android-n-preview-1 to android-n-preview-2 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

c4ae916 : Store precice set of which constructors require barriers
d26b7e4 : Make sure non-fatal errors aren't printed.
454b3b6 : ART: Fix race in on-stack replacement
c9002b2 : Ignore failures on device.
fd336c3 : Fix combined checksum calculation to use isa.
b11ffb7 : Combine checksum of all boot images.
93e94f2 : ART: Fix interpreter single-step when doing OSR
e1bcd8a : Revert "Disable some image_test cases with concurrent collector."
1d6fdaf : Fix image_test for the CC collector.
b5d3861 : Revert "Revert "Check if we require barrier if we did not resolve classes""
371bd83 : Revert "Revert "Change RequiresConstructorBarrier default to yes""
dee58d6 : Revert "Revert "Refactor HGraphBuilder and SsaBuilder to remove HLocals""
8b233fc : Remove more Quick-related macros in tests.
0436ee6 : Revert "Change RequiresConstructorBarrier default to yes"
a7ab499 : Revert "Check if we require barrier if we did not resolve classes"
1939a88 : Add 20s timeout to 570-checker-osr.
20fd7cd : Check if we require barrier if we did not resolve classes
56f9a89 : Fix regression in ModUnionTable RAM usage
8a18fde : ART: Add cutout for Unsafe.putObjectVolatile
13fc1be : ART: Add integer & long parsing cutout to unstarted runtime
6039e56 : ART: Add getDeclaredConstructor cutout for unstarted runtime
b8aa1e4 : Shard classloader classes lock
f2f0f4b : Change RequiresConstructorBarrier default to yes
619a457 : Change hash set to use noexcept
adf1eaa : Thumb2: Show the immediate in ROR (immediate) disassembly.
5dcf19d : Fix and re-enable compiler_driver_test
a3aef2e : Move optimizations out of HInliner::TryBuildAndInlineHelper.
40ecb12 : Optimizing: Fix codegens for MethodLoadKind::kDexCacheViaMethod.
e8f3f03 : ART: Handle OOM in stack overflow
5c9af61 : ART: Add arraycopy(byte) to unstarted runtime
acc1be3 : ART: Don't attempt write flock if not zygote
66fdcbd : Remove unnecessary TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY.
d777983 : Revert "Remove many `instrumentation` variables from goto interpreter."
83ca47a : Remove unused 'status' variable
1133db7 : Remove AnnotationAccess and its remaining uses.
7ad71d0 : ART: Refactor imgdiag internals
d7c10c2 : Fix issued with non-public interface methods.
7ec0904 : ART: Dump less maps
22deed0 : Move DCHECK into loop.
06039ba : Fix issue with verification check failure on erroneous classes.
085a072 : Mark array classes as verification attempted
6032891 : Revert "Refactor HGraphBuilder and SsaBuilder to remove HLocals"
9d07e3d : Clean up OatQuickMethodHeader after Quick removal.
a8013fd : Please Clang wrt stack frames in HInliner::TryBuildAndInlineHelper.
d4c077a : Have Checker print lines of unmatched test cases.
e3ff7b2 : Refactor HGraphBuilder and SsaBuilder to remove HLocals
86ea7ee : Build dominator tree before generating HInstructions
cb044bc : Dump different fields in imgdiag
961ea9f : Revert "Revert "Revert "ART: Improve JitProfile perf in arm/arm64 mterp"""
6b7d2c0 : Revert "ART: Improve JitProfile perf in x86 mterp"
0402c56 : Revert "ART: Improve JitProfile perf in x86_64 mterp"
24a4fdf : Make test 146 run with secondary dex file in classpath.
3a448e4 : Improve debugging in art/compiler/optimizing/common_arm64.h.
fa3912e : Fix BitCount intrinsics assertions.
9fc547a : Make InvokeInterfaceTrampoline check methods
85a098a : ART: Better support for arraycopy in unstarted runtime
61b28a1 : Use bit-level packing for InlineInfo in stackmaps as well.
5396b81 : Fix a test info referencing AMD64 instead of ARM64.
a1e9312 : unstarted_runtime: Update references to decimal format classes.
34a316f : unstarted_runtime: Add additional cutouts
c2ec9ad : Implement ARM64 support for SystemArrayCopy()
b0026b4 : Disable checks for b/27493510
884f3b8 : ART: Do not run verification under lock
a0b9521 : Add verification for image ArtMethod declaring classes
45bf250 : Add way to disable resolving for stack walk
09ed098 : Pack stack map entries on bit level to save space.
458b105 : Obtain stack trace outside of critical section
86a785d : ART: Add support for DexFile compiler filter function
a1b4c5f : Fix thumb bit in the oatdump symbolizer.
4cb22b4 : Remove many `instrumentation` variables from goto interpreter.
ef88a11 : Fix silly gcc warning.
31d1417 : Rename run-test 593-checker-boolean-to-integral-conversions.
4c858cd : ART: Fix TypeConversion from long const to float on x86_64
099a611 : ART: Improve JitProfile perf in x86_64 mterp
3e9edd1 : ART: Improve JitProfile perf in x86 mterp
2b763c3 : Remove obsolete ANDROID_COMPILE_WITH_JACK
d12f9c1 : ART: Save or erase the file even if I/O failed
fbe160b : Remove obsolete LOCAL_DX_FLAGS.
1e86061 : Refine OatFileAssistant.MakeUpToDate failure result.
968056f : Fix arm64 simplifier bug that tries to remove same statement twice. With fail-before/pass-after test (on arm64).
f355c3f : Fix Boolean to integral types conversions.
db8e62d : Optimizing: Clean up after const-string sharpening.
fa02c9d : ART: Flush ostream less frequently in GraphVisualizer
e0f633e : ART: Fix unstarted runtime for Security
76ed99d : ART: Postpone interface-related dex failure to version 37
4a8ac9c : Revert "Revert "ART: Improve JitProfile perf in arm/arm64 mterp""
d1537b5 : Don't return kPatchOatNeeded if there is no patch info.
cac5a7e : Optimizing: Improve const-string code generation.
c38be81 : ART: Update DexFile for compiler-filter pass-down
7da3170 : Disable oatdump_test on mips due to timeouts.
fe76a62 : Only log excessive timeouts if those appear accidental
7fe3023 : ART: Make verifier fail log level adjustable
bf9611f : ART: Clean up verifier
8d8fc48 : ART: Relax verifier checks
7829691 : Fix bug not accounting for type in induction comparison. Extended unit tests.
6a63bac : Allow x86+arm multilib build.
bb18a03 : ART: Allow array-ness for unresolved merge types
eda3140 : Avoid removing new-instance instruction twice. Includes a fail-before/pass-after regression test.
947eb70 : Optimizing: Reduce arena memory used by GraphChecker.
6aef867 : Revert "ART: Improve JitProfile perf in arm/arm64 mterp"
1cb8689 : Revert "ART: Ignore hotness updates if jit inactive"
71f2e80 : ART: Actually run tests cross arch for oatdump
c1bc415 : Only call jit_load after the zygote fork
c496181 : Add support for Dex version 37 in Runtime.
17bda20 : ART: Ignore hotness updates if jit inactive
72918ea : Load jit compiler pre zygote fork
9eeebf6 : ART: Fix order of operations in HBasicBlock::DisconnectAndDelete
94f62ef : ART: Fix run-test
484fb9f : Fix stub_test after semantic conflicting merge.
11edec7 : ART: Loosen a GraphChecker rule on Boolean inputs
32cc778 : Do a null check on the sibling in the register allocator.
df73984 : Post-Quick cleanup: Remove CompilationUnit.
973ce7c : Disable test on arm due to timeouts.
b62f2e6 : Add RosAlloc stats dump.
fc067bf : Use smaller rosalloc run sizes.
d074538 : Fix potential race condition with threads array.
d96a246 : Optimizing: Do not insert suspend checks on back-edges.
29d38e7 : Revert "Revert "Use compiler filter to determine oat file status.""
c1d6b34 : ART: Improve JitProfile perf in arm/arm64 mterp
c9b21f8 : Fix some typos in art/compiler/optimizing/
40c68c6 : Fix dex2oat/oatdump cross-compilation.
1004faa : Re-enable IMT stub test.
b133ec6 : Ensure object ArraySet with null value does not need a type check.
141de8c : Revert "ART: Weaken DCHECK"
71d5876 : Revert "ART: Temporarily disable test"
845e506 : Revert "Use compiler filter to determine oat file status."
1ee29d3 : ART: Weaken DCHECK
5113583 : ART: Temporarily disable test
a62d2f0 : Use compiler filter to determine oat file status.
0d6d8d8 : Rename test to avoid too long file names.
9d7a4ac : Delete too spammy VLOG(heap) in ReleasePrimitiveArray
f9018b0 : Disable test for now.
0f49c82 : Optimizing: Reduce GraphChecker memory usage.
3a40bf2 : ART: Clean up arena allocation memory tracking.
1fbd452 : Fix missing header inclusion in art/runtime/
4603473 : Rename test to avoid too long filenames.
796d630 : Add an ImtConflictTable to better resolve IMT conflicts.
974bbdd : Relax too strong DCHECK.
5b5b931 : Fix and improve shift and rotate operations.
cfa7239 : Disable two tests for no-prebuild.
0e2f2ff : Optimizing: Fix a new valgrind error in image_test.
937e6cd : Tighten art::HNeg type constraints on its input.
b9a639d : Fix braino in JitCodeCache.
7db00cd : Update Makefile and scripts after Quick removal.
b9131b1 : Update run-test 097-duplicate-method
c6b1b93 : Revert "Revert "Enable compilation of secondary dex files""
d5f3f32 : Add sanity checking to declaring class visiting
51aff3a : MIPS32: Implement UnsafeCASInt and UnsafeCASObject intrinsics.
69dd2ed : ART: remove nested include in arch_test
0d345cf : Generalize induction and range analysis across type conversions.
f8cb178 : Move process state into runtime
9894fc8 : Disable LZ4HC compressed images
e1e5a86 : Remove bogus DCHECK().
3c94f09 : Remove Quick from tree.
f6a35de : Optimizing: Fix register allocator validation memory usage.
4b49567 : Let tests informa Jack of the min api version
6300fd7 : Code cleanup between debugger and jit.
590b136 : Suppress MIPS32 assembler warnings
48a7bae : Pacify g++ about a set-but-unused variable.
ab5327d : Check if the type of an instruction is erroneous before inlining.
b1d9157 : Call HuntForOriginalReference to get to the null.
c2c6271 : Fix mising ".
6f0c6cd : Fix a CC 145-alloc-tracking-stress deadlock.
73d8c65 : Fix incorrect dex2oat check
ec1514a : Add patchoat check that input oat file has patch section.
a807780 : Add verify-profile compiler filter
9b57966 : Revamp run-test 431-optimizing-arith-shifts.
1a65388 : Clean up art::HConstant predicates.
2c2d2a0 : ART: Speed up stack guard page install
246f424 : Disable jsr166.Collection8Test tests from running.
22c4922 : Ensure art::HRor support boolean, byte, short and char inputs.
7a1c014 : Remove TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY for unlink
4eb90bf : Revert "Ignore 145-alloc-tracking-stress run-test failures with CC."
6c73836 : Revert "Ignore 145-alloc-tracking-stress failures in interpreter with CC."
5c0a4af : Revert "Ignore 145-alloc-tracking-stress failures with JIT and CC."
700ae40 : Complete the 1.8 unsafe memory fences tests.
97acf19 : Make run-test give extra time when doing gc-stress runs.
d28f4a0 : Generate native debug stackmaps before calls as well.
e9dd04f : Revert "Revert "Fix issue with proxy invocation on default methods""
04680f3 : Dump oat file information as part of DumpForSigQuit.
0397163 : Fix load store elimination bug in the presence of null[i].
f448016 : Do not JIT boot image during native-debugging (keep AOT code instead).
d3c5965 : Check GetDumpNativeStackOnSigQuit() for daemons.
4fdc6d9 : MIPS32: sun.misc.Unsafe get/put intrinsics.
daf58c8 : Revert "Fix issue with proxy invocation on default methods"
1cc7e8b : Add verify-art-runtime usage to dex2oat
908c0b2 : ART: Mterp arm64 2-operand double rem fix
55ea94d : Fix bug where verification could crash on unresolved types.
d72945c : Revert "Revert "Assembly TLAB allocation fast path for arm64.""
50e9331 : Fix race in AllocEntrypointsInstrumented
4dd47ab : Fix valgrind-test-art-host to run both 32-bit and 64-bit tests.
346dc99 : Remove --native-debuggable compiler option.
a172450 : Forgot space.
a5c4a40 : Make art::HCompare support boolean, byte, short and char inputs.
2385d09 : Re-enable checker tests 536 and 537
44fd0e5 : Fix inliner crash related to type propagation.
0cb11c3 : runtime: delete native/java_lang_Runtime.h.
933330a : Add more statistics for memory use of the JIT.
2ae4818 : Clean up NullCheck generation and record stats about it.
6915898 : Improve compiler stats
1c5b6da : Set USE_JACK to true.
404b5bf : Move specific build rule of 529 into the default script.
a4f8154 : Collect memory use for the JIT.
e567161 : Accept boolean as an input of HDivZeroCheck.
639ec6b : Fix checker test.
52fa2c6 : Revert "Assembly TLAB allocation fast path for arm64."
563cf33 : Revert "Tentative fix for build breakage with read barriers."
4d18145 : Optimizing: Fix arm64 shifter operand test.
448f21e : Tentative fix for build breakage with read barriers.
e434a81 : Disable test.
879d27b : ART: Fix ignoring duplicate fields.
ec3b7ab : Fix issue with proxy invocation on default methods
b7e52b0 : Assembly TLAB allocation fast path for arm64.
5b18053 : ART: Fix shift simplification, x >>> 64.
e8b4e85 : Call __jit_debug_register_code() indirectly via global variable.
949e54d : Fix HDoubleConstant::IsZero and HFloatConstant::IsZero.
164306e : Optimizing: Improve shift simplification, x >>> 64.
5f97157 : runtime: delete native/
a1425a1 : ART: Remember whether the cache was pruned
1693a1f : Make art::HCompare side effect free.
d9813cb : ART: Fix valgrind failure in image_test64.
24bd895 : Optimizing: Prevent potential valgrind error.
ab4a4d2 : Fix zygote handling of when secondary image is out of date.
0b4cbd0 : Add oatdump support for app images
bec6358 : ART: Update dalvik-cache for zygote after OTA
1ae8874 : Fixed bug in BCE, with regression test.
a65ed30 : Optimizing: Fix valgrind error in image_test64.
8e864bf : Do not include image header in decompressed size
14b0a5d : Fix cases where we miss instrumentation changes
625090f : Optimizing: Fix TypeConversion(And(x, const)) simplification.
70b92ae : Clean up the valgrind test targets.
d98a52f : Revert "Enable compilation of secondary dex files"
b75878e : Optimizing: Do not re-record standby checks for dynamic BCE.
d89f605 : Ignore empty maps when emitting DWARF variable locations.
82bcf54 : Revert "Re-enable test that was causing TimeoutExceptions on ARM64."
ace690f : ART: mterp arm/arm64 cleanup
10d4c08 : Assembly region TLAB allocation fast path for arm.
6832fbe : Fix DCHECK in OatQuickMethodHeader::GetFrameSizeInBytes()
dc15e89 : Suppress a valgrind libc issue.
6a6b38f : Revert "Revert "Allow duplicated methods in different DWARF line tables.""
5d95076 : Symbolize native debug information for AOTed methods in boot.oat.
09c2a6b : Add trampoline symbols to native debug info.
b14a5ed : Minor optimizations of debug::WriteCFISection.
5120923 : Typo in comment in art::mirror::Object::IdentityHashCode.
252fa90 : DWARF: Compensate for compiler's off-by-one instruction.
ddc4055 : MIPS: Don't use $t8 for calling entrypoints
2fdd03c : Add symbolizer option to generate debug information only.
8862fac : Revert "Allow duplicated methods in different DWARF line tables."
3c54623 : Allow duplicated methods in different DWARF line tables.
18401b7 : Fix invariant in reference type propagation.
7fc6350 : Integrate BitwiseNegated into shared framework.
bdd7935 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Change condition to opposite if lhs is constant""""
07e3ca9 : Fix thread race when fetching the ProfilingInfo object.
8d1594d : ART: Allow unwinding unattached threads
057134b : ART: Release all resource on MonitorPool destruction
daed5d8 : Allocate interrupted exception before re-acquiring lock
f193878 : Log when why an Unwind failed.
bab6616 : Tests for round() method.
07f6818 : ART: Do not use vixld - workaround to fix dex2oatds.
d1c4045 : Avoid generating dead code on frame enter/exit. This includes stack operations and, on x86, call/pop to read PC.
d527657 : Disable some image_test cases with concurrent collector.
83f080a : Tweak JIT hotness threshold.
31f477e : MIPS32: Fix test 082-inline-execute
fe736b7 : Allow generation of native debug info for multiple methods.
197160d : Refactor MethodDebugInfo (input of DWARF writer).
6f6b134 : Use PwriteFully and write image header last
1a7beae : ART: Fix assumption in class profile collection
8b8f6d6 : Use per character suffix for multi image
b6e20ae : Clear inline caches at each full GC.
770b39e : Enable compilation of secondary dex files
3f41a01 : ART: Use optimizing compiler in image_test
f969a20 : Fix and enable java.lang.StringFactory intrinsics.
f97cf2a : Stop oat loading spam on host.
8b3f835 : ART: Write bit fields together in ComputeSpecialAccessorInfo().
3296585 : Ignore 145-alloc-tracking-stress failures with JIT and CC.
0d0ce27 : ART: Enable native stack dumping on timeout
7c9c31c : ART: Fix missing include
29ab360 : Fix valgrind errors with MemMap::Sync().
1193259 : Implement the 1.8 unsafe memory fences directly in HIR.
cf283da : MIPS32: java.lang.Thread, and java.lang.String intrinsics:
f529e9b : Handle unexpected cases in profile saver
b077e15 : Update GetDexOptNeeded to handle different levels of compilation
91cc06c : Mark DWARF lines in non-debuggable methods as "not a statement".
2d8614b : ART: Use the right ElfBuilder for oatdump symbolizer
3dd6e02 : Revert "Suppress ArrayDequeTest#testForEachRemaining temporarily."
316a218 : Add Mips abiflags section to the oatfile.
5d81120 : Propagate InstructionSetFeatures to ElfBuilder.
9e9411c : Re-enable test that was causing TimeoutExceptions on ARM64.
0c344f2 : Fix lock order violation
60ab7c9 : Try to reenable some libcore tests with CC.
33fbf37 : Add systrace logging to ScopedCodeCacheWrite
0e54c01 : Unsafe: Recognize intrinsics for 1.8 java.util.concurrent With unit test.
b79eb75 : Revert "ProfilingInfo roots should be visited by the declaring class."
ebd5fc6 : Revert "Query declaring class before querying IsNative."
47c1959 : Increase kDumpWaitTimeout 10x for target builds
bcd9dd7 : Don't use ScopedObjectAccess in Heap::DumpSpaces
629afab : runtime: Add CAS and fences to sun.misc.Unsafe
de16654 : Add some debugging for zygote crash.
fe6f0b6 : Workaround for broken 'ps' command on M.
2cbbf16 : ART: Fix RegTypeCache::FromUnresolvedMerge().
4856ca7 : Support multidex run-test with Jack
ddec7f9 : MIPS64: Implement isInfinite intrinsics.
32ce2ad : Add more systracing everywhere
095a0b2 : Remove no thread suspension assert in AddImageSpace
9a9aee6 : Use MarkIfNotInToSpace for SemiSpace::MarkObject
f1e74af : Typo in comment in MIPS32 mterp.
db045be : ART: Enable JitProfiling for MIPS64 Mterp
a388c5a : Enable clang for ARM builds.
c90bc92 : Record foreign dex files loaded by the app in the profile
b512c0e : ART: Check alignment of section offsets
0ae0e3c : Remove useless map in SwapAllocator
da2299c : Set side effects to HNullCheck and HBoundsCheck.
9cf132b : HDeoptimize can also trigger GC.
8a1c728 : X86_64: Replace x86_64 xchg instruction use

+- Project: platform/bionic

8c8ef59 : Move <sys/sysconf.h> to <bits/sysconf.h>.
752a82c : Remove mbstowcs from <wchar.h>.
7449e59 : Extract getopt and friends to <bits/getopt.h>
a6c8546 : Remove declaration of unlinkat from <fcntl.h>.
98e574c : Extract ioctl to <bits/ioctl.h>.
ee8d169 : Extract fcntl to <bits/fcntl.h>.
c3cec27 : Extract strcasecmp and friends to <bits/strcasecmp.h>.
0d8e141 : Make <bits/lockf.h> compile standalone.
2675a9e : Make <android/dlext.h> compile standalone.
ef7c95b : Make the network headers compile standalone.
70856fb : Remove duplicate declaration of mlock, munlock.
6cfb84b : Add trivial no-op <nl_types.h>.
8d387ee : fix oem_XXXX ids to incorporate both ranges
187d37d : Teach our script to ignore more dead POSIX stuff.
26fda77 : Fix b64_pton.
eafad49 : Add <sys/quota.h>.
3735539 : Rename the <grp.h>/<pwd.h> tests to reflect that they're no longer in stubs.cpp.
e4510a2 : Break up the rest of stubs.cpp.
b38347a : bionic: split out getpwnam and friends
360800d : Reduce the amount of logging in Bionic's resolver.
0a2ab02 : Do not test ifunc on mips
fa4aeed : linker: Add unit-test for sleb128_decoder
7f72ad4 : Add sync_file_range to <fcntl.h>.
55147ad : Add missing prototype for readahead in <fcntl.h>.
03844d8 : Fix off-by-one error in res_cache.c
6b3f0d6 : Ignore unreliable DNS servers.
df143f8 : Add POSIX getsubopt(3).
5375bf6 : Add SysV signal handling
ff624c2 : Format code to calculate thread stack and signal stack.
5db4b6e : Make it harder to use a broken legacy function by accident.
be45b22 : Update Android.bp with recent changes
c967d89 : Enable ifunc test for arm
126ab12 : tests: allow brk to fail with ENOMEM
afe835d : Move math headers in with the other headers.
17fdd02 : Remove a workaround from stack_protector_test that's not needed in master.
6057d18 : Fix the stack-protector test for x86/x86-64.
cf73e00 : Ensure only mips is using GCC to build bionic.
cd3abe3 : Tell GCC that sometimes we have to build deprecated functions.
5dd13d0 : Differentiate the MNTTYPE_* and MNTOPT_* constants.
1f1a51a : Add a few missing types and constants to headers.
36733fc : Check current pid at libc initialization for 32-bit build.
686e5f6 : Add a checksum to jmp_buf on x86_64.
c244fcb : Delete lies from x86_64 setjmp implementation.
9260785 : Add a checksum to jmp_buf on x86.
78f5eb0 : Fix test getauxval.arm_has_AT_HWCAP2.
23aae1c : Update Android.bp with getdomainname
d88e1f3 : linker: hide the pointer to soinfo
900a4dc : Don't bother insisting on AT_HWCAP2 for 32-bit devices.
d15dfb2 : clock_nanosleep: add CLOCK_THREAD_CPUTIME_ID special case
3299590 : Add a checksum to jmp_buf on mips and mips64.
dbf2e19 : fixup x86 setdomainname.S
3679ade : Add hasmntopt(3)
e2faf07 : Add {get,set}domainname(2)
be91052 : libc: implement kernel vdso syscalls for i386
d4c9112 : Fix the AT_HWCAP2 test.
204990c : Fix x86 __memset_chk.
a03c62b : epoll_create: reject size <= 0
fb23fa3 : clone: check for NULL child stack
cc78b25 : Remove the __USE_GNU guard from pthread_setname_np again.
725b2a9 : Add pthread_getname_np.
e5c872f : genversion-scripts: fix script name in autogenerated comment
7de1ff2 : Move relocation_packer off libnativehelper.
722072d : CloseArchive() to free memory when OpenArchive fails.
81d2797 : Fix pthread.pthread_barrier_smoke test.
ebb4895 : Add a CTS test to ensure AT_HWCAP2 is reported.
d091962 : Fix race in malloc debug option free_track.
f3b9c89 : Fix bug where t9 is not correct when __memset_chk_fail is called. t9 is used to calculate gp at the start of __memset_chk_fail.
fc1fb95 : Android.bp: Add missing <complex.h> functions.
d787852 : Silence false positive warnings on GCC.
a4b1425 : Fix problem where unknown option is not an error.
9ee6adb : Add missing <complex.h> functions.
603acbf : Update Android.bp with x86 rint optimizations
20f2c1e : Init functions after debug malloc succeeds.
2ee4588 : Revert "[MIPS] Link .dex or .oat code lacking .MIPS.abiflags segment"
7877df6 : malloc_debug: fix multiplication overflow in debug_calloc
9567c7b : malloc_debug: round 0 byte allocations up to 1 byte
baa7c6f : malloc_debug: iterate: use usable_size
61e4d46 : Adjust test to let it pass on libhoudini.
61cf3f3 : debuggerd: rethrow the full signal we receive, always.
fc69a8a : Improve and fix the stack-protector tests.
7bbb181 : Don't leak sockets if setsockopt() or fchown() fail.
f3ea093 : Add x86 optimization of rint functions and tests
281e06b : Switch bionic over to google-benchmark.
2bf5332 : Minor clock_getcpuclockid optimization.
d2b8de2 : Don't call clock_getres in sysconf.
6d7c1ee : forkpty: set the output fd to -1 on the slave side.
29d4b71 : Add __memset_chk assembler for mips32 and mips64.
62a8339 : Add getgrgid_r/getgrnam_r.
2375fd7 : Add all the glibc one-line "synonym" header files.
e87ff2b : Add some glibc-like #defines for libchrome.
102d83f : Add timespec/timeval conversion helpers.
950d3e9 : libc: Add sys/fcntl.h for compatibility.
e924d85 : Add <sysexits.h>.
4f80102 : Fix potential race condition on CTS TC pthread_gettid_np

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

5f7111f : recovery-persist: pick up both pstore console files
4bbd5bf : Move selinux dependencies out of header files.
6507265 : uncrypt: remove --read-bcb option.
1c95c97 : Add string for Installing_security_update
bcabd09 : Switch to <android-base/unique_fd.h>.
a4f701a : recovery: use __android_log_pmsg_file_write for log files
3d0153a : Move recovery_l10n here from development/tools.
7eca97e : Skip stashing source blocks in verify mode
e326b22 : Correct caching behavior for should_inject_cache
c14d95d : Clean up intent_file related code in recovery.cpp
57eb4fd : Remove dead tools.
2584f9c : Fix: full ota package larger than 2GB fails to upgrade
82f8c82 : Add include/ to the Makefile include path.
ef2016f : applypatch: add -fPIC for libimgpatch in Chrome OS.
3c62b67 : Reboot and retry on I/O errors
a5d5082 : Revert "Byte swap to support BGRA in recovery mode"
45eac58 : update_verifier: Log to logd instead of kernel log.
1171d3a : Add update_verifier for A/B OTA update.
846c094 : Add slot_suffix field to struct bootloader_message.
8f90389 : recovery: Allow "Mount /system" for system_root_image.
32ac976 : applypatch: Fix the checking in WriteToPartition().
f47259b : applypatch: Support flash mode.
3b19926 : updater: libapplypatch needs libbase now.
27604fc : applypatch: Refactor strtok().
818fa78 : DO NOT MERGE recovery: Switch applypatch/ and updater/ to cpp.
806f72f : Add error and range checks to parse_range
56deefb : Stop using libstdc++.
7101b2e : recovery: Switch to clang

+- Project: platform/build

6081768 : Remove support for DSA with SHA-512 from v2 signing.
4eaeef8 : Add jack's argument files to prerequisites
8f9a532 : makeparallel: reset make's unlimited stack
885dbb5 : Correct usage message for
a3184dc : Fix dependencies of protoc with nanopb-c plugin
b708bc5 : Add Bison binary and its data to prerequisite
ce2fe3c : Remove mips special case.
f1ae051 : Remove libdivsufsort shared library from otatools.
1598df4 : libm's headers have moved to live with their libc cousins.
95fe002 : Always build squashfs host tools
2319e56 : Fix code coverage for apps
d742e90 : Recognize more Clang-Tidy google warning patterns.
4121aa9 : [RenderScript] Update the build rules for x86_64 support lib.
658d1e0 : Update NDK libc++ header paths.
13306af : Add LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.
a6a9ab0 : Replace $(shell) in recipe with subshell.
8586573 : Remove support of disabling Jack.
1c4f8e0 : Remove extraneous /
8f0e52c : Keep emma files for host rules
6a54a9f : Darwin: Use the same `ar` as Soong
90d4619 : Recognize Clang-Tidy warning messages.
9537477 : Forbid Clang for Windows
d3ce14c : Fix dependencies around tools/*
29b65c4 : Only add jacocoagent if the package contains some java code.
40a4a83 : [DO NOT MERGE] Remove code pulled in by accident.
87538e4 : Support x86+arm multilib build.
363fe53 : Use $(BUILD_SYSTEM) as the LOCAL_PATH of auto-generated modules.
fbc5b9f : Rebuild odex files in PDK fusion build.
491c9ce : Rename emma coverage files
3ae7861 : Remove javac support in host dex rules.
72bc59c : Remove rmtypedefs from the build system.
cddeb6c : Add phony target javac-check.
8179d68 : Add parse_raw() method.
8f800df : Add libbase to otatools
3006962 : Remove ALL_PREBUILT, all users have been removed
b05cf54 : Add support for multiple flavors of the NDK gtest.
37a0ecd : Fix bug in APK entry alignment.
71c5809 : Phony target $(LOCAL_MODULE) covers all multilib variants.
cc60f01 : Handle symlinked OUT_DIRs (again)
4aaa1a1 : Create empty .a on Darwin when there is no obj file.
a81e1b7 : Using stlport_static or c++_static requires libdl.
a9be47e : Dump table of warning counts before all warnings.
ba0ddcd : Add more patterns, dump sorted unique warnings.
d995f4b : Add support for Brillo Verified Boot.
2c6fbca : Enable -Werror on zipalign
0c38bc5 : Fix compilation warning.
760aec5 : Switch to clang-2690385
41f4b24 : Update RenderScript build rules for rebase to LLVM r256229
50a8120 : Remove support for device libstdc++ as stl
19946ae : Add config file listing public native libraries
233584b : Remove JILL, JACK_JAR and JILL_JAR
f8aaf60 : Classify more warning patterns.
4438fd9 : Add zlib_fingerprint to
22a9e78 : Fix jack min sdk version for ub branches
fe606f0 : Add to whitelisted packages
c6383d6 : Inform Jack of the min sdk
22313f2 : Remove rules for building dex with dx
040141b : Revert "Add zlib_fingerprint to"
ad741e6 : Link in ASAN library if my_global_santitize is set.
7290477 : Replace last -includes by .KATI_DEPFILE
3e30d97 : Revert "Revert "releasetools: Support OTAs that have OEM properties changes.""
838c68f : Revert "releasetools: Support OTAs that have OEM properties changes."
3303d90 : Revert "Revert "build: pass version and patch level to mkbootimg""
962282b : Revert "Inform Jack of the min sdk"
b5ea85a : Revert "Remove one debug line"
d2fafe5 : Remove one debug line
2d12ce1 : Always run Soong
82bf99b : Fix two cosmetic issues in signapk.
0e8ec50 : Make the language version selection smarter
d53c0c7 : Handle out being a symlink
9445158 : Inform Jack of the min sdk
494a909 : Revert "build: pass version and patch level to mkbootimg"
d8c715b : Add zlib_fingerprint to
fcec686 : Turn off excess printing during the build which makes errors harder to find.
1487f31 : Use hermetic ckati/makeparallel prebuilts
ee4a6fa : OSX: Use the oldest SDK, but always set our target to 10.8
441d646 : Fix C++ on Darwin
4996cf0 : Use the update-binary in the source build for downgrade OTAs.
c950a35 : fs_config: introduce TARGET_FS_CONFIG_GEN
2a24bad : Remove support for /Developer
fcefd5f : Remove support for Darwin 10.6 SDK
910a355 : Use ulimit -p rather than prlimit.
c086370 : releasetools: Support OTAs that have OEM properties changes.
8fb47f1 : build: pass version and patch level to mkbootimg
80ceadc : Fix dumping variables of absolute paths.
764f933 : Removed duplicate definition of E2FSCK
dca2200 : releasetools: Fix the bug in AssertSequenceGood.
c503d8e : Switch to clang-2658975.
577f840 : Move BUILD_NATIVE_BENCHMARK over to libgoogle-benchmark.
a7808ac : Reexport include dirs for whole static libs
4037c42 : Use KATI_DEPFILE for .P associated with object files
c24c6cc : Updating security patch string to 2016-03-01
929a4ab : DO NOT MERGE - Update security string to 2016-02-01
f0f73c0 : Update Security String to 2016-02-01
6019adf : remove Exchange2 from
5806531 : Shorten TARGET_BRAND from generic_<arch> to Android
170459f : Update Security String to 2016-01-01 to mnc-dev
58cdbdc : Update Security String to 2016-01-01 - DO NOT MERGE
448dccb : releasetools: Fix the bug with TARGET_NO_RECOVERY.
cb21982 : Override properties that point to out/ directory.
a6a3aa9 : Pack file_contexts into target_files zip.
d22f7eb : Pack META/ab_partitions.txt when using the A/B OTA updater.
b6ef41d : DO NOT MERGE Pack the update_engine_config.txt when using the A/B OTA updater.
7c6a7d0 : Invoke the aidl-cpp compiler to generate C++
26259ef : releasetools: Pack updatable images into IMAGES/ for A/B update.
532fdf4 : Add property.
f4d7599 : build: Fix "adb shell" in recovery for system_root_image.
b11d2c5 : releasetools: Support packaging for system_root_image.
97b906b : build: Support packaging for system_root_image.
6ed1491 : Support systems that use a full copy of recovery image.
752ecc2 : build: core: Fix issue in recovery
b3b8ce6 : Add support for system images that contain the root directory
fa7f9f7 : Add
37b96ef : Honor TARGET_NO_RECOVERY flag.
116977c : DO NOT MERGE Change the cache partition size check into warnings.
60ad0cd : build: Don't call make_recovery_patch if there's no recovery.
e10bb31 : Fix using libc++_static in dynamic binaries.
ea07676 : Cleanup libc++ configuration.
55a149b : Revert "Change version back to 6.0"
970f203 : Change version back to 6.0
ba740ff : Switch emulator to generate userdebug images by default
20ed978 : Let qemu_props service set system properties in ro.emu and ro.emulator

+- Project: platform/build/blueprint

4bb6276 : Add SingletonContext.Eval to evaluate ninja strings
a664b0a : Fix package names for executables.
c02745a : walkDeps: Fixed bug on non-walked, visited deps.

+- Project: platform/build/kati

f124de0 : Put a whitespace for subshell before a close paren
ce7a2b4 : Add a whitespace after an open paren for subshell
044a51d : Fix
c3a4834 : Use subshell even when a command starts with '('
f3ad9e0 : Detect depfiles only when --detect_depfiles is specified
e6a4d17 : Fix

+- Project: platform/build/soong

8524429 : libm's headers have moved to live with their libc cousins.
d30e610 : Move runpaths out of global ldflags
e717492 : Fix ToolchainLdflags calls
01fdd3d : Various host flag updates to match Make
a91d127 : Provide a default DeviceArchVariant
0c38c5e : Only add -fdebug-prefix-map on Linux hosts
110a89d : Fix arm[64] cflags
bf305de : Remove extension from LOCAL_MODULE_STEM
8e1e3fb : Mark the cortex-{a7,a53,a53.57} chips as supporting LPAE
7b106e4 : Don't install static libraries
a234466 : Use correct install paths in generated
6ac18ec : Improve BUILDDIR handling with symlinks
ca860ac : Refactor cc
7253e0b : Update clang version to 2690385
dc5d28a : Allow overriding of Clang prebuilts
b503816 : Split Allow_missing_dependencies from Unbundled_build
0f6042e : Fix optional intermediates path for unbundled builds
e23dfb7 : Support missing include dirs for unbundled branches
6553f5e : Propagate missing dependencies when using whole_static_libs
eb371e5 : Switch to clang-2658975
6fb8b8d : OSX: Use the oldest SDK, but always set our target to 10.8
282a4b0 : Fix C++ on Darwin
71ea9c1 : Use optional_dirs for non-soong projects

+- Project: platform/cts

378bd4b : A new bionic test requires -lresolv on the host.
5137470 : android.core.tests.libcore.package.tests: fix build breakage
f7a1d6e : android.core.tests.libcore.package.tests: add mockito to the dependencies
4536760 : Clean up in cts
b72139b : Remove support of disabling Jack.
86a9a00 : android.keystore.cts: move KeyStoreTest from libcore
7e31de6 : Add global enforcing test.
5a64f58 : Replace custom rules with BUILD_PREBUILT
1bcaa83 : Link lzma for simpleperf cts test.
27f2a1c : Remove cts-tf-dalvik-buildutil depency to jack.jar
2fb3037 : Remove read check for xt_idletimer dir.
4bbdf2d : Relax the error message check
ae66d22 : Build only the first arch for cts_audio_quality_test
5ffe3d5 : Stop hardcoding gtest headers/libs.
c717d7e : DO NOT MEGE ANYWHERE: BUMP CTS 5.1 to R5
989dcfb : DO NOT MERGE: BUMP CTS 6.0 to R3
3889e25 : DO NOT MERGE security: Test OOB arbitrary write at AMessage::FromParcel
ebd79b4 : DO NOT MERGE - Add security test for IEffect binder command
f4c1ac4 : DO NOT MERGE: rename android_security_cts_AudioflingerBinderTest.cpp to android_security_cts_AudioFlingerBinderTest.cpp
99b34ec : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: Test whether mediaserver leaks info across invalid binder calls
f3c0498 : Increase delta tolerance in TypefaceTest#testInvalidCmapFont
fa86842 : CTS test for robust handling of invalid cmap
517225a : MediaMetadataRetrieverTest: remove unused import to fix compile error.
01443c7 : MediaMetadataRetrieverTest: add new test to handle overflowed padding.
e311e3f : DO NOT MERGE: BUMP CTS 5.0 to R4
79a70a6 : CTS test for libmedia OOB write anywhere
cdee325 : Fixed issue with /
3f51455 : DO NOT MERGE - add more binder tests for AudioFlinger and AudioPolicyService.
01808e7 : add more binder tests for AudioFlinger and AudioPolicyService.
e88e845 : DO NOT MERGE - Add security test for IEffect binder command
879adeb : Test whether mediaserver leaks info across invalid binder calls
c2b384c : Add CTS tests for IAudioflinger binder checks.
0449073 : DO NOT MERGE: rename android_security_cts_AudioflingerBinderTest.cpp to android_security_cts_AudioFlingerBinderTest.cpp
1eba384 : DO NOT MERGE - Add security test for IEffect binder command
96cdf3c : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: Test whether mediaserver leaks info across invalid binder calls
95959a8 : DO NOT MERGE - Add CTS tests for IAudioflinger binder checks.
2566392 : DO NOT MERGE - add more binder tests for AudioFlinger and AudioPolicyService.
0a93ef4 : DO NOT MERGE: rename android_security_cts_AudioflingerBinderTest.cpp to android_security_cts_AudioFlingerBinderTest.cpp
47d7c97 : DO NOT MERGE - Add security test for IEffect binder command
ab3b26d : DO NOT MERGE: Test whether mediaserver leaks info across invalid binder calls
184289f : DO NOT MERGE - Add CTS tests for IAudioflinger binder checks.
b6e9afd : Collect
558dd2c : DO NOT MERGE Collect
f6a9761 : Test for mpeg2 decoder bugfix
f7ef2dc : DO NOT MERGE: Revert "Collect"
3e92a58 : Revert "Collect"
12813c9 : Revert "Collect"
de6a1c5 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Camera: allow more time for AF
ca6e524 : CTS test for mpeg2 decoder bugfix
c84debe : Fix layout for WebViewTest#testRequestChildRectangleOnScreen
5788c52 : CTS fix: HifiUltrasoundSpeakerTestActivity is available with a speaker
cb8b108 : Sonivox: add CTS test.
238d2e5 : Collect
51b51aa : Test case to check class loading using custom class loader
59d7064 : Only reach out to Internet when supported.
12b986f : Fix cts api coverage
0d6aa50 : Additional CTS test for robust handling of invalid cmap
727fde6 : Assert android:usesCleartextTraffic attribute works as expected.
ef60be7 : Prevent the PopupWindow from overlapping with the status bar
e27ff96 : DO NOT MERGE CTS host-side preconditions for MNC
a895918 : DO NOT MERGE relax the iframe interval to 60
349727d : DO NOT MERGE relax the iframe interval to 60
3520a1d : Fixs bugs regarding CTS fails for low performance codec
8126140 : Bug #1111 CTS-Verifier Crash when rotate the DUT.
eeb749c : Include all CTS apks and jars in the coverage report
f7e8eae : Revert "Include apks and jars in cts coverage"
a8ca2ee : Include apks and jars in cts coverage
104a7ff : fixed merge issue.
ca350cb : Creating the Security Test Plan
0130e90 : Output XML CTS Coverage report
557f84a : CTS: check non-zygote apps are not debuggable DO NOT MERGE
55340f8 : Add test for Keystore put overflow
39ebb4b : CameraITS: check props before applying linear tonemap
ac10f21 : Cts test fix for shortcode 48000
bb16331 : Disable WiredHeadset tests
ff1c623 : Fix EDI capturing for platform specific values
5bea9ee : Modify strings
12b4680 : Move long string test from TextView to StaticLayoutTest
6e53153 : Increase delta tolerance in TypefaceTest#testInvalidCmapFont
38b4762 : Change minDuration check in Camera2SurfaceView
6fbf791 : Fix testExecuteShellCommand test in android.aadb
d9865bb : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: bumping CTS to 5.1 r5 for security release
86c64ea : Modify the y-coordinate of touch events in testTouchEvent
bb3c867 : Make PassFailButtons inheritable.
57668a8 : Let Cts Verifier get authority string at run time.
4018b0b : Add a test for IPv6 connectivity when the screen is off
fcbf86f : Scroll through the spinner of the printer selection
1cc42ff : Add the first window under the status bar in addTwoAppPanelWindows
d0bdc3c : CTS fix: add missing feature flags for API 23
258e25e : RECORD_SOUND must be handled by sound recorder app
aa887d3 : Fix testWifiConfigLockdown failure due to wifi not being ready
2639291 : Camera: update FPS range check per spec update
57c15f2 : CTS test for robust handling of invalid cmap
6dd5e73 : MonkeyTests assertion failures errors. Limit the amount of error data contained in an assertion failue
ed4386b : Revert "CTS: Add testConnectivityConstraintExecutes_withMobile to knownfailures"
7c035f3 : TIF: Allow notifyVideoUnavailable in HardwareSessionTest
44c49bc : CTS fix: match test to CDD memory requirements
3a15653 : DO NOT MERGE: Revert "Camera: cross check camera2 features"
820440b : DO NOT MERGE: CameraITS: relax test_blackwhite threshold
b0c1112 : Revert "MediaMetadataRetrieverTest: add new test to handle overflowed padding."
8327555 : MediaMetadataRetrieverTest: remove unused import to fix compile error.
0d059db : Update full alarm test requirements
0612101 : DO NOT MERGE - MediaServerCrashTest: add testDrmManagerClientReset.
a74beb1 : MediaServerCrashTest: add testDrmManagerClientReset.
404bbc3 : Reduce CTS audio requirements for low memory devices
648ca45 : TIF: Allow notifyVideoUnavailable in HardwareSessionTest
3dba1b7 : Fix SensorBatchingFifoTest EOB bug
aec67ad : Do not test AudioPlayback if system doesn't have audio out
96f4d40 : Camera: create camera test package
bb7fb44 : Fix timestamps sort in UiAutomationTest.testWindowContentFrameStats
e910f60 : resolve merge conflicts of 928b21e640 to stage-aosp-master.
21a8bd6 : Fix for testBadSurfaceDimensions
f0f730c : Enforce the valid range of psc, pci and lac/cid for primary cells.
aba8142 : DO NOT MERGE: Revert "Add build number into CTS Verifier."
9fa97c2 : Add new keyguard disable features tests for primary profile to CTS Verifier
1e44c21 : SensorBatching Test Fixes
fc56b9b : Add fingerprint feature to cts verifier app
b3a7431 : Remove cts-verifier tests for two intents.
ee509b7 : DO NOT MERGE CTS device-side preconditions for MNC
4d93a0e : Change an attribute name from layout_box to ctsv_layout_box.
0e31d66 : Camera: read exposure value range if possible
b1adf9e : Make sure the next case started after previous case finished
442a181 : Selectively delete files from the sdcard
0ea4882 : Increase timeout for gtest runs.
15dbbfa : Bump CTS 6.0R3 for Security Releases.
dd58e48 : Revert "Add build number into CTS Verifier."
aaf61c0 : Make POSIX compatible
cc728ce : CTS: PO tests for DISALLOW_CONFIG_VPN
c0ffa1f : Media tests should use
26f8a4d : Fixed CtsVerifier version
d7cad88 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE: Fix Bitmap and NinePatch drawable tests for non-mdpi devices"
2c43901 : Fix for Job Scheduler Charging test case
7712881 : Revert "Revert "CTS: Tests for DISALLOW_CONFIG_VPN""
c300031 : Revert "CTS: Tests for DISALLOW_CONFIG_VPN"
e612a9e : Basic test of
92ad9e4 : Make AES*CipherTest explicitly use Android Keystore Provider.
d3169b6 : TIF: Make sure that Cursor.moveToNext() is called before using Cursor
1b43736 : Explicitly fail when test file is missing
3e3e4ab : removing from knownfailures
a14e074 : DO NOT MERGE: Remove DeadObjectException from dumpservice failure condition.
f60373a : Revert "Camera: mark testFocusDistanceControl known failure"
3c21781 : MediaMetadataRetrieverTest: add new test to handle overflowed padding.
bd290de : disable a bunch of test failures for CTS 6.0R2
45dd49f : Camera: mark testFocusDistanceControl known failure
4e485e6 : EncodeDecodeTest: use timeout for decoder.dequeueInputBuffer
92eba40 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE CTS device-side preconditions for MNC"
e989c0c : Revert "DO NOT MERGE CTS host-side preconditions for MNC"
edf584b : Dynamically load the list of runtime permissions.
d001dbc : Added location tests for BYOD in cts-verfier.
9fb50b6 : Fix bugs regarding CTS fails for VP8 codec with low performance
e3d326e : DO NOT MERGE: Fix testVirtualDisplayRecycles fail for no thread racing protection for mNumTextureUpdated
2840e5c : Fixed break #2
971aa2a : DO NOT MERGE: Fixed breakage
1296058 : DO NOT MERGE: Bumping CTS/CTS Verifier version to CTS 6.0R2.
0efe735 : Relieve Sensor Event Gap Test Criterion
40af6fa : Don't run Wifi scan timestamp tests when location is turned off.
60b9818 : Add a build for CTS Verifier framework library.
52013e1 : Fix for Idle Mode Constraint test
d8972ff : DO NOT MERGE CTS host-side preconditions for MNC
b5f74c3 : Fix android.os.cts.SeccompTest#testKernelBasicTests under Android Native Bridge.
5b0df2c : DO NOT MERGE: fixed breakages
b15e4eb : DO NOT MERGE: disable as it fails on nexus 10
5a5a2bb : Add reference url to XML reports
c8a9a00 : Enable test of events occuring after AudioRecord.stop
b8fbd66 : Fix testSetPreviewTextureBothCallbacks wait timeout
3cf33b6 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE: improve TestVirtualDisplayRecycles to reduce memory usage"
c891087 : media: Add volatile to mThreadStarted to make sure the thread can stop properly.
2ef9c1b : DO NOT MERGE: Fix Bitmap and NinePatch drawable tests for non-mdpi devices
f8b0e03 : DO NOT MERGE: remove duplicate knownfailures
10b5ab9 : DO NOT MERGE: fixed build breakage
273af31 : DO NOT MERGE: disable camera2 tests
a786250 : DO NOT MERGE: improve TestVirtualDisplayRecycles to reduce memory usage
d774dd4 : Revert "Revert "DO NOT MERGE Capture fields in CTS:""
3bce5d4 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE Capture fields in CTS:"
3d6f8bb : DO NOT MERGE CTS device-side preconditions for MNC
eef7e5a : Reduce EGLCleanup test iterations
bb1d5a7 : Update the build version to 6.0.1.
b453110 : Camera: remove FREEFORM cropping check for FULL device
b068f19 : Adjust telecom setup timeout values to be more generous
ac4c6d7 : Update 320dpi & 360dpi small/normal memory requirements
bdfeea4 : CTS Verifier fix latency estimation for Loopback test
5863eaf : Use FLAG_RECEIVER_FOREGROUND for ordered broadcasts
2cb7235 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: mark known failure camera tests"
1b64814 : media: DecoderTest: make sure we call AudioTrack.stop()
e8a13b1 : Fix for Frequency Tests to match CDD requirements
e5ea9d7 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: mark known failure camera tests
732751c : Fix report latency overflow in DeviceSuspendTest
dbe0410 : camera2: Clean up render script context
ad3e7df : Skip assist CTS tests on low ram devices
dd75b7f : DO NOT MERGE Fix CTS failures on AudioFlingerBinderTest for case where remote submix audio HAL is not included test_setMasterMute test_setMasterVolume
3ef522a : Fix the issue in testCalculateLength
147c5b1 : Remove a cross-profile app linking test.
72ebd2f : Runtime hint for android.adminhostside CTS test
88c326c : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: bumping CTS 5.1 to R4
473c226 : DO NOT MERGE: Add FEATURE_CAMERA_EXTERNAL to front-facing camera condition
658da1e : Add FEATURE_CAMERA_EXTERNAL to front-facing camera condition
3aeb0d3 : Enable SPEAKERPHONE CTS tests.
49175b0 : DO NOT MERGE: Fix ION memory leak for camera2 testStillPreviewCombination tstcase
2b51a7c : fix failure line handling for VideEncoderDecoderTest.
fde5384 : CTS: Tests for DISALLOW_CONFIG_VPN
0c4e033 : remove TYPE_ORIENTATION sensor requirement.
8ea1911 : Fix timeout for testCanInstallValidRsaKeypair in hostsidetests
60e3381 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera: add testAllOutputYUVResolutions back to known failure
0b8a4c0 : DO NOT MERGE media: add mpeg4 qcif test to VideoDecoderPerfTest.
62b69b9 : Refactoring the updatePassButton methods
35addd3 : DO NOT MERGE: Disable two multi user tests for TV devices
363df32 : Camera: skip unsupported stream combination
2621f72 : Fix bugs regarding TextView layout size with large font scale in ScrollingText
ffebd97 : Dismiss dialogs during indeterminate progress dialog CTS tests
27c55e2 : CTS: Add testConnectivityConstraintExecutes_withMobile to knownfailures
7dc91b3 : Add FileSystemPermissionTest exception for /dev/dri/renderD129.
3304976 : Add FileSystemPermissionTest exception for DRM-based GPU drivers.
4ca5414 : CTS: android.text.method.cts related tests failing
21c9cdf : Fix for LocationModeHighAccuracyTestActivity test.
971789b : Increased CTS test timeout from 5 sec to 30 sec in
bfa14ee : Should use getSupportedVideoSizes()
9129f97 : collect memory properties in CTS
7542792 : Cherrypick the following CLs from LMP MR1
dbf386e : Test for issue #16013164: protect app ops setMode().

+- Project: platform/dalvik

3e7edcb : Support dex 37 for DexMerger
5c391cc : Add support for dex version 37 in libdex.

+- Project: platform/development

a75a596 : Let android_stubs depend on jack-default.args
c0f1caa : Add jack-jacoco-reporter.jar to build tools
a240a81 : NDK EGL: Build break fix
b55209b : Revert "Revert "Merge changes Icc59b133,I71814ffd,Idfdb90b5,Ie3bded59,Icaa93832, ...""
046cd08 : GLES NDK: Build break fix
0d45e80 : Revert "Revert "Merge changes If65b4e6c,If993b7f7""
91e857a : Revert "Merge changes If65b4e6c,If993b7f7"
5a4b526 : Revert "Merge changes Icc59b133,I71814ffd,Idfdb90b5,Ie3bded59,Icaa93832, ..."
ee60ab1 : NDK EGL: Updates to android-24
0752248 : NDK EGL: Copy android-23 to android-24
5148330 : NDK EGL: Updates to android-23
6698b7a : NDK EGL: Copy android-21 to android-23
db30c63 : NDK EGL: Copy android-19 to android-21
d2825aa : NDK EGL: Updates to android-19
c73a7b6 : NDK EGL: Copy android-18 to android-19
ec06bcf : NDK EGL: Updates to android-18
cdd5212 : NDK EGL: Copy android-14 to android-18
d3c825f : NDK EGL: Updates to android-14
e244e7b : NDK EGL: copy android-9 to android-14
b28db53 : NDK EGL: Updates to android-9
d9d32bb : NDK GLES: Updates to android-24
b29233e : NDK GLES: copy android-21 to android-24
016c18c : Fix
f3532ae : gdbrunner: decapitalize usage for --adb.
1d404e6 : require adb version >= 35 to use shell protocol.
7f6e8dd : gdbrunner: expose adb.split_lines, use it.
dc10068 : gdbrunner: don't use getppid to name the log file.
a0f6249 : gdbrunner: close the exec script before passing it to gdb.
00e91ab : Lose recovery_l10n to bootable/recovery, where it belongs.
f230a38 : Replace custom rules, remove ACP
89f8743 : Remove yuv420sp2rgb.
9120adf : Set min api level when compiling stubs current
6f57796 : Package Jack and Jill directly from prebuilt
abe22f4 : Fix how the script gets data from apks.
bf8a940 : Find abi before trying to decode the stack.
39eb80b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
51d540f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
adce814 : Update SDK Platform revision for API 23 to 2. [DO NOT MERGE]
372bb98 : Update TabLayout demo to use new ViewPager functionality
d775d3a : SupportLeanbackDemos: guidedstep changes
fffb247 : Add "select tab" to the tab layout / view pager demo.
8d3349a : Add sample activity for ViewPager in Support4Demos
0c356e4 : GuidedStepFragment: Example of two columns actions
d0b4919 : Remove pre-Material drawer demo apps.
220a8ec : Material-compliant sample app for drawer layout.
caaf7b0 : Dont use to host GuidedStepFragment

+- Project: device/asus/flo-kernel

d399edd : flo: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
c45b2cc : flo: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
3e7c916 : flo: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]

+- Project: device/asus/fugu-kernel

3dbb37a : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
5193db5 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel

+- Project: device/google/contexthub

0dbfccb : bmi160: prevent multiple time syncs
f60b98b : sensors: send a single "current state" evt to new subscribers to onchange sensors
1ee2183 : sensor: window_orientation: fix tile_history_time overflow
37804ca : bmi160: remove unused state
73c43f1 : sensor: bmi160: unit of kMinTimeIncrement should be in Ns not Us
6981c39 : sensor: bmi160: do not pend a interrupt if the same interrupt is being handled.
a357d8f : sensor: bmi160: periodic time sync should be gated by fifo status
fadf9c9 : sensors: change definition of WifiScanEvent
44dca7a : bmi160: only configure mag once
c065a81 : inc: define host-to-hub/hub-to-host data format/numbers
9105ba1 : sensor: orientation: check for gyro and mag at startup

+- Project: device/htc/flounder

d155a49 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0735c0c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: device/htc/flounder-kernel

1fec2db : flounder: update kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)
721c298 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)
f544db6 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt DO NOT MERGE
3b1c5f7 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)
f0aa470 : flounder: update kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)

+- Project: device/huawei/angler

cc4ab45 : Move sysfs_thermal definition to global policy.
bd9c1ce : TARGET_FS_CONFIG_GEN: switch from android_filesystem_config.h
7237b98 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fd2d89a : angler: GPS: config LPP_PROFILE=2 as default
0b6172c : angler: Messenger: Modify UA for USCC.
8080315 : Disable Wifi when emergency call is made [DO NOT MERGE]
3a399f9 : angler: enable emergency download mode in userdebug mode
cbb930b : angler: apns-full-conf: Modify the apn for VIVA(73601).
dccc9c4 : angler: apns-full-conf: Modify apn for KCT in Korea.
c4cf13a : angler: Multiple PDP: Modify value of config_auto_attach_data_on_creation
eb29d94 : angler: Multiple PDP: Modify value of config_auto_attach_data_on_creation
46df4d0 : angler: apns-full-conf: Add the ims apns for EE in UK.
659e768 : Move angler to clang by default.
addc725 : angler: apns-full-conf: Change the apns the operators in Bolivia.
154279c : angler: add verified boot config
9f13df6 : angler: GPS: modify SUPL server config for KCT/KT/LGU
065e093 : angler: apns-full-conf: Add the ia type apns for USCC.
c5faf98 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: Temporarily disable DBus on mnc-dr2-dev for target Angler.
66c71aa : Remove TMO & MetroPCS for mcc/mnc 310/580 in apn-conf

+- Project: device/huawei/angler-kernel

b2633e9 : angler: update prebuilt kernel
4188cb4 : angler: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
03e7a5e : angler: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
37a8624 : angler: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
8c30729 : angler: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
023f5fb : angler: update prebuilt kernel
6704ec5 : angler: update prebuilt kernel
435c630 : angler: update prebuilt kernel
f19c5f2 : angler: update prebuilt kernel
f3068c0 : angler: update prebuilt kernel
d8dbb39 : angler: update prebuilt kernel
52dad9b : angler: update prebuilt kernel
94ef3ae : angler: update prebuilt kernel
3ca1917 : angler: update prebuilt kernel
07264de : angler: update prebuilt kernel
7b8c129 : angler: update prebuilt kernel

+- Project: device/lge/bullhead

09ea210 : irsc_util: drop adbd domain transition to irsc_util
9757947 : Move sysfs_thermal definition to global policy.
e84292a : TARGET_FS_CONFIG_GEN: switch from android_filesystem_config.h
5e3edbb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
347655a : bullhead: Change default LPP_PROFILE value
e063b46 : bullhead/apns: Update apns-full-conf.xml
9923ffe : bullhead/audio: update audio_platform_info for voice lineout
1b072d6 : Enable color temperature developer setting
9b31753 : Disable Wifi when emergency call is made [DO NOT MERGE]
ff1cce4 : [DO NOT MERGE] kernel-headers: add device specific fuse.h
1062f16 : Set wfcSpnFormat for Reliance WFC
796238a : Move bullhead to clang by default.
305f98e : bullhead/apns: Update apns-full-conf.xml
fee6ec7 : bullhead/reboot: use hardresets for user builds
940a03e : Revert "Revert "bullhead/gps: Add TELUS SUPL overlay""
c1f87d4 : bullhead: add verified_boot config
59560b4 : bullhead/apns: Add ims apn for EE WFC
73a62b4 : Add spnOverride entries for EE WFC
0f2d31e : Set wfcSpnFormat for EE WFC
c2a0db9 : Dump /d/dma_buf/bufinfo in bugreports.
c9dd6a0 : Remove TMO & MetroPCS entries for mcc/mnc 310/580 in apn-conf

+- Project: device/lge/bullhead-kernel

9913ff7 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel
0f4720e : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
bb23885 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
4400c95 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel
e3cf42e : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
0e8c9ca : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
6ad9fe7 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
30f4d05 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
972a2e1 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel
2ba7018 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
9be8f6c : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel
831eba9 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel
ffef8f0 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel
687e8e7 : Revert "bullhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]"
732abad : Revert "bullhead: update prebuilt kernel"
5051940 : Revert "bullhead: update prebuilt kernel"
1e15e1e : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel
c3c0a36 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel
4d44ffe : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
c319541 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel
4efb8b7 : bullhead: update prebuilt kernel

+- Project: device/lge/hammerhead

aad3345 : Move sysfs_thermal definition to global policy.
93023eb : Remove TMO & MetroPCS entries for mcc/mnc 310/580 in apn-conf

+- Project: device/lge/hammerhead-kernel

5fe3d07 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
992100a : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
24baef9 : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
fd228da : hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
20f275d : Revert "Revert "hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]""
3d8fe85 : Revert "Revert "hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel""

+- Project: device/moto/shamu

1f25731 : TARGET_FS_CONFIG_GEN: switch from android_filesystem_config.h
9cfbc92 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: device/moto/shamu-kernel

39611f1 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
46571a9 : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
b539afd : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
6da53db : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
fd101ce : shamu: update prebuilt kernel
fcc559f : shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
fe6310e : shamu: update prebuilt kernel

+- Project: device/sample

efaef57 : Remove TMO & MetroPCS entries for mcc/mnc 310/580 in apn-conf

+- Project: platform/docs/

08c079e : Docs: Update April bulletin with a new AOSP link
c66da73 : Docs: Add reference TV App article and update TV app section in TIF article
b002301 : Docs: Add AOSP links to April bulletin
9e18c38 : Docs: Add localized March and February bulletin files
9f72792 : Docs: Update CTS downloads versions
328e231 : Docs: April 2016 Security bulletin
120b58a : Docs: Add CTS media to home
211bdf3 : Docs: Add security advisory to home
ec2ea4d : Docs: Updating cpu cluster details
c730bfd : Docs: Add CTS Media version 1.2
2b7cc8f : Add MHC19I.
1846a96 : CDD: Relax H.265 1080p requirements from 10Mbps to 5Mbps Section: 5.3. Video Decoding
0b98a35 : Docs: Replacing changelog content with ref (link tbd) Making fake link correct style Rebasing to pick up Resouce changes Changing link target (again)
767b272 : Docs: Inline resource links Removing Resource section and ToC link
87cbcf5 : Docs: Add requirements and build environment improvements to home page
b83179c : CDD: Correct SECURITY_PATCH parameter definition. Section: 3.2.2. Build Parameters
d5c80cb : CDD: Apps can use ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE to write to secondary ext. storage Section: 7.6.2. Application Shared Storage
4481842 : CDD: Clarify fingerprint false rejection rate requirement Section: 7.3.10. Fingerprint Sensor
8037cd6 : CDD: Clarify dynamic switching of video resolution is up to max value per codec Section: 5.3. Video Decoding
e3988c9 : CDD: Relax BLE RPA timeout requirement to STRONGLY RECOMMENDED Section: 7.4.3. Bluetooth
27be519 : Docs: Create advisory section, index, and 2016-03-18
63aad41 : CDD: Clarify conditions when Vulkan native APIs can be used Section: 3.3.1. Application Binary Interfaces
3009f18 : CDD: Fixing typos in the USB section Section: 7.7. USB
98fcee0 : CDD: Clarify language to ensure MUST requirements are read as REQUIRED Section: 5.4. Audio Recording
1cb8a33 : CDD: Clarify that /sdcard can share storage with /data Section: 7.6.2. Application Shared Storage
e26abdc : CDD: Clarify the scope of the data deletion requirement Section: 9.12. Data Deletion
34509fb : Docs: Add Marshmallow to the release table, update other entries
323156c : Docs: Improve documentation about Dalvik shift operations.
3332898 : Docs: Fixing typo in image (codex to codec)
bfb58b4 : Docs: Replace GMS contact form
d21af65 : Docs: Replace agreement links
a129cf4 : CDD: SD card encryption required for the primary external storage Section: 9.5. Multi-User Support
6c4dc95 : CDD: Clarify dynamic switching of video resolution is up to max value per codec Section: 5.3. Video Decoding
98c7177 : CDD: Remove redundant requirement on UMS/MTP from 7.7 Section: 7.7. USB
67c1d98 : CDD: Typo fix in Pro-audio Section: 5.10. Professional Audio
d110a48 : Docs: Extract requirements from build setup
f057ef2 : CDD: Pre-installed system apps may write to secondary ext. storage Section: 7.6.2. Application Shared Storage
8fffe06 : Docs: Remove translated nav from .jd files. Bug: 25717633
90de1b7 : Docs: Add AOSP links to the March security bulletin
b6cd76c : Docs: Changing OHA reference to Android Partners Updating list of backport-supported versions Changing Partners to partners
cab2ffa : Docs: SAC FB: Swap Playback and Record labels in image
1268af8 : Docs: Replace GitCasts link, add GitHub training
b9ae4a3 : Docs: Add March security bulletin and CTS updates to home page
f8b65c6 : Docs: Localization of Security Bulletins for 12/15 and 1/16 Bug: 25717633
d4b5225 : Docs: March Security bulletin
9fdb802 : Docs: Add note to to skip pre-conditions in Mashmallow
41f7a9f : Update build number for security release.
9265622 : Docs: Update AOSP links in February bulletin and other updates
69578e9 : Docs: Add HiKey reference board to home page
9d338c6 : docs: Fix minor typos.
6d70db2 : Docs: Add reference TV App article and update TV app section in TIF article

+- Project: platform/external/aac

2d435aa : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__

+- Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

b4b3136 : Allow x86+arm multilib build.
93069b1 : Revert "Pin apache-harmony-tests to Java 1.7 / v52"
0665fde : Pin apache-harmony-tests to Java 1.7 / v52
99753f4 : Remove duplicate test classes

+- Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

abc0daa : BaseBlockCipher: do not use PKCS12 for BCPBEKeys without IV
1cac586 : Fix bouncycastle-ocsp build breakage.
3605ad3 : Fix bouncycastle-bcpkix build breakage.
c50bf62 : BaseBlockCipher: removed TODO about checking a fix
f39671d : BaseBlockCipher: for BCEPBEKeys, ignore parameters if no IV is present
352a2b5 : KeyPairGeneratorSpi: remove TODO about creating a SecureRandom
066adad : BaseBlockCipher: for BCEPBEKeys, ignore parameters if no IV is present
74e9604 : Use official name for SHA1withECDSA
6e29fc2 : Remove workaround Jack bug on package renaming
a657c1d : DO NOT MERGE bouncycastle: limit input length as specified by the NIST spec
59d4ea8 : DO NOT MERGE bouncycastle: limit input length as specified by the NIST spec
ed16c9d : DO NOT MERGE bouncycastle: limit input length as specified by the NIST spec
08e455b : DO NOT MERGE bouncycastle: limit input length as specified by the NIST spec

+- Project: platform/external/bsdiff

9abc204 : Add a device-side unittest target

+- Project: platform/external/cblas

ef5e71a : Stop targeting froyo for RenderScript support lib

+- Project: platform/external/chromium-trace

be1f909 : Update to latest catapult (e5abb7bd)

+- Project: platform/external/clang

15618a8 : Replace $(findstring) by $(filter)
d722cb8 : Fix dependencies of code generated by clang-tblgen
dc3e5f9 : Add README.version for external/clang.
3bd7be3 : Fix ARM ABI issues for RenderScript.
87d948e : Update aosp/master clang for rebase to r256229
f6ea021 : Modify slang to emit RenderScript DWARF tag

+- Project: platform/external/compiler-rt

134d76e : Add README.version for external/compiler-rt.
cd44705 : MinGW (Windows) builds do not support Clang
44cbf8d : Update Android.bp to match
6902625 : Stop definining CRT_LDBL_128BIT.
264a6df : Remove libunwind_llvm dependency because we are picking up the wrong unwind.h.
799172d : Update aosp/master compiler-rt for rebase to r256229
2d6b714 : Add the ability to build for arm64 to asan.
b09bd8b : Use libunwind's version of unwind.h

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

8f2ebdc : Revert "Switch Conscrypt to EC_GROUP_new_arbitrary."
b825b83 : Use canonical name for SHA1withECDSA
4209803 : Prefer AES when hardware acceleration is available
c12c046 : Update d2i_SSL_SESSION test expectations
b84e0f9 : Allow SSLSession to return IP address
1186465 : Improve path building
f49d1f2 : Add findAllIssuers methods
7a6932c : Prevent duplicate certificates in TrustedCertificateIndex
63c1190 : Cache intermediate CA separately
bc8a290 : Try to get peer hostname from SocketAddress

+- Project: platform/external/crcalc

5559610 : Fix shift that is out of range.

+- Project: platform/external/cros/system_api

4b93611 : system_api: Add constant for org.chromium.debugd.GetPerfOutputFd
140283e : dbus-constants: add a few shill error strings
0b859ba : dbus: login_manager: Add ARC method GetArcStartTime
a6b2cd4 : shill: expand dbus constants for DHCPv6
452060b : service_constants: Add SetGlobalOutputChannelRemix property
7b49ad4 : shill: Add "iSNSOptionData" ipconfig property
8e2e37d : Expose the newly added method to debugd for D-Bus clients
e777e53 : system_api: Add kReconnectParameterThirdPartyVpn for shill

+- Project: platform/external/dbus-binding-generator

ead09ad : chromeos-dbus-bindings: Fix build break on Chrome OS

+- Project: platform/external/deqp

3f450ec : Increase GLES2 fbo comparison threshold to 0.03
3f71117 : Remove few tests affected by a HW limitation
6b37e7d : DO NOT MERGE: Restore accidentally reverted mustpass .txt changes
85fcb8d : Remove GLES2-texture.wrap tests from mustpass
b84fd4b : Remove GLES2.functional.texture.units.2_units.only_cube.9 from mustpass
d8e85a9 : DO NOT MERGE Refresh GLES 3.1 must-pass XML
ee0868c : Remove wide line bounding box cases
0fb14e8 : DO NOT MERGE Remove MSAA wide line derivate tests
9a42bb8 : Remove GLES2.functional.dither.disable.gradient.* tests from mustpass
75da7d2 : DO NOT MERGE add running time hints for dEQP packages
494bb5a : Exclude RGB565 blending cases from the must-pass
57f1d6d : Change MSAA sample-count error to warning
e625e2d : DO NOT MERGE Restore accidentally commented line

+- Project: platform/external/dng_sdk

e95f96b : Define dng_timespec as timespec for VS2015 and above
41c8c9a : Fix type issues with int32 and timespec
e26fa7d : Fix some implementation defined behavior in dng_image.cpp
1754202 : Integrate integer overflow fixes from security branch
55625cf : Integrate integer overflow fixes from security branch

+- Project: platform/external/drm_hwcomposer

99c55b0 : drm_hwcomposer: remove unnecessary gralloc_drm_bo_t dependency
5325e10 : drm_hwcomposer: Fix build warnings
3a69f73 : drm_hwcomposer: Add hotplug event handler
55584b5 : drm_hwcomposer: Set DPMS ON when setting active config
047b9b2 : drm_hwcomposer: Add DrmEventListener worker
538a375 : drm_hwcomposer: Protect autofd.h with #ifdef/#define
0921649 : drm_hwcomposer: Add connection state to DrmConnector

+- Project: platform/external/eigen

8d09b45 : Stop targeting froyo for RenderScript support lib.

+- Project: platform/external/expat


+- Project: platform/external/gemmlowp

8ffa615 : Stop targeting froyo for RenderScript support lib
8db4610 : Suppress unused-parameter warnings in external/gemmlowp

+- Project: platform/external/google-benchmark

39352b5 : Add for google-benchmark.
b253bf4 : Add license information.
8da907c : Update
007efee : Add number of threads to State.
53068f9 : Pass const state to Fixture::SetUp. Add map_test.
211f23e : Add section on optimisations to README
9e37d69 : Support MSVC on appveyor
930d3af : Fix ARM /proc/cpuinfo parsing.
d9630ae : Add aarch64 support to src/cycleclock.h.
c7ab1b9 : Update README to mention UseRealTime for wallclock time measurements.
f662e8b : Rename OS_MACOSX macro to new name BENCHMARK_OS_MACOSX. Fix #169
d2917bc : Fixes #165: CustomArguments ret type in README
13a67d2 : Add myself to AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS as requested wrt Fix #159.
a863aea : Fixes #159: Add inclusion of cstdio to files using stdout, vprintf, printf and etc.
4499e8e : Fixes #161
65cd2ba : add static_cast to get rid of warnings for intel compiler on linux platform
cd2e633 : Fix get_git_version to use GIT_EXECUTABLE.
559c71d : Added IRC channel to
90e7cf0 : Update macro names in comments.
8c71c30 : Fixed OS macros changed in previous pull request.
a2f2a28 : Changed date format to ISO 8601.
032c190 : Removed newline.
7e9800e : Added a comment why std::vsnprintf is not used.
c8f4690 : Sorted include of headers.
6abd537 : Use stringstream instead of atoi to avoid sign error.
df0df4a : Fixed tests so they build on android.
0d35f5f : Only include "sys/sysctl.h" if it is needed.
c1e03a4 : Changed "std::vsnprintf" to "vsnprintf" to be able to build with the android-ndk.
aecd746 : Added include of cstdlib needed for strtol, strtod and getenv.
da80193 : Fixes compilation issue on Macs
9195fd0 : Revert "Added Wconversion so the gcc/clang warnings will be more similar to W4 on MSVC."
5cced07 : Fixed int to char warning.
0a8e0db : Added Wconversion so the gcc/clang warnings will be more similar to W4 on MSVC.
fcf4e99 : Use IsWindowsXPOrGreater instead of the deprecated GetVersionEx.
e605cb0 : Changed "while(true)" to "for(;;)" to avoid warning in visual studio.
53b1896 : Added _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS under MSVC.
2589e69 : Fixed double to float warning.
e7f6c42 : Fixed bug in "ToExponentAndMantissa" when negative exponents where created.
a822c71 : Removed default constructor, copy constructor and assignment operator for CheckHandler.
96ca9a7 : Fixed int64 to double cast warning.
ba141ac : Renamed the internal os macros to avoid a name clash in Shlwapi.h where OS_WINDOWS is defined to 0.
0244096 : Changed MSVC warnings from Wall to W4 to avoid 10000+ warnings from stl/windows headers.
c06da04 : Adds Dirac Research and me as Author and Contributor
14c4ce5 : Removed unneeded #include <cstddef>
775ef51 : CMake check for git on the system
3dd14f0 : Make the type of kMaxIterations consistent with the type of the iteration count
ed0a2eb : use size_t instead of int for the iteration count
bcb933a : dynamically allocate WallTimeImp
2463339 : Updates Initialize() to work with an argv as 'char**'
11042c7 : Remove unused FormatKV(..., size_t) overload.
1dd40c9 : Custom arguments function usage with Apply - fix doc and add test.
f338ce7 : Fix doc sample typos in header and README
0f5503e : Address Dominic's (stylistic) remarks.
a69f566 : Remove std::is_trivially_destructible assertion because the trait may not be provided by the STL.
5ec78d7 : Do not CpuScalingEnabled on Windows.
cf830f7 : Fix division in CPU usage calculation on Windows.
2cf277b : Iterations declared as size_t but printf'ed as a long long. Make it a long long.
d49516b : Make it compile with Visual Studio 2013.
693967f : Remove unnecessary `typename'.
47c3045 : Fix #133. Comment now contains compilable code.
fdd99b1 : trailing whitespace
f72d249 : Add Kaito Udagawa to AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS
72ce39d : Fix the compilation error against G++ on Mac OS X.
9afa6c9 : Fix issue #127
68e6921 : Fixing cmake issue with empty cmake_build_type
ef47992 : Added coveralls support
344775d : Enable strict aliasing warnings
36c1eb6 : Coverage support with LCOV and GCOV
d8c7605 : Update
3314aa4 : Allow the user to set the C++ standard to use
8b50160 : Ignore tests
e44ee2d : Group common C++ flags
bb23a9b : Compile with link time optimisation
375e66c : Update
7418bbb : Only warn on errors in release mode
fc883f6 : Improve the CMake C++ flag checker
9c25a67 : address more review comments
9ed538f : address review comments
12f4405 : add ability to use benchmark filters
1e0ed3a : Rearrange the pieces
dcb1a3d : Drop down to CMake 2.8.11, and drop INTERFACE since that version doesn't support it.
3078ce9 : Link pthread as an INTERFACE library.
89a1eda : Require cmake 2.8.12 in order to support target_include_directories, and simplify thread linking logic.
a6ad799 : Configure 'benchmark' cmake target so that when other targets depend on it, they get the appropriate include directories and link libraries automatically.
818c9fc : Upgrade travis to use CMake 2.8.12 and add Clang builders
30ae37b : Fix typos: rangeY -> range_y()
bf06394 : Print information about travis enviroment
8fcfa81 : Fix comment about linking threading
9934396 : Add missing paranthesis and documentation
d676c5b : Libraries are treated as runtime objects on Windows
25e4684 : Clarify build type warning
ba1becc : Add braces for one line conditionals and loops
36d7dc6 : appveyor configuration file
60910b3 : Added a script that can download MinGW
b35b581 : Ignore windows shared libraries
07de09c : Ignore python compiled files
b2a43b4 : NT definition of MyCPUUsage and ChildrenCPUUsage
05eb1f2 : Use `int64_t` rather than `int64`
65a5ebd : Use the WINAPI `Sleep` function
6bc54ba : Use CMake to link Shlwapi on Windows
dd61391 : Only include the correct platform headers
6880244 : Added windows executables to the ignore list
e97a96f : redo filter test
12f1c5f : add list test internals
8051458 : add workaround to DoNotOptimize(...) for clang inline assembly bug.
2924aaa : Deal with names with embedded quotes
b6e4f67 : Add csv to help output
680a399 : Add double-quotes where necessary
71c41cd : Introduce CSV reporter
9d47552 : merge new changes in
e428b9e : Add 'benchmark::DoNotOptimize(...)' to help users prevent optimizations
c5f238b : Fix column width calculation and remove duplicate test
cfa3e18 : Make DateTimeString part of the internal implementation
4bf6ceb : Change the available benchmark options
b07fee6 : address review comments
1b9e55c : Remove walltime implementation tests and expose less internals
d3e0671 : finish selection of clock with debug information
48c4c9c : Revert "prevent unneeded calculation of Slow()"
47442b9 : prevent unneeded calculation of Slow()
21207a4 : improve walltime test
c0755c4 : actually add new test
725f1f0 : add walltime benchmark and fix unused variable.
be993ac : remove unneeded test repetitions
d0df7ef : cleanup whitespace and includes
a3308c6 : Introduce use of std::chrono and remove Walltime printing
7571236 : update names
3bf0b25 : remove whitespace
035a0ba : fix macro names and use __COUNTER__
482c19d : Handle creation of C++03 flags differently
d40cb97 : Don't treat CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS as a list
daa8a67 : add C++03 test and update README
38066e8 : Add variadic macro for BENCHMARK_TEMPLATE in c++11 and beyond.
01bba47 : Remove use of reserved names in benchmark macros
a6a90ec : Revert "Add BENCHMARK_TEMPLATE1 macro"
b7d03ac : Add BENCHMARK_TEMPLATE1 macro
92fc9b9 : Add newline after every benchmark to improve readability of the json output.
6429348 : address review comments and fix array type declaration
ffb67dc : address review comments
f65da9d : add json reporter
20f1c0e : Apply reporter interface changes. Make report methods non-const and add a Finalize method.
e45252e : move ConsoleReporter out of internal namespace
d716602 : fix minimal_benchmark.h include
8e72846 : rename minimal_benchmark.h and fix recursive include in benchmark_api.h
df904a1 : add include to minimal_benchmark.h
35f9de7 : move to using C headers in minimal_benchmark.h to prevent getting any C++ STL headers
ef79d0a : move basic_test over to minimal benchmark
4242f2f : move reporter internals in both headers and source
279e502 : add test for benchmark with two template parameters
efe5910 : address review comments
bdf4a5f : Add reference to BENCHMARK_MAIN in README
66bf7c8 : add floating point comparison warnings
f022d78 : Enable int shortening warnings
1809817 : replace instances of NULL with nullptr
64ba272 : Enable zero as NULL warnings and fix all occurences
19464f7 : Fix includes in benchmark.h
2b34b5d : remove unneeded includes
937987b : pimpl benchmark
7a76701 : Adopt new benchmark timing internals.
d68127d : Enable UseRealTime and fix documentation for SetLabel.
e975efd : remove third_party directory. update test args
3b40f0a : Add filter test, remove re test, and googletest deps
75686a8 : remove forward declarations
60e26b7 : fix missing newline and header guard name
5cfd6bc : update more copyright
d20cdf1 : address comments
e60561a : Force static initialization of walltime.
e447887 : Fix travis config by moving CTEST_OUTPUT_ON_FAILURE=1 into make test command
f7602ba : add env to make ctest print on failure
a187aa0 : Third step in moving towards adopting new timer semantics
f947ceb : remove ifdefs around BM_Factorial
8f96f50 : comment out test to prevent failures.
f1c398a : invert check in GetLogInstanceForLevel()
8ed7d76 : The second step towards merging the timer changes.
b1f34d3 : address comments
5b41e12 : Step one towards merging timer changes.
c5a362b : Change std::regex detection test to detect bug in libstdc++.
8e3e78f : Fix #77 add comment to headers in wrong order
5fe797b : Add top-level folders to gitignore to enable out-of-source builds
26c01ee : Fix #77 add FreeBSD detection in cmake
c8d05fc : Fix #77 build on FreeBSD 10
1148861 : Don't use c++14
9a11834 : add includes for stdint.h
2789aba : One more 64-bit to 32-bit conversion
3968ff4 : Fix #72 by avoiding 64-to-32-bit shortenings
fd7d288 : Add section on linking to satisfy #67
b40b66a : Actually fix issue with CHECK
d31977b : Added gtest CHECK symbol to benchmark test
2aa2442 : Remove reference
1bc7378 : Update AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS.
6f69246 : Update readme.
0f78ceb : Use #ifdef to protect calling Factorial in
7e290fb : Fix release builds
4932b72 : Fix example in to compile.
35c29c7 : Added c++11 support for Travis.
e4d41f8 : Using Travis as CI.
a3b5e44 : Remove CHECK_* from public API.
27aa01a : remove -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant flag for now
3e9264d : added googletest dependency to tests (allows compilation with -j)
4a3348c : Turn the global mutex into instance variables
e6107a7 : Fix #50 by using nullptr and adding stricter warning.
f98c576 : Fix #54 by correcting reference to CXX flags for variants.
a13627b : Move pthread dependency to test CMakeLists.txt
0fcd190 : Update CONTRIBUTORS
b6e5977 : Update AUTHORS
9593e64 : Fixed the CMake add_cxx_compiler_flag function
0fd0be9 : Added more complicated regex test patterns
f043826 : C++11 regular expressions
edfa60a : Resolve regular expression engines
fac16a6 : CMakeLists.txt comments
1c82191 : Consistent indentation in CMakeLists.txt
1176936 : Check the number of benchmark tests ran
92ddf09 : Ignore the result of make test
38c27c2 : Do not use CMake CONCAT
6a66991 : Verify gtest with URL_MD5
ed08661 : Remove URL_HASH as it is unsupported
d2aa5c1 : Verify the download of gtest
373cc41 : C++11 concurrency instead of pthread
6b1a695 : CMake function for adding compiler flags
6945096 : Add -Wshadow if supported
e863292 : Detect compiler flags and append to default CMake flags
c927845 : get_git_version CMake function
d591edf : Implemented git versioning
57fdf38 : Allow shared libraries with BUILD_SHARED_LIBS
4fae294 : Added Matt Clarkson as a contributor
ace6464 : Made AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTES alphabetical
0b19192 : Add Lei Xu to AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS
3460bf1 : Fixed compiling on Mac 10.9.3 with g++-4.8, clang or system c++
58e52ba : Ignore stanza for ninja users
0ce150e : fix examples to use SetBytesProcessed
c7eb316 : Add @predmond to the AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS files.
338eb89 : Ignore backup files.
52b3004 : fix linker error by reordering link libraries
b33d1f1 : fix signed/unsigned comparison warning
10dc155 : Fix a bug in the destruction of BenchmarkFamilies.
bcf0870 : Comment.
640dd5a : Less of a hack: avoid the division/multiplication if the stddev is 0.
e189ec0 : Print mean/stddev of the # of iterations.
0d9a060 : Two bug fixes in KeepRunning.
556002b : Adding myself to the contributors
c96fb24 : Add a few output files to .gitignore.
ffcdc94 : Adding myself to the contributors
ec1e09f : Ignore the CPU time consumed when timing is paused.
291ff1f : Fix the stddev/mean computations which had be garbled since commit e5f5a0d30e91d94b0563a0c92bbc2a71b4361daa, leading to a mean that was not in the min/max range and to zero-divide in the stddev computation, among others.
2c9b29c : Resolve race on approx_time_ in FastClock.
77106c1 : Statically initialize benchmark_mutex and extend its lifetime.
54e18b8 : Resolve benchmark cleanup race condition in issue #20.
92cd2e8 : Remove URL_HASH and TLS_VERIFY from CMake configuration.
9f27edb : Resolve memory leak from benchmark instances in google/benchmark#17.
fa90892 : Partially resolve google/benchmark#17 by fixing regular expression leak.
6087edd : Add ExternalProject reference to Google Test 1.7.0.
e38fde6 : Setup targets from each directory, rather than the top-level.
9b5ece6 : Include stddef.h for size_t.
193e4eb : Add Chris Kennelly to the contributors list.
e474629 : Add Shuo Chen to AUTHORS
92b6f02 : Add Shuo Chen to CONTRIBUTORS.
6641593 : Use a new container in each round of push_back test.
92cb4ec : Update AUTHORS
feea2f0 : Compile warning removed, adding myself to contributors
50f459d : Unable to compile because of unused parameter
44b64c9 : Added AUTHOR/CONTRIBUTOR information.
a7c5793 : Fix cycleclock.h for gcc/ARM.
45b79c3 : Check families is not nullptr before using it
254a6f9 : Christopher Seymour has signed the CLA.
6ec70d0 : Add information about CLAs.
dbb0bef : Update CONTRIBUTORS
60869aa : Update AUTHORS
6200a22 : Add AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS files.
9945902 : Create
465cb09 : Update
22f436e : Missing includes in install target
cbcf159 : Thread is required
2507451 : Cmake edit with 'make install' target
be84ed0 : Remove old NOTEs
772ff6f : [#4] Cleaned up FastClock background thread.
ceea4cb : [#4] A few minor changes.
4ed4ff9 : Fix shutting down FastClock's thread on OSX.
d184b2b : Move linux-only variable into linux/cygwin block
e2633b9 : sysinfo conditional compilation fixes for OSX
076f0df : Better include path for YCM users
d098d4c : For those using YCM
c44662e : Missing headers for sysctl stuff on OSX
a278152 : Fix int64_t_t typo in README code example
4e21f5e : Add explicit pthread.h include
77cd980 : add pedantic errors and fix them
5a71bd6 : More formatting tweaks
4ce184d : Code reformat
8009351 : Minimum iteration and overhead support.
96446f2 : Add discussion group to
3fb8268 : Add LICENSE and copyright headers
577f741 : Explicitly remove unsupported memory usage support
dc5b533 : Remove tunable estimate for cycles per second
373a7dd : Add build badge to
dd27ca3 : ignore tags file
acc65f4 : Allow custom reporters
2ff306a : Fix right-alignment of items/s
3a01f83 : Add items/bytes processed to SetInsert benchmark test
2d557f1 : Add Threads registration example to
fc52b86 : Remove dead code, tidy output
e5f5a0d : Report mean/stddev times as mean/stddev
2923a48 : Multithreaded tests are reenabled
15bf667 : Really drop multithreading support
06c1fdb : Update documentation and remove 'Threads' until threadedness works
80162ca : Update
01af2bc : Create
902fb91 : benchmark_repetitions now work
3a6f24c : benchmark_iterations works as expected
b3f0d71 : benchmark_min_time now works as expected
d4ed240 : Added some missing atomics in FastClock
a94b0a6 : Remove duplicated macros header
9a25f47 : Fix printing of time
e390e4e : Adding benchmark namespace and removing broken flags
403f354 : Initial commit

+- Project: platform/external/gtest

87cecf0 : Revert "Revert "Add libgtest_prod.""
9409446 : Update Android.bp to match
a335cab : Add gtest libs for all NDK STLs.
baa71b2 : Revert "Add libgtest_prod."
18d1e9c : Add libgtest_prod.
f3284f0 : Add RTTI support to libgtest and libgtest_host.

+- Project: platform/external/guava

f662447 : build: Add host-side dalvik library rules

+- Project: platform/external/guice

34a08fb : build: Add support for building guice within the AOSP (host only).
403a1a2 : android: Add project metadata
c67a90c : Initial empty repository
5a209e9 : Update version to 4.0
646e174 : Add more missing @since 4.0 and remove references to *-3.0.jar in extensions' files. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=92005346
5be3e95 : Remove the snapshot repository that was configured to support dagger-adapter. Dagger 2 is now released, so this is not necessary.
1a30c07 : Also fix usages of a couple of @Beta APIs. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91720693
61b6b1c : Align dagger-adapter name and add it to the Bill-Of-Materials pom.xml
bac730f : Add missing @since tags for 4.0
3809a81 : Update dagger-adapter to depend on dagger-2.0 (and swap in the up-to-date api jar for the ant build) ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=91679331
5e6c933 : Implement more granular locks for a Singleton scope in Guice.
6c85843 : Add a default value and make it true for dagger & guice MapKey. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89998087
6b79ff8 : Change initial DependencyStack size from 10 to 16
825f8c1 : Some work on issue 910 -- ensure that anonymous keys & typeliterals don't retain references to their parent classes. Still some more work to do in WeakKeySet to let it clean up more frequently, but this should help for now. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89328452
02c489e : Fix ModuleAnnotatedMethodScanners so that they scan modules installed in binders created from skipSources or withSource. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=89146131
fb04cae : Add ability to not scope exception to RemoteProviderBinder ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=87524840
af6a1df : Move detailed javadoc description down to implementation class
1f9c76b : Improve performance of internal DependencyStack collection
85f14e0 : Further fixes for -- java8 generates default methods for subclasses when they override generic methods with the more specific type.
db4dbfd : Add a snapshot repository to guice's parent pom configuration, so it can rely on snapshot versions of things while in development.
2ca4130 : Give the dagger interop extension a name, remove the explicit dependency on the parent (which should happen automatically), and use ${project.version} instead of hard-coding the version... like the other extensions. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86826607
9ba15fe : s/Set/Optional and fix grammar. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86803793
0b33461 : Add a @ProvidesInto{Set,Map,Optional} & MultibindingsScanner that allow users to annotate methods in a Module as elements that can contribute to a Multibinder, MapBinder, or OptionalBinder. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86801706
54da0e3 : Rework the public API into scanning for additional @Provides-like annotations. Instead of requiring each scanner to explicitly wrap the modules to-be-scanned, we add a Binder.scanModulesForAnnotatedMethods method that takes a scanner, and we scan every installed module. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86751798
a363105 : Fix -- assistedinject factory method scanning did not ignore synthetic methods created by java8, leading to errors when the factory interface extended from a superinterface that had generics. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86628771
0910c1e : Create a dagger/guice interoperability library, which permits (with limitations) the use of Dagger modules in Guice. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86617720
32780fa : Update OptionalBinder javadoc comment to use toInstance() vs to() when a binding value is used. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86504275
7445e44 : Fix ElementSource attribution for ModuleAnnotatedMethodScanner bindings. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=86029834
9be698d : Minor optimizations to InternalContext * use ArrayList.removeRange to pop the context, this allows us to elide range checks. * Don't eagerly allocate a Dependency object for the pushState(Key<?>,Object) method, instead allocate one when constructing the DependencyChain. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85562648
74519f5 : Only warn one per dependency, otherwise log spam can destroy disks. This time w/o using Sets.newConcurrentHashSet., ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=85377786
e18906a : Add some SPI methods to allow users to annotate Module methods with arbitrary bindings and have those methods bound as Providers to specialized Keys.
9867f9c : Implement my old patch for issue #366, with some tweaks. This does the following: * Fixes @Provides injection so that parameters are checked for nullability. By default this will error. The flag is named: guice_check_nullable_provides_params and can be set to ERROR, WARNING or IGNORE. * Adds InjectionPoint.forMethod to build an InjectionPoint off an arbitrary method. * Adds Binder.getProvider(Dependency) to a get a Provider for a given dependency (with all its nullability & injection points maintained). * Update ProviderLookup to accept a Dependency in addition to a Key.
f11bf2d : Make Guice ignore validation of scope annotations on abstract types for types annotated with @Component. This allows one to provide Dagger Components with Guice Injectors. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=84836495
60826c0 : Optimization: move ParameterizedTypeImpl checks out of line.
d0e92a7 : Change jdk8 profile in pom.xml to use the <reporting> element rather than <reportPlugins>.
1bf1e9e : Add the source of the binding when mapbinder/multibinder fail because of a null binding. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=82465720
ac3cf7c : Remove usages of '_' as a one-character identifier
fdbdc63 : Fix linked binding behavior with requireExplicitBindings() in the parent.
a59c18d : Better error message checks in JitBindingsTest.
6c9726f : Clarify some documentation about linked bindings and child injectors.
1dd0a91 : Fix
ba0cff0 : Fix for -- don't let half-initialized objects leak out to ProvisionListeners. Throw ProvisionException if there's any new errors during provision. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=81455693
3c0a500 : rm unchecked suppression.
0c3a880 : Robustness: wrap any calls to System.getProperty in case security is enabled.
4f6c567 : Adds a test that explicitly tests all of the bindings created by MapBinder. Current tests rely on SpiUtil to validate all bindings, but those tests are hard to read and reason about; this test is explicit.
bed1413 : Adds a binding for Collection<javax.inject.Provider<E>> to Multibinder. Before, only a Collection<<E>> was bound; now both are bound.
615fd2b : Make SpiUtils tests more accurate by multiplying the expected results instead of dividing the actual results. Before, some bindings weren't being checked and this was overlooked by the tests due to rounding down the number of leftover bindings.
f618960 : Simplifies MapBinder by moving Key generation to RealMapBinder's constructor.
9c8b618 : Simplifies Multibinder by moving Key generation to RealMultibinder's constructor.
3b76b6f : Add "BOM" (Bill of Materials) for easier use with Maven
d7aa953 : Making Singleton's creation lock less coarse.
03c2bbf : Change ${parent.version} to ${project.version} since Maven apparently complains about ${parent.version}. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=78201599
0f59e8c : Fix stupid typos.
d7d9d2a : Update jdk8-tests/pom.xml to not inherit jar plugin settings from the parent. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=78183763
1de48d2 : Explicitly mark sh files as executable.
cd92207 : Add missing imports to make Java8LanguageFeatureBindingTest actually compile. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=78110917
35c2b31 : Add a .gitattributes file to force consistent line endings in text files. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=78102584
ded13a7 : Add a Maven module for JDK8-specific tests to open-source Guice. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=78097782
136bc20 : Remove all .iml and .ipr IntelliJ project files and add IntelliJ project files and directories to .gitignore. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=77967915
98be102 : Sync EnsureJpaCanTakeObjectsInPropertiesTest
3d49442 : Fix RequestDispatcherRequestWrapper inconsistency between `getRequestURI` and `getRequestURL`
41c126f : Issue #745: PathInfo not encoded
1d3f8cd : Add support for java.util.Optional, reflectively. If the class exists, we bind it the same way we bind Update tests accordingly. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=77215848
d8d5819 : Introduce a test that shows a JPA provider being passed a datasource from guice in a map, rather than from the persistence.xml file.
aa2f2dc : Update tests to use JPA 2.0.
6084d8f : Allow JPA properties to be Objects as well as simple strings.
6247159 : Results of 'mvn license:format -N' plus some minor tweaking
4ad6256 : Use 'mvn license:format -N' at top of project to add missing headers
9923333 : Move the references to javax.servlet into the anonymous class
8d59cf3 : Update
a7e52fc : Override release repository from parent to use https, which is now required.
1433eff : Delete unused code from WeakKeySet. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=75815862
b159fc5 : Presize collections in MapBinder and Multibinder providers. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=75399675
43c3b68 : Add a lazy option to @Bind.
117b2a6 : When checking for Logger keys in providermethodsmodule don't create a new Key<Logger> for every parameter. Instead use a constant. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=75227883
d1e965c : De-duplicate equivalent scope bindings.
2fb23e3 : Miscellaneous build improvements: * consolidate common versions in dependencyManagement section * clean up OSGi metadata (remove asm/cglib imports, fix version range to account for Guava's versioning scheme) * update jarjar-maven-plugin to 1.9 (makes sure manifest is first entry in final jar) * attach correct pre-jarjar'd classes * fix old references to Java5 * remove out-of-date asm:asm exclusion * fix versions of mini/service extensions
0583644 : fix typo in javadoc
c8836d3 : comment out the no-aop build for comparisons
4faa20e : Updating Multibinder to support injection of Collection<Provider<T>> alongside the usual Set<T>. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=72818888
6dec441 : Guice Multibindings: follow-up to earlier CL to make MultimapBinder package-private so that Real{Provider}MultimapProvider.initialize are accessible by generated code ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=72772135
22d4cca : Fix the compareBuilds script (compares mvn vs ant generated jars) & add it to travis (before publishing snapshots). Comment out comparing the noaop builds since they're different right now, and update to asm 5.0.3 (which was a source of a difference).
c15e74a : Move utility scripts to util dir, add secure vars to CI username/pwd, update POM to use canonical snapshot dir, add support for snapshot on succesful commit in Travis.
f4d33ba : remove custom sonatype deployment profile
e5abfb2 : Do some extra casting to workaround jdk6 compilation issues in SpiUtils.
ca0cc18 : Guice Multibindings: convert multibinding anonymous providers into package-private inner classes so that @Inject methods can be referenced by generated code. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=72598956
c34e018 : Implement binding deduplication for multibinder & mapbinder in a different way. Instead of relying on Guice binding deduplication (and hacking up RealElement to break the annotation contract to do so, causing weirdness in WeakKeySet & forcing us to care about "rehashing keys"), we instead deduplicate within Multibinder. The downside of this is that toInstance or toProvider(instance) bindings that are deduplicated will remain in the object graph but effectively be unreachable. However, that's a downside I'm willing to live with to remove this hack. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=72570932
22de684 : Fix typo in JavaDoc for c.g.inject.internal.MoreTypes#getGenericSupertype ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=72545394
1285790 : Guice: Fix for issue 295 (@ProvidedBy doesn't work with enums) ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=72100195
9c24575 : OptionalBinder: Make Optional<Provider> anonymous provider an inner class so that @Inject members can be referenced by generated code. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=71634136
310d3ad : Only suppress doclint on java8+ profiles
c6c118f : Add closing parens to FactoryModuleBuilder javadoc samples
173d733 : remove timestamp from javadoc
58d6074 : Set a bit in ProviderMethodsModule to see if we are generating provider methods for gin. If we are, skip fast class generation. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=71452336
5372e8a : Redirect latest javadoc page
3f84edf : Fix spacing for Struts2GuicePluginModule
cce0fcd : Publish javadocs using jdk8, not jdk7.
6b3086d : Cleanup javadocs. This makes the following changes: 1) Stop using doclava. It has too many bugs (like dropping annotations). 2) Tell javadoc not to doclint. Java8 does it and errs if it fails. 3) Link to appropriate third parties from javadoc. 4) Split extensions into separate groups in ant javadoc. 5) Cleanup code that had javadoc warnings.
5eb2249 : Fix issue 597 -- Adds copyright header.
6357239 : Fix issue 597 -- JUnit 3 style
7715581 : Fix last flaky test (that I know of). The problem was we were asserting that something existed in a child injector (through inference, by checking it was in the parent blacklist), but if GC ran it could have been ejected from the parent blacklist (since the child injector isn't strongly referenced anywhere).
50b3d3d : Add java8 to travis.
a0dba5f : Create, copied from Truth's.
cb610bf : Fix issue 597 -- entity manager is properly removed even if close operation fails + unit test.
6e28421 : Re-add quiet for mvn install, things look better
394c8ed : Fix Travis maven build to download from central
fb45f76 : restore the test phase to the preparations, and skip the tests (but unquiet the build overall).
804fed5 : shorten (and un-quiet) the install phase in travis.
d3f5d13 : Update
0558b32 : Update references in code & configuration to point to github instead of googlecode. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=70898906
d08bba9 : More flake fixing: Refactor WeakKeySetUtils into one spot, make everything use it, loop 10 times sleeping a second each before relying on things that were GC'd. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=70898677
08125e9 : Fix equal comparison against generated/system annotations. This should never happen in practice, but some things generate annotations based on user input in order to compare against Guice bindings. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=70843442
0ec824f : Update
77d1bae : update scripts to point to new docs top level directory.
be5746f : Put secure block in the right spot in .travis.yml.
94d0a15 : More flake fixing: don't assume methods come in a certain order. Super strange that this one never really flaked for us. (It immediately flaked after I added runs_per_test..) ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=70836577
842f351 : Add support for OptionalBinder to link to normal bindings of that type if neither setDefault nor setBinding are called. From the javadoc, example:
6ae9ff6 : Wrap GcFinalization usage around wrappers that also await a ReferenceQueue. I couldn't get any failures internally in 10,000 runs even w/o these changes, but on the external builds I reliably reproduced some flakes in 100 runs w/o this, and no flakes (that I saw) afterwards. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=70835114
c66f08e : Automated g4 rollback of changelist 70738452.
8f89a23 : Automated g4 rollback of changelist 70734332.
9040306 : Simplify OptionalBinder implementation to not delegate to a MapBinder. Instead, bind directly to annotated @Actual/@Default keys. This is in preparation for future improvements.
9c583bc : Update secure token.
4b8795e : fix jdiff ant target
7b9fb9d : /dev/null != dev/null
9abee23 : one line -> many
44168d4 : only gen the docs on the ant build.
f916d12 : add after-success to travis.
7165876 : Update travis.yml to auto-publish javadoc & jdiff on changes, update javadoc/jdiff scripts to make it work.
f625cc3 : remove latest-javadoc, javadoc & individual api-diff dirs since they're stored in gh-pages now.
48efa1f : remove latest-javadoc, javadoc & individual api-diff dirs since they're stored in gh-pages now.
de2b43e : Make maven build only fail at the end, so extensions that fail won't short-circuit other independent extensions.
ce2f2e7 : remove extra whitelisted branches.
6b75abb : Add a travis CI configuration file.
279ddfa : Update
bf0e7ce : Update
a8de49c : Update
c59c3e3 : Create
76be88e : Detect overrides of @Provides method and add an error for each one.
26d0006 : Change the line number test to generate a class with javax.inject.Inject rather than c.g.inject.Inject. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=70023941
c00df28 : Automated code cleanups by internal tool. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=69390543
ca81e59 : Submitting Stuart McCulloch's patch from
332041c : Various style cleanups to BoundFieldModule & test. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=68018366
8d88344 : Test for issue #571
53a5936 : Ignore synthetic bridge methods during provider method lookup. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=67854418
0c69c36 : Fix for build break from servlets patch
f39b8fd : Review comments
3b02622 : Snapshot cookies in continuing request to prevent mutation side effects
4a4d825 : Block when transferring request scope instead of checking owners & throwing exceptions. This lets users delete hacky spin loops.
409e0f5 : Try to use cglibs FastClass to invoke @Provides methods, it's faster!
4daa205 : Ignore synthetic/bridge methods when determining if a method should be injected. This broke injections for different reasons before & after java8, but the fix is the same for both.
f9a3d2d : Skip synthetic/bridge methods when validating CheckedProvider interfaces, otherwise java8 breaks validation by adding a synthetic bridge default method. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=66122172
f83bda3 : Update provision & creation exception messages. The previous messages caused misdiagnosis, as users think "There was a Guice error" when there is an error in user code. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=66120881
a23bc0e : Implement hashCode and equals in FactoryProvider/FactoryProvider2, with the aim of allowing Guice to dedupe bindings. Reroll of earlier change with a bug fixed. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=65611245
20dd9af : Automated rollback.
615f61f : Implement hashCode and equals in FactoryProvider/FactoryProvider2, with the aim of allowing Guice to dedupe bindings.
628ec00 : Make WeakKeySet less susceptible to programming errors by making the backingMap key a concrete type. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=65307015
4754a22 : Add equals/hashCode to Providers.guicify(...) results. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=65072672
14e2703 : Implement hashCode and equals on type returned by Providers.of(...). There doesn't seem to be any reason *not* to provide these methods, and it means downstream code that does
269f2f6 : Fix issue 379 -- strip the query off the URI when checking to see if the pattern matches. (We don't need to strip the fragment off because fragments aren't sent to servers.) ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=64996893
f5349cd : Use the correct key to check for blacklisting of multibound elements. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=64831090
f1abba3 : On second thought, according to the javadocs @ .. this is probably more correct, and still better than what it was before. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=64726165
647b24f : Fix external issue 755. Grapher config was wrong. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=64724255
c35ebc2 : Fix external issue 372 -- only scrub the pathInfo if the servletPath actually began it (not if it just happens to be longer than the servlet path). ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=64723867
c7ae433 : Add BoundFieldModule to automatically bind @Bind annotated fields to their values, reducing test boilerplate. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=64668801
a5b2b1f : Suppress compiler errors reported by an error-prone checker ([]) for tests.
57aad21 : Change Opcodes.ASM4 to Opcodes.ASM5, to work with java8 lambdas. Also update opensource build to ASM 5.0.1.
d57f8ec : The bug in the test that became flaky has been fixed. Note that this is not a strict rollback of the rollback - I've added protection against the NPE that would happen if there's a GC between the isBlacklisted call and the getSources call.
c013fac : *** Reason for rollback ***
d1d7ef3 : Fix MapBinder's duplicate key error message so that more than one binding with the same source gets listed twice. This was causing a problem with the tests that turned stack traces off, because the two different bindings line numbers were both changed to "Unknown Source", so it collapsed them into a single item.
bab9b60 : Enhance WeakKeySet to auto evict keys and avoid calling toString on Keys.
cc8870b : Add OptionalBinderTest into multibindings AllTests. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=63966263
af24f63 : Adds a new OptionalBinder. OptionalBinder allows frameworks to setup bindings for items that user code may or may not bind. It also allows frameworks to set default values that users can override.
cade897 : Preparations for OptionalBinder. This fixes MapBinder's SPI so elements from different MapBinders are distinct, and also fixes ProviderLookup's Provider so it exposes its dependency, which allows MapBinder to properly find its dependencies. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=63811558
4ab2a90 : Memoize Key#toString() to reduce allocations. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=63557612
af07a48 : Unbreak MOE by adding a .gitignore to extensions (suppressing build/ folders under it) and narrowing the exclusion of bduild folders in the root to just at the root. This lets /lib/build exist and be used, including by MOE.
a78c488 : Fix up API diffs upload script.
509e354 : Added updated 4.0 api diffs.
47e16bf : Revert "Added updated 4.0 api diffs."
016d079 : Fix script to work with git.
154c0bd : Added updated Javadocs.
8240b43 : Added updated 4.0 api diffs.
80ed818 : Fix .gitignore to account for extensions.
b6c35cd : Update the opensource jars to asm 5.0, fix up the POMs & ant scripts. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=63496902
8859456 : Update MapBinder so it fails on duplicate bindings with a more descriptive error message, including all the keys that had duplicates and where the duplicate bindings were bound. Example error message that has 'a' bound twice and 'b' bound twice:
29ce12b : Add an SPI for @Provides methods (using the extensions SPI) so that users can do more analysis (with the enclosing instance, method, etc..).
10f305d : This change removes final from fields annotated with @Inject. In addition to being discouraged due to weak semantics [1], it is incompatible with the standard javax.inject.Inject annotation [2].
c33e73c : Improve OutOfScopeException so that it tells you which key it was trying to get. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=62699406
8ad60eb : Change LinkedBindingBuilder.toProvider(Provider) to accept a jsr330 provider, in addition to the Guice Provider. This is an incompatible change for people who extend LinkedBindingBuilder, but not for people who use it.
883fe03 : Make ServletScopes#scopeRequest slightly more efficient for larger seed maps. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=61542674
41c1c29 : Add ignores for ant build spam.
3236b10 : Replace guava 11 with 16 and extract Guava as a separate dependency.
bb63dc1 : Revert parts of the .gitignore fix related to ant.
a2aab02 : update gitignore to properly avoid maven target folders.
e91540e : Fixes issue 652. Allow method interceptors to capture the method & call it later from a different context. Patch by Tavian Barnes, thanks Tavian! ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=58040591
0e896db : A Message should have only one source but as it is used in Errors, currently it can have multiple sources. The Message objects is returned from two public methods(Elements#getElements() and Errors#getMessages()) that make any changes in its method declarations difficult. As the first step, I am going to remove all calls to the Message constructor that receives multiple sources from []. So, the only calls will be from Errors that I will deal with separately. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=57979416
31d8fbf : Fix issue 723 -- minor optimizations to TypeConverterBindingProcessor. Description in the bug describes this best: TypeConverterBindingProcessor has two responsibilities: 1) prepare built-in type converters for primitives, enums, classes, etc. and 2) process TypeConverter bindings and register them with the containing injector.
95295fd : Add latest api diffs & latest javadoc again.
7533957 : delete latest-javadoc & latest-api-diffs one more time to try this again...
1c2a6ad : fix jdiff to point to correct javadoc location, and fix javadoc to have --since for 3.0.
638f614 : add javadoc to api-diffs
05ca0df : updated latest api diffs
adf1c61 : remove latest-api-diffs.
0593b00 : add new latest javadocs.
b1a1ef7 : remove old latest-javadocs
1047e98 : Fix no_aop build (make it easier to replace the cglib tokens in the ant build files).
e812003 : Update to asm 4.2, cglib 3.1. Fix .gitignore to only ignore /build, not every dir named 'build'.
ebe9f05 : Re-committed the rolled back CL, after fixing internal projects.
35023b8 : Fix issue 779 -- deduplicate listeners & interceptors. Using a slightly modified patch from Tavian Barnes, thanks Tavian! ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=57798796
3338a48 : Fix issue 734 -- MapBinder doesn't allow injection of Map<K, javax.inject.Provider<V>>. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=57798745
32a8f24 : Fix issue 720 -- minor build fixes, from the issue: * Add macros to append no_aop to the Bundle-(Symbolic)Name to help disambiguate these bundles in OSGi * Fix some broken links in the Maven POM (The API version was already incremented.)
a4c16e8 : Rolled back commit -- broke some internal projects.
be1bbda : Fix issue 748 -- add a protected method in PrivateModule for binding provision listeners. Patch provided by Stuart McCulloch, thanks! ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=57764090
c5848c0 : Optimize RecordingBinder.withSource so it doesn't always create a new binder. Fixes issue 776, patch thanks to Stuart McCulloch! ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=57757534
7246088 : Fix typo, alertnative -> alternative. (Issue 777.) ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=57755721
9b268e4 : Pass the correct stage to Modules.override, so currentStage() works. Fixes issue 784 -- patch thanks to Tavian Barnes. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=57755697
5e5e2f5 : Don't unnecessarily invoke Key#toString() when running in non-HTTP based RequestScope. Key#toString() is not memoized (unlike hashCode) and these allocations end up being consistently visible in our garbage sampling. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=56861670
3382133 : Make guice build with javac 8.
e1197a9 : Update Guice's maven build system to run the unit tests in three configurations, representing the three different values for stack-trace inclusion in error messages. Additionally, modify the open-source InternalFlags to log a warning if a value is passed to the flag that does not correspond to the Enum.
a922826 : Make named classes for anonymous Modules so they appear prettier (and useful) in error messages. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=54796862
ba5acdf : Allow turning off stack trace collection in Guice.
2e39ef7 : Print out the modules that led to a binding during error reporting, but only if there's >1 module (otherwise it's just noise). The format is Some normal messaging about the fact that something terrible happened at <the normal source> (via modules: A -> B -> C)
401a6a4 : Added updated 4.0 api diffs.
54565b2 : Update script for api diffs.
8743a0b : Convert from MapMaker to CacheBuilder. Change mostly from Stewart McCulloch modulo internal build issues, a few tweaks and dealing with some test flakage in a functional test. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=52590552
c01ba1d : Convert an anonymous subclass of ThreadLocal in the implementation of InjectorImpl to a nested class, thus eliminating its implicit parent reference. This implicit parent reference creates some additional work during debugging and is unnecessary. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=51925521
33736ec : Because error-prone treats more than one scope annotation on a class as a compile-time error, existing builds that upgrade to error prone will fail. To support that, given that these are tests of the run-time version of the failure, add a supporession to the usages. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=51282197 MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=51282207
b0aeeda : Remove loophole for making non-canonical Keys. This makes the behaviour of Key.get(new TypeLiteral<T>() {}) and new Key<T>() {} the same. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=51109122
2d45468 : Fix Inject documentation, as method injection happens after field injection. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=50901673
2bb4771 : Exposes ElementSource at getSource() methods. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=50645247
96e81ba : An alternative way to support ShareableModule, Modules.override and Multibinder: use annotations that compare equal iff the binding strategy matches, so Guice will dedupe for us.
6c69bcf : An alternative way to support ShareableModule, Modules.override and Multibinder: use annotations that compare equal iff the binding strategy matches, so Guice will dedupe for us. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=50556753
0130391 : Doing a cleanup before we can make having @javax.inject.Inject on an abstract method a compile error. I am suppressing the error for the test case that intentionally tests this error. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=50571932
4352fa0 : Added suppression to @javax.inject.Inject on a final field test case so we can make it a compiler error ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=50571127
7839f29 : Fix typo in comment for Provides annotation. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=50518753
3d3a9fa : Give more information when duplicate elements are found in a multibound set.
4d58049 : Fix random bitwise | to be a real ||. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=50288042
51829aa : Automated g4 rollback of changelist 50265868.
28c75b2 : Give more information when duplicate elements are found in a multibound set. ------------- Created by MOE: MOE_MIGRATED_REVID=50265868
605bd08 : Updates the internals of an Element's source to keep track of the Modules that installed it, as well as the complete stack trace leading to the binding. The data is not yet exposed in Element.getSource(), but will be exposed in a future CL.
a0e7344 : Restore versions to 4.0-SNAPSHOT
359c5c3 : Fix up poms to properly sign on deploy, provide source and javadoc jars per sonatype's requirements, and bump the API version to 1.4 for OSGI components.
ce48fa8 : Bump version numbers to release 4.0-beta.
97825f9 : Add ignores file.
9e2d95b : Clean up some formatting (includes some format artifacts from internal changes), and remove executable bit from several files which do not need them.
cadabc1 : Switch InternalContext to store dependency/source pairs more compactly.
d9e0545 : Reduce the memory consumption of SourceProvider instances by keeping a reference to the parent object instead of copying all class names to a new object.
3f42514 : Fix to pom.xml to address ASM4/CGLIB3 upgrade (from Stuart McCulloch)
8f19635 : Add logging for when AssistedInject falls into non-optimized mode, so people can take action and fix it.
9f8b438 : Use a single UniqueAnnotation instead of creating a new one each time.
e391585 : Change Key so that it upgrades Annotation classes where all methods have default values into an instance of the Annotation with the defaults as values, so that: @Retention(RUNTIME) @BindingAnnotation @interface AllDefaults { int hasDefault() default 1; }
2cc8ce9 : Clear context during provision. Fixes
ad6584a : Fix issue 663: Grapher is producing corrupt graphs
978ed86 : Fix a == vs .equals() bug in MoreTypes.
45d86df : Fix by having assistedinject fail if the target implementation class has a scop ing annotation on it. Scope annotations on assistedinject targets were always ignored by Guice, and allowing them on the classes led to lots of confusion when reading code. The new behavior makes for much more readable code.
94c2d2c : Suppress a warning in advance that will be a run-time error in Guice in a subsequent commit, and which will be added to error-prone and caught at compile-time for those who use it.
882330d : HttpServletRequest#getCookies() can return null; checks that in ContinuingHttpServletRequest.
bf2b16c : Add support for ProvisionListeners to notify on toInstance & constant bindings.
a1867f8 : update cglib dependency in poms.
2303007 : Upgrade to cglib 3.0 adn ASM 4.0.
e5ed5b4 : Add an @Inject constructor to DefaultFilterPipeline so services which depend upon it can be used with Modules.requireAtInjectOnConstructorsModule()
9111f48 : Add a ISE exception subclass for scoping exceptions and document when it will be thrown for all the various methods in
7d72771 : Actually pom versions should really be 3.1.0 to reflect the addition of a couple of new features (ProvisionListener SPI)
7f6a136 : Bump pom versions towards next maintenance release
2804e19 : Add explicit @Inject.
c756777 : Add Binder.requireAtInjectOnConstructors, to force Guice to require @Inject annotations on constructors.
389cb71 : Fixed exception in contextpath string manipulation.
1db3e79 : Follow-up cleanup CL, removing an unnecessary parameter and strengthening typing.
997ae12 : Reduce stack size and simplify control flow in FilterChainInvocation.
8b7aaec : Update ThrowingProviderBinder to have a better exception in case of ProvisionExceptions from more than one dependency.
15dbe78 : Change AssertionError to use the whole ProvisionException as a cause, so we can see exactly what goes wrong when nothing should go wrong.
e6abeff : Change the new ThrowingProviderBinder.providing to look for @ThrowingInject instead of @Inject.
7dc62e5 : Add a new transferRequest method to ServletScopes which propagates all existing scoped objects. Allows servlet engines to detach & reattach threads (while waiting for a request to receive results from RPCs).
cd12655 : Don't assume methods will be in order when asserting error messages.
8557c77 : Add a new method to ThrowingProviderBinder: providing(Class) or providing(TypeLiteral). This instructs ThrowingProviderBinder to create a proxy implementation of the CheckedProvider interface and delegate it to the constructor of the class in question. As a bonus, the class it constructs fully participates in Guice AOP.
2823a38 : Fix issue 643 using a slightly modified version of the patch provided by Stuart.
d51292d : Change ProvisionListener to expose Binding instead of Key, and change bindListener to use a Matcher for Binding instead of Key. This is a backwards incompatible change, but we haven't released yet, so it's worth doing.
88ee52d : Fix issue 670, keep values from MapBinder & Multibinder distinct.
1c9b92a : Fix issue 643 using a slightly modified version of the patch provided by Stuart.
21a1967 : Fix issue 670, keep values from MapBinder & Multibinder distinct.
04cdfd9 : Remove duplicate code & instead delegate to Scopes.isScoped method.
88b6d13 : Issue 494 - add Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI:true to core guice.jar
45ef017 : Cleanup a few things: 1) Remove invalid annotation. 2) Update to Guava 11.0.1, from r9. 3) Remove some unused files. 4) Forcibly keep Throwables, since servlet uses it but core doesn't (so jarjar was wiping it). 5) Disable failing Multibinder test.
d9b62c2 : Do not create a new visitor instance for every call to isSingleton.
66094fb : Add isEagerSingleton.
b2f5582 : Add ServletScopes.isRequestScoped.
8a539da : Remove @MediumTest annotation since it is not available on the build classpath
abfe40d : Issue 494 - add Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI:true to core guice.jar
c2bee81 : Fix issue 667, cleanup javadoc for Multibinder
ee9a8f3 : Fix TypesTest to use an actual parameterized array. Necessary because JDK7 got a little smarter in its getActualTypeArguments method where it returns a Class if the array type isn't generic, and GenericArrayType only if it was actually generic.
fee2d23 : Ensure servlets & filters are processed in the correct order in all scenarios. Fix so that code like:
9ee53e9 : Defer building of error messages for Preconditions.check(State|NotNull|Argument) calls.
9afcdd8 : Prune all the billions of c.g.i.servlet.Filter{ChainInvocation,Definition}.doFilter elements from the stack traces.
f74ee67 : Better errors when using binder(), etc. outside of configure().
91a844c : fix issue 616, thanks for the patch!
c0b196b : fix issue 623, move for persist extension out of src and into test.
be10b4c : fix issue 624.
fbbb52d : fix issue 636, GuiceFilter should keep a strong ref to its logger.
6b7e718 : Fix a very obscure bug where more than one InitializableReference of the same identity could result in an NPE during injector creation if the one that got ejected from the Map was requested for injection from another InitializableReference.
8c92236 : Allow creation of a GuiceFilter that scopes, but does not dispatch to ServletModule-bound servlets / filters.
b405e04 : Fix flaky service test. The whole AsyncService thing probably should just be rm'd, but fixing the test for now.
7e5464e : fix issue 616, thanks for the patch!
d77a85a : fix issue 623, move for persist extension out of src and into test.
56a879c : fix issue 624.
fb66c42 : fix issue 636, GuiceFilter should keep a strong ref to its logger.
05bf8e5 : Add Scopes.isCircularProxy, for use by Scope implementations. The basic problem is that somewhere along the line, Guice is breaking the type-safety of <T> in the scope(Key<T>, Provider<T>) method. This happens when <T> is involved in a circular dependency, and the ConstructionContext creates a circular proxy for a given 'expectedType' of <T> (the type in the parameter where it's being injected). Expected type is a superclass or superinterface of <T>, not a subclass or subinterface, so if a Scope caches the result of Key<T> -> Provider<T>.get(), and then tries to reuse it, it's possible that we return something that isn't compatible with <T>. This results in either a ClassCastException (if cglib is involved) or IllegalArgumentException (java reflection) when trying to construct the object, because the parameters don't match the arguments.
e09d8bf : Replace the Request/Response Context after each ServletModule-registered Filter. This fixes problems where wrapped request/response classes weren't passed to subsequent filters or servlets in the chain.
efa4e9f : Fix a bug in the way failed JIT bindings are cleaned up. Because we removed bindings from the jitBindings Map, it was possible for an Injector to try and recreate the failed JIT binding. Normally we want this behavior.. but in the case of a circular failed JIT binding, it can lead to a ComputationException from ComputingConcurrentHashMap, because we attempt to create two ConstructorInjectors for the same InjectionPoint recursively.
e390a0f : Failing test for a multibinder bug reported here:
ab8f0c6 : Clean up ServletTest: use a fake request impl instead of EasyMock.
0b26f78 : Make ServletModule work with requireExplicitBinding().
404ffc3 : Changing callers of deprecated methods ImmutableSet.of(E[]) and ImmutableSortedSet.of(E[]) to use .copyOf() (inlining the deprecated methods).
de4cc32 : Changing callers of deprecated method ImmutableList.of(E[]) to call ImmutableList.copyOf(E[]) instead (inlining the deprecated method.
ee443bc : Fix issue 644. Print a better error message when requestStaticInjection is called on an interface, fix it so that static injection errors show the source of the static injection.
6585c73 : Failing test for a multibinder bug reported here:
b719556 : Refactoring of guice-grapher - makes it possible to inject non-scoped graphers - fixes (in the sense that the exposed node is graphed, it still doesn't follow private bindings) - simplifies implementation classes: - aliasing, node creating and edge creating are done as three independent steps - implementation classes will get aliased nodes so they don't need to worry about aliasing - edges are always created after the nodes they link - removes boilerplate code to build node and edge factories
5221c15 : Fix a few common.collect-related deprecation warnings... because it's easy!
b7a02b0 : * Remove unused imports * Sort imports * Convert tabs to spaces * Fix the ant no_aop build
0aecc68 : Re-add a space into the args.
5a886aa : Minor whitespace tweaks again.
ec76179 : Restore usernames
a23937e : Minor whitespace & temporary username changes
1547789 : add a comment about common.xml
de8fa4e : test a change.
e03b3d9 : Test change.
3b24461 : fixup whitespace
4e11457 : fixup whitespace
7855aca : fixup whitespace
81007ff : fixup whitespace
4b86269 : fixup whitespace
01758ce : fixup whitespace
d9c913a : switch Guice from manually repackaging Guava to depending on Guava. it's still jarjar'd right now, which is causing a ~400k increase in guice-snapshot.jar. next step is to switch to ProGuard to remove the unnecessary code and cut it back down (even further?!). this will let people build from Guice source and depend directly on Guava code without having to worry about hiding internal/util.
8614255 : refactor removeSuppressedTests out of AllTests, to remove the circular dependency between it & StrictContainerTestSuite.
6cf0488 : Remove unnecessary import added in r1555
895fa39 : Implement hashCode and equals for MultimapBinder.
3391af3 : remove stray <T>
ba75f35 : issue 631 -- expose dependency hierarchy in ProvisionListener.
5b73df6 : rm @Override to maintain source compatibility.
132a5db : issue 78 - provision interception. this only lets you listen to provisions (both before & after provisioning occurs), it does not let you change the return value of the provision.
e133f5f : Make the @RequestParameteters Map derive its values from the existing ServletRequest binding. This makes it easier to construct a seedMap for use with ServletScopes (one only needs to seed the request and response to override the map as well).
e7511fd : Official cglib 2.2.2 artifact now available on Maven central
c18cbce : remove "involving constructors" since we support proxies for circular dependencies involving providers too now.
d5737a6 : fix @ProvidedBy circular dependencies.
c94f450 : assert that ProviderInternalFactory doesn't think circular dependencies exist when the providers are in different PrivateModules, temporarily remove check for @ProvidedBy due to other things that need fixing first.
425d099 : fix provider circular dependency detection to use the Key it is creating, not the Key it is fulfulling, to catch errors sooner.
e6ce188 : fix issue 626 -- properly handle circular proxies between providers (either failing or proxying), prevents StackOverflowErrors.
be2505a : specify that interceptors are called in the order they are listed in bindInterceptor(Matcher, Matcher, Interceptor...). add a test that guarantees it.
ca183a6 : Fix maven build (TODO: replace dependency with official cglib-2.2.2 when it's on Maven Central)
d4ec8b0 : update to asm-3.3.1, update to new cglib that fixes a bug with bridge methods, add test that verifies the fix works. (previously it worked within Eclipse but not javac because eclipse's compiler wrote out bridge methods differently.)
c905b82 : Added updated 3.0 api diffs.
9f0627e : Removed old 3.0 api diffs.
3400a7e : Added updated Javadocs.
6e80e06 : Removed old Javadocs.
4e10dab : issue 418 - make sure servlet extension works with context paths. thanks to Henning for provided the patches.
07170cc : remove phases from BindingProcessor, refactor so that two different classes do the two different bits, with an abstract superclass managing the shared pieces.
9207317 : fix issue 614 -- admittedly not the prettiest solution, but it works.
3cff1b2 : Added updated 3.0 api diffs.
9971840 : Removed old 3.0 api diffs.
504d6c3 : Added updated Javadocs.
66f41e9 : Removed old Javadocs.
9cdfe3a : issue 610 - let requireExplicitBindings still allow TypeConverters to create ConvertedConstantBindings.
1e5fc1d : fix typo, make test not loop forever.
6e4e497 : update stack trace pruning (for AOP-internal methods & generated methods) to include causes.
cc17f14 : significantly improve error reporting for binding a key already bound in a child injector or private module. include all sources in the error msg (since it can be in many sibling private modules or child injectors), including whether or not it as a JIT binding.
bd7a14b : make sure tests can run in on dist code, and no_aop can still build.
b281953 : test for issue 608.
0d8b52f : issue 608 - child can rebind a parent binding if it was just-in-time.
95b3f8a : issue 282 - mention quirks with optional dependencies, JIT bindings & child injectors in the javadoc.
336d222 : add some logging for interceptors that may trigger issue 252.
b7a4174 : rm printStackTrace.
159cd86 : validate that issue 432 is not a problem anymore.
45ca7f6 : issue 345 - better error message for private modules. show the source of a child binding instead of just saying its in a child injector. also give a hint that you may have wanted to expose the binding.
77b8178 : issue 602 - allow grapher to be rooted at keys. contributed by bojan, thanks!
65814e6 : issue 595 -- persist extension didn't work if @Transacation was on the class, thanks to cgdecker for the patch and bug report!
c17c5a9 : issue 574 - don't freak out on generated classes when trying to get line numbers.
405828b : issues 592 & 591, documentation updates.
23cf2d4 : fix issue 594 -- assistedinject does the wrong thing if assisted type is scoped.
82d0fdb : rework method interception so that methods that aren't intercepted don't go through cglib, reducing the number of stack frames in most method calls. this has a slight side effect that additional proxy classes are generated for a single class if (and only if) the intercepted methods change. if the intercepted methods remain the same, then the proxy classes will continue to be shared (so things like assistedinject will not blow up the heap).
e0f5412 : Remove AOP boilerplate from user visible stack traces.
a3c948e : add utility to compare ant & maven output.
fe370ca : Added updated 3.0 api diffs.
25466e2 : Removed old 3.0 api diffs.
83909bb : Added updated Javadocs.
174d7a0 : Removed old Javadocs.
d5fcf7c : don't include pom.xml & in maven build, to better mirror ant build.
33018c3 : Add standard Apache LICENSE and NOTICE files to the Maven build
92f3eab : Use correct timestamped CGLIB release in Maven build
b0548c3 : Update Maven build to use same level of CGLIB as Ant build
8468bab : Fix for issues 581 and 582
c9ece6b : add grapher to distribution
672d074 : implement hashcode when implementing equals.
7691f9e : require ProviderMethod instance to be equal also, per jessewilson review.
1068a4a : allow duplicate @Provides methods to be deduplicated also.
c9d97cf : Cache annotation lookups.
fc46e1a : Fix warnings in core.
f981ab5 : Enable all warnings except for serialization warnings.
ea27c01 : review comments from jesse.
8b64d45 : Remove InjectorBuilder in favor of methods in Binder.
c2420fb : Cleanup pom - lock deploy plugin to 2.5 and remove extra source/javadoc profile as they are already enabled when building with -DperformRelease
01941a0 : Use same release profile id as the main google pom
692ca95 : Align Maven no_aop classifier to match the Ant target
16f8b0f : fix issue 578, Providers.guicify loses injection points from the delegate.
d00bb05 : add missing @since tag.
3bdf721 : fix for NO_AOP build.
251cda6 : Added updated 3.0 api diffs.
b2f65f1 : Removed old 3.0 api diffs.
8c470a4 : Added updated Javadocs.
a6fe2d3 : Removed old Javadocs.
cf09ab9 : put generics back in Struts2Factory.
2244882 : update uploadApiDiffs to update the version.xml in latest-api-diffs.
a523ea5 : rm jsr330, move the one method into Providers.
c1d48f8 : cleanup struts2 examples/code.
4489484 : Add source and javadoc to Maven release profile
81a0c60 : re-add struts2 to build.xml & pom.xml, cleanup compile.
95d0418 : changes to the struts2 plugin, by Ben McCann.
12c1a0a : Pull back struts2 extension code in preperation for changes to make it better.
b886ce3 : rm ServletScopes.nullObject -- use a null value in the map to seed a key with null.
4d93ce6 : fix license.
ba8a4cd : add more tests for @CheckedProvides methods, fix bug exposed with @Exposed methods, cleanup class names & javadoc.
5d5941f : rm documentation that a TypeLiteral with wildcard character (such as List<? extends CharSequence>) doesn't work, add a test that asserts it does work.
4d4e160 : Clarify that the Maven build requires Maven3 and cleanup temporary CGLIB dependency
2196786 : allow scopeRequest/continueRequest to seed with a null value, and also type-check the values immediately.
fcb2b1b : discontinue the struts2 extension.
68f2b6c : Added updated 3.0 api diffs.
c924d62 : Removed old 3.0 api diffs.
74970c3 : Added updated Javadocs.
40bcbae : Removed old Javadocs.
30b582e : Minor javadoc fix
5f47ccc : change period to semicolon show javadoc shows it in the one-liner for package infos.
6716a71 : a few more @sinces.
9c28d5b : revert State & InheritingState back to using Iterable & Set.
b2f1760 : issue 436 -- add Injector.getTypeConverters, and expand ConvertedConstantBinding to expose the TypeConverter for it. patch graciously provided by Stuart, thanks!
dfdf3e3 : Fix strict container tests (avoid duplicate CGLIB classes)
1c6ff88 : fix issue 508 -- consider method return type when deciding whether to bridge. patch contributed by stuart.
488284d : deprecated ThrowingProvider in favor of CheckedProvider, which lets you specify more than one exception type. remove tentative @ThrowingProvides in favor of @CheckedProvides. add tests.
0e9a2c5 : add @since tag.
a5c13e2 : simplify servlet SPI test.
71fe73e : issue 570 & issue 569 -- share a hierarchy for servlet module bindings, expose a method to see if the binding will match against a URI.
845fc0e : fix @since version.
a102c17 : make sure $$EnhancerByGuice$$ & $$FastClassByGuice$$ stay named that way and don't become $$$EnhancerByGuice$$ & $$$FastClassByGuice$$ after jarjar renames the cglib classes.
aacb484 : Add some comments to the Maven POMs
c63f9bb : These tests are still intermittent on Maven, so keep them disabled for now
4757520 : Run maven tests with TestNG (better handling of tests)
d523a88 : fix googlecode keep pattern.
3140104 : Temporarily disable intermittent tests on the Maven grid
188875a : Process googlecode test classes
2c3076b : Update to jarjar-maven-plugin 1.3 release, and use simple logger in persist tests
8846db3 : Update Maven poms to use new jarjar processing rules, allow jarjar and munge profiles to be turned off, and synchronize bundle headers in Ant and Maven builds
fdd9500 : made new classes final.
6d8ab0b : never call hashcode on the underlying binding instances. continue to call equals as lazily as possible.
6f8b395 : (and remove unused import)
22b3c09 : build a list, not a set -- so that we don't call hashCode or equals on any bindings.
9db504f : exclude some more things from the src build.
e0359ad : add jdiff build packages, update for struts2, update build.xml to include a jdiff target & fix up javadoc target, add a new uploadApiDiffs script, update uploadJavadocs script.
cb0c7ee : Added updated Javadocs.
aaa92ca : Removed old javadocs.
152e18f : change api diff javadoc from 'javadocs' to 'javadoc' because doclava has a hardcode reference to '../javadoc'.
66ed420 : Remove old 2.0 changes, prepare for new javadoc location.
42fef49 : Added updated 3.0 api diffs.
17d6f13 : Removed old 3.0 api diffs.
3be9103 : Removed old 3.0 api diffs.
451c057 : Added updated api diffs.
3d39570 : Revised latest-api-diffs layout to support keeping 1.0->2.0 diffs & 2.0->3.0 diffs.
c13b545 : adding more missing @since 3.0 tags.
f67c721 : Added updated Javadocs.
bc42b48 : Removed old Javadocs.
b0f0022 : Added updated Javadocs.
81791c7 : Removed old Javadocs
dfee9fd : issue 531 -- don't let c.g.i.internal.util reference outside its package.
f712ffd : make sure MembersInjector dependencies don't blow up on requireExplicitBindings.
7f6067d : Update test to make sure custom @Nullable annotations work, in addition to c.g.i.i.util.Nullable.
94a6855 : Jesse's suggestion for fixing Nullability -- check the String just for name=="Nullable", but add class==Nullable.class to catch the jarjar'd c.g.i.i.util.Nullable.
982f83e : fix Nullability to check for "$Nullable" (the jarjar renamed "Nullable"), and fix jarjar to build using asm-3.3 (it was using 3.1, and using 3.3 fixes, where annotations on methods that are remapped are loss)
6f0aee6 : move @nullable to internal.util
6e37096 : issue 16. hide internal things (that can be hidden). need to followup to limit visibility on internal things that need to stay pseudo-open and really close the rest.
23a7f0f : rm echo.
e08af47 : fix javadoc bootclasspath so that it references ${java.home}, which is set by every ant dist, instead of ${javahome} which may not be set.
b02627d : issue 407 -- better error messaging for failed interception. previously exploded with a ComputationException, now uses a ConfigurationException with a good msg.
6542fdb : issue 553 -- add a mention in the javadoc of MapBinder & Multibinder that the Set & Map are unmodifiable.
103af50 : update extension files to reference 3.0 instead of 2.0, also fix issue 563 -- assistedinject package-info referenced the wrong jar name.
2ef2266 : issue 428 - better error validation for AssistedInject, specifically with public factories & non-public method return types that can lead to IllegalAccessErrors.
ede7731 : issue 496 -- ConstantBindingBuilder was missing to(byte), forgot to commit test.
ebaa152 : issue 496 -- ConstantBindingBuilder was missing to(byte).
09ab5f9 : issue 477 - fix Scopes.isSingleton to navigate through exposed private elements.
ee446ca : update ThrowingProvider to support an @ThrowingProvides annotation, much like @Provides. update the internals of the class to give more explicit error messaging & use bind.addError instead of throwing exceptions. added lots & lots of tests.
1d0f816 : issue 446 -- InternalContext.setDependency was returning the current, not previous, dependency.
0009005 : Add CI details
ec49188 : Update grid profile
8815358 : Add grid profile
bc7e150 : Issue 552: add buildable maven poms
ac4cdbe : Issue 561: fix no_aop build by munging away all aop-related references
244e590 : Issue 554: don't include the ant runtime on the build classpath
f8d74d6 : Issue 555: add missing guice-persist tasks
8d7338e : Current build targets Java5 but String.isEmpty() is Java6 only, so change this check to use String.length() instead
74d714c : Issue 552: (step 1) move core code to its own subdirectory
97adab5 : Tentative fix for string index out of bounds exception in issue #560
3cd00c8 : git-svn-id: d779f126-a31b-0410-b53b-1d3aecad763e
cd505b6 : Maven atom build file for Guice core.
2873555 : flip the order of the type parameters in ProviderWithExtensionVisitor to match the order in the BindingTargetVisitor.
4b91955 : patch from ramakrishna (with very minor changes from me) for an extension SPI for assisted inject.
5ac45a8 : update ThrowingProviders to implement HasDependencies and use getProvider instead of injecting the Injector.
589e448 : convert {@literal<} to &lt;
8c3fbfb : Use local API XML files rather than jessewilson's private copies
b5beefa : Use local API XML files rather than jessewilson's private copies
2d97240 : Sync javadoc to latest-javadoc/
8af53c9 : Sync javadoc to latest-javadoc/
766a9be : Added updated Javadocs.
f047127 : Removed old Javadocs.
ca7e23d : Removed old Javadocs.
20e7cd8 : Rebuild guice 2.0 API spec to include spring
60dd494 : update to use checked in ant script
5712e3f : update to use checked in ant script
011d7c4 : Checkin Doclava build changes.
b57598f : New assests for new Javadoc
12ed833 : New Javadoc snapshot.
9f9a90f : Updating Guice Javadoc.
2a031c0 : fix issue 544 -- allow ServletModules to be reused w/o reconstructing new ones. also fixes a bug where a ServletModule that contained only filters would have run each filter twice if the module was being reused (or three times if it was being used a third time, etc..). thanks to mathiue.carbou for pointing out the problem.
9ae3c2d : add toString impls to each servletmodule binding.
b199afd : new AssistedInject factories now implement HasDependencies (like the old assistedinject factories)
b8d2574 : Comment wording changed.
0693a15 : Support for custom request scopes overloaded onto the @RequestScoped annotation.
75fcf6f : issue 539 - extension SPI for Multibinder/MapBinder.
e511cf4 : remove unused imports.
aab9eba : if dependencies aren't calculated for Multibinder yet, return a dependency on Injector.class instead of null.
7b02561 : remove non-existent directory from build file, issue 520.
2ee4f18 : Fixed a small bug in the async service multi-threaded test.
4ccf2a3 : Minor cleanups, removing some debug stuff that snuck into the previous commit.
65888c0 : Service API extension initial checkin. Support for basic start/stop lifecycle and parallelizing service startup. Needs more integration tests.
190e95c : fixed ant build by changing persist & build.xml to mirror other extensions.
f47f05e : style cleanups from jessewilson review.
7154895 : Fix singletons to be eager as intended.
10925e4 : sberlin review for the previous CL.
7ebe5f6 : More tests for the continuing request idiom.
1848a29 : Early support for thread-continuation of servlet request.
24f5f13 : Remove support for annotations from miniguice. Relying on JSR-330 classes only is simpler, and aligned with the goals for the project.
150d2a9 : Dynamic finders fixed and test added. Probably want a few more tests and early-error checking to be ideal, but otherwise working as advertised. =)
8a02fce : Final cleanup of Persist Module. Pending a sanity check of the dynamic finder API, it is now ready to ship for Guice 3!
539456d : Deleting Lifecycle extension.
70248ea : MiniGuice, a proof of concept.
9bcb0a2 : more build configuration fixes
52f0fa5 : Missing jars for guice-persist
a547723 : Adjust IntelliJ metadata for moved projects.
1d58f43 : Complete reworking of the guice-persist module and API. It is MUCH leaner now and easily facilitates multiple modules. All legacy tests are still passing.
2b0a55c : Generating docs with doclava (beta)
b66dca8 : Generating docs with doclava (beta)
b1fa81f : fix requireExplicitBindings so TypeLiteral<T> can be injected.
4295916 : Changing Guice Javadoc to build with Doclava (beta)
dfb0e05 : Changing Guice Javadoc to build with Doclava (beta)
5481556 : Changing Guice Javadoc to build with Doclava (beta)
5763be9 : Changing Guice Javadoc to build with Doclava (beta)
433fefc : Changing Guice Javadoc to build with Doclava (beta)
fa38c2b : Changing Guice Javadoc to build with Doclava (beta)
17520da : Changing Guice Javadoc to build with Doclava (beta)
75ae834 : Changing Guice Javadoc to build with Doclava (beta)
99ca2d6 : update parameter names to reflect what they are.
b4b7f72 : issue 524 part 2 -- add an SPI to the servlet extension to be able to introspect on its bindings.
156b82c : issue 524 part 1 -- add support in core guice for extensions to be visited with a custom SPI.
f8537ea : move extensions that weren't under extensions/ into that directory. simplify paths so everything is uniform for extensions.
a9cdba0 : Fixes many persist tests to use Junit assertXXX rather than JDK assert statements. Also cleans up some of the persist javadoc.
1a2adcb : remove additional API for overriding a PrivateModule and instead fold the functionality into the existing methods.
b085238 : issue 525 - update poms to guice 3.0. patch courtesy of max bowsher, thanks!
255af73 : Merge 2.0-maven branch into trunk.
aef524a : part of issue 526 -- move MoreTypes.memberKey into LineNumbers. LineNumbers was its only use, and the way LineNumbers used it, it was heavily dependent on the implementation staying the same (one area constructed its own key to insert into a hash map, and another area used the method to reconstruct & retrieve from the map).
9a27703 : move Functions to internal/util. it was missed during the initial sweep in r1185.
19873c5 : minor cleanups of r1195 - put tests in existing OverrideModuleTest class, bind with a binder that has the PrivateElement's source.
32895a4 : issue 528 - if a single PrivateModule is supplied to Modules.override, allow the private elements within the module to be overridden.
8adf4d5 : remove empty directories
14a4685 : fix InjectedFilterPipelineTest -- it's been failing since r1150 (introduction of using injected pipelines over static ones) if assertions were turned, and failing since r1190 (change to use assertTrue instead of assert) always.
b5a75ed : issue 506 - fail fast & with a useful error message when an AssistedInject factory has Provider<T> as a factory type. patch ( slightly modified) by ffaber.
890b9ef : Make ProvisionException stack traces from @Provides methods clearer -- don't include all the intermediary RuntimeExceptions & InvocationTargetExceptions. Just include the user's exception (even for checked exceptions). Before this, a stack trace from a ProvisionException looked like:
272ba99 : minor cleanups to servlet extension tests. change asserts that were using the JDK "assert" keyword to assertTrue, add missing EasyMock.verify calls, and fix things that were failing as a result of changing those.
88f9a14 : remove confusing behavior from assistedinject -- it used to allow factory creations to be resolved by the injector if the return key matched something in the injector. now it always creates new objects. the prior behavior created a scenario where, if the following pseudo-code was used...
298db67 : limpbizkit review fixes for r1187
f66aac1 : Support for multiple ServletModules/GuiceFilters and injectors in the same JVM.
cf481fa : Guice-persist limpbizkit's review cleanups.
9a227be : Move internal utility code to separate package.
f29b5a8 : fixes issue 493, patch provided by Stuart -- don't try to bridge types that begin with java.*
e1290f3 : added "@since 3.0" to all new things, and modified ones that had "@since 2.1" to be 3.0.
47e69ef : fix issue 507, pointed out by stuart -- LinkedProviderBindingImpl did not implement HasDependencies & the injector wasn't checking for instanceof before casting.
c7b2e2f : Linking referenced methods in Toolable annotation doc.
1555f11 : Undeprecating createInjector(Stage, ...).
c1c02a6 : Removing the ScopeChecker proof-of-concept.
7bcec88 : fixes issue 263 -- introduces ability to "deduplicate" bindings. all BindingImpl subclasses now implement equals/hashcode properly and duplicates can be erased by throwing them into a set (preferably a LinkedHashSet to preserve the order of the elements). no new API methods.
e2a8afd : Actual correct implementation for what r1176 tried to do. Better tests too.
f51c690 : Change behavior of method overriding if any methods in the call stack had The new behavior is.. * If subclass' method in question does not have any @Inject annotation, then: - If any overridden methods contained, the method is still injected. - If the overriden methods only contained @javax.inject.Inject, the method is *not* injected, per the JSR spec.
6cc8094 : fixes issue with requireExplicitBindings and linked bindings where the implicit binding is scoped.
3e1d177 : Fix for requireExplicitBindings bug with ManagedFilterPipeline. Added a testcase too.
680c8b5 : fixes issue 490 -- sets using marker annotations don't work properly all the time.
0391e96 : Initial checkin, Guice-Persist (Supports JPA only). All tests passing.
7df9cf3 : fixes issue 319 -- cleanup invalid leftover bindings that were added optimistically to support circular references.
535c84c : assert that the turkeybacon problem as described in issue 231 can be solved using toConstructor.
3748e4a : issue 329 - cleanup error message for under-specified assistedinject factory.
82cbc6d : fixes issue 482 - anonymous loggers created every time a provider method is used (if logger is a parameter)
9ad3437 : fixed issue 479, thanks to mcculls for pointing out the problem and providing a patch.
8ad6468 : warn when a subclass overrides a method marked with @Inject but does not itself add @Inject (or invalidates the injectability), thus causing guice to stop injecting the method.
af9a4df : fixes issue 478.
f7ac6ea : Patches to let Guice be more OSGi (and classloader) friendly. Solves issue 439, issue 337, issue 443, and issue 343. All provided by Stuart McCulloch. Many thanks, Stuart!
34d2f00 : add two more failing tests for Map/Multibinder -- permitDuplicates should be allowable through Module.overrides calls.
e27b63d : Updated common api version to 2.1. Next snapshots will have this, more correct, version.
2e8f7f9 : committed aragos' patch (+small fix for TypesTest & AllTests) for issue 474 (and issue 293) -- fix ParametrizedTypeImpl.toString.
8bc8387 : issue 297 -- allow Multibinder's dependencies to be retrieved in Stage.TOOL. also added a failing test for MapBinder & Modules.override (analog to existing failing test in MultibinderTest).
cba3a51 : expose LinkedBindingImpl's dependency via HasDependencies -- it was one of only two binding impls to not implement HasDependencies (UntargettedBindingImpl was the other).
9239bdf : fixes issue 425 - coalesce javax.inject.Named &, patch from cgdecker.
b997821 : introduces InjectorBuilder.disableCircularProxies, to forcibly prevent guice from creating a proxy to resolve circular dependencies.
6fdc146 : Fixed GuiceFilter so that it no longer depends on a static pipeline. If GuiceFilter is created by the injector, it will prefer an injected pipeline over the static one, preventing horridness in tests and other production environments with multiple GuiceFilters.
b5ec94a : patch AssistedInject extension to support multi-constructor injection with FactoryModuleBuilder. reuses @AssistedInject annotation to mark valid constructors. undeprecates @AssistedInject. deprecates FactoryProvider in favor of FactoryModuleBuilder now that all functionality is matched and performance problems are fixed. you can still get the "old" behavior (ordered matching of parameters, non-guiced objects, etc..) by using @AssistedInject+FactoryProvider, but using @Inject or @AssistedInject with FactoryModuleBuilder will give you the new behavior.
141f800 : optimize assistedinject - touches on issue 435 - it is now about ~4x faster than the old style assisted inject (instead of being ~15x slower than it). the optimization only applies if the assisted objects do not inject an Injector or a Provider of an assisted key.
6760625 : Injector.getExistingBinding + tests, ultimately necessary to create a proper solution for issue 430 (and useful in its own right for SPI usage).
b59f1e4 : fixed typos in documentation (one pointed out by issue 408)
6add9f6 : fixed InjectorBuilder method visibility, as pointed out by cgdecker in issue 395.
c2a6625 : cleanup related to issue 395. rather than using Guice.createInjectorBuilder, use "new InjectorBuilder()". deprecated methods in Guice that took the Stage parameter. (didn't deprecate other methods because it's still a good easy-to-use way to start getting into Guice.) added more tests to JitBindingsTest for @Provides, child injectors & private modules (private modules was broken!). rolled passing around Injector options (stage, jitDisabled) into a new InjectorOptions class to prevent those things from breaking again in the future. renamed InjectorBuilderImpl to InternalInjectorCreator because it has to be public for InjectorBuilder to use it, and didn't want to confuse auto-complete IDEs into offering InjectorBuilderImpl as an option.
888a264 : fixes issue 342 - ability to disable JIT bindings (require explicit bindings). this revision creates a new public facing API of: * Guice.createInjectorBuilder() * Injector.createChildInjectorBuilder() * .stage(Stage) .requireExplicitBindings() .addModules(Iterable<? extends Module>) .addModules(Module... modules) .build()
97c2271 : issue 454 - add an annotation to mark @Injectable methods as wanting injection during Stage.TOOL.
87aea1b : Fix for assisted inject bug introduced in r1120.
0254c2a : Fix for issue 455: Request dispatcher was not setting at attribute which failed to properly forward to JSPs. Thanks to Eric Burke for this fix.
7f916bb : Javadoc for toConstructor() binding statement.
6a8523c : Fix for issue #455 where path info was a memoized provided incorrectly to request-dispatcher produced requests.
48f3a91 : Fixing typo in ProviderBindingImpl's toString() pointed out by Frank.
e477c78 : with(instance) api for servlet module. Thanks to isaac.shum
2cd3f72 : fix for locking problem in old assisted inject.
9309a9e : Apply sberlin's patch for issue 434
19d6dde : Some speedups in the filter and servlet pipelines.
0bd3bd6 : Apply mcculls' patch for issue 437
0e23eb0 : tidy up multibindings doc to specify ordering unsuppress a passing test
d73430a : Use a marker interface rather than the Proxy APIs to discover if returned singletons are circular-dependency proxies
f03bdb8 : Explode when circularly dependent singletons cannot be fixed by our constructor proxies. As it stands, sometimes a singleton can result in two instances being created.
661b786 : Updated TCK.
0054263 : Updated TCK.
9b59852 : Updated TCK
ed61f2c : Added comments.
6383ccd : Added comments.
6ee3634 : Removed redundant optimization.
8fbdc4e : Fixed typo. Added comment.
570c181 : Added comment.
c8786de : Removed TODO.
fa09fef : Updated AllTests.
dadc506 : Updated TCK.
90ac459 : Used provider method for @Named binding.
70d777c : Added TCK to AllTests.
e7a727c : Optimized InjectionPoint.
4465327 : Update JSR 330 support to the latest TCK
3c84c57 : We pass the TCK!
7b54f28 : Added TODO.
eedf816 : We now handle overridden methods properly.
eb8a871 : Updated Guice to use latest TCK.
a3c45b3 : Updated Guice to use latest TCK.
82b8993 : Updated Guice to use JUnit-enabled TCK.
8d449c3 : Added JSR-330 TCK.
2acabce : Update JSR 330 support.
b1eb06a : Jsr330.guicify() gives you a Guice-friendly Provider
f2f7225 : Possibly the riskiest change in order to improve JSR 330 integration: Now it's possible to directly bind a javax.inject.Provider type literal using our DSL.
b47d75a : JSR 330 strict constraints checking: void methods non final fields no type parameters on injected methods non-abstract methods
b4fdfbe : JSR 330 scopes support
365f834 : First effort at support for JSR 330.
ada2f98 : Make MapBinder buildable in Java 5. A prior commit accidentally pulled in some Java6isms
1925d9f : Lifecycle now supports parallel execution. Need to add support for parallel startup and autostart next.
d184d64 : Preliminary lifecycle and broadcasting extension experiment. Some servlet test cleanups bundled.
02d505c : Fixed typo in documentation.
6840fcb : Jesse's tweaks to aragos' patch r1063. His patch was quite well implemented and these changes are mostly pedantic.
c1e65da : aragos' four-month old patch for issue 346, wherein he adds FactoryModuleBuilder.
e93f260 : Isaac's patch to fix scoping for null values.
0cb8b86 : Including sources in providers wrapped for scoping. This fixes a problem reported by Isaac on bug 271.
d8750fd : some test fixes for ScopeChecker and Multibinder
3ea8095 : Some small optimizations. Getting sources still takes the most time of all (~40%), followed by reflective access on the methods and fields of classes. There's not much we can do here, aside from the often-suggested compile-time code-gen DI.
1920322 : New scope checker feature.
1f1fca7 : a test for what happens when creating a singleton fails
91425c3 : Fix for bug 403, wherein explicit bindings were kept in the JIT bindings map.
84b82ec : New failing test: circularly dependent providers aren't properly singletons! And they aren't detected either.
fb3a896 : Cleaned up MapBinder code, including using ImmutableSet and ImmutableMap where appropriate. Moved multimap binding into a nested module class.
0efcc6c : Added mutlimap support to MapBinder.
37387e2 : Injector.getAllBindings(), feature for issue 389.
ad8ed23 : Fixing a TODO for modules.override() plus private modules
28e3001 : Rewrote struts2 plugin and added some bugfixes to the servlet regex dispatcher. Struts2 plugin now works with Guice Servlet properly (removing the cycle problem) and doesn't do any malarkey like catching throwables and System.exit(1)ing.
30384a5 : Fixing servlet tests. Guice servlet is tested with EasyMock, and so that means when you change the implementation details you must also change the tests!
136dd75 : Fixin' a doc typo
398017a : New API: Multibinder.permitDuplicates() and MapBinder.permitDuplicates()
52aad3b : New API: Scopes.isSingleton(Binding)
0afda9a : Fixing a old bug wherein calling "Provider.get()" inside of an existing scope would kill the internal context and leave the injector in an inconsistent state.
f374014 : Fixin' typos in implementation detail, as pointed out by Dhanji.
39e9886 : New API: toConstructor(Constructor, TypeLiteral).
179a4cd : New tests for toConstructor().
62600d2 : More tests, redefining InjectionPoint equality to consider the generic type of the injected type
4447564 : toConstructor() core implementation. This still requires test coverage, and maybe a review of the API.
97a3e6f : Andrew McLaughlin's patch for making forward() pass the original request URI. Fixes a bug with JSP servlet etc., not being able to know the target of the original request.
72fb152 : Failing test for issue 319.
39634cf : Adding the METHOD target to the @ScopeAnnotation meta-annotation
7eb1d45 : change Scoping of InstanceBindings
9b8bdc7 : toConstructor SPI support. We can now create the module models for toConstructor bindings. I haven't yet added the code that takes these bindings and uses them when creating an Injector.
439e87e : I did some cleanup after the previous refactoring round, driven by a run of coverage.
5366bad : git-svn-id: d779f126-a31b-0410-b53b-1d3aecad763e
5ae41eb : Post release refactor. I moved almost everything that was package-private in to the internal package. The motivation is to simplify things - the previous setup was extremely awkward because c.g.i could call into internal, but not the reverse. Similarly for the SPI package.
26c2aad : Fix for issue 381, contributed by robsonbraga. Plus a test.
e37805a : Band-aid for issue 373. I'm not particularly thrilled about needing to explicitly check for linked bindings, but it's the least invasive code I could come up with.
48d8d82 : Changes from Isaac Shum that change the bindings for ServletRequest and ServletResponse to be chained to their HTTP counterparts rather than to be both bound directly to the same provider.
b92f540 : Fix for an embarassing bug reported by Dmitry Skavish.
1ae5c1e : Test for an issue reported by Dmitry Skavish regarding which injector creates a scoped class:
273fa54 : latest Javadoc update
c1a22ec : Guice 2.0 Javadoc
cbaeab4 : Last clear of Javadoc for 2.0
ad520b6 : Differences between Guice 1.0 and Guice 2.0
11740e0 : Removing latest API diffs to make room for an updated version
19d7f36 : Fixing the package overview page on the main javadoc page to be core-only
484f75f : Adding notes to package-info pointing at the required .jar files. Adding IntelliJ modules for JMX and JNDI. Fixing the broken JNDI build.
c016b86 : Integrated core and all Javadoc
3698815 : Integrating core and all Javadocs
3a6d3b7 : Fixing core Javadocs, so they are integrated with the complete Javadocs
c7e904c : New Javadocs
8a4d3ca : Removed old Javadocs.
5f7c6bc : Removed old Javadocs.
b68388b : Killing 'bad.bad.bad' for release.
9f17f4f : Suppressing failing tests for release.
545cee1 : Core javadoc build target.
c1c9530 : Fixing tests for InjectionPoint and Dependency serialization
e05f254 : Moving JNDI and JMX out to extensions/
6caa8dc : Stripping serializability from Key, InjectionPoint and Dependency for the release.
558521e : The new Guice 2.0 Javadoc.
bd3f704 : Updating the Javadoc to v2.
61584c4 : Fixing {@link} warning
050d1f8 : Missing @since tags
9b584e3 : Added a note on Nullable to assistedinject
aa07ab0 : Killing ModuleWriter in favour of Element.applyTo()
1c22955 : Applying the servlet fixes from r840 (on the snapshot) to trunk.
a2b241d : additional doc for TypeLiteral, helping to make it easier to find wildcard types.
833265f : patch from mcculls: Rolling back one of the optimizations to avoid leaving garbage behind in a ThreadLocal. The extra reference can cause the thread to strongly hold the injector, which is bad for application unloading.
e89c49e : Some low-hanging fruit optimizations.
cd54a60 : Removing a broken test. I was prototyping this and it didn't go anywhere.
8166e4c : Updating MapMaker to 1.0RC1. Also changing StrictContainerTestSuite to match Google App Engine/Java's constraints on starting threads.
759662b : Tests and fix for issue 340.
f4822fb : User reported testcase for bug 349.
50581d1 : Greg Kick's fix to use UniqueAnnotations in the servlets module
eb40513 : Overdue update to fix the no-AOP build of Guice to compile.
391eaec : Integrated David You's patch for reading pathInfo better from regex mapped servlets. Tests passing.
111291f : Added updated Javadocs.
4faaeb5 : Removed old Javadocs.
ee79246 : More listener changes: - we now support user-supplied MembersInjectors. These execute before InjectionListeners, enabling a two-phase injection - renamed InjectableTypeListenerBinding to TypeListenerBinding
a843a95 : Simplifying listeners: This removes InjectableType, replacing it with TypeLiteral. InjectableType.Listener and InjectableType.Encounter are now top-level interfaces in the SPI.
59a6042 : Fix for bug 352: WildcardTypeImpl constructor argument check fails
ccb15e4 : Fixing a bug reported by James Strachan. The Encounter isn't being invalidated, which is leading to problems since its methods don't work after the hear() method returns.
59d178e : A couple of test changes: - to ensure that lookups are valid by the time InjectionListener.hear() is called - to ensure that classes with no @Inject-annotated members still fire the injectable type listener. This test is currently failing.
8d62075 : Support deferred lookups of providers and members injectors from the Encounter.
d31578a : Adding test coverage for calling 'initialize' on ProviderLookups and MembersInjectorLookups, and fixing the bugs the tests show in their applyTo() methods.
028815a : A new test to verify that our new Element.applyTo() API is repeatable. This currently includes one failing test for private modules...
70685b9 : InjectableTypeListenerBinding elements now participate in module rewriting. This is necessary to use 'em in Modules.override().
63a9605 : Test cases that prove we have reliable iteration order for Multibinder and MapBinder
e8fdeb8 : Added updated Javadocs.
ca4363d : Removed old Javadocs.
7cef5b0 : We now fire InjectionListeners on member injectors.
0ca7f91 : It is now possible to inject a MembersInjector<T> anywhere, just like how we already support injecting a Provider<T> and a TypeLiteral<T> anywhere.
97eac0f : Injector.getMembersInjector() and Binder.getMembersInjector() APIs both implemented and tested.
315ee3f : Make ServletContext available even a bit earlier than it already was.
516e2ab : Error handling. Now if InjectionListeners or InjectableTypeListeners fail, we include those errors in our pretty error report.
efd4852 : Added support for early access to the Servlet conteext. See issue 348
5973b1b : Added updated Javadocs.
50faaea : Removed old Javadocs.
03b81a6 : Early draft of InjectionListeners.
3697a67 : Changing BytecodeGen to be sensitive to restrictions on calls to ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader(). This is necessary for some constrained JVMs.
5b25734 : Misc small changes. Fix for bug 341, and tweaking assisted inject Javadoc.
9d6b656 : Applying ilya.firman's patch for issue 218. I tweaked the patch to use TypeLiteral's new type resolution methods like TypeLiteral.getReturnType(Method) etc., which makes it so we always just do-the-right-thing for matching type variables.
b1ebb1b : Installing a null module currently gives a lame error message; this one's better
8bda412 : Fixed some doc pointing at an old version
53664a7 : Regrettably replacing jarjar'd Google Collections with minimal copies of the parts that we use.
4f6274a : Removing all ASM and cglib dependencies from the no_aop build of Guice.
bf0d876 : Removing all references to method interceptors from the non-AOPified Guice. This passes the full Guice test suite (other than the interceptor tests that are removed, and the tests that fail in the normal Guice build).
7c508c2 : Initial support for building an AOP-free copy of the Guice source tree from the standard source tree.
ca16de9 : Removes unnecessary and invalid align="left" attributes from grapher's GraphvizRenderer generator. Fixes bug 331.
387abc0 : Critical bug fix for issue:
36e6d8d : Javadoc fix, servlet scopes as singleton.
4957f9a : Some small changes I ran into while upgrading the internal snapshot: - PrivateBinder.binder() should return a PrivateBinder. This is necessary to use expose() with skipSources() etc. - Modules.combine()'s module doesn't show up in sources.
9119370 : Moved PrivateBinder to inject package. Modified PrivateModule to use configure() instead of configurePrivateBindings().
c112063 : Added XML example.
210bf43 : Replace ReferenceCache w/ MapMaker.
2473de5 : Improves Grapher's display of names: - Instances are now rendered with their #toString() if they're not the default Object implementation. - String instances are displayed as string literals. - ProviderMethods are rendered as a method signature. - Instance sources are now just rendered as the file name and line number.
c60b665 : Fixed NPE on destroy of invalid Servlet error. This is a weird corner case caused by shutdown hook from the servlet container destroying GuiceFilter when one of its filters or servlets was "out of service", i.e. bound incorrectly.
a56b012 : Guice Servlet now uses findBindingsByType. Should improve startup performance.
0aade0c : Restoring some runtime compatibility for issue 315.
b8a6552 : Multilbinder now uses findBindingsByType. Should improve startup performance.
29ccacf : Test to demonstrate issue 317 and how it's implemented.
9c65cc2 : update to cglib snapshot that should have fix for duplicated classname issue
714df3c : bstoler's changes for issue 305...
87dfe5b : Error checking for duplicate URI pattern mapping (servlets only).
1bedfac : Added invalid scope (non-singleton) error checking and tests. Should pretty much be the last Guice Servlet 2.0 feature needed before release.
5c1ab7f : Multiple modules support. Also weakened exception in Stage.DEVELOPMENT for multiple injectors with their own pipelines. This allows tests to work in the same VM.
b4cd3ae : Added updated Javadocs.
1623bc5 : Removed old Javadocs.
f04bba8 : Fixing broken {@link
ce2c7b0 : Fixing broken {@link
a89b84d : Added updated API diffs.
a35a329 : I mistakenly committed this when I removed the old API diffs.
b92a84e : Removed old API diffs.
b52a7fd : Fixes HasDependency instance cases in the Grapher
7096280 : Using a private monitor rather than a public one for building singletons. It's still global...
aff72e0 : Adds Graphviz-based grapher extension
696c5cd : Exposing the effective interceptors in ConstructorBinding
c3f9284 : Renaming PrivateEnvironment to PrivateElements. I don't love this name 'cause I don't like plural names for classes; it reminds me of Collections, which is a utility class rather than an instantiable type.
b7ed1bb : Some cleanups from Jesse's last comments. Performance improvements (minor). Next CL handles more cleanups, multiple modules, and better error checking.
6fd7e4f : Removing the obsolete commands extension. Almost all of it has been rolled into the Guice SPI.
ddb3862 : Supporting HasDependencies for Multibinder, MapBinder and AssistedInject v1.
9fcc807 : Tests for bug 281. We didn't have coverage for getThis().
8996e80 : phopkins' changes to BindingTargetVisitor so it accepts wildcard types. Original patch submitted with issue 290.
5008e3a : Fixed type conversion Javadoc as recommended by phopkins. See issue 287.
c45600e : InjectionRequests now expose their injection points (or throw an exception upon request)
4994bf6 : Mikeward's Javadoc fixes. Mike read through all of our Javadoc (thank you!) and found a few typos and simplifications
eec6511 : Added updated Javadocs.
8d7fcaa : Removed old Javadocs.
76c24b1 : This should be the last big refactoring before Guice 2 final...
ae3de7d : Added varargs mapping for filters and servlets. And added a bunch of tests that verify the dispatch pipeline, servlet spec compliance, and so forth.
bb80789 : Kindof important minor bug fix... ;) Tested in container and working properly. More tests and varargs binding coming in next CL.
6634fe1 : Review v733 fixes. And additional tests (all passing).
52ce321 : First cut of Guice Servlet 2.0. Contains regex dispatching, improved binding DSL, and almost the full gamut of features short of per-servlet filtering.
9b89470 : I compiled all of our Javadoc examples and fixed some problems.
aa3cd30 : mcculls' changes from issue 280.
02d9918 : Applying dtm's suggestions for r723.
79dc99b : Implementing dtm's clever suggestions for optimizing getJustInTimeBinding for child injectors.
f9e2658 : Applying Daniel Martin's fixes for our test cases.
dc1ca56 : New API diffs.
56ad249 : Removing old API diffs
d653649 : Added updated Javadocs.
28b1e68 : Removed old Javadocs.
2d633cd : Big API change to AssistedInject Deluxe.
2ac8369 : Applying 2 of 3 fixes from chris.nokleberg's code review...
519803c : Testcases for proxy generation.
0de5e3e : Changed ProxyFactory so that AOP generated proxy classes can be shared between injectors. We leverage cglib's cache, which required us to defer setting the callbacks until the instance is about to be created. It also requires us to support equals() and hashCode() for all objects used to configure the Enhancer.
afe0471 : Fixing a doc mistake, as pointed out by agertzen.
648fbae : Temporary fix to ensure extensions have access to ImmutableMultimap. The current approach for creating jarjar'd extensions isn't going to work as cleanly as I'd originally hoped because jarjar vacuums out dependencies unused by Guice.
6469a4a : Added updated Javadocs.
b206d20 : Removed old Javadocs.
03c8d26 : AssistedInject Deluxe.
cfa95ae : New type safety for multibindings... I changed the methods to take TypeLiteral<T>s and Class<T>s rather than unsafe Type objects.
a7184cf : Applied mcculls patch for issue 235 - OSGi classloading. The goal is to use a bridge classloader whenever: - the OSGi-invoked/extended methods are public - the application classes are not loaded in a System classloader
8dfd5cc : Fixing a typo -- the test was supposed to ensure a and d were exported, b and c were not.
0ce76d7 : Updating Google-Collections to include the FinalizableReferenceQueue fix.
9bf6585 : Fix for bug 242.
53708f0 : Fix for issue 254.
0551b64 : Applying suggestions from code reviews by Daniel Martin (fizbin) and Mike Ward (mikeward.norcal)
b1f42f5 : Removing the obsolete PrivateModules extension; PrivateModules are now folded-in to core Guice.
fcbdf99 : Pretty massive rewrite of PrivateModules so that they're now implemented in core Guice.
5ea4ab2 : Adding newPrivateBinder() to the SPI. We're promoting private bindings from an extension to being a part of core Guice!
7fd6851 : Added updated Javadocs.
43ed8e5 : Removed old Javadocs.
4272aef : Key.get() now explodes when you give it a type parameter like 'T'. Guice has never supported this, but now we fail earlier.
8bb742a : Specifying Java 1.5 explicitly in the build. We don't work build perfectly on Java 1.6 yet...
eabdb30 : Test and fix for issue 276, wherein we explode while preparing a pretty error message. The regression was caused when PrivateModules were added.
c489adf : A whole bunch of @since tags, and a JDiff report of everything that's changed since Guice 1. The JDiff tool can generate missing @Since tags. We have everything except one signature change in Guice, from createInjector(Iterable<Module>) to createInjector(Iterable<? extends Module>).
3a8c155 : Changed the InjectionPoint factory methods. Now the ConfigurationException includes a partial value, which means that a sink collection doesn't need to be passed in.
b0f3c9b : Guice now reifies types! If you inject a TypeLiteral<T>, Guice will deduce what T is and inject the proper TypeLiteral for you.
45e6751 : Added updated Javadocs.
4ff160c : Removed old Javadocs.
8d13d41 : Wildcards now supported in TypeLiteral type resolution
2ce244a : Made type resolution way fast. We no longer build any collections -- instead we just do everything on demand. A very naive benchmark showed this to be much faster (50s vs 3s).
4f5d1f7 : Made type resolution way fast. We no longer build any collections -- instead we just do everything on demand. A very naive benchmark showed this to be much faster (50s vs 3s).
a8dccb3 : Hierarchical Parent Child Chained injectors are now threadsafe
e7fb805 : More Javadoc fixes...
8ba9788 : This change is big, and it makes Guice slower. I'll need to follow-up with some optimizations that make TypeResolver quicker.
87b88f5 : Fix for bug 255.
42b0c48 : Tests and fix for bug 256.
df26ed9 : Tests that proves issue 209 is fixed...
72d11dd : Taking advantage of the error message changes in some extensions.
43a8b0e : Removing compiletime. This is obsoleted by GIN.
0689806 : Hopefully the last of the big exceptions refactorings. I went through all of the places we're adding context to our Errors object and made sure we're never doubling-up -- specifing the same injection point or key multiple times.
4c01fd7 : Hopefully the last of the big exceptions refactorings. I went through all of the places we're adding context to our Errors object and made sure we're never doubling-up -- specifing the same injection point or key multiple times.
490833f : Cleaning up exceptions and Javadoc:
83f69eb : Incorporating Brian Slesinsky's feedback into the PrivateModules javadoc
afe185d : More docs for PrivateModules...
28fac2a : Restoring a missing .withSource() (as discovered by Ben Yu)
b8db6a9 : Restoring a missing 'at' statement in the Errors message
edd8d64 : New API: Injector.getParent
a26a41e : New test case as recommended by Mike Ward.
d38d16d : Applied feedback from code reviews by Mike Ward and Giles Douglas.
8f370d3 : Incorporating improvements suggested by Daniel Martin - making PrivateModule's Provider<Ready> work in two steps rather than as an eager singleton.
0c46184 : Added updated Javadocs.
daf35a9 : Removed old Javadocs.
2f51f2c : Implementation-level docs for PrivateModules
e2db859 : Crazy circular-dependency tests for private modules, plus a fix to make them work.
1dac43a : Javadoc for PrivateModules
86cb3bb : Refinements to PrivateModules: - new test cases - support for @Provides methods - error detection on keys that are exposed but not bound
47151c2 : Private modules first draft. I'm not in love with the name "PrivateModules" or the "expose" method. But I think this is a reasonable first implementation of parent/child modules.
1db2393 : Initializer cleanup. Now each InjectableReference takes care of itself, which should make the code a bit simpler to use.
2a60707 : Rewrite of parent injectors.
5fb9d92 : Rewrite of parent injectors.
cb93c79 : jmourits' changes to assistedinject so toString() etc. on the proxies work. Previously they were blowing up with NPEs in some situations.
5127365 : Creating a copy of the bindings-to-inject before looping over them. There was a problem where JIT-singletons were being added while we were looping, and this was causing ConcurrentModificationExceptions.
f67bc73 : upgrade to jarjar 1.0rc8
8c4c71c : Fixing a serialization problem as reported by Ben Yu: TypeLiteral is serializable, which causes warnings in anonymous inner type literals.
deb0807 : Follow up to r616 - my IDE didn't include deleted files with my commit, now fixed.
d7366b4 : Added updated Javadocs.
b3a8f0b : Last of the planned major changes to the SPI. Aside from Javadoc I consider the SPI to be complete for v2. (with a possible addition of a ProviderMethodBinding feature also)
a6e0e78 : Moving error sources so they're now reported in the same place for configuration errors and runtime errors. This means that instead of seeing this: 1) Error at No constructor for Foo was found
18cb191 : Splitting up finding member injectors from finding injection points. This is intended to make it so the new SPI exposes injection points on Module elements without actually having to resolve 'em.
1490c5b : Fixing a bug where exceptions thrown by @ProvidedBy providers weren't being wrapped in a ProvisionException.
45e8353 : Removed old Javadocs.
a98bc7a : Cleaning up some internals for the SPI. InjectionPoint is now Dependency and there's a new InjectionPoint, that models a @Inject method, constructor or field
ff29552 : A new mechanical test suite with 114 tests, trying out various combinations of: - scopes (annotated and using .in()) - bind targets (to key, to instance etc) - results (success or throwing)
a886599 : Removing oldversion SPI and commands. These are both replaced by Elements.
97a51ff : Neil Dunn's scope overrides patch
a9a8edc : Adding a default BindingScopingVisitor to make use easier.
676492a : Including a cause stacktrace in CreationException. Several people were complaining about the missing stacktraces, because their logging was configured to not display anything!
85fa885 : Tests for some package visibility issues. This comes from problems with our classloading hooks, which I've disabled until the problem is resolved.
76a2b9a : Changing InjectionPoint.member to be swapped for a serializable instance lazily rather than eagerly. This is what Bob had originally requested, and only now do I learn my lesson (from Sam's memory leak). Bob=smart.
4ce9cfa : Changing the loading of StackTraceElements to be as lazy as possible. Sam Berlin was running into memory issues when these were loaded eagerly.
457d478 : Robbie Vanbrabant's idea - Modules.combine should take collections
2d88730 : Sam Berlin's idea- Modules.combine
896cdae : We wanted to make extra sure that annotated injection points don't get JIT bindings
cb32cbc : We now support wildcards in bindings! The wildcards can only be used as type parameters for other types, not for top-level bindings on their own.
27fc50d : Fixing a critical bug! The following code was broken (although we did have a TODO dating back to sometime last year)
d6becac : Full test coverage for errors...
5789ef4 : A few more errors tests. There's only about five left till we have full test coverage for our errors code.
918dff8 : Moved Errors (an implementation detail class) out of InjectionPoint (a public API).
8eef998 : Robbie V implemented a fix so that Stage.TOOL doesn't return an Injector whose methods won't work properly.
89046e7 : ProviderMethods are now automatically installed from their module. That means that the following Injector will have "A" bound to the String: Guice.createInjector(new AbstractModule() { public void configure() { } @Provides public String provideString() { return "A"; } );
7e1e4f7 : New mini EDSL: Module functionalTestModule = Modules.override(productionModule).with(testModule)
53c5f76 : ProviderMethods now works with generic types. It won't work perfectly due to erasure (the provider objects can't have unresolved type parameters) but it should make most generic stuff work as expected.
179c7ce : Added updated Javadocs.
15c875d : Removed old Javadocs.
7640744 : LAST move of the visitors. I moved BindTargetVisitor to BindingTargetVisitor and Element.Visitor to ElementVisitor
afa4b5d : LAST move of the visitors. I moved BindTargetVisitor to BindingTargetVisitor and Element.Visitor to ElementVisitor
8cbb162 : Moving visitors out of Binding so they don't show up in the main package core Javadocs
c6c0208 : Moving visitors out of Binding so they don't show up in the main package core Javadocs
eb1d719 : Added updated Javadocs.
998d0ea : Removed old Javadocs.
318e9b4 : New names for the core elements: - Binding - TypeConverterBinding - ScopeBinding - InterceptorBinding - InjectionRequest - StaticInjectionRequest - ProviderLookup - Message
00ca9f7 : New names for the core elements: - Binding - TypeConverterBinding - ScopeBinding - InterceptorBinding - InjectionRequest - StaticInjectionRequest - ProviderLookup - Message
465bd4e : Added updated Javadocs.
a762898 : Removed old Javadocs.
83ae2e0 : Added updated Javadocs.
7b0813a : Removed old Javadocs.
3af8411 : Javadoc for Binding.
d1fe130 : Combining Binding and BindConstant elements in the SPI.
aa72625 : Slight naming cleanup for Binding API, and a bit of Javadoc. More to follow . . .. This commit fixes a blunder with the previous one.
575976c : Slight naming cleanup for Binding API, and a bit of Javadoc. More to follow . . .
0614667 : Deprecating the old commands and old SPI in favour of the new unified API. It uses one Element class for both Module Elements and Injector Elements.
477f9f9 : Grand unification of commands and SPI: - Command is now Element - Binding is an Element - Message is an Element - All other commands are Elements - CommandRecorder is now Elements.getElements(Module)
4a89ad3 : Added requireBinding() convenience method to AbstractModule.
9a3c189 : Fixed an error pointed out by Brian Harris. Yikes.
03664e0 : New TypeResolver. This will help to make ProviderMethods smarter.
96d2164 : Added tests for a few cases where we could detect a misplaced annotation (but we don't currently)
f3429ae : Removing a redundant synchronized statement, on the advice of Stuart McCulls who was studying this code (in order to close issue 89).
fe2c25e : Adding ElementType.METHOD to play nice with ProviderMethods
7bf3e3c : Fix for issue 69: Unzipping Guice 1.0 Source Archive Does Not Create Separate Directory
7f0bc5a : Removing the check for issue 64. We already blow up when trying to make Class or Constructor's members accessible, via the new private-constructor check.
e731d19 : Tweaking error handling.
e8fd68a : Applying proper PECS to commands.
7a2341b : A fix to an unfortunate, rare concurrency problem. During injector creation, it's possbile that an @Inject method will start a thread, and attempt to access injected members while the injector is still being created. The IdentityHashSet of members to inject is currently accessed, and everything blows up. Terrible!
31179c0 : Contribution from Jacob Hite to make it so installing modules is exception-tolerant.
2083772 : Restoring Guice's ability to use private no-arg constructors in private classes. This is unfortunate, but it looks like this is going to be way too hard to fix to be worthwhile.
58f3bb8 : Axing EarlyRequestProvider and FutureInjector. Now that commands are more tightly coupled with Guice core, we don't need them.
73475a4 : A new test that shows the deficiencies of FutureInjector. Now that commands are better integrated, we might be able to solve this more transparently...
46db36a : Small test tweaks.
47062f1 : More of mcculls fixes for choosing which classloader to use for generated classes. I believe this solves the package-private problem and the memory leak problem. Nice work Stuart!
9da2707 : Test for a package method in a public class
eb06177 : Stuart's fixes for the BytecodeGenTest.
d37c58b : Disallowing private, no arg constructors that don't have @Inject on 'em. This is issue #120. The workaround is to increase the visibility of the constructor (package private still works) or to add @Inject on the constructed type.
0b25412 : Moving BytecodeGenTest to a non-Guice package. We should consider moving integration-style tests to this package, since a lot of our tests might only be passing due to visibility of test objects.
d8a06a4 : Moving BytecodeGenTest to a non-Guice package. We should consider moving integration-style tests to this package, since a lot of our tests might only be passing due to visibility of test objects.
869a3c0 : Stuart McCulloch contributed a custom classloader that fixes the memory leak and supports OSGi-style classloaders (plus any other form of non-delegation).
3b4bd86 : Added a testcase that shows issue 125 is fixed.
2e1c91b : Test for issue 152, to confirm how untargetted bindings work.
b82da41 : Binder.requestInjection, as implemented by Mike Ward.
be72185 : I don't think we have the full generics supported for ProviderMethods yet.
2c2c610 : More cleanup of Errors -- including sources as a factory method rather than push/pop methods (that require try/finally clauses)
32beee6 : Mike Ward's inSubpackage feature for issue 75.
568fa2a : Axing SourceProviders and SourceProvider in favour of Binder.withSource and Binder.skipSources
6663d02 : Axing SourceProviders and SourceProvider in favour of Binder.withSource and Binder.skipSources
9532e62 : Eliminated static from SourceProviders. The new mechanism to specify the source of a binding is like this: Binder myBinder = binder.withSource(source);
7d9991e : Binder.withSource() added. I'd still like to start using it within the exceptions, and then cleanup their static configuration of SourceProviders.
185d2a2 : Added some new error messages:
76f1457 : Fixing some places where we were using SourceProviders when we should have been using other sources
163c48a : Cleanup after the big errors refactoring.
c5c488e : TypeConversion errors cleanup
2a45dd5 : Massive refactoring to exception handling. I'm trying to simplify things, but they are currently a little bit more complicated. I'll do another round shortly.
9dc32d4 : Massive refactoring to exception handling. I'm trying to simplify things, but they are currently a little bit more complicated. I'll do another round shortly.
564053f : Massive refactoring to exception handling. I'm trying to simplify things, but they are currently a little bit more complicated. I'll do another round shortly.
df98fcd : Refactoring error messages. I changed 'em from public static final constants to methods. The benefit is that now the arguments are typechecked. More importantly, now we can gather coverage on methods. Which opens the door to figuring out which methods we have test coverage for (not very many!)
49f67c0 : Fixing owner types so they're no longer missing in ThrowingProviderBinder. Also adding the necessary precondition checks so that we always include 'em when necessary.
7629584 : Fixing issue 142.
3beaaaf : Making Types public for issue 123.
b191ace : Tests for issue 186.
fe579cf : Applied Stuart McColloch's patch for issue 121 - making Guice into an OSGi bundle, using BND.
384958d : Added a test that demonstrates issue 160.
2644d9e : Adding a testcase for issue 64.
05a6c5e : Fixing a bad call to setInjectionPoint() in InjectorImpl. Also some cleanup for Asserts so assertContains is more aggressive.
9266b99 : Minimal test for issue 136
1601ae5 : Adopt latest google collections snapshot (partially); some style cleanup
e8405bc : More aggressive errors for Types. A testcase for the bug optional-binding bug closed this evening.
4d711f9 : OSGi support - I forgot the ant task driver.
f716cf4 : OSGi support - we now export OSGi metadata in our manifest.
e81cf1b : Just-in-time singletons are now eagerly loaded.
ecbb080 : Moved singleton loading to InjectorBuilder. This is neater, since it no longer has any dependency on BindCommandProcessor.
0575714 : This CL changes how singletons are loaded. Previously we registered a callback at bind-time. Now we keep track of whether bindings were eager (using the new enum LoadStrategy) and we load 'em all afterwards.
349f6f2 : Fixing cglib location in the Guice module file.
c0fe03b : Key now wraps primitive types. This is a big deal. The consequence is that this test now passes: assertEquals(Integer.class(), Key.get(int.class).getRawType());
820d486 : New tests (that fail!) demonstrating how Key.get(int.class) isn't equal to Key.get(Integer.class).
c9465f9 : I ran emma coverage and deleted some dead code. There's a few things that have insufficient test coverage that we need tests for...
bb58ce2 : New tests that make sure we blow up when there's misplaced annotations. These features aren't yet implemented...
f530b25 : Creating a canonical form for Keys with arrays in them. Fixing Serialization for Key, CreationException and TypeLiteral. More SerializationTests.
16f9ffd : Upgrade CGLIB to 2.2, ASM to 3.1, JarJar to 1.0rc7
a3cb683 : Prefixing all known unittest failures with "Known failure" so anyone submitting patches is aware that they aren't the ones breaking Guice.
eab7647 : A bunch of polish fixes for 2.0:
e4647a6 : Serialization fixup round one. I still have lots of work before everything serializes properly...
56400ca : A bunch of assorted changes:
5a72c09 : Initial checkin of Sam Berlin's contribution for Module overrides. We still might want a small DSL to replace the single two-argument method.
00d513f : Decreasing visibility of some members to prepare for 2.0 API review
fa86216 : Giving DPB full credit for authoring the MapBinder code.
d6967b9 : More testcases for multibindings, including some fairly specific tests for toString() on the Binder API
e97e15b : Checking in dpb's MapBinder code. This code is a dramatic improvement over the previous rev of MapBinder
5cc9143 : Fixing a bug where CGLib + multiple classes with the same FQN = pain
7e6659c : Fixing a bug where CGLib + multiple classes with the same FQN = pain
5141187 : Fixing the binding order problem. My strategy was to break binding creation into two steps: - creating the binding itself - "initializing" the binding, ie. validating the bindings dependencies
c913489 : Whoops - missed a hashCode problem
0886126 : AllTests for multi- and map binders
c75363a : Checking in David Baker's MapBinder implementation.
c0e9032 : Adding a test for some nuanced behaviour in binder
28d083b : Adding source.jar targets to build zipfiles containing the exact sources used to build each .jar. This can help with IDEs who want to attach a specific source .jar for each binary .jar
60ddbc3 : This testcase shows that we aren't wrapping user-thrown exceptions consistently
009bb09 : Moving some stuff from internal to inject to make non-public
83b510c : Fixes from David P Baker's review.
7c533ac : There was a pretty horrible bug in Multibinder where collections were checked for annotation but not element type.
084e49f : Multibinder needs to be public!
2c6fe87 : tweaked build for multibindings
3a5da39 : tweaked build for multibindings
81c3eb9 : Moved to internal/
5019270 : New multibindings extension.
f60d87e : Removing an alarming stacktrace from the test logs
ad94bcb : Large internal change:
3b1cd58 : Large internal change:
f5b13b3 : Optional bindings don't work with provider injection. The test shows it, but I've still got to implement a fix . . .
64c7bfa : Simplifying the ErrorHandlers code further.
b1d8ab4 : Changed ErrorHandler so that it's now safe to cache a reference to the ErrorHandler that can be used at both config time and runtime. Previously some classes needed to get the errorHandler via the Injector, since the errorHandler changed during construction.
4d70252 : I inadvertently passed the wrong source in the compile-time refactoring.
06c3fee : Fix the FastClassByGuice LineNumbers problem by using the natural constructor rather than the synthetic one when generating LineNumbers.
95e433b : This test demonstrates that Guice falls over itself while trying to load the bytecode for a class it generated itself.
150d677 : Changed Logger binding: - now it's legal to bind annotated loggers. It looks like this was allowed in 1.0, and there's usages - duplicate logger binding is no longer a special case check in BindCommandProcessor - added testcases for the above
67044a6 : Fixing compile problems in r438, rearranging Reflection code
8b23745 : Fixing compile problems in r438, rearranging Reflection code
2b93168 : Fixing LoggerInjection
6c05295 : Fixing NullableInjectionPointTest by changing the expected behaviours of the tests. We now forbid bind(...).toInstance(null) but allow Injector.getInstance() to return null.
5828a22 : Tweaking the code generator to do imports and qualified names properly.
916f548 : adding first pass of compile-time guice. Also moving stuff to internal to make ConstructionProxy and Reflection classes available there.
fca4c10 : Another bug. I'm not sure if this is a regression, but we should be able to discover this problem statically
d172726 : Rolling back r432
66d900f : Add installAsSubModule to Binder and everything that goes with it. This is a solution to the robot arms/legs problem and builds on the earlier parent injector work.
9b0be9f : Fixed the Implicit bindings for parameterized types bug
c6a58b2 : Regression in support for implicit bindings of parameterized types.
c878481 : Unifying unique annotations, used for creating unique keys
e39d8d8 : Unifying unique annotations, used for creating unique keys
0197f9d : Fixing a bug in the unique annotation in throwingproviderbinder
124bce6 : I haven't fixed the bind out-of-order problem, but I have constrainted it to a much more limited set.
f44e9cc : I haven't fixed the bind out-of-order problem, but I have constrainted it to a much more limited set.
7f8eda0 : Moving commands from extensions into core. I left InterceptingBinderBuilder in the commands package, I can probably rename this to the 'intercepting' package or similar.
a665a83 : Now with a test for overridden implicit bindings
867fba4 : Fixing the Provider injection bug, wherein we were using a Provider before it had been itself injected.
51515b5 : Fixing the Provider injection bug, wherein we were using a Provider before it had been itself injected.
3d58d6b : Big change - changing BinderImpl to use commands/
947540b : Adding a binding to the set of intercepted keys. This is so that InjectionController can fail on a mismatched substitute.
32a845d : Moving InjectionController out...
195e8eb : Moving InjectionController out...
5d18743 : Adds support for a parent injector that bindings will be chained to if available.
08624a5 : visitable --> commands
6c0feb5 : Patching in David Baker's fix for AssistedInject - now it works with implicit bindings
5741fb8 : Patching in David Baker's fix for AssistedInject - now it works with implicit bindings
33a24ea : Adding AllTests file
a3c363d : Adding commands module
0682897 : Missing copyright statement
a4a7414 : Renamed 'visitable' to 'commands'
d4b1bf7 : Renamed 'visitable' to 'commands'
d79f5b7 : commands to visitable
a67e39f : visitable to commands
c519952 : Tweaked API for CommandReplayer
a171692 : More test coverage, especially for InterceptingInjectorBuilder.
338597b : Latest API tweaks on Recorder, Replayer
4e4b3e6 : Renaming VisitableBinder to CommandRecorder, ExecutingVisitor to CommandReplayer
900c0ea : Renaming VisitableBinder to CommandRecorder, ExecutingVisitor to CommandReplayer
4e626f7 : Further cleanup
58749f8 : Simplifying bindCommand
3e2530f : Finishing the tests for VisitableBinder (which found one bug, getProvider() wasn't recorded propertly)
bf5d227 : Visitable binder + build
a02cd90 : First draft of visitablebinder. This is an alternate implementation of binder() that builds an ADT of the module's bindings, which can be introspected on and manipulated independently of an Injector.
a39bbc0 : Added assistedinject, throwing providers modules
b1c5669 : Added a test for the order of provider injection vs. access
0c43f22 : Javadoc and build file fixes for extensions.
e451ef7 : Adding AssistedInject and ThrowingProviders as Guice extensions.
b35883d : Error messaging test cases:
49c877e : Fixing up tests for null...
42025a0 : A test case that shows how binding out-of-order is now broken in some situations in Guice...
fcf2b8c : Renaming ExternalContext to InjectionPoint, and changing how it's used in ProvisionException. Also changing LoggerProvider to LoggerFactory.
cbd5ee0 : Adding a test for bug 155. This fails in Guice 1.0 but works in the current code.
ea4f65b : Adding a test for bug 155. This fails in Guice 1.0 but works in the current code.
64f7e00 : Added missing synchronized.
ddd538d : Renamed sanitize to checkForNull.
9212e25 : Disabled serialVersionUID warnings in IntelliJ. No more warnings\!
d9d16a0 : Support for Iterable<? extends Module>.
fb6285a : Cleaned up remaining warnings.
ec2ef00 : Records 'unknown source' for internal converters.
d273210 : One last tweak to TypeConverter.
18f06bc : Modified TypeConverter to take TypeLiteral instead of Key.
7c9d779 : Added support for custom type converters.
5dc2335 : Relaxed restrictions on what you can bind to.
c7f3216 : Fixed infinite recursion in Injector.toString().
d71c19e : Exposed binding dependencies. You should now be able to crawl the entire dependency graph.
5d57569 : Fixes bug with cyclic deps in explicit bindings.
552472f : Added Binding.getProviderBinding()
f35089a : Fixed breakage. Removed unnecessary binding.
712705c : HUGE refactoring of InjectorImpl. getBinding() now returns synthetic bindings in addition to explicit bindings. No more warnings in InjectorImpl!!!
dbcc2d4 : Renamed ProviderBinding to LinkedProviderBinding
4f215c0 : Provided examples for binding interfaces.
c731a75 : Added updated Javadocs.
e49c3dd : Removed old Javadocs.
d0c4b8b : Extended Binding to better support tools. Fixed bug where we were ignoring exceptions during member injection. Added TOOL stage.
c49e091 : Updated ReferenceMap to the latest version.
adae8cc : Removing Objects.nonNull(Object[])
b946ca2 : Introducing the idea of a stack of ExternalContexts.
1dabcfd : Trying to preserve the getCause() of ProvisionException to be the user's exception
c808df0 : Now we can inject null wherever the injection point is annotated @Nullable
3ea63ff : Updated Spring to 2.0.6. Added concurrent performance test.
de02df2 : tiny tweaks to proposed new introspection API
dde697b : Issue 29: preliminary draft of new introspection API
3650081 : Issue 87: simple Providers.of(instance) method to facilitate your unit tests
cad2c2b : very minor javadoc tweeks
9fd9fe6 : very minor javadoc tweeks
0bad03b : remove some irrelevant things from the .ipr file
81303cd : Added a rough implementation of provider methods. Got rid of ProviderLocator.
7bef622 : Added ability to look up providers before the injector is created. You cannot use the provider until the injector is created, and you will get a nice error if the provider isn't available.
e148102 : @Inject should be @Documented
ade7be4 : (thanks dhalem!) Issue 76: Matchers.annotatedWith() should require annotation to have runtime retention
a0f4705 : don't reinstall modules that are equal
da11d0d : Issue 82: improve toString() of bundled scopes
9da90b3 : Issue 86: don't try to construct an inner class ferchrissakes.
bca2251 : Issue 92: use "snapshot" as default version name
2394ca6 : Issue 93: run an optimize-imports over all the source.
5ec23f9 : fix IDEA .iml file
490333b : small javadoc enhancement
6966a8b : use new jarjar "keep" feature instead of manual zapping
61e081c : Issue 82: toString() missing in servlet scopes
cb2dadd : now that we use asm 2.x we can use non-nodep version of cglib for smaller jar
409df52 : backport LineNumbers to asm 2.x, will make maveny people happier (forgot one, oops)
e1981d4 : backport LineNumbers to asm 2.x, will make maveny people happier
b605482 : Issue 35: override to no scope; Issue 56: OutOfScopeException.
af46529 : Issue 74: make it easier to get your servlets injected.
a73288c : get rid of most of the unused CGLIB code; saves about 100K
42f16e6 : Fixed Struts 2 plugin to load user's module. Added more error detection.
8b68d33 : spot fix of some binder javadoc
68b1be8 : spot fix of some binder javadoc
75ed16f : Added updated Javadocs.
97f479b : Removed old Javadocs.
96eeb3a : at last! a big start on the Binding EDSL javadoc!
f73ca5d : random trivial cleanup: don't need <M extends AnnotatedElement & Member> anymore.
b950ad9 : Did a bit of javadoc work. Removed pointless package-private method Guice.createEmptyInjector().
951621c : Added updated Javadocs.
05b9285 : Removed old Javadocs.
65b6f97 : Minor Javadoc changes.
9e13952 : Redesigned constant binding API.
0c24994 : try 3 to get the hack right. drawing attention to it now. :-(
aee4a48 : Moved instance injections back in the injector creation process, after static injection.
0ac1d0e : Added support for automatically binding Spring beans.
b7ffa50 : make the earlier dumb hack suck less... cpu cycles at runtime.
3431e20 : update ant build: when we build, we're gonna build 1.0 final. w0o0t
d4d4df3 : log timing info at "fine" level
cd38685 : sadly, must hack in secret support for something evil; will remove later
265f5ab : Added updated Javadocs.
c1d0c64 : Removed old Javadocs.
ad8b4d2 : Updated example.
84e32fa : some binder javadoc. not great but better.
8642130 : Added updated Javadocs.
dd079c2 : Removed old Javadocs.
61257a8 : Added spring package to Javadocs. Made minor updates to various Javadocs.
f739015 : Added Spring and JNDI integration.
51c39c3 : Trying to clean up.
42c8bb2 : IntelliJ svn support sucks.
3a971f3 : Locked down binder API even more.
015aab3 : Renamed eagerly() to asEagerSingleton().
edda436 : Removed link(). bind() now points to other bindings.
3854582 : Renamed default impl and provider annotations.
6c7720d : Added support for @DefaultImplementation and @DefaulProvider.
b20cc35 : oops, add missing file headers.
833fc69 : Remove code we don't need use (sorry bob).
a312d7a : Issue 41: guice should never inject a null value.
7eb9f44 : Examples.
17c05fd : Issue 32: forbid binding to guice framework types (Module, Binding, etc.)
0af85cf : Issue 30: Binder.addError(Throwable); a little associated cleanup
27f8a58 : Re-add the Injector.getInstance() methods which were removed frankly by mistake.
57b8d5a : Added updated Javadocs.
68ccf31 : Removed old Javadocs.
dd01ceb : Added updated Javadocs.
a2915a9 : Container -> Injector; container scope -> singleton scope
393515b : Added code to clean up state if we get an exception while creating an implicit binding.
af0c9e3 : Added updated Javadocs.
c4c1676 : Removed old Javadocs.
5a33f38 : who wants more javadoc?
f0fb1bd : Added examples.
36a3668 : Added JNDI example.
4bfb975 : Added updated Javadocs.
9a1fffe : Removed old Javadocs.
3b08d4d : Updated IntelliJ project.
63e9a82 : Simplified source directory structure. Forget Maven.
efdb6f3 : Updated build to create a servlet jar and struts2-plugin jar.
924e7e2 : Updated struts2 directory structure to support maven. Updated intellij project.
59959ad : Moved servlet source directories.
ac266a2 : Added Maven build file.
3be9b71 : Moved sources into 'java' directories to make Maven happy.
97223d4 : Moved src directories to be more maven friendly.
0dfec97 : Moved servlet package into its own module.
c3e8849 : If we can't find a binding to an annotation with given attribute values, we look for a binding to the annotation type. Added check to make sure binding annotations are annotated with @BindingAnnotation.
77bf3b2 : We now inject bound instances and bound Provider instances.
1fc4978 : Extracted interface for Binding.
6b0e91b : Fixed package documentation to not reference Factory.
589b57d : Replace Factory with Provider. Hid Context from public API.
bd9544e : Renamed Locator to Provider.
0b3189c : Added support for injecting private constructors and fields.
0f09fe3 : Added checks to ensure annotations are retained at runtime.
97b2cac : Added @ScopeAnnotation. Added Binder.addError(). Removed Scopes.DEFAULT. We now refer to this as 'no' scope.
9119a63 : improve error message when instance location causes an exception (e.g. from your constructor or custom factory)
be2a67f : Added Binder.getStage(). Added Matchers.annotatedWith(Annotation). Added support for generic arrays to TypeLiteral.
714af36 : Upgraded to Spring 2.0.2.
5c64e9f : Fixed bug in toInstance(). It should not set a scope.
bbc3bae : Modified build to not include @author in Javadocs.
472157c : Added updated Javadocs.
d0e4b30 : Removed old Javadocs.
0bfdbc6 : Removed convenience methods from Container. Broke down BindingBuilder into multiple interfaces to limit which methods can be called at which times. Filled in missing Javadocs. Synced AbstractModule with Binder. Added code to detect optional=true on constructors. Created Struts 2 modules and got that code working again. Modified CreationException to record stack trace.
e68b38e : Added updated Javadocs.
b495b7b : Removed old Javadocs.
9d573ed : Hid BinderImpl. Redesigned SoureProvider API.
e5073a2 : Guice.newContainer() -> createContainer() and overload to allow Stage to be specified.
f9388af : Added updated Javadocs.
9f6177b : Removed old Javadocs.
2a7178f : new javadoc for @Inject
bf5b401 : unbreak build from last change
132b82d : forgot to make these classes nonpublic
feacb1e : revert inadvertent edit to
a933173 : Added updated Javadocs.
ed472d7 : Removed old Javadocs.
5cbf55c : extract interfaces for the sub-binders into a subpackage to keep them from being highly visible in the main javadoc.
db85d9c : ContainerBuilder -> BinderImpl; extract Binder interface; add Guice.newContainer().
c0c12ea : @Binder -> @BindingAnnotation
225310e : note a few un-test-covered todos in the code; remove a few unused methods; add missing test to test suite.
dedcabd : Added code to point to the first line in a class when we otherwise can't determine a line #.
9a3861b : Cleaned up error handling. Separated ErrorHandler from source tracking. We now point directly to members when appropriate.
78b2b76 : Added FactoryTest. Removed GeneratorTesy.
32af4a6 : Added updated Javadocs.
6dd2a51 : Removed old Javadocs.
0786a7b : Renamed generate() to get().
307f62c : Added updated Javadocs.
e8a7475 : Removed old Javadocs.
69b36f8 : Renamed Generator to Factory.
5746d5d : Renamed ContainerCreationException to CreationException (shorter). Renamed Factory to Locator.
85d17c5 : Renamed ContextualFactory to Generator. Disabed users from passing in Factory implementations.
2341837 : Added updated Javadocs.
15c1527 : Removed old Javadocs.
7379ee0 : Added convenience methods for link().
5e400d2 : Prohibited binding to Factory<?>.
db395b2 : Add AbstractModule.intercept(). Hid Key.ofType() methods. Added support for injecting factories.
1b54d6a : Made TypeLiteral equals() and hashCode() much more robust.
b8b84f0 : Renamed preload() to eagerly(). Added JMX to the Javadocs.
d7908e8 : Added a JMX interface to aid debugging.
3166586 : Added updated Javadocs.
6f428d3 : Removed old Javadocs.
278ee4d : Renamed 'ForBinding' to 'Binder'. Introduced Stage. Added name package to Javadocs. Updated some random Javadocs.
bc9a5b8 : Removed broken imports.
66486ed : Added updated Javadocs.
e9b268f : Removed old Javadocs.
91c37e3 : Removed unused consts.
b1f2e68 : Modified scope binding to bind to scope annotations directly. No more strings.
1c4d3e3 : Moved name-related logic into a subpackage.
4602a6f : Added support for binding to annotations instead of names.
a646edd : Moved output directory back under the project dir to avoid permission problems.
7173353 : Updated remaining Javadocs for query->matcher rename. Reformatted LineNumbers and added Chris's name to it (gotta give credit). Added asm-3.0.jar to IDEA project.
5374359 : Made IntelliJ use '1.5' for project.
dced7b7 : Added updated Javadocs.
1cf97a2 : Removed old Javadocs.
2d9cd0a : Made IntelliJ use '1.5' for JDK.
4f79e40 : Renamed query package to macher.
33ce069 : Renamed Query to Matcher. The name is more intuitive, and hopefully it'll have the pleasant side effect of discouraging the use of regular expression matchers.
698a6c8 : Added support for surrogate injection annotations.
920e1f9 : remove dead code and add more javadoc
44372e2 : throw exception if bytecode cannot be found
5db87c6 : add utility to extract LineNumbers from bytecode
6b931bd : Updated scoping logic to use surrogate annotations.
013aacd : Added support for surrogate annotations.
e4f8673 : add javadoc link to JDK 5 apis
954d70d : update idea project settings
a389676 : Added updated Javadocs.
9163ab3 : Removed old Javadocs.
0789b19 : Added support for implicit bindings. Did away with getCreator(). Made Struts plugin validate up front.
48d1307 : Some work on unchecked warnings.
ce79dfe : Combined validation with constructor lookup and got rid of a volatile field check every time we create an object.
f33d23e : Refactored scope handling. Allows overriding annotations with in(). Improved error reporting.
a99dca7 : Silly code-style fixes
6a565c7 : A little javadoc, and trying to get some IntelliJ warnings cleaned
c50dab2 : Added updated Javadocs.
e09cad6 : Removed old Javadocs.
10a3b02 : Added intercept() to ContainerBuilder. Hid ConstructionProxy, ProxyFactory, etc. Removed intercept package. Added query package. Started Struts 2 plugin and example.
16d415d : Upgraded jarjar and removed workaround.
5726c18 : Unjar and re-jar to work around jarjar permissions issues.
4c68d34 : Added more servlet unit tests.
2c09fe2 : Added updated Javadocs.
7339492 : Removed old Javadocs.
3a09e29 : Added servlet scopes.
fddb686 : Renamed put() to scope().
11a889b : Added updated Javadocs.
4c66944 : Removed old Javadocs.
6b5db11 : Modified Guice to use different names for generated classes from stock cglib.
68d2f4b : Reimplemented Scopes as a normal class.
baaaf2d : Updated scope javadocs.
1dd8a7c : Added updated Javadocs.
253215d : Removed old Javadocs.
e5fbbb0 : Added overloaded methods which accept a name to Container. Re-implemented the built-in scopes as an enum. Added ContainerBuilder.scope(Enum). Added support for custom scope annotations.
b116fca : Added updated Javadocs.
a379601 : Removed old Javadocs.
187a962 : Added tests for getInstance() and getFactory() convenience methods.
dda3219 : Added updated Javadocs.
65ec706 : Removed old Javadocs.
c2fcc43 : Added builder() to AbstractFactory.
e2ae034 : Added updated Javadocs.
1814fa4 : Removed old Javadocs.
94c8411 : Added updated Javadocs.
a3b0c05 : Removed old Javadocs.
d543d24 : Made to(T) public.
c50cfcd : Added updated Javadocs.
aa52fbc : Removed old Javadocs.
654d09b : Added updated Javadocs.
4e1ecc0 : Removed old Javadocs.
07bd159 : Added Queries.returns(). Renamed all() to any(). Excluded SourceConsumer from source tracing. Added performance check for indexing. Set version # to 1.0rc1.
80d0ba5 : Updated project.
46ac59f : Upgraded cglib so it works w/ jarjar.
bb28ebf : Added updated Javadocs.
00ba139 : Removed old Javadocs.
b7598a6 : Exposed source provider functionality through spi.
9153228 : Updated javadocs. Made Queries.all() take Object insted of T.
420d462 : Updated javadocs.
861eb33 : Updated jarjar.
43ebede : Commented build time only jars.
f0043b7 : Modified build script to use jar jar to copy cglib into our package.
b49dbe6 : Added updated Javadocs.
047d1f4 : Removed old Javadocs.
2a1ea89 : Added ProxyFactory.getFactory() to simplify standalone use of ProxyFactory.
62fcdde : Finished interception framework. Added Container.findBindingsByType().
d8d900f : Added updated Javadocs.
47e4f66 : Removed old Javadocs.
1b82a8f : Implemented ProxyFactory.
b8cf1e5 : Fixed copyright declarations.
e039bac : Exposed the error message objects.
e3adfd6 : Introduced ToStringBuilder. Pulled up ConstructorInjector. Introduced ConstructionProxy.
84a798b : Added updated Javadocs.
50ea4ab : Removed old Javadocs.
9592a91 : Moved Query, etc., to intercept package.
685c954 : Added updated Javadocs.
11a88ca : Removed old Javadocs.
2008ec7 : Added Query which will be used to apply interceptors.
76effad : Added updated Javadocs.
356789d : Removed old Javadocs.
a6e7398 : Added Binding. The source object now follows the binding all the way through.
2af0637 : Added convenience method for specifying container scope.
1596921 : Added parameter index to context. This will be useful if a custom factory wants to change behavior based on annotations on parameters.
abc4dd0 : Implemented explicit preloading. Updated copyright notices.
ef83bd2 : Enabled validation of static dependencies.
7289ac1 : Pulled up some anonymous inner classes. Hopefully the CB will be eligible for garbage collection after startup. I'll have to test this theory later.
9bb6202 : Created ContainerCreationException which delivers the error messages to the client. Added performance logging. Validation performance might be a concern. Will keep the design such that we can lazily validate if desired.
0baa9fc : Updated Javadocs. Renamed TypeToken to TypeLiteral. Hid ConfigurationException from the public API.
235d068 : Further improved the up front error reporting. Hid ErrorMessage and source() logic from the public API for the time being. Removed javadocs.
db178d7 : Removed documentation template. Using Docs instead.
fbc5644 : Removed stderr noise from a test.
4727ee2 : Added support for up front error handling. More work remains.
4776db7 : Renamed injectStatics() to requestStaticInjection().
dac4991 : Updated Javadocs.
e20bd18 : Fixed Javadoc warning.
041e933 : Renamed performance test. Introduced AbstractModule to support more concise configuration code.
9e5fe5d : Added a hand coded implementation to the performance comparison.
f1ba2b5 : Modified Container to return a 'creator' or new instance factory. This helps clients avoid a concurrent map lookup each time they inject a class. Also fixed typing of Key.getRawType() and undeprecated it.
7fb1d7f : Removed unnecessary interface.
78e1cc1 : Removed return types in ConstantBindingBuilder and LinkedBindingBuilder. Updated Javadocs.
fc9337f : Added code to automatically convert between primitive types and their wrapper types. Modified SingletonScope to use double checked locking which resulted in a noticable performance improvement.
e9f0fa5 : Added comment to performance test.
664a82e : Used cglib for critical constructor and method invocations boosting overall performance by about 40%.
70eb033 : Restored Spring performance comparison to working order.
b052dd8 : Minor performance enhancements (removed unnecessary object creations).
f638928 : Updated Javadocs.
abfd546 : Removed old Javadocs.
63b592b : Redesigned scopes to enable custom implementations. Renamed DependencyException to ConfigurationException. Cleaned up Container's interface. It now returns a Factory instead of a direct instance so clients don't have to keep passing in the paramters resulting in a map lookup. Added support for injecting Factory<T> where T is any bound type.
fe2f167 : Added missing file.
4c90ac0 : Fixed mime types.
bb8e585 : Set HTML mime types.
161e627 : Regenerated Javadocs.
7c5b2c4 : Refactored ContainerBuilder API. Added support for generic types.
b944668 : Refactoring binding API. Adding support for generic types.
41bc852 : Added TypeToken. Refactored Key to use it. Goodbye, raw types!
d42a05b : Added key tests and code to convert to raw keys.
ed8825f : Refactoring binding API. Adding support for generic types.
6ab7e1f : Refactoring binding API. Adding support for generic types.
953aa44 : Make it possible to inject constant instances
07e4182 : Added type conversion for constants. Optimized ReferenceCache.
263c5bc : Added alias methods to container builder, added npe check when retrieving a factory
249d691 : Setting mime type for documentation.
66b415a : Initial checkin.
4f29bc8 : Initial directory structure.

+- Project: platform/external/hyphenation-patterns

dedeff6 : Add "hyphenation patterns" for 22 languages
fd722ab : Remove Basque hyphenation patterns

+- Project: platform/external/icu

2fa1af7 : Re-revert Android patch: Ticket #11913 changes.
aac8707 : Revert "Android patch: Ticket #11913: Add support for formatting BigDecimal / BigInteger with > 309 digits."
c40bfee : Revert "Android patch: Ticket #11913: Fix bug in temporary workaround."
b7ed47e : Remove obsolete LOCAL_DONT_DELETE_JAR_DIRS

+- Project: platform/external/jacoco

8d9dc82 : Build jacoco from sources
5d39899 : This is a static Java library, i.e. without classes.dex.

+- Project: platform/external/jarjar

8335e26 : Make JarJar abort when it can't read a .class file.
c4d6328 : Use existing ASM 5.0 instead of bundled ASM 4.x.

+- Project: platform/external/jemalloc

ec006d8 : Update Android.bp for 4.1.0 update.
a757810 : Fix unaligned access in hash data.
473a185 : Update generated files for 4.1.0 update.
0978b5e : Revert "Fix the ckh unit test."
639da5f : Revert "Fix leak of arenas_cache in tsd cleanup."
33184bf : Fix stack corruption and uninitialized var warning
0e1d5c2 : Fix MSVC project and improve MSVC lib naming (v140 -> vc140)
86478b2 : Remove errno overrides.
994da42 : Update copyright dates for 2016.
3a34261 : Update ChangeLog for 4.1.0.
e270a8f : Make test_threads more generic
e025c51 : Update ChangeLog.
7d30554 : Fix decay tests for --disable-tcache case.
39f5875 : Fix a potential tsd cleanup leak.
3c07f80 : Fix stats.arenas.<i>.[...] for --disable-stats case.
fd48582 : Fix decay tests for --disable-stats case.
69acd25 : Add/alphabetize private symbols.
40ee9aa : Fix stats.cactive accounting regression.
14be4a7 : Update ChangeLog in preparation for 4.1.0.
3763d3b : Refactor arena_cactive_update() into arena_cactive_{add,sub}().
a62e94c : Remove invalid tests.
d412624 : Move retaining out of default chunk hooks
20fad34 : Refactor some bitmap cpp logic.
b8823ab : Use linear scan for small bitmaps
01ecdf3 : Miscellaneous bitmap refactoring.
4c4ee29 : Improve test_threads performance
ebd00e9 : Fix MSVC project
42ce80e : Silence miscellaneous 64-to-32-bit data loss warnings.
8282a2a : Remove a superfluous comment.
9d2c10f : Add more HUGE_MAXCLASS overflow checks.
e3195fa : Cast PTRDIFF_MAX to size_t before adding 1.
0c516a0 : Make *allocx() size class overflow behavior defined.
767d850 : Refactor arenas array (fixes deadlock).
3812729 : Fix arena_size computation.
cd86c14 : Fix arena_run_first_best_fit
c7a9a6c : Attempt mmap-based in-place huge reallocation.
5ec703d : Document the heap profile format.
f591d26 : Update manual to reflect removal of global huge object tree.
aa63d5d : Fix ffs_zu() compilation error on MinGW.
ca8fffb : Silence miscellaneous 64-to-32-bit data loss warnings.
b3d0070 : Compile with -Wshorten-64-to-32.
9e1810c : Silence miscellaneous 64-to-32-bit data loss warnings.
1c42a04 : Change lg_floor() return type from size_t to unsigned.
0931cec : Use ssize_t for readlink() rather than int.
8f683b9 : Make opt_narenas unsigned rather than size_t.
603b3bd : Make nhbins unsigned rather than size_t.
8dd5115 : Explicitly cast mib[] elements to unsigned where appropriate.
9f4ee60 : Refactor jemalloc_ffs*() into ffs_*().
b41a07c : Fix Windows build issues
ae45142 : Collapse arena_avail_tree_* into arena_run_tree_*.
3417a30 : Separate arena_avail trees
2b1fc90 : Remove rbt_nil
0da8ce1 : Use table lookup for run_quantize_{floor,ceil}().
08551ee : Fix run_quantize_ceil().
a9a4684 : Test run quantization.
817d903 : Indentation style cleanup.
9bad079 : Refactor time_* into nstime_*.
788d29d : Fix Windows-specific prof-related compilation portability issues.
fd9cd7a : Fix time_update() to compile and work on MinGW.
56139dc : Remove _WIN32-specific struct timespec declaration.
ecae123 : Fix overflow in prng_range().
aac93f4 : Add symbol mangling for prng_[lg_]range().
984c64f : Add MS Visual Studio 2015 support
3c2c5a5 : Fix warning in ipalloc
efbee86 : Prevent MSVC from optimizing away tls_callback (resolves #318)
7f28398 : getpid() fix for Win32
90c7269 : Add CPU "pause" intrinsic for MSVC
bc49863 : Fix error "+ 2")syntax error: invalid arithmetic operator (error token is " in Cygwin x64
46e0b23 : Detect LG_SIZEOF_PTR depending on MSVC platform target
effaf7d : Fix a typo in the ckh_search() prototype.
a0aaad1 : Handle unaligned keys in hash().
9f24c94 : Increase test coverage in test_decay_ticks.
243f7a0 : Implement decay-based unused dirty page purging.
8e82af1 : Implement smoothstep table generation.
1a4ad3c : Refactor out arena_compute_npurge().
db927b6 : Refactor arenas_cache tsd.
4985dc6 : Refactor arena_ralloc_no_move().
578cd16 : Refactor arena_malloc_hard() out of arena_malloc().
34676d3 : Refactor prng* from cpp macros into inline functions.
c87ab25 : Use ticker for incremental tcache GC.
9998000 : Implement ticker.
94451d1 : Flesh out time_*() API.
e5d5a4a : Add time_update().
f829009 : Add --with-malloc-conf.
ef349f3 : Fix arena_sdalloc() line wrapping.
49931bd : Fix test_stats_arenas_summary fragility.
b24f74b : Don't rely on unpurged chunks in xallocx() test.
109712b : Fix a documentation editing error.

+- Project: platform/external/jetty

afc588e : Mark it as unistallable

+- Project: platform/external/jpeg

3ee66b8 : Use arch-specific variables

+- Project: platform/external/jsr305

9f3544c : build: Add host-side dalvik library rules

+- Project: platform/external/jsr330

120d55e : build: Add support for building atinject within the AOSP (host only).
5611719 : android: Add project metadata
ab59cd2 : Initial empty repository
ffaa110 : fixup src dir locn, plus turn tck into tests for same
0379b18 : revert main pom back, after release of TCK to maven repos. Refer
f6f284c : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
2cbed91 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release javax.inject-tck-1
2a22564 : temporary overwrite of main pom, in attempt to work through Maven-plugin bugs with non default poms to get a release out to (TCK only)
50faf66 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
1b3e19b : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release javax.inject-tck-1
fd51311 : tck uses released version of @inject
8a507c5 : in advance of release
21e2e9a : upgrades for to help for release to maven repos (tck only)
fd5fded : group/version, formatting, compiler-plugin version bump
0dadeb8 : changes to allow latest revision of maven-bundle to work: scm line now mandatory
d97e99c : Maven pom for the tck added. Run via: 'mvn install -f tck-pom.xml'
79e028a : Fixed embarrassing typo.
83ec8b4 : Added 'draft' warning back for trunk.
6daa2b4 : Merged maven build script into v1 branch. Set default version to SNAPSHOT.
9ebe317 : Updated build script to build Maven bundle.
294cc65 : Nevermind. Someone already started one.
39eee7e : Initial stab at a pom.
36d0234 : Set mime types.
d53f42e : Uploaded final spec.
f5c3c13 : Removed spec snapshot.
3d1ea18 : Minor tweak.
e09c2e2 : Referenced external configuration as an example.
0e4e412 : Tweaked injector configuration instructions to make them more explicit.
899bdb5 : Moved rule down so we don't mention qualifiers before we define them.
60ee767 : Made rule about injecting T or a subtype of T more precise.
6c55a62 : Rolling back r48. I'd forgotten that we updated the spec to address this...
e6ab8a8 : Pete Muir's patch for making the TCK follow the spec more closely
e7707a4 : Fixing an incorrectly-named test in the TCK.
355e4b3 : Added SpareTire to list of classes that can be injected.
04063c4 : s/subclass/subtype/. Added a couple more test cases.
bfc0343 : Added rule to spec requiring injectors to support injecting user-specified subtypes. Clarified and otherwise improved docs on Tck. Added a test case that mixes package private with overridding.
a7c7a5a : TCK maintenance; we were constraining more than necessary.
86a4555 : Added Javadocs for TCK.
ad06eb9 : Updated build script.
096e3ba : Removed empty dir.
18603c8 : Made static and private member injection optional.
b32f8b0 : JUnitified the TCK
63b224f : Made forTests() thread safe (despite JUnit).
022b266 : Simplified TCK setup.
ac33410 : Repackaged TCK.
70a1177 : Added tests for the TCK itself.
38d5c62 : Modified Tck to use JUnit.
fc7281e : Added JUnit.
52dbf8b : Adding several more tests to the TCK.
eedff3d : Updated build script to build TCK.
b25f939 : Further tests for the TCK: method visibility and overrides.
ae2c913 : An early draft of the JSR 330 TCK. Most checks haven't been added yet.
c5b72dc : Added small example to @Named.
cab6bed : add footer as per
74462ac : javadoc report added
da75e86 : maven pom file
45c7a95 : Updated build script for PFD.
f821943 : Added build script.
1635344 : Added missing space.
79ff301 : Moved a sentence.
ba55c0c : Updated Javadocs.
4ddb47b : Copied introductory prose from JSR proposal to package description.
69951b1 : s/prevent/preclude/
531fe37 : Updated Javadocs.
84ef27d : Added note about injecting non-public members.
acf5576 : Updated Javadocs.
4501413 : Moved the word 'only'. Fixes issue 11. Added copyright headers.
fa7671a : Updated Javadocs.
dbfc524 : Qualified the single qualifier rule with 'in injector-independent classes'.
ceee566 : Updated Javadocs.
4428518 : Lightened restrictions on using @Target on qualifiers and scope annotations.
14a2488 : Updated Javadocs.
0220ab7 : Defined default value of Named.value() to be "".
5facbd5 : The latest Javadocs.
47092e9 : Added a note about exceptions to Provider's docs. Noted that Provider is typically implemented by an injector. Specified that instances returned by Provider.get() are fully constructed and injected. Allowed methods to return types other than void. Added note about qualifiers to @Inject doc. Removed "optional" attribute from @Inject. Limited the scope of some qualifier restrictions so they only apply to @Inject methods and not qualifiers in general.
c92d8c3 : Repackaged as javax.inject.
89db028 : Initial checkin.
863b70c : Initial directory structure.

+- Project: platform/external/libavc

943323f : Return error when there are more mmco params than allocated size
4a524d3 : Decoder Update mb count after mb map is set.
1c01bc1 : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__ from Android builds

+- Project: platform/external/libbrillo

8c0f192 : libbrillo: Remove release/aquire semantic from scoped_ptr/unique_ptr
476d59a : Fix Process::BindFd when passing the same fd to the child.
37827b6 : Export brillo unittest_utils in the libbrillo-test module.
0274f77 : brillo: handle arrays of string maps in dbus serialization
f151b2b : libbrillo: Update Chrome OS gyp files to refer to new libchrome revision
c90f923 : Use PLOG() to log the error message in
b5011d0 : libbrillo: policy: fix libpolicy unittest
31dae17 : libbrillo: policy: Add GetUsbDetachableWhitelist for new USB policy

+- Project: platform/external/libchrome

2b5c5fd : libchrome: Add missing Mac files. Attempt 2
d8d95f2 : libchrome: Fix unused parameter error on Mac build
5881327 : libchrome: Add missing Mac files. Attempt 1
4577922 : Update libchrome to r381699
c39d652 : Fix build break due to missing RTTI in some of the targets
2a23053 : Fix compilation on 32bit hosts

+- Project: platform/external/libconstrainedcrypto

fca75c8 : Rename mincrypt to constrainedcrypto
40349ea : Add licensing and upstream information.
d057f18 : Add build guards for libmincrypt target
a637c84 : Remove libmincrypt/tools after move to bootable/recovery
2c8e54b : Prepare mincrypt tools for move to recovery repo.
e78da0b : Enable clang compilation.
780b374 : Enable clang compilation.
f507f33 : Disable clang optimization that has segmentation fault.
39095f0 : Remove declaration of unused static variable
6092743 : libmincrypt: suppress warning messages
6de2e5a : Add support for ECDSA P-256 with SHA256
243f10b : mincrypt: merge the two RSA verifiers
2597569 : mincrypt: support SHA-256 hash algorithm
5137d83 : mincrypt: merge the two RSA verifiers
4f887ab : mincrypt: support SHA-256 hash algorithm
49f8f72 : remove unneeded import
b7953f8 : support e=65537 for libmincrypt, DumpPublicKey
7bc6900 : make DumpPublicKeys write 32-bit values as unsigned
c573513 : eclair snapshot
43504a8 : only use faster SHA-1 code on machines with good libc
932835b : add optimized SHA1 algorithm
2666c76 : Automated import from //branches/donutburger/...@140818,140818
1b45e29 : Automated import from //branches/master/...@140824,140824
5be618e : auto import from //branches/cupcake_rel/...@141571
bf8a537 : auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
84f78d1 : auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
6f6f1e6 : auto import from //branches/cupcake/...@127101
0b9ca94 : Initial Contribution

+- Project: platform/external/libcxx

5d47434 : Add README.version.

+- Project: platform/external/libcxxabi

af2d3e4 : Add README.version.

+- Project: platform/external/libdivsufsort

2ba0b76 : Build libdivsufsort for the target.

+- Project: platform/external/libhevc

50ad42c : Fix the frame size alignments
2060081 : DO NOT MERGE Added few memsets to avoid uninitialized reads for error clips
b9f7c2c : DO NOT MERGE Added few memsets to avoid uninitialized reads for error clips
552578a : Revert "Added few memsets to avoid uninitialized reads for error clips"
6ae135c : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__ from Android builds
dca46f9 : Added few memsets to avoid uninitialized reads for error clips
d71abc6 : Added few memsets to avoid uninitialized reads for error clips

+- Project: platform/external/libmpeg2

58a6822 : Return error for wrong mb_type
ba604d3 : Fix for handling streams which resulted in negative num_mbs_left
8b4ed5a : Fixed stack buffer overflow
ffab15e : Fixed bit stream access to make sure that it is not read beyond the allocated size.
ae6d9f7 : Remove __DATE__/__TIME__ from Android builds

+- Project: platform/external/libnfc-nci

633b73f : Don't free memory that shouldn't be freed.
920423e : Fix 256-bit Thinfilm NFC barcode.

+- Project: platform/external/libpng

bbe98b4 : Update libpng to 1.6.20

+- Project: platform/external/libselinux

02c42d4 : Leftovers of the SELinux policy update mechanism

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind

a5ab7da : Revert "Disable clang compilation for x86_64, mips, mips64."
936e80b : Do not try non-dwarf local unwinds for x86.

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind_llvm

90a4245 : Add README.version.
11d78eb : Add the exported include directory for libunwind.

+- Project: platform/external/libweave

3f8343c : libweave: Remove unused local constant
c93071c : libweave: Always fetch commands from server, even if XMPP delivers JSON
c507804 : libweave: Remove backup polling (30 minute poll interval)
eae016c : clean up example/test_device clashes
fcffce3 : disable builtin rules
fcf6b3e : add standard "check" target
825c55c : readme: document cross-compiling for end users
c0c256c : Add "make coverage" target to build code coverage.
e2d68d4 : Add general-use-and-purpose comment for Device interface.
39b96b6 : create generic test device for multiple traits testing.
bc9d27d : libuweave: Fix break on Android toolchain
2fd3e55 : libuweave: Fix break on Android toolchain
dcc0dca : libweave: Convert the blacklist trait into a standard one
5fe0ac0 : examples: refactor README file
3127cb3 : Tweak the with respect to the repo subdirectories.
38a2aef : libweave: Remove release() calls on scoped_ptr
bf79a9e : libweave: Port base/ changes from Chromium project
b9bbdc6 : libweave: Fix compile errors on Chrome OS
5c2870f : libevhtp: build checked out copy
3e4d883 : add integrated cross-compile & qemu support
7fb7903 : examples/daemon/ledflasher: switch to onOff
0011064 : readme: add more tips/links
d70a965 : gtest/gmock: build checked out copy
8bf4757 : Fail setup/start if device already registered
cd7a3a2 : Add HTTPS port into TXT record
5ddd991 : Return 'component' in command JSON
00180aa : Avoid Revocation list overflow
b506696 : Bound j2000 timestamps into [0, <int32_t>::max()] interval
e733c38 : Take into account scope from /privet/v3/auth call
8b897af : examples/daemon: fix ledflasher param names
978e712 : Implement local_discovery_enabled setting
e4b8ccf : Remove ObserverList from cloud delegate
6358ed5 : Remove internal/missing export includes
1c6837f : Remove CloudDelegate::Observer::OnDeviceInfoChanged
63feef5 : Fixed issues configuring devices with date before 2000.
86e8f63 : Update READMEs to reflect cloud_id name in Cloud Services for deviceId Added git add <files> in README for Making Changes
80c65d2 : VERISON: Initial commit on master - 1.4.1
98af48b : Update macaroon lib
fafbc5d : Insert the description of the change.
5e94dc8 : Applied clang-format
b741d64 : Fix crash when device in access point mode
0d3062e : Implement minimalRole for state definitions
c7fab18 : Update _accessRevocationList trait
b18bead : Fixes to event_http_server for examples
a07bbc7 : Add provider::Wifi::GetConnectedSsid
c96ee4e : examples/lock: fix lock trait
f7bfb6a : examples/speaker: fix volume trait
2419a2a : Update local auth info if server side information does not match
b7e0996 : Simplify few comparison helpers
497559b : Moved previous comment to README file

+- Project: platform/external/lldb

0d72cf6 : Add explicitly to TBLGEN_TABLES

+- Project: platform/external/llvm

de92beb : Fix dependencies of code generated by llvm-tblgen
1d35c9c : Add README.version for external/llvm.
2b394d8 : DWARF RenderScript vendor extension
50e3862 : Remove unsafe AssertZext after promoting result of FP_TO_FP16
691f721 : [DAGCombine] Catch the case where extract_vector_elt can cause an any_ext while processing AND SDNodes
f3ef533 : Update aosp/master LLVM for rebase to r256229

+- Project: platform/external/lzma

20e8a04 : Enable BCJ fiter support in xz-embedded.
593328c : Include missing files from xz-embedded-20130513.
2617d56 : Compile lzma for windows and mac.
e0f90d7 : Set xz-java library to compile using current sdk for use by unbundled apps

+- Project: platform/external/mdnsresponder

0aa6558 : Stop building __DATE__/__TIME__ into Android binaries

+- Project: platform/external/minijail

2413f37 : Skip setting seccomp filter when running with ASan.
6e3a582 : Remove dead minijail_disable_ptrace() declaration.
6b0de9b : Fix typo in error message.
097b719 : Remove mount points from peer group just before oldroot unmount.
3b5841b : Add missing options to minijail(1) manpage
69841b3 : Stop using the system's securebits.h include.
87bf01d : Re-organize flags in 'minijail_preexec'.
3da4031 : Make -K work for dynamically-linked binary.

+- Project: platform/external/mp4parser

54962c7 : Fix assignment of H264TrackImpl.timescale.

+- Project: platform/external/neven

9f5cef1 : Remove last use of ALL_PREBUILTS
d12078e : Suppress unused-parameters warnings in external/neven/

+- Project: platform/external/nist-sip

b5fe93b : Fix compatibility issues with Java 1.8 Map

+- Project: platform/external/noto-fonts

42d158f : Better compression for NotoColorEmoji
b1a370c : Update NotoColorEmoji font to Unicode 7 and 8

+- Project: platform/external/okhttp

3281dee : Reapply an upstream OkHttp change to Android for HttpUrl
cf7f0f3 : Reapply an upstream OkHttp change to Android for HttpUrl
ca342d6 : Apply upstream OkHttp HttpUrl fix
27e7522 : Apply upstream OkHttp HttpUrl fix
1eed816 : Apply upstream OkHttp HttpUrl fix
2a168a5 : okhttp: add workaround in RequestTest for \r
8ef2dac : Workaround for request header values with trailing '\r' or '\r\n'
62dc0a1 : DO NOT MERGE: Fix URLConnectionTest.writeTimeouts with large receive buffers
57813a7 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE Revert "okio: increase segment size to 8 KiB""
0051544 : DO NOT MERGE Revert "okio: increase segment size to 8 KiB"

+- Project: platform/external/piex

2f5d8ea : Update PIEX

+- Project: platform/external/protobuf

a8261e5 : Parse unknown enum values like full proto2.
96c04e4 : Add libprotobuf-cpp-full-rtti target for the platform.
8f8019c : Add libprotobuf-cpp-lite-rtti target for the platform.
a17c883 : Silence -Wsign-compare warning on protobuf-lite headers.
6483431 : Set LOCAL_EXPORT_C_INCLUDE_DIRS for shared and static libs.
b921c15 : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/regex-re2

0c0c9c7 : Supress unused-parameter warnings in external/regexp_re2.

+- Project: platform/external/sl4a

7b8c49f : Add facades for client profiles (HFP HF and A2DP SNK)
a0d862d : Fix the SL4A Doc String for telecomCallReject()
429f652 : Removing the now-unusable HtmlInterpreter
ab1eec2 : Update callId and videoCallId to use hashCode instead of toString
25f449b : SL4A: Add event listener support for added/removed calls.
53619de : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix Build Breakages Backporting sl4a
2d949f9 : Update path in
fd504ac : SL4A: Remove code to turn off WiFi when enable WiFi softAP.
d15c7dd : Update sl4a readme to markdown format
a9389fe : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix Build Breakages Backporting sl4a
85b5bb9 : [NAN] Renamed listeners to callback per API guidelines [DO NOT MERGE]
4e4eb21 : [NAN]: API update - consolidate Puslish|Subscribe Data+Subscribe -> Config [DO NOT MERGE]
db9763a : Add an RPC to broadcast an event as the system user.
a77c40d : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix SL4A Merge from Master
9f32db8 : Move sl4a to its own project.
c2cbeea : Initial empty repository

+- Project: platform/external/smali

d6e9152 : Replace custom rules with BUILD_PREBUILT

+- Project: platform/external/snakeyaml

cce31f6 : build: Add support for building snakeyaml within the AOSP (host only).
5f8083f : Revert "build: Add support for building snakeyaml within the AOSP (host only)."
61c4a81 : Revert "build: Fix build on AOSP"
3b720bd : build: Fix build on AOSP
ad89e10 : build: Add support for building snakeyaml within the AOSP (host only).
5de3483 : android: Add project metadata
6dc2781 : Initial empty repository
613e46a : Add separate test for JSON parsing
e56778f : edited online with Bitbucket
662e9cd : Add a test to parse events
0bd61b5 : Fix a typo in the previous commit
93deac2 : Remove code duplication in ParserImplTest
acef7a2 : Improve javadoc for Resolver
4166843 : don't fail the build because of javadoc errors
d8d5271 : Add example for issue 332
51cccc6 : formatting...
2622cb0 : remove usage URLClassloader.close() from issue 318 test, because it is @since 1.7 and we are still 1.6 compartible
f3cd0be : make use of maven-toolchain-plugin to compile project againt desired JDK
ccac229 : Build SnakeYAML for different JDKs with docker without building images
f6c9ab2 : Update version
8699dde : Update plugin versions
ffa3dc5 : Update changes.xml
fdfde95 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
3ce72d3 : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.17
dc73453 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.17
6b862fc : change developerConnetion to ssh
a9847f3 : Update changes.xml
51cc2aa : issue 318 #resolve use Class.forName(name, true, Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader()) first intead of Class.forName(name)
b0454ef : issue 318 #comment failing test added (class loader for YAML class has no knowledge about domain classes)
6abec02 : Remove Ragel machine implementation
0d45790 : Fix javadoc links
7b2eda2 : Add a test for issue 327 and for ScalarStyle to DumperOptions
d1dd873 : Support customizing a whitespace before list indicators
5c12dda : Add parameters to POM to change distribution server
1a751c9 : Improve code readability
71c4f3b : Run Java 8 tests with profile with-java8-tests
98f24c0 : Update changes.xml
ddfaba6 : #326 relax some modifiers and split methods to allow atomic wrapping in composer
f4ead0c : #326 extra token types
35fb096 : Update changes.xml
51fba0b : sync pom.xml -> pom.yaml
f005169 : EOLs fixed... again
ab5af14 : issue #310. with-java8-tests profile added. It adds src/test/java8 as test folder and sets source and target to 1.8
c83fb68 : issue #310. Skip checkGlobalTag for Sequence nodes if the real value is not Iterable (e.g. 'immutable' object represented as list of constructor parameters)
58dcb8e : issue #310 try not only public constructors when using sequence to create 'immutable' instances (ConstructSequence)
36e078c : Rename info file
431ddd5 : Update docker files for Java 6-8
fd3a01b : Update docker files for Java 8
9866884 : Better support to customise BaseConstructor. Make 'composer' field and constructDocument() method protected
5d47381 : Remove deprecation warnings caused by old JUnit code
b71447e : Fix issue 306: UUID support is complete
ebe7279 : Better UUID support
463ea2a : Intriduce AbstractConstructTest to improve coverage
ecf965a : Rename pom.yml to pom.yaml
3f2b89d : Update changes.xml
64d42dc : Rearrange items in YAML POM.
6c87d81 : Remove unused code in tests
28dbc25 : Add support for Polyglot Maven using the YAML dialect
b02f233 : Fix test
d98b17b : Update plugin versions
f5d32ad : Provide ability to customize anchor names
4ec2f29 : Update changes
513cfb1 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
f222ac2 : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.16
7cc0637 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.16
0ca913e : Add SCM server ID
64ea2f2 : Apply ANN
947dfae : Fix issues URL
05d02b2 : Improve example for issue 311
757c6a9 : Add example for issue 311
d187b36 : issue #310 try not only public constructors in ConstructScalar, try constructor for scpecific Tag if available before throwing YAMLException("Unsupported class...") from constructStandardJavaInstance(...)
234c86c : Improve testing for Java 8
fbd9f6c : edited online with Bitbucket
711b0d4 : edited online with Bitbucket
c84cbe2 : edited online with Bitbucket
733fef7 : edited online with Bitbucket
373e848 : edited online with Bitbucket
7ac2103 : edited online with Bitbucket
859a518 : Added a correct URL for the license used by SnakeYAML. A correct URL is required by some plugins which analyses the project dependencies.
339b737 : Update changes
0fca807 : Convert byte[] to String when it matches the JavaBean property
b43703f : edited online with Bitbucket
50626d2 : edited online with Bitbucket
78ff479 : edited online with Bitbucket
14eb7b5 : Migrate to Bitbucket
5ef29b0 : Fix a typo in an error message in ScannerImpl
cc24b94 : Do not print special characters in the error message
f6ef975 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
d2f8c77 : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.15
df04ff1 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.15
11a89b4 : Only leave the start year in the Copyright statement
25ac3b2 : Apply PMD recommendations
d62b061 : Apply FindBugs recommendations
591473d : Findbugs recommendation: do not expose mutable data
5b7749b : Remove unused Maven profile 'fast'
49e8883 : Update plugin versions
43828cf : Add a test for issue 207
c5a8071 : Additional unit tests for split line functionality in Emitter.
8171e08 : Update changes.xml
7ab18a9 : Prepare 1.15 release notes
cd642cb : Backed out changeset: e9ec8f7cbaa9 - keep ignoring duplicate keys
242cbad : Update changes
7fbc656 : Added split lines option to DumperOptions to allow line splitting to be disabled.
3d2fa27 : Use Maven 3
9a9a2d6 : Reformat POM
155694e : Fail to parse with duplicate mapping keys
be5b9a4 : Add test to clarify iOS emoji character in the surrogate range
6f3a52d : Add test for issue 203
cbf6bfd : Add missing copyright statement
bb60497 : Fix issue 201: correct grammar mistake in exception message
466d458 : Remove temp. fix which was implemented as a quick fix for issue 29
615d371 : Reformat deprecated stuff
9b3d9d7 : Reformat code
99c671d : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
f14607f : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.14
69f91dc : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.14
9eb87b8 : Prepare 1.14 release
668afb8 : trailing spaces removed
b6e058b : Prepare announcement for release 1.14
9708cf2 : (issues 197) Treat not secondary tags ("") a bit different way.
a970ad3 : convert line endings
15abdfd : change tests to reproduce issue 197
6b158cf : some changes to test for issue 193
e71fc27 : Add tests for issue 193
fd3b721 : Issue 192: Drop support for 'Value Key Language-Independent Type'
ba74e7f : Disable javadoc doclint for maven-site-plugin
7be8e3a : Using LinkedHashMap in some tests to be sure about keys order in dumped yaml.
e2055f3 : Update issue 92 added fork="true" to <javac> ant-task to prevent maven-antrun-plugin crash (thx to @mohdakram12)
a183fe8 : jdk8 profile added to be able to use some specific configuration for different plugins
c755243 : Update test
9c87d57 : Apply year 2014 in the header
9e7e270 : Fix issue 183: Number fields failed to parse dumped values for +/- Infinity and NaN
c8c49ee : change sonatype links http -> https
cef525a : Minor test change
8d3a3b2 : Issue 188: improve error message
11f453c : Ignore IDEA project files
8723ed3 : Fix issue 183: Support Number class
8c0d5ed : Fix issue 182: Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY applied to float fields
a289c18 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
91f9c7e : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.13
ac7bd47 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.13
dd6e632 : Prepare 1.13 release
00aebc7 : Update changes.xml with fix for issue 178
6996989 : OSGi related updates - Add version to exported packages - Hide shaded packages
fafee5e : Update README
0d4ffc7 : Create
86516d7 : issue 177: Improve error report while parsing a JavaBean
61d96e5 : Update a test: the error message may be different on Windows
b28bb6a : Add parsing check to issue 176
d7b2558 : Improve SingleQuoteTest for issue 176
c5d5148 : Add SingleQuoteTest for issue 176
9a537ee : Add Jordan to the developer list
e594362 : - additional work on issue135 - added support for multi-dimensional arrays - added test cases for long[][] and long[][][] - added test cases for nested Object[]-containing-long[] - simplified BaseConstructor code - added copyright information via 'mvn site'
99ce175 : Issue 135: Arrays of primitives are not fully supported - added new test case 'PrimitiveArrayTest', which tests all types of primitive array, including cycling Java -> YAML -> Java. - removed outdated tests from generics.GenericArrayTypeTest and types.SeqTagTest - updated BaseRepresenter to remove outdated "not fully supported" message - updated SafeRepresenter to handle serializing primitive arrays - updated Representer.checkGlobalTag to ignore primitive arrays - updated BaseConstructor to handle constructing arrays of primitives as well as arrays of Object.
7392572 : Duplicate anchors in an input document should be accepted
db6f2de : Add a test for issue 173
27b5e03 : issue 172: Using a locale with minimum number fraction digits breaks anchor generation
39fb9df : Apply 2013 year in the copyright
36a7c9c : fix issue 171: use more generic generics in BaseRepresenter
a9d8b3a : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
1cc9c95 : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.12
b99510d : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.12
3de8fcf : Prepare release 1.12
ddeae0b : Make Constructor.typeDefinitions protected to be more flexible
bfe7ef5 : Add example for issue 163
1faa90c : Remove file AUTHORS because it does not reflect the actual situation
4bc1154 : Improve the error message when a TAB character starts a token
3f554d0 : Show an example of custom Composer
5131817 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
bc86743 : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.11
42ad955 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.11
2678d49 : Prepare release 1.11
44fd3bb : Update test for issue 158
7361ced : Fix issue 158: improve support for 32-bit characters
b0d589e : Fix issue 146: empty tags should not force explicit document start
88c1e87 : Fix issue 156: setSkipMissingProperties fails for non-scalar values
df7f311 : Fix issue 155: a YAML document created by SnakeYAML must be parsed without exceptions
959089d : Add test code for issue 155
4179426 : Create test for issue 155
87c26a2 : Fix test: error messages are not the same for different Java versions
ecf3e1b : Fix issue 154: Add option to skip missing properties
81381bd : Update the test for issue 150
f9caf31 : Update the test for issue 150
489b14e : Add a test for issue 150
2f2772e : Update test for issue 151
2c6265b : Add a test for issue 151
f3549a5 : Improve JavaDoc
20423d9 : Fix issue 149: keep directives for the same stream
34c26b7 : Parser stores all directives in one structure - VersionTagsTuple
5476b91 : Refactor: use Version enum instead of Array of Integers
be5b336 : Update test for issue 149
fe16d6f : Begin to fix issue 149 - identify the problem
311188c : Add tests for issue 148
9ad5778 : Start fixing issue 148
70173e4 : Fix issue 147: FFFD must be printable
dc90d32 : Add a test for issue 147
3a40d79 : Update test
340aa0b : Do not use angle brackets in error messages because do not work well with HTML
6f3c5bf : Update changes.xml
9e3a1e5 : Improve error message: do not use double quotes in text
29a5af4 : Issue 145: always show line number for exceptions
ff29b15 : Issue 145: add problemMark to the error report. Some tests fail
d821277 : Issue 145: getMessage() method does not report the line number
abb4918 : [Compact Object Notation] do not use implicit types for properties defined in mapping
e95492d : Add example for issue 144
bbcec32 : Add a test for issue 143
0a7884c : add patches for android build (issues 92)
7676647 : add "android" profile to generate android compartible jar
7add2a6 : Add example of unique keys
3bad842 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
7d1201c : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.10
065dbaa : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.10
33b9f2d : POM: expose distributionManagement
a2c4570 : Prepare announcement for version 1.10
3fcd9d7 : POM: improve profiles
c4bba97 : fix: String.getBytes(Charset) is not available for Java 5
8fb5a72 : Minor code improvements
d945cef : Improve RecursiveSortedSetTest
d17aa33 : issue 141: TimeZone is configurable in DumperOptions
e46886e : Refactor with PMD: Avoid unused method parameter 'index' in Serializer and Emitter; other minor improvements
bb82c4e : Refactor with PMD: Avoid unused method parameter 'index' in 'Composer.composeNode(Node parent, Object index)'
d4c7e6e : Refactor with FindBugs: refactor Emitter
87b055d : Refactor with FindBugs: remove unused ScalarAnalysis.allowDoubleQuoted
e9d3f3b : Refactor with FindBugs: do not rely on default encoding
34f59d7 : Refactor: apply FindBugs recommendations
c924308 : Issue 139: merge should use last key in map
a193cac : Add another test for issue 139
d679521 : Add a test for issue 139
34cda5f : Fix comment for tabs inside a plain scalar
2ca3698 : Fix issue 136: tabs are allowed in plain scalars
cdbfe6b : Import some comments from clone: jordanangold-enhanced-usability
0826b19 : Update year to 2012
da9f2b5 : Issue 138: Expose internal data of ReaderException
0c5cf0b : Respect supplementary characters
97510ef : Add a test for issue 137
b5f4ec3 : Use EolExtension to force LF as line separator for all operating systems
78157ed : Add tests for issue 136 with quoted scalar
3a1a7d9 : Simplify the test for issue 136
e4e0e3d : Update a test for issue 136
5de10f5 : Add a test for issue 136
9aece45 : Add heap size for tests
21bf7d5 : Add a comment about sorting of tag prefixes
cea579f : Update examples for JodaTime
a0308fd : Add an example to show how to dump different collection/scalar styles
09cd295 : Issue 29: Deprecate DumperOptions.calculateScalarStyle()
83cd019 : Org. imports
1a783bf : Fix issue 66: literal scalar style is used by default for multiline scalars
a3e7b19 : Issue 66: prepare flexible scalar style
2cc20b1 : An example added: how to dump multiline literal scalars
48fe9d8 : Add EmitterMultiLineTest
c91d86a : Added more info in a JavaDoc for issue 133
b2fa57b : Added example how to dump recursive object for issue 133
8939e3f : Refactor: further removed redundant exceptions in tests
36b3a01 : Refactor: removed redundant exceptions in tests
cd89e82 : Add a test for issue 132
3ccadb1 : Finish 1.9 release
fb07888 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
163b3b3 : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.9
910e2b5 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.9
d912044 : Add a test to prove that SnakeYAML is not affected by the problem reported for libyaml in ticket 196
1402643 : Issue 128: explain the problem and propose the solution which does not rely on implicit tag
8a6a522 : Issue 128: add more explanation in the JavaDoc; refactor ImplicitTuple: use descriptive method names
65bb6ff : Issue 130: Fix scientific notation inconsistency in the YAML 1.1 specification: scalar '8e-06' should be parsed as a Double
ed0286f : Issue 127: Do not allow to override BaseRepresenter.representData(Object data)
54da872 : Issue 124: fix test for non SUN JDK
778ea36 : Issue 124: rename Yaml.dumpAs(data) to Yaml.dumpAsMap(data)
8db6730 : Issue 124: add one more Yaml.dumpAs() method and get rid of its side effects
982f995 : Issue 124: Deprecate DumperOptions.explicitRoot
67c97c3 : Issue 124: add a failing test to expose side effects of Yaml.dumpAs()
28e1ce1 : Do not use deprecated JavaBeanDumper in tests
13e2719 : Provide a better JavaDoc for Yaml.dumpAs()
630f6e0 : Update test for issue 128
8dffba7 : Add Yaml.dumpAs(Object, Tag.MAP) method. JavaBeanDumper is marked as deprecated
9f3f693 : Remove empty lines at the very end of files
e3f67bb : Issue 127: update test
91afe6c : Issue 129: Add Yaml.serialize(Node) low level method to the public API
de5839a : Add Yaml.represent() low level method to the public API
48ea83d : Remove commented lines from BaseRepresenter
4e3c723 : Issue 127: add test that shows the right way to dump a custom class
1f430de : Issue 127: add test that null values do not get anchors and aliases
c2203f7 : Issue 127: add failing test
4ca45c9 : Revert maven-bundle-plugin back to version 2.3.4 - the new version does not work with Java 5
e83092c : Issue 125: Add support for Maven 3 via 'm3' profile
4043a70 : Backout issue 126: changes plugin is broken
070c69b : Fix issue 126: issueLinkTemplate property has become redundant
232028c : Update maven-bundle-plugin to version 2.3.5
1a75976 : Remove deprecated JavaBeanParser
e0e3b6a : Remove redundant JavaBeanDumper.classTags set. Part of issue 124
eec4c37 : Add Yaml.loadAs() methods. JavaBeanLoader is marked as deprecated. Part of issue 124
701d55e : Remove TypeDescription.root property to prepare issue 124
37a30af : removed redundant code - thx to Jordan
706a833 : Update Maven 2 plugins
7bf840c : Issue 121: close more input streams in tests
37c1b0b : Suppress 'rawtypes' compiler warnings
3b0cb44 : issue 121: close more input streams
297c78b : Close files in tests to avoid a possible file handle limit
4c7140b : Add test: a getter for a JavaBean property may only start with 'is' if it is the primitive 'int'. Integer object must be used with the 'get' prefix.
fdf380a : Apply patch for issue 116
6faed17 : Add a test where a boolean property is not dumped
d215c61 : Fix issue 112: improve tests
a29bf91 : Fix issue 112: finish tests
f631c39 : Update issue 112: change tests
609cb50 : Update issue 112: add more tests
057ca52 : Fix issue 112: Improved support for parametarized types in collections
1154c96 : Update changes.xml file
4d1d4e5 : Reduce compiler warnings
796631e : Add comment in a test
fd906b7 : Issue 115: improve comment
8f6e468 : Get rid of some compiler warnings
271fc10 : BaseRepresenter: get rid of some compiler warnings
01f469e : Issue 115: add more tests and get rid of some compiler warnings
cc450fd : Issue 115: add a test with 2 parameters
e85d52b : Issue 115: do not apply logic for parameterized collection for a parameterized JavaBean
b0c0fca : Issue 115: add a test
2819084 : Issue 114: JavaBeanDumper does not emit the root tag
e925f21 : Issue 114: do not remove root tags
987266e : Add test for issue 114
e078246 : Refactor test
3677785 : Remove tabs in pom.xml
964a641 : Reformat all sources with Helios formatter
caaccd9 : Issue 111: Long escaped tag URI sequences throw BufferOverflowException
e7fdc39 : Minor change in Javadoc
77c3aed : Issue 110: rename package 'snakeyaml_external' to 'snakeyaml.external'. OSGi bundle plugin for Maven will export the external package
2147e7b : Organize imports
55e855d : Fix issue 110: introduce a package for external libraries
407731b : Use 'bundle' packaging instead of 'jar'
7c20bff : Use maven bundle plugin to generate OSGi headers. Generated package list is incomplete
4043649 : Update test: use assertEquals() instead of 'assert'
f5c971a : fixing test for issue 109 to pass no matter what building system's timezone is.
73e8367 : Fix issue 109: ancient years must be dumped with leading zeros
0a48fab : Remove unused code in Constructor: Modifier.isAbstract() is not needed any more
a3f463d : No code change: add/remove empty lines in support files
4cba36c : Update docs for issue 108
e2f091c : fix bug with Enums using toString() instead of name()
d6faced : start 1.9 development
c51d6b0 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
2ef66b2 : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.8
2d4f922 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.8
82790a6 : Add example for howto wiki
5e819b5 : * remove some references from node. * decrease iterations over Mapping/Sequence Nodes' children
efd4579 : add test to see if non-printable check on char[] gives the same result as regexp on String. thx py4fun
f85d137 : javadoc added for new checkPrintable, parameters renamed
fc39c25 : do not use regular expressions in checkPrintable when data comes from reader.
5dff98f : Remove unused import in Scanner
2855665 : decrese number of iterator() invocations -> less object creations, faster. Even jvm_serializers show deserialization time difference 209893 -> 197058. My guess - effect mostly from GC.
a11ae5b : Backed out changeset 533e5b41feca Remove using direct String in StreamReader till mark setting is removed
c33fd09 : Refactor: When the YAML document to be loaded is provided as String parse it directly without making a Reader first
02ad08f : Refactor: when the YAML document to be loaded is provided as String parse it directly without making a Reader first
6d1f3f5 : Backout using concat() and restore +=
592f5be : StreamReader: use 'concat()' instead of '+=' for strings (big test reduced)
2eec853 : Add a test to load a long YAML document
9d3feb0 : Refactor StreamReader.update(): remove unused cycle and method argument
3dcb2cd : Issue 106: share the same buffer for all the Mark instances. Remove 'withMarkContext' setting
73a2c04 : Issue 106: use immutable String instead of mutable StringBuilder for StreamReader.buffer
a011989 : Issue 104: store and expose Mark.index
0fb317a : Remove unused code and annotations reported by Helios
7364fa2 : Prepare announcement for 1.8 release
a979a08 : Update issue 103 mergind now done "properly" - no duplications inside MappingNode after merge procedure. + "merged" property introduced to MappingNode to prevent unnecessary iterations over MappingNode's values. "merged" value determined now during composition.
0f3794b : update license headers
429b51f : Update issue 103 More tests for merging.
baf5b48 : Apply year 2011 in the copyright
5c94664 : Issue 100: add test to merge map to JavaBean
fd35ff9 : Issue 100: when the merged JavaBean is itself a JavaBean property then explicit tag is not required
763114a : Issue 100: update tests taking into account that !!merge tag is only for the '<<' scalar
cb08fdf : Provide JavaDoc for BeanAccess enum
15378f7 : Remove redundant references to PyYAML in JavaDoc
e4b04d0 : Issue 100: update test - add instance variable for DataMore
36088de : added missing heading
c68821b : improving test for merging beans when tags are present in the document
43fac15 : issue 100 - polishisg tests....
72f4f18 : issue100 flattenMapping for the JavaBean. + test with tags
70ab9ac : Issue 100: add more tests
568b8d8 : Issue 100: write a test
e233242 : Issue 99: refactor test
f79cf3c : Issue 99: Add a test with custom local tag
c8f7c5e : Issue 99: Add a test with redefined !!binary tag
7f5a717 : Add an example for escaping line breaks in binary content
f9d1929 : Base64Coder restored to its unchanged version
e88e424 : Add/change comments
7f479e8 : Issue 97: Propose a solution for JavaBeans to support SortedSet property when it is encoded as a sequence
1bd9cf8 : Issue 59: Improve test to dump unsorted JavaBean properties
b4d165f : Issue 60: Simplify the way how the order of JavaBean properties is specified
66c2492 : Add test annotation
1df16e6 : #issue 95. Added dump/load without Tag test.
755ff79 : Changes GenericProperty to pay attention to Array in ParameterizedType.
91ecb5c : Change tests to fail when Collection's parameter is an Array.
fedc0de : Update ChangeRuntimeClassTest
2345078 : Add ChangeRuntimeClassTest as an example how to change a class for a global tag
8f6ec8c : Make private methods of Constructor.ConstructMapping protected
69f99f1 : Add a test for a single document in a stream
74f18c7 : JavaDoc: explain better what happens in Yaml.loadAll()
d058aea : Add test: check that documents are parsed only when they are asked to be loaded
903025b : Inner objects in Constructor become protected to be more flexible when Constructor is expended
234973e : Issue 90: mention that Base64Coder is modified
c2fb687 : Backout URLs with path
406eb4b : Issue 91: apply domain name
a4d5e69 : Improve coverage of Base64Coder
8a5c2b6 : issue 90: Move Base64Coder into another package to keep a separate copyright statement
0819e63 : CON: introduce applySequence() method to be more flexible with what to do with sequence content
cb9248f : Remove TODO because it is already applied
fe23edf : Issue 69: Iterable should not be serialised as sequence
632c5ec : Fix Maven profile name
6d5e921 : Introduce 'fast' Maven profile to quickly build cobertura reports
33e4f88 : fix issue 89: specify the plugin versions in order to ensure that builds are reproducable
e2e7a72 : no functional change: update changes.xml and remove unused comments
f05db1a : add mapping nodes to withCheckedTag if they have CustomTag defined
650c864 : new test to fail the build
5519229 : bit faster loading. create ser +same deser +shal +deep total size +dfl 209 171809 170198 210167 210655 210961 382770 521 298
e322eac : issue 87: CON may assign a sequence to a property (which must be a List)
059e994 : issue 87: add example for CON without package names
8ab785e : issue 87: add more tests
872686d : issue 87: implement basic Compact Object Notation
7d37b09 : CON: compact-formatted properties are respected
0f15ab6 : CON: create instance using the provided arguments
a6964fe : Minor refactoring in Emitter to improve performance: save calls to Constant.has()
333e8f3 : Add one more example with JodaTime (as a JavaBean property)
3d4a8af : Introduce arguments in compact constructor
5ac8627 : Introduce constructor for compact object notation
d830de2 : Remove reduntant checks in Emitter
65df777 : Minor refactoring: length()==0 is slightly more efficient then "".equals()
5dab1f9 : Add comments to StreamReader.prefixForward()
370faf2 : Let's create less Strings when dumping. Use writer.write(char[]+) instead of writer.write(String)
d42160a : introduce prefixForward method to eliminate redundant checks in some cases (just a try) ;)
9d18887 : Backout changes for issue 84: regular expessions for implicit types are always applied
404da8d : Improve performance of ScannerImpl.checkToken()
3232760 : Add 'main' method to StressTest to simplify profiler configuration
fcc37a0 : remove redundant code
29ef0ca : Remove complier warnings in Representer
bcbc642 : redundant checks removed
73b6eff : Do not erase Tag if Loader will not be able to determine correct class during object composition or when CustomTag specified. Mostly for aliased objects in Generic Collections.
28ecd1e : Issue 84: implement ImplicitMode.NEVER_IMPLICIT_TYPES
bc09932 : Issue 84: JavaBeanLoader does not use regular expressions for implicit types
aa1bf58 : No BitSet in LoaderOptions. It should be just a JavaBean
b08b755 : Use BitSet in LoaderOptions
ca6d253 : Rename options to dumperOptions in Yaml to avoid confusion with loaderOptions
b49bace : Introduce LoaderOptions to be able to specify configuration while loading
2b8d39a : Make tests pass and add TODO for issue 82
35ffbe0 : issue 82 make testBA pass (see issue 83. Inherited fields with a same name.... not yet)
191c6d3 : Update PropOrderInfluenceWhenAliasedInGenericCollectionTest (name is wrong)
d18badf : Update PropOrderInfluenceWhenAliasedInGenericCollectionTest
f1fbd1f : test to fail (see issue 82). Generic collections erases tags which not alway ok.
7f99c0e : Fix issue 81: Representer.representJavaBeanProperty() is given the wrong tag
29dfd40 : Rename JvmDetector into GenericsBugDetector
fb540fd : Update tests
c09c141 : Fix issue 80: Timestamp is not parsed properly when milliseconds start with 0
bb524f0 : Add a test for issue 80: test milliseconds in timestamp
b2e8e3b : Issue 79: Context for error reporting consumes a lot of resources
9d1e11d : let's try to make Constant a bit faster: minimize String.indexOf(char) calls new jvm-serializers' numbers: create ser +same deser +shal +deep total size +dfl 208 ->184060 183931 245265 246237 246141 430201 521 298
9db1520 : now it is possible to produce Marks without buffer attached. It is used to produce nice error messages (not always needed). Stripping buffer from Mark decreases memory usage (especially with big files) and deserialization time. Some output from jvm-serialisers (OSX 10.6.4, C2D 2.66, 4GB DDR3, Apple JRE (build 1.6.0_20-b02-279-10M3065):
437fae8 : Rename repositories to have the same names as in Sonatype parent POM
28699b7 : Backed out changeset 341708f16934
30bc610 : Use oss-parent POM from Sonatype
7ec40e1 : Cleanup unused code in deprecated Loader and Dumper
86a4f4c : [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
eacfe32 : [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v1.7
0a12671 : [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v1.7
852ef65 : POM: add developerConnection
99853ae : POM: change tabs for spaces
7dd8af1 : Revert to SNAPSHOT for Maven release plugin
c7c59da : Prepare release 1.7
d1849f5 : Eclipse does not run JUnit 4 tests when they are launched for the whole project
ef405eb : share PropertyUtils if not explisitly set in Constructor or Representer
a76b699 : add test to fail when using default YAML constructor and BeanAccess.FIELD
8dcb63b : Added tag v1.7rc1 for changeset 867b36541ecc
9474d55 : Use lower case: RC -> rc
881b876 : Added tag v1.7rc1 for changeset 7bc45c39c988
30286bc : Create 1.7RC1
16ded55 : Restore code in Loader and Dumper to keep backwards compatibility
9b613ff : Remove code from Loader and Dumper
793c118 : Remove old LICENSE clause from source
f1b0e74 : Issue 77: respect DumperOptions if used with Dumper
4efdcdc : Simplify public API: Drop Dumper from tests
43bd82c : Simplify public API: Drop Dumper
def9635 : Move SnakeYaml back to Yaml
83c2bbc : Remove last case of old Yaml usage from tests
53aac96 : Major change: drop Loader from the public API
08fd886 : Add examples to create scalars that match custom regular expression
737b109 : TODOs changed
709a241 : IcedTea6 has better support for generic arrays
2c63878 : Add a test for generic arrays
2303bd5 : Java Generics do not work the same way on all JDKs. Make IcedTea6 work with generic arrays
e68f8a7 : Fix issue 74: Do not use redundant tags for arrays which are JavaBean properties
3e2bab1 : Add JavaDoc to Node
c7b07c6 : Add RecursiveSortedSetTest
b865e0e : Check StackOverflowError in a recursive set
af33d57 : Add a comment for DumpSetAsSequenceExampleTest
6b1f7e9 : RecursiveSetTest proves that it is possible to construct a recursive set
b75dbcf : issue73: provide an example to serialise a java.util.Set as a sequence
f1867bb : issue73: add more tests
f532df6 : Finish issue73; do not omit !!set tag for JavaBean properties
795b80a : Fix issue73: set can be loaded as seq
fff05b3 : Prepare issue73: fix test
42220ba : Prepare issue 73: add failing tests
9f86538 : Add JavaDoc to SafeRepresenter.addClassTag()
de1fbb6 : Add to changes.xml a note about Sonatype repository
25b3261 : Fix issue 72: Support java.util.Collection as a parent for List and Set
49ad28a : Add tests for issue 55
5952296 : finish tests for issue 55
fed5ade : prepare tests for issue 55
0d5771a : Add a test to cover java.util.Collection
ee3f151 : Add more tests for issue 68
d361096 : fix issue 69: Serialise Iterator and Iterable as sequences
5aa0441 : Change error message when 'No suitable constructor with N arguments found for class'
eb1c68f : Fix test failing because of YAML vs Java type ambiguity
8a9c8da : Add (failing) test to cover primitive constructor parameters for immutable objects
fd38fc9 : add a test for issue 68
6db1cdf : constructor discovery for immutable object changed
5b24fd9 : few tests to fail immmutable object creation
574e2c8 : HOTSPOT eliminated => loading performance improved
28b277b : added missing headers, fixed wron one. reverted unnecessary changes
6e47121 : SafeRepresenter: make all private representers protected to improve JodaTime example
99ad63a : Add Antony to AUTHORS
bcc0331 : Add example to load JodaTime
c5d6c74 : Add example to dump JodaTime
325fa60 : Use project name in the copyright holder of source files
d897db3 : Add possibility to create a Tag out of an URI
22edb6e : issue 67: do not escape [] in tags
82930e8 : uncomment test which checks that long is parsed properly even when !!int tag is used
84357c4 : remove a TODO after testing with different JVMs
663a22b : improve error message when a global tag is invalid
84dd3c9 : issue 67: add TODO for [] characters
d0536a2 : issue 67: URLDecoder.decode() does not fail when UTF-8 is invalid
73ff473 : issue 67: add more tests and report proper line and column for invalid tag
90d9350 : fixing build. more info see
2a124ab : missing license headers added
7ff394f : fix error message for Java 5
08588e9 : fix mistake in pom
ea44f9f : apply license info for added source files
f03f2ae : few changes to make prev. generic tests PASS
6ad34e9 : few testcases to fail current version. ObjectValuesWithParam actually passes see TODO comment in file.
9eeafb8 : cobertura should ignore gdata source
b3404f0 : fixing build for OSX and Windows broken by last commit. Linux (FC13) build is fine too.
021be9f : Fix: java classes containing non-ASCII characters in names are incorrectly encoded
aa8b180 : organize indents in changes.xml
87bde16 : + BeanAccess enum added to control bean's properties discovery so far 2 options are implemented DEFAULT - preserves current behavior (is default), FIELD - uses bean fields only + bean instantiation using non-public default constructor is possible now.
5c06135 : Fix 65: add checks for null arguments for JavaBeanDumper
a40dac2 : add an example for custom int resolver
dd960f7 : add checks for null arguments for issue 65
8d1306c : add a test for issue 65
5ecd4c1 : Add a test to see how stack trace is serialised
3488f42 : Fix issue 64: ClassCastException in Representer when working with ParameterizedType
5f75d37 : Improve toString() for MappingNode
5d1a60f : revertin back unnecessary change
4cdfade : create arrays like arrays straightaway, not like List->Array
04d6ec9 : start fixing issue 63. Array is still incomplete
24c8ca4 : Add examples for dumping custom values for !!bool and !!null
1d14e1e : amend comment
ac40274 : fix both parser and emitter for issue 61
4e0d305 : Fix: ClassCastException when dumping generic bean
e77a02d : issue 59: Provide an example for changing JavaBean properties order
647b92e : add an example for issue 60: skip JavaBean properties
89f7141 : update test with implicit resolver
26fc0a3 : fix issue 58: JavaBeanDumper.dump throws NullPointerException on list property with null element
4b98828 : add a test with TypeDescription for a Perl YAML document
53e55e6 : Make constructors in SafeConstructor public
2826694 : update POM to deploy artifacts to Sonatype repositories
51fbdb8 : issue 53: do not emit empty line for empty collections
fd03e2d : format source
8cda6fb : Enhancement for a pretty format that combines BLOCK and FLOW
4a61958 : fix issue 50: Unable to dump JavaBean that inherits from a protected base class
0a4a51e : update test for issue 50
63c118d : format source
039bc29 : Use Token.ID and Event.ID instead of just ID
26453f9 : update announcement for release 1.6
b17ca71 : Issue 50 fails in Eclipse but works with Maven
3536e9a : tag 1.6
ced6e02 : release version 1.6
4b250bc : add 1.6rc2 tag
85dff1b : deploy 1.6RC2
e1050b8 : GrigorianCalendar: dump timezone as GMT offset
d1aa3d6 : issue 49: dump Calendar as timestamp
30302d5 : Don't dump read-only properties by default
b4779f9 : Parse GregorianCalendar
243e963 : update text in changes.xml
b124567 : add test for issue 52: check format for double quoted scalar
18cc780 : fix issue 51: do not escape non-ASCII characters in double quoted style
0d53b74 : Introduce representJavaBeanProperty() method in Representer
58fb3e5 : Added tag v1.6rc1 for changeset 0fccddc1c994
1a791b8 : apply 1.6rc1 version in pom.xml
09375d3 : prepare 1.6RC1
7980aa4 : fix typo in changes.xml
8bf55bc : Representer.representJavaBean() returnes MappingNode
e2870ee : less output in tests
15b28d8 : Add example of serialising static fields
a526423 : do not check absolute path in FileTest
0f25faf : update FileTest
9710fe4 : add example for issue 46: Dump a object
79ca58e : improve readability: use more autoboxing for integers
faabc89 : improve readability: use more autoboxing for integers
1ca7b16 : remove unused Event.ID.CollectionStart
a1e21ea : remove unused Event.ID.CollectionEnd
c254ad1 : remove unused Event.ID.Node
cdd4620 : fix typing errors in Parser
906a453 : improve ScannerImplTest
0126b03 : update text in changes.xml
edcfa6c : refactor ScannerImpl: rename variable to 'hex' and do not rely on operator precedence
8f2ea82 : Refactor: introduce Chomping to avoid using null as value for Boolean
8e50e7a : Refactor: change signature for Constant.has()
e5713f7 : fix: ScannerImpl - possibleSimpleKeys must be LinkedHashMap
1449da5 : update text in changes.xml
b93bc9c : change JavaDoc
6d7bdeb : Refactor: use Event.ID instead of classes
f6bb127 : introduce Event.ID enum
fb858c7 : org. imports in ScannerImpl
3eef530 : Refactor: use Token.ID instead of classes
7894ef2 : Introduce Token.ID enum
3dd9d33 : Refactor: use generic classes for DirectiveToken
b37fa56 : Refactor: rename Reader to StreamReader to avoid name conflict with
b693d5a : introduce hasNo() methods in Constant to improve readability
c5335b0 : Refactor: use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer
65619ef : Refactor: introduce Constant class to share String constants
534c70f : use LINEBR
d37814a : remove annoying warnings in BeanConstructorTest
f1f3818 : use Tag class instead of String in tests
d1796f3 : Reader: remove redundant code when creating Mark
658fc0c : fix JavaDoc in UnicodeReader
63db031 : Keep Tag.equals(String) to simplify transition to Tag class
02775a9 : BaseConstructor shall give more flexibility to choose a constructor at runtime. 'getConstructor()' must be protected instead of private.
d81fbb2 : Since a Tag cannot be null (it can be null only in events) get rid of the factory method to create Tag and use plain constructor instead
1fa9989 : use Tag in TypeDescription
11271e5 : use Tag in Representer
87ff579 : Refactor: introduce Tag instead of Tags. Nodes use Tag class instead of String
0da4a9d : Refactor: introduce TagTuple instead of String[]
57cb7b6 : add missing license header
37ea105 : include 2010 year in the license header
926a281 : change example: use another constructor (SafeConstructor) in a test.
15eb296 : fix: check the beginning for the global tags
873aeb8 : performance: introduce COMPATIBILITY_MAP
e1e79d8 : Ignore tags when they are compatible with the runtime class
7c327be : remove redundant cast in test
e1bc076 : add testBigDecimalNoRootTag
84e718a : prepare issue 40: do not create Double for BigDecimal to keep high precision
aa61418 : less output in tests
2987241 : Add example to ignore unknown tags
6951d38 : Do not omit the tag for JavaBean properties when the tag is explicitly defined
1d3245c : Fix ID format for numbers over 999
8963aca : Refactor: rename method in DumperOptions
0fd9926 : proposal for issue 29: Allow separate option in DumperOptions for long strings
cb55384 : add ArrayStackTest
dbc7c09 : update tests. Add JavaDoc
70e10f5 : JavaBeanDumper: add possibility to define a custom Representer
27b64b3 : Introduce multi contructors (tag prefix). A family of tags may be processed by a single constructor
fed50bd : Refactor BaseConstructor: simplify second step for recursive structures
b6670db : Add FilterPropertyToDumpTest to show how to filter JavaBean properties
430f672 : update test
0b27f1d : Add FilterClassesConstructorTest to show how to filter created classes
37f2f1c : apply source formatter
c1f62f3 : update JavaDoc
5276a6f : Added some of the missing JavaDoc comments.
087701d : use JavaBeanDumper for template example
db75fd1 : Add Velocity example
205e9cd : Refactor: rename Tuple to RecursiveTuple and hide it inside BaseConstructor
8f51131 : change comments
eff5e90 : fix spelling in a comment
16f2af3 : send 1.5 release announcement to
e571ede : Added tag v1.5 for changeset 859f41684ad1
51263a3 : prepare release 1.5
4f604cd : deprecate skipping default implicit types for scalars
8030603 : Extend Resolver to support custom implicit types
7cc0658 : use UTF-8 for resource files
2af46af : stress test may fail because Cobertura makes it very slow. Do not fail but report long time
04a2983 : use UTF-8 for resources
bb46e9e : disable System.out.print in test
e297bc5 : Make regular expressions in Resolver public to support custom implicit types
83ffc97 : tag 1.5rc1
b1faf6a : prepare 1.5 RC1
4e8eafa : change comment
e300329 : change comments
ca42243 : refactor Representer: introduce more protected methods to allow overriding
e70b9b3 : add TypeSafeMap2Test
8cdbf29 : issue 25: do not emit global tags for any key or value in a generic Map
b7db9f4 : do not rely on the key sequence in tests
17950ed : change description for release 1.5
75fa9a3 : remove unused check
7c8adf9 : Issue 25: generic Map does not emit redundant global tags
ff2e6cb : Issue 25: generic Set does not emit redundant global tags
219c61a : Issue 25: generic List does not emit redundant global tags
bf0269a : change a comment in a recursive test for Set
a9de7ef : Issue 25: add Map to already working Set and List
e82ce6d : fix: explicit TypeDescription is more important then runtime class
f88e848 : Parse Set or SortedSet without a global tag if it is a JavaBean property
ffa02ec : refactor test: rename JavaBean
cf48aa0 : Parse different Map implementations (SortedMap, Properties) without global tags if they are JavaBean properties
69bf10c : add TypeSafeListWithInterfaceTest
7bdd2bc : uncomment tests with TODOs
0531db0 : add comment to a test
c4069d5 : Improve construction of generic collections: cover public fields (issue 25)
3cf50c5 : Performance improvement: use ArrayStack instead of Stack
8caea31 : Improve construction of generic collections (only parsing List now)
43eb6e5 : Fix ConstructYamlObject: support recursive objects. Introduce 'resolved' property for Nodes
979636c : Refactor: use rootTag instead of rootType (for Class) in BaseConstructor
e3e678e : align text in changes.xml
e0d4c81 : org. imports in test
6fa30b5 : Line numbers reported in Exceptions are Zero based, should be 1 based
7db8a02 : apply version 1.5-SNAPSHOT
0bece05 : Support arrays of reference types as JavaBean properties
d82a63b : add testStringArray
ae99b74 : Respect root tag for sequences
564f0f7 : SafeRepresenter respects custom tags for standard Java classes
74fca8d : use LinkedList in the example to deviate from default ArrayList
0eda8b5 : use LinkedList in the example
db93e7b : Add possibility to define a custom Class Loader
305c781 : improve change message
1db13d0 : Fixed an obscure scanner error not reported when there is no line break at the end of the stream
9ab17c0 : Cache JavaBean class properties
9df1d48 : improve description for ArrayStack introduction
80ff612 : Introduce ArrayStack to use push() and pop() instead of standard 'remove(size()-1)'
9c852ca : Added tag v1.4 for changeset deee8a509f26
98d44e0 : release 1.4
390b384 : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in tests
4276524 : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in Canonical parser ans scanner
c93fa6e : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in ScannerImpl
55cdf01 : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in Resolver
80ab7dc : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in Representer
f4ac699 : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in BaseRepresenter
1d33028 : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in ParserImpl
c294eb8 : use ArrayList and ArrayBlockingQueue instead of LinkedList in Emitter
0f71d12 : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in SafeConstructor
c084ec7 : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in Constructor
f09aeb1 : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in BaseConstructor
1057788 : use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in Composer
e733e5a : add a comment to Representer
021f6b5 : update announcement for 1.4 release
1adf3a9 : Apply Apache License Version 2.0
da101eb : fix typo
22e2f53 : Provide javadocs link to Sun Java API
6dc77c2 : change comment
4fe56f4 : prepare version 1.4rc1
639e9b6 : Added tag v1.4rc1 for changeset 6c34aa4c2143
bb22d49 : no change: move test methods to show the best way first
b178714 : prepare announcement for 1.4
295f876 : remove TODO: primitive arguments will require a custom constructor
cab2721 : Introduce Tags.getGlobalTagForClass() to simplify tag generation in custom constructors
fe5f0c1 : Refactor: introduce ImplicitTuple instead of boolean array
ab2e864 : Fix issue11: create a Java instance with the following priority to choose the class: Explicit tag -> Runtime class (defined in JavaBean) -> implicit tag
d9d317f : fix issue 11
a11dbb2 : rename the test for issue 9 to conform with the Maven 2 standard
9b36f70 : put LICENSE info to new files
7edf1ad : change 1.4 version description
b5cbc45 : fix merge
ccc3b9a : Fix issue 9: Bean with no property cannot be instantiated
82d16ce : fix: use the tag when the runtime class cannot be instantiated
0e1b28f : rename local variable
050c422 : Deliver possibility to load immutable instances with no global tags
668ce80 : contribute a test for immutable objects
cfc1068 : add tests
6a14494 : use less "inline" casting in ConstructMapping
e606210 : use one instance of ConstructUndefined instead of four
eb57290 : use EnumMap for better performance
cc370ac : refactor Constructor: give class constructor better names
f85f49a : Use more informative error message when a JavaBean property be created
b4553d6 : fix ConstructScalarObject: properly load binary (byte[]) as a JavaBean property
3ada8f1 : fix ConstructSeqFromClass: arrays are treated as Lists
686d75f : ConstructSeqFromClass implements Construct
ae63c40 : Refactor: Constructor is rewritten
e798893 : restore removed code back to Constructor, add more tests
9485d2d : remove unclear code from Constructor
d6a3877 : remove redundant check in Constructor: null cannot be recursive
71e1e2b : Change Maven repository path: groupId='org.yaml', artifactId='snakeyaml'
ca2b4b3 : add comments to Constructor (no functional change)
685949d : test recursive objects with SafeConstructor
147f7fe : add missing LICENSE header
5fc1a70 : add dummy test for Tags
d79032f : use Tags constants
ec5973b : introduce Tags
0d07156 : refactor: rename methods in Constructor
3fe9677 : add more Javadoc
12e742c : remove redundant re-setting tag in case of a recursive node
5fcf4cf : improve BasicDumpTest
9327999 : change comments in tests
ad7cfaf : Fix: dump omits JavaBean class name when used with an alias
822dd48 : Generate sources and Javadoc
b97c22d : Node does not have the value. It is delegated to the non-abstract classes
9988d22 : Extends JavaBeanDumper to allow skipping global tags inside type-safe collections
a967e64 : add a test to construct JavaBeans with no properties specified in the YAML document
0cd207b : add a test to construct JavaBeans with no properties specified in the YAML document
59fcf47 : fix generics test
0fa55c4 : Temp. disable HumanGenericsTest
1d562dc : fix test: MyWheel implements Comparable<MyWheel>
4c16d3c : Refactor: redesign tag management for JavaBeans in Representer
9bd73d9 : use 'serialiZe' in comments
0d67411 : Remove unused TypeDescription in Representer
9da9b5c : Use NodeTuple instead of Node[] for mappings
190df50 : comment reformatted
fcc3588 : remove wrong TODO
b66e2f9 : Introduce JavaBeanLoader and JavaBeanDumper. Deprecate JavaBeanParse
f7fc140 : fix typo
ad09542 : Fix: Representer was keeping state between invocations
1304579 : Added tag v1.3 for changeset ac5fdbef2d8e
d4c6199 : update developer list
f625f25 : prepare release 1.3
87cf4c6 : rename isProperJvm() method to be more accurate
28952b5 : Fix: values returned by System.identityHashCode() are not guaranteed to be unique
390a38d : introduce GenericJvmDetector for dynamic JVM detection
f9c1f15 : improve test for Java Generics
8a1b7e7 : Add a simple test for Java Generics
26fb338 : refactor: rename private methods to mention JavaBean
024467c : add a test with no global tags (with a TODO for future resolution)
3cd9905 : refactor: rename recursive generics test classes to have unique test names
e6ce60e : improve JavaDoc
ceeb0ea : Some tests introduced for recursive objects support fail on non-Sun JDK
1ffd8a1 : add Alexander Maslov to authors
746cba7 : Fix: set the "cause" field for MarkedYAMLException
bbe8ab3 : Use 'implements Construct' instead of 'extends AbstractConstruct' where possible
a7e73d6 : remove empty lines
a57dd21 : report fixing issue 1
b2ec508 : fix typo in word ConstRuct
5267449 : fix typo in the word Partner
0e5ab70 : fix typo: rename Contructor to ConStructor
9506e32 : apply recursive_4.patch.txt from Alexander Maslov (issue 1)
55c6328 : prepare announcement for version 1.3
657d150 : use nanoseconds in tests
f7d7a6f : add comments
583bd9a : merge changes that were not automatically discovered by Mercurial
89e2a28 : resolver is 100% test covered
b9c6821 : improve test coverage
bdc0b54 : add a test to check an exception in case of a member of a JavaBean cannot be created
37f93f1 : remove redundant printStackTrace() from test
a214331 : minor test update
14d0fff : fix typo in comment
3c58885 : improve test coverage for constructor
f7e1935 : Add support for BigDecimal as a JavaBean property
10afbbc : remove unused try/catch block
644da4e : Allow construction of JavaBeans with only setter without the corresponding getter
fd5bf06 : DumperOptions gets 100% test coverage
b6b6fd9 : add tests for JavaBeans
41d1759 : improve test coverage for ConstuctYamlTimestamp
dbc69c7 : drop some unused methods from constructor which support recursive structures
ad2e3d9 : use an exception instead of an assert statement to check that a Mark is provided for a Token
cfa7160 : accept recursive_3.patch from issue 1
80e8ffe : add failing test for chain collections
56d1dd9 : add failing HumanTest to test recursive implementation
c6d9f4f : no assert in the code: throw exceptions for early problem detection
1db5c99 : put some TODOs and clean up minor things for the recursion patch
cae7024 : Add a test to check the proper report for IOException
6002d62 : Fix: represent proper tags for JavaBeans when they are not the root of the YAML document but a member of a collection
e6f6f42 : remove classpath file
aeef048 : remove project file
7820ce9 : ignore project file to avoid a conflict in Eclipse
377e2ff : import patch snakeyaml_recursive.patch from Alex Maslov
7f67d9b : restore Java 5 compatibility
dadd838 : less output in tests
bf60a84 : use SNAPSHOT version
a5424f5 : Refactor: run PMD and apply some of the recommendations
12619a8 : announce migration to Google Code
f562c79 : use Google's issue tracker
cafc7ff : move wiki files to a separate repository
00d4a2d : change wiki to google style
347ad2b : link Google code
2d65561 : use 1.3-SNAPSHOT as development version
f72450d : Fix: null as a JavaBean property was not handled properly
be8ee39 : Validate changes.xml file
73f9cdf : add Magne as a contributor
068685a : Fix: getting an error when javabean contains java.sql.Timestamp fields
a47457e : update message in announcement
1e9cfd4 : update link to ZIP archive
49e0af2 : Added tag v1.2 for changeset 53e44bcb10ae
9a69f0e : update documentation for release 1.2
51cc9ec : amend changes file
52cf050 : remove too many compose methods and update the documentation
e7a444a : update documentation
9713eac : remove empty line
7f76692 : Add 'Yaml.parse()' method which return Events to support low level YAML processing
636bfea : update history
69b75f5 : show proper URL for tickets in changes
3c764a3 : Introduce LineBreak.getPlatformLineBreak
0fb13a7 : Rename LineBreak.LINUX to LineBreak.UNIX
48036c3 : Add 'compose' methods which return Nodes to support YEdit
eeb19af : Refactor: rename enums in DumperOptions to make the names consistent
d79a13b : Refactor: use Character instead of char primitive for style in Emitter
ed12496 : fix typo
09e5a6a : remove TODO
d47810c : update docs
6a9268e : history updated
9fc18f8 : add comments
95056f2 : Add possibility to parse all scalars as Strings
9fa652a : Merge changeset 347 from PyYAML
5d871de : update version
af51901 : update documentation
b900be1 : Respect DumperOptions with a custom Representer
c215e70 : fix documentation: describe TypeDescription
7851c08 : capitalize first words
9c9587e : Represent TAB as '\t' instead of '(9' in the error message
8577ba2 : update link to zip with 1.1
9c956cb : Added tag v1.1 for changeset a646dd4eaab5
9629be7 : update wiki for JavaBeanParser

+- Project: platform/external/sonivox

24d7c40 : Sonivox: add SafetyNet log.
3ac0443 : Sonivox: sanity check numSamples.

+- Project: platform/external/speex

201a22f : Fix and suppress warnings in external/libspeex.

+- Project: platform/external/sqlite

97ef26e : enable secure_delete by default

+- Project: platform/external/squashfs-tools

23502f9 : Add security.capabilities to squashfs

+- Project: platform/external/strace

c2fd209 : Update generated files.
5b2d257 : tests: add sync_file_range.test and sync_file_range2.test
27bff90 : Add default values for SYNC_FILE_RANGE_* constants
6f072d5 : Fix sync_file_range2 output
71fe62e : Replace PF_* constants with AF_*
2aa9b32 : tests: add read-write.test
7b5d8f9 : tests/pread64-pwrite64.test: extend dumpio coverage
0de5829 : tests: add hexdump_memdup function to libtests
35e97a7 : tests: add fchownat.test
baeff23 : tests: add fchmodat.test
9f3a6af : Fix printing of negative offsets in pread64 and pwrite64 syscalls
69f1bf3 : tests/hexdump_strdup.c: add support for longer strings
fe0d07a : tests/preadv-pwritev.c: fix typo in error diagnostics
d82b0d8 : tests: add chroot.test
4c4ab0f : tests: add fdatasync.test
16c078e : tests: add fsync.test
a067b8d : tests: add sethostname.test
3ae8690 : Consistently handle unsigned arguments of mmap* and remap_file_pages
f40ea79 : Consistently handle 2nd and 3rd arguments of [gs]etsockopt as unsigned
b0d23cc : Add sentinel attribute to printxvals
ccdc82a : Cleanup parser of ptrace syscall
1f3482b : Define PRI__[uxs]64 macros to print __s64 and __u64 values
3f6ebce : Implement dumping of preadv and pwritev syscalls
c98ab88 : Fix decoding of preadv syscall in case of short read
d461151 : Fix printing of negative offsets in preadv and pwritev syscalls
0a9d194 : Fix printing of unreadable struct iovec
5dde567 : tests: factor out a part common to many simply organized test scripts
579a4aa : tests: introduce $NAME
2e8a787 : tests: move definitions of $OUT and $ERR to
a990e8c : tests: simplify sendfile.test and sendfile64.test
1e7dfc3 : open.test, openat.test: lift /proc requirement
cca2e53 : quotactl: add decoding of Q_GETNEXTQUOTA and Q_XGETNEXTQUOTA
4ce6b5e : Update Q_* constants
c4d67d4 : Update CLONE_* constants
54cc3e1 : Update BPF_MAP_TYPE_* constants
ce515dd : Update SO_* constants
ebd1124 : Update SEGV_* constants
dbc68b7 : avr32: wire up copy_file_range syscall
d2029cc : tests/uname.test: check abbreviated output, use print_quoted_string
90406df : faccessat.test: robustify against libcs invoking faccessat syscall on their own
347a5d4 : openat.test: robustify against libcs invoking openat syscall on their own
f09a474 : tests: add open.test
e17f28d : Update generic ioctl entries from linux 4.5
e7794ae : maint: update for linux 4.5
9d91928 : Fix decoding of device numbers in mknod and mknodat syscalls
b0e507f : sparc64: fix decoding of mknod and mknodat syscalls for sparc personality
6598026 : tests: add openat.test
896479d : tests: add renameat.test
e2975b6 : tests: add faccessat.test
8346e63 : tests: add creat.test
0ebe67b : tests: add mknod.test
9a88371 : tests: add syslog.test
c4e36dc : tests/scm_rights-fd.test: fix pathname regex
e10ab4c : tests: add strace-r.test
534a392 : tests: add strace-ttt.test
e4d110d : tests: add strace-tt.test
ac2c43e : tests: add strace-t.test
a08d03f : tests: add strace-T.test
f7f7e60 : tests: split out tests of specific decoders
39ab120 : tests: add getcwd.test
17654da : tests: add print_quoted_string function to libtests
032a9a4 : tests: add xetpriority.test
b824f98 : tests: add flock.test
c3fb92c : tests: add sched_xetscheduler.test
ab26390 : alpha: fix SOCK_DIAG_BY_FAMILY tests
aa7b60d : Update EPOLL* constants
b389028 : tests: add count-f.test
5d6292c : hppa: wire up copy_file_range syscall
fb22306 : tests: filter strace output in uname test
ea5c7b5 : tests: add sched_xetparam.test
1eed594 : tests: add sched_get_priority_mxx.test
ab917ae : tests: add dup.test, dup2.test, and dup3.test
61ac8ee : tests: add fchmod.test
275d135 : tests: add acct.test
1b5d1cb : tests: add chmod.test
c811fa6 : Reduce memory usage while managing tcbs allocation.
eee3476 : tests: add umask.test
a4128a7 : tests: add rename.test
68a58a3 : tests: add uname.test
0cb245a : mips: wire up copy_file_range syscall
9649ac1 : tests: add rt_sigsuspend.test
11d623f : Print pid_t arguments of rt_sigqueueinfo and rt_tgsigqueueinfo as int
2743efc : getrusage.test: fix build on x32
274fd46 : getrusage.test: check that getrusage parser does not access extra memory
5204dbd : tests: add getrusage.test
49faae9 : Print rt_sigtimedwait return value as a signal name
f09b7c4 : tests: add rt_sigprocmask.test
1165620 : Fix corner cases of rt_sigpending syscall decoder
10c61e3 : Change unix_diag requests back to use full dump instead of exact match
f20304b : tests: avoid using cpp -dD
446e5b1 : tests: add poll.test
9f612ff : Fix abbreviated output of poll and ppoll decoders
8ef9809 : Print unfetchable address in poll and ppoll decoders
ddbede5 : Print offsets in lseek and _llseek syscalls as signed integers
669f8cf : tests: add xetpgid.test
7c05954 : tests: add alarm.test
1ab6e25 : Replace printargs_lu and printargs_ld with printargs_u and printargs_d
835127d : Change printargs_lu and printargs_ld to return RVAL_DECODED
cff071a : redirect.test: fix the way how strace output is discarded
4774f82 : tests: extend coverage of struct iovec arrays
13870c5 : Implement dumping of vmsplice syscall
6c93254 : tests: add tee.test
16a52b4 : Fix printing of negative offsets in splice syscall
c1f99f5 : Implement copy_file_range syscall decoding
3843768 : Update fs *_MAGIC constants
b9c8e66 : Update IPV6_* constants
c257fbe : Update SO_* constants
12d5e7c : Update MADV_* constants
84be84d : tests: robustify execve and execveat tests
b5faea4 : tests: simplify execve test
4ab2040 : Fix numbers of syscall arguments in syscall tables
f3948fe : s390: decode fadvise64 and fadvise64_64
61066ea : mips n64: use the most optimal parser for fadvise64 syscall
1a16618 : ia64: decode fstatfs64 and statfs64
a1e8228 : alpha, ia64, mips, sh, sh64: fix the number of pipe syscall arguments
9b38885 : alpha, ia64, mips, sh*, sparc*: fix error path decoding of pipe syscall
f9f04f7 : Fix pathtrace match for pipe2 syscall
3a63075 : avr32: wire up missing syscalls
0aae167 : tests: check decoding of madvise, mlockall, mremap, and msync syscalls
af618fa : Simplify decoding of waitpid and wait4 syscalls
591906c : waitid: print pid argument as int
d3f17c6 : waitid: always print 5th argument
ea21823 : socketutils: add const qualifier to variables
bcf5975 : print_sockaddr_by_inode: cleanup protocol lookup
6204654 : tests: check that -f -p attaches to threads properly
6ca4c92 : Introduce libstrace.a for potentially conditional compilation units
0acd8d0 : travis-ci: pass more gcov arguments to codecov
b1b692e : tests: extend coverage of struct itimerspec
9ee77b9 : tests: extend coverage of utimensat syscall
c736b45 : tests: extend coverage of time syscall
595fc10 : tests: extend coverage of struct sigevent
23168c1 : tests: extend coverage of execve and execveat syscalls
3c00e63 : Fix decoding of execve and execveat syscalls with invalid input
a59fcec : tests: extend coverage of capget syscall
48d97b6 : tests: extend coverage of sched_getaffinity syscall
f2e6f3d : tests: extend coverage of utime syscall
b5a7011 : tests: extend coverage of sysinfo syscall
7fce7c0 : tests: extend coverage of adjtimex syscall
a88c72e : tests: check that strace does not retain stdin and stdout descriptors
6aedd42 : Create a dummy pipe descriptor instead of opening /dev/null
0736d4e : If stdin/stdout aren't open on startup, open them to /dev/null
c9f85b3 : Close stdin/out after child is forked
7469e25 : tests: add opipe.test
320fb41 : strace-graph: print the pid in the graph
7e0ba4b : strace-graph: cope with clone immediately followed by exit
ef445b5 : strace-graph: handle recent strace output
dbc1ffb : strace-graph: handle strace -T
a0bc25f : strace-graph: use "strict" and "warnings" pragmas
26ed70b : Add file with links to build status and test coverage
5be488c : travis-ci: prepare and submit test coverage report
d8a81df : tests: extend readlink and readlinkat coverage
7637b1d : tests: add hexquote_strndup function to libtests
f2eb27c : readlinkat.test: use readlink.test
cba6710 : Add configure --enable-code-coverage option
71d3aa0 : introduce strace_CFLAGS and derivatives
fafa7dc : use strace_CPPFLAGS consistently
751fcb8 : tests: replace net-fd.test with net-y-unix.test
3c17d1b : Implement caching of print_sockaddr_by_inode
69bfc89 : Change unix_diag requests to use exact match instead of full dump
3c86e0e : Robustify netlink response parsers
cc09ba1 : inet_parse_response: add a safety check
2215c3e : receive_responses: avoid potential hangup
9d15ec7 : tests: replace net-yy.test with net-yy-inet.test
6124cd9 : tests: replace unix-yy.test with net-yy-unix.test
e364920 : tests: add inode_of_sockfd function to libtests
3d0f55e : unix_parse_response: add a safety check
dfea1da : Fixed decoding of mincore syscall's last argument
ea8b8e3 : Move fallback -yy socket print from printfd to print_sockaddr_by_inode
fa8c286 : Implement simultaneous use of -p option and tracing of a command
3872143 : strace.1: fix format of -P description
a8eb52f : tests: use local nanosleep based sleep utility replacement
3d54c92 : tests: add error_msg_and_fail function to libtests
d44707d : Fix dumping of recvmmsg syscall in case of short read
93c9d1c : Fix dumping of recvmsg syscall in case of short read
05a0af6 : Fix decoding and dumping of readv syscall in case of short read
a541730 : tests/tests.h: add ARRAY_SIZE and LENGTH_OF macros
590b240 : tests: add hexdump_strdup function to libtests
536a035 : tests: add tprintf function to libtests
ed22711 : quotactl: add Q_XGETQSTATV command decoding
60d4892 : quotactl: add decoding of if_dqinfo.dqi_flags constants
c02fd61 : quotactl: consistenly decode all write and unknown commands on entering
b176920 : quotactl: fix Q_QUOTAON command decoding
7258d27 : quotactl: print third argument as unsigned int
7ea48d6 : quotactl: fix Q_XQUOTAOFF command decoding
6a9ac96 : quotactl: fix Q_GETFMT and Q_XQUOTAON commands decoding
2d54496 : Update quotactl constants
0894194 : Replace u_int{8,16,32,64} with uint{8,16,32,64}
2105a97 : Move definitions of quotactl constants to xlat files
972018f : llseek.test: robustify against libcs invoking _llseek syscall on their own
8e37cff : lseek.test: robustify against libcs invoking lseek syscall on their own
19d10f8 : mmsg.test: fix regression introduced by commit v4.11-138-g6e815ce
68f7a66 : aio.test: check memory access by aio decoders
1763fa5 : s390, s390x: fix printing of syscalls unknown to the kernel
e2136d4 : s390, s390x: print all syscall arguments for syscall number 0
606fcd0 : mips o32: alias sys_syscall to printargs
b227293 : travis-ci: update build matrix
cc902e3 : mpers.awk: add support for DWARF files generated by clang
1ef7aa6 : reorder some statements for better readability
3fdcdd4 : scm_rights-fd.test: rewrite without fork
55f3c89 : tests: fix clang "duplicate 'const' declaration specifier" warnings
b6edea5 : tests/times.c: fix clang compilation warning
eb4649a : tests/mmsg.c: fix build on rhel6/ppc
8493dcf : s390: fix sigreturn decoding on recent kernels
65f8d39 : Update PTRACE_* constants
e714b87 : Fix struct sigevent decoding for musl
2a6ac94 : syscall.c: include <signal.h>
07572c6 : signal.c: fix musl libc compilation warning
7bbf8b5 : tests: fix TEST_SYSCALL_{NR,STR} and STRUCT_STAT_STR macros for musl
2165a35 : tests/struct_flock.c: fix musl libc compilation warnings
4776e33 : tests/inet-cmsg.c: fix musl libc compilation warnings
c36270a : aio.test: include <fcntl.h> instead of <sys/fcntl.h>
35eb03f : mmsg.test: check memory access by sendmmsg and recvmmsg decoders
3a184fe : mmsg.test: check decoding of flags passed to sendmmsg and recvmmsg
6e815ce : mmsg.test: prefer direct sendmmsg/recvmmsg syscalls to libc wrappers
8df07e1 : sigreturn.test: use RT_5 signal number instead of RT_2
5b87572 : avr32: wire up accept4 syscall
7de5331 : sparc64: fix names of {s,g}etres{u,g}id syscalls
b663fd9 : sparc64: remove sparc32 syscall entries
f77c4e6 : sparc: remove sparc64 syscall entries
f5fb0a7 : sparc64: clone syscallent.h from sparc
b111054 : sparc: fix mlock2 sysentry, wire up bind, listen, and setsockopt syscalls
8249eeb : tests: do not use settimeofday wrapper provided by libc
19ff2b2 : ioctl.test: robustify against libcs invoking ioctl syscall on their own
2720a61 : alpha: enhance decoding of getxpid, getxuid, and getxgid syscalls
b61b2d8 : Cleanup parser of getpagesize syscall
fbec510 : alpha: alias getdtablesize to printargs
6833d61 : tests: change text marker in fork-f and vfork-f tests
be1cb92 : Fix printing of 32-bit times syscall return value on 64-bit architectures
1eabdb3 : tests/vfork-f.c: support platforms without vfork
6bf08e3 : Fix and enhance decoding of sched_[gs]etaffinity syscalls
6267e4b : tests: convert epoll_create1.test from match_grep to match_diff
6e65922 : tests/struct_flock.c: use libtests
c83746a : tests/file_handle.c: use libtests
6feccf1 : tests/uid32.c: use libtests
67c998b : tests/uid16.c: use libtests
eb81ecf : tests/uid.c: use libtests
ea56b5b : tests/netlink_unix_diag.c: use libtests
285c3f4 : tests/netlink_inet_diag.c: use libtests
82d1fd1 : tests/readdir.c: use libtests
2e00fe9 : tests/getdents64.c: use libtests
74769e9 : tests/getdents.c: use libtests
29e5bde : tests/ipc_shm.c: use libtests
efb1340 : tests/ipc_sem.c: use libtests
3ba7fec : tests/ipc_msg.c: use libtests
4e4958e : tests/ipc_msgbuf.c: use libtests
bbbb97f : tests/mq.c: use libtests
0077704 : tests/utimensat.c: use libtests
647e795 : tests/ppoll.c: use libtests
4e66672 : tests/mmsg.c: use libtests
2c59f1e : tests/ip_mreq.c: use libtests
cf40111 : tests/ioctl.c: use libtests
b736a05 : tests/pipe.c: use libtests
a380ba0 : tests/getrandom.c: use libtests
0b75320 : tests/signalfd.c: use libtests
7fce908 : tests/pc.c: use libtests
73aa88a : tests/uio.c: use libtests
b2ae749 : tests/bpf.c: use libtests
9ad4409 : tests/aio.c: use libtests
05a27ea : tests/sched_xetattr.c: use libtests
2d161f5 : tests/wait.c: use libtests
f90f69f : tests/vfork-f.c: use libtests
237fbcd : tests/fork-f.c: use libtests
a68d7ac : tests/userfaultfd.c: use libtests
f03712e : tests/mlock2.c: use libtests
d3bd308 : tests/membarrier.c: use libtests
02b7166 : tests/nanosleep.c: use libtests
3a7c659 : tests/timerfd_xettime.c: use libtests
0566d54 : tests/timer_xettime.c: use libtests
21bbc14 : tests/timer_create.c: use libtests
9d499b5 : tests/clock_xettime.c: use libtests
4bd7cad : tests/clock_nanosleep.c: use libtests
5bf0eb0 : tests/truncate64.c: use libtests
89eb888 : tests/truncate.c: use libtests
8efd324 : tests/ftruncate64.c: use libtests
e4c6592 : tests/ftruncate.c: use libtests
a79617a : tests/llseek.c: use libtests
b699cb7 : tests/lseek.c: use libtests
3f6a552 : tests/readlinkat.c: use libtests
4b86fdb : tests/readlink.c: use libtests
c2c840d : tests/xattr.c: use libtests
c497c96 : tests/seccomp.c: use libtests
fa63468 : tests/restart_syscall.c: use libtests
91a6ef6 : tests/inet-cmsg.c: use libtests
8cad05c : tests/eventfd.c: use libtests
69fe020 : tests/epoll_create1.c: use libtests
bde121b : tests/mmap.c: use libtests
18eeb96 : tests/fanotify_mark.c: use libtests
af364e1 : tests/inet-accept-connect-send-recv.c: use libtests
2f5786c : tests/net-accept-connect.c: use libtests
9b3c77c : tests/unix-pair-send-recv.c: use libtests
423dd59 : tests/xselect.c: use libtests
8d2674e : tests/pselect6.c: use libtests
fc3e11b : tests/oldselect.c: use libtests
1bda9d7 : tests/select.c: use libtests
0827838 : tests/_newselect.c: use libtests
8655cb5 : tests/fstatat.c: use libtests
cebe881 : tests/newfstatat.c: use libtests
2acad73 : tests/fstatat64.c: use libtests
6c52f2b : tests/xstatx.c: use libtests
1875725 : tests/stat64.c: use libtests
9e51ce1 : tests/stat.c: use libtests
929bc6f : tests/lstat64.c: use libtests
096a436 : tests/lstat.c: use libtests
fc2c614 : tests/fstat64.c: use libtests
2902146 : tests/fstat.c: use libtests
ec6b85e : tests/statfs.c: use libtests
d88c2d8 : tests/xettimeofday.c: use libtests
7994f14 : tests/utime.c: use libtests
55095d0 : tests/filter-unavailable.c: use libtests
339a15b : tests/scm_rights.c: use libtests
e301e98 : tests/caps.c: use libtests
3174812 : tests/rt_sigqueueinfo.c: use libtests
55deec6 : tests/umount.c: use libtests
fa8d449 : tests/umount2.c: use libtests
6a641fc : tests/times.c: use libtests
f2e29da : tests/times-fail.c: use assert
8292431 : tests/memfd_create.c: use libtests
71ac6ff : tests/execveat.c: use libtests
c47adeb : tests/xetitimer.c: use libtests
10a69f8 : tests/sysinfo.c: use libtests
9c8654e : tests/sigaltstack.c: use libtests
463bb88 : tests/adjtimex.c: use libtests
cadf354 : tests/xet_robust_list.c: use libtests
4cd38c0 : tests/umovestr2.c: use libtests
4eb5d79 : tests/umovestr.c: use libtests
6a733fd : tests/time.c: use libtests
164e577 : tests/sendfile64.c: use libtests
54ba3b5 : tests/sendfile.c: use libtests
0c8853c : tests: include tests.h instead of config.h
87e6b23 : tests: introduce libtests
10eab9d : tests: enable strace-k.test only for --with-libunwind configurations

+- Project: platform/external/tinyalsa

eacde28 : tinyalsa: unable to set BYTE mixer

+- Project: platform/external/toybox

fafe427 : Regenerate generated files.
9fcaca8 : Fix build when wchar_t is unsigned.
0e05569 : Fix exit code of things like sed -i that use tempfile_handler().
e223cca : basename: fix segfault on null input; add tests
a823328 : Add od -w.
d4d9b5f : toolbox prlimit is no more.
af51034 : Debian bug 635570 did something horribly nonstandard (depending on a side effect of "sed -e 'a\'" with no trailing line). But there's an actual user, and it's not hard to implement, and it's not hard to implement, and there isn't an obvious _other_ way to do it, so add the behavior and a test for it.
1ffa7f4 : Fix bzcat.test (as noted by Andy Chu), wean tests off $TOPDIR and supply $FILES instead, move tests/blkid into tests/files/blkid.
b52f642 : The test infrastructure prints the command name now, so file.test shouldn't.
5a7b147 : Minor blkid cleanup. (There was a while(ptr[-1]==' ') ptr--; that could fall off the start of the string. I pulled on the thread...)
a8d0d13 : Redo build stuff in response to Andy Chu's suggestions.
c23186d : blkid: Handle short/empty vfat labels; update tests
6aba814 : Posix requires "" to be false, and 00 should be false, and -0 should be false. Fix memory leaks in regex. Simplify regex check (if we matched, subexpression had to match). Don't exit() from a command, set exitval and return.
4de04e8 : Make lsof 10x faster by caching /proc/net socket info.
ada3c08 : Fix last commit (had newline before first ==> name <==) and add -f tests.
426bc7f : Fix "tail -f single_file".
0ec95b7 : expr cleanup: simplify get_str() and free returned allocations.
68d7132 : Remove 'exit' from xargs test too.
516f3d6 : Fix bug where all tests aren't being run with 'make test'.
438fa71 : expr cleanup: traverse optargs with tok instead of incrementing optargs and copying itinto a second variable. Also add error message for empty ( )
1af3bad : Move whitespace and curly brackets around, move reference URLs to top of file, eliminate syntax_error() function (just call error_exit() directly), eliminate advance() wrapper, pipe expected error messages in test to /dev/null
e6912f9 : Fix type coercion bugs in expr.
14c91c1 : Fix the operator precedence in expr.
2665cd0 : Add base64.test, and Izabera pointed out that -w0 should disable wrapping.
2b999e6 : Add ls -b and make ls -q work with utf8.
eb24df9 : Split out _xexit() from xexit() and give sigatexit() multiple callbacks.
51d71f5 : factor: use long long math (64 bit on 32 bit platforms) and handle negative numbers even though we use unsigned math now.
6d364fc : Update scripts/ and cp.c so "make mv" isn't actually building cp.
2f7c98e : The xattr functions were added during the 2.5 kernel, lsm.h can #include the header unconditionally. (This fixes the warning when CP_PRESERVE disabled.)
96a5ed1 : Fix segfault in sed -e 'c\'.
d9d7761 : Remove switch_root.
1fd8065 : Add depends on TOYBOX_FORK for various commands that need nommu conversion. (This should fix allyesconfig.)
8d95074 : Cleanup pass on the dirtree infrastructure, in preparation for making rm -r handle infinite depth. Fix docs, tweak dirtree_handle_callback() semantics, remove dirtree_start() and don't export dirtree_handle_callback(), instead offer dirtree_flagread(). (dirtree_read() is a wrapper around dirtree_flagread passing 0 for flags.)
06108e6 : Regenerate generated files.
2a26ba4 : Fix warning (toys.optflags is a long long now).
21701f1 : wget: clean up
2e4aff2 : Another pass at file.c: move posix-required "executable" to front of output, next few fields in the order the other implementation outputs, fewer commas, fix a big where big endian executable type wasn't detected right, and fix the filehandle leak.
b3e9c92 : Elliott pointed out that we output "unlimited" instead of "infinity", so accept that as input. (And that I screwed up the test.)
5ad93f3 : Fix bzcat integer overflow reported by John Regehr.
ffc6fbb : Fix file for Java class files, improve script detection, and add tests.
5231bb5 : More minor cleanup (inline a function, simplify name of another).
53dc99a : Minor cleanup.
0dfa601 : Fix base64 so == wraps properly.
336c44a : Factor out command name at the start of test name, have print it.
eb83072 : Print command name at start of each test.
b69e1ef : Split lsattr/chattr tests.
54f95bd : Command name at start of each test.
b73d9a2 : Add fstype test.
9ef6fbf : Try to consistently print command name at the start of each test.
7ae108f : split pgrep/pkill tests.
7ca5dc4 : For years the man pages have said to #include <sys/types.h> to get major/minor/makedev, but glibc has vowed to break existing programs ( and replace it with _another_ non-standard header (not in posix or lsb), so let's just add functions to lib/ that do the transform ourselves.
323819c : The last-ever release of uClibc hasn't got prlimit, so probe.
dfc44f1 : SYS_finit_module isn't there on Ubuntu 12.04 because it was only added to the 3.8 kernel in 2012. That's way too new to assume the build environment has it, so #ifdef and simulate a failure if it's not there.
86f7c04 : Use shell builtins instead of calling wc/awk/sed. (Fewer forks in build loop.) Based on suggestions from Nicholas Boichat.
5a44e4a : The last-ever release of uClibc didn't #define MS_RELATIME.
789d2c1 : Use the correct types for recvfrom.
d3904ef : Fix "make help" again.
bef3a51 : config2help: add missing ctype.h include
c1161cf : do_regular_file() prints output line, don't fall through to print default.

+- Project: platform/external/tpm2

5c18d72 : CR50: update sources to build under clang 3.9
24f8b19 : Re-enable non-platform dependent crypto code.
16e65be : Disable algorithms ECDAA, ECSCHNORR, and SM2 (take 2).
afa4372 : Revert "Disable algorithms ECDAA, ECSCHNORR, and SM2."
7709a63 : Disable algorithms ECDAA, ECSCHNORR, and SM2.

+- Project: platform/external/tremolo

0cf80af : Check partword is in range for # of partitions

+- Project: platform/external/vogar

03101ad : Fix the tests so that they work with OpenJDK
dbe39a9 : Avoid making long filesystem keys
c14c652 : Follow-up min api level introduction
778cb7f : Fix Jack command-line
b848de3 : Remove forced usage of ALPHA version of Jack
458f36c : Switch vogar to use Jack and 1.8 language features by default

+- Project: platform/external/webrtc

d0e5361 : Remove __DATE__ and __TIME__ from tracing

+- Project: platform/external/wpa_supplicant_8

1e9857b : WNM: Ignore Key Data in WNM Sleep Mode Response frame if no PMF in use
c61bad6 : EAP-pwd server: Fix last fragment length validation
3aa9ad5 : EAP-pwd peer: Fix last fragment length validation

+- Project: platform/external/zlib

1acfb08 : Add zlib_fingerprint file.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

5a8dbe7 : drm: unused argument warning messages
5687bf5 : libcommon_time_client: unused argument warning messages
1e98fbe : Add the conditions that determine the region for US, CA and JP
94e2db7 : Don't print both current and new URIs by default
61458f0 : amrwbenc: fix possible signed integer overflow in ACELP_4t64_fx.
b06d2bd : MediaPlayer: use mLock to prevent racing condition.
e6ef154 : AUtils: disable overflow checks for isInRange
d66f862 : Address const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.
e15b567 : Address const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.
8abaa35 : Address const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.
51df8df : Address const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.
a40d49b : Address const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.
0b8dec7 : Use uint32_t for NAL offset and size
1cb23b0 : Fix 64-bit comparison
35738c6 : Fix benign overflow in verifyOpusHeader
047ccc7 : SoftAvcEnc:Configured constrained_intra_pred flag in internalSetParameter
ae9a5f1 : audioflinger: clear mMixerBuffer if frame is not ready
cd64e0e : AudioFlinger: Get shared heap size from property
c400396 : Camera: Disallow dumping clients directly
c9ab2b0 : Camera: Disallow dumping clients directly
6dd6c54 : Camera: set mNumberOfNormalCameras correctly
5403587 : Fix out-of-bounds write
113efbb : audioflinger: fix standby delay on A2DP output
9cebd7c : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Revert "fix possible overflow in effect wrappers."
9e29523 : fix possible overflow in effect wrappers.
50270d9 : DO NOT MERGE - libstagefright: check requested memory size before allocation for SoftMPEG4Encoder and SoftVPXEncoder.
22f824f : Fix security vulnerability in ICrypto DO NOT MERGE
91a23ed : DO NOT MERGE nuplayer: do not use cached source for wvm content
3d6a714 : DO NOT MERGE SoundPool: add lock for findSample access from SoundPoolThread
6afc659 : DO NOT MERGE - libstagefright: check requested memory size before allocation for SoftMPEG4Encoder and SoftVPXEncoder.
0462975 : DO NOT MERGE - libstagefright: check requested memory size before allocation for SoftMPEG4Encoder and SoftVPXEncoder.
69bd1cf : libstagefright: check requested memory size before allocation for SoftMPEG4Encoder and SoftVPXEncoder.
19c47af : DO NOT MERGE SoundPool: add lock for findSample access from SoundPoolThread
3599745 : DO NOT MERGE Revert "AwesomePlayer: Separate cache buffer watermarks for offload audio"
92e4151 : DO NOT MERGE Revert "AwesomePlayer: Stop posting buffering events once at EOS"
303a2c2 : Avoid parsing CC SEI payload beyond buffer end
ddbebb9 : AwesomePlayer: Separate cache buffer watermarks for offload audio
701cac1 : AwesomePlayer: Stop posting buffering events once at EOS
87f8cbb : libstagefright: check requested memory size before allocation for SoftMPEG4Encoder and SoftVPXEncoder.
7845a1f : fix deadlock in MediaPlayerService BUG: 25263909
76d4c7f : Reduce lock time for dump to make sure not locked when calling back to IResourceManagerClient.
b49c385 : ALooper::awaitResponse gets reply and returns immediately if the looper is stopped.
e4b4cf1 : DO NOT MERGE - audio flinger: fix fuzz test crash
2be5af3 : DO NOT MERGE - IAudioFlinger: add checks on binder calls

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

b443d5d : Track libcore change c5c1e2717349a96913dc88722a20c7c1ec2cae68
3f0f27f : Track libcore change e9d9ae3d5e57a60e20c2c01e3dceb3e51de8b9f4
cb939dc : Avoid destroying Device separately
2513fc3 : Track libcore commit cf86f3319e738c76c5e97ad95bb8a4e30654a787
db005bd : Allow factory reset when bluetooth is off (1/2)
eb4dd08 : Added CloseGuard for BaseObj
060956b : Fix log spam in getCharacteristicById()
942aebc : Always use Write Request for GATT descriptor writes
016e828 : Track libcore change 5731615b4d705b5af63a3126d84b8786862477d.
a7af759 : Track libcore change 9b7cfceb7b825835730f7977d4935dec3ff1a3be
ba068f4 : Remove support of disabling Jack.
5278d00 : Fix typo in Conversion Functions doc
8937f1a : Fix MTP_TYPE_UINT128 data conversion issue
ebfcdb9 : [RenderScript] Update documentation for Allocation.setAutoPadding().
e58ed9b : [RenderScript] Fix IntrinsicConvolve documentation.
c7c6364 : [RenderScript] Update the documentation of Script.LaunchOptions
288e3f5 : Frameworks/base: Refactor package manager
49da67c : Add OpenJDK 8 java.util.List Default Methods
6206c9f : Port OpenJDK8 changes in java.util.Map
598d37f : [RenderScript] Fail with Exception from validateObjectIsPrimitiveArray
71831a6 : Address const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.
86c5c2d : Silence clang static analyzer warnings
4293e55 : Add OpenJDK Arrays parallelSetAll methods
a294dac : set default journal mode to TRUNCATE, not PERSIST
98ff0b7 : Remove custom copy rules, stop using ACP
8a6c191 : Use canonical name for SHA1withECDSA
fbabb80 : Fix incorrect behavior for statusbar and quicksettings panel
a9e27ec : Use handles to identify GATT attributes (4/4)
1c7083c : Enable shader cache for applications that shared UID with multiple packages too
689f637 : Correctly init code cache path for RS
d455c8c : Make BluetoothManagerCallback oneway to prevent waiting on response
8d312a8 : Change how services are passed up to the stack
7e446b5 : Track libcore change 848cf2e74b74b68c99b7b0a432263c3e57433fde
b49420a7 : JobScheduler: handle connectivity action in bg looper
b693817 : Switch frameworks/base/core/jni from gcc to clang.
efab154 : Renamed the function initialing nativeloader
8586ec5 : Port OpenJDK 8 java.util.Arrays#setAll methods
a99b155 : Fix broken StringBuilder construction.
9e9ee05 : Track libcore change 336ffbe1f2870fef47f8e80da87c80d7e379b69c
e3e03df : Track libcore commit da61c6a1478cd1a14f3e654460292228f4f15e88
9b222c8 : Extra generic type information to aid certain javacs.
e8f2e44 : Use proper ScriptCall size in nScriptForEach()
f45eca1 : Track libcore commit d41ca4a76ea570f9dd89a7ae56410cc75cc0a856
9fa03bd : Track libcore change c9b5ffc066d5ea92fdbf0cfd7ea7f56a6e96a4ab
dd17bc7 : Track libcore commit 05f9ecbe6d0a41aaf71a1601f2a3d07218bc487c
960bfc2 : Add short codes for DCB to free UK and 44567 to standard US.
21bdaf1 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add flag to "am start" to enable native debugging
109ff58 : Fix build broken by dfce17570e74e94404395a802.
741ba66 : Track libcore change 45837f486a4fd1d0edc9bb5ab8f8cf0194204adc.
40f79bb : Track libcore change b695412b529c8dced105867c6d9d7fd463a67714
084ee67 : fix SeekBarPreference support for summaries
74be0c9 : Fix some errors in
904a01f : Don't crash if we get a DHCP packet with the wrong port.
73d2841 : Remove unneeded dependecy on core-tests to fix build
8c8daea : Revert "Set flags in RS JNI calls for rsObj creation"
c32718d : Track libcore change f121f31fd91c5a557225cd6a97418e716529eb2d
6ce213f : Update DexFile.getDexOptNeeded in framework
9036a97 : Fix VMRuntime.registerAppInfo usage
2ff7afd : Port OpenJDK8 java.util.*SummaryStatistics & add tests
a346f54 : Cleanup uses of sprintf so we can deprecate it.
d8dfbef : Fix javadoc for View.getMeasuredHeight() and View.getMeasuredHeightAndState()
8cb009e : Close notification panel when user button is tapped
b2fd980 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5a10726 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b23bb47 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4afe84d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5b8ac35 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9e08c90 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1e36b8b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f13aae3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
445ee74 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
713a8db : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cfe7c0f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3bbce14 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7e1b855 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
235da40 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b7b9c86 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8f252ab : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
513fd9f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
289e4fa : Changes of root storage space unmounting time on Zygote Process
6b6d842 : Fix a bad merge
2f6ec22 : Restore auto-launch behavior for ACTION_CHOOSER with a single choice
6124cdd : Do not scan a file which cannot be read
91ec929 : When wifi ssid is empty, return WifiSsid.NONE
6cf2918 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6168c07 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
24813b0 : Stop leaking Notifications when they change groupKeys.
a53c3b2 : Don't verify the scrollbar drawable
b3f1109 : Supply content description for QS disconnect buttons
7aa4671 : DO NOT MERGE Fix for syncs being dropped when appIdle is on
1bbc082 : Allow turning off Wi-Fi when emergency call is made [DO NOT MERGE]
7e8b8f1 : DO NOT MERGE Adding new intent for EMERGENCY_CALL_STATE_CHANGE
bad498f : Add STEM_1, STEM_2 and STEM_3 key as wakeup keys
74dfcf9 : Pulling in
156bd49 : Revert "Avoid drawable invalidation during draw()"
ba9e858 : Fixed a crash with the heads up manager
f0ef3c1 : UsageStats: Use new settings key idle_duration2 for app idle
b6baaf3 : Add WiFi Calling overlays for T-Mobile's MCCMNCs
a5c5329 : Tests for getPrimaryHorizontal with grapheme boundaries
76e9d76 : UsageStats: Fix issue where initializing data for first time would cause crash
7f667e7 : In CanvasContext::doFrame, make a separate call to computeFrameTimeNanos and save the result. Then pass that value to UiFrameInfoBuilder::setVsync as both arguments.
7d9fab6 : Fix race condition when setting default ringtones
67b2c16 : Get data type from service state as well
e5e59c6 : Avoid drawable invalidation during draw()
ec2891b : Handle null result from getVirtualChildAt()
fc8e3cb : Get animation update timing for AVD
5bff01d : Respect grapheme clusters in Layout#getOffsetForHorizontal.
720edf9 : Fix: Cursor can be at an invalid offset in EditText.
909c7bc : Fix measurement to respect grapheme and span boundaries
d3b2826 : Add carrier config variable to support editable wfc mode
376082a : Revert "Import translations. DO NOT MERGE"
8874f97 : Revert "Import translations. DO NOT MERGE"
9e5fe1a : Revert "Import translations. DO NOT MERGE"
9f9e736 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a4505e9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f7e5202 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
da4a377 : UsageStatsService: Fix app idle issue at rollover time
8d9aea8 : DO NOT MERGE: Use GregorianCalendar.add() when searching for next alarm.
71921cb : Fix plurals variable to unblock Translations Pipeline.
61f9f31 : Fix plurals variable to unblock Translations Pipeline.
5b294b4 : Exit getAllValidScorers early if not the primary.
028e91c : Remove the field of MediaDrm from inner class CryptoSession.
fcc57db : Defines task to front/back animations in styles_micro.
72675c6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fd87e92 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
24584f0 : Clear calling identify b4 Beam callback.
15309a3 : Remove duplicate Bluetooth profiles.
087ae47 : Making ViewRootImpl drop input events when the Activity is in ambient mode.
8877120 : Fix system watchdog timeout when reading too many usage events.
e457fa4 : Add UUID to BluetoothHeadsetClientCall
b2c5155 : DO NOT MERGE: AAPT: Dump uses-permission-sdk-23
ec85f34 : Add setting for declaring disabled bluetooth profiles.
8f316d2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1144462f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e0b7426 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
648fa53 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d2615bd : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
695cf96 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
22dea4e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5f8c818 : DO NOT MERGE: Fix batterystats battery level int packing
9289560 : Use wakeup reason when FingerPrint sensor wakes up the device
4614596 : Allow access to deprecated LOCK_PATTERN_ENABLED flag.
ddb52fb : DO NOT MERGE Remove more extras during notification lightening.
a89f9d9 : Don't back up / restore EAP network definitions
022c748 : Work on issue #25467052: System lagged out
ba88e68 : Prevent DivideByZero error in BatteryStatsImpl
3c67873 : Improve logging in BluetoothHeadsetClientCall.
d8231b9 : Check permissions on getDeviceId.
0b63802 : Check permissions on getDeviceId.
3e57340 : Fix radio button flash on hour change.
9887f2f : Protect some new broadcasts.
90bc39d : Check NPE beforehand instead of catching it at runtime
47268e9 : Set Tether APN protocol type to IPv4 for Telus
044b8f3 : Log API calls to createBond(), cancelBondProcess(), removeBond()
0a887bc : DO NOT MERGE SoundPool: add lock for findSample access from SoundPoolThread
8e79dae3 : DO NOT MERGE Revert "MediaPlayer: Disable acquiring wakelocks based on property."
e9970bc : Revert "DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Add new interface for sensor physical data"
ad75169 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Add new interface for sensor physical data
5fdf0a1 : Camera: codegen doc update
2242b4d : fix data race condition BUG: 25819358
0c859ae : Charging speed based on voltage
f604911 : MediaPlayer: Disable acquiring wakelocks based on property.
fa49e87 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2542f81 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b21b778 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6902052 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE: Fix batterystats battery level int packing
bddde9b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6609896 : Revert "Revert "Update StaticLayout_Delegate to use new nLoadHyphenator""
65a8349 : Revert "Update StaticLayout_Delegate to use new nLoadHyphenator"
8ed715e : Adding StateMachine.hasMessages(), StateMachine.hasDeferredMessages()
f1f45fe : Don't use framework permission strings for netd permissions.
877c6c7 : add lost RAM info to compact meminfo dump
cac5077 : Add callback for connections to be notified when the ringer is silenced.
f2b9b2d : Revert "Don't dispatch when non-interactive and the display is off."
4ea74d2 : Revert "LayoutLib: Fix true transparency in status bar."
2293122 : LayoutLib: IntelliJ changed project files.
99b54b3 : AppCompatActionBar: use findClass to test presence
e5c5d99 : Remove the aidl tool
f6ca46d : Revert "Enable debugging for DeviceIdle DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE"
2b05511 : WindowDecorActionBar name change fix.
05afe50 : Fix MVNO hotspot bug for Europe
8d6630b : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE - Hack to disable MTP mode on Clockwork devices.
3b91bd2 : resolved conflicts for 7de7e0b0 to stage-aosp-master
4f72447 : BatteryService: Add Max charging voltage
75603fb : Stop setting swappiness.
211abad : Log errno when dup fd cannot be allocated BUG: 25165471
fd1c8b3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f9489a4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0db53d9 : Add Bluetooth headset API to allow disabling audio route.
83d65fe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0b6e1bf : Camera: Minor documentation update
333db2e : DO NOT MERGE. Prevent recents from coming up when in SUW
84669ca : DO NOT MERGE. Prevent recents from coming up when in SUW
6777f54 : Fix delegation of methods within inner static classes
4ff8463 : Initialize DisplayContent base info when object is constructed
0972c26 : DO NOT MERGE. Cherrypick UiBench from Master
ccbe738 : Don't allow contact sharing by default for device not recognized as carkit.
d30c141 : Improve error reporting on Exceptions in fw views.
2f137b7 : Sync extras bundle comparison can throw NPE
904134c : Parse "vendor/priv-app" to find privileged applications
481a343 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Use correct lock for reading/writing usage stats files
7018f60 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Fix system watchdog timeout when reading too many usage events.
d840727 : Camera: Documentation updates
71c012e : ActivityView gets its own thread pool.
07533db : Don't allow contact sharing by default for device not recognized as carkit.
05ce0c6 : Revert "Fix race condition when setting default ringtones"
a7df771 : DO NOT MERGE Ensure that the device is provisioned before showing Recents.
16a76da : DO NOT MERGE Ensure that the device is provisioned before showing Recents.
ead61cc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
984f7fb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c0f39c1 : Sync extras bundle comparison can throw NPE
f915991 : Allow debugging only for apps forked from zygote
016d9e7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
49eeda3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
210f0af : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f2cb934 : Fix race condition when setting default ringtones
d9a2be8 : DO NOT MERGE Revert ActivityView gets its own thread pool. DO NOT MERGE
7ecaea8 : Block directory selection in openable modes.
88c7c3e : Enable debugging for DeviceIdle DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE
f131e1a : Kick movement preconditions onto handler thread.
e0fa747 : Revert "Remove -ffast-math from libhwui makefile"
c9b8f95 : Fix Switch colors
cf22d18 : When the incoming light source is invalid, don't generate any shadow
cdce35a : Early return when the scale is 0.
e02ec7c : Remove -ffast-math from libhwui makefile
f8f111f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
492a56c : Revert "Use clang for libhwui"
4c9cdbc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3b2a114 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f44adbb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
631c2ff : Update StaticLayout_Delegate to use new nLoadHyphenator
0394a0c : Convert ashmem bitmap thresholds to constants.
7e19e28 : ActivityView gets its own thread pool. DO NOT MERGE
d354fd2 : Use clang for libhwui
8cee7c1 : Limit persistent ashmem backed fds to a minimum of 128kB.
91fa3ba : Remove auto-boxing during the inflate
fcc95a6 : Fix issue #25357209: Could not send SMS or MMS messages, had to reboot
f149dcb : Fix a crash while printing ICCID because of alphabets in UICC.
b0e4f9e : Fixed a bug where the panel could get stuck closing
f83d778e : Remove circular_display_mask_offset symbol and default
4f7883c : Don't try overriding system fixed permissions on install
3ffb08a : Improve comment on EXTRA_CALL_RAT_TYPE.
3b1c6e0 : PackageSettingBase needs to copy volume UUID.
e2ed23e : Handle "uninstalled" apps when pruning app-ops.
3b0437e : IMS: Support For Per-Call RAT Info
8c84217 : NetworkTimeUpdateService: Grab a wakelock when manipulating system time
7bddf5a : Allow verifier to grant permissions
02bffab : Get rid of getTypesVisibleToCaller log spam.
5701321 : UsbDeviceManager: set mUsbDataUnlocked=false on user switch
c3cd7b1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
05738e3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3575a40 : Add intent extra for determining if apps are system apps
28cae04 : Correct MediaAudioTrackTest testPlaybackHeadPositionAfterStop
67322b1 : Add rotary encoder input source

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/libbcc

95dc971 : Update bcc's whitelist with rsDebug for half
3ca8fe9 : Fix the MD debug info to the `expand' kernels
86e8d4d : Add __HOST__ check for bcc-compat
d10cafe : Update bcc's whitelist with convert_halfN(halfN) variants
caf07a3 : Update bcc's whitelist with native_distance for half
f229c40 : Update libbcc for LLVM rebase to r256229
38293ec : Remove stale
0c5cfae : Use RenderScript DWARF tag for bcc generated code.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/mclinker

07177ff : Fix up mclinker so that it builds/runs for LLVM rebase to r256229.
b0d0eb2 : Rebase mclinker for LLVM update to r256229.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/slang

d9ed6b5 : Use empty list initializers to construct all zero-initialized variables.
2a7ec01 : During reflection use FieldPacker.addI16 for half
5afcecd : Fix up P_warnings_deprecated now that header has changed.
f721b21 : Add explicitly to TBLGEN_TABLES
5767c35 : Initialize temp var for a return value
98cfae4 : Update slang for LLVM rebase to r256229
991096f : Flesh out reduction support for half data types.
8f0192f : Generate proper ParmVarDecls for rsForEachInternal().
c58a965 : Extend C++ reflection layer constant arrays and fix matrix types.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/minikin

2e98eb6 : Tailor grapheme boundaries so sequence emoji are one grapheme - DO NOT MERGE
ca8ac8a : Reject fonts with invalid ranges in cmap
6299a6b : Avoid integer overflows in parsing fonts
c65e6f1 : Suppress linebreaks in emoji ZWJ sequences - DO NOT MERGE
adaf42f : Accept variation selector in emoji sequences - DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/native

9d6d7b3 : Don't include <sys/sysconf.h>.
9c22c3c : Split increments to silence a compiler warning.
ec49776 : Address const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.
3e8fce4 : Switch GLES wrappers over to using Clang (and fix inline assembly).
ff40578 : Release resources when repeating dlopen-dlcose.
35d77ca : libbinder: Make null handling explicit for strong binders
d983fd1 : Revert "inputflinger: Initial support for rotary encoders."
2c09b78 : Revert "inputflinger: Add support for scaling and true value reporting"
ee03865 : inputflinger: Add support for scaling and true value reporting
d06421f : IGraphicBufferProducer: fix QUEUE_BUFFER info leak
dded8fd : IGraphicBufferConsumer: fix ATTACH_BUFFER info leak
03d61d9 : dumpstate: increase logcat timeout to 40 seconds (DO NOT MERGE)
8c3e55f : Revert "DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Add new interface for sensor physical data"
d4db70a : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Add new interface for sensor physical data
bd65161 : DO NOT MERGE: add support for new sched tracepoint
804339a : Increase raft timeout to 10min so we get complete logs from older devices.
f83543a : dumpstate: add -v printable to logcat
6e36134 : libbinder: Add binder::Status type
fedb5f4 : Actively mangage EAS schedtune nodes
392db57 : Set cpuset from surfaceflinger.
32d29a5 : Use templates for write*Vector methods
6264c4c : libbinder: Return UNEXPECTED_NULL when appropriate
3e4b6d2 : Add support for reading/writing a vector of binders
714a3ab : Fix bug in byte vector serialization
930a572 : Add readStrongBinder that takes an interface
489931b : libbinder: Fix out of bounds in readBoolVector
210648c : Fix benign integer overflow in printHexDump
a5bcc95 : Fix build breakage due to extraneous dereference
08bb145 : Add read/write methods for vectors
a377491 : Add methods to Parcel for bool and char and byte
cfe27de : handle size_t > java max int size
f28b295 : Benign unsigned integer overflow in Parcel
2ab8014 : binder: Change from C11 <stdatomic.h> to C++11 <atomic>.
806313f : Allow using the JIT
90907ac : Pass dexopt flags as integer
4e5a5ad : batteryservice: Add max charging voltage
20483c4 : Avoiding flush on-change sensors at subscription
ac72bbf : inputflinger: Initial support for rotary encoders.
bcaa8d5 : OMX: clarify EOS signaling for tunneled decoders

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/chips

373434f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/colorpicker

77535c4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/datetimepicker

f41bcf4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/ims

9510b1c : Turn on IMS if it is not allowed to turn it off for current carrier
8c065f5 : Add factoryReset() function to ImsManager

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/wifi

fec60cd : Cleanup uses of sprintf so we can deprecate it.
e5048be : Allow turning off Wi-Fi when emergency call is made [DO NOT MERGE]
5492256 : Guard against HAL returning null scan results
fdce524 : Reset idenitities for EAP-SIM networks when SIM is pulled
5ebc35f : Appropriately fail EAP-SIM/AKA when SIM doesn't generate good response
a9fa44d : Fix issue with WiFi scan reporting
e26ad45 : WiFi not connecting to WiFi when screen OFF

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/photoviewer

dfe1467 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/setupwizard

21d73d7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
dd21f99 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

609dc16 : Fix data connection issue when built connection with proxy APN.
c2b8480 : Fix bug in CallManager unregisterForPhoneStates()
ac2672b : Fix self assignment bugs.
3c89e23 : Use Telephony.Carriers variables, instead of explicit word
509e0e4 : DO NOT MERGE Send emergency call state change intent on emergency call start/end
77a4ce6 : When Wi-Fi calling is available, be able to display only "Wi-Fi"
aaf0f94 : Revert "Remove unused class PhoneSubInfoController"
0684984 : Revert "Revert "Fix problem with cell data service after SIM swap""
39f58e3 : Revert "Fix problem with cell data service after SIM swap"
e61ea8c : Check permissions on getDeviceId.
f5bd5e9 : Check permissions on getDeviceId.
79eecef : Check permissions on getDeviceId.
de5bdca : Fix problem with cell data service after SIM swap
6238b40 : Use new StateMachine apis to check if a message is pending
2df8a14 : Fix to return mno dun apn when mvno is not matched
6d7e8df : Fix a crash while printing ICCID because of alphabets in UICC.
2e66c63 : Set WIFI icon for connection based on connection extra.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/timezonepicker

8d2cc23 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/frameworks/rs

ade3137 : Avoid accessing TLS in rsClearObject()
e5d3d7b : Test for half as a global or as a parameter to an invokable
b7a6edc : check in of the canny filter demo
6e2d85b : Test rsDebug for half
172b2fd : Implement rsDebug for half
2bfca08 : Add rsDebug for half
c109944 : tests: Fix crash and static preview issue for LivePreview APK.
efc3f1f : Avoid destroying Device separately
671bd03 : Define Float16 clamp
38b26af : Add librsrt_x86_64.bc and modify the script to update x86_64 prebuilts.
a615daa : Fix and enable advsimd_Blend.S for arm64 IntrinsicBlend.
bc721e6 : Clean-up makefiles for test applications.
b0c9fe0 : Clean-up makefile for RsNbody.
a198b1e : add Nbody that uses ByteBuffer
98cb2d1 : Move gDebuggerPresent to, and fix up driver after split.
c2459dc : Remove unused variables
61c03c5 : Remove support of disabling Jack.
196c31c : Fix typo in Conversion Functions doc
ad88408 : ContextDestroy should go through FIFO
67b2d86 : Update rs_object_types.spec about USAGE_GRAPHICS_TEXTURE.
7cb9dbb : Add convert_halfN(halfN) variants to spec and rs_convert.rsh
f04a68c : Add a default region to healingbrush.
39d9507 : Ensure arch/generic.c is always included in libclcore_g.bc.
ef0c455 : Make RenderScript constants variables instead of macros.
199865f : Reorder tests for Float16 vector functions
77994cd : Add native_distance for half.
18751d4 : Add rsaContextSetNativeLibDir to
dcecc0c : Python test suite for debugging a RenderScript app using lldb.
3276e6d : Revert WARS related to __truncxfhf2
3df9bb0 : Separate into public and internal libs
0b84114 : Bump sysRefCount for new objects from the runtime
7c892ee : X86: Fix IntrinsicBlend bugs and re-enable BLEND_DST_ATOP optimization
7a106ad : Fixed intrinsics inside a script group
240acfe : Fix warnings and turn on -Werror for C++ tests.
f149b32 : Make work on darwin15 (OSX El Capitan)
cb863c5 : Enable half3 tests in RsTest
f71894c : Enable commented-out tests for fp16 math functions
651a38e : Update frameworks/rs/ for LLVM rebase to r256229
3e433ba : Avoid explict loading of libRSSupport in test
1a6f430 : Add documentation on invoke-only APIs
d999344 : Stop targeting froyo. It isn't supported.
6df1f3a : Fix typo/error in copysign.
8133c66 : Reset usrRefCount for rsObjects created by SSRS
79c51de : Revert "Added a flag to APIs for rsObj creation"
46e9224 : Fix Kati dependencies
53c51af : Enable error logcat for rsDispatch.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/support

56e7a23 : Avoid destroying Device separately
cd76b43 : [RenderScript] Update documentation for Allocation.setAutoPadding().
fca65fc : [RenderScript] Fix IntrinsicConvolve documentation.
1e2b667 : [RenderScript] Update the documentation of Script.LaunchOptions
023d104 : Turn FORTIFY back on for the RS support library.
3323892 : Removed unused variables
13d0984 : Added new files to libRSSupport
5d6374a : Fix possibly uninitialized access to strideIn, and turn on -Werror.
a4aac2d : [RenderScript] Stop targeting froyo for RenderScript support lib.
875ca3c : Fix build
d786c5c : Fix NPE when calling setState() before onLayoutChild()
d42cda7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
34dba92 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
06849c5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
405f6d6 : Avoid absolute path loading .so after M
06b40bb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
79b1370 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
08e1bcc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4448a8e : MediaRouter: Make getThemeColor() work properly
7c78904 : Reset SwipeRefreshLayout on window detaches.
d57359e : Don't mutate StateListDrawables on API 7
d9d9aec : Initial proof-of-concept pass for TextViewCompat host testing.
9ad8054 : Don't animate TIL error if we've been given the same error
ac54e3e : Copy over the wrapped drawable's bounds in wrap()
8e5ae27 : GuidedStep: sync selectorView translationY to focused view
ed517ae : Make sure we keep Annotations in design's proguard
3645905 : Fix a constructor of ForegroundLinearLayout
47543aa : AppBarLayout fixes
a5acc84 : MediaRouter: Fix for background colors of group volume controls
dbe6b40 : MediaRouter: Make volume sliders move smoothly
7f43e18 : Theme dark version of brand color and guided actions background
ae6d147 : MediaBrowser: Handle null results properly in onLoadChildren
669b23b : Ensure that the indicator area is set to GONE
422fa46 : GuidedStepFragment: fix temporary black screen in activity enter
517a5ef : GuidedStepFragment Refactoring background handling
129a2ef : Add elevation to leanback list dialogs
d85f3e0 : Use android namespace in (Animated)VectorDrawableCompat.
e1b81bb : Make sure we honor canChildScrollUp()
4705eed : GuidedStepFragment: Allow app to override Ime Action text
aa35ba5 : [RenderScript] Load from the full path of librsjni and libRSSupport.
1888ec3 : Fix wiping out a view's translationY
fc3d825 : Ignore iml files and out directory
a666629 : update leanback eclipse project settings
11cb62d : GuidedStep: support checkbox and use standard android drawable
c5f1ad7 : Add new extensible API to Palette
b656c7a : Move test APKs to DIST_DIR
43e10e9 : GuidedStepFragment: allow move focus to button action list
00e0529 : GridLayoutManager: fire selected event when selected item type changed
242b255 : MediaRouter: Dismiss the controller dialog only when a pending intent is set
af0a2a4 : Fix build
eb51f61 : MediaRouter: Loosen up the condition to show the play control layout
eb17dae : Remove framework dummy classes in the output of jack build
ee1e0df : Update docs
104ba18 : Add drawable tint support to CardView
625c9c3 : Allow AppCompat to work with long-press-back-menu gesture
1cf203e : GuidedStepFragment: fix initial selector view size flicking
0b38116 : GuidedStepFragment: morph action panel size change in fragment transaction
2b1d1d9 : Fix doc build
6fa3c92 : Fix crash in CTL on pre-v18 devices with no title
38cc44c : Add dynamic tab support to TabLayout
fe1cbed : Workaround TextInputLayout state changes becoming permanent
6d7a9a0 : Add compat padding to FloatingActionButton ala CardView
f291fbb : MediaRouter: Start the session activity when a content item is clicked
6d7f4ef : Leanback: support RTL in slide transition
fef15ea : MediaRouter: Black magic to bring custom media metadata back
c9d7594 : Revert "MediaRouter: Preserve custom data in metadata between Api21 and Compat"
a97810e : GuidedStepFragment: multiple fixes:
19c1329 : GuidedStepFragment: fix the unfocus alpha being overriden.
3d81c90 : Add getter for FAB content background
bc7361d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cb3b612 : NestedScrollView onStopNestedScroll fix
2490f43 : MediaBrowser: Publish the API
d14724d : GuidedStepFragment: two columns actions
4b23181 : MediaSessionCompat: Make playFromUri() work on API 21-22
86e7e29 : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE. Update prelease version to 23.2.0-SNAPSHOT
0bd3435 : Text appearance API in TextViewCompat.
380cfd7 : Add setHintEnabled to TextInputLayout
3fbbd54 : Fix Tab indicator animation glitch
658f2e7 : MediaSession: Fix the API documentation inconsistency
ecc231b : Send a message with data in
29dbb71 : Add current.txt changes after ag/802770
4145a44 : Prevent infinite loop in case of integer overflow.
9a8833a : GridLayoutManager: Dont crash in measure when using weight
7b69fc3 : Respect drawer's lock state in drawer toggle.
b518b3a : RTL support for setting drawer lock mode at activity startup.
e2f7aef : GuidedActionsStylist: support different viewTypes and LayoutIds
70cae05 : MediaRouter: Rename mVolumeControl and mPlaybackControl for consistency
67cf3e3 : Track opening / closing state of drawers for state restoration.
a4b87b4 : MediaBrowserCompat: Handle ServiceConnection methods in the given thread
4b2b14c : MediaRouter: Fix comments.
82cf659 : Support API 23 methods in MBC and MBSC
fd23a2f : GuidedStep: support popping multiple entries transition
7af4246 : Make GuidedAction extensible, add focusable attribute
bb2163a : Setup GridLayoutManager state before scroll
56264c1 : MediaRouter: Preserve custom data in metadata between Api21 and Compat
e4548b3 : Slight tweaks to the card view.
7797b9f : Workaround stateful tinting bug on <= API 23

+- Project: platform/frameworks/volley

dd439dc : Retry more errors in Volley's BasicNetwork.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/webview

c77150b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fb7517d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/hardware/broadcom/libbt

e6879e3 : libbt conf file for koi devices : add FW_PATCH_SETTLEMENT_DELAY_MS
260d431 : Revert "Disable wake via proc for nemo"
012bdaf : Disable wake via proc for nemo
8a15086 : DO NOT MERGE Final Revert "A2DP Offload BRCM vendor specific implementation"
2ba22c8 : DO NOT MERGE Final Revert "carp: copy smelt vendor config"
cda874f : DO NOT MERGE Final Revert "Make A2DP Offload max bitpool configurable by device."
4fecb32 : DO NOT MERGE Revert "Fix A2DP Offload lockup when RE-STARTING"
3e1fc82 : Fix build breakage by removing ad2p impl.
00bb3af : carp: copy smelt vendor config
49b5e6f : Make A2DP Offload max bitpool configurable by device.
6708688 : Fix A2DP Offload lockup when RE-STARTING
d51ab12 : A2DP Offload BRCM vendor specific implementation

+- Project: platform/hardware/broadcom/wlan

3a30c03 : Fix a potential leak of nl_msg objects
2ce1c49 : Fix use-after-free in wifi_cleanup()

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/omx-components

e140b31 : fix random SEGV issue which is caused by wild pointer in libmix

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/img/hwcomposer

f65be04 : Use default csc mode and video range setting for HDMI. Update VideoPayloadBuffer to align with palyload in video driver
37c6cdc : IMG HWC: DDK1.5 upgrade for Merrifield
f2c6d3a : hwc: Enabling ION - HWC
a47d9a7 : Fix M Upgrade Compilation issues

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/sensors

68dc9e7 : remove robby sensor code
2f7df31 : add an option to use prebuilts
ddb7674 : Fix libsensors_iio build after stlport removed
968fe44 : sensors: als & tilt: fix E build errors
50adf5f : [Grant] libsensor_iio: fix build errors
6ff827f : sensor: poll for POLLOUT event before writing pipe
b219170 : sensor: generate flush_complete event when data timestamps matches
4d9b8f6 : sensor: increase pipe size to avoid pipe overrun
db6e001 : sensor: fix step counter data type casting
7193963 : sensor: add iio buffer store length support

+- Project: platform/hardware/invensense

f332a4e : Sensor: Invensense: 6515: fix step counter corrupting event queue
12e29ea : Sensor: Invensense: 6515: return one flush complete per flush
7af2cd1 : Sensors: Invensense: 6515: don't send duplicate events
63e566c : Sensors: Invensense: 6515: ignore SMD event if vibrator active
822ea53 : Sensors: Invensense: 6515: Merge timestamp fixes

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

61701df : vibrator: add support to use led-trigger interface
1d02bde : Use handles to identify GATT attributes (2/4)
f65d125 : Bluetooth: Additional status codes for wakelock ops
deda044 : nvram: Add a get_max_space_size_in_bytes method.
8b48359 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Add new interface for sensor physical data"
4c690fc : DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Add new interface for sensor physical data
e43c086 : boot: Add a boot_control HAL

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/audio

582e0a5 : audio: msm8909w caf release LW.BR.1.0-00410-8x09w.0
ebbb823 : post proc : volume listener : fix effect release crash
b14d76b : hal: audio_stream_frame_size is deprecated

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/bt

5497661 : Revert "bt: msm8909w caf release LW.BR.1.0-00410-8x09w.0"
5f13e7b : bt: msm8909w caf release LW.BR.1.0-00410-8x09w.0
3621506 : Disable clang compiler to unblock bullhead system build.
a15c522 : Disable clang compiler to unblock bullhead system build.

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/camera

eeeffc0 : QCamera2: HAL3: replace abort with exit
ecc5ece : QCamera2: HAL3: Restart daemon and mediaserver when buffer is lost.
b6a6200 : Disable clang compiler to unblock angler system build.
fa73947 : Disable clang compiler to unblock angler system build.

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/display

f1812e0 : Enable color temperature developer setting
48857cd : display: edo panel: display quality optimization
c82f5e1 : Disable clang compiler to unblock angler system build.
58f01f1 : Disable clang compiler to unblock angler system build.
e198c38 : DO NOT MERGE display: HAL: FB pipe type select
07bbf1e : msm8909: Populate display code for msm8x09

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/gps

e7c9864 : gps: msm8909w caf release LW.BR.1.0-00410-8x09w.0

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/media

2cd19ff : mm-video-v4l2: vdec: disable cached allocation for input

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/wlan

f0c9628 : Fix leaked nl_msg objects

+- Project: platform/hardware/ril

3480b18 : reference-ril: Stop using pthread_cond_timedwait_relative_np()
1147621 : reference-ril/atchannel.c: Fix time conversion

+- Project: kernel/tests

7e19898 : Attempt to banish remaining EADDRINUSEs due to RandomPort.
ea48611 : Use a named constant for the retrans timer.
549f1fe : Don't fail tests after after 5.9 seconds.
d30af30 : Skip OutgoingTest.testUidRouting on the build server.
c236ba8 : Disable CONFIG_SYSVIPC in net_test.
cd2df8d : If we read no packets, try again after 10ms.
7b12b13 : Don't trip over FIN+ACK retransmits.
75b8300 : Don't assume we can bind to a random port.
fc84fb6 : Signal a build failure for kernel_tests
2fac109 : Fix UML hang on builder
499b315 : Add a .gitignore for the uncompressed rootfs.
06db880 : Cite more kernel commits.
45cad5a : Teach iproute how to dump IP addresses as well.
7ae50fd : Add a test for the behaviour of FIN_WAIT sockets.
03e5d28 : Make the bytecode tests a bit more robust.
98d5ed6 : Rename DisableLinger to DisableFinWait, and add an EnableFinWait.
2453668 : Improve sock_diag debugging code.
0a42ee9 : Initial empty repository
a89e81e : Fix lint warnings.
10ffbcd : Note a 3.18 commit in
4689da7 : SOCK_DESTROY is no longer optional.
eedf76b : Refactor TCP test code into its own file.
1ac4889 : Move some sock_diag tests around.
84f88e0 : Teach more sock_diag code and tests about mapped sockets.
bfdfb23 : Delete the hack that finds mapped sockets.
38d6db9 : Delete FixupDiagMsg and cite the commit that makes it unnecessary.
55fa299 : Add a test for a port comparison bytecode validation bug.
1347dd1 : Make the SOCK_DESTROY tests work again.
acbf806 : Make CloseSocketFromFd work on mapped sockets too.
f842ac3 : Test for a cross-family bytecode comparison bug.
f371329 : Support checking structs for equality.
7ae7d96 : Add code and tests for inet_diag bytecode.
02c1294 : Make RTA_METRICS parsing work properly.
9653329 : Slightly simplify dumping sockets.
84d4168 : Support specifying attributes in dump requests.
b3b651e : Don't run the sock_diag tests twice.
6c9317e : Test for a SOCK_DIAG oops on IPv4-mapped SYN_RECV connections.
ffa79a8 : More SOCK_DESTROY test work
03d2366 : Add code and tests to close sockets via SOCK_DESTROY.
d613d82 : Make getsockopt(SO_BINDTODEVICE) actually work.
07499f6 : Make GetSockDiag really return an InetDiagMsg, not a tuple.
7c3b705 : Don't fail if getting SO_BINDTODEVICE is not yet supported.
b6f5cc8 : Improvements to sock_diag code.
4620bd8 : Enable various lock debugging options.
7d2b752 : Add a convenience _GetMsg function and use it.
0be972d : Don't create TIME-WAIT sockets in CreateSocketPair.
187c4b6 : Add support for the sock_diag netlink interface.
e861f72 : Deal with flowlabel randomization.
424425d : Support properly resetting non-SYN, non-FIN packets.
891d4d7 : Add a tests that checks NAs with the R flag set to 0.
87a2822 : Add utility functions to neighbour_test.
fec838b : Move CreateSocketPair to so we can use it elsewhere.
6d41db1 : Minor changes to netlink code.
3c2c863 : Use instead of old multinetwork_test.Packets
c105e39 : Pass more information to the attribute parsing functions.
628ec67 : Support nested structs in CStruct.
3d9b421 : Move common netlink code into a new
03e8e54 : Move the forwarding crash test to a new file.
e541549 : Set accept_ra to 2 on all interfaces.
3e6c2d9 : Move packet definitions to their own file.
da69a3a : Test SIOCKILLADDR on non-empty addresses too.
baed0b3 : Add a test for timewait crash.
09c0e43 : Test nuking IPv4 sockets as well as IPv6.
f9f8746 : Add functional tests for tcp_nuke_addr.
49338a1 : Support reading /proc/net/tcp[6].
11f74e3 : Add support for iif rules.
93ea218 : Make host network access optional.
0d72a57 : Fix ambiguous commit number.
eeee212 : Make tcp_nuke_addr_test pass when run more than once.
a76a450 : Add some Android-specific kernel options.
b877088 : Add test to exercise the tcp_nuke_addr functionality
3544a6f : Allow to use a pre-existing kernel binary.
c8c33b8 : Annotate more tests with the relevant commits.
a4f746e : Expect a notification for NUD_REACHABLE.
332b408 : Annotate a few tests with the relevant kernel commits.
e0d102c : Add a millisecond-variant of MonitorSleep.
e2cdce7 : Tests for candidate source address restriction
f257b00 : Require optimistic behaviour to pass srcaddr_selection_test
e8ad4ef : Fix lint errors.
ecde78b : Add a test for repeated neighbour probes.
43e86f5 : Add a test for ND cache behaviour.
4803ea0 : Add a unit test for the IPV6_JOIN_ANYCAST hang.
8d42697 : Switch to fchown() for changing the UID of sockets.
4b15306 : Make mark reflect/accept required, it's been upstream for a while.
5812a19 : Disable certain kernel configuration options in net_test.
5ac000d : Improve netlink message debugging.
586e521 : Support dumping neighbour cache entries.
3e2f9e1 : Add tests for cross-family bind() and connect() operations.
0b1d302 : Make UID rules specify "iif lo" to match real device configs.
5b85795 : Add Python wrappers for bind and connect as well as sendmsg.
cd7717e : Download the rootfs instead of expecting it to be in the tree.
1b4e404 : A simple script to run all tests.
5069802 : Improvements to iproute.
b5e84dd : Improve the dump code.
0960a3d : Unbreak srcaddr_selection_test.
6de05a0 : Stop requiring a live Internet connection in
a611438 : Disable the ping6 flowlabel test, since it doesn't work.
a710b9d : Support setting and clearing the default network.
8e269b2 : Clean up code in preparation for AOSP.
52321f3 : Move all setup code to a new
a376f92 : Remove the EXPERIMENTAL from UID routing.
f0ad09d : Verify no NSes from optimistic addresses
91d350e : Add a test for cross-protocol ping crash.
b88e713 : Skip ping tests instead of failing if the VM has no connectivity.
db63f77 : Don't infinite loop if read() on tun returns 0
f93e36c : Further testing for optimistic address scenarios.
f691b14 : Fix lint warnings.
2f779be : Manually add directly-connected routes as well as default routes
4e68083 : Don't specify lladdr when deleting a neighbour.
20a04e8 : Add debugging capabilities to iproute.
ac6a6ad : Add test for source address selection behaviour.
15645d6 : net_test environment changes
cc035f3 : Add basic RTM_GETADDR support.
7e37c13 : Make net_test work on 3.1 kernels.
b4d862d : Don't skip the LeftoverRoutes test.
ec80f32 : When changing UID, become a member of AID_INET.
0f943e3 : Use the right version in the rule deletion test.
32ecbbd : Return route attribute types as strings.
b4148d1 : Also check the MTU via netlink.
70933e1 : Support decoding route attributes, cacheinfo, uid.
67ef481 : Fix lint error.
44ec1f3 : Check that route deletion does not ignore the table.
1706aa4 : Don't check IPv6 echo reply tclass on pre-3.14 kernels
571eadd : Better tests for Path MTU discovery.
b51a607 : Move sending via pktinfo to a SendOnNetid function.
62ec904 : Make olddefconfig optional; it only appeared recently.
3d5b6c1 : If there's a new root fs, delete the old one
16b5fd7 : Make work on 3.4 kernels too.
7be243b : Add a function to build UDP packets with options.
fa38581 : Add tests for {sticky,non-sticky} pktinfo routing
96ff8f1 : Add a wrapper for sendmsg.
1daed72 : Support returning a C pointer to struct data.
f18c7b1 : Refactor outgoing routing into its own test.
ff8c8a7 : Only run iptables when necessary.
230c53d : Better test incoming connections.
c9d9090 : Make the test more robust with an unreachable rule
3b7cb34 : Make it easier to test IPv4 ping on IPv6 sockets.
3b38f7d : Separate the reflect and accept tests.
ce127bb : Test raw sockets as well, using GRE packets.
e4bd78c : Use a DNS query instead of "hello" as UDP payload
0e5357a : Apparently setting don't fragment is unnecessary.
d929d2c : Simplify putting sockets onto networks.
5e2cb73 : Test IPv4 PMTU as well.
b26c636 : Improve iproute attribute decoding documentation.
d60dfe3 : Add outgoing packet tests using IP{,V6}_UNICAST_IF
439975f : Add more checks to the ping code.
dc6fa75 : Test looking up routes with UIDs from userspace.
a57b446 : Add a test for UID routing configuration.
a1ebfb4 : Better support for rule attributes.
43ebed7 : Clear CROSS_COMPILE when running tests.
150381a : Fix flowlabel test, now it's working in the kernel
e0cf599 : Replace shelling out to ip with netlink code.
856dd85 : Check that remarking a socket works as expected.
226235a : Change from UID routing to UID range routing.
4b90a73 : Test that local IPv6 connectivity goes direct.
6bb6227 : Test outgoing oif routing.
766a14f : Really disable DAD, and get rid of the sleeps.
108be32 : Deflakify the PMTU test.
53fab1d : Change the error messages.
c68ba83 : Test the oif rules using SO_BINDTODEVICE.
c08fe0d : Add more tests.
f55afb7 : Fixes to iproute.
2e90208 : Support adding outgoing interface rules.
51d4f6e : Refactor setup and common code into a superclass.
943fbaa : Updates to mark_test.
f8cece1 : Add support for reading routing rules.
369197d : Add a module for dealing with C-style structs.
70de57e : Support setting the priority of rules.
e40a161 : Move ip rule functionality to Python.
0ac5613 : Fix lint warnings.
611c908 : Improve MarkTest.
6dbea8b : Test mark-based routing for outgoing packets.
0a89780 : Don't export ARCH and SUBARCH, set them explicitly
86d678e : Add a README file.
08c05d3 : Kernel networking test scripts using UML.

+- Project: platform/libcore

9678c4c : Integer : Improve exception message for parseInt
5fb4d1c : Fix DatagramChannelTest failures
34fa496 : ThreadTest: Don't leave uninitialized.
c5c1e27 : Port OpenJDK8 java.util.Arrays#parallelPrefix method
3fdfc1f : Add Character#digit(int, int) fastpath
9e213e5 : Fix LongStream#range for range > Long.MAX_VALUE
8188804 : Thread: Don't set native names twice for attached threads.
47829c3 : Providers: Eagerly initialize default providers.
d890de2 : Remove AnnotationAccess and its remaining uses.
59df7aa : Add Arrays$ArrayList::replaceAll
eedba7f : Fix ServerSocketChannelTest#setOption
6875085 : Add Unit Tests
e9d9ae3 : Port OpenJDK8 java.lang functional util methods
cc16299 : Revert "Test case DecimalFormat failure with leading 0."
7abb54e : TestKeyStore: add the ability to set certificate serial numbers
78e275e : Test case DecimalFormat failure with leading 0.
bf6ca86 : CipherTest: add tests checking the behaviour of BCPBE keys without IV and PKCS12
9c4d575 : Change LinkedHashMap#removeEldestEntry behaviour.
827e3d4 : Include jacoco in core-libart for full coverage build
6e888e9 : Handle recvfrom() returning 0.
e56459a : Fix regression
cf86f33 : Port max,min,sum,hashCode,BYTES for basic data types
aad2aba : Revert "Change LinkedHashMap#removeEldestEntry behaviour."
fe0724e : Provider: Changes for compile time initialization.
53102ca : CertificateRevokedException: test getAuthorityName
14a3798 : CertPathValidatorException: test new constructor
136e011 : CertPathValidatorSpiTest: remove useless test
452d7ae : Change LinkedHashMap#removeEldestEntry behaviour.
a87f559 : Wire up SocketTagger
e0ee9c5 : : Allow compile time initialization.
24b66ca : ObjectOutputStream: Allow compile time initialization.
0435fdb : Add OCSP helpers
4606888 : Add tests for PKIXRevocationChecker
bfa6fb7 : Fix harmony test failure
5d02a5b : Libcore: Add filter upgrade function to DexFile
4c2fb4c : Also update algorithm mapping tables for names
3964df4 : Don't clobber existing entries in the AlgorithmId tables
42b6182 : Support dex version 37
eb385c8 : Ensure %E and %e use upper- and lower-case E.
ac1e092 : Remove unused additions from
9b7cfce : Clean up legacy security code
5494f04 : Tests for get[Declared]Annotations[ByType]().
cbcfd55 : Remove obsolete LOCAL_DX_FLAGS.
1454743 : delete KeyStoreTest
2bd0cce : Remove unused fields from ObjectInputStream.
1edec8f : Security: Allow compile time initialization.
e6062bb : Build Fix
869ce9a : Add unit tests for java.util.Calendar
4f549c0 : Add OpenJDK 8 java.util.List Default Methods
36c9770 : DatagramChannelTest: use different value when testing SO_SNDBUF
2015e08 : SimpleDateFormat: Reset timezone after parse.
a32af36 : Libcore: Expose compilation filter in DexFile
ea966a2 : Fix X509CertSelectorTest test
44aed07 : Port OpenJDK8 changes in java.util.Map
4c65c01 : Revert "Revert "ojluni: Downstream OJ tests""
1323d54 : File: Fix fs.resolve when child == "/"
09d3f41 : Explicitly register all core library methods.
a2f3a30 : Revert "Change links to Streams packages to {@code}."
8410d73 : Add OpenJDK Arrays parallelSetAll methods
68c863d : ZipInputStreamTest: Add test cases for #available.
7f1dee4 : Comment assertion related to harmony behavior
81dd4c9 : URLDecoder : Improve error message
6b74f41 : Revert "ojluni: Downstream OJ tests"
62f6342 : Update docs to reflect SSLv3 disabled by default
51b46d8 : Update cipher information for N changes
7f1e8e2 : Fix order of PSK cipher suites in docs
d2dd777 : Restore protocol and cipher information
20277d1 : ojluni: Downstream OJ tests
7e2dda1 : Fix CTS tests broken by the switch to OpenJDK code
313d8df : Use canonical name for SHA1withECDSA
c86e0fa : Spliterators: pull in additional specializations.
37980c1 : Inet6Address: Remove special handling for ll addresses with no scope_id set.
7e8a826 : Prefer AES when hardware acceleration is available
a35b0ab : Add missing #(stream|parallelStream|spliterator) in Collections
5bad107 : Add openJdk8 static (Float|Double)#isFinite methods.
2e79d15 : Formatter: Fix error-prone warning.
d0a2645 : Add openJdk8 package
df851d2 : Add tests for Locale.set[get]Default(Locale.Category..)
6e5b758 : Vector: Rework CME checks in hasNext() and next().
72d80ee : Fix for a runtime exception that could occur with bad redirects
6a625c6 : Expose MAP_POPULATE via OsConstants.
6edda46 : Fix what .getPeerHost() test expects
14a4ce7 : Port OpenJDK 8 java.util.Arrays#setAll methods
d943f38 : Adjust ThreadPoolExecutorTest#testPoolSizeInvariants
dfec9b5 : ThreadPoolExecutor: Relax check on core pool size.
e7d74ee : Revert "Revert "Add test for proxy methods on default methods.""
946399a : Revert "Add test for proxy methods on default methods."
b6090e0 : Add test for proxy methods on default methods.
91921d3 : AVA: fix handling of whitespace in DN
da61c6a : Revert to android-specific CopyOnWriteArrayList
3dbe8f5 : Disable CopyOnWriteArrayListTest#testSubListAtomicAdds
7fe9db6 : Fix for CollectionTest not running properly on vogar + missing tests
cd86c2a : Libcore: Expose whether the dalvik cache was pruned
d84caf2 : ojluni: Register natives from Runtime.c
c9b5ffc : Port of oJdk8 Arrays#parallelSort* & tests
087f0ca : Fix jsr166-tests for aosp buildbots
d41ca4a : Port java.util.Collection.removeIf from OpenJDK8
b8b7511 : JSR-166 update without java 1.9 method/classes
ed4f365 : Revert "JSR-166 update"
2cab245 : Add missing Arrays::forEach method
5328e07 : JSR-166 update
b3e6f1d : Remove expectations for spliterator tests.
3a27237 : Add test for invoke-interface performance with IMT
0f1529a : URLConnectionTest: add workaround for \r
68de3f1 : Fix TreeMap serialization tests.
9a910a9 : Fix TreeMapTest#test_spliterator_valueSet.
b9050f6 : Fix cts-v1 build breakage.
8b056f0 : Add java.lang.Iterable.spliterator() and supporting classes.
a5d8390 : java.lang.System: throw SecurityException when setting a SecurityManager
b695412 : Port java.util.StringJoiner from OpenJDK8
b4998e5 : Change links to Streams packages to {@code}.
49b5e20 : Port OpenJDK8 java.util.*SummaryStatistics & add tests
5081919 : Reflect the changes of GetDexOptNeeded in
f121f31 : Port java.util.Comparator{,s} from OpenJDK8
c25c398 : Unsafe: Downstream select methods needed for some of 1.8 java.util.concurrent
44f7ca8 : Switch libcore native benchmarks over to google-benchmark.
3de87b8 : Fix ArrayDeque forEachRemaining tests.
6786911 : Cleanup uses of sprintf so we can deprecate it.
a6a8b75 : Add foreign dex profile directory to registerAppInfo
931a639 : SSLSocketFactory: avoid creating a new default
8444271 : Check for RFC 5746 TLS extension
e7bdc26 : Check for RFC 5746 TLS extension

+- Project: platform/libnativehelper

65eaf99 : Add SocketTagger class to JniConstants

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/BasicSmsReceiver

3a349b6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth

c1124a7 : Enable logging for AVRCP Metadata changes
3d69ae1 : Fix name collected for scan initiator
62a730f : Fix NPE when performing BLE scans.
ff495ec : Add a missing null check inside A2dpService.resetAvrcpBlacklist()
62c1721 : Add GATT server scan stats and extra protection
28a4caf : GATT JNI - get_gatt_db_cb leaking local refs
09d367b : PBAPS: Don't filter out DateTime when requested
d799e68 : PBAPS: Fix duplicate entries fetched from database
584d5b4 : PBAPS: Get vcard when asked in alphabetical order
e6ac49c : PBAPS: Enable contact search with full or part of given string
a86b031 : SAP: Fix ANR(s) in SAP server code
0e08836 : SAP: Remove sdp record while BT is being turned off to prevent leak
222d110 : SAP: Fix issue of socket listener not getting re-started
987a8cd : SAP: Update UI connection and notifications properly
b8984f6 : SAP: Handle disconnect request during call ongoing state
cb13639 : OPP: Update share status when interrupted at remote side.
def48bd : OPP: Use long instead of int
b6fdf26 : MAP: Fix ANR for blocking operations on UI thread
19a1a82 : MAP: Track ProfileState, register and unregister of BroadcastReceivers
4b26248 : MAP: CleanUp for SDP record in MAP Service shutdown
aa852f7 : MAP: GETMessagesLisitng include mandatory field always.
8458fc3 : MAP: Cleanup PendingIntent in cancelUserTimeoutAlarm.
ce52d7f : MAP: Handle possible NPE while disconnect map.
e656402 : MAP: Add MNS SDP Search during setNotificationRegistration.
1ce4853 : MAP: Declare and fetch only 'INTERESTED_MESSAGE_TYPE_CLAUSE' MMS.
189cc4c : MAP: Synchronize notifcationReg reply and MNS connect action.
ea6b2c9 : MAP: Synchronize mMsgList to avoid extra MessageDeleted MNS event
b23390c : Send error for if VR is initiated during call.
ba4bab5 : Fix register for notification logic
5900a31 : Use handles to identify GATT attributes (3/4)
fae6b54 : Make sure wakelock is held before releaseing it
a9d5a68 : Do not delete/re-create wakelock on acquisition/release
c30f066 : Add scan results to scan stats
3f8fcc3 : Change how services are passed up to the stack
f7f1a09 : Print bluetooth state as a string
14bc770 : Add enabled time to dump output
b7af521 : Move ScanStats to its own file
ec61e0d : Prevent javacrash when TELEPHONY_SERVICE is not found
406cca4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
78ce072 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1983bcc : DO NOT MERGE Fix SMS delivered successfully but stuck SENDING issue
3a4b869 : Fix memory leak in Bluetooth AVRCP JNI
abb54d6 : DO NOT MERGE Fix SMS delivered successfully but stuck SENDING issue
f81566b : DO NOT MERGE Fix SMS delivered successfully but stuck SENDING issue
0a9659d : Map Bluetooth profiles correctly in isProfileDisabled helper function.
3602a64 : Monitor disabled profile setting and enable/disable profiles on change.
9e1b34b : Allow for automatic routing on HF AG to be disabled.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Camera2

fc4919f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
33291d3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/CarrierConfig

32a3bfa : DO NOT MERGE Set broadcast_emergency_call_state_changes_bool to true for VZW

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver

31825df : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/CertInstaller

9d8d07b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
81c0811 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2c5449e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Contacts

bc560ba : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/ContactsCommon

8d534c9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
692cc8c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ec0a746 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1adde23 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3f2006a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cab7db5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
47fda83 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/DeskClock

a7c50c7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Dialer

0f8a9ff : Add missing lock discovered by GuardedBy checker.
e3813d9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/ExactCalculator

194ba6f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/FMRadio

b0c331c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Gallery

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Gallery2

a900c0a : Float.NaN != ... always evaluates to true, use Float.isNaN.
dd25dbe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/HTMLViewer

798b0a4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/InCallUI

8432a45 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a94a117 : DO NOT MERGE Workaround for java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in android.util.ArrayMap
2e5cfc1 : Show child number in incoming call notification.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/KeyChain

d84969b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Launcher2

ed68e29 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7763905 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Launcher3

830e8eb : Replace custom rules with BUILD_PREBUILT
fb7ab0e : Fix restoring of layer type

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/ManagedProvisioning

12536e3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Messaging

fc922a1 : Match the minimum version in the manifest.
374af0d : Stop targeting Froyo.
83eba64 : Put back @interface in proguard flags

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Music

c7af065 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b994a2a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/MusicFX

f12b0b7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Nfc

ff60d44 : Allow foreground override in provision mode.
a9fd3ec : Don't allow receiving files in provision mode.
851b36e : Don't disable NFC in airplane mode.
937f21a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/PackageInstaller

dee1909 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
26b1210 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6f23a1b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9199155 : Make the permission request dialog's layout robust
4e5cd3a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
48ff25c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0271c5d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
08f085b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
929b6de : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
58045ad : Always have an icon
f62bc1f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b3d46ff : [PkgInstaller] Refactoring arguments of WearPackageInstaller
42af15b : Fix some UI glitches in PackageInstaller
cfc6b97 : Fix wake lock leak
741ac03 : Fix build break.
0937012 : Fix build
ef86137 : resolve merge conflicts of c10abb25f3 to cw-e-dev.
2cf17dd : Clean up package installer styling
9c78316 : Remove app from "needs permission" state if installation failed
012a557 : resolve merge conflicts of e8c6801367 to cw-e-dev.
914243a : Button bar animating when it isn't supposed to
e18bfc2 : Fix out of bounds exception
e4cd4f8 : Add mechanism for determining if apps are system apps

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/PhoneCommon

90bbf60 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

e5d4a5d : Fix end padding of summary text for dialog is too narrow
996e8b7 : Fix user photo popup layout for RTL
ce42dfb : Add Up button in Status settings
def100b : Fix no options menu on location settings screen
71dcb87 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f20e68c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bd620a7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c123a6a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ab5da2d : Enable color temperature developer setting
63e4096 : Add strings for color temperature developer option
6a52aca : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
577add8 : Select or not Wi-Fi Calling preference as CarrierConfig
119d589 : DO NOT MERGE Modify system settings: incorrect UI state
1cb1ad2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7bafd5e : Revert "Import translations. DO NOT MERGE"
df57be8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
623852f : Add IMS settings to Network setting reset
2102350 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
14bf226 : [DO NOT MERGE] Preserve FRP lock if wiped during SUW
de4fc8e : Preserve FRP lock if wiped during SUW
98f11fd : Uncheck checkbox for contact sharing by default for non carkit devices.
dbc47fb : Uncheck checkbox for contact sharing by default for non carkit devices.
4836ab6 : Block developer settings during SUW
a4c9492 : Null check queryIntentServices
b6c7b05 : Further tweak to issue #issue #25371736: Don't include z-ram allocations in Android OS
30bbd90 : Fix issue #25371736: Don't include z-ram allocations in Android OS

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/SoundRecorder

1add84e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a7c5cc9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Stk

6e7c431 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Tag

ea00c3b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Test/connectivity

2a8d6b1 : Build fix - use new Binder interface
97efc3a : Fix removal of calling function from func_map
4b154db : Refactor Bluetooth binder facade code
2930b8b : Add file to SL4N.
08edf8b : [DO NOT MERGE] Remove building wifi_facade with sl4n
5e8c39c : Add TestFacade for basic regresion testing against SL4N
4b5dc8b : Increase SOCK_BUF_LEN to a larger size
0020f16 : [DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE] Remove building wifi_facade with sl4n
8fc5e96 : Remove sl4a from packages/apps/Test/connectivity
6db91ef : [DO NOT MERGE] Remove sl4a from packages/apps/Test/connectivity
afb3dca : Telephony Test: Remove generic subEvent and remove manual serialization in ConnectivityManagerFacade.
9b4e3a1 : Removing the now-unusable HtmlInterpreter
d28d4d2 : Add Wi-Fi HAL facade to sl4n testing.
19f00a0 : SL4A: Initial Add of CarrierConfigManager to CarrierConfigFacade
4232e4b : Update Telephony Event Names for Consistency
62ebc0a : NAN: updated facade for failed configuration to add info on failed config request
4c572a1 : Add method name in Unknown RPC error.
57afcdc : Telephony Test: Remove Manual Serialization and move several translate functions to
0a93e31 : Revert "Revert "Creating facade service for SL4A.""
b17b984 : Fix build: update API call in SL4A TelephonyManagerFacade.
7a3afb8 : NAN: update test harness to include message ID information
85bb640 : Telephony Test: Merge SignalStrengthFacade to PhoneStateListeners.
04615c1 : NAN: Fix spelling error in name of onConfigCompleted event.
622a7cf : Unhiding MSIM APIs.
0a74a07 : DO NOT MERGE Unhiding MSIM APIs.
8ccb3a2 : Add interfaces for JSON Serialization
2516a36 : -Clean obsolete files out of sl4a assets
66b0fdd : Telephony: Add CellInfo Listener and Invocation APIs
75a4c1d : SL4A support for exponential back off scan
ce762f0 : Set SL4A ThreadPolicy Detection to Log Rather than Crash
319e0e4 : NAN: Facade for WifiNanManager
3652a0e : Remove generation of documentation
8453875 : Add setLine1Number and alphaTag APIs to TelephonyManagerFacade
5b8194a : Try fixing build.
459407b : Formatting changes for SL4A
e461d02 : Fix relative path in SL4N's for Bluetooth include
f28d588 : Remove RpcMinSdk Decorators in SL4A
7767138 : Move SmsFacade and SignalStrengthFacade into .telephony
6941370 : Fix build error
1d0fa05 : Update Minimum SDK Version to 23
6754ad2 : SL4N: Scripting Layer For Native
153d0c7 : Script to generate
1bcf346 : Fix the names for network preference. (SL4A side)
ec7a149 : Cleanup Bluetooth Facades
a83d69b : Fix Typos in Video Calling Event Names
cc5e5ff : Add support for videoState in acceptRingingCall()
e12f1b1 : Refactor Move EventServer and EventObserver
7e9ecd6 : Update copyright to 2016
0fe690f : SL4A Connectivity Facade: add API to get isTetheringSupported
dbd2d57 : Convert BT To use permissions rather than declare
d86079f : Restrict SL4A to Start Only on Debuggable Builds
b1d652f : Scrub all FIXMEs and TODOs in Telephony related SL4A code.
3ad3299 : Prevent webview activities on > 21 api level
6e5ec1b : Remove the option for an external editor
9d61e48 : Catch ActivityNotFoundException for QR Code Scan
6c83df0 : Fix crashing of when querying script results
e6fbf0c : Remove all instances of help to avoid crashing
71954a2 : Remove QuickAction from SL4A
e44e7df : Clean up comments in new carrierConfigFacade.
f23ddc6 : SL4A: change names for all functions in phoneFacade to use telephony prefix.
40bbf9f : Update to use Default Theme [DO NOT MERGE]
079eb1b : Adding two methods (startService and startServiceIntent) to expose startService functionality for sl4a.
dbbba34 : Fix SL4A UI Crashes [DO NOT MERGE]
23a7bf2 : Fix inconsistent formatting in README [DO NOT MERGE]
b75f7f1 : Update SL4A Readme [DO NOT MERGE]
3562032 : RapidJSON library commit [DO NOT MERGE]
504cf89 : Moving SL4A to the UserData Partition [DO NOT MERGE]
7bef1e3 : Fix relative path in SL4N's for Bluetooth include
99310dc : Remove RpcMinSdk Decorators in SL4A
a2715fb : Move SmsFacade and SignalStrengthFacade into .telephony
3045757 : Fix build error
607c247 : Update Minimum SDK Version to 23
df643d0 : Script to generate
3b8ae21 : Fix the names for network preference. (SL4A side)
1b26266 : Fix Typos in Video Calling Event Names
55c0bbf : Cleanup Bluetooth Facades
244dea1 : Add support for videoState in acceptRingingCall()
93e4f32 : Refactor Move EventServer and EventObserver
dd8169b : Update copyright to 2016
2cd1276 : Restrict SL4A to Start Only on Debuggable Builds
88baeff : Convert BT To use permissions rather than declare
c34ee81 : Prevent webview activities on > 21 api level
a2297b4 : Remove the option for an external editor
9144210 : Catch ActivityNotFoundException for QR Code Scan
795ac72 : Fix crashing of when querying script results
849bb3e : Remove all instances of help to avoid crashing
b8d5938 : Remove QuickAction from SL4A
8eda0a3 : SL4N: Scripting Layer For Native
d1eec50 : Scrub all FIXMEs and TODOs in Telephony related SL4A code.
b48bed9 : Clean up comments in new carrierConfigFacade.
0b9e513 : SL4A Connectivity Facade: add API to get isTetheringSupported
c20a693 : Adding two methods (startService and startServiceIntent) to expose startService functionality for sl4a.
ada98b6 : Update to use Default Theme
a6060b2 : Fix SL4A UI Crashes
105135a : SL4A: change names for all functions in phoneFacade to use telephony prefix.
a95168f : Fix inconsistent formatting in README
b4f69de : Update SL4A Readme
e11725a : Moving SL4A to the UserData Partition
cd639e3 : Fixes to the SL4A Build System
43196d4 : [FIXIT] Add null check in to avoid NPE for telephony related builders.
e462795 : RapidJSON library commit
33c22bc : Remove ancient guava v6 library
18f0bef : Removing LibGoogleAnalytics from SL4A
03ca132 : Update copyright and add missing copyright
3046cfd : Add a sanity check for lunch target in
ab55926 : Merge 7ecffc7c from vendor/google_testing/comms
5b72dc3 : Increase number of threads used by
c602ffa : Add null check before building a URI as JSON
d08a7e8 : Cleanup of SL4A Permissions for NYC
f8fc09a : Update the project path in the local build script
a19b383 : Move to sl4a directory
ae57c39 : Add APIs in SL4A to set/get network preference and current network type.
cf6cbc7 : Remove PhoneType from Network Preference Setting Logic in SL4A
8414d6c : DO NOT MERGE Add support for toggle WiFi scan always available in SL4A. b/24508516
ed06848 : Remove facade methods for removed wifi APIs
dc53649 : DO NOT MERGE fix batch scan getscanresult wait time
911c621 : fix batch scan getscanresult wait time
2c603f3 : Revert "Creating facade service for SL4A." This CL causes events to go missing for tests that do not use FacadeService. b/24677526
935644d : Add support for toggle WiFi scan always available in SL4A. b/24508516
71e6491 : DO NOT MERGE added check for scan results timestamp to be in range of elapsed real time
a82ba87 : added check for scan results timestamp to be in range of elapsed real time
307d4ed : Creating facade service for SL4A.
63c4179 : Adding MTU based testcases (2/2)
c0a6b2d : Add more info to WifiNetworkConnected event. b/23633700
8c02395 : Add support for WiFi tethering: allow no password.
8c8bcd6 : Tel test: add prefix for all connectivity manager facade SL4A APIs. And make changes also on python side.
4e6af0a : SL4A: fix an issue introduced by ag/734571 API name changed breaks test.
ced7934 : Refactoring... lots of things
725f0b5 : Add exception handling to getIccSimChallenge()
c901ac0 : SL4A: add generic requestNetwork and registerNetworkCallback APIs. Rebase.
0797539 : Workaround an issue in httpPing where getResponseCode gets bad EOF on certain networks. b/22948456
779f31e : Add autojoin knobs in WifiManager to SL4A. b/22568568
56361c1 : Disable dex-preopt so SL4A can run on new devices properly. b/22950594
c3cae16 : Change http facade behavior in SL4A. b/22948456
d524e85 : Add imsIsVolteProvisionedOnDevice to SL4A to check provisioning status.
5ddeb9c : Update WifiManagerFacade with API updates in WifiManager. b/22802062
0078f7a : Return ModemActivityInfo from phoneGetModemActivityInfo()
70dec3c : SL4A: add support to test NattKeepAlive and RSSI Threshold Monitoring.
2402c94 : Update phoneGetIccSimChallengeResponse for hex-to-b64 conversion
bef762c : SL4A: pingHost API can ping to IP address now.
1b4b8a2 : -Add support for TelephonyManager.getModemActivityInfo()
789ae70 : -Add isVideoCallingAvailable() API to SL4A -Update docstrings for is<feature>Available APIs in SL4A
c6b4e20 : Tel Test Script: Remove "xxxEvent+subEvent" style event from Telephony test code.
5f4b586 : Adding Test cased for SIM2
a55a5c9 : Fix test harness to use new VoLTE/WFC availability (not enabled) API names.
57de361 : More API review feedback
818eaeb : Convert Common SL4A strings and values to constants for b/19823107
9d9ef3b : added sanity test for extended channels
5c45e3b : Address API review comments
0db57d5 : Remove Unimplemented telecomCallGetVideoState()
322c63a : Fix VideoState Bitmap implementation in SL4A
338370f : SL4A: Add more debug info in SL4A.
356e1bc : -Add support for Sending MMS -Make delivery reports optional as intended -Add TelephonyTestProvider -Fix a race condition in registering/unregistering SMS Listeners -Fix a typo in VideoCallCallback for SessionEvents -Cleanup + Refactor of SmsFacade
d4b7859 : Reformat SmsFacade to Unix
8a76c68 : Adding telecomCallGetCallProperties/Details/Capabilities
9bffd6a : Fix extra quotation marks related issues in soft AP APIs. b/21737918
6400b3e : Added various apis and fixed existing ones Removed unregistering reciever as it was causing crashes
1a837f4 : Update wifi facade and test util for 5G band soft AP.
9938147 : WiFi Tethering test: add necessary new APIs.
db0ebe5 : API cleanup: Remove use of VideoState class.
63447df : SL4A: Expose Voice mail related APIs.
b141d2c : Removing the call to Bundle.clear() in WifiManagerFacade. b/21562325
038341a : Tel Test Script: Remove temp hack for VT test. Add Setting test case.
b0e9898 : Wifi test update.
6c41605 : Modification of Neighbor Cell Reporting Test cases
d0d9885 : Tel Test: SL4A - add APIs to get call's children and parent.
17caf51 : Rename AudioState to CallAudioState
9cb76e1 : Test Framework: support flash particular device in
3c66bfb : Test Framework: modify
6931b6a : -Adding a test for video call session upgrade -fix for b/20954890 -Numerous bug fixes for the VideoCallCallbacks -Fix for string format error in telecomCallSetAudioRoute
acfba9e : -Initial Submit of VT Tests -Fix null checks in sl4a:InCallServiceImpl -Add support for VideoCallSessionModifyResponse -Fix for answering voice calls
5a849a4 : Fixes for APi review
033b144 : Wifi Test Updates.
df81719 : Properly shut down sl4a sessions. b/18842457 b/18864151
1bb33c1 : -Bringing CallCallback and VideoCallCallback online. -Cleanup of InCallServiceImpl
06e18a6 : Added BleStateReceiver and support for M APIs
d21dfad : Build fix
dd7b895 : Changing bearer to bearer_bitmask.
d1229be : -Refactor InCallServiceImpl -Add Support for Basic VT Calls -Add TelecomCallFacade for InCallService APIs/Events -Numerous bug fixes for NPEs, Audio Route fix, etc
fc16298 : Wifi test updates.
9793f98 : Require explicit userId in LockPatternUtils
be4dc6d : Fix b/20489973 for Telecom audio routing in sl4a
67bf1dc : Add new api to disable BLE.
35d584f : Update wifi test cases and sl4a wifi facades.
d749e2b : Tel Test Script: Fix APM toggle utility and modify pop_events API.
aa1f457 : Changed method name.
b6d9de6 : Added domain_suffix_match element (for HS2.0).
7e835fa : Modification for Neighbhor Cell Test
e418929 : Add api for enabling ble when bt is off.
d873e22 : Fix a bug when heartbeat event timeout coincide with actual event
72487d3 : Clean up wakeup/sleep API in sl4a.
3281285 : -Formatting source files prior to additional changes.
ae5d23a : DO NOT MERGE Fix build
2091956 : Fix build
3f3d954 : DO NOT MERGE Don't use deprecated APIs
16f9e99 : Do not use deprecated APIs
34fde21 : Update flashutil now that adb is root in android_device.
e59465c : Fix build
25c13a4 : Refactoring of testcases. Refactored GattConnectTest Added ToolsTest for manual testcase assistance Commented out a few testcases that need to be reworked Fixed testcase in BleAdvertiseApiTest
dceaf40 : Added functions for writing gatt characteristics Added gattWriteCharacteristic gattCharacteristicSetValue
a7dc304 : Wifi Test Case Updates.
172183c : Modification for Neighbhor Cell Test
2ee7736 : Fix event dispatcher problem when event is posted
bbbb21f : Stop using scanResultsCache, and move to ScanDetailsCache instead
f0d8f5e : Add SubId to TelephonyManager APIs.
635a594 : Add test case for BSSID hotlist and fix wifi scanner test cases
19322f3 : Update WifiRttManager facade in sl4a for the new APIs.
0cdc175 : Fix build on master.
a1c3a2e : Add Enterprise Wifi connection support in sl4a. [Take 2] b/19590352
81cc82c : Undoing previous reset to get back all the changes lost
52cdcf5 : Fix auto-join and wifiscanner test bed for key change
90e0447 : Tel Test Script: Add support in Sl4A to get dBm value.
f28feb2 : Tel Testing Script: Add support for Tethering Entitlement Check.
104a6bb : Refactoring work Added a new method to and Fixed a porblem in FilteringTest where one test would always return false.
7cbb8b6 : DO NOT MERGE Add Enterprise Wifi connection support in sl4a. b/19590352
55366e8 : Add Enterprise Wifi connection support in sl4a. b/19590352
be58659 : Add Enterprise Wifi connection support in sl4a. b/19590352
4fa7684 : Change rtt Framework interface
14b04d9 : Adding APIs to get VoLTE, VT, and WFC Status
96e8c22 : -Api for forcing VoLTE Provisioning on shamu
cacfdb6 : One more change to accomodate API Check [DO NOT MERGE]
defa69c : Temporary changes to make API check happy [DO NOT MERGE]
395a211 : Added Wifi Scanner automation test
d7453ed : -Fix reliability issues with TelLiveDataTest: -Track+Control WiFi and Cellular States Separately -Refactor code for waiting for data connection -Change to event-based monitoring of ConnectivityManager -Update the name of imsSetAdvanged4gMode() to match commercial name
4cc0853 : Added LOCAL_MODULE_OWNER (google) to all sl4a modules.
63b801a : -Fix b/19410943 by adding event and functions for tracking ConnectivityStateChange
ba5cc3f : SL4A Modification for MSIM Support
5a86fdf : -Add a placeholder event for VolteServiceState from PhoneStateListener
586f437 : -Fix b/19408259 : Incorrect field values in NetworkInfo structure in
7ebf6a6 : Added LOCAL_MODULE_OWNER (google) to all sl4a modules.
1877e12 : Anritsu Callbox automation Changes
9e5ecec : Tel Test: Fix SL4A crash bug in VoLTE Conf Call test. Original CL here:
2609097 : -Add iwlan rat type in sl4a -remove abandoned code from -added iwlan in
f344f03 : Fix m wireless wifi dev build.
1290f12 : Support for CMAS and ETWS
061f503 : Tel Test Script: SMS.
393d438 : Tel Test Script: Add test cases.
727e7e4 : SL4A WiFi Calling API Additions to ImsManager
a4448db : Tel Test Script: Change Conference according to new utils.
082a7c9 : Reworking tel/test_cases directory
8c7a4ee : Add missing include for strerror(3)
1da15df : Fix sl4a build
28826c4 : Fix sl4a build.
7adb5c8 : DO NOT MERGE Modifying and adding to Sherry's BT testcases.
b3ccee5 : Add sl4a api to toggle "wifi scan always available" option.
9117f16 : adopting WifiScanner API's changes for Sl4a and testcases
6873764 : DO NOT MERGE: Revert "Revert "Cherry pick: Update sl4a according to WifiScannerManager changes.""
ec92a52 : Revert "Cherry pick: Update sl4a according to WifiScannerManager changes."
c01dd34 : Cherry pick: Update sl4a according to WifiScannerManager changes.
d76e1e4 : Add API in HttpFacade to fix HttpPing hang issue.
0e7e0bd : Modifying and adding to Sherry's BT testcases.
b1bf5d4 : Modify and add new testcases.
8fa31f8 : -Fixing issues with event dispatcher
04baa4b : Update code to reflect change in ImsManager API.
9fc239b : Fix broken build
b93df30 : Update sl4a according to WifiScannerManager changes.
def8eac : Add sl4a support for wifi energy info API.
5fe0eb9 : -Replacing the SL4A logging function with a level-aware version
145667e : Added new methods to get device info. Fixed issues. Fixed two methods in GattFacade Added new method setTimeZone that angli wrote.
1a9132e : Adding intellisense support for IDE development.
62cf556 : Minor fixes for wifi manager facade in sl4a.
98a01dd : Adding "Riker" test bed Adding debug logging
b44ef8e : Additional changes to SubscriptionManager API as per API council.
36df311 : Cherry-pick: Added WifiManager autojoin and WifiScannerTest case.
415d740 : Revert "Additional changes to SubscriptionManager API as per API council."
6d1fa30 : Additional changes to SubscriptionManager API as per API council.
b4e6cc0 : Addressing API review issues for SmsManager (3/3)
7ec869b : Improve wifi p2p related functions in sl4a.
8908c56 : Improvements to wifi related functions in acts and sl4a.
c0f5420 : Add API to reset the SL4A call list.
75ac899 : Update SubscriptionManager API as per API council.
c59ec66 : Add wifi wps support in sl4a.
b5d52bb : Switch from color to icon tint
4b7817b : Add support for MSIM in SL4A test framework.
29164cf : Revert "Update sl4a according to WifiScannerManager changes."
ba18e98 : Clean up public API of SubInfoRecord.
ed6f2f6 : Made fixes to the BluetoothGattFacade. Fixed naming convension of many methods.
2f6f40e : Update sl4a according to WifiScannerManager changes.
e3dc827 : Build fix. Convert sub Id from Long to Integer.
3140d50 : Build fix. Additional conversions of subId from Long to Integer.
175887d : Separate VoLTE and VT configurations.
7d5b605 : Cherry Pick: Adding New Methods for Getting Current NW Type based on Voice/Data.
e51f6d5 : Renamed VOLTE_VT config constant to disassociate from VoLTE/VT.
2331afe : Cherry Pick: Adding SubscriptionManagerFacade and MSIM support.
13c15b8 : SL4A: For post event, if event is not cloned, don't clear event immediately after post.
34de7cd : Enhanced 4G LTE Mode storage mechanism modified from share prefs to global.
85a4c8a : Add Emergency Call API.
4c1ab2b : Cherry pick CL
d68f508 : SL4A improvements.
f73f5cd : Cleaning up redundent code. Added btsnoop log support in sl4a and bt_test_utils. Fixed bug with bluetooth toggle.
5d61de3 : Add VoLTE setting API and preferred network setting API.
e49e8b9 : Add user defined parameter support to ACTS and other improvements.
a1a289c : Minor improvement to sl4a.
5e46153 : Add Rpc in Call control.
0bb3ff7 : Add code support for tracking data connection state.
42e4554 : Add conference call support to sl4a.
84c588b : Fix build break by renaming method getEnabledPhoneAccounts
1d7e2a7 : Fix build.
b70757f : Update telephony/telecomm related functions in sl4a.
c374a75 : Add API in ConnectivityManagerFacade to get network connection type.
0d81876 : Renaming Telecomm to Telecom.
2276e31 : Fix build break by renaming method getEnabledPhoneAccounts
ee86c7d : Add http related functionalities to sl4a.
1feb7b9 : Fix build.
885bedf : Update telephony/telecomm related functions in sl4a.
630cd10 : Renaming Telecomm to Telecom.
996703c : Minor change to TelephonyStateListeners and PhoneFacade.
f82e3a1 : Add wifi tethering automated tests.
2e5a25a : Fix build, post removing apis
11e0246 : Add API in ConnectivityManagerFacade to get network connection type.
abceaaf : This CL contains testcase cleanup, tescase addition, added documentation, and an api fix.
9262a15 : Add Wifi P2P Manager support in sl4a.
97f83ba : Cleanup of some testcases. Addition of some testcases. Removed print statement in BleAdvertiseApiTest Created BeaconSwarmTest for raspbi testbed. Fixed BleAttenuatorTest to work with the new framework. Added Bugs test to test various bugs. (sandbox area) Added low latency scanning and advertising for tests that don't rely on it. This speeds up many tests. Changed a mispelling in Added documentation to these test suites: BleScanApiTest, BeaconSwarmTest, BleAttenuatorTest, Added enums to BleEnum: BluetoothGattCharacteristic, BluetoothGattDescriptor, BluetoothGattService
f3aeb2a : Adding various new methods to BluetoothGattFacade. 1.Added BluetoothGattServer Callback 2.Added openGattServer method 3.Added gattServerAddService method 4.Added createGattService method 5.Added gattServerCancelConnection method 6.Added bluetoothGattAddCharacteristicToService method 7.Added bluetoothGattCharacteristicAddDescriptor method 8.Added createGattServerCallback method 9.Changed bluetoothGattConfigureMtu to bluetoothGattRequestMtu 10.Changed bluetoothGattRequestConnectionUpdateRequest to bluetoothGattRequestConnectionPriority.
2598337 : Accommodate WifiAdapter API change
b06373f : Fix sl4a breakage caused by TelecommManager changes.
b8c1be8 : Restructure WifiManager Action Listener.
ab0f919 : remove passpoint - DO NOT MERGE
cc858ff : Wifi RPC updates in sl4a.
55153c7 : Modification of API and Event
b8149e0 : Take sl4a out of eng.
afd0c02 : Fix build.
0a0bd4a : added test for passpoint api
bc92b5e : LE: Rename new MTU and connection paramter update APIs
4af44be : Added changes to allow single parameter to scan facade's method setScanFilterServiceData to accept single parameter serviceData. Cleaned up every instance of scan in advertise facade to avoid confusion in logs.
c835bda : Improvements to sl4a.
3386c23 : Updates to APIs for council feedback
cc3110a : Fix API council review comments. Also hide certain APIs.(3/3)
47322cf : Fix sl4a crashing by removing duplicate Rpc.
944e83b : Added new api bluetoothGattRequestConnectionParameterUpdate to BluetoothGattFacade. Change seconds to nanos in jsonbuilder for scan result. Added function to get time in nanos since boot for comparing report delay millis in ble scan.
5c44c05 : Revamp start gscan rpc call.
f340127 : Add sl4a to userdebug builds by default.
a168c23 : Update to MediaSession.Callback
9290d6b : Add radio and ssid state control to acts.
ad2f6e4 : Improve WifiManager support in sl4a.
01ef6a2 : Put sl4a back into eng builds.
269e2e4 : Fixed sl4a issues with getAdvertiseDataServiceData where the input string wasn't turning into a parceluuid. Renamed set to add in advertise data service data and advertise data manufacturer id to match apis appropriately.
cc59067 : Fixed issue where classic ble scan would skip kicking off a scan when the service uuid list is populated.
667ef13 : Adapted to new api changes in BluetoothLeScanFacade. Adding wifiscanner changes from Navtej from the partner branch: Adopting WifiScanner API's changes and adding new WifiScanner change test Change-Id: Ia17735c483227073a210380c64bd8250f661200b
e643e85 : Enable event_dispatcher to wait on multiple events that contain a specified substring.
b3811cf : Changed a few methods in BLEAdvertiseFacade in order to keep everything consistent
8ad26d9 : Add proper shutdown to wifi rtt facade.
a502b0e : Moved set methods all together. Changed an incorrect api name for setting tx power level.
0f4088d : Update to session APIs
0b0bd91 : Added more scan record results to JSON RPC server. Added getDeviceName for advertisement data object. Added includeDeviceName for advertisement builder object. Added better debug messages to failed callbacks. Changed api to accept Long for report delay milliseconds.
bc5b445 : Add Rtt support to sl4a.
713afca : Added a method to include device name in advertisement data.
5605478 : Minor bug fixes.
1adfb5c : Made some api changes back from report delay seconds to milli seconds as the actual apis have changed. Removed an unused constructor in
1873c4e : Add media scanner facade to sl4a build.
11c265a : Add functionalities to support media addition/deletion.
d7391a8 : Fix sl4a build
715db27 : Add MediaSession APIs to sl4a to support PTS automation.
ff44085 : Fix sl4a build due to API changes.
ac952d7 : Fix sl4a crash.
1dc99d3 : Refactor PhoneFacade.
625694d : Reinstate SmsFacade.
1a50a16 : Add HID passthrough command related method to sl4a.
9e41c4e : Various addition to sl4a for PTS automation.
a20a3d5 : Change byte[] array in scanrecord return to a string. Make sure the callback type was added to a return. Change-Id: Idd15481dab5fcf9e232b288671a7ac3bca08a612
1de3e09 : Re-added classic ble scanning. Already has been approved in previous review.
db96788 : Refactor PhoneFacade.
8d76db3 : Removed hidden apis Changed documentation Changed return value type from byte[] to string in a few methods
c409b34 : Minor updates to PhoneFacade for events.
9ef5bd0 : Fixed old problems. Long values to String.
39061a5 : Removed hidden apis Changed documentation Changed return value type from byte[] to string in a few methods
ee051eb : Minor updates to PhoneFacade for events.
7aa43ea : Reinstate SmsFacade.
ab25876 : Removed hidden apis Changed documentation Changed return value type from byte[] to string in a few methods
0b61807 : Fix build by commenting out references to removed hidden API in sl4a.
1d9c921 : Revert "Revert "Update MediaSession constructor""
1d393f1 : Revert "Update MediaSession constructor"
26895fd : Update MediaSession constructor
39cef44 : Add HID passthrough command related method to sl4a.
f03bcc8 : Fix build break
4432dc4 : Fixed build errors with Media Session Facade Made modifications to Ble Advertise facade to accomadate api changes Made modifications to Ble Scan facade to accomadate api changes Made modifications to Json Builder to accomadate api changes
af477c7 : Various addition to sl4a for PTS automation.
4db98a4 : Fix build break
ec70944 : Fix build error caused by API update
fd2bc1c : Add AudioManager and MediaSession support in sl4a.
c8fb028 : Update deprecated APIs in PhoneFacade.
162a620 : Fix sl4a crashing problem.
aa8cff8 : Changed long inputs to Strings due to serializable issues with byte arrays. Changed byte[] returns to Strings also due to serializable issues. byte[] inputs now must be passed as comma separated Strings. Added ble start advertising with scanrecord. Changed an input of an RPC function from List<String> to String[] since there were type problems from python to java. Also uncommented onConnectionCongested which I'm not sure why it got commented out to begin with. Added classic le scan and le advertise callbacks/generators/start/stop/shutdown .Fixed some documentation.
af31251 : Add sl4a support for automatically accepting Bluetooth MAP connection.
5eb1190 : Added support of private apis in WifiManagerFacade
81f23e8 : Added event handling for Modem Power Level indication. Added APIs for data connection Enable/Disable, Set APN, check selected APN.
8682d6e : Removed no longer existing getBatchScanResults and replaced it with flushPendingScanResults.
647e9a4 : Remove eng flag from sl4a
0e5b799 : Fix BluetoothPairingHelper receiver path
fc29c63 : Add sl4a facade for bluetooth map profile.
cefbb2a : Fix the build by adding the file missing from the original commit.
fd86828 : Revert "Moving bluetooth related facades to package .facade.bluetooth"
7c83925 : Moving bluetooth related facades to package .facade.bluetooth
ce5e708 : Add HID profile support.
f528670 : Added a new method for myBluetoothCallback callback Renamed myBluetoothCallback to myBluetoothGattCallback
23e4a87 : Renamed BluetoothLeConnectFacade class to BluetoothGattConnectFacade
8cc7b01 : Fix bugs in sl4a bluetooth connection APIs.
6dc465a : Added get apis to ScanFilter, ScanSetting, and AdvertiseData for api testing
e53b3da : ble gatt connect apis.
1625176 : sl4a Bluetooth improvements.
93132aa : Fixed the copyright owner.
763b6b7 : Fix sl4a build.
01ffe8d : Remove references of nonexistent resource dirs.
8a600da : Remove unused makefiles and add Bluetooth HID profile support.
a56ec91 : Marge all facade projects into Common.
150ae5a : Restructure Bluetooth part of sl4a.
18b3164 : Added new test case for WifiManager
e450ab4 : added timestamp verification for scan results
5e563c8 : Update various deprecated code. Fix a bug in sl4a session termination.
378bbeb : Update BluetoothFacade for PTS automation.
86cabf8 : Update dispatcher example for name changes in sl4a. Add temporary solution to multiple device support in Add multiple device support for android_device.
5d5e7d7 : applying terminology of java apis
37fa39f : Fix libGoogleAnalytics in make file
624bba1 : Fix make file to fix build Fix a bug in android_device
eca06f1 : Revert "Revert "Disable proguard check. Make sl4a to be installed as priviliged app""
b798db3 : Revert "Revert "Fix make file by adding google analytics back Update uses of deprecated APIs""
ae17b0c : Revert "Disable proguard check. Make sl4a to be installed as priviliged app"
f2b0a82 : Revert "Fix make file by adding google analytics back Update uses of deprecated APIs"
806799e : Fix make file by adding google analytics back Update uses of deprecated APIs
02b13b8 : Code review comments incorporated
a393c8f : Disable proguard check. Make sl4a to be installed as priviliged app
9cead12 : Localized displayed text strings to comply android localization requirements.
185b6c8 : Replace deprecated Notification contructing with builder mechanism. Fix "can't bind to port" exception when server tries to restart
1bae704 : restructuring and adding background scan test validation kwd commit 9c6b7df3b79cf7ef92b33caa81311c09d1f6c88d
6c471ce : Wifi Scan Test for added and removed ssids
cb99686 : Revert "Fix the build: Revert "Merge commit '2fa58563c9052ab3df28a13406fde6d7a5fe74e4' into sl4a""
6a1b0fa : JsonBuilder: comment out access to hidden fields temporarily ScriptingLayerService: update deprecated onStart() to avoid crash SimpleServer: remove a log line
64d4e86 : Fix racing problem in JsonRpcServer
f12717a : Fix make files so it builds in master Fix so user does not need to modify path and jdk version any more Adding a logging field in JsonRpcServer Changing event id scheme in ScanFacade
33985da : Restructuring of script to support python junit and adding wifi interface script
963727e : Fix the build: Revert "Merge commit '2fa58563c9052ab3df28a13406fde6d7a5fe74e4' into sl4a"
31f1650 : Add feature to serialize simple class objects.
911f563 : Supporting Passpoint API and script for testing wifi
8832c7d : Raise sl4a's privilege to the same level as Settings Expand sl4a's permissions Fix bluetoothMakeDiscoverable and toggleAirplaneMode
4031d0c : accommodate name changes in WifiScanner
727f7e5 : Improve error reporting with null response. Simplify ssid add example.
fe1add4 : Add adb control functions and an sl4a app starter.
dcff4a7 : Initial checkin of atest package of tools.
e8a91ad : adding multi-session support
670b7e8 : Initial commit

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/TvSettings

9b25534 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7c5ef52 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
118159c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/inputmethods/LatinIME

a4e9383 : Stop mixing and matching platform and NDK.
522adee : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
65fa229 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cb83108 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
11d116c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8721958 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
47a77c5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b34c902 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7e68c71 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
96a2d55 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d3f580f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f6d1c5f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fdbd6fe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
83fdba1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
888712e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3b5421b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5dbecb8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6cca573 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
006c30a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
76218d9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7674a65 : Unicode 8.0 emoji additions to Google Keyboard.
4de1e22 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e1d5012 : Revert "Unicode 8.0 emoji changes to Google Keyboard."
354d009 : Revert "Add description strings for Unicode 8.0 new emoji."
9cc4254 : Unicode 8.0 emoji changes to Google Keyboard.
332181b : Add description strings for Unicode 8.0 new emoji.

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/CalendarProvider

9b2d8e1 : Work on issue #25467052: System lagged out

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/ContactsProvider

edd9617 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4eecd96 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
59af846 : Update directories when initializing ContactsProvider.

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/DownloadProvider

f1bdc05 : Fix GuardedBy analysis.
bd80878 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6947a09 : Revert "Use resolved path for both checking and opening."
5accb13 : Use resolved path for both checking and opening.
5c08fb8 : Use resolved path for both checking and opening.
bdc8313 : Use resolved path for both checking and opening.
8fbf120 : Use resolved path for both checking and opening.
6608eb8 : Use resolved path for both checking and opening.
366af2e : Use resolved path for both checking and opening.

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/MediaProvider

8c25374 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1a9f4fc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/TelephonyProvider

ba1cc5d : Fix shift that is out of range.
78acbab : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cecbabc : Try-catch for deletePreferredApnId()

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/UserDictionaryProvider

b650708 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/screensavers/Basic

ea0bb9b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/screensavers/PhotoTable

3e11178 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/services/Telecomm

10d5186 : Fix classCastException when Monkey test
51c2fbf : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
dfb968e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
818a79f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f1c1679 : DO NOT MERGE Add timer to make in-call ui reflect bluetooth state
205716a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
65f3b56 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0698858 : Import tra