android-wear-n-preview-3 to android-n-preview-4 AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: platform/art

7386da4 : ART: Fix swap usage determination in dex2oat
14d7b3e : Fix dex file leak in oat file manager
1fdbe1b : ART: Add ATRACE section for collision check
e5e76f4 : Add Valgrind target tests
1ebf8d3 : Fix some "possible" divide by 0
4a0a511 : Re-introduce an old version of 600-verifier-fails.
adc61df : Ensure we have a profiling info object before trying to compile.
061f80b : Also catch OOME from the new byte[].
0f838aa : Fix FOUR_ARG_DOWNCALL assembly stubs on arm and x86.
223ac0c : Use usleep instead of sleep(0).
a06481e : Bump frame size limit 8 bytes to fix x86_64 build with latest external/libcxx
a80e2af : Add thread suspend stress
7dbf20a : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert some flaky unloading""""
8502f72 : Add a few more pending exception checks
29f8b6f : Temporarily disable test E
340f486 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert some flaky unloading"""
296fbb4 : Do not place null check on unresolved method calls.
81d82ff : Use sleep instead of sched_yield.
1027880 : Be pro-active into ensuring a method is JITted in test.
c92a7a1 : Wrap certain exception types when loading an erroneous class.
546d24f : Enable profman pretty printing
4fcdd6d : Initial profman support for verbose dump
3188364 : Do not hide instance field hard failure with soft failure
3aaf964 : Revert "Revert "Fix ArtMethod::GetInvokeType for static methods on interfaces.""
d6c205e : ART: Remove redundant MoveInstructionBefore method
b2716bb : Revert "Revert "Revert some flaky unloading""
05005f7 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Temporarily disable dex cache array emptyness DCHECK"""
696632e : Revert "Revert "Hold dex caches live in class table""
6d33563 : Revert "Hold dex caches live in class table"
f89381f : ART: ArrayGet hoisting restriction added.
9e726e8 : Revert "Revert some flaky unloading"
12abcbd : Revert "Fix ArtMethod::GetInvokeType for static methods on interfaces."
8080673 : Fix ArtMethod::GetInvokeType for static methods on interfaces.
46d4699 : Revert "Revert "Temporarily disable dex cache array emptyness DCHECK""
73296a7 : MIPS32: Improve method entry/exit code
020b18a : ART: Improve JitProfiling perf in mips/mips64 mterp.
1415413 : Do not place null check from unresolved field access.
06cd763 : Revert "Temporarily disable dex cache array emptyness DCHECK"
d0f0281 : Revert "Revert "Make the boot image non-debuggable.""
492a7fa : Delay dex-to-dex compilation until Optimizing is done.
a3549d2 : Fix an issue of partial fragment deoptimization
f284d44 : Hold dex caches live in class table
372f10e : Refactor handling of input records.
a90d489 : Fix a bug in reference type propagation.
7b1541f : Temporarily disable dex cache array emptyness DCHECK
b052632 : Fix bug in verifier: hard fail allowed following softfail
c7d3f4b : Fix race with host_dlopen_handles_
cc98f63 : Revert "Make the boot image non-debuggable."
279ee76 : Make the boot image non-debuggable.
c5809c3 : Add missing calls to `RecordSimplification()`.
6a870fa : Exit 0 on success even if --never-clean is passed
0d3eeae : Revert "Blacklist test on host."
b0ba750 : Blacklist test on host.
9e03b2f : Reduce TLAB size
3d08086 : Relax annotation visibility so runtime includes build.
20e9cef : Disable stack assertions in non-compiled code.
c1847a2 : Revert "ART: Blacklist a libcore test for investigation"
f711f2c : Partial fragment deoptimization
98810e3 : Remove SetStateUnsafe in Debugger::Disconnected.
a89e51a : Forbid JVM_O_DELETE in JVM_Open
0b49084 : Prune class path classes from profile
e079e21 : Fix OatWriter to update the header checksum correctly.
5d04eb6 : Fix profile saver reference point when calculating the sleep time
a206c74 : Don't use dlopen on host for already loaded oat files.
c3b13a7 : Fix oat_writer to use WriteData which updates checksum.
dc3b128 : Avoid long sleep in ProfileSaver
0950abe8 : Remove bogus DCHECK.
d0668f2 : Put boot class loader classes and strings in dex cache of app images.
53b5200 : Apply String.equals() optimizations on arm, arm64 and x86-64.
394fac5 : Fix broken DCHECK
06e3f4f : Base isDexOptNeeded result on OatFileAssistant::IsUpToDate.
01be681 : Only compile dex files if they are not up to date.
27ed3a4 : Add methods with samples during launch to profile
afb5d19 : Stop creating $ANDROID_BUILD_TOP/{&&,mkdir} directories.
5d3baf6 : Don't update checksum if data ptr is null.
2576be2 : Increase test timeouts
4c8bacc : Fix minor issues that prevented DexFuzz to run on host.
c2bc265 : Fix bug in verifier: soft fail was hiding hard fail.
2e09bc1 : Remove no-op call to android_update_LD_LIBRARY_PATH
f6d1e0f : Compile JNI stubs for verify-profile and interpret-only.
3e80aeb : ART: Print jit memory use only if we have samples
8e67465 : Avoid the need for the black color for the baker-style read barrier.
1b1e31f : Only fill methods with 0xFE on debug builds
ffedec5 : Revert "Revert "Move rewritten StringFactory call results into dex registers for deopt""
7235dd1 : Do not set property jpda.settings.syncPort in JDWP tests.
c25cbf1 : ARM: Add new String.compareTo intrinsic.
e5ed20b : ARM64: Move BIC after branch in StringCompareTo intrinsic.
8fbea8e : Add missing check for IsShuttingDown in profile saver
54315c7 : ART: Check whether an oat file exists before opening
29bdaee : Do not allow OSR jump while debugging is active.
3224838 : Clean up JNI calling convention callee saves.
a57305e : Fix profile saver initial wait
39004a6 : ART: Fix Mac build
4075f83 : ART: Optimize PreSetup pass for oat-file open
5db109b : Allow libcore and JDWP tests to be executed without JIT.
695e2c4 : Revert "Move rewritten StringFactory call results into dex registers for deopt"
989ab3b : Catch classes inheriting from themselves in the class linker.
fcb503c : Mark concrete HIR instructions as FINAL.
621b5ea : Enforce class definition ordering rules in v37 Dex files.
6e759ad : ART: Fix systrace monitor logging
fc3bb5c : ART: Blacklist a libcore test for investigation
ee17426 : Make a fake libart for misbehaving apps.
8ca33bf : Move rewritten StringFactory call results into dex registers for deopt
fbeb132 : Keep oat file unique pointers until they are no longer used.
278a80b : ART: Return native debuggable status of the app.
ccb3326 : Fix debug leftover in profman
f0192c8 : Support to pass <uses-library> option through to dex2oat.
0c050a1 : Add null checks to weak DexCache references
4021b46 : Revert "Reject classes inheriting from themselves directly or transitively."
a6f672a : Revert "Reject classes implementing themselves as interface directly or transitively."
da05108 : Clean up String.indexOf() intrinsics.
97bad1b : Visit IMT of all classes during image writing
a263892 : Adjust ProfileSaver strategy
3fd448a : Fix an assert during jdwp debugging.
84a4ab8 : SafeStack-friendly stack protection in ART.
8494943 : Make quick frames of proxy methods visited if they're constructors.
ab880f4 : Typos and stylistic fixes.
3459846 : Reject classes implementing themselves as interface directly or transitively.
288c7a8 : Revert "Revert "ART: Reference.getReferent intrinsic for x86 and x86_64""
35e827a : Fix JNIEnv-on-wrong-thread abort message.
fba3997 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
498bb81 : Reject classes inheriting from themselves directly or transitively.
f09d532 : MIPS32: java.lang.Math.round(float)
27cdee6 : Fix the benchmark fail by caliper's change

+- Project: platform/bionic

47fcfff : Fix the SIZE_T_MAX SSIZE_MAX defines.
20788ae : Add ctermid.
7581f9c : Clean up obsolete libm makefile cruft.
449eff0 : Add futimes, futimesat, and lutimes.
409e48a : More C compatibility.
8cabd86 : Move /vendor/bin down with /vendor/xbin.
f484050 : Preliminary cleanup of <sys/cdefs.h>.
1783941 : Fix infinite loop if semaphore test is not run.
d8c7725 : versioner: whitelist atexit, turn on symbol checking by default.
4af829a : versioner: add missing test.
958f3b3 : versioner: fix false positive with functions only available as inlines.
173e7c0 : versioner: improve error output slightly.
658dbd9 : versioner: merge stdout and stderr in the test runner.
80d909b : versioner: clean up tests, test runner.
d67dbf0 : versioner: ignore functions that are __INTRODUCED_IN_FUTURE.
9b5af7a : versioner: autodetect paths when no specified.
62aaf8f : versioner: improve usage messages.
99a84c8 : Remove __cachectl.
8ba4424 : Fix __errordecl on clang.
d61ca37 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in bionic/tests.
71e783d : Remove __brk
9af13d2 : Do not return with stack address in global variable.
bf8a285 : versioner: introduce.
46b4416 : Update header versions for NDK platform fixes.
6e9c1f6 : Remove declaration for __brk.
5a9d569 : Fix .clang-format ContinuationIndentWidth.
9a29c3f : Add /vendor/xbin to root's path.
816fab9 : Just use libstdc++ for the cxa stuff inside bionic.
f44b232 : Remove libstdc++ include files.
7510c33 : Remove deprecated files
bdd8f89 : Improve diagnostics from the assembler __strcpy_chk routines.
c75da09 : Improve diagnostics from the assembler __strcat_chk routines.
e2bfe2a : Update the "adding a syscall" docs.
bb12921 : Don't use __u64/__u32 in <sys/user.h>.
eab4803 : Update documentation for malloc debug.
d799b2b : Correctly handle the case of empty LD_PRELOAD entries
a948a4e : Change use of /data to /data/local/tmp.
2e6e991 : Run fsync tests on mutable filesystem.
8963dd3 : Make all rt_sigtimedwait signatures match.
5240863 : Do not resolve caller_ns when it is not needed
82ef6a1 : Updated to v4.4.11 kernel headers.
d2205a6 : Do not check zip-entry validity on create_namespace
5a22d3e : Force clang for bionic
2ba1cf3 : Fix dlopen of main executable by absolute path
fc2da53 : linker: Allow caller to specify parent namespace
382bd66 : Stop including <machine/cpu-features.h>.
882b8af : Regenerate NOTICE files.
acf2c26 : Use to handle mixed and Android.bp dirs
09e97e6 : Fix the <netinet/ether.h> tests.
f021061 : Fix <resolv.h> and <netinet/tcp.h> so dnscap builds.
c6190a9 : We have the _r ether_ntoa/ether_aton functions too.
f6324d5 : Fix our *ether* headers mess.

+- Project: platform/bootable/recovery

ad29b10 : Remove etc/META-INF/com/google/android/update-script.
862a4c1 : recovery: Add support to brick a device.
a0c4011 : Revert "Fix memory/resource handling in imgdiff.cpp, using unique_ptr and vector."
50a6f8c : Fix memory/resource handling in imgdiff.cpp, using unique_ptr and vector.
16e3861 : Revert "imgdiff: Generate statically linked imgdiff."
b4422bd : imgdiff: Generate statically linked imgdiff.
e77a68f : slot_metadata: add verity_corrupted field

+- Project: platform/build

03bfdea : goldfish_setup: grant /system/bin/sh exec access
8740e9d : APK Signature Scheme v2 APK verifier.
6731b49 : Rewrite LDLIBS and SHARED_LIBRARIES
819b535 : Fix DSA APK signatures for API Level 8 and lower.
56eb2f9f : Switch some build tools to Soong
08b12dc : Remove dead rgb2565
6e22c75 : Drop CLANG and CLANG_CXX in the environment
b02eefa : Improve efficiency of using the DataSource abstraction.
404ccc8 : Add variable PRODUCT_SHIPPING_API_LEVEL and make files with the new read only product property ro.product.first_api_level.
870f087 : Default to enable tidy warnings in header files.
a062c7e : Add support for TARGET_RECOVERY_BRICK.
b0a08b8 : Add LOCAL_LOGTAGS_FILES that prebuilts can use
60d9c67 : Add Soong tools to PATH
f2ac912 : disable unpriv perf by default in user{,debug} builds
b40d9ec : Allow arm prebuilts for x86_arm builds
b9dd243 : Update default NINJA_STATUS to show finished edges
4cbf8eb : Update finder to work with Android.bp files
9808645 : Add --dir option to
fa1da6c : Switch signapk to apksigner-core.
7b977ea : Improve DataSource interface.
8642525 : Fix mm and mmm in Android.bp directories
056609c : Remove unnecessary variables
a61d672 : Remove USE_SOONG=false option
062e30b : Error on external includes
7fe992c : Add NATIVE_TESTS class, move host native tests
26f00cd : Store entry alignment information in APK.
02268f0 : Move to a single clang unknown flags list
b267cba : Error on USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD=
7d35f00 : Double quote some statements for zsh compatibility
174feb9 : Remove (C|CPP|CONLY|LD)FLAGS checked by Soong
3fe3248 : Windows: Stop adding to GLOBAL_LD_DIRS
5baaba7 : Remove trailing newline from TARGET_C_INCLUDES
60c7fd1 : Add fake libart
cba1557 : Pass BUILD_HOST_static to Soong
7701eaa : Remove redundant clang cppflags
4863daf : Remove make variables exported from Soong
2af45ba : Improve concurrency for JAR entry inspection requests.
5b188fb : Soong: Read if skipping
7f13ab9 : Pass USE_SAFESTACK to Soong.
66fced6 : Don't use GTEST_OS_LINUX on Darwin
641e61c : Make apks depend on their certificates
0caa16a : No need to JAR-sign OTA update packages.
42a5da7 : Default USE_SOONG to true

+- Project: platform/build/blueprint

e32cc80 : Refactor blueprint parser nodes to an interface
7932496 : Fix documentation property type for pointers
d9f6fd5 : Remove naming stutter in bpdoc
017ed2e : Fix govet issues
be27523 : Add blueprint_go_binary for user-run tools

+- Project: platform/build/kati

390115c : Handle nested define/endef
c15a824 : Update and add a few testcases
f0a6fdf : [C++] Add support for multiple filenames to findleaves emulation
1c3a695 : Support all kinds of command line variables
ac6f169 : Allow NULL filename for -d flag
c58db9a : [C++] Add -d flag to make debugging slightly easier
38892d8 : Normalize log for recent ninja
9f6343c : Always sort glob results
8082dcb : Skip 3 tests which fail with make 4
1561f68 : Skip with GNU make 4
a1ded1c : Use override in to fix test with make 4
fc24bd2 : Stop overwriting /bin/sh by bash on travis
913eb74 : Normalize Unicode quotes for recent find
2d2ed95 : Explicitly use SHELL=/bin/bash
d07e297 : [C++] Stop using an uninitialized value
855fea4 : Fix for GNU make 4
dc258cb : Clean up normalization in runtest.rb a bit
bfae810 : Remove test output in ckati_clean
a24a7a0 : Normalize GNU make 4.00 in runtest.rb
e4e56f3 : Suppress GNU make jobserver magic in runtest.rb
2941ea0 : [C++] Handle .POSIX at eval time
03fa345 : Add testcase/
a8fafa4 : Remove Go related targets from test and clean
d8d43ea : [C++] Reduce unnecessary string allocation
c6926b0 : Add testcase/
5dfb361 : Add testcase/
02e5ee3 : [C++] Remove unnecessary #include
6823600 : Add a test case to
952d445 : [C++] Ignore recursive marker in recipes
786881c : [C++] Replace erroneous return in EvalInclude()
d4f2871 : [C++] Store SHELL value in command result
29b9b74 : [C++] Honor "override" when setting global variable
167e1f7 : [C++] Ignore white space around $(call) function name
187bf08 : [C++] Add support for .POSIX:
cd060c5 : add Stefan to CONTRIBUTORS

+- Project: platform/build/soong

d20b36b : Update androidmk to match blueprint changes
a43f9b3 : Rename androidmk/test.go so go test can find it
a96ff64 : Check NDK linking, expose SDK_VERSION to Make
c79e0e7 : androidmk: Fix LOCAL_FORCE_STATIC_EXECUTABLE
490a8dc : Implement re-exporting of library headers
29d9f87 : Allow -lz on Darwin
0c41054 : Add built/libs/* to root.bp
22abd40 : androidmk: TOP is always "."
58f9bb1 : androidmk: Support version_script
0c236ab : androidmk: Update LOCAL_SANITIZE* support
31a6a69 : Add _<OS> suffix support, remove USE_MINGW
42e20e6 : Add logtags support to androidmk
6c2ac06 : Add tests for androidmk
a1ad8d1 : Simplify arch target handling
b9db480 : Revert "Simplify arch target handling"
54c7112 : Simplify arch target handling
0fda89f : Add support for logtags
c2aa4a9 : Start using blueprint_go_binary
17f0526 : Support installing non-native arch binaries
5126504 : Add spaces around := when dumping assignments
079602c : Fix govet issue
5efc706 : Export GLOBAL_[CLANG_]C[PP]FLAGS_NO_OVERRIDE to Make
cd114c1 : Remove [local_]include_files
08693d2 : Improve makefile parser
7fd911f : Fix blank line translation once and for all
20acc5c : Add flag property checking
ab6e6e0 : Fix non-deterministic errors with LOCAL_*_x86_64
b36ab1a : Fix sanitize host builds
bc6fb16 : Support sanitizer variants inside make builds
9598e10 : Stop sorting (C|CPP|LD)FLAGS when checking
e8c5237 : Fix and check CLANG_CONFIG_UNKNOWN_CFLAGS
558e517 : Check more Make variables
d87145f : Add libclang_rt.asan-mips[64]
d26a713 : Fix makevars (C|LD)FLAGS ordering
c264c16 : Move -msoft-float to ToolchainCflags
03a7086 : Add windows prebuilt library path
d352edf : Support Windows IncludeFlags
a2abfd6 : Add the common directory back to kernel headers.
635c3b0 : Rename common to android
c7fd91a : Fix ndk x86_64 and mips64 builds
36cff8b : Fix Static_executable, implement BUILD_HOST_static from Make
216a459 : Export CONLYFLAGS and CPPFLAGS to Make
06f4533 : Export -D__BRILLO__ to make if necessary
b436fde : Turn on strict checking for C[PP]FLAGS make vars
3772da1 : Don't use -B...gcc.. on Darwin
3e5889a : Include bionic/Android.bp
e7932e8 : Properly export toolchain static libs
73d21f2 : Add more make-exported variables
4a94683 : Don't use GTEST_OS_LINUX on Darwin
9f0b550 : Create empty .a on Darwin when there is no obj file.
8146b2f : Update gtest flags from Make
8391efa : USE_SAFESTACK support in Soong.
2630213 : Set LOCAL_PATH for each prebuilt module

+- Project: platform/cts

ceee0e9 : Delete obsolete workaround for locale "haw".
db2127a : Fix camera2.cts.CameraManagerTest.testManagerGetDeviceIdList for TV.
4ab89dc : Add WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE perm to libcore tests
c099d05 : Fix makefile issues with cts_audio_quality

+- Project: platform/dalvik

f23d879 : Fix resource leaks.
82ad0f9 : Catch classes that inherit from themselves in dexmerger.

+- Project: platform/development

8a430ea : Update OpenSLES_Android.h and OpenSLES_AndroidConfiguration.h for N API
477c90c : KeyDerivationFunction: example about treating data encrypted via SHA1PRNG
6abb269 : Camera: update NDK camera API headers
b8c745f : Remove __brk
1b4f9ec : android-9: Add symbol versions for libc
2463618 : android-12: No difference in between 12 and 14
8eb20a3 : android-9: Add symbol versions for libm
d89ad44 : android-9: Add symbol versions for libdl
002bf74 : Remove symbols which we did not expose before android-23
1d9f64b : Add missing symbols to android-19 libc
a0343ed : Add missing symbols to android-18 libc
641e619 : Copy libc symbols from android-17 to 18
fa52ee3 : Add jack-jacoco-plugin.jar to build tools
b603563 : Add missing symbols to android-17 libc
317d506 : Copy symbols from android-16 to 17
fbfcbad : Add missing symbols to android-16 libc
1013b25 : Remove clone from x86 android-12 to 16
788f357 : Add missing symbols for android-15 platform libc
fc9824a : Copy libc symbols from android-14
9841a89 : Add missing symbols for android-14 platform libc
e5dd8fb : Add missing symbols for android-12 platform libc
b39abe3 : android-9 (x86/mips): remove symbols missing from the platform
3f15942 : Update to latest Vulkan headers
0342c1b : android-13: Add symbol version for libm
2bd38ec : android-22: add missing ns_* sybmols for lp64
f5376cb : Copy libc symbols from android-21
f20d77b : android-14: Add symbol version for libc
30678b4 : android-16: Add symbol version for libc
f40efab : android-17: Add symbol version for libc
1f31292 : android-18: Add symbol version for libc/libm

+- Project: device/asus/fugu-kernel

e4f96e2 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
08db0be : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
c8a4f6d : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
741c825 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
3fa66cc : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
df7024a : fugu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
c57afb5 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
16a3f19 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
3a76429 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
fd1d1db : fugu: update prebuilt kernel
9b29a55 : fugu: update prebuilt kernel

+- Project: device/generic/goldfish

cb2e42a : Fix const issues in preparation for libcxx rebase.

+- Project: device/linaro/hikey

e00892e : hikey: Fix README about kernel version
b1af4ca : hikey: Use Image-dtb-4.1 for kernel 4.1
52ebc46 : hikey: Enable usb audio support
0d92f28 : installer/ add sudo to run
419d098 : update to use predefined variables
c5ec195 : hikey: README: Update documentation to use boot.img instead of boot_fat.uefi.img
05700ad : hikey: remove deprecated setTimeout
1768d8e : hikey: Update flash-all script to use boot.img, since its the new default
77b611f : hikey: Set board name as reported by current bootloader: Hisilicon HiKey
e8886dd : hikey: Build boot_fat.uefi.img only if TARGET_BOOTIMAGE_USE_FAT=true
7329c0c : hikey: Use Image-dtb instead of Image
b74f63e : hikey: Remove obsolete cmdline file
d1ec234 : hikey: Set command line properly for abootimg support
fe7b26c : hikey: bootloader: Update prebuilt fip.bin and l-loader.bin to current sources.
0c1d9b2 : hikey: booloader: Cleanup unused bl1.bin
4c12384 : HACK: hikey: Set dhcpcd service parameters explicitely

+- Project: device/linaro/hikey-kernel

73b0085 : hieky-kernel: Update kernel 4.1 prebuilt to use Image-dtb (f61d500)
8c0343c : hikey-kernel: Update kernel prebuilt with USB audio support (664e6d0)
e046dc5 : hikey-kernel: Update prebuilt kernel to 4.4.10 and fiq_debugger (121305b)
4795b1b : hikey-kernel: Update prebuilt kernel to 4.4.9 (094903a)

+- Project: device/moto/shamu

dd80712 : shamu: remove legacy perms from untrusted_app
e1a2214 : Copy AoV adspd perms to priv_app.

+- Project: device/sample

faf5ca1 : Adding make files with the new read-only product property ro.product.first_api_level for Android L, L MR1 and M.

+- Project: platform/docs/

c839037 : Docs: Changed "Linux" to "GNU/Linux" Bug: 28978757
42ce5de : Docs: Correcting the removal of CVE-2016-2496 Bug: 29219147
1f78858 : Docs: Add June security bulletin and builds numbers to home page
a60f62d : Docs: Add AOSP links to June 2016 bulletin. Typo correction in May bulletin.
3d4f0ac : Docs: Removed outdated Ubuntu version requirements for USB access Bug: 28980051
bea810e : Docs: Add Feedback Fixes DRM Path, Keystore API, Jack Argument to home page
7ea1240 : Update build numbers for security release
413d7f9 : Docs: June 2016 Security bulletin Bug: 28626207
44e6230 : Docs: Add Rotation Vector improvements to home page
f2de806 : Docs: Make updates to steps and images
7dbd539 : Docs: Fixing typo in life-of-patch flowchart
7d8c53e : Docs: Replace API link to devsite, make more prominent
b3a2c25 : Docs: Add make bootimage command
b8d2234 : Docs: Update various paths and files for hikey
51524bf : Docs: Add forward lock plug-in, fix path to av directory
63c865d : Docs: Publish localized May bulletins
9893a93 : Docs: Update researcher credit on the Acknowledgements page
888bc15 : Docs: Removed space in ARGs command
1dedfee : Docs: Remove acronyms for Jack and Jill Bug: 28407051

+- Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

80ab8a6 : Fix UnixFileTest#test_getUsableSpace on seed
01cec5f : Get UnixFileTest running in CTS
1527c74 : Fix Proxy2Test
cd27d9d : Fix typo in name of JDWP class OnthrowDebuggerLaunchDebuggee.
dc01164 : Avoid conflicts between default JDWP sync port and transport address.
5562fb8 : Do not explicity set jpda.settings.syncPort in JDWP settings.
0e0d156 : Update JPDA documentation with respect to sync port.
425673d : Have the default JDWP sync connection port be chosen by the OS.

+- Project: platform/external/boringssl

d316cba : external/boringssl: Sync to 8ca0b41.

+- Project: platform/external/bsdiff

c97d965 : Revert "Generate statically linked bsdiff."
f41dd73 : Generate statically linked bsdiff.

+- Project: platform/external/clang

4e42e0f : Export headers for clang.

+- Project: platform/external/compiler-rt

0f311a2 : Remove deprecated files
a53a075 : Convert the rest of compiler-rt to Android.bp
a822161 : Merge aosp/dev cherry-picks (for MIPS ASan) into aosp/master.
18cd7a8 : Add to support lib/profile/...

+- Project: platform/external/conscrypt

a1ea2ec : Add compat methods for using SNI and other new features

+- Project: platform/external/cros/system_api

2f7d284 : Expose the update engine function GetEolStatus to dbus client
1929dfe : dbus: power_manager: Add TABLET_MODE_{ON|OFF} protobuf definitions
cd07176 : dbus: bluetooth: Add GATT option string to match blueZ API change

+- Project: platform/external/dbus

342b8af : Merge "Android doesn\'t really have <sys/syslimits.h>." am: 282db28ba0 am: 99861335b2 am: 111eb3eb19 am: fd633e6cc9 am: f912f5c8f9

+- Project: platform/external/dhcpcd-6.8.2

d088482 : Make dhcpcd-6.8.2 admit that it uses BSD extensions.

+- Project: platform/external/dnsmasq

1a744d4 : Admit that dnsmasq relies on BSD extensions.

+- Project: platform/external/drm_hwcomposer

aa18d91 : drm_hwcomposer: Use Planner interface to provision planes
4c4646e : drm_hwcomposer: Introduce Planner interface
4f4ef69 : drm_hwcomposer: Don't use Plan() in SquashAll
3960cdd : drm_hwcomposer: Move SeparateLayers into a member function
bbe39db : drm_hwcomposer: Move DrmCompositionPlaneType into DrmCompositionPlane
ca699be : drm_hwcomposer: Use a vector for composition source_layers
39b3784 : drm_hwcomposer: Add type to DrmCompositionPlane
f741c67 : drm_hwcomposer: Fix up some printf warnings and a clang-style nit

+- Project: platform/external/gtest

5e5723a : Remove deprecated files
1d8db72 : gtest: Add support for std::unique_ptr bool conversion

+- Project: platform/external/icu

ff178d4 : Allow overriding of the java binary
9e63f9d : Add a method to clear the cached default timezone.
f8798e2 : Switch DecimalFormatSymbols from SimpleCache to SoftCache
c1fac6c : Cherry-pick: ticket:7434: ICU4J SoftCache with CacheValue

+- Project: platform/external/iproute2

b2ae938 : Merge "ss: remove wtf." am: 4bf8496 am: d9cdcb0 am: 1404f4c am: 465a65c

+- Project: platform/external/jdiff

8f27032 : Fix merging add/remove on same method.

+- Project: platform/external/jemalloc

08012f8 : Remove deprecated files
2ee91d8 : Stop using [local_]include_files

+- Project: platform/external/libbrillo

4ec4c4d : libbrillo: Update libchrome APIs to r395517

+- Project: platform/external/libchrome

ab9742e : libchrome: Fix the build in OS X > 10.10
79a0a1a : libchrome: Remove some Mac forward declarations.
2047f3d : libchrome: Add more OSX files
cf4fac9 : libchrome: More OSX mitigations
24d8c4a : libchrome: Fix mac build break
94ffa55 : libchrome: Uprev the library to r395517 from Chromium

+- Project: platform/external/libcxx

ee226c0 : Revert "Revert "Update aosp/master libcxx rebase to r263688""
6128e9b : Remove deprecated files
1d4a1ed : Revert "Update aosp/master libcxx rebase to r263688"
1418e41 : Add compile time define that was missing.
fc1962d : Reorganize locale extension fallbacks. NFCI
14273e8 : Cleanup superfluous std:: qualifiers in <type_traits>
7995c48 : Optimize declval for compile times. Patch from Eric Niebler.
ea76b44 : Mark LWG2583 as complete. I did this a while ago, and forgot to update the table.
2241cf0 : Change the control flow in atomic_compare_exchange_strong to avoid a potential deadlock.
a3388c6 : Test hijacking ADL for operator& in the stream iterator constructors.
995f64c : Add test for r269789
d8fc1ec : Implement LWG2576: istream_iterator and ostream_iterator should use std::addressof
7f271a0 : Add some checking so that the TEST_HAS_XXX macros match up with the _LIBCPP_NO_HAS_XXX macros. No functional change
2c15439 : Implement P0030R1: Introduce a 3-Argument Overload to std::hypot
3cc263d : Remove C++11 feature macros in tests. Use TEST_STD_VER instead.
5d98497 : Add a test for uniqueptr having either NULL and nullptr
eaba7bb : Add a couple of _LIBCPP_ASSERT calls. No functional change.
10a6829 : Disable LIBCXX_ENABLE_ABI_LINKER_SCRIPT for static library builds.
aee206a : Apply D20014 - fix a missing return in a test. Fixes PR#27720
25bcc0f : [libcxx] Prefer C++14 over C++11 when building libc++experimental.
4e69be0 : Generate code coverage for experimental libraries
8c8f0e5 : Enable Pthread threading API on Solaris. Fix PR27677
ab46ace : Fix memory_resource build for _LIBCPP_HAS_NO_THREADS
1354c94 : Update TS implementation status page
4db388b : Change allocator<T>::allocate to throw length_error, not bad_alloc
dba23b4 : Add experimental container alias templates for PMRs
33861da : Fix one more usage of _LIBCPP_HAS_NO_EXCEPTIONS
96e4c23 : Fix typo it _LIBCPP_NO_EXCEPTIONS macro
257fd69 : Add <experimental/memory_resource>
7048769 : Tweak --param=no_default_flags=true to still add -Ilibcxx/test/support
35ff03b : Refactor pthread usage of libcxx.
6637dc2 : Fix errors in documentation
953f34f : Fix sphinx build. This is a temporary solution.
f83eb7a : Try and fix sphinx build
8a7462d : Removing some trailing whitespace
360fa62 : Fixed some spelling errors in assert messages. No functional change. Thanks to for the report.
03dc08c : Update version numbers in docs
7039fa1 : Add documentation for new experimental library
7da079c : Make check-libcxx dependant on libc++experimental if present.
5e4698c : Create new library 'libc++experimental.a' for packaging TS symbols.
135ac80 : [CMake] Fix a copy-paste error
a956a10 : Fix dependencies on install-libcxx CMake target
6aec020 : Fix PR27538. Remove __is_convertible specializations for array and function types.
219406e : [libcxx] [test] Replace non-Standard "atomic_flag f(false);" with Standard "atomic_flag f;"
0cf277c : Don't use std::__clz in 'test/support/hexfloat.h'.
3ed38a9 : Guard use of <unistd.h> in test.
feb3898 : Cleanup warnings and remove use of __builtin_va_list in depr.c.headers
46c0511 : Initialize local doubles to NaN. Patch from
a9ea113 : Void cast runtime-unused variables. Patch from
61a220a : Replace one more occurrence of non-standard std:launch::any. Patch from
ffa3db2 : [CMake] Create a separate install target for libcxx headers
59af3f8 : Fix PR21428 for long. Buffer was one byte too small in octal formatting case. Rename previously added test
bc8538f : Move extern C include test into test/libcxx
a7a9004 : Fix test failures by adding missing include
1e5a4a4 : Fix or move various non-standard tests.
96becae : Move INVOKE tests into test/libcxx sub-tree.
7aa3806 : Fix possible test breakage for MinGW
59f8126 : Fix get_temp_file_name() to compile on Windows. Patch from
138574c : Remove more names of unreferenced parameters. Patch from
b6e757e : Add a return value for nasty_mutex::operator&. Patch from
2d1a7f1 : Add <string> include for streaming operators. Patch from
6531a09 : Add proper include for unique_ptr. Patch from
375e2f6 : Guard libc++ specific c.__invariants() tests in LIBCPP_ASSERT macros
bda804e : Remove names of unreferenced parameters. Patch from
849c551 : Add braces, move braces, and rename variables to avoid shadowing. Patch from
ce24f96 : Provide member function definitions to avoid warnings. Patch from
a32eb83 : Rename function parameters to avoid shadowing. Patch from
4596c29 : Guard Clang and GCC specific pragmas. Patch from
d446308 : Fix = that should have been == in test. Thanks to STL@microsoft for the catch
85d5622 : Apparently XFAIL tests that are supposed to fail to compile can be problematic. They still get compiled, and if the compile succeeds, the buildbots complain. Replace the XFAIL with #error.
6dfff1c : #include <test_macros.h> in all the regex tests, and remove all mentions of __cpluplus (use TEST_STD_VERS and/or XFAIL instead). No functional change
d7f1f97 : Rename a few tests that had typos in their names. No functional change. Thanks to STL for the catch
5ccbc48 : Fix some non-standard parts of our test suite. Reported by STL
59f2aea : Add missing include of <algorithm>
9341a8a : Cleanup: move visibility/linkage attributes to the first declaration.
df46b78 : Fix LWG issue #2106: move_iterators returning prvalues
6f367f0 : Fix C++03 build breakage
c6c26a4 : Complete LWG issue #2016. Allocators must be nothrow swappable
8f1e73d : Add is_swappable/is_nothrow_swappable traits
a6013cc : Make ios_base::failure visibility specified consistent
566bcb4 : Fix most GCC attribute ignored warnings
994fb96 : [libc++] fix macro redef warning when exception is disabled
cf4550d : Add cxx_runtime_root options for testing against a different libc++ at runtime
e94c1ae : [libcxx] Fix PR15638 - Only allocate in parent when starting a thread to prevent calling terminate.
8d5cbd7 : Add 'is_callable' and 'is_nothrow_callable' traits and cleanup INVOKE.
9c6f00d : XFAILing new test on C++03
d59d416 : Include initializer_list from utility
611ab2b : Framework to allow testing of static libc++abi
95526d3 : Make tuples constructors conditionally EXPLICIT. See N4387
1350927 : Mark P0152R1 as complete.
2e37f92 : Mark LWG issue 2469 as done. Also simplify try_emplace and insert_or_assign implementations in unordered_map
134ff65 : Implement LWG issue 2219 - support reference_wrapper in INVOKE
b952822 : Add hash specializations for __int128_t. Fixes LWG issue 2119
c325f3d : Add tests for LWG issue 2361
91a1565 : Fix LWG issue 2345 - Add insert(value_type&&)
dc414cd : Teach map/unordered_map how to optimize 'emplace(Key, T)'.
83c9dc1 : Extract key to avoid preemptive mallocs in insert/emplace in associative containers
d501933 : Cleanup and guard tuple's constructor SFINAE. Fixes PR22806 and PR23256.
55ad3ac : [libcxx] Remove the "reduced-arity-initialization" extension from the uses-allocator constructors
8165249 : Qualify calls to addressof to avoid getting ADL. Fixes PR#27254.
dca800c : Implement LWG#680, which was missed lo these many moons ago, and was reported as bug #27259. As a drive-by fix, replace the hand-rolled equivalent to addressof in __wrap_iter with the real thing.
547d4a0 : Update filesystem status
f4f7d8f : Recommit r263036 with additional inlining, so that it will continue to work with existing system dylibs. Implements LWG#2583
56a0a43 : Added a noexcept test
005c60b : Fix bug #27260 - add missing swap(reference, reference) to vector<bool>.
32c9099 : Remove unused internal routines. No functional change
5f9110c : Put back the undefs that Richard removed. Boost won't build w/o these; specifically the file 'bytes_methods.h' in Apple's python framework defines these.
a277811 : Fix for Bug #27193; 'std::acos on complex does not agree with C'. Tests need work; so the bug will stay open.
d286467 : Fix LWG issue 2469 - Use piecewise construction in map::operator[].
db21506 : Teach __tree how to handle map's __value_type
21f3b4c : Update container_test_types.h and cleanup the related tests
e7931f9 : Update copyright year to 2016.
08511cd : Implement is_always_lock_free
037efda : Guard a number of tests relying on threads support when built in single-threaded mode.
4c51222 : Missing ATOMIC_*_LOCK_FREE tests
798ec84 : unord: Extract key to avoid preemptive mallocs in insert/emplace
735026e : Make std::addressof constexpr in C++17 (Clang only).
8b15aee : Add __unconstref for future use
a15e8c3 : Add clang thread safety annotations to mutex and lock_guard. Patch by
3614681 : [libcxx] Remove localization tests for Russian month names
d124b5b : Missed this file in previous checkin
e22d9e5 : Implement LWG2577: {shared,unique}_lock</tt> should use std::addressof
fd2d680 : Add failing tests that I forgot to add to the last commit
ed77ffb : Implement LWG#2566: Requirements on the first template parameter of container adaptors
d8b9e0b : Mark exception-throwing test as XFAIL when exceptions are disabled
2fe62cd : Disable CFI checks in std::addressof.
fadd1db : Revert r263036, it's ABI-breaking.
a3f5b39 : Update status to mark 2579 complete
f40ec90 : Implement LWG#2579: Inconsistency wrt Allocators in basic_string assignment vs. basic_string::assign
ff0b9f5 : Implement LWG#2583: There is no way to supply an allocator for basic_string(str, pos)
d7d1bda : Add some more tests for the containers type requirements
2187425 : Split locale management out of locale_win32. NFCI
fd55658 : Reorganize _LIBCPP_LOCALE__L_EXTENSIONS
ee208ca : Remove a couple tabs that crept in
f532a70 : Implement P0272R1: Give 'std::string' a non-const '.data()' member function
f6d6b51 : Implement P0253R1: Fixing a design mistake in the searchers interface.
3e0808e : Implement P0025R0: 'An algorithm to clamp a value between a pair of boundary values' for C++17
8d48d9b : non-member swap for array was mistakenly taking const ref params. Fixed and added test. Thanks to Ben Craig for the catch
60d223d : Update with work items passed in Jacksonville
c7c4c77 : libc++: fix typo
4951a48 : Fix for PR26812: possible overflow issue in std::allocator::allocate
72cb14c : more status updates
7490f53 : Added tests to make sure that the categorization traits work on incomplete types
716030e : Update the status of a N4089 and a couple issues
61d4dd0 : Another chunk of N4089
17a80bc : No, really - test the constructor
5425ba0 : Add test to ensure that the converting constructor in N4089 is present and working
0f0903b : Fix a missing closing tag
435ccb3 : More updates
a4abce5 : These new tests fail on the green-dragon bots, which use an old Apple compiler. Since they're scheduled to be updated soon, we'll just comment out this test for the moment, and re-commit when the bots are updated.
54b5f6f : More updates
c310174 : Add tests for LWG#2560. No code changes, just tests
20fefa6 : Add additional tests to ensure that we DTRT with short lists. This is LWG#2590, but there are no code changes, just additional tests
d052c68 : More updates; patch for 2583 ready
d812865 : Fix __is_referenceable to work with vector types. Fixes PR#26654 and 26656. Thanks to Evgeniy for the reports, and to Eric for the suggestion on how to fix it.
66e344f : Rename <__hash_table> traits so they don't conflict with similar traits.
227b47c : Remove all usages of "const" node pointer typedefs in the assoc containers.
5526348 : Cleanup node-type handling in the associative containers.
d47d359 : Work around GCC bug in .fail.cpp tests
100ce64 : Fix PR26622 - Make CheckLibcxxAtomic.cmake use the libc++ headers.
b379228 : Make __wrap_iter work with GCC again
6918a09 : Add stdbool.h wrapper for libc++
48fcc78 : Split locale management out of newlib/xlocale.h. NFCI
9aebc5f : Split locale management out of ibm/xlocale.h. NFCI
7f978a8 : Commit tests missing from r261180.
0493d02 : Get <ext/hash_map> working again
7e87bc9 : [libcxx] Fix definition of regex_traits::__regex_word on big-endian glibc systems
62d5d15 : Add some status
15312aa : Add some comments
0e4ed2f : Added a (private) status page for the Jacksonville meeting
fea3b21 : Issue a warning instead of fatal errors when checks for libatomic fail.
ebe55fc : Instead of asking glibc to provide correct C++ signatures for <string.h> functions, ask it whether it did provide them after the fact. Some versions of glibc fail to compile if you make this request and don't also claim to be at least GCC 4.3.
410ed30 : Fix LWG issue 2469 - Use piecewise construction in unordered_map::operator[].
35c6f01 : Work around regression in glibc 2.22: request that glibc provides the correct prototypes for <string.h> functions that are converted into overload sets in C++. This matches the existing workaround in <wchar.h>.
ab41482 : Revert r260514 because it has a bogus commit message.
629135a : Rename CheckLibcxxAtomic.cmake variable result names so they don't clash with LLVM
05d9fdf : Add some tests to ensure that the __regex_word does not conflict with any of ctype_base's values. Hopefully this will catch cases like in the future.
9e9f42e : Properly down-cast a sentinal node pointer through void*
df69432 : Fix r260515 - Correct typos in CMake changes
907ec40 : separate nested >>
cb6641a : Re-commit "Introduce a cmake module to figure out whether we need to link with libatomic."
ba41d7e : Teach __hash_table how to handle unordered_map's __hash_value_type.
2960ae2 : Teach __hash_table how to handle unordered_map's __hash_value_type.
7bec7e5 : Remove changes that snuck in within r260431
45dca2c : Fix invalid casts in <functional>.
774c7c5 : Recommit r260012 - Cleanup node-type handling in the unordered containers.
f8865b6 : Limit catopen usage to unix-like OSes
b4aa971 : Fix overload sets of strchr, strpbrk, strrchr, memchr and strstr from <string.h> and wcschr, wcspbrk, wcsrchr, wmemchr, and wcsstr from <wchar.h> to provide a const-correct overload set even when the underlying C library does not.
1654db4 : Revert "Introduce a cmake module to figure out whether we need to link with libatomic."
b56fdea : Introduce a cmake module to figure out whether we need to link with libatomic.
81b46a5 : Minor updates to failing tests. NFC
f3adaaf : Use the reserved spellings for attributes
398588c : Revert r260012 due to __gnu_cxx::hash_map breakage
5f3668d : Clean up a test; get rid of hard-wired char/wchar_t code for template fns that take any char type. Prep work for PR#26503
7adfa03 : build: silence warnings in in-tree build
cf108eb : Cleanup node-type handling in the unordered containers
c35d862 : Fix the search path for CMake files
e784f57 : re.results.form: Format out-of-range subexpression references as null
d118e32 : [docs] Remove references to autoconf build.
8057a58 : [libcxx] Whitelist inclusion of sysctl.h instead of blacklisting
5089530 : Remove autoconf support.
9f11882 : [libcxx] Work around for clang calling GAS after having already failed.
ef67e42 : [libcxx] Remove pragmas that were needed to suppress warnings produced by -Wpadded.
b8d4b4c : Left a file out of r259014
40a097d : implement ostream_joiner. Reviewed as
0b8b88a : [libcxx] Additional 'REQUIRE' directives for tests that require en_US.UTF-8.
82091b2 : [libcxx] Remove -Wpadded from buildit script.
c778a6a : Fix broken commit r258888. I missed adding two pointer conversions
de637db : [libcxx] Fix undefined behavior in forward_list
949215c : Remove dead code missed in r258852.
e01f946 : Fix PR26103 - Error calling is_convertible with incomplete type. Patch from Michael Daniels.
73de880 : Implement LWG#2385; remove the allocator-aware std::function::assign call. It was useless, and didn't actually *do anything* with the allocator. Now it's gone. On the off chance that someone is mistakenly calling it, it's only gone in C++1z
005e38f : Revert "unordered_map: Reuse insert logic in emplace when possible, NFC"
cd86b70 : Fix test to pass in C++03
9f745c8 : unordered_map: Reuse insert logic in emplace when possible, NFC
9572235 : unordered: Rename __construct_node_hash() to allow forwarding, NFC
219d4ef : Add __uncvref type for use in later patches
7a7960f : Implement LWG#2101 'Some transformation types can produce impossible types' Introduced a new (internal) type trait '__is_referenceable' with tests. Use that trait in add_lvalue_reference, add_rvalue_reference and add_pointer.
cd17b3b : [libcxx] Add appropriate 'REQUIRE' directives to tests that require en_US.UTF-8.
2edcac4 : Use TEST_STD_VER instead of __has_feature to detect noexcept. This fixes the test with GCC.
f90978a : More string fixes for noexcept cases. Apparently I didn't get them all in r258281.
c8b24c6 : Mark some test XFAIL for GCC 4.9 due to missing is_trivial* traits
b8f31a1 : Got the test backwards in r258279. Fixed that and de-tabbed
85d4c2a : Fix up the tests I added for string exceptions to be skipped when exceptions are disabled
14a9008 : Add link to 3rd party GDB pretty-printers
1c7fb81 : Fix enviroment variables when running shell scripts
a9e91f3 : Add more missing license headers
fa1e5db : Add missing license headers
e3bf91a : Mark slow ASAN/MSAN tests as XFAIL for now.
685cdca : Fix PR#26175. Thanks to Josh Petrie for the report and the patch. Reviewed as
90a7bf9 : Tame a -Wunknown-attributes warning
7d98883 : Better comments in test. NFC
2dceed8 : Fix test for C++03 - lacking noexcept
df9db31 : Fix PR#25973 : 'basic_string::assign(InputIt, InputIt) doesn't provide the strong exception safety guarantee'. This turned out to be a pervasive problem in <string>, which required a fair amount of rework. Add in an optimization for when iterators provide noexcept increment/comparison/assignment/dereference (which covers many of the iterators in libc++). Reviewed as
b27535c : Update version to 3.9
2afbf71 : [WebAssembly] Set std::numeric_limits's traps field for WebAssembly.
4f4a07d : One more missing std:: qualification from Jonathan
e5e9bff : Add a bunch of missing includes in the test suite to make it more portable. Fixes bugs #26120 and #26121. Thanks to Jonathan Wakely for the reports and the patches.
040a034 : Put the definition of _LIBCPP_DISABLE_UBSAN_UNSIGNED_INTEGER_CHECK in the right place.
7a3731f : Preemptively disable unsigned integer sanitization in 32 and 64 bit versions of __murmur2_or_cityhash. This lets people use the unsigned integer overflow checker in UBSAN w/o getting hits from libc++'s hash code (where the unsigned integer overflow is legal and deliberate)> Patch by @danielaustin. Reviewed as:
4c7ee80 : Revert "Remove visibility attributes from out-of-class method definitions in iostreams."
94fae86 : [libcxx] Set LC_ALL rather than LC_COLLATE to override collation.
7861de2 : Add explicit include directives; the file was getting implicitly included already. NFC
17a797c : Remove some test scaffolding that I added and then didn't need. No functional change
3426a86 : First half of LWG#2354: 'Unnecessary copying when inserting into maps with braced-init syntax'
2320439 : [libcxx] Fix typo in darwin introduced by r256621.
f3e2a71 : Print stacktrace with UBSAN
8e7bd4f : Remove unsafe "__as_link()" cast member function.
5cf84e0 : Use __rebind_pointer to avoid #ifdef block
5c74b48 : [libcxx] Fix for ALL undefined behavior in <list>.
b1ece9c : Fix locale feature testing in test suite.
ce5695f : Revert r256606 due to compiler-rt sanitizer bot failures
44f2e41 : Cleanup CMake for out-of-tree builds
2c9141a : Fix test failure in 32 bit mode
e9cac66 : Mark LWG defect #2367 as complete
41f24f9 : [libcxx] Fixing the Mac / Darwin build
4273e31 : [libcxx] Fixing silly mistake from last commit.
424a05c : [libcxx] Fixing the Linux sanitizer builds
75ea3d3 : [libcxx] Refactoring
9bef1ff : [libcxx] Fix LWG Issue #2367 - Fixing std::tuple and std::pair's default constructors.
9a6a9c0 : Fix type in tuple test. Sorry for the noise
199bee0 : [libcxx] LWG2485: get() should be overloaded for const tuple&&. Patch from K-Ballo.
85df7a8 : Add CMake option LIBCXX_CONFIGURE_IDE to allow for other IDE's.
c8f54c2 : Make noexcept specifications on __hash_table definitions match their declarations.
d6a12b3 : Workaround nasty GCC bug that caused testsuite to hang
0710b55 : Remove unused _LIBCPP_HAS_NO_ALWAYS_INLINE_VARIADICS macro
a3d6b12 : [libcxx] Enable noexcept for GCC 4.6 and greater
6ba2156 : Mark declarations of externally instantiated functions as inline so GCC doesn't complain.
e39f4b9 : Fix various GCC mis-configurations for newer versions.
8459d20 : Update paths in libc++ build instructions. Patch from Jonathan Anderson.
ed99798 : Update how libc++/libc++abi link the tests. Follow up on r255559.
90e328c : K-Ballo pointed out a mistake in the add_lvalue_ref tests I checked in; now more of them are passing. Thanks
d18b496 : Missed this on the previous (255517) commit
b6621c5 : Fix a corner case that involved calling rethrow_if_nested with a type that had a deleted operator&. Added a test to catch this as well. Thanks to Ville for the heads-up.
633fe50 : Add add_lvalue_ref tests for a few function types, with a note why not more
563647a : Replace cmake check for printf with a check for fopen.
bbca174 : Remove redundant _LIBCPP_ALWAYS_INLINE attribute from __convert_to_integral overloads
9b45238 : Remove visibility attributes from out-of-class method definitions in iostreams.
28c02db : Add 3 more missing inline/visibility attributes.
76d2446 : Use __make_integer_seq builtin for std::make_integer_sequence. Patch by K-ballo.
5be047d : Cleaned up the intro for the TS status page; really need much more info here
a846b11 : [CMake] If you're not installing the libcxx library, exclude it from the "all" target so it doesn't get built when you run "ninja install"
a3866e4 : Last bit of P0006; mark it as complete
ea97290 : Fix bugs in alignment_of_v, etc. Re-enable the newly added tests
c180f34 : Temporarily disable new tests while I figure out what's going on
5c2fabf : Fix bad macros
c666b13 : Missing file from last commit
8254964 : Implement more of P0006; Type Traits Variable Templates. <ratio>
b5599c6 : Fix bad macros in tests
a3e7f52 : Implement more of P0006; Type Traits Variable Templates.
14ba0ad : Add static_assert to set/multiset/map/multimap/forward_list/deque that the allocator's value_type match the container's value_type. vector/unordered/list/string already do this. Add tests for all the containers to verify this.
5a579cf : Silence a -Wmissing-braces warning in the tests; mbstate_t is defined differently on different C libraries.
eefcf82 : Remove undefined behavior from tests; specifically, ensure that the value type of the allocators match the value type of the containers
5e00a71 : Use libcxx's default rune table with the Musl C library.
a660757 : Fix some mistakes in the <utility> and <tuple> synopses. No functional change. Thannks to K-ballo for the patch
d871728 : Fix some mistakes in the <array> synopsis. No functional change. Thanks to K-ballo for the patch
55dbcda : Fix bad variable name. project_root -> project_obj_root
99b6e56 : Add tests for the extended integer types - as required by LWG#2119
f60d092 : Implement P0007: Constant View: A proposal for a std::as_const helper function template.
ffc9c61 : Fix compile error in test. Can't use `operator[]` for multimap.
15a326c : More tests for LWG#2156
7b7c9ec : LWG#2156 loosened the requirements on unordered containers 'rehash' calls. Add tests to make sure we meet these requirements. Since we met the stricter ones, no code change needed to meet the looser ones.
fe99a30 : Implement P0013R1: Logical Operator Type Traits. Make a hidden implementation (__and_, __or_, and __not_) so that we can use them elsewhere in non-C++17 code - for example, in the LFTS
98984f2 : Mark P0013 as 'in progress'
3f159e8 : Implement P0074: Making owner_less more flexible
94d9b1c : [libcxx] Fixup a few fumbles in the initial no-exceptions XFAILs list.
e1c5c41 : Fix typo I just introduced.
1bae7a8 : std:: qualify ptrdiff_t in the test. Thanks to Walter for the catch
55d741c : Walter pointed out some missing includes in the tests. Fixing the includes uncovered a couple bugs in the _v type traits. Fixed those, too
a28344c : Explicitly #include <utility> so that we get std::move. Thanks to Walter for the bug report.
cc2e93c : Make it possible to build a no-exceptions variant of libcxx.
6b6407a : Mark LWG#2486 as complete. Eric did this as part of r242959
84bdf2c : Make check-libcxx Py3-compatible.
579b42b : Add initial support for the MUSL C library.
fa62fbe : Mark LWG#2224 as complete. Wording change only, no code changes required
e9ef988 : Implement LWG#2353: std::next is over-constrained
6455d85 : More of P0006R0: type traits variable aliases for C++17.
a3b25f8 : Cleanup: move visibility/linkage attributes to the first declaration.
746572b : Allow deque to handle incomplete types.
38e7a30 : Cleanup foo.h headers and __config to work in C
970a9e5 : Mark LWG issue #2234. We already do this; no code change needed
223df2e : Implement P0092R1 for C++1z
c010bd6 : Make reverse() call iter_swap like the standard says, instead of calling swap directly. No real change.
25bcb0a : Remove undefined behavior from some tests. Same pattern as the unitialized_copy tests
48bcd27 : Remove undefined behavior from some tests. Thanks to Walter Brown for the heads-up.
59b5ea5 : Add 'nostdinc++' to the flags used by testit. Makes the tests run better on Mac OS X with the new depr.c headers change
fe11cfd : Improve the tests for 'is_literal_type'
94611a8 : Implement the first part of P0006R0: Adopt Type Traits Variable Templates for C++17. Significantly augment the existing tests.
9d6ca49 : Revert r249929 ("Split <string.h> out of <cstring>").
8aadda9 : Implement P0004R1 'Remove Deprecated iostreams aliases'
0cff231 : Mark two Kona papers as 'in progress'
1f98e31 : Adapt to lit change in llvm r251478-r251481
dd2fe4d : Fix test suite configuration. Sorry Marshall
28ce1c8 : Mark LWG#2495 as complete. No code changes needed
fb7b97c : Fix LWG#2489: mem_fn() should be noexcept
8997b87 : Add the tests for the last commit
9533a4a : Fix LWG#2476: scoped_allocator_adaptor is not assignable
88fa03a : Add a test for LWG#2466: allocator_traits::max_size() default behavior is incorrect
175cb20 : Add a test for LWG#2462: std::ios_base::failure is overspecified
332ab91 : Fix LWG#2127: Move-construction with raw_storage_iterator.
dbef2bb : Fix LWG#2244: basic_istream::seekg
fd33deb : Update C++ status from Kona
25037cf : Set LC_COLLATE rather than LANG to override collation.
e6d05b6 : Use proper output directory when naminging the libc++ output
601d2c1 : Dont required CMake 3 to install a linker script
1cf5a81 : Only disable linker script when LIBCXX_CXX_ABI_LIBNAME is none
5d5b59b : Disable linker scripts when the ABI library is not specified or is none.
ac042ab : Detect relaxed constexpr rules for gcc versions
8f6e763 : Fix an unfortunate yet old typo that never got attention before r250507.
99290c6 : Remove a long-standing __has_include hack.
1d3716a : Re-enable linker scripts after fixing bad CMake
a778030 : Quickly fix bad commit
bb856cc : [libcxx] Make a linker script by default on most platforms.
7b081f6 : Fix handling of -Wno-pedantic
b9aebae : Add links to libc++ code coverage and builders
89c7ec3 : Update issues status
a317a1b : Use correct CMake variable for the libname
d1e2a83 : Link to new documentation from existing homepage
2bc8f6c : Update testing guide for libc++
8cbf020 : [libcxx] Make it drastically simpler to link libc++.
56c1f9b : Split out config_site logic so libc++abi can use it
f0cd203 : [libcxx] Use __config_site to configure the test suite features.
a4ae16b : Fix GCC atomic implementation in C++03
a662279 : Use __config_site when building libc++. Also cleanup ABI versioning doc
499d878 : Workaround -pedantic flag added by LLVM
4f01aa8 : ABI versioning macros for libc++.
b3b0081 : Fix use of libc++ <foo.h> headers from within an 'extern "C"' context in C++98.
3759bed : Fix whitespace in doc
44d1476 : Remove __config module to avoid #include cycle when libc headers include libc++'s <foo.h> headers.
73ffc78 : [libcxx] Capture configuration information when installing the libc++ headers
218d017 : Mark 2447 and 2466 as completed.
6bed14b : [Darwin] Reworking r250003 to use lit.util.capture instead of subprocess.
bf64c23 : [Darwin] Need to add -isysroot on OS X otherwise the tests will fail if you don't have the command line tools package installed.
cb23a49 : Turn off -pedantic by default when building due to #include_next. :-(
42b89c7 : Revert r249931 - Remove same_decls.pass.cpp because it fails on OS X and in C++03 mode.
ea33904 : Get some of wchar_h.pass.cpp working on apple.
de66c51 : Unrevert r249889, and XFAIL the test for Darwin, where the libc apparently doesn't provide a correct overload set for some functions.
8b7a6b8 : Add a test that we declare the right set of C library function signatures in :: and std::, and that the names in :: and std:: are declaring the same entity.
9f4f08d : Split <string.h> out of <cstring>.
e35e663 : Revert r249889 due to bot failure.
f2b3629 : Split <wctype.h> out of <cwctype>.
26a70ec : Split <wchar.h> out of <cwchar>.
f650ea7 : Split <stdlib.h> out of <cstdlib>.
ff7ba4d : Split <stdio.h> out of <cstdio>.
45bae0b : PR25118: move system_header pragma before uses of include_next to avoid extension warnings for people finding libc++ headers via -I paths.
1883b40 : Fix test failure in C++98 mode due to imperfect static_assert emulation.
759cd0e : Split <stddef.h> out of <cstddef>.
4ccd90d : Fix incorrect file header. This is <cfenv> not <cctype>.
ddbf081 : Split <setjmp.h> out of <csetjmp>.
4faa394 : Split <math.h> out of <cmath>.
325c37a : Split <inttypes.h> out of <cinttypes>.
f82f4f3 : Split <float.h> out of <cfloat>.
1bbbd60 : Split <errno.h> out of <cerrno>.
ceeace9 : Split <ctype.h> out of <cctype>.
72d7577 : Factor definition of std::nullptr_t out of <cstddef> into a header that can also be used by <stddef.h>.
d20ca91 : Mark 2244 as 'Patch Ready', 2477 and 2487 as 'Complete'
a09319b : While researching LWG#2244, I noticed we weren't testing that eofbit was being cleared. Now we are
d8b2456 : Remove unnecessary inline functions capturing the contents of C library macros.
d2a59ae : Updated issue 2476
5142fe4 : Our test allocators support move/copy construction; they should support move/copy assignment as well
d06b33e : Add comments for LWG issues 2219 and 2367
2d2757f : Mark 2259 and 2473 as complete. Add some more notes
0d2d92e : Mark 2380 and 2384 as complete; no changes needed
fa8c649 : Patch for 2466 is ready
ba47751 : Fixed a possible overflow in a test of allocator::max_size().
f956599 : Mark a couple more issues 'ready'
960bd0c : Mark 2072 as complete; we already do this
f8941c1 : Patch ready for 2127
25daee7 : [libcxx] Reexport std::bad_array_length symbols from libc++abi on OS X.
74a6450 : Add comments about the issues
6f287e9 : Private page for status of Kona issues and papers. Will be deleted after the Kona meeting. Not to be linked to from other pages.
7ed093b : Implement LWG#2063, and update the issues links to point to the github generated pages
e3898a2 : [libcxx] Use newest supported language dialect when running the test suite.
423ca20 : [libcxx] Attempt to fix __throw_future_error in C++03
d95ca09 : Attempt to prevent flaky thread.mutex tests by once again increasing timing tolerances
9698ac5 : Manually suppress -Wnonnull when it occurs in an unevaluated context
5289b0d : Fix initialzation order in dynarray
237206b : Suppress array initialization warnings in std::experimental::apply tests
49abdbc : Dont link -lrt in the testsuite on linux unless using sanitizers.
6a85e8a : Fix Typo in GCC no RTTI detection. Fixes PR#24901. Thanks to Bernhard Rosenkraenzer for the report and the patch.
da3ca86 : Add placeholder __libcpp_relaxed_store() for when atomic builtins are not available.
514c831 : Remove possible trailing padding from aligned_storage. Patch from Yiran Wang
bf94e48 : The test I cnecked in to check the fix for PR#24890 failed (as expected) w/o the fix, but for the wrong reason. Now it fails for the right reason.
842e3f6 : Check in the test for PR#24890 that I forgot in previous commit
6b0e419 : Change pair::swap(pair&) to call ADL swap instead of iter_swap; this fixes an obscure bug having to do with overloaded operator&. Fixes PR#24890
0b4ab6f : Fix <atomic> with -pedantic-errors
2897e78 : Add endianness configuration block for GCC.
41a04d6 : Suppress some warnings in the tests that snuck in. That 'tmpnam' is deprecated doesn't change the fact that we have to test it.
c2d317f : Change initialization of mbstate_t objects in tests from '= {0}' to '= {}', which does the same thing, w/o having clang and gcc warn with -Wall.
af9a44f : Implementation of Boyer-Moore and Boyer-Moore-Horspool searchers for the LFTS.
65a6f64 : make common_type SFINAE-friendly and support void. Patch from Agustin Berge.
b22481a : Cleanup BuildingLibcxx.rst and remove TODO
5d514c0 : Fix another bad link in the new docs
7ec94be : Try to fix links for again.
82c5745 : Try and fix links again. Seems to be a sphinx version issue.
4b5169a : Try and fix broken bugzilla link
1aa96e8 : Cleanup new documentation index and transfer more information from www/index.html
cf829c9 : Remove test commit.
9641982 : Test temporary commit.
bf54da7 : Test commit for builder
e3ec600 : Add temporary Makefile.sphinx build file to get going
46f9f32 : Try building docs again.
6e5b234 : Test commit for sphinx docs try2
0dec9d5 : Test commit to see if builds
a189974 : Make a helper routine __throw_future_error, and encapsulate the #ifdef _LIBCPP_NO_EXCEPTIONS there, instead of duplicating it throughout the code. No functionality change
6d9da58 : Remove unused code. NFC
cae4cab : Move __lazy_* metafunctions to type traits and add tests
408369b : Suppress clang warnings in some tests
9eddf6e : Remove task to get C++03 tests passing from TODO.txt
e2d4892 : Fix most GCC warnings during build. Only -Wattribute left.
8781327 : Finally get the test suite passing in C++03!!
ba3e81f : Remove empty file that arcanist created
aff153a : [libcxx] Constrain unique_ptr::operator=(unique_ptr<Tp, Dp>) in C++03 mode
031a3d2 : [libcxx] Mark most test/std/future tests as UNSUPPORTED in C++03
5ec04a9 : Fix bug in test_allocator<void> that used the wrong value to represent object state
4f24182 : [libcxx] Optimize away unneeded length calculation in basic_string::compare(const char*)
044df63 : Do not include pthread.h and sched.h when threads are disabled
5ea4430 : Remove a switch statement, and replace with a bunch of ifs to silence a warning about 'all the enumeration values covered'. No functional change.
961269d : [libcxx] Remove installation rules on Darwin when it would overwrite the system installation.
e94b484 : [libcxx] Add special warning flag detection logic to
f1626ad : [libcxx] Rewrite C++03 __invoke.
db8a5fd : Refactor flaky shared_mutex tests
3dfc10d : Remove XFAIL in test. The bug causing it has been fixed.
6d51f6c : Mark test as XFAIL with MSAN until D12311 gets committed
7bcd570 : Refactor and fix more flaky shared_mutex tests
4add27b : Move test/std/utilities/date.time to proper stable name utilities/time/date.time
5e91fa1 : Misc drive-by cleanups. NFC
6804e8b : Add release goals to TODO.txt
70e8f59 : Fix a crasher found by libFuzzer
bb2f28e : Recommit rL245802: Cleanup fancy pointer rebinding in list using __rebind_pointer.
d686dda : Revert r245802. It violates the incomplete type requirements.
a276cb0 : Cleanup fancy pointer rebinding in list using __rebind_pointer.
a73d092 : Refactor shared_timed_mutex tests.
2fdc443 : Fix default value for LLVM_INCLUDE_DOCS in out of tree build.
b9f425a : [libcxx] Add new Sphinx documentation
dc68c69 : Remove completed items from TODO.TXT
ed65d0d : Fix a typo: overidden -> overridden - Patch from Kai Zhao
3d46eb0 : Fix a typo: abreviated -> abbreviated - Patch from Kai Zhao
66d7d70 : Cleanup unique_ptr failure tests and convert them to Clang verify
db61736 : Fix one last dynarray test
fae0070 : Fix more uses of uninitialized values in dynarray
4c4d1aa : Cleanup failing dynarray tests
f4d8ff9 : Add files that got missed in r245512.
672575d : More unique_ptr test cleanup. Fixes in <memory> to come later.
de56f74 : [libcxx] Add "install-libcxx" target.
85b6661 : Remove test_atomic.h header
0a6d1e2 : Replace __asan_set_error_exit_code() with __sanitizer_set_death_callback()
00f4a49 : [libcxx] Allow use of <atomic> in C++03. Try 3.
8966350 : Fix warnings about pessimizing return moves for C++11 and higher
35a6c56 : Use TestAtomic instead of std::atomic so the test can run in C++03
faa9a31 : Mark std::packaged_task tests as unsupported in C++03.
a8dca5f : Remove commented out TODOs. They defined unneeded methods.
f99b59c : Fix use of static_assert macro with nested commas
286e0a4 : [libcxx] Add Atomic test helper and fix TSAN failures.
3b1fb53 : Move atomic_support.h and config_elast.h into src/include
34172f7 : GC empty directory.
d434e2a : Broke C++03 compatibility in 245330. Fix that.
8e03071 : [libcxx] Fix PR23589: std::function doesn't recognize null pointer to varargs function.
0376dfa : [libc++] Fix PR22606 - Leak pthread_key with static storage duration to ensure all of thread-local destructors are called.
85d45f6 : [libcxx] Disable -Wnon-virtual-dtor warning in <locale>
af961ed : implement more of N4258 - Cleaning up noexcept in the standard library. Specifically add new noexcept stuff to vector and string's move-assignment operations
fc93ce7 : Make regex and any assert when they should throw an exception _but_ the user has decreed 'no exceptions'. This matches the behavior of string and vector
1efadf9 : Fix CMake error whet llvm-config reports a non-existent source directory.

+- Project: platform/external/libopus

da5155b : Fix NEON and SSE handling

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind

c47141b : Remove deprecated files
cb56a2c : Build unit tests

+- Project: platform/external/libunwind_llvm

d8de81f : Remove deprecated files

+- Project: platform/external/libweave

83db8f7 : Reland "Merge remote-tracking branch 'weave/master' into 'weave/aosp-master'"
abfe7a0 : Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'weave/master' into 'weave/aosp-master'"
637be79 : libweave: Update libchrome APIs to r395517
d1f98a0 : examples: remove samples with private traits
369d2f0 : correcting volume property maximum value in if condition checking of volume trait of test_schema device.
eed2446 : Add volume trait to the test_schema device.

+- Project: platform/external/llvm

3fb018f : [CodeGen] Promote FMINNAN/FMAXNAN like other binops.

+- Project: platform/external/lzma

6c558ce : Remove deprecated files

+- Project: platform/external/minijail

df7fab1 : Add logging message when using user namespaces and mount namespaces.

+- Project: platform/external/okhttp

3c28a13 : Relax validation of HTTP header values to retain L/M behavior

+- Project: platform/external/scrypt

cca9bc0 : scrypt doesn't need <machine/cpu-features.h>.

+- Project: platform/external/selinux

d922fef : Fix neverallowxperm checking on attributes

+- Project: platform/external/sl4a

8364a61 : Add cleanup services command to server facade
ac50a42 : Make rfcomm connections thread based to prevent blocking calls
06db9b0 : Add new functions for Bluetooth facades

+- Project: platform/external/sonivox

236a36d : Add an included assembly file to prerequisites

+- Project: platform/external/squashfs-tools

23502f9 : Add security.capabilities to squashfs

+- Project: platform/external/strace

ed1f206 : Prepare for 4.12 release
3ce8e9f : Sync strace.spec and debian/changelog with packages
bb9d683 : Mpersify hdio.c
4b9fa90 : loop.c: decode LOOP_SET_DIRECT_IO
b7166a6 : loop.c: fix printing of arrays
25129ac : loop.c: fix printing of structure members' names
bece24d : loop.c: optimize decoding of paired ioctls
124c17a : tests/ioctl_evdev.c: check EVIOCGUNIQ decoding
bd090ef : tests/ioctl_mtd.c: fix build with musl
129b304 : tests: check decoding of 'M' type ioctls
a0866bc : Mpersify mtd.c
0a27c81 : mtd.c: refactor
5104db4 : Move parser of UBI_* ioctls to a separate file
fc0a386 : tests: check decoding of EVIOC* ioctls
43c8a5d : Mpersify EVIOC* ioctl parser
aa21c07 : evdev.c: fix printing of unrecognized event type passed to EVIOCGBIT
47be9f2 : evdev.c: fix printing of EV_PWR's argument
3f23c0c : evdev.c: fix indentation
10de2eb : evdev.c: fix decoding of EVIOCGNAME, EVIOCGPHYS, and EVIOCGUNIQ
b29569a : evdev.c: fix EVIOCGVERSION decoding
563f0ce : evdev.c: fix EVIOCGMTSLOTS decoding
14a810e : evdev.c: fix bitset decoding
e54f98a : evdev.c: fix decoding of struct input_id
13f8e8f : evdev.c: fix decoding of struct input_keymap_entry
7954e2a : evdev.c: fix decoding of EVIOCGKEYCODE/EVIOCSKEYCODE
e167006 : evdev.c: fix decoding of struct input_absinfo
3a45eb3 : evdev.c: fix decoding of struct ff_effect
c758ed0 : evdev.c: fix printing of struct ff_envelope.fade_level
9635df4 : evdev.c: fix decoding of EVIOCGRAB and EVIOCREVOKE
0039424 : evdev.c: fix EVIOCRMFF decoding
53767d8 : evdev.c: move handling of EVIOCGBIT to a separate function
8a18f80 : evdev.c: reorder ioctl command checks
2114e08 : evdev.c: decode all directions except _IOC_READ on entering syscall
8d85c23 : evdev.c: fix indentation of preprocessor directives
eb36e38 : file_ioctl.c: print first two extents for FIDEDUPERANGE in abbrev mode
1f1559e : ioctl.c: fix typo in decoding of EVIOCSABS's parameter
826b797 : tests: check decoding of btrfs RDWR ioctls returned data
fd70b50 : tests/btrfs.c: fix live btrfs_test_search_ioctls output
d32d95a : btrfs.c: don't use print_array in btrfs_print_tree_search
2060d97 : btrfs.c: fix print_array usage in btrfs_print_logical_ino_container
563a758 : tests/btrfs.c: fix btrfs-v for BTRFS_IOC_TREE_SEARCH
e6d2b56 : Fix -yy documentation
59b140a : tests/ioctl_block.c: tweak magic constants to make the test more reliable
b356ad8 : tests/btrfs.c: check basic decoding of read-only ioctls
799b22a : tests: check decoding of BLK* ioctls
37d1b3d : Mpersify BLK* ioctl parser
0c9087c : block.c: optimize decoding of paired ioctls
46d25c2 : block.c: fix printing of uint64_t pairs
0bea528 : block.c: fix printing of struct blk_user_trace_setup
4dd9f3f : Move parser of 'X' type ioctls to a separate file
b3f0040 : Move parser of HDIO_* ioctls to a separate file
84a979c : Fix explicit casts of signed integer types to unsigned long long
5150720 : scsi.c: print __u64 types using PRI__u64 format
ba35137 : tests: check decoding of RTC_* ioctls
5d7812a : Mpersify RTC_* ioctl parser
7e3a381 : rtc.c: fix decoding of struct rtc_wkalrm
eea8601 : file_ioctl.c: print file descriptors using printfd
6085825 : rtc.c: do not print argument of ioctls that have no arguments
3adf229 : rtc.c: decode RTC_PLL_GET and RTC_PLL_SET
e0b5e91 : rtc.c: optimize decoding of paired ioctls
a41fdb5 : block.c: handle BLKDAXGET
f8da0f3 : tests: check decoding of mount syscall
1ba5535 : tests/vhangup.c: diassociate from the controlling terminal first
a41d9f5 : tests: add vhangup.test
0cf24d9 : NEWS: Prepare for 4.12 release
e79f038 : tests/btrfs.c: fix build on x32
6697d15 : tests/btrfs.c: fix build with u64 based BTRFS_IOC_DEFAULT_SUBVOL
ea516df : btrfs.c: fix build on systems without BTRFS_IOC_FILE_EXTENT_SAME
3f36611 : tests/btrfs.c: fix printing struct btrfs_ioctl_clone_range_args
57888fa : tests/btrfs.c: tweak magic constants to make the test more reliable
6ce6d3b : btrfs.c: print file descriptors using printfd
9298c66 : tests/btrfs.c: do not print errno in case of fs type mismatch
2447de4 : tests/btrfs.c: fix indentation
28a5f66 : tests/btrfs.c: sort included headers
45fcc0c : tests/btrfs.c: do not use alloca
2212918 : tests/btrfs.c: fix build on systems without <linux/btrfs.h> or <linux/fiemap.h>
3586679 : tests: add testing for btrfs ioctls
aab00c2 : tests/file_ioctl.c: use tail_alloc
3b730d4 : tests/file_ioctl.c: fix build on systems without <linux/fiemap.h>
c05c24c : tests: add testing for FS_IOC_FIEMAP
fb0c609 : Mpersify btrfs.c
d57cc26 : btrfs.c: use print_array
82b9e34 : btrfs.c: simplify BTRFS_IOC_GET_FSLABEL parser
d67b217 : btrfs.c: fix BTRFS_IOC_TREE_SEARCH_V2 output
6638a5d : btrfs.c: cleanup use of tcp->auxstr
92b9062 : btrfs.c: cleanup struct btrfs_ioctl_get_dev_stats.nr_items check
0cd7ea0 : btrfs.c: do not use BTRFS_SUBVOL_NAME_MAX
b85d09f : btrfs.c: mark some function arguments as const
90ffbc7 : btrfs.c: use umove instead of umoven
3ce2dfc : btrfs.c: remove unused variable
95577cf : btrfs.c: use printxval/printxval64 instead of printxvals
2be39ec : btrfs.c: fix indentation
aa7787f : xlat/ cleanup
d2bd683 : file_ioctl.c: use print_array
0b13d9c : file_ioctl.c: fix indentation
1d2201c : file_ioctl.c: include <linux/ioctl.h> instead of <sys/ioctl.h>
c525307 : file_ioctl.c: fix build on systems without <linux/fiemap.h>
25f3758 : ioctl.c: fix build
398fe04 : ioctl: add decoding for FS_IOC_FIEMAP
306a261 : Add xlat/ and xlat/
8cc6962 : ioctl: add decoding support for btrfs ioctls
c4d4d3c : x32: update ioctl entries from linux 4.6
9b49af1 : tests/attach-f-p.c: sleep a bit more to let the tracer catch up
475d2b5 : tests/attach-p-cmd-cmd.c: fix potential errno clobbering
4ea65fb : tests/net-yy-netlink.c: robustify against libc specific issues
29df035 : tests/net-yy-netlink.c: robustify against os specific issues
1e9dabe : tests/net-yy-{inet,netlink}.test: cleanup
f21a2f4 : tests: define PRI__[dux]64 macros to print __s64 and __u64 values
62a35fa : tests: remove manual creation of memory mapping holes
0f303f9 : tests: make tail_alloc create additional memory mapping holes
a8fce09 : mpers: add support of conditionally compiled printers
4bf7ab7 : Remove redundant declaration of v4l2_ioctl
7b69797 : Fix one more code pattern that might break gcc strict aliasing rules
28e955d : tests: add check for netlink protocol decoding with -yy option
814c0d5 : Add netlink domain sockets support to socketutils
ff2b853 : tests/pread64-pwrite64.c: robustify against os specific issues
a8e8205 : tests/read-write.c: robustify against os specific issues
af09d4f : umovestr3.test: extend test coverage
81f1b16 : tests/timer_create.c: robustify against os specific issues
e0ba920 : Fix some compilation warnings on older systems
9164722 : Update generic ioctl entries from linux 4.6
d07201a : maint: update for linux 4.6
a9fdbf1 : Update SOL_* constants
85acd13 : Update MSG_* constants
72712cb : Update AF_* constants
854a259 : tests: add brk.test
9b8ca23 : Fix printing of invalid arguments of term ioctls
29c845c : mips: fix printing of invalid operations argument of sysmips syscall
5e2fc62 : bfin: fix printing of invalid flags argument of sram_alloc syscall
c5f6863 : Fix printing of invalid arguments of prctl syscall
a95c3e5 : Fix printing of invalid flags argument of perf_event_open syscall
30dc541 : or1k: fix printing of invalid 1st argument of or1k_atomic syscall
0da9b0e : Fix printing of invalid flags argument of get_mempolicy syscall
3a0fa5c : Fix printing of invalid mode argument of mbind syscall
942da9c : Fix printing of invalid argument of MTDFILEMODE ioctl
412ec94 : Fix printing of invalid flags argument of mount syscall
1168114 : Fix printing of invalid arguments of memory mapping related syscalls
e2c5a3c : Fix printing of invalid flags argument of kexec_load and kexec_file_load
c560c80 : Fix printing of invalid 3rd argument of fcntl/fcntl64 syscall
d06fa28 : Fix printing of invalid flags argument of unshare syscall
77ab8dd : Introduce printflags_long and printxval_long
f77ca9c : Fix printing of invalid struct xfs_dqblk.d_flags
2cad72f : Fix printing of invalid struct ubi_mkvol_req.vol_type
b8eec60 : Fix decoding of prctl/arch_prctl operation argument
ba62f34 : Fix printing of struct sched_attr.sched_flags
e9dd8f9 : Fix printing of struct statfs.f_flags
b0695de : Fix printing of invalid struct ifreq.ifr_flags
952d89b : Fix printing of invalid struct
977aee8 : Fix printing of invalid struct sembuf.sem_flg
a734a97 : Fix printing of invalid l_type and l_whence in fcntl/fcntl64 syscalls
6e381c6 : Fix printing of fanotify_mark mask argument
55044d9 : Fix decoding of epoll_ctl operation argument
7fb984e : Fix printing of invalid d_type in getdents syscall
2eb56d1 : bfin: fix decoding of cacheflush syscall
18d921d : Fix decoding of BPF_MAP_UPDATE_ELEM flags
7708659 : Fix decoding of fcntl/fcntl64 operation argument
4811023 : Rename sprintflags64 to sprintflags.
6274ecc : Prepare for transition from sprintflags64 to sprintflags
c0db59b : Rename xlookup64 to xlookup
9134aab : Prepare for transition from xlookup64 to xlookup
a8443f8 : v4l2: fix build with old kernel headers
3cc989e : do not check for sys/ioctl.h and ioctls.h
deff569 : sock.c: include <linux/ioctl.h> instead of <sys/ioctl.h> or <ioctls.h>
fe3de9c : v4l2: include <linux/ioctl.h> instead of <sys/ioctl.h>
f9199ab : printsiginfo: remove "verbose" argument
602998b : tests/ptrace.c: tweak magic constants to make the test more reliable
98f632a : tests/ioctl_v4l2.c: fix build on older systems
f2f162e : Do not use htole32 function
09de43b : tests/ioctl_v4l2.c: fix typo
632efff : tests: check decoding of ptrace syscall
76b4c33 : ptrace: decode data argument of PTRACE_PEEKSIGINFO request
d9fb4a4 : ptrace: decode data argument of PTRACE_SECCOMP_GET_FILTER request
846f617 : ptrace: decode argument of PTRACE_GETEVENTMSG request
1634de7 : ptrace: decode arguments of PTRACE_[GS]ETSIGMASK requests
8bd7f31 : ptrace: return RVAL_DECODED for requests decoded on entering
388aca6 : ptrace: print PTRACE_O_* flags using printflags64
7c8e330 : ptrace: print data argument of PTRACE_SEIZE et al requests as flags
caa2bc3 : ptrace: print data argument of PTRACE_SINGLEBLOCK et al requests as signo
809ee3e : ptrace: decode addr argument of PTRACE_PEEKSIGINFO request
3a5cd34 : ptrace: fix printing addr argument of PTRACE_GETSIGMASK et al requests
5c720b0 : ptrace: do not print data argument of some requests on sparc
91bd125 : ptrace: do not print addr and data arguments of PTRACE_ATTACH-like requests
89ca4aa : ptrace: do not print arguments of PTRACE_TRACEME request
73a8e97 : ptrace: print request using printxval64
4995594 : Do not sign-extend siginfo_t.si_syscall
50a2651 : Export print_seccomp_fprog for further use in parser of ptrace syscall
01d16cc : tests: add munlockall.test
0684c35 : tests: add link.test
d81b58f : tests: check decoding and dumping of preadv2 and pwritev2 syscalls
a6dd094 : Implement decoding of preadv2 and pwritev2 syscalls
ea7b9db : tests: extend test coverage of xattr family syscalls
72cb811 : tests: add print_quoted_memory function to libtests
ec9c317 : Fix corner cases of xattr family syscalls decoding
0efd888 : userfaultfd: Add ioctl tests
5d1216a : Decode UFFDIO_* ioctls
c415387 : Update AX_CODE_COVERAGE
26b2cfe : strace-ff.test: fix race condition
d12c44b : tests/epoll_pwait.c: fix for x32
a44c518 : strace-S.test: check "-S name"
fa925dc : Fix NULL dereference in "-S name" when syscall table has holes
804bb87 : strace-S.test: cleanup
6781111 : tests: add strace-S.test
58ab8b4 : strace-ff.test: check that -ff does not create unexpected output files
c259f4f : tests: add strace-ff.test
a30d02e : strace-V.test: cleanup
c4bb577 : tests: add strace-V.test
e3086cb : tests: check decoding of epoll_pwait syscall
6d44012 : Assume that sys/epoll.h exists
071b927 : Factorize send_query functions
b6d4b11 : tests: relax timings
88fc4c2 : tests/attach-f-p.c: increase timeouts
dc0dcf9 : Remove unused functions
17d1a16 : v4l2.c: use print_array function
6469f39 : uid.c: use print_array function
f82dcd9 : seccomp.c: use print_array function
48b06a6 : scsi.c: use print_array function
fd2d6a7 : poll.c: use print_array function
636b8c1 : numa.c: use print_array function
0f04b9d : mem.c: use print_array function
ba4a4c6 : kexec.c: use print_array function
0bae800 : ipc_sem.c: use print_array function
4ce3054 : io.c: use print_array function
0238725 : epoll.c: use print_array function
2868e2b : aio.c: use print_array function
72e4f7a : Introduce print_array function for consistent decoding of arrays
eb5c233 : Fix corner cases of ICMP_FILTER decoding
1d17ac7 : xlat: do not strip "1<<" prefix from xlat strings
dcb18a6 : tests/xstatfsx.c: fix mips o32 support
1e56814 : Mpersify VIDIOC_* ioctl parser
1822546 : Mpersify ioctl macros
0a47ff7 : Fix decoding of VIDIOC_* ioctls
6331fd4 : nsyscalls.test: add mips o32 support
1e9c966 : Remove initialization of big holes in syscallent.h files
7a1c25e : xlat: make "1<<val" syntax work with 64-bit values
070fec2 : Fix typo in XLAT_TYPE_PAIR
e212a15 : Fix decoding of move_pages syscall
900a282 : tests: check decoding of mbind syscall
9019cf4 : Change type of struct xlat.val to uint64_t
9ae4669 : xlat: extend syntax with #val_type directive
6b040fc : xlat/ prepare for adding #val_type directive support
0f49826 : Introduce XLAT_TYPE and XLAT_TYPE_PAIR macros
3f25b65 : xlat: generate xlat pairs using new XLAT_PAIR macro
a9f956d : Explicitly cast argument of XLAT macro to unsigned int
dd9a511 : Change type of {s,t}print_open_modes's argument to unsigned
909e664 : tests/remap_file_pages.c: fix for the upcoming change of xlat.val type
00beed6 : Introduce printflags64 function
01c910c : Introduce sprintflags64 function
c132810 : printxvals: change type of integer argument to uint64_t
43242e6 : xlat_search: change type of integer argument to uint64_t
ed92d87 : Introduce xlookup64 function
c9146eb : addflags: change type of integer argument to uint64_t
482bab0 : Introduce printxval64 wrapper
7d63aa5 : Turn printxval macro into a static inline function
38ed916 : tests: check decoding of migrate_pages syscall
c8c7a53 : Fix decoding of migrate_pages syscall
d10a955 : tests: check decoding of set_mempolicy syscall
aa1ed76 : tests: check decoding of get_mempolicy syscall
9547c45 : numa: fix decoding of nodemask arrays
fb1ae07 : Fix decoding of policy argument of get_mempolicy syscall
45a3e46 : Fix decoding of pid_t argument of migrate_pages syscall
a182d8c : tests: add printxval function to libtests
d6c76f3 : tests: check decoding of remap_file_pages syscall
649ee4b : tests: add pause.test
7585ccd : tests: add kill.test
f1cadc2 : Fix decoding of pid_t arguments of kill and tgkill syscalls
b45a1e7 : tests: add mlock.test
a4da0c8 : Move parsers of NUMA related syscalls to numa.c
db34e19 : tests/umovestr3.c: robustify against os specific issues
12890ff : tests: extend test coverage of umovestr short read condition
1c61f82 : tests: check decoding of out-of-range syscalls
f443fd4 : Fix decoding of 3rd argument of getdents/getdents64 syscalls
b83bb1c : Fix decoding of LINUX_REBOOT_CMD_RESTART2 argument
2607b4e : .travis.yml: raise sleep delay
9d2b6b9 : Move definitions of MPOL_* constants to xlat files
f41eaeb : tests: check decoding of renameat2 syscall
96cf7d7 : Add default values for RENAME_* constants
33fc2e4 : tests: check decoding of utimes syscall
4e9269a : tests: check decoding of futimesat syscall
7dad3f3 : tests: extend test coverage of mknod syscall
68b1d24 : tests: add sched_yield.test
86ff93e : tests: add sync.test
63be9e3 : tests: add mknodat.test
363b71d : tests: add unlink.test
68d171d : tests: add reboot.test
67c2f67 : Fix decoding of statfs family syscalls
121e196 : tests: add printflags function to libtests
0e09704 : Move definition of struct xlat to a separate header file
a6acc31 : alpha: decode osf_statfs64 and osf_fstatfs64 syscalls
39e7e1f : alpha: fix decoding of osf_statfs and osf_fstatfs syscalls
f3ac129 : statfs: print f_flags field only when ST_VALID flag is set
13c1d08 : tests: add symlink.test
506a42f : tests: add rmdir.test
7f05113 : tests: add setdomainname.test
cd61c9f : tests: add sched_rr_get_interval.test
b4a478d : statfs: decode f_flags field of struct statfs
b587a5a : statfs: don't quote f_type macro names
6c69ed7 : tests/shmxt.c: robustify against arch specific issues
e5c8849 : Rename PRI__s64 to PRI__d64
3db07f1 : Fix old_mmap output when mmap arguments are unfetchable
cf52778 : aarch64: fix old_mmap output for arm personality
bc724ce : Define old_mmap parser only on architectures that use it
3797d10 : tests: extend test coverage of mmap syscall
0e6cb17 : tests: extend test coverage of mincore syscall
a7501f6 : Move parsers of sync_file_range and sync_file_range2 syscalls to libstrace
a9540e7 : tests: check decoding of clock_adjtime syscall
fa5e5d9 : tests: do not include <assert.h> unnecessarily
96a9ff5 : tests: do not include <errno.h> unnecessarily
e5297ae : tests/xetpriority.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
8141093 : tests/xetpgid.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
5561793 : tests/xchownx.c: use errno2name
92288b2 : tests/userfaultfd.c: stop using assert
5d8c235 : tests/unlinkat.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
0df6476 : tests/umount.c: use errno2name
ae4ba89 : tests/truncate64.c: cleanup
2eec1ce : tests/truncate.c: cleanup
7456b64 : tests/tee.c: stop using assert
86a0901 : tests/syslog.c: use errno2name
82dd238 : tests/sync_file_range2.c: stop using assert
3694b0c : tests/sync_file_range.c: stop using assert
5bc585e : tests/symlinkat.c: cleanup
f75e034 : tests/swap.c: cleanup
f5748b0 : tests/splice.c: stop using assert
0b52ac3 : tests/setugid.c: cleanup
60b9187 : tests/sethostname.c: use errno2name
b255f6e : tests/setgroups.c: use errno2name
4483f62 : tests/seccomp-strict.c: cleanup
14fa74f : tests/seccomp-filter.c: cleanup
06c2828 : tests/sched_xetscheduler.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
61042d4 : tests/sched_xetparam.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
3f470d8 : tests/renameat.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
f224909 : tests/rename.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
92e3cca : tests/readv.c: cleanup
304689e : tests/pwritev.c: use errno2name
cf1cfe1 : tests/preadv-pwritev.c: cleanup
abde241 : tests/prctl-seccomp-strict.c: cleanup
037ab86 : tests/openat.c: use errno2name
1e2f5f7 : tests/open.c: use errno2name
84aeea7 : tests/mlockall.c: cleanup
c0b1d6f : tests/mlock2.c: stop using assert
d0652a4 : tests/mknod.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
a175bfe : tests/mkdirat.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
1b511d0 : tests/lseek.c: cleanup
cd15777 : tests/llseek.c: cleanup
5c62af0 : tests/linkat.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
33e0df7 : tests/iopl.c: use errno2name
c1dbe05 : tests/ioperm.c: use errno2name
7f68f80 : tests/getgroups.c: use errno2name
337f66e : tests/ftruncate64.c: cleanup
a57bc5b : tests/ftruncate.c: cleanup
1717c8c : tests/fsync.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
ca24b94 : tests/flock.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
884471b : tests/file_handle.c: use errno2name
02269e5 : tests/fdatasync.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
3fc6bd9 : tests/fchownat.c: use errno2name
bf563a9 : tests/fchmodat.c: use errno2name
ba93e7b : tests/fchmod.c: use errno2name
a263310 : tests/faccessat.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
33568cf : tests/epoll_wait.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
becfc0e : tests/epoll_ctl.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
7529683 : tests/epoll_create1.c: cleanup
8243175 : tests/epoll_create.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
22f9fa7 : tests/dup3.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
65dea4b : tests/dup2.c: print syscall() result using %ld format
89b575d : tests/dup.c: cleanup
b0a647f : tests/creat.c: stop using sys/stat.h
0d8361f : tests/copy_file_range.c: stop using assert
adbbc2d : tests/chroot.c: use errno2name
5327e9c : tests/aio.c: use errno2name
dd02f09 : tests: cleanup acct.test
9f6611b : tests: use errno2name()
57b5f55 : tests/dup.c: include "tests.h"
ef6b426 : tests: add getpgrp.test
f914194 : tests: add access.test
e0057a5 : tests: add fchdir.test
5c1776f : tests: add mkdir.test
8bfe0d5 : tests: add getsid.test
2b69fd4 : tests: add errno2name function to libtests
769c98a : hppa: rename ECANCELLED to ECANCELED
1264645 : Remove parser of unimplemented timerfd syscall
e8a8f6d : tests: workaround kernel bugs in seccomp-strict.test and prctl-seccomp-strict.test
bea7073 : tests/shmxt.c: do not use SHM_RND, it is unreliable
c8cc0f2 : tests/rt_sigpending.c: fix for systems where _NSIG > 16 * sizeof(long)
d424c76 : prctl-seccomp-strict.test: robustify against unrelated prctl invocations
fdb2a18 : tests: adjust rt_sigpending to older kernels
f73a3a4 : tests: adjust readv/writev and preadv/pwritev tests to older kernels
87c0b56 : tests: remove obsolete non-strict uid tests
f096422 : tests: extend test coverage of getuid/getgid family syscalls
7f3da2f : tests: extend test coverage of getresgid32 syscall
91119e5 : tests: extend test coverage of getresgid syscall
dcc6660 : tests: extend test coverage of getresuid32 syscall
fbe1a9e : tests: extend test coverage of getresuid syscall
bff70d4 : tests: add symlinkat.test
1eb0051 : tests: add iopl.test
ef2007e : mips o32, powerpc, powerpc64: fix decoding of iopl syscall
2e069fc : tests: add ioperm.test
5e9944d : Fix corner cases of getgroups and setgroups syscall decoders
ba210af : Cleanup setfsuid syscall decoder
f184989 : tests: check decoding of setfsgid32 syscall
fba762d : tests: check decoding of setfsgid syscall
2def3d4 : tests: check decoding of setfsuid32 syscall
281e457 : tests: check decoding of setfsuid syscall
fa7c988 : tests: extend test coverage of setresgid32 syscall
4f6d95d : tests: extend test coverage of setresgid syscall
2b42d8e : tests: extend test coverage of setresuid32 syscall
0eac88a : tests: extend test coverage of setresuid syscall
7d7dfbe : tests: extend test coverage of setregid32 syscall
28d02ea : tests: extend test coverage of setregid syscall
619a96a : tests: extend test coverage of setreuid32 syscall
e6d8473 : tests: extend test coverage of setreuid syscall
6511b2d : tests: extend test coverage of setgid32 syscall
cf27301 : tests: extend test coverage of setgid syscall
8f0e41a : tests: extend test coverage of setuid32 syscall
aa39926 : tests: extend test coverage of setuid syscall
39a33b1 : tests: add shmxt.test
10c6c3f : alpha: fix decoding of shmat syscall
f22db4e : tests: add semop.test
7d23d33 : prctl-seccomp-filter-v.test: robustify against unrelated prctl invocations
bcdd204 : tests/pselect6.c: fix potential output mismatch
96492b2 : tests: check decoding of fchown32 syscall
e6828b1 : tests: check decoding of fchown syscall
11f98f2 : tests: check decoding of lchown32 syscall
408420f : tests: check decoding of lchown syscall
f559a87 : tests: check decoding of chown32 syscall
4ccdbd6 : tests: check decoding of chown syscall
a99bcbf : Fix decoding of 16-bit uid_t/git_t
c1f1cc1 : tests: move kernel uid overflow check to libtests
9c1a72c : tests: skip seccomp-strict.test and prctl-seccomp-strict.test on x32
c2523e0 : tests: add seccomp-filter.test
6ba947f : seccomp: fix decoding of sock_fprog and sock_filter structures
3ea6a59 : seccomp: print SECCOMP_* and BPF_* constants in a more compact way
1818061 : tests: rename seccomp.test to prctl-seccomp-filter-v.test
b19945b : tests: add seccomp-strict.test
c1aa737 : tests: add prctl-seccomp-strict.test
d9e4ff7 : tests: bring lists back to the sorted order
7a06960 : tests/epoll_create1.c: extend for the case of ENOSYS
2399a60 : tests/epoll_ctl.c: extend epoll_ctl coverage
cb6f997 : tests: add mlockall.test
c75e2c2 : tests: add epoll_wait.test
258a225 : tests: add epoll_ctl.test
bbdd23c : tests: add epoll_create.test

+- Project: platform/external/toybox

082dadc : HACK: restore Android ps behavior.
2efbbb3 : Fix dangling link after cp command
2009d0a : Fix ps bug, last field wasn't expanding to width.
e02e413 : Change the TNAME behavior to "Show parent argv[0]. If that's blank, showour argv[0]. If that's blank, show [stat2]."
5786e0d : Izabera pointed out that cmp -ls are contradictory.
8387fcb : Fix TOYBOX_VERSION
5d26197 : Basic success/failure return from pgrep/pkill.
5352bb6 : ps: Show [stat2] for any otherwise blank process name field, expand TNAME to 27, use generated constant for stat field parsing loop.
4cf8a72 : In cp -a, don't complain if non-root user can't chown, failure is expected.
6ba7191 : Add output path to cp error message filenames.
a439588 : Regenerate generated files.
bc8139a : Add -o TNAME for android, fix display of last field (retain left justifification when trimmed for screen width), make ARGS path trimming logic work with spaces in path.
0ca829c : Stabilize another sort.
48e1f81 : Stop building toybox route.
9c3789a : Stand alone builds of OLDTOY should show help text for corresponding NEWTOY.
f82c739 : The "show parent command path" commit changed the criteria for active nodes, and the collate logic wasn't updated. (Oops.)
a2ba247 : Regenerate generated files.
e2ea4fc : Fix remaining pkill tests.
148a0c3 : Fix pkill -9.
6abf132 : Don't truncate number fields for anything but right edge of screen, instead let them overflow and try to reclaim extra space from later short fields.
d6a8928 : Make -o COMMAND show parent command path for threads, and use saved length calculations instead of doing strlen() on strings again to store lengths.
56f631c : Comment and help text tweaks.
b602f1c : Add bufgetgrgid()
9cfdb48 : Make build dependencies more granular. This should fix the problem where "make top; make ps" produces a ps that can't do -A because generated/obj/ps.o didn't get rebuilt.
6d50d4c : Add bufgetpwuid. (Repeated calls to getpwuid() are really expensive.)
713055b : Add top -O
e345fbd : Add stat -tL and -c %m%t%T.

+- Project: platform/external/tpm2

716a46a : Add -DTHIRD_PARTY to CFLAGS so as to configure system headers.

+- Project: platform/external/v8

3b9bc31 : Upgrade V8 to
109988c : Revert "Revert "Upgrade to""
f2e3994 : Revert "Upgrade to"
8389745 : Upgrade to

+- Project: platform/external/vixl

da619e4 : Make vixl tests work with custom OUT_DIR settings
5c667d8 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "VIXL Release 1.13""""
ff22c69 : Revert "Revert "Revert "VIXL Release 1.13"""
04abd63 : Revert "Revert "VIXL Release 1.13""

+- Project: platform/external/vogar

618a14c : Use JUnit Filter to support the skip past mechanism
5279804 : Integrate VogarTest more closely with JUnit
e1dc67e : Rename Runner to TargetRunner
9406622 : Make ClassPathScanner optionally work with class directories
03c9c94 : Switch to using standard JUnit
45b3ffb : Improve the test coverage for package
ac11754 : Improve error reporting when class cannot be run
12ca4d4 : Add the "main" method name to the test description
6017243 : Make Junit4 class more consistent with JUnit
5292528 : Make Junit3 class more consistent with JUnit
511d0f9 : Fix typo
0ace9bf : Revert "Make JUnit classes more compatible with standard JUnit"
0e5c70d : Extend the max length of a command to 4096 characters on devices.
1915347 : Make JUnit classes more compatible with standard JUnit
501aeac : Stop CaliperRunner ignoring errors
5a0d2c2 : Restrict when Caliper benchmarks are run.

+- Project: platform/external/webp

cfab283 : Revert "Use the NDK cpufeatures directly."
8c2ed69 : Use the NDK cpufeatures directly.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/av

f47c471 : Fix undefined behavior
cd1dce9 : Fix yet more overflows in amrwbenc
7320092 : Fix more potential overflows in amrwbenc
5c93a06 : Fix AMRWBEnc overflow
252f191 : Fix AMRWBEnc overflow
0bc9277 : Fix tone region(for US, CA and JP) recognition for dual SIM
0faa814 : Codecs: Fix EOS handling in soft codecs
f9b65f5 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in drm_frameworks_common.h.
d821470 : Fix facing check in CameraUtils
183d387 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
ee5863a : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
d6baf6f : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
482343e : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
92c6b82 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
bf29173 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.
83fbbb8 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/base

b9154bc : Unlock mBluetoothLock.readLock() instead of double-locking it
a88bb98 : Delay handleEnable() until Bluetooth state is OFF
7b9f5be : Delete Visualizer before lpJniStorage
2d0c96c : While turning OFF do not honor ON requests.
0655edd : Fixes the system server crash issues caused by null pointer in NetworkPolicyManagerService.
c0246a0 : Revert "Merge "Add 900 for Russia - Short code used by Sberbank.""
2ee4078 : Add 900 for Russia - Short code used by Sberbank.
dea57ba : Revert "AlarmManagerService: remove legacy /dev/alarm support"
f68cdb9 : AlarmManagerService: remove legacy /dev/alarm support
6aaede8 : [RenderScript] Fix ScriptIntrinsicBlur documentation.
1641dc9 : Update documentation about copyTo and copyFrom.
9a69daa : Add missing "try ... finally" safeguards
2b016a1 : Reduced the impact of "synchronized" statements
80755a5 : ZygoteInit: install AndroidKeyStoreProvider in the Zygote
39c5570 : Add free short codes for Direct Carrier Billing.
6c89616 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in services jni.
cef190d : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in hwui and graphic jni.
2bd7a3e : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in common_time.
e819d01 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in aapt and androidfw.
0ca16ef : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in audio media jni.
3c22e00 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in DngCreator.
636ab03 : Fix GATT autoConnect race condition
0652d1c : Track lilbcore change 3ad0f67b98b61cc3f047e3cf6fe8f94d5f2ef5e5
0a72ba7 : Make fake libart for misbehaving apps be loaded.
41c9dc3 : Add support for ICU data pinning in the Zygote
b07595d : ZygoteInit: warm up JCA providers during preload
23d28ce : Synchronize access of mSubscriptions
2168fc2 : Fix GATT Characteristic write type serialization
814e1f5 : Chronometer: Update the value only if displayed on screen

+- Project: platform/frameworks/multidex

74e66b8 : Fix handling of suppressed exception

+- Project: platform/frameworks/native

7c5f109 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in libs/gui.
1597660 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in openmax.
a389c7a : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in sensorservice and CHECK_INTERFACE.
4a186d4 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in test macros.
8f6b9b3 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in libs/binder.
21c6128 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in opengl.
290f4b9 : dumpstate: sscanf requires an asciiz string

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/net/wifi

c3385bb : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

04b84d0 : Explicitly use en_US when picking a Locale using "en"
6a39d8c : Screen state cannot be updated while modem was reset.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/rs

388e42e : Remove redundant entry from the linker script
00fa762 : Fix bug in fz3 kernel (combiner function).

+- Project: platform/frameworks/support

43326c5 : Fixed a typo in RecyclerView javadoc.
2cc82be : [RenderScript] Update RenderScript support lib documentation.
9de5458 : [RenderScript] Add optimized ASIMD and SSE3 instrinsics to support lib.
9d61fd4 : Fixed NPE for HoneycombDelegate
682b577 : Null check listener before dereferencing for callback.
fb3e1b5 : SlidingPaneLayout: Preserve GONE visibility

+- Project: platform/frameworks/webview

85612b3 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/frameworks/wilhelm

b47a870 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

4d52b43 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/hardware/ril

434554c : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: kernel/tests

2d4ecdd : Delete
dcfb370 : Don't fail when we get a UDP checksum of 0xffff.

+- Project: platform/libcore

5bb82cc : Remove
e81ecfe : Mark broken Preferences methods as legacy code.
fd17eab : Fix clinit-related serialization incompatibility.
890464d : SecureRandom: change link for deprecation of Crypto provider
466488f : Add URLClassLoaderImplTest to knownfailures
ac813e2 : Add SystemProcessTest to broken tests
8514d7e : Increase the wait time for assertDurationIsInRange(0)
e0f383f : Correct address fields in ByteBufferAsXBuffer classes
5769b65 : Charset: Fix broken level-1 caching.
aa73fb0 : Make CollectionTest and Collection8Test abstract.
d4ce3bd : Add UnixNetworkInterfaceTest to knownfailures.txt
77bf4f8 : Fix openJdk package-level javadocs
d971051 : Add URLConnectionTest and ExcludedProxyTest to brokentests
8539b67 : Fix HttpsURLConnectionTest for CTSv2.
dd9985e : Fix package names in icebox.txt and knownfailures.txt
dbb107c : Cipher: always select a SPI in init according to the parameters
4c86b87 : Remove default ProxySelector socket tunneling
51dea17 : SocketTest: Write test for connect in the presence of a ProxySelector.
830d954 : Asynchronous(Server)SocketChannel tests and missing code.
337d8c1 : Remove unused code
248a0f7 : Correct traversal of the UResourceBundle data structure in ICU.
e6bac4b : Add OpenJDK 8 java.nio.file package
7e6c789 : Improve getChars() bounds checking and add a test
aea7855 : Add multicast channel tests for DatagramChannel
558a95b : Revert "Add test."
b2c91e9 : Sync default timezone to ICU.
984c459 : FileDispatcherImpl: Untag sockets before preClose.
14fa554 : Add some scripts to support testing of tzdata update mechanism
1b2f59a : Add android-specific javadoc to
3512176 : Add test.
173e4cf : Selector: Use poll based selector instead of an epoll based selector.
4f3470f : OsTest: Explicitly delete temporary files.
ae6b1b8 : Fix with OPEN_DELETE.
9f6ca97 : Relax tests around HTTP header validation
b90dbb9 : Revert "Test ProcessBuilder.Redirect.INHERIT"
e8a4182 : Fix setCurrency resetting fraction digits.
09e6f66 : Further ProcessBuilder tweaks.
ed4aead : Test ProcessBuilder.Redirect.INHERIT
6da71a5 : Fix NetworkInterface#getHardwareAddress corner case
46b9940 : Fix race condition in accept() on socket that is concurrently closed.
444325b : Map available JCA algorithms and availability in javadoc
3b90fe1 : Fix MethodTest tests that use identifyCaller()
fbabe73 : Observable: Call out to hasChanged() to figure out if something changes.
45348e1 : Rewrite NetworkInterface#{getFlags,getMTU}
9238665 : Lambda implementation / reflection tests
cc50b42 : Test default and static interface method reflection
a9f5ef9 : Add unit tests for java.nio.channels.AsynchronousChannelGroup
54f48f1 : Libcore: Expose whether app is native debuggable.
5d45c28 : Add Libcore.os.realpath.
369262d : Fix override of setCurrencySymbol in DecimalFormatSymbols
9fa4908 : Provider: add warm up method
f8a8250 : CipherTest: cover additional cases that should throw IllegalStateException.
3f60806 : List available security/crypto algorithms in javadoc
cf010dc : Add unit tests for java.nio.channels.MembershipKey
c35465f : nio.channels: Add *Exception unit tests
309f9df : Update URLs to Java technotes and platform docs
2c5d88b : Libcore: Fix NetworkInterface method registration

+- Project: platform/libnativehelper

d76cf11 : Load with RTLD_NODELETE
13803f6 : Workaround for apps using a copy of libnativehelper
67c3c13 : Clean up JniConstants

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth

eb7b90f : Cleanup unused requires in java files
96d55ca : Removed unnecessary "synchronized" statements
605ad41 : Fix LocalRef leakage in get_gatt_db
18b5177 : Initialize variable protocolMode before it is used
623b906 : Change scan downgrade timeout from 5 min to 30 min
3fc930b : Fix 2 instances of a field being assigned itself in a constructor.
c6064cc : Fix a test related to GATT client that could never succeed
d65009d : GATT: Move connection parameters to config.xml
ba73d4b : GATT: Fix FD leak caused by GATT profile
c050578 : Broadcast UUIDS on BT state transition to ON
4e34b45 : Stop profile services when Bluetooth enable times out

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/FMRadio

de8025e : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/LegacyCamera

a00c8e7 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Music

6036ce6 : music: Remove deprecated MODE_WORLD_READABLE and MODE_WORLD_WRITEABLE

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

954ed57 : Settings: add logpersist selection (strings)
3d06893 : Handle return value when Bluetooth is enabled
4feb4d9 : Fix the momery leak in DrawOverlayDetails
4bf1704 : Fix register multiple PhoneStateListeners.
41a57e2 : Display connect button in the wifi connection menu

+- Project: platform/packages/apps/Stk

89e5d46 : Show the menu title instead of the application name if it is available
0bdc719 : LAUNCH_BROWSER cmd should not be handled by Setup Wizard application
b557300 : Change the theme and the style of the activities

+- Project: platform/packages/experimental

22888aa : Xerox Print Service Recommendation Plug-in
784d182 : Samsung Printer Recommendation plugin

+- Project: platform/packages/screensavers/PhotoTable

523231c : Fixed NullPointerException during Cursor reuse

+- Project: platform/packages/services/Telecomm

f5bdfb5 : Handle AT+CHLD=1 when there is no active call

+- Project: platform/packages/services/Telephony

e3e5d56 : Fix voicemail SIM card name unknown after unlock PIN.
2f36d00 : Fix wrong voice mail ringtone for secondary SIM.

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/build-tools

2308f65 : Build more soong binaries
4620735 : Export soong docs
3e5bd2d : Update prebuilt build tools to ab/2835750
7674849 : Build Ninja with Soong

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/python/linux-x86/2.7.5

3d3d1ba : Update prebuilt setools to 4.0.1

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/qemu-kernel

ed7f32d : Upgrade emulator kernels
5ce4bd9 : Upgrade emulator kernels
712517a : add 3.10 arm kernel

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/sdk

c9eb6ec : Update jack server documentation
0149c24 : Import Jack and Jill Douarn 1.3-b2 for SDK and Dogfood
5ee2cea : Import Jack coverage plugin Douarn 1.0-b1
9cd0de8 : Import Jack and Jill Douarn 1.3-pa5
e869752 : Import Jack and Jill Douarn 1.3-pa4
a278b89 : Import Jack and Jill Carnac 1.2-rc4
392078b : Import Jack and Jill Carnac 1.2-rc3

+- Project: platform/prebuilts/tools

55673de : Adding gRPC, protobuf3, and jarjar depdencies.
02d6c49 : Adding jimfs
144a5a5 : Update offline repo to contain 2.2.0-alpha2
8d5b21e : Check in google-java-format prebuilt to prebuilts/tools.
e6d3aea : Update ConstraintLayout artifacts
b200fef : Update constraint layout lib
26e7519 : Update ConstraintLayout (bump to alpha2)
9c13d3c : Update 2.2.0-alpha1 prebuilt (based on build #17)
be2272f : Update the ConstraintLayout binaries
56a34e3 : Update 2.2.0-alpha1 prebuilt to build #15
3d17006 : Revert "Rename ConstraintLayout artifacts"
aab148a : Rename ConstraintLayout artifacts
8c7e112 : Update offline repo with 2.2-alpha1 (from build 14)
0e82583 : Update ConstraintLayout
1a2d8b9 : Updating builder-model to the latest version 2.2.0-dev (CL 1 of 3).
3c02a3b : Add testng.
de9bf2e : Fix baseline constraints in ConstraintLayout
b9ece3d : Check in OS specific versions of protoc
32d3c0c : add libraries to support protobuf compilation
6ea16cd : Add ConstraintLayout prebuilt
1b15272 : Revert "Updating builder-model to a newer of version 2.2.0-alpha1 (CL 1 of 2)."
6a2a4ea : Updating builder-model to a newer of version 2.2.0-alpha1 (CL 1 of 2).
edf397e : Add v2.0.2 of Square's haha library.

+- Project: platform/system/bt

1c512b8 : Do not request AVRC_CAP_COMPANY_ID if A2DP Sink is not enabled
3e4f01a : Set disable timer in case of any active ACL connection
7da9862 : Fix payload size for GATT Read by type request
d35bb40 : Reject L2CAP INFO RSP and ECHO RSP on the LE signaling channel
1a01154 : btm: Restrict EXTENDED_INQUIRY_RESULT to 1 result
3021c5a : Fix invalid BDA parameter passing for connection parameter updates
0bd0c8f : Remote device changes for SMP certification
266ff1d : Clear BLE block from device records at unpair
3bd286a : Reset max_interval to BTM_BLE_CONN_INT_MIN_LIMIT
fa717c0 : net_test_bluetooth: RFCOMM test refactor
bc47282 : Remove currently unused peer device module and tests
bb83844 : Bump HDP version to 1.1
e9a52af : Limit number of SBC frames to fit into single MTU
7496372 : Update the HCI unit test if BT_CLEAN_TURN_ON_DISABLED is TRUE
7b7b057 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in embdrv/sbc.
63b0519 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings
3387396 : DO NOT MERGE Randomize allocation canary
e509caa : Fix GATT attribute value allocation
0fb335f : bt: Update libchrome APIs to r395517
cbeed50 : Do not allow LE connection timeout smaller than 1s for HID devices
0a0a7e9 : Linux build fix
1911770 : Convert GATT related BTA code to C++
01a3a24 : Remove all mentions of hashmap
2b56e01 : Replace hash_map in data_dispatcher with C++ unordered_map
6a05951 : Replace hash_map in audio_a2dp_hw with C++ unordered_map
488005b : Replace hash_map in btm_ble_bgconn with C++ unordered_map
0cafeda : Replace hash_map in peer with C++ unordered_map
5c2c303 : Replace hash_map in module_manager with C++ unordered_map
dd5e3e9 : Replace hash_map in packet_fragmenter with C++ unordered_map
9b99e99 : Remove unnecesarry hash_map includes
0d55d66 : Fix allocation_tracker crashes
f9b477f : test_vendor_lib: Add initial support for BLE
1f9eb3d : Remove the RFComm MCB from the ports when releasing it
466c6b6 : Remove unused profile manager
e49120d : test_vendor_lib: run clang-format with brillo opts
95dbe03 : Improve config file sync during configuration save.
634c2e6 : Don't disconnect on failure to register for service changed notification
7dc4051 : Fix the timestamp in btsnoop format
d4e1a93 : Add L2CAP signaling headers and more ACL data to btsnooz
a5c0f15 : Add a missing OSI_NO_INTR() wrapper around socket read()
9f20f3c : Improve poll(2) handling and log messages
a7373c8 : Add error log messages for A2DP commands
e34b0eb : Add a log message to capture NULL pointer in l2c_link_hci_disc_comp()
556b78b : HID: Prevent incoming and outgoing SDP collision
969ee97 : Fix pairing state change in collision scenario
234af83 : Increasing LE Properties to broadcast.
494b510 : Check CCB state before executing channel state machine events
1a17ed6 : L2CAP: Handle invalid HCI packets
b534453 : Don't process pair request when controller is not ready
0008f9e : GAP: Save pin code length for incoming legacy SAP connection
71300bf : Prevent crash due to second attempt to clean up eager_reader
d1d0f1b : btif: Remove dead code from btif_storage
65fc269 : Add missing arguments to log messages
c1e60c6 : Add missing include for OSI_NO_INTR
db4ec76 : Fail gracioulsy when GATT_MAX_APPS reached
7a599b4 : audio HAL: improve control socket error handling
d6121a3 : Restart failed system calls interrupted with errno of EINTR

+- Project: platform/system/connectivity/apmanager

b83e33f : apmanager: Update libchrome APIs to r395517

+- Project: platform/system/connectivity/shill

f37f8cf : shill: Update libchrome APIs to r395517
d312046 : shill_setup_wifi: Add Binder support
cbe9d2e : shill_setup_wifi: refactor DBusDaemon-related code
8e3ac1b : Initate VPN reconnections when the default physical service is Online
e5fb494 : Add Service::OnDefaultServiceStateChanged() callback

+- Project: platform/system/core

081705c : Add process priority to service definition.
32c60b4 : Set file capabilities on adb sync/push.
1325ebf : Revert "logcat: expand -n, -r and -b"
d89a6c2 : Allow multiple (sequential) adb users on Linux.
bac3536 : init: expand arguments of services when they start
4b56162 : init: Add support for ${x.y:-default} expansion
4f831e2 : libnetutils: Add synchronization per socket full operation
31404e5 : fs_mgr: Remove incorrect free() on error paths in load_key()
5f4a946 : Use alignas for alignment.
f7e79b9 : use process groups for processes started by init
f2aa186 : adbd: properly close subprocess pipes on Ctrl+C.
1f406e2 : Remove toolbox ioctl.
397de14 : ueventd: only relabel devices if there's a delta
74ebdf3 : cutils: don't fortify property_get on clang.
1d94511 : logpersist: switch to pgrep from ps
d119101 : Fix liblog logtags
ee2da03 : Remove invalid uses of -l and -I
2b22a66 : add a property for controlling perf_event_paranoid
2ce86e5 : Kill adb's ScopedFd for unique_fd.
e8b663f : Kill load_file.
dace015 : [adb] Followup CL to clean up adb_auth_host.cpp
376b275 : [adb] Issue the "auth" emulator command before any other one
b50216e : Remove deprecated files
623ce74 : core: Update libchrome APIs to r395517
b74c649 : adb: retry connecting disconnected emulators instead of always looping.
462461b : trusty: storageproxyd: use upstream kernel headers
638420e : adb: close ep0 on disconnection.
3e4c076 : Fix SharedBuffer. Remove aref.
c713bce : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in init and other core modules.
1288f65 : HACK: libnetutils: Remove parameters from dhcpcd service call
67867db : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in adb, debuggerd, libbacktrace.
f0f94fe : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in liblog.
eabd510 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in libion, libsparse, libmem*
2b82e91 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in lmkd.
53eb31d : adb: use asocket's close function when closing.
9b587de : adb: switch the socket list mutex to a recursive_mutex.
52bd852 : adb: clang-format sockets.cpp.
903b749 : adb: add implementations of mutex, recursive_mutex.
e2d6564 : trusty: storage: add tests
abebb89 : trusty: storage: add client lib for testing
e263e6c : Fix memory order and race bugs in Refbase.h & RefBase.cpp
0140182 : adb: check return value of register_socket_transport.
8fd1faa : liblog: log reader validate headers
24db75c : Set parent namespace for linker-namespaces
a1b9bd9 : Don't include <machine/cpu-features.h>.
b31caa9 : Pass permitted_path to the linker as is.
dfd2478 : fs_mgr: update block device reference in verity metadata
4abdeee : adb: replace failing exits in adbd with abort().
b463baf : adb: add track-jdwp and track-devices commands.
13ea01d : adb/base: allow use of unique_fd inside adb.
427c605 : Don't expose ashmem constants on the host.
6de783a : init: support matching sysfs class paths in ueventd.rc
875476d : fs_mgr: pass sehandle to ext4 format routine
e5636a3 : init: rework fixup_sys_perms to use perm_path_matches
e94c92c : SystemClock: elapsedRealtimeNano() should use clock_gettime() on Linux
340079d : SystemClock: add test
46c313b : init: usb: disable usb function switch until adbd is ready
d78dff1 : fs_mgr: fix encryptable=footer support

+- Project: platform/system/extras

d51ad4d : postinst: Update comment to match implementation example.
4f41df6 : simpleperf: dump tracing data when needed.
be1b177 : Support for converting callchain profiles.
767dd17 : simpleperf: add report-sample command.
e42c1f1 : Handle additional record types in reader.
ebf79f3 : simpleperf: check perf event limit.
b421297 : simpleperf: record kernel symbols in
b64a863 : simpleperf: refactor SampleTree for reuse.
580439f : simpleperf: remove unneeded file.
f8d8f04 : Add oom score tracking to procrank
baa84a2 : C++-ify procrank
1e0d92f : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in f2fs_utils.
54e8bf7 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in boot_control_copy.
91d5f60 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in ext4_utils.
6227106 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in kexec_tools.
2128f74 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in ksmutils.
de7f00c : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in libpagemap.
7b8ef7a : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in micro_bench.
99c536d : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in perfprofd.
2019e83 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in simpleperf.
d312cdb : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in testUtil.c.
f63f120 : pagingtest: test both with prefetching enabled and disabled
ba2475c : pagingtest: switch to advising random accesses
810d1c5 : simpleperf: fix stat scale output.

+- Project: platform/system/firewalld

c0413cc : firewalld: Update libchrome APIs to r395517

+- Project: platform/system/media

39a3e9e : audioservice: Update libchrome APIs to r395517
99dc78c : __ARM_ARCH__ is always >= 6.
2c853ac : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/system/nvram

8eda8f3 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/system/security

26275ad : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/system/sepolicy

15105ce : Allow update_engine to write BCB.
68d67a0 : logpersist: reserve persist.logd.logpersistd
cd109d4 : ueventd: allow getattr on blk and chr types.
38ac77e : expose control over unpriv perf access to shell
e332742 : Fix rild policy to accomodate minijail
ef0c14d : Add keys to prerequisites of mac_permissions.xml
33500c9 : Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings.

+- Project: platform/system/tools/aidl

bc2df69 : Always build absolute paths the same way
156a57f : Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in aidl.

+- Project: platform/system/tpm

7c0029f : tpm_manager: Remove seccomp rules from the build.
a941334 : tpm_manager: Port to brillo and enhance NVRAM interface.
b180754 : trunks: Fixes and enhancements to support tpm_manager on brillo
30c921d : trunks: Update libchrome APIs to r395517
c3fcde6 : Multiple fixes for the proto_print code generator.
4dc4629 : Run all C/C++ in this repo through clang-format.

+- Project: platform/system/update_engine

d853730 : Add a few more unittest for parsing global_progress.
caa4672 : Fix Chrome OS build.
fb905d9 : Implement powerwash on Android.
675d0d2 : Fix ConnectionTypeToString unittest.
255e22b : Move ParseConnection*() to connection_utils.
a35896c : Only verify the source partition which target hash mismatch.
192a86a : Add USE_OMAHA flag.
94f749a : update_engine: Update libchrome APIs to r395517
b86787c : Discard the tail of the target partitions when updating.
a57ce77 : payload_generator: Mark all zero blocks in the old partition as visited.
3d00906 : Improve logging when source hash mismatches.
1d3b863 : Send SIGKILL to kill the child.
857ded1 : Define static members outside the template class.

+- Project: toolchain/binutils

21efffa : GOLD/DWP: exit without segfault if the binary is not built with debug fission.

+- Project: platform/tools/test/connectivity

2d3fe98 : Update Wi-Fi manager, scanner, and PNO test scripts to run on new Wi-Fi test bed.
1391fae : Add acts.asserts.assert_false.
550a4fe : Wait for Android device to boot before taking a bug report
312476c : Fix built-in controller registration flow.
979bbf5 : Fix Logging Exception in BluetoothBaseTest
233e89b : Update multi-client wifi scanner test class.
1f575f3 : Add mac index file to gitignore.
51df045 : Apply pep8 style with yapf.
8252281 : Update wifi test util with better styles and to utilize new ACTS features.
1df8817 : Provide a temporary way to skip sl4a initialization.
77e13ea : Add default log_path to AndroidDevice.
4570ab2 : Make sure all adv_instances are registered for cleanup
db4bc03 : Use _setup_multiple_services helper in test_gatt_connect_mitm_attack
79ef542 : Remove unnecessary mitm test copy
ef945ec : Make sure tests cleanup services they started
7b30497 : Make test_write_characteristic_stress PASS
e9c99cd : Use _setup_multiple_services in characteristic write test
bec5d29 : Rfcomm Stress Test fixes
a6852c3 : Make write_characteristic_test PASS
cd93c98 : Fix a logging todo item in AdbProxy.
58f1f35 : Add Video Conference Tests for Conference Event Package Devices
de97b66 : Fix stacktrace logging for when both test body and teardown throw exceptions.
8fcffd5 : Telephony Test: Fix bug in _phone_number_remove_prefix
4c4f55f : Telephony Automation Code: phone_setup_xg should only set data gen. For voice setup, use phone_setup_voice_xg.
d772709 : Add check environment in TelLivePreflightTest and fix bugs.
598b93d : Add telephony test for decline/ignore incoming conference call.
dd11c1f : Fix a bug in logger setup where logger is not setup if it has existing handlers.
03a45ae : Continue to make RFCOMM tests more robust
3197de2 : Telephony Test: add support for EEUK
242008b : Fix bug for setting doze mode, add util to set doze light.
0b8fa84 : Fix unit tests broken by cleaning up logger from android_device.
10fee40 : Update scan tests to use 30s instead of 20/40s periods
b599dd0 : Collect bugreport after each test.
5bd83f3 : Replace LoggerProxy with logging module.
a11f2cf : Make test run logger object universally available within a test run.
2621d7c : Fix misspelling of function
cc051c7 : Enhance connect -> disconnect test and improve instrumentation
e3170f0 : Add logging and improve tests
2a69aed : Update ACTS documenation
f303e31 : Telephony Test: remove self.tests for all test classes.
94100be : Guard against controller config modification.
182241b : Add BtStressTest for pairing two android devices
0ab6f01 : Cleanup/Fixes/Logging/Removed Workarounds