JOP40D (4.2.1_r1) to JDQ39 (4.2.2_r1) AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

Project: platform/bionic

5115d43 : msm_mdp: Update header for 4 layer support

Project: platform/build

fbef8b9 : JDQ39
b7f9637 : docs: fix ::selection style to use Android blue for text highlighting
7faa1b8 : JDQ38
9770928 : JDQ36B
eed4696 : JDQ36
5d0d638 : JDQ32B
75631bf : JDQ32
c5480c3 : docs: minimize code-font line-height. Fixes problem in which any paragraph with code text has more whitespace below it than other lines.
ee80c57 : JDQ30
77c5135 : docs: fix lang switcher for gae by deleting obsolete method call
98f23e7 : docs: delete obsolete asset files
e05e6f9 : docs: update template files with those from the templates-ds directory
4335d57 : JDQ29C
d51b83b : JDQ29B
4682f50 : JDQ29
015d616 : docs: use devsite hdf bool as a javascript condition for managing the lang toggle. sync the sdk and ds templates so we can move toward one template set
91f0e5b : JDQ28
9c2336e : Add new droiddoc option for project-specific secondary html input/output paths.
dc6b4a5 : Add templates for devsite docs builds.
bb54d9d : JDQ23
2260eaf : JDQ18
71e369e : JDQ16
eb41035 : docs: add the ability to pause the carousel
2cb5a36 : JDQ10
4dc0571 : JDQ09
ae3ee42 : docs: update analytics script to support event tracking
7dc45a8 : Add simg2img and e2fsck to the otatools.
5a6a0fa : JDP82
0c3379a : JDP81B
74bb088 : JDP81
b8d06a5 : docs: don't allow setting the sidenav fixed if the doc body is shorter than the sidenav. Scrolling won't be possible in this case anyway, but this change fixes a glitch that happens on OSX Lion because it will allow scrolling anyway for the overscroll bounce.
4505bf3 : JDP80B
e551d6b : JDP80
341d8f8 : Bump version to JDP79B
e40ae3a : JDP79
714d7c7 : JDP78
20bfc92 : JDP75
127f6a2 : JDP74
ba45cc1 : JDP73
29132ce : JDP72B
2710dcb : JDP72
6a6c112 : Run e2fsck on built sparse images.
acb046a : JOP40F
aa81ebb : JDP71B
80998ee : JDP71
be247ab : JDP68
c536a0f : JDP67B
1e34606 : JDP67
2f74b6d : JDP66
582c34b : JDP65
6d30212 : JDP64B
67d75f1 : fix docs.js bug where changeApiLevel is getting called
06884f5 : docs: support google css class for reference docs
aa48e74 : Obviously JB MR1.1 should be Android 4.2.2.
df08ada : docs: add "Google Services" search tab
d2827ae : unbundle photo dreams into the GalleryGoogle package
dc64b2e : JDP64
5808999 : JDP60E
8fa5351 : show build info only for android docs (not google)
b1110e6 : JDP60D
ac71b2b : docs: revisions for google reference nav
408149a : JDP60C
8acd75a : add google class for body
18dca5d : Doc template change: exclude articles from logic to add "prev/next" nav in training docs.
5747d38 : enforce margin change for nolist class in training articles
ab4daf4 : docs/css: break words that are too long to fit sidenav; add style for google javadocs
d2dd6e5 : add support for gms javadocs
9459265 : JDP60B
fd74ba5 : JOP40E
1493ad7 : JDP60
40e9099 : add google services tab
d4cb783 : add 'external-link' class for links that go off-site
7d131e0 : fix build
2febef6 : JDP58
502c939 : docs: add support for an infinite number of nested lists in side nav
c69b773 : Put ANDROID_BUILD_PATHS before the system default PATH
d4f8d5e : replace dummy versions with normal ones for mini
cc862f2 : JDP57B
14eee53 : JDP57
2b63490 : JDP50B
8035374 : JDP50
5a14902 : JDP47D
efcc8b1 : bump version to 4.2.1
cd540e9 : JDP47C
9f8ccf3 : JDP47B
30c4cab : JDP47
8f24ca8 : docs: revise message when api level for docs is too low; make the message appear on package pages as well
f0d4d8f : DO NOT MERGE: change build id to JB MR1.1
11ac05b : docs: add script for 32/64-bit bundle downloads
5a1123e : add script to generate list of classes for each training course landing page
c065da2 : Move check-api to
7c05b69 : docs: add warning message for adt when on 32-bit os
fed8cf4 : JDP45
098d8de : docs: add support for ndk tos wall
df0e161 : docs: css fix
e0c11a6 : docs: fix broken template
bbffb4b : docs: add support for templated tabs with the doc title
705e8a4 : docs: something whatever
55d9983 : docs: changes to sdk page and script for toggles
db3678b : add ADT Bundle to the download page
ea71e3a : JDP37
2a3cf76 : JVP15S
6e0d076 : JVP15R
0d92694 : JVP15Q
77ed2e3 : JVP15P
6bbdd45 : JVP15O
417f0e3 : JVP15N
132239d : JVP15M
17a1934 : JVP15L
e47aa08 : JVP15K
c60b5d9 : JVP15J
3b3e7af : JVP15I
bb302d4 : JVP15H
d6ae3d8 : JVP15G
543b362 : JVP15F
63d2b0c : JVP15E
2542cc8 : JVP15D
9645202 : JVP15C
c86b0c6 : JVP15B
536a52d : JVP15
3ccd6ed : JVP12C
7027936 : JVP12
d489d96 : JVP11
c525c5f : JVP10
24329b1 : JVP09

Project: platform/cts

c984699 : DO NOT MERGE Add missing features of JB and JB MR1
0801e93 : Add missing features of JELLY_BEAN to feature list
59faa6e : Updated Holo test assets for JB MR1
2e09bb9 : FileSystemPermissionTest: add directories
577e774 : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Verifier to R4
302fd33 : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Verifier to R5
dfc5539 : Restore CtsVerifier rate for passive updates
ea818f8 : Some Holo Test Improvements
e78365c : Try reading every file on /sys
48a8ae0 : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Verifier version again
338db6d : Improve testSetNextMediaPlayer test
742615a : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Verifier version to 4.2 R3
a5e2d96 : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Verifier version to 4.1_R4
4680985 : Assert mean and stdev of update deltas
ed960a8 : Add CVE to Exynos vulnerability test.
b1c24eb : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Verifier Version to 4.1_R3
db83ff3 : DO NOT MERGE Relax LocationVerifier assertions.
0265977 : DO NOT MERGE Filter out the overdue location cases in GPS test
9f289a4 : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Verifier Version to 4.2_r2
d3ad281 : DO NOT MERGE Relax LocationVerifier assertions.
460cdea : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Verifier Version to 4.2_r2
73ea372 : DO NOT MERGE Relax LocationVerifier assertions.
4eac3aa : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Verifier Version to 4.1_R3
dedda1b : DO NOT MERGE Relax LocationVerifier assertions.
49fba15 : DO NOT MERGE Filter out the overdue location cases in GPS test
6537494 : Add Exynos vulnerability tests.
454631c : CTS tests for UiAutomator at API 17
e504c24 : Add test for MediaScanner misbehavior
de326fe : Add a CTS test that iterates through all codecs using MediaCodecList and
3a59dce : Adds a CTS test verifying audio encoder functionality. (AAC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB)
20d6f50 : Fixed a mistakenly deleted line from the last submit
9a90263 : Fix ringtone test
029ed3f : Update BuildVersionTest to support 4.2.2
4f6c5d7 : Fix bug #7664208 android.widget.cts.TextViewTest#testResetTextAlignment failures on JD
f26c044 : CTS Verifier: Fix Camera Formats preview orientation.
f0d2af3 : Fix bug #7664305 android.widget.cts.TextViewTest#testResetTextDirection failures on JD
7432633 : UiAutomator test APK and Tests for CTS
e328d6f : Add more CTS tests for the reset of RTL properties
227fb7b : DO NOR MERGE make reboot default in CTS (merge from mr1)
7871c2b : add log to print time-out when time-out happens
40a2d7e : Add more tests for restricted broadcasts.
91724c7 : add 4.2.1 to version list
ef35bfd : Cannot move edit text cursor to first position using character granularity.
f1a4720 : change all file writes to random access with O_SYNC
27f0ee2 : Add UiAutomator test skeleton to CTS.
7c8f0c3 : Fix the shell commands used to clean up after the accessibility tests.
9342d63 : Add NumberPicker CTS tests.
dc1cad9 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Expand block device tests.
8a3df62 : force reboot after accessibility test
c5215ac : Version number for CTS 4.2 modified: tools/tradefed-host/src/com/android/cts/tradefed/build/
5573a4d : Report suite name to result server
48f86e7 : Camera: New test to check app firing intent after capturing picture/video

Project: platform/dalvik

5199755 : Fail if the new index is out of range. do not merge.
288f228 : Revert "Fix alignment when recompacting a DexMerger result. do not merge."
707ebe9 : Fix alignment when recompacting a DexMerger result. do not merge.
7284c78 : Revert the fix for incorrect package-private overriding.

Project: platform/development

4d6574e : Update bitmapfun sample to call recycle()
184a1dc : Add redirect for removed file.
388ea1e : Minor updates to keep androiddevdocs redirect in sync with devsite version (in frameworks/base)
2e5555e : Bitmapfun Sample: Fix bug where background image loading could hang
690af12 : Cherrypick from Change-Id: I4ae984cf776604cede32b98db6b1eb3cb6c59c7e
b8a61ac : Bitmapfun Sample: Change cache memory calculation to use maxMemory()
6acfacc : Bitmapfun Sample: Fix inSampleSize selection and update dependencies
65cc8b7 : Network sample: fix typo in manifest
bf323d7 : Update platform tools rev to 16.0.2
22c9415 : Add ko and ru to validLangs.
2c063c8 : Android Training: Threads sample app
7ca2806 : Add redirect for IAB v3 restructure.
613e19b : SDK Only: Fix search interaction with various samples.
6d19801 : Redirects /guide/google to /google/.
0e61ea6 : Move plat-tools SDK component rev to 16.0.1
fc0d593 : Doc change: sample app for Notifications class
f394e16 : docs: update redirects for articles
e1e1a99 : docs: add redirects for best practices pages that moved to training
4280149 : docs: a few bonus redirects for dac
18bc76a : Cleanup eclipse .classpath for Gallery2
e242276 : docs: redirect next steps to building first app class

Project: device/common

7541807 : Don't delete tilapia files when preparing blob lists.
b376b2c : Generate blob list for tilapia.
fc8a288 : Generate blob list for tilapia.
6fbbb9c : Add support of getting factory BDADDR from Controller's non-volatile memory(2/2)

Project: device/sample

c331ea1 : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml for Cincinnati bell wireless
de64cb6 : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml for Morocco and Tunisia
e391a8a : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml
36ae019 : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml
b80d9a2 : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml in the EU countries
03f6c4b : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xm in the ASIA/MEA countries

Project: platform/docs/

e30dbd1 : Add documentation for new security features in the Android 4.2 release.

Project: platform/external/bluetooth/bluedroid

689d66b : Snapshot 9fd57cbacd95e89602f430244c35bbc67f08b6d2
3ad3c81 : Snapshot 09118679ff7861de0fe2b742591e5d6aadba3fcc
62b1414 : Snapshot 0d153181bbe9ce75555b437567796a9aef4ef0ae
5738f83 : Snapshot cdeccf6fdd8c2d494ea2867cb37a025bf8879baf

Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

c4c8087 : Add certs to blacklist.

Project: platform/external/doclava

a75af37 : Temporarily add a content type to fix builds.
5bc5316 : add timestamp.cs to doclava to fix break (unknown dependencies for doc builds)
460dd2a : remove condition for devsite and use the timestamp js for all doc builds
9b316c8 : Doclava: add support for a second html dir and associated output. This is primarily for devsite online docs builds. Also move ca151a9bbea066b0efd0e423bcade8895a83db71 and related changes into production docs branch.
0901a61 : another fix to remove generics info from sidenav. they were still appearing in the nav while viewing a package page. bug: 7242415
4ec568b : more fixing for tags: provide proper links for @value tags.
f19066f : fix build
99e4ebe : further support for @value tag to print fully qualified name
e94aecf : add support for @value tag
5ab9cb5 : add support for gms and gcm javadocs

Project: platform/external/eigen

c981c48 : Initial import of eigen 3.1.1
63f67d7 : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/external/iptables

42ea667 : ignore SIGPIPES

Project: platform/external/kernel-headers

66111e8 : kernel-headers: update msm_mdp.h original header

Project: platform/external/libnfc-nci

e9df6ba : Snapshot 7ddd630e136a035ba463c427285c5c3e9f199ee0

Project: platform/external/libnfc-nxp

35f614f : NDEF Type 3 tag reading with padding bytes
31cfc51 : Increase default IsoDep timeout to 1200ms.

Project: platform/external/lohit-fonts

1f37245 : Remove improperly mapped glyphs from cmap

Project: platform/external/protobuf

db9ab02 : Build against the NDK for x86 and mips too.

Project: platform/external/webkit

e02247f : Only signal collection swap on true swap
0b65fac : Revert "TransferQueue: use a few extra buffers"

Project: platform/frameworks/av

f0ff908 : Logging to investigate a crash
47c1a5f : Bug fix for the MediaPlayer::prepare() api.
5dea84c : Fix log spam
e5aed03 : Enable retransmission of UDP packets in case we want to use it
5131d12 : [wfd] Support a low(er) power state by triggering PAUSE/RESUME.
13e8a0e : Reduce the frequency of IDR frames and add intra-fresh mode support for WiFi display
0dbe5a9 : Added optional intra macroblock refresh support for encoding
b7c8e91 : Add support for HLS playlists of type 'event'.
9bcb476 : New VHQ resampler
aa9e3e0 : Camera: Play shutter sound iff enableShutterSound(true) && ShutterCallback !null
d983364 : Static AudioTrack plays twice initially
4471e47 : Properly signal an error if codec configuration goes wrong.
0224bf1 : Various improvements of wifi display code
1c6833a : Ignore SIGPIPE during write() to broken pipe

Project: platform/frameworks/base

34c8804 : Doc change: remove protocol scheme on dashboard src url to avoid mixed content warning.
87cfad7 : Doc change: Scroller Javadoc Bug # 7966653
89fafae : Doc update: clean up
5f9922d : makefile changes for gcm javadocs
bd0fd29 : Fix re-enabled state of up after action view collapse
07cf971 : Fix re-enabled state of up after action view collapse
b47fa16 : docs: fix renderscript links that currently require redirect
1247fbd : docs: Removed the -e runner subcommand option. Bug: 7562330
f6f5cf4 : docs: update javadocs for gms and gcm
5439e0c : docs: followup update for dashboard; add platform pie
d799ffc : docs: update dashboard platform data for feb
2623157 : Doc change: add redirects file (yaml) for use in devsite docs builds.
62f3303 : Fix regression in expanded action view up
8a72b6e : Doc change: Remove more proto scheme from src urls (to fix mixed content warnings).
e63dfe5 : docs: fix broken links
b4c6c1b : Doc change: Remove proto scheme from src urls (fix mixed content warning).
40c7b7a : docs: delete orphaned images (the obvious ones)
f2991ad : Fix WiFi test:
e55d5e8 : docs: change "android developer console" to "developer console"
483d785 : docs: clarify usage for adb am component option
a62dbfd : Fix Javadoc for View layoutDirection / textDirection / textAlignment - DO NOT MERGE
9cab5c0 : Doc change: remove htmlified samples from docs build for now. Samples are still downloadable thorugh SDK Manager.
f04207a : Doc change: remove duplicate image directory (use /sdk/images instead).
4b7161c : docs: switch devsite doc build to use templates-sdk
e75cd4b : docs: add hdf bool for deviste, used to change aspects of the templates
289ad99 : Add build rule for ds (devsite) online docs.
10550e5 : Doc change: Add new file location for localized docs. Files in this dir are currently only used by devsite docs builds. The html/intl/... files will eventually be removed.
376e707 : Displaying Bitmaps Efficiently Training - Update sample app Update sample app zip (see http://ag/268000)
7467a0f : docs: update adb tool page with am and pm reference
df9fa4c : Doc change: Explicitly declare pages that should use the 'sdk' page template. This simplifies the assignment of the 'sdk' hdf var in Doclava.
27cba38 : Touch action bar title text: you will go to space today!
d28f30a : Prevent simultaneous interaction with action bar and content
596532d : Properly initialize recognition service if the recognizer component changed.
4efe071 : docs: update auth doc to mention multiple scopes bug 7644251
fb80c9e : docs: Add PageTransformer to animations training class
9b6687b : Fix code snippet
79d59f0 : DO NOT MERGE Prevent OOM death for services under ServiceWatcher's care.
4166513 : Doc change: Fix urls to work properly with https.
d7ec742 : docs: Minor typos
5b61ad2 : docs: put new devbytes playlist on the develop landing
ec171f3 : docs: add download ZIPs for chet's devbyte samples
c75d3f5 : Fix the single crunch command to return the right error code.
4aea83b : docs: Another fix for external 42607
20d47ca : Doc change: add developer video to carousel and spotlight pages.
a178d67 : Fix image processing test to include all benchmark tests -- each test case can be excuted separately -- add a test case to run all benchmarks.
07ee7d1 : docs: Hide Arabic and Hebrew badges due to translation problems
7ed189e : docs: Fix a bunch of issues
6f680f5 : Displaying Bitmaps Efficiently Training - Change memory calculation
3b97159 : Improve heuristics for detecting wireless chargers.
9d08143 : Revert "Fix a bug where disabled auxilialy IME is unexpectedly re-enabled"
e62fa82 : Merge from master: fix issue #7966357: Super lights out mode vs. volume dialog
0bb4dad : Displaying Bitmaps Efficiently Training - Fix inSampleSize selection
cdf5106 : docs: a few doc bugs
4dca863 : Make action bar title a valid touch target for up when relevant
d149242 : docs: correct the url path to badge images and updated pr-br badge
13ef4e4 : docs: update GP badges with localized badges. includes AI files for all badges in available languages
6aad995 : docs: resolve bugs from external tracker
e30d31c : docs: misc bugs from external tracker
8f70a7c : move the nsdchat sample to proper download directory
47e8d20 : move network usage sample zip
f8daf19 : docs: misc bug fixes. including important versioning fixes for first app class
2b13a47 : Doc update: fixed manifest typo in Network zip
9c6cec7 : docs: update sony driver link and name bug: 6566732
d84d5cc : docs: update gms and gcm javadocs with new TOC
188315c : docs: fix broken links and add new sitemap text file
e06b083 : Doc change: minor fixes to support lib lesson.
ca6a5ee : Refactoring the media recorder stress test. Added test cases for: - record & playback @ 1080p - record & playback @ 720p - record & playback @ 480p - record & playback @ custom Plus extending the record duration to a full minute.
b318318 : docs: dashboard update for 1/3/13
bac8666 : Adding camera scene mode stress test.
22d7cf2 : Add single crunch command to aapt. do not merge.
c8a6f8a : docs: add class on keyboards
dc2c1a0 : docs: add explanation of default permissions to Permission guide and fix code snippet error in WebView guide. external issue:41441
518edbf : cherrypick from jb-dev-docs: Gestures Class Change-Id: I9abebf58a9607c8f52f72ef2ce46308304386596
0f08867 : Doc change: point developer landing page featured content to blog post.
84303f5 : Update the JNI spec link, and remove a dead link.
8dd6275 : Android Training: Multiple Threads
32b8120 : Fix a bug where disabled auxilialy IME is unexpectedly re-enabled
1c20cfa : docs: NDK r8d Release Notes
66e97da : docs: SDK r21.0.1 Release Notes
3be73ab : Fade recents thumbnail to transparent earlier.
34bdf0a : docs: Reverting SDK r21.0.1 and NDK r8d Release Notes due to release conflict Revert of CL change-id: Ieefa651cb8f1d01170a915fe956a97fd6a52e696 Revert of CL change-id: Ifaaa6579df6cb180f515f2a5e71b2ac62a1671c3
ff42694 : Doc change: add mention of localized promo graphics.
5e6c05a : Doc change: update develop landing page.
8ee2a70 : change onEnd() to withEndAction() in javadocs
025ec88 : docs: App Template Tool documentation
ec558d5 : docs: remove developer survery link
6bad2f2 : Handle "CODE_ALREADY_PRESENT" message from Settings app
292bed2 : docs: update gms auth docs for bug 7737187
8ac7880 : docs: add cursorloader class to side nav
0c2f090 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9b7cb6f : docs: Fixing broken IABv3 internal links
f5df689 : Fix NPE inside DreamManagerService.
0e3849a : Receive a user dictionary callback from Settings application
ba34f09 : Android Training: Loading Data in the Background
f0f5efb : Android Training: Run in a Background Service
095d694 : docs: explain that layout height/width must be used to override include layouts
15776a2 : docs: SDK r21.0.1 Release Notes
045563c : docs: NDK r8d Release Notes
3509935 : Fix bug #7724071 ImageView drawable is not loaded correctly when changing Locale
90e4146 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2d43fab : Don't update global table when upgrading secondary users' database.
3f96d0e : If freeCache deletes APK, give out of space error
84e2756 : Play a tone when wireless charging begins.
32b424f : Add config_speed_up_audio_on_mt_calls option
bbdb062 : Fallback to default dream if the current dream is removed.
9d7578c : docs: Edit fixes for IABv3 docs.
ca4d4f7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
768dba6 : docs: Merged commits for final release of IABv3 docs.
ef489fe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4abf3f9 : Call setSize to sync Surface to SurfaceFlinger. DO NOT MERGE
2b89f73 : Enforce camera shutter sound for Korea.
37a2163 : Enable Turkish language encoding for Turkish SIM cards.
ff06719 : Making sure to clear state related to views that are being recycled (issue 7650538)
0db59a8 : Revert "Saving and restoring current page when rotating in lockscreen. (Bug 7568412)"
42df15e : Fix password field focus in keyguard
4df8270 : Make it clear that non-optional MediaFormat keys are required
40f7a51 : docs: remove minsdkversion for clarity
5959bf2 : DO NOT MERGE Adjust update interval when expiring location requests.
54ae2f3 : Fix NPE when showing Toast from system process.
8aa9ae6 : Fix longstanding nonsense in javadocs.
9de0ed4 : Fix bug #7663550 ActionBar menu items should probably use android:textAlignment="viewStart"
b973b3a : Doc change: In-app Billing -- add notes about orderId change and subscription orderIds.
3bb56f0 : docs: add link to developer survey on main landing pages
4e46d0f : Fix bug #7649607 Hebrew text is cut off in Settings
78d1744 : docs: fix broken link on maps page
7550a39 : docs: fix AI download links
ce8e7ee : Fix baseline alignment of notification times.
82e1d97 : update building first app class with some changes to eclipse workflow and account for small differences when using an IDE other than eclipse
94022e8 : Make 3rd party lockscreen widgets work on secondary users
cc91d6b : docs: update webview guide with javascript interface info
e886adb : DO NOT MERGE Protect against NPE in
9efa222 : Defer process mode upon draw
f986122 : docs: delete gps overview page
e0fa1b3 : DO NOT MERGE Notify provider when disposing last UpdateRecord
13f7734 : more app launch test tweaks
7f3994e : Pin electron beam surface to natural orientation.
ab815a7 : Fix for bug 7467609 Bad rendering of Telugu text
beb0889 : docs: add backup service to gp docs
526fa0e : PRIORITY_MIN notifications should be truly ambient.
006f567 : Kill dreams that do not create a timely service connection.
af5ddbf : Change getName and getAddress permission to BLUETOOTH
aa9c5b6 : Revised language for notification ringtone picker.
81f8b7c : Fix an issue on installing 3rd-party IME by a non-primary user
147f956 : Fix ring volume issue by addressing focus regression in keyguard.
a06c294 : docs: revisions to GPS Setup page w/ note about emulator
bb4ca52 : Fix issue #7649590: Background windows sometimes not being hidden for secondary users
ac2e6dd : Fix remote views cache to avoid lockscreen widget crosstalk
03c172e : docs: udpate for google service landing page and capitalize GPS in titles
555c93b : docs: refresh gms and gcm javadocs
401202b : BT is still on after enable flight mode, and reboot the DUT
aaaa156 : docs: update dashboard for 12/1, plus misc fixes
ed4cedc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a4e15c1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0f92a80 : Show alarm tile for the current user.
b00e37d : docs: update location/maps doc with info for maps api
1a9e7a6 : docs: add sdk manager launch info for eclipse
4779ffa : docs: add javadocs for gcm
e36276a : docs: update reference links and misc revisions
587504a : Doc change: remove old version of gcm javadoc and misc files.
c28a062 : app launch test fixes and improvements
b755c27 : Doc change: updating lib links
80aab87 : move Setup link for play services
5f7b668 : misc changes for landing pages
6a328af : Avoid null mobile interfaces.
c566b43 : Fix crosstalk between users for widgets hosted in lockscreen
2123523 : docs: gcm navtree
4e58eca : docs: Fixed typo in android tool syntax.
77f3541 : Add logging to try and track down bug 7643792
672b3ad : docs: update javadocs with gcm @value stuff
7b1aa77 : Include child windows when looking for insertion point.
f408bf8 : Reorder tone mark and nikhahit in DroidSansThai.ttf
2b84b81 : Add logging to try and track down bug 7643792
d589421 : Doc change: add SMP Primer for Android. Support a new "article" toc style in training.
cb5f9db : Fix bug #7651552 resetRtlProperties() is called way too often
9f6cb87 : Fix some typos and missing @param in android.os.Bundle
076324ae : Fix rounding error when drawing panel handles.
0ce57a9 : Change the text color of timer in MediaController
718fb9f : Fix sample code issues
6f7654d : Reduce false swipe-closed gestures in status bar panels.
01b88d3 : docs: add correct toc for google reference
b74844c : docs: revise doc titles
371f340 : Only show camera widget to setup users.
3c4b4f7 : docs: gms and gcm javadocs
6465381 : docs: gms fixes
f67ca80 : Revert "docs: gms javadocs"
2b286bb : Doc change: cleanup filtering sidebars and api level table. Changes links pointing to billing and other play docs that have moved.
d77982e : Clean up debug messages
9748abb : docs: add maps v2 announcement
4b16969 : Don't apply transformation fudge when not rotating.
05274f3 : AudioService: improve initial safe volume delay
6c5406a : Maybe fix issue #7596986: Frequent runtime restarts; IAE at...
6eb7652 : BluetoothManagerService call should allow SYSTEM_UID
4d78abf : Always report user switched after unfreezing screen.
830b23b : docs: gms javadocs
b36ed85 : trigger kernel blocked stack trace on system server watchdog
a8ef3b0 : Suppress quick settings if setup has not been completed.
fff5614 : Disable adding keyguard widgets until setup is done
aae1713 : docs: update gms toc and landing pages
b8da037 : Secure a handful of framework broadcasts
06598be : Saving and restoring current page when rotating in lockscreen. (Bug 7568412)
1b86d75 : Remove unused IExtendedNetworkService
5df1d87 : trigger kernel blocked stack trace on system server watchdog
c08cd02 : Add constant for Daydream settings.
fe0e1e4 : Only show "charging" if the battery is really charging.
7ac8bbd : Fix issue #7585876: When changing the font settings, the movie...
61885a6 : docs: update landing page for Google Services
8f3e6d5 : Fix multiuser bug in StatusBarManagerService.
8385c5a : Allow the NFC process to call Bluetooth APIs.
6abe146 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
eeac626 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
43b23c6 : Flush the clock format when the locale changes.
ce479d8 : Fix for navbar back/home appearing in keyguard (multiuser).
9dd9e0c : Fix math errors causing black screen. DO NOT MERGE
652678a : timeout support for accept() and added check for signal size
2c41c4a : Fix build.
20b9cd2 : Import assets from UX
7232b0a : Fix time-related ScaleGestureDetector methods
13579ed : Cleaner initial boot.
13705ed : Fix bug #7617883 RelativeLayout is not having the correct width when in RTL mode
47918ae : Secure a handful of framework broadcasts
d9e5af3 : Making sure keyguard and homescreen only display eligible widgets (issue 7550090)
6681be2 : WFD: Fallback to PIN mode if PBC is not supported
67b38c4 : Cache resource ID lookups in aapt
d15321b : Use the same interrupt/resume logic for all functor calls
b878ddb : Fix bug #7621927 Radio button/TextView drawable regression in 4.2
b0d2673 : docs: revisions to gps landing pages
1cf2ca8 : Clean up behavior of type arguments for MediaRouter#getSelectedRoute
076a602 : docs: fix bug 7628699
40e9f29 : Quiet down a lot of logging.
0aae000 : Doc update: new Notify User AU class
cf62cbc : Doc change - cherry pick from dac-dev: Clean up stray image source files and adjust links etc.
bdc9c83 : New timings for default & fallback notification vibration.
6519ca0 : docs: add new GMS landing and reference
1d95cb6 : Doc change: fix typo in jb docs.
585c07e : Stop caching stream duration, it might change (increase) dynamically.
e855214 : Retain configuration change info and sync access.
d27c81f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c8d2abd : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bb53dad : Remove overzealous mutate() sanity check in LayerDrawable
6ead941 : Fix infinite recursive loop DO NOT MERGE
8103890 : Improve debugging for issue #7586414: AlarmManager wakelocks held
3dffb8c : clarify Geofence.createCircle() param ranges
02c6fca : Cannot move edit text cursor to first position using character granularity.
1272e0e : Fixing issue where you can still click on a widget on a side page. (Bug 7568412)
e57922c : Fix bug: swiped apps in Recents come back on rotate
791f877 : Logging to help find the cause of widget crash in clock widget.
f7614fc : Removing unecessary additional lock metadata from QuickSettings user tile.
4752e7d : Removing the plus page when we reach the max number of allowable widgets. (Bug 7564782)
abb4a70 : Update the content shell command's usage instructions.
bbe3cbe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f7f1c6a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2b0501b : Fix a couple issues with page / outline alphas (issue 7488857)
545043e : Fix reboot loop caused by keyguard appwidget cleanup
6edb6db : Ignore invalid combination of PowerManager flags.
d894c8c : Fix bug where icon animation is sometimes skipped
8136807 : Use correct alpha value when a color is not set on a GradientDrawable.
458f43b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0edbc0e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9f8af65 : Cleanup: add PointF.toString()/equals()/hashcode()
fa9b396 : Copy missing state in DrawableContainer
f58e5b6 : Added app launch test.
4dd3fb3 : Fix audio focus evaluation order for display update
d85b8d5 : Switched to another method for launching apps.
bc7b6fc : Fix IME down caret in keyguard nav bar bug.
4a7a9b9 : DEFAULT_VIBRATE must always use the default vibe pattern
8d03305 : Hide current soft input when a background user gains window focus.
7018cfd : Revert "NumberPicker should adjust min and max when displayed values are set." (a.k.a. Santa is back)
aaec726 : Notification vibration improvements: [DO NOT MERGE]
5eb83aa : Ignoring FUL unlock signal if user changed fixes b/7572354
0552c5d : Refactor the lockscreen camera widget, removing the bitmap.
6c9a1a1 : docs: update dreamservice description
ce4f5e5 : Refresh the status bar clock format on user switch.
ff59413 : cherrypick from Change-Id: I70cb9111ff5f5a156cecb433b3baf7925a6be1a8 Fix typo
5052805 : Show mobile data RSSI for devices that support it.
fa0853e : Add missing variable copies in Path copy constructor
75b5cfb : Delete appWidgetId when removing lockscreen widgets
32f0742 : Only wipe device if primary user (for failed password attempts)
05163aa : Fix keyguard pin/simpin/simpuk RTL-ization
f3cd8e5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
af673f8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
116133a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9d45abd : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6738eee : Cleanups in
ab51002 : Allow long-press on Wifi and Bluetooth tiles to toggle.
33e499e : docs: move articles into group directory
15451bd : Fix an inconsistent state with IMMS and Settings when the hard keyboard is connected
ef48662 : grant shell user EXPAND_STATUS_BAR permission
fa1320e : docs: revise getting started intro
4e2e9ba : docs: update checksums/sizes for new adt bundles
49ba8eb : docs: update sdk install to handle both 32 and 64-bit bundles
3fcc6b2 : Making sure launcher doesn't show keyguard-only widgets (issue 7550090)
bc96250 : Make sure that the owner user is marked initialized.
a1a2f96 : Pushing state persistence to a background thread
9886540 : docs: fix ndk tos layout for small screens
bce2680 : docs: fix broken youtube playlists
8701bb9 : Fix bug #6638582 Password fields appears RTL in Arabic locale , it should be LTR
1019a9c : Doc Update: Fixing images
91cd7a7 : Doc Update: Removed "no guaranteed delivery" line.
7d529cd : Fix Javadoc for View layoutDirection / textDirection / textAlignment
681ae7f : Cannot enable Bluetooth after using airplane and Bluetooth tethering sequentially
22cc276 : implement new organization for Training classes This also moves a few of the documents from API Guides > Best Practices into the new courses for best practices. This is also dependent on CL Ieac8a97a8d6fda41a3682241901150cfe16afc4d which generates the list of classes/lessons on each course landing page.
bb0cbae : Fix for bug #7417949 TextView / EditText error Drawable is not put on the left in RTL mode
226fe97 : docs: add warning for adt bundle on 32-bit os
0be607c : Avoid runtime restart after vold reconnects.
205ec5a : Clean up the Builder test.
d4d2de2 : Do not vibe when the default notification sound is Silent.
8fcab20 : docs: Updated uiautomator API docs to reflect correct API level. bug: 7538348
edbb380 : Notification vibration improvements:
3d4f229 : docs: Added note on MIPS system image additions
2a45c15 : docs: Update Nexus 10 device frames for darker, more accurate bezel rendering.
e3ade13 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
dd0ffba : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0a26a6c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2303f42 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
99a86d0 : Clarify that MediaFormat.KEY_IS_ADTS only applies to decoding AAC audio content
53f6e8a : Utility to format human-friendly durations.
61ecb02 : Resolve LocationManager + ActivityManager conflict
4e22ad3 : Settings shows it is connected to A2DP, though the device is not actually connected
3bdf4b6 : docs: Update platform version page with 4.2 release
66e642b : docs: add ndk tos wall
b5e15ca : Doc change: update image for landing page.
ca211c7 : docs: edits
5617b06 : docs: add templated tabs for jb highlights
64b1211 : Doc change: edits and landing page.
3a535a4 : docs: fix bug with unknown anchors
5ac04f3 : Doc change: image optimizations for docs.
0d881cb : docs: add tabs to JB highlights
23492df : Doc change: resize some assets for highlights.
8fe0360 : Doc change: edits to highlights files.
5765525 : docs: add jb mr1 api overview
c542215 : Doc change: Add Android 4.2 platform highlights.
3419e07 : docs: add fs to rs
c946918 : Doc change. Add diff report for API level 17.
52bfaaf : docs: Android SDK Tools r21 Release Notes
6453dfb : update Download and installation guides for ADT Bundle
c120b6e : Fix "keyguard unresponsive" bug
1292f1e : docs: Support Library r11 Release Notes
7b2483f : docs: Fixed formatting in this file.
2128ec9 : Doc Update: param name change
5acc379 : Fix bug #7457897 Error icons are not shown in credit card entry form
94b3f8e : docs: Added new docs for uiautomator testing framework.
dac1813 : Add xxhdpi version of default activity icon
7407c94 : Watch for leaked ParcelFileDescriptors.
8b2c3a1 : Useful annotations for code documentation.
67ba5d1 : docs: 7 tap instructions for dev options
fadf669 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4c0fc03 : When in vibrate mode, all notifications will vibrate.
71789e1 : When in vibrate mode, all notifications will vibrate.
002618b : docs: update Tools landing page with info for developer options
9d6d890 : Reduce verbosity of service event logging.
2528b50 : Increase readability of connectivity event log.
86597df : Emit event log message when switching users.
43d8451 : Disable navbar searchlight if search assist not available.
d861590 : Synchronize access to Locked methods. DO NOT MERGE
325be8a : Reduce emulator logspam
7edb7a5 : Doc update: Appwidgets MR1 lockscreen support.
0214f2b : AudioService: undock audio glitch - DO NOT MERGE
cd3231f : audio service fix dock after crash - DO NOT MERGE
74da109 : Support Wifi display devices that rename themselves.
4623c0d : docs: Add basic tool help pages for SDK and AVD Manager. The SDK Manager page is needed particularly as a reference by some pages rather than pointing to the installation guide.
cd3d75f : Re-use existing thread
8d40d04 : javadoc: addAction
ffe0cb4 : Avoid recycling recently removed user IDs.
8b117c8 : Reduce jankiness of the transition between a text field with FLAG_NO_FULLSCREEN and a text field with FLAG_NO_EXTRACT_UI
511d534 : Stop supplicant and dhcp before start
a72b3aa : Add Coin graphic to premium-sms dialog.
b2eeb1e : DO NOT MERGE Control access to tts objects
8215acd : docs: NDK r8c Release Notes
e4ba91d : docs: JOBB tool help page
fc53e58 : Fix typos in LinearLayout comments
eb1e7ea : Doc change: GCM category & dry_run params
6665287 : Track size changes correctly for static wallpapers
8da94bd : Stop reloading wallpaper bitmap
5723fb0 : Avoid redundant wallpaper loading/drawing
d10f1e2 : Show clear all when returning from flip quick settings.
737f4e7 : Fade out the notification/settings panels just before close.
656d8f2 : Fix Bluetooth QS tile.
cc5339f : Fixes for QS:
5dd1b6e : Hide settings button from tablet notification panel.
fd52137 : Quickening.
4bbc615 : Fix ApplicationInfo copy ctor
b147773 : Fix NPE in quick settings tiles.
1b2415f : Fix for bug 7358703 Gmail ANR when trying to compose a message
1ce4322 : Fix inoperative "Forgot pattern" button when face unlock enabled
1713774 : Add new tablet sound set Bug: 7351672
60f571f : Update alarm sounds and tune some ringtones Bug: 7351672 Bug: 5502770 Bug: 7312457
24b733a : Flipping quick settings!
23ebfcd : Flag window animation transactions as animations.
7127af5 : Fix inoperative "Forgot pattern" button when face unlock enabled
e3adc08 : Fix for bug 7344916 text view flickers when you hit enter
9c6536a : Announce changes to the keyguard security message for accessibility.
1367e0a : fix crashing apps

Project: platform/frameworks/compile/linkloader

02ec342 : Add missing R_ARM_JUMP24/R_ARM_THM_JUMP24 relocation.

Project: platform/frameworks/compile/slang

68c072c : Fix overly strict check for float3 in structures.

Project: platform/frameworks/ex

09bb480 : Eliminate jank when the user deletes a character thereby removing all contact results in the popup.
8f7bdab : Fix problem where part of wrong photo shows
3665fb7 : Scroll when result of a contacts lookup appear
f5ac328 : SMS text messaging omits numbers in parentheses
99ea997 : Reduce time until first revision of a chip is drawn.
e719fc8 : dont replace the text in the text field when editing a fake or generated entry
bc8820f : Make sure that we take the existng temporary contact, where available.
dab17fc : Make sure that the last "fake entry" chip is correctly committed
d5f7739 : Update chips to follow new ux spec for replacement
c270a16 : Reset maxlines when the user expands text
a1bdcf1 : Fix for panorama icon not always showing up in photo viewer.
48a26c9 : Show old results
b1b8fc2 : Restart loader on attachment cursor updates
28c2b3b : Load preview first
917f53e : Set the scale type for the default image icon
17c9229 : Make sure we check the most up to date text for the token offsets.
afca369 : Add comments to the recipientedittextview replace code.
d5f17a8 : Fix crashes associated with new logic to replace entire address with name + address

Project: platform/frameworks/native

f53f9c6 : [DO NOT MERGE] GraphicBufferAllocator: stall alloc for async frees
72c3f7d : Revert "ConsumerBase: free buffers outside the lock"
2e59d2c : DO NOT MERGE GraphicBufferAllocator: make frees async
b21a4e3 : ConsumerBase: free buffers outside the lock
378787c : DO NOT MERGE - native_fence_sync: fix an enum name
8430095 : make transform hint multi-display aware
a9a4cd4 : gltrace: Make sure device is debuggable.
764c197 : fix typo that broke all the builds
93f838b : workaround: don't reset compositionType to HWC_FRAMEBUFFER [DO NOT MERGE]
3e095b2 : workaround: don't reset compositionType to HWC_FRAMEBUFFER [DO NOT MERGE]
2a8c49e : fix an out-of-bounds memory access
ee932d0 : Reset compositionType to HWC_FRAMEBUFFER before calling prepare()
3fdeb48 : Reduce emulator logspam
0b2c926 : bugreport: Add /proc/interrupts dump
c11f56e : bugreport: Add wlan FW counters dump for bcmdhd
4ea5d65 : Always set vertex alpha when drawing screenshot layers
529efdf : SurfaceFlinger: add animation transactions

Project: platform/frameworks/opt/photoviewer

dccd6d9 : Support data URIs in photoviewer.
535ffb1 : Need one more initLoader in a runnable.
fc3a6f4 : call initLoader in a runnable
bf77f3b : Make some static members protected
934bd9e : Make some members protected
399fe3d : Remove PhotoViewFragment's dependency on PhotoViewActivity
8746927 : Make PhotoViewer use the support library
3102e82 : Remove unused imports and variables
edad0e0 : Fix scale popping by disabling zoom on thumbnails

Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

f08c4c8 : Turn auto attach on/off when we attach/detach.
f2a22db : Set audio mode after accepting the call
3e02868 : simcard: With Kazakh Beeline SIM card, there isn't STK menu
859f7a9 : Assume LTE location info is base 10 but allow 16 or 8.
e7fd4f7 : Raise threshold for detecting excessive SMS usage.
5aa2282 : When retrying disassociate an ApnContext from a DC only when failed or idle.

Project: platform/frameworks/opt/vcard

7a2ac04 : Store encoding in upper case.
8aa2ab8 : Allow importer to handle missing encoding attribute for FN.
d5a731f : Fix missing encoding attribute on FN field.

Project: platform/frameworks/rs

36f07d8 : Fix kernel bounds for ColorMatrix intrinsic.
c4b6b3a : Fix kernel launch clipping.
fb6dfa6 : Remove hard coded limit on intrinsic blur buffer size.
8575a2b : Fix convolve3x3 off-by-one error.
cef5fe9 : Fix single-CPU/thread case.
3ea5b9c : Fix performance when reading or writing large buffers.
c5b34c6 : Thread launch latency improvements.

Project: platform/frameworks/support

0bb301e : Remove cruft from ViewPager
d267c93 : Fix a bug that could cause ViewPager to select the wrong page
16991ca : Tweak ViewPager behavior for more DWIM goodness
7124941 : Fix build.
44e3a52 : SDK only: improve SearchViewCompat
8295680 : LOCAL_SDK_VERSION=17 for android-support-v4-jellybean-mr1
37a7c5d : Fix use of removeView() during layout
884c97b : Javadoc: API level support for NotificationCompat

Project: platform/frameworks/testing

bc9f391 : Make debug logging configurable via the logging setprop properties.
d053117 : Added simplified output to UiAutomator tests.
bc81b38 : Added support for dynamic test discovery.
43261fa : updates to released API level 16 method list
b00e701 : DO NOT MERGE: Add proper @hide's for mismatched released APIs
f406deb : Added tracing of UiAutomator calls.
1893cae : Fixes lint errors in ui automator.
891e95d : Support apicheck for uiautomator.
79693ed : fix API Level annotations, add pre-req for api change detection
dbba713 : more Java doc tweaks
49df1bf : Fix scrollable start and end detection in ui automator.
1057055 : clickAndWaitForNew window fix

Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

48697f6 : Fix HWC documentation.

Project: platform/hardware/libhardware_legacy

a7c17de : audio policy: notification delay - DO NOT MERGE
fe43d16 : audio policy: fix volume problem - DO NOT MERGE
da06cb6 : audio policy: fix dynamic parameter - DO NOT MERGE
e912bfd : audio policy: direct output fix - DO NOT MERGE
745e7fd : Fix stop supplicant api

Project: platform/hardware/ril

ae67953 : Update documenation for DATA_REGISTRATION_STATE

Project: platform/libcore

8dd90ae : Lazy parsing of zip files for Java resources.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth

28cc988 : need send status code back(OK) after broadcast the intent(VENDOR_SPECIFIC_HEADSET_EVENT)
0f4ef70 : Clean up debug messages
dd66c70 : Code to broadcast VENDOR_SPECIFIC_HEADSET_EVENT missing
31be0d2 : need to send BluetoothAdapter.ACTION_LOCAL_NAME_CHANGED intent to all users
cb7b1a5 : Fixed potention ANR issue with Bluetooth OPP share.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Browser

582e13d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7c1000f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Calendar

2c6ac82 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
328417f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
72d1d73 : Remove vibrate-on-silent-mode per UX
4440da3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5715305 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Camera

b10ed0f : Fix picture size option for Arabic languages
ff46b1c : unbreak the build by picking in the fix from bryce.
759c3a5 : Don't re-launch activities we already started
fe00bf5 : Prevent Camera UI from showing up in Galllery
8eae48b : Remove orientation compensation
ae934ae : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b8b9a3d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
51f208f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b2443ba : Enable play button in video review
45df1bd : Fix shutter button missing in pano
cfe9b52 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7ae55bc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8ef858b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a9a7afe : Remove the horizontal line in pano portrait
02fdcae : Gray out location setting in secure camera
09cad06 : Workaround for visible horizontal line in SRI pano
9cbe225 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3e40e8d : Animate between camera modules
8d5c7a5 : Aniamte before capture if HDR
02f9ef1 : Hide menu button when popup is out
7feb179 : Remove switcher from menu if only one camera present
1088b55 : Fix pie item alpha
68cf90b : Set actual zoom value in initialize

Project: platform/packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver

ac36d01 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a2d3a03 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
84a0746 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8524c0a : Enable support for area info cell broadcasts in Brazil.
3500eda : Delay cell broadcast config until modem is ready to handle.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Contacts

82bdbbf : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ccd9e54 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ca43182 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
53f97fe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
69690ef : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e8f84e8 : Fixing unit test to not rely on html markup.
d141230 : Cherry picking BitmapUtilTest fix.
0fdbff2 : Don't show "set default" for directory contacts
3af2d48 : Prevent going into single contact mode un-necessarily.
b7a1da6 : Let talkback read People app name on launch
1c9e54b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
29cc640 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5870609 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8b4da23 : Change content description for phone right tab from...
c75ff8e : Allow vanity numbers via paste/DIAL intent
c5cf539 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f4fa3d8 : Added ability to paste Arabic/Farsi digits into dialer
f63bfe6 : Keyboard nav fix for list in GroupDetailFragment
e094be7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ae87a56 : Format phone number in QuickContactsActivity
99daf33 : Changed content description for add contact and group buttons
e8e9442 : Minor changes to validateAction().
4c29090 : Fix incorrect tab highlight in QuickContactActivity.
d6e83c4 : Add content description to More options button
e6d6a10 : Add content description for expand name fields button
8477f7a : Fix blank edit view after orientation change.
9d85a2a : Changed Quick Contacts details Button to ImageView
e7f458d : Change dial pad to show chooser onStart instead of onCreate.
781c4e1 : Prune selected call log filter options from overflow menu.

Project: platform/packages/apps/DeskClock

81a0690 : Resseting volume button to "do nothing" on upgrade
a3458d9 : Switch volume button default behavior
45f73b8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1d529d6 : Add time zone check every 15 minutes
1e34a1b : Always log the alarm time
e236143 : Tweak layouts for digital clock widget.
6e61c1d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
69a023e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d1f08dc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7128d26 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
be45296 : Distinguish replacing alarm from dismiss
f40eb1d : Reset timers data instead of deleting it
45a2e4b : Aligning columns in stopwatch lap times
bdd08dc : Translations for lap times
761d991 : Fixed scaling on timer/stopwatch time
e41a1a5 : Timers: Sort order and auto-scrolling behavior
316228f : Padding between date and digital clock
0548712 : Keep screen on when running stopwatch
6b3d629 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
66258da : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5b46dd9 : Timer Setup layout change for i18n
94830db : Extract boilerplate code into drawHand() utility method, for make benefit glorious readability.
e06d867 : Sort timezones in timezone picker
6add973 : Put the seconds hand on top in the analog clock
0f0e905 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
93d3ba1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
872c29e : Alarm delete confirmation
e2692e0 : Expand top margin for digital clock
38d343a : Revert "Fix flickers in numeric pad of time picker"
9722dd0 : Make on/off switch more visible
966f776 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e9a8a46 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3f65897 : Code formatting fixes.
7842f9b : Move SDK version to 17
60f175e : Read cities names for DB and not from list
a2b0a7e : Make Clock dream default to "dim"
c1d2939 : Update widget with home time changes
7afa628 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a809cb8 : Fixed up launcher icon

Project: platform/packages/apps/Email

4c13e1c : Make subject in actionbar smaller.
09a0962 : Use standard actionbar when possible
ed06051 : alias clicks on inert ActionBar modes to 'up' action
7abcd22 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3c0b8ee : Change Email vibrate setting from tri-state to checkbox
397cce4 : Specify a timeout for the connection handshake
978959e : Do not vibrate in vibrate mode if ringtone is silent
b746309 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cc2ae32 : Fix Email Widget crash.
3e7b0c1 : Fix Email Widget crash.
de4a631 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a1f2012 : Fix build caused by
d5f267e : Email Widget will use startActivity instead of startService so that it works correctly from the keyguard.
6ca495d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
458816b : Enable Email Widget on lockscreen. Work around keyguard detection issues.
f7610ff : Show newer/older text in toast upon long-press
1171c5e : Show newer/older text in toast upon long-press

Project: platform/packages/apps/Exchange

2fd0058 : Only clear sync error map on success

Project: platform/packages/apps/Gallery2

5b188c9 : Disabled further filters after Tiny Planet.
695e1aa : Force a layout pass if the display rotation changes
db99a10 : Fix NPE in PhotoPage
870e62a : Handle the case where the orientation column is not here...
6bf226e : Prevent Camera UI in Gallery
c6fe9f7 : Remove unneeded border asset
d10468b : Change themes
599393e : (re-)add vertical/horizontal lines when moving Curves Align histogram with Curves grid.
5d834ce : Added dashed diagonal for crop.
39d4679 : Fix transparency issue under the spinner.
0a624bb : Fix potential crash (regression introduced with fix for 7406402)
6d867ce : Set crop ratio to unconstrained by default.
205d0cd : Fix overdraw the correct way...
48b29c8 : Add new borders assets
cd84d67 : Fix history panel overlap
9cd7308 : Fix overdraw in FilterShow activity
78cabea : Fix flashing in geometry panel
987bc8a : Fix wrong colors in Curves
952144d : Fix moving points in the Curves editor
2380d02 : Added locking to ImageLoader.
6a94446 : Minor fix for some FP rounding errors in crop.
3c6a061 : Remove orientation compensation
2ccc425 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c0c7418 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c6e9329 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
18b3888 : Guard tiles by synchronized block.
b818326 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6694bb7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b0aae65 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4cdb225 : reduce size of tiny planet if malloc fails
f675cd1 : Add a triangle to the popup button view
e56b51b : Fix build
d95752a : Fix SRI Pano orientation
710c18b : Update the assets of unlock and camera icons in filmstrip.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Launcher2

7819abd : Fixing issue where the cling is offset. (Bug 7633074)
1ef2123 : Fixing NPE in updateCurrentPageScroll (Bug 7465970)
7f9ddd8 : Fix janky transition on All Apps tab switch
f3900c2 : Refactoring push reordering (issue 7139335)
0a457bf : Fix StrictMode violation
ffc2682 : Fix NPE
360310b : Extend background to full screen.
3c1681d : Cleaning up unused code
9df38df : Updating wallpaper picker icon to higher res

Project: platform/packages/apps/Mms

15188b3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cac3082 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4f9b2db : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4aa4141 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
49670b1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d5a0984 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1b5e0f4 : Opening recent apps while on compose dismisses compose on re-rentering app
90e32e5 : Change tri-state vibrate to single checkbox
a814c52 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
069464b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6019ec8 : SMS conversation list doesn't mantain scroll position
24da6ee : Area code is not displayed in To: field, while sending SMS from call log
63b5440 : Unable to create application
1eb39e5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
29e8f29 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ff3560f : Bringing up the keyboard when a picture is the last item visible will always scroll the conversation to the bottom
b9f83d5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
35b4c5b : b/7363553: fix a regression where keyboard isn't shown when composing a new message in SMS.
582bc61 : b/7363553: fix keyboard interaction when re-entering Compose Message activity.
8f88770 : IME dismissed when composing message

Project: platform/packages/apps/Nfc

be1939b : Snapshot b80adb2c263702442cf2f2d771168400e6ceb9f8
525c260 : Snapshot 1a6bcf3cca90fedfbad33c1cdd6d05af5774fc01

Project: platform/packages/apps/Phone

f4f1229 : Don't update call card when new info is worse
e7c1bd6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2bf69b0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4a79269 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
085d23d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
00dd3e8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
91280b5 : Change notification settings in Phone
524b481 : Change accessibility code to a timed dmtf signal instead of shortDtmfTone.
f9abded : Remove unused IExtendedNetworkService support
ddf9b34 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fbd1593 : Rename Ringtone category header in call settings
2db27c0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4fb656a : When answering a call, stop ringing even if network takes too long to connect.
62d9539 : Adding "ABSENTNUMBER" to the list of known constants from network.
55db52d : Hit area for End Call changed from percent to deadzone.
e4bcb9d : Force emergency dialer to portrait mode
6b3d403 : Make sure to move InCallScreen to back on disconnect

Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

a374d81 : Distinguish adding an already present word / cancelling
e3f1171 : Call back to whom requested to add a word to the user dict
ebc57e3 : Fix wifi compareTo
5b4509b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
67e9e59 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3674d86 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
aeb57ed : Pass the locale code in the help url for help pages.
bc5d927 : Add latest area info broadcast to Settings status screen.
cdc73b5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7bed18e : Revised language for notification ringtone picker.
b37447a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
aeb199a : Better layouts for security screen setups as part of b/7459863
97d07fa : Push scrollbars to screen edges.
6f8cd76 : Fix text alignment and simplify layouts.
48d000e : Disable USB debugging checkbox and backup password for secondary users
8f28cd5 : Fix incorrectly inverted text color.
6e8644b : Add string resource removed by previous commit.
4166ec3 : Use uniform font size for APNs and timezones. DO NOT MERGE.
c2b43db : Avoid split action bar when it only has one item. DO NOT MERGE.
8092adf : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
79d42bb : Be quiet!
441588d : Making sure keyguard and homescreen only display eligible widgets (issue 7550090)
7dee75c : Add android.settings.DREAM_SETTINGS for Daydream settings.
1e9f8d6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
42db418 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8a9edfb : Update a few dream setting strings to ease translation.
16a4c2b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4012997 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
12c1451 : Removing tutorial for choosing a pattern as part of b/7459863
e71a877 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
95c1003 : Fix Bluetooth enable dialog to match Android style guide.
7ed1879 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5f05010 : Use AlarmManager calls to set date/time, instead of SystemClock.setTime
8ef71db : Align "Make passwords visible" setting.
f707491 : Internationalize bytes and percentages.
5cdc937 : Fix a race condition when switching between settings panels
ec5c2a4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
add9d21 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9f4afb0 : fix dock audio enable dialog
bf459da : Remove back button entirely when disabled
a0fbc22 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
673130b : Use plurals for the developer steps countdown
62abdda : Remove blank translation string from en-GB, so it can show English.
828f523 : Manually enter translations for msgid: 9014073093293520112
adc728f : Fix layout with no access points
f012a9d : Added info about why Wi-Fi is required

Project: platform/packages/apps/VideoEditor

906cf88 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/inputmethods/LatinIME

18d688c : Use the amended user dictionary word for insertion
5cb40f8 : Fix IME settings icons
4d64525 : Match RU dictionary header.
526371f : Update the dictionaries
7d04582 : Request update shift state after shift-chording input
592f2b3 : Add a constant for S_INT_MIN
ec60d60 : Only add spaces automatically when appropriate.
c5653da : Correctly add double quote to the space strippers
fd1267e : Add Spanish United States keyboard (DO NOT MERGE)
f5a194b : Revert "Correctly add double quote to the space strippers"
06993cb : Revert "Only add spaces automatically when appropriate."
86e5547 : Revert "Correctly add double quote to the space strippers"
5986931 : Revert "Only add spaces automatically when appropriate."
6ce66d1 : Only add spaces automatically when appropriate.
aef0acd : DO NOT MERGE - Fix an error in the base char table for LETTER L WITH STROKE
d0725a6 : Update shift state only when input field is restarted
d62be28 : Fix language switch key behavior (DO NOT MERGE)
f1d0b2b : [DO NOT MERGE] Correct a wrong base character in Russian
af7264a : Correctly add double quote to the space strippers
00c0010 : Fix a bug with some text fields
5c32b6d : Make sure all FDs are correctly closed.
0e84041 : Refactor all phantom-space-inserted spaces in one place
61cc2a3 : Don't restrict reset composing state to non-identical setText

Project: platform/packages/providers/ContactsProvider

dacd5de : Change default sort order for email queries.
f5c0020 : Rebuild SQLITE_STAT1 table after drop operations.

Project: platform/packages/providers/DownloadProvider

b0bb182 : Cancel stale notifications when starting.
1d71eb6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
99de1b6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5f956af : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0daff11 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fec5f50 : Improve download remaining time calculation.
f818eec : Update extras for in-progress download.
d912ebe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
65ab05d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
892ed77 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
53948fb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
52b703c : Show remaining time in download notifications.
a8e93e6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a40a349 : Rewrite of download notifications.

Project: platform/packages/providers/TelephonyProvider

15156cd : App crashed as it was moving to foreground and message was received

Project: platform/packages/screensavers/Basic

d3042ca : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c35d6b2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e9ccbb7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e355d20 : Update "Basic Sleep Mode Apps" -> "Basic Daydreams"

Project: platform/packages/screensavers/PhotoTable

85756a8 : remove padding on table, also lifecycle cleanup.

Project: platform/packages/wallpapers/LivePicker

fbbdc9f : Adding high-res live wallpaper picker asset

Project: platform/prebuilts/misc

e63e2c8 : Manually update tradefed prebuilt from jb.
50fd6f4 : Update Layoutlib_api to API 9. do not merge.

Project: platform/prebuilts/sdk

07a523b : Drop official SDK 17

Project: platform/system/core

4f247d7 : rootdir: init.rc: set perms for cpufreq governor boostpulse_duration
c076030 : Fix ELF header parser bug.
fd8e650 : charger: Do not suspend when disconnecting from charger
40156b8 : charger: fix build
9255713 : charger: suspend enable in charger mode
80828af : init.usb.rc: set sys.usb.config to none before changing it
2cc3527 : libsuspend: compile as a static library
d42d327 : Fix fs_mgr to properly invoke e2fsck on encrypted devices

Project: platform/system/extras

c04808a : make_ext4fs: fix sepolicy lookup for lost+found
0f92e16 : make_ext4fs: insert lost+found directory into filled filesystems
6a73c51 : make_ext4fs: fix dentry padding when dentry size is 4088 or 4092
cb95c86 : make_ext4fs: fix dentry padding when dentry size is 4088 or 4092
430b67d : make_ext4fs: fix dentry padding when dentry size is 4088 or 4092
c3dc892 : Use updated stop supplicant API

Project: platform/system/media

555aac8 : Camera2: Fix metadata alignment for double and int64 types
b10d56a : Camera: Actually make camera_metadata memcopyable
3154036 : Camera: Fix metadata data alignment, other minor bugs.

Project: platform/system/netd

43682d9 : Fix a TOCTOU and symlink attack in netd.
e064432 : Fix a TOCTOU and symlink attack in netd.

Project: platform/system/vold

3fd60b4 : Fix issue #7503920: Log spew from vold