []byte conversion in Write and w.Write([]byte{x})
57088ce : update .gitignore
e16c2b7 : add
461941e : remove unnecessary allocation in ssvWriter
3a81ad2 : remove convT2I from appendStr
79cfbab : use wordScanner in funcSort
dd248f2 : split SimpleVar to SimpleVar and AutomaticVar
5a37459 : reduce runtime.newobject in
5c04ad8 : reduce runtime.convT2E -> runtime.newobject -> runtime.mallocgc
f59f9f9 : reduce convT2I
b8acae9 : reduce runtime.convT2I -> runtime.newobject -> runtime.mallocgc
7c9aa9f : parseExpr less allocation
b234e27 : support android:all-proto-files-under
6e6de8d : [C++] Implement include directive
8f68bd3 : [C++] Introduce ScopedTerminator
e22fe8e : Add a couple of failing testcases to origin and flavor
8a96358 : [C++] Implement abspath
5d694f0 : [C++] Implement addsuffix and addprefix
67f9a70 : [C++] Implement dir, notdir, suffix, and basename
fcf1b76 : [C++] Implement wildcard and shell
284f3d1 : [C++] Implement wildcard
30b8e60 : [C++] Implement join
d527145 : [C++] Implement all other text functions
d87e59e : [C++] Implement sort
00cc658 : [C++] Implement findstring, filter, and filter-out
682b91c : [C++] Fix an off-by-one error in the argument arity check
adeea69 : [C++] Fix the error message for extraneous text after ifeq
d146f4c : [C++] Implement ifeq
eb2b3d0 : Add
5562caf : [C++] Fix
f863d86 : Fix $(info }#)
d44a74e : Add a few more testcases to
6cb1c25 : [C++] Implement else
2847f09 : [C++] Use asts instead of stmts for consistency
72ae2dd : Handle trailing whitespaces in directives properly
7e256df : [C++] Implement ifdef
3275062 : [C++] Replace StripXXXSpaces by TrimXXXSpace
ca66857 : Fix handling of strings after define/endef
133bf67 : [C++] Split lines in CreateRunners
810fd03 : [C++] Implement define
d4e8193 : [C++] Add a fast path for comment-only-lines
14b8bea : [C++] Remove AST suffixes from Parser::ParseXXX
efad2dd : [C++] Handle sinclude
42b625f : [C++] Parse include directives
5e26e22 : [C++] Fix WordWriter::MaybeAddWhitespace
37591ce : [C++] Implement subst and strip
81b2d0f : [C++] Show error for insufficient arguments
d0e188e : [C++] Fix memory leaks
2e6cbfc : [C++] Fix
f019c3b : [C++] Fix
f91d682 : [C++] Fix strutil implementations
63e68fc : [C++] Fix WordScanner
02fc55b : [C++] Add broken VarSubst implementation
4f22f5c : [C++] Add all stub functions
8ee8c37 : [C++] Fix lineno handling
9619b36 : [C++] Implement $(warning) and $(error)
4c469b3 : [C++] Implementing +=
776ca30 : [C++] The first commit for C++ version
a3caa81 : remove TODO comment for findleaves
040271f : improve findleaves
f9b6ec7 : add make-c to measure time to parse android makefiles.
40e35f5 : fix findleaves; should sort the found filenames.
c39b188 : fix findleaves failed to detect ./system/security/keystore-engine/
cda69c5 : synchronize LogAlways
8341013 : add findleaves support
f543f4d : trace event: also emit findcache init event
4a70851 : refactor sh builtins
72598e7 : eval stats for $(call xxx)
6ab72dd : fix -kati_eval_stats
cb393c5 : -kati_trace_event also trace "shell" invocations.
432a242 : add -kati_trace_event=<json filename>
0daac1f : add -find_cache_prunes
b6ad7da : Use LogStats instead of Logf for find cache scan time
76b609e : android rot13
b69bf8a : Add LICENSE and licence headers
7adc0f5 : use_find_cache: add another pattern
1a77c8c : use_find_cache: add another pattern
106fb79 : add -use_find_cache
b740b72 : Do not infinite loop when --goma is specified to m2n
6a64323 : use time.Since instead of time.Now().Sub
358c68a : add -use_wildcard_cache flag
c2879e0 : fix -kati_eval_stats to dump stats for func call
936de10 : fix go lint (except comment on exported fields, error message with punct)
8fabdd0 : fix go vet: possible formatting directive in Log call
36c510b : fix go vet
9ae81d0 : change isWhitespace to table lookup
868fb1c : change Job recievier type from Job to *Job.
2eac768 : Bypass extra flags specified to m2n
3438ae3 : Fix depfile detection for autotools
b978e11 : Fix $(strip). We need to strip whitespaces between words
73957cf : Do not output extra whitespaces by wildcard with ..
07a9380 : Fix wildcard for multiple patterns which contain ..
f0bf297 : Add a script to create kati.tgz
096c7e0 : Pass parameters passed to
e85764a : Do not die when no argument is specified to m2n
d34c0e1 : Add --goma flag
5fb5257 : Add m2n, a wrapper script of kati for Android
bcecb50 : Add --goma_dir flag
61d2e11 : Stop using string in parseIfdef
1a68fd2 : Use Value instead of string in IfAST
2d4b605 : Use Value instead of []byte in MaybeRuleAST
171a3df : Move more logics for MaybeRule from eval.go to parser.go
50309a6 : Use []byte instead of string in MaybeRuleAST
7825b65 : Use Value in AssignAST
584bb06 : Introduce MakefileCache
4c68b4c : Pass -d flag to /bin/ls
ba6b84d : Fix $(wildcard foo/../bar)
781a465 : Add --ignore_optional_include flag
bc40a46 : fix readFile - fd leak
ed9a615 : close after os.Open, os.Create
769157a : fix
9850037 : Serialize exported variables
ea553f3 : Do not export things after '='
3e71846 : Fix
2450bfa : Expand globs in include statement
34715d2 : Provide a way to show the list of read Makefiles
f61033d : Eval parameters for export/unexport
30a02ad : Generate a wrapper script for
7e52142 : Let export/unexport modify environment variables
b8224f3 : Do not emit "depfile = .P"
74ab4b6 : Detect depfile renaming for commands without -MF
13653b2 : Use sub-shell for each command
4c3dc40 : Implement CURDIR
c298f7f : Allow 0 as the second argument of $(wordlist)
bd59ebb : Revert "An experimental build rule generator"
e9401b2 : An experimental build rule generator
0b2929a : Allow a comment immediately after tab
ea2e0de : A cosmetic change for generated ninja
c73af28 : Remove an unused function
11c4584 : Two hacks for Android's depfiles
80017a0 : Use Log instead of fmt.Printf for no IO $(shell)
c0095e3 : Emit evaluated shell results for scripts like $((3+4))
e0eb031 : Generate ninja after outputting serialized files
0ab9a2f : Emit depfile
6dca220 : Add getDepfile
501f68e : Use "true" instead of an empty command
246cd23 : Strip comments in a shell script
a546779 : Use rspfile instead of splitting a rule into multiple rules
07e76d5 : Do not die when export/unexport appear
fd87216 : Build multiple commands in separate rules
8b6487f : Generate appropriate IO functions for Android
fd4aaa0 : Generate parsable ninja file
6aa86ac : Add --ninja flag
882d862 : Add a fast path for createRunners
4220be3 : Use SHA1 hash instead of content for cache
fe1dca1 : Do not store read makefiles if --use_cache is not specified
006adbf : Show the statistics for read makefiles
82ecff9 : Show spent time for cache lookup
4926aea : Show periodic stats only with --kati_periodic_stats
45cde1d : Handle cache based on their contents instead of timestamps
71fae4c : Add fileutil.go
0ba75a9 : Introduce a hack for Android build to let cache hit
39e6240 : Check the timestamp of cache
a9bda7a : Add a simple test for kati cache
f3ea5d0 : Check the timestamp of cache
b0d2e2f : Add --use_cache flag
750ae2e : Serialize read/missing makefiles
290eb25 : Fix the error message for missing Makefile
3c9e311 : Stop outputting
830e7ab : Save root targets in serializer
723f56a : Do not use gob to create unqiue ID for each vars
8e4dd9d : Do not set numDeps == -1 before a job actually finishes
744b139 : Add parents to DepNode
93f2aa3 : Add more log messages for worker.go
d7044b1 : Fix a race in createRunners
ec42b4e : Make it possible to run a single test by runtest.rb
21cdbe3 : Intern actual inputs
4ed0634 : Implement internBytes by intern
e439297 : Ad-hoc handling for multiple commands
a680842 : Make --use_para slightly more usable
cedc5c8 : Add para.go and para_test.go
5e07dd3 : Set GOMAXPROCS appropriately
7af7578 : Rephrase old log output
f013e4b : Do not serialize the same target names multiple times
0962e86 : Show stats around serialized variables
b4240ee : Fix for make4
9da19f6 : add wordScanner
72508a7 : improve pickRule
aa4120e : move in testcase
d0bf88c : define buffer to hold args in addition to bytes.Buffer
b1a67ec : Revert "improve pickRule (canPickImplicitRule)"
7ff5b23 : don't reuse too large buffer
586b02a : split -kati_eval_stats from -kati_stats
4107b20 : improve pickRule (canPickImplicitRule)
b06cd9d : use sync.Pool for temporal bytes.Buffer.
5ca0ecd : Add "para", a parallel command runner
47f401f : addStats for include
0b9e813 : rule_parser uses []byte
89215d0 : add -kati_memstats option
b41fd50 : Add an experimental --eager_cmd_eval flag
212abfb : Fix non-first line concatenation for commands
7e3ec86 : Add --query='$*'
1eb7111 : Add --query flag
d68b5bf : Rephrase old log output
52c502b : Do not serialize the same target names multiple times
591b621 : Show stats around serialized variables
89db0af : Fix for make4
5180c97 : Avoid linear search to find a next task
dbc6c13 : Introduce job queue
7a65e68 : Do not serialize duplicated TSVs multiple times
c8dea2a : Deserialize tmpval and varsubst
530136b : Do not emit duplicated TSVs to serialized data
935de96 : use pattern for outputPatterns
bf66cb0 : Add -c flag, which means syntax check only
3d6d0aa : Re-format code
1833c28 : Add -save and -load options
f8f075c : Fix all serialization
e666ac8 : Deserialize more types
79a5693 : Deserialize vars
9f4f5d3 : Do not always test serialization
c48d9ce : Check serialization result
b674d58 : Dump JSON in runtest.rb
8c9d0e3 : Start implementing deserializer
c8bc731 : Make it possible to serialize vars
d8cec17 : Revert "Revert "fix: handle $(eval foo := $(var)) case""
1d95907 : Factor out getDepGraph from main
5fa1b1e : Fix broken handling for lineno
321ec7e : Revert "fix: handle $(eval foo := $(var)) case"
0483e64 : Show line number of the rule if command lineno is missing
0df24ec : Add an option to serialize eval result
55c50bd : Rename alreadyFinished => newDep
69bb7e4 : Implement -j flag
74a6600 : The first step for parallel build
c62dd07 : Add one more testcase to
d12efad : Add testcase/
0cdb098 : Add a couple of testcases to
cf37156 : Add testcase/
ce5a8dd : Add
b60aaa9 : Add
8fb64c0 : Add one more testcase to
b963aa3 : Add
b2c300f : fix override_define
ab431e2 : fix phony
f4d3ee5 : Fix
e2f6e90 : Fix double-backslash the end of a line
b4c5a2f : fix: handle $(eval foo := $(var)) case
dad8053 : Do not use filepath.Clean to normalize inputs/outputs
37626b6 : Fix $(dir /)
74536e6 : Revert "handle $(eval foo := $(var)) case"
17a8a6e : Split exec.go into exec.go and dep.go
f360910 : RecursiveVar Append doesn't reprase old value.
d8d8425 : minor performance tuning
f0a2ba7 : add paramref for fast path for param access (e.g. $1, $(1))
96c79f1 : minor performance tuning
5541c7e : use io.WriteString instead of fmt.Fprint
e27a25d : minor performance tuning.
00178d1 : minor performance tuning
2ffad63 : Fix for make 4 and use bash for multiline_arg
fa5e922 : fix $(eval foo := $(bar)) case
5f8e982 : handle $(eval foo := $(var)) case
a9e5136 : fix $(eval foo := $$x) case
b0f6548 : Revert "Split exec.go into exec.go and eval_command.go"
11b9183 : Split exec.go into exec.go and eval_command.go
9f6b635 : Compactor returns Value, not Func
150c861 : compact $(eval foo := bar) to internal assign func.
a485d2f : Fix the implementation of target specific variables
da7f255 : introduce func compactor.
ee5c6fc : remove trimSpace and inFunc from parseExpr.
b2670d9 : change f.closure.args[0] has "(funcname", or "{funcname".
9b10ecf : change newOldVar to
6ac7f69 : dump stats for eval time.
254f5fa : Add target_specific_var_var_name
3ea5609 : Add
2ccaade : Add
6cc5c61 : hoge
ea170b1 : hmm
7083bfa : Add
b9d22f0 : Normalization is unnecessary for glog and maloader anymore
294a58b : Show some statistics for exec
395a3bc : Fix calls in multiple lines
bb9772d : Partially implement $*
ee8b33c : Implement automatic variables with suffixes
a622c5e : Fix $^ so it does not have duplicated entries
110af33 : Delay the evaluation of automatic variables
d1bd331 : Allow merging target specific variable with double-colon rule
faeba68 : Fix the way to merge inputs in two rules
4a4617f : Add
960161f : Handle empty lines in define
8843a05 : Split exec to two steps
7735319 : Improve multiline recipe handling
42f42e1 : Handle UTF8 characters in kati's output
0c8acad : Do not normalize multiple whitespaces in run_integration_test
61748ac : Always update ex.done
940bb6c : Handle circular dependency
de4d3e4 : Now vars is a member of Executor
3887c50 : Fix make test
750988e : Add --kati_stats option
ec31b37 : Add a couple of tests
5ff9b34 : Add --kati_heapprofile flag
c4c9810 : Fix spaces between concatenated lines
3796d1e : Make matchPattern* faster
4e9ab1a : Do not copy variables for target specific variables
a9e7269 : Make local var assignment faster
63a77d4 : Remove VarTab to make exec faster
e52c16c : Handle comments in define properly
e12e24d : Fix
156ef3e : Fix simple assignment for target specific variables
973c69f : Skip empty command
58370c1 : Merge output patterns properly
d56dc01 : Remove unnecessary Buffer.String() call
eb4da7f : Improve error message for missing rules
9a5bbe7 : Use SimpleVar.value as the buffer in Append
39728f1 : Use []byte instead of string for SimpleVar
c88618f : Make TrimSpace(XX, " \t") faster
e103f65 : Make a fast path for isDirective
89551c9 : Implement $(SHELL)
62722d3 : Add normalization for PRODUCT_COPY_FILES
9f25a3b : Make it possible to run make -n in repo/android
b3208fc : Add
4a1cfc2 : Do not regard rules which start with dot as the first rule
2216dd6 : Remove the use of evalExpr from condition functions
916f35f : Rewrite origin, flavor, and control functions
28ea5bc : Rewrite $(value) and $(eval)
424baeb : Rewrite condition functions
a135891 : Add ssvWriter.WriteString
af61af2 : Rewrite file path functions
c20b84d : Rewrite file name functions
05b222d : Rewrite all text functions
98e910d : Rewrite patsubst, strip
b0a0cf6 : Call StopCPUProfile on exit
d2bcf66 : rewrite call and foreach
8f60f06 : add testcase/parse_benchcmp.go
ebf945c : preserve func expression to make Func.String() faster.
757f420 : Fix a log output for $(call)
7878113 : fix strip_and_shell
0aa4fc4 : generate benchmark test to parse makefiles in testcases.
02ff73b : File a couple of bugs in expression parser
b36f387 : split expression parser and evaluator
370be72 : Fix the lineno of $(call)
15ae981 : Add a fast path for null $(eval)
a2574f4 : Show elapsed time of integration tests
b40f4a0 : Add dump-products as an integration test
de01a57 : Add
e7aafb0 : Do not have stderr in the result of $(shell)
248e754 : Rewrite spliceSpaces without regexp
cc919ae : Stop using VarTab in eval.go
fce5a45 : Make a fast path when you evaluate an expr without '$'
b2388ec : Avoid unnecessary variable copies in evalInclude
5c97c7a : Create a global function table
486e9de : Delay handling of recipe in rule
74c832f : Fix
1f47638 : Fix parser for ifeq
81372e5 : Allow tab-only lines
56c868c : Handle CRLF
276cee4 : add empty and undefined case for var_append
49156a1 : Use ev.LookupVar instead of two Lookup calls
4517965 : Add
b0e8116 : Allow assignments after a leading tab
5d85a70 : add -kati_cpuprofile option.
74b8cb5 : Handle directives after a tab
3fab47e : Ignore semicolons in expanded expressions
8ae323b : support command line vars
103a796 : add default origin support (for var in *bootstrap* makefile)
bac3ccf : add&fix curdir_implicit_rule
e1e3444 : fix curdir
282aa9c : add curdir
457e7ba : fix silent_multiline
31f897c : Normalize "Extraneous text after `else`" message
a06760f : Implement else if
491e73f : Implement $(MAKEFILE_LIST)
b07bcc3 : change -no_kati_log to -kati_log and make it false by default.
f052ed4 : add silent_multiline
4b82f19 : fix build_once
c43c44b : add build_once
79fcf97 : fix multi_rule_order_only
296ae70 : add multi_rule_order_only
0b93c86 : Fix
3c445a8 : Add testcase/
e56f222 : Fix for leading whitespaces in the second arg of ifeq
25bf1be : Make $(foreach) and $(call) faster
03a6f6d : Fix foreach which conflicts with a local variable
982fbb7 : Fix for make 4.0
c97f49c : fix multi_rule
dc1049f : add multi_rule
f04610d : fix implicit_pattern_rule_chain
bc372ce : add implicit_pattern_rule_chain
4bd7daa : Do not create new Evaluator in $(eval)
47d9845 : Handle multiple parameters for $(wildcard)
46ee5cf : Treat an empty variable name as an error
0b846fa : Honor variables defined in $(call)
40af275 : lookup outVars (that stores vars defined locally) first.
b75c5f3 : add AR in bootstrap makefile
3ef5fcc : fix parsing target_specific_variable.
52e83aa : Fix testcase/
3cd6396 : Implement $(MAKECMDGOALS)
6b37883 : fix
94795e4 : add
d92c487 : fix implicit_pattern_rule_for_no_commands
29ffc97 : Assign slightly better filename/lineno for $(eval)
34e2324 : Do not try finding assignments in () or {}
017e249 : Fix a log message for $(info)
574a4ef : Handle environment variables
1f329d8 : Move test/ to testcase
d9c6cc1 : Add testcase/
3e4533d : Fix the line numbers after a trailing backslash
eb798f7 : Rename test directory to testcase
bc702b0 : Fix handling for Makefile without a last newline
898a34f : Add test/
47a98c1 : add
eb34a7d : fix runCommand. ignore left whiespaces.
cf3c8f8 : fix join
3336317 : add
7008483 : fix ifeq,ifneq log
41273af : if doesn't require else part
89ea7a7 : use arity in value, origin
0822c41 : fix suffix_subst, add suffix_subst_pat
7ff34db : Partially implement $(origin)
8c5b25a : Implement $(value)
a9e9299 : Remove dependency to SHELL from
953ce6f : fix target_specific_var
b8bdfd5 : fix if, or, and
0b5e18b : fix filter, filter-out
0a83803 : fix and for a list of names.
48a85e3 : Implement if, "and", and "or".
b4ac1b5 : Implement eval
a5dee37 : Move bootstrap Makefile to main.go
8c75f0b : Implement foreach
10c0106 : Add test/
5e2c3c7 : Implement addprefix, addsuffix, basename, and suffix
13b30d9 : Implement sort
d99b7bc : Add test/
e708a9d : Implement word, wordlist, words, firstword, and lastword
47ffb72 : Implement findstring
4125cf4 : Implement strip
c565e44 : Implement $(info) and $(error)
683ef2c : Fix include $(empty)
79abd18 : Fix behaviors for whitespaces
76de43e : Implement ifeq without parens
db96b66 : Add test/
c8cd523 : Set MAKE_VERSION=3.81 for Android build
ab00ce8 : add and
538a315 : fix notdir
8fd12cb : add
69fc99f : dir: remove (maybe) unnecessary glob
7b428ed : fix var_cond_assign
0debc10 : add
c184760 : fix
07e146b : Add -n flag
c728416 : add
834b225 : fix (exect in comment)
cd1e093 : Mark test/suffix_subst as failing
601cbb7 : Add -f flag
1ad6980 : Add $(MAKE)
e3a18b3 : Add suffix_subst test
0ff9f84 : add
c3fe5f6 : rewrite strutil
bb79a9d : fix, add
8310a4f : add
d890425 : fix
8edcb79 : fix flavor
39f8167 : add
a8c7a74 : add
c648298 : Add two tests which should have been added before
5c53b57 : Implement order-only dependency
5fc295f : Add test/
d8e4e33 : Move the test for last resort from test/
0d0af5b : Handle multiple implicit patterns properly
19f4bf6 : Implement recipe in rule (aka ;)
cc3abc3 : Implement double-colon rule
6990b73 : Add glog to the integration test
21b3d2b : Add a simple integration test runner
07259e0 : Temporary add --no_kati_log flag
940278a : Add one more normalization for GNU make 4.0
9eb2de6 : Comment out a test case which does not pass on make 3.81
c384081 : Add bootstrap rules
20a4376 : Pick the right suffix from suffix rules
26fe957 : Do not regard pattern rule as the first rule
57aff98 : Implement $< and $^
abc80d2 : Implement suffix rule
9b7d462 : Implement implicit rule
b4714de : Add test/ for the record
772fe1a : add silient, ignore_error and silent_ignore_error
3e5161e : fix add
c520636 : fix
eb0edcb : add and
b266613 : add
8773e5e : fix
3d54db8 : add multiline define support.
8209630 : refactor directives in parseKeywords
6749a2e : add and
b8ff87f : Remove commented out code
d61098f : Delay expanding command variables even for recursive cases
7b203b2 : Implement explicit pattern rule
ea8b56d : Implement patsubt function
c5686fd : Implement substPattern
21a9b5f : Parse complex rules
0439a3e : Add unittests for rule_parser.go
5d4ee0e : Add test/
b2fd38d : Handle empty output
6c1bd48 : Handle multiple outputs
c671360 : Add a summary to runtest.rb result
894bb82 : Delay expansion of command specific variables such as $@
0493261 : Factor out rule parser
52e4203 : Do not rmdir test directories
a67d60c : Add a bunch of tests for complicated rules
7744bd6 : Revert "Run go_test by "make test""
42c061a : Add test/
a56a9c5 : Add test/ as a TODO
fed074e : Normalize recipe to commands for recent GNU make
de82971 : Fix
2a7f40b : Add test/
a66a179 : Handle keywords first
d1c2c07 : Run go_test by "make test"
cc9f580 : add
e520f26 : fix
0293c7a : go readability fix
10cdec0 : Remove a TODO for double-quote
0b3b4fe : Add
ae32b78 : Re-run gofmt
50e1aef : add
ad72060 : fix
d945b85 : add and test
3e67a14 : Add tests for invalid ifeq
af1e816 : Implement ifeq and ifneq
497754d : Implement ifdef and ifndef
e3a9463 : Handle leading whitespaces before include
69b7f65 : Implement += and ?=
0ec0770 : Fix the error message for "missing separator"
5971b4b : Add normalization for old/new GNU make
e57b569 : Allow extra whitespaces in rules
7c4e325 : Fix test/
d126c63 : Add test/
c002e82 : Mark as PASS
d7bef60 : Very naive implementation of include
f2f8456 : factor out func.go
fc1c4e3 : Add test/
0389400 : Add test/
b13f3d5 : Handle targets in command line parameter
e5be014 : Pass make appropriate target by runtest.rb
91b105c : Add test
e1b813c : refactor assign ast.
51d53d9 : Implement $(warning)
685fecf : Add RawExprAST
f8efa0a : don't panic
5b32baf : Remove parser.go v1 code
7f1ede3 : Implement :=
e34c179 : remove ast type.
cf2b038 : go readability fixes
a5705c6 : Add a test for two assign types
0b596fd : Add a test for comment
bbf6a71 : Small refactorings for Makefile
e184158 : parser.go version 2...!
119dc91 : kati: initial commit (from hamaji)

+- Project: platform/build/soong

b955336 : Swap -lm and -lpthread for host libc++ users
99db8c3 : Do not use -Wl,--gc-sections for linux host libraries
f534a10 : Reorder extra clang host flags
be03f34 : Port GLOBAL[_CLANG]_CFLAGS_NO_OVERRIDE from make
f778e12 : Remove useless LOCAL_ACP_UNAVAILABLE
52b1cd2 : Add a global define for non-external code.
f0c73e0 : Generate .c for .y and .l
97cae01 : Replace Device_uses_{dl,je}malloc with Malloc_not_svelte
98f93c7 : Add system/media/audio/include to commonGlobalIncludes
a6084a3 : Add -Werror=date-time to target builds
0084d78 : DeviceUsesClang should default to true
2808e09 : clang now supports -fdebug-prefix-map=.
e4d7ade : Turn on ninja errors for duplicate rules
767078e : Update to use the latest clang-2629532
b77bd79 : sandybridge setup: no AES_NI, AVX, MOVBE
9775052 : Refactor generation
07cd051 : Add windows x86_64
7f730fd : Fix USE_SOONG[_FOR_KATI]
468cc31 : Mips builds in the megadevice now
59b381a : Add kati to root.bp
322acaf : Add Mega_device configuration option
fc9c28c : Toolchain modules use GCC
6dd0660 : Apply ToolchainLdflags to clang builds
32968a2 : Add Clang Asflags for mips
415cb0f : Remove libgcov for now to fix X86 devices
ac5e1cb : Change clang extra flags behavior
7a0f848 : Align flags with make
6ec1c7b : Search all bionic subdirectories
4f6e4e6 : Export all modules
a45ee70 : Remove art and libnativehelper from root Android.bp
e0378dd : Allow libnativehelper to be missing
6b827c2 : Remove Dlmalloc_alignment
10d52fd : Allow building non-gtest tests with cc_test
496e395 : Allow Brillo-specific version scripts
cf7c71b : Use xcrun and xcode-select to auto-configure mac sdk
80a7c2a : Improve path component validation
782a2d1 : Refactor install paths
7b310ee : Make global C include paths optional
d779da4 : Sort modules before writing to
6ff5138 : Delay dependency errors to ninja time for unbundled builds
346aa13 : Make all soong modules optional when building in make
1604ecf : Fix gofmt
dd0dbe6 : Add pointer and bool support for product variables
a716add : Support "." in cpu and arch variant names
1ef4756 : Skip generating prebuilts entries for disabled modules
7b66f15 : Add brillo cflags
5ba07e8 : Only change behavior when actually embedded in make
c7e4597 : Enforce linker version-scripts are valid
9301d8d : Execute the blueprint wrapper
34cc69e : Use `Path` instead of string for file paths
34fc3b1 : Expose real GccVersion
de4c3e7 : Handle multiple blueprint files in one dir
93c2831 : Add Darwin-specific linker file flags
03257b0 : Do not run zipalign when building APK.
d9344d2 : androidmk: Add support for LOCAL_MODULE_HOST_OS
4bd49c2 : androidmk: Add support for TARGET_BUILD_APPS
8316319 : Add unbundled_build product variable
218f656 : Hybrid soong/mk build using prebuilts
979422c : Add -pie to device executable builds
14e5c2a : Blueprint API: PackageContext is now an Interface
0effe06 : Change soong parameter name disabled -> enabled
490fd49 : Support cross-compiling Windows binaries on Linux
3b336c2 : Add mips64
023f1e8 : Add mips
6371b38 : Add x86_64
b0cba6a : Add x86
41280a4 : pass ldflags to partial ld rules
c4bde76 : Add toolchain cflags that are always used
b30a811 : Switch to clang 3.8
6203ac0 : Actually add version-script to ldflags
85a8897 : move arch variant structs down a level
c5c24ad : Add arch features
eeabb89 : make arch and variant parsing more robust
6ba99aa : Update for bootstrap changes
b9ec7b4 : Delete androidbp
c94a768 : Use Rule-local implicit dependencies
322a0a6 : Fix and optimize relPwd in cc
a48f71f : Re-export exported includes from whole_static_libs
5602b58 : Add armv8-a arch variant
53aa1f6 : Switch Disabled to a *bool for proper arch overrides
cfad119 : Add support for defaults modules
6362e27 : Remove EarlyMutators and DynamicDependencies
06a931b : Replace extendProperties with pathtools.AppendProperties
7449857 : Update for blueprint changes
6d11dd8 : cc: Filter out unknown clang cflags from InstructionSetFlags
6d27f34 : Fix gofmt
e654045 : Updates from make
dd0e2c3 : Add DeviceUsesClang to change clang default
60c3dfb : Add cortex_a53_64 and cortex_a53_a57
96dc9f3 : Fix X86_SSE3 -> X86_SSSE3
1d31ec3 : Add ProductVariables.DeviceName, set defaults to flounder
1e898b9 : cc: Use local_include_dirs before include_dirs
e9862da : Update for blueprint update
2738597 : Fix product variables with no soong.variables
87b17d1 : Use SRCDIR as a working directory
4225f65 : Set host and device arches from product variables
6002e05 : Make Test_per_src a property on all binaries
550eb33 : Update for go 1.5
47cf66b : Add platform_sdk_version product variable
9e0cb35 : Allow 'sanitize' to be arch-specific.
d67be22 : Port LOCAL_NO_LIBGCC from make
a6bc19e : Check that a product variable is set
b43a159 : Replace asan with sanitize
f8e98b0 : Add libbenchmark's new dependency on libbase.
fa3924e : Disallow using stlport.
3bf6b47 : Update flags to match make
e7680ba : Freeze environment reading after saving deps
00faa6d : Add cortex-a53 cpu variant
98b26c5 : Use the blueprint plugin infrastructure
39d97f2 : Add support for include_files
485e572 : Read product variables from soong.variables
7f64b6d : Support product variables
8f301d5 : Fix duplicated ARCH_X86_HAVE_SSE* clauses
6e18ca4 : Fix java resource glob file list location
cbac5fb : Update for blueprint go 1.5 support
24f2f8d : Update to new blueprint api for bootstrap.BinDir
a819f08 : Fix glob filename overlap
f5a959c : Fix arm cflags
01432f6 : Add support for x86_sse3 and x86_sse4 arch sections
463a90e : use init functions to register module types, etc.
eba363e : Use same libgcc as Make for arm
edc385f : Fix libgcc/libatomic link order
ffce3fc : Enable host multilib
ec19363 : Add cpu-variant properties
3cc00f1 : Refactor standard and rewrite properties to reduce duplication
aee540a : Add version_script property
2617316 : androidbp: Optimize cc_library builds, share static lib
2701212 : androidbp: Implement static/shared property copying
2ef08f4 : Add exclude_* and remove arch_subtract / "-file"
c41f630 : Use += for both assignments to LOCAL_C_INCLUDES
b3245e9 : androidbp: simplify translation by evaluating all expressions in Blueprint
70a5f07 : Ignore some module types during translation
b1a66c0 : Allow manually specifying translations for modules
b093124 : androidbp: make error handling stricter
26478b7 : Remove comments from translated files
0a54469 : Support the 'host' conditional in androidbp
3a4045d : androidbp: Refactor Target/Device duplication to mutation
49f5045 : Support 'cc_library' in androidbp
ead184a : androidbp: Add module tests
f33877b : androidbp: Test valueToString
00a36d3 : Remove unnecessary glob depFile phony rule
7d5136f : Improve property comments for docs
0bc4268 : Update for blueprint doc changes
e5e2033 : Build and run tests during bootstrap
88b4c29 : Fix androidmk make_strings_test to use new API
eb05083 : Fix more androidbp bugs
499c094 : androidbp: Fix conditional spacing
d7b11dd : androidbp: Compile fix
1d9f279 : androidbp: Add static_executable, fix suffix
ff3b795 : Fix Android.bp to conversion bugs
c2666e6 : androidbp: Add LOCAL_MODULE_MAKEFILE
cdd1a99 : Add dependency to existing files
68fdfcc : androidbp: Improve target conditionals when host_supported
57ad08c : androidbp: Handle local_include_dirs and fix export_include_dirs
bf9207a : Create 'androidmk' rule to automatically run androidbp
8f101b4 : Allow common.Glob to be called by singletons
1f8c52b : Add per-directory build targets
6a745c6 : Fix gofmt
360a39c : androidbp: Defer local path printing
98c93e9 : Fix bootstrap.bash -r with Android.bp
3828490 : Allow to specify the output file path.
e5ee412 : Rename Blueprints to Android.bp
3ab7d88 : Use proptools.CloneEmptyProperties
d814960 : Fix repeated ccCmd dependencies on object files
f9964d5 : Use far dependency for genrule tool
3d289a4 : androidmk: make class+suffix into generic prefix
eae04e0 : androidmk: convert stems prefixed with LOCAL_MODULE to suffix
a930003 : androidmk: strip LOCAL_PATH from export_include_dirs and local_include_dirs
f229827 : Check that local, top level, and exported include paths exist
4e13f6d : androidmk: clean up nested comparisons for local variable names
f5f5dec : androidmk: use a single map for property list
8ae47de : [androidbp] address comments aosp/149217
d3ba039 : Separate HostOrDevice out of Arch
af11df1 : androidbp: handle suffix props, conditionals, map assignments
1fc2e89 : Add system/security and system/keymaster to root Blueprints
2ba19d9 : Add cc_benchmark module type
0af4b84 : Add support for building on Darwin hosts
5e1efb5 : Update
74d1ec0 : Build rule updates for aosp
da8706f : Initial androidbp translator.
b05bff2 : Add per target archtecture properties
6bedfaa : cc: remove incorrect arch cflags
3d7678f : Fix java resource globbing
6a114ca : Fix globbing bugs
6f23ef6 : Move globbing on top of pathtools.GlobWithExcludes
d8e780d : cc: make static or shared cflags apply to all source files
0607cf7 : java: add genrule support to java builds
d350ecd : Add support for genrule
c3144b1 : ndk: Use prebuilt NDK CRT objects.
eb1e6cc : java: add missing tool dependencies
5adac8a : java: delete package-export.apk before rebuilding
a8a93d3 : cc: fix native tests
2732e9a : cc: improve combined static/shared libraries
18b6dc5 : cc: fix host gcc libraries
c1e814d : cc: remove --fix-cortex-a8 from non-Cortex A8 devcies
e11befc : cc: finish unexporting DepNames and Flags
11f5654 : Extract jar files to different directory than compiling
957cc4e : soong_jar: ignore directories passed to jar unless -d is set
e19c793 : soong_jar: combine zipWriter and zipInfo into a class
712fc02 : Fix gcc libraries for host targets with platform libc++
9ffb4f5 : cc: export CCTest
0676e2d : cc: unexport Flags and DepNames
fa13879 : cc: export structs and add ModifyProperties
2834452 : Simplify flags in c compiling, fix NDK build warnings
56b4d45 : Remove global include paths for modules built against NDK
41c187b : Support relative_install_path for cc modules
30e076a : Add support for building android apps
b7a6324 : java: modify base java rules for android app builds
efb9ebe : java: add default libraries for device builds
e7a9f3f : java: add one-off build logic for frameworks/base
276284f : Rename resource_dirs to java_resource_dirs
d560a9e : androidmk: add support for ifdef USE_MINGW
d0a3da2 : androidmk: add all-subdir-java-files
c1e86a3 : Fix race condition in config.Getenv
c215ca2 : Update for blueprint changes
f03c82b : Optimize javacFlags and aidlFlags in ninja files
aa8630b : Move SDK prebuilts to new prebuilt_sdk module type
f05fe97 : Add logtags source file support
6d1e72d : Fix multi-dex builds
2097830 : Extract classes out of jarjar jar for static java libraries
9b6826f : Quote glob exclude options
2467967 : Fix soong scripts to support directories with spaces
c3c0a49 : Remove Config interface
8cf1334 : Miscellaneous fixes for java compiling
9679302 : Update root.bp for additional libs
10787d0 : Fix running soong from different directory
c0b06f1 : Add aidl file support to java builds
6cbb127 : Fix missing bootclasspath error in java compiles
fce5327 : Support subtracting sources from globs
1332b00 : Move config into common and provide helper
8df14ac : Add rpath to host executables
581c189 : Add yacc and lex support
65bf4f2 : Add jarjar support
e1d62a8 : Add support for using prebuilt libraries as static dependencies
16daa92 : androidmk: support translating all-java-files-under
2fe6687 : Support java libraries, binaries, and prebuilts
35cec12 : Clean up installing
3e8ec07 : Support excludes in globs
c77f9d1 : Add global tags properties, remove resourceDirs
139b815 : androidmk: use map to hold module types
7d21c44 : Use @files for ld and ar
577f6e4 : Fix ndk and stl compiling
df6f7ae : androidmk: add BUILD_OS conditionals
5890b58 : Allow bionic to specify its own root Blueprints
bbcb496 : androidmk: support conditionals on HOST_OS == linux
24e6aef : androidmk: print unsupported $(call) and $(eval) lines
28d7659 : Use ContainsProperty to support default values
c940435 : Fix checkbuild files on last variant
1f8f234 : Support cc_test_host
4ae185c : Support for suffix property on binaries
f820941 : Support target: { android64: {...}} for linker
bfae885 : Support prefix_symbols for linker
ed4cf0b : Refactor ccDynamic for static binaries
be96168 : Add support for building NDK modules.
68f5510 : Support dependencies on environment variables
f7531f1 : Replace soong script with a symlink
82df943 : Add art_cc_library module type
21b9a24 : Refactor cc dependencies to avoid duplication
f6566ed : Add new AndroidModuleContext helper functions
97ba073 : Export cc types for art to inherit from
70b4059 : Update import paths for changes to blueprint
7601ef6 : androidmk fixes for blueprint update
62ec5f4 : Updates for building art
3f0c9ed : Add support for LOCAL_ARM_MODE in androidmk
6b29069 : Allow cc_test to build a test per source file
ed9f868 : Fix exported include dirs
efd8e48 : Add sdk_version property
5049f02 : Add gensrcs module type
70a255f : Remove LOCAL_CPP_EXTENSION during translation
af19a29 : Add debug and release cflags
5ccc730 : Fix path to gtest headers.
c403f7c : Add support for cc_test.
1a9bf26 : Add an instruction_set property to Arch
4836659 : Fix LOCAL_CXX_STL translation (now maps to stl).
c472d57 : Refactor cc compiling to shared ccBase and ccDynamic initialization
e2e6fc2 : Enable checkbuild by default
9454bfa : Add support for checkbuild target
3075ad0 : Add dependencies on late static libraries
a360e8b : Update clang flags for latest AOSP master
6072ad4 : Fix soname
bdd7b1c : Add more missing clang flags
77b00fa : Add late static libraries for libgcc
13af54d : Fix arm compile flags to match makefile build
f294814 : Add common cpp flags
8003131 : Add androidmk to Blueprints
ba44287 : Reformat soong Blueprints back to old style
3f40fa4 : Add soong_build primary builder
e441b9d : Initial soong
8a051b8 : Initial empty repository
9284ddc : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/cts

05c0ea1 : Fix mktemp usage
891e11f : [RenderScript] Test Float16 variants of Allocation copy functions
6e714f6 : Add simpleperf cts test.
2bcdc24 : Add CTS tests for default methods
abc22ed : Swapped memset params
457ced7 : Don't call jack script without configuration
50a0db7 : Remove SELinuxTest#testNoBooleans.
d080f5a : Add flags needed to switch Jack to 1.8 for CTS targets
8863ee9 : Update copyright dates on generated CTS files.
49a6bc5 : Fix inconsistency between API generator and CTS files
1c2efc2 : Remove usages of jill.jar, use jack instead
2973ee9 : Add test for linker namespaces
b258779 : Explicitly mark dirs for testNo64 search.
da86222 : Change mockito-target to mockito-api
c83e983 : Ignore ps proctitle cmd params.
b1ee00d : SELinuxHostTest: fix failures due to ps -Z output change
4401ab6 : [RenderScript] Fix BNNM test by using c++_static
4fea15d : Fixed RefocusTest OOMing error
aa5fd42 : Should use getSupportedVideoSizes()
77d891e : Add test to check for mmap_rnd_bits on supported archs.
4c4f950 : Add /data/misc/sensor
c48d4ce : Use jack script to build vm-tests-tf
cb0fe07 : AbstractVerifierTest: adapt tests to reflect that tabs are preserved by the DN parser
65550d3 : Wait for network to resume in ConcurrencyTest
10903aa : ClonedSecureRandomTest: try to deal with process death
5893ca8 : Revert "Use jack script to build vm-tests-tf"
1e17c3a : Update CTS tests to match new default-methods behavior.
1a5e605 : Use jack script to build vm-tests-tf
983a0e3 : Fix build broken by cad8269d45f5478b2a9.
cad8269 : Unbundle android.jni.cts.
1e849c2 : AbstractVerifierTest: adapt tests to the new behaviour concerning whitespace
38d6433 : GlVboPerfTest: Fix libnativehelper dependency
b1a204b : Remove unused GLTrace dependency
9e05e59 : Fix media CTS to build with NDK
4de4d07 : Untie drm_jni from the platform
0b169f9 : Untie jni library from platform
23eb435 : Make createProcMap regex more forgiving.
2dcec9d : Untie MultinetworkApiTest from platform
f1cceb9 : core-tests: bundle libnativehelper_compat_libc++ and libc++
d41b1db : Untie libctsos_jni from libcutils/nativehelper/
0b8037b : Add libsqlite_jni to the list of JNI shared libraries.
0885096 : Test for android.text.format.DateFormat.getDateFormatOrder()
2003bf9 : ConcurrencyTest: re-enable WiFi during teardown
8dc7ffb : Resolve differences with internal master.
8c5f210 : Fix CtsTestServer potential shutdown deadlock.
5bfa261 : Add test for StrictJarFile (moved to framework from libcore)
7543d4e : Add core-oj to the list of core library jars.
3af5772 : Adjust Refocus test to allow minor diffs in pixels
90e51ba : Fix ABI string processing for deqp in CTS
5d26815 : Isolate Local(Server|)SocketTest CTS tests
27380b7 : CtsVerifier: Only load Activities from the current package.
8282267 : Remove identifier that causes warnings under OpenJDK 8 compiler
2e85014 : Remove $(eval) in recipes
04b516b : Fix ABI string processing for deqp in CTS
0d297cb : frameworks/base: add tests for AbstractVerifier
abe54b0 : Adjust min key size needed for RSASSA-PSS.
7c31b8a : Work around BC RSA Cipher returning wrong OAEPParameterSpec.
9b8bbd5 : Fix typo in Android Keystore key alias used in CTS.
ef884e3 : Fix a close paren in a wrong place
2783f4e : Re-enable Signature entropy consumption CTS test.
cc218cc : Use correct YUV format in rscpp test
efe996b : Update name of YUV format enum
5f127e2 : cts: prevent unnecessary rebuilds
02fe4ed : Check that secure lock screen is not set up.
d476b03 : Increase wait timeout for ContextWrapperTest
236f986 : Change CTS verifier HifiUltrasound Tests text to be consistent with CDD text
c0f70ce : CTS: DO tests for DISALLOW_CONFIG_VPN
73d9ee1 : Fix CameraManagerTest logic.
3905dd3 : cts: Skip encodeDecode tests when there is no needed encoder
d40ad32 : Stop android.print tests from executing if the device does not support print.
90cbf47 : DO NOT MERGE Add running time hints to CTS package config
6dcff9f : CameraITS: use linear tonemap in test_exposure
c004f8f : TIF: Make sure that Cursor.moveToNext() is called before using Cursor
16a9ec8 : DO NOT MERGE: Adding testConnectivityConstraintExecutes_withMobile to knownfailure list.
ace696d : Adding testConnectivityConstraintExecutes_withMobile to knownfailure list.
032fd6b : DO NOT MERGE CTS version is now 6.0_r1.5
37b9b9b : AudioRecordTest: Remove assert check on cold input start time
f7f7d59 : Stop android.print tests from executing if the device does not support print.
761b466 : Restrict telephony.cts.CellInfoTest to Devices with FEATURE_TELEPHONY
6aab9db : DO NOT MERGE Add running time hints to CTS package config
b8a45aa : add under cts-media tools
7d42b4a : Compile all target main classes into one dex
26c6421 : Turn off Jack logging in vm-tests-tf
0acccbb : Adapt to call-jack changes
65456a6 : SELinuxHostTest: update checkfc to use -s for service_contexts
6626277 : SELinuxHostTest: Fix testValidServiceContexts()
ffc3697 : Squashed commit of the following:
5095110 : Switch StagefrightTest to InstrumentationTestCase
d301957 : testReleaseAfterFlush: extend to audio encoders
a41d497 : Squashed mnc-dev changes:
1a9e4e5 : testDecodeAfterFlush: extend to audio
096833a : Enhance StagefrightTest and add test
1da654c : Issue 186618:run cts [root cause]in testTree method, the second writeFully(...) task may be executed in the AsyncTask after readFully(...) task, or they may be executed at the same time. Since the read and write operation is not protected by synchronized. Two tasks running on different thread my access doc.contents at the same time, and may lead to a null pointer crash [changesY] using AsyncTask.SERIAL_EXECUTOR instead of AsyncTask.THREAD_POOL_EXECUTOR
0fda173 : security: Test mediaserver crash against an invalid MIDI file
793e295 : CTS verifier issue "Screen Pinning Test will fail"
13c1585 : MediaMetadataRetrieverTest: add new test to handle overflowed padding.
859f10d : In tests tearDown() method, ignore IllegalArgumentException from unregisterReceiver method. Sometimes the tests may have failed to register a receiver. In such cases, trying to unregister it later on in tearDown() is unnecessary and so ignore IllegalArgumentException from unregisterReceiver.
72a821b : Fix a typo in comment (encoder -> decoder)
db56817 : CTS: Test for sound capture
7fe1f92 : DO NOT MERGE CtsVerifier: Remove failed cases in BYOD Disable NFC beam
f55c3f6 : Use requestNetwork with all transport types that hardware features report
8dc18fe : Camera: allow FULLHD_ALT in jpeg sizes
2a920db : Fix for
f08dc24 : media: add mpeg4 qcif test to VideoDecoderPerfTest.
a7b5b95 : Fix test incompatibilities with Nemo (watch) device.
384f95e : Capture Build.VERSION.BASE_OS and Build.VERISON.SECURITY_PATCH
2751d70 : Change TextView break strategy to meet Android Wear configuration.
2440aa9 : DO NOT MERGE Capture fields in CTS:
7118cd4 : Camera2: fix video stabilization test
3691968 : DO NOT MERGE security: Test OOB arbitrary write at AMessage::FromParcel
b69bdab : DO NOT MERGE security: Test OOB arbitrary write at AMessage::FromParcel
e272993 : Camera: fix wrong assertion logic
bc0d8c6 : MotionEvents must check for invalid sample/pointer counts
83eea62 : Ensure test notification is properly announced
ce4cf2e : Revert "CTS5.1_r2 : Fix testActionNextAndPreviousAtGranularityLineOverTextExtend"
c0abc27 : [RenderScript] Move all RenderScript BLAS tests to a separate module.
a604e38 : [PATCH] CTS4.4 : Fix ThemeHostTest#testHoloThemes
5e689a8 : Allow number of supported Bitmap to be greater than 4.
b289b1f : Check whether listening TCP ports are connectable.
1f6d39a : Test for correct looping/completion behavior
ca23438 : CTS verifier issue "Screen Pinning Test will fail"
95c7bda : Fix SeedTest for landscape
8d329f3 : Use correct context when querying package manager
c3770de : Camera: improve Image allocation in camera CTS
53d2671 : [devicepolicy] More complete test of CaCert API
c8fd1ce : DO NOT MERGE: The new AudioPolicyBinder tests are not yet robust enough to be added to the test suite, hence adding them to knownfailures
953ab3a : DO NOT MERGE Allow multiple deqp packages per API
f8b1dd7 : Refactored "Audio Devices Notifications" and "Audio Routing Notifications" testing into separate Input & Output flavors.
4c42e8d : In tests tearDown() method, ignore IllegalArgumentException from unregisterReceiver method. Sometimes the tests may have failed to register a receiver. In such cases, trying to unregister it later on in tearDown() is unnecessary and so ignore IllegalArgumentException from unregisterReceiver.
18f401e : Fix testActionNextAndPreviousAtGranularityLineOverTextExtend FAILS
e2f380f : Check for presence of video codec before testPlayHlsStreamWithTimedId3
bfc565e : disabled protected broadcast
82b8443 : Fix android.print test to skip when feature is missing
4a6fa50 : security: Test OOB arbitrary write at AMessage::FromParcel
29353b2 : Revert "Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492"
39a8dcb : Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
720504c : Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
6bd17c9 : DO NOT MERGE CTS version is now 6.0_r1
7f70ff0 : Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
88137b3 : added back adopthost test removed video encoding test.
3ece5ae : Add whitelists for known address, port, and UID combinations Bug: 19461976
aff671f : Save expected audio route for speaker tests, but disable for now
414c086 : Use all-subdir-cpp-files
e689d92 : bug: 21208382
14287f7 : [cts] fix build break
efbd421 : BUG: 21262226,23979591,23040468,23144425
2940786 : Fix android.text.format.cts.DateUtilsTest#test_getRelativeTimeSpanString
19c4025 : cts: Check for video codec on some MediaRecorder Tests
3568bf4 : Add density requirements for watches
a7798c4 : DO NOT MERGE: Revert "Revert "Fix for ByodFlowTestActivity""
6a8a18b : Fix CTS 4.4 R4 testHoloTheme test failure.
28f8920 : CtsVerifier fixes for devices without headset port.
38a7ec8 : Revert "Fix for ByodFlowTestActivity"
6b345c6 : Revert "CTS test for libmedia OOB write anywhere"
b231fc8 : RVCVXCheck temporarily disabled
a1836e3 : DO NOT MERGE Add a common lib for generic view util code.
49daa61 : Fix CtsVerifier Loopback audio test layout for small round screens
4d4ac74 : Fix CtsVerifier Audio Frequency Line test layout for small round screens
6085547 : Remove duplicate test in WiredHeadsetTest
ad71dcf : Fix DrmServer test for devices that don't require drmserver
588db20 : FingerprintBoundKeysTest: secret key should be created before using it
21a4341 : Replacing JNI stagefright test with API level stagefright test
8ba9340 : Don't use deprecated getNetworkInfo(networkType)
4c7008d : [KeyChainTest] All text is now scrollable
3c4b6e6 : Improve the color comparison
5614190 : fixed breakage
e6db53c : Remove CpuFeaturesTest for tlsi
0967676 : DO NOT MERGE Only persist metrics reports if test has not failed.
40b86b7 : Fix self-test for JitterVerification test case
203f699 : cts: get video size from CamcorderProfile -- DO NOT MERGE
71fa8dd : BUG: 23792027 adding android.hardware.cts.helpers.sensorverification.EventOrderingVerificationTest#testSameTimestamp to knownfailure
ac9b91d : DO NOT MERGE - fix compile error from cherry pick due to member method becoming static.
a4320fb : Fixed test accessing WebView on devices without WebView.
7b5440d : Revert "Changed the size of MockView according to resolution."
a2877c9 : camera: skip RecordingTest#testRecordingFromPersistentSurface without encoders
10c02fd : DO NOT MERGE: Add MyanmarTest#testCompositionSemantics to known failure list
ba1c89f : Cheesy fix for flaky notification tests.
50b76a5 : DO NOT MERGE: fixed breakage
25360f8 : BUG: 23954202 fixed minimum memory to be 1099
f6483e8 : Add 5-second timeout to testFlacHeapOverflow
45eca1e : Remove corrupt test file
3585731 : DO NOT MERGE: CTS5.1_r2 : Fix testActionNextAndPreviousAtGranularityLineOverTextExtend
af52b27 : DO NOT MERGE: Test whether mediaserver leaks info across invalid binder calls
c3172b5 : Don't falsify LOCAL_PATH.
248277d : Fix flaky AudioTrackTest#testPlayStreamData
0eae540 : fix compile error from cherry pick.
0cb9ae1 : DO NOT MERGE - add more binder tests for AudioFlinger and AudioPolicyService.
f5d0210 : DO NOT MERGE - add more binder tests for AudioFlinger and AudioPolicyService.
329d2bb : cts: get video size from CamcorderProfile -- DO NOT MERGE
dd1977c : BUG: 23792027 adding android.hardware.cts.helpers.sensorverification.EventOrderingVerificationTest#testSameTimestamp to knownfailure
ad20543 : cts: get video size from CamcorderProfile -- DO NOT MERGE
4f378d7 : cts: get video size from CamcorderProfile -- DO NOT MERGE
d52138e : fixed build breakage
0906a6e : Fix merge conflict resolution in e8eded12e2d66c59b8ccb950867d447be67bfb68
77f8f08 : A couple of bug fixes in CTS tests: 1. Null pointer bug fixed in VoiceInteraction tests. This fix is for all devices that don't support the voice intents. 2. The fix in VoiceSettings is relevant for all android devices (even if they don't support voice intents).
360c7e1 : Use default theme for test activities
b0a3558 : BUG: 23954202 fixed minimum memory to be 1099
91df80e : Add code to start/stop recording to catch AudioRecord routing notifications.
eaba159 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: fix breakage
12aba5f : DO NOT MERGE: fix breakage
8320046 : CTS: verify ConnectivityManager.requestNetwork throws for restricted networks
b271617 : Fix build for commit 6018187f
d1ade0d : Improve fairness of Sensor Timestamp Jitter Test
5964127 : Increase deqp inactivity timeout to 10 mins
6c21b90 : rename android_security_cts_AudioflingerBinderTest.cpp to android_security_cts_AudioFlingerBinderTest.cpp
a28f4bf : cts/tests/tests/security: increase timeout in ClonedSecureRandomTest
b6dd7e5 : Fix NullPointException BatterySaverModeTest
9780738 : Camera: further relax legacy capture latency timeout
808d00e : CameraITS: make edge enhancement test more robust
619f2eb : CameraITS: make noise reduction tests more robust
94908e5 : CameraITS: tweak test_exposure
62e162a : Test if libstagefright dies in onInputBufferFilled on currupted file
a45b309 : CameraITS: make edge enhancement test more robust
c454c56 : CameraITS: make noise reduction tests more robust
1576ef9 : CameraITS: tweak test_exposure
1302dd5 : media: don't fail the test if encoder is still active.
e4839c3 : Add tests for large TextView, ScrollView, and WebView.
f965ca4 : cts/tests/tests/security: increase timeout in ClonedSecureRandomTest
4f5f626 : Improve hitrate for ClonedSecureRandomTest
5b20ed7 : Should return true if the specified file doesn't exist
ed49dfe : MediaPlayerTest: temporarily disable timestamp checking for seek related operations.
eb8566b : Set LOCAL_CXX_STL := none for cts-usb-accessory
491d78f : add more binder tests for AudioFlinger and AudioPolicyService.
b890e69 : Fix for ByodFlowTestActivity
9baf829 : DO NOT MERGE - Revert "Revert "Fix AudioTrackTest.testGetTimestamp""
b36d21c : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE:revert and resubmit on lmp-dev
a99ccd9 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE:revert and resubmit to lmp-* branches
43d1b16 : Fix AudioPolicyBinderTest test_isStreamActive
77e695b : media: skip unknown types for testGetMaxSupportedInstances test.
a6313f9 : Add CTS tests for IAudioflinger binder checks.
0b65959 : Fix build error in ExtractDecodeEditEncodeMuxTest.
01a803f : Fixed android.uirendering package in CTS-5.0_R3
283b37b : TV: add multiple tracks tests to CtsVerifier
13cf1e9 : TV: Add parental control tests to CtsVerifier
b183245 : TV: add a test for overlay view from TV input to CtsVerifier
8414fcb : Add TV app tests to CtsVerifier
a9154fe : DO NOT MERGE: Disable two multi user tests for TV devices
1fe8277 : DO NOT MERGE - Add security test for IEffect binder command
08b178a : DO NOT MERGE - Add security test for IEffect binder command
6018187 : DO NOT MERGE - Add security test for IEffect binder command
80ae6ff : Bug fix SignificantMotion test activity.
285cd15 : Make atrace test app debuggable
38de8fd : Add FocusChange Test Verify that the focused activity loses focus when the Assistant is shown.
704e209 : JetPlayerTest: cleanup JetPlayer test
291ce1e : Fix batch scan test bug.
3b15a6a : Modify criteria of CTS
ff9926e : Revert "resolved conflicts for 5365cd9e to lmp-mr1-dev"
7dbc7b2 : fix ArrowKeyMovementMethodTest KeyEvent inconsistencies
a516a04 : Camera: reduce number of buffers allocated in PerformanceTest
6ff63c3 : Remove DeadObjectException from dumpservice failure condition.
cf959cf : More robust MmsTest
7594bb1 : cts: get video size from CamcorderProfile -- DO NOT MERGE
ac681b9 : Fix string formatting in SensorParameterRangeTest.
9141ba5 : Add 5-second timeout to testFlacHeapOverflow
1e40003 : CtsVerifier: Fix cross profile intent filters test.
ec02c75 : Permit __NR_modify_ldt via Seccomp-BPF on x86.
5de4856 : Fix build
74bdf17 : Fix test packages.
f8c3567 : Don't check that requestRouteToHost works if we have no IPv4.
562fd95 : Fix build.
67d8ec9 : CameraITS: Add stats image format.
6e62271 : Add 5-second timeout to testFlacHeapOverflow
d052b58 : Add light status bar CTS
d83824c : Add test for Keystore put overflow
bb20d6e : Increase timeout when mounting adopted storage.
960752d : Fix the cts build
b773b24 : Add CTS Verifier for the app link API in TIF
ecfd777 : Remove dependence on GSA voice_interaction_service from CTS tests.
8067d8b : Remove duplicate line in makefile. Fix cts build
7929484 : If there are no activities registered for voice intents, don't run the corresponding CTS tests. For example, Android television implementations don't process voice intents: battery_saver_mode.
e943923 : Test whether mediaserver leaks info across invalid binder calls
8563e4d : CameraITS: avoid using non-guaranteed RAW12 stream combination
322e99f : Add tests for several Stagefright-related issues
51d0f6a : Verify the dimension of the VoiceInteractionSession's content view - Also added null checks around CountDownLatches to avoid NPEs that resulted from acting on broadcasts before the TestCases were ready.
7a581b3 : Remove unnecessary teardown command
37ad808 : Test onProvideAssistContent and onProvideAssistData
d138898 : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix ActivityManagerTest#testGetRunningAppProcesses
61e3dda : DO NOT MERGE: Merged Fixes for CTS Sensor test from master
a4be74b : RVCVXCheck CTS video recording bugfixes
5b62c8c : Skip CTS tests if zen_mode or airplane setting is not set or if voice intents are not supported by the platform. This can happen on certain platforms (fugu, for example) or on devices (zen_mode may not be in Settings, for example).
d8b2afa : Remove duplicate requestRouteToHost permission test.
f25fde9 : CTS: do not check for read permission on oom adjust files
ad12233 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: Test whether mediaserver leaks info across invalid binder calls
64d435b : DO NOT MERGE: Test whether mediaserver leaks info across invalid binder calls
ab98423 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: Test whether mediaserver leaks info across invalid binder calls
5e90c8f : Do not complain about presence of pro audio feature
e654287 : Few stability fixes in Telecom CTS tests.
40e2d69 : Remove wp feature test
0723dbb : EDI: Get device external storage path from ITestDevice (CTS)
eb39d69 : Test onHandleScreenshot for approximate pixel equality to expected view.
7a2a96d : Fix the framestats test to use its own activity
4ec99eb : Add a dependency on Mockito
f0ac752 : Authentication bound key test in managed profile.
be51b27 : Add CtsVerifier tests for app linking.
1160615 : Ignore inner classes when looking for tests
e8cd8fa : CTS test for libmedia OOB write anywhere
4b4a0f6 : Move EGL setup to separate function.
764d8f9 : Fix AtraceHostTest to not rely on parsing tgid
73575de : Remove corrupt test file
36d5597 : Skip leanback test if leanback feature is not supported by the device.
d511ded : CameraITS: avoid using non-guaranteed stream combination
99d6332 : Camera: Fix testMixedBurstReprocessing
08db3ea : Fix for StandardDeviation test.
40f295c : Fix batch scan tests for Bluetooth LE scan.
a3b01d5 : DO NOT MERGE EDI: Add collector param to DeviceInfoInstrumentation
0a99c97 : Test: Clean up CTS test plans
ad58cb9 : [CtsVerifier] Added account auto-sync settings check to current BYOD scenario
634465e : Don't execute CTS tests without FEATURE_CONNECTION_SERVICE
1eba8af : Add ConnectivityConstraintTest to known failures
980e787 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: bumping cts to 5.1r3
4edcbf2 : Camera: allow torch ramping up and down
5f9504b : CtsVerifier: Add an intent in IntentFiltersTestHelper.
1dc45a9 : EDI: Add PackageDeviceInfo collector to cts/common
bf91bc3 : Increase the threshold for shadow test
c56f73f : DO NOT MERGE - Add CTS tests for IAudioflinger binder checks.
ef6f9ad : DO NOT MERGE - Add CTS tests for IAudioflinger binder checks.
03abf52 : Camera: make sure preview won't slow down video
31ae427 : Don't run notification accessibility test on TVs-no nav bar
9c54ba9 : CTS: verify that disabled manifest receivers don't get broadcasts
695eef9 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: bumping cts to 5.1r3
5c8fd2f : DO NOT MERGE Capture fields in CTS:
9eb1886 : DO NOT MERGE Capture fields in CTS:
492f1b5 : DO NOT MERGE Copy EDI results to device-info-files directory in test result
2e1506d : DO NOT MERGE DeviceInfoActivity: Add ability start anonymous array and object
0641633 : CameraITS: switch to measure RGB channel noise
22a925a : [Sensors-hifi] Allow for slack in sensor range/frequenies.
15653b7 : CameraITS: tweak test_exposure
9ee207b : CameraITS: only use analog gain for RAW gain test
860440a : test if libFLAC is patched against CVE-2014-9028
8f2596c : Bug fix SignificantMotion test.
0aba133 : DO NOT MERGE: Emulate AudioTrack.write(...,timestamp) in CTS tests
0cad7a1 : Traverse and compare view hierarchy with assist structure.
f824d5b : In CtsVerifier, grant the camera permission to self for image/video capture.
b5ce7d4 : DO NOT MERGE: Exempt inactive backup service from ServicePermissionsTest
f3b2ce3 : In CtsVerifier, update the list of intents that need to be forwarded.
68bbe86 : Add FileSystemPermissionTest exception for DRM-based GPU drivers.
08f8454 : Update CTS test for getPositionForView
c15ea9f : Theme tests for Material
c45503e : CTS test for runtime permission grants
c0cfb9d : Camera2: Update reprocess configuration test
87dcd9c : Fix error in the limited mode for ITS
5c6ca05 : Add CTS test for verifying runtime permission grant scope
fd659e9 : fix bug in cts verifier testcase(BYOD Managed Provisioning—camera support cross profile image capture)
8cf9bdb : CTS Verifier - Request runtime permissions
fbcad6b : Two variants of refocus code wrapped as a cts test
91ea3f4 : Revert "Revert "Capture Build.Version.BASE_OS and Build.Verison.SECURITY_PATCH""
55a9be0 : CTS: Dismiss error dialog after running DeviceAndProfileOwnerTest.testAccountManagement
1c2f520 : Increase timeout for testOwnerChangedBroadcast.
02d2515 : Fix CameraEvictionTest task stack ordering.
1135c29 : Revert "Capture Build.Version.BASE_OS and Build.Verison.SECURITY_PATCH"
ac2937b : Camera: fix legacy level video snapshot
d35f8b3 : Camera: change the order of manual exposure settings
0592ee5 : Ask user to set CtsVerifier as active admin for KeyguardDisabledFeatures test
afc99b6 : Camera2: Add DEPTH_OUTPUT capability verification
4475498 : Make BLE CTS tests beacon-agnostic.
d922908 : [hifi-verification] Adjust test parameters. Fix bug to allow noise thresholds to scale with bandwidth. Add an additional grace factor for jitter & noise.
1dcb7b9 : (DO NOT MERGE) Disable two tests for TV that fail on TV
abda064 : Restore missing min and max API.
b7eeb7c : Restore missing min and max API.
0aeb040 : Update CTS tests for new hash values.
9c97553 : Fix cts test in DumpsysHostTest#testBatteryStatsOutput
b120fca : RenderScript CTS: Add a CTS test that tests passing and returning small structs to / from kernels.
165881d : CTS: Bypasses DeviceTreeCpuCurrentTest for devices which doesn't support device tree.
ff1da6f : Add LifecycleTest for the Assistant Verify that firing the Assistant does not trigger lifecycle methods such as onPause(),onStop(), etc to be called by the foregroud activity. Refactored tests to make use of BroadcastReceivers for more fine grained control of when the Assistant is shown and hidden. Added Content View for the assistant.
97ee9c0 : fixed mockview
140dc14 : add global double check bug:23213925
de27bba : add global double check bug:23213925
0e118fb : [CtsVerifier] don't run Fingerprint keys test without fingerprint
dc1b853 : StatFsTest: allow no available blocks/bytes for system
31d3639 : Add trivial retransmission of QUIC packets
e051fef : Set assist settings and tweak tests to align with platform expectations.
f872d42 : CTS: check non-zygote apps are not debuggable DO NOT MERGE
c944a87 : Move delegated cert installer to DeviceAndProfileOwner tests
3f73348 : CTS: check non-zygote apps are not debuggable
6b98c21 : Fix
a6aba6c : Camera2: Fix waiting for surface size change
54ce201 : DO NOT MERGE Capture fields in CTS:
84df94c : Capture Build.Version.BASE_OS and Build.Verison.SECURITY_PATCH
05488bb : Add CTS tests for cross profile widgets
841f16e : Fix KeyPairGeneratorTest#testGenerate_RSA_ModernSpec_AsCustomAsPossible
97c4e41 : Remove tests from temp. failing list
e08ed3b : CTS5.1_r2 : Fix testActionNextAndPreviousAtGranularityLineOverTextExtend
08a4a49 : Support multiple variants of ftrace format
eacd4fd : Add CTS test for startActivity vs exported
eea1aa3 : Skip testIsVoicemailNumber if not Telephony capable
08e1d86 : Add test that device owner cannot be set when account present
4162419 : Collect smallestScreenWidthDp in CTS
69310ec : Batching support: Check & verify FIFO length
b632757 : Fixing API level for cts tests with rs cpp api
af6ced1 : Fixing API level for cts tests with rs cpp api
6cbd55d : Fix AppIdleHostTest
a01018e : CTS Verifier Built-In Microphone frequency response
94db6eb : Camera: don't select jpeg stream that could slow down video
40e9d23 : Wait for newly formatted volume to be mounted.
7275592 : Fix breaking NetworkUsageStats CTS
bb5c533 : [CtsVerifier] Added Battery and Data usage settings test in BYOD flow
4953e08 : Clean up 18681396b08e01c355f137dfe3ced15c4dd71707.
b80db2f : fix for AutomationTest.testWindowAnimationFrameStats
29bb9ae : use dpm command to set active device admin using package prearer
1262cdf : Fixing API level for cts tests with rs cpp api
108b498 : Add support for DisplayMetrics.DENSITY_420 to tests
e37f4b4 : CTS: check non-zygote apps are not debuggable
cc90344 : Camera: Put CameraTest#testPreviewFpsRange into known failures
fd698aa : Fix build
2219c0f : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS and CTS verifier versions
d62bef1 : Remove unnecessary layout request, avoid obtaining wrong bounds rect
8da2326 : Make LauncherApps tests less flakey.
a87d491 : cts/tests: increase deadlines in
d40e041 : Camera: use ZSL tempalte for preview of ReprocessingTest
4143f18 : Add testBatchAndFlush to knownfailures.
347d83a : Camera: fix raw size check
992a20d : Add test for Keystore put overflow
cc920ce : Adding some more PhoneAccount API tests.
6a25206 : Add test for TelecomManager.getSimCallManager
ea7675a : Camera2: Add a test for holding images for a while
a45eeb8 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: Camera: remove ITS from Lollipop
3364027 : Add test for InCallService.getCalls
abea7ef : Camera: fix false alarms when no camera on device
1868139 : Update KeyStore tests to account for software digesting.
ece00bc : Minimal fixes for OpenJDK 8
ea8dd5d : CTS Verifier Speaker and Microphone frequency response
f48612d : CTS test for device encryption
d118a4f : Checking for multiuser before trying to create one
c7ef16d : CtsVerifier: Test NFC sharing user restriction
b58cd01 : Split NIST AES CAVP test into smaller tests.
61a2db6 : Add an option to use log saver for generated XML report
49e10b6 : cts: get video size from CamcorderProfile
a0d8825 : Camera2: Update all CTS tests for depth-only devices
1b4f5f6 : [CtsVerfier] ScreenLockBoundKeys - use different key ID
6ef453e : Fix GeolocationTest
d12fd34 : update attention management test for M release
78de670 : Add some ConnectionServiceTests
3049e83 : Changing media dest from mnt/sdcard to /sdcard
7cac2e6 : Delete signature-tools
e74ad94 : Ensure layout occurs before testing divider height
f556d7d : Update permissions tests for legacy ConnectivityManager APIs.
c9f9235 : Bug: 22979576 Fix CTS: RingtoneManagerTest failing
f297a2b : Bug: 23003511 Fix CTS: AudioManagerTest#testSoundEffects failing
1c8defc : Add CtsVerifier tests for settings lockdowns
78098bf : Add test for flag secure app
af08122 : Change name of rs_kernel_context parameter.
338cdcc : Verify that per-user storage is isolated.
6014d3f : Test for playback position at end of playback
d377912 : CTS test that account management works for managed profile
b525474 : MIDI CTS: remove tests that pass null callback
981f933 : Revert "Bug: 23003511 CTS: AudioManagerTest#testSoundEffects failing"
2e9fd73 : Add Device Owner CtsVerifier test for device admin settings
7a1f542 : Revert "Modify user agent CTS test to (optionally) match new webview user agent."
16ae92f : CTS runner fixes
7f15573 : Test that all runtime permissions are in the right groups
c1c1a48 : Bug: 23003511 CTS: AudioManagerTest#testSoundEffects failing
53dc1e9 : Bug: 22979576 CTS: RingtoneManagerTest failing
64035d0 : Make sure to skip Telecom CTS tests on unsupported devices
9b2e168 : CTS Verifier Loopback frequency response
86b43e5 : Update CTS for unsupported legacy ConnectivityManager APIs
2e7d26c : Fix EventGapVerificationTest#testVerify_missing_events.
e219b9a : SensorParameterRange, SensorSupport, Noise SD, Jitter Tests
4dad595 : Fix testGetPhoneCount() for PHONE_TYPE_NONE.
69f4ec4 : Use test app in separate package from assistant.
1b80826 : Protect runtime storage mount points.
875809b : Track Connection setPostDialWait and setNextPostDialChar
5be6594 : Fix bugs in test_devicesInfoFields().
eb75007 : Add further test for device owner pre-conditions
ffecdc8 : DO NOT MERGE: adding 1 more knownfailure
33f40de : media: log result raw data in test error message
c5b368e : RemoteConnection.VideoProvider CTS tests.
631444e : DO NOT MERGE: Bumping CTS 4.4 R4
6189630 : media: test audio codecs in testGetMaxSupportedInstances
0fde65f : Augment tests for Connection-related APIs
4a7aef1 : Update testOnCannedTextResponsesLoaded
b90d140 : Remote Conference Callbacks tests.
46b5ceb : Add Keyguard disabled features CTS and CTSVerifier tests
8a4afe5 : Improve hitrate for ClonedSecureRandomTest
da7ccee : CTS: Test NFC sharing user restriction
ea057aa : CameraITS: Update ZSL mode check
6ffe2ba : Add test for onCannedTextResponsesLoaded
06373fe : Bug: 22873823 CTS: android.provider.cts.Settings related tests failing: SecurityException
24fd2be : Remote Connection Callbacks tests.
e6117e2 : Provide better diagnostics on CTS failures.
1243b47 : Add post dial continue and wait test
880a697 : Fix PhoneNumberTest.testGetLine1Number
7a098a0 : Update build Sdk for PermissionApp
741608b : DO NOT MERGE: Adding known failures for CTS 4.4 R4
29b2c1a : Test for onCallAudioStateChanged callback
d71a07b : Assist CTS test
06fecf5 : Add a few sensor tests to the knownfailures file.
d00d287 : Add CTS tests for Conference setter API testing.
b67f9c0 : Fix contacts provider cts tests
8c15ed8 : Fix expected misc output of dumpsys BatteryStats test
24db718 : Add OnBringToForegroundTest
e6efca7 : CTS Sensor: Perform EventOrderVerificationTest for all sensor types except ONE-SHOT
fffb95a : Test that the device owner changed broadcast is sent.
c6cedd9 : Renew leanback jank test to test with continuous scroll animation.
dc97db7 : Should create a decoder from MediaCodecList
b95b1c8 : Revert "Revert "Store result directory in build attributes.""
11c8c85 : media: combine log to reduce the size
103b085 : MediaRandomTest: restrict domain of setAudioSource() test
0cd89a4 : Add tests for InCallService.canAddCall
946ee6b : Add a 3 seconds delay before running each CTS test.
9e4bea2 : videoperf: end the decoder test if exceed the time limit.
c2ba79c : Fix build.
7eff318 : Add RemoteConference API Cts tests.
76c04ff : Fix Telecom CTS tests to use valid phone numbers
256566a : Revert "Store result directory in build attributes."
25c78d7 : Store result directory in build attributes.
8c2ba43 : Add tests for pre-conditions of setProfileOwner and setDeviceOwner
d07f538 : Move tests for setApplicationHidden to CTS
806b430 : CameraITS: Update DNG noise model generator script.
7ea5a7d : Store result directory in build attributes.
a521e9d : testDecodeMonoGsm: skip iff Gsm decoding is not supported
536a88f : Fix for checkKernelWakelock function : It contains a comma character in the "Kernel Wakelock". So When parts arr's length is more than 7, Fix check routine.
45bec50 : testDecodeMonoGsm: skip on non-phones without Gsm decoder
98841cb : cts: VideoEncoderTest: increase 1st frame timeout to 2sec
b80cdf7 : Skip SeccompTests that fail when running under an emulated ABI.
5b49f68 : Verify uninstall using "pm list".
112b1be : Fix CTS to deal with wifi-only devices.
c8bb6c0 : Add sched tracing to atrace test
0ba8cd2 : testExtractAlpha was asserting a bug
aca0203 : Add MIDI feature to MNC section
56d285a : Permissions: Fix Auth CTS tests to reflect changes.
ede94ca : Update AudioNativeTest to check odd channel counts
93e12e7 : Test the getter methods of Conference API's.
1da2313 : CameraITS: Support connecting multiple devices
c91b66d : Adding RemoteConnection API Cts tests.
7ffe1af : media: compute measured fps from frame time diff
b5a7ece : DO NOT MERGE media: import Stat.
682a07b : CTS: TelephonyProviderTest failing
ddfb74f : Fix for ScanResultTest and WifiManagerTest
8e9b459 : Extend screen capture disabled test
72ba56a : Add CTSVerifier tests for checking permission grant states.
e6b2323 : CTS test to ensure RelativeLayout alignBaseline works correctly
ee15d81 : Report GFX metrics of Leanback jank test, in addition to ones based on SurfaceFlinger.
7555979 : Revert "Turn on verbose logging to debug flaky test cases"
6352ed0 : videoperf: compute measured fps from frame time diff
a0077cc : Camera: fix testYuvBurst flaky timeout issue
6a48cfa : Revert "Revert "Assert that digest/padding NONE doesn't mean ANY.""
f63be2d : CTS test whether managed provisioning is installed
27a2bb5 : Refactor CtsVerifier BYOD tests to use existing classes
64aedc7 : CTS Coverage Report Support for generic types
cc79013 : Fix the bug in the logic for testMinimumMemory.
63073b9 : New tests for (un)registerNetworkCallback with PendingIntent.
a9bab44 : More CTS conference tests
0eb6092 : DeviceSuspendTests for non wake-up sensors.
39f8f4b : Camera: fix early timeout for long exposure captures
08163a3 : Avoid leaking eviction test service in tearDown.
0dbbe20 : DO NOT MERGE Remove unused dependancies
0f458fa : DO NOT MERGE Add string and array size limit to extended device info activity API
62a97bf : DO NOT MERGE Added GenericDeviceInfo Collector
38806a8 : DO NOT MERGE Append .deviceinfo to extended device info json file names
2285129 : DO NOT MERGE Add preparer for cts extended device info
3711f17 : DO NOT MERGE Test for DeviceInfoActivity API
a1e9606 : DO NOT MERGE Build fix
36fc50c : DO NOT MERGE Extended Device Info Activity API
6d15578 : DO NOT MERGE Add permission options to manifest generator
5c6976b : DO NOT MERGE Add instrumentation tag to manifest generator
e9b62a8 : DO NOT MERGE Manifest Generator
c2a9581 : CameraITS: Update writer socket when it's closed
84d67ea : Revert "Work around deqp log file creation issues."
e793db1 : Move tests from CTS-DEQP-staging to CTS-DEQP
e35a640 : CTS Sensor: Perform EventOrderVerificationTest for all sensor types except ONE-SHOT
c7a07d8 : Add check for bitmap get/set alpha_8 config
0b857ab : Couple of bug fixes in CTS tests.
49d2e9a : Add CTS conference test
e772d86 : Move PersistentIntentResolvingTest to DeviceAndProfileOwner
1db396d : Move ScreenCaptureDisabledTest to DeviceAndProfileOwner
f877c5a : Move ApplicationRestrictionsTest to DeviceAndProfileOwner
2068eed : QUIC port 80 support is going away
1d24769 : Add CTS for QueueItem
bc4ff39 : Bug: 22118093 CTS: ProviderPermissionTest#testWriteSettings failing
d1ca62a : Camera: Increase timeout for long-running test.
a3c0ae4 : Fix build due to bad merge resolution.
501c3c8 : Runtime permission tests for MediaStore.
abb7995 : AudioNativeTest: do not run record tests without microphone
d68bd2f : DO NOT MERGE videoperf: switch to use DeviceReportLog
2e920e6 : increase tolerance in RSResizeTest test bug:22357417
8519a88 : Bug: 22601850 CTS: DisplayTest#testModeSwitch failing
d100d8b : Bug: 22567809 CTS: Fugu: android.text.format.cts related tests failing
c397e8e : Modify CTS tests for AlarmClock to include testing for CompleteVoiceRequest and AbortVoiceRequest hanlding by whatever Clock app is included (DeskClock in stock Android case).
db65586 : Temporary workaround for intermittent MediaStore_FilesTest failure
d8304cc : media: fix potential memory leak in test.
c9b2dee : AudioRecordTest: Don't consider notifications after stop
302b28e : Fix the TV detection logic for Shadow CTS test
4c1cd59 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera: don't always require ZSL template
c2e8986 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera: don't always require ZSL template
55cf974 : Simplify CTS testing for policies that apply to DO and PO
b6d09fe : Bug: 22477687 CTS RingtoneTest#testRingtone failing
9f5e3f4 : Support WiFi only device at runtime.
71adc97 : Add FEATURE_FINGERPRINT to PackageManager's feature list
bf819c3 : Add tests for ArraySet (newly made public in mnc).
626bb61 : [SecurityTests] test for transactional fingerprint keys
8d80805 : Add a jank test with Leanback UI.
918d579 : Revert "Cts test fix for shortcode 48000"
ab0a701 : media: use small frame size for resource manager test.
09ff3b3 : Update last public framework attribute to pass CTS test.
8f5384b : Revert "Assert that digest/padding NONE doesn't mean ANY."
0f2b343 : Revert "improve TestVirtualDisplayRecycles to reduce memory usage"
7530eed : Tests to verify behavior of adoptable disks.
4a5d9f3 : Send broadcasts to the CTS Robot even if it is stopped.
a51a408 : Adjust Android Keystore AES-GCM test to handle IVs from BC.
bba1b49 : Revert "Add android.hardware.cts.SensorTest#testBatchAndFlush to knownfailures"
62d4145 : Revert "add more logging to monkey seed test"
469db8a : [SecurityTests] test for screen lock bound keys
f7f7145 : Fix build: Revert "Add CTS tests for NDK tracing"
2a33a00 : Remove Thread.sleep from device admin cts tests.
99bd274 : Cts tests for cross-profile app linking.
ac45aaf : Add UiAutomation test for runtime permissions
f859821 : Add very basic CTS test cases for FingerprintManager
565526d : Update instructions for the Car Dock test
f6d79a4 : Add UsageStatsManager#isAppInactive test
2b63369 : Add CTS tests for NDK tracing
fa43bff : Changes to support conference calls in CTS tests.
81bf089 : Split out storage tests, get them running again.
7646015 : Assert that digest/padding NONE doesn't mean ANY.
756b32c : Camera: check all required stream configurations
5810ae4 : Make some tests more robust to orientation changes.
0919337 : CTS-test Android Keystore raw RSA Cipher corner cases.
127c71e : Fix flaky permission tests
aaaad64 : DO NOT MERGE. Revert "Add Gamepad HID tests."
76a33ba : Fix CTS_5.0_r3 720p_preview/1080p_recording failures b/22467525
6f7f549 : IME interferes with print UI tests
c10f3a4 : Revert "IME interferes with print UI tests"
0e1392c : Fix AudioTrackTest.testGetTimestamp
18f2129 : IME interferes with print UI tests
61083e0 : Add OpenSL ES multichannel record test
cc5fcc3 : Add OpenSL ES multichannel playback test
a7e52ae : Add Ble test cases to BuildCtsTemporarilyKnownFailureList.
36d5b83 : Revert "fix audio policy service binder security tests."
81ef6de : videoperf: remove raw data logging
006a8ac : Revert "DO NOT MERGE media: collect frame time diff log for certain build"
17e4046 : Revert "Fix AudioTrackTest.testGetTimestamp"
233c38d : Remove EventOrderingVerificationTest_testSameTimestamp
bd4939a : Inital stubbing-in of OpenSLES tests.
49a910d : fix audio policy service binder security tests.
916b5e9 : Verify signal strength and neighbor info for telephony.
0c63bb8 : Changed the size of MockView according to resolution.
c3753d0 : Fix AudioTrackTest.testGetTimestamp
18019e9 : increase wait timeout and reduce dequeue buffer time-out
31d0c3c : More CTS tests for Android Keystore HMACs.
a904afc : CTS-test Android Keystore primitives accept empty.
be3d048 : CTS-test Android Keystore import supports required key sizes.
d87a390 : security: adjust test on SELinux for kernel threads
51a6899 : More CTS tests for Cipher with different key sizes.
83efe7e : TIF: use term '3rd-party' instead of 'third-party'
9531b99 : media: move timeout timer to the worker thread to unblock onCreate.
6f05e5e : More CTS tests for ECDSA and RSA signatures.
7e8b1ba : Increase timeout when hitting external servers.
856e331 : Need to ask for both storage permissions.
c55f577 : Various updates to CTS coverage tool
950feb3 : Turn on verbose logging to debug flaky test cases
b612120 : Revert "Track rename of compatibility-device-util"
da9312b : Track rename of compatibility-device-util
d597f61 : Add logging statements to debug hangs.
f4cf2b9 : media: handle MediaSyncTest video decoder callbacks on a separate thread
fe560eb : New CTS test for ConnectivityManager.(un)registerNetworkCallback.
e14dc28 : Unbreak SecretKeySpec CTS test.
1cd6a95 : DO NOT MERGE media: collect frame time diff log for certain build
b515a90 : media: deliver report to host
d4fde18 : CTS-test that HMAC key can be authorized for one digest only.
bf97c72 : CtsVerifier: update mPreviewTex in case of mismatch with mFormatView
b30c71f : New CTS test for ConnectivityManager.getActiveNetwork.
8e08525 : CTS: Fix VM-tests new-instance VFE7 test
67f4400 : mark TAG as final so they don't get nullified between test methods
72436bc : Sensor CTS fixes
58bdc3b : Fixed UserDictionary_WordsTest
74f3e24 : Handling NPE in case of AVC level under 2
f4e822e : CTS tests for CommandRequest & supportsCommands() API in VoiceInteractor.
0b7fb8a : CameraITS: Update for FAST EE/NR expectations
6f5bed9 : media: release codec in the case of exception
e908b09 : CTS Verifier test for Audio Loopback Latency
ed01b90 : Remove accidental System.out.println.
a06d2ff : Assert WebView works with Android Keystore keys for client certs.
348306d : Revert "Update CTS Verifier camera video tests to check for a microphone in camera video recording tests."
78066c6 : Revert "Check for microphone feature in video camera recording tests."
947ffe3 : Tests for managed WiFi deleting on owner removal
2e868ec : Revert "Fix android.webkit.cts.WebViewTest#testFindNext seldom fail"
373164c : Added more logging to permissions tests
f23fc99 : videoperf: specify timeout for VideoEncoderDecoderTest
651f360 : Fix bugs regarding AdapterView layout size with large font scale in AdapterViewTest
4d656b2 : Fix CTS build
0ee61c3 : Fix CTS build
77ef4bb : Test that modifications made by kernels to input arguments are not reflected back in the Allocation.
aa466b6 : Adding 53024, NZC as it does not support report delivery.
6d6f110 : CtsUiAutomatorTest pinchin/pinout test case: add support for 480X320 pixel solution device. The pinchin/pinout test need the device solution bigger than ***X400. This is hardcode in the the source code is: withinMarginOfError(0.1f, screenRect.centerX(), p2s.x)) private boolean withinMarginOfError(float marginPrecent, int expected, int actual) { int m = (int) (marginPrecent * expected); return actual >= expected - m && actual <= expected + m; }
fc37d60 : Fix CTS android.provider package testAccountRemovalWithMergedContact_doesNotDeleteContactAndTimestampUpdated seldom fail issue
37e0497 : DO NOT MERGE: Mimmum application memory should be 96MB
f9ef108 : DEV HACK: cts: increase permitted colour delta
11f43bb : Fix android.webkit.cts.WebViewTest#testFindNext seldom fail
6e99547 : Fix CTS issue
5ffb628 : Fix AbsListViewTest.testSetOnScrollListener()
fe3f91d : Add tests for C++ vector reflection in RenderScript.
a14d199 : RenderScript cts: Fix issues related to concurrency.
bd6ffe7 : CTS tests for entropy consumption by Cipher and Signature.
5ba6d9d : Verify the failed test case of CTS for WebView
550c54f : Improve the usability of CTS Verifier "Camera Formats"
e33b573 : Use Supported Camera resolution.
970eaac : Adjust 480p ratio range in
5597439 : AbiTest: Include QDSP6 ELF binaries in validity check
7c0cc59 : Revert "media: deliver test report to host."
2595de0 : Remove bad test cases from MemoryFileTest.
c8f6bf9 : Update lists of OpenMobileCommuticaton operators
4e963c4 : CTS test for PingPongRoot vulnerability
df1a367 : Add connection tests
1930106 : Tests to verify relaxed DownloadManager behavior.
0a4e76d : Skip encoding tests for unsupported resolutions.
dc69642 : Fix configure check regarding AdaptivePlayback ReconfigDrcTest.
1c01e9d : improve TestVirtualDisplayRecycles to reduce memory usage
e3227c8 : use locked orientation instead of "nosensor"
097493a : CTS tests for Android Keystore KeyFactory and SecretKeyFactory.
cc87c75 : Fix bugs regarding Camera Video test
2b51642 : Flesh out more data objects tests
4df7a74 : Make Telecom CTS coverage more accurate
bc34244 : Added 5.0 to expected VERSION_RELEASE.
555c73a : TIF: remove test for READ_EPG which is deprecated in M
7dde87a : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: mark known failure camera tests
101d1c3 : Change assertcode of checkSignalStrength in DumpsysHostTest
0dc51bf : Revert "TIF: remove READ_EPG and WRITE_EPG permission related code from CTS"
8714b8a : CTS tests for AlarmClock: SET_ALARM, DISMISS_ALARM, SNOOZE_ALARM
814bd32 : Add tests for several special Shader usages
ac7ce0f : CTS tests for Android Keystore key generation.
2d4904d : media: test with platform limit instead of reported limit
023d844 : CTS tests for Android Keystore AES 192 and 256.
94be2c1 : MediaSyncTest: use float for playback rate tolerance to keep consistent with others.
66f5dec : media: deliver test report to host.
f5fdad9 : Tests to verify runtime storage permissions.
3916438 : CTS: Adds conditions to bypass FileSystemPermissionTest.testDeviceTreeCpuCurrent
ec866a8 : Fix a typo
444ccdd : CTS: Add check for same sensor event timestamp
6bf5b37 : Chage the timeout while rendering to overcome the low performance device.
3786d82 : Fix CTS package testTrafficStatsForLocalhost seldom fail issue
bddfe21 : Fix CTS package testSetDismissMessage seldom fail issue
18ea4fd : Set mSensorMightHaveMoreListeners flag to false.
6006a91 : media: add more resource manager tests to cover secure codec cases.
3d37243 : Relax limits for EventGapVerification.
830104c : AudioRecordTest: Release AudioRecord on failure
4317513 : Additional CTS tests for Android Keystore AES GCM.
1743a5d : CTS tests for Android Keystore-backed Cipher.
a95c3c6 : CTS test for SearchEvent.
2835d69 : CTS tests for Voice Settings: ZenMode, BatterSaverMode, Airplane Mode
e12bbff : Further extend cts tests for runtime permission policies
52e8067 : AudioRecord tests: only with a microphone
e7faaf7 : Camera2: Update high speed recording tests for API refactor
455b57f : CameraITS: Test ZSL EE and NR modes
f07d5c2 : CameraITS: fix
43a891a : media: VideoDecoderPerfTest test fixes
b107f79 : Work around deqp log file creation issues.
ae663de : Clean up failing CTS tests after refactor
825fd34 : Grant runtime permissions for split tests.
22cec91 : lock device orientation for CTS monkey seed test
84ed05f : CTS - Ensure that onContextClick returns the correct view
95a2d0d : Lower key import test requiremenst: 2 minutes and min 1500 keys.
1cf6a32 : Camera: Test ZERO_SHUTTER_LAG modes
6d8b6bc : Fix a naming error in b/22349111
e98d3ee : Extend Managed Profile permissions tests
48d662e : DO NOT MERGE: A better shadow value to cover more devices, handle TV theme override.
cc768c6 : ImageWriter: Add abandoned surface exception test
fd38704 : Unbreak tests that assert that 10,000 keys can be imported.
255528a : Add CTS tests for call log backup.
e102590 : CameraITS: Added tool for converting YUV420 NV21 and planar to JPEG
2e85957 : CTS - Add scale gesture detector tests for constructor and stylus APIs
6c3cbae : Increase timeout when removing active admin in CTS
4d23c7a : CTS tests for VoiceInteraction.
4be874c : CTS: Activity Transition: onSharedElementsArrived tests.
720430f : CTS Tests for GestureDetector
8c26bbb : Update gfxstats cts test
860d21c : Add CTS for b/22031904
71862d1 : Build app and accessibility CTS suites against public APIs
92e24e5 : Clean up usage of internal classes and utils in widget CTS tests
dbc95c5 : AP Suspend tests.
ac70242 : CameraITS: Add support for cropping activeArraySize
f61e698 : Update settings provider - insert in secure settings test
c34adcd : Fix android.hardware.camera2.cts.RobustnessTest#testMandatoryOutputCombinations failure.
8fabf13 : Replace more obvious private API usages in view CTS tests
049cdc4 : Fix CTS verifier camera orientation test.
aecb9a2 : Change sensor cts test confirguration to accept a packageName.
a845522 : Improve CameraTest stability.
fd4f760 : Modified testRecorderCamera() to get camera supported resolution for testing.
f1ea4e1 : MediaRecorderStressTest: use smallest supported preview size.
40fc819 : CTS drawing pictures through HWUI for b/21945972
bb69dad : Camera2: update the recording duration margin
e1a4dda : TIF: use 'TV app' instead of 'Live Channels'
184ed72 : Add tests to check that is not present.
39935e5 : Update FormatterTest to track file size format change
89e40fc : Add CtsVerifier tests for disabling status bar and keyguard
223816c : TIF: add query perf tests for a channel/program Uri in TvProviderPerfTest
09f1128 : videoperf: avoid potential ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
2cf1afc : media: add VideoDecoderPerfTest
900fdaf : media: increase the wait time for resource manager test.
442fc7a : Added test for incorrect clamping behavior & exception handling in BNNM API.
e1ed810 : EglConfigGLSurfaceView: fix incorrect count passed to glDrawArrays
d4effc8 : Camera: skip AE precaptrue trigger test on LEGACY
b105c18 : Fix yuv too strict bug: 21037163
23760fd : Fix wrong date format in StrictModeTest.
01ce454 : Add CTSVerifier tests for Wifi config lockdown
9a2b13e : Make positive Device Owner CTSVerifier tests possible.
b99428e : Add CTS tests for WiFi config lockdown
fdaf6a0 : Adding WifiConfigCreator to device side CTS common utils
acdf052 : Modify the testcase in 64-bit device & lower density field
88eda6b : Exception in TestAccessHistory tearDown
93230ce : Add simple cts tests for ActionMode.
30255ef : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: Bump CTS 5.1 to R2
b48f34c : Additional failure tests for KeyChain
c56afa1 : Camera2: Fix burst capture characteristics test for non-burst devices
dd68739 : Revert non-activity KeyChain CTS tests
a547790 : Assert that Android Keystore can hold at least 10,000 keys.
032b752 : Cts fix: popup window laying out in the chin.
b4be0a9 : Move KeyChainTestActivity to CtsVerifier
dc2570c : Camera2: Add 3A trigger interaction test
11849f6 : Assert that IND-CPA enforced during asymmetric key gen.
7fa1eec : videoperf: run test for more frames.
6857d05 : Require Seccomp-BPF support on aarch64.
3c96338 : Changed the value TEST_TIME_OUT from 5000 to 10000.
a802e12 : Remove dependence on from CTS tests
46dace6 : media: log expected codec limit for concurrent instances as xml
e7d8015 : Update CTS Verifier camera video tests to check for a microphone in camera video recording tests.
4621783 : Check for microphone feature in video camera recording tests.
518512c : CTS: Add test for JNI class-loading
cab0a52 : VideoEncoderDecoderTest: Do not clear buffer-offset when reading
a1fe28d : Add simple CTS tests for untested ViewConfiguration methods.
c3b7e03 : Add CTS tests for Icon methods on RemoteViews, ImageView
8e92940 : Fix some of the more obvious usages of private APIs in CTS tests
2d82510 : Fix reference neutral normalization in RawConverter.
3d8cbe9 : Remove dependence on internal XmlUtils from CTS tests
d0d0b25 : Add ChangeScroll test
779eb03 : CTS-test Android Keystore HMAC implementation.
3267860 : CameraITS: Reprocess edge enhancement test
4170187 : Add CTS tests for fp16 arithmetic
1a073be : TIF: remove READ_EPG and WRITE_EPG permission related code from CTS
c90f606 : Fix broken test
d5a7149 : Fix bogus merge conflict resolution.
defab0c : Assert that Android KeyStore's public keys work with crypto.
d68088f : Test for isTransitionRequired.
2ec2858 : [RenderScript] Add CTS correctness test for IntrinsicBLAS
52f0239 : Add CTS tests to drawable.Icon.
4ed3b6c : Rewrite TextView onSaveInstanceState CTS tests
e34c5fb : Tests for add/remove targets on Transition.
fe8fbf7 : Upload missing patch set for DatePickerDialog CTS tests
b67e5b4 : Adding more fields to verify in CallDetails test.
0560293 : media: Test flush before and after CSD for decoders
50989af : Add CTS tests for Switch.
a79c33a : CTS for setCameraDisabled
5ff6bbf : Fix bogus merge conflict resolution.
5730d4a : expectations: fix default Result value.
f6130ee : Sleep between write and read in EventLogTest
d65ac46 : Fix race condition in testSendOrderedBroadcast1
af697c8 : Lookup private resources in run-time
9c99d9d : Fix for failing test of testEOS because checksum takes too long
87d7f9d : Change FRAMEDROP_TOLERANCE value when upper 15MP camera size.
17f1800 : Revert "Adding more fields to verify in CallDetails test."
8faa44a : media: Properly calculate percentage tolerance
19815cb : Add CTS Verifier for the time shifting API in TIF
7c62e87 : Update FontRenderingTests to handle 90x90 test area
da9d150 : Make non-clickable item not focusable
2664062 : CTS verifier crashes while executing the "Notification Attention Management" test
7855cc8 : Camera2: Test creating multiple sessions
92ae438 : Add CTS tests for passpoint APIs in enterprise config. b/22001019
6eb95c5 : Camera: several LEGACY camera fix
8a410dd : Call super implementation in Telecom callbacks
f3b6b67 : [CTS update lastAuthenticatedTime] Update behavior of lastAuthenticatedTime.
77b39d0 : CTS tests for input truncation/padding of NONEwithECDSA.
3e642a2 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE fixed all merge issue
4b9912f : add more logging to monkey seed test
6b35882 : CTS test to verify consistent measureText() with context
d101a53 : Camera2: mark testPreparePerformance as known failure
c6dbbf2 : Camera ITS: Update to use high resolution sizes
948eda6 : Adding more fields to verify in CallDetails test.
913f4f9 : Move LauncherAppsTests to AndroidJUnitRunner.
2401f13 : Permission grant tests for legacy apps
7d84f83 : Camera2: Update remaining uses of getOutputSize for high resolutions
14323de : Add an integration test for SeccompBpf.
f67a438 : CTS tests to verify the call details object.
82577ea : Initial transition CTS tests
500ffa4 : Add tests for canvas clip return values, as well as quickrejection
48d0713 : multinetwork native API CTS test
21e5a9b : Report errors from CtsTestServer for improved debugging
d56768b : CTS tests to test parcelable telecom objects.
a98f8da : Validate deviceowner KeyManagementTest install
81f81e4 : DO NOT MERGE: missing comma
e195d68 : Remove isDither()
cee310c : CTS: check cpu currents are initialized in the device tree.
3da13ef : Fix bug in key validity enforcement tests of SignatureTest.
babcda2 : Fix build
131994b : Update CTS handling of RAW buffer dimens.
e16d2c4 : DO NOT MERGE: Disabling testConnectViaHttpProxyToHttpsUsingBadProxyAndHttpResponseCache test
04e1bc9 : Adding CTS tests for parcelable interface of telecom objects.
6c2ebb4 : Camera2: RobustnessTest: Do not use input sizes when unsupported
632389f : Modify telecom2 mk file to include telecom resources
f71cc34 : CTS-test key pair generation when key expired or not yet valid.
3294449 : Add cts tests for TextView's action mode callback methods.
ce24070 : Add test for WebView stencil clipping
3e5b720 : Camera: add a flashlight test to CTS verifier
0264b23 : Camera: fix time measuring logic
fc71fad : Camera2: Update tests for high resolution slow outputs
efa70b1 : Add CTS for Paint#testGetRunAdvance().
ded13a7 : Initial CTS tests for DatePickerDialog
0047650 : Add CTS tests for CaptionManager APIs
fe5a8be : Assert that DownloadManager supports HTTPS.
36fba9c : CameraITS: Added helper function to load standard image formats
cb59a50 : Remove CTS tests for removed APIs
0df9688 : CTS tests to test parcelable telecom objects.
636e9b2 : Add Hyphenation CTS tests.
fba26e4 : CtsDeviceVideoPerf: limit bitrate to main or baseline profiles
cc0c695 : Change URI for the channel query
d16b864 : Add support for "large" tagged tests to have non-default timeout
466736d : Revert "Adding CTS tests for parcelable interface of telecom objects."
cfb7f1c : Revert "CTS tests to test parcelable telecom objects."
ab53a56 : Add tests for layer paint
d78c9ca : CTS tests to test parcelable telecom objects.
9ae21a8 : Remove testShaderSweeps
1f04336 : Add cts tests for CarrierConfigManager.
3f66473 : Basic CTS tests for Android Keystore's AES ciphers.
cfa6c74 : Add NIST CAVP KAT tests for AES ECB and CBC.
acde37e : Adding CTS tests for parcelable interface of telecom objects.
ea5f593 : Add KAT CTS tests for Android Keystore Signature.
0ff952b : Miscellaneous CTS tests for new APIs
139f49f : Fix ConfigTest#testVersions
e1ab912 : Camera2: add precapture cancel test
33f60d4 : Camera2: Test mandatory reprocess configs
fd220eb : Avoid reusing script group names
7b113c8 : Remove tests for generating keys requiring user auth.
a66d53d : Use for strict mode cts test.
e8895f7 : Added AbsListViewTest.testFling
fedb39d : Remove cell / wifi manipulation from ApacheHttpClientTest
b3b4e18 : set delay during testPerformFiltering
897902d : CTS: Fix memory leak in RSBlendTest loop.
fb163d7 : Add CTS tests for cleartext network traffic security policy.
8bdb1a9 : Rename AndroidKeyPairGeneratorTest for simplicity.
4f792a8 : CTS tests for ContactsContract.QuickContacts
fc8d65e : Add CTS tests for TextView's new methods.
3f36e2b : Revert "DO NOT MERGE: media: CTS workarounds for framework bugs"
ba48b31 : Remove ConnectionServiceCallbacks from Telecom CTS tests
06f70c2 : Add PhoneAccountRegistration related CTS tests.
929a336 : Add CTS tests for setUninstallBlocked
945c4fa : Add CTS tests for Spinner and adapters.
0fdde56 : Fix for CTS LoudnessEnhancer test using Visualizer
032503c : Remove CTS tests for removed TextView apis
48c048b : Revert "Add CTS test for selected item synchronization in AdapterView"
8841b96 : Revert "[RenderScript] Add CTS correctness tests for L3 BLAS Intrinsic"
bbfecf7 : Revert "[RenderScript] correctness test for L2 BLAS"
b568bfc : Expand AndroidKeyStore KeyPairGenerator tests.
b653b6e : [RenderScript] correctness test for L2 BLAS
f812133 : FileSystemPermissionTest: fix bad cherrypick
81813d5 : Add CTS test for RippleDrawable.
0f75cae : Refactor Drawable.getDither() to isDither()
4bd0ad8 : Remove not relevant browser tests - APIs are gone
6102d69 : Camera: fix legacy shim jpeg thumbnail size break
b099000 : CTS for aggregation suggestions builder
4e97646 : CTS test for PingPongRoot vulnerability
3f6dec1 : Cover all methods on NetworkStats and Bucket API
2ece19f : Reland "Modify user agent CTS test to match new webview user agent string."
2377186 : Remove
735f240 : CTS test QuickContactBadge#setPrioritizedMimetype
c40e86c : Fix DocumentsTest#testTree.
1ec0c1a : CTS - Accessibility additions for onContextClick API within View
5585a09 : CTS - View additions for onContextClickListener and related APIs
32b27f4 : Add permission test for TelecomManager.isVoicemailNumber
407bb84 : Add missing CTS test for KeyGenParameterSpec.
a1a605c : Add CTS tests for KeyInfo.
367d72e : remove setLatestEventInfo from CTS
402371b : Add CTS tests for KeyProtection.
f9428c4 : CtsVerifier: Camera FOV: cap FOV test to 120 degree
4fcfe99 : Add CTS tests for KeyGenParameterSpec.
3f00dd2 : Add a CTS case to catch non-recycleable view types bug
82267c4 : CTS tests for TelephonyManager and SignalStrength APIs.
b4312f0 : Add LayerDrawable tests
670b721 : Make default dialer tests less flaky
0744246 : Make second set of illuminant calibration values optional.
0c456de : Deprecate WebView scrollbar overlay settings
b132197 : CameraITS: fix ev compendation advance test
d875649 : Camera2: add more stall duration static metadata checks
de1bd02 : Camera2: fix high speed recording test fps range issue
b62ce5d : Add tests for new Drawable APIs
a3363bf : ParcelFileDescriptor: Test that surrogate pairs in filenames are handled correctly.
14de223 : Reset DateFormat.is24Hour after each test
d251348 : Add cts tests for maxLines=1 with ellipsis.
06cd569 : Fix: PaintTest#testGetOffsetForAdvance_invalidArguments
ce96047 : Add cts test for SpannableStringBuilder#getTextWatcherDepth
517db9d : Camera: use READ_SENSOR_SETTINGS when applicable
82396df : Remove tests for removed APIs.
d708972 : Added DrawableWrapperTest
7555e7b : Fix RenderScript warning.
656a526 : Fix CTS for new deprecated warnings.
4690584 : Add CTS test to check failure to build AudioTrack
401dedc : Add CTS test to check failure to build AudioRecord
ecd2b1f : MidiCTS: add bind service permission
e4ea56b : Flesh out InCallService CTS tests and add incoming call tests
5a71f57 : Add CTS tests for PopupMenus.
210adca : MediaCodecTest: added testReleaseAfterFlush
34dd37c : media: skip thumbnail extractor tests if required codecs are missing
80eab50 : Add READ_PHONE_STATE permission CTS tests
8f77481 : [RenderScript] Add CTS correctness tests for L3 BLAS Intrinsic
b97da95 : Video API CTS tests.
66ba59f : RVCVXCheck Passing Criterion Revision and Bug Fix
b7385d5 : Add CTS tests for Telecom.Call
51169ca : Verify that only package supporting DIAL intent can be set as default dialer
c45c027 : Modify user agent CTS test to (optionally) match new webview user agent.
39ce7d8 : CTS tests for SystemUpdatePolicy APIs in DevicePoliyManager
98e5f0b : Add Gamepad HID tests.
d8091a7 : Add CTS tests for new methods of PopupWindow.
95363af : Make sure to teardown MockConnectionService if previously injected
d6b1d4e : A better shadow value to cover more devices, handle TV theme override.
39eabb9 : Revert "Modify user agent CTS test to match new webview user agent string."
947956c : Revert "Cts test fix for shortcode 48000"
bf085cd : Add cts tests for getHour/setHour/getMinute/setMinute for TimePicker.
401b045 : Add test to verify the fix of Bug #21446448
9150fd8 : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix ActivityManagerTest#testGetRunningAppProcesses
f15f816 : HifiUltrasound test update
6153cf3 : Fix build.
e1757df : Remove corrupt test file
be6dfed : Add LLCP version check for M or later.
edb9063 : Add basic CTS tests for Paint#DrawTextRun.
d8e06c2 : Add video thumbnail generation tests
0f61f96 : Add CTS tests for new MediaBrowser methods.
159b4a7 : Add more assertions for asymmetric Android Keystore keys.
4c22b99 : Add CTS test for getDefaultDialerPackage
0530c03 : Add tests for setExtras().
e46189b : Fix DngCreatorTest memory usage and tonemapping.
16d0d35 : MediaCodecTest: add test for decoding after flush.
851517b : Expand keyset cts key rotation tests to include EC keys.
6005e10 : fix incorrection assumption due to DST
5a8089f : Test NDK tracing
92b8d6e : Camera: fix video snapshot test
946ade7 : Add a CTS test to dial addresses ending in "#"
515a726 : Camera2: Add reprocess request key test
d2c1b2b : Add CTS tests for MemoryInfo.getMemoryStats.
a7192e4 : Fix testNoDebuggingFeaturesRestriction fails in eng/userdebug build
69cf75e : Add cts tests for new methods of Paint.
f3a73a9 : Reset DateFormat.is24Hour after each test
8d2ad05 : Add CTS for MediaController.Callback
e7374a7 : Camera2: fix capability check
0b64d9d : Fix bugs regarding ShortCodeTest that fails without "112" in ECC List.
b07a600 : Add TextView cts tests for copy/cut/paste/pasteAsPlainText.
8a87a48 : CTS: Add tests for ActionMode#invalidateContentRect
ab6c4a9 : media: Track rendered frames during AdaptivePlaybackTest
4e1e2cc : CameraITS: Add reprocess noise reduction test
e32803f : Update TelecomManager.EXTRA_INCOMING_CALL_ADDRESS in Telecom CTS
7df0f1a : Add Telecom CTS tests for wired headset behavior.
0f50331 : Update CTS tests for moved notifyCarrierNetworkChange() API
2d42dbc : Fix CTS: ViewGroupTests failing
e51b5ef : Sensor CTS fix for 1 Hz and 5 Hz sampling rates.
e7ba695 : Update CA certificates
1e4e7d7 : Camera2: report performance test summary correctly
8f00225 : Add NetworkUsageStatsTest to CTS suite
5fbf372 : Update lockTaskTest with changed behaviour
e586286 : Add basic CTS tests for newly added TextView APIs.
e160f38 : Remove duplicate CTS tests from libcore cts packages.
02c09dc : Add CTS tests for textDirection.
2a311ec : Refactor some code in Telecom CTS tests
0a10e8f : Add Context.getColor() and Context.getColorList() tests to cts.
de932ca : Add tests for' implementation of Parcelable
e109e0a : DO NOT MERGE - bump CTS version to CTS 5.0_r3
f4fcb42 : Add CTS tests for outgoing calls
3f4d514 : Add tests for and AudioFormat.Builder
cc453f6 : Add more contacts projection test
ec02582 : CameraTestUtils: Switch to public ExifInterface tags
8a5ac64 : Update CA certificates
8d27e03 : Add CTS tests for default dialer permissions
76061bf : Removing launcher tests from knownfailures
c67a37d : Add simple cts tests for StaticLayout.Builder.
8e792c5 : Respect hard restriction to minimum password length in CTS
ba2f482 : Workaround for API coverage dashboard
b04969d : Camera: allow more time for AF
9db219d : SystemHealth: Tests defining token caching behavior.
c2fc10c : Revert "Fix cts coverage report inclusion of incorrect classes"
f5e62d4 : DO NOT MERGE: AudioTrack.write(...,timestamp) CTS test
96697e0 : Camera2: add highs speed recording test
9589b1e : Add CTS test for VectorDrawable.getColorFilter()
422a795 : Tests for Profile Owner permissions API
d14701c : Camera: update RAW Burst test
6639933 : Add Atrace test for trace content
af80c87 : CTSVerifier tests for audio (re)routing callbacks.
2be8177 : Add reset to AVD
8135fb2 : Fixed test for queryPermissionsByGroup
1dbdfd0 : Fix issue #21572679: API Review: ActivityOptions, usage time report
96767ce : Revert "As per the android documention 480p is defined as 720x480, 704x480 or 640x480. The test is hardcoding 480p to 720x480 and hence the test is failing other combinations."
dfca0f4 : Add Telecom CTS tests
320a956 : DO NOT MERGE: Cts test fix for shortcode 48000
4a305d5 : Fix testVpn timing issue for class
2c66b38 : Fix for testListen
3f3336a : Cts test fix for shortcode 48000
e9c7d2e : Add more CTS for MediaController
4185d11 : MIDI CTS: added loopback test for MIDI
aa1e803 : TIF: Ensure the global search can query EPG data
b951a21 : Use simple break strategy for testSetTextLong
ff54461 : Fix for
0607c49 : Make fewer assumptions in AndroidKeyStoreTest.
0e0276f : CameraITS: add face detection test
5d9f618 : As per the android documention 480p is defined as 720x480, 704x480 or 640x480. The test is hardcoding 480p to 720x480 and hence the test is failing other combinations.
66b0704 : DO NOT MERGE: Fix seldom fail
365be3a : CtsVerifier test for Audio Device connect/disconnect callbacks.
fbdb8cb : Setup the animation callback for AnimatedVectorDrawable.
b4b3fa4 : Split CTS-DEQP plan into two plans
09733d9 : Camera2: Add a reprocess JPEG EXIF test
97e9cc8 : Fix RawConverter ACR3 default curve.
eb1e0ea : Add tests for DENSITY_360
bf3b8d7 : Cleanup atrace and dumpsys tests
77e47ec : Remove duplicate CTS tests from libcore cts packages.
151381d : Add CTS for MediaBrowserService
2b599f0 : Fix TelephonyManagerTest#testGetDeviceId CTS fail for android cts 4.4
547d09c : Fixed a type in method name
0c8aadf : Fixed a type in method name
fe20f47 : Add CTS test for selected item synchronization in AdapterView
616ba55 : Fix up Looper preparation.
3541c64 : Add: test case for SettingInjectorSerivce
50a3276 : Use video without B frames for early EOS test
bfcea7e : Testing AudioDeviceInfo.getId()
a81eb0f : Fix build
5d9410f : Add test for AudioRecord.getRoutedDevice()
e963718 : Increase polling timeout
a953e1e : Fix for CTS fail android.hardware.cts.SensorTest#testSensorOperations
45e4752 : [DO NOT MERGE]Fix ION memory leak for camera2 testStillPreviewCombination
0d3062d : Add a CtsVerifier test to ensure the CAR_DOCK activity starts in car mode.
af2650b : Dismiss dialogs during indeterminate progress dialog CTS tests
d6254fc : Add sched to required tag list
2374020 : Add build number into CTS Verifier.
2407f75 : Accept more than one SD in NsdManagerTest
8734acb : Testing audioTrack.getRoutedDevice()
53dc715 : Camera2: Add reprocess timestamps test
fadc473 : LocalSocketTest.testAccessors: fix the *SendBufferSize* test
6e9ebcb : Add initial atrace host tests
5e9b5c4 : CTS test unregisterAudioDeviceCallback.
dbbf1b8 : Rename PhoneNumberUtils APIs
76ab672 : Fix seldom fail
ea1845e : Added tests for (re)Routing callbacks.
5003e65 : CTS tests for framestats
1aa0fc3 : Added CTS tests for AudioDeviceInfo accessors.
a21a564 : CTS tests for delegated cert installer API
9a9661e : AppSecurityTests: Do not delete in WhiteLists.
02c0891 : Use dup2() to make message queue tests less flaky.
3af790a : Add test for content observer notifyForDescendants.
3e9392d : fix UiAutomationTest.testWindowContentFrameStatsNoAnimation FAIL
c5cc8da : Add projection test to frequent
3ba4bc3 : Fix a broken CTS test
5317b6d : Add projection tests for Contacts.
59eb6ec : Fix cts coverage report inclusion of incorrect classes
b8ba0b0 : Camera2: Add reprocessing abort test
dde3052 : Camera: HAL3.3 LSC keys CTS update
3fa6d0c : videoperf: propagate buffer info from encoder to decoder.
561cd49 : Projection Widget Test: Remove two unnecessary buttons
469d21c : Add ContactsProvider path permission test
db3fca7 : Adding three CTS tests for the time tracking api
1b210a3 : Update LockTaskTest with new API call and behaviour changes
b87d4d5 : Add CTS for MediaController.TransportControls and its callback
2d6b994 : Add CTS for MediaSession.setActive()
18de542 : 5.0_r1 Verifier:Fix no-connectivity constraint job missing running issue
b1b956b : Add cts coverage for new APIs in M
327656c : [RenderScript] Performance improvement for BLAS CTS tests.
44d3732 : Fix print test due newly added duplex mode attribute
9f92a01 : Add the ProviderStatus CTS tests back
68e7df9 : Add CTS verifier test for work status.
79d048b : Modify assertMinMemoryMb testcase
cf55171 : MidiCTS: test new MIDI API without devices
6443677 : Fix off-by-one in PhoneNumberUtilsTest
14a38a6 : Updated CTS tests for Contacts permissions
9a359f3 : Added layout tweaks to handle small screens for CTS Sensor Test.
465ad0e : Fix Drawable, PopupWindow CTS breakages
743dc29 : media: add missing CTS tests for PlaybackParams - Parcelable methods
4cdc5be : [RenderScript] Typo fix for Resize test.
14e48ed : Add CTS for MediaSession.sendSessionEvent()
626a821 : Fix RenderScript warnings.
1bb9cf6 : Adding test to ensure that getRecentTasks only lists own APK tasks
f7050df : Add packageparser and shared user keyset cts tests.
91775a0 : Check for valid buffer size before proceeding with testCreateAudioRecord.
807cd0f : MediaPlayerTest: use getAnchorSytemNanoTime() instead of raw field.
8ba97ea : Fix location CTS tests
bff1b38 : Camera: change supported preview/video size logic
c2c580f : Add CTS for enterprise SIP lookup
934d800 : CameraITS: update LSC test per HAL3.3 change
a3b2785 : Update the golden images and compare algorithm
43ca6e9 : CTS Tests for added APIs to ActionMode and ActionMode.Callback2
0e380fe : Add more CTS codes for MediaBrowserTest
0921401 : Add CTS for MediaSession.Token
e42ea3f : Add build number into CTS report.
0251545 : cts: specify timeout for MediaPlayerFlakyNetworkTest
3788be8 : Run the seccomp kernel unit tests in CTS.
a8bcc72 : Camera: add required FPS range check
f538fab : Camera2: Add toString() coverage
fed98f4 : First CTS tests for Enum/Notify/Select & (re)Routing API
7a6fb7b : Complete CTS coverage for SensorManager
598ac28 : DO NOT MERGE: Add cts test to make sure framework shadow is in place.
8355fa9 : CTS test SELinuxDomainTest should be updated.
a59f4ed : Add CTS for MediaBrowser
9d2d323 : Revert "Simple implementation of CTS verifier as a library. Note that we included all CTS verifier classes and functions in here. Library will be at out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/cts-verifier-facilities_intermediates/{*.jar}. It's a starting point (or proof of concept). When time permissible, we can then filter out un-necessary test cases from this library. We can also just merge this in for now."
48a0a21 : Add build number into CTS.
7eb3ecb : Allow no more than one managed profile on the device
b75fb1a : Camera: Tonemap CTS update for HAL3.3
cbe0691 : TIF: Add test case for TvView.TvInputCallback.onConnectionFailed()
c489ac1 : TIF: Add tests for TvInputCallback.onInputAdded/Removed()
d7c7ec1 : Add CTS for MediaBrowser.MediaItem
9dfc315 : Disable WebGL tests from CTS
92e16ed : Fix RenderScript warnings in CTS
7405d52 : Update CTS tests for API review changes
08edaf7 : Update ColorMatrix test to account for premuliplication differences.
484e2dc : cts: add camera test for recording from persistent surface
a1ed8ca : Modify user agent CTS test to match new webview user agent string.
41144a5 : Add view translation test into CTS
00785cc : Fix ActivityManagerTest#testGetRunningAppProcesses
57b4ba2 : Add CTS test for silent package install
b94aec2 : CTS Tests for DreamService#onWindowStartingActionMode
515ad7f : TIF: Reset the counts before running tests for APIs added in M
363a43c : TIF: Add a test case for TvView.TvInputCallback.onVideoSizeChanged()
eb92bb2 : TIF: Add missing test cases for TvInputService
906ae88 : TIF: Add missing test cases for TvInputManager
20f47a3 : TIF: Add test cases for TvContract.Channels and TvContact.Programs.Genres
9bac23e : Change assertcode of checkSignalStrength in DumpsysHostTest
95e245b : TIF: Add missing tests for
76be1e5 : enable module test config for the rest of CTS package types
7301a53 : CameraITS: add shading mode test
0f574dc : fix build
91611e1 : Update cts to not require multi-user when managed_users are declared
cba4547 : Add CTS tests for Email.ENTERPRISE_CONTENT_LOOKUP_URI
1bff4cd : TIF: Add tests for TvTrackInfo
ee22dd1 : MediaSyncTest: fix a typo.
a4b809b : Improve SoundPoolTest
c4c80c5 : Simple implementation of CTS verifier as a library. Note that we included all CTS verifier classes and functions in here. Library will be at out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/cts-verifier-facilities_intermediates/{*.jar}. It's a starting point (or proof of concept). When time permissible, we can then filter out un-necessary test cases from this library. We can also just merge this in for now.
530065b : Adds CTS test for Script.Closure.getGlobal()
c30bdbc : Remove WebGL conformance tests from CTS
d7b1c1b : mediastress: move check for support to the beginning of the test.
28dba4e : Camera: fix Integer comparison
8e89c3d : media: add minimal test for setSyncParams
9ffb424 : media: add CTS tests for PlaybackParams and SyncParams
c75a301 : CTS Tests for View#startActionMode(callback[, int])
36477a5 : TIF: Add a test for Session.onOverlayViewSizeChanged() introduced in M
ff2cc65 : Unbreak PingTest.
9891725 : TIF: Add test cases for APIs newly added in M
e9ea930 : Fix a bug regarding layout-unable to tap Button in ScreenPinningTestActivity
cd6c15c : TIF: Fix warnings
ebf5bbc : TIF: Removed an unused variable
d6c9007 : media: test MediaCodec.setOutputSurface
6d73667 : Tests unicodeWrap() to return null for null input strings.
52424e0 : cts: release muxer objects in MediaMuxerTest
da565a0 : Add CTS test for synchronized AudioRecord
781c7b5 : Move sine wave and chirp sound data creation to AudioHelper
581ea15 : Improve AudioTrack and AudioRecord CTS coverage
831233b : Camera2: add CameraCaptureSession#isReprocessable() coverage
a77760c : Temp disables for deqp tests failing due to missing driver fixes.
29319a9 : Rename file descriptor listener API.
764c7c7 : Update CTS tests to use new API
efba262 : Use correct Uri in IsSuperPrimaryName test
7e24fda : Add CTS-verifier test to test cross profile media capture.
dcab348 : TIF: Add test cases for time shift APIs in TvInputServiceTest
be8620e : Add CTS to avoid regression in JobParameters
bbb3f9c : cts: add test for MediaRecorder setInputSurface/getInputSurface
0369e34 : MediaDrm API Updates per api council review
b66cec1 : MediaPlayerTest: add test for getTimestamp().
ba8c3fa : Camera: fix wrong String.format argument
faacd3e : Remove Authorization and ProviderStatus CTS
9afa725 : CameraITS: linear tonemap update
2edf574 : Camera: fix CaptureResultTest codegen
f57e165 : Camera2: update CTS according API review update
37098c4 : cts: MediaDataSource API change
5671fc0 : Camera: another legacy video recording fix
17afc90 : Refactoring the ThemeHostTest to reduce timeout.
34a0f63 : media: update setPlaybackRate to setPlaybackParams
4b55f38 : Camera2: Add prepare() correctness and performance tests
c09f11f : CameraITS: fix build break
b28e0fe : testPlayHlsStreamWithTimedId3: use updated API names
0d92a82 : Add CTS tests for fp16
2ad14c9 : TIF: Verify if the TV app shows EPG for 3rd-party input
1630b90 : TIF: Make a title for CTS verifier test case clearer
9845395 : TIF: Use Channels.CONTENT_URI for launching the TV app
76dd143 : CameraITS: add raw12 test
c68f28d : Camera2: Update tests for API name changes
e4b9293 : Revert "Self-signed cert parameters are now optional."
fb6289c : Add cts test to make sure framework shadow is in place.
8421867 : Hifi Ultrasound Test
0bfeb84 : Fix testSaveAndRestoreHierarchyState() to pass an illegal argument
63f6183 : Fix testAccessInflatedId() to check for correct default value
3661c33 : cts: rename usePersistentInputSurface to setSurface
4ed21c1 : Update WebViewClientTest after the android.webkit API changes
0a2d3ee : MediaSyncTest: add test for flush().
88eb334 : Addedd CTS test cases for LocationManager, Criteria
a992925 : rename insertVisualStateCallback to postVisualStateCallback
94fc0ad : DO NOT MERGE: Merged Fixes for CTS Sensor test from master
a1c0305 : TIF: make TvProviderPerfTest stable.
d651579 : Ensure JobScheduler Connectivity CTS reenables WiFI
3417822 : Ensure JobScheduler Connectivity CTS reenables WiFI
0f9b87a : Fix holes in CTS test coverage
6c60c50 : DO NOT MERGE - CTS for display mode switches.
ece56c9 : More AudioRecord.Builder tests
769a4ab : Remove useless implementation detail asserts from testDrawableState
78e65c0 : camera2: Add multiprocess arbitration cts test.
f1df612 : Add CTS tests for View scroll indicators
35d54ee : Listen and handle external interruption requests in deqp runner.
0b10cb3 : Do not report Deqp results as failures if device is disconnected.
bb1e64f : camera2: Update CameraManagerTest for arbitration.
631b2a1 : DO NOT MERGE - Added a simple test for new attributes of Display.
2cda0cd : Use ITestDevice#pullFile instead of ITestDevice#executeAdbCommand.
1e540bd : Disable precision.atanh.highp tests temporarily.
bfad4d6 : Add CTS tests for PostMessage API
970b108 : Added testPlayHlsStreamWithTimedId3
c14f012 : New CTS Verifier case for Rotation Vector Sensor
18df50d : camera2 CTS: Allow AE convergence in DngCreatorTest.
699a2c2 : camera2: share one ImageReader if possible
a688375 : camera2: add reprocess burst tests
658286f : media: cts for media resource manager.
f937032 : [RenderScript] CTS fix for Intrinsic BLAS
46a4913 : [RenderScript] Add CTS test for rsAllocationCopy1D & 2D
107f2b4 : Update SingleSensorTests to use frequencies supported by Android Watches
a96eac2 : Add tests
86ab058 : MediaSyncTest/AudioTrackTest: corresonding change of API.
c3fc0c1 : media: cts for CodecCapabilities.getMaxSupportedInstances.
7d1a2dc : CameraITS: Update test_locked_burst threshold
b164742 : Exercise
896f0f1 : DO NOT MERGE: camera2 CTS: Wait for session close callbacks before teardown.
6b6cca6 : Add CTS test for Bluetooth LE APIs.
e523556 : videoperf: add coverage to VideoCapabilities.getAchievableFrameRatesFor.
ca59101 : Temporarily disable flaky EGL tests while waiting for driver fixes
9f3dff2 : Country and variant locales are not stripped any more.
2ed4122 : camera CTS: Fix RawConverter to handle stride.
007eba9 : Camera2: add reprocessing performance tests
05a3674 : camera2 CTS: Allow AE convergence in DngCreatorTest.
92b89af : Add a CTS suite for removed methods
e71dab7 : Add CTS test for Theme.rebase()
08a9c77 : Remove all sensor CTS tests from knownfailures and all sensor CTS tests in restricted mode.
255d4c8 : Camera2: add android.control.availableModes test
17db109 : enable module test config for CTS target java libraries
41c41d5 : Detect and recover from unkillable deqp tester process.
43d4c8d : should not reference out/
72632f9 : Failing android.content.ContentResolver tests to CTS staging
e6285ca : Add CTS tests for Theme.getChangingConfigurations()
bfe2153 : videoperf: video codecs performance measurements on common video sizes.
fab5b16 : Fix AudioRecord_BufferSizeTest
8424cd1 : Add workaround for ContetxtImpl.setTheme(), verify test setup
d7629d0 : [RenderScript] Add CTS test for Allocation.copy3DRangeFrom(alloc)
e452bd3 : DO NOT MERGE - Fixed the order of parameters passing
3ce22a1 : Add BNNM test suite.
fb41595 : mediastress: move check for support to the beginning of the test.
6fa1755 : CTS tests for ScriptGroup2 API
a386a53 : Export cts-tradefed.jar hosttestlib.jar as build artifact
d6576fc : Checking-in and copying all files by default.
612de34 : Auto-test for BLE client.
e2d4366 : Add CTS for OffscreenPreRaster
73dd81b : Add a cts test for WebView#findAddress
20815e6 : Self-signed cert parameters are now optional.
9bc965f : CTS tests for SearchDialog#startActionModeForChild
461b5b4 : cts: add test for persistent input surface
8e33281 : Hide more failing CTS-DEQP tests.
2846714 : MediaPlayerTest: explicitly place external tracks after internal ones
03a9850 : [RenderScript] CTS test for IntrinsicBLAS APIs, API part
b2623a6 : Reset some members when they are released.
f739016 : CTS tests for compatibility gymnastics in ViewGroup#startActionModeForChild
900cf6a : TIF: fix broken CTS tests which are caused by mnc framework changes.
67a526d5 : CTS coverage tool improvements
e277748 : MediaSync: Add CTS tests.
216df4c : Fix MediaStore_FilesTest.testAccess()
9e0d21b : Add CTS test for setDrawableByLayerId preserving level
439f8d1 : [CTS tests for lastAuthenticatedTime and accountAuthenticated change]:
c41a7db : Increase AudioTrackTest to 192kHz
9842d46 : Increase AudioRecordTest to 192kHz
cbade83 : Add channel index AudioRecord tests
42085ee : Add float support to binary event log.
ea04cb9 : Camera2: add static metadata check for maxCaptureStall
db000c3 : Add STOPSHIP to CTS-DEQP plan generation.
b0ba1ae : Hide failing GLES31 texture.border_clamp tests.
adec961 : Verify PlaybackSettings in AudioTrackTest#testVariableSpeedPlayback
a8e5567 : Add DevicePolicyManager.get/setBluetoothContactSharingDisabled cts test
1ab85bf : Remove failing tests from CTS-DEQP plan.
1345d3d : Revise test plans for continuous test runs
f5e177b : split long messages with 4-byte unicode characters correctly
42b1b61 : Modify Include/Exclude tests in to be explicit.
cb67c1d : Camera2: add invalid image access test in ImageReader/Wrtier
ba9da1b : camera2: add more tests for reprocessing
dab3acf : media: enable video for playback rate test.
43ecd13 : Install additional apps only for the cts tests that require them.
f1194ca : Add getActiveNotifications to existing NoMan tests.
245f7d4 : Add tests for the new WebView error reporting APIs
5b361dd : Tests for Parcel changes in frameworks/base
9a81d63 : Add variable PlaybackSettings test to AudioTrackTest
618bf94 : Remove unnecessary WRITE_SMS permission - cts
4310528 : Add non blocking reads to AudioRecordTest
dbd500a : Update AudioRecordTest for 96kHz
e731361 : Use smaller display size for secondary display test.
30d450e : Add tests for shift+backspace.
d68b584 : [RenderScript] Add ForEach test to CTS rsCpp tests.
2705e85 : [RenderScript] Add ElementTest to CTS rsCpp tests.
f6599d9 : CTS: TelephonyManager.notifyCarrierNetworkChange()
b3ffd85 : Add CTS tests for Visual State Listener
3b5af16 : Tests for media classes accepting MediaDataSources.
b30097f : Camera: move YUV burst framerate check from ITS to CTS
c778c0d : Test that extractText doesn't crash with null arguments
3d698f2 : Enable deqp ES2 and EGL tests
22e0670 : camera2: add reprocessing tests
37673d2 : Add test for adapters of 3D allocations
dfda5fd : Use new deqp mustpass list
da3690c : Camera: don't always require ZSL template
d85d98e : Add channel index AudioTrack cts test
0830ac3 : Add 8 bit and float format checking to AudioRecordTest
531413e : Update the SmsMessage.createFromPdu() API call
e0f1735 : [RenderScript] Add more tests to CTS rsCPP tests
f9ba993 : [RenderScript] Add IntrinsicYuvToRGB test to CTS rsCpp tests.
e62bd50 : Add new onSearchRequested overload
fc122a4 : MediaPlayer: add CTS test for setPlaybackRate.
054a441 : Ultrasound test in CTS framework.
3327b9f : Cache configuration capability query results.
f58a453 : Stop setting deprecated field of AbstractCursor.
4eab57a : Fix NPE in DeqpTestRunner if duplicate results are reported
97a49bc : Enable --deqp-watchdog in DeqpTestRunner
b5b4cfd : Send adb commands directly to IDevice in DeqpTestRunner.
1aa49a2 : Add tests for unprefixed EME APIs
9c0d926 : Camera: check AE/AWB lock availability before using it
b8eb7fd : Add test case for setAllCaps in some Locale.
aaaef70 : ImageWriter: update Opaque format test
4a7f6f3 : camera2: add a reprocessing characteristics test
bd12b39 : Introduce Ctrl+Backspace/Ctrl+ForwardDelete cts test cases.
4ab00ca : Add additional PTS code to common/cts
dc80789 : Introduce cursor moving tests into text cts.
f1ce308 : Camera: update FAST/HIGH_QUALITY check
0ddd054 : Introduce cts for select all text just after tapping.
bd89368 : Add group scaling factor into stroke width.
bc92143 : Camera: update semantics of HIGH_QUALITY mode
79e6d8f : Add CTS for new Paint.hasGlyph() method
a1894a2 : Update test
5dbab86 : Don’t run on devices with no audio output.
c853998 : Remove junit.jar from vmteststf_jar path
81f4ec3 : Turn off Jack warnings during vm-tests-tf
7f578fe : Modify user agent CTS test to match new webview user agent string.
f275a6e : Support for nested bundles in setApplicationRestrictions
98ff000 : Add CTS-verifier test to check cross profile intent filters.
6d6faea : Better verification of multi-user storage.
9271a6d : Add dummy subid for api change.
b8d60b1 : Fix DebugContext test.
11774d5 : Test case for new APIs rsGetDim[XYZ]().
d4957b4 : [RenderScript] Add CTS test for create() using java reflection. To ensure compatibility with old compat lib with Thunker layer.
d8d8958 : DO NOT MERGE: Use larger timeout in VM host tests
2cb5729 : Use larger timeout in VM host tests
5e6ec40 : [RenderScript] Add CTS tests for RS C++ Allocation APIs
2e83eb7 : Camera: fix thumbnail size rotation logic
23a0fcc : Fix CTS tests for drawables
8ea3666 : Revert "[RenderScript] Add CTS tests for RS C++ Allocation APIs"
78a9a55 : CTS: Update audio manager test to understand min volume.
bfe1405 : [RenderScript] Add CTS tests for RS C++ Allocation APIs
8c86d0a : Check marker and periodic event timing in AudioRecordTest
1b44ad2 : Add CTS for AVD's listener.
c4dca41 : Add test for undo of append to TextView with TextWatcher
aa360ab : [RenderScript] Add IntrinsicResize Test for RScpp.
2d6c46d : Fix some minor discrepency for vectorDrawableTest
439225d : Prevent DrawFilter from affecting other tests using the same Canvas.
402f1bc : Verify storage behavior for secondary users.
9149014 : Camera2: add ImageWriter CTS test
32f259e : Fix CornerPathEffect to properly bound the limits of the test.
b64e0dc : Set the extra admin component name instead of package name.
2fbd2f2 : Add CTS test for theme tag on <include>
5ac0d76 : Revert "Enable ui rendering tests for watch configurations"
a20d2e6 : Fix CTS tests for LayerDrawable, ScaleDrawable, InsetDrawable
1eda571 : Add clipped launch and adapter tests
86d46af : Remove KeystoreExploitTest
0b2b4b6 : Add CTS tests for Bluetooth LE scans.
c1198c0 : Tests for undo of text entered via IME
01c7251 : Add sms support check
7ba4098 : Replace getContext with getTargetContext.
58ad7d9 : camera2 CTS: Actually close Images in StillCaptureTest.
4445d6f : Add CTS test for getLookupUri with null lookup key
eaa0324 : media: update vp9 360p test clip with tile columns and frame parallel mode turned on.
3701e65 : Test that Looper doesn't spin when dup'd and watched FD closed.
4b6d7e1 : Add new method implementation for Window.Callback
be831d8 : Explain why resetPassword needs to be called
544aec0 : Test descriptions should depend on the test so they get rebuilt.
cf5c254 : partially move jank tests to instrumentation based
ace553c : Add tests for new looper features.
848e3b7 : Move sync barrier methods into MessageQueue.
1b41066 : Enable ui rendering tests for watch configurations
c530472 : Tests for undo in TextView fields with no cursor
e96c78c : Set temp directory and print disk space.
c899240 : CTS: check oom adjust file permissions
c41b0cb : CTS for cached photo URIs
5140c5a : Delete obsolete security tests
ecb6e2d : Don’t run the tests if the devices doesn’t have a sim card.
e681b84 : Don’t run the AppWidget tests if the devices doesn’t have the feature.
00e2446 : Remove DisplayTestRunner
09ba4f5 : Prioritize regular names over phonetic names. P3
3d1585b : Adapt to Jill api changes
26deb3a : Adapt to jack api changes
36eb49d : Fix NPE in CTS harness
8f2964f : CTS: Remove tests for master volume + ramp.
409c85e : Camera2: add CTS tests for flashlight API
277fd69 : Tests for Ctrl-Z undo of programmatic text changes
d9c57cf : [RenderScript] Add CTS tests for Allocation.copy1DRangeTo & copy2DRangeTo. Do not submit until the @hide for new APIs are removed.
331f262 : [RenderScript] Adding CTS test for New API: auto-padding for CopyTo and CopyFrom.
e2d58b1 : Fix build: Revert "[RenderScript] Add CTS tests for Allocation.copy1DRangeTo &"
3326375 : Fix build.
7afa91e : support package scope prepare/teardown
5f31960 : Extend tests for undo after TextView parceling
0a5f066 : [RenderScript] Add CTS tests for Allocation.copy1DRangeTo & copy2DRangeTo.
cd33c1e : cts: Enforce turning off /dev/mem and /dev/kmem
28715a6 : Reland: Extend tests for Ctrl-Z undo in TextView
5b51f77 : Reland: Add test for Ctrl-Z undo in editable TextViews
d1c66c1 : FileSystemPermissionTest: use statvfs and add test
39f3207 : Modified Audio_Output feature usage in CTS tests
411a105 : Revert "Add test for Ctrl-Z undo in editable TextViews"
60fae26 : Revert "Extend tests for Ctrl-Z undo in TextView"
7aea52d : Add tests for Context.getSystemService by class.
09fe7e2 : Add optional arguments to build CTS harness with additional jars.
4095642 : Add filter support for native tests. Also restructure filtering for InstrumentationTests.
695b60c : Extend tests for Ctrl-Z undo in TextView
90fd379 : Remove already present users when starting managed profile tests.
c959b7f : Get the clipboard through the activity context.
e15238f : Fix for ManagedProfileTest failures.
81decde : Use --deqp-log-images=disable for execution speed.
c3fdc54 : Add test for Ctrl-Z undo in editable TextViews
0525839 : CTS for PhoneNumberUtils
78a086a : CTS for StructuredName#IS_SUPER_PRIMARY
d965ade : CTS for ProviderStatus
394947d : Fix CTS build.
29ccab1 : CTS for Authorization
ac07fc7 : Fix uihost tests
08caea1 : Fix uihost tests.
3e3d0ed : Allow CTS packages to be built with mmm rather than just mmma
41147cf : CTS for AggregationSuggestions
0337dbf : Split the build of the CTS infrastructure from the tests.
7e08ff8 : Update the settings provider tests.
b07374d : Add explicit dependencies on org.apache.http.legacy
a57b8ae : Add CTS tests for the mute APIs
b9cfd3c : LOCAL_JACK_ENABLED must be stripped
3ca92c6 : upgraded devicepolicy tests to use AndroidJUnitRunner
56a2cb9 : add annotation support for instrumentation based test in cts.
3250801 : Update print CTS tests to verify new duplex attribute
4253220 : Handling of ANDROID_JACK_* variables is not needed
bc51993 : MMS API CTS test
35bfcbe : Add overloaded report function that allows custom test id
61c9b4f : CTS test for InsetDrawable mutate and modify on first instance
ab8fd5c : upgrade to AndroidJUnitRunner
112f559 : Add a common util for running shell command with shell identity
ba2f09c : Remove missing dependency CtsPrintInstrument
71044b3 : Fix build of vm-test-tf
74c91f0 : Remove special runner in print tests
9ad4902 : CTS for StrictMode cleartext detection.
a95c5d1 : Fix CTS build.
91d00e0 : Support test instancing in DeqpTestRunner.
279eaa5 : Add timestamp test for burst capture in RAW10/16
0df3474 : Parse test instances from test XMLs.
80f667f : Bring L planning scheme into master
88e2723 : Add variable playback sample rate AudioTrack test
5b08d5c : Update dpm command usage.
04a351f : CTS Verifier: Remove old camera analyzer code
f7f8297 : Update AudioTrack_ListenerTest for marker notification
9a5cc2a : Comment that testNoDebuggingFeaturesRestriction fails if adb is running as root.
656caf9 : Limit the scope of clip-path, so update the test
1ee86ea : Add static AudioTrack to listener tests
60fad0d : Fix assertEquals order
93ea6f7 : Fix missing #includes in CTS.
ac5c60a : Add tests for midi playback
a9fc32a : Add manual + auto switch test for RAW burst with refactoring
3540ac9 : Formatting fixes in TTS tests.
72cdd8e : Remove useless AnimationDrawable test, fix test for default one-shot
a813e77 : Added CTS tests that detect a "null" response to TelephonyManager.getCellLocation() and TelephonyManager.getAllCellInfo().
8194cc2 : CTS fixbuild: Don't use hidden packages in tests.
a6ccffb : Test that ICMP redirects are disabled
d8ff682 : Add jack.jar dependency when using transform-jar-to-jack
14b2889 : Added burst capture tests in RAW with revision.
1046142 : Allow to compile with Jack.
d5f654f : Tests for UtteranceProgressListener#onStop callback.
06cd812 : Remove legacy SELinux policy parser.
7580bc9 : Change SELinux neverallow tests to be sepolicy-analyze based.
e2038f7 : Fix CTS build on master
16a3dcf : Add and Cleanup Shader CTS tests
a853454 : Fix ProGuard warnings that break compilation
b14371b : Use an epsilon value when comparing page scale values in WebView CTS test.
431ceb6 : DO NOT MERGE: cts: Fixbuild
d991cdb : DO NOT MERGE: cts: Fixbuild - move @hide preconditions method to CTS class.
1bddb8a : cts: Fixbuild - move @hide preconditions method to CTS class.
c3baa19 : Test that an application can mmap executable code from its APK.
5978bda : Update cts due to API change
4e7d01b : Default to testFile re-run mode for CTS tests
17cbaeb : Test BLE in 4 different Tx power levels.
a94cde4 : Fix CTS build.
0228105 : add new test class for JUnit tests on device. Bug: 8538755 Change-Id: If5f5accdc82cf092add7edd27eb36512b39f5734
b6b04ed : cts - MediaCodec async callbacks
d981ec4 : Update advertiser privacy mode: add count down timer, MAC address information.
44bb161 : Update AudioTrackTest to handle multiple PCM formats
582883b : Added better logging to the calculator suite.
74a8a48 : Re-enable Third Party Cookie Test

+- Project: platform/dalvik

544612a : Shush "unused parameter" warnings in hprof-conv.
39ac62b : Consider declared member descriptors as direct ref
ea805da : Bump dx version to 1.12
e69cc41 : Fix compiler warning on ptr size vs unsigned.
bd15660 : Improve dx error handling
45fd158 : Add better error message for unsupported classfile
5d0fa87 : Consider direct references in interface methods
e9f26d4 : DX: Fix tests 029, 033, 116, 117
a5c69c4 : DX: Fix tests 115, 119, 125
c2ea99d : Handle ACONST_NULL multidimensional arrays.
f8ed7d3 : Fixes unnecessary multi-merge steps.
4658eed : Remove dmtracedump from dalvik.
4c78d39 : dexdump is present even on user builds.
1f2fa28 : dmtracedump: fix compilation warnings
259c2df : Fixes unnecessary multi-merge steps.
74fe744 : Revert "Fixes unnecessary multi-merge steps."
ff39e5c : Revert "Fixes incorrect update of DexMerger.main"
176040d : Fixes incorrect update of DexMerger.main
964d093 : Fixes unnecessary multi-merge steps.
5b1d242 : Remove USE_MINGW, whitelist modules for windows
58f0543 : Remove dexlist code from dalvik.
ab01c96 : Ensure deterministic multidex partitioning
6fe795a : Add a libbase dependency for dexdump/dexlist.
98dcefd : Remove libdexdump_static.
b3ee08c : Bump dx version to 1.11
635aecf : Fix potential dex index overflow in dx
bd3b381 : Support --num-threads with --multi-dex (take 2)
90fcf35 : Don't discard directory entries in jar files.
dff33a1 : Do not keep the DexFile field in Main between runs
e345a35 : Command line option for disabling warnings
008da7d : Descriptor references are direct references
45e4d87 : Allow to disable forced keep of annotated
71fff2c : Update ziparchive usage to the new API.
7423746 : Make Dalvik work with host clang.

+- Project: platform/developers/build

2bea00f : Add appcompat dep to base template
20aaa7c : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
41c22e3 : Sync mnc-dev sample prebuilts
0d86cdf : Update sample prebuilts to use latest deps
5d58bc4 : Update dependency versions for 23.0.0 libs release
b4bbf96 : Update base template dependencies to v23.
31fb395 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
def0d6c : Update sample templates for android-23 release
12de52f : With launch of Diamond MR-1 (new wear OS), we support interactive watchfaces which requires a new support library for wear.
a63f806 : Change MNC codename to just M.
479034d : Remove un-necessary minifyEnabled and proguardFiles
4735632 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-preview-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
43228ae : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev.
85d4013 : Restore XYZTouristAttractions prebuilt
cb8728e : Bumping the sample gradle build tools to 1.2.0
cfd648e : Bumping the sample gradle build tools to 1.2.0
6a01fb6 : Update sample prebuilts for mnc-preview-docs
c356f17 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
22fb4b6 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
7a77838 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
27946d9 : Add Creative Commons license to prebuilt samples
792957b : Add Creative Commons section to LICENSE file to cover artwork
40b7998 : Add Creative Commons section to LICENSE file to cover artwork
6df98dc : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
82fbc26 : Fix compileSdkVersion error in _MODULE_/build.gradle.ftl
d8fc932 : Add support for targetSdkVersion definition in templates.
818bd7c : Sync sample prebuilts
77d0602 : Sync sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
f903b7a : Support samples using centrally managed play services version number
40f8fbe : Update samples prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
a9d37ee : Adds support for latest play-services-wearable version, adds support for latest wearable support library version, removes "+" from dependency versions, and adds new 'provided' line in dependecy file for wearables.
0eb4ffc : Use Java 1.7 for the default source and target compatibility
246cb69 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
d1630e5 : Update gradle tool to 1.1.0. Update the repository for buildScript to jcenter where mavenCentral are used.
4de32d4 : Update sample prebuilts
ed7fc0f : Update samples dependency versions for GMSCore P release
47d9436 : resolved conflicts for merge of 5c8cae0b to lmp-mr1-dev
a7d757c : Removing NOTICE files as per b/20081220
64c9817 : Per request in b/20081220, removing NOTICE file.
c115419 : Fix sample-create script
e9ec087 : Sync developers/build/prebuilts with lmp-docs branch
525b558 : Update androidtv prebuilts from GitHub
ababd38 : Update prebuilts for Android samples
3688161 : Bump Build Tools version to 21.1.2 for compatibility with AS 1.1.
c544aef : Fix broken comment
afa6342 : New consolidated GitHub script and removal of old ones
deaaa10 : Base template: Enable Wear dependencies when has_handheld_app=true
afcddda : Wear template: Use explicit matching for has_handheld_app attr
73bf080 : Refactor basebuild / allow apps without Application module

+- Project: platform/developers/samples/android

049d382 : Switch runtime permission samples to AppCompat theme.
0f4e071 : Camera2Raw: Runtime permission on M
b91f4ee : Camera2Video: Runtime permission on M.
cfc6726 : Camera2Basic: Runtime permission on M
57690c2 : Swap compileSdkVersion for targetSdkVersion
7440180 : Add Android Design Support Lib to HdrViewfinder sample
34b015c : Change launcher name for StorageProvider
dee2a47 : Peg permissions-based samples at API 22
b8f8c1d : MidiSynth: Add a new sample
d3c06bf : Resolve conflicts for merge of 6a1d10d from lmp-mr1-ub-dev to mnc-dev
02aad74 : Update RuntimePermissions sample for API 23.
06c6159 : Update BasicRuntimePermissions sample for API 23.
6ab42c3 : MidiScope: Add a sample
d8cda51 : Update sample prebuilts to use latest deps
fb3b724 : Revise WatchFace sample's and to include an actual picture background (vs. simple image of w/ fade). Also, refactored w/ better optimizations and to closer match the WatchFace codelab (PeekCard support, Palette Color use, etc.).
89d2da0 : Update sample templates for android-23 release
d4406c8 : Updating sample to use Android M permissions model.
de9a955 : Fix NPE in FingerprintAuthenticationDialogFragment for MainActivity by having the explicit reference to the Activity.
db846a9 : DirectShare: Add a new sample
1419e7b : MidiScope: Add base template
49ca0ea : Revert "MidiScope: Add a new sample"
d6c1377 : MidiScope: Add a new sample
f31a0ac : Demonstrates interactive feature in a watch face (includes coordinates[x,y]).
d7cd6a7 : Update the sdk version targeting Android 6
0576649 : MidiScope: Add a new sample
7c49172 : Change MNC codename to just M.
8698539 : Tilt WatchFace sample renamed to OpenGL for clarity.
cbf3135 : Add Stylus Info to BasicGestureDetect
6ece77b : Add Material icon to BTAds sample
d41a7d5 : [ConfirmCredential] try encrypting after auth success
435b09a : XYZ Tourist Attractions sample - update docs, screenshots, minor tweaks
e3bc8d8 : Update BTAds sample to use a service for advertising
67cabff : Use FingerprintManager#hasEnrolledFingerprints to check if the device has any registered fingerprints.
2c91683 : Avoid app crashes when no fingerprints are registered.
9b2b063 : Update RuntimePermissionsBasic sample to latest API.
493cc17 : Update RuntimePermissions sample to latest API.
535025b : Remove freezeIterable() when data items are processed immediately
2b95d31 : Fix crash in RuntimePermissions when camera is unavailable.
804d34d : Ask password when user adds a new fingerprint including a checkbox to ask that if they want to use fingerprints in the future and stores it as shared prefernces.
d816ff3 : Camera2Basic: Several fixes
0c8d8e4 : Moves sample watchface bitmap scaling to onSurfaceChanged().
f5b967c : Added day of week and year/month/day to digital.
43cbf55 : Fixed the tilt watchface left/right reversal.
5580d84 : Revert "Added day of week and year/month/day to digital. Fixed tilt."
501cfdb : Don't export broadcast receivers
d8cafc3 : Removing the deprecated close() on DataEventBuffer
89c1253 : XYZ Sample: update template-params, use new material support lib
708260b : Added day of week and year/month/day to digital. Fixed tilt.
60d1a54 : Update and cleanup FingerprintManager API to new spec
1e68382 : Making sure "release()" is called on data buffers where needed
e3912a4 : Fixing a crash caused by using implicit intent when starting a service
b7a5170 : Updating the sample to not use the old GooglePlayServicesClient.
461ad91 : Add missing already_scanning string
6f44194 : Add Camera2Raw to build.gradle (DO NOT MERGE)
cfa0e48 : Add Camera2Raw to build.gradle (DO NOT MERGE)
9d37fdb : Add Camera2Raw to build.gradle (DO NOT MERGE)
4204caa : camera2: Add RAW capture sample application.
415e5ce : Updating build.gradle and template-params for MNC samples
42cfd96 : Rename ActiveNotification to ActiveNotifications
f118640 : Rename 'AutomaticBackup' to 'AutoBackupForApps'
1d0171d : camera2: Add RAW capture sample application.
1cdebcd : Add RuntimePermissions sample.
673e5cd : Adding RuntimePermissionsBasic sample.
f3714f5 : Add Auto Backup sample for MNC
6693862 : Add missing license headers to java files in BtAds sample
0794ece : Initial commit for Fingerprint Dialog sample based on the EAP sample.
d1898d3 : Initial commit for confirm device credentials sample based on the EAP sample.
7e735d6 : Introduce ActiveNotification sample.
f323976 : Minor change (one line and not required for launch): removes redundant AlarmManager cancel() call based on Griff's comments on Luan's docs: "you can only have exactly one alarm set for any particular pending intent so setting a new one will replace the old one."
9b3abfd : Bumping minimum version of samples.
938643a : Replaced deprecated "Time" with Calendar.
7913d0e : Fixing location play services version
7e6f96a : Add "AlwaysOn" sample to master build.gradle
5f0834e : Revises several lines of comments based on Googler feedback (~8 in total).
54bab34 : Add build.gradle and other build files for AlwaysOn sample
c3cffdd : Demonstrates ambient Android Wear support. Project renamed "Always On".
a3241dc : XYZ Tourist Attractions sample - update for wearable support lib 1.2.0
bd3e5ec : XYZ Tourist Attractions sample - update for wearable support lib 1.2.0
816fecf : Updating the sample to not use the old GooglePlayServicesClient.
a78545c : Add BluetoothAdvertisements to build.gradle for template engine
580ca93 : Add missing already_scanning string
d32b4e4 : XYZ Sample: update gmscore versions to prevent build breaking
013361e : bump up minSDK ver for CustomNotifications sample
84a2f50 : Updated minSdk version
0c0dce2 : Updating samples to handle multi-node scenarios.
cb893b0 : Updating this sample to show how Capabilities APIs can be used.
ef0be24 : NfcProvisioning: Add EXTRA_PROVISIONING_LOCAL_TIME
ad9ed1c : New BLE Advertisements Sample
c200987 : Updated minSdk version
0a4e12c : Fix <group> tag for NfcProvisioning sample
cbe529d : Fix broken tests for P2PDirect sample
eb6c6fa : Fixes build issues with sample content/documentsUi/StorageClient
97b2cfe : Update master build.gradle to include latest sample changes
06bba8d : Update BeamLargeFiles/build.gradle to fix null output dir
1ffa1ec : Fix the launcher_icon name to unbreak the build
435f82f : Updating metadata for Hdr Viewfinder sample
20ae756 : Android Flashlight sample: Update metadata.
4139bf4 : Handle invalid voice search
9dc0347 : XYZ Tourist Attraction wear sample - address bug bash feedback
e77f873 : Port WifiDirect P2P sample to template system.
e96a75d : Add metadata for ActionBarCompat-Styled sample.
99e644e : NfcProvisioning: Fix NPE on devices without NFC
b0201e8 : NfcProvisioning: Add a new sample
487c6fe : Update MediaBrowserService with latest from uAmp
801f699 : DeviceOwner: Add a new sample
72a5ab0 : Add missing package name to BeamLargeFiles tests
ed5c50b : Add connectivity/nfc/BeamLargeFiles to top-level build.gradle
efe4602 : Add missing package name to CardEmulation tests
49728ff : Use UiThreadTest annotation
c3c76f5 : Fixes the broken tests for AppUsageStatistics. Update the UI in the UI thread.
1c8d8da : Fixes the broken Interpolater tests. Follow up on this CL
dd37043 : Fix feed update in SyncAdapter
3a8fbd0 : Wear notification-only samples: Remove :Wearable dependency
6d4a36d : Fixes test code that don't compile. - Removed the double license. - Removed non-existent classes such as ?????Fragment or ?????Activity which seemed to be created through the template but haven't been executed. - Changed the wrong index of the Fragment from 1 to 0. - Fixes the targetPackage name consistent with the application package.
a9d5d9d : Updating samples that should not have the Application modules
3df6a88 : Update wearable samples to use new base-build template
58fdb78 : Updating the sample to use the Main thread for showing a Toast message
d1fc86a : Fixes the AndroidManifest.xml in tests to remove duplicate elements for android:label. Fixes the targetPackage for Interpolater
aa79bf2 : Remove double license for AndroidManifest.xml in tests
19dc508 : XYZ Tourist Attraction wear sample - minor bug fixes
0fc6724 : Update XYZ Tourist Attraction sample template params
2f8e62a : Update XYZ Tourist Attraction sample template params
37a12f4 : Initial commit for XYZ Tourist Attractions Wear sample.
cd87842 : escape Aporstrophes in template-params.xml Fixes the build error (e.g.
a1f82aa : Remove duplicate "xmlns" attr in admin samples
b3bf56e : Refactor basebuild / allow apps without Application module
90afa45 : Updating metadata for TextSwitcher sample
951a335 : Updating metadata for the StorageClient sample
ac6deae : Updating metadata for NetworkConnect sample
071c619 : Android RevealEffectBasic sample: Update metadata.
84c91ec : Android RecyclerView sample: Update metadata.
d8df3c8 : BasicManagedProfile: Replace isApplicationBlocked with isApplicationHidden.
d42ce01 : BasicManagedProfile: Use setProfileName instead of EXTRA_PROVISIONING_DEFAULT_MANAGED_PROFILE_NAME.
0fbf0fe : Updated RevealEffectBasic to work with the last builds and fixed the layout to work with N5 in portrait mode.
b3ba724 : Initial commit for the FAB sample

+- Project: platform/development

0877623 : Remove unused libhost dependency
9bee8c2 : Replace splitlines() with something more tolerant.
aaf5455 : Add a fix for old, broken devices.
5ca14aa : Fix the pylint issues that have built up...
40c8b0a : vulkan: Add Vulkan headers and stub library
1388ea2 : Switch RmTypeDefs over to asm v5
39bede2 : Enable Java 1.8 language features in stubs
6bb9311 : Update to api-generator 22.9.4.
2985dcb : Upgrade to ASM 5
8c0e4a0 : Remove the old NDK samples.
11dd625 : Lose native_app_glue and ndk_helper to ndk/.
ac30ab6 : Add new libm symbols to android-23
e62f301 : Copy libm symbols from android-21
e10e689 : Remove unwanted __popcountdi2 from libmediandk
af1ea4e : Explicitly keep stubs as v51 / 1.7 class files
ef047c7 : Remove unwanted symbols from libz
0421a6b : Add new symbols to android-23
3607a28 : Copy libc symbols from android-21 to android-23
646ed33 : Version __system_property* symbols for lp64 platforms
c56ac65 : Remove unwanted '__moddi3' from x86 and mips
0049495 : Remove unwanted '__isthreaded' for lp64 platforms
16c4d9c : Remove mistakenly exported android_* network functions
52e68cd : Remove "sha1.h".
ec27ae9 : Modify Idegen to open project with Android facet
7386b49 : Remove C++ btsnooz parser in favor of Python script.
977bf48 : Remove symbols which are not in platform
8b554e7 : Remove symbols that are not in platform
34109a7 : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from libm
10936c3 : Restore bsd_signal for android-20 and below
11ae5eb : Replace __page_size reference with PAGE_SIZE for android-12 and below
7000f03 : Add NOTICE files for our projects.
eb7c104 : Add missing __gnu_Unwind_Find_exidx symbol
e9dcc69 : Build android-stubs-current.jack with Jack
35dd4d6 : Make gdbclient respect custom OUT_DIR settings
52343bb : android-21: add version scripts for libc/m/dl
4493909 : Remove bzero from
6bef207 : Remove new set of LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from libc
32b61f1 : Restore public __aeabi symbols
387b63d : Clean up etc1tool.
450cb38 : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from all of NDK libcs
1147731 : Ensure Jack server is running before any use
a604641 : Remove unwanted stdio symbols from android-17
4c9b18f : Cleanup libc symbols for android-17
70919af : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-17 libc
5770619 : Fix symbols ordering
f52570c : Remove unwanted stdio symbols from android-18 and 19
1fc0082 : android-21: restore utimensat for mips libc
9923e5e : android-21: Restore __ns_* symbols for lp32 libc
a57440a : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-19 libc
08db327 : android-19: Cleanup libc symbols
91616de : android-18: Cleanup libm symbols
0bb1b17 : android-18: Cleanup libc symbols for x86/mips
9b9b8c5 : Cleanup libc symbols for other architectures
cfd35aa : Remove android-18/arm symbols not present in platform libc
86f95e8 : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-18 libm
64c835f : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-18 libc
409ab9f : Update gdbclient to use the multiarch gdb.
329b34b : Restore libc __cxa_atexit symbol
1a3e15a : Remove symbols that are not present in platform libc
2a421ad : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-21 libdl
7c74453 : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-21 libm
4713395 : Remove LIBC_PRIVATE symbols from android-21 libc
8b09785 : Enable .toc optimization for SDK stub
ee81f7e : Define a rule to build a dummy .dex.toc file
6e84c13 : Update byteswap.h from bionic to match endian.h.
5cd0f10 : Move adb tests to system/core/adb.
0b7e903 : Fix exception in MakeFileParser
616a494 : Update endian.h from bionic.
c57abe4 : Always use the newest sys/cdefs.h.
6836ddf : Updating Idegen project to use JDK 1.7
53bc2e2 : Update uchar.h from bionic.
4efb18d : Fix complex.h for clang.
c14b612 : Modify the dso rule to allow spaces in [] names.
82aa7da : win32: for Unicode cmdline args, switch from cmd.exe to powershell.exe
6198f07 : Generate .toc for android_stubs_current.jar
08d0622 : adb unittest: make test_unicode_paths stricter
7fe79d6 : adb: update tests for push/pull directory change.
cdf6758 : adb: add tests for pushing/pulling empty dirs.
51f2cc2 : adb: fix device module for non-shell_v2 usage.
5e50d6b : unittest for sending data thru adb forward/reverse; --no-rebind unittest
1246001 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6b8dcee : adb: add more push/pull tests.
cea6641 : Rename android-M to android-23.
0e54d10 : adb: add test for forward/reverse commands.
acc0ba8 : Add a gdb_flags argument to gdbrunner.start_gdb.
2c7e952 : Allow gdbrunner.start_gdbserver to not upload gdbserver.
aacbc23 : Add get_pids helper to gdbrunner.
44b84a8 : Don't throw when we fail to find a device.
3fd43b5 : Allow selection of adb command.
37836fd : GuidedStep example: Use standard action IDs and titles
d80cfde : SupportLeanbackDemo: add example finishGuidedStepFragments()
84d4654 : Add a comment on drawer layout file.
afeff42 : Test app for ViewPager.
193f0c9 : Update version to 23.1.1. DO NOT MERGE.
58ccc4a : GuidedStep: More example of editing
e0146c4 : adb: update adb PTY tests.
a7aa6e2 : Add a test for "adb pull" error reporting.
a4404b1 : Change LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS from "eng" to "optional" in Dev Tools app.
0fc3f91 : Add AppBar sample using SwipeRefreshLayout
19f18ce : set directory for gdb.
28bb8be : Update the Connectivity debug app to the multinetwork API.
639d1c4 : gdb: allow to find local files.
bf57912 : Change jack/dex target dependency to jack script
88436bd : Add demo for TextInputLayout's counter
cebec2b : fix _subprocess_Popen cleanup.
28c210b : Pass in current android.jar to api-generator
19923db : Update build tools rev to <API>.0.2. DO NOT MERGE.
4160958 : adb unittest: fix Windows Unicode
dcd18d5 : Update version to 23.1.0. DO NOT MERGE.
00ada54 : Update support library to 23.1.1. DO NOT MERGE
afe2d24 : Fix llvm-rs-cc.exe crash for windows
6327806 : Remove route providers which use RouteGroup
45d61d0 : adb: fix docstring for shell functions.
ebbc3fe : adb/ fix finding md5 command on pre-L platforms
fa1d9db : adb: add test for non-interactive stdin.
2157e7f : SupportLeanbackShowcase: get rid of card view background overdraw
2bd1f62 : Support7Demos: Update the MediaRouter demo
0750ff8 : SupportLeanbackShowcase: performance fix of ImageCardView resource
d1fe92f : set PWD when querying makefiles.
320f881 : add gdb connect retry.
7d12018 : SupportLeanbackShowcase: dont expand side info
c8ad1e5 : Leanback Demo: demo of edit title
6382f17 : Make work in directories other than the root.
6fe262d : Supportleanbackshowcase: Polishing 2 and transition performance fix
ab2a8a7 : Supportleanbackshowcase: Polishing
043bad7 : Add python reimplementation of gdbclient.
5bf3eba : Showcase: Update SDK to 23 and support lib to 23.0.1
2e3684e : GuidedStepFragment Subclass need explcitly specify a container id for background
46e268e : adb: make shell protocol work again.
75b0383 : Add gdbrunner package for shared functionality.
87df6ff : Add get_props to's AndroidDevice.
cac4e97 : Add remount to's AndroidDevice.
21f9849 : Add shell_popen method to
a8731c4 : Add helper functions for `adb -e/-d` to
c7e4f19 : Generate test for PlaybackOverlaySupportFragment
48b4a13 : Generate support version of leanback fragment tests
b0ee906 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d9b5ca8 : Add usage of app:actionLayout in NavigationView
e088638 : Add usage of BottomSheetBehavior
82336df : Pass in current android.jar to api-generator
21d83c6 : Substitue "/" with "-" in the MODULES-IN phony goal names.
1b06fea : Switch to the new mmma implementation using make goals.
3d1224e : RecyclerView in place animations
9e5a6a8 : Revert "Revert "Add example of vertical grid transition and GuidedStepFragment""
9278d96 : adb: fix install escaping test.
d89fcd4 : adb: add tests for -Tt shell arguments.
c1e0465 : Revert "Add example of vertical grid transition and GuidedStepFragment"
1585785 : Generate example of GuidedStepSupportFragment
32e1307 : Move python-adb from system/core/adb.
991947e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
57acd5f : Development/scripts: Update stack tool
7b42f57 : Add example of vertical grid transition and GuidedStepFragment
a22f08d : platform tools version: replace alpha1 with rc1
ad7321b : Update platform tools version to .1.0 alpha1
c60faf6 : Update system images to revision 4
16d9874 : Update platform-tools version to 23.0.1
69bd278 : Add proguard configuration to support design demos sample app
ece64c4 : Update the stack script for apk handling.
4e650fb : Add snapping scroll example to SupportDesignDemos
063b68e : Add DrawableCompat demo to Support4Demos
3dd5d84 : Fix typo in SDK generation
349f891 : Update windows sdk to build non-recursively
fab9a1f : Add preference and recommendation libs to SDK build
d93269d : Stop checking HOST_OS
b2fa10b : Remove USE_MINGW, whitelist modules for windows
fe9acde : Support new systrace file structure after switching to catapult
106e334 : MediaRouter: Remove uses of not-yet-public API
517a2f2 : Revert "Add customtabs support lib to extras/android/support/"
a33101a : Bump support library version to 23.0.1 DO NOT MERGE
e226a0f : Add customtabs support lib to extras/android/support/
04a6dca : Revert "Add customtabs support lib to extras/android/support/"
2e60272 : Patch android-21 with aarch64 <sys/user.h> fixes.
fbe6c81 : Pass in current android.jar to api-generator
53ad2de : Add customtabs support lib to extras/android/support/
844574c : Update LayoutLib revision number. [DO NOT MERGE]
3fb1da7 : MediaRouter: Remove an unused member in SampleMediaRouteProvider
b26f52f : MediaRouter: Add a sample for the custom route icon
e6b7271 : Added Transitions and minor code clean up
5d04bdb : MediaRouter: Prevent activity from restarting
d900d08 : Development/scripts: Add sanitizer dump support to stack
9878bf6 : Update build tools version to 23.0.1 -- DO NOT MERGE.
8155647 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
a09fe02 : Revert changes of adding guidedstep fragment in Browse
cbfd7cd : MediaRouter: Add route groups
c8e94bf : Sync mnc-dev sample prebuilts
a56a634 : Update sample prebuilts to use latest deps
9a9c2ea : Bump mnc-dev samples package to v3 (DO NOT MERGE)
d95a687 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
40bd199 : Update revision for layoutlib and docs.
3c274b2 : Update SDK component versions for the official SDK 23.0.0
ca8720d : DO NOT MERGE Increase the system-image revision number after opengl bug fix
742e268 : WIP: Added transitions to MainFragment.
6a07105 : Add editable actions to Guided Step test activity.
26b7df1 : Polished Grid example and added a few missing details at Launcher fragment. Video- and Music examples now also use an Activity. BackgroundHandler in MainFragment removed.
aeedeb7 : Cleaned up strings.xml
63e8181 : Removed Browsing example from Showcase app
80116aa : Polished Wizard example for Showcase app
8c61bb4 : Pick installed Jack & Jill for the sdk
9f8ccdc : Rearranged classes and removed unused resources.
8dd090f : Cleanup and usage of new ImageCardView
424fb60 : Change MNC codename to just M.
94296ec : BrowseErrorFragment: fix NPE of not attached BackgroundManager
3ff89b2 : Fix CRCs in file so it passes the new CRC check
04a194c : For RenderScript support lib use instead of
a58a751 : Update revision for next SDK Preview.
cb910f3 : Update LayoutLib revision number for Preview 3
63dcb5b : Implemented Card-, DetailView-, GridView-, Music- & Video, Wizard-, Dialog examples
4518f72 : Update platform tools 23.0.0 rc4 -> rc5
9d78bc1 : Support new systrace file structure
fc4964b : DO NOT MERGE Increase the system-image revision number after opengl bug fix
628dcba : DO NOT MERGE Increase the system-image revision number after opengl bug fix
ac7b67f : DO NOT MERGE Increase the system-image revision number after opengl bug fix
ff48910 : DO NOT MERGE Increase the system-image revision number after opengl bug fix
6384e21 : DO NOT MERGE Increase the system-image revision number after opengl bug fix
ccd11ec : DO NOT MERGE Increase the system-image revision number after opengl bug fix
0e94cee : DO NOT MERGE opengl: Fix QemuPipeStream::readFully reading beyond end of buffer
d574af0 : Track reason for screen turning on.
73190f3 : Update version of non-maven support package.
9810854 : Add carrier config test to test_defs.
0aafaa7 : Add calllog CTS tests.
c84455c : Introduce sample for RoundedBitmapDrawable
4fe2d03 : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-preview-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
e31d4f4 : Use Android Studio project, also call TelephonyManager.getLine1Number().
218d64b : Fixing a crash introduced by my previous CL.
43774e8 : Eliminating AnimatedRecyclerView demo crashes.
b0d646c : SupportLenabackDemo: Make StepFragment public
973ecb6 : fix slotting of permission category
403be11 : teach monkey to flip permissions on apps
4ca3aa6 : [RenderScript] update sdk.atree to include
749995d : Update SDK Preview versions.
18cdb04 : Update platform tools to 23 rc3
b6ba3c5 : remove setLatestEventInfo from API samples
28701d1 : Revert "Tinted icons sample"
d57a9ed : Adding AsyncListUtilActivity to Support7Demo
eafa9c3 : Add tracing header
86cd5e8 : Expand Presentation demo to test 4K mode switches.
ee1ccab : Add telecom CTS shortcut.
1628351 : Remove unnecessary code
ed27fa7 : Update LayoutLib Api level to 15.
f4c73da : Update structure for the build-tools/plat-tools.
3cd44d4 : NavigationViewUsage saves its state on rotation
52e0bf3 : Fix size and sha1sum for some sdk targets
bf85021 : Development: change gdbclient GDB selection
b313a5d : Development: Mips64 stack-core test
75f0029 : More seek bars in ApiDemos
6a57fe0 : Add more text samples to ApiDemos, move to Views/Text
bb51e9c : Increment LMP MR1 Samples package to v6 (DO NOT MERGE)
68932e3 : Increment MNC SDK Samples to v2 (DO NOT MERGE)
1e75a5e : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
2a78abb : Increment LMP MR1 Samples package to v6 (DO NOT MERGE)
576cc36 : Update sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs (DO NOT MERGE)
c5bbbe3 : Add MNC samples to sdk.atree
296083e : Sync sample prebuilts for mnc-dev
9ca5e01 : Add mips64 to stack tool
83f0e54 : Rename the appengine server app ID
57f208b : Fix service samples, especially remote services.
4e0ad8f : Add flag to grant permissions when running tests.
f188f7e : Add default application theme to SupportDesignDemo.
83529e3 : Setup flags to make SDK images provisioned.
574922c : Add a conditional removal of \r\n from adb output.
48b7225 : Sync sample prebuilts
a0de890 : Fix build breakage again.
19b0ecb : Fix build breakage.
fbd288c : Add StaggeredGridLayoutManagerActivity to Support7Demos
7d6d0d4 : Fix build tools packaging.
bae9765 : Install SDK annotations as platform-tools/api/
62ff695 : Switch Android Keystore sample code to new API.
c278eca : multinetwork API: NDK header
54ada6e : Fix the description text for the Text Processing sample
e149ffe : Add network callback logging to the Connectivity app in dev tools.
a8daca6 : AppBar demo using SwipeRefreshLayout
e6dc9d0 : Added no transiton animation option to animation demos.
af72dc5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7108d92 : Update build tools and platform tools versions to 23.0.0 RC1
20d9500 : Sync sample prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
28c034b : Remove ICU from LayoutLib.
877ff89 : Bluetooth native dumpsys logging support (5/5)
d72e5b2 : Fix keystore demo layout for Nexus 7
b162939 : Tweaks around AppBar demos
9c30464 : Use new api-generator version: extracts deprecation info
9f09636 : Revert "Use new api-generator version: extracts deprecation info"
39d1670 : Update TabLayout demo to use new APIs
86ed92a : Update build files for lmp-mr1-ub-docs samples r7
434d41c : Update samples prebuilts for lmp-mr1-ub-docs
0f17c3b : Revert "Update TabLayout demo to use new APIs"
98d32d8 : Update TabLayout demo to use new APIs
0e66721 : Add transparent status bar demo
a9a9ec6 : Sample for percent support library.
833bdc7 : Use new api-generator version: extracts deprecation info
c7495a9 : Add transparent status bar demo
1063d9b : Add samples for new DetailsFragment
5326786 : Add DialogFragment demo
72f1c95 : Ability to generate SDK system-images for mips64
6c346c0 : Static field name prefix should be 's'
2194f82 : AppBarLayout demo
0323639 : Sync sample prebuilts to lmp-mr1-ub-docs
0d7136a : Modify Guided Step example showing checkmark groups
3e69165 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
83f4d2a : Optional library listing file.
773d377 : DO NOT MERGE: Update version for Android samples pkg (lmp-mr1)
0cb8868 : Update sample browseables
fe6737a : Update support pkg version to 22.1.1
9114a88 : Add Snackbar demo without a CoordinatorLayout
13b1589 : Update sample browseables
16ac751 : ItemTouchHelper demo activities
0e42241 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d3ee019 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
074b061 : ItemTouchHelper demo activities
a89998d : Add org.apache.http.legacy.jar to the SDK package.
01edcb8 : Add recycler view resources to Support7Demos.
4daceb8 : Add resources to recyclerview dependency.
f2b0677 : Re-enable TextInputLayout demo
f62f771 : New sample code for receiving a share and processing in a service.
cc8bf5b : Add resources to recyclerview dependency.
8e7ff4c : Tinted icons sample
07dd2eb : Update prebuilts path.
9326316 : ApiDemos: Add a sample for Text Processing intents.
b859e35 : Revert "Disable the design support library and demos"
d1723b4 : Revert "Disable design lib in master build file"
988f263 : Disable design lib in master build file
97930fc : Disable the design support library and demos
405b3da : Add NavigationView usage to SupportDesignDemos
e1556d3 : Revert "Remove the redundant dependency on Support7Demos"
12edcb5 : Remove the redundant dependency on Support7Demos
7aed00f : Updated import order.
2ef936d : Add sample code for specifying per-keyframe interpolator in xml
951e728 : Fix browseable category for NfcProvisioning sample
77b5d39 : Update sdk.atree and samples/browseable for lastest samples release
dcaafe8 : Add BackgroundManager release.
c84e7b1 : add wifi power calculation
d9e9e60 : Update build tools version to 22.0.2. DO NOT MERGE.
2ea6b5d : Add hide on scroll demo
ec01b2f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6db630d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bfcde22 : Add demos for GuidedStepFragment.
4ea9bca : Update build tools to 22.0.1. DO NOT MERGE.
aa9e46d : Add API demo for sharing.
1d6d833 : TextInputLayout and Snackbar demos
06f472a : Update SDK Platform Pkg revision for API 22 to 2. [DO NOT MERGE]
aeb400d : Reset support version to <API>.0.0
3da78ae : Add branding to DetailsFragment and TitleHelper with RowsFragment.
5c42f75 : Re-enable the undo demo activity
038b75e : Fix missing api on kitkat.
b9c9443 : Revert "Fix the build"
1447a49 : Fix build - support new systrace file structure
d85a813 : Updated the default classpath file for Eclipse.
228a57b : Update version of the build tools to be 22.0.0
d927351 : Update version of the build tools to be 22.0.0
aaa3fa0 : Default to using wrap content for row height.
2068c6a : Remove the old ActionBarCompat sample
69cabd1 : ItemClickedListener -> ItemViewClickedListener
18c5fb7 : Fix the build
9ad1e85 : Update sdk.atree for new Palette dir structure
8f295cd : Updated to clarify division of functionality.
0dfad9e : Add ActionMode demos to Support7Demos
26da82a : Bump revision number for all system images
4c7a7e9 : Bump revision number for all system images
5e44138 : Bump revision number for all the system images
33bd8cb : Bump revision number for system images
6da3c00 : Fix build (again).
76aa8c5 : Localize Strings in SupportDesignDemos
5ffcd96 : AlertDialog Demo
cada786 : Add backgrounds.
4b952f0 : Add an explicit dependency on org.apache.http.legacy.
f8ac5e3 : back port gles fix to api 17
eda0dbc : Add examples of animator resource files to ApiDemos
24ad89c : Default to using wrap content for row height.
0e42c83 : Add 'dhcpcd' test target name
56d7f39 : Build against the specified targetSdkVersion.
491a3ad : Add jack.jar dependency when using transform-jar-to-jack
1afdaba : Increase install time timeout
e7741e1 : Cleaned up usages of deprecated APIs
83efd5e : Declare target to allow compilation to Jack files.
7fdedf0 : Refactor the way we handle directories in traverse.
a7d1797 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f1994d2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8359ac2 : Fix sample SoftKeyboard preference activity
787d378 : Remove out-dated android-20 and android-21 now called android-L
036220c : Revert "DevTools - add support for WifiScanner and Passpoint"
e83d640 : idegen: Skip directories named *.java when parsing source.
89e0c48 : Update revision of sys-img. do not merge.
23b0060 : Remove deprecated locales
d32a99f : Remove deprecated locales
4efbb02 : Fix SampleSpellCheckerService settings
b06e03a : DevTools - add support for WifiScanner and Passpoint
f5dcf2f : Update platform SDK component to revision 4.
6be7c7c : sdk.atree: Fix JobScheduler sample

+- Project: device/asus/deb

303564f : Revert "Move deb to clang by default."
e711d87 : Move deb to clang by default.
b559bb7 : Migrated dumpstate to C++.
3d56436 : Fix directory path for CarrierConfig overlay for deb.
96f6ffd : Add CarrierConfig to device mk as it is needed by TeleService.
68ead51 : RazorG: Reduce the journal size to zero.
71d2ef5 : Add support for USB OTG devices.
fa3d3a6 : Add overlay value for apn_expand_bool to false for deb device.
196a811 : Add camera.avg and camera.flashlight to power_profile.xml
81b59f1 : Add flag indicating device supporting EAP SIM, AKA & AKA'.
4f4c465 : Remove stlport from deb.
b4a592e : Add support for static RadioCapabilities.
9d224b2 : Whitelist device for stlport.
370f89a : Updated external storage configuration.
6f376cc : Remove Edu specific Nfc overlay from deb.

+- Project: device/asus/flo

07c9e60 : camera_device: remove type
59cea11 : perfprofd: update unix_socket_connect to set_prop
342d88e : Revert "Move flo to clang by default."
18008bc : Move flo to clang by default.
5a3e01f : Remove TARGET_GLOBAL_CFLAGS use
534cf67 : Migrated dumpstate to C++.
07a49e8 : Remove obsolete live wallpapers.
46ffda9 : Grant all processes the domain_deprecated attribute
1cddd4c : mediaserver: remove text relocation support
a3ed719 : flo: conn_init: fix load macaddr
078640e : Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed.
d46525a : Revert "Use the special CONSTRAINED font bucket for flo."
1bde1e1 : Removing VisualizationWallpapers as it does not comply with API 23 rules
c761ab3 : Use the special CONSTRAINED font bucket for flo.
42fd6ed : flo: add media_codecs_performance.xml
7dbfea4 : flo: force dex2oat not to use swap file
bb18910 : flo: publish secure-with-non-secure-codec support based on test.
0687046 : Allow init to create /mnt/sdcard symlink.
34aa549 : Add camera.avg and camera.flashlight to power_profile.xml
a7ae944 : flo: publish profiling result in codec xml.
af83771 : Remove execmod from camera
447f58d : Fix Image size for Razor and RazorG by reduce Jounal size to zero
d2be54a : Remove ultrasound system properties.
3336b8e : Remove stlport from flo.
5dff470 : remove video editor from media_profiles.xml
8536802 : Disable BR/EDR secure connections
ad5777f : audio: support dynamic LR channels swapping on speaker
39bf54c : Whitelist device for stlport.
cde34c7 : New device-specific sepolicy file for 'perfprofd'
b4ad8aa : Add near-ultrasound properties to flo/deb (nexus 7).
84abce3 : Support USB OTG storage, but not adoptable.
810bb4f : Fix build: One more camera module init placeholder
f3a2495 : Camera: Add module init placeholder
1a81bcf : Fix build: Remove LENS_POSITION
5a922c2 : Revert "fstab: /persist does not need trimming"
4f0be3d : fstab: /persist does not need trimming
762a5a1 : Updated external storage configuration.
b96612a : Enable MIDI support
23f2a28 : Remove tethering & hotspot preference from N7 wifi (2013).
14acc66 : Remove explicit Ethernet support, the device supports USB OTG.
2f4dba9 : Camera3: Ensure postprocessor is stopped during teardown
a7945c8 : Remove Edu specific Nfc overlay from flo.
7d55765 : init.flo.usb.rc: Add support for USB MIDI function
458edc8 : camera: update for torch mode API
35251f0 : Enable WITH_DEXPREOPT on devices where it is possible
c8030c7 : Enable WITH_DEXPREOPT_BOOT_IMG_ONLY to support partial preopting

+- Project: device/asus/flo-kernel

18a2517 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9ec6511 : flo: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
095d772 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
21be986 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
df4da2c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d7e39a5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
2b974fd : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e437f2b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
95810f5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
318294a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
155ffef : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3a4d052 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bdb0a1d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
25489f5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6cdc5f6 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0d7a841 : flo: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
fd06d0c : razor: update prebuilt kernel
6dbe9c9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
de7b788 : Update prebuilt kernel
a71a2cb : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d9a93f8 : flo: update prebuilt kernel - DO NOT MERGE
5bd44c8 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
89c9bbe : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ca00275 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ca9b906 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3cab4b1 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
2895546 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
7efd8c7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
51266dd : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b3ed65e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
154b1dd : flo: update prebuilt kernel
a62b9be : Revert "flo: update prebuilt kernel"
695e7e4 : Revert "flo: update prebuilt kernel"

+- Project: device/asus/fugu

c92d7b0 : Replace MALLOC_IMPL with MALLOC_SVELTE.
3491f3a : Label thermal and rfkill sysfs files.
77a9c53 : sepolicy: Label misc block device.
1a8ee82 : Add /misc entry into fstab.fugu.
32587c3 : Added missing #include after C++ migration. BUG: 25563823
5662eb2 : Migrated dumpstate to C++.
8bfed13 : Grant all processes the domain_deprecated attribute
d29f5a1 : Remove __DATE__ for consistent binaries
d0c26a8 : TV codecs have been separated, use them
2253d3f : Move fugu to clang by default.
3109327 : Fugu Audio HAL: allow EAC3 at low sample rates
cd312d5 : Update fugu blobs list.
eb5451e : Allow adbd to communicate with surfaceflinger over pipe.
ce10969 : Moving to ATV platform overlay
e40c492 : Only allow toolbox exec where /system exec was already allowed.
83012df : fugu: update vp8 and mpeg4 concurrent instances data.
7c2f9b8 : audio: stub get_next_write_timestamp() function
c3ed98f : Fugu Audio HAL: set non-audio bit for compressed audio
ca5e617 : M boot animation
121c3ee : fugu: update concurrent-instances limit.
26bf392 : fugu: add media_codecs_performance.xml
1c45981 : adding hevc concurrent instance number.
1ed1f7c : label /dev/block/zram
e5c1cde : Define BOARD_CACHEIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE for fugu.
f82ef78 : FuguAudio: fix broken timestamp
2b895ba : FuguAudio: lock HAL to prevent race conditions
01b3691 : FuguHAL: print standby, resume, pause, flush
ca615fe : Update fugu blobs list
1aca45e : Adding the support of GSM decoder for audio
a197162 : Allow dumpstate to communicate w/surfaceflinger through pipe.
b24d184 : Fix for the jittery issue because of mismatch in buffer size
e561751 : fugu: Fix CTS testGetMaxSupportedInstances test
3f7f641 : FuguAudio: improve buffer sizing for AC3 and DTS passthrough
7604a37 : Update fugu blobs list
1cefcef : FuguAudio: reverse policy change
c73381f : FuguAudio: do not reset frame position on standby
4aff170 : Increase MaxParamBufferSize to 35MB to pass 10 dEQP multisampling tests
09a5ef8 : Revert "Temporarily disable GPU Renderscript IntrinsicResize"
b717d9c : Enable IMG RS GPU driver
47d55e1 : remove the legacy VP9 solution configure in fugu
a49c844 : Allow init to create /mnt/sdcard symlink.
d2db777 : Add flag indicating device supporting EAP SIM, AKA & AKA'.
d20839d : fugu: publish profiling result in codec xml.
c5cdbe3 : Fix Fugu audio Hal silence buffer to be heap allocated
40f0178 : Use audio_utils int16 to q8.23 conversion
c54f786 : Fix Fugu bytes per sample computation
f1f4815 : Enable Fugu HDMI 24 bit audio
d55a8c2 : Update Fugu HDMI to support 24 bit audio
4949b4a : Allow system_server to access factory file
29a6b02 : Update VP9 hybrid code to match with DDK 1.5
f687b59 : Additional SELinux permissions for DDK 1.5
fab777e : Enable ION for setting the access access mode of /dev/ion
32ea342 : remove video editor from media_profiles.xml
1aca05a : Remove dependency on openssl for bzimage
3e8b92e : Fugu Audio HAL: add pause, resume, flush, and fix position
6bf1cf3 : Whitelist device for stlport.
3f85907 : Enabling A2DP on Nexus Player
0e451f0 : Change android property ro.opengles.version to indicate OpenGL ES 3.1 instead of 3.0
0bc36bf : Allow mediaserver access to remote_control_service.
184227b : FuguAudioHal: reduce log spew
c0e866c : Update blob list
bf45816 : Enabling DONT_DEXPREOPT_PREBUILTS flag to prevent prebuilts from being pre-optimized on Fugu - Helps save system partition size by ~130MB on user builds
03f64c6 : fugu: change to INTEL_HWC_MOOREFIELD_HDMI [DO NOT MERGE]
d2fb735 : USB mass storage on fugu is adoptable!
1c5ffec : fugu: Add BOARD_USES_LIBDRM to use external/libdrm
6db389e : fugu: change to INTEL_HWC_MOOREFIELD_HDMI
9dc03cf : FuguAudioHAL: remove SPDIF wrapper support
b16231a : Remove TV package from PRODUCT_PACKAGES
8196228 : audio policy: express volumes in dBs.
733d4ac : Add idc file for Nexus Remote
2342df2 : Enable MIDI support on fugu
5afd115 : Enable USE_GMS_LIVECHANNELS flag for fugu devices
ce67eb2 : audio policy: output descriptor reorganization.
5416378 : FuguAudioHAL: add support for DTS passthrough
2fd7548 : audio policy: update for policy manager refactoring
c4be2d2 : Update device blobs for fugu
20f5892 : Updated external storage configuration.
95c122a : recovery: Add option to view recovery logs on Fugu
bcb146a : fugu: disable PVR RS driver
9da776f : Remove explicit Ethernet support, the device supports USB OTG.
88a3d5c : Fugu audio policy: update path to AudioPolicyManager
2a26c7c : Set support for A2DP to false
f9100d2 : media_codecs: enable mpeg2 hw decoder on FUGU
306787f : Getting lined up with changes to support device names and enumeration.
73365d7 : fugu: add USB audio input/output

+- Project: device/asus/fugu-kernel

6e007fc : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
aa23407 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
1ddb1f8 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
1496780 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
c0e55f6 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
a61d228 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
5297c01 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
4231e26 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
17f2731 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
b7d6e53 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
10c2a03 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
aa8cfbc : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9b88373 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
4bdbb6f : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
7a4a1e9 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
7e73156 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
60949de : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
084de2c : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
6235ec3 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
71b6718 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
73e25c0 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
a402401 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
09b1534 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
fc91d55 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
1aa3c18 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
4d0feef : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
e51ba1e : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
c025d0b : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
5ca5e0d : fugu: update prebuilt kernel

+- Project: device/common

762617a : Add a path variation for dragon device
c70f48c : Create a directory for arm nb blobs
fa589b6 : Put privileged apps under system/priv-app/ directory

+- Project: device/generic/armv7-a-neon

1ef6591 : Add Roboto fonts
91e7b05 : Fix broken build.

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

d26e214 : Build camera related goldfish HALs as brilloemulator for Brillo
dc1c14f : Support generic buffers in EmulatedFakeCamera3
2bbb465 : Refactor gralloc HAL to not repeat defintions
84a59f9 : GPU: Build
b104c44 : init.ranchu.rc: enable qemu-props & use GPU emulation if available
948dfb6 : emulator-fingerprint: Exit listener thread on HAL close
3ea472d : init.ranchu.rc: Add dhcpcd_eth0 service
ac3f6d1 : Fix glActiveTexture invalid parameter bug
9387a8a : Add validation check for glUniform* APIs
a01bcfd : Support removing a fingerprint
00c1f48 : Removes overriding value of EXTERNAL_STORAGE for arm64.
d0e67c8 : Fix glDrawArrays API issue
daaff65 : Delete some useless files
c336ddf : Add some guidance documentation to the emulator
7c1d90f : Implement a couple more surface attributes in eglQuerySurface.
4a91c43 : Camera: Fix poseRotation quaternion
3ef9887 : Read the size of a window surface from the native buffer.
6e696c3 : Handle pixel formats with 16bit and 32bit color channels.
21eaf2b : Correctly set the surface type upon creation.
6801005 : Fixes interpretation of attribute lists in the EGL emulation library.
890dcca : opengl: GLEncoder: Fix potential array buffer misbinding
c52b876 : Camera/gralloc: Add basic capability handling, support DEPTH
633f157 : opengl: Fix QemuPipeStream::readFully reading beyond end of buffer
79f8dcd : Camera: Update emulator camera v3 HAL to v3.3, module to v2.3
3840dbf : DO NOT MERGE opengl: Fix QemuPipeStream::readFully reading beyond end of buffer
3f83b3f : DO NOT MERGE opengl: Fix QemuPipeStream::readFully reading beyond end of buffer
ad5614a : DO NOT MERGE opengl: Fix QemuPipeStream::readFully reading beyond end of buffer
e40e60a : DO NOT MERGE opengl: Fix QemuPipeStream::readFully reading beyond end of buffer
7a94e7a : Adds check for argument ‘level’ in glTexSubImage2D.
3ba99fb : Fix for MidiManager bug in emulator
62a501b : Fix glDrawElements API issue
eccd680 : Fingerprint: Avoid passing structures by value
e4b5058 : Handle un-enrolled fingerprint properly
9aaf1aa : Start fingerprintd service on emulator image
7d8b2d3 : remove video editor from media_profiles.xml
d32ba6f : Create SDK specific hardware feature list file
d5603e6 : Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY with close in goldfish camera.
4a86da4 : goldfish Hal: store/load user id and authenticator id
490ce28 : goldfish Hal: store/read fingerprints
b3bd4fd : goldfish fp: fix issues with auth_token integration
c287170 : Add get_authenticator_id function to emulator fingerprint HAL
d992f62 : Use wildcard when matching device path.
49c0b47 : Add pre_enroll method to fingerprint hal in emulator
d95f151 : Fingerprint: Update processed to authenticated
1632303 : Fix build; Fix problems with SDK fingerprint emulation code
847be6a : Fix build: Remove LENS_POSITION from both HALv2 and HALv3
5cc7834 : Update fingerprint HAL to use authenticate() method
cbf417f : Updated external storage configuration.
3bcf04b : camera: Drop RAW_SENSOR, use RAW16 instead
b729e76 : Add fingerprint HAL into goldfish device
c3b67d3 : Fix sdcard mount flag for goldfish device DO NOT MERGE
39bd285 : Fix sdcard mount flag for goldfish device
8eccde3 : Remove one more RAW_SENSOR enum
b30540c : Replace HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RAW_SENSOR with RAW_16
aa028a3 : back port gles fix to api 18
52667f5 : Port back gles bug fixes and rotation fix
b8853ba : Fix build of emulator guest GPU encoding libraries.

+- Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-arm64

4f30226 : Updated external storage configuration.

+- Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-armv7-a-neon

f41c1e4 : Updated external storage configuration.

+- Project: device/generic/mips

641e438 : Fix broken build.

+- Project: device/generic/qemu

4563938 : move init.trace.rc to frameworks/native
3f30d51 : Include init.usb.configfs.rc into rootdir
f008fcf : remove TARGET_PROVIDES_INIT_RC

+- Project: device/generic/x86

801f887 : Fix broken build.

+- Project: device/google/atv

5bf79a8 : Remove obsolete live wallpapers.
7c93982 : sdk_atv_armv7: TV codecs have been separated, use them
a8a952f : Update LeanbackSample app to latest from github
6217ef4 : Removing VisualizationWallpapers as it does not comply with API 23 rules
0888e56 : Remove Launcher2 and TeleService from ATVs
0c8d193 : Move AndroidTV SDK sys images to rev 2.
28dea35 : Remove mention of EXTENDED font profile and naver-fonts.
adbaec3 : Add selinux policy to enable access to DVB API on Android TV
0a44cdb : TV pakcage and feature policy
0ae5bd2 : Add hyphenation patterns to
3e1dafb : Add a feature
8a19d38 : Remove Lohit fonts from the build.
75ee460 : Use full NotoSans rather than Motoya
5a614f6 : Add Roboto fonts
6cdfb54 : Remove useMasterVolume default

+- Project: device/google/contexthub

dc6027b : stm32f4xx_exti: teach exti abotu new gpio handle format
84f82ec : stm32f4xx_spi: do not use nss GPIO handle unless it is actually valid
a7d2b4d : stm32f4xx_gpio: make sure GPIO handle NULL is invalid
4e48865 : hostintf: add support for uploading nanoapps
5d62888 : floatRt: even faster floatFromi[U]int64
8cef816 : bmi160: only configure mag once
876a26c : syscall: add heap and slab syscalls
ad58073 : plat: allow platform to define own trylock, if for some reason ours does not work for it
7fd5dc0 : syscall: remove obsolete UserspaceCallback stuff
4a6d930 : cpu_cm4f: save a few cycles
194b0b0 : math: add freebsd trascendentals as they are a bit faster than gcc
ff2b21f : inc: move math cpu-specific includes to cpu-specific file
ec15e31 : external: add different libraries for floating point sin/cos
b2c8612 : make: ban rsa private ops from microcontroller build
dedf2a6 : sensors: change definition of WifiScanEvent
7a0600f : sensors: adding type definitions for WiFi
26ded5c : platform: stm32f4xx: remove U64 division in rtcGetTime()
ed4f927 : cpuMath_cm4f: save a cycle
5e65a52 : printf: use the new U64/U16 code