JWR64 to JWR66V (4.3_r1) AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Note: JWR64 was not released as a build to the public, but is the common ancestor of the two 4.3 branches (4.3_r1 and 4.3_r2), and so can be used to see the changes from 4.2.2 which went into both branches.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

Project: platform/bootable/recovery

166565f : recovery: sleep after writing partition and closing it
c6ab95e : recovery: write partitions more conservatively
35c474e : recovery: try to write EMMC partitions more reliably

Project: platform/build

c80dc3e : "JWR66V"
3fd8e2e : JWR66U
2452408 : JWR66T
afc26fa : "JWR66S"
f8dfc3e : "JWR66R"
627c2b2 : JWR66Q
2f47c8f : JWR66P
be90175 : JWR66O
92081e6 : Remove mediarouter v7 support library from SDK.
310c2d3 : JWR66N
3e7a208 : JWR66M
8168ebb : JWR66L
8a9f5ca : JWR66K
42cd97b : JWR66J
8864c28 : JWR66I
d6da9bb : JWR66H
337ee5b : JWR66G
3fbee5a : JWR66F
1104a50 : JWR66E
dd4fad0 : JWR66D
c864743 : JWR66C
664a0bb : JWR66B
afeb5b4 : JWR66
1ce7555 : JWR65
3f7da79 : JWR64B

Project: platform/cts

56fc374 : CTS: whitelist /dev/pts
a43bf0e : Revert "Add extra conditions to test HeaderListViewAdapter isEmpty"
262b134 : Don't test reconfiguration for Vorbis
7f31c0c : No Streaming test plamn. Use: run cts --plan CTS-No-Media-Stream modified: tools/utils/buildCts.py

Project: platform/development

b2ce8ab : Remove mediarouter v7 support library from SDK.
9fe3f5e : Redefine content position in milliseconds instead of seconds.
ec0f8c2 : Update the SDK API Data.
15fcd98 : Update media router api.
e6230b8 : Fix support version.
2fc7365 : Update revision of SDK component for the new release. do not merge.

Project: device/asus/flo

8576ccf : Sensors: modify /persist/lightsensor permission
35947fb : Remove mobile network support
8a0474a : resolve conflict and cherry-pick b0fc2287a1b0e863b5e2c4202868a0dbcfd79b96
09dd2b2 : Camera: modify /persist/camera_calibration permission
5df41b4 : Flo: NFC: Disable poll for Nfc-A/Nfc-F active.
566dc97 : Revert "(HACK) flo: decrease video bitrate for 720p to handle low fps"
6f3b8e4 : Fix white LED permission.
3e0390f : Remove barometer and proximity configs
89934d8 : media_profiles: Change QVGA frameRate to 30fps
616a067 : Update headphones volume warning threshold
63c806d : Update flo overlays with tablet settings (not phone)
dad8bb5 : Revert "flo: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps."
7ba78f5 : Change default wallpaper.
dbc2b55 : Remove telephony features from flo/deb common config
f41f2ac : Flo/Deb support OpenGL ES 3.0
dbc3157 : flo: clean up ueventd permissions
76ee0de : Remove telephony features from flo/deb common config
5339bcd : flo: clean up ueventd permissions
ccc0bd4 : Flo/Deb support OpenGL ES 3.0

Project: device/asus/grouper

c2e5ac1 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
e441e92 : grouper: update kernel prebuilt
bcab814 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel

Project: device/generic/goldfish

4ff83db : Flush QemuPipeStream when needed

Project: device/lge/mako

d81b3aa : Revert "Revert WCNSS config and NV items back to MR1.1"
42abbdc : Revert WCNSS config and NV items back to MR1.1
46fc0d8 : mako: properly disable ARP offload
c29a083 : Revert "wlan: Enable ARP Offload"
af593e3 : mako: remove overlay related to tether_apndata
c078b59 : camera: enabling HW encoder in all cases
33f6c7c : Revert "Mako: Fix sdcard permissions for native apps."

Project: device/sample

3cb3bc5 : [sample] update APN for Argentina
a06c0f6 : [sample] add APN for GCI (Alaska local operator)

Project: device/samsung/manta

1358c7d : prebuilt kernel (ashmem fix)
50f2d6b : Fix regression on audio effects for VOICE_RECOGNITION source
ad7872f : DO NOT MERGE: prebuilt kernel (jb-mr2. disable modules)
a7f0edc : Take: 39c61e2020fed5ab8fb4df3d9c9c28f1e5de2f91
e90841b : Take: e4fdeb04e97a5e06a730649dde71813d920a7f16

Project: device/samsung/tuna

78eeb75 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (ashmem deadlock)
2d045d7 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (no modules)

Project: platform/external/android-clat

815d325 : Remove debug tag from the clatd.conf build target

Project: platform/external/bluetooth/bluedroid

b7ea70c : Do not abort bonding if link disconnects during SDP after Auth cmplt

Project: platform/external/chromium-trace

f109fc8 : systrace: remove the use of a Python 2.7 function
6de8cfa : systrace: add support for older platform versions.

Project: platform/external/icu4c

12f19bd : Switch to TL instead of ₺ for the TRY currency.

Project: platform/frameworks/av

1b88b41 : Update HTTP proxy configuration for all media playback inside stagefright.
45e3065 : audioflinger: fix effects on direct output threads
98be7e0 : camera2/3: Fix deadlock take picture while preview callback
e10dc92 : camera3: Fix crash in set error state.
08419c3 : camera2/3: Add protection to callback processing call
5c192e5 : Camera2/3: Move recording frame processing to its own thread.
fb86ab8 : stagefright: Fix port-reconfiguration & output-buffer-filled race condition
0e754b8 : Camera2/3: Don't trigger AF when in INFINITY focus mode.

Project: platform/frameworks/base

2e55547 : Revert "Stop marking gamepads as keyboards"
1f902a5 : Revert "Temporarily disable 'Scan Always' mode"
58101e2 : Expose latency methods through AudioManager and AudioTrack.
fa62202 : Temporarily disable 'Scan Always' mode
d971caa : Fix out of range glCopyTexImage2D Bug #9425270
937db2d : When a new user AID is generated, dump it to dropbox
f63fdf8 : Recreate TextureView's display list on attach Bug #9425270
46bb6d6 : Fix power issues around wifi scans.
8d41901 : Improper initialization of the accessibility manager service.
b301684 : Revert "wifi: Get full scan results"
c931032 : add ViewGroup's layoutMode attribute to public resources bug: 9359960
0e57464 : Temporarily restore some support for icon==0 notifications.
b44d66f : Revert "Make implementation of isEmpty consistent with implementation of getCount in HeaderListViewAdapter"
aab3453 : Fix logspam when battery sysfs file not available.
5ac1243 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c4a12e1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a8489be : Allow carrier provisioning to turn toggle radio power.
2797994 : Fixing issue where AppWidgetHost.onProvidersChanged() was not being called. (Bug 9270309)
0041684 : Need to explicitly disable scan-always when turning off wifi
d61650a : Let RemoteControlDisplay know more about playback position
05e2b6b : Unhide MediaExtractor.getPsshInfo()
45bd14f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
89581ae : Do not allow 0 or smaller periodicity for syncs. b/9295383
e18b34d : Save Notification large icon to extras.
cc65fbc : Workaround possible use after delete
9698fa4 : Do not block notifications or toasts for SYSTEM_UID or PHONE_UID.
3ad5dfd : Don't orphan footers with transient state Bug #8725945
9e87efb : Avoid logging sensitive data.
d270028 : Maybe fix issue #9296868: Crash in system process
5087b7f : Fix regression in long-press home behavior on tablets.
3f77c59 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
85eae9c : Create missing Uids when recording network stats.
c81085a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b0a88e5 : Apply scan-always setting to initial wifi state.

Project: platform/frameworks/native

439b197 : Find non-extension GLES wrappers in eglGetProcAddress
0c9a590 : Prevent IPCThreadState::joinThreadPool from spinning on unexpected error

Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

aa1c2d8 : Fail on permanent errors in DcTracker.
fa503a5 : Do not retry forever in DataConnection.

Project: platform/frameworks/rs

c09485a : Fix Vine crash.
67dff6f : Fix crash in Vine

Project: platform/frameworks/support

e5c9028 : Fix ABC CollapsibleActionViews on ICS+
88268f6 : Redefine content position in milliseconds instead of seconds.
e5fa1a4 : Update media router remote playback protocol.
b6b14e4 : Ensure native Action Mode position on HC
81df381 : Remove Native Action Bar support for Honeycomb

Project: platform/frameworks/testing

13d258c : change verbose mode default to true and change param accordingly
469b553 : guard against use of UiDevice prior to its initialization

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/audio

518da37 : hal: Fix Hangout and Voice call concurrency issue

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/display

167a16a : overlay: Add tolerance to downscale factor
3035250 : hwc: Clear rotator map if overlay allocation fails
b591254 : Add support for white LEDs

Project: platform/hardware/samsung_slsi/exynos5

27b308b : libcamera2: add hardwareLevel to camera metadata

Project: platform/libcore

339f18f : Values in ZIP files are unsigned.
554f256 : Fix zone.tab parsing.
14ef82a : NativeCrypto: handle X.509 serial number 0

Project: platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth

cc74698 : ignore invlaid play position update from remote control client.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Calendar

e04e18f : Redisabling Calendar app for limited users

Project: platform/packages/apps/Contacts

8668851 : Fix group list view on 10" tablet landscape mode.
e2becb1 : Fix RTL layout for 10" tablet in landscape mode.

Project: platform/packages/apps/DeskClock

ef71945 : Prevent silent ringtone to be the default one.
26b65f6 : Don't update timer notification unnecessarily.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Dialer

1dfd015 : Fix crash in Dialer in landscape mode

Project: platform/packages/apps/Gallery2

b577ee1 : Fix text size in the state panel
2e03a84 : Update preview size for focus manager after rotation
6278392 : am 8bb4e1a0: Fixes reading exif tags in editor.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Nfc

7b88742 : Properly dispatch "play key" into the system.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Phone

3c10474 : Allow carrier provisioning to turn toggle radio power.
044c82b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

9b70a21 : Fix NullPointerException at RunningState
af44249 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
310f94e : Don't show ApnEditor as a dialog
8b5e2f4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e108d69 : Allow hidden apps to opt-out
8059e00 : resolved conflicts for merge of 5d21820a to jb-mr2-dev
14e26fe : Fix issue #9074296: Device Admins can activate in a way...
bc63004 : Ensure all active Device Admins are listed.
9c14c8d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/inputmethods/LatinIME

c597da4 : Add HTC One special edition (DO NOT MERGE)

Project: platform/packages/providers/ContactsProvider

496a621 : White list file names and do not allow ".."