JZO54K (4.1.2_r1) to JOP40C (4.2_r1) AOSP changelog

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

Project: platform/bionic

a811d7a : Upgrade to tzdata2012h.
f0e402d : Upgrade to tzdata2012g.
2c287e9 : Set up the private variables.
3ef4fec : bionic: update processed msm_mdp.h
2e0452c : bionic: update processed msm_vidc_enc.h
f84bc8d : Test flags before using "info"
204b26b : bionic: Update msm_mdp.h with new MSMFB_OVERLAY_COMMIT ioctl
f4b34b6 : DO NOT MERGE Revert "Add the libcutils localtime_tz and mktime_t extensions to bionic."
95a7a64 : Use hidden visibility for several internal-use-only functions.
988ff8f : [MIPS] Add CONFIG_32BIT to kernel_default_arch_macros for MIPS. Some of the required structure definitons are defined under this macro.
f707007 : bionic: Update MDP header for sync
a9dca77 : Update ion header to add FLAG_CACHED_NEEDS_SYNC
02e0678 : Update headers for Adreno graphics driver
88f1ea8 : Make pthread_create more forgiving of invalid sched_policy. Bug: 7005326
e583032 : Make pthread_create more forgiving of invalid sched_policy. Bug: 7005326
4198fa4 : Don't copy strerror(3) or strsignal(3) strings if we can share.
e249b05 : Fix <sys/klog.h> to correspond to the kernel operations.
5e58ea0 : libc: add ftw / nftw functions
965b867 : Update libc/NOTICE and record the incantation.
8a05a01 : Print out shared app gids correctly
2a54e5e : Add tests for Android-specific stubs
b5f053b : Make strerror(3) and strsignal(3) thread-safe, and add psignal(3) and psiginfo(3).
88b61cb : Upgrade to tzdata2012f.
38bfa21 : Fix Mac build.
e007775 : Add libdl into libc_malloc_debug_leak build
acf5aa7 : Added new test for dlopen which is failing for MIPS.
86ec05a : Update the kernel headers to match external/kernel-headers.
0d207ba : Backwards and forwards compatibility for an upcoming <sys/socket.h> change.
b03bc56 : [MIPS] Check error status from pipe system call
e77e1af : Add tty defaults to bionic
3a936a4 : Add the libcutils localtime_tz and mktime_t extensions to bionic.
12949e5 : Rename crtstart variables as crtbegin, to match reality.
cf46487 : Generate header dependency makefiles for the crt*.o
4d014e1 : Add more pthreads tests.
048569b : Rename __dso_handle_so.c to __dso_handle_so.h
1ad05db : Add mlockall and munlockall for Google TV.
09f76cd : Fix build warning of initialization but no use.
183d0a5 : Update msm_ion.h ioctls so they dont conflict with ion.h
85811fc : Revert "msm_ion: switch to using legacy_ion.h"
dc81b44 : Revert "add legacy_ion.h"
bfeab1b : Don't corrupt the thread list in static executables.
2e8f434 : Add missing dependencies.
63deae5 : Add missing MALLOC_FAILURE_ACTION calls to dlmalloc.
5ac9eee : bionic: Fix TINY_ANDROID build
9549238 : termios: add tcdrain
1ad10a5 : Add getsid system call to bionic
3e2d293 : Avoid malloc lock while calling pthread_atfork.
c6d95ad : Upgrade to dlmalloc 2.8.6.
e9b6fc6 : Improve the dynamic linker diagnostics.
829c089 : disable _FORTIFY_SOURCE under clang
c4d1fec : Clean up warnings in the malloc_debug_* files.
66edcd9 : msm_ion: switch to using legacy_ion.h
5f1d206 : add legacy_ion.h
e0d6801 : Revert "Revert "Restore posix_memalign""
2c344d3 : Revert "Revert "Upgrade to dlmalloc 2.8.5.""
6fa20f8 : Revert "Update ion header"
d39c3ab : linker: Fix ARM_R_COPY relocations
144c291 : ARM: warn about atexit() calls from legacy shared libraries
f3cfcd8 : ARM: make CRT_LEGACY_WORKAROUND work as intended
c230928 : ARM: remove dummy entries from .so init_array/fini_array
19c0b80 : :Revert "Update ion header"
3ad36e5 : bionic: update sanitized MSM, V4L2 kernel headers
3697b52 : Allow linker to compile with -DLINKER_DEBUG=1
eb75db7 : Update ion header
561bf16 : Revert "Upgrade to dlmalloc 2.8.5."
453294d : Revert "Restore posix_memalign"
f72ee26 : Revert "Upgrade to dlmalloc 2.8.5."
78a3069 : Revert "Restore posix_memalign"
0a150ea : libc: remove ctors/dtors sections
404e28f : hardening: remove pointless ARM __get_pc() function
974e16c : update linux/sync.h
c0b4d18 : Use unambiguous mnemonics
5ed48a4 : ARM: make sure __on_dlclose() actually gets called
2f7d7c6 : Enclosed functions in fenv.h with __BEGIN_DECLS/__END_DECLS
bfc1d97 : Restore posix_memalign
cc1f4ac : Restore posix_memalign
9990891 : Upgrade to dlmalloc 2.8.5.
2932f04 : Fix race condition in pthread_create()
6d6731a : Always define the 64-bit int types.
b7beb69 : Add link.h for all platforms with dl_phdr_info
ce5ba8b : Added missing cache failed notification
7b841f3 : Don't over-generalize makefiles. Host modules always build. This isn't needed on eng builds.
04a83a4 : Enhance getcwd(3) to handle NULL like glibc.
9862f5e : bionic: add macro protection for MALLOC_ALIGNMENT
52bf2d5 : Add clean kernel header for uhid.
22d366c : enable clone system call for x86
105bc26 : Fix comment typos.
32dbc03 : Regenerate all NOTICE files with the latest version of the script.
cc213f8 : Switch to the current NetBSD regex implementation.
261e223 : Sort NOTICE entries.
bedfe38 : More cleanup.
056b4bc : update msm_mdp.h header to support vsync
77b2570 : update processed msm_camera.h and msm_isp.h
74c0464 : Update MS_ mount flags, define unshare() syscall.
82393de : Update MS_ mount flags, define unshare() syscall.
12c78bb : linker: avoid clobbering the .dynamic section of shared libs
409302f : Switch to upstream NetBSD tdelete/tfind/tsearch.
3d2d448 : Fix nice...
de727ca : Clean up warnings in stubs.cpp.
bf9441e : Handle naming for system uids running as secondary users
ae5c644 : Add dependencies on all the makefiles.
c60a002 : Handle naming for system uids running as secondary users
7d9f1c4 : Update arch-mips/asm/unistd.h for the newer syscalls
9181a5d : Fix module constructor order.
5135b3a : linker: don't perform unnecessary mprotects
a4c7933 : MIPS support to the libc Makefile
06f0e74 : Set the dynamic field in the link map for the linker itself.
6eee1fc : crtend*: Add GNU_STACK note
e36c826 : Add unshare() syscall.
01030e6 : Fix typo in SIGTTOU description.
f8b3a92 : Revert "Revert "Switch to NetBSD's strxfrm(3).""
8793e7c : Revert "Switch to NetBSD's strxfrm(3)."
5467f25 : Add unshare() syscall.
be1d78b : Switch to NetBSD's strxfrm(3).
abd1001 : MIPS support to sigsuspend and sigwait routines
387d4b7 : Auto-generate a complete NOTICE file.
df67537 : Remove ThirdPartyProject.prop.
a554212 : Remove the last .jam file.
57e6d9a : Fix x86 build.
76be660 : Clean up libc/Android.mk a bit after the crtbrand changes.
4688279 : Clean up the linker a bit, remove prelinking support.
f4497e1 : When compiling with clang, don't "fortify_source" the strlcpy and strlcat.
a72246d : When compiling with clang, don't "fortify_source" the strlen.
5fec211 : Revert "Fix the clang build: this compiler doesn't support the gnu_inline function attribute"
d600617 : When compiling with clang, don't "fortify_source" the strlcpy and strlcat.
9a3d53f : When compiling with clang, don't "fortify_source" the strlen.
2b7f68c : Revert "Fix the clang build: this compiler doesn't support the gnu_inline function attribute"
5f0701c : Update msm_camera.h to version that supports instance handle based lookup
bbf094f : Remove yet more SH4 cruft.
c164f2a : bionic: modify syscall to use 6 registers to pass parameter.
0946513 : Upgrade to tzdata2012e.
4f1f149 : Fix the clang build: this compiler doesn't support the gnu_inline function attribute
bdcc14d : Remove an awkward #include that is no longer upstream.
6437eac : MIPS support to sys/ headers
1c30398 : [MIPS] Support for TLS register
405b802 : MIPS support for libc.
ecb53ea : Fix a ENOTUP/ENOTSUP typo.
d7daacb : MIPS support to the linker
da26110 : Error numbers are target specific.
cbbe952 : Update msm_camera.h to version that supports instance handle based lookup
c29f295 : Updated the cleaned header file mman.h for MIPS.
2270dfa : fix __cxa_finalize() implementation to be thread safe.
ea8fad1 : Add a .note.android.ident section to Android ELF binaries.
4e86ebb : Had include/arm/fenv.h, but missed include/mips/fenv.h.
fc0725e : Install crt(begin|end)_so.o to target library path.
52d6233 : Report errors to the log, not just stderr.
8dfc073 : Fix a TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY usage error in the linker.
c20d0f3 : Correction to use of TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY in send_prop_msg
3460db9 : bionic: Stack pointer/signal race condition.
541c225 : Remove the 'Factory' time zone by not processing the 'factory' file.
9145ad3 : vfprintf: fix spelling.
00a66a6 : [MIPS] Use an aligned address to provoke SIGSEGV in abort()
958dad7 : Fix implementation of generic atomic operations
f7fb9e1 : [MIPS] Add atomic routines
5d967e4 : Upgrade to tzdata2012d.
2730674 : bionic: Update MDP and rotator headers
0351955 : Update time.h for CLOCK_BOOTTIME.
8958a38 : Update time.h for CLOCK_BOOTTIME.
3e210ab : Adding msm_dsps.h header
8211bc6 : linker: cleanup of undefined state handling, which is really dead code
439fa8e : linker: Use SHN_UNDEF instead of describing what it is trying to do.
856512e : Use std=gnu99 for the dynamic linker as well as libc.
bb5c30a : bionic: Report linker relocation address to gdb
326e85e : linker: Fix LD_PRELOADS for calling constructors
c37fc1a : FORTIFY_SOURCE: revert memcpy changes.
260bf8c : FORTIFY_SOURCE: strlen check.
b2060b0 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: restore __memcpy_chk()
c7dcd67 : Add missing va_end() to prevent stack corruptions
f3913b5 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: enhanced memcpy protections.
e64259e : memmove: Don't call memcpy if regions overlap
6334c66 : Don't use -fstack-protector on ssp.c
6331db3 : limits.h: Include page.h when relying on PAGE_SIZE
a3e230d : FORTIFY_SOURCE: Add openat, fix bug
965dbc6 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: add fgets support.
3fc3b7f : Update msm headers for audio, camera, ion, charm, rmnet
05ad617 : bionic: Update msm_mdp.h from the kernel
402b93c : update linux/fb.h to support fb ioctl in kernel 3.4
cb228fb : libc: cleanups
8118f62 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: add open() checks
b52e438 : linker: improve loadable segment protection.
63f99f4 : linker: simplify code for dynamic and ARM exidx sections.
bea23e5 : linker: rename load_offset to load_bias.
23363ed : linker: avoid mapping the whole library before load.
a6545f4 : linker: Add PAGE_START/OFFSET/END convenience macros
c1bd559 : linker: New sources to manage the ELF program header table.
29aa009 : Enable sqrtf() x86 assembly code
20bc061 : Add module base to main executable's ARM_exidx.
3fad2b1 : Use sanitized video decode/encode header files
240b334 : bionic: Update MDP and KGSL headers
6973e3d : Define __stack_chk_fail_local.S
166b7db : linker: reduce size by nearly 20KB
70f6901 : libc: make atoi, atol, and atoll pure functions
8df49ad : FORTIFY_SOURCE: add strlcpy / strlcat support
420f493 : Add watchdog.h
b27631b : Don't mark realloc with __attribute__((malloc))
1608416 : linker: small code-cleanup
9b549c3 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: add sprintf / vsprintf support
d1a6918 : update filter.h / prctl.h / seccomp.h
cffdf66 : FORTIFY_SOURCE: add snprintf, vsnprintf
4c19e4f : Remove an obsolete jamfile.
85b06f9 : inet_ntop: pass the size of tmp to snprintf()
6d3f548 : Modify ion header
c3d45b8 : Remove the meaningless on Linux if_dl.h header.
5056f1f : Remove the meaningless on Linux if_dl.h header.
29d03a8 : add processed sound/tlv.h header
3cb8cde : add processed genlock.h for qualcomm
524c87c : Added event logging for some spoofed DNS queries.
009f384 : Added actual event logging calls to the FORTIFY_SOURCE methods.
76656af : _FORTIFY_SOURCE: check for integer overflows
8b11c4c : Adding event logging to libc.
71a18dd : _FORTIFY_SOURCE: add memset / bzero support
a985076 : Fix sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF) on ARM.
470631e : Give the timer_create SIGEV_THREAD helper threads sensible names.
0a23015 : libc: implement some FORTIFY_SOURCE functions
f186a18 : Support non-zero p_vaddr in first PT_LOAD segment
9d40326 : arm: rewrite crtbegin* as C files.
83a73d1 : crtbegin: eliminate duplicate code
75917c8 : Use mmap to read an initial ELF header of library
e33af61 : Remove the last references to SuperH.
fc9e525 : Rename the misleading var name TARGET_OUT_STATIC_LIBRARIES
dcbc378 : Make the linker relocatable.
e742c1f : linker: set LOCAL_NO_CRT := true
077891b : linker: Fix the computation of si->base
6cdefd0 : Add linker support for PIE
c425bc0 : bionic: add clean kernel header ucontext.h
1928523 : Actually set the header guard in "linux-syscalls.h".
1fa0d84 : [MIPS] Add support for MIPS syscalls
2fd81ef : bionic: allow the board to customize MALLOC_ALIGNMENT
0753dc6 : pthread: Invalidate stale stack pointers on pthread_exit()
eda7be4 : Implement the "abort" stub in assembly for ARM.
017f438 : Implement the "abort" stub in assembly for ARM.
c47703a : bionic/x86: Optimization for memcpy
5982e33 : Cherry-pick "generate PIC code".
d0c884d : Let pthread_create fail if schedparam can't be set
a59cfcf : Avoid multiple dns lookups for the same query
a2758f1 : libc: stop using the custom linker script
7f5aa4f : bionic: fix integer overflows in chk_malloc(), leak_malloc(), and leak_memalign()
fe6338d : Adjust memcpy for ARM Cortex A9 cache line size
726800e : MIPS support to libm, libdl and libthread_db
7735a38 : Update s_fabsl.c to upstream head.
6baffed : Add the posix_memalign(3) function to bionic
e328ce6 : [MIPS] Fix the warning originating from the kernel header signal.h. This is a clean header generated from the corresponding change in external/kernel-headers repository. (CL 35760)
dd16182 : Remove expired dns cache entries before removing oldest

Project: platform/bootable/bootloader/legacy

3c491d6 : delete bootable/bootloader/legacy

Project: platform/bootable/diskinstaller

1056008 : host modules don't need LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS

Project: platform/bootable/recovery

6016d08 : recovery: fix failure to unmount "/cache"
8347cb2 : revert to tacky 3D recovery animation
6c8553d : display error state on OTA failure
cda00bb : tweak recovery text images
ea6b2a7 : localization for recovery messages
b66cb69 : tweak recovery text images
5fa8c23 : localization for recovery messages
52eeea4 : minor recovery fixes
2766578 : fix format of installing_text
f4c6ec8 : fix format of installing_text
8b240cc : recovery locale handling fixes
91eb721 : Add libm due to libpng dependency.
4f33e55 : change recovery images to android with spinner
02ec6b8 : add simple text to recovery UI
edc5d17 : Fixing trivial warnings for libminui
0298ec2 : Fix multiple defined symbol errors
4f66d55 : Fixed unused param warnings for check-lost+found
76b6666 : Fixed warnings in libmtdutils
a3ccba6 : add bonus data feature to imgdiff/imgpatch/applypatch
f510f06 : recovery: import init.recovery.${ro.hardware}.rc
a23075f : fix the symlink() command to create directories if needed
1749527 : support version 2 (2048-bit e=65537) keys in recovery
4eeb379 : Use the static version of libsparse
6396e70 : Multiple modules with the same name are going away.
c0481af : host modules don't need LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS
862d026 : minui: fix screen update issue
cde94f3 : Link against libsparse
0e34880 : graphics: add support for "single buffering"
9c5efe6 : allow double-quotes or not in TARGET_RECOVERY_PIXEL_FORMAT
956cde8 : Add mode when open(O_CREAT) is used.
eef790d : Use a dependency file to replace the list file.

Project: platform/build

3f0e092 : JOP40C
7f8d110 : JOP40B
8803150 : JOP40
46527fe : JOP39B
81d04b7 : JOP39
b8162b2 : JOP38C
0138951 : Collapse multiple --extra-packages into one.
baa786d : JOP38B
4afe3ef : JOP38
c3102ba : JOP37B
1818ea8 : Add dev settings to emulator.
d67bdb4 : JOP37
39737e6 : JOP36
ff34440 : JOP34
fdb9350 : JOP33
a6d6187 : JOP32C
3618379 : JOP32B
3de803e : JOP32
d78354d : add css animation videos
2d0ea5b : JOP31
b3a7adf : JOP30C
773c4ad : JOP30B
24ffc43 : JOP30
e5eabd4 : JOP29
72ec23a : JOP26B
5e6de32 : JOP26
eda9d28 : JOP24G
d8e2545 : JOP24F
c5c150b : JOP24E
9e85098 : JOP24D
f4f46dc : JOP24C
27ac665 : update class header for deprecated info
d125b70 : JOP24B
49b8650 : JOP24
7267bb8 : JOP23E
c8a063a : JOP23D
f68ebc3 : JOP23C
a965f6c : JOP23B
cfe2f52 : JOP23
0e58570 : fix spacing in carousel text for Develop homepage
887da0a : JOP22B
fa09c35 : JOP22
301ed15 : JOP21
9674728 : JOP20
2f0223a : JOP19B
a4df72f : JOP19
ccd2ef6 : JOP18
beb84e3 : JOP17C
1e9aa0b : JOP17B
1f62f07 : JOP17
046127a : JOP16B
1c6fa68 : JOP16
8a0808b : JOP15
4bfb52d : JOP14
2297ace : Doc change: clean up a few stray css files. These are moved to frameworks/base/docs/image_sources/*.
e9d3dd6 : JOP13
7708059 : JOP12D
0f72aa6 : JOP12C
7c9f904 : JOP12B
c54eaf4 : JOP12
c58b194 : Delete the unused LOCAL_POST_PROCESS_COMMAND.
b78e720 : JOP11B
8f20607 : Doc change: add new items to qv and adjust height.
0ab6e3e : Add support for building Filterscript files.
11b15b1 : Resovle symlink in findmakefiles in envsetup.sh
7240549 : Convert to relative path for CleanSpec.mk
b21b637 : JOP11
bc1e541 : JOP10E
a3f11e6 : Add the new 'settings' shell tool to the build
07da118 : JOP10D
57ddcb1 : Support to build executables against the NDK
fc7d0c7 : JOP10C
8a0bada : JOP10B
9f4f06f : JOP10
392b864 : JOP09D
9d37c68 : DO NOT MERGE: better late than never: fix build id for JB MR1
a0b204b : JOP09C
672dc69 : JOP09B
26375f7 : JOP08
3dbf42b : JOP08wq!
0a16048 : JOP09
ada6ef0 : JOP08B
e6850d2 : fix layout bug on API Guide landing pages
8a2f6e5 : JOP08
2f3197d : JOP07D
2841fd4 : JOP07C
0dac92f : JOP07B
de5ce16 : JOP07
9caec8e : JOP05E
4020b35 : JOP05D
6c87251 : JOP05C
f6e6bf7 : add mip32 stuffs to clang's unknown flag list
56dc102 : JOP05B
8f45639 : JOP05
4c1e352 : JOP04C
533aa6f : JOP04B
4791318 : JOP04
fb03fb3 : Store vendor module owner info on the build server.
46c5804 : add analytics tracking event for sdk/ndk downloads
7283b21 : JOP03B
c270104 : JOP03
a4888dc : adjust position of prev/next links at bottom of page to account for russian string length
f3d0104 : DO NOT MERGE cherrypick from jb-dev Change-Id: Iaab2b30349943a236607d54394019fa8d89de800
6eb95f1 : DO NOT MERGE cherypick from jb-dev Change-Id: Ifcae4fcf716c8bb48f3ff18f17313b3f131c3f73
aa2ce5d : DO NOT MERGE cherrypick from jb-dev Change-Id: I90412e1e03a2676d927796187fe811481bf38455 add localize langs for global strings
24bbcd5 : DO NOT MERGE cherrypick from jb-devChange-Id: I6eb11d3629dd13d2c7ac297cc9fa3828ed59f170 add style for code captions; ignore sidenav headers for HRs
52948fc : DO NOT MERGE cherrypick from jb-dev Change-Id: I792cca40a4cca6f811d1528219e51b3895d4d626 create consistent spacing between lists and the paragraphs within them
0c81a13 : provide more width for buttons in training top nav to accomodate longer strings from translation
235f4d4 : refactor the logic for changing languages in global strings. instead of using separate <span> elements for each language, provide a unique attribute in each <a> element for each localized version of that link's title.
f2d21ab : JOP02B
dd3d3ee : add localize langs for global strings
f1c1e1b : JOP02
76a6dc3 : Fix common typo in comments, warning and error messages.
e53439b : JOP01B
4445685 : JOP01
aa105d8 : JOO92B
d58fb4f : JOO92
bd9d29b : JRO03X
54fa8c3 : Load only the current product config makefile.
c088beb : JOO90B
9cb3731 : Run clean steps in only given paths when using mm/mmm
9792571 : JOO90
d30b099 : JOO89C
8d1730d : JOO89B
0bc0394 : Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Android 4.2 API 17!
edf8e12 : JOO89
68948a9 : JOO88C
6b9549f : Make runhat command work again.
055d880 : JOO88B
366e376 : JOO88
2d42874 : JOO87E
4aea0ed : JOO87D
7e6e7d8 : JOO87C
d6c869b : JOO87B
e128d8d : JOO87
00a95f3 : JOO86B
53e7142 : Revert "Include videoeditor_jni in sdk product build."
6554982 : JOO86
04873af : Add the new NanumGothic makefile to the build
1601c69 : JOO85B
f8f2b02 : Ignore support library Proguard warning
6be506f : JOO85
bee64ff : JOO84
57b9a0d : JOO83C
7ede0cf : Include videoeditor_jni in sdk product build.
ee6f549 : JOO83B
582db97 : add style for code captions; ignore sidenav headers for HRs
997e629 : Include videoeditor_jni in sdk product build.
9fcb198 : JOO83
320b94d : fix PDK build
cb99c22 : Use prebuilt for PDK builds.
038fef8 : JOO82C
4b0486b : Allow to tag owner to PRODUCT_COPY_FILES
5beb5bb : JOO82B
6530b38 : fix PDK build
6ce87a1 : fix merge-event-log-tags.py deprecation warning
3849760 : ISSUE 6849488 Bluedroid stack, remove system/bluetooth.
295cf57 : Use prebuilt for PDK builds.
5bdf305 : Move AndroidConfig.h from system/core to the build project.
cd22a00 : JOO82
4da2f9c : Use prebuilt signapk.jar for unbundled branch.
53e104e : JOO81C
c84fa35 : JOO81B
ed43a01 : JOO81
147626e : change SignApk.java to use bouncy castle for signing
6e9125b : JOO80C
c255fa3 : JOO80B
7039b4a : create consistent spacing between lists and the paragraphs within them
973c18c : JOO80
9abc4e2 : JOO79B
58ed221 : JOO79
990d9c7 : JOO78B
18b111e : JOO78
00e8485 : JGO77
5db9eba : JOO76E
9163bac : JOO76D
62e2f88 : JOO76C
53aa4e5 : JOO76B
a3f2838 : JGO76
a068907 : Update version number for AOSP master
259cd96 : JOO76
2028de7 : JOO75B
84f3b02 : Remove WebViewDream from the build.
0240574 : JGO75
6cc77ba : JOO75
c2796eb : JOO74D
e60a2e8 : JOO74C
cbd588f : JOO74B
5b5ff1a : more specific selector for new blockquote style to fix regressions on other pages that use <blockquote>
7da95f7 : JGO74
605c864 : JOO74
bc2406e : Add openssl to TINY_ANDROID build
3319f00 : JOO73D
6b2dc27 : add 'small' style for long headings in Training courses
6adcf01 : android.core.vm-tests-tf.jar path changed to HOST JAVA_LIBRARIES.
7810dee : JOO73C
a33e3b8 : JGO73
9223519 : JOO73B
11d17ed : JOO73
818fe62 : JOO72C
accba1e : JOO72B
987332e : JGO72
04ba21a : JOO72
d56a49b : JOO71B
d86c56d : JGO71
9a53a7d : JOO71
43093b8 : JOO68E
95b1b45 : JGO70
c23f4ef : Add transform-d-to-p-args
229166e : JOO68D
65511c0 : fix script bug. we were running some scripts that are only used in the reference
7839241 : JRO03W
0527b10 : JRO69
16dfdcc : JGO69
2b49995 : JOO68C
248961c : JGO68
2686236 : JGO67
8fb9487 : JOO68B
7d86247 : Clean step for libc.
63c3871 : Clean up the crt*.o files.
6806adb : JOO68
619fccf : Remove duplicate src:dest pairs in PRODUCT_COPY_FILES
75d6fa1 : JOO67C
ab1e93d : Clean step for libc.
65eb24d : JOO67B
ef48bc1 : JOO67
1a09726 : fix possible build break
1155427 : JOO66B
8f8b0df : JOO66
5794e58 : JOO65
652069a : JOO61F
eeed3cf : Add basic Dreams set to builds.
57858e4 : JOO61E
59254f1 : add libsurfaceflinger_ddmconnection to PRODUCT_PACKAGES for PDK build
b23b98c : JOO61D
47cc1d2 : JOO61C
e087c1d : JOO61B
536c8be : Add make_ext4fs to support installing apps to SD card
d6a4696 : Add make_ext4fs to all builds
d105f9b : JOO61
cdfdac2 : JOO60C
6ca9e60 : JOO60B
9905256 : JRO03V
edfd538 : JRO03V
8b6f24b : JOO60
c2fb239 : Enable stack-protector for x86
e40cd54 : JOO59C
6f4de4b : Allow Java resource in apk.
9d0e07b : JOO59B
c63e072 : JOO59
b205b46 : Use gold linker on x86
26c7805 : Add pattern to check for GCC 4.6
2455929 : Keep the emma classes if emma is enabled.
3e500c6 : Automatically add Java resources carried by static Java libraries.
74931cd : Include stock Dreams in the build.
6858d51 : Include all standard shared library paths in /system/lib
75874ca : JRO03U
7c39614 : JOO58B
cc48226 : Define the proper macro "GTEST_OS_LINUX_ANDROID" for native tests.
7263545 : JOO58
d8a3285 : Follow symlinks in findleaves
bf687f8 : JRO03T
66679a1 : JOO54E
f8863ca : JOO54D
7e91484 : JOO54C
489458f : Filter out the overridden packages before doing required module expansion.
7f55e08 : JOO54B
c30c425 : JOO54
779d548 : JOO53B
6392aee : Remove imap2 from build
af4800c : Support EMMA_INSTRUMENT in both full and unbundled builds.
67f0292 : Allow target arch in tapas parameters.
0d98273 : Allow full_x86 and full_mips in unbundled build.
57342f1 : JOO53
1b296b4 : getsdcardpath, getscreenshotpath, getlastscreenshot
ede8e5d : JOO52C
f649352 : JRO03S
dccfa52 : JOO52B
02d75da : android.core.vm-tests-tf.jar path changed to HOST JAVA_LIBRARIES.
691e024 : Build on Mac OS X : add experimental SDK versions
b32161a : change recovery partition construction to use resource .dat
02a2f84 : change target to androideabi
63512ad : JOO52
6c1f9cc : ARM: put crtbegin_so.o at the beginning where it belongs
31ef103 : Added BUILD_HOST_static to build statically linked executable/shared-lib
14b61da : replace apps for PDK
5658887 : include recovery-resource.dat in /system/etc
72d244d : JOO51B
146da4b : JOO51
3032139 : Fix reporting wrong error message for zipalign output file
324c2b2 : Skip the top out directory in mgrep.
19fefd7 : JOO47C
68559da : Install all host modules. Don't filter out ones tagged "optional"
63d56da : Add all the host tools to the list of prerequisites for the SDK.
0ee86a7 : Another error to warning
aa81633 : Make error a warning for now
22273e6 : Move the old user tagged modules over to base.mk so mini and core both share them.
f331945 : More product debugging.
26ead96 : build system changes for jb-aah-dev merge
7549361 : Fail when a non-vendor product references a vendor module.
529302d : Remove support for user tags in the build system.
8cfca47 : List the user modules explicitly, and we can get rid of the support for the user tag!
d23c323 : Dump the user tagged modules.
b4da6b5 : host modules don't need LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS
f85cb7c : Don't give the user tag to host modules automatically.
d6b1d62 : Add a phony "nothing" goal that reads the makefiles but doesn't try to build anything.
cc78804 : Add tool to parse make dependency info from new --deps flag.
6ea77a2 : Use a more modern -j flag.
f5debbf : make product-graph now filtered
52ea916 : JRO03R
da4bf42 : Don't include system/core/include/arch/<arch>/Android.mk for apps-only build.
6e86a57 : add CLANG configurations for MIPS
1eb74dd : load SYSTEM/build.prop into the info_dict
8deff5c : JRO03Q
d96091d : JOO47B
1f93043 : select.mk: Tune ccache options
bc415dd : Support to build emmap_mata.zip in unbundled builds.
b9ef08d : JOO47
e1654ea : The zoneinfo stuff is no longer legacy.
9ceb974 : JOO46C
a8811fd : fix MIPS build
a5b7e89 : JOO46B
a93b122 : build: register BOARD_HAVE_BLUETOOTH_QCOM
8182182 : fix PDK boot issue
0854694 : build: register BOARD_HAVE_BLUETOOTH_QCOM
0f32db1 : JOO46
e656450 : JOO45C
24cd280 : allow diff program to be selected explicitly
307c64c : JOO45B
9d04cc4 : Include FusedLocation.apk on sdk builds too
27d51bf : Force out LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.
54fdb47 : Retire LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.
7f8d0ba : Adopt the new prebuilts/ndk/<number> paths.
e46e860 : Set the AOSP master to be API level 16
85a965e : JOO45
e5cf754 : JOO44B
add1fb4 : JRO03P
82cceba : Move the selinux modules to core PRODUCT_PACKAGES
2358c7c : JOO44
48d55d3 : Include FusedLocation.apk on all builds.
f15a11c : add libstagefright_chromium_http to mini for streaming
ee1809e : JOO40D
5f6c7fd : Remove TARGET_linux-sh.mk.
b238210 : arm: add --warn-shared-textrel
dbf2e79 : JOO40C
8da4310 : MIPS support to *.mk files and envsetup.sh
d1dc01c : JOO40B
720479e : Add make_ext4fs to all builds
cd6afb8 : JOO40
72f0b67 : tidy up building of recovery ramdisk image
79f68bc : Use new flag for emma instrumented build and limit to apps only
9c649a7 : Don't install overridden packages in pdk fusion files.
229dad6 : JOO39B
629c87b : recovery: don't delete hardware specific init*.rc files
4579c9c : JOO39
9c593ce : JOO38B
113e856 : JOO38
2dbd17f : JOO37B
b9201d1 : JRO03O
b1e7059 : JOO37
c10da6c : Add libstagefright and libstagefright_chromium_http to core.mk.
e103e67 : JOO33C
95781f0 : Add imap2 to the build
43c06c9 : JRO03L
ad0fad3 : JRO03K
524b316 : JRO03J
5a62579 : JRO03I
4991dc4 : JOO33B take two
c814bce : Fix build: After merging in Clang, -Wno-psabi is no longer supported.
4c97191 : add extra args to mkbootimg
e7a6d7e : JOO33B
d513160 : add extra args to mkbootimg
21a43ef : JOO33 take two
4da8e12 : keep PLATFORM_ZIP specified explicitly
709f962 : JOO33
2f8c869 : JOO32C
b387f05 : JOO33
add5271 : add missing telephony libs for PDK mini config
7222669 : add symbol files to PDK release for debugging
06afc1c : Support for MIPS Build targets.
1603e3a : Modify full_mips-eng build in line with the full-eng build
551f180 : JOO32
decac39 : JOO31B
ef88e79 : JRO03N
1e54465 : JOO31
75f4c72 : This branch is now JB MR1 development.
c8c68e3 : JRO03M
e2253c0 : JOO30B
ef6573a : JOO30
b09d26a : Add "abcc" (bitcode compiler) and "libportable" into system.img.
228e8cf : Add new vendors
5fb2ef6 : Now zoneinfo prebuilts are Android modules.
7023f61 : Fix build.
5be30d0 : JRO03L
101d32e : Now zoneinfo prebuilts are Android modules.
89fa285 : Add clean step to introduce the newly added BUILD_EMULATOR.
7d8c535 : Fix build.
c741d50 : JOO26B
85f3b21 : definitions.mk: Don't use GCC '@' parameter
0173bc5 : Fix build.
2b93d35 : JOO26
e35a445 : Should have been included in 74e883d1415f68dc52a7e679cd1ea1f486b8d8bb
74e883d : Don't try to build the emulator on Mac OS if the right tools aren't installed.
da6f670 : JRO03K
f116e9b : Add -fuse-ld=bfd to x86 target
bae121a : Add -fuse-ld=bfd to x86 target
7474226 : JOO25
5b014cc : JRO03J
8e8ff1d : JRO24
d43d6f7 : JRO03I
87af4ec : JOO24B
de3edb7 : JOO24
20b1d09 : Add mac_permissions.xml dependency.
6fe6c3c : pdk: add telephony-common and mms-common
42ced6d : x86: cleanups for toolchain
516c242 : JRO03H
c4e790d : Create telephony-common and mms-common - DO NOT MERGE
f34a9ba : core/Makefile: also look for device/*/build/tasks
eb5cbb9 : JRO03G
fb1951e : add TestingCamera to mini for generic PDK
20f8a0a : JRO03F
915b915 : JRO03E
a882cd9 : JRO03D
c16c945 : Create telephony-common and mms-common
9e43f34 : Add property_contexts to SELINUX_DEPENDS.
e691373 : make SignApk faster for OTA packages
9d8a51f : This property is set when HAVE_SELINUX:=true during build.
f173c6b : Change build targets to use Email2/Exchange2
478ba5e : Move the llvm-gcc warning from HOST_darwin-x86.mk to main.mk
f55aeb0 : Don't fail if a target of type NONE has a NOTICE file present
bec4a4b : Disable libcompiler-rt-extras for BUILD_TINY_ANDROID.
fb8cc2d : replace development/data/etc/ to device/generic/goldfish/data/etc
0d570a7 : lint support.
692a3d5 : Revert "Convert LOCAL_LOCAL_JNI_SHARED_LIBRARIES to LOCAL_REQUIRED_MODULES in a full build"
f4d1438 : clean up pdk_config.mk
bffaef2 : Make building an empty static library work.
70dc3e1 : Profiling use aprof, enable by LOCAL_ENABLE_APROF or LOCAL_ENABLE_APROF_JNI
022a7b3 : Fix arm mode for the generated protobuf code.
8e53708 : Don't add COMPILER_RT_CONFIG_EXTRA_STATIC_LIBRARIES if we build against NDK.
46b48e8 : full_x86: use telephony profile
c72f396 : EXPERIMENTAL: Add libcompiler-rt-extras.a to device builds.
6466147 : Don't build userdata.img in tests build.
02eb37c : Fix generic build on Max OS X 10.7 Lion
10f7753 : Tweak cflags for building with SDK 10.6.
51f9bb0 : XCode 4.3+ compatibility check-in
a46c480 : arm: add -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=1 to the default cflags
ec5fe91 : SDK: Use "strip -x" for atree.
d7d0afc : Add the ability in a product spec file to have modules installed for specific variants.
e79fbc3 : Add support for building specific modules with mmm using the following syntax: Build all modules: mmm dir Build a single module: mmm dir:module Build multiple modules: mmm dir:module1,module2 Or in other words:
f70dec9 : This patch addresses the following issues:
644dc16 : Use Mac OS X SDK 10.6.
3ec4061 : We want to clean *darwin-x86* obj files.
98a6ab8 : JFN53N take two
352fd61 : JFN53N
68a5d86 : JFN53M
b77d4d9 : JFN53L
aac25e6 : JFN53K
abf72cf : Use Mac OS X SDK 10.6.
291644e : JFN53J
9d50def : Revert "Use Mac OS X SDK 10.6."
4c1b310 : Use Mac OS X SDK 10.6.
5ccec8a : JFN53I
cea1199 : JFN53H
c3192b3 : x86: Clean up atom vs/ non-atom compiler flags, enable SSSE3
85ca272 : generic_x86: build using the NDK ABI's processor features
52b6317 : gcc 4.6 requires --copy-dt-needed-entries
3d46807 : JFN53G
49bb051 : JFN53F
5b21303 : dalvik heapsize: Remove obsolete flag, set porperty
d3969b6 : JFN53E
468d6a5 : Compile Mac OS binaries with unwind tables for libcorkscrew.
4412133 : Revert "Add module 'idmap'."
e2875fa : JFN51B
7a004a2 : JFN52
b968c85 : Set generic_x86/BoardConfig.mk TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT to x86
5e4072e : JFN47D
d0fbbd3 : JFN47C take 3
3000844 : JFN47C
43d0d65 : JFN47C take 2
7bd7c9b : JFN47C
137f015 : JFN48
112a674 : Add -mno-movbe to disable "movbe" instruction from code-gen
3ccf768 : Move build.prop in factory bundle
e1d191e : Add rules to build the factory bundle.
e44705a : Add copy-many-files macro.
3f7246a : Delete unused variable.
9a0e2f8 : JFN46
b1a4e4e : Delete the misleading var TARGET_OUT_STATIC_LIBRARIES.
ee08fe3 : stop using a custom linker script for static executables.
79154b1 : JFN45
402d7f3 : Use i686-linux-android-4.6 for x86 build
61c37e7 : Update build rule for executable with PRIVATE_ALL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES
b53cc7a : MIPS generic target support
23e7e5a : armelf.xsc: delete unused file.
6f28d97 : x86: customize the malloced address to be 16-byte aligned
35bb642 : Use the same compilation flags on OS X 10.8 as 10.7
020e159 : Enable DRM support in the SDK system image
b268075 : Members in LOCAL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES should be force_loaded.
8ad4bb1 : Turn off adb on user builds.
07fe2cf : Enable sound effect support in the SDK system image
0d07c73 : Force use of compatibility compilers on Apple's command line tools
48cf73b : Restore AOSP-style version numbers - do not merge
3024d23 : Strengthen dependencies on LOCAL_REQUIRED_MODULES
30f6db7 : Move stuff from prebuilt/ to prebuilts/misc
f9613a4 : Added BUILD_HOST_static to build statically linked executable/shared-lib
eb7c4a5 : Add module 'idmap'.
8390638 : Add Esperanto to the list of locales
5d84f16 : TARGET_linux-arm.mk: use single slash version of -print-whatever

Project: platform/cts

1375b66 : Increase timeout for testSetMaxFileSize test
697f564 : add more buffer sizes for dram test
210e6c1 : Camera: Relax video snapshot size requirements.
c9d611f : Camera: Increase timeout for long-running test.
fcda459 : Add a CTS test for when location is already within geofence.
2bc46e6 : Prevent monkey tests from toggling airplane mode
abd7f62 : Revert "Add test for exposed javascript interfaces."
37eaaa0 : Remove tests for Fused Location
1c0bcea : PackageSignatureTest: detect devkeys.
33b3414 : add browser benchmarking
f7b911b : add taskswitching / install time measurement
33ffa2e : Fix race condition causing occasional CTS failures.
b44fc86 : Add more CTS test for TextView and Drawables
b3aa8bd : Tests to ensure FTS3/4 SQLite support.
d63f7cf : Make the cts test record a bit longer
ff4722b : Retry geocode tests 5 times
363d83e : adjust haptic feedback test for device without vibrator
c8eab63 : fix timing issue
207bd1e : Added CTS test for calendarcommon package.
d7dcc04 : increase timeout of H263QcifLong to 11mins
f1d71ef : Remove multi-user OBB tests; verify path security.
184b929 : Fix CTS issue #7379336
1297359 : Record latency test not applicable per revised CDD
6503acb : Added unit test for whenByDay query
8cb5b6b : Improve external storage CTS tests.
69cd844 : Add CTS test for EVENT_REMINDER broadcast during reminder times.
61ca41b : Fix HoloTest instability
3db9ea6 : Location CTS tests without fine permission
2e8627a : Revert "Test that rs_script_call_t works properly."
5a840e5 : Make packet count test more robust
72ebb23 : Test that rs_script_call_t works properly.
31d4d82 : change summary to average/stddev rather than average/worst
759531a : bluetooth CTS test failure.
b749e15 : make reboot default in CTS
b3fe87a : Increase timeout for test
6bcdc7d : Add configChange screenSize
b783be4 : Filter out the overdue location cases in GPS test
93cc2d9 : Add ScriptGroupTest to CTS.
54ea807 : Add test for exposed javascript interfaces.
56fc685 : Tests to verify dump() on services is protected.
429cd4e : CTS tests to verify multi-user emulated storage.
a0030ef : More Holo fixes
b070b70 : VBO test is a known failure
5703707 : Holo assets for TVDPI
0ed72c7 : nuke some android.opengl.cts.AttachShaderTest and NativeAttachShaderTest
70d0023 : nuke RTSP tests from StreamingMediaPlayerTest
b6b69cb : Remove AbsoluteLayout check for AttributeSet NPE
623a64c : remove exception check from RelativeLayout.LayoutParams
66cf41f : change string setting to read to ANDROID_ID
4c4d1a6 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add /data/fics/...
24428b8 : nuke android.opengl.cts.AttachShaderTest#test_glAttachedShaders_attach_same_shader
b1677ec : nuke MediaPlayerFlakyNetworkTest
6edb217 : Fix MediaRandomTest watchdog affecting other tests
b7b3684 : Fix android.hardware.cts.CameraTest#testPreviewFormats
5208c6b : Fix BitmapTest.testCopyPixelsToBuffer()
c8ec132 : CTS change for bug 7301594 Html.toHtml ... invalid html
59c73cb : Fixing the build.
4318021 : Fixing a broken CTS test.
235914c : Fix for bug: 6949347. RelativeLayoutTest#testGenerateLayoutParams1 failure.
5703399 : Fix ViewGroup_MarginLayoutParamsTest failures
2717ed1 : CTS... Bug #6950508
5ea5cd5 : fix android.nativemedia.sl.SLObjectCreationTest#testAudioRecorderCreation test
cc883b9 : Fix android.cts.text.TextUtilsTest#testEllipsize test
176c763 : Wait between setting locations in Geofencing tests
f8d2ee2 : bump up expected version to 4.2 and SDK to 17
22c10fd : Fix density tests.
4615f13 : fix broken ColorBufferTest
7093537 : DO NOT MERGE
4e6d45f : nuke AttachShaderTest#test_glAttachShaders_successfulcompile_attach_invalid_handle_frag - having no crashing stack for wrong parameter is nice to have feature
14a5bfa : add bootup time measurement with infra for host test
2566538 : nuke webkit security tests
c0ef6f8 : comment out testResourceLeakageTest
6cdb868 : Fix orientation test and improve its instructions
95fe677 : Fix incorrect tests Bug #7262921 Bug #7198966 Bug #7203333
b83981c : Call makeComplete() on Location object.
813d61b : remove navigation bar related changes which break in some devices
1f07cb6 : Tests that are supposed to fail shouldn't be written to succeed Bug #6950508
b043ccc : Delete a bad CTS test.
2ffddec : Fix CTS test failures.
e900c2d : add more cases to AlmostFull case
b855e7f : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add /data/vpnch
f5fb9ca : DO NOT MERGE Fix for Holo failures
9c49116 : Add CTS test for new column 'uid2445' in Calendar provider.
1e125cd : VoldExploitTest: update testTryCommandInjection
69adcd7 : change AudioTrack mode to MUSIC & add details to report
082b396 : Fix for bug: #7173350. elapsedRealtimeNano() -> elapsedRealtimeNanos()
e148375 : Fix various problems with NativeMediaTest CTS
738030a : Camera orientation test updates
c54cd5a : Update references to migrated global settings.
4403e50 : add dram bandwidth measurement & random read/write
757ec4f : Improve CTS tests for testing text alignment
a7bdc00 : Fix broken test Bug #7162515
615e86d : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add /data/panic
c2f2fef : Adding a test for the new global accessibility action.
018fdee : Take volume cap into account in CTS
7fc9490 : Fix bug #6427629 Clean up layout direction APIs
2a9c5b3 : Fix bug #6427629 Clean up layout direction APIs
952eb56 : Fix bug #6427629 Clean up layout direction APIs
f2b54a4 : Camera: Add test for enableShutterSound
4c86a54 : Cts Verifier: Use new android.hardware.camera.any feature.
2e39f03 : Add checks for FEATURE_CAMERA_ANY being reported properly.
410b1ce : Verify pass-by-value kernels for Renderscript.
b9f6a07 : Adds a test case for MediaPlayer's deselectTrack().
60d2c97 : Add Calendar Provider Tests for new columns
95348d0 : Allow some time for recording in testVideoSnapshot
e84594a : Make the SettingsProvider CTS test less flaky
fa2e166 : Added test for camera orientation
6a21ad7 : Fix race condition causing CTS failures: bug 6951063
3e0a637 : separate summary from details in report
a652141 : Reset jpeg rotation in CameraTest.testJpegExif.
8115f56 : decrease empty disk space to 400MB for update test
f96cd2a : change to CtsTestRunner to handle keyguard issue
3424656 : add timeout per package for PTS
754df96 : CtsVerifier: Hide CameraAnalyzer test until it's ready.
4219626 : Fix bug #7173351 API REVIEW: android.util.LocaleUtil
03e4b02 : Fix NetworkInfo CTS test.
4198a89 : Fix expected value for autogenerated view IDs in RadioGroups
a567a8c : change log MSG level to error
6bf19d3 : Comply with new addjavascriptinterface enforcement
0b3c6f6 : Replace Maps with UserDictionarySettings to trigger database writes
64eddae : Track CLDR update.
2f961a1 : Track CLDR changes.
3769d33 : performance test initial work
50455b3 : Revert "performace test initial work"
b6ea46e : performace test initial work
24c09ae : Fixing some accessiblity CTS test failures.
b7d457c : adjust sdcard dir
76ccae1 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add directories.
f41d43a : Update cts StaticLayoutLineBreakingTest for IS class
f2a19b0 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add directories.
9deaad2 : Verify dmesg_restrict is set.
4768d69 : Fix build by fixing CTS tests following API change
de46166 : Add UID isolation CTS test.
cb2da98 : Update ConfigurationTest in CTS
31356f9 : Update LocaleUtilTest in CTS
3a18718 : According to external test, delete playlists after inserting internal data. It will keep clean environment.
0bdeeeb : Add permission tests for PackageManager pending installs.
21ebe6d : Don't delete META-INF carried by the core-tests jar.
983740d : merge reboot after / before from mr1 DO NOT MERGE
bb529db : fix android.core.vm-tests-tf
155aeee : Clean up the makefile to build android.core.vm-tests-tf.jar.
506ca41 : add combined coverage report
6323098 : improve method coverate analysis of CTS DO NOT MERGE
8db87d8 : add LOCAL_TEST_TYPE back
437a8e0 : Add file permission tests for broadcom nfc drivers.
5382de6 : Add file permission tests for broadcom nfc drivers.
e156dae : improve method coverate analysis of CTS
ec3843b : Replace Maps with UserDictionarySettings to trigger database writes
c9ba1c7 : Fix CTS case testGetDeviceId of TelephonyManagerTest
9b742b1 : Fix CTS test failure
f56a2f6 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add directories
e1f208b : Add support for "-rtl" in resources
f30e362 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add directories
6431ad6 : Fixed variable declaration with empty parentheses.
b8672ff : Update location tests for API updates.
f966a20 : Test nfc driver owner permissions
80925b5 : Clean up the makefile to build android.core.vm-tests-tf.jar.
29f9285 : Update lists of special-cased SMS carriers
7aa6ce9 : Remove optional video encoder: MPEG-4 SP
902bff0 : Revert "Revert "CTS for timestamp in ScanResult""
2805945 : Fix build.
0e03067 : Revert "This module doesn't build, don't try to."
d2270af : Remove reference to internal API.
4941e21 : This module doesn't build, don't try to.
0046b2c : CTS NFC tests: don't write to page 4 on UL tags.
b944fea : CTS test for WiFi watchdog.
9011422 : force reboot before running selected packages
ff19417 : add PDK plan
2e21839 : Revert "CTS for timestamp in ScanResult"
a21bd2a : Revert "CTS for timestamp in ScanResult"
2ead665 : Add some log message in CamcorderProfileTest
98a6d45 : CTS for timestamp in ScanResult
047ec3e : Java resources in core-tests are auto-merged to the apks now.
c0e3dd1 : Make the country list longer enough for scrolling when device is in portrait mode
0b1b8b0 : Add a randomized testcase for MediaPlayer.java API methods
380058b : Add unittests for "ambiguous" content providers
0bc1899 : Add a randomized testcase on most of the MediaRecorder public methods
7b17432 : Improve testSetMaxFileSize testcase in MediaRecorderTest
b1843f8 : AccessPermissionWithDiffSigTest: Fix cut / paste typo in tests.
96eb403 : AccessPermissionWithDiffSigTest: Make variables private.
81015b7 : Improve testSetMaxDuration testcase in MediaRecorderTest
26046aa : Track CLDR update.
d1af01c : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add directories
1a4d470 : Fix AutoText setting of locale
92d6630 : CertificateTest Update
8b166f9 : Added a cts test for retrieving video rotation angle using MediaMetadataRetriever.java API
7211310 : Added cts test case for ensuring that MEDIA_INFO_VIDEO_RENDERING_START event is sent for video playback
9a91d05 : Deprecate WebSettings.LOAD_NORMAL cache mode.
f74a2a6 : Modify CTS test for subtitle to call selectTrack() after prepare().
363e6db : Make sure that MediaPlayer.setVideoScalingMode() gets exercised
a2fc603 : Add tests for Time.parse and Time.parse3339 bugs.
4e83ba4 : Track CLDR changes.
868ab8d : Add 31000 (Republic Wireless US) to NO_DELIVERY_REPORTS
b8d3321 : Add missing import for WebIconDatabase.
730a002 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add /data/img
b393e70 : Adds CTS test case for timed text APIs into MediaPlayerTest.
1a52247 : Fix DocletRunner to use updated TF path
ab22013 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add /data/preinstall_md5
b1afe6b : Fix assertion to use complete load check rather than one flag.
6f206d2 : Fix LocationManagerTest#testExitProximity
ddc16f2 : Add more CTS tests for RelativeLayout RTL support
1403c34 : Fix relative padding unit tests
c38b1fb : Use telephony-common and mms-common - DO NOT MERGE
443a3a9 : Fix coding convention in ValueAnimatorTest
9f42e3a : Use telephony-common and mms-common
d46fef2 : rerun tool to re-run failed tests from XML report
7c0f813 : FileSystemPermissionTest: Add directories
31b2c10 : Fix AnimationUtilsTest failure due to the timing dependency
775d371 : Remove the accessibility focus search tests since these APIs are taken out.
fbfb026 : Updated unit test for StaticLayout line breaking
27a19ae : Fix CTS cases ApplicationTest and DialogTest.
88c3175 : add test to detect resource leakage in audioflinger
6ef6ddc : Fix CTS case testStartUsingNetworkFeature of ConnectivityManagerTest
6fe0e3a : Update the NO_DELIVERY_REPORTS list to add USCC carrier that doesn’t support sms delivery report
11b8832 : Fix CTS fail of the test case "android.webkit.cts.WebViewTest#testLoadDataWithBaseUrl"
bd7f130 : remove redundant code
143cafe : MediaPlayertest#testVideoSurfaceResetting : Change the Tolerance value back to original 150 msecs as that covers vast range of devices with varying audio latency range.
a77e762 : Fix flakiness in WebChromeClientTest#testWindows
c64245d : fix opengl test
cb71127 : APKs part of CTS should have LOCAL_DEX_PREOPT := false (1 of 2)
3e05a16 : Close hole in synchronize-protected member variable.
bc4e1d3 : CertificateTest Update
3b61fc2 : Remove CtsRootDeviceSetup accessibility steps
2eb57f8 : Fix missing tests
26dbbc6 : Handle devices with no telephony.
c1cf853 : Change the test case about SCREENLAYOUT_LONG depending whether the navigation bar is displayed or not.
fe11f87 : CTS Holo: Enlarge the threshold from 1 to 2
0857d41 : Checking physical cameras exist on the device for graphics.TextureView test.
a6570dc : Merged skipped commits
cecb9ee : Skip MIFARE Ultralight test for an unsupported device
9f06ffe : Clean up layout direction APIs for Drawable
0796f72 : Fix xor-int/lit8 tests that used xor-int/lit16 by mistake.
3e2eebd : Fix xor-int/lit8 tests that used xor-int/lit16 by mistake.
0a738d2 : Check if physical cameras exist on the device.
773d443 : Use a longer test string
4161979 : FileSystemPermissionTest: add /data/install
40950fe : Add camera CTS test for preview callback + takePicture.
29cf966 : Fix NDEF testcase.
3fcf253 : FileSystemPermissionTest: add /data/logger
26ee778 : Bug fix : 5907642 android.animation.cts.ObjectAnimatorTest#testSetCurrentPlayTime fails on IMM19 yakju-userdebug
d116e80 : Remove forced minimum test time in CTS runner.
00f498d : OpenGL testcases for Attach Shader and ColorBuffer attach shader : 5 test cases in c 1 test case in java color buffer : 7 test cases in C 7 test cases in Java
506b01d : Make sure the EGLConfig is ES2-compatible
e680ea6 : Compare to the key event value which is defined.
1193519 : Changed TextViewTest to ignore DeviceDefault theme.
32b8732 : Backup and restore original timeout

Project: platform/dalvik

f870f2d : Add dx option to always generate const-string/jumbo.do not merge.
9db54b1 : Add dx option to always generate const-string/jumbo. do not merge.
69dd411 : Add dx option to always generate const-string/jumbo. do not merge.
9735865 : Revert the fix for incorrect package-private overriding.
ed94ff7 : Revert "Don't enforce access checks for overloading for targetSdkVersion < 17."
0fe8852 : Don't enforce access checks for overloading for targetSdkVersion < 17.
9c78954 : Don't disable inlining for ARM.
2e3748e : Final shuffle to make /sdcard work in shell.
6567510 : Log if dlopen(3) fails.
485dfb5 : Allow max free size of heap to be configured.
5005743 : Move multi-user OBB under user-specific path.
c32a377 : Log when the native trace is unavailable
b3667a1 : Log when the native trace is unavailable
474c8ab : Use 0xde as the poison value after JIT code cache reset.
60497bb : Use 0xde as the poison value after JIT code cache reset.
6986bcf : Optimize those StrictMath routines that are identical to Math routines.
851248a : Missing EMULATED_STORAGE_TARGET isn't an error.
1f36c81 : Test if new build is kicked off.
d8de46c : Include user identifier in external storage paths.
15e631e : Fix an ugly bug where try/catch offsets weren't being mapped properly. do not merge.
52dc08d : Fix a bug where the max blowup of annotations was incorrect. do not merge.
963b13a : Fix a bug where debugInfos' size wasn't being computed. do not merge.
21c93dc : Remove /sdcard hack for shell users.
bf7dfee : Fix a bug where the max blowup of annotations was incorrect.
d43341a : Fix an ugly bug where try/catch offsets weren't being mapped properly.
45ffaef : Make dex merging stateless. do not merge.
822a722 : Support debug info in dexmerge. do not merge.
4bccb68 : Don't crash in dvmQuasiAtomicsShutdown if we never ran dvmQuasiAtomicsStartup.
aee8742 : Remove unnecessary compiler pragma.
e2c102c : Access to all users' external storage.
2f30ef5 : Revert "Revert "Trim pre-Zygote fork, fix under-estimate of heap limit.""
808a7c0 : Revert "Revert "Upgrade to dlmalloc 2.8.5.""
a8c5649 : Shared OBB storage across users.
4c7e271 : Revert "Trim pre-Zygote fork, fix under-estimate of heap limit."
08dcaed : Fix build warning.
63118a8 : One more errno for encrypted devices.
33c8ae5 : Fix for 6994917 GC is slower since JOO33B per FrameworkPerf test
4daf32f : Fix build warning.
af02f57 : One more errno for encrypted devices.
55ac44b : Fix a bug where debugInfos' size wasn't being computed.
2f8d5e1 : Trim pre-Zygote fork, fix under-estimate of heap limit.
40c69d9 : Correctly handle switches on values in a high register
f84ce75 : Iteration on multi-user external storage.
497b25e : Revert "Upgrade to dlmalloc 2.8.5."
3a874b4 : Revert "Ensure we fence the writing of clazz to an Object post allocation."
729eebb : Revert "Upgrade to dlmalloc 2.8.5."
3b93aad : Revert "Ensure we fence the writing of clazz to an Object post allocation."
821ab58 : Ensure we fence the writing of clazz to an Object post allocation.
bba37bd : Upgrade to dlmalloc 2.8.5.
404535b : Multi-user external storage support.
5dfcc78 : hardening: eliminate all text relocations from lidbvm
bb04619 : Fix ALOGV bit rot.
35ecedd : Don't crash on invalid string/type ids.
4fa9a95 : RETURN_VOID_BARRIER is also a return.
352ed2a : Change dalvik script to use exec
bd1b0d7 : Fix an array out-of-bound read in the JIT compiler.
fc3b0c4 : Fix the MIPS build: 1. LOG->ALOG conversion 2. Remove Jumbo opcodes support
4f29f30 : Fix Method.getParameterAnnotations.
0c2dc52 : [X86] X86 trace JIT compiler support
b210a9f : Use uintptr_t for cast pointer to integer.
1a34102 : Remove untested SH "support"; bionic long since stopped supporting SH.
100dbe0 : Avoid sign extension in packed-switch.
2d0c1c2 : Avoid sign extension in packed-switch.
0de2df0 : Fix a small and unlikely memory leak.
ba1195e : Remove some dead code in the MIPS stuff, and run rebuild.sh.
daec4f6 : Don't log "WAIT_FOR_CONCURRENT_GC blocked 0ms".
8b5cd0a : Warn if we see a class whose behavior has changed because of https://android-review.googlesource.com/#/c/32480/.
e448ce9 : s/LOGE/ALOGE/ in HAVE_SELINUX blocks
2fa5a86 : Avoid method overriding if its super method is inaccessible.
ac3da00 : Missing zero-checks in JIT compiler
4769b51 : hprof generation, not writing the first record
0bd1551 : Fix a possible off-by-one in the verifier.
8b09521 : Switched code to blx <reg>
5e90165 : Make dex merging stateless.
89b53f7 : Support debug info in dexmerge.
7aa5ce7 : Make dex merging stateless.
9487ab7 : Revert " Trim after explicit gc."
bc23c4f : Support debug info in dexmerge.
e0e2975 : Add test cases for concurrent gc and System.arraycopy
8c9441f : Fixing a crash when doing lock profiling
455b9bd : Running rebuild.sh found a few changes to be updated to vm/mterp/out/InterpAsm-mips.S and vm/mterp/out/InterpC-mips.cpp
747b5cd : Fix for bug 6448650 by changing to dvmCreateReflectObjForMethod
ea4c6e5 : Trim after explicit gc.
1ae25c5 : Fix: Issue 26627: Dalvik Heap Trim timer value after GC
64793fc : Pad the 8 and 16 bit Jvalue members
ce4b1cf : Fix a bug in dvmQuasiAtomicsShutdown.
a8b91c5 : [MIPS] Dalvik fast interpreter support and JIT implementation
1c92af6 : Simplify the quasi-atomic stuff and add MIPS support.
7882ef9 : Use old frame for dvmReportPreNativeInvoke/dvmReportPostNativeInvoke
0d5443d : Restore fp after calling JNI method in allstubs interpreter
68df230 : Fix the warning emitted by codesourcery compiler 4.5.2
46f3fd4 : Fix instruction logging messages
75425b7 : Fix the portable interpreter build
d3b112e : Support architectures that require correctly aligned doubles
4f78e12 : Extend forkAndSpecialize to take additional inputs and to set the SELinux security context.
636d67b : Fixed bug in x86-atom fast interpreter. Adds guard for potential null pointer. Adds guard for potential null pointer when checking for debugger active on return from method.

Project: platform/development

85c1f08 : revert API 17 system image to rev 1.
529393a : Update API text file.
65098d0 : Move support lib to r11
178634c : Set correct targetSdkVersion for DevelopmentSettings
99ca344 : cherrypick from ics-mr1 docs: network sample Change-Id: If50f407a0e56fa802fe9beedaa650e3a131872b2
888ac28 : Fixes to GridLayout demos.
a161dd2 : Add sample code for the new widget android.widget.TextClock
66dc70f : Add a demo for using Presentations with the MediaRouter.
01be9fd : AnimationsDemo sample code for Animations training class.
c875f93 : Add ApiDemos for secure surfaces.
bc4f4fc : Add platform FLP for emulator config
6cee101 : Update the API file for the SDK.
0303484 : Fixed runtest to work with python != 2.4
fc84887 : Update platform source.prop for new layoutlib. do not merge.
ab136ad : update source.prop for the sdk platform package.
352b33b : add redirect for layout-objects.html bug: 7366567
13dc6a2 : Change the name of the location config value.
ec54ca1 : add redirect from nofification summary page to Notifications doc because this navigation is now flat so each doc is visible in side nav at top
91d9d51 : Return accuracy in GPS emulation
9da0812 : More on issue #7318666: hide developer options from user build
3cbf850 : Make all monkeys do the same thing
1d7f24d : Follow RegisteredServicesCache API changes.
37191b5 : SDK JB MR0: doc is 16 rev 3
41ee0fd : testrunner: Match test runner name for hardware tests.
329b760 : Revert "Change the name of the location config value."
c3e2dac : Change the name of the location config value.
6a70542 : docs: Add redirect for Android Open Accessory protocol content to source.android.com
de47987 : Classpath cleanups - DO NOT MERGE
6b03c84 : Use more secure exponent for generating keys
7b48746 : Clean up Global settings stragglers.
8213206 : Added UiAutomator samples to SDK
7263dad : Update API demos to match new tab interaction.
e61482e : Fix .classpath to track bouncycastle/bcprov
45825ea : Update platform-tools sdk comp to 15.
91fd25b : Add screensavers to default Eclipse classpath.
a0de803 : Update README.CRT.TXT
b894c71 : For the recent SD card access change. The non-zogyte process need to use the Environment#getLegacyExternalStorage to access the sdcard.
99f717d : Fix runtest syntax.
84fb279 : Add test case for new keyguard widget API
8ac5118 : Make coverage work without test defs.
b0b8c78 : Fix install of full build packages.
c31f70a : center text, fix extents for multiline texts
608a5af : update the localizer tool to use all available translations
c2760a0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d6046a4 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add shim to work around FORMAT_ZSL.
81c475e : Fix log syntax.
09bb223 : Doc change: Add temporary redirect for dac/live to dgc/live.
51f8833 : Make Presentation demo retain image and color.
9dac35a : New and improved Presentation demo.
d0689c0 : Remove use of private API.
bc93334 : Doc change: redirect accessibility best practices to new location.
bd783a0 : New API demo for nested fragments in support lib.
077c59a : Track multi-user change.
f3f7c5f : API demo for nesting fragments.
d0b834c : Rewrite ARM crtbegin* as C files
f11b793 : Revert "Revert "EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add precapture trigger and reprocess support""
18f28c0 : Revert "Revert "Gralloc: Support HW_CAMERA_READ/HW_CAMERA_ZSL usage.""
9642da5 : Revert "Gralloc: Support HW_CAMERA_READ/HW_CAMERA_ZSL usage."
7583239 : Revert "EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add precapture trigger and reprocess support"
dbb1e6a : Fix some more.
46a65b4 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Split AE/AWB mode and lock
4573a71 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add precapture trigger and reprocess support
a84522d : Gralloc: Support HW_CAMERA_READ/HW_CAMERA_ZSL usage.
7454171 : Coverage and unbundling changes for runtest.
2e1fe78 : Add new sample for Presentation API.
eb703bf : Replace deprecated APIs in NDK samples
b1b6735 : Prepare for JB SDK rev 3
a95366a : add an app to generate localized text bitmaps needed for recovery
60df6ce : Use new display manager API.
00814d0 : Fix .classpath
eb502a3 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Support (0,0) jpeg thumbnail size.
4d64923 : Windows USB Driver for generic + Q, rev 7.
75f8d82 : Remove unused .ctors, .dtors, and .eh_frame in MIPS crt*_so.S.
03ceb37 : Updating code sample for "displaying bitmaps efficiently" training class. Changes: -Use updated versions of ImageWorker & ImageCache from I/O 2012 app -Use copied DiskLruCache from system (rather than custom) -Use copied AsyncTask from system (to keep behavior consistent) -Ensure no strict mode violations or lint errors -Other misc bug fixes -Move single-use static methods in Utils to corresponding class
a770685 : Quick fixes for .classpath (eclipse happiness)
4cad8d6 : Support asm/sockios.h for MIPS.
9f49f16 : Support getrlimit and setrlimit for MIPS.
4cd3283 : Support poll for MIPS.
fc638f9 : Add a .note.android.ident section to Android ELF binaries
58a4918 : Update malloc.h
a5280d3 : Enclosed functions in fenv.h with __BEGIN_DECLS/__END_DECLS
5f79ffb : Support fcntl for MIPS with different cmd.
1d34dd0 : Fix flags to *_PORTABLE in open_portable(), and support openat_portable().
f43f982 : Support mprotect.
61649d2 : Emulator gralloc: Fix RAW_SENSOR conditions.
cb5703d : EmulatedCamera2: Improve thread sequencing
34a4d2d : Emulator gralloc: Support YV12
61a3e14 : Update stdint.h; Refresh <arch>/include/machine/* stdint.h: https://android-review.googlesource.com/#/c/41714/ https://android-review.googlesource.com/#/c/40576/ <arch>/include/machine/*: to be consistent with bionic/libc/<arch>/include/machine/*
51d4794 : Replace link.h for mips with new version for all platforms
f9fc2a5 : Use new display manager API.
7de8e93 : Remove linux-unistd.h
584ef7f : Make sys/ioctl_compat.h portable.
64c217e : Add portable support for stuct statfs and two functions.
8bb4fd7 : Update/Copy fenv.h
25899fc : Support all MAP flags and update mmap_portable.
0bcbd32 : Support all portable requests.
77201b5 : Rename UserId to UserHandle.
3e1d447 : Add portable support for errno.h.
9bb23fd : Use new PowerManager API.
9a1ad35 : Retire LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.
639c9f4 : MIPS doesn't have __st_ino, so store 0 for this field in p_stat structure
bf1b1e6 : Move libportable from ndk.git to development.git.
4e2b37c : update eclipse C++ include paths
ae031a1 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add face detection support.
cd0827a : Update config.xml overlay for new key config_overlay_locationProviderPackageNames
4e0e948 : Remove useless TestRunner for KeyStoreTests
bacdb6a : Add telephony intermediates to classpath
eae8078 : Add opt/telephony and opt/mms to eclipse .classpath
f856a82 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add autofocus management
0956cd2 : Update eclipse .classpath
ac8ed5e : Use uintptr_t for cast pointer to integer.
05940c4 : Camera2: Use lower resolutions for front fake camera. DO NOT MERGE
1e903b0 : Camera2: Fix deadlock issues with getInProgressCount. DO NOT MERGE
b0bd052 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add recording support for 320x240, NV21. DO NOT MERGE
4d57cb8 : gralloc: Add automatic format selection. DO NOT MERGE
e395327 : Add comments about why "call" instead of "jump" is used.
9b467d6 : Camera2: Use lower resolutions for front fake camera
2318ff3 : Camera2: Fix deadlock issues with getInProgressCount
ef0d020 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add features needed for recording support for 320x240, NV21
ac4d519 : gralloc: Add automatic format selection
d720b26 : Add telephony intermediates to classpath
e8d4078 : Update path to telephonytests directory.
35000f0 : Fix Eclipse .classpath file for JB.
161859e : Update ApiDemos for ActionBar
c2a2237 : Updating WeatherListWidget to use new resize callbacks. (Bug 6441164)
d7269a0 : Add opt/telephony and opt/mms to eclipse .classpath
0275bc6 : Use telephony-common and mms-common. - DO NOT MERGE
ab2fe6d : Build RSHelloCompute for API 14.
c52fe38 : Add libsparse to sdk whitelist
93f9a62 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2507de8 : Move SDK system image package to rev 2.
5b6b540 : New development tool for creating cache files.
3461561 : gralloc: Support HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_YCrCb_420_SP (NV21)
a2a3bab : Eclipse classpath maintenance
e8617bc : Use telephony-common and mms-common.
556182f : Fix SEGV when unwinding stack pasts __libc_init
1513e9e : Fixed wrong package names in samples hello-jni and two-libs
5e30a6a : ndk: Add crtbrand.c ; crtbegin_static.S includes "atexit.S" for x86/mips
e705cdd : Update to renamed ANativeWindow methods
76aca97 : Fix NPE in BeamDemo if NFC not present.
3aa86bf : remove development/data/etc/*
9f3517e : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Use correct camera orientation.
cc588ad : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Implement basic dump()
e26e64f : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add support for JPEG output, multiple streams
2a2ada5 : Emulator gralloc: Support HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_BLOB
62ef547 : ndk: Remove if_dl.h header
423650c : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Minor fixes
56513f5 : Move emugl system code to development.git
797198b : Updating intellij idegen project template to use jdk 1.6.
5e7c4e6 : ndk: Remove prebuilt C runtime objects. Add sources instead.
5177da5 : Fixed error messages for retrieving environment variables
87cfafa : Up line width from 80 to 100.
c7bb6cf : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add opaque stream output support
7b906a7 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Add more static metadata
366eef5 : EmulatedCamera2: Be more const, like the HAL.
877b365 : Fix Mac SDK: sed s/--in-place/-i/
e65ef1b : Add Mips support to SDK.
ab463b3 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Support construct_default_request HAL method.
8707207 : Fix SDK: don't generate empty codename line in source.properties.
b9ca48d : Fix old style edit text drawable display error.
41a7acf : SDK: don't generate empty codename line in source.properties.
bb54bb0 : EmulatedFakeCamera2: Update to match camera_metadata changes
d2d1609 : Fix Eclipse classpath.
b065041 : SDK: Ability to generate repos in XSD repository-7.
61fbf61 : Add minimal operation to new fake camera emulator.
4f39b9b : Fix skin.
ae9a5f9 : [MIPS] Import signal.h from bionic. This version fixes the warning emitted by the toolchain
a184341 : Modified Snake Sample app to run on non-touch devices like Google Tv and also devices with no dpad support
08bbdb6 : Changes in some of the Android samples to support Google TV
feaa5e8 : SDK: Update sdk product library dependency list
fa6183c : SDK: update product sdk.mk
7ec212f : Remove tab only if tab exists.
39dc2e8 : Fix Eclipse classpath file for ICS.

Project: device/asus/grouper

c384f5f : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
559fb43 : Define platform specific config for address validation as true
42a16d0 : Safe headphone volume limit.
41a563c : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
2190769 : added setting for dock audio
c6e5c50 : audio: add dock support
0e11357 : Revert "Audio: Support audio dock."
a99f563 : Revert "Audio: fix incorrect routing path."
cbecc65 : Revert "Audio: Dock: fix speaker silent issue after inserting and removing headset rapidly."
45d005b : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
dfd31c8 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
fc3bd5e : Audio: Dock: fix speaker silent issue after inserting and removing headset rapidly.
a9c269b : Change group owner of Bluetooth sleep node to net_bt_stack
d60d639 : Bluetooth: Change bluesleep procfs permission for bluedroid.
1fb9db7 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
4103c5d : Fixed the unsupported min frame rate for camcorder profile setting
8b45065 : Remove the Google specific location config.
dd5f9af : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
9939756 : auto-generated blob list
47922cd : Modified the RF setting dynamically by project.
e6c23e0 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
02967b5 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
fe5e1f6 : Revert "Remove the Google specific location config."
1d79ba6 : Change Bluetooth file group id to net_bt_stack
c94500c : Remove the Google specific location config.
c5ed6ce : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
57f9770 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
4ca9356 : Allow traversal into /storage/emulated.
0b89c09 : Final shuffle to make /sdcard work in shell.
806dcd0 : bootloader: nakasi: subject bootloader version to 3.41. DO NOT MERGE
a1914de : Revert "Sensors: [PATCH 2/3] Enable flags to load correct sensors HAL."
6c1dc2e : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
3946b7d : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
9f94035 : Add "discard" mount option for data and cache partition.
34fa4ec : Add "discard" mount option for data and cache partition.
cc625e7 : Sensors: [PATCH 2/3] Enable flags to load correct sensors HAL.
c9cf5d4 : Move TARGET_RELEASETOOLS_EXTENSIONS from BoardConfigCommon.mk
01e2a5b : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
e3e5c06 : Configure nexus 7 device class as major Computer minor PDA
042f71f : Self-extractors for JRO03R binaries for grouper
505454a : ISSUE 6849488 Bluedroid stack, remove system/bluetooth.
ce05a78 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
e9741a3 : grouper: dhcp: Add CLIENTID request to dhcpcd service
6d1cd18 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
924b516 : auto-generated blob list
f578be0 : Migrate UI to supportsMultipleUsers().
42409a8 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
2635566 : auto-generated blob list
f6d8c80 : auto-generated blob list
fcd8b77 : grouper: kernel prebuilt
7b1de31 : Handle last batch of unknown files.
5a8552a : Remove unnecessary whisperd
814017c : device: grouper: Synchornize button mapping and cleanup KBC layout
8a643c5 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
8421ceb : One more legacy symlink.
8100525 : Include user identifier in external storage paths.
11e792a : Maximum of 8 users on this device
73a4f16 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
52da3d4 : grouper bach: update prebuilt kernel
cacdd39 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
bc5583c : Audio: fix incorrect routing path.
320d01f : Nakasi 512 frames per HAL output buffer
232269c : Enable hid host and do clean TURN_ON
03d108e : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
fba954a : auto-generated blob list
bd1f82a : audio: changes for new audio device enums
7662cd1 : Bring back ADB_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
85b83e9 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
1e5d9e6 : Bring back ADB_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
8bfe1ce : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
e894118 : Remove /sdcard hack for shell users.
f7b5402 : grouper bach: update prebuilt kernel
ef9dca0 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
63640a2 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
6cce8d7 : grouper bach: update prebuilt kernel DO NOT MERGE
2131a67 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
eda2a20 : update bootloader to 3.39
df6ce7f : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
1b21e5e : move grouper specific vars to device.mk
045ba3d : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
bbbcb9b : grouper: update prebuilt kernel DO NOT MERGE
61cb35e : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
08c957a : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
602db27 : audio: fix crash when starting capture
dccc5e1 : make_ext4fs has moved to build/target/core.mk
507d12d : Factory image for JZO54
87414d8 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
392d087 : bootloader: nakasi: subject bootloader version to 3.38.
53f1e72 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
0c5027b : more clean up .
bb3d107 : Refactor grouper build.
e478803 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
7069ed9 : Iteration on multi-user external storage.
aecc286 : audio: fix capture problem
cd738cd : Clean up.
9728944 : cleanup.
2c9956e : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
db75eea : Fix.
125fd3e : Refactor build for grouper.
b738c93 : Migrate sdcard0 to shell-accessible location.
d5c95c9 : Remove android.software.live_wallpaper.xml from PRODUCT_COPY_FILES
c79af0f : Multi-user external storage support.
644f6b0 : Specify destination sdcard mount point.
13b00d3 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
7784789 : Modified the RF setting.
0372927 : Audio: Support audio dock.
d7fa3a5 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
80abf66 : Update config.xml overlay for new key config_overlay_locationProviderPackageNames
b191af5 : auto-generated blob list
d67ae81 : Tune handling of proprietary binaries
db72e39 : Extractors for JRO03H
e02996a : nakasi: dumpstate: Add wlan identification output
5eaae32 : nakasi: modify Wi-Fi device type.
6c76dfa : Use default handling of board-info.txt
3cbf45e : Factory images for JRO03D
558cd41 : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
aa98c8e : Remove grouper bootloader version checks for AOSP
3c318ed : grouper: update prebuilt kernel
a37b22f : Update for JRO03C
f61e8b7 : Tune broadcom makefiles
d20e452 : Update self-extractors
b4a6000 : Broadcom WiFi binaries
7e47dff : Factory images for JRO02C
db04dbc : Factory images for JRN84D
36565c0 : Update self-extractors and factory-image stuff
6b4d471 : Package latest factory images
7e82c95 : Update self-extractors
531bdda : auto-generated blob list
6928b42 : rename tl -> trustedlogic
696c5e6 : Add skeleton makefiles for more vendors.
03f2888 : Enable user management for Nakasi
e5ad621 : Include a realistic wifi.scan mA value.
2a5e1db : Add sanity-checks on owners of extracted files
669b742 : Separate files by owner
fb3abab : Use the latest build
dab8494 : Update self-extractors
b1ae9e5 : First pass at grouper self-extractors
3c6f648 : Update params for factory image

Project: device/asus/tilapia

3900b73 : Define platform specific config for address validation as true
247a3af : Safe headphone volume limit.
65a7e15 : added setting for dock audio
9b07394 : Revert "init: disable dmesg restriction on debug/eng builds"
780aa2e : Change group owner of Bluetooth sleep node to net_bt_stack
2594bc5 : Bluetooth: Change bluesleep procfs permission for bluedroid.
60be9f0 : Remove the Google specific location config.
5a1ed80 : Use radio.raw for modem firmware update via OTA
42cb87a : Remove apns from project.
1c56210 : Revert "Revert "Add config to turn on no-preferred-APN option.""
9de91b6 : Revert "Add config to turn on no-preferred-APN option."
5c89c8e : Revert "Add config to turn on no-preferred-APN option."
ba19c1f : tilapia: enable sms support BugID:7301929
7342947 : Add config to turn on no-preferred-APN option.
9ba5bcb : tilapia: enable sms support BugID:7301929
b2053ce : Add config to turn on no-preferred-APN option.
f00d480 : Change Bluetooth file group id to net_bt_stack for Tilapia
b2a2578 : Change Bluetooth file group id to net_bt_stack for Tilapia
617fe93 : Revert "Remove the Google specific location config."
4411ebf : Suuport the modem firmware update via OTA.
975d208 : Suuport the modem firmware update via OTA.
022eb7d : Remove the Google specific location config.
bd540a2 : Fix init.tilapia.rc so encryption works.
5a8a83b : tilapia: RIL: Change the permission of stop_hotplug_detect sysfs for the ril daemon
421858c : Allow traversal into /storage/emulated.
bd8ae79 : Final shuffle to make /sdcard work in shell.
ade4bf8 : Set lwaactivate APN to be ipv4 only.
5ebc7d2 : ril: Enable/disable IPv6 on interface layer according to apn settings
45ed0bb : Set lwaactivate APN to be ipv4 only.
51eef62 : ril: Enable/disable IPv6 on interface layer according to apn settings
421370d : Support radio update through OTA
525a644 : tilapia: ril: Change the permission of xmm_force_crash sysfs for the ril daemon
0fd6ebe : tilapia: ril: Change the permission of scaling_governor for the speed of core dump
785d386 : ril: Change group and permission for the proximity on/off sysfs
e634324 : Support radio update in recovery mode
2273335 : ISSUE 6849488 Bluedroid stack, remove system/bluetooth.
c3c411b : tilapia: dhcp: Add CLIENTID request to dhcpcd service
739b62d : Migrate UI to supportsMultipleUsers().
9f9919e : Set max users on tilapia target.
4e101a7 : tilapia: ril: Change the related permission for the ril daemon
a0915c4 : Add board info for tilapia.
8e9094f : Use tilapia based apns with att broadband as default and lwaactive set.
fb839e1 : Use tilapia based apns with att broadband as default and lwaactive set.
f7ffff4 : One more legacy symlink.
ffb4496 : Include user identifier in external storage paths.
ac3b11c : init: disable dmesg restriction on debug/eng builds
a0908d1 : Update tilapia init to match grouper.
76a8d55 : Remove proprietary blob list
532e638 : Enabled HSPA icon.
754c5f4 : manually merge changes from jb
1b0677a : Enable radio for full_tilapia
2b549ce : Create tilapia specific init and vars.
05f077b : More fixes.
16a70ae : Update tilapia build target.
1ffd752 : more clean up.
3ba6350 : rename init files.
3b3c2ef : auto-generated blob list
bead144 : Add overlay and various radio / ril settings.
fd21286 : Add rild to full_tilapia
ee9b57a : Add rild.
e8dbb64 : Add system.prop for tilapia
cb2b5b0 : Add recovery.fstab for tilapia
364e3d2 : auto-generated blob list
73248d0 : Add recovery ui for tilapia
127b2d5 : Initial setup of tilapia
8da4056 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/common

105961e : Add new user-to-kernel interface for Bluetooth low power mode control (1/2)
5bbc947 : Add support of getting factory BDADDR from Controller's non-volatile memory(2/2)
0a793bd : Properly filter paths to locate device directories
e11a970 : Use I2S interface for SCO on Manta
80d5b3f : Tune blob-generation scripts
39b0c7d : Add vnd_tilapia
0c04d59 : Move libbt-vendor from vendor/broadcom/libbt-vendor
60f0d40 : Revert "Move libbt-vendor from vendor/broadcom/libbt-vendor"
d18044d : Move libbt-vendor from vendor/broadcom/libbt-vendor
3d7af22 : Simplify the preparation of an AOSP-like tree.
5f6a33d : Fix wrong project name
37fd149 : Add toroplus to list of target devices
62128cd : Tune BT handling. Add toroplus.
b9e07ed : Remove bluedroid
b5e3c7d : Generate flash-all scripts for Windows as well.
839a25f : Remove panda support
68870a8 : Better way to clean up the non-AOSP projects
258bf1d : More cleanup - remove unsupported devices
2ab957b : More cleanup
264ddbc : Remove crespo and stingray earlier
308e244 : Better tree cleanup for blob generation.
b528dd6 : Stop dealing with crespo and stongray blobs
d457575 : Remove code not meant to be Open Source
3522c40 : Tune device list
1db6a29 : Support https-based Gerrit
d68f5e0 : Add toro
ed512b8 : Add toro
35038d7 : Add toro
4a2d99e : Revert "Only build mako in this branch. Everything else is broken."
8d2ba12 : Only build mako in this branch. Everything else is broken.
9ceee56 : Factory images: erase all partitions.
f5195ec : stop auto-building unsupported configs
5ff7a5c : stop auto-building unsupported configs
9ac81c9 : Add mako

Project: device/generic/armv7-a

700aab1 : disable lockscreen by default
171c5da : define BOARD_USE_LEGACY_UI for PDK build
57912a4 : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
8b72312 : enable OPENGL_RENDERER by default
badee90 : Fix build - Add TARGET_ARCH := arm

Project: device/generic/armv7-a-neon

8a52ffa : disable lockscreen by default
f052196 : define BOARD_USE_LEGACY_UI for PDK build
03d4fdb : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
7ea7b30 : enable OPENGL_RENDERER by default
4a95877 : Fix build - Add TARGET_ARCH := arm

Project: device/generic/common

11c092a : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
430704d : Initial empty repository

Project: device/generic/mips

764fe78 : change mini_mips ARCH_VARIANT to mips32-fp instead of default mips32r2-fp
2267f00 : disable lockscreen by default
059943d : define BOARD_USE_LEGACY_UI for PDK build
849d779 : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
e35968a : initial configuration for mini_mips
e5ecd72 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/generic/x86

ae8e76c : disable lockscreen by default
f4d5583 : define BOARD_USE_LEGACY_UI for PDK build
eb85364 : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
e7e80f7 : enable OPENGL_RENDERER by default
11c90e9 : add mini_x86 configuration for PDK
7645fec : Initial empty repository

Project: device/google/accessory/arduino

abc5159 : Fixing ADK version 1.0 libraries to work with Arduino SDK 1.0 - http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=31568
5379e01 : ADK 2011 library fix, protocol check for Jellybean release (Issue b/6547558)

Project: device/google/accessory/demokit

7dfe7f8 : Updating ADK 1.0 demokit code to work with Arduino 1.0

Project: device/lge/mako

54405bd : mako: disable Wi-Fi channel 165 in Indonesia
cf165b1 : Revert "mako: Enable Kernel suspend/resume notifications to WCNSS"
523ec65 : Revert "mako: add 'journal_async_commit' into fstab.mako"
1bee5fb : mako: Enable Kernel suspend/resume notifications to WCNSS
90b655d : mako: add 'journal_async_commit' into fstab.mako
5fe770a : mako: change brightness related value to use linear backlight curve
974dfab : mako: enable WiFi roaming
9697216 : Temporarily disable AP roaming while we fix the issues in bug 7440701.
aec9672 : mako: enable WiFi roaming
aad6fa6 : Revert "Revert "mako: disable WiFi roaming""
84187d8 : mako: disable WiFi background scan
df02653 : mako: disable WiFi background scan
21d889c : mako: disable WiFi roaming
61d72e8 : Revert "mako: disable WiFi roaming"
9c071a7 : mako: disable WiFi roaming
fb09d7f : enable wakelock debug on suspend
c88fc83 : Protect /data/media directory.
664510c : mako: list modem tombstones in dumpstate
fe9f279 : mako: remove usb.host feature
2531dc2 : initial mako-specific dumpstate
9d6caba : mako: overlay to config_datause_iface
69627ac : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9cd946f : mako: power: fine tuning for wifi of device power consumption
1e0fae7 : Mako overlay: Remove unnecessary enableDreams in config.
12600c2 : Report feature "android.hardware.audio.low_latency"
1de859c : mako: Update WLAN roaming configuration parameters
3f1b7a1 : Mako: NFC: Re-enable Listen-F active.
0e6d6b1 : Revert "mako: change UID of mpdecision process from root to system"
220abf7 : Add power msm8960 power HAL to device.mk
b306062 : audio: add support for HDMI+speaker combo device
8681331 : Remove the Google specific location config.
adb2f7b : Revert "Revert "mako: enable WiFi roaming""
79f0fbe : Revert "mako: enable WiFi roaming"
cce2174 : Add some missing audio encoder capabilities
c3cb630 : mako: Enable WLAN Random HotSpot BSSID Feature
e0969bd : mako: enable WiFi roaming
dcf8781 : mako: Update Prima WLAN driver roaming thresholds
fda0d63 : Mako: NFC: Set antenna tuning parameters to certified values.
7776a11 : mako: update mms useragent
484574a : Mako: NFC: Re-enable RF field events.
72cea27 : mako: set default wallpaper to phase beam
f54373c : auto-generated blob list
ef18866 : mako: termal: change thermal.conf
e9a3949 : mako: termal: change thermal.conf
cd20109 : Establish solid dependency on the symlinks
2f26191 : Revert "mako: remove useragent and uaprofurl from configs"
fa53f84 : reduce safe headphone volume index...
e424e85 : Set Radio Scanning time to 9 seconds
f8e9e3b : Set Radio Scanning time to 9 seconds
61467a2 : Revert "mako: camera: enable 1080p liveshot"
af3cb13 : audio: set android resampler to VERY_HIGH_QUALITY
497d5cd : audio: set android resampler to VERY_HIGH_QUALITY
078d264 : audio: modify config files for hdmi multichannel
10ad1e3 : audio: change Tx path for ASR
b78b95c : audio: fix STMR test fail on PTCRB
11fc47f : reduce safe headphone volume index one more time.
e4a5cdd : mako: power: changing values of device power consumption
9988f60 : mako: remove useragent and uaprofurl from configs
7e091bd : mako: overlay to default screen timeout to 30 sec
f6308f4 : Revert "Remove the Google specific location config."
df5d3d5 : auto-generated blob list
789c408 : Use electron beam animation on Mako.
df4be3b : Mako: NFC: Don't generate RF field notification events.
e993bd8 : Remove the Google specific location config.
4cac365 : mako: set debug.egl.recordable.rgba8888
6f3a513 : mako: relocate ramdisk to avoid overlap with kernel
5a84f65 : auto-generated blob list
f4cb345 : mako: chown sysfs entry cpu_normalized_load to system
80fac3e : disable pre-rotation correctly
dc9e33c : TEMP: remove adreno_config.txt
11c6f9d : Revert "mako: disable pre-rotation"
c777d16 : Mako: NFC: Select the card manager in case of empty select.
46deaee : mako: relocate ramdisk to avoid overlap with kernel
d006280 : Use dev/input/events subsystem for audio jack switches.
afdf0ad : Fix AOSP build
ffdefc0 : Mako: NFC: Disable 424 active in listen mode.
c5cde8a : reduce safe headphone volume index again.
2eef2be : Allow traversal into /storage/emulated.
303ba86 : Fix issue #7257947 Need to fix heap limits on Mako
5221831 : Final shuffle to make /sdcard work in shell.
090ee06 : mako: disable standalone power collapse
546e578 : mako: disable standalone power collapse
ab6aab1 : Mako: NFC: Disable listening for Nfc-B on eSE.
7a2d578 : mako: change group ownership of /dev/mdm from system to radio
0f50c8a : Generate factory images for mako
d1285b9 : Mako: NFC: reset the SE when closing the pipe from the DH.
83e1c9c : Tune config_minScrollingSpan
fad5622 : audio: separate device for voice call
0660fd5 : reduce safe headphone volume index.
2eec46d : mako: Updates to the prima wlan driver runtime configuration
756bb96 : mako: update BT product name
64eb138 : mako: Updates to the prima wlan driver runtime configuration
a5e4434 : mako: restore lge suggested brightness settings
9644a5c : Merged by mistake. Still waiting for QA approval.
8c401b5 : Reduce haptic feedback values a bit
92a8ebf : mako: Updates to the prima wlan driver runtime configuration
f9d0cc3 : Mako: NFC: Enable RF fields events.
8c409da : Configure mako disable delay time as 1 second bug 7212447 Change-Id: I709224b050c26079efbccaaceb64a24ce486c07e
8a9cb25 : mako: add fast autofocus configuration
3d558d0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9e665ff : Revert "mako: disable mdp composition"
d6f0251 : mako: add fast autofocus configuration
37461c9 : Mako: NFC: Enable error logging.
5fbd8ca : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6438bfc : mako: dhcp: Add CLIENTID request to dhcpcd service
b039608 : mako: mms: initial overlay version for mms_config.xml
931cf6f : Enable wifi-display for Mako.
75560d1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
48b3ee8 : mako: adjust vibrator amplitude
a94f9cc : mako: adjust vibrator amplitude
6c0007f : Use more efficient clean specs.
1868899 : mako: set the reference volume index for music stream
0ab51a1 : mako: disable mdp composition
d45cd8f : Mako: NFC: include NFC HAL library.
d707bca : mako: remove setup_fs
e0c1283 : mako: Blacklist /dev/bus/usb/001 since it is used for the modem
481c5f3 : mako: create directory for AKM setting data
e684314 : mako: adjust vibrator duration as changing driver
cec30db : mako: mark conn_init late_start
c115e25 : audio: update tuning parameter
30e5e6d : Set ro.telephony.call_ring.multipe to false
4245b66 : Update touch sizeecalibration.
42db42c : mako: Update media profiles values
939180a : Prevent RIL from powering down SIM when modem is in low power mode
baf3522 : audio: modify config files for lowlatency implementation
e0aa19f : audio: Add property to enable low latency recording path.
5884e3d : Enable AAC 5.1 output Bug: 7099812
4e49764 : One more legacy symlink.
84ee017 : audio: update tuning parameter
f493a43 : mako: disable to notify touch driver when charger is connected
f35ee85 : mako: increase first brightness range bound
e5bdf34 : Include user identifier in external storage paths.
592a752 : Disable TextView fades
6214659 : Reinstante diag_mdlog, keep it disabled
684cd16 : No multiuser settings for phones
605aa51 : Reinstante diag_mdlog, keep it disabled
7bd37b8 : mako: wifi driver is no longer a module
4513cf2 : mako: bump up lowest brightness setting
5e3fe7b : mako: adjust first brightness range's max value
19bd907 : mako: relocate ramdisk to avoid overlap with kernel
1b08f04 : Enable e2fsck for Mako.
630b3ae : mako: bump up lowest brightness setting
da691a9 : mako: adjust first brightness range's max value
27e29e2 : mako: change auto-brightness table to reduce too dim.
e31eae8 : mako: notify touch driver when charger is connected
b06be13 : mako: remove /data/misc/wifi/WCNSS*.bin on boot
93a9957 : wlan: Update WCNSS_cfg and NV that corresponds to RIVA 1.2
a7efe03 : wlan: Update WCNSS_cfg and NV that corresponds to RIVA 1.2
ab24252 : mako: remove /data/misc/wifi/WCNSS*.bin on boot
96d6611 : Adjust the video editor profiles based on the available HW decoder/encoder level support
a27f9cb : Audio configuration for remote submix
fe135fc : Remove proprietary blob list
2cd5715 : mako: adjust backlight values in auto brightness mode
f3a6006 : Bring back ADB_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
ec216cc : mako: adjust backlight values in auto brightness mode
15df09c : Bring back ADB_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
e11e3ca : Remove /sdcard hack for shell users.
a80a56d : mako: add notification led on and off intervals
4bba047 : mako: set battery shutdown temperature to 60 C
39c55a4 : mako: temporatily remove kickstarter's old root files
839de6d : mako: change UID of kickstart process from root to system
9003acf : mako: add directory to communicate with mpdecision and thermald
0465af9 : mako: clean up userdata area
cf4b362 : mako: clean up bluetooth configuration
9370731 : mako: bluetooth: fix missed a code in bdaddrloader
ca73d4a : mako: wifi: Change WiFi INI file
d5f430f : mako: wifi: Change WiFi CAL data
2dd0f51 : auto-generated blob list
c644f62 : Mako: NFC: update config file for latest stack drop.
f7e2b9f : mako: Enable WCNSS Subsystem Restart
f8b43d8 : mako: clean up services
d6f1747 : mako: change UID of mpdecision process from root to system
1822556 : mako: avoid latent media server crash
bf00a49 : make_ext4fs has moved to build/target/core.mk
dad74d0 : mako: install camera HAL 2.0 (camera.msm8960.so)
c59bc38 : Fix the mime type for software h263 decoder in media_codecs.xml file
d93f6ee : Revert "Enable diag_mdlog on device logging service by default"
ec72636 : Revert "Enable diag_mdlog on device logging service by default"
20013a4 : auto-generated blob list
674ee2f : audio: update tuning parameter
bc80a12 : mako: overlay to config_tether_upstream_types about specific operator
c5967e7 : mako: Enable 3 Layer MDP composition
e38f016 : Enable diag_mdlog on device logging service by default
174a7c4 : mako: change class of kickstart from main to core
421f0ac : Add c2d color converter library
f59d7ae : mako: decrease the consumption current during the off-mode charging
430b9b9 : audio: update audio calibration data
cc410b2 : mako: overlay to mobile_dun feature
10deb56 : mako: thermal: remove lcd brightness control action
3854661 : auto-generated blob list
dd4b6aa : mako: Update wlan config to derive p2p0 MAC Address
95d19b6 : mako: set default notification color to white
f1f28ec : mako: add mdm thermal sensor configuration
08dc4bd : Remove unused NTP servers from gps.conf
668b0cc : mako: bluetooth: Implement BT DUT mode
3f3c140 : mako: fix setup_fs
51e0a0a : Revert "mako: call setup_fs after mount_all"
78c85c4 : Updated BTM_DEF_LOCAL_NAME to be "Nexus"
c2d40c7 : Iteration on multi-user external storage.
70d0c2b : mako: force-clean the image files
524985a : mako: call setup_fs after mount_all
e64faf4 : mako: partition change for 8G eMMC
94cb93d : mako: relocate MDM dump from /tombstones/mdm to /data/tombstones/mdm
360477d : mako: remove tombstone
31d25cb : audio: enable RTAC for audio calibration
f8d0dbf : mako: fix to show bluetooth address
0bb6917 : gps: add gps configuration file
b56ef92 : Mako bluetooth: enable pan nap
9cb9ff3 : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
defdded : Mako: NFC: Enable p2p active mode.
5b4a906 : mako: fix missing libstagefrighthw in platform.zip
d67f8d2 : Remove sdcard_rw group from ril.
5d4c466 : Migrate sdcard0 to shell-accessible location.
cd755d8 : Remove android.software.live_wallpaper.xml from PRODUCT_COPY_FILES
3a4ea12 : mako: Update wpa_supplicant.conf to support concurrency
8c3bee8 : mako: Update wlan services to support JB
4d299b0 : mako: Switch WLAN to wpa_supplicant_8
0e5306a : WLAN: WCNSS_cfg.dat that corresponds to jb_rel-
d509fec : mako: camera: enable 1080p liveshot
e949f42 : mako: overlay to allow user management in Settings for this device
787e85b : mako: change the path for sensor data
60606b0 : mako: set permission for led control
af511da : mako: add config_cellBroadcastAppLinks
921e3d7 : mako: remove main.conf for bluetooth, don't need anymore
146bcc1 : mako: set telephony.lteOnCdmaDevice to 0
120a379 : mako: use the proper APN file
152e6a4 : mako: overlay to skip restoring network selection
b48553d : mako: support android.software.live_wallpaper
350ec88 : mako: disable pre-rotation
4c89a84 : include sbl1 in OTA on development devices
733b35c : mako: support android.software.live_wallpaper
4b2f22f : mako: disable pre-rotation
3fc7e00 : Multi-user external storage support.
7bd5c99 : mako: adjust backlight values in auto brightness mode
cdd9046 : mako: bluetooth: bring up with bluedroid stack
68fd107 : audio: update audio calibration data
0a3bd80 : mako: bluetooth: bring up with bluedroid stack
4c179ca : update radio in mako OTA
021796c : include bootloader in mako OTA
d2394d1 : Specify destination sdcard mount point.
ebf6909 : mako: overlay to enable screen saver feature
610033d : Update config.xml overlay for new key config_overlay_locationProviderPackageNames
cb1aefe : Mako: NFC: Disable low-power tag detect.
595ae24 : fix build - specific TARGET_ARCH
38c9319 : audio: apply audio tuning parameter
c1de8aa : audio: apply audio tuning parameter
3936e4a : mako: adjust the haptic feedback
7582e4d : mako: audio: enable the QACT connection
4810cd9 : audio: Handset/Speaker Phone voice.
25bb106 : audio: add separate audio Input path feature
dcb0fdc : audio: add Dual MIC scenario in call feature
3b2b875 : Fix permissions for /firmware partition
c60af08 : Adding misc/ partition to recovery.fstab for mako.
6b9b43c : Add default settings for mako
3ed2894 : mako: set the default usb config to MTP
9e77704 : mako: update USB PIDs
48d5895 : mount debugfs for systrace
cf53439 : mako: wifi: Enable close loop function. Set conn_init service on main.
8e13436 : mako: add service related to widevine
4c46271 : set mako ramdisk location with mkbootimg argument
002a04a : mako: apply hdmi audio policy
06d6a3d : mako: data: Define TCP buffer threshold for low throughput
7047400 : mako: power: modify power profile
a339e74 : set mako ramdisk location with mkbootimg argument
6c11a69 : mako: NFC: Include NFC product files, NFCEE access files.
b736c4f : audio: raise the volume level for voice
61788b5 : mako: enable TTY mode
d3c247d : mako: add video encoder
0fc157d : mako: set the serial no for usb
47123b9 : Revert "Restart adbd to workaround USB bus hang during "adb root" operation"
c6b8e12 : mako: remove hdmi daemon service
f7e89dc : mako: set battery usage related overlay values
93f327a : mako: add missing value of Bluetooth tethering service
26a5730 : mako: enable portable WiFi hotspot (AP) feature
62dbf84 : Enable Bluetooth tethering service in connectivity.
4a9d2ca : mako: adjust lcd backlight values in auto brightness mode
2ac4185 : Revert "mako: persist partition mounts as read-only"
6e225a1 : mako: overlay to distinguish HSPA data icon form UMTS data icon
7756342 : Revert "mako: modem: set default network mode to GSM/WCDMA/LTE"
29a45df : mako: overlay about wifi, location, led features
55d11d7 : Revert "mako.init.rc: do not panic on subsystem crash"
262f1eb : Specify config_networkLocationProviderPackageName
154f0e2 : mako: disable write permission for bluetooth
c7c04c6 : mako: use bugmailer.sh for bugreport
36f7773 : mako: persist partition mounts as read-only
eb43daa : mako: add noatime option as mounting userdata and cache
65212cc : mako: nfc: add NFC Broadcom I2C device node
6267c98 : mako: add telephony.gsm feature
04a53b3 : mako: change ownership to enable HPD for HDMI
fad8bec : mako: remove duplicated packages for gps
eb1d30c : mako: add charger package
d429171 : mako: add crypto key storage location
5eece52 : mako: add flac and vp8 codec
099cdae : mako: apply audio policy and enable a2dp
b853c37 : wlan: Update to version of wlan driver from Code Aurora Forum
4ce70d5 : Set brightness and screen related overlay values
1a173bf : Change WiFi bin+ini modules from ETC to FAKE
4cf2819 : mako: add recovery_ui
0d9f8cc : mako: cleanup useless services
85ddb8c : mako: bluetooth: read BT address using bdAddrLoader
4dd130b : Reduce verbose logs coming out of wpa_supplicant and hostapd
9f010bd : Fix PDK Build
10b5d08 : Fix permissions for /dev/msm_dsps node
5fd819d : mako: enable to modify mac address at boot time
2cfa86f : mako: update WiFi NV bin
40cb771 : mako: change userdata size and system size
8ba4c51 : mako: regenerate *.prop files
6a2ca5a : mako: bluetooth: bring up
e87b04d : mako: apply filesystem mounting using fstab
d459f20 : Revert "mako: create ext4 for sensor calibration data"
f37a930 : workaround to allow 'fastboot update' to work from the current bootloader
a67f0d2 : mako: add wifi property about supplicant scan interval
e76da9e : drop obsolete definitions to post_boot & atfwd daemon
ae8ab6f : mako: update board-info.txt
0dd0a50 : Add drm.service.enabled=true to mako device.mk
e114409 : mako: include GPS hal and supporting libs
e1e5109 : mako: modem: set default network mode to GSM/WCDMA/LTE
b3f2b96 : mako: enable camera and include camera hal libs
a5a25a5 : mako: overlay the config file for the Phone app
652bfde : mako: Add mpdecision and thermald services
c8369d1 : mako: Set permissions for msm camera nodes
fd4248f : Revert "mako: increase vmalloc size to 400M"
cb14b4d : mako: cleanup license
5aff739 : mako: increase vmalloc size to 400M
178cd84 : mako: enable power modes; set CPU freq sampling
3a2ad10 : Revert "mako: enable adb+diag (QXDM over USB)"
b4dd3de : Revert "mako: add light hal module"
53cb3c9 : mako: use mako's snd_soc_msm_2x_Fusion3, not qcom's
8d001db : mako: fix permissions for video decoder device nodes
d32464b : mako: fix build for other targets
5319dd9 : mako.init.rc: do not panic on subsystem crash
ac9202f : mako: enabling mdm ramdump.
85f5867 : Revert "mako: set display brightness on boot"
d197793 : mako: remove duplicated PRODUCT_PACKAGES
d64b846 : mako: create ext4 for sensor calibration data
6249853 : auto-generated blob list
39507ab : mako: enable sensor daemon.
2dca145 : mako: Add video hardware codecs
cdea6b0 : mako: Enable Wi-Fi Direct
2c6193d : Add video modules to PRODUCT_PACKAGES
cdf3b55 : mako: add light hal module
5d4f9f8 : mako: enable bluetooth flag again
8bee872 : Enable Tethering Options
46ec5fe : mako: cleanup unused kl, idc, kcm
2ae60a2 : mako: set display brightness on boot
2a2159c : mako: remove BOARD_USES_GENERIC_AUDIO
286ff72 : mako: remove unused persist.sys.usb.config override
62bb01b : auto-generated blob list
b11441a : mako: remove the texfat module
6520781 : Revert "mako: enable debugging the modem via QXDM"
cbcecf1 : mako: enable adb+diag (QXDM over USB)
9ec760d : mako: create /data/qcks on post-fs
6f31b86 : mako: enable debugging the modem via QXDM
d0e5753 : mako: init script changes to bring up modem
929e162 : mako: set permissions on msm media files
1c25fba : mako: Add msm8960 audio_policy.conf & use analog mic for audio handset
79da7e3 : Revert "mako: enable bluetooth flag"
027d62d : mako: enable bluetooth flag
0d8831b : mako: enable PRODUCT_RESTRICT_VENDOR_FILES
b297dd5 : mako: Add permissions for msm_rotator
693f9b1 : mako: create ext4 using setup_fs
482dad7 : Get SD Card Working
bfbb454 : Restart adbd to workaround USB bus hang during "adb root" operation
1cecc8d : Drop world read/write permissions for firmware files
757208f : Delete unused init.mako.usb.sh
b5e7879 : Cleanup unused vold.fstab
950314e : Add default recovery.fstab and set recovery pixel format to RGBX_8888
80018b2 : Change /mnt/sdcard to /storage/sdcard0
83aa55e : Add media_codecs.xml for mako
743048a : auto-generated blob list
43cd84a : auto-generated blob list
e011ca2 : mako: enable WiFi in STA mode (no AP or P2P)
697fed0 : Show Software Navigation Bar
91f61bc : mako: include msm8960 audio HALs
272d342 : mako: remove live wallpaper support
fefe23c : initial mako support
e731f16 : auto-generated blob list
da90dca : Make full_mako "real"
f71ec4b : Skeleton makefiles
3ed9e3b : Use proper copyright notices - those files were written from scratch
883aa7d : Placeholder for full_mako
600dd1b : Initial empty repository

Project: device/lge/mako-kernel

86872ad : mako: prebuilt kernel

Project: device/sample

7e69d92 : [sample] change apns-full-conf.xml
63645fb : Add more APNs for operators in France & Spain,
56824fe : Updated AT&T APN info.
d2f189f : Add in the fallback fused location provider.
bbc41a6 : Add samples for Google network and fused location
7011afc : Updated AT&T APN info.
eb575ab : [maguro/crespo][sample] change apns-full-conf.xml
cd0ebca : enable JAVA build if allowed
61f903f : device/sample: Enhanced example to include usage of exposing APIs

Project: device/samsung/maguro

c93fe3e : auto-generated blob list
7464c1f : Self-extractors for JRO03R binaries for maguro
bd51290 : Remove version requirements for AOSP
73be3ba : auto-generated blob list
8b36c34 : auto-generated blob list
8b99d89 : Fix typo
ad1407c : Update self-extractors for JOO75
be1d477 : Self-extractors for JZO54G
76060f0 : auto-generated blob list
fb28402 : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
31bd5f3 : auto-generated blob list
7bdc006 : auto-generated blob list
06604ad : Binaries for JRO03H
2d7634e : Install fRom in the correct location
66027f3 : Strip board-info.txt for AOSP
33c5f33 : Update board-info.txt
d14174a : Update for JRO03C
d309b7b : Prepare for JellyBean AOSP
aeccff5 : Add invensense license.
78580f5 : Include a realistic wifi.scan mA value.
0a30e53 : Factory images for IMM76I

Project: device/samsung/manta

e3f8700 : manta: kernel prebuilt
18a019f : manta: kernel prebuilt
58e151e : manta: kernel prebuilt
7286c4a : manta: kernel prebuilt
716270d : Change default bluetooth name to Nexus 10 for Manta
cf80e50 : Don't change eS305 preset during a voice reco recording
8b2a181 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
3c63975 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
49983d4 : Disable multi-user for factory rom
1a7561b : manta: update kernel prebuilt
70226c5 : Correct effect configuration file for correct eS305 lib path
e948c4e : manta: update kernel prebuilt
d393eeb : manta: prebuilt kernel (other AC charger detection)
8b5468f : manta: prebuilt kernel (other AC charger detection)
3f29c5a : manta: update prebuilt kernel
271a3de : new kernel prebuilt
9830354 : eS305 noise suppression level depends on preset
505dd92 : manta: prebuilt kernel
d23b2fb : bubble level: fix accelerometer not disabled
4a78e6a : New kernel prebuilt
8c1b4d0 : manta: kernel prebuilt
79a2e01 : audio: don't reset mixer paths at standby
105d84d : New kernel prebuilt
e04f7c9 : Control eS305 voice processing effects
5772b91 : manta: prebuilt kernel (other-ac charger detect on pogo)
3a15c64 : manta: increase memory reserves
774e87f : New kernel prebuilt
09d4559 : manta: update prebuilt kernel
a989ebf : audio: select es305 preset according to level
e1a91fc : set ro.hwui.disable_scissor_opt=true in device.mk
9ab7235 : manta: update prebuilt kernel
97db95b : dumpstate: Add HDMI register dump
0ff6b67 : Report feature "android.hardware.audio.low_latency"
ea0a718 : manta: update prebuilt kernel
d272fe7 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
f6d6162 : audio: remove TODOs in mixer_paths.xml
55b6853 : Manta: NFC: Re-enable Listen-F active.
5a9015a : new kernel prebuilt
562b6c3 : new kernel prebuilt
9a32445 : manta: Update nvram for wifi
1ad5a8d : New manta kernel
bec6aef : Add library to monitor the tablet orientation
a8482f8 : Remove the Google specific location config.
5ff870c : new kernel prebuilt
3c9c52f : new kernel prebuilt
50b53f6 : Don't use eS305 for speech recognition
39944fb : manta: update kernel prebuilt
077aa1d : manta: wifi.on use average power including sleep mode
8dc2a70 : manta: wlan: Turn ON FW watchdog to catch FW hang
22b4c5e : Added missing audio encoder capabilities
d7e25f5 : Add missing 32kHz rate in list of supported sample rates.
67c64ca : manta: charger: do not blank display on startup
cf70110 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
b075016 : Triple buffer SurfaceFlinger
0f06a45 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
b4732d9 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
0c6e778 : New kernel prebuilt
0154998 : Manta: NFC: Re-enable RF field events.
c47682b : manta: update kernel prebuilt
8d4a4c1 : new kernel prebuilt
c02d301 : New kernel prebuilt
5061f18 : new kernel prebuilt
6ea1169 : dumpstate: dump dock status
8fb9c14 : New kernel prebuilt
ea0ac26 : new kernel prebuilt
942d98e : overlay: config: Lower Dim brightness.
85bc545 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
9908c3d : Manta: NFC: Clean up configuration.
ac103f3 : update prebuilt kernel
13fc87b : New kernel
abfed17 : overlay: config: revert min brightness brightness in the lowest range.
59f6277 : update prebuilt kernel
b970974 : auto-generated blob list
fc0329c : New kernel
3de71ca : overlay: config: revert min brightness brightness in the lowest range.
b2ca305 : update prebuilt kernel
24e3dbc : overlay: config: raise brightness in the lower range.
d58d68b : manta: update prebuilt kernel
cbe680d : update prebuilt kernel
b0ce981 : overlay: config: raise brightness in the lower range.
52648fb : manta: update prebuilt kernel
b48241f : Add userdata images for 32 GB and 64 GB manta variants.
48277c5 : Remove workaround for no audio in camcorder videos
a2fa940 : manta: update prebuilt kernel
61d544d : Workaround for no audio in camcorder
ef69220 : manta: kernel prebuilt
e005ba3 : overlay: config: raise brightness in the middle, way lower in pitch black
dfc67c6 : new kernel prebuilt
7bba05c : Adjust the min and max frame rate settings for camcorder apps
0bb5422 : new kernel prebuilt
24c5323 : Adjust the min and max frame rate settings for camcorder apps
68b0375 : new kernel prebuilt
0279b1f : Add shrinker debug file to manta dumpstate
e0bf17e : New prebuilt kernel
48e8e82 : new kernel prebuilt
bacf4fc : Add shrinker debug file to manta dumpstate
88b6a51 : New prebuilt kernel
a023813 : Revert "Remove the Google specific location config."
7f32e6f : Change Bluetooth file group id to net_bt_stack for manta
5fab64f : New prebuilt kernel
453b90d : eS305 sleep when not used
fc66145 : Add ion debug info to dumpstate
2f36970 : New prebuilt kernel
0427d43 : eS305 sleep when not used
6af5324 : Manta: NFC: Don't generate RF field notification events.
4317ae1 : New prebuilt kernel
2504bf3 : Add ion debug info to dumpstate
0b6fb8c : Remove the Google specific location config.
3dd60d1 : New prebuilt kernel
87e826c : libsensors: Make it work with the Invensense MA 5.1.1
4203d6e : manta: prebuilt kernel (wifi scan, jack, bts, governor)
6ccb6ab : manta: power: cpufreq interactive governor params update
b587a33 : take 3b1eb8ca0bcdf434863311c15c432c9032ac42c8
500338f : take 789aa2af11c52464aa42b576a23d7cd34cfd8235
3b1eb8c : new kernel prebuilt
42531fa : audio: fix headset mic capture
789aa2a : manta: update kernel prebuilt
37bbb62 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
178b743 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
66718d3 : Enable feature to turn on when plugged / unplugged.
b2c0b4f : audio: added support for multichannel over HDMI
af66685 : new kernel prebuilt
fd26932 : Manta: NFC: Select the card manager in case of empty select.
6d05d15 : overlay: Add defaults for SettingsProvider (enable ALS)
9f39fb1 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
b7958a6 : Manta: NFC: Set data connection credits to 1.
62217d2 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
ceb0c8c : new kernel prebuilt
ab5dda6 : audio: mute/unmute HDMI audio earlier
85f22c5 : wlan: Use XY/7 locale to support HT40
fb3b93f : new kernel prebuilt
b7ad841 : Auto-generated manta blob list - GPU compute binaries
d4abde6 : Manta: NFC: Disable 424 active in listen mode.
b9928aa : Allow traversal into /storage/emulated.
65b3fc0 : New prebuilt kernel
4e67a17 : Final shuffle to make /sdcard work in shell.
f5baa22 : Use dev/input/events subsystem for audio jack switches.
b16f061 : manta: update prebuilt kernel
ea1f822 : audio: mux audio from AIF2 for BT mic/uplink
1b6bab2 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
50f232b : manta: update kernel prebuilt
1c51a54 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
7ecf623 : audio: restore higher period size for capture
f5ba5bc : manta: update kernel prebuilt
964a661 : auto-generated blob list
f31ae27 : take db5db4e80d87fb5647c6d06438b847d2b322408d
db5db4e : manta: update prebuilt kernel
c3e49de : overlay: config: raise lower-end brightness again
94e7a96 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
974a379 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
56a16c6 : overlay: config: raise the lower sensitivity to match dark office.
2d15e2a : Fix calculation of set of active output devices
0099ab2 : manta: Reduce amount of reserved lowmem
f051bcf : audio: mute HDMI audio when not in use
d76096a : Manta: NFC: Disable listening for Nfc-B on esE.
836d6ee : manta: set Mali power policy as coarse demand
068b84e : Fix calculation of set of active output devices
44bca24 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
1dc866a : New prebuilt kernel
5d2fba4 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
0a5c23c : New prebuilt kernel
3f11815 : manta: update prebuilt kernel
1dcd6af : Manta: NFC: reset the SE when closing the pipe from the DH.
cf99e2f : manta: prebuilt kernel (shutdown on battery 0%, mfc fixes, power reduction)
4691d08 : audio: fix problem with unlinked control updates
19fb94b : manta: update kernel prebuilt
d0804a9 : manta: power: cpufreq interactive governor params update
65370dd : manta: update kernel prebuilt
15f8dac : Update manta extractors
c0feab9 : audio: correct EQ settings.
5aa0f23 : manta: kernel prebuilt
e0aa8f3 : audio: deep buffer path
10040fc : Set the correct size of the cache partition Manta.
688880c : audio: added es305 configuration
b02233a : manta: update kernel prebuilt
8338b4d : List flash and focusing capability as features for manta.
a3b2220 : Revert inadvertant change to init.manta.rc
7bb65d8 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
8c49d9f : Manta: NFC: Enable RF field events.
a4f8ba7 : Configure Manta device class as major Computer minor Laptop
381274b : manta: ueventd: Give audio access to video16 to read EDID audio info
dd06deb : audio: remove obsolete lunchbox mixer XML
0571903 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
ed7b140 : Manta: NFC: enable error logging.
00e3cc1 : Support touch orientation vector.
a2bbe45 : new kernel prebuilt
61a652b : cherry-pick d6755f3e19551204f0b6357f1ae98d63029a7b61
2a1afbf : new kernel prebuilt
73130f1 : manta: power profile updates
19b7fb9 : auto-generated blob list
d6755f3 : new kernel prebuilt
3ab3e2a : manta: update kernel prebuilt
325ceb2 : New prebuilt kernel
a134342 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
c2c962a : dhcp: Add CLIENTID request to dhcpcd service
b6d3c5b : Remove references to the proprietary NFC firmware.
4c34d75 : audio: different left and right speaker volume
ad27b8e : Migrate UI to supportsMultipleUsers().
362e654 : manta: bt: change BT addr path
1115c1d : manta: update kernel prebuilt
cffb034 : audio: support multiple mixer values per control
7d48825 : Manta: NFC: include NFC HAL library.
20d9a03 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
9f960e2 : new kernel prebuilt
e9b8b42 : overlay: config: raise the lower brightness, lower the dim-brightness
fa59aed : new kernel prebuilt
4b38b43 : overlay: config: raise the lower brightness, lower the dim-brightness
22db177 : audio: low latency output 256 frames per buffer
d6edd26 : new kernel prebuilt
a282d2f : audio: add bluetooth sco support
6f1435d : overlay: config: make auto-brightness lower values brighter.
2c78cfa : manta: update kernel prebuilt
29bed40 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
6b90555 : device: samsung: manta: Add permission for mobicore
dd73ce4 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
fb50224 : Calibrate touch size.
7b2bc0a : New kernel prebuilt
916acc1 : new kernel prebuilt
c5cae7b : audio: update speaker gains, EQ and DRC settings
82cc4ef : Add default notification times/colors.
1a6deea : manta: liblights: add ramp up/down
ae850c0 : Provide an override for the RS driver.
9f5396e : Enable AAC 5.1 output Bug:7099812
d1eb0eb : overlay: config: enable LID switch
6ab8284 : new kernel prebuilt
5bca9c6 : overlay: config: make auto-brightness values darker
3148ea8 : One more legacy symlink.
a6b9412 : audio: apply mixer paths for HDMI and SPDIF
1061548 : Revert "manta: set maximum memory frequency to 667 MHz"
fe10054 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
fbf9628 : New prebuilt kernel
56ec91d : Include user identifier in external storage paths.
cdc1a7a : Disable TextView fades
943dce5 : New prebuilt kernel
b486dbe : new kernel prebuilt
9b771b6 : Add USB audio support
f8425dc : new kernel prebuilt
e39e4f1 : Maximum of 8 users for this device
2a1b0f6 : Added missing video editor profile to media_profiles.xml file
8b7597e : Added missing video editor profile to media_profiles.xml file
c82a1ce : Enable e2fsck for Manta
619b20c : Enable hid host and do clean TURN_ON
8b36f41 : manta: new prebuilt kernel
53abc68 : Update the userdata partition size to match reality
1f1c0e2 : New prebuilt kernel
a962448 : device: samsung: Modify 480p size and min frame size
b6f5dbc : manta: Kernel prebuilt
c3e1260 : Update the userdata partition size to match reality
c48de7b : New prebuilt kernel
6a466d7 : audio: changes for new audio device enums
8fd110a : Remove proprietary blobs
a187dd0 : New prebuilt kernel
023a2a1 : Bring back ADB_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
bf0c92c : new prebuilt kernel
e1a5feb : New prebuilt kernel
26effe6 : Bring back ADB_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
ddccc4b : WiFi: Update wifi nvram - 2012/08/27 released
3afea32 : new prebuilt kernel
631ede1 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
251ec19 : Fix build - only include exynos files if present
b4dbd0c : Remove /sdcard hack for shell users.
ee3292e : uevent.rc: Add permissions for iio device files of gyro/accel
9e2f19d : manta: Kernel prebuilt
b22da8f : New manta prebuilt
6ccdf76 : New manta prebuilt
5dc5f4d : manta: prebuilt kernel (reboot hang fix, memory temperature throttling...)
17d3307 : manta: prebuilt kernel (reboot hang fix, memory temperature throttling...)
8164256 : Manta: NFC: update config file for latest stack drop.
39acf38 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
f90b9e9 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
b581f0f : Bump up the glyph cache texture size for manta
4f64e28 : Self-extractors for manta
d9c60bc : make_ext4fs has moved to build/target/core.mk
fef1d70 : Added timelapse configuration to media_profiles.xml and adjustment the video encoding bit rates
0e5f640 : Resize graphics caches to match Manta's screen resolution Bug #7045164
89c220b : New prebuilt kernel
b803e51 : manta: prebuilt kernel (netfilter, AC charger detect...)
1a0c0a7 : audio: apply ramp on capture to remove plop.
f423182 : audio: fix capture problem
82f1a3d : manta: dumpstate: dump display controller info /d/s3c-fb
9ff2fc6 : Notification light be gone!
9512dfb : manta: dumpstate: dump display controller info /d/s3c-fb
8e78e93 : manta: update prebuilt kernel
a45d782 : manta: prebuilt kernel (DRM, POGO comm, wifi...)
158519f : auto-generated blob list
373c8cc : auto-generated blob list
b936627 : audio: output uses 2 buffers of 512 frames
70ab004 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
ce82f89 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
471ce97 : New prebuilt kernel
dc9b674 : New prebuilt kernel
3bf4737 : new kernel prebuilt
fbeb4f5 : manta: dumpstate: Add Bus Traffic Shaper status
73f1b0e : device: samsung: manta: set the perms for secmem node
f9883d7 : device: samsung: manta: properly launch mobicore daemon
0dbbcf3 : device: samsung: manta: mount factory partition
32605db : manta: prebuilt kernel (eMMC packed write, UHID, disconnected battery fix...)
4d8468d : Iteration on multi-user external storage.
459d5bd : audio: force standby when entering/leaving SPDIF mode
866004f : New prebuilt kernel
b07ad98 : new kernel prebuilt
b4f2409 : device: samsung: manta: Update for camera 4th release
a568814 : new kernel prebuilt
de77daf : manta: fix maximum memory frequency in init.manta.rc
0aa1456 : manta: set maximum memory frequency to 667 MHz
03c0547 : manta: update prebuilt kernel
9fab6a3 : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
8c916e6 : Manta: NFC: Enable p2p active mode.
56d84e2 : audio: add digital dock (SPDIF) support
f6d5cd5 : audio: remove unused AUDIO_DEVICE_IN references
c4006be : audio: remove off/idle/on routes
819d556 : manta: kernel prebuilt
e1f780a : set opengles version
d20a7a6 : Remove sdcard_rw from gpsd.
dc3015d : Migrate sdcard0 to shell-accessible location.
c754d02 : Remove android.software.live_wallpaper.xml from PRODUCT_COPY_FILES
99ff513 : manta: wlan: Switch to locale XY/4
cbd09aa : manta: dumpstate: dump fuel gauge regs /d/ds2784
ef169b1 : manta: prebuilt kernel (fuel gauge debug)
787d385 : manta: prebuilt kernel (UHID, BTS...)
d8771b2 : write primary and backup copies of the manta bootloader
e5d653c : manta: add missing mkdir /mnt/secure/sdcard0
f3bdb26 : auto-generated blob list
ca73d7d : new kernel prebuilt
233e588 : Multi-user external storage support.
69cebe0 : Fix init path for manta
4fade04 : manta: prebuilt kernel (fuel gauge disconnect, audio runtime PM...)
d7abdd0 : audio: capture modifications - WIP
20b3688 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
98958d4 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
944520c : manta: update kernel prebuilt
cf0a8ec : manta: update kernel prebuilt
85291a2 : New prebuilt kernel
af4f36d : Specify destination sdcard mount point.
d569e96 : fix PDK build
12315fe : device: update etc/permissions with features for gps and sensors
7427711 : fix build - specific TARGET_ARCH
fea8237 : Add android.software.live_wallpaper to Manta
e2fd4f3 : manta: start mobicore daemon
d22e424 : manta: update prebuilt kernel
436810e : manta: update prebuilt kernel
7ee268d : Update config.xml overlay for new key config_overlay_locationProviderPackageNames
9cf94c3 : manta: power: Turn touchscreen off when the screen is off
fe20cea : manta: prebuilt kernel
b89de84 : Enable user management in Settings for Manta
fe5b542 : Manta: NFC: Disable low-power tag detect.
fe650da : fix installation of manta bootloader
ee69be6 : manta: wlan: Set multichannel concurrent mode
31a2d7a : recovery: start watchdogd when in recovery
df2873e : new kernel prebuilt
9c0986c : new kernel prebuilt
0dcf52f : manta: prebuilt kernel
4567c3a : auto-generated blob list
e2581ed : Update GPS daemon, gps.exynos5.so and gps.xml for GPS performance improvement.
5b3d3e8 : manta: prebuilt kernel
12928f1 : manta: prebuilt kernel
9d8462b : manta: prebuilt kernel
819e3cf : new kernel prebuilt
819ac1d : manta: Enable usb host and accessory
df92e91 : new kernel prebuilt
cf99437 : liblights: LED HAL for AS3668 LED
3b24839 : Manta: set LED permissions
62e365d : manta: update kernel prebuilt
c3d56f8 : update manta bootloader from recovery
d766a35 : manta: tweak dalvik settings
a5a28bb : manta: dump /d/android-power in bugreports
45b3c89 : manta: prebuilt kernel
c997c52 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
321f00e : manta: update uevent.rc
3783416 : manta: update uevent.rc
ffd4863 : mantA: Add wlan identification output
37b2e3b : manta: init: set /d/smb347-regs readable by all
9e4b54d : manta: initial power profile
5cb0898 : manta: update uevent.rc
b120eea : Manta: NFC: new stack drop config file changes.
4c1a8e1 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
f51999a : device: samsung: manta: Added media_profiles.xml for Camera
531c2e2 : device: samsung: update uevent.rc
d28833f : device: samsung: manta: Added media_profiles.xml for Camera
779f93b : Manta: NFC: create /data/nfc for NV storage.
7ab2db1 : device: samsung: update uevent.rc
a44149b : Manta: NFC product packages and NFCEE configuration files.
e90682b : Manta Set file owner and permissions for bluetooth
5f8a681 : manta: switch to generic nexus PIDs (was using debug)
9267157 : Explicitly add libion in Open Source builds
8e5cd9c : manta: prebuilt kernel
8753203 : audio: created audio use case configurations - DO NOT MERGE
2f054eb : audio: created audio use case configurations
80921e9 : manta: init: set /d/smb347-regs readable by all
4012e77 : new kernel prebuilt
7a5ac98 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
4e70867 : new kernel prebuilt
cb40e56 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
0bc7038 : manta: adds dumpstate output for soc, mmc and touchscreen
bc2e2ad : add OpenMAX IL encode component and encode device.
1062eda : Manta: set NFC permissions
ceb2d01 : add misc partition to recovery.fstab
197cf1a : audio: add AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_AUX_DIGITAL to audio policy
a272c08 : Strip board-info.txt for AOSP
3424937 : Update Factory mode fix in GPS daemon and change the directory for debug log
6f520cf : manta: update required bootloader to MANTALG04
7c96b11 : manta: update required bootloader to MANTALG03
0daa799 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
7c7614e : manta: switch to generic nexus PIDs (was using debug)
89a8651 : manta: power: cpufreq params, screen off cap, input boost
ff4802b : manta: update required bootloader to MANTALG01
db2d051 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
1707aa9 : manta: update prebuilt kernel
40d389b : Add separate navigation bar to large tablets.
3d1b4e0 : manta: prebuilt kernel
970ce7a : manta: Add support for PTP
d9c5dfd : new kernel prebuilt
0b60f39 : manta: set default USB configuration to "MTP"
d868071 : manta: Fix sending bugreport by email
3024b28 : manta: prebuilt kernel
ee40277 : basic recovery UI for mantaray
d8b1fa6 : manta: Enable Wifi Direct feature
2f452fc : device: samsung: update uevent.manta.rc for camera 2.0
db9b8a4 : device: samsung: add firmware information for camera 2.0
c3e28db : ARM: Exynos: Manta: add gps lib and configuration files
ab8052d : manta: new kernel prebuilt
8a77ed7 : device: samsung: add video40 to uevent.manta.rc
0295d70 : manta: Add wlan p2p support
3fe3405 : manta: dumpstate: switch to dumping smb347 charger state
d6ae5e9 : manta: prebuilt kernel
9f15b30 : manta: Change video dev permissions for hdmi
f56fe70 : audio: Reduce audio output buffer size
b182c2b : mixer_paths.xml: increase main mic capture volume
aef4066 : new kernel prebuilt
0f445a8 : manta: sensors: add light sensor multiplier to Light Sensor HAL
a1d7b45 : overlay: config: add preliminary values for auto-brightness
e07d4b5 : new kernel prebuilt -- now with less sparkle power
612e86e : manta: Update required bootloader to MANTALF03
75e8b90 : new kernel prebuilt
ca1414b : Use audio_channel_mask_t consistently
f1d6905 : manta: Update kernel prebuilt
acd411c : libsensors: Don't segfault when constructor fails when device absent
db7bdef : libsensors: fix poll event that would use 100% CPU
2646ce2 : new kernel prebuilt
b934bbd : overlay: config: add some dummy values so that brightness can be tested.
c6176ca : manta: add config_auto_brightness to the overlay for Manta
842cb0f : manta: add support for hardware vp8 decoder
e6d8ecd : Update prebuilt kernel
befcf4c : device: samsung: manta: modified quirks of decoder components in media_codecs.xml
502ad5d : device: samsung: manta: added encoder components to media_codecs.xml
6baf552 : bt: enable BT feature
49d4995 : HACK: libsensors: First attempt at using Inv IIO MPU6050+AK8963
481ffe6 : Start watchdogd
18500ea : new kernel prebuilt - headset jack detection via soc/switch device
6d7eb41 : prebuilt kernel
a7dfc39 : new kernel prebuilt
603b541 : manta: update required bootloader to MANTALF02
42ca3ea : Manta: update WiFi nvram for Rev0.2
7b15b88 : bootloader: update required bootloader to MANTALF01
b95ddb8 : manta: Mount FunctionFS for adb
27eb848 : manta: new kernel prebuilt
73da459 : Enable bugreport keycombo
2c6aabb : new kernel prebuilt
4723a8f : new kernel prebuilt
009380c : new kernel prebuilt
bdfa1f1 : manta: kernel prebuilt
127c246 : manta: wlan: Use US locale instead of ALL
5dcc6c9 : manta: senors: add HAL for light and pressure sensors
d23f8ed : manta: update required bootloader to MANTALE02
abd043e : new kernel prebuilt
37a83b9 : manta: fix permissions on brightness
0e04e46 : Update device for new location provider configs.
9cf62f5 : fix CleanSpec for BOARD_FRAMEBUFFER_FORCE_FORMAT removal
ceb1f18 : mixer_paths: increase main mic capture volume
b3f588f : manta: Add battery charging state to bugreports
70c637f : new kernel prebuilt
23662b8 : manta: remove triggering suspend from power hal
6319480 : new kernel prebuilt
11e3500 : overlay: change storage location to /storage/sdcard0
26f2455 : new kernel prebuilt
4fdc7ce : manta: kernel prebuilt
9c2b473 : new kernel prebuilt
4b8adb6 : manta: kernel prebuilt
58d7658 : new kernel prebuilt
15f60a8 : Add audio support
4baefaf : Add FLAC encoder to the list of media codecs.
f31f9d6 : auto-generated blob list
bf355f2 : ueventd.rc: add perms/ownership for video devs
b1c206d : manta: pull in camera hal and feature files
ef9a4ec : Set the networks for manta.
9afe3d4 : manta: Update required bootloader version to LE01
2f3c0a9 : manta: Add config.xml
e5db9d9 : Use the filesystem manager to mount and check filesystems
fa170c7 : Use the filesystem manager to mount and check filesystems
ef41726 : manta: Power HAL: to version 0.2
b7bbdea : manta: Update required bootloader version to LD06
4801b7f : manta: add battery charger service
cbee0e3 : manta: add charger app and the images
3425139 : manta: Power HAL: Add placeholder powerHint callback
62abcec : board config for manta based products
e41e2af : Update kernel prebuilt: add audio support
2beaccd : auto-generated blob list
2cd72ff : manta: kernel prebuilt
72871d2 : Reduce /storage permissions to 0050.
e724cf9 : auto-generated blob list
ba3e464 : manta: add storage definition
3266d86 : manta: inherit from exynos5
c2c95e1 : manta: add media_codecs.xml
85f084b : Change permissions for video6
a41be96 : manta: kernel prebuilt
b254e9f : manta: kernel prebuilt (3.4)
c377a3c : wlan: Update calibration file for bcm43241b0
b9b99d3 : auto-generated blob list
3379311 : Organize external storage to enforce sdcard_r.
3128eaf : new kernel (breaks evt0.1)
048fd3d : manta: mount partitions by name from dw_mmc.0
25cc305 : manta: Fix import in init.manta.rc
91cba43 : move hardware feature definitions
b32016c : manta: explicitly specify the dalvik heap config for now
6c0d627 : manta: specify property overrides *before* inheriting from products
4cba77a : manta: kernel prebuilt
ff0586d : manta: update dalvik heap config location
dbd93a5 : set ro.sf.lcd_density to 320.
bfd0984 : manta: kernel prebuilt
59c0d46 : manta: Add power hal
989b65a : manta: enable kgdb on userdebug and eng builds
313628b : manta: Update kernel prebuilt
2bcb5f3 : Update prebuilt kernel
e87ec97 : wlan: Add wlan initial configuration
06f8dea : wlan: Add calibration file
ebf2cdf : manta: add liblights for backlight
a0eddb4 : manta: update kernel prebuilt
50acc67 : manta: add input device files for manta (touch, keypad)
7047698 : manta: set screen size and dpi parameters
4438cfd : manta: increase system partition size
29380e6 : manta: add init files for manta boards
1472c5c : manta: add recovery.fstab
9702ecd : update mk/rc files
2ef0ce3 : Update kernel to work with new gpu drivers
4dcb383 : manta: pull in some basic configs
e6046d3 : manta: pull in the gralloc
3565abc : manta: change platform to exynos5 from exynos5250
c00fb0f : smdk5250: take a wakelock on boot since suspend is broken
b4e7175 : manta: add base kernel (only supports smdk5250 for now)
0288968 : manta: inherit proprietary exynos5 pieces
40cec16 : manta: add touch and keypad config files
330da91 : manta: select mali egl, not sw renderer
62fd152 : manta: fake the fb format so that mali driver will pass checks
a67dcf2 : manta: add init/ueventd rc files for smdk5250
c0dc9fd : manta: add egl.cfg
f097b59 : Tweak full_manta makefile
7e497e3 : manta: add basic build config
43766e5 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/samsung/toro

9418e54 : auto-generated blob list
119642a : Self-extractors for JRO03R binaries for toro
8a07d6c : Generate factory images for JRO03O
9138731 : Remove version requirements for AOSP
1e3ac66 : auto-generated blob list
498ffc6 : auto-generated blob list
e57c424 : Update self-extractors for JOO75
1ba62ba : Self-extractors for JZO54G
853a7f3 : auto-generated blob list
670d828 : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
61c63fa : use bsdiff not imgdiff to compute radio diffs
15b4d44 : auto-generated blob list
0e6de93 : SMS isn't converted to MMS even after 7 segments of messages
9f28da6 : auto-generated blob list
a135d3e : Binaries for JRO03H
e10c4dc : Install fRom in the correct location
de0d8d0 : Strip board-info.txt for AOSP
e6b22a1 : Update board-info.txt
298bc28 : auto-generated blob list
6aed499 : Update for JRO03C
f5eb168 : Add vendorsetup back
ee0a57f : Update self-extractors
1ca570b : Update board-info
d6e7551 : Package factory images
c5d2890 : Restore AOSP support for toro
a5f4ae0 : Remove files related to AOSP support
e2a8f2c : Include a realistic wifi.scan mA value.
49d1af8 : Use the true cdma version number.
17310b5 : Factory image for mysid imm76k

Project: device/samsung/toroplus

520b571 : Licence for NXP binaries
4197904 : JZO54K self-extractors for toroplus
33cf887 : Auto-generated toroplus blob list
5e5272a : auto-generated blob list
2e53729 : Update blob list, add matching self-extractors
1f7fa15 : auto-generated blob list
c5f5543 : add missing overlay files
e5c1962 : auto-generated blob list
e89b739 : auto-generated blob list
9eb2569 : remove not needed files for toroplus
b87a3ba : Update for JZO54G, point to proper toroplus
0b33f6d : Basic self-extractors for toroplus
98773c8 : second set towards aosp toroplus
d405d5b : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
e8ec5c1 : auto-generated blob list
5ff5ce7 : initial commit towards aosp toroplus
07dded0 : Initial empty repository

Project: device/samsung/tuna

214d003 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (wifi wakelock revert, uname security fix)
405ef82 : tuna: kernel prebuilt
57418d6 : Remove the Google specific location config.
c3ed9c3 : Report feature "android.hardware.audio.low_latency"
2bb0b01 : Revert "Remove the Google specific location config."
01d5316 : Revert "Remove the Google specific location config."
f2e62f6 : Remove the Google specific location config.
1cbde26 : Allow traversal into /storage/emulated.
eea86db : Final shuffle to make /sdcard work in shell.
ee72ef4 : audio: changes ringtone volume when call is comming
09a5be4 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (monotonic time overflow)
fd63d70 : Disable scissor optimization on tuna boards Bug #7158326
708e9e0 : ISSUE 6849488 Bluedroid stack, remove system/bluetooth.
16490b9 : tuna: kernel prebuilt
62532ce : tuna: dhcp: Add CLIENTID request to dhcpcd service
a33a8e1 : audio: increase toro media speaker volume +2dB
e6baffc : tuna: kernel prebuilt
826bac8 : One more legacy symlink.
260f6e0 : Include user identifier in external storage paths.
5bc53d5 : rename torospr to toroplus
e8378f4 : No multiuser settings for phones
c7f6720 : tuna: Update kernel prebuilt
adca85d : tuna: Kernel prebuilt
00e4a33 : audio: add device specific audio_effects.conf file
e71d570 : audio: fix string leakage in out_get_parameters()
c64cb75 : tuna: Kernel prebuilt
7530b97 : audio: changes for new audio device enums
0695fa8 : Bring back ADB_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
d46c45f : Bring back ADB_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
e16d1ca : Remove /sdcard hack for shell users.
69645ac : audio: fix echo reference channels configuration
31e4ba0 : make_ext4fs has moved to build/target/core.mk
9111281 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (netfilter, wifi)
889bf71 : tuna: kernel prebuilt
559a942 : Use 3 ms buffers for low latency path
baaaeb0 : Iteration on multi-user external storage.
8bf9bea : Triple buffer if SRC enabled
e8c14ab : tuna: prebuilt kernel (shutdown hang)
bd6aec2 : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
73c0d95 : Revert "Add bthid device driver ko file. Init it as device driver node."
1fcda24 : Migrate sdcard0 to shell-accessible location.
810cd87 : tuna: prebuilt kernel
4ce6f92 : Remove android.software.live_wallpaper.xml from PRODUCT_COPY_FILES
fc875d3 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (HSMMC1 suspend fix)
3d54661 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (USB HID, USB audio fix, MMC suspend fixes)
a3471cd : Multi-user external storage support.
ac9512e : tuna: prebuilt kernel (HSMMC1 suspend fix)
d7f5ab6 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (HSMMC1 suspend fix)
4761c26 : use bsdiff not imgdiff to compute radio diffs
b871039 : Specify destination sdcard mount point.
5b7ab84 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (BT power, DDK revert, gadget fix)
ea3c6b2 : tuna: prebuilt kernel (BT power, DDK revert, gadget fix)
20cb7d0 : Fix build - Add TARGET_ARCH := arm
60468b0 : Update config.xml overlay for new key config_overlay_locationProviderPackageNames
f720fd0 : Revert "prebuilt kernel (DDK 1.9RC1, usb gadget,...)"
81b6546 : Revert "prebuilt kernel (DDK 1.9RC1, usb gadget,...)"
a424e78 : prebuilt kernel (DDK 1.9RC1, usb gadget,...)
a553787 : tuna: kernel prebuilt
ce1fab3 : add permissions to dev/cdam_cplog
236a547 : add toroplus to the recovery target
58a4a73 : tuna: kernel prebuilt
d42b535 : tuna: kernel prebuilt
a497c2d : tuna: kernel prebuilt
7e0eda7 : tuna: dumpstate: Add wlan info dump
1681a27 : added bt-pan network interface for tethering
b5f8890 : Add bthid device driver ko file. Init it as device driver node. Author: Priti Aghera
b48bb6d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8eb734e : Use audio_channel_mask_t consistently
996da01 : audio: acquire lock in adev_set_voice_volume()
76c7a5b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1eb9767 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
be069e6 : [Tuna] Add product specific definition to HDCP symlink
3b603e2 : Use the filesystem mounter to mount and check filesystems
8c58faa : tuna: Power HAL: Add VSYNC power hint

Project: device/ti/panda

232b56a : remove bluetooth quick switch resource from overlay config file
32c8522 : Allow traversal into /storage/emulated.
b29e27a : Final shuffle to make /sdcard work in shell.
189b991 : Bring back ADB_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
7841c35 : Bring back ADB_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
37a333c : Remove /sdcard hack for shell users.
7658a40 : audio: fix resampler creation
3fdf23a : make_ext4fs has moved to build/target/core.mk
be4f4eb : Iteration on multi-user external storage.
da16b10 : Fix documentation for lunch command
4bd4d11 : Migrate sdcard0 to shell-accessible location.
4a3770a : Add support for per device bluetooth configuration.
a169f46 : auto-generated blob list
f22a0d0 : Multi-user external storage support.
3929246 : Specify destination sdcard mount point.
420f96f : Fix build - Add TARGET_ARCH := arm
6be4007 : auto-generated blob list
1de577f : Updated self-extractors for PandaBoard
586f195 : auto-generated blob list
f1703b2 : Panda: Set the lcd density to 160
f58befd : Fix panda build.
71c9f07 : Clean up handling of apks
5b0dfbf : Panda: Add recovery to the Panda board
7efbae9 : Panda: Remove mobile data in networkAttributes
35581d9 : Use the filesystem manager to mount and check filesystems
0f67205 : Prepare new imgtec packages for PandaBoard
76605d8 : Prebuilt PandaBoard kernel.
74cd2b2 : PandaBoard prebuilt kernel
737bb52 : Panda: Add bugmailer so bugreports can be produced.
993ee5c : Panda: Add gpio-keys for panda

Project: platform/docs/source.android.com

cb63f6e : External storage technical information.
d492e97 : Document the new location of ccache.
8c25abb : Fixes a couple of typos.
72dffdb : Fix typo
c10820f : Update s.a.c for JB
0332e61 : update verifier to R2
315b4e7 : Revert "am 12aa7941: Reconcile with jb-mr1-release"
3e381e3 : Fix cmp documentation.
17a0d2d : fix errata
64ee27c : fix errata
78447a6 : errata fix
63e1f55 : Updated JB CDD with updates to revision, encryption requirement
cb761aa : JB CTS & CDD updates (The links must be validated pre-push)
67c4d1a : Add NS4G back
e02a1b9 : security: update Memory Management Security section
1b4c74e : Escape underscores
962745c : Fix maguro 4.0.4 bootloader version number
d4af699 : Create a Command Files page
c5d9564 : Create Tutorial page
613d189 : Create Getting Started page
4baa270 : Create a Test Infrastructure section
b63bdee : Use python markdown library directly
a627d7c : security: update docs
483e82d : Tweak kernel doc
de841e2 : Add mentions of IMM76K and IMM76L
2ab46c4 : Update checksum for repo 1.17
b0dfdaa : Expand the kernel doc to include exynos
b79e416 : Clarify that the repo SHA-1 has changed
7fc2d95 : Remove libxext-dev:i386 from list of dependencies
3791a74 : Handle multiarch libgl-mesa-dev on Ubuntu 12.04
c28c774 : Use proper checksum for repo
cb9c6ac : Downloads update for CTS - ICS:r3 and GB:r13
cc346e6 : modified: 4.0/versions.md
e4f05ff : Fixed the reference to Android 2.3 CDD, updates to downloads page.
01486fb : Clarify the requirement for 64-bit systems
723b058 : Properly quote <username>
d00ebae : Point to the modern manifest URI
b4b7eb4 : Add USB config for PandaBoard non-ES
d6b3360 : Add libxext-dev:i386 to packages needed in 12.04
9999f3f : Update Mac build environment documentation
226274b : Add details about picking kernels
6fdf97b : Document OUT_DIR_COMMON_BASE
c3b338f : Remove mention of issues with make 3.82
67de376 : Document process to get a .netrc password
2fc05a0 : Add IMM76I
962a6fe : Document build issues on Ubuntu 11.10
d0aecc8 : Document build issues with XCode 4.3
6e2c9d2 : Document 4.0.x build issues on MacOS 10.7

Project: platform/external/aac

6ab3699 : Bug 7170947 Update AAC codec
34ce250 : Don't zero out spec coeffs before doing the final IMDCT.
1043598 : fix mips build by reverting files back
381d698 : Bug fixes in AAC decoder, AAC encoder, FDK library
ad74957 : Remove workaround in aac for broken toolchain
6574569 : Don't try to shift more bits than the variable length
50d9a4c : GCC 4.4 and later cannot handle h constructs. Fix to replace the assembly constructs.
5239672 : Only use __int64 on MSVC, not on all win32 compilers

Project: platform/external/android-clat

62ea9b6 : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/external/android-mock

46fe5f8 : host modules don't need LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS

Project: platform/external/ant-glob

5716c15 : Original upload of the glob library
d1fa5c0 : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/external/apache-harmony

db08d51 : Fix build warning.
05aba24 : Remove obsolete variables.

Project: platform/external/apache-http

6090b46 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop files.
6cefec0 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/apache-qp

64ea622 : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/external/apache-xml

66ca809 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/arduino

d5790d7 : Arduino 0022

Project: platform/external/astl

f2ee14f : Fix build warning.
a7332b9 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/blktrace

d345431 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/bouncycastle

036093e : Fix registration of MD5withRSA Signatures
e6bf3e8 : Make existing bouncycastle bcprov build on host and add host-only bcpkix build
517da5b : BaseKeyFactorySpi should throw InvalidKeySpecException, not RuntimeExceptions
4c11130 : bouncycastle 1.47 upgrade
aebf2c5 : Fix cert blacklisting by public key
42c3cb8 : Added patch to the README and android.patches.
089355c : Added patch to the README and android.patches.
ea82c4a : Fix cert blacklisting by public key
fd3e3ef : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/bsdiff

10e6119 : host modules don't need LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS

Project: platform/external/bzip2

8a81a41 : Retire LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.
72a1f32 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/chromium

a7f1721 : Null pointer check missing in chromium
de6c9f9 : Disable compression.
c2cbc7d : back port upstream patch
5dd41b5 : Fix lazy-instance template to preserve object alignment on MIPS.
7dd0397 : Add MIPS architecture support
516fd38 : Forward-compatible fix for ucontext_t
95b2bad : Work around for use-after-free cert bug
edec5f4 : Convert exit calls to abort for Android
f4dca79 : Modify Makefile for building for ASAN

Project: platform/external/chromium-trace

a0cfa1d : systrace: add support for using a trace file
37100a8 : systrace: add --bus-utilization option
57a636a : systrace: update to trace-viewer rev 175
6e58f01 : systrace: update to trace-viewer rev 173
c5eda7d : systrace: pull the latest trace-viewer
6907377 : systrace: add args to update.py
2da489c : systrace: rebase against upstream trace-viewer
de427be : add -e option for adb serial
c15717b : external: chromium-trace: Adding interactive governor trace
0c313bc : Fix error in running update.py
da77298 : Add camera as an ATRACE tag

Project: platform/external/clang

210d8aa : Forgot about CommentHTMLTags.td, which I had a stale copy of.
e5cc4c9 : Merge up through LLVM r163557.
654f1d5 : Fix PR13784: instantiation of an abstract class in a conditional operator.
b22b0a5 : Move the null check outside of the loop, no functionality change.
22cd9ac : [PCH] When loading fields from external storage make sure to also load in the IndirectField declarations as well.
978869a : [analyzer] Make the defaults explicit for each of the new config options.
81fb50e : [analyzer] For now, don't inline C++ standard library functions.
1ad23d6 : Remove redundant semicolons which are null statements.
e4330a3 : Comment AST: TableGen'ize all command lists in CommentCommandTraits.cpp.
db13315 : Remove clang man page reference to -Oz. It's not an option we want people to use, and is around for historical reasons.
3f0ec52 : Thread-safety analysis: differentiate between two forms of analysis; a precise analysis that may give false positives because it is confused by aliasing, and a less precise analysis that has fewer false positives, but may have false negatives. The more precise warnings are enabled by -Wthread-safety-precise. An additional note clarify the warnings in the precise case.
bd7e306 : Now that I have a test file to work with, disable the Filecheck part of this test.
ac0bc91 : Correctly 'cat' out test files.
15f9f74 : Fix another case where we should be using isBeforeInTranslationUnit().
d727d39 : Add a few more cases where we should be using isBeforeInTranslationUnit().
776da9e : As a debugging aid to unbreak the buildbots, cat the plist files so I can view them on different builders.
6f93860 : More tweaking and test cases for call to super annotations. // rdar://6386358
121ec0a : Re-enable FileCheck testing of retain-release.m test, and force a C++ dialect. Let's see if this is the portability issue with this test.
9f55983 : objective-C: Improving diagnostocs for missing call to super's annotated methods. // rdar://6386358
84012e6 : Temporarily disable FileCheck part of this test.
0cb8939 : Allow vector types in pseudo-destructor expressions. Fixes PR13798.
18857f7 : Workaround for MacOSX build failure with gcc <= 4.4
acc714b : Revert "Revert Ted's r163489 and r163490, due to breakage."
da88536 : Make helper functions static.
a92983d : Wrong crtbegin/crtend pair used for PIE on Android.
2343b3d : Revert Ted's r163489 and r163490, due to breakage.
89d83ff : MIPS: Use -march=arch option to select either generic MIPS ISA, or the name of a particular processor.
c265cdd : Use isBeforeInTranslationUnitThan() instead of operator<.
4dfd141 : Take another crack at stabilizing the emission order of analyzer diagnostics without using FoldingSetNodeIDs. This is done by doing a complete recursive comparison of the PathDiagnostics.
fcde83c : Have PathDiagnosticPiece::getString() return a StringRef instead of a std::string.
7c06f03 : Indent the "message" key in analyzer plist output.
9937216 : Add handy script for updating plist FileCheck expected output for analyzer tests.
4a66557 : RawCommentList: don't copy the whole new RawComment to LastComment each time. We just need a single SourceLocation for previous comment end.
ce15cce : Remove dead method ProgramState::MarshalState().
762f159 : Added missing const.
e75bb61 : Fixed support for disabled wchar_t and added an appropriate test.
eb3546e : clang/test/Sema/format-strings-scanf.c: Relax a couple of expressions with expected-warning-re to let matched for Win32 targets.
3c7f538 : Add some ARM EABI preprocessor builtins tests
8b0703d : Do not construct StringRef from NULL argument.
70a5cca : Provide some ACLE C defines. This should fix PR13796
9655ecb : Try disabling the FileCheck part of the retain-release.m test to see if it fixes the buildbots.
22505ef : Fix bug in BugReporter::RemoveUneededCalls() where "prunable" PathDiagnosticEventPieces were *always* pruned. Instead, they are suppose to only be pruned if the entire call gets pruned.
e5f0588 : When a bad UTF-8 encoding or bogus escape sequence is encountered in a string literal, produce a diagnostic pointing at the erroneous character range, not at the start of the literal.
49f9434 : This test does not require --exact-match from FileCheck.
0187a1b : Attempt (again) to stabilize the order of the emission of diagnostics of the analyzer by using the FullProfile() of a PathDiagnostic for ordering them.
8be066e : Format strings: suggest %lld instead of %qd and %Ld with -Wformat-non-iso.
bbb6bb4 : Format strings: %Ld isn't available on Darwin or Windows.
7ac9ef1 : -fcatch-undefined-behavior: Factor emission of the creation of, and branch to, the trap BB out of the individual checks and into a common function, to prepare for making this code call into a runtime library. Rename the existing EmitCheck to EmitTypeCheck to clarify it and to move it out of the way of the new EmitCheck.
82f2ad4 : [analyzer] ObjCSelfInitChecker should always clean up in postCall checks.
a435e69 : [analyzer] Add debug output for ObjCSelfInitChecker's state.
30ca732 : Revert "Add plist output for retain-release.m in addition to -verify checking."
e157ae5 : Revert "Attempt to make the PathDiagnostic emission order more deterministic by"
62a4563 : Revert "Further tweaks to hopefully make the PathDiagnostic emission more deterministic."
24c7f98 : [analyzer] Remove constraints on dead symbols as part of removeDeadBindings.
f6d05bb : [analyzer] Symbolic regions are live if any subregions are live.
9874f59 : [analyzer] Cast the result of a placement new-expression to the correct type.
9f6ec82 : [analyzer] Address John's code review for r163407.
8410113 : objective-C: introduce __attribute((objc_requires_super)) on method in classes. Use it to flag those method implementations which don't contain call to 'super' if they have 'super' class and it has the method with this attribute set. This is wip. // rdar://6386358
f9fdcc0 : In ARC, if we're emitting assembly markers for calls to objc_retainAutoreleasedReturnValue, we need to also be killing them during return peepholing. Make sure we recognize an intervening bitcast, but more importantly, assert if we can't find the asm marker at all. rdar://problem/12133032
ec5fda4 : Further tweaks to hopefully make the PathDiagnostic emission more deterministic.
c80ca02 : Fixed http://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=13777
47cbd0f : Remove ProgramState::getSymVal(). It was being misused by Checkers, with at least one subtle bug in MacOSXKeyChainAPIChecker where the calling the method was a substitute for assuming a symbolic value was null (which is not the case).
b4b4523 : Attempt to make the PathDiagnostic emission order more deterministic by looking at PathPieces.
526b4a6 : Add default implementation of ConstraintManager::getSymVal() and a doxygen comment.
ace64b5 : Remove ConstraintManager:isEqual(). It is no longer used.
2308436 : Add plist output for retain-release.m in addition to -verify checking.
589190b : Ampersand goes with identifier.
9198c71 : [analyzer] Use cast<> instead of getAs<> for a CFGElement known to be a CFGStmt.
9366a5a : Moved back getCharAndSizeNoWarn to public area.
258bd59 : [analyzer] Fix a false positive in sizeof malloc checker.
c957319 : Add test case for <rdar://problem/12075238>, which recently got fixed by changes to RegionStore.
3d074c3 : Whitespace.
2de4770 : Bring buildbots back. Fix scoping issue and coding style from r163397.
b5204ee : [analyzer] Don't use the address of a temporary CFGElement.
0b4db3e : Thread-safety analysis: Add support for selectively turning off warnings within part of a particular method.
99d68e9 : [analyzer] Explain why we need condition 8.
8c6a057 : Attempt to pacify Windows buildbots.
f651381 : Link to crtend.S when PIE in the FreeBSD driver. Patch by Brooks Davis!
a4728e5 : Adds a first iteration of the basic AST matcher documentation landing page.
67619ff : Introduces anchors into LibASTMatchersReference.html.
76dafa7 : Change the behavior of the isDerivedFrom-matcher to not match on the class itself. This caused some confusion (intuitively, a class is not derived from itself) and makes it hard to write certain matchers, e.g. "match and bind any pair of base and subclass".
579b120 : Implements hasAncestor.
971073b : Revert "Rework the retain-release.m test to use FileCheck and the "text" output"
2ab012a : Fix off-by-one bug in diagnostic prose of ObjCContainersASTChecker. While the check itself should count 0-based for the parameter index, the diagnostic should be 1-based (first, second, third, not start at 0).
62bde3e : ExplodedGraph::shouldCollectNode() should not collect nodes for non-Expr Stmts (as this previously was the case before this was refactored). We also shouldn't need to specially handle BinaryOperators since the eagerly-assume heuristic tags such nodes.
689268a : Rework the retain-release.m test to use FileCheck and the "text" output of the analyzer, as the RetainReleaseChecker has many fine-grain path diagnostic events that were not being checked. This uncovered an inconsistency between the path diagnostics between Objective-C and Objective-C++ code in ConditionBRVisitor that was fixed in a recent patch.
c47dc1b : Fix bug in ConditionBRVisitor where for C++ (and not C) we were not ignoring implicit pointer-to-boolean conversions in condition expressions. This would result in inconsistent diagnostic emission between C and C++.
6964b3f : PR9023: A template template parameter whose template parameter list contains an unexpanded parameter pack is a pack expansion. Thus, as with a non-type template parameter which is a pack expansion, it needs to be expanded early into a fixed list of template parameters.
8f0d0fe : [analyzer] Fail gracefully when the dynamic type is outside the hierarchy.
061707a : Teach RetainCountChecker that CFPlugInInstanceCreate does not return a CF object at all.
5601c9a : [analyzer] Don't crash if we cache out while evaluating an ObjC message.
1edeed3 : [analyzer] Assert that StmtPoint should be created with a non-null Stmt.
817ce3d : [analyzer] testing: add a build mode to allow C++11 testing.
ec9f36e : Refine diagnostics for leaks reported when returning an object via function/method with [CF,NS]_RETURNS_NOT_RETAINED.
2827f5a : Tweak DeadStoresChecker to not warn about dead stores to variables that are used in EH code. Right now the CFG doesn't support exceptions well, so we need this hack to avoid bogus dead store warnings.
8123b6e : Clarified diagnostics for range-based for loops with invalid ranges
200fa2e : [analyzer] Don't attempt to devirtualize calls to base class destructors.
c691649 : [ms-inline asm] Output empty asm statements for the directives we don't handle. Otherwise, the AsmParser will explode if we try to generate an object files.
acc22b6 : [ms-inline asm] The IR representation of inline assembly enumerates the input and output expressions much like that in GNU-style inline assembly. Output expressions are first. Do this for MS-style inline asms.
3359fa3 : refactoring + objective-C specific test for my last patch. // rdar://12233989
cddbc1d : Don't try to check override control for invalid member functions. Fixes a crash in a corner case. Patch by Olivier Goffart!
9ed63f8 : Use custom ABIInfo for le32/PNaCl argument codegen
2675b8e : Enabling the UTF conversion routines that were previously conditionally ifdef'ed out. This change is required to support enhancements in the LLDB data formatters
2d234d73 : Fixing the return type information for objc_sync_enter and objc_sync_exit. Patch thanks to Joe Ranieri!
2d40d9e : c: make __attribute__((unused)) transitive. Don't warn if annotated decl is used inside another unused. // rdar://12233989
8e5264f : Tighten up regexps some more.
1014ecf : Remove unused typedefs. Found by gcc48.
31ba613 : Dont cast away const needlessly. Found by gcc48 -Wcast-qual.
a8ee441 : Update AddressSanitizer docs
a285e7d : Fix a mistake in an HTML example code snippet.
69e4826 : PR13775: When checking for a tag type being shadowed by some other declaration, don't trample over the caller's LookupResult in the case where the check fails.
9b925ac : [analyzer] Enhance the member expr tracking to account for references.
faadf48 : Continue including temporary destructors in the CFG used for warnings.
ec08735 : Format strings: suggest casts for NS(U)Integer and [SU]Int32 on Darwin.
614a865 : Format string checking: change long if-statement to early returns.
5a1ffe9 : [analyzer] Always include destructors in the analysis CFG.
352c657 : [analyzer] Fix a crash PR13762.
d91696e : [analyzer] NullOrUndef diagnostics: track symbols binded to regions.
9bc1e6d : [analyzer] Remove unneeded code.
758c30c : Add test missed in previous commit.
b60afba : Try to fix the windows bots.
c55da4b : Apply some driver improvements for freebsd-*-mips*.
857134e : [cindex.py] Make the use of a compatibilty check explicit
fd0f11c : Thread-safety analysis: bugfix for case where a trylock occurs in an expression involving temporaries.
255793d : objective-c++11: c++11 does not change pod-ness when type is an unqualified objc pointer in arc. Treat it just as being treated in c++98. This fixes a bogus vararg warning with -std=c++11. //rdar://12229679
fcf75a3 : Update for r163231.
b197b78 : Added missing test.
37c765a : c error recovery. treat an invalid redeclaration of a c-function for what it is. Otherwise, this func is treated as an overloadable c-function resulting in a crash much later. // rdar://11743706
e885dd6 : [analyzer] Fix bad test from r163220.
5b86ffd : Allow disabling of wchar_t type.
6ebea89 : [analyzer] Be more forgiving about calling methods on struct rvalues.
4e45dba : [analyzer] Clean up a couple uses of getPointeeType().
fd11957 : Revert "[analyzer] Treat all struct values as regions (even rvalues)."
a78d0d6 : Introduces DynTypedMatcher as a new concept that replaces the UntypedBaseMatcher and TypedMatcher.
3d35a54 : New clang-check vim integration script
536afbe : Do not add using directives to a function decl context when instantiating.
4f216d38 : Fixed lexical decl context of out of line class template instantiations.
45e4e08 : Changing of type checking order on InitListExpr - UnionType is checked eariler than RecordType.
8cdd8a9 : Update for r163187.
1524de1 : [ms-inline asm] Update test case for r163181.
790cbd8 : [ms-inline asm] Set the inline assembly dialect in CodeGen.
d21c964 : Fix indentation.
ef5c554 : [ms-inline asm] Remove the Inline Asm Non-Standard Dialect attribute. This implementation does not co-exist well with how the sideeffect and alignstack attributes are handled.
2ab7d43 : Minor cleanup to improve code readability. No functional change intended.
791dd0a : [analyzer] Don't use makeIntVal to create a floating-point value.
568ba87 : Revert r163083 per chandlerc's request.
4c5fa42 : Revert r163099 per chandlerc's request.
5d9cb1b : Revert r163076 per chandlerc's request.
679fc93 : Revert r163078 per chandlerc's request.
21a3704 : [ms-inline asm] The MCInstrDesc only tracks register definitions. For now, assume that if the 1st operands is an expression and the instruction mayStore, then it is a memory definition.
12603e2 : [ms-inline asm] Fix an illegal index and an 80-column violation.
d5eb585 : Fix 80-column violation.
1b497f2 : [ms-inline asm] Use the new GetMCInstOperandNum() interface in the front-end.
fcbc0fb : [cindex.py] Allow to configure the path of libclang
ccbbac8 : test/Driver/android-standalone.cpp: Fix test failure on Windowns, again.
9a134af : Improved the warning for the #@ Microsoft charizing operator. The existing one misspelled the token as "@#" and didn't capitalize Microsoft.
6de9ede : Fix test failure on Windowns.
e972cb4 : Follow-up on r163110 - forgot to commit some new tests...
a04ca5c : Fix PR13444 - wrong mangling of "const char * const *" and friends with "-cxx-abi microsoft"
1d01afe : Android standalone toolchain support.
7065c52 : Removed unused argument.
be5c3fb : [ms-inline asm] Update for the MatchInstruction API change in r163101.
ac06745 : Added a new cursor for SEHLeaveStmt to libclang.
94a7142 : Rename ANDROIDEABI to Android.
ca0d10e : Documentation cleanup: Add \file comment for ASTContest.h, add \brief to many items, remove redundant names from doc comments, fix various typos, and tidy up some wording.
5be92de : Implemented parsing and AST support for the MS __leave exception statement. Also a minor fix to __except printing in StmtPrinter.cpp. Thanks to Aaron Ballman for review.
8503885 : Include the diagnostic introduced in r163078 in a group.
f712c48 : Added a diagnostic for mismatched MS inheritance attributes. Also fixed the incomplete type member pointer size calculation under the MS ABI.
c4f0f46 : Fixed typo causing tests to fail on non-MSVC machines.
601944a : Refactored the Windows headers location lookup code. Expose it so standalone tools can have access to it.
9eb214a : [analyzer] Silence unused variable warnings in NDEBUG builds.
754a5d1 : [libclang] Fix indexing type alias declarations. rdar://11878406
d579dd5 : [libclang] The annotation of tokens operation visits statement nodes code-recursively. This can blow the stack with extremely deep hierarchies. Switch it to data-recursive.
91ab900 : [analyzer] Disallow creation of int vals with explicit bit width / signedness.
d047135 : [analyzer] Don't attempt to create a floating-point value of "1" for ++/--.
4a25f30 : [analyzer] Future-proofing r163012 (nameless functions and RetainCountChecker)
02df4f0 : [analyzer] Treat all struct values as regions (even rvalues).
5699f62 : [analyzer] Always derive a CallEvent's return type from its origin expr.
010556e : [cindex.py] Add helper to initialize libclang functions
296028e : Comment that clang.dll is unavailable on cygming yet.
b6678d7 : c-arcmt-test/Makefile: Restore some stuff. clang.dll is unavailable on cygming yet.
2193012 : Tweak link order to hopefully resolve a buildbot failure.
305c613 : Split library clangRewrite into clangRewriteCore and clangRewriteFrontend. This is similar to how we divide up the StaticAnalyzer libraries to separate core functionality to what is clearly associated with Frontend actions.
f143ae9 : Changed the remaining dead asserts to llvm_unreachable.
06b3a06 : don't warn about unused values when the unused value is a statement expression expanded from a macro. This is of dubious utility in general, but is specifically a major issue for the linux kernel. This resolves PR13747.
17d35c3 : Normalize line endings of r163013 (part 2).
7aaa167 : Remove windows line endings.
5408153 : Thread-safety analysis: fix handling of LOCK_RETURNED attribute so that the latest definition of a function is always used when computing lock expressions.
1999bd6 : Update a warning to point to the DiagGroup created in DiagnosticGroups.td instead of referring to the flag name.
4e4c157 : Thread-safety analysis: fix handling of string constants in mutex expressions, which should be ignored right now.
35adca0 : Fix the build (-Wswitch violation introduced by r163013).
ec2f579 : Normalize line endings of r163013.
3e1ec72 : Normalize line endings of r163022.
181cd5b : Emulate MSVC's preprocessor macro argument separator behavior by not considering commas from nested macro expansions as argument separators. Fixes parsing of VS 2012 headers.
7e2e4c3 : objective-C ARC; detect and warn on retain cycle when property-dot syntax is used on an object whose capture causes retain cycle. // rdar://11702054
6666ed4 : Improved MSVC __interface support by adding first class support for it, instead of aliasing to "struct" which had some incorrect behaviour. Patch by David Robins.
a89f719 : [analyzer] RetainCountChecker: don't assume all functions have names.
e4d90e1 : Fixed invalid iterators. Since the iterator is invalidated after the erase() call, we need to replace it with the new one returned. This was triggering an assert under MSVC 2012 and making all the ARCMT/ tests fail.
de5277f : [analyzer] Though C++ inlining is enabled, don't inline ctors and dtors.
376c432 : objective-C: underline name of the missing method in the diagnbostic. // rdar://11303469
af503a6 : Remove the useless CommentOptions class.
da5922f : Use LLVM_DELETED_FUNCTION instead of a comment.
45796b1 : Make AnalyzerOptions a shared object between CompilerInvocation and AnalysisManager, allowing the StringMap of configuration values to be propagated.
987695a : Move AnalyzerOptions.h into 'Core' StaticAnalyzer sub-library.
976f118 : DeclPrinter tests: simplify the code by using the new runToolOnCodeWithArgs function from Tooling.
dfccbd9 : Documentation: correct a typo introduced in r162971.
44470ef : DeclPrinter tests: since now some platforms use C++11 by default, make it explicitly visible in test cases which language variant is used.
a8ba40e : Documentation: add missing word "accepts".
e506f8a : Make a bunch of methods on Lexer private.
c24a76e : Comment HTML tag name machers: move from StringSwitch to an efficient TableGen-generated string matcher.
191e2b1 : Revert "[analyzer] Disable diagnostic checking on the buildbot."
3a46f5f : [analyzer] Ensure that PathDiagnostics profile the same regardless of path.
8c916ee : [analyzer] Fix a crash in plist-html generation introduced in r162939.
a6c66ce : Change the representation of builtin functions in the AST (__builtin_* etc.) so that it isn't possible to take their address. Specifically, introduce a new type to represent a reference to a builtin function, and a new cast kind to convert it to a function pointer in the operand of a call. Fixes PR13195.
918546c : objective-C ARC: under -Wexplicit-ownership-type diagnose those method parameter types which are reference to an objective-C pointer to object with no explicit ownership. // rdar://10907090
fbcb3f1 : [analyzer] Refactor the logic that determines if a functions should be reanalyzed.
43d3974 : [analyzer] Remove cast inside dyn_cast.
3f2a55d : [analyzer] Make analyzer-ipa=dynamic-bifurcate the default.
dc601f4 : [analyzer] Fixup for r162935 as per Jordan's review.
482466b : Switch a couple getAs uses to castAs.
ccc4f28 : The presence of a user-*declared* constructor makes the default constructor not user provided (and, therefore, non-trivial). Fixes <rdar://problem/11736429>.
befc0f6 : [analyzer] Disable diagnostic checking on the buildbot.
f9f5fdb : [analyzer] Plist diagnostics: Fix a case where we fail to close an XML tag.
9f6419f : Add -Wduplicate-enum warning. Clang will emit this warning when an implicitly initiated enum constant has the same value as another enum constant.
d295970 : Extend the "__is_pod" hack, which demotes various type trait keywords (__is_pod, __is_signed, etc.) to normal identifiers if they are encountered in certain places in the grammar where we know that prior versions of libstdc++ or libc++ use them, to still allow the use of these keywords as type traits. Fixes <rdar://problem/9836262> and PR10184.
66341c5 : Fixes a bug for binding memoized match results.
05fcbd3 : [analyzer] Do not propagate the [super init] could be nil assumption from callee to caller.
e788365 : Teach RetainCountChecker about 'pragma clang arc_cf_code_audited'.
9413dc0 : Fix missing 'clang' in pragma example in ARC doc.
2fa9d72 : Rename 'MaxLoop' to 'maxBlockVisitOnPath' to reflect reality. We should consider renaming the command line option as well.
3b8a040 : Rename 'VisualizeEGUbi' and 'VisualizeEGDot' to 'visualizeExplodedGraphWithUbigGraph' and 'visualizeExplodedGraphWithGraphViz' respectively.
0caa2d4 : Rename AnalyzerOptions 'EagerlyAssume' to 'eagerlyAssumeBinOpBifurcation'.
255d4d4 : Store const& to AnalyzerOptions in AnalysisManager instead of copying individual flags.
5705a40 : Move AnalyzerOptions.h to include/clang/StaticAnalyzer.
82f5ace : Move Analyses.def to include/clang/StaticAnalyzer.
9617130 : objective-C: clang must implicitly convert __objc_yes/__objc_no to (BOOL)1/(BOOL)0 when BOOL is declared; otherwise it resorts to default of 'signed char'. This is important to selecting the correct Numeric API numberWithBool: Can't have a clang test for this. Will checkin and executable llvm test. // rdar://12156616
c30981a : Make preprocessor act in a GCC-compatible fashion when a macro is redefined within its own argument list. The original definition is used for the immediate expansion, but the new definition is used for any subsequent occurences within the argument list or after the expansion.
3bc2226 : PR13652: Don't assume the parameter array on a FunctionTypeLoc for a lambda will be filled in; they won't if the lambda's declarator has an invalid type. Instead take the parameters from the declarator directly.
6f79420 : WWW: Force word wrapping of the content to avoid horizontal scrolling.
318cc3c : Change -analyzer-config to use '=' as the key-value separator, and only support the '-analyzer-config key=val' variant.
50f88b9 : Reland r160052: Default to -std=c++11 on Windows.
5666988 : Tooling: Add a runToolOnCodeWithArgs() function that allows passing additional parameters to a tool.
6422149 : Fix C++ comment in C source
c586d5d : Fix a crash in type merging with enum types.
ecbbea4 : Emit .gcda files as absolute paths instead of relative paths.
9757377 : Make this test portable.
554067f : [analyzer] Stop tracking symbols based on a retain count summary of inlined function.
28694c1 : [analyzer] Fixup 162863.
9af9122 : Fix serious regression introduced in r157780 where __attribute__((NSObject)) could not be attached to a CFTypeRef.
97d3f3b : Fix PR reference in test.
45dae62 : Fix run-line for test.
3defb0b : [analyzer]Fix typo, unbreak static analyzer BuildBot (at least partially).
80de487 : [analyzer] Improved diagnostic pruning for calls initializing values.
a484fc7 : Make alignment computation for pointer values for builtins handle non-pointer types with a pointer representation correctly. PR13660.
600a513 : Define __mips64 / __mips64__ macros for MIPS 64-bit targets. The patch suggested by Brad Smith.
1d8ae1d : Use getTargetDefines() virtual function in MipsTargetInfoBase successors to define all macros for MIPS targets. Remove redundant virtual function getArchDefines(). Two virtual functions for this task are really too much.
d4935a0 : Factor out MIPS macro definitions common for all MIPS targets.
48def65 : Move TLS check from LValueExprEvaluator::VisitVarDecl to CheckLValueConstantExpression.
a414a2f : objective-C: make -Widiomatic-parentheses work when assignment expression in conditional invloves property reference. // rdar://11066598
e40c423 : Fixed a problem with #pragma push_macro/pop_macro implementation.
260e506 : Define _MIPS_ARCH and _MIPS_ARCH_<cpu name> macros for MIPS targets. The patch suggested by Logan Chien.
a14f400 : Reversing the logic since C99 mode is actually not an extension. Also, changing the group to the singular to match the diagnostic better.
29f431b : Fix r162835 as per Richard's comments.
0f87dd7 : Move the test for PR13720 from Sema/init.c to Sema/thread-specifier.c.
ae7a66f : The address of a TLS var is not compile-time constant (PR13720)
3bd2785 : Clarify the point at which ARC destroys ivars vis-à-vis [super dealloc]. rdar://problem/11141872
be92deb : Use double instead of single quote to expand .
7b73e08 : Add new -cc1 driver option -analyzer-config, which allows one to specify a comma separated collection of key:value pairs (which are strings). This allows a general way to provide analyzer configuration data from the command line.
73212df : [analyzer] C++ objects returned on the stack may be wrapped in ExprWithCleanups.
8a64bb5 : Keep history of macro definitions and #undefs
ec2a396 : Modifes BoundNodes to store void* and allow casting them into the correct types when pulling them out in the result callback in a type safe way.
a23bd4c : objective-C arc: ns_returns_retained is a type attribute in ARC, and when used in property type declaration, is handled as type attribute. Do not issue the warning when declaraing the property. // rdar://12173491
1588cb8 : Fix test case for Release builds.
ffb155f : Only add common tool options when CommonOptionsParser is used.
b706d90 : Revert r162424 now that the scoping issue has been fixed in r162444.
d1a8d2e : [ms-inline asm] Have MSAsmStmts use the generic EmitAsmStmt codegen function.
c828620 : Splitting the duplicated decl spec extension warning into two: one is an ExtWarn and the other a vanilla warning. This addresses PR13705, where const char const * wouldn't warn unless -pedantic was specified under the right conditions.
827eeb6 : [analyzer] Teach CallEventManager that CXXTemporaryObjectExpr is also a ctor.
632e502 : [analyzer] When we look for the last stmt in a function, skip implicit dtors.
82778af : Automatically use more cores when the test build uses 'make'.
7c14c44 : Consolidate helper methods and configuration logic. No functionality change.
c0c0066 : CUDA: give static storage class to __shared__ and __constant__ variables without a storage class within a function, to implement CUDA B.2.5: "__shared__ and __constant__ variables have implied static storage [duration]."
1aba778 : CUDA: give correct address space to globals declared in functions
4112a4c : Tidy up.
00d1637 : [ms-inline asm] Have generateAsmString() return the AsmString computed by Sema. We still need to translate the string, but this at least gets us one step closer to using the more general EmitAsmStmt() codegen function. No functional change intended.
89fb6d7 : [ms-inline asm] Add constraints to MSAsmStmt. We don't currently compute the constraints, so in the interim we speculatively assume a 'r' constraint. This is expected to work for most cases on x86.
5abd3d2 : Pass --use-analyzer to scan-build when running within the test harness.
a23b91d : [ms-inline asm] Rename EmitGCCAsmStmt to EmitAsmStmt and have it accept AsmStmts. This function is only used by GCCAsmStmts, however. Constraints need to be properly computed before MSAsmStmts can use EmitAsmStmt. No functional change intended.
aade589 : experimental.security.taint is now alpha.security.taint
9252701 : [ms-inline asm] Use dyn_cast<> here to simplify logic.
65e209a : [analyzer] Don't purge dead symbols at the end of calls if -analyzer-purge=none.
47f5a06 : Make test pass in Release builds, which use a different naming scheme for llvm values.
212f80d : Merge test case for PR13704 into exprs.c to reduce test cases
aba59aa : [ms-inline asm] Make the AsmStmt class non-virtual.
36d5cea : Fix PR13704
92daae0 : Fix passing of -analyzer-max-loop from scan-build to clang.
88617a2 : Warn about suspicious implicit conversions from floating point to bool
9438016 : Cleanup FreeBSD linking and add support for -pie.
7ff32c6 : Check for MIPS target availability for Driver/mips-as.c test.
02e221b : Fix for assertion when solving unresolved templates. Patch by Magee, Josh.
4c3b8a3 : Fix a -Wdocumentation warning.
c88c6a4 : Merging consecutive comments: be more conservative. Should fix part 2 of PR13374.
64f9b50 : Fix a -Wdocumentation warning.
a1f81bb : [analyzer] Rename addTrackNullOrUndefValueVisitor to trackNullOrUndefValue.
166b7bd : [analyzer] Refactor FindLastStoreBRVisitor to not find the store ahead of time.
7aba117 : [analyzer] If the last store into a region came from a function, step into it.
6062334 : [analyzer] Rename CallEvent::mayBeInlined to CallEvent::isCallStmt.
c4fb221 : [ms-inline asm] Hoist more common code into the AsmStmt base class. Add stubs with FIXMEs for unimplemented features. No functional change intended.
c178d76 : [libclang] When determining the cursor via a location, ignore synthesized ivars otherwise if we have something like:
33f0558 : [ms-inline asm] Add virtual function, getClobber, that returns a StringRef. More work towards unifying asm stmt codegen.
2fd559f : [ms-inline asm] Hoist getNumClobbers into base class.
5c7f594 : [ms-inline asm] Rename getClobber to getClobberStringLiteral. No functional change intended.
06d4368 : CodeGen: Hoist check from recursive function to its only callsite.
cfa07e3 : CodeGen: When emitting stores for an initializer, only emit a GEP if we really need the store.
29760b4 : Appease -Wnon-virtual-dtor
12b95e5 : [ms-inline asm] Add a few comments.
19c0134 : [ms-inline asm] Hoist common Expr handling logic into AsmStmt.
9804b76 : MIPS: Use -G option to specify MIPS section threshold. Translate it to the -mllvm -mips-ssection-threshold=<value> pair and pass to the frontend. The patch suggested by Carl Norum.
da083b2 : [ms-inline asm] Rename GenerateAsmString to generateAsmString to conform with coding standards. Also, add stub for MSAsmStmt class as part of unifying codegen logic for AsmStmts.
364b9f9 : [analyzer] Look through casts when trying to track a null pointer dereference.
9a209f1 : Restore a -cc1 invariant that was causing problems on PPC64. This test case is pretty bad, though.
bbdfe24 : [ms-inline asm] Base class AsmStmt implements these.
066ef86 : [ms-inline asm] Hoist common logic into the AsmStmt base class.
728581e : [ms-inline asm] Add a new base class, AsmStmt, for the GCCAsmStmt and MSAsmStmt classes.
95a58d2 : This is a temporary solution until we have a better way to parse doxygen comments for macros with libclang.
6fe4dfb : [analyzer] Don't inline constructors for objects allocated with operator new.
7103d2d : [analyzer] Update inlining design notes for r162681.
210f5a2 : [analyzer] More internal stats collection.
7d2c5ca : Update comment, per Jordan's suggestion.
efe97d6 : Use cast<> instead of static_cast. Patch by Timur Iskhodzhanov!
8f7f3a6 : Update comment.
c210cb7 : [analyzer] Inline constructors for any object with a trivial destructor.
be22cb8 : Support MIPS DSP Rev2 intrinsics. The patch reviewed by Akira Hatanaka.
80fd37a : Tweak the ARC-requires-10.6 diagnostic according to Jordan's review.
e44a006 : Update reference docs to latest changes.
b41ba1a : Fix a CodeGen bug where we would skip zero-initialization for array new with a non-trivial constructor. Pointed out in PR13380.
5b092ef : Remove spurious string literal for bool argument.
6c4590f : _HAS_CHAR16_T_LANGUAGE_SUPPORT is not predefined MSVC macro.
5a3581d : Change --with-analyzer to --use-analyzer, per sage feedback from Jordan.
fb60914 : Fix the CC-matching logic for instance methods in the MS ABI. Patch by Timur Iskhodzhanov!
2612e9f : Fix the mangling of function pointers in the MS ABI. Patch by Timur Iskhodzhanov!
3682f1e : [analyzer] Use the common evalBind infrastructure for initializers.
3f9411a : Stub out a release notes section on -fcatch-undefined-behavior.
23fee34 : Update the user's manual for some of the new -fcatch-undefined-behavior features.
9d3e226 : -fcatch-undefined-behavior: add the -ftrapv checks to the set of things caught by this mode, and also check for signed left shift overflow. The rules for the latter are a little subtle:
df5faf5 : [ms-inline asm] As part of a larger refactoring, rename AsmStmt to GCCAsmStmt. No functional change intended.
29b1f68 : ASTTests: Suppress TestCXXConstructorDecl11 on msvc for now. It seems incompatible.
e91a497 : Remove RequireCompleteType call which was made redundant by r162586.
cd518a0 : [ms-inline asm] Update the AST Reader/Writer for MS-style inline asms.
129a60b : objective-C: Do not warn if align attribute on method declaration is not provided. It is only necessary on the method implementation. // rdar://11593375
c831d8b : Fix integer unsigned behavior in clang due to signed left shift overflow.
0d3a3fd : Fix a few issues related to -with-analyzer reported by Jordan. Let's have the option with two '--' to be consistent with other options.
810e622 : Rework how scan-build picks the version of clang to use for static analysis.
eaafdfc : Reformat help text for scan-build, and remove -constraints and -store from help text because they are no longer relevant to users.
8bddeb5 : When computing the effective context for access control, make sure we walk up the DC chain for the current context, rather than allowing ourselves to get switched over to the canonical DC chain. Fixes PR13642.
e16acd3 : New matcher for MaterializeTemporaryExpr
56d7f23 : [ms-inline asm] Change the -fenable-experimental-ms-inline-asm option from a CodeGen option to a LangOpt option. In turn, hoist the guard into the parser so that we avoid the new (and fairly unstable) Sema/AST/CodeGen logic. This should restore the behavior of clang to that prior to r158325. <rdar://problem/12163681>
44cceb9 : [analyzer] Ted fixed the plist-html issue, so the assert can go away.
53b890b : [analyzer] More fixups/rewording based on Jordan's feedback.
32f3acc : Remove unnecessary calls to c_str.
cdc3a89 : Fix analyzer tests.
7307864 : Revert "Go ahead and show experimental checkers in the scan-build "-h" output."
42f48fb : Instantiate class template specializations during ADL.
a6e28f2 : objective-C: When checking for valid overriden property in class extension, assume default is rewdwrite and don't issue any diagnostics, privided other ownership models are ok.
3d57813 : Rename the "experimental" checker package to "alpha". We will then refine this group into "alpha" and "beta" to distinguish between checkers in different levels of premature state.
b75e260 : Rework how PathDiagnosticConsumers pass knowledge of what files they generated for a given diagnostic to another. Because PathDiagnostics are specific to a give PathDiagnosticConsumer, store in a FoldingSet a unique hash for a PathDiagnostic (that will be the same for the same bug for different PathDiagnosticConsumers) that stores a list of files generated. This can then be read by the other PathDiagnosticConsumers.
81e6cfd : [analyzer] Address Jordan's review comments.
1708360 : Fix 80-column violation.
9edd2c8 : Comment diagnostics: for unresolved parameters, do not suggest parameter fixit with parameter that is documented.
be3ace8 : [ms-inline asm] Refactor code. No functional change intended.
1016bdf : [ms-inline asm] Generate the Input/Output expressions using Sema::ActOnIdExpression().
23df243 : [analyzer] If we dereference a NULL that came from a function, show the return.
8a30e77 : Fix 80-column violation.
3b6bef9 : Push ArrayRef through the Expr hierarchy.
916978a : Fix the definition of JSONAnchorSource. MSVC mangles variable symbols, and "volatile" affects.
3d1125b : Teach CFG that 'if (x & 0)' and 'if (x * 0)' is an unfeasible branch.
8268fe7 : Allow RecursiveASTVisitor to visit CXXCtorInitializer objects for which isWritten() returns false, if shouldVisitImplicitCode() returns true. Previously those CXXCtorInitializers were always skipped.
160b3a5 : Go ahead and show experimental checkers in the scan-build "-h" output. They are labeled as not being enabled-by-default, and how else are users going to test them.
7fd90b0 : Use LLVM's plugin registry to enable registering new compilation databases. Move JSONCompilationDatabase.h to its own files and register it as plugin.
2dc75ed : Rename the ASTMatchers to better match AST nodes. Now, all ASTMatchers have the same name as the corresponding AST nodes but are lower case. The only exceptions are the "CXX" prefixes which are not copied over to the matcher names as the goal is to actually remove these prefixes from the AST node names.
56fd908 : On OS X, use xcrun (if present) to find the clang to use for static analysis if no clang can be found relative to the location of scan-build.
55dd956 : [analyzer] Fix realloc related bug in the malloc checker.
8eba6f1 : Add new files for merge to upstream r162325.
4f534e7 : [analyzer] Remove unnecessary code.
e54778d : [analyzer] Move DynamicTypeInfo out of the ProgramState.h
2c9f87c : New -fcatch-undefined-behavior features: * when checking that a pointer or reference refers to appropriate storage for a type, also check the alignment and perform a null check * check that references are bound to appropriate storage * check that 'this' has appropriate storage in member accesses and member function calls
6fbe982 : Updated LibTooling.html, minor improvements in CommonOptionsParser
f6ec15a : DeclPrinter tests: mark test case we get wrong currently with WRONG.
c468424 : DeclPrinter tests: add two more tests.
633abb0 : [ms-inline asm] Add the basic APIs for Exprs to the MSAsmStmt AST. Next we need generate the Input/Output expressions using Sema::ActOnIdExpression().
5a90193 : [analyzer] Make analyzer less aggressive when dealing with [self init].
70ff109 : Comment semantic analysis: treat function typedefs as functions so that one can use \param and \returns in documentation.
1ddbd89 : Fix a few -Wdocumentation warnings.
5354e77 : Now that ASTMultiPtr is nothing more than a array reference, make it a MutableArrayRef.
c629ad4 : [scan-build] Accept -fno-objc-arc as well as -fobjc-arc.
0156439 : [analyzer] For now, treat pointers-to-members as non-null void * symbols.
c386d8f : [analyzer] Handle UserDefinedConversion casts in C++.
4e28d9e : Remove ASTOwningVector, it doesn't own anything and provides no value over SmallVector.
7dd8860 : Attaching comments to decls: since it was decided that Decl::isImplicit should not be set for implicit instantiations, remove the FIXME. This should be the last bit for PR13634. The actual fix happened in r162238.
2603fa6 : [ms-inline asm] Add a few helper function to the MSAsmStmt class that are needed by CodeGen.
3fe198b : Rip out remnants of move semantic emulation and smart pointers in Sema.
d5a20c1 : Added a method to DeclContext that marks the lookup table as needing to be built.
890f0f1 : Change a bunch of cases where we do "getAs<...>->doSomething()" to "castAs<...>->doSomething()". The analyzer was flagging these as potential null dereferences, which is technically true. The invariants appear to be that these casts should never fail, so let's use castAs<> instead and avoid a runtime check.
40b2e19 : When disambiguating an expression-statement from a declaraton-statement, if the statement starts with an identifier for which name lookup will fail either way, look at later tokens to disambiguate in order to improve error recovery.
42b6055 : [ms-inline asm] Remove an unused argument. This logic can now be reused by the ms-style inline asms.
b66529d : [analyzer] Support C++ default arguments if they are literal values.
70517ca : Fix a bunch of -Wdocumentation warnings.
25bd298 : [ms-inline asm] Rename a few induction variables to avoid confusion and silence a gcc warning.
88920d1 : Mark these const.
a904e01 : Fix transposed optional / required in Objective-C metadata (GNUstep runtime)
8e4c189 : Attempt to fix clang bootstrap (broken by r162425).
a8eaf00 : Fix undefined behavior: member function calls where 'this' is a null pointer.
925d58c : array_pod_sort on the addresses of declaration pointers leads to inconsistent ordering of results; instead, use use SmallPtrSet to eliminate duplicates.
4e90bc3 : Fix undefined behavior: don't call ObjCInterfaceDecl::isArcWeakrefUnavailable on a null pointer. (This function happens to work for a null 'this' pointer, so no test.)
ea93e40 : Use the alignment from lvalue emission to more accurately compute the alignment of a pointer for builtin emission, instead of just depending on the type of the pointee. <rdar://problem/11314941>.
2d5a1de : Don't recycle loop variables (to keep GCC happy).
60ce584 : Fix 80-column violation.
ad0fe03 : Fix an assortment of doxygen comment issues found by -Wdocumentation.
6e97be7 : [ms-inline asm] Compute the inputs and outputs. No test case (yet) as this requires codegen support.
b3dd988 : [libclang] c-index-test: Make the printing of the overrides list of a cursor in a deterministic order, to avoid random test failures.
834a5bd : Comment parsing: parse "<blah" as an HTML tag only if "blah" is a known tag name. This should reduce the amount of warning false positives about bad HTML in comments when the comment author intended to put a reference to a template. This change will also enable us parse the comment as intended in these cases.
769bc07 : [analyzer] Fixup to r162399. Initialize the member variable.
fd5e56e : [ms-inline asm] Refactor code so that we can begin computing the Inputs/Outputs. No functional change intended.
1becab2 : [analyzer] Add more comments to CallEvent and RuntimeDefinition.
2666361 : [analyzer] Add osx.cocoa.NonNilReturnValue checker.
682ad16 : [ms-inline asm] Add comments.
358ab76 : [ms-inline asm] Add comments.
f0fbd77 : [ms-inline asm] Add helper function. No functional change intended.
e78460f : [ms-inline asm] Simplify logic. No functional change intended.
d7166b0 : Reverted clang-check to fully supported CommandLine Library use-case: global static variables.
9072a02 : [ms-inline asm] Compute the token range for each instruction within the asm. Eventually, we'll need a way of mapping tokens (and their IdentifierInfo*) to the operands computed by buildMSAsmPieces().
efb3d56 : Despite me asking Jordan to do r162313, revert it. We can provide another way to whitelist these special cases. This is an intermediate patch.
153f8ec : [ms-inline asm] Simplify logic. No functional change intended.
e3f3825 : Remove BasicConstraintManager. It hasn't been in active service for a while.
2735df2 : [ms-inline asm] Start sending non-simple inline asms to the AsmParser.
a148fbc : Make ceil/floor/nearbyint/rint/round const even with -fmath-errno.
5c1dcc5 : Math builtin definition tweaks.
4b41c65 : ASTContext::getCommentForDecl: add comment.
2125c90 : Attaching comments to declarations: when documentation is requested for an implicit instantiation, look for documentation attached to the template.
f01ef105 : [analyzer] Restructure discussion of DynamicTypeInfo and RuntimeDefinition.
91b46cc : [analyzer] Per feedback, re-structure the docs for ExprInspection checks.
d48bcb2 : Reduce duplicated hash map lookups.
4bda1d8 : Merge existing attributes before processing pragmas in friend template declarations. Fixes pr13662.
54c2f88 : Fix typo in debug method.
56a46b5 : Rename 'unbindLoc()' (in ProgramState) and 'Remove()' to 'killBinding()'. The name is more specific, and one just forwarded to the other.
66c486f : Rename 'currentX' to 'currX' throughout analyzer and libAnalysis. Also rename 'getCurrentBlockCounter()' to 'blockCount()'.
3b1df8b : Rename 'getConjuredSymbol*' to 'conjureSymbol*'.
32a549a : Remove Store::bindDecl() and Store::bindDeclWithNoInit(), and all forwarding methods.
5be88dc : Rename 'BindCompoundLiteral' to 'bindCompoundLiteral' and add doxygen comments.
2eed8cc : [analyzer] IPA document: address Ted's review comments (path bifurcation)
9641d45 : Remove stale header file.
77df8d9 : Review, comment, and reformat IPA.txt, including feedback comments.
a779e27 : [analyzer] Document our debug checkers and ExprInspection's "builtins".
ab9c04f : Consilidate SmallPtrSet count() followed by insert() into a single insert().
98ac608 : [ms-inline asm] Remove the patchMSAsmStrings function. After some discussion between Bob, Jim, Eric and I, we've decided to take a slightly different approach.
12e2fb0 : Add an llvm_unreachable to pacify GCC's -Wreturn-type.
21db199 : make test pass on linux platforms.
38c71d3 : [ms-inline asm] Have buildMSAsmString build a vector of unmodified AsmStrings. Add a new static function, buildMSAsmPieces, that will break these strings down into mnemonic and operands. Upon a match failure, the idea is to use the ErrorInfo from MatchInstructionImpl to inspect the mnemonic/operand and decide a course of action. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to test this at the moment.
d9f95b3 : change function name in my last patch. // rdar://12103400
dad633b : objective-C: Change rules for overriding properties in class extensions a little. clang now allows readonly property with no ownership rule (assign, unsafe_unretained, weak, retain, strong, or copy) with a readwrite property with an ownership rule. // rdar://12103400
c568e2f : [analyzer] Set the default IPA mode to 'basic-inlining', which excludes C++.
ee04959 : [analyzer] -analyzer-ipa=inlining is now the default. Remove it from tests.
59c91c8 : Update comment to match the reality.
0ac4ec7 : CommentBriefParser: allow paragraphs to be separated by line of whitespace. Skip paragraphs that contain only whitespace.
58fc86d : [analyzer] Push "references are non-null" knowledge up to the common parent.
51a6b3f : [ms-inline asm] Do not report a Parser error when matching inline assembly.
a6e5a6e : Modern objc translator: Fixes a crash in rewriter when rewriting the API for structure valued method messaging. // rdar://12142241
377da4c : Use LLVM_BUILTIN_TRAP instead of lame volatile int traps.
04a4279 : Reduce the amount of state in the Option class by relying on the data from OptTable::Info.
a796b6c : Switch some realignment calculations over to llvm::RoundUpToAlignment.
83591b6 : [ms-inline asm] Expose the ErrorInfo from the MatchInstructionImpl. In general, this is the index of the operand that failed to match.
2e0b8d9 : DeclPrinter, terse mode: don't print function bodies
d1fc82e : Rename PrintingPolicy::DontRecurseInDeclContext to PrintingPolicy::TerseOutput to reflect the intention, not the implementation.
33a71f3 : [ms-inline asm] Append identifier for better debugging.
7fcde17 : [ms-inline asm] Remove this test case and the associated special case code.
a7afeb0 : [driver] Add support for the --param ssp-buffer-size= driver option. PR9673
05c5ebc : [asan] If we are compiling with ASan, add metadata indicating dynamically initialized globals. Patch by Reid Watson, reviewed by Richard Smith
88d2f67 : Fix alignment of array of VarDecl* following array of unsigned in LambdaExpr.
929bbfb : When performing a trivial copy of a C++ type, we must be careful not to overwrite objects that might have been allocated into the type's tail padding. This patch is missing some potential optimizations where the destination is provably a complete object, but it's necessary for correctness.
db309ae : Avoid binding a reference to a dereferenced pointer in diagnostic serialization if a diagnostic is emitted outside of any source file. The fix mirrors the corresponding code in TextDiagnosticPrinter. This required moving the functional parts of SDiagRenderer into SDiagWriter so they can be reused in the non-rendering codepath.
0a7dd78 : Screw around with ObjCRuntime some more, changing the diagnostics for bad deployment targets and adding a few more predicates. Includes a patch by Jonathan Schleifer to enable ARC for ObjFW.
eb8f2ef : DeclPrinter: describe what 'terse' output is.
6e86867 : When this test case was first created it was just trying to show it did not crash and burn.
e1715b6 : Better diagnostics for range-based for loops with bad range types.
a34d4f4 : [analyzer] Assume that reference symbols are non-null.
49795ae : DeclPrinter: add terse output mode and lots of tests
d64c2eb : Fix a pair of bugs relating to properties in ARC.
bf3a966 : Reapply:
dce750b : Attaching comments to declarations: ignore implicit decls. Decl::isImplicit() does not return true for all implicit decls currently.
279e0be : Fix -Wswitch warning introduced by r162231
99f074c : Remove unused variable.
dc42dc9 : [analyzer] More tests for "release and stop tracking".
d3867f6 : Use -fobjc-runtime=macosx10.7 instead of obsolete -fobjc-runtime-has-weak.
4327557 : Make Option non virtual.
d30fb9e : Thread-safety analysis: fix scoping issues related to 'this', including an ICE in friend functions.
f0a2649 : Fix InitListExpr::isStringLiteralInit so it handles various edge cases correctly. PR13643.
1da7933 : Adds the most requested doc for the AST matchers: a reference of matchers, categorized by type and fully expanded for the context in which they can be used.
f902d09 : [analyzer] Add a test for "release and stop tracking" behavior.
d7403a7 : Code-complete 'weak' for properties under ARC-with-weak-references (or GC)
1833d28 : [analyzer] Add comments to ExplodedNode::NodeGroup.
fa06f04 : [analyzer] Replace boolean IsSink parameters with 'generateSink' methods.
78fe3e0 : PR13619: Make sure we're not at EOF before looking at NextToken().
df4ee10 : [ms-inline asm] Remove old cruft now that MS-style asms their own code path.
7f839a6 : [analyzer] The result of && or || is always a 1 or 0.
e50ee7e : Use correct matcher name in the comment.
2546649 : Fix comments and variable naming: - use InnerMatcher consistently, fix style violations on the way - doxygenify code snippets across all comments - start doxygenifying code references in text - addeed missing Usable as: sections
147785b : [cindex.py] Cache the number of chunks in CompletionString
5965b7c : Better wording for reference self-initialization warning.
d9ee06b : [cindex.py] Add CachedProperty to CompletionChunk
b15b15c : [clang.py] Add CachedProperty decorator
58308d8 : [cindex.py] Use spaces, not tabs for indentation
7371924 : [cindex.py] Dispose code completion results properly
7eaaa18 : Allow -verify to be used with files that don't have an associated FileEntry.
217c484 : Silence a sign compare warning that only occurs on 32 bit platforms.
54c86f7 : When mangling a negative number, remember that negating it does not always yield a positive number. Just print the negated result as an unsigned number.
0576681 : PR41111, PR5925, PR13210: Teach tentative parsing to annotate identifiers and nested names as id-expressions, using the annot_primary_expr annotation, where possible. This removes some redundant lookups, and also allows us to typo-correct within tentative parsing, and to carry on disambiguating past an identifier which we can determine will fail lookup as both a type and as a non-type, allowing us to disambiguate more declarations (and thus offer improved error recovery for such cases).
02ed37f : AST Matchers tests: test that member() matches member allocation functions: declare size_t in system-independent way.
c32a453 : [analyzer] Treat C++ 'throw' as a sink.
19275bd : [analyzer] Treat @throw as a sink (stop processing).
2bce86c : [analyzer] Remove obsolete GenericNodeBuilderRefCount from RetainCountChecker.
46e7781 : [analyzer] Use PointerUnion to implement ExplodedNode::NodeGroup.
671a045 : AST Matchers tests: test that member() matches member allocation functions.
003e756 : Reapply:
d82f5eb : When code completion is enabled, don't do any work in Sema::ActOnEndOfTranslationUnit(). This is a (minor) optimization.
767a1a2 : c: privide deprecated warning when __private_extern__ storage specifier is unsed in a declaration; as it may not make the symbol local to linkage unit as intended. Suggest using "hidden" visibility attribute instead. // rdar://7703982
3d45a77 : [ms-inline asm] Update comment.
82b4550 : Part of PR13618: visit the TypeLoc when RecursiveASTVisitor visits a CompoundLiteralExpr.
4b5e48d : [ms-inline asm] Extract AsmStmt handling into a separate file, so as to not pollute SemaStmt with extraneous asm handling logic.
66400c4 : make this test case 64bit test. It fails due to 'int' vs. 'long' issue with i386.
8ecf59a : [analyzer] Make BlockDataRegions typed, so that they have DynamicTypeInfo.
80ad88d : Remove -Wbad-function-cast from -Wall.
9101bc5 : darwin/driver: Support using SDKROOT to define the default for -isysroot. - The SDKROOT environment variable is the de facto way to set the default SDK for a number of tools, join forces with them.
8456ae6 : AST Matchers: introduce functionTemplate(), classTemplate() and isExplicitTemplateSpecialization() matchers which do what their name says.
a7612ae : Fixed crash and added a test and a minor output problem
bbb8afd : c: implement gcc's -Wbad-function-cast which warns on unsafe cast of a c-function call. This is a C-only option.
d6bbc98 : Define __builtin_ffs[ll] with a signed argument instead of unsigned.
64b8578 : [ms-inline asm] Instantiate the MCStreamer as a NullStream. We're parsing instruction, not emitting them, so a NullStream is fine.
19d48ce : Add release notes for type safety attributes.
d6d76f2 : Fix broken check lines.
8be9e77 : Warn about self-initialization of references.
66a3d47 : Make the spacing of the code completion result for NSDictionary literals match the spacing introduced by the ObjC modernizer. Fixes the rest of <rdar://problem/11889572>.
fb43067 : When we need the complete set of visible declarations from a declaration context, check whether the primary context---not the current context---has any external visible declarations. Fixes PR13616.
27bec77 : Don't do jump-scope checking when code completion is enabled. It's both a waste of time, and prone to crash due to the use of the error-recovery path in parser. Fixes <rdar://problem/12103608>, which has been driving me nuts.
1dc7ab0 : Temporarily revert r162066 and r162062 to see if it brings the gdb bots back.
e7259aa : Fix undefined behavior in debug info emission: operator* on WeakVH returns a reference, so &* on an empty WeakVH binds a reference to a dereferenced null pointer. So don't do that; we have a perfectly good implicit conversion to Value*.
eae57a6 : Fix test so that it doesn't keep failing forever when it's failed once.
c141b51 : Switch PTH format from a 7 byte magic number to an 8 byte one, to avoid misaligned reads throughout the file. Bump PTH format version to 10.
e276cfc : Fix -Wl,--no-demangle to actually pass the flag to the linker on Linux instead of silently dropping it on the floor.
0652c35 : Don't forget to apply #pragma pack to partial and explicit specializations of class templates. This fixes misalignment issues in llvm/Support/Endian.h when built by Clang.
25c0400 : [analyzer] Add an internal reference document describing IPA and CallEvent.
b81a9ad : [analyzer] Unbreak the static analyzer buildbot.
9e63dc5 : Avoid binding a reference to a dereferenced null pointer, if we try to emit a diagnostic before we have a source manager.
aeb2881 : Fix misaligned DeclGroup allocation.
cbf97c5 : Don't form a null reference when checking for validity of an anonymous elaborated type specifier in template instantiation: such a specifier is always valid because it must be specified within the definition of the type.
0d5a069 : Add support for "type safety" attributes that allow checking that 'void *' function arguments and arguments for variadic functions are of a particular type which is determined by some other argument to the same function call.
8bf4ab3 : Add some caching here for the builtin types.
8c019df : Remove FIXME, the constraints contain more options than the current available documentation.
a0dfca1 : Add a missing 'break' to ensure that we reject inline assembly constraints we don't recognize.
2502ec8 : Random string removal.
c076ef6 : Make isa part of objc_object at metadata generation time.
1a30edb : Fix misaligned allocation of TemplateParameterList objects.
2f64851 : [ms-inline asm] Comment.
7e1fb9a : [ms-inline asm] Extract a helper function, getSpelling(). Also use this on tokens we don't know how to handle; this should aid when debugging.
7f90b53 : objective-C++: issue diagnostic when ivar type is an abstract c++ class. // rdar://12095239
eeff8ce : [ms-inline asm] If we don't know how to handle a token then assume this is not a simple asm.
700ce64 : [ms-inline asm] Add a helper function, isMSAsmKeyword().
bc20bbb : Removed unused LParenLoc parameter to ActOnCXXForRangeStmt
ca7a7be : objective-C: make -Wcast-of-sel-type the default. // rdar://12107381
81c53b4 : CommentCommandTraits: rename BeginName -> StartName for consistency.
2863c0e : [ms-inline asm] Perform symbol table lookup on variables. The idea is to use this information to determine valid MC operands. This will also be used for semantic analysis.
183e8ae : Fixup test case for Release builds.
91dd9df : objective-C: deprecate casts of ObjC's SEL expressions except to void, void * and their qualified versions. // rdar://12107381
1599eac : Attaching comments to declarations: parse the comment in context of the declaration it was attached to.
2776224 : Remove #if 0 that has been around for a long time.
2b2c49d : Remove "range_iterator" from PathDiagnosticPiece and just use ArrayRef<SourceRange> for ranges. This removes conceptual clutter, and can allow us to easy migrate to C++11 style for-range loops if we ever move to using C++11 in Clang.
c4bac8e : Allow multiple PathDiagnosticConsumers to be used with a BugReporter at the same time.
425f41b : Matchers related to DeclStmt for matching the count of declarations, a particular declaration within the statement, and single-Decl DeclStmts.
f64c118 : [ms-inline asm] Start tracking which tokens are registers and which are variables, function or label references. The former is a potential clobber. The latter is either an input or an output. Unfortunately, it's difficult to test this patch at the moment, but the added test case will eventually do so.
089e5b3 : Matchers which correspond to CastExpr, IgnoreImpCasts, IgnoreParenCasts, and IgnoreParenImpCasts
d1420c6 : Store SourceManager pointer on PrintingPolicy in the case where we're dumping, and remove ASTContext reference (which was frequently bound to a dereferenced null pointer) from the recursive lump of printPretty functions. In so doing, fix (at least) one case where we intended to use the 'dump' mode, but that failed because a null ASTContext reference had been passed in.
0dae729 : Don't constant-fold when pretty-printing alignment attribute. This fixes a potential crasher -- Context is sometimes a null reference (!!) here.
d012586 : Test commit: deleted whitespace on blank line
2f47cab : Fix misaligned allocation of QualifiedTempateName and DependentTemplateName.
0e9eaa8 : Remove names from the CHECK lines.
c58dcdc : Convert loads and stores of vec3 to vec4 to achieve better code generation. Add test case.
058ab17 : [ms-inline asm] Add inputs and outputs to AST. No functional change.
e6cd054 : [analyzer] Look through all casts when trying to track constraints.
ac45293 : Devirtualize calls on glvalues produced by class member access expressions. Based on a patch by Yin Ma!
95526a4 : Thread safety analysis: prevent a compiler error in cases where a late-parsed attribute is attached to an invalid declaration.
7f66085 : [analyzer] If we call a C++ method on an object, assume it's non-null.
b5f9eb8 : [ms-inline asm] Use a set container to remove redundant clobbers.
bec224b : [ms-inline asm] Address a FIXME by computing the number of asm statements when building the AsmString.
da29ac5 : [analyzer] Even if we are not inlining a virtual call, still invalidate!
f37e421 : [ms-inline asm] MSVC parses multiple __asm statements on a single line as one statement. For example,
4e79fdf : [analyzer] Correctly devirtualize virtual method calls in constructors.
99570a5 : Allow 'static' and type qualifiers in K&R parameter type lists.
a8ac203 : [ms-inline asm] Don't emit newlines as these are ignored by the AsmParser anyways. Also, simplify some conditional logic.
8cc7efa : Add ASTMatcher for matching extern "C" function declarations.
4cc83c2 : Patch to warn about __private_extern__ on tentative definitions as it does something unexpected (but gcc compatible). Suggest use of __attribute__((visibility("hidden"))) on declaration instead. // rdar://7703982
9e4abb4 : Fix for PR#13606: http://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=13606 Changed the alignment of an LValue to be 64 bits so that we can handle alignment values up to half of a 64-bit address space.
5aad79f : [ms-inline asm] Add support for clobbers in CodeGen.
89c57a2 : [ms-inline asm] Capturing loop-scoped (std::string)Reg with a StringRef is bad.
317d6ef : Fix base type of ASTDeclNodeLister.
fc87350 : [analyzer] Don't try to devirtualize if the class is incomplete.
9f6441a : [analyzer] Only adjust the type of 'this' when we devirtualize a method call.
7bd092b : [ms-inline asm] Add the left brace source location and improve the pretty printer. Patch by Enea Zaffanella <zaffanella@cs.unipr.it>.
1896a63 : Update README.android.
7f397c5 : Check for improper use of 'static' and type qualifiers in array declarators.
dece8b3 : Revert this to try to bring the i386 bots back.
4fda501 : clang/lib/Sema/SemaStmt.cpp: Include MCAsmLexer.h to appease msvc to define llvm::AsmToken.
4746704 : Use the right alignment when allocating NestedNameSpecifier objects.
97f6026 : Fix overallocation and underalignment of ASTTemplateArgumentListInfo objects.
09647f2 : [analyzer] Doxygen comments in ObjCMethodCall.
b763ede : [analyzer] Don't inline dynamic-dispatch methods unless -analyzer-ipa=dynamic.
0ad36ba : [analyzer] Correctly devirtualize virtual method calls in destructors.
2f834a5 : [ms-inline asm] Add support for clobbers in CodeGen.
1ac64aa : [ms-inline asm] Have MC start parsing the asms.
1e059da : [ms-inline asm] Mark getClobber() const.
cd6873e : [analyzer] A base class needs a complete definition to provide offsets.
1b4b146 : Check local static variables for self reference on initialization.
27ef16b : [ms-inline asm] More test cases to make sure buildMSAsmString() doesn't regress.
92570bd : [ms-inline asm] Remove the last bits of LineEnds.
9fbf327 : Remove trailing return flag from FunctionTypeLoc, since we now carry that information on FunctionProtoType. (This also fixes one of *many* misalignment problems in the TypeLoc hierarchy...)
c95ad00 : Fix undefined behavior: reference bound to dereferenced null pointer.
13a178f : [ms-inline asm] Simplify more logic by using the Token::hasLeadingSpace() and Token::isAtStartOfLine() APIs.
0435943 : Small change to avoid confusion on what "used by" means for a compiler. Patch by Jonathan Sauer.
5dfc441 : [ms-inline asm] Address a potential buffer overflow.
fdbd3c5 : [ms-inline asm] Simplify the logic in patchMSAsmString. We no longer need to track the LineEnds now that single line asm statments aren't merged.
ce23bb7 : irgen: inline code for several of complex builtin calls. // rdar://8315199
21ef711 : [ms-inline asm] Add a helpful assert.
38aee3b : [analyzer]Assume that the properties cannot be overridden when dot syntax is used.
95b277e : [analyzer] Address Jordan's comments for r161822, r161683.
550a9d8 : Avoid using i64 types for vld1q_lane/vst1q_lane intrinsics.
c41ace9 : Attaching comments to redeclarations: fix wrong assumptions
5375d82 : Changing an enumeration to a const int to fix MSVC compiler warnings.
c6ba23f : [analyzer] Remove other #if 0 from Retain Count checker.
81f01c6 : [analyzer] Remove autorelease pools code from the Retain Count checker.
42c72c2 : Do NOT use inline functions with LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_USED.
9071def : Remove and simplify unused checking code.
fac8e43 : Fix horribly broken sema of __attribute__((pcs())).
5d46db8 : Added description of clang-check -ast-dump* options.
2372ffc : Emphasize that clang-fixit is planned but not yet contributed. I should really just push the initial version....
ec2d7b7 : Fix some of my terrible spelling.
e56f3a6 : Add initial documentation about the new tools repository and the structure of how we're building concrete tools as well as tooling infrastructure as part of the Clang project.
f345ffb : [analyzer] Fixup to r161821
00aae52 : Fix undefined behavior: don't bind a dereferenced null pointer to a reference. No functionality change.
b27660a : Placate the mingw32 buildbot by suffixing 64-bit constants with ULL.
026b358 : Fix undefined behavior in code completion, caught by -fcatch-undefined-behavior. Don't try to fit 34 different flags into 32 bits. Also, don't use 32-bit signed left shifts for this.
2217f85 : Make __is_convertible_to handle abstract types correctly. PR13591.
f8ee6bc : Fix undefined behavior (and wrong code, as far as I can tell) in NEON builtin tablegen code, found by -fcatch-undefined-behavior. I would appreciate if someone more familiar with the NEON code could point me in the direction of how to write a test for this. We appear to have essentially no test coverage whatsoever for these builtins.
4bc2d1e : Clean up the basic instructions for getting started with clang to always return to the same directory.
c739406 : [analyzer] Teach live variable analyzes that super uses self pointer.
c95bb76 : [analyzer] Disable autorelease pool tracking.
8d6b43c : [analyzer] Refactor RetainReleaseChecker to go through a function call to set/get/remove the RefBinding.
955cd44 : [analyzer] Add getStackFrame() to CheckerContext and ExplodedNode.
f41c0dd : [analyzer] Look up DynamicTypeInfo by region instead of symbol.
645baee : [analyzer] Reduce code duplication: make CXXDestructorCall a CXXInstanceCall.
8ec104b : [analyzer] Be more careful when downcasting for devirtualization.
0a56298 : [analyzer] Handle dynamic_casts that turn out to be upcasts.
b11a3ad : [analyzer] Don't strip CXXBaseObjectRegions when checking dynamic_casts.
58d33ad : [ms-inline asm] Add a helpful assert.
d8238a4 : [ms-inline asm] Address a potential buffer overflow.
7657fd7 : PR13570: When an unresolved overloaded call appeared in a dependent context, we forgot to set it as being instantiation-dependent as well as being type- and value-dependent.
634b3d2 : ARM: enable struct byval for AAPCS-VFP.
10caec2 : c: small refactoring of checking for __attribute__(const)) per Richard's comment.
265f538 : [ms-inline asm] Have patchMSAsmStrings() return a vector or AsmStrings.
0d72910 : Factor out computation of whether a typeid's expression is potentially evaluated into a CXXTypeid member function. No functionality change.
37f7a33 : Minor rework of code example for clarity. No functionality change
a784685 : c: make __has_attribute(const) work for const function attribute. // rdar://10253857
843dd7d : Ignore the tools/extra directory.
8664cd8 : Teach Git to ignore the tools/extra directory.
cd81df2 : When looking for the comment associated with a declaration, adjust the 'templated' declaration for a function or class template to refer to the function or class template itself, to which the documentation will be attached. Fixes PR13593.
21efbb6 : When the header file search resolves a quoted include to a file in the current directory, propagate the framework and in-index-header-map from the including header's information down to the included header's information. Fixes <rdar://problem/11261291>.
4846470 : Implemented -ast-dump, -ast-print, -ast-dump-filter options in clang-check
cd6df66 : Added some preprocessor memory usage stats to -cc1 -print-stats
860de6b : This is always going to be true so the cast isn't necessary.
f50555e : Attaching comments to declarations: find comment attached to any redeclaration
f9c2908 : [analyzer] Remove unused StoreManager::CastResult class.
e6b3fea : Removed an unused function I added a while back.
b6d2bea : [analyzer] Strip CXXBaseObjectRegions when devirtualizing method calls.
9584f67 : [analyzer] Try to devirtualize even if the static callee has no definition.
e5399f1 : [analyzer] Add clang_analyzer_checkInlined for debugging purposes.
1afc5f2 : objective-C: test for delayed parsing of K&R funcitons inside objc class implementation. // rdar://10387088
33c72e1 : [ms-inline asm] Avoid extra allocations by making this an array of StringRefs.
60e2580 : Add comments for turning on byval
5e8d300 : [ms-inline asm] PatchMSAsmString() doesn't correctly patch non-simple asm statements. Therefore, we can't pass the PatchedAsmString to the AsmParser and expect things to work.
c972c92 : Don't emit an invoke whose normal destination is a landingpad. Fixes test regression on test/CodeGenObjC/2008-10-3-EhValue.m on non-Darwin targets.
9e5df31 : objective-C++: dalyed parsing of ctors with member initializer list defined inside an objc class implementation. wip
e790bc3 : [ms-inline asm] Fix a memory leak introduced in r161686.
bb5185c : Fix horrible regression in control of warnings caused by introduction of -Wpedantic. While -Wpedantic was reasonable, -Wno-pedantic would turn off a bunch of warnings that are on by default. This counters the intention of this warning flag.
16ba7c8 : ARM: enable struct byval for AAPCS.
dbd6945 : objective-C++: delay parsing of ctor with try block with member initializer list defined inside an objc implementation block. wip.
ee2f032 : Thread-safety-analysis: adds existential quantification over lock expressions. The syntax &MyClass::mutex is interpreted as a pattern that matches m->mutex for any object m of type MyClass.
a74b715 : Thread safety analysis: refactor to support more sophisticated handling of expressions, and better error messages.
4399ea9 : [ms-inline asm] Add clobbers to AST representation.
6bd3291 : Frontend: define _LP64 in a target-independent way
5498e3a : [analyzer] ObjC Inlining: add tests for ivars and properties.
54918ba : [analyzer] Track if a region can be a subclass in the dynamic type info.
3f558af : [analyzer] Optimize dynamic dispatch bifurcation by detecting the cases when we don't need to split.
a1fa471 : Refactor thread safety analysis to use a different data structure to track locksets. This is in preparation for further changes.
f9a6a41 : [ms-inline asm] Use asserts as these calls are now guarded by identical checks.
2eb362b : objective-C++: delayed parsing of member function with function-try-block occuring in objc's implementation block. wip.
1093f49 : Whitespace.
be1d4ec : objective-C++: Delayed parsing of most common member functions defined inside an objc class implementation. wip.
7094dee : Add missing cctype includes.
8ce9cca : Decrementing std::string::end is not portable, use array access instead.
d1a4f68 : Fix a couple of pedantic gcc warnings.
a59114b : c-arcmt-test, c-index-test: Appease Cygwin, to link to libclang.a, not clang.dll.
1f2e1a9 : Check access to friend declarations. There's a number of different things going on here that were problematic: - We were missing the actual access check, or rather, it was suppressed on account of being a redeclaration lookup. - The access check would naturally happen during delay, which isn't appropriate in this case. - We weren't actually emitting dependent diagnostics associated with class templates, which was unfortunate. - Access was being propagated incorrectly for friend method declarations that couldn't be matched at parse-time.
7c304f5 : Update VerifyDiagnosticConsumer to only get directives during parsing.
af6cf43 : Make sure to call EndSourceFile even if we can't continue compiling.
4ef832f : Provide isConst/Volatile on CXXMethodDecl.
74896e0 : [ms-inline asm] Use the new Inline Asm Non-Standard Dialect attribute.
5ad76c0 : [analyzer] Merge RegionStore's KillStruct and CopyLazyBindings: BindAggregate.
1e93443 : [analyzer] Cluster bindings in RegionStore by base region.
824e07a : [analyzer] Cache the "concrete offset base" for regions with symbolic offsets.
bf74b56 : [analyzer] Devirtualize StoreManager::evalDerivedToBase(SVal, CastExpr)
c9c48db : Followup to r161546, to unbreak linking on Bitrig. Patch by David Hill.
7bac4b2 : CMake: Add the new dependency from libSema to LLVM's libs.
613f444 : [ms-inline asm] Fix comment.
2c5f8d7 : [analyzer] A CXXBaseObjectRegion should correspond to a DIRECT base.
6940972 : objective-C: refactoring of objc's delayed parsing.
cace210 : [ms-inline asm] Use StringRef here, per Jordan's suggestion.
20316a9 : Temporarily revert r161612 while we figure out just what the semantics of PARALLEL_DIRS are. They apparantly aren't what either Nick, Eric, or I thought. ;] Should let the bots make forward progress.
d4fe57f : [analyzer] Rename the function to better reflect what it actually does.
6960f6e : [analyzer] Clarify the values in Dyn. Dispatch Bifurcation map.
4144f90 : [ms-inline asm] Simplify logic for empty asm statements.
47f4989 : [ms-inline asm] Instantiate the various parts to the AsmParser.
8607367 : Make all of the tools build in parallel. Missing this caused incremental rebuilds to serially link each tool, which is really really slow.
af310b1 : Recurse into the extra tools repo the correct way from the Makefile build system. Thanks to Nick for pointing at the actual construct which should be used here.
950435c : In 'delete []', the '[]' never starts a lambda. Update a FIXME with a standard reference and add a test.
5960f4a : [analyzer] Improve readability of the dyn. dispatch bifurcation patch r161552.
9cdd157 : Remove absolute file path in test.
62290ae : Comment to HTML and XML conversion: ignore commands that contain a declaration as their argument. For example, \fn, \function, \typedef, \method, \class etc.
42ee64b : Fix the test case. Now it does not depend on the method used to pass vector arguments to the function. Reviewed by Anton Lokhmotov.
d1db125 : Comment to HTML and XML conversion: use CommandTraits to classify commands.
be3d0db : [ms-inline asm] Initialize targets and assembly printers/parsers.
1a5d421 : [ms-inline asm] Add various MC components to clang build to support MS-style inline assembly.
c9b9709 : objective-C: minor refactoring in method definition parsing logic.
fc05dec : Unbreak the build.
431e35c : [analyzer] Cleanup of malloc checker.
79f3098 : Fix AAPCS ABI. I can't actually test this, but it restores the behavior from before r159168. PR13562.
e90d3f8 : [analyzer] Bifurcate the path with dynamic dispatch.
7b7af02 : Add new file CommentCommandTraits.cpp to CMakeLists.txt.
2689a08 : Allow the Makefile build system to find the extra repo if it is checked out.
aa58081 : Comment parsing: extract TableGen'able pieces into new CommandTraits class.
42f74f2 : clang support for Bitrig (an OpenBSD fork); patch by David Hill.
dcdff46 : Minor simplification for r161534.
8c6cb46 : objective-C: refactor/simplify parsing of delayed method/c-funcs defined in objc class implementation. No intended functionality change.
817a886 : Fix r161534 so it actually builds.
de01b7a : PR13558: Fix typo 'compatiblity'. Thinking of the children. Apparently.
f66a0dd : Handle deprecation diagnostics correctly for C struct fields and Objective-C properties/ivars. <rdar://problem/6642337>.
6cd4420 : Comment XML: use xml:space="preserve" in Verbatim tags, so that XML tidy does not compress spaces in verbatim content.
c3b2308 : Unify the codepaths for emitting deprecation warnings. The test changes are just to account for us emitting notes more consistently.
0f38ace : Address code review comments for Wstrncat-size warning (r161440).
77c7b0a : [ms-inline asm] Use more idiomatic logic. Thanks, Bill.
8a64f88 : Implicitly annotate __CFStringMakeConstantString with format_arg(1).
48a05b9 : [ms-inline asm] Add basic codegen support for simple asm stmts. Currently, only machine specific clobbers are modeled.
2016c8c : Don't add attributes for "#pragma pack" and friends to tag declarations which are not definitions. This follows the behavior of both gcc and earlier versions of clang. Regression from r156531. <rdar://problem/12048621>.
871ee56 : [ms-inline asm] Make sure IsSimple is correctly handled.
d854c63 : Remove extraneous comment.
b64f310 : [ms-inline asm] Add a very simple test case. Basically, we're only testing for crashers at the moment (and coincidentally this case was causing a crash).
62f22b8 : [ms-inline asm] Refactor the logic to generate the AsmString into Sema. No functional change intended.
d24bf90 : Whitespace.
4a9d795 : Whitespace.
919e8a1 : [analyzer] Clean up the printing of FieldRegions for leaks.
0d53ab4 : [analyzer] Track malloc'd regions stored in structs.
e0d24eb : [analyzer] Revamp RegionStore to distinguish regions with symbolic offsets.
2aa800a : Constify CXXRecordDecl::isVirtuallyDerivedFrom.
e696b69 : [ms-inline asm] Add support for detecting simple ms-style inline asm. Simple asm statements are those that don't reference variable names, function names, and labels.
3a32c9c : Add the IsSimple/IsVolatile parameters to the MSAsmStmt constructor.
50800fc : Implement warning for integral null pointer constants other than the literal 0.
ed6662d : objc: Include all types when issuing warning under -Wdirect-ivar-access.
fa1d30d : Add various MC components to clang build to support MS-style inline assembly.
f23e8d2 : Preprocessor: fix __OPTIMIZE_SIZE__ and -Oz
5aeda88 : Frontend: further document __BYTE_ORDER__
fbffb5f : Remove unused variables.
f0e956b : Revert part of r161175 which was wrong for OpenBSD's PowerPC target.
50d61c8 : Implement final piece of DR963 and also DR587:
9a58584 : clarify that the advantages of the BSD license apply to when you incorporate clang into proprietary code bases, patch by Jonathan Sauer.
06808f1 : Get rid of an early return in Sema::ActOnFields which doesn't make sense anymore. Fixes a crash (<rdar://problem/11067144>), and generally seems to improve recovery in other cases.
859c65c : Fix an assertion failure with a C++ constructor initializing a member of reference type in an anonymous struct. PR13154.
15631b4 : Fix a -ast-dump crash.
b25466e : objc-arc: Make -Wdirect-ivar-access accessible to all memory models, except when arc is accessing a weak ivar (which is an error). // rdar://6505197
0e2a868 : Whitespace.
604fb38 : When building a conditional operator where one operand is a throw-expression and the other is a glvalue of class type, don't forget to copy-initialize a temporary when performing the lvalue-to-rvalue conversion on the glvalue. Strangely, DefaultLvalueConversions misses this part of the lvalue-to-rvalue conversions.
0b8220a : -Wunused-private-fields: Don't try to check unresolved initializer expressions for side-effects. Instead, check for side-effects after performing initialization. Doing so also removes some strange corner cases and differences between in-class initialization and constructor initialization.
c343dd8 : objc-arc: set nonlazybind attribute on objc_retain/ objc_release for performance for these most often called APIs. // rdar://12040837
3189d8c : Remove obsolete comment. Obsoleted by r116524 when Type hierarhy bitfield implementation was changed to a union of bitfields.
62d20a7 : Fix capitalization of LibXml2 for CMake on case-sensitive file systems
a7635f1 : Don't complain about -fobjc-link-runtime being unused with -fobjc-arc.
6e53137 : Teach ccc-analyze about -fobjc-legacy-dispatch and -mios-simulator-version-min
cff339a : Comment AST: DeclInfo: add a special kind for enums. Comment XML: add a root node kind for enums.
d43e114 : Turn on strncat-size warning implemented a while ago.
67bf7dd : c-index-test Makefile: fix build on Linux. Reviewed by Eric Christopher.
16bec06 : Comment.h: fix typo in comment
dd7b803 : Comment AST: treat enumerators as "variables" in DeclInfo.
f303d4c : libclang API for comment-to-xml conversion.
cff863f : objective-c: Exclude -Wdirect-ivar-access for arc. Allow direct ivar access in init and dealloc methods in mrr. // rdar://650197
f7158fa : Properly check length modfiers for %n in format strings.
58e1e54 : Remove ScanfArgType and bake that logic into ArgType.
5d435b6 : Initial support for recursing into the new clang-tools-extra repository if checked out under clang/tools/extra.
f3749f4 : Rename analyze_format_string::ArgTypeResult to ArgType
b38b491 : Objective-C pointer types don't have C-linkage, even though they are non-POD. Fixes <rdar://problem/12031870>.
60b7038 : Update documentation of HasSideEffects to match its callers' expectations, and update implementation to match. An elidable, non-trivial constructor call is a side-effect under this definition, but wasn't under the old one, because we are not required to evaluate it even though it may have an effect.
acac844 : [analyzer] + New line at end of file
8ed21ef : [analyzer] Address Jordan's review of DynamicTypePropagation.
387611e : Fix the test RUN line for this better.
4a53536 : Enhance ClangDiagnosticsEmitter to reject diagnostics that are errors that are also included in warning groups. Warning groups can only contain warnings, because only warnings can be mapped to errors or ignored.
8ae4ec2 : Teach Expr::HasSideEffects about all the Expr types, and fix a bug where it was mistakenly classifying dynamic_casts which might throw as having no side effects.
daa8898 : [analyzer] Add a test case for OS X 10.8's NSMakeCollectable under non-GC.
c7fb748 : If we don't have a complete type for the array type yet either then just let the alignment be zero.
97d0293 : Remove two fall through diagnostics from the IgnoredAttributes group, since they are errors, not warnings.
79efe24 : [ms-inline asm] Stmt destructors are never called, so allocate the AsmToks using the ASTContext BumpPtr. Also use the preferred llvm::ArrayRef interface.
b3f46ec : Specify a triple on this to make it easier to test.
d0a97c4 : Remove some unintended changes from my last patch.
363e5ac : Make sure when we get the replacement type for a template argument that we attach the lost qualifiers.
b019489 : Handle null suffixes in GetTemporaryPath (PCH files don't have suffixes).
3408681 : [analyzer] DynTypes: Add a test for improper cast performed by user.
c69d735 : objective-c: Implement gcc's -Wdirect-ivar-access option. // rdar://6505197
8a90393 : Comment parsing: fix crash on \tparam followed immediately by another block command, for example: \tparam\brief.
c4c647c : [analyzer] Dynamic type info - propagate through implicit casts.
c7ecc43 : [analyzer] Add a checker to manage dynamic type propagation.
71f55f7 : Refactor checks for unevaluated contexts into a common utility function.
04bf29e : Comment AST: DeclInfo: collapse a bunch of boolean flags into an enum.
a801acd : [analyzer] Add plist output checks for all four "path notes" tests.
2b1b025 : [analyzer] Improve arrow locations for PseudoObjectExprs.
15d18e1 : [analyzer] Ignore OS X 10.8's annotations for NSMakeCollectable.
e27a08a : For global record types, the self reference checker was called twice, resulting in duplicate -Wuninitialized warnings. Change so that only the check in TryConstructorInitialization() will be used and a single warning be emitted.
cbea860 : scan-build: factor out setting of environment variables.
8f726de : [ms-inline asm] Pass Tokens to Sema and store them in the AST. No functional change intended. No test case as there's no real way to test at this time.
cc83f26 : Fix MIPS DSP Rev1 intrinsics memory properties. The patch reviewed by Akira Hatanaka.
7d9b511 : Comment parser and sema: remove useless return values
38447a4 : Pull 'xcodebuild' wrapper logic into a separate function.
9443c57 : Comment diagnostics: warn on duplicate \brief and \return commands.
88815f3 : Comment diagnostics: \return in void function: specialize diagnostic text for ObjC methods.
427435f : Re-enable pcmpistri/pcmpestri builtins in clang now that llvm supports them properly.
04c3a25 : PR13529: Don't crash if the driver sees an unused input file when running as 'clang-cpp'.
a4b3965 : PR13499: Don't try to check whether 'override' has been validly applied until we know whether the function is virtual. But check it as soon as we do know; in some cases we don't need to wait for an instantiation.
eef0029 : PR13527: don't assert if a function is explicitly defaulted when it's already been defined.
a841c19 : Add __builtin_readcyclecounter() to produce the @llvm.readcyclecounter() intrinsic.
65263b4 : Simplify code, no functionality change.
4d33286 : [analyzer] Malloc: remove assert since is not valid as of r161248
b34eb0c : objective-C string literal has no side-effect, resulting in issuance of unused static variable warning now. // rdar://10777111
a869518 : [analyzer] Use a more robust check for null in CallAndMessageChecker.
522f46f : [analyzer] Don't assume values bound to references are automatically non-null.
aa6eccc : Fix the name of this variable.
3e07881 : Update comment to accurately reflect what should happen.
563ea23 : [analyzer] Update initializer assertion for delegating constructors.
6853799 : [analyzer] When a symbol is null, we should track its constraints.
b0e1bad : [analyzer] Flatten path diagnostics for text output like we do for HTML.
9da59a6 : [analyzer] Track null/uninitialized C++ objects used in method calls.
7ad4848 : [analyzer] Provide useful PathDiagnosticLocations for CallEnter/Exit events.
20165e7 : [analyzer] FindLastStoreBRVisitor was not actually finding stores.
51e87c5 : Enhance getImplicitObjectArgument to look through ->*.
bf83e7c : [analyzer] Add a test for copy-constructor inlining.
51a0a94 : Make property synthesis the default on Windows.
c1290e0 : [analyzer] Fixup: remove the extra whitespace
148fee9 : [analyzer] ObjC Inlining: Start tracking dynamic type info in the GDM
89ab7d0 : Comment diagnostics: warn if \returns is used in a non-function comment or if the function returns void.
5295b97 : Fix crash if a literal operator template's template parameter pack is not a non-type template parameter pack. Patch by Andy Gibbs!
5b97851 : [analyzer] Fix a typo. Thanks Jordan.
ede875b : [analyzer] Malloc: track non-allocated but freed memory
f1aae3b : Fix line endings.
66981c7 : TableGen: Remove extraneous \ character from arm_neon.h definitions.
c23aca4 : Flesh out test for defaulted key functions a bit more.
967d833 : Reduce temp file pollution in some test cases.
f3fce80 : Fix failed to generate vtables in certain cases.
e559b0d : Fix build.
ee95935 : Apply changes to migrate to CLANG-160673-20120724.
3b5c316 : Revert "Add an RS-specific check forbidding array parameters."
a5c12b9 : Add some missing functions to builtins.py.
5b32a08 : Comment AST: convert a huge if -- else if statement on Decl's type into a switch. Thanks Sean Silva for suggestion!
d015f4f : [analyzer] Solve another source of non-determinism in the diagnostic engine.
af19a6a : Comments AST: refactor DeclInfo to use an enum for decl kind instead of separate flags.
d6261a9 : [driver] Lipo can handle the lto-bc type. rdar://12000401
967e5d7 : Comments: handle template paramter documentation in alias-declaration templates.
9f3b9d5 : [analyzer] Add a simple check for initializing reference variables with null.
c27bc80 : Attaching comments to declarations: handle using-declaration.
7e67593 : objc-arc: Modify test for more prcecise fixit. // rdar://11913153
dc48305 : objective-c arc: Patch to suggest bridge casting of CF objects used as dictionary subscript objects. // rdar://11913153
1abee64 : ASTContext.h: replace include by a forward declaration.
5e601dc : Add OpenBSD arch targets for powerpc, arm, mips64, mips64el and sparc.
9d82a03 : Correct AddDefaultCIncludePaths for OpenBSD to not include /usr/local/include in the default search path. Compilers on *BSD OS's only include /usr/include by default.
52a8b00 : add a comment to explain this test case
bbf9e3a : test/Sema/tls.c: don't use -verify to check if TLS is supported
8874381 : Add an RS-specific check forbidding array parameters.
207c408 : [analyzer] Also emit Prev/Next links for macros in HTML output. Oops.
b23b711 : [analyzer] Add Prev/Next links to the HTML output.
0eb6c37 : [analyzer] Flush bug reports in deterministic order.
2a84b8b : [analyzer] CmpRuns should include file name in the issue identifier.
ea66f9f : Make sure we don't emit IR for unused EH cleanups. PR13359.
d076e01 : Comment parser tests: test that we allow placing no whitespace between \param and [direction].
6a42552 : Comment to HTML conversion: correct typo in CSS class name: taram -> tparam
ac87cec : Comment diagnostics fixit tests: move exected-warning constructs from the comment being tested.
b7a1199 : Comment diagnostics: add tests for \tparam fixits.
651f8ce : Initialize flag in DeclInfo.
1ca7ecc : Comment AST: add DeclInfo to store information about the declaration. Sema was already extracting most of this, but discarding at the end of semantic analysis.
2ff84b5 : Comment to HTML conversion: refactor. Extracted a class to for FullComment semantic parts -- this will be reused for comment to XML conversion.
95aac15 : Fix an assertion failure instantiating a constexpr function from within a -dealloc method. PR13401.
e48667f : TLS is not supported on OpenBSD
bf1febd : add test for PR13497
9574456 : Fix typo.
371f939 : Add missing tests for class template specialization and template argument matchers.
7916c99 : When devirtualizing the conversion to a virtual base subobject, don't explode if the offset we get is zero. This can happen if you have an empty virtual base class.
f0d151c : Comment to HTML conversion: skip \tparam commands with whitespace paragraphs
59500fe : Comment to HTML conversion: escape HTML special characters in command arguments
d256531 : This module doesn't build. Remove it.
5121781 : Explicitly defaulted constructors cannot be used for default initialization.
96b0986 : Comment parsing: add support for \tparam command on all levels.
3c394c5 : When testing whether we can perform copy or move initialization, be sure to supply an initialization location. Fixes <rdar://problem/11951661>.
0bc35e9 : Include clang-check as part of the clang installation.
9849901 : Consider the visibility of template template arguments. GCC doesn't, but it also fails to consider the linkage, which we were already considering.
2f9c40a : [analyzer] Control C++ inlining with a macro in ExprEngineCallAndReturn.cpp.
e1ce783 : [analyzer] Turn -cfg-add-initializers on by default, and remove the flag.
4fe64ad : [analyzer] Don't try to inline if there's no region for a message receiver.
6d8ab45 : [analyzer] Add a FIXME about devirtualization in ctors/dtors.
5deddaf : -Wformat: better handling of qualifiers on pointer arguments
6b4be2e : [analyzer] Getting an lvalue for a reference field still requires a load.
d48ab06 : Tweak code-completion heuristics deciding between a lambda code-completion and an Objective-C message send, based on Jordan's feedback.
38b2186 : This test actually works on Win32...
98be860 : Fixes a segfault in Tooling when using pch's: Clear the FileManager's stat cache in between running translation units, as the stat cache loaded from a pch is only valid for one compiler invocation.
94be8ea : Remove deprecated getNameAsCString methods.
1c9cff4 : Add two more .keep files to avoid the missing of empty folders in git repository.
66b18b1 : Add two .keep files to avoid the missing of empty folders in git repository.
171af64 : Added -ast-list option to dump filterable AST decl node names.
ff104a1 : Support ARM hard float (arm-linux-gnueabihf).
43e3dee : Fix some minor typos
297f71d : Document the result type of the matcher functions where it's not obvious from the source code.
1503f0d : Introduce new queries on ObjCRuntime for how to interpret subscripts on object pointers and whether pointer arithmetic on object pointers is supported. Make ObjFW interpret subscripts as pseudo-objects. Based on a patch by Jonathan Schleifer.
b48280b : Handle functions with struct arguments or return types and the regparm attribute. It is a variation of the x86_64 ABI:
d72f56d : [analyzer] Add a test that messages to super invalidate ivars.
a78a640 : Attributes preceding a function declaration are first applied to the return type and then propagated to the function. This was failing for destructors, constructors and constructors templates since they don't have a return type.
761322b : No longer emitting a PCH file when using -fsyntax-only on a header file. Fixes PR13343.
ef15831 : [analyzer] Let CallEvent decide what goes in an inital stack frame.
2f71622 : Explain why ACC_bottom should never occur in diagnosing ARC casts.
437fbc5 : When we encounter a code-completion token while parsing an ill-formed lambda-introducer in Objective-C++11, fall back to treating the tokens as an Objective-C message send to provide those (more likely) completions. Fixes <rdar://problem/11980263>.
bd9b65a : Don't crash *or* insert a bogus autorelease when emitting a this-adjustment thunk in ARC++.
f0324d3 : [analyzer] Handle inlining of instance calls to super.
5d0f373 : [analyzer] Only run this test with no IPA
dd25e80 : PR13479: If we see the definition of an out-of-line destructor in C++11, be sure to update the exception specification on the declaration as well as the definition. If we're building in -fno-exceptions mode, nothing else will trigger it to be updated.
57c0336 : [analyzer] Perform post-call checks for all inlined calls.
d64effc : Extend the ',' versus ';' diagnostic for -Wvexing-parse to cover the with-arguments case as well as the no-arguments case.
b9c6261 : Improvements to vexing-parse warnings. Make the no-parameters case more accurate by asking the parser whether there was an ambiguity rather than trying to reverse-engineer it from the DeclSpec. Make the with-parameters case have better diagnostics by using semantic information to drive the warning, improving the diagnostics and adding a fixit.
1b0a13e : objective-c arc: ARC IRGen correctly assumes result type of generated call to super dealloc is 'void' and asserts if user's dealloc is not of 'void type. This rule must be enforced in clang front-end (with a fixit) if this is not the case, instead of asserting in CodeGen. // rdar://11987838
2d18419 : [analyzer] Very simple ObjC instance method inlining
3738db9 : [analyzer] fixup for adding of the "dynamic" ipa option
ca93ee7 : Mark ObjCInterfaceDecl::lookupPrivateMethod as const.
e13056a : [analyzer] Add -analyzer-ipa=dynamic option for inlining dynamically dispatched methods.
d563d3f : [analyzer] Only allow CallEvents to be created by CallEventManager.
a989aeb : [analyzer] Remove declaration of refactored evalObjCMessage method.
78a1b19 : Do not warn on correct use of the '%n' format specifier.
972a368 : [analyzer] Introduce a CallEventManager to keep a pool of CallEvents.
e5db09c : Move comment from member operator() to class.
e5deb79 : Comment parser: don't crash on a completely empty \param followed by a block command
74edbd4 : c-index-test: remove dead store. Found by Clang static analyzer!
60b202c : Lexer: remove dead stores. Found by Clang static analyzer!
c109361 : Comment dumper: silence a warning by not casting away const
221a6d7 : Add missing include for Linux buildbot
b740316 : Add an assert to ParamCommandComment::getParamIndex() -- it should not be called unless index is valid.
cec9ce4 : Make -Wformat check the argument type for %n.
3ccc173 : Comment parser: add one more test
aa1e192 : Update source location in test.
e5e8f4d : Use the location of the copy assignment when diagnosing classes that are nontrivial because of it.
2cd7f41 : Fix ambiguity detection in GetBestOverloadCandidateSimple.
6cc9dc8 : Fix dynamic object linker for ARM GNUEABIHF.
9bd2809 : Fix for ASTMatchFinder to visit a functions parameter declarations.
dfa210b : Provide correct linker command line options on FreeBSD 8 (GNU ld 2.15) and on newer FreeBSD (GNU ld 2.17).
b2efdf3 : Microoptimize isOffsetInFileID a bit.
d22f084 : PR13433: In Microsoft mode, don't require function calls within decltype expressions to have complete return types (or accessible destructors). If the return type is required to be complete for some other reason (for instance, if it is needed by overload resolution), then it will still be required to be complete. This is apparently required in order to parse a MSVC11 header.
74cb390 : assert on ACC_bottom when checking for invalid CF to ARC conversions.
6d4a40e : Add a missing testcase for merging the visibility of two declarations used as arguments of a template.
72b57cc : Comment dumper: print \param parameter index if parameter name is resolved.
d9c729e : more objc-arc: With ACC_bottom, we just provide __bride fixit, as it doesn't matter which cast to use. // rdar://11923822
24b2ab7 : objc-arc: change per Jordy's comments. // rdar://11923822
0ba5880 : CommentSema.cpp: remove extra semicolon
533b34f : objective-c arc: When function calls with known CFCreate naming convention are cast to retainable types, only suggest CFBridgingRelease/ CFBridgingRetain and not the __bridge casts. // rdar://11923822
bbb7af3 : Comment Sema: don't try to typo-correct a \param when function has zero arguments. Just an optimization, no functional change.
607f587 : revert r160839 for now.
477a9f5 : Implement resolving of HTML character references (named: &, decimal: *, hex: ) during comment parsing.
e430313 : Add a function to convert a single Unicode code point to a UTF8 sequence.
4684778 : Make -Wformat walk the typedef chain when looking for size_t, etc.
e61354b : Consolidate ObjC lookupPrivateMethod methods from Sema and DeclObjC.
bccc594 : [analyzer] Another false positive in Class method inlining. We are currently not setting the self object to the calling class object during inlining nor do we reason about [AAA class].
6fbe031 : [analyzer] Address Jordan's and Fariborz's review of r160768.
3b198a9 : Preprocessor: add __BYTE_ORDER__ predefined macro
9369d4f : [scan-build] Fix clang++ pathname
77a4d57 : test/Preprocessor: add NVPTX predefine tests
ec98f2f : Fix an assertion failure when code completing an auto variable's initialiser.
b399696 : Fix PR13394: Erasing from a vector changes the end of the vector, so make sure we always have the right end.
11abf2a : clang/lib: [CMake] Update tblgen'd dependencies.
866abce : clang/lib: [CMake] Reformat, alphabetize lists.
3eb3755 : libclang, examples: [CMake] Add dependencies to tblgen'd headers.
e3120ae : clang/CMakeLists.txt: Move "examples" after building lib and tools.
b9d0b76 : Final piece of core issue 1330: delay computing the exception specification of a defaulted special member function until the exception specification is needed (using the same criteria used for the delayed instantiation of exception specifications for function temploids).
69a0e50 : [analyzer] Look through SubstNonTypeTemplateParmExprs.
979f098 : [analyzer] Use a stack-based local AGAIN to fix the build for real.
2302b81 : Fix missing td dependencies.
e3fd87c : [analyzer] Use a stack-based local instead of a temporary to fix build.
304efd5 : objc-arc: When objects with known CF semantics are assigned to retainable types in arc, only suggest CFBridgingRelease/ CFBridgingRetain and not the confusing __bridge casts. // rdar://11923822
61b135a : Tweak test case to not emit warning.
dba417c : SATestBuild should not ask for non-existent checkers.
6da6049 : Look at the preceding CFGBlock for the expression to load from in ExprEngine::VisitGuardedExpr instead of walking to the preceding PostStmt node. There are cases where the last evaluated expression does not appear in the ExplodedGraph.
7c99aa3 : [analyzer] CallEvent is no longer a value object.
f540c54 : [analyzer] Rename Calls.{h,cpp} to CallEvent.{h,cpp}. No functionality change.
1d3ca25 : [analyzer] Don't crash on implicit statements inside initializers.
e460c46 : [analyzer] Don't crash on array constructors and destructors.
3a0a9e3 : [analyzer] Handle C++ member initializers and destructors.
075f6fb : [analyzer] Use the CFG to see if a constructor is for a local variable.
888c90a : [analyzer] Handle base class initializers and destructors.
d7f1d13 : [analyzer] Variables with destructors are live until the destructor is run.
183ba8e : [analyzer] Show paths for destructor calls.
da5fc53 : [analyzer] Inline ctors + dtors when the CFG is built for them.
df51fb9 : [analyzer] PostImplicitCall can also occur between CFGElements.
132283b : Add a const version of Expr::IgnoreImplicit. No functionality change.
ac57d47 : Un-break standalone invocations of CmpRuns.py.
d30ec70 : objective-c parsing. Don't crash when selector name is missing in method prototype. // rdar://11939584
559b928 : Put back dump() without a default argument, "because debuggers don't usually respect default arguments".
e34a052 : Added -ast-dump-filter option to clang -cc1.
bae11d8 : Remove an outdated comment; add one test to compare function pointer and block mangling
f58d01a : Add more tests for PR13207 (Mangling of template back references with -cxx-abi microsoft) now that PR13389 is fixed (mangling of return types)
dc6dabc : Fix PR13389 (Wrong mangling of return type qualifiers with -cxx-abi microsoft)
77b1ae5 : Removed standalone clang-ast-dump tool.
9dc5167 : [analyzer] Inline ObjC class methods.
fc999ac : Add static analyzer check for calling a C++ instance method with a null/uninitialized pointer.
a95b4f7 : Disable the warning for missing prototypes for OpenCL kernels. Includes testcase.
a2ad394 : Remove the ability to stash arbitrary pointers into UndefinedVal (no longer needed).
2a700b1 : Fix two typos in the doc
829846b : Remove ExprEngine::MarkBranch(), as it is no longer needed.
469841a : Update ExprEngine's handling of ternary operators to find the ternary expression value by scanning the path, rather than assuming we have visited the '?:' operator as a terminator (which sets a value indicating which expression to grab the final ternary expression value from).
2ca5af2 : objective-c modern translator. Provide declaration of "memset' lazily when is needed in translation of struct-valued methods which require checkinf of nil receivers outside their bodies. // rdar://11847319
5292718 : Remove experimental invalid iterators checker from the codebase until we have the time to fix all the issues. Currently the code is essentially unmaintained and buggy, and needs major revision (with coupled enhancements to the analyzer core).
699c6cd : [driver crash diagnostics] Strip -internal-isystem and -internal-externc-isystem. rdar://11949066
a4ba28f : [driver crash diagnostics] Strip -idirafter, -iprefix, -iwithprefix, -iwithprefixbefore, and -isystem options, per Matt's suggestion. rdar://11949066
37302ea : [driver crash diagnostics] A few enhancements: -Strip -iquote and -M options. -Quote -D options to avoid problems with command line macros that include parens. rdar://11949066
2c6b00e : libclang comment to HTML rendering: \result is the same as \returns
1eb1eb4 : test/PCH/objc_stmts.m: Suppress stderr to be fed to FileCheck.
715c956 : Introduces the 'decl' matcher which was missing for a while and became necessary with the change to require BindableMatchers for binding.
310fe46 : test/Analysis/iterators.cpp: Mark as REQUIRES:asserts. It crashes due to assertion failure.
d93c5ff : Add a FIXME to revisit the performance of BackRefMap later
a705f1f : Adds a introductionary document to the Clang AST.
3465318 : Turn -Wobjc-root-class on by default. <rdar://problem/11203649>.
c0a4377 : Promote warn_unknown_analyzer_checker to an error. Addresses <rdar://problem/10987863>.
612409e : PR12057: Allow variadic template pack expansions to cross lambda boundaries. Rather than adding a ContainsUnexpandedParameterPack bit to essentially every AST node, we tunnel the bit directly up to the surrounding lambda expression when we reach a context where an unexpanded pack can not normally appear. Thus any statement or declaration within a lambda can now potentially contain an unexpanded parameter pack.
6f36366 : Make comments::Parser and comments::Sema noncopyable.
2e72104 : Comment parsing tests: fix test
b43f638 : Add __has_feature(attribute_availability_with_message).
56bf6fd : Comment diagnostics tests: add a function with zero arguments, for completeness.
6582277 : Comment diagnostics: add warning for multiple \param commands with duplicate parameter names.
56df4a9 : When a && or || appears as the condition of a ?:, perform appropriate short-circuiting when building the CFG. Also be sure to skip parens before checking for the && / || special cases. Finally, fix some crashes in CFG printing in the presence of calls to destructors for array of array of class type.
00c59f7 : CommentSema: simplify functions, per Jordan's comment.
42926a0 : Pedantic -pedantic correction. Duplicate cv-qualifiers are permitted in C++11 unless they appear in a decl-specifier-seq.
833850b : Don't use a temporary file.
57bc51c : ABIArgInfo's constructor is private and only used by the static get* methods. No need to abuse default arguments.
0c43a92 : Comment parsing: allow newlines between \param, direction specification (e.g., [in]), parameter name and description paragraph.
168c07b : Tweak warning text for returning incomplete type from extern "C" functions.
db13f04 : Comment parsing: couple TextTokenRetokenizer and comment parser together to remove one of the two variable-length lookahead buffers. Now retokenizer will ask for more tokens when it needs them.
c4b0f9b : Move TextTokenRetokenizer from CommentLexer.h to CommentParser.cpp since it is an implementation detail of the parser.
fd93916 : Comment parsing: retokenized text tokens are now pushed back in correct (not reverse) order
9f17408 : Introduces a new concept for binding results to matchers as per Chandler's request: - introduces a new matcher base type BindableMatcher that provides the bind() call - makes all dynamic-cast matcher creation functions return BindableMatchers; the special case about dynamic-cast matchers is that the node they match on and the node their child matchers match on are the same node, just casted to a different type; thus, there is no ambiguity on what bind() matches on; additionally, those are the matchers that we name with nouns in the matcher language, so it's easy for users to intuitively know which matchers are bindable
f5e0b22 : Fix PR13207 (Mangling of templates with back references when using -cxx-abi microsoft)
a5a4cba : Change the way KEYNOMS is defined to be more comprehensible.
9a29d74 : clang/test/CodeGenCXX/debug-info-globalinit.cpp: Fix for -Asserts.
78d1a10 : Emit debug info for dynamic initializers. Permit __attribute__((nodebug)) on variables that have static storage duration, it removes debug info on the emitted initializer function but not all debug info about this variable.
f50b6fe : Fix whitespace, whoops missed a spot!
4ae89bc : Fix whitespace, tabs to spaces. No functionality change.
aa9cf8d : move X86_32ABIInfo::computeInfo out of line.
e68c229 : Comment parser unit tests: split a huge test case
b33a3c4 : Make classifyReturnType and classifyArgumentType private.
debd16f : Comment parser unit tests: reduce code duplication
5969a5f : Do not warn about a function decl / direct init ambiguity if the function has a trailing return type.
e1ecdc1 : Change APInt to APSInt in one instance. Also change a call to operator==() to APSInt::isSameValue() when comparing different sized APSInt's.
f919985 : add AST unittests to CMake build system
1f8c529 : libclang comments AST: clang_ParamCommandComment_getParamName: don't assert when a \param command does not have a parameter name, just return an empty string instead.
dc69157 : Refactor handler functions for thread safety attributes.
8487c52 : Comment Sema: refactor handling of 'ParmVarDecl's and save them in Sema members.
2d66a50 : Comment AST: add InlineContentComment::RenderKind to specify a default rendering mode for clients that don't want to interpret Doxygen commands.
1cc9be0 : Follow-up: fix the quotes
a542744 : Replace wrong CHECK array mangling expectations with correct CHECK-NOT+FIXME (PR13182)
bed28ac : Fix a typo (the the => the)
eab9d6f : Add diagnostics for comma at end of enum and for extra semicolon at namespace scope to -Wc++11-extensions. Move extra semicolon after member function definition diagnostic out of -pedantic, since C++ allows a single semicolon there. Keep it in -Wextra-semi, though, since it's still questionable.
3fe52ff : When we have an Objective-C object with non-trivial lifetime in a structor class under ARC, that struct/class does not have a trivial move constructor or move assignment operator. Fixes the rest of <rdar://problem/11738725>.
adb1d4c : PR12917: Remove incorrect assumption that lambda mangling information cannot change once it's been assigned. It can change in two ways: 1) In a template instantiation, the context declaration should be the instantiated declaration, not the declaration in the template. 2) If a lambda appears in the pattern of a variadic pack expansion, the mangling number will depend on the pack length.
b67e7fc : Allow the parser to recover gracefully if a typename is used to introduce a decltype type. In Microsoft mode, we emit a warning instead of an error.
dfd110c : char16_t and char32_t are defined via typedef in MSVC 11 RC. So introduce a way to disable keywords under Microsoft mode.
8986e10 : Comment AST nodes: add NumHTMLStartTagCommentBits member.
3e63d33 : Comment to HTML conversion: add more CSS classes to identify function arguments by index. This is useful if the user does not document all arguments, and we can't find a particular argument by index via :nth-of-type() CSS selector.
d256f86 : Rename -fms-inline-asm to -fenable-experimental-ms-inline-asm.
adfa45f : Add "long double" to permitted list of ARM complex homogeneous aggregates.
c9dce4d : Remove unused private member variable uncovered by the recent changes to clang's -Wunused-private-field.
5ef6ea5 : Fix c-index-test to compile as C89.
d759cdd : Tidy up.
89770e5 : Add the mechanics for -fms-inline-asm. No easy way to test at this time.
ae99b75 : Add libclang APIs to walk comments ASTs and an API to convert a comment to an HTML fragment.
0cfe9a1 : Revert accidental commit.
f925e04 : Add a new flag, -fms-inline-asm, that enables the output of MS-style inline assembly.
4914c28 : No longer assuming the number of prototype arguments is always less than the number of formal parameters for a variadic function call.
9f08f49 : Fix PR13411: Comment parsing: failed assertion on unterminated verbatim block.
bbe0175 : Re-apply r160319 "Don't crash when emitting fixits following Unicode chars"
fd8b435 : Add a reverse iterator to DeclStmt, and use it when building a CFG.
b379718 : Don't need to specify the abi as it's the default.
090d1bd : Fixes an ObjC++ parse crash caused by delayed parsing of c-functions nested in namespace in method implementations by turning off its delayed parsing until a proper solution is figured out. pr13418
4423f81 : CommentBriefParser: coding style fix
72021ff : CommentBriefParser: use \returns if we can't find the \brief or just a plain paragraph.
675a4e1 : CMake: clang should depend on clang-headers, or bin/clang would not work better.
4397289 : Revert r160319, it caused PR13417. Add a test for PR13417.
381767f : Let Expr::HasSideEffects() return false for NULL, bool literals, this, and nullptr.
4a410dd : Rename warn-unused-member.cpp to warn-unused-private-field.cpp to make it match the flag it tests.
daa177d : Switch to the canonical pipe-based testing of clang output using FileCheck.
0ccd98d : Remove dos line endings. Please remember to configure your windows SVN clients to default text files to 'eol-native'.
e81ce25 : [analyzer] Refactor VisitObjCMessage and VisitCallExpr to rely on the same implementation for call evaluation.
d23ec89 : FileCheck-ize.
ffb0c3a : Remove HasSynthBitfield and all callers/writers/etc. Also remove previous ResetObjCLayout calls since this is now handled in Sema.
6dba4a1 : Reset the layout of an ObjC class if we see an ivar in a category or implementation since we've now got a different layout.
9d9cf50 : Removing a spurious comment, no functionality changes.
ad29b2b : CommentDumper: print word-like arguments for block commands.
ddcfbc9 : For varargs, diagnose passing ObjC objects by value like other non-POD types.
b13291a : Capitalize "Objective-C" and "C++" in user-facing contexts.
4871666 : Don't crash checking a format string if one of the arguments is invalid.
ee7af50 : Add a test case for rdar://11806334.
eee18c3 : Simplify UninitializedValues.cpp by removing logic to handle the previous (imprecise) representation of '&&' and '||' in the CFG. This is no longer needed, and greatly simplifies the code.
cc4748a : Remove an unused header
455e72e : Define __FINITE_MATH_ONLY__ based on -ffast-math and -ffinite-math-only.
f816787 : Relaxed enumeration constant naming rules for scoped enumerators so they no longer emit a diagnostic when the enumeration's name matches that of the class. Fixes PR13128.
7c30427 : Silence another GCC warning.
ce40e6f : Revert r160404, "Eliminating the GCC_CAST hack, take two.", for now.
7dfbfb1 : Silence GCC warnings.
a1ec3db : Force the OS X version to 10.6 for old-style simulator builds.
c48dd8e : CommentSema: add more inline commands to tables
858e69f : Fix ParagraphComment::isWhitespace(): a paragraph without a non-whitespace TextComment node was considered whitespace even if it contained other child nodes.
e3898ac : Fix OverloadCandidateSet::clear to not leak PartialDiagnostics, found by Samuel Panzer. I've not been able to trigger a failure caused by this, so no test yet. Also included is a small change from Paul Robinson to only consider the FailureKind if the overload candidate did actually fail.
cdd1b37 : Comment::dump(): show name of inline command
64da4e5 : Comment parsing: don't parse whitespace before \endverbatim as a separate line of whitespace.
c0e8ad5 : Rolling this change back because the fix doesn't fit the symptoms (even if it solves them).
8919e68 : [analyzer] Combine all ObjC message CallEvents into ObjCMethodCall.
4b3918e : [analyzer] Rename addExtraInvalidatedRegions to get...Regions
b7a23e0 : [analyzer] Make CallEvent a value object.
4ccc4cc : [analyzer] Remove obsolete ObjCPropRef SVal kind.
7ff8f5e : [analyzer] Remove unused ExprEngine::VisitCXXTemporaryObjectExpr.
4b4327f : Fixing up a test case that was failing due to the lack of -std=c++11
94572c3 : This fits into 80 columns without wrapping.
0f7f10b : Add caching for TextComment::isWhitespace(), ParagraphComment::isWhitespace().
7373ead : Remove trivial destructor from SVal.
fb3643a : On Darwin, the linker removes functions in CommentDumper.o (Comment::dump()) despite __attribute__(__used__). As explained by Argyrios, > .a archive files do some stripping of their own and they remove .o files that > contain functions that are not referenced by any other .o file.
572eec1 : Reverted custom init hook from r160369.
21625c6 : Fix crash in RegionStoreManager::evalDerivedToBase() due to not handling references (in uses of dynamic_cast<>).
88237bf : Teach CFG construction about destructors resulting from references to array types. Fixes crash in <rdar://problem/11671507>.
517bb84 : PR13381, part 2: when determining if a defaulted special member function should be defined as deleted, take cv-qualifiers on class members into account when looking up the copy or move constructor or assignment operator which will be used for them.
6a06e5f : PR13381: consider cv-qualifiers on a class member's type when determining which constructor will be used for moving that object, in the computation of its exception specification.
500d729 : PR13386: When matching up parameters between a function template declaration and a function template instantiation, if there's a parameter pack in the declaration and one at the same place in the instantiation, don't assume that the pack wasn't expanded -- it may have expanded to nothing. Instead, go ahead and check whether the parameter pack was expandable. We can do this as a side-effect of the work we'd need to do anyway, to find how many parameters were produced.
5912597 : Fix test so it works the same way on 32-bit and 64-bit.
3d3d22c : CommentSema: \short is the same as \brief.
b251302 : When performing the deduced/actual argument type check for C++ [temp.deduct.call]p4 under Objective-C++ ARC, make sure to adjust the qualifiers to introduce the implicit strong lifetime when needed. Fixes <rdar://problem/11825671>.
1638f2e : More replacing of target-dependent intrinsics with target-indepdent intrinsics. The second instruction(s) to be handled are the vector versions of count set bits (ctpop).
7961589 : Remove unnecessary spacing around Objective-C object literal code completions. Fixes <rdar://problem/11889572>.
a52f5a3 : Adding a fixit for includes that cannot be found with angle brackets, but can be found with quoted strings instead. Implements PR13201.
8c77758 : Improve comment for TypeDecl::getTypeForDecl(), from Sean Silva!
d47bc51 : Eliminating the GCC_CAST hack, take two.
befceba : Comment AST nodes: rename Num*Bitfields to Num*Bits to be consistent with Stmt AST nodes.
8de0956 : Reinstate the GCC_CAST hack; I apparently did not appease GCC with r160397.
a444f18 : Implement an optimization for finding the comment that occurs just after a given declaration.
75d4b1e : Robustify test in the face of no assertions.
75c5754 : Try to eliminate GCC_CAST hack in a manner that should work for both GCC and MSVC.
76e7edd : CommentBriefParser: use StringSwitch::Cases to group synonyms. Thanks Jordan!
93ed7cf : Teach the ASTImporter how to handle anonymous structs/unions better. Fixes <rdar://problem/11466212>; the test (and back-ported version of this code) were committed to LLDB in r160186.
26dc97c : Don't treat overflow in floating-point conversions as a hard error in constant evaluation. <rdar://problem/11874571>.
251c449 : Handle the case where the base type is not dependent, but the derived one is. Fixes pr13353.cpp.
e9af3e6 : Fixed whitespace issue introduced in r160373.
1dfb72f : Minor cleanups and additions to the users manual. UsersManual.html now validates as HTML 4.01 Strict.
74976f2 : Fix regexp for this test to properly check.
659a712 : CommentBriefParser: make \short should equivalent to \brief, per Doxygen manual.
379b281 : Issue warning when assigning out-of-range integer values to enums. Due to performance cost, this is an opt-in option placed under -Wassign-enum. // rdar://11824807
d5209ae : -Wobjc-literal-compare: don't warn when comparing against nil.
eec207f : Add -Wobjc-string-compare under -Wobjc-literal-compare.
8d872ca : Now that -Wobjc-literal-compare is a warning, put the fixit on a note.
a6a1aba : [analyzer] Remove stale result type lvalue code.
285baac : [Windows] Abstract pure virtual method calls in the ABI. Fix the Windows ABI to forward to the correct function.
e1da330 : Add a custom initialize hook for clang tools + minor fixes in CustomCompilationDatabase.h
71adc5b : Merge visibility from previous decls before looking at visibility pragma. This is a bit fuzzy, but matches gcc behavior and existing code bases seem to depend on it.
a555f2b : test/Driver/crash-report.c: Remove "REQUIRES: shell". env(1) can be used also with gnuwin32.
7c07702 : Fix unit test dependency in Makefile and remove unneccessary dependency again.
62fb1e3 : Add missing dependency for unit test.
8ee0448 : Finishing the move of RefactoringCallbacks and fixing the corresponding buildbot failures.
e87f3f6 : Revert commit r160308. We decide to move builtins selection to the backend.
d5c66dd : Move RefactoringCallbacks to Tooling to avoid dependency from ASTMatchers (lower level abstraction) to Tooling (higher level abstraction).
19e88c0 : Fixup for r160345 - uintptr_t is not always unsigned
20b802d : Make the isDerivedFrom matcher more generic.
e4ed215 : Fixed few warnings.
df9b933 : [Win32] Rework crash-report since r145389.
e575679 : test/Driver/crash-report.c: Small tweaks. 1) Use %t instead %T for TMP. 2) Set all of $TMPDIR, $TEMP and $TMP, or a certain host might set $TEMP.
becfc23 : Record visibility pragmas when we see a tag declaration. We might use it to build a type before seeing the definition.
6cfa78f : Uninitialized variables: two little changes: * Treat compound assignment as a use, at Jordy's request. * Always add compound assignments into the CFG, so we can correctly diagnose the use in 'return x += 1;'
3df9a75 : clang/test/Tooling/clang-ast-dump.cpp: Mark it as REQUIRES: asserts, for now.
b619e78 : Move clang_Cursor_getBriefCommentText implementation under `extern "C"'.
9532e0d : -Wuninitialized: Split the classification of DeclRefExprs as initialization or use out of TransferFunctions, and compute it in advance rather than on-the-fly.
89e5aaf : [analyzer] Handle new-expressions with initializers for scalars.
b04a457 : Weaken Unicode fixit test to work even if the character is printed escaped.
beef1cb : Fix BlockCommandComment::classof() to return true for objects of derived classes.
ee07db7 : This test appears to fail on win32.
b8971b2 : Add hack (provided by Jonathan Sauer) to fall back to assuming Xcode is installed in /Developer when using Python < 2.7.0. This is the case on Snow Leopard, where the tools are always installed in /Developer. This isn't a proper fix for really figuring out where Xcode is installed, but should work to fix an obvious problem on Snow Leopard.
3b71176 : This test appears to be passing on win32.
6f977c3 : Don't crash when emitting fixits following Unicode characters.
980343b : Simplify float comparison checks by using early return.
b2d8e63 : Fix copy-paste mistake for CMake dependency.
7acc407 : [analyzer] Make CmpRuns external-user friendly.
61918d8 : Looks like libTooling might also depend on ClangDiagnosticCommon.
4e56c42 : Add libEdit dependency on ClangDiagnosticCommon. Hopefully this will unbreak the VS build.
d7bad05 : MIPS: Implement __builtin_mips_shll_qb builtin function overloading. This function has two versions. The first one is used for a register operand. The second one is used for an immediate number.
85f485a : Fix rejects-valid: explicit specialization of redeclared deleted function template.
daa872b : modern objective-c translator: conditionally include <string.h>. // rdar://11847319
177f1be : Fixing an MSVC warning -- the compiler did not like the cast added to work around a g++ bug (it would claim to possibly emit incorrect code).
6e39d05 : Fixing an obvious bug in a test.
dea8fba : The new clang-ast-dump tool for selective AST dumping. Moved common command-line tool stuff to CommandLineClangTool
e994bb6 : Add two more missing parameters in diagnostics.
fef3f6f : Fix diagnostic adding missing parameter.
f85f60a : Prevent unused-variable warning in optimized builds.
fe7beeb : Add refactoring callbacks to make common kinds of refactorings easy.
a770a4d : Add correct parenthesis range to CXXConstructExprs inside CXXFunctionalCastExprs.
32bb534 : Place checker build at alternate URL.
aa488ea : More for PR11848: a pack expansion type isn't necessarily type-dependent (its pattern might be an alias template which doesn't use its arguments). It's always instantiation-dependent, though.
7e54fb5 : PR13365: Fix code which was trying to treat an array of DeducedTemplateArgument as an array of its base class TemplateArgument. Switch the const TemplateArgument* parameters of InstantiatingTemplate's constructors to ArrayRef<TemplateArgument> to prevent this from happening again in the future.
d8672ef : Related to PR11848 and core-21989: switch ContainsUnexpandedParameterPack from being a property of a canonical type to being a property of the fully-sugared type. This should only make a difference in the case where an alias template ignores one of its parameters, and that parameter is an unexpanded parameter pack.
9123940 : Revert change accidentally committed in r160240.
f5baeb4 : PR13368: Halve the instantiation depth of this test again. Apparently, FreeBSD has a much lower default stack limit than the systems I have access to.
6bebe5a : Update Clang to reflect the move of MDBuilder in r160237.
e091e95 : Add test case for tweaks to clang driver.
ff2fcb8 : Fix spelling of anyOf matcher and add missing test.
7dae689 : Enable new linker behaviour on FreeBSD.
d320ffc : Without this patch clang warns on
4b044c6 : Make const the argument of getDefinition.
2b884a8 : Use llvm::APSInt::isSameValue to compare for the same value.
81695fa : Replace IsSameValue with the llvm::APSInt/llvm::APInt versions that we just copied from here and replace all uses.
71bcc68 : Capitalize comment.
3f635c0 : Refine CFG so that '&&' and '||' don't lead to extra confluence points when used in a branch, but instead push the terminator for the branch down into the basic blocks of the subexpressions of '&&' and '||' respectively. This eliminates some artifical control-flow from the CFG and results in a more compact CFG.
5c3ea5c : Hoist CFG builder logic for '&&' and '||' into helper method. No funcationlity change.
449d4d5 : Remove unused method declaration.
6960ee6 : Sort prototypes. No functionality change.
08c39d8 : Update Sema diagnostic messages to take advantage of template type diffing.
f9e9af7 : Add a per target max vector alignment field (e.g., 32-byte alignment for x86 due to AVX). Currently, if no aligned attribute is specified the alignment of a vector is inferred from its size. Thus, very large vectors will be over-aligned with no benefit. Target owners should set this target max.
558e887 : PR13360: When deciding the earliest point which inevitably leads to an uninitialized variable use, walk back over branches where we've reached all the non-null successors, not just cases where we've reached all successors.
0bab9da : Move option test earlier in the function.
87d747b : This is one of the first steps at moving to replace target-dependent intrinsics with target-indepdent intrinsics. The first instruction(s) to be handled are the vector versions of count leading zeros (ctlz).
d64e2ee : Comment.h: reword comments
5561977 : Modify tree printing mode for template type diffing. If a diagnostic has multiple %diff's, only print the first tree and fallback to inline printing for the rest of the diagnostic.
f195f2c : add support for conditional expressions in Expr::HasSideEffects() This fixes a bug in __builtin_object_size() codegen
916ea65 : Move a bunch of the attribute warnings under the IgnoreAttributes group. Cleaned up test case.
0eaf69d : Comment AST nodes: rename getXXXCount() methods to getNumXXXs() to be in line with Statement AST nodes.
6b60370 : Apply visibility pragmas to class template declarations. This is needed because we might use the declaration to build a type before seeing the definition.
b04b731 : Use -fvisibility-inlines-hidden in inline functions too. This matches gcc behavior since gcc pr30066. Thanks to Benjamin Kramer for pointing it out.
69b5e95 : Move helper class into an anonymous namespace.
7bf9d9b : Mention -ftls-model in release notes and manual.
a3c7096 : Allows retrieving all files in a CompilationDatabase.
838925d : Provide a special-case diagnostic when two class member functions instantiate to the same signature. Fix a bug in the type printer which would cause this diagnostic to print wonderful types like 'const const int *'.
d3d02dd : Fix a bug in my previous commit. The problem is not that we were not using the canonical decl for the template, but that we were not merging attributes for templates at all!
abd56c8 : Attaching comments to declarations during parsing: handle more Objective-C declarations.
bb39c3f : Also remove include directory for libComments.
46db2fb : Remove empty lib/Comments directory.
3f38bf2 : Comment parsing: repaint the bikesched: rename 'HTML open tags' to 'HTML start tags' and 'HTML close tags' to 'HTML end tags' according to HTML spec.
3d98698 : Make concepts of optional and forbidden end tags separate. Thanks Jordan for pointing this!
2345820 : Use the canonical template decl when trying to find if it has a visibility attribute.
59d7cc9 : Updates the example to the latest incarnation of clang-check and adds a paragraph on builtin headers.
99b28e7 : Always initialize variable. If opening quote is the last character in comment, we will be using an uninitialized value. There is already a test for that in unittests/AST/CommentLexer.cpp, but it seems like we were lucky with the value that got loaded into the variable so the test passed.
140d513 : Updated -help message in clang-check.
f9aed96 : [Windows] Split the back reference tests into two separate files as the templates are getting hairy
6fcac5d : test/CodeGen/rdrand-builtins.c: Define __MM_MALLOC_H before including <*mmintrin.h> .
a1c387e : Don't include mm_malloc.h in test, it pulls in system headers on msvc.
8f88a1d : [Windows] Use thiscall as the default calling convention for class methods. PR12785
9a50249 : Add _rdrand{16,32,64}_step intrinsics to immintrin.h
6a12449 : This commit combines three patches to the ASTMatchers.
c7bd9fb : Be lax about trailing whitespace when checking fixit formatting, this depends on locale settings.
af082c3 : PR13312: Don't crash when printing a fixit that ends in a unicode character.
be51e43 : [clang.py] Implement Token API
0f1964a : [clang.py] Add TranslationUnit.get_{file,source_location,source_range}
9537e20 : [clang.py] Refactor how ctypes functions are registered
5e06529 : Process #pragma visibility early in the parsing of class definitions. Fixes pr13338.
f729ce0 : Ignore visibility attributes after definitions. This matches newer (4.7) gcc's behavior and is the first step in fixing pr13338.
6a1f94b : Revert r160052, "Default to -std=c++11 on Windows.", for now.
f7226fb : Add the ObjFW runtime. Patch by Jonathan Schleifer!
dc5796c : AST/CommentSema.cpp: Fix signess in abs() to appease msvc. It would not make sense to pass (unsigned)-(unsigned) to abs().
f9181a7 : clang/lib/Basic/CMakeLists.txt: Add missing dependency, ClangDiagnosticComment.
c36b30c : [analyzer] Don't inline virtual calls unless we can devirtualize properly.
198871c : Add OpenCL metadata for kernel arg names. This output is controlled via a flag as noted in the OpenCL Spec. Includes a test case.
8951067 : Don't try to do RVO on block variables that refer to an enclosing local.
e3f470a : Stop instantiating a class if we hit a static_assert failure. Also, if the static_assert fails when parsing the template, don't diagnose it again on every instantiation.
18b7f95 : Fix warning.
a5ef44f : Enable comment parsing and semantic analysis to emit diagnostics. A few diagnostics implemented -- see testcases.
ff39896 : Introduce a flag in SourceManager to treat non-system source files as "volatile", meaning there's a high enough chance that they may change while we are trying to use them.
4b49756 : Start testing some commented-out cases of badly-formed __has_include.
78541c4 : Allow -verify directives to be filtered by preprocessing.
2db5abb : Move CompileAssert into namespace clang::ast_matchers:: to avoid naming collisions until it is properly integrated in llvm/Support.
068040e : Add a hook to supply a custom CompilationDatabase. To add a custom CompilationDatabase, make it implement findCompilationDatabaseForDirectory in CustomCompilationDatabase.h and set USE_COSTUM_COMPILATION_DATABASE.
0337efd : [driver] Fix so that clang can find correct path prefix for libc object files from GNU binutils supporting multi-arch folder for ARM target. Patch by Jiangning Liu <jiangning.liu@arm.com>.
8d71918 : Handle #pragma visibility in explicit specializations and enums.
d4047b3 : Mention -fms-compatibility and -fdelayed-template-parsing in UsersManual.
c6d64a2 : Emit -verify diagnostics even when we have a fatal error.
85663e7 : Default to -std=c++11 on Windows.
202c054 : Remove unused override of CompilerInvocation::setLangDefaults().
9903e94 : Fix handling of curly braces in NVPTX inline asm
c852e9f : Temporarily revert this to see if it brings the gdb bot back.
d217a66 : Fix usage instructions for clang-check.
a7f2c56 : How to set up clang tools for llvm
0ca4be3 : clang/test/Misc/diag-template-diffing-color.cpp: Introduce the feature 'ansi-escape-sequences'.
be77959 : LLVM_ON_WIN32 case: use the proper key in the UniqueFiles map.
f2f15b3 : Don't process #pragma visibility during instantiation. The visibility of the instantiation depends on the template, its arguments and parameters, but not where it is instantiated.
3d40f96 : The end of a block doesn't necessarily need a line table entry unless there's something going on there. Remove the unconditional line entry and only add one if we're emitting cleanups (any other statements would be handled normally).
81e5a93 : FileCheck-ize.
0ffbfd1 : [analyzer] Add debug.DumpCalls, which prints out any CallEvents it sees.
5ef6e94 : [analyzer] Guard against C++ member functions that look like system functions.
a4334df : Fix crash when constant-evaluating a CXXConstructExpr representing value-initialization for an array of class type with a trivial default constructor.
48b6247 : [analyzer] Construct stack variables directly in their VarDecl.
e54cfc7 : [analyzer] Use CallEvent for building inlined stack frames.
852aa0d : [analyzer] Make CallEnter, CallExitBegin, and CallExitEnd not be StmtPoints
8d276d3 : [analyzer] Add a CXXDestructorCall CallEvent.
28038f3 : [analyzer] Add new PreImplicitCall and PostImplicitCall ProgramPoints.
1310611 : Thread safety analysis: impove handling of trylock expressions.
b660446 : 80-column violations and whitespace.
e0e6b9e : Add more matchers and do cleanups.
78a0ce4 : Disable death tests on platforms which don't support them.
4187df5 : Adds support for auto-detection of compilation databases, looking in a directory and all its parents.
5ba0559 : Improve r159256 following Chandler's comments: Implement UniqueFileContainer::erase(), camelCase, add comment on future optimizations of the cache versus de-optimizations of invalidations.
783db50 : [analyzer] Remove redundant check (scalar type is a superset of integer)
e445e5d : Clear diagnostic counts after processing the diagnostics. The consumer might see multiple input files (e.g. for cling) and since r159977 the count is maintained across input files.
e265c87 : Fixes the MSVC build.
8fa2fb8 : Adds support for auto-detection of compilation databases from a source file and changes clang-check to make use of this.
3f6d513 : Update the docs with specifics about escaping of compile commands.
f6385a5 : Jordan points out that this was incorrect: clang should recover from *errors* with fixits on them by following the recovery advised by the fixit, but if it is a fixit on a warning, then obviously the AST should be for the code as-written.
3b81b7d : Allow -verify directives to specify a min and max count, not just "+".
aa48fe8 : Allow line numbers on -verify directives.
4313c01 : Clean up VerifyDiagnosticsConsumer in preparation for upcoming enhancements.
5409d28 : Properly update the FormattedArgs vector when the template type diffing falls back to regular type printing.
6241e01 : Add an explanation of -Wobjc-literal-compare to the "Objective-C Literals" page
a910f47 : [cindex.py] Make CompileCommand.arguments usage consistent with CompileCommand.directory and the rest of the python binding
52bcb21 : Revert 159966 since Tanya temporarily updated the test case.
002bb8f : TEMPORARY. I will fix this properly shortly. Silence buildbot so I can figure out the right flag to put this warning under.
d521b70 : Put new warning in r159965 under a flag to appease buildbots. Someone please verify this is the correct grouping.
0df579e : Patch by Anton Lokhmotov to add OpenCL work group size attributes.
a99ec10 : Comment lexing: fix lexing to actually work in non-error cases.
34f60a4 : The delete argument should not be converted to void*.
6749ae1 : objective-c: provide fixit hint for @autoreleasepool and similar other keywords. // rdar://10723084
5047024 : Silence unused variable warning in -Asserts build
f794705 : Tests: check for target availability for target-specific tests.
d57aa88 : objective-c: yank any use of "non-fragile abi" phrase from diagnostics. // rdar://9657485
6467c9b : 80-column and whitespace.
94f29f4 : Better parser recovery in Objective-C containers.
ee158bc : [analyzer] When inlining, make sure we use the definition decl.
6deae7c : Downgrade the "direct comparison" error for ObjC literals to a warning.
2964ffe : [CMake] Get rid of unconditional dependency to ClangDiagnosticCommon. Only clangBasic and clangASTMatchers need it.
b161404 : [cindex.py] fix infinite iteration of compilation database CompileCommands
4990890 : Inline storage of attributes in AttributedStmt.
ef0ebee : Links to the python CXCompilationDatabase documentation. Patch contributed by David Roethlisberger.
6098381 : PR13136:
6ff6cfe : Halve template depth in an attempt to get this test passing on mingw32.
6994bb6 : Add missing options for -m(no-){pclmul,fma,xop}.
fff457f : test/SemaTemplate/instantiation-depth-defarg.cpp: Mark as XFAIL:mingw for now.
fad0a32 : MIPS: Range check __builtin_mips_wrdsp / __builtin_mips_rddsp arguments against the upper/lower values.
e471d87 : MIPS: Mark arguments of __builtin_mips_wrdsp / __builtin_mips_rddsp as a constant expression.
5a343d7 : PR13243: When deducing a non-type template parameter which is specified as an expression, skip over any SubstNonTypeTemplateParmExprs which alias templates may have inserted before checking for a DeclRefExpr referring to a non-type template parameter declaration.
8ad6c86 : PR13293: Defer deduction of an auto type with a dependent declarator, such as "auto (*f)(T t)".
ab91ef1 : PR9793: Treat substitution as an instantiation step for the purpose of the -ftemplate-depth limit. There are various ways to get an infinite (or merely huge) stack of substitutions with no intervening instantiations. This is also consistent with gcc's behavior.
3a7bd67 : ASTMatchers/CMakeLists.txt: Add dependencies to generated headers, or "make clean; make ASTMatchers" would fail.
bb35151 : Reject 'int a[1][];' in Sema rather than crashing in IR generation. Found by a misreduction of PR13290.
de31aa7 : PR13290: Constant-evaluation support for CXXConstructExprs which construct a multidimensional array of class type. Also, preserve zero-initialization when evaluating an initializer list for an array, in case the initializers refer to later elements (which have preceding zero-initialization).
254a8fb : clang/test/CodeGenCXX/cxx0x-initializer-constructors.cpp: Fixup for -Asserts.
84f3080 : Wire up -mrdrnd for X86.
2059939 : PR12670: Support for initializing an array of non-aggregate class type from an initializer list. Patch by Olivier Goffart, with extra testcases by Meador Inge and Daniel Lunow.
ff817f7 : When marking virtual functions as used for a class' vtable, mark all functions which will appear in the vtable as used, not just those ones which were declared within the class itself. Fixes an issue reported as comment#3 in PR12763 -- we sometimes assert in codegen if we try to emit a reference to a function declaration which we've not marked as referenced. This also matches gcc's observed behavior.
0f3d097 : Distinguish more carefully between free functions and C++ instance methods in the ABI arrangement, and leave a hook behind so that we can easily tweak CCs on platforms that use different CCs by default for C++ instance methods.
a437b84 : Enhance 'diagtool list-warnings' to report number of diagnostics covered directly under -Wpedantic, and enhance warning-flags.c test to test that this set does not grow.
e8cf7d1 : Re-apply r159875 with fixes.
3b4c532 : Revert rr159875, "Implement -Wpedantic and --no-pedantic to complement -Weverything." It broke several builds.
9c00676 : Restrict the set of declaration kinds for which we allow trailing comments.
25570a9 : Implement -Wpedantic and --no-pedantic to complement -Weverything.
48088ed : [analyzer] Fix mis-committed test. No functionality change.
4a0beb2 : Constify the argument to SourceLocation::getFromPtrEncoding.
0e020ad : [analyzer] Add comments to Calls.h.
752bee2 : [analyzer] Be careful about LazyCompoundVals, which may be for the first field.
4d48b5c : Sprinkle llvm_unreachable around to placate GCC's -Wreturn-type.
bd2e27e : objc-arc: warn when assigning retained object to a 'weak' property just as we do the same for 'weak' variables. // rdar://11814185
4d3db4e : objective-c++11: extend c++11 range-based loop to iterate over objective-c container collection. // rdar://9293227
811c820 : Don't store pointers into a std::vector (RawCommentList::Comments). Although currently we take address of std::vector's contents only after we finished adding all comments (so no reallocation can happen), this will change in future.
814e219 : Stop using new[] on llvm::BumpPtrAllocator.
9bf997e : Use C++ cast.
1c9ae1c : Remove unreachable default case to pacify clang's -Wcovered-switch-default.
bfdb506 : ASTContext.cpp: Appease msvc to cast NULL to typed pointer, or msvc mistakes NULL as int.
102bab7 : clang/test/CodeGen/fp-contract.c: It requires ppc32!
577c530 : [cindex.py] Fix erroneous comment for CompileCommands
28c82ee : Another fix for the configure build: correct order of dependencies.
c76dfb4 : Build-fix: Remove non-existent directories from Makefiles.
4da2166 : Adds the AST Matcher library, which provides a in-C++ DSL to express matches on interesting parts of the AST, and callback mechanisms to act on them.
ea7eb07 : CommentParser.cpp: remove unused variable.
ca6debb : Forgot to rename one use of FPContractModeTy
c968671 : Add -ffp-contract = { fast | on | off } command line option support.
36cbfbf : Comment.h: correct identation
8a10d9f : Added a new memberfor Parser, to be used soon for doing delayed parsing of c++ method defined in objc class implementations.
8d3ba23 : Implement AST classes for comments, a real parser for Doxygen comments and a very simple semantic analysis that just builds the AST; minor changes for lexer to pick up source locations I didn't think about before.
1838703 : [objcmt] Check for classes that accept 'objectForKey:' (or the other selectors that the migrator handles) but return their instances as 'id', resulting in the compiler resolving 'objectForKey:' as the method from NSDictionary.
c4133a4 : objective-c: don't involve properties when checking under -Wsuper-class-method-mismatch for method mismatches in current and suprt class. // rdar://11793793
c2abbe0 : [objcmt] Allow migrating to subscripting syntax for other classes (apart from NSDictionary/NSArray) that implement objectForKey:/objectAtIndex/etc. and the subscripting methods as well.
5381c05 : Thread-safety analysis: eliminate false positives in case where the definition duplicates attributes on the declaration. Also eliminates a false negative in ReleasableMutexLock. Fixing this bug required some refactoring.
84c1f4b : [analyzer] Add a statistic for maximum CFG size and a script to summarize analyzer stats from scan-build output.
a1b6227 : MIPS: Define __mips_dsp_rev / __mips_dspr2 / __mips_dsp macros if -mdsp or -mdspr2 options are provided.
39700f8 : objective-c++ parsing. Turn off delayed parsing of out-of-line c++ method definition which happens to be inside an objc class implementation until I can figure out how to do it. This is to fix a broken project.
d797a85 : MIPS: Add -mdsp/-mno-dsp and -mdspr2/-mno-dspr2 command line options support.
dc536f5 : MIPS: Factor out the code converting command line options to target features.
996fa80 : Release notes for r158230 "Disallow using ObjC literals in direct comparisons"
e6df0ce : Adapts the FrontendAction convenience functions so that it can be used with classes that generate ASTConsumers; this allows decoupling the ASTConsumer generation from the Frontend library (like, for example, the MatchFinder in the upcoming ASTMatcher patch).
1176bcd : MIPS: Define __mips16 macro if -mips16 option is provided.
bbd9916 : MIPS: Replace the pair of boolean flags by enumeration to hold selected float ABI.
0b273ef : MIPS: Add -mips16 / -mno-mips16 command line support.
125aa1f : Give test check tags consistent names.
f4bb8d0 : PR13273: When performing list-initialization with an empty initializer list, actually perform value initialization rather than trying to fake it with a call to the default constructor. Fixes various bugs related to the previously-missing zero-initialization in this case.
e07c5f8 : Fix some memory leaks found by the static analyzer. Thanks to John Smith for running it over Clang.
a13d2bc : Update unittests for include change.
471c8b4 : Drop the ASTContext.h include from DeclFriend.h and DeclTemplate.h.
d4f5198 : Remove get(V)BaseClassOffsetInBits, the CharUnit functions should be used instead.
478851c : Drop the ASTContext.h include from Stmt.h and fix up transitive users.
3a2d0fb : Split out the "empty" case for compound statement into a separate ctor.
ee3096a : CXXRecordDecl: Split getBases/getVBases into a slow and a fast path.
2c7886d : Hoist the logic for selecting the Objective-C dispatch method into the runtime class, from the target. No functionality change, just less duplicated logic.
a422cd0 : A few more cleanups for the GNU family of ObjC runtimes.
c50a0e3 : Renamed RawComment kinds to avoid name clash.
4e6e791 : Move a comment from the commit message into the code.
b0ed95c : Obj-C++11 parser: handle a fall out of delayed c-function parsing when a declaration with C++0x braced-init-list is inside an @implementation.
fdaa338 : [analyzer] For now, don't inline non-static member overloaded operators.
3b5f9dc : Obj-C++11 parser: fix broken parsing of c-function defined in class implementations.
cda1041 : Obj-C++11 parser: turn off buffering of c-function defined in objc class implementation for now.
a1eec4b : objective-c: Refactor parse/sema portion of objective-c's fast enumeration statement, for more work to come.
11d3f4c : Rename the GCC Objective-C runtime to gcc from gnu-fragile and the GNUstep runtime to gnustep from gnu. Fix EH for the GCC runtime.
1fc6e4f : When using -pg targeting OS X 10.8, pass -no_new_main to the linker.
c70851b : [libclang] CompilationDatabase naming and comment fixes
15cdcbf : CommentLexer: remove Markdown tokens from the token list (they are not emitted by lexer).
96fac6a : Thread safety analysis: improve handling of smart pointers.
c359f20 : Make the following changes in the way Mips handles vector arguments and return values:
9d6e7f3 : Thread Safety Analysis: handle expressions involving temporaries, e.g. ExprWithCleanups.
57aceb2 : CommentBriefParser: remove dead store. Found by Clang Analyzer.
39d5fa1 : Add additional architecture defines for PPC targets.
8178813 : [libclang] Protect against a race condition where a thread may be destroying an ASTUnit while cleanupOnDiskMapAtExit is getting called.
41de13b : clang/utils/TableGen/ClangAttrEmitter.cpp: Fix abuse of StringRef (from getValueAsString()).
402a6d5 : Silence warning in -Asserts build
941e47c : Share ConvertUTF8toWide() between Lex and CodeGen.
7c81b43 : Rename -Wself-assign-memvar to -Wself-assign-field to improve local consistency a bit.
2e2c7a4 : Remove a redundant assignment to the FDecl variable from *inside* it's initializer.
e0c1168 : Significantly simplify CGExprAgg's logic about ignored results: if we want to ignore a result, the Dest will be null. Otherwise, we must copy into it. This means we need to ensure a slot when loading from a volatile l-value.
109e6de : Documentation cleanup: * Added file header documentation with \file and \brief; * Cleaned up existing doc comments and added/annotated \brief summaries.
ec221bc : Documentation cleanup: Delete a duplicated/malformed doc comment.
f39a7ae : [libclang] Introduce clang_Cursor_isDynamicCall which, given a cursor pointing to a C++ method call or an ObjC message, returns non-zero if the method/message is "dynamic", meaning:
6c89eaf : objective-c: just as we have done for method definitions, c-functions declared in implementation should have their parsing delayed until the end so, they can access forward declared private methods. // rdar://10387088
a9e8b9e : -Wuninitialized: assume that an __attribute__((returns_twice)) function might initialize any variable. This is extremely conservative, but is sufficient for now.
af50aab : Documentation cleanup: * Primarily, added \brief to most of include/clang/Basic, instead of prefixing the comments with "DeclaredName - "; * Made some brief summaries significantly briefer; * Fixed up some erroneous uses of \see and \arg; * Fixed up some extraneous backslashes in \code...\endcode blocks; * Fixed up some typos/spelling errors.
7007c07 : test/Driver/crash-report.c: don't fail if there are no files left behind by a previous run of this test!
bbe3341 : Thread safety analysis: fixed bug that occurs when very silly people use scoped_lockable without putting unlock_function on the destructor.
70cbf3c : [analyzer] Introduce CXXAllocatorCall to handle placement arg invalidation.
879a433 : Thread safety analysis: fixed incorrect error message at the end of a locks_required function.
c36eda1 : Thread safety analysis: don't warn in case of duplicate annotation.
a617240 : Improve crash reporting test coverage.
76f0a6e : Thread Safety Analysis: turn off checking within trylock functions.
5fe9b29 : Add a warning flag for "'extern' variable has an initializer".
4a26392 : Extend a workaround for a CMake bug in LLVM's r159593 to apply to a Clang target which hits the same bug directly.
fb3cc8b : [analyzer] If 'super' is known to be nil, we can still mark its range.
840c984 : Revert "Remove unused member (& consequently unused parameter) in SA's Call code."
1e537f4 : We support a mode where the Clang regression tests are run but not the Clang unit tests. It's not clear why we support this mode in builds where LLVM is available (LLVM itself does not), but at least this makes us support it correctly.
ec956d8 : Include -D files in crash report repro scripts. (PR13255)
7dd900e : In blocks, only pretend that enum constants have enum type if necessary.
b135f0f : When we're looking for redeclarations which might provide a definition in CodeGen, make sure we examine all the redeclarations. PR13252.
2436415 : Make this test invariant to future changes of the max loop unrolling count.
8a50fe0 : Be more eager about setting the 'Invalid' bit on an invalid class template instantiation. I wasn't able to reproduce this down to anything small enough to put in our test suite, but it's "obviously" okay to set the invalid bit earlier and precludes a known-broken-but-not-marked-broken class from being used elsewhere.
9224fb8 : Clone a bit of LIT flag defaults from the LLVM CMake file into the standalone section of the Clang CMake files.
8e674e1 : Remove unused member (& consequently unused parameter) in SA's Call code.
a533576 : Reintroduced FieldDecl public methods setBitWidth and removeBitWidth.
d4aeb80 : Bail out the LiveVariables analysis when the CFG is very large, as we are encountering some scalability issues with memory usage. The appropriate long term fix is to make the analysis more scalable, but this will at least prevent the analyzer swapping when analyzing very large functions.
371b477 : Fix subtle bug in AnalysisConsumer where we would not analyze functions whose parent in the call graph had been inlined but for whatever reason we did not inline some of its callees.
56e9b0d : Switch from using a lit.cfg-generator variable to the real variable in the standalone mode. We've changed scoping and sequencing of variables being defined and that cause this to start to be unset breaking some cmake users. Thanks to Jordan Rose for the report.
8f4783c : Reduce default template instantiation depth to 512; we're blowing out the stack too often with 1024. Fixes <rdar://problem/11678534>.
fe6a011 : [analyzer] Convert existing checkers to use check::preCall and check::postCall.
96479da : [analyzer] Add generic preCall and postCall checks.
362a31c : [analyzer] Convert CXXConstructExpr over to use CallEvent for evaluation.
69f87c9 : [analyzer] Use CallEvent for inlining and call default-evaluation.
de507ea : [analyzer] Finish replacing ObjCMessage with ObjCMethodDecl and friends.
cde8cdb : [analyzer] Begin replacing ObjCMessage with ObjCMethodCall and friends.
85d7e01 : [analyzer] Move the last bits of CallOrObjCMessage over to CallEvent.
55037cd : [analyzer] Convert CallAndMessageChecker and ObjCSelfInitChecker to CallEvent.
4531b7d : [analyzer] Convert RetainCountChecker to use CallEvent as much as possible.
740d490 : [analyzer] Add a new abstraction over all types of calls: CallEvent
7518b37 : [PCH] Make sure that all newly introduced visible decls in a DeclContext coming from an AST file are registered for serialization.
139be70 : A ':' after an enum-specifier at class scope is a bitfield, not a typo for a ';'.
d99ef53 : Add a new libclang completion API to get brief documentation comment that is attached to a declaration in the completion string.
f45f234 : [asan] update docs: mention MacOS 10.7 and correct the ifdef sample for __has_feature
2f7f5b1 : Documentation cleanup: reformatting/fixing up file comments so that they have \file and \brief markup and appear in Doxygen's summaries (and eventually at http://clang.llvm.org/doxygen/files.html). Fixed up another couple of minor glitches in the docs at the same time.
435d268 : Rename tzcnt intrinsics to match gcc.
622da85 : Additional testing for fixes in r158289 and r158290 to allow implicitly-declared constructors for non-literal types to be constexpr in some circumstances.
fb40e3f : PR13189: va_list broken with precompiled headers
e7e9332 : c-index-test/Makefile: Tweak USEDLIBS for cygwin. cygclang.dll is not linked to c-index-test yet.
f70a886 : Add support for the C11 _Alignof keyword.
685d78d : [libclang] Make implementation filename match the header's name for CXCompilationDatabase
4439478 : [cindex.py] Fix comments
e27537d : [libclang] Fix autoconf library dependencies for tooling support
0fb474a : c-index-test.c: Fix missing semicolon(s).
910ff3f : [cindex.py] add CompilationDatabase support
db29318 : [libclang] add CompilationDatabase support
82a53bd : Switch Clang to use the new common LLVM CMake infrastructure for adding lit testsuites. This sinks all management of the aggregate lit runs into the LLVM CMake files, making Clang only responsible for declaring its own testsuite. In the process we fix numerous "bugs" where the proper method of invoking lit has changed over time, and the old system encoded several broken artifacts of this in ABIs and compatibility tests.
b6bc31e : Add a missing argument index, wordsmith a little, and 80(ish) columns
075a543 : blocks: fixes a crash when encoding block type with argument type of size 0. // rdar://11777609 PR13229.
1ba4723 : test/Driver/crash-report.c: Mark it as XFAIL on win32 hosts, for now. Investigating.
ccda680 : Remove dependency on string.h
a275229 : Unbreak the test from r159469.
648e763 : Fix typos from r159463 and update tests. Added Matt Beaumont-Gay's suggestion to improve wording of a diagnostic message.
7e68ba5 : objective-c IRGen: fixes a crash when method type is being mangled when an argument type size is 0. // rdar://11777609, PR13229
e75d9cf : Use -frewrite-includes for crash reports.
4ac5751 : In Sema::ClassifyName, try to avoid nonsensical corrections to keywords when doing type correction.
529cdf4 : Update the %diff modifer to have an alternate string print when a template tree is selected. This will allow more flexibility when converting diagnostics to use template type diffing.
b075417 : Revert "Tweak insecureAPI analyzer checks to have the ability to be individually disabled."
4f50875 : Tweak insecureAPI analyzer checks to have the ability to be individually disabled.
04ca19b : Add a fix-it hint note to -Wunique-enum to suggest that the last element gets initialized with the next to last element to silence the warning.
6734ec4 : objective-c modern translator: synthesize argument type correctly for blocks and function pointer arguments in the written constructor. // rdar://11359268
49f6dac : modern objc translator: string.h is unavailable on some non-OSX platforms declare memset in rewritten code instead.
2578532 : fix a typo in my last commit. I thought I recompiled, but apparently I did not.
20e7d99 : objc diagnostic: pass IdentifierInfo* to the diagnostic system to produce quotes instead of adding qoute to the test.
e25d3df : std::nullptr_t support in MS headers, from João Matos.
193f91b : Patch for handling C99 veriadic macros when using precompiled headers, from Filipe Cabecinhas!
be8d55c : objective-c modern translator: Translation into objc_msgSend_stret entry point which requires nil check before calling objc_msgSend_stret. // rdar://11359268 - wip.
55e1808 : Factor out a check for block commands (that implicitly start a new paragraph) into a separate function.
619ee6a : Avoid redundant error when redefining a function as deleted.
d68615f : Change condition to be the same as in SemaTemplateInstantiate.
0851e3b : clang/test/Misc/diag-template-diffing-color.cpp: Remove XFAIL:cygwin. Cygwin has some terminal emulation of escape sequences.
83122da : Update Clang to reflect the new home of IRBuilder.h as of r159421.
7b7c973 : Update based on move of DIBuilder.h to include/llvm.
16d0078 : From Philippe Canal: Update the two function overloads void TemplateSpecializationType::PrintTemplateArgumentList(raw_ostream &OS,.... to behave like std::string TemplateSpecializationType::PrintTemplateArgumentList(const TemplateArgument *Args,... hence making sure that clang consistently adds a space between two '>' at the end of nested template arguments.
56c045e : X86: add more GATHER intrinsics in Clang
c56b552 : Fix PR13234 - crash when trying to report an unsupported ABI feature
592a423 : When a builtin that requires a constant is given a type- or value-dependent expression, don't complain that it wasn't the constant we wanted. Fixes <rdar://problem/11688587> and PR11074.
c84804a : X86: add more GATHER intrinsics in Clang
14b2327 : Teach the __is_trivially_assignable and __is_trivially_constructible type traits that assignment to/construction of a lifetime-qualified object under ARC is *not* trivial. Fixes <rdar://problem/11738725>.
65cf624 : Switch Clang's CMake lit.site.cfg generation over to use the common helpers rather than its own special-rolled code.
8d0f528 : [analyzer] Add a test that we are, in fact, doing a DFS on the ExplodedGraph.
43bb179 : Warn on self-assignment to member variables. PR13104.
c99a5d8 : Thread safety analysis: support release() function on scoped lockable objects.
b956e5a : When applying a template diff highlighting to a diagnostic message, remember to reapply the bold formatting when needed.
db2a685 : Factor CXString out of Index.h
50badd5 : Fix template type diffing coloring (r159216) when forcing color output to a file (not a terminal)
0963017 : Support the use of "=delete" and "=default" with delayed template parsing. Fixes <rdar://problem/11700604>.
9fc5b00 : objective-c rewriter: refactoring of rewriting of objc_msgSend_stret() API. No functionality change.
3791814 : [libclang] Don't bind a StringRef to a temporary std::string object. It may end up pointing at garbage.
1d2b2ca : Dead code eliminate the massive hexagon builtin intrinsic supporting code.
712692e : Only print a semicolon after "no known conversion for Nth argument" if there is a following clause.
e327aa8 : Now that we use the GCC builtin <-> llvm intrinsic, dead code eliminate the handwritten emitter.
fbf7005 : Support MIPS DSP Rev1 intrinsics. This patch was reviewed in the llvm-commits list by Jim Grosbach.
80bc96e : Compare the canonical types and document why we give up on the covariant case.
0239df8 : Warn on weak properties declared in protocols as well.
8376f59 : Remove redundant check.
c3fee35 : Attaching comments to declarations: don't attach comments to implicit declarations.
4a889e4 : Disable devirtualization when we have covariant returns. I will open a bug for tracking this.
ea01d76 : Don't devirtualize calls when we don't have the correct type of the this pointer handy. It can be done, but we would have to build a derived-to-base cast during codegen to compute the correct this pointer.
de981f3 : Add -ftls-model command-line flag.
b6ebd44 : Add warning flag -Winvalid-pp-token for preprocessing-tokens which have undefined behaviour, and move the diagnostic for '' from an Error into an ExtWarn in this group. This is important for some users of the preprocessor, and is necessary for gcc compatibility.
632fbaa : Fix another issue with devirtualizing calls to final methods by passing them the correct this pointer. There is some potential for sharing a bit more code with canDevirtualizeMemberFunctionCalls, but that can be done in an independent patch.
d558b52 : Cleanup \brief comment. Since it is a single paragraph, no need to save newlines there.
da970d2 : Fix grammar.
2a5d644 : Update the #include to find the DebugInfo.h in the correct place
f199b9c : Teach \brief parser about commands that start a new paragraph implicitly
af505c5 : Fix uninitialized variable use bug found by the clairvoyant static analyzer.
8bdb58a : Attaching documentation comments to declarations: don't attach a comment to a declaration if there is a preprocessor directive between them.
5676d32 : Fix an infinite loop in comment lexer: we were not advancing in the input character stream when we saw a '<' that is not a start of an HTML tag.
8771872 : Two more tests for PR13207 - wrong mangling of templates with back references [-cxx-abi microsoft]
f4bcfa1 : Propagate lvalue alignment into bitfields. Per report on cfe-dev.
7c16d58 : objective-c mrc: Issue warning for mrc, as is done for arc, when property retains a block object as it could be on the stack. // rdar://11761511
e1971a1 : Refactoring after r159290: don't hold onto and check a misleading QualType.
83ea530 : Check for non-POD vararg argument type after default argument promotion, not before, so we don't incorrectly think arguments of function type are non-POD.
12d2cc7 : patch to suggest 'static' function should be 'static inline' when it appears to be unused and occurs in a header. // rdar://11202617
8d852e3 : Implement John McCall's review of r159212 other than the this pointer not being updated. Will fix that in a second.
0713d99 : Fix a crash I introduced in r159212.
962668d : Remove unsigned and a pointer from a comment token (so that each token can have only one semantic string value attached to it), at a cost of adding an additional token.
f5e0aea : Comment lexer: counting backwards from token end is thought to be confusing. We already have a pointer to the beginning of the token, so use it to extract the text instead.
1255e1b : Add a test for unterminated /* comments.
446ba14 : Fix for r159256 on Windows.
4421e55 : Remove a completely unused and remarkably inaccurate list of test directories from the cmake file. Dunno what the history is here, but we're not using it.
073b98e : Update the Clang CMake build to reflect the name change in LLVM r159258.
3ce42c3 : From Vassil Vassilev: add interface for removing a FileEntry from the cache. Forces a re-read the contents from disk, e.g. because a tool (like cling) wants to pick up a modified file.
1e15e3b : Initialize RawComment::BriefTextValid in other constructor, too.
2dc509d : Introduce __has_feature(attribute_unused_on_fields) to determine whether the current version of clang understands __attribute__((unused)) on fields.
4375b08 : Add missing words to manual.
7249eb0 : Add a few (currently failing) tests for the PR13207 (template mangling in the presence of back references).
e59331a : Update documentation with regards to template type diffing.
df43804 : Add a few more test cases for the -cxx-abi microsoft mangler. Some of them were broken recently
c0b8324 : Simplify logic in BriefParser::Parse(), per Jordan's comment.
c2cda02 : Initialize RawCommentList::BriefTextValid when deserializing AST.
29299c6 : [analyzer] RetainCountChecker: remove unused SelfOwn ArgEffect kind.
4715ed9 : [analyzer] Remove unneeded helper function (it's in ASTContext.h)
8decdee : Whitespace.
4285f84 : [Windows] Improve mangling of templates when back references are present
92c4fd5 : Enable -mcpu=native and -march=native for arm targets.
7349cce : Always use getDerived().shouldVisitImplicitCode() so it can be altered in subclasses.
91cbbbf : Whitespace.
540f9ae : preprocessing: gcc supports #line 0. So, treat this as a gcc supported extension with usual treatment with -pedantic (warn) and -pedantic-errors (error). // rdar://11550996
7bbf9d1 : unit test tweak
4622fe8 : Remove typedef which is unused after r159189.
2d44d77 : Implement a lexer for structured comments.
5283c99 : X86: add GATHER intrinsics (AVX2) in Clang
12582bd : Fix a bug in my previous patch: If we are not doing a virtual call because the member expression is qualified, call the method specified in the code, not the most derived one we can find.
37d2a00 : Remove spurious semicolons committed in r159216.
246b6aa : Add template type diffing to Clang. This feature will provide a better comparison between two templated types when they both appear in a diagnostic. Type elision will remove indentical template arguments, which can be disabled with -fno-elide-type. Cyan highlighting is applied to the differing types.
72c1a6a : MachineBlockPlacement would prefer that clang lay out blocks in source order.
7e0f1ee : Fix comment: refer to documentation comments in general, not just Doxygen comments.
de37628 : objc: adds diagnostic group to several old objc warnings. // rdar://11741435 pr13184
0b4fe50 : During codegen of a virtual call we would extract any casts in the expression to see if we had an underlying final class or method, but we would then use the cast type to do the call, resulting in a direct call to the wrong method.
7ed4f66 : [driver] Make -serialize-diagnostics (one dash) and alias for --serialize-diagnostics. rdar://11734800
4904bf4 : block literal irgen: several improvements on naming block literal helper functions. All helper functions (global and locals) use block_invoke as their prefix. Local literal helper names are prefixed by their enclosing mangled function names. Blocks in non-local initializers (e.g. a global variable or a C++11 field) are prefixed by their mangled variable name. The descriminator number added to end of the name starts off with blank (for first block) and _<N> (for the N+2-th block).
b9d2b3b : [asan] add missing asan instrumentation in generated global init functions
e92b1f4 : Fix lifetime issue for backing APValue of OpaqueValueExpr in recursive constexpr function evaluation, and corresponding ASan / valgrind issue in tests, by storing the corresponding value with the relevant stack frame. This also prevents re-evaluation of the source of the underlying OpaqueValueExpr, which makes a major performance difference for certain contrived code (see testcase update).
66a5bf9 : build/compiler-rt: Companion commit to r159172.
b4e8008 : Give L__FUNCTION__ the right type in templates. PR13206.
94d92fb : Add tests that I wrote for r159060 but forgot to `svn add`.
78eb76e : ARM: enable struct byval for APCS.
d9cf826 : PR12937: Explicitly deleting an explicit template specialization.
c9f3517 : Extend the "expected ';' after struct" logic to also apply to enums, and to struct and enum forward-declarations.
f6172ae : Use std::map instead of llvm::DenseMap because we rely on the stability of references to values in these maps. PR13197.
ee68111 : [analyzer] Be careful about implicitly-declared operator new/delete. (PR13090)
831421f : Unrevert r158887, reverted in r158949, along with a fix for the bug which resulted in it being reverted. A test for that bug was added in r158950.
f63797c : Thread safety analysis: implement lock_returned attribute.
8f35d23 : Appease -Wnon-virtual-dtor and fix a typo in a comment
6b02009 : Make explicit specializations at class scope work for non-type template parameters in microsoft mode. PR12709.
5c62ef5 : Add test for -Wused-but-marked-unused on private fields.
bc9e558 : Add testing for CommentHandler, and fix a bug where trailing comments in #else and #endif in non-skipped blocks were not passed to the CommentHandler. Patch by Andy Gibbs!
19bf662 : [diagtool] Appease buildbots by explicitly using makeArrayRef.
e742763 : [diagtool] Add a new "tree" command to shows warnings activated by a flag.
9ee494f : IRGen: Factor v-table generation into the CGCXXABI object.
1e12b3d : Recognize GNU attributes after 'enum class'. Fixes the libc++ build.
33e6c2d : objective-c: issue deprecation/unavailability warnings for methods called on id <Protocol>. // rdar://11618852
a1c5965 : Add triple to test/Sema/attr-tls_model.c
5e2d5de : Support the tls_model attribute (PR9788)
2edf0a2 : Clean up a large number of C++11 attribute parse issues, including parsing attributes in more places where we didn't and catching a lot more issues.
28ad063 : Support L__FUNCTION__ in microsoft mode, PR11789
3f83568 : [Windows] Fix mangling of repeated types in the presence of bool and function pointers PR13176,PR13177
3facb62 : MicrosoftMangle: Fix mangling of integral constant non-type template arguments in a class specialization.
9f728cd : Minor improvements to some C99 variadic-macro-related diagnostics.
10f77ad : Implement initial static analysis inlining support for C++ methods.
c1fb542 : Perform typo correction for base class specifiers.
7186dc6 : [analyzer] Teach malloc checker that initWith[Bytes|Characters}NoCopy relinquish memory.
0206425 : [analyzer] Remove a statistic - it's too expensive.
1e548f1 : [analyzer]scan-build: report the total number of steps analyzer performs
3e4f65d : [analyzer] Fixup to r158958.
df19fe7 : [analyzer] Report the cumulative number of steps the analyzer performs.
4b2239b : Mark Doxygen warnings DefaultIgnore.
7e0dc76 : revert CodeGen support for the alloc_size attribute until we finish the design of a more generic metadata node
8ac6b13 : Disable llvm optimizations in a clang test.
6c234b1 : [analyzer] Check for +raise:format: on subclasses of NSException as well.
0da4414 : Thread safety analysis: fixes a bug in which locksets are not handled properly if there is a join point in the control flow graph that involves a trylock. Also changes the source locations of some warnings to be more consistent.
27c0bb0 : Correct include guard to reflect new directory name
94c4d61 : Show fixit for unqualified calls to methods of dependent bases when the calling site is a member function template.
9dda474 : Add a warning about almost-Doxygen trailing comments: //< and /*< ... */
67e8a8b : objective-c: improve diagnostic when collection expression is not a pointer to a fast-enumerable object. // rdar://11488666
f7a4c35 : Add release note about -gline-tables-only flag
8da1687 : Documentation cleanup: making \param and \returns docs match the code.
16ae9de : Documentation cleanup: making \param docs match the code.
40ae666 : Diagnostics cleanup: Fixing \params to match the code.
efce31f : Documentation cleanup: * Primarily fixed \param commands with names not matching any actual parameters of the documented functions. In many cases this consists just of fixing up the parameter name in the \param to match the code, in some it means deleting obsolete documentation and occasionally it means documenting the parameter that has replaced the older one that was documented, which sometimes means some simple reverse-engineering of the docs from the implementation; * Fixed \param ParamName [out] to the correct format with [out] before the parameter name; * Fixed some \brief summaries.
27289b1 : Documentation cleanup: * Added \file documentation for PPCallbacks.h; * Added/formated \brief summaries; * Deleted documentation for parameters that no longer exist; * Used \param more systematically for documentation of parameters; * Escaped # characters in Doxygen comments.
4ae383f : Documentation cleanup: * Add \file documentation; * Add \verbatim...\endverbatim markup as needed; * Add \brief summaries; * Escaped "::" in Doxygen comments when preceded by space, to avoid a Doxygen warning where Doxygen takes this as an explicit link request; * Add \code...\endcode markup to code examples; * Fix a grammatical glitch in "is this declarator is a".
dc20169 : Documentation cleanup: * Add \brief summaries; * Escape # characters in Doxygen comments; * Add \code...\endcode markup for code examples; * Add \verbatim...\endverbatim markup for grammar productions.
4bd495c : Documentation cleanup: * Add \brief summaries; * Escaped # characters in Doxygen comments; * Added some \see cross-references.
9d96e9c : Documentation cleanup: Escape @objc* in Doxygen comments.
07d9430 : Documentation cleanup: rephrase, and so avoid a Doxygen warning.
36be6c4 : Documentation cleanup: escape # characters in Doxygen comments as needed.
cd6b34b : Documentation cleanup: * Use \p param for a parameter reference, not the (erroneous) form \arg param; * Escape # characters in Doxygen comments as needed.
1a5f900 : Documentation cleanup: escape # characters in Doxygen comments as needed.
dc3d8c9 : Documentation cleanup: escape # characters in Doxygen comments as needed.
6b4f506 : Documentation cleanup: escape \ characters in Doxygen comments as needed.
5f0cf08 : Documentation cleanup: Fixed the format of the file header (that I broke in a recent commit), and eliminated a Doxygen error by changing a comment inside a function to not be a Doxygen comment.
58bf987 : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped # and < characters in Doxygen comments as needed; * Fixed up some \brief summaries; * Marked up some parameter references with \p; * Added \code...\endcode around code examples; * Used \returns a little more.
306f179 : Documentation cleanup: turn "//" into "///" for a Doxygen comment.
697c7a8 : Documentation cleanup: * Made \brief documentation be brief, mostly by adding a blank line to make the rest of the text be part of the detailed description only; * Removed "FunctionOrClassName - " and other redundant text from the start of Doxygen comments.
5b7aa34 : [analyzer] Malloc: Warn about use-after-free when memory ownership was transfered with dataWithBytesNoCopy.
0764573 : [diagtool] Write to llvm::outs() by default instead of llvm::errs()
7cd302f : Add the testcase from pr13168.
4e294ee : Revert r158887. This fixes pr13168.
e601b23 : Handle include directive with comments. It turns out that in this case comments are not coming in source order. Instead of trying to std::sort() comments (which can be costly), just remove comments that are not in order.
0910059 : objective-c: If an ivar is (1) the first ivar in a root class and (2) named `isa`, then it should get the same warnings that id->isa gets. // rdar://11702488
9530a8b : VC9 does not like heterogenous compare function objects.
2438833 : [analyzer] Do not step into statements while collecting function decls.
28a5f0c : PR13165: False positive when initializing member data pointers with NULL.
56242ba : objective-c: deprecated C-like parameters in Objective-C method declarations. // rdar://11578353.
e486015 : Adjust this code so that it strictly honors TargetSimulatroVersionFromDefines if present; this also makes it easier to chain things correctly. Noted by an internal review.
362113f : Less restrictive check in unit test for unsupported debug info options
ffd57aa : Revert r158423 corresponding to r158796, "test/Driver/warning-options.cpp: Mark as XFAIL:cygming. -pedantic is passed with gcc-as driver. PR12920"
0c750ec : Clang side of a refactoring of the CMake unit test build strategy.
1071ba9 : Make the RecursiveASTVisitor visit the body of a range-based for loop again. This was broken in r158395.
7f32607 : Improve support for -g options accepted by Clang: 1. Accept flags -g[0-3], -ggdb[0-3], -gdwarf-[2-4] and collapse them to simple -g (except -g0/-ggdb0). 2. Produce driver error on unsupported formats (-gcoff, -gstabs, -gvms) and options (-gtoggle). 3. Recognize and ignore flags -g[no-]strict-dwarf, -g[no-]record-gcc-switches.
81a5641 : Pretend that enum constants have enum type when inferring a block return type.
0523327 : Don't warn for -Wstatic-in-inline if the used function is also inline.
20e4129 : Switch Clang to re-use the the newly factored common LLVM implementation. Yay for '-' lines in CMake!
06e767d : MS: Mangle rvalue references and nullptr_t, and produce back-references when appropriate. Patch by João Matos!
f96b9ce : Simplify the Clang unittest function in the CMake build, and make it match the LLVM implemenation. This also simplifies the name management and splits the custom library management out from the unittest specific management. It finally drops the dependency on parsing cmake arguments.
b0d8671 : Remove a goofy CMake hack and use the standard CMake facilities to express library-level dependencies within Clang.
7d96f61 : If an object (such as a std::string) with an appropriate c_str() member function is passed to a variadic function in a position where a format string indicates that c_str()'s return type is desired, provide a note suggesting that the user may have intended to call the c_str() member.
caba856 : Remove an unused feature of the clang unittest macro.
986f317 : Do not complain about junk on the end of a #endif in a skipped block. Such junk is permitted by all relevant language standards. Patch by Andy Gibbs!
bd1be2c : RawCommentList::addComment: fix the assertion so it actually checks that new comment is after the last one (change Comments[0] to Comments.back()), and handle the case of two consecutive comments, e.g. /** *//* */. There is already a testcase for that (but it didn't trigger the assert because the assert itself was wrong).
52a0481 : [analyzer] Malloc leak false positive: Allow xpc context to escape.
a114d82 : objective-c: place quotes around named items in a diagnostic. // rdar://11671080
c78ff27 : objc: tweak my last patch to warn if class extension has not overridden the property. // rdar://11656982
cea06d2 : objective-c: Normally, a property cannot be both 'readonly' and having a "write" attribute (copy/retain/etc.). But, property declaration in primary class and protcols are tentative as they may be overridden into a 'readwrite' property in class extensions. Postpone diagnosing such warnings until the class implementation is seen. // rdar://11656982
198129e : Documentation cleanup: escape a < character in a Doxygen comment
0b92fcb : Introduce ObjCRuntime::hasWeakClassImport() and use it in the appropriate places. I've turned this off for the GNU runtimes --- I don't know if they support weak class import, but it's easy enough for them to opt in.
a6366f5 : Documentation cleanup: * Escape < characters in Doxygen comments as needed; * Add \code...\endcode around code examples; * Remove an incorrect use of Doxygen's \arg command.
86197b3 : Added test with sizeof conditions (relies on to-be-implemented functionality of CFG, discussion: http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/cfe-commits/Week-of-Mon-20120507/057370.html)
07c877d : Reword -Winternal-linkage-in-inline, and rename it to -Wstatic-in-inline.
12a4ced : Documentation cleanup: * Many fixes for \brief summaries (adding some, and making others shorter); * Don't try to explicit tell Doxygen a namespace name (and particularly don't get it wrong); * Typo fix: instantitions -> instantiations; * Slightly more use of \pre for documenting preconditions.
e2c9238 : [analyzer] Do not walk the types for call graph construction.
050cdd7 : [analyzer] Malloc: cleanup, disallow free on relinquished memory.
2df3a7a5 : [analyzer] Remove dead code.
1070e32 : Documentation cleanup: escaping # characters in Doxygen comments.
59c30cd : Remove unused ASTContext& arg in RawCommentList::addComment, as pointed out by Chandler in commit message for r158807.
4b554f4 : Allow unqualified lookup of non-dependent member functions in microsoft mode. Fixes PR12701.
8e1e054 : Whitespace.
33c0f37 : Remove -Winternal-linkage-in-inline in C++.
52e4ed9 : [ms-style asm] Change the fatal error to an extension warning. Apparently, this error was asserting on anything that included Windows.h. MS-style inline asm is still dropped, but at least now we're not completely silent about it.
527e616 : Don't circumvent the debug info type cache when emitting info for EnumConstantDecl.
6f61ba2 : Whitespace.
e95f8ef : objc: improved diagnostic when property autosynthesis may cause change in behavior. // rdar://11671080
8571897 : Fix a thinko and a stray debugging hunk in my attributes patch. Thanks to Jordan Rose and Richard Smith for catching these.
f95d412 : Fix a big layering violation introduced by r158771.
1066339 : Remove a 'static' specifier from an 'inline' function in a header file.
8ab6c24 : Revert "Provide a -no-pedantic to cancel out -pedantic." This needs to be designed a bit further. We may wish to just have -Wno flags to silence warnings, and not have a -no-pedantic.
13691bb : Fix a warning on a fully covered switch with a default:
260611a : Restructure how the driver communicates information about the target Objective-C runtime down to the frontend: break this down into a single target runtime kind and version, and compute all the relevant information from that. This makes it relatively painless to add support for new runtimes to the compiler. Make the new -cc1 flag, -fobjc-runtime=blah-x.y.z, available at the driver level as a better and more general alternative to -fgnu-runtime and -fnext-runtime. This new concept of an Objective-C runtime also encompasses what we were previously separating out as the "Objective-C ABI", so fragile vs. non-fragile runtimes are now really modelled as different kinds of runtime, paving the way for better overall differentiation.
3c4e76d : [analyzer] Move failing 'new' test cases back into new.cpp instead of XFAILing.
1912982 : [arcmt] -Disable -pedantic-errors when migrating per Jordan's suggestion. -Use llvm_move() per John's suggestion.
e38c1c2 : [analyzer] Invalidate placement args; return the pointer given to placement new
8b9fcd7 : [objcmt] Have the modern objc migration warning change from:
e3bbfca : Fix cmake build.
ffe76dd : [arcmt] When migrating to ARC disable -Werror so as to only block migration for "hard" ARC errors, not warnings.
056e2c3 : Unbreak GCC build: GCC doesn't like clang::Parser::CommentHandler and class clang::CommentHandler to have same name.
d5e26b8 : Documentation cleanup: adding/fixing Doxygen markup, particularly \brief, \code...\endcode, \file commands and escaing for angle brackets.
5900103 : Documentation cleanup: escape "::" to avoid a Doxygen warning
73dfdc0 : Unbreak CMake build: remove not-yet-committed CommentLexer.cpp.
853519c : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped # and < characters in Doxygen comments as needed; * Removed a Doxygen comment in HeaderSearch.cpp that was redundant with the corresponding comment in the header file.
206d7db : Documentation cleanup: escape # character in a Doxygen comment.
222bc3c : Documentation cleanup: * Escape < characters in Doxygen comments as needed; * Demote one Doxygen comment to a regular comment to fix a Doxygen warning.
80b5a2f : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped # characters in Doxygen comments as needed; * Added/fixed \file and \brief markup to add summaries to Doxygen output.
da01f62 : Add the PCH file name to the message about not being able to read the PCH.
aa0cd85 : Structured comment parsing, first step.
ed36b2a : Do a second lookup for type_info in the global namespace in microsoft mode. PR13153.
8e083e7 : Reapply r158700 and fixup patches, minus one hunk that slipped through and caused a crash in an obscure case. On the plus side, it caused me to catch another bug by inspection.
5ca8639 : Do not crash when we dynamic cast a final type to void*.
0aa52aa : Thread Safety Analysis: Move some warnings on thread safety attributes into the ThreadSafetyAttributes group, where the other warnings currently live.
5e94d6f : Extend the support for cl-std to include 1.2. Add error checking for the static qualifier which is now allowed in certain situations for OpenCL 1.2. Use the CL version to turn on this feature. Added test case for 1.2 static storage class feature.
dd3284b : objective-c: warn when autosynthesizing a property which has same name as an existing ivar since this is common source of error when people remove @synthesize to take advantage of autosynthesis. // rdar://11671080
fc685ac : Reapplying the changes from r158717 as they were rolled back to avoid merge conflicts from a separate problematic patch.
3532936 : Revert r158700 and dependent patches r158716, r158717, and r158731.
5d7700e : Fix -Wc++11-narrowing warnings for narrowing negative values to larger unsigned types to actually includes the value, rather than saying <uninitialized>.
b26331b : Enable -Wnull-conversion for non-integral target types (eg: double).
7ba7592 : Documentation cleanup: escape "::", and other minor reformatting
a1263cf : Documentation cleanup: add \verbatim markup for grammar productions
38b0603 : Documentation cleanup: fixing file headers to use Doxygen \file markup while also being sufficiently conformant to LLVM's coding standards.
ddfc8a1 : objc-arc: captured block variable accessed in its block literal initializer need be null initialized before initializer takes hold, just like any other initialized retainable object pointer. // rdar://11016025
c9480dd : Adjust scan-build to enable color output for xterm-256color.
1322307 : [driver] Per Bob's suggestion, emphasize the file dumps. rdar://11684107
ce0db05 : Remove some debugging code that snuck into r158691.
9416d42 : Revert predefined decl tracking.
b5aa17c : Remove redundant uses of SmallString
4f6a4b4 : [driver] Print the compiler version before the diagnostic messages.
235a663 : [driver] Make the crash diagnostic message more visable. Bug reports are being filed, but still missing the preprocessed source and associated run script. rdar://11684107
ed35fd1 : Improves parsing and semantic analysis for MS __declspec attributes. This includes support for the align (which fixes PR12631).
c20c4e7 : Stop abusing StringRef. Fixes the Windows build.
5f75768 : [analyzer] Allow pointers to escape into NSPointerArray. (Fixes radar://11691035 PR13140)
bfcb037 : Improve the specification of spellings in Attr.td.
2e413f9 : Fix the location of the fixit for -Wnewline-eof.
12b732a : [objcmt] When checking whether the subscripting methods are declared use ObjCInterfaceDec::lookupInstanceMethod to make sure we check categories as well and update related tests.
8af669f : Add a -fuse-init-array option to cc1 and map to the UseInitArray target option. On the driver, check if we are using libraries from gcc 4.7 or newer and if so pass -fuse-init-array to the frontend. The crtbegin*.o files in gcc 4.7 no longer call the constructors listed in .ctors, so we have to use .init_array.
0d3317e : Improve the error message when a function overload candidate is rejected because it expects a reference and receives a non-l-value.
3065cf9 : Sink definition of IBOutlet, IBOutletCollection, and IBAction into the compiler predefines buffer. These are essentially part of the Objective-C language.
c4429b9 : Change -Winternal-linkage-in-inline from ExtWarn to Warning in C++.
3d15751 : XFAIL linker-opts.c on win32 now that it doesn't pretend that link.exe is ld.
f4205e1 : Add language std for OpenCL 1.1 and 1.2.
0eb3f45 : Support -Winternal-linkage-in-inline in C++ code.
dceccac : Add new tool 'diag-build' for showing enabled warnings in a project.
333e05f : [analyzer] Add a comment: why we treat array compound literals as lvalues.
29271fb : Move a few static functions from DiagnosticRenderer.cpp into SourceManager.
9c849b0 : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped "::" where needed to prevent Doxygen trying to make links; * Updated one mention of C++0x to refer to C++11; * Fixed a \brief summary to make it somewhat concise.
11b46a0 : Allow internal decls in inline functions if the function is in the main file.
790880b : document _has_feature(objc_default_synthesize_properties). // rdar://11676972
a2284f5 : [VS Toolchain] Correctly forward -l linker inputs to link.exe.
174930d : fix PR13071 / rdar://problem/11634669 : crash on invalid function decl with alloc_size attribute
96c67d1 : alloc_size attribute: there's nothing wrong with alloc_size(1,1). It just means the function allocates x^2 bytes. GCC also accepts this syntax
93f95f2 : Handle C++11 attribute namespaces automatically.
adc6cbf : [MSExtensions] Add support for __forceinline.
19a2702 : Extend the error recovery for a template-argument-list terminated by '>>' to also deal with '>>>' (in CUDA), '>=', and '>>='. Fix the FixItHints logic to deal with cases where the token is followed by an adjacent '=', '==', '>=', '>>=', or '>>>' token, where a naive fix-it would result in a differing token stream on a re-lex.
7e58ad5 : Don't warn about address-to-member used as part of initialisation, if the member expression is in parentheses.
28ba2ee : diagtool/CMakeLists.txt: Add missing tblgen'd dependency, ClangDiagnosticIndexName.
7553ad2 : Switch users of SmallMap to use SmallDenseMap instead.
a24bd5d : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped # characters in Doxygen comments as needed; * Exposed summaries using the \brief command.
071662d : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped # characters in Doxygen comments as needed; * Added/reformatted \brief docs; * Used a \file comment to document the file (MultipleIncludeOpt.h).
f977848 : Documentation cleanup: * For Doxygen, escaped "::std" as "\::std"; * For humans, fixed "namespaecs" to "namespaces".
3d7e24e : Documentation cleanup: add parameter name to \param
a1e92ac : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped # characters in Doxygen comments; * Added \brief markup to provide summaries.
8629033 : Documentation cleanup: escaped a < character in a Doxygen comment.
de23c7e : Documentation cleanup: fix two typos, rief -> brief and Descripts -> Describes
7e6f1a2 : Documentation cleanup: escaping #define in Doxygen comments
e30d3ff : Documentation cleanup: * Added \file, \brief and \verbatim...\endverbatim markup, particularly around documentation of subset of the grammars that are being parsed.
11db92c : Documentation cleanup: escaping # characters and adding \brief markup
940a273 : Documentation cleanup: escaping # characters and adding \brief markup
0100598 : Documentation cleanup: escape #undef in Doxygen comments.
7f6da85 : Documentation cleanup: delete an erroneous use of \link
c9e4b4b : Documentation cleanup: typo fix, \briaf -> \brief
7c0d2a3 : Documentation cleanup: Add missing parameter name to a \param command
75996d2 : Documentation cleanup: escape "::" to eliminate a Doxygen warning
d986853 : Documentation cleanup: Use \brief for summaries, and escape # characters.
ec76993 : Documentation cleanup: * Removed docs for Lexer::makeFileCharRange from Lexer.cpp, as they're in the header file; * Reworked the documentation for SkipBlockComment so that it doesn't confuse Doxygen's comment parsing; * Added another summary with \brief markup.
f198d12 : Documentation cleanup: fixing a typo from my previous 'fix'.
58f9ce1 : Documentation cleanup: added \verbatim...\verbatim markup to fix the formatting of Doxygen's output for StringLiteralParser::StringLiteralParser.
b6e95b7 : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped #pragma (as \#pragma) in Doxygen comments; * Added \code...\endcode annotations around code examples in doc comments.
b8950b8 : Documentation cleanup: escaped # characters in Doxygen comments.
c4033f3 : For compatibility with gcc, accept -maltivec as an alias of -faltivec.
8f40dcc : -Wuninitialized bugfix: when entering the scope of a variable with no initializer, it is uninitialized, even if we may be coming from somewhere where it was initialized.
d3cb28b : Guard private fields that are unused in Release builds with #ifndef NDEBUG.
759a4b4 : clang/lib/Basic/FileManager.cpp: Detect the root directory with PathV2. It should be better fix for PR10331, or, "clang X:\foo.c" fails.
8f19037 : ToolingTest.cpp: Fix r158592, runToolOnCode.FindsNoTopLevelDeclOnEmptyCode on msvc. LangOpts.MicrosoftExt still appends "class type_info;".
c5613b2 : Explicitly build __builtin_va_list.
860a319 : Fix Sema and IRGen for atomic compound assignment so it has the right semantics when promotions are involved. (As far as I can tell, this only affects some edge cases.)
3083d3c : [analyzer] Array CompoundLiteralExprs need to be treated like lvalues.
9955e70 : [analyzer] Return an UnknownVal when we try to get the binding for a VLA.
a0cff72 : [AST/libclang] Fix the selector locations that are reported for a method definition that has its '{' attached to the method name without a space.
843f0e8 : Make the analyzer site a single point of reference for info on controlling diagnostics.
1bf908d : [analyzer] Buffers passed to CGBitmapContextCreate can escape.
32f498a : Make the ".*" operator work correctly when the base is a prvalue and the field has a non-trivial copy constructor. PR13097.
50dc12a : Recover when correcting an unknown type name to a keyword like "struct".
7bf3340 : Move isCXXSimpleTypeSpecifier from Parser to Sema and tweak it for wider use.
0cdd1fe : [-E] Emit a rewritten _Pragma on its own line.
63734d2 : Documentation cleanup: escape < characters in Doxygen comments.
2edbc98 : Documentation cleanup: Escaped # characters in Doxygen comments.
8c10f84 : Documentation cleanup: Escaped backslashes in Doxygen comments.
2e6f5b8 : Documentation cleanup: fix a type, LocatioinE -> LocationE
1c3a46a : Documentation cleanup: escape Objective-C @keywords in Doxygen comments.
a125350 : Documentation cleanup: Made a parameter name in a \param command match the code
ef2b5b3 : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped "::" and "<" as needed in Doxygen comments; * Marked up code examples with \code...\endcode; * Documented a \param that is current, instead of a few that aren't; * Fixed up some \file and \brief comments.
2ee5ba3 : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped Objective-C @keywords in Doxygen comments; * Documented more accurate \params; * Exposed some more summaries using \brief.
94c2bf1 : Add a missing initializer in ASTBitCodes.h
c351d98 : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped # characters in Doxygen comments; * Added Doxygen markup (\brief, \code, \file, \namespace).
40cc104 : Documentation cleanup: fixed/created some /brief function summaries.
5e9dda6 : Documentation cleanup: escape # in a Doxygen comment.
6333361 : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped the # of #define in Doxygen comments; * Formatting: Annotated __VA_ARGS__ with \c; * Converted docs to use \brief to provide summaries; * Fixed a typo: disbles -> disables.
a05369f : Documentation cleanup: escape backslashes in Doxygen comments.
d3e8eda : Documentation cleanup: delete doc comments from source files where they are broken duplicates of comments that are in the corresponding header files.
7285a06 : Documentation cleanup: escape # in a Doxygen comment.
6557d13 : Documentation cleanup: escape @ in a Doxygen comment.
fe865f1 : Documentation fix (cleaning up my own breakage): close <tt> with </tt>, not with another <tt>.
c2f51cf : Stop referring to functions as methods in per-function fallthrough-checking.
1f6e22d : [completion] Add completions for @"..." and @(...), and tidy up @[] and @{}.
50571a9 : [analyzer] RetainCount: don't track objects init'd with a delegate
106af9e : Warn when a static variable is referenced in a non-static inline function.
294e386 : Test that -Wauto-var-id fires in value-dependent contexts.
03f1eb0 : Check the parameter lists and return type of both blocks and lambdas for unexpanded parameter packs. Fixes the crash-on-invalid in PR13117.
111684e : Headers/xopintrin.h: Try to fix r158492. Did you mean, mm256?
260328c : Documentation fix: Add a missing parameter name for a \param command
c7810fe : Documentation fix: made the name given to \param match the code.
86123c6 : Documentation cleanup: * Converted comments to use \brief to provide summaries; * Fixed uses of \arg that should be \p; * Fixed \param [in] [out] to \param [in,out]; * Made minor formatting fixes.
c1a88f2 : Documentation cleanup: use \p ParameterName when referring to a parameter, not \arg ParameterName (which should be used only when documenting that parameter, not when referring to it from elsewhere).
18483f5 : Fix a documentation typo: \\brief -> \brief
edd6d40 : Documentation cleanup: fix \params to match the code.
0899e97 : Documentation cleanup: * Escaped @ symbols that shouldn't be interpreted by Doxygen; * Deleted \param documentation for function parameters that no longer exist; * Fixed parameter names in \param Doxygen commands; * Fixed some broken formatting.
0ef03ff : Documentation cleanup: eliminated Doxygen warnings by deleting a doc comment on ASTContext::CreateTypeSourceInfo that duplicated information from the (more complete) version in ASTContext.h.
81c16fc : Documentation cleanup: * Add \brief to produce a summary in the Doxygen output; * Add missing parameter names to \param commands; * Fix mismatched parameter names for \param commands; * Add a parameter name so that the \param has a target.
3b2adf2 : Documentation fixes: Added \brief markup and fixed some formatting.
699c904 : Documentation cleanup: * Removed \param comments for parameters that no longer exist; * Fixed a "\para" typo to "\param"; * Escaped @, # and \ symbols as needed in Doxygen comments; * Added use of \brief to output short summaries.
7a90c8b : Documentation cleanup: escape Objective-C @ symbols in Doxygen comments.
a7b7d1a : Documentation cleanup: fix erroneous uses of \arg.
cda8df0 : Add XOP frcz instrinsics.
55bf699 : Ongoing documentation cleanup: * Added/tidied \brief summaries; * Escaped # as needed for Doxygen; * Drive-by: Fixed a rogue line > 80 columns.
7eee018 : Documentation cleanup for clang-c: * Add parameter names to various \param commands; * Ensure that \brief summaries are followed by blank lines where needed to prevent subsequent text being merged into the summary; * Mark code examples with \code...\endcode so that they're appropriately formatted by Doxygen. * Add qualification for links to field of structs (specifically callbacks); * Escape #, @ and < as needed to avoid them being interpreted by Doxygen; * Remove incorrect uses of "\see name", preferring #name; * Fix a glitchy "\param Returns..." to be "\returns"; * Fix parameter names given to \param, typos and otherwise.
f553301 : It turns out that implementing the rethrow-on-fallthrough semantics of a ctor/dtor function-try-block catch handler by pushing a normal cleanup is not just overkill but actually actively wrong when the handler contains an explicit return (which is only legal in a dtor). Just emit the rethrow as ordinary code at the fallthrough point. Fixes PR13102.
d2e95d1 : PR12717: Clang supports hexadecimal floating-point literals in all language modes. For languages other than C99/C11, this isn't quite a conforming extension, and for C++11, it breaks some reasonable code containing user-defined literals.
0982205 : Ongoing documentation cleanup: fixed Doxygen markup errors, added \brief annotations in many places where it involved little change, fixed some examples and marked code examples with \code...\endcode, and changed a few nearby mentions of C++0x to refer to C++11.
0557d08 : Add support for LangOptions.Renderscript + "kernel" attribute.
1a83546 : Fix PR13065.
e099125 : Fix T* p to T *p
de5e75c : Use a proper visitor to recursively check for uninitialized use in constructors.
1dfbd92 : Still more Doxygen documentation fixes: * Escape #, < and @ symbols where Doxygen would try to interpret them; * Fix several function param documentation where names had got out of sync; * Delete param documentation referring to parameters that no longer exist.
0e9e9f8 : Look at incomplete FunctionTemplateDecls in order to determine whether a CXXRecordDecl is complete. Fixes Bug 13086.
bf523de : Remove absolute path form include test.
940152f : Support -f[no-]rewrite-includes from the driver.
f1492f9 : Support -frewrite-includes as an option while preprocessing.
bae2b31 : Fix crash on missing header in -rewrite-includes.
60ad16b : Rename -rewrite-includes to -frewrite-includes.
a40f792 : This makes SemaCodeComplete.cpp more Doxygen-friendly by changing the OBJC_AT_KEYWORD_NAME take a string literal argument where previously its second argument was an unquoted token; macro invocations such as OBJC_AT_KEYWORD_NAME(NeedAt,{) confuse Doxygen's parser.
b313b34 : Add triples to keep make test work on Windows, where wchar_t is only 16 bits wide.
ca1bed9 : Remove unnecessary output redirection in a test.
6ae9720 : test/Driver/warning-options.cpp: Mark as XFAIL:cygming. -pedantic is passed with gcc-as driver. PR12920
809d1be : More doxygen/documentation cleanups.
4ef2f6a : Rename a loop variable to silence a gcc warning.
f122a13 : Add -isystem-prefix and -ino-system-prefix arguments, which can be used to override whether headers are system headers by checking for prefixes of the header name specified in the #include directive.
8ab09da : Moved the StringLiteral printing code from StmtPrinter into the StringLiteral class and have StmtPrinter and StmtDumper refer to it. This fixes an assertion failure when dumping wchar string literals.
dc9327a : Provide a -no-pedantic to cancel out -pedantic.
1156afd : Doc fixed as proposed (and mostly contributed) by David Roethlisberger.
c5f7459 : Fix issue where a token paste which forms a /* or // would discard the rest of the input: token-pasting was producing a tok::eof.
568eae4 : Allow __attribute__((unused)) for fields and make it silence -Wunused-private-field.
28e862a : Remove the trailing backslash from the comment to remove the warning about a multi-line comment, fixing builds with e.g. -Werror=comment enabled.
52ec0c0 : Rename shouldVisitImplicitDeclarations to shouldVisitImplicitCode. Fix RecursiveASTVisitor to visit CXXForRangeStmts accordingly to visit implicit or explicit code.
59b26d8 : Fix off-by-one error in UTF-16 encoding: don't try to use a surrogate pair for U+FFFF.
df9ef1b : PR13099: Teach -Wformat about raw string literals, UTF-8 strings and Unicode escape sequences.
3cc509b : Make clang-tblgen backends functions instead of TableGenBackends.
0cddf59 : Update clang attribute document.
cd65f49 : Add missing narrowing check: converting from a signed integral type to a wider unsigned type is narrowing if the source is non-constant or negative.
e0deb03 : Grab bag of Microsoft Mangler fixes:
b3b26bf : [ms-inline-asm] The __asm keyword is a statement separator, so multiple asm statements are allowed on the same line.
afaa421 : Fix test to work when clang is built without powerpc64 support.
a01eddb : [ms-inline-asm] Cleanup MS style inline assembly parsing.
8c24675 : Add documentation for the JSON compilation database format.
b92a408 : When code completion walks the members of a protocol or interface, make sure that we walk the definition. Fixes <rdar://problem/11427742>.
8ca9ff7 : [analyzer] WWW: Shorten the menu title.
645161f : Remove unused variable.
5daa4de : Add XOP permute intrinsics.
54655be : If parsing a trailing-return-type fails, don't pretend we didn't have one at all. Suppresses follow-on errors mentioned in PR13074.
c7d2e33 : Correct comment. The return type was changed to const Type* in r123814. Patch by David Röthlisberger.
ceeb53a : Remove unused variable.
5b8c694 : Revert "[analyzer] Treat LValueBitCasts like regular pointer bit casts."
570d03c : [analyzer] Treat LValueBitCasts like regular pointer bit casts.
dd895f0 : [analyzer] WWW: Add FAQ to the menu.
02a8427 : Add PPC support for translating gcc-style -mcpu options into LLVM -target-cpu options.
3cb92f7 : [analyzer] WWW: FAQ - fix the assertion use example.
5076e8a : [analyzer] The FAQ question style shouldn't be the same as code_example.
e06f5a0 : [analyzer] WWW: Add table of contents, fixed code examples.
5e6d5be : [analyzer] WWW: Mention that we do not support "noreturn" for methods.
b1756ef : Make CodeGenFunction::EmitMSAsmStmt throw a fatal error as MS-style inline assembly is completely untested and unsupported.
8cd64b4 : Etch out the code path for MS-style inline assembly.
1895a0a : [analyzer] Add ObjCLoopChecker: objects from NSArray et al are non-nil.
9765ea9 : [analyzer] When looking for a known class, only traverse the hierarchy once.
f548512 : Enable -Wunused-private-field with -Wunused.
edb4b62 : We were computing the visibility and linkage of template parameters, but only using the linkage.
74bb710 : [clang.py] Implement SourceLocation.from_offset
ecbc009 : Add XOP shift and compare intrinsics.
17d26a6 : Documentation cleanup, fixing Doxygen markup. Mostly this avoids common terms such as "protocol" and "expression" being implicitly turned into links to mistakenly-generated Doxygen pages: - Escaping @ symbols when Doxygen would otherwise incorrectly interpret them; - Escaping # symbols when they're not intended as explicit Doxygen link requests, such as when discussing preprocessor directives; - In one odd case, unescaping @ in @__experimental_modules_import, because Doxygen wrote '\@' to the output in that case, causing the example in the description of ImportDecl to be wrong; and - Fixing a typo: @breif -> @brief.
7ed25df : Const'ify CompilerInvocation::toArgs().
3c2fcf8 : PR12964: __int128 and unsigned __int128 are promoted integral types, be sure to consider them when enumerating builtin operator candidates.
3335eb7 : Add XOP vprot* instruction intrinsics
d3861ce : Remove CXXRecordDecl flags which are unused after r158289.
7756afa : Fix PR13052 properly, by performing special member lookup to determine whether an explicitly-defaulted default constructor would be constexpr. This is necessary in weird (but well-formed) cases where a class has more than one copy or move constructor.
ca52330 : PR13064: Store whether an in-class initializer uses direct or copy initialization, and use that information to produce the right kind of initialization during template instantiation.
18b73ea : More XOP intrinsics
239c030 : Begin adding XOP intrinsics
801e609 : Fix the top-of-file comment in Attr.h to say that it's about attributes, not expressions.
b6af69e : Add XOP feature flag.
dea37f2 : Add CSS style for FAQ questions, and restate FAQ questions as actual questions.
c1cb12b : Wordsmith a bit, and turn </h1> into </h4> when appropriate.
e65b34d : [clang.py] Implement Cursor.is_static_method
db3d68f : Reorder ParsedTemplateArg's members to reduce padding on x86_64.
3159819 : Replace a char counting helper function with std::count.
681ab89 : Replace constant-sized BitVector with std::bitset.
135bf8e : [libclang] When doing the cursor visitation make sure declarations in the same line do not override getting a cursor for the previous declaration.
70186fc : [analyzer] FAQ page fixup
568bdee : [analyzer] Add FAQ and How to Deal with Common False Positives page
50e3faa : [C++11 Compat] Fix breaking change in C++11 pair copyctor.
092bf67 : Correct method name in comment: from LexRawToken to LexFromRawLexer, according to a change done long ago in r57393.
49fdccb : Convert comments to proper Doxygen comments.
0abbdfe : Warn in ObjC++ when an 'auto' variable deduces type 'id'.
1fdda36 : Add a test for r158229 (overlapping fixits). This was PR10696!
0f4b5be : PR13051: Only suggest the 'template' and 'operator' keywords when performing typo-correction after a scope specifier.
9f63a45 : Disallow using ObjC literals in direct comparisons (== and friends).
3772c9a : If fixits appear to overlap, move the second one over in the output.
3f5f558 : PR13051: If a constructor is explicitly defaulted, it isn't marked as being constexpr until we get to the end of the class definition. When that happens, be sure to remember that the class actually does have a constexpr constructor.
a248e9c : Remove a commented out variable declaration. This was originally a debugging variable which wasn't removed when the original patch was committed.
2e336ac : [analyzer] MallocSizeofChecker false positive: when sizeof is argument to addition.
6fe6a49 : Disable _Pragma during HTML macro rewriting to keep from crashing.
47d9de6 : Switch LineTableInfo to use FileID instead of int for file references, from Tom Honermann!
374a00b : [libclang] Don't crash when saving a PCH from a prefix header that does not exist.
c18909e : [libclang] Add a triple to test/Index/index-decls.m
390fff8 : [libclang/AST] AST: For auto-synthesized ivars give them the location of the related property (previously they had no source location). This allows them to be indexed by libclang.
19b17cb : [analyzer] Use "issue hash" in CmpRuns; followup on r158180
f4fe843 : Allow friend declarations of defaulted special member functions. Only definitions of such members are prohibited, not mere declarations.
8c14de8 : Fix up the 'typename' suggestion logic introduced in r157085, based on feedback from Doug Gregor.
c0838d2 : PR13047: Fix various abuses of clang::Type in the MS mangler, to make it work in the presence of type sugar.
39a03d1 : Fix typo "CursorKind.CONDITONAL_OPERATOR" in Python bindings, from Manish Verma!
1c6e95f : Rename a test case to a more generic name. This is a completely useless test, but David Sehr is looking at spiffing it up and adding some proper tests for our alloca codegen.
a64fae1 : [analyzer] Add experimental "issue hash" to the plist diagnostic.
adccc3f : [analyze] Change some of the malloc tests to use clang_analyzer_eval.
b7fe579 : Teach the FixIt in DiagnoseInvalidRedeclaration how to replace the written nested name specifiers in addition to the function's identifier when the correction has a different nested name specifier.
ef094a1 : Ignore corrections to functions with bodies when deciding which correction to use for an invalid function redeclaration.
3f1a5a2 : Minor comments and changes to clang-completion-mode.el, from David Wood!
783f008 : [analyzer] Fixit for r158136.
ec22f56 : User better API for vla in compund literals. // rdar://11485774
b4bc99b : Add ext_vector type code for builtins, from John Garvin!
41c2bcf : Fix many doxygen formatting errors.
2ccc0f9 : When emitting compund literal of vla pointer elements, make sure to emit vla size to prevent an irgen crash. // rdar://11485774
b8e54cd : Reuse APInt's getNumWords, which gets rounding right (my ad-hoc solution missed it).
8552437 : Plug a long standing memory leak in TemplateArgument.
575b66a : test/Frontend/rewrite-includes.c: Tweak for win32's pathsep.
c2a50d4 : Move sideeffecting call out of assert().
e17fdb2 : [analyzer] Anti-aliasing: different heap allocations do not alias
826eac5 : Attach fixits for CFBridgingRetain/Release outside any casts.
d880b3a : Insert a space if necessary when suggesting CFBridgingRetain/Release.
76a5245 : [arcmt] At an unbridged cast error, if we're returning a load-of-ivar from a +0 method, automatically insert a __bridge cast.
e14da79 : reverse r158117.
3077577 : When doing arithmatic on vla pointer, make sure to emit vla size to prevent an irgen crash. // rdar://11485774
369558b : Fix test/SemaObjC/cocoa-api-usage.m that broke via r158114.
6b4db9b : [objcmt] When in ARC mode, also convert "[[.. alloc] init]" messages to literals, since the change from +1 to +0 will be handled fine by ARC.
f38d932 : Puts the linktime dependencies into stupid-ld-required order, as proposed by Jordan Rose.
7b699ac : Switches the RewriterTestContext away from PathV1. Now the ToolingTests all work on Windows, and they also clean up their temporary directory if they don't crash.
c86c40b : Whenever we have a BalancedDelimiterTracker, we have a 'nested' scope where '>' is going to behave as an operator (and not as a '>' closing a template argument list).
8d3607b : Allow CorrectTypo to add/modify nested name qualifiers to typos that are otherwise too short to try to correct.
36397dc : [analyzer] Provide debug descriptions for all memory space regions.
b8c5e6b : Fix Makefile: Options.td depends on CC1Options.td.
581deb3 : Revert Decl's iterators back to pointer value_type rather than reference value_type
1ada2a6 : Remove the last dead private member in clang.
8c0b378 : Add a -rewrite-includes option, which is similar to -rewrite-macros, but only expands #include directives.
80d7c52 : Escape \n and \r in doxycomment.
1e282e9 : Documents linking requirements for libtooling.
facde17 : Remove unused private member variables found by clang's new -Wunused-private-field.
d73ef13 : Add pedantic warning -Wempty-translation-unit (C11 6.9p1).
a08e7bc : Zap the /Za compiler switch from MSVC projects, the option is considered harmful even by Microsoft people and clang won't build using the MSVC 2012 RC if not removed.
f8cc02e : Introduce -Wunused-private-field. If enabled, this warning detects unused private fields of classes that are fully defined in the current translation unit.
ce56fd3 : Disable path pruning for UndefResultChecker. It turns out we usually want to see more of the path to discover how a value was used uninitialized.
113c444 : A non-explicit constructor template with a second parameter that is a parameter pack is a converting constructor. Fixes PR13003.
7453a72 : PlistDiagnostics: force the ranges for control-flow edges to be single locations, forcing adjacent edges to have compatible ranges. This simplifies the layout logic for some clients.
1ea6744 : objective-c: merge deprecated/unavailable attributes to the overriding deprecated/unavailable method. // rdar://11475360
d6f6569 : Fixes the refactoring library test in VS2010.
f4bd4d8 : Fix a bug with va_arg and vectors on Darwin x86-32. <rdar://problem/11592208>.
3de00ce : Reapply "Only emit debug information for methods that are user defined, there's"
c28a335 : RecursiveASTVisitor: add ability to visit implicit declarations. Patch by James Dennett!
3dbcc88 : Mips: Define __mips_hard_float macro additional to __mips_single_float when single float ABI is selected.
0637f40 : Revert "Only emit debug information for methods that are user defined, there's"
9b26efe : Only emit debug information for methods that are user defined, there's not much reason to emit for constructors and destructors that aren't user defined.
5068731 : Teach format string checking about compile-time CFString constants.
033a9c0 : Make suggestions for mismatched enum arguments to printf/scanf.
ee0259d : Teach printf/scanf about enums with fixed underlying types.
bd1d18e : PR13022: cope with parenthesized function types in MS name mangling.
36d02af : Add a warning for when an array-to-pointer decay is performed on an array temporary or an array subobject of a class temporary, and the resulting value is used to initialize a pointer which outlives the temporary. Such a pointer is always left dangling after the initialization completes and the array's lifetime ends.
d5edd84 : [analyzer] Fixup for r157950. Unbreak the bots.
8003963 : Document how fixits on errors and warnings must behave.
328584e : Add a testcase for C++11 union support.
cacf718 : [objcmt] Don't migrate to subscripting syntax if the required methods have not been declared on NSArray/NSDictionary.
0344e54 : [analyzer] Fix a diagnostics bug which lead to a crash on the buildbot.
2876983 : Fixes some test cases that should have come along with r157943.
3117039 : objective-c: Handle more warning cases for when message receiver is 'weak' property. // rdar://10225276
30c009b : Fixed a problem related to resolution of built-in headers in case a path of tool's binary contains sym-links.
44f5b1d : Removing the lambda extension warning concerning single return statements, as it no longer applies.
e2f705d : [diagtool] Properly order libraries in Makefile for buildbot.
d5ba937 : Remove AST and Parse from Driver's dependencies.
0832f82 : [diagtool] Re-add show-enabled, minimizing the code pulled in from Frontend.
8373862 : Require -pie when linking with ASan on Android.
3af16fd : Test the '__thread' before 'static' warning.
97075fb : Add fma3 intrinsic header file.
b1c6f5f : When adding built-in operator candidates for overload resolution involving 'restrict', place restrict on the pointer type rather than on the pointee type. Also make sure that we gather restrict from the pointer type. Fixes PR12854 and the major part of PR11093.
31380fb : Make disabling SSE levels also disable AVX and FMA.
a7463c3 : Make AES and PCLMUL features imply SSE2 as that's needed to get the right types defined.
bd8a18d : Add __POPCNT__ to test cases for corei7 and corei7-avx
2ae9507 : Add fma feature flag for Intel FMA instructions.
2a6e784 : Upgrade test for the fma4->fma intrinsic change.
40e2999 : Improve fixit for comparison operator on lhs of bitwise operator.
2f316dd : Follow-up on the test of r157892
25c2596 : Initialize the non-target-dependent fields of the Preprocessor in its constructor so we can destroy it even if it was constructed with "DelayInitialization = true", and we didn't end up calling Preprocessor::Initialize.
8f4c4ca : Revert r157819, "#ifdef out a broken test on win32"
0ef8db2 : ToolInvocation::mapVirtualFile(): Tweak for Win32. Handle the key as native path.
5e62779 : MIPS: Factor out code selects the float ABI as determined by -msoft-float, -mhard-float, and -mfloat-abi= to the new function getMipsFloatABI. That simplifies reuse of this code.
48d798c : Fix typos found by http://github.com/lyda/misspell-check
1973634 : Implementation of a "soft opt-in" option for -Wimplicit-fallthrough diagnostics: -Wimplicit-fallthrough-per-method
c0e71a1 : [analyzer] Rely on canBeInlined utility instead of checking CallExpr explicitly.
183ff2a : [analyzer] Fix a spurious undef value warning.
144e52b : [analyzer] Fix lack of coverage after empty inlined function.
dd82519 : Disable diagnosic path pruning for ReturnUndefChecker.
0a5ca35 : [diagtool] Pull show-enabled back out for now.
b705489 : [diagtool] Unbork Makefile build.
e42855e : Update checker build.
4fab4fd : [diagtool] Appease buildbot by adding llvm_unreachable.
f11b0f9 : [diagtool] Add 'show-enabled', which displays which warnings are enabled.
39876df : [diagtool] The driver skips two arguments, not one.
7fa9b4f : static analyzer: add inlining support for directly called blocks.
784ae8e : Don't allow multiple correction candidates that have the same identifier but different nested name specifiers to quietly clobber each other so only one remains if they do not refer to the same NamedDecl. Fixes PR12951.
29fbfc2 : #ifdef out a broken test on win32
04bc014 : [analyzer] SATestBuild should execute SVN updates even if Verbose is off.
6d7e372 : [analyzer] Fix SATestAdd to work with SATestBuild.
5f60f60 : Added a test for ToolInvocation::mapVirtualFile method.
5a2eff8 : Support C++11 enum forward declarations.
684190b : [arcmt] Use CFBridgingRetain/CFBridgingRelease instead of __bridge_retained/__bridge_transfer when migrating.
1dfc4ba : Anonymous union members within a struct are now properly handled as an unevaluated field in C++11 mode. This fixes PR12866.
396e0a8 : In TypoCorrectionConsumer, BestResults to CorrectionResults to lessen the confusion among all of the uses of Best* in relation to the set of possible typo correction results. Also add a method to return the set of typo corrections that have the single best edit distance--it returns the second half of the first pair in TypoEditDistanceMap (with getBestEditDistance already returning the first half).
3427682 : objc: properties of NSObject attribute must have correct pointer type or issue error, instead of crashing in IRGen. // rdar:// 11569860
605954e : [analyzer] Fix BugType memory leak in IdempotentOperationChecker.
46eb6ca : Updating the visualizers to include more datatypes. Patch thanks to Jay Blanchard.
694a942 : [analyzer] Cleanup for r157721. We should lock the number of elements after the initial parsing is complete. Recursive AST visitors in AnalyzesConsumer and CallGarph can trigger lazy pch deserialization resulting in more calls to HandleTopLevelDecl and appending to the LocalTUDecls list. We should ignore those.
14a1924 : Fix an object lifetime issue in clang/Tooling.
ed7948b : Allow some BugReports to opt-out of PathDiagnostic callstack pruning until we have significantly improved the pruning heuristics. The current heuristics are pretty good, but they make diagnostics for uninitialized variables warnings particularly useless in some cases.
3c0bc15 : Add builtin for pclmulqdq instruction.
6fada8e : Only visit default arguments for template declarations when visiting the template declaration which introduced them. Patch by Yang Chen!
90c7832 : Change wording of 'memcpy' type mismatch warning and remove fixit.
eaa0690 : [analyzer]Fix another occurrence of iterator invalidation (LocalTUDecls)
2a53189 : Add a test for '%@' suggestion for classes.
153acdb : Suggest '%@' for Objective-C objects in ObjC format strings.
abe21e3 : Disable -Wunique-enum for anonymous enums.
b4a5425 : TableGen: Remove extraneous '\' at EOL in generated tests.
59a9881 : objective-c: revert r157407. It broke a project and reported as PR12959. // rdar://11499742
5d51e88 : Adds a toString method to Replacement, which helps debugging. Adds missing header guards to Refactoring.h.
240193b : Fixed a memory leak in clang/Tooling.
69cb1ba : supply a simple-minded testcase for r156813, to check whether the embedded montavista gcc toolchain is recognized
5ab5249 : Clang docs update: list command-line flags that control the size of generated debug information. Reviewed by chandlerc@ and echristo@.
90ea036 : SSE4A should not imply LZCNT and POPCNT. FMA4 should imply SSE4A. Add missing break at the end of btver1 feature list.
1faf8a7 : Update FIXME. ABM is already covered by LZCNT and POPCNT.
3783eff : Mark extrqi and insertqi immediate arguments as being ICE.
e966bea : Test commit - Fix typo in comment.
a27cb25 : Remove some extra braces.
7af7de7 : Add new -Wunique-enum which will warn on enums which all elements have the same value and were initialized with literals. Clang will warn on code like this:
6fcb372 : Add fixits for memory access warnings. Also, do not display the builtin name and macro expansion when the function is a builtin.
6d1de1b : objc: position of 'fixit' was off by one. This patch fixes it. // rdar://11488351
bdccce5 : fixes radar no. in this test.
490a52b : objective-c: fix a sema and IRGen crash when property getter result type is safe but does not match with property type resulting in spurious warning followed by crash in IRGen. // rdar://11515196
6ea73b2 : Install ammintrin.h in the cmake build.
6b97877 : Add an ammintrin.h header for SSE4a intrinsics.
1f0646e : MIPS: Pass -KPIC argument to MIPS assembler if necessary.
003ab66 : Factor out the code retrieves the last PIC related argument from the Clang::ConstructJob() to the new ArgList::getLastArg() routine with eight argument. That simplifies reusing of this code.
4dfa5ad : Define __SSE4A__ when targeting new AMD CPUs.
e3f3411 : Fix indenting.
32dcb1b : Revert r155737, restoring the MaxDepth in the BalancedDelimiterTracker to 256. r155737 turned out to be a temporary work around. The correct fix was in r155823.
2ae3a47 : Sparc is bigendian.
a9cd83b : Make Clang driver pass the last option from -g group to the compiler. Leave a better fixme for different debug info flags
c4d7675 : Use fewer temporaries mangling APSInt objects. The performance difference is negligible, but it makes the code clearer. Based on a suggestion by Jordy Rose.
565204d : OpenCL: Fix vector conditional operator CodeGen for the case where the operands are vectors of doubles.
009072f : Fix suspicous isIntegerType() check, found by PVS Studio (PR12357).
dec1776 : Address minor FIXME in RedeclLink to contain a PointerIntPair instead of derive from it.
c1fd52b : Fix mangling of integral template arguments between 1 and 10. Add a test case for this. Reported by Timur Iskhodzhanov.
104e51f : Fix Lang's fix. This should fix the tests for +Asserts builds.
a61ab05 : adjust to mainline llvm API change.
4872e10 : Fix PR12960 by not attempting to correct cases when we're not actually instantiatiating a template.
fb527dc : Test case for 157547. Before that patch, all the digits would be mangled as zeroes. Now the digits are properly non-zero.
e0cf31d : PR12962: Fix a rare use after free when collecting virtual overrides.
f17523b : Fix call to APSInt constructor - it doesn't take an initial value, just a bitwidth and signedness. Also rename the variable to reflect its purpose.
350e956 : -Wdeprecated warning to include reference (as a note) to the declaration in this patch. // rdar://10893232
1831bd2 : Pass ProgramStateRef by reference.
ccc4edf : Close HTML tag properly.
811bfcd : Use the SelectorSet typedef more widely throughout Sema.
28b2307 : Replace some custom hash combines with the standard stuff from DenseMapInfo.
4f85274 : clang/unittests/Tooling/RewriterTestContext.h: Don't try to remove TemporaryDirectory.
2d9c4df : clang/lib/Rewrite/Rewriter.cpp: Don't try to rename opened files on Win32. Win32 doesn't allow rename/removing opened files.
9fd2359 : Mangle template instantiations properly (as of VC 7.x) when compiling for the Microsoft Visual C++ ABI. Currently limited to type and integral non-type arguments. Based on a patch by Timur Iskhodzhanov!
242cb06 : Only emit one set of braces for __VERSION__, getClangFullRepositoryVersion already adds some.
cba0ebc : Change warning to error when property setter names conflict. // rdar://11528439
bdb97ff : In response to some discussions on IRC, tweak the wording of the new -Wsometimes-uninitialized diagnostics to make it clearer that the cause of the issue may be a condition which must always evaluate to true or false, rather than an uninitialized variable.
7f7c42b : Fix indentation.
a189d89 : Don't offer '[[clang::fallthrough]];' fix-it when a fall-through occurs to a switch label immediately followed by a 'break;'.
976f266 : fix codegen support for alloc_size attribute for static C++ methods add test case for C++ codegen
6e5fa8c : [libclang] Add a test I forgot to commit for r156890.
41be8cd : Don't ignore linkage when ignoring visibility in the instantiation of a method template.
2813420 : add CodeGen support for the alloc_size attribute
9db614f : Don't ignore linkage when ignoring visibility in the instantiation of a function template.
e41458c : [analyzer] Don't crash on LValBitCast
20831e2 : Consider the linkage for member class templates even when we have to ignore the visibility.
ad359be : When ignoring visibility in an instantiation, still consider the linkage. Similar fixes for function and member template to follow as I write the testcases.
59073bb : Whitespace fixes.
10e16297 : Links the entry point to the tooling documentation into clang's menu bar.
b264702 : Release notes update for -Wsometimes-uninitialized.
2815e1a : Split a chunk of -Wconditional-uninitialized warnings out into a separate flag, -Wsometimes-uninitialized. This detects cases where an explicitly-written branch inevitably leads to an uninitialized variable use (so either the branch is dead code or there is an uninitialized use bug).
f8e8a3e : [analyzer] Loading external plugins with scan-build
4031a37 : ensure value passed to is space is representable as unsigned char
8189188 : Some cleanups around the uninitialized variables warning, and a FIXME. No functional change.
c9b72b6 : cleanup some code.
b5b155c : objective-c: warn on use of property setters backing two propeties because proprty names match except for first letter being of different case. // rdar://11528439, [PR12936].
0218068 : Get rid of some non-ASCII en-dashes that crept in.
e26073c : Implement the C++11 discarded value expression rules for volatile lvalues. <rdar://problem/10790820>.
c2c1e4f : Un-XFAIL CodeGen/builtins-nvptx.c now that the proper changes have landed in LLVM core
4059da8 : A minor tweak to the new volatile lvalue warning: don't warn on "(void)x", where "x" refers to a local variable. This should silence a useless warning in compiler-rt and other places.
a1bfcbd : XFAIL this test, which does not pass on trunk since the grand renaming in r157403.
414eb98 : Set svn:keywords property to Id
8db26ce : New & improved man page attached, now with standard license added. Plus, a patch for scan-build.
d5f1bd2 : objective-c: Fixes a corner case and interesting bug. Where diagnostic about unfound property is not issued in the context where a setter is looked up in situation in which name and property name differ in their first letter case. // rdar://11363363
811ee0e : [objcmt] Add test case for r157395.
2c585b9 : Replace PTX back-end with NVPTX back-end in all places where Clang cares
be72df0 : [analyzer] Minor cleanup to checkers' help text.
17eb65f : [analyzer] Treat cast of array to reference in the same way as array to pointer.
98553e8 : [analyzer] Fix typo. Thanks Jordy.
b7ac658 : Adds menu sidebar to the docs.
0fe1e1f : Updates the tooling docs with the links to the tutorials and adds the menu include.
882d794 : Adds a tutorial for how to write clang plugins.
013a254 : [objcmt] Warn when modern objc migrator does not convert a NSNumber message because it requires a cast.
8e0317e : objc: change option to be -Wobjc-interface-ivars
b53bf00 : Apply review comment from Jordan Rose.
c0bb312 : Remove 3.1 release notes to get ready for current development cycle.
c5493d7 : fix Bug 12924
8ab10aa : DR1152 / PR12931 / PR6177: A candidate function which requires binding a const volatile reference to a temporary is not viable. My interpretation is that DR1152 was a bugfix, not a rule change for C++11, so this is not conditional on the language mode. This matches g++'s behavior.
a611506 : Add a warning to diagnose statements in C++ like "*(volatile int*)x;". Conceptually, this is part of -Wunused-value, but I added a separate flag -Wunused-volatile-lvalue so it doesn't get turned off by accident with -Wno-unused-value. I also made a few minor improvements to existing unused value warnings in the process. <rdar://problem/11516811>.
587de5b : implement Sema support for the alloc_size attribute Portions of this patch by Xi Wang. Reviewed by Jordy Rose. Thank you both.
042b91d : modern objc translation: Add translation of @autoreleasepool statement. // rdar://11474836.
25bd279 : [libclang] Report CXType_ObjCId for 'const id', not CXType_Typedef.
d89a8c1 : clang/test/Tooling: Update comments in left 2 tests on XFAIL. They are incompatible to -fms-compatibility.
8cf93ec : clang/test/Tooling: Tweak 4 tests to escape the path separator s/\\/\\\\/g in JSON.
62d198c : Tooling: Canonicalize Key in IndexByFile[]. llvm::sys::path::native() may be used here.
1b8fbd3 : [arcmt] Remove an unused -autorelease, without failing with error, for this idiom that is used commonly in setters:
f0fab76 : [driver] Have the crash diagnostics print the clang version information. rdar://11518308
6f9c05d : Update checker build.
f9d4cbd : Adds the Refactoring library, which is a layer on top of the Tooling library that allows easy refactoring across translation units.
703b601 : Correct the starting location for instantiations of field declarations which start with a cv-qualifier. DeclaratorDecl::getTypeSpecStartLoc() does not produce the location of the first type-specifier (the cv-qualifier) in this case, because we don't track source locations for cv-qualifiers.
c679485 : If the first argument of __builtin_object_size can be folded to a constant pointer, but such folding encounters side-effects, ignore the side-effects rather than performing them at runtime: CodeGen generates wrong code for __builtin_object_size in that case.
24fd6c8 : Clang 3.1 is out: turn the relevant C++11 status boxes green.
3c6ba4d : Move file to be more representative.
843efd5 : Check that we have an unknown upper bound range for our flexible array members.
9ee5f46 : Emit C++11 enum class information if it exists.
c052dbb : Recognize the MS inheritance attributes and turn them into attributes on the RecordDecl. Persist the MS portability type attributes and ignore them in Sema rather than the parser.
6c20222 : Fix line endings.
f5de6c9 : Test that we emit a subrange type for vlas.
bf78267 : Fixes the autoconf build.
def1849 : wire -fbounds-checking to the new LLVM bounds checking pass
bfbfee5 : Adds a method overwriteChangedFiles to the Rewriter. This is implemented by first writing the changed files to a temporary location and then overwriting the original files atomically.
3e86a04 : revert the usage of the objectsize intrinsic with 3 parameters (to match LLVM r157255)
d95e95e : Replace inline asm constraint "=a" by the more general constraint "=r". That extend a range of platforms support this test case.
0e5e092 : Truthify a comment.
7c45163 : Fix typo.
86674ec : Use Perl prototypes instead of shift.
2bddd43 : [objcmt] Don't add redundant parentheses when migrating subscripting of an ivar.
3a46530 : Add basic delta-debugging script used for reducing analyzer crasher test cases.
18df0eb : objective-c: provide a useful 'fixit' suggestion when errornously using commas to separate ObjC message arguments. // rdar://11376372
e6d1197 : Revert r115805. An array type is required to have a range type, however, the range can be unknown for the upper bound.
13dd47a : [analyzer] Bind UnknownVal to InitListExpr for unsupported types (ex: float).
cae1c62 : Function template version of the previous patch.
0b0ad0a : Produce a hidden symbol for zed in
d6277fb : [driver] When creating the compiler invocation out of command-line arguments, force use of clang frontend for the driver.
b7824d9 : Analyzer: Fix PR12905, a crash when encountering a call to a function named "C".
5a42a02 : [arcmt] Revert r156999 "Remove the "it is not safe to remove an unused 'autorelease' message" ARC migration error".
5bf0e35 : Remove unused argument in my last patch.
edcc27f : objective-c: When default synthesizing readonly IBOutlet properties provide a 'fixit' to change 'readonly' to 'readwrite'. // rdar://11448209
2de54fc : Test and document a difference from gcc in the handling of visibility attributes.
11ed43d : Unpack enums in CodeCompletetionResult.
edb66f3 : Teach Clang about the NVPTX backend.
d26db2f : Tell the driver that CUDA is a C++-like language, so that we get C++ header searches with CUDA.
a77b759 : CUDA: the device and host attributes must be inheritable, in order to deal with NVIDIA's headers. We'll need to think of another way to handle multiple host/device definitions within the same TU.
ef0d6d4 : test/Tooling/clang-check-pwd.cpp: Mark as XFAIL:mingw for now. Fixing is work-in-progress.
4dc34eb : CUDA: add CodeGen support for global variable address spaces. Because in CUDA types do not have associated address spaces, globals are declared in their "native" address space, and accessed by bitcasting the pointer to address space 0. This relies on address space 0 being a unified address space.
e5f8372 : Bitpack CodeCompletionResults.
0617065 : Fix test for 32-bit hosts.
11d1a69 : Error when using typeid() with -fno-rtti. PR 12888.
a2ac407 : Zap a bogus assert for delegating constructors. PR12890, part 2.
d21016f : Make delegating initializers use a similar codepath to base initializers in dependent contexts. PR12890.
2b309fb : objective-c: Warn if default synthesizing readonly IBOutlet properties and provide a 'fixit' to change 'readonly' to 'readwrite'. 'fixit' part needs little more work. // rdar://11448209
c94a26f : Missing line break.
2bd4b60 : Use RecordDecl::field_iterator because D1, D2 are RecordDecls. No functional change.
c1aa40c : Apparently empty names are allowed here.
c470442 : Simplify some users of DeclarationName::getNameKind. Fold getFETokenInfoAsVoid into its only caller.
e2010ee : Inline a trivial clear() method.
93a8534 : Simplify code, add an assertion.
37e4cea : Update API usage for llvm DIBuilder changes for rvalue reference types and ensure we are actually creating the type.
671e3bc : [analyzer] c++11: do not crash on namespace alias
591b5f5 : [analyzer] For locations, use isGLValue() instead of isLValue().
ab7ad72 : Suggest adding 'typename' when it would make the compiler accept the template argument expression as a type.
719b429 : [analyzer] Fix a c++11 crash: xvalues can be locations (VisitMemberExpr)
a38cb2c : [analyzer] Malloc checker: remove unnecessary comparisons.
1be17ab : objc: use "class extension" instead of "continuation class" to match documentation. // rdar://11309706
3093b20 : Lexer::ReadToEndOfLine: Only build the string if it's actually used and do so in a less malloc-intensive way.
6e62988 : Typo.
3f66406 : Centralize the handling of the "attribute declaration must precede definition" warning. This also makes us warn on tags, which, ironically, is the only case gcc warns on.
1434518 : [analyzer]Malloc: refactor and report use after free by memory allocating functions.
ba9e16f : Another test for r157025 <rdar://problem/11460990>.
0a4a23a : A selector match between two Objective-C methods does *not* guarantee that the methods have the same number of parameters, although we certainly assumed this in many places. Objective-C can be insane sometimes. Fixes <rdar://problem/11460990>.
593b91f : Remove trailing periods which snuck into a few diagnostic strings.
dd87224 : In the override search for Objective-C methods, protect against ASTs that have NULL interfaces behind a category, which can happen in invalid code. Fixes <rdar://problem/11478173>, a recent regression
01428ab : Drop the question mark when complaining about a non-existing -Wno- flag.
a39238b : Add -mno-implicit-float to the M group.
b6a1b10 : [arcmt] Remove the "it is not safe to remove an unused 'autorelease' message" ARC migration error.
eecb22b : [driver] Reword the warning message for missing value to a joined argument.
ad9689f : Added two missing const qualifiers.
268efba : CXXThisScopeRAII objects aren't free, don't compute one if it's unused.
f291d8c : [tsan] grammar fixes
abf145a : Use the argument location instead of the format string location when warning about argument type mismatch.
5641b0d : [libclang/AST] When declaring a local class, don't neglect to set the end location of the DeclStmt node, otherwise libclang will not work for anything inside that class.
1893731 : [driver] Remove obsolete support for -A link option. The standard -A option is used by the preprocessor. Apple's GCC also supported a -A option for linking.
25582fc : Recover better from a missing 'typename' in a function template definition. Disambiguate past such a potential problem, and use the absence of 'typename' to break ties in favor of a parenthesized thingy being an initializer, if nothing else in the declaration disambiguates it as declaring a function.
c4968d6 : SmallString Visual Studio visualizer by Will Wilson.
1de76ba : clang/test/Tooling: Remark as XFAIL again in 5 tests for msvc hosts.
ba16ac3 : XFAIL this test on MIPS. Since r156650, clang has stopped emitting byval arguments for MIPS targets.
d9f07d4 : Remove unnecessary temporary.
005af27 : Rename the driver option to -mno-implicit-float, per Eli's suggestion.
6d2b92e : Add triples for test.
832a2aa : Pulls diagnostics for temp file handling into the common diagnostic kinds.
ee9ad5c : [driver] Allow the driver to directly accept the -no-implicit-float option, so that the generation of implicit floating point instructions can be disable for ARM. rdar://11409142
f158b71 : [analyzer] Fix test for PR12206, which was failing on i386.
da8d8c2 : Add _alignof and __builtin_alignof as aliases for __alignof in Microsoft mode, from Will Wilson!
6a1fd4a : Tweek r156937 a bit so that the suggestions are correct.
ff1affe : Warn about -Wno-foo where foo is an unknown warning option. This is helpful for subtle misspellings such as -Wno-unused-command-line-arguments instead of -Wno-unused-command-line-argument.
87014f3 : [libclang] Properly handle @encode() in RecursiveASTVisitor and traverse its type source info. Fixes indexing references inside @encode().
4b0e6f1 : Move the warnings for extra semi-colons under -Wextra-semi. Also, added a warning for an extra semi-colon after function definitions. Added logic so that a block of semi-colons on a line will only get one warning instead of a warning for each semi-colon.
533718f : [analyzer] Revert a regression committed in r156920.
7e2a01e : clang/test/Tooling: Remove XFAIL in 5 tests to unveil the real failure.
be8becc : clang/test/Tooling/clang-check-pwd.cpp: Add "REQUIRES: shell".
d57f52c : Clean up r156925, so that we only mark the capturing DeclRefExpr of a lambda as referring to a local in an enclosing scope if we're in the enclosing scope of the lambda (not it's function call operator). Also, turn the test into an IR generation test, since that's where the crashes occurred. Really fixes PR12746 / <rdar://problem/11465120>.
29a93f8 : Fix code generation of variables reference expressions when mixing blocks and lambdas, based heavily on a patch from Meador Inge. Fixes PR12746 / <rdar://problem/11465120>.
d0792de : Fix ASTReader handling of ImportDecls, from Meador Inge!
50de5e3 : Use a llvm::SmallString rather than std::string for duplicate-case errors
e337cba : [analyzer] Fix RUN lines for old XFAIL tests, one of which actually works.
43d9f0d : [analyzer] Convert many existing tests to use clang_analyzer_eval.
93a9d82 : [analyzer] Introduce clang_analyzer_eval for regression test constraint checks.
c51bb99 : StringSwitchify. No functionality change.
bc3260d : Factor sema for attributes unavailable and deprecated into a common function.
5324380 : [tsan] fix typo
abccc1f : Clarify how libstdc++ and other bits of the system toolchain are found on Linux in the getting started documentation.
e2789bb : [tsan] first version of ThreadSanitizer docs
f7efb0e : [tsan] add ThreadSanitizer linker flags on Linux and also copy the tsan-rt into the appropriate place at build time
3940ce8 : Produce more useful 'duplicate case' diagnostics. Fixes PR9243, from Terry Long!
def0762 : Include the correct conversion context locations for condition expressions.
797105a : Fix the visibility of instantiations of static data members. Fixes pr12835.
7d24e28 : [libclang/AST] Index references of protocols in "@protocol(...)" syntax.
0773659 : [objcmt] Accept char arrays for rewriting to @() syntax.
f1db0c9 : [analyzer] Add a test for dead stores, which uses OpaqueValExpr.
c5d33e9 : [objcmt] When using NSNumber numberWithInteger:/numberWithUnsignedInteger: be more liberal in rewriting when the parameter is an enum constant.
9abf88c : objective-c: perform strict type checking on property type and its accessor type and issue error if types are incompatible, instead of crashing in IRgen. // rdar://1105153
5ec351c : [analyzer] Fix a regression in ObjCUnusedIVars checker.
7fe103c : [objcmt] Rewrite messages to NSString's stringWithUTF8String:/stringWithCString: to use the @() boxing syntax.
9fb1ac5 : Don't warn when NULL is used within a macro but its conversion is outside a macro.
7514db2 : Typo.
8f0a7e7 : If we see a declaration which is either missing a type or has a malformed type, and the thing we have has a scope specifier, and we're in a context that doesn't allow declaring a qualified name, then the error is a malformed type, not a missing type.
827adaf : Don't use the implicit int rule for error recovery in C++. Instead, try to disambiguate whether the type name was forgotten or mistyped.
04e326b : Add the Objective-C runtime linking arguments after user-specified linker arguments. Fixes <rdar://problem/11417441>.
89deb3f : Add documentation about boxing enum types and a codegen test to make sure we pick up the underlying type, per suggestion by Fariborz.
a63ef1f : [clang.py] Store reference to TranslationUnit in Cursor and Type
0d578a6 : [objcmt] Rewrite [NSNumber numberWith*] messages to the new @() boxing syntax.
f5343ff : Allow objc @() syntax for enum types.
63d9f3c : Do not link with Objective-C libraries with -nostdlib or -nodefaultlibs. <rdar://problem/11433499>
b4882d5 : Add the output of "clang --version" to scan-build results, from Gerald Combs!
7441471 : objc: avoid duplicate diagnostics on certain type mismatches between property and its backing ivar.
dc3eb6a : Remove word 'block' from option and diagnostic I added in r156825.
92ecfe9 : Allow MCCodeEmitter access to the target MCRegisterInfo.
de7e7b8 : Changing std::string to SmallString for r156826.
be0ee87 : Improve some of the conversion warnings to fire on conversion to bool.
8f674a8 : objective-c nonfragile abi: discourage ivar declarations in @interface by issuing warning (off by default) under opt'ed in flag -Winterface-block-ivar. // rdar://10763173
31c195a : Fix our handling of visibility in explicit template instantiations.
d66117b : Add a note about atomic builtins to c11 section of release notes.
1a8d686 : Fixes crasher bug in JSONCompilationDatabase for invalid input.
9172091 : add embedded linux variants that occur in the field
57daf55 : This patch fixes the cmake build to create libclang.so/libclang.a on linux instead of liblibclang.so/liblibclang.a.
c608c3c : Further improvement to wording of overload resolution diagnostics, and including the sole parameter name in the diagnostic in more cases. Patch by Terry Long!
6314db9 : PR12798: Don't drop part of the nested name specifier when instantiating a pseudo-destructor expression. This can affect whether virtual dispatch for the destructor call is bypassed.
455e3e1 : Test file I forgot to 'svn add' in r156802.
dbbeccc : PR12826: Converting an lvalue to an xvalue is a no-op conversion, not an lvalue-to-rvalue conversion.
3003e1d : Fold the six functions checking explicitly-defaulted special member functions into one. These were all performing almost identical checks, with different bugs in each of them.
4b50263 : Change the mangling of a ref-qualifier on a function type so that it is placed in a position which is never ambiguous with a reference-to-function type. This follows some recent discussion and ensuing proposal on cxx-abi-dev. It is not necessary to change the mangling of CV-qualifiers because you cannot apply CV-qualification in the normal sense to a function type. It is not necessary to change the mangling of ref-qualifiers on method declarations because they appear in an unambiguous location.
20119a8 : [objcmt] When rewriting to subscripting syntax, make sure we put the receiver in parentheses when necessary.
0cd00be : objc: allow typedef'ing an id to a pointer to a c-struct only. // rdar://11356439
2375677 : Recover properly from a redundant 'typename' before a non-nested name. This is permitted as a Microsoft extension. Patch by William Wilson! (Plus some minor tweaking by me.)
45246a7 : [analyzer] Fix a crash in templated code which uses blocks.
5dfced8 : Slightly generalize FileCheck patterns to unbreak -Asserts builds.
055b395 : [objcmt] When rewriting to array/dictionary literals, add an explicit cast to 'id' for any argument that requires it.
13ec910 : Implement IRGen for C++11's "T{1, 2, 3}", where T is an aggregate and the expression is treated as an lvalue.
2ba542c : Teach the driver on Linux to respect -nodefaultlibs.
6e4244e : [analyzer] strncpy: Special-case a length of 0 to avoid an incorrect warning.
2c40835 : [clang.py] Implement Cursor.canonical
1e370ab : [clang.py] Implement Cursor.result_type
9d6ca8a : Test for -fdebugger-objc-literal: missing methods should be generated like missing classes.
332f9aa : Fix Xcode case (Upper X, lower c)
599f1b7 : Refactor all the
420efd8 : Produce a warning for mismatched section attributes. Completest pr9356.
6565b8a : We were already passing the case in pr9356. Add it to attributes.c to make sure we don't regress. I will add a warning in a sec.
ee409a9 : Add support for __attribute__((hot)) and __attribute__((cold)).
2283b46 : [clang.py] Followup to TranslationUnit refactor
6341900 : Add Python binding info to release notes
f113940 : [analyzer] Test case: p->x is the same as p[0].x. (PR7297)
3eda6fa : Only check NSArray/NSDictionary boxing method params once.
d2d0655 : 80-col violations and minor reformatting. No functionality change.
c8521fa : Clean up ObjC boxing method checks by reducing duplicated code.
342dd43 : Remove unused variable. Thanks to Dmitri Gribenko for noticing it.
99446d9 : Don't crash on boxed strings when +stringWithUTF8String: is missing.
70fdbc3 : [analyzer] RetainCountChecker: track ObjC boxed expression objects.
703d412 : Teach the parser to deal with multiple spellings for the same attribute, rather than requiring multiple cases in consumers of this information.
58715da : [analyzer] Test variable modified types.
c8848f3 : [analyzer] Do not walk the types for call graph construction.
297ca45 : [analyzer] Test objC boxing.
72b74aa : [analyzer] Add buffer overflow test case.
b2749b1 : Make sure that we recognize __attribute__((align)) as a synonym for __attribute__((aligned)). Fixes <rdar://problem/11435441>, a regression I introduced in r156003. This is the narrow fix; a more comprehensive fix is coming.
2f68ca0 : When diagnosing inaccessible temporary destructors in decltype expressions, use the correct type and the correct source location in the diagnostic. Spotted by Johannes Schaub!
e2c6066 : Merge branch 'format-string-braced-init'
91338cf : Coerce byval aggregate arguments to integers whose size matches the integer register size of the target architecture.
df87558 : The Lexer constructor expects a source location at the start of the file buffer, not at the start of lexing.
8aeb147 : Fix handling of vector return types.
6ea175b : Hexagon V5 intrinsics support in clang.
f7b8056 : PR11857: When the wrong number of arguments are provided for a function which expects exactly one argument, include the name of the argument in the diagnostic text. Patch by Terry Long!
79993dc : Add a test case for going through typedefs until we reach "BOOL", that NSAPI::isObjCTypedef() is doing.
bf9da1f : Fix a recent regression with the merging of format attributes.
7d9ae25 : For final output files create them with mode 0664 to match other compilers and expected defaults.
2df1a58 : [objc] When boxing a BOOL/NSInteger/NSUInteger type, use the corresponding numberWithBool:/numberWithInteger:/numberWithUnsignedInteger: NSNumber selectors.
51d18ca : Include line that was meant to be in my last commit.
8667052 : Fix insidious RegionStore bug where we (a) didn't handle vector types and (b) had a horrible bug in GetLazyBindings where we falsely appended a field suffix when traversing 3 or more layers of lazy bindings. I don't have a reduced test case yet; but I have added the original source to an internal regression test suite. I'll see about coming up with a reduced test case.
b3b1ae8 : [analyzer] Exit early if constraint solver is given a non-integer symbol to reason about.
5f9688b : Hexagon V5 FP support.
edd2760 : Don't crash when using objc boxed expression with parsing error.
36faadd : When AST-dumping the ObjCBoxedExpr node, also print out what selector it chose.
33ee159 : Provide a man page for scan-build. Patch by James Lowden!
66c44e7 : [preprocessor] Make sure that MacroExpands callbacks are always in source order.
4abe3d3 : Test for previously checked in patch. // rdar://11374235
16afdf7 : Fix an assertion hit when the serialized diagnostics writer receive a diagnostic from the frontend when the location is invalid and the SourceManager null.
dd44f34 : Warn about visibility attributes in typedefs.
98ae834 : Fix an old (2009) FIXME:
88feba0 : [analyzer] Do not highlight the range of the statement in case of leak.
06cd51a : RecursiveASTVisitor:
1de6a6c : objective-c. Fixes a 'fixit' where location of '*' on objective-c class name was misplaced. // rdar://11311333
060ddb0 : hopefully fix a bunch of ARM buildbot failures
f6278e5 : Pull some cases of initialization with self-reference warnings out of -Wconditional-uninitialized into -Wuninitialized.
a971d24 : Push the knowledge that we are parsing a type-id/type-name further into the parser, and use it to emit better diagnostics in cases where an identifer can't be looked up as a type name.
f63eee7 : Stop AltiVec parsing from going down the 'implicit int' codepath as part of its normal parse for token sequences like 'vector pixel foo'. This incidentally also fixes a couple of wrong-parse issues.
4903320 : Roll logic into a single if statement, per David's suggestion.
8c99027 : Use the triple directly, rather then getTriple().
50e8a27 : Pass a target triple explicitly to check platform specific macros definitions. That allows to run the tests on all platforms successfully.
c793ea4 : Now the proper fix for r156497. Sorry for the churn.
4ec2678 : Move the iOSVersionMin string to a header so as to avoid a dangling pointer.
025983a : Fix -Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor in Tooling code.
78e63f1 : Update test case for new default of 3.0
0fbc4b9 : Implement PPC64TargetCodeGenInfo.
667381b : ARM: Support marking intrinsic definitions as 'unavailable'
87ca558 : [driver] Use the iOS target triple to infer the deployment target. rdar://11409204
30a0908 : [analyzer]Extend the available checks list and the release notes for 264
e0cc309 : Ignore a "generic" return value from getHostCPUName. <rdar://problem/11314502>
c44c0e4 : [libclang] Add a test for objc boxed expressions.
50b5a5c : [analyzer] Simplify r156446, as per Ted's review.
caa62af : [analyzer] Allow pointers to escape through selector callbacks.
ec5a7fc : Remove this test again which fails the build-bot for reasons yet unknown to me.
a01ddc7 : Declare abstract class ArgumentsAdjuster. This abstract interface describes a command line argument adjuster, which is responsible for command line arguments modification before the arguments are used to run a frontend action.
4c4cc16 : Re-add test for // rdar://11374235
e15db6f : [AST/libclang] Speed up clang_getOverriddenCursors() considerably by reserving a bit in ObjCMethodDecl to indicate whether the method does not override any other method, which is the majority of cases.
08a9ae9 : update calls to objectsize intrinsic to match LLVM r156473 add a test for -fbounds-checking code generation
cb9b577 : Add Mips assembly parser and disassembler to clang driver.
83a22ec : Recover properly if a class member declaration starts with a scope specifier or template-id which can't be parsed.
7f0873c : Fix Engrish.
00e1f6f : Teach IsTailPaddedMemberArray() (used by -Warray-bounds) that a FieldDecl may have a Typedef type, and not always a ConstantArrayType.
4493c0a : A little tweak to the SFINAE condition reporting. Don't say:
2d99c59 : Fix typo.
767e9d9 : Remove thid test for now.
7e9f8af : Update the SelfReferenceChecker. Refactored some of the visitor methods. Added support for conditional operators and tightened the exclusion of the unary operator from all operators to only the address of operator.
c472b2d : Update checker build.
163d3ce : Modern objective-c translation. Translating default synthesis of property getter/setters. // rdar://11374235
a8f2362 : [analyzer] We currently do not fully support CompoundLiterals in RegionStore, so be explicit about it and generate UnknownVal().
b3198a8 : add -fbounds-checking option. When enabled, clang generates bounds checks for array and pointers dereferences. Work to follow in LLVM's backend.
4213e38 : Having RegionStore lower field bindings to raw offsets, just like ElementRegions. This is a bit disruptive, but it allows RegionStore to better "see" through casts that reinterpret arrays of values as structs. Fixes <rdar://problem/11405978>.
7dbbc21 : When creating lazy bindings in RegionStore, propagate existing lazy bindings instead of creating new ones. This is a functionality optimization.
6341931 : Include address of Store in graphviz output of ExplodedGraph.
d1376ee : Bind cleanups after doing l2r conversion on the operand of a @throw expression; l2r conversion can introduce new cleanups in certain cases, like when the expression is an ObjC property reference of retainable type in ARC.
6a2a186 : [analyzer] SelfInit: Stop tracking self if it's assigned a value we don't reason about.
20e181a : modern objc translation. objc_getClass() and objc_getMetaClass() prototypes should both return `struct objc_class *`. // rdar://11375495
a135f2c : The address of a vla is actually complex and requires a dereference.
3a89bfb : Whitespace.
5f164af : Fix fmin*/fmax* library builtin signatures.
5ea6661 : Fixes a typo. note_xxx not not_xxx.
101d4e0 : Make -Wformat accept printf("%hhx", c); with -funsigned-char
fd04a6a : [clang.py] Remove trailing whitespace from recent commits
fbf620b : [clang.py] TranslationUnit API improvements
c319c58 : Teach the analyzer about CXXScaleValueInitExpr.
fad5de9 : Clean up SemaDeclAttr for high-warnings build.
2cbc12f : [analyzer] BasicConstraintManager: drop NE-constraints once we have a value.
1d8db49 : [analyzer] Rework both constraint managers to handle mixed-type comparisons.
d3b6d99 : [analyzer] Add an abstraction for the bit width and signedness of an APSInt. No functionality change.
4ccf004 : hopefully unbreak some buildbots
ae5ac1f : [libclang] Map 'id'/'Class'/'SEL' to the corresponding CXType kinds.
7032265 : Robustify test
258796e : Add missing 'y'.
cc88966 : Introduce a new libclang API to determine the platform availability of a given entity, so that we can tell when the entity was introduced/deprecated/obsoleted on each platform for which we have an annotation. Addresses <rdar://problem/11365715>.
c91fdf6 : Teach the static analyzer that NSLog() and friends do not hold on to object references (thus extending their lifetime).
9b79fc9 : Process attributes in the order they appear in the source code. This make clang match gcc behavior for two conflicting visibilities in the same decl. It also makes handling of dllimport/dllexport more natural.
ca11510 : [analyzer]Turn on MallocSizeOfChecker by default; shorten the diagnostic
428499e : [libclang] Actually commit the changes to make libclang's RecursiveASTVisitor data-recursive for statements.
98180d4 : [libclang] Put the RecursiveASTVisitor in libclang in a cxindex namespace.
e377d71 : Un-revert r156142, "[libclang] Bring back BodyIndexer::TraverseCXXOperatorCallExpr".
dec35a9 : [libclang] Use a copy of the data-recursive RecursiveASTVisitor inside libclang.
1785c36 : Remove the 'intrin.h' builtin header file and its tests for now.
9eecef1 : make this test a little more useful. I'll add more tests for bound checking once -fbounds-checking patch gets in
6400f02 : [analyzer] Fix a crash in triggered by OSAtomicChecker.
51a31ca : [analyzer] Fixup for r155244: PurgeDeadSymbols should subclass StmtPoint
d7fb96e : remove code to add bound checks for simple array accesses, since those are already covered by the check with the objectsize builtin remove the comparison of objectsize with -1. since it's an unsigned comparison, it will always succeed if objectsize returns -1, which is enough to have the check removed
41a669a : [analyzer]Fixup r156215: use StopTracking summary instead of ScratchArgs
fcf7f9f : Revert r156097, which appears to be causing some breakage.
ed5ee48 : Fix includes for unices that don't have chdir declared transitively.
3b6e319 : Includes direct.h for windows compilation.
00f3c4f : Fixes resolution of relative paths when running clang tools.
0265555 : Fixed UserDefinedLiteral source locations.
b8590f3 : When we suppress an error due to SFINAE, stash the diagnostic away with the overload candidate, and include its message in any subsequent 'candidate not viable due to substitution failure' note we may produce.
4a7376d : Convert AVX non-temporal store builtins to LLVM-native IR. This was previously done for SSE builtins.
1348967 : Change how we suppress access control in explicit instantiations so that we actually accumulate all the delayed diagnostics. Do this so that we can restore those diagnostics to good standing if it turns out that we were wrong to suppress, e.g. if the tag specifier is actually an elaborated type specifier and not a declaration.
3f152e6 : There is no reason for these methods to be out-of-line.
9257664 : Refactor DelayedDiagnostics so that it keeps diagnostics in separate pools owned by the RAII objects that keep pushing decl state. This gives us quite a bit more flexibility.
667fd80 : - Adding lexical_parent and semantic_parent properties to clang.cindex.Cursor - Two new tests (one for each property), require libclang built from r155858 or later to pass - New test utility function (get_cursors) that gets all the nodes with a specific spelling.
0a84e7a : Updating the test case based on previous patch
d079abf : A union can have a constexpr defaulted default constructor, if it has an in-class initializer for one of its fields. Value-initialization of such a type should use the in-class initializer!
3127d48 : Remove variable made unused by r156270.
21eb6d4 : Detecting illegal instantiations of abstract types when using a function-style cast. Fixed PR12658.
c838fd2 : [analyzer] Reduce parallel code paths in SimpleSValBuilder::evalBinOpNN, and handle mixed-type operations more generally.
3b29436 : Split mergeAvailabilityAttr out of handleAvailabilityAttr. This is important for having a uniform logic for adding attributes to a decl. This in turn is needed to fix the FIXME:
cab42cd : Put the availability warnings in a group.
d0f709e : Simple typo fix (syntex to syntax). Fixes PR12735
2643475 : Revert r156142, "[libclang] Bring back BodyIndexer::TraverseCXXOperatorCallExpr which"
f108c63 : A conversion operator in a base class shouldn't hide another conversion operator in the same class, even if they convert to the same type. Fixes PR12712.
86b32fd : Revert r156141 (making RecursiveASTVisitor data recursive). It is causing clang to blow up in memory usage on -O2 when compiling itself, which is leading to swapping in some cases when it didn't before. We need to see if we can make this change without leading to a massive compile-time bloat.
7ad5c99 : Use raw_ostream in TypePrinter and eliminate uses of temporary std::strings.
27a0097 : Make BuiltinType::getName return a StringRef and introduce BuiltinType::getNameAsCString to get a const char* if necessary.
ab41fe9 : Move Sema::VerifyIntegerConstantExpression() and Sema::ConvertToIntegralOrEnumerationType() from PartialDiagnostics to abstract "diagnoser" classes. Not much of a win here, but we're -several PartialDiagnostics.
58822c4 : [analyzer] RetainCountChecker: Allow objects to escape through callbacks
f132ba8 : [analyzer] One more pointer escape test.
85d87df : Explicitly model capturing variables for blocks in the static analyzer. Fixes <rdar://problem/11125868>.
396663b : remove something that is really old and out of date.
dc17020 : Inhibit ObjC format warning only in system headers (NSLocalizedString). Add a test case for the related NSAssert workaround.
4648477 : Remove DiagGroups from notes, and add a TableGen assertion to catch them.
95da181 : Add more comments for Lexer::makeFileCharRange.
51603be : Synchronize the representations of DeclarationName and Selector so that bridging between the two is free. Saves ~4k of code size, although I don't see any measurable performance difference (unfortunately).
d2cf348 : IsTailPaddedMemberArray uses a FieldDecl's getTypeSourceInfo() without checking for NULL. FieldDecls may have NULL TypeSourceInfo, and in fact some FieldDecls generated by Clang -- and all FieldDecls generated by LLDB -- have no TypeSourceInfo.
12dcc64 : [PCH] Use DenseMap instead of std::map to keep track of SwitchCases.
84d4384 : [analyzer]Fixup r156134: Handle the case when FunctionDecl isn't avail.
6a26e2e : Move Sema::RequireNonAbstractType() off of PartialDiagnostic.
f502d8e : Switch RequireLiteralType() off of PartialDiagnostic.
d10099e : Move Sema::RequireCompleteType() and Sema::RequireCompleteExprType() off PartialDiagnostic. PartialDiagnostic is rather heavyweight for something that is in the critical path and is rarely used. So, switch over to an abstract-class-based callback mechanism that delays most of the work until a diagnostic is actually produced. Good for ~11k code size reduction in the compiler and 1% speedup in -fsyntax-only on the code in <rdar://problem/11004361>.
bbba25f : Thread safety analysis: check for LOCKABLE attribute on base classes.
8775485 : StringRefize code because we're good even when we crash. Patch by Jordy Rose.
a30d860 : Add a predefine __WINT_UNSIGNED__, similar to __WCHAR_UNSIGNED__, and test them both for ARM and X86.
392da48 : Fix handling of wint_t - we can't assume wint_t is purely an integer promotion of wchar_t - they may differ in signedness.
2e4fd6d : Fix -Wlarge-by-value-copy option handling in the driver. CC1 supports only the joined format.
fd00eec : This patch adds a new Clang compiler flag "-gline-tables-only". It reduces the amount of emitted debug information: 1) DIEs in .debug_info have types DW_TAG_compile_unit, DW_TAG_subprogram, DW_TAG_inlined_subroutine (for opt builds) and DW_TAG_lexical_block only. 2) .debug_str contains only function names. 3) No debug data for types/namespaces/variables is emitted. 4) The data in .debug_line is enough to produce valid stack traces with function names and line numbers.
dbbaed3 : test/PCH/remap-file-from-pch.cpp: Fix expression for DOS pathsep.
8c4b4d3 : Remove obsolete code for finding a fallback iOS SDK. <rdar://problem/11378535>
9087599 : Skip checking for infinite for-loops if there are global or static variables in the conditional.
b88acb0 : [PCH] Really, pinky swear, fix for PR12689
2e9a44d : [libclang] Bring back BodyIndexer::TraverseCXXOperatorCallExpr which was removed in r155969 to address a deficiency of RecursiveASTVisitor prior to recent changes on it.
4ed5782 : Make RecursiveASTVisitor fully data recursive on Stmts, with minimal disruption on its clients.
b79d862 : [analyzer] Assume pointer escapes when a callback is passed inside a struct.
aca0ac5 : [analyzer] Allow pointers escape through calls containing callback args.
d964d63 : Fix non-deterministic iteration order when walking the specializations of templates by using the newly introduce FoldingSetVector. This preserves insertion order for all iteration of specializations.
927a57c : Add a test for r156092.
82047c1 : Inline DenseMapInfo<clang::DeclarationName>::getHashValue() for a 0.4% speedup on <rdar://problem/11004361>
ebfa272 : objc modern translator: fix up attribute for dynamic property in a category. // rdar://11095151
514d3b6 : Split DeclarationName::getFETokenInfoAsVoid() into hot/cold paths and (trivially) make DeclContext::lookup()'s const version inlinable. Good for 0.3% on <rdar://problem/11004361>.
301e2e4 : modern objc translator: support for default property synthesis translation. // rdar://11374235 - wip.
b9e05f1 : Add support for full-width 128-bit integer literals.
4472762 : [driver - crash diagnostics] Convert the flags back to an array of strings and use array_lengthof. Also, append the new filename with correct preprocessed suffix. Last part of rdar://11285725
0513448 : Use the standard values for the __cplusplus macro, even when in GNU mode. GCC dropped its prior behavior of always defining __cplusplus to 1 in GNU mode in version 4.7.
d54dff0 : [PCH] When validating that the files coming from PCH did not change, also validate that we didn't override the contents of any of such files.
8b08adb : modern objc translator: used size_t in couple of places. // rdar://11375908
f9e156c : Use array_lengthof instead of sizeof trickery.
c968334 : Do not keep track of the set of visited Objective-C containers when performing the search for overridden methods. We very rarely see the same container twice, and in those rare cases we still have the fallback of the second SmallPtrSet to eliminate duplicates. Good for ~1.5% -fsyntax-only speedup on the code in <rdar://problem/11004361>.
502261a : modern objc translation. objc_getClass() and objc_getMetaClass() prototypes should both return `struct objc_class *`. // rdar://11375495
53d2409 : [driver - crash diagnostics] Only write the failing command in the script. Part of rdar://11285725
fff4a44 : Fix typo and avoid layout issue with almost-but-not-quite-fixed-width fonts.
207653c : Minor copy-edits to clang::fallthrough attribute documentation.
c476e92 : Canonicalize loop.
c03f2df : Disable -Wformat-extra-args for arguments defined in system headers.
3bb2994 : Silence unused-variable warning when assertions are disabled.
b0998f9 : Honour CLANG_BUILD_EXAMPLES correctly, by setting the directory's EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL property.
90a7126 : [analyzer] When promoting constant integers in a comparison, use the larger width of the two to avoid truncation.
487eed6 : Remove diagnostic groups and DefaultIgnore from notes.
e0d3b4c : Add -Wimplicit-fallthrough warning flag, which warns on fallthrough between cases in switch statements. Also add a [[clang::fallthrough]] attribute, which can be used to suppress the warning in the case of intentional fallthrough.
dd160f3 : [analyzer] CString Checker: Do not split the path unless the user specifically checks for equality to null.
d39d23e : Fix a couple of cases of (innocuous) unmarked fallthrough. At least one of these was unintentional. Found by -Wimplicit-fallthrough, patch by Alexander Kornienko!
3144749 : In StringLiteralParser::init, make sure we emit an error when failing to lex the string, as suggested by Eli.
d83217c : [driver crash diagnostics] Remove more flags that reference absolute paths that aren't necessary to reproduce the clang crash. Part of rdar://11285725
975eef6 : objective-c: warn for properties being default synthesized under -Wobjc-missing-property-synthesis which must be opted-in. // rdar://11295716
0cf3c0e : Correctly constify clang::CXXMemberCallExpr::getRecordDecl()
c4b69f0 : Test case Clang::Driver/debug-options-as.c depends on the integrated assembler. Turn it on explicitly on all platforms by the "-integrated-as" option.
14d20b1 : [analyzer] Equality ops are like relational ops in that the arguments shouldn't be converted to the result type. Fixes PR12206 and dupe PR12510.
9e607dd : [analyzer] Fix RUN line and general cleanup for additive folding tests.
4206c27 : Rip out old code for finding libraries in GCC's directories.
67835c1 : [PCH] Clear switch case IDs when deserializing a objc method body.
e55a14a : [analyzer] Conjure a symbol to ensure we can identify pointer arithmetic
da39603 : [analyzer] Do not assert on constructing SymSymExpr with diff types.
baeaa9a : [analyzer] Add a complexity bound on history tracking.
31595e2 : [analyzer] Revert the functional part of r155944.
92c6c90 : Merge x86-64-abi-sret-vs-2word-struct-param.cpp into the generic x86_64-arguments.cpp test file and be sure to test the coerced case as well. Thanks to Wei-Ren Chen for bringing this test to my attention.
7b0a3e3 : Fix a note without a SourceLocation.
07a0758 : In StringLiteralParser::init(), fail gracefully if the string is not as we expect; it may be due to racing issue of a file coming from PCH changing after the PCH is loaded.
13a9c02 : modern objective-c translator: Fix destructor def. for __NSContainer_literal.
82129e2 : Add commas to for loop warning to separate variable names.
a058fd4 : Revert most of r154844, which was disabled in r155975. Keep around the refactorings in that revision, and some of the subsequent bugfixes, which seem to be relevant even without delayed exception specification parsing.
60f2024 : Thread safety analysis: additional support for smart pointers in lock expressions.
914edfb : Fix some doxycomments using \class instead of \brief.
228e570 : [python] Add testcase for annotation cursor
bbc2e09 : [python] Add Cursor.enum_value wrapping clang_getEnumConstantDeclValue
548d17c : Walk the decls looking for the last one that has an attribute. We do have to walk them, otherwise we cannot produce an error for both
51c8bac : [python] Add testcase for enum with specified underlaying type
5b82b96 : [python] Run tests for c++ with std=c++11
e1f61c0 : [python] Fix warning in c-code inside testcase
f26efd7 : Thread Safety Analysis: fixed attribute handling for lock_returned attribute.
f5eac48 : Modern objective-c translation: Fixing couple of bugs related to laying out ivar structs and accessing non-fragile-ivar in more compilated cases. // rdar://11323187
0c19b3c : Replace the StringSwitch in AttributeList::getKind() with a TableGen-generated StringMatcher, for a 1.2% speedup in -fparse-only time in <rdar://problem/11004361>. Thanks to Benjamin for pointing me at StringMatcher!
331d2ec : Introduce the notion of 'ignored' attributes, so that all attributes we accept are not modeled somehow via Attr.td.
3e7d31a : Introduce the notion of an attribute that has no direct representation as an AST node, and fold a number of such attributes into Attr.td.
0639c8b : Fix same line doxycomments so they comment the adjacent field.
184be84 : Implement the alternate spellings of attributes aligned (as "align") and const (as "__const") using tblgen, rather than explicitly hacking them in.
769aa2d : Driver: Turn the default value for -fmath-errno into a proper target hook and disable it by default on more platforms.
d6268ff : Revert my optimization to AttributeList::getKind() in r155987; Benjamin has suggested a better approach.
fb5825d : Replace a ConsumeAnyToken() call with ConsumeToken() when we know we're looking at a normal token. Tiny positive impact -fsyntax-only time for <rdar://problem/11004361>.
b6dd605 : Replace the StringSwitch in AttributeList::getKind(const IdentifierInfo *) with a static StringMap, improving -fsyntax-only performance by 1% for the example in <rdar://problem/11004361>.
8049c44 : Fix forwarding of -fpack-struct from driver to CC1, and add a test.
3ecafe4 : Don't try to instantiate std::list at an incomplete type; it's not allowed, and it'll blow up in unfortunate ways when using a proper C++11 library.
6d89b4b : Fix cmake. Remaining two ClangCC1Options deps.
6deb820 : Disable our non-standard delayed parsing of exception specifications. Delaying the parsing of such things appears to be a conforming extension, but it breaks libstdc++4.7's std::pair.
168d317 : Speculatively fix windows cmake builders.
11abcec : Refine analyzer diagnostics by adding an expression "cone-of-influence" to reverse track interesting values through interesting expressions. This allows us to map from interesting values in a caller to interesting values in a caller, thus recovering some precision in diagnostics lost from IPA.
c8c2228 : Unrevert r155951, reverted in r155962, with two changes: * Work around build failures due to gcc 4.2 bugs. * Remove BodyIndexer::TraverseCXXOperatorCallExpr, which was not being called prior to this change, and whose presence disables a RecursiveASTVisitor stack space optimization after this change.
e7958da : [analyzer] RetainRelease: Self assignment should not suppress a leak warning.
12f3297 : Try harder to recognize hidden tag type names in potential declarations instead of giving unhelpful errors about undeclared identifers and missing semicolons.
2a6e30d : [analyzer] Fix an assertion failure triggered by the analyzer buildbot.
93c5a24 : [analyzer] Fix the 'ptr = ptr' false negative in the Malloc checker.
b51c7f3 : Revert "Fix RecursiveASTVisitor's data recursion to call the Traverse* functions if they"
ff310c7 : Eliminate Sema::CompareMethodParamsInBaseAndSuper() entirely, by folding its one check into the normal path for checking overridden Objective-C methods. Good for another 3.6% speedup on the test case in <rdar://problem/11004361>.
8722ae8 : The semantic checking that verifies whether an Objective-C method declared in a subclass has consistent parameter types with a method having the same selector in a superclass performs a significant number of lookups into the class hierarchy. In the example in <rdar://problem/11004361>, we spend 4.7% of -fsyntax-only time in these lookups.
e4c043d : Add a missing RequireCompleteType call when synthesizing properties. <rdar://problem/11333367>.
3539b0c : Utilize getLocStart()/getLocEnd() on my recent change.
e3ba298 : Fix RecursiveASTVisitor's data recursion to call the Traverse* functions if they have been overridden in the derived class. Also, remove a non-functional implementation of an incorrect optimization for ParenExprs.
140d0c6 : Teach SValBuilder to handle casts of symbolic pointer values to an integer twice. Fixes <rdar://problem/11212866>.
e0fdadf : Clean up changes suggested by Douglas Gregor:
d8a1361 : Fix test cases broken by 155936.
33e4a1d : [analyzer] Test case reported for a reported false positive, now fixed.
e2241cb : [analyzer] Construct a SymExpr even when the constraint solver cannot reason about the expression.
4e31b4d : Extend the error about incompatible visibility attributes in different decls to work on function templates specializations.
294fe20 : We don't need a lengthy quote from the wrong standard.
587e812 : Add test cases for r155935.
10601a3 : Revert r155933
ca2e1b7 : Workaround a miscompile in 483.xalancbmk while we figure it out.
6c803f7 : During block layout, after padding up to the max field alignment, the alignment might actually exceed the max field alignment; don't assert in this case.
edb45f0 : Diagnostics should start with a lower-case letter.
05e6076 : In C++11 mode, implement the C++11 semantics for [basic.lookup.classref]p1 and p4, which concerns name lookup for nested-name-specifiers and template names, respectively, in a member access expression. C++98/03 forces us to look both in the scope of the object and in the current scope, then compare the results. C++11 just takes the result from the scope of the object, if something is found. Fixes <rdar://problem/11328502>.
d53f697 : Fix CMake build
6df1fa9 : Test verified.
d1c0c94 : Spacing.
8165605 : Implement simplify_type traits for redecl_iterator.
f720a2b : Remove variables made dead by r155923
c5713cf : Get rid of storelv4si builtin as it can be expressed directly. This is general goodness because it provides opportunites to cleanup things. For example,
1b9a688 : Remove dead code found by static analyzer.
cf18ae5 : Push variable declaration into nested scope (the only place where it is used). Found by static analyzer.
b68258f : modern objective-c translation of private ivars. // rdar://11351299
2a7b09d : Restructure some of the member-pointer tests, implicitly removing some that were added without a triple (and moving their tests into files that appropriately test multiple architectures).
bfd7a52 : Unify Options.td and CC1Options.td, in a first step towards unifying the serialization logic in Frontend and Driver.
d1fda03 : Make some helper functions static.
287ab9f : clang/test/CodeGenCXX: Fix two tests, destructors.cpp and microsoft-abi-array-cookies.cpp, for -Asserts.
9ff009f : clang/test/Rewriter: Remove XFAIL and add -U__declspec to other 9 tests. mingw32 tends to define built-in __declspec.
bb1a899 : clang/test/Rewriter/rewrite-modern-extern-c-func-decl.mm: Remove XFAIL and add -U__declspec. mingw32 tends to define built-in __declspec.
c2244f6 : Add a disclaimer to the new test, plus a user-declared ctor to force the emission of vtordisps.
441c623 : Add support for laying out vtordisps according to our current working knowledge of the Microsoft ABI. Based on a patch by Dmitry Sokolov.
a12f84d : Fix compilation with mingw-w64.
70d9b16 : Enable AVX on AMD Bulldozer processors.
20bb175 : Abstract the emission of global destructors into ABI-specific code and only consider using __cxa_atexit in the Itanium logic. The default logic is to use atexit().
5729672 : PR12710 - broken default argument handling for templates.
08c88db : Place several uncovered warnings under warning flags, and tweak diagnostic output including the term "gc" (in lowercase).
2e7651d : Remove some not-very-stable assumptions from this testcase.
537dd3a : Teach RetainCountchecker about IORegistryEntrySearchCFProperty returning retained objects. I know there is an SDK enhancement request for this to have the cf_returns_retained annotation, so this is just a stop gap.
e2b45e2 : Refactor the C++ ABI code a little bit to take advantage of what I'm going to treat as basically universal properties of array-cookie code. Implement MS array cookies on top of that. Based on a patch by Timur Iskhodzhanov!
95109d2 : Fix use of uninitialized variable caught by GCC's -Wmaybe-uninitialized.
3a8ac07 : When mangling a synthetic function declaration, we might not have type-source information for its parameters. Don't crash when mangling them in the MS C++ ABI. Patch by Timur Iskhodzhanov!
198ff65 : Revert r155874.
9222cad : Remove the unused DestroyAttrs, noticed by Michael Han.
6d3b93d : Turn the mixed-sign-comparison diagnostic into a runtime behavior diagnostic, from Eitan Adler!
c30636a : Print inline for inline namespaces, from Faisal Vali
1de801a : Move a non portable test to FileCheck, from Jonathan Gray!
b46d30f : Move warn_cxx0x_right_shift_in_template_arg to CXX11Compat group, from Dmitri Gribenko!
111263c : Let's use the correct bool this time.
1a200a8 : A couple of very small tweaks suggested by Doug in reply to r155580 and r155163.
bd4fa45 : Remove ref/value inconsistency in redecl_iterator.
8d59dee : My first effort to do this more subtly failed, so elaborately test for an invalid declaration at every single place in the constant evaluator that's about to request a struct layout.
88db6a2 : malloc size checker: Ignore const'ness of pointer types when determining of a sizeof() type is compatible with a pointed type.
4e1b292 : Add support for openSUSE 12.2, from Ismail Donmez!
8e5900c : clang_getCursorLexicalParent should return a translation unit cursor for declarations at the global scope, from Evan P. Fixes PR9083.
aa54986 : Remove -Wc++98-compat warning for an outrageously-rare circumstance of 'this' being used in an exception specification in a way which isn't otherwise ill-formed in C++98: this warning also incorrectly triggered on uses of 'this' inside thread-safety attributes, and the mechanism required to tell these cases apart is more complex than can be justified by the (minimal) value of this part of -Wc++98-compat.
e720ce7 : When going through references to check if the function returns the address of a local variable, make sure we don't infinitely recurse when the reference binds to itself.
8fba894 : modern objective-c translator. named aggregate types defined inside the objc class belong to class's decl. scope. This is to conform to objective-c rules. // rdar://11351299
0e22a9f : For RecursiveASTVisitor, do data recursion for CXXOperatorCallExpr.
4548ca2 : Store the source range of a CXXOperatorCallExpr in the Expr object instead of calculating it recursively.
89585e80 : minor refactoring of modern objc translator.
8eece46 : Fix C versus C++ linkage issue.
bbf66ca : Reduce malloc() traffic of clang_getOverridenCursors() by using a pool of SmallVector<CXCursor> objects under the covers.
2c0abf4 : Add FixItHint for -Wnull-conversion to initialize with an appropriate literal.
c1c0725 : Fix PR12378: provide conversion warnings on default args of function templates
e7be109 : HandleDeclarator() returns NULL for semantic disasters. Deal with it when we're in an Objective-C container context. Fixes <rdar://problem/11286701>.
694e796 : Add -Wloop-analysis. This warning will fire on for loops which the variables in the loop conditional do not change.
b4ee880 : modern objective-c translation: de-virtualize all local rewriting functions.
de88246 : Restore paren, bracket and brace counts in parser when TentativeParsingAction is reverted, from Pasi Parviainen! Fixes PR12480 / <rdar://problem/11341251>.
262bc18 : Remove the ref/value inconsistency in filter_decl_iterator.
2980383 : Correct CFGBlock's front() and back() to return by const ref rather than value.
b86b855 : PR11926 + duplicates: Fix crash in -Wuninitialized when using a compiler like g++4.7, which reuses stack space allocated for temporaries. CFGElement::getAs returns a suitably-cast version of 'this'. Patch by Markus Trippelsdorf!
6850faf : PR9546, DR1268: A prvalue cannot be reinterpret_cast to an rvalue reference type. But a glvalue can be reinterpret_cast to either flavor of reference.
e531001 : PR12688: ParseCXXClassMemberDeclaration's sometimes-null ThisDecl takes another victim. Don't crash if we have a delay-parsed exception specification for a class member which is invalid in a way which precludes building a FunctionDecl.
a2e76f5 : [class.copy]p23: Fix an assertion caused by incorrect argument numbering in a diagnostic, add a test for this paragraph, and tighten up the diagnostic wording a little.
e593921 : Currently __builtin_annotation() only annotates an i32.
bddc7e5 : improve error recovery for extra ')'s after a if/switch/while condition. Before:
8bb21d3 : switch some uses of ExpectAndConsume(tok::semi to use ExpectAndConsumeSemi. This allows us to improve this diagnostic (telling us to insert another ")":
8907832 : isCXX98PODType: Avoid dispatch on the language standard when recursing.
98f71aa : C++11 weakens the requirement for types used with offsetof from POD to standard layout type.
152f6b7 : Rename isPODType (using the C++98 rules) into isCXX98PODType and make isPODType decide which one to use based on LangOptions.
470360d : Revert "Use the C++11 definition of PODness for __is_pod in C++11 mode."
046e869 : Use the C++11 definition of PODness for __is_pod in C++11 mode.
d200187 : [analyzer] Remove references to idx::TranslationUnit. Index is dead, cross-TU inlining never panned out.
d92fe8f : Make the diagnostic for "unexpected ':' in nested name specifier" a bit easier on the eyes.
27fc81b : objective-c modern translator: Correctly translate nonfragile ivar access code when ivar type is a locally defined struct/union type. // rdar://11323187
58db7a5 : When @encode'ing a C++ class that has empty base classes, we can end up with gaps when the class inherits from the same empty base class more than once. Fixes <rdar://problem/11324167>.
0eed2cb : Bump up the MaxDepth in the BalancedDelimiterTracker.
bd78cfa : modern objective-c translator: _OBJC_PROTOCOL_REFERENCE_* symbols should be static. // rdar://11337074
8202fb8 : [driver] Don't try to set the deployment target when there is no bound architecture; this was happening for tools such as lipo and dsymutil. Also, if no -arch option has been specified, set the architecture based on the TC default. rdar://11329656
a1366cb : PR12224 (sort of): Diagnose inheriting constructor declarations in C++11 mode. We do not support IRGen for these, and get some parts of the semantic analysis wrong.
392b3f5 : Imrpove the note text for when a non-type decl hides a tag type
4e47dee : Fix logic such that we only call getToolChain once. No functional change intended.
1dcfe34 : Remove redundant calls to BAA->getArchName(). No functional change intended.
c97e96a : Revert 155679; Not a typo.
3a70cd6 : Use enum to set debug info size generated by Clang
577f14a : Use a deque instead of an ImmutableList in AnalysisConsumer to preserve the file order that functions are visited. Should fix the buildbots.
29a4ce4 : test/Rewriter: Mark 4 tests as XFAIL:mingw32, due to predefined __declspec(a) issue.
ba82a61 : test/Driver/fast-math.c: Mark this as XFAIL:cygming. They use gcc driver for as.
d601c62 : Add test case for rdar://11293995
c8f11e9 : Add a missing check in CodeGen of packed classes with vtables. <rdar://problem/11324125>.
526cda3 : The release notes are no place for modesty.
cb0a503 : Change FunctionSummary.h's definition of SetOfDecls to be an ImmutableList instead of a mutable SmallPtrSet. While iterating over LocalTUDecls, there were cases where we could modify LocalTUDecls, which could result in invalidating an iterator and an analyzer crash. Along the way, switch some uses of std::queue to std::dequeue, which should be slightly more efficient.
e9a4c01 : Typo.
aec2ac6 : Add note to help explain why a tag such as 'struct' is needed to refer to a given type, when the reason is that there is a non-type decl with the same name.
65a7c68 : modern objective-c transltion: Fixes a translation bug of writing a __block variable being initialized with a constructed object. // rdar://11326988
9b94cd1 : Add a missing ExpressionEvaluationContext for template default arguments. Fixes PR12581.
0538ad7 : Remove svn:eol-style from the test I just added. Sorry :-/
40d8e97 : Revert r154981, because it caused PR12674.
196603c : Test case for previosu patch. // rdar://11323676
52c18b0 : objective-c IRGen. Fixes a getter synthesis bug where getter type is super class of its property type, resulting in an assert. // rdar://11323676
6ea4841 : Fix a bug with block layout when the block contains something more aligned than the block header but also contains something smaller than the block-header alignment but not exactly half the difference between the large alignment and the header alignment. Got that?
e002631 : Fix file name in comment.
b8c4381 : MIPS: Add support for 64-bit MIPS targets: mips64 / mips64el.
394e539 : [PCH] In ASTReader::completeVisibleDeclsMap, after we loaded all visible decls, mark the declaration context as not having external visible storage any more.
1de9d7d : Fix a crash-on-invalid where the constant evaluator would try to evaluate certain expressions involving invalidly-defined classes.
e855b88 : Remove the group from -fhonor_infinites/-fno_honor_infinites aliases. Aliases with groups are unsupported. rdar://11324283
3206403 : Define __ANDROID__ macro on -androideabi targets.
74eb4af : Adds a tutorial on how to write RAV based ASTFrontendActions.
981d1ec : Reverted unintentional commit.
4f148d9 : MIPS: Add tests to check the debian multiarch stuff for mips and mipsel targets.
d9ed0fd : Adds a small tutorial on how to write RAV based ASTFrontendActions.
fd93630 : Enable AVX/AVX2 for Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and Haswell CPUs.
cfca6b7 : Update checker build link, and remove stale links.
a43ea64 : PR12647: An alias template instantiation which occurs in a SFINAE context is itself a SFINAE context.
8f40afb : [analyzer] check lazy bindings in RegionStore first before looking for default values. Fixes <rdar://problem/11269741>.
befc6d2 : Teach RetainCountChecker that it doesn't quite understand pthread_setspecific and it should just give up when it sees it. Fixes <rdar://problem/11282706>.
6e4a0af : PR12660: Don't crash when initializing a const reference from a braced init list which creates a temporary by calling a constructor.
4f50c50 : Fix a long-standing bug where Clang had a different default from GCC on Linux and other (non-Darwin) platforms and have it use -fmath-errno by default (for better or worse).
86e6fdc : Two missing -Wc++98-compat warnings, for null pointers as non-type template arguments, and 'this' in exception-specifications.
45a0b26 : Reject cases like
c799a6a : If a type is non-literal by virtue of being incomplete produce notes explaining that.
a313b2f : RecursiveASTVisitor: When in 'shouldVisitTemplateInstantiations' mode, visit all instantiations of a template when we visit the canonical declaration of the primary template, rather than trying to match them up to the partial specialization from which they are instantiated. This fixes a bug where we failed to visit instantiations of partial specializations of member templates of class templates, and naturally extends to allow us to visit instantiations where we have instantiated only a declaration.
26d6023 : Typo.
df407c3 : objective-c modern translator: more tests.
2b90f76 : Add an error message with fixit hint for changing '.' to '->'.
ad57991 : When resolving default template arguments, it should be done in the declaration context of the template what we are going to instantiate.
5d59b79 : PR12625: Cope with classes which have incomplete base or member types: Don't try to query whether an incomplete type has a trivial copy constructor when determining whether a move constructor should be declared.
0d62709 : Use a SmallMap for StoredDeclsMap, it's usually sparsely populated so we can avoid initializing memory for 64 buckets.
383fdf9 : Convert a std::map that usually has between 0 and 10 elements to SmallMap.
d3a39f0 : improve a modern objc translator test.
0418953 : modern objc rewriter: fixes a bug writing a const qualified static c-function. // rdar://11314329
d80d484 : Adds documentation for how to use the tooling library.
9771a9e : Adds a document describing the various tooling approaches and their pros and cons.
99f8f17 : Make asan-ld test windows-safe.
3e8479d : Fixes the header search logic for tools: The driver needs to get the correct path to the executable to deduce the header search path.
a6ddc02 : Clang driver support for linking on Android.
4add84f : Fix default cpu for -march=armv5e.
4ddcf3b : OpenBSD: Remove incorrect -pthread preprocessor define _POSIX_THREADS and replace with _REENTRANT. Also remove undef _POSIX_THREADS in phread.h.
92f4e6e : don't use soname on OpenBSD, it doesn't support it. Patch by Brad Smith!
3030066 : Expand #include_next in float.h from mingw to _msc_ver.
e7255c1 : Add acos, asin, ceil, fabs, floor, fmax, fmin, round, and tan to the builtin math library functions. rdar://11251464
454393e : Add atan, atan2, exp, and log to the builtin math library functions.
fae0f48 : Alphabetize the builtin math library functions. No functional change intended.
08e46f9 : Let NULL and MSVC headers coexist better.
5482dc3 : RecursiveASTVisitor: Visit instantiations of member templates of class templates. In an implicit instantiation of a member class, any member templates don't get instantiated, so the existing check which only visited the instantiations of a defined template skipped these templates' instantiations.
4fe261c : modern objc translator: Allow writing of multiple declaration of __block variables on same lines with initializers. // rdsr://7547630
e6e96de : objc modern rewriter: allow translation of multiple declaration of block variables (with no initializer) on the same line.
8247c4e : objc modern rewriter: minor refactoring.
e47398a : Add a FIXME for uncomplete comment fix a typo add punctuation
e70372d : Adding information about what intrinsics still need to be implemented for MSVC compatibility.
0982251 : Add a flag to the image info section indicating that the program is compiled for a simulator.
eca187e : Only pass -mcpu, -march, -mfpu to linux-as on ARM.
c9fe605 : enable TBAA when -fthread-sanitizer is given, even with -O0 or -relaxed-aliasing
8ac95f1 : Fix a typo spotted by Matt.
2b2a087 : Don't try to delay parsing the exception specification for a data member of a class; we would never actually parse it and attach it to the type.
5775351 : Introduce an initial sketch of a MSVC compatible 'intrin.h' builtin header, along with a stub test to make sure it compiles in the appropriate modes.
8c614e4 : PR12629: Cope with parenthesized function types when attaching a delayed exception specification to a function.
88442c9 : clang/test/Rewriter/objc-modern-boxing.mm: Mark as XFAIL:mingw for now, due to predefined __declspec similar to r155278.
64b111e : Thread safety analysis: refactor test cases so that the style is consistent.
d672436 : with -Wdeprecated, include a note to its deprecated declaration location. // rdar://10893232
87380aa : Forward declarations should take a context. This helps the debugger find forward declarations in the context that the actual definition will occur.
aed9ea3 : Thread safety analysis: support the use of pt_guarded_by attributes on smart pointers. Also adds test case for previous commit.
6603ff8 : Revert r155363, due to the underlying patches in LLVM causing regression test suite failures.
923b0c9 : Fix visibility when we have two types with explicit visibility in a template argument list.
ac28eca : Hexagon V5 (floating point) support in cfe.
79747e0 : Thread-safety analysis: support new "pointer to member" syntax for existentially quantified lock expressions.
e656b83 : Teach RequireCompleteType about multi-dimensional arrays. Fixes <rdar://problem/11284902>.
9f99d06 : Fix PR12608. Patch contributed by Yang Chen.
d8f0276 : Add a test for svn r155263.
38c4767 : Inline helper function into only caller.
546ee6d : Add another testcase that was not being covered.
219cd6c : [asan] fix typo
cef57e5 : [asan] update docs
a8063c3 : Do not use stdint.h, driver might provide invalid location for it. Instead, provide the types directly. This should fix PR12628
2954134 : Fixes comment referencing old name.
a5416bd : Add a testcase that we already get right but was not being tested. Found by a chrome build on OS X. Thanks to Nico Weber for testing a patch and providing the .ii file.
471131a : Sema: Initialize NSString method cache members.
0eb7526 : Remove unnecessary StringRef->char*->StringRef conversion, which read uninitialized memory if the input wasn't 0-terminated.
71776ef : Cleanup testcase.
f6a8b9c : An attribute in a explicit template installation should take precedence over the tempale arguments in deciding the visibility.
5118337 : Revert 155102 but add a fixme while I debug what is wrong with chrome's components build.
dd26998 : Better C++11 support is no longer an advantage of GCC.
1664d54 : PR12571: Objects of type clang::ConstantArrayType aren't always emitted with type llvm::ArrayType -- sometimes we emit them as packed structs. Don't assert if such a global array has an element type with a non-trivial destructor.
a77e072 : Add another missing testcase.
6e21b16 : PR12585: When processing a friend template inside a class template, don't pretend there was no previous declaration -- that can lead us to injecting a class template (with no access specifier) into a class scope. Instead, just avoid the problematic checks.
bc356d0 : Add a testcase we were already getting right, but were not testing for.
60115a0 : Fix handling of template parameters. Found by inspection. GCC 4.7 agrees with this testcase.
1266b61 : All the members of LVFlags always have the same value, replace the class with a boolean.
a4156b8 : Fix regression in r154844. If necessary, defer computing adjusted destructor exception specifications in C++11 until after we've parsed the exception specifications for nested classes.
94d55d7 : Remove unneeded code.
7bb698a : Fix serialization of uninstantiated exception specifications. Patch by Li Kan, test by me.
79e244f : move some stuff to .rodata
c86d1fd : SemaDeclCXX.cpp: Fix utf8 in comment.
126d3d0 : clang/test/Rewriter/rewrite-modern-extern-c-func-decl.mm: Mark as XFAIL:mingw for now, due to predefined __declspec.
73664a4 : Also highlight the member name.
227e9f6 : Fix test failure.
71c598f : When declaring a template, check that the context doesn't already contain a declaration of the same name. r155187 caused us to miss this if the prior declaration did not declare a type.
7d90fe5 : Fix a QoI bug reported by a user.
0b1c715 : Link with Foundation whenever -fobjc-link-runtime is used. <rdar://10976177>
f676608 : [libclang] Don't set dylib load address to 0xe000000.
0e78afb : objective-c arc: With currnt documentation, objc_returns_inner_pointer attribute can be applied to methods only. Diagnsose otherwise, instead of crashing. // rdar://11253688
0b3ade8 : [analyzer] Run remove dead bindings right before leaving a function.
39b7341 : [analyzer] Remove unused method.
5a878b2 : [analyzer] Constify
05b3385 : Update doxygen comment to match changes in r155218.
61ada0a : In r135308, -save-temps was modified to prevent a temporary file from overwriting the input file. For example,
704c8f7 : Fix bug where a class's (deleted) copy constructor would be implicitly given a non-const reference parameter type if the class had any subobjects with deleted copy constructors. This causes a rejects-valid if the class's copy constructor is explicitly defaulted (as happens for some implementations of std::pair etc).
3a0b7b6 : c++11 status: Replace references to "SVN" with "3.1" to avoid confusion when they diverge.
d2fb883 : When generating the clang crash diagnostic script, strip out the -o flag. Add a FIXME comment. rdar://11283560
80ec127 : Add a little hack to emulate a clang crash, so the diagnostics generator can be tested.
89592d5 : minor improvement to couple of tests.
dab2894 : No need to put the SourceManager in with the ASTContext, as the ASTContext already contains the SourceManager.
700c508 : Pass -mfloat-abi= to linuxtools assembler.
8560791 : Fix bug 12574 - Avoid infinite recursion in constructors and destructors when using Microsoft C++ ABI
c93e014 : Replace r155185 with a better fix, which also addresses PR12557. When looking up an elaborated type specifier in a friend declaration, only look for type declarations, per [basic.lookup.elab]p2. If we know that the redeclaration lookup for a friend class template in a dependent context finds a non-template, don't delay the diagnostic to instantiation time.
b2f245e : Fix a bug which creduce found reducing PR12585.
cc66b08 : When generating the clang crash diagnostic script, strip out the -D, -F, and -I flags. We have preprocessed source, so we don't need these.
9879556 : objective-arc: Retune my previous patch so warning is issued on weak property as receiver and not on any other use of a weak property. // rdar://10225276
1e77b65 : Re-add the closing '}' for the namespace I accidentally deleted when removing a (new) duplicate test whose only difference was the tag type being an enum instead of a struct.
434ed26 : In Parser::isCXXDeclarationSpecifier, consider a non-type identifier followed by an identifier as declaration specificer (except for ObjC). This allows e.g. an out-of-line C++ member function definitions to be recognized as functions and not as variable declarations if the type name for the first parameter is not recognized as a type--say, when there is a function name shadowing an enum type name and the parameter is missing the "enum" keyword needed to distinguish the two.
0c5d0a8 : In an attempt to reduce confusion, mark 'Strong compare exchange' as done, since we generate correct code for both strong and weak atomic compare-exchanges, even though we don't propagate to the IR enough information to generate optimal weak compare-exchanges on architectures which support them.
289677d : objective-c arc: Issue warning under -Wreceiver-is-weak if receiver is a 'weak' property, by type or by attribute. // rdar://10225276
16c111b : Added equivalent method calls in examples.
c495e60 : Formatting fix.
789acdd : Add SmallVectorImpl Visual Studio visualizer. Patch by Nikola Smiljanic.
a963962 : Fix a broken link. Patch by Nikola Smiljanic.
54c350a : Refactor the thread safety analysis so that it is easier to do path-sensitive analysis like handling of trylock expressions.
b5863da : objective-c modern translator: Further improving the last patch fixing writing a spurious 'static' into the wrong place. // rdar://11275241
ae519c4 : Thread safety analysis: split warnings into two groups: attribute warnings which are checked in the parser, and analysis warnings that require the full analysis. This allows attribute syntax to be checked independently of the full thread safety analysis. Also introduces a new warning for the case where a string is used as a lock expression; this allows the analysis to gracefully handle expressions that would otherwise cause a parse error.
dd9fe59 : Clarified encoding of boxed C strings, balanced all <p> with </p>.
fad7f85 : Adds a unit test for the RecursiveASTVisitor.
b414347 : Fix a comment.
03544fc : Add missing -Wc++98-compat warnings for initializer list initializations which initialize references, create std::initializer_list objects, or call constructors.
c7e6060 : In mergeVisibility, if we already have an explicit visibility, keep it. This fixes the included testcase and lets us simplify the code a bit. It does require using mergeWithMin when merging class information to its members. Expand the comments to explain why that works.
1c7eed7 : In mergeVisibilityWithMin, let an implicit hidden symbol take precedence over an explicit default one. This means that with -fvisibility hidden we now produce a hidden symbol for
d70d20a : Now that we check visibility attributes in an appropriate order, there is no need for mergeVisibily to ever increase the visibility. Not doing so lets us replace an incorrect use of mergeVisibilityWithMin. The testcase
4fc1490 : Check ConsiderGlobalVisibility before using -fvisibility.
4157454 : The explicit bit in LV already tracks exactly the same information as DHasExplicitVisibility. Simplify the code a bit.
ff25798 : Move the point in the code where we handle -fvisibility=hidden. With the current implementation this should be a nop as explicit visibility takes precedence in mergeVisibility.
5727cf5 : Make setVisibility private and change users to mergeVisibility. This is currently a nop as those users are the first merge or are a merge of a hidden explicit visibility, which always wins in the current implementation.

Project: platform/external/compiler-rt

1f922a5 : Merge up through LLVM r163557.
78aedd4 : build/clang_darwin: Add the ASAN dynamic library. - Now with spelling fix for -lstdc++.
d2f2615 : Revert r163415 in an attempt to bring back the buildbots.
4a4719c : [asan] There is no __libc_malloc on Android.
8d6e3f7 : Allow to call strchr() from __asan_init(). Fixes PR13794.
5b36c14 : build/clang_darwin: Add the ASAN dynamic library.
0d02f1f : [asan] Use a relative include path instead of requiring build system involvement.
38b7c1b : build: Teach Makefile build system about asan/dynamic subdir.
8bc01cb : build: Add support for building dylibs.
f4e21fb : [asan] Suppress some bogus -Winvalid-noreturn diagnostics.
0c2feef : tsan: ignore destruction of global mutexes (causes a lot of non-interesting reports)
8e23d27 : Remove the infinite recursion check for now, as we don't have __thread on Mac, and TSD is an overkill.
5aabcb5 : Two minor changes: -- exit from infinite recursion in CHECK() -- print a verbose message if mapping of the shadow memory has failed.
7315c26 : [asan] Raise quarantine size a bit with ASAN_LOW_MEMORY.
d796359 : [ASan] hack initialization-bug test so that it stably passes on both Linux and Mac: make the bug appear independent of the translation unit order
ef69812 : [ASan] add Linux-specific test for initialization order that checks that we find a bug independently of translation units order
3bb7e52 : [Sanitizer] add --demangle option to llvm-symbolizer (for now just assume that __cxa_demangle option is available)
03e23bb : tsan: fix code style
0ab628c : tsan: increase max shadow stack size + reduce memory consumption at the same time (by not memorizing full stacks in traces)
dd5a237 : tsan: fix Go build script
78c7f57 : Fix two compiler warnings: must use at least one argument for "..." in a variadic macros, signed vs. unsigned comparison.
e0e9eea : [asan] Use __ANDROID__ guard in asan_test.
e9f5785 : Use the return value of dladdr() to avoid Clang warning.
6d924fa : [asan] increase max stack size to 256 (+test)
6d8091d : Add "movsbl %dh, %ecx" and "testb %r8, %r8" to mach_override. This should fix http://code.google.com/p/address-sanitizer/issues/detail?id=105
ba534e7 : [ASan] actually remove old makefile
8cc1f81 : [TSan] add support for running external symbolizer other than addr2line (for testing purposes)
03e699f : [Sanitizer] remove unused field
5b1f020 : [ASan] Nuke output_tests/ in favor of lit_tests/. Stop using Makefile.old.
ff392a4 : [asan] increase the maximal size of malloc/free stack
d1b8f58 : [Sanitizer] implement readlink as syscall on Linux
4a78b1e : [ASan] Hack ASan lit config to allow running lit on tests manually
5f799c7 : [asan] added tests for asan-initialization-order, patch by Reid Watson
0f7d4a4 : [ASan] hoist more compile flags to SANITIZER_COMMON_CFLAGS var and add the rest of flags/defs from old Makefile to CMake
656e4ee : [ASan] Add CMake support for building ASan benchmarks
71b42c9 : [ASan] Add print_full_thread_history runtime option (on by default) that prints all full thread creation paths for threads involved in ASan error report
1dc4cf7 : [Sanitizer] Remove implicit conversion of InternalScopedBuffer<T> to T*
38e853d : [Sanitizer] Support for reading inlined frames from llvm-symbolizer
c5fee8e : [compiler-rt] Recurse into 'utils' directory in CMake build of compiler-rt, enable build of llvm-symbolizer binary (currently for one target only)
92656f8 : [Sanitizer] llvm-symbolizer util: make it more conforming to LLVM code style, and support fetching inlining info
aaac6e2 : tsan: do not crash with obscure message if a user passes invalid arguments to malloc/free/memset/etc
41e8153 : tsan: insert cfi directives into assembly (not fully working for now, though)
0542644 : tsan: more robust current thread stack restoration
1da1056 : tsan: better diagnostics for mutex misuse
9adce67 : tsan: fix crash when users pass insane mutex addresses in dynamic annotations
8485311 : tsan: add "as if synchronized via sleep" feature
1b1de03 : tsan: fix windows build (2)
0d9c08d : tsan: fix windows build (1)
c00e30a : tsan: slightly optimize mutex unlock
7643a50 : tsan: more precise handling of atomic_store(memory_order_release)
84112a3 : tsan: improve stack depot
c79c21f : [tsan] locate the auxilary space for tsan's Allocator64 after the main region, not before. This simplifies the shadow mappings
98ea507 : [Sanitizer] fix overloaded operator error
2132d13 : [compiler-rt] fixup for r162988 - remove accidentally commited file
8790f0a : [compiler-rt] Move draft code for llvm-symbolizer to compiler-rt/utils/llvm-symbolizer after chandlerc's suggestion
2acf556 : [Sanitizer] Remove some calls to libc malloc from symbolizer
678b2fe : [Sanitizer] Resolve fixme: break dependency of sanitizer_common tests on TSan RTL
02aa242 : [Sanitizer] Make lint checking a standalone script in sanitizer_common
184fdd7 : [Sanitizer] Remove lint checkers from our old makefiles in favor of buildbot
ada9236 : [TSan] Fix style warinings in output test
5092682 : Whitespace/lint
af31087 : tsan: speed up allocator64 GetBlockBegin()
9d6f5a8 : tsan: simplify TSAN_HISTORY_SIZE code
ff35f1d : tsan: use stack depot to describe heap blocks
1b37017 : asan/tsan: first version of "stack depot"
6282567 : [ASan] fix flakiness of Linux-specific clone_test: waitpid should better be provided with __WCLONE option, otherwise it didn't wait for the subprocess, returned -1, and we went crushing the subprocess stack
2122f70 : For invalid pointers passed to free_common check whether they are actually skewed to hold an additional CFAllocatorRef. If so, fix the pointer and pass it to asan_free.
4fa111c : [asan/tsan] use InternalScopedBuffer instead of stack arrays. Use mmap inseted of InternalAlloc in InternalScopedBuffer
5f0297b : [tsan] fix tsan's Makefile.old -- our build bot still uses it (hopefully, will soon migrate to cmake completely)
a60844d : [asan] fix asan's Makefile.old -- our build bot still uses it (hopefully, will soon migrate to cmake completely)
d865fec : Relocate the external headers provided by ASan and the common sanitizer library.
60ab090 : Some flag cleanup for the sanitizer runtimes.
80acccf : [asan] one more fix for windows build
9ada1f3 : [asan] fix the cmake build (hopefully)
c7be407 : [asan] actually doing 'svn add' helps
69f2174 : [asan] fix Windows build
1b5ea8f : [asan] actually move StackTrace to sanitizer_common
cc34722 : [asan] even more refactoring to move StackTrace to sanitizer_common
2b939c3 : [asan] more refactoring to move StackTrace to sanitizer_common
8757a68 : [ASan] CMake build: share more compile flags between instrumented and non-instrumented tests
4c2ddda : [asan] some renaming before we move StackTrace into sanitizer_common (part 2)
c3390df : [asan] some renaming before we move StackTrace into sanitizer_common
283c296 : [asan] get rid of AsanPrintf in favor of Printf from sanitizer_common
2c29212 : [asan] improve SetErrorReportCallbackTest to actually catch missing functionality in __asan_set_error_report_callback
3ec16c5 : [Sanitizer] Allow to create stub MemoryMappingLayout on Windows
f7fa68f : [Sanitizer] One more method stub for Windows
d883c80 : [Sanitizer] align allocation sizes in low level allocator
b100277 : CMake build rules for ASan/Android runtime.
985aaaa : [Sanitizer] One more try to fix Windows build
947fbd1 : [Sanitizer] Use low-level allocator in flag parsing to avoid calling malloc() before ASan/TSan initialization is done
e1f5dac : [Sanitizer] Rename ProcessMaps to MemoryMappingLayout and fix Windows build by providing stub implementation
1069b9a : [ASan] add missing build dependency on sanitizer_common headers
3891ce6 : A few tweaks for building ASanRT against Android NDK.
70e177e : [Sanitizer] move low-level (mmap-based) allocator to sanitizer_common
ae46cd0 : tsan: improve memory allocator a bit
f5b925f : Revert the erroneous changes made to Makefile.old in r162547 Remove a spare newline from asan_rtl.cc
eb8c46e : If the program is linked to a dynamic ASan runtime which is not present in DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES (which, in turn, is required for our interceptors to take effect), re-exec the program with DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES set.
1e2525d : Add add_clang_runtime_shared_library() CMake function and use it to put the shared ASan runtime in the appropriate place.
6490f0d : Fix up compiler-rt for upstream merge to r162279.
ffad0c4 : tsan: allow to override per-thread event trace size useful if you don't see the second stack trace
557042c : tsan: fix new memory allocator Deallocate: drain blocks to central cache if cached too much (instead of never drain). Allocate: batch allocate fixed amount of blocks (instead of all blocks). This significantly reduces memory consumption of large heavy-multithreaded programs.
5e26975 : [Sanitizer] Add external symbolizer binary. Next steps - include it in CMake build (produce 32-bit and 64-bit version of it, make sure we can compile LLVM sources with our own flags) and add tests for it.
af198e4 : Re-implement the wrappers for libdispatch functions using blocks where appropriate (kudos to Anna Zaks for a good example). This simplifies the code much and lets us not implement internal parts of libdispatch.
9c6e530 : [Sanitizer] Switch the symbolization strategy that would be used by sanitizer tools family: as compiling in-process symbolizer into runtime involves certain difficulties, we may instead launch an external symbolizer program (fork + execl) in a subprocess and communicate with it via pipe.
06a7153 : [ASan] use write instead of puts in malloc hooks test for ASan, as puts calls malloc on Mac
c93d3e2 : [ASan] get rid of ASAN_USE_EXTERNAL_SYMBOLIZER compiler def in favor of __asan_set_symbolize_callback interface function. Now the user doesn't have to recompile ASan runtime to provide its own symbolizer
b21de9e : [ASan] make ASan malloc/free hooks weak interface functions, overridable by user. Now the user can control malloc/free hooks without recompiling ASan runtime
df1f2ef : [ASan] fix CMake build: make sure that all ASan runtimes are built at correct directory
14c8bd7 : [TSan] switch tsan to using InternalScopedBuffer from sanitizer_common
128892c : [asan] fix mac build
3945c58 : [asan] run-time part of the initialization order checker. Patch by Reid Watson with some bits from kcc. The sub-pass is off by default for now. On simple tests it works fine.
2511347 : [Sanitizer] implement internal_strcspn
2bf265b : [asan] update asan-rt to match the interface change in LLVm (r162268)
6611abe : [Sanitizer] define InternalScopedBuffer to replace large arrays on stack. It is defined analogous to similar class in tsan and should replace it.
0ffc227 : [asan] fix lint
2483ce3 : Dynamic interceptors for dispatch_async and dispatch_after.
b09dd34 : Minor refactoring: reduce code duplication by introducing a macro for dispatch_sync_f, dispatch_async_f, dispatch_barrier_async_f bodies.
5ffb40c : Fix a leftover #if defined(DYNAMIC_MAC_WRAPPERS).
55e711e : tsan: proper handling of linker initialized mutexes
a911c6f : tsan: Non-executable stack for hand-coded assembly
9ee7cf1 : Intercept siglongjmp and _longjmp under "#if ASAN_INTERCEPT_*"
beda44f : Fix lint warnings.
0ef5310 : Commit the source and CMake changes that will allow to build ASan runtime as a shared library on Mac OS. This will provide an alternative to mach_override.
ad3e3f9 : enable libcompiler-rt build for mips
bbbb20b : tsan: improve Go report format + fix build
fd51390 : tsan: add flag to disable reporting of destruction of locked mutexes (some programs use that on a regular basis)
332c62b : tsan: better diagnostics for destroy of a locked mutex + a test
2e933fc : tsan: support for linker initializer mutexes with static storage duration
539121b : tsan: fix COMPAT shadow mapping once again
c20e9ba : tsan: implement RWLOCK annotations
eee7f73 : tsan: fix COMPAT shadow mapping for new memory allocator
64310b2 : tsan: refactor cur_thread() -> thr
9bbc579 : tsan: store sync objects in memory block headers + delete them when the block is freed
26af893 : tsan: provide function that imitates write to a region but does not detect races
23ff97d : Remove the extra semicolon reported by the buildbot.
2e87051 : tsan: switch to new allocator
05bf9a5 : Introduce asan_intercepted_functions.h which contains the declarations wrapped functions and their wrappers. Those declarations are going to be shared between asan_interceptors.cc and the dynamic runtime library on Mac OS.
9029bda : [ASan] lit tests: use nm instead of llvm-nm, until llvm-nm becomes usable on Mac. Port output test change in r161948 to lit
cbeeced : tsan: add some more tests for memory allocator
fcf1c6f : tsan: fix several integer overflows
d14db18 : Check for filenames and numbers to detect possible problems with asan_symbolize.py on -fPIE binaries.
5cfa30e : Pass offset of the frame address within the binary to addr2line instead of the absolute address. Fixes the problem with -PIE binaries.
71d47ff : Patch the frame address regardless of the frame number.
37c4853 : Move the prototype of __CFInitialize to asan_mac.h so that asan_malloc_mac.cc may use it in the dynamic library mode.
ec3b073 : Use SANITIZER_INTERFACE_ATTRIBUTE instead of __attribute__((visibility("default"))) Export CheckFailed, asan_malloc, asan_free, asan_memalign, AsanStackTrace::CompressStack, AsanStackTrace::UncompressStack from the dynamic runtime library.
11f2b17 : Make __asan::asan_{malloc,free,memalign} globally visible, so that the dynamic version of the runtime will export them.
a10d1dc : [ASan] Port (the last one) tricky interface_test to lit, and a *huge* chunks of boilerplate to run tests for 32/64 bits and all optimization levels. Alas, lit doesn't support for loops in RUN-lines...
f0c6de3 : Do not attempt to intercept mlock and friends on Windows.
30f5a4f : Built already for sanitizer_common.
e34de79 : Update README.android.
00f1c09 : Use the common interception machinery for mlock/munlock/mlockall/munlockall.
589231c : [ASan] use clangxx_asan instead of clang_asan for C++ lit tests
41f85b9 : [ASan] port remaining output and feature tests to lit. TODO: we should in fact run most of the tests for 32/64 bits and for all optimization levels
2ad9b21 : [ASan] port interception and shared library tests to lit
c58b57e : [ASan] move declaration of __asan_default_options to interface header
0aa04b3 : [asan] better diagnostics for mmap failure
08d9788 : [ASan] make sure __asan_default_options symbol is exported
c6b8716 : [ASan] make sure __asan_default_options gets default visibility, port corresponding test to lit
25fa5e1 : [ASan] support for running OS-specific tests using lit, port clone_test as an example
6e893b6 : [Sanitizer] move OS-dependent pieces of symbolizer to separate source files
7d15f5d : tsan: handle larger number of goroutines + fix a memory leak of goroutine descriptors
e2430d2 : [ASan] add __asan_set_on_error_callback into force_interface_symbols (thanks to cool test by glider@)
f657a19 : [ASan] Add __asan_set_on_error_callback() interface function that allows user to set a callback to be called right when ASan detects an error
be98caf : [ASan] If ASan finds second error report, wait for some time and die (instead of running in a busy loop) to make sure ASan won't hang if it finds error while reporting an error in the same thread
0b56247 : [Sanitizer] Return cmake support for setting compile definitions for sanitizer_common library
de78258 : tsan: fix parameter type for pwrite64() interceptor
9873792 : [ASan] share code executed at the beginning/end of printing error reports
fe51abb : [ASan] CMake support for building ASan runtime as a universal binary on Mac
79fc3c0 : Remove the setjmp.h dependency, fix the comment.
d262653 : Temporary fix for http://code.google.com/p/address-sanitizer/issues/detail?id=99: when trying to free memory that actually belongs to the system purgeable zone, use malloc_zone_free(malloc_default_purgeable_zone(), ptr) instead of asan_free().
5a9938d : Add a test checking that all the "__asan_" interface functions are present in a binary built with -dead_strip. Fix force_interface_symbols() so that none of the interface symbols is stripped.
0b7981a : Make the non-interface mach_override functions static to avoid name clashes with user code that may contain its own mach_override.
663c501 : [ASan] Move mac-specific error reports to asan_report.cc as well
812ff90 : [ASan] Small fix to please tests on Windows, where stack unwinding using provided pc/bp works too bad
c98570b : [ASan] Move __asan_report_error implementation to asan_report.cc
448fe9a : Use a switch instead of a simple condition in force_interface_symbols(). Otherwise Clang eliminates everything after the first interface symbol that is marked noreturn.
e4bfca2 : [ASan] move code that describes globals to asan_report.cc
e218beb : [ASan] move some functions that describe addresses to asan_report.cc
487fee7 : [ASan] Move error reporting code away from file with interceptors
f7c1d18 : [ASan] Move error reports away from ASan allocator. Add new source file to CMakeLists as well
7354509 : [ASan] Create new files asan_report.{h,cc} as a preparation for refactoring of ASan error reporting code. Currently ASan reports many kinds of errors, and the code that actually prints error messages can be found inside allocator, OS-specific files, interceptors code etc.
8fc90f6 : [Sanitizer] cleanup CMake files for interception and sanitizer_common helper libraries
bd17004 : [compiler-rt] CMake build: if LLVM_BUILD_32_BITS is on, then -m32 is added to llvm definitions. Let us override this by explicitly adding -m64 compiler flag when building compiler-rt libraries for x86_64 target
9b7409a : [ASan] simplify cmake rules for adding lit testsuites
6ffcb58 : [ASan] add llvm_tools_dir to lit.site.cfg for ASan and add it to PATH
4afc63c : [ASan] Add support for running unit tests by lit (as a part of 'make check-asan' command)
6dd1dde : [ASan] fix names of malloc/free replacements on Android
4e21c6b : [ASan] add new ASan option 'strip_path_prefix' to remove useless prefices from filenames in stack traces
531c7d9 : AllocationSize(ptr) should check that |ptr| actually points to the beginning of the chunk it belongs to. Fixes http://code.google.com/p/address-sanitizer/issues/detail?id=86
5158404 : Apply changes to migrate to compiler-rt upstream.
897e89f : Implement LinuxSymbolizer instead of symbolize_addr2line.
8e39869 : Some refactoring for asan_symbolize.py: introduced the Symbolizer class and implemented DarwinSymbolizer for atos-based symbolization, BreakpadSymbolizer for breakpad-based symbolization (files produced by the dump_syms tool, http://code.google.com/p/google-breakpad/source/browse/#svn%2Ftrunk%2Fsrc%2Ftools%2Fmac%2Fdump_syms) and ChainSymbolizer to allow falling back if a symbolizer hadn't succeeded. Fixed pylint warnings.
a8fbcd7 : [Sanitizer] fix windows build
bfa11b6 : Follow-up for r161168 for Windows
592d3f7 : [Sanitizer] Workaround for a compiler warning - ISO C++ forbids casting pointer-to-function to pointer-to-object, so we use cast via integral type
37b3fcd : Make strcat() and strncat() more standard-compliant (check for invalid parameters even if zero bytes is copied, more accurate overlap check) Fix the tests that were relying on the incorrect behavior.
668accc : [Sanitizer] Fix warnings to please cmake build
90b60b1 : Add support for "movsbl %sil,%ecx" (x86_64) and "movsbl $imm(%ebp), %edx" (i386) to our fork of mach_override. This is an extended version of a patch by Rafael Avila de Espindola (rafael.espindola@gmail.com)
3dc47e5 : [Sanitizer] Make ASan/TSan sources depend on headers from interception library
fd2ae4f : [ASan] cleanup interceptors code - prefer ASAN_INTERCEPT_FUNCTION_NAME macro to _WIN32, __APPLE__ etc.
7274ff8 : First tiny move towards integrating AddressSanitizer regressions test into LLVM lit-based testing infrastructure. The goal is to be able to run ASan tests by simply running "make check-asan" command from CMake build tree: * tests should use fresh clang binary from current build tree. * tests should use the same RUN-lines syntax as llvm/clang reg tests.
970a9b9 : Factor out the main() function.
41df565 : [Sanitizer] Wrapper around llvm::DIContext from LLVM DebugInfo library. If a macro SANITIZER_USES_LLVM_LIBS is defined (by default it is not), then sanitizer runtime includes llvm headers and tries to use LLVM libs for in-process symbolization. To make it functional, we have to link with these LLVM libs - either pass them to linker from Clang driver, or link them into static ASan runtime when we build it.
b0bb7fb : [ASan] fix cmake build warning
8f88dd2 : [TSan] delete trailing spaces
9d150bd : tsan: add ReleaseStore() function that merely copies vector clock rather than combines two clocks fix clock setup for finalizer goroutine (Go runtime)
715c746 : tsan: add missing include
08c058a : Update for ASan cherry-pick.
4800ba1 : [asan] ensure that asan_init is called in str[n]cmp. Bug found by Nick Kralevich (thanks)
6b2804f : tsan: change event handling from single HandleEvent() to a set of separate functions (Go runtime)
c1527fd : tasn: do not remember stack traces for sync objects for Go (they are not reported anyway)
93ec440 : tsan: remove unnecessary and wrong include
8648e77 : [asan] ensure that asan_init is called in str[n]cmp. Bug found by Nick Kralevich (thanks)
37f52ab : tsan: make the runtime library name tsan-neutral for Go upstream
87dbdf5 : tsan: allow environment to override OnReport() and OverrideFlags()
8f1104c : tsan: suport for Go finalizers
8971f0c : tsan: expect that Go symbolizer can return NULLs
4d57f44 : cmake for compiler-rt: add a function to set output dirs for compiler runtimes equal to directory used by Clang driver. Use it for ASan runtime. Also, make sure that ASan unit tests depend on the ASan runtime.
b831086 : [asan] don't return from a never-return function. fix a test that had a chain of bugs instead of just one
b750c4c : [ASan] fixup for r160712: provide a default definition for weak __asan_default_options()
8a1dd56 : Make __asan_default_options a weak function that returns a const char*. Users may define it to override the default ASan options. This function has to be marked with __attribute__((no_address_safety_analysis)), because it is called before ASan is fully initialized.
853733e : tsan: align report style with Go internal format
b0af639 : Revert r160669 (except for compile flag updates)
43046e0 : tsan: output goroutine creation stack
a43a62a : [ASan] hacking cmake build: after generating asan runtime, copy it to the Clang lib directory where Clang driver expects to find it.
1a7741b : [ASan] Support for cmake build of ASan unittests in 32-bit LLVM build. Currently, to run ASan unit tests both for 32- and 64 bits one has to maintain two distinct LLVM builds. In a bright future, we'd like to use a single build for this
75b19eb : Intercept CFAllocator for each thread in the program. Test that child threads use the ASan allocator, that allocated memory can be passed to another thread and deallocated on it. This should fix http://code.google.com/p/address-sanitizer/issues/detail?id=81
63201b1 : [ASan] minor fixes to silence cmake build warnings
79d12e8 : For wild addresses in the shadow or shadow gap areas print an error message instead of crashing on a check. Add AddressSanitizer.MemsetWildAddressTest that makes sure a proper error message is printed.
08e80a4 : [ASan] subtract one from PCs in ASan error reports (as they originally contain return addresses). Make output tests stricter.
06c2e8f : [tsan] fix lint
47b5f04 : [tsan] minor fixes in tsan allocator and its testlib. Now runs fine with chrome
c603ad2 : Suppress the stderr output from atos.
75983dd : [Sanitizer] When obtaining the data for loaded modules, add address ranges of loadable segments only. Looks like address range of PT_TLS segment may intersect with loadable segments of other modules.
389b74b : [tsan] minor enhancements in the new tsan allocator and a test malloc replacement library that can be linked to any program to replace malloc (tested on spec2006)
5164ad4 : [TSan] fix confusing error message in CheckFailed
219f20b : [Sanitizer] add missing unit test for flag parsing (forgot to run svn add before)
6fbecdd : [TSan] cleanup header comments
b134ffa : [asan] get rid of the last operator new call in asan rtl
bca62bd : tsan: add platform suffix to Go runtime library
9cff0c0 : tsan: treat malloc() as memory access in Go
25d1c79 : tsan: use dynamic shadow stack for Go
e716b60 : tsan: increase number of dead threads for Go
2339710 : tsan: Go runtime: support goroutine end event
3f24d63 : tsan: fix build
5b266cb : tsan: port Go runtime to Darwin
0dc3177 : [Sanitizer] implement straightforward nlogn sorting, as qsort() may call malloc, which leads to deadlock in ASan allocator
7ffba06 : tsan: allow to pass CFLAGS to Go runtime build script
4cce3a5 : tsan: add missing test for Go runtime
b93c3d5 : [tsan] use internal_strnlen in strncpy interceptor (the bug found while booting chromium)
eb1b5f3 : <rdar://problem/11668446> Add .subsections_via_symbols to Darwin assembly files
9b1b101 : [Sanitizer] fix CMake build
7ed1d2b : [ASan] move flags description to separate header, add comments about them.
4fbbcbe : [ASan] cleanup: remove dead flag
cb8c4dc : [ASan] Use common flags parsing machinery.
f3be706 : [Sanitizer] move flag parsing routines (and unit tests) from tsan runtime to common runtime.
8428a6a : Suppress a lint warning.
cb3a6b8 : tsan: Go language support fixes
c510a2f : tsan: Go lang: symbolize stack traces
deafb6b : [tsan] start using AllocatorCache in CombinedAllocator
0fedcd5 : Small fix: do not replace the default CFAllocator if it has been replaced already.
541c620 : [tsan] implement SizeClassAllocatorLocalCache (part of tsan allocator)
23a3b76 : Because CFAllocatorCreate() should also be called after __CFInitialize() on Lion, do so by factoring the CFAllocator logic into ReplaceCFAllocator(), which is called from either the __CFInitialize wrapper or __asan_init(), depending on which of them is called later.
bf9f6fb : A portable way to check whether __CFInitialize has been called: compare kCFAllocatorSystemDefault._base._cfisa to 0. This should fix http://code.google.com/p/address-sanitizer/issues/detail?id=87 on both Lion and Snow Leopard.
d079db6 : Do not check for __CFRuntimeClassTableSize on non-10.6 systems, where this symbol is private. This change may cause http://code.google.com/p/address-sanitizer/issues/detail?id=87 to re-appear on Lion.
816398d : [tsan] use intrusive list in the new tsan allocator
5a2327c : [tsan] add intrusive list to be used in tsan allocator, etc
b78caa6 : tsan: Go language support
decaec9 : Fix http://code.google.com/p/address-sanitizer/issues/detail?id=87 by making sure we replace the default CFAllocator only after __CFInitialize has been called.
c4a3ff3 : [ASan] Add a default constructor for DWARFSection to initialize it with zeros.
00d345c : tsan/asan: kill STL First, placement new from standard library conflicts with our own. Second, we are in trouble if user uses the same function (we either get instrumented code in runtime, or non-instrumented code in user program).
8b0c66f : [tsan] reg test for tsan issue #3
bc12f5d : [TSan] add a new option 'use_internal_symbolizer' that allows to choose between addr2line-based and llvm-based symbolizer w/o having to rebuild the runtime. This is hopefully a temporary solution that simplifies testing process. In the end, we should leave a single symbolizer.
81794a2 : [TSan] Improve output tests: allow reports to contain file:line:column instead of file:line
e93be84 : Do not call malloc_zone_from_ptr() for the pointers passed to mz_size() and mz_free(). These callbacks assume that the memory belongs to asan_zone, so it's incorrect to pass it to another one. If a need for this appears (e.g. system libraries free the memory using wrong zone), it should be documented.
c2018c1 : [ASan] Minor fix in symbolizer output.
fe67024 : [ASan] fixup for r159652
a68633f : [Sanitizer] Extend a symbolizer code. Implemented for Linux only. Use dl_iterate_phdr to get virtual addresses of mapped module sections. To symbolize an address from a module, map this module to memory and obtain pointers to debug info sections. Later these pointers can be passed to constructor of DWARF context-in-memory from LLVM DebugInfo lib.
c3d1698 : [TSan] use threadsafe death tests in TSan unit tests
8d99318 : asan/tsan: improve SpinMutex
e088e16 : tsan/asan: add mutex to 64-bit allocator
62f2940 : [ASan] cmake cleanup: make tab/space padding in CMakeLists consistent, silence/fix some pedantic warnings
6902135 : tsan/asan: third try on msvc atomics
6dab190 : tsan/asan: second attemp on msvc atomics
b6eb56f : tsan/asan: first try on msvc atomics
a3eca81 : tsan/asan: add SpinMutex to sanitizer_common
c04d8b3 : tsan/asan: unify ScopedLock
fce5bd4 : tsan/asan: unify atomics (move atomics from tsan to sanitizer_common)
aa7bb26 : tsan: use -Wno-unused-private-field only for clang (gcc does not understand it)
19d9bfe : [tsan] added CombinedAllocator for tsan
6e48155 : tsan: replace struct copies where clang inserts memcpy() calls with explicit internal_memcpy() calls
065c4ac : tsan: remove own memset/memcpy/memcmp (too messy)
bb8a951 : [asan] fix lint
a4e4744 : [asan] get rid of libc's sscanf as it causes infinite recursion on Fedora.
dbd8aac : [ASan] cmake unit tests: explicitly add necessary linker flags when linking unit tests with asan runtime
2084543 : [ASan] cmake-based unit tests: merge instrumented and non-instrumented files into one test binary
43b0461 : tsan: clear shadow for ucontext, because it's visible to user
1fc03d5 : tsan: fix crashes if signal is caught during thread bootstrap or shutdown
c9aeed8 : [ASan] fix the build - erase second main as we link all test sources together
d00ecb6 : [ASan] silence various warnings in cmake build of asan unit tests
37dd1d7 : [ASan] cmake support for running asan unit tests on Mac
79753b2 : [ASan] update cmake rules so that ASan unit tests can include googletest (and, hence, llvm) headers when they are built by fresh Clang
df50545 : tsan: add missing file (forgot to svn add in r159294)
b4fefa7 : [ASan] cleanup: trailing semicolons, trailing colons in enums
ba362a7 : [Sanitizer] fight more semicolons in macro definitions (to please mac cmake build)
d51a1a1 : tsan: prevent insertion of unwanted memset/memcpy/memcmp into runtime
a5562db : tsan: remember and pass original ucontext to signal handlers (instead of a fabricated one)
e963666 : tsan: refactor signal handling code (move some definitions out of common header)
7a72b4a : tsan: check that signal handlers do not spoil errno.
bb54ae3 : tsan: close all file descriptors after fork()
46d7b0b : Print inlined frames in the symbolized report.
984f6cf : Add support for building the ASan instrumentation unit tests with the just-built Clang binary, and linking them against the just-built ASan runtime.
fc6c80e : [tsan] added LargeMmapAllocator, a part of the new tsan allocator
c082540 : [TSan] fix warnings suppression: internal-linkage-in-inline was renamed to static-in-inline
d6ccdac : build/clang_darwin: More principled fix for PR12918; none of this stuff should be built here.
94cc7e1 : [asan] update the cmake file for asan
225f531 : tsan: remove internal allocator, switch to sanitizer_common one.
bf34710 : tsan: remove internal allocator, switch to sanitizer_common one.
c421429 : [tsan] lint
16441b0 : [tsan] minor changes in tsan allocator
136e9a5 : [tsan] fix the build
bff5336 : [asan] move tests from asan_interface_test.cc to asan_noinst_test.cc. Now all these tests do not require instrumentation and work directly with asan rt
821f21b : Cleanup the handling of CFLAGS even more in the cmake build for ASan. Add the initial support for building ASan tests.
e7539bf : [asan] get rid of '#include <malloc.h>' in the implementation of malloc interceptors
a765ffc : Another big step toward a viable CMake build system for CompilerRT, ASan, and friends.
6bae39d : Lots of trivial changes to remove extraneous semicolons throughout ASan.
025ea90 : [tsan] a better CHECK for OOM in the new allocator
94c54f1 : [asan] fix -Wsign-compare
7f2d7c7 : Mechanical change to sink a #ifdef guard for a platform below the include of int_lib.h.
0193b74 : Remove extraneous semicolons outside of functions. This fixes a large number of -pedantic warnings.
0c87068 : Reorder these things for clarity, and add -std=c99 to the compile flags.
2e82a8b : Disable the test subdirectory entirely until we get fresh CMake files there. I didn't notice this because I had a stub that wasn't checked in floating around in my client.
6dd4ae3 : [tsan] add metadata to the new tsan allocator
cd25a5f : Allow divsi3 to take advantage of a hardware unsigned divide when it is available, by replacing an explicit call to udivsi3 with the divide operator. Patch by Sébastien Bourdeauducq.
8ebf84c : [tsan] more code for a specialized tsan allocator
9ad7c32 : tsan: do not call malloc/free in memory access handling routine. This improves signal-/fork-safety of instrumented programs.
f4e8fc6 : Small lint fix.
43d03f3 : Add a test for issue 81 -- AddressSanitizerMac.DISABLED_CFAllocatorDefaultDoubleFree_ChildPhread
c375657 : [tsan] first step in implementing a custom allocator for tsan (and msan) which saves precious shadow
39b2e6a : [ASan] fix lint error
effd6bf : Enable AddressSanitizerMac.CFAllocatorDefaultDoubleFree and AddressSanitizerMac.CFAllocatorMallocDoubleFree, which now work fine.
0aa794d : Factor the common code out of cf_free and mz_free. Introduce the mac_ignore_invalid_free flag (0 by default) which makes both cf_free and mz_free ignore invalid free invocations and leak memory.
bd0fbe6 : Fix the output tests on Darwin
e205a9d : Actually intercept free() to ensure that the deallocations caused by other functions directly calling it are routed to our allocator. For the allocations that do not belong to any malloc zone check whether they're padded with a pointer to ASan's CFAllocator. If so, free the original (unpadded) pointer. This should fix AddressSanitizerMac.NSURLDeallocation and issue 70.
df42b61 : Add a test for NSURL deallocation (issue 70)
6985085 : [tsan] a bit more lint and Makefile changes to run tests from sanitizer_common
479d47f : Resuming work on the compiler-rt CMake build at long long last. In order to get it working again, two changes were needed:
de08c02 : [Sanitizer] Renaming: SNPrintf -> internal_snprintf (and move it to sanitizer libc)
86cdf2d : [TSan] Add a comment that tsan_flags.h may be included in the user code, and therefore shouldn't include other headers from TSan or common sanitizer runtime. User may need tsan_flags.h to provide its implementation of __tsan::OverrideFlags
a92c0cb : [Sanitizer] State that sanitizer_libc.h header can be included in the user code (and therefore it shouldn't include other sanitizer runtime headers).
64afb7e : [Sanitizer] use fully qualified type for placement new replacement
0a9d891 : [TSan] silence -Winternal-linkage-in-inlinewarning which is produced for gtest code
0499b84 : Declare some variables unsigned to avoid signed vs unsigned mismatches. This exploits the relative order of the arguments and/or checks already made in the functions.
8cd0df7 : [Sanitizer] add internal_strncmp to sanitizer libc
84902c7 : [TSan] kill some linux-specific code in favor of code in common runtime: reuse wrappers for mmap routines, ProcessMaps iterator, thread stack calculation
0969bcf : [Sanitizer] move different wrappers from TSan to common sanitizer runtime
877bfcf : [Sanitizer] Fix type for placement new on 32-bit Mac
fa82b08 : [Sanitizer] Use ProcessMaps in symbolizer to get module name and offset for instruction address
c925697 : [Sanitizer] move all the rest re-implementations of libc functions from ASan runtime to common sanitizer runtime
88207ab : [Sanitizer] Use DEFINE_REAL macro in TSan runtime to call libc implementations of functions. Move strchr to sanitizer_libc.
666772c : Free the allocated filename. Found by clang static analyzer.
b84ee02 : [Sanitizer] Use mmaped buffer in DumpProcessMaps to avoid large stack frames
502d383 : [TSan] don't use too new __attribute__((unused)) for class member
dd3a911 : [Sanitizer] move ShadowRangeIsAvailable and several defines to common runtime
4c49666 : [Sanitizer] move atomic ops, min/max and sort to commnon runtime
fa3daaf : [Sanitizer] move more portability wrappers to common runtime: sleep, _exit, abort, atexit, pthread_self
be7420c : [Sanitizer] move DumpProcessMap and DisableCoreDumper to common runtime
3fb4441 : tsan: fix COMPAT mapping to not produce false reports
a9f18d1 : Don't build compiler-rt arm code on darwin. Fixes PR12918.
fc375d1 : 80 columns
f607fc1 : [Sanitizer] move rest of mmap routines to common sanitizer runtime
3dbeabb : [Sanitizer] move portable GetEnv to common sanitizer runtime
327c1c1 : [Sanitizer] Move internal_memcmp to common sanitizer libc
2ea9787 : [Sanitizer] Workaround for -Wunused-private-field warning - add an attribute in TSan unit test, and silence this warning as gtest has unused fields.
996651d : [ASan] don't include deleted header
fc1415a : [ASan] remove obsolete header asan_procmaps.h
d1a2f44 : Separate out libcompiler-rt-extras.
78159d0 : Add test rdx, rdx to fix ASan tests on Mac OS 10.7 x64
718acdb : [Sanitizer] Use __libc_malloc/__libc_free instead of malloc/free inside internal allocator on Linux (important for TSan)
98c8780 : [TSan] use efficient real_memcpy inside runtime
4fac148 : [Sanitizer] add internal_memset and internal_strrchr to sanitizer_common/
a1a25c1 : [ASan] allow calls to memmove during rtl initialization
e19cf55 : [TSan] s/internal_memset/real_memset
c1bdd5a : [ASan] add interceptor for strncat
a115c66 : Build the platform-independent parts of compiler-rt.
f7667cc : [Sanitizer] move internal_strdup and internal_memcpy to common runtime. Make internal allocations from TSan runtime call InternalAlloc from common runtime
9fe7b96 : [Sanitizer] use unsigned int as a parameter for placement new on 32 bits
47b1634 : [Sanitizer] move placement_new definiton from TSan to common runtime
8d4ca28 : [Sanitizer] include stdlib.h header to get malloc/free
0334fc8 : [asan] slow 16-byte redzones (still experimental)
6e0c3a4 : [Sanitizer] Allocator for internal runtime purposes. Currently it calls libcmalloc, but we might have to make it more low-level in future
ed996f7 : [Sanitizer] Fix mac build.
e5931fd : [Sanitizer] factor out GetThreadStackTopAndBottom from ASan runtime to common.
6895adc : [Sanitizer] __asan::AsanProcMaps -> __sanitizer::ProcessMaps.
cffe2f5 : [Sanitizer] Move ReadFileToBuffer to sanitizer_common.
1607160 : [asan] more compaction: don't use the next field while the chunk is in allocated state
6dc48dd : [asan] more allocator compaction
a25b346 : [Sanitizer] Switch to common mmap/munmap routines in ASan run-time.
8c53e54 : [Sanitizer] Make UNIMPLEMENTED macro common.
f4a4d5a : [asan] more compaction for allocator
15a7761 : [Sanitizer] Use common CHECK machinery. Currently each tool has to define its own CheckFailed function.
e0cff0b : [asan] make tid u32 instead of int
7ebac95 : [asan] start compacting the allocator header, the goal is to make it 16 bytes w/o losing any information
9b8a9c1 : [tsan,asan] comment out O_CLOEXEC as it causes build failures on old linux kernels
7fdcdf5 : [Sanitizer] Remove __attribute__((format))
675293d : [ASan] match type of arguments to format string on Mac.
15503b0 : [Sanitizer] fix Win build - ignore __attribute__((format)).
e954101 : [Sanitizer]: Introduce a common internal printf function. For now, also use tool-specific wrappers TsanPrintf (its output is controlled by TSan flags) and AsanPrintf (which copies its results to the ASan-private buffer). Supported formats: %[z]{d,u,x}, %s, %p. Re-write all format strings in TSan according to this format (this should have no effect on 64-bit platforms).
e4309e8 : [ASan] more format fixes
5bcca4e : [ASan] Make printf arguments match format strings better.
67a64dd : [TSan] run some renaming as a preparation for factoring out Printf implementation.
9929ffd : [ASan] fix win build - add missing header
230c3be : [Sanitizer] Move more functions/constants to sanitizer_common.
8e820fc : [Sanitizer] move internal_filesize and internal_dup2 from TSan to sanitizer_common.
47657ce : [ASan] Use __sanitizer::Die() in ASan runtime.
9edf750 : [Sanitizer] add sanitizer_common.h for routines shared between TSan and ASan runtimes. Use __sanitizer::Die() in TSan.
4b6eec3 : [ASan] fix GetFreeBytesTest interface test on 32-bit Linux - delete some assumptions about the behavior of allocator in test code
94b5036 : [Sanitizer] rename sanitizer_defs.h to sanitizer_internal_defs.h
78381e4 : [Sanitizer] fix compilation on Mac OS 10.6 - don't use O_CLOEXEC
b9a30e0 : [Sanitizer] remove using namespace __sanitizer lines
0a4c906 : [Sanitizer] Use common defines for ASan and TSan runtime. Split defines between interface defines (can be visible in user code that includes interface ASan/TSan headers) and internal defines.
8c8c8b0 : [asan] change the order of tests in the asan_test binary. Makes the test runs 2x faster due to DEATH_TEST overhead (see asan issue 77)
562e19e : [TSan] Use internal_munmap from sanitizer_libc in TSan runtime.
1f11d31 : [Sanitizer] add sanitizer_posix.cc. Move more various functions into sanitizer_libc: sscanf, munmap, memchr
3f46cf4 : [ASan] s/size_t/uptr in asan_mac.cc
89345b0 : [TSan] make TSan runtime use internal_{close,read,write} from sanitizer_libc
2221f55 : [ASan] use internal_{close,read,write} in ASan runtime.
a56aefd : [Sanitizer] add internal_{close,read,write} functions to sanitizer_libc
7f9c5a2 : [TSan] use __sanitizer::internal_open in TSan run-time
9552db7 : [ASan] use internal_open from sanitizer_libc in ASan runtime
c5d4651 : [Sanitizer] Add sanitizer_win.cc for windows-specific implementations of libc functions. Add internal_open.
48aee68 : [TSan] use __sanitizer::internal_mmap in TSan run-time
6316c11 : [ASan] Fix a typo in Makefile.old
982cee4 : [Sanitizer] Enable lint for sanitizer_common/
ae4d9ca : Created files sanitizer_linux.cc and sanitizer_mac.cc for platform-specific implementations of common functions. Turned asan_mmap into __sanitizer::internal_mmap.
603c4be : Remove file-type tags in .cc files in tsan/ and sanitizer_common/
e5f5895 : Remove file-type tags for .cc files in ASan run-time library
c0d78c1 : [Sanitizer]: move internal_strcmp to sanitizer_common
5f2fe37 : [ASan] Use ASan option symbolize to turn on internal symbolizer (in development)
3836ff2 : [Sanitizer] Move internal_strncpy to sanitizer_libc (and make its behavior conforming to manual)
4e6c6c7 : [Sanitizer_common] fix filenames in comments
ab5dbcc : temporary include stdlib.h in symbolizer to fix Mac/Win build
cfd605e : [asan] fix gcc build
2f7d826 : Stub files for common symbolizer for AddressSanitizer and ThreadSanitizer tools. It is an analogue of addr2line utility and should allow to map instruction address to a location in source code at run-time. It should use debug information (in DWARF) in a binary, and hopefully it would be possible to re-use code from llvm/DebugInfo/DIContext.h
f037f56 : tsan: intercept longjmp() but die in it, greatly simplifies problem diagnostic
45c8d1b : [asan] partial fix for windows build
b49879c : [asan] partial fix for windows build
ee39255 : [asan] more renaming
3f4c387 : [asan] more renaming
a13749b : tsan: fix a typo
9aead37 : [asan,tsan] introduce sanitizer_common/sanitizer_defs.h and perform some renaming in asan rt. More to come.
b99941c : Fix the wildcards for two output tests on Darwin.
16e0075 : [asan,tsan] rename files in sanitizer_common to have a common prefix (sanitizer_).
20f60c5 : tsan: suppress reports against source file names as well
a87bdaa : Be more verbose when installing the signals.
6b6dc57 : Fix a bug in parsing boolean flags: we used to take the first char of the key=value string instead of the first character of the value.
e4781f0 : Be less verbose when parsing the default options.
b4b9fa7 : tsan: prevent recursive signal handlers
b3cedf9 : [asan,tsan] Add a new directory compiler-rt/lib/sanitizer_common which will contain code shared between asan and tsan run-times.
ff20f17 : Fixing ASan build on Win: don't use __asan_default_options
4113f64 : Do not define ___asan_default_options on Windows.
d389dd3 : Fix atoi stub for linux introduced in r157573. This fixes compiler-rt build on linux.
c6df61b : tsan: fix compiler warnings
411b2c9 : tsan: fix race during pthread_join/detach
62f10e7 : Rework the flags machinery a bit. Clients may define the __asan_default_options char string containing the default options for the tool now.
a27d6a7 : More verbose check in AppendString.
40565ce : tsan: pass CFLAGS to tests
00a38b2 : tsan: be more conservative wrt symbolizer output
ec63f45 : Add support for the GCOV_PREFIX_STRIP env variable which tries to strip off the first 'n' directories from the filename.
84baff0 : Add stub for 'atoi'.
015b7e0 : Simplify the logic that tries to open the GCDA file at all costs. Basically, if we can't open the file even after creating all of the directories to it, then just give up.
906d5a5 : * A bit of cleanup of the 'recursive_mkdir'. No functionality change. * Check for absolute paths before using the GCOV_PREFIX. * Don't add an ending path separator if there's already one.
d350c35 : tsan: increase /proc/self/maps max size (1M is far not enough)
f54c0e3 : asan/tsan: rename interceptors from __xsan_xxx to __interceptor_xxx
75d48f2 : tsan: more robust detection of stack of main thread
769544e : tsan: use DCHECK_GT/LT instead of plain DCHECK (better diagnostics)
af154b8 : tsan: do not clean stack/tls for main thread
170169a : asan: remove static libraries on make clean
de47cb8 : Don't use 'strrchr', which isn't implemented here yet.
5a240c5 : Sync with old GCOV runtime library's file.
f2981f3 : Typo fix.
fca72fd : Factor ParseAsanOptions outside __asan_init
3793123 : Introduce the check_malloc_usable_size flag (on by default). When the flag is set to zero, we do not check for errors in malloc_usable_size. This may be useful to work around a bug in Nvidia drivers prior to 295.*
789b6c5 : tsan: do not call into libc in symbolizer and in other code (this causes recursion and crashes)
1070a5a : tsan: output message about failure to intercept only if verbosity flag is passed
d1a928e : asan: fix tests depending on -m32/-m64 addr2line says either e.g. __xsan_strnlen or just strnlen
619e8bf : Adding back a right parenthesis that was dropped in r157388.
ea5bde9 : tsan: compilation of tests with newest clang
5aa3f22 : tsan: fix compilation with newest clang
580469d : asan/tsan: weak interceptors The idea isthat asan/tsan can survive if user intercepts the same functions. At the same time user has an ability to call back into asan/tsan runtime. See the following tests for examples: asan/output_tests/interception_failure_test-linux.cc asan/output_tests/interception_test-linux.cc asan/output_tests/interception_malloc_test-linux.cc
24567d4 : tsan: add a flag to control RunningOnValgrind() return value
c99f700 : Move AsanShadowRangeIsAvailable() from mac to posix.
f1ee2cd : Use zero-based shadow by default on Android.
ed23418 : asan: fix typo in comment
adfb650 : tsan: add shadow memory flush + fix few bugs
e294d09 : tsan: fix sizeof sigset_t
b9bcdb3 : tsan: fix makefile allow to build custom configurations
9d2ffc2 : tsan: reduce per-thread memory usage
76ac572 : [asan] nuke some old unused code
6f350e0 : [asan] increase the stack size limit to 256M (yes, that happens); also CHECK that the stack size is less than that on a non-main thread
2612773 : tsan: simple memory profiler
9003eae : [asan] use -fno-builtin to build asan-rt on Mac
f4226ae : [asan] use -fPIE -fno-builtin for building asan-rt
e4d141d : [asan] fix one test on 32-bit Mac 10.7; enable another test on Mac
05906a7 : tsan: implement malloc/free hooks
8c505ef : [ASan] Make for-Windows RTL compileable using Clang++
6d6acaa : tsan: do not assume non-recursive signal handlers
e784ad4 : tsan: replace CHECK with CHECK_EQ for better diagnostics
d91d067 : tsan: better, more realistic handling of signals
efd9582 : tsan: add more checks for OOM conditions tests like to try to malloc((size_t)-1)
7b8bee1 : tsan: check for overflow in malloc()
7d38634 : tsan: fix potential NULL deref
b7b6b1c : tsan: remove shutdown code tsan runtime shutdown is problematic for 2 reasons: 1. others crash during shutdown 2. we have to override user exit status (don't know it and can't return from atexit handler)
069ce82 : tsan: detect accesses to freed memory http://codereview.appspot.com/6214052
3547924 : [tsan] fix dependency rules in Makefile.old
7b664bf : tsan: ValgrindSlowdown() should be weak for some time
dc2f032 : tsan: add ValgrindSlowdown() "dynamic annotation"
5c5564a : tsan: improve addr2line symbolizer -provide support for non-continous modules -ignore not loaded sections -more debug output
ec1e196 : [tsan] add tiny_test.c
0629810 : [tsan] fix old-style makefile -- we still need them to run our tests
4026c2c : [tsan] makefile machinery to build tsan-rt (linux-x86_64 only)
c8c8720 : [asan] fix the old-style Makefile, which we still need to run asan tests
bc7ab9c : Update atomic.c to work with the new clang builtins.
0d49904 : [asan] move lib/asan/interception to lib/interception so that other tools (e.g. tsan) can use it
cdfb33a : tsan: add more atomics to public interface (fetch_or/and/xor + 1-,2-byte versions)
f5820e7 : tsan: enabled report suppression for signal-unsafe reports
bfc45f1 : tsan: fix output_tests script to actually verify tests results
a762200 : tsan: make addr2line symbolizer understand dynamic libraries Collect info about all dynamic libraries in the process (name, base, size). Determine to what dyn lib the address relates, route request to addr2line instance for the lib.
38a2f2a : tsan: update output tests to race on heap memory Races on stack of main thread are problematic for COMPAT mapping, because it's not 1-to-1 and race addr is not properly mapped from shadow back to application memory. Update output tests to race heap memory.
37f60be : tsan: fix mmap fd This is mostly to test my commit access. Fixes fd passed to mmap(), -1 is the proper invalid fd.
8ca0278 : Increase error_message_buffer_size to 64K (16K is insufficient for large programs)
3972ea0 : Fix GetFrameNameByAddr hitting stale stack guards.
1b2d44c : [tsan] run output tests in parallel
3d6ae15 : [tsan] run more kinds of builds as presubmit test (and fix gcc debug build)
de257a9 : [tsan] a bit more lint
b82ae88 : [tsan] old-dstyle Makefile for tests; two helper scripts that analyze the assembly code of the hot functions
da4edd8 : [tsan] ThreadSanitizer tests and micro benchmarks. No makefiles yet.
d40895d : [tsan] add the old Makefile (which is the only way to build the tsan-rtl for now)
7ac4148 : [tsan] First commit of ThreadSanitizer (TSan) run-time library.
f2b1df7 : Fix ReadFileToBuffer to return 0 on failure (-1 is too large if returned as size_t).
ed00338 : Add stlport for include <algorithm>. Fix build.
909888c : [ASan] use CLANG_VERSION in Makefile (currently 3.2)
0796393 : [asan] fix asan issue #66 (correctly report type of the bug)
6f262bf : Bump the LLVM minor version. This should fix our 32-bit Linux build.
4eaa178 : [asan] test for issue #66

Project: platform/external/dbus

75c4b89 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/dhcpcd

a3a2260 : dhcpcd: Update to Version 5.5.6
2af699e : Fix netmask retrival from ifc_get_info()
66705d9 : Get rid of LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := user
da9c16b : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/dnsmasq

00b7b35 : Ensure all commands read on dnsmasq's stdin are processed
8eab1fd : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/doclava

c60a46c : cherypick from jb-dev-docs Change-Id: I1d7b357c6c7fa172cc0099c489072665e8a35a85
40ad147 : cherrypick Change-Id: Ic7cc0864518fef95b106ab3d392c47eb225404bf Add HDF meta-data for the version in which an API was deprecated
ccc2f8e : cherry pick from jb-dev-docs Change-Id: I87accadfadc9d4535f3c4aed1b4bcebb05a38454
72ce82e : Cleanup some debugging output.
18b2555 : Patch in Brett Johnson's changes from DocLava to support yaml.
550a9de : Turns out passing an array for varargs works.
d6f2c2b : Fix arrays on primitives and varargs.
9c58484 : Fix federation for @link
1e0d370 : Port over r184 from SVN.
6aa428d : Properly handle array dimentions in keep lists.
970f13f : Add proper keep list generation.

Project: platform/external/e2fsprogs

ee85eda : Fix the mac build of e2fsprogs
22218d3 : Fix the mac host build of e2fsprogs
6c4b42c : Xcode 4.3 compatibility checkin
8558eab : Update e2fsprogs to version 1.41.14

Project: platform/external/eclipse-windowbuilder

e59c38e : Update Guava from 10.0.1 to 13.0.1
f38ceab : Prevent NPE in Property Sheet code
6e615b0 : Remove unused locale info
767eb85 : Prevent beeps in property editor
da694f4 : Add window docking support for applying flyout prefs
1f6650a : Fix propertysheet mouse handling
baf49b0 : Add WindowBuilder NLS support

Project: platform/external/elfutils

0fe6c92 : Remove obsolete LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS
2497ad2 : Fix build

Project: platform/external/emma

05f1ab8 : Build emma as a static Java library.

Project: platform/external/expat

35e432d : Upgrade to expat 2.1.0.
4b529ee : Retire LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.
f848073 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/fat32lib

6950a7f : Initial empty repository

Project: platform/external/fdlibm

2485670 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/freetype

8afe960 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/fsck_msdos

6c29bbe : Detect and handle invalid number of FATs
fe7400d : Fix division-by-zero when reading partition tables

Project: platform/external/gcc-demangle

d6f7018 : Build libgccdemangle for the host too.

Project: platform/external/giflib

b027dc0 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/grub

3a7fb48 : gcc 4.6: don't reorder functions
41b4504 : Change the -Ttext value in hexadecimal for ld.gold

Project: platform/external/gtest

344e5f3 : Use $EXTERNAL_STORAGE instead of /sdcard.
b1099ee : Host modules don't need LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS
624efe6 : gtest: Fix build with gcc 4.7

Project: platform/external/guava

fc8e523 : Fixed Maps.java comment to reflect current code
f2dad04 : Add Ubuntu patch to work around OpenJDK bug

Project: platform/external/hamcrest

84ee3dc : Build hamcrest against the SDK.

Project: platform/external/harfbuzz

6842c62 : Fix to make space width consistent in bidi
d124f96 : Fix memory leak in harfbuzz.
81da29a : Make Harfbuzz accept DFLT language tag.

Project: platform/external/icu4c

2837d75 : Restore "tl" (Tagalog).
f1e9c4d : Add missing locale aliases for in, iw and tl.
6384944 : Remove the ps and ps_AF locales.
2ab0fa6 : Fix a comment.
10c41c3 : Fix the icu_data_generator.py script.
0e0e06f : Fix build
b870ee0 : Remove obsolete ThirdPartyProject.prop file.

Project: platform/external/iproute2

895912f : iproute2: don't optimize unused routines

Project: platform/external/ipsec-tools

f24812b : ipsec-tools: avoid the case where malloc(0) returns non-NULL.
bec9d4b : ipsec-tools: revert accidentally increased value for MAXNS.
a0315ad : ipsec-tools: fix possible SEGV in isakmp_cfg_setenv().
981eda8 : ipsec-tools: back-port SPLIT_*_CIDR from 0.8.0 to 0.7.3.
66d08f4 : ipsec-tools: fix the reconnecting issue by delaying closing sockets.