JSR78D (4.3_r2) to JSS15J(4.3_r2.1) AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

Project: platform/bootable/recovery

901b898 : recovery: remove O_DIRECT, use O_SYNC only
e8d953a : recovery: more cargo-cult programming
bf4a69a : recovery: sleep after writing partition and closing it
c870a99 : recovery: write partitions more conservatively
044a0b4 : recovery: try to write EMMC partitions more reliably
2f6877a : recovery: init backgroundIcon properly to avoid recovery mode crash

Project: platform/build

d90fa5d : "JSS15J"
863f612 : "JSS15I"
1a35c22 : "JSS15H"
276ef9a : "JSS15G"
4962f14 : JSS15F
10bd266 : "JSS15E"
8048266 : "JSS15D"
fc248ca : "JSS15C"
2460df9 : JSS15B
566c698 : "JSS15"
dff14e5 : "JSS11I"
ba9636d : Establish the built module dependencies on prebuilt shared library
1162218 : "JSS11H"
1adb5ed : "JSS11G"
7712d0c : JSS11F
cce09ab : "JSS11E"
4e9b763 : "JSS11D"
69a2040 : JSS11C
29b849f : "JSS11B"
e17c7f4 : "JSS11"
0e6cd79 : "JSS10"
0104e31 : "JSS09B"
b955041 : "JSS09"
9977ddf : Revert "Remove mediarouter v7 support library from SDK."
4c2dfcf : Doc change: Move butterbar css to template assets.
8c0f5b3 : enable download box style for qv sidebox
b1b758f : Don't build clatd without clatd.conf.
2145e71 : "JSS08"
0b001bd : JSS02B
a8c7c0f : "JSS02"
6666776 : "JSS01"
b97ce8c : "JSR91"
30d8a24 : JSR88C
d235ed2 : Respect DISABLE_PROGUARD
bbb986b : JSR88B
3963f3c : "JSR88"
69fb023 : "JSR87"
f84bf8d : Fix use of LOCAL_CLASSPATH in droiddoc.mk
d829e5c : "JSR85"

Project: platform/cts

d8836bb : Cts test for DumpFileProvider.
deadf91 : Add test for CVE-2013-2094
3aeea12 : Revert "DO NOT MERGE nuke libcore.java.util.zip.ZipFileTest#testDuplicateEntries"
927f4f0 : Fix CTS test for scan-always-available env
117c60c : Adds a check for that the FOV is the same before takePicture() and in onPictureTaken().

Project: platform/development

b7a2e33 : Load ES3 functions with eglGetProcAddress, not dlsym
a18be31 : Revert "Remove mediarouter v7 support library from SDK."
7167a05 : Bluetooth LE sample.
392804d : Adjust the redirects for edu and a couple others.
a451b01 : Add a sample showing how to use OpenGL ES 3.0
c05863d : Add GLESv3 to future NDK release
6bd35b5 : Revert "make target for gms and gcm javadocs and to automate entire docs build"

Project: device/asus/deb

3f73173 : JSS15J

Project: device/asus/flo

16ebedb : Added writing DDR.bin to DDR partition during flo OTA
d392208 : flo: set swappiness to zero
253b337 : wlan: change 5G STO timer from 1400usec to 1600usec.
ce14b58 : flo: set correct value for battery.capacity
0aa0e8f : wlan: update Deb Wi-Fi R2P table to meet the regulatory testing.
9aabe59 : Set /persist/ssn and 60isn to permission 664
f5836b6 : auto-generated blob list
d5e185a : PTP fix: remove USB1 from blacklist since flo doesn't have modem
319a5b0 : Flo: NFC: Load pre-firmware, re-enable Nfc-A/Nfc-F active.
39c6a8f : flo: Do not auto start CABL
74707ad : flo: Enable CABL in video only mode
a7be93e : wlan: Correct regulatory issues.
caa701b : flo: update camera kernel headers

Project: device/asus/flo-kernel

79816e3 : flo: prebuilt kernel

Project: device/generic/goldfish

07a4c8b : Camera3: Fix default AE mode

Project: device/samsung_slsi/arndale

44fc65d : Arndale won't be supported in AOSP in an MR2 timeframe. do not merge.

Project: platform/docs/source.android.com

3fe59ee : Docs: Replacing "build" with "port" in devices Bug: 9413760
945af1a : Docs: Removing code formatting from headers Bug: 8905394
28061d9 : Add JWR66L - and fix nasty typo

Project: platform/external/android-clat

0d7837b : Remove debug tag from the clatd.conf build target

Project: platform/external/bluetooth/bluedroid

98657a3 : LE: Release transmit buffer credits
ec7e2c8 : Do not abort bonding if link disconnects during SDP after Auth cmplt

Project: platform/external/icu4c

a8f744c : Switch to TL instead of ₺ for the TRY currency.

Project: platform/external/wpa_supplicant_8

e7ccc40 : Mark interface disconnected on removal request, DO NOT MERGE
7f6ddc3 : Do not try auto connect mechanism in disconnected state, DO NOT MERGE
17cac74 : Do not add BSS to blacklist on local disconnection request, DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/frameworks/av

a0e0ade : Camera2/3: Fix deadlock when starting recording before preview.
a2520db : camera2/3: set preview callback oneshot flag during still capture
4a5c009 : Camera2/3: As a fallback, unilaterally free old recording buffers
3d3f67f : Part of fix for TEE resource leaks when app crashes
f59a4b3 : fix scheduling policy service death detection
a691ff3 : Camera2/3: Don't allow recording and callbacks to coexist.

Project: platform/frameworks/base

a34a64d : Add gservices updater for carrier provisioning url
4fbe5af : Cleaner Tejat notification in Audio Package 11
d8fe7fb : When a SIM is changed check mobile provisioning.
e6771c4 : Fix missing lock in power manager.
5892fc5 : Remove iterators (DO NOT MERGE)
ad17523 : add warning for Windows users and fix typos
84ad089 : fix markup error in download button and fix transition to install/update guide
2248ff3 : Recover from corrupt network stats.
276f0ce : update Android Studio for v0.2.0. add release notes and troubleshooting topics
52dc4bf : add Toshiba usb driver link delete Fujitsu-Toshiba bug: 9755017
1f99a48 : Recover from corrupt network stats.
6433ef2 : Block Wifi P2p discovery while doing dhcp.
8cf3560 : VZW wants the phoneNumber to be 10 zero's if there isn't one.
8f1a759 : Doc change: Update gcore reference docs.
4befbec : Pass along the user id to AttributeCache requests
bd8dbf0 : update url for backup service key bug: 8834302
eceeaf1 : add link to cloud backend blog post
da31f2e : docs: add link to developer survey on main landing pages
a624137 : Doc Bug: b9739899 Bugs in Sync Adapters training
9c35004 : add xxhdpi information to tablet checklist
31da632 : dashboard update for 7/8
02a44f7 : Revert "Stop marking gamepads as keyboards"
be432a6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2183398 : Revert "Temporarily disable 'Scan Always' mode"
23f004f : docs: Updated uiautomator developer guide documentation for JB MR2 release. Bug: 8224013,8223957,8223641,8223589,8223815,7738720,7538348
18a46a2 : Fix NPE if mobile is not supported in checkMobileProvisioning.
68e6c64 : Fix NPE if mobile is not supported in checkMobileProvisioning.
c16b0d0 : Temporarily disable 'Scan Always' mode
e64716a : Expose latency methods through AudioManager and AudioTrack.
453df32 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7dfba28 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c355a1c : DOC: Sync Adapters Android Training
e9df511 : DOC: Sync Adapters Android Training
ab9321d : Add checkMobileProvisioning to ConnectivityService.
5cdf7f5 : When a new user AID is generated, dump it to dropbox
b254c24 : Fix out of range glCopyTexImage2D Bug #9425270
67603c6 : Recreate TextureView's display list on attach Bug #9425270
8971084 : Fix power issues around wifi scans.
8451fc4 : Doc change: edits to education opt-in docs.
f812258 : Doc change: add docs for edu opt-in.
86c9d47 : update homepage carousel for jelly bean 3.0
1c62a0f : typo
8cc7db7 : add jb-mr2 api overview
3b817ae : Improper initialization of the accessibility manager service.
f14ff1c : Doc change: new Bluetooth LE doc
ef445f1 : Bug 9517413: Activity Detection tutorial has errors
9c309d3 : Cherrypick from jb-mr2-dev docs: cloud save Change-Id: Ie20b2c7aca3f0724c9b04c6403deb18e1a07d322
6cb24e4 : Doc change: add video for edu page.
cad220a : Rename Google Talk to Hangouts in framework

Project: platform/frameworks/native

ac9a96d : fix a dead-lock in sensorservice
c07b520 : Find non-extension GLES wrappers in eglGetProcAddress

Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

9c430a4 : Only show "Emergency calls only" if a GSM device is voice capable.
0c5a269 : Allow GSMPhone#getCellLocation to report LTE location information
e9070e6 : Don't set gsm.sim.operator.numeric to null

Project: platform/frameworks/rs

b0934b6 : Remove libutils and fix rsDebug for RS support library.

Project: platform/frameworks/support

5bf1507 : MediaRouter dialog layout improvements
58516d8 : Adding the overridden control view to the layout instead of the control frame in MediaRouterControllerDialog.
eff7719 : Media router API updates.
0f5bae8 : Fix RS support library.
ae161a4 : Fix NPE when provider does not supply a route controller.
8fa60a6 : Doc change: WakefulBroadcastReceiver javadoc.
7c55166 : Fix NPE when control request error message is null.
9045070 : DO NOT MERGE Fix overwriting Action Bar title
fb75232 : mediarouter: Improve HTTP status reporting.

Project: platform/frameworks/volley

b9b8a32 : Allow per-app VolleyLog tags
b33d0d6 : Port CacheHeader away from ObjectOutputStream.
e5a3447 : Add a test for DiskBasedCache.
5264037 : Fix target package name so tests run.

Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

4c543a1 : Enable native HAL tests to work for camera3 devices
1a70c0f : libhardware: deprecate POWER_HINT_VIDEO_ENCODE/_DECODE
501fc0f : Power: Add multimedia hints

Project: platform/hardware/libhardware_legacy

cb93edf : audio policy: apply default device volume

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/display

be25961 : hwc: Resend the command after broken pipe is fixed
9c14a42 : hwc: Handle the broken pipe issue between hwc and ppdaemon
e3de508 : hwc: Don't lock eventControl for vsync events
fbc4be1 : hwc: Set a timeout when communicating with CABL
f6ef59b : hwc: Don't kill ppd when HDMI is on and primary also has video
0ddce8a : hwc: Don't run CABL when HDMI is connected
f627de6 : hwc: Ignore SIGPIPE error when communicating with ppd
a63c9a0 : hwc: Don't run CABL when HDMI is connected
be50f7b : hwc: Ignore SIGPIPE error when communicating with ppd
8e1eee9 : hwc: Get the retire fence from the MDP driver
76383fd : hwc: Punt video layers with plane alpha
b9c9e78 : hwc: Add support to enable CABL for video use case only
32cafd2 : hwc: Add support for smooth streaming feature.

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/media

355146b : mm-video: vdec: Fix movie studio crash
b0caee6 : mm-video: vdec: fix buffer-size calculation when in smoosthtreaming
b597ba5 : mm-video:add a component(role) that has smoothstreaming enabled
82175ab : mm-video: vdec: Convey crop information from driver to client

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/msm8960

e165f7b : msm8960: update kgsl headers
35fdd7a : mdp: Update header for retire fence

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/power

7633637 : Send the client pid along with request to PerfLock
59fbd17 : Change name of perf socket
66e5ad1 : Disable sync on thread migration feature for video encode/decode and display on/off cases
66e4502 : Revert "add coreboost feature and enable it when display is on"
d9de16e : add coreboost feature and enable it when display is on

Project: platform/libcore

15a9389 : Tests for ZIP sign extension bugs.
fe39951 : Values in ZIP files are unsigned.
7f649ed : Values in ZIP files are unsigned.

Project: platform/ndk

52d2033 : Add API level 18, and remove GLES vendor extensions

Project: platform/packages/apps/DeskClock

bca8e67 : Disable GlowPad animation when alert activity is done
4de68a0 : Clock widget scaling and dimensions.
00dd263 : Decreases screen saver margin on sw600dp

Project: platform/packages/apps/Gallery2

e8e2610 : Fix preview thumb and touch target out of sync

Project: platform/packages/apps/Mms

5a3a32b : When a video attachment from MMS is saved to the device, the content is not displayed on the Gallery app

Project: platform/packages/apps/Phone

720e662 : Allow configuration of GsmUmtsOptions based on mcc/mnc.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

cc0c585 : Use ConnectivityManager for mobile provision url
b464478 : VZW wants the phoneNumber to be 10 zero's if there isn't one.
2a1ccab : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f1d0205 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
76185f7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5d5a269 : Add Manage mobile plan to Settings.
a2fa332 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bf87f7d : Fix inconsistent string

Project: platform/packages/providers/ContactsProvider

4a1ade1 : White list file names and do not allow ".."

Project: platform/prebuilts/sdk

a5abbce : Update RS prebuilts for compatibility library changes.
17ffc38 : Drop JB-MR2 SDK as of build #718977 in jb-mr2-dev.

Project: platform/system/core

6647bf7 : init: Increase maximum number of Android properties to 372
d6f4c27 : Add writable data space for radio.