KRT16M (4.4_r1) to KOT49E (4.4.1_r1) AOSP changelog.

This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please Note : 4.4.1 was branched from 4.4 before the version rolled out to the public (the branched version was KRT16D). Some of these changes may already be in a 4.4 release.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

Project: platform/art

21b2216 : Add NOTICE and MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 for art
08377a7 : Fix CTS failures caused by ignoring malformed dex files in dex2oat
d492f91 : Revert "Ignore missing files in dex2oat"
eb4d2ae : Ignore missing files in dex2oat
0e49b42 : Fix handling of duplicate class definitions in boot classpath.
d3c20c1 : Update compiler blacklist to include
02b10d6 : Do not instrument proxy methods.
2bd5c23 : Change monitor checks to warnings in verifier. DO NOT MERGE
d60f3ee : Verifier uses exception type instead of conflict if unresolved.
39d0c0d : Update black list with android.os.Bundle
f2910ee : Fix JDWP line table output.
fb2f70c : Fix dumpsys meminfo for art
bb1c624 : Fix backwards check in CheckStaticMethod

Project: platform/bionic

5ab8d33 : Upgrade to tzdata2013h.

Project: platform/bootable/recovery

ce7ca71 : Enable incremental builder to find files that moved, and try to process them via patch + rename, instead of delete + add.

Project: platform/build

f1b7484 : "KOT49E"
01a5f91 : "KOT49D"
16ddeef : "KOT49C"
c593a3f : "KOT49B"
7f98380 : "KOT49"
461b8a6 : "KOT46B"
867d895 : "KOT46"
0afef09 : "KOT45"
b6ab120 : Just a little .1 makes all the difference in the world.
8dce915 : "KOT44"
01b8d0a : "KOT43B"
76936b1 : "KOT43"
beb6afd : Revert the revert. (its time to sign MR1)
d09cec9 : KOT42B
1947748 : "KOT42"
83a88bf : "KOT41B"
6f5a012 : "KOT41"
9c9b878 : "KOT38D"
626fee4 : "KOT38C"
c2200d9 : "KOT38B"
37335b4 : Enable incremental builder to find files that moved, and try to process them via patch + rename, instead of delete + add.
33fff9d : "KOT38"
357d3f9 : "KOT37B"
21c385a : "KOT37"
2cbae10 : Add a platform library for remote display providers.
a4ca785 : "KOT36"
fbc20a9 : "KOT35B"
23d14d8 : "KOT35"
946717a : KOT31C
6e56ac6 : "KOT31B"
fdcdd45 : "KOT32"
241dbd1 : script to handle new static landing pages for sample topics
b81eeb5 : "KOT31"
36ea7a3 : remove the dummy sidenav from samples before populating the real list. Also make the line numbers hidden before they get moved to avoid some jankyness during load.
e9fbac4 : make expandable lists under each sample sticky so they don't collapse when opening other project directories.
8cdb127 : "KOT30"
ca1858a : Add n5 landscape-13 device video frame and css.
4bddbb1 : Adjust samples output pages.
1a00f7f : fix 'next' links to disable them when at the end of a list. Also remove the "next class" link at the end of training.
50edc54 : "KOT29"
feab987 : "KOT28"
d5d3f80 : Doc change: css for n5 device video frame.
7d77d6b : "KOT24"
a6c4ebd : avoid // in copy headers rule
a7b5c4a : Waiting till post MR0 - this impacts signing tools for MR0.
984afe0 : "KOT23"
a6e0466 : Modify release tools to replace certs in MMAC files.
e0f3c8f : "KOT22"
7fddd22 : "KOT21"
0068d25 : Include drawables for all densities - b/11270325
9f3493e : "KOT18"
1eb5eb1 : Add blkid to all builds for use by vold.

Project: platform/cts

496a7a5 : Add Android 4.4.1 version to the EXPECTED_RELEASES list
7c90290 : Bump CTS/CTS-verifier version to 4.4_r1.9 and report version to 4.4
d656c55 : DO NOT MERGE: Revert "Camera: fix wait for preview done timeout issue."
eaa8be4 : Disabling KeyGuard for device info app.
b31cd6f : Fixing timeout check.
2e1ce77 : Signature test needs api resources to be generated
c09a2e0 : Removing old signature test, migrating to new one.
8583823 : Fix bug #11709153 CTS: android.view.cts.ViewTest#testPadding tests are failing in KLP-MR1
fa600c8 : Tests to verify OBB mounting on external storage.
c6918a7 : Fixing Video perf test
5557c28 : Add CTS a non regression unit test for bug #11673480 Address bar container padding screwed up on KOT43B
dfdff8d : Destroying sync fence to prevent leaks.
e9d9bab : Fixing a typo which caused some tests to not generate xml.
eeecaa2 : Add SimpleSignatureTest#testSignature to knownfailures
a1f2d05 : Refactoring util libraries in CTS.
a8ad3f8 : CtsVerifier test updates for reliability on K: - disable Magnetic Field tests that require a reliable calibration routine - lower the threshold for accelerometer tests
7294e32 : Enable "PASS" button on proto params reader.
ac2215a : Moving include to static.
7d0ef32 : Bump CTS/CTS-verifier version to 4.4_r1
4a6613b : Add SimpleSignatureTest#testSignature to knownfailures
98cd3b9 : Add Native OpenGl tests to "known failures".
b13ef5a : Removing EGLCleanupTest#TestNoReleaseCurrent from test.
9ff57d5 : Size the leak test allocation base on memory class.
1a4b0ea : Update WallpaperManager CTS test.
a861b9a : Build fix #2
7ac2974 : Fixing build and continuing refactor
e5c7f26 : Fix bug #11586041 Regression: text truncation in Clock
ada72e7 : DO NOT MERGE Fixed testPinchIn to calculate expected touch down points correctly.
fc34f92 : Clearly reject files too short to be ELF files.
7476c69 : Fix sensor test case issues:
c773cba : Update WallpaperManager CTS test.
929fe70 : Fix cts target
8c3b74b : Camera: fix wait for preview done timeout issue. DO NOT MERGE.
1e1a7d2 : Add test to prevent unknown CAs from being shipped.
a132af6 : Refactoring CTS to remove PTS references.
0cc7943 : Fixed testPinchIn to calculate expected touch down points correctly.
ebff2bd : Update to TF logfilesaver API change
4751408 : CTS Verifier: Camera Video test with different resolutions (revision).
57e02bb : Update to TF logfilesaver API change
509ad0c : Fix CTS test to not rely on assumptions / side-effects
2ba5536 : Ensure inPurgeable is compatible with getAllocationByteCount
6ab5bad : Partially revert "CTS tests for LOCATION_MODE"
65c7cdb : Add CtsVerifier tests for: - Magnetometer - Accelerometer - Gyroscope
49869d9 : Add a CTS test to detect unsupported ABIs.
d58c029 : Add uses-feature strings from KitKat
2bcdee9 : Add a CTS test to make sure a SecurityException isn't thrown when accessing the APN table in Telephony provider
da8761b : Change CTS package name, and move a few more tests to flaky bucket
d9a2109 : Removing Bootup tests.
0c51f13 : Add TRANSMIT_IR permission for hardware test
fdfc57e : test surrogate pairs in Html.toHtml()
bbc90db : Sensor CTS tests.
aad7208 : Passive test of consistency of mode and provider apis
f3c7dae : Add CTS tests for maxSdkVersion on <uses-permission>
8569fef : Write a CTS test to verify shouldOverrideUrlLoading
da133d8 : Cleaning Manifest and re-adding systrace.
c332943 : Removing older Jank tests.
6dacad5 : Implementing Jank Test for UI Scrolling.
0b1b983 : Modify cts known failures with bionic tests.
9f342d3 : Add HCE feature to allowed features for KitKat.
849fa19 : Fix build
9a48535 : Remove duplicate HCE tests.
d6c9553 : CTS tests for LOCATION_MODE
5180011 : Fix issue #11290095: Parcel change causing crashing in KLP...
934ef20 : Rename some DeviceInfo properties in CTS
9d992b2 : Additional logging to track down RSRuntimeException issues.
ebf808b : Clarifying README.
f71f112 : - Add Sensor tests to know failure list. - Sensor test fixes for robustness.
636f903 : CTS Verifier: Camera Video test with different resolutions.
8f61b50 : Assert that all external storage is isolated.
3427f86 : Temporarily removing a few tests
228d1b5 : Refactor sensor tests to use composable test operations. Operations introduced: - Helpers: Composite, for loop. - Base: Norm, StdDev, Jittering, Frequency, event ordering.
c94c012 : More CTS tests for HCE.
706c96e : Update of Holo resources
ecd2177 : Test for histogram fixes.
09d9e40 : Add a CTS test for printing
ea60bad : Fix CTS failure on testPlaybackHeadPositionAfterFlushAndPlay
796fa04 : CVE-2013-4254: detect perf_event validate_event bug
109d762 : CTS tests for HCE.
949d52b : NativeCodeTest: Test for vroot exploit
f53e050 : NativeCodeTest: Test for vroot exploit
3a25ca5 : ListeningPortsTest: fix retry logic
0845b98 : Adding Graphics Vendor and Renderer to result file.
200042c : CTS test to check for unsanitized system() call in netd via setInterfaceThrottle.
3306931 : Test VP8 behavior with VIDEO_BITRATE

Project: platform/developers/build

f49bfc3 : Samples Build: Update build-tools to v19
d0a82fb : Templates: Rename all styles/dimens files
286f375 : Revert "Templates: Make sure resources are unique"
7f46045 : Remove .idea files from samples
2fe60eb : Templates: Make sure resources are unique
fd177fa : Expand README.txt for samples to include dependencies
46ef226 : Samples Build: Exclude bin and .iml files for emitGradle
11cddac : Update SDK and build tools version
2ca423a : Sample Build: Add handling for README files in build gradle
8667b12 : Move README from templates/create to templates/base
f2cc64a : Sample Build: Remove invalid "include" in emitGradle
b6985d0 : Added emitGradleZip
29f40ae : Sample Build: Consolidate src output in emitGradle
ba1393d : Added readme file for gradle builds to template.
f884137 : Sample Build: emitGradle task depends on preflight
d559bdf : Gradle Build: Exclude additional files
f2a47dc : Add emitGradle task to master build.gradle
51540d5 : Revert changes to build.gradle from change f15005cb
f15005c : Moved samplegen plugin import statement to individual sample's build.gradle file, for emit* compatibility
37357c7 : Fixed issue with supplying numerical compileSdkVersion, test manifest outputting variable names instead of package names, updating build tools version.
4a851a4 : ActivityCards Template: Fix build
9469146 : ActivityCards template: Remove app icons from template
fbdb4f4 : Improve path folding
f85056f : Partially revert change 81ea0314
81ea031 : Change output, add more metadata
2652e54 : Fixed bug which prevented creating new sample projects
9be188f : Fixed issues with generating compileSdkVersion string in build.gradle
d525e93 : Support for dependencies. In your template-params.xml add for e.g
9705506 : on orientation change, check for fragment before adding again.
8e1b2ff : Fix some issues:
caf27f1 : Added "SimpleView" template
8da8625 : Emit "browsable" sample code
7516e75 : Add support for emitting Ant projects
afc5bda : fix build issues
5f602dd : Fix handling for compileSdkVersion strings
04f5adc : Template: Move launcher icons to "create" dir
53e64ab : Added innermost build.gradle to .gitignore, added an id to the main view in SingleView for easier reference from fragments.
49024b6 : Added tests to base template, fixed some default values.
ecdaad3 : Minor improvements, added testing references to build.gradle
eb640c0 : Move build tools into their own project.

Project: platform/developers/samples/android

8eadf92 : Rename remainder of ActionBarCompat Samples
d26c23e : Name change for RepeatingAlarm, moved Scheduler sample out of RepeatingAlarm sample
bd9671c : Fix for StorageProvider sample menu name mismatch, caused by refactor tool
dd6d729 : Removed conflicting PNG
7d2786a : Fixed GestureDetect
1c69693 : RepeatingAlarmSample: Remove 2nd level build.gradle
4a7ffe6 : adding the res folder back to AdvancedImmersiveModeSample
89ae524 : Updated remaining samples to gradle 1.8
8d86c45 : Updating a few files that were from older versions of the template system, or weren't added at all.
f5892a3 : Fixed repeating alarm's gradle 1.6 dependency, updated to use new build.gradle file format.
9feb8b0 : Add README.txt to .gitignore
1d31e4f : Added emitGradleZip to master build file.
06bb7eb : Added storage provider sample to build script, updated MediaRecorder's build.gradle for emitBrowseable
12affa4 : BasicSyncAdapter Sample: Update gradle wrapper version
a6b4636 : Restore "Merge downstream branch 'developers-dev' into 'klp-dev'"
ec98514 : Revert "Merge downstream branch 'developers-dev' into 'klp-dev'"
f240540 : BasicStorageProvider sample
b006e55 : BasicStorageProvider sample
7a7aad0 : Updated all build.gradle files for emit* compatibility. Added index.jd to gitignore
aa56a0f : Updated master build fild with current set of samples
231b2c9 : Removed _index.jd files (should be generated). Also removed previous jd files.
473bded : Replaced sample package variable name with actual sample package across samples.
4182af2 : Updated all samples with group categories.
14d77c9 : Initial commit, Advanced immersive mode sample.
713ead6 : Moved immersive mode to ui/window, updated to use IMMERSIVE_STICKY flag.
054a4da : Templatized BasicContactables Sample - Base Template
901a6ba : Templatized BasicNetworkDemo - Base Template
2de8755 : Migrate CustomNotifications sample to new build system
ab367fd : Migrate AppRestrictions sample to new build system
1926eb0 : Migrate BluetoothLeGatt sample to new build system
116c5a1 : MediaRecorder: Use new build system
a501665 : BasicMediaDecoder: Use new build system
4f978ae : TextLinkify Sample: Switch to new build system
29dc495 : DoneBar Sample: Convert to new build system
829b998 : Fixed intro text.
8d14f0d : Templatized TextSwitcher
62a8f8a : Templatized Custom Choice Lists
7138e1b : Templatized BorderlessButtons sample.
6b96975 : Templatized BasicMediaRouter - Base Template
1b19419 : Templatized BasicMultitouch.
8aaac29 : Migrate BasicNotifications sample to new build system
35bb0af : Migrate ABC Basic sample to new build system
8c21f47 : Migrate ShareActionProvider sample to new samples build system
b9a0732 : Migrate ABC Styled sample to new build system
c6ed8c2 : Migrate ListPopupMenu to new build system
1306fff : Initial commit of storage client API sample
01647f1 : Migrate HorizontalPaging sample to new build system
b718253 : Migrate NetworkConnect sample to new build system
c6f76b9 : BasicSyncAdapter: Migrate to new build system
2ecd058 : GenericAccountService: Allow arbitrary account types
3c5ea80 : SelectionBuilder: Remove Guava-style initializers
d3b4024 : Replaced Gesture detection sample with one powered by template backend. Part of the great template migration task
ee1b5d9 : Migrated Keystore sample to template.
892063e : ActivityInstrumentation: Migrate to new build system
5ca53c2 : BasicAccessibility: Migrate to new build system
03bba35 : Move SelectionBuilder to common/src/java
0aec167 : Move GenericAccountService to common/src/java
7fba713 : Fix path issues in the repeating alarm sample
4a870e6 : Initial commit, 'basic' version of immersive mode sample.
a0839ca : moved to build system friendly commons location
b792e9d : Fixed LogView so it'll work when a log statement is called from a non-UI thread.
088ad56 : Remove the build directory from samples/common
0725e5a : Removing build.gradle from repo
ce10f24 : Add default icons to templatized samples
308ab91 : Template: Move launcher icons to "create" dir
afac979 : Sample: wakelock, long-running alarm, service.
a28673a : Fixed position of testing code in build.gradle, was causing occasional build errors
b8c1943 : Initial commit of Immersive Mode (hideybars) sample
1935465 : Basic Media Decoder sample that builds on a Utility class - common/media/MediaCodecWrapper
42a466b : Sample templates: Fix reference for intro_message
d979c08 : Initial commit of repeating alarm example.
fa48738 : Sample templates: Fix @strings/intro_message
132ed82 : Play Services Utility
bcbb958 : Added SingleView template, and corresponding singleViewSample which is powered by it
96afd64 : Delete orphaned directories from upstream rename.
0dededa : Sample template generator--work in progress.
9298bd7 : Initial commit of BasicGestureDetect sample.
33f968f : Initial commit, searching contacts using Contactables table sample
ffadf36 : ActionBarCompat ListView Modal Choice Sample
2ab040b : Add ActionBarCompat SearchView Sample
966a40b : ABC ListView + PopupMenu sample
afb952b : ActionBarCompat + ShareActionProvider Sample
0ba5dd6 : BasicCompatActionBar Sample
e5b898a : StyledCompatActionBar sample
72e6f88 : Create BasicAccessibility sample
1969fd1 : Add horizontal paging sample
0278e7f : Initial commit, sample for Android Key Store (New as of JB MR2, SDK 18)
76e2e0b : Sample app: basic network connection
d9a6ccf : Code sample: connect to network, fetch raw HTML
9573d24 : Adding sample on activity instrumentation testing
6caf297 : Move SelectionBuilder to common.
09db2fa : Move GenericAccountService to common.
d3c2912 : Initial draft of new SyncAdapter sample
8e126ab : Logger Framework - Fixing compiler error: Was missing specified delimiter in LogView
a649b23 : UI updates for Done Bar sample
919cb71 : Replaced LogFragment with more self-contained/flexible LogView, added empty constructor to MessageOnlyLogFilter for convenience
894fa10 : Updated gitignore file include artifacts of gradle build system.
9b2d682 : Initial commit of chained logging framework for samples/common

Project: platform/development

b4b28f8 : Only enable VaultProvider on KitKat devices.
c21b79e : Fix build breakage.
93de411 : Vault example documents provider.
c1eb230 : Add sample code to customize the MediaRouteControllerDialog
99acac3 : Add updated StorageProvider sample, merge _index with existing file.
b5de8af : Fixed broken link in ActivityInstrumentation sample description.
cc1867b : Fix broken javadoc reference.
11d2eef : Updated browsable sample descriptions.
a76387f : Updated description for the StorageProvider browseable sample.
c921db8 : Add StorageProvider sample code to browseables.
b356564 : Update the print from off-screen WebView sample
e77abcd : KitKat SMS APIs DevByte Sample Code
42c6250 : Add print samples to the ApiDemos app.
0b73e61 : Adding an API demo for how to implement printing in an app.
9f82a4c : Add kk to redirects file.
4b737b6 : Add prebuilt browseable samples as static files.
47e3f02 : Bitmapfun Sample: Minor updates to match zip file in training class.
e7a6ab4 : Add Android 4.4 Immersive Mode DevByte sample code.
15a6540 : Update the api-version.xml file to reflect KitKat recent changes
69ae34b : Fix ApiDemo for transitions
7165109 : Bitmapfun Sample: Cleanup gradle files to import into Studio properly.
fd6d06a : mrp sample: refactor and use helper class
6a81c4b : Fix NPE in sample code.
da23e7a : Bitmapfun Sample: Update for KitKat and clean up some minor bugs.
d308f86 : Bitmapfun Sample: Migrate to Android Studio/gradle project.
f105e9b : Update the api-version.xml file to reflect KitKat recent changes

Project: device/asus/deb

c4d5774 : Update proprietary blobs for deb
15b9ab8 : Add back LTE to Preferred network mode options
72ef240 : Change vzw provisioning url from get to post

Project: device/asus/flo

3200b07 : flo: update WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini to optimize TDLS
15e23a3 : Increase MAX_EXIF_TABLE_ENTRIES to 17
46a6546 : flo: update WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini for TDLS auto mode
8b69ba6 : flo: wlan: Add tdls_external_control=1
2144592 : Always set AE_MODE_ON_AUTO_FLASH as scene mode override
63e6c8c : BT mouse (Mad Catz R.A.T.M) doesn't auto reconnect
f1ea020 : Update proprietary blobs for flo

Project: device/asus/flo-kernel

5406860 : Snapshot to 9723339b192f08787605d21df3ae929486b9d9af
0c28782 : Snapshot to 13e5589cbc51c005d308eff94b559fb575acf0ce
7bbdeed : Snapshot to a36c0057604f329f8e602098ac7c3f796eb4dd30
1da525b : Snapshot to 3a6737e79e3e84736e744a7e0dd26ebed1f09112
c5a2f8e : Snapshot to 0cd744a1ef6c60872b4e74e1cc52d73f27dd883b
968060b : Snapshot to 6eb7a6f5b582a8650918ec054465f3396c3b7185
bc37a74 : Snapshot at SHA1 c40b86d0aa9f4eb18a915258a5aa53f56dea6f99
dde2299 : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE
c40b86d : flo: update prebuilt kernel, DO NOT MERGE

Project: device/asus/grouper

88ab1e5 : Snapshot to 0bb982b594752ac7302459740cb2337e9f1779b1
785a6c3 : Snapshot to f4f5f74b6273db81d4091632ad7cec1fc290e0f2
8760ab6 : Snapshot to f4f5f74b6273db81d4091632ad7cec1fc290e0f2
e39a27e : Snapshot to f4f5f74b6273db81d4091632ad7cec1fc290e0f2
748e322 : Snapshot to 6cfc880236a05b22f25353b22132f1ea64a56dee
4a0eb23 : Snapshot to 6cfc880236a05b22f25353b22132f1ea64a56dee

Project: device/asus/tilapia

84e5d07 : Add config_restartRadioAfterProvisioning to AT&T mcc/mnc's
e5e7e42 : Copy missing config files from deb to tilapia.

Project: device/common

6a29956 : Update default -j argument for generate-blob-lists

Project: device/generic/armv7-a-neon

0923313 : Adding Teleservice to PDK

Project: device/lge/hammerhead

0ad5707 : BoardConfig: Define TARGET_TOUCHBOOST_FREQUENCY to 1.2GHz
d411a66 : Update audio policy for DRC on speaker path
76d97e7 : increase headset mic gain
35deeef : Revert "Revert "Revert "hammerhead: Add support for modem logging"""
c3764bc : hammerhead: Add support for propagating frame drop
120fc0d : Use special TMobile tethering APN on HH
71cfe46 : hammerhead: Remove logwrapper for wpa_supplicant
077cefc : hammerhead: Show LTE icon for KT operator
1d0123c : hammerhead: Force full GLES virtual layers to go via HWC
9ef972a : Update propietary blobs for hammerhead
d653cd9 : hammerhead: Add mms overlay for lliad and Bouygues Telecom
16d5b56 : Remove several proprietary blobs
861ba63 : hammerhead: Remove Manage Mobile Plan
f09d974 : hammerhead: update for different bootloader layout
d09b291 : Revert "Revert "hammerhead: Add support for modem logging""
1c782e1 : hammerhead: Change UAP for sprint
1654fdc : Hammerhead: NFC: Fix PREINIT_DSP config.
b0c7d14 : hammerhead: update msmb_isp.h kernel header
7d4d456 : hammerhead: Change dhcdcp options
1a52783 : hammerhead: dhcp: Add CLIENTID request to dhcpcd service
55530bf : hammerhead: Use MCC-specific operator name list
ac42ecb : Add power figures for Batched scan

Project: device/lge/hammerhead-kernel

6fefabd : Snapshot to fc777b6d3b2b20ba7270059dd2df284c94844abf

Project: device/lge/mako

e0deb64 : mako: update WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini to optimize TDLS
7735776 : mako: update WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini for TDLS auto mode
6344016 : mako: wlan: Add tdls_external_control=1
e4570b1 : mako: Update apns from operator's requests
5399bc3 : mako: Use own apns-conf based on JB-MR2
8275049 : mako: Remove logwrapper
8bdaf7f : Bluetooth: Enable BTA_SKIP_BLE_READ_REMOTE_FEAT
7c64073 : camera: Handle camcorder trigger while snapshot is in process
5f88e12 : Update propietary blobs for mako
c2ea088 : mako: Fix the modem crash on encryption phone

Project: device/lge/mako-kernel

f0fc741 : Snapshot to 60c776a5e50361fc23f83bbf1dfe00f0e2b6d155
6a0177d : Snapshot to 3d209bd5b1ec95655f2f5681c586c5c177b30915
5bda264 : Snapshot to 3d209bd5b1ec95655f2f5681c586c5c177b30915
966e692 : Snapshot to 22d49aa9834f95020b103ae8412a5ffed4e46b25
e05b604 : Snapshot to fd3d13ffe787c2ca11d95df386ed9233a04b90a5
f9a9d29 : Snapshot to e6d21079f4cd3373534bdc4f9ed648647d682acb
b60e2f0 : Snapshot to 35a351c7f76cd1702b9d633c55494327c65702ab
b63fd16 : Snapshot at SHA1 21924bb49ed4ea06724b4d87330279862bcd7070

Project: device/sample

c162f2c : [sample] change apn-full-conf.xml from operator's requests
96f9337 : Add mms to the CDMA Verizon apns.
24a0a4c : Change MMSC for Jazztel

Project: device/samsung/manta

fe435b8 : prebuilt kernel (TCPMSS support to fix vpn mtu) DO NOT MERGE
102fe28 : prebuilt kernel (wifi TDLS) DO NOT MERGE
bcd6c62 : prebuilt kernel (fix sync crash in CTS) DO NOT MERGE
37ee080 : manta: update kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)
0963382 : perbuilt kernel (CVE-2013-4348) DO NOT MERGE
d5a4692 : prebuilt kernel (fix mali driver bug) DO NOT MERGE
43dfcae : Update proprietary blobs for manta
37a7fd9 : prebuilt kernel (fix CTS testPerfEvent2) DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/external/bluetooth/bluedroid

8dc42c6 : LE: Increase number of simultaneous connections
72658f4 : BLE is disconnected due to BLE service record discovery failure.
dbba0e6 : Replace Broadcom proprietary license header with apache 2 header
306bdda : LE: Add devices to the inquiry db before connecting
b69a175 : fix a memory leakage when Queue search or discovery event.
51822b4 : Fixes random host disconnection after establishing connection
7850a93 : whitelist well tested devices for absolute volume feature
d7ee77b : need to save the BLE HID UUID to NVRAM
0856d9c : Bluetooth: Send Error for Invalid AT Command.
3dc5945 : A typo to set wrong max connection interval value when we create a BLE connection.
7a5c591 : Fixes BLE HCI commands concurrency issue
bf68ac7 : Treat devices advertising random addr. as LE only
a7ae4a1 : Blacklist Devices that donot handle absolute volume well
36b6865 : Do not deregister HH GATT IF in bta_gattc_disable for hid over GATT
0ef5e93 : LE: Only prepend valid HID report IDs
511b814 : Handle CL opening state in bta_jv_free_rfc_cb
0c2e29d : BTU SIGSEGV on RFCOMM connect to Linux bluetooth dongle
a934f01 : Unable to connect to a Motorola s705 until Bluetooth was toggled of and back on
fdb1168 : Add toyota venza to the auto pair blacklist

Project: platform/external/chromium_org

e31b312 : Cherry-pick: [Android WebView] Fix in-line video part 1
c155a83 : Revert "Cherry Pick PS 8"
e79e2fd : Make sure to show the correct URL from CVC
597ff67 : IndexedDB: Ignore duplicate transaction IDs sent by renderer
d9151b0 : (Fork) MR1 Fix for crash in <select> drop down
44cd51e : Fix for pasting html clipboard content into a webview
dec53b8 : Override drawRRect in fake SkBitmapDevices.
18bf6ef : don't preserve 1xx responses in parser buffer
2a3dd3f : Cherry Pick PS 8
b842744 : [android_webview] Fix UAF in request interception code.
e1049c7 : Fix incorrect resolving of merge conflict causing graphics corruption
fddb8af : Cherry-pick: Create WindowAndroid to make PowerSave work.
1fd9e3b : Call correct shouldoverrideurlloading when popups are created.
18760af : Cherry-pick: [Android WebView] Null check syncOnNewPictureStateToNative
5c18c70 : Cherry-pick "Fix a fd leak in NPChannelBase on Posix"
ad0754a : Cherry-pick: [Android WebView] Only throttle fallback tick
493c03e : Cherry-pick: [Android WebView] Change tile size to 384
dc0e1d3 : Cherry-pick: Block media loading when AwSettings.setBlockNetworkLoads is true.
294545a : Cherry-pick: gpu: Add Will/DidUseTexImage to GLImage API.
4733d06 : Cherry-pick: Work around broken GL_TEXTURE_BINDING_EXTERNAL_OES query
df36056 : Cherry-pick: CC: Ensure recycle tree contains no 'active' tiles.
47a8eb4 : Cherry-pick: CC: Cap the size of the SOON_BIN.
f9bd2a0 : [android] Fire accessibility events when scrolling sublayers.
040e397 : Fork: Skip gralloc unbind on all except NVIDIA
1df0c51 : Set a fixed layout size only if the container view has a WRAP_CONTENT layout mode.
ad8795d : Cherry-pick "Android should be able to copy HTML snippets to the system clipboard."
4157a06 : Cherry-pick "Reject rather than abort client certificates"
c5ed0dd : Cherry-pick with modification: cc: Fix CHECK failure in PictureLayerImpl::UpdateTilePriorities
b1252fb : Disable NOTIMPLEMENTED() in release branch.
2735d69 : Cherry-pick with modification: cc: PictureLayerImpl with empty bounds should not have tiles
325e9a0 : Cherry-pick "Dynamically enable spatial navigation based on events"
6357db7 : Prevent log spam in autofill
0164329 : Do not exclude background images/colors when printing
b17a803 : [android_webview] Fix crash in testCreateDestroy.
783b58c : Cherry pick [Android] MediaPlayerBridge should pass Bridge to getAllowedOperations
3919f93 : Cherry pick android: fix base::Time::FromLocalExploded() crash.
6d1cb4e : Android WebView: use IO thread for cookie manager.
eb7b227 : Cherry pick [Android] Hide handles when the containing view moves
00d67fb : Cherry pick [Android] Allow text handles to observe position of "parent" view
a4566ac : Cherry Pick [Android] Properly handle cancelled scroll events
efe95cda : Revert "Fork: Read and skip glBindRenderbufferEXT if no change"
cf0c1a0 : Cherry-pick: [Android WebView] Do not throttle if need picture listener
88a3540 : Cherry-pick "[Android] Don't hide text handles if they are being dragged"

Project: platform/external/chromium_org/third_party/WebKit

29cbcb0 : Fix badcast in event::isGestureEvent
2ff7c17 : Use Event::isTouchEvent() to prevent a bad cast
c6ca955 : Fix Range.insertNode
1b548ea : Heap-use-after-free in WebCore::RenderObject::childAt
9cef248 : SVGPropertyTearOffs should detachChildren before deleting its value
fe6262e : patch from fix allocator alignment
f63c0c9 : Cherry-pick: Scale the layout width by the UA initial scale
ae00506 : Cherry-pick: Add a legacy quirk for 'user-scalable=no' case
addfedf : Restrict conditions when the page's viewport meta overrides setInitialScale
3f14098 : Fix frequent resetting to initialScale in non-useWideViewport mode.

Project: platform/external/chromium_org/v8

5d91fcb : Merged r17711 into 3.20 branch.
404a9fa : Merged r17441 into 3.20 branch.
291aa74 : 3.20 branch: Fix HObjectAccess for loads from migrating prototypes

Project: platform/external/dexmaker

7b6b3f7 : Do not assert that InvocationHandler.invoke args should be non-null

Project: platform/external/doclava

d9f572f : change link for each category in sample side nav

Project: platform/external/e2fsprogs

47478a2 : Fix blkid time diff bug, build binary.

Project: platform/external/libsepol

8fd7c65 : Update to libsepol 2.2.

Project: platform/external/libvpx

9b35249 : Roll latest libvpx to fix scalling bug. Checkout is from master:Ib748eb287520c794631697204da6ebe19523ce95
5ae7ac4 : Roll latest libvpx into Android.

Project: platform/external/okhttp

49d9ce3 : Make scheme & realm comparisons case insensitive.

Project: platform/external/sepolicy

80176dc : Let vold mount OBB files on external storage.
360d412 : netd: allow tcp_socket name_connect
59078a9 : netd: allow tcp connections.
2abfe7d : Allow vold to invoke blkid, use external ASECs.

Project: platform/external/skia

02cbf10 : Override drawRRect in fake SkBitmapDevices.
f331039 : Fix a memory leak in filterRRectToNine.
4db85b5 : Use nine patch drawing for blurry round rectangles
4a36434 : Fix drawing xfermodes to PDF.
dfe4338 : Merge perspective feature for PDF.

Project: platform/external/svox

838228c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/external/tremolo

97fe197 : Fix memory leak

Project: platform/external/wpa_supplicant_8

f62167e : TDLS: Provide external control to specify the peers for setup (DO NOT MERGE)
f708dcd : Prohibit pno start during assoc process and in connect state
b4d426d : Fix ENABLE_NETWORK not to reconnect in disconnected state (DO NOT MERGE)

Project: platform/frameworks/av

126a630 : WA: Queue extra buffers on output port during reconfig if input EOS-ed
4256c97 : Fix metadata access
d7e5922 : audioflinger: do not use raw pointer for tracks
2261234 : AwesomePlayer: correct stream type for offload
d8a62e2 : Camera2: Rework the FPS range vs. FPS single setting detection
f40cde1 : stagefright: limit default max-input-size for AVC
9da3d95 : audioflinger: fix offload track transition
1b9f9b1 : audioflinger: fix offload resume after drain
0c3684f : AwesomePlayer: Improve performance on high-fps clips
52668ca : Ignore transport stream packets with the "transport_error_indicator" bit set
184dfe4 : Camera API2: Add support for partial result quirk
e306774 : Only initialize sniffers once, don't hold mutex while sniffing
892e1b9 : Back to the old way of making sure that no more buffers are submitted
e8332ee : TimedEventQueue: improve wakelock management
5572b3a : Replace assert with error message
ad3b7e8 : Properly handle executing->idle in GraphicBufferSource
fd6ecdd : Camera HAL3/API1: Add support for the partial result quirk.
a23f17a : audioflinger: fix direct output underrun
89b31a3 : configure bitrate and bitrate mode at encoder initialization for VP8/9
3e518fd : Notify current video size if available
2c3740f : AudioFlinger: fix duplicating thread standby.
7fa0152 : Restore NuPlayer error and EOS handling
9c7f845 : StageFrightRecorder: do not use meta-data mode for software encoders
ff3e31d : camera: Collect stack traces when bad things happen, print with dumpsys
f4909f6 : AwesomePlayer: ensure STARTED message works after reset
fd47797 : AudioFlinger: more fixes for offload audio lost
9cae217 : Assign blame for playback wakelocks.
bdfd488 : Check for NULL buffer in repeat-latest
b65473f : Fix kAutoRampDurationUs overflow issue
2e422c4 : Allow releaseBuffer after flush
6a51d7e : audioflinger: fix track terminated before playing
6fa2018 : Make sure we get to discover that the cache is sufficiently full again
12022ff : Fix flush() followed by start()
d72b7c0 : audioflinger: enable effects after registration if needed
34242ac : StageFright: Removes hacks for Nvidia MPEG2 decoder

Project: platform/frameworks/base

feef988 : Stop wifi display discovery when no longer needed.
bf2ed3f : Fix issue #11790471: Crash removed home buttons and notification bar/shade
c4294fb : Revert "PreferenceFragment showing the breadcrumb when not needed."
cacd672 : Revert "PreferencesFragment showing the breadcrumb area in single pane mode."
7647d86 : Make action bar media router icons blue again.
6f46672 : Only scan for wifi display when there is no active connections
28b6d38 : Harden against transiently unavailable backup transports
0fb8556 : Mask OOBE when filtering recent documents.
b57512e : Notify apps when insets change.
ee7d501 : Fix incorrent page range parsing when custom print options used.
2cd3fb5 : Do not hold direct ref BatteryStatsImpl$Uid$Proc
d6e836c : Use scaled display size in wallpaper constraint.
a8dae99 : Fix NPE in ConnectivityService
4f0d1fc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2337eb1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
564fb1b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
de43ebe : Restore jankless transition keyguard-to-wallpaper
9124d56 : Add config_restartRadioAfterProvisioning
af57418 : Disallow applications from initiating cast screen.
2785892 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5823352 : Cancel double tap mode on action_up
cefba58 : Handle backup transport registration dynamically
885810d : Created print jobs should not be persisted until they are queued.
d31fd40 : Don't show external presentation until keyguard actually shows
cef34fc : Update cast screen strings.
3272764 : Avoid skipping animated status bar icon frames.
ddc19e9 : Maybe fix issue #11634365: Leaking restarting services
299422b : Don't show keyguard until the device has been provisioned.
ba629da : Ensure recipient can be launched before attempting broadcast delivery
7625c84 : Fix am argument ordering documentation.
5fd5aa3 : Fix compatibility issue on InputMethodSubtype
320ad9f : Fix RemoteController update in RemoteControlClient registration
48d2bcf : Reset padding flags when set programmatically or implicitly from background
a7456e4 : SyncManager now returns copy on getCurrentSyncs()
afd1967 : Avoid NPE and add a warning log if a printing app misbehaves.
80cb9bc : Don't set up external displays from binder thread
7e11b16 : VideoView: expand documentation on state save/restore limitations
92d0249 : Fix for the invalid Global Proxy Setting
8fa06ee : Increase Reject threshold for disabling networks
e5f17ab : Report keyguard as initially showing and secure until we know
ada62fc : Add null pointer check.
b4aac8d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3b94540 : Small DocumentsProvider doc improvements.
5c7bd01 : Keyguard isn't visible if it hasn't been drawn.
bc3be0e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9f500fe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1a8c713 : Fix NPE at PrintSpooler in Japanese environment.
34262cdf : Replace keyboard sounds with latest (softer) design
1f92d7f : Add libphonenumber to layoutlib.jar. DO NOT MERGE
d0581d2 : Fix NPE in layoutlib. DO NOT MERGE
78cfdf3 : Update changed delegate method in Bitmap_Delegate. DO NOT MERGE
e7ae644 : Finalize assets for screen casting.
218ecd4 : Fix the docs build
c816b8e : Enable fast camera transition when launched from navbar
5c6a781 : DessertCase fixes:
aa89847 : Reduce camera launch time by about 250ms.
b65da9e : Bespoke, handcrafted, artisanal assist affordance assets.
29787f6 : Switch DeadZone to Slog.
2229ca0 : Fix an action bar accessibility regression
57b296f : Update the PrintDocumentAdapter docs.
4038724 : Get rid of a race in NsdService in stopResolveService and getAddrInfo
5d9f547 : Relayout windows that handle their own config change.
087044c : Support preferred activities with zero or one scheme in the filter
2c2549c : Add event logging for tasks and stacks.
41f6464 : Ensure wallpaper hint is at least as large as the display.
39ad0e5 : UI tweaks.
c1a11f1 : Improve documentation for InputType and EditorInfo.
2b8795a : PreferencesFragment showing the breadcrumb area in single pane mode.
d6f5b62 : Work on issue #11634365: Leaking restarting services
82d37b4 : Fix bug #11586041 Regression: text truncation in Clock
09e7e0e : Delegate existence of account check to Authenticator.
7e1f541 : Give storage provider access to secondary devices.
7a31310 : Camera2: Add support for partial result metadata quirk
f92b616 : Disallow transient status bar on the keyguard.
f65c0a9 : Fix inconsistency in reporting device admin active state.
bc72dce : Fix issue #11630188: Still seeing some processes not on LRU list errors
e7e1a20 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8a56d18 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9c530e1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
75af171 : Changes to support new screen cast settings screen.
8862929 : Use old task info when creating new task.
0abd3a6 : Update the media router dialogs and integrate into system UI.
e2126ba : Make quick settings show the standard media router icon.
a785e2a : Remove TMobile Tethering APN from default builds
5830b0b : Fixed a bug updating presentation displays.
0623a1b : Fix Tethys asset
a8ee262 : Fix a couple of issues with mOpeningApps.
505329b : Restore permission check in keyguard.
26a08ac : Avoid unnecessary ticker animation if already visible.
97c6397 : camera2: Remove prior repeating request when setting.
4fd7917 : Allow keyguard dialogs to show on secondary displays.
2f6965c : Make AudioPackage11 (N7 v2) more like AudioPackage12_48 (N5)
f4800bc : Fix text size in Fake Action Bar
e73b41b : camera2: Remove prior repeating request when setting.
0b9d8ac : Delay tearing down external displays until keyguard finishes
50cbfd5 : System package permission decls take precedence over 3rd party apps'
3192148 : Show keyguard scrim on external displays while keyguard showing
14aa1ed : Make AudioPackage10 (N4) more like AudioPackage12_48 (N5)
635e915 : Integrate remote display providers into Quick Settings.
f25706f : Fix improperly hidden status bar.
0e40d1d : Fix issue #11223338: Not retaining service started state while restarting
275232a : Improve RTL support for Immersive mode
0e1f230 : Fix bug #11537133 Hideycling looks broken (KOT36), missing left padding
35aacf2 : Switch to the new Skia PDF generation APIs.
f41bcd4 : If home activity is not fullscreen keep drilling.
de38b23 : DO NOT MERGE Add a delimiter between scheme and host
329f412 : Don't call setTask twice.
69b0716 : Add media router service and integrate with remote displays.
f3c99e8 : Add a platform library for remote display providers.
cc747ad : Fix scrubbing behavior on keyguard music transport
a029ea1 : Add BatteryStats for Wifi Batched Scanning.
daa0d5c : Fix issue #11223338: Not retaining service started state while restarting
48a4b0f : Improve RTL support for Immersive mode
f7a93ef : Fix bug #11537133 Hideycling looks broken (KOT36), missing left padding
f961b3c : Tweak test for layout.
a82be59 : Merge toast frame assets, update themes, etc. accordingly
c23bd80 : Ensure bar window state is SHOWING after rotate if visible.
222f2ad : Fix NPE with inPurgeable Bitmaps in getAllocationByteCount
db5c4fb : Fix incorrect looping limits.
ca76692 : Fix BandwidthTest to report correct stats.
1c1e2da : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3b79bf4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b6c3b20 : Fix lockscreen camera preview position in RTL.
4f0064f : Fix for Typeface.create(Typeface, style) semantics changed in KK
21a99dd : Disable face unlock when returning from camera.
b71703c : Add HSPA+ to BatteryStats
eed96a0 : Fix calculation of default wallpaper size
81190be : Fix issue where transport control shows up off-screen on tablets
88f3d6b : Update remaining settings icon with old style.
362adb8 : Work around nested SaveLayerAlpha bug
3aeea1f : System package permission decls take precedence over 3rd party apps'
f68bb66 : Fix recent regression in DrawableContainer.
65031a2 : Continue synthesizing data even after brightness adjustment
e1693df : Doc fix: add more detail to BitmapFactory.Options.inPurgeable flag. Bug: 6064760
37ed78e : Clarify DocumentsProvider recents behavior.
39da553 : Let Shell modify secondary external storage.
8e090d7 : Add config var for single-pdn devices/networks.
725e265 : Setting Tethering profile for specific network
d8595fd : Battery icon tweaks.
fa02ade : Enable translucent system bars on the lockscreen by default.
75d2850 : Add missing null pointer check in PrintSpoolerService.
2303741 : Help out with issue #11497149: Clock app crashes when opened during...
660401d : Doc change: Edits to graphics highlights.
4fc2b01 : Add explicit refererences and logging to KeyguardSim/Puk
2298ef2 : Extend preferred-app preload support for complex resolutions
76be9d2 : Remove harmful visibility test.
921bf62 : Add PhoneNumberUtils method for CDMA SMS number formatting.
1c664b6 : Add way for the user to forget previously used printers.
f833245 : Focus security fields before widgets.
7ea91ec : Ensure wallpaper hint is at least the display's max size.
cd772d0 : AudioService: fix notifications with A2DP abs volume
5132fb2 : Doc change: minor fixes to highlights and images.
70f8537 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2da9cb8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
56ce7d8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cc461e5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8e47c49 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
03003f1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cfc582d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d157ca0 : Don't clear the interacting bit if panel handled touch.
9b0b59e : More background protection in Recents for status bar
e92f19e : Treat UnsatisfiedLinkError as non-fatal
b411b32 : Fix action menu visibility callbacks for nested popups
1d80e97 : Compose singleLine & textAllCaps transforms
f37a513 : Fix incorrect content description on action bar home/up
c78a06d : Layout hidden windows on Configuration change.
6b0afad : Fix flash caused by frame resize code
5637ffc : Move set of persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib to SystemServer only
371427b : Revert "Add PLAY and PAUSE keycodes and remove PLAY_PAUSE keycode."
5f48dc7 : Only call dump when a ViewRoot actually exists
17d28ca : Check view and focus invariants after calling into app
83c7ac3 : Fix off-by-one issue when removing from Iterator
7db97b0 : PreferenceFragment showing the breadcrumb when not needed.
a331527 : Fixing issues in the TouchExplorer.
35a5968 : Doc change: remove staging urls for chrome and wallet sites.
7b49272 : Fix issue #11223338: Not retaining service started state while restarting
56d007b : Manage keyguard nav elements using transitions.
b255264 : Fix crashes for images that are not PNG or JPEG
3f1c3c7 : Fix weird page snap bug when long pressing on music controls (issue 11420449)
d4bdd6b : Temporary detached views not properly reported to accessibility layer.
db92608 : Fix issue #11168649: LRU logic for Chrome renderers seems...
9663fd0 : Uninitialized UiAutomationConnection incorrectly enforces caller id.
decfe95 : gcam: Avoid leaking repeating CaptureRequests.
ad46405 : Set persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib at system server startup
8a2998e : Better enforcement in
a999d46 : Remove deprecated API calls to KeyguardManager from statusbar
d270cb9 : Cancel current work in PrintDocumentAdatper if printing is cancelled.
58ad122 : Fix leak in TransitionInflater
9e45568 : Doc change: Extend link to image.
0d18ac6 : Doc change: fix url.
179d6e8 : Change PacProxySelector to return unresolved addr
7546a4b : Revert "Fixed incorrect calculation of dirty invalidation area"
f810dc2 : Doc change: adjust element spacing.
f42010b : Doc change: Update landing page for kitkat.
c988ee6 : add HCE dev guide
24807d7 : docs: Code Samples landing page - listing fix
3cb2be9 : Wrong index while dumping the print sub-system's state.
8db45b8 : Update the PdfDocument docs with unsupported operations.
385a63d : Move coalescing to callback, optimize KeyguardStatusView.
5780db1 : docs: Sample Code landing page - typo fixes
152e768 : add static landing pages for sample topics
0b73403 : Doc change: Design guidelines update.
1d3a89e : Use HttpsURLConnection to by pass proxies.
e44fce3 : Doc change: Updates to platform highlights.
c779c01 : docs: Sample Code landing page
e8b32fe : Enable samples browsing in builds.
3f49d27 : docs: SDK-ADT 22.3 RC5 - updated signatures
353164e : docs: Add screenrecord command to adb docs
0f73793 : docs: Print API training for KitKat release
e2ce19d : add API overview for Android 4.4
147a999 : Doc change: Platform highlights for Android 4.4.
cfec976 : add filler version of sidenav that will be removed by javascript. This is simply to reduce the perceived load time, which was previously high because the sidenav was mostly empty.
d20c87c : Doc update: Managing System UI class
c46e676 : Doc change: new Storage Access Framework doc
8a26b43 : Fix glitch with switching users from QuickSettings
dc277e1 : add doc about migrating to new WebView in KLP
2816789 : Doc change: Google Play services 4.0 reference docs.
8334192 : Save and restore media metadata.
1fada0a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d013c96 : docs: NDK r9b Release Notes
ba86577 : Add ZIP download for DevBytes: Immersive Mode.
88c5345 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f1228e3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7b215cb : Make wallpaper cropper more robust
c0156b8 : Update ic_qs_ime assets to standard brightness.
ca4f1fc : Catch MissingResourceException caused by bad locale in TTS.
c5f168a : Doc change: add new list of browseable samples and sample groups.
f04c9b8 : doc change: Update Google Play Services pages for gouda.
e202cad : Don't crash when preferred activity settings are malformed
eaa9780 : Move READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to storage group.
c17c71b : Doc change: Add diff report for API level 19.
65a7885 : Add an intermediate dimens resource for 540dp device.
3d47641 : Handle surrogate pairs in Html.toHtml()
f583d0d : Always initialize local boolean variables when possible
5cbaaa3 : Do not fetch tasks that don't have activities.
3ec2f60 : Mention external storage changes in KITKAT docs.
dd69787 : docs: Support Library r19 Release Notes
3381931 : Suppress OperationCanceledException logging.
5d321d4 : Guard against missing document columns.
24445c3 : Doc change: fix docs build.
81defc7 : Force relayout at completion of status bar animation
e7c2857 : Optimize sysui ui queue during keyguard unlock.
6af85cc : show duration instead of remaining time.
0bcef36 : docs: SDK-ADT 22.3 Release Notes
cab6965 : reduce garbage generation in KeyguardTransportControlView.
24a18f4 : docs: Android 4.4 platform version release notes
e098050 : Simplify IME policy and enforce in binder calls.
1a19327 : Doc change: Add update ProGuard keep rules for Google Play Services.
27f592d : Share pack historical sorting using wrong keys.
3a4a1d7 : Displaying Bitmaps Efficiently Training - updates for KitKat inBitmap changes Bug: 10411797
baeabb6 : Not show share targets that cannot be launched.
099d842 : Update javadoc to fix the build.
b4fda13 : Complete implementation of the advanced print options.
97ea6a0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7d57ed8 : Always re-evaluate kernel alarm setpoints when a new alarm is added
55e168f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4aef4ca : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4de8e7c : MediaPlayer: MTP: update state only based on source events
119e24f : Do not show roaming icon for Videotron operator when access Canada network
1aff286 : Update QS settings icon, remove unused location icon.
5271ea1 : Load wallpaper images on a bg thread
62ce65d : Speculatively schedule input consumption
db5ef12 : Use inotify to update DocumentsUI.
3ebe71c : Update AS download page for v0.3.1
109e4db : Un-deprecate setInexactRepeating() and tweak docs
e77187d : Fix issue #11391003: Allow dumpsys meminfo to be used with native processes
96c6205 : Extra to always show advanced devices.
de0e83b : Fix issue #11374840: adb shell am startservice not working any more
062bce7 : DOCS: document API 19+ Alarm Manager API and behaviors
738ffdc : Add a method to set a list of uids for a wake lock
b53d97c : Change order of operations so flag is not overwritten
d99f9ca : Skip writing PFD status when comm is closed.
4d4c66d : Update the documentaton of the android.print package.
c19418e : Reset our status bar window fade color on screen off.
8aee64d : Fix issue #11290095: Parcel change causing crashing in KLP...
7c90012 : Doc fix: update Displaying Bitmaps training class code snippet Bug: 11372790
0b60534 : Limit RemoteControlClient generation ID changes
1e9f3d8 : Hide TransitionManager default transition methods
6a0ef07 : Change yMax of Roboto fonts from 2146 to 2163
6f6d56f : Do not take screenshots when launching activities...
f3c1577 : Fix bug in Scene's use of setTag
707a59d : Have the package manager write mimetype of preferred activities to xml.
77df2ee : Track window position with task position.
af7dcdf : use SpannedStringBuilder to build a SpannedString
758f97e : Remove persisted stacks when app removed/cleared.
e6f81cf : Support different watchdog timeouts for different entities
9279d45 : DessertCase memory improvements
4697bea : Disable time consuming debugging code.
154fd0b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
76afd1f : Improve Jank for translucent activities
f7fbbff : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ef9d04a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c24bbd4 : Long-press on GET_CONTENT app shows its details.
34d41e9 : Only simulate the first click if "Always use" button is available
04d45a0 : Show spinner while waiting for mutations.
b896b9f : Enhance pin/puk support
3661494 : Missing LoudnessEnhancer constructor and UUID in public API
39e1c5a : Search further than one task for fullscreen.
31d14ce : Fix for ClassCastException in SystemSensorManager.
44d04aa : am: Increase dropbox buffer size to 256KB (from 128KB)
40a6788 : Cache Scene objects by layout ID on the scene root
36439b4 : Decouple IME_ACTIVE and IME_VISIBLE for hardware keyboards.
9352c38 : Add notification docs to DocumentsProvider.
c03ef00 : Import button assets from UX repository
8c99ab8 : Unhide BIND_NFC_SERVICE permission.
0cca3db : Fix issue #11278906: Some wm commands fail on shell users
46de7b5 : Update roots when data cleared, refresh UI.
b3d4263 : Treat document thumbnails as preemptable.
237cefb : Fix issue #11323037: Android apk incorrectly marked as running in app processes
ca71f48 : Remove '?' icon in layout for "Forgot pattern" button
df32aa8 : Fix leak with transitions when views get removed
9f08820 : Edge case: overriden system package moved & became privileged in OTA
798adef : Don't use transient states for wallpaper animation.
4219726 : Optimize system bar background drawable.
04f0b70 : Check for home activity when switching focus.
a81736a : Ensure the simple CAB appears below the status bar.
d1bbdb4 : Make sure mFocusedStack is never the home stack.
305258d : Add 'no system permission' test app.
19d9bd5 : Do not delete stacks that are not empty.
da40d92 : Don't set same country code on supplicant again and again
3e04b47 : Preserve window sizes when rebatching alarms
1693f6a : Prevent having multiple seek runnables in flight.
43d8d33 : Fix jank for translucent window transitions
ee186de : Workaround for corner case in TransitionManager
e81bd59 : Add Nexus 5 to Device Art Generator.
ac2c6c3 : Change pairing api/intent permission from PRIVILEGED to ADMIN
1aeaf84 : Make setting PAC require CONNECTIVITY_INTERNAL
a2c9348 : Fix CountryDetector NPE
46401a3 : Fix typo for radio technology
13d111c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d33e5f4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
628946a : Fix priv-app edge case across OTAs
4d20ed3 : Revert "Fix dodgy states of keyguard transport controls"
74fc73f : Restore 4 classes that were accidentally deleted
5df0631 : add xml attributes to IME javadoc
ae3349e : Move the IME navigation guard view up to decor.
96844ed : fix javadoc link
858a185 : Hide the print dialog if the printing activity is destroyed.
900ece5 : Do not show immersive mode help in touch exploration mode.
34e9c69 : Don't run the async query if being rendered in EditMode.
600d7dd : Fix bug #11256076 Spinner text is too close from the opening triangle in RTL Locales
0e9ce34 : DO NOT MERGE Fix null pointer exception when updating rotation tile. (Bug 11111473)
da35dde : Relayout the immersive cling in the correct thread.
45f5cd4 : Layoutlib Create: Remove references to java package class Objects.
786dccf : Fix issues catching up to touch events after a short pause.
c7282eb : Trace: add ALOGVs for easier debugging
09acb7c : Fix issue #11256132: Add density bucket for all real numbers between 0 and ∞...
b77c586 : Fix bug #11252410 Recents items stuck behind hammerhead navigation panel in landscape
536b3c2 : Change how we use provisioning url so post works
b38ad76 : additional javadoc for NfcAdapter.ReaderCallback
272d1bc : Layoutlib: Add DateIntervalFormat_Delegate required by CalendarView
1f706c6 : Include external storage devices in DocumentsUI.
ed513d7 : All printers list has incorrect padding and item height.
4c51de4 : Increase size of broadcast history lists on non-svelte devices.
39e7583 : Fix layoutlib for KK
e5f910a : Fix issue where keyguard adds widgets before the system is ready
b196106 : Printer list items have wrong width.
b6ed2b1 : Register receivers from ViewFlipper with an explicit Handler
5aca2b8 : Plumb through physical device UUID and label.
81f74f4 : Fix DatePicker and Calendar widget in layoutlib.
083e3ca : Fix CalendarView to show the right month and year label.
1cf5df3 : Layoutlib Create: Remove references to non-std Java classes.
59b74dd : Input method root view should have BOTTOM gravity.
5fe07aa : Clear the caller identity when dumping print system state.
9ef0997 : Make dump messages asynchronous.
5182c78 : Log view root, input and looper state in bug reports.
3b435fb : Fix stale data in keyguard transport control display
9438c2d : Prune unneeded density resources from APK
f9af7b2 : Fix assorted FastScroller regressions
3ac54a3 : add accessibility string for location quicksetting
9cb5f5b : Layoutlib: Update the wifi icon in the status bar.
99f2f5e : Don't clip keyguard security container children (e.g. glow pad)
677726b : Implement language-specific GSUB processing

Project: platform/frameworks/ex

3e8176d : Don't show the alternates dialog for GAL contacts
301ff06 : camera2: Add updateCaptureRequest method
7d1e224 : camera2: Add #resetState to AutoFocusStateMachine
d442927 : camera2: Add updateCaptureRequest method
e2fa3d7 : camera2: Add #resetState to AutoFocusStateMachine
2d8e55f : camera2: Add tracing to AutoFocusStateMachine (lens-locking actions only)
30662b3 : gcam: Add empty SysTrace class
806d114 : camera2: Harden AutoFocusStateMachine against null values in callbacks

Project: platform/frameworks/native

14e8b01 : Don't change the framebuffer target until we render a new one
f7a6758 : Provide virtual display output buffer to HWC in prepare
497ba0e : Don't use implementation-defined format with CPU consumers
41c3c49 : DispSync: remove delay when enabling vsync events
1f83633 : EGL: rename CallStack::dump into CallStack::log
b4099e7 : Bug fixes for SensorService
708cc79 : Native counterpart of new power manager method
c354eff : Fix handling of undefined TARGET_FORCE_HWC_FOR_VIRTUAL_DISPLAYS
3223217 : Only consume touches up until the frame time
8507586 : Wait for buffers to drain
6a96846 : Add a boardconfig to force HWC composition of virtual displays
1e27ba2 : Use implementation-defined format when HWC writes to output buffer

Project: platform/frameworks/opt/mailcommon

15ecba0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/frameworks/opt/telephony

449cbf8 : if provisioning apn conditionally restart the radio.
d8fb3dd : Do not attempt to configure null preferred activity
ce06370 : Telephony: unchange SIM info from CDMAPhone when SIM exists
ff51a1e : Use settings DB only when mcc/mnc matches SIM
8a4c728 : Update preferred activity for SMS related SENDTO intents
53a0a7f : Notify all ApnContexts on a conn of Disconnect
1795b86 : Fix documenation IMS registration state.
2ad65b7 : Fix GSMPhone.getServiceState() when mSST is null.
ace9a74 : SMS over IMS bug fixes
3fad7da : Add single-pdn arbitration.
8409d93 : Use new PhoneNumberUtils method for CDMA MO SMS formatting.
6d3c836 : Do not display dialog when PUK attempts remaining is 0.
3ba048e : When phone changes update InBoundSmsHandlers and CellBroadcastHandlers.
4931e2c : problem to send SMS message by bluetooth MAP profile.
9382b17 : add SMS write permission for bluetooth package to support MAP profile.
d2feaf9 : When phone changes update InBoundSmsHandlers and CellBroadcastHandlers.
2a374a4 : Telephony: set default language of Canada as 'en'
3522c54 : Few PIN/PUK fixes
404180e : Fix bug in isOperatorConsideredNonRoaming
29305a0 : more sms provider docs
c8dc0c8 : Change how we use provisioning url so post works

Project: platform/frameworks/rs

af79a59 : Fix histogram intrinsic.
661a62c : Create a cache directory for our symlinked files if necessary.
a6f1192 : Fix crash running blur on 4K images

Project: platform/frameworks/support

6e20936 : Make action bar media router icons blue again.
14fabe0 : Fix slide drawable mirroring
8e001db : Finalize assets for screen cast.
02acfc9 : Hide disabled routes from the chooser dialog.
975c49f : add Async handling of Print
d591664 : Remove dead code.
adf0f4a : Use the full component name to construct route ids.
3efa63d : Minor code cleanup to enable reuse of the protocol.
8814a64 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
138e0db : Fix off-by-one issue when removing from Iterator
d1107f9 : add error propagation for thunking layer
d6edbe7 : Fix drawer layout's approximation of addChildrenForAccessibility()
145d27f : Support versions of new external storage APIs.

Project: platform/frameworks/testing

eba0081 : Fix argument parsing in uiautomator shell script.

Project: platform/frameworks/uiautomator

62ccedc : Fix build breakage. Changed api file to avoid collision with platform.
4e84bd8 : Renamed targets to avoid collision with platform uiautomator.
b2e353e : Removed unnecessary synchronized block in findAccessibilityNodeInfo(..)
a006b2d : Fixed testapp module tag to match CtsUiAutomatorTest.
abb2af7 : Port UiAutomator CTS test to the unbundled branch.
61ce05b : Merged core/ and testrunner/ into a single directory.
a09307d : Setup Eclipse files for unbundled UI Automator

Project: platform/frameworks/webview

5fc2b7c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cf686f7 : Revert "Support a prebuilt WebView."

Project: platform/hardware/broadcom/wlan

f0315c9 : bcm4339: update firmware to
1c3846a : hammerhead: Update BCM4339 firmware
3f45c92 : bcm4339: update firmware to version 6.37.32.RC23.34.6

Project: platform/hardware/libhardware

7ccf148 : Update HWC documentation for virtual displays
b44ff65 : Camera2 Test: Skip CameraModuleTest for HAL V1 devices

Project: platform/hardware/libhardware_legacy

18fc094 : Define and use DRC-specific volume curves when applicable
000bb51 : audio policy: fix gapless playback when effects enabled

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/audio

8bba9e9 : hal: Fix the audio loss issue on codec back end
866d5ff : hal: Fix for Audio Route issue when sound path changes
7f24504 : audio: fix output flag test in open_output_stream

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/camera

842d685 : Camera: Increase MAX_EXIF_TABLE_ENTRIES to 17
f7ce236 : Revert "Camera3: Adjust 3A regions based on FOV crop"
cc0a016 : Camera3: Use Stream Identity instead of Stream type
f786a17 : Camera3: Adjust 3A regions based on FOV crop
2eb35a0 : Revert "Revert "Camera3: Work around for streams with different o/p rates""
90d91b4 : Revert "Revert "Camera3: Work around for streams with different o/p rates""
3cf4515 : QCamera3: Adding Urgent Metadata
c61f058 : Camera3: Set F_NUMBER in exif header
5ed08cd : Camera3: Reduce log spam

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/display

2cacc35 : Copy virtual display FB to outbuf even with no app layers
e66d576 : hwc: Drop alpha from writeback
2d3fc4c : hwc: Drop alpha from writeback
22af1a2 : overlay: writeback: Do not create writeback instance on dumpsys
8f1c93c : hwc: virtual display: Use outbuf handle width to configure xres
103c736 : overlay: writeback: Add dumpsys info
30f8aae : hwc: Do not use fb handle in hwc_prepare
7220a4f : hwc: Do not compose RGB layers for virtual displays
b434b98 : hwc: Add support for virtual displays
c20104e : overlay: Trace MDP ioctls
5f531ba : gralloc: Set default value for implementation defined formats
873a69a : display: Use L3 DRM for non TZ content
da6152a : hwc: Enable rotator during resolution change.

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/media

cf84081 : mm-video: vidc: venc: add set ctrl to request sequence header
2e277fb : mm-video: venc: switch between executing and loaded.
9051a98 : mm-video: vidc: release registered buffers from driver
36114d4 : mm-video: vidc: stability fixes in decoder
e048a84 : mm-video: vidc: Fix codec config behavior in flush
a943a92 : mm-video: vidc: stability fixes in decoder
a7cc922 : mm-video: vidc: Fix codec config behavior in flush
99faaf7 : mm-video: venc: allocate input buffers as uncached

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/msm8x74

7a4be6d : msm8x74: update videodev2 kernel headers

Project: platform/hardware/qcom/power

ff9f453 : power: Toggle encoder boost for camera preview

Project: platform/hardware/ril

865ce3b : Fix documenation IMS registration state.

Project: platform/libcore

0669a8c : SSLEngine: Test that server params are verified
ef6e14e : SSLEngine: Verify server RSA params signature
4409dd6 : Fix flakiness in DateIntervalFormatTest.
a7a96f2 : SSLEngine: verify DHE signature
65e1ec2 : Tests for an already-fixed CharsetEncoder bug.
0f702e2 : Clean up CharsetDecoder and CharsetEncoder.
74bdf4b : The file in /data overrides the file in /system, not the other way round.
0806909 : Fix ZoneInfoDBTest on devices that have taken a gservices tzdata update.
0a3d839 : Remove unused code from CharsetBenchmark.
93da7df : Remove use of UnsafeByteSequence.
c7b35cd : Remove UnsafeByteSequence.
671a834 : Make getInetAddress generate less garbage.
ec33de3 : Add a test for lower case auth scheme handling.
2496a68 : Add a cache to ICU.getBestDateTimePattern.
e690ff8 : Add more certificate MIME type mappings.

Project: platform/libnativehelper

feeb36c : Fallback to a known good runtime if requested one is not available

Project: platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth

50f6cb4 : remove a read lock to work around a platform deadlock problem.
460d53a : LE: Fix stack crash on invalid descriptor write request
9ecfc6c : cancel device discovery before start pairing process
dedebbf : Handles AT+BVRA=1 received during an open SCO session.
79098ae : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
19e4c6a : FF/REW is not correctly for AVRCP.
9679a42 : NPE in bluetooth MAP cause bluetooth process crash
80be110 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8249294 : MAP: fix problem with MNS not disconnecting correctly
810c49b : Change pairing api/intent permission from PRIVILEGED to ADMIN
311fd8b : Bluetooth Application Crash while try to pairing with laptop - IKDVXPSE-345

Project: platform/packages/apps/Browser

0d49e16 : Fix exception in Browser Settings

Project: platform/packages/apps/Calculator

9a0bf7a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Calendar

f51f671 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b13e591 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
356c58e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7b8c177 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Camera

1ec0f22 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
99b126e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Camera2

df2b081 : Delay onResume tasks to speed up lockscreen onResume->onPause->onResume launch sequence.
ba2e3e0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3bf1cda : gcam: Clean up placeholders, and add deletion robustness.
b7dcf9f : Fix issue of focus indicator staying on without being hidden
fc7b834 : Ensure view size gets updated after phone decors change.
54d24c3 : Show the 100% state of the progress at least one frame.
77775f1 : Add parameters and deduplicate parameter changes
cc70702 : Revert parallel opening camera in photo mode.
8e64647 : Differentiate the InProgressData from the normal PhotoData.
249653e : Close mode menus if another control is touched
baffb73 : Start gcam module directly when handling capture intent.
5b451e1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6a42c3a : Add a null check to fix NPE
b9cb37d : Add logging to various actions
9deefc8 : Ensure mOpenCameraThread has been setup before dereferencing.
cbd8267 : Add logging to various actions
acf9ab7 : Ensure mOpenCameraThread has been setup before dereferencing.
2820eca : Add GCam progress indicator.
2c5ab5e : hide preview cover on arrival of new preview data if hidden
2b55bb3 : Fix photo mode is getting stuck in a single CameraState.
5eefffd : Show chooser on EDIT intents that have no activity for action.
01341ec : Parallelize opening the camera with view handling in photo mode.
9666bc6 : Decouple the visibility check for system UI from action bar
e0ecc64 : Add GCam progress indicator.
fccf83b : hide preview cover on arrival of new preview data if hidden
c5effba : Fix photo mode is getting stuck in a single CameraState.
05a0492 : Show chooser on EDIT intents that have no activity for action.
b09b53e : Parallelize opening the camera with view handling in photo mode.
23f4d40 : Don't crash Photo Sphere on back button press in filmstrip.
a92562e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
17f1e65 : Decouple the visibility check for system UI from action bar
eb605b4 : Don't crash Photo Sphere on back button press in filmstrip.
2bcb8d1 : add 'capturing' string for in process indicators
c883a30 : Make image editor intent general.
5914783 : camera: Ensure camera release for lockscreen transition.
3ec8d21 : Fix the RTL layout in the app's manifest.
9540574 : Make sure preview aspect ratio is updated
45f1ed5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d0d3c48 : Check for media service being present before capture.
5e40933 : Adjust HDR options menu details
b0288ec : Preserve high resolution image on touch during zoom
ba1b30b : Check for media service being present before capture.
8c68601 : Add Samsung front camera resolutions
238d6ec : Add new notification icon.
761306f : Remove CameraUtil.launchGallery, ensure SecureCamera uses Gallery up icon
e3daf3f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2a74dfd : gcam: Add generic preview fps range selection.
cec75e4 : Fix rotation bug for animated thumbnail shown after capture.
cfc148d : Fix crash when trying to reopen the camera.
36ebcb1 : Fix the mapping between preview UI and camera sensor
7cfcafd : gcam: Add placeholder image.
e1aa59b : Fix memory leak due to inner class for handler.
d053a5b : Update aspect ratio when preview aspect ratio changes
5737b93 : Fix skipped hide review layout calls
73da1e3 : Bump version number for MR1
fd7f0a9 : Update preview controls on deleting all items.
eb25532 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
68c1c1e : The initial focus value should be true.
56e44af : Don't call onCurrentDataChanged for CameraPreview when reloading.
209a165 : Fix SRI orientation on manta
464f220 : Don't crash when preview surface could not be set.
f302a39 : Update HDR/HDR+ arc menu hover messages.
dde7ddc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5f8ec23 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3a45c33 : Show a preview cover until real preview is ready
c6b9824 : adjust keyguard camera layout to make buttons match
7be0e2b : Don't allow swipe into the film strip view when swipe is disabled

Project: platform/packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver

031abe3 : Enable Cell Broadcast channels 919-928 for Israel.
1dc2a86 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6f1b674 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
92cf619 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/CertInstaller

88064dd : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
88ded90 : Pick certificates using OPEN_DOC intent.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Contacts

830e070 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cd321f6 : Move ContactLoader related code to ContactsCommon
4ccc3df : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0852a09 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/ContactsCommon

75a0ce3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d396439 : Make fonts consistent in contact list.
538e05b : Fix a bug with pressed state in ContactListItemView
992f46d : Fix NPE in CallDetailActivity
589bf50 : Fix NPE in CallDetailActivity
adbb5e9 : Don't display quick contact card when lacking info
5ade0bb : Move ContactLoader related code to ContactsCommon
892a130 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2ae7877 : Fix searchsnippet highlighting in People
547ac0c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
960dce9 : Fade out default avatar when fading in contact image.
f7e1fd6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1af4d91 : Don't use private resources in ContactsCommon/Dialer
2be2e46 : Fix fast scroller regression in People

Project: platform/packages/apps/DeskClock

00c596f : Add buffer check to fix TIME_SET marking an alarm missed.
d8b92b6 : Adjust digital widget preview image
6c8cffd : Remove lines
5f601e4 : Remove lines
442fa41 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
dfd1960 : Add more logging to AlarmActivity to detect bad dismisses.
c8831fa : Fix issue where old alarm manager triggers are being listen to.
c9189ee : Fix quarter hour calculation
9fb3785 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bc25d19 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
498daa7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a8bd8a3 : Remove default formatting from the date on the widget
8bc4be3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ef5ac86 : Fix snooze message.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Dialer

6f9a86b : Fix possible NPE in DialerDatabaseHelper
b372f3e : Fix padding issues with shortcut and call log items
7d49a45 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
41a24b4 : Color/layout tweaks for Dialer
037bbac : Make fonts and colors consistent across views.
fb34fda : Change all contacts button to look like list item
a4ef509 : Dismiss dialpad when user touches spaces above it.
66b60af : Treat unknown call types as missed calls
62ee224 : Fix possible FragmentManager NPE in Dialer
cce501c : Fix bug where resuming CallDetailActivity loses the add contact intent
7a44181 : Add read_profile permission to Dialer
7d66134 : Add read_profile permission to Dialer
0345944 : Load contact in CallDetailActivity and add it to Add contact intent
6658233 : Tweak minimum swipe distance for Dialer
f786df0 : Fix dialpad key alignment issues for larger screens
16016d9 : Add null check in SmartDialCursorLoader.releaseResources
6d549ea : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1e425f0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
934d3ee : Fix call log jank
dc740e6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cb95634 : Don't use private resources for Dialer

Project: platform/packages/apps/Email

fbc34a7 : Null check service info
4b629cf : Null check certificate alias before trying to configure it
bc8bc05 : During upgrade, ignore protocols whose strings don't change.
2562e57 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4252a00 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
cde694c : Check for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
e39f2b0 : Add fallbacks if sentDate is not set
ea09890 : Null check for getServiceInfo
1f2e3d7 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0d21834 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
802bf1b : Ignore Messsages With No Timestamp
272b317 : Fix an infinitely retrying download problem
1ad4436 : Correct some logging in ADS
35e1bab : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
0302a93 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
13ff5b8 : Update the duplicate message deletion trigger
d482cbd : Fix attachments in search results
4927a24 : Build with current SDK
06e140e : Update messaging when autodiscover fails due to an auth error
62604b1 : Hack to make the Conversation View footer reload when a POP message finishes loading
dbda4a0 : Add permission required for eml viewer to save attachments
1a6a3fe : Fix off by one error.
2ed113c : Foreign characters may be letters and digits, but they're not allowed in Uri/Url schemes
5ed1944 : Add logging to see why attachments fail to load
b0d82fe : Don't add Quick Response menu if there's no mReplyFromAccount
eb5db7d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f6ddafe : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5181cd6 : Add a provider call to get device friendly name.
3e8e597 : Null Protect Account Info
9460be0 : Don't initiate fragment transactions from onDestroy()
ae46818 : Disable Move Actions for POP3 Folders
edebff6 : Increment Email version.
feacaf6 : Do not try to load nameless attachments.
20367f1 : Oh account name/email mixups, I've missed you so (no I haven't)
7b7d7d5 : Fix DB upgrade code.
7dad461 : Prevent a NPE in ImapService search handling
c86fbb5 : Add an additional mailbox key column to message table
4cece30 : Restore sender snippet for nested folder teaser.
e3cf91a : Set parentServerId for IMAP folders to prevent fixup code from resetting parentKey
ac40b86 : Change trigger to allow duplicate messages in search folders
d0b81a0 : Treat updates into non-existent body rows as inserts.
632ee24 : Populate real name in From: field
a5a28ff : Do not require RPC for getCapabilities.
a2b82c1 : Coalesce notification updates to avoid spamming the notification tray
8c98977 : Handle User Refresh in Edge Cases
af52f20 : Update the folder sync status while searching in IMAP
e2391fe : Fix resource overlay order for AOSP Email
19a79dd : Bump app version to test the play store DL
4aaf3f2 : Don't bail out of downloading an attachment if the size is delcared as zero
57eb3b3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2832edc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
37b5390 : Don't allow duplicate messages to appear in Sent folder

Project: platform/packages/apps/Exchange

55ab45a : Don't ping or sync if we're on security hold.
db1ca5f : Don't modify the ping on the main thread.
d92a75c : Make sure the client certificate is always installed
7f0b7b0 : Handle provisioning errors for all sync operations.
ab9c23b : Improve birthday handling in contacts upsync.
502ae63 : Backoff if sync of a folder fails
c55e8c2 : Do not try to load an attachment with no location.
9cdb8c8 : Add Logging to Track Bug
adc77ca : Log Exceptions When Sending Message
8999766 : Fix Exchange directory lookup for phone queries.
1bbcf25 : Parse NOT_RESPONDED Properly
37c4010 : Detect Removable Storage Properly
e14f7f5 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3709d3f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c6759c9 : Retry MoveItems if response does not contain a status.
3053ded : Contacts sync syncs contacts, not calendars.
9990586 : Don't assume email was sent successfully when HTTP status is not 200
70755e7 : Populate device friendly name, if it's available.
ca8ae4e : Exchange 2003 doesn't understand the "GetChanges" tag
a75ec1c : Change how we set the mobile operator name.
3481d30 : Properly manage Sync Window
bcb4fce : Fix upsync of recurrence exceptions and send cancellation email to removed attendees
6cc1bb6 : Increment Exchange version.
b98d78b : Default to request server id if MoveItems response lacks one.
71cfa48 : Treat "fetch needed" same as "more available" for sync.
3054f5a : Ping fixes.
dc15b97 : Do not reuse old connections.
c4bcd0a : Handle all possible exits of the PingTask.
fa84f28 : Handle User Refresh in Edge Cases
bc6c746 : Update sync time for search mailbox so we don't show the spinner forever
0403142 : Opt out Exchange from restricted profiles.
c1e77ad : Do not trigger full sync on push_only requests.
2e8ce13 : Do not treat Settings failures as provisioning errors.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Gallery

e336ebc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ff83c75 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Gallery2

a7a26d1 : Fix the thumbnail generation.
300c8b2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
78db2b0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f0b0f34 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a4d7d82 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1619b3c : Fix infinite spinner dialog
c870104 : Disable geometry button if tiny planet is here
4a5fd06 : fix Gallery crash using crop
21b6195 : Gallery should show up in recents even when run via shortcut
ebbcc39 : Avoid crash if user disables Camera while Gallery is open
dcd1b26 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ec036c6 : Add white overscroll assets to Gallery2 for v19
b6892ab : Consider camera available only if intent resolves to an activity.
85f460b : fix crop not supporting non-normal orientation
5a1d760 : Fix crash when exporting with null fx
97ad2bd : Handles export size zero
411a0b2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
95fe069 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
404a5c2 : Fix wrong applied fx

Project: platform/packages/apps/InCallUI

d7effd3 : Decrease the timeout for unknown endcall screen from 5 to 2 sec.
ed2eadb : Remove an extra logging call left over from development.
225f91f : Add logic to dynamic dismiss keyguard.
0b2b20a : Add incoming-during-hold case to fullscreen Notification code.
96e77cd : Add callState parameter to reverse lookup requests.
e6d7414 : Show status bar notification on quick navigate from in-call UI
42d55df : Disable HW BACK key at the incoming-call screen
f3a0a5d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c394aec : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
64e06b9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f229fdf : Fixes bug for Canned Message response.
5278679 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
11e202f : Adds null check for proximity wakelock
d2ce408 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
bf5cba0 : Removes private resources from InCallUi

Project: platform/packages/apps/KeyChain

f02f519 : Always show cert dialog after unlocked.
fed90f6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
5e58113 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Launcher2

47f7530 : Change AllApps tab assets from blue to white
fc92e4a : Clear widget preview cache when system is updated
dcd04cf : Make sure widget ids get cleaned up when widget config activity gets cancelled
a33d06c : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9a6e951 : Fix remove stuck on fling to delete (issue 11080792)
97e5ecc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
97ae707 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Launcher3

322554a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a8484d8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a78b25f : DO NOT MERGE
7e839ec : DO NOT MERGE: Fix leak when animations are created but never started
cdd1b6f : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6811c5a : override Launcher2 (aosp)
4e871a2 : Fix ConcurrentModificationException in InstallShortcutReceiver
b178a36 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8246a14 : Shortcut show/hideSearchBar with new conditions.
b6d33df : Fix concurrent modifcation exception (issue 11234805)
e5467dc : Flushing icons of the wrong size. (Bug 11203738)
84add1d : Fix issue where custom content pops in (issue 11209357)
5400049 : Ensuring that we are calling setCompoundDrawable() instead of using intrinsic bounds. (Bug 11203738)
d4e53c8 : Ensuring that we restore bounds when resizing them for folder preview drawing. (Bug 11203738)
f6502c3 : Don't crash if WallpaperCropActivity isn't passed a URI
decbaa6 : Do not shortcut show/hideSearchbar.
0dbd734 : Workaround for small icons. Draw icon drawables at the expected icon size. (Bug 11203738)
207a7bd : Tweaking workspace cling due to mirrored default hotseat. (Bug 11142616)
8ec05f9 : Fix bugs / jank with folder creation feedback (issue 11195148)
de5aa42 : Add translucent bar attributes to sw720dp values override.
24f397d : Simplify wallpaper strip animation.

Project: platform/packages/apps/Mms

3b8380a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3c1aff9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
22148fb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Music

f9d4153 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Nfc

8d9375e : Increase NFC-A guard time to work around B5 issue.
1c258bc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
dba8915 : HCE: Fix potential crash and handle Android AID.
aa90704 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
81d87ef : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/PackageInstaller

e3e6b8b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ec930b1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
2e4190f : Log APK hash for package install attempts in the Event Log.

Project: platform/packages/apps/PhoneCommon

16f62c5 : Removes dependency on framework constants.

Project: platform/packages/apps/QuickSearchBox

b9f6019 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Settings

9d91d19 : Add help url for remote display.
91c54aa : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ebf2148 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e62490c : Remove hardcoded msgid. We have already leveraged in TC.
503b6de : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
97e962c : Show correct message for a print job that is being canceled.
b960c74 : Update cast screen strings.
fb3d5ca : Don't show keyguard on top of CryptKeeper
9b28d5a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
81ed043 : Finalize assets for screen cast.
b50dc88 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4e54c2a : Integrate remote display routes into screen cast settings UI.
587e6bf : Update power widget icons and fix location behavior Bug: 11242129
8be30bb : Revert "Accessibility: filter touches to Enable button"
4a5e53a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
b974fa8 : Revert "Accessibility: filter touches to Enable button"
070f356 : Add PAC UI to Wi-Fi Settings
03c56a9 : Remove line break.
734def9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fe9420f : Shows LGAAYL when launching Location Settings
49f9a44 : Adjust power control widget minWidth to occupy 4 cells.
aa4fa0e : Fix a bug on updating enabled IMEs
ac09306 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1630ef4 : remove lockscreen widget checkbox when there's no lockscreen.
b9687f3 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
93df01e : remove primary condition check on storage format.
144cdee : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
855d40a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8246579 : Display remaining attempts when using or changing SIM PIN
2490315 : Remove Manage Mobile Plan when config_show_mobile_plan is set to false
daace3f : Inherit translucent bars in keyguard widget picker.
0e036f2 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1b5bd09 : need persist adding bluetooth MAP profile to profile list in case the settings process being killed
cace3d8 : Modified the strings according to the specs
ea90cd2 : Do not merge. Refresh "InputMethodPreference"s onResume
1083b47 : BT keeps on asking me if I want to allow car to do stuff
2496a32 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
50a64d9 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
94d4f23 : Accessibility: filter touches to Enable button
3fd5e28 : BT keeps on asking me if I want to allow car to do stuff
21a2eb5 : Add batch scan data to power stats.

Project: platform/packages/apps/SoundRecorder

fe909a6 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Stk

3058148 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
8d71f0a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/Tag

9824f21 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/UnifiedEmail

d2e71d4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
56faf22 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
da153fb : Linkify email addresses only.
8d6e803 : Linkify email & web in plaintext messages.
9e1d909 : Fix Build
c997064 : Proper getNotificationUri()
d114bac : Implement Cursor.getNotificationUri
c5fde20 : Make the folder/label selection dialog pop up a bit quicker.
a3da2d1 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
dbb7833 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
e566530 : Change the logging for errors loading attachment
5b8799a : Don't request the menu to be shown if there's no items.
6e08140 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
eabdb7b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
f4fda67 : Make folders with subfolders selectable when creating widgets
4a78f7a : Normalize the whole email address when comparing.
184ec73 : Divert mailto Uris directly to compose activity
89e2c5b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
56c5a30 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
42fe486 : Restore sender snippet for nested folder teaser.
bb036ff7 : Populate real name in From: field
d85b965 : Remove unread email sender info from NestedFolderTeaserView.
8600cb8 : Add stat_notify_email to drawable-mdpi
505e2ed : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
23b67fb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/apps/VideoEditor

205e569 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/experimental

ecbf323 : Update the sample print service with advanced print options activity.
0f11f77 : Update the sample code for printing from an app
bc33fb6 : Update the print sample/test code.

Project: platform/packages/inputmethods/LatinIME

5707b21 : Show mic key option on sw540 device
d075a7a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
ea596c4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
c9dea6d : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1875860 : Stopgap solution for a crash.
6b8d2d3 : [DO NOT MERGE] Add a sequence number to SuggestedWords.
f356a25 : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix a bug where autocaps would jam auto-commit
029d9ee : Fix: Suggested words from user history are invalid. DO NOT MERGE.
146cf23 : DO NOT MERGE: Update input method subtype locales.
e47f733 : These files were in the obsoleted locale directories and are not processed by the translation pipeline. Moving them to their new locale directory.
486c589 : Remove obsolete locale directories.
9fa7efb : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a3c285e : [DO NOT MERGE] Fix a bug where autoshift would be ignored coming from emoji
329fd2d : Do not merge. Don't show long-pressing emoji key on tablet
8ff1e71 : Do not merge. Fix keyboard layout

Project: platform/packages/providers/CalendarProvider

abb848b : Ignore Wakelock Under-Locked Exception
98e0157 : Initialize WakeLock in the CTOR
579cae4 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a55c3aa : Don't trigger a sync for ALERTS tables
d3b51e1 : Handle Missing Event Row

Project: platform/packages/providers/ContactsProvider

ff3e7fb : Fix broadcast of CONTACTS_DATABASE_CREATED intent.
88f4c6b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6bc6b22 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/providers/DownloadProvider

34f6f70 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
1a0e1c0 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4ace19b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/providers/MediaProvider

3fa4c1f : Fix argument references
6ab6373 : Check granted permissions for all paths
5943bf8 : Also check legacy path
11ca19d : Avoid NPE when checking for empty volume.
5d36def : Get FAT volume ID through vold.

Project: platform/packages/screensavers/PhotoTable

17bd2d1 : fix race condition in photo dreams settings activity

Project: platform/packages/services/Telephony

598dac5 : Add USSD code running dialog to TeleService
2500858 : Remove orphaned Calls as part of doUpdate().
a1203d3 : Add SET_PREFERRED_APPLICATIONS permission to Telephony service
3a2daab : Fix EmergencyCallHelper to always use the current phone object.
bf321b9 : Show call settings as fullscreen even on large screens
c4dd376 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
911e26a : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
a4915c7 : 3way call is not working with BT
1e99b43 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
daf4c1d : Fixes bug in CDMA phones' missed call notification
9b42197 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
70d3866 : Updating reconnect retry code for InCallUI.
0cfbd5b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
21a66d5 : Display carrier settings menu in GSM Phone if needs
3a3ba2b : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
9de0f75 : Phone: Display message to indicate PIN/PUK status changes.
b0449b3 : Update strings for preferred networks selection menu
6bb4d44 : Fix network mode not to display selected radio button
230fb01 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6cf7adc : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
7c0ee2e : Exclude SipCallOptionHandler from recents

Project: platform/packages/wallpapers/Basic

4c900d8 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/wallpapers/HoloSpiral

98d2446 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/wallpapers/LivePicker

d2d7f60 : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/packages/wallpapers/MusicVisualization

25ee68e : Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

Project: platform/pdk

4902d71 : CameraITS: Cleaned up object structure.
7799c40 : CameraITS: Add skeleton clause for serialization of faces

Project: platform/prebuilts/misc

87aad85 : Update ddmlib and tradefed prebuilt for CTS failure
ab39387 : Update layoutlib_api-prebuilt.jar

Project: platform/prebuilts/sdk

cfcef46 : Update RS support prebuilts.
3b568e8 : Drop official release of SDK 19.
00ac0d3 : Un-deprecate AlarmManager.setInexactRepeating() and friends
613e70b : Hide TransitionManager default transition methods
0078fb6 : Missing LoudnessEnhancer constructor and UUID in API 19
248f19c : Unhide BIND_NFC_SERVICE permission.
f5ed588 : Final API 19.
4524bdf : Update current sdk to KRT16B

Project: platform/system/core

e65b7ea : utils: Fix broken sdk build on windows
81f2c3d : utils: Fix broken build
ec79ef2 : utils: Add ProcessCallStack to collect stack traces for all threads in a process
9170452 : Don't return immediately from reboot commands.
00c8e1a : vold no longer does MS_MOVE; remove tmpfs.

Project: platform/system/media

52a64a5 : Camera: Make partialResult quirk fields hidden, not system.
82ce331 : Camera: Add partialResult quirk metadata fields

Project: platform/system/netd

ca5b4e8 : SecondaryTableController: force the MSS to match pmtu on TCP SYN

Project: platform/system/vold

7bdfa52 : vold: cryptfs: Don't update KDF without validating pwd/key.
6bcd362 : Handle missing UUID/LABEL from blkid.
cc21d6e : Use correct minor device number to format SD card
8c2c15b : Clean up ASEC unmounting on physical storage.
0de365f : Extract UUID and label from inserted volumes.
5ab02e7 : DO NOT MERGE. Fix crash in vold

Project: platform/tools/external/fat32lib

78b45ec : Set a groupId on the project.
7b0f752 : Add gradle build file.
67fe07b : Added LGPL 2.1 NOTICE file and MODULE_LICENSE
8053088 : External library with modifications. fat32-lib. Signed-off-by: Dan Galpin <>
6950a7f : Initial empty repository