JRO03R (4.1.1_r6) to JZO54K (4.1.2_r1) AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

Project: platform/build

25454bc : JZO54K
0d6a91e : JZO54J
ba7bed7 : JZO54I
b097af8 : JZO54H
a5b7347 : JZO54G
e859020 : JZO54F
dbf1b57 : JZO54E
f33d47b : JZO54D
3c47c4e : JZO54C
ef6f4f6 : Add make_ext4fs to all builds
bdfc1bb : JZO54B
0bd5415 : JZO54
0e29ca9 : JZO47
f508984 : docs: combine all possible js files into one to reduce the number of requests Also make change to doc template and css to fix footer layout bug introduced by change 9edfa6db8c53ef9515aaeed734bea02c5d65e1e5
9edfa6d : docs: move home.css into default.css to reduce number of requests
951f93e : JZO40
0e71cee : docs: make landing pages w/o image span the full page width
97adb79 : JZO38
9332a45 : docs: comment-out unused style (the png currently does not resolve)
393830e : Improve print stylesheet for d.a.c.
2ccbd3f : change "nolist" style to be simply remove bullets and indent; leave the rest alone.
4f587c5 : JZO31
b505ca6 : add script to create links on topic landing page for first doc that use the doc's title
e2b8f86 : JZO26
54d2a9b : add bottom-margin to div-based notes
91f6799 : JZO24
06cb5c7 : Set the min height and width for images in carousel, set height of tabs so the selected indicator aligns with horizontal rule
b9ae92b : docs: further specify design docs' list styles to fix uls appearing like ols
bdd2ce0 : JZO18
7f527b3 : docs: add check in hash-change callback to be sure we're only dealing with hash-tags that are search queries. bug: 6843654
55163c8 : Doc change: add links to the More menu.
1d62fa8 : docs: bring back min-height for nav-x for proper height of secondary tabs
c14ec30 : JZO17
a214d84 : docs: upgrades to search. Fix history navigation functionality. Faster ajax requery while typing. Ignore ENTER key when performing requery to avoid reload. Improve results reveal with minimum height for proper div.
220c344 : docs: adjust spacing for collapsible sections (release notes)
2f16ba5 : Android 4.1.2 version bump
b71a27b : JZO11
40d7329 : JZO10
ef1335e : use default shell (mksh) in emulator
1b3db11 : docs: fix search suggestions and other script bugs for offline docs
952f55e : 4.1.1

Project: platform/cts

2022429 : Test nfc driver owner permissions
442d4f7 : change default log level to error
bc87868 : change DUT speaker volume to 1000 to 8000
eba07af : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add directories
3fc9165 : add 4.1.2 to version list
8e5695e : remove bluetooth ConnectionAccess tests
296f1d2 : remove camera analyzer
e96a622 : Load a web page prior to calling key events on it.
fb4046d : Enforce that the image is visible prior to poking it.
8cbf69d : Flakiness in the accessibility CTS tests.
51a36fa : remove possible race condition
2b9c83b : fix build 2
1ca0866 : fix build
f442636 : add cts_audio_quality.zip build
6eab462 : add xml report
9d204c2 : Increase timeouts in ReceiveUriActivity.
968abf1 : Ignore case on network info name
513faea : Improve error reporting for AppSecurityTests#testPermissionDiffCert
9b2befe : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add /data/img
282188d : remove sending menu key at the beginning
93d87ab : fix synchronization
1c62431 : Fix NPE in CTS test
e65e437 : construct MediaRecorder in setup
c1f7785 : Watch for explicit download IDs instead of count.
0a83759 : Fix build error due to bad import
22847d0 : fix android.text.format.cts.TimeTest#testSetToNow0
69489e8 : Fix NPE. Ensure favicon behaves consistently with other tests.
e6bbb62 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add /data/preinstall_md5
c323c37 : send Home key after each package
c89984a : trial to fix long click tests
8875398 : refactor MediaPlayerTest
bf7d35f : Fixing some flakiness in the CTS accessibility tests.
a8e4d0e : Give a size for image so test doesn't have to wait for the load.
2c152b1 : Remove external storage enforcement test.
0f9d299 : close file stuffs before deleted in teardown
3b2bc1d : DO NOT MERGE Fix assertion to use complete load check rather than one flag.
89332ad : DO NOT MERGE Fix LocationManagerTest#testExitProximity
d51563b : DO NOT MERGE CTS Holo: Enlarge the threshold from 1 to 2
7579fed : Handle devices with no telephony. DO NOT MERGE
391e1b4 : Use a longer test string DO NOT MERGE
68cef19 : Skip MIFARE Ultralight test for an unsupported device DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/development

d80ee02 : Retroactively add EffectiveNavigation and TabCompat sample code.
020d4ab : Establish the dependency on the uiautomator stubs.
611c676 : Add uiautomator.jar to SDK package.
1815b80 : docs: New redirect rule for all /downloads/... paths, pointing to http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/androiddevelopers/ Using this redirect allows us to use a simple URL in our docs for downloads and allows us change the storage location of the download assets in the future (such as when we're on devsite).
826be7b : remove all zip files for training class samples. They're now at frameworks/base/docs/downloads/
f4ac8bb : docs: quotes in comments apparently crash the server
2a7c34a : Update support lib to r10.
d0f75a5 : docs: move all ZIP files for training classes here, originally from the html/shareables/ directory to save space on the developer site.
cdfe5cc : docs: add redirect for l10n tutorial and fix a couple others
cfa5aac : Update the SDK platform tools package to revision 14.

Project: device/asus/grouper

505d795 : bootloader: nakasi: subject bootloader version to 3.41. DO NOT MERGE
a671ea0 : take 6c1dc2eaffd380710917ec8a61ebfb3da340aff5
7762423 : Add "discard" mount option for data and cache partition.
919c351 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
f602547 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
bfc3d96 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
84182a7 : update bootloader to 3.39
3da55e8 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel DO NOT MERGE
5331ff8 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
43f3728 : bootloader: nakasi: subject bootloader version to 3.38.
83b5813 : New prebuilt kernel DO NOT MERGE
e56eff8 : Move grouper specific vars into BoardConfig.
a057d5d : Follow the established pattern for the vendor/ entry points.
0d7c8ea : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
4176f49 : auto-generated blob list
285cef9 : grouper: Add libdumpstate.grouper
a309131 : bootloader: nakasi: subject bootloader version to 3.37.

Project: device/common

f76cc4b : Update jb-dev blob-listing script.

Project: device/moto/stingray

9659000 : New tty2ttyd binary for JB line
39a523f : LTE RIL binary update - LTEDC_U_07.23.00

Project: device/moto/wingray

773bfed : stingray: Kernel prebuilt
53438a8 : stingray: kernel prebuilt
3e1f297 : New prebuilt kernel:
243088a : Stingray: kernel prebuilt

Project: device/sample

bcd21a3 : Change apns-full-conf.xml
a5c1fcb : Fixup tethering APNs
de5e5b4 : [maguro/crespo][sample] change apns-full-conf.xml

Project: device/samsung/crespo

c181cc1 : crespo: Kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)
6b570ce : prebuilt kernel
ab3b3fa : prebuilt kernel (fixes for panics: usb gadget, i2c)
fba603e : Strip board-info.txt for AOSP
d92333f : prebuilt kernel (DDK 1.8@2112805 version change)
c39e9c7 : prebuilt kernel (GPU dump active PT)
a8605fa : prebuilt kernel (GPU dump active PT, wifi fixes)
41b49ae : Update board-info.txt
a1df5ad : prebuilt kernel (GPU, flush CPU cache workaround)

Project: device/samsung/crespo4g

eee4676 : Strip board-info.txt for AOSP
8e6d798 : Update board-info.txt

Project: device/samsung/maguro

8194bb9 : Strip board-info.txt for AOSP
708ac51 : Update board-info.txt

Project: device/samsung/toro

e6eb055 : SMS isn't converted to MMS even after 7 segments of messages
1cc0286 : Strip board-info.txt for AOSP
bd30a89 : Update board-info.txt

Project: device/samsung/tuna

d59ae3b : tuna: Kernel prebuilt
5fa370b : tuna: prebuilt kernel (USB audio use after free) -- DO NOT MERGE
6b6fdeb : tuna: prebuilt kernel (HSMMC1 suspend fix)
b69d5d1 : tuna: kernel prebuilt DO NOT MERGE
32c13ca : tuna: kernel prebuilt

Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

806ca81 : Fix cert blacklisting by public key
ffa4874 : Added patch to the README and android.patches.

Project: platform/external/emma

77b9074 : Backport from master.

Project: platform/external/openssl

9b4b062 : Use OPENSSL_NO_HEARTBEATS for better wpa_supplicant interoperability

Project: platform/external/skia

1d6fa96 : Reduce embolden effect. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/external/webkit

465864a : DO NOT MERGE Null check
28c43cf : DO NOT MERGE Fix memory leak
0e8bb60 : Null check to fix crash

Project: platform/external/wpa_supplicant_6

617450f : Use SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_1 SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_2 SSL_OP_NO_TICKET for better wpa_supplicant_6 interoperability

Project: platform/external/wpa_supplicant_8

e488da3 : Fix 'restore STA reconnection behavior' cherry-pick
6b24b49 : Restore STA reconnection behavior
27bf107 : Use SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_1 SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_2 SSL_OP_NO_TICKET for better wpa_supplicant_8 interoperability

Project: platform/frameworks/base

4873a48 : DO NOT MERGE - Full (local) restore security changes
199bc56 : Show plmn in emergency call allowed mode.
a9d7d85 : Get your own cursor Drawables, WebViewClassic!
de3debd : Fix notification gestures.
40c6ae4 : Single finger notification expansion.
2370126 : DO NOT MERGE - Make WebView track focal points more accurately
9d9fe3d : DO NOT MERGE - Delay starting scale gesture events until a touch slop threshold
77bf72a : Revert "Update Back softkey icon Bug: 6020915"
c104d16 : DO NOT MERGE GestureDetector - Mask action when checking POINTER_UP
21ee2ca : DO NOT MERGE Remove dead code
8be03ac : DO NOT MERGE - Use focal point for scrolling in GestureDetector
48c7c6c : DO NOT MERGE - New implementation for ScaleGestureDetector
dba8a81 : Fix CDMA decoding of multipart UTF-16 SMS messages.
c44ba47 : Doc update: client javadoc fix for @value.
5a45dd9 : Update TabCompat training sample code download.
b44b13a : Empty DC's apnList when the DC is free.
962daf9 : Update Back softkey icon Bug: 6020915
a18cfcc : Doc change: Remove japanese localized index page.
bf3bf7c : Fix system server restart
8631701 : Allow enabled accessibility service to toggle tocuh exploration after an upgrade to JellyBean.
2d9063b : docs: Add a few links and small edits to a couple layout guides
02d74a2 : docs: fix markup bug; remove extra </div>
911711f : revise info on Search button availability... behavior not guaranteed either bug: 6966922
d632b43 : docs: change download URLs for design assets. These new URLs are dummies that are handled by a redirect rule for all /downloads/... paths, that points to http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/androiddevelopers/ Using this redirect allows us to change the storage location of the download assets in the future.
5333400 : show 3G icon for CDMA/1xRTT
183bf11 : docs: misc bug fixes from external issues
0212363 : Multiple design styleguide fixes -Changing extras to videos -new bullet item in swipeviews -new in 4.0 removal -Ui overview notification info -reppling typo fixed
438a0ef : Do not eject internal ASECs when storage unmounted
cb0b2df : fix misc doc bugs from external issues
0099d67 : Fix typo in UsbManager javadoc.
607079d : docs: SDK r20.0.3, Support Library r10 Release Notes plus some OCD cleanup to the ADT install steps
2f8cc17 : cherrypick from ics-mr1 docs: source for nw app Change-Id: If50f407a0e56fa802fe9beedaa650e3a131872b2
ed12067 : updated downloads for styleguide -new illustrator stencil
252d23d : Revert "Group revert of the following commits for design docs:"
b111b57 : docs: fix hdef variable
40eee61 : docs: fix broken links and update sitemap text file
53b0fda : misc doc bugs. Fix sdk samples path Fix method signature in fragment doc code snippet Fix typo in a11y javadoc code snippet Fix markup error in brands page Fix markup error on content providers doc Fix typo on about>start page
41508f0 : Fix a logging NPE problem
73b9c29 : Notification panel on tablet does not handle back and home key events.
5baafab : Doc change: add trademarks attribution.
a18e0b4 : fix markup for gl pie
a65d0e7 : Doc change: 4K -> 4kb
ec4ec27 : cherrypick from master docs: Battery class C2DM -> GCM Change-Id: If5fe0034ae0bb72c321b591f84e79acbaf2e36f1
c950641 : Group revert of the following commits for design docs:
dd983ad : cherrypick from master docs: GCM changes Change-Id: Id5454e70455bae14ab4605021a6c1bcab0292ae9
613d0b1 : Doc update: Misc minor GCM updates.
2b1584c : new confirming page and updates to progress and iconography
0bd664d : Add missing docs to notification style rebuilder functions.
45c159e : dashboard update for 8/1
37eecc7 : docs: Add Device Art Generator for Nexus devices to d.a.c/distribute.
f05e34a : fix more broken links
353474c : moving accessibility image to callouts
6a681af : new extras section linking to design talks
f284d49 : docs: fix broken links
d5a3fe7 : docs: add downloads directory with initial set of current files. This directory is not included in the final docs output, but is merely here as a "master" source for the downloadable bits that we upload and serve from elsewhere, such as from Google Cloud Storage.
ae652cc : Fix AccountManagerServiceTest
969c243 : Initial commit of wireless connectivity/discovery class.
be13fa0 : removing recents icon in tabs ss
5b1f037 : Change KeyStore to use Modified UTF-8 to match NativeCrypto
1edd4ae : help image updates
5ac5a32 : new accessibility section
27855ac : Doc change: fix title and API level reference.
6443ca4 : actionbar and tabs image updates
bdd8d0f : dialog example update
26ff662 : Delay AccountManagerService initialization
8874ab0 : help, notificaion page updates and typos -changed copy to remove instances of eg
515087d : Explicitly set lib dir permissions during unlink
48c5eb0 : DO NOT MERGE. Add package-name-prefix blacklist for location updates.
36e055b : Doc change: fix typo.
4a9df8d : No longer parceling FixedSizeRemoteViewsCaches
dd4ef49 : Persistent 'emergency calls' banner in the notification panel.
cdd0c59 : docs: add links to new Settings dev guide
bfd070c : Use correct layout style for Theme.Holo.Light.
591ff97 : Fixing cache pruning to avoid pruning those in the visible range
baecca6 : Delete everything from the shareables/ directory to save space on dac. All of the training ZIPs are now located in development/samples/training/zips/ Added a readme file to explain this change toward using cloud storage instead.
bbb3f41 : docs: add Settings dev guide; a few changes to javadocs
c5e128c : fix broken links bug 6879771
a45746e : Fix several cases of broken droiddoc syntax external issue 35214
9af376e : Fix NPE on some phones at startup.
cb1aec3 : Remove old unused DreamsDockLauncher.
335c3b6 : Caching the FixedSizeRemoteViewsCaches across rotation
fe3b1cb : misc doc bug fixes
4c359b7 : docs: fix a bunch of links from javadocs to api guides and add some attributes to Spinner and Switch
375d72b : docs: Added docs for lint tool. Change-Id: I06192262b56e0333bcfbcac223395788f7b0d072 Bug: 5942358
0ae2927 : Fix 6804479: "Emergency calls only" in notification shade
e38a6c5 : Initial commit of GCM lesson for Cloudsync class.
7b661fb : Implement CMAS service category program results.
8e49278 : Fix tethering APNs
0804b6d : docs: specify that adt v20 or higher is required for class
82f9196 : Fix 5608959: Make keyguard follow user setting for orientation
cb58e6b : docs: ADT r20.0.2 Release Notes, bug fixes - reprise of reverted: Change-Id: I66cfcb46c5f8a4825f1a12640dacc3c2c42ff348
eb48884 : typo fix
9f061e2 : fix information about layout overrides bug: 6852515
39871b7 : docs: update Building Your First App class to reflect changes to New Project setup in eclipse
eef8340 : doc: fix for NDK r8b release notes
7e5cb84 : Revert "docs: ADT r20.0.2 Release Notes, bug fixes"
67922bb : docs: add new IO videos playlist and update blog posts to show N7 post and Tools 20
15c257e : Fix detection of CDMA cell broadcast messages.
4d5f968 : Fix issue #6860828 Non-root shell can't grant permissions
b235bf6 : docs: remove link that points to empty page
a5a0687 : Prevent crash in AppWidgetHost that can be triggered by an AppWidget
aeffc93 : Don't send terminal response without cmd details.
04364be : docs: ADT r20.0.2 Release Notes, bug fixes
ce470e1 : copy and image updates to patterns and building blocks
b949d41 : update Google IO announcement on homepage
095cd2e : Fix aapt -G to properly support class attr in fragment.
eebabd6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
12a5475 : docs: update hw accel attribute's default behavior and fix link to l10n tutorial
f4019af : Improve test key names to reproduce public issue
ed930e5 : Fix stuck status bars.
3409e72 : Correctly pre-clip paths when recording display lists Bug #6836448 External bug: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=34946
cd940ef : docs: Updating <uses-sdk> docs, bug fix: b/6836256
0e9a5a7 : Doc change: add button link to developer console.
67e6e0e : docs: SDK/ADT r20.0.1, NDK r8b, Platform 4.1.1 Release Notes
65bc1c2 : docs: fix broken links
7d55136 : Fix our interpretation of apn setting's bearer.
28a3897 : docs: re-add download.jd file to support archived SDK downloads
7b38133 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d0e84d3 : docs: Add link to action bar design pattern.
65363a8 : docs: adjustments to correct text alignment
60c8f99 : Doc update: GCM doc cleanup, continued.
e582746 : Fixing issue where you couldn't set null RemoteViews for a widget
6b7b9b4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7b756e6 : Doc change: API diffs for 16.
77cfe91 : Doc change: Fixes to IAB purchase state docs.
a07ea5d : Fixed the problem where getEntityAndIncrementCursor would always return "0" for attendeeIdentity & attendeeIdNamespace instead of the actual string.
0a386ff : Text shadow alpha handling incorrect DO NOT MERGE
3b1ca78 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bcf21e9 : Properly switch MediaRouter to wired audio over a2dp.
0f8e402 : Force invalidates on non-visible views. DO NOT MERGE
d792ef7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
23edefc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3458009 : Handle keyguard visibility states separately. DO NOT MERGE
d2d6c09 : docs: ADK 2012 IDE for Windows download link update, plus minor content fixes/updates
f333f5f : Handle keyguard visibility states separately. DO NOT MERGE
2ba2815 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
507c312 : Doc change: New TTL error code.
514bdc3 : Replace AndroidEmoji.ttf for UI optimization
25a916d : Remove gradients from navbar glow highlights.
e60393a : Remove the unnecssary intent call.
8e136f8 : Fix for bug 6716343. Use correct offset for mPos reset. DO NOT MERGE
7cd6dcd : Doc update: GCM doc cleanup.
9075248 : Properly resize paletted bitmaps when adjusting for density
54a18ef : Replace LruCache implementation for layoutlib. do not merge.
40a4ab1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
333c099 : Changed to obtain a parcel in each notify() call in jni.
e469e74 : docs: new sitemap text file
01e1b83 : docs: add largeHeap attribute to app manifest doc external issue 33967
fd51698 : docs: misc bugs from external tracker
099fd80 : docs: add throws notice for isPlaying per external issue 33610
fd29e8a : DOC CHANGE: AOSP33968 Typo
67970e8 : DOC CHANGE: AOSP 33831 - Typo
88eee99 : docs: fix urls on homepage for offline docs
68e6649 : Preserve retryCount when retrying.
1157e1a : When reconnecting disassociate dc and apnContext.
74d762a : Fix bug in parsing attributes for MediaRouteButton

Project: platform/frameworks/support

b41a213 : Add missing docs to notification style rebuilder functions.

Project: platform/frameworks/testing

f612e6a : more tweaks to visibility of methods, variables
ddc1008 : UI Automator public API cleanup
50f012f : Allow "click" logging to appear in logcat
2045d7d : resolved conflicts for merge of 9858df8b to jb-dev-plus-aosp
467cca7 : Noticed some clicks are fired but going ignored during tests
d367349 : add API to get screen size in dp, and a skeleton test
bc0f493 : Generate api stubs for uiautomator library.
3d50587 : Clean up of code comments and fixed UiSelector clone

Project: platform/libcore

0bcfe10 : Tracking DSA Signature.verify behavioral change
5e1acf9 : Tracking DSA Signature.verify behavioral change
1f9fe21 : Increment OpenSSLKey EVP_PKEY reference when it is selected for use with SSL_use_PrivateKey
6012ba8 : Add test for isPubkeyBlacklisted
f9ace73 : Tests for the CertBlacklist.
281be77 : Fix even more CipherTest flakiness due to implicit random IV values
02e0e9b : Make ZipFileTest#testHugeZipFile faster, and reduce ZipFile memory usage.
f19b9c4 : Address more CipherTest flakiness due to random IV values
d3298cd : Fix URLConnectionTest#test_getAllowUserInteraction.
3ff7a80 : Signature.verify should not throw if called twice
4f81a06 : TLS + SNI + proxy => bug : the SNI at the TLS layer is the hostname of the proxy instead of the hostname in the URL
2ac3f4d : Address flakiness of doFinal and unwrap CipherTests

Project: platform/packages/apps/Calendar

02fd982 : Modify doScroll to move based on the average of the touch points
298f397 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
08e839e : Change loading background of widget items to match event background, so there is less flashing when rotating the screen.
e10180f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Camera

16687a1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d97a4ef : Fix the crash when choosing pick your video in effects recording.
a4d59d4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver

d716ca0 : Add message ID cache to detect duplicate broadcasts.
21f2b9a : Implement CMAS service category program results.
eef14be : Fix CellBroadcastReceiver to ignore duplicate broadcasts.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Contacts

2dd9917 : Removing code to handle "call" action from QSB suggestion

Project: platform/packages/apps/Email

48f9758 : Don't set DPM password expiration unless it has changed

Project: platform/packages/apps/Exchange

f9ee00f : DO NOT MERGE Fix calendar availability
09dff53 : DO NOT MERGE Fix EAS backoff behavior

Project: platform/packages/apps/Gallery

d734c20 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Gallery2

ae04537 : Do not accept fling gesture after we changed from/to filmstrip mode.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Launcher2

2efda95 : Fixing landscape delete drop target padding.
fa4086d : Fixing issue where selected tab did not match AllApps page upon rotation.
8ed3752 : Fix issue where widget resize frame overlaps widget (issue 6493388)
c93e5ae : Binding AllApps synchronously. (Bug 6855061)
1462de3 : Ensuring that restoreInstanceState is being called promptly for synchronously bound page
a13a2f2 : Fixing issue where defered unbind was running after synchronous bind. (Bug 6858398, Bug 6863181)
36e6c5b : Disabling synchronous binding when returning home from another app while orientation has changed. (Bug 6792288)

Project: platform/packages/apps/Mms

364d926 : SMS isn't converted to MMS even after 7 segments of messages
e2955da : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e9023ad : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1e1be6f : Widget returning view type count of 1, uses 2

Project: platform/packages/apps/Nfc

43f2263 : Fix type of collision resolution record.
327d0e7 : Implement connection handover LLCP service.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Phone

36255b7 : Adding contextual "Voice Mail" text to in-call dialpad.
12c60e4 : Using SystemVibrator in the cases other than Ringer.java

Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

ba60a45 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c5acc13 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
059b123 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3eee86b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ca511a8 : Fix appwidget bind dialog
d7ae05d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
723bdf1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
eaeb8b6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4e53a0c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8442db2 : Move Google-apps specific location settings to a Google package
c31f6b2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5419954 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4635ec6 : Strings for upcoming location settings changes.
13be546 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
509cfa1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
35e404c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/VideoEditor

0aa129b : Use focal point for scrolling.
863925d : Use a local copy of HorizontalScrolllView.

Project: platform/packages/inputmethods/LatinIME

c565eeb : DO NOT MERGE: Clear cache of the user dictionary when a word is added

Project: platform/packages/providers/CalendarProvider

485a184 : Fix event color query (which fixes the failing CTS test).
f98ed2e : Fixed the problem where updating event colors would cause exceptions

Project: platform/packages/providers/ContactsProvider

ff91ec3 : Tolerate crashes during re-aggregation.
084a9d5 : Don't sort contacts supplied to global search app.

Project: platform/sdk

5afd994 : DO NOT MERGE: moving uiautomatorviewer into sdk

Project: platform/system/core

5dc5bfe : Mount/unmount filesystems before running e2fsck
55b763f : Grant sdcard_r to ril-daemon.

Project: platform/system/vold

eacf7e0 : Only cleanup ASECs in external storage DO NOT MERGE
425524d : Unmount all asec apps before encrypting