android-n-preview-2 to android-n-preview-3 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

a2b147e : Ensure that java.lang.reflect.Field is initialized
0997d24 : Revert "ART: Reference.getReferent intrinsic for x86 and x86_64"
d3059e7 : Fix oatdump crash on arm64/arm code. Also adds 16 bit literal information.
e18d619 : Don't expect permission to open foreign dex use marks.
d7c2fdc : Fix another case of live_in at irreducible loop entry.
249b4d1 : Use _exit instead of exit for the system exit.
5d2a3f7 : Add histogram for native allocations
10c5f56 : Prevent ArtMethod clearing race
c66b810 : Revert "Blacklist test."
73ad16e : Revert some flaky unloading
10bc5a4 : Revert "Revert "Make run-test default to optimizing compiler.""
33bae7d : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "(dl)Close native libraries on unload""""
c0f2e67 : Revert "Revert "Remove double unloading hack""
0122320 : Break the debug cycle!
90671be : Add ability to see if a dex file is backed by an oat file.
52c9da0 : Fix issue with Constructor proxies.
477e29a : Hold a ClassLoader reference in NativeAllocationRegistry.
c9ef168 : Reduce memory usage of SSA Phi elimination and make it faster.
8943c1d : DexFile: Add an API to query oat file status.
4650c93 : Revert "Make run-test default to optimizing compiler."
7c9f3ba : Fix braino when parsing invoke transition weight.
afdc97e : ART: Reference.getReferent intrinsic for x86 and x86_64
36a95bc : Make all java.lang.reflect.Constructor methods handle proxies.
c544f34 : Initialize native loader before starting runtime
bc90d0f : Make --jvm work again
d855718 : Remove a common subexpression from profman output
54149d6 : Use delete/delete[] rather than free/realloc in tracedump
dce016e : Intrinsify String.length() and String.isEmpty() as HIR.
3ea5a97 : Attribute arena allocations previously marked as STL.
e9cae49 : Revert "Remove double unloading hack"
624b68e : Revert "Revert "Revert "(dl)Close native libraries on unload"""
0ed0521 : Fix test for verification of clinit method
f0ecae7 : Make <clinit> verification stronger for v37+.
90d48f2 : Fix libart tests on target
fb6c90a : Improve String.indexOf() intrinsics.
f663e34 : Workaround invokesuper underspecified behavior.
3f4a522 : ART: Fix dominance for irreducible loops
3b62593 : Add cmpb instruction to x86 and x86_64 assembler
130b7cf : Fix test with
b408e58 : Remove double unloading hack
ed79301 : Add braces per the coding convention
48b2b3e : Fix libarttest to be non debug
f494663 : Make run-test default to optimizing compiler.
52683cf : Limit profman log spam with time threshold
504a690 : Fix assert failure in interpreter after deoptimization.
06fd2cf : Change test 136 to use dlopen
727d6df : Revert "Revert "(dl)Close native libraries on unload""
5a62059 : Stop populating irreducible loop at header
0ca8add : Fix ProtoId ordering check in DexFileVerifier.
59399ab : Fix index checks for error strings in DexFileVerifier.
65fef30 : Relax the DCHECK in load store elimination.
0cf0dbd : Revert "(dl)Close native libraries on unload"
2eb3ba9 : (dl)Close native libraries on unload
a210689 : Exploit NE/EQ tests on array length in BCE.
66630be : Update comment in
05b3fa0 : Do not look at dead phis during SsaRedundantPhiElimination.
022dd86 : Check if a class is verified before visiting profiling info.
e85dff7 : Blacklist test.
2ba8895 : ART: Dump more OatDexFile data in oatdump
2e960a0 : Make test for app-image loading.
f4b3487 : Remove -XOatFileManagerCompilerFilter argument.
d6c2bfa : Fix vtable corruption.
a96f316 : Put a handle on the String object.
1f36f41 : ARM64: Add new String.compareTo intrinsic.
5edb063 : Fix check_jni_compiler tests
457bc24 : Revert "Disable tests after latest nativeloader changes."
39d68ef : Reset NativeLoader on DestroyJavaVM
b384e5e : Fix profile saver to use base dex location
56fdd0e : ART: Disambiguate access-checks mode from lock-counting
7649467 : ART: Fix Mac build
c7ed09b : ART: Log all monitor operations to systrace
471118e : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
4b76755 : Deduplicate simple roots in hprof.
36891fe : Add contender method for lock contention
1be7cbd : Remove invoke after inlining.
bd553eb : Decrease transition weight.
f39f009 : Fix how the ProfileSaver thread attaches to the runtime.
7032e78 : Disable tests after latest nativeloader changes.
3a79b63 : Supply librarySearchPath to PathClassLoader
963758d : ART: Add missing EXPORT_PCs to x86/_64 mterp
a319f4d : Correct monitor pool synchronization
91288d8 : Revert "Revert "Write conflict tables in image""
d23d7d1 : Revert "Write conflict tables in image"
af36e49 : Fix -Xint and -Xusejit interaction
155ff3d : Add command line option for jit invoke transition weight
ffc8707 : Split profile recording from jit compilation
97cbc92 : Allow the framework to register sensistive threads to the runtime
74c3994 : Update list of libraries needed for ART run-test.
0702f92 : Re-enable tests disabled because of libnativehelper_compat_libc++.
f813745 : Add and use public.libraries.buildbot.txt file.
e42888f : Write conflict tables in image
7f98c9a : Add support for eagerly calculating conflict tables
052164a : Fix string patch target retrieval in OatWriter.
07b3510 : ART: Disable back edge uses for irreducible loops
a4a640e : Fix test to return expected value.
93a18c5 : Forbid HDeoptimize instructions in OSR methods.
2bd7d2d : ART: add exynos-m1 to a53 #835769 & #843419 erratum exception list
5bc80b9 : Work around Jack optimizations in arm64 shifter operand test.
9d944d1 : ART: Eliminate unlikely code from hot path in x86 div/rem
f417ff4 : Test component type for errors too. With regression test.
3f84f2c : Fix valgrind tests: mark allocated space as defined.
041169f : Initialize native loader on JNI_CreateJavaVM
4eb6fbf : Use explicit cast to avoid compilers error
393fdb8 : Make sure the referring class is in the dex cache.
22c1f54 : ART: Fix ROR Checker test
a3ffea2 : ARM(64): Implement the isInfinite intrinsics
a64f249 : Revert "Revert "Thumb2: Reduce memory used for fixup dependencies.""
3e0e717 : Reduce memory lost by ArenaAllocator for large allocations.
c824b51 : Take into account the change in classes when analysing profiles
250a378 : Add flag to ArtMethod to skip compilation.
d3a8110 : Revert "Revert "Assembly RegionTLAB allocation fast path for x86_64""
d89e241 : Revert "Thumb2: Reduce memory used for fixup dependencies."
5ef4667 : Revert "Assembly RegionTLAB allocation fast path for x86_64"
53954b9 : ART: Slightly change InitializeClass flow
c120bbe : ART: Naive NullCheck elimination in InstructionBuilder
9962962 : ProfileSaver: query profiling_infos instead of the code_map
6543933 : Fix comparison in profile saver
20b7e3b : Fix tracking foreign dex files
0b79127 : Skip profiling if the dex file is fully compiled
aa840f4 : Fix profile save MaxBaxBackoff time
698f4d1 : Fix and tune ProfileSaver
050fb1b : Do not profile fully compiled oat files.
5d1bd0a : Discard corrupted or out of date profiles
876f350 : Extend profman to be able to dump profile content.
6414295 : Update and improve profiles format
6726546 : Improve ProfileSaver to cache data and do minimal I/O
b9c1b9b : Improve resolved classes saving strategy
b8e6999 : Add ProfileSaver stats and dump them during SigQuit
59ff8cb : Don't be so agressive in quering the code cache for new methods
1f2ce44 : Thumb2: Reduce memory used for fixup dependencies.
3071f80 : Patch for compiling art to run on linux target
bb661c0 : Refactor use of __ANDROID__ macro
b679515 : ART: Disable unstarted runtime pow test for valgrind
7fda785 : MIPS64: Implement bitCount intrinsics.
a13abba : Fix heap check.
94408d3 : ART: Address late comments on a GVN memory-saving CL
cb55b29 : Thumb2: Fix disassembly of the b.w offset.
dbeb6ee : Avoid redundant Long allocation before unboxing
cc857cf : Reduce memory usage in GVN
69cee6a : Revert "Revert "Assembly TLAB and RegionTLAB allocation fast path for x86""
0cd1bf7 : Revert "Assembly TLAB and RegionTLAB allocation fast path for x86"
3045b66 : Make dex file loading failure more explicit about failure.
c6b5627 : Fix HInstruction::ReplaceInput(), allow no-op.
b8a00f9 : ART: Add Math cutouts
715fdc2 : ART: Add some reflection cutouts
0ffdc9c : Do less work holding thread list lock
62977ff : Fix RTP to hold mutator lock while using raw mirror pointers.
9152fed : Thumb2: Fix EmitJumpTables() to extend buffer only if needed.
5eed0c5 : Fix reference_type_propagation_test.
732350b : Revert "Increase timeout for the 570-checker-osr test from 20s to 60s."
9a966cb : Assembly RegionTLAB allocation fast path for x86_64
84ed7d0 : Assembly TLAB and RegionTLAB allocation fast path for x86
3ed30c3 : ART: Remove Security initialization cutout
31244b4 : Do not use EXPECT_DEATH in unit test, fails on device.
3c19d3e : Reuse HUseListNode<>s when replacing instruction or input.
456307a : Revert "Revert "Use dex cache from compilation unit in RTP.""
544dcba : Revert "Disable JDWP tests with read barriers."
8f95cf3 : Fix a deadlock between debugger and GC.
46817b8 : Use iterators "before" the use node in HUserRecord<>.
b9d338b : Fix 570-checker-osr test for non-debuggable mode.
6919a01 : Update to perflib-25.0.0 to improve processing performance.
d676227 : Increase timeout for the 570-checker-osr test from 20s to 60s.
fd66c50 : Fix inlining loops in OSR mode.
49c882b : Initialize a variable to suppress compiler error
fa3091e : ART: Fix IsLinearOrderWellFormed in liveness analysis
8b3f9b2 : Avoid constructing types with errors.
8ce9c30 : ART: Add cutout for Character.toLower/UpperCase
eb8b0ae : ART: Add ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream cutout
d14b73d : ART: Fast-fail empty other handlers in fault handling
a5b7557 : Fix a DCHECK failure in Arm64RelativePatcher with read barrier.
61b3cd4 : Prevent holding stale Thread pointers
74b3c8f : Add more info to monitor contention logging
480d510 : Fix interaction between instrumentation and jit lock.
d4fa9f4 : ART: Add a System.getProperty cutout
8f4ade0 : ART: Fix nits for verifier change
478078a : Increase vtable size for String class
1b85354 : Disable stripped-dex test for no-dex2oat.
18b36ab : Remove the no-longer-needed F/I and D/J alias.
34d9b04 : Revert "Use dex cache from compilation unit in RTP."
5b2cfd8 : OpenJdkJVM: Fix Mac OS build.
062157f : Enable allocation elimination as part of LSE
9afaac4 : Revert "Revert "ART: Improve JitProfile perf in x86_64 mterp""
77f5d65 : OpenJdkJVM: Fix JVM_Lseek
71cd50f : Add weight to compiled/interpreter transitions.
5d8fa8b : Track removal of String hash functions.
935384e : Properly initialize the is_osr_method_being_compiled_ flag.
c01a664 : Fix: correctly destruct VIXL labels.
d5d892d : Rename test whose name was too long for some configs
d7864d8 : Disable stripped-dex test on target.
6659624 : ART: Make iget receiver mismatch hard verifier error
27bb86e : Use dex cache from compilation unit in RTP.
aa680e8 : ART: Save a bit of memory in production LICM
adf8491 : ART: Update DCHECKs in SsaLivenessAnalysis::AddBackEdgeUses
ba6aae0 : Fix initialization of field after conflicting merges.
99e6d2d : Don't use JACK alpha anymore.
6134ba1 : Fix CFI fixups for long branches on MIPS.
ab4c64b : Fix copy-paste nit
3cd50df : Use dex cache from compilation unit in HInstructionBuilder.
1f7624c : Revert "Remove the no-longer-needed F/I and D/J alias."
b55f1ac : Allow private methods in interfaces.
76f5cb6 : Restore fallback behavior in the no-image stripped-dex case.
c5196cd : Add imgdiag support for diff against zygote
93205e3 : Move Assemblers to the Arena.
274fe4a : Remove the JIT from the instrumentation framework.
b2771b4 : Add option to tune sample collection based on thread sensitivity
89e3b48 : ART: Simplify unstarted-runtime ceil and floor
2f52064 : Remove the no-longer-needed F/I and D/J alias.
b9f4772 : Revert "Ignore failures with CC."
6d25cf6 : Fix InsertDexFileInToClassLoader to handle null class loaders
7aa04a1 : X86/X86_64: Switch to locked add from mfence
f38a661 : ART: Flag to fail thread creation
d58b837 : Allocate code generators on the arena.
fad48e7 : ART: Add Makefile target for boot image
ebea3d2 : Small changes in ARM and x86-64 SystemArrayCopy intrinsics.
c2e8af9 : ART: Speed up HGraph::PopulateIrreducibleRecursive
8326120 : unstarted_runtime: add cutout for Math.floor
ae49049 : Revert "Update expectations for 031-class-attributes."
0dfb30d : Remove recursive ALWAYS_INLINE
92ec594 : Fix relocate in place to handle arbitrary app image layout
2ba04ea : Revert "Revert "Reduce dirty image pages by improving binning""
d464fa1 : Revert "Reduce dirty image pages by improving binning"
f3cee19 : Reduce dirty image pages by improving binning
cd77378 : Assembly region TLAB allocation fast path for arm64.
e719926 : Don't abort during app image loading with no boot image
0e6aa6d : ART: Make mterp jit profiling race tolerant
adbf93e : Oatdump: Smarter StackMap lookup to improve performance.
1475924 : ART: Change prebuild run-test setup
8a2c62c : ART: Change x86 from modify_ldt to set_thread_data
1d011d9 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "ART: Improve JitProfile perf in arm/arm64 mterp""""
ace7a00 : Optimizing: LoadString may not have any side effects.
d634208 : Revert "Revert "ART: Improve JitProfile perf in x86 mterp""
59028d9 : MIPS: Improving art_quick_imt_conflict_trampoline
3bc1381 : Implement on-stack replacement for MIPS32 and MIPS64

+- Project: platform/bionic

0c65708 : Update Android.bp to match
bab9d79 : Remove <net/if_types.h>.
06e2202 : Always update search domain paths.
12f3541 : Remove various bits of header cruft.
41fd295 : Remove linker-namespace functions from the header
e2f2583 : Remove declaration of pthread_cond_timedwait_relative_np.
3164ab7 : Remove pthread_mutex_lock_timeout_np from <pthread.h>.
e104a2e : Generalize the clone function slightly.
2adde7b : End all lists in with a ,.
83fcb54 : Fix linker crash on trying to unload main executable
2178826 : Remove a duplicate declaration, improve
18d0e8c : Re-land "Fix invalid using decl in bionic relocation_packer"
e29e99c : Remove --exclude-libs ldflags.
baa2a97 : Use clang's nullability instead of nonnull.
7941678 : Update Android.bp to match
62e3a07 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
ed50763 : Remove <sys/atomics.h>.
3d12517 : Move <machine/endian.h> somewhere more private.
e10ff49 : Remove <sys/utime.h>.
64959d2 : Remove <sys/ioctl_compat.h>.
8aabbd7 : Move glibc-syscalls.h into bits/.
b0da576 : Move the IEEE fp header out of the public headers.
82140be : Remove <net/if_ieee1394.h>.
42d7527 : Move nsswitch.h into libc/dns/include.
6bad319 : Remove unused <sys/socketcalls.h> header.
8b8611a : Record the resolution start time on errors.
6b3bec0 : Fix various empty .h files in bionic.
b089e46 : Remove nonexported _ns_flagdata from public header.
5a3d5ca : Add __INTRODUCED_IN_{32,64}.
d51bc71 : Add platform specific version tags.
ff504e6 : Add __INTRODUCED_IN hack to complex test.
34c599a : Add __INTRODUCED_IN_FUTURE for unreleased APIs.
14adff1 : Add versioning information to symbols.
37f3632 : Update strip property format
ee84786 : Update Android.bp to match
7e94d29 : Remove __UNAVAILABLE.
7ba106c : Fix <wctype.h>.
6f6f905 : Implement mblen(3).
e5ed43b : Remove -fvisibility=hidden from dns code
3615a52 : Remove declaration of pthread_cond_timeout_np.
b640e03 : [mips64] Call __memset_chk_fail correctly for mips64.
f5a9123 : Add unwind information for r7 in arm syscalls.
54548d8 : Make malloc debug symbols platform-private
29226f3 : Tag unavailable functions with macro.
c194fd3 : Delete declarations which don't exist.
b5f5879 : Enable clang builds of mips/mips64 in bionic again.
1b069a9 : Fix DNS search path info.
c7bfe2e : Update documentation to work with gitiles.
d8ca92c : Make <sys/user.h> compile on AArch64.
722ab05 : bionic: Implement getpwent and getgrent
956df72 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warning.
60200a7 : Update timezone data to 2016d
2b55d7b : Update timezone data to 2016c
4d3a792 : Update timezone data to 2016b
1faca6c : Add a test exercising ptrace watchpoint functionality
5480761 : Improve error message for empty list of public libs
97c9d73 : Add new info functions to resolver for use by Netd.
fff3567 : Store DNS server count in resolv_cache.
97fd7d9 : Change pointer to allocation in unit tests.
13d79ab : Fix ftw/nftw to only report unreadable directories once.
9f39326 : Revert "Temporary move __udivdi3 back to LIBC for x86"
27c43c5 : Update sanitize property format
713a8e3 : Add malloc debug documentation.
ea26b33 : Small fixes to malloc debug.
b8e1b70 : Make the legacy inline headers compile standalone.
aca299a : Remove dangling links in secondary namespaces
99739d4 : Don't redefine __ANDROID_API__.
26bc9c6 : Move <sys/_sigdefs.h> and <sys/_errdefs.h> to private.
7a622da : Move linker-namespace functions to LIBC_PLATFORM
3647314 : linker: remove unnecessary reset of constructors_called flag
dd906d7 : linker: unload RTLD_NODELETE libraries when loading fails
55a89a4 : Small refactor.
77d57bf : Rename deps property to objs in cc_objects
fc8ed2f : Update Android.bp to match
4d098ca : Add a test for pthread_setname_np on another thread in a PR_SET_DUMPABLE 0 process.
a588f90 : Remove fabs, fabsf, fabsl inlines from <math.h>.
ba35b2d : Add test for IRELATIVE resolution with RTLD_LAZY
b839610 : Update Android.bp to match
83b44a9 : Rename DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP2 flag to DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP_REL

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

733285f : updater, minzip: Remove unnecessary O_SYNC flags.
bab6e49 : Keep ADF device alive for the lifetime of the minui backend
2fffcb1 : applypatch: Use bsdiff from external/bsdiff.
37c4502 : recovery: Always log the update attempt.
49c5c79 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
7306461 : updater: Don't zero out CommandParameters with memset(3).
54a2747 : Fix google-runtime-int warnings.
a86392e : Fix IWYU errors.
452df6d : Convert recovery to use BoringSSL instead of mincrypt.
b3bf958 : Define the Bootloader Control A/B structure

+- Project: platform/build

6e52003 : Make Error Prone warnings in sync with Error Prone documenation.
465acf8 : Use fs_config files for mksquashfs
8b999ac : Read Soong-exported configuration
e305f45 : Offer an ApkSignerEngine implementation.
d8f9f7d : Follow symlinks when using find for assets
e1ea943 : Add misc-macro-parentheses to default tidy checks.
2e735ca : Include BRILLO_VENDOR_PARTITIONS in target zip generation
f536e7b : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
ee2d211 : Correct some dependencies around zip packages
05e6f67 : Revert "Include vendor partitions in target zip generation"
57aa920 : Use product-specific Soong outputs
f382973 : Add code search links to warnings.
9826900 : Do not apply -Wl,--fix-cortex-a8 to Cortex-A9
04aa521 : Add a 32-bit x86_64 arch variant
32bb9bd : Add error prone patterns to
421fe44 : Include vendor partitions in target zip generation
2f4ce82 : Sort warnings with most frequent first.
aeadf41 : Remove -mcpu=cortex-a15 when adding -mcpu=krait
5f98796 : ApkSignerEngine abstraction for apksigner-core library.
593e670 : Revert "[MIPS] Temporarily disable Mips shared-textrel errors"
265db08 : APK Signature Scheme v2 signing logic for apksigner-core.
bdd2e8e : Fix build system documentation example
db14f79 : Remove arm-specific -Wno-psabi
05f9f35 : Harden dependency on generated sources.
9a97ba7 : Only pass NINJA_ARGS to the main ninja compile
5ff9c81 : Avoid accidentally using the host's native 'as' command.
85b8a01 : JAR signing logic for the apksigner-core library.
facdca1 : Update prebuilt build tools path
b141ded : SHA-256 with ECDSA supported only on API Level 21 and higher.
367ab29 : Update path to
d6c694b : Initialize an uninitialized field in ijar
348b81a : Update RS to use latest Clang-2812033 prebuilts as well.
30f86e4 : Suppress google-* checks in vendor modules.
1df33b7 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
01d6b59 : zipalign supports -p also when checking alignment.
700883e : Use strip mode mini-debug-info by default except on mips.
2d9bba9 : old-cts: Add testng and libcoreoj test support
f8d15d6 : Warn if there is file with unknown suffix in Java module's sources.
e8b8760 : Switch to clang-2812033.
460171a : Add to set up global default checks.
00dbe29 : target_files_diff: Fix the issue with file type change.
3f52653 : Separate logic for alg selection for OTA and APK signing.
32ec50a : make croot slightly more useful
f738562 : Switch mips64 back to NDK r10.
be0e7c9 : Update the path to on the documentation.
ae2fc81 : Remove bootclasspath handling for Jack
a9a55c7 : Call clang-tidy based on WITH_TIDY* variables.
2dc79b1 : Remove static libraries from Jack classpath
6263022 : Allow to build native tests for translation arch only.
5cde746 : Make jack_check_timestamp depend on setup-jack-server
c160c3f : Don't reset LOCAL_*MODULE_STEM.
8f1ac7c : Make sure platform libraries are built, regardless of webview.apk
3deb87d : Add input dependencies to .img targets
d50001e : Add to prerequisites
3aa7df5 : Revert "Use strip mode mini-debug-info by default."
db411cf : Move sysfs_writable to emulator specific policy
1eb14d0 : Address emulator specific SELinux denials
eed17d8 : Add core-lambda-stubs to default classpath for target libs compiling using javac
0e131e7 : Use strip mode mini-debug-info by default.
fab7995 : Add strip mode mini-debug-info.
962dfdc : Skip verifying the partition with no changed blocks.
d5cd404 : Makefile: Pack squashfs and f2fs tools into
109141c : Allow to force min sdk given to Jack
22b23b9 : Reject Google's build of JDK.
d4caaae : releasetools: Only verify the blocks to be touched.
cd1e16a : Monotonic flag sets incorrectly in rangelib
2532862 : Add support for Brillo partitioning.
618a81e : Remove post-install verification
ff1c3f2 : Add support for LOCAL_EXPORT_*_LIBRARY_HEADERS
83cd79d : releasetools: Use fixed timestamp in
91609e2 : Always use ensure_start to ensure goma's daemon runs
907fb03 : Build: Add ART_BOOT_IMAGE_EXTRA_ARGS
580f2c4 : fs_config: include both oem ranges
74ec3f4 : Update code coverage filtering
4e2c57a : Pass SANTIIZE_HOST and SANITIZE_TARGET to soong
75e7af1 : Adding gcc-specific disable of Wattributes in preparation for libcxx rebase.
25da3a3 : ccache: Allow external setting of CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK variable
cc1a0fd : Enable asan/ubsan for mips

+- Project: platform/build/blueprint

75c4701 : Support ExtendProperties that can append or prepend
f187546 : Support dependencies between variants
2c1f3d1 : Add support for dependency tags
910242b : Clone all modules between mutators and GenerateBuildActions

+- Project: platform/build/kati

becba50 : [C++] Strip a trailing \r
706c27f : Handle EINTR on read
84ddbd2 : [C++] Use USE_GOMA variable to see goma will be used
89f6a2b : [C++] Error for missing endef
083fd26 : [C++] Error for missing endif
a5b193c : Remove out/pkg when go source code is updated
d74c7bb : Remove bashism from Makefile for go version

+- Project: platform/build/soong

e8b1bc0 : Lock down environment variable access after all other singletons
0a8a0d0 : Support SANITIZE_TARGET=safe-stack in soong.
4b7d5de : Publish Soong configuration to Make variables
025b480 : Include objs from whole static libs before local objs
174978c : Support custom suffixes on Makefile outputs
00ced76 : Move local ldflags after the toolchain ldflags
8a35405 : Add a 32-bit x86_64 arch variant
569b0fa : Fix X86 flags
c785ff3 : Fix mips flags
ed89a7a : Clean up and fix Krait cflags
b485099 : Fix ArchFeatures decoding with default ArchVariant
162d08f : Add missing arm64 -Werror=implicit-function-declaration
4ce4703 : Add -mpopcnt for X86_64 targets if they support popcnt
2c044ae : Remove duplicate -B entry for host linux clang ldflags
6ee75b6 : Support prepended arch-specific properties
3b1fffa : Fix LOCAL_EXPORT_C_INCLUDE_DIRS generation
66187d9 : Stop using the mips32r6 ABI in MegaDevice
3a31f16 : Update path to ninja
1f7c527 : Update androidmk translator
30d5f51 : Support sanitizer builds inside make
b8ecdfe : Fix stripping on Darwin
e14388b : Remove trailing / from install path
665dce9 : Support stripping shared libraries and binaries
1474741 : Move shell and python scripts to scripts/ directory
e2c4874 : Prevent replacing missing dependency glob rules with errors
da727cf : Support nested glob patterns
369f013 : Switch to clang-2812033.
737cb65 : Use exported gtest include directories
16b2349 : Add support for sanitizer property
4a97cb4 : Support "none" for stl when using ndk
a8e07cc : Promote stl to a fixed feature
919281a : Refactor out exported cflags
f7f3d69 : Add genrule tool_file to better handle deps
b40aab6 : Fix generated sources and headers
21b481b : Update sanitize property format
c99deeb : Use blueprint DependencyTags
8141347 : Rename deps property to objs in cc_objects

+- Project: platform/cts

34c10c1 : Add tests for java.nio.channels.FileChannel lock methods
45a4982 : libcore: Remove DeserializeMethodTest from cts list
e76cbc0 : KeyPairGeneratorTest: Add test for bug 28384942
9023598 : testAllBlockDevicesAreSecure: move to host side test
a9be338 : old-cts: Add support for testng runners and libcoreoj tests
54fa61c : Make linker_namespaces test run on a device without webview
36d17c0 : CTS tests for single-source RS allocation API
7a9c041 : testAllCharacterDevicesAreSecure: move to host side
ad6f426 : Improve linker_namespaces CTS test
4335a9a : Removed unused global variable
98faf3c : CTS tests for single-source RS rsForEach
5d09362 : simpleperf_cts_test: build static binary.
a6c24e4 : simpleperf_cts_test: use libbacktrace_offline static library.
1c9ec8c : Adjusted precision of refocus test
b081c55 : Shrank refocus test and reference image size
c554c8a : Allow vendors to extend the list of public libs
c0bd21c : test
52b7ca5 : [RenderScript] Guard rsDebug calls with a runtime check

+- Project: platform/dalvik

9ae0f25 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
2570f54 : Remove misleading line from dx.jar file.
21a1b44 : Fix infamous 0d0a bug on Windows by not opening file binary.
34c218f : Fix stream not being closed on all exception paths.
a650289 : Fix potential buffer overrun.
03a551d : Bug fix for segfault on reading bytecode with dexdump.

+- Project: platform/development

16594f5 : Camera: add camera NDK API header/symbols (
5e31d94 : Remove unused panorama_benchmark target.
659eff3 : Copy libmediandk symbols from android-21
095a4a2 : gdbrunner: avoid using `[` on older devices.
a020585 : Use delete[] on objects allocated with new[].
22f13d1 : Add LIBC_N symbols for libc/dl
81cca94 : Copy android-23 symbols for to android-24
2e12536 : android-19: add version script for
aca425a : Remove symbols and header prior android-9
e17db7b : Remove lib-bootstrap libraries
0908296 : Remove precompiled version of libc/dl libraries
d2db5ea : Remove symlinks to android-3
0e2da18 : Fix up the makefiles and some samples.
793e051 : Add choreographer API to the NDK
6ceb416 : Copy over libandroid symbols from platform 21.
ae96f48 : ndk: egl: Add EGL_KHR_mutable_render_buffer
6ae3241 : Script to perform USB reset of Android device.
702ed27 : Switch from SHA-1 to SHA-256 for new signing key certs.

+- Project: device/generic/x86_64

fb3fa9f : Add a 32-bit x86_64 arch variant

+- Project: device/htc/flounder

f0cb70a : move gpsd to device specific policy

+- Project: device/sample

328f5e8 : Add apns for Cleartalk Wireless CDMA and LTE networks
630f8a5 : APN carrier "VODA internet" added

+- Project: platform/docs/

9f87c7a : Docs: Add CTS Verifier Audio Framework and Near Ultrasound test docs to home
c0546b7 : Docs: Update hikey version number in git checkout command
ba34d89 : Clarify ProtoId ordering and limits on type-ids/proto-ids size.
3ab2a0b : Docs: Add Audio Framework CTS Verifier doc
3d70b98 : Docs: Add benefits and drawbacks of ccache
50b0b82 : Docs: Add Near Ultrasound CTS doc and associated images
c6ab48e : Docs: Add malloc entry, consolidate security entries
0c84d81 : Docs: Add links to Malloc Debug and Native Memory Tracking docs in AOSP
fe8617b : Add MXC89F (May Security Release for Pixel C).
2e6f9ac : Docs: Publish localized 3/18 security advisory
f2a5a42 : Docs: Add Trusty build instructions and May security build numbers to home page
7f70304 : Docs: Add AOSP links to May public bulletin
d4c4805 : Docs: Add CTS updates and May security bulletin to home
4c1ecea : Docs: Update Trusty documentation to include build instructions
1b45a44 : Update build number for May 2016 security release.
4736c70 : Docs: Fix CSS for 5.0 and 6.0 versions of CDD
cf62dbd : Docs: May 2016 bulletin and updates
915bd3a : Docs: Update CTS to CTS 6.0R6, CTS 5.1R7 and CTS 5.0R6
637d1ad : Docs: Move Downloads to CTS, remove CDD links
44f62f0 : Docs: Add CDD as web page and Camera testing doc to home
403683d : Docs: Add back OpenJDK 7 for Ubuntu, consolidate JDK version information.
8c00f97 : Docs: Update researcher credit in February bulletin
31037f9 : Docs: FB: updating tradefed example, 80 char column, sentence casing Updating listener.testFailed parameters
de7a788 : Docs: Researcher updates to October bulletin
618f793 : Docs: Updates to January bulletin and localized versions
094e2ea : Docs: FB: fixing typo for "without"
5372bed : Docs: Move component descriptions to CDD and CTS pages
dc27795 : Docs: Remove Push valgrind to the device and adb root from Run the system server
91f5ddd : Docs: Link directly to amd64 files, remove reference to determining arch
f758765 : Docs: Publish localized Security Bulletin for April Bug: 28040623
8f65162 : Fix valgrind docs to build with mmma.
b171f20 : Docs: Fix and remove broken links to JDK files for Ubuntu LTS 14.04
2e389de : Docs: Add writing device-specific SELinux policy
28fe964 : Docs: Add links to older CDD and version strings, move PDF links in versions
3d3b6fd : Docs: Add verify apps step to device configuration section
ec271f3 : Docs: Integrate HTML version of CDD and add intro page.
96b9a44 : Docs: Update Android severity ratings
982f6c1 : Docs: Add Camera HAL testing checklist
9381071 : Docs: Include links to Year in Review and PHA classifications in reports
2b1c01f : Docs: Add security app classifications and 2015 year in review to home page
c8d97a1 : Docs: Add missing parenthesis to finalizers section
35145e4 : Docs: SAC FB, fixing typo
fed5c35 : Docs: Update link and storage limits in adoptable storage
ca4c516 : Docs: Break out runtime permssions command to distinct line, remove period
efe17b3 : Docs: Adding Android One to build numbers home page entry
c4251d2 : Docs: Add April security build numbers to home
49ca0fe : Docs: moving implement security to overview dir updating toc with nav changes Bug: 24108599 Change-Id: Id10139f9940861dd17d52f3c4b0d6a7806c47b2f
6fb79ea : Update build numbers for security release. While I'm there also add LMY49I.
a083f9f : Docs: Edit, add to nav, and add sac fb wording Standardizing rfc2119 style Adding Danielle's feedback and rebase to pick up recent toc changes Fixing typos
b2b046b : Docs: updating runtime perms content to fix link changing to strong and em tags, removing MUST

+- Project: platform/external/aac

32db3a4 : Disable warnings that are not easily fixable
1dd7649 : Add default case for undefined pointer initialization
4bd4510 : Left shift of negative int is undefined
76b428d : Remove redundant parentheses around == comparison operator

+- Project: platform/external/apache-http

dde4574 : Add depedencies that allow error prone to compile source.

+- Project: platform/external/boringssl

9aaebef : external/boringssl: Sync to 9d908ba5.
4969cc9 : external/boringssl: Sync to d18cb77.
09f2501 : Remove arm_arch.h symlink.

+- Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

d419da4 : ASN1: Use an explicit locale for ASN1 UTC / Generalized times.
b3dccbb : Revert "Strings: hardcode "\n" as the line separator"
fe08484 : EC: add bug number in TODO comment about registrations failing
085aa6b : Strings: hardcode "\n" as the line separator

+- Project: platform/external/bsdiff

01a8c86 : Fix segmentation fault with certain files.
9b93e6a : Separate reading old and new files from bsdiff().
b14bb55 : Fix infinite loop when using extents.
5b372b6 : Stream the output to disk.

+- Project: platform/external/chromium-libpac

1c9888a : Fixup libpac for V8 4.9.385.28

+- Project: platform/external/clang

4570a35 : Mention updating prebuilts version in
7f32eeb : Support building 64-bit windows binaries for Clang.
36ae59e : Build libclangToolingCore.a for extra host tools.
1567b30 : Add -fnative-half-arguments-and-returns
624d665 : Revert "Handle __fp16 natively if HalfArgsAndReturns langopt is set"
1687f75 : Add more documentation for Android Clang/LLVM toolchain.
7ee98c3 : Hardcode CLANG_ROOT_PATH

+- Project: platform/external/compiler-rt

62aec19 : Android.bp: Update to match make builds
1ecd1da : Revert "Android.bp: workaround static lib ordering"
328d033 : Make libcompiler_rt host x86 builds use the x86 sources
fbdb443 : Build sanitizer libraries
87eeeb8 : Revert "Build sanitizer libraries"
37bc918 : Build sanitizer libraries
626be1a : Update sanitize property format

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

b1fc232 : X509_get_pubkey should default to checked exception
ee3b169 : Fix static analysis findings
5451adc : Use SSL_get_pending_cipher rather than reaching into BoringSSL structs.
cdc9e2f : UniqueMutex for explicit ordering with ScopedSslBio
2b77942 : Remove obselete define
a9a1648 : Do not dlopen libjavacore from libconscrypt_openjdk_jni

+- Project: platform/external/cros/system_api

534baa0 : dbus: login_manager: Add ARC method RemoveArcData
ce15e61 : service_constants: Add kOutputNodeVolumeChanged signal
3fdb333 : cryptohome: Add Firmware Management Parameters API
6161461 : Update system_api to match BlueZ GATT API changes.
c8a93af : bluetooth: Remove deprecated constants
d1e01e5 : shill: Add constant for MAC address randomization toggle
fb5145f : Add Start/Stop Container dbus messages
a887ad7 : Add BlueZ D-Bus ServicesResolved property

+- Project: platform/external/curl

7358b5c : Remove bogus dependency on <sys/utime.h>.

+- Project: platform/external/dagger2


+- Project: platform/external/dbus

342b8af : Merge "Android doesn\'t really have <sys/syslimits.h>." am: 282db28ba0 am: 99861335b2 am: 111eb3eb19 am: fd633e6cc9 am: f912f5c8f9

+- Project: platform/external/dbus-binding-generator

bce0483 : Don't generate code with unused private fields

+- Project: platform/external/deqp

a44e3e4 : Revert "Suppress many less important clang-tidy warnings."
0c1f83a : Suppress many less important clang-tidy warnings.

+- Project: platform/external/dhcpcd

63b4612 : Make dhcpd admit to using BSD extensions.

+- Project: platform/external/dng_sdk

96443b2 : Add PATENTS file

+- Project: platform/external/doclava

8e2ffd0 : Docs: Re-adding a top level security section, removed in merge.
69fa25b : Fix errors from merge conflict resolution
bb90547 : Revert "Revert "Resolve merge conflicts of 91f2a6a to nyc-dev""
9bd6d54 : Revert "Resolve merge conflicts of 91f2a6a to nyc-dev"
ef61164 : add HDF variable for 'referenceonly' based on the -referenceonly command flag. This is used in the templates to decide which tabs to show.
a528f80 : cherrypick I9edd6eab9ecb7e3b41c444e7e545702e855a5928 Add doclava flag 'referenceonly' to skip generating the HTML files. Also add an override function in the template to allow a custom "docroot" string in the override templates. (So we can set it to always be a web site.)
f333837 : Add doclava flag 'referenceonly' to skip generating the HTML files. Also add an override function in the template to allow a custom "docroot" string in the override templates. (So we can set it to always be a web site.)
d9b9877 : Support a preview page type in legacy templates.
67d1064 : Fix cards display for preview pages by assigning to type 'about'.
7d039da : Add support for @implSpec and @implNote
d22901d : Add preview when -includePreview is passed to doclava.
9357339 : Add parameter type to method documentation. This rewrites the paramTags() method to use just one loop based on the ParameterInfo for each method parameter. That is, for each parameter identified from the method signature, collect the name and type... then compare that name to the names in the @param tags. If one matches, then collect that @param documentation.
63a254f : Add license headers to generated stubs.
494cc58 : put the parameter_list() method back in macros.
22e1f76 : Update macros as needed for rewrite of templates that make them re-usable on both DAC and DevSite Depends on CL in build/tools/
2d8e583 : Include Preview in nav and process /preview files based on build-time flag -includePreview.
10066c8 : Remove synchronized from docs
04029c1 : Break out jd lists into lang specific files. Rescope page.type and add page.category to hold subtabs.
e9e7bff : Support for @apiNote
cabc573 : Fix wrong string constant that lead service_actions.txt to be empty
2e954bd : Add support to doclava for default / static interface methods
7c80d0e : Make doclava keep parameter annotations in generated stubs.
6e1cbf8 : Fix wrong string constant that lead service_actions.txt to be empty
e6c5dde : Enable automatic HTML-escaping for @code tags
c90e5c8 : Keep track of braces {} in @code comments
82bf11a : Remove synchronized from docs
210dc2a : Add extract page canonical url and pass to templates.
7ef2a3f : Docs: Support building In, Vi pages.
ba7aaf0 : docs: Remove page.type setting for preview pages.
c2339bc : Include package list in HDF when processing .jd/.cs files.
3be45e6 : Fix proguard keep rule for constructors.
6fa3e41 : Display annotations and annotation values when they are requested
53c090e : package version metadata for external/

+- Project: platform/external/drm_hwcomposer

0aee6b2 : drm_hwcomposer: Update platform log tags
b0acc54 : drm_hwcomposer: Move drmgeneric and nv importer cpp files
5d8acfc : drm_hwcomposer: Update the platform precompiler guards
ea045b7 : drm_hwcomposer: Move platform-specific importer headers
6376996 : drm_hwcomposer: Move importer.h to platform.h
84b8fe0 : drm_hwcomposer: Remove unused variable
f1d2579 : drm_hwcomposer: Fix protected layer hole punch
6b9647f : drm_hwcomposer: Use linear scaling instead of nearest neighbor
8a628b9 : drm_hwcomposer: Don't composite over protected layers

+- Project: platform/external/expat

cee2349 : Upgrade to expat 2.1.1

+- Project: platform/external/gmock

ef41e1b : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.

+- Project: platform/external/google-benchmark

bb88168 : Remove -no-integrated-as.

+- Project: platform/external/gtest

4c0e47a : Allow libgtest on unbundled builds
2a1db29 : Update Android.bp to match
49f2bfa : Allow libgtest_prod on Windows.
9ba217a : Update sanitize property format

+- Project: platform/external/guava

5f3ab91 : Backport: Work around a type inference change in javac

+- Project: platform/external/guice

3c28180 : build: Add device-side support for the AOSP.

+- Project: platform/external/hamcrest

31c5e67 : Extra generic type information to aid certain javacs.

+- Project: platform/external/icu

55abd30 : Added CTS coverage tests to android-icu4j-tests-host
46badec : Integrate changes cherry-picked for ticket #12005 into android_icu4j.
fd72839 : Cherry-pick: ticket:12005: Fixed doc build problem with JDK 8. Added a build target 'docsStrict' which does all jlint check. Changed numeric character references in API doc with raw code points, so javadoc does not invalidate them in doclint.
cff851f : Test coverage improvements: Patch upstream change 38596
04ce153 : Test coverage improvements: Patch upstream changes 38591/38593
31fc099 : Test coverage improvements: Patch upstream changes
50a2429 : Regenerate sources for tests.
72b5e2d : Added tests for uncovered TimeZoneNames methods.
2a828a7 : Add CTS coverage test to DateIntervalFormat.
eadc3b7 : Added tests for uncovered LocaleDisplayNames methods.
25dac21 : Explicitly tests AlphabeticIndex getters.
70f2b41 : ICU4J DateFormatSymbols test to improve coverage.
6996e3c : ICU4J AlphabeticIndex tests to improve coverage.
70c5bee : Remove service registration APIs from public ICU API
ff2b69b : Hide constants that could change between releases
8e7243c : Remove RawCollationKey/ByteArrayWrapper from the public API
9b1a471 : Update ICU4J NumberRegression.
f26a53f : Revert "Suppress many less important clang-tidy warnings."
06172a5 : Allow very large maximumIntegerDigits.
9669dc5 : Revert "Re-revert Android patch: Ticket #11913 changes."
10c7c41 : Add ICU4J UnicodeSet test to improve coverage.
2de9609 : Hide general utility methods in ICU4J.
fe5b295 : Remove a couple of useless (on Android), and internal methods from API
aefbcd4 : Update timezone data to 2016d
0979554 : Hide API in Android for API that is discouraged as of ICU 57.
0cdc780 : Added tests for uncovered UCharacter methods.
617efac : Added some tests to improve CTS ICU4J coverage
2d3faa7 : Make IcuTestFmwkRunner public so can be created using reflection
5a5602e : Fix running CoverageTest under JUnit
7986482 : Repackage serialized data and fix test so it can find it
ce1fbff : Added support for running repackaged Android ICU4J tests using JUnit
3c71224 : Cleaned up the build files for android_icu4j targets
6291773 : Update timezone data to 2016c
a520683 : Update timezone data to 2016b
7665a73 : Suppress many less important clang-tidy warnings.

+- Project: platform/external/iproute2

b2ae938 : Merge "ss: remove wtf." am: 4bf8496 am: d9cdcb0 am: 1404f4c am: 465a65c

+- Project: platform/external/iptables

ce477f9 : Tell the build system to copy notice files.

+- Project: platform/external/jemalloc

c7682d7 : Fix potential chunk leaks.
b32837f : Fix iteration over huge allocations
4daa75d : Update sanitize property format

+- Project: platform/external/jhead

8385cc7 : Fixes the crash issues caused by exif corruption in jhead.

+- Project: platform/external/jsr330

1a483e9 : build: Add device-side support for the AOSP.

+- Project: platform/external/junit

3b8fe88 : Extra generic type information to aid certain javacs.

+- Project: platform/external/libavc

c59cd5d : Moved ALOGE and android_errorWriteLog calls under #ifdef __ANDROID__

+- Project: platform/external/libbrillo

ae40d5e : Disable SimpleProcess.BindFdToSameFd test.
ed104e9 : libbrillo: Add curl_multi_perform, curl_multi_wait wrappers.

+- Project: platform/external/libchrome

520be04 : Use libgtest_prod instead of hard coded paths.
fc7fe5e : libchrome: Add base::AlignedAlloc
bfea67d : dbus: Add more mock methods for MockBus
5c054c1 : Defer to libbase macros on Android
40ac85c : Only define DISALLOW_IMPLICIT_CONSTRUCTORS if undefined

+- Project: platform/external/libcxxabi

032303c : Update sanitize property format

+- Project: platform/external/libhevc

8c5bdca : Switch libhevc over to using Clang.

+- Project: platform/external/libmpeg2

52c1636 : Enable -Werror for external/libmpeg2.
e41318b : Fix -Wasm-operand-widths warnings

+- Project: platform/external/libnfc-nci

36d7231 : Support NXP PN551 NFC controller
3118b0c : Configure nfc device node through .conf file
65ebec5 : Fix warnings in external/libnfc-nci/src.
f187741 : Free memory in case of error response
b98e597 : Abort NFC initialization if chip type doesn't match to HAL implemetation.
d8c0f58 : Adding robustness to t3t callback function

+- Project: platform/external/libopus

c91ee5b : Upgrade Opus to v1.1.2

+- Project: platform/external/libselinux

a9677b6 : Fixes (un)signed comparison warning in regex.c
31f5cd6 : Port libselinux to pcre2
5f62b50 : switch from android_ids to getpwuid

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind

0e1edfe : Use zero offset when getting bias from memory.
262c86e : Update address space of map if it changes.

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind_llvm

75720b6 : Update sanitize property format

+- Project: platform/external/libvpx

38d9709 : libwebm: Pull from upstream
0b4b0e4 : DO NOT MERGE - external/libvpx/libwebm: Update snapshot
4bd7130 : DO NOT MERGE - external/libvpx/libwebm: Update snapshot
100a027 : DO NOT MERGE - external/libvpx/libwebm: Update snapshot

+- Project: platform/external/libweave

5e67ce2 : libweave: Split "base" trait into "device" and "privet".
22ca81a : libweave: Clean up code
85e69f5 : am: 76915d0 - libweave: Fix build break on Brillo
76915d0 : libweave: Fix build break on Brillo
3f59975 : libweave: Fix build break on Brillo
030a721 : Fix unused field errors
e90f36f : libweave: Update comment on handling new commands
bf7d663 : README: update pre-requisites
8ee0c1e : libweave: Reformat examples/provider/README
daeafc6 : libweave: Remove unused local constant
25845ac : add _ledflasher traits to the test_schema device.

+- Project: platform/external/libxml2

7e012e9 : libxml2: remove HTML support

+- Project: platform/external/llvm

12aae6b : Revert "Suppress many less important clang-tidy warnings."
bf275d0 : Suppress many less important clang-tidy warnings.
ab74eef : Hardcode LLVM_ROOT_PATH

+- Project: platform/external/mdnsresponder

5f7649c : Enable builds with Clang.
4eea2fd : Switch to a volatile store to a NULL pointer.

+- Project: platform/external/minijail

477f2e3 : Fix .d generation in Chrome OS.
286e289 : Generate .d files for generated .c files
7a56907 : Avoid warning about BSD_SOURCE on glibc >= 2.20
9e35c09 : Fix #ifdef statement.

+- Project: platform/external/modp_b64

8a6dfb4 : modp_b64: Fix to be able to build the library with GN

+- Project: platform/external/opencv

a8b25ea : Typecasting to disambiguate abs call in preparation for libcxx rebase.

+- Project: platform/external/selinux

de8f3ce : Fix extended permissions neverallow checking

+- Project: platform/external/smali

40bbf5c : Dex version 37 support
87d10da : Add more programmatic-friendly entry points for smali/baksmali
a198b46 : Fix issue with parameter list parsing
11d179b : Get rid of the default 6 thread maximum thing
616a073 : Fix the release task for smalidea
81e0309 : Keep the since/until IDEA versions specified in the plugin.xml
5a8a2a4 : Fix an NPE in SmaliPositionManager.createPrepareRequest
d018443 : Return an empty list from SmaliClass.getVisibleSignatures()
4d8aeeb : Fix how SmaliPositionManager gets the current class
37fbbe8 : Submit issues to the smalidea-issues repo
82f0312 : Add support for java inner classes
6689200 : Fix a possible NPE in SmaliCodeFragmentFactory
3bdedd6 : Fix up the sandbox directory for smalidea tests
29d714f : Conditionally add the smalidea project to the root project
ff4c85c : Provide better register type information
6417e81 : Refactor ClassPath to take ClassProviders
aebb205 : Add better support for conditional expressions for breakpoints
1df3869 : Don't add tools.jar when building the idea project files
7b387e0 : Gracefully handle analysis errors
5b2943d : Check for switch offset validity in the MethodAnalyzer
6429b3d : Clean up the jar naming
4b337cc : Allow local search scopes when searching class usages
f16ea39 : Don't require an active debugging session when making a code fragment
92f8ec5 : Add the ideadirs task for smalidea
df4e74e : Make smalidea a separate gradle/idea project
6e788c8 : Move META-INF/plugin.xml under resources
2e7fe1b : Fix the tests that require a real jdk
327957a : Update for new MethodAnalyzer signature
1b00e0a : Add the .tokens files to the binary jar
0be7264 : Bump gradle up to 2.11
5bdb7ee : Bump the version to 2.1.2
b12d4e9 : Bump the version number to 2.1.1
73bd8ce : Add a speculative fix for unicode filename errors on Mac
3e26503 : Implement support for adding new labels to a MutableMethodImplementation
b8e255f : Add support for 64-bit oat files
e202aee : Pass in the Opcodes to use for SyntheticAccessorFSM
4c66761 : Minor javadoc fix for AnalyzedInstruction.setPostRegisterType
da58cc8 : Only use the instance-of/if-eqz type info if we're getting more information
3124e94 : Add support for static volatile opcodes in OdexedFieldInstructionMapper
37d14be : Fix register propagation when overriding a register type from a predecessor
398630d : Infer the register type based on the result of an instance-of instruction
d6b17b9 : Don't add an empty .param annotation when not writing debug info
ccf087b : Bump up MAX_OAT_VERSION to 71
7844089 : Add support for alternate field ordering starting at oat version 67
d604395 : Fix minor issue in DisassemblyTest
a9dcd62 : Add link to wiki from
bec8743 : Bump the version number to 2.1.0
827e2db : Add support for normalizing virtual methods
c8c70ac : Add support for calculating field offsets for art
64785d7 : Add support for using an oat file as the boot class path
8920228 : Add oat support in DexFileFactory
3ff884b : Add art-specific opcodes and opcode values
e5266af : Add a minimal parser for oat files
546fdfe : Fix an unprotected read in SmaliClassReferenceSearcher
1895a4d : Fix NPE in SmaliClass.setName()
46b359c : Fix an NPE related to an array descriptor just before an EOF
7061b78 : Fix ClassMoveTest's basicToNoPackage test
d9192ae : Add missing gson dependency
632924c : Improve whitespace normalization in baksmali's AnalysisTest
3f4e6a3 : Fix NPE in SmaliCodeFragmentFactory.isContextAccepted
7f54770 : Fix an unprotected read access in SmaliPositionManager.createPrepareRequest
660d4b5 : Workaround for issue with fake Object field type during indexing
4bc2334 : Bump the version to v0.02
5deac6e : Add an error reporter that can create issues on github
93ae7ba : Ensure that SmaliCodeFragmentFactory is only used for smali files
4f16feb : Ensure that SmaliModifierList's direct parent is a PsiModifierListOwner
3129211 : Add smali classes to the main shortname index
48aacd2 : Add support for renaming methods
923cc91 : Add support for renaming fields
07e6ade : Add support for renaming/moving classes
50810d1 : Add usage type support for method usages
9bedfc8 : Add usage type support for field usages
9b86fca : Add usage type support for class usages
99d0803 : Use createTypeFromText instead of createTypebyFQClassName
29a7137 : Implement SmaliClass.isInheritor/isInheritorDeep
aa4b0a0 : Remove completed TODO regarding PsiAnnotationMethods
ddc7c35 : Add support for annotation element references
44a0c90 : Implement PsiAnnotationMethod in SmaliMethod
87f3e0d : Add support for finding field usages
6c99c3e : Exclude nameless fields from SmaliClass.getFields()
37d1612 : Add find usages support for methods
fd373ae : Refactor out a FindUsagesTest base test class
809b934 : Simplify SmaliFindUsagesProvider by extending JavaFindUsagesProvider
b945b04 : Add tests for finding class usages
694fb7c : Add initial support for finding class usages in smali code
343ec04 : Associate the smali icon with the SmaliClass object
698b799 : Improve error recovery when missing an .end sparse-switch
3abee99 : Improve error recovery when missing an .end packed-switch
da28228 : Improve error recovery when missing an .end array-data
f06f431 : Improve the error recovery for the local debug directive
87be840 : Improve the error recovery for parameter directives
bdbb235 : Improve error recovery for missing .. tokens
765f8d8 : Remove obsolete TODOs in the grammar
1c0611f : Remove the smalidea iml file
0f49330 : Refactor how PARAM_LIST is parsed
c5cf51a : Fix up the gradle build
06d108d : Refactor how the PARAM_LIST_OR_ID thing is parsed
ff7172c : Improve error recovery of colons in various places
16c154b : Improve error recovery for commas
0f597ae : Add better error recovery for open/close braces
d7cd293 : Refactor open and close braces into the register_list/register_range rules
21d509a : Add better error recovery for the type_descriptor rule
62958a7 : Improve some error recovery around open/close parens in method prototypes
1d3d657 : Improve error recovery of arrow parsing
18ff2d8 : Fix SmaliMethodReference.getReturnType() on missing return type
bcc0d5f : Improve error handling for missing reference_type_descriptor
a014930 : Fix some nullability problems in SmaliMethodReference
24b1063 : Improve parsing error recovery for the end method directive
f35c184 : Improve error handling for subannotation parsing
4640cc9 : Improve error handling for literal parsing
251d607 : Improve error handling for annotation element parsing
1325537 : Improve the error handling of annotation parsing
cbde720 : Improve the parsing of a field type
01f8c7d : Improve how the field annotations/end field thing is parsed
d5b748f : Minor improvement to how the colon is parsed for a field declaration
dd4e572 : Ensure there's always a member name element for a field
7d0a6c3 : Get rid of recoverWithMarker
3505b35 : Merge the empty modifier list with the access list
92352fa : Convert SmaliClassStatement into a stub
eb1d98f : Add a deserializeNullableString utility method to the base stub class
9423a7d : Start improving the error resistance of field declarations
70693ff : Add new LightCodeInsightParsingTestCase
f479730 : Split out a separate class access list, to improve parsing
ea04d22 : Don't try to analyze methods with errors
7f6afa6 : Move the return type to the MethodPrototype stub
6a1d56f : Replace some usages of getParent() with getStubOrPsiParent()
e0aff4b : Move some implementation from SmaliBaseReferenceList to its implementors
6a52023 : Implement an empty throws list
c623d94 : Fix how the PsiType is created for a SmaliMethodParam stub
16dde79 : Add an isStatic() helper for SmaliMethod
d733304 : Make sure we always get a method prototype and method param list
aa06a4c : Improve parsing of an invalid SmaliMethod with no .end method
4a9e7df : Fix some warnings in the debugger code
6649a75 : Add some required runReadAction wrappers in SmaliCodeFragmentFactory
e6da8cd : Massage the tries before using them for method analysis
78bd9c2 : Improve error handling around method parameter lists
3b73321 : Improve error handling for single-token productions
7e6f050 : Refactor how errors are handled throughout the parser
a06ac49 : Fix the array data SmalideaMethod test
0a5f278 : Start adding better support for invalid classes/methods
a227c0b : Add and fix the InvalidClassDirective test
2d39ef6 : Add and fix a parser test for a blank file
a5efca6 : Add support for evaluating pNN style registers
0a2debe : Add support for the payload instructions while calculating offsets
a7f77ff : Add support for array-data
0dd2280 : Add support for sparse/packed switch instructions
9b97cfd : Implement try blocks in SmalideaMethod
762bf07 : Add tests for the dexlib2 adapters
4645cc4 : Implement parsing for escaped strings
1570315 : Implement advanced/multi resolve for SmaliClassTypeElement
a28e8f2 : Add a CodeFragmentFactory to allow evaluation of arbitrary registers
cbd87b9 : Create a psi-backed dexlib2 Method implementation
5897c08 : Implement reference functionality for SmaliFieldReference
81d77d0 : Implement reference functionality for SmaliMethodReference
60c41a3 : Fix some warnings in SmaliCompositeElement
ec63d20 : Implement reference functionality for label references
190ce57 : Add findNext and findPrevSiblingByClass to SmaliCompositeElement
6513dc0 : Implement initial debugging support
d61e3c2 : junit.framework.Assert -> org.junit.Assert
a788ab1 : Implement basic support for instruction offsets
2ab03ae : Don't modify modifier outside of a write command
145cd6d : Fix up the test configuration
56d5bef : Implement non-code/body parts of SmaliMethod and related functionality
12b3579 : Implement some of the initial .register and register reference stuff
3048a6c : Extract out some of the common TypeElement implementation
5844bd6 : Flesh out SmaliField and related methods
2fd677d : Tweak how array descriptors are parsed
b4b9c6c : Get qualifiedName from stub in when possible in SmaliClass
9a1db48 : Flesh out SmaliAnnotation and related classes/methods
6d81598 : Implement SmaliClass.getName()
bc20077 : Implement extends and implements list
31aad6b : Implement SmaliClassType and SmaliClassTypeElement
f563e1d : Add support for primitives and arrays in the NameUtils conversion methods
d91aabc : Implement initial SmaliExtendsList and SmaliImplementsList
3bd51ea : Implement SmaliAnnotation.getQualifiedName() and related tests
010b0fb : Add PsiModifierList implementation
056b1a6 : Add PsiClassOwner implementation to SmaliFile
649239b : Add an initial stub implementation of PsiAnnotation
db1b088 : Implement PsiClass.getQualifiedName()
7106c64 : Add an initial stub implementation of PsiClass
be0914b : Implement initial SmaliCatchStatement and SmaliCatchAllStatement
4e834f8 : Implement initial SmaliVoidElementType
a85dc01 : Implement initial SmaliArrayTypeElement
d05c6f0 : Implement initial SmaliClassTypeElement
da998c5 : Initially implement large chunk of remaining Psi types
a3d2e15 : Implement initial SmaliPrimitiveType
04ca67d : Implement initial top level statements
7389cfb : Implement initial SmaliLiteral
65eecc5 : Implement initial SmaliAnnotation
4a75c55 : Implement initial SmaliField and SmaliMethod
c9c5cd9 : Implement initial SmaliClass
4be4005 : Improve error recovery in the parser
076c606 : Implement a basic parser, generating a flat Psi tree
d11a702 : Add a color preference page for smali syntax highlighting
ae3fa54 : Implement initial token highlighting
bbc11c7 : Add lexer implementation based on existing smali lexer
a669ed1 : Register a new smali file type
5c14179 : Create smalidea module

+- Project: platform/external/sonivox

957372b : Fix compiler warnings in sonivox and enable -Werror.

+- Project: platform/external/sqlite

f4a0ad5 : Maybe fix mac build
59026eb : reduce differences between Android and upstream

+- Project: platform/external/squashfs-tools

ec7a8b4 : Allow passing fs_config file for generating mksquashfs
ffc4487 : Fix definition of android_filesystem_capability in xattr
9330263 : Make squashfs work on BSD and macOS
531e36a : Add security.capabilities to squashfs

+- Project: platform/external/strace

9eea8a7 : Regenerate xlat/prctl_options.h.
17f4b45 : tests/pread64-pwrite64.c: minor cleanup
fcb94cd : Fix decoding of swapon flags
f2f91c0 : tests/unlinkat.c: check AT_* decoding
867c1cd : tests/linkat.c: check AT_* decoding
612368b : Improve decoding of Android's PR_SET_VMA prctl
c4a30f1 : tests: add mkdirat.test
93faa4c : tests: add swap.test
41cd657 : tests: add unlinkat.test
7a158a1 : tests: add linkat.test

+- Project: platform/external/tcpdump

0c09af5 : Enable -Werror in external/tcpdump
1e93429 : Clean up version test.
6af4581 : Add a missing space to a printout.
ba29be7 : ISOCLNS: Fix some warnings

+- Project: platform/external/toybox

4e756d7 : Use CFG_TOYBOX_NORECURSE to avoid <strike>all that tedious mucking about with hyperspace</strike> stack measuring in ways that confuse security stuff.
d9417c0 : Turn on CONFIG_TOYBOX_NORECURSE for SafeStack.
869da8c : Work around increasingly insane compiler developers wanting to make everything undefined behavior so the optimizer can silently eliminate your entire program.
7844a48 : Regenerate generated files.
d3e8dd1 : Fix static linkage of toybox binary.
942bf0c : Add top -H.
290774d : Android roadmap update.
60da2d0 : "top -b -n1" should end with a newline.
676e1d9 : Elliott says -T should fetch threads even when not displaying thread fields.
454eea5 : Simplify ps android scheduling policy fetch slightly.
782aced : Switch to toybox ps.
2737fdf : Regenerate generated files.
5c8f3d7 : Hostname cleanup, as described on the list.
c451397 : Add -b and -F arguments to hostname
e8bd47b : Fluff up README.
e0dbc6b : Add a ps "PCY" field for Android scheduling policy.
d79a424 : Regenerate generated files.
ec86308 : First guess at showing thread names properly.
151bd1d : Show "-" rather 0 if we don't know whether a process is 32- or 64-bit.
5da354a : Fix ps -O help output alignment.
3b8b9e9 : Regenerate generated files.
2d7d99c : ps thread supportand 32/64 bit detection.
442c185 : Fix find bug reported by Tom Marshall, add test for it, and while we're at it fix two tests looking for a too-specific error message (so TEST_HOST failed).
25a2395 : Add "infrastructure in search of a user" to cleanup.html.
675b5dc : Add the non-tty more(1) test.
072ea41 : Fix more to not append an extra newline.
63eae53 : Fix more to a non-tty.
14ca871 : Remove inappropriate bzip tests (we're not comparing with random "host version") replace with testing 2 known files out of blkid tests, and add badcrc test.
badd9f7 : Fiz bzcat segfault reported by John Regehr (bad crc didn't set error message).
4b02667 : Allow EVAL= to run test under a different shell (for sh.test)
bba047d : Regenerate generated files.
bb77dde : Have dirtree_recurse() take the new dirfd as an argument.
00385e8 : Fix touch -t seconds parsing
7b6957f : Start of shell tests: $(()) and $'' expansion.
a599514 : Replace list_working with just list, "make list list_pending" shows combined list.
529d5db : ps and top are implemented from the android todo. Record enh's wishlist items.
d85d4e8 : Dust off toysh, remove ancient config debris, add start of prompt logic.
e57cb17 : Fix tail -NUM again.
00a60fc : Fix "ssh top".
406d4c9 : Fix top -b.
df6a96d : Rename gratuitous references to Roger Zelazny's amber series, add comments.
1c2326b : Stop creating a symlink for route.
433296f : Fix a buffer overflow in diff -r.
c739478 : Andy Chu pointed out an out of bounds access for zero length lines.
f9b9f8a : sed -f - should read from stdin.
cb49c30 : Didn't check in all my local basename_r->getbasename changes. (Oops.)
5acc6f4 : Jakob Flierl pointed out a broken URL in the README.
1c028ca : Redefining basename_r to mean something random seems popular (bionic and freebsd both did it) so use getbasename instead.
9b93dd3 : Whitespace and comment.
7a0186c : Implement mv -n / cp -n (no clobber).

+- Project: platform/external/v8

6ad78dc : Remove mksnapshot support entirely.
014dc51 : Upgrade V8 to version 4.9.385.28

+- Project: platform/external/vixl

4b3aae8 : Revert "VIXL Release 1.13"
0c90fd6 : VIXL Release 1.13

+- Project: platform/external/vogar

6a0a34e : Fix Parameterized test support

+- Project: platform/external/wpa_supplicant_8

c7f648c : wpa_supplicant_8: Add a temporary hack to work around BoringSSL incompatibility.

+- Project: platform/external/zopfli

f1dd0f3 : Suppress unused-parameter warnings in zopfli.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

494ef3b : Update libwebm include path in MatroskaExtractor
7fed0d9 : DO NOT MERGE:Camera: fix recording stream update logic
cbcbb79 : Avoid scanning sources when decoder state is shutdown
29c9121 : codecs: fix AVC decoder resolution change
e098bb4 : codecs: fix MPEG2 decoder resolution change
090ef60 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
b6e9b89 : Fix gapless SBR
0b09427 : DO NOT MERGE: Camera: override external facing for API1 client
44481e7 : audio policy: broadcast device connect event before refreshing profiles
9fc603a : libstagefright_foundation: Export libbinder headers
74ff6db : Make libstagefright_aacenc depend on libbinder
0ca3152 : Fix integer overflow in estimateMoovBoxSize
e0c3179 : Export libbinder headers as part of libcameraservice
5b943dd : Express libmedia dependencies in libaudiopolicycomponents
03ffee7 : Express libmedia dependencies in libmediaplayerservice
e4bbb6a : Express libmedia dependencies in stagefright components
1f84ffc : codecs: fix HEVC resolution change
e7b096a : Export headers from libbinder as part of libmedia
0572c6e : libdrmframeworkcommon: Explicitly reference libbinder headers

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

9071ced : Fix "TelephonyRegistry notifies wrong data status"
1276b5f : ContentValues: improve documentation
8fc3144 : Fix documentation bug in SQLiteDatabase
d4b6c69 : Support TrustedCertificateStore.findAllIssuers
7691b78 : Make android_net_NetUtils include what it actually uses.
a305ee1 : Fix AbstractStringBuilder gaining extra APIs.
4a57480 : [RenderScript] Interrupt mMessageThread when tearing down context.
ad3cc3c : Clear more native pointers in finalizers
c2b4f49 : Track libcore change e2f147b9b14c7645f29e92758f811a18258feef4
f74b830 : Fix divergent equals and hashCode behavior
dde9896 : Protect TRANSFER_COMPLETE broadcast
fb9f6ac : Improve grammar in startService() documentation.
179ebbe : Fix the issue that App crash on startForeground.
8bea855 : Track external/icu API changes for factory registration
bd63ae8 : ICU4J: Hide constants that can change between releases
2391234 : Remove RawCollationKey/ByteArrayWrapper from the public API
8a9d642 : List the CONNECTION_STATE_CHANGED broadcast for MAP as protected
4f86d76 : List the SDP_RECORD broadcast as protected
7064c01 : Fix issue #25727069: Top sleeping activity overrides foreground service
eb101a7 : FloatingToolbar: Fix javadoc for closeOverflow().
7116e4b : Read -Xjittransitionweight from system properties.
1ead474 : ZipUtils: Fix wrong timestamps when getEntryInfo
c6baf56 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
6ba873f : AAPT: ProGuard config for components in main dex.
6a850b3 : zygote: Remove NativeLoader initialization step
eb5866d : Create linker namespace for the system server classloader
5d7d777 : Extract pathclassloader initialization to a separate class
002be4e : Track libcore change 13331bc0dd87b029b194e5aca4487e38d18da188
f9446f7 : Track libcore change e2270147c6ddfb164776b68295078a5e6c6dfee7
e86e8a6 : Handle dalvik.vm.usejitprofiles property
29e835a : Hide general utility methods in ICU4J.
6d1f0b2 : ICU4J: Removed a couple of useless or internal methods from API
679fa02 : ICU4J: Update API for using civil version of IslamicCalendar
ca01820 : Avoid instantiations of Boolean that are immediately unboxed.
a1adc6f : Fix needless value boxing/unboxing in (except the Long unboxing covered by a separate CL).
4bd017d : frameworks/base: Avoid Long object allocations in Long.valueOf()
9bbbf2b : Integer.valueOf() -> Integer.parseInt() to avoid allocation.
6bdfe0f : Made Element accessors thread-safe
d7c695d : Track libcore change be1608980825868eb1c70fab6eb86fe06bd304ce
e04e5d7 : Fixed ScriptGroup finalizer for old API
eac10ab : Doze settings example not matching real keys
418d381 : Track libcore change 5458546631c65f6d375b6a1780d36d0abb5b95af
6ac5656 : libfilterfw_jni needs libmedia include paths
1e06bde : libstorage needs libbinder include paths
c0d3d3f : Change storage duration to static for native choreographer.
c985212 : Track libcore change 135ea6cd4f7ebe2f225351a1928d8a62bce5cb00
0de80b9 : Handle dalvik.vm.jitprithreadweight property
5182e27 : Track libcore change 2115cc0ca7d60965a361129d8826478ff2d847e4
3444dbe : Destroy Type created by Allocation.createSized()
ad57e33 : Fix typos for the word "Unsupported".
a967b62 : Show volume safety warning for all users
0a33405 : Dismiss keyguard when user button is tapped
63c168a : Add choreographer API to the NDK.
44e2f45 : Destroy Closures in ScriptGroup
0a38ae9 : Let WAPPushManager depend on its proguard.flags
57b39e3 : Fix issues of different phone objects sharing same mConnectionApns list.
cf39841 : Fix: the label "customize" is not updated after changing language
2ff3720 : Alarm icon is not shown for secondary users
b48db5b : When the applicantion is removed, reset network permission of this uid.
8285277 : Frameworks/base: Fix old code in MediaPlayer

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/libbcc

7e920a7 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
dd33eb8 : If a general reduction kernel lacks a combiner function, synthesize one.
f1855f7 : Preserve generalized reduction combiner function for use by driver.
d2d5ee3 : Translate GEP instructions on structs to GEP on int8*
f039d98 : X86: Fix kernel Input/Output GetElementPtr offset issue

+- Project: platform/frameworks/compile/slang

0098966 : Disallow launching old-style kernels via rsForEach
ccedd24 : Fix Java reflection for anonymous result types.
2b37790 : Reflected result_* class should destroy() temporary Allocations at the end of get().
3ec26f8 : Fix reduction halter example.
fe1e7ca : General reduction should only support halter() at development API.
3a32a18 : Make general reduction available at release N.
fe74dac : Updated slang tests for API level 24
e63f68b : Bump up API level in Slang to 24
dbdaecf : Set LangOpts.NativeHalfArgsAndReturns now that it is supported upstream.
677062a : Fix ConstantDataSequential encoding for half-precision floats.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/data-binding

c3a4ffc : DataBinderPlugin: Boolean.valueOf() -> Boolean.parseBoolean()

+- Project: platform/frameworks/ex

769d2c1 : Catch exceptions during decode and abort.
72f6c76 : Fix initialization
583c023 : frameworks/ex: Avoid Long allocation that is immediately unboxed.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/ml

9c4b677 : frameworks/ml: Avoid allocations that are immediately unboxed.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/native

1651ced : libbinder: Use char* message with binder::Status
32caf1d : Switch to more conventional ps arguments in dumpstate.
d9cdadb : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
6ca70ef : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
e2347b7 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
2cf1995 : libbinder: Replace ScopedFd with base::unique_fd
d8419c2 : Atrace:use ReadFileToString to read file
83e6b98 : Include libbase headers in libbinder include path
72db0b7 : libgui should re-export libbinder include paths
46ef1a7 : Revert "libbinder: Replace ScopedFd with base::unique_fd"
4ca25f2 : Add missing include to choreographer header.
8282342 : Run 'nativeperms', remove Brillo #ifdef.
68aac7f : Implement a stub permission server for Brillo tier 1.
00cb980 : libbinder: Remove templated binder::Status stream operator.
b12c5a6 : libbinder: Replace ScopedFd with base::unique_fd
f85daf8 : Add NDK Choreographer API headers

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/bluetooth

69f0e15 : PBAP migration to BT Profile

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/voip

1d45b11 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/wifi

7da986a : Handle IMSI null case in getMatchingImsis
61c649d : Handle IMSI null case when building WiFi configuration
7934e22 : Handle EAP-SIM/AKA config without IMSI
6d66a0f : Stop ANQP parsing when content of element is empty

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/photoviewer

0935fcd : PhotoPagerAdapter: Boolean.valueOf() -> Boolean.parseBoolean()

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

7fb2fe1 : Add PLMN 405854 - 405874 to MCCMNC_CODES_HAVING_3DIGITS_MNC array.
b106d4b : Fix potential hang in getIccSimChallengeResponse

+- Project: platform/frameworks/rs

b9b6366 : Support lib test for Single-Source RS
250a8b9 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
3228dc8 : Test for old style kernels in single-source RS
ca00e75 : Fix string formatting issue in rsCpuExecutable.cpp
f9153b6 : Add -fnative-half-arguments-and-returns to Clang options
7784b5d : Avoid breaking on dead launch options
0801a5e : Fix copyFrom for YUV Allocation.
4698e2b : Clean up historical cruft.
19601aa : Add TODO for proper fix of the race condition during CPU reference driver teardown.
5a1f196 : Refactor ARM Blur prefill logic.
6ddc0c7 : Add general reduction test cases demonstrating distinguished initializers.
554054c : Remove unnecessary logcat message
140077c : Add reduction test cases findMinMat2, findMinMat4.
e770ef6 : Shrink down 2D and 3D general reduction tests to control time and space.
ce873f0 : Test Java reflection for anonymous result types.
cb74dab : Add tests related to destroying temporary Allocations in reflected code.
2d9452e : Fix the makefiles for our tests following JACK change.
f9bd1f2 : Multithreaded execution of general reduction kernels over 2D and 3D iteration spaces.
3fff3e7 : General reduction test improvement and bug fixes.
013ff53 : Guard general reduction logging output under property "".
35dbc8c : Multithreaded execution of certain general reduction kernels; reduction test overhaul.
8b3ca7f : Fix uninitialized fields in rsElement for composite data types
f6ea62b : Add a test for structs with 64-bit scalar fields
dca1564 : Added back old rsClearObject()

+- Project: platform/frameworks/support

0367931 : [RenderScript] Add finalizer to support lib context.
51e7865 : Zero-initialize launch option fields
83b686c : Fix typos for the word "Unsupported".

+- Project: platform/frameworks/webview

6d0b3e2 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/wilhelm

4f1c4ae : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
6b669e7 : Export libmedia headers as part of libwilhelm

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/libva

d426397 : Really fix the readonly source case
b9e6651 : Fix builds with readonly source directories

+- Project: platform/hardware/intel/common/utils

d272ede : libisv_omx_core should depend on libmedia

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

bcfe293 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
d51c01d : Add guest mode functionality (3/4)
c3ab1d8 : Add interface for focus gain in A2DP SNK audio track.

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware_legacy

6ffcedb : libhardware_legacy should depend on libmedia
79a8b31 : Use libmedia header paths in legacy audio libs

+- Project: platform/hardware/qcom/display

12200ce : libvirtual should depend on libmedia
536d07e : libexternal should depend on libmedia
a58eb8b : libexternal should depend on libmedia
438a861 : Perform typecast to disambiguate the call to abs in preparation for libcxx rebase.
eaca5ed : Address const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.

+- Project: platform/hardware/ril

ce968ee : Suppress unused-parameter warnings in libril.

+- Project: platform/libcore

de81def : JarFile: Optimize getMetaInfEntryNames.
4590840 : JarFile: change manifest from a soft to a strong reference.
0394295 : Move even more clinit code to reg functions
a0b3a2c : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
dab9b37 : libcore: provide instances from Crypto provider if targetting SDK <= 23
388f155 : Restore android SoftReference javadoc
a7b3c8e : Fix AbstractStringBuilder gaining extra APIs.
ed28818 : Test Redirect.file() value for various Redirect instances.
690d83d : Test for Process in/out/err redirect from/to file/pipe via ProcessBuilder
4cff4ef : Add ability to see if a dex file is backed by an oat file.
17d9d33 : Hold a ClassLoader reference in NativeAllocationRegistry.
6fa389e : DexFile: Add an API to query oat file status.
e2f147b : Port OpenJDK8 unsigned methods
6f4fb5e : Additional tests for ProcessBuilder.Redirect
7f8c514 : Restore lost javadoc.
4ef72d3 : Move more clinit code to registration functions, part 3
f9d2599 : Move more clinit code to registration functions
28a7080 : Revert "Move more clinit code to registration functions"
607fcf9 : Move more clinit code to registration functions
7649af0 : Fix BigDecimal rounding 50/101 up rather than down.
98940f8 : Drop redundant calculation the result of which is unused.
e1815f2 : Add CTS test for mixed Dex and Path class loader.
569ec8b : Made NET_SockaddrToInetAddress fail on a bad family.
2798490 : Move clinit code to registration funtions
3b52730 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
c8b2c56 : build: Fix mac build
58af60a : SSLEngineTest: test multiple thread use
7808a25 : Libcore: Add preload holder to TimeZone
de03fc1 : Libcode: Hardcode default for
59348a8 : Libcore: Hardcode
766efdc : PathClassLoaderTest: add test about loading resources with tampered certificates
592f49a : JarFile: make getManifestFromReference and getManEntry synchronized
52200aa : Fix two different long overflow bugs in BigDecimal division.
e0840cc : Fix BigDecimal result for -Long.MIN_VALUE / -1L
d93dd52 : HttpsURLConnectionTest: Remove bogus tests around socket factories.
6037000 : ojtests: Split out public/boot tests and add device targets
e318a0e : Revert "Remove java.nio.channels.* classes without test coverage."
ac8051d : ResourceBundle : Use UTF-8 for property based resources.
308a03f : Avoid performing boundary checks in StringBuilder
2da8623 : libcore: Address misc minor issues identified by FindBugs
f65410c : String: Avoid char-by-char copy during replace.
a8d952d : Optimize StringBuilder.append for String with range
f0d4a04 : Make broken JSONOBject.NULL.equals(null) consistent with Objects.hashCode(null)
f2c4a1c : Close InputStream in case of Exception
97a3d51 : Fix use of Object.equals() to compare arrays.
e7bf89f : Fix stream not being closed on all exception paths
a5448c0 : Avoid additional Object allocations that are immediately unboxed
742e6e3 : TimSort fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
b14296a : Restore fastpath of Pattern#split
c672ce8 : CharsetEncoder/Decoder: Use NativeAllocationRegistry.
baba65a : Add unit tests for FileChannel#lock #tryLock
df105be : Patch differences in classes taken from older OpenJDK version
85d15d8 : Up java.text.DecimalFormat max integer digits.
d9e764e : Convert Pattern and Matcher to use NativeAllocationRegistry
8dbf50a : Tidy up uses of Integer.valueOf.
1f01b0e : Add missed overrides for OpenJDK 8 Map default methods
d17ae95 : Libcore hooks for sensistive thread registration
30a12fe : Inet6Address: Provide an explicit hostname for the ANY address.
4149eb3 : DocumentImpl: drop field that is never written.
01e5d20 : Make ObjectOutputStream behave as in M when stream is closed
e571723 : Explicitly initialize librarySearchPath of the SystemClassLoader
562ab6c : CpuFeatures: try to get around emulated ABI problems
5b1ee95 : CertPathBuilder1Test: remove Security#setProperty calls
969e52f : Allow some rounding on SO_TIMEOUT values
8b0358e : Make dex file loading failure more explicit about failure.
b0b390e : Libcore: Add more ICU hardcoded properties
be16089 : Bring back default methods for AnnotatedElement
9dc36dc : Libcore: Revert "Security: Allow compile time initialization."
7c19e31 : Add test for WEEK_OF_MONTH
d8e75a1 : Update properties related javadoc in java.lang.System
6d66808 : Fix & restore javadoc in java.util.Locale
987c9ca : ObjectStreamClass: Add a workaround for abusers of private API.
a4750c7 : Explicitly set locale to en_US for tests that require it
a152eae : FileTest: Deflake the case where the device isn't rebooted between tests.
737cc1e : Fix HttpURLConnection javadoc.
f9d0b60 : String: Improve performance of String.getBytes.
522b917 : CertPathValidatorTest: add OCSP response tests
72ab551 : Libcore: Hardcode system property
f266920 : Libcore: Hardcode http system properties
6c0b933 : Libcore: Hardcode
5d935d4 : Libcore: Turn off ICU debugging
b02486c : Libcore: Move definition of java version to hardcoded class
a469a66 : Libcore: Refactor hardcoded system properties
3825c24 : Fix art/test/119-noimage-patchoat.
bfada6f : HashMap: Remove support for alt-hashing.
7de69aa : FileInputStreamTest : Add test for skips of files larger than 2G.
99cdcd6 : OldManifestTest : Don't depend on HashMap iteration order.
29b0136 : KeyManagerFactoryTest: get sigAlg from entry
7f2ccbe : KeyManagerFactoryTest: remove flakiness
5458546 : Port OpenJDK8 chars() and codepoints() methods
b38c1d0 : TestKeyStore: use static DH parameters
541aa30 : SNIHostNameTest: add coverage of SNIServerName
0976dc2 : Add Map::replaceAll method
65770ec : ConcurrentHashMap: update API for keySet.
be6a131 : Libcore: Flag to fail thread creation
3564c18 : Make run-libcore-tests reference jack output.
2b4c0a3 : String: reimplement String.replace(char, char).
fcfa4fe : Remove timer sync thread from FileSystemPreferences
2c4230d : Port a number of OpenJDK8 stream methods
817fba9 : Add DatagramChannelTest#open(ProtocolFamily)
d9e9955 : Make OldSystemTest.test_gc more robust.
ab3af28 : String: reimplement replace(CharSequence, CharSequence).
453986b : Package: workaround for applications relying on toString output.
4e7a696 : benchmarks: Add a String benchmark for replace.
0967e60 : Make links to Oracle Java tech docs absolute
3f4817d : SNIHostName: test byte[] constructor

+- Project: platform/libnativehelper

0133214 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth

59e8819 : Correct message length calculation while sending SMS
bebc4dd : Add missing null pointer check inside HeadSetClientService.stop()
c82ac85 : Allow scan statistics to be displayed even if app hasn't scanned.
1fdc7c1 : Add protection against LE scanning abuse
25f4b74 : OPP: Use addFlags() instead of setFlags() when adding flags to the ACTION_VIEW intent
4f6ca74 : Fix divergent equals and hashCode behavior
3b9b0ca : AVRCP: Provide more media attributes
f8201e1 : Absolute volume: Black list device if remote can't change volume
039883a : Log permission check failure as warning
0e94967 : AVRCP: Use MediaController
a86ae2c : Properly label app as unregistered and add NPE protection
c63ef51 : Add guest mode functionality (1/4)
1f8651b : AVRCP: Don't assume 0:00 on metadata change
4286af1 : Rename btif audio_focus_state -> set_audio_focus_state.
bf12c61 : Add a missing null-pointer check in HeadsetService.stop()
cfe27c3 : Fix PEERS_MAC_ADDRESS permission for Ble Scanning.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Calendar

6fc7e7b : Update code coverage filter

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Camera2

7d92784 : Work around a type inference change in javac

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/ExactCalculator

3a05c7e : Invoke View#performLongClick()
8e3070e : Don't use Google proprietary launcher icon
d463b3f : Add styles.xml for sw360dp-long-port.
1a428cf : Allow clear if unprocessed chars
9d33cdc : Show/Hide Toolbar
3e223ea : Persist "inv" selected state
da3b369 : Tap to open/close advanced pad
0ace4eb : Always calculate textSize in CalculatorText#onMeasure
f214c7d : Tune colors for accessibility
11e37a8 : Correctly set formula text size after rotation
997783b : Fix factorial(0)
af04c3a : Correct behavior with erroneous pasted text
ac6a9ba : Account for scale in ActionMode.Callback2#onGetContentRect
4012544 : Cancel in-progress computations before saving state
5e6a0ca : Cleanup of timeout handling and message
5d79d10 : Implicitly clear on incomplete keyboard input
a7b97f7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8afd0f8 : Generalize % operator: Handle 100+10% as expected
d568d6b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
73ecff2 : Check for decimal point after adding ellipsis
db6f999 : Announce when formula has been completely deleted.
fa5203c : Don't evaluate a lone decimal point to zero
0a2346e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
be792e4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b6710a9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9008d3b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f70f55e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
306274f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a1a7857 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
005c04f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
289f793 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c8d870a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
da198b2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c5f8a0d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5699057 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7ac274b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4fb5e5c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
93456cf : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0ea831f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
de64af7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Messaging

418442d : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
aa7dc68 : Let Messaging dex depend on proguard flag file

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Nfc

998a261 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

e00ab6c : Fix cannot build prefer or restore APN for Secondary SIM/Sub.
28fa440 : Fix APN cannot save after ApnEditor is paused.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Stk

2aa6456 : The dialog shall be displayed even if the command comes while sleeping

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Terminal

5637b60 : Remove useless #includes.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/UnifiedEmail

2781499 : Update code coverage filter

+- Project: platform/packages/experimental

efb6633 : Make gradle wrapper executable
22c29d1 : Cleanup unused items & lint warnings
6e7a169 : Mopria HP Printer Recommendation Example

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/CalendarProvider

23af0ab : Update code coverage filter

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/CallLogProvider

1fac97f : Update code coverage filter

+- Project: platform/packages/providers/ContactsProvider

5508cc7 : Update code coverage filter

+- Project: platform/packages/services/Telephony

0ed37a9 : Fix: Send Deactivate SMS after Native VVM deactivation

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/misc

018b90c : Update gdbserver to 7.11.
147c29f : Update perflib prebuilt to perflib-25.0.0 from studio-2.0.0.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/qemu-kernel

058579e : Upgrade arm64 emulator kernel to enable audio
37e2334 : Upgrade emulator kernel for arm64 to enable seccomp

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/sdk

6f52eeb : Import Jack and Jill Carnac 1.2-rc2
e72abef : Import Jack and Jill Carnac 1.2-rc1
f67a288 : Make jack-diagnose executable
76bd825 : Import Jack and Jill Carnac 1.2-b6
cb1c0f7 : Import Jack and Jill Carnac 1.2-b5
cb6dcb8 : Remove prebuilt build tools
f23d3e5 : Import Jack and Jill Carnac 1.2-b4
ca17d60 : Import Jack and Jill Carnac 1.2-b2
8e73db6 : Update darwin RS prebuilts for Clang/LLVM changes.
cd41b9e : Update RS prebuilts for Clang/LLVM changes.
be366ce : Update ckati binaries
c3f7a85 : Update documentation about coverage filters
3d2b109 : Update ckati binaries
7648da8 : Import Jack and Jill Carnac 1.2-b1 for the SDK

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/tools

2b37089 : Update 2.2.0-alpha1 prebuilt
1fa66c6 : Updated builder-model to version 2.2.0-alpha1 (CL 1 of 3).
63038c7 : Refresh 2.2.0-alpha1 offline prebuilt
a2d1667 : Revert "Add 2.0.0-alpha1 to the offline repository"
dbda623 : Add 2.0.0-alpha1 to the offline repository
d242ee5 : Revert "Add Gradle plugin 2.2.0-alpha1 to the offline repo"
6ccf44b : Add Gradle plugin 2.2.0-alpha1 to the offline repo
9a432d6 : Add 2.1.0 plugin to offline repository in 2.2
938b528 : Added jarjar 1.4 built with ASM5 to support Java 8 jars.
b774446 : added NOTICE to protobuf-java
191c83b : Clean up file.
20c27d6 : Add PSI for lint from IJ 15 to IJ 16.1.1
394c98b : Add make rule for com.squareup.haha
c54eb05 : Gradle api as a jar is no longer needed
3a3f7dd : Add 2.0.0 Gradle plugin
0445bf8 : Remove obsolete offline repo plugin versions (1.3.0, 2.0.0-beta7 & rc1)
1f4a9eb : Adds Jasmin library
885e567 : Add transform api 1.5 for regression tests.
1c26b00 : Update antlr4 NOTICE
7d6f702 : Add tools annotations 24.5.0
2ad8a5e : Add ECJ 4.5.1
4712b44 : Add original antlr4's prebuilts

+- Project: platform/sdk

77cab35 : adb completion: call _init_completion if available

+- Project: platform/system/bt

f24f5ef : Add sync to write the backup file to the filesystem
aa39d20 : Build fix for feldspar-dev
72a183d : Add config logging, make parsing stricter, and move sync
c3fe5a0 : Remove dead HID code
1d92d06 : btif: only save config when bonded devices change
e6d1202 : Rename all *.cpp files to *.cc to follow new style
d71bc17 : Rewrite btif_gatts_register_app to new style
3c79a3b : Rewrite btif_gatts_open to new style
b333ae2 : Rewrite btif_gatts_close to new style
0cd448f : Rewrite btif_gatts_add_included_service to new style
b14f76b : Rewrite btif_gatts_start_service to new style
7ce14cc : Rewrite btif_gatts_stop_service to new style
858cf94 : Rewrite btif_gatts_send_indication to new style
757109e : Rewrite btif_gatts_send_response to new style
44be069 : Use unnamed namespace in btif_gatt_client
ce7d46a : Use unordered_set to keep p_dev_cb
d635ab3 : Remove unused structures from btif_gatt_client
92519cc : Rewrite bta_scan_results_cb to new style
845b49d : Rewrite multi adv callbacks to new style
5f848b4 : Rewrite batch scan related functions to new style
4ed8924 : Rewrite bta_track_adv_event_cb to new style
c171ac4 : Rewrite btm_read_rssi_cb to new style
da5b59b : Rewrite scan filter related callbacks to new style
904aefe : Rewrite btif_gattc_scan_filter_add_remove to new style
c8b5185 : Rewrite register/unregister app to new style
955ff4e : Rewrite scan start/stop to new style
26e51cb : Rewrite btif_gattc_open to new style
b454953 : Rewrite btif_gattc_close to new style
d05e50e : Rewrite btif_gattc_search_service to new style
a684a52 : Rewrite btif_gattc_execute_write to new style
39a3361 : Rewrite btif_gattc_write_char to new style
ca9d889 : Rewrite btif_gattc_reg_for_notification to new style
144998f : Rewrite btif_gattc_listen to new style
1ce0819 : Rewrite btif_gattc_set_adv_data to new style
c9fe4b6 : Rewrite read RSSI and set MTU to new style
7cb29a3 : Rewrite btif_gattc_conn_parameter_update to new style
1a9e2ac : Rewrite btif_gattc_scan_filter_param_setup to new style
71d4e33 : Rewrite scan filter related methods to new style
3a70173 : Rewrite btif_gattc_multi_adv_enable to new style
5dfe8ba : Rewrite btif_gattc_multi_adv_update to new style
ed8aefe : Rewrite multi adv set data to new style.
772fc66 : Rewrite btif_gattc_multi_adv_disable to new style
2af2129 : Rewrite btif batch scan methods to new style.
61a9813 : Rewrite btif_get_gatt_db to new style
4c634ee : Rewrite btif_gattc_set_scan_parameters to new style
61a112e : Rewrite GATT read operations to use new style
140645f : Use MessageLoop in bt_jni_workqueue thread
29e7944 : Add additional VW car kits to absolute volume blacklist
0403dcd : Fix double mutex unlock and if() condition
3d6accf : Move extern "C" to top of headers and remove tBTA_HF_CLIENT_HDR.
9376f77 : Change initial order of commands after establishing an LE connection
272c971 : Change initial order of commands after establishing an LE connection
71461b9 : A2DP_SINK: create avrcp connection only if a2dp is successful
2aa2b80 : PTS: Read SMP pairing options from bt_stack.conf
4cdb0e5 : PTS: Avoid BR SDP after LE pairing
36ad41b : PTS: Allow disabling connection updates
a0ee0f8 : PTS: Add a Secure Only mode.
6ea4d23 : Changes to allow LE key upgrade
def4219 : Fix undefined usage of snprintf
778d57b : Remove redefine of ARRAY_SIZE
871e9ba : Update l2c_fcr_clone_buf() to allocate large enough buffer
292a62d : Lower unnecesary high log level
58318f4 : Call BTA_VendorCleanup() during actual cleanup of the stack
e3bdbb2 : Return handle if an RFCOMM port is already open
d62d678 : Fix size of SDP black list array
e8a76f5 : Allow C++ code to check bt_stack_config options
f5d575c : Fixed test_periodic_unregister_processing_queue unit test
3d1aa9d : Avoid NULL pointer usage of startup_future in case of HCI startup timeout
9365916 : Update alarm_unregister_processing_queue() to cancel scheduled alarms
1668d20 : Simplify btif multi adv data handling
0194aff : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
f9a8352 : Build fix
9fc0874 : Add read/write timeout to the audio sockets
b290604 : Fix test_set_zero_periodic unit test failure
713993d : Convert BTIF code from C to C++
1bd691c : Fix issues during cleanup stage of the Bluetooth stack
6bf5069 : HID: Fix compilation error when HID_HOST_REPAGE_WIN is set to 0
2641ef4 : Do not log unsolicited NOOP command complete events
9334247 : Fix a race condition during alarm_cleanup()
f1c12e5 : Use audio_session_t consistently
063ca02 : Add const guarantees
399f217 : Fix a Floating point exception for periodic timers
8e77215 : Improve debug-ability of the stack manager
06d3f47 : Add missing mutex lock/unlock inside alarm_cleanup()
a6f0395 : Fix FD leak caused by module wrapper thread
c376302 : Fix 64-bit build break.
646134e : Protect config module init and add date to config file
4aa6d30 : Add missing init/destroy of state_lock mutex
bda9497 : Fix assertion failure in btif_sock_rfc
46b8d12 : Fix sluggish HID devices
aabb300 : Enable test_vendor_lib compilation on Linux
6f2ae30 : vendor_libs: create
1c64d03 : vendor_libs: test_vendor_lib: fix build
7b266be : Add guest mode functionality (2/4)
9f19410 : Use base from libchrome
8d79346 : Fix Linux libbt-vendor build
501d671 : Allow A2DP SNK audio track focus gain interface.
6f74d76 : Fix LE central device not being able to disconnect
a58d7fe : AVRCP: Update sdp record correctly for CT or TG.
2c3ce4a : vendor_libs: linux: Fix build
bac99a1 : Allow unused private field
f8e3baa : Ensure PIN code dialog is shown after remote name request
7ee02bd : Move autopair blacklist to interop database
bcfdd0a : btif: add count of devices loaded on startup
73e73fa : Fix use of uninitialized value in btm_acl_update_busy_level
052679c : HID: Fix regression caused by commit "3a2c2d61"
17a8221 : Fix use of uninitialized value in BTA_PanSetRole
8e7323e : Removed unused functions
b46b577 : Pull in libmedia's exported headers in libbtif
33bd1b4 : Fix ambiguous base::TimeDelta reference
92f0ed3 : Trigger a compilation error when LOG_TAG is not provided
b4a42e7 : Linux build fix
431885e : Fix valgrind error
4529f1b : Cleanup unnecessary logs
2dfcbda : Do not update sco_state when no matching peer_addr is found

+- Project: platform/system/core

8374276 : Move canned_fs_config into libcutils
5cceee6 : liblog: sleep 20ms before critical property_set
c560c63 : init.rc: Remove cpu weight set on the root cgroup
53ec495 : Report errno more often in fastboot.
72ca40f : nativeloader: Ignore empty java_permitted_path
637da4e : Extend white-listed directories to include /mnt/expand
23d1cad : Add a fortify test to crasher.
80ddb8f : Check if public namespace has already been initialized
6796522 : Move linker-namespace functions declarations
eaae97e : adb: support forwarding TCP port 0.
103e8f5 : <cutils/atomic.h> has been inlined for two years now.
8a0425b : nativeloader: Fix the case of search_path == null
4ddabd0 : Add public libs from an environment variable
8b474de : Set groups before dropping privileges.
157f272 : Fix null pointer dereference.
83c0c7b : enable integer sanitizer for sdcard service
99235e9 : Fix problem with wait_for_gdb.
9c2f803 : Return correct length from pmsgRead()
7a1f951 : nativeloader: Add CloseNativeLibrary() method
eea3c0e : Lose ps to toybox.
6d7823a : Remove <utils/ashmem.h>.
f59560d : trusty: storage: implement storage proxy daemon
117b130 : trusty: storage: add trusty interface header
aedf9af : trusty: add
95989db : trusty: add keymaster module
1571f47 : trusty: add gatekeeper module
911472d : nativeloader: Add Reset capabilities
c4248ae : Remove useless #include.
defd249 : toolbox ps: replace strcpy with snprintf.
1c563d9 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
583a250 : Silently ignore duplicate heap entries
0965c02 : Handle segfaults while walking native heap
36abd48 : Add empty <util.h> to build BSD source.
e7e5f1b : logcat: confirm -g result after -c
2810d00 : Use more std::string in fastboot.
78786da : liblog: O_CLOEXEC flag on opens
ccfb244 : liblog: logcat -g readable size wrong
24a3cbf : ueventd: relabel block devices nodes when processing subsequent add events
3b0d65a : Change remaining Android logging macros to use C99 varidaic syntax
858f133 : adb: decrease the number of fds used in fd_count test.
cf46741 : adb: fix shell protocol checks.
3df8c67 : Don't hardcode gtest paths.
df9c4a0 : sdcard: avoid benign unsigned overflow
2407d7c : adb: fix socket tests.
5c1b3af : Fix 'ps.c' formatting.
c5e7f73 : Fix 'ps --ppid'.
75935ef : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
3a114e0 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
1cc82ce : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
79bf64d : GCC compiler warning fix for sprintf into snprintf
ccafc79 : Fix NULL deref on exec-in with insufficient arguments
7e8cee8 : native_loader: Use ANDROID_ROOT environment variable
213676b : Enable namespaces for all target sdk versions
8fb38ae : Connect to activity manager as root.
2a7b863 : Don't include android-base/macros.h from android-base/unique_fd.h
a2f37e4 : More secure and compiler warning fix for sprintf into snprintf
48d4c0c : adb: use a custom thread to poll for usb devices on mac.
ec9ea66 : Define LIKELY and UNLIKELY in a vendor friendly way
ec2ff8c : Fix google-runtime-int warnings.
68c63d7 : adb: disable tests that are expected to fail on Win32.
b31e171 : adb: increase the FD table size on Win32.
7f27490 : Fix kick_transport test.
8ac71c7 : Export libbinder headers from libhealhd.default
2e210e4 : logpersist: incorporate size and buffer tunables
72886ce : Remove toolbox iftop.
005bf1e : adb: fix adb usb operations on device.
5d35ce6 : Update sanitize property format
057095d : adb: bump the server version to 36.
2257f6b : Fix include-what-you-use problem in android-pubkey.c.
efe8ecc : liblog: android_log_isloggable failing apct
2d8b3e6 : bootstat: Calculate and log the time_since_last_boot metric.
51e6070 : libbacktrace: only build libbacktrace_offline static library.
b8a95bd : logd: switch from android_ids to getpwuid
48a3481 : adb: after `adb root`, wait for the device in any state.
86441c3 : adb: add support for 'wait-for-any'.
08881e7 : adb: make 'wait-for-{recovery,sideload,bootloader} work.
33c2625 : logcat: expand -n, -r and -b
4517773 : logcat: allow comma-separate list of buffers
378f474 : logcat: Adjust help to make it more meaningful
bdeac39 : Remove undocumented functionality from init.
6b11c13 : Remove libmincrypt.
097b6bb : Switch fs_mgr and adb to libcrypto_utils.
3842b1a : logcat: apct test failures
b62146d : Add libcrypto_utils.
de551ff : Add nofail fstab option
09910f4 : binderwrapper: Resolve ambiguous base::Closure reference
2239908 : healthd: Explicitly reference headers from libbinder
22b3567 : Fix toolbox failure return to match similar tools.
ad2c07e : Clean up toolbox runner slightly.
8a5b9ca : liblog: remove android_ids and replace with getpwuid
b9cf771 : bootstat: Differentiate system update boot times.
617f495 : Allow vendors to extend the list of public libs
1f4ec19 : adb: add reconnect command.
ad19af7 : Remove debugging code for a fixed 3.6 kernel bug.

+- Project: platform/system/extras

9dc32a9 : lockdep_chains: graph visualization
aebfde3 : Remove canned_fs_config from ext4_utils
6fbd1a9 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
5633586 : simpleperf: improve cpu_hotplug tests.
11b95b9 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
56ec08c : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
4dd14a3 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
398fabd : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
7d6c8ab : Fix some google-runtime-int warnings.
3375421 : simpleperf: always build static binary on device.
040f7b4 : simpleperf: use libbacktrace_offline static library.
a8e6644 : verity: delete keystore_signer
c494733 : Switch to BoringSSL for crypto.

+- Project: platform/system/keymaster

03d4b6d : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
303d594 : system/keymaster: update BoringSSL error mapping.

+- Project: platform/system/media

a30b657 : Stop hard coding gtest include path.
f58b489 : Fix 64-bit build failure.
c47712d : HAVE_PTHREAD_COND_TIMEDWAIT_RELATIVE is never defined (take two).
5facaf4 : Revert "HAVE_PTHREAD_COND_TIMEDWAIT_RELATIVE is never defined."
2bb3192 : brillo: Add volume control to client library.
c777981 : brillo: Add binder interfaces for volume control.
f815f85 : HAVE_PTHREAD_COND_TIMEDWAIT_RELATIVE is never defined.
831b440 : brillo: Add support for volume buttons.
005f6b5 : brillo: Add tests for client library.
f62bd48 : brillo: Remove client library to aps communication.
8f559cd : brillo: Add client library for brilloaudioservice.

+- Project: platform/system/netd

592303c : Test that changing the DNS search paths works.

+- Project: platform/system/security

d3bccc8 : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings.
955cd84 : Export libbinder headers from libkeystore_binder
30c7752 : Remove RSA_FLAG_EXT_PKEY from android_engine.cpp.

+- Project: platform/system/vold

cc5d580 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
dc80323 : Switch to BoringSSL crypto.
49ab5f9 : Address const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.