JSS15J (4.3_r2.1) to KRT16M (4.4_r1) AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Note: KitKat contains a lot of new projects from the Chromium Project to support WebView. Due to the size of the history of these (~14,000 changes) they have been separated out. If you want to see their history please click here.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

Project: platform/abi/cpp

de96c64 : Remove the need to copy & paste boilerplate.

Project: platform/art

31b9d66 : Hold proxy classes live in class linker.
ce88853 : Have JNI FindClass fall back to system ClassLoader Bug: 10994325
3a22361 : Validate ELF file segment lengths against file length when loading
8e3fb14 : Revert "Add Jack modifier."
d320a9a : Fix generate-operator-out.py's copyright header.
a6b22c5 : Verifier allows arguments of integral types to be interchangeable.
756ee4e : Find OatDexFile by DexFile name and checksum, not just checksum
eeb9888 : Use ElfFile instead of dlopen for Quick
7c3d13a : Use file magic to determine file type, not file extension.
6f27775 : Make oatdump support image file generated on device
b00309f : Fix OatFile leak causing dlopen to return stale OatFile contents
eb1efc4 : MIPS fix.
deb4370 : Fix handling of unresolved references in verifier.
abcf7ae : Fix overly restrictive assert
cb5f5e5 : Make sure CompilerDriver actually resolves types
ee39a10 : Use class def index from java.lang.Class.
c11d9b8 : Re-enable concurrent system weak sweeping.
caacdf3 : Fix dumpsys meminfo for art
72fcca2 : Reconcile differences between zip implementations
0f72e41 : Improve heap verification.
9e452d1 : Fix system weak sweeping race.
b4ea4de : Fix soft reference clearing issue.
52cd1e8 : Allow traversal into /storage paths.
c462198 : Fix race in root marking.
5666afd : Timely color fix
4858e1d : Make inlined CAS32 loop until store is successful if values match.
31fb301 : Revert "Fix CAS intrinsic to clear exclusive if values don't match."
6fc9251 : Make inlined CAS32 loop until store is successful if values match.
95848d0 : Revert "Fix CAS intrinsic to clear exclusive if values don't match."
3a08315 : Fix CAS intrinsic to clear exclusive if values don't match.
b8c46fc : Remove OBB bind mounts, now provided by FUSE.
3e47a74 : Remove dependency on JNIHelp header side effects.
08f2e7b : Disable lock contention logging by default.
3b7ffa1 : Support apps that pass JNI_VERSION_1_1 to GetEnv.
0a02d12 : Revert "Revert "Remove bogus fastpath from String::Equals(const StringPiece&)""
2e450bf : Revert "Remove bogus fastpath from String::Equals(const StringPiece&)"
dd3c27e : Fix verifier upcasting type after instance_of.
8438ed3 : Remove bogus fastpath from String::Equals(const StringPiece&)
51db7be : Use exit to avoid destructors in dex2oat.
3f96670 : Add more systrace logging to GC.
5f67532 : Fix image_test for SMALL_ART
a468405 : [build fix] Remove redundant complexity from JNI aborts.
193bad9 : Multi threaded hashed deduplication during compilation.
03db4bf : Fix ImageHeader.IsValid
68708f5 : Fix image_test on target
179486a : Fix ImageHeader.IsValid
3232709 : Fix oatdump to take bitmap bytes into its accounting.
479b494 : Change IsMethodTracingActive to GetMethodTracingMode for art.
70814f7 : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
31e8925 : Write out image bitmap inside of image file.
d76e083 : Make files writable on the installd path as well
920af3e : Fix thread status in THST chunk to use JDWP thread state.
e0948e1 : Make DexFiles opened from files readonly by default, but writable during dex2oat
a7d56cf : Revert "Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914."
4bf1c8d : Update blacklist for klp-dev
a404db0 : Add test-art-oat-<test> test-art-run-test-<test> variants
f30f6da : Set small ART override for image as an option.
eaeab46 : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
a436fde : Handle OOMEs in class linker with grace.
637859c : Make entrypoints Thumb2.
958291c : Fix build.
3f3d22c : Reduce the scope of a ScopedObjectAccess in dex2oat.
ba311b4 : Fix mark stack expand race.
cf2fb8e : Add art support for sample profiling from traceview gui.
11b63d1 : Quick compiler: division by literal fix
c6dfdac : Add buffering to ELF file generation
23009dc : Add art support for sample profiling from traceview gui.
f6c4b3b : New arena memory allocator.
e2be9da : Fix typo in elf writer.
4b8c13e : Fix sort order to make register promotion stable
0b3eb39 : Use atomic integer for compiler driver work balancing.
89502fc : A char array copy optimization.
7dfb28c : Don't scan image space when starting runtime.
2553250 : Update art/tests/089-many-methods.
ec0cf9b : Revert "Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914."
b8a874c : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
42b3240 : Update black list with Landroid/webkit/WebViewFactory;
8fcaca5 : Allow NULL JNI arguments for length 0 memcpys.
677ffa4 : Don't skip compilation for portable builds.
6d3f72c : Use Class::IsVerified to confirm status, not MethodVerifier::FailureKind
7971363 : Make jni_internal_test less spammy.
4ffdc6b : Allow NULL JNI arguments for length 0 memcpys.
8f3c9ae : Don't allow class status to go backward except for error.
2775ee4 : Add more runtime options.
fe9ca40 : Compiler filter update
d3633d5 : Add some extra DCHECKS for debugging artQuickProxyInvokeHandler
b8a0b94 : Switch JNI globals lock to reader-writer.
aa836f7 : Fix PushLocalFrame(0).
379e2f5 : Clean up unnecessary files after build-only. Bug: 9482191
4aa48fc : Enable contention logging by default.
be7149f : Avoid throwing NoClassDefFoundError at compile time.
4639860 : dex2oat flag to always dump timing data.
e6bb3b2 : Reduce AOT initialization.
984c183 : Fix typo of quick instead of portable
b7767e8 : Revert "Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914."
f96b217 : Tolerate both old and new java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap
6a94caa : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
9329e6d : More suspend check repair.
abd7be9 : Prevent segvs in JNI.
e53225c : Print information about large objects freed and AllocSpace objects.
a95ba83 : Change default sampling interval to 1000 samples/sec.
c1ff4b7 : Sampling profiler reads clocks once for all events in a trace.
958aba1 : Build fix.
720ef76 : Fix non concurrent GC ergonomics.
6553049 : Build fix.
cbcfaf3 : Fix suspend check optimization
5ce4b17 : Clean up sampling tracing.
94c32c5 : More parallel GC, rewritten parallel mark stack processing.
8ef94c6 : Build fix.
0e480ca : Move output_stream files out of runtime.
90af14d : Get SEA fibonacci running in interpreter mode.
02e2511 : Fix up TODO: c++0x, update cpplint.
ba041a5 : Log long GC pause only when the process cares about pause time
d822da0 : Fix portable sign/zero extension from JNI.
97fbbef : Fix some x86 portable asm.
57dac6e : Fix sampling profiler to use thread's cpu clock.
bd136a2 : Get PORTABLE + SMALL on x86.
8d11af5 : Switch GCC -O flags, O3 non-debug, 01 debug.
414af10 : Add flock(2)ing on dex-cache files to prevent races
bc93966 : Prevent segvs in JNI.
7571e8b : Add flock(2)ing on dex-cache files to prevent races
2e250c8 : Revert "Always enable lock level checks."
8718359 : Add -XX:+DisableExplicitGC option for Art
be6810d : Revert "Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914."
6e6819f : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
0f40ac3 : Fix races in small mode compiler filters setup
97a03e3 : Fix small art build.
1a4d6d8 : If CheckJNI is enabled don't allow app workarounds
e2f77e7 : Build fix.
75a43f1 : Clean up logcat spam from compiler and verifier
0abc72e : Modify traceview to sample instead of instrumenting methods.
ea46f95 : Refactor java.lang.reflect implementation
b22a451 : Avoid a long alloc space lock contention during sticky GC sweep.
9b3c3cd : C++11 support for ART.
b373308 : Add a systrace support for lock contention logging.
67f9941 : Yet more timing logger cleanup
08bf196 : Work on SMALL_ART and PORTABLE working at the same time.
73a7907 : Revert "Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914."
155ecba : Fix SMALL_ART
4654322 : Timing logger clean-up
672a423 : Not all shared libraries have a JNI_OnLoad.
a4afbb8 : Handle JNI_ERR results from JNI_OnLoad functions specially.
673b683 : Make verifier allow integral types to be put in integral type arrays.
f9468a5 : Verifier checks that primitive put array/field type matches insn type.
7644966 : Move verification of primitive type puts into helper method.
8a94652 : Use unsigned comparison in String::CharAt.
c6c6e22 : Fix memory leak in verifier.
d678802 : Use reader writer mutex for safe checkcast map.
00ae676 : Fix typo in mutex.h file.
442cd6e : Fix logging memory leak.
d8cf66b : Place CFA in the regular .debug_frame section.
a49bdff : Don't add barriers to clinit methods.
96faf5b : Uleb128 compression of vmap and mapping table.
49bded2 : Fix portable build.
659efe7 : Fix missing files.
468532e : Entry point clean up.
f981da1 : Use JNI to access activity manager process state.
1809a72 : Uleb128 compression of vmap and mapping table.
a9a5092 : Fixing build breakage due to bad newsplit placement
4446ab9 : Systrace fixups and refactoring for TimingLogger
1961a27 : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
1afde13 : Polish the lock contention logging.
c39e342 : Use JNI to access activity manager process state.
36e58b8 : Fix image_test for new small mode API.
ee17e0a : Compilation filter
a024a06 : Compilation filter
b0f8719 : Removed unused friend classes for tests.
597e46b : Added tests for SEA IR intermediate representation.
3839f7a : Fix portable build.
d8de72f : Fix missing files.
848871b : Entry point clean up.
423fb4d : Add tests for SEA IR types infrastructure.
a3519a4 : Renamed SeaGraph::GetCurrentGraph to GetGraph for clarity.
bfaf44f : Refactored SEA IR folder structure to be more logical.
6547fa9 : SEA IR type handling complete for fibonacci.
eb5710e : New free list large object space.
a464748 : Verifier checks that primitive put array/field type matches insn type.
9642c96 : Move allocation stack unmarking outside of pause.
916041f : Fix logging memory leak.
7b89bc0 : Fixed SEA IR bugs.
e0a53e9 : Add low memory mode option to ART.
50b2928 : Improve the allocation speed.
147c00c : Replaced .dot generation lock with ScopedObjectAccess.
6447919 : Generation of dot files through visitor.Added type info to .dot.
b9c37fb : Use reader writer mutex for safe checkcast map.
702a85b : Fix typo in mutex.h file.
b24bd99 : Move some DexFile checks to debug build only.
184e322 : Disable and remove finger.
e986953 : Disable compilation during image_test for portable.
1a2f1bc : Place CFA in the regular .debug_frame section.
85affca : Not all shared libraries have a JNI_OnLoad.
7935372 : Handle JNI_ERR results from JNI_OnLoad functions specially.
6875fd3 : Fix valgrind support for dlmalloc space.
33691ab : Fix memory leak in verifier.
04865b9 : Use unsigned comparison in String::CharAt.
fa50baa : Restore build-art minimal build
161a8e0 : Fix accidental performance regression.
e5426c9 : Fix histogram memory issues.
fe1f7c8 : Move verification of primitive type puts into helper method.
b24b4a7 : Make verifier allow integral types to be put in integral type arrays.
b40eddf : Added SEA IR type infrastructure (and a bit of cleanup).
08d7d44 : Fix image generation.
8bbc8c0 : Fix mismatched malloc / delete.
834b394 : Merge remote-tracking branch 'goog/dalvik-dev' into merge-art-to-dalvik-dev
dbaa93a : Make test-art-host-run-test and test-art-host-oat run with and without interpreter.
9fc16eb : Don't add barriers to clinit methods.
0418ae2 : GC a lot mode.
f417117 : Clear exception when no move-exception on portable.
9e8f45e : Ensure has_no_move_exception is initialized on all return paths.
7502122 : Adds a DEX-to-DEX compilation level.
a073c67 : Fix host oat_test on portable.
025218c : Clean up stlport usage.
2724776 : Support inline dex data, take 2
7655f29 : Portable refactorings.
f082d3c : Remove sorted variable in allocation stacks.
afa8ff6 : Fix bug in ZipEntry::ExtractToMemory for zero length entries
9004cb6 : Allow MemMap to support empty map requests
b4dcf65 : Fix build. (whitespace issues)
37c19bc : Multiple-inclusion protection for Android.common.mk
c449aa8 : Clear exception if catch block doesn't have move-exception.
9dcd45c : Fix NewLocalRef to use AddLocalReference.
e224532 : Added SEA IR def -> use edges (along the use -> def).
8df6cea : Put jni lookup stub in native code ptr and fix GetOatMethodFor for proxy.
b07b8b7 : Move vector output stream to compiler.
166db04 : Move assembler out of runtime into compiler/utils.
c16c5b4 : Fixed 100 char limit in SEA IR files.
1521e95 : Avoid unnecessary exception checks.
46a1270 : Revert "Support inline dex data"
ecde136 : Fix build (whitespace issues)
728328a : Support inline dex data
6bee445 : Improvements and clustering for the .dot file generation.
7934ac2 : Fix cpplint whitespace/comments issues
93c3396 : Fix style issues in MethodVerifier
4d4adb1 : Prevent verifier from creating unused compilation data.
fb331d7 : Convert CHECKS in OatFile::Setup to LOG(ERROR) messages
0de7985 : Consistently handle EINTR on FUTEX_WAIT
bd2c19f : Fix compiler_driver_test/image_test.
58b42b9 : Fix portable build.
b8c7859 : Revert "Revert "Remove non-live vregs from GC map on return.""
be576f4 : Fix jni-internal test breakage
98b6b18 : Fix build
6f28d91 : Add systrace support to NewTimingLogger, migrate compiler timing logging to NewTimingLogger
0a9dc05 : GC data structures allocation tracking
6b99dd1 : Remove a C style cast.
d792cc1 : Add art support for Zygote NoPreloadHolder which black lists early initialization.
5fde12a : Update DEX pc before thread suspension.
b0f3f48 : Avoid fetching instruction's first 16 bits twice.
23d5cff : Revert "Always enable lock level checks." DO NOT MERGE
73dda0b : Revert "Remove non-live vregs from GC map on return."
fb2802d : Fixes to instrumentation and quick to interpreter entry.
21a5f69 : Update blacklist with HttpsURLConnection$DefaultHolder
8f20ff4 : Update blacklist with HttpsURLConnection$DefaultHolder
333cf1b : Tidy OOME message.
c50d8e1 : Remove OatWriter buffering to memory for ElfWriterQuick
c0d120a : Remove non-live vregs from GC map on return.
db06306 : Continued refactoring of strings & headers.
81f79a6 : Refactored string to int conversion.
a86acf7 : Make Sea IR objects un-copyable.
6d376ae : Tidy ws and document verifier instruction flags.
63a5434 : Add option for changing number of GC threads.
19e776c : Enable darwin target build for art.
66d1aee : Unsigned comparison for array bounds check.
09b07a9 : Show size/alloc/free per Dalvik heap space in dumpsys
7fcba11 : Restore conditional oat file copying used by build system.
0e260a3 : Added code generation framework.
4560248 : Move TimingLogger creation to dex2oat
0177fe2 : Remove CompilerDriver::IsDebuggingSupported
3b074e6 : readdir is safer than readdir_r.
a6468f6 : Fix dalvik-dev branch cpplint issues
479f83c : Dex compiler: re-enable method pattern matching
6eb5288 : Conditionally define non-Android pthread structures
f529352 : Move JDWP to std::vector<iovec> to remove runtime/arrays warning
05eecea : Enable running cpplint.py on art C++ files when using mm and mmm
fb6996f : Fixing cpplint runtime/arrays, runtime/int, runtime/virtual issues
3e79aad : Fixing cpplint readability/constructors issues
4274889 : Fixing cpplint readability/check issues
2d88862 : Fixing cpplint readability/casting issues
751d4ed : Fixing cpplint legal/copyright issues
02c8cc6 : Fixing cpplint whitespace/blank_line, whitespace/end_of_line, whitespace/labels, whitespace/semicolon issues
6f485c6 : Fix cpplint whitespace/indent issues
9b7085a : Fix cpplint readability/braces issues
ad256bb : Fixing gtest failure due to VerifyClassUsingOatFile change
38f85e4 : Fix cpplint whitespace/operators issues
1895ea3 : Fix cpplint readability/fn_size issues
8235331 : Add interface for updating the heap's process state
3e3d591 : Fix cpplint build/namespaces issues
6c87180 : Fix oatdump to work after selinux OatFile installd change
df62950 : Fix cpplint whitespace/parens issues
0cd7ec2 : Fix cpplint whitespace/blank_line issues
f69863b : Fix cpplint whitespace/newline issues
93ba893 : Fix cpplint runtime/explicit issues
b1eba21 : Fix cpplint whitespace/comma issues
2ce745c : Fix cpplint whitespace/braces issues
044d283 : Fix VerifyClassUsingOatFile to check preverified image classes
fc0e321 : Fix multiple inclusion guards to match new pathnames
65d15d9 : Fixes to instrumentation for debug build and interpreter.
56d947f : Add verification of boot.oat generated on device
8784462 : Remove declaration of undefined method.
6d69f59 : Fix thread initialization issue when runtime started twice (as seen in image_test)
17bfe26 : Use LOCAL_REQUIRED_MODULES instead of LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES so we only relink the tests on libart changes but do not recompile them.
0cb7853 : Fix typo in makefile
c0ee650 : Fix LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES in Android.oat.mk
d6a23bd : Don't manually mess with sigaltstack on Android any more.
1754938 : Remove an assertion that JDWP packets are small.
543959c : Support check-cast elision in DEX-to-DEX compiler.
4b95e8f : Refactor atomic integer.
add037d : Fix jdwp to not hold start lock while waiting on attach lock.
4fcb8d3 : Remove stale comments and kDebugLocking check
3795f25 : Use non-PHONY dependency to avoid rebuilding art gtests repeatedly.
4478eb0 : Include dex2oatd along with libart and libartd-compiler
f1d3455 : Do not mark pages executable unnecessarily to play nice with selinux
e68fb3c : Mark libbcinfo as a SHARED_LIBRARY dependency.
58cc497 : Move ScopedHashtable files out of art/src
c8475a6 : Fix LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES in Android.oat.mk
7940e44 : Create separate Android.mk for main build targets
8cc5162 : Semi-pruned SSA support for sea-ir.
987ccff : Native allocation accounting
5cd9e3b : Revert "Always enable lock level checks." DO NOT MERGE
3693c08 : Fixes for portable build
3d92d52 : Add HAVE_ANDROID_OS check around cutils/properties.h include
51c2467 : libart-compiler cleanup
b1a5879 : Port 1778d17feda232e5f794ba1ebdf400a600a17fd8 to art.
934313b : Let dalvikvm default based on persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib
46e811b : Fix DDMS allocation tracker.
67ce9b0 : Adds missing dataflow flag for invoke-interface.
534f2b6 : Fix GetDirectBufferrAddress to use GetLongField.
cf90940 : Fix debug build assertion failing on boot.
27c590e : Revert "Always enable lock level checks." DO NOT MERGE
4922e9d : Use /system/framework/framework.jar:preloaded-classes for on device dex2oat
c644405 : Update class_initializer_black_list for master
56adf60 : Adds ThrowAbstractMethodError to common throws.
7d658cf : Fix -Xint mode.
3dd9f76 : Interpret methods invoked via JNI in interpreter only mode.
bdd0fb9 : Improve sticky GC ergonomics
f3e861d : Fix GetQuickCodeFor to return actual code pointer if it exists.
d25de7a : Preparing SSA support for SEA IR: reaching definitions.
73cca6f : Fix DDMS lock ordering error.
2010a60 : Disable -Xjnigreflimit: in art too.
9a916d3 : Add marks for instrumentation frames that get interpreted.
0b4e3ef : Add StandardCharsets to the class_initializer_black_list
cc10e0e : Constructor barrier support in DEX-to-DEX compiler.
2cb33b8 : Improve SPARSE_SWITCH handling in interpreter.
24bbb10 : Avoid duplicated code for FILLED_NEW_ARRAY.
cef450c : add dalvik.system.VMRuntime.vmLibrary implementation for ART
13e2d1f : Minor interpreter cleanup.
752a0e6 : Adding systrace logging to GC
9897be9 : Make Array's throw routines void.
75fe90c : Improve exception detail with JNI_OnLoad issues
39f9927 : Added wrapper functions for register acccess in Instruction.
5103322 : Change alloc space lock level
0a3b863 : Remove unused Thread parameter from ThrowArithmeticExceptionDivideByZero.
c15853b : Cleanup quick support in verifier.
f3b3bf1 : Make art use core-libart explicitly (part 2)
eae0550 : Make art use core-libart explicitly (part 2)
3b010aa : Make art use core-libart explicitly
7467ee0 : Added support for SEA IR.
fb67b72 : Make art adapt to BOOTCLASSPATH containing dalvik core.jar
a7a60a8 : add use-art, use-artd, use-dalvik phony targets
999cd43 : Fix oat-target to use new odex style extensions
2d6ba51 : Quickening support.
ce3e27b : Fix oat-target to use new odex style extensions
3c50a4b : Rename vmData
1d54e73 : GC clean up.
30e2ea4 : Move art to use dalvik names for .oat files
0eba633 : Use libnativehelper to find JNI_CreateJavaVM
b19fa80 : Don't always slow-path array casts/instance-of.
3c539ff : Improve Logging
828a07f : Fix cbz disassembly bug.
ad27f28 : Add missing dlclose
35bd61a : Fix Mac build by making dalvikvm definition visible
fa42b44 : Move to new art dalvikvm
50239c7 : Avoid resolution for field types in image dumping.
7761cb6 : Fix disassembly of 16bit thumb branches.
c4378df : Make it possible to call JNIEnv::FatalError with a pending exception.
00626c2 : Fix Class.getModifiers for array classes.
9639160 : Move image class computation to the CompilerDriver
9754368 : Removed haspeer check and changed small method default limit
22fd6a0 : Avoid null-checks in blocks following an explicit check.
1c653d5 : Fix O0 build.
fa7809f : Mark instructions that produce non-null object arguments as non-null.
233ea8e : No access check support.
8afe6e0 : Temporarily disable los contains check.
e3359f7 : Don't recursively take ClassLinker::dex_lock_.
dd623db : Now that abort(3) is fixed, Runtime::Abort() can be simplified.
62342ec : Mark newly allocated objects as precise.
ccf1248 : Always enable lock level checks.
05e3a5f : Fixed list of String methods after removal of old JIT methods.
7675e16 : Rename art-cache to dalvik-cache
4bdbbc8 : Dump oat file statistics with PrettySize.
04f94f4 : Don't always mark array types as precise.
0dc9d34 : Add missing ENTRY_POINT_INFOs.
dd75d5d : Don't set resolution method's compiled code entry to the interpreter.
2630985 : Tweaks to check-cast codegen.
6fe568e : Simplify CanAssumeTypeIsPresentInDexCache.
0aba0ba : Created compiled stubs in image.
16e3d2c : Check interface assignability strictly for check-cast elision.
443dcc3 : Harmonize checks in switch instructions in interpreter.
74109f6 : Better inline instrumentation callbacks in interpreter.
5f4bd97 : Add logging of implicitly added image classes
4b7b989 : Make ImageWriter tolerant of image classes implicitly loaded by <clinit>s.
d090cf4 : Always dump stacks if we're aborting.
9b36039 : Peephole the type of a source of a move-object before instance-of.
c9e463c : Faster instance-of for final classes.
a700596 : Unresolved types aren't assignable from Object.
fae370a : Don't apply instance-of peephole when vDest == vSrc.
980d16b : Stage 2 of cast elision opt.
92c607f : Optimize branch instructions in interpreter.
8d3a117 : Perf tweaks to compiling and oat writing.
8d44885 : Fix portable build shadow frame.
a72dd8b : Conform to convention for build env var for small art
48ae54e : Tune ArenaBitVector::Iterator::Next.
e701f48 : Clean up shadow frame.
62cd098 : Add check to catch use dalvik's libcore earlier
5243e91 : Reduce use of DecodedInstruction in verifier.
d058380 : Allow type based sharpening for imprecise references.
513369c : Add array of abstract classes reflection test.
637c65b : Verifier improvements.
397c048 : Don't mark instanceof as a safepoint.
39ebcb8 : More profiler driven tweaks.
817e45a : Compiler: type inference bug.
54c7e27 : Revert "Elision of checks optimization."
2b87ddf : Elision of checks optimization.
f89eccd : Use no-omit-frame-pointer in host builds.
9e2d7f1 : Elision of checks optimization.
1bf8d4d : Profiler directed clean-up of dex2oat.
b88b3da : Revert "Elision of checks optimization."
ef7162e : Elision of checks optimization.
f8582c3 : Build fix.
e3cd2f0 : Enable devirtualization for abstract and sub-class methods.
1d9314c : fix indentation
63937db : Fix mac build
ba3ce9a : Re-enable thread-safety checking on host, warn when not enabled.
b43cef3 : Fix for register number display in oatdump.
790ad90 : Some more interpreter cleanup.
d4e868a : Partial fix for reg number display in oatdump.
ca6ad22 : Specialize DoInvoke in interpreter.
c8a3ff8 : Optimize field access in interpreter by improving inlining.
29e2e7e : Use UniquePtr in MethodVerifier::GenerateDevirtMap.
13aebfc : Disable darwin build of art
1e8c505 : Remove quick compile-time dependency on mclinker
7f55288 : Fix ElfWriterMclinker for ART_USE_PORTABLE_COMPILER
6a47b9d : Refactor ElfWriter and introduce ElfWriterQuick
6951067 : Some interpreter cleanup.
75b2a4a : Remove use of DecodedInstruction at runtime.
33e9566 : Various GCC 3.6 and clang build fixes.
33e15bc : Fix bug in OOME inside an OOME hampering run-test 061.
cd5d042 : Clang build support, -Wthread-safety with GCC 4.6.
6bdd8f4 : Optimize aput-object in interpreter.
e15e7fa : Update monitor enter/exit exception handling in interpreter.
74c0704 : Help inline LogMessage::stream method.
e606010 : Increase logging around bad dex files.
c4ee12e : Avoid recursion if logging lock is corrupt.
d8274bc : Fix clang build issues.
fa46d3e : Interpreter tweaks
9cec247 : Various improvements to interpreter.
6613519 : Allocate shadow frames in interpreter on stack instead of on heap.
bddf976 : Fix JNI_CreateJavaVM signature to match jni.h
807a256 : Improve interpreter performance.
aa4a793 : Rename abstract method code_ to entry_point_from_compiled_code_.
a5abf70 : Compiler: replace DOM traversal computation
1674363 : Improve interpreter to interpreter invokes.
c44f68f : Fixed Android.common.mk #define setting for small art
2c6de22 : Improve verifier speed.
8a01a3a : Make ShadowFrame fields const when not in portable.
bf47e5f : Tracking merge of JWR32E (#656244) to dalvik-dev
b3eb9eb : Fixing Small_Art Default
02c4223 : Supporting de-virtualization for precise types.
8447d84 : Compile filter for small applications and methods
654d919 : Add conscrypt to art tests
e40f302 : Track rename of JSSE
1f3bc2f : Fix MIPS jni stub and save gp as part of ref only saves.
302a72d : Revert "Supporting de-virtualization for precise types."
31d4b8e : Supporting de-virtualization for precise types.
f4da607 : Revert "Supporting de-virtualization for precise types."
6ed90ad : Changed image file to no longer be executable.
79fe539 : Removing remaining compiled stubs from image.
b0682d5 : Supporting de-virtualization for precise types.
09b55e1 : Fix PortableResolutionTrampoline to handle <clinit> methods.
ba1814e : LLVM build fix.
a622767 : Robustify Thread::DumpState.
58df327 : Removed compiled resolution trampoline.
ede1807 : Fix Monkeys failure
9f57a86 : Fix bugs in type precision.
0fed328 : MIPS fix.
0e03367 : Allow passing of multitple --invoke-with.
bab7496 : Remove unnecessary use of std::string.
9365f58 : Don't read trace from VM during destroy VM.
4535705 : Fixes for timing logger and histogram.
e7a5b7d : Fix memory leak of and use without initialization.
1bd4b4c : Avoid a use before initialization in mark sweep.
0878d65 : Thread tidying.
f8adc60 : Mem map bug fix and documentation.
dbbc99d : Factor out try item from catch handler finding.
fbdc0fa : Build fix.
a182704 : Tidy up compiled method.
23055dc : Mutex tidy up.
d914eb2 : Thread pool tidying.
25ae7eb : Fix RegTypeCache typo/memory-leak.
6282dc1 : MIR tidying.
5d10a87 : Remove the separate JdwpTransport objects.
68a5e3c : More JDWP implementation cleanup.
8b788fe : Send the GC's SIGQUIT output to the right ostream.
1f55ea0 : minor cleanup
cfa9cfa : Fix JDWP log spam.
ee98895 : Add bool to verifier to allow soft failures.
c4f105d : Compile less stuff
068193c : Add missing TEMP_FAILURE_RETRYs to the JDWP transports.
0920163 : Fix ObjectReference.InvokeMethod.
449db33 : For JDWP, suspend thread before configuring it for single stepping.
ed1790e : Add some comments about thread dumping and suspension.
ff9af22 : Port AOSP dalvik change 9e11a836e0927e6ea9246b56d99e0482920b81c6 to art.
9eef5b3 : Reorder kJdwpObjectRegistryLock to prevent lock level violations.
c0bd4da : Temporarily clear exception during ExceptionCaughtEvent.
c1fcdf1 : Fix frame type for deopt entry for x86.
14dd5a8 : Fix exception caught listeners and frame type for deopt.
4b4d711 : Remove SLOW_ART output spam in compiler driver.
862a760 : Compiler: continuing refactoring
1c42ff9 : Fix portable build.
f08e473 : Fix abort regression.
10e75ab : Build fix.
62d6c77 : Interpreter entries and instrumentation as a listener.
9609cb6 : Remove remaining code related to compiled invoke and proxy stubs.
aef701d : Dump native stacks for all threads in native code.
5fa60c3 : Remove use of compiled proxy stub from portable.
a7b0c42 : Fix crash in stack walking.
998be61 : Fix breakage for android.core.vm-tests-tf tests
b0245ae : Compiler: stop wasting cycles....
b95851f : Fix JNI internal tests.
4c6aad2 : Add test 302-float-conversion from dalvik.
1fd3346 : Compiler: LIR restructuring
58805e4 : Fix missing dependency for test-art-host-gtest-dex_method_iterator_test
8b1ce16 : Fixes for comparisons between signed and unsigned values with new jb-mr2 compiler (for MIPS, previously fixed for ARM and x86)
6f67517 : Fixes for comparisons between signed and unsigned values with new jb-mr2 compiler (for x86, ARM previously fixed in d74e41b1cce5373aa24fd2fbea735173f6113d5a)
4aac9e1 : Fix typo in runtime_support_mips.S causing build error with jb-mr2 toolchain
c404bfb : Disable branch weights due to issue with llvm jb-mr2
b568121 : Port 1abc689a32fc20b38227060e4da5e0934df8fc19 and e5d14162ff278c41e09c42769cc31401feeeba18 to art.
ecc6682 : Tracking rename of libcompiler-rt.a to libcompiler_rt.a
2e8a4fc : Port 23579ddf124b5b0d190a68657f76d511c05a4a12 to art.
10efeec : Fix portable interpreter build.
51a5fb7 : Refactoring type verification in Art.
a3988d0 : Fix portable build.
f1b3030 : Gracefully valdiate oat magic on OatFile::Open
a188cd4 : Use Thumb sp-relative store.
aecb5f3 : Track libcore DirectByteBuffer change.
74180ca : Remove code related to compiled invoke stubs.
22c0569 : Disable close of compiler_library_ to workaround mclinker bug affecting gtest output
857fe96 : Fix Class::IsInSamePackage
6474d19 : Remove use of compiled invoke stubs from portable.
9fa3f20 : Proxy filter for insamepackage checks
f3c9932 : Add some more permanent ElfWriter::Fixup debug logging
d74e41b : Fixes for comparisons between signed and unsigned values with new jb-mr2 compiler
333a8ec : Update class_initializer_black_list for jb-mr2
37d4879 : Changes to move to jb-mr2 based llvm
59b976b : Remove gcc-based annotalysis support
52e55cb : Remove gcc-based tsan support
0665fe0 : Compiler: rework dataflow iterator.
9829e33 : Always supply matching -source and -target to javac.
f3e9855 : Slow ART.
71fe267 : Some common frontend tidying.
a3b59cb : Fix hprof.
a3dd0b3 : Fix DDMS large heap memory profiling.
311ca16 : Compiler: Spring cleaning
f11afa0 : Make shadow frame addresses unique.
7a54946 : Pass NULL as receiver for static methods for ArgArray builder.
8e26b31 : MIPS build fix.
225ade2 : Fix portable build.
4f6ad8a : Various performance improvements.
aabe8ad : Clean up ArgArray in preparation for portable changes.
22a2086 : Re-enable large object space.
04d7aa9 : Fix object verification.
19ca8cf : Fix MIPS invoke stub.
ed11564 : Increase WatchDog timeouts and improve formatting
19c5d37 : Fix build breakage caused by bad merge.
5d91730 : Changes to remove need for compiled invoke stubs for quick.
aed0716 : Some comment tweaks in quick.
c0993e8 : Fix ElfWriter to properly support MIPS
40feccc : Remove warning that happens all the time in the course of normal execution.
84923ff : Temporarily disable large object space
11ba0e9 : Fix bad use of T3 encoding of add w/ pc
83a2532 : Uniformly check JNI versions everywhere we use them.
90e2741 : Fix oat-target-* to create output directory
3559973 : Add bitcode dumping to LlvmCompilationUnit
54d22c2 : Fix some bad logging in dex2oat
b45ccbf : Add some checks for bad inputs when opening files
8692215 : Return JNI_ERR on bad version to AttachCurrentThread
80dcf93 : Remove DCHECKs from DisassemblerArm
4a999e2 : Remove DCHECKs from DisassemblerArm
bd86bcc : Tracking rebase to jb-mr1-release
5d021c7 : Fix sdk_x86-eng build error about possible use of uninitialized fields
3f47c12 : Fix portable build on build server by removing depenency on ANDROID_HOST_OUT
ebf7eab : Disable gdb annotate support for Emacs in run-test
0d94eb6 : Minor LLVM cleanup.
1d6848c : Update clean-oat to remove unstripped versions with symbols
8227cc1 : Remove trailing whitespace
265091e : Remove ExtractCodeAndPrelink and switch Portable to MCLinker
bf1442d : Update intrinsic inlining test.
4b2e0b0 : Volatile support in Portable compiler.
901d5ba : Intrinsics support in Portable compiler.
4c1c283 : Move compiler_llvm to art::llvm.
89756f2 : Rename OatCompilationUnit to Dex.. move to compiler.
219b5a8 : Rename CompilationContext to ParallelCompilationManager.
8550c9c : Move the jni_compiler_test under compiler/jni.
0211378 : Move the JNI compilers under compiler.
1212a02 : Move the Compiler to CompilerDriver.
8e69605 : Fix bug in GBC expansion wrt invoke return types.
1b2b71f : Portable slow-path sets for float/double need bitcast.
2b97c27 : fix build.
27b3c2f : Abort LLVM in debug builds when the IR doesn't verify.
2ffe4f1 : Fix failing LLVM verification on unreachable blocks.
7720970 : Ensures allocas are at the start of entry block.
0d43d54 : Generates barrier in constructor.
01d1134 : Always compile compiler_llvm files.
76ae4fe : 1 IR builder. Kill greenland. Remove JTypeSpace.
395116c : Compiler: rearranging the deck chairs.
60641a7 : Harden oatdump like we did dexdump.
c928de9 : Remove Iceland.
a0e8bbd : Add debug info on sporadic compiler crash.
0f82716 : Fix JDWP ObjectRegistry lock ordering.
eb5cb60 : Bump dex2oat timeout, give 1 minute warning.
530f71c : Fix proxy return ClassCastException and add test.
d9e63c0 : Update ARM disassembler.
a40307e : Ensure VM's heap is accounted correctly.
6824361 : Port the "abstract methods are not implementations" fix to art.
7b3ddd2 : Refactor DescribeVRegs to allow caching.
5e588b3 : Output Intel group 0 prefixes.
857a078 : Upper and lower capping for percentiles
cb69306 : Clean up more of the JDWP request handling.
4b9702c : Add a JDWP::Request type to replace the old uint8_t* and int.
50a1abf : Inline monitor-enter in portable.
c081e36 : Improving histogram test cases
64f574f : Implement EnableCollection, DisableCollection, IsCollected, and fix Exit.
db1e390 : Port new test for package annotations from dalvik.
7e2364c : port 0a682b1855fb8c63a8fb502d60b37259dc893302 to art
6030ef4 : run-test --gdb on host should imply dev mode.
05f3057 : Move monitor related object routines to object-inl.h
4aeb567 : Add missing headers file.
a843954 : Using histograms for timing statistics.
addf1a8 : Fix the last failing host -Xint JDWP test.
e78500c : Fix ARM disassembler for shift immediate instructions.
9e1448a : Update comment making reference to an old file.
6324e21 : Fix art's System.arraycopy now bionic doesn't have _memmove_words.
f9e609f : Disable dlopen which doesn't work on MIPS.
69307df : Start the ELF function index from 1 instead of 0.
75bc896 : Add missing proxy_stub_offset_ initializer.
d4c3f7d : Add cfi debug info for MIPS.
f662a7c : Add "select" detection to common frontend
5793fea : Clean-up a few quick x86 runtime assembly stubs.
a0664be : Port prctl(PR_CAPBSET_DROP) patches dalvik-dev
aeeada4 : Add CFI directives to x86 runtime support.
9bd0281 : Enable inlining of Unsafe methods for x86.
818d98e : Fix MIPS to use standard kPageSize=0x1000 section alignment for ELF sections
4a4552d : Fix build of art/src/oat/runtime/mips/context_mips.cc
bd7d2d3 : Fix END macro.
c7d1f91 : Codegen tweaks
9329bbb : Unwind (CFI and exidx) information for ARM.
6a62786 : Fix ReferenceMap oat test.
d0876a9 : Thumb32 form branch disassembly.
5501913 : Disassembly of movt.
5a70fe8 : Add sun.misc.Unsafe get/put int/long/object intrinsics.
a5954be : Compiler cleanup: remove some old JIT leftovers.
bbdd053 : [Portable Compiler] Rework return block marking.
e8ae0dc : Fix ALWAYS_INLINE.
4b07f17 : Add some comments to describe assembly #defines.
6a791b2 : Skip card mark when storing known null reference
8dbb708 : Rename run-time functions to distinguish art_quick_[name] vs art_portable_[name].
34b8c98 : Fix portable build
38a3a0c : Fix test-art-host-oat flakiness
4ef3e45 : Compiler constant handling rework
1ffa32f : Reduce inlining in debug builds.
45cebaf : Track Zygote exec API change.
c0fa3ad : Improve performance of JNI field operations.
b6c31ea : Move hot routine out of mutex.cc.
7cb0f9c : Fix ARM 32-bit thumb dissassembly for certain special cases.
693ff61 : Performance improvements by removing a DMB and inlining.
00bc1dc : Remove separate libart-compiler-llvm
11ffc2d : Changes to LLVM to support deoptimization.
cb91f1a : Improve ART_BUILD_ disabling
641ce03 : Rename compiler_llvm CompilationUnit to LlvmCompilationUnit
e9de2dd : Change oatexec section to be Function not Object.
6cbd384 : LLVM build fix.
785e618 : LLVM build fix.
55c9c4b : Fix invariant check for unresolved super classes.
98573f9 : Fix portable build following object.h refactor.
2dd0e2c : Directory restructuring of object.h
0794b6a : Fix ARM CAS64.
6ff7f80 : Realphabetize source file lists
eae2691 : Improve ARM thumb disassembler output.
700c8d3 : Move .oat files to ELF format
9adbff5 : Implement Intel QuasiAtomics.
5354ec5 : Bump LLVM compile time warnings to make them less spammy.
948c508 : Fix LLVM build.
7a22fa6 : Refactor StackVisitor to take a Thread*.
87b185f : Fix 044-proxy on portable.
49a0f15 : Address OutputStream feedback
4893188 : Avoid heap trims in foreground and audio apps.
1eab958 : Remove kExceptionPending flag from thread and codegen.
56edc43 : Support for contention logging with ART futexes.
cd60ac7 : Create OutputStream abstraction
d636b06 : Avoid crash in HeapChunkContext::Flush post Reset.
d75afb9 : Prune away extraneous ART_USE_PORTABLE_COMPILER ifdefs.
a8fd2d5 : Revert "Change LLVM check for pending exception to use thread flags."
9a14265 : Revert "Change LLVM exception check to check all thread flags."
17a7f18 : Revert "Prune away extraneous ART_USE_PORTABLE_COMPILER ifdefs."
a96836a : Improve -verbose:jdwp.
85d9ba6 : Interpreter oat tests.
927bd29 : We actually support JDWP 1.6 now.
b6f0f78 : Make the tools/art script appear to work from any directory.
7db619b : Enter interpreter stub.
9777ba2 : Implement Method.Bytecodes.
5f548e0 : Fix 107-int-math2 with interpreter.
f10f9de : Fix LLVM build.
0cbaff5 : Implement ObjectReference.ReferringObjects.
6674f8a : add jasmin dependency so that it can be used when building the tests.
af6e67a : Further proxy refactorings.
a6f3aaf : MIPS fixes.
dd7bf56 : Move IntMath into run-test.
8ff2f3d : Prune away extraneous ART_USE_PORTABLE_COMPILER ifdefs.
3b78c94 : Implement ReferenceType.Instances.
ec0f83d : Implement JDWP VirtualMachine.InstanceCounts.
a1ae861 : Change LLVM exception check to check all thread flags.
4028312 : Prune dexlang from the llvm compiler.
2281a0e : Change LLVM check for pending exception to use thread flags.
f58dffd : Proxy tidy up and extra asserts.
734b8c6 : Implement ThreadReference.OwnedMonitorsStackDepthInfo.
f950170 : Implement ThreadReference.CurrentContendedMonitor and ThreadReference.Interrupt.
a26babd : Move ExceptionTest to a run-test.
35c360e : Don't mask OOMEs in 102-concurrent-gc.
dd0c4b8 : Move GrowthLimit to a run-test.
e41931a : Move Invoke to a run-test.
54a63fd : Move MemUsage into run-test.
ffb5600 : Move ConcurrentGC to run-test.
9ac995b : Move Fibonacci to run-test.
af81f92 : Move ReflectionTest to a run-test.
7e4fcb8 : Instrumentation support for x86.
4993bbc : Implement ThreadReference.OwnedMonitors.
10c5b78 : Fixes for gtests on gPrecise.
12051ea : Added MIPS instrumentation support.
16848f6 : Remove unnecessary logging.
f327e07 : Implement ObjectReference.MonitorInfo.
9e0c175 : Rationalize the remaining suspension checks in debugger.cc.
c5dc2ff : Remove references to the now-useless ThreadLock class.
df42c48 : Fix the recent Object.wait change.
a9137c6 : Remove jni_internal_test flakiness.
f15f4a0 : Remove Dbg::IsSuspended, which was checking the wrong thing.
88d6309 : Clean up debugger orthography.
dc5daa0 : Fix portable path.
221229c : Handle zombie threads in JDWP.
162fd33 : Add update_debugger_support for x86 and fix ModBasket.
54b3747 : Fix art script argument quoting.
b4e94fd : Extend and fix the monitor diagnostics.
26f10ee : Fix Portable build
4cd121e : Implement the Thread.sleep native method.
80537bb : Fix and reenable lock dumping in stack dumps.
e5fe0f7 : Fix debugger to properly return TS_SLEEPING.
fffdb02 : Add memory barrier for final instance fields.
6641ea1 : Fix stack walking when top frame has null method pointer.
1d6df8e : Fix Portable build
2502e00 : Basic block optimization refactoring
c8fece3 : Port the Runtime.nativeLoad change to art.
306057f : Support for deoptimization needed for debugging.
d850621 : Compiler: GBC fix, CFG dump enhancements
11a796e : Change NewDirectByteBuffer to allow NULL if capacity == 0.
96a9887 : Improve JNI error checking to use JniAbort rather than CHECK.
9b5aa6f : Locking and exception handling fixes for debugger/interpreter.
14f0db9 : Fixes to interpreter and debugger for JDWP.
09bc5a2 : Add a run-test test for annotation classes missing at run time.
4c5b265 : Test and fixes for invoke-interface on java.lang.Object methods.
e222ee0 : Move stringpiece.h and stringprintf.h to base/.
c1e0490 : Changed IsInDesiredThreadGroup to never return null threads.
1aa246d : Move casts.h and stl_util.h into base/.
07ed66b : Move logging.h into base/logging.h.
76b6167 : Move mutex.h into base/mutex.h.
f66330a : Fix icu4c include path pollution.
7616005 : Switch over to the google3 unix_file File*.
09bfc6a : Some fixes for JDWP with the interpreter.
7331813 : Remove now unused RelocateExecutable
1cac343 : Remove now unused RelocationBehavior
6702243 : Support for SetVReg and add SetGPR.
4c1bf1a : Support for --gdb for target run-test.
262e251 : Fixed slow path for invoke-direct with null this pointer.
e6285f9 : Compiler: Take advantage of constant propagation
4f3d94b : Port new 084 test to art.
42b4dc4 : Interpreter fixes.
a77f0f6 : Various fixes for JDWP.
a169e1d : Quick compiler: refactored listing & const fix
ce4cc0d : Using gcmap instead of shadow frame.
078fa45 : Quick compiler: improve ClobberSReg comments
609ba32 : Fix/add comments in x86 long codegen.
07ec8e1 : Intrinsic for java.lang.Thread.currentThread.
ef28b14 : Remove some SOA from JNI internal.
cfaa455 : Turn the thread peer_ into a Object*.
7da142f : Quick compiler: tighten null/0/0.0 workaround
760c943 : After ART_USE_FUTEXES was enabled, we need some different gAborting protection
0dfbb7e : Fix some JDWP bugs related to locking and getting statics.
5f61f67 : Workaround for Issue 7250540
d45f201 : Simplify ConditionVariable and avoid potential race.
2bfc673 : Fix run-test to tell the truth.
80de7a6 : Fix clear growth limit not working.
df1ce91 : Add alignment attribute to packed.
a3a82b2 : Quick compiler: minor cleanup
af1b892 : Prevent hang due to HandleUnexpectedSignal reentry
e256fe1 : Avoid direct access to length_.
9e419ca : Disable another CHECK when gAborting
5bd97c4 : Fix and enable ART futexes.
ce945c4 : Fix LLVM build.
94d6df4 : Fixes to make all run-tests except 051-thread work.
8c4bbb5 : Eliminate build of target-specific compiler .so
0a9bb73 : Fixed access checks on class resolution in interpreter.
65db880 : Estimate allocation rate to predict when to request concurrent GC.
449a49b : Portable compiler: fix build
02031b1 : Quick compiler: Single .so for all targets
28c9a83 : Quick Compiler: pointer/boolean cleanup
d752132 : Various fixes to the interpreter. First 23 run-test tests pass.
fa57c47 : Quick Compiler: Shoot the Camel
27cedf8 : Add test-art-host-interpreter-run-test build rule.
aad9438 : Quick Compiler: static, extern and inline cleanup
52a77fc : Quick Compiler function renaming
87a6edd : Fixes to interpreter, now passes 003-omnibus-opcodes.
1bc37c6 : Continuing Quick compiler refactoring
d91398c : Fix interpreter int/long div/rem.
689d9f0 : Missing return for interpreter iput/get NPE.
58bf0c6 : Fix interpreter cmp[gl]-double.
373c52f : Added CheckSuspend and UpdateDebugger to interpreter loop.
f1d39fd : Fix arg array builder from interpreter for wides.
17ffcab : Fix interpreter const-class.
0dff3f4 : Add -interpreter to run-test to test interpreter only mode.
8e56c7e : Fix incorrect lock for process references.
556d637 : Implement interpreter packed-switch.
2b82db4 : Refactor GC to have a class for each different type of GC.
50ffee2 : Introduce -Xint flag for ART.
40e3bac : Make stack visitor location for bad roots more verbose.
cbd6d44 : C++'ification of Quick compiler's casts
b5bd814 : Fixed bug in checking wide constants causing cts failures.
2eb8403 : Fix 080-oom-throw println failing.
eaf09bc : Quick compiler: more refactoring
2bcb4a4 : Add "kind" argument to Get/SetVReg.
efc6369 : Quick compiler source reorganizatio - part 1
8e950c1 : Simple debugging support for portable path.
f0504cd : Quick backend: rename target-specific #defines
725a957 : Pulled out instrumentation into its own class separate from trace.
4da7f2f : Fix missing card mark verification.
35883cc : Ensure ThreadPool constructor does not return until fully initialized.
ec13743 : Revert "Revert "Refactor codegen resource masks""
664bebf : Fix occasional deadlock caused by checkpoint root marking.
ac86a7c : Remove bitmap lock from checkpoint root marking.
d22d548 : Remove first GC pause.
4b39c9f : Revert "Refactor codegen resource masks"
a4a970a : Fix overlap bug
07131ca : Refactor codegen resource masks
2f66382 : Restrict Compiler ThreadPool lifetime to compile-time
ebf6aa8 : Fix bug in static field initialization.
02b6a78 : Parellel mark stack processing
994d62a : Add --no-watch-dog for use when debugging dex2oat
81b8871 : Broaden scope of gAborting. Fixes hang in HandleUnexpectedSignal.
bcc2926 : Add dex2oat watch dog thread for host builds
af6eaca : Remove files not part of quick, portable or iceland builds.
5f7fa55 : Force boot image strings into dex cache.
64b6d14 : Interpret class initializers when building image.
0f79d72 : Fix Mips/x86 compilers
b046e16 : Remove all TARGET_[ARM|X86|MIPS] #ifdefs
e46cd75 : Fix race condition in thread pool shutdown
e35517a : Remove disable card marks, fix SetPatchLocation.
8161c03 : More MIPS fixes. The vm-tests and oat tests all work on the emulator.
663c09f : Special for monkey debugging (#2)
ff2d2c5 : Remove ClassLoader from OatWriter
4696b5b : Fix art usage of readdir_r(3).
2502544 : Move Unsafe offset code to Java.
09cd727 : Fix for MIPS long subtraction when source and destination are same.
8df6e27 : Fix test suspend.
2fa6b2e : Interpreter.
0e4627e : Add thread pool class
c531cef : Eliminate #ifdef ART_USE_QUICK_COMPILER
6ffd096 : Add Jack modifier.
61f916c : A few more MIPS fixes. Emulator boots up with black screen.
9281f00 : Special for monkey debugging
05f28c6 : Dump dex file sizes in oatdump.
65c3f9c : Fix typo.
0825427 : Dump GC maps/verification for methods with bad roots.
858f1c5 : Check point root marking.
30a3317 : More MIPS fixes. Many run-test tests pass.
7e76286 : Dump failing thread if IsDaemon check fails.
63af636 : Fix build.
27913a2 : Fix for Mac build.
c621681 : Remove missing parameter from Object.internalClone.
41ada62 : Fixed MIPS jni dlsym lookup stub to use T9 to call native code.
50e1744 : don't inhibit randomization on non-arm platforms
3056d0c : Improve accuracy of heap trim times
f852fb2 : Fix OatHeader.isValid
28db012 : Add oat file dependency on boot.oat load location
fc6a30e : More MIPS fixes. Most basic tests pass.
a85b837 : Update image oat checksum when patching
2e92fd6 : Revert "Remove dump-oat-Calculator"
4eb68ed : More MIPS fixes. Fibonacci and ExceptionTest work.
99bc217 : Fix 044-proxy bug in oat_write.cc.
4202b74 : Fix flipped condition in VerifyRoot
1a0b475 : Fix Zygote selinux code to support null values
c4dc43e : Add libselinux to libart linker options
88f3654 : Add support for Value Format VALUE_TYPE in the encoded_array_item used for initial values of static field references from a class_def_item
dc1cd10 : Remove HAVE_SELINUX guards
b8404a7 : Workaround for portable path.
5833853 : Fix oat_test for portable path.
f54f3ac : Fix non-inline push_shadow_frame.
a0a2a6c : Fix oatdump's usage message.
6c27968 : Change shadow_frame_size_ to num_shadow_frame_refs_. Fix LLVM build.
128c52c : Fix invalid root detection using wrong function to find space from object.
9ebae1f : Concurrent class linker and intern table root marking
5438ad8 : Add vregs to ShadowFrame.
fbd2291 : Attempt to always dump all threads when aborting.
4c54e72 : Fix mac build.
c604d73 : Implement mutex requeueing for cv broadcasts.
0b0b515 : Add large object space contains check to IsHeapAddress.
6f1c949 : Add root verification when we try to mark an invalid object.
0051be6 : Add parsed options for heap min free, heap max free, target utilization.
1c23e1e : More space refactoring.
fa147e2 : Numerous fixes to MIPS. Basic oatexec works.
ed6d5ed : Fix memory leak in compiler
215a926 : Fix LLVM build.
9958daa : Don't get stuck making all numeric disassembly hex.
5a72335 : Missing dex register disassembly.
9bc8191 : Flatten interface entries into the iftable.
a638941 : Fix regression in target run-test 069. .
155dfe9 : More Gc statistics and logging
4df2bbd : Enable multi-threaded Quick compilation
52813c9 : Fix typo.
b490357 : Add notion of precise register types to verifier.
f0bbeab : Improve heap lock annotations.
2f7f9b6 : DumpAllThreads in abort when locks are held.
c468e92 : Fix compiler logging for interface invocations.
ae4b0a1 : Mac build fix and make oatdump dex PCs hex.
b23a772 : Dump maps inline in disassembled code.
8ed6d61 : Fix LLVM build.
137e88f : Fast path interface dispatch.
7469ebf : Refactor and remove copy mark bits.
d8195f1 : Reduce mark stack / allocation stack / live stack address space usage.
4445a7e : Class clean-up.
9a93699 : See if running single-threaded fixes dex2oat Mac crashes.
50b35e2 : Explicitly pass Thread::Current to MutexLock and Alloc.
8e9a149 : Fix large object space overlapping map error
2fde533 : Refactor spaces and add free list large object space
1f53934 : Make PopSirt inlinable, pass self to SirtRef.
951c0a1 : Quick: fix tranmission of block info
120f1c7 : Fail threads attaching during runtime shutdown.
4f8f04a : Fix endianness of compiled code and stacks of stubs for MIPS.
4d7a189 : Fix oatdump off-by-one
6459e7c : Enable bitcode verification for debug builds
3e96a16 : Test to ensure duplicate methods are handled properly.
9b0b188 : Make verifier ignore a method if it's a duplicate.
369809b : Disable (again) futex ReaderWriterMutex implementation.
ab47016 : Temporarily enable futex version of ReaderWriterMutex.
34065b5 : Fix build (broken method signature).
01ae580 : Fix race in thread attaching during GC.
a5b3024 : Split dex_pc<->native_pc mapping table
a75a013 : Make dex instruction size a lookup.
acc46d6 : Mac build fix.
81d425b : Pass self to lock methods.
b788278 : Port 138b7a2e54923d99ed817f9a890c6fcd7c23c335 to art
84b2f14 : Log if dlopen(3) fails.
a1d7993 : Force inlining of ObjectArray::Get.
83cf328 : Fix framework perf regression
823433d : Corresponding CL of thread flags for portable.
30e173f : Fix Mac build.
0703060 : Fixes to make jni_compiler_test work on MIPS.
63818dc : Fix segv in indirect reference table dump.
2e9f7ed : Use shorter opcodes on x86 for opCmpImmBranch.
dbe6f46 : Change Thread::peer_ to be a jobject instead of an Object*
474b6da : Move thread flags and state into 32bits.
de1ef40 : Fix race where class state can go between verified/initializing.
3d1548d : Make compiler initialization of classes parallel.
e0f0cb3 : Large object space
23435d0 : Assignability checks for SetFieldObject.
5a6220c : Fix exception_test for verify stack.
952a94a : LLVM build fix.
66f1925 : Change dex cache to be java object instead of array, add pointer to dex file in dex cache.
000d724 : Allow more vregs in native GC map.
f5f5a12 : Quick compiler: bug fix & cleanup
bb6723f : Dump native pcs rather than offsets, fix mac build.
30bce5a : LLVM build fix.
6ec5e23 : Quick compiler: fix array undershoot
0c7abda : NativePcOffsetToReferenceMap
ba0b9c5 : Add the native thread state to art SIGQUIT dumps.
46c6bb2 : Rename PcToReferenceMap adding Dex.
0183dd7 : Sqrt intrinsic
de4f7be : Remove dump-oat-Calculator
506de0c : Make unlikely check always on, move hot code to header file.
5f5a2c0 : Minor heap tidy ups.
b259652 : Overall clean up of gbc_expander and intrinsics.
55e5e6c : Fix quick fly2iceland after rebase.
920be7c : Check opt_flags to remove null check.
46bde5c : Fix Frontend.cc for running portable path.
44770fe : Fix quick fly2iceland (code_size = 0) bug.
87caa7e : Implement CatchTargets.
347166a : Fix run-test 030.
3fdb33a : Fix run-test 044/064.
8593d88 : Skip some methods to get the phone booting.
569daf1 : Always push shadowframe for stack trace lookup.
bb33f2f : Integrating portable path with the Frontend.
abc4c6b : Portable path example interface
890ea89 : Add suspend by ourselves to improve performance.
aa55887 : Fix phi bug on exception edges.
627d8c4 : Fix wrong update phi.
67645d8 : Basic block based rewriting
e5b8f8b : Initialize GBCExpander with NULL.
4ec8ccd : Implement Div/Rem/fptosi.
f71bf5a : Implement remaining intrinsics.
5a26d44 : Implement SGet/SPut/AGet/APut.
d36a2ac : Fix the metadata include.
5e869b6 : Move some helper functions to gbc_expander.
89f9605 : Move inferred_reg_category_map to greenland.
1f196f1 : Use MDBuilder to build metadata.
d54a23d : Implement copy/const/check_suspend intrinsic for expander.
554e607 : Code cleanup: Rewrite strange-looking if-else statement.
75e4b60 : Cleanup gbc_expander for fly2iceland.
a1b2185 : Starting to implement fly2iceland.
9a12945 : Cleanup runtime support. Inline via IR builder.
b672d1e : Merge iceland to greenland.
21d28f5 : GBC Expander. Removed lir.
0967a25 : Quick compiler code layout
8320f38 : Prune useless entries from dex to pc map
c7b83a0 : Better verification: Detection of missing card marks and dead system weaks.
88c95be : Add missing write barriers to Object::Clone, LinkInterfaceMethods
488a78c : Fix image size regression
4c70d77 : Fix error in PrettyType.
9ffb039 : Don't retry verification at compile time.
866fb2a : Better WaitForConcurrentGcToComplete information
b7574cf : Fix basic block combine regression
18c24b6 : Add new_array type info to dex dump output.
d1643e4 : Basic block combine pass
324e190 : Switch from aeabi_lmul to custom assembly.
22f454c : Remove a lock from ScopedThreadStateChange.
d83bc36 : Disassembly support for Thumb16 load/store single data item.
c898258 : Re-enable parallel verification.
40e978b : Fix timing logger sometimes not adding a split due to 0 byte freed Gc
25e8b91 : JNI ScopedObjectAccess tweaks for micro benchmarks.
9af8940 : Support for disassembly of dsb, ldrex and strex.
4c5dd5a : Disassembly support of invoke range instructions.
e13eafa : Support for 32bit CAS as an intrinsic.
22469aa : Make run-test report missing files by name
bd78744 : Fix set but unused variable compiler error in jdwp and clean it up.
0325e62 : Cumulative timing logger
871599a : Restore tests tag for target
203cffb : Remove __sh__ from atomic.cc
25fd14b : Make lock debug checks optional.
ec01423 : Classes that hard fail compile-time verification are now marked error.
b726dcb : Rename GlobalSynchronization to Locks
fd678be : Additional heap verification for the Gc
5bfa60f : Fix DDMS crash
87e552d : Make ICCE logic common, refactor throws.
c747cff : Runnable -> Suspended -> Runnable, avoid 2 locks
faf459e : Verifier no longer checks dead code after failing instruction at runtime.
692be80 : Quick compiler: reuse llvm context & ir builder
9a4f003 : Remove the THROW_VERIFICATION_ERROR op and supporting code.
da6a90e : Prevent miranda methods from being thrown away during resolution.
15bf2d3 : Use bionic's dlmalloc 2.8.5.
e4f0b2a : Allow soft failures at runtime and fix null referrer for ICCE and NSME.
2fc1427 : Fix location of ICCEs and NoSuchMethodErrors.
c0228b8 : Fixes to verifier and slowpaths for cts invoke tests.
6950e65 : Fix test-art-host-run-test.
08f753d : Avoid compile time rewriting of dex code by verifier.
48efc2b : Fix locking issue in oatdump.
bd93c30 : Comment on use of 0 and -1 values in mutex implementation
fc7120c : Fix JNI Compiler for x86 target
0ac41d5 : Fix llvm build for mips.
7fbee07 : Preliminary changes to allow mips target to build.
f3a2641 : Make Mutexes work on Mac OS X 10.6
37e2bb8 : Extra debug output in test.
3bdcd3d : Remove build warnings due to now unnecessary LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS
037813d : Record allocation after SetClass to have memory fence for SetClass card mark.
1cd9c5c : Fix JPC regression
ca7a5e4 : Quick compiler: restore optimizations
b18e77a : Switch art over to the new bionic dlmalloc 2.8.5 callback
9da7f59 : Remove bogus assert in JniAbort.
556fad3 : Fix mac build pointer aliasing warnings
1b09b09 : Syntax clean up to make clang happy.
931c278 : Remove build flag brought over from dalvik.
637e348 : Remove statistics lock to improve performance.
9efc3e0 : Fix x86 build where compiler found lock issue
357e9be : Sticky mark bits "generational" GC
178cdcc : Port multi-user support to art.
3eace70 : Tidy up some raw Object access cruft.
66aee5c : Mac build fix. Macs don't support timeouts on locks.
a5acfd3 : Mac build fix for global lock levels.
c9f40dd : Restore "CFG rework for explicit exception edges"
3d71d80 : Fix JNI compiler for portable path.
cd05a62 : Global lock levels for the LLVM side.
c5e3d76 : Fix runtime_support_llvm for ART_USE_LLVM_COMPILER.
865e6e0 : Callee-save frame fix
c05f85a : Fix compiler for ART_USE_LLVM_COMPILER.
0fb6bb5 : Fix exception_test for ART_USE_LLVM_COMPILER.
00f7d0e : Global lock levels.
634ea28 : Implemented inline of String charAton x86.
86e4671 : Implemented inline of String indexOf and compareTo on x86.
46a2363 : Fix SweepSystemWeaks not checking the correct bitmaps due to bitmap swapping.
77ae36b : Fix and enable inlining of some intrinsics on x86.
e6a5b76 : Rename int_to_byte to int_to_short.
0e3ac14 : Fix fused branches, so vm-tests work again.
eb31113 : Primitive type mismatches are now hard failures in the verifier.
63ebbb6 : Quick compiler: fix NOT_LONG codegen
dcf8d72 : Fix zygote live/mark bitmap size.
cae6f06 : Change art script to use exec
babda95 : Populate call info and inline float/double conversions on x86.
8302576 : Added thin-lock fast path for monitor-enter/exit on x86.
937b73e : Revert "CFG rework for explicit exception edges"
034f76b : Check for null thread groups at initialization
8b503db : CFG rework for explicit exception edges
573b429 : Enable load store elimination on x86.
4b771a0 : Implemented fused branches for long and fp on x86.
6f653d9 : Remove overloading from MarkReferences
cc236d7 : Zygote space / partial collection support.
9a2487f : Quick compiler - NOT_LONG and verification fixes
854029c : Fixes to x86 register promotion and load hoisting.
529781d : Avoid cases of deriving information from unresolved types giving conflict.
1335a95 : Use native target build to reduce dependences.
cdc6690 : Switch to use libbcc and single copy of LLVM.
a92f971 : Additional log output for artInvokeCommon code == NULL.
b46c94c : Using full path for dx.
703f2cd : Numerous fixes to enable PromoteRegs, though it's still broken.
2a5885c : Reorder the included header.
4407e61 : fix missing dx in build server.
9ba4f47 : Allow various LLVM builds to be enabled by environment variable
462ef20 : Quick compiler - delete unreferenced local
e6e0651 : Mod-union table implementation: reference caching
85eee02 : Quick compiler: various bug fixes
2a83e8f : Quick compiler, fix wide bug
6a607ad : Fix QSB, which uses a pthread_key_create destructor to detach.
3971737 : Warn if we load a class that would previously have overridden a package-private method.
011fade : Build run-test files.
4be777b : Quick compiler: fix for missing defs
fdffdf8 : Fixes to enable TrackLiveTemps optimization on x86.
654d3a2 : Enable concurrent sweeping
1b55e2a : Remove unused "InitFromImageCallbackState"
b062fdd : Each space has its own bitmap(s)
d501889 : Quick compiler - run-test bug fixes
26c5e15 : Port "Avoid method overriding if its super method is inaccessible" to art.
5a8e3d5 : Bring over the new tests from https://android-review.googlesource.com/#/c/38771/.
2d3bcbb : Declare correct prototype for compiler-rt.
c9965d7 : Remove unused member function from art::Heap.
1258417 : Code cleanup: Use "const T*" instead of "T const*"
f1f8636 : Quick compiler - fix run-test 019
dcfdd2b : Clean up the hprof implementation a bit.
380aaa7 : Fix a possible off-by-one in the verifier.
a1da8a5 : Quick compiler: complete switch support
61c9cb5 : Fix heap bitmap rounding down size error
f58c12c : Quick compiler - packed switch support
a8eed7d : Use uint32_t for compilation unit index instead of uint16_t.
4f4dfc7 : Quick compiler - various bug fixes
0ec569a : Disable dex register descriptions.
02a1e35 : Workaround for x86 build now.
7659263 : Quick compiler: conversions, bug fixes
101305f : Continued fleshout out of Quick compiler
026b146 : Fix build; JDWP::ObjectId feels like a pointer but is actually an int.
caf7654 : Fix posting exceptions when a debugger is attached, fix UpdateDebugger, fully implement ThreadGroupReference.Children.
342a262 : Fix exception gtest for when we have VERIFY_OBJECT_ENABLED = 1.
1c849e5 : Clean up kAccWritable in the verifier.
5d96a71 : Switch Thread::daemon_ over to the usual idiom, and make it more intention-revealing.
e296248 : Fixes for x86 compiler optimizations.
206c20d : Don't ignore -Xstacktracefile: in debug builds.
78a5e15 : Add missed check in thread group getters.
52673ff : Move IsDaemon to native code.
5644f00 : Only build target compiler for TARGET_ARCH
ab646f9 : Cut down noise.
ed8b723 : Disable dumping native stacks of unattached threads
afe2551 : Update DexFile_isDexOptNeeded to handle system.img oat files with classes.dex
8fa0fda : Quick compiler: support for arrays, misc.
85545cd : Add PHONY target for host core.art so that is included in default build
341df94 : Bump oat version number and add OatHeaderSizeCheck test
08fc03a : Include held locks in SIGQUIT thread dumps.
6d657bf : Ignore the redundant InferredRegCategoryMap.
50b69e3 : Fix build. Remove unused declaration.
0b130de : Code cleanup. Full sharpening.
7c9c184 : Remove fix stub hack.
a350727 : Remove LLVM specific code in oatdump.
971bf3f : Compile method one-by-one.
468a7b1 : Change kArmAlignment from 4 to 8.
67008a6 : Add procedure linkage table.
4284bb9 : Add thumb-specific code for invoke stub.
ca19066 : Fix initializer lists to be Google C++ style.
3241296 : Quick compiler exception support
598c513 : Add CompiledCode for method and invoke stub.
67054b5 : Fix build with object verification enabled.
365c102 : Increase use of ScopedJniThreadState.
4f1181f : Quick compiler: support for 006, 012, 013, 017
1474404 : Enable arm-long-calls.
b43b7d4 : Enable mod union table
044288f : Move LockOwnerFromThreadLock into monitor.cc, the only place it's needed.
57b47f9 : Break an unnecessary dependency.
46b8a62 : Compare checksum in oat files adjacent to jar/apk to support oat in system image
4e18128 : Make art script work for the first time
ba67d7d : Revert "Cleanup runtime support. Inline via IR builder."
58f7cd7 : Fix x86 target build
d396a6a : Fix x86 target build
afa97e2 : Cleanup runtime support. Inline via IR builder.
7baf96f : Fix Mac build. Usual %d versus %zd nonsense.
640495b : Proxy methods don't have GC maps.
6e9d22c : Fix JDWP stack frame regressions.
2542d66 : Add additional support for Thread::Current() == NULL.
4f2935e : Fix missed suspend check.
008fa51 : Fix d2i, f2i runtime support regression.
a64f157 : Fix art-portable's build. Adding 1 more parameter.
8b0c816 : Fix build: Don't compare unsigned int with signed int.
92c9a35 : Ensure we can Mutex::Wait on a recursively locked Mutex
0399dde : Remove Frame, merge shadow and quick representations.
c151f90 : Untested port of the SELinux dalvik change to art.
06f7987 : Fix "holding ThreadListLock while doing condition variable wait on HeapLock"
c61a267 : Use UndoDebuggerSuspensions for JDWP ResumeVM rather than weakening ResumeAll's checking.
a21039c : Fix a bunch more lint.
77065fb : [LLVM] Fix parameter bug in throwing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
db38570 : Update cpplint.py.
7484741 : Fix a bunch of lint.
c147826 : Save R9 when up-call.
e33c92b : Fix string.compareTo regression
92e3134 : Commit the new test I wrote for this morning's Thread OOME bug fix.
546b986 : Fix a couple of JDWP bugs.
ad8f15e : Milestone: close Quick side channel communication
57aba86 : Throw OOME if pthread_create(3) fails.
6fcce30 : More tests for detail messages, plus a new one.
72e401c : Move all testing of runtime-thrown exceptions' detail messages into the runtime tests.
56ef042 : JNI test improvements.
3f6635a : Improve JniAbort (and JNI tests).
fc8cfac : Add missing WaitForConcurrentGcToComplete calls.
c553b95 : Fix JNI return type checking on portable path.
672df88 : Fix JNI compiler test for portable path.
e536c64 : Add test 096, added to dalvik since we started on art.
72d63d4 : Fix misleading mutex_test.cc comments.
7ab3a2a : Fix run-test 089 (which has no files to delete).
8141405 : Fix mutex_test.cc so it'll compile with both GCC versions we support.
ef77162 : Bring in test 089; a "new" addition to dalvik/test/.
91117af : Fix build. (dalvik-dev's GCC is smarter.)
24edeb5 : Fix some camelCase.
069387a : Enable / disable CMS runtime options.
f834936 : Use static thread safety analysis when available, and fix the bugs GCC finds.
62e3ee3 : clean-oat should not build anything
44335e1 : Fix arguments to throw of ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception.
eaec3ae : chmod +x before running a gtest on the target
4ec9b1f : Remove target directory for run-test before pushing
53519bf : Set Target CPU.
6969d50 : Invoke support for Quick Compiler
2613de4 : Fix error message running with run-test --jvm
28c384b : Test all cases of all intrinsics.
c717eef : Don't bother running dx when we're testing on the RI.
6cf2388 : Simplify the default stack size handling.
cee4d0c : Jni compiler should zero extend boolean and char return values.
e5f0122 : Fixes for invoke/move-result fusing, recursion bug
7de4bbe : Get llvm performance back.
0a1038b : Make tsan happy.
6356df4 : Make tsan happy.
6e9c5a5 : Fix target temporary file logging in run-test
1395b1e : Patches to x86 compilation to fix vm tests on emulator.
4909ba4 : Run the verifier single-threaded.
5db7ea0 : Run the verifier single-threaded.
105215d : Improve run-test to use new directory for each run
a639903 : Fix and re-enable CMS
45623b8 : Disable move-result fusing
52ed776 : FP breakage workaround
02fb9f7 : Flush libcorkscrew's /proc/self/maps cache before a crash dump.
5c59994 : Turn parallel compilation back on.
95aff77 : Fix ridiculous pc offsets for static symbols in .so files.
3b3dbdd : More Quick compiler mir/bb cleanup
15bf980 : More Quick compiler restructuring
27cac65 : Don't register oat files with bad checksums.
a168c83 : Convince tsan that the card table isn't a problem.
289be85 : Include the crashing thread's name in crash dumps.
5d93cf9 : Add missing PASSED/FAILED logging for test-art-host-oat-*
666d9b4 : Verifier treats unresolved return types as a soft error.
eb02a12 : Use our own 'main' for gtest tests.
b2e940a : Fix assume_this_non_null.
e044735 : Explain why I gave up optimizing Thread::Current for x86.
98eedd8 : Don't SEGV in the signal handler in a unit test.
b03f487 : Shadow frame support for MIR->LLVM-IR conversion
5dbf829 : Disable CMS until bug(s) are fixed
6fc5e48 : Help gdb(1) find its way to the right thread.
225f5a1 : Don't pre-allocate one OOME per thread.
7664f5c : Fix GC performance regression
9eb5f03 : Fix MethodInfo. Remove unused shadow frame entry.
622a698 : Clean up the hprof implementation a bit.
a8f93cb : Fix ddms allocation tracking.
4abb1a9 : Fixes for x86 compilation with floats.
741c9fa : Fix ddms heap monitoring.
9eebd3b : Trim the native heap too, like dalvik did.
b5c25fd : Verifier treats unresolved references as a rewrite error at runtime.
2cfc639 : Foundation for Quick LLVM compiler
a9719eb : Clean up the confusing comment-related logic a bit.
7bda158 : Fix the Mac build.
ecd3a6f : Use libcorkscrew to detect map collisions.
a060ed9 : Fix error meessages in DexFile::ChangePermissions() and mem_map.cc.
a91bc63 : Make generate-operator-out.py only skip // line comments
d24e264 : Fix recursive static field lookup.
d06dfe7 : Add missing llvm ifdef
61b409c : After fixing llvm if-conversion, we can reduce stack to 1MB.
b08ed12 : Implement thin-lock fast path for compiler-llvm.
7a2a23a : Cleanup proxy stub compiler code.
95dfa6a : Refine compiler runtime function list.
a1beb1f : Rename CStringComparator to CStringLessThanComparator.
fc6c5fd : Add missing object.h to runtime_support_llvm.h
d88fa26 : Add mprotect helper function to MemMap class.
90334e5 : Disassembly of dex instruction improvements.
07a062c : Enable ARM long calls.
4825756 : Auto-generate operator<< for enum ::art:Class::Status.
0d39c12 : "InitGoogle"-style argv stashing.
a9b3bf4 : More fixes to make new Class status work properly.
408ad16 : Restructure to reduce MIR references
ebe2e0f : Fix InitializeClass to rerun verification for retry status.
f1e6b7c : Added new state and Soft/Hard error return to verifier for bad supers.
662618f : Improve GC pause time reporting
abbe07d : Include non-attached native threads in the SIGQUIT output.
262e5ff : Enable card cleaning
2ab7f48 : Remove explicit dex2oat calls from run-test
3596901 : Fix run-test for arm.
e551e95 : Soft verification failures shouldn't reject the class.
4668543 : Recognize calls to constructors of unresolved classes.
d237a38 : Extra suspend count modification failure logging.
9af209c : Move simple runtime accessors to header file
2945e24 : Fix logic inversion in soft reference clearing
6ea0114 : GCC 4.6 (in dalvik-dev) is stricter about converting from NULL.
dac5eb2 : Optimization experiment.
e5fc334 : Fix the build. Apologies for mistake.
60d25e4 : Fix cross compiling ISA flag for oat-target.
d4f82b6 : Inline String.IndexOf and String.CompareTo.
eead4ac : Implement proxy stub for compiler_llvm.
de479be : Refactor runtime support builder.
af54347 : Lazy pushing shadow frame.
cb8f890 : [DO NOT MERGE] Bring ics-mr1-plus-art's Zygote in line with dalvik-dev's.
5ddbe0b : Various bits of LLVM changes that are in dalvik-dev but not ics-mr1-plus-art.
28c7bfd : Lose the boolean from Runtime.nativeExit.
6023456 : Various missing hunks.
0ab0577 : Fix whitespace.
9ad4f22 : Make dex2oat default to the architecture being built.
c4c3ee2 : Return if DumpKernelStack can't find the kernel stack file.
12a9502 : Don't show the useless kernel stack for the thread that's reading /proc.
058a6de : Switch completely over to libcorkscrew for Mac OS.
46e251b : Switch to libcorkscrew for native stack traces.
6f3d051 : Add cstddef for ptrdiff_t
fd2ec54 : Fix compilation issues with new gcc
526643e : Remove unnecessary exception and suspend checks.
9cc2297 : Experiment with the continuous build.
5301cd2 : Mark stack create once per heap.
d06a6c7 : [DO NOT MERGE] Improve signal catching and native stack dumps.
55d5ea6 : Make strace(1) output more readable by using a single write(2) for logging.
26e9307 : Make compiler_llvm target independent. To build x86 image.
47874e7 : Make dex2oat default to the architecture being built.
dcaaea9 : Improve signal catching and native stack dumps.
abe64aa : Remove a dangerous default from oatNew and fix the bug it hid.
50808a3 : Fix build to rebuild tests correctly, and disable pre-dexopt.
873bbb0 : Make strace(1) output more readable by using a single write(2) for logging.
0de52be : Remove data dependency of push/pop shadow frame.
e210214 : Refactor dalvik_reg.
bba47a4 : Test for ConcurrentGC validity.
5ea8d4b : Better diagnostics when an anonymous mmap fails.
b5c4922 : Fix stack overflow problem in art-llvm.
8cea5fd : For art-llvm, fix stack size to compile ThinkFree.
35be9b1 : Fix build.
4b644ec : Fix art LLVM build.
a4f9474 : Finish cleanup of class/field/method caching.
214d307 : Revert "See if multithreaded dex2oat is causing the Mac OS 10.6 build problems."
4522989 : See if multithreaded dex2oat is causing the Mac OS 10.6 build problems.
af8d15a : Move the thread.cc Class*/Field*/Method* caching over to WellKnownClasses.
8029cbe : Remove a workaround for a bionic bug we've fixed.
7eea0e8 : Fix oat-target-sync dependency: Use $$(OUT_OAT_FILE) instead of $.
557efb1 : Fix debug heap chunk length.
ba37781 : Fix segv in allocation tracking.
e94d9b2 : Add dex_lang as common frontend to lir and LLVM. dex_lang + bc2lir = Greenland
024cf66 : To build x86 image, fix target assumption of "arm".
2e01f24 : oat-target-sync: Only build those apks that haven't been dex2oat'ed.
21e1271 : Fix x86 aget-wide compilation to use loadBaseIndexedDisp.
08981ab : Add test-art-host-run-test to test-art-host
05c09ec : Return if DumpKernelStack can't find the kernel stack file.
633703f : Return if DumpKernelStack can't find the kernel stack file.
eac7667 : DO NOT MERGE Fix all unsafe caching to be like libcore.
7756d54 : Fix all unsafe caching to be like libcore.
3f9ace8 : Fix x86 compilation of aget-wide when src and dest regs are the same.
1f92871 : Don't show the useless kernel stack for the thread that's reading /proc.
b2eb5c1 : Reduce memory usage.
a964d41 : Fix float/double mem2reg issue.
51e916f : Switch completely over to libcorkscrew for Mac OS.
cf44e6f : Fix the build.
c073b07 : Switch the handful of std::endl users over to the predominant "\n".
e119a36 : Fix the TODOs in the traceview support.
f6ee360 : Switch the handful of std::endl users over to the predominant "\n".
bf1b457 : Fix multithreaded dex2oat on Mac OS.
8829635 : Fix the TimingLogger output.
1376f86 : Fix multithreaded dex2oat on Mac OS.
4cb0568 : Fix the TimingLogger output.
1f71ae8 : Fix host build to properly build x86.
21ba27f : Ensure only valid CPU registers are encoded as byte registers.
58136ca : Fix the jni compiler's handling of byte and short return values in x86.
5d05c75 : Fix x86 proxy's arg2 offset and handling of floating point returns.
4b2966b : Add empty gtest_test for debugging
82d31cd : Fix invoke-direct and invoke-direct/range CTS.
be1f588 : Add empty gtest_test for debugging
fc50210 : More Mac build hackery.
f819152 : Don't try to include libcorkscrew in the Mac builds.
cfbe73d : Fix the TODOs in the traceview support.
00e446e : Switch to libcorkscrew for native stack traces.
d66a875 : Fix x86 slowpath getters and implement proxy.
335889a : Remove a workaround for a bionic bug we've fixed.
3e778f7 : Fix JNI stubs for synchronized native methods with double/long arguments in low registers.
37f7775 : Slightly clearer reflection.
bf2739d : Improve ARM assembler assertions.
20b5c6c : x86 trampoline macro missing a stack pop for exception case.
1ff4cd7 : Fix LITERALs in x86 slow path field setters/getters for mac build.
3978da5 : Improve output code, while compilation time delta is in the noise range
b203a20 : Remove the thread_count=1 hack on target device.
9dbb23e : Implement slow paths for getting/setting instance/static fields.
b5eb00c : Use multithread while compiling LLVM bitcode.
4b1baf1 : Fix filled-new-array to pass CTS.
6e474f8 : Only initialize the shadow frame table.
5772bab : Fixed x86 compilation of filled-new-array/range.
292188d : More x86 fixes for floating point operations.
b9ff6b1 : Move all alloca to the first basic block.
29c0cd1 : Inline specific method.
8db6ea3 : Code cleanup. Simplify EmitArrayGEP.
f165286 : Don't allocate unused shadow frame entry.
84a5bb4 : Even better reflection IllegalArgumentException detail messages and less code.
aaa5edc : Improve reflection IllegalArgumentException detail messages.
7dc5166 : Improve our check for whether a thread is still starting up.
4d57143 : DetachCurrentThread should return JNI_ERR on already detached thread
bea4146 : DetachCurrentThread should return JNI_ERR on already detached thread
c72f1b1 : clean-oat should remove intermediate oat files
aad0d97 : Call out the functions that we actually import.
cc1b4c3 : Remove unnecessary checks for small methods.
8f751ab : Make the epoch-related "can't happen" situation easier to spot.
41005dd : Fix x86 type conversions. test-art-host-oat passes.
ce9c317 : Fix X86 compilation.
c3f8fa5 : Reorder LLVM initialize procedure.
b1bab1c : Code cleanup: Remove unnecessary parameter.
7834cbd : Consistently use __asm__ rather than asm.
e4c2ccc : Reduce compilation time.
1d7e510 : Reduce shadow frame size.
9d7bc82 : Fix run-test 083 regression.
f15b0ab : Only do the suspend check at return and loop latch.
2f701e5 : Remove unnecessary UpdateDexPC.
ac7b5bb : Add support for llvm static branch prediction.
6819a91 : GetCurrentThread can be set as pure on X86.
d955bec : TBAA, separate RuntimeInfo and ShadowFrame.
2abeb9b : Clean up the non-portable bits of Zygote.
68adbe4 : Better handle of 0 edge case in duplicate method skipping
6f29d0e : Skip compilation of dead code from duplicate methods
2e73b64 : This branch has an up-to-date cutils.
71e85b7 : Add libMipsAsmParser and libMipsDisassembler.
388a83b : Free the resource on target device.
a22ea03 : Restore the logging of compilation progress on target device.
9d93ee6 : In-place load ELF.
d3e24c2 : TBAA, separate JRuntime and ConstJObject.
73e66f7 : Tidy up and finish reference table dumping.
e6a7adc : Fix LLVM build for gcc 4.6. -Werror=unused-but-set-variable.
5121e0b : Fix x86 long right shifting and int-to-float/double.
08e1ba3 : Don't fork dex2oat process on target device.
e0e4024 : Reduce memory usage by halving the materialization threshold.
6a4a7e1 : Fix x86 compilation of const-wide.
9d3ba24 : Fix compiling breakage (SIGSEGV) from doing "make -jN", where N > 1.
644d531 : Fixes to x86 compilation.
145d491 : Mark suspend as RuntimeInfo.
8fe384d : Mark some functions as readonly for optimization.
bff2465 : [Compiler] Add object ref discovery
706e7db : TBAA, separate different types of heap load/store.
8ca1005 : TBAA, separate RuntimeInfo and JRuntime.
aba6112 : Basic TBAA.
b6bed0b : Manage llvm::TargetMachine with smart pointer.
a114add : [Compiler] use Art indentation standard
67ae8ff : Emit name only in debug mode.
7f5b9be : Separate object register and shadow frame entry.
5e5a804 : Remove unnecessary exception check.
9948913 : Improve the information in the bitcode.
97339c4 : Reorder stack overflow check.
ee1f59b : Code cleanup.
6cd40e5 : Ensure that cached oat and image files are world readable like odex files
389ca5b : Ensure that cached oat and image files are world readable like odex files
154cef6 : Only linux has personality
16dfc04 : Add cstddef for ptrdiff_t
51e5386 : Port 311886c6c6fcd3b531531f592d56caab5e2a259c to art.
faf4ba0 : Only warn about limiting unlimited thread stacks when -verbose:threads is on.
7c6169d : Port my AOSP QuasiAtomic rewrite to art.
efad79f : Fix compilation issues with new gcc
86f5067 : Change to implement fill-array-data with runtime function.
19c350a : Move payload data structures to dex_instruction.h.
736df02 : Use try item offset to find catch block instead of Dex PC.
d8749cf : Remove unused file: src/compiler_llvm/frontend.cc
ef4a656 : Remove unnecessary zero-initializer.
beb3240 : Fix Mac build.
af778e6 : Add an explicit type for the dex "payload" data.
182e90b : IsReferenceTypes() now uses IsNonZeroReferenceTypes() and IsZero().
3481b4d : Fix IsNonZeroReferenceTypes to not return true if it's zero.
833770b : Fix a SIGSTKFLT typo.
e85d2e9 : Include kernel stacks on non-ARM hardware.
8a31b50 : Remove two unnecessary .c_str() calls.
b57e952 : Various fixes to new verifier.
4467908 : Fix immediate size for IMUL32RRI, IMUL32RMI, and IMUL32RAI.
1b3d6ca : Improved dumping of const-wide instructions.
60454e8 : MIPS disassembler.
8e9b449 : Fix run-test 003, llvm method_compiler bug.
58e63f9 : Higher degree of parallel compilation on the LLVM side.
17826bf : Just use getPtrEquiveInt to load method.
677cabc : Reduce materialize threshold.
4bccc6b : No need zero initialize jni shadow frame.
742e25e : More MIPS support.
4d8df82 : Check for unknown superclass earlier when checking invoke-super.
98e2017 : Remove the explicit dump of "THREAD ENTRY POINTS" from oatdump...
72395bf : Support ANDROID_LOG_TAGS.
ae80b49 : Include JNI details in the SIGQUIT output.
b6636b8 : Add a reminder that we need to track a change in master.
5b17d08 : Include stack sizes and address ranges in the SIGQUIT output.
6c1c69e : Various crash diagnostic improvements.
415576b : Use FunctionInline instead of AlwaysInline. -O3.
e8ecce7 : Forgot to close pipe -- Bug fix. Also, change to use PLOG.
e7fb2a6 : Don't assume that "host" means "linux-x86".
e188419 : Make Thread::InitStackHwm work on Mac OS.
fca6437 : Implement partial sharpening for LLVM.
8ba2fc5 : Add mutex lock to CompilationUnit.
90dc30f : Remove the barrier between each compilation of dex files.
9b49689 : Fix 032 test: For stub, align X86 stack to 16 bytes.
799ef4f : Replace tmpfile with pipe.
80cd474 : Fix unit test by holding compiler_lock_ on ourselves.
853cd09 : Fix llvm runtime support bug.
ce15472 : Partial inlining of the stub check.
42f54ad : Support LDT modification on Mac OS.
8593fdb : Clean up host aborts (and simplify the code).
e2f0911 : Implement ARM trampoline for llvm compiler.
05fe3b6 : Implement X86 trampoline for llvm compiler.
706e9b6 : Add more Thread to runtime support llvm.
c8dc101 : Use dex_pc instead of line_number.
8cfa882 : Higher degree of parallel compilation on the LLVM side.
795e330 : Set materialized file names correctly.
5b04728 : Fix on-device compile.
ad0b3a3 : Support for a set of verifier failures.
7b9d996 : Tidy up some C-isms.
766b0bf : Remove the mutex lock from Materialize().
d7726e4 : Enable separate compilation.
f1eedca : Don't say .so when we might mean .dylib or .dll...
dbd0034 : Specify the filename upon writing.
f1cb9a5 : Add always inliner.
174651d : Fixed x86 division and modulus and merged their entry points.
e1758fe : Revert "Support for a set of verifier failures."
fbe5b75 : Fix LLVM build. Otherwise, function not used warning.
da83d97 : Add Thread to some runtime support.
0200d07 : Compilation_unit experiment. Fix because of no long_call.
2646757 : Don't use work_around_app_jni_bugs for llvm now.
69eafaa : Fix jni compiler bug (Compiler_llvm).
0d60484 : Support for a set of verifier failures.
2554cb9 : Only wait for gdb to attach if debug_db_uid is in the environment.
4c5231d : Work around a Mac OS libc bug.
a7dedf4 : Add memcpy, memmove and memset.
9744194 : Fix materialization threshold too-large problem, assuming no long calls.
36ecb78 : Fix stack overflow handling.
1776572 : Fix stack overflow errors.
df31cf7 : Renamed ReferenceMapVisitor to prevent confusion with art version.
83bb662 : Implement MarkGCCard.
2acf36d : Don't rely on transitive #includes.
d8af159 : Use an alternate signal stack for the unexpected signals on the host.
99250ba : Fix Mac build.
a093362 : Fix a harmless error found by GCC 4.6.
2156cc7 : Fix NULL/integer conversion warnings
65c6cf3 : Wire up D2I and F2I for x86, and implement a trivial Lmul.
e87c7bc : Implement the x86 initialize-type...from-code entry points.
8a1ea9f : Fix a comment copy & paste typo.
16b5c29 : Disassemble x86 0xd0 and 0xd1 shifts.
225ae52 : Implement RRI and RRI8 variants of IMUL.
54a3e91 : Compilation_unit experiment.
6e94f14 : Fix LLVM runtime failures.
14178a9 : Always show the sign of an x86 relative branch, like we do for architectures.
3ea0f42 : Make failures caused by unimplemented entry points much clearer.
bf98980 : SSE disassembler support.
5450e0e : Fix psllq encoding bug.
ac8097f : Fix Mac build.
457005c : Add signal handlers for host builds to imitate debuggerd.
c967f78 : Include a new heap summary line in the SIGQUIT output.
110bcba : Update frame size after the bitcode is translated into machine code.
6414a97 : Add additional stack space to account for the dalvik native stack size
fd8ea97 : Remove the CompilerLLVM mutex lock workaround.
d668a06 : Implement runtime support inlining.
0dae08e : Move JNI methods out of top-level.
776ac1f : Separate out more of LLVM build. Move verifier.
a0e1806 : Add a SafeMap equivalent to std::map but without the error-prone operator[].
bb48fbb : Shouldn't do access check in this runtime support for SPUT.
8a8b9cb : Improved OOME detail messages.
1ca9849 : Fix ARM disassembly of LDR/STR offsets, always include the sign in branch offsets.
42d10e5 : For float_to_int routines, fix int64_t. Also, Long -> Int.
712462a : Fix load library race.
2272f7b : Fix LLVM build by enforcing the use of accessors on JVAlue.
10dbbb3 : Increased default size of thread stack.
a474687 : Fix 041. Float to int.
4cacde8 : Turn upcall argument type checking on with CheckJNI.
f24d3ce : Enforce the use of accessors on JValue so we can ensure sign extension.
ebbc577 : CBNZ disassembly.
f3aac97 : Special case division by small constants
e2645d3 : Fix bug in protected field access.
1d878f3 : Add a default constructor to JValue.
d8a68a6 : Ensure byte and short values are sign extended before boxing.
c71f652 : Extend test 064.
fa3c10c : Build libart-compiler-llvm successfully, in addition to libartd-compiler-llvm.
47d1753 : Add fmodf.
6ce558b : Fix the hardcoded path.
5482503 : Code cleanup, fix MicroTime.
f440405 : Fix 004-annotation because we missed the linking.
d86261e : Sign-extend ARM B targets.
183cf26 : Fix filled new array bug.
5bb8601 : Fix 044-proxy. Implement proxy for now, working on x86 and ARM.
933abf8 : Fix illegal field access bug to pass 075.
1a032b1 : Fix new-instance bug to pass 075.
4e42a59 : Don't need to resolve method on slow path.
3d71d07 : Improve ARM disassembler to cope with JNI stubs.
74cdcb1 : Remove cruft.
cd4935f : Use a shorter x86 CMP encoding for suspend count tests.
92301d9 : Decode thread offsets in x86 disassembly.
dd361c9 : Fix 065 and 066 tests (NULL Method bug). Don't use Method in LLVM method compiler.
7e7fabc : Fix 065 and 066 tests (slow path). Refactor invoke-* instructions.
754caaa : Keep runtime_support_x86.S working on the Mac.
105afd2 : Fancy disassembly of Thumb2 IT blocks.
b92bcab : Fix run-test on host.
05c87be : We might try to suspend a thread even before it's hit kStarting.
ceeea7d : Add missing escaping in makefile.
0d2d378 : Log sizes of methods we may want to exclude from compilation.
14f98a1 : Keep runtime_support_x86.S working on the Mac.
33206c2 : Fix 083 run-test by reducing memory usage.
de85cc1 : Code cleanup: Move the const to the next line.
9e5f5c1 : Implement throw-verification-error opcode in LLVM-based compiler.
a0f746b : Fix jni_compiler_test in LLVM part.
0b686e5 : Refactor the temporary solution of the stubs.
e75bc72 : Fix 012-math. Add fmod.
ccffd9e : Fix link bug in LLVM.
3f9137d : Fix NPE message in LLVM.
6ac6a36 : Fix LLVM build on Linux.
5b9b1bc : Disassemble PC relative literals.
d3fb569 : Fix linux build.
db7bdc1 : Use correct oat method size for stats and disassembly.
66a3fca : Add extra 32bit Thumb2 disassembly.
d36c52e : Check for null array assignments inline. Tidy asm macros.
0589ca9 : Disassemble x86 opcode 0xc7.
28fa76d : A dirty (but useful) hack to decode thread offsets in disassembly.
82914b6 : Use PrintableString in oatdump.
34e0696 : Remove the useless "suspend count already zero" message for new threads.
e62934d : Like Mutex, failure to destroy a ConditionVariable on shutdown is a special case.
b0aa9d3 : Fix target gtest depenencies
b264f08 : Implement native method return value and upcall argument type checking.
b77799d : Fix the fill-array-data bug in method compiler (LLVM).
14924fe : Implement GetCodeSize for LLVM build.
8532191 : Late method resolution.
529bfef : Fix the behavior of java.lang.String.fastIndexOf when start > length().
937105a : Use ELF function index to distinguish generated functions.
0c717dd : Add ELF loader to OatFile.
ccb7bf1 : Add ELF index to OatMethodOffsets.
3fe0c60 : Move ElfLoader from libart-compiler-llvm to libart.
34f1fa4 : Run dex2oat for test-art-host-oat targets with core.art
1b86d07 : Implement CheckPutArrayElement.
308ea6c : Fix ARM's HelloWorld. Add some compiler_runtime functions for LLVM/ARM.
141d622 : More X86 fixes.
a730208 : Update oatdump for new entrypoint offset
d0b3a30 : Do not rerun dex2oat just because dex2oat changed
ea94421 : Fix the Mac build again.
08b82a9 : Don't explicitly request python2.4.
9c750f9 : Ensure we don't AddLocalReference a bogus value when returning to native code from an upcall that threw.
14a8e73 : test-art-host-oat targets should not rerun dex2oat
55bd45f : More X86 fixes.
460384f : Use the operator<< generator more widely.
5e28422 : Fix more of the x86 assembler for the Mac.
20a7a07 : Really fix the x86 assembler for Mac OS' as(1).
ef67aec : Fix the operator<< generation to work with "mmm" as well as "mm".
adc078a : Fix Mac OS build breakage.
0791adc : Fix method tracing and allow alloc counting during tracing.
fc700ed : Fix x86 long math.
0e57ccb : Start automatically generating operator<<s for enums.
7caad77 : Implement various missing parts of the X86 compiler
540a5b7 : Compiler_LLVM doesn't use reference map.
4165a83 : Implement StackOverflow check.
20efe54 : Fix the GetCurrentMethod bug.
64f884d : Fix compiler runtime function lookup bug.
4855cd5 : Update run-test support for host
0879504 : Fix an obsolete comment.
409d273 : Be consistent about "kilo" versus "kibi".
6a14433 : Switch to Thread::WalkStack rather than manual Frame::Next.
17057b1 : Fix shutdown when the current thread has been manually detached.
9e0e54d : Should not call PushNativeToManagedRecord.
b907a3f : Change the Mac OS 10.5 workaround so it can't be overridden on the command-line.
e52e49b : Fix the mutex diagnostics, and other targets of opportunity.
3de5ba3 : Implement RTTI related runtime support.
f8641ce : Fix the division overflow.
b08e8a3 : Restrict Mac OS 10.5 devices to 1 dex2oat thread.
d23c5ad : Add compiler runtime function list for symbol lookup.
5539ad0 : Fix SHL, SHR, USHR implementation bug.
4ba732c : Revert "am c6c317e1: Experimental."
2d70217 : Fix the find_catch_block bug in runtime_support_llvm.
3db5285 : Don't check gcmap while using LLVM compiler.
87293d0 : Tracking addition of BaseDexClassLoader.originalLibraryPath
33412de : Add thread entry point offsets to oatdump
ee0d3fb : LLVM doesn't use Frame.
f058c0f : LLVMLongName should preserve the return type.
19abfb4 : Properly pass 64-bit value from art_set32_static_from_code to artGet64StaticFromCode
a849cb6 : Fix compiler_llvm bugs.
0045a29 : Avoid a case of eager initialization.
d23f520 : Another crack at implementing a usable GetTid() for Mac OS 10.5...
c150343 : Remove the native Class.isInstance, and add tests.
8d524a1 : Keep trying to guess the 10.5 vmmap(1) syntax...
0f3c553 : Kill constants.h and fix some copyright headers.
273cf36 : Keep fighting Mac OS 10.5 because the build servers are obsolete.
fead293 : Minor suspend check tweak
ba7a3ec : Try to support obsolete Mac OS 10.5.
01e076e : Do not reset SirtRef pointing to a live object
a2e39d9 : Enable the rest of branch fusing
c6c317e : Experimental.
e77be40 : More ClassHelper class validation
a963e1c : Fix "-O0" build.
93235f7 : Dump current klass_ on bad ChangeClass
c7fe4e0 : Disassembler support for vcmp.
8aa7efe : Fix exception_test for (USE_LLVM_COMPILER) build.
76ea39e : Remove a dead file.
b5db3bb : Include more detail in a few CHECKs.
878820f : Fix the Mac build by working around a GCC 4.2 bug.
630e77d : Move all ARM register dumping to operator<< style.
b1ab7df : Cope with runtime refactoring on the LLVM side.
5dfc15a : Remove some debugging output I accidentally left in.
bfbf0e2 : Make the hex dump more generally useful (specifically in CHECKs).
58cbbc2 : Do not use FindOatFileFromOatLocation in DexFile_isDexOptNeeded
787ec20 : Rewrite our x86 assembler macros to be portable across Mac OS and Linux.
84fd693 : Branch fusing
7cea03e : Only use Mac-compatible directives in x86 assembler.
5d6d5dc : Try to work around Mac OS 10.5 lossage.
57b86d4 : Refactor runtime support.
448e93c : Fix dex2oat on the Mac.
c38a901 : Remove unused static libraries from libart.so.
f149843 : Clean up Mutex a little and add the missing pieces for Mac OS.
deaac40 : Fix the C++ compilation part of the Mac build.
7a967b3 : Warn if oat file does end with expected extension
272df23 : Warn if oat file does end with expected extension
0ce1315 : Fix GetUtfLength to add offset to char array data.
a43e093 : Disarm an assertion that exception_test violates.
cf2b2d4 : Take responsibility for translating thread states for managed code.
97df07f : Fix getter/setter special case codegen
04a2967 : Make sure we're in runnable in Class.getDeclaredFields, where we may allocate.
fc1d9f5 : Improve a couple of comments.
534da07 : Reinstate code accidentally removed while moving it from ThreadList to Thread.
22869a9 : Warn if a thread attaches without a name and blow up if a thread detaches while running.
b755f82 : Fix the C++ compilation part of the Mac build.
ab7b9dc : Actually track the JNI MonitorEnter/MonitorExit calls.
0faf82f : Fix LLVM build linking error.
64277f3 : Additional check to catch BooksTablet monkey issue
6e41d42 : DO NOT MERGE: Cope with current LLVM in this branch.
02f01fe : Fix exception_test for (USE_LLVM_COMPILER) build.
b466920 : Fix space_test for (USE_LLVM_COMPILER) build.
8e5e978 : Fix dalvik-dev build. Handle the case of no input dex.
42d4d73 : Fix oat_test for the LLVM route.
9000a84 : Acquire lock for synchronized methods.
de08e84 : Remove ELF filename argument.
0cc6ab6 : Add ELF extractor to oatdump.
25ae640 : Write ELF image to Oat file.
df57614 : Add GetElfImages() method to CompilerLLVM.
0f0899a : Add ElfImage to hold ELF image address and size.
3d6bfca : Fix compiler_test for the LLVM route.
5b21308 : Implement for AME for the LLVM version. Fix the compiler_test.
9b2ba2e : Implement LLVM version of stack walking. Fix Jni_Compiler tests.
31a9933 : Fix GEP & refactor compiler_llvm::JniCompiler.
f7015fd : Add ELF loader to load the executables.
106b2a0 : Create an instance of CompilerLLVM in the constructor of Compiler.
aeb5303 : Add GetCompilationUnit() to CompilerLLVM.
6920bce : Add ELF index to art::CompiledMethod.
6546ec5 : Add ELF index to art::compiler_llvm::CompilationUnit.
b9eaeea : Emit the ELF image into the memory buffer.
92ad16d : Fix LLVM build: Add 2 more arguments to ComputeInvokeInfo.
0c215db : Code cleanup: Remove LLVM initialization dead code.
f130655 : Workaround on SEGV of LLVM backend.
28f1a14 : Implement LLVM version of jni_compiler to pass 17 jni_compiler tests.
1cb0ae7 : Fix the LLVM build.
536047d : Use JValue* instead of byte* on the LLVM side too.
a708322 : Fix the test-art-target.
1b0a1b7 : Remove the hard coded "constants" related to shadow frame.
f7ad17e : Split shadow stack from SIRT.
eeb7edf : Extract common code in Oat test.
bcf7b5f : Fix build.
9bba2b6 : Put back some C-style casts for now.
3294429 : Initialize the JNI indirect reference table to make Valgrind happy.
398f64b : Remove more lint, mostly C-style casts.
ee0fa76 : Don't use variable-length arrays.
b25c3f6 : Fix cpplint's whitespace complaints.
fc9e6fa : Compiler intrinsics
67d9200 : Add a compile-time constant bool equivalent to !defined(NDEBUG).
c0f0933 : Add the missing link between compiled code and the debugger.
ba0668e : Make non-debug dex2oat omit timing and stats information
daadfea : Fix exception_test for (USE_LLVM_COMPILER) build.
1ac2944 : Verifier sets class to error on hard error, resolved on soft.
942df41 : Clarify a few comments.
462c944 : Fix AttachCurrentThread to use the right thread group.
81ff318 : Nomenclature improvements.
5147733 : Fix sdk_x86 build
2fc2bd6 : Fix non-sdk_x86 build
26b8c9d : Fix sdk_x86 build
8771a2f : Fix space_test for (USE_LLVM_COMPILER) build.
a5dd6be : Fix dalvik-dev build. Handle the case of no input dex.
edec372 : Fix oat_test for the LLVM route.
f0adce1 : Acquire lock for synchronized methods.
706a10e : X86 disassembler.
f8c1193 : Fix crashes when a resolution method is passed to PrettyMethod.
5ef7493 : Fix backwards checksum error logging
441d912 : Class getField/Method returns NULL if type/args are unresolved.
4155fcd : Fix sharpening of super when methods class == referrer class.
47282e5 : Fix to check image_strong_intern table when inserting weaks.
e66ac79 : Fix to use a new context when verifying the stack.
2504552 : Added option to allow verification of objects on the stack.
44fb0d0 : Fix naming in x86 assembler and generated short form push immediate.
eb57014 : fill-array-data opcode marked as throw, so it generates a gc map.
923e8b8 : Expand test 046 and move reflective class initialization later.
b245cca : Remove ELF filename argument.
0228e7e : Add ELF extractor to oatdump.
1c84f1f : Write ELF image to Oat file.
950fc6e : Add GetElfImages() method to CompilerLLVM.
578763d : Add ElfImage to hold ELF image address and size.
01ec16f : Fix compiler_test for the LLVM route.
9058f2b : Make our new NullPointerException detail messages more readable to Java programmers.
13c492b : Make oatdump work on the host by not defaulting --host-prefix if it is explictly set
634eb2e : Add some extra debugging/diagnostic support.
8fb932e : Make String.equals pure Java now we have a good compiler.
1ae431a : Class getField/Method returns NULL if type/args are unresolved.
e84278b : Stop saying "clazz".
1521693 : Ensure that classes we're using for reflection are initialized.
c6f3bb8 : Further x86 progress and image creation.
2ed52c4 : Stash the directly-implemented interfaces in Proxy so we can implement Class.getInterfaces.
e62076c : Fix special method codegen
051c9fc : Fix ProxyTest.
6791bdb : Fix sharpening of super when methods class == referrer class.
f24132c : Fix setter trivial pattern matching.
087b241 : Extra Thumb2 disassembly, including strb.
b1c6f34 : Fix to check image_strong_intern table when inserting weaks.
16da88c : Custom codegen for small frameless methods.
b41b33b : Add 3rd argument register to X86.
bdf6c3d : Trivial cleanup of typos and fixed-length buffers.
6c403e1 : Add DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN to PatchInformation
c33262b : Implement for AME for the LLVM version. Fix the compiler_test.
0637e27 : Enable kSupportBootImageFixup
db279c0 : "adb remount" during clean-oat
f582258 : oat file patching
19ff5e5 : Fix to use a new context when verifying the stack.
a7c1268 : Restore card marking, minor tuning
aa49233 : Implement LLVM version of stack walking. Fix Jni_Compiler tests.
de9069a : Fix GEP & refactor compiler_llvm::JniCompiler.
b3ab25b : Enable compiler_test on host.
8c9ca41 : Add ELF loader to load the executables.
120539c : Create an instance of CompilerLLVM in the constructor of Compiler.
f12475c : Add GetCompilationUnit() to CompilerLLVM.
b37c999 : Disable BBOpt when debugger active
81f3ca1 : Add image dependency to oat files
ad03ef5 : Disassembly of Thumb2 data processing instructions.
9c044ce : Support for promoting Method* and compiler temps
fd9514d : Add ELF index to art::CompiledMethod.
3fa1379 : Patch support for the boot image.
ab2b55d : Refactor callRuntimeHelper
3bbbe82 : Add disabled --instruction-set=X86 for test-art-host-oat
df612fb : Add ELF index to art::compiler_llvm::CompilationUnit.
9c1d4f5 : Emit the ELF image into the memory buffer.
446034b : Code cleanup: Remove LLVM initialization dead code.
be08147 : Fix LLVM build: Add 2 more arguments to ComputeInvokeInfo.
b279337 : Add disabled test-art-host-oat
239c4e7 : Loop detection, improved reg allocation
2ed3b95 : Implement direct apk -> boot calling
92ba3d9 : Add dependency between host gtests and test dex file generation
4178729 : Add dependency between host gtests and test dex file generation
98dc5d7 : Fix out-of-bounds memory access
f34f174 : Fix a leak in the verifier and a minor test bug.
ef55ccc : Workaround on SEGV of LLVM backend.
dbac309 : Ensure that BoxPrimitive only sees clean data...
5efa670 : Don't trust all the bits in a JValue when boxing.
18fe89a : Implement LLVM version of jni_compiler to pass 17 jni_compiler tests.
e5dd2ce : Track upstream API change.
3efb841 : Fix the Mac build, and clean up some test-only code.
7f3dfe7 : Fix the LLVM build.
317eb64 : Fix another unused parameter.
7ccf4f9 : Untested fix for alleged build breakage.
6cbb2bd : X86 invocation tidy up.
76e3694 : Clean up the trivial uses of __attribute__((unused)).
907a0db : Fix boxing; my invoke stub changes broke this.
1bac54f : Fix all our unused parameter warnings so we let GCC report them.
96970cd : Implement CheckMapRequest for Mac OS.
0512f02 : Remove anonymous namespaces.
88c5c35 : Make CheckJNI and JNI workarounds mutually exclusive...
141b0c7 : Enable all tests on x86, add assertions
e44f47f : Fix offset math for upcalls on x86
949f4c6 : Use JValue* instead of byte* on the LLVM side too.
d498349 : Added option to allow verification of objects on the stack.
fddf6f6 : Add Heap::GetImageSpace()
cbf0b61 : Make our ARM and Thumb2 disassemblers look more like objdump(1).
70c96d4 : Fix "wide" cts vm-tests
7740579 : Rewrite the invoke stubs to use JValue[]s.
c71bb58 : Fix the test-art-target.
f8bbb84 : Add code size to oat files
98d3988 : Add detail message to null pointer exceptions.
f7d9ad3 : Enable all JNI internal compiler tests on the host.
ae63b2a : Remove the hard coded "constants" related to shadow frame.
f320b63 : Enable sharpening, fix off by one in GetOatCodeFor(Method*)
4455f86 : Split shadow stack from SIRT.
ac3f76b : DO NOT MERGE. Revert "am 002b9152: Don\'t try to link in libraries we\'re not building yet."
3d66194 : Real fix for 064
abda43c : Enable all JNI internal compiler tests on the host.
a8c7418 : Ensure we get native stack traces from libcorkscrew for CheckJNI aborts.
b600b3f : Fix/improve exception detail messages for unboxing.
72289e6 : Workaround for test 064 failure
002b915 : Don't try to link in libraries we're not building yet.
6f4976c : Replace some LLVM-specific code with something more general.
c877f7d : Extract common code in Oat test.
e196567 : SSA rework and support compiler temps in the frame
13b835a : Fix LLVM #includes and push one piece of LLVM-specific lossage down.
f689ffe : SSA rework and support compiler temps in the frame
0dd87f7 : Enable sharpening, fix off by one in GetOatCodeFor(Method*)
3fa1b7e : Unify the invoke stubs and replace "oat" with "Art" in the API.
1b65923 : fill-array-data opcode marked as throw, so it generates a gc map.
d594adb : Implement CheckMapRequest for Mac OS.
cfe8db4 : Really fix instruction decoding for throw verification error.
4ae722a : Mac OS only gained pthread_setname_np in 10.6...
c4c9881 : Fix the LLVM build. Separate out libart-compiler-llvm.so.
1580379 : Fix dependencies from host gtests to core-hostdex.jar, etc.
7c6a61e : Fix SetThreadName for Mac OS.
059d5c1 : Fix loading of compiler libraries on Mac OS.
b5d09b2 : Method prologue and epilogues, add missing x86 functionality.
79ab9e3 : Fix our x86 mfence macro.
01a9658 : Class_newInstanceImpl should use FindDeclaredDirectMethod
31f1f4f : Minor cleanup.
b5e8185 : Added code to allow method tracing from command line.
530fa00 : Give WalkStack's callback a way to terminate early.
1db858a : Fix DexFile::GetChecksum to work on plain .dex files
ab058bb : Make code buffer units 8bit rather than 16bit.
49c4894 : Add instruction-set option to dex2oat
efccc56 : Frame layout change
904667a : Do not generate run-test out files in $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT
5cb71bb : Fix VMStack_getClosestUserClassLoader
73666be : Add dependency from dex2oat to supporting libart-compiler-* libraries
05eba36 : Monitor enter/exit cleanup
0ece7b9 : Remove an unnecessary "art" prefix on functions in the art namespace.
719ace4 : Stop saying "typedef struct" and "typedef enum".
46f060a : Move other compiler bits into the compiler shared libraries.
d20db02 : Re-remove the code that the preceding commit removed.
b3cd122 : Really fix build.
e7825db : Fix build.
b3bd5f0 : Refactor the compilers out of libart.
ddbd01a : Move compiler-specific code out of runtime_support_common.
0b440ef : Fix crashes.
a433b2e : Tidy MIPS floating point helpers.
f5a9d80 : Fix build: Move a 2-line function to runtime_support_common
399ed3f : Add object-space related runtime support.
4d3c07f : Fix core.oat dex file dependencies
87587cb : Update core image to include everything needed by core-tests
055b776 : Remove non-functional IsInSamePackage implementation
9a8a888 : Disable virtual call sharpening.
d9c7ad3 : Fix the build. Add inline back to appease -Werror.
b0ee9d7 : Add runtime_support_common.
680b1bd : Unify branch flags, pretty printer for OpKind.
5bc5a7b : MIPS runtime support stubs. Untested/uncompiled
e89df50 : Fixed instruction decoding for throw-verification error format.
86a4bce : Fix branch bug (showed up in codegen for debug)
fc34adb : Use llvm_shutdown_obj to fix "static initialization order fiasco."
66adbb7 : Implement thread-related runtime support routines.
4dcbffb : Fix oatdump OAT_LOCATION output
7d77624 : Change CHECK(dex_cache != NULL) to use DCHECK
78325a4 : Fix 071-dexfile by having run-test use a unique directory
37c4444 : Expand test-art to cover rest of run-test
be5ff20 : Fix ART_USE_LLVM_COMPILER breakage.
63deaad : Fix memory corruption due to premature llvm_shutdown().
adb8c67 : Move the compiler away from libdex.
731b2ab : Make the code more defensive against null DexCache values
f56197c : Verifier can handle an unresolved method or class.
9787ac4 : Skip src/jni_compiler.cc from llvm backend
bc615a1 : Create the runtime support table from the function list.
fc5bc67 : Add more runtime function defintion for LLVM.
bae4c85 : Remove the quotation of the function name.
2771fb1 : Move the runtime support function lookup callback to runtime_support_llvm.cc.
de79783 : Dummy up MOV instructions, add/tweak comments.
3b2b2e7 : Fix IGET/IPUT slow path code generation.
a6b2ca6 : Remove unused runtime support function.
96ab420 : Beginning of X86 encoding map and instruction size routine.
95ba0dc : Adjust Thumb2 code offsets
f03c288 : Remove redundant oat file fields
a72ec82 : Store the instruction set in the oat header, and use it in oatdump.
a7678db : x86 source code hack and slash
e88dfbf : x86 codegen source file skeletons
e32ca23 : Start of X86 LIR description.
4455f78 : Fix type in README.mips
cad9606 : Fix MIPS comment typo.
fb6adba : Sharpen virtual calls to final methods.
3ad8b9d : Fix build. ART mandates the ordering of fields in SIRT.
edbd6ed : No more "-0", "-1" files. gtest-0 or boot-0 are OK, not "-0"
113f4fc : Add runtime support routines to runtime_support_llvm.h and utils_llvm.
a8a9c34 : Initial runtime support routines for ART LLVM.
40627db : Disassembler support for branches.
a2ebdd7 : Complete MIPS code generation support
11f9d21 : Mips portable floating point support
c5159d5 : MIPS switch table support
c779284 : Fix bug in JNI compiler AAPCS padding calculation
4c17dff : Enable -arm-long-calls for ARMv7/Thumb2 code generation.
ed64e8d : Add the missing operator<< for InstructionSet and use it in the disassembler.
a4060e5 : Fix a deadlock caused by my big threading change yesterday.
3a5c1ce : Extra verbosity and disassembler for oatdump
be00364 : Another attempt to fix the mac build
0398c42 : More MIPS support
bc6ba40 : Fix the mac build - tweak the display format
1f729aa : Make diagnostic output more consistent.
82488f5 : Multi-target Codegen cleanup
013b6f2 : Print LLVM passes time consumption.
6d6d754 : Remove duplicated code.
ffb465f : libcorkscrew native stacks, mutex ranking, and better ScopedThreadListLock.
ce11906 : Remove MutexLock from the argument. Use AssertHeld instead.
71ac994 : Change assembler to use byte instruction lengths
5de3494 : Another step towards a Mips target
6edfde4 : Add kMips and mips32r2 target attribute. Remove NoFramePointerElim.
50aaf81 : Code cleanup: Move private members to the end of class declaration.
d6e614b : Rename header guard of compiler_llvm.h
4f00596 : Remove incorrect LOG(INFO).
7f76761 : Cleanup LLVM code generation code.
94bbf88 : Fix the build by adding #if defined(ART_USE_LLVM_COMPILER)
dbe72bd : Allocate local variable on the stack.
8ee03b5 : Use switch statement to select target triple.
bfe4ea4 : Code cleanup
4eb953f : Update the header guard of oat_compilation_unit.h
1557ea5 : Disable frame pointer elimination of the LLVM code generator.
dd7cf5b : Move llvm::PassRegistry to InitializeLLVM().
5b8b1ed : Implement Link-loading and pass 62 tests in JniInternalTest.
79686a0 : Fix the expectations for test 084.
fe487d0 : Fix dump-oat-Calculator
31a4a6f : More target-independence
8b977d3 : Compile llvm.Module into ELF object file.
168670b : Fix exception delivery for exceptions caught by a static method called on behalf of <clinit>.
a58ff17 : Add a test for correct delivery of exceptions caught by methods called from <clinit>.
b8d2eeb : Trivial cleanup of monitor code.
e8648b6 : Fix a comment typo.
88894ee : JNI compiler.
d1224c7 : Suppress compilation of malformed dexfiles to prevent compiler segfault.
ed2adb6 : Fix oatdump to dump the right code bytes.
04ec04e : Fix LLVM compiler following array object representation change
61c65dc : Remove CADMs from LLVM code generator.
4dd96f5 : Extract method-related information from CompilationUnit.
45619fc : Allocate small arg arrays on the stack
282dab0 : Add Java_MyClass_sbar to list of test symbols
e3c845c : Add code dumping to oatdump.
1cefdbd : Test invocation of static methods through JNI stub
0d6de04 : Fix JNI stub dlsym regression
a15e67d : Remove pad word from arrays
9b5ee88 : Handle request for verification of a class is the error state.
a61ab5e : Remove JEnv* argument from upcall stub.
dcbe6de : Remove over aggresive assert tripping up image_test
bf2cb16 : Fix oat-target-sync generated oat files to have leading /
1984651 : Invoke static/direct dispatch change.
de6e4cf : Add dex2oat -g to control whether the compiled code has debugger support.
513c64a : Fix load/storeBaseDispWide bug with large offests.
408e419 : Fix test 003's expectations.
de0d9c9 : Reordered checks for permission and invocation type of private methods.
c1051ae : Fix Mac build.
04941d9 : Always run dex2oat (2 of 3)
d1f1bf0 : Eagerly resolve strings that are in the image into dex caches
d5b3260 : Oatdump fields of objects using reflection
e3acd07 : Multi-target support
ad3da69 : Handle all known tag types in StackFrame.GetValues.
a3ae2b7 : Implement VirtualMachine.ClassPaths correctly.
50e5102 : Minor fix to be consistent with the style today.
4922ef9 : Add large frame test
80c4d57 : [Compiler] Exit-path bug fix
98e43f6 : Fix a bug in ReferenceType.SignatureWithGeneric.
1351b67 : In order object graph traversal for image writing
3ce4b26 : Fix a thread state misunderstanding.
e75a8cc : Ignore frame-larger-than warning for auto generated code.
8faf802 : Fix build for incompatible API change: int32_t -> uint32_t.
0cf7433 : Fix the remaining GetValues/SetValues tests.
8cd6dda : Numerous fixes to compiler and verifier for cts vm-tests.
8be2d40 : Fix GetCurrentMethod to return the actual native PC.
229feb7 : Consistently use hex for dex PC values in the debugger.
753d7ff : Add missing art_cflags.
972a47b : Rename JdwpLocation.idx to the more intention-revealing dex_pc.
a656a0f : Fix a few more JDWP bugs.
45651fd : Fix various debugger method invocation bugs.
475a644 : Don't enable JNI work arounds with check JNI
3e2e1a2 : Fix single-stepping for native methods.
d423741 : Show useful thread information in IllegalMonitorStateExceptions.
467c969 : Fix JNI work around for IRT removal
8dfcbea : Add shadow stack support to Dex compiler.
60db5ab : SIRT work around JNI support for legacy apps
3f71e70 : Add shadow stack runtime support function to art_module.ll.
6a91799 : Add Module as a member of IRBuilder.
90d5099 : Fix the build, because we still need the ret_shorty.
f04364f : Add upcall compiler.
7caf37e : Implement invoke-interface instruction.
e73b621 : Implement invoke-super instruction.
46fbb41 : Implement invoke-virtual instruction.
3f4d58f : More debugger robustness.
1a121b9 : Implement invoke-static and invoke-direct instructions.
2aeca0b : Add resolve method.
14179c8 : Implement sput* instructions.
438c4b6 : Implement sget* instructions.
c3b4ba1 : Implement const-string instruction.
e58b658 : Implement fill-array-data instruction.
a85fb2f : Implement filled-new-array instruction.
a2cc6a3 : Implement new-array instruction.
032bdad : Implement new-instance instruction.
fc88095 : Implement check-cast instruction.
68725e2 : Implement instanceof instruction.
27b3025 : Implement const-class instruction.
646c3d7 : Fix inadvertent submission in last CL.
c8b306f : Run time illegal access checks on static and direct methods
bb4d12a : Add dex cache codegen helper function.
6c6f12d : Implement throw instruction.
3354cec : Implement move-exception instruction.
9e0dbe4 : Implement monitor-enter and monitor-exit instructions.
436e372 : Improve JDWP error handling.
2aa2e39 : Fix breakpoints.
2435a57 : Support for single-stepping by line.
1441f6f : Test Class.forName and serialization on inner classes
55b16ce : Test behavior of int shifts >= 32
cbfe6fe : Fix automatic dex2oat when boot files are in /data
dd6aa87 : Implement iput* instructions.
48f1d2a : Implement iget* instructions.
8dabb43 : Implement aput* instructions.
e27fdbb : Implement aget* instructions.
61bb614 : Implement array-length instruction.
76e1c79 : Implement floating-point binary arithmetic instructions.
77f74c1 : Fix exception regression.
65c62d4 : Implement reverse substraction immediate instruction.
c3f7d96 : Implement integer binary arithmetic instructions.
927744f : Implement floating-point truncation.
4813550 : Use debug dex2oatd in run-test
c56ded9 : Implement floating-point extension.
12dc175 : Implement floating point to integer cast.
62dd453 : Implement integer to floating point cast.
a185466 : Fix SetInferredRegCategoryMap. Null check issue.
2673644 : Fix SEGV when allocation does not fail in stack trace building
7a48b09 : Implement floating-point negation.
a004aa9 : user build support for art (2 of 3)
c308a5d : Fix a bug in Dbg::GetClassDescriptor.
7b0c5b4 : Various dex index tweaks to improve verifier performance
283ed0d : Fix SEGV when allocation fails in stack trace building
b6744c5 : Implement trunc-and-sext and trunc-and-zext.
17a5766 : Implement integer truncation.
61752ad : Implement integer sign-extension.
e53750d : Implement integer bitwise not.
1b5685f : Implement integer negation.
a78e3c8 : Implement conditional branch.
2c37e8e : Implement floating point compare and long compare.
7a89b6d : Implement switch instructions.
a466c16 : Implement unconditional branch instructions.
798366e : Implement load integer constant instructions.
8898a27 : Implement return instructions.
4817313 : Implement move instructions.
e09a6b7 : Implement no-op instruction.
70f94b4 : Implement EmitInstruction() and dispatch the instructions.
924072f : Add garbage collection suspend guard.
5bcc04e : Add landing pad support.
42e0e15 : Add art runtime support declaration.
d6ececa : Add Dalvik registers initialization codegen.
c670a8d : Add Dalvik register allocation codegen.
d6c239a : Add basic block implementation.
0b82710 : Add LLVM function declaration codegen.
7e6e33d : Add name mangling function for LLVM.
fca7e87 : Add inferred register category map to Method object.
8696433 : More JDWP functionality: breakpoints, single-stepping.
7c3757f : Missing initialization
8342616 : Cleanup "Beginning of LLVM backend for ART."
4c1f425 : Add pointer arithmetic helper function.
d1fec81 : Beginning of LLVM backend for ART.
996cc58 : Add compiler stats, fix super call slow path
91bf6cd : More debugger support.
16f9367 : Remove dexCacheResolvedMethods, address Proxy issue
58bcc40 : We replace -d with -O recently, but not uniformly.
b305770 : Only JDWP exposes ACC_SUPER.
b5d6a49 : Revert "Remove dexCacheResolvedMethods from Method/Constructor"
66a556f : Move DexFile.defineClass exception suppression to managed code
42882d1 : Remove dexCacheResolvedMethods from Method/Constructor
60f83e3 : More fixes for vm-tests.
1fe7afb : Fix more JDWP bugs.
f3773f0 : Move finalizer registration into managed code
cd1410a : Even though dex files don't contain ACC_SUPER, make it look like every class has it set.
3d1ca6d : Fix a bunch of JDWP bugs.
a32a6fd : Runtime access checks on virtual method calls
f1a5adc : Reduce StringPiece usage a bit.
07ce1d7 : Dataflow fix
5b1f162 : Add a new dalvik run-test test to art.
44b412b : Codegen support for debugger
959f8ed : Don't abort DeleteLocalRef for an argument to a method
a92853e : Spot NULL jobjects passed to MonitorEnter/MonitorExit.
48436bb : Split should have a matching Join, if only for convenient debugging output.
06e3ad4 : Turn on some basic tsan annotations.
bd41102 : trygon support
6d0b13e : Increase debug information for failed monitor exits
5643742 : Don't report miranda methods in declared methods
5643b78 : On demand generation of boot files
d857b63 : Compute size of source_space after lazy field initialization.
4103ad2 : Faster computation of SSB index
c1e041a : Include the filename and line number in FATAL logging.
1e40925 : Fix Mac build and make -jN use a total of N threads, not N+1.
53a77a5 : Remove Method's dex_cache_resolved_fields_
1bddec3 : Add access check slow paths to field accesses
223f20f : Remove old code to support multiple images
b12552a : Fix unused variable warning on Mac OS
97574f4 : Disable dex2oat -j thread count on Mac OS
807444f : Switch to more traditional logging on Android.
9ee5f9c : Make all FATAL-related output appear as 'F' log output.
d85016c : Fix class linker assert
d413590 : Check instantiability at runtime when inconclusive at compile time
5523ee0 : Add -j to dex2oat.
5b332c8 : Fix checksum verification when opening DexFiles from OatFiles
f45b154 : Verify thread state for all allocations, fix 2 failures
7769f50 : Testing should use debug dex2oat and oatexec by default
09d4d01 : Fix an attempted use of ScopedThreadStateChange in ClassLinker.
0d0ba69 : A couple of logging changes people have asked for.
8323972 : Give InitCpu its own mutex.
81d9151 : Change the Workers API to be harder to misuse.
b0bbbab : Ensure that the verification workers have finished before removing write permission from the dex file.
891f4a9 : Use a mutex to avoid concurrent modification of LDT
c225caa : Compile classes in parallel.
0c4a506 : Merge new array with new array filled logic
ff73806 : Fix a thread suspend timeout, and improve the diagnostics for thread suspend timeouts.
ba938cb : Make the compiler threadsafe
9ada79c : Access checks may fail verification due to class loaders
47a0588 : AOT verification not founds are generic failures until runtime
457cc51 : Various fixes to the verifier for cts-tests.
5167c97 : Improve debug-ability of native method registration
37be8fb : We only need the heap lock when trimming.
d9c67be : Start parallelizing dex2oat.
e1d490c : Don't request a heap trim in dex2oat
f16600b : Minor compiler tuning.
601a123 : If dex2oat takes >1s, show a breakdown of where the time went.
8cf5bc0 : Simple heap trimming.
5abfa3e : Compiler tuning
3c92a18 : Fix VMStack::getClosestUserClassLoader to ignore NULL
fa23b1d : Tests should include exception stack traces on failure.
6c7d244 : Support Runtime::Abort() before the runtime has started.
fc3144e : Moved array type check to prevent failure in GetComponentType.
c8b917b : Remove apks from oat-target-sync that aren't built in mysid-userdebug
3bb3246 : Fix to instruction typing for verifier.
c476227 : Re-run verification when it fails at compile time
7d5ffb5 : Remove dex2oat warnings by providing "." class path defaulting only to JNI callers
89310de : Remove legacy notion of GetClassFromRegister
37476bd : Fix a few bugs in push-and-run-test-jar.
54c1ceb : Fix to return null if dex file fails verification.
5d86e52 : Add verifier assignability for unresolved arrays to Object[]
1c5eb70 : Move super class verification to class linker
02fbef0 : Set detail message on exceptions for unstarted runtimes.
09f6b56 : Improve Throwable::Dump and log location of verify failing classes.
beb60e2 : full_stingray oat-target-sync support
0eb7d7e : Implement array allocation with access checks.
741b5b7 : Manually merge my AOSP update to the VM tests.
09cc2d3 : Use VerifyError for compile-time verification errors
f6174e8 : Fix to prevent a dex file from being verified multiple times.
a74ba83 : Change Fibonacci to default argument when none provided for test-art-target-oat-Fibonacci
32b4b2a : Test changes to support tradefed
162a31c : Improve diagnostic message
4d9716c : Class::SetStatus(kStatusError) now checks that an exception is pending and uses it to SetVerifyErrorClass
0f09676 : Fix test-art-target on the Mac.
06ed739 : Adjust expected line numbers in tests to account for fixed copyright headers
1f72dce : Support stingray in oat-target-sync
2faa5f1 : Fix copyright headers.
d418eda : Class clean-up and compute name during image writing.
d8c00d0 : More complete JNI name mangling.
160f3e2 : Remove some now-incorrect and now-obsolete DCHECKs.
9e921bc : Remove Mutex::ClearOwner.
cfede66 : Fix Mac build
dc18020 : Avoid getSuperclass being native.
3bb17a6 : Space trim and other unit tests. General space clean up.
715112b : Fix Mutex::ClearOwner for bionic
b9cc1ca : Remove need for libarttest.so for gtests for tradefed
9b06a0d : Make valgrind happy; just a test bug.
85d8c1e : Minor compiler tuning
c3b3e75 : Fix a jdwp assert.
699f9f4 : More %zds for the Mac build.
105245c : Assert lock/unlock/trylock sanity.
131aef8 : Only allow one thread to abort at a time.
6622e5d : Fix dlmalloc to compile without warnings on Mac OS.
748382f : Make the class loading behavior closer to the RI's.
30fab40 : Upgrade to latest dlmalloc. Refactor Heap and related APIs to use STL like naming.
745016f : Be honest about our assertions implementation.
f3778f6 : Fix test 046.
aa56b72 : Fix %ds in compiler.cc's new StringPrintf.
7bfc963 : This fixes several of the VM tests.
fc0842b : Fix divide by zero in compiler stats
4cb6a3b : image_test should include at least one DexFile
7a00a3c : Fix definition GCC_VERSION
bb551fa : Collect and output a few dex2oat statistics.
99ba964 : More compilation performance tuning
10037c8 : Added pass to verify structure of dex file.
6717d0d : Move target gtests to /data/nativetest for tradefed
cd74c4b : Fix thread hang
ba8eee1 : Remove more lint.
844f9a0 : You can't call initCause on a ClassNotFoundException.
e8f3212 : Address review comments.
ff17f1f : Remove various bits of lint.
a7679b6 : Improve exceptions thrown during class loading.
899e789 : Include the thread name in Thread's operator<< output.
5b53710 : Dataflow analysis rework
cf04431 : Work around the lack of gettid(3) on Mac OS.
a0cb120 : Not all hosts are running linux...
11d1b0c : Reduce namespace pollution.
bbdb143 : Fix comment describing THREAD_EXCEPTION_OFFSET
6cc332e : Mac runtime fixes.
659526d : Work around unexplained $(filter-out) trouble.
34cf514 : Work around the fact that Linux and Mac OS have opposite requirements for libgtest.
e71719d : Fix the Mac build. Really. I have binaries and everything.
1ba2714 : Fix build (add -fkeep-inline-functions back for Linux).
ad6c9c3 : Mac build fixes.
f9fb88f : Add runtime dependencies to libjavacore.so
d102998 : Fix Mac build: Mangle the function name according to Mac OS convention.
215f314 : Even more Mac build fixes.
e65a6c9 : Mac build fixes I missed in my previous patch.
e689d51 : Still more Mac build fixes.
07bb855 : Use lower_bound to search multimap
abd04b9 : Yet more Mac build fixes.
94c0e33 : Interface dispatch bug
c20a83e : Eager verification GC maps are present in debug mode
aa6e1cd : More Mac build fixes.
8add92d : Remove the rest of the unordered_ stuff.
e5448b5 : Remove most of the unordered_ stuff and use the standard equivalents instead.
4d6850c : Fix the handful of leaks detectable in our tests.
9ab05de : Fix for issue 5884080: Loop formation regression
49b4f07 : Disable work_around_app_jni_bugs
7541288 : Ensure method GC maps are setup during runtime verification
28a452a : Assert that the mark stack is empty when destroyed.
c2dc62d : Wire up work_around_app_jni_bugs.
12c51e3 : We use NULL to mean "unknown source", but you can't pass NULL to C string functions.
7cfb93e : Disallow DexFile::Open on directories
b4807ec : Conditionally include an include file that's not available on Mac OS.
6d8dd47 : Fix a bunch of uses of 'short'.
73a15f4 : Tolerate GC map being added twice, if it has the same contents
c12a17a : Remove bogus assert
ada2da9 : Add a missing #include.
e7d856b : Add GC map to oat file
e1aee69 : Expand art::GetTid() to cover Mac OS.
26c0a1a : Fixed tracer to stub additional classes as they're loaded.
4f6b57a : Default java.class.path to "." Bug: 5878535
81aa5b3 : Emit the same detail messages as dalvik for ArrayStoreExceptions from System.arraycopy.
d3127d6 : Emit the same detail message as dalvik for ArrayStoreException from code.
c44c822 : Fix another Mac build error.
f0605a0 : If a card table or mark stack allocation fails, dump /proc/self/maps.
aa6a588 : Make CHECKs with char*s do what you mean.
6b35575 : Make pthread_mutex_t destruction safer during shutdown.
f422206 : Another Mac build fix.
24782c6 : Add a macro GCC_VERSION and use it to control code paths.
850162c : Include the name of the source when extracting classes.dex in memory.
672f520 : Fix race in double verifying super class
b52b01a : Don't duplicate interfaces in iftable
b3e66df : Minor fixes.
bdfb1a5 : Fix 084-class-init
13ac45a : Fix invokeSuper range check (cts blocker)
0cc1bbd : Hide some JDWP logging behind -verbose:jdwp.
595799e : Fix test 086-classloader
0755ec5 : Record Class::Status information in oat file
48d7222 : Add unimplemented artResolveMethodFromCode
be125a9 : Fixes for 068-classloader
fd8cba4 : Log the oat_name, not the oat_filename, on failure.
34c77ad : Add stress-test mode for ResolveMethodFromCode
389efb0 : Rename OatMethods to OatClass
725aee5 : Fixes for 071-dexfile
6e3b1d9 : Combine OatDexFile and OatClasses sections of oat file
95f0879 : Fix launch code for artThrowNoSuchMethodFromCode
761bfa8 : Don't throw NPE in findClass if an exception is pending.
c981848 : Tweaks to DexFile defineClass JNI code
cab0101 : Fix 086-null-super and 087-gc-after-link
672297c : Remove std::string from RegTypeCache::FromDescriptor
025c5de : Avoid a benign race where the exception message might be misleading.
12100a5 : Fix for test 003-omnibus-opcodes
a68a1cb : Streamline ClassHelper::GetDescriptor
413f9e0 : Fix gcc 4.6 build
2e3d1b2 : Changes to compile with gcc 4.6
fe9cf7a : Rename SystemMethods to ReflectionTest.
42d305e : Fix all the operator<<s so there are no bad examples lying around.
ab3530d : Fix the System.arraycopy race condition.
a09aea2 : Fix an "unsigned int"/"size_t" discrepancy.
2a2ff56 : Remove the damage caused by my bad advice.
866c862 : Minor OatFile ownership and --oat-fd= argument formatting
d601af8 : Move old dex file creation logic to oat file creation
769fde1 : Reg promotion fix; full optimization by default
eaa200d : Remove unnecessary casts.
a6cc893 : Add installd support to dex2oat
8e5944b : Fix build.
8952189 : Merge art-cache dex files into oat files
c74a697 : Add sojus target.
2692b57 : Changed tracer to use an instance to hold state instead of statics.
db7d5e9 : Fix class_linker_test now FindClass uses const char*.
92cb498 : Fix some Mac OS size_t versus int complaints.
74787a3 : Add TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY for the Mac build.
a5c0c21 : Ensure that 055 checks we don't cheat on the library side...
c3b77c7 : Avoid copying and strlen(3) in the FindClass path.
9004019 : Fixes for verifier access checks.
6b0870d : Fixes relating to 003-omnibus-opcodes
5c9f0b4 : Mac OS assembler compatibility.
69d7a6b : Disable -Wframe-larger-than for non-linux hosts
831afe4 : Improve the ThreadStress test to send SIGQUIT, and fix the bug that finds.
8ce8647 : Enable art build for non-linux hosts
a9ef3fd : Updates to tracer to log events.
dbf05b7 : Adding newly required headers
c2b4447 : Fix for test 044-proxy
fbef946 : Fix 088 the way the test's author intended.
f239165 : Improve documentation on CanAccessMember
29e7ac7 : Moving from libdvm to libart (1 of 5)
4d3c95b : Fix for 075-verification-error
b067ac2 : Fix for 073-mismatched-field test
91250e0 : Knock 0.5s off the Calculator startup time.
42298fa : Fix build.
0dc36d7 : Support building for mysid too.
9557241 : Don't default-construct std::strings and then assign them.
5d78d39 : Improve consistency of units in logging.
573db4a : Fix VM test 077
26fee74 : Verify aput of primitives with component type
a51224d : Fix for vm test 019
5fc5a0c : Fix VM test 065 and 066
4dd9b4d : Clean up verbose logging.
2d3430a : Fix regression in vm tests 021 and 082
2aab947 : Include DexFile::GetLocation() in DexFile LOGs
9f1ab12 : Address various dex2oat hangs
6ef827a : Revert dex2oat file locking
996a72b : DexFile::OpenZip should give up if correctly extracted filed fails to DexFile::OpenFile
485cac4 : Harden -Xcheck:jni so we can log non-classes passed as jclasses.
61e513c : Include DexFile::GetLocation() in DexFile [D]CHECKs
3625812 : Disable death test on the target as well
f1864ef : Don't replace dex instructions in the verifier when not the compiler.
b001126 : Improve dex2oat option defaulting for command line use
7b3cdfc : More JDWP robustness.
6f1dfe4 : Ensure referenced catch block exceptions are in the image.
55124a5 : Clean .art files as well as .oat files.
bf13d36 : Implement ArrayType.NewInstance.
ebd1fd2 : Avoid compile time warnings by having ThreadNewException use AllocObject
3d30d9b : Fix detaching a debugger while threads are suspended.
4860131 : Be robust in stack trace if source file name is missing from dex file.
e343b76 : Stub to capture method entry/exit.
c88968a : Tolerate NULL method in Thread::GetCurrentMethod
a3c24aa : Fill out the list of JDWP commands.
21a5bf2 : Detect over-long thread suspends and time out fatally.
4740cdf : Notify the debugger of class preparation.
0ad5bb8 : Don't post debug exceptions if debugger not active.
d07986f : Implement JDWP InvokeMethod and breakpoints on exception throwing.
7fe2c69 : Don't log "Failed to find OatDexFile" when failure may be expected.
3891c77 : Proxy methods don't have reference maps.
6d4d9fc : Reduce meta-data object sizes, introduce meta-data helper classes.
86b0010 : Implement JDWP StackFrame.ThisObject.
cccd84f : Implement local setting.
e941e2c : Fix basic block construction
ca95152 : Implement Dbg::LastDebuggerActivity properly.
34c0631 : Move jdwpspy from development to art (2 of 2)
6fa602d : Implement static field getting/setting, and basic Eclipse support.
aed4be9 : Implement field getting and setting.
f03b8f6 : Implement "SetArrayElements".
4e23531 : Implement "GetThreadGroupParent", "Suspend", and "Resume".
1bba14f : Implement getting of 64-bit locals (double, long).
c1f143d : Remove some lint.
c5b734a : Fix a dalvik bug in reporting the local variable table.
f8a2df7 : Fix a couple of JDWP bugs.
2443799 : More JDWP array support.
4b0d1ee : Always compile tests with -g.
392b124 : Fix 'locals' for methods with arguments that were compiled without -g:locals.
68fdbd0 : Return values for locals, so "locals" can show them.
1de898b : Disable death test on the host
50e537e : Add 'const' to signature in FindConstructorOrMethodInArray
ae82698 : Add --image-classes to dex2oat
5349431 : Move the exception check to after the code that throws the exception.
8aa6fc3 : Merging ics-release to dalvik-dev
5ead095 : Skip classes in app compilation if they are from boot class loader
4965b66 : Compiler fix for issue #5649968
c129a6b : Make methods and fields accessible by default in art.
4ed2157 : Fix reflection to throw rather than crash when a type is not loaded.
47daf87 : Fix the compiler to resolve against the boot class loader first.
078f9b0 : Fail in the right place when we cannot allocate a mark stack.
1b2b2f2 : Don't set the context class loader until it has been created.
32f8569 : Don't crash if the stack state is empty.
8ea36f8 : Prefer non-synthetic methods in Class.getMethod()
dbb4079 : Start implementing jdb "locals".
25e79a5 : Be compatible with dalvikvm on calls to env->NewString(NULL, 0);
03181a8 : Implement debugger support for getting thread stacks.
499c513 : Implement debugger support for the "threads" command.
a2e54f6 : More debugger support.
761928d : Implement a bit more debugger functionality.
a215526 : Implement enough JDWP functionality that we can attach jdb.
254db0f : Pass the classpath to dex2oat.
9b1a4f4 : Refactor testing to use dex file find routines.
b861dc0 : Extra debug info, make dump stack slightly more tolerant of bad input.
a3760aa : Refactor the use of Method by the oat compiler.
9a6bae8 : Don't run managed code until the runtime has started.
169c9a7 : Remove the use of Method from jni_compiler
0571d35 : Refactor the use of Method by the compiler.
33dc771 : Changed monitor to contain method and return pc values for logging.
72db0d7 : Adjust stack size for system_server
41df065 : Update APK list post-merge
d023992 : Replace persist.sys.strictmode.disabled with persist.sys.strictmode.disable
21f32d7 : Fix some DDMS stuff I'd broken, and fix HexDump's double-spacing.
545a064 : Implement DDMS recent allocation tracking.
a757fac : Fix for GetCurrentLocation when stack is empty.
0c54ac1 : Divide up hprof code by classes.
0b075f1 : Adjust whitespace in hprof.
3aa66fd : Hprof code cleanup.
fbd8456 : Fix hprof dumping from DDMS.
8218847 : Implement thread name change notification for DDMS.
6c9c06d : Use ashmem to name our various anonymous regions.
aaed81d : Warn if a GC takes > 100ms, even if -verbose:gc isn't on.
1121e0b : Wire up hprof.
bbd9d83 : Fix at least two deadlocks.
c2f8006 : Make sure that SignalCatcher says what's going on _before_ it can get stuck.
b1f9f22 : Fix a TODO regarding flock(2) and TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY.
9717051 : Don't delete oat files when not generating image.
234da57 : Basic file locking.
39da035 : Changed card table to use less cards when heap size is limited.
cac6cc7 : More SIGQUIT detail, earlier exit in AttachCurrentThread, handling recursive aborts, and reporting debug/optimized builds.
6415503 : Added caching of indexes for annotations.
f8a199c : Host precompilation of apks to speed boot.
36e0a95 : Don't attach attached threads.
b2062cf : Avoid SetResolvedDirectMethod on failure to ResolveMethod
5d4bdc2 : Various runtime/JNI related fixes.
5e863dd : Make dex2oat fail early if it can't write oat file
3fe7957 : Make dex2oat more chatty with the log.
55d249f : Fix monitor stack depth bug, allow unresolved field in put.
f479dcc : Changed oat writer deduplication to use pointers to vectors.
a50638b : Register allocation fixes.
f4028cc : Support for unresolved fields in the verifier.
f3c1f78 : Allow Object to match as interface class target.
55d7821 : Added code deduplication to the oat writer.
5d76c43 : Mark non-image spaces and use write barrier for image spaces.
4b6fe5a : Use std::string rather than String* in hprof to avoid managed-heap allocations.
c4824e6 : Add hprof. This code builds but is untested.
387b699 : Don't fail oat writing for unresolvable classes.
6a99678 : Ensure r0/ref isn't clobbered by call.
352a424 : Make it easier to run an optimized build, turn the GC timings back on, and remove some unnecessary code.
b093c6b : Support for access check in checkcast and instanceof.
b7990c7 : Disable by register optimizations by default
23d5bc9 : Compiler crash workaround
bd44135 : Clear exception if we failed to resolve method.
90f2b30 : Allow array length on null to pass verification.
28ad40d : Support for unresolved types in new-instance during verification.
f872887 : Fixed parsing of debug info in dex files.
e091855 : Provide a convenience for logging types that don't have an operator<<.
6a5bd49 : Implement the DDMS heap walking (for native and managed heaps).
906e685 : Fix the unintelligible IsValidClassName API by breaking it into three.
00fae58 : Improved ClassLoader support for JNI FindClass, FieldFieldID, JNI_OnLoad
c116070 : Added support for -XX:HeapGrowthLimit switch
371814f : Testing with the new verifier, fix comments as going through code.
fab6293 : Add zygote-art and zygote-art-target-sync (non debug build targets)
1592bc7 : Fix merge of short constants to not give int.
96a253a : Check that Class::AllocObject is not used with arrays
47179f7 : Better -verbose:thread logging, and revert a CHECK.
7162ad9 : Implement DDMS heap info ("HPIF") chunks.
cc4540e : Add slow path for OP_NEW_INSTANCE
f7c3b66 : Fix orthography of the jdwp_bits.h functions.
510c605 : Workaround for cfg building failure
767a147 : Wire in the DDMS heap stuff.
39723d3 : Fix the ReferenceMap test.
9fdfc18 : Debug support for verifier rewriting.
9074b99 : Better unresolved type support.
b82b687 : Make sure threads allocating are in the kRunnable state
bfe487b : Makes objects known to the debugger GC roots, implements the THST message, and lets DDMS request stack traces.
234ab15 : Implement Dbg::Disconnected and Dbg::UndoDebuggerSuspensions.
f28bc5b : Callers of SuspendAll should be in the kRunnable state
5ed29bf : Make verifier more liberal with interfaces.
b94a27b : Unify static and instance helpers for get/put.
b5e95b9 : Various verifier fixes.
84fa074 : Make unresolved a first class verifier type.
0dd7dda : Several fixes for proper creation and use of vmap tables
47fce01 : Basic DDMS thread support.
ed6d78e : Regenerate the .oat file found in FindOatFile if it's out of date.
f6a1e1e : Implement more DDMS support.
475fc23 : More debugger support.
8febc58 : Fixes for GoogleEarth & Streek.apk failed DCHECKS
6ba581a : Implement ThreadContinuing and detach the JDWP thread before it exits.
5d84040 : Created --runtime-arg switch for dex2oat to pass arguments to runtime.
6b4ef02 : Make ResolveField not rely on Field::GetType resolution
2c8a857 : Debug tidying some verification fixes.
d2b8abf : Fix the StackWalk unit test. SegFault was caused by wrong comparisons.
376a7a0 : Turn free functions that take a JdwpState* into member functions.
d1cc836 : Wire up enough of the pieces that we can connect ddms or jdb.
4ffd313 : Implement the zygote debug options (late-enabling -Xcheck:jni and so on).
d81871c : Verifier clean up.
262bf46 : dex2oat invoked by system if it can't find an oat file for a dex file.
ecbce8f : Give proxy all of the return types. Part 2.
3bb8156 : Basic JDWP option parsing...
4514d3c : Fixes for ThreadStress test
872d4ec : Bring across the JDWP implementation.
8f903f2 : Move Class.getDeclaredClass to managed code. Part 3.
7c6deaa : Add ThreadStress test to try and exercise corner cases
4f20aef : Generalizing TryLock pattern to ThreadListLocker
6fbb516 : Address two ThreadList deadlocks
6a4be3a : Fix calling conventions for UnresolvedDirectMethodTrampolineFromCode
5e71b52 : Rename object_bitmap to heap_bitmap (since that's what the class is called).
40381fb : Reuse SIRT for C++ references
b066311 : Some low-hanging GC performance fruit.
7c04610 : Add --invoke-with and -d to the dalvik tests.
c393a4f : System calls dex2oat when opening a dex file with an output location
1cb66f5 : Update CodeAndDirectMethods
94ce37a : Implement -Xstacktracefile.
47d237a : Fix deadlock on dex_lock_ in ClassLinker::RegisterDexFile
bb1e8f0 : Implement -Xjnigreflimit.
362f9bc : Fix cpplint's whitespace warnings.
fc86162 : Implement lock contention event logging.
24a3c2e : ClassLinker changes
6fd03fb : Fix ObjectInitFromCode to do callee frame setup
cc60747 : Use CHECK_OP instead of CHECK where possible.
a51a3dd : Add missing 'explicit's on single-argument constructors.
a6af3c3 : Add missing _jni in the build file. Fixing the build.
498508c : Clean up the makefile and add a missing 'static'.
2641f71 : Move test codes out of src/. They belong to the test/ directory.
accd83d : Fix a heap lock/thread list lock deadlock.
d81cdcc : Fix annotations test 004.
f8e0127 : Add -verbose to dex2oat, and improve -verbose:monitor output.
2ced6a5 : Implement EnsureCapacity, PushLocalFrame, and PopLocalFrame.
5562174 : Add ParallelGC to reproduce system_server hang
b04f69f : Fix for test 069.
0691851 : Fix IsDexFileRegistered to call IsDexFileRegisteredLocked
c252c3e : Clarify cause of 071 failure with an UNIMPLEMENTED
fad7143 : Assorted fixes
31edec5 : Disable StrictMode when booting with art
df8dad5 : Fix scoping issue in Compiler::CompileMethod
a4a7b48 : Make CommonTest::runtime_ a compiler
26c935a : Make Method::ToDexPC tolerate callee save methods
3181345 : Fix off-by-one error in OP_FILLED_NEW_ARRAY_RANGE
5de8fe5 : Add internal compiler option to control defaulting of boot.art
f09afe8 : Better detection of duplicate compiled methods/invoke stubs.
9b27e1c : art/test build fixes
9fd66f5 : Fix GetCurrentMethod to cope with callee-save frames.
06b37d9 : Always log the value when an alignment check fails.
3b6baaa : Bring our native stack usage down.
8a05d27 : Another bug fix for line numbers. Line uses signed in advancing.
63433ba : Add a unit test for ReferenceMap that involves try-catch-finally.
8e1b4ff : Fix line number calculation that deviates from old Dalvik.
466bb25 : Proxy implementation
67bc236 : Register promotion fix
b7bbba4 : Add oatopt drop in replacement for dexopt
3064683 : Fix the double-OOME case again.
95caa79 : Create proxy class, constructor, and methods.
37d4e6b : Be careful of failed allocations in the intern table.
b8233d1 : Fix compilation of boot image and oat
1d9f52b : Implement DexFile_isDexOptNeeded
2b7cdf4 : Teach make that to make an art file, you make the oat file.
03a20ba : Implement DexFile_getClassNameList
a9f1978 : Add support for oat files in /data/art-cache
b51036c : Strings are compound objects, so allocation failures can occur during allocation.
47a0d5a : Move art content to /data
0839bdb : Use CHECK instead of EXPECT. Also, added a previously missing root V0.
1e20094 : Add back a line I accidentally deleted from the last change.
307f75d : Add a C++ equivalent of Android's TimingLogger, and use it for the heap.
caab8c4 : Various tidy ups, add LIKELY/UNLIKELY macros.
14b1b24 : Fix handling of long arguments in unresolved and proxy stubs.
3147a23 : Work around a bionic bug until I can fix bionic.
7178e73 : Fix gtest build and execution
0796af0 : Fix Object::IsSoftReference
163c464 : Track move of InnerClass annotation to managed code.
648e5e9 : Disable zygote preloading
caabb1b : Implement Zygote_nativeForkSystemServer
8cef0b8 : Remove an UNIMPLEMENTED(WARNING) that isn't worth implementing.
3ea7e99 : Add support for the Android-specific DEBUG and VERBOSE log levels.
1b5f497 : Track new proxy cache field in ClassLoader.
c33a32b : Sweep the monitor list.
df9a782 : Comment and minor clean up.
ea2a11d : Determine direct method trampoline type from dispatch.
83df2ac : Basic GC logging (and class initialization timing).
6271c42 : Fix a few UNIMPLEMENTEDs.
e79e6f9 : Fix bugs in UnresolvedDirectMethodTrampolineFromCode.
76aa0c0 : Add targets for switching zygote runtime
9f86537 : Quieten the "invoking/returned" and "Visiting stack roots" logging.
32d6e1e : Add -verbose:monitor and silence the monitor logging by default.
9ca7a1f : Add -Xzygote to suppress starting the signal catcher thread.
dfcdf1a : Proxy invocation stub.
8e4b2fc : Turn on StackWalk. It passes the test now.
5e73f9c : Do not visit null values in StackIndirectReferenceTable
bf61ba3 : Use a class root for detecting java.lang.ref.Reference subclasses.
928bf02 : Ensure getConstString uses slow path for non-image compilation
41ec477 : Fixed DexFile.defineClass to return null, not throw Exception
582a7d1 : Fix a handful of reflection bugs.
df14324 : Setup Thread's context ClassLoader and add image DexFiles to ClassLinker's boot classpath
72ee0ae : Disallow direct subclasses of java.lang.ref.Reference.
2da5036 : Inherit java.lang.ref-ness from superclasses.
92827a5 : Setup AbstractMethodError and dlsym stub when loading from oat
6f495f2 : Clear results registers on long jump
bc4b76d : Fix class name format for jniThrowExceptionFmt
b4aa242 : Temporarily disable optimization
aded5f7 : Working ClassLoader
1634155 : Flush icache when making pages executable.
726079d : Finish the OutOfMemoryError implementation.
fe2e17f : Simplify compiler's suspend check mechanism.
ae67599 : Various assembly fixes.
e707080 : Compiler/assembler fix
c10717a : Fix passing of sp in art_test_suspend
4a510d8 : Ensure R4 is initialized for upcall. Sort suspend naming.
bb7d773 : Turn on optimization by default
ce9eca6 : Move from code field routines to runtime support.
6384f64 : Don't crash if the source file is null
f5a7a47 : Enhance CHECK_EQ and friends to allow extra detail to be appended (like CHECK).
78090d1 : Don't say UTF-8 in an error message when we mean Modified UTF-8.
6825326 : Reg utility fix
a43cb5e : Fix exception_test.cc and thread.cc and revert 3ddac99d4dc6a036fac59d8f0bdc664ef619fb04.
3320cf4 : Move rest of code related blobs from Method to oat
4f0d07c : Spill possibly reference holding registers for runtime calls.
3ddac99 : Fix the PC. And we pass the unit tests on host and target again.
418dfe7 : Enable AllocWithGrowth and OutOfMemoryError throwing.
1cb0a1d : Support for resolving unknown direct/static methods.
33a129c : Save callee-save registers on alloc helper calls
7f1caab : Add an interface to Space, so Heap no longer needs to be friend of Space.
d9cdfe9 : Fix the weird state transitions in verification.
efdbac5 : Fix 069 by throwing IncompatibleClassChangeError at runtime when required.
bc258fa : Fix IncompatibleClassChangeError.
5f9298a : "Fix" racy test 030.
3b3e118 : Fix the thread test to not be racy.
32caed4 : Update test 031 to track the libcore annotations implementation changes.
92f14b2 : Make sure that array_iftables_ is initialized when loading from an image.
949f56e : Nullcheck elimination fix
510c878 : Fix the expectations for test 007 to match the RI's output.
f57c47c : Fix vmap handling. Adjust all PCs by -2 in WalkStack.
19e53eb : Callee-save these ARM registers: R5-R8, R10-R11 and LR.
ad25ac5 : Static and direct resolution stub.
8c2f641 : Grow for improving target utilization. Applicable to the target side only.
fbfdce6 : Teach ClassLinkerTest about Reference.referent
adb460d : Implement finalization.
e3de749 : Compiler - switch default for null invoke test
68e7652 : Start moving stack-related stuff out of thread.h.
99f2723 : Special-case Object.<init> invoke
3ddc0d1 : Fix Vmap table size
ce30293 : Compiler cleanup
20cde90 : Add Class::IsFinalizable and Object::AddFinalizerReference.
b408de7 : Implement the "unreasonable array allocation" OutOfMemoryError.
4377a7e : Update oat_process for recent command line argument changes
34f426c : Make class roots an image root
e1410a2 : Fix the detail messages for NoSuchMethodErrors thrown from generated code.
8cbc8bc : Use a test-specific name for each generated file.
58ae941 : Simplify command line arguments
4d0207c : Wrap non-Error throwables in ExceptionInInitializerError.
6c8867d : Implement artThrowVerificationErrorFromCode.
d760bc4 : Fixed class linker ResolveType for multi-dimensional arrays.
33f741e : Remove opening of DexFile from pointer
e24fa61 : Separate oat from image
d61ae75 : Remove dead cruft from SystemMethods.
9dcc79d : Add Class.getModifiers.
0c8c673 : Ensure we exit with EXIT_FAILURE if the main thread had an uncaught exception.
e983d00 : Revert optimization settings
ed1c1e3 : Fix field access.
7502e2a : Fix the 051-thread test.
bbaf894 : Optimization fixes
5cb5ad2 : Fix exception throwing to support no detail message.
d6fe38d : Fix oatexec to not print uncaught exceptions twice.
68c5478 : Update exception test with new traceback
58f9274 : Various bugfixes
34d281c : Remove a reminder that no longer needs implementing.
795d78f : Old tests run with new system.
81bc509 : Silence a misleading compiler warning.
14134a1 : Fix JNI NoSuchMethodErrors.
d2e0f90 : Implement getProtoIndex() for the benefit of annotations.
991e3ac : Clean up instanceof codegen in compiler.
2d83101 : Code refactoring: Split thread.cc into thread.cc and runtime_support.cc.
5d1ac92 : Adding old unit tests to test suite.
c31664f : Add STLDeleteValues, and use it.
abcfde3 : Fixed test for static final fields that don't use <clinit>.
12246b8 : Add memory barriers (Issue 3338450)
6181f79 : Register usage cleanup
557e027 : New atomics from dalvik.
6bf1915 : Revert "Reverts to track dalvik and libcore"
cc5f9a9 : Throw if ResolveMethod fails.
8dfc9d5 : For Stack Indirect Reference Table, visit roots in the table.
4f894e3 : Fix stack scanning bugs: Add PC OFFSET before retrieving Registermap.
d1422f8 : Remove extra lock and racy assert in class initialization
5cfd6fb : Verifier should not exit with exceptions pending.
d6b1f61 : Support for stack scanning of roots.
f153fe1 : Fix oatdumps stats alignment
9773120 : Disable test until RegisterMap is fixed for thread run.
9b7f2c2 : Fix space_test by ensuring Runtime::Current() is not null
8ab8328 : Add a test to trigger GC.
dddab0c : Kill oat_process before rerunning
0a5b14d : Add -verbose:startup
2a8a90e : Verifier stops if it can't resolve a class, method, or field.
32ae6e3 : Improve -Xcheck:jni handling of jfieldIDs and jmethodIDs.
5a7a74a : Support for JNI local reference cookie.
5d40f18 : Fixes for "null instanceof" and class initialization
fe6207f : Add one last memory barrier.
8e4aac5 : Add the "- waiting on"/"- waiting to lock" lines to the SIGQUIT output.
2ae4f90 : Futher oat_process debugging
b29e4d1 : Misc codegen fixes related to register promotion
e10b697 : Fix bug in HasSameMethodDescriptorClass on return types
03f0349 : Another go at hardening Class::DumpClass.
e608763 : Dump the pending exception when CheckJNI spots a call to a function that requires there to be no pending exception.
395520e : Assorted fixes for running frameworks apps
14357e8 : Add a -verbose:thread option.
c0dd312 : ~ should have been !.
c0ecd65 : Various optimization fixes
9407c60 : Stack scanning: Find RegisterMap and unit-test it. Add decoding of the map.
4681c80 : Various things.
5464308 : Log when a Thread tries to set its name.
719b323 : Use JNI to start the daemon threads.
7a3aeb4 : Thread state fixes.
15fdb8c : Floating point callee save support in exception delivery.
c0c8dc8 : Support for currently untested exceptions/errors.
e555dc0 : Improve our choices of exceptions to throw.
2a20cfd : Implement java.lang.reflect.Constructor.constructNative.
65ca077 : Tolerant compilation of classes with missing super classes
ed3e930 : assert to DCHECK conversion
8060925 : Implement Class.getDeclared(Constructors|Fields|Methods).
bc2f3e3 : Add support for oat_process for use as a wrap.* launcher
21d9e83 : Exception support for object allocation.
b886da8 : Support for exceptions from array allocation.
042946d : Fix dalvik vm reg to callee save mappings
e51a511 : Exception support for CanPutArrayElementFromCode.
dd8df69 : Class.isAssignableFrom and Class.isInstance.
4a801a4 : Enabled access check for classes and methods in the verifier.
d1bb4f6 : Fix build.
418d20f : Implement reflective method invocation.
c41e5b5 : Add tables to map between callee saves and vregs
916e74e : Add some stats to oatdump
53d6ff4 : Reverts to track dalvik and libcore
dc51b79 : Save/restore local table state on down calls.
932746a : Stack overflow error and unit test.
a0841a8 : Abstract Method Error unit test and fixes.
e0cfb6f : Fixes to allow the verifier to process frameworks.
cbba6ac : Implement stub for initialize static storage base.
98fb416 : Implement Class.getDex.
0c64f5e : Move annotations to managed code.
c3d530c : Track libcore change.
f91c8c3 : Adding JNI code for dalvik.system.DexFile and java.lang.Class
ff1ed47 : Class cast, fill array and interface exception support.
fea966e : Use regular JNI for initializing the boxing types.
aad7201 : Move null checks to bvector utility callers
c1f4504 : Suspend check reworking (ready for rewiew)
010cffc : Restore Method* following invoke with > 20 args
33203b5 : Field reflection.
c6766ed : Tracking removal of Method.NO_ANNOTATIONS static field from libcore
27ec961 : Adding oat_process
03fa263 : Rework type & size inference, literal usage
4a2b417 : Throw exceptions from ClassLinker.
64bf5a3 : Implement VMClassLoader's native methods.
6bbe8b0 : Implement VMStack.getClosestUserClassLoader for art.
01158d7 : Implement most of VMStack and some of Zygote.
b4df514 : Added more checking upon resolution and bytecode rewriting to verifier.
3b5d379 : Fix sub codegen bug
9651f42 : Implement NPE, div by 0 and AIOBE.
845490b : Cleanup resolution of type, field, method indexes
9d5ccec : Implement as much of VMDebug as we can reasonably do right now.
9086572 : Fix for implicit null test for oat.
e007b10 : Fix host regression on JNI compiler test.
25c3325 : Fix compiler class initialization to properly deal with super classes
e5de95b : Fix JNI thread state transitions.
c0fe6c7 : Fix manyargs test
081be7f : Implement Object.clone.
29f2742 : Uncaught exception handlers and automatic removal from thread groups.
fa3baf7 : Store return address before performing a thread dump
bbf1e41 : Move main method tests from gtests to oat tests
038a806 : Thread.join, GC daemons, suspend daemons on shutdown, and wait for non-daemon threads to exit.
3b80347 : Assembler fix
93dd966 : Implicit NPE support when no exception given to throw.
b6db9d2 : Convert a DCHECK to a COMPILE_ASSERT
03c99df : Fix Class_getDeclaredConstructorOrMethod to look at direct as well as virtual methods
5b8e4c8 : Change Class::component_type_ and implement reflect.Array
ad42e13 : Exception work clean up.
3a7b4f2 : Class.getDeclaredConstructorOrMethod
b0ebba0 : Suspend check fix
c228252 : Fix order CheckCastFromCode and enable Fibonacci test
dc33ad5 : Initialize all of class Thread's fields.
67375ac : Support for exception throwing from JNI.
f867b6f : Filling in some Class, Method, and Field native code needed during startup and I/O
623cfe0 : Make our CHECK logging more useful on the target...
6bdc3b2 : More java.lang.Class functionality.
85d1545 : Add packing to class Thread.
380fac0 : Failure to create/find the art-cache directory should be fatal.
bc51235 : Remove redundant libgtest_host linkage
08125a0 : fix DCHECK in libartd
9a195c9 : Fix array-put-object
3893357 : StackTraceElements really want PrettyDescriptor, not PrettyClass.
ffca45d : Compiler set up of InitializedStaticStorage
54e7df1 : Various bits of cleanup.
a0a764a : Added some utility functions for register maps.
5f79133 : Implement monitors.
78128a6 : oatdump
bdb0391 : Support for exception throwing.
f48e971 : Def/Use mask fix for vldm/vstm
a5a97a2 : Compile time class initialization for classes without <clinit>
e23d93c : Added method fields for register map. Populated by verifier.
98eacac : Enabled verification in the compiler and some other verifier fixes.
8692721 : Fix ClassLinker::LinkInterfaceMethods bug
1619286 : Add oat file generation and tests to build
367ce0b : Fix invoke-interface bug.
7ede61e : Implement VMRuntime.
8d768a9 : Thread suspension.
43a3642 : Fix null check elimination
303b01e : Add unit test for exercising AbstractMethodErrorStub code.
5ee7a8b : Implement sun.misc.Unsafe and fix the jfieldID/jmethodID leak.
c486c11 : Generating stub code that throws AbstractMethodError exception when hit.
3a4f8df : A few more trivial write barrier calls.
f0cde54 : SSA renaming fix & invalid opcode fix
5ea047b : Support 64-bit volatiles and reference/pointer volatiles.
1d3f114 : Support 32-bit volatiles.
93e74e8 : More of the thread infrastructure.
c74255f : Interning image strings
d369bb7 : Various things.
aaa2080 : Implement Throwable::nativeFillInStackTrace and nativeGetStackTrace.
31384c5 : Generating stub code for registering a jni function at runtime.
ec5adf3 : Mark top of managed stack on helper transitions
005ab2e : It's not an error to reenter InitializeClass.
b153906 : Use the right dex cache in the SGET/SPUT fast paths.
2bb97f9 : Fix debugging output for unresolved fields.
56778d8 : Only do host build on linux
8daa092 : More threads work.
e4f7e1d : Add MANAGED to class definition for classes mirrored beween C++ and managed code
4b620ff : Finish moving state to managed heap
c396efc : Build fix: move target-indepent code out of __arm__
5ade1d2 : Complete compiler portion of exception handling
7957d54 : Move the expected value to the front in our helpers, for clarity.
1240dad : Test conversion of floats and doubles to strings.
2ed6739 : Move Method shorty to managed heap
cefd187 : Add stack overflow check
449b4bd : Take into account that our stacks grow down.
0e073f7 : Make CommonTest.compiler_ a UniquePtr
dbc0525 : Make LinkFields ordering more stable for easier maintenance
2c8f653 : Support for cross compilation.
be759c6 : Add a heap HWM to the Thread*, for compiled code.
92b3b56 : Add locking to the heap.
0d966cf : Add suspend check & stub
d1f0fde : Verifier now generates register maps, though nothing uses them yet.
7540ff4 : Small change to make CompilerTest.CompileDexLibCore pass
34cd9e5 : Add run-time resolution paths for iget/iput.
693267a : Fix GarbageCollector to work with VERIFY_OBJECT_ENABLED
5fe594f : A bit further along the track of multiple threads.
4ef7652 : Transmit mapping table to runtime
2a475e7 : Check-cast, instance-of, misc fixes
02b48d1 : Sketch out detaching threads (with partial implementation).
5dbddee : Added tests for interfaces that extend other interfaces.
d3a7297 : Don't try to run Thumb 2 code on x86 hosts.
bdb7651 : Added second pass which does code flow checking to verifier.
dcc2474 : A little bit more of the threads implementation.
4ff5dad : Weaken JNI asserts on return spill location when return is void
7a99c11 : Fix various JNI compiler bugs/unimplementeds.
0c7f26d : Fixes for register promotion; enable fast path
f5ecf06 : Invoke <clinit> where necessary.
69b15fb : Working dex2oat and oatexec
109bd6a : Fix for argument passing bug
13f5a58 : Add missing file from last commit.
42ee142 : Log line-at-a-time to work around Android logging lossage.
82f3e09 : Minor test tweaks.
b9231c8 : Test arg passing for arraycopy.
7d2b141 : Fix the upcall's off-by-1 bug.
6a0f7f5 : Fix bug in invoke-super slow path
e9a72f6 : Try/Catch analysis; various workarounds
7715c68 : Fix the calling convention bug where we didn't account for Method*.
a59d179 : Work around two problems.
9b269d2 : Fix bug in long arguments for JNI on x86
0f4c41d : Various fixes.
1da522d : Complete static field accesses; clear TODO's
193a44d : Make InitializeStaticStorageFromCode handle requests for uninitialized storage from <clinit>
848a4b3 : Fix ClassLinker::InitializeStaticStorageFromCode
7f40ffc : Fix the LDT code to be -O2 safe and valgrind clean.
4a3164f : Codegen for invoke-super, invoke-interface
9baa4ae : Remove use of MemMap for code allocation.
e9ea8d1 : Replaced Method::NumReferenceArgsBefore() with itr_refs already.
558788e : Testing the decoding of JObject.
668512a : Decoding references. Otherwise, buggy code works only on stack refs.
93620f6 : Temporarily work around a problem with the LDT code.
561227c : Complete direct, static & virtual invoke
3e465b1 : Get the test speed back to where it was.
0db460b : Make our tests only 2x slower than they were this morning...
9b81cf3 : Switch to -O2. -O0 benefits no-one.
d92bec4 : More SIGQUIT handling, various Thread fixes.
b17d08b : GetFieldID should throw NoSuchFieldFound rather than NoClassDefFound
cd2764f : Remove ARM suffix from JNI tests
0cfe1fb : Use accessor methods for Object fields.
a095764 : Add back the dalvik-style JNI logging and tracing.
410c0c8 : Mark more roots.
cf4c6c4 : Fully implement string interning.
2f0ce9d : Fix another jni_compiler bug. ">=" should be "<=".
82da44b : Fix the "mov R1, R2; mov R2, R3" bug in jni_compiler.
bf86d04 : Start adding implementations for runtime-provided native methods.
ad7c2a3 : Add infrastructure for registering built-in native methods.
1f87008 : Add HeapTest and make GC work enough to pass it
c5bfa8f : Add back the work-arounds for broken apps that assume JNI uses direct references.
90a3369 : Switch to UniquePtr.
3402380 : Remove uses of scoped_ptr_malloc.
881dd56 : Reduce test dependencies
8a48741 : Allow compilation of classes in different ClassLoaders
a250199 : Add -Xcheck:jni.
2e748f3 : Register temp handling fix
8287072 : Demangle C++ names in backtraces.
ff0f9be : Fix DexFile's line number and test EH and StackTraceElement in 3 ways.
9b576b4 : Add StackVisitor, CountStackDepthVisitor, BuildStackTraceVisitor for EH.
9f30b38 : Externalize test code
4417536 : Add AllocStackTrace(). Move InternalStackTrace to managed heap.
e193174 : Use slow-path static field accessors; added tests
dd3efae : Add instance field get/put test
b9edb84 : Add slow path access routines for static fields
1caa2c2 : Add InitializedStaticStorage table
dfd3d70 : Enable virtual invokes, use new alloc, misc
9cc262e : Clarify CodeAndMethods to CodeAndDirectMethods
b63ec39 : Add compiler allocation paths Class::NewInstanceFromCode and Array::AllocFromCode
439c4fa : Move 64-bit multiplication to helper
e6d6196 : Various bug fixes.
7b1b86d : Various bug fixes and new tests.
83db772 : Add DexCache table of <Method*, Method::GetCode()>
55df06b : Stack Trace Element with its unit test added too.
e27955c : Add the signal catcher (for SIGQUIT and SIGUSR1).
ba5ebb9 : Added first pass of verifier and supporting changes.
5cd2180 : Fix invoke sequence and enable recursive Fibonacci
1f1fa56 : Fix a typo in field resolution.
0c424cb : Switch CreateMethodDescriptor over to std::string to avoid memory leaks.
20cfffa : Finish implementation of ResolveField and ResolveMethod
30b9445 : Handle interface methods in JNI invocation
c1674ed : Make valgrind happier and stop us leaking so much we can can't run the tests on a device.
c5ef046 : Add slow-path code gen for static/direct invokes
bafc342 : Re-enabled array tests now that we resolve
bffb155 : Convert CompilerTest over to use Compiler
ce8d9f5 : Reset the stream state at the end of each line of logging.
4b093bf : Fix build.
2cc022b : Build oat compiler on host, wire in JniCompiler to CompileMethod
79082e3 : Add the runtime lookup of native method implementations.
9ea1cb1 : First pass of compiler wrapping class
7577075 : Finish off the new JNI implementation.
9e0f9b0 : Add switch and comparison tests. Fix ralloc bug
b465ab0 : Implement the direct ByteBuffer JNI functions, GetObjectRefType, and the string region functions.
69f5bc6 : If JNIEnvExt is-a JNIEnv, we can lose a bunch of reinterpret_casts.
d11af15 : Change FrameSize to FrameSizeInBytes.
408f79a : Add validate object, clean up stack indirect reference table.
72025e5 : Implement JNI virtual calls to managed methods, JNI ExceptionDescribe, and JNI MonitorEnter/MonitorExit.
5433072 : Added support for 64-bit shifts, fix const-wide
3ea4ec5 : Misc fixes, new compiler unit tests
5174fe6 : Add the condition variable to System.loadLibrary and implement UnregisterNatives.
814e403 : Add some missing JNI string functions, GetObjectArrayElement, and all the primitive array region functions.
d2fbb2b : Give an example of walking TypeIds in a DexFile Also prevent accidentally copying of DexFile structures
762400c : Support for return PC offset and frame size in JNI compiler.
e5b0dc8 : Add "class Throwable" and rewrite exception throwing to use JNI.
1a18c8c : Initial implementation of throw+unwind+Frame.
37f7a40 : Implement more of the exception/object/class JNI functions.
885c3bd : Implement field access (and a few other bits and bobs).
bd93599 : Add JNI GetArrayLength and start throwing from FindClass.
4873d46 : Move static field storage to end of Class instance
94496d3 : Conditionalize compilation
edcc09c : Cleanup.
c143c55 : Updating the compiler to use the new-world model
195487c : Initial implementation for adding StackTraceElement support.
c4fa2c0 : Add Method::dex_cache_*_ short cuts to declaring_class_->dex_cache_
a663ea5 : Initialize ClassLinker from image
68f4fa0 : Add an Array::Alloc convenience for the compiler.
a0b8feb : Turn off the 'public' check for main, and improve diagnostics.
9cff8e1 : Convert Class::descriptor_ from StringPiece to String (as part of image loading)
67bf885 : Oat compiler integration snapshot.
f4c21c9 : Initialize classes in GetFieldID/GetMethodID.
ed8952f : Method* for upcalls should be null.
a8cd9f4 : Support for local references allocated in SHBs.
cdf5312 : Implement jfieldID and jmethodID properly.
6de0860 : Record thread data when making reentrant transitions.
cdd1d2d : Move JNI compiler tests to use pure JNI.
0a96fe0 : Use libnativehelper's existing code for creating a String[].
bfaadc8 : Replace a dangerous function with the convenience function callers actually want.
de69d7f : Clean up mutexes on shutdown.
18c0753 : Initialize the rest of libcore's native code.
84d00e6 : Fix a typo that breaks the arugment size computation.
c5f7c91 : Switch to indirect references rather than direct pointers.
4a289ed : Work on heap and space initialization to support image loading
44753c3 : Add unordered_set
4b3b727 : Add vogar-like --invoke-with to 'art', and fix a bug valgrind finds.
b765be0 : Alloc stack using MemMap and -Xss
f734cf5 : Add ParsedOptions test (and migrate RuntimeTest to CommonTest)
0af5543 : Code for loading shared libraries and calling JNI_OnLoad.
6c1a394 : Add IndirectReferenceTable and initialize all the instances.
a04d397 : Issue 5177609: remove Monitor(Enter|Exit)Helper
515a5bc : Add the -Xcheck:jni option.
4dd71f1 : Implement various JNI internals. Fix off by 1 bug.
bbd7671 : Add the two ReferenceTables.
5b1982d : Get rid of some C artifacts as noted in the initial review.
11e4507 : Add a reference table implementation.
6ea095a : Parse required options
710a0cb : Extra tests (and a bug fix).
8a43659 : Work on option parsing as prelude to image loading
a5b897e : Add semi-functional exception throwing.
83ab4f3 : Add an implementation of GetMethodID.
289da82 : Add bounds checking to our internal array get/set methods.
04b63fd : Using 'size' to mean anything other than "element count" on a collection is confusing.
47940d6 : Make formatting more consistent.
8a26c5c : Implement NewStringUTF and SetObjectArrayElement.
f2682d5 : Fix the invocation interface.
0d666d8 : Fix JNI compiler for synchronized methods.
4e777d4 : Revisions to "First pass of ImageWriter"
d8ddfd5 : Implement JNI NewBooleanArray et cetera.
3cd987f : Pass the correct Thread* when calling back into Java.
db4d540 : First pass of ImageWriter
350dad1 : Fix zip_archive_test on the target.
ad107ab : Remove author attributions.
9b9ba28 : Implement upcalls with compiled JNI callback bridges.
2cae5a2 : Add a tsan target.
fe909f2 : Get should be a const method.
53b6131 : Use the UNIMPLEMENTED macro everywhere.
5511f21 : Add a valgrind-art-host target to run the tests under valgrind.
b20a554 : Implement a few of the easy JNI functions.
46b92ba : Factor out NeedsEscaping from the Printable* functions.
e0fc0ef : Fix a few more scoped_ptr/scoped_array confusions, and stop tring to optimistically load non-existent .dex files.
28e7627 : Add some exceptions classes for throw
330304d : Create JNIEnv*s on the right threads.
22f4093 : Add ScopedJniThreadState.
c7ac37f : Be more specific when we exit because of an unimplemented JNI call.
0c9cd56 : Add tests for JNI FindClass.
6b43685 : Translate JNI class descriptors into regular class descriptors in FindClass.
4e5c0b9 : End() should check if remaining_count_ == -1, instead of checking negative.
40ef99e : Start implementing JNI.
5381cf9 : Handle double and long on the Managed side, and follow AAPCS on the Native side.
2fb9753 : Exception Handling: libdex integration. Also added unit test on exception.
0dab4ec : Switch to the libcore ScopedLocalRef.
35baaab : Combine InstanceField and StaticField and Field.
7833bd2 : Store static field values in arrays.
f7ed11a : Adding Object::InstanceOf and Class::IsAssignableFrom
df4189c : Follow up from Carl's comments on new primitive array types.
0024d6c : Minor zip cleanups
4bfab0a : Remove obsolete members that unintentionally reappeared when rebasing.
744ad05 : Remove stray trailing semicolons.
f88c952 : Minor clean-ups.
fd687c5 : Create templates for primitive types.
7e93b50 : String intern table and support for unordered_map
2eaa968 : Add a dex structure definition to support exception handling.
8860c0e : Use the method descriptor for prototype and return type comparisons.
74eb46a : Improved ClassLoader support
419ec7b : Materialize method descriptors when instantiating method objects.
b0460ea : Add support for opening classes.dex file from zip, jar, apk
8989d99 : Get ClassLinker out of the business of allocating strings.
f7e85a5 : Use Java strings for Method's name.
ea4dca8 : Add stub implementations for the JNI native and invoke interfaces.
1415074 : Use Java strings for Field's name.
cbe9fc0 : Add equals to C++ String
6f6beb4 : Fix host build: Add -lpthread.
46cdd4b : More field order validation.
b88e944 : Just visit classes_root, not its elements
75cb3b4 : Add ClassLinker::VisitRoots
ac5b9e2 : Validate the C++ and managed fields are ordered consistently.
8ecd08c : Switch tests and aexecd to use libartd
0b138b2 : Flesh out AllocString
d3c1575 : Address post review comments regarding ParseClassPath.
07d579f : Add NDEBUG build
ae3ac01 : Expanding ClassLinkerTest/LibCore to cover more Class details - Ensure SetReferenceOffsets is always called - Change Field to use StringPiece instead of const char* - Removed "shrunk vtable" logging noise - Fix small bug in Class::Status logging - Rename Field signature to descriptor for clarity - Add Class:IsSynthetic
fc322c7 : Initialize the bootstrap class path from standard sources.
a40f9bc : Add ObjectArray::CopyOf
4acf464 : Clear out the Runtime singleton when destructing a Runtime instance.
4a96b60 : ClassLinker can now FindClass all libcore classes
2ed144c : Preliminary implementation of the JNI invocation interface.
f08973e : Remove the ashmem dependency from the mspace utility code.
e2d373e : Initial ARM JNI compiler support.
7a90959 : Make the RuntimeTest use Runtime instances instead of its constituents.
913af1b : Heap allocate class supporting arrays for fields, methods, interfaces
58551df : Add a collection implementation.
59848da : Import cpplint.py and make target cpplint-art
f3eb61f : Style cleanups for two recent changes
f615a61 : Rename RawDexFile to DexFile
7e49dca : Rename DexFile to DexCache
6547ace : Ignore the .arm hint in the top-level targets as well.
8492996 : Do not assume the .arm hint is part of the source file path.
578bbdc : Move DexFiles to be allocated on the heap
45a76cb : Exception and suspend count polling on JNI bridge return.
69759ea : Add allocation and garbage collection infrastructure.
df20fe0 : Support for synchronized native methods.
31bcc7e : Give unique name to host build shared libraries #1
6d860c1 : Add the down_cast template.
176f59c : Fix build breakage.
b033c75 : x86 JNI compiler and unit tests.
cdc8de4 : Move base64 to test code
be97785 : C++ and DCHECK tidying
a331b3c : New ClassLinker::CreateArrayClass
6cc1845 : Simplify ClassLinker::LoadClass
a080803 : Setting klass_ fields of heap allocated objects
a7f4f48 : Move allocation of fields and methods to heap
1f359b0 : Improve CHECK_<op> logging.
ffe6736 : Implement Runtime::Abort and switch LOG(FATAL) over to it.
a5780da : Fix class_linker_test.
eb4f614 : Flesh out the logging implementation.
d0e7e77 : Use a TLS value to retrieve the current thread.
f10edca : Eliminate some C-style casts.
61e019d : Initialize runtime constituents on runtime construction.
934486c : Make ClassLinker set Class::super_class_ plus test and build improvements
b557353 : Add more functionality to the thread and mutex implementation.
528153d : Only tag tests for test builds, not eng builds
0e6d197 : Relocate all of the included Makefiles into the build subdirectory.
565f507 : Initialize primitive type classes during linker initialization.
606258b : Explicitly convert type to an int before writing to the log stream.
5fafe2b : Add support for initializing static fields.
167ec63 : Fix minor bugs which prevented methods from loading correctly.
e4c1ce4 : Extend the instruction class with instruction attributes.
0e5d75d : Add support for linking classes.
d4e48fd : Add the StringPiece class.
a779d41 : Remove -Wno-deprecated.
894d0fa : Expose functionality needed for linking.
ef442e6 : Add a corresponding constant for DEX_NOINDEX.
d84f49c : Limit the visibility of the instruction list.
a506cb0 : Minor clean-ups.
64f1340 : Collapse the synchronized and declared synchronized predicates into one.
7e78248 : Manage the underlying RawDexFile of a DexFile with a smart pointer.
80d4dde : Allow raw dex files to be read from arrays of base64 encoded bytes.
a7ab79d : Add check to inst visitor
3ee755d : Complete support for loading classes from a DEX file.
1fb8620 : Add class loading infrastructure.
12eb78e : Add an instruction abstraction and visitor.
008e412 : Add and enable a Makefile for building tests on the device.
c981ace : Add a gtest build target for the host.
d2bdb57 : Add a macro for sizing anonymous or locally defined arrays.
a2e18e1 : Add the implementation for the ARM assembler.
6b6b5f0 : Shorten the namespace and re-normalize include guards.
a5d5cfd : Add basic assembler interface and an x86 backend.
59e85cd : Add implementations of sizeof and offsetof for class types.
806defa : Fix the include guard style.
6c21dc1 : Add a minimal logging interface and implementation.
9bf84fd : Fix several minor errors in the build configuration.
7b21670 : Initial build configuration for the new Android runtime.
80ad5ff : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/bionic

fbefb25 : Modify prefetch for krait memcpy.
ac6bc31 : Remove new aligned memcpy path for cortex-a15.
3fce401 : Upgrade to tzdata2013g.
e1fe52c : Upgrade to tzdata2013f.
21f5927 : Upgrade to tzdata2013e.
34c2a9f : Move stack unwinding test into library.
f4af911 : Create bionic unit test library for use with CTS.
7bfef35 : Change hard-coded directory.
6d1f85d : Change hard-coded temporary directory.
7751d91 : Use kernel default for initial thread size
cc7f0dc : Upgrade pre-jb-mr2 releases to tzdata2013d.
9a74e36 : Use kernel default for initial thread size
883ef24 : __memcpy_chk: Fix signed cmp of unsigned values.
05332f2 : Fix all debug directives.
e9e10c1 : Fix pthread_getcpuclockid.
d67662b : Change how DNS resolver handle no default iface
345eb22 : Apply upstream commit 943a6621866e9d6e654f5cfe1494378c1fb8957a.
f0c10a4 : Work around tzcode's reliance on signed overflow.
9ef1fbb : Make mips_relocate_got tolerate a missing got
5f7ccea : Update all debug directives.
f0c3d90 : Create optimized __strcpy_chk/__strcat_chk.
3912f90 : Make ctype.h a little less unhygienic.
5951e84 : Fix our missing abs/labs/llabs/imaxabs (and imaxdiv) symbols.
840a114 : Add futimens.
d0be7c8 : Add futimens.
b922ed3 : Fix strcpy.c that should have been strcpy.S. DO NOT MERGE
4e24dcc : Optimize strcat/strcpy, small tweaks to strlen. DO NOT MERGE
7f4074d : bionic: name malloc'd regions
6771b9c : bionic: add function to name memory
7c860db : Optimize __memset_chk, __memcpy_chk.
1ce6654 : Fix strcpy.c that should have been strcpy.S.
1d8d9a3 : Fix the detection of alt-network in dns resolver.
baa91f4 : Add ssse3 implementation of __memcmp16.
772b797 : Update the comments to reflect the current status.
d119b7b : Optimize strcat/strcpy, small tweaks to strlen.
0a9c615 : Fix stdint.h intptr_t/uintptr_t for x86_64/x32
e0805a9 : Tell the dns resolver about our domains.
c03e1e7 : Define PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX and _POSIX_THREAD_KEYS_MAX in a POSIX-compliant way.
efddf44 : libgcc_compat: Introduce __aeabi_lasr for cortex-a9 and higher
838f01f : Bump the number of TLS slots to 128.
e320a8c : Avoid sign extension of the mmap offset.
d0f2a60 : Restore dlmalloc mmap threshold to 64k
0995a7b : [MIPS] __dso_handle.S and __dso_handle_so.S not needed.
4cf1395 : Move stuff only needed by pthread-timers.c into pthread-timers.c.
284f788 : Upgrade mktemp.c to the current upstream version.
4c6b925 : Remove some non-unused makefile generality.
3688601 : [MIPS] Rewrite MIPS crtbegin* as C files.
84114c8 : Improve stack overflow diagnostics (take 2).
107cdd4 : Prevent the madvise(MADV_MERGEABLE) mmap hack from affecting errno.
e459bba : mmap: Reinstate passing MADV_MERGEABLE on private anonymous maps
d14dc3b : Revert "Improve stack overflow diagnostics."
eb1b074 : Revert "Clean up our alternate signal stacks."
9ad2a73 : Fix assembler errors in generic arm strlen.c.
0aa9b52 : Add new optimized strlen for arm.
5cf8795 : Clean up our alternate signal stacks.
aa754dc : Improve stack overflow diagnostics.
d4e753f : Clean up __builtin_expect usage.
da4a3e6 : EABI syscall cleanup.
b95cf0d : Fix pthread_getattr_np, pthread_attr_setguardsize, and pthread_attr_setstacksize.
d8d10a8 : Fix assembler errors in generic arm strlen.c.
674be7e : Kexec header generated from linux header 3.10
2fc0717 : Add new optimized strlen for arm.
ce4783c : Upgrade to tzcode2013d.
ee178bf : Add a trivial gmtime(3) test.
0dff43c : Add TCP_INFO state enum values.
6b1dd17 : syslog.h: add __printflike to syslog functions
6184c1f : Fix MIPS build.
06040fd : Add <sys/statvfs.h>.
c39214e : Add marking of DNS sockets for mark based routing
c2cd33e : Remove <netinet/icmp6.h> ni_* macros.
5149de0 : Upgrade to tzdata2013d.
3a040d8 : Make bionic's <netinet/icmp6.h> standalone, like glibc's.
bfc6a59 : Fix IPv6 filtering definitions in netinet/icmp6.h.
e42e51d : Clean up <sys/mount.h>/<linux/fs.h> duplication.
e91f717 : bionic_atomic_arm.h: Remove < ARMv6 support
f936ef1 : Include linux/termios.h from sys/ioctl.h.
d7b0d6e : Update linux/types.h to linux 2.6.20.
2753e12 : libc/arch-arm/bionic/memcpy.a9.S: memcpy from cortex-strings.
b8e435c : Expose dn_comp and dn_expand to system C code.
74f0833 : Fix inttypes.h PRI?PTR and SCN?PTR macros.
553a5ec : mmap: Don't call madvise if mmap fails
ce7c404 : Update icmp6.h to current NetBSD.
b61103d : libc/arch-arm/bionic/memcpy.a9.S: memcpy from cortex-strings.
a6cde39 : More FORTIFY_SOURCE functions under clang
ca43d73 : resolv_private.h: remove #define b64_ntop and b64_pton
5bcf398 : Reorganize FORTIFY_SOURCE tests.
c8ae8bd : stdio.h: enable vs?printf clang FORTIFY_SOURCE
5e9a086 : bionic: add compatibility mode for properties
1ec20a0 : bionic: use the size of the file to determine property area size
d278b82 : Switch to current upstream getopt_long.
64a4f6a : Update x86 machine/endian.h from upstream
ad76c85 : bionic: add compatibility mode for properties
285b42a : bionic: use the size of the file to determine property area size
4fe8292 : bionic: store property names as variable-length strings
fc761f8 : bionic: prevent root processes from calling __system_property_add
be30c7a : bionic: revert to a single (larger) property area
d527642 : bionic: add hierarchical properties test
4482d85 : bionic: reimplement property area as hybrid trie/binary tree
d206b56 : libc: add swapon and swapoff syscalls
c45087b : Kernel dso support for 'dl_iterate_phdr' function
621b19d : libc: enable FORTIFY_SOURCE snprintf under clang
c79de97 : bionic: replace 4K property pages with 32K property pages
de76baf : bionic: replace 4K property pages with 32K property pages
44c273c : Revert "bionic: reimplement property area as hybrid trie/binary tree"
890aa0d : Revert "bionic: add hierarchical properties test"
fa8cc06 : Revert "bionic: revert to a single (larger) property area"
b938756 : Revert "bionic: prevent root processes from calling __system_property_add"
982463d : Revert "bionic: store property names as variable-length strings"
836dbf6 : bionic: store property names as variable-length strings
1d36ee1 : bionic: prevent root processes from calling __system_property_add
1540f60 : bionic: revert to a single (larger) property area
996cdc4 : bionic: reimplement property area as hybrid trie/binary tree
f7511e3 : bionic: add missing memory barriers to system properties
cb215a7 : bionic: make property area expandable
492ce95 : bionic: store property names as variable-length strings
fb9b7b4 : bionic: prevent root processes from calling __system_property_add
5f05348 : bionic: revert to a single (larger) property area
c6eb985 : libc: enable sprintf FORTIFY_SOURCE under clang
0f76e23 : bionic: add hierarchical properties test
6ac8e6a : bionic: reimplement property area as hybrid trie/binary tree
c908442 : linker: Emit a warning on text relocations
17fc25d : libc_logging: don't keep file descriptors open forever
5bfa3ee : bionic: add missing memory barriers to system properties
8bafa74 : libc: enable FORTIFY_SOURCE clang strlcpy
d329697 : bionic: make property area expandable
3cd4cac : Fix FORTIFY_SOURCE unittests.
dc5d342 : stdint.h header is not fully compatible with C99(ISO9899:1999)
c6ff844 : bionic: add __system_property_foreach
5774184 : bionic: add __system_property_foreach
a33dc57 : Always use v1 for MIPS TLS access.
7e5a8cc : Make LD_PRELOAD failures just warnings.
7d06813 : bionic: fix deleting property arrays in property benchmark
a641c18 : libc: Rename fortify error functions.
7d90cfa : bionic: change properties benchmarks to read a single property
16d1af1 : libc: add limited FORTIFY_SOURCE support for clang
b24c063 : libc: Introduce __errordecl()
b27e200 : bionic: add tests for properties
5cf32de : bionic: move system property writing from init to bionic
b6e3400 : don't hardcode register r0/v1 when reading the TLS
37d9f75 : bionic: add tests for properties
dc1038b : bionic: move system property writing from init to bionic
18bc975 : Slight script cleanup; make gensyscalls work from any directory.
638503b : Fix remove_uidiface_info failing on first entry
7c89506 : Ensure that <stdint.h> defines SIZE_MAX and friends.
4eeec44 : Fix the qsort copyright notice (fixed upstream this afternoon).
0f020d1 : Handles spurious wake-ups in pthread_join()
7841946 : Take upstream libm changes.
2815b1d : Take some fixed upstream copyright headers and regenerate NOTICE.
677ee56 : Switch to current upstream stdio makebuf.c and setvbuf.c.
9248d3a : Revert "Add SIZE_MAX to <stdint.h> in a way that might actually work."
d8627af : Add SIZE_MAX to <stdint.h> in a way that might actually work.
61e699a : Clean up abort.
2c157ae : <stdint.h> should expose SIZE_MAX.
fd0325b : fix unittests.
7e6ce1a : Fix abort(3) to raise SIGABRT rather than causing SIGSEGV.
06708df : Revert "libc x86: Remove strcat.S"
885f3b9 : Implement malloc_usable_size for debug impls.
87594a3 : Add clearing of resolv uid and pid interface maps
3d594c2 : Implement malloc_usable_size for debug impls.
e7dffe1 : Honor p_vaddr if set
0c9bb49 : Add per UID interface support to resolv cache
156ccf4 : update signal.h to be C90 compatable
36fa67b : Ensure header files using __BEGIN_DECLS include sys/cdefs.h.
3282232 : sys/personality.h: include <sys/cdefs.h>
94d0daa : Clean up useless declaration in thread_private.h
13476de : Add tests for __strcpy_chk()
6bec5b7 : Small cleanup of soinfo_elf_lookup.
a123b5d : Use bl instead of blx to support interworking properly.
9e19057 : Use bl instead of blx to support interworking properly.
c702a90 : mmap: Reinstate passing MADV_MERGEABLE on private anonymous maps
cf87019 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: strcat / strncat optimize
0a49066 : bionic/x86: Optimization for string routines
8cc145e : Add strncpy FORTIFY_SOURCE tests.
4fe461b : libc x86: Remove strcat.S
e4c4ada : libc x86: Remove index.S, strcpy.S, strchr.S
615684c : libc: delete x86 memchr.S
25a87f7 : Fix declaration of malloc_usable_size()
82dcc79 : Fix bionic linker to support segments with zero p_filesz
22bda4b : libc/arm: add cortex-a8 cpu variant
d35106f : Fix sysconf(3) for _SC_GETGR_R_SIZE_MAX and _SC_GETPW_R_SIZE_MAX.
d04c183 : Add more __restricts, clean up __format__ attributes.
b2e1abd : Pull upstream FreeBSD revision 249810.
b0a2fc3 : epoll: add EPOLLRDHUP, EPOLLWAKEUP, and EPOLLONESHOT events
4200e62 : libc: add timerfd calls
5c4340b : libc: remove obsolete CLOCK_REALTIME_HR and CLOCK_MONOTONIC_HR
23b9fd2 : libc: add clock ids CLOCK_REALTIME_ALARM and CLOCK_BOOTTIME_ALARM
bb0b09c : Fix all printf warnings in res_send.c.
d1ad4f6 : epoll: add EPOLLRDHUP, EPOLLWAKEUP, and EPOLLONESHOT events
04c0ac1 : libc: add timerfd calls
60e5144 : libc: remove obsolete CLOCK_REALTIME_HR and CLOCK_MONOTONIC_HR
b928bda : libc: add clock ids CLOCK_REALTIME_ALARM and CLOCK_BOOTTIME_ALARM
8147d3c : Don't fail to run DT_INIT and DT_INIT_ARRAY constructors if a shared library has DT_PREINIT_ARRAY constructors.
63dd03c : Remove a spurious FIXME and unnecessary type cast.
52171b9 : Adjust PC value in ARM stack trace.
1c462b7 : Use restrict pointers for various libc functions.
532d6f0 : Use __predict_false on some fortify methods.
4d8fe51 : Tune the memcpy for krait.
4f40e51 : libc: cleanup strchr
277226b : keep test names consistent with other tests.
8054192 : add strrchr -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 test.
3b2e6bc : libc: upgrade strrchr to FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
9020fd5 : libc: upgrade some libc functions to _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
78d6d98 : libc: upgrade sprintf to _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
1aae9bd : strncpy: implement _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
e66ad78 : [NETFILTER]: Fix iptables ABI breakage
e7aaad8 : Improve diagnostics in the face of bad tzdata.
8d3e91d : linker: only re-open std* for setuid programs.
e8f46e8 : Remove redundant space within square brackets
85aeb49 : Don't avoid IPv6 when looking for new tzdata.
21da42e : Disable IPv6 when looking for tzdata updates.
676e66d : Add signature checking to HTTP tzdata updates.
2379088 : Upgrade to tzdata2013c.
f8dff7d : Rename the tzdata update tool, and add HTTP support.
796cbe2 : Rewrite memset for cortexa15 to use strd.
ea48974 : Use hidden visibility for internal-use-only functions
0b25f63 : Switch to current FreeBSD qsort.
6b05c8e : Start moving to current FreeBSD stdio.
4ca685e : Add missing include and function prototype for sched_getaffinity.
bf0d1ad : Add missing branch in memcpy.S dst aligned case.
7ffad9c : Rewrite memset for cortexa15 to use strd.
185ce72 : Update to latest cortexa15 memcpy code.
0d787c1 : Make abort messages available to debuggerd.
8baa929 : Prevent name conflict for eventfd.cpp and eventfd.s when building libc.a
a51916b : Fix the SYSCALLS.TXT documentation and remove a dead script.
4ace92c : Stop using unreasonable numbers of map entries.
6ffaa93 : Add missing branch in memcpy.S dst aligned case.
378b0e1 : Update getaddrinfo to RFC6724
21ede92 : Update to latest cortexa15 memcpy code.
cfa089d : Extra logging in pthread_create.
a9a5870 : Create arch specific versions of strcmp.
fbae9f3 : Bionic: Libc: Resolv: Stricter function signatures, unitialized return bug fix.
6e1a5cf : Remove unused arm defines.
acdde8c : Break bionic implementations into arch versions.
beb3493 : syslog needs a valid socket path for _PATH_LOG

Project: platform/bootable/recovery

a2a1ce8 : Allow child classes to override the overlay location for the update image.
cc2958f : fix secure adb in recovery
d456944 : Don't apply permission changes to symlink.
e461251 : Don't apply permission changes to symlink.
5dbdef0 : updater: introduce and set_metadata and set_metadata_recursive
3328e3b : Revert "Update OTA installer to understand SELinux filesystem labels"
15ae0e7 : recovery: fix use of init reboot method
3b5a987 : recovery: fix use of init reboot method
77ea71d : recovery: fix rebooting
239ac6a : recovery: install packages in a known mount environment
c0441d1 : notify about pending long press
627eb30 : Update OTA installer to understand SELinux filesystem labels
166565f : recovery: sleep after writing partition and closing it
c6ab95e : recovery: write partitions more conservatively
35c474e : recovery: try to write EMMC partitions more reliably
6d0d7ac : recovery: preserve recovery logs across cache wipes
fafc85b : recovery: move log output to stdout
5b468fc : recovery: init backgroundIcon properly to avoid recovery mode crash
f24fd7e : recovery: copy logs to cache more aggressively
2f2c988 : start healthd in recovery
93ffa75 : Fix the potential segmentation fault
46bee63 : recovery: save logs from the last few invocations of recovery
596b342 : recovery: turn on text display for install errors in debug builds
bac7fba : verifier: update to support certificates using SHA-256

Project: platform/build

b18be4a : "KRT16M"
4bcf885 : "KRT29"
70ab116 : "KRT16L"
15c598b : "KRT16K"
82128cf : "KRT16J"
55ffe77 : "KRT16I"
3faae93 : KRT16H
4a7e166 : "KRT16G"
ce3cc93 : "KRT16F"
8ec2985 : "KRT16E"
d6cd82d : "KRT16D"
26c110c : Include drawables for all densities - b/11270325
ddc6347 : "KRT16C"
5bd184f : "KRT16B"
a37a077 : "KRT16"
6c030b7 : fix javadoc sidenav so it does not cutoff overflowing link names
12db6c6 : "KRT15D"
1c05d9c : "KRT15C"
7ae1d52 : "KRT15B"
866db61 : update dev build ID
e483bf6 : "KRT15"
73a4ebe : "KRT14B"
25c89dd : enable auto-linking to next lesson with 'next-page-link' css class
222601d : "KRT14"
d6396ec : "KRT13B"
a59c838 : "KRT13"
a24b513 : "KRT10F"
464d6d9 : "KRT10E"
14c0858 : "KRT10D"
e21cf8a : "KRT10C"
8e5c987 : "KRT10B"
6df833d : "KRT10"
216cb7a : KRT09B
a2afff4 : "KRT09"
35a424d : "KRT08C"
af95a46 : "KRT08B"
56b109d : So long Key Lime Pie, it was nice knowing you.
60d4bc3 : "KRT08"
782f2ad : BoardConfig: Add and document vsync phase offset setting
2c0a83e : "KRT07B"
af0c67f : KQS81M
8ee5ca3 : "KRT07"
9878631 : "KRT06"
1634186 : "KRT03H"
f9af838 : "KRT03G"
6257309 : "KRT03F"
278921f : "KQS81L"
81415cf : "KRT03E"
3070d11 : "KRT03D"
101ebec : "KRT03C"
c5a4016 : "KRT03B"
6a4d333 : So long Key Lime Pie, it was nice knowing you.
8bd1162 : "KRT03"
c6045c2 : "KQS81K"
84e2263 : "KQS81J"
86b0dfb : don't check paths of non-installed or host modules
f1d3ed4 : "KRT02B"
066375a : Move DownloadProviderUi from core_minimal to core.mk
d4b1d52 : support protos in host java libraries
3d48d9c : Allow to run checkbuild in sdk build.
b03f2c9 : "KRT02"
d74b538 : Add the FRAMEWORKS_BASE_JAVA_SRC_DIRS to aidl includes
403fb03 : "KRT01B"
6a76145 : "KRT01"
3a2a84c : "KRT81"
f3bc464 : "KRT01"
9fb93d4 : "KQS81I"
d7992e9 : Replace a dangling refeence to packages/apps/Phone.
5da4a2c : "KRS92B"
341e4fc : "KRS92"
79385eb : KRS91B
1ba9c53 : "KFS78N"
125b9e8 : "KQS81H"
9986ed5 : "KRS91"
640f693 : KFS78M
96ca34d : "KRS88G"
3d331a1 : "KRS88F"
531f495 : "KRS88E"
59ed0be : "KRS88D"
d891134 : "KRS88C"
759b4e5 : "KRS88B"
b323a7f : "KRS88"
05c33ca : KQS81G
9acf00a : KQS81F
d160102 : Remove Email from HH FactoryROM Bug: 10806060
51a5566 : "KRS87B"
5f14014 : KQS81E
2408479 : Allow module to specify LOCAL_INSTALLED_MODULE_STEM
f0d892c : "KRS87"
eda4b33 : "KRS86F"
735bba8 : Add android-ex-camera2 static java library to PDK.
58f97df : "KRS86E"
803fe49 : "KRS86D"
f47d580 : Don't check vendor path for phony packages
2528ff2 : KRS86C
0171a92 : KRS86B
9b968c8 : "KRS86"
a3ecb0d : "KRS85C"
b2a937a : "KQS81D"
fe66c39 : bump version to 4.3.1
26a286b : "KRS85B"
72004bf : "KRS85"
f3a20f7 : "KQS81C"
72e0bcd : "KRS84"
0881f04 : KQS81B
04ddb7e : "KQS83"
0e45fef : KFS78L
263699e : KFS78K
7476c73 : KRS81H
a507ef1 : KRS81G
319003b : "KFS78J"
9d21ab5 : "KRS81F"
246647d : "KRS81E"
40de323 : add support for custom <head> tags in each file with page.customHeadTag HDF var
cca948c : "KRS81D"
5be0c39 : "KRS81C"
a6d2c29 : KFS78I
71fc41d : Enable art for user builds
991809d : Remove Email from HH FactoryROM Bug: 10806060
97bc543 : "KRS81B"
2e31c79 : "KFS78H"
08aaddf : "KRS81"
869177c : "KFS78G"
46c81f7 : KFS78F
d530a4a : "KRS80B"
1c28440 : "KRS80"
6a1e4cb : KFS78E
70426be : "KRS79C"
0354c90 : Add oatdump for ART to go with dexdump for Dalvik
d7b480a : "KRS78C"
7de50a9 : "KRS79B"
49e8804 : KFS78D
8cdb835 : "KRS79"
9d6122c : KFS78C
7068b11 : KRS78B
e5a11e0 : "KFS78B"
e48657b : Revert "remove renderscript support lib from javadocs" ... put support lib javadocs for renderscript back in.
f8068c2 : Remove Terminal for now.
3211cb8 : Add loudness enhancer to platform
dcb6953 : "KRS78"
dea7975 : Add default WallpaperCropper to the build
8780eeb : "KRS74J"
e6e6b57 : "KRS74I"
557851a : "KRS74H"
b5f95b9 : "KRS74G"
e624b3f : update the init_google_navtree2 method to handle new format for sample nav tree data. and update highlighting logic to handle hashtags
26302b6 : "KRS74F"
b65d0e9 : "KRS74E"
c8658f9 : "KRS74D"
3057adb : Drop the [no]proguard. prefix for the intermediate targets
bb3ce28 : KRS74C
7271bda : "KRS74B"
27597c4 : Revert "remove renderscript support lib from javadocs" ... put support lib javadocs for renderscript back in.
5839c0f : Remove libchromium_net from the base product.
53ab370 : "KRS74"
8207498 : "KRS73C"
65202c5 : include external/sil-fonts
0eb1509 : "KRS73B"
3cddaa4 : "KRS73"
250242c : "KRS72B"
5ad83b7 : "KRS72"
0eb17d9 : Update OTA to understand SELinux labels and capabilities
4449eb8 : KRS71D
2552239 : fix most of size problems of DAC on handsets. set device-width for viewport tag
59331f6 : "KRS71C"
20ef354 : Load the ONE_SHOT_MAKEFILE even in dont_bother mode
39e08f2 : Delete dead code.
7a9a968 : KRS71B
a15b40a : "KRS71"
684def3 : KRS67F
098982d : "KRS67E"
b51a1d7 : "KRS67D"
6b46ab4 : "KRS67C"
aaa85b9 : add libeffectproxy for audio effects offloading
f2bd4eb : Build file breadcrumb from parentdirs keys, optionally linkify.
4a9cc38 : remove prev/next links from API guides
46b591f : "KRS67B"
69c00c9 : Add libcore.conscrypt tests back to CTS
2153266 : "KRS67"
0ad622b : add ellipsis for overflowing strings in samples nav
f747fe0 : "KRS66B"
4207cc7 : "KRS66"
9647ca3 : Combining InCallUI & Dialer (part 2)
9ca6fd9 : "KRS65B"
c295691 : "KRS65"
f36b481 : "KRS64"
0d50025 : "KRS60H"
d278c55 : "KRS60G"
6fb7e23 : Add file path above h1 in samplecode files.
182db1e : "KRS60F"
0d180e3 : "KRS60E"
316631d : KRS60D
80fe877 : "KRS60C"
cbad7ec : "KRS60B"
200dbc5 : Remove Moto OMA DM client from build tree.
a5afbe8 : Fix handling of .o files in LOCAL_GENERATED_SOURCES.
485a859 : "KRS60"
fc9cd4f : Create an empty zip file if no dict file found.
c62c92c : Create an empty zip file if no dict file found.
178ffc7 : "KRS59B"
37b82aa : Skip compiling Java if an apk has no Java code.
990cf5e : Better handle of need_compile_java.
576e014 : Make it a fatal error if no source files for Java module.
8fb02fc : "KRS59"
87aa83b : Docs: Fixing link from logo in PDK Bug: 9177537 Staging location: http://claym.mtv.corp.google.com:8083/guide/getting_started.html
495f684 : In apps_only build dist a module only if it has a BUILT file.
f2f2a10 : "KRS58B"
4458327 : fix uses of grep in envsetup.h
be2f325 : "KRS58"
8d7fb8d : "KRS57B"
10d2e0c : Remove the vendor-specific vars from the protected list.
981effc : Add breadcrumb for sample code html pages.
a1e1576 : "KRS57"
62c81f8 : Collect NOTICE files for apps_only build.
c06245c : KRS53G
db77017 : "KRS53F"
7a570a6 : "KRS53E"
ae9115a : Collect and store proguard obfuscation dictionary files.
638ce57 : Treat LOCAL_APK_LIBRARIES like shared Java libraries.
df8b484 : Revert "Collect and store proguard obfuscation dictionary files."
41dbe1e : Collect and store proguard obfuscation dictionary files.
f92b081 : "KRS53D"
af57f8f : Remove input flinger stubs. (DO NOT MERGE)
7311a34 : Make it easier to enable obfuscation and optimization.
d4645ea : remove project structure from sample landing pages
f9915bf : "KRS53C"
dc63dda : clean up the sample template files to remove unused stuff and fix the collapsible project list and highlight the Samples nav
f290d56 : "KRS53B"
4f3906a : "KRS3B"
f009385 : fix a couple bugs in sidenav for samples. Previously, clicking a link still invoked the expand collapse behavior. Previously, collapsing a parent item did not also collapse its children.
9962ee8 : "KRS53"
498d710 : modify sample template and add new css/script for new numbered code. The line numbers are included inside the <pre> block initially, but hidden, so this script moves the numbers to a separate block on the left and makes them non-selectable. Also includes script for features like single-click to highlight a line of code and double-click to invoke the link for that line.
f186315 : "KRS52B"
a01ec9b : Add New languages.
0735c5f : Remove ApplicationsProvider.
7edc49b : "KRS52"
ad08f07 : new version of script to build sidenav lists dynamically. This is currently used only by the samples nav, but we'll later update to handle the Google reference nav as well
f2d15d7 : "KRS51B"
e1fed8f : "KRS51"
b12c2e5 : Enhance 'stacks' script to handle native processes.
0bf712d : "KRS50B"
5cdc0a9 : Remove old PAC dependency and add new one.
f5ffd4a : Clean up core css changes brought in with samples css.
4f7e515 : doc change: Samples browsing: basic support in templates and js/css.
df501fb : "KRS50"
55936ad : "KRS46F"
a7deb08 : Add phony goal GET-INSTALL-PATH
fd2919e : "KRS46E"
c8e6afe : "KRS46D"
31d126f : "KRS46C"
52dd206 : fix two bugs in site script. 1. Fix URL path check for reference docs to initalize api level and sidenav. Previously, this condition was never true, so the sidenav would not be initialized under default conditions and the reference drag bar would not appear. 2. Fix the recent change to the 'scroll into view' script so that it works properly in a multi-pane sidenav (reference docs) by again making the offset measurement relative to the parent container (but much better than was done before).
035b0b2 : "KRS46B"
f4723fa : No need to filter out AndroidConfig.h for unbundled build
7ae6189 : "KRS46"
ec73f47 : "KRS45D"
14fabdf : Fix missing camera from aosp builds.
477b12b : Fix missing camera from aosp builds.
821ca8d : "KRS45B"
5898118 : "KRS45"
10db520 : "KRS44C"
e391e7a : Remove -allowaccessmodification from the basic Proguard flags
ec6101c : "JWR66Y"
285045b : Support for LOCAL_HAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES
43da5a7 : "KRS44B"
76169b5 : "KRS44"
717764e : The big switch. Enabling InCallUi/Phone split by default.
17a989f : "KRS43B"
c78d0c6 : "KRS43"
6cf02a6 : "KRS39E"
ad7fd29 : Don't bother going through the source tree
b077f36 : "KRS39D"
0f7865d : KRS39C
ee676f5 : "JLS36B"
188c814 : "KRS39B"
09f063e : "KRS39"
c618d4f : Fix klp-dev build file
2a516cc : "KRS39B"
b5e2c29 : Add libpac, pacserver, and ProxyHandler to build.
1c64e0c : "KRS38B"
0f3842a : JWR66X
57b607b : JSS15P
95de125 : Fix dev branch Build ID
e1ae236 : "KRS38B"
1994ecb : "KRS38"
0cc007a : JWR66W
7972561 : JSS15O
c73018c : Fix typo from previous change to fix the build
97a3175 : "KRS37B"
6e5d867 : Add support for overriding default Java libraries on a per-target basis
4ad6a2d : "KRS37"
b4e1d40 : KRS36B
ee07488 : Add boot jars to fix Dalvik missing bootclasspath for mini emulator.
da28a79 : JLS36
c2b7823 : JSS15N
30112f6 : "KRS36"
143d4bf : "KRS31E"
07c0706 : Let apicheck visible to unbundled build.
2fe79fc : "JSS15M"
883071f : Don't check build prebuilt modules.
3fc8dac : Remove abcc from build.
5c619fc : Remove BUILD_HOST_JAVA_LIBRARY dependency on aapt
c95e83d : Changing make hierarchy of mini.
3b90aff : add fixed size to training icons (and remove whitespaces)
3670c84 : Split the product-graph build commands
949c4eb : Delete the kernel file when build config is changed
6259130 : "KRS31D"
40f9ed6 : "JSS15L"
16b92ed : Remove unnecessary dependencies between host and target modules.
a1e7580 : "KRS31C"
a8ae7f7 : Error and exit if BUILD_MULTI_PREBUILT is incorrectly used
c22bb6e : Remove one last icu.dat.
2092dc9 : Remove the bogus icu.dat dependency.
172f5f5 : More verbose on what the build system is doing
d882220 : "KRS31B"
47e0a88 : Add --exact flag to `pid` tool; new `qpid` tool.
f5d3e4d : "KRS30D"
bc72957 : fix sidebar autoscroll when the selected doc is not visible. bug: 9676913
64761bc : Add screenrecord
5eccda8 : add 'wide' version of design/develop cross-link buttons. Primarily for training pages, which have a wider TOC box
ce9a71c : "KRS30C"
ec9061e : "KRS30B"
ed6e2ab : "KRS25E"
4cb0365 : "KRS25D"
9e7289e : fix build
cecf13e : "KRS25C"
2b3bd4a : Add healthd
94de1eb : Put a copy of the radio/bootloader files in the dist dir.
9e5efce : Added generic hook for loading vendor specific defintions
a219bdc : fix build
3c1da3e : DO NOT MERGE cherrypick from jb-mr2-ub-dev docs: small fix for NDK download table
5e9a08a : "KRS25B"
8d93690 : docs: small fix for NDK download table
48e3f1d : Add new table rows for legacy ndk downloads.
6e485b5 : Allow proto builds to pass in java proto params.
24c7289 : Revert "Allow proto builds to pass in java proto params."
0564d0c : Change build id to OPENMASTER
d42eebb : "KRS25"
fc2bad5 : Revert "Allow proto builds to pass in java proto params."
28b46fc : Allow proto builds to pass in java proto params.
3ee8eed : "KRS24B"
6076762 : Fix issue with DEBUG_OUT_DIR not properly selected
9d2f6f2 : "KRS24"
5b74367 : remove renderscript support lib from javadocs
5430d20 : fix the api level filter (wasn't greying out APIs on page load)
6ec6413 : "KRS23B"
336b06f : Enable runtime_libart on darwin.
701a07f : remove margin changes for paragraphs in collapse container
58570e7 : Use consistent search depth.
a8608a7 : distinguish signed and unsigned user builds in UI
5f38ddb : "KRS23"
7bd1203 : "JSS15K"
850de19 : Revert "Update OTA to understand SELinux filesystem labels"
58e724a : KRS22B
c017806 : add PDK_PLATFORM_ZIP_PRODUCT_BINARIES to allow adding product specific binaries to platform.zip
fb9bb20 : Revert "Update OTA to understand SELinux filesystem labels"
e06f3b7 : "KRS22"
fde7dec : "KRS18C"
15cbe8e : Add framework2 to the java pdk package.
2bfe08d : "KRS18B"
6b81220 : Clean generated java files since framework intermediates has partially moved.
fbbd795 : Update OTA to understand SELinux filesystem labels
70108f2 : "KRS18"
ae859f9 : Split framework jar.
98a2a71 : edit code-caption style margin
0eac60b : KRS17B
90de3bc : "KRS17"
6804358 : Add packages to support OPEN/CREATE_DOC.
37997ed : "KRS16B"
674a27d : Allow several system property files
2a08f7f : "KRS16"
fe7c8cd : "KRS15B"
bc3fe33 : Remove old system server binaries that are no longer needed.
a114a87 : Add inputflinger to build.
988251c : Fix $(so_suffix) error.
80b71fa : Fix $(so_suffix) error.
9681cbd : "KRS15"
ada8f29 : Establish the built module dependencies on prebuilt shared library
865ffd4 : emulator: increase system partition to 550M
e80ddbe : fix design/develop boxes float
0d80694 : "KRS11D"
de2709b : emulator: increase system partition size to 400M
3c9fae2 : use ext4 instead of yaffs for the emulator
1390cac : core: don't hardcode "out" during findleaves.py invocations.
99d21ee : "KRS11C"
010409c : "KRS11B"
b644126 : "KRS11"
c5bb87f : Include ping6 in all device builds
34c25d8 : KRS10C
c80dc3e : "JWR66V"
22ef798 : Bring in runtime-specific product variables in a more general way.
12deee7 : "KRS10B"
6238cd9 : Demultiplex the coretests description rules
27403b8 : add style to add nexus 4 frame to screenshots
4e504f1 : Disable ART runtime for darwin
51a1ae1 : Clean up files' dependencies on phony targets.
8fd6c6b : Add ART runtime to userdebug and eng builds to allow dual booting via developer options
544d4cd : Renaming dalvik.vm.lib to persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib
eb92524 : "KRS10"
3fd8e2e : JWR66U
910d910 : "KRS09B"
06d2cdb : "KRS09"
effc9b8 : "KRS08B"
acedf0f : "KRS08"
f0be965 : Don't build clatd without clatd.conf.
f480de0 : "KRS02C"
9a397bb : JCR78H
2452408 : JWR66T
4d5de72 : KRS02B
778e9e7 : "KRS02"
b5eab6a : JCR78G
afc26fa : "JWR66S"
4ea75a3 : JCR78F
56391a1 : JCR78E
2d08cc6 : JCR78D
f513f6e : KRS01B
7878cf5 : "KRS01"
2776704 : KRR88E
f9a8b3a : KRR88D
f8dfc3e : "JWR66R"
1aeee8b : Move from WITH_ART to PRODUCT_RUNTIMES
f4d8908 : KRR88C
9f2e5c8 : "KRR88B"
a508ac2 : "KRR88"
fcec57a : Allow to run checkbuild in sdk build.
678fa78 : "KRR87"
3d0507d : Add support for dualbooting dalvik and art
dc31cca : Revert "Ship Music2, not Music"
627c2b2 : JWR66Q
8578cab : Fix use of LOCAL_CLASSPATH in droiddoc.mk
22d83b8 : "KRR86"
1d507d4 : KRR85C
5c37afd : Ship Music2, not Music Bug: 9518830
7bed05e : "KRR85B"
1ad24f5 : Ship Music2, not Music Bug: 9518830
7239816 : Source $ANDROID_BUILD_TOP/development/scripts/gdb/dalvik.gdb
53f41e0 : "KRR85"
0402a4b : Print - build
88a5e01 : KRR80E
6faf716 : Do not use -msynci flag for Xburst 4780 cores
2f47c8f : JWR66P
7aa9e78 : KRR80D
7fc09b7 : KRR80C
529415b : Add WITH_ART support to product definitions
7f1906d : KRR80B
f547f03 : "KRR80"
be90175 : JWR66O
7336ecb : "AAR79"
c2373bf : AAR78B
596395b : Clean up /system/app -> /system/priv-app in incremental builds
13da4b2 : "AAR78"
92081e6 : Remove mediarouter v7 support library from SDK.
310c2d3 : JWR66N
051a174 : Add support for WITHOUT_CLANG
3e7a208 : JWR66M
8168ebb : JWR66L
8a9f5ca : JWR66K
42cd97b : JWR66J
8864c28 : JWR66I
3affba8 : "AAR73"
d6da9bb : JWR66H
6b0d818 : AAR72B
ae9629a : "AAR72"
337ee5b : JWR66G
3fbee5a : JWR66F
1104a50 : JWR66E
ee12df5 : AAR71B
356f6fe : "AAR71"
dd4fad0 : JWR66D
88d7d97 : AAR66E
a57cf01 : AAR66D
d72db32 : Remove unnecessary dependencies between host and target modules.
c864743 : JWR66C
664a0bb : JWR66B
a5d5b6f : AAR66C
2c9d7a0 : AAR66B
ef5d599 : Add webviewchromium to the preopt jar list.
9a90a82 : Remove abcc from build.
afeb5b4 : JWR66
a28acc6 : Add support for using custom signapk.jar.
d1b485d : "AAR66"
d919c7a : Add proper deps for jarjar rules files.
1ce7555 : JWR65
fc60370 : "AAR65"
3f7da79 : JWR64B
0d92f1f : improve OTA failure messages
662948d : "AAR64"
e1aa219 : AAR59C
0a16e86 : AAR59B
1b28087 : Tweak proguard flags in the 2 files.
dc9dbee : "AAR59"
94bb5cf : "AAR58"
40019ea : "AAR57"
bba6263 : Enable Proguard for eng build too.
6901768 : Add WITH_ART
e195aa9 : "AAR52"
7c5da56 : "AAR51B"
2408ec7 : "AAR51"
2891314 : AAR50C
befe35a : AAR50B
764b4f8 : Add missing adbOptions in runhat.
90ce453 : [MIPS] Disabled madd support for Ingenic Xburst CPUs.
64dbf36 : Fake version number for AOSP master - do not merge
75a35c6 : "AAR50"
37af026 : AAR45B
c8b4378 : "AAR45"
8805930 : core: combo: arm: add cortex-a8 target
40da883 : add a fake data target.
d692bdf : "AAR44"
f4f2c0a : "AAR43"
766a4bf : "AAR40"
edafa13 : "AAR39"
78bb3f3 : AAR38B
20143d6 : "AAR38"
f14d85d : libutils clean-up
ba5fc8e : sepgrep -- function to grep SELinux policy files.
fa5baca : "AAR37"
e08e771 : "AAR36"
1fda78e : "AAR33"
175bf15 : "AAR32"
70cc9d6 : "AAR31"
6198be8 : Bump up to API 18 to match jbmr2.
e7eed11 : "AAR30"
b14ac71 : Remove references to DrmProvider
fe1a83c : Remove obsolete OMA-DRM support
dfaf384 : Track change to JSSE provider
1361199 : Track change to JSSE provider
fb45baa : x86/mips: enable _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
5203740 : "AAR26"
4b269e4 : Move pseudolocalize to aapt
316f720 : arm: upgrade to _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
6962d90 : "AAR25"
f9df9eb : "AAR24"
07b8eaf : "AAR23"
ba3bdc2 : "AAR22"
052a66c : "AAR19"
da37a52 : "AAR18"
e954c13 : "AAR17"
868e0c5 : Fix /system/app/$app.odex not updated issue
80c953e : "AAR16B"
3cd2594 : "AAR16"
241dcab : "AAR15"
b036e95 : Allow to set BUILD_EMULATOR outside the core build system.
88d0c7f : "AAR12"
702ed1b : Fix build by removing old file.
2516984 : "AAR11"
907fc62 : AAR10B
c0581a0 : SignApk: update SignApk to support SHA256withRSA signing
e23e4f7 : "AAR10"
f03d227 : This is JER09
29f7602 : "AAR09"
2c770ea : This is JER08
b88190f : "AAR08"
66a6885 : Fix the win_sdk build.
ced0e1b : Switch to prebuilt bison
c4c1711 : JER05
128ecfd : "AAR05"
15f9985 : "AAR04"
7ac8cba : "AAR03"
190dde0 : Add OkHttp to the platform.
b427ca7 : "AAR02"
27b89fa : "AAR01"
564f912 : Augment ANDROID_DEV_SCRIPTS with prebuilts/devtools/tools
76e3a39 : Add a "nano" option to LOCAL_PROTOC_OPTIMIZE_TYPE.
7011a70 : "AAQ87"
4561be4 : AAQ86B
d922263 : AAQ86
a7df3a5 : AAQ85
dc75794 : Add reboot to build
bd7a5af : AAQ84
fa51cc8 : AAQ81
4ad298e : AAQ80
28ab0c5 : AAQ79
a24987a : AAQ78
aa27ff8 : AAQ77
8aa7ce2 : AAQ74
50a4f5b : AAQ73
ebd383d : AAQ72
c1d3d1f : AAQ71
f1652f8 : AAQ70
2ee1d4c : AAQ67
801af88 : AAQ66
a35284b : AAQ65B
46ca36a : Add Terminal app to build.
0bf2ff9 : AAQ65
a6e7f28 : Welcome, Key Lime Pie.
08c7b53 : AAQ64
83c23e6 : Move emulator.mk out of full_base.mk
372ebe5 : AAQ63
828afd5 : AAQ60
e6c3e5c : AAQ59
45e6494 : Add Keyguard package to platform builds.
cf22ab5 : AAQ58
4ded2a8 : AAQ57
dc8ab08 : AAQ56
77a4a7a : Support build rules which generate .o files.
2793b28 : AAQ53
bb669c0 : AAQ52
8c209b1 : AAQ16
fbdd5ad : AAQ15B
9e89463 : AAQ15

Project: platform/cts

83569db : Refactor sensor tests to use composable test operations. Operations introduced: - Helpers: Composite, for loop. - Base: Norm, StdDev, Jittering, Frequency, event ordering.
ea8c31b : Update of Holo resources
c6ea893 : Add a CTS test for printing
9bf01ed : Fix CTS failure on testPlaybackHeadPositionAfterFlushAndPlay
aa93584 : CVE-2013-4254: detect perf_event validate_event bug
39be445 : CTS test to check for unsanitized system() call in netd via setInterfaceThrottle.
6fb6a02 : CTS tests for HCE.
d3363d4 : NativeCodeTest: Test for vroot exploit
b185662 : ListeningPortsTest: fix retry logic
8d239d8 : Test VP8 behavior with VIDEO_BITRATE
faac6ed : Fix blend name change.
0299d1e : DO NOT MERGE: make sure new added tests are only in CTS-flaky test plan
da7b42e : Disable tests for frequecy measurements. - fix a null reference exception - remove a duplicate test in SensorTest.java
8d20ef6 : CTS test for new PackageManager strings for StepCounter and StepDetector.
0fa3370 : DO NOT MERGE: make sure new added tests are only in CTS-flaky test plan
4810777 : Tests for persistable Uri permission grants.
2b0131c : Remove test for UrlInterceptRegistry.
5c77736 : Remove the WebView from View hierarchy rather than setting a null content view.
76808c2 : CTS version up to 4.4_r0
91f9748 : DO NOT MERGE: add more test to flaky bucket
ef05413 : Disable tests for frequecy measurements. - fix a null reference exception - remove a duplicate test in SensorTest.java
4f24dc5 : Report storage and multi-user info.
bcb34b3 : Fix Sensor CTS tests to reflect the new API changes.
296fd23 : add test for setLocalFosus and injectInputEvent
e69403f : - Refactor test code for bigger reusability. - Fixes b/11118310 by using the norm to identify the validity of the sensor data. - Adds regression tests for various timestamp issues.
307efe6 : Basic test of MediaCodecInfo.CodecCapabilities
b95af32 : Adding support for GLES3
cc5f9f0 : Ignore duplicate events from mDNS stack in CTS
220386d : Fix Sensor CTS tests to reflect the new API changes.
c5948d7 : DO NOT MERGE: mark Camera2 CTS tests as knownfailures
a5cb456 : Camera2: Add CaptureResult test
99bfc60 : Camera: disable thumbnail extra check. DO NOT MERGE
fec3a1a : Camera: increase CameraGLTest timeout value
ba1d935 : Camera: disable thumbnail extra check. DO NOT MERGE
634f969 : Add Telephony Feature Check before SMS testing
4e849f9 : Camera: increase CameraGLTest timeout value
1d0c4c1 : Require that secondary media is always present.
7f99ed1 : Camera: disable thumbnail extra check. DO NOT MERGE
e31de40 : De-flake WebViewTest.testGetContentHeight.
d929f8f : Add Telephony Feature Check before SMS testing
3daccca : Adding new test cases to CTS stable/flaky plans.
0f8ba4f : hardware: Add Consumer IR tests
928eab0 : add 2 new test plans for lab testing
3278c02 : Add test cases to CtsVerifier: check notifications for CA certs
cf89f0d : Camera2: restore the ImageReaderTest format check
81bc303 : Camera2: Use device callbacks, and check for captureStarted callbacks
1717afa : CTS tests for the new Sensor batching APIs.
b830c40 : ListeningPortsTest: Improve diagnostics when test fails
9736ec0 : fix sending EOS after Surface is released.
b71fbd4 : CTS test for the new TelephonyManager APIs
5acb74d : Add tests to cover basic functionality and sensor specific characteristics, for: * accelerometer * gyroscope * magnetometer
2ce7825 : Camera: relax videoSnapshot jpeg size check
b701080 : Add a CTS test for the WebView startup process.
d96d066 : More DeskClock tests
20ecc0e : Verify VIEW on MediaStore content, Contacts.
79fcc72 : Only primary external storage is writable.
746835c : camera2: exclude non-full hw level devices from some tests
85fb765 : Test new READ/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE behavior.
c67c83a : Go faster by wasting CPU
48da3e4 : Fix CTS tests. Do Not Merge.
eb48d9f : Fix FragmentTest
aa3c74a : Fix minSDKVersion and bump CTS verifier to r6
2b7ae51 : Tests to verify PICK and VIEW are handled.
c363621 : Cherrypick from AOSP. Remove com.android.future.usb.accessory as uses libary of CTS verifier
5c0b5d8 : Cherry-pick from AOSP. According to CDD, the usb accessory feature is not mandatory.
ee0c587 : Fix CTS tests. Do Not Merge.
f639d7c : Camera2: skip some tests for unsupported devices
4106ff1 : Desk Clock Tests - Initial CL
16f780c : Fixed "Camera FOV Calibration" crash issue for non back-facing camera.
8797a6e : Test VP8 behavior with REQUEST_SYNC_FRAME
acd2ff1 : Fix flaky EmojiTest.testEmojiGlyph.
6111373 : Suppress test differently
b8e81c9 : Be less pedantic about DUMP permission messages
44b6c81 : camera2: Update CameraCharactericsTest to check key in #getKeys() list
d5fb821 : Suppress test differently
95988bd : Update CTS tests: remove acquireContentProviderClient test.
08d97f9 : fix CTS build problem
ef5aeb1 : Be less pedantic about DUMP permission messages
2a692d1 : Add subsets of CTS to run flaky tests separately
9dbe417 : Camera2: Use CameraManager to get camera properties
489c6fd : Test to verify that a non-Fragment will not be instantiated
da350ca : Verify that the first frame is a sync frame
9808e9e : Fixing a touch event issue.
b926356 : Fix up PresentationSyncTest
94d0c44 : Update User-Agent test to match new WebView.
5269395 : Cherry-pick: Use getAssetUrl() to access files present in assets folder from master. DO NOT MERGE
24294d7 : Update CTS tests: acquireContentProviderClient now requires permission
9e7b5db : Test for Low RAM device property
dca76e3 : Fixing a touch event issue.
6ed308c : Fix CTS tests depending on FileNotFoundException
cf6b150 : Don't use WRAP_CONTENTS in testZoom.
3996643 : Camera2: Update tests to use different API.
b29b036 : Add repeated playback stress test.
32e88e4 : Fix broken DNS Test
9662bbb : Add libdl needed on x86.
c851018 : Adding details section to passed PTS tests.
60df272 : Add bionic unit tests to CTS.
1f0753d : Added test to verify run-as command has valid attributes.
afce1a1 : camera2: Rename CameraProperties to CameraCharacteristics
cdea4dd : camera2: Update onCaptureFailed api to include CaptureFailure
fca4b8b : Fix CTS test failure due to new PreferenceActivity API in KK
14b7a5e : camera2: Update openCamera calls now that it is async
fc54047 : Fixed failing CTS ConfigTest on KLP
36b9e58 : CTS: android.provider.cts.TelephonyProviderTest#testOpeningAnyFile is failing on KLP
a11ccb6 : CTS: android.provider.cts.TelephonyProviderTest#testOpeningAnyFile is failing on KLP
fadb6e5 : Fixed failing CTS ConfigTest on KLP
72d7922 : Remove unused display + sleep
115d7e6 : Add RS YUV test
fe0b250 : BannedFilesTest: fix build.
46a3735 : BannedFilesTest: Assert no su on device
2934110 : De-flake WebViewTest#testSetInitialScale.
8865c30 : Moving touch event into dialog bounds.
a94a304 : Disabling ProGuard for acceleration tests.
5f38669 : Camera2: fix CameraDeviceTest build break
59b3ab8 : De-flake WebViewTest#testSetInitialScale.
73b0654 : Fix CTS tests to reflect API changes in PFD
7251ad6 : Fix CTS failures due to not including meta state
f0169c6 : ImageReader: Increase timeout for waitForNextImage
299befb : ImageReader: update to remove MaxImagesAcquiredException
dba0a71 : media: Update ImageReader APIs
1155d76 : Camera2: Remove available format check temporarily
9d3287c : Camera2: Refactor ImageReader CTS test code
76ee5a0 : Camera2: CTS test for CameraDevice class.
217c4ea : Initial commit of CTS test for CameraManager class.
7c0a120 : Camera2: Added output auto-gen CTS CameraProperties test.
4250737 : Add ImageReader CTS test for camera
b585349 : Moving touch event into dialog bounds.
1adea08 : Fix CTS failures due to not including meta state
c3c9fb6 : Disabling ProGuard for acceleration tests.
f66ac0a : Update WebViewTest#testZoom for the Chromium WebView.
f12b6e8 : DO NOT MERGE: Updating version release number
2aef7b8 : Better activity resolution tests; AFD exceptions.
15e98cc : Remove unenforced READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE tests.
dea2acd : Remove unenforced READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE tests.
ad8714e : Adding pollcheck to check if the dialog is showing
9a1e9f9 : Fix android.os CTS tests.
f012f36 : Adding pollcheck to check if the dialog is showing
a9b7990 : Fix android.os CTS tests.
09bb7c4 : Fix and expand media scanner tests.
9053ec5 : Better activity resolution tests; AFD exceptions.
3740265 : Remove unenforced READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE tests.
3bd4d67 : Adding pollcheck to check if the dialog is showing
0c1bf5f : Fix android.os CTS tests.
e975191 : Fix DeviceAdminActivationTest broken by ProGuard.
4a9fd6a : Fixed flaky proximity alert tests.
aea36f6 : Fix and expand media scanner tests.
809265a : VideoEncoderDecoderTest fix maximum calculation
f8522a2 : ImageReader: update to remove MaxImagesAcquiredException
33286bc : media: Update ImageReader APIs
275cbc8 : Improve CTS tests for MediaCodec:
af23ba4 : Disable cross test in relaxed mode
eac8ae5 : ImageReader: Increase timeout for waitForNextImage
fca4632 : VideoEncoderDecoderTest fix maximum calculation
74388eb : Add CTS tests for order of keys in SparseArrays.
2497d2a : Add /data/security test
8548c24 : Fixed flaky proximity alert tests. DO NOT MERGE.
78522eb : Camera: fix CameraDeviceTest failure
3e4f884 : Fix DeviceAdminActivationTest broken by ProGuard.
9089961 : media.DecodeEditEncodeTest: Increase bitrate for QCIF test
12923d8 : De-flake testRequestChildRectangleOnScreen.
e3a79a8 : fix build
0d0d8ce : CTS tests failing in KLP
a4b9556 : Fix and expand media scanner tests.
856e679 : Fix MediaDrm cts tests
906e3cd : TrafficStats: fix uncertainty in flushing network traffic
9cd57b6 : Fix MediaDrm cts tests
3638a6b : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add more directories
6935294 : Fix tests for color matrix and relaxed precision
ba2ed52 : Modify UiAutomator cts tests and app to improve scroll check
78796e9 : Fixed flaky proximity alert tests.
b17047d : Fix testFindAll test.
cfe8bd0 : Deflake WebViewTest#testFlingScroll
92f595c : Camera2: Update tests to match latest API
cd83c63 : Only checksum frames with known color format
ab424ba : Deflake WebViewTest#testFlingScroll
4db6481 : Test for improper kernel fusion.
8754a40 : Removed RingtoneManager obsolete DRM methods from CTS test. Fixes bug b/10668217
7772287 : Override all location providers
f2389cd : add virtual display encoding test with composition
ed54695 : AppSecurity: Add traffic stats test, and fix file access test
041fe7d : MediaMuxer: Add setLocation API test
969969b : [WebView] Fix several WebView CTS tests (same root failure)
88233a4 : Removed RingtoneManager obsolete DRM methods from CTS test. Fixes bug b/10668217
c25f956 : Bitmap reuse tests in BitmapRegionDecoder
13e5303 : [WebView] deflake WebViewTest#testPageScroll
0af3a29 : Test for keystore crashing due to malformed names
cb35803 : Test for keystore crashing due to malformed names
df9b1f7 : [WebView] deflake WebViewTest#testPageScroll
36ab8f9 : Test AndroidKeyPairGenerator keys in SSL
a6886a2 : Remove duplicate test.
bea6eef : add MediaCodecTest with both video and audio encoding
f2c8804 : Add CTS test for null inputs in loadDataWithBaseURL
0957137 : Write a CTS test for the TelephonyProvider
3a03492 : Fix build re: cts test for removal of installDrmEngine
1db2b55 : Add libcore.conscrypt tests back to CTS
4527d12 : KeyChain: add tests to check key type support
28e90e4 : Add cts test for removal of installDrmEngine
f218909 : Add blend test to CTS.
b8c7709 : add color matrix test to CTS
139d0a4 : Add tests for new AndroidKeyStore key types
78f9bd2 : Add 3DLUT CTS test.
c228083 : Add LUT test for rscpp.
f8f3ccc : Add CTS test for Bug 10530176
fd41eda : Move android.security test service to stub package
092f61c : Test F32 color matrix.
d64e65a : Improve MediaDrm cts tests
e49838e : CTS tests for major:minor of /dev/random and /dev/urandom.
c245942 : Tighten CTS test, add clarifying comment
d37bc19 : Remove testNoLoadableModules()
bb96809 : Ensure SELinux is not in enforcing mode.
5f15288 : Remove 4444 tests.
b464c57 : Adding exceptions for File system permission test
bccdbff : DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Version to 4.3_r2
d20bfed : Fixed the scope of database query for CTS testWhenByDayQuery
1dd928c : initial directory setup for CTS system app test
dd9c0df : Add EncodeVirtualDisplayTest
6fe72da : add a test for LOAD_EFFECT_LIBRARY Binder call
e455bb7 : Add LG U+ (aka LGT) to unsupport data sms & multipart sms network operator list
a717292 : Camera2: Remove available format check temporarily
b0d835c : Remove WebViewClassic knowledge from cts tests
9c5e00a : Fix cts build.
af24d26 : Camera2: Refactor ImageReader CTS test code
815d87d : Disable Proguard for cts tests.
a0081d8 : LeakTest change to test GC hooks
53b75a4 : Add test for transient state in ListView
17aa7e7 : Assert that /dev/random and urandom are world-readable/writable.
742a83c : Camera2: CTS test for CameraDevice class.
24e54c5 : Change SSLCertificateSocketFactoryTest to use googlemail.com
364e1b0 : Fix StreamingMediaPlayerTest
d6e1242 : Change SSLCertificateSocketFactoryTest to use googlemail.com
44fd514 : Test the full cross product of uchar for ColorMatrix
c310d7e : Enable PresentationSyncTest
0ae9e23 : cts tests to verify testing supported content types in MediaDrm
b04de8f : add test to check usb serial == Build.SERIAL
70c7fa4 : Add a CTS test for IPv6 ping socket support.
835f1d1 : Fix StreamingMediaPlayerTest
ce9cb7f : Remove tests for hidden ContentProvider APIs.
2c64e1b : Tests for Bitmap#setPremultiplied and BitmapFactory.Options#inPremultiplied
37f5e88 : Fix broken Device Admin CTS test.
85c3cbc : Assert that /dev/random and urandom are world-readable/writable.
b5b8a12 : Handle updates to C++ API.
d503191 : Add CTS tests for capture audio output permission.
73ad90b : add more rscpp tests
df5cf29 : move to static linkage
aa9579a : Add test for TYPE_MOBILE_IA.
b308699 : CertificateTest Update
fbd35e3 : Tests to verify new ParcelFileDescriptor events.
a51526a : Camera2: Update camera metadata keys to new names
4dd3293 : Verify app can pass headers via an immutable map
ca596b7 : DO NOT MERGE Add CTS tests for X-Requested-With header
74d26b3 : Disable scaling on decoding bitmap reuse format test
f5118f1 : Try to zero the EGL initialization count
8f35353 : Disable scaling on decoding bitmap reuse format test
399d2fa : Add KeyChainTest and require certain algorithms
bd2c8f5 : Try to zero the EGL initialization count
5752cf3 : Add test to check for duplicate random output
2535c1b : fix CTS test. RGBX_8888 is a 32 bits format
cc7a6e6 : Fix failing CTS test Bug #10309299
940c852 : fix CTS test. RGBX_8888 is a 32 bits format
2479ff6 : Fix failing CTS test Bug #10309299
0ce747f : Test eglCreateContext failure reporting
955f23a : Fix up WebViewTest.testFlingScroll for WebViewChromium. DO NOT MERGE
92225ff : Fix standalone build of native opengl tests
9d2fe4d : fix more default Paint flags CTS tests
53959f2 : fix more default Paint flags CTS tests
3fd801b : Fix bug #10205316 CTS (KLP): android.graphics tests are failing
f52b747 : add RS CPP CTS tests.
fc78807 : Add RSG test cases to test case list.
1001ca9 : Fix the mono test
a59c830 : Add CTS tests for virtual displays.
3d1efcd : fix default-Paint-flags-related CTS breaks
a241f99 : Add tests for decoding mono files
d7da270 : fix default-Paint-flags-related CTS breaks
5d7cb16 : Update cts tests to be compatible for both art and dalvik.
6cc79ab : Add MediaPlayer.setNextMediaPlayer tests
ec80ed4 : Camera: Add primary image validation in testJpegThumbnailSize
d8b3e52 : Initial commit of CTS test for CameraManager class.
1b8bf1f : Camera2: Added output auto-gen CTS CameraProperties test.
55afe89 : Expand MediaProvider tests
886ce01 : Add faster-than-refresh test
697ebf0 : Use target-specific variable (aka PRIVATE_* var)
ca08670 : Add a cts to guarantee the user dictionary settings
aa77a9a : Camera CTS: Add a camera test thread wrapper
f97e36b : Add ImageReader CTS test for camera
ba339d9 : CTS test for AudioTrack.getPlaybackHeadPosition() behavior after flush()
254bdda : Add CTS test for WebView.evaluateJavascript(..)
08427da : Fix random failure when new intrinsic tests were part of full run.
d8716c9 : JB-MR2 features updated modified: FeatureSummaryActivity.java
89cd939 : Updated JB-MR2 features modified: FeatureSummaryActivity.java
dcaa4d5 : Added JB-MR2 features for CTS Verifier modified: FeatureSummaryActivity.java
5ddfef4 : Add RS intrinsic tests for Convolve.
a6446be : Change the VP9 test file which has bitstream fix.
11a6875 : The formatDateRange tests have moved.
8c5f8ff : Match AudioRecord.getChannelConfiguration docs
5e14de9 : Moving offscreen rendering away from glReadPixels.
1273023 : Add a CTS test for NSD manager API
4515a70 : Add tests for Bitmap.reconfigure and related methods
2b3744f : Update WebViewTest.testLoadDataWithBaseUrl.
21f4c2e : Ensure that the system IMEs have at least one subtype
e0158bf : make the xml and html report title configurable.
4192c42 : Fix WebViewTest.getContentHeight().
8510e68 : make the filter for package prefix in the report configurable.
0ef3c12 : Update WebHistoryItemTest to be more deterministic.
0e00ec5 : Improving CTS test stability.
e2e0365 : Add relaxed precision math tests to CTS.
591e55a : Fixing failing CTS tests.
df120c8 : Expand MediaProvider tests
d76b558 : Cts test for to ensure data column is not updated.
3fd4a46 : Cts test for to ensure data column is not updated.
04219f2 : Simple test of buffer presentation time stamps.
cc07f00 : Disable dex_preopt on individual app's basis
af89ef6 : Cts test for DumpFileProvider.
d1ea6cc : Complete the path..
1a83373 : Clean up files' dependencies on phony targets.
2794106 : Disable dex_preopt on individual app's basis
a08f54a : add ueventd/netd to whitelisted root process
aec1af1 : KernelSettingsTest: Verify SELinux in enforcing.
5e74e0a : Moving Jank test to UI Automator.
a595baa : Add back support for running specialized accessibility service tests.
4b6a3ae : Add CTS tests for VP9 decoder.
26cef99 : Check renderscript kernels running on void* allocs
621d685 : Tweaks to CTS media tests
5ad5009 : Calculating jank from the timestamps.
e23c21c : Update VP8EncoderTest to use new VP8 decoder and encoder names
ac20e81 : Remove unnecessary library reference
56fc374 : CTS: whitelist /dev/pts
a43bf0e : Revert "Add extra conditions to test HeaderListViewAdapter isEmpty"
b06a2b1 : Add basic popup blocker CTS test
d4d679f : Adding Jank test harness around GLReferenceBenchmark.
a3f98b6 : Revert "Add extra conditions to test HeaderListViewAdapter isEmpty"
c0db781 : EGL cleanup tests
af4211f : Tests for scheme specific part in IntentFilter.
94165db : refactor key listener CTS tests
771734c : Use Mockito instead of hand-rolled mocks.
35773b4 : Add tests for new reuse formats (all) and density scaling
1be94ae : Optimizing AccessibilityNodeInfo caching (CTS).
d24da5f : Add a function to save GL frame to a PNG
262b134 : Don't test reconfiguration for Vorbis
dc3b70c : Fix for bug 8261840: Flaky geo test
cc540a5 : Revert "Don't test reconfiguration for Vorbis"
52d299e : Resurrect MediaPlayerFlakyNetworkTest
bb52dee : Add thread cleanup test
7f31c0c : No Streaming test plamn. Use: run cts --plan CTS-No-Media-Stream modified: tools/utils/buildCts.py
a90fb53 : Remove use of view size from trackball tests
ee3927b : FileSystemPermissionTest: allow /dev/hw_random
da8f608 : cts: media: support no camera device in testSetMaxFileSize
feaccf2 : Remove Nakasi whitelist for cts testReadingSysFilesDoesntFail.
e2c5d35 : Correct reuse tests
528ca43 : Adds test for bitmap allocation reuse in BitmapFactory
23ee098 : Test for missing object slot information leading to memory leaks.
ed3be81 : Fix for bug 8731235, flaky getting geolocation fix in tests
dcdf307 : update operator on unsupport data & multipart sms list
9f9375d : DecoderTest: add VP8 and MPEG-4 tests
d669728 : Fix for bug 8656892: remove WebView before calling destroy()
90b7509 : Fix directory recursion in FileSystemPermissionTest
b3d8d4f : Update/condense new RenderScript math tests.
ba4ccf5 : Additional Renderscript compute tests
b8f6559 : WebViewTest#testFindAll - migrate to asynchronous find.
4c69b51 : Track moves of dex utilities to another package.
0a73640 : Track change to JSSE provider
91597df : Remove Mako exception for CTS test following fix in b/8557891.
5db0c48 : Add glGetIntegerv tests
3b12c3c : Fix file permissions
3d0fc20 : Add CTS tests for SMS premium short code detector.
94ad78c : Fix android.text.format.cts.DateUtilsTest.
cb2bf72 : Remove exception due to b/8550159.
1dcaa5a : Time-out on reading from /sys instead of blocking indefinitely.
cdac3d7 : Fixed the scope of database query for testWhenByDayQuery
de8c0f0 : Moving to Frame Buffer Objects.
f3fb9c5 : Fix up WebViewTest#testLoadDataWithBaseUrl.
5702be8 : Refactor WebViewOnUiThread to generalize waiting on a criteria
e4a12d0 : Fix WebChromeClientTest#testOnProgressChanged
2e50559 : add more debugging message (disabled by default)
7a1c39d : New CTS test cases for Emoji glyph (b/6966511).
f3124de : GPS handler have some delay and will remove listener after request location update, and it will cause passive provider got additional one fix. The test will met the failure by "passive gps location updated too fast: 1000ms < 1490ms". We add 2 seconds delay between each Test Cycle to fix timing issue.
30dbaf0 : If Display ratio (Height/Width) is 1.7, the button which is generated dynamically is longer and catches the input event. The mockview’s onTouchEvent is not called and causes test failure. We set the height of button as 1/3 of mockview’s Height to avoid to block the event delivery.

Project: platform/dalvik

8484ed5 : Fix static method preloading
fe6d8fc : Preload DexCaches
4518425 : Invert sense of a test.
3d848fc : Invert sense of a test.
66ca8e7 : Narrow the scope of a lock on dex to avoid deadlock.
dfec26e : Fix mac sdk build
386a7f3 : Reconcile differences between zip implementations
04e4b0e : Allow traversal into /storage paths.
4b44ea2 : Ignore invalid access flags.
7c5e6a3 : Remove OBB bind mounts, now provided by FUSE.
d288f74 : Support apps that pass JNI_VERSION_1_1 to GetEnv.
07344a4 : Change IsMethodTracingActive to GetMethodTracingMode.
8dd134b : Add dalvik support for sample profiling from traceview gui.
609317d : Add support for sample profiling in traceview.
418c847 : Make a more verbose too many id error message.
82e8334 : Increment dx version to 1.8
3abdb48 : Fix 2 filtering problems in multi dex + main list.
4c656e4 : Introduce --multi-dex option in dx.
95adf1f : Fix native allocation tracking on Dalvik.
8723464 : libdvm should block SIGPIPE like the RI does.
608c775 : Tracking DexFile rename of defineClass to defineClassNative
7c295c6 : Tracking DexFile rename of defineClass to defineClassNative
657124e : If CheckJNI is enabled don't allow app workarounds
4837966 : Run-test for suspend in an infinite loop.
1d64f3d : Remove updateProcessState.
9cf04e3 : Fix the protection of code cache for x86 JIT
38c8baa : Fix broken card table asserts.
a86e99b : Fix broken card table asserts.
e93221a : More consistent JNI error reporting.
d183974 : Not all shared libraries have a JNI_OnLoad.
d04ecb0 : Returning JNI_ERR from JNI_OnLoad is still an error!
ff7ff11 : Check JNI versions handed to JNI and JII functions.
ca3f962 : If dalvik wants ASCII casing, it needs to ask for it.
d17c12a : Remove dependency on frameworks/native
227ee1e : Throw NoSuchMethodError if RegisterNatives fails.
6f9db49 : Merge "Fix Class.getDex."
eeb1891 : Show size/alloc/free per Dalvik heap space in dumpsys
115b55b : Fix Class.getDex.
4789766 : Show size/alloc/free per Dalvik heap space in dumpsys
68e74fd : Minor code cleanup to address warnings found by Clang.
168be0f : Implement the dalvik side of libcore.reflect.
c8a6523 : dx.bat: Don't change directory.
b4d5cf7 : Implement the dalvik side of libcore.reflect.
c6e092d : libenc: remove libutils dependency
6f4dda1 : add static dependency on liblog
dc0fe38 : libdvm: move thread definitions dependency
ee817c7 : Simplify merges of the annotation code.
b6ffb72 : Suppress warning if JIT disabled
5c854a6 : Add updateProcessState to VMRuntime
75978b1 : Remove an assertion that JDWP packets are small.
3086ab6 : Backport native allocation tracking.
ebaf918 : Add low memory mode option.
1778d17 : Increase the default alloc tracker maximum.
b86671d : add dalvik.system.VMRuntime.vmLibrary implementation for Dalvik
0238160 : Disable -Xjnigreflimit.
a9b6725 : Move to new art dalvikvm
c7f2d5e : Fix inner class access flags and array modifiers.
20111d6 : JIT: Use rsb and shift in easy multiply.
0e25ea3 : Now that abort(3) is fixed, dvmAbort can be simplified.
3d7167b : Lose System.currentTimeMillis, nanoTime, and mapLibraryName to the library.
d585bed : Rename unreasonable function name dmvCompilerTemplateEnd
bbbe552 : JIT tuning; set cache size on command line
c9ccb36 : Remove jdwpspy from dalvik as it has been added to art
6b90043 : Move jdwpspy from development to dalvik (2 of 2)
4a9a141 : Remove unused compiler templates for armv7-a*
0b44e47 : Report problems as errors in dx (with exit codes)
5ca383d : Added support for version 51 class files in dx
0dae576 : Adapt dalvik to new libnativehelper
c2e9a5b : Move verification of class access flags to libdex
bc42132 : Don't emit a warning message on missing PR_SET_NO_NEW_PRIVS
a745b03 : vm: vmruntime: remove obsolete dependency on array.h
56f1dd7 : vm: vmruntime: remove obsolete dependency on array.h
ca3f0f5 : Reject dex files that attempt to use unspecified class access flags
cdab790 : Fix alignment when recompacting a DexMerger result.
5b72854 : Use zero filled alignment padding before method code
c2a804c : Allow the merging of more than 2 dex file at a time.
9d8ae21 : Fix bug on register compatibility.
b21c4e2 : Remove duplicate LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS
dc7f63d : Fix bad whitespace alignment from LOGW to ALOGW change
9fd92c5 : Remove dx's copy of JUnit. (part II)
ed93980 : Define scripts for calling DexMerger.
da4a099 : Print proto_ids_{size,off} along with the rest of the header.
62018a6 : Remove unnecessary JNI_H_INCLUDE from LOCAL_C_INCLUDES
aac1a7b : Revert "Revert "Tiny optimization for complier templates for arm.""
5dedc95 : Fix dalvik tests post-conscrypt.
2b0ead4 : Fix some leaks in VfyBasicBlock & BitVector.
f6a9944 : Fix dx to match the new SDK structure.
e5475cd : Tracking changes to *-host for host shared libraries
bc3736f : Fix JIT initialization race
67985d9 : Fix JIT initialization race
49e49a9 : Update dalvik host script for new conscrypt and okhttp classpath entries
3ef1ad8 : Switch Dex from byte[] to ByteBuffer for backing store. Part 2.
0bbbba1 : Move dex utilities from dalvik/dx to libcore/dex
fe107fb : Mechanical refactoring of dx into two parts.
fd2a1f6 : Change com.android.dx.io.Annotation to use EncodedValue
7e85b63 : Teach dex how to parse encoded values from .dex files.
4888a4b : Fix JIT bug related to immediate doubles
6bff338 : Fix dx.bat to match the new SDK structure.
3a9dbd3 : Remove spammy logging from 8470684 investigation.
0e9ec8a : JIT: Allow use of cbz/cbnz for conditional branch gen.
b680ae3 : Work around a dalvik JDWP/GC deadlock.
4637159 : More native stack dump hardening.
9e11a83 : Fix flakiness in test 080-oom-throw.
feddac5 : Harden the native stack dumping decision.
890ce01 : Dump native stacks for all threads in native code.
fe48ac9 : Don't duplicate annotation set ref lists when merging.
c0ff945 : Fix a minor bug in dvmCreateInterpThread
fbbcada : Fix a minor leak in dvmCreateInlineSubsTable
8bd996e : Fix minor leaks caused by failed initialization in JNI_CreateJavaVM
b825d9f : Fix a minor leak in handleVM_CreateString
8e62222 : Fix a minor leaks caused by failed initializations.(typo)
7bf47d1 : Fix a leak in Dalvik_dalvik_system_DexFile_openDexFile
a2dc68a : Tiny optimization for complier templates for arm.
05d4f7c : [x86] FPU stack needs to be reset after double conversion
1abc689 : Fix a cast in JniEnv::NewDirectByteBuffer.
e5d1416 : Track libcore's DirectByteBuffer <init> change.
3eeda5e : Extra log information when pthread_create fails.
19eb287 : [x86] Fix errors with WITH_JIT_TUNING defined
4eb6d96 : [x86] Terminate trace if SGET/SPUT have unresolved fields in codegen
8d8a795 : [x86] Disable Method-JIT for x86 target

Project: platform/developers/samples/android

0aa0c0a : BasicMediaRecorder initial implementation
4edf078 : Add sample _index.jd to test new samples in browser generator.
5a321af : Play Services Utility
6eb7d31 : Added TextLinkify sample
d3c0f2f : Add CustomNotifications sample
cfc743a : Adding LoaderCursor sample based on the LoaderCursor API demo.
af930f5 : BasicContactables: Fix lines >100 cols
e15667a : Refactor and update sample build files to use SDK 18
9a5ba28 : Add AppRestrictions sample to new repository
e8f1183 : Add categories to "connectivity" samples directory
828ee51 : Add BluetoothLeGatt sample to new repository
b4e56c7 : Add README for developers/samples/android
db58c3d : Make common/README.txt more succinct
953ce65 : Add setings.gradle for HorizontalPaging sample
5b458e8 : Move gradle warpper for BasicAndroidKeyStore
7708fee : Remove symlinks to common
164d0bb : Update README for common directory to be more user friendly
a498482 : Use repo dependencies for sample builds
134f7e1 : Add Gradle wrapper to all sample projects
ca13d9b : Adding missing settings.gradle files
1b94dcf : Update ActionBarCompat "Styled" sample to use 2-level layout
e8602ef : Update ActionBarCompat "ShareActionProvider" sample to use 2-level layout
feef284 : Update ActionBarCompat "ListPopupMenu" sample to use 2-level layout
fb177f0 : Update ActionBarCompat "Basic" sample to use 2-level layout
c813ce8 : Move BasicNetworkDemo/NetworkConnect to 2-level structure
71621b1 : Add basic README file to sample projects
ab3395e : Update NetworkConnect sample to use Gradle for build
2dbb435 : Update BasicNetworkSample to use Gradle for build
962c71a : Move BasicSyncAdapter to "connectivity"
de3defd : Code sample: connect to network, fetch raw HTML
ca2fffa : Sample app: basic network connection
0e804fe : Rename "Multitouch" directory to "multitouch"
9d4d603 : Add Android dependency to actionbarcompat samples
3a4f867 : Initial commit, sample for Android Key Store (New as of JB MR2, SDK 18)
a6fd388 : StyledCompatActionBar sample
fe051a1 : ABC ListView + PopupMenu sample
4172ff6 : Initial commit of BasicGestureDetect sample.
09fc570 : Initial commit, searching contacts using Contactables table sample
8d16c49 : BasicMultitouch: Migrate build to Gradle
6400a61 : Update "DoneBar" sample to use Gradle
ef11f7c : BasicSyncAdapter: Migrate build to Gradle
6ceeb8d : BasicMediaRouter: Migrate build to Gradle
1341893 : CustomChoiceList: Convert build to gradle
4da4551 : BasicNotifications: Move build to gradle
f7f9200 : TextSwitcher: Migrate build to gradle
427bc19 : ActionBarCompat + ShareActionProvider Sample
05c6e45 : BasicCompatActionBar Sample
32801b2 : BasicAccessibility: Update Gradle version
dc58130 : BorderlessButtons: Migrate build to gradle
0e23064 : UI updates for Done Bar sample
05e8458 : Create BasicAccessibility sample
e5e287a : Add horizontal paging sample
8b253b7 : Move SelectionBuilder to common.
56280e0 : Adding sample on activity instrumentation testing
4b6d92a : Move GenericAccountService to common.
c0d4a89 : Initial draft of new SyncAdapter sample
1283a3b : UI updates for Done Bar sample
5141a12 : Adding common object pool class. (From: frameworks/base/core/java/android/util/Pools.java)
e7fa928 : Done Bar pattern sample
c299e3c : Added TextSwitcher Sample based on TextSwitcher1 ApiDemo.
9779bdd : Added BasicMediaRouter sample based on the PresentationWithMediaRouterActivity API demo.

Project: platform/development

181bde0 : Update the api-version.xml file to reflect KitKat recent changes
dbe4e75 : New system UI API demos.
3f12dac : samples: Do not attempt to clean line endings for *.py DO NOT MERGE
827c0c1 : Android SDK: build tools 18.1.1 (RS fixes: windows EOL, YUV-to-RGB)
f2f8671 : Update Android SDK properties for KLP
a25bbc3 : Update the api-versions.xml file for KitKat
54f4ec6 : Update SDK doc API 18 package to revision 2.
f19416c : Update SDK doc API 18 package to revision 2.
5d5026e : Update Support4Demos targetSdkVersion to 19
cb2e8d0 : Raise the default max-age for client side caching to 43200 (12hrs).
5d3d35e : Always register the RCC even for local playback.
21fc0e7 : redirect old bad class about old bad auth APIs to doc on GoogleAuthUtil
d1e8cb2 : Fix use of dead APIs.
893289b : eclipse classpath: update to include frameworks/ex/camera2
af7dead : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5f05913 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8a30cb9 : Fix drawer mirroring in Support4Demos
438ea81 : Add Consumer IR ApiDemo
34c8fae : Add DocumentsUI tests.
fe32c3a : Adjust tags format in _index.jd files.
f3dbdc6 : Minor fixes to animation ApiDemos
6ae7277 : React to split of getStatus() into onGetSummary() and onGetEnabled()
16f78ac : Add _index.jd files to a few test samples.
0a98bfe : Fix build -- undo manager not yet public.
ea3e7cd : New demo for transitions feature
1bd3e86 : Fix build-tools version. do not merge.
f01dda3 : Update platform revision. DO NOT MERGE.
3e01427 : Adapt to API constant changes
8ac27ef : eclipse classpath: add external/hamcrest (used by mockito)
f534ba3 : Test case where SettingsInjectorService.getStatus() errors out
184f79d : Support7Demo: fix video playback on GB
7db79b3 : Inject more settings for better testing of SettingsInjector
9299c6c : Ensure sample runs on Gingerbread. (DO NOT MERGE)
854e16a : Ensure sample runs on Gingerbread.
315d72f : Fix runtest cts-net
af73d57 : Remove ApplicationsProvider.
5f5928c : Find install artifacts using GET-INSTALL-PATH.
3b8f424 : Settings injector sample activity
5768b15 : Fix NPE in sample code.
9bfdb7e : Expose WifiManager.setTdlsEnabled public API
620b29a : media router sample: handle remote volume change
8791785 : Package Renderscript files for support mode.
3c16ec8 : Fix bugs in FragmentLayoutSupport sample in Support4Demos
f46f1a9 : Move build tools version to 18.1.0 - do not merge.
0e67037 : Update sdk system image to rev 2. do not merge.
26550ad : First commit for ListViewExpandingCells.
c304d10 : First commit for ImagePixelization.
4964c9a : First commit for SlidingFragment.
c36f73d : First commit for ListViewDraggingAnimation.
55b53b8 : First commit for CardFlip.
371fcc2 : First commit for FoldingLayout.
94efbd6 : Add bcc_compat to sdk.atree to fix build break.
d50554a : Add bcc_compat to list of required SDK product packages.
c7c384b : Add RTL support in Support4Demos manifest, fix DrawerLayout sample
496b308 : Add sample for new ContentLoadingProgressBar.
3e28c84 : Add sample for new ContentLoadingProgressBar.
f43a290 : Update mips crtfiles from bionic with C versions
5bcd87e : First commit for ListViewCellInsertion. (cherry picked from commit c24035501d4dc20c042641710c45d6ef597ff5bd)
036c81a : Support7Demos: media router sample
8228c4e : update win sdk whitelist with libutils
09073f3 : Add minimal supports to build multilib x86 toolchain with OpenMP
aecb5c6 : Add boostrap lib to build multilib x86 GCC with OpenMP support
ba708c7 : Support7Demos: media router sample
9ac7637 : Fix win_sdk build.
4483ade : Add frameworks/rs and bcc_compat to windows SDK whitelist.
b3e4bab : Add new Intent demos.
57391f4 : redirect obsolete/orphaned "tab layout" doc to training lesson about tabs
80c93fb : Fix gles3jni build with clang at android-11
ccdaba9 : add redirect for support library setup
6567534 : Add TCP_INFO state enum values.
8cfd63c : First commit for ListViewExpandingCells.
4ea5598 : First commit for ImagePixelization.
425e318 : First commit for FoldingLayout.
c240355 : First commit for ListViewCellInsertion.
b6eeed4 : First commit for CardFlip.
d79643b : First commit for ListViewDraggingAnimation.
0d2f159 : First commit for SlidingFragment.
fe17cee : Fix ActionBarUsage in Support7Demos
cefd49a : Strip dynamic libraries to reduce size.
fb7ec3f : Update platform tools version from 18.0.0 to 18.0.1
9368498 : Remove .so from the windows build-tools.
afda1d3 : Add dynamic libraries for renderscript.
e5c9f8e : Update x86 crtfiles from bionic with C versions
2a4aa3c : Remove AppRestrictions and BluetoothLeGatt samples
da67d18 : Add common directory to BasicSyncAdapter sample
0178565 : docs: Redirect Support Library page to new location
cea9fb7 : Add bcc_compat to Windows whitelist.
af0ab07 : Remove samples/legacy from sdk.atree
1ffb350 : Add new sample tree to SDK build
b7ed7be : Add support-v4 to the appcompat lib.
2fdc05f : Add bcc_compat to Windows whitelist.
6758cf0 : Removed redundant launcher icon reference.
b71371d : App restriction for restricted profile sample.
fe8625d : ndk: Fix WCHAR_MIN / WCHAR_MAX definitions.
81253bc : Connectivity: Add IP config to TDLS test
28f992a : Release systrace into platform-tools
eae9330 : eclipse classpath: Add TestingCamera2
47a5a18 : Connectivity: Add TDLS test
b32b92d : Update paths to framework intermediates.
6ac2257 : Update appengine server to handle '@'.
db279be : [MIPS] Add missing REAL macros.
a4bfa42 : Adding InCallUI and Telephony service directories to classpath.
8397e0c : Fixed startActivity() Bug in LaunchActivityTest
f38107c : testrunner: don't hardcode "out"
fcf4286 : Initial Commit for Android Testing Training Sample
4bc66d0 : SDK: Windows USB driver rev 8.
f85e243 : ndk: <sys/cdefs.h>: make wchar_t 32-bit for all API levels.
530a3ca : Fix <inttypes.h> declaration for pointer-related PRI/SCN macros.
1190c0f : Update path to input system tests.
73644dd : Add a new example/unittest for GDB's reverse debugging feature.
0708600 : Add a GDB script to crawl the Dalvik stack.
f56a37e : Fix wchar.h not to redefine WCHAR_MAX/WCHAR_MIN
a67bdae : Header comparison tool for Bionic vs NDK platforms
79cc4f9 : Add ICU jar to SDK
3d4172f : Workaround for libportable wait4 implementation.
d166ec4 : Add clone in x86
d44ae77 : Add junit to eclipse classpath
b2ce8ab : Remove mediarouter v7 support library from SDK.
82c9189 : Add API demo for scheme specific intent filters.
9fe3f5e : Redefine content position in milliseconds instead of seconds.
ec0f8c2 : Update the SDK API Data.
15fcd98 : Update media router api.
e6230b8 : Fix support version.
fe1522a : Revert "Monkey support for swipes from the sides of a device."
70ef9f4 : Update eclipse classpath to include mockito
056d0a5 : Revert "Monkey support for swipes from the sides of a device."
2fc7365 : Update revision of SDK component for the new release. do not merge.
c1f3580 : Use prop_templates for build_tools, plat_tools & support source.properties.
f8506ea : Add sample code for ExploreByTouchHelper class.
94c272b : Extend the TimePickerDialog test to cover 12- and 24-hour clocks.
e37f81e : Optimizing AccessibilityNodeInfo caching (Monkey).
9fa45c0 : testrunner: add mediaintegrationtest
2766447 : Update eclipse classpath to include MediaFrameworkTest
52bb78b : update eclipse C++ include paths and updated README for C++ instructions
4e8b085 : Remove AccessibilityNodeProvider sample code.
50172ca : New tutorial app for DDMS native heap tracker.
1bca1bc : Update copyright/license templates.
58c286f : Add libcore/libdvm/src/main/java
f8e68ca : Add "do nothing" receiver.
f1f4c0c : This sample shouldn't be hiding the nav bar.
5b1e1ad : Fix AMotionEvent_getHistorical* to take const AInputEvent* motion_event
a4d9ccb : Disable proguard for emulator tests
bb37dac : Fix malloc_usable_size() declaration.
36b2c79 : Connectivity: Add logs to Wifi Scan test
8817244 : Move jdwpspy from development to dalvik (1 of 2)
6310a39 : Bring libdvm into default classpath.
e607d3a : Attempt to fix runtest for native tests.
7e7f8b2 : Implement optimized __swap16md and __swap32md.
47937eb : Monkey support for swipes from the sides of a device.
f25ca50 : New API demo for UndoManager.
c16c215 : Add a new script to compare two image sizes.
adc56b6 : Clean up the stack trace symbolization tool.
b42dad0 : Clean up the stack trace symbolization tool.
25c7f95 : Fix x86 endian.h
b294db4 : [MIPS] Cleaned up sig_0 error messages and added a few more checks.
8663dd7 : [MIPS] Add portable versions of wait(), wait3() and wait4()
3c10a20 : Fix sys/un.h to be included on its own
06e6c6a : Handle libcore, dalvik, gov imports.
6818901 : Add support for distribution folder.
d7a603c : Allow bash scripts to work within a distributation folder.
df26b4c : Updating code style file to intellij 10 contents.
e3b1ac1 : stdint.h header is not fully compatible with C99(ISO9899:1999)

Project: device/asus/deb

9a63a9a : Add back LTE to Preferred network mode options
d87a207 : Change vzw provisioning url from get to post
000bdf2 : Mute low-battery sounds after one hour with screen off.
bd799bd : auto-generated blob list for deb
1cc281c : cherry-pick 96e125ff: Revert Remove AOSP support. Do not merge.
efc0d3c : wlan: fix syntax error for enable riva ssr.
397e7be : wlan: fix syntax error for enable riva ssr.
80cc928 : deb: init: change owner of kgsl/proc debugfs directory to system
9ea6ab5 : deb: enable background WiFi scanning
1d87bbf : Enable richer SD card permissions.
16e471d : Add mobile_provisioning_apn.
a3eb867 : Add mobile_provisioning_apn.
8d1c419 : Add mobile_provisioning_apn.
737287b : deb: wifi: Override control iface to leave it to global
c443c1b : deb: wifi: Fix P2P processing
9a049bd : deb: dumpstate: Add emmc maker and capacity for debugging
3f58287 : deb: dumpstate: switch to HAL static lib
f013035 : Default AT&T tethering and MHS modes to off
6d65a65 : Update comments
4c9104c : Link Phone overlays to Telephony
f0a215b : Create overlays for Telephony service
21d1bd1 : Remove AOSP support
f80b8ab : Packages for JSS15K
4b3af99 : Remove noauto_da_alloc and add nomblk_io_submit for safer eMMC Add errors=panic for better recovery
e00afe2 : JSS16J
764edee : Packages for JSS15J
990c132 : Self-extractors for JSS15I
6376576 : Factory image for JSS15I
232111f : Factory images for JSS16H
6752aed : Self-extractors for JSS16H
94f81ee : Factory images for JSS16H
610e909 : deb: set swappiness to zero
5ba4e01 : deb: set swappiness to zero
1529735 : Enable hspa being distinguisable for Deb.
5bed3d1 : Enable hspa being distinguisable for Deb.
5d1be2a : deb: set correct value for battery.capacity
07585a1 : deb: set correct value for battery.capacity
20cfc72 : init.flo.rc: Enable frequency synchronization on thread migration
0e21cf7 : init.flo.rc: Enable frequency synchronization on thread migration
d7a48fe : Revert "Disable hotspots."
5638097 : Disable hotspots.
f78545d : Self-extractors for JSS15
85669fa : Factory images for JSS15
2fde829 : Factory images for JSS11I
fd3623f : Self-extractors for JSS11I
4876157 : auto-generated blob list for deb
4cee7ed : Add OEM=NEXT for verizon config.xml
c091568 : Set /persist/ssn and 60isn to permission 664
e3ce066 : Allow configuration of GsmUmtsOptions based on mcc/mnc.
e0519af : auto-generated blob list for deb
99c8511 : Self-extractors for JSS02B
7f1e6b4 : Display Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese carriers name
ec8e4b7 : auto-generated blob list
286cc0d : Self-extractors for JSS01
3012265 : Add mobile_provisioning_url.
f43a286 : ATT requirement: Modify tcp max receive windows size.
28bd922 : Self-extractors for JSR88
6062486 : deb: Do not auto start CABL
163e245 : Enable SMS receiver on deb
d2f6604 : Self-extractors for JSR82
1375200 : deb: update camera kernel headers
206533e : Fix and simplify mcc config.xml specific values.
7abccb5 : deb: update camera kernel headers
10afb90 : Add config_show4GForLte false to US carrier config.xml
e4f88f4 : Self-extractors for JSR78B
40fe70b : Self-extractors for JSR78
ef8e26e : Update for latest file list
8e301f5 : auto-generated blob list
2d30abc : deb: Start ppd when surfaceflinger is running
e71bf0c : auto-generated blob list for deb
9492849 : Remove telephony features (for phones) from deb.
fd25459 : Add config_dontPreferApn configuration.
9bcafa5 : Camera: modify /persist/camera_calibration permission
8ccdf0f : Add config_dontPreferApn configuration.
f5d6b74 : Generate factory images
047651f : Self-extractors for JSR72
cae4c41 : First pass at deb self-extractors
5056f42 : Camera: modify /persist/camera_calibration permission
1aadaf6 : Fix network access on aosp_deb
b29957b : auto-generated blob list
bd9baad : Fix white LED permission.
70f9261 : auto-generated blob list for deb
011715e : deb: wifi: Override control iface to leave it to global
d58b900 : Fix white LED permission.
b228bda : Update headphones volume warning threshold
88da838 : Update deb overlays with tablet settings (not phone)
acd9847 : Removed partition "modem" which does not exist
1cc126b : deb: Clean up init script and fix encryption.
162859f : Update headphones volume warning threshold
27a6f95 : Update deb overlays with tablet settings (not phone)
33c2629 : Add telephony features to deb-only config
dfaeea5 : Change default wallpaper.
e2ee381 : Remove trailing slash.
5c2fc9b : Change default wallpaper.
4616618 : deb: wifi: Use global socket interface
56af0af : Add telephony features to deb-only config
1a5d0f9 : Add telephony features to deb-only config
4a6759c : deb: set autobrightness mode on by default
817b32d : Fix NFC & Camera
2c11366 : Fix NFC & Camera
ec0b3bb : Deb: NFC: Fix HAL library name for Deb.
5dc9a45 : deb: fix recovery code
4ec0e5b : Fix deb camera library.
1b90e95 : deb: fix recovery code
309f943 : Fix deb camera library.
ec2523f : deb: adjust auto-brightness curve
966b864 : auto-generated blob list
7135a7b : deb: adjust auto-brightness curve
0031fb8 : Add support for aosp deb build
9a8859d : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
bcb0f77 : auto-generated blob list
2ebd7d1 : Skeleton makefiles

Project: device/asus/flo

175565a : Camera3: Stop Meta Data Channel in every ConfigureStreams
286a303 : Camera3: Queue the Meta Buf to kernel in all cases
c0e8f06 : Camera3: Add poll fd in QBUF as asynchronous call
bd0a025 : Camera3: Add poll fd in QBUF as asynchronous call
cd49ca8 : Set a present -> vsync offset
87c49a9 : Mute low-battery sounds after one hour with screen off.
c9dee8c : Flo: NFC: Reduce IsoDep TO to 0x02.
d5d3927 : flo: install memorytrackerhal
8331342 : Camera: Update exif tags with correct iso and exposure-time.
fdc747d : camera: Add EXIF tag information for make and model
895fab7 : flo: set gEnableTDLSImplicitTrigger=0
f5441ae : Enable host interleaving BR/EDR device discovery and ble scan for flo
b2cc7b1 : Camera3: Stop polling when no buffers are queued to the kernel
935e8d0 : Disable MAP on tablets
eb371b7 : audio: fix remote submix sampling rates
8f95be4 : audio: fix remote submix sampling rates
bc1d048 : PTP fix: remove USB1 from the blacklist for every locale since flo doesn't have the modem.
19c6bf1 : auto-generated blob list for flo
3730791 : Restore 0f3e4da9 for jss15j release
a5159e9 : flo: replace EDQUOT with EUSERS
79f33b1 : Camera3: Add some missing fields in initStaticMetadata
7702a79 : Camera3: Corrects error checking during camera info query
3e968e6 : flo: make hardware support level to limited
d04240c : Camera3: Removes raw sizes from metadata
48a3fbc : Camera3: Populates request ID in default requests
0f2477a : flo: wlan: Enable IPv6 NS offload
c51ba68 : Camera3: Populates request ID in default requests
d65b9c0 : Add loudness enhancer effect
a03e87e : Revert back to stable point in time for Camera HAL.
0a56cb5 : Revert "flo: silence camera HAL logspam"
6177296 : flo: wlan: Enable TDLS
525f9d6 : flo: silence camera HAL logspam
b38b4ab : wlan: fix syntax error for enable riva ssr.
a0409b5 : wlan: fix syntax error for enable riva ssr.
5adafc6 : Camera: Fix build
01533e8 : Flo: NFC: Set LI_BIT_RATE to 0x00 (106 kbps).
4e233eb : Camera2: Fix build
ca83709 : flo: enable device-specific camera
e9133ed : flo: clone of hardware/qcom/camera
54dca38 : flo: enable device-specific camera
11a4b5c : flo: clone of hardware/qcom/camera
38114f8 : flo: init: change owner of kgsl/proc debugfs directory to system
202475b : flo: enable background WiFi scanning
d7ec937 : flo: update WCNSS_cfg.dat
82ff88d : Enable richer SD card permissions.
f0579f5 : flo: update egl.cfg
dcf27fb : Flo: NFC: Route IsoDep to the host by default.
16b3022 : Add touch firmware version to bugreports
a2dfaaf : flo: wifi: Override control iface to leave it to global
003c266 : flo/deb: enabled TZ-based keymaster HAL implementation
f795cda : flo: wifi: Fix P2P processing
e38965a : Patch up BTIF_HF_SERVCIE_NAMES array to match its length
78f015f : Add flp.msm8960.so and dependencies, move gps.conf
9655ed7 : Make the remote submix audio module available.
32faee3 : flo: dumpstate: Add emmc maker and capacity for debugging
ae6bd8b : flo: wifi: Use -puse_p2p_group_interface=1 for wlan0
e9a0464 : flo: dumpstate: switch to HAL static lib
b71960d : flo: wifi: Use -puse_p2p_group_interface=1 for wlan0
0f3e4da : Remove AOSP support
5ad5f11 : Use correct variables for the directories in CleanSpec
99e0a67 : Packages for JSS15K
ae0327c : Remove noauto_da_alloc and add nomblk_io_submit for safer eMMC Add errors=panic for better recovery
f6e5313 : Flo: NFC: Add NFC host-based card emulation feature.
c558686 : Packages for JSS15J
af72f14 : Self-extractors for JSS15I
92b2952 : Factory image for JSS15I
7e4b060 : Factory images for JSS16H
9f93ee6 : Self-extractors for JSS16H
d15e082 : Factory images for JSS16H
ee060bd : Added writing DDR.bin to DDR partition during flo OTA
44a0d80 : flo: set swappiness to zero
b80747a : wlan: change 5G STO timer from 1400usec to 1600usec.
9b2a99c : Added VP8 software encoder
d48dc1e : flo: set correct value for battery.capacity
f9a3df4 : Self-extractors for JSS15
c30799c : Factory images for JSS15
25e350c : Self-extractors for JSS11I
16d32d4 : auto-generated blob list for flo
d2581df : Packages for JSS11D
ab3a459 : flo: enable OVERIDE_RS_DRIVER
bb16b90 : auto-generated blob list for flo
f24059c : Fix bad copy-paste
da36f31 : Self-extractors for JSS02B
f25c5e1 : auto-generated blob list for flo
07a19b7 : Self-extractors for JSS01
9401da3 : auto-generated blob list for flo
f762363 : Make software VP9 video decoder available to MediaCodec.
40e261b : Self-extractors for JSR82
fab9cae : Self-extractors for JSR78B
74f1606 : Self-extractors for JSR78
8576ccf : Sensors: modify /persist/lightsensor permission
db6e504 : auto-generated blob list for flo
35947fb : Remove mobile network support
8a0474a : resolve conflict and cherry-pick b0fc2287a1b0e863b5e2c4202868a0dbcfd79b96
09dd2b2 : Camera: modify /persist/camera_calibration permission
39937b3 : Generate factory images
fc40707 : Self-extractors for JSR72
72fa253 : Self-extractors for flo
5df41b4 : Flo: NFC: Disable poll for Nfc-A/Nfc-F active.
566dc97 : Revert "(HACK) flo: decrease video bitrate for 720p to handle low fps"
6f3b8e4 : Fix white LED permission.
3444c8c : auto-generated blob list for flo
9990721 : flo: wifi: Override control iface to leave it to global
3e0390f : Remove barometer and proximity configs
89934d8 : media_profiles: Change QVGA frameRate to 30fps
616a067 : Update headphones volume warning threshold
63c806d : Update flo overlays with tablet settings (not phone)
dad8bb5 : Revert "flo: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps."
7ba78f5 : Change default wallpaper.
dbc2b55 : Remove telephony features from flo/deb common config
f41f2ac : Flo/Deb support OpenGL ES 3.0
dbc3157 : flo: clean up ueventd permissions
9a9bd50 : flo: wifi: Use global socket interface
76ee0de : Remove telephony features from flo/deb common config
5339bcd : flo: clean up ueventd permissions
ccc0bd4 : Flo/Deb support OpenGL ES 3.0
ab911fb : auto-generated blob list for flo
ac46a95 : Build fix. USE_DEVICE_SPECIFIC_QCOM_PROPRIETARY flag got lost in a merge conflict.
ddf29bb : Don't call property_get with too small buffer.
1c70e73 : Don't call property_get with too small buffer
938db98 : flo: enable USB host support
2fdcee9 : Add coverage calibration parameter to touchscreen idc
3675996 : auto-generated blob list
5012b05 : auto-generated blob list
da65cad : auto-generated blob list
9c77745 : auto-generated blob list
30710e2 : Remove flo's obsolete ARCH_ARM_HAVE_TLS_REGISTER setting.

Project: device/asus/flo-kernel

0c28782 : Snapshot to 13e5589cbc51c005d308eff94b559fb575acf0ce
7bbdeed : Snapshot to a36c0057604f329f8e602098ac7c3f796eb4dd30
1da525b : Snapshot to 3a6737e79e3e84736e744a7e0dd26ebed1f09112
c5a2f8e : Snapshot to 0cd744a1ef6c60872b4e74e1cc52d73f27dd883b
968060b : Snapshot to 6eb7a6f5b582a8650918ec054465f3396c3b7185
bc37a74 : Snapshot at SHA1 c40b86d0aa9f4eb18a915258a5aa53f56dea6f99
dde2299 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
c40b86d : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
9100e5c : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
d010c09 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ba005a1 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
b8510f7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
017e869 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
9ff63d1 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
4845ed2 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
c453c1f : flo: udpate prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
306ecdd : flo: udpate prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
ab547a7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
3a80a86 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
4c7a054 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4755fe7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9fec60c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f0cb014 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3525648 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
148ba02 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9915681 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ceec108 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
eacb8f3 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
7dc2e7d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e8c263b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b2d02f8 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b1d2891 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f22a912 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bb5f98e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0c4bf85 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6a7f1ae : flo: update prebuilt kernel
00bb558 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c7ace57 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cd8a7db : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6b15b98 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
85c2b56 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
97e0136 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cbad2d5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
65961f9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e146765 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3134f31 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
fc5f634 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0e19f51 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3d7dae2 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
71c8299 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
129bf11 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
72ebcb6 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
1d9b745 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
01983eb : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9c30f82 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
06a56f9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b1daa3c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f1c1b8c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
8f9708b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4c22dea : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3e5adcd : flo: update prebuilt kernel
eb27b06 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
736a823 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
2984f89 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d32bcbf : flo: update prebuilt kernel
da75438 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5e945ba : flo: update prebuilt kernel
960e7ce : flo: update prebuilt kernel
243dba9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ceeae95 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4b99024 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
2bca187 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6cdf812 : flo: update prebuilt kernel -- beef!
21a21fa : flo: update prebuilt kernel
7254a27 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
20aa74b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5caa5a3 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b957365 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0a29163 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ffafd03 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c64658c : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c0683d8 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
b29313f : flo: update prebuilt kernel
fab06ad : flo: update prebuilt kernel
71a2f82 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4f92e5e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ec2609d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
951b09d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0047a8a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5fb1f0a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
55b9a72 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
f213be7 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
99bb3de : flo: update prebuilt kernel
c0618a9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bed250a : flo: update prebuilt kernel
a8734e5 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
46d081e : flo: update prebuilt kernel
0aaa1f8 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e1f2910 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
46e4122 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d8075f3 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
5a1fb78 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
89d3b07 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
ad23581 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
9a4cd9b : flo: udpate prebuilt kernel
62b13fb : flo: update prebuilt kernel
4b2fb0b : flo: update prebuilt kernel
e9cfe64 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
57e732d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
3390d12 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
bf7e961 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
6bd4345 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
cd7b9e1 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
d5ff04d : flo: update prebuilt kernel
98189b2 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
16eae73 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
37910c9 : flo: update prebuilt kernel
74b55af : flo: initial prebuilt kernel
012a6da : flo: initial prebuilt kernel

Project: device/asus/grouper

785a6c3 : Snapshot to f4f5f74b6273db81d4091632ad7cec1fc290e0f2
8760ab6 : Snapshot to f4f5f74b6273db81d4091632ad7cec1fc290e0f2
e39a27e : Snapshot to f4f5f74b6273db81d4091632ad7cec1fc290e0f2
748e322 : Snapshot to 6cfc880236a05b22f25353b22132f1ea64a56dee
4a0eb23 : Snapshot to 6cfc880236a05b22f25353b22132f1ea64a56dee
b73203b : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
954cdaf : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
cafc527 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
f6de693 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
f14c83b : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
450b4e2 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
76c39b1 : nakasi: Update kernel prebuilt
518eb83 : nakasi: Update kernel prebuilt
ba48a70 : nakasi: Update kernel prebuilt
facb0cf : nakasi: Update kernel prebuilt
ab548ac : Take care of remaining denials.
08daba3 : Take care of remaining denials.
1ef9289 : Mark all domains permissive.
51f50c0 : Mark all domains permissive.
c80dc0c : Add compatibility.te.
243053c : Add compatibility.te.
a1bfe4b : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
5072523 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
5838c8f : Clean up bluetooth le feature file
9b2577d : Clean up bluetooth le feature file
028cd7c : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
51fc0b5 : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
f1e7d0d : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
c516c52 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
b3f3407 : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
de03222 : Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
b1b64e0 : Add bootup policy for grouper.
83889e7 : Add bootup policy for grouper.
37a3179 : Adjust asus/grouper SELinux policy due to shell -> init_shell.
76d7ce3 : Adjust asus/grouper SELinux policy due to shell -> init_shell.
ffc60d8 : Add /dev/diag support in policy.
5476461 : Add /dev/diag support in policy.
98c4d99 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
f43b930 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
83f6919 : DO NOT MERGE Update SELinux policy.
b84df60 : DO NOT MERGE Update SELinux policy.
9574c23 : Remove wifi_p2p network.
1868c7f : Remove wifi_p2p network.
74e1586 : grouper: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
109edee : grouper: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
bb67b08 : grouper: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
9246cd0 : grouper: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
1313be0 : Remove duplicate definition for SELinux policy.
9d338f8 : Remove duplicate definition for SELinux policy.
2698c5f : Revert "Move type to general policy."
3f40add : Revert "Move type to general policy."
1e2b1aa : Move type to general policy.
e4a1d1e : Move type to general policy.
50e0c82 : Copy android.hardware.bluetooth_le.xml permission file
42a1796 : Copy android.hardware.bluetooth_le.xml permission file
2a8330f : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
9aa6b0a : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
aa5a339 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
db00c71 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
9c5718e : Remove the ext4 discard mount option.
4633b98 : Remove the ext4 discard mount option.
380d01b : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
31f2eec : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
bfdf085 : Removed vold.fstab from grouper build.
25f9b26 : Removed vold.fstab from grouper build.
91d2ae5 : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
92bd840 : Remove deprecated recovery.fstab
d5bd3b6 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
710e001 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
097a9e6 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
cbb57e4 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
50db150 : Revert "Revert "Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.grouper.rc.""
7715894 : Revert "Revert "Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.grouper.rc.""
17def49 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
fd5fb0e : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
339e253 : Revert "Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.grouper.rc."
26aca9b : Revert "Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.grouper.rc."
43b4d37 : Revert "grouper: update kernel prebuilt"
ed54988 : Revert "grouper: update kernel prebuilt"
6226ea0 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
84e7d3a : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
9fdeec8 : Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.grouper.rc.
e2b2f72 : Sensors: Update authority for iio attributes in init.grouper.rc.
39a788f : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
bc52de5 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
4d9d633 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
3da1c8e : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
02dc71e : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
7c8e8a6 : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
6caef4c : grouper: wifi: Remove obsolete path to P2P FW
c4f4140 : grouper: wifi: Remove obsolete path to P2P FW
65e61bc : Remove unused asus/grouper ARCH_ARM_HAVE_TLS_REGISTER.
1509c49 : Remove unused asus/grouper ARCH_ARM_HAVE_TLS_REGISTER.
f2ec916 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
6e93478 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
3cffb33 : Remove unneeded ARCH_ARM_USE_NON_NEON_MEMCPY value.
486213d : Remove unneeded ARCH_ARM_USE_NON_NEON_MEMCPY value.
0f99f77 : Use dumpstate directly for bugreports.
9720954 : Use dumpstate directly for bugreports.
c304182 : bluetooth: nakasi: Don't need btmacreader binary, it only for Nakasi ER-stage. (2/2)
747317f : bluetooth: nakasi: Don't need btmacreader binary, it only for Nakasi ER-stage. (2/2)
4bc78d6 : auto-generated blob list
3fa7714 : auto-generated blob list
6e01ad7 : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
82d481b : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
456ceb2 : Grouper: NFC: Enable NFC provisioning for EDU.
599f826 : Grouper: NFC: Enable NFC provisioning for EDU.
a589ef7 : Remove unneeded ARCH_ARM_USE_NON_NEON_MEMCPY value. DO NOT MERGE
0d75b1c : Remove unneeded ARCH_ARM_USE_NON_NEON_MEMCPY value. DO NOT MERGE
fae4451 : Separate the fstab file between grouper and tilapia
99c79e9 : Separate the fstab file between grouper and tilapia
fcc78da : More reformatting for uniformity
7e02d3b : More reformatting for uniformity
d962471 : Re-format for uniformity with other licenses
011a085 : Re-format for uniformity with other licenses
11081d2 : Reformat licences to a uniform 77-column format
28397d2 : Reformat licences to a uniform 77-column format
ad05105 : Updated self-extractors for JDP39
18e02ac : Updated self-extractors for JDP39
cad8844 : Move keymaster files to the Open Source side of the world
711cb43 : Move keymaster files to the Open Source side of the world
ba28601 : Factory images for JDP39
5e51ece : Factory images for JDP39
918ee2c : Update unified fstab.grouper to support recovery
a05812b : Update unified fstab.grouper to support recovery
d18be78 : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
aee493b : Adding TARGET_CPU_VARIANT to config file.
c03ca7b : Remove unnecessary lines in PRODUCT_PACKAGES
ea82e27 : Remove unnecessary lines in PRODUCT_PACKAGES
c837db2 : Make software vp8 video encoder available to MediaCodec on Grouper
f59e7c8 : Make software vp8 video encoder available to MediaCodec on Grouper
1663999 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
782e685 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
e8d35a7 : Handle ASUS proprietary binaries
75226c1 : Handle ASUS proprietary binaries
c622165 : audio: factor out audio_route into a separate library
5883307 : audio: factor out audio_route into a separate library
829187c : Packages for JDP82
e7b1f0c : Packages for JDP82
5175d7c : Fix BT rev-tether iface name.
95ad881 : Fix BT rev-tether iface name.
2f39199 : JOP40D factory images for Grouper
9035706 : JOP40D factory images for Grouper
0c4aef3 : Run fastboot oem unlock before flashing
5c8d5cd : Run fastboot oem unlock before flashing
7caad26 : Add gsm decoder to media codec list
3c00dc2 : Add gsm decoder to media codec list
182bf25 : SELinux mods to init file.
c471fac : SELinux mods to init file.
2598a87 : Grouper factory images for JOP40C
e8cf112 : Grouper factory images for JOP40C
7b797c3 : Grouper self-extractors for JOP40C
1b4ff23 : Grouper self-extractors for JOP40C
a78ca9b : Grouper binaries for JOP40
66a6922 : Grouper binaries for JOP40
5bf7778 : Grouper factory images for JOP40
526355a : Grouper factory images for JOP40
5903c3a : Grouper factory images for JOP39B
51fc5b6 : Grouper factory images for JOP39B
6232c64 : Grouper self-extractors for JOP36
689818f : Grouper self-extractors for JOP36
3580910 : Update grouper self-extractors for JOB32B
42d2b63 : Update grouper self-extractors for JOB32B
d86e666 : SELinux policy additions.
1555c27 : SELinux policy additions.
ecf1f7b : License for NXP binaries
149bf36 : License for NXP binaries

Project: device/asus/tilapia

3a4b095 : Configure PRISM defaults for tilapia correctly
2cf3fbb : Mute low-battery sounds after one hour with screen off.
b28455b : Enable richer SD card permissions.
2dfc8e3 : tilapia: wifi: Use separate p2p config overlay
92b6837 : Switch to aosp_* product name in the lunch menu.
5c29fc9 : Packages for JWR66V
711583c : Self-extractors for JWR66U
7eea3d7 : Update for JWR66N
e6c39f5 : Packages for JWR66G
de9316d : Self-extractors for JWR66C
0be7a96 : Self-extractors for JWR66
00e4850 : tilapia: wifi: Override control iface to leave it to global
653e0f2 : tilapia: wifi: Use global socket interface
c268be9 : Self-extractors for JWR64
8a2174b : Self-extractors for JWR60
33b02d9 : Packaging for JWR59
faeba7b : Packaging for JWR58
236569e : Self-extractors for JWR53
f346914 : Self-extractors for JWR52
106bb62 : Factory images for JWR51
16f9fc7 : Self-extractors for JWR51
b8860d3 : Self-extractors for JWR50
ff53f8c : Update filelist for JB-MR2
3e04c4a : Disable OpenGL preloading with Tegra drivers
6f1ba71 : Use common makefile style.

Project: device/common

7dc7cdf : Revert "Make script more precise"
73b09c0 : Include device name in change description
bd91ec4 : Add hammerhead
0599cb0 : moar devices
482ba1c : Include ALL the projects

Project: device/generic/armv7-a-neon

1340d2d : Changing mini to inherit from core_base.mk.
ebb5c6b : add mini_common for putting common mini stuffs - will refactor mini configuration
ba432b7 : add missing inheritance from chromium.mk

Project: device/generic/goldfish

2524d39 : Update emulator to FUSE-wrap its SD card.
e8122df : camera3: Fix stream id types
3ad1318 : Camera2/3: Implement full-color NV21 output.
07da940 : get rid of HAL pixelformats 5551 and 4444
0049ee8 : Camera2/3: Update static metadata
8f9288e : goldfish: use fstab.goldfish
e96a7c7 : Added net.dns1 prop for emulator, as Android emulator ignores it by default.
74e718f : Make software VP9 video decoder available to MediaCodec.
4ff83db : Flush QemuPipeStream when needed
66cf6b1 : Increase apn resource files version

Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-armv7-a-neon

77bb98e : Enable richer SD card permissions.
9494d18 : switch to ext4
fa87db5 : change kernel path to default one

Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-mips

2ff06dd : switch to ext4
203dff8 : remove obsolete comments

Project: device/generic/mini-emulator-x86

a2f05b8 : switch to ext4
43c72ae : change to default kernel which is 3.4

Project: device/generic/mips

cba3dda : use mini_common.mk as common baseline for mini

Project: device/generic/x86

8933282 : use mini_common.mk as common baseline for mini

Project: device/lge/hammerhead

c883458 : hammerhead: Change UAP for sprint
c1bbb2d : hammerhead: update msmb_isp.h kernel header
d091c51 : config changes for aosp hammerhead builds
a505b6e : hammerhead: update camera kernel headers
12b3298 : Launcher3 for aosp hammerhead builds
c867f20 : hammerhead: Change MMS UAP as mcc/mnc
abb6a52 : BoardConfig: remove bug WAR and set sf vsync phase
94b1dca : hammerhead: Move sprint menu
0fe55c9 : Revert "hammerhead: Add support for modem logging"
42aaafc : hammerhead: Disable subsystem ramdump collection
43526e5 : Revert "Hammerhead: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps."
f8af8eb : Adding stepcounter and stepdetector xml files to device.mk.
ef3c33d : hammerhead: Add to show lte and cdma network mode
0b7c284 : Add noresample sysprop
aa8a9e1 : Add noresample sysprop
34f75f7 : hammerhead: wifi: Set default locale without DFS channels
1b8ec32 : hammerhead: updated TCP buffer sizes.
87952ae : hammerhead: wifi: Set default locale without DFS channels
138d0e7 : hammerhead: Update 1x signal strength after 2 sec
34b0e94 : hammerhead: Include memtrack HAL
76ea98b : hammerhead: remove Right channel path and changes gain for Headset
58e3ff5 : hammerhead: updated TCP buffer sizes.
e90c8e3 : hammerhead: Show 4G icon instead of LTE
22e6c6b : hammerhead: added android.hardware.telephony.cdma.xml
33c18fb : hammerhead: Remove logwrapper for irsc_util
f051a77 : Hammerhead: NFC: Remove NFC-extras jar.
3331332 : hammerhead: Disable sms/mms delivery reports for Korea operators
92e0c53 : BoardConfig.mk: Set the vsync phase offset
67032c9 : hammerhead: Increase data usage warning limit to 50G for sprint
4675f57 : Remove live wallpapers from hammerhead.
5349da9 : Hammerhead: NFC: Reduce IsoDep TO to 0x02.
ea3fa48 : Added MMS UA and UAProfUrl strings for hammerhead
3b17d6e : hammerhead: camera: Adjust video encoder capability
0f061c6 : hammerhead: camera: Adjust video encoder capability
211768b : Add ipc logging to dumpstate
10757f1 : Add ipc logging to dumpstate
7296145 : hammerhead: add qcom vp8 encoder to media_codecs.xml
7e14afa : Bumped max h.264 and mp4 video encoder max bitrate to match 8974 caps Bug: 11039124
2b35227 : hammerhead: add Right channel path and changes gain for TTY
36c6ba2 : Update installing icons for HH OTA animation.
4c3fa84 : hammerhead: add new input current mitigation step
5f20cb7 : hammerhead: wifi: modify bcmdhd.cal
8ad67b9 : hammerhead: Show 4G icon instead of LTE in UK
9e42dda : hammerhead: add Right channel path and changes gain for TTY
9cee60e : hammerhead: Fix sound fluctuation by camcorder
7e520d7 : hammerhead: wifi: modify bcmdhd.cal
c654cbb : Make things go fast Bug #10810505
76aebdd : hammerhead: Read value of network mode from NV
749211f : hammerhead: update some gain of camcorder mic and voice recording
75035ca : Final final final N5 wallpaper.
0e23fd4 : Final final final N5 wallpaper.
efb2369 : Final final final N5 wallpaper.
6ae23a2 : audio: fix remote submix sampling rates
ae53f01 : audio: fix remote submix sampling rates
c169c46 : hammerhead: Use valid index for pdu including garbages
0c74f0e : Turn on wifi Batched Scan for Hammerhead
34b2da1 : hammerhead: Use valid index for pdu including garbages
9c622c4 : hammerhead: Disable subsystem ramdump collection
dfd0bd1 : Revert "hammerhead: Add support for modem logging"
5e3b01a : Revert "hammerhead: prefer SPN over PLMN name"
de48606 : Final final N5 wallpaper.
955742f : hammerhead: Update ALC Table including brightness and LUX values
c5172e7 : Sensors: sensor streaming rate change
76f8f94 : hammerhead: request modem to send PLMN name always
a09edd0 : Hammerhead: NFC: Low-power tag detect configuration.
c828c7e : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
156b4aa : Fix PDK platform.zip build.
e40f3d4 : Fix PDK platform.zip build.
008900a : hammerhead: Hide apn menu for sprint in global roaming
946ab97 : msm: camera: Add delay to i2c reg setting array
7145e58 : camera: updating header files for af infinity mode
7e4788c : camera: updating header files for af infinity mode
7ec53f6 : hammerhead: Set picture resolution to 1944x2592 for all mcc/mnc
a3202c1 : Updated default wallpaper for HH.
f51d96c : hammerhead: Hide apn menu for sprint in global roaming
5c5b734 : Updated default wallpaper for HH.
87f5388 : Revert "hammerhead: prefer SPN over PLMN name"
0101eff : Revert "hammerhead: prefer SPN over PLMN name"
3b40fec : Add specific AEC effect descriptor
437b194 : Revert "hammerhead: Add support for modem logging"
2ffd3f0 : hammerhead: Disable subsystem ramdump collection
0f1a5c5 : cherry-pick 20109353: Revert Remove AOSP support. Do not merge.
1329949 : add QCOM offloaded audio visualizer
6f12a8f : hammerhead: Update MMS user agent
13977b0 : hammerhead: prefer SPN over PLMN name
13b377c : hammerhead: Fix the using deprecated syntax in init.hammerhead.usb.rc
8395014 : hammerhead: re-add noauto_da_alloc to /data and /cache
a7de06c : hammerhead: Change UaProfile Url
aa45519 : hammmerhead: Mms: Limit 160 characters for sprint
23a9b0a : hammerhead: Update MMS user agent
7e993ee : hammerhead: prefer SPN over PLMN name
c0b63d5 : hammerhead: Update MMS user agent
8759abb : hammmerhead: Mms: Limit 160 characters for sprint
38a6084 : New default wallpaper for Hammerhead.
092a1c3 : hammerhead: prefer SPN over PLMN name
698f2dc : enable AAC decompression offload
612eb37 : Turn on lteOnCdmaDevice for HH.
b422c4c : Define config_volte_replacement_rat as 6 for Sprint.
11c49a2 : Turn on lteOnCdmaDevice for HH.
f196f0d : Define config_volte_replacement_rat as 6 for Sprint.
e5aa302 : hammerhead: set HAVE_ADRENO_SOURCE to false
4ce9e1c : New default wallpaper for Hammerhead.
21c32a0 : Allow device to enter suspend with positive proximity.
6478fa9 : Revert "Removed config_use_hfa_for_provisioning."
482ac49 : hammerhead: Add eri.xml for sprint
80bf6a9 : hammerhead: Set mms configuration for sprint
39a4d46 : Removed config_use_hfa_for_provisioning.
b2b8372 : audio: Update audio_policy file for tunnel mode audio playback
89441b0 : Hammerhead: NFC: Set LI_BIT_RATE to 0x00 (106 kbps).
28ab978 : Revert "Revert "Sprint config_use_hfa_for_provisioning set to true""
3c70eab : Revert "Sprint config_use_hfa_for_provisioning set to true"
2286e1e : hammerhead: wifi: modify bcmdhd.cal
42ac5f1 : Sprint config_use_hfa_for_provisioning set to true
bd45351 : hammerhead: init: change owner of kgsl/proc debugfs directory to system
7b4248f : hammerhead: change smdcntl*/open_timeout ownership to radio:radio
05b5a58 : hammerhead: Add GPS configuration
767e123 : hammerhead: Add tether_upstream_type for Sprint
f0cbe2b : Enable richer SD card permissions.
6918be5 : hammerhead: Remove the cell broadcast menu for Soft Bank
98d1924 : Fix the mount options for ext4 filesystems on hammerhead.
ce02f59 : hammerhead: camera: Adjust video bitrates
4202f49 : hammerhead: Set default brightness 82
1ffdcc4 : hammerhead: Change the correct network name for sprint
ee72f66 : hammerhead: Add MMS and WAP-related configuration for sprint
fcabe4b : hammerhead: The VoiceMail default value is displayed to my own number for sprint
6d626a1 : hammerhead: Add sprint update setting menu
d4fca4f : Disable vss logging service by default
08edf8e : Disable vss logging service by default
5e9886b : hammerhead: Add sprint update setting menu
03f14c5 : hammerhead: audio gain tuning for Voice Recognition
e5d4645 : hammerhead: wifi: Use separate p2p config overlay
035362e : hammerhead: change a gain of camcorder mic and voice recording
ff61f9d : hammerhead: Show 4G icon instead of LTE in Australia
3ec4170 : hammerhead: Set permissions for HDMI SPD nodes
985ce7d : hammerhead: Show 1/2G networks as 3G for sprint
66600cf : hammerhead: Make brighter in low luminance
c70ea23 : hammerhead: Disable "import contacts from SIM" feature for sprint
f276f05 : Remove BTM_DEF_LOCAL_NAME define. product model name is used as default
5096472 : hammerhead: wifi: change default country code to XV/16
602a2ee : audio: Add mixer paths for tunnel mode audio playback
acb8fe7 : Hammerhead: NFC: Enable low-power tag detect.
9054258 : Add flp.msm8974.so and dependencies, move gps.conf
7ac9644 : hammerhead: sec_config: Add radio permisson to communicate over qmi
b5b6d92 : audio: change safe volume level to 6 for CE specifications
530b78f : libsensors: update flush() function for new Invensense hal
6bb509e : Sensors: add properties to enable Qualcomm sensor feature
4e858dd : Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Sensors: Enable Qualcomm Sensor""""
8dde32b : mpdecision: Synchronize sysfs param init and starting mpdecision
5594c7f : hammerhead: enable RS-driver override
22ee783 : hammerhead: Modify thermal-configuration
b701f4b : hammerhead: exchange thermal-engine-hh
5c1b7d1 : Revert "hammerhead: disable retention mode"
6594fc0 : hammerhead: Increase headphones RX1/RX2 volume
ab1ac73 : hammerhead: set picture resolution to 1944x2592 for MMS
945df43 : Make the remote submix audio module available.
1a847b8 : hammerhead: Adjust auto-brightness in low luminance
a2af61e : hammerhead: Speaker audio cal data tuning
5e127b0 : hammerhead : add ECC database
3c82b1a : hammerhead : add ECC database
f2b1b2d : hammerhead: wifi: update bcmdhd.cal
043ff3f : Up the sms/mms recycler limits
5c82b59 : hammerhead: wifi: update bcmdhd.cal
a4ec7c5 : hammerhead: Adjust ALC Table including brightness and LUX values
5ec28ab : hammerhead: disable retention mode
2b7ff44 : hammerhead: Turn on the CPU 1~3 before set the property.
ce40ebb : hammerhead: Set proper MMS size limit for global carriers
87fca0a : hammerhead: dumpstate: switch to HAL static lib
66a6180 : Calibrated HH touch size information
e07b559 : Revert "Revert "Revert "Sensors: Enable Qualcomm Sensor"""
ae57c1a : hammerhead: Add mms_config for Sprint
f7df3df : hammerhead: Turn off led if msON is 0
5eabf6d : Link Phone overlays to Telephony
c653c01 : Create overlays for Telephony service
df9af54 : hammerhead: Enable subsystem ramdump collection
4caa627 : hammerhead: Enable subsystem ramdump collection
095d925 : hammerhead: enable power modes at boot completed
19adb87 : Fix sensor_t struct initializers.
faedd07 : Revert "camera: Enable ZSL mode"
129d5d6 : Revert "camera: Enable ZSL mode"
d86ea9b : hammerhead: Speaker and Headset audio cal data tuning
0a3d484 : Revert "Revert "Sensors: Enable Qualcomm Sensor""
b1cf045 : hammerhead: Speaker and Headset audio cal data tuning
06ba445 : camera: Enable ZSL mode
662a33b : camera: Add OIS definition
5c5d56a : hammerhead: Adjust ALC Table for range
ad3b13d : hammerhead: Adjust ALC Table for range
4b197d7 : hammerhead: Adjust ALC Table
5f9b171 : hammerhead: Adjust ALC Table
db48fdd : Remove AOSP support
8fd45d2 : hammerhead: remove preset LPJ
51c6085 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
802584e : hammerhead: Change default brightness to 82
b6b3932 : hammerhead: Change Voice Volume/Mute control default values
7f9dee5 : hammerhead: Change Voice Volume/Mute control default values
6ffeb78 : Add mobile_ia to config.xml networkAttributes.
c3473cd : Revert "Sensors: Enable Qualcomm Sensor"
658317b : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
f21e2c5 : Revert "Sensors: Enable Qualcomm Sensor"
993abf3 : hammerhead: Remove "persist.radio.lte_vrat_report"
959d80f : First pass at generating factory images for hammerhead
6107ef2 : hammerhead: apply new power profile
fe46ba8 : Added config to show electronbeam screen animation
704eb44 : Sensors: Enable Qualcomm Sensor
0b405bb : hammerhead: camera: Update kernel header
dd09f7e : hammerhead: pull vmlinux in PDK
3d663e6 : hammerhead: use TLS (7275) port on GPS
602bdaf : Hammerhead: NFC: Add NFC host-based card emulation feature.
58ff000 : Revert "camera: Enable ZSL mode by default"
f6eb901 : camera: Enable ZSL mode by default
0dd3b65 : camera: Enable ZSL mode by default
7d792ba : hammerhead: wifi: Update bcmdhd.cal
674f490 : hammerhead: wifi: Update bcmdhd.cal
4372c1e : hammerhead: Set maxcpus to 2
4c20980 : hammerhead: bluetooth: Support for Low Power Mode
46144a1 : hammerhead: bluetooth: Support for Low Power Mode
8c980ae : Hammerhead: NFC: Remove eSE-related config and files
6540fb0 : Fix device not booting error
2c0da9d : Fix device not booting error
bd6f7e6 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
5d21f1c : thermal-engine: add skin thermal configuration value
38e5529 : Update hammerhead self-extractors
911aa90 : hammerhead: change the voice gain for speaker and headphones
04fb824 : Add time_daemon service for handling RTC time
a8c2654 : hammerhead: change the voice gain for speaker and headphones
5e49eb4 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
7012bac : Add time_daemon service for handling RTC time
5c14254 : lights: use hammerhead's own lights HAL
d476635 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
0cd9b26 : Don't try to track proprietary binaries for hammerhead in MR2 - do not merge
95dfbb2 : Initial self-extractors for hammerhead
408f9d7 : Build mm-jpeg-interface-test without vendor/ tree
f33c2fe : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
d144837 : Add release tools for hammerhead.
d5662e6 : hammerhead: camera: Update kernel header
88d0f0c : Add release tools for hammerhead.
0dd0c27 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
2eb4d6e : hammerhead: Disable ramdumps
ba9df9a : hammerhead: Disable ramdumps
b1379ce : hammerhead: set read/write permission to group for rtc0
47da989 : hammerhead: update audio gain tuning parameters
178ca14 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
82de9c9 : hammerhead: Remove vmalloc from kernel command line
1e5d92b : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
3f161ab : add "Modem log to adb" feature for Issue Analysis.
1179906 : add "Modem log to adb" feature for Issue Analysis.
77ff6a8 : hammerhead: use its own gps.conf
71a5ba1 : Hammerhead: NFC: Load pre-firmware.
37b5c81 : Do not build libsensors in PDK.
8f1b70a : hammerhead: update audio gain tuning parameters
d30e206 : hammerhead: Add support for modem logging
ea29d99 : hammerhead: msm8974: Set shader cache configuration options
2b09603 : hammerhead: list subsystem tombstones in dumpstate
8e54a61 : hammerhead: Add support for subsystem restart and ramdump collection.
a083260 : Added config option for selecting lte over 4g
f63094b : hammerhead: camera: Update kernel header
2dcf070 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
941d176 : Make software VP9 video decoder available to MediaCodec.
f218527 : libsensors: Don't segfault when constructor fails when device absent
0d05969 : hammerhead: camera: add ois definitions
fc6a138 : hammerhead: Change the partition map for 16GB
925a2a0 : hammerhead: Change the partition map for 16GB
fbc5ed7 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
eeb21ee : hammerhead: remove AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_DEEP_BUFFER flag
3f254f0 : hammerhead: fix the audio path for TTY mode
055ac18 : hammerhead: wifi: update bcmdhd.cal
90b576c : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
905b850 : hammerhead: set permission of proximity and light sensors
700f41c : hammerhead: set permission of invensense nodes for driver update
6fc4efd : hammerhead: add nfc storage for CE mode
dabbfe5 : hammerhead: Enable bt-pan feature
4a26e66 : hammerhead: set persist.radio.lte_vrat_report to 1
cb1f0d1 : hammerhead: Fix the modem crash on encrypting phone
1e64fee : audio: Fix channel swap issue on wired headset
a8aa30e : hammerhead: Change /dev/diag ownership to radio:radio
bcc7f90 : hammerhead: overlay: enable LID switch
aed5035 : hammerhead: Add power HAL
ed08286 : sensors: Use hammerhead's own sensor HAL
389baf3 : hammerhead: Fixup permissions for /dev/socket/mpdecision
74daf11 : hammerhead: Add support for audio capture from bt-sco device
63a38e4 : Enable retention mode and thread migration
1b0c4ff : hammerhead: add msm_pm_stats debug buffers to dumpstate
86ab931 : Hammerhead: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps.
8379032 : Revert "Hammerhead: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps."
d7b4841 : Hammerhead: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps.
22258a5 : hammerhead: reduce logs for thermal-engine
fc3780c : hammerhead: disable speaker fluence
7adf5b3 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
691e93a : hammerhead: wifi: Override control iface to leave it to global
e72d8c8 : hammerhead: enable invensense hal
93ea154 : hammerhead: remove qcom sensor hal
aa0f481 : hammerhead: set permission of invensense nodes
e4ec850 : hammerhead: wifi: modify to support two Wi-Fi chips
7914f5a : hammerhead: wifi: Use global socket interface
6063a6b : Enable camera.hammerhead for HAL3
2be88d7 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
fee418c : Hammerhead: NFC: Update config files.
35d8936 : hammerhead: allow interfaces to get v6 address when tethering is enabled
b7739d0 : hammerhead: change prebuilt kernel name to zImage-dtb
18dd96e : hammerhead: enable usb tethering as adding rndis
4f5a809 : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
4227b30 : Don't call property_get with too small buffer
d53e3b4 : hammerhead: add keystore.msm8974 package
c089115 : hammerhead: adjust vibrator duration
6b2a67a : auto-generated blob list for hammerhead
de115ed : hammerhead: nfc: update configuration
e3202be : hammerhead: enable booting modem for charger
0e526b1 : hammerhead: mms: initial overlay version for mms_config.xml
e0dfc2b : hammerhead: Enable thermal service.
023a0cc : hammerhead: Enable mpdecision on hammerhead device.
4b5e025 : hammerhead: enable camera recording
cf2120d : hammerhead: change device volume for voice call
d8453a4 : Move acdbloader and acdbmapper path to vendor/lib
21a49f3 : auto-generated blob list
0db6997 : hammerhead: enable sensor after factory reset
73eeac9 : wifi: Set wpa_supplicant debug level to default (MSG_INFO)
fdbf9a1 : hammerhead: change default preferred network to lte/cdma/wcdma
5b715a7 : hammerhead: read bluetooth address using bdAddrLoader
cd3fb62 : auto-generated blob list
b2ce383 : hammerhead: wifi: change owner for reading address
b48f8cb : hammerhead: remove MODEM TOMBSTONES from dumpstate
0775264 : hammerhead: Change BT path to SEC_AUX_PCM
eb68cce : Add xxhdpi and set density to 480 for hammerhead.
52a974d : hammerhead: Change dualmic path and fix some paths
4b758dc : Revert "hammerhead: include camera.msm8960 (old HAL)"
68afd42 : camera: enable camera
4bba8a9 : hammerhead: include camera.msm8960 (old HAL)
3d69baf : hammerhead: Fix permissions for dev node to get camera working.
f5569c2 : hammerhead: Change properties for mic type and fluence feature
ab5f560 : hammerhead: don't use internal btsco samplerate
5552b67 : hammerhead: add hs_detect key layout and key map
d188795 : hammerhead: volume key set WAKE from WAKE_DROPPED
adfccc1 : hammerhead: initial nfc bring up
be3415b : gps bringup changes
e8d5b14 : audio: Correct the mixer controls for Speaker path
e59b9d6 : hammerhead: Fix mixer path to enable voice.
1127905 : Add video hal components to PRODUCT_PACKAGES
c3d61d8 : hammerhead: Enable video.
e80b4bc : hammerhead: remove msm_*.h from specific kernel headers
64ac66d : hammerhead: add permission for hdmi
e6baacf : hammerhead: data: define TCP buffer threshold for low throughput
3ad5376 : hammerhead: copy android.hardware.bluetooth_le.xml permission file
d62a5f5 : hammerhead: supports OpenGL ES 3.0
dc84a68 : Remove msm_{ion,kgsl,mdp}.h from hammerhead specific kernel headers
2a88c20 : Remove wifi_p2p network.
52590e6 : hammerhead: wlan: Add wpa_supplicant overlay file support
f2f1f76 : hammerhead: wifi: Fix wpa_supplicant config file generation
8c1e590 : hammerhead: remove useless bluetooth nodes
816f974 : hammerhead: initial power mode configuration
1b9074a : hammerhead: set audio-related properties
1f066e4 : Fix fstab in master.
0bbc820 : hammerhead: prevent RIL from powering down SIM when modem is in low power mode
1bdafef : hammerhead: set BOARD_USES_SECURE_SERVICES to true
6f7245f : hammerhead: add permissions for msm_rotator
e5cc2c9 : hammerhead: set drm.service.enabled to true
a132bc0 : hammerhead: add service related to widevine
bb70fbd : hammerhead: set TARGET_USES_ION to true
675bcb9 : hammerhead: enable AAC 5.1 output
f7f6ee3 : hammerhead: overlay to wifi configurations
364e1cf : hammerhead: stop dhcpcd when stop wpa_supplicant service
81b9987 : hammerhead: use builtin WiFi BCM4335 drive
1536a57 : auto-generated blob list
03c7f6e : auto-generated blob list
5c40d74 : hammerhead: audio: enable loading ADSP image during bootup
a8ad366 : hammerhead: add wifi property about supplicant scan interval
19fa399 : hammerhead: initial wlan bring up
f1fa8e5 : hammerhead: codec: add hardware V8 decoder
52e4244 : hammerhead: set ro.telephony.call_ring.multipe to false
96815a2 : hammerhead: remove duplicated package
ad3ae27 : hammerhead: Use dev/input/events subsystem for audio jack switches
c4ad278 : hammerhead: change permission of /dev/rtc0
8989b75 : hammerhead: add support for bluetooth configuration
9e05f65 : hammerhead: initial bluetooth bring up
cbe7ca7 : Remove the ext4 discard mount option.
eb068a5 : hammerhead: Enable the charger suspend
5f6316d : hammerhead: Fix typo in fstab
7a0ce87 : hammerhead: enable audio main mic
564091d : hammerhead: import apns-full-conf.xml instead of default apns-conf.xml
8004ece : Added hammerhead specific kernel headers.
7707ec3 : hammerhead: Add button jack keylayout
5b6ed80 : hammerhead: enable audio speaker
34bfa22 : auto-generated blob list
3251ef5 : Change target from msm8x74 to msm8974
3ba47cc : hammerhead: add charger service
eddeaf0 : hammerhead: initial sensor bring up
827ea72 : hammerhead: initial ril to bring up modem
e6bd7db : hammerhead: enable audio
a04a17a : hammerhead: initial audio package
61b98bb : hammerhead: initial media_profiles
8bca548 : hammerhead: initial media_codecs
a807ea9 : hammerhead: usb: Fix the diag misconfiguration
8677ca5 : hammerhead: use the unified fstab to support recovery
3b31007 : hammerhead: initial input device
3e7f2bc : Fix aosp_hammerhead.
d9bd639 : auto-generated blob list
23dacf0 : Fix aosp_hammerhead.
89f0ac2 : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
9b19ab1 : hammerhead: enable wifi display
fa1e811 : hammerhead: add connectivity manager options
ffceca6 : hammerhead: add tethering options
796d259 : hammerhead: use instructive notification led
898eb30 : hammerhead: set to true to add links to Cell Broadcast app
9ef411b : hammerhead: set the reference volume index for music stream
8fc0880 : hammerhead: add notification led on and off intervals
1decb67 : hammerhead: set default notification color to white
e878b62 : hammerhead: show software navigation bar
0f64236 : hammerhead: partition change for 32G eMMC
10777aa : hammerhead: add qcom display-hal libraries
51d8031 : hammerhead: enable MDP composition
9cbf817 : hammerhead: set tags_offset for BOARD_MKBOOTIMG_ARGS
5d20233 : hammerhead: produce a bootimage
3a3c198 : hammerhead: Add recovery ui
e487640 : hammerhead: add bugreport generation on Power + VolumeUp + VolumeDown
7e25de6 : hammerhead: add hammerhead-specific dumpstate
f3bcfa7 : hammerhead: add prebuilt kernel
2ee4247 : hammerhead: enable emulated storage
6b34049 : hammerhead: set parameters for kernel and bootimage
bfe39bf : hammerhead: add init.hammerhead.usb.rc
a772693 : hammerhead: add basic build config
5a53138 : hammerhead: set battery shutdown temperature to 60 C
22877b9 : hammerhead: skip restoring network selection
d0c93a5 : hammerhead: overlay to distinguish HSPA data icon from UMTS data icon
7bd297a : hammerhead: default screen timeout set to 30 secs.
cbf13ef : hammerhead: turn on screen when unplugging usb or power
a1ee2c3 : hammerhead: Set brightness and screen related overlay values
2325248 : hammerhead: enable TTY mode
5e591b1 : hammerhaed: overlay the config file for the Phone app
c31756b : hammerhead: set battery usage related overlay values
85a47b4 : Rename AOSP builds to aosp_*
289d521 : hammerhead: enable wifi display
b1b943c : hammerhead: add connectivity manager options
214cbc3 : hammerhead: add tethering options
2716914 : hammerhead: use instructive notification led
fcf062a : hammerhead: set to true to add links to Cell Broadcast app
204a498 : hammerhead: set the reference volume index for music stream
66aa117 : hammerhead: add notification led on and off intervals
6391b46 : hammerhead: set default notification color to white
d3168c9 : hammerhead: set battery shutdown temperature to 60 C
733ff96 : hammerhead: skip restoring network selection
9951222 : hammerhead: overlay to distinguish HSPA data icon from UMTS data icon
66be66b : hammerhead: default screen timeout set to 30 secs.
c930124 : hammerhead: turn on screen when unplugging usb or power
c1a43f1 : hammerhead: Set brightness and screen related overlay values
0c5a3fe : hammerhead: enable TTY mode
39831e4 : hammerhaed: overlay the config file for the Phone app
d1cff9a : hammerhead: set battery usage related overlay values
bccf5e5 : hammerhead: show software navigation bar
e6c7090 : hammerhead: partition change for 32G eMMC
49bde02 : hammerhead: add qcom display-hal libraries
ea3b3dc : hammerhead: enable MDP composition
5ad1626 : hammerhead: set tags_offset for BOARD_MKBOOTIMG_ARGS
bde14fe : hammerhead: produce a bootimage
4196ccc : hammerhead: Add recovery ui
02fa28c : hammerhead: add bugreport generation on Power + VolumeUp + VolumeDown
f813656 : hammerhead: add hammerhead-specific dumpstate
48c7c72 : hammerhead: add prebuilt kernel
74000d1 : hammerhead: enable emulated storage
a931ce4 : hammerhead: set parameters for kernel and bootimage
82a9583 : hammerhead: add init.hammerhead.usb.rc
cea42f4 : hammerhead: add basic build config
219963c : Initial empty repository

Project: device/lge/hammerhead-kernel

2fad5b3 : Snapshot to 3e5c98c2910626f9b6b5dddfe29ac1684b414b26
b953868 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/lge/mako

11cc3f8 : mako: Fix the modem crash on encryption phone
9740cee : Mako: NFC: Reduce IsoDep TO to 0x02.
b9a9556 : Added MMS UA and UAProfUrl strings for mako
1259bfb : mako: enable kernel user_debug traces
1c59be2 : mako: enable kernel user_debug traces
b48fde9 : Move the live wallpaper packages from device.mk to full_mako.mk
5504bed : mako: set gEnableTDLSImplicitTrigger=0
79d8695 : Enable host interleaving BR/EDR device discovery and ble scan for mako
b5f48d4 : mako: wifi: Update NV file to correct xDET settings
559f891 : mako: install memorytrackerhal
f5d11ec : audio: fix remote submix sampling rates
89b3072 : audio: fix remote submix sampling rates
6bb90e3 : auto-generated blob list for mako
88ffc64 : mako: wlan: Enable IPv6 NS offload
939b826 : cherry-pick 9c96479c: Revert Remove AOSP support. Do not merge.
1c3855a : Add loudness enhancer effect
3f8b97b : mako: Fix the using deprecated syntax in init.mako.usb.rc
5900dbb : mako: wifi: Update NV file to change 5G STO timer from 1700 usec to 1900 usec
7f2414c : Revert "mako: set HAVE_ADRENO_SOURCE to false"
98e2a5d : Revert "mako: set OVERRIDE_RS_DRIVER"
2bae57d : mako: Add GPS configuration
2988750 : mako: set OVERRIDE_RS_DRIVER
dbd8b10 : mako: set HAVE_ADRENO_SOURCE to false
a94717b : wlan: Enable TDLS
e3c12c4 : mako: set OVERRIDE_RS_DRIVER
4015ba2 : mako: set HAVE_ADRENO_SOURCE to false
c1272aa : Mako: NFC: split ACTIVE_SE from default route.
612ec7e : Allow device to enter suspend with positive proximity.
58dd9a9 : svelte kernel for all svelte products.
fd837d9 : mako: init: change owner of kgsl/proc debugfs directory to system
4e444ca : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2c540b7 : mako: enable background WiFi scanning
e6bf53a : mako: update WCNSS_cfg.dat
845fa94 : mako: update egl.cfg
115e48a : Mako: NFC: Route IsoDep to the host by default.
f142d60 : Enable richer SD card permissions.
667902f : mako: wifi: Override control iface to leave it to global
c0374d0 : mako: wifi: Fix P2P processing
b728ba6 : Mako: NFC: Fix IsoDep params.
9d7c0cf : Switch to aosp_* product name in the lunch menu.
e46b312 : Add flp.msm8960.so and dependencies, move gps.conf
e907e8c : svelte config for all occam_svelte* products.
28dc80e : Fix header file dependency.
9ca6421 : Make the remote submix audio module available.
d7ccc79 : Up the sms/mms recycler limits
5c7f472 : mako: dumpstate: switch to HAL static lib
99169be : mako: wifi: Use -puse_p2p_group_interface=1 for wlan0
0dcd2a0 : mako: wifi: Use -puse_p2p_group_interface=1 for wlan0
8394771 : Link Phone overlays to Telephony
c42f46f : Create overlays for Telephony service
2c290ff : occam_svelte: use mako_svelte-kernel for occam_svelte
d607476 : Remove AOSP support
276e8ab : Mako: NFC: Enable HCE feature.
2761aa1 : include init.mako_svelte.rc if it is present
9056987 : mako: gps: use TLS port (7275) for SUPL
443fe30 : Revert "Add compatibility.te."
19fe34d : auto-generated blob list for mako
eec5691 : Packages for JWR66V
d81b3aa : Revert "Revert WCNSS config and NV items back to MR1.1"
fa0a0ad : Self-extractors for JWR66U
0648f50 : Print files with no known owner
42abbdc : Revert WCNSS config and NV items back to MR1.1
469f2bb : Revert "Revert WCNSS config and NV items back to MR1.1"
f7d23e0 : Revert WCNSS config and NV items back to MR1.1
ccd81fc : Make software VP9 video decoder available to MediaCodec.
46fc0d8 : mako: properly disable ARP offload
b27bfee : Revert "mako: properly disable ARP offload"
0767117 : mako: properly disable ARP offload
c29a083 : Revert "wlan: Enable ARP Offload"
f1b4bcd : Revert "Revert "wlan: Enable ARP Offload""
3e2bb9f : Revert "wlan: Enable ARP Offload"
94ff1a7 : Update for JWR66N
c85af06 : Packages for JWR66M
34f439b : Revert "Modified for dogfooding the new SUPL server"
7b2fffb : mako: add /dev/diag node.
184330c : Splitting hardware/qcom/display chip specific.
14d83dc : Packages for JWR66G
af593e3 : mako: remove overlay related to tether_apndata
dbaebbe : Self-extractors for JWR66C
c078b59 : camera: enabling HW encoder in all cases
a0a14fc : Self-extractors for JWR66
7b3a800 : auto-generated blob list for mako
ca2b73b : mako: wifi: Override control iface to leave it to global
33f6c7c : Revert "Mako: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps."
8e44cde : mako: wifi: Use global socket interface
bc5a132 : Modified for dogfooding the new SUPL server
2e6f497 : Self-extractors for JWR64
ec4dafd : auto-generated blob list for mako
a3054f7 : Self-extractors for JWR60
9f53ea5 : Packaging for JWR59
556ae9d : Self-extractors for JWR58
879c382 : Factory images for JWR58
ba4c725 : Don't call property_get with too small buffer
35c93c4 : Mako self-extractors, updated for JB-MR2
f060763 : Factory images for JWR51
0e5ea94 : auto-generated blob list
cfbd610 : auto-generated blob list
1056833 : Revert "mako: switch back to vendor/qcom and hardware/qcom for camera"
75f18b2 : mako: switch back to vendor/qcom and hardware/qcom for camera
e6e5b19 : mako: move camera HAL from hardware/qcom/camera

Project: device/lge/mako-kernel

5bda264 : Snapshot to 3d209bd5b1ec95655f2f5681c586c5c177b30915
966e692 : Snapshot to 22d49aa9834f95020b103ae8412a5ffed4e46b25
e05b604 : Snapshot to fd3d13ffe787c2ca11d95df386ed9233a04b90a5
f9a9d29 : Snapshot to e6d21079f4cd3373534bdc4f9ed648647d682acb
b60e2f0 : Snapshot to 35a351c7f76cd1702b9d633c55494327c65702ab
b63fd16 : Snapshot at SHA1 21924bb49ed4ea06724b4d87330279862bcd7070

Project: device/sample

4d46df4 : Change MMSC for Jazztel
eb26916 : [sample] change apn-full-conf.xml from operator's requests.
2f71bde : [sample] change apn-full-conf.xml from operator's requests.
a35954b : [sample] change apn-full-conf.xml from operator's requests.
04f2107 : Change LTE APN profile for Korea Operator
ffd0b0d : Change APN name for CANADA operators
7aa21a5 : [sample] change apn-full-conf.xml from operator's requests.
383db1d : Add MMS type for Global Roaming
90432d3 : Remove Rogers 3G-apn
954ea8f : [sample] change apn-full-conf.xml from 3AT operator
d2133a6 : Add default APNs for Sprint in global roaming
8c749a5 : [sample] change apn-full-conf.xml from operator's request
a1c0ab4 : [sample] change apn-full-conf.xml from operator's request
cf27cf9 : [sample] change apn-full-conf.xml from operator's request
4a3461d : [sample] Remove mvno tracfone information
f785592 : Add default APNs for Sprint in global roaming
2d34be4 : [sample] Remove mvno tracfone information
cc989a8 : [sample] Remove mvno tracfone information
65d9db2 : Update APNs for emerging markets.
4ad00a7 : Add "ia" type for sprint
0c9faa9 : [sample] change apn-full-conf.xml from operator's request
e349f63 : Update MMS details for sprint.
60e1f63 : Update MMS details for sprint.
c437edd : Change apns-full-conf.xml for TMUS
f094986 : Change apns-full-conf.xml for TMUS
15ad41a : Remove unnecessary hipri from Softbank apn
4b3880d : Set all T-Mobile and MetroPCS APNs to IPv6.
f3589fd : Update CDMA APNs for Sprint
c19b44e : Add default APNs for Sprint when on CDMA
d0baab5 : Add default APNs for Sprint when on CDMA
2d1d077 : Adding Softbank/EMOBILE APN setting.
88a837a : Revert "Add Sprint default apn."
ee5e3d5 : APN Configurations for countries (UG,GH,SN,CI,CD)
94b2d77 : [sample] Change apn-full-conf.xml for Korea Operators
d101607 : Framework NLP is now removed, so check signatures against GMSCore package
c8ead29 : Framework NLP is now removed, so check signatures against GMSCore package
5ca7270 : Remove unnecessary hipri in apns-full-conf.xml
38eb77c : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml from operator's request
9ce76cf : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml from operator's request.
60cba39 : Add Sprint default apn.
5f7abb2 : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml for Initial Attach.
c44481e : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml for CA.
639b1fa : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml & adjust indent.
533eab1 : Updated MMS for Telia SE MMS
0bd504f : [sample] Update apn profile for asia and etc
3cb3bc5 : [sample] update APN for Argentina
a06c0f6 : [sample] add APN for GCI (Alaska local operator)
0e0213a : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml for 10 countries
06a2828 : [sample] update APN for Argentina
ccb0b06 : [sample] add APN for GCI (Alaska local operator)
b3cbbc9 : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml for Movistar LATAM countries
0bcd840 : Re-enable IPv6 for T-Mobile USA.
cc0d98d : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml for 15 country.
df2b02c : Increase apn resource files version
ff964d1 : Revise b-mobile's APN setting
8fd4087 : Set the protocol for T-Mobile USA to IPv6.

Project: device/samsung/manta

57fa358 : prebuilt kernel (fix CTS testPerfEvent2) DO NOT MERGE
3a7acd9 : prebuilt kernel (fix drm playback)
6ffddbc : prebuilt kernel (fix drm playback)
65ddbc2 : Disable translucent bars on Manta.
b22b08c : Mute low-battery sounds after one hour with screen off.
bd24c6d : Manta: NFC: Reduce IsoDep TO to 0x02.
2da9dda : manta: health: handle recharging done properly
ef8c245 : new kernel prebuilt
27c44a5 : manta: Update kernel prebuilt
18c97d3 : Disable MAP on tablets
255d598 : audio: fix remote submix sampling rates
12ec77a : audio: fix remote submix sampling rates
361613a : cherry-pick 3d9e6a99: Revert Remove AOSP support. Do not merge.
494e676 : Add loudness enhancer effect
3edb642 : manta: prebuilt kernel (ddk rev 92234/Ichang)
bd574a4 : Manta: NFC: split ACTIVE_SE from default route.
f3aafaa : manta: Update kernel prebuilt
8c17006 : manta: init: do not enable KSM
1537863 : manta: prebuilt kernel (charger mode battery status)
74810c9 : Enable richer SD card permissions.
a03882c : Manta: NFC: Route IsoDep to the host by default.
21169cb : Implement HAL API get_presentation_position
f2d9802 : Fix uninitialized variable which could cause extra sleeps
d317f1b : prebuilt kernel (fix for mfc/omx)
5f3ccad : manta: wifi: Use separate p2p config overlay
0c415a6 : manta: Update kernel prebuilt
1f7464e : Manta: NFC: Fix IsoDep params.
2902e63 : manta: prebuilt kernel (fuel gauge charge counter resolution)
2b3a861 : Patch up BTIF_HF_SERVCIE_NAMES array to match its length
cdfd922 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
3431987 : Switch to aosp_* product name in the lunch menu.
0f13455 : Make the remote submix audio module available.
f1c5db7 : manta: prebuilt kernel (new DDK)
053ea20 : manta: prebuilt kernel (fix ion chunk heap)
39a3206 : manta: prebuilt kernel (charge logic, input events)
2d44254 : manta health: move manta-battery charging logic from kernel
9a6af92 : manta: dumpstate: switch to HAL static lib
5f5425b : manta: health: switch to HAL static library
761c75d : prebuilt kernel (ipv6 ping, wifi, hdmi)
5030d6f : manta: health: switch to healthd_board_init()
dbb916c : manta: add health HAL
9d4702d : manta: prebuilt kernel
6a04e72 : fix build. new sensor hal header.
333cde4 : manta: prebuilt kernel (battery charge counter overflow fix)
630484a : manta: prebuilt kernel (fuel gauge charge counter)
65face6 : manta: prebuilt kernel (memory pressure level events, kill android-battery)
374d18b : manta: dumpstate: remove ref to /d/android-power
ce88a53 : Remove AOSP support
bd19d6d : manta: update kernel prebuilt
353ddfe : remove vm free memory tuning from init.manta.rc
19c29ba : manta: Update kernel prebuilt
5998511 : Manta: NFC: Add NFC host-based card emulation feature.
604d595 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
7f3f7e8 : Update VP8 software encoder name
650ef5d : Revert "Add compatibility.te."
e434709 : Packages for JWR66V
3b47cfd : manta: prebuilt kernel (kgdb ignore userspace breakpoints)
270c0fb : Self-extractors for JWR66U
59ceae0 : new kernel prebuilt
0e62c81 : Make software VP9 video decoder available to MediaCodec.
b4207df : Update for JWR66N
c29ba3e : manta: prebuilt kernel
8f84eec : manta: prebuilt kernel (cpufreq governor fixes, wakeup alarms via timerfd)
1358c7d : prebuilt kernel (ashmem fix)
12d9d34 : Packages for JWR66G
2591568 : kernel update (ashmem, KSM)
50f2d6b : Fix regression on audio effects for VOICE_RECOGNITION source
bc4a908 : Self-extractors for JWR66C
ad7872f : DO NOT MERGE: prebuilt kernel (jb-mr2. disable modules)
ec92548 : manta: wifi: Override control iface to leave it to global
3ae7dd1 : Self-extractors for JWR66
336ea45 : Forward-compatibility
a7f0edc : Take: 39c61e2020fed5ab8fb4df3d9c9c28f1e5de2f91
e90841b : Take: e4fdeb04e97a5e06a730649dde71813d920a7f16
2fc7842 : manta: wifi: Override control iface to leave it to global
7dd3dae : Update invensense header path.
55dc110 : manta: init: start KSM on boot
2f13033 : prebuilt kernel (KSM)
9c319c9 : Self-extractors for JWR64
d5982e8 : prebuilt kernel (bcmdhd:1.88.21, mmc tracepoints, ion shrink)
1cd702a : Self-extractors for JWR60
c37765c : manta: wifi: Use global socket interface
e8ae4d5 : Packaging for JWR59
c0b020e : manta: Change gps binary for buganizer#8911981 (additional change)
d575e50 : Packaging for JWR58
be4c59b : Self-extractors for JWR53
82fa9ca : Self-extractors for JWR52
42f18db : Factory images for JWR51
5c2de3b : Self-extractors for JWR51
fca5e4d : Self-extractors for JWR50
7c2e88e : voice fx: fix effect state control logic.

Project: platform/docs/source.android.com

a4bcafc : Docs: Adding PDK HAL target and fixing links/typo. Bug: 9177537
40aaf59 : Docs: Adding links for 4.3 R2 CTS downloads. Staging location: http://claym.mtv.corp.google.com:8102/compatibility/downloads.html
15c58c4 : Docs: Adding much-needed formatting to commands, files and list items. Bug: 9175117 Staging location: http://claym.mtv.corp.google.com:8093/devices/tech/security/se-linux.html
3ef22af : Docs: Replacing Replacing 4.2 CDD links with 4.3 Bug: 9988752 Staging location: http://claym.mtv.corp.google.com:8095/compatibility/overview.html
7a100c9 : JB-MR2 updates to CDD new file: 4.3/android-4.3-cdd.pdf new file: 4.3/versions.jd new file: android-4.3-cdd.pdf modified: compatibility_toc.cs modified: cts-development.jd modified: downloads.jd
51dbe2d : Docs: Adding SELinux doc to site and nav. Bug: 9175117 Staging location: http://claym.mtv.corp.google.com:8093/devices/tech/security/se-linux.html
125a986 : Final version numbers for 4.3
5d29409 : Docs: Fixing grammar issues in Source Overview text Bug: 9782335 Staging location: http://claym.mtv.corp.google.com:8085/source/index.html
2df1372 : Update build number for latest 4.3 build
788d101 : Fix typo in code style doc.
d3ddd87 : Docs: Adding Partner icon to home page Bug: 9777620 Staging location: http://claym.mtv.corp.google.com:8083/index.html
3b41843 : Version numbers for 4.3, instructions for flo/deb
05437cd : Clarify the AOSP issue tracker
573c370 : docs: Fixing last broken link, to submit-patches Bug: 9192223
b1656cb : Updated faketouch requirements modified: 4.0/android-4.0-cdd.pdf modified: 4.1/android-4.1-cdd.pdf modified: 4.2/android-4.2-cdd.pdf modified: android-4.0-cdd.pdf modified: android-4.1-cdd.pdf modified: android-4.2-cdd.pdf
1ed64fc : docs: Adding IDs to headers for autoTOC linking. Bug: 9481466
ef7b9d3 : Remove unused audio_preprocessing.jd
298f382 : Update audio terminology.
108eba5 : Fix the "Python version" documentation
3e79277 : Improve the documentation about building kernels.
11e7d9e : Add missing info for N4/N7.
2d43bdb : Document known issue with GCM in SDK builds in 4.2.2
5e4f795 : Update links for CTS 4.1 R3 and 4.2 R3
4836f18 : Add missing info for N4/N7.
c72f3c1 : Fixed generation errors modified: 4.2/android-4.2-cdd.pdf modified: android-4.2-cdd.pdf
b008cca : Documentation for 4.2.2 hardware support

Project: platform/external/aac

fa3eba1 : Encoder 7.1 support
9f455be : Encoder ELD auto configurator
dbf9680 : Encoder explicit signaling
3aec97e : Encoder downsampled SBR
7ad9757 : AAC Encoder low delay quality
206a397 : Decoder parse ASC
5016eb7 : Decoder stability, sanity checks improvements
b9774f9 : Decode dynamic range control improvements
2ddc922 : Decode parametric stereo even with invalid channel config
3a0a695 : FDK update for downsampled SBR
16c472c : AAC encoder metadata improvement
a84864d : SBR header period
3c59acf : AAC encoder bitrate limitation
fc4d7b0 : SBR encoder improvement
60a27b7 : Encoder intensity fix
ed247df : Encoder quantizer fix
577fcbb : Decode and SYS lib cleanup
4f0d970 : Disclaimer update, lib version increment
8bd0bae : Fix HE-AAC SBR ignored high-freq data

Project: platform/external/android-clat

2c7b747 : Remove debug tag from the clatd.conf build target

Project: platform/external/antlr

4799726 : Add gradle project for the antlr runtime for Doclava.

Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

12bb45a : Move SHA1PRNG_SecureRandomTest to libcore
2dbf00f : Lose Scanner tests to libcore.
c49ac19 : Lose regex tests to libcore.
4b03691 : Lose nio_char tests to libcore.
fe7f58f : Lose BufferedReaderTest to libcore.
6a042ff : Lose the nio tests to libcore.
4a8578c : Lose the annotation tests to libcore.
ea9a462 : Move DatagramChannelTest to libcore.
d171a10 : Move UUID tests into libcore.
cfc230a : Lose the math tests to libcore.
6a823a3 : ICU 49.2 upgrade.

Project: platform/external/apache-http

7201783 : Do not initialize SSLSocketFactory too early

Project: platform/external/bison

9fefffd : Fix bison build with MacOSX SDK 10.6
0e4f6ee : Don't set PKGDATADIR to an absolute path
4a73bbb : Upgrade bison from 2.3 to 2.7

Project: platform/external/bluetooth/bluedroid

da8e927 : Handle CL opening state in bta_jv_free_rfc_cb
031d239 : When rfcomm incoming queue is not empty, waiting for app ready to drain the data
7f3e429 : Interleave br/edr device discovery with BLE device scan for some targets
7939ed0 : added filter remove api to control the # of child node for bt_config.xml
41d651a : Remove MMS support from MAP SDP
ccf9c15 : LE: Improved handling of illegal GATT PDUs
fac9fef : Crash after unpairing BT keyboard
379743b : Failure to start playback on A2DP sink after connection
a30d95a : Increase default bluetooth name from 15 to 31.
17b504d : native crash while skipping songs with A2DP connected
b8ceaa4 : Set default a2dp sbc encoding quality to high
690401a : a2dp media packet sent too slow, which cause packet overflow.
d0cbb2e : fix wrong PBAP profile SDP record which may cause some carkit interop problem.
c16715f : Added lock in btu_xxx_timer api
156969e : change AVRCP profile version from 1.4 to 1.3 in SDP record.
1e5109b : Use product model as default bluetooth name if not defined
98139d9 : Changed MAP version from 1.0 to 1.1, since this is what was actually implemented
9647e91 : Configure BTA DM to not force master role upon inquiry
da8b1f6 : Hid Host: Ensure Hid module is accepting events before processing
c8a9f43 : Incremented buffer size to accomodate default MTU
247c68f : Add support for AbsoluteVolume
607e3b7 : Place handling of BTA_DM_DISC_BLE_RES_EVT in BLE feature ifdef
2e7fa68 : LE: Add support for the HID-over-GATT profile (1/3)
98497a5 : Add support for ff/rew
5c44e45 : LE: Add peripheral role support (2/4)
40016ad : LE: Do not generate an error if a device is already whitelisted
ce7b04f : LE: Fix for back-to-back GATT connection request issues
0d3786e : LE: Memory leak when caching GATT service change
ace8d67 : LE: Check encryption state before starting encryption
f751b01 : Move bta_dm_remove_sec_dev_entry declaration out of BLE ifdef
5f9c140 : LE: Add instance ID to descriptors (2/4)
6975b4d : LE: UPF 45 bug fixes
a16d6b0 : LE: Add NULL check for GATT client callback
ad83986 : LE: Fix crash on LE mouse reconnect
4b63869 : LE: Limit minimum MTU size
181d075 : LE: Send correct device name during SMP pairing
781b5ad : LE: Integrate power table for GATT
e1202ca : LE: Add GATT disable functions
f052217 : LE: Fix GKI exception for 0 length values
dda9a3e : LE: Only copy UUID for callback on success
e4020c2 : LE: Add NULL pointer check in deep copy function
5f63da7 : LE: Initialize return status when registering client
8444d1e : LE: Deep copy buffers when transfering client context
181adbe : Fixed issue that failed to update rfc credit to peer when host can not handle the incoming packets fast enough
153767e : Bluetooth MAP profile - sms and mms support initial check-in
5a7f857 : Support for 128-bit UUID service discovery
4420e41 : Fix check for BTIF_HL_CCH_OP_MDEP_FILTERING in btif_hl_upstreams_evt
b7ea70c : Do not abort bonding if link disconnects during SDP after Auth cmplt
390c94d : Removed COD check for unbond and UNPAIRED_EVT
bad70b1 : Add debug menu to enable btsnoop
7fe56f5 : Save the HID info into storage while adding device
48db2d2 : LE fixes

Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

bffe79c : Add to suggested BouncyCastle upgrade regression tests
580c719 : Track changes to JSSE
f847b1b : Allow CipherTest to run on RI
a198e1e : bouncycastle 1.49 upgrade
2768c29 : Fix PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1 to use high bits
75c3c02 : Track changes to JSSE
0f9937b : Track changes to JSSE
b90d9eb : Track change to JSSE
142ad14 : Track change to JSSE provider
9de1ab8 : Revert of DERT61String change from 44021512997b337e6079e46fd4230ce979c20b6f
a2ab0a6 : Fix PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1 to use high bits
95e1786 : Make bouncycastle-nojarjar static to keep it off the device
33724b0 : Add bouncycastle-nojarjar for building okhttp-tests

Project: platform/external/ceres-solver

399f7d0 : Update Ceres to the latest version Bug: 10673139 Bug: 10621282
1d2624a : Update ceres to the latest version in google3.

Project: platform/external/chromium

d8d0d5c : chromium: remove whole static libraries from libchromium_net

Project: platform/external/chromium-libpac

f34af54 : Port chromium PAC unit tests to libpac
40adcb5 : Fix error messages so reported to listener.
86b75a5 : Fix SortIpAddressList to iterate properly.
c064be0 : Fix crash in ParseIpLiteralToNumber
eafc0fa : Make IsInNet return false when extra white space
c06a8d6 : Fix memory leak in shutdown.
f5cf6e3 : Change interface to library to String16
fc93418 : Shared library that provides a PAC file parser.
2e12de2 : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/external/chromium-trace

874f33c : Extract prefix and suffix html blocks to separate files DO NOT MERGE
9c39c34 : Fix legacy script to pick up html prefix from external file
6833e18 : systrace: update to trace-viewer rev 775
48ea076 : Extract prefix and suffix html blocks to separate files
66a3768 : systrace: update to trace-viewer rev 740
f109fc8 : systrace: remove the use of a Python 2.7 function
6de8cfa : systrace: add support for older platform versions.

Project: platform/external/clang

a902511 : Update Clang for merge to r187914.
51e75ae : [PCH] Fix a PCH serialization crash, with invalid code related to forward enum references.
d3a247c : Fixes a couple of bugs with the Allman brace breaking.
b82f77f : Correctly allign arrays on 32 bit systems.
15c8e56 : Patch to fix doxygen trailing comments for ObjectiveC methods. // rdar://14258334
1dc6f74 : clang-format: Fix corner case in OpenMP pragma formatting.
a7b8797 : Eliminate CXXConstructorDecl::IsImplicitlyDefined.
201d3fb : Indicate success for simple options when clang called with -cc1.
05654ff : Documentation for sanitizer special case list format and -f(no-)?sanitize-blacklist flag
efed687 : clang-format: Improve formatting of builder-type calls.
909930f : clang-cl: Use .obj as object file extension instead of .o
8c238be : Patch to fix doxygen trailing comments for ObjectiveC properties. // rdar://14258334
ab50ccd : clang-cl: Implement support for the /Fo option
acdbbc7 : Add a new warning to -Wloop-analysis to detect suspicious increments or decrements inside for loops. Idea for this warning proposed in PR15636:
fa45cb3 : ObjectiveC migration: tweak setting of lifetime attribute on @property migration. Don't set unsafe_unretained on non-object properties. Set 'retain' on strong properties. Makecertain properties with specific names unsafe_unretained as well.
b7fc2ad : Update status of support for variable templates on website.
2521813 : A bit of clean up based on peer's feedback...
3835a4e : PR16755: When initializing or modifying a bitfield member in a constant expression, truncate the stored value to the size of the bitfield.
9c90f7f : Removed hack that was used to properly restore the nested name specifier of qualified variable template ids. It turns out that the current implementation was just not logical setup for it. This commit has made it so.
3151b7c : Fixing commit r187768: Moved diagnosis of forward declarations of variable templates from Parser to Sema.
1a81e74 : Fix for PR16570: when comparing two function pointers, discard qualifiers when comparing non-reference function parameters. The qualifiers don't matter for comparisons.
06935f3 : Moved diagnosis of forward declarations of variable templates from Parser to Sema.
f959c33 : clang/test/Driver/crash-report.c: Mark it as XFAIL:mingw32, for now. Investigating.
70ed2db : AST/DeclTemplate.h: Possibly fix a warning. [-Wuninitialized]
cec70f5 : SemaTemplateInstantiateDecl.cpp: Suppress a warning. [-Wunused-variable]
ef4579c : Started implementing variable templates. Top level declarations should be fully supported, up to some limitations documented as FIXMEs or TODO. Static data member templates work very partially. Static data member templates of class templates need particular attention...
4c58753 : clang-cl: Implement the /Tc, /TC, /Tp and /TP options.
c0e64f3 : [ms-cxxabi] Properly mangle member pointers
02c44f0 : [ms-cxxabi] Handle template-template arguments
7802fc9 : [ms-cxxabi] Mangle nullptr template arguments
056ec12 : Add option to disable module loading.
de56bb7 : lit.cfg: better check for MSYS
0e21897 : Implement C++'s restrictions on the type of an expression passed to a vararg function: it can't be 'void' and it can't be an initializer list. We give a hard error for these rather than treating them as undefined behavior (we can and probably should do the same for non-POD types in C++11, but as of this change we don't).
3cb4436 : Regression test for PR12699
edc45d5 : [analyzer] Clarify that r187624 is a hack and should be fixed better later.
d9d57e9 : Use a shuffle with undef elements instead of inserting 0s in the 128-bit to 256-bit casting intrinsics to improve performance. Thanks to Katya Romanova for identifying this issue.
8b051ce : Sema: Don't assume a nested name specifier holds a type
bb1b797 : Emit the constructor for abstract classes when using -cxx-abi microsoft, fixes PR16735
6f4f808 : Add support for passing -1 to __builtin_shufflevector to signify an undefined element value to match IR capabilities.
a1c50a1 : Options.td: remove _DASH_DASH
c217ced : ObjectiveC migrator. Differentiate 'instancetype' from 'id' result type when deciding on migration to instancetype.
bd77c59 : Only use the Darwin linker's -export_dynamic option with supported versions.
09c3463 : Re-commit r187637: "clang-cl: add more options"
e490705 : Implement Allman style.
b56da8c : Fix crash when encountering alias templates in isDerivedFrom matches.
8d3794e : ObjectiveC migrator: Add another family of factory methods which can be migrated to instancetype.
0694ad9 : Fix missing * making the C++ mode thing not work
4ed47cc : CC1: Only parse command-line options that have the CC1Option flag.
f647b69 : ObjectiveC migrator: Fixes public buildbot failures, in my previous patch which was reverted in r187657
6803dbe : revert patch I added in r187655. It still breaks public buildbot.
906c7f7 : ObjectiveC migration. Check-in patch reverted in r187634. Also removed check for "NS" prefix for class name.
8ac253c : Convert last use of st_dev in clang.
e2d20c9 : Remove rather oddly merged logic from AArch64 commit.
75e58bb : clang-format: Fix string breaking after "<<".
13a165e : Assume UniqueID is zero for invalid PPRegion to fix uninitialized reads reported by MSan
b61c294 : Fix indentation. No functional change.
e7a9a67 : Revert r187537 "clang-cl: add more options"
1888b91 : When merging redeclaration chains across modules, if a declaration is visible in one module but is only declared as a friend in another module, keep it visible in the result of the merge.
ac8b5f5 : clang-cl: add more options
cd68398 : Revert "ObjectiveC migrator. Migrate to instancetype return type for mehods with certain prefix selector matching their class names' suffix."
d836061 : Revert "If -fslp-vectorize or -fno-slp-vectorize are given, honor this selection. If no flag is given, enable it for -O3."
1eaa997 : clang-format: Operator precendence in ObjC method exprs.
bd30bf8 : If -fslp-vectorize or -fno-slp-vectorize are given, honor this selection. If no flag is given, enable it for -O3.
5994467 : ObjectiveC migrator. Migrate to instancetype return type for mehods with certain prefix selector matching their class names' suffix.
d8188f8 : [analyzer] Don't process autorelease counts in synthesized function bodies.
cd007b1 : [analyzer] Silently drop all reports within synthesized bodies.
ab3ce59 : clang-format: Don't break empty 2nd operand of ternary expr.
0fda0f7 : Use llvm::sys::fs::UniqueID for windows and unix.
1cf9ab8 : Use function attributes to indicate if we don't want to realign the stack.
ac00b79 : DebugInfo: Don't prefer declarations over definitions in -flimit-debug-info in C
8058833 : DebugInfo: Emit template arguments for limited types used for context.
60704ac : Options.td: O0 and O4 are not Joined options
f94c060 : Enable the SLP-vectorizer by default
841b37c : Reduce a variable's scope (no functionality change)
65e2b74 : Simplify git-clang-format by using new -lines option.
b7000ca : Teach clang-format to understand static_asserts better.
05c06c0 : Fix typo in comment.
1316370 : AST: Treat inline function declarations in -fms-compatibility as if it were in C++ when in C mode
f10fa8d : Options: Use AliasArgs for -O -> -O2 translation.
aa9e7b1 : clang-format: Improve line breaks in @property.
3b142da : Make helper function static.
800de7e : Silence unused variable warning in non-assert builds.
b793f0d : AArch64: initial NEON support
789d82a : Check dynamic_cast is not used with -fno-rtti, unless it is a noop or can be resolved statically.
e1791d8 : Remove more odd code that tries to account for an off by 1 problem in vec3 shuffles that doesn't really exist.
2f66512 : Fix to handle all non-power-of-2 vector sizes in the mask form of _builtin_shuffle_vector.
576a9af : Sema: Diagnose explicitly bound unresolved member expressions decaying into pointers to function type
72c422c : Remove broken and unnecessary vec3 handling from VisitShuffleVectorExpr.
fcbe208 : Parse: Don't consider attributes of broken member declarators
3f32210 : Fix assert when instantiating a default argument of a template defined in a module.
d145ce7 : Remove the SUPPORT_ALIASARGS define
893ea8d : clang-format: Make alignment of trailing comments optional ..
b087a5d : Make -m[no-]pascal-strings an alias of -f[no]pascal-strings in the .td file
3d672e4 : ObjectiveC ARC: finishing off issuing error when retainable pointer is passed to an audited CF function expecting CF type. // rdar://14569171
eff18b9 : clang-format: Add more options to namespace indentation.
4382928 : Option parsing tables: pick up AliasArgs from the OPTION macro.
01ad048 : ObjectiveC ARC: Do not issue bridge cast diagnostic when passing a retainable object arg to a CF audited function expecting a CF object type. Issue a normal type mismatch diagnostic. This is wip // rdar://14569171
c66e7e9 : Fix declaring class template methods with an attributed typedef
78d0fbf : clang-cl: add the /c, /W0 and /W1 options
c14e6dd : A few small cleanups to r187504. Thanks to dblaikie for the assist.
650c605 : ObjectiveC arc: minor refactoring in my last patch to avoid future false positives. // rdar://14569171
2651b7a : ObjectiveC arc: Introduce a new initialization kind for parameters passed to CF audited functions to be used for better diagnostics. Current set but unused. // rdar://14569171
baaeb85 : Improve the diagnostic experience, including adding recovery, for changing '->' to '.' when there is no operator-> defined for a class.
b316dc5 : ObjectiveC arc: Move check for type conversions in arc out of ImpCastExprToType and to the caller site as appropriate. This is in prep. to do more work for // rdar://14569171
adbb455 : Fix a comment.
0ad975e : With help from chapuni on IRC, I think this is right now. =] The issue is that the command is quoted differently from the arguments. The command has '\' and the argument has '\\'. This is made unclear because FileCheck escapes the single matched '\' when it prints the contents of the variable, thus fooling me into thinking it had matched '\\' as intended. The solution is to bind the gcc_install variable in the argument list rather than out of the command. To do so we also have to be a bit more careful so that we don't get stray other things into the '.*' regex.
5fff100 : Run an experiment to try to understand the windows failure better by replacing one variable with the regex. This won't fix anything, but will hopefully shed light on the nature of the failure.
511fcc3 : Try only two slashes as that seems to be working elsewhere in this testcase.
d892178 : Re-enable the cross-linux test on windows after making it tolerant of the path separator used when locating crtbegin.o.
177982b : Fix windows build issues for Clang.
245fca3 : clang/test/Driver/cross-linux.c is suppressed on win32 for now. Investigating.
ce75652 : Fixing an unused variable warning.
8931078 : Fix a crasher than manifests when typo correction suggests a function template.
28803ba : Find a better compromise with the default library search paths used by Clang when linking and using a GCC installation from a GCC cross-compiler.
afb90df : Fix read of uninitialized enum value in test, caught by UBSan. No functionality change, other than removal of undefined behavior.
0236dd0 : clang-format: Improve detection of templates.
6365ab9 : Start keeping track of what work was done to detect a GCC installation on the system, and report it when running the driver in verbose mode. Without this it is essentially impossible to understand why a particular GCC toolchain is used by Clang for libstdc++, libgcc, etc.
750f73a : err_attribute_missing_parameter_name has been replaced by err_attribute_argument_type.
9f939f7 : Replacing err_attribute_argument_not_int with err_attribute_not_type_attr
635de28 : Add MicrosoftVFTableContext to AST
878d0cc : clang/test/Driver/qa_override.c: Resurrect a part of r187376. It still requires the feature 'clang-driver' for cygming.
201bddc : Added the notion of Type and TargetSpecific attributes to the clang tablegen. In turn, this fixes a mistake with Ptr32, Ptr64, UPtr and SPtr attribtues generating AST nodes that are never actually used.
3cd6feb : err_attribute_not_string has been subsumed by err_attribute_argument_type.
b3d7efe : Refactor some attributes to use checkFunctionOrMethodArgumentIndex instead of using custom logic. No functional changes intended.
13a29a2 : Remove assert header dependency in test
c8051e6 : Simplified SourceManager::translateLineCol a bit.
4488835 : Update for llvm api change.
28273b9 : Make this test not try to write on object file and test all of the output rather than just part of it.
060cb4a : PR16715: Fix assert in verifier: only mark call to 'operator new' as 'builtin' if corresponding 'operator new' was actually emitted as a function marked 'nobuiltin'.
3dadc85 : Convert a use of status with llvm::sys::fs::getUniqueID.
547cca8 : test/Driver/cl.c, remove quotes around /help
88c4b5e : Support for Thread Safety Analysis in C
aefb1d3 : Convert a use of stat with sys::fs::status.
146d57f : Fix handling of "clang c:foo"
bbe759c : Return ExprError if both arguments to the mask form of __builtin_shufflvector don't have the same number of elements or the mask isn't an integer vector.
393f5ff : clang/test/Driver/cl.c: Don't attempt slash switches on msys bash.
b44545a : Fix up formatting. No functional change.
0159b24 : Try single quotes to fix the msys bot:
0046ce5 : Avoid crashing if a directory has no pch files.
40ec4d2 : Reduce stack frame size by avoiding a large token vector on an error path.
46ae785 : Fix test/Driver/cl.c.
34d55e1 : Fix formatting. No functional change.
b6d0f4c : Using the function pointer instead of the function type; this allows us to re-enable a warning in MSVC by default.
6981330 : clang-cl: add support for the /? and /help options
2437c86 : Don't build expressions for invalid casts.
14d937a : Handle a difference in lambda return type deduction between C++11 and C++1y: if no return type is specified, C++11 will deduce a cv-qualified return type in some cases, but C++1y never will.
ec0808d : PR16708: If a lambda has an implicit return type, don't get confused if its return type has already been determined to be a type containing an 'auto'.
52d08fe : Use the new boolean to StringRef function to generate the proper StringRefs.
c3ba339 : Fix up the BUILD_CLANG_ONLY code to work properly after r184794.
b0e603c : Debug Info / EmitCallArgs: arguments may modify the debug location. Restore it after each argument is emitted. This fixes the scope info for inlined subroutines inside of function argument expressions. (E.g., anything STL).
b28b044 : Options.td: rename CCC{Driver,Debug}Opt to Internal{Driver,Debug}Opt
b16bb35 : Options.td: remove a_Group and L_Group.
c5ae717 : Add matcher for float literals.
dc66326 : [libclang] Remove comma from the blacklist of characters that prevent a comment to be attached to a decl.
6cf6914 : Options.td: Update HelpText of CCCDriverOpt
e8b10d3 : clang-format: Add two new style options to support WebKit style.
e9512e2 : [frontend] '-frewrite-includes' should not ignore headers included from command-line.
14382ba : Add not to a command that is expected to fail.
99b3cc6 : Fix tests on targets that don't support thread_local
68ffe15 : Add a triple. Should fix the windows bots.
76b5dd4 : [analyzer] Fix FP warnings when binding a temporary to a local static variable
c0267f6 : Rework r187192, to tweak expressions to be tolerant of DOSish paths. XFAILs can be removed.
b6e87df : clang/test/Driver/linux-header-search.cpp: Add XFAILs, for now. I'll fix them later.
d10e5c2 : Remove trailing whitespace.
1cc87df : Remove trailing whitespace.
dcd4cc7 : Fix test for Release builds.
ea7fb0c : [PowerPC] Support powerpc64le as a syntax-checking target.
d46bedc : Fix test for Release builds.
1652ed1 : Tighten type-checking for vector attributes.
003e1dc : Fix gcc search for cross-compiler on Ubuntu 13.04.
11311ea : Fix GNU ObjC ABI for a message returning a struct.
34f3bcf : Partially revert r186903.
6931b4d : Move friend warning into CXX11 warning group.
19caff4 : Options.td: fold the NoForward flag into DriverOption
b775100 : When we perform dependent name lookup during template instantiation, it's not sufficient to only consider names visible at the point of instantiation, because that may not include names that were visible when the template was defined. More generally, if the instantiation backtrace goes through a module M, then every declaration visible within M should be available to the instantiation. Any of those declarations might be part of the interface that M intended to export to a template that it instantiates.
d78aef1 : Options.td: finish comment about CompileOnly_Group
b2c405e : [analyzer] Remove dead optimization for MaterializeTemporaryExpr.
73168db : Don't forward all assembler arguments untouched to -cc1as
465f0f9 : remove empty directories.
7185d62 : Remove the mblaze backend from clang.
062ef6e : [analyzer] Add regression test for the crash in PR16664.
0aaa57d : [analyzer] Weaken assertion to account for pointer-to-integer casts.
5b429be : Move not past env.
bbcf77f : Don't pass %s twice to clang -cc1.
e865cc5 : clang-format: Fix switch/case interaction with macros.
8357746 : Use memoization for has()-matcher.
2c4b2e4 : Fix incorrect documentation generation for type matchers.
d66bf94 : Avoid recursions when the parser finds out that it has too many brackets.
f221d161 : Add another C++14 constexpr test case.
cab4a09 : Replace the "NoFramePointerElimNonLeaf" target option with a function attribute.
3b47759 : Debug Info: Fine-tune the simple return expression location handling to only affect functions without a separate return block. This fixes the linetable for void functions with cleanups and multiple returns.
09ade33 : typo.
ceaa1ec : Documentation parsing: if typedef name is being declared via a macro, try using declaration's starting location. This is improvement over not having a valid location and dropping comment altogether. // rdar://14348912
8f4269a : Simplify code - no functionality change.
0323a78 : Partial revert of r185568.
6fd131c : typo.
b6cdc96 : Debug Info: Fix an oversight of r186553. Ensure that the function prologue of an artificial function gets an artificial location as well.
d60911a : add radar number to testcase.
65f1a4c : Objective-C migrator: some cleanup. Expose static type of init/alloc/retain with instance type as well. Ad-hoc cases are coming next.
1675c50 : Add not to a command that is expected to fail.
5e151c5 : ObjectiveC migration: Method candidates for migrating to instancetype can have implicit 'id' type too.
f3ecf89 : Pass -fno-math-builtin from the Clang driver to -cc1 for the l32 arch.
3c3a522 : Rename feature test for lambda init-captures from cxx_generalized_capture to cxx_init_capture. "generalized" is neither descriptive nor future-proof. No compatibility problems expected, since we've never advertised having this feature.
a4fb339 : Update documentation to match current C++1y feature set.
ae27181 : Make test pass in Release builds, IR names don't get emitted there.
21fe450 : Use ARM-style representation for C++ method pointers under PNaCl/Emscripten
4c7736e : Sema: Minor const fixups and control flow tidying.
6de440e : Add support for Adaptative matchers on the dynamic registry.
e05dc6d : clang-format: Initial (incomplete) support for the WebKit coding style.
03ce5f8 : C++1y: track object lifetime during constexpr evaluation, and don't allow objects to be used once their lifetimes end. This completes the C++1y constexpr extensions.
532870f : Update docs.
211b4a2 : ObjectiveC migration: more migration to instancetype of NSDictionary methods.
26cf046 : ObjectiveC migrator: start migrating to instancetype methods.
11638f7 : ObjC migrator: more knobs toward doing instancetype migration.
b199310 : [PowerPC64] Fix passing of single-vector-member structs to match ABI.
75fcef9 : Remove HelpText for -fno-diagnostics-show-note-include-stack
679efe1 : Changed "an macro" to "a macro" in diagnostic note.
f740086 : Remove support for CCC_ADD_ARGS. QA_OVERRIDE_GCC3_OPTIONS supersedes it.
de99be1 : Removing a number of individual run lines and replacing them with single line test cases. This reduces the number of test runs, provides the same coverage, and allows us to test that the attribute names are included in the diagnostic.
8d09216 : ObjC migrator: Define family of methods which are candidate for migrating to 'instancetype'. wip.
baec778 : Added the attribute name to the err_attribute_wrong_number_arguments diagnostic for clarity; updated almost all of the affected test cases.
6e673f8 : Removed useless source loc field in UnresolvedUsingTypenameDecl node.
5940bf3 : Add new diagnostic messages when too many arguments are presented to a function-like macro. Clang will attempt to correct the arguments by detecting braced initializer lists:
7d3240d : Remove the -ccc-echo option that is now unused.
4c4f6fe : [libclang] Expose the rest of the array types.
d732928 : Going back to using getName for consistency.
8fb316a : Expand test/Driver/at_file.c test to check that PR16209 is fixed.
3a16aa9 : Remove unused diagnostics.
c2294ef : Remove line number from test/Analysis/crash-trace.c.
371aad5 : Mark test/Analysis/crash-trace.c as requiring crash recovery.
ec97014 : Convert another test to -###.
bae4dc4 : Fixing the build bots from the previous commit.
73b11d9 : Add missing quotes for -###.
2907f78 : Use -### instead of -ccc-echo.
faf71a8 : Replacing some manual diagnostic checks with an existing helper method. Adding missing test cases for the diagnostics.
8424852 : Run %clang_cc1, it is the one that actually crashes.
73883c3 : Removed a redundant diagnostic and replaced it with a more standard one. Added a test case for the diagnostic.
437d43f : Consolidate several attribute argument diagnostics into a single, selectable diagnostic. This makes the diagnostic more consistent.
081c883 : Correcting the NSObject and Overloadable attribute diagnostics so that the count reported matches reality.
4ac537b : C++1y literal suffix support: * Allow ns, us, ms, s, min, h as numeric ud-suffixes * Allow s as string ud-suffix
fee1622 : [analyzer] Enable pseudo-destructor expressions.
413c572 : [analyzer] Add test for crash tracing (r186639)
9815ec0 : Revert "[analyzer] Add very limited support for temporary destructors"
e6c8afc : Error on more illegal kernel argument types for OpenCL
17b3c0d : Make the nomathbuiltin.c test less demanding.
683a37b : Further simplify test case from r186894
b3da613 : Integers which are too large should be an error.
08bf33a : Simplify testcase. rdar://problem/14386148
264d206 : Add a -fno-math-builtin option to the Clang -cc1
1f43791 : Implement a better fix for r186894 by setting the appropriate type for __byref_variable_layout.
34cb2a3 : ObjectiveC migration. Better handle migration to conforming protocols by ignoring cases where all protocol properties and methods are optional.
334ded9 : Debug Info: Acknowledge the alignment when locating byref block variables. Fixes rdar://problem/14386148
df88082 : Testcase for PR16673.
4e16bf2 : Don't emit open-paren fixit without close-paren.
10f9004 : Revert commit 186833 (no longer needed after the fix in 186859).
b22d194 : Make modules depend on the compiler's own module.map, as a proxy for the compiler itself.
45ccf28 : Use the updated name for the attribute.
8202630 : Fixed implementation of C89 6.5.7 p3. Warning should be emitted only for InitListExpr nodes.
e3069e2 : Objective-C migration: Use NS_OPTIONS when enumerators have shift/bitwise operators or are power of 2.
0474cfd : [arcmt] Only disable ARC in the second compilation if there were actually ARC errors in the checking phase.
10ed981 : Add testcase for PR16134, which no longer crashes with ToT.
e088360 : Update comment to refer to core issue number.
6bc8f9a : This test was missing its -verify argument.
4626a20 : Fix bug in clang-format's vim integration cause by r186789.
0e1896a : Add support for overloaded matchers. ie different matcher function signatures with the same name.
212e3d7 : c-index-test.c: Let this C89-compliant since r186817.
a4130ba : [ms-cxxabi] Emit linkonce complete dtors in TUs that need them
73701ea : Rename D to GD to match the type, which is GlobalDecl
264947a : Install git-clang-format along with clang-format by default.
cfa18ea : Forward declare OMPClause in Sema.h to avoid an include
b9a5935 : Implement the part of C89 6.5.7 p3 requiring a constant initializer list when initializing aggregate/union types, no matter if static or not.
8d030c7 : Improve clarity/consistency of a few UsingDecl methods and related helpers. No functionality change.
0d317a0 : Remove superfluous cast.
03c55be : PR16288: A template is only missing a default template argument if it provides any default template arguments, not if it inherits some.
cbc820a : Implement DR257 / fix PR16659: A constructor for an abstract class does not call constructors for virtual base classes, so it is not an error if no initializer is present for the virtual base and the virtual base cannot be default initialized.
9fa6673 : SemaTemplate.cpp: Prune a stray "\param NumParamLists" in comment. [-Wdocumentation]
c1e293f : Test updates missed from r186799.
ddcff1b : Tighten up the set of operator new/operator delete calls we're permitted to optimize, to follow the permissions granted in N3664. Under those rules, only calls generated by new-expressions and delete-expressions are permitted to be optimized, and direct calls to ::operator new and ::operator delete must be treated as normal calls.
85c4851 : Const-correct some iterators. No functional change.
8bfffa5 : Replace 'unsigned short' with 'uint16_t' in a packed data structure for consistency with other fields and to be explicit about bit count.
cbfb8d7 : Revert r186649 because it wasn't unnecessary and add a comment.
1169e2f : Convert Sema::MatchTemplateParametersToScopeSpecifier to ArrayRef.
81e4549 : report unused-value warning also for warn_unused types
0e295f3 : clang-format: Smarter replacement in the vim integration.
0189fd6 : Added preproc callback for pragma directives.
cfc5708 : Add missing check for creating an instance of an abstract class through an implicit conversion sequence.
cbec59a : Undisable a test for a c++98-compat warning for inheriting constructors now that we implement them.
1d3ce65 : add type attribute warn_unused, for -Wunused-variable warnings (pr#14253)
8ee6a0d : avoid bogus warnings about "unknown" pragmas with -frewrite-includes (pr#14831)
ce6af11 : fix sometimes incorrect line numbers in -frewrite-includes mode (pr#14795)
844a527 : Silence GCC warning for using both enum and unsigned in a ternary expr.
cfaa552 : DiagnosticIDs: Forbid Diag ID from being valid
03bf10d : If a default argument is a dependent type, get the real type from the desugared template. Passing around dependent types can lead to integral arguments that cannot be evaluated.
6540052 : Fix bug in computing POD-for-layout.
3727c8f : Use -lines option instead of -offset/-length. This fixes problems with files using dos newlines (<CR><LF>).
a5e6601 : Make IgnoreParens() look through ChooseExprs.
4384712 : FIXME fix: improving diagnostics for template arguments deduction of class templates and explicit specializations This patch essentially removes all the FIXMEs following calls to DeduceTemplateArguments() that want to keep track of deduction failure info.
8c5d407 : Revert "Use function overloading instead of template specialization for diagnosis of bad template argument deductions."
ba037f2 : Fix pack instantiation with function types.
a730f54 : Use function overloading instead of template specialization for diagnosis of bad template argument deductions.
20cfeca : Correctly handle packs for variadic type traits.
519f26b : Remove trailing whitespace
c2f531a : Add a cl.exe compatible driver mode
c6274ce : Use an i686 triple for this test now that it uses stdcall
4bdb602 : Fix another place where clang check objc selector name instead of checking the selector family
faae53d : ObjectiveC migrator: Another use case of enum declaration which can be migrated to NS_ENUM.
2f5a231 : Add support for raw_ostream on the printing methods of Diagnostics.
5b92696 : Create calling convention AttributedType sugar nodes
10ec0e4 : Fix for template substitution with packs.
635c1dc : Update users manual to indicate: 1) clang++ must be used when linking C++ programs using -fsanitize=undefined, and 2) MSan can't be combined with TSan or ASan.
cdbc3b3 : [mips] Add support for command-line options -mno-check-zero-division and -mcheck-zero-division.
d0c5b8a : [arcmt] After checking is successful disable auto-synthesize to avoid "@synthesize of 'weak' property is only allowed in ARC" errors.
fe6dec6 : Replace some existing type attribute diagnostics with a single diagnostic that selects. No functional changes intended.
6fb63ab : Add SourceRange to PPCallbacks::Defined callback.
de9ed71 : Fix source range of implicitly instantiated friend declaration.
e36d31e : Fix test to actually check things.
7268563 : Fixes an ObjC migrator crash when last decl in file is an enum.
7abbb85 : This patch implements __get_cpuid_max() as an inline and __cpuid() and __cpuid_count() as macros to be compatible with GCC's cpuid.h. It also adds bit_<foo> constants for the various feature bits as described in version 039 (May 2011) of Intel's SDM Volume 2 in the description of the CPUID instruction. The list of bit_<foo> constants is a bit exhaustive (GCC doesn't do near this many). More bits could be added from a newer version of SDM if desired.
5c92b9a : [SystemZ] Add -march= command-line option
0e373ec : [SystemZ] Enable frame-pointer elimination for -O1 and above
e6a0f09 : Revert r186672 - turns out ASan supports Mac OS 10.6 yet.
829fbc5 : [ASan] Reflect the dropped Mac OS 10.6 support in docs
8b1f2f9 : Allow clang tools to display an overview when using the CommonOptionsParser.
46fa4c3 : Adds overlapsWith and contains predicates on tooling::Range.
0696301 : Adds ctorInitializer and forEachConstructorInitializer matchers.
5806bb5 : StmtOpenMP.h: Prune a stray \param in the comment of OMPExecutableDirective(). [-Wdocumentation]
7a8918f : StmtOpenMP.h: Fix bogus \param(s). [-Wdocumentation]
7248217 : Improve clang-format vim integration.
6e007f9 : Simplify the CodeGenFunction::Build*Virtual*Call family of functions
e3fbbe9 : Remove trailing whitespace.
a4f5252 : Remove unnecessary IsFirst variable from debug codde in GetDiagInfo.
4fa7eab : OpenMP: basic support for #pragma omp parallel
9f9e543 : ObjectiveC migrator: add support to migrate to NS_OPTIONS.
ac7cc2d : [analyzer] Include analysis stack in crash traces.
8fed3f4 : Update createCompileUnit call for llvm changes.
cd37a0b : Fix crash-on-invalid with inheriting constructor.
c4ef948 : Clean up diagnostics for inheriting constructors.
d95f88a : Added -lines X:Y option to specify line range to process. This is a more human-friendly alternative to -offset and -length.
44b41b1 : ObjectiveC migrator: Remove semicolon after the typedef declaration when converting to NS_ENUM. This required some code refactoring.
33530b8 : Address -Wreorder warning in Driver.cpp
76b86c2 : Turn Driver::CCCIsCXX and CCCIsCPP into a single Mode enum, and add a new option --driver-mode= to control it explicitly.
bbbb0fe : ObjectiveC migration. migration to NS_ENUM/SN_OPTION - wip.
87f2cb5 : [Driver] Use LLVM's response file parser because it can read UTF-16
8a77c20 : Separate the notion of 'context' when recursing down in the parser and actual errors.
38f71e2 : Changed declarations from Attr to InheritableAttr as they are already being processed that way semantically.
ffa9d57 : Switching to use checkAttributeNumArgs for trivial cases. No functional changes intended.
bb145e8 : Test contents were somehow duplicated, resulting in any testcase that fails automatically failing twice. Removing the duplicates.
37a8953 : Replacing a morally duplicate diagnostic by adding it to an existing diagnostic's select list. Updates the tests for the more consistent diagnostic.
5e2169f : clang-format: Fix bad line break with pointers to members.
f0c06a3 : Fix crash in libclang if code completion is used with unknown flags.
2dbdef2 : Removed a parameter from handleAttrWithMessage to make it more consistent with other attribute handlers, as well as other attribute error messages. Added missing test cases for the unavailable attribute, and updated the deprecated test case.
c6dabb9 : Fix volatile _Complex alignment test on platforms where 64-bit floating point isn't 64-bit aligned
b061ce2 : s/BuiltinLocation/ArtificialLocation/
b2d1392 : Instead of checking against some version of "isType()" go ahead and use the conversion to bool to check if we've managed to get a type that isn't default constructed - as we meant to in the first place.
0a10323 : Fix a compile error caught by bb-chapuni.
6e73edf : Fix a compile error caught by bb-chapuni.
b3f111b : Don't generate bogus line table entries for __copy_helper_block_ and __destroy_helper_block_, but do generate scope information.
ed6bbe4 : Replace llvm::DIBuilder::DisableDebugLocations() with two RAII interfaces inspired by CodegenFunction::LexicalScope. - NoLocation temporarily turns off debug locations altogether. This is useful for emitting instructions that should be counted towards the function prologue. - BuiltinLocation temporarily switches to an artificial debug location that has a valid scope, but no line information. This is useful when emitting compiler-generated helper functions that have no source location associated with them.
18a0cd5 : Clarified documentation.
5f4554f : Simplify logic by using the appropriate function.
6a04b5e : Add condition expression result to if and elif callbacks.
22050f2 : Reinstate r186040, with additional fixes and more test coverage (reverted in r186331).
7dab97b : 80-column fixes.
0111e4d : Even more code conformance.
9a3ecb0 : MS wide bitfield error check in Sema
e0fa4c5 : clang-format: Add space in corner case.
76a2ea3 : Constify Replacements parameter to applyAllReplacements.
8df014e : Improve idiomatic-parentheses by checking method family instead of relying on the selector name.
fd527a4 : SemaDeclCXX.cpp: Dissolve a ligature "fi" in comment.
d4de59d : Fixed source range of C++03 access declarations.
bccda13 : [analyzer] Handle C++11 member initializer expressions.
df70700 : [analyzer] Handle C string default values for const char * arguments.
be2e1b1 : [analyzer] Treat std::initializer_list as opaque rather than aborting.
b17a2c1 : Option parsing tables: remove some unnecessary #defines
215c57f : Improve line breaking before multi-line strings.
671840a : Add TemplateArgument related matchers to the registry.
86e4d74 : Add CXXCtorInitializer related matchers to the dynamic matcher registry.
9c3bd4f : Replace TEST* with CHECK-DAG in vbtable tests
046e79a : [analyzer] Add very limited support for temporary destructors
ac13d61 : clang/test/CodeGen/volatile-complex.c: Loosen CHECKs for -Asserts.
ab96e56 : Propagate alignment for _Complex
b470d1a : Use the simpler is_directory.
80f8aca : More code conformance.
e828018 : ObjectiveC migrator: When adding conforming protocol, only add outer-most conforming protocols as adding others are redundant.
b4b4a52 : Avoid breaking non-trailing block comments.
012cff9 : Follow coding convention in argument decl.
21cde05 : Make Expr::isConstantInitializer match IRGen.
ad3c2b5 : [arcmt] Remove some dead code.
8d8bfb3 : ObjectiveC migrator. If a class implements a protocol's properties, then class conforms to that protocol.
10c26b2 : Don't break line comments with escaped newlines.
561211d : clang-format: Improve handling of unterminated string literals.
be6d913 : Fix crash on complex constant zero.
d965f95 : Update for llvm API change.
e91b1b9 : ObjectiveC migration: complete migrating class declaration to include list of protocols class conforms to.
40c84df : FileCheckize test/Driver/immediate-options.c
0a9350f : Fix formatting. No functional change.
b5dc3f4 : Revamp the formatting of C++11 braced init lists.
bdfacea : Add more types to ASTNodeKind. Refactor common instantiation code.
a3c6246 : This patch removes unused parameter allProperties and converts remaining parameters in ArrayRef'ize Sema::ActOnAtEnd to ArrayRef. Patch by Robert Wilhelm.
a15af47 : Remove unnecessary assignment.
5f574bf : Fixes another hard to test problem with iterator invalidation.
e7d3bff : clang-format: Improve detection of function types.
6cbe66f : Fix test on release builds.
09df2b0 : ARM: implement low-level intrinsics for the atomic exclusive operations.
e8caa30 : Limit number of bits in size representation so that bit size fit 64 bits. This fixes PR8256 and some others.
6afc66d : Add 'const' qualifiers to static const char* variables.
9ec4099 : Merge attributes on typedef decls.
5029bd5 : Fix alignment of class derived from empty class.
8c35583 : ObjC migrator: build conforming interface declaration (not yet used). wip.
bf03b37 : Fix member refs with using decl + anonymous union.
ca0dd25 : Test case for r18266 (serialization support for TagDecl:IsCompleteDefinitionRequired)
ad4aaf1 : ObjC migrator: finding conforming protocol candidates for each class. wip.
3d882fa : Fix a typo in the diagnostic note added in r186342.
d422434 : Move the "->" to "." fixit from r186128 into a separate note since recovery is not attempted with the fixit. Also move the associated test case from FixIt/fixit.cpp to SemaCXX/member-expr.cpp since the fixit is no longer automatically applied.
3f84bb3 : Add support for type traversal matchers.
52c2575 : Re-revert r86040, which was un-reverted in r186199.
0c36878 : clang-format: Improve c-style cast detection.
9637dda : Improvement of change r186320.
3e12e87 : Improve formatting of operator<< chains.
d58915e : Replacing an empty switch with its moral equivalent. No functional changes intended.
3aa29df : Add 'static' and 'const' qualifiers to some arrays of strings.
dc49d52 : Fix to PR12262 - assertion when substituting explicit template arguments does not substitute a sizeof-pack expression. The solution is proposed by Richard Smith. Differential Revision: http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D869
26a4001 : Revert 186302 to fix build bots.
429d3be : Use llvm::array_lengthof to replace sizeof(array)/sizeof(array[0]).
b960232 : Use llvm::array_lengthof to replace sizeof(array)/sizeof(array[0]).
0f855a9 : Reformat line.
688cf5b : Move BlockLiteralGeneric earlier in CGDebugInfo and remove BlockLiteralGenericSet and replace with a call to isType() on the BlockLiteralGeneric.
d3003dc : Update a few comments and reformat a decl for clarity.
466877a : Replace C++0x in a comment with C++11
dd02543 : Change cxx0x to cxx11 in diagnostic name.
02d26a8 : Change cxx0x to cxx11 in diagnostic name.
ad5b69d : Use SmallVectorImpl& instead of SmallVector to avoid repeating small vector size.
eb54d42 : Make these tests more robust against IRgen choosing to emit more named metadata.
e143c98 : Delete a test that is checking badly for a point bug that Clang never had (and that spuriously fails with modules enabled).
7cb4fae : Add missing include guards into headers in lib/Headers. While it may appear that these headers should not be included more than once, they are in fact included twice when building our builtins module (in order for it to generate submodules for them), and without this, any modular build enabling AVX and including any builtin header fails.
ace21ba : If an unimported submodule of an imported module contains a declaration of a global allocation or deallocation function, that should not cause that global allocation or deallocation function to become unavailable.
e33a0a8 : Serialization support for TagDecl::IsCompleteDefinitionRequired
45a0409 : Initialize the "IsCompleteDefinitionRequired" field in the ASTContext ctor
658cd2c : PR16214, PR14467: DebugInfo: use "RequireCompleteType" to decide when to emit the full definition of a type in -flimit-debug-info
226399c : Correctly classify pack expansions as NON_CANONICAL_UNLESS_DEPENDENT
dc80978 : Simplify getTypeInfoImpl handling of 'non-canonical unless dependent' types.
f475bf8 : Revert "Revert "PR16540: ASTVector::insert(Context, Iter, Element) doesn't compile""
65732a2 : Revert "PR16540: ASTVector::insert(Context, Iter, Element) doesn't compile"
a995630 : PR16540: ASTVector::insert(Context, Iter, Element) doesn't compile
bf13df2 : Fixes a typo caught by Arthur O'Dwyer
e7bae15 : C++ modules: Don't call DeclContext::lookup when half-way through deserializing decls. That can reenter deserialization and explode horribly by trying to merge a declaration that we've not got very far through deserializing yet.
3be37d1 : [ms-cxxabi] Don't consider function templates for name backrefs
e99b37c : ObjC migrator: More knobs for migrating conforming protocols to each class. wip.
7556853 : ObjC migrator: early work for migrating implicitly conforming protocols to classes. This is wip.
c250192 : Changes so that a few tests do not fail when running under guarded malloc.
8d230b4 : Use function attributes to pass along the stack protector buffer size instead of making it a target option.
c1b8d09 : Compute 'this' correctly for block in lambda.
6e9d86b : Provide a better diagnostic and a fixit for a '.' or '->' before the left paren of a function call.
f9e65a2 : Unrevert r186040, reverted in r186185, with fix for PR16597.
1afa611 : Revert r186040 to fix PR16597 while Richard investigates what the best fix is.
78c2ec4 : [analyzer] Treat nullPtrType as a location type.
c131046 : fixes a typo caught by Jordan.
361a329 : Objective-C: Produce gcc compatible encoding of ivar type in meta-data while preventing recursive encoding in a corner case. // rdar://14408244
de1860d : [scan-build] Add missing comma to ccc-analyzer.
a0740f5 : clang-format: Improve <<-formatting.
0fde950 : clang-format: Fix string literal breaking.
011c35d : clang-format: Break before/between array subscript expressions.
7c0a8b5 : [analyzer] Add support for __builtin_addressof.
4aaedf0 : [scan-build] Pass through all -f and -O flags, along with -Wwrite-strings.
fcb5a25 : Fix crash on zero-argument assignment operator.
22d017d : Add the ability to use guarded malloc when running clang's lit tests.
45c3ba7 : Provide a fixit hint for changing '->' to '.' if there is no operator-> defined for a class.
cf2901a : Make CXXBaseSpecifier::getType return unqual type.
15ec3a8 : clang-format: Fix bug concerning the alignment of "}".
20a0f8c : clang-format: Break before trailing annotations.
faec47b : clang-format: Avoid line breaks before the first <<.
f5200d6 : Restore warning to its original text when certain familiy of methods have the wrong type. // rdar://14408244
97a03cf : Simplify GetBuiltinNames by hoising the NoBuiltins argument out of it.
f92a509 : ObjectiveC arc[qoi]: When due to change of certain methods' result type, a diagnostic being issued, issue a 'note' mentioning reason behind the unexpected warning. // rdar://14121570.
3262f4c : Improve detection of trailing return types.
e1f9a8e : Fix indentation problem for comments in call chains
c18cff3 : Keep trailing annotations close to their argument.
a38253c : PR5066: If a declarator cannot have an identifier, and cannot possibly be followed by an identifier, then diagnose an identifier as being a bogus part of the declarator instead of tripping over it. Improves diagnostics for cases like
fd5c726 : Documentation fixes - the rest of DeclCXX.h: * More \brief additions/fixes; * Fix some misleading comments about C++11's explicit conversion operators; * Mark up some \code examples; * Add \file documentation.
2c4b9bd : Documentation cleanup for DeclCXX.h: * Fixing up \brief summaries (adding some, making some briefer); * Standardizing on \commands, not @commands; * Update C++0x references to C++11; * Fix typos and Doxygen warnings.
c8734f6 : clang/test/CodeGen/c11atomics.c: Fix testcase for -Asserts since r186054.
eb1f276 : Fix build.
5154dce : Add a __builtin_addressof that performs the same functionality as the built-in & operator (ignoring any overloaded operator& for the type). The purpose of this builtin is for use in std::addressof, to allow it to be made constexpr; the existing implementation technique (reinterpret_cast to some reference type, take address, reinterpert_cast back) does not permit this because reinterpret_cast between reference types is not permitted in a constant expression in C++11 onwards.
27ec2d0 : Make CheckAddressOfOperand a member of Sema so it can be reused by __builtin_addressof.
336d9df : Simplify atomic load/store IRGen.
151a8a8 : Fix some grammar errors.
9e0a65e : Fix documentation:
433a13d : If we friend a declaration twice, that should not make it visible to name lookup in the surrounding context. Slightly rework how we handle friend declarations to inherit the visibility of the prior declaration, rather than setting a friend declaration to be visible whenever there was a prior declaration.
07b1bbe : ObjC migrator: Improve on hueristics. migrate to 'copy attribute if Object class implements NSCopying otherwise assume implied 'strong'. Remove lifetime qualifier on property as it has moved to property's attribute. Added TODO comment for future work by poking into setter implementation.
7b309b0 : Use a LexicalScope here since it is one and it will encapsulate the two sets of debug scope and cleanup scope.
8f6134c : [analyzer] Remove bogus assert: in C++11, 'new' can do list-initialization.
49007d7 : Add a hook RecursiveASTVisitor::TraverseLambdaBody, to enable visitors to use/maintain additional state from the LambdaExpr while visiting the body of a LambdaExpr.
0daf1f4 : Offer typo suggestions for 'using' declarations.
c7bd68f : Add experimental flag for adaptive parameter bin-packing.
041d10c : Fixed comment of Sema::FindInstantiatedDecl.
e79c987 : Finish off mangling locals in block literals.
e579889 : Get rid of dead/useless code for block mangling.
5e867c8 : More local mangling fixes.
e16a475 : objc migrator: More refinment of property attributes in migration. Specialli use of 'copy' attribute for retainable object types.
a967935 : Apply BlackList -> SpecialCaseList rename in Clang.
38b3bd8 : Objective-C: merge objc_requires_super attribute of method declaration into its implementation to prevent a bogus warning about mismatched attributes. then make sure the warning about missing call to super comes out of the method implementation. // rdar://14251387
4b87382 : Reapply an improved version of r180816/180817.
d412999 : ObjC migrator: Add -objcmt-migrate-property to do property migration. Also, fixes an old bug where older migration flags were not being checked for properly.
2ca3741 : Initial support for formatting trailing return types.
4549d7f : ArrayRef'ize Sema::FinalizeDeclaratorGroup, Sema::BuildDeclaratorGroup and Sema::ActOnDocumentableDecls.
b149179 : Avoid confusing indentations for chained function calls.
53a015b : c-index-test/CMakeLists.txt: Suggest -isystem to include libxml2 with include_directories(SYSTEM).
8b8f621 : c-index-test/Makefile: Use -isystem instead of -I on $(LIBXML2_INC) with -Wdocumentation.
0de1c4d : Fix alignment of closing brace in braced initializers.
6561f6a : Format overloaded operators like other functions.
e600d4be : [analyzer] Fixup for r185609: actually do suppress warnings coming out of std::list.
27d4644 : Fix recovery for missing * in objc property.
bd89fdc : Don't give # and ## special treatment when in -traditional-cpp mode. Patch by Austin Seipp!
899022b : Generalize hack allowing 'const' in __has_attribute (etc) to allow any token with identifier info. This covers most identifier-like entities (other than the ISO646 keywords).
d739c4e : Fix crash typo-correcting dependent member func.
631435f : ObjC migration: more test for migration to properties.
6c4898b : Attempt typo correction for function calls with the wrong number of arguments.
761695f : Make a couple of useful typo correction callbacks more widely available.
2a4ebcf : ObjC migration: Skip over setter/getter with attributes for now.
1921b58 : [Objective-C migrator] replace candidate user setter/getter with their equivalent property declaration. wip.
09bddcf : Fix Sema for compares with _Atomic vars.
526df0f : Fix incorrect incorrect cast identification in clang-format.
51da142 : Fixed testcase failing under MS by adding "-fno-delayed-template-parsing", as suggested by Takumi. To this end, added a MatchVerifier::match() overload accepting a vector of invocation arguments.
2a409b6 : Reformat clang-format's source files after r185822 and others.
88cc562 : Prefer similar line breaks.
4d50d25 : Fix use of invalidated iterator bug in AST match finder.
1659ded : Fix for corner cases in code handling leading "* " decorations in block comments
80747a8 : clang/include/clang/AST/ExprCXX.h:260:5: Fix a warning -- unknown command tag name 'cc'; did you mean 'c'? [-Wdocumentation]
4eaa81b : clang/test/Index/comment-custom-block-command.cpp: This has not been failing since r175892 on valgrind. That said, it fails with --vg-leak. Mark it as XFAIL: vg_leak instead.
010bfc2 : Documentation cleanup for include/clang/AST/ExprCXX.h.
23849e4 : clang/test/Misc/permissions.cpp: Suppress this on MSYS with the feature 'shell-preserves-root'.
437c08a : clang/test/CodeGen/2008-01-25-ByValReadNone.c: Add explicit -triple x86_64-unknown-unknown.
1fb09df : AST/SourceLocationTest.cpp: Appease MS hosts to suppress CXXUnresolvedConstructExpr.SourceRange, for now.
b9bad79 : Simplify code. No functional change.
70d214f : Introduce a typedef for the type of NewlyDeducedPacks to avoid repeating the small size of the inner SmallVector.
cb9186e : Remove 'else' after 'return'
d82c091 : Function argument formatting fixes. No functional change.
1310aac : Function argument formatting fixes.
163fbf8 : Use SmallVectorImpl::reverse_iterator instead of SmallVector to avoid specifying the vector size.
bcd0650 : Sema: Do not merge new decls with invalid, old decls
bd9cbd2 : Fixed source range for functional cast and unresolved construct expr nodes. Added testcases.
732277a : Rename test to match C++1y paragraph number per N3690, and add additional test case inspired by a stackoverflow question.
251330d : Documentation cleanup for include/clang/AST/DeclCXX.h, no substantive changes. * Fix up \brief documentation; * Update C++0x references to C++11; * Doxygen formatting: bulleted lists start with a single hyphen, not two; * Fix a typo, "assosiate" -> "associate".
2d77634 : Fixed source location info for UnaryTransformTypeLoc nodes.
bdf3d9a : Objective-C: Warn when fast enumeration variable isn't used. // rdar://14182680.
4cb3d90 : Remove some useless declarations (found by scan-build)
c371db6 : Sema: Fix a crash when main is redeclared as a function-template.
6fa3753 : Update test for change in r185735.
454ab97 : Remove referece type onproperty of abstract class type. // rdar://14261999
eb9c55f : [comment parsing]: Removes an unsafe API whose use can cause crash. No test is available. It is uncovered by code browsing. // rdar://14348205
70e7aec : Use llvm::sys::fs::createUniqueFile.
66e8c67 : [libclang] Add the new function to libclang.exports
afcb16f : [objc migrator]: More knobs to do migration to use of objc's properties.
514afc7 : [libclang] Introduce clang_Cursor_isObjCOptional, which returns whether the declaration was affected by "@optional"
1847c71 : Don't use mangleCXXRTTIName in TBAA for C code.
1ec4a86 : Use llvm::sys::fs::createTemporaryFile.
6b9240e : Use SmallVectorImpl& for function arguments instead of SmallVector.
8892210 : Fix regression from r185450.
8540b6e : Objective-C: diagnose when synthesizing an ivar of abstract class type. // rdar://14261999
0dfdfb5 : Add a test case for r185707/PR16547.
38d7c34 : Fix PR16547.
abab183 : We don't need to check for windows' error codes in here.
d6104f6 : Fix formatting for allocation of new pointer variables.
07ca547 : Improve detection for preventing certain kind of formatting patterns.
198c8bf : Don't break after a "(" following a binary operator.
c77039e : Sema: Call IgnoreParens fewer times in CheckAddressOfOperand
8ae6387 : Use typedef for Densemap contraining SmallVector passed to a function to avoid repeating SmallVector size.
ee0a479 : Add typedefs for Densemaps containing SmallVectors to avoid repeating the SmallVector size when creating iterators for the DenseMap.
b7a5120 : Use the new --crash option in commands that are expected to crash.
c65f034 : Add some more documentation on how to navigate from a LambdaExpr::Capture to the associated FieldDecl.
a2405c6 : Minor documentation cleanup
a535daf : Add test for r185584.
9986260 : Require a shell for this test.
96e7813 : Add 'not' to commands that are expected to fail.
3c7511a : Looks like {{.*}} doesn't match the empty string. Fix test.
d1ac8a5 : Relax pattern to accept a signext on ppc64.
d029cbb : Replace 'grep foo | count 0' with 'not grep foo'.
9d940ed : Remove test for the old debug format which was XFAILed since 2009.
eb66e37 : Convert test to FileCheck.
4f868f7 : Add missing expected-warning.
5230dbe : Remove more unused uses of -verify.
da53e29 : Remove unused -verify.
0bdc643 : Fixed typo: NoneComment -> NonComment, no other changes.
08e81f0 : clang -cc1 has no -fno-unit-at-a-time or -funit-at-a-time. Fix test.
8cf685e : Use a clang -cc1 option instead of -m32 and remove tcl quotes.
6f2c32b : Remove tcl quotes.
3519960 : Convert test to FileCheck.
9e80590 : Replace void with int to make this a valid C++ file.
fac55e8 : Remove old test.
e8cc011 : Remove old test.
b08245f : Clang has no nested function support. Delete this test.
1686069 : Use SmallVectorImpl::const_iterator instead of SmallVector to avoid specifying the vector size.
5631202 : Added AlwaysBreakBeforeMultilineStrings option.
d29e24f : Add test for PR4997. This has been fixed for a while.
17dfe3f : Testcase for PR14130, which was probably fixed by r183859.
8bc99dd : Add a space between closing template '>' to unbreak build.
09d19ef : Use SmallVectorImpl instead of SmallVector for iterators and references to avoid specifying the vector size unnecessarily.
8b625a3 : [analyzer] Suppress reports reported in std::list
7f79b78 : [analyzer] Make sure that inlined defensive checks work on div by zero.
305e5b4 : Part of PR15673: If a function template has a default argument in which substitution failed, report that as a substitution failure rather than pretending that there was no default argument.
14b7673b : Improve -Wlogical-not-parentheses to catch when the not is applied to an enum.
52477fb : [ObjectiveC migrator] relax the rules for setter/getter types when deciding on validity of a property inclusion. // rdar://14345082
54ca069 : PR16480: Reimplement token-caching for constructor initializer lists. This previously didn't work if a mem-initializer-id had a template argument which contained parentheses or braces.
dca7289 : Minor refactoring of my last patch.
baf1557 : [ObjectiveC Migration]: Provide knobs for migrating setter/getter methods to an eventual property declaraiton. This is wip. // rdar://14345082
1964554 : Check LongDoubleFormat instead of just Width as this is PowerPC specific.
b1baad6 : [PowerPC] FreeBSD does not require f128 in its data layout string.
3e3d20b : "bool" should be a context-sensitive keyword in Altivec mode.
f0d14cb : Add support for TF/TC modes available on eg. PowerPC64.
e783048 : Update testing cases to check dwarf-2 for Darwin.
e3bef0f : Revert r185557 as it was a bit (a lot) premature.
b2f6f47 : Dont define __LONG_DOUBLE_128__ unless LongDoubleWidth is really 128bits width. It's not the case on ie. FreeBSD.
64b22d8 : Add target hook CodeGen queries when generating builtin pow*.
6f0bca7 : Enable -ffreestanding for this test, to avoid #include_next'ing the system's <stdint.h> (which might not exist or might not work).
a0c077e : Provide test case for commit r185544.
2b78142 : Add file suffix for assembler-with-cpp.
106e510 : Chris has agree to take part ownership of the driver.
98137aa : [scan-build] Log compiler invocation to stderr, not stdout.
d771b44 : With CLANG_ENABLE_STATIC_ANALYZER=0, link clang properly and skip clang-check.
9e0b647 : Fix PR16454: Don't #include altivec.h when preprocessing assembly.
9c4e770 : Test case for PR7887 - failed with asm("")
7666334 : We don't need to know the OpenSUSE version, so don't parse it.
c1baef6 : Prevent error message when formatting an empty file.
6df7a2d : Don't insert confusing line breaks in comparisons.
2a02f4d : [analyzer] Improve handling of noreturn destructors
78148e7 : Fixed test options.
b2567dd : Allow typo correction to try removing nested name specifiers.
caa16dd : Look for corrections in enclosing namespaces that require a global NestedNameSpecifier.
8ed38d8 : Debug Info: set default to gdwarf-2 for Darwin.
c16f207 : Redirect the output of a test to a temporary file to prevent messing up the test environment.
ddcd660 : Documentation: Update docs for C++ lambdas to more accurately reflect C++1y init-capture support, and to improve some Doxygen markup.
b6b0a71 : Debug Info: clean up usage of Verify.
5d90d18 : [ms-cxxabi] Mangle variadic template parameter packs
21383fe : Add regression test for PR12331.
8443188 : More fixes for block mangling.
439b701 : Fix to PR15826 - clang hits assert in clang::ASTContext::getASTRecordLayout.
3302315 : [analyzer] Pointers-to-members are (currently) Locs, not NonLocs.
ce9cd91 : Suppress "control reaches end of non-void function" warning when compiling with gcc.
432d488 : Simplify getting CXXRecordDecl from a base iterator
aad1422 : Fix ranges computed by git clang-format.
6ac431c : Fix formatting of long declarations with const type.
ed2e2de : Teach static analyzer about AttributedStmts
1cf7c3f : Don't skip lambdas when mangling local vars.
f4af9d3 : [analyzer] Explicitly disallow mixed Loc-NonLoc comparisons.
47be5bb : Simplify code in mangler.
7a36a59 : Simplify linkage code for static local vars.
a7872d4 : Fix CMakeLists.txt.
07369dd : Fix mangling for block literals.
18a295d : Fix MSP430 builtin types.
f50dbfa : Fix incorrect token counting introduced by r185319.
d446f73 : Avoid column limit violation in block comments in certain cases.
cbe86cc : Don't align "} // namespace" comments.
80db6a7 : clang/test/lit.cfg: Improve is_filesystem_case_insensitive() to work properly on cygwin.
c47d7f1 : Don't add an extra space before ellipsis after pointers.
3a1847e : Keep space between pointer and block comment.
02eacc2 : Fix braced-list detection in lieu of trailing comments.
fcd0aa1 : Following the modification introduced in llvm by commit 185311
bc54025 : Put helper class in anonymous namespace.
fe09f3f : Put helper class in anonymous namespace.
3c3af14 : PR16502: Fix a dumb bug where we might look past the last initializer in an InitListExpr.
e50947f : Put helper classes in an anonymous namespace.
53d4f31 : Use LLVM_DELETED_FUNCTION on unimplemented copy constructor and assignment operator.
14e6649 : Put helper classes in an anonymous namespace.
b8f7164 : Use static for helper functions instead of an anonymous namespace per coding standards.
cf1e216 : Make string pointer const.
83f81d7 : Put helper classes into anonymous namespace.
1f26342 : Documentation cleanup for TypeOrdering.h.
3b50e8d : Restore r184205 and associated commits (after commit of r185290)
1ec5750 : Documentation cleanup: Mostly formatting \brief documentation, also fix a typo or two.
0c0b390 : Teach -Wunsequenced that the side-effects of a function evaluation are sequenced before the value computation of the result. In C, this is implied by there being a sequence point after their evaluation, and in C++, it's implied by the side-effects being sequenced before the expressions and statements in the function body.
aa4bc18 : Reinstate r185229, reverted in r185256, with a tweak: further ignore the standard's rule that an extern "C" declaration conflicts with any entity in the global scope with the same name. Now we only care if the global scope entity is a variable declaration (and so might have the same mangled name as the extern "C" declaration). This has been reported as a standard defect.
ad5f833 : Lex: Cleanup whitespace in PragmaRegionHandler
89faf86 : Bug fix: Make RecursiveASTVisitor<T>::TraverseLambdaExpr call WalkUpFromLambdaExpr, so that the Visit* functions are called on that AST node.
17aa33f : Add enumerators to TestVisitor::Language to allow visitor tests to explicitly specify use of C++98 or C++11. Lang_CXX is preserved as an alias for Lang_CXX98.
e103979 : Compress pairs. No functionality change.
9df0823 : Driver: Push triple objects around instead of going to std::string all the time.
6e428a4 : Revert r185229 as it breaks compilation of <windows.h>
e36c728 : [test] Add test case for rdar://14183893.
2e43015 : Remove dead code.
5eab8d7 : PR7927, PR16247: Reimplement handling of matching extern "C" declarations across scopes.
5fb478b : Fix error recovery with in-class initializer.
b26f012 : Fix line endings.
e1e35f7 : [ms-cxxabi] Move CodeGenVTables::needsVTTParameter to ItaniumCXXABI.
dd15907 : + "For Windows Users" section + description for --use-analyzer option + managed size of columns of the 'options' table
ceb6dc8 : Use the multiple argument form of path::append.
15a0de9 : Fix a trivial typo, add a FIXME to have more test coverage for VTableBuilder
a1753f4 : Use lexing mode based on FormatStyle.Standard.
6982bf4 : Lazily deserialize function template specializations. This fixes a cycle in module deserialization / merging, and more laziness here is general goodness.
8ffd0a4 : Update for llvm::sys::fs::unique_file not creating directories.
1d7bb6c : Delete dead code.
ded9979 : Switch Decl instantiation to DeclNodes.inc.
5771aab : Fix nested lifetime extension when a std::initializer_list member is initialized during aggregate initialization of the surrounding structure.
24118f5 : Use the zero-argument DIBuilder::createNullPtrType in Clang.
02a01fa : Ensure that debugger calls to signature-less functions default to passing arguments in the fixed style.
267fad8 : Revert "Revert r184787: "Added arm_neon intrinsic tests.""
49bab4c : Remove bogus VarDecl::extendsLifetimeOfTemporary function and inline it into its only caller with a FIXME explaining why it's bogus.
2e236fb : Remove unnecessary check.
bf516f7 : Delete dead code.
0a598fd : Delete dead code.
d943352 : Under -fms-extensions, only inject a friend tag name when we didn't see a tag with that name in an enclosing scope.
6887ff2 : Simplify StmtIterator.
375a4f5 : Small improvements to createOutputFile.
cbed3bf : Add support for passing v8fp options via -mfpu.
288f76a : A bit of program simplification from r185056
7419d01 : Fix a conversion to incomplete type bug -- The error message now specifically states that the type is incomplete and points to the forward declaration of the incomplete type.
642038d : Delete dead code.
2a42bc8 : Simplify code.
33b90b3 : Handle all TemplateArguments in trivial TypeLocs.
418dd3e : PR16467: Teach -Wunsequenced that in C11 (unlike C++11), an assignment's side-effect is not sequenced before its value computation. Also fix a mishandling of ?: expressions where the condition is constant that was exposed by the tests for this.
a8bd8c8 : Sema: Small cleanup around TemplateParamListContext
3b20f58 : ObjectiveC: diagnose duplicate declaration of private ivars in class extensions and class @implementation. // rdar://14278560
7348454 : Don't use unnamed local enums as template arguments. Fixes -Werror bootstrap.
b4f0f3f : This patch fixes PR16395, when HandleMSProperty returns null due to a declaration with no name.
7841abf : AST: small cleanup to FriendObjectKind
5bb5f6a : Sync file handling logic in RewriterTestContext.h and RefactoringTest.cpp.
cd06f26 : Rewrite record layout for ms_struct structs.
eb7c6f3 : Updating the same comment in a different file, again for links. No functional change intended.
b96e74f : Updating a link in the comments; no functional change.
2ccf698 : Fix warning: commas at the end of enumerator lists are a C++11 extension [-Wc++11-extensions]
4ec8d5b : Add support for passing '-target armv8' through the Driver.
11be064 : Match MSVC's handling of commas during macro argument expansion
eacc92f : clang/test/Driver/pth.c: Fix r184942, a regexp like "\\\\" is redundant here. Should be matched to single \ with '\\'.
902a863 : Remove last use of PathV1.h from clang.
d2a5bee : We only create one file, no need to delete a directory.
a8a0da4 : Remove unused header.
fd81592 : Try to fix this test on the msys buildbot.
de2541a : Quieting an MSVC warning about converting negative integer constants to unsigned types.
dbb4a35 : Don't use PathV1.h in CIndexCodeCompletion.cpp.
cd0debb : Remove dead include.
2669e96 : Don't use PathV1.h in cc1as_main.cpp.
91d1b52 : Remove unused header.
b94000b : Remove unused include.
5407d4a : clang/test/lit.cfg: Tweak getClangBuiltinIncludeDir() not to expose dosish path separator on MSYS bash.exe, since r184774.
de4c111 : Remove unused include.
b8e60d9 : Remove more uses of llvm::sys::Path.
3473c8d : Remove PathV1.h from CompilerInvocation.cpp.
ac1db6b : Use llvm::sys::fs::getMainExecutable.
48955f8 : Remove PathV1.h from CompilerInstance.cpp.
21b1824 : Don't use PathV1.h in ASTUnit.cpp.
9230690 : Remove forward declarations of sys::Path.
1cd7df4 : Remove the last use of PathWithStatus.
85d2848 : Use llvm::sys::fs::unique_file.
b804cb3 : Remove some uses of llvm::sys::Path.
da6d1df : Remove PathV1.h use from WindowsToolChain.cpp.
1907c57 : Fix a comment.
4fc5089 : Lazily deserialize the "first' friend declaration when deserializing a class declaration. This PCH a little lazier, and breaks a deserialization cycle that causes crashes with modules enabled.
86648b1 : Fix PCH bug with member templates of local classes in nontemplate functions.
7b6301f : Remove PathV1.h usage from ToolChains.cpp.
2726877 : Run clang-format on lib/Format code after r184894. No other changes.
861576b : Formatter: Don't put a space after parameter-naming block comments.
dccd04d : Don't check for triviality on fields of templated records. We can't know the answer until after instantiation. Fixes PR16061!
f6a144f : Implement DR136
5e37eec : Make this test properly test both things it's trying to test.
ba5da6e : Missing test update from r184884.
c7e863f : PR8302: Check for shadowing a template parameter when declaring a template template parameter.
147fab9 : Don't try to get the layout of an invalid decl in getDeclAlign.
87b12b2 : Implement DR21
ac83a3c : Fix null pointer dereference if we redeclare an unprototyped function. Patch by WenHan Gu!
0e5a888 : Fix a comment.
db2fe73 : More of N3652: don't add an implicit 'const' to 'constexpr' member functions when checking for overloads in C++1y.
548fba9 : Objective-C: Warn when IBOutletCollection property is declared to have 'assign' attribute. // rdar://14212998
a7732c7 : Remove misplaced comment
fe7ed9e : In tooling, reenable freeing of datastructures in codegen, just as we do for the frontend. We don't want to respect the -disable-free flag here.
40e6b30 : Use simpler version of llvm::sys::fs::exists.
f8edb99 : Don't use PathV1.h in Tools.cpp.
829e88d : Use the simpler version of llvm::sys::fs::exists.
8db7ec0 : Use the new llvm::sys::EnvPathSeparator.
c6fa115 : Fix a couple of PPC predefined macros that I spotted while driving by this code. These aren't technically standard predefines for the platform but apparantly lots of folks use them as they show up within LLVM's own codebase. ;] This may even fix some self host issues w/ the JIT!!!
4ea53ae : Add r184803 back now that the bug in unique_file has been fixed.
510312a : Revert "Use the new PathV2 instead of implementing the logic in clang."
871a692 : Revert r184787: "Added arm_neon intrinsic tests."
be35df1 : [analyzer] Handle zeroing CXXConstructExprs.
1fc9111 : [analyzer] Don't initialize virtual base classes more than once.
f9b4fea : Fix regression from r184810.
fdf137b : Make -vectorize-... proper cc1 flags instead of abusing -backend-option. Fixes usage of clang as a library.
9db7f57 : Fix deserializing of class template partial specializations. Assign sequence numbers as we deserialize class template partial specializations. We can't assume that the old sequence numbers will work.
72aa4c4 : Fix noexcept for delete expressions.
fa09383 : Remove PathV1.h from Driver.cpp.
465e861 : Formatter/ObjC: Correctly format casts in objc message send expressions.
4a67613 : Use the new PathV2 instead of implementing the logic in clang.
6e98678 : Delete a couple dead checks.
10fc2c6 : Formatter/Objc: Add a test that checks that @import is formatted correctly.
7652222 : Delete dead code.
f66ef17 : Reorder builds based by ordering.
98f0723 : Check for matching template-parameter-lists when merging template declarations.
e4664a9 : Accept both / and \\ to fix the windows bots.
ea94314 : Tweak -Wdeprecated-objc-pointer-introspection to have a subgroup for results of using -performSelectorXXX.
445df82 : Added arm_neon intrinsic tests.
fdeee9d : [NeonIntrinsicTestEmitter] vld1/vst1 do not require the :64 hint.
410c3f7 : [NeonIntrinsicTestEmitter] Fix incorrect FileCheck pattern where we were expecting a ',' prefix to alignment hints.
bb5595d : [NeonIntrinsicTestEmitter] Add requirement to arm neon intrinsic tests for the feature long_tests.
1f3ff6a : [libclang/codecompletion] Make sure the top-level decl hash takes into account ImportDecls.
bace10c : Change mangling of objects inside block literals.
cd9c2f2 : Fix "funciton" typo from r184763
f21818d : [ms-cxxabi] Use sugared types in the mangler instead of canonical types
f75ece4 : [arcmt/driver] For the -ccc-arcmt-* flags, claim them when -fno-objc-arc is passed to avoid the "argument unused during compilation" warning.
fa8277c : Use getAs<> where appropriate on QualTypes instead of using dyn_cast.
e848630 : Convert some uses of llvm::sys::Path.
005835d : Use the simpler version of llvm::sys::fs::exists.
9f7ba9b : [analyzer] Add a debug checker that prints Exploded Graph Add a debug checker that is useful to understand how the ExplodedGraph is built; it can be triggered using the following command:
de2b523 : Convert last use of PathV1.h in Compilation.cpp
12df246 : [AST] Introduce a new DecayedType sugar node
8d90b4a : Add the global namespace (the "::" namespace specifier) to the list of namespaces to try for potential typo corrections.
dbcc756 : Check the canonical parameter type with getAs<>() in a static checker
8ce9054 : Convert a use of PathV1.h
1a554f7 : Add some invalid-decl checks to clang_Type_getOffsetOf.
653c657 : Convert a use of PathV1.h.
8c0501c : [Sema] Call CheckParmForFunctionDef on ObjC method parameters
e054819 : clang/unittests/ASTMatchers/Dynamic/RegistryTest.cpp: Suppress unexpected failures on MS hosts.
1b72799 : clang/test/Driver/coverage-ld.c: Tweak expressions to match dosish pathsep on win32 hosts.
80a393e : The profile library must come before the C library so that it can use atexit.
096a394 : Avoid adding entries to the DeclContext lookup table multiple times when lazily constructing a lookup table.
ac8f43c : DebugInfo: ensure negative enumerators are emitted as such
a32165c : DebugInfo: Merge a bad debug info enum test into a good one
acd954b : Slightly improve cross-module merging for function templates.
c5b0054 : Comment parsing: allow "\param ..." to describe variadic arguments
ddb10f7 : When setting the external visible declarations for a decl context, check whether they replace any existing lookups in the context, rather than accumulating a bunch of lookup results referring to the same entity.
ab297cc : Add -ast-dump-lookups switch to -cc1 to dump DeclContext lookup maps. Test to follow.
a558d2e : Move comment on Sema::isFunctionPointerVarDecl() to the header file
6969e43 : Documentation parsing: recognize \relates, \related, \relatesonly, \relatedonly so that -Wdocumentation-unknown-command does not warn on these commands. Fixes PR16092.
572cf58 : ArrayRef'ize Sema::CodeCompleteConstructorInitializer
9db37cd : Fix the addition of Clang's profile runtime library to the link step when specifying --coverage (or related) flags.
230cdaa : The makefile build system had two lists of the 32-bit runtime libraries to build and one had grown out of sync. Put this list in a variable so this doesn't happen again.
39b230a : Slightly loosen the test as there are other linker invocation patterns.
c9a0dc5 : Add and tighten up tests for cross compiling tool selection. This now verifies that we run the assembler and linker in the correct mode, and that we can successfully use a bi-arch variant of a GCC installation in a generic cross compilation invocation of Clang.
319957c : Add null check (resolves PR16423)
2946ceb : AST: Clean up FriendObjectKind related decls
97e5bc2 : Comment parsing: followup to r184610: allow multiple \returns
b1ce929 : Fix assert if an attempt is made to explicitly instantiate an alias template. Patch by Ismail Pazarbasi!
6e322c0 : Add dumping support for DeclContext's StoredDeclsMap.
35178dc : DebugInfo: Support (using GNU extensions) for template template parameters and parameter packs
a0a65ef : Remove duplicated case.
4985429 : Instantiation bug fix extension (cf. r184503) -- minor code fixes, including a typo that caused a runtime assertion after firing diagnosis for class definitions, with the 'template' keyword as template header, in friend declarations.
d79486a : Reword and reformat some of the "Multiarch" code in the toolchain setup.
2f68669 : Revert r184401 which reverted r183462.
e2a90b8 : Extend -Wnon-pod-varargs to check calls made from member pointers.
c1c7625 : Fixed typo.
2ffcd18 : [analyzer] Use output form collections’ count to decide if ObjC for loop should be entered
4c98b1f : [CFG] Set the “loop target” (back edge) for VisitObjCForCollectionStmt loops
0538f0e : Extend -Wnon-pod-varargs to more cases, such as function pointers as return types and function pointer arrays.
23e66db : DebugInfo: Random tidying up/simplification
c8fa525 : Provide suggested no-arg calls for overloaded member functions missing calls
fb1ff86 : [docs] `-fno-sanitize=` is accepted too.
d52b20c : [document parsing]: Allow multiple adjacent \return and the like commands. Render them properly in XML output. // rdar://14207725
373ac0a : Teach ARM va_arg to ignore empty structs.
f5c3a25 : Check for trivial constructibility before emptiness in ARM ABI.
adebeb8 : [NVPTX] Fix inline asm test case to use LLVM IR instead of PTX so it works even when the NVPTX target is not built
e9ccbee : DebugInfo test: Rename function to avoid using the same name as a type
7ef042d : Aggregate & rename limit debug info tests.
73b8d4b : Fix a leak of TargetMachine in clang. We'll continue to leak it on purpose if given -disable-free. (Reviewed by John McCall over IRC.)
f0c31d9 : PR16214: Debug info for types first used via pointers or qualified types & later require definitions
538fccb : Propagate the invalid bit from bases to derived template classes.
0ac428e : [NVPTX] Add NVPTX register constraints
4447af9 : Extend template instantiation bug fix (r184503) with fixit test
a9a7f10 : Add an option to not indent declarations when breaking after the type.
053c88b : Revert "[analyzer] Handle zeroing CXXConstructExprs."
8f5d7d1 : [Modules] If a module map resides in a system header directory, treat it as a system module.
472e66e : Add basic fixit test to template instantiation bug fix (r184503)
ef7eb02 : Add support for polymorphic matchers. Use runtime type checking to determine the right polymorphic overload to use.
8711da1 : Disable an assertion death test when using MSVC's assert()
9b60195 : [ms-cxxabi] Destroy temporary record arguments in the callee
8c5f948 : Improve documentation for AST matchers.
09a5604 : DebugInfo: handle the DI asm printing change to reword '[fwd]' as '[decl]' and add '[def]' for non-decl tag types
8a52dce : Delete dead code.
a9f3958 : Add test.
6ba6726 : [docs] Add link to presentation slides.
104f96b : Delete dead code.
3f7c1b1 : Add an assert() suggested by Richard.
c6498cd : Add missing test.
076f51f : Fix all the silly things I committed in r184509
9812328 : [analyzer] Handle zeroing CXXConstructExprs.
ff8e04e : [analyzer] Fix stale comment in CallEvent.
eab6a36 : Alternative fix for r184473.
74f05cc : Add test header missing from r184504.
fc46be9 : When building a module, keep *all* declared methods in the global method pool.
7c64ef0 : Bug Fix: Template explicit instantiations should not have definitions (FixIts yet to be tested.)
8ff7e32 : Add a couple more tests.
ef37744 : Update a comment to clarify that searching the target triple bin directory for programs used by the driver is actually the standard behavior we want to be compatible with GCC cross compilers -- it isn't specific to SUSE or any other distro.
9b9bdba : Fix a crash with __flaot128 noticed by Eli.
98d1ec1 : [checked-arithmetic builtins] Added builtins to enable users to perform checked-arithmetic in c.
a499377 : Add back a condition accidentially removed in r184470.
14b0e4b : Fix typo in comment. Patch by Matthew Dempsky!
a80d1b4 : Fix copy-pasted comment.
3e1aca2 : Don't allow __attribute__((common)) in C++. PR16330.
6747005 : Avoid repeatedly evaluating subexpressions when checking for unsequenced operations in the case where evaluating a subexpression fails. No functionality change, but test/Sema/many-logical-ops.c gets ~100x faster with this change.
cac18ad : Lazily provide a __float128 dummy type in -std=gnu++11 mode.
45ff380 : Call __cxa_begin_catch before std::terminate() in a noexcept trap.
6bb1102 : Debug Info: Attempt to resolve forward declarations if we are not emitting limited debug info.
f3a0d0f : Test files for private header patch.
bc3f628 : This patch adds new private headers to the module map. Private headers may be included from within the module, but not from outside the module.
f462b01 : Extend -Wnon-pod-varargs to check calls made from function pointers.
4cde94a : Clean up warning and add a test.
c1826a5 : Add test.
cdeba0b : Fix English grammar error.
381c9b7 : CodeGen: Don't set 'PMBuilder.DisableSimplifyLibCalls'
f5d40bf : Add an additional test for dynamic_cast.
040bfc5 : Remove dead code.
6f1a240 : Fix CodeGenCXX/debug-info.cpp to target a known ABI (x86-64-linux) so as not to be confused by strange (& currently broken) Windows ABI
cd91d05 : Fix CodeGenCXX/debug-info.cpp test on Windows
da4cb0c : Use the new name of getUniqueID.
76c2f92 : Enhancements for the DynTypedMatcher system. - Added conversion routines and checks in Matcher<T> that take a DynTypedMatcher. - Added type information on the error messages for the marshallers. - Allows future work on Polymorphic/overloaded matchers. We should be able to disambiguate at runtime and choose the appropriate overload.
cf52ca6 : Adds the equalsBoundNode matcher.
8afa39b : Use the same set of whitespace characters for all operations in BreakableToken.
1a68afd : Implements declaratorDecl, parmVarDecl and hassTypeLoc matchers.
c2fa6b6 : Improved source code fidelity for gcc mode attribute.
3a166e2 : Add -fno-assume-sane-operator-new when building with MSan.
fbd4116 : Update two options to my proposed syntax for user-facing driver options:
9122025 : Fix static analyzer crash when casting from an incomplete type
fc5335d : Add a regression test for PR16370 next to the dr7 test case since they seem closely related. (I'm happy to move this if others have a better idea of where to put it.)
62341d3 : Temporarily revert r183462: "Implement DR7"
850cf51 : Fix one place I missed that was memcpy'ing TypeLocs in a way that messes up alignment.
37a84f6 : PR16377: Allow evaluation of statement expressions in constant evaluation, why not. Apparently GCC supports this.
87c2932 : Add a workaround for a libstdc++-4.2 <tr1/hashtable> bug. This header uses
d7abe10 : One more cast test.
eb82a42 : Add a few more tests for casts.
e40bc4b : Fix typo in r184308.
8964367 : Add a testcase which uses an UnresolvedUsingTypenameDecl as the base of an NNS.
63f4050 : [clang-lit] Added the run_long_tests param option/long_tests feature to toggle execution of long running FileCheck tests.
3258abc : Revert r184205 and associated patches while investigating issue with broken buildbot (possible interaction with LTO)
8bb8669 : [libclang] Make sure crash-recovery for module-building does not interfere with libclang crash-recovery.
94d22de : Fix r184381 so the test doesn't fail. Sorry for the inconvenience, I thought I had checked it.
c02bea4 : Extra test for diagnostic in Sema::BuildCXXNestedNameSpecifier.
8db6cc7 : Remove dead code.
fa0d3f8 : Improve diagnostic for redeclaring static member function. Fixes PR16382.
6e91f4b : Fix for PR 16367, display the name of a function in a diagnostic instead of showing "(null)".
d4fbdc7 : Add missing test for -Wunneeded-member-functions.
41c9bae : Debug Info: PR14763/r183329 - specify that non-trivial pass-by-value parameters are stored indirectly
c36c5c2 : Fixed long-standing issue with incorrect length calculation of multi-line comments.
08dc71f : Delete dead code. (Array element types are always complete in C.)
d5fbb29 : Enhancements for the DynTypedNode
4444dbb : Corrections to r184205 ('this'-return optimization) due to the wrong version of the patch being committed originally. 1) Removed useless return value of CGCXXABI::EmitConstructorCall and CGCXXABI::EmitVirtualDestructorCall and implementations 2) Corrected last portion of CodeGenCXX/constructor-destructor-return-this to correctly test for non-'this'-return of virtual destructor calls
2d588b4 : documentation parsing: patch to make @class work for class templates; and similarly, @function works for function templates. // rdar://14124702
2d8b279 : Revert "Adds support for openSUSE ARM v5/v7 triples."
50abf4b : Adds support for openSUSE ARM v5/v7 triples.
43a75fc : [CodeGen] Move EHScopeStack into its own header
f67129a : [Windows] Fix __declspec(property) when the getter returns a ref
054d049 : Completely revamp node binding for AST matchers.
e310d44 : Don't depend on PathV1.h including set.
9063302 : [ms-cxxabi] Emit and install appropriately mangled vbtables
4cd90df : [Driver] Don't forward source file input args to gcc
3c1e4f2 : Revert r184302 on Renato's behalf - it broke the bots and he's asked me to revert as he's unavailable.
f2b2c7d : Split long strings on word boundaries.
14595c2 : Adds support for openSUSE ARM v5/v7 triples.
3882aed : Fix pr16354.
de7afe0 : Silence 'set but not used' warning when building in release mode using gcc.
9ff463e : Use llvm::sys::fs::can_execute.
37926da : Fix a crash in the static analyzer (bug #16307)
1fea06d : Fix a warning. [-Wunused-variable]
b0f9314 : Revert r184249, "doc. parsing: Allow parameter name "..." for variadic functions/methods."
c894b32 : Delete dead code.
fc0f91c : Debug Info: support for gdwarf-2 gdwarf-3 gdwarf-4
0fa93ce : Add test coverage for serialization of dependent function template specializations.
776bfa1 : Add some comments to r184252.
bd34520 : [analyzer] Do not create a CompoundVal for lvalue InitListExprs.
52810c5 : [analyzer] Do not report uninitialized value warnings inside swap functions.
14c1a13 : Emit forward decls for structs with declarations only when we are limiting debug info.
0601700 : Introduce a new mangling for protocol-qualified ObjC types in C++. This allows to provide proper overloading, and also prevents mangling conflicts with template arguments of protocol-qualified type.
7e5e2d0 : doc. parsing: Allow parameter name "..." for variadic functions/methods. // rdar://14124644
995544e : Make sure the assembler-with-cpp hack for "#" works with multiple "#"s in succession. Fixes PR16363.
e7e8fca : When declaring an ObjC interface decl with a @compatibility_alias alias name, change the class name to the "real" one.
da1f9cb : Use llvm::sys::fs::can_write.
f756882 : Partially revert r184225 test changes and make a smaller and more generic fix.
ee76e72 : [multiprecision-builtins] Added missing builtin __builtin_{add,sub}cb for {add,sub} with carry for bytes.
b987eda : Fix C++ constructor/destructor tests when run on ARM
662f41b : DR14, DR101, and part of DR1: fix handling of extern "C" declarations in namespaces, by treating them just like we treat extern "C" declarations in function scope.
105b207 : Use llvm::sys::fs::GetUniqueID.
2243e78 : Correctly compute the index of the first string format argument when deciding whether to emit a -Wformat-security warning. <rdar://problem/14178260>.
3ed4d1c : PR14503: Don't assert if a constexpr constructor temploid instantiates to a constructor that does not initialize all members, and that constructor is used to initialize a global.
cd9c9b5 : Objective-C: Fixes a typo correction bug where a selector would be correted to identical selector name in certain corner cases. // rdar://7853549
d4c0cd0 : CodeGen: Have 'this'-returning constructors and destructors to take advantage of the new backend 'returned' attribute.
52fdc56 : Fix buildbot failure.
419245e : Objective-C [qoi]: privide typo correction for selectors in addition of receiver having static type, but also when receiver has dynamic type (of 'id' variety) as well as when receiver is of 'Class' type vareity. // rdar://7853549
15f03ea : Remove option emitter from clang-tblgen
1f4ef95 : Remove duplicated file and directory.
4b7bae3 : Update to pass in pointers intead of references.
e4bce7a : size_t on Darwin AAPCS targets is "unsigned long". <rdar://problem/14136459>
5c1a9f3 : Simplify a loop in ProcessCodeCompleteResults(). Pointed out by David Blaikie
68effa0 : ArrayRef'ize CodeCompletionContext::getNumSelIdents()
904df3e : contextual conversion fix: C++98 compatibility warning.
b8b5297 : Add support for -fpcc-struct-return. Patch by Arthur O'Dwyer!
0bb5199 : r184100 Fix -- Updated test cases for contextual conversion
2736f2e : Remove an ugly hack that was meant to eliminate the breakpoint ambiguity between a block assignment and the entry of the block function. In reality this wouldn't work anyway because blocks are predominantly created on-the-fly inside of an ObjC method invocation. The proper fix for the ambiguity is to use -gcolumn-info to differentiate the breakpoints.
f8421a3 : Delete dead code.
3e8ac1b : Accept and ignore -fdebug-types-section for now. This will be used later with dwarf4 type hashing.
e7d9464 : FileCheck-ize.
b4c0ad4 : Add a missing testcase for ObjC ivar encoding for a C++ class with a vptr. Found by skimming over lcov report.
02344ac : Turn Clang 3.3 boxes on C++ status from yellow to green now we're releasing it.
2c72000 : Point link at correct location for Clang 3.3 release notes.
6e40c95 : Fix source range of CXXNewExpr with parentheses around the type. PR15569.
93cc515 : Compute the visibility of static local variables consistently. Fixes PR16208.
26e5178 : Fix Expr::Classify to correctly classify ExtVectorElementExprs. PR16204.
9610d77 : Cleanup linkage computation for static locals.
e1e0342 : Use atomic instructions on Bitrig armv6. Patch by Patrick Wildt.
492d84c : X86 intrinsics: cmpge|gt|nge|ngt_ss|_sd
b67313d : Revert "Updated test cases for contextual conversion"
37aba47 : Updated test cases for contextual conversion
5c8a92e : Avoid using __SIZE_TYPE__ in a -std=c++98 -pedantic-errors test, because that triggers an error on MS targets where __SIZE_TYPE__ expands to 'long long'.
a79927f : unbreak buildbot for now.
a372f40 : Include PathV1.h only where it is used.
0dcea35 : Clean up empty struct/union recognition. Make use of getTypeSizeInChars to detect structs/unions of zero size. It allows more accurate detection of types of zero size. It however has a side effect - sequence of used types may change, that is why the test 'override-layout' was modified.
d395e34 : Objective-C [qoi]: Provide fixit hint when message with typo is sent to a receiver object. This is wip. // rdar://7853549
dd0b3c4 : [Driver] Remove the using namespace directives from headers
d71b15b : Fix a problem in ExpressionParser leading to trailing comments affecting indentation of an expression after a line break.
6b96742 : Try to fix the bots with a forward decl.
22d0e29 : Fixes incorrect indentation of line comments after break and re-alignment.
cff1512 : [AST] Don't include RecursiveASTVisitor.h in ASTContext.h
375a040 : Corrected status of support for contextual conversion from full to SVN
7273289 : Remove unused file.
9109bf1 : C++11: don't warn about the deprecated 'register' keyword if it's combined with an asm label.
58df042 : Add warning group -Wdeprecated-register for C++11 warning on 'register' being deprecated.
ed7dc87 : Add tests for C++ DR100-150.
0012dd4 : Add testcase for DR39 from PR5916.
4196019 : PR16339: Don't produce a diagnostic pointing at the whitespace between a '#if' and a '!defined(X)' if we find a broken header guard. This is suboptimal; we should point the diagnostic at the 'X' token not the 'if' token, but it fixes the crash.
19707c2 : Fixed one buildbot-failure-causing bug...
050315b : ArrayRef'ize Sema::CodeComplete*
62bbae4 : Updated status of support for contextual conversion from partial to full
539470e : Updated the support for contextual conversion tweaks (n3323) with a previously overlooked part: implicitly converting array sizes to size_t, rather than contextually converting them to some unique type.
d570a92 : A quick fix to allow return type deduction on member templates by ensuring DiagnoseUseOfDecl is called both on the found decl and the decl being used (i.e the specialization in the case of member templates) whenever they are different. Per the exchange captured in http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/cfe-commits/Week-of-Mon-20130610/081636.html a more comprehensive fix that allows both decls to be passed into DiagnoseUseOfDecl is (or should be) forthcoming relatively soon.
0449163 : Emit native implementations of atomic operations on FreeBSD/armv6.
d6b6987 : PR16263: Implement current direction of core issue 1376. Binding a reference to the result of a cast-to-reference-type lifetime-extends the object to which the reference inside the cast binds.
41cb3d9 : Fix handling of const_cast from prvalue to rvalue reference: such a cast is only permitted if the source object is of class type, and should materialize a temporary for the reference to bind to.
3bf6805 : Fix comments referring to non-existent types.
ddb5a39 : Unify return type checking for functions and ObjC methods. Move all the random checks for ObjC object return types to SemaType.cpp.
6b759f4 : Suppress the c++11 -Wdeprecated warning for 'register' if it is expanded from a macro defined in a system header. glibc uses it in macros, apparently.
b1e25a1 : [Driver] Refactor clang driver to use LLVM's Option library
16a0ec6 : Don't remove backslashes from block comments.
93f32da : Fix the warning for divide by zero to be a bit more robust. ;]
3282b84 : Emit initializers for static-storage-duration temporaries as constants where possible.
0b588cd : [docs] Fix wrong clang-format example.
3a936ca : Update clang for merge to r183849.
162579a : Remove implicit fallthrough from AArch64 to Mips in lib selection
13f8404 : Avoid fallthrough in header, to allow external users of Clang libraries to build with Clang's -Wimplicit-fallthrough warning enabled. The fallthrough was not making this code better.
678eca4 : Fix the linkage of static locals inside a CapturedStmt. (Found in the process of trying to fix the related issue for block literals.)
aa12d8f : Don't depend on the transitive inclusion of PathV1.h.
6f2e23b : Use the sys::RemoveFileOnSignal that takes a StringRef.
95099ef : Followup to r183931 to fix the lambda conversion-to-block-pointer member.
57a3bbf : Use the sys::ExecuteAndWait that takes StringRefs.
38fa961 : Fix a small bug in the linkage computation for the lambda conversion-to-function-pointer member.
2289933 : Update for llvm change.
ad24ad4 : Allow clang to build __clear_cache on ARM.
7b7db26 : Clean up test to appease NDEBUG builds.
2f9c035 : InheritViz.cpp uses sys::Path, include PathV1.h
8b81df3 : Use version of DisplayGraph that takes a StringRef.
4889a1f : Teach clang about the armv4/armv4t distinction
0b21490 : Modernize some low-hanging PathV1 uses.
009d7d5 : libclang: Remove clang::RemapFiles, it's dead code.
082ad2b : libclang: Port CIndexer::getClangResourcesPath to PathV2. No functionality change.
1b03464 : Add Ubuntu Saucy to the list of known Ubuntu releases Thanks to Dmitry Shachnev for the patch See bug #16317
a438e68 : Make it clear in Decl::hasBody that it can return true on redeclarations.
5350ded : More for PR12457: fix handling of __builtin_isinf_sign and test.
acaf72a : Towards PR12457: constant expression evaluation support for __builtin_parity{,l,ll}, __builtin_ffs{,l,ll}, and __builtin_fpclassify.
43cbfb6 : Updated C++1y status for contextual conversions to 'partial' (without review)
4dbf408 : Fix part of PR12457. Patch by Justin Bogner!
6698be8 : Fix some confusing diagnostic wording. s/implicit default/implicit/ if we're not actually talking about a default constructor.
36155c1 : C++11: If a class has a user-declared copy operation or destructor, the implicit definition of a copy operation is deprecated. Add a warning for this to -Wdeprecated. This warning is disabled by default for now, pending investigation into how common this situation is.
f050d24 : Implement core issue 903: only integer literals with value 0 and prvalues of type std::nullptr_t are null pointer constants from C++11 onwards.
1b2209f : In C++11, promote access declaration diagnostic from warning to error. There doesn't seem to be any value in even adding a -W flag for this.
79f4bb7 : Add -Wdeprecated warnings and fixits for things deprecated in C++11: - 'register' storage class - dynamic exception specifications
4e47ecb : When copy-initializing a temporary for a reference binding, don't allow use of explicit constructors.
98a7558 : Include the unexpanded packs in the initializer expression when checking a pack expanded constructor initializer list. Fixes PR16303!
d4ec562 : Simplify: we don't need any special-case lifetime extension when initializing declarations of reference type; they're handled by the general case handling of MaterializeTemporaryExpr.
d3ff325 : Don't suggest putting 'operator new' or 'operator delete' in a namespace to fix a two-phase lookup issue. That's not permitted.
7c3e615 : PR12086, PR15117
a4bb99c : Move detection of reference members binding to temporaries from building of CXXCtorInitializers to the point where we perform the questionable lifetime extension. This exposed a selection of false negatives in the warning.
671538e : Introducing -Wheader-guard, a warning that checks header guards actually work properly. This warning checks that the #ifndef and #define directives at the beginning of a header refer to the same macro name. Includes a fix-it hint to correct the header guard.
a603569 : Use the global functions instead of the Program methods.
8a07cd3 : Reapply r183721, reverted in r183776, with a fix for a bug in the former (we were lacking ExprWithCleanups nodes in some cases where the new approach to lifetime extension needed them).
39bdd4f : Retain linker flags specified on cmake command line.
e3f1197 : Preserve newlines before block comments in static initializers.
1342a4e : Port HTMLDiagnostics to PathV2. No intended functionality change.
00f86f9 : Fix buildbot breakage on PPC64.
eba7d2f : Silencing a signed vs unsigned comparison mismatch in MSVC.
3b8f77d : Fix memory corruption in CStringChecker
0934e18 : Add support for complex compound assignments where the LHS is a scalar.
7a1b586 : Make va_arg and argument passing to varargs functions work correctly with AVX vectors when AVX is turned on.
81359b0 : Tweak r183791 so we don't print a note without a source location.
8229d22 : Include Path.h instead of PathV2.h.
188ddb1 : Correctly handle designated initializers which modify an array initialized with a string. This case is sort of tricky because we can't modify the StringLiteral used to represent such initializers. We are forced to decompose the string into individual characters.
edcf511 : Add a testcase for PR7434, which is a bug we no longer appear to have.
2db9828 : Include PathV1.h in a file that uses it.
a265461 : Try to fix the windows build.
3439237 : Include PathV1.h in files that use it.
a57be56 : Revert r183721. It caused cleanups to be delayed too long in some cases. Testcase to follow.
cf69590 : Reduce the number of symbols on the object file.
da6a6f0 : [libclang/python] Add a few "cursor kinds" that were missing in the python binding for libclang.
605c59a : Make ASTContext::Allocate use size_t for the size argument.
739f9e5 : Modify a comment to reflect changes of r183717.
2b2faa5 : Insert a space at the start of a line comment in case it starts with an alphanumeric character.
b6f521a : Silence GCC warning.
b62b8b9 : ASTUnit: Invert the dependency of PrecompilePreambleAction on PrecompilePreambleConsumer.
ac2bfd8 : Make it possible to assign clang-format-buffer to a keybinding.
0f9b855 : Remove some unicode that sneaked in.
01e0b1f : Implement DR61: Address of ambiguous bound methods should be disallowed
2ec2b84 : Implement DR85: Redeclaration of member is forbidden
85af7ce : Rework IR emission for lifetime-extended temporaries. Instead of trying to walk into the expression and dig out a single lifetime-extended entity and manually pull its cleanup outside the expression, instead keep a list of the cleanups which we'll need to emit when we get to the end of the full-expression. Also emit those cleanups early, as EH-only cleanups, to cover the case that the full-expression does not terminate normally. This allows IR generation to properly model temporary lifetime when multiple temporaries are extended by the same declaration.
939d83e : Fix a very silly mistake in r183590.
d39083d : Fix a FIXME in a testcase about packed structs and calls I left around while fixing a related bug. The fix here was simpler than I thought it would be.
1f01f7c : [libclang] Allow building a precompiled preamble with compiler errors
808ad75 : Remove mis-grouping of an objc diagostic in my last patch.
4017d73 : Objective-C [qoi]: Issue better warning when nsstring literal is missing the '@'. PR16287 and // rdar://14106083
2ac2fa7 : Make sure we don't emit invalid IR for StmtExprs with complex cleanups.
7044668 : cleanup (address some more review comments for r183474): - reduce default buffer size to 64, which will still be large enough to hold any property names found in the wild. - get rid of the /*static*/ comments.
0567a79 : Use FPT::getArgTypes() instead of manually building ArrayRefs
de5f2ee : [analyzer] SATestBuild: Don't require reference results to have logs.
ef0e4e6 : Add a new warning, -Wlogical-not-parentheses, to -Wparentheses.
57e6847 : [clang-format] Don't flash an ugly cmd prompt in Vim on Windows
03a8323 : Fixes the comment for hasDeclaration.
7acc5a6 : Support for contextual conversion tweaks (N3323) was added, as Revision 183637
50b60b3 : reverted test
817e01f : test
875e739 : [CodeGen] Make CGCleanup.h include what it now uses
6fe91e4 : [CodeGen] Move EHScopeStack to CGCleanup.h from CodeGenFunction.h
688f986 : Fix the parser's updating of the template depth when parsing local templates and late-parsed templates. This is a slight tweak of r180708; It avoids incrementing depth when non-template local classes nested within member templates of local classes are encountered. This patch was LGTM'd by Doug http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/cfe-commits/Week-of-Mon-20130506/079656.html and passed the regression tests that normally pass (i.e. excluding many Module and Index tests on Windows that fail regardless)
65efd10 : Revert r183618. I ran clang-format on my patch but it seemed to have wreaked havoc with new lines - might have to do with using it on windows :( will resubmit once i've cleaned this issue up. sorry.
22bf46a : Fix the parser's updating of the template depth when parsing local templates and late-parsed templates. This is a slight tweak of r180708; It avoids incrementing depth when non-template local classes nested within member templates of local classes are encountered. This patch was LGTM'd by Doug http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/cfe-commits/Week-of-Mon-20130506/079656.html and passed the regression tests that normally pass (i.e. excluding many Module and Index tests on Windows that fail regardless)
9808b71 : Add a test case for blocks taking an array typedef
c910d4c : Revert "[Sema] Make FunctionType's TSI use unadjusted argument types"
63c9a92 : [Sema] Make FunctionType's TSI use unadjusted argument types
122e601 : Recognition of empty structures and unions is moved to semantic stage
cc28eff : Added a type checking which handle the case of an ext vector and integral scalar
3370859 : [analyzer] Minor fixups to r183062
a3f5a5a : [analyzer; alternate edges] Fix the edge locations in presence of macros.
9aaee92 : Fixed comment typo.
8d37858 : Debug info: An if condition now creates a lexical scope of its own. Two variables with the same name declared in two if conditions in the same scope are no longer coalesced into one.
b6e3808 : Recursively lifetime-extend into array temporaries. These can get implicitly created through binding a reference-to-array to an initializer list.
61f0868 : When we're compiling with -pg make sure to link with gcrt1.o on linux. Be sure to do this always, this matches the behavior for the gcc driver.
eeb0062 : Fix va_arg on x86-64 for a struct containing a single int128_t. PR16248
f9dbae7 : Loosen r178109 even further, to assume that all redefined macros in system headers and system modules are equivalent.
56b108a : 80-column fixup after recent change to getOrCreateType.
df98357 : Even in a modules world, people will depend on the weird xmmintrin.h -> emmintrin.h forwarding.
572ac32 : Fix line endings.
80e8ea9 : address some comments on r183474: - factor the name construction part out from constructSetterName - rename constructSetterName to the more appropriate constructSetterSelector
f9eaf98 : Revert "Properly consider the range of enum for range comparisons in C mode"
d88d7ab : Add missing file from r183563 (the recommit of 183466).
44ee0a7 : Re-commit r183466 with a fix to make the TypeLoc casting machinery work correctly in the presence of qualified types.
6071af9 : Objective-C: Another case of issuing warning about misusing property auto-synthesis before knowingit it is to be auto-synthesized. // rdar://14094682
33f0faa : PR16273: Weaken a bogus assertion.
437bbff : Define id to the correct type.
a6ba40c : Objective-C: Removes a bogus warning about auto-synthesis of properties. Fixes // rdar://14085456
4ff3225 : Thread the 'Invalid' out parameter through SourceManager::getSLocEntry() and callees of SourceManager::getSLocEntryByID().
54e6c9d : Improved handling of escaped newlines at the token start.
1f13fbd : Handle Unicode characters in fix-it replacement strings.
b165fdd : fix up recogtion of block pointer type in my last patch. // rdar://14085217. e-This line, and those below, will be ignored--
2785b9a : Fixed calculation of penalty when breaking tokens.
7e6e515 : Adds a test that verifies angle bracket locations.
20387ef : Reverts r183466: "Perform dynamic alignment computations..."
0d33f45 : Reverting test commit
f2c6433 : test commit
cafeb94 : PR16243: Use CXXThisOverride during template instantiation, and fix up the places which weren't setting it up properly. This allows us to get the right cv-qualifiers for 'this' when it appears outside a method body in a class template.
8150da3 : When we're synthesizing copy/move-assignment, we can't form a reference to an invalid field; make sure we don't try. Fixes <rdar://problem/14084171>.
4f97f85 : documentation: remove confusing reference to properties.
5ae17a1 : ObjC Debug Info: Emit the names of accessors whenever they diverge from the default names, not just when the isImplicit flag is set.
b5a5007 : Improve documentation.
7523606 : blocks: fixes an ast bug when block pointer variable is evaluated in a condition expression and then dereferenced to envoke the block. This is pr15663 and I applied a slight variation of the patch with a test case. (patch is from Arthur O'Dwyer). Also // rdar://14085217
1bea653 : Diagnose malformed x86 inline asm using 'y' constraint.
86875b1 : Perform dynamic alignment computations so that the data in TypeLocs is correctly aligned. Not performing such computations led to misaligned loads, which crash on some platforms and are generally bad on other platforms.
585bee4 : Implement DR7
57c8736 : [analyzer] Address Jordan’s code review for r183451
6838710 : [analyzer] Ensure that pieces with invalid locations always get removed from the BugReport
5955c37 : [analyzer] fixup the comment
49a246f : [analyzer; new edges] Simplify edges in a C++11 for-range loop.
c09f2a8 : [libclang] CMake: add an option to control building libclang as a static library (off by default)
65d2c38 : Fix incorrect line breaking before trailing block comments.
48a1e81 : Fix a crash with -Wassign-enum, where we didn't adjust the APInt type of the constant. Also fix some spelling mistakes and formatting issues.
bf75e2b : clang-check: add missing space in Makefile
a888813 : clang-check: Link the static analyzer in the Makefile build too.
373b807 : Add support for static analysis to clang-check
63d5335 : ClangTool: strip -o from the command line
40cba90 : Implement DR1270: braces can be elided in all aggregate initialization, not just copy-list-initialization in a variable declaration. This effectively reverts r142147.
649c6c5 : Disallow reinterpret_cast from pointer to bool on Windows
9acb8b4 : Fix clang-format's expression parser for leading }s.
ff1a2e5 : Improve c-style cast detection.
f69dd33 : When a static storage duration temporary appears in a constant expression, it must be initialized by a constant expression (not just a core constant expression), because we're going to emit it as a global. Core issue for this is pending.
4fe9644 : Don't create a StringRef from a temporary string.
fb6f75f : [analyzer] Look through ExprWithCleanups to see if an expr's consumed.
632182d : [analyzer] Improve debug output for PathDiagnosticPieces.
07eda94 : clang/unittests/Format/FormatTest.cpp: Suppress utf8 literals with _MSC_VER. MS cl.exe is unaware of BOM-less utf8 source files.
73b417f : [analyzer] Fix a crash that occurs when processing an rvalue array.
1089a57 : [analyzer; new edges] Don't crash if the top-level entry edge is missing.
574c7cf : [analyzer; new edges] Ignore self-edges, not all edges with the same location.
c47b6f3 : If we're splitting the dwarf for fission and don't want to use the integrated assembler then go ahead and still split the dwarf anyhow.
9464a08 : Objective-C: Provide fixit with suggested spelling correction for -Wundeclared-selector warnings. // rdar://14039037
993b39f : PR14763: Debug info for non-trivial record parameters
d62d901 : When the template specialization header is missing, set a valid source location for the template keyword when recovering.
144a31f : [ms-cxxabi] Thread GlobalDecls through to CodeGenModule::getFunctionLinkage.
88c2004 : clang-check: Enable specification of additional compiler arguments
a06d585 : [ms-cxxabi] Fix vbptr offsets in memptrs when the vbptr is in an nvbase
6f773e8 : Silence GCC warning.
dda770b : Added test with characters using four bytes in UTF-8 representation.
0089510 : UTF-8 support for clang-format.
2aae5ba : Recommit r183298+r183300 'Get rid of VTableContext::ComputeMethodVTableIndices() and VTableContext::getNumVirtualFunctionPointers()'
e825cd0 : ... and actually run it
d38dda9 : Add a test for the breakage from r183298
4c44d2f : Unrevert the tests from r183298 as they pass with both old and new code
d38a21f : Revert r183298 and r183300 as the former broke the virtual function lookup in libcxx __locale
e7b0486 : Make clang tools ignore -fcolor-diagnostics and -fdiagnostics-color retrieved from the compilation database.
4b9b292 : ASTTests/DeclTest.cpp: Tweak on msvc target to add "-fno-ms-extensions".
391faea : Fix fallout from r183298, unused function (CollectPrimaryBases) causing the -Werror build to fail
c65ee8f : Fix the DUMP_OVERRIDERS macro in the VTableBuilder.cpp
f19759e : Get rid of VTableContext::ComputeMethodVTableIndices() and VTableContext::getNumVirtualFunctionPointers(); also add some tests for the VTable indices output to make sure we don't regress
5f6e2f4 : PR16214: Debug Info: -flimit-debug-info doesn't omit definitions for types used via typedefs
9adba39 : Default to PIE and using stack protection on OpenBSD.
a4b56d3 : Implement SparcV9ABIInfo::EmitVAArg.
7e9f52f : Fix CoerceIntOrPtrToIntOrPtr on big-endian targets.
90f9ec0 : Heed ABIArgInfo::getInReg() for return values.
211c8dd : Model temporary lifetime-extension explicitly in the AST. Use this model to handle temporaries which have been lifetime-extended to static storage duration within constant expressions. This correctly handles nested lifetime extension (through reference members of aggregates in aggregate initializers) but non-constant-expression emission hasn't yet been updated to do the same.
8c47432 : [ms-cxxabi] Factor out some loops into helpers for readability
25cd4a2 : [libclang] When annotating tokens, don't override a property annotation with a getter/setter method annotation.
2a1551f : Analysis: Add a CFG successor to a SwitchStmt if it is both empty and fully covered
49e1d98 : Added Lexer::getBufferEnd().
48eff6c : Objective-C encoding. Fixes up encodeing for arrays of empty structs. // rdar://14053082 (also pr13062).
7a337af : Parser/Registry argument enhancements.
48b3f0f : Enables chaining of argument adjusters in clang tools.
50c859e : Fix a typo (chek => check)
ec0d96f : Fix linkage computation for local types in template functions.
785f1e7 : Fix typo in comment. Found by -Wdocumentation.
a03209e : Reset the release notes for the 3.4 release.
4d2ea73 : Rephrase asm_mismatched_size_modifier diagnostic. <rdar://problem/14050339>
34f94f9 : Remove some unreachable (and wrong) code and replace it with an assertion.
a7ff62f : Adding support for MSVC #pragma detect_mismatch functionality by emitting a FAILIFMISMATCH linker command into the object file.
c2fe818 : Bound member function diagnostic - suggest no-args calls and note overload candidates
221a890 : Do not report -Wasm-operand-widths for ARM output operands. <rdar://14050337>
048eeea : [analyzer] Enable the new edge algorithm by default.
e624524 : [analyzer; new edges] Omit subexpression back-edges that span multiple lines.
22b0ad2 : [analyzer; new edges] Don't eliminate subexpr edge cycles if the line is long.
3b5977e : [analyzer; new edges] Eliminate "cycle edges" for a single subexpression.
66c2399 : [analyzer; new edges] Extra test case.
9d9b494 : [analyzer; new edges] Improve enclosing contexts for logical expressions.
96f1061 : [analyzer; new edges] Include context for edges to sub-expressions.
01f1ff7 : [analyzer; new edges] Include a top-level function entry edge while optimizing.
2794bc0 : CFG: In a DeclStmt, skip anything that's not a VarDecl.
8fcb045 : Pacify compilers that think you can drop off a fully covered switch.
16b0a31 : UnresolvedMemberExpr should have an expr location of the member (not the base)
c69e173 : __uint128_t is only available on 64 bit platforms, only test it when it's around.
4f37d92 : Add support for .bind("foo") expressions on the dynamic matchers.
75ddd14 : Convert some Unicode whitespace to ASCII whitespace.